Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 2, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 2, 1855 Page 7
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dA'i>T?*- v \\fi am i?o. von hale. dPTO QRA WORTH OK REAL ESTATE AND ??*? $7 I sonal property sold andeichanfled jft.?**: Now m the time :o register your houses, *wfrdflg^KjJ* charge for registollaff and advertlalng, only Hrook Houses for sale and to let In all part, of sTrh nil ; aiKO, stores of all kinds for sale. Apply o Broid American Ufa) and Personal Estate Exchange Co., M* way, room No. 10. _ ? $^ss^sS-S!tt already been sold for $80 000. tie patent lor 84_Nassa'i street. ? _ .T^^nV-ULKOB KXCIIANflE-9 AC BBS OK 47 0(10 ~~S2? wdtomlltaaultah'e for any kind of mum ? I .Ul'V. Und w?h mui. aui ' N Y. Atoo. 5 &!?%> ESSmJ MNfc .treat, both 100 feet wide. Apply W3JPtot)?fi?B,1J i5WrOT^rfa^ AO Q/m -GREAT BARGAIN.?FOB SALE, A SZ.OUU. three story and basement brick bouse, lo Frwestreet. between Myrtle and Fulton avenues, Brooklyn. Hafi eeato Apply to FOSTER A LOPBR, No. 4 Sands street, Brooklyn. ? AO AHA -K0R 8AI?K' TUK LEASE STOCK and JJ.UUU. fixture* of a -htou. glare and crocketT .tore, Uusied In the best thoroughfare In Brooklyn; the More e?Ub: Ihbed several yearn, ana will do a business of from $600 to 91,000 a week. t rROBISHKR, 84 Nassau street._ o"nAA ACRES WISCONSIN LAND, OK CHOICE HE Z.UUU lac lion, In healthy location, near to "^WOOIUM nidation with commercial towDt, offering to emigrants, capitalists, and .peculator.; "change to stoek of gocxla mi liable fur Weatorn morkeL Apply U> H. MORTON TOPPER, Uft Broadway, room No. 6. $1500 -fXi.A" y!?"n B -Or lo'r caab, at a small dlaoount on the above figures. 1500 gjJffwtaifrftA.'lSii' V&&ESI 22: nno ACRES OF LAND FOR SALE.?A. FINE OUl) containing 800 acree of land, situated on Long I?land, directly on the line of the railroad, bavin! a front of J"*rjlJ Biree biurth. ofa mile, wilh house and barn on the premises. ? the office of ftK.EKS A CO., 38 Wa'l street. A CCA ONLY.?FOR SALE, THE STOCK AND FIX' $550 lures of a foreign and domestic fret store, tie best business street In the city of Brook I yn ? poultry stand. This is sold at a great MRih are going west. Inquire on the premises, 1*8 Faiton street, ?PAA WILL PURCHASE THE LEASE, STOCK AND $500 lixtures of a groriwy and liquor store advantage. elated Call and satisfy youriaflf. McMAHOM. L8 t.aataam. anrn -FORSALE.RARB CHANCE- AQENTEKL OLD 8S?5a?ai!Ma&srass yglec?$4fiT Apply at B^Naseau street. room_li. AY n(\ -FOR SALE, A SMALL FARM OF SIX ACRES $17 0. ol land, on Long Island. Wllh $10 worth of took. It Js Ufty m lcs trom New York. Apply at 21 West Sixteenth Mreet, In the basement. ^ AY CA -k SUGAR STORE, DOING A GOOD BUBI $150 ness, long established. In an "collent bwotlon, very Auaant store and back rooms, to be sold tm'uedlately. It is a r*rr chancf of the Wnd. RenFon of polling, the owner w going to the country. Apply at 203 Broad sray, room 6, Mutual real estate sguncy. a BREAD AND CAKE BAKERY, LONG KSTAB A IIshed, In Bowery, now doing a good cash budoeasi wlll be sold etieap; satisfactory re**an giving hir seUlug. Alao, ft food cro^ery and liquor store, without rent?an excellent place for a man who want, to keep a temperance store. Apply at the office, 281 Bowery . ? a haitrry FOR HALE.-ONK OF THE BEHT STaNIIS A kffiffi Will bo -old at a sscHSoe. For partlrulars apply on the premises, StU I earl etreet, near Franklin square. a farm FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?FCR A PRO A ductlve hustacsH'or a good house and tot In this city or BrooXlvn. The faraa contains seventy-five acuw ot the t*??t iauI in Tompkins <*onnty, at Ithaca, with splendid roddence and fruit o 84 N.sreu atreeu a TtARR rHANCK.?ONE OF THE LARGEST AND A beat daguerreotype and photograph Rallories In now offered for sale; or a partner taken. Situated In the m?*t bSrtSSTart ef llroodway; splendidly furnlsbed toroughout. Inqulie at 20 Chambers street, between 10 and ^03F0RD< A RARE CHANCE.?FOR SAI.K, WITH LEASE AND flxtursn, an old established public bouse on the NorO river mkk2 mar M>c York and Erie Railroad depot Apply at 193 West street. A SPLENDID FARM, 120 ACRES, IN A COUNTRY UN ...Vr,..L^I for beau tv and fcrtUlty, twenty tour miles Irem a YorE and three from depot, eighty acres highly cultivated, balance w.khI and pasture; bid 1 ling In pcrtect onler, gooil wator. choice trntt^gggflg![? ctfftSZiu streeU * SPLENDID FARM, GRIST MILL, SAW MILI. CinKR A prsss, Ac., for snlo-hltuated In Hanrtmrton^NjJMi^jnt Em* miles frem Tanpan Town, and about 20 miles from New iSSassiHas.'sr' sa;a r rwniiAM0 T. ORA^llS %"mS?Z u afreet. BAroiin UARGAtS FOR SOMEBODY.?'TUK LEASE, fixtures'and furniture of dining saloon 92 Warren street, ?ear the Hudson River Railroad depot, must bei sold th'a week^ Marble table*, and every thing In good si> le '|UI'? mn.r belns engigwl In other buslncFF, will dlFpoec or n, glurr at a bargain. For parllcnlars apply at So. 2 Maiden lane B~AMmTy?FOR S AI.E.-A FIRST RATE STAND FOR business, a itn a four years' lanse from May next, at a low rent Inquire at W B. C CaPpentei'i flour store, eoruer Wast add Keadc stree's. SkbgOMRirll FOR SALE, CHRAP.?\ HOOD RUN* rink one of Kugllsli make; also, a few eh"lce oil paintings, h eannoi b. excelled to the United states, 'win be sold a BarealBt^n be examined from 9 A. M. to 4 P. M? at 89 FWRon street, front room, second floor. WAB SALB-rmi FIXTIRKS. COMPLETE OF A y floor oil clolh mannfaetory, eoniprlstog two to Wot printing gauges, blnrk for about 30 new and desirable pat 2?TbiJEtofp???d and plaster tnl'ls, and ron the lire an extensive business. Apply to K. JOURNKaY. on the pre ataes, corner of DeKalb avenue and Debevolse street, Brooi fjWR RALE?THE POUR HTORY BRICK HOUSE 574 J? avenue A, with 96 years unexpired le i-e of lot; the mo* ef the purchase irouey can remain on bond and mortgage Apply to J. FWLLKRTON, Mo Third atreet, or 10 E. Elliot, 72 Marmk street, or to J. W. itumsey, No. 3 Nassau street. BS.tLE.-WJM.?CHEAP FOUR HTORY AND BABE _ men hrtok house and full lot, on West Fortieth s'ree. M.hOOon hood and mortgage; also on north went corner, toll &and twoiramo building* I hereon, on Eighth are.; price 60, $4,900 on bond and mortgage; al?o south west corner of Fifteenth street and aventie B. Apply to M U JirriHK 71 Wall F? H K. J ACOBB, it Wall street, basement. 1AOR HAI.K--1IEAM8H1P TKNNF.S8EK, OF 1.190 TON* 1 register, built i Baltimore. ill ISM of the be' Ma-vland eak. In the strongest manner, diagonally strapped with iron Engine of Stll) horse power. This ship M pro re 1 hersott an eonimonly line ana boat, la vcrr fast, ami her consumption ol si moderate. Will be wild low. Apply to MORTIMER MTIllUSTv*, 93 Broadway. rR BALK?FIVE NEW HOUSES, AT BEDFORD. Brooklyn, two stories end basement high, and filed In wMh briek. containing nine rooms each, besides eleaeta and clothes piesaes, finished v.lth marble mantels, gra'es, folding door* between partonn g?iaa.tas, Croat court yards, well painted, Ac. Price 92 000 earn Abor.i two thirds unv remain on mortgage. Inquire of S. P. TOWNSEND. 83 Nassau street, np stairs. F?R HALF,?A LON'l AM) WELL FETABLIBHF.D MUSIC business In one ol the Urge.' Southern clues, wl'h the sole agencies (or ihe sale ol the pianofortes of three ut the be.1 ui so tnacturers in the Untied It n111 bi sold on reasonable terms. Apply for two days to (>. A. 14., Smithsonian House, corner Houston street and Broadway. r)R HALF.?AN OLD EST ABLISHED GROCERY A\l) liquor .tore wl'h slock and fixture conpletc, loci 4,lin , stable, ln<alel on Use northwest corner of Drlartcev and Hoervk afreets; he* an excellent run at i u-totn. and will he sold _ cheap. Apply to J. 17. IIKlNHOH.N, coiner of Secon. 1 Dos and Second street, in the store. u l?OR BALK, IN BROOKLYN -FOUR SUPERIOR NEW Jy three storv and basement (with s ih filArt brick koillf, ta Hicks street, between Slate and Joralemon?'reels, within Ore minutes' w.i'k ot Houth and Wall stree fet t le*, buentton pond. Tenna favorable. Apply I" Mr. Wilson, on the pre mises, or th Jas. A.I.held, p; lloyt street, Brooklyn. A3 OR BALK CHEAP?A LARGE DOUBLE CYLINDER F Hoe printing press warranted In good erdsr. II?s paten M flics, six rollers registering apparatus, a xe of bed fcv Inches by T7!?. Held press was built for the New York flAlra'ed News. Can be seen at 21 and 24 Frankfort Street, Terms easy. ELLIOTT, Herald oftce. TjXHR IiOTB FOR HALE?FOl7B BEAUTIFUL LOH C for sale on Eighty-fifth ttrert. North rirer. These lots are deMgh lully situated lor a orttege. Will be sold cheap, and three quartets of the money ran remote on boud and mort gage. Inquire otH. P. TOwNHEND, fit Kssaatt St., up stairs. FOB HALE-A FIRST CLASH RERTArR.ANT, hITU aie-l In tl.e towsr part ol Broad way, doing a first rate hustor-s only reasou of the present proprietor wishing to Ctsposc ot Ihe same, is tlie want of tlm ?. Brokers see 1 not npply. Address H. H , Herald olBe*'. ?TSOR HALE-A NEW, TIIBEE 8T.3RV BRICK HOl'HK, J; having all ihe modi rn Improvements, ineludla? furosee. cm West Thirty second s'rest, near Hlxth avenue. Will be sola very low II applied lor Ibia week, by FtioTK A WtiKril, No. 9Trinity Buddings. For <ale-tak *to< k and fixtures of a ur mil dry good- wire, lo on'- of the best litisltiesa locations iatberlty. Tl.e Week Is all seasonable goods hs tng alt been purchased iaii ly. and will be sold on ac'-outoto>h.'ing term*. Address Dry Oood?, box 198, Herald nffli e. I NOR BALK OR TO LEkBE?OR EAHT EIGHTEENTH I sires' near Feeond aveene four three story bouses, wi h basement and tinder cellar, having all the modern Improve mettle In them Apply to JOHN K. BMNv, builder, K?-t Twenty eighth siren, near Third aveane. -I?ORBALK?THE LEAKE FROM MAY 1, 1?,TO MAY 1. If. IfitKt, of two houses, in the Howrrt. between Hester ami Walker alrer'* Apply to Mr T. KOtll 8fi Ludktw street. T7?On SALE-TWO TENANT HOUSES ON ONE LOT, 90 fl feet deep sseh, lot 14" feet d< ep, strl f ill front; la Cherry dree* between I'atijarine snd Markc. terms easy Inquire si Ihe New York Fur Company, 421 Brua way, from 9to"I0 A H., and 3 toil P. M._ I' |ViR SALE?A DMTILLERT AND REFINING BITS! 1 ness a rrry good ehanre with apparatus; s"> k an I houreboM furm'ure. and b" ?? and wag.* Price fill AO. Apply to AMI.MAM SCHBULM notary public, 77 that ' belli a hsOR tULRc-TH AT OLD ESTABLISHED sTIND 1 km *p as tli" ? Bowery r 'We hub" f ??'?! " BMtuies to ?i Mane 'Nat share of pt'roaa:' and oBers a geel ep f Crura !? Isinytae le?If*llg sn easy, tht and p oh sols be smmm, 11 em 1. %"[?!/ ? r. wjtk ? otoep- -n e? 177 b""l b.tU# C/rt EAl ?' ' Nuii?TUN ',110*;..:* valuaole property ?Sau.UOO worth ol tenement prooertv, m Oharry street, ?#.<100 worth to Division street, *3hj)0Q da. in Hudson avenue Brooklyn. lib (KMJ worth in Goid stroot; severs: dwelling houses in New York, Brooklyn aud Wll!iam< bur*, on easy terms; *20 quo worth or vacant loin In New York, Brooklyn unil Williamsburg; llu.OOO neres of ;*ud of different plied farm. in tie followingStater:?New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, IUiucik, It.'imn t hi,,) Tennessee. Ui.MaHON, 17<1 < 'hatham street. For balb-a nice three story brick house, on Twenty.'otirin street, near Fourth tvenue; price. *8,060. Alan, oue on Twenty sixth street, between Sixth and Seventh avenue*; price, tti 800. Also, tw l on Twenty etgb'h street, between Madison and Fourth avenues; price, $7 'W0. Also, tun brick houees, en Kim street; price #ft.'KX) each. One on Fourth avenue; price, *6,500. E. B. KINBHIMKR, .ill) Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 F. M. Hotel for sale?the lease and furniture of one of the most central, substantia! and productive hotels in the city of New York. The furniture la valued at *411.000. Principals only who wish to negotiate, and can nav *111 MW cash down, will please address Hotel, box 3,83* Foal office, with real name ana address. Hair dressing saloon for sale at a great bargain, If applied tor Immediately. Ithaa been cstab Uahed for fifteen years, and la sl'uated under the largest hotel down town. The reason for setting, the present owner Is about leaving the elty. Apply at 143 Fulton street, from 11 to 13 A. M. and from 4 to 5 P. M. COrSE AND LOT FOR 8AI.E.?T1IE SUBSCRIBER olfers for sale a dwelling bouse (now oc panted by Uluo and lot atUehed, containing nearly four acres ot ground, well stocked with fruit trees, strawberries, raspberries, Ac. Said house has four bedrooms, sluing room, and parlor, a base ment kitchen, a good cellar ana well of water. The plane Is near Fairfield, Conn., ten minutes' walk from the depot, and about the same from the shore of Long Island Soutul. Inquire of THOMAS JOHNSON, Fairfield. PROPERTY IN NEW YORK TO EXCHANGE FOR PRO perty In Westchester county, New Jersey, or Long Is land. A first class four a'ory hou?c and lot to exchange for a farm on the line of the railroad. Apply at 470 Fourth street. SKOAR SALOON AND BAR FOR SALE VERY CHEAP? Aa the owner must leave the aky ou account of sickliest. The local ton la one of the best on Brosdwuy. Can be bad with or without a dwelling. Applv to R. t>. GOODWIN, 80S Broadway. rnBB CELEBRATED STRZHKIM'S MANTLE, (WAR A ranted,} In Die possession of a clergyman, since his de cease, can be seen and purchased at 308 Broadway. Price, *100. TO BR SOLD?A GROCERY AND LIQUOR STORE, wt'h Woek and fixtures and thrcu years' lease; established for fourteen years, wtth a good run of custom; reason for sell ing given on upplioalion at the store. Apply at 210 Monroe street. r BUILDERS AND CAPITALISTS.-TIIK OWNER OF a una section of ground In a fashionable quarter of a large seaport elty wishes lo contract for the erection of a block of brick dwelling bouses 17 in number. The ground ts laid out In the form of a park fltke Cramercy I'ark), w ith building lo's around It, and Is designed for lift houses. One InurUi, or 17 houses, are built and occupied: anniuer fourth Is now pro posed. It Is desired that 'he contractor should be able to lur nlsh or procure about one half ol the value of 0 W house and lot, to remain on mortgage for say live years. The owner of the ground will turnlsh hriiks and lime. The property Is without encumbrance Hie pwner will be In New York by about the rnlddleof November. In the meantime apply toW. JACKSON A SON, 246 Front street, for further particulars. WELL ESTABLISHED AND PROFITABLE BUSINESS for sale, In the dry goods trade.?Store 23x73, elegantly fined up. plate glaas tront. mahogany counters, drawers, Ac.; situation unequalled; stock snail, fresh and well assorted. I.eaee of four years from 1-t ot May; rent unusually low. Cash required *3,000. Aojommodation given for the balance. Prin cipala only will be treated with. Address L. B? Herald office. "IirARHlNOTON MARKET PROPERTY.?FOR HALE A Ji _ 3>J Story brick house, with 12 Jjears lease ef lot, No. 227 Washington street, one door Irom Barclay. Sold to close an estate. Apply to J. O'lIEARA, 368 Bowery. WANTED TO EXCHANGE-SOME JEWELRY, FOR about ii0 to 70 yards of carpeting. Jewelry quite new. Address, giving description of goods, Simpson, Herald office. HORSES, CARRIAGES, AO. 9 VERY FINK nORSES FOR HALE-OF ALL COLORS and -lies, suited for any kind of vehicle or saddle; 'he owners being anxious lo sell, a bargain can be had by afiplylng at ibesale stables, No. 2 University place, above Fourth ?u CARRIAGES FOR SALE?A TWO SKAT 8ROOND hand phaeton; a light rockaway: a nice extension top two seat carriage; two leather top light wagons; two do. wlih out tops, Ac., Ac., at 89 Eldrldge street, between Broome and Grand. CARRIAGES?A SUPERIOR ASSORTMENT, OF OUR own make, comprising every description of light and heavy work; also, second baud coaches, bok wagons, light doc tor's phioions, for sale very low lor cash or short credit. MAJOR THOMPSON A CO., 2li Wooster, near Canal street. F OR SALE?A HORSE AND GROCER'S WAGON, heap. Inquire at 623 Hudson street. For sale?a large black horse, of superior style and action, unequalled as a coupe brume; sold for want of use. R. W. CAMERON, No. 6 Bowling Orecn. 30R SALE.?A FINE BAY MARK. EIQHT YEARS OLD, last, sound, kind and gentle in all harness, and of showy style and action; 13!, hands high: prlco *130. FAGAN'S stable, 80 West 22d street. Apply at P. I?OR BALE?A ONE BRAT, LIGHT, STYLISH TOP OAR rlage, nearly new, will be sold cheap for want ol use. In quire ol T. W. Sanders, No. 1 Chatham square. FOR SALE?A FINE BAY HORSE. JUST FROM THE eonntry ha* never been used In the city, Is fifteen and a half hands high, seven years old, warranted sound and kind n all harness; a good saddle horse and a stylish driver ami last traveller. Will he sold low for want of use. Call at the lumberyard, 172 Monroe street. For sale?a black hawk horse, young, sound aud genii'. Is vary stylish and would make a flue parade horse. He la easy under saddle and drives well hi either single or double harness. Clan he seen at the club stable. In Pacific street, near Com I, Brooklyn. For sale?a black horse, very stylish, six years old, I5IJ hands high, and drives well In single nr doiiMe harness; warranted touml and gentle. Sold lor waul of use. Inquire at the stable 2ii lias' Twenty eighth street. For salf-a first rate wagon and harness. The wagon has only been used one meath. Inquire of RICHARD iiAKEK, corner oi Seventh avenue and l wenty eighth street. F or sale?a pair of brown houses, well matched, six years (.Id Itst spring; sound in all rrqiecta and kind In bai-oem, single or double; also. * carriage ami barrens. Can be seen at OEO MURRAY'S s'able, next to the corner of 1 street and Uotverett.v place. For sale-a very fink, noble gray horse, id hands high, lately from the eountry, a 11 has trotted In 2:46 lo road wsgon. sod (an be made very fast hv training, he ta perfectly sound, kind and gentle In everv reaper! and s very pleasant ({river t'tti be seen between 2 aud t n'c is s I* M , .'or three days, by applying In THriS, KG-F 37 Warren street between Hicks and Columbia streets. South Brocklyn. For sale?one pair of handsome lo.vo tailed Iron gray horses, fast drivers, six years old. w?remote I wood and kind In all harness, fifteen bauds end two Incite- high ?lso, nne ban 'some bob tailed brown horse, tiiieen sod a hvf bands high, seven years old, warranted as above. To be see i at the paint shop. VVest Fifteenth street, corner o' Seventh av Horse, cart and harness for ?j??a bay mere, 13 hands hlab. t> yearn old, warranted sound and kind, alight spring box i art. and a new set ol harness. Apuly at the lera oil tacmry, 76 Sullivan street. ROBERT C. EVAN4. UPLENDID TEAM OF FAST DOMES, WITH WAGON, O hamlv s hlanke's, Ac , ell complete. The ponies are very la ebhrr In single or double barne-F. -plendid drivers w? ianted h mid aud kind end cannot be scat by anything of H eir tw lies. May be seen at the sale stables. No. 2 Culvers! ty place. TWO RADDLE MARES I OR SALE?A GRAY AND l bay,- with natural tail, about 13 bunds, lightly made pr ferilv sound and kind, with plenty ol life nnd so genie tints child can msnagc them either In harness or saddle. Will he sold rln n> at the sale, stables. No. 3 University place. 1 TWENTY HORSES WANTED TO WINTER?FO ferula. Ac .address J. O. F> ill l.TZ, Florida, Orange Co New Yotk. WANTKD-A BAY HORSE. I?'? IIAVD> III'.II. WITH bag fail, and a stylish driver Apply at 12? Grand street lu.tin dlately. HOi;*KB, ROOM*, AtWAWTKO. APARTMENTS WANTf D-IIKTIVF F.N BLKEt KUR AND t'anal ?lree'?. or In SI. John'# ?.|tiar*., wl'li a private fa mil r, wlthm. oilier lodge; a, a atttlng room and 'hree or foar bedaoom* ftirnbdied or pafUjr furnlahed, with mo of kitchen. ??f?J?tte<uan, tor klmwif, family and aeivant. Addict* u W . Herald office. IiTRNISHKI) HOtrni WANTED-ONK WITIf ALL THK 1 modern Improvement* and handaomely furnl*be1; ?liu? IS in mu*t lie above Fourteenth atree' and between Third and Sixth anemia* flood *i-curliv *111 be glren, 1: r.-.|tifficd :>e rent, and porwiMton wamol Immediately. Ad trevi M. V. J., lle-ald office House wantkd.-a sham. tamilf win to rent, from the 2??th in*t. until May. IV.", a email, g ulell eot age, plaaeiinily located, m Brooklyn, that emitd be In 1 at * low rent, b) a doliahle tenant. Allure** <1. Tarlor. Ile.a'd ' (lice. r|vlag lull particular*, a no other will be looked alter. A plan- that might be lor mile pre'erred. PART OK A OENTEKL HOUSE WANTED-HF A KMALL rerpectable family w tlhoot ?4illdren would niiulrc pet tor. two or three chamber- and a baaement ?r won! I lie sum-1 with three ronme, with board. lo a ploaeant family: IneaNoa If poeafhle. In the rbudtrof Broadway, Dot above I wentr fifth ?tint. Belereoce.eartanjred. Addre,. lor tiro dam. Henry, llrrald office, I'a'.ng particular* and term*, whlb uitii' be mt derate. ?WTANTED-A SM ILL EUR MIS UK I) COTTAOR, FOR TT e|* or twelre mattf. at a in eltrale .. . ...?? , int. rithln a f. ? mtjea of tlie e|ty and ew> ot auuCH either by thererrie- or c.i' - The peelerenee ?In re ihere la a good gardes. Addre?< Frack, at the Herald office tWPwu tily located for a meat and vege'able market, wan or without fixture*. Ac, Fulton a venae. At antic, I'aridc, or lie in atreet". preferred. Addraa* tlood Intent, a' Herald office with location. term*. Ac. ?y^'ANTKD-RT A SMALL FAMILY. AMD POSSESION ,, win lie Immediately taken, a gi ; >ei hnoe.- wnb mode . impBoremem*, elirtWH *ituaie<Hn tali cKy or Hrnoklyti, wot too far from the bndneae ..f the cl'y. Rent from A?> to f.tyt Addre VI II. M box 4,11? Poet office. II^AMTED?A SMALL HOUSE, FOR A FAMILY Of FT latirpenn*. WiStam* ltg prvferrv I?mar Perk ?!ip ferry. AMrei* laiing term* ?ud locality, 'mx 1.401 Pom office, N, T. TFTAKTRD? 1 HOI 'Ml. WITH MODERN IMI'ROfE f 1 menta, between Tenth and Tw emaiih eteeet*, enet or wrpt of lir'wd'.ray. Lent not to exceed MN. Addre** nox 4,;' (1 Poet offic*. TirANTKD-ONF. OR TWO SMALL PLAINLY F BNIRII ?I id room#, ki a re?pec'?Me private family,* ere there ?rc no l.Harder* la the \ letup; of At'a iUc or Coug-neb Jlr-alyn Addre*# M. K? Heriild of ice ANTED?A KROOND HAND FLEAM BEBOAT.IUV Ft Ir.g a oaldn capable of ?' atiu from to or to Mi pen,. ?? the boat ami -all* unlet be etr'ml In ?X"ep. v c, id.Uno at I al a grc<t I ?rg?U^ ^ A^iply to Mr Ll^f NCIalTOh. tint *?. let,corner ut I'oi*>.h tad tira- d ??reel ?-x'-w-? ; RMTAI HAirif, THERE Is A ORKAT BXCITRMBNT IT PRI I u e , u< u ? mind on a ? irnnl I tonn. on' < IS 111 r> I . t f yil Ihvuon ? I "o', tor lie ? f, ' '? t ?'J I1-r'- h*0 M< . 001 t .sl'l Ml fi'ATIiij MAIL 'ibAM C' (hut it A I . ) fC, J J. Ctuosl I rommmder.?T',m s-etro shlp will depart with the Bin'- 1 *tnte? n. ..St tcr Europe posi tively no W?rtne?ilav, Nov. 11, at 12 o'elock M . from nor berth at urn foot ut UlOil struct. Kit treigbt i-r pit sage, baring une uuaiied aocoaunodaunris for elei-ance ami c unfort. apply '.o i EDWARD. K UOLUNB, 9(1 Wail streot Psssengexe are requested loM on board oy 11 o'cloek A. M. Shipper* please take r.oil*-e thai the shlDs of this Itnaoao not carry any goods contraband of war. AH letter* gnat paw through the t on odlce; any others will ti? returned. The steam-hip t'acllic wUl succeed the Uainc, ami sail Nor. '?*. fflHJB NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL UNITED STATES L mall steanAro.?The ships compoaing this Une are the tol toetag:? A'I IsA.nTIC. Copt West, BALTIC, Oapt. Oorax'oek, PACIFIC, leapt. Nye, ADRIATIC, Oapt. . these ablps bare been bnllt by contract, expressly for gov ernment service. Every rare has been taken in their eouslruc Unn, aa also lu their engines, to ensure strength and speed, and their aceoninwslaUotia for passengers are unequalled (Or elegance and comfort. Price of passage from New York to Lher|)n<,l In first class cabin. (130, Ui second In. (IS; eiclu atve use ol ?itra sue atate room, (?|6; from Liverpool to New York, 3D and 21) guineas. An experienced surgeon attached to each (hip. No berth secured until paid for. raorotwu dates or (Aimed, raost ??w roaa. riiou uvaarook Wednesday July 25, IMA. Saturday Inly 28,1555. Wednesday Aug. 8, IMS. Saturday Aug. II, IMA. Wednesday A ug. 22, IBM. Saturday Aug. 25, IBM. Wednesday Sept. 6, IBM. Saturday Sept. M, IBM. Wednesday Sept, 19, IBM. Saturdayp Sept. 22, IBM. Wednesday Oeh S, IBM. Saturday Oct. tj, IBM. Wednesday Oct. 17, IBM. Saturday Oct. 20, IBM. Wednesday OcU SI, IBM. Saturday Nov. 3, IBM. Wednesday Nov. 14, 1866. Saturday Nov. 17JMS. Wednesday Nov, 2B, IBM. Saturday Dec. 1,1866. Wednesday Dee. 12, IBM. Saturday Den. 15, IBM. Wednesday Dee. 26, IBM. Saturday Dec. 20, IBM. For li-elght or passage apply to EDW. I?rCOLLINH, No. M Wall street. New York. 1IKDWN, HIUPLKY A CO., Liverpool. STEPHEN KENNARD A CO., 27 Austin Friars, London. M. G. WA1NWRIGHT A CO., Parts. GEORGE 11. DRAPER, Havre. Tlie owners of Ibeae ships will not ne aroountable for gold, ?liver, hnllloo, specie, Jewelry, precious stones, or metals, un less bills at lading are signed therefor, and the value thereof therein expressed. Shippers, please take notice that the ships of thla line cannot carry any goods eautrabond ol war. FOR LIVERPOOL.?EMPIRE LINK.-THK MAGNTFl cent and celebrated clipper ship CITY OP NEW YORK, Captqtn Masai, will sail to morrow at 12 o'clock. A few more passengers can be taken by applying on soard, pier No. li, North river, or 10 DKVaRKBT ? JONES, 10 South stroel and 30 Old slip. FOR LIVERPOOL.-BAILS POSITIVELY, AT TWELVE o'cloek on Tue?day, .November ti, the celebrated pacliet ship ASHBURTON, 3,000 tons. Second cabin,(IB; sb-arage, (IB. and loiind. For passage apply on board, pier 20. K ut River; or to tbc agent, TUOS. KOCUE, 83 South street, Notice.?first packet for livkrpool l'scket, 3d Nov., the cllpiuii-ship Empire, CapbZerega, will go to sea on Saturdny 3d Nov., at 12 o'cloek, and pa* sengcrn on lioard Friday by 10 o'clock. R.iora lor a few m ire cabin, second caldn, and steerage passengers. For pu-wnw apply on board, pier 11, K. K.; or IoTAPSCOTT Jt CO.,HB BouUi st i set. Black ball link of packets for livkrpool. The clipper ship GREAT WESTERN, 3,1**) tons, (tap tain Kurber, will poMltively Hall on Saiur-lay, 3d of November. Kor lerina of raoln, second cabin and steerage passage, applv nn boa i d, loot of llookuiau sir oet, East river, or to J At'Oil WILSON, HJ8Southelrout. THE LIVERPOOL ANI) PUILADF.I.PIWA STEAMSHIP Company Intend Hailing Uielr fnvorl'o steamships - CITY OF BALTIMORE, 2J87 loua,Capt Robert Ulloh. CITY OF WAHIIINOTON, I.SM0 Ion*, Oapt. Wm. Wylla. CITY OF MANCHESTER. 2,Wtona, Oapt. P. C. Pctrle. Saloon, (90, (BA and (M. according to state rooms. A limited number of third class passengers will be taken from Philadelphia and Liverpool and found In provisions. From Philadelphia (30 | From Liverpool (It) Parties wlahlng to bring out their friends, can obtain certlft catcsof passage and drafts on Liverpool, tn sums of ?1 ster ling and upwards. Apply to SAMUEL SMITH, agent, 17 Walnut street, Philadelphia, aed No. 7 Broadway, New York. THK YANDRRBILT EUROPEAN HTKAMBHIP LINE? For Bouthampion and Havre.?The .inferior first class steamship ARIEL. 2,300 Urns, Le.fcvre, commander, wilt ponl lively aall as abovu oil Saturday, Nov. 3, st noon precisely, from pier No. 30 North river, kiei of Chambers street. First ciase passage (110 Second class passage tin nxan bum or asiuso. Mew lor*. Hatirt aiut Hoythamphm. Ariel Nov. 3 Ariel Get 13 North Star Nov. 21 North 8tar Nov. 3 Ariel Dec. 15 Ariel Nov. 21 North 8tar Dee. 13 Ariel Ian. 6. lBf.i Theee ships have water tight cntnpa-linenta, and are built and tilted In the beat maourr lor safety and coiulort; cht? A 1. and Insure at the lowest rales. Letters, prepaid, each ISMo. Sir or... are received at the office of tlie line. No. 5 Howling reen, fill II o'clock A.M. of the day of sailing. Goods and specie taken at reduced rates, and pap-ela, prepaid, uacb (I and upwards. For freljbt^or^aswge apply to No. 5 Howling Green, New York. ALBERT N. CHRYHTIK, No. ti Plare de la ltourse, Paris. CHBYHT1E, SCIlLOKHSMAN A CO., 27 fjual Casitnlr liclavlgne. Uavro. Bremen, via houth ampton -the united bt atkh mall stcamahlp HERMANN, K. Hlgglns, tomininder, will sail for Brrman, touclitng at Southampton, to land tlie malls and passengers for England and France, on Haturday, November 3, at If o'cloek. M...from pier 27 North river. Pre*, of pnasage from New York to Southampton or II re men ? In first cutdn, main saltiou (130 In lirstcabin, lower saloon Ill) In second cabin 50 Au experienced surgeon Is attached hi ea- h steamer. Specie delivered in Havre or Ixindnn. All letters nt'ist pass thiough the Peat office. For passuge or freight applv >o C. H. HAND, Agent, II South William s rect. The steamer Washington will succeed the Hermann and eall December 1. IjlOR CALIFORNIA VIA NICARAGUA?PAYS OF RAIL* Ing changed to IHli and 21th of eieh month. Through In advance of Die mall?700 miles shorter than any other route. The splendid double engine *teanishlp STAR OF THE WES f, (2,800 Puis burden.) Cept. Miner, will leave pier No. 3 North river, at 3 o'clock P. M., tiir Punla Arenas, on Friday, N'overu her 0. I'M, connecting with the st?amvhlp Cortes, (2,IIOil to'.< burden,) over the Nicaragua Transit route, having but twolve miles of land transportation by hrst cla?s ' .rrl i.-se Ko- In lorniallon or [I*?f age, apply only to CHARLBB MORGAN Agent. No. 3 Bowling Green. Htaiupcd letters taken tor ti < cent each. QA1LINO DAYS STll AND 30TI1 Of BACH MONTH O four bn'ira fmni on an u> ocean, by l'?n%m? Railroad?3ft lli?. hap-gaite fiev Through for California via Puurnt Rail mad ?lb? Colled S'aie? Mall Hteam'bip Company Intend 10 deapati h for A.plnwallon Monday. Nor. n. at JoVkw-k, I" M., prrel.ely, from pier foot of Warren ?trrei, North river. the well known and favorite ?b am.hip (JEORUK DAW, < apt. A. U. dray. Patarnge?? ou t malla will to: forwarded by I'ant.oa railroad, anil connect at Panama with the Pacific Mall Hi.-am ?hip i ompauy'a tnagnUlc.-n' .tea uabtp tJOLDEN AUK, .1. T Wulkln-. commander, which will he In rcadlne... an l lu*?e liiuiiedintelT for San Kraneiaeo The public are Informed that the I'artfk) Mall ?leamifhtp I nuipanv alwara hare one or more eitru auamrm lylrtK at Panama, ready for aaa, to avoid any deirntlfiii ot pa??cngcra or nulla Kor pataage apply to I W. RAYMOND, at the only office of 'he comf>aule<, 177 Wr?i mrert, cornei ot Warren. US. MAIL STEAMSHIP COM PA NY?TOR HAVANA . and New Orloana?On Friday, .Nor. 2, at 2 I'. M., from pier loot of Warren alrert. North rlter, the well known an! favorite alecmahln CRESCENT CI TV, Cap1 s I' OrMIn, L.> l?K been thoroughly overhauled and not in drat elaaeeon lltioa, will raanme her plaoo In the line and rail aa above Paeaape ran beeecured at the t'otnpanr'a offlre Freight to New Orloana, 110 rent* per coble loo', received on at'Ui October. shipper. will be ?u|.plied with blank bllla of lading of the form aliened by the (Vnopanv. on application %t their iMRcn. No ulher form, algned. and no'ill la of la link will be algoed afer the bom ot aalllnk Kor freight or paatage apply at tiie oifloe of the Company, 177 Weal atreet, cornei of V\ arren. M.O.KOIIKRTS. AISP. ALIA f'lO.NEKR LIVE- CARRTTIFO THE IT. N mai:.?The tart .tiling ablp CYNTHIA, hit-Ink half her carrn prattlve!) engaged, le prapared to b<ke freight on mo derate teima, Uapplied for early. Apply to K. W. CAMERON, No. 6 Bowling Orrea. ALSTPAMA PIONF.KR LINE?C tRRVt.Vfl THE C H. main?The very faat ralllnk China packet ONEIDA, Capl. Crecay now loadlnk at pier 17 Earl rt. er, for Svdoe. di rect, haa room liw a auiall uuanUly ol rretah'. If applied tor early. For freight only, apply to R W (lAMKaDN, No. 6 Bowling tlrwn. AUSTRALIA INDEPENDENT LINE.-THE RltENDtP a 1 clipper ali'p MaNDahiv. Perk commander, bare Immediate dopan h tor Melbourne The aoove ?ii ? t tlie only clipper or A I rmwel now up Her a commolafloo tot pa*?rn*er? ate un<<|oalled Kot frcigh r ih apply on board at pier In, Ka? rtver, w to iMJODr'.VK, AK A Kl.l.IOT, wl Peat I atrce FflR HAVANA AND NEW ORLKA VR-CARRYI "<} the 1,'nUed State* mah the ? ram-hip BLACK W A IIKIDK, .1. I> linUack, C'.mtnan-n-r, will begin reretvto/ freight on Toe"d?y Vormber ti, and eail for the above porb. oa Sa'or t ?y. Notrinber 10, at 2 I' M , precisely, from her pier, 2T. North river, free of Kobln?o:i ?treat. LIVINGSTON CROCHI RON A CO., A*c,ii?. 31 Broadway. FOR SAVANNAH-PARK REDITED?THE Ht'PERfOR hrat claaeveaunabip KEYsTl IN E HT ATE, Capt, R lie? die Will leave Philadelphia 'or Savannah on Saturday. Nov. 3, at ten ob lock A M Pair gji. erak-- $4. Ageula lit New York, M KANTON A TaIJ.M t N, 19 Old .lip, wli re etareroom* may lie aecured The ST A TE Or (JMiR'lIA will leave a? above oa Wedt,e*day. Nov. 7. For savannah pake hedci ed.?tiip.sUpkbi'iii flreiciar. ueanwhlp RTaTK OE OlmliilA Capt. ?' .1. Oarvin Will leave Phlladr J Itla fn-'?h >e Ww|se. i%t Ni* ; at mo', i'rck, A M P*-r 20; ateerage. 19. Ageo'g 11 New York. SCRAN TON A TALLm.iv a* may alMke.nn Wmfnewlay, Nov. 1< ? may be ve-u, el. The Ke>?tone State wt fPOR SAVANNAH AND KM/RID A-l NITED STATE ' mail line?T>e e-w ?n-l Ntfim iteamer rLollIDd Capt M.S. WoodJinll, will leave on ".?! i day. No.. Y.. a pbr No 4 North river, a' 4 o'clock P M. Wll? of la-l n? ?litned mi frjaril Kor freiahi app,> oa hoard, or for pa. rk' 'o S I. MIT' HILL LA Broadway. Cableipa??ag" in ftavao i*h, k'.fi-'or Kinrwla Uirulikh lyinut from N?w Y->rk Ui Jar v o vltle |?l, la l/*rge and tonmoll'Uv .tea neri laave savaiioafa for Plorldn thi -c i.nw? a week, eormerthik wph the aieeutvi > I mm New York on Tuoaiayaan l sa'or lej ?. Foil NOIPOLK. POBTHMOITII AND RICH BOND? ? hankv of Hour ? The I' S. Mall .taaowklp JaMERToWN. wl I leave far 'be ?>?<?# place, oo saomiay n-c. ?lim a' A r.'i lo'k. frt.oi pwr IS Nerib Rher No' w.ll be ?ten for Peiaraliurg. but paveenkct' win he for war-tod there b. ralltne.1 from cb'v Pmnl. a? 'Meal. Kreichtfor Norfolk anl Pr'rraLtivg ran be vhtppaa by be Roanoke evepp Wad-ieaiay Pawage fare a'a.e ?.?ro lair 'tided, m Nrwfolk. %?, p. IV. . burg end Rli.baw n'l II I. s-ceroge ba f price Apply ur LI DLaM a PLEASAJfTS, A2 Brobdwey FOR LIVKBI'D'iL-RT. fiBOR'IE'N LINE-THE NEW r'ljlirr ?blp i KttiRT Captain Ljivh will v?l' to v. row ?? 12.'.lie k A few n ore pa?rt>r.r? eui iw i?<eo ?.? app.',ngoo tma-d pier No. 1 Noch rlvgr, or le DRMABBST A JONKS, 40 Son h Vtreet ami V, (Hd .Hp FOR CHARLVRTOB AND plorida?^em! WERKLT I nl 'tl ria e? Mail IAne? The new ami m./nldre/ii ?? i cr NaSHVII I.P., M. Berry, I omvaari^r, wil- Put pl.r N i. 4 Norfh River, on rainnlay. Nov .A, ai 4 f/c|fe-k I' M . pr. rlwly. Kor Irrlkhi apply on Imat-d whwrr all Idllt ? <? fin* will be ?lgned. and (or paveage ?i Uie ?fli. e af RpeEned. l i,? ?Mi A t'n . iV Bnodw?y The fa wanner (larf n? %>lnk rantliaed l?r 1-/I?.r Ir.pv in Ibe variola .wnd'ngt on 'b ?fil n'?RI?tr. fPVwrda.) will minnror wph the New Y .rk wemi r r. atfd ieate CMrt> ?t..n evkrj Tueaday, at Jo'clo. t I' M Tbrotipb fickaia to Jacksonville, gAI. "o Plla<ka f 'l f roo'bi'raar will anrr-eil aid leave on Hein-d. , Nov.; < abto i iwa". t'-' JB*Tlipif." L1XTRA PAT NAVT BOf NTV LAND AND r'.BI rt I ??'' nfee-fji-d wteinii 'etc,,, ''and - . of ?? ?-*? floe a I Caned Hf?Ma ravy can or. .a ad trara . . RRI ft eir widow, and hvi> . pr enptft o 'aewd a . I waW a-. ? II ktadvol claim. a?. av- -I e Cnfcd e?o? re- -.v. d ny RDWARD I epf,U iff' I, 'kli Prcf-r f* ? N.w and *? wn.. tad HM* "#i Wto*Mk?a ?l(,n k lOi 1 - v 10a:" i,M MAMONUR, ^JuuVtV v"? wat* lies, jtdprj V., or bought for each: stock*, ncie* mortgagee Ac oegoUatnd. Hemnrw. moflti-nllal and prompt. By THOMPSON A CO., brokers rnd commission merchanta, log Nassau s-reet, i 01 Ann, room No. 3, second tloor. 4KK7 (ton TO i>oik-on watches, diamonds, flWlivUU jewelry. w?gais, and every description of valuable | roperty. or bought for rash, by JOH. K. ISAAC, tenementoffice, 11 Cbambeni street, from 9 iUl <1. Business prompt and oooAdential. Old gold and adver bought. N. II.? tin businea* transacted on Salurdmy. $78 500T0 L0AN' 0N-WATruE8 a!?d jkw . .. on aocommodeling Ureas, or the amount to be invest, d In li e purchase nf the same, at fair valua Ion. Apply to North American Real and Personal Kntete Kxc-bange una Loan Com] any, 304 Broadway, room No. W. I Sffissr-a-Es ^W8lSS??SR%*iw5 nnn-T? loan on watchbh, diamondh, jewelry, dry goods, furniture and every description of property, In large, tutu email amounts. Apply at 608 liounion Greet, between Mercer and Oreene alreela. Bu sinew confidential. 8. MYKK8, Agent Gtl ^vfin WANTED?FOB SIX MONTHS, ON TWO ^pA'CrV/vi brick house*. and lease of lot, worth $1,2H0 per year, ground lent $1"0. building worth $3.UuO. A I'alr bonua will be gtvan. Apply at my olllce, dts'J Broadway, ruotn 11. K. c'RDOKK. 6 Oltn WANTED?FOB SIX MONTHS, Ol'ARANTEKI) **AJ'Jvr by property maured lor $1,000. A liberal will be paid. Addreaa '/.. O., Herald odice. A. at eight fir fill','ni LOANKII OI{ ri'Rcniaar Banking agency ok john b. hurray, no. a Wall atruet, over thfl liunk of North Amcrl. a.? Hu-tno** paper discounts. Irotnn mode upon bank, railway and nr?* InNiiranee stock?, on Uin?. Advafioes upon xesnels si ses or la port, and on tbclr trelgbU and cargo*?#. CASH ADVANCKD?ON l)I \MONOS, WATCHK8, JKW elry, fogsix, pianofortes, merchandise, and personal pro party ol all kinds; or the *am? can be Hold ai a fair ca?h price. KUHtnchN promptly and confidentially executed at :ki Ami atreet, near Naasau. G A LENA AND CHICAGO UNION RAILROAD.?NO lice ?Tin- transfer books ul lite American Exchange Rank will close on the 10th and re open on 'he Idtlt November. W. M. L Ity order, w. M. LARAIIKK, He-rotary. NEW YORK, NOV. I, lh.Nl.?THE PRESIDENT ANODI rc 'ort. of the lion ery Hank have declared u dlvl lend of four per cent, payable tin and after the Ibth Inst. The transfer hooka will be closed until thai date. By order, N. (I. BRADFORD, ' ashler. NOTICR?HOLDERS or NEW YORK CENTRA!. OR Illinois Central Railroad bonds or stocks, can rinluuiff fOO.CtS) worth at par, lor the fee ?I a very productive and Strict ly flrst class property In the vicinity of Wall street. Title In Principal! disputable. l'l Inc pa * only will ba treated with, and snob please addreaa M. O C., box 7**6 Foal offliie. OFFICE Or THE NEW YORK ANI) NEW HAVEN UAI1 road Company. No. l Hanovar elraai,-?Rdbea to buna holders. Holder* of Hoven per eenl bond, of the company are hereby notltled tliat in pnrsuanre of an avtofthe genera Aaas'mbly of the Slate of f lonnrctlcut, |maaed at I'a last Ma; ?seelon, the Treasurer Is authorised std prepared to exchange for the outatandmg hoods bearing seven par cent Interest, an* not secured by mortgage bonds authorised by the before tner tinned act, hearing six per cent Interest, aim secured hy at only mortgage on the company's road, franchises, An Said et rhaoge will he made at Ujla oflh-e until further notice. H order of the Directors. WM. DEMENT, TtesKiirer. New York, Oct. IV, MBS. COPAHTWKRMIILP HOTICK8. Aff (W)(| WANTED, AND A YOUNG BUSINESS MAN, up t / J v/1) V/ to take the entire control of one of 'he most linpoiiatiimaiiut m-turing hnsiness In the world, whb b tnus' rrall/e an Immense fortune Capital la requisite, wltlenit II s rail Is unnecessary. Inquire at 229 Broadway, olllce No. M, from V to l o'clock. $3 000 _WANTKP' A ''arTNER in the whole sale dusk and mantilla husluuss I,. S. P., box LID Herald "111- e $l 500 T? *2 ntW ~WANTKn A |,A,tTV WITH THE above amount ol capital. In an established rnanu laelurlng huslnesa, to take tfie entire charge of sales through out the Union. A man with a mercannle cniiriec'ljii preterits!. In connneilort with tlie above, and without luriher eaptul, a very lucrative huslnesa may he added. For further purlieu lata address O. A L. Herald oflh-e. dtOflfl -WANTED. A YOUNO MAN OF BUSINESS ?IPnUW, habl's, with the shove amount, to join the adveril serin ? respectable snd profltahle huslnesa live years estah Il?hed, or would sell the whole If preferred. Eatiafactory in formation will he given on an Interview, Jtc. Address, with real (tame. Ac., K., Herald ofllee. (JjCHA ?A PERSON WITH THIS SMALL SUM. IN yt J'MI, cash, can boy one third of an eslahllshetl bushes* that will yield $I2U tier week net pr )llt, In cash. This Is a it pr >tu. In mire < Irani e to utake money. Apply al .kit Broadway, room No. It). tfeOAA TO $600.-WANTED, A BI'ECAL PARTNER ?J)OYMr in bo established oualne?? or good security and $v per week will he given lor the ore of the money, and a chance to make $25 j>t-r week In addition. Also, wanted, a partner, with $2,000 to 9$,000 lit cavli In a well established Iron foundry. Thin Is a sure and *ph ndld t lurut e lor a huslnesa man. Apply al3V4 Broadway, room No. 10. $300 ~WANTKn- A PARTNER, WITH $S00, TO KN gage In a buslneaa already estahUah<sl, a business tftai pay* two hundretl pert enl. The present proprietor caaaoi alter d to It alone. Call and see tor yourself, 214 Tenth ave nue, one r.orth of 24th et. JlO-n -THE ORATEST OPPORTUNITY EVER OF tered la make money upon a small capital. Lib rel arrangements ran be made to loin an enterprise from whl"h (I Mi per week <-an he matlo. fall this day upon JAMES M-JN ROE. at \ an Ry per A Go's oflioc, , 345 Broad wag, room .13. d-lirO ?I WANT A MAN TO TRAVEL WITH MR AND ?Pes'purchase the one half or third of a llgk' ready .-ash <-t u rpriae. some thing new^and lucrative For particulars, r ail day or evening at IBB Taylor street, Williamsburg I 'all -si C. Ifoyt, in the bookstore. !** Nassau sheet, Irom II to 4 P. M Financial partner wanted, in a manuf i tilting >trainees, paying 2S per cent. Mid hourly detun tor the art i h>. For a man of haelncss no better Irivestrn can otlcr Want nf capital I- the only reason for tndn-uig t subscriber t" Uke a partner Reference- re-inirod. Adrln 11 W., box 1MJ Herald oUe e. PARTNER WANTED-WITH $3.1)00. TO 10, IN AN I old eatablwhed cash manufartm,ng bnatnas* ex )'-it-v llglit and protlts Urge rcterei res c?. heuged. n-uie nut prlerl ? .ils treated w oh. Audre-s lurmcdtataly, post paid N, Y.. trox I 072,1'oat oflrt c. 3PARTNER WANTED WITII A CAPITAL OF FROM 61,000 to $s. "00, to join a brewer In Ike lager bier brewing hi?h>s?s, whlii laprolUahln snd caati Address H i., hex 112 Herald "fllce. PAR7.VRRFIIIP.~AN KfiT A III.IHIfKD DRV ODORA Jobbing boner, doing a very large end profUablo bourieai taenia die a a. lata ear ij eihtironijh bualnoee linen. of experlours In thai line and wbo would willingly devote hie whole il'nr and ener?ir? for a lew >?am, wiUi the (ipwMon and aim >t re.'ainif of realizing a fortune. Fup-b a party will aldnwn nip" wlili all parti ulara rwbk b will be entirely eaaAdaiytiaf), 10 r M.. box lw2 Pool otteaa ry IHRMIFTB.-A Pll ARM ACKCTICAI. CHRMlRt a lalilnx 10 an InUi lbs mannfveiiirlng buatnsea, and po >e?elrg a faw ihouapind dol'art capital, may heart/ a rar rliaara tor Inr-a'lng bimaeif In an ridebiiahed biielnea*. hr a I drenlng (hernial. box 1,464, N V. I'oal oBl s. All pppinmnrii raUuna tonfldential. rriip. COP A RTN KRHII IP IIRRKTOPORB KXIHTINO ?K J. twirn R P. IllbbarJ A Ward Wheeler, l* thu dlawdrad by mutualrouar.ut. III Pl'd P. IIIttllAKD. Pel. 2. 1-661 WARD WllKRI.KR. rrilK RT'FTN'KflH HR/ti TDPOHK TRANHAOTKD AT HO 1 'i Pol op. atreot, uudrr lbs name oi Jabn K. Wn?? ta thle hp d1ae?i tlti'iad, and will bereaflar be raattwlal <u><ler me naine ot llenry T. Craua A Co JOHN K RTOWK. 11K > R V r. < It A Nil. New York On. 27, !?>&'. I.I CINDA CRASS. aktroloov. a WO.VDKR-THR OIPFKY (itRl.-THIF RENOWN I1 eil ami only true palmbt In America, ran M ' (wilted whb on ell areata of lite et5SFun>ven ?tr.?t, near Htooine. Pee an pent* N II? imparl a a. > ret be wblrb any or gentlemau can ublaln lbs alfe t out of the oppoaite at i. < argi extra. A FTONIKH1NO TO Al.I,.~ MADAMK MORROW.-THU J\_ highly gifted lady la lbs moat wonderful aairologlet to the world, or that haa eyer been known, ahe arid tell all the P rente id Ilia, arcs the eery tboiigkla and wll: rau-e ep< edt marrtagee. arid ahPtw the llkeneaa of the Intended haabanil to the (real asonlabment of all wbo vlalt ber All who wan (teal link By Ui bar foi relief and unnteri. All Inierrlewi ?-r rrtetiy private, a< no adaitaalnn la given i? gentleman V Out' (e If not aababoii. 70 IIroome alreet, between i pennon and Columbia. AITOIfMIN TO AIJ, ?MIHF BRUCR,. TilK MVHTK rloua ye,Pel adv. aud timet wonder!*! aatrvlnglat in the world haa arit.e>l in the eliy.atri be. lafcen private rtytma at No 4>b Hrteaaie alreet. wlieia ail a lei wi-li lo na.i.uli bee tan tall Mi>a llr.tee ean be e-u.applied wltbimall even - of life, whteb natnulahr. all who ylalt ber. laitia illaUoo M llnuppp from * A. M. III! VI- M. AFTKOUH1Y.-THK < RI.HlttATH) MR*. Pl.K KY frnrn Pane, aboee releiltwi w aa enmbenply e/.na pit d by Kapotaaw !.. g'vre true Inform*don on all ere no of H'a tlpptia at out love. U.arrlagw buauieae A' areaoawerel pytM power of magnePiam, at VI Broome a'reep / M.AIRTfiYAMf'K, AFT IIMA. BROXtTHfTIH HY-O'ltP 4 a.a He'illty,dyaer.!ry. Ilrar oouipnanu old pi p era oe'rotaa re -a. ;-?er and agl.e in fu wie-.t f.irm female pre* .arlnea. pdghiuiarr, htaterPa anil of children ured 'if i irab.e by Mt?. h KVM'rl lt, iha great Dtedleat rialrynjaai llOftpring e'rrst, m ar Broartieay. HaUafamon or impay MADAMR MP.VKR IIAF Rinontl TO 191 MPVKVTII avenue. Iietween Twenty third arel Twenty Pur b a>a e'he rntiUMaea b? tail yvaat, prevent land future a rente, iikawl.e rruarriegae. Journey?, ia*autpe, bsaoen avow note. a a mm, at aent frletel. pyop- ppy loat p>r ainten. lea,tame ll'.rf .rm yerae* in Kngpiab, Pretvi b and Oamoaii and gtrae g ?ran ?a tor her art. B HOTIU. UKAlUR HOT*I., Mi MHOADWAY, COv,<IR<Tl VO ? Mb fft Twi tfib atrest. one dtni from ite<a.1way. The pinprle or revperdaiir anntiun, ee that be atiii "inUmir. prw I ared 'o ar PitnmotaUt tatnllr ? anlb ani'a of ri/rrit, 'wubpel > aty tel le ) and -'.ogle (enoenu n wf n?* airy anaflu Ida, either wabotll toned oa lite Man af hie pirmer Pl'o ?? llo-e . y>t t by btan te tba lower pan of t?w rut'n* .pwarda-if tet, teaft. V MI.AS/AKD Protr-W-r Lormn wot ?k. north hdr criovhqoaRP. vkw Ji Viirk ?1Tbu aalflbttalWH Ot la now opno for lbs . irnui'i ?V T of uaoawnt and peramnen' iinw _ tUff idOnil n HR eMITflbORIAR HOl -N A i a the Ku?ag ran plan Hmndway. tanwt of Hoqaton drm T1.W new and large te. el. newly fiirni.h. I a> d In tl -ewbrb nyd?r I 'v e 1 hnm/tv,i|P t.y t*.*. , pi ? and a I'h all 'h ap f?ay>lwente ?/ the hlrh-w prised rHfa , I,. r> .. ... l^iobtte, mtlatltnr teaalnen, tu.. ???./ ? a/ ywyba .? ai tewer ratea ban a'aiew?.le,ai anr p?A.t -p.i . ,b * tew 'eaeraiw eincte m maa will islet for i ,e wln>r y. ?e . t '? at Irnwt 12 fit 'f. h|,?r vtel f|||RT K?)Plr ? * \'MT"|t? TO HAVANA MR a W W ail tTf V ganllttperpaa 1 .,?w. I?a b? f .i mlt i'Vantl" ''tie Is |na fab oa a', a. . -I i 'i?# ?/ 'W* rr>?al ffcf-AMNk ' i-? ftfll*ir?/{ i* *o V * * ?? ??> n?> ?1? * *0**11 r?f ?li? #a Ia( ffffWii 4 4- ' I -r, , a,si eye.. fa y ,*o Ued o.uet , ? t '(IMP tr.i * X If. Pfu ... ft,. . . t m B ROADWAY Titk ?TRK ?K a MASHHALL, ?>L? i ? ?'' W. K. Hlkkr, iii/e M.ntger.?Il ^ri opao At ok; u> <-omruei.mut Ik nVloc* Kid** ?xe iiik. Nov. '1? nthirit "" ? " ?? - -? OK MB II W II.IJ IMS?w||! lug (Mrforuuxl BAKIIKIL IKMiiMA.N. Trrrwr 0''l?Uii(h<T IUrn-T WilllAirui MODRRN MI I'IIIltTIII'HII.BH OR H'CIKKR \lAT?'IIKS. I'twliui O'BoKoriy IWrnay WUitAma Cou.tort I'ullfu Mm. II. WUllauu DDK OA I. ?' <l?l tin. B WUHaiiu iWI'b Um over pumimr "BoMiln* Around"?IocaJ verMa.) BRIAN o'lANIK I'rian O'l.vnn B. WllliMM HieUiU Mm. U. Wkl.MiiM B OWKRV TIIKaTKK ?PROrRIKTOK AND MANAOKB 1. P. W'?ldrun.?P'ld*y, Nov II. will baaolaT ?v. MINT OOI.D; OK, TIIK MI^KK OK fllioKNDlfOQ Fvv Mr. H. JohlU'ttt The MUht Mr Prior | M?M.. Nr.. W. Ward HKIIA8TOPOL. fount Alexin Miitmarolhkl Mr. J*?. J. Prior I'rlnoe OoriM-IiAkiiir Mr. OrtlDUi* BURTON'H, i'IIAMIIKKN HTRKKT Phioav?Hie woi Id renowned favorite.? TIIK KKliIOl H PAMIl.l mill Till; TOODLKH. Amimdab Kltek Mr. Ilurtnn Mr. Tivxlle Mr Burton CapIaiu Majiiire.Mr (1. Jordan I Mm, Towlle.. Mm IIukIii-a To morn.w (Nelnrilnj)?The |H)|.ol*r comedy of TUB MAN OK MANY KKIKNDH, and the lauflialdr lau-e III thr I'K'NII' or THK WATKK PARTY. ' CI KO. CHRISTY A WOOIPH MINNTKKI.S, NKW IIALL, T 444 Broadwav. below IIrand ?irerl.? OPKN KVKRY ICVKMNO. Kualnr.a trarwarted liy nenry Wood 8la*e Manager (loo. I'lirlaljr Tor ihla *o?a-^Kllil?Jil*ri _MI_r .trcl-jr, ? onchldiaf wllb the DOl'lft.K HRIiDKD ROOM. Cousin Ponipey Ooor/teOhrialy 1 hi* elegant and eommndloua llall in pronouneoil or romjio entjadgeato be (halargcat, the bent ventilated ami (be band vonu-M place of Ktbluplan rnirrtaliinieut In lbo,worM. NeTicr.-lloor.opeu at 0, and Hit-curtain rliov at 7H o'clock |>r?rtseljr. Admission.. 26 eetila. J OHN R. RMITll'S nit AND TOPR Of KIROPK AND 8IKOR OP HKBA8TOPOL, RaariTin to Karma Han, f.#l IIkiiadwat, .bowing ONK llPNliltKIl VllCWN. forty lect wide and twenty feat htfb of the principal CITIES AM) OlfJVCCTHOF INT NTKHKkT IN kUROPR. Every evening, at 7*g o'? lock; aud over/ Saturday aAernoca, at 3. The umcic by Mr. Alwyu Field, of London. BATTI.K OF BUNKER 1ULE? ACADEMY HALE, dh3 BROADWAY. Now opeu cverv afternoon at .1 and eveniug at ?'4 o'jlo k, with the grand dramatic diorama of the BATI EE OF BUNKER KIEL AND DESTRUCTION <>F CIIAREERTOWN. It la not n painting but rnrmlii'a of a combiiiitkm of uii*cbani chI hiicI urtbtic "kill, which ha* |irodiii ?Ml a [icrtettrnoiMntf and like like loo ot ovn > Incident connected with that rneiiiorahlt- event tu AnteiVan hl-tory. AiIuiimiiou 26 ?-euU?; children 12>* rente. opera CADKMY OF Ml SIC ?1IIF. RF.oU WITK REM EAR vhIr of the 1'KOI'IIKT coiupela u |i<?V|?ou?'in i*t ol tlie ra to iiiK'ht. QTIEE OPEN.?AMERICAN INSTITUTE FAIR, AT THE c Crystal Pulace. I? etlll open, day and evening, until fur ther notice. Mimic hv Do<lworth1 B ui I every evening. Ad UtUrUm 26 OC.tita; chlkireti tuid apprentice-! half price. KACHFE'H PERFORMANCE at THE ACADEMY OF i Mualc ?On Tui'fttlav Nov 6; Tliiir^daf, sth; S?tinday, B th, Monday, 12th, Weduenitav lilli.and Fild.iy, lo'h No ? ? 1 ? J ? I ? (' ' v. I lllil ei|H < I Mil, It I III .III A*. J . ? ifl 11 veinber. fBhcei* tor the a>Da of tk W? u ai vhc re-nl\r price No. 411 Wall atreet, and at Vanderbecjk'n mimic ?Uire, No. Ml Broiidv\ay, near Union * qua re. QIGNOB VAI.l.o, TH1 0RIRBB4TID Viol INIST, i ; about givln;: a-ei Ii m ot concern* In the epu-i Ui? Uiilti d stAten and Canada. The Hi^nor U at present Philadelphia. Ma.jor stem nh, the t reehhatkd American dv arf, takeh nleimuro in tnloriuini< hi? frlendM and He nubile thai a complimentary hetieilt will he tendered u> titivi at tlie Metropoiltau theatre oi. Monday. NovetnUer f?, on which oc Ciudon a moat attractive hill ^til be' pn-nentcd. OPERA BDXKH, PARQUET'IK AND BAECONY HE\TH. lit Um* b? at location*, lor the Academy of Mnaio, can a) witya he secured at DA.NhKIV'H Opera and Concert Ticket oflice, Joliie'N inuaic ptore, Alii Broadway, where mj< a ripUm a are ireelved lor tlio "Mimical Cadcau lor IHM," Price $6. Mailed free. /IIIAREKH STRKET THEATRE, If A I/IT MORE ?'111E \ J above eatatdiahiiietit will open f"r a w aaon ni aiidii moiiiha on oi about lite llitlt ol November, latdlr* and s^n Hi men of acknowledged talent wmhlng eugageiticriU will plvaav addieat Bt'EE A CO., Ecaaee*. Pout otbee, Baltlnvore. irOCAEIS.TH AND DRAMATIC V RTISTN. At * ?THR f new and elegant concert room. Metropolitan Had, 4fto Crand xtreet, Wllllavimhur^, I* now rc *dy lor onipnUon l.i berat arraiitfanienta will be ma le wklto peraoiia ol eaialillfllied reputation and icapiiimlhiilty. Applhatnjii m ml be ma*ie early TIIK NILITAIIY. INDKEY BI.ITEE ARMORY. COEt'MHl AN IIA EE, I'M J Oraod atreet ?The inemtiera ot thia command at e he. cby dltled to attrn I the drill to take place thl? (Friday/ evening, November 2d, at o'chick. I'uwrnial^ attendance r?* i?iirc?i Uiwiant. By order E1KIAR A. ROBEKTr*. Coturuaiu (iioiioir. W. Rudi ii, Orderly PROCLAMATION -MAYOR'S OFI D K, NEW VoltK Nov. 1,1KAA.?The appearance and parade of anldlera upon the eve ol an election aultn republican Fiaic O, bu no' America. TbeHat'Peol the Htate fmAdda It bon. now uiiMl Widt.e?-<lay ne*i utile* called for by autla-rity. No outio 31'Hcy Uke iha latter la ?ipected by toe |Utt I deem it my uty to adrbo officer* and commandant* of all coutpaato* the/ law forMda " npp? arance" and eieiclae" rd ttiair men wftbln the t;m< tnenU'?nca. A heavy penalty I* imp wl lor ylolatlon. The law I* ex.elleni in aptrft. kv^rytlnn ? aavortng of e*rl'? ment U to te ca*-eiully avt?l?le.l doting ih nc?t Ove day*. Mv fellow citDena wrtll reuietnfier that, I**? year, u target company on the evening before ?)?? '.<on pro n.oied a dUturbanec in inarching by a political aa?? nildag?* It will beer me the duty of all polo ? u?e?j to notify mc of ... . ... adUi parade between ihh ilate and the dtr a in?ceding electkm, that I may take measure* to enforce! ha law. fr engagement* lor piitade have been made in ignorance of the laa iitaiKiaur* will Immediately poa'pi n * tin in I KIt\ AN DO WOOD, M iyor. kJ IIA NT* IIA E fiUARD.?Tlllfl COMPANY HAVfNO REKV i' iibiuptlv in'ejfcred with on W?"dne? lay evrntng *r?? j>er ticoUrly ie'|nc?ted to meet, in lull uniform, on cetur t%v e/ru log. at Socio k at the fryau I Palace ONE OF 'EM "IT El FRAN COR PS Of JS12 - A RKHCEAR MEICTI w ot the r orpa w iil be heW! at It hlHI ? ar ItofeJ No Ebrienard Mtr? ct, r>ti Friday evening. Not 2, at had pa* on hti* net* of importance. By order W* TaTIom, Ad iitant. II RAYMOND Colon MMCKLU NRDl'l. d>1 A TO lift A WEKK CAN NOW IIE HEkl.I/.KI) IIV A ?PI' '?? * arid I eautlfnl art " ii'v'tle for ettlia -< ? : ill .1 11 <lf It I p aarit to afiv |>*rf of 'he ?" .<<ei., oo ' tr atpt of II Add reaa Uwcp VorlM, DroAI)l Puai oCi ? /'AMPHORA I Kit TRA.N'HI'ARRKl THEVITIIk MWO v I'taater apraadrml "i :i urad .I'tdye Hlr4a.ll of * painful neural*!.: rttriUMBtiatn . oo lilng ? inal to 'br in to palna. brui*e>, rarnniottnaa net* I r,. ? I Phyacian* r> loniinrnil Hum only lir H II MfWMAN W |? Mo MfiifniMnti, and lor ?a!a i. drtntpaia tanaraii) P.- ? 12?, miii*. f'l.AHKH Ml El I'.EV riAl. H I VIiiiW IIAliAK, W I Til \J Kooril'i Improvement ill per., n* wldi weight. a1'! l?ne< and rarlug from II lo * . pat window Hi It' arf'i Improfement tlw noli rail ti* Blared la ?II> frOrnl I"I| Hper tilafore, I.wider* and tuner. in trmtad to . .an, i"tir model Btt'r>?'Bl I'bUi . Rur),'. for . , WIl.t.llMA A eMITII, Re,l tvo Afrni* "4 Nt?u ?frool DICAMKltOK'H HlTf RtTTM KM A HI. R OOITRCMKKII TO prepare kll iBi* following WMMeUea Bt ore at<btta ibt nana) "hi Uqnl l hair dya, llyzMUan t,*lr dya I'", IT1A4 ?Pompon li'i'iid, Ht isliion hair rr otrstlva blotaa of rotm* HI dTmqnttl, U Pelle wnP?, f i" kle odtm pnudre tabttte dantrt rw?, jumiade Mr. Price of t|,r only ?*, iawte l or ?air a) au Broadway. I'h b*4 ,v?. ?.,??" %t til. imwi m ft mini afreet, Art nod 273 Hodeua atreer, . |> t,.wjn atr. ,t ano I.V llfMl MWM, It V I'A I tiko'lo and IN lend toi E'tli't ?'reel,. Brooklyn or fot rinlM P, mall on rr.. Ipl oi i'i eaata Addrtaa N. It I AMI.H'<O.V fill al ill l? ,'rr * ilr't'k'yi DRroKfioVA A EltAEIER .IRS EI! A I. I,A vIt AQEWTe and foil.-emr-r.f flePt*, , ite o An"to Mr. J lie Portion, nt 'Pe a re firm < tn Pe l urid Bt tlu. New fork Hotel ito'if -eturdaj etrulof I.' n. FMAIJ. EI.Ei-riOM, P-.?'S -EDfJE'M IINNT PI4EWHM firework. - Hlgnal light* Kotnaa ''andiea Ae . Ae f i f.rnee.1. n? or lealgna 4' > i"rl o ll.. iw. iq >%. 110(1, alwayaon ban-! by lb- ?lion > e ? JOH. II A I KltOE. J rr **y I V J. Older* l*fl with TUn. Ilnnkri ??? e ag. o*. N I M.. dee >j.e up eiAtn, will men wi n pn iap4 a', num. F'All, III TION l-.V, riHKWOItKt I HIE AMIK ?Uoi*i llrh a, rotwan eaao e? rnaketa A< , tor pr>*?"wion> aod 4e. lAne mMt.iea Ar mliBklafe Ikarla ikai, ou I >? OlitBl'ird Bt rlto I it ? e a' "v. I At" v < ? " . ? ?> i. 01 dara Willi OI.E.N M |*| ill it n.e.. r . ? *. ' ??. N'RW EATIMT MEE'*rA?"I.EJ? TOR MEtfMi) loiTP far and near tbron^li one pair ofjia* -a nlr .hue ?iffa for inai" ]?ara, laaproetot rtoen K. M EHANKA If lurrr oo 'or ?.l? | a'r ae and m A?r, No 2 Par* r ,w >i i.alie 'be Aau>r Hona# Maw k -k- Atiendaaoa In n a A. M o o P M nifOTOfiRAPIIH <iM OI A-- OR PA.?I ll THE AflTER I Haer b*> ai 'al e r; | a'a'u., ?oil w? f 'Ike \ on taft . or on abar>a In a a ? ) ** ? < fall a k<i llroadwa or BiPlreaa Aa. rW'pa 11. ra . MLrr CEfiAl - tiff E A J II * P i A IN "A. HE II A II ' I V it tcraia a' V ovui, ?? N '.I Jf*, up ? a .?. f all and eta Tlur" aiawwt all fha ? "? ?if l .a .? ? k.w >a fr ti.rtian ??i. ?ra a It f Po f>H-'r? wan in lr?.re r'?.| llat at a lootoattt or Oeiweaw #?*?'? w.ll .ak ? a a (ne. CIlAIiP TRE.I e </RAPI rtMEH Al.TIIKA" H'tMRT i~ I'lil i for,r,in* arerrraasa, b?i 'lain* A f .? ?a.< llardeoa IaM'.ut and foi' Aod i.y !? * w rllaUi roewerof Hlrwoei acnua a 4 II. k y atewat (!??,? (CTftl n it J T' ' A It e,.,i,ne -T. II- !?.,< ? M A I. NTll E NT trm iar.'tW A 14 I A N Ni if te a -? '? W relred a >Br*e aaateifBau' ' f ft* lata.' prto of MorM ? *r. aa ai.4 k If.oo r?i,*#r for aa e ?? rfe-ooa' ?a?i op ai.4 p> ? tornlibad tot Mwa#. ftatee aa *?> Iliad IM repaired ar.4 rar *? ? fir ad tad rep., ?d Roap a'ane *r .?!!?? wMda Ml* aaa retail I MAVII.AMIt 4 0RP4/VA A I P iZII 1. * adrt fb. oemd of j erasi ? MKIW 41,. MlJtPM'r'r PARie A w I* I .h'-.o PlIY. I I vN . aed ? rfert, an I i Nor ?r ibe We Ire, Ale ea* iot Ma* *Y ?? far., . ? o.iutad 'o ,,-d '?* ft ? *<? a . p*i bt* ?? IK 41 M-od ? re#' of . a, Rr'w'way f" r. II M , andf la t p M * r.dar* * leap'"I M- * - *?' ? f '-.n/.* brmrtmd* rdBaiieoia i.taa arot etpre* are ?f*l f <he mm* f I rMun* Pot.?o All re'.tp. Ml aaoat ?*a. wtib Ikatr *rrnp un? T< **<*?: >a* t. rar a wo.hra-n at.4 Inar4 .ftarka, ? far IB* to* ?ndwe^' 1f ba ?f "led a'urwld Mm ttr, ra r, ed.aa t ,B -e "e.-oiu r P.* w-I aa *- --I- oaa and r? faafhe. ,?e a*. Iha-e r 'ew 1 ao of l>r I. ? [?* . n a Mar ? ? 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LOTH IflLh. iAdluA Mm* i ISnft mo Br. W. Ibrrtana B' . MtreLKHi tt'<??>?? Iba Aral and aawod ???!*, a mualoal inieriueiMn. I H'nli b lliil M<1, "Ibe Mlaal'jnO Ti e inari i* *m! nitiiln oum'himi frnni Wabar'a Oftnoort (Sturfc ' In V], with* m|?*nlineii>, iH-rlonncd on tba piano i tala by MUP (IALTON. < 'oBriiusor II. K. Brtttow. lb ma open at IS', in . i innn'in r al 7o'clock. Tlrkfa PMy NM I'rivaie limm M. Orchaiira Praia B. Hiu fifties njiru dally, fimil X A M.tnl p. M , lor aaauriOC ori he ira arata and pn*u'? cote. only, r'aiurlay?laiat ulyhl of Ihr I'yneand llarrtann ('inpany. WALLAi'K'M TIIKATHI. BROADWAY, NKAR Hioomr alran ? f'llilay evening, Not, A Will ko acind Vbn pewe r? mriiy rnlltlad 1IIK i APT A IN UK TIIK WATCJL Vinonutdc Ukiiy Mr. Lamar TllR MAN OP MANY Phi B.N UN. Purr i'opplna, ibe man nl many friends Mr. WaldM bWiymahrr... .Ml O llollnnil I Mr* llramlah Mra. Rmttaba/O Vrnrrr Mr. Hrininbain I Mra. Merlliigsle Mra. Ysrasa Kawbaliaw..., Mr. Stew*ri | Ml?* Neulry Miaa K. 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Mowerv ?The ahov* ta the filly olitrr of aiii it anient m)i? re ill# i nodal ariici* ai # e <hihtl#d. The entire ion pauy, (*?i ii?iai4 of a troupe ot twenty flaur lad)* a. anpear #%e? y afiet nrain al .1 am) * > eiiln* *1 ) >. '?/# (bar wwb Laa'a fMuala onam tr?mp#, e*?mp*?*ci #r?urwijiai ' lad lea,M 'lit moat beauUf'i and uuu| .e mat siawar#, with other original rntertainmatiia; 'he wUtde f?ru*!ug a grand, dlver*lhed and ariuoilfig melange ut atirari?oft. (1HA.SD KIUKKT HALL 1*7 ORAM) MkMT, hKAR I Broadway - Madam# Warvm/a trowpa "f lgtaala artia'aa in their world renowned tableau* vivania, of Jii rig for'nfm, ? very night t<.g??her weh Prohaw Walla' l?m*W aejwnadera, dan*e* Ac After ibe p. rforn.amea there will Iw a private ?iuadrlh# naiiv tdiri'aaiori 2d <AMi?a; IriHti wiata, 24) causa n tumenciiig at fl o'r v- k L'ARMAM.I. TRPTlMoRI At. TO MR. V. flAMdltO? 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Aral Ootid iu r a* ml aa, ? .? ?I .?*?,#?. tar k ati iiini'ha' iii*?r.a*n*!i' Ap; Ij u> Q?k Hum a. n aanl ? (ant, AI'A Hiiaulwajr TlltHRlAN IiKaMATII aa rrf.'UTIOM. "f VKW ttrl Si'U" -A -*i (bootIn* oi'i 'ia ba-d ai lb'Mr rf* t>.a la'ho'Oaloma o anfaat'iaat fAPrt'.'o i'im m. Wadna-a ><a> availing tin.'a, -,i ?, ?? an o'alatD, on b ia i< ?? of l? |i. lama. My ordrr of'to l*r rtdotit / 'AlRTV Tllt.ATRK - A VPMff Alt' OYVRYAM ? WII.I I I .rim Nra I'll'iu fluot'iuAUl hit S~w 'Ifoooa pro \ ill (1'? r tl.r III'? Ifirui-lauirt III Um roan (ton y i/ li.ia 'too War. All k4ai all) gn -irn i Ii likir-. i of am ay 'to .aim of 'Ina r ? praaa rtaportura ? l| . ? r?a >ba' M aiona Ih-irotoj, IAm Mb Rata rotor T? iHfftor |.?rlM.iara a| (If w i| | If M . W IU' atatf. KMY llwXaallar AHAPIi TO THE ? TH AI. 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