Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 4, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 4, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7007. SUNDAY MOKNING, NOVEMBER 4, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE STAR OF THE WEST. HIGHLY IMPORTANT NEIV< FROM NICARAGUA. I THE WALKER EXPEDITION. Arrival ol Beiuforrfmcnts from Uali/orum. " I HICi&AOU I!f THE POSSLMilOfi OF U Al.KEK. The Presidency Offered to Him and Declined. IMPRISONMENT OF THE AMERICAN MINISTER. Attack* uiwi the Nicaragua Steamships bj* the Natiye Troops. Mx Katw+?ger? killed and Eight Wounded, drc., io., &c. The HteemJhip Star of the *Ve?t. of the Nicaragua Hue. Thomu.-; Miner, !'.?<(., commanding, arrived at Quarantine warly yesterday afternoon, with 320 passenger* and 0272 <fii in treasure, on freight, brought down by the steamship lucJeKam, troin Kau Francis so, on the 5th ?ult. via Mauznoilla to San Juun del Stir. On her outward pa<sage to l'unta Arenas, the steam ship Star tf the W est called in at Kingston. Jamaica, for ?ooals, bringing the usual mails therefrom, and left the former port for New York direct on the morning of tho '25th instant. The news by the Star of the West is of considerable importunes. Our thanks are due to James f.. Owen Fsq., the I ur or of the Star of the West, for late papers and information- also to Mr. Augustus Elliott, for i ite OPWM* Tlie s'eambcat San I . rlos, with the New York pas.-,en gers i.jr this ship, on arriving before the fort, ut the Junction of the river San Juan and Lake Nicaragua, was ordered a.s usual, to come to, and whilst lying to, was fired into with a thirty-two pound shot from the fort, kill ng instantly a lady and child, besides seriously in juria* the maebinsry of the boat. The pa.sengora met with no further molestation, and reached the steamship Unci- ."-am, at San Juan del Sur, in safety. On the night or tho 10th ult.. a most murderous attack was ira-lc upon the returning California jiassongers at Virgin Hey. by the government forces from Jlira< killing Tourot them and severely wounding eight others, both acts appealing to he dictated by a spirit of revenge, for the success of Walker, who has now complete possession ?of the country. General Corral, commander of the forces of the Uie government, surrendered to Walker at (iranada. on the ?22.1 ult., at which time a treaty of p-ace was formally vlgned and ratified by the lata contending parties. The country la now porl'oiliy rjuiet. and no further trouble need lie anticipated. Don Kruto Mayorui. late secretary of State of tl.e ?former gever nment and a prisoner ott parole in tire city of Gienmda, was detected tn correspondence witlr the ene my < utside; and having been tried by a court martial awl ?toundguilty, was shot on the public plara on the morn ing of the 22d ult. The English frigate fcurydtce, was at San Jusu d* .Viet ragua. liii]N>i-tMit military movements. ARRIVAL OK REINKORCKXRNTS POR COL. WALKKR NaMKKOF OFFICERS AND MKN-XILITARV OPERA TIONS- NAHM OK K LLf.7) AND W00.VDK0. [ the Nicarsgiton a, Ocl. 20 J YrrtrrdAy a glad day lor the demr?crntii* gov*ru merit of .N 1-aragua. U gave evidence of the Intense *vnr - pathy of the tropin of Ute United itates for republican principles, wherever they may be found. (Jon. Walker's positn n to tUs country is exactly parallel to that or l a thyettc s in the revoluttona y struggle in Aroe Ic.r. The one, liow.d .lown by oppression and misrule. Invited help (rom lrance; tho other, torn by civil broils and the haughty aristocrats. implored aid from the United states The glorious re-mlt ut the oriels a rainbow of protui e to the other, aud the l otted States now rtv<Ii in th# plenitude r f power and abundance, so may thi- furore! t me at a <p CU period, be sitrround'd with all that < an make the existence of a nation desirable. Yesterday w Itnc-sed the arrival of sixty patriot soldiers (torn < i.lrfor-lt. These men. emulating the uohi " t c ample, o' history. voiuntarilv come forward snlplclg. their lives to a-?r.t this people in gaming thrlr in 'enen, ai d at some futuro day It will bs tiro proud lot of stme historian to record their names as cburic and weave around them a halo of renown whose tus<re shall he undying. Oil. H. I). Kry has the command of this bat talion; ttre .direr officers aro Major E. Sanders, ( apt tins canr. Adui. riurs. leimbull and Jesse Hambletou; Lieu tenant- S* Uhronk, Uudlcr, Jones and Archibald. They are as tine end brave a body of men as ever sto d under aims, the cordial reception they roeelvel from the de mocratic army *111 long be remembered by them with reeling* ?>f sincere pleasure Col. Kry's battalion was brought bv I'arke.- H. Kien"h I s<|., the agent of (Jen. Walker. On the.r arrival at Vir gin Bay, they were embarked on boerd the company'* I irgin together with tho pi-.engei s and specie. The intension ol Col. Kry and Mr. French was to take Kan ? a rlos bf surprise, If possible, or otherwise ir necessary they had l>oeo led to suppose that a b >ld deruxnd to surrender the place would be followed by compllano" air-l it was finally resnlycd to make the demand. As the steamer approached in long cannon rang" a mat ess sent on shore witlr the captain and two of his crew, hern ing a note demanding the Immediate surr ender of ? he 'ott; bur before it could re??h th- landing a shot was tired across the Men trier's bow*. whi h wus towed by several otiiers qne of whi h ri. s-hvMine across the water fell -hort right abeam of the vessel. Die can tain of the .learner and his two tnea were talon prisoners -as soon a- they landed. Col. Fry then embarked twenty five men in tw > small boats, tinder ibe command of U*p?. Tnrnbul with in struct I. n? to sto m a small liatterv ? .rn" few hundred yards distant trom the fort. Directly after they I ft th? s'ranier's side a very heavy shower se- in. completely welting the an.monition of tho storming party, taut 'I i mho t immediately, and very properly, ordered the return o' rhe boats to the vessel. fhe California pass, n gets weie much alarmed, and CV>1. Y'rj, being unwilling to i lak the lives of so many define less people by a cl0.e 'annc na ting fight, was compelled to order'tb. steamer's leinrn to Urgin Hay. where the passengers an I specie we.e landed. After obtaining some necessary provisforjs for the ct mnuind they eame on to Granada. This occurrence teaches u< one thing, ihnt is. ttiat it was the determination of aristocratic forces stationed at .-an (nil is to capture the coBiimny'* steamer an I make waron the emnpany, tot they had fired three shot, before the steamer's boat reached the landing, and twfore they knew th'tr were any patriot troop* on hoard Th- com |any most now look to the democratic government for protect iou. !?T OK orni nw> 1HK tynK'AJ RamUU*. <>n. Wi:. Walker, Cumuli. Iir. I'. I'.C le. CM. C. (. Horntin, A?*t. Co. I* Brbw Wan I lent t ot. ("hai. J. Gllman, d-rllle, to?. B. I? I-y. i oMnin.-c IJent. Klwurd -urit<on All* VI. Jo nee, flaw!.-, <.)!.<> 1*. W. H. WiBjmn.n AdJ't, IJcot. Ceo. P. tO*rA.NT A. Copt .lol n Markham. 3d do Ira Maiu in I?t lifut. laid. K. Buyley. lat Corp. John It Mo.. 3d do. Cen. It. I ??ton. 3d do. Robl. I'. Onrdnrr. I?t W. J. Mrrryman, comax* n. C*|i1 A. S Hrewttr, 3d tin Geo. <ii-t, l?t Ijeui.Ccn. HMatrotnl, 1*1 Corp. (J. J. RI-hard*on 1 ? f ftgt T.'in. K. Mood/, 3d <lo. John Brady (KIVPi.XT c. ? mpt. <*?> K. I avid*on 3d do. Chat. 1. 1 olirr. lat IJent 1(11. Gum lit Corp. Th-a .i .-(niiili rVigt <ln . I.. I>atru?, 3d do. Geo. Carli-I*. Ian up KiUJtn. M. Oa! Achillen Kewen. Win. II. Wall-/. Major Tin u'hy Crocker Wra. Uttti, -?errant Win, Mr In Ion John Wlltou, t"iteat-??Wa. C. Gotham, Crank Cole. Wm. Cold, 1 H. Knoirhi.. 4 on* ti*> Henry U becter, Thornai (-wan. Chi?. flcbardaoa, Joaepb Helm a to Janie Connolly, ? l.o/ton. <ni the ardral of the I alifornian.i, under Co.. Irr.Uiay arrt received by their fellow Oountryuvn and fellow la borer* with lotto n ecu and a anlute of d-nvierattc thun tni ? rfat Ceil* if thd city pealing out th-ir Jnyott* and welcome notea to the aon* of freodom, making our hearta bound with the knowledge of being tbe in?ir.itn?nt< of ?mpat.itig *o mnch happloeaa anl hope* of future peace ?rid pro*,. rltv to a dewn trodden and opj?e??*ed pe-plr. A* an MMrtkt of the ' (nod time coming. ' we are k?||>? to m t'ce UrearriTal or an eo-mpliau-d A eri in lady from California, with her hatband. It would aem,, that Mra. Kry la Imbued with the ?pnv. of ragenerat. in ami e?-^ot.l?s?ui*ni, and we liail h-tr arrhal a? the fore runner of hupp) event > and social traiatenoe in our near tettlement. Manv of the JmcWn battalion liaee hid n alight a< ticA of fewer *inee their arriPil la Craaad am op -wJioen areCapta. (Wiidattn and firewater; thee a-- boW ?"T?r, quickly recovering ami we anon h- i* to -ee imr trl"?id- the Captain*. at the hea N of tl.eir lifer -of onm pa nice The name paper a<ld*:?We take great ploaatire io atat few, that after the democratic force* not pf?ea-ion of rhe.Jty, (Granada.) not a * agio inatan-e of cruelty or pta landing oct-.ortod?re>y ]ilTe(?u'. to the ??pot a' "tit ol tie inbsb'tau**?tee different conrpamc < of the im' i icini battali' n tukiig up the re?id?nr,e lately occupis" by tbe President th ? ua'lve troopa belrg stationed at the different bai rlcade*. Fr m the moment 11 tie |iitirur, i|otf ho* reigned throughout the city, the tioo| a and ini.abilanu ui.ogling ta the most arnica ble lei me (in the evening ode* the ar-ivalof Die American-, o lew el our iner b aviug procure' a couple ft drum* ?ud o file went i n the ploio oud ployed sever* 1 nntioui> 1 ?lr among which were "Hall Columbia" " Vonhee Doodle,' Ac . vi iting the American ministet, ond a >w ot the An c, lean residenta. i-'n arriving nt Gen. Walker' quartets. he ?a* loudly called for, when he undo the til lowing trlol and pointed address: ? Fellrw citizen* ond soldiers?lb J? is, perhaps, the fljst time that such music ha? been heart on hie pUar. ol Granada. li?t ue hope that It may be lu ard there through future sgwa. When he ended we thought of Gmsar * 'ncni. ri'i -ire lie i kkk- ov tioun ?'iuJ?'g Huwritn in Nn aka 1,i a.?several ruwspapers throughout the Initert ?iUte hoie laiblGhed correspondence fro.a parties intere-ted in the expedtti' ii of General Wa'ker in Nicaragua, antne of which ote no doubt correct, ond the loot* reported a< they acluully occurred; we, however, publish a eon deu'Cd account of the progr,.,.* of tlie n volution from the Mat'Ing i f the ex; edition I root Kan Francisco, until the pie-ent. date wiihuut cmnrotnt or opinion of our own?merely pi canting to the punlir a enrreot nn.l reli iihie statement of event* or they occurred under our own eye : Ou the niori log of the 4t'.v cf Way, General Walker, with r.ixlv -twomeu, left Hun Francisco, on the b ig Vesta, for Sou Juan del Sur, to join the democratic party ?>t St eal igua, who for eovorol y< am bod been ot war with the I Hemorro or gi vemrnvnt lorces. The Ve*t?i arrived ot 1Ualejo on the ?? of June, oil oa boon being lu good besl'.b nnd spirits, with the exception ol one man, l.n titer, whti, In a gale of wlr.d. felt from tbc fore-lop, break ing hi* 1?K, and olh"rwi?e injuring himself. (hi tbe ? of June the company marched for Dhinan iluja, where they remained one week; thev were then joined I t 120 of Die native democratic party from 1 eon, under command of Madregil. They then murchet hick to lh-alejo, and onibarked on the Ve to for F1 ( Igaute Hue n rr/ti/r for Kivas, where tliey arriveil on Die even ii gof theittttb ot June. The little army then took up their line of murch toward.- Itiva*. nnil arrived at the t,,w u of Tola, rlt utile about Hie uitleaficm Kiias, in the evening of the With, at about 10 o'clock, liaiing nmiched marly *11 the time through heavy rain* and bad rondo. In lota General Walker encoiiutered oorae thirty of the enemy'* cavalry, who, it i? presumed, were out as a piequet guard whom twenty American* w?re detailed to attack and in a fevr momenta dri ve them from thetown, tiling eight, taking he captain primmer, and seizing all their hoief*. arm* and clothing. They quartered lhat night in Tola, and on the foUi wing woining the'JWh. matched on Uivao, where they arrived at about 11 o clo k A.M. i?n arilving nt the outeliirU of thetown. the de mon at it; | artv mounted a hill, from whence'they could we the enemy at n ot about six hum) rat'. yaid*. 'the enemy opened a hrhk Urc, but the Americans took it coolly?adviinring to within tlirte hundred yard*, when they gave a volley and yell?rushing into town, the enemy making track* in different direction* When the Americans got possession ot the maiu street. they could see nothing ol the enemy?but could heir their bullet* whittling oy in quick succession. In a few moment* the enemy made ihelr appearance and vigorously attache 1 the American portion of theoombatant*, several of vrli 'tu ?ell. At this stage of the prooeedlog* the whole of Genet ii I Walker'* native force decamped, leaving about tifly Americans to light about seven hundred of the govern ment lioop* in their own stronghold, huviog them sur rounded on all sides. After about two hours street fight ing. General Wulkcr gave the order to take u position in two houses, our Immediately i?i pov.te ha other; they took possession and fought till aliout live o'clock, norac of the Ametieans receiving wounds from readout shots tluough dcor* und windows, and wlieu any ol the enemy had the temciDy to appear within range, ihey were sure to fail. At five o'clock. Geneml Walker ordered a retreat, which wa* done with the lo*s of but one man. In the bat le of JUvas the Amerlcun* lost hut ton of their men hi six hours lighting', of the enemy upwards oi 100 were killed ou the spot. Gen. Walker then marched for .dan Juan del Sur, or Co*fa Idea, and finding u ranch unoccupied they halted? after a severe march through torrents of rslu and kuf deep In mud- at about II o'clock in the morning, the party not having bad anything to eat irom the time of their leaving Tola. They slept hero till about 8 V. M., when awaking lliey turned their attoutlon towards some tiling to tut, and 'hiding a stray lwef. they killed anil cooled it us best they eoulil. They ihou marched for the t> nn -it route, end arrived <m It about noon, expecting to be obliged to take the 0 ?ta Kiev road, a di .tarn e ol :0 miles, anticipating an attack from ihe enemy ir lliey ml Tacced to Ban Juan. Mate 'arriving a', the Costa I'.iee road, they met u Mr. Dewey, who. to their great satis faction. ii f.rui'd thfiu that Hun Juan was unoccupied hy the enemy. *i which place they arrived about 5 o'clock, and wire received vety kindly, and ? re supplied with clothing, f od anil everything they required. Fearing au iiuine< late attack, anil the biig \e*t:i not being in ? ight. Gi mil,! Walker ,-ent a puity to seize the schooner ran Jose, then lying in |>ort. lite Americans emburked imnudlatalv after the ?e!eure. and sailed the following mciiiiig for the biig. which they made iu a'siul fout hout* wlen they g?ve the schooner ap to th>-own lliey then sallod. for iteulejo, where the . . ... W -t trained ou b< urd the if" w.-eks, then starttsl for Chlnmdaga. remaiuiDg there three duys From thence ttiiv mar (bed to I-e n, the bead'iua,'era of the republl can jaity, and the finest city in Nicaragua. There ihe ileniocrati mustercl one thou and men. Having re inuined ten ilays in I^on without ac-ompli-hing any moven.ent of impot tance against the enemy, the Ameii een i etiirned to Gbinsndag i, where they lay inactive two weeks. They started for itealejo on the 0th of August, and were then joined by 150 natives, under eomtumnd >' Gen. t'alle. tin the 11th tliv -ailed for San Juan del Pur. white they arrived on the Uth the enemy dec imping as sc n n* the* appeared. They r. raaloed in San Juan recruit ingtili the 2d of -. pt.'inl er, and at 12 o'clock in that night Gen Walki itith hi* whole forts- cro*?.?d tne Transit route to Viigin Ray. At about lb o'clock on the morning ol theHd, the alarm of the enemy's approach was given, twelve ot' out native guard fighting IV?0 of tinm, loading and tiring in their retreat, in good style, until they Were reinforced. The conduct and bravery of the native troo|S uuder Gen. Wslke- cannot lie too high ly sp. ken of in thi action. The American* received the enemy with a deadly discharge or ride*, when they broke and ran?hunted to cover by the riflemen. Ihe result of this buttle Is illustrative of the Amei leans Mid their arm* over sn enemy?there being only 176 American and na tive tooop* against an sriny over three time* their nam her At Die hittle of t irgin Hay the American* did not 1 se a single man, ami had bur two wounded?I.leot. U. T. Williamson, sml private .1. Hnmll The natives had 6 missing and a wounded. Of the enemy 00 were huriod in \ irgin Hoy. mid about 10 wounded. Having left the wounded under the eaie of a *u-g"on, Geo. Wa'ker then returned to Han Juan, whtie they ivrvivwi ou the nth. On the night ol the 12th a detachment wa* ? ent out a* an auihuseade about 5 mite" <>n the Hlvus road, where they remained till 0 o'clock through heavy rain*. Tlicy then larted for Virgin Hay. where they arrived at 12 M. About tw > hour* after the pas-age of the troop" hy the junction of the F.iva* and Transt' roads, the enemy, ale it ia hundred strong, bended by f.eneial* Corral ?nd (lutrdola. made their ap pearance. but learning of t en. Walker's march to Vlr gin Bay. fall back > n Kivas. tin the following morning the t< tee- returned to in .luan, ahere tliey retiiatni until the arrival of the Cortes, with relnhfrm-nenK. * der I.ient. Ctrl. Gil man. (in the .'id dyy of October, the steiuner fortes. Iiavtog onlxard 1 lent.-Col. Oilman, rapt. I>or?d?on and some tbiity-tlve recruits arilV(~l in the port f.f -in .luau. after n [ as'soge (.I ??)?ie thirteen day" fi m don Francisco. The newly arrived were much | le* e,| to tin ! Gen. Walker with tU force* in that town as It w? generally expert , d to hear of hi" being in the interior, either at IsWO l liinsndcg.) or Itii*'. Ilie JhemlarkatF'ti to.d jilm iiu'etly and ihc.v were .| lart.-red in th- GolumMv Hou"?. The same day they wer" ordeioi to hold Ib-msolVe* In ,ea.lines* to ace. mpony tit" trea-nre tiain to t'itgln lt>y. They Blarted at five o'clock, !'. M . and ater aaf ly es corting the train, retnrned re-iebir>g their qnart' -s ,b nt daylight. ton. Walker and hi- mice* remained in -an Juan until the 10th day H tJHohrr. 1 hi ring the ill terim the organization of the battnllon waa completed, abicli reaultrd In the formation of two ne-v r-iinpa rde-. Ibe eiBtpaxi) then existing waa nnnniamVd t.y "'apt. John Markhum. Mr. Hie?-!crwa? appoints I to the command of company 'II,'' mi l Sir. t.o.-rgc Irivld ?on wan unanimoualy el-c'ed ap'ain of company "C." fien. Walker further inn! th<- fowl fortune to obtain trnm the c mm under of the . 1 j pm -h p i.bieen ol the I'act fie, (lb?l ftRlur|iii( etil la ~an Jnin >tol Snr.) a 8m *!*? pounder, winch wan bn ughr adjure and mounted. hveiything having Id u duly prepare t M the loth of October te n. Walkoi took up the lire of mar-h tor Vir gin Mar, at which place he arrived the -nine evening, flu American wen- tcred at the diflnreM iMhll ?ewtriaa ported, pierjue' guard# of native tfOOpa ate tinned withiuf the town and the night p.i->ed off quietly though the rnemy waa only dMU>nt rome eight nille? ami arery mam exiaiod for expecting a rilgl.t attack The next morning a peraun who waa re'.^nt/.e-l >? an officer of the oppoeife party aav arre teil. triail and OOD'iemr.ed ai a -py, by a court of nati.e .ftloerv. tie waa ehot immediately a-ier the ;??-*#* of the ?eo t# nee. About A I'. M. the ateamer Viigiu came to anohor abrt-aat the lo?n, rb ?e to 'he embarcadero. By order ef Oen \S..Iker < ?l. Hort.abv took a party of ma aial loar led ber that aometliing of importance waa about to take pine# wa evident but no one koew exactly what It wifl to ho. The following day order? wete ft van to prepare 'ai em berk, and at J o clock P. SI. the emlwrkallorj ot the men mmen e.1 and abortly after 1 o clock they wore ing up the lak e toward- Urao ada. The c?|-'?iii? of una .anlM b and t were both alck with fe. or. uoft ae i ?anieabandt were I Kith olok with !e. Or. Ml ae neither are men that will allow tlx ir coroaawiea to go into action unaccompanied by themo ivei while able torai-c an arm, it ia not lurpriong. from Dm fatigue .boy underwent, that they have cince rulf'-red mo.-' arately from the et facta ol a midnight rnar-b. At.ont midnight Nhd after abont -ovaa boor. van. n$r a joiat an the lake ahoro, dlatamt from t.t naila in a northoaatnrly direct ion, about her unio- t*< ran. 1km. I>.? liaenil.arkation cwWMMWOOd, the A?e ricOAA liti-'ln llrat, aad terming on the beach. Won follow.--! the na tlve troop# aome Mo itrong. under <.en Valte. (fee ntgh'. waa dark md threaten"' tarn. The tl.i a trwiral gr wth c> tended ahtnot to the very edge 'J tie- lake. N'one of 'bo American# knew in which direction they were to march, and the tendency of everything wu? to produce ciii.hieinn and dilordor. yet the aelf relianc. , f the Amur ean?, hooked by the enetgy and diaoretion -f 'he officeri. "veri-awie oil <PfBeol'.ie?, and ordov governed the wWdc prtoecng* At length all were on ? the eou.pat'i*' firmed, aad it-lo.-a ?o marrb wore given Hlowly ipdt r .,<i, .?ly they began lo pfvk their w?; eJurugh the darkness ?nd thick nnuerw"*:. A.-. they hdvki.rrd in king to tile along a uiuiid; trail, g-. ids-si by >?mi n*tve officers, the dsy began lodaan. Two or tlnee timia they halt*<1; the ad taure Lavir.g fu nd r native on In. way to bit daisy labor, que-tionn, ami cont-auiclory answers received which Tart to th? :pinion that we might find aotae three hundiod of the rut-try on th<- plaza. One, a native, was t rough ah ug a? n guide, and uismUsed upon arriving iu the suburb*. Col. Oilman, in company situ (ten. Vatic, were on bnr ehack on account of Ihtii lameneaa. They, in ot initriy with Col tlornsby. were to he soeo at tho head of the line, Gou. Walker, though on foot, was to be acen eyety where. After i. march of four miles, the Uttle nruiy cat.ta upon the ont-klrts ol the town: unconsciously their pace wus quickened; at last the order was given to ad ranee in double i,uick tin.\ which war done with a cheer. At length th< old WY-tern whoop wus gireu, which must bji i-arour iJ many a el'itliful guardian from bU couch, and the wbote foiri adrauced on a barricade in one of the Ktieet- and gained the plana without auy resistance. At thin point xitar little lighting was done, whlen re aulted iu one killed on thei- udo (a native drunmer), and some fifteen oftht enemy killed and aeveral taken prison era. When the fighting ass owrafew Americana hadthel | attention otuwii toward . the San Francisco ehurrh by a lew mot ? Bred out of the belfry. Cpon arriving on the -not they ft un 1 ahou' eighty priaonere?men, women and ciitldic u?in the ruoat abtect a rate of ini.rry, and in | cli .ii.? nil if whom were irami d'.ntely relented. The city b? ing aecured, the next step was to get poa- ' ?eurinn of the 'ort This fort is situate alout u mile euat of the City, at d oa the hank* of the lake, It mmintid one twenty-four and two eighveen pouadt ft, and forty armed men tor tti? n uo.ulf. 1 lent. Col. I! tlx an and twenty -fire Anvrieen* vet* (totalled. On at riving at their place of uc-lina tiiin. they gut a watai reception Ir'uu tho suemj, who wi rertath iied behind logs, pnat-and boata drawn up on the beach, the gnllant Colonel ordered lilt m.-n not t(. wa> to a shot until they could "dia-.r on the white of their eye;" advanced eautlously, hut ooily, wlieu they rim minced a h- ink fire, which drove the enemy through the tor' and into thtir boat*. When charging on the oily, Cot. Hornef.y usi the American halation, und though tlieie wi re many (het one- iu the crowd, the Colonel kept hia position io the t an, being .he tird on the pla a and burning the fir-1 powtlrr on the enemy with hia t:uty a no well t: ted rttte. General Walker, with hia usual coolness and liraverv, was everywhere cutispicunin, th* profundity of intellect displayed in his generalship, raising hiiu still higher in the estimation of his fellow soldiers. Thur. ended tho battle of Granada, the >'clia<lo pol ot Nicaragua. Important Polttlral Movements. MEETING OK THE CITIZENS (NATIVES OK (IBANAPA), WHO TKNDKIl TO UFN. WALKKH THIS mMOSKOf OF NtfABAOCA, WHO DECI.INEO IN PATOI 01 tits. COeuaL.?MISSION OF FFAC'g BY THE r. s. MINU TER, ACCMTAXm BY THE MIMSTEK OK WAR, TO CEN. COItllAI., AT HIV AS ? ARREST AMI IHCIUSON MINT OF TIIK U. 8. MlMsTKR BY THE dOVKKNOR ANO PREFECT Of HI YAH ?VIOLATION OF I'AHOI.E OK AlONOH BY THK HKCKKTARV OK WAR. [From 1.1 Nicuiagucmi', Oct. '.'0 ] On Fun.'ay taat, the <my after ehe cuntuie of this city, n meeting of ilio unlive citizen was held, and resolutions weie adopted ollering to General Walker the Presidency. >e oddioh was signed hy linearis Vivas, Sebastian Maienco, IV tio Ifuttura, the lAycovaa and many others. This lien. reclined in favor of Gen. Corral. A ci a.niitteo of citizens, joiued by the priests end Mr. Juan Hula, late Minister of War. and Mr. Matto Muyurgu. late Minister of Foreign Relatious, called upon the American Minister, Col. Wheeler, aa also t'apt. Scott, tho gem > si agent of the Transit Company, and requested that he would proceed lo Kivas, whera General Coirul was. with propo.ittons of peace. Col. Wheeler .Iodine,! a? he did not wish to compromise his g< vi inment in any *ba|>e. But when It was urged by Hie siipptirations, even to tears, oi tlie e persons, and that no d< ubt existed iu th* minds of any that thus pea?? would l? s 'tied, ami thit ru<h interf rein e was out unusual in the diplomatic history of every condition, civi lized ill sa\ age. lit' eonseuted, and let l litis city al mid night, a< com panted by Mr. Juan Ituia, who gave hi- pa role of honor to itturn with him, and by ^ls private secrelary, Thomas F. Vau ldyko, Esq. They reached llivas about two o'clock on Monday, which place was strongly forlilleU by the (nicer of Corral, but Corral IT. s aori nt. A(Vrr r? mafulng a few hours be ordered hi tiorses, w'tli the inlciitian of returning, when he was in med that he must remain; and th- s .ldieia, with their arms, arc blared al hi- dour, lie u nion trated iigalnst such conduct as a great violation of his rights,' and a deliberate and wanton insult to the Ameriean gov einxent. lie was thus kept tor two days, when his friends In Virgin Ilov becoming npiirehensiveof hl? safety and life dtspatche<l a courier (Mr. Mills) to a-certain the fat is, who was uuubk to ]cuet-ate I'dvas, hut hy u kind native woman he was tuld of the pciil nu coudltbni of the I'slled sii.t. Mlniater, nuit who ImM Um to re iirrn In>me?tiutely. The trnuier Virgin was then dls put.hed to Saint George, tho nearest point to Itivae hj wuter, under char ge of Csi.t. Footl, who lii?l f or can non, heavily rhoftesl. Tills alsrme.1 lire 0 .rcruor and I'refect, Col. F. .Vatruebe, and Kwaid (s-lello CoL Wherlor sent the (irrvernor word hy the Minister of War i! lie was detained another ,!?y his friends irotild attack tMv is, nnd riot a man of them would he spared; that they might tako his life, hut that his g > vermnent was al.Ie and ready to protect liirn The Go vernor then granted him a passport periniltlng h<<ri to depart > n the neat day at 4 o'clock I'. M. In the uirru Irg Col Wheeler doterinlnod to start at 7 o'clock, and -o nfoimed the tiovernor who now ng-eed an escort of about a bund rid iron aecornp inlcd him as 'ar n< -t George. The sebWio pledge of the Nccretary of War Was rljMiiefitily vii la'r d Viy hi' remaining st i' Sisni'ir.l Corral dispatched a courier hi Col Wheel r, and the following con capons'ence tic k place, for th" copies ot wlilcli we lire Indebted fo Mr. Van Hjke ? [literal Tian-tition.) Coyx sMip? in Cmk- ov run Airiv i or tiu Rirei etjr uv Vu saso1 s, - lit 'led '.rmrw, mnrehing, Oct. tj, 1U6.) 7',. nu Ma iKHor nix i . ft. A .'N No saoiV '? 1 am placi'd in *h" imte-ri ins necessity t . manifest to tu Minister ef the t nilcsl -tatea of America, that lo c?n Mt|?i. nee of his retern to the city of Granada to the rtci mer of the Accessory Transit Ct rnpany, taken by the GMei comman irg the forces who occupy that place, with the object to hurt, or intending to hurt, the fore s of the ruiirrriie government, who I litre the honor to C'lrr.msnd in iti>as. I will now inform you that I am not, or will not be responsible for what may happen to you [ei-ouxlly, lor having interfered in our domestic dissen sions to tne prejudice of the supreme govern hint, who has rec"gtiired and aslini'U'd him, as much aa the sama 1.1?..IS ? -? - i i< ?,r _ ?<?!.., ui'ieu aa tne same made himself beuier of comrnunicatl ns sni procIamA tji 1 ? sgnlnst the legitimately rec'igiiircd authoritv lo elore J now protest, snd I give you notice, thai on , .. . , ? n,rv j.p.1 o-'tirs, trial I'D this sme date, I Informcl tlie fecreiary of Mate ot the Coifed States, Gov. Mary, and the newspapers of New York. I am your dear servant Ii. F l?, PD.NtTAN'l) ft >It It At., hi,',ATtot; 1*. N. A. ' l'AB Rtrt i ii' OV Nil ABAiira, | Virgin Ust tiet. Id. H.*.5. , To '.rtsfest. Post t is. ? (' nrrsi :? I have the honor lo ickeowleilga the rem Ipt of your letter ol yesterday, In which you inform me that you ara 'compelled to uianl!e-A to rust your prnte-' agon-tiny return to tliu iity of Grenada with the olijcct of injury lo the forces under your c -mmaud in trie town of Uiva*.' I reply that 1 had nu eu< h oh ect in vi-l'ing, ?< ? ill appear more fully by a letter which I wrote to the miliiars g vernor of tlust department, a copy of which I enclose to yaw. I had no iei ?',nal dc-lre to leaee Grs Wnis but, influenced by the chief eitiiens of Gi.ina ls, (rouroen Irlcnds.) the >eneraMe fathers of the ciiur It, the wars of y- ur -i ters, lUnghters and others, 1 coa ented to yisi: jmi, in company with lain Joan Kuej, the Mini?tei of War, and your ?ii|arior In opice, iiearing th" ? lire of peara, and a props,allien from the Coin nvmiler < eneral ol 1be dene cratb for res to raaka you the FroTlsl-rial i'lesblent of the republic. When I f und that y<m were ab-enl, ami wiis? I .died to return G, this place, Judge my surprise hen I ua.- ufnrmeil l.otli by the I'retect an i the Governor, 1 could not returr.?and ?as thu- b?M for two days aetu ally a pi I tier i : ??. ?ith rr.y ?ecretary and m-. t.atlnral ft*/ For tlilr grio. act ot th" sKilnllon of the laws of nrtlon-, and uiy rights as an aiihmesudur, I pr' te-' an ', l es -ured Gen ?*) th it my g'lveriiment ? ill bolt you and your govc; ni.iewt to a eycic responsi bility for ibis lawle? act. Vou further iufbtm me tliat'Jf I , e'.u.n toGranoil*. 'b.t you ail) not he esps nslhb fo, as preiiisi salt), ind you wiltinfstrmG'oveinor Manty, the cs .?? j ol -tate end the ne pap<irs of So. Vor i of my pi-cs's iing- n On? mattti. in re|ly, I inlorm yr>o ?t wh> n ' h**a kept mj ward 1 hwr.t.r, fiien to the C Ternor i f Ita i t? rtniaia hert *a .lay* to aw tit y ur reply, I rctva totlrari.idw. ai d that I <!t> not rr.tu. *t no Kit* 1 rwt renna* ad of mi, to be i tapon?it>la for my pannnal -a'vty iH<* fitf of t!.< 1 ulted Htate ia trffl. ently powerful for ray prot- - tlii, I *? ko i i# It i* by a putr.otic Preeidr nt and thli'y inillk.n* of fcorjo. i h**e my?cif informed t?o?. Marry of h'?* raattar* ..ti l I feel no any HHwnlblt to yon or to the it?w?r??,?.<?*? of Nr* Tort far ray < tttlal rowduet. Tout-, ftf'hfully ?H tIN H. WHKlXKIt Vlm-ter C. S A., a?ar KapubU'. of Vicar**, ..a, MIMCXtXAWKOVf ITbMf. Ib* I"ni>ai Am-irr-in (Col. hino?.y * pa(a-r) ?'? 1 tctobOT JJ oiy* ?

Cat. (!?*.. Whiub< u) l*a?e* m tlin f|.-??-iit tog the I nited Htate*. C.J. Miut'iboau * a nali*# f H#?r lf<?. to which ntata ba raturn* taotad with (J1 po*?r from An, Kinney, aa will ba won by a card to antithar column, to mal" arranfetnant- w ih all thow who wich to rmigrnte to ? intra) Ao>ari * Thla wlH afford tV y unf men >.f (,#o,(U aa axcoll'.at oyportrituty to we ,t? plantation* uinytiaihd in tbc world, at, I to all *H.a! -eltler* w wUI ni?e a haarty -aeleon?? The nrwly aj p. iuitd Atom iran Conani, R. A, fMroO ! ratar.inl troin t.rmaad* a faw day* two, rv*-. ? I the 'tecum* at* froni hia prad?oe?*ot I W l al-oj, and enter* at > nee upon u,t da tie* al mo. <dkee Tlia fir**, arttcla of the < biyton and ft, lw?r fr*aty will la to. nd up* n aur tinU pay Wt auMMk A tor vh iaoaftt t o;fuaarnad. ft will ?? *aan f.y tW* Mdjf tlial tit eat )'* tail! and tfcn tatted i-tate i ba*. jjejel th*a. ?eh ea a?*?r ?# o tar fere., aeaoina or a*er. tea anr author iXl or oowtral wb?t?wr oyer tht -e who n.ay re III to col. atra V lrai a?? ?. A rarefol peruial U tbi? art.el. wij ewllablaa tbtwa who read it la regai d to the nffhu and prtyiU^tw of awigiaatr and lha pidtiiw aeaiirwn ? of isfm Ir terfetawce on the part of 'hi ab <*?- fo*? aai-nt* in their Ja*t and lawfal [lllWlli Thr health "f Han Juan rtwairta food ai.d wt only mm! working man with lUtii Impiatnawt* <4 husbandry ??) ?dalng to pat a* lb the foil aajoyrneat of ?U tb*t wa d*?ira FhioOe** rr no* hi* dull Aw o*! a*loru,l hnngo ?*? fi fron. .11 tbart**f ?Mh ? '**? hide- ?nl*n ?<?.*!? rjal rrt?;fro?ihe?wtt?n. cooat <k Ike bkab with pro tiuee. KMlWmiTIOl to T*I?mRr?<WFN JjWrPMOM. l?v<-m the liMtnl American (fHc.y net 13 There hi no aubject, at the prvaent oi mere luteieet te the citueoe of Sbh Joan than U* ; cl*f? J'.T loaae* awrtnlned by the bembardment ot t.reyv?w?r Fearer M a resident, Kreaeh, Herman rr KagHeh, bv what aieaUte interested to a freeter or If-** degree, ait are equally a*x?ou* to tmN their Joat claim*. end an the actual amount of auflering ia not proportionate t# tne loaa in doll*.* and cent*, tiwielere the aererny of m my raeeawuut be measured more by tarcuinatancr > than tne groaaoea* of the amount. . Whnt?*vr they may be, our eyi-ipnthieii arc with tMi 1 thofte who hay* ??fl*rt!d, aad our Hhrta shall he direct! >d toward thvlr redreas " Secretary Ma*cy haa declared that "the State Depart - meat hee uo authority to aettie clahma for tn*-o* at Rrey town. They cannot la1 retried or paid by thi* or any other ('apartment without the sanction of Conn'eta." Tboee ennv enact alth the prohngrd and tciiou* man lier of getting n claim through Congre**, caa but regret that thl* ia tne ooiy o?.urae to l>e purauad, and when Wi re fleet that claims well founded by our Revolutionary ho! diera and tVetr reprebentattvea, have been paa*?il over ni d over fbr upwn'dit of tweuty-flve years, and in tiuiuy tn-taiioe* not jot ac'aduron. we may well enjoin cur follow cttlreii* <f San Juan Daring claim* to be aeriled by the Congiee* *f the Co-ted State*, to stock thenneWe. a tth a good eupyly of poHenoe, and aecure all the aid and Influence within iheli power to aid iu the consummation of their wlahes. Tie speak adriaedly wher. we to our reacera here that no one feel* a deeper Interest in the if^tdar udjuatmi nl of those claim* than Governor Kinney himeeu, and we fwl eoaddrat that he will cheerfully < i tend u. ne nnd al! the benefit of the nienetv# lutluouce hie nau e alone will em-rt aenoug the members at Wash ington In theii behalf. Personal IalelUK<net>< I). C. Trimble, hen., ot lultimo.e, Mu., a. Hearer of despatch.-. lion'h?* I .1*. Irgallou at lon-ion, to ibcStat !> partn.eut it Washington, 1>. C., came passenger by the steamer Halflc. A late letter from Vienna say.:?Tlte Karl of West inoielaad u to retmn to Vienna only t<- urrungv bis p> 1 vaU- atfalra. It ia aihg-d that l ord John lliuiell I* to succeed him. The SaltU I'tilHf < f (.yon* -av ?Mr. Itennott Deaolm, a reln'ireot (jeneral Pimp* >n, visited thi? clly a t w day* upo. hi il left marls of hi* gi nero-ity to some workmen iu the.sill trade, on whom be had occasion to call. " have eiree Irninr-I Ihat be ami ht? daughter, who seventeen yeara ot age, hare perished iu a tempest on t ie tale of t-en? ??. Huron Pt-lofig l'aniab (V-n?ul Heneral at I'ail*, ho. t e- n named Coinuiandt-r. au-l SI. Hack man, Swedish Con sill at N'ante?, and M. .lean I attrlnery. Consul for the Re public of San IIujlno iu Tail-, KughUof Hie Ugion of Honor. Solomn thanksgiving* for the piegnanoy .-fthe Impre** of Viauce were offered up lu the Reformed l'Uurehe-t of ihe l ati.' district ou the llth ultimo. I M. ( -In/age. the Spanish ambassador at I'n-i.'. |m <- I lltrougii llajoiwn on the l.'th ultimo ou his vrty to Ma I i i<i. Frlnre I'lerre Bonaparte arrived at Mor?eille* lately, end ten sot-n b-r Corsica. The ITtnre-n Borgheee also arrived In the aanir city and left for Rome. Abd-rl-Keder has left MartelUe<t tor the Mast. He in tends first M-tiunu.g to Brous*a for hi* wire* nn-l chll itieu, and will then proceed with litem and biif-dlowera to I'limascu , triune he la fur the future to reiilde. The Count and Coun?e?H of Cbambord will repair this uionth to Venice, vberc they intend to re-lde during Ihe winti r. ARRIVALS. At DtebmltlieonLin Iloo*e-Hev J. M P. AltlnMn. (leorge tow it. It. C.j Iter. I?r. M. L. Frotldughsin, Bon'nn: tUpudn II. K Hull. V.H.N : Captokn t'barle?Uordon lluntri. IT. H. N M J'earce. Maryl uui; Hon I-. T. I.lritia-tou. l?-ilsiauji, Dr. A ll Muefcry, Koulb Carotlnj' , Prote?a?r Flack, Iru I al?-*i sity; Qeuerni AruiHtron*. horth Carolina, dudae Striker. Al* l-auy; Jofin Moore, Uouutvllle. Ky.; Pr. J. Bid), do. From Llrerpooi, ia the nteam-liip Baltic?'W ft Fret, Mlsa Cost. Mr and Mr? W H l'oat. Jr. Mr ami >1ra J ,-rlim-m, Mr and Mr- W H Tow nsend and Hirer da-.Hhtem, Mr and Mra Hobert slier well, Kdward Ibidge, Mlaa Doile, Master flodgr. C It Pal net Mr anil Mrs K. Vouderhl yd'. Mm Bo*. MlJ? Mfmp?<-n. Mr Caller and ?oo, Mlssea M N. A ai.d M i t%\ is W H Cooper and two Hooe, J M Fock, wm ItcnnlaU.un, MI-? lu-nnlalouii, HoTi-rl Wharton, N ll-iusllcld I' ap t A Cut i?n. l?r 11 Mctord. Rev Hr and Mrs rstiou and dan inter. Psv Pr Mtntilacrode, CB|ilaln W C Whlule, |) s N an I stuvaiil I'aj-t and Mrs Win Iniimnn, I.' H N. Mia* Iritiirti, Mr ar.d V,r? ?' \ Holt man end two lUuclitei*, Mr and Mrs H It lanw s Mr and Mr* N than , Hon Wm Kllloi. Mla? KdlPCt, Mr slid Mi* Andre. Jnhnsi-n. Mr an-l Mr* A!e? Albsnc an s-in. Col R K W A Ileum. Mrs und Mi?? Allatnn. Mr W II AMs'Ofl, Mr and Mr* Ceo Barnes and child, Wm Murdoch and dnigh cr, Mr ami Mr* 1) Klrkpawk. Mr and Mrw Jm Hm?. Mrs J- *op, dnti*hter and icrtat-t. Mo-err W l'"hn. t. II I ltabiWA, K Iti .lcald (I Ilarrtngton. (i Itral, P I. Freneaur, tk 1 Hall, J II Klllott A P Caldwell, H W Alexander Pr J A Wantt ami snrvant. Mr fc II Thmnaoo, Itearer of daanaUh**from I'arta, '.'is isl .V.j Tlmminam. Mr and Mn N Hiilllvan, Mle?i Hunt, Ibrldge, .1 II Clin. F Herly, F II llonsall, W .1 \lticrt. It W llamllUm, I" An-l.-r-ni, 11 S llrown, J F lb yward. K Trwin, J Murdi?*k, J PCaeihier, J 1, I an * :fi pi Irimbl-. bonier of dopaub-* , W II .1 i<ra nam Ml?s llraham. Mrs Five! n. Mr *pd Mr* H Hal'oU Mr and nam Miss (Irwham.Mrs Kg<i ? Mm W Hi.maker. Mi-a Ware. Mr* UaaUaga. Mr ari-t M f'oullaln two children and Visae. M ?n-I K ITi' ei ~l Mlsatillbeo. Mr ami Mrs I W Itakemsn. Ml*. McNaitgliinn, Vlt ? w?m,.n -nd servant. Mr and Mr. M W lllla, Mr* l*nai birr ibUdreti and -e.san'. Ml*? AckU-y, Me- r. I. Muh, J M i arifcld lir A Cole*. .Mcsar* Y K hlewirt. Henry Mnl!?rt (iio rve Iweddla. ?? H Hx-er. P Hltchcrmerlmrn, A 0 W liken, It c Iteutaae. II. F l?ivlf,U?or?r.ritnu. <l.s. Wilkes W II Tropin*li. A. Ciikleon W If. Ilowio lr Cha*. Hi.'ck, s.nn.v IV rn'-'t- A e-i.crvhlo, M. A A-per i*. M^AI*-re/. I Vei eeto Mr and Mra. H. A. Itoam *nd /ohil n Me-*r?ll T Ill-fill*, Vhoa. Mmldo-k C. K.Kanlall. F-. M. W!i*loy C C Coln*">ck. Tboa- Appl'ton.T. I,. Miuhell. K. M llojikln*. Tins Davunn M. Brown, F. C. Brocka-?'Tut*I W From California. In Hie ?l*?m*k(p Htar of ill* Wed?'W II Hurt, K. II latllli.-1 nrn A fi M-?.r t, A t ooll, W II W into, A Hi rrhrk, II H Anknoy. I-1. Fl?li- r, P Kr?n<, II Htui e*. J A Forey -I Howard, I I M'-siri- ' * I crnell, t/ M Harvey. A II CapWTtebt, Mt?* F 11 T-irrv. Ml- d F Torry Ml** A A To*-ry. Mis* V (Viiwell J llriinel A Kills,'I < I ll.ifi-h, I I Italrhel di r J M BcoU, II Cola, P t lapn Miadgmnary. W W llliam*. (IB Cobb* W R Cannon, A iouiic V Vnnng, K tonnr, -I A Kioddajt, K Whitman, fc J, M . linker, JO Fr.-o- h. K c Tiowr, J Maikley, J Dnnti, It Oooldei-ifih, J Mellai.artfe. WW Bnbht'on I J "ay. J IMixri... .1 l-efialnrer J ll-itehlnj wm LObtviole. Is I! ril?*son II eerrl* J I Flank,'I. J *!!??' \V .iaioe* I' ttwi n. I. Hon -V It in. OIliMme:r. B, t 1*00, pFvdani. J Miller, J O, I Keebwtn. 1 ' W Indoie. W II f. I# CI Fo?l. r 11 D Henry. J Flk-*, ti i ike. It flluW, l? V lames .1 Hit ?m. K Fi-ncaanoo, F, Ibiwman. T Mar-hall, A P KotiiDMin I Iscngwnll I H-rebv, R II Hnnwirvatl, P Rob I er -I I. Sin-ttb, .1 Robins n. k I. Wood, A A llrown. H I. lot i? ? on II Wisslward.J fla'.'agan. I I'ur- ell. J M Mat.C -itisfiUid. k Ws*u K M Wrau. It fnH '1 I! Biown, ^ M. Na.uara^l Caroy M llart. It Kherson*, it I <?urwri. MlBluet. R ?> ?? eord* W O'ilPon .1 < lark W Is-rcll, d Thompana A K Hki iner lady and Iwo children. M Nugent, Oil Whitehead. T I In ist. McCUutork Hairy?'AH In the steerage rrom Havannah In uteonrsfiip AngualA?Judge W and ladv, .V A Fisher. J M Phillip*, M Hh- rroan, Hon rltrim;field?* "rromVavnnilla, in brig Wlnibrwp? M Pagan. D Rowley, W MareWt. F J Ilarrig. From Fonn Cabelfo In brig Hi Mary?Mr BoapkW HKPAKTUKKH. for Havre. In <h? ateaiaablp Arid?Mr< Auc Kwli*;, I- Xnw hiry, Mara, P'anhrn H I*. ady, child an I mttho . H*l'l, Vr? Halali'. child. Urani and xtrvvi'. <: Hli*aflc-r, N.n York. Jn Iwin m l>ir k?', M irjfl*n>l, W < T R'atldon. if* Tort; Mr* ll II 1Mb"*, f A Po?*r io, K T Mictgho, i rUlfrutaitr, H H Kaiconborc, J% ?l, I'llmau. i K Kn.ini. J 11,?, Hon KniKta o llr* Jubri I) Ihcndan. Maryland, Dapt W I rain*111* Dftvld CMabdin, RavYnrk Mlaa Ni.aofralf.irt ml alarrr. UtllMPpor. v?. Ml < llrnry WaJU, A A .fn<ri o i Philadelphia; Adolf M<win*rii..nri, lloalna II mincer, Kllr ? h, frank ut' harde, A Jup-???fifil. Mr. K W Kr .wn *V fornlral, I i> Pamlrat, Alai nt-Middi. lady, oldld and n-rvarti, N'?w York; J P lHit?a>n, B*iV>llo* ' War, Ahral !!?? d<- I. John Mamo, Antlirne. WI: I'erohr Barter, hum*. Xew York Mr, I' Miodjr. Mma (Jadjrr, Vr< 'labartoe, Inktn' aivl arrrar.t, M Polar*, lady, thro* ?nl aorvani, .1 PI* pa .ml .on I'MI.idellhl*. W I Wolf. .1 A'lam Pan Franri* .1 V da'ii bane William flionn, My, childr<*n and awv III, V V Mi ?m, Will* II Pufk, V tlm-nii, Han franc ?o; M?,r T*n<"'t and >errar>t, flam* C Bi*o<it. Johitaon. Maw Twk. P M nd< o?"4. for l aud, ,m| '<? and lirnow-ii, in MaainaWp Herrmann ?Ma. II Ilai an, Mr. D' ir ,#rrj m -* Cyri.n, \lr*H Hia k *ndihr** .?lilidrc ii, Jin K Whe.itlay *?l c hll.l, Mr K llrrUmn Mr f*oi, link Mr P Wt meroaevr. And TtiUlY, fVaum. I. Maliun Kit irauki*: Jnllti* lk*-wtn*, Mr ? <lnr Morn and I "1y Mr X V IP r**n ami I .dy, iwo Uwaal* end laro rhilArwn. .1 l>ilfli.. 'r I dy r nd two rbildren,1 bn# Kr*-n!<'ln. lady I tarn ehil1r*t,. ?, Mr llanrnRartoar, llhlr.t.'n Mr I'lacr' X Ko-'-c, f.luib H AlcffiriniMi. J II l.odlger, Mr lltir.m A i* V*k wf, Jamaica; Mr 'iMtabmano. Mr, Wot*, y and child M aa I cth I 'Wd.b,. llr Mallot floo'h < aroJna, J Poppa *od lady, Mr* Audra a *! ?*r*ai,i M Rohmann >n 1 tfcittiter. I II Keen rtenhary, l?dv, two t-kitlrr-ri and ?ar?ar.\ H*nr* Arm. B 1 ?l?n?r?; Mr* Br?'B and 'ww rhlldrnn, Mia, l>tur*i llr I***a li.iitnora; Hariri '.an 'ftlan. Jtipna IV ud ml Inly. Inn Midi>B*. BaliiBore. fur Nco^alk Ac. in 'k* amnrrifli p .larrifa'cnan?J W < r*aa*JI I orrnnHnnBdnra, MaAann Klrhnr 'arm, !"h?*l?? llr inn, JBina, 1 I re* o l H fl'irbaUh V*?'cr Wirrh. Mfrirjr M I ran a K A ? ' b*. It M lllnrka, Mb bad ' or-*f>. Ilcnnai' I'fawlwr, fu a.n* I 'r'lwi and lady. Mil ?' HU *r , Mr? V-int M?? ? W M. fjliKW. A K U'lM, II H'irrr.,wh. '< ?' l.m :-ar an 11 dy W Ii Ilwal. W lll>aB<al. Junr, MralA?*-h M ? H rih. Mr. c-a.ab Murlidii* M .a Ann 1 ann. II M li-.-m*., >*/]? mj-I arrwl M Par tar-no, Mr. * Knaip, t IV \ I lor, Ifr. Wai n Mr* Kbnpp and no chiMr*n, Mr* RrrnkcrhnT >n1 ino d.ildrBB?0 fm (An .'ar-ra*?. frr' bBrtoa'aa. In 'iMWAamfMp 'aafrlll* A || Irparl. Mr* I rn A'dan, Mr* <1 Ortnuini. a tra wl rhi.d .1 II in . I I'f.iiM.p*, M.a* K frmnkllo, Mia, J M Wall on.. r?|- II * J J n rtifnn. !?? Ii A Id worth. Mwa H Hlo?.ay, It p Hlv>r frtdlady.Kl H*(i? Wm 7, J*r Wm ? II, '-t, ad, ? ,d ? an r a, Irm, IJ P IVdcuao, X II < m*. Mr Wl .a* .<f an I n lie T I'ay. .1 kbMkloirri*. H II Dtirrin i!r. . ,i . Mr* M Allan Vi.iI!.?ji,m? klu o'i'mi ,r II A M .hlW,m ' -f*r",cr. Mr. f lar*y nun*- aid rUld, < apt M H i r,*^. < w*| u Ir, I II lbo*at*,cn, II T Xh??ia Inn A arndrr, Mr. 'dar. * . Mia.a. *[*w*rd, I'ml 0 W wliw rd. I Mar.a t**t. R ' tu^-i, :.<*> i >Mplren and nuraa, Mr* II *'?? Ml.a < car-may, Mr* Akrn.fl, li*hwl'r*? Mr* K m, A It* an um J Hop. * M Mrada.ll * and lady Mr b?*d. I, I Pay*. II n fin., .. It I! kUmi.inn. t M Oir.raoo. K A *?li??ldi. A II MrVnaW, '? I, llllA, A '.r*r. A R( I and lady, A 'a,?t . 414 I ,*4 wryast. 1 HaA. Mr* IP .*??, 2 ? I air*, a,*! cryan', A K44y. W I.'WBT'. A Mr . IK# a*. A I'amr , J M minil P /b r r*. A M' I I. iktni, P P iWMfl ROtfkrr II I... A f. Trior, WW WdW, J Wamabny, I In t ? H || * rn**, | K - < 'wrw W M Walw l> A f ir. *r M' n '' H ? 1 Itiil*n l.'HIvilk.* II./ r Mr- i It..lit 1 *. ft i . y Iniwwrr J C dAtut ami lady, H A Mwm II Piy tf I ll Wruk" ant *?k. R Q cm*. * ill* #n~?. ,i fea^r* -i It M yomny, f U*na>?. Mia*O M*,.*-av j |?) at .1* ?**tm for Hararnah. m b? .1# nnJdp. ? *adW, J, T I, 't>K Mf (*-? *? aodndy, J A Rnrrn. II A t r*l*t V III llr. . My d. d ? Bd *mai, Mb* <?t?lnr?. Mm Af IWr- U, Ad *n It.relay < ?pka*a W P Pamoan, < Mrmupaivr; MAM m< , kB?yy JaaapAB Wm^wide*. t f Brnwi linwkli M Wtl mardta# !>?? Mankrw JuRa i| ?utty*?, V < Had*. A Itann*. CnpMkB RrAtrr* Ma/ P ???* IVI Hf Urd *f ??. *d| **4**r*??i. Him IItaodMl*, J K |*..,| and **(? iwtn Mar.I, W.lltawi jTWAjli. adayyb It lam. Ma-na, Mlaa i laaw. Mlaa Mr ,, y Par*,r>. '' R%t***')Wd IU1 t .*? Mr* H'l *f*l m ? ? ^ mn M ,. H *? UMItM r kt t, , Mr IV, Me*, f inry Mw* M A Inry. M'an / i-,., r f||. c-.r-, M wall I,art ??? <tt !>.?? f ?t#ry let ?*?' '' ? I f OnrJMl ? -111 >? If , at?* fr Thr (?lulrophr mi the Phrtfr flktlnwrf. hOMJE HKTUU Li*J Or THk KILLHO AMU WOl'MOKO. Our reporter, laat evening, had in Interview with * premium*, cilu.< n of St. lamia, ?U ppiug ul the VtoU > politgn Ilr.tcL, or.d fruui him obtained the annexed facts if'.a'.iva to the Pacific tullr-ad, and Ike gentlemen who w? announced by teogiaj.h as having bwn KIUmJ ?n'l wounded by llir recent lUtudr nt the cussing of th# Casconad# rlr#r on th# orcis #u of th# opennig of th# Pnriiir Railroad to Jefflerwon City. Iho I'aciUe Rnllroaa ?,<* opened about two y#or? a id ? half nine#, from fit. lgiuis to Kirk wool, and wan subs i|ueatly extended a- far aa Alieutoa. Th# expectation at that time an that lh* :< ad would lie i>p#u la>t y#araa far aa J< fferaonCity, in ti we to convey the fit. In ... delegation of th# I#fiala'.ur# to the capital, but they were unabl# to accomplish liiia. (.real anxiety wnH aU along fcl' by th# cBixen* of ft. I.e.ill# to hare the rood eaten led aa rapidly a? poasiMe. inasmuch aa by H th# interest* of fit. ' Fouls would be very u.urh promoted. And when at !a?t the toad was completed to J#IT#r?on City, after an long a delay, invitations were aent to nearly all th# prominent citlrena to nml.e an excursion on the flrat train to Jelfer a?.ii City, A# appear* by th# telegraphic accounts, th# Invitation^ wwr# wry yeneri.lty accepted, there ledng ever seven hundred persons e n the train Iter. Artema* Hu!lard, I'. It.. wl.oae uam# brad, the livt of kl.led, In. t#rn, for net ?##.?, Hi# pa.tor of th# Firat Presbyterian church of lit. '.ouK Hb contpTfialion is on# of th# larjrrat and v #u!lhie.t of that city, r.nd had reoenlly erected a very rogtly ehirrch edifice. i>r. Bul lai d was a men between fifty and ai-tyyesra of a iff, of fine tub uts. ,iii.. ?*?;? furemoul in aiding in th> Ira iing phllnnihropie merrinc nt. ? f the day. B. U. i nyton i a ? a in ominent nu-.-w'icr of the t-t Iscls bar. an ! partner of Hon. Henry flayer. I nited State* Senator from Missouri, a gentleman of acknowledged woith, and having th# respect of all who knew Km K. C. Iilackburn wu? also a pr. mlnunt mcmisr of th.' bar of fil louis, and for the hint tl n? years ha* been i. ronnbeir of the City Council. He ha* alwaya Keen an ac tive participator in the political conies'. of i!.*??mri Henry Chouteau (repotted by telegraph lU-ury C 11..u trau) vu one of the lending men halt* etui we.ltbie.t citlnnt < f St. loul?, Jie in - d#?i. udnut of Pierre C'hnu teau, on of the old t tench .elite of Ui> ourl. 51 ui r hutler mi one ot the magistrate# cf St. Inula, a man of sterling intogi it; of cliaraclrr, Mdiifwhat kuown in the West a ? a writer. II# was advutued In year*, be ing i enily neienty ?rai? of age. Adnlph Abeiea was a ir.erjh.iut of SI. Iaui?. II# w.?s by birth i. ticrman, and a r an ot great iipliietice th# t.erinan population, ami #*# poi-ened ofcm.Mira M# wral li. 7 boron i O'Srlllvan aat th# . hief engineer of thr Cu eifie Railroad. II# cam# to St. Louie n-rfial yrara since, our informer believes, from on# of tli# Hi..tern citie#, to locate the route ? f the I'aciMc n ad, from ht, lane* t) the Western frontier, lie In. * h..d dear go >f th# engia wring department of ih# road up to lit# tho# of the .Jma.I#. . Thomas Cray ?*. a prominent and wealthy cHlsea, #n gaged in th# manufacture of Iron. Atn'iig th# dangerr.Msly wounded, f.eeige K. Bod,I wlio.e name it reported, is an influential cfilxeii former ly a banker. For th# last two year* he bus been rngag*'' in ineuranc# biokerage. ? Hudson E. Bridge is one of Hie Idreotnr* of tli# I'acitl. Ilallrood Company. II# was renior partner In tlie slriv# foundiy of Itridg# A Bros., the largest establishment of the kind in th# West. John C'. Hlchardfon I* a |.rr minent merubxr of tho bir of fit . la.ul*. Captain John CiitiMn# was lor many yeai . :itt*chi#l to th# police fore# "f St. 1 ouis, but n#arty a year since was ap| olrdcl 1 ire 1r.i p. etoi of th# city. Hi# name of J. M. Winter i? probably tnteode l for John M. Winter, a len'ing cttixen of fit. I/mis, ana 1lv# Ventou democrat, who wa? Cost master nude thr itdiidnietiath u ot Jam. * K. i'olk, and moi# roeenlly filieillT. 1'. II. Armstrong, r?ported aa slightly injured is the pr#*?nt l'ostmaster offit. Iaml*. lion. I 51. Kenmdt, uls.. slightly injorwi. w,is for thiee icar. Mayor of fit. l/iul and is uo intier elect of Cotgrcrn to in. et in Decemliet uevt. City- IntcllfgciKc. Tin-Ainnxsr *t Tr.urar s s<,e*ag.?W# ar# r#.|ii#at?<l to st.ite that licwtor K. ft. *'? oncry the democratic . .ml. date for t oroner, wlio was . n the plat'orm wtmn It t?ll in on Friday night, is not so serb ??ly Injure I a was rrpro sent#.I in tli# rey.rt. If# leeelved a cut on lh" ? !.##?, but there i' no .larger attending it, nor K there any brik.'ii t# r e or disb cation, and we have no doubt th# result of the election on Tuesday will prove ? psirissrtcu ? tor tl.# injury ) e sustain#-!. Wtglve ttia toll,wing cwrd fr< n> liis attending physlci.u ? T!? report In the lliiuiin.if thle morn ng. of 'hedmgepo ia " lull on of I r. K.l, f>. Ooouery, we are Itappy Ui be 'bl# 'o . m ii ,dirt Abbongb seierely ?oni.ted .ind t.0,1 lie 1 by tie 'ailing ot 'be pl iiformln Tompkins wpiar. I .' # < ..log i,# ?- o.r I,a? r." l ones i.rokrn I.a nr. In: ,n il In, iry, an I it. ",yh . ontieed '<i tils tied a' prevent, diere Is ei er y prospc. ? .g l.| out In a few liaya. J.NO. II HKIHCUVf JAMKei K WOt?f> M jl. J I* (IAKKIMII M II lilt UWIBIIKV WfKIDW A III! III.SKY SllPPr iRIl v I, Nr.* Yona .Vov. S. I -aa Alien Stout?A VI., en r Foi mi is X. a V,m? Ilrv ? Wa were shown a fish on Friday ot moat singular <lis|># that was eai.ght hy Mr. fia.rg.' Bowman in t>nwatlu< bay, one day but ke i Th. snlmsl istkie# f #t two iuebe# long, from mouth to tail and two fswt on# u, b fire m one link* to th# other. t'n#of its p#cullarltl#a is th# unusual sir# of the h' ad and month?the U"?r b ing eleven inches in width and ol a utile en t dept'i l> b' Id lb# blade of a ahoiel whi. li was thrust into It < tmn Ui si ra ught. Another jrftcuHftrity I* \h* fr/>ww fi*it?n of tw?? l?*k- tnd M ihirui |(tu| whi'-'j m r f*?*%?#?rl ju*tt +l* w th*' h'+l ??? #n tl"' AOruiii*1 n * p'tllr I ? n i>r+ ih" fok'na+a ?r#!? t'.?..*>!'*t \<> It u month, sr.d ?Jf?w iimrff up ??n H? ?i?*l tail iV# * r? trail* ar* rm*Ji, *n'l It i*? a nnllFi >>f mum* *>n*\?r hi#* th* f,r<te*0n ui ? I* mrriiNt m. Tl*? l#/w*r )? ir t? f t i m r?/w of Jnfl# Urth, it * of ?n loaf, ?hii? thm?(inllt4 up|*f j?n hhi u ftrnnll* r lh* 0<>ni(nifU*n of th# jfii)* i* fh*r* h-ntx fitly m ??)?)! ?p?,rtuf# o#*r th* lltift# ? - th* ??*r?p#fo*t>l ?-f wittr. Kr'ui t).* n*lur* of th* ki in'-y it in ' fitlcnl thit i? w*rm *n?t f rth It# forif ahi* lik* th- whal# thm^h taniik* th* U.< * ? ni* pro*t?ioB tor ioff*pi in# i h * *10*0 ti* v?h'm th* rtnh ww iw>m Mr. J. No. H?> '? irV? Wtlliftm wttMrt thonfh well #?vMP>t In i- hM'j'-h^jr %rvl I tig m nunilft of hook* on th* iohW-rt t>t h* miM r*f*r, ootikl fl??f| n* tJHnv #t all IU* tJ.U nt **#* ft*lt. 'omm*uA 'hi- mutt <r 1<> th* ailk*t?i*iii ?f tli* ? t*t?tlh? f??r n Mr. ?"?iM #?. U* mJlim; tr# whow It to 'umrottt*'- of ** * ti\ K r> firm, n who rntjfh' t* ?** if A1 titbit on tt??* 1 ma ? In /? ?*o' * '# a l wwlt h, tb* U*iii g 'lng from ' ?*?rw|?Vfut J f*rtt?y morning r; u th^ tr** k ?! tkt JurwAbwi <a Mm J H piUiw) 'b* r?*wt Wlilfr h?- #*r? XI" ruff tb* frurk * ffig'Al tr ? n in!', 'hwfii but > "ngint*'r f'-rtnr^ytl, ??*> tb "tit <f. firn* in prrv*!!' *?/ ftUivi c liuk n Ckitn l?u V i n?i>- Mai >?t *rt i ? i*m i -i V. *?r I hj tl.* Iviflr Ktprm* / . Hro*?Jw?f, will b* fflf %? .Ubw- ry tbi* #t*>r ntug, "wa d%y fr> m '> to 1'J ? aice-a *?*?1 Ultlllfttlir. 1,'vim . rt -? n ? Vlini'riK?4*?i V nlrifl> irt from a ktiff ?( ih< >?<; |i*t*r mn' ? Ci* I l?a?* 4h**t*4 < aytata laing p* ra'tett* ?? far a 'apt')' nn>l n )U* '"urn ?hd! ??(! fa' \# >!?>?, to *).ft | L?- ? I ?? ?irn-^fl r l?jr ?fc' f'? r*eat Httela'ar to "fat a rnaant, >ti* p Itlnal apata <w >0* tit In 1W Vlr?#.l.?n hr 'f nan-1 ton-' ? tl."rt/, | ?M 'oil to aw ? n? ?|,t f ? of Hi* r*<x|i ?? Sa; h- n.?r fa 4 with f pr |? -<? t? r" '""1 *? I b??n ? ?? ? r f.? kr?-* tp# ? '/n .!*?')?< la arvl (fa-nlt tir ?h'l?r? vbt'll i.nhapp'lp r?-w at Ji It 4?ra In MM 'if tka MM oa tfar north ?????? ' i M?t) '?i????r. Ir *?!? Ifm fini't ? h???- i *?!? I In that P Wrn >111 ifa rtrlt ,i I Ka I > ' i? '? n?! tfar ?'m ??? Hat'an I ?f liarlng h-arTa". fa- iirltil in lik 10th Ir.itanf *t Mfaaltar I far pr-./?/?? will ??< ? ??(* bin, nla<? t).a prm?nt a?*l probtklr i'u ? ? *.f ?0j.r? Ml M 'in'toaot rroAr H B?nm lfa? n?wn?ty Ii?'? a aumfar n< ? ><+t* liana I ??.*.11 far*? n4ar a jr . . ?ti?? ??* arrf?fa ?? ? ?.?? m 'fai I fa-f !???? in ?? n ?? ?l?tlapw-i?( f-aw/f ?? Ma-' #.i.a ?l ain** an! a . "?n> aa Ifa <fao u I .V I hail pi?'! W N?|* </ ?l ftf ta fa at 'an*. ? ul*l an .uifa'ai /?nr if, far tfaa p*ot/r~ ?n *4 ?,r '?/i.atriani I an. tir, ttttn. Unllr * <?if MnJara' ,ant HA*. I. IOU r*t -ah i im> ? <>* I ll.u < I a ? ?/??<*?j tba -arp Waablagfan. ? Hp PallMra. -/??/?,< A/ ?aib'p Ikalrnav?A H I* AAiifi I, da A? " ran an4 rrpnibtloaa ?U'a a tnta 4atU> ha a 'Pit trawn from ilia mnrnaa W* ia* that tbr ioa?< fao'.i ar* "?< la fa*o? 0 r~ap' a T<? t? a rrflfaf! ifaipmaafar in nharMT *mh fay Uaa Nail*. imAf- ?*,*-ana of I'kPai n*g?li, I/fall, wa< ar> arrara. r iaiarr4 fay fain# ma '/Tar bp a Imwi o? Ifaa AMA I. It , to a' La *",?! afaarllp aflar tfaa W/Anl Aa aU Mt aamat Haaaa> Hfalapia nror W>afaLaitar '?a **a mat WraA akl tvbfal't tfa* ;i*t S?% ?v ?? ? JI. %*< 0*? ARRIVAL OF THE BALTIC 8U OATS LATER FROM EUROPE. TOE NAVAL EXPEDITION TO ODESSA ABANDONED. Bombardment and Capture of Kinbura by the Allies. BRILLIANT VICTW1 BV Tflt II RM AT MIA Gradual lurroudiiig of the Army in the Crimea. IMPORTANT FINANCIAL NEWS. The Bank of Hnulaml AdiaacM the Hate of Interest. AhWmiOH OF BREAD RIOTS IN PARIS. The Bank of Franoe Likely to Suspend Speeie Payment. COTTON MARKET IRREGULAR. Consols Down to 87 a 87 1-8. *li Ac-. Ac. TV Collin* mmI atranwhip Baltic-, Cap! fnuu hrrrpo,,:. artier.. at thl, port I..|r rlffh, ?vloot yeah-tday niotnliif. TVll.ltir lafl IJrarpool at 3.16 I'. II., an .failure*. 20tli, ami encountered h.arjr waatirly (*>, ,na i,**Tp **' * r" <*?/?. I>iini( -.prated:, ,..,,,,,,,4 ? ?|w?d of nnly 3 tulleaper hnur. At mtdalrht <* We.1 nr day, 24Ui, in l,i. f,->|?n. I'nriflr On rtieolay, :a?tl, M mil#* y p. cJ|H. ?nir a l*rg* The Halticenlued at I irerpool <h, H?adv >4* Ult Th? Ki ir..on left -out In, nipt. n 011 t) * I'?t>a tilt. ( p to the 17th, nmbinx new UJ rvcurrrd m the (VI tota. Tli<- t'apliali barn found in th* Ka.nlx.lnai Immen,.. f.'O o'V hi":" "f fluthiof, v4tuo4 at Tha /*>./', .Vo-. ,ay, that fieoeral Byre ha. h?*n ? commended t.jr t.i-nna) hlmj *on a* hi, bnl tli.t ffoirrnineot alii not a., epl Slap* on'a n,ignalim 7he Haiti of Knglan.l ha* lnrreaaa.1 the rale of d karoo a I f. ait per >nt f. , W day*' WUa, t.. ,a*.? ,.rr e.,,, ^ pope, of a longer data. A aimer. i?l p?ni, t, *nlJl4 putrd, w!mi m.a.uiea tx> -urpond the reaUlo tire rlauera . f Veer* Hank bill, and i-.ur paper nv.eey Hopr. at* Mill enteitalueil thai th. rlalau <d Mriuaa bntiriholdet* will he Han fatted to tha - niynmrt 1 lb ring lirnthara. Tteaffalllot Hellala tlii. i? i? be wound up u?4w impaction Tba fourth adjudication of bankruptey In tha a**, nt 11*wat<1 1 .liter, ha. bcon -t. Tha allied . aprtltlcm .hi b left tha CniH? ,m ?ua ' th altar making ? *i,lrt, homtinnled and captutel Kinborn. an Haport.nt p.,.,'j?n ,t ,b>. tiU'Uth ol the I 'ft 1 f |h* 1 nui ling TV fort 1 a* a af Klnhura raaiatad tl,. allm bf at*. Vary fl.a op to th. ITth on which day ,? *, Haa 1 ntaiad tha pUc. Tba alHa. ha*, al... . ?iroyal l*,b?n., Inn,an and I'hanagorla, In tha -tralta of Kerti>|i Tim alllaa are ealaasteWy engaged I, roade.afcii* aad bullitiJMiag, not . ??J_p a!, np tha plalaau da I . n.e, but all along i|.a TobariM/a Una up |0 tha Alan Th* Hue Of I ha raflira/ ha. Ixxw topUal f?t th, mu, rom4 Haiakla*. t? tha ramp. l? u... .o.,4hWh,?.| ,4 h* baatopol Aacooota from l! a Crimea to tha I . j, .Uia thai CM, tha lifb flta ndianrml ?f tha a/lla. vara a,(bin Ara leaguei of Haklrbl .-acal that tl.a KaaMitaa a.ra rattrtna alonljr. an I Hit arar^tbln* l.-d to tha >M haf that lia* 11 fraud! 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Tlta htah >4 ha*? ia ?ba4 '/a Ma f".aaar MtfMf Tta fa'jac r sr,|n|M baa ?aW rika-i iha ?s?, of IX W l/maa4a V a fa?ls ra <a4 la (ha 1'|ariiia( af ray ?a f?>taa ?#? tha aratliMi fa* >aal rte'as la (ha \ .rfta )' ta w> '? y>aca4 tbr raah ?<? CwraaCh, aa* t. murrn Ia rtaal, by Ma ft?a?Ua 4j?aaaMaa?. iha< a* M. Om\m haraaaa, aaa> laf. MaT ' aat ?h? ?? I .. ' <yT-i*m (T41