Newspaper of The New York Herald, 1 Kasım 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 1 Kasım 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE N-<?. 7004. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. AOTE&7UB1KNT& *i M *:'D Ml** DM . UaUOR OKAliKttft A%0 THKJ OOflf u riTUTlOMAL alGHTS HA If'1 i ? CTATBTiCKhT.- w ^ For Hacretar ^crt' rtU'e Aaron Ward. Far Como nilter Lemuel Siauon For Ti?u?urnr J<? >?ph M Lyon. For Auomay General. .. .rUinuel J. Tildan. For8<*i* Knglrnvr John!) Fay. For cuuxwl Pre<tarFk Follett. For Htau* Prison ir solictor Patrick II. Agaa. JFudgtaCJourt AppeaU?Lon -no Hinitial Haitian. Shor term... Nicholas Kill, Jr. PROHIBITION AM? f!!K POLITICIANS. fhe?MiHo(? pr?*ei.ui<t by 'h?* vrnb-httlcm party mi^ht to aoBTloK all liquor danb'v of he dauber ol allowing thalr orpanUaUtin to Call into ib* UauUsot p^, Who only wish to obtain control of it, in ordto im. ih^y may ntake it Hiibt-er vteut H> tholr own purpose*. m\u-. Isadora who for sometime ? Wtn?otctl ibo prohibitory movement had m ifia^ed to seize upon 4a prejudice mPaniH'! to ton pmm of fanaticism by continued jaMtaitioa. and had used it *h vilttshla accessory to their wriKNawa lor the a'tamimm' o power. Thoy saw the st angth of the feeling, and out car n tor consequent-**, or, perhaps, not having Hiiilb-i< u -agaro t? ? litem, Uiey em-.ouraged the giowtur nr^judiw' until ? become a nation which abjured reason, and iiiftlsterl on omamtru; luiuo'dUt ? e.t[>r?mlo:i in a leghialire fbrtu.'Thta wan. p^ohthiy, what the leader4 h id aot rab ataUid on. t bey warned the question kept alive t>y agitation a* long as ihttv onuttl make it sorvioeanle to their wiewa; I ut they bad 10 Idea of ?etillu4 it ho soon as to loan the ?effort and aoalft nee of me power If had acquired. NViverth* tesa, thev had rxtwil a storm whp'h 'hoy cutlld not allay, Rome of Uvm yielded o Its fnrv, but o'hera sought jviuge from it on the oppxtte. I he editor of the Times vim tuui coku Ivc-.U to inaUiua e UuuhmU Into the second ulllatt of the Male by the adroh man er in which he took advantage of (She prukibiunn luettug, had no ??v*bar be<x?iAo safety ?u? on--?1 xhan he "irvtcd his back eon tempt > i*'y on the friends who ha I elefihd bin to powr. do doubt cone atola'ing himself thnt h#- was tax quite so groeu a* they to ;k him for. The prohiHi. eouaoled theiuwivsH by relieving thai politician* v, .?r? always siipoery fe'loas, at.U tho rdnor ot the ilines 00 bett? r Chnii tiic hw" They took ih? utar*r in'o thalr own hands, and aucceeded in passing the lav. n spite of the 'roachtry of tin* leader* m wmwj hin ds ibey had entrusted their catifle. The wecreeorv of the Timen Is no v mil urinifested ny |Ih om's-ion to my aftjrburus on the question which iacertainly ot more I-h-hI ltnp(Ntaiir?- ilwu any other now before the people of tnlt Mate. The Ksi-a- trouhleH sink 1010 ineignihi aure in cowparl?M ?witp the Liqiu r itw, which dirooUy aft'ecu the rlgUte end l ul * fWMhi aflec's <he propertv of ev?ry citizen iu the community. Vet at* Tknaa can devote co'iimn after column 'o 'h?? itlarq?. ?Mat oI a subject which, however important in i<s ijJti* w.a.a reaulUs scarcely bus ?ny presaat Hicnitieance, and fixui not a ftloile line tor the Tir tales and ()oantiea<?l {ittililoi'U.u. We hav? heard ot men ki ktug over She ladder by which they bad ascended to power; bn' we never aaw ataorr atHlclng ilhirrauoti of It thanU furnished by the edtsr of rtieTimeH. He ncarcel? seems <o kno v Uist therr Is aiq euwit queutiov betor?" the people of 'ho Htute as tbodoc trine of tu-ooi hitlou or the repoalof the Maine Liquor law lie is ptot>al>fy unaware thai ai.y such law ever was passed <rr piobsnly had come to think ii a matter of no ronMrquence Ft.e'b r It waspas edo. no'. Whl'e ?he are tnakloir the air voeal with 'heir appeals iu favor of the law. awl tVieir deuiineiatlons of ' rum and the rum .-eller," aud 'he apotwubcWf the law are inveiglnr; against its uocoasututiou ly and iojuHtice, he romuio- chiiriningjy oblivions, and dis cwevee tbr Kansas ouestlon, an if it were the only point on wrhtch 'he people of the HU. ? are called upon to decile The Tribune not manifest I's Ingratitude In so striking a drjirf Always the espeotel chitnplon ot peohlM'ion -per ort^iii.tor In til. ilmi p.per <lo'? not doltlio nlKl^ rrj.Ti uuu iiWftnitou it. o.l.prioK b Moro It I. oiil ?io>iSl) ?ort Ktron^ (M.iiuitii to gland alone It still ?ihlbitg wano IrfKT." of 1 grt'iital aD'eeilun, and avery once a vnk or nnwo, or.daavorg 10 luterpone hettveon IN hautling and Oie <l?g?rt)riKHi with whlrh U1. nninaoed. Hal the efrirtg of the Trtiiuoe ?r* ikji clmiarterlze I by that warmth and (trun^th Butt Ihrv dwpla.YHO when urohltil'iiai w .x In IN earlle.i inian ?y. Ithsihtoka upon Uio? ogras. lha mm "eliera, are In.s frn q I IK) 11 unn h. ? rlaon us ih?u the> were lialore the blrtli of lla ?eoood ddld "fnaton." P?rh*p?ihe tbroai o' a double partu rINjn nuiv have bnou bai much for lla oorig'liutlon, but Hie ?m*vfty wall wbk'b It llphu In behalf of foaion N aeareely eon ?iMi'iii w Mb ihln thcorj The l;n i?, ih it the Tribune, loo, baa B?froa In sllacl the w?ye ot poUtlnlanr l.aat year It tlinuKht nuihhig of eo much importance aa prohloltlon, It era. a doo* trlni- never in be abandoned ; H ??? a nrinclpie paramount to all oihrrs, and which it had determined .h oild ho en Srafnat oil th<! policy of the hwte, fhla year It hag mink ?o modi in Importance as to have become of aecondary Inatead of primary oonn uueiiie. Indeed, the Tribune, with main fcMaikuia of cninpuncijon It la true, haa evinced a alliuia vera even 10 aaorlflce It In order to ccirc the ?ue.-eo.oi the fiialon ticket. At the ration convention lu .alitor ma ke apainat and voted ai<aln it makltut prohibition a put of Oie fludorn., though he connected to permit the paas.-iRi- of * rerunnam eudoreliiK the pHoetple, aa a almple expreation of opinion <-u Uw. part of the oonveutlot. The 1'rtl.une afterwards delen.ted tiila coarnr on the ground that it rnia'nl lnvepreju Bleed the i haii'-ea of 'he fualou ticket hy di Wing off votera p w ?W'l id ? mm eentlmenta ?' The Tribune Is perfectly willing ?o take dam vole* now, to aawate vv.tli tlimn, to defend the n, on.) ewa UmppM them for mile tboogh until recently they wrere (Jhe otyrota ot its mo.i hitter inven'lv-- and furious denun ctlauoti. 'Inn Trituine, noiwillirta.rluig i's asatimptlona 11 the contrary, uv evideii Iv not Impressed Willi any very derided coavlcMon thai a nia.ortty of tb" people of this Htale are In favor erf the Maine lAquor law. nod It truly thou eta' so It would hove been willing to incorporate ihe principle of uroidttiUon Into its Butt That It retimed to do so shows thvt itkaeuoooofl In lb.own assertion' on title bolal. I ruly, he retortae.s oust no mrew (whtts than we poor sittnrrs. KPtKtTO or tbe Maine law and public opinion CONTRACTED VTe lcnow from ?tithmikr iw?arrrs ihnt sirv?e operation ?' ttir Manj*- uw iii ibe HUtc oi Maine, mof\; liquor b*n b#?n oon ?\au?l in prtvtttrt boiiae* than at any time previous to tbe pa cv*x*'oT tb?* law Meeting the Maine liquor man on the moral ground * birh tlw*v have astmne I we would i>k them whether lie private or publlr con^umpiion of liquor i? morr tajurtoti* to publi'- tnorulity. My (he common concent of the communis / the drtrtmi 1? ?* lo*tii?ome, ot^'UHdnz pnolle opinio \ ha* maiupT't him h.h nucb, and it* r.nce has within the Im twenty : earn decren-o-1 the number of habitual Inebriate- u> am tiret ean%< areely be cnleulatad. Let'he prohibition Mr 4r??y ftita tart it they ran, or h they dare; we are willing t" the to on dm que# tlon. Ixwvk at ft*' puhlie hotel*, ?\ ihe prWair hoArdinff houv*. arhi re ibtf bran Jv houie whh formerly cotnMdftro 1 a4* auesaeo ttai. \m m now U) be neon? Let the pohibUioni.Ht:* answer the qBwUp Why bur It been withdrawn? By penal enactmenu'r No, but ?Voir the deetre to meet th?* win he f tho*e who c >n?r ientiotmiy Imtt'Twi It to be iinnei cmnnr and improper, and who were Wilting to re?i thnlr claim <>n the (rood senta of their fellow ?inwnn The ultraviewsof the pwihlbfiloolsta were *?<>? to lie mm-heal with eoooesslon they saw. nr Imixtn'l they snw, p<< Il'lcal aggrandisement In the bMkfnnimlof tbe ;ilotur?, and drawing tbe veil of temperance before hypocrisy, sought to evert h pnhfVul platform on a dou ittrtl theory of inorall'y. What) to ami what wtlllie, tbe effEct nf their labor'" fn the Stein o? Maine (he reoent elect ion ban decided forever the Mat' e Mqiwr law qu<wUoD. tn (tor -late the vox papult" will won ? coord to It u corresponding and a?just a fete SIHOLK.NESSOE PT RPOrtE We. cannot too strongly tippre*" 'iron ur friends the neces ?ha of "singlrnet" tn purpose." I hev may lie attached. politi cally. tiidill'Teoi parlies; tley mav have preferences dtffleatt to iivremte but the repeal of ilie liquor lawtbould he their mite object. No racrltlrr t f party feeltn" should he i oiutiilered ?no ureal tn accomplish thf'. our drand object. It should he Oie bond or en Irrevoeahle union an altar at whHi the adher suits ot iTtiirr polHleai parties, among the liquor dealers, should aweer fidelity u> eieb other, and offer up every other pnUncai aspiration 10 their coin lion cause. EQUALITY IN LAWS We have yet to learn In the great outcry agulnt the sale of llleehnlti* Mquar*. lhai in 'he prtvaie walk * of life the luxury of a. jfuod gla ? ol Hurgundy or i.liampak'tie Is aholltbed Tkolat ?er yei nountama Ha price, bo'li of toe 'oreUii an l homo maim Pu t me ami the wines of f r,nice and Madeira still *raee, as pro Sueir as ijeioie. the passage of the Maine law, the 'aides ot our ?wchan* prtnees. It t* ih?' arilson and 'he mechanic, the laborer, tn whom a Clara nf stimulus must tie related, and to him who. having do well tilted ce.dai at home, haydtld he reach of the Maine law 1* tn be dented the privilege wii ch the richer may with -ifety ?nyiy iberptrP o'our lnatltitllnns enjoins that all m?n wliohenr ?O'utl hnrde/is >liall n e entoletl '.n equal rights. la ibis prlnci pie to lie v 11 a?ie.| t The sober meond ihnaeh' 'if New Yorkers ?rill enm <Ai I iterate the isllnnt euaoMneat from on- statute boor, arsl put an end to the frrnoeul collisions ihat Its conti nue t existence inevitably | rovokea. BANtlOR A Nil THK LIQt'OR t,AW Bv anm-e sjnrr orrplrttuoiis Inlluen -e. tt serms (be plundered Bqsor, ><H?M omter die Maine law at Hangor, lias most mvsie reins, disoppiMrod, I"" iiroldliiiioiuais are ex< i'ed and ?.nned, thr ' Illy Marshal Is nu-i ?? d. and all the public func narW-a will conie in lor some diaNr of dlairusl. Whs' a "inmrui on tlds islmua measure. Been in Its blrtli ple'-e, nnder thr eve nf the dty offle als. In all probability with ?mtr emlnwe, tlie seleed liu'ior disappears from under the ?m< *n iqipresslve l*i,"' It those who are to execute the law sluInk ftorti pcrforndng the i-k imposed by It, to whom wrtll 'h proldlu toiu-t look for a'd Will no' their New Vork Brethren call a ay mpathi/mg mesUag and appoint a dele?atioo ?i weep over their departhig gkrlesl Do, aenUvmen, let us Buve n;?fcow vmir coestsiency before ihs time of election ar I'lms it may Happen after that evandul day, that yim will not Be able la Wxm a quorutn. THE CITY AMP THK STATE. Thn prohiMtlenlsts is nsolc ;es. In antii lpaUon, for ?? tors oi tin city, and the mrud of the S'a'c ofllcra, by dsclar tng 'hai in the niral dlstrtc'a t'isy will Inovttably soeeoed; that ?M' taaiuK Irttisia'ure will liav.- a ro.i orltv oi their own num Ber. and its the Malm law cannot lie rermale'l. There Is an eM a>la?e atsiut eounUny etrtakeas liefora thev am hatched, and are wotiid leg of our lire hr :i uie prohiliiuonbita, to re ?newiber It Thexe Is a revu km In public oputtou ou this ?na ira. wtilrh uiay d?, ri y 'heir food atiUdpadons There laom h a 'hs-irtiie as 'hai of expediency, and however the mm hers iw be etc led In 'h# rural d.s'rten may feel Inclined w ahl'he tir'SoblUonts's, u?. w i to. a not ouly *n tB" pre and hot the future ?tha' wi l r?e die Empire city, ivnhhei tom dvsn IwU a at Itton ?w freataeu rlslhg in lier ^'rciigih Wi sartuih 'ilr rV Hslloii of the -igU -1 proyierty. Ihey will sec ths Cainito State nfltoe, hlled w.tb irnu ih-- Maine ?am- mw ?rt Ha une<wi?l' I'Ninal provHoas, they will con aiilnr 1b Oldies." of dollara u . ?>?l in 'ha liquor bTV"Uveas, and atewsesr sod pattbeaiad i?th eadiednxl in Uie ranks nf the sue I p'ft ? ? it" Us! the i Will reaierotier -hai t'.e law has tieen saeaiW"! in Ute t-alar. r a di tiui waati"*; thai OUT Jllffoi an I M " alMf repodto's U, " ey wfd hiO'x 'n th? mm de of Maine IS hat.IS K u. reuoe-i" h? 11enter oppressors, and Wh|-Ii> mnsr these ersiaejerxuna- 'mm aav decided action IM? o at the rapaal ot ku law )h| TIME. THKdPIItir AMD TUB DECLARATION. ? TIs t ine is at lusral, the -ptril lias gone for B. 'he de Dra ?*?i to ptonw-dss.d the ee.c ra'ed Orstian in spesklny oi rlrn sgtpreawK-e mraeiras . f Rngl I. I towards Delano. Were Kiwi same cpunohi in reiacon tn ine Matae UqUnrlaW, ?am Is a! band, lie spirt is r" e torn, 'tie decls. iUnn Is mtor'ed, sod lis Irras'sse" ". decree Is repeal tut ?V?" 2*1 P* end >re tksrlj .], I 'Tidble itase t m htgotry ?ae tarrdon 'h" > kiak o. political hypocr ay, 'hr saertHce ar prtvtpie a' 'Be shma n srurire and amut'lcfl. u* pmdnoi (If le nestv I sr'n. I ,or jow-r a' ib* manuf th ?mntHext In |io> ttoal nr< i. n will q mklv be blotied IfWn car s atuia brs k smk the tr un pbaat rejoicings af justice and sp,. srat'fcv" "! yrseny. YtsV. FtDLlsBl th* eollm I Iwt us rememb?r 'be 1Kb Norember, o will furnish an ?ra lasjuretty'Ssims.s a lay m he rernemoered In the future ? -'iciiisi. .( Plot. I,< u. sis pooiyal inrakl'im: ?t all ? avstatlous tor tw- nty imr hour be laid aside for Uie s object 9 uiuudM men Id odictal station who will regard our rtrht>- as freemen, nn J 'tot seek to ruin us by partial l?gls Mthm schleb hasno toundatlon In the t'ons'lfuuoti. Vigilance afuHild be our watchword prdvlous to the nth, unttrtng energy ew> tha day NKAL DOW ON TUK LIQUOR LAW Krai Dow has beea wrtum: a iciicr. whtcb w; ake the lib rrty of rstguseluoitg la order to tfoow what aart of a fanaUc tie "P?tnn.ssn. Matm Oet S, H'.v "To tub Enrroa or tit* Piindinrtu'tst-toar Mr:-? ntr x*Hw-f the lei .s jest received, wt h the ehcioaad sltp from an s o eaxier "imllar statement# have been going the rounds ^TTpKJr-'er, where. *u. S Is n? statement tatrtMWW rn'M B-, 'Ma "li v to 'he oolumaa of a paper rmtr-rlnns .or Its sneisisettj Hut even that press did do vaoturt to saT that dBe law Buy< longer enforced, but merel| that wa nnder ?toad." Ar? Ar I take no noioe of tile falaele. rls wth-h the WStoa iwvnsra igrsnlate In relation tn myself, my dotngs or aay tar', sod tt D ooiy in ansiw to your tnqnlry thai I say the toaieoan' al'Mh yon hare onclot'"I to (MS is qrttnic. As a cut merit upon the subject, quite apropos, I head yu a slip from loih morning's Advrni w ah follow* : ? Hxi/UufcU.?''ihe Marshal entered the house of N. K. Jsques yesterday. with* seard) warrant, and there found some dozen jUH'1 and but lea. He also rate red the more or shop of T. CH borne, and ibei? found a qwuuiij ail of which was ultra to the lock up. Deputy Mar-hM blug Aiso went wPh a warrant to the more of A. Aio<.Jineby, und 'her? made a seizure.' ' Thle wlil ?how tha' tne law is In full fore?, and that when over the ruin flend shows his brad, he receives a b'ow which drive* him howling bu<* to hut nark d?n A? a sure indication of the great proxres* wl> ch our c a tire ha'* made, I mavuie.a 11OT1, that ?t th? lime of our last elocUoa I withdrew the police lr< in the whaiI tt! vGw< h die steam, j h arrive, because smug uHnyhy ihem had rel ied, or nearly so. and because thur hours ot arrival w *re very Inconvenient to us. Thu act was made a subject of struma complaint by ih Aijtus, which is our most violent oppoaou*, and 1 wa? ?ailed up- u by tfutt paper to enforce the law, else th i people would bold me re*|ujnsibl? l'hl? is very sUfuiUraci'.. wl.-n we emrtjnr thil irbon l ordered the pot lee, tor the first time, during my former adminto'TAtta) In IMftl, to seize ooitru baud liouors ui the * bar* *?? and railway stations?to psroii mme to he smuggled into the city in violation ol' law?? area*, excitement wm* cioaicd by ti.o se t, and even uimd tempemoc j men feared i* might bo going too far Hut now that pra*-ticj I'mh 1 eon constantly kept up until reeantly, a id when the po lbs* were? withdrawn temporarily from the wharves even our enemies cried out against the ad as a dc re* lie'ion of duty by a l,Icli the city might t>o again lh>oded t?y rum. The course' wf policy which iu lhhl was gtmerallv resar*ie?d as ultra J.? k sonlan?even ou? lrfends being startled by It?U now regarded, a a matter of rotme. all right and piojier, and Its temporary auspetiKieiii as an ac to be complaine d of bv our bitterest O'lpo rents Tel 1 every hod v that the people of Maine mean to put the? ? r k shops down, with the ble>-ing of heaven. I etnpnrarv r? vw?es do not discourage us; wicked men and devil* aided cannot prevent us. 'lruiv yours, HK4h l)UW " 'ihe apostle of prohibition is anxious to parade his Infamy to the* wot id. '1 he Portland crn was not enough for his ambition He willno' he content till he has blazoned oIs wrk t does* through t>* no)umn* of everv newspaper in the laud ho will not to be whiewushod Ho hi*i?n* on exlilhti lb;, his native blackness, ihc ordinary measure- ol pottj ty renin do not suit his towering nwblUon. Vdb.iig biu the ft i,dotis miarny of a Nero or a ?'aligula can e xcite his emu lation. Yet now it seems he 1** reefing htm elf from Uts ra ?re important labors, be has craned for a time to slaughter the roireos oi Portland, but i keeping his h ?u4 in bv car. vlng on an a :iv? campaign againatjuga and bottlus Wo are told that li. the ourse of ?he warfare against these tearful euctnle*. three h miwh wi re broken Into und searched in one day thus driving iht 1 rum tietid back to his dark den " Th? precise locality or the den Inhabited by this noisy flend i* not indicated ?? tin by the ivmhhvnis How , though if we may indue. lr< in his mot ciucfitN we should inisuine that the monster h i t taken up bis abode in a lot of empty jug? and bo ties. Truly ,?1 I . w N u hero, sod deserves the aUotation of all who wor *h p indbcriminate herobun. Whether lie U pre dsoly that kind ??t hero that we have been accustomed to admire, wo need not ?.d;il issnllieient that h? ha- reduced n whole c ty to auuiec Hon, nnd loreerl its people to submit to his rule. How consider* hliuM'lf a second Jacks ?n, as we may perceive by the last sen tence of his jeuer lie certainly r?*semhles him in one respect; but hi one important point he dllb-rs. Jackson slew the ??u.i miesot fcis ronntrv; Dow hlsazbtered his fellow <*i lzcns. The likeness is all In the killing. TV.ce the resemblance begins and ends. FECIAL NOTICE?LIQCOK DKAIiKBrt' OKNTBALOON \ KsnoN. The delegates to the TJuuor Dealers' Central Convention are requested iomeet (hi*(Thursday) evening Nov. I. at .National If ail, at 4% o'clock. P. vv. KVCS, President. P. H. MOLONEY, Vice Preaidenf. C. W. hcHxrifc-K, ?k?creiary. WKW PI HLI( ATIOIVS. FIRMALS BLUKHEaHD.? The K? rnale Blueheurd; or, the Woman Wiih Many Ifui hands; by Eugene Nue, price 'J!i recti only, Li published this day at T. H. PETKKrtON'N, No. 102 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, And for sale by booksellers and new* nuenta every where. Tug Fcaai k IlLoanu.ixi). 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J>. > adfi r A f'o.'a ar lo ci"unit r m wnrka, Poertcrn'h a'rae', Koat river. on their rotnrn from their liivt annual tartiet ex i timlon to Kluahing, tolobar Iff, It wo? Ka-nlvnl. That the UtMkJi ot too eotnoeny lie tendered to Mi ian. D. D. Bodtiir A f'o. tor 'b't beeuUtut prtre?conatjt In* of allver tee rr' mvter, cake basket, run, me - |iraaenu*i bv them; elro to I*. Gtlaey, ?mj., of flllaey'e hulldlor, for the efayati' ullv.-r plotter pceaented t>? bun. alan tn the Invltol it or M in itt-nerel, for ilir Imp. rial monitor in Wtdck they die trihutart the prttea AUo. He on 1 11, 11 hi thr iiank of the romptnr br tendered to t'apt. A I'. Kogara, for hi' g'TAli trvauly and o. herllk on duct to Ihe cr.mpmv. Remlved, That the pro -i i n?a of tli ? mwitit ha pub Ulbed. < opt. A. I'. ROOKIW, ? rial r ma it W. K. lAaiTO. Secretory BOWHKN flUAItll?TUK MKVBKRS or rillS COY PA or ara re<|Uaated to meet el Want A Ikiarde iV corner t> II rand .treat and Broadway. on Tburadity n.rihii at 7% o'clock. Punctual etten<Lne? i? requeated, m fbta will be tae la>t martlnt' prrrtoqa to the parade J?MrS M TI11VKR, <V?nti! indent. O?o P. Wiuto*. Secretary BOWDKN OUABU-THE MEMBERS OP TII1H UOMPA ny era reqneaed to ine?> ot Ward A Hpwdra'a, -ortuir of flrotdaUre' end Jteadwai >n Pudat Nov. - o' 7', o'clock A. V. .1 ttMPS M Tt RNKK. Commandant. Otto. P. WlMOM, Secretary. N'OTTfTE.?A MKPTINO 'if THE VAN VET.HOR MPS knaata will ba bald at Ml ml iaar Hell. ?oruer of l> tone and tlraanwlrh atra ?. on Hint, lit evening, Kltrehaf 1, l"W, et7,S P. M Punctual at ? ndao ?* racioaatad. Hv urdar of tha captain. I P \A AKl), Jr., Captain. O?o, Piiiiir*, Orderly Bar.- ant. CAILMAKPR Gt'ABIlS ON I?EI.K -A MKKTING ANI? v~ drill will toke place n Friday evening, Ifnrm'wt I. *i 7>4 o'ekek at Cagtri] "? ? 11 oppi na t antra ma tot. tlrnawl atriK i. PuMtDO) ettandanoa ka raqnmted. By ordar of f). N Hfll.LT, Oommtntlent. Joan Piiaura, tintarlf. Til* WATCH flABB MtK'Ui' OVARIdt Wir.I. Ak aambla for drill on 1 t.ur?lay < ? ninj, Nt> .ambar I at, a belf pax wian orlr.k.a' I.' ' 1 r; el," Oraml itrawA t.a iwran Bowari and RMxebetb ?'rrei. | ?triaolor attan'loo la re qneaUal. My ordai M K tluTT. t efnain. Pa*. If. IL rai.aiojr, Ordarly Hergraat. | 'I.H1V.M t|| ARI> ?TUP MKMKHIttOr THIRf'OMPANT U will maai al the Koala llrlll Boim, bi.rttar ..I Itatoncay end Chryatla alroMa, en Matarday. ao, :t,g. at "H o'rloelt. P. J Hnui.lirdfry. hi I.I.I AM llUllgAR. tloptala. I'rii ran ii.rpm o? i?i?-t "Put i,?r MPPriNti \ ot ifta I ..rfi? trill I a bald a- II hlrli'a. Star Hotel. No. AJ Idapeaerd atraat. on Irblav a-.tmlnir, Nov. 2. at he f peat 7 o'ekK-k. ori bnolna of laaaartMWt My "rdar W? Tiruit A l o am II. RAVMftND, fbilonel. ClaOTHlMU, AC. Ai.ARfir qcANTiiv or cart off olotrixo watitrd-Til no- !? ? o??y, Maanead lo bny na*md bend i o'h n* of a vary dracHp'loa Oamlcwan liavlna larifaor moll uaa, Will raaatir 'h<- vary l.iaha.t pi?ra lor tham by call In* a' iha mora, or eddraa-tna TlI'lMAb II. OONBOT, 491 Pear! (treat. ________________ Oast off <TfiTmiio axd FVRNrrcmc wantptv ledio ard geni i. men can obtain tba btchc* pri'-a. for tl a obora arlrlaa, by (ending hrmg'i fmA or idherwler Ui Mia MANtS. M Itroedwey, op atelr*. Omtlam-o oturndad 1 y Mr. M. /tART OKF CLOTH IN', IT ANT It I).?TUB BIOHEAT ". prlcr lit. n end raab potil in enrfan' annoy, 'lat. aT.-'ii daalroua 'fronvartiinf 'hair at) peril no tpi rlo-l.inr. into roah wtl I t.d It to iliair advonlaga 'o toll on or ar al for JAMKk MOKORRY. ti Batior afreet, oir '"hotlam. T APlPIt ANIlf?K>Tl,KldKN UITK YfM B ATTPVTMW 1 j Head tbla.?AII ooat off clothing, aaoon I bend femilrira, ai d all kind- at booaaware 1-otigW, ot.d higheat prra ipveti in raab t all, tw addraaa by note J. HARKIH 111 ttaventil *'vt-ti". I"' ten Blfbtecn'k end Nkftacrdh I r -fta. Annanl Fair of the Amrrlcmi Institute at llw Ciyital Palace. TRIAL Or K!KB KNGINII8. la accordance with a previous announcement the trial ol the eoglue- on exhibition at the Cry stal i'aUce took place the occasion was one of internet not only to the firemen but a large outnber of our citizen*. About the thou hand per-one altogether were pre sent, of whom at leant one tbounund were assembled oitUide the building. The affair wa* got up at the suggestion oi Mr. (leiiuenhainer, one of the Committee on the exhibition. The judges selected for the occasion were: Horace J. Ifioueer, Mayor of Kewurk; 1>. Van Voorhie*. Chief Fngineer of 1 rooklyn; John C-nger, K<1. Brown, Wm. Adams, I'eter B. Anderr-on and Famuel A. French. Of these the lire last uamed ate exempt firemen. The engines were worked inside of the 1'alacc; while the etreaina ?eie ihr-w.-i up along- idx <>t the observatiry irom the roof of an adjoining building which waa lllty feet io height. From thih riKif to within a distance of fifteen or twi nty foet i f the top of the Ob*t rratory, there wan a scale ol Icet to mart the height to which the water w.i* tin own, and which wax carried up Hit lee , miking the ? hole hi ight trnm the ground about 2*10 feet. The length ot hone allowed wax 3 460 feet, while tor the 1 vel only 160 Mere permitted to hi- uaed. 'Ihe water tn aiipplle ! finni i wo byrliant* and a t in', in one o' the tewura, which wn* tilled bv a ateam pump Fr*t ele** engine. were re<nilre<l to play through a 1 '0 inh nozzle; M-cnnd clan through a 1 inch and the third class through a % inch nozzle. The following are the engine-; which were entered for trial:? I IILST CLASS. Attn tl", No 13, of Uro i - !yn; doutfi" decker, aide lever* St, Inch cylinder, I'd inch atrnko; built by James smith, ol New Yotk; uiunneii by b-i mm. hfaga'ti, No. 8. ot Brooklyn, double decker, outside leri-rs, 12 inch stroke, 10 Inch cylinder, built by Win. detfeiD, of I'awtuckct, It. I.', maun**1 by 41 men. HKCONlt CLASH. ilanhuUnii. No. 8 of New York doufle, 8 Inch cy'Inner, 9 inch stroke; built by Jehu linger* A Sou of Baltimore manned hy 48 men. tieeanu* No. 11, of New York; double decker, flinch cyllnuer. 9 inch stroke; manned by 44 men; built by Wm. J 11. Forbes, of New York. tluardlan, No 29, of Sew Yotk. double decker. 8 Inch cylinder; 9 inch rtroke; manned by 44 men; built by W. H. Forbes, of New Y'ork. Aurora No. 46, of New York; able lever, square lux, four seven loch cylinders five inch stroke; Carson's pa tent; built by I'tue A Hartshorn nl New York. THIRD CLARS. Pacific, No. 28, of New York ; ride lover, crune neck. Inch cylinder, seven inch stroke; built by James t-iolth ot New York; manned by forty-four men. Meiion. No. 9, of New York, though entered, refused to play on account of an insufficient supply of water. She is said to be the largest engine in the lolled Statu.., and is built on Mr. Oar-urn's patent. The tiial commenced about twehe o'clock, the hose having bci u carried to the top of the building adjoining the observatory, and on which the judge* tisik their posi tinu. The Atlantic w-s the (|r*t, Hud everything boin;< in readii ess the order to begin waa given. The water ?nx forced through the pipe somowba' slowly at first, but increased in volume and v-doclt) a the men Inside put forth all their strength. About half a minute alter they starlet the ho-e burst anil there v as i. delay of ten n,mute* before a r.ew sec Ion could be attached. As soon us lids w*- accomplished, however, they went to work with renewed vigor, and succeeded in throwing a stream to the h'-lght of -eveoty-four feet, wbru the b- si liuist a -eeotid time causing i sudden dis persion of the spoctat' * and sprinkling a consiileribl" namber to the a light of thoeewho ? up-h Tin-third time, however, they were more sue e--fid. and bof ire the two minutes all itted to eaeli company tor the t rial of their ei gii.e ex( ired, ihey had reaotie-i . height of one h- r.drrd end foui fret. The next trial of thu engine wi on a horizontal line, with the same nozrle, with which they threw a stream to the length of 2nd feet 10 Inches. V hen the result ol lHith tiial* win announced to the tiiemeu in ide, the bulldog resout ded with cheer*, ami the yell* of their "tigers" were perfectly frightful. No. lh ? a* now lemnv d, and her p'aco tanen liy No. 8 ol Brooklyn, she had many favorites and it was confi dently predicted lo 'hem that -ho would *akc all com petitor* down. Ihe inemiurs went to work with an mi nestne-H and an en orgy 'hat showed they were deter mined to do their utmost in exhibiting the tull power* id ilelr '-machine." Motort the sxpirutu u <f tin- tw ? nuutito*. they rracha ? height ol 110 foe- tklc-h v,i* six feet higher than No. Id. I'ho anorruneement of thplr IU'CM? wax rccil'Url with deafening cheer*, and they prepared with renewed confidence to I* t lire ? ngine In throwing a ho/ix-u at atreuin. This time toey f-jree' a rtiatly streHin to a lentil < I 286 lee'. Tbe.-e w*? *oin? rlispuie wiih ngard to iho height, lint toe judge* *j- ided thai It va* 110 feet, and their dec!-ion Was received with g< nt-rnl assent. ft was now ihe turn if MnnhatNn Kngine No. fl of New York, 'he first of the c ud class entered f ir trial, ."?he was maimed by forty men. nnd played through an inch nr-rzle. Ihe heigth of the stream wa- flr fee-, and length on the level 104'j. No. 11, which Is considered a crack engiri" of these nnd class, was winked by the same n-rmb-r o men, and threw a stream o' 90 feet in height ?r d 140 :eet liiches in a horlfontal direcrlon. e ni| l?liit* were mad -by the men that the supply of watei wa* not aufiicient. and they appeared to regsul the tiial a* rrn unfair te^t of the |-iwcr ol their machine. It w?'i said that -he had done bet'er on a fotner oci-I-iti mlid wotrlrl have snrpn -ed herself this time but for thi draMluu k. One id the ei g o . a* we ban-already stated, *?, obliged to withdraw on thlt arcount The followlug table gives the exact h.-igh' nn-1 length of tbeslre*ms thrown by *11 engines, a recorded by the ju' j-.e* them,elves;? FIRST CLASH. Hi.iht. ts-l. No. in of Brooklyn feet. 10! ft No. 8, do. ' 110 20?i Htl'O.Nll CLASS. No. 8. of.New Yotk AO l?l-r> No. 11. do 90 149-3 No. 29, do. 80 11M No. 46, do 80 10 -1 TtllRII CLASH. No 28, of New York 8^ lfl '-fi Cricket. THE ALBANY AND HAKLBMCLCB8. lb- return ma'ch between th" Albany and Harlem Cricket (lub- terminated on Tuesday iftAnwn, niter * wt 11 gam*. in faror of tlie Albany Club, by .16 run*, llv Albanian* broi ght into the Held n e< mpsnt tleun. who throughout the match played with gteal apirit. ibf bowling of White and h<>ne being swift un derband, and dan''. on the wi 'ki t left no /?oor.i for ink. ri/ liter)i*? wltli it. Wliby alio had mad* hi* .core* In fine atyle, and had pla}?-' eery free with it, being taki u at In, t. y. and H. Wright, Hat?- liodwin and ryner played well for theii *rore*. a* did Byron and Ileary who, good one. at the tint, but who oa tbi* ocoaaion Ilaye<l for well for a long time without any i"??lt. till tlmy lo*t their wl-.l.ete. Tim llarlern wide- a* will b-- -eon by the mii r* gave Al'mn. the game, ILL lielaft the .nd victory they hare gelled <ver Harlem ihi i yen', and It will be an no centlve to ib* r Ire.king for bigbe. gain" neat v-a . t?n tl eir aide tt.e bating 'f Lille pie llobha Moore and C . p< i en, particularly fine whiUt IUU, Whi'e -.nd l o?i made their aeore* rery well?the la?t unoied giruicr ?T< ral eliance*. whlrh were not taken. Some of the llar.imile* are wofully deficient in fielding (iodwin a) iongetop, bad a hard tirr.e of |i aoBaiuering the u7 widee. I he 1 bye- on 'be lid inning* of Alliasv being made ti ward- h.indown on the tirat lay. while the aun ?hont directly in the i/?? of the long .'op. Tim grime eiu.ed in the bafiph t manner, and the halt ??. delivered up by the Pre?i'ienf ol the Harlem 'lub with the usual r< rapltmcntary remark*, and appropriately re.pond" I to by their peotlef.ianly I re.ideot, Mr. larr ot the Albany / "ii/y /bj/ufrr, who. with bi* brothor crieketcr*, had Urn entertained at a diuner given by the Harlem Ottb, at Conrad'* Mount Morri* ll< '*1 Tni- being the la?t r atrh of the -oaaon and delightful ermketlng weather, ihere waa nuite a Urge attenlance of rUi'e a on the ground. The follow I rig i* the ?eoroj? SCOUR. ai.uaar OA a Hi ft Inmttfjf .v w/ lnn,mr tiuitl-e.-.Wi ightt. Wilb* I e. Unborn b H. Wright-.. 3 t.ille-pie b. W ilby 4 b. H. Wright 3 I ? a? b Hvren 4 b.:-.M right 14 Moore b. Byron 11 c -yner h. R. Wright....41 Hill run out A ?t. Bates b. A. Wrakl.., 0 White b. Uyr n 5c- Wright b. U.Wright. 1 mitb, Jr. h. Wilhy 1 ?. H.Wright b. H.Wright. 2 liobbab. W ilby 0 c. Henry b Byron 17 Cooj-er b. W ilby A b Byron 1 r-nndats run out 3 no'out 0 lacy not out 0 e. Rnpe b. H. Wright . 0 Bye* 1 leg byew 1, we.e# By*? 4; leg byea 1, wide# 10 21 1* a Total A? Total Ho CU B. flrtt htnmt/ . ,Seo*?/l Innifuft. H. Wright b White I h. White !i

fi>n*r b. Roae 0 b. White 3 Bate* c. Smith, Jr. b. White 3 leg b wkt 1% P. Wright e. Smith, Jr. b. White 0 b Whip ft Wilby b White 32 h. WTiite > Hyron h White. 3 c -aonde,* b Ran 0 Uodwia b. Wklta 2 r. Cooper K HI I ? Whit? tun out H b. Ro-e 0 I'abern e. Ro*e I. White 8 r and b. White Z Pot* e. and h. Wbi'e..., 0 not out . 1 llenry not out 0 r. Ron? b White 0 Rye# 1 no ball* 2 3 Hyea 3 Total 50 Total ?7 Wllllamahtarg Cltjr Polities. Nworw Norm no Nr.wiaaTr.vw?'Hie Knew Nothing Coun cil No 14, of the Thirteoath ward, hare nominated for I l-up?r*i#?>r, Wm. Wall, for Alderman, Benj. MabroW for i lahtain of Ibilie?, Wm. Betl. fvngrtar.WT Nounurous, ??mgvTtt *uu. ?1" r Pu I netvl'ir. John Pchtjel'ler; for All((man \ -tan er I I r i ? ? n Anniversary of the Sowtlbrna AM Bwhuy. ? The second anniversary of this society was lietd ?* -.t evening in Dr. Father's church, on the corner of Fourth avenue an J Twenty second street. The audience was rmall, there being present not more than one Uunlred. including IwdW ladles and gentlemen. 11)c exercises of the evening were opened by Kev. I>r. bkinner. wh > presided, and who rend the 424 th hy no, after wl ich the Iter. Mr. Hamlin, of Ualtlmore, offeret up au ioiprtesivc prayer. The treasurer, Mr. flerigd Hal tnck, then presented the treasurer's report, from which we mute 1 he followiog extract: lis Is re e in Ir?? mry ut last report $821 114 Kcoclvid sinCfc Oct 24, 18o'i 8,881 27 T fal 89,'201 <17 Total t Apensea ouilug ths year 0,123 10 Jbilmre en hard $3,0Hl hfi The Kev. l)r. Styijh, the general agent of the society, then presented the annual tepurt, from wldeh we make the following extract*:? This day mark* the sn x sd anniversary of the Southern Aid Society; a ht lrl llie.but sit sulli*teut to'assure ua tnat If a good rsii-e <h.e. Mitneiiu..' oooo outer the oppositions of earth, tt 1- vure In vl.e i nil to evpi rleu' e the fidelities of heaven. Va riona intluenees have mtnribmoil to nnharrans the progress of tbl* in. iliuUun. The lei'lopimieril of Christian benevolanee in i or day baa reached iwo rnaulla; It enlists ev y good muo hi ri ijulai i iron libelous to a reli* 'cd catalogue ol our enuulle-s charities. an I then It h, i ore b> besiege him wlih arienillosi multitude el Irieguiar n-nt perplexing appeals, against whl di he ha- no pretention, etlh?r a< in man or place. Kvery new ori/iiiliall'in, ihetci iM must encounter ihe dlsndvau. lac ni applying fur pamwage u pe-sona whose charliahie re. snur. as have not only been .i .mcisnUy pvpoeeiipinii. hut whose benevolent pi mptln.a lute l.eeu harassed by an Un eaafug snore ."Ion of charitable call* 'lhit cmbarta-smcnt Ihe houihem AM M oiety bus te't ft will be ietncmb<;r?l that Ihe list two vest * have hern distinguished as s period of rum n > ul depression sod t otci m'cUo.iwI anlturwUy The. Isl'c r si' . ? a large poriMui sfiie pnopie in oppualllon to our p.. T1 > rnrnsr locapaoikiat* tioo her portion U> render tie. ?! istanee U:ey nuvo t| i heart U> bestow. AgaiUsttbrso dU rr.iirs lenient* also, tie : ouUe i A Id-eociotynas been called toeoi tend. We might meotuiti t[,e sddttlortal thet that various tin <tiswetsil assault. upon th anetpiy, |y paperspnlttleal and roiUm'e, innl to dld'Teni -? noiiebl thecountry. may hive temporal'.: dauiased oui i uuse by plat ng u* in a false light l.< fore the pubile. I lot. II ut>) not Ion : ? ?: ton happened liiat ? i hi r'lai. Instltti'lon In eii ee'iuti ha* liecn called to press lis ws v thMeish a lur* lislyo dlxrc waging liillu?nr?s than he* laden H? oiir lie 1 he lelluwtng langmue |. addreasrd to us by the Hynod of Tiui.e*.ee. " \our prompUirssadil valoeio yoiu benefscllon: for wc had truly eenie to a '.a, . arid I ? sunot express to you the weight of gratitude a .re under m your soclet), which, as doe horn In tl e fiilm ss of ? up forward Ui save things ready to perish Ms\ the I air I l>|e*. and prosper your etfurts, that e.ery porliun ot tin desUluie held vnugiropose lo aid, mar have ike irwin with un, itoi only to fmpe lor In"rnsaid etll cleoey ny Ihe sUtmilu your Irenefar Puns give, but lo p-niseihe l ord nt ihe lmrves . wh" Ibus sei ib. tit cu lahorur* Ui gadier from elds already if| e nor Virginia brethren'ho* wrtte us ?"Nor did we tice,| nun h eo'reaiv to rer.uve lbs glfi, lor not only was our ireaau rv w ell nigh exhausted wheat its titnvlv replrUon by your uvn mil'? nee releved Us ol opprehemliHl emliarrassmeni, tun tl'.ere was a sweet smell'.ii:' -at or In ih* gill; It was a most re ire.I mg *xt re- ion o. cln is isi. principle-fruit of die incur rije.hlr ?.dol die ? >rd, catenlatedtoexritea grateful appro elnilon et (he ehrlsilno Ire. ihe iy kindness of our No-thern lit. i ds .m l u> awuxen a h .nn nious re nnauoc In the hosrt nt iheo Southern bench' a leg.!' Mnliipled similar lebimontals le.ars ui lltal lire hundreda of eh i. re I e? seal i e red through I he so mjusJs liave been greatly reive*' ed by obi benefactions. l\ e iruai il ui the colored puioilailon of the Soinh him- fe't die la'Uetil of our Iss; veae's appniprtatlons. All rnbisuoiai y ii one expended m regn o uitst reach this claai ol Ih - people. !? is believed Ilia' tract u/h-i diar.e- eonoiliutealrout the hap plest In*? romcutalM) to convey the ilospnl lo the duaiitule ii ?-rCs whirh ? ornp ? ? a' re ..a element ot population In our gre*' cturs The society has engage I lo hear ball the cx pet;.r e of' w i in Ii ml*. SHiu< tea In Ui" cm of New Orleans, un d i he i irs s si 1 ootid Prssbytartan oburch loid school) of tliio ef.y. ?ml lhit. luijie to seud the blessings of d.cOo.psJ to multliudes ,if lier famishing i*mr. Indeed, the ?... tie'. bus mie'i hi i! li"r .rm sldl farlner to the South, i 1 i ' pendi d a :ew Uuudiei dollars In dllfusing Oospel truth lb 7 exas. l ev. Mr. Couw'g 1 , of Virginia, was then Introduces! to tLe sudlenee. le -a! i ne at -e with confidence to a'.ilri su Nortlinin aurllenee upon the object- of Ihi* asroeiation lie ev| >et?g that mother gentletnsn vul 1 t as I e his place In addressing the sndtenee. I have n right b' plead for you here en behalf of tkt colored people at tl.e bouth. Itecaussi I ympathlie with the colored popu lation here, why should the gnapc) lie hindered In ap preach to us at ihe 8"Uth Is it be eu*e we are sinners ateive others thst we should not liaie the gospel pregch est time If this ! <? o, lit* i* t lo* very reason I think why the gospel -hoo'.'l be prm li med In "ur ears, llut I do no* admit thle fact. I.fvt'ns I hsvs li?"n. at the Noith no t at the Nuitli, I tieIIuve there Is an averagi' amount < f social Virtues and morality the'e eijual witli the Not '? It It may i>e iatd and t" ts ?atd, that slavery ixlsts there. Is tills any rea*i.n why Ihe lios(rel should be will,held from urk Tills is the very reason why th Uo?;?! should lie p'evhed to us, 1 rejn at again. I am n *. vmog to sapsSe- my views .,c itsHot ray p e IfloS upon the question of ale' cry. *1 take the fact as ther are. ti.p.-" slid they peel tlie (io*|iel, sod to you they look fur aid lhey aie oumaeous, but noor aim tl.e whit' |Hipul?ti. n being siuall, they arc not able to beer llie burden- neee. nry to give the iJospel to ill tbe "lave-. 7h' sj^skr i rai.i.nueil to apeak n; the necuislty ol giving asitatauee to ihe sosieiv m Uait i Ports tosprea-' tlieli *[ie! over tlse A.nth. I helisve that the eol"re l man is t" h< a' cum intiire time tlm am"r i.l the I., pel in Afi lea. The whl'e rnao. ar yon know la cut i It fr ni 11. mission tlisre. Ii is the b'"' k man who must cany the lio<|iel nnil ciii'ixation to tt.ilr benighted brethren arru ? the wa'vr. let the th spel hmc jfe psrtect rr ,r.. it th' -"Utth?le*. It go forth to the i lack and prepare bitn tor the mi* binary labors fnt Will ill he is de- ilied. l ev Mr. lis in nt llattimoie was next introdureit. ii* -ahl it was i,unity no es?ary for him to say anrtliirig after tin- add re is wliifh had already tuain given. This n ep'ty was 6nme tn ''en" the ground not occupied by any oil e . It conflicted With no rrclesiaatleal body. It *1 Iisg.inizt-il to syresil i'lir istianltr Its operation wars bcoevnti nt. and the who.e I'iulstian ehnnh wen* gra'i tul for this service. The ,-sMith ??, de-titutr' and in need ol this a -istance. and grea' gmal had lieim i|ol? under 'he bleaaiogs of Providence during the past ye*/ hot e le |s d tins was only a tithe i f toe good that Would yet be auaotapUshed. The meeting then adjourned. Pollt ? Int? 11 tiger.rr. THE <? KEAT OOrNTEKKKITINO CAME. The elimination in tlie cn?ei f Je*. L. flrene, in wbo?e p. -/?e.-iiin about tlO.ObO in counterfeit ' nut** were. tound a few day* elnce, and in that ot bin alleged con federate, Cturlu A Eturthwt wu* t> umed yesterday be fore Justin* lin-onen. Mr-. Hitter. the landlady nf Hireti- upon whom In- had |> > ? -<'<i a $11 counter fidt bill. ? a*examined at great length l>y the roanM for the pri.Oner, but nothing ?-Diluting with tlie ration* W*ti mony ?.i* i-Uci'ed, vlx: -'hat ehc rial received from him a rrinulorltit bill in payment for board. hh- further Mated that -lie boil c. o many |iermn< call at the li?u?e f.-r Bien hut did not know tin- name of any of thorn ?x i i-pt < no v lio callo-l to make nrrangi menu for board, ami iii* nam* aha belie *d to be E/torar I fieri*. n.l< man wa. arrested i n hnndar while at the homo, be hating call el to it Hrt?m, ni l y>< taken to ti c h n-ii ward fwtlico matioo hot tor ??'lire canne ? Hiring n plana'ion ),< aim uia I arged hut nut by a magi drate and contrarv to l?w. l!r wa* ev.-.'nil/intimate with both Brr-ej.- and liuriliut. a- letter* I:ore iiini to the Utter wi-r?bund in HuiiMt - run and tbe e were in a very familiar styla The trunk-of ltreere aere itoarclifd in o|icn cmr' ?n-l ann Dg oriitr art nlo* were tun rid likene**#-. of two tirohy dr>? d touraJc aim of four roung men -n k group, tUabtly dreaaed and renetnbling in tnclr appetrai e 'porting character. , a large mimler of In e lette.-a In m variou* femalu were alao found in one nf n i tri nk*. ?n- in another wen- Vial* ?' at.lde ami drug-, a moitar and i efle, rountertMt coin*, from a nix pence to a i ? liar, bv-ide? atber lliipllrio nt? ill line am i g counter citer* I ?life- lor inaiiufai-tut lug counterfeit cm n and for preparation. for removing wonl* and hgure- on bunk till* were alao ound among hi* paper*. Hreere wat ft? uieily a ?ele*mea to the .tor" of Hit brock fc leal beater? It" I- leliWad n.ereiy to lie tile tiail of a giog of rouriti rfeitera who wen peep# ng to operate laurel * a' It ? time i f bi? arn ?t 'lb* invct g-rii m was el end In the afternoon, and Hnrlbut w*a admi'ted to bail in th runi f l-f.'O The magistrate re*ue* d to take trail for Jli ten and be W*c recommitted to prion. ROHHfWii X HOOH MATE. A ?t ui g man Darne l Jn \N -.11*- ??. ymr'.erday ?r retted, tbaigtd with brv.Kitig open the trunk of Hen) U ilu n a room mate of hi*, at 'IS> Bowery. and ? tea.iig tberefn m )*<! in gold ci In He ?a* rorrrmitled hj Joatice Wood for examination CHARtiK OF rttLOktOrk At AtM.t A naiiie<l Wm 'lotda* w?- ymter ay ar-eat**l rharged wl'h fri- t ie* a??anlt ripen the perw.n of Cat ha rreJarri* Both | live it No Ilk Worth a"eet ?rd it I* alleged that ti e j ri .??r attempted '.o V.okate tbe |eraon of the complainant and lie. auae <hc raerated t a (truck b. r vWl-nlly with a *?*). ba>ia, and ? tabbed hrr in the hiraa* ? lh a p ket *l..'a The ac uat 1 Wa 1 eld to ?n*wrr the charge Cain Van-field. a p- rler living at v.o 9E t'eiUr *tr?at, ? a* ) eatayday arr**te#t. i.hargod wth atahbiag -Aylve-ief V rlarlty, ef )3?1 Eighth ?t .-?t triili* i|iiatreiiirg with 1.1 in on Tin la) av* r.hrg. The aeon- waa ? rn.oit -a| by Ju-tlce ( oniH liy. RIVER THIEVE4. .lame- 11. < annon a boatman ar. l Wir'j^l M ' ullo ,gt. W.-r? ye*!erdajr arre'ted afm-ge-' with cUaltng eoppar to the value of ?f,n the pr-yerty -V Mr f'carwrn it Vr>. *b W>. ?t? *ar The property war ta en f'otu off plar Vo. A North river ,r,d waa found In a tmat which wa a ".#e pr*. aaaion r.? *he >r?aai 1. The prl'cner* wr-v en miltt hy Juvttca t am-lly for m*' Ohllrur) , I'M. atfhtiUaaurwnn the 3Mb ull r ?ru??lore .'on . Ir I < W. HI the revi r.ty third year of hi. age i be /'a rM / ?.v. ? In ?arly I.fla he fhU we: toe and * >? r, ,u mI ?m# of the then (tne.t tame.* out of W'l,*n the ?/f Hotith A*Kika determ ued t*> ? r|.' a Vow tor Ireedom ai d were irurrtnog arrnta* tu the f ehl fr./ the purp* e .g th'oelng - t lh- paa ?!. ) .ke wMih l> nad tt.em f?|A t?m.l< aoterwt u>e < I , -ntnaa . r ? a* a t ? lunteer ^.t ?ar at ooce raUwt to t ? raoi off* miwodi'te, and f.Uced at the head 'i the entire eaval f fee b| the i?public fie(riugut th?tr aaaal tottle* -ith ?kid and bravevy, and afier their independence wae achieved h* retarw to hi* natiraborne. wt?-c he cc otin t ?d t*- rw*rAe to the time eg pi, teoao ir ea may egcey* t'.e "rr.? cea|4ad Ir m?? / ev- a flr -g i<< ?. wt hit tie 'eat few Vf?r?. I. ts< O . . -h iie ? . naat* ? Ir Hayaa-*a Oflr*. PROTI8IOKH rOU OltDHK ON HkNCTlOlf OAT?THE MA TON'S DIBKCCTONH TO TUT POLIOK. Mayor Wood U determined that It .hall not be fbr not 0 ( exertion ou hU part If it the election on the 6th of o vember there it ? repetition of the (Hegrsoeftll row* and dietur lattice. which u.ually occur on euch occa*ion?. It in well known that rowdyixm and hectoring have hereto fore been the ruling power; and that cltlaen. of a quiet dinpoaltion hare been intimidated and preventel from ex ??renting one of the liirheit right*?that of vutln<?-ay the threata of the hulltn* who mf-.ted the pull*, and in fact carried everything their own way Kvery p >lt. e man baa tieen ordered in lie on duly that day, ao mi (o allow every perron duly quail ft til to hi. ballot u the poll* without fear or molMtatlon; and If it cao lie proved tha' any member of the deportment ha* lam neglectful by not using proper diligence iu eafiticiug Or. dei or by not granting equal protection to the adhe n nta of all pai llr- the Board of I'oUco f' uiuulaaionora have deterniioedthaf the penalty ah ail he dUinl... al from iffic A strong foree will also lie held in reaerve at the Major's O0ice, ready for any emergency. The Mayor has issued the Ihllimlng order to a'l Police Captalm1, which they are to read to those under their command:? Martin'. Qrrics, Ocl 31, MW Willi.t Uie rlcht of sulTrsgi* arid Ireo ever-lie of opinion In the .election of candidate, (or cilice I. poaaeaaed ''v poltoam" ? fu common With other cllixvn., tVe privilege of active pnrticl p.ttnti In |> i I. expre**iy ate'tllreoUr defile I In becoming police men certain peraonal light" arc givmt up fot 'be publM good?anions edtera, urn." unpei anii'ig bi he politician. The pollt"tnau e?riii"t be a poMMolatt* lie cacti d electioneer aa atteh He la no' allowed li nap the powef Of hi. ottlce tn oretaure to Intimidate, or to induct-" the voter. I'ti hia doi.r to protect every man lit tlt? Meeetse of the (IgQ's, HI tar ?1 lliey may he inter'eretl with hv t.iic: bv a In i aril ol the aeeee. It li?? teen rcpt roc tied Kt me thnf member* ot 'he Police Itepartiiio'ii have been in the practice at taking an u- live part In poll lea alinui 'I a time, and on die tiaj of election and that tn wvttM ward* of 11. city Ciltawn. ol opposite opinion* have been itemed their | it on t ilon, and ?' tlno ? virtually excluded ft >m Ute po t how, Uterotore. Uie ohifit ol tht. onier t. to xtie tot lee, mat every mctnbet of the rollce Department la entirely wxcl'ele I 'i om all iiurt'ctpwOon hi potn cal tamte.ta except aofaraa the right in vote t. cocrorii. d, and ttiat on the day or el i !.on, Noi 6, theseptniremen who tea* tie a' atoned ?i'oai ti election i >1' .hall preaerve the peaee pi ail I't every ettiven in <be tree exer cbt ol hia Irantdil.r, keep the poll* clear, alhird to every voter tree iui-'rea attdegreaatn >bi Inspector-., and graoi 'o ail ok zena o' ?very eolith mi aeniitneni equal pnl- rtlntt and right*, rite penalty lor violation o' thU order will be dismissal Imtu i tti ? liy the Hosed of Police CemmMoacr- opou the nec.naary proof dial the oil) iioa haa linen committed Hv order KKKNAMM) WOOD, Mayor, <lr.o. W. Matux, < "litef of I'olluc. AHltEST OP TJIKKR 0<TIN1U I TIlttVUS. (ieorge I Indwelt, a lad not nu ? than foUTtoeu y* at of ttge, and two of hi. octupanion., nuntrd reapect vcly 1 Ilon W Hti.hy and Kttoi h Clnsaaen, were arreeted la.l night In the llowery theatre, hy officer (.'lark*. of Uie JiByid'. office. The trio attracted Uie officer's attention from the susplnhu* clrrum.kanot of their having la their po? n a larger amount of money than I-gcncnUly allowed to JuyenilM, and aa ho thnngnt that their (taps and mnmnvth could not have given It to th' wt the ;t?t ural lufltifnce vra. that they atole it. Being of tin. oplDio't the ntfirdr nixed the yourignat, Ma.ter Ttadwell, mtighlv tiy th" atrr and aakod hint where lie got the tnotici 11 e tmy rcj lied that it wa. 111. wayof, and Jmtn"dlately began to blubber In a mi -t inn leal manner, to the d!> cnay of the audience, who wore alt abnorbod with 'he ?[m<c tacleot " r'ehnrtop.1," and the icptct ni tti'oi ol 'licgl > i low. died, ot tjie a I led nimit - . am) did nut a' all tell h the interruption. However, " Mil/ Jiutilta, runt orfu/H," the officer thought, and no he nahbod th* three youth*, nod conveyed fhem to the *tat(< n house. The little fid low conic .red that he had ootnefrotti Albany, where, with hi* twOQOtii| un) in* he had robbed lil. father, who Uc;it a Jewelry eatahli.hment a' 670 Broadway Iri tlin' city "f a Huge nniount of money and property A .plendl'l It >1.1 chain worth a1>oat $60, a g. Id watch worth Aftii, a- dotte r article m iking in all about $IM), were found 'n ih" boy. poMCioli. Tiny were hrouglit bv''>P' ll'tlrl Uahfiriie, ve. ei lay morning and coinniitted to await cvantlni tlon. Peisoimi Iitt?Jllicrnr?*. flun. J. W. I enoii, M. C. fur California nn*l (ieutiial Joatph bn?, del < gat a to Cotiffre?* from Oreg-ii are in town, <w uvU fi t Wunhiugton. Tbey air at the Atrtm Houk?. < apt G. V Fo* f. H. Nary, Ute mater of the riDiirut Moimfr Get rg?- Ijiw, nod now lit** newljr appointed ?ig? n of the Viay State Mill* it* l.w < tu? MiomhuhHU wa? on th<* 2lHI) ull married, nt Fort a mouth, V II., by the Ret Id. llurrough- t<? Mi-* VI glnU 1.. Wo MUiurjr thlid daughter oi tte late Judge Woodbury. The happy pair, with a party of frietnir, arrived *?t Uiw^temuiit H?)U?? Rotten, at an early hm i on Monday, where th??y aere wilcoiuod and enter tainiM with an w'-ading iiuiuer by U.1. w*d Wi# At ^ li. < Um , of ForiUuT, Me. tu* am ralafifi of (Hi *4^<imp*fehPl b*t fo. H. J'. 11. the fiorettat, I* in Albany. Folmon f. Chane. Governor itlwfof Ohio, contemplate taking Op his reeideticP ill 'olurnbu*. AKUIVAI.H. From Fan Pranclaro. in *hlp i<e I Rofrr-Hamn^ Fr.? .< ?, Jr, lady hi d child, of Sk?n? atcia#. Walter M ? Rai1?*a, "t R Inn From Idrerjwmt, In #hlp AtMoo?1?T Cbnat, .1 M Wail?? W Vr Ronald, w ?/e and child. .Vlr Fowler, Mr WhKnc V* Hit, Wilt. Jr. 11 Mi** J liuU-libiftof). DKPAUTtHKrt. For Liverpool In tho *te?m*iilp Atlantic? M Ha'ru Kl -? I K ll*U:lt H h if? tih . John 1) Kr?a ?*h. t 11 Rnfardua. W M idat' 1 fw Id. W (' Dorhltf, t'apt Alex Wi * hk. Mann l? A t fi? Win Ha> wood, 1> HavHand and < n, Satnl Manhalf f '?ru??h Mr nn-i Mr* t R Roberta. It W Jfomn/e, M Horlhef, A Pi Rfratib, T II Hi nor, Mima Roberta Mi'# Toom. WiJ lain It ir rough* K H Kmuac, J T M"?.taz W 11 Pr*l?ti*a, A I Hph WlHI ilar, W <iuton, M (turn*/ M |n > #y, If U IdK Mr >,vf Mr? II W shield a and servant, Mr and Mr <i Ittufar, If b lev y, I' I I'bhi' k. Mr- Dm by M - be.*, H A Whin#* Mm G ? . c, Mr and Mr J 1 Mill, i# Fiiotre, H Dublin* Ir Mr# Ch? )ei Moral! .to*Tryon and fwoboya, Kdwd tVRbcj, I Ia'?'n1?t, I. K It ridge, Hkarpv** Mr t?aw, ?!* ? Oravi|?,t?t JKt Khtrf - ;h*t)*crt F F ' tie. l, homlnatie/.. it M Itru e, II tUtary. M I rdtlaa. M hmigHiot at, I two ?m?t ?. I? A Mat in ? ? i. laud art'-t Mriitit! M'* K K? lh and child, Mr faoarc. ?, f)c*. . nan. A Wi *, J F Young H f Y'> tug ta V ? nrtt f W \n dir-on, n 1 Stewart Mr arid Mr? Feter <v ?' ' ' " Frue't, M I, Martin <' Huaatng T iteiuhadber, Mta* M Wehhoe. Mt*? I M??riit?* J W Ten#' Mr* Aiin The re I. Ma tame T f?* -ara. It V tfgtll*. M t# t rev Mr# n Mm'hob M??d tour cUlkire'l. Mia* Iteatrk!** Rra'iuiath, I^"<? Van /anl M *a m I !??. ? For rat annafi per ?o ?m? r Kienviile Ii I>?ru. I oh- n. M Roaah* t 'ohcu. Mi** ora < oh? o Mu? J u * I'nrkmat*. M?-e \An I' trkroHri. '?? orge <; ?rd'n, t'Ure i" ' ?i Inu ^ '*?? flatd and lad*, t'aj 'am K Porte, II fh?rborne, i| a Wllkmt,Ud> and taodtiFren. M'# K^vr raoc** Mn tr \ V<nrr and i ? ! M - Power M'>* Aieiande , ? harie? y <)- ?rne. *dy, <? ntd n 1 iMrvati' M - ('liar.""#* VerciJIe. .? H M -m Jomi Ix*o and lady, A F Fi.?ird and lady, Mia* White MUa I upper TupjM r Nf/i^'t-rar.d Mi** Tuj-por Ratnuol N Mrk n-.t, Mr Kertilah ?tid ' "id. Ilor <do 4,t?i n, Mr* T\o?oa? .itil-h \ I'hiilph hhitl, h i* Hart and hwly, Mr* J H I ? r J*?hri Town *erb Sa/nuel F;?) cr George II**nr> Jo,?)an<V A'^ort |e<d URDji riodla<ly, H M ieilawt, J F Wartnr, Aibcl F Nourtn. Charle* Hnalgett, SI it Arery and .* J*. J A Whi e*nd lady F BittThuMln Ihofita* Tav^?r, i' W buk** Wl"kmrn J L Moa ton Fdward Wll'l.itna and lady, W am I ?) ? r Ja l ?" ! 'wo chlMres?, Mr* K II fVnnbnan and ? ne ? m't Mwnni M?i l?r art ! lady Mr# Clara a- 1 ?t*ter. M?** *-a- h llMimtt" Mi Ka'? Goewey. W II Freer. At'Dunttani P % t#liii>"tir *1. o-.-r Hall May, WtiJUrn R#awbirt. Ml?# f| ft Krr.i?ltHn, Mia< Ju l* Hueot, < harh ? D Dlrke, ?d- ''Mil ao r r*. Mr* A<w u* I aaf mil, F < Rat'hln# A 1 ftoid lna, fo*# ph IIMa'd i4r. JtJiti WiPtari * Mb- ?nah WiUtAtna, Ml a? *lwrtn* M'llhania Rof ert WlMloma. Wa'"ti WpJia*??, M ?>r* H'dflam and Harry Jottfiona Mra Johnwm. Samuel F Jaknteo, and 7A ate# raee For ClMrVafca, in (he -'ea?i?*htp Jan?e? t'i|?r?t-<mni4* (a Renaiofl. ' ??uniei*i do ia H+uttimi three hlidren and tOeee KU# tpai/Ar an*J ?errant; RrnP*u i,ar*Ha An - lariurf*. F Mourgne. ? Faueonnet and #Wld. F t*aiotla Mr# Ficckney and thlki) MIm Frwre, J a fKouer*. K W wIMjlMM y. V'K eryor and thrre tM'dreo W M t amp'? 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No41r< to the Ini|wr(iin of HlwUotu According to tha Uw which waa pa?aed la*t winter bp the lipgl latur? of thi> Slate, the fnl.owing fit I be orffar to which the rot.? *rc to be CAnTwaocl thl* Ikli.? hrr'?The State officer*, except JudlrUrf. ,Sm.jtd?State Sen*tor*. Thint?Member* of A*>-etnMv. fr'u>th?County aa.| city officer*. Hfth?Town and ward officer*. .SWA?State and county judiciui officer*. SmntK?Police and civ il jumieo*. The lent box U probably unnecooary beyond tne dtp ? New York. In the rntniug eloetl >n, only Arc boxe* wit he u*ed out of the city, They are the fotiowfaif, and tnna ? be ranvaaaed In the order Indicated by the figure*)? J. Slate Officer* 2 state Menatora. 3. Member* <* A.temhlr 4 I'aoor olflnerv. 3. Slate an t count/ JoJI.nU .Mi .?? A* anon aa the count ?t ? l*iX I* made, the ehiirmak *f the inxpector* tnuet | ot.ll 1/ announce the number of bnlhit* found in ti e I. jg, the name of the tltlee, and th* number c*?t for Melt |?i*..ii Any departure from Uiin ftlw 1" a Violation Of th* g, ueral . h-Uon low, and f?? laliahle a* a Uilrdemcnnor * lly Politic*. CAPTAIN UYNDKKH OPINION UK JOHN VAN Captain My iider* wan present at u its "'nig of the i craci of the 'I w ciity-c mid ward on To.- day erenla took octrail, u to define hi* poaitu u wi'h i. (fa. d t > I Ji.tiu Van Huron, w bo be .aid, wa* no hnjfer hi* (Hya de political film.i 1 he Captain wit* of opinion tlbel the I iin. e Would Ionic aifo hare abandoned the dam* ?ratio party ana In.r a gone aver to flu- Plank republican*, weie I' i. i that lie wa* Jual.oi* of Win II. .<eward, whoae Influence would prob.ii ly he* r than 'hat of hi* owa. Itynd. r* a1-o ,.tai<-d let *i*-n Pre I. Itooglaa*, Wm. II .eM ar.l and .lobn V..ti tin vcri He jweffirrc 1 the former. f< t while 11 r while o o ?. tl MUll' > fed by awlullouaaw Iimm ceiiary Itiollv. ? Find a.lTorafed tie . . u*e of the ar gioe* tram principle al.'U* 1 he f'aptalti ?ald rmiehtnofw, hut the abowa eailtrac thu pun. I|.*l |oluta of hi* affhrt. Frot.i tli It would up) it thai Captain I'./iolrra ban 4k to rted J. hn Van Hon i. BilPKNM. ,-i saiohial COHVI.KTKJN. Tim Kay the h? riff > hell candidate or the tilth Sana toriel itlfdrlel having Atlttel in fe* r of linn Marti spettier, the-oft nand 1al? the herd . nmUei, ap I dinted hy th? (5? neia' C ooidtU e, to. tj!i??t night In ike Dei t*i lio'ike m H'uilnatr a cat, delate who would run. t'didpho Voire wa> Th>- other >atwllilaUa In thi* do triof now me? l .tolpho W.df Hard Shaft Mull Spot., ci Sift shall Horatio N Wild ..W'liig and Know Nothing Till: Lit/If flit Id ALA.ltfi' ASSOCIATION. Tltl* aoelety met la ' rdght at odd fellow*' Ball, ta conrldcr *ud decide upon th. ri'j anl. .unty o luitna lion* made bv ilia ' iiy li^ei r i ealera1 < .?arentloa lael Halo;dny. With reg-in! I them nomination* there wan much I rail tig among the Honor dealer*, inaaniu. h a* it wo. chntgrd tbt m imnntli u# nil l>r night *i?ul try corrupt loll'cioe nut) a!*., th it tliejr coullictwd with due U*tltulioB of the aoelety. At the m*l fmnliug of tin u o Ktritl'ii) th nouilnati n* ei e Kid on the ta hie and l.c-t night th *..? .cly net (or final action. A warm del took pin I amor f the prominent hi|uor !? . cr but If v a. t|o fdod to adhere t ? il.e arlo.u taken til tl ? j ir*l"tij i irf'lt g, *ud to. auti Maine taw parly will then foic g lot i ti,, , o.tug eattvaa* with ,ol uuy city and county tfrkef. Th r. ? .?ly nljoutned at an ? ally limit ? Ullin JITDICIAKY ( ONVKNTION. Tl.le tnanatba oiel ia*t ntglit at ti n Ilroadway llaaea to ?idi ci a c?ndi.iate f..r Anal ice of the Supreme Court, mad" vacant hy the ,1c rate ofR.hert ||. VI or it* To ere out is lug a ..moon, in attendance, lite aoaTeatioa ad Jtiureid to timet nguln to ulght There la n .lint .jucdlou * to whether the flmrernar la not coinpr teat to app iut under tie- prorialon* uf th# law. Mlntr Hollllci TO Till: billion OK TMK III UA 1.0. CaHwi.i .1.1 'A* C I?ot. 30. 1*34. Tl.. regular datnOcrat* of Putnam county met In can eetiii. it t nay at < ?ut>e| and ltoininaUHl lion Han Hat > ft ' the A ehihlr I n Mi , I I ? l ik A. U. <kaaa fnr Jtwlga, and T |tn ...oit f .r l.e iff. f WO or time gentleri*'Tt conte*te.| tbt . ta of* fiom lov n biit vti ib n wb r?'i4?'ii tvu Jail ft-? w ; w?f>t ? Mr. fiiuh, oC tti* M??,.? i? fi^af-rn Kl0|' mi 1 \\ i Iirn1#<| Ift n<-riJiii'< h tl k-rt f??t * i' h ? m# r#*rii#?t?t In ?>!1 t*vt rayi J'V" * "Ofll- l*'!S I ?fit It If II tff> u?Uo#. TT?* tirk#?4 riffn rt. * \ I f til** frg iltr offbijvrfili /ii U ft *lr"T\K m.*, #??m1 nil! flu ? ?l Mr. rally rrjf +r> r*i tht*mn t% In ]mA *nf '4*1 villi fiiurli filit/ifv 11? fpi * #? ft J f fh** l*?fi-? of xhf d*jy, ?iji| whim1 iM iifly hi- j?itirif i\ ?r? Main#* law Mf)?l .v>WAr* ikfii lhat lh?* rtiUc ticket will h* tl t>1C lit fifi 'If? tlhf ? fourn m wr.*Tcrryrn vovhtt. Th** har*l vh**il f Wr;i*?ff? r-nj? fy th?? bvltvr* ftnm lb* I niiBrritic < ? n***nf l*?n on 1||*? *?**/*of a j.f? f.'t.Mt < ft f* ft. ?- t?? lis*?? vrifh M?i* wltl^v for 1 lit* of th fi-iit ?rft ?*r A ,*> ifMU ?<r Kn #W N'oMilo^ ti. kft a'yrffib'fwt In in* * ?fi?1 r my?*fit|f*fi nt thw ('?urt Il**i ?? ^ bl'** fnfr ? ? 'ir iy, art 1 nftjtr |>i??4ii| H rrt hm i.f n ?'?)*!( |"f,? rfvfiif i ; r)g th*? pr' "?? *11 of ||m? *oft si M n ir l fb** H*.? in%f 1 i?-V? k*? ?'"inty Judr* v #? W)iMff?f!.|r? (Or t?n ?nnl f?. e*?r ii i i % t>, (ifftfi I i.rnn -I I rlliftf; tt>r ' i ritify 4 Urrl iVf jmntii I* MUtor <?f Yorfctoflrn 9m M.' fltT Iwfirl If. W. iAitO, of Wb*'. lififr fd?r "? pfiim iri .lf nt *>f th?* J* ?'? Jfrrii.tih Woo-' for Ju-lif*? ?rf mm i i* tit I -tniffl I. Btjr l'iiil i f ? w ( i? lh , fir (icffituni, k%t?> H. Uwrwur, of V i 'ti **r ? ?ifM?"| W II **'1 of fori inu<' \A \> T ??f < f, *o<1 ^ m. 0*<TM*r nf W * t Kara* lfr<H.kl)n Illy wuia uATiriCATioir Awing r ftli,'-nti'11 ?<**!) t g - i?M at llrrpofcfya fiftfdftr * 1*4 nlftbt 1*1.1/ tl - tbk| fiun'y tlekfh Th?* mtrliti|f *1 1/ ft;| H ft ?n t*#rty f ? * ? j .f- 'fffiiti, lad Kui I Uw. Thr ? aj?|?ffln1?'*i V.*- *** f iU't ft? ' fHntwl L ' ? ? * * 1# ; lid P. H. If til* a (yiainitlM f tl<rwa (*> limit ?rv lu'h n? to V' tith* f'tt J- I'" * k > f S' W *? iIr, %ft? '.hi ? Intr'f4li:t4 t?t tin ii 'fltog mil n *'!?? * h Ji#thy Mi I). l\ lUriii'd wa* tl.aii t . \ A i'tj i!i%Ar a ring Mr I r k*?' i?m?rl# a* in# UfB* . hlg t nbm |artjr, wtiPS lh#w no > < fth or h- h aaa u k?*J tli# j / U y >\* for t??w Am? ?n MtU n imlna tifiifl. !>?#? i?H)M tl*#n tdjofif AOl. Til* NiTinlirnlh it *??! Mini, Nr., IT lt? >4i, ?4?, ' .t. ..1, Itti. J?*.? ti'intt * f*i -m If;., f ?1 J II WII In /? or f ap*>* tlri" t "M.iii* ih?n to ? t*por\ '4 a ?lMt Ill I I. ? ? Itll r ? llUl WlKl, , < . r r I rv ' < I 1.. !??? I U?l a Kr William frf'irk fw imrrl; ml In Um ani. If* 1,1' ? finm ? In a mvp"**4 atu-a .4 ?*?' iit?tiB-*ai iij' li til. Na'.l :,?i I Inl ill ? li n In **/ ->!? *?? I )in|*ltil ? with th* *<i0*f* ,1 mi i."t l???i. U 1114*1 If *a IrUli >).' riali I" i an/ i/l mI < ?b? Tim Vlifil l?.i#i4?t?.' i. i,.^? ?i?j i.l.i i ii Win# n!;li * , ill , I Ir li ml* I. . , 4!t*. ki.I fit * li. i ii-. II ?? lli.**.? - I U'?I u* ?(. ut link U.< n? ?? Unit Iwrrlr! ?rn;k fun u.rj i ?l r ??? 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