Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 1, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 1, 1855 Page 3
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AVnSIHRlBim RENEW KB KfURY NAT. ?ALm-AT Atl/l'HM. A LHffltT H. NICOLAY, AUCTIONS KB-WILL HKLL. j* thin day November I, at 12S o'clock, at the Merchant"' Exchange, for am ount of whom It may ? o.ieorn;? 94,000 Indiana State i per cent Canst stock f 1,800 Stockton Uj 10 per cent bond, each WOO s4,U00 Flushing K. K .ad mort. 7 per rant lunula, each.... .1.000 9Z.000 Terre Haute and A ton fc.K 2d mor-gsge 8 per cent bond*, each 1.030 S> 000 New York and Erie It tt. 7 per cent, earn . ..I Odd WO IK*) Chicago and Mis*. K. R 10 per cent con* tn:. hda.ltMO Rt.noo 1,1'tic Miami ft. K. lat mert. fi per oem i-oials. ? tc 1.1,000 ?,000 Northern Indiana R. K. ('.oaheti Branch,) 1st mort grge 7 per cent Iwnda, eaeb .1.000 tl 000 One certillcau: oi the Breckenrune banoai <0|1 Oornpa 5 shr^cs<NewVlaven and New Lononn Rall'-oad, each.. .$1U0 40 Oriental Bank V> 8 Hemy Clay Insurance t'o..... Bit 26 Mechanics'Fire Insurance Co 10 IB Cairo City Property 100 7 Souia Street H-age Co 10 000 Union Oold Mining Oo 8 1 BOB Oold Bill Mining Co , (by pothecaUO 5 B00 (laid Bill Mining Co 5 00 Hampshire Coal and Iron Co 101 08 American t'oal Co of All ?gb?uy County 28 ISA Met ullock Oold and Copper Co BOO Union tlotd Mlntna Co Term* of "ale?3en per cent Urla day and he balance before S o'clock to morrow Ihe accrue I merest <>n all bonds will be charged to Ihe purchase?, with exception ul the State stock. Wert regular sale on Monday, November 8. AC, TCTTLE, AUOTIONEH It?OFFICE M BROAD ? way.?Peremptory sale of rosewood umViga-tv and oak oeblnet furniture, being tha extensive stock eon'?tn?d In the warerooms, Sifit Hudson sirot", corner of t!airlea, P. oe sold ou Thursday wllhoul any r "trie tons ?A. U TuTfLK wtll atll on Thuradey, at Kljj o'clock, at the above wirerooms, all the entire stock of superior riiusbcd nod u i InLthed ro<ewis>d, ?nehnrany walnut and oak cabinet fn uliure contained here In, belngof superior manufa-tiire Will .e an 1 witnout any restriction", to close the business The rock parlor Bulls In raeewood aud mahogany, sideboards, eiegeres, rose wood and oak extension tablos, llhnry m I n vkcasea, ward robes. dressing hart sua so(a and centre la oee, cottage cham ber furniture, Ac. Catalogues ready on 'be morolng of sale, and etrery lot to be sold to the b hi heat bidder for cash. AH. RICHARDS. AITCT10N KIR.?BY A. BR AOQ A ? Co , 269 and 200! ? 1'earl street?OB Friday, November 2, at 1(1A. M . will sell 600 cases of prt ne Pools, shoes sod brogans, suitable for the Northern, Southern, Western aud city trade. A M OBI'TAI.AR, AUCTIONEER, WILD HUM. ON A. This (day, Nov. I. at ll)*? o'clock, at Hat) liowerf, house hold furniture contained In said bou.-r, consisting of in rhngaar, hair rlrsb and cane seat chairs, dicing aud e.-ti>re tvnles, ma horany bedri-ad*. onesplendid el/t tr lure rolTor oae valuable st-rtptutal oil painting ol Joseph, and var.o ui other oil paint ings lace curtains, Brussels antl Ingrain carpeting kitchen furniture, Ac., Ac., together with store Hrtures, counters. Ac. Auction notice.?great hale op oiamondh, jewelry and watches, to close It concern.-? KDWaRU M HKNCK will sell at auction, this dav, at 10>g o'cl ick, at tits salesroom, IB Wall street, s magnificent a-siortiiirut of d'amrad jewelry and watches, being the whom of die stock of an Import lug bouse declining busbies*, oou.isilng to part of gold hunting aud open fared watches, by Uretiog. Freres, Istgler, Jos. Johnson, Coopor, Deni, Hiigemau, and o bar distinguished KDgltsh aud French makers; elegant diamond bracelets, pins, earrings and rtDgs, Including clusters, three stones and stogie stones, in eighteen rsrst gold settings; r Inrmtlne no 1 Roman mosaic bracelets, pins and earrings, lum'odn ; guard and vest chains, plus, rings, Ac. Sale positively without re terve. for earth. "AUCTION NOTICE.?11Y KDWARD 80HHNCK.?ON J\. Friday, Nov. 2, at ltlj^ o'clock, a targe and import utt sale of fine old wines and brandies, PelDg toe oroper.y of an old Importing bouse about retl'lng from business, viz.: Otard, Hennessy and Mar-tell Loudon Dock orand es; cognac chain page, do, 1F42; Madeiras, ports, pale a id brown sherries old Imperial Schiedam, in Jugs; club house gin, Hcotch and Irish whiskeys, Jamaica rum, Ac. Hale positive. Every article ?warranted as described. Auction notice.?thof. bel_, auctioneer? By Bell A Bush?Friday, at lok o'clock. In our sales rooms, 12 North William street, extensive sale of new and se cond mod furniture, removed fur convenience ot sale, ein braotog every thing In the housekeeping line, softs, so'a and carved bedsteads, threo-iiiiartar and double Frenchtiedwes Is; bureaus, rhalre, csrpeis, ollclo'hs, paintings, engravings, agJ also, glassware, dinner sets, druggists' show bottles, ipecle jars, Ac. Particulars day of sale. Auction notice?j. boo art, H. Bogart?This day. at 10o'c luck, at the auction roomA corner of Frankfort and William streets. HherlQ's sale of matbematleal Instruments, consisting of transits, chain', also three double barrel guns, Ac.; ?l?o, an assortment or household furniture, a large lot of looking glasses and engrav ings, bale of new carpets, lot <>r crockery; a'so, the stock of a grocery store, barrels mackerel, cheat" tea, barrels aaWatus, vinegar kegs, grocers' natures, lot of segars and empty segar boxes, Ac. JOHN ORSKK, Hherltf Tunas* Csiujiv, Deputy Pherlff. A MIOITER'S 8AI.K OF MANTILLAS, OLOAK8, AO., A for i ai-h, at No. t> ( urtlandt #trent, up stair*.?The stock ?>f multiline. Ac., of Wllcoxson A lirmluim Living been assign ed, will he cloned out for cash, at a reduction of fif1 r (Mi per cent. The slock in one well worthy the attention ot dealers. Dn. NASH, AUCTIONEER, STORE 311 IIOAD ? wny?Mortgage sale of hor-os, s agei,! cens. ?, hsrus-a, Ac., on Monday, Nov. A, IHM, at 10 \. M at t ,e It tlt'a Ileal, In 1 tvont? third and Twenty.fourth street*, lie ween 8>'couti and ThPd amines, cnu-l-tlng of ln5 horse* and 17 st tges, to. (tether with stage, licenses, ltarness leetl wauuM ; sl*o. a lot of blarlLhmldi'a tools, extra wheels, atabl ornate rial.-, Ac., Ac., Ac. D HOUGH, AUOTIOVEER ? PEREMPTORY SALE OF . pianofortes, silver pi ile tnlrro < ol paintings, jarpats, Ac., Ihls (lhiiindn\l morning. at No. 79 Warren street, opposite the llndsoo Itlver HaJroad depot. Anueied l? a por tinn ol the goods contained hi the bouse ? Parlor#?Two carved ro-ewood suits, one In crimson and green, ihe other In claret and green hroeatel, each non-tUtting oT' n? sofa one easy elmlr, four medallion hack ehtlrs an I one < io h e reception chair; ro*ewood ; is; are pianoforte, 01 lieau tlful lone, In a highly finished esse, arid tally trat ranted hv the maker; Aubusron and to peat ry reive carpets, Aimlnster rugs, lady's eserntolre, beautifully ntlald throughout, with m rror doors: elegantly carved eiegerea, mirror front snd bark; papier Uia. be and Paris till ltd Mole, c irved rosewood cenwe tables, with -In'uary ra.rhle trip*; Inge French plat* pi r and oval ndrrors: rosewood side -of i and pier tables: r< a W' od book shrlvea. corner etegeres and aland*; rich do ?res rases, par tan trarule and bisque statuary, a eholr? col ic ilon of oil paluUnuK, em' eaetng fruit, in trine and game pieces by well known artists: also some verv line portraits and landscapes on poreolair, costly lace window drajiery, gilt cornices decorated tbades, Ac Also very curtly and Oeatill fUl rosewood revolving front bookcase, lined w ith adk. Chambers?Rts-e wo si suit hi brora'*! mahogany do. In hair Clo'h, Brttssels and Ingrain carpets, ro.ewtesl and mahogany bureaus, hnlsteads and washs ands. ehtna nllet sot* easy and ruckingchalrw, mah'.i-'siij spring teal chairs, heavy hair mat trevses, French counterpanes, gl't mlreors, bolder* and ptl low-, line soil muslin curtains, mahogany sen re and *nrlt tallies, euro seal r halrs, Brussels in.d Ingrain carpeting rose wood nnrror front annolre, lounges, toast rack*, commodes, orrnnr elands, Dlulre Room?China dinner so' of ISO pieces, dc-oraled tea sits, slier service, salvers casters, rako .i****i?, fork#, spoon-, Ac; cu' gins# ware, Ivirv cutlery, dining and tea tallies, iituhogsni -olhi, dining chairs, Ac. The .Sic iv111,1 io positive, nod without regard to wes her Ca'nlogue* can *br obtained at the house or at the oilier of the su ?loneer, No 7(1 Bookman street House to lei?ptoses*.o t given Un iteIlii'ely IjM.IAfi UOMBK, AUCTIONEER?ON FRIDAY, AT KB, U o'elock, al No. titi Nassau "i ee,?Lace snrl rich aseor. men' of hottseho'd lurnl u-e ? omd-dng of pvrlor aj I he I room atiltes, solas, bedsteads, h or can*. Wl-lt-lands, wirdroh-s, matt re --ei, bolsters, pillows extend >n dining tables, c \ p-t It v, mirror#, paintings, bookcases, lounges, uenk*. ebatr*, Ac. IjlUOENE H. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER.?BT FR tVK 'J lln A Nichols, ?1 their salesroom. No 79 N ssaau street, near John afreet, to morrow, Frtdav, at (Mf o'clock, a reta il gue of new and second hand furni'ure I-retch pla'e, oval mirrors, oil paintings, engravings, Ac Three set* ot Sheffield plate tea ware, cost SUA each, 1 set do , KM; 9 gold hunting watches 11.10; 1 suite ol carved ro-ewood parlor furniture covered in fancy broca'ell creps and haircloth; dotkexu-n slon dining tables, sideboards, etegeres, wardru rca, library and secretary bookcases, Ac. French and goihlc bedsteads, dressing bureau'. marl le tops; waehstonds do., nommodedo., easy chairs, couches, lounges, Ac. The sale will commence with the "fcoi.d band furniture. Extensive sale of household furniture, ar. ?.lohn F. Russell, Auctioneer By DAY, RUSSELL, A CO., at the salesrooms, SI Nassau stree' tomorrow (Friday) at. 10>a o'clock, A. M. A snperlor collection ot household fur plture. comprising three handsome rosewood parlor suits, to satin. hrocitel and haircloth; rosewood and mahogany bed ?b ads, hair mnttresse", enamelled chamber turn ore mirrors, ? ?las. chairs, oil paintings, bpek walnut *u! mahoganv ward rohea, oak and mahogany sideboards rosewood, mahogany and black walnut marble top cen're tahles, Iron beds'eada. armchairs, sofa bed*, lounge*, mahogany, rosewood, oak and black walnut bookcases, cnlna tea seto Ac,, Ac. Kvsry article on this catalogue wdll be positively sold to the highest Milder, as the account* most be closed Immedtslely. floods carefully packed on the premises. 111 E. AARON. At CTIONNNR, WILL SELL THIS DAY 'j. at 10H o'clock, at the KkSTItMil, 17 Jfrv-svi struct, a splendid assortment of fine gold watrhes. diamond* and jewel rv. Uertons wishing good watche* for their own use will do well to attend. Sale without reserve. FfOLTON, AUCTIONEER. ? HOUSEHOLD FURNI ? tare pianoforte, carpets, cnrtalns, Ac ? F OOLTUN will sell to-morrow, Friday Nov. 2. at lOS o'elock, at No. 146 Crtaby etreel, near Brtsnne stree'.'he en'lre furniture of th? family, who are rcmuvlng D will comprise In part: I maho gam pianoforte ocave; mahoginy solas an I teut a te.ea, mohoaany chairs, centre bible", bureau* hods cad*. HrasaeU and ingrain rarpr's. o I cloth*, I e l>, rnapre *<?*, * angs.dahtos, man'el ornaments, bedroom and b**cnent I trnl'ure, stoves, kitchen ftirrtHnre, Ac. Ae. Hale will be peremptory ITtRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1 1?&.-SHERIFF'S SALE OF hotw wagon and linrtti ss 00 Friday, No.cnher'd 1866, si 12 M.. In front of No. .110 Hroadwsv (1 O. HORTON, AUCTIONEER -THIS DAY, AT 11 O' T ( lock.Bt llHUth ayenne- Furnl ore, removed for cm vrnlence of sale. Also, baudsome gold jewelry and fancy articles. (TROCEUKS, KF.WINO MACHINES, STORE A, II kRD X were -Friday, November It at lot# O'clock *r 57 |>,.y Street. eornr r of f<rer nwlch ?Teu* o.ilee spice ., soap, rnv k erel. herring, brandv, gin, ah.skey, eh?mpa-no knives, fork , ayrvins . n-b-ors -aw*, plane*, 'in and hollow wars, elo-ka noa s, petite, col at a. H . II, I'AKfRH, AWCitver. Henry h i.efdh, au<tii.nekr.-henry n i.ekds A Co will sell on Friday Nov. i at l"S o'clock a'*al?< rooms 1# Na*-att Street an erd re'v new arte le pi ?' Imported from France, and enenslvrly used In 'be a.m. aid marine service of that rotintrv. constating of *e*m]e*< ovefoas, per lectly wsiernronf aud durable, of varum* stsea Also, an In vo're nf rhilareTi'arsbbtt fur haisUtmn.od 'nth - l*'r. I'arislan fsrhton, some ?f whl-h are very heaiutinl. they vrlll he sold In lot* to antt pinehaaers and e*n he etani'nel one diy before the sale. Indies are particularly Invited in Inspect them. Henry h. i.eedp a CO., auutioneerh.?henry h. LEEDS A CO. will aell at S'tctlnn. on Thorsdsy, Nov. I, st II o'clock. In lit* gallerv over the **lesroorn| l'l Itreet, valuable llhrart, conalarlng nf lilu* rwied and rsher valu able book*.?Gallery of Beauty t* the Court of Uueen Vtct,.rl?, maatitfleently Illustrated, with seventeen colored portralur, one volume folio. In mornreo and *1P; the llbistrsled KihlM'or and Art Magazine. OourA Album, toe Iliad of Home*; rlnwper'a TrapsUtlons. edi'ed by Ron they wl'lt E logman's design*, extra flit; Byron's Tales an.1 I'oem*, llluatratad by Elnden; Waver ley Gallery, with portrait* of the principal female characters; the Keepvake,srltnheautlful engraving, the Mor-baot, beauU folly lllus'ra'ed; the lAsrysr. do , by Mrs. TufhUlj Heautv of Flowers, Court Albom. tllnstrated; Hie Ureal Orsuons of Daniel Weha'cr; Congressional Oblmsriea of Hrary i .'lav, da Ilvsred to the Senate and House of K-preeentsdv-a, Leigh Hunt's book, Itoll* llrstkh; Ute'a ImWmar. ?f the Ar*s and Hclences, Loodnn Evhloltlon, Elastraied; American Architect; Authors of England with pnr'ral's, Nova)'* A'laa; Camel Hunt; Irving'* (lo'datnlth an I Ho;h<s i| ol ')rea' V? i Waver. lev Novels, onmpiata; Eimic Hlrl?; lA'sr-l's Works. Illas trated, Milton's works; Byron a*h da II vol 1 be.utifu'ly II lu-travd; Laroard Ns**aw ooe large f> o splendid engrav. toga Allen's History of London. (I? vol ttnea, American keener*, two volumes. Bar. lav'a (he innarv; itodlo'* llutorv of En. land B.s-k on ar Bit- ' W irk ; By-onto do.; taurlnthom'* Gallery liukea ..( VontiAtlv roval (Mlo; lilatvev of Wale* and a large *0 r man do 'r anrk^ian he rt attuned one day before the ss'a Abo temaof I is^ata AH Port* g#l It arbor* of tlrct' Br!'a a l'l 'oriel kmpg CeaMvyr avid AittlquHle* of Irr'.a I Flew* It 1 'u.i Hl-t tossan, T'onWaiplpopig, Q??dlaaHern rr. Aneri 1 do loiS-oland tllustrat*,!. Al o, Elnden's Ro-a. .;*.ier n brttloli Ir coo tolrdtif forty e.?bi Cue viae) sng - a. ng . largo fillo pnee lied. ?SJUBS AT ftOOTHM. HEVRT H. L^wT^UCTIOtfRERi -SO- ?? NASSAU ?-Hat n H. Lteda ? OO . W.ll MU ny eiC?M. on Thursday. Novemlier I, and Friday, Noratnoer t, it 10U o'clock each day.kt Owi extensive wareronmsai Horace Waters Esq-. *? *? Broadway. oorner of >*'>ri* 10 thcny) street?Asslgneeat sale of ?large and riiumle *bick ?f pianofortes, muslo-lUi-trumen'*, mu ? douaUad id stion* to large and valuable slock of planofniea, tadrownU. music, Ac ; the whole Ui be nwd wltbo* re-e-ve, ?>? or lor ?' John J. timi h, Kan., muitum. cnnsleltug ot ulalti. m?uld*d and car red piUKM. both Up right and -quire case*, of the ft* lowuig celebrated maker*: ?T. ijllhef A ib? , *l'b end cltho ? th# votiaovbthmMiV; Ho aca Waieri. Jacob iwdudai. Bar more anil others, all of the ftr?t olu; superb turpi various maker*: mnlndeotw, and 6 OOUT-*. portable ur plain nes-w. made III t> U A H. W. and other*. A 1*0 1 lane aeaor njrul or violin*, flute*, acoordcoo*, gul'ara, IriiaoW, bone*. Turkish cymbals, laiooortnes eUrtoMets,drami. ??tr? and other musical Inatruinen'a. Alio, afoul gluts*) world1 or the beat Instruction lawk* for piano*, bar pa, meln leoas. guiUM, flute*, Ttnllna, aeeo-deona. *b#e music including alor the moat fashionable song*. polka*, waluei, rondos btntaalea, Ac Alro.Tlar** ?tawim?ntol plate muite, with copyright*. many o( which are of greU value *,"'V rack* Canterbury*. piano -tool*. e-vravtugv oil oil lire , wlih plaiioforte*, nuudnal Instruments *&- f**?* lV,' ***, Miudc in sheet* ditto Ixiund, Instruction bonk*. *0. rhe Wad# ?ropa,?ffiy tovl'ed ? ?u*nd *? " ? ?tl . n* o! the mnat ekteoalve ever made In this oily, and every at Unlit mmi be aold ui the highest hinder, whatever, to close the conroro Kyfurifaer P?rtta?i*u Inquire of the aucUouoarm, M Ihatr offloo, If ****** ^ HFNRY H. IjKKDH. ACCTI IONRER?WRSRTi If. ItRHPfl V t'0 will Mslt at aaetUm, ou TharwUy. Nov -m >?r t*t. In front of <li* *<ore. No W *v \lo?clock, * buy genUe "u? WrSlrie"! * reel Aim a iflr?t rale pala of carrlakr h? r?e? W band* hbb. well inatrhed, *1* yea?? old, prrfet tly kind la Uaroeaa, and believed 10 be aouno. HFNKY B. HKBT8, -IB AC?JTIOVRRR. WfLL 8BLL on ? rldav, 2d November, al ll>\ o'clock, at *?&* An. d.S Vme Klreri. bou?ehold lurnllure. emprliln* In pirl ro?j wood bookcaur, riwewsot marble top lideboirl, ro*o*ood and maboran* bootca-e*, mihojany ebalraand nliain bilr Cloth maboranj and black walnti' vH'.lnn te-k*,mahm?anr?'.n cere* bookracka. toot kUioIh, coiuo<e smbw or Iniubun-, ItJ ?i tra ha'lrmattrroae*. bed*, hrddlmr.inaboeauy ?*rre 1 lied dead*, oil iiainllnil*, vam-H, bronre*. A", at l i o'clock, lar te Invelnn of inamono jewelry, sold watcbak, rlug*. pin*, earring*, Ac. Term*, cash. Bankable money. Jt. vamikwatkk. auotionbkr.?this i>\y . (Thurwli.)), NOV. 1, at mS o'cock, at the *?le? room 12 Maiden lane-Rich and i-plendlt Imported faoey noult Tbere Will l><> Hold Hit* day peremntnrily. by coi-l;n'0-nl order & Utile, varied, and rltb a?aontnetit ot good*. con-Ut Inc in pari of munlSrent marble, limine, and ?iU mtntel rbeka clegani gilt and dee. .riiet o* vase* bnmrr- can deiabra*. group* flgnro* *nd candlcdoka rich ?.>h?mlan glae* and china article* and ornament* for Hie toilet and motile! of all aorta, china lea and lete a tete eeu, ruby and engraved wbie boulra, decanter* Ac ; furnUbed reticule*^ fancy work box re. jewel caAet*. rwrd receiver* watch aland*, paper weight*, plated and giaw ware, cologne*, Ac. JOSEPH HEtlKMAH, AE0T1ONP.WR ? FR1BAY N't vember 2, at 10 o'clock, A. M , preclwjly, at IN Baltic be I ween lllck- and Henry alreeU, south Broaklyn ?AdmlnU trator'* aale of household furniture. Rrutael* and inttrsl 1 c ir net*, otl clollw. mahogany soft* le?? 'r*e, mahogany and caoe Seat chair*, bodsu-ada, 'eathrr bed. bur. au* waalmand., cmkln**lnve, Ac., Ac.; 10do/en claret wine. II 'c*. frlday. November 2. at 2 o'clock, P. M . precl-tely, *' IheOtmlr*! Salesroom*. WII!ouKhbv. corner of Pearl ilreot. Brueklvu. the balance of ilic stock of a thread and needle alore. Ai?o, a ?m?U ijuantity or household furniture. ^ JMORIARTY, APCTIONKKR. W1EL SILL THIS BAY, ? at 10 o'clock, at 1JS Chatham W)tt ire a nice a**ortm?nl of furnl ore Irom ZTth ?ireel; aluofrom Oth avenue, the furniture or* family; alto various other iiood* from outer sources, hale positive, and will commence In the street. PJ KELLY, AUCTIONEER?I WILL SELL, THIS d*y at 10 o'clock, at .11 Catharine street, the new and well selected stock ol dry good*. contalo?d In -aid store, rom Prising a full a?*ortmenl of black *nd culored silk*. 1 rencb and English merlnoe*. long and agnaro ?hawl?, blanket*, qollu, Ac PAWNBROKKR'S~SALK THIS DAY.?JOHN IORTI MKK, 1ST Cba'hsm square, will sell thl* dav, a large no 1 superior lit of l*dle*\ gentlemen'* and bovs eloth'nf, suitable for the season. Also, beds, pillows, hlanketa culm, Ac., Ac. By order of A. C OOODM AN, 31 Centre street. Tkrencf, boyl^"auctioneer, store vi centre hireet.?Tin* dap-, at 10 o'clock, at I2S Dunne street, com prtstng pier gtusacv, niarlile top tables, dressing bureaus, wsslislands, so'a", mahogany chairs, tables tielsteal* and betiding, three ply carpet*, hall oilcloth, chin lehors, cocking ami parlor ?loves, and all the kitchen furullure. rpUNIS MORKELL. AIJC1 lONKKR.-rtrRNfTCRE7MlR L rors, pulnlliigs. gentle me n'a cotbt sewing machine, m*t tresses ?*gnr* china jewelry, and porternoiinales This mvrn leg at 10t< o'c'ock, at hi NasHau street, by catalogue, wbira Is readv to examine and mark superior rose vtxi l parlor suits, covered satin, Ac.: also handsome en*m- lled chamber attlU, tnarb'e Ac,; also, black tralnu.' and mahovany furniture m all kunls bulr ottoman*, superior extension d nmg bibles, invgol ficent French plate mantel and pier mrror-;o!l pilntlogs, view of Prince Albert's ni Hi place, view of Saratoga Like, view of Mount Tom, Vermont, view of Ship < oovtng In I -rt. in all, fifty dllleieni arena*, all Bill frame . wsrdrooes. Dink ca-et-. dress bureau* and wiebstand*. inirblo ops; eleg-rea, ball elands, Iron safes counting home Ce*ks, cane se?l chairs, oval mirrors, crockery nod china. Ac ; not a quirter eoutner ted. Me-t attraitlve. Buyer* to be perfectly satis hod with purchase*, Ac. tUn.I.IAM IRVlSO, AT DTI OS EER.?(SUPERB dA'.K W of laney Bood*. William Irving A t!o.. will sell at auc tion. on Thuradav and Friday, November 1st an t 2d, at Id , o'clock, fti Hie salesrooms, No. k Ptre slreet, an entire Invoice ol French china, gilt, pam ed and dce0 s'ed vases of all fie Ivarlous sire* snd pattern*, csrd receiver*, groups, figures, Oki'nnds, jewel raale.ta. ua and dinner ?eimeUalllaa pilnP eil vase", elegant bronrtv and ormolu clocks and rsaidelibraa, caidlestlcks. covipes, groups, tlgur--* tbe cnieoos. 1- ,,her Boy and oihers, hunUng subject,,sia'ueties witehstaud-. tukitaoda ?able bells, ?*h rcceiier*, Ac, papier mache peirl boald trav* lal e* work boxes, rolto* jewel t?vics, Ac . ebony ?'>rk arid card boxes, Ivorv elastic meualllons. Ac , silver p a'ecl "na sets, coffre urn*, lea kc tlea, cake baskets easier*, w ilier*, sneurdishes sails, hutie- tubs, eaod esticks, filagree orna ments Ac. An entire Invoice of tlhliiese goods. Cbln?*eorna nieoted vase*, lacquerwl work tables, lea p-.vs sugar ei,e.. work boxes jewel cabinets, elie-s lioards m-stsol shiwl bnies, desk*, fancy bote*, toys. Ac., I'arlaa mirhlr v*se? pdcbsoi, figure* till- H< asona, Sheep Shearers. teb-at? te sen, MIUp va>-es Ac, together with an assortment of toy be-lhutvl*. elegeres, boxw, tool ?,sul?e* of furniture, bird, 'xgei, Ac. WInLIAMBBUBO AUCTION IMTIOi-ON FRIDAY Nov 2 at lfil, o'clock, in Division avenue, near Fourth street, a v?netj of parlor and rhamber furniture, coo?txfng In oar- ot warble top and maliogany tables, chair", aofas, hu n- n? kere. Ae.; al?) tli'ee ply, Ir.graln and sulr earpots, kltcheo toruKore, stoves, A"0UN faMPBl LL. Auctioneer. TT7 S. MELT.OR, AUf."TIOVEER ?BY HOITOilTON A \? .Mellnr. This day Thursday, Nov 1. at l'l)^ 0 clock at tie salesroom No IP Nassau street, magnifleeal e 1 onei lurul 11, ,. being tbe entire sP*-k of a Broadway rnsker re not, d tor < oovenlence r.rsale, and will be peremptorily sold We tn ,-lte (.or friends, country ru' rcbsuts, hotel proprietors, and th ixe el out lefnrnbhlng. to view tie stork previous to sale first 11. or will be arranged with rich snd cos Iv stiKe- of o.rlor fur III urc. nie.lalllon bark*, covered In brocatrl. plush and fair cloth willd rvrevvnorl chamber suites to nutch; be Istei ls, drew-ug buresus. wa?h?taod*. xeverat rl-bly decorated and enemcOed suites, superior made onk, walnut, rosewrgfd and mahrgsr.y library and eecretary bookcases; superb caryed ronewtKMl p?ntre tablf)*, iwle wid P'**r tablw. rarv^i ana Uncjr willd maho?*an>, onk an : walnti" 01 nnamni din int? tablet, UfaotloDR. warer o?n prim P-'t na'-n with p i.Hh^l |#?h\pk; upveral auprrh thlok Fffnuh plat** plwr and oval mir* ror? rt< hlv curved reccptoln chain, In fancy cover nt. corner and aide etegcrcs; rosewood mus'.:- sund. Ac. ee-o 11 Moor will be arranged with medium rls?* furnl'ure vl* : xnf*-, ma hogany chairs, easy and rocking chair*, side snd pier t* ne*. oak a lid watnut extension dining Ubles. walnut bookcase*, bureau' snd washstand*. lounges and lounge bed-, scvc-il wiod lop eremel eliamber suites, looking gias-es. aval udr rors. engraving*. Also, at 12o'clock will tie sold 'ojoiy ad vances several superior toned rosewood 61; and , octave pianofortes, made by the best rpy makers, and fully warrant o<l. Also, two royal Wilton carpets. tl ILLIAM T. BOYD, AUCTIONEHR?RRBPeCTrULLY W Inform* his ftiends and the public In general. th?_ he has taken the store, No. 1W7 William street, between F rsnkfort an 1 Spruce where he Intends to carry on a general auction bus) nee* and re-pee'fully sollct* a abare of public patronage, which be will endeavor to deserve. 'I he store Is now ready for the reception of good*. DANCIHO ACADKSfTRS. Oil BROaDWAY.-O. MIRAROI.K HAH TUB HONOR OIJ iii Inform hi* frlerol* and the publli- that hi I dancing academy 1* open every .lay, from ID A. M. to 10 P. M. for In*, at nc, *n<l from 3 to 9 and , '* to 10 P. M for prarUor. The tlrel entree will take place. at thin academy, on MHh November, IK06. 07Q FOPRTII HTRKKT -TIIK GRAND APOLLINEA ul o ilaminji academy of I'rofr??or Saracco I* now daily (.pen for claaae* and prl ale leaaon*. Mr. iWarco, the oolr accomplished teacher, guhraa'aea to make any un-kltful uttpll perfhet In a few leaooa In hi* mo?t graceful, elegant and faafi (unable dance*. ___ A~DODWORTH'S DANClNtl Al'AltKMIKS, HM BROAD ? way. N Y , 1.17 Mnn'aroe plaae. Brooklyn.?PraMuung nreeirdille* for ladle" and ttenilrireti will eommeareon smir day November 3. In lirooklvu, .Saturday, Nov Id. In New York. Klral anlree In Brooklyn on Thursday, Nov. d; llmt eolree In New York on Thursday. Nov 1A rnpllaeaa enter at any Umr, the uuarler commencing fiotn the day ol entry. Am ~nonWORTIT'R " dancing AI'A DKMI UK?NKW ? York Mdl llroadway, oppoaj'e Seventh atreet; Brooklyn, 1.37 Montague plaea, near I'onr cfrret. Mr. IiOPWOKTH b?? the honor of announcing Uial the claeaee for ladlra and gentlemen at hia academic* 'n New York and Itmnklyn are now 1 pen lor the eaason ttiriulam containing W-> ma, Ac. can tie obtained at either of dsn academlea. Mr. I >00* unit liaa tha pleacore of informing hi* friend* that a(frc#el)iv o tbetr repeated an leltallot ? to o*i?'-::sts a daoaibg woolen.v In Brooklyn, t,u tie plan iwanc iaaftil In New York, be luia erected a n aelnts* building, atm-inlng every -oori n'ence that could be auggeatad by many year*' niperlror# and In every way adapted tn the healthful rim-iae in which it will I 0 devoted. The location la one ol the moe> accaaaltd# Us Mnokiyn, the Court sheet Fulton and Myrtle aveo ie 'ailnte.1* meeting a, Use head of Maatague p ace, bal a few alepa trofls Use ai ademy. r reea eiebialvely for pupil* aad parmta. TkfOKh Nr.W ( -PK<irK?(tOR R. Y ATRR' ivl dancing academy la in* open for the aeaatso. at Mlttarv Hall, Bowery. ojjpoal'e eprtnii a'rect, N V Hayaoi tuition? Par gentlemen, Tu##d#y and Prhlav ermine*, tr m 7 to 1(1. f ir ladle*, ml**' * and meter*. Tueaday and Saturday after noon*. fiotn 310 6. Aaaembly, Monday, Nov. 12. MATRIMONII AJU Ah ornti.fman of rkfinrmknt. i ng ? one meana. wlaliea to meei with a lady In like r. retim stance* about elthlern year* of age, wlt i* m.trim.e\ * lT tn rllned. Kb# mn*t be very prelty, with black hair ami ere*, and *1.0111 lire leet In height Any ladr anaw ring 'be ahore deccylptlon. may addrca* Dim Juan, Broad #ay Pea! olBce a aung when and were an Interview may be bad. Amjm YOt'NG WIDOW LADY, TWKNTYTWO YE ARH OP a*c, of prepoa*eaaln? appearance wtahea to form a mat rlmomal alliance ?nh a who la In comfortable olr rrinsianres and of (rood standing Nunc nod anawcrthlaei cep' Sincere. Addrcaa for two days. Josephine, Broad eay Poat office. Matrimony madk rahy -madam morrow wtll ? I cause speedy marriages. and ahnw the liken*** of the l?. tersdsd husband and ahaent friend* Kb# ha* made ovnr three hundred ma'chec In one year, all of whom now enjoy the gj eel eel happiness of matrimonial blla*. N*. 7g Hmama streak, ha tweeo cannuo and (hhinhk Mwm ATRIMONIAI. OFFICF, 7* MAIHKON MT K K KT. (MR ner of Catherine ?Those wishing to ffwm a mairlnsonlal adlanre will find It to their advan'ave by railing n- *.|1re*?(ug (jsetpald) Mr*. Pr#w*t?r, who haa opened a matrimonial re fleter. whereby anylladyor xen'icmaii may aenure in them ?eivr* a partner for life wtthout rescrtin* in the nnpleaaact aPernadre of adrer lain* 10 e?prc-a 'heir wiahee \r1 :es mav aend their real nama, reeldence hiwtneaa, reference ctr cnni?laneea, retji'td'e* Ac which will he erchar.ved. Rrery 'hire ' oncerr.ins letters or Interrle?i ar -Uy curAl?nilal. All at plseaibma etaic rniala t we rso> thee ?*? *it>a MfATRTMONIAL? A GKNTLP.MAN, PfWRfUSl\' l AN lt>cc,me of abmii Flfl MO per annum iheqt 'bin v years of a*-c of medium hel. I?f, and. In abort of ver* prep. usaSno ons'idea and Vilely from the of Firirl?'a la ia- roil* el Op. t.lnp a rorveepw., denre wl-h a ta/ir. In view of mi'' 1m nr. ci,. n net he id an art. tattle an I nVa- n. dupnd'lon ?nllu #i ry way a st, 'able ermtpaesnc, for the wc( ,r. All ntimna rf c' orte must be aSrVtlv eo',c).lentinl, Addreaa, s'a'tox hhHI II#*, A# . Albert. lieraid office. THK uavot dOSffnon ALFRED PACKHAKUbKK, YK WILLIAM HTKEKT OflV-rs for ante At reasonable prima, French wine* la wood and glass red end white comprising HI. Jullnn hi. B*lw phe Mrdoe. Chateau l-aflle, Chateau Iai?? Chateau Mar guay,uhaieeu Lrovtlle, Haul Heuteraae. lUul Huur, <>h? tM't Vmifm, *c. Herman aad Rhenish wines, In wood and glass; Burgundy wine. In wood and fU?s, comprising ''bam bertln, Krmltage red and white. cote uoile Hi Jo-eph, Otoe da HI Gsmrge. HI I'l-rtj, mouaaoux and non tnnu-isoux. In bond and dult paid. Cognac brandy of sundry brandy champagne and all other liquors, aa (In. Scotch whiskey, run. arak, Oura ona, bllterw, Ac., Ac |)KANDIK8. FRENCH AND OHIER FOREIGN WINKS, J J consisting of port, sherry Madeira mu*oa', Metaga, he ; Jamaica ruui, Fcoicb and Iriah wbtake). London aud l.u?Un porter, Scotch and other alee, unequalled In quality and at the lowcei powlnle price CaDKKIiiLL d Mai i KB son, i? Hroorao street, corner Croeb)-, near Broadway. QTKWART'H PAISLEY OKLKHRATKI) WHISKEY. FOR C* aale, from U. H. bonded warehouse; two year* old. In quire of JAMES AINM.IK, 93 dearer atroeL HIHIHRS, RHonh, ?b% VYlkirvmi*. A pinole lady, teacher ofthk pTano and singing, wither 'a rent three rooms, or the lower part at a bouse if not too expensive. with gt* and privilege of the naih room. In the upper pertoi the ctt>, In a respnctaole neighbor hotd, where she will bo permitted to receive efrw pupil* In Ihi- house; one room niuet be Urge enough to hold a targe vised piano; rent must be moderate; will on Wept In the beet order by e servant Address Mnthljde It-gardci, Uuljn square I'oal office. FURNIHHKD HOUHK WANTMD?l)NK WITH ALL TUK modrrn Improvement* and handeomely furnished: eltua lion must be above Fourteenth street, and between 1'hlrd aad Hlxtli avenues tiood security will l>e given, II required, lor rent, and pisuteaelou waiitel un mediately. Adilreas M. 0. J,, lie aid office. Part or a modkrn house wanted.?a gentle . inau and wife wish part of a nice bouse. In a genteel In rsUoo up loirn, Itr win'h * reSeOuaMf rent wl'l on paid. At out Coor rotiina required. Auy nice taraily having ahiuse containing more tonin Uiau Uiey occupy can tlnd an opportu mi) to reduce expense* and obtain an unexceptionable tenant, b) addressing O. f, Q., Ilerald office \V* ANTKD?3Y A HM Aid. FAMILY, WITHOUT 01IIL f ? tlren, a furnished house In a genteel neighborhood. Address, with full particulars, Box 2,6*1 Bow office, WANTKD?HY A LITRRAKY OLUB MKKITNO-WID ih aday Kventage?A rtsim, suitably furnished, on or user Broadway and the vicinity id lileeckor aireol pre erred. Ad dress J. 11. H., box 11,3001'ost office, sutdng teruis, Ac. WANTKD?A FURNIHHKD HOUHK. FROM NOVEMBER 1st or lMh, uulU May, by n small of grown pur sons. Address House, Ilerald office, staling tonus and to WANTRD-A HMaI.L FURNIHHKD COTTAOK, FOR six or twelve months, el a mudcratn real, within e t.-w nules of the city and easy ot across either by the ferries or cars. The pretorence given where there la a good garden. Address Frank, al the Herald office WANTKD-MY A HM ALL FAMILY, AND POHHKHSION will be Iinmeil'aiely taken, a genteel house with modern Iniprovemenbi, tdlglhly sltnatisl In this city or Brooklyn, not too far from the bu.itaeas of die city. Kent from SHOO to *700. Address 11. M., box 4,110 1'ost office. flf ANTKD?ON THK WKST H1DK OF Till! CITY, ONK v v tuilumlshed room, for a lady end two children. Address Vi'i. West Twenty ulih WML WANTKD?TO RENT, A HM ALL PLEASaNT COT lage, below Twenty fifth street; rent between S^A) end $3W) a year. Address A. B., Herald office. 7ANTKD?A GOOD HOUHK, BRLOW TWENTIETH street, worth from $s.U0ti to 914,000 lor a cash cuslomer; TV also e house In New York, Brooklyn, or Jnraey cny, In trade for a farm Apply lo DUNCAN A H HACK ELTON, 71 Nws huh street, corner John. WANTKD?FOR A CASH CUSTOMER, A W0OLBHALR and ndall liquor store, down town. Also, Sld.dtWof toe Helena end Chicago railroad stock, at par. for good until"urn tiered 11 si (state at a lair cash price Apply Immediately to C. G. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau str?"i, room 7. Y17ANTKD?FURNISflKD ROOMS, OR HALF OF A VI small house, widiout board for a lady, two children end servant, belsw Amity Jtrent, and no' far from Urna-l vx/i wlieie there are no other lodgers preferred. Keut not lo ex ceed $36 per month. Address, staling particulars, box I DO Ilroadxvsy Fost office. rtlABTKD-PART OF A HOUSE CONTAINING Till! v v Improvements and conveniences lor faousek -aping In a gntxi location, by a small quiet family, either In New dork or near the ferry iu Brooklyn. Addreaa Hainllord, Herald office. "MTANTED IN BROOKLYN?A HTORK ROOM, HUITA VV bly located for a meat and vegetable market, with or without flxtures tar, Fulton avenue, At uutlc, I'acule, or Doau sireeu, preferred. Address, Good Intent, at Ilerald office, wldi locaUon, term Ac KAMHiOiVAMIskl rALIi HiUJKKHv.AO. AKAomnoBirr amortmhmt or sioa fanci furs a. n I* Inund at I.KVRY'S store, 41 Maiden lane con dating of Hii the tine and medium grader, ami el unprnr rlnotod low price*, manufactured under lira supervision of tbn well Woown liKO. S. M VHSd.N, a^out. II Muid.-tt lan>>. \MKRIOAN. RITHMIAN' AND HUDSON HAY t-'OM psn'cs' fur*.?Mover A Husler can 'low olfer to the pu*>JI<a, for city and count ey trad. I. an MIMlM MWfWlinl ol u,r al uvr. selected l>y Mr William Mueer, during his late visit u> l.un l*. mill mnnufarinrnd whh great t ara Krerr dcicrip linn 01 Dm ran Im l.uud of such variety that oannM fall to ai trart nuentloii. Kverjr article will bo warranted ami sold at tun prima MorlKIt A If SfKlt, Importrrti and Manufacturers of Kara, 41 Maiden lane, and tied Broadway BKWAI. WTRKATHH FOR TIIK MIM.ION.?THIS MOST elegant attornment tor the MMB ta the ooKtM caobe pi t*or in oc'rtcb, m.u about* and loiflflmae l'ad? flowers. For tiir toli.-l table, irtilia and tlowrra in baskets, at J AMrJH l'Ut.'h Kl.'e. vsr, Biomlway near White afreet I.M.1 t. ANT MII.I.INKHY NTYI.M Fnlt Wf.VTKR j A tnattnitlrent a-norui.enltof ladles' and ml- a' bonnets, m? le from tl.e flneat Lyons' velvet,and every other fashions hie fabric designed FOR WIVTKR WKAB, WHI be on ethlbltlou tor the imtpe. Uou ot the lac le? of New York and vicinity, on ?iiM>uct stunTiiviianaT,otmrb* SIst unr tvitvarg l?r. 1 he above will r. imirlae all the latest novelties of the win, both In,ported and of tnv own tnannf utlure; an J ladies in noun I. of tb>-newest and most nnliput sty le*, are respectfully invite I to an exainli eilon of my stork W 11.1.1 AM BROWN, 441 Itroalway. Between Hrand and Broome stroe-a. T.MIRR FOR TflK WINTKR.-ONK IIU SDRHII VKRY I superb FUber llu-re eapea. In K'l<*iar. inlnk, llu IsuO'a Ivay halde, Rl'ierian ? |?trret, atone ertnlne, chinchilla, now tin sale by toe au mm Ihor, at his cloak, fir, ami shawl wurrrooma. ilKO. Bl.'I.'IN, 361 Broadway Tadim of xaw vtiKK, who wish to rmwiMi J fancy fUro, will find Uauuaelve* amply rapild for their (rouble by crossing the ferry to Brooklyn, ami flinline our rbniw slock of atone marten, aahle, mtnk ami char tnra J. D. W [1.1.1 A MA, 21'J Fulton street, Brroklyn, corner "ore, II HP. Ral.I.IMM KFSI'KiTH'l.l.V PUI.H.TTb Tlfa lrl attention ot l.jliea to her novrlt.ea In Krem h bonnet* (m en witty the laat steamship ) of entirely new ririuire, Vrvl in ? rral vnrlatr. atvle* not lo'e seen In any other r?t*hll?hin?nl In mUf. MRS KXI.I.I 'hs. O' . ewotirstf XJOVKMHKR. OKOKMHKR, AND JANUARY FASHIONS la tn clonks, mantillas and fura. Wm. Buchanan Mat-ken ?/Je lm to announce the complntlon or his eecnod dellrort of I'arlslan fashions for the wlti'er, consisting 'if the newest rat ter-hilt and most rerherrhe design*. Ills exclusive aluvpoe by hie own annus are mimnroua. and the greet efferU produced with the reo nuslrrnto prlen alllied to eaeb will acaln make th -m the nioal tasiikinahle cJnaka of the season. (.'lined rxitr* eloak, manillla and lur atore, 4A and 47 f'anal aireet. Bran drrth hulbllnif. WM. BUCHANAN MACKKNZf K. Froprtafor. N. H.?Thla house Is particularly reuomineuded to strangure and visiters aa the popular afore for eloaks, mentUlaa and lura. W. B. MACKKNZIR. VJ-RW YORK FUR COMPANY ?WR IfKfl TO INFORM la our frlanda and patrons that we have opened our store with an alefant slock of furs, emulating of royal ermlnn. Ru* idan and Hudson flay aahle. mink, stone uugren, Ac , selected ai d Buuinfactured under our own auperrltloii. ParUna pur chsekur -hould examine our articles, whi> h In ?!??< ue o aial beunti ol atyle eannot be surpassed. JOsKPIl J. NRWM V N N * " Orders and repairing promptly at PARIS MnJ.INKRY ?MRS. J. H. OOlWON, .NTS BROAP way, will open winter bonnets, lady's drsw raps and headdresses, on Thurtdey, Nov. I, |>ABIH FRATBRM, FRRNCII FI.OWKRH, RIHIPUNS I and < oionvl straw crnda. at reduced pcleea for cadi, at IfOMKK A K l-TCHl'tf's. A4 and tie J.din street, corner of Wil liam sir-net. Just received, one thousand ploces colonid che nttto. UINTKr" MM.r.IN FRY - TIIKI'A RTICU LAR ATTICN Hon of Ibe Idles la ewlled m the large, choice and vvr*e I Ss-orlmeut 11 aht'er unpor-t t| and home made Potmen, dews reps an l bead drcsee. now on exhltouon at Mr*. I.KVra MU I if ry Kmporturn, I in Ble?-'ker street, near Broadway, me tv. s. q (Jreene aod Wonder a'reels.) IKFTKI.N. BI. VNCARD'H HOTKI., MIBROADWAY.tlONNF.CTlNfl with if. Twelfth street, one d'.or ff/in Itr.atwcjr, The proj r r respectfully anretun ea tliai he adll fotpJo'iet pre javred to ae.-omni'slate lamllte* with suits of nsnns, f wHfc prt vaie 1st led snd single gentlemen with fine airy apartment*, either without U- srd on the plan of his torn., r Htoos ll0"?U ktptbj him in the lower parttg the ciiy ;or upwards i/ ten mars. V IIi.ANu'aRD Froyrteotr. ('OLI.INR' HOTKI. frtoi of caNaI. ifHurT. Wild. "?t suiWof four r s-nis and par --r?, wnb ' r fk lies, or single rooms on most rcss-m. s terms for the wmter tn-t. tis T A I.I.MAN V 2 ll'f.-t i,.'c-r*. t?YRRRTT HOI RR, NOKTII HIDF. t NION NQFaRR, VFW Cj kork ?This e.ta1 rnt Is now open 1 >r Uic .uieoiotatsla uu. in transient and iierrnanent gnosis. 1'I.AFF A JOB1.IN. TTOI.DRinOF'H HOTKI,, TAB HROADWAT OOBNRK XI of I Union place.? Hupertof apartrncn s : -r Istu d.*s or irctivldusle, can new he ?t.tamed, wl'h or wFtomt hoard by the msalor wsek, aerve<l in the dmlns or private parlors, a restored prices HsiIm free Rosmis rent from 9J b> $Au per week. WM. iP-f.DKs.Dfin. it (r. 1IIK FMITrlRONIAN HOrHB. f m the Knropsan plan. Rroadwsr, comer of Houston street. This new and Large notel. newly furnished ami In thnroash

order, healrd ihroughoul by slaam plpee, and etih all the ap poftitn.ents of the highest price.) hotest offer* u. trarelwrs ami the public. Including families, unsurpamuio stn.fiirnoMtoM at lower rates thnn ot atnahle at any other first claw britetl. A tew .lesaral le single r- on* will be let for the winter, to gentle mm. at from ? so to Is per week. HIUNF.Y krtl'Mt.N. ylBITFRR TO IIAYANA.-MR B. W. WOOI/IOTr offers his spaetons and wnmol 'mi house. 'The Am? nesn and F.nroy ran Hotel," t'alle de Ins OfW- os if> si ova fed in o-e of'he mrwt pieasaid hs-a;ities of Havana, to bnse . visit that efty, assuring them tkat every'king shall tv -lone fur 'keir r.-Tttfort, and every fkdlfty atTorile.1 u. make evenramoe to the rvsintry, Ae. N B. Mr. Woole.dt, or a peraon of the bouse, Vtslta every steamer ot. her arrival, to r?oe|vs Sic sogers. York famii.t hotri., mcwt brioorhtrkft r,rn gate Hill, Iswidon. ?The above house Is esmrelly atiia/svi. has en excellent fs.Fee ricn, ler. or twelve private MUhis romr.*, t.etweew f'Wtr and flftv tight airy > a g s.l sn ok tog room, warm, aad shower hailis alw*-. s re sir ^ r ight pewter tn attendance. WW h A porter tn attendance. A nved cSnrre for ? . . The New V.wk Herald t? fUed THotg \ h ui iKDhtg H' is o. propr-etve "f the f Town and Meeptrye an '? Nbin Ta.?ru. Or. enwVh.i tender.hi. gratef.t -han/. Ci m-X' Vr-^l.' *rf the Ihvors he has so toeeeetnred at 'h-t> Hands and so le , their eye lone<l patronage at 1 re.*'Witmrr..lei"aa. nU'RAKCR, MKFI1 a Birr FIRM INA?-|tAN<T COMPANY . t.-l. t,i9lf,Msd.-f.?ce r, deaadwij Z *~r ' J -or. ""',A" " o* 'ROOT. Fre. ?OAKDUt'. UOUMHUMb 01 II broaDWxy. next door above th: hah v*V crou Hou*>. lintrd wiiii fine roouu. buitaoaulr riiriilnhwJ Ininluar Mttar.rly. Alio, v,rT fl"*uiu ataxia rooma. AU Um-modern Uaproromenla. krf.rtiru"*. iioh.ngi-d. K?C AMI m BROADWAY ?1IEK1RAMI.K HUITti OF IU iwiMmii t>e ob'iuiMvl at (La numbon Th** b..?eiiut boon rarttrutahM and wtfl b? kept m Mrir'W llrat rlva biiuaaa. Dilixblfnl rooma f..r .ingie (nntieman. Apply u a born. Bafereorea (Ivan an<l nsjuirwl. AJyd QIBIIOADWAY.?DK-IIH ABLK HUITKS Or KOOMH OtO lor fiunlllea, w'th full or partial t??i?rd; <l?. room, lor ?Jngl* (fluili'inea. Tnumtent Itoonlara nci'ouiimwUu*). Mm. P. BROWNING, Hroprlauraaa. POn 634 BROADWAY, BETWEEN HOUHTON AND vwaii Btaecker ?iroeu?Find rtaa accommodation* loi (amlliea and gentlemen 1QD HUDSON HTKKKT-TO LET, A SECOND STORY J i'U bark imo aud a room la 'hr at lo, alih boar.: lor KfuUertieo aod ihrlr wire*. or Mingla gentlemen. Hreaktaat at half.paal 6 and 6 o'clock. Relerrnoaa axehangad. 147 HUDSON STREET, FRONTING NT. JOHN'S n I park ?Komi.hod rooma. to lei, wllh board, to ataxia gat,Mrtnen or gentleman and their norma ilouae n"t?ly lur Ueheil, with al the modern Imprnvcuinnta. Mr TWKLFIII STREET, NKUt HKOOND AYKNUR? it Two alngla cintU-niengnoUenuui and wile, rati Knira acromui.diiuoni. ataVprlrale tamlltr, with par'lai rd (tor the itentlomtM., Wo the .-omforte of a home, au.1 where only ? pm**ll ntiuiber are taken; locaion dealrable, and rootrident to the care aad Magea. Only pnraoot ot rontaota blllty taken. ~\AFL N1NTII sTKKBT. -HI)ITS OS HANDSOMELY L TU turoiebed room* to let lo famlllm. wttli prlrata tattle U deeimt lion <> flrat rlaea, and conveniently loratrd la Maui atrect, no*^ Broad way NINTH STREET, THIRD DOOR EAST OF BROAD ? way.?Ilaadexne Niralahed romas, in rinta or ataxia. with hreakfa d IT required. Aim, at No. 6 Oolloxo piara. 141 lOO CANAL rtrkkt-two KURKIBIIED PARLOUS DIG and balrontn to let on the aecond door, together or eoparate. Board giren If raqulred. Tin NADISON AVKNUK.?A SUIT OS ROOMS ON 1 (111 the wcoi.d lloor are now lo be had In a private ram ly. I,* anon admirable and rr|)let? with every convenience; alao a attisle room tor a gcnUenuui. Wall street ?ux?t paae the door. 11 CI GRAND STRKET, A SEW DOORS WEST OS A.I tek Broadway.?Iio lot, a large furnl.tie.1 room on the flrat floor; alroaiUngle room, wllh board, IT required. 8 r ST. MARK'S PLACE.?Pl.KAR INT SURNISIIKD <1 rumiut, with h"?d, In a bonae havlnx taodgfn lot prt vemanta. |>leae.inUy au.1 ronvei.lently located, where every attention will he given lo render the rotatoria ot a bono upon rcaiatoalde tiora. Cars mid Brmulw.iy *lage* paaa tint door. Q1 WEST TWENTY SIXTH STREET.- PHNAHANT OX room*, on the aecond floor. l.? let wltn hoard. The tiooae 1* firat class, the location pleasant, and terms moderate, to ault able applkants. HEART TWENTY THIRD hfREKT.?ONE OR TWO amall ramlliea, or alngle geiiUemon. can be aacoinmo daird wltl. line rooma and hoard In tho above Itrit clasa house, pleasantly located between Sourth and isixlmjton avenu.w. rp. LISPENARD STREET, NKlB BROADWAY?TWO ? /II lart,? room*, neatly I'urnUUrd, on tin- llrat lloor, to lot, without Loard. Al.-oan attic rooin. ISillfJstsil AJfA MURRAY RTRKKT ?BOARRING FOR FAWILIK8 i ?/ and single gentlemen. The house ho* all Dm modern Improvements; some vorv line rooms unoccupied. Kurulidifd rooms also to lei, without board. 4 r CJROVK STRRKT, O-VK IM)OR FROM BLKKCKPeR. t hree handsome parlors on first and second Ifiwrs u? 1#m, irltli board, U? Keidlroicn and tliclr wtvaa flotiaa flrM rlH.a?, contaiuifiK all Uh roudeni tinprovcincnt*,%!'axtltu* ro un*. wllh Ixtanl, at 1&7 Hlmx'lirr street, opposite uepao row. Orf NJNTff RTRKKT, \RAU FIFTH AYK.Vt/K. ? A ? > I nicely fiirniiihed io ?n? to ltd, with hoard, Mijltablo lor a Bcmleman and wif?, or slnRle demon, In the first claw Iioum* No. 37 Ninth street, near FlAi. avonuu. 07 MARKKT RTRKKT ?A VERY DSKIRARLR FRONT 0 4 mom and lirdroom on the sonoud iloor, and front room 01 the third tluor, to let. with hoard, suitable for two gentlemen and their wives, or slfurle gentlemen. Also, at 61 Henry street, the entire second floor, suitable for twro gentiomen and their wives, or a tainlly coaslHtlng of lour or five p? r wins. QQ NINTH RTRKKT, A LARQK ROOM ON HRODND *9*Jfloor, f hardaotnely furnished. Mttltaule form genthunan ami woe, or two singta gentlemen, wrhh fuii or partai ooar l. 'I'be home Ik new, wfh all the modern Imorovemenla. Reference ex<1iHnge?t. lerni.T inoderste. Apply as ahove. Of* AMITV PI.A0I' ONK OOOR FROM Kf.KKt'KF.R &A) street, a Utile west of Itrondw-ay ?Handsome I fuioLihed parlors and bedrooms, togfdxer or separate, with either full or I ar In I board IO BKAOl RTRKKT, N K \ R Hi. JOHN'S PARK?A .O newly finished house, with all the modern Improvemsnts. Home select boarders < an be aerouxmodated on reasunable terms. KefHrenees exchanged. a l.ADY, AN JU 00MPLI3HKI) RfNOKR AM) PIANIST, J\ and a thorough Ins runt or of to <ai arid In innn-riiai uiu ??', wt*he.? <0 obtain board ai-d lodging In a private family or flr-t class boarding liouv, wbero hoi aervirus in tuition would be laken as eompensallon tlierefue. llnoxcnpUoiiable rein rentes given and rtnpured. Address M.J M., (Julon s*puue Post office. AHM NKATLY FL'RMHHKD BKDUOOM TO LRT? To a respectable lads an?l gentleman, with hoanl for the ?ady tj required, It is suMaide for a lad>'s sick chamber No reference required. Temperance absolutely ne(v*sary, there being only a iudy and child on the proiniscs. Address box L> Rr< sdws> Post office. A WrnOWtAflYOAN ArUOMMOOATK ONK OR TWO JA single gentlemen with very p4ea?*(it lurntshed rooms, wlih or * lihoin pariiaJ board, on reasonable terms. Rath sod gas. Kajiy of a#*eess by ears and atageg. Apply si 193 vlaverley place, near Amo* street.| A YOU NO PROKKK8IONAL GKNTLKMAN RK<4UIRK<i lA lumielied ro??m and board wiUnn half un hour of the 1 1> Ilab, at 11 to per week. Address at ouo*, with parti cu.ars, l? V. k., I ribuno office. APRITATK FAM1T/Y IN KOUltTH RTRKKT, ALBION place, will let, with board, an eleganr sun <h roonu. prl vale table ?uppHod at any hour; liMh atvl v** eicbislvaly to tbrmseRes; a<1 will be In a quiet prlvaui family, stfto and elm gam. Rest of reference r julrad. Address, wit/i name and nutuner, h W., Af tor place rust office. AOKNTLLMAN AM) 111H W1FF. f)R TWO RINQLK pfi.ili'tncn can be grronitno la led wtUia liandsotrotlv f >r nbl ed r<* tr? with board, alto two ?iug.a nwm* in a private fsmdy, in a first < bis* house wl'h ail the iiio-lcrn Hupi ircn- nu. H&Suimm given and re?pib ml. fall at BL Ms. k's place. A* OKNTLFMAN AND WTFK, OF AORl'KABLK AND qub t babits. want board In a privat**, soeianie family, v* lili nrir 01 wo ftirn./dird rrsmis Idnner mil* on Muudsy tor the hid <-man. lx<< *i on must t?e east of Ftftn avnu ? and above high n treet 'Jo ??*<? trouble no eomrminiratb.ns will be r.cuced unless stating fall parbcuimrs, le a *01, bsrms per month. Including fuel, (moderate.,) Htien will *eoelva prompt aueii ioo. Kxcelleul refarvoea. Addri ss Uom<*, Her aid office APKRIRABLK RUIT of FURNMHKD ROOMA TO MET w uh br<-a b fast arm tea. If require I, fir one or two gen t ? men, In a biown sfnne front house, with a I the modern Im piovim-nts Convenient to cars and ?ia./*?. No. 71 Wea Fourteenth street first house west of ?Nith avenue. A FB1VATK FAMILY OCCUPYING A MODKRN BUILT j\ Louse in a quiet. I'b Arable byvati?ai, near Union wbh u? let a well furnished room, with alcove and bedroom desired, to a gentleman > Ith full board. Apply at No. 31 Irving FKW OKNTI/KMKN CAN RK RKCKIVKO AM HO \RD era In an Kngiish fandiv, with the > omiorts of a home: they ran enjoy agreeable and musical aoe eiy. <;a 11 at 816 Ihdd s(., between Wlllougbby st. and FuJum avenne, Brooklyn. A LADY, WHOHK KVPIjOYMKNT IH VKRT MAKING . wlsiieM to obtain board on very UMslorate terms, In a kind and pious fanvly, where she will find fr\+n*U and a plesosnr home. I.oration near a Methodist church. For particulars, addre??, for one week, the Houseless, Herald atttoe, I?oi ll?. Agfntlrman AND WIFK WrHH A plkarant, well furnished front room In a smoil private farndy, In a reepeeisble location, with full board lor the lady. No board log house keepers nee?| answer. Address, with full parti"*!, lars, Mr. Ilcnry, Broadway ftdoAofl. A TOON(1 WIDOW I.ADT DKHIRKH AN UKPCX nlah/d aerond eUtry parlor, bedrtatm ?n<l pantrlea, with full board. for the wlnusr, or hmiferlf agreeable. I rrm Bbe ral, but not eiorbttant. Pine I'eaiVm. hathand nu IndUprna. able. I/xatlon near the Metropolitan llot. l; preferi'ttr" gtya U> I oinl a'reet, (Ir**t fgi'"? ?tr*?' <ir Uafaye'le tdare. Ad dreen, outing full parAleularr, Unngelon, Herald oOnr. ARIX'JJ.K OKNTI.KMAVf DKSIKK-' A PI.KAHANT r<A <ni wl'h A Areolae* .and board dinner boar on before 5 0*1 leek. Plntoe atiurem T , bo I 4,&7>j I'oat odlee. prepaid. A riPK WVTT OP ROOM*, OK TDK HKCOMD PI/KIR front, hnmlaomrlv fgnliM, will be lot, witb full boar I to ? gentlemen ?ud win or Iwo alngle gentlemen; the bnuae la |.ri?? e and etrlc Ijr Br?l 'laae, In every u nao. None but l>?rt,e? id ih*flr-t retipeniabllltj need app.p. Per parihtalar* ' all at It b i-t 12*1 Board-two oknti.emxk and Turin wivkn can lie anuntnoAatad With pi. arant notne die ?? ?? I loir, a ? one (Wall mom on the third floor, at At M Mark'a Blaea Pl| > lb *ireel. BoARO -TO UCT. WITH HOARD. A I.AK.Kl li isT are! t art com "n the enm 1f ?.r ?eparait. or it tier 'or to airmen and tbalr wlvea, at All <ir ?'re.e, ?.?r Hfirl ?r and wl'hln one mlfitHe'* tvvlk if H itadwvy w or threi >u ,-ie (en'iemrn can alau be acoommoUted. iiu and hatb in the houaa. IJOARD-A OKNTT.XV AN A NJ) (III* WirK, OR TWO Jt atng e tnidi. men. ran be aorvann.odated * ,, i arl in a I r.vale lam iy, o'i;.jlr.g ahouae complete wr'i netde t. in prov einenta, and wher. the romforaot tome may be real red. A|L t at No. ? Warren pbne, a -eel. JO renew ear nanced. HOARI>.-T01,KTTOAOKim.XMAN AND n't WIPK. or to two ifen'i?m?a, a lore* front rva*n rm the a*-.-c.d ?'orjr. handaotnely ftirt.UI.ed, wtih pardai tx.ard fcr ihe gende man. 1 be hoiiae l< elegant, an ) r?ria.o* ail 'he nv-drri. im irmemen't. A;>pl> a? IIJ Kaa' Twelfth ?re?*, bem en ""e '?did and Third avenue, third bltxk from ilruada ap. Board-a oksti.xman wjmiRd r?ion* with nreekiaat. bi aoaae re-p. ctat, e prlrate famlr. ? ter I rir Amenran. Tha i<etabb.irl. ?et ol Aao.r pUr" pre :erred. Refer* O'e* rurnlale.1 Add/eve Mr. eiagXiaau, ifoyd't iHp Ripreaa PoM, pnaAag* paid Board.?to i.xt. to ointlxmrk oni.t, a pax lor and l>edr?e?n on aenmd hoar, to a Oral elaaa hwaa*. lurnwhidur Oiiftarnlahed. will, par lal board ifdeaired; cae ? -1 ' adu. in tn-irai* taran.y Apv p at ft WlaaeMr B OA tlD ?A T.ADT LIVING AI/tNX. WfU. I.XT A P AX XT and Ondrnom on Ihe ?ee.uid Vetr. nnai.y '>el tae ai d taa'h. ?n table f'iT a !adp awl |??'leti.*t,, b-ard )<r Ihe lady <?ily. in it*, a* In the rtrndly of iin and 'at tr.i ya| h' ne hot peranw* wliliaf W; ap liberally "?r the tmai '/ .* "?n nda't'ifi* t eed anawer Another tmardera taken Addroaa vu * ll.ia, 1 nlon jire poet .?. e. ? Hoard-room-' eidor.x ox ik ?? itn Tourr in a brat elaaa ham*e w'di fall or t.artlai "vat 1. v-ey e??i?e . n< to alaaea and rare. Applp at Wew X.I * Malerawe* Boaxji to i.xt wtth iiotxn, a i.abox pxont Mad Hack ntna e?i IA- a?e.iwd dor, wycalauw*'.*. iTt"' ewiep aadlbaAr olwa App ; at ?? H-nr? *r- t a -ta iit?f'h'l??ni can akao ba aomm'ieatad. Ha* i?l i ath m a* keoaa. lAPD IK HRtX'M.yd ?A LAl'Hf R'MtM ??* *R* -M.d V?w t.?a?'? lorytdbad; ...pat.a- t?w a rawneeaan and e, a,a>. a'eaea patter. ?Mi natal atuaMiroa. -.aa ooeaa beater and 'ba raa Aiairliaao "e af r e W< ?!?..? wenf At ilba(liial. Applp at *<? tt.uaK'. a aareet. otaip a law aMc'a aaife from r a'1 ra Ml B B BOARD. -A WIIIOW, AN KXTKRIKNCKD NI'BNK, ' would accommodate a lady who would re-J11l#-?. iter* tag, Willi u Mtlly (urQldicd room nod liouil fur way yrrwl of llow thai may bo drftlred fur further particular* addrw-- K LAN I'<IN, Broadway I'owt office. Board?a kkont boom on tiik kmc >vd ploor. wl<b be-'room attar-hi-d. unfurnished. would be lei with Ixift d to ii gentleman ad III* wife. In ft private fatally la quire ftl No. 107 hecond avenue Board?a oentlkman and wikk can iik ac ronuuodaied wtlh board ft lid plnaaant room., furnished or uiilornlabcd?or two or Uirrr dunlr irnilrinro dif ftiipilluf hiHI Inrayth btreat, near Orand Hraaonabte to permanent pftrUc* Board -tvth or tiirkk rinolr oentlkmicn oan 1* aec< mmodft'cd wlib partial board In a private lauily. Apply on w prrioi aa. No 5 Hubert atreet, near Hi Juhu a |>ftr It. Ilelrrenreaeftehjuiged ? I OARD IKIWV TOWN -TWO OKNTI.KMKN MAY RK 1 fti' i iTllmslaled with ?Jn*lr room* and lioftrd ftt IX Ohain bra atreet. Kcicrencca re<|ubed BOARD in a FKIVATK KANILY-ONK OR TUN ploaftUlteat location* In the c.y. One or Iwn ilngle genii* men can be accommodated with partial board at X) tluUajt p'aoe, between Bouaton arid Hl.cofter atreeta. Board in hkooklyn.-a oKNTLRNTiTand hu wrtle or a ningl* gentleman can llnd a large and baud MUnrly lurnlabed tuotn at 38 Wllluw street, throe miuui.*, walk fiom Wall ?ireel mid Kulkm ferric*. Tim nouaa u lurniahed with K-fta, hot atr, Ac. Board in hrooklyn?to i.kt. a labor front room, on (be anrond floor, with eloaftt, web furnished in, one of lie bftat location* In Hrookivn. to a (ftnUMnta and lady, or two nan lemon. A ppiy at 88 UUnUin atreet, bet wean Wall . ari l AUftultO dreet fcri lee. | Board in iirooklyn-a orntlkman and wikk. , or two hint'-e gentlemen, ran hare full or partial board wl'h a email private family, at fl'f wnd? street. ouiyafew minute*' w ilk from Kulinu terry. Term* mo lerale Apply lor two daya. Board in Brooklyn. within tiirkk or fohk minuted walk from Fallon ferry. Two or three single gentlemen ran '<e ?r.tu> mudaiod wub pleasant rooma ami partial board In a private A inert. an tainlly. no eery moderate lertna, by applying at M lll.;h A, corner of Adam*. Board on hrooklyn tutrotrra?two pr tiirkk en ran make ft! rnnrriiwnu or the w inter fbr ft pleftftanl tior.i ro in on tlie wrood Uoor, wlih partial leiard, in a plain private Amerlcftx tamllt, only Hirer minute*' from Kul ton or Wall airrel lernea. Apply on the prrmlae*, 40 Willow m Board wantmi -aohwvi.kman drhihra ahnall room wtlh luiard. In a Krrneh family; above IliiisUm atrrnt preferred. Adiimu, wtlh particular., II Y.. Herald olli e Board wantkd? hy a lady and ukntlkman. full board fo* Inly, par'lal for gentlemen. Addreaa, ratine lernir, lieaUon, kiudol arcouiinndaimn, Ac , John Doe, llrrald nlllre. Board wanted nmar hroadway-by a okn , Ilea an mid bin wife. In ? prtvule family, where there are I tew oibei boarder*. Terror mnat br 'nob rate. A ldreti llenry, with rull particulars, llriald oitiee. HOARDING.?A SUIT or KOOMH, oonvkniknt tor I) a family , alao a room eilltable for a gentleman, ba anno plfllttl lliw convenient ofeeoeaa from ?.l parta of the edy. Heterrneeft eicheiiged. Apply at No. 4 Abingdon aquAre, weat aide, two dnnrr north of Bank atreet. Boardino -to i.kt, at r* rlkrokicr btrkkt, a eecoiiil ?iury froul room, u. a Keutteiuau and hta wife, alao Iwoalllr riKima to a ngle K'e Ueiuen; the bouae rooUlnr Uui modern Unprovementft. BOARDINO.?TDK ADVKRTIHKR IH AHODT VAOAT Ing a ruite of roormt. ph aaan'W b>eal?il on Mfhlret th atreet, neai Rllih avei ?e, aid wlabe*'io llud a Kentlenian a d l?dj. nreltiihilentlnmen loiekelheaMM, !? whom he irtO diepoae of the furniture on ree?onabie term*. The met of tii* ftimliiire tan be buanlrd out. Addraer It. W.t bo? 3.1SS I'twi offlee BOARDINO.-OOOD Hoard. HMDDIVO NKW, At'., al iId- regular ohftrge, (or alngle men, at I7Z Moll atreel, rort ei of ilriaune. Kutple bed* BOANDINfl?IIOl'HE BKOIHTBY OFFIOIt, UN HROAD w*y, near Hraee ehureh.?Do you want naitrui ol a linure io live In, ur boarder - In any ln*aiion f Y >u eftn bad all on-h (frte of clmrgei by calling on R. D. Ill >OD W(N. BOABDlNO.-OKNKI.KMKV AND LADIRR OAN Oil lam exoelient board and grrrl arroininieialioiui at 132 Woreeabir afreet Hoard for ladb-a only. pOAIDDTO A LADY, OOOVTttUta \ 10099 Of ? I the upper part ol thi> rity, wuuM a-< ominod>\<?? ? gentle man and wile, or two alngln gent*. with a bordftotne front par I or >ind bedroom; family auuall% mid Uia comfort# of a homo en ?ured at a moderate prirr. Apply at >'2 44h a venue. Hoarding -a okntlrman and him wink, or two or thrae gentlemen, nun he anromm "la -d wf'h room* at M?> M -?dhural'a, Ml Uouelon -.treev. BOA 11DINIL?I'LKANA NT liOOMf TO LRT, WITH hoard, *uI table lor elurjlo geuturncu or gendemari and their wlvre, at 19u Greene e treat, one door from lileerker. UOARDINO.?A GKNTLKMAN AND fllfl WIFK. OR two or <Ur?*e single gentlemen, ran be *<?< <?tiun-> Uv?d with hand* mnly turnlehed room*, with full or p*rdrl b ?ard Iii a f ie? eliuo* noui*e. with ail the modern tmprovtavni'*. Apply al 7t# We?t Twcnly tiilru streot. Rrferrnc? ? m? hanged. ryOARDINO, DOWN TOWN.?TWO ttKNTLKRRM t't> P h<< m <-ormnod>tted wl h l*oerd. hy appoint; untne )y al 79 I rankiort aireet, Ixs w ren Pearl'and t lllf? a. TyOARIHNO AT (A WWT ItTII ST-A OKNTLRMAN 1) nnd hi* wife ran he pl?*a*aj<')y *r'tornmod'lUrl wl'h a large room And bedroom adjoining, wl-A.ab % 'i'ugle gentleman can aMSB) modal* 1 with partial board, at No. 64 Wcat ltd* *t., 1 ? i areQ 5th an 16th i> d tea. T}OA RDINO DOWN TOWN?FAM11.1 Eh A Nil fllfVOLR If gentleman ran be comfortably en-nmnmdated for the wild* r, with food l^wtrd and pJiana/it r?o n? J rantlanUxta'd era taken. So. M Broadway, nppoaji* Uae Howling grran ftoua lain. _______ I Bin OKLYR - TWO KAM? "Mi;i.v rUIKIRHIO room*, wl h i a r tie J boerd, ran he had he two gentlermn. wi h e private family whhont children at l7d Adam# tmM. ?tx ndr.uu*' wet it from FuPom or Wall *l reel (or rim. No n'tu-r hoarder* taken. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? - Blt'Hik'I.VN HKH.IITH-rlKAHWT KOOWM, WITH board, for pcnt'erin-n and their wlvoaor ilrtgln gentle I r< en. fen he obtained at 120 Lolurnb.a *treet, Brooklyn, B?r?*e fob iiUv' vk? lir !:? to Fuborior Wall * tract frrrlea. Terttf* lu* derate Reference* exchanged* IIROGRLYN BRIGHT*.?A I.Alt'.K AND RLROANT I > | i * .. ? ird, I ul y located double hotiar, f,?Kain#.?-n v I htn 'bre?* mlnu ??*' we.k ol Wall *t. ferry. A Uo a room on 'bird *'orf. aQlUble tor a gen <> man; ? dinner at el i: reiernio* 4 eirtienged. |^RP.N(II HOARD WANTKD foil TIfK WlNTKR, HT II h?? An er ? an g< utU m?t? dn*lrnot <?f uafferuog him* If In 'U? 1 renrb m' gnai ?. Adarrva box 2,V>? i'o*toUi< e. fM llNIrlll D FRONT ROOM TO I.KT IN A PHIVaTB hou^e. f-l Deonerd *tre ?? near Hroadway. Pl'RMdlMl B'MiJdM?A LaIHIK HK''OMi fUHlK r rocitn at ill per week; r???<ni In alt. * tor ? gen Irmu* ?' ft par week It?? okle>?i nrid tee n r'M;?ilrad Aerionntv- i nlon for a *<nglA adjr, with brtakfer' end ire Apply at No -AJ Hrocine r treat Ftl RN1MHKI) ROOM TO LKT. DOWN TOWN.?A hendnou.e fiirntrd ed room lor two gentlemen; *l*o one ?ingle Apply e* above, at K'? Morrey ?t, nANDROMKKY PfKNIMIKI) HfH>Nm TO I.KT. WITH bo*rd, in ?hf? lower part of the et^y In a pteaeard attoa tern. 1 nouira at No 1 Itowbng On en, near thr Hauary. HOIMJKKN ? rUltMHIIKD R<H)VS TO I.KT, WITH OH without tx.ard, at No. i IIu<U<iri plica. NO. 2 BOND NTRKKT, SKAH HBOADWAT.?Rf>OW9 and le>ard for gentlemen and their wtree, or ?ingle gen U?n ? n. I>1ni?er el f?' r.bek. Kefegenre* git en and rnpiirad Partial board wantkd in a rrknoii rAMH.r Hy two young gemlemen tn the lower part of thterttjr or ! In Brooklyn, near Wall rireet or Fulton ferr1r?. to??t of re/er ferenea given Term* rnoet be moderate. Addr?w?, ?ta.fng I ai tle i. if#, l boi 2,IR Cog flAw. PI.KAHANT rtJRNIlWRP RCKRfH TO LKT TO TWO gentlemen r?r a gentjen*an and l*lr, with t t served tn rouoi If d<-?ir*-d The r ore fori* of ? N^riv* may be r*ahf*4 In a ptrrell private fainb/. leeadrm oolet e?.d 'eAt/al.two biork* weet of Broadway. Appiv at ?A Or end *trae< POORS, WITH OR WITHOUT f ARLOR. WITH IRlARD II tn lei. 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BO ? t Ml I I *'e family, MCWfRl * Wavy aai tnna>ai I r?fiek ltT>a?e, efegaolly HWMMMMi tl?T' tlghr>?n wl'iifk* tV# ? fj v u? * r i> ee< i. ?- t ?* i *r *rt ? ami % t?wlrtaaB I# 1*1, | U< V ?fl.w 1 fr?pc< *n.e few .. . Wi h -i r 1 ,m. Of >W. g?Wl|# r??er at.d'heir wive* lh? laine em <? >(u h i^| re?:?e. u?'t^, 'ree frt/in at: *he ?rf dwe<? ighf*ra* wvl mtu?ia At't ' yard# ol the Mitk or K;gb h ittatw oara. Nor mi toa flaw ?n'i : # ??!?<<" t ? i/-' a# mm| 11 ?. / ? ptnmhmr i e#?d rail Applv Uj John W I^ M>*rd Ai Ifmtiu*<?* II' I LL FFRNiNVVKVi RfNiW?? TO I FT a? MoDFRATh V f . * ?' r * j a'4 ?... if dralrad. U? ? ,fle*e?> ie?v?en gej. w.ree Modgrti impmfen>enie. ttwr.f j iao. Iloiioa 4#^ ? and eiirh airnr>e eei? paee the d^e-r Apyif a U hr-t/ 4 A tl'ANTRD?RT A RFANfFfl Tof N i N t a A ROOM vT n a private An.** e*.'aa.'?yt a he, t. - ^ ? ' > * I ?. < > " - U'ANTFD-FOR a tourij LADY a ?R4LL rr* nielwd ffOfri win* beard, in a yhti'w feay.y ?Ve? Raw# ar? fw ar r<o baardey#. 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