Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7005. MORNING EDITION-FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. *LYjtITix.UrilT* MjgJfKWEb Emi Mf rm; uaroR pkUiKKH a ?d tub (i)\ STITt'TlOSAIi RIGHTS PARTt. QTATfi TICKET ? For Secretary tif State Aim Wurd. VorOsAp'roiln - Lemuel Hiiuoq, Mm I'm usurer Joseph M Lyon. V k A' orney Oerorai Samuel J. Tilden. ?Fur Rl..: Engineer lohn 1>. Kay Vat t'?v?I Commissioner Krederirk rolled. F? M*ie Prison !i sistu'or Patrick II Agan ..'edges I ourt Appeal*?Long term-.......rivuuei SelJeo Short term . :r. Nicholas I fill, Jr. Tl.e OvotBlttrn of the Liquor Denier*' Soclr'v appointed tor *U* S .11 .*?> tf m?}.n printing ninds to the aumwirt of our Mate aj. W -<r.,t nandfdatca lor representative oflioaia, will hold a >i i' j at 0<ld 1 ellnwa' llau (hi* afternoon (rout 4 to 6 o'clock. II ? uo-etlu;> of ilie Lienor Dealers' Soeletv, held at Odd Pel h o .- li ... on the .'11.'Wc, It was decided to tnnke uo tiouilna ?dot? oliy. <oiuiv gmt jiidblal ofhrcrs. Thle derision was ?be -t 'he general rule of the organization, under which womb . on* are only made w hen It becuui % absolutely uoce. am y ..ecure ihe object* in view. BIT FIVE DA YH MORE ! INi : vo day*tt-oro oofjre election. Hoes every man In the lihe C ranks under, land that! Doe* it go IkW to biro lulu trtl' > et We Uiitlno Hut five day*. Lai every man go to e o It indkeeii i.. work. Nat an boor should be lout. Not -O'i 'I. |>at .H*ior. Load your good faith with earnttet w i.v kind out how every man In your neighborhood. ills H i', ward i? ? In*. It any one is wavering, jun* stesdv tiuu r. on the 'i.'.fciintttoual right* platform. Take advantage ?n ih? i-nr> and doubt* of our opponent*. The lluuor driler..' t eke: is the only one ibat uaaa chance of election; therefore, i your support. I ive ,|:iya more, recollect ? Klcciion next Tuesday. Work! work: work! CRYING DOWN THE MAINE LAW. II ? Tribune ir contain! ly lamenting IheaUempI of the liberal patty o " erv down " the Maine law: butitroav rest assured v i no not inieud to wnate a great deal of time in aueb oroitp-t ? ti.Hi i he nuUiral luotlnn of thai Ian , so Tar us public opinion Is bon corned. hss been downward*, and ever down wards, sitae A Hi u made tta appearance. When left to baagravi *?'C'i. " nwacda wl'h a constantly accelerated velocity, unul gi.ubv . has reached a poln' InlheabysN of pub lc couternn', wl.i i r sinvltatlOB oaaret looperate. Of oue thing the fana-Ics may its' aMUTtd, thai ihe future action qf the liberal party, white , ill strike a> the loot of unron*rl'Ulln.i0l legislation. ??il. ... temperate, rational, practicable, and, above aU, oonaU tui.oiu: ur this ilie booxy bypooritee, and their votaries who pes. ed !.e Maine law, inay remain annulled. As for "the prm c .J of inublblilon," it will he thrown to the pig*, like any oltul. It la a desecration Of Ihe respectable word 'prin ciple" if. u-e it In anv anoh connection. If there is any oon thing n hitb 1* a stench ui the uo-trlla ol ilie public?If there la * y i.ue thing which la more tlutn any oilier an object of public "SOnteuipt and disgusl?It there Is any one tnlng win ill haa been u.<-1 ,i liie ba'ance and lout <1 wanting?if there Is any duotrine whieh ins been ul erly exploded and blown into fragments tu Indies unally small. It Is ilibt same " principle oi prohibition !" We again let tl.e Tribune be patient and ?elf poe*e-<s*d Wka'ever the liberal pnrlv do In ths preml-e< wf!l ho well sioi.e ? onaidtrately dime, ami for the public good. A new era will be inaugurated. The laws generally, under liberal rule, v ui uin tbe respect which they have low' under the sway o' tana': in. sua the I mi Is bed reputation of the Empire titate will Is res' .; ed to Us original and proper lugtre. TRIBUNE LOGIC. " It 'he art I- Inoperative, why do they work so hard for Us trepan!.' If It 1* ancuuatitiiUunal, why wish Its repeal? An tin ?si.i- i ui.oual act t* iloail? powerietw?still born; tou might at ?>?*?'' > repeal la*' winter '?N. Y. Tribune. Ibi If most slngulirly iltipb! reasoning. The Prohibitory Liqu rsctl#. lor the most part Inrprrnllve, because It I* re SpMded ?? uni and tbe liberul parly desire lis ro peal '.'cause it is unconstitutional, and because lu exis nnco In .'iiir s-voitte bonks 1* a dl-graco to the Stale. Wh u a jury ro Tures in iliulan ludlc'inetit under a low, and a Judge refuses to sen .-ncr a person convicted under It, ive op'.r.e ihnt It Is limn uiuha Ww snould be not only " dead and powerless" but bit ri deed dtxtnvned. And ym the Trlliunc asserts that Ihe law U coDMhullonal and right, and that It would have been operatlvo "but In. the cnruudiaeios ol MAVOra, Judge*. liU'rlct AUor ?>ey .-, ,vc , to em'.tvri nss bsewcut ?test nullify Ha provUton*." The couimunlly ai large Including a large proportioaof the best "inpeiancemen,and our Jndcar, who are ineu entirely wbnie a suspicion oi conspiracy agslugl the laws the; aro aware ?. lnit-rprel and enforce to the letter, differ from the Tri bnue. and Innsmueli m they deelre laws to be respected as sucti.u'.dab they arc lovers of leuipcrame in legislation and it) . bin* nig, and lti v, rl'tng, and in speaking, lr> Mat ihu a law so un.-s ni.J oppressive should he supplan ei by one more in acvordjoi e w <th the rciiulri'meiits oi an enlightened utfe, an l ? ?< rnircia.e peopio. T HE CONTEST, lie ?< Is now hui abrlet lime ich for our friends to complsbi tlic.r J .- ots, alter wbl h they will be ai liberty to rest During ?ti e i-tv days I her Should work, giving up all their time u tiers use of iibor slti-m, m the fullest oafldeoec that t.-.eir !s)m i. ..ill net be thrown away. Victory will be theirs; but vie , ri like all oilier g sal and" great things, is not to bu had *<? ilie asking, but uiii^t he won?must be *tilvcn for. the s eir:v iliough not so conliden' nod full ol as urarioc as they sere n:i iieverihelcss hard a work, and will leave no e.'torl vna-tenip ed which shsil promise in do their cause gool. They - Will Min e earnest!). lor thl* is all ib.pi-nilliig upon Ihe leads h?Mi, .- broken up the r arty of treedom success m ist be Hulr sole." -iji.atlon, and that iney mean lo liavo it tiossihla. They tuite: be mei and counucred. A victory now will make matter* *?. v i -r ibefdlure. Tlioineo who have >'rlven to circumscribe the oom - ot liberty for tbefpeople. and to rob t!i?m of ?hei. eoDrtuwIonn! rights, should be rebuked. Their arbl'rar / -uiti-.iucrs ahoul.l not be ahowe.l to go unpunished. Tbe.' siioi i ?c lad) lit that the people sre not to he '-rilled wh! . I'uuv have Okbthlteda determluwion lo ride over everihodi anl ex ryli.'ng, and to arrogate u? ihetnselres the rlghi to' com li-sntt.: the eiemew*nt poHtlee. Thelrarmgance alone woul 1 render rlo-m worthv of being made *n example of were there ?<? <. Ji. cause lor pulling tl,em down, orraiherfor proven. ing ilM-tu tioni ever acpiiig up. Tbe liquor dca'er* and < on s.iui'inuai tigh'a pat.lea have only lo make a good use of tin time Ilia' is yet left lofhem to accomplish a brilliant triumph, ?Td :o ?hovv the lal'a-y of the Maine law hopes and predic tionv Let the true opli .t aniinate them, and'lie <lny will be dad. own. how ask ye 1 iie main ;; laWitra disposed op th;: HiiA NDY r Tb . pertinent uni. Uon ha* keen asked bytboHoalon Chroni cle ? h . h l.1<!s CJicsi rxebement ha* i?ccn created In lltngor hy the dla oi rrv tliai .,ome of ihe II., nor* seized in 'hat clly under Uio Vaipe law ?<c tnlsr'ng. ihe home* of the policemen have *)??:. aoarfl.ed, but wltuoui v.icceas. it does not appear thus fertbj: Ncal Dow ha* any.Mug lo d<. with the matter Perhaps an c-tosmdtng discovery might be mailc 'bou'd an a.dive com ir e L< ehoeen U? smell th'1 breath of certain Maine law advo . ?-*?*?. whn have gattted on unenviahla no'orlety by their ze il - < a mux dug tnai unjuat and wicked aw. COiBCIOJC AVD MORA I, eTABIO.V Wf !ii. b more 'hxn on-e taken one i?lcii o advert to the dif ferent result* that flow from the tv.o *j ?'ems of ooerclon ant aiorai, Ibr the accomplishment of grtil moral reforms. Pei ?m.s wilt. view such KQli.ieoti i-altnlv. by th>' light of history, wad wiUi a phllo-opblc ?/<!, a-e not lon,-{ in r union to a coneltt Mb>u tm tlila point, fho <> who have discussed the abstract ques ts ki have universally con turned In repudiating coercion as an inw nment of reform. N potttleal philosopher trvs ever t en ured to maintain It.a dt 'ntw that force to either u de- Ira'ile or Jtn ssflii ael. n* method ?f Indi cating and o-l - bltshtng truth, fhtien wbortaaiin lot Ihemieivea whose min is are capa ble of anprrr iaiinp truth ns nlorced by reason, are willing In wrapl'y ho name mean* w IIh oihera. li lt there U a natural tendency to baa'e In htUSOu nature which renders utott men impatient of tho Inn- process of argument, anl anxious to avail themselves of a>iv means > hat are presented lor the reali gallon of then- theories ai?' oplnl ma If thajr i vn use Um po * ei kM h the law ptooes n tiietr bauds. they will probably aedut Upon it wiui avl I tv t.s an efflclent Instrument forth ? a. rniup'l iimeni of Ihelr design*. We do not Intend here to <11 s ciis- he right tlui' lo diver government from lt? legitimate oh jeci# and make It subs' rrl tot to purpose* ahleh are forotgn to lu natuie. we desire only to tu; a few word- t on .truing tiic poi,t y of pursuing sncb a coarse. Walakeh for granted th*' the prohlbfUotito* are *'n tore in tf ? apt e-alon of a to bar.toh Intemperance from th) ? omcititii.j Thev aay that they are anxious to nuke p opie temperate and we ate bouud lo beUm th n. We mty ?louot tliojr sanity, hip we caanot justly accuse th?m of hypo ?irley < >1 tourae a s ?i"-?lt of the masses, uot of the leader*. The ins en mat ho honest, when ilte leaders arc tja 'd tin reverse II it with tne ntrtrer ?t have lo do, uo' wl'h the latlhr. We repeat, th?n tlaft: we are justified In betfaylng that ?he j rt hflihlooU'* arc actually desirous of arc tnplnhln^ the onje.t they proles* to have at heart. We do not stippos * X. a. waul prohd' x. merely for toe love of pro.'d toi loo. lie do no', a to paaa a aoDrelf* law. merely hit the iovi .<1 coercion. Tbey have aa> object In view, to thee tinniest o1 which dc rvietn of prohibition or coercion t? stu p'% an accessory r .in lnstrnnient. Jfow, If the In ?>niui>t.i faii of act tot Utilise iu purpose |t ought to he discarded A truly philosophic mind would exam ne the ?coc-'ioo .nore profoundly, Bin! won d reject the Instru n?m If 1' wn e productive of evi a *urpa*lngIn magntoede aoy bene i>i? thai nuld b? derlv >1 >rom lla use- flu we c inn ? rxjier ? the prohlMtlontot* to bring llicmeelrea to any >u. 1. . ..u.pwriaon of rrHs and benefits. We ran only hope > ?to w tin m diat their favorite measures must fall of p-oducng ??to it ill* they eipts : yderive trom It. IfcMflocra i th: u-? . < igb'. a* .sensible men, to abandon It. In order to arrive at th.- ouclusico. It to ouii necessary lo recur to the teaching* ?>T t<.-i m sail cxper -i.e. I'he history t.l society from it en r?t '.ant.'Jaiiop otv? ihat -ft*-rnr In rtlohllnh. rjj rtrrn nf las parUcn'ar theories r* morality, of philosophy, or of re I lib n. have either absolilte'y tailed, orlf ?ue"o?sliil have dtu< MjU ilatMShl Itotlepindenee which is nceeasaey to the ??!??? da,hot I irudi. It it saicely neeeasary to proilueo fa-'s In .hi ia .. u of this po-i ioo. I h< y will Immediately cr>iwd ?.p> n if Ritudof every careftil student of history. I'ersactt *ks' wi.'.fb i. the ally >'i ciT'lon, and tvi bo il wtu ih oeeretou sstait.l to," Itseffleacy, l.s< never suecreded In carrying eon aor in. to the mluds 'it ,ne:i. There to no m >re well ec ih hahed dan that " the o. <?1 cf .he mrrnrs is the seed of fhe sU.'v, U r?i t hrUliar fa b c .n'.nued to iluxrish and !'?. s. wl.'ie I s .o'.tries were bnAlod by ,Vrro und roe ted by D. x le tie it Christiana aucc sded in promulgating their .lo ?'.rine, tnvvn wlica drfyoa lo the t a-omb* for refuge from the pe se 5*101,* hrrs of the he then. For every inartyr tnere were a 4m, tmlconvert*. K.'on he mild and persuxalrc teret* ,H the Mto'N hwaliy trluoipl.ed over he faggot and the l >? .e pagKu. I iii? ts perns, s > e mos tnrePile lllivstratton of >> ir ys> Id> u, but history farntohes t.utni.ers n( stmllarevidonees. In a fn>merartkleot,thf.esn)e Hibjaet wert.'erretltosomeofthem, wli<<t are mu ng aad^xmylnetng. We show-sl iiiat to 4 >,11 si>s tr. HoK'Siin hwl ni.i iiip'M the arnte th.tu that the p.. lb i'Oi.i*>s ai?a.fampu'ig m America It I* true taat 'to re b on v l.tlerenrw of lor*! net ?. o t, the two. hut the essence o th' wai -?s :< the .III". They twitii endeavor t.) Com |?I ?Ortolr 'o live tod act iwer.fiilt.g loeertala moral boortea wbi th ?iritp P> th ? p.i'i in* hahi's oi the eomi'iinlty, Ins ea-l ?of n <n e eonylnee .hew. ot the truth of those tvieorle<, ,v > ?tomrd. also that toe itr' was a failure In Rag la tad. and only X'? site d ? tetutn u which exaggeratod all the evl.? 'h , pre ,?{ misty rxls-ed. In more roeent we bave aeen exempl i] r. . .>,. of >i.e ??oi* prlti'ip'e. Kverytaody kaow< that ?!??? Is p. >toWed ? y the Koran, and jo*, the prodttila of theviaey* h tf -II''/ . i d a ready sale among the f?er*lnn aid f'.rtt! ill t . lpwei< f i.e I'rt.i lie1, W know too that every e: arte." 'a<' Vv ire ' iicrs to cnto e ? the pi otiihiti'-o by |ey?! en*." at -. to.: ?ith dedded fat in re, r> i inere .e|. itotesd of din nss. ,v it- con?urpptl in o. wloe. ITie Turkish eoyerpnaeta' on'* odertookfo prohl' I' he ti.C of tobaeoo, a.' from the' % ??' ' ' eblnotjuo wet eouttntiaUy in the month o -very ?hablia.' of the ahaptra. M my Kmsapea:. goveenvten a, Ilk ? sa ; topreveatit atrawtoi ot tne Virg nan weed ointsu ur.r people, aod Ha* anna* sorareigno: Knglaad b >o ?sell , ? .? i a 'feauutcr I A* sg;iln*t It. IlTit t).- n.>j*etion*b'e p> det.e I |x rseetu -hi. ?t"i it *i|* la way Into pub lie aroP fu. ... ? ,? *i on to ? wrength af tha rUhim v> pr >hitif ii ?t'f It? p raiat'pt, ' u unavalIlia* attempts of tiie fhtnese go or t? prevent the n-eof opium er- tamlhar to ah. Ibetno' the (Ogetaueu. *< r.odItself lo suppreas tha hi i ??lbs, mora saverr the petal.>ee ti Inapv ed - the more as* in-' sod ? he < eieatfal*an.:e ' and cue* I. Wticn we ' tru o ar a' ???! ; i he preset ime, sni etamine tbeetp^wso' 'tut ?mrh -atautrd Maine lew li. iboae Mfata* jwWe I has neon ?*lc' da'" pro* ed. we ' nsi the aauW result* In 'he Hmic Ms-In v bete tha law *** bo*k rt ta atxeit ts? ftudH gra'e. A ti ? i live years has oanyfat d tKo peopl 'tf that Htate thai aiielaw is i.'it only '-bjar'ssi -a and at.u repnhtlain, hut that p tf nr.' and rannw achieve tin ohjeo* w.neh't purpostt lo est.rt the ehxripions of '>?? l*w may aay what ttver o levse not ??? e i i-utly know th?'. it ?? eotto.impMon oi i"ino- has nix, town de.-i smsi bv the PivdnbltafJ law. Nevl IP* WtnaolC tisa let rr puh-isbed tv u< J>*ter-lvv, r IVet ' >at to had tu cx ?? da; . ken Into Ibrt ? b msee, and * . I In < vb a qoawb tv -vf jugv ?nd ' o??>?. Vow we c inn * aee the ohjiao <>; tills #*1l'.re* we admit 'tss' 'he JngO and bnillea Wli.eifl et ?-|if.l Im> spnrehe.istons of the temper*- est to-.yor etdw I'.en sv.inssi ed (fa ? or to he drtir.k. or hast cnfalne'l I. |taar ntoexdr Mm. a. inehbg; ea*e Utr law e*d f .toa'ly fiUw-i. topr* en people either 'ront wishing to drink, or from fltdlr? the means of gratifying lUr desire. Weall rememberthe(vest psyvgress mad-: hi Ihrteaperanor rsut* previous to the jea Itt-ik fv hen it was Ur.e rescued Irom 14 legitimate sphere an t liilt to assume apolitical fhararlti We cansately affirm th*" more men vert rasuoaod ft cm drunkenness during that pee.'od, by the e farts of lee turers. and by appeals to reuaoa. ft'ou could l>e ttne'ted by the Maine law in a thousand year* The reason is obvious. 1 he Sim of'he tempeiancc men was to eonvisc-, astd trie a con vp-ion follows airument men generally regulate, or try to leguU'n, thr;r couuuet tu noonrduoco with llsgilirtstcs. The s to ot the Maine law la to coerce, and ni'-u notnrally rebel against coerelon. 'I Ley refuse u> be made temperate by co w pulsion. The- think they arc Ibe best judges of tin Ir <?Wn prV i a'e atraira, and repel Intortereoce, whether of the taw or of Individuals. During l.e tlo?< of which ?e speak the temperance eat ee wai dot ened;> popular. It had the c-un-nuw e and the apcroba? Don of thr wise and the good of n!l parties, and th- evxtnplr was not iinlrrtjueiit ofoven liquor ileal v. * giving mcney toiikVfba u mpersncv scctetic- la toe aocomplialwonl of their noble de sign. In nu evtl hoar, potltjeiaus were showed to take the cxn no! ot the ionst iueut. and to make U a party questionInsteadof a moral .pieatton lit lei.", the Legislature pcsse'l the first Pro hlhltory law, and since thai t'nie iho temperance ouestfo lies I ecu nude the sport and the instrument of dt-s giilti,' poll tic tin* 't he people no longer discuss llie bcn?HU o1 lempe ranee, end the evl* of drui kenncss, biv are engaged only 11 arguing whathtr one part of the i ommuuiiy lit* a right to'im po*e its peculiar antral views on the other part bt uremia of ct ercive laws. Men who would be willing to Us en to a U m pi rsnce lecture, and wh i acknowledge the evl - of drunken? nets, me unwilling that the Intei renuon of the law should bo int t'kcd to constrain them to temperate habit*. If the msjority succeeds. lor a time, to panning and enforcing ? coercive law, the minority. who think their lights H*nstte,d, will kiep up aga-i . It a perpetual nglbttlcn, and will, unless popular ool n-nit Is possessed of that immutability whicli t.a* never yet been attributed In It, inevitably succeed In rescinding Uieol, jrc'lcnuMe enaolaient. Thus we should have ' FretUiuor" one yaai, and " ho Lltpior" the next year, and people who had turn made teutpera'e by force would asstu-eJty aluuge Into the Opposite "Xrc*?, as *<*)n as constraint lul<ht be ro'. Hits I- the certain etl'cci of prohibitory laws They eatutever arermpllah the object of tho*e who advocate lUetn; hut on the contrary, exciting as they do, thai spirit of Inde prndrnee anil opposition to restraint \sUtch charaderices hu man i autre, tbelr tendency must be just 'he reverse. KB IP IT BEFORE tiie i?koim.k. Puo tinirroa s:,o thk Fapueio-.?No puoiic jthirnut his labored more o?>sduon uy, ot shaped tt* course more agent oosly to secure the patronage ot ma great agricultural In'ercst ot the State than Hie New York T ribune; and f ine, perhsp", i,as succeeded In tWs special object to a greater extent, Bi',i lat erly, Its very stteoeae seem* to have em -oldened it to con Unite us extraordinary experiments stmiiUc v w ith much less than Us usual six clous respect for agricultural Intel I vrnrr. 1 air play toward die tomrvrs, who. ncx-. to the Unuor dealers tbemselves are more deeply Interested la the pending mntrovfrsj upon the Prohibitory Utv than any otuer cl-u-s to the Btato demand* that one ui leas! of tbaae Ixi'.d experiments uj on tbelr credulity should be recalled to l ?elr m*mor if Mily to remind them ot the sort of argument In behalf of llieir ruiiioiia and despotic law, which its leading advocate luss con sidered good enough for their sagacity In an edllo.-nl article ot the Tribune, beaded the " t'o-t of tlie Kum Traffic." pub lb ted on the JOth ot April last, when agricultural products woe nearly as blab i they bad neen during tlie previous winter, oreur* the following statement "Com la scUtng In th' market tor one dolbirand sixteen ei n's x btirhe). anil superfine Hour for twelve dollars a barrel on the average. If the cat-inua grains which are consumed lu our dislit cries we. e ui-t to used, but were ground for hu-uan romuinpllon. or fed to anlmnlMo make beef, pn, k. poultry and oilier meats, it la perfectly safe to tuwume that we should u> day be liny log flour m lire dollar* n (.arret, ana corn at fifty ceuls, nod butcher'* mrrits In proportion." That this estimate was not ottered liieoustderitely, In Die mental miidd'eu.cni of teetotal enthusia m. Is evident I rom its deliberate rrpelltk n in a subsci|iieut pau i o' Uie same article:-? ' 1 lit rent - ity and l.igli prices ot both bread and meats to tba ccurtry pre lel.'ly chargeable, to u very great client, to the ram ai d w I i.key dealt rs and their Supporters. If it were no for it.o dlalillerles, tlieu. our people undouh'edly now be we lime snid, Hour at five ilollai s, and corn at fifty cents, it Ibis n arket." how It is l ot for us to dispute, or eteti to doubt, thu absie lute Herniary ot ao ngrictiluiral estimate thus considerately given rod telteruted tu a ourual which practically assume* the highest authority on all vuch aubjaeto, out readily yield to it our profouiidi st respect and assent. We merely ebitm the Kimioo privilege of ratlooai-ty. Iti (leduotug tromlttivoor three liripoitaut inferences, axiomatic and irresUtl le mid of the gravest possible Importunes to the liinuars of this H'ate. In relation to the suppression of iho liiiuor tralllo. If it is true that the suppression of tbo liquor traflld would have the efleel uf reducing Die market value of all agricultu ral products more than Uliy or sixty per i cnt men In a year ol oxin tne general scarcity, the conrfusloii m Inevitable that it n onhl reduce them still more ruinously and periontiently in years of comparative pleniy. And aa eiery farm 1 valua ble in the direct ratio or the value oi its products, p a* un-le nt/oly lollovf* that the value of every man's farm would lie reduced In -.he same destructive proportion. WUn tbls.leso lalliiii UepreclaDou of Uie value Of farms would eouio ilr* . a corte-pondmg increase of oppresalou Cr?a uuirtgagn ; an I httoiidly. a proixii tiona'r det reclstloo In the value of tmo t gn Investments. Every spe' tes ol agrtaiiltnral Investment, (Meed, trom the dwelling io the barn. Irom the ox aul the horse to the p 'owshsre, from the thrc-hlng machine to the U lx?r III bungs, would be crushed tn the same relative degree, and foreign conquest and con acatloo hardly over produced to our unhappy country a wider field "f devastation than would bo presented in tbe now prosperous biato of Now Vork. pro vided th. Prohibitory Liquor law could fully axompddi i-s calottla'ed revull*. bueh. ai least, would be l's resul's as cnlcnlatid by the Trtoune, whose data we have talrlv adbpM-d. lite Tubnne, lowever.'la r.nninally modest in ill preten *li r * io authentic statistical Information upon this subject, reiyii p. or til noy rate cxpecllng Its country dealers .o rel , t>) on -lie proverbial accuracy of Hs ucperrertod judgiuea-. It j sv s;? "lie have not consulted the census tables to see what pro portion Unur pioducl of grulu is di-dliiut In'o spirits, bui tli ? -iiiami' V 1* enormous. Tbt re arc single dlsDIIories In theeuun <ry that ri tisutne one thousand btrace's of corn every day i the mai-tacture of whiskey alone Mil Hons upon millions <? bu-i.-1- are thus annusi v worse than wasted, by being con vetted tarlt- hitoxieaUng drinks." Hut reterrfog to the statl*tleal faets upon this question that relate e- peclally to tbo S'atc of >etv lork, we arrlvo at eou elusion* of ready *tib?tnntlal Importance. These facia are i to truly i etuarkable, and so little kaowa, as to be w*.i aaicuiated to arouse the euergctic aetioo not onlvof 'b agr cubui ?l* r-I this biaie. bnt at every ela** ol cl-l/ens w. ?s tiurtin interval s are lu the remote*' degree dependent upo , .heirs; and It t? oot more certainly 'run tha the eartli la tli parent of all pioducta nsed for Die anyport and eomfort of man, than that every other bmdtir.-ss interest Is vitally depen den* upon tbe agrl ultural TbetW tacts are : ? 1 That nearly one hall of all the barley grown In the Celled Siate* isgr-uaSi in tlie S'-oe of New Vork Ibc evidetieo tram tlie census Ms* follows:? litifhe's of l-arlt-y vrovvo In all the Elates 6,107,014 In the State of New York f,62).Uti8 In all the o'her States 2,6Tb.!M7 2. Tmii t early twv-thirds id all tbo list ley coasuoo d lu Die Tutted Mates in the inanuiacturo ot li-iaors Is grown In the State ot New York : Itusl.elsof barley Hum used Y.TiT.lfft (irownin Negr York 2,621),tM0 In all the mher Stale# I.'.>17.1117 III. Tint ci uriderahly Tamo una-fourthol alltlie It pi .re l.rewrd and >11 tilled In the United St., no U manufactured in 111" Mate "f New k>rk. Tim following (Inure* repress >l the number > ' gallons of each kind thus made:? In tlm United Stati n, breweil liquor* 42.4.11 120 VKlnnkey and alcohol 41 .VA.tid Knre #,500.50# Total gaI'on? I > the Mat.' of New Vork, brewed II<|>iore If,, 101 ;>*J %M.l?kry and alcohol #,211 7"Q Kurn Aidd.SKJ New York, to I gallon* StdU#,704 roiled Hi.'ite*, total, one fourtii .22.5*1,04# New York, exrea* of one fourth 2 215,(10# IV. That ror etdrrably more than two-third* of all the h ,n? ' y "> tiown In the |'n ted Mate#-a p.idic' used exclusively fire.wcd lt.pu.ra? It grown to 'he ntaeof .New York. The '.gores rive Ihe number of pound#:? In the United Btn'es, hops... . .2,497.03# In New Yuik State .2,5V..'XI in all ihe other State* 200,7X1 It I* ihil/t an her.tleally dtmonsirate.1 hat whlla greatly mote IbBli one b UlVh of the wboleaaln pin* ?? and pro tit, agricultural nnd manufacturing. ol alt the An "t han lb.uots drank In the United Sla'ea llnw Into the State of New V.rk, there ut aN ? a ronat.len' lr addition, for the special henei t of ouragrtcui turiets, arising Iran their forge supply of products manuftr Irrod Into h>|Qor* In other Hoiter. and which may be ton sidered * surplus upon the products s'eadtly ratand In this S'oi" tor I ? own manufaciure. What the amount M this In flowing capital at d tbcae pr.rtit* inay be we have no ?tlltsties toshnu . but as It must be In direct proper,ton to the amount cf drinking wholesomely, and not deatruelv. jr achieved to till* ai d the other State* of lb" Union, W" deem It. In the Pen h-lent language of the Tribune, "pert.c'ly safe lo aaauine" thai ihe who e nun "ntunt la- mormons." It t< unite, e- <*ry lo ?? v thv our teetotal philow. tiers and eoerefonlrU, wei ? u In tlielr power, a* I Is tu ,heir 1/itnoth.n, would . hut ill ibis Im menec source of wealth and proip ritv to the State . f New Turk, and tranafer I s e,,ptous tide for the bene lit of the farmer#, breuers and <lmj||er< of Oreai Britain, France and Holland That lbet >rsr sio e.ray expect ,o chain down Hi. .,?etir?n people?of all others In the cor!1 -oy #teru tsraoi ous hiw s, Imposlm* dungeua' flic s and ?omisra lions, as to p.erent their par nkin? of these agreeable and .enei'uis leieragcs wi.icb, in commonsvtthall mankind.'hey hare ln.iri(nn>r.aTiy enjoyed, we at least liod It Inpuaalhle to be'leve. 1 he pi ortlral result, therefore, of the,r trmos' point of sue cess would he the trauairr o: the agriculture'. and tBunlsa turlns profits of 'lie ll'p or trade to fo. '.-i#n eouu'rt's?(n ci?m pllflrat/on we presume, of the great doctrine of American j ru.ecl.ou I The farriers however, of the Ht# - of New York, ai h ast, whatever rear be ihe Tribune's es'lmate of tbelr tn lelllgence, will have . tmi .in sense enough to ask each other the ? uee'.on . "Since this drinking n.ust and w vlll be do sotneauree oro'ber. why O'ght not we to sh."- i s uroht* while w? lMuullably ln>-ur lis burden and why en b >nC" Its loinlen- by eeadlr g those profits to foreign Ian Is I'ROUIIlI l ION < OlIBTEfY A #.? *pt( imen of Prohibition <*otjrte*y ua ?|uo'u* th*. follow k K fmm tb<? Albany Prohibition! t: **Ib? w who flrinfc beer,' I>r. Joliru?on, ?talk b**r,' J i wiio rirtak rhimpaK'icor brandy, wrtto ntrnmpAgn* i f briufilf miip! cii*m{Mpe nrxl branity <*tiArg?? *?? juiif*, an?i pronounce fbusBfti^e ?n<l briiiUy judgruoirA \V? ha< a a'r?mdv tf ?.-irkr#l.a? Actrcucu^i-" n?:* prftfnant with n.tAMiik" ?i *i of Ail fi e irid Tude^i who Mr* MiM0M '.<? \*'-w V'ftf k f y Urn. w- h?*vf yiM o Im ?r of our- who U htm??)f a t/)*Al *U?uiq fi from IfiiosiCAk!)? drink# But vthvnn And .11 ihl# <ir. Is. >1 m 1 171 coutlrrnAk on or Ua pbll?>*ophy * ilr A'^d Uto'iMiub " ?m ? ?? ? #t a I) 0 ?!??? word* mimJ iV'h vrwui of ih?L Kti;? O. l.?*rnuAj, tt \* not for Ktnratdi diinlr wl'iMH.. IflhfinlifOtti drink. thoy drink And fnr^At hoiaw Aoq p^rftrt th*' judfinooi of any fhe ?/X)loi#> I.' M b"h?i.'i a HtUI morn poluAhawl <*'ttifl"mAt on o ?!-? w pbUonopbyoi tin* B!bM w tbo cam ??f iho UrrUiO" im -? ? j ? '"Biiniwi /i? ? < 00 pi?iio+?>]>ny '.n 1 of \uiri -Uie br Holy Writ. fioArkononno 1 nf ii<opirM wijiiotr, a# reeordod in tho (tti h?' Glwt chapter "f Proverb#: 4 ft i? nr?* 10* tb? iaw tor fb" pr vrntk)" ot la'rmp'?r*n'o. patiportw i vrvf MBMtalHHHiMHIMBiiiilMa J, by ilto baprrmo Court tbo hncond -f mil olal llsirir' ol .. Stale lit New York The . a vugs t 'luef .< our autharUv A InroBneettou w"h tkadecUlou of the Supreme iVmiiu .d the jfcond dbtrlcl, we wlah tu sU'. ? one f#ct; at tk ? time Tie ru#, has Brguel I afore the f'ourt, the seee.ori era l. d In Poughk. p'le. One of the judge# hsd b s t.oule id liquor bjr him every 'lay a. he table.' '"The rrinro*nt? of 'he tan 1 fame paper In this cmooottoa. we tr.cst heartily er,uor?e #a n>s m re forcible 'han ju?- ? " 'Is It auy wonder thai an opinion' I# promulgated, nor - ihruongbly riim tl.#r, even It'iuor sellers send furtl. frw- we he ib> J t avv m ser ?Uenii,tesl to build up 'he rm ir* I. a. physfol. jp-al gr. nt.'ls, Wemayf aas the meet perfeeS pr b. mmm I ' I'ory law In ihe world, but so iong a# judges are slieM ? halitelea* enough to ifrtnk at ihe table of ? 1 .tel -op.-nly tlt.g al he very sfa'n'e ot.der wl.b-h a esse I* being argwd ?so Usui shall wa have dcetatrms M unt matituoa. * Bljr,' gc. ?' And her# ta a point for emnercnrr people te I rln:: hoe. ? ?I ? *1 the eowilageiee<t.m. Fleet men who are hmeon ihle .piestfoa. FurUy <he ?.urM from the s'eneb >,f. urn le ns lets sfl vlaU slo regard Ood ami ? 1'he inie-aw# cf ioo(sty t#*>ewt m tlpp mg, ever rralf '<? slovtg. ta. debase stid degrade iheH leMow met. Of truckling fo an a-'c?r ed treflic.' " We Would sdvlse our prohibit ton Is* brethren to learn po ,*e sees tietor* hey undertake fo leech W. aei.lee .giev ? prohibit.iuire< papor 'ha. we 4o u.r #r^ aone aucu a e ga it egpreevmi i. "ru'n #enl" *?4 ' ae.e-ee.' i->-.-as s applied 10 a'l vfh<? do not mpo. i<- think exactly aa these model editors would ci.h to bare th "?think. Were toe ?up position t ot uncharitable, we allodia be inclined to Imagine that ihr) hre continually laboring lii.lev" the vfTtvts ot the all tie llvey prtless to hold In mich itiihorrk '**? *Hll to, we cxn only arc ii- ? fnr 'h?lr language on Hi- fc"orr that there uce other Uadaof Intemperance than (tint itr?0>'l'vl f* 'he abuse f t sUn.ul.i':rj Iirfnotk. I or our part w e ore oppooed to lutein -p of ? perancent ev cry species, intemperance In word* as we I) an Intemperance in itrlnl tog. li e prohlKUeoiMa have ilready ewilaUteww "" WHclMlUf OH tl.e evil eSfdtB at hard drinking, an A U.nt the uwturn their mention to the evils of ha hartf writ'iff and ha til talking. If tliry pen IM fit trying to make people aobar bv law, we ire jtanned tu trying to make them poilllthy law At) ?are .u,ii'lied in trying lotnakr Pern pailttfhy law At preset' tfcty aeetn to be gtl.oring under i-specles of Install * watch. If But mama a polu. is w>?,i other i.wiih equally jta -fh t 'ttwa hlr?perhaps wsartahteuu ft the iuant* a wrlbeigV. t'? ef A-etaace txcerdfiijtledeleterious, pud sotne timet dwufkorotu. I .mures H e passim* and lieqreuUy involves pvMtu. In quarrel* and totltoi.tie Thus, on the theorv of the pftiBttil 'tn.wei.. it it. n legitimate object tor gaveromeabil-liiteriera aoe. na-talnk civility in,'1, .ouirtisy oi' ua tntsah imporutnee as temperance and mbrlety, and aseiwh euusliv deaetriug td leE.rt e it ara cement and protection. At all er-ig. the Alba ? It) efl'trr In iiii e vuuipjrol a m? i wlu 'Via got d?ist'dntnft on It-mpeeai < c mid Wo Iberefbre i ?coiuavnuU him to the especial attention of bit pioli.blilisv-i frh nda. TO MKN OF f XHKBaL I'KINCIPI.Kfi. Till* i ?ar ihcre la no Ind fend-nt liberal orgunlzadoa In 'hit Ki?io.-a liber I pai tv w;A raislUht'es of lie own; on oapor ttmitv u vlere.l for nil l.hcral uiiud.d mer to give expression hi ibt ir optnlong through fa? ballot hoi?t? cast a roie where the km it will tell. Itile year tl,e Unerulean be in uaauri at doubt as hrthe course who h n'e ought to p 11 Stic For 'Sire ho can slrtlre > hi- w din ctty a> .be , su*?> of hl? grievance such ini otiporiuulf 1.- not to ho al gMeil Whoever die*, not ?e*-| h mae f of it mnet not cotnph in If |i does is.! re. ur for Huti ' vtara. 'Iho Impuiiance of taking advxnUga of the present liquor dealer*1 and < onatitu'lceal right-.' orimntaatlon eaunnd he over estl'naied lfriorgaul/?d, tlie ll'icralH have hliherio been cajoled and deceived by I be old p ir It-* organized, ihr ?* presentaueha formidable tron? that their demands will bo heard and rr-mpltod wttli. Unfariunaiely, He-re la an much exci'ement'nbaut '? paramount toatuta" andoilier thing* of that sort that the* is danger thai many really liberal rutttded tnett wi one I.earU are with us may be bllu'ded euniuaed and led aslray. Let all llb"r?Ui turn a diaf ear to "paramonnl Isaues,'-i c tm inbrrtna that they aie devices of the enemy There is no milvdy In ra n ig a vote for auybod v tor the rtu'e oitlces but the regulaily m .oinatssd liberalcaodids'.n. Tlie poibt'-nl aiuir?.|ibcra Tho ; Juatnowla uaded trltli v .porn and mla'a tho Suite Is full of egllalora The Maine law If w-arce'v alluded in by Ha ITiner ndvooaie" They rannlngly aklp ii at this tiartl -nlar time. They would lain convince ihc pnblle ihat they abandmied It. Again, luuny llbeials who may be allghlly touched witb lug Nebraaka lever, tuay argue,front the fad that die tribe of In former* arejtui now qulei, and apparentl> dicposad to give op the pursuit ot their vfeiims, that all will bewail even If tho preterit prohibitory siatine la hiulcrml to siainl unrepesll-dj that it win he nogniiit-y and a null. v. lutiinliig no odo, and re nnttmnv l.mblOd l ilt a dead letter, llul we say, lie not de teivedby appemtances. The preaoi lull In Maine law a pin tlon la temporary. The agtiauon will be renewed again it a i|iih-(us t? not nopr put upon ihr law. once and forever, by tin* next legislature. Ail auch asdesire lis repeal will rtt It, it they aum-r thamaalveaU> be ted u vs., li> old party tenders ?? t pi It'teal wirepullers. 'I lirou, Ii I'lecot.i'UH I din and tiiiMmh of warring luetlou,, Ietevcry liberal voter march to tlie badoi hov, keeping siaadllr It' hla n.lndHie great polar lact. lha' what is wanted here in dlsbonored, fanatic ridden New York I* a thorough clnanaln-t end purification ot our atatuie book which has finally name t.. he a foul Auyeau alatile, a dense jungle, tut undigested mass of treason, nnm-eua* and contradiction, lmtoful to Uwvcrs, juiipea, liUi'iuits, and humanity iu general. A LIHKBAL KPRKCH IN I'-ANKl'If. HAM,. We have lead v>bh much pleasure l't? speech ol thoIlou. J. T. t^u-enann. which he delivt red on Friday last. In t'aueiill linllfSosiou We ai o obliged lo Ibe eloquent gentleman for litis splendid Irinule lo the correeinesa ol liberal principles, and lor till* imij all/led eodor.-ement ol tho objects and alms ol the coiiatltuUuti;.! right* parly. Afu aelmsotn tain want ol a few in'? i ? Nttch men os Mr. Stevenson. We aithjcln an eviraci from his apeet It;? "1 It'll you, sir, that Iho Idea which aooma lo have tilti-n I nase -oon ol Uia u-ind* ol rome, Unit the three hurtdrod iiimi who *11 for a season iu the stole Uouse arc empowered to determine for each individual in Masse htiaetu whether or no' he may mo thut, which. If lnt( mperately fitted, will Injure and degrade him, la an Id'-n which, If firmly rooted and fulls- de.e .oprd, would convert thla government of our.. Into an absolute dt *potli in. " 1 his rovernment has no rigid to deVi-miue whether a tree clllz. n may coneiiuie thai whicn, If used to excels will Ibtoxl eine. a ny governnu rtt which may determine, at IU will, wunt a man may temneiately use, Is a ilespotl nt "You may ra) U by what name voo rhoose?nutocraey, or monarchy, or oligarchy, or arbdoerary. or rapubUe. or damo eracv ? Hill. If It ptiNM-s. es sue It a power oier lh>- individual. It h> a pure despotism. " hi nr< h fin a tyranny; examine the reeorfii- of the past; r?n sack <le dynasties of the old word; and H a govemm-'nt po? that, and kindred powers I e not a tyranny, acknow It dge thu' < our search t as bean In v?tn. " 1 do not hellnvc ills' dug govet natent of ours por-etsci any auch power, and I. for one. do not like to aoe It imdertake iho tierc -e of iP and fail, ae fall It must " Any governmaat which undertake*, by ertmlnal law. to pre vent thai which the tame government dares not bylnv lorbid, ei|'<- ca to ike Rate of the world the un*oundnuM ot the prlikBtphui upon wbh-h lis action Is l aved " \t h li t pur; o*e of (lie law t Is It not to (irei ent the use of Uiloxjea't! g Ii ynirs a- u beverage? Th u why not."asm tasldOD. forldd 'bat uant If If he a vice which ihev Mtek 'O eradicate, whv do d.ev not nm r that vteo a erlutaf why leave It legal for all to do that r Inch they deem It w ick'-d lor any one to tin and at toe Mute tltue make a crlrnlnai of hhu vl.o laaoceaaory "? ?' lawful performance? "I pare over the many oonstdersUone which, If timo per rr Ittetf, mlgh! ue be nrped; I al1 iKlt <?o\y to <he ti'at \he i'lf ror-irnteee th'* prosrrlbed nriirTh an nrceHNurv* drHelci oi fummoreo?ooc?^:trv for many au'l n rful p.xrj.oM^a, atul yt ttha* It ini|")Worn olli' em of fliw* voverom^ni to (ifformjkio <? your Citizen** u??y end wliicb xaey bot uuumfnctar<? i\.\* ereat article of cMnum*'. M ) oak you lo coualder whither anch a p^wcr ofereMxtlof tnonopol ** ought lo bo ronf#rre<! upon inur.irlpal oflloora ?' And I ark the atnrer* tri# nJa ol ihi?- awmiit ff they Jlore ni' n ought i of i<> roiaOmo iDloiicatlni liquor#, an?i thit law **til i>re\ *?nt rh?*lr floln^ imj, why :bry do no* fori?If 1 the pmoflco, Ijuitead of uitevnptlrijr lu< ir<%cily lo prevent It f M At y govf-rMooot vUU'h undertake* by LtwIt ecUon to pre vent :Lat which If tan not the c >un?gu to forbUl, a?,'ra?le-i iu elf. *' I kr.ow t'^il fhr cuaulala. who*r~n)ln?l?? aeem to J?e rliarr *d by an ??vei hfce*mi that the lawn punl-h the inanu'n ton and *a:?- ol bura'aiV li?r tl?e purpoM of prevenilng bi rtilarv. the law llr.vl trea'a burglary aa a crlmn. ho wltti (he muLufikcture an<l ^alr ot counterfelterh' ?*slram?:/,??; but it th ? treats the u o* of (boy in^ romenta as a crime. "?'o, when the tore shall come when yon ore ready to treat the temperate ui?" of Jlqtiot a as a crime. It will he tlmo eno u'b to c<?nvi-rt lh#* rr antac ore and oale ot tli^m lino crime*. ?' ! Iwpe thai ihe law will be repealed. I belie?* Uiat the air.cero friendi of temperance are tired (A (hie attemnt u> osertll the vnurhlD ry of goveramenl to pump cold water down men'* 'Inoats l?y law." , THE MO,I'OR. dUISTlO.1 ALPRKD MOCBilRMI, 190 WILLIAM 8TRKF.T OfTcr* for aale at rcwnoutble prioi ?, French wlm t.ln wood and gla** red and while roruprliaing Hi. Jullen Ht. KBo phe. Medoe, Chateau In Urn Chateau 1-iroae. Chateau Mar ti' ay. ? haii an le-oviUe Haul Sattternra, HauCeUarac, (!ha teau Tatirm, Ac. Herman ami Rheolih wloea, In wood and Kba**, Burgundy wine. In wood and rim romprlatng i '[iam bi rlln, F.rtnltage red and while. cole untie Ht. Jo?eph, Cm da Ht. tlenrge. Ht. Peray, momMciit and m.n mouanciix In loud M I duly j'ttid. Comae 11randy of aundry brand*: and all other liquor*, aaglu, Hootch wblekrf, rum, arak, Cura Ooa, bitter*, 4c., 4c. AMERICAN BRANDY, PUT UP I.V BKAUTirCL prkageaot tf, 'j.and pipe#; gin, N> w Kngland rum, MorjoBgabela ami rm tided wlilikey, elder brandy, pure ?pirn*. Jkr. l.rea' Inducement* to cjwh buver*. who will do wi II loglre uaacall ??. WaRDACO. Afen'e for the diatll'.era, lit) Murray atraet. BRANDIES, FRENCH AND OrilBR FOR KM.Y WINKi, c. nutating of port, wherry Madeira, muacat, Malaga, Ac ;

Jamaica rum. Cou ch and Irlah whiskey, London and I ublbi porter, Hcntcli and o'her ale*, unequalled in quality and at t'.ia nwiw poe-iuie price. VINDKRIIILL A MAUKK-ON, id Urn :trie atraet, corner t'roaby, rear Bro i l way. KgCOK DKAI.KRH-10 PUNCHKONH STEWART'S J re'ebratcd I'aUley wh:>koy, twoycara old, for aale, from I. H. Imnded warsbuuaa. apply to JAMKH aI.NuL.IK, 91 B* vrer a.rt t. ?pORTKIt ANt) AT.K,?THR' ELhHKATKIt P.AHT INDIA Ionic pale ale. In pin:* and i lar >, London i id Du u por er. Hcntrh ale. 4r , dell erred iu the cFy or atlburb*. w ' i nut r, tra charge, 10* ibe old wine vau.l No. 18 Wa'l a'reeb tl. v.. MK.VIlI'kl. TO WHOLKSALK OROOBBS AND I.lql'KR DKALKRs. Ileet green and eeUnwgraie and ooynae otln, antennae, earrau od in Imitate Jamaica and et Crola rum; peach, cher ry. tipple, and raapberry brandloe; Holland gin, whlakry ; url ml VaCeira wlne?- beat French coloring, lor aele by f)l? L r tCCUTWANQKR. W Maiden lane. WKWHPAPKflsi " KRALD rtLKH FOB BALK?JPOK 1HM-4 AND 6Y, TO _ date, bound In four volume*. Apply to K. HELM A.N, e.nod engraver, No 103 Na^an "(reel, corner Ann, room No. 4, m < oodtloor Prve tTi Pkpakk to orin.?look oor ron tr lam. n table pome ofe WILIIKINH AND III ' DINAH, Fully II matrated artth twenty lour original com run. in the New York Pica)une publlabed on attirdajr, Price 3 oenta. Hold every where, U9l /.? Ill Nar an ftiect. IllK CRITERION?A NEW WKRKLY JOURNAL OF literature ?fierce and art. The Are! t> uit'trr If now r"vl , and mil t.ehudi* Ilia* agent# and at II o oflb e, No. il;l Naaaau ttr- ? t. Scant* per copy. CIIASLin R. ROD! Pu dev. H REWARDS. Ct*)T. RFWARD? NTOI.KN FROM No. 8 WILLOW atraet, Hri-okljn, on "te ll'h mat a larp <oid Jt .i l ah wairti, open Ore i'. .,imon maker, No .l.Vl ? ? 1 ? belt rbnln, a aquere loekei and a lar te gold it iv at n '..-! Any t>eitan by deUreyiog the above tn Mr? Haraii Nab'i IlKbetieei, itrfofclvn, iir Mr. N.l' ttcden. K Itcektnaii .t . >?* fork will receive'he aboye reward, and no >|u?aiu>' aaked. ?>*)? RRWA'tD.-IJ'?T A DIAMOND PIN IN HI Oao form of a rrMeer.D. The above ret* ?i t w.ll |i id i n leaning It at ;il ll'h Mr"f son imwabd.-mmt. n-rw v ? i. i^^ly Itroan .* v, or.e gold watch (*?<?, tna -? I II Y o ?lde, with an eagl ?. and ihe nun.bera TH, 71, i* id. ?<. me ie waenrraved Meket elyla. Ibiiuiraatut Naeaauaifet fan VJ, where the reaard will be j a d J.C RMt; ltj? I.'. I. YK.- I I \Y AFii:.' IN ?J In In ? Nitty o <ii en* I n enae and 'I we .'I ? I Id'a i.i; k'nee made of ery vrge an- t red .1 "e.t rheflndrr Will confer tv grev, and re re In a i rt ward, Vy retiirui'g " met' ..en, -1 Ilrmn > .. a $2 Rl WtRD 1/ H, si PpimFii fv iif gera Moftrne, like, (A,err f .*? pe?r' t re aaea >4 milecap peaty rmecd *l atcre ranatd at lit tie pant 4* their r*'uri at !"T 1 eceyy I'll* A F.I.LKI'v' (iUIDR. jmikap pars ro* albany im-h* a t V by cent*, oauuagc ami berth ???*:.? lt>o?i a ? In "at* tot n. M. ou tae n?w a ct nitpi ek ? r t k?M (?KIDDY tie la ?*? Ixei f, -ht e r t,' ap 7. W II. ? tl :e?y? ihe north atd* of per tree (d jliWt,, una'."' ev< V .de , Wtdt eaday ami I n. a. ? p > ar ?..< ? 4 If. RII.I.I URM y billiard tablms pdr oalr-ar* or t.u" e ?) be* tn*. >. ? lire - w* ? be yo.d low u?c, .<? lb* 1 aire- Ami o U. " 1 M ?gnirge wa e i r Pntt ???:. Col! for u UtfllnK of IIm OFiuurrntl rMumllUr, [From the Washington Hilton, Nov. I J The gentlemen composing this caHntttK nrr refuel'. td Ut turret ut be National Hole I in Washingum <?!>, "a Tuesday, tin Rtli day of January licit, at I- o'c! ch 11 The mrMutttee, m rm'll'nM Mr the la"t De u 'Cattc National Lonreutiou, constats of the gsatie DiOO ? Maine Ha ting Strickland. New Hemp-hire O. C. Atbe ton (deal). Veitwout I 'tiTirt A Nwinlley. Ma-sat-liust'i* 11 *'. HaJieil. Rhode I-taic1 Welcome U. oaylee. < onncclout . Jaiaes T. I*ra?t. Now Vork lohn I'. ttcek'uari Now Jersey Josepn C. 1'otu IVnnryVvanii iurner CauyiN il. Delaware .(lor/re K Riddle Mart land , Robert M. Itri.aiu . Virginia William H. Clark. N tin dims.,. W'nrri U IViuaioM . Georgia T Bailey Ahsban.a Islwa^dC Iletti. Mississippi., S. It. Ada m i. 11 ubluua t C Lena. Ohio Alfred P. F-dgortoo. Kentucky Pram- I". Htmb-. Tenue-see Course W. Jones. Indiana Alexander F. Morrison* Illinois. leave Coot Missouri iTvdinaod Kenneth Arknnsu- n H, Burrow. Vti.ddpn 'I T. Brodh'id Florida . .Thorn?? Itallrall Texas James- W. Meott. Ivn iuMabC a. h?if. Wisconsin.. 11* iij. I. liaDBlof. California Wll'lnm V. Owiu. Ti e alu vo nil liu - b??n inserted ut the request ofNnu. George l ean Middle. ot Dots* arc, who* letter upm. the subject is us follow ;? Wn.MiMiTiiv. IV! , Oct 29, lRf.N. Ma?As tLe Demon alia Vi toonAt Ion mil tee hove here* tt toio n- -oiubb il e.ii iy in the uiout of January jue eding the ITesldentlal elect.on I thought It proper as on old raen.ber, to *ddr*? th"-e whose p.*-t oliim were l>? nte kit-two. (embracing a nu ^otlty,) nad from fheir replies Btltliollre you to UtlT.<nlDC tlutt said committee will maet at tbo National ll-'ol WHehirii'iou, 1>.C., on Monday lb" Htb day of Jautir.ry next, at 12 o'el.i-k at. H?a:*o publiiK tha call upon receipt of this that it may readh the distant members in time b r them to at tend the meting, and oblige your olwuien' servant til-ill It Gun ItMlM.K Member of Coutmlliee* foi Delaware. CUy Politic a. H A 1,1 -HELL UKNKKAL COKBUrTLK. TVitd commit* t> mot at the hettdipiartets, St. John 4 IfuU. John 11. Williams in the chair. A cvminitt*.* was appointed to recommend a pro|*ar pej **u in Judge of the SuprenM Court. In place of Kobert H Morris, dcceasi.t, und K. B. Hurt made n report from Hie finance Commit* tee from which it appealed the luuils were In a good c ndltion. Tlio ci?i uuitee adjourned el a kite hour, to meet again on Saturday night, when tickets t"r the #ovea lal waida will be distnhiitad. SOKT RBKLL JfDICIABY CONTENTION. This Convention aaaemblrd nt Tammany Hull List even leg, puisuant to the rocriumeielatbiu of the gtuoralcom mittee of Tamnmny Hall, and organised by eb>nin< C. ewaekbamer, 1'iCsidect. and Joseph I. Bauedict, Secre tai v. Henry Hilton was nominated on the llrat ballot, for .lu'lge ol the Supreme Court, in plaee ot Herbert N. Mor ils. < etiascd. A nuiuiittee of five were upn doUd to draft resolu tions oxpie sire ot Hie sea?i) of lie convention <ai the 05 C"' Ion of the couth ut the lit? Judge Morris, an I n oom initlee to notify Mr. Hilton of hi noiulnation aftei whl'h tho c< nvtn1 Ion adjoumed. HARD Knt LL JVUICIAKT t'ONVKNTTON. Tl.e de!? g.?tcs convened last evening, ut their, ItV) lln i... wuy. tor the purpose of iiomiiiatiug a rcndolate for 'he huprenie Court, to fill a vacancy ocrasinne*) by the death of the late Justice Morris. Fred. It. I*e a *um* l the . hair at R o'clock, and < Jl'ed Ihe meetlnj| to order, w) en a vote for iLt uuinliiutlou, n'wt immediate ly ttiltitd into. an*t tei ultr u thus:? VVni It Leonard r.O I'.ulph lerlt'tiil 4 11 lti V. Cutter 1 V.m. H. lemur,', Is theiefutc the uoautiato.u, aud on motion It was mndc unanimous. WlllO JL'UK'IAHY CONVENTION. The ernvitilion met at th" Broadway House las t ight (n i.oiuluate a letsoii for the Supreme Court to (ill 'he vacancy caused by the death of Judge Morris. Then. Moyvi taut vw la tlu> chair, and Mr. K. B. beluifer of liiia.cuss hdilwy. Mr. Charles I'eabcdy was mml nu led. 'i he uallol stood t'hailns A. I ??w'ooly 18 voias ill in 2*. Kolr. uiii,,, 4 do. W. 11 Brebc 3 do. f'rtdk. A. Tallmai ge 3 do. POST SHELL OKNERAL COMMITTEE. TMscou mine" met last tdnh" at Tammany li.ill. RoSt. hi III in the chair. The business transacted was purely of a oral nature and related to the assessments on can didates piinllcg. and distribution uf tickets, and a<L Jourtcd at a late hour. Brooklyn City Politics. marm yr.CTiKfi or tok uakd hbki.l dkmocbaot. Ihe haul shed cltmocracy ol the city of Brooklyn os r.einb'cd in mow meeting at th? Military Garden* la eienlt.g. Delegation* were present from most ol the wards with Lands of music, Lannefs and transparencies. The gathering wns one of the largs-st of a political nature since the President Ul enmiaign ol 186'.!. John Rice, Ksb., was chosen President; and Vim I're-t dent from erery ward au l town, and four recretaries, w?ie <clee(i d A letter of excuw for non attendance was read from Hi is. 1 at .i?l S. Idcklaaon and speeches were mile by il? n. Joaiab Bather land, II. < ? Murphy, hi unci* H. Mpino in, George Ta>lor llou. II. A. Moure, Judge Ureeawoed, .lb okB. li nn, J K. W?IL n. and others. The sentiments > xpr eased by the speakers were Intensely "har l" Jkrwl a.iti hrto* Nothing from flist to last. CtTerel speaker e bald forth ia (row! of the hotel to a lei Li- a si inbisge, who coul 1 not be eccomui'datod iu the bui ding. Tl.o n,ii ting throughout was characterised by great rotbrlnem and unanimity. State Politico. ? fit LONG IHLA.MJ COKKKHt'OKtlKNCE. Psmi'sifm, Oct. 31, 184.1. Anti-Mitinr Law Mniityj in XuJf'AA t'oun/g. 1'urmint to notice, a meeting of the Inhabitants of this village was hel I Ibis day at the Ji(>u*e ol George rt. Kay nor, for the pnrfmse of girtng an expression of opinion, and discuaaing tl.e Maine law, last evening. Mr. (Is*, rge #. Thorle-r called the meeting to order, ?d in a few rcmarka gave the objects for which tliey o BTCnod, and nominatod George J . Mills. K | of Bi llpott Chairman; Isaac liornan. of Hayrille snd (k ? rge W.Thurber if 1'atehogne. weie drily chosen Se- retarles. Abraham W. Floyd, hj?h., ol -elanle', was then Intro duced to the andi?m e hy Mr Thtrrbcr. Bo spike for ab> ut three quarters of an hour In a most fori lid* man ner agaimn I ho present liqnor low. He Oonimencel oy sfotfrg that lie api'-nri'l hero up< n broad principles, and ibar-ki i Uiid ho hod no ase to grind The speaker re vie vrrd the wriole career of the tetn|ieranee party, from the'fare of tho fa ?sgo of the <?!toua lew of 1816 irt.i?lng It a miss i me to r to rtU liqnor on one sids of a c? run or in sginary line . and also making It leg'' sod correct 0 iii the same thing on the other side of .%id line. Hf followed from lhat law up to the j > ent one id be Mai no law. desouacii g the p loci pie luvolrwl in rt eh Isw and dellrered one of the most scath hrg, bMtor and satirical ? ? iy? the e?rl li.'ure lhat pastei this aVoniOahie Mil ?? beard n 'c gis-d "eld ennty of boffolfc." (ben said he hail anpposed thatoahor speakers than him-eif w- r to bare enter*a)aed this andteate bad as owe ol them th< Mm A. T. Ito.e rorlsl not stWnd, and hs! writes th fsiikar a letter Which he might read to this m>. dng, be *'old. If the andionee reoeested, read tho Mid letter il <rg sn l eon isaef erfea of "Jo-ad. teed, r?as1), The sjeoSer ro re read e letter fr o Judge Rst-e, Mt ?* ly q 1 oi eg the pre.ent llqoor law in that ptafn and for >.;? titsawr ?s? P. the Jedr an I the J ridge at ,ne. Thi l.'on J oris A. *M* so of Queen's v-.nt* ws tlisn lntf'.d"ce.| to the roe. fin/ lis vl ire tad the ?? dunce aa the en .dttatioasl tights af the peoplr of this giro (ova federal armpaet f' In Rt SWT Khstl cd this riliige, ma lea few happy a. humorous rteiark , wl.en f'spt "ml !i . It, n-, - I wi i an l eps.n U.a g. set principle- now .le.n iod lt g the at tan'??? ?fth? Am- f?? p ? W W, liirssirrr, fjti|., of ',.it J?fi rs a. m-eh ? fsw m>y remarks hMaellsft ly sf ?r w> i<-h Br. Oasper, a free wil daw art at) ares, rarymarlieaeflad. ?r>m ,ui ? i ?? natnre of the ttoetiag, > aiing he bed <??,?? e j fo attend ademeeiwltc n.eetlng, but tost he ?i> ve r loiteh i Irswt ' tn'sd. He stta-ooted. to bu f ueh ? Issef' li.'ed ||e attauipted. to Ins rt den. once w -ear. If .Tino 4r lh rler p.r lestng t ' t t ml ?f whig, and thru taking part > i a cis lei wl in. he ' h- r. jht ws 'lamocrath;. At this rerMet in his apeanli ha esse tn > rt ad still ar d 'iab his seat aaahl.t uprsar awl mi's t o The Wteettag t .-II Jour,.el wttti the Mrattmt ? no 'e I ?, with thee t.rt ' tft-eetor raevdlg lb. .? ao t ' I t t t o'tic am. Maine law mee iag iTer hel' m rr . Bty of aefhilk VUt ftr'i Marine AfTeltw Ass ? sie ? rha art at ?/ .hipp ag * during tlv fait f riatgt t hare bens very ?>. I ' m Ike Vth Inst, te U.r i t evrtulag. ? ?#ts esrlo.tve of .(aerate at- hs era If) n ?an' hl[si > . shins ?? herirs 10 t rig. eart I rsehr. a lbs trwsssl. (he isrger ataas he e a- -ma h o ? ?' tb? aary tnast. h th in resy t t V t; ut' ' (Mt bewe s i. anew tho p. ' Iu >tes tbsw, a arjr awat'er of vi.? * t* st pd at the ''.-te.sw.T. O ijm TV Stwi ft out Until!* ObB B.'0 11111K0 lDUI?rDim!MCI> ith> jAMOBn, Hej't. 77. Id' . K, fl f ?r kr*~Tl ,Vi'/ I 1,1 thr Ciiy? UfH ~~JShS'i. /&a'%. 1 f< '*ud a report ol ll.o coffee market and itf|MU-at* during the tuomb of August. There were during the id ire <? : til Uc"pi,t. bev (or exportation to cKTereut jsrta of the world frotn tin' t'u:i*lk.d? 22P,180 b*,g . I' S,0'O I i-g* of it vere for the I rutted hta'e* vlx.?H?r fViUiiiori. <1V 17f? bag* Cniifrviiii,, fl,477 do. Ohkfkt'Ui, T.fM) d?., New Or lea it*. 40,117 do.. Near VorV. 30,728 do. Fhiiailelphi;* 10 400 do. Thug you wo that the market been ijuitd active at p ice? Taryng **c,>i,1>n<r to quality?eujAf lor, 4, 'Ou.i 4p7UO, egubu qwdiilea, 3' 100 a If liar [f r ambit of. ? I be. I art! a report et etiipnu-tjitt to 'hr fulled hbate. tini l?l of January to r.eptambt / of IMt, compare,* .rich the wine mouth- of 1?U:? 1081. 1H55. Cof*t ho*. ( iijf", U> f ftdUmue . Idtt H?'o ltd,'Of ltntun.... 17,TIM* 8 610 i ' *.**? 10 :?U New O.lcau V .*, 600 l"?l,Ht? Nat Vurlf.... 136,100 IH'??90 lhilnUdphta 61,610 7ll.'4ft) lira tiering pail* and California.. SO,040 "<Mi,2Ju Total to . ?|d 1 MT.00U ?.i7,lKW ! jeli nlth i i i ,a rlt.v and pu< rounding rouuC'v U very had with u ilieetoo lately named grnti " timer Xt"?, but uoo under tne name ot ?unle?tin (itrina iv, Hie l?tl fiieial it|?rU i**ine ub?u" rlxty death* fie, ?l. la the i-i'y and it* Mirrrtiodiotf -Vlil,". Tin dUi w >ppeml lo he ano-liy among Me poor pojAilation .out tin- black*. Hie (dripping ii Very l,e*HUy, to let o'eau I hit of health are uiiirettally giren It i an vxtiuordiriary feature hi thi ili toi that it ho not got umiiiig t o * 1.1 p pl.t g I believe II,a' the pre ill ion taken in fail ing tl.v luenie "l |L> at .) with a ooiullou ot i hb.rtol <<t Inittt hat' bull a g ,*'. ben*tit. If (ernaera Iw<|t.atala. Faiai Kerar At 'ttu.*t.-Tboa. re .a eatth dealor Iron. Debwe'e cutty, N. V., (Ted yesterday ut the New lurk i o pi'al fir in lujnrie* received laat rat, by falling be' teen the fridge a t "he .In <ey CiC forry 1 lug ai d ore of Uio la at- Coroner Hilton held an lo* quaat upon the body, und. It U nig hle.wii that the oe earrciue wa? accidental, and that no peraon, except de re.teed ?t< to bliiii.e, the Jure rendered a verdict accont in-' ty The deei'r ced a an 4S y?ata of ngi, and haa left a wite and two children. MAIMJiki UkaTii ?An in,|ue?t Wio re teiday held by Coroner Ihiton, at 0 F.llia'e It, at tee'., upon the tody of Fdward I itrgeraM, a child twelve mouth* old, win, on Friday lu, t wu* fatally ten ded in coiim-inonce of Id imvlo* | utlod ever upon himself a tut* of hot wet, r. whulr hed lean plan i upon a low ahrlf in n cli-et. The jury rvudetcd a veruict of "Accidental death.' Police Intelllfatwe*. AlIHLoT OP AN AlMv'tiHIt MntrTKFK. I'a'rtc! holly, aim Huffy wc-aritalelycteidayrnoin log, on auitplcion ol havli |i murdt ,ed hi- inter or ?i?ter Ill-law. at I'rnrideiJce, II. I. He came u.< a paaeeiqp<r In the eteaniboat Metrop, lin from Hint plaoe yexierday, and tlio tu| tuiu L ivlng licnid ol the murder, and heo ,n:o aware that the ntm;erte1 u?n wan on t.oiud eallid n pellermnn n, ao< u nn the l> r.t reach I her dock, mid lord him at ren'ed. hell) ??* bulged III tieToBlha. to it wall the action oi the Providence aoihoeitiro, and <?. teleg, a {?liic ihnpatcU anucunolig hi, capture i>< rent on to tbero Jci?*y City \tiv?. I-i.MfN u.,7ic Ci't'MTr OoM'-trnn.?Ih" llude .i county democrath ionientUiu met at Beaty'w llotol, utlheCiiy ol lludo,ii, yOr.vrday nftarnoon, to m,uiioai? c-inly olll rr i ?. It v. ,,-' i t deemed advlniblv t? uomlua <? a citvll date for heiiii John A. Hyvr?on peter N. Iloraley u ul t-ariel \?u 6'aU r were nonunatld for Coroner*. I'onTii *l.?Tin- he, ,ud irnai intdy illatiiot deuiocratia, convention, uoi ipo e<l i f delrgatea from the P'lr.-t, foe ,n.l and Third wan hi, met on Wi-dnaarlay ere tug, at No. Kl M, otgomery rtreot, ami nominated John II I/iw fur the a*, ejiibly , on the *e unit ballot. Mr. t'harlaa I ink ? i nominated upon the dial ballot, hat de, lined. Cirt 1'wb<'n I'ljediT?Horing the month of fetotwir, ti*et, were rixty eigbt c iuuilliala to the Jeraey City priion for ofl. io i i, aufbllowi:?Drnnkeonewa. Ih, drunk an I dlaonleilr, 7; dlarodi ily, 4, atealiag. 8, receiving xtoleti geoda, 1, innllrlons n.Nehlef, I; aa nul'. l;llghtln< S. Total, eh. The nativity of llie prtwine , 1* hown t,jr the prl 'i ii rec id to ln? ?? bdlnwa:-?Irelrnd, 41; Kngltna, r, Oermnny, 6; France, 1; 1 nitad Mate,, 11 ol whom rlx were coloied Tha Ilm nit if nf Ilir CnitUvllli n uitiliti -turf -Ll?l <>f llir Injanttl. The Breton journal at till .-1.?I ij t ha* additional far th-ulara of the burning nl lb* CordaTill# manufact ulng Utibllibiwiit, fn.m ithii!. ?rr l*tt IM full .aim ? IUM1/ (id Ihl (uiiit Ifrmil that Wore theali Mil, el ran, tin nnly meaua of ogre*" ?> c it "(f and th otiOmtlver btii'intlii i?hty atnl a in tl>? Uctnij. if win.m tin i- win Iwti nl una* hundred, hail but mm all" rn?ti?e--u the. to Jump fn in till* wlfl'l'iw* nr tn In li 11 in-1 to deal ll. About the centra nf ibi faitory, o the notable. there ??* mi Irnn ladder, running trnm Uw gr-uiul oyartne t<><l miiI tn theground on tin ithrr ail 10. Home of tin* <i|>< ratlirp h nl lb* pri i aw O' min i to run tor thU had ?lor, mill hy It i|iilt>' n iiumwr ileum 1*1 In ?*fety to the ground. Unoniiii'.t on -of the female opera'-ire* got I art a*) ilnwr. beam* i.i wildrred an l 'npjml raind*: inglt rxtren.biy dftenlr, If B?t impoMlblo, u i i?r the eirenmataneM, f'-r any OM to |*^? b*r nn the ladle . In tbi-riioanl lino tin tin mi-? wa?o proa d* bar I upon tOooe wba remained. f'.m# leafiad to the ground aitb> out heeltation, while other* waited until tl.elr clothing waa , n (in before they took llir dread*! leap All tho oretiviM In tho third anil fourth orb ? wi* oblige' to Jurr.p from tl. ? window . A f?w wbn wrre In the urat and *ae?nd ttorir* Heaped t ) 'i??- .lelway, til m->?t 01 thi o ill tho until glory alan Mini t..-m<lT"i" I ijf JU'"| Ing In aU.ut half en hour efti r t? a alam waa ilretjlren tho lot flellln, endeoon eftor e portion of the well loll with a tremendong naal Die ouUri' eon tan'.* of tin mill, Hit- tiiM hinorv, ?t- ? k on hand ami aotoe ft ' n or afltioa bah" Of * ?ira-ly for th' maik-"t, w ?? drtlioytd. Kot an ai title waa -aved from 'In burnt n hi llOi tr Iho winl blowing ?iiorg fioni the ?o ithwo-t, do o tho toward 'b- at-o hooae, whlnh waa e * vd cM tn tho railroad trai k ami In win I. thaii- wi? ? nio $2 Otfl i r f <k*r wor'h nf r ?i?.n In Inal- and a q aan'lty of waatf. In a f? w in nu n' - 11 < Mill Hug hi c raiuawil ami It" ronUntadi-atrmml The mill waa etnptoyfd Id ma tig toavy cotton gnu la tir the N tbem market, ami w?. making nmr i lno yant? Tim U??? ta oatim*'*!1 a' f im h60,(Md to dVl.OOO on whieh tha?*W?a Mmo p. 0,n0b In-iranri a' p1 < u (tartfiiril and I'ro* laoro Kit 11 ti **lr a(i**i Mi It "ootii" almmt turn- hlo that from fifty to ????an" r poiM n? >h> old Jonf from the third and fi urth r.?< of a I'litldltif. ' n th* hard gr in-l ami that In.' n? "hniild to- hl!!? -1 end <W0 nth or- fa'illy loj- r~d, 1"?' ?ueh wa th- oei ? Many of tho*? who/iimp?'l f wn the nuildtng wan w.p iklrig at nut IB tin- af"' n on "ubi * nf them witil--ut i on a limp. Th* I of the billed ant wounded la aa fu!low? KiUM?Maria ''art?r. ?/*d Id or IT and ihe-nly t-ne riean girl at w-.rk in the mill rv wea t ? .jo r.e tirdrnt eiater-ln law. !ir? 'a-ter wia .n ih i we ?lory a moment h for# ih* 'arm w?? gte-ii fho flnn-i erloaMy f Unwed he* up the "lain in the third ft i y where eh* waa a' wurli rh- waa org d toi-imp from 'he w id-iw bat "be replird " <i>renut A mumeat af'e h-r rb'lhe" ranght fli ? *l?'l tie ??? ***n fhilinw |o 't Otoursd? hor rl|'hrr if.-; ho f.a.r .na hla * of.a an <>en 'o for boardingb'?i-* an I ?M in iii /eioref?'lary Mnrnhy M?bro?> and ftoi ,, jure.) win probably W/l raaatw I atrieb MeLereeutt, arm br?b* ??1 1% rw ?v??l 'fo thieb. llery tWermntl atlghvyburt l"?u r'eln. wr ? dlaloraied and Ir j ared aW> ? '. toe* Jumped fiotii the foertb etory. hurt, )?? Maiy I truth nutty b it tor n.o Mbld U - foaben hb* aiin Junipod from tha fourth rtity reroreay doubt fm Wm. h?-.??dy. "hg'-illy iBlu.-#i! B th* h?m'i a?T arm Mary M'l!. "'!* Maigairt Hell -1 anna Pn. ? ,1 an 1 J ' ? all allgbtl.i Irijurr.: Jhmre Mr<iie, a "i-./tuhrnan Heb ng* in fWrrhe'tor I I.wer tfllla. - h* ? be ha> e family, > fiad b' !#fl arm i ? n In two or three plan a, ami waa vlbeautoe hadly hoi Of ha - i#r< ???! alight ? nt-; Be A H of th'?? j? ia onpud frana either the third or to. 'h tor* ??! 'M ' i-a rape from dee th i< troly Wrmderfel t"wa by Ibr M?H?. '.en lew. the Mayor ' h*W h?* da m, ,*an#t.r.n r?f"?"'n g be nr? j ? ?V-r* r fcd bar" rlrwe their oete -afoot" a the ?th of rrvewi'er tfo day f ti o ele ' wrB If i the wa ? r. IbuUoe ' oar inati ?r A-'i- In bae-n erdnrad t'? the'*HM . f '1 - ??? ' ? ' * ' ' ' 1 |t ? |. ' a. I . "< ??*?'* r-d *? .'r v> the ,ifaa of ' -wt we'e-e -i? i oet aa4 To-pelra a aahlr*' - a Mr. Mm ll u ray and two a. ??tu+mt w*raa dr- wraa-t n lag* ? r * ba h -ai' by tlie awing -f a w It U'*r f ("rleef.'. ha?e a4?i Ua? iu? . ae- - ? ' t moot ?f raeair* t*. * *, nhlar ?. ft fabftaeo from Jotfa?>'-e Bhararfc" b-r T? i , a -or r 1 ta fort Ol'ao r. Waahiln. and fo waa 1i,a I a wad -' aloe bae* Je?t ?woa-rrl a I- \ iro' -4 betuoea ltd *?<! Ill 'hi ag? nr' Hye* '.hr r., lar I! at the pari ef Dotloi' M )..|>r. rjadrr the a *"*. Tha eult ba . baeat pandiag i lea haw Tl * Ofault < ?w?r< Ire < awiph" 11 " m?fy Th haa , d the raw ? t ' at fdegU-W a*. I iff ObMwwt' h ' " Tfe ralenl'eu own a aeagw l<ea. rra arhk-h pia-e' * e ? a?( o, "d urr# tlwre ?*"? !? ? " 'W ?'!*? "-a < v-;t ??-*? I " "9 *? > t? i4* J. Pt far Ki.<UI<ii,-[ In S( 1 > l'*IT?.l? Hi ATI.1- DIHTIICT ftf'HT Btfcrc ll a Jurtjfp lugtr. II. J. 1 Mti ,n 1 ?V * |i .t Attorn*), Wr Kckl?nr nu t *d lur th? ?u:rm> the Court an J nyti Iftfurtr, ft'ii?l}t?1 ? f mil ling f it tli* a r mitt* in th* Cum*.. Tit* Judge. .a -riitniiwiu^ tU? prl>..nrr, mid tbt ?i*o trallty U* - in* 1?* to prrmrv* fitondl* .*U?tloa.i Ik tw> or tliii Ciumtrf and fo <lgi. gorrinin-nt*. ?ud It on I ?lir..*t!V fnr b?nig*"?ot l'owor. ?*<?!? juvmUtad to u? rat roil i o b? re H li.iglit ii.Tol*. 'L* ? I'nltvd SUI.o in a '(??* li'luilt other nnu .ru. Tbr I'uuit uiigUt Inltl t a i?a*Jtg oftbrro)om.i iiu|ir(*i.timmi mi* luic oi k<i. iiiulrr ih* I'l-.irui.l.uc-, ol thin >..???. tl?.- orutooc > ??( ?h> <* hitt In, lhat .lini-ph H'lfBi" N- ? ulrut*?1 to tvi . hupi 1m i,n-oi,t, **,. tu po; ? Uur of $100 lut|k>%tmoi tm Tbt?lilrnl Nimwion, mamiok comiT, Itof'jto XI' i* ,'ii jjf U ( ot!rr C'f. ? 1.?(I. Hiirram tfi Uun.-~ Till* *?i an iie"?ti to n- ""'rr un ? ?ryr . *rrr*r ?*f .al I rr a* ?a opeia *li>*or. Tlir itMendMI i? fu u.nmro' of lb* 1 ngli-b , p?ra cm |>?iiy liiiMrn ll) (uir* a IV I'yuo nml IWrri ?. Troupe, aa-1 Uir plaindKT i* on? of th* U'o lr -nV-m n that troupr. lli< pUintiir rrlit I o.n a wrltUm contra* * uukI* iu In* don, by wli 'k tint uctciatant mg??cd ItU *cr*lr*i to *ith ihe I'yuc and Hirii?oii trotijn In Amrrlr* for ono rear, at a Wr^kly aulary <f JCIf, atrrUnif. Tic /ear !?>? wliirh tlo* pin mill mu cnfthRpd lml raplrrd. ml In" ?< hnoirlr<<||nl to 'ibvc hr*it duly p*ld for *11 <m ? Uirli pn lot u anrc.. I j the troupe li?d '*ki,n pi. * ll* claib)?l to l>< rallUm! to pay a* urll Hit Ihi- iiig.iv. on wlitrh ll.orc *?. in (nrloi maDcc, a* t)u>?" on win. u ih- rr *ra. |riforu nor, and the p.fiont acllon aron !? r* ecu n prvpoitlon of il.o nLa?? for the nlgbU on a hie* iu* }?? h -manor l< < k |tlAc*'. I k? tii f? u Uat denied bit lhthUHy. II/. rar'a C CUv* fhi the pn.iTd.ff contended that tin* wmlrMt *??* ' to employ and pay tor i?ti" y+mt, pcrtoimai cc oi ii |m i fiwii iivri* Mr. tU njuuiui ? nit ? \ith t t thr tlefi-n t?n* lUbmUt^lr Ulftt till* C'Oillftft fil'l* ffil (Tl'H* ? on It- fn r iMIMt b? tHki-i) n* nxn'ir vi'h iffri'-uc.' tt,?* uuIxim-.I riutow n-o(?rifc theitucfil pirfurmri -lh?l pitmtDt w?- unif wiMtr-p i 1 *.%* mph* -?t j?tft foo.v ?? Mfi i f luinifit to pAn lr ?$? to >how th? ol fiirlii r ot*m ilr i?*f?*rft*d t>? tb* c. ? ??t Mb?t t >t v- Chun , (ICC'.aw Jfoir.,'i27, lx i in wtilrb I >$?? pluntlfT. n t\uuiM, ?u?4 ttu* <-t tli< I'rliiw -h tU*- >!? ? t*i \ ( $ ? %ia?pt and ? fi?h?Tc w;i? ?<1 nm$?t of u ru-t??m n ?t to p%y wh*?? no iirtforti'incr took olii*". Tl?*i vbnUl!'* ? .MixM'l objot . I to any evUUncf ??f ..inn a cu-tom, but thf (mirt <:rciilM Co U'irnlC it. VUo doba ?1imt tb^n pr<???'?! Mint on th? niirfit . fur vrblrh tin plain tift imv rJaim^t to Im piii i tho itiaalro w? rlo^d, mi4 tlint It Wiit iht* run Com In ihr- Atnnrlriui a? ?rrll a hi |t$#^ I t Minn thrVir* nit topuy tin* iktformer? <?n ha rn^Hu on vrl Ith no pat fn i ma urn to? V piaw. H) the CViUtf ?MrC ?itliv, J.?-t'ril# I? an a rtlnn l ?r i/r ?Ir<^ ** un oprr* f*lw ? and U?a claim rcili on a cofit?jft, I ? i* hl? li tho il?-?etidafit hound filmarlf to cm ploy the plaintiff to t*tiK fin one yomr, ut a wrekty onUrp of tift/terliny ft ni?| that the pltlu'l'f uv? Hc**t? p?Id for n.I If o i n which flu* theatre where in Im- wam ihf<i*ff<d to e|ri|p wa? of on writ that ih# c'nlm l'? for the idahie on which the tbmtrr was ck'i-rd and on whico no |M?rformum <m took ftlaw The plaintiff fnd*tn that Um* oontrant ' to pay the h t!hiy at all event?*, f?erft?Miiince or n ? per foiitiAnce; it ml the iriMif - that the (otrect im only a contract to | ay on eurh nl|fht?i .? Uie I '* Merrieea may Ih ic?|tnrod. The r? ti*cac* ta not NUiMffUi)!'* on It* hu e and if it t ? alone till' plaintiff wonltt wadnubU-'ily f?e correct In Hi* Interpreiatlor ?$f it, and wfaH t?e entitled to recoyei hu* amhlftlitfeti are of tw kinde, patent or obvioii*. acul U ?ut or hl'de?t and th'** cifl'iH'i iiltjo nirh fro- from any patent am at Kuit) or fl^it'itfoliy ort Ha fne#, U *%ia by the Ae|ho daut to r'War a ja'eiit or un?'ei? '.roldgulty in the *h*pe of a |?eruher ciift' in In tl e th- atfi^ai profeaaion, wlilefi. althovi(h not e*pre*ely re fee re* I to l?y the contract, la arftitlji)*1^ p < uiiii t by Inir i?wrt of tt end wrtb**ry te Ih? <?( nekltiefl in It- lu'erj? e!ttth?o Tne 'HfipM/iSl'i cminaw I claimed to *> ow thl* ?ti-tr rn, and 1 (ermlthd htm | to plre ?%id'*to e ol |t? 11H1oiaa ami of In natinV and I Mtiat It U un V?'t?l*hly true t>i:?? every man I* pre in mad to know not ahm* ih* ct imknal and civil Law of thi* knd. hut ?!<?" all tmcUwtt* je^ uliar t#> hU trade or prolr**ion, or iha ?ub)eat rd hi^ eontrwrt*, and he h proaunnwl t?- make hi* contra'te with taprea* rifereiMe to *i?ch law and ruttom Th pilotury tu'ie i'?r the con?trU'lion id eve y eoutiact U toaarerte$n the lutviil of I lie partW The intent, too, i? t*?t#vp Viu ^i li'-ni th? eh'?ie j .xtitraet, a?4 ?fh-ct i*, if po eihle, loheylfeoto every part of it. Aad tt?? the law and ? v? ry | artteulur nn nm xfT?*o|itig % oe? tract are pr? -niii* d ?o U- |Mrt *ad parcel of it, we mud in cnllcHRtiag the intent *>i th * )?%rU? ? ' on uier n ?t owiy 11.?? coDtract It * If, but M * l*w r?ud > inom In tht* caee ftithough tin't i;>rrolnii i>f i ? j*?ri t? mm viy that the d? #en I.toI ahall |*i$y the e#* ? ly ? ?Urr (*f one iear, yet like U gai l u!e of ? >.p? itim* jt?-? irji ??kC to tweke* tt ?e rtfhm* v tiiat to u wrf<?'u ffi hit'iit ?f the r*?rliee, we tun*! he.k a? welt at what iha panic* ray a* vb'i i? the law and ? uafrrtn'. 'fhe en-t rt <<* ?h in* '? ui hi the tbee 111 mi I j?i<<P ft ton to jay only for Um night'* p<*tb?ra?awee. ha* le$ n cleaifv protrwl *? b*? tf?e Cent that <*n U?e rif'?bt? on which ta**laiy now r.Iahnwl iMnal, the the ittre ?u clorecf and no j*>, f.?Mn*r?< e Ue<k pi are Heading thi# ' "iilr?tt n <? *??'? ? iion wl'h tl$e rn?t'*ffi tilii* e?%ab liehr l *i* I am houhd to do, I >anfi'it avoid the coiictu ?b n ?-n principle that the plaintiff ha? -.?? light fo rere nr. lio* corrw lurv of thi* amelttdtui U ful y aua'aifked by The prior adjudication* perto ularif the i-??r ??f brtat %a. .' uwMoft rfie'1 by t h'* dofrridaijt <? * till ? I, th" ra?# ef Hlliton va liocke, bIhll and t?'b? r authoritie* Jttdg iij'flt UiU*t le- eniwrrd for th" d? t* ndant, with o ? '*. (on>(?ln ('h?iiitHr<. Mhu lion. J '(? i ..?)?. IMI'OIIT APT TO CIIII1IMMH, MRItCH ? M M l?0 fK nnWKiTtuui. //ir 111 /< Iin<< <>A<-< rt JfU'J. j4. > <?'<??# ??<? <<An lln plaint flu In'litic.-t ?t? -? ; irn- < Inlt Imaint<- ?- mrtrhMll, atxlkr lb* flrttt of IPjigr, I? < I'tlia b Co., bti 1 makr ?< Mil ?t'.<n f<,r a par pat <<1 l<i|it|r 1I?? aaniiitt th" ilc'i'ii ! <m? Ibc 'irrinta k? l raptaia of lh< -I ip ' <>nn?Ueut iti-W-r (tin foil tirtof riKilMlMMi H? lUlolifl < iiiptaln Hint ti Of .lapo-ltal la Uia ?trfaadaoU'al.ip oatan ut wli < U la about tu ??ll (or IlkTrr ;ii 000 Inulitli gf |nii r?lu~l at | k* ooo I tiki tl.i tftituli ImTK aliyr til*a. nuftmlu Uk i laid to auab no ui.<<?anlijf -tat* toil tba ainlt-rarrltrra ra ru?k to ln??r' h-t ?n <-.t(r? Tli< | Uintl'U i ?.n.uinl llikt II tlm >i>te I* |4imltlr>l t< ffo to *<? In Ui prow lib ?ondilioo al'i. tit tr rat a .f ml ?( mart lianWta? Talt.ail at |a*i Wj#-Oi? a'Hjr f ainnlta cargo, aa anil aa tt.o li??a "f tl- pan an*"" ??tiM tat kivtea %<-trA A ImpMtlf btjutr n Itxl >."? ./rantr"!, a?1 aif .ib ?o' vum> kui4 lo ilvia ?a?a vlif It i?<jjM Ok' I *? 0 a ilk | ?r | nt tj .I I'kr ?<< n law r*at. Thaalrto and ttahlMf l?tt~. ItkAiatii Taiii. i..- T<< n'<< ? a?* at*a<< fur ilaa faaa<4i <>f Iba |*'T< i-*i I<l*l? ? <i.?l -o Mr ll?m>| WHUama tan Cla. ra piorMr4 Of' l>r Haabf il If-ilai,' ill- M-tgniia 'I I* ftktlft ' ii.ii '!? uA Hrym " ' id all at ?(.I II Vr an! ((.? II IdlHaina will apprar thr lantan <a auia lu i < rattan!. : IP ? ai r Tiuil Tbr pi. nir . ? a i<ir.1 ' IW4, <? k? Mltrr at -Iraki. *. ' an 1 a- I aal<"<ai at? afitfaivirl a|am lor (>l< ?l.nt lir- lr. a -Halt r. *..!<??? baa (MMt* a ir- - !r-l n ??r! ?<?< * .tr??i mi./ ? tor H la piairl ap?? Mm aU(a la a rat r aai? '?<.. ?aaaa? hliw * Tanrti - Hat < n la oi, at ? ? < ? a AaiikiUb Klnra at 1 I o-i/fcj | m41a M*ta '? uigb >t. M* til rap I'ar pan M(MllH " (*f itaa Futll) at I a T T)ar aliaar rbar >o?ta ? !' ??? an v i.* I't ha i< > pi ????ha"f? Wlluta a I in <tui. ~tl?i?t< *? . ? a'* tlnaa 'aacalta f.' a. |i- tbta 'tattoo dta Man of Haat ? * I ? wk ? ha I apaaNi n ISa l*k' t ' ?< ua (ta, rr* tiaa *-?, S akphra raaa !?a nauaat </ *l?* ?a:(ra 'oaapaar ; ( I.I <?t 1, I if? ? a* a rlaai - rrir'i <* ?naniarnt MM ( laat <n< Hmllpi an m. a*< * *r. *r*fcta**a i atMlfl aa' *|a|aUtt ta aaaat**r a( la# aatua plain lia aaCrk IVpniiia <r la , ( (? i.a Vtaartiia #<ar a aip a a ta | - a*ajti *a Irv aaki i.oiiai. . la 0. < . a a ' *:-M faaa na? olltp V v?' 1 t -lat ItMp'lr |a<tp.| a.i. Ill' titt'i hll'iaui will i K't Ml nrkiiprtad' bat -?aatafk,< ? a ? * ai.iRt k t* i at ?' \ .rt atMr aititng fata; ira f i * Ir *iaa a fit. arrr/ i* h* Ml *111". ? Ml! M ? I I T.. . . ?. %b >a bi|k *< I 'tot ttf'i * *t li *' X- I. !'t A r*r>a pro at ?*. m? for u* ?<?' ? TH? Mama or Hran if ? ? i ??!'? ntfr at t at- atf Ha C ?rt ot.a . < i Kmototi THt l.atl I I- r atiai?)?l? f ' pbaro ma I.aa ? " J ?' (War ritiava* I it * mi |?MJ "?'? a|t?< i f * .? ??. tiarnattif |y , ft??l up a h, U i m t, t t . , afl ?l,r a'arrariltip a pot a .i .i <o# ?.a II . * ? |pti Vlarw, b' . ?tra "t. -*lj ?' r.gkt ?/ lit ?n fonnlqp tvirtb"' ? ta?d '.ta lilt It a <! t?t*innata4 lo '.Isr acat. a ' ?rr ? ' a t? ? <!?*'?,it' Tillllrlritt ? a* '.?t | ?a ?itntt-akl t j arian* rl t?r.a Mptabl f lit ? fr ?t lit* pa-' of ,bt rttp apt r ti,? ,ta? ar*t ai'ta Ptta ?tt| a rlartaa!?( ball !la|t ,i, okpott'of 'H? ??r11 ? oaf- ? *r-? latfaatnattt. t -.t (ao' in ?i( lonaMltr. IttManoooiat. ? f .r pMP*"b -a 1/ (h.a n; 't?' -apa afUg! ? p",-- nog fwaui lb* ttartba-n mi* rr'tarltM tlttwotrhjif Vp row lor at ? . a "f t lauoapbrro ( a <? Mpabt iu mttly, aa1 ?( ?# III ?pr ti# tb? air. lata r ' 'p~ ta ?<(*'??? t . o . . . t-.M bk Mr kilt tr bttnt'l I f I la o '< ?' ? 1 ' r ? (a'a ipbarr -Itj M?0|t a- [<*,? o?t a ! tf '? Ibatafc ?.-?.*?. bt to ?!(* :h h ? t c a (-i t .a*.'* ? ?r*#na kfumi '<i tr* *?!? it ft M ail I Kc?i'i. UMTIb ?A litlM frtuci tb? |?'itW <f Jtlnria ? 4 H A,.tVruaa, ta , JO i ? ' ?? ' bo n tHI ? -t. k. tW * tub > i I o? a. ??,;(*; at ftobar, M '.1, .r< < ta ''a a IbtHMtK Mip MM by IT talak Mjlti %MK fW(>" <ot ttk'.iilrf ! '.r-lta a'- ? 5rt Tor*. 1 . i *ag ? ? I < '* '' i tatilrgli arrr- 4 br a?ba? ?< ? Ml IXalM'^ao, ?' * ? l' '?< ' "t f*4 - att a<^: i 4 baip. ?ai all ,ar ? ... I UI" :..*?> ' ' A- ' VKlr I. ? .-pl'tlVtlr 111 b (t ill C I ?[ It|<gt( at I ? 't -oartt l|aa kia ' ?< ? *! rtt' .g T>?t? i- it atlib i-ti p. hk brtbrtt. ? It- 0*' im-T-mint ,tmu nra!Or'-4 bonk '.. Jt4(tana OH*. ? !(?<? k?l?t ao < ?a?>ii?k'li?o trita aiatHfal !nt tu I in t't? aH ? ' II (MtbbU Ibt t A.1,0, nta/p % ntpit a "?"V '4 "" '*>?* rala* a? pa . ?g?. TV* *1?raat>o..< -jjwa tb*. tftlM. V.tMWi bt* Italli it(**"?!? Am 'g <>?-? ?'? mmt.f ? 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