Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1855 Page 5
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(ni)i oitd Pr??nll.-Jnrt B? < Itn1, and (tor ?air at retraced prices, the i haloed colt?dim of fancy mood*, and aleo every variety of toys, dre-c-ed and undressed delta, of amusement ter children, Ac., at KOUKKH toacj bazaar, 449 Broadway. ?viaittc galamantler ^afra.?Robert M. Pats KICK Is the Mi,e insou "a'ttirer In the United .klnies ut the above ceiebraied safe* and patent tiowder proof defiance locks ?ad eroea Sara Depot 1ST.1. Wei street. one door below Mud? Mani'i Hewing Mar blues.?The Imj toat ia beginning to be understood that Winger's It BoLutti, Valentine AButlci't ilnm Patent 1 ire prco. Rale Main triumphant. -The follow! tg certificate Is from the prop rtetors of the saw mill No*. 84 and 57 Downing street, which was burned on Saturday morning, tbeKJuiiiisi.:? Mew Vokk, Oct. W, Ib.'.l Heist s. Holmes, Valentine A Butter: (ientlemen?The Alum Patent Phoenix bate, purchased of you, was ou the second floor eteur buUuing, Moa. 55 and 47 Downing street, where the tire was ntost "evt rc and although the mtenne heat warped 'he ?on, oo opening it we found all our books and papers In the same order they were In previous to tho lire; tu fact, the varnish on the bookcase was uninjured. MOOSE A RAYNOR. A large aaaor'ment of the above "afe? (w arranted tr-'O from apneas) and the must approved pov. tier proof, cctnhiiialloii I other locks tor safes, vaults, doors, Ac., constantly on Itsnd, aad made to order. HOLMES, V AI.KN rl.VK A Bt'TLEK, Mos. 90 and 92 Maiden Ianj. nee I loan U tike Crystal Pul*t-.v,-> V Rumor having prevailed among the Uremen and other* that the hose which burst or gave way at the trial of engines on Wednes day a?t was made by us, we, In justice lo out -elves, positively a?art that It was not so, and tor the truth of this assertion we ?tier to Alired Carson. Bsti.. chief engineer of the N. Y. fire department, and hi James Smith, Ksu., the builder of the en gine. JOHN H. BtlWtK A CO., Hose Manufacturer* 25 Kerry s'reet We have made hose for the most powerful engines built by ear best engine builders, which has Invariably stood die most severe test, and we are prepared now to make hose for tliU or any other engine, which will do the same. J. H. B. A Co. iportant _ lat?t Im sewlng machines, running at double speed, do so sore work In a day, and do it so much better th in any other machines, that no other kind ts worth taking as a gltt. Mho manufacture of Singer's machines hoe been doubled wifeln a mouth, and yet the demand more than keens pace with the increase. Far every description of sewing they are ??approachable. I. M. SINGER A CO., 323 Broadway. Ukventlona Are the Order of the Day, bat we have seen nothing tn the way of a pen and peucil case that ?*o compete with that Invented bv Mr. Isiwuda, and called ** Lownus' Patent." Manufactured and tor sale hy Wtl. JfARtH, 44 Maiden lane. It Is one of the nestost and best Rytos In the market. They are made In gjld and silver. Mercantile Library Association.?The Boats! ef Direction have the pleasure to announce that Mr. VtL M. Thackeray ?111 deliver a course of four lectures on fee Four Georges of England, and sextety during thetr retgns, at He Rev. Mr. Chimin's church. No. 848 Broadway, near Frtnce street, on Monday and Tburaday evenings of eaco week, ?a?meuclsg at 8 o'clock, viz:? Vharaday, Nov. 1st George First Monday, Nov. 8>h George Second. Thursday, Nov. 8th George Third. Bonday, Nov. 12th George Fourth. feioiae tickets, to members $1 59 ** " to nor members 2 OC Bogle admission 71 Dour*,, tickets (with reserved seats) can be obtained at the d?fc of the library. A limited number of single admission tickets can lie had at fea library rooms, (unless previously dlttpoeud of) at the fear. K. II. IIMPSON. ) JOHN CKER AK, > Lecture Com, WM. H. WICK HAM, ) The Lovellrgt Women inlhe world a? Dr. Goaraud's Italian Medicated Soap tor purifying the com plemlou and removing ton, letter, pimples, freckles, eruptions, shales, chaps, Ac. Old or young ladles who have hair where ?el wanted can have it uproo'ed by using GOUKAUD'S poudre iithille. Liquid rouge fur pa.e lips and checks, lilly white, l.atr dye and restorative, si the old depot, 07 Walker at., Drat store tiom Broadway. A Beautiful Complexion and a Perfumed breath may both be acquired hy using the "Halm of Thousand Flowers." As u tlen rlllce It has no purallcl. Pncu only fifty ?rata. For sale by all druggib's. FRTRIDOE t CO., Boston, Whlkkcri or Moustaches Porcsd to Brow hi six necks, hy my onguent, which will not ttaln or Injure the skin. (1 a t ottle: 11 ? any part ol ma oountry. lt d. GKAI1AM, 885 Broadway; /.luber, 4. tkiuwThtrd sjeet. Phi adul pbia. Batchflot'i Hulr Dye, Wlga and Toupee*? The best in the world. Nine private rooms For applying bin wnrlvalha dye. Ho ware of Imitations?they result Id ridicule. The lai Keel stock of wigs and toupees In America, wholesale and retail, at BATlUlKLOK'H, 233 Broadway. Crlatadnro'a Hair Dye, Wlga und Toupees, excite admiration amongst all oonnolsiwoirs In arts. A suite of elegant private spur menu for applying his Incomparable dye, the only reliable article of its kind ir. the world. Whole ?ate and retail at CKI.STADOKU'3, So. C Aator House. Hill's Prartlcal and PhlliiMipblral Treatise SSL the hair?Its nature, diseases, Ac., given gratis to purchasers sfkb Infallible ouguoni for the growth and beauty of the h ilr. Bald at No. 1 Barclay stteet, kSNasgau street. New York, and at M7 Pulton street, Brooklyn. CUrehogh't Wigs and Toupees, with the newly Invented akin division, are the only wigs of (he present day that fit the head securely, wi hout pressure, and ure em phatically pertect heads of hair. No. lt>2 Pulton street, west earner or Broadway. Batrliflor's Hair Dye, W Iga and Toupees? The bent In the world. Nine private room-t for applying bts nnrtvalled oyc Beware of Imitations: they result in ridicule. The largest stock of wigs and toupees In America, wholesale mad retail, at BaTCUBI/JK'S, 2113 Broadway. Will's Impravtd Instantaneous Hair Dye, dWtthngs s box, black or brown; wai ranted best In use, leaves the balr sort and gloesy; so tale. Hold or applied at No. 1 Bar eJay street, is Nassau street. New York, and at 247 Piuton , Brooklyn. of tbi Eye and Ear.?Dr. Front-la ?Al.TKK M. I>., Kdlnhtirg, Ac., oculist and aurtat, 27 Bond street. New York. Otllne hours II to 4. V. B ?ltr. HALTKR wW ktrwaiti to any address bis published letters upon the whore subject. Hernia?Only Prize Mesial awarded to ?anh A Co., by the Industrial Kiblhttlon of sit nations for their new patent ratflcvi I cure truss. Itctercncos aa to Its superb arky: Profs. Valentine Mutt, Wlllard Parker, aisl John M. Oarnwhan. An extemtve list of names of tnereauUM aul shin gentlemen cured by ihts truss may lie seen at M \ lis 11 JtOO.'H, 2). Maiden lane. New York, ami MAKsII. COKI.IKH A CO., No. 5 West Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio, Open from 7 A. M. u> 9 P. M. Am a Cure for Consumption, Rushton's Cod Brer oil Is the ouly article that has ever sustained a reputation for this disease, none genuine wt'hnui FKKIIKKH'K V. RtlHHTOVe name in fill, on each bottle. Id Astor House, 417 Broadway, N. Y , and 171) Chestnut slrct, Philadelphia. Lyons' medals Tell the story; lie has won Both wealth and glory. Buy those euresfor household ilia? Lynn's powder?Lyons' pills. Lyona' Magnetic Puwdt r and Pills for the install destruction of Insects, rats, and mien, 421 Broadway Holloway'* Pllla are an excellent Family aaedi -lne, and are recommended 'o all sulfciers from disease ?t the liver and stomach. It Is iuitlspiitahly ndniPtcd that they hare never tailed lo cure these dlaordei s. Hold at the tnatiu fheloriea, HO Maiden lane, New York, and 241 Btrand, London, and hy all druggists, at 20 ceuta, ti2>, cents, and $1 per pot or box. ?ttrlfd, (la Wednesday, October Jl, hy the Rev. Peter Gordon, Mr. J*meh Juviiatu.v to Miss Eiaik Jsve, daughter of fsuiiil Bevrrstoek, Hat p. all of this city. On Thursday tunning, November 1, by the Key. Mr. Hlacox, Mr. Jonathan bojin; Joints. of Amenta, fa Misa hstfta Kli/a I'AiTuN, elilest daughter of Samuel Dayton, <Jn TLutsday evening, October 1, by Father II <yt, Mr. WnjjAM to Miss IUht Ann Kavaxaod, all of Uo At /'hiWielpbia, on Wedne day, Oetotior 31, by the Roy. Calvin t'cltun. Asm kt Wtnan, Jr., cf New YVk, lo Miss ilklAN M , daughter of tho lute Owen Colton, of tbo former c.l y. At Lowmlesfioro', Ala., on Sundry, October 14, Mr. FkANK G. Ciuktikhon, of Htafen Inland, N. Y., to Hiss CabouskA. Ikvi.v, daughter of the lute Alex. I. Tin, of the former place. Died, Adether New York Volunteer dead. On Wednesday October SI, Rouxkt Otvuxv, at his resi dence, No. 347 West Twenty-sixth ftrect. The funetal of the late IlKMtv HirgxtA, I'-sq., took place yesterday, at two P. M., from the residence of his son, John P. nickels, of Tarrytown. On Thurtday, Novcmhcr 1, of the whooping rough, J sic is Iiumis. son of Charles A. I., and Mary I. Mignivrd, ?t mouths and 0 days The relatives and mends of the family are respect fblly invited t" attend the funeral, from the re- leuce of Ma patents. No. 1*3 Fourth street. c<itn?r of Junes, this ?*7> at one o'clock P. 11, To proceed Li Gieenw-rod 4>vnet?r J. tin Thursdny, November 1, J.vwr.i O. M'Citlmcm, s<wi to Janus and Rose Anne MCull.roh aged 1 year, 2 month* and H days. The ltfcnda of the family are Invited to attend hi' funeral, to-car, at twi o'clock, from the residence of his ywrenti, No. 46 Norfolk at. Oa Tuesday, Octolter 30, Av- DZtsuxita, lo Mm .TAth ynat of her :.g*- Native of leffldon, Cog) rod. I/md' n pnperr p rase ? ory. (>n TceMiey, 'ijlober 30, 1'KTtOI Ar.i Tt - Jar, aged 34 years. the relatives acid ft lends of the family are respectfully invited to atte id hfv luueral. with mt farther notice, a 4\alvs y church, on J-'riday, Nov m'rer 2, at Wn o'clock A. M. On Tuesday. October 31, of consumptiun, Axx Kuza AfiRaiha. wtb' of l alrl'k McHrttle, agel 21 year-. Her funeral will take place this day. a: ten o i k, from her late real donee, No. 0 Pitt street, from there to W. Msry 'a chu-ch for fune-al serrlee. and h oui tb rnce to fhlvary Cemetery. The frieml t and ae^naiotanrat, and throe of his brothers, Jamc Joh-r aul M hie McP'hle, are requested L>attend wDhout further luvita Mob. (In Thursday, November- 1, t uasiim Fzvvmm Ymra Bwai it i * HT. Msrwut forxrerly a plan'er or the-Miami of 81. I" mtngr, aged 82 year*. The 'rierv a of the famt.y cc I of Madame Chegiriy, are veaperttolly iuvited (o attend the liineral aervtc". at St. fRephen't cbar- h Twiuty-efgi tli street, at nineo'ekek 40-motrow n.ornlng <m ihut day, N'temlier I, Mrs. h?n.*aii Kaammw, need 73 yrars. U mtrnths and 1 day tola'irrs antl frlen'laare reapectfhlly Invited to at. total the furns-si wivire, at tha peddetiee 'A h?r son-in law J hn pufshay. No. &40 Greensrfeb street, this dty, at frmr o'clock P. M. Her remains will be taken to Hit die rlrer, N. J., to morrow, at sight o'.-I<uck A. M , ISrr In terment. On Thursdny 'veiling. Novrnilier 1, after a severe and Ctrac'ed Diners, kjn .v, daugliter of .lam - and tb ? late :ora Gfhhi, aged 33 years. Trie fttrreifU nil' take l ive from live residauee of her brother in U*. T. Murphy, No. 214 Henry sfaat, to m r vow at ten A. M. The friends ot the ramtly are ra.|ueaV ed to atteml wDhout farther invitation. At Illinois, on Saturday. (Btober 13, HaXNAB. the wife o* Cherlae ThrsnpoB. ?|tu'44 f*vrs, fo-merly af York, rifle. At =a van ilia, New Granida on Friday, Sep'omber JS, I'i-vjamw RljHKik, of this city, aged 39 yeirs. Boston papers pletse copy. On Wednesday. October 31, of consumption, We. J. Ctoov, in ibe 40th yeer of his age. llie "Young Friends of Ireland" aro re<iue"e-l to meet, at one o'clock this afternoon, at V(r. Smith's, (Treasurer,) corner of Eleventh ? 11 ee t and First areuue, for the par pose of attending the fun-oal of the deceased. KOWASU) MIM.S, President. Prists M'CaBTil Secretary. wmmmm eemwkd mm bay. pkhmmal. IMP-LOOK AT NO 4. B. U. STOPPED HOME, AS I supposed last. Art when time up. "p ire lor others' rsic. CAKO. 1 c. el ? t<> C. n. WILL FIND A LETTER AT TUK SAME PLACE day. S1 HANOHAl'P. RFIMEMIIER TUK 3D.?BE PUNCTUAL and respectful. RED RIBBON. O BANKERS ?THE BANKING HOUSE WHERE MR. IJu Kites Huron de Carnnp cullml after his arrival in New York, by ibe North Mar, on the 13!it of July of the present Uf " year, wUI greatly oblige a gentleman lately arrived from Kit rope, by '?ending his address, or the young gentleman's, U> B. O. M., Herald office. NEW PT'BIoI CATION 8. Anew work ok okeat power and beauty? D. APFLKTON A CO., 346 and.148 Hat.AUW.iY, will publish on tbe 3d of November, a new novel, written by a lady, entitled JUNO CLIFFORD. 1 vol. 12mo , of 400 page*. with two lllustratlona. Price $1 25. (From the Boston Atlo*.I Messrs. D. Appleton A Co., of New York, will publish, the laiter part of tbe present week, a new work of damn, which promt*.? to bo a publication quite be rood the common ruo of Amtrlcan novel*. We have been flavored with un early copy, and although we have not been able, alm e It haa reached lie, to llnlBh luaperuaal, Wt have at leaal read eufliclent to assure tie that lie ntcrli* are real, Intrinsic, and or a high order. Wnen we have satisfied our cnrloelty, which a partial examination ha? excited, we rball apeak more particularly of It* plot, Iriol dent* ami ideal IniperNonatlon*. In tho ineiutwhllo we will only sag dial the tale I* wrWen by a lady, whose name Is not given and who, we understand, dettlri * to preserve an lu coanlto. Far be It from u* U) seek to penetrate the veil thus nelHmt.o-ed; at the same time wo may plead guilty to an unaa llrllcd but unavoidable curiosity ,lH to iho fair u ttLorcs-. The scene ol the atory U In and about our good "cliy of iioUon*." May wo not gueiia that ?ho I* no siraoger to this community ? Ila* ?be ever published belorer Who will tell u*t AllCMt we are confident that *he has wrltien much and often, Tor bec'? I* no uniiractbed ntyle, whether she ha* ever appeared before the public a* tin aulhorea* or not. The book wiu be ready on Iho 3d of November, before which we hope to gl .T) 11 a more extended review, and when we advise our reader* in make then.-elve* acquainted wiih It* m< riu from the volumn lUelf, and not lo lake our word (or it, witthout confirming our eorrwr new by their own Judgment and examluaoon. Recently publlohed, a novel by the author of the " Heir of Redely tie," ? , . REECHOROFT. By the attihrr of the 1 11,*lr of held v lie," 11 Heartsease," Ac. 1 voL 12tno. paper coyer*, fio coin*; cloth, 76 cents, iFrom the Kuwlay HLpatch. j This Is a reprint of one of Mi** Vtng. '* popular works. ob-cct of the work 1* to loach the necessity or "duty," and like all aflllrtlona which attain gut-cess of later year*, (a happy ontt'itj it I* highly moral in il* tone. Femai.b bllkheaup ? The Female iiltiebeard; or, the Woman With Mauv Hus band*; by Eugene Sue; price 26 cent* only, I* published tlu* day at T. II. PMfBKSON'8. No. 102 Uhcstnut Htreel, Philadelphia, And for sale by bookseller* and new* agent* every wbece. Thj; Fk*Ai.v.*iu>. ? This fascinating storv, by Cure tie. Sue, hasjuat been published by T. B. Peterson, '102 Chestnut street, all who would know what a " woman with many hu* band*" did with her "li.-go lords," should read this book.? Sunday Mercury, (let 2H, 1*66. ? Copies of It will bs sent lytic of postage to any one, on receipt of 26 cenl*. Frank leslii.'s macazines.-now ready for November:? THE GAZETTE OF FASHION AND TfiK BEAC MONDK. 1 hut popular book of tashlon hut now nearly completed It* fhurth volume, and the unanimous voice of tbe press hu* ac corded to It tho highest position a* an authority on fashion. No latter or expense nut been spared to bring Itto lis present high position; and the proprietor announces Uie pi esent l?*ue with perfect sailsfttctloulhai Ills the moflt complete, reliable and cheapest fashionable monthly Issues in the world. The number contain* a very able artlc e on the fashiont, with desertpilon* of ike latest novoltloe produced at the fashionable establishment* lu Far!*, London and New York, illustrated in the first style ol nrt; ?l?o, a faithful portrait of Louisa Pyne; a new niece of music "The Crystal Fountain Folk*;" the la'e *' fashionable Intelligence; music, drama, chess, beautiful de signs fur needlework, practical receipt*, reviews of new books, and o her Interesting mailer. Ternt*. 13 per annum. FRANK LFHLIKH NEW YORK JOURNAL or Romance, General Literature Science and Art, contains 64 page*or highly Interesting matter, .ted by numerous beitnirul en gravings, Tito present number contains 'he beautiful romance of tbe "I oldler or Fortune." a tale of the presett' war; also, tins Inte resting tale of "Masks and Faces," and views of HohasUipol, showing tbe present position of tbe Ru-?lau?; views ol Nwiu boig and Hclslnglors, portrait of Genctal Fellsslcr, map ol tlio Fea ol Axolt; the tomb* of the Czars, palace of Ihe Khans, the French Exhibition, nnd numerott* other hlgltlv Inn retting Illustrations and descriptive mailer. Price to'v ccuta, or $2 per a un urn. A Km- AMr.KIt'AM IIAOSTRATKD NKWttPAItRR. Khotlly will he published No. 1, vol I, or FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSFAFER. Believing that Ihe time lias arrived when New York, like I.cntlon atitl Farts, leqtnrea it* iliti*trab't| record ol current evi nts, ihe proprietor ot Frank Leallc'* Ua/otic of Fa.hlou and New York Journal,encouraged by the aucoes* which has attend ed ihe publication of tttone largely circulated periodical*,!* In duced to undertake an enterprise fttr which bis long experience In wood engraving and the exton sive artistic arrangements of h.s establishment oiler Iho most favorable guaranti es ot success. (Joroblnlng with these advantages the hen. literary a?--i*tan-o that the country can aitord, he feel. that he Is In a position to oiler the American public an illustrated newspaper, wltl-h, both as regards tlu) style i f its engravings and Ihe originality and piquancy of II* articles, will he equal tn merit to any foreign issue of a aim lar character, ece luture advertiac ment. FRANK LESLIE, Nos. 12 and If Spruce streej, New York MYSTERIES of pa HIS.? Hy Ecoh.vk Spg. A new, etrntplete and unabridged edition of this ce ebraied woik is published, and lor sale hits day, at the cheap publish.tig and bookselling eatabU-hmeut of T. H. FET*;RS')N 102 Oh est nut street, Philadelphia, Ask for Peterson's etllllon, and lake no other. It la for sale by booksellers and news agen s everywhere. VTFW MUSICAL OTFT ROOK.-EARLY IN NOVF.M it her will be published the "Musical Oadeau" for I860, contain ng songs, pieces and danee innate, by JulUnn, K .nig, li'Albert, and other eminent eonqarsera. Illustrated In gold uud cotois by Rrunbirtl, and I trrnlng an elegant and appropriate girt book lor the holidays. Each bonk will contain 410 worth ol mush the price of which w ill tie to ?unserltie a f6, t on subset '.her- <7; mailed free. Stib*-riflou* received a1. HANHKIN'H Mttttcal Agency, 619 Broadway. IMmnnTBa hay, i apt.iln Gibson'* I'ook, THE PRISONS OF WKLXfcVKEREN, a an a ni.AKca at tiik. kast iniu i . vactiiraLvtin. In rmbraoeasotnc mention of early, w in. It le i tbe author to adventure In the Kan ; bis ioyago tldiher In hn own vessel, the Flint; In the M tlayatt Archipelago, and scfiourn In tne Interior of Sumatra, when- he met wnn prln cesses nr.d noble* ot the Island; visiting tbnin *t their homes, partaking ot their hospitality, it tidying tin It- literature, avl ob serving their religion, laws, customs, and so-tal .hiblts?as pc cu lar to tbe Malay race, and as affected by Kurop :.iu intiuen res; and formed Intl ante trtendiv relations, which were out ruptrd by the jealousy of Hutch Officials ; t aiming hisa-revf.; Lie seizure of Id* vessel, blaconfinement in tint prison of Wet Icvrcdeo, in tbe Island ot Java, where bo remained one year and a halt? undergoing a mo* extranrilutarv and oppresslrt) jjtrosecutlon nt the hand* of the govern men tot India. The irardtlffugbtrr or a Bumatrati prince befrteeffod un here, and he lutd within hi* prlxn cell a most Interesting axperbciew ol Malay and Japanese ehataetar; nice tng with a it roum of devotion bordering upon tbe region* of romance, w hich tit Igh coed many prison hours, and finally enabled him, when Id* 111c was in danger, lo elloct hb- r..<.s| e The beauty and poejo life of Indian I tie* are arrsje.ii: tin vesture of kaatani storj . ... ol the country'* resourc. ?, and if European Infitienca and do mliboo are act fnrth In more aubrr garb; but ftv s alone are preteeted, and all are hut a small portion of w'w might be said aimtiI bties and race# *o l.t l? known to thi. Yf nstern world : about w*ak and worthies* priners, ami simple heroic women; about ellme* of perpalnal spring, Imds unf ili ng verour", rocksrenmed with gold, groves Hlied with pl-ea, and an unsurpassed beauty at.d buunty of na' urn everywhere.. New and Interesting prospects in the future destiny of the K*st Indian Arch j elngo ate opened up for the eoritcmplatloa ol ihe t.'fin tlan pl.tlo *q,her ana statesman. The put Usher teeis erarrnnosl In saving to'be tme-d \n pnbllc thft' In ibis work he pres. nts a novel, Interesting, and an entirely original rontrlhu'ton to AMr.HU sN LITERATI RE. There are iipwar.1 of forty ooely eiecu -i n|t* (, mt or>g pal sketches by the author, giving tru htui ueliiu-tUoii* ot charm: ters and costume* ot .IaVA A VI) HUMATKA. 12mo , eltsl. Ftiee, %\ 90. J. C. ftlKF.R, I'uldiitoer, No. 129 Fulton st *eet. TO BOOKSELLER* AND WHOLESALE OK ll.KRS IN Valentine* ?The itibscrlber I* now prepared to t,d orders ol any amount for the -omlng vslentlne seu*on. Friaihe large and varied stock be has "it hand, dealer* would tlu wetl to sclec Ihrir orders. I'.. b g all made under I.Ls own supertn tei denee. I n has gn a'er fncllltles to sell cheaper for *o.<h than sit) others in the market. Valentines selcried now can bo for warded at any time prior to the 14'u February. T. W. KTRttNti. -a. v , MI'ECIAL fiOTlCEK. JOT It K -AI.I. FEB SONS >1 Wfv ; OLA IV * John Fat'ersoti. tale of rt| li.imerslcy strevt. In ,..c, lain oi nt lltn er*i(.)' I're b III rity of New York, deceased, will present tl.r-m for payi e utrdlstrly; and all per*,,ns indebted to saH John Fat'- t deern*. d, will ple.'itr tali ot. KDVfARH FA t'TXIt-dO ? JOHN FATT EMON. Jr.. ltd We*; street, up .<a'rs. Etc tu tor a of the estate of Fatti rs<m. New York. Jet. ?U, 1*66. N'OTTf*K.-ir\t, ATTOftV V AT LAW, r?R his heirs J.Jtn F. Flrrkner or hi* led* John ll-mnnr Ids heirs, may hear ol smnethti)to b.etr Intern*: b/ *ddr***-,iog J. 11 Jerti.on, attorney at law, No. Ml fou ti elitti , cei OFKNINO OrCH.AVItERH KTREET.?THE INHAHIT ar ts ol lie Fourth, eli'b ard m-\t n-h \V?. Js opia.ied to ihe extend' n of < hsnibera street which wll, ,?e u,?m us large **.< titwti'* for die benefit ,?f a f-w up- ulabw, arc reotrrtcd lo attend a me.Mio* on Fi ylsy cvcnlti*. Nov. 2, I ASA, at 7 J4 o'. owk, *1 Warren Hail, 1* 'Ml.rr street, naat door trom J.e cort-er t.f lirnry s.reet, il> otder of the ? TinB~ BAUrllH AROff, AGRaNH HALL (MILITARY AND <TVUbl UgUFLI an-:, ary to Mrr. cie-non wMoSV of di* ir<e Joe. Hbrlmn i* a ler of ^bt i'or,'* l-and, by Ills t l-t frteod at u s * orialr Win, ILtbertson, tencer of Ro'wrdent.'s 'atrtd. assistM by a oom ntltiee id nln I net da ar.d aumnera of Mr. rll clovn wit- t.c elver on Tburw* i) I'-r. ni rr Z>. 1-66, at Millar'* new and magm" ant chy aeae j.bly nosu, Hnwlasf. Knssi ?'*,'* AD ertraa fciu>* t and tmie kindly votuuiaerad on tha above cccasloa. ?1 Altf-r.T ? OMPAMIfCN. a 7 IKNTIUN, i'OMFANY.?HRAlHfl' AHTKRM, Pi TTV A Hall, "6 vtid % Httane strec, near Broad?*y. -tlnm-niL iera are t" call sad ti.tiili..- out eat ice of urgeor guide liars, Ac , before ordering *1...IVUerc. fu.-u and han i-T pslt tlng. Ictu-rlrg In hiunlMwd old <*i glaes. Targets,carved t a;:Ice, A.,tn band or furnldir I torrdcr. A iiRaHAM. Wand97 Hnana strsat. ISIHHAME. MPd'nANICN' FiRK I" ' RAN'1; iMPaNV lal ffl ? 1WJJ<?.-Off ? n Br street WILLIAM H. DMGKOOT. Preetdeei Hr.snv B Haws'*, Fee rotary COAlei i ?OAt. at corr, for tkn datf. a? the (malmc * he said preparatory u> 'image u( huelne**. Ha*t |iaaT ?arraatrd.or moaer rafanded at low prdr-c* Wootab or L rrt-rol I'ral at tk, worth IIS. tenter of Ft unaenth street a Ntnu are rue. or ll< Grand street user Ferine Mask J. T. HDb im POLITIC A!*. 1ST WkRD^DRMOORATIO KKFCHI.l^AN tlK'lULAR L uaiuimfion for Councilman of the Second district, JACOB L. SMITH. 1ST WARD.?A (JKAND MASS MEETING OB THE Union democrats of the 1st ward will he he'd a 110 Green wich ?tie?l '? 1 rlduy evening, November 2d, I-vV'i, a1 ball pout t. o'clock. All truedemocrats ui lavu - nt regular nomina tions ere Invited to attend. ? WM. UUItVS, 1,'U'u. s. .M> van, bec'y. OD WAltD REGULAR DEMOCRATIC WHIG NOMINA t> Son for Councilman of the Fourth Council D'strlct?ISAAC DK UAHMO. ITU WARD-TO THE EDITOR OF T'lE 11KR4LD. *J ?od my friends Gentleman? Sly diihii ha. :ug appeared a* Jnapae'orof Election* of Ibe Till I'll district without mycoa rent, 1 hereby Inform my friends f'at I am a candidate mr tV'uucllmau of the tevcnui dltrict, and trnst iny friends will not bo deceived. JAMKS H. SMITH, Colon Democrat. r.Tll WARD.?HARD. BOBT AND HAW SHELL DIMO 0 rrary nulled. For Councilman, Klshut District, JAMKS I,. WAl/illl. Joseph A. Jackson, <'haltman. John T. H'nry. Secretary. 1). II. Ideton, Chairman. Jo*. MoNitlty, Hacretary. Christian 11. Woodruff, Chairman. John Cnnnern, Secretary fTTH WARD.?YOUNG MEN'S DEMOCRATIC NOMINA t) lion for Councilman of the Teniti ills'rlct:? THOMAS WATSON, JR. QT1I WARD? REGULAR WlllO NOMINATION!. tJ Assemblymen. .?ih Assembly dial-. .Samuel frevnort. Cuuitcllmen Twenty. 1rat district. William A. Wool. Tweuly second " Aim rnder lleinphlU. Twnily third " Richard P. Clark. Twenty-fourth " Rob ert Peterson. Asscor ......Ninth word William U. Gedney. Constables Win. Kttgler, Syhaey Parker. Commissioner ot Common Schools Juntos W. Farr. Trusses Com Sc.h'la.Richard I'. Berrien, Stephen Pell. Inspector of Common Schools Charles C. Buxton. 1 | kTll WARD DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN UNION 1U riorolnatlnn : ? For Aascmhly.... v Cornelias Oarnee. Aldcrn an IS or roan McLcod. Councilman, 2bUi district San mil C. Seaman. 2tHh " lohn Vantine. 27th " Michael Casahly. Assessor lohn Vancott. (.unstable* J. K. Hadcnhop, Cottle H. Ve'.tee. School Comm. I salt,tier Daniel Stole. Inspector John ll.tyward. Trustees.. Julius Frniikel, Merit* Krlhellor, Win. tloldey. By order of Ward GominlUee, M. It. UNDKRUILL, Chairman. J. M. BM1, Secretary. 11 Til WARD, RiTII COUNCIL DISTRICT?WE. THE J 1 undersigned, coijiinl'lee ol the l(|tior dealera of title dot trlct, cntloree nnaitluionsly the democratic candidate 1IENRY W COLYElt for Councilman. FREDERICK HIPPER, I., I-ONOHoUN, WOI.F LaDKiiKR, 1HL AKBOOABf. 1'JTIl WARD-ORAND RALLY?OPPOSED TO FA lO nallclim ?Tun damocratlo electors of iho Thirteenth ward are re'|iiestc<| to meet In mass at f.alghter'a Ho'cl. Ill Ridge street, on Frluw, evening, Sot. 2. at iyt a'llook, for the purpose ol ratifying ward nominations, and suohoher business as tiicT deem proper. The tallowing dieting,iblsvl speakers will andrrsa the meeting:? llou. John Kelly, Dr. |Phlhp Mar kle; Hon. 11 humus J. Mm,day, Col. Illckuri, Hon. "l.atrtd O'Kecfe, Horatio P. Carr, Esq., Spencer W. Cone, Kan., Tho masOlnver. LEWIS W'llTU.VUToN, Chairman. tftomi Ot.Hgl, Kscretary. 1 CTI1 WARD MUNICIPAL IlKFOHM NOMI NATIONS:? lu CouncUnutn Sthh Dial John II. Brady. 4tlUt llist (ma D. Swan. 41st Dial Cbs. E. Appleby. Assessor Roderiek s>slgwiob Jr. Cons.ablta Ceo. Bogert and Joseib King. S' hcol Conunlarloner Ktelia-d lteslcw. lnspeelor KUaa Lootnls. Trusieea J. 11 Varnuni, Jr., Hurn'l llotallng, ltd. la Beadle (vacancy.) WM. CH.VUNCKY, Chairman. I*o. 0. Ewa*. Secretary. "lftTH W ARD MUNICIPAL ItKFOKM NO iff NATIONS:? _I\J For Alderman Samuel De Ia Ma ?t. Councilman?4 2d If nry Junk 1dm. 431 Dt-t Augustus C floorieoi. 44th M*t WiJti/im !J BuJi, 43th DU' Kd. Westervelt Awe??or Fdnard Berrien. CununJ "loner of Co.umon 8chc jIm John De U Mat*tr. Inspector L a. Roaenmliler. Trustees .0. C. Wendell and Edmund II. Miller. _ WILLIAM II. SMITH, Chairman. Thomas Cummin*', Jr., Secretary. 1QT11 WARD NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC M ASS RATI, lv flcaUon mo* tin-: on Friday evening, No?. 2. 18S6, to re spend to the nomination of I hmu&a Man- fjr Oou tollman. The national democrat#, as well a * tho volern irlctdly to the no in I nation of Mr. Starr, aio requen txl to o?**enit>.e en lia-Meei the Five Mile Ilou4e, ihlid avenua, Seventy -fourth street, at h o'clock, By orde. CuaindUee of Ar< aik-cim*nu. JAMKS 0. RUTHERFORD, Chairman. F. Miroonocoii, Secretary. "lflTH WARD RATIFICATION MEETING.?THE DEMO It/ crate of the Nineteenth card In favor of rrguia.* nominations and the general usages o( the par* v. are Invited to meet en masse. on Saturday evening, Nov. 3. Into, to ratify the fallowing ticket, at the Four Mile House, (K. S. Dewey's), at o'clock P. M. For Councilman Bryan Met''thill. A#rOf*>or. lames Heed. Constable# Patrick Flynn, John McOlynn. Fotoool Commissioner Jos. C. Rutherford. .kch<*>l Inspector Kd. H. Dewey. School Trustee* Terence Farley. John Callahan. Inspector* of Mectljn;? im district w. M, Drew, M.I) Brien. 2d *? . John Fitch, (?. K. Hendii, 2d *? U. Conner, J. II. Starr. Gkokgb Huiso.n, Si . THOMAS HALPKN, Chairman. OATH WARD NATIONAL DEMOCR A TIC UNION AMI 4t\) Hanuon? Nomina'ion. by order of the Dc?ol n a'.o Rr|iubi:?en Vlgiuiti.'e Association, the Democratic Republics n tleimnn ArfjctaUon, and the Ih.uocraUu Republican Half Shell Asportation ? For Alderman Robert fl. NelUt. /.? ??'. m)i l*<t'iu.trd Hatfinnn. i i I evviM liU'kir . .. .Win. K'-enan. School <. on. nit#* loner lame* Moore. Inspector Clement* llincr. TruHtee* Daniel D. Kennedy.. JIantrord Sin in. To nil vMun Iluffc M nmj. Inspector* ot Electu n - l#t district Tboin** MrfMrnan, Chris-lan FenrUk. 2d dlr'rict Henri farklii Kdv.-.?rd' Vmwell. fd district Wm, ?lu< lianan Johu M. For *r. 4th di# flirt Michael Ma-teraon. ?. Jamil Me Mullen. Mh dUtrlci Jain* - Reg an Fyd * W. Wvlgand. f?th district John Mnoney.. . !*>u ].*?*. JOHN FoKSHay, ? h.. rmsn. Jim Btouv, Becriiary, QATH WARD DRHI CB kCT UNI KD AJvl ron iLDrr.vni. WILLIAM Met ONKKY. By order J a*. A?pel), Chairman, Ed w ird IJnr en. Chairman, W. ~ n pi oo ntu f, 11 ? ? . i Jamn<any CYi laitiee. Stuvve - vat?'oannlttee. 0ATlf WARD.?AT A MFKTIN-4 HELD AT TifK hmti-o "t John Jeli Tiy, PHI Mn'h av *n >? he . -n I ^ ??f Abraham Frown tn"t ai in*- ai>ove p!a e, *o rvnu'riafe a r 11 diiiate for Alderman of the 1 wer.u* rh uard The ioee*i ; wa* organl/? d hy ike appotnuneni of II n. Marl a* Chairman, and John Znklii a* he- i e'aiy, Oil motion of Robert Wily, li WBI Resolved Tlia' AHH tllAM BROWN be notnlna'eda4 an (ndepetaletit candidate for Alderman < r 11>- 1 wenh* m nd, *a the peoole'a choice. II. B. II UM', t h drui?n. J*.m.n / r'-fary. Nca York, Nov. I, ltito. OT ST WARD RBQCLAR DKMOCRVTIC NATItivAL sJl ticket. for Stale Scnamr .... Thnmaa J. V inhy. A-?m n.Mv II. Anthon. Police Jo*r|c?. Hivth Jndl >tal DU riot Jam* 4 D. Sifaya t oon? iIn an W'h l>i#tnet Jeretolah '!io<\ley. to'h J Metr ic! I 'hxiF flfoderUt. A*ac?-or lames Murphy. ^cbooi C^ WiJf'm II. lemail, Fcfconl lnspcetors. ..Jotiii King Ldin K^Tinn. school Trust res Timothy Daly John ).in?>v, J am e.- Ward (*?r/ic i-.^L. ru ily. Constable* John Towers J ua V*hl?y. Il'Vpecfara ?t elect Ion l.4t liUtrlcr fIcorpa Harriott ..TbaddrasW <?n 2d, " Oconee M'llottaM. Wh-ka* I D*)ff. M, ?? WaahingVm Rier. WaPsr Hp* rry, 4t>i. 4i Oiriirhos Varia .Ri hard IMdt?>c. id. 1). tl. M HLY.NN. * bai.oi iil. Jocrm Lrsr n, Be* retary. OOD WARD RECCLVR DEMOCR A f ff! f ION ilr.kt.? For Aldertnao. M r.ey. The fr.cnds of the above ?Icke* will bol l a Man >fc?. ttig on Friday evening Nov mbur 2?J, at 7L o'clock, at th?i h lae ? f Ma.the . t^uii n. 212 fid afreet, noar if.h ? fth avenue. OOD WARD-TAMMANY HALL RROCLAR DEMO mm cruU' Ke( oblUan NnmlnaD'itc*. lor AklSriuafi I fan. Nh hoia * ?gr. For Councilman tlcnry \. ? <%.r, U. For Asm***? or* ... Eil^ard Tim, -on. .Cap .IL? t rV*?;*iorr. Fort' ii?iath*a .. W iolatn Dicker* o .Ch?ia Du La ig. fbd)**)! f orrinlaai ?cer . Dr. Jos. KdatnU. Trustee*.., /.fen F. lay Andrew NtifeJ^ger. In-pei-far . Ahijah la^rah.. u. In*|i(-cfars of hi* c.nn 1-- dietri t wuium Van Norden.Fraocia Ui lail. 2d district . ..fre?:eri k Hell JoL* It .o-, . 3d til*fr1?:t John Ad vm*... ii? rgeiV. Ihnl. 4fhdl?tiir>. . I" ! i) Hoil'h Franc ? Frank. By order rammar)/ I.'ail S< n .a ti,* ' ? nrrditee < ap* lli.N ftV S' d .*0.1 K, < ia.-rmn Ootoc F. BorI), Fe* <)OI> WARD DFMfH'RAf Y.- AT A Vih. TIN J ?)F f': K mm d#morrstf of ti?e 'i~d .card h?'i?l a'. ?/ M ??? ?!?? Hotel, on T?i' ? a/ c ening, October kbl-vVi, Mr Wm II Our ney na- aj'pnU.i#-.' hn'riran. aid f*?t n P. ?ta> ten ?* i - a* 1hcn,#-riir^ \dd creed h? -< v? ral n? ? ni n, a ? r whi h tic *o! owing na wcr* uiMnimoualr auo. ?*/? ? I or Alderman lot*. R?? > i. Cotii.( ttrr an b#4* h M drencr, A???? r- ........., .Frai i '%m <eii. Cm. ?table*'?... WlJIieii t ticker - o ? hr *t .? ? 1 4 ?*r S* ho.-1 ( otnmiiMH.. ?r ... . # re"'I ?r.-lr. Inepe.tor ... J?,im <1. Tiim'nes Kdfrarl hgtmrt eoeu. In pec:or of Ru. um I-t di fric*... .. Kd iaril . Deno R> id (*.,k t d jebs p. liayo t?. J .. i'. 1 Van War'. u UMirk' bffiM IBiruhaa J l.o/.r ?. fifb dDUkt Rdward Sm-ife .. W,; ui Ward. WILLI AM H. til UN * iu. J or tr p H* w:ijr, fecrctary. * MF RDM N|f, TO Till RE*'"/ F-TMF OiMltfM T. /a MRU f .i'ib * ill h?dd a Mann M'-eUnc la the s <lire e* the JtrocUet) of Kaat Broadway and Hiatal afftaL OR na r ky evening. No? d, at 7't n'chrk. All perrvn^ tti favor et ai Iktc-' *eb > stmlsUritioti the v fovermaafki SMl SMRfRi to p.i'lilcai in .-?(?- n. ; r. '? a 1 . r , :i. . i,'. Uivl i'd in te pt#?ent. Mr Parte, of Teiaa; A, H. '!a?n*tr ' A t*#>r4 Pike, of ^ rk' i?ar. ? F. M 'm, llrti Era ??n? Hroonit, AUtatst^r Hpi-ikdln.*. AimJ other emfaent ?pe*ker4 wl'l Mdr-"? ?N? m# r * VP i?)?l Pfi,.|RiM, ?'r*t4 i aC f rac. J. Wiii.ush Kerre'ai v. 1 NT I MAINE Law A*D A NTI K ? ?W v?HIi -i ? yi i A'ntpMcoud Ward III?nil'*.'?' Repuh 4i) R'giar A? ritu.attrn* For Alderman P*te-Ma*i#r?"n < o<tnc;tman >,ar ? an r.t.rl' tftirprrt, J*D>M K"?)| ' I ir.l.i ?. ItKirt* K??? ^1., i1 '<.n.rn.wi*r f",*r -i rrw ? II tf ? UK 'm ?... ?(? ' Tor ... 'I.nrj L R)rr, JiA.,, \. VI - ? ^> Ir?[,.<. r?<5l K).. t|oi,

UllUliW Jill il'Mty, Jnhn 4 '4?(n<M M " Inkn .1 I ?mtln, .InIn, li. hn 1 M ] T. **. >, Jo .? h K-.' ? .J?v A.M'iVirinjsll. Fck- ? ? k T a xiniiroor th?. *n i ovnni. oiirm r i-th J % y ?rd. .?)' .k?:i. brrf ? -kc V> .. a| v. k ?? tor (*?< jg ,m . ^ oo Mr IHKt,?4 MflTw.. itnu.MMn.ljr i. r? n.'M iof I mn- nun >4 in. ????. l? rvr .tMUd l.nm.lrJTiiK ? r^.rmv J li, cvvaiaupaa, re'aey, Onmrnwee-Wliid W. f? I rr~l Hvmi Wpi POLinCiL. AMFIUCAU PARTY NOMINATIONS Of~UE FIF tfcfi'ii w?nt For *???% ???????? . . W Hi i.n A O i??C CoondlnteB?JWa ili?ulc' ?,,tm 11. dritfy. 40?V Jti'rlo- otl? l?. Sw.n. ??l .'h.rlfl. V*. Ari >rbt. Am*-aor K.jdfr.'k ?i.Mi'i uNk, Jr. Coii*UbU"? li. W. Roger', Jon. Kiiw H.' < omu -.londr Uh-hirri It irlfw. K*bfl"l ln?r?"clor . ..Kl'n I oomlx. rtrhoul Tru.teeg.. ?J. II. Viirrmn), Jr., Samuel )!o ' 11 ir. K L. Hood It*. |n-p?f'n" ot Heo'.ioti? in dl.irlci John Vamlrriiorl, Jneob T. Atcith. l>t " . H. b. FurbUxb, Fnuici (Jew*. ;'d " ... Ili'nr}' I'flAu, Hfltiry A. I< err. rib " Rol fr'. i r 'Tim. H tlornin. Mb " J. J. MorrH, I*. M. Wltaon. bib" .. M.O. L.>ne. Kly lloi'pack. AT A MKBI'ISO HRI.D HY TUB HERMAN DRMOORA ry, ol ibc ,vnh I'oiincll lilrirlrt, (AavenUmuih wurd.J <n Vondny, /J h Inst, at Mr. Jmicr'n. 'M Thtrti'flalb .'roer, tho following preamble and rewilutibnil tvrrs adoiit ?d ?? Ob reflection .that ilia amotiot of Herman volar like'y to be ra.i In t|if Villi Humirll itlrlriel, la not -iiRlclet t to wnrr.uit ilie fIfcHon of a < 'iiiioi-ilinaii of our u>iu|iiaUon. awl with the o?a rolouaijfiu. iba' without the iter n an votta 'tie ohanoea of tint nlerUon of either one of iho candid v? In Uut bold (nominated by the democrat Ir party) would or >ilin; and furthermore may rnriire tlir oiri'tluii of a Know NoHiIuk nandula e; <??t na re fieellon turtbrr. II HeuiK die duty of' nrery adO( led OtUrau to ulfrr Ida hand In union and harmony ihere, wbeie tho o our i-ueoi i la to be regardod?iberei'nrr, Kfwdvrd. with Iho ?"u-'-nl of llr. NunneVanip aa the Her man candidate for Couni'l.maii of Itn- ,'atdi diatrli i, to wi'lidraw burnomlnain n, Uiankint; Mr Nunncrnmp lor hta iiiaannnuuoui druioanor, a- ho haa not withdrawn lor the honelli of ulth-r nan or I lie other candidate., but In all iho deuio-rallo parly auj to aave the aame Irom the riitnoua aph'.. Rioolvoit, lhat It be le;t to each voter to vote aabfl nlearea, (wbeilu r for lilley or rind h ) kUIdk thereby ihe vutoraa oiuuiae to lerrrt tbr atrungmt man and aiuiirn liiaelnoUoo. Rem, vd That we alao uot'o In aidln>< the en* :.on of Prior Loll, a.i AM'.-or ot dm .-ieiniociiUi ward, and rci'i'intnrnd him lo our fallow democrats for tholr support. Resolved, 'Iba*. thcM? resolutions h? ramtUtM Into English and a copy ihern4 no presented in both caualds'cg, Himm' S, Riley und buiith, with tho re<pi?st 10 have the ft ime publish ? I. j FK V NC PKTIU. lit President. 1*. Tucauu, HecieUry. 8TKPHEN LCTZ, kd President. AT A RATIFICATION MEETING OF THE JDTH WaRD held ut Mllh-rman's Hull, in Kovcnth menuc.on Wednesday evening, tic'ober?William Murray aeing 'ailed to tbr? Chair ami William Simitaou appolnu*<l rie^njtRry. On motion iho following namfij ilrkci v>d% nuaiilmously 4c.ep;?rl amitiuly raiUird, vi/:? For Alilioiunn WMlUio M.-'Mnky. rouiu UrtAMij?ftl*t dlMtrh'l J unes Wallace, Junr 52?l dlKirlct Deals Ityor. &SJ dinirlct Th?>*. a. l)vit\n. Aw?ns< JiMtoph Millor. Coimtahli'.s Wlllhua Keeiuu, laow.-i Hacker. Hehuol < commbaiooer f. W it*'rbury. Infpecior riiArloH DacaIi. TrMA,W' Cujtir Myers, K1 a ,u-l Do'i-hs. To AH vacancy Rob*. T. i^romer. lanpectorH ??i electlun? let dipirlct. ChrlaUari Fcndn< k. IM. HuUor. 'JA cllntrlct Ibouias K lorn an, WlllUio Simpson. 3d district John Diinnnd, Jatnoa Mullen. 4ih dlfllrlct .MMiamI !>''*?, Berthw. Doyle. .Vh dlsinio . ...lihnHrhi, Paul Mhiln. tllh dlatrlet Kiina M'MuIlen, JArnes Onudrlch, Tho following resolutions then unanimously adoptrd:? Rpfolvcd, That tho democracy of the Twctit'eth \va>1 n l vnncu with eiitlmflApni and merry to the support of tho liberal prirn'lplcf of ihoiuthf and action involved In the present sontoat lo matntfin tlio nlvl! right.s ol every citlaen, and ?oInterpose an uajlelduiK h??atllUy to every form of proaTtp'lon anataat auv portion of their tvillow men. oi'ier oa account of the shade of their rellgloua l ellcf or the pU '.e of t?'#*tr hlrtb; lo sustain h?* right of every oiU/en to be se.-ire la bin property air 1 home, and to reelst every attempt to throw the shackles of tyrannical leg.slatlon over Ins rodai hatdu and prlv.uo pursnlut -whe her made through the agency of fanatics] Mslue faws or otherwise Resolved, That the other mat rs of Hta?^ government !?? Is-ue in the present contest arc of the most vital Importance to I'm welfare, and that our heat effort* almlt he exerted to ?le ? htate ofBccra and members ol the Leg'-lature who will faith fully labor to reform the gross abuses now prcvailing, stop the cvtravagant waste ot the t? aottrees of the Shite, res'ore I'h fiuaiiceH to a sound basis, and reMolutely adhere to the provi slons of Its copititu ton. Resolved. Iba' recognl/lng 'he candidates prenen'cd for the Atippor'. of the democracy ot litis ward, upon tho Hrate ticket hcadtd with the name of Israel T. liat' h lor deeretary of Htnte, the city and county Ucket headed with tho ol Jemc > <'. Wll'.et for Sheriff, tite vvardUcket iiead^d with the uauut of VVrn. McConkcy lor Alderman and also Thomas J. Monday for He naior nut 1 ? Wlltac for member of \s?emlfljr, as regularly noriilnaied ard nn wi?r iiy of our s*iffr.awo hereby piedgo them our earnest, r.ctlvc and triumphant support. Wil. MP Hit vY, t'hairaao. W?. Ki^raok, ) i-,, Tuofc.i^v/r^^"; r\KROCRATir RKi't'iiLICA.N UNION NOJIINATIOVH U Ut. John'-llall Uppoaed to the Maine Larv. Know s >thinglsiu .?:i4 Black lor Sheriff fam-s C, WiilcL Comptroller .....Phillip W. Kngs. Count) Cleik.,.. Kiehard ?t. t'oiriolly. .StreettV mnJ sinner.. Henry II. Howard. Coin''tr Repairs and Hupphe*. *? o. slu. Cor)?oratJof? Counsel..... f^oren/t H. ^hepa d. < lot enter A ms House. .Patrick O. MiUtt'irv. City ln?pgetor Thoe. K. Ito.vnliw .luuge hup rem? Court James K.Whiitug. Judges hup trior Court Michael Cn-ho t!-- , Jonas II. Phillips. Judge IV. mm on Pies* John H. Drady. Judgi MarineCotif. David 0 Kc? le, Jr. It. N. Wtthe'.m, K. t?. t'otmery, RobertClamble, V?'illiain O-Donrasll. JOHN H. WIUJaMH, Cbntrmtt. D. O. Cholv, Jou* t/Tmnr,) ?' ail ULKVKNTII AND SKVRSTKKNTII WARDH-ORAND l i Mans Meeting.?Ths dewiocra s of ?h? eh e ward will u-k n.ltle in ma*N meeting on Friday e.enJng, Nove nbar HI, al lonipkitis M|tisrevfdr be pu?p ?- r?u' indlng *o the democratic repuolUrin nomhtati ins mado at I ainuMuy ilail. Iiy order of the Commute of Arrangemen's. jlt)R KCNATOR. FIFTH DISTRICT?RJfliJTH, NINTH and Fout'teantii v ards. MARK HPENCKR. F fTSi)R hKNATOR ?FOURTH DISTRICT, HKVHN JT 1 ontli. Thirteenth, and Hev?nte',iiili Wards? WIL.-' Al.l *I>aK>SM?K*T ? ANIMHATW POR <1H;> r COlfJIIrtXIONVft, imaac r. roi. FIV\f.l HK GI IORD !*? TliK ? 'NilTlTL'TlON OK <mr H? i ibU'\ and by ?ho f !??# of th? I no nor* I 'la and \\.W.t-I!KM,OIIn W. HI' II \ III in. Ho^-iUr W!t!g Morn 11.<iIon for Awmbly. liib a * t .r?i>fy Ik'trJet, (Urn Ward N. H. Thl# I>ip?t?"lr*t I* bounded ott lf)?* North by Hon on, W< by I'.r"*?4Sh-i'y, b'nnnby il??* fkiwery, rbnilhby t aimiarrl W.?,jtor r??M v from Wirt ? till ? * < o t to <1 *y N?,v Mb, at tic "!lowing plw M, vlx.: at Noe. 4 J andTb Hp-log ?. eel, j?i > ?? .ATI Mn. -m -"tr*"*', a' lb** broad wiy Ho i </*, cm rr ?t Broadway and <irand ^reit, aud a .'?oe. 170 II* ^u r, to J iA Of if re ?'i' V?He early. Municipal hkkokm nomination* >?.r < *.iiipirwi!?r . \/aCah CsI la*ff. ' unty oierk IJonghi* !.??Wnrw? *1. m>? rn" F?ntt 0. WlUth Street? <wwjl?*aiiiMrr Daniel K x??n. roinioiMlorirr of ftefimf* and Hupp U*??.. ..In* pb Hou'hworth. ' Hjr Inspector J. H Ur fym, M. ? fn inae! U> Corfxiratlou !x)i r;.:*o ?. p*U?',? ?nL Uovirtuir of Aim?bo>uM C. - odlrej <#uo h< r Coroner# AUtu^n r, .lout* X.D., Krt Jnrirk W. ; irry. H N. WUbelra, I derard I). Or.nai r. ,Tu?!i<? ftupr* me Court 'feme* tt Wlr't ?g. huyitur ? oait Murray Hnftaari. '? " . .... ..Uwu U. Wo")>lniff. 'lodte 1 'ommou Jv -on .?*.?*nb. I.i> :? n ?J Hanoe Court 4 I ude# h bird**. Th'' Kirr ttirc * on smitten vlil meet * v-ry ? ?>!,"<',??, b? - rocm?, 066 Broadwayt to . >?? ?*'?o rep ra from the Ward <?itu n*?nH 4 OOPKH, < I .m . a. II. M. HitrrtUi, He- re ary. MKRCAXTRK NOMINATION" - Comptroller.. .. ... \r.innh*. i g. < 4'Uniy Chirk.. ... jb/oy]*y I."fr <. hher IV. , ... U r i. ,V. \J I re htrei'i i ?. , . . .. Io*avb N. r.?>h?r. < "rnmU'tfli ?rr Itrj .irMiiJ -J .t, oh L f'Uy 1 rtepg** 'or. . iii'ler P. V*'hl. * ?"in r?| ??i <Vn'por*li"fj L ? .V, <i over. ' ? nsrcor Of th*- AiOiahoovo <V '#< >tfr*y lonfl ? Coroner* AlinvrtiP .lorn ?, r <l I). ? rjr, l.'ohert llam?Ie, A. 1UJI. .1 o? 'he V pr* roo <!otiit..... . K*l wur?l IV ? "oh ;e ?. JifSl 'riol LifS hUlKSf tor Court. .... .1# ?*?'* 3. w H>'r.;ir, Mnrrav II - f, to, oMbe <*?>n uj 'Ti J*b*a? . . Al'7h.. Jr m *. r vi iha Matiue Court#..... a dlii . M MT.Kn\ <# - THKHRIHNDNflK R'Hir HI It;-* ATT V Ar it #* Ati ' dxie f^>r ? ?-.>, w ' <???? M'.n of par'f tre rau " ?<e.| f > n ?" tu :m* o K.itur'tas evtritOff, ^'?vrm, fit A. at t 'i Kagi- If >m n? r ??f ? hrtatle am) Itr'anray mjf"- a? *? o>b>ei;, ui t*ke u, ?? "? lira to tosir? hla triiirnpbr >. *!?*'%?on m th ? m\- . bper keia ? I rnuio nce ami ahlkty wo. leu A if ore ' 'i t aacn by p<*j.'ilar a<Jdre??>-n. a \ l W. Hntarofe. .Ir.rnf?4 - m '?*, .t*u??<aPr' aro Merr Roi ? vf. Wi ? A? le - tao'oo, I'ritr C liak* r, ?Iar ^n-lab ** 'tr- *? lo^n f.r .? . (Jwrc? Roim". i hr>HtAi"rt Wai <m k Inn, .CiIiiiW.Vaiioewavr,Wra. Mokeiy. ? J oh n H.? , Ytbiutri a ir. IV 'ir-er,, Wi Itani K l >a Wm K. iJufierfleM Kvnard Iturlew. o. m. Hrl-len. All* ft ?t. Jon*#, hktrtey Koptru^r:, fobn If IU en* 'ttht R Urn.i!. nf R. A. Watkiii^u, J a*'?b Polar L brlii. Y>TI<WAL I>P.M t R ATIO ?KP1 BM.'At IT r. 4 TI iN r.nrr jr..itp n, 'f w*i?'y ih *t ward, Ki;"*y fildb . ? tr ct. I or ? ? u/.c .'mai.? J? IN r. hlVOiKKH'k. JOHN l? ARROW, < havmao. M. 'I M? (Juy*, Fecreiary. N KM YORK O' T "I IKAft.?AMI'Nff Tr?K URN MM To t)*e ^Ar?f?;ri! eRiv*a* ' !, ?r>A * b*r ? H'Tlri"*. I>ware ' \ .??' ? ? ? ? ? , cffii# ?p?luen kiat jw in d*rfcfi',?n Titer# - m ? ? ? lar obi? Rh#rtP iMrow Omuiy'lrafr and 4 ? .,/.<,} ? r il .? be*,- f?t of *b* Working t?4*> A he UfW* ' a- . ei W? ; . na ieatorad to light, b? tr?a I ?, >r "n of *i vy* u *.'# ir.'-rnorv. 7r ie demaorao * ah ~ f . ? ? ml ??ttpea. avtil Jel ?'? w?v*>, K. ?? t-;* ,rt >v ? hem o ItkhC aa the ?*. n??tinr o a W V.? n lOi got *I? ?'1 fir lira of fa-' wr'O'rr -- * j " - ' * fa' h ? O/ikp'r'tlitFa 4 if' t?e u?irmtt t>" 1 >? ? n#y, .? f i aHn^. Vrm go in. band n b?r. . #, ? ' r?er. and in * vi, Wihe-f #. ?t. wah ? ?.?.,? -A b I ?. tide#: on* wrbh Pury. ami fi ?< ?. > '<* If "? K K>M T.A* < l? ATM ? ?*t. t>f TJT.r' I.AB Hat: * .? tl * '? <'?> AT! JV A# frtu".,.? tt Ct?T WWIIw ? ?p|. r>,r<j u 4 ' rin? if* ?r, -at '--r ... .. i.?! *ktf |>?r1J, I'.MMI ?, tU t 'r l ianp<iolier ? > Ti T. M t*i ?Ml ?*v V. tv#.r. f .ri?.,: y nf Rrjilr, ?j 4 n ,j,: ? I',, * r ' .mitt; ' "?* ???r/r ?' ?'?. '? AiwlV,,. t ? ' < u>??iW fb? > . T> ? .... i. 't !p>i? in i' e* W m ..I Bi'*?i?< ?f a -mtlo iv *'?? ff i ump l?r ,?t,!t' f?r ? .ft .!? I'rwlnjiW r?fj .Ti'j. H Jn0!f? ?-T m. iMri r.:?? .I'.-.. ?t iMmr *wu H, i?i ??. , M irr?n H.1n,.i TUa* '* '.r.U? U, n, KW? ir'iM AK IiKXi . HAT!' XDlllOtrin ' 1-tTT . D I 1"",TT T r I f. ,0- ftrrl* A" .Tt \ V , Or"Mr<M k>- trl it ? ? . , f'torrrr.... M?>r? |> I ?r.t.rrj, il r ? . V .* B' lit, |? 11 t, T b. f ?? j 'TolUr .. rs |J> w ?* >? iV, p, ??, t #. 11- f J 'I 'I 1 Or rnVtW, f^wrt Ml, ?? , ... ???? if tlrtviW ' v.-?? I . i .? it. i . i|*. lur, ! Art II.?? - i>iffft?:iTi.i?i. I M#nr "m w m? ?i?r rt???T JV|P t < 1ft A|#*Ot ,<P1 ?, I, rm <t*.- , m. W lit 10, ?'#?.?n ,mn n A i ?? .1 ; J.rir* *nf>r*?u ' <#r ,?*, H Wf r Jm f' 'IfWlY IfM. 0 UK. 4 -'if . Jn4r* < <mr' ? nu? T ?*. Jim Mtt R POLITICAL. FOUI.AR Will') N MIVAT O.N *OR ri f. -O JOVD IV A*wvnblv dt?ir L Ililr 1 and Ntttb varde. F t ** PI I" It K K V. VAN VVY<K. RKcrrart pemocrati whm .nomination, kn dor?-d 1 > Ui?? work i. . u .r i . , m-i rworui. Par Assembly, It'th <1 ? mrI1*13 *ud XLa w** Is, THMJPoUF B. VOOKMKKT. fTHIRD WARD, BROOKLYN. INDEPENDENT ? \V 1 dldate for A Merman, KDWAItJ) J. LOWUZIt. THK YdVKO MKN'H PBMocraTL NATIONAL CUB will ir in i ii the !)?Hd ? . Rio;?<i .* .iy, kcademy HaJI) on It "toy ?v uim , Nov. at ,1 . nVto-k. *? inbcr* a.?* re<ju*? .1 u. Mt(?iid punctually, i* business of ?peelai Importance ,% ijj t>e traitsaetod. .. ELIJAH WARD. P-?;*d*itL ?Ion!* B. Fo.r m v. ) <J*.|iCA 0. hrl<>?, THR PK0PLK?H CA N'DIDATK FOR FT ATE 8KNATOR X HON. KB \sTLm B1Hw?VCF. The Kraal mi HroAi Ae*o elation *?! the Twenty ilr-i wartf, 'iru4Bl/wl rrripecUve of party, to akl ?n the r* ela tion Br mo n Krtsu.s Brooks to the hate Senate, will hold h tii- .Miim u< Tompun's Hall, No. . VI Foilriii av< nno, tut Friday eutng Nov . a' I tab past seven o'clock. JAMKrtl). I?Iv kNKY, Chairman. II. H. hifi, Secretary. TO 1IIK KDITOR OF I UK UKHaLD-RI*: \ NOT1CR in yesterday morning'* * meaaii la houl?<l PolIU at fe?rUtuiH." fogt'lber with a letter attached, addressed to I .aepb Harrison, fc?<|.v And signed be Mr Lu%i??mv an<1 u.v-if leaving it to be Inter ml 'hai l am one of the as* ailed * strikers." In reply J have to -ay that 'ho lg"?r ret vi ed to oh'atred from Mr HarrUon by one Mr. Roach, a ?porter for the lliiiev, u-'hou any thought >u me part that tt w** tu tended for publication. Mr. llarrl?oi) having .uiurm*d mo ihii man ins thaibe IIamM htov Rot en taa i reporter. end I i If he hau km >an that loot lie would not have banded It t<> htui. lie ttl-o informed in? thai be would have bean plea ?d wlih tie iK inltiatlon from the dub, If ha hod not already dodmed to run as (tie democratic candidate. I he reporter haj. * that he Ih not a?'tpialnt?'>\ with the part lea whose signature* Brtatnljr <l> . dm and holding thr n? up to the ridicule of the public, when he could have Off a<hid to the letter in uueaUon. It wa? '-ertainly then very imprudent >nid uiicai)e<i lor tin.* to Attack p ?r*>n? and hold og ly tooke t in the dlrerUu y aud f und my name, and any lutW iiiaHon hedemrol would have been promptly given. In run oiottoo, i i ?? to lay American Ctubn CluH * ii ? b'tdilmMte 'irKantzaaon. the money received front the nominee* of (he club I* to he devoted ?o the printing aud dtotrihtKlng of our addict<< 4ml ticket throughout the eilv, and ail ana kn cuntilar to thi-- will ou j 'end to ?ireugthen ft. Yourt reaped fatly? WM il Ma' k a v rrai BRPAY RTl NINO I ? l" Mil BPITOR I of the Herald lining at a meeting to the Fiituenth w rd thiaevening, 1 wan inf< nne I, by friend, th.v Mr*. IVdiltflui, .n kone remark at the reform meeting, baa ?'ated In ^uUv'vne? * La i I h.nt been nomiualed tn' vim kept before the people with a view 'o the dvtleat ol Mr. Houglawa l.c(llugw"l|, th ? ?ti dldttii. of the reform parly, ?u<| that I wai paid by Br. ? utifs il ly ui retain inv pmritiou. t he fact that I v.a*< uomloaicd ?y a Cv nvciitiou b? tor?' which >1r. I.?? fling well w?n u - andl t ite u?ckit before h.-lecflvrd the nomin al ni of nnr n.uty, I* a rehitatlou of the drat charge ;. id 'h\ I never cud a word of convervath ii with Mr ft uolly, and d ? no' kr.ov blm person ally, le my tinawer to O'c -o- and. I wmild further 'n ??, for the Information of my 1'riendg, that wltlun * wo daye anteri >" to tl e rla*'' of thin, I have received hroiigti Mr. IV ?kluoi ind Mr. Allen, lrir iidnol Mr t eflingwetl, the offer of two u >ov n t do' Jarn and certain other va'u tblg con-(deration*, ' ) indu< e ny wttlidrawal itr lie t'avor. The propod ion wanie tantiy v " ? ed, atel I ?hall. nndrT ?ny in I cv**rv clrct rit oar o, r* .a u a ratidldato tor ?hc nuit rage* of iny fellow clti/uua tor the ofbe-e of County Clerk until the evening of No,'. ?'? H<*?o.? Mt?t y, you ? servant, HOBT. OCA'Tt, h rro POLITICIANH.?TIIM SMALL INDIA RtJQBtitl I elastic batida, eo lurlinpen^abie for holding ? le * ion b?l lot*, "an be obtained only Ihe India rubber M r-*, XS> !!r' i m if* I* NION D110< it . i i RBK HIILII II 1EH1 \i. OM J niU'rm, IbU commit ee will meet on wat .rday ev? ug Novr nib? t \ fit%'i *4 oVIock. at M. John's Hall, '-orn- . I How cry and Dclancy mreet Member* arc ear o-ulf f'jic c f <? bepr'ornt, ri? Mekete are to bedlstrlbuled to the*-lever *.r| va- J" aim oih?*r biialnena of Iiiiim rtanee tr?iis?r!ecL By ord? r JOHN II WILLI AM*, t hp'r u . P r vin i}. Cftot v. ) _.ft John CArrkAV, Jrscc,'ja* TTOTK FOR TTIK HONFs T, LPKK.HT VNXHf) V U. i'Oh V Judge o/ Com in >n Pleas, CaMHI?!IM)I{ LIVINHNTON I'nanivronsl) nominated by nearly all the po.l'ical ra . Ufr. ARB OLA I) TO 8 K R TIIK NAM K OF <AV If. Sherman, I o,, ?r ihe In'?*pen?lcnt Union ? at. ? : 4 ?* < * fTouneRmaii "f the Klevi irhd'' ri -?, 8lith w irrl, Mr di.#?r,i.*u in ? young l?tv>er of erergy and ability, ard in - -y r*vpe t worthy ot I'ict-f, h. Itl ( I ION. q 1 |4 BKf IDM kY- IBKlU! BFI I ? FIJI ? >1*1 met f*?ektng mere am'tin "ov, 'oy to* *r,?v a"?Utt vt PN'STJ'.ltA 111XO.N ?'stiil)U*|im?'rjt a "up<r? i and rtia^lci j iiw wiedgo ? ! tx okkeeblUg, ?r|Ung. A** In y f?v# ?# fc* P,.^ pertuee* aic) full pHtflCuitn ru app' ca?i >0. T?. tw "."Kk*;!!# ? nd imprw emett gunrantfle l. <? 111 ? i ?1? i.'? ?' ? i. m '. * at IH ilIHIa itS <a mv. o-J !lr< v a -,*.*? h t' i. -ib.'c ? nlrv by ? pro -o-' ? f. ? nk "o?u who * *?? ?? ? tsnmo plan wml (1?fn.!ia?a nraetised in the cai co;nifi.;reia' ho? ? .>* *t,i! ' < ka. Stud' "'* "?u? "iiiglit /.e a"*! alrvj fi w.J sot JT.ftnd gtxwl fdtuaUoni. || ? TtOOhkKKFlMJ WRITIufl. AR111IM f 11' * - ?Pi"*, itu.e unhmBed. a' Pa i f .i't'l OfarH" ? ' V Iflb Fu) one -eet, I r. oklio ?Ladies or gentleman g'Oira teed an easy, flowing, eV^ant. and eapciplou* h .mlw ? rr % and Uwjougb iaw'ru' dnn in uvokkt cpiu ', uwd i ? b'*t houses in tbr; city. U /Otn* open day and -jvcn'bg. AFBKNCH LAllY, NOW 1K4<MIIN i CI fll N ier Institute, de* res to form ??'** '?* in Crb, i. i * and draw log. In the day or rviuJng. ?. be <u thta ? r Brooklyn. Nbt has r?" Mved llphuna* fr-m M riive d--? Fctenri's <!?? Pails. AddrcaM. oautlR n < m* 11 ? sinet and Fourth pla^c, BrmdiJyn. Kc*."r. s-Hn If FBI 1s. tO'J L*?t Kighteci- b street; l?. J. Ilow aud, i T riii !i lUf-rt, HL4KlMFfFLI> ACAIU.MV-IJOARM V'j *Nl? ??\Y ?' boo J, for ! oth ???*'*, p ?? ? sidlj and h"4 ?M .. ?? i.?'d corn*rot lil'omheld rno rtr*? *?r"',,s. Hubalicn, N w u ct ii ni< i c? i ii- ? * i i i ?- ? lillii'ed. Cf?< lafn at Wotterrtmn's. INK) llrovl'i.*. N, ?* ItiiW i lil? KI.UN FK I n . I I .'CATION*.?A LADY. If IVJVt) \ TlH)R?t ||!m; ll?h educati ?o, d? sir? # a ?ipoatk?o a* day gu?er??c?* ,a i vce family or hi u ?iit ? her in v *?- fih try ?? h the And ruu!nri?*r>ts of rwu'.r on the iarc.Vte. Ad-Jic ??, y,d eat Urn A. it., 1 iihm pi 're Boat ofb ?? Ft BENCH LAI 10R MUX. NOKL KBROIBB AN notiD' ei that ?be )? trp i lav n ? urer ? t Fr* 0 for lacti-N ar.d young Isdk*. In it." t f ern '?o. ' m . " V t/rUjck.a! he? residem ? . N??. .W2 *J>t ?? , ! w-'-tt I? ? and I So ???. Terai* f 10?h'ur perwms ItM 'h oJa-s. I'o > r ?? .a IK !. jr, Nov, 5. F IjlREVOIl 1 ??-<)%- Y'ii v<( I um> A '1 IN-T I'.t T -4 to lb* Friwi<-li i'ii, ?*rj mit?r?' M'.ie <'?U1?I0, (II I An ') . ?o ? a ,?r ri -iil'tn", .No 14 L ponort proof, V.? p ? .imj, *u?l pUtn . ri'l i;i!t?rj ?'?' i? ,,?>( anobooo. FiltK.vril ami 'H'RUs* LAMM'A'U'- M d U'lnf ?Thn iinl' i Uml pi I tbo ififll I'limi'ii i iircv ,? It.ft Vs .mfi-nu.'Ii,?i.n'..i c*i t> k?<r?nfrr ? nnnjltroi i-nn |in l<r hi*|.ri*i ... ,.i " (MWMiWnf primi a,? "m *t IKS! >???? M* . or Hri I'lfn* (If et.r m it. K. TI I I i.l' I * it 'PIIHW RK HMV WI'ITl^i VM> JiHOKK' ? I H|til? I. ' ! ?' r '"ll'1 ' i' ? nil ?' I III : ?i ilor rbariio. I ml ? -?? II a. M l-fi-l.!. u I nrtl ? lor* m; I ? h? I ? il<?- II <>?l ?# ? tl.lVBR ? n| !? Mlii All MI AI-. .1- I'IAMiKiMK- I *. I. OK |'( I _? J \J?. A.*' I i .p ii I... r '?> r ? I.' I 11 ? I". ' I ' ? 0 ?' , ' (ilMoin. bjr l>i ?. ion, loi ?? i ? ?.. i' i nit |#?id nr pi*Hi*'',- ?? *n>! i Nj" JM. lit MfiltA V. iiibti ol mil ti , .11 and t ? lki?n.. . N IiH'M.V FO* KlliK (V IT A m.P. 4*' . ft ? ?1 ' hori lj. Appro *i .toj r.i all. A I. \i'Y, WHO rj - ii *"??? i i ? it. v I, ? r>. Mrrr?i*i M|OM' A "" ?' o? ' I- ? tiral.rl . ? of ? ?* n.i n i. lop-moot I * ji rrtlj, n* * in ,,i ... n#. ? i. mo r* on I -i ? v ? . - . ild Itlio so |0 ut ilM lot'i'b. flmM * kmi il'icyfo *1 U II r*4d i f i <s. A ORHAt NAfRiriCt: 1 I'. IU'iK ? UTI fid l.i I'lf'fl ?! ' / fJIA *i :l.#n/mif ir loot town, ritlft ?Wf wop, ?S' a; 11,1 m.,.', .. Iirufoi .'-ii ? ' *? '??n ii w oiflf Jtf-- a DM1.1. i in id. ' *;. ?t X iVi .ij it. .? Ut. 'i n . ? ? >i r.f k ^ fR?..?.i I. Ol.TiT! .V > I . I.I.Y fiVI ? wj?? f * iiigi , * Imooid 'ii i, , ii ti .* y ? i. ?. ,?? inr ?. -h. *?: It -i i. 1 l!?f*ol4 "fl If'OR AW. tlU.Al -A I1KM ' I. v A II rmfW'/d jiiiii. : I n- l,**i. i> , o ? v'.r.1 "i>0 *' <c?1 "it.vuon. <'??. -? .. ii? r .i v,'; ?i). ltd ?R?riAun. YJldWAI I.(I'M) I'.R ? I'lAVO I . Kill Y *?l f ? .r. 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