Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 4, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 4, 1855 Page 3
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canon* of the Council of Trent, who-h it had nerer be fore done without numeroua end important reserva tion*. Article 8 gives the lo<ver clergy entirely into the power of the bishop*. Now the Roman Catho lic church ha- an aristocracy and a democracy ; und if the former abused its power, (he latter, whi.-h is na turally brought into immediate con-act with the people, is likely to prove a fcr more i angerous revolutionary agent thau even Martini himself, lo the same article it la also said that the bishops nave the power to indict punishment on "those" who violate the canonical laws; ont it is possible that the pronoun relate* to the clergy, and not to laymen. In art. 9 mention it made of th" maintains uce '-of the iuimuoi ies of the churches;" but this can hardly mean tbat the right of sanctuary it t > bo revived. Art. 20 gives to the bishops the right to e-tab lish new ith cauteries and cloisters?? couce -ion which Will, to employ a German phrase, make the Emperor Jo t-ephll. "turn in his grave." In the opi -.iun of -.n -n learned in matters of state, art 26 is frauulit wi'li din ger. as it leaves the Roman Catholic hiersrcuy nu infinity trf elbow room. The Concordat like most oth-r trestles, i? concluded''forever;" but this no Id of ours has -eeii very strange changes during the last century. A- it would hardly be prudent tu commit to paper all my opin ions in tespvct to the Concords', you will permit nie to Condense th"m into the familiar phra-e of - a very pretty kettle of Pish Austria has made of it." BllglMttsI. The Bank of England annum. eil on Thursday, the 18th, an increase in the rate oi .ut to 6 per cent for sixty days' bill*, and to 7 |ier cent for ,.aper of a longer date The greatest alarm lias been ere* e.i in commercial cir cles, as these ate higher later I.or thot o which precede 1 the j-anic of 1847. An Immedli e .uspeosion of the re etiictive clause of Heel's Hank sill i- looked for and an immediate issue of some kind of paper money. The mer chants in Liverpool are about to hold a meeting on the nuhject. At a meeting of Mexican bondholders, held in London on the 16th. it was luthnuled tbat the eudeuv.irs since the last meeting to transfer the man igemeutof the claims of tliel. ndhodlers to Messrs. Hail g had been nnsti cess ful.owing to the unsettled state ot the republic. A hope, however, was entertained that arr >ngen-us.-. might he effected to promote this result, the committee cou-seate I to set in the meantime, but if no as uolusioacm heottive I at in six months, a new body Is to oe organised. Mr. Macaulsy, the historian, intends retiring from the representation of Edinbn g at the next dissolution, f-everal eandi 'ate-t are ready to -top into the Held. At an adj. urnc i meeting or th? creditors of Messrs. He Lisle, Janvrin .* Co., held iu L onion, on the 13th. the chairman stated that owing to ' lie uncertainty of the re alization of the assets, particularly th -re in Canada, no good would he likely to re.uil f. oin a reinmption of miri ness by the firm, and ihat n li (nidation of its affairs, wider in.-pec. ion, wou d be do,1. uol?. By the suspension now, as the available assots a-uru Urg-.' a considerable amount would he secured t the creditors. l'h* wn do estate it was intimated was capable of being lLp {dated within six o; eight months. Hesolutlons to wind up the estate under inspectorship were adopted. During the meeting much sympathy w.t- manifested towards Mr. Jimviin. whose mercantile integrity was unanimously acknowledged. The fourth attempt lo place the affair ; of Mr. E I ward Oliver of Liverpool in the Hankruptoy Court, lias fall ?d, and his estate is to bo wound up under a deed of assign ment made last year. hir Charles Napier, in a letter to the Timet, deutiu-L a "BalticCommittee," to inquire whether the admirals in the Baltic and the Admiralty at home hive d no their duty. If the (leet had been provided this year with a Millieieiit number of gun antl moi tar boats, hit cab >rg, lie contends, might have been c .mpletely destroyed. A grand Crimean banquet, attende.1 by fifty offi cers who took part in the campaign, has been "bell"at tilis g< w. the Duke of Hamilton presiding. Sir Archibald Alison made a biilliant speech. IHm Charlotte Hinds, the purchaser of an Irish e-tate under the I ncumbered Estates act has been barbarously maltreated by some refractory tenants who waylaid auii attempted to assassinate her. Ilor leg and arm wer ? broken, and two balls lodged in her head, .-He i< not ex pected to survive. Rewards have been offered for the apprehension of the perpetrators. lite Belgian Transatlantic S eam Navigation*Company are likely to commence running their steamers, fortnight ly, between Antwerp, .Southampton and New York, in Isovember. A pnpci called VHummt, published in Jersey anl edited by refugees, having Indulged in abase of the Queen oi Cng.and, lias been denounced at su ludiarnotiou meeting held by the mbtbltants. and is to be ? ippressed. Later letters .-date tliut the edito? and publishers of the journal have been banished the island. Prancf. The 1'sris letter of the 7V?ms save that the restrictiie measures Ta'ely adoptet by .be llaek ofFraoce, are begin, uing to be felt in almost every branch of trade, and tram actions have ucoorringly bee mo dillicuii. Man t tftc'.ureiB have limitoil as much as possible their purcha ses of raw uisttrial* and retailers are slow In laying in tiieir usual winter stock. Orders, ho wove-, continue to lie reerived from th? United titales fr m South America, und England, end the win'e. export trade promises to be active. The price uf corn lias again increased. 7lie Duke of Brabant, heir to King Leopold, and hts DucliM-, sister to the Emperor of Austria are -.n a visit to the trench Empeioi; muguiHceat/, (-?? for their omuM went have tuken place. The International Association for b inging about a uni form system of coins, weights and measure- assembled (>n the lTth, at the Exhibition I'aiace, Paris. Mr. Held uttendeo trcm the United States. A permanent interna iionnl committee, to sit in I'aits, was constitute.'. Affair* In Npnln. ADDRE9.1-OF THE QOKEN TO TilK CORTES? DEUAT" OS THE WESTERN ALLIANCE?DEATH OF A REVOLU TIONIST?TUE DANK OF If APHID. Letter* from Madrid of tha l it; of October state that a deputation ot the Constituent Curte; had oe-n admitted t > pier eat an address to the Queen on the occasion of her birthday. Iier Majesty replied? My heart appieciates the loyal affectim which the < ? rie- congi atulato me through your organ on the sun ? vei.-ary ot my birth. Thtir eeuiltuen's endear tj fiiU more the m.ble and generous people whom y u rep ie?ent. Identified with t-e Instutlons, for the defr-ve ?<! which I heard the cannon roar when an Infant In my cradle, and deeming it an inl'all.ble truth taut there . no h?l ipioes* for kings without the peace and welfare their people. I timet fervently wish to see y<u con* didat. the liberties of that heioic nation, ao that ray reign may leave to It a rrcollection the more Mattering 11 the sum of happiness it will have secured tc it max-be greater. I have (laced toy fullest confidence In {he C uetituent t'oi te*. an l the uU'ection of which tiiey have giv. n me so many loyal proof* is to me a sure guarantee that the/ will founo lil.eity and order on iioperishable base-. Mu'y Jlearen grout tha realization of tin' prosperity, the ?ou ntant object of my prayers, and m\y I hear you re|>eat, for many years, this manifestation of attachment ihe value of which is enhanced by the pcsons chosOu to offer it to me. fm the 12lh the Cortes were on the point of adopting without unv discussion, the project of law dative to the levy ol TO.i'OO men, when M Labrador rose to c >ml?at it. General fian Miguel o. fended the bill, which wa< alterwards attacked by M.'ircn-e, who brought forward vaiious charges agains? the conduct of tlo- Trench gov ernment towurds Spain, and condemn"! her allianc3 with the Western Powers. In that afTa;- ho ??id the gov ernment would find itself isolated. The Minister of war replied:?First, tliat the political situation continued in every re-peet ihe same as last year: -econlly. 'hat if the government lia l not suppressed th" Arragonesw inaurieo tion from the beginning the ("arista w.oild n >w have 4 Of'O men in the held; thirdly, that the danger was not yet entlrtdy over; and fourthly, that tne events in the Crimes might biing about a genors*. war. ia which th ? interest ( f the country might oblige it to take par!; but that in ail cases the government would consider it its duty to submit the question of the alliance to the Cortes betore its conclusion. The Minister afterwards referred to the relations enisling between Spain. England, anl France, which, he said, were of the most friendly and loyal nature. The Co.ima of Ait agon contains the following atcuut of the Heath of the CabecUIa Taful:? That chief, seeing the house In ablchlie was surround ed by national guards, sallied out armed with a double barrelled gun. The nationals fired upon him but .vithout effect. Taful having attempted to escapr. *000 fount himself fkee to face with a national guard who cried him to surrender. Taful took deliberate aim at liiin, but his gun missed fire. Ills adversary was more for; unite lor he shot the rabecilla dead at his feet. A crucifix and u purse containing three duros were found upon him. The incnty-Ave prisoners belonging to hi; band were ?ho* ni Fan Andres < e la IUrca. They were led to the place of execution fonr by fonr. A letter from Madrid, of th" Xlth of 0-to!>er. states Ibst the pi eject of law relative to thefouadation of a rnl Hank of Public Credit in Spain will probably he <<ne cf the Brut questions discussed by '.he Cortes, The com mittee of tli" Assembly had already adopted the propor tion snbn nted to the H|*?ni*li government by Messrs. Mil laud and Kerveguen, a number or the French legislative body. I adtr tne able diractlon of M. MlUnnd. this gre<t establishment. In which some <f th" most powerful (in ?n cisl houses in Europe, and England in particular, ar ; In terested. promise; io be highly heneflctal to Spain. Austria. Tiie house of Rothschild bin l>eon comnii -Lined to oetali'i-h an Austrian bank of credit moldli-f, witli t ispital. It If said, of sixty million; of tlorini. A Concotdat' haa hoen condoled between Aostela and the Holy bee, which gives most important privilege* to the latter. The document is published at length in the peper*. Clrerce. The new mini-dry took the oath* on the 3,1. M. Tri cot |d I- l'rc-i lent ;-f the Council. The ministry h?* i>uL. li b"d a ruar i e-to stating fhr.t the execution of ?> liia lirui" to foieigti Powers, the malatenanec of neutrality, and reformed administration, will both'- leading feature; ? f the new g vcrninent. Inslln. Ihe <latc* from Bombay by the overland mall are to Feut. li Trade was dull and freights unprecedently low. Fcarrity of food wss anthlpated though a timely tall of rain had avertsd famine. India generally was tranquil, ai.d the .-antal insurrection, thongh not entirely subdued. ?*? net char .cterlzed by the outrages with which It com menced. One thousand of the robel* had surrendered. Hidr deportation to British Burmah is spoken of. The I'araee* were still vigorously agitating fbr reform" in their iaw? and Institutions?icniui* to wnlah the clergy were entiroiy oppowL Money market unchanged Aleuiidrli. The Nile being very low next years' c-rp? are ex; " ted to be short. , Tne railway are progressing an-, ntwoyenr- tun en tire pns-age between A.exandrta and bum wi : is *ild, he r erfhmied by rail Exchange on I on ion FTJj r aetr -s p"- p- n *'*? if THE VERY LATEST. NAPIJes, f' t '. IV>". Pands ; f anM'l m-n are collating n Sic T p< hare been -cat again-t their, M -n. Oei, V '*'??? The IV-rges fhulion ha" -sen put to th ? - ? ' w . - k~- oi b ktUed and 10 wouaued. all '.he r a-nu ,.a? m munition w?re seized The affair of IlayU hid been set tled. The sitting of the Co'tee to day was without in teiest. Mawkiujm, Oct 18, IHiii. Account' fioffi Egypt s'ate that the exportation of ro.n will lie prohibited, in ronsequen"" of the insufficient* of the cvei Sowing of the Nile giving reason to fee' a f* mine. The Mutnt^ur Alpfrien, of the lEtli. announce' thet tl<e sundering Arab tubes ere now beginning to tiui'.d and plan'., and tliat they have entered Into an arm-i^e neut with some cuntiartorj for the construction of hi usee at the pric? of 3,f00f cash. The export of Alge rian wool during the first six month* of 186C, amount" i to 1,C0C,0C0 oi ki! gi ?mnies [ur rtaxi.K.M'U ruou London to l-mbu'ooi.. ] London, Oct. 20, 1835. THIS WAR. tetter* from Odessa announce that, in 3cus"quen.:e of orders f'om the Emperor Alexander, a Communion " in quiry has been app1 lnted at Kiew to decide on the fate of -ucb volun'eeia lu ihe Foreign l-egi-n, serving for the Western l owers, a- may be taken pritone.s 'iheae meu will not be couaidered prisoners of war. Hungarians will be deiiveied to Austria. General Korff bas been deprived of his oorumand f: r his negligence in all -wing linnselt to be tskei. by surpr-., > by General A. Alleuville's cavalry. He is succeeded by General 1'iinco lindziwicke. These change- have beeu notified in a Russian order of the day, dated Oct she. t The Cologne Oaietfs ssys that General Kortf is to lis tried by a court martial. STAIN. In a speech delivered by General O'D- :ineh Mr.ister rf, at the sitting of the Cortes, on ths 12th of Octo ber, he snlii :? Great events are taking place in Europe wliich mar brlrg on a general war, more than people think or de sire. A day m?y come wb .-u our wo interest may :n pel us to take part in the struggle. If M r.emo ioia giues that a natton can remain isclat-d when Eurnpi is engaged in 1 sanguinary content he deceive him-el' It is witl) variou' nati. ns a-- with Individuals, they often cannot avoid faction, h- sever pacific tbey may be. Do you know whut would liappon if we wre to curry out in the cxtieme this system of is latioa. Sootier or later we ihoul I be despis J by all, and other countiiss would make war up-.n u?. When the government shuti do it I will friukiy submit this question to the Cortes, until-then 1 shall not ssy another word up- n the subject but I c.innot pass ore: to silence Mr. Oriense's observation when ai-e?k ug of nations that prove every day their attachment t Spain. I'rance has never, even in the time of Louis1 lipiie, proved more vigilant than ahe is uow. I'he has always maintained, ami now maintains, the strictest v.g lcnce at the Py reuen. t ngiand has lately offered us ships for transporting our troops to Africa Although we do not require thorn, we ought not the loss on that account to express our gratitude for the 1 lf->n in services of friendly nations. MONET Alls' AFFAIRS. The London Daily -Veins' uly aiticle, dated Fri-iay ev:-n ing, says:?ihe English funds contiuuo t- fail. A fu ther decline of flve-oighths w-..s established tb,s afternoou One of the more immediate causes of to dry's decline is tliat the Bank of England Ires been a '-orrower cr money toa considerable extent :o Ihe stork, exchange, ou i<ec--ci ty of consols until the November settling The money market continues in an unsettled state. InLombaid street, the ui-ceunt houses .iseJ 'Lei allowance for money on demand to liv" pc ent At I'a:is to-day, thi-three per cent rdqtes cb sen a t: V lieb w the --educed rates which were established s afternoon. At the Curt of Bankruptcy to day S.r Rob-it P..oe, Bint . M. P., surrcuuer?-"'. G the adjudicate 3 .u bank ruptcy. 5be return of the Dank of England, fur lue wj. . m ,ng Saturday, Oct. 11-'.V sh'-w-. that the pressure in the money market continued undiminished Tie I-1 1, h s' ciiy, dite-i E. -ay evens 1 says :? 1 lie English fnnC. opene' this morning vi'U g"?a* steadiness, with an impri ver.ient of u uon the prices of ofThursday evening, but although a further rh-e ?ub.-? quentljr took plsee the market nt the rt-<<-'-lihove-' 1 re lj;-e. The dimness of tone in the ea-iier part of ihe day was attribuinbleto the continuance rf the ster. lv mr ch-'-e- of tie public, and p.rt'y by a further rise In 'ho corn msrket consequent aj .n 11 e rcn*t?at deman i A the commencement of business m - ey was c-rc-ed ngiy abtim'ant tor loan - on cods- '.s, but t?ere w?- n'. for it later in the day. The failing off In the i-?nk bui lion was > x pec ted to be heavy, but scarcely to the extent shown viz: C5S6.000. In the foreign exchargei 'he rates f-cm" f ? 1' Paris weie rather higher. There is a run.or that tha Bans o' .'-'"an ? - desiri i of procuring an additional <12 10), 000 sterling ing m?l that the future Australian aniva. > ir ? Ukeij hi be p cl ?*ed to supply it. THE LATEST LIVERPOOL COTTON MARK ST. L Ri'-'X-L, Oct. 40?p |T la i:- cotL-n :ua liet t" day 'here has neon nc r-j nig A moderate business ha been done Market** HOMEY X A KKiTT. I.omkw, fi. t. 19?I '.\E 0'Cluck J1. M?The idao* of France yestei.lay iiM Ik rale el oa-acmut to 6 per cen\ and limited it- ikuetl 09 aleak k JO | ?c cent o thee value I hp gieat fea'u: e in the tneae-rsr.f thp dlr-ctrrs f the n?Mh < f England Ik. that "hey n t only lie the lore* a' ? aa usual, but Hken.'-e toe highest ;ate an. a. OA O y er thiae months' Li.,? Li thp bwilof their maximum av, all four and six months' bills must be cisc fated ? ' y doore. It I-understand-hat the dire-tor- irp *!ili :r. yictot nicvtl .n with the government on the subject of obtain it g Kome temporary relaxation In the term) of 'he -iiir. ter. It it reported that they wtsh for poee to *4 e LI note*. There is a rej nrt that t'ie Bank of Fra ce I not likily to --l-pcnl specie payments. Thia would lie h gh 7 h-neliclal to England, a- it wouldat on-o kr-e.-tthe r. a upon tho country for Roof to trance The market for eon/tola in -atber <(niete t lar wfth no pre-en t chenre of importance in n-ice ( cs,..a? 87S to 81'? for m >nev, and H' . <? ? h. - acc ou* LUu vatt Two 0'Cik> > The telegraphic advice* front I'visarebai .b'r>is a fisrot bread rio*?, and the reot-? and hard* had de clined. Thie news Ua* caused a 'let t"ni th ughout -? - mar ket*. Consols are down to 97 to 37',. BARIb'O BROTHERS A LO.'S CI1VC0LAR I/rano.v. '><?'. lit?. " Y. The colonial and fireign prodac* me kete b*v ? h-m steady dating the we--!. with a lituite- amount of t>u?i n?*s." Sugar firm, at an admit' <? of I*, per cwt. Bread stuff* are dearer. Coffee and ottua da? The hank ot England advanced their rat* of di?r un' yw ' trdiy to 6 per rent for bill-not baring more than rtO day- ? ? run and to 7 per cent Ft those froat (Si to 9ft ':a7? The Bink of France hn < also rai-ed .t? rate of disc. out ' on: It to 6 J'ercint. t'l'lKll- leave ill! ..I Kl. , eh" - 11" 17 tir the am ount. Mexican Mliri la !iJ?d bar -li ver, 5e. Had.; American eagle? 7o? 2'*! n'tnitial fouth American doub'son* 74-. W. a 7.').. Amih<an Stocks?The quotation* are a'.mo-t entirely nominal: bnt a -aleof aomc I'eanayIrani*ft'-,inaertpt n? ha- been made at 75. and there U a buye of 0 .ma., amount of IWiyUnd tenirg.V*. Ixmde at 92,'t ltallfua-1 stock* and bonds a.e entirely neglected. I ti'tel S'n'e O's, 1862, a' SK? n 101; do., 18'n8. 10.; a lot Maryland i ?, ateiling 02 ti 03; 1'etinrylyania S's, Inacrlp ion-. 7f> a 77 da. bonds, 82 a M; South Carolina. tlot-oB, #8. *cU? Tenne-?<e fi'a. 8tl a 88. Yiiginla 5'? ?t"r\ing. 8t a v New Orleans Consolidated tTa, bonda, 8' a S2. il ;on i t, d"lla bond- 1871. 01, rellc a; t'eon-ylra.iiv Centra Railroad, 1st mortgage. 80 a 01; do , 2<( nnrtgige, 81 do., ateiling, 01. Mew Yotkand Erie, 3d mortgage, 61 ?eller-, Illinoia Central, 70 a 72; I rec! md, 72 a 74. ft . a;?ul.?Of TfiO bag- at auction, about thre bnrtha -old, in Kemp iartanco- at rathpr e;i-ier ra'p*. Tcnerid.' -ilrer, from .7a 8-1. a 3s. 11-1 . btacf, from W. a 4-. 4d , Mexican -llrpr from 3- 6-1. a S?. 81., with l>U:k front 4-. a 4a. Id. (tsriA.?Mo foreign offer Ing Sto . 6.78 Ug- .-go net lt-87 baga last year. Colonial sells ate-dlly at former ra'e*. C-TTOX?Very nul"f?SaUta for the week, 800balp? an l prici ? are aeler. At I.irerponl the market ha- beett af fectail liy Ute rlee in the bank rat* of dl rcount, awl the pr<v?.|it qootati-m for middling '>r|e?n - Is ftI per lb Onera?fuietr?The public sale- of riantetion Ceylon hare r mpriwd l,lfth '-aske, and 1.600 btrreli and big-, of which about two thirds w?" dl"po-r ! of at rathe- eau. r plicae <>f2,10() Iwg-gnil ordlt.ary native CcyL.n a am alt rti-.n was sold at 61s.; 00 oa?ei- Insf l-etM aiul 18) b.'igs fine or linary Madras ware bough: In at logo price, 7 1 casks, 6S twriela and bag- Jnnai a chiefly ,1.| friMn 48e. a Bbs. Atl-iat, two -argoae of Rl?i fawn ti an aold 3'?6M bag-at .'i!1*.. an l 4 'J/t bn.'- at 12- 1.1. for a n -r port. In- f. p. ? an I 1 000 t?ag- St. Lmtnlng it 19 41 iK-und to Hamburg direct. ?V'H>._7he freeh supply of Eng 1-h wbec 3 81n.1v was short, and It wa- cleai *! olT at an lttipr .ee uen'. a Eire cf 2s. a f?. per or In f-r r'ga th? buiiu- wt uited, at about 2s. Last weak'* avera* o . Utf n tor Ijigloli eheat w is 74a. "0. 011 142.41 ?, r-. re. ttirred. To-Akj lb" market wa-egam lira; and about C? par qr. dears-. We qu'fe whit* Am t.c, : w'e,-Hi. a St* red 7V a Ik Aawfiean Heu- 47- 1 18 p ? barreL 1 mw A' ?faster oK?01 cas ? war ? ? i . 1 at f t.d. a 4d(d ibubarb?457 ca-"- -t o .: * 1 7i f-i g- d . i*'ity. A!, e-?200 g .ur s Barb* -0'! -.t f> % ?11 12s 6-1. for infe ior-e fine an 1 8ft ex?*> Cape partly s-M at 40*. a 4fta. C-'phw?*40ci..,k - u : .eric ?<>?" (p/i) 1< gs offered, a few id at 18- f. m 1 ;-<1?110 haerels aae ftO -mki Werra t-araa ??-1<1 f*em 4 1.a8M4. Qnm 1?10 ton- reallasgtft w r.? , am - a 1 Id at U 10?. 0 .'<V-11 1 1 at 9', ' Trie; - .'?.m, IS- _T-?' Ha /.at.-t ha ' ? ( . . et ? . a'.* n O ng .: !. ael*"*a 1' - * ?1dues . cere i ? ti improver ?c: *0 a of ft i'eter-Siirg c.aan dull at ?13. 414 hales K?n' a la | hUa a. :-Ad( 1. lttom ?19 a ?41 f.r wild Lug I sir current quality. HOJ W*. Madras were bought in from ?16 a ?1# 16?. for ordinary to middling. 181 baler ordinary Bimbnv brought from ?18 10'. a ?18 15* Jut*-?Of 960 bale* at auction only a ntual! pirt'On found bus or* at ?18 10*. for good middling. Spelter Nothing doiug; the quotation I* ?24 on tin- ?pot Lmuuo.?The au-tion i* proceeding wi'h Ira* apirit, but there i* no material alteration tt notice iu pric-s 10,201 cherta have new pa.-sel the Hale, of which 1.818 hire been witbdiawn, and 2,'<98 bought In, leering 5 937 told; ubi ut 2,002 remain for nale next week. Advice* received to day from Calcutta estimate the cotulug crop at 163,006 a 186,000 maunda Iron?There is no change to uitice, but the demand ie le?* a five We quote rail' ?8. bati> ?8 a ?8 5-,., free on board in Weloe Hutch pig* 70s for mlted numbers on the Clyde. Upper in good neinand, withoul change in price*. lota.) is firm OotMn-n pig ?26 Da a ?25 10a No Spanish offering Kehned ?26 10*. Oat*?Sperm ha* advanced to ?120, cummin aorta ere dull. Southern ?61 |0*. a ?61, pale aeal ?66 a ?61 lJJ., C'd ?19. Wive?large arrival* buve oauacd a decline of 20a. a 60* |<er ton, (iol ipoll ?6So ?56 10*., Malaga ?61 a ?66 llapr? Pule is tn good demand at 69a a 60*. tor pres. nt delivery, and br wn at 57*. l.lnaeehat been steady throughout tbe week at 46a. a 42*. 0d., for prompt delivery, for the spring a b w sale* are reported at <Us. Pa.m in demand a'. 4tie. a 47*. Coco,taut 14* 01 a 1ft. C *. l. uaeeO?Holdci* are linn, .nd badness u?* been mode rati at about previous rates, both fur* in store and tor more dl?t?nt Calcutta ehlptueuM. We quote East Iudia 74 . a 78* , Black Sea 74*. a 76*. No ai rival* this v< el.. Linseed cakei sell readily at full prices. Bag cake' ;,r,. acaice a! ?12 15s. a ?12 17*. 64 , c. f audi.; New York barrel* bring ?16 a ?12 5i. Kupe cakos, of good quality, ?7 10*., c. and f. * Taiahw quiet ?( 62' 8d tor V. C on tint spot and for alt tbe yerr. and ( 3* 6d. for the spring. Ill r in good demand, ami about 10 8) ton* have changed Uauts, on the *;>ot and to arrive, at 15* 4'-,4 a 10* fur iktgal. 14* 6d 9 14*. !>u for Madras Hum in le<* u ?? maud, but firm, proof Leewards 2a. 7d, a 2*. 8d Katt Inula 2'. 6(1 Saltpktp.k quiet, without change Iu price* ?10 per cent refrarticn ha* been sold a'Ibis 61 cash, an ! 8 j?gr cent at 28 , U'. it prompt Ni'ra'vs *..!?? ha* been *"'d ut 18' 6tl Molasses fi_m?600 punch's. Cuba muscovalr. sold at 24*. Np.-th ?Pepper?If 3,260 bag* black, about 2,001 w*r? wtthdiawn, I'.ie portinrea. ted bringing 6*;;d. fur fair heavy M i In bar, and 6d a f hj i. fo' H iraalra, 600 lag* stcgip r" white .old .it 7,: ? m Pimento?19) bat* pertly * >ld from 8d. a 5(.;d. (..ingcr?160 barrel* Jamai ca ') ough' from 46* a 10u toir ?Tbe demand he* been active throughout the week ami prihave advanced fuliy Is. per cw* on the currer.y of lu?t week I'he sale- of We ' India are 1,600, and 18 000 Img* Mauritius end I'.st India have been of fe: od at am.tiun, and nenly ull disposed of 600 hb lv. Pi rto Rico inId with epuit f uiur 41- f 1 brown t< 18' fur tine yel. w Privately 14,004 b*g' uticlayed Manila have bceu ... 1' at ,;s* tn iKvrpii* run, 4,OK) big* I'enang 42*. (Id. a 4't ; 1 400 bi x*s Havana f.Ve. 11) a' 4 It 01 , and about 6,000 bags Mauritius at lull rates. Atl at, a cr.'go of cui nmt claye: Maai'* has litten no! 1, to arrivo ut M 8 landed; 499cheet* bronBtMa at STa., for the Ut U-I Kingdom; am. two caigoiM >f Havana, transhipped fr, .11 Havre 1 000 boxes ut 20- Od . and U01 a' ..0( French lanriiuu weight* l.aan v 'liout nltera-iur We-terri in ke^ 1 61, T j Hteady. Common block-, 1 J"' b i is, 124* ? -One' 127*., strait*, 122*.; bunca, 144.'. a 126*. Tut.'Kvrtv ?Rough :t uull, atloat a ?aia)l p r.-e! so : it'll' hd Sj irit* quiet at .17*. Od. fur American 'a vsks. J A M lis M'BSNBV'h CIRCULAR. hlVKHl'ltOL, Oct 19, 1866. Psnvorov* ?Bar >n ,h in request, hut there I. none left oilU 't .n first ir secuid hindt. Some parcel* f old pu.-k are likely to be t*k"n a* a substitute for irith coo-^mp Hot. l-l'h enter* have co-.tri tei deliver new pirk Uuiang threo iu'nth* at Uds. In btcf theie ii nith'ng nee. About 4.000 boxes cbei'ic sold 1I1I.* week, 'iiiely out of c udition, l>T iuc'Jou it Irregular raie<. Flue 1, rer? mb-abic ? ? G8*. 'I^ie F-a'e* of I Ann ?rarre!y -earh 20 ton--, a', 86* Sm vl! ouautlties are urilviug from Hivre to m*et the diminish ed e n* i jipt on. There are rellcr* for Jaoinry, Kehru arv.or Mar jh, at 6"*., but th"re t?n lUpo.dti >n *h wn to -pecola'e at present Tai.'."W Ush advan-cd tn 62* UniurwTi ? ? 4 isrge bu<ine-. l a* |i?'u t i >?-Ir -'ly to a . ire. Tti" demaud for all articles ha* been active at sirauoitig value Win at u> 3d t' OJ nud llou.- 2s dearer White wh?*t, IV*. (id ? , I s |ier '.'01b*. Ohio I .ur 46-. to 16*. V estcrn canal, 4 ts Ballim re an! htladn.idiia, 46*. b it be"- j ws are immlaat in com ? ilete exhaustion of htocx*. Indian Cum?Large sale* at 49i , cost, freight in?l mm-vc.-, or 42s <W.ex warehouee. limo* ? At tbe ci?*e rf la*t ? ek and ;<?ui.o;?iiieiu?ut of tuc I- ei-eut an demand lueva'-e-i lur colt u, uud in two *ys fria'.urday and M' nosy) th* sans reached 22.COO bag*, '11" fourth bein^ .ti ? pccu'l-C-n or f 1 cxp rf at an liviace ol ?n '^d. per poani On Tue:.lay re ne -d f-ur ? about r. n*y again h gan to operate on h .th bti vsr* and sellers, the demand slackened aim lint sin. ? been limited, prio * have gradually giv -n way. and clo-e '0- :iv about ",,'d. per ib. under 'n*i Friday'* quotations SI*nohe*t r the stringency < f th" rac ey 3ank 1!' 1 ogland's minim ,111 in" be ng rai e l to . Ix per 1 iiit fu paper u'dt r 60 day*, and *ev*u per .-eat if iuoger o iled?is tailing i>eri u*ly *a'e? being littealt ami l>r. .* u.i st irregular Middling Crlean*. ?' S, 1. per lb Mobile, 6y,d.: fSiwnd" f.*11. ,w*'irlr of American 271 hales, Kinie tune last year, 429,241 levb ?. Sale* 'hi* *?(?1 flioo'inlrs rf wld'-b !i8 ' 70 Am?rIran A. DBKMISTOUN ANP CO. 8 CIRCI7I, AP. I srpooi (Nt 19 18.' C rrMAltri.T?In the eat!y part uI the week ther* was an imp'oved fee Hoc in our market, with fee sale ea ,bl'.n,( holder* to ualii" an of fu.iy per b. ut during ibe l??t f; w 1 iy.- -11 activity ha.*dl?i,* pi tied, rind a-el -1 tbe week at 1 16d deelloe "U the pr:. a f 1 ri .iiy la?t. Ihe sslc( fr r the week e-e '4 169 ba'. - r' which 11 080 bale ai '*1 sj vcu'.atioa snd f r exi'nt Vaviug 43,0.0 iials* to 'he tra le flie -?!?' ti ? day aie 6,000 bale- kta let uc..aiigrd We ;u te? I't r Hrlei.ns, 6i,d. ruldu'ling 7 9 lfid .1 Middle, 0'4 ! .ruddling. f!Bd.; 'air upleml* Ci ni Idliug. 5<4?l 1'iiough tbe stock n* slie'O market* xhi'?it<-l win an mst-. ti in (l.e ea-Iy part 1 f !"<? week the stringy cf the 'iioney market '.a* at a", mnaitnt lx-*n relaxed; an 1 ye-'t-r . tv the lUink ? f Kngland in self ilefi n e. raiiel tu o p*r cent ii* m. imurnts'e tn bl ? havug bort 11 i4) day*'.o run, and tu 1 (*-i 'en' t.. ate 7 r nUU exu-ed ??1 'fiat term These ere tli? tiigheit ru'e* "Ver har< ?; id, 'h" bsnk except durlnv a very ?h- t "rlcd in 1817. tcna'ely there is no ecuur e Ijl hi. '. lit, and little no di"position t ., and we are ii.< lin?d t think that the-1 uo.iiierriu. community may get ,ver the preseut * wlihout serious disaster - mu so" uily wi'h 'i.e ? dvanc." V the Bank "I Unman the Bank : rmrahu tniaed Ha Tato to (i per cent It r."ed only t.p observed '' *-vie ?h;H Mi ? gh * n unipli ir, an j production continue u *nm? extensive aCJ> t-irrhant* nu>: .'eali.ra re'rain ruin ill tr?n *.? 'lOit" that neon. tv d"i-a 1,11 romp*' them to etn-i Into At lltO'JlMtar then- ? uo ahort out '.bem ia very l:t,"e buying and ? c'ting t n? ia< 87 Cttui Markvt?Thru'? Ins Wo an ?? * ?e market Ij week nd [litre* have furtb-r adnata t 61. per 701 >?. < n wheat. 1 to pe-barre on 9?, and 11- ?? . per juir t?-r on yellow end nixed iuoien oorn Western cMil superfine Hour, nea, |ie: -it, 4.-.. t<. Ba.iluiore and I'hfladeipbia d". 44* a 4f ? Ohio do 44s a if*.; white I' ." wh*et, per 70 lb 4 12* (V a I s ( red sod tniged ?to. ?!? He 8d ' 7 'a. fid.; jell ? arid mixed Indian corn, pet 480 Iba . 4t<*. fid. a 4fl* tkl. whit1 an ' rnixeil do. do -ifi?. 1 47a. tri Asm* ?260 barrels bare l>een .to'.d at 34- fid. to .15* ' " pot anw 8fi?. Ad per ce;. fur pi-ar Ku-iu?5 (ijO barrels hat-- brought f>?. t 6a. 2d per cwf for cm moo American 8 pi rite of have adraneed to 41*. [a-rcwt Tallo* Is lag. "! deman ' at 6i? fii. to H4- for i'.C and 60- l? C!.? |M-r cwt. for Ncr'-h au \ fv ti to Ame rican. Issrd?No chsuge worthy Of nuttee Oils?1 000 'ona palm oil have been *u!4 on 'ho apot an I for arrival at ?16 to ?47 |.er too Only small -a'.e- in an! in! raps 01 >. af about previous prire* Riee?The bttslue'i haa ?run limited in Kaet Inriau. xl i nothing doing in Am? <??. Pyewoods?Very litt e J- :-g' no h ng ? a prtcea. Mmlr and tlee Drama. 8 tuaftWAf Tills run ? I ue en an i.g wee* will b- the a-t 4 fpopu ar attaafM, Mr and Mr*. iiatuef Wi iiaros. Tur .y o-iery drama of the " Fairy Circle " in ! rbe new ! tir "tta e'yled the " Modern Mephiat' ptiiles. ' are the pie,res pr Tided lor t> tncm* night Mr. amMis Wd ama appearing In both piece* Bowitav Thvaviik ?The anreeishit ap?stacle rf "S^. '?set pril" will Ih* plsye ngaiL f? m : w evening wl'b ? e ?r?e good cast aod atagi "iTe!- The nni entit'*-! "I'.iul the I'oaeber," will a.*o be -???ire-ent*-' B'rrrov e Thv.atr*?Tbi? theatre pontiotr*,' to '?? -X '?? vo'y rmir 1 i?ed and tlie p- ormata ee gire the 'it I- ?? 1 .tlatae'ion 1 he piece- ' -mnrr w ? ventng are 1 Water Rune t.eep, 'and th* ? Mail d'Crto-."/, r.a ?k> TirMTi*.?The new md rigrna' American remedy of 'JUanifft Iv'lcy rill '* ? "preo'iited t, n. >."? w erentng t' gather wi'li V.. fna-.ta! comedietta ot the "ftpltaltleld'- Weave-." t*?. I'm i ? *, the Inimitable Irieli e medi. n, i? to gtve another of hit characte Istic etl'. riatnui nt* to niorr iw inglit at iheUrooklyn Atl.en -im luring 'm -n rejuei ? 1 to 1!" *4i lijr a hn-t < f 'he moat reap*,-table cltlx-na of llrre.klyn. The programme is no! only near but unaan al'' 'tractive. ?'P'a Mi-.iTOiu.?Tl,e etrell.'iit firee of " '! iburt Maeiire* will lie rep'e-entrd to-1.1 irrow evnlog. -several 10 In ? mature- are alio announced Ih 1 1 nrv'a ftRRrsatiKR" ?This favorite company ?r ? to ii-p? it the new aiid aucre- tul opera ? I the ' HwIm Col lage" to morrow night. Fenire your ?e%te early. Maiua* ftAVwuMi'e I'lali Kvening-. were r-rr fivorably reeein I d urine tiie mult we-* ?<#. al-o were Mr Alii''1 r ? aolreea Mag: '1 u-e. the prog ram me foe bimorrow ntglH ia ex silent. Tua IuuRA'ia oy rut llsriia uv mr iliu. I* attract ing larjee and e-*enib'age- every nigh', a' Ace etny Ha&. It * til be continued d-irlng the ensuing ?e? , \t lle PA'rri- - > aed her "ngigement o* 14 ton on i'rt d?y Mbe played nine tlmee. the 'eiegrarh in'orrna ita id the laet night a- followes?"M He ft tenet noi-l her engagi 1. ient In tlila city last even ng ; "'ore a r .wie-l ano h Pdiaht andience The play w?- 'Vl-rlaie ' wind Irgupwtt ' *e Var rilUI* She wi cnllej o-jt ?t tb" end-if ea h ,rt -nd the 1 eat el- eof -he pe-f ir'nae* Wii tiaileil wl.h a a ontburat of en'bueia<m ?e!d im be * tries mi) la a baton th'itre " I/ xwis ? A rrrh-iwf" of "aprlng an 1 autumn " ca'l ? 'Married h.r M " ha# Iw-en d-ne a* Drnry I-aae iter M~. Charle-Metbawa. Charlotte Cu-hm n wa .'ergag - to "Pi-ear at lb.- llaymarke on thegTti- alt in 1 new j ie.-e ' m the yen of Mr I. .veil. At the Parrei O4: Voa th -y hive annonnee?! iw-i behy abowa wbe-eiipon 'be v ,r../o* 7*wr? aeye:?"*Ve ba r* >?? n me-ii dlagti-' ?' i* ti.e an Cottncement that two of thoae m- nvtro-ltie* cal e : ha ir ihowl" are to t%k" pleee at thee- hit ha-- e.^w-Uh e gi'drne d' -ins the preaent wee* tb -e em-natl n- of I'atikee l?rl?ii-iu, ahl h reduce Iba liuuau 11 leu to the Vev?1 of prk' rat!l>, aie oop. -ad to every f-wlmg i.f 1 g tab deHcaey, .nd we e en- gh be . "e r w. of tie in rime acruae the bro#-! A' antle oat e??h Ml arhiUtion In tb" vi tnlty of lond-m ? pa at and-.' if ? pr MM/, M 7 ler irey 1 a. , If he et> b'.r r? to ? t ,j. e it an Hi g i*h pubdc. ?vial' Igipla 1 -1 ama of ? Hit c- . en

r partial fe?l i.e t I' *vy iar.a a,'*. '.flit t.g w ?? x. 0 ' ?J>aa' V rui! b IB g'ttusg . u, Tbw.'f *M 1 row at tl?e vol, of vh: U we quote from the CAcpiitWc t? Not with* tending the appUuae with which th- principal ctfcctr, of ike drain* were greeted. ?oiue 'title dte??ti?mc tion wa? man Heated at cm##, iucuruM-queuc*?( a trans position ofaimeot the litte* portion, wt ich the 11 gods" and the pit leaded wa? a shortening of the piece. Mr tiiaitli cetne fo. ward to explain h--w Oil- w?j, hut with' ut much auece-a ; and an unfortunate reference he made to the time of the year, in conneetb.n with aotne hi*** by which he wit* encountered, bad rather au unfavorable ef fee'. Mr., who next t'iail hiahnn.l at explanation, waa equally tiuitucce**fui. Fortunately, however, tuere wee In title extremity a " Peua " ready to de?-*n:l. - n muchina," to toe rescue or the management, for the uioat turbulent of tlie malcontent* were iu a moment convert ed into the meat vociferous of applauder* by the appea "dathewn We never oa ance on the ?t?ge or M' Chailea liathewa. We never *aw a mere hearty or spontaneous oration than that which greeted this a'cotnplishod artiat. We need not s*y lew Lea.Uy we nTuipatlilrttd with it Mr. Mathewa explain ed how the matter stood, with that felicity and tact whi.b are quite a a natural to-hnnaaif aa te the fletitiou* personage he represent*. He told the house thai the tnrt waa the management had been making the " rnta" the day before luateail of the day after th ? flr?t produc tion, and when the augiy ' goua" remonstrated at the extent to which the piece liau thua been reduced and its con?e<|uent alv 'tnea?, Mr. Mathewa observed that the hgevity of the play vu unccrned too la<e to provide an afterpiece for, -aid bo, " We cannot knock up an enter tainment In a.i short a time aa those gentlem-ii up there." A burat 01 lauvhter at this happy hit ut th<- tu-bill -nt occupant* ot thegalciy tia.-i.e-i urn mallei, air. .lie the* * letire-J amidst r?u. wed plaudits, and a ballet which bad been interrupt# t waa pi reeded with " Mr. McVickor, the Amoii-tu r one haa cb apd ? tong engagement at th? Surrey < >ne of t .<? paji-r.- give ? tin* Uou.e the following ? Hi st rate notice :?' We should be happy to see Mt. McYickar engaged al emu Weat eml thcatie, and aaveil from lee vulgarizing influence- of a tranr-Tbamisian audience in the resi de and nciviiived 1% diet: let ii"i.r the Flephanl md 'watle. the uthsia lit U of acceesiblo theatre , ivh' i ? peop e In the dress D ,v--s air in their hat* and eat stall fruit during the per/ei manee, where porter dl*| 1* a* k >d:i wa'er In the pit, anfltnog*! loiy <iin| lays u? approbation or actual tin) i - r imita tion of u f?v.,ii>e icto., ir i* ropo- line but that the critical fieuiflrs inust ha in ini'e a r--.dlni--tifa ale A-epre- n'ation of tho tlr*t part of ivin^ Henry the 3d o!T Fourth1 preceded the fnic", and offe-od many novel fee tu'os t. tut olweivant h'-arei h.-vrV. highly curious new le.Jiog- bring pi.-- n'ed ad a veiy i-rna- a'.ie efle "t pioduced b) the gc-.n-r*'. Uppteiaior. o; all 111 ,i pirate- in the play Palatal! a* far as wo remwinb* . war iho only cheiacter in wiiic'.i cue pron.iuon-e waj given to ' poo' letter H.' Thi- H .'spur and i'rinca Henry al , dte-f d each otl. t vi 'Any Monmouth' and 1'A-ry I'erey,' md l'< ug'.i", l.y way of compensation ;.>. leaving ul one letter lutroluted a-o*Ivor and inlet nf th. m cllonCO that ' hiug grew line 'yr.i? v'a 'm- T! " fight between I'i luce lh-tirj and II .1-pur war a fine sped men of the theatrics, 'uel pi..p?: tb" w. .-I.s cle*'. ? and clanged together m regularly as hamme and anvil in a btU'ks'ul'.U'- - . .p, an t when, in the Ueat and violence of fie. combat, shows'* of sparks were lM-aten >ut hy th' induitrio s ur'oi | the etilhu-:*sm ot the audience ru-n to its high es* pitch Mr IV ry, luring the protract.agi men of hi* '-a*t moment- went tun ugh con ort >o< quite | worthy of bis name-she tho alown, .n.l wlj.'u h.? 1 ngih ened eull. lingo wort hapt .'y brought to a c'oand he I 'airly breath'.1 hi* i**t. it apnea.*d t<> ui, judging mere | ly from the ayinptotDH, that hi iecea** was ri'i?due I t. tho etfort of a f w. tfnl e .otic, cinibiiied with a i severe attack of croap, than the i ?sultot \ h >nie-tlirust [ admlniatcred l.y the s ic nan I of t'..e Priuc ? of Wa'< - flic scenery w?s dt'gracefu ihe fa n'.ua *un "f the la?-l net | imiked exactly like a huge red wafer atu k i'it? th- mid dle of the horizon; and in the last aeene, the 1 "e.? of tilling a'bridge til the lue* of the -t,-ge with sol.ib r-, to whi m soever due, cietilud a laughable elTect?from the soever due. created a laughable eifect?from the utter 1 in proper tlmv bet wfr-11 tlie height of tie raen an I .hat ' f the Ini ige, tiny apt - .red to he contemplating the irepe f om the f.ii i a pet with their leg- in the w.i'.-r e no in >ny arnie*i (.? rganf.. i- Su-elv Mr OfVtwi <a whom the "arrang.-ment rf dt-iail* W' -uppose i*v .Ives am whore opinion at lei-t - .?uM be o' aotne ?.rg-it ">glit -bould prevent the-n i - .rdi tea f he < inu vt oorreet invet"rat? fault i of proouro -at .>u 'n the t .r he can at leaxt exclude bad ? ' e painting and -e effec' i of grouping fr m Hie n t < r. ?. A new pie-1- ft ran ..itioo, ha< p'aycj .V the Hay rna kel with oe--.|. I -n -ce - it,e r.en .i ? i.i-i. ls r jbed 1 ' ./?:?-./> to Af.neei ..ut ? e*!!".| in 1 igdcb "ftie I Ittie T- e.v.iee " t.ertrn b- i : i?c''.:>tin ? '.r.tle Poly of we,' .ixteen, l.eii g the J-. Th- Inter e?t of the I ,ir - from "he erfo. ts . >f 'he lilt !e trVa-nre I? "'feet a rocontillation between her p. en.- win. hv.e con s l.i ated for twelve ye* |> an. LOW . i. eln* suOC'ed lb nt intrixlncti nof tlieoon iabtdty bill ha? *?g He. ted the't ' mfdion of a company f/ 't,e e-tat'l' diment of "National *'p. " ' i" n a - ur .r in I niore.-bg >.e bar-is t'la-i Iia' yet b'ppeneiJ ' it '.'tie promote, i ? i: gentlem-n weli : r.own in niuaic"' circle-, oon.-'-ive r 1 s* poe-ibtliiy of raising bl'1 Ol* n CI" -lor ? wiuch ' I p-eslirTiC't ? i 1 enable t'.f emmi'tee of t-r w.*k vg -otie'y in the pr >i' i'.U <1 be inject eat 'atrly'? y a grea' -. I'ioinv exje riiueut lh* nuupany i? beared y the Huke .1 l^inster Mr. J hu Hennm.n Heath '.r.d Mr A vs Are. .- rrit ?" ' t'* es-. u' ??* d.-pa'''i ' t" :ng M: Adrr .t Sfei N'? . 1!? ."? lb. gi V* Mr <? A M-artii-i-.i t ialg-av- -mp n and Mr A H Vy-c A pi v.en nil .g. ha been en tor d lulo wulr the [.roprietoi ?' e ;.VI'ruin lie?tre where the perf. in.-ntee t brough' tw b- i v. tu 'a-.. ...? * Ute *?a*on coneist . I lorty week' The piincev,- tlieatre i- uuoi ur- d to "p- i u i u ej? Mtnbjy, t.ctotier 'l'i ilutu'r ??v* tha' Mr tin- ? t* preparing ?potl r 'j.rl?e n.l ul !? ? ?; '<? lie, iu the ?kapeof a C:eak play Tli - cliatn log and t'i.vnie>i Mi-- W. .gar oa- iuh i-*d Mr Aifre i Velte-i and re'trmi fviti th? stag.- q itly to 'lie r. gret o! sny nutolrer r.f admirer tr ? ..f M,eaetor* fth- femt.'i :g ? tb ad i ?!gh' wi'i) the le-re atll. iua 111 et . xa?|?er,it.on lie went 1 ut, ano, though ?' o.arrie.t man, en.i-'e-i in u*e 15th Regiaienb Oitcoru ng to hin.?e.f u A ui*-day morn ng. be very naturally fell thai he u id unee a g -it f. r. of hiu.-e an ? i-t-n? ..t hi. w ti t i.i i m-stlc feii t iv. ippi.rm ' -t '. h'in r v. - 'rrvtl 1 ove hi- ex cii-'.i imagination, t'h *a. -e i b<* torii from th ? d*ar I,.j 7 hi- and '.. e *ent to the ('rii in a. ' foo- to- pr.eder ' llrev*'1 J t - ght. He -a- ?'*< i-'-d ing'v inxit o - t., j. ?" " t e n.a ' au 1 re en e u". ? -If from hi* diltibut, a.. the ?' bin. ? ? >o t fr.rtlico-Ti Dg. What wa- tie .;..r*?-? In tl.-- 1 - rremity the Miyt.r came to hi* aid, an 1 u lewu ing a'l factory proof that be V -II en- f the the.Ms.', c ip.ny advanced '.!i? ' rre?dtul ' an-', th- gen' -m.inw** r -'ore 1-. hi* Wife and imr.e It i? -fated that lie wa ly tn Iho nary a* a : d-blpman, an : that b- ha- ? n ' u c- time past a i-.ei.ib' o: the l.yr -uu on ; an A I*.:m Ibit tub Tilt: - ? A' Windsor a ?h< rt in" n- ' fore th- V-iy<- '? r.? T'- n?? Vitto i r . mt'T n ol the 'vie Mar. ot* f t. 11b.11A. rr e' o tl.e !M Regiment of Ijfe Himrd . ui? i.w! tbU *? ?rr?. appeared ti kd?? r .1 niii.ruon* barging with (jl'u baring violently nvtaulted and ??<????:i Mr. John Albert ??*b tl?e 'be Win ? r ? Mi N'? I, I -? ? ?i ;? low ?I n tb? n.gbtof the'flat September th? defendant Ixiri frutrt V*t ? was at my theatre be had i??ri three or four mafhl- admitted beam ibe Man w.n in not r-fw*'! tu the Li la that the prrltnoMt ' were uode hi* pttrcnag ? u the con ? *?? : the are- ng I lu-ar . .1 ,.? tur'an ? on the atag" i *m ?l lig?J ' v'dr < the i*j d rij'"- on account ? It "II going toaarde tba are I mat Irr '? rdabip, who broke a liok on lay batl.; tbat I panneo over. la order I" I to diattxrb tba a i uaio-a in f ni . I then went tojr.-drc*' Of room one of nr aetre*<** raoie and made i common! at on to ni?, in nae ineri a tliit I aeatMr. R?fer*on. ?f*ge manager to 1bo !a ?? "- lug room, fktrl tu lordiulp tnit. In couaepuancv of hi* de fining to rein" out i weu wiy-ed, are ??:?! to h u> trill von com" out of tliat room He ?abl 'Q< to ball,'* and Bf*d Other gro??*r afpre. ?ri#i. )(? |ertiit?41* ?? rn? iiirg in th" room, whlrh ro the Indie, private dr*aaing r> tn I th.-n lid I won'4 send lor a polo eruan T d! if an; pir- c' n?Lil?le Anln-w <uwii". A tor hi* arrival the raf.-ti taut left the room. I only >ta the llrar go!of to the'loor. I then went to my own ? m, ? fin:'fi '? ???lng Alter -itlng an I met the WiT,,.?tit He ?aiil "I Want to ap-- i? to yoti " Ha than took boVt n'my (i at an I partly dragged tn-towno. :uy i am I tie i 5(?ii he w*? jp !ng to maVe aoma explanation ,n re ereuce to kia ronduet. Attar pulling".*a ?h *-dUtanre be pushed n? t? 'he tup of the a*air? ind mild. "V< ; young der: or yo g I do not trv>w wh < li, "I will freak yon: ? nee; Yoi fan] to aeod for t P"Ucetran to ma." He pulled tn? to the top of th* ?ta:ra, and hurled me down a Sight of el-vvi -tat. . Tboma- Iti ge. .n. my prompter, w?* a* the bottom of tii? ?t*!r?, I rame ngatnet hlro ami that broke nty til' When f >?? ly r.g r-n th.-ground nt the bottom t he %taira the defrndaof vhtistad t.?v . n.e an . rue rep-aieihr In the far" with hi* flat. ."011.e of my it. u cam-- and oarl? 1 tt?, and f believe ? ue ,,f <|,a dflftn't 1 A' brother titleer* were the*e ?oo. Afar I got out of th* ?ay b" ;t. heu t > eartona parta 0'tbo tb atre twe-irlng ha v ol! kill D.? Tli" perf rtnanca* weje .teljya f 1 about ' an hour. I waa aari..usjy brul?- ! m l my ft ahead and o'h' 1 [Wile of tbeb-!y bore Ute i?e ? rit in- rnlng. Itl? lor idiip wav Sne- ? ran-- Jk< .?ft la aalit, on what authority we to w rot that f guor YerdA baa eithdiawn pernii-?ion U> play a. ir nor of hla op< raa from the Italian theatre at !*i ? utid that the ritanageu ent intend* to fill t.s. 00 the worfcaaf Hgnflg llooaibi vli<< ia (It U added/ to ? 11!-r n tba French eapttaL The .mt-'V , appear* >? we, i? |, <ad Ui put pan to |>*p*r a* nawal hi* naw#?t eotopo*! tioti hitsil>2 l*en i? leti-r t<. Mr. M >< lall, in admiral,on of the I nliinwii ringer* w' ? h having lean pnbli he ip g id duty a* a 1- Mtooni.l Dr. Irnnj llvrt. sr we real In the Herman nnalrat papera, 1* about to wilte an ovatortu entitled Itin'i A rorie-pom!" nt. writing Irom h'aptM on the Id uf 1 1 "'l<ar. t?marV?>?' Ihir theatrii il ,? ... 1 wit open under n? W una; lee? 00 ihedhif Ottol-r. ItM Idilgt Ad>, HI lmvtr g obtained the App?lto Pacini b* 1 eng ,g-l tt p-t u nt a new opera ilurlog the rat dvil ? f l*'dl bar itg <h?*en aa li.a *nb)act Alfni *r Ko?utuoda. th# li t, ette tty Migr,or IteVignrrr The theatre w,il I#* "peoed With 'V. detta,' tn wbi' h IVltramelii and ??da'tt wsll If#ar aed 1 ow t*nor Malawi who will make h? ' if lidMlV)' Wtn he gtwn aftei with lladurl Mlra'e aid C ettl. Tban wilt b* s**eet?fl the TroVator. with M'-dot I, -tefatii < oletli ,?et I'agaa.rii. a perf, ly n> w et n ralto. who Will tlian r iab" her V ' 11,? / wrtrtf -If . r r. '.b-s* the ( atl.rdial ?>' r. h gm ^11 not benefit wmeh by the vleM of the m ?. , i-.i t,#e In I'arla an ? that Mr. Ml', hail of 1/ rvb n th* n r 1 mar. la a 'aer by nearly ]| '*>0f Tti* A Oenvtt act ft** tie dfa'h *f P' *rt *t e* wlure rep tat ? n *? a ptan.?' and "?n p?, e- ..,,1 urd {. , hit* n lAW i'lp.1 m*? a*d *e e.<Kt a ? ff m th* *!?? <? eelewratwfl t< 'iega* and mu*"*t profeaa a tn F.?* p* H* w*? a friend t* 9#th*. At'h' VwfitflbUkibtr* a "e*. a g v-n y ? p en* 'stber t/, hla #? tt and t.ia *?? ,y tna?r'?' '? te ?h unit tL* o.d |?h'lawt*n> ilcwtUIafter their *#?!< -wr t> IP ? ,ul*tiy In Fart* # rma the antijar*. of * '.HtawM !a Hrld* ??r leC<t> A !r#d awl U| n ? lr> 'k' ft p 1 h* peiaante p a ? i* th* ? ?t. - ? ?* lla gaitlw* area* aedBetii# a* l t > ref am - < in amp n t:*ewi *c dt"* nit, tba* they den y. a. iw ?I. r.t r ' an i*r rie *"-,w .v* tae a' and that'bey aw# baton* flrlaaet tn all VuU - wet", ova jr a re - aa**d Au!'ii-I? U* *.h * v-r a.ea |t t* e 'f?, *wd their v .tta W ??? awd t. ? < fr > a* ? U'aae* er -a* terfipiy fre..w?* ne it ate '???? a w ' r tip* 'alb't ?- tr.vli* ha i.pp?a am .r **t th f,, ?' ->dkt* tSI t ? ? . t - ? tat- f tk*i; ar'.oi'rat - a Sit . T? ?' * ? df ridrau. was recced without opnosii. >n M. Duluie war uauird .<* the writer. A vitwi wetroOM attended another piece . yeis/we, K> rum prn-? ktmn.W, which was it acem*, for the PiUai* Royal, but wiwbm or found 1U way to the Vaudeville. A certain M Chtmlxiuriton, wbiU o> a to ? young Wiy. manned by the um tpee'cd approach of Jut hu.banl. make* hi,, t ait with euch alacrity tint Invei hi? wa'cb behind uim lii?* Iikiik on tlu* watch. poor M. Huirubourdnn i* drevifttlly a!?innl at the thought* of a from the lady'a husband. Mmr. Chtmb.urdon. how ever, i>. I cving UU ?to y, that beh.t l> at it ill th'i I'.twl, ? it - 1 m thi wtfili >Tiii i iimi in ?iiium <t111 tutf it U th* own." The trepidation of the wicked Imert it' now jncrrise.. U. an eg uo, and a mart hum .rous ?*?? Irffiw follow* la'to 'ou at, the itrawtit- jkTj m wUich keep* the house In roart until thr fall of th" curtail. Though far more in the Una of 'he lV.aia t'.oyal than the laud vllJ the success ? f tha |de,.. w*. ipr arious, and V Michel and M Moreau were tistuci litr uuu.iui ius de mend, It f# tha' the royal e impose" ol " Sa'.tl'.e (laire " (described l??t week ) to mark In opinion ofthe ziw! .Replayed in the bringing out ol hie Una aent to M Creamer the Cross of Cemmaudat ol th.* Order ot HtWe-ClU'l fiothu , M Retard chef d'oiue.ti h>. re. reived the Or. ** of Ofb. er, M le.oy, the niutiager. that of Cherauor; and MM. 11 l'otier au.l rteUe'.i, g ml medal* Tit ? I'rlnee baa alao sent handsome pr"?-nl* '. I t/ger, Be'val Marie itud V>"ly. and Mtneo I.afon, Marie I'u *y, Ihirati and I'lunkott. Recompenses of nuaor ini | 0't tnce have also h.en distributed t * uia Royal uear to every one who t>o.k part in the bringing 04* uf the piece, without excepting the scene shifter*. wiio re ceived 60Of The other waa a dead failure. lierr Maelrei, 'he fawou* musical mechanician, it it* 'aa.1 M Ketla give* 1772 aa the date of Ilia l>.rtri?tha J 'are thereof was Kaliabou, the t rench l.apn-s give iitw yoara* 1771. Bu' M Fells adds, that M.I ?)?.?! die I in IK. a n a ioyag? from l.sguavra to lliiladelphia. State menta so ronlrailictoiy would make u? euspeei aoine <v>n i i -:w'*t two ? its "i it a -Hi i" cottl'l wo roly Implicitly o'i ?!ip 'Hi graphic" n f M KM It a. an ant'ov rltp Hut tlata wo . annul d >; ?tnce, In hit ' IMtar If " M I n. re.orda the .hath, by choieia, in 18-U, of Mr. Hriihuni who, .? al latndon ..n w. it happily for III ? family -ti'.'. Uvina i.iTloo ther fore M. K. fia toe hen ft' >?' the d. uht , until we are belter informed i, we will a.niu.'? that he Vlael/.'l whoa.* d"uth 1a now neurit! n Hie Kreuch papere aalorn; j i-? 1 at.? n I tee, at. 'uo '..ton . in ? ?1if.ui. ian In el l." tune, he inh{ . p .ttildy , hat" !*> a I tiuuj. oi a >u hulldti ...i iu n .? y l.e cot.'en'e t li.'o i d w ;'h put ..' t.?(?.?' >?' m ! .... ' -st iup ui.dry ni ..leal rJir'-iniri' i. liie most ta .ou? aurmif 'he ? peil ap?. t>a? the 7*j . . i .i i. .?in .. .' n? .and ..I ty 'wo wind ui.trunnnt f. ?l. It . . ? I'.'n U' '.ucompo' ? . in tui.4 mlioa iijh Ihe p eoed. n' s-'t by MOift-t. win. ae.1 Lit .am ; nuit I ?tedue't ill ? in wa? originally wilt I en tu a mu-lcnl eh. ..) f" ?'.? ? nine niachln. ol nv.. Idne- He..'hoTeri w ?? >? Ihe 'lit . tie Symphony.'' Tlu-era-afterward .riauii ? :ah mar .i.e.'ra. an'tin-p ope y in it lie un m ... -v !y a i'.|.ui". ma "or ianwixl ansry in. .t"r a.el uu'-oi.e u.conaotctau SI M" .heir, in one .1 it nuttie t" ll.rr rchlndler's ?; II .< Uphy ' i : .a to the Composition to (mee had li ha>. n' ?' u. No' ..nly " ?ay St. Moach' ? ? "d I li" I ?'u ?? lh" 'h< ven ' ?? .' .1. even laid lie ? bi.n !'?<? wl. .ign ol it hitn-elf wrote all the d .m marchr -aal ' u.u pet huur.-lit. of ( .. Itocli bii'I kiitfli.i. ir.iiirt rave vi>* C'.top. n*r some hints how to- ell. n'.d u r. d iti ? ..'u i a:iny hv the tun" of Rule Ilri'tnnla', now he -h ? i! t i". ? .lu. ? V.a oh' r i tlistualatratn; how ? e Vu at-' pi t fl hor, . :a . f the l u'tJe and a.. aug- <1. ?*?? ih ivtnjt' ?1th elteete rcpTotentiag hu .ah fa un'.i.tuie Th" Fanhariiii.ui.'.i afu ? e.teiug Iteen for many ? -a .ex Ul'. to-l in Kut ipe wi. ...hi 1" Anno . .. wtiere t p. -- >lv wl 111 ti?f< luKngland M?. 1/e' will ? ? tpecm' y -? no..miu* ? ! by bis automaton trune, ete-. wlneh u>e| t . ? rav 1 i.i cmpany wi'.li I* Kcmpid. u iu' ?'. ?? n 1. layer; hut lies* of all, !>y the Met'imome. ti l.-v- . niii. is us. that the "i ig.nai idea ol Mil. useful to i liio?. at t stand, wa .leiiyedft'.m one Wiekel "f A'u?!>" i. n, iti i that Slaelle' where skIII lay in euifipwt-n lathe than en!..illation did little but a.: .iw and ten let pi . ?iraliie 'iie Imtch nuchani'lati'- ? .enti. u A. ? Mat, Vlt rei r em. to Imve to".|i i| ellra agaut, .D' unac.'u| ulous. Me cart only h i m .e l . . mif-t tli ?? lO'pi. ' ' where . iewertu-.s aim -I .mo . tl? to <en. ?? ilB>' li" piHtree-ad n large. aui->un! f i nlture -a I of .? n ,t .??(.? 1 c nuglit have don.- e vir -t 11 r' . ' A ''.i * "orre-p ret. of of I lie to /.??.' It w '? >? si P.. -ric nt fep-e-enti.'ion* Hi i.on'lon . Mi )?;,!. i were iu cnlempla'on out t- h?> '.een a Paedined audi . rwa <<n auifieie'itly ur .. to '.?? pi ri. dhere I: h'i? Ireeu n 'ined I./- , ?oihed-tri of the;. ? wl.i. perf vie * ? would have taken pi*. ? ib?f the repremutation 'h? rig. \ of Uytrha" c ult uut he wed. %< ? m eon' J. T fie* s?.'. -C C" . it ' trl" ./ I . U' l 1 puhii ? .it., iu I. m i n V Ao>e 'In. I' i ?*, .n ? c '.'itii.*-.': * .n.ony. F^N^^iC!AL ANJO COMMEflClAL. NOMCl MARKET SATI H11AV Nov. ? i 1'. V To" ? Wl. . fe a ac. ? in the ? ?Win*.. ' J ,ir '.'he c ro( ean news re ? eir?i Nrths U.H s- rk ? . pair among h ?p.'C .iat-.r* '.1 %. > ' "i ? ui tie, wcie ruehe i Into the tu*tk>'t wi'U t'.i>* a t .>???'.- ni ? .n I .'Crperst. n. it m.ijy te nth .in ? we iiv ? ti my thing <>( th" ...tei ..en th to ?( of a hue : rtve.t ml thay wt te...?li. ? n ugh * ? ? o'ff i' .? ne of the fin ' ti <w >we 'tn it eny time la-t i. .u At the I n?rd Totro ...? 0'. ? , !l> ? 1 pel e.. ... f-yiilj i ?"U 6'*. 1 Illiuo t'ent.-.l Bon N; a .gu? 1 tn ' \ i'acn- '.in. i i 1), rn1... .. a 1 , ' -i loll Cmipmy. 1; Erie R.ilt a i 'J<4 He:.: ng Rallioa f. 4 Ilarieiu 1', Si:.ihi?'ari < I'ral, k't," M! h'lf.n - ..'It ? in ? Im.iiiu, 1. (. ih-na nd '"h. 1 "4 t". ..of mi T>. wio. ( hicago o.d thw.r I.iau'i ii" e i. v ie ? ..loi -pen even iu Wai -'..e - ? i ap. 1 VI tn i-t w> *. u U. ni ? i dly ?!?? ? byietli' a':on. t any rtitui ba I been e-ortei 'o The eh>. an buy pi'd ?t '?? pay lot t! em and it he-u away .?( to th-iu only f>. d-.v ?? - r?n ? k ,? m .'i b a pan.c t!>.? rrel g . e .' u pa bijyh' hut the u.u who ru.' o 'h .it Uet in ! pti n *- .{hi an i w th ut tega i ; -? Chir*'' ? 'hp ' to . " ? I, ? ? , , j, , { 1 , pay ??" draper ni of h ? in e. p >'y ?*?!?- tuaigin a.{>? 1 ' e .'h o i .n?y ? a ii:i ' 'i. u- e.fine ! (i: .' < ?lt?f ? nj 'l.e r-.'ii' of g ? I -j.e a',v.- i :u ?. my. t??r. 7 i fal .iinge >u? huune There wei# en lag- a.' fid their, if ..y ? t? ! ijr C :: n it fcr ? i ' n ??(? b , i/' t;i lu/? int? ioi - m p[,n ip'i iy <t' 'ub. rb?v I ftiMi a! pti -<?-> U- .? h* ; ?ii. 1 V>.?-rt. u : J 1 at., '? ? ?#' not ?r?.'ljr otfet i it It u.vj# ? bor on i-ri. tii'.ui ilffir. fi? mum.. t **l .? t .* Ott'ta' ''bi'? 11': I t" ? 11* ' "n? it * ; ?'?* ?<??? a '' r< - .-lata-'ocka w r? cot." . Ihei'aatD" p At ' I, f*i : 'hla ; ;? fi t n'l. ,;t'n ami lurr# Vo ?y enrnf out tit.'. '1 '? ... H?ri in 11 f ?r fir?tm n, $1 000 9 ??*?? ?. A' 'h- ?#??? ? ' baaH "li. m? ? rui? : . ? r .? tli# panic t. >? ?;.rt? ?!,? * 1 t. - < 1 ? p l ull. Ntr-ifm Trar Ml 1 1 )( |? nr > n' ? i ' ? inptajr, C i.' . n. I <. I 4 i r, i i ('?tin..' 1<4 ( ?*?'??. ' 1 ti 1 .,?? ? > !'4 ... . * 1 Chicago A' I ;.r ? nt ? ? j . j w.rl ?tt'i ,1 flrr 'nil 'na'irg '.v.. I ? ? m'l ? upon tU- bag'unit g ? *b" 1 n'. hi ? ?? ?? t ri to thin'. 'h?' ' .m ti . >'? 1 1 10 ' ,f,. . . tb#raU?n?*rj u for fur l.rr Wpraela'i 1 a, ? ?? ?? ( 1 th it nl "% 'x tnHM ?> h?i " ni rout. lao. " u pi nt* . ?, ?< fr ? tlxr? i* M'ii*cr? m? ? ? t 1 ba'tar in of #9a ?? ?'nan rf ? -ti Wt tarn t!.?t tl. f r'-ritnoi Hai 11 list !-.> ; ?D ? f H<M OOO 'Of t ? 1! ir n t?. |v ?'.? p .n .? 1 lb- In 1. 11 Huak"., ( t u , .??" it th < ft' I. ' ?t ' "*t I!. I ; ? r 1 tli? ( sir'.t ?r? "1 for ?ri"'ti km f tjHKA <? With t #?# tb>Bf* lianr'.of 'r?#r til* . arh-f th .? na a ! 'b'tp lr? th* ft.'Mt? b?t th? b. ft' r . nl"ti.y ?ut. .p? ;i.n In li.a ?? " of ? r.i IStt ri. ? ?ui?". n? out !??<?} * rill n ??t Ub? th?-.jfli-ri. .tir Th# ?rrl?*1. ' 'h- !??: *t 1.1 t-.t"! ? ; ?i|m . 'w ri.'tn W*ll "? h ?p-"Ut?'< t? l>-4 t. i '? ii?. '.'in "n.'.f I. W* ti#r# all In ,mr pomrt t.. pr* I M/t tki j . 1 i:? 1I1 ; fn th# mml'if 'ivli to mnlt* #t' r*?4jr for th# tpp' icklrig?t< 1.. M?up li?tr? tu> .1 .hi takin tit nt'li.c . Itnp tan m.ff ? agri'V .'#t! ? ???!>. ? .111 t.i* r?n A'? ?? Ml th# p..' bit# w j.i ' In I' # ???' ni? ' t#" 'i|nn '.'ir f ?' ! 'b* p. Utn nf pla#tnc 1 h?m?#l r? in ?|#i?Qn imp tantv >4 making ail in'.4 bnf"r# Kb# |B# i . if* If U '7 t??? not if ? ? It U It', fan t <?' ?. 1 <>u K?l mt'Omf tl.. : t?t ? f t 'UH*< t t? rnoMtnl m I ? It I# 1h" rn'krt u'for 1. ' ?M# h.r any ? ?" a b a *1 >? t.f Apart" 'a' b? rt ?/ ?- t" '* ?''? r: Mcprtiitii'aitait IIm I'llant wt may .' #?# r?*y m! I Btva fror. klt'ij# 4*4 ? ri.ay ..??? ##t? #???' 1. *? Wi n ay bar? '(* ? for tin m ? t ?i?:? <?yi r ur n' r ? ??? t. ?r t?Hb w# ' ? ? a?y ?? t"rrmlf MfM or ni'rrr air "a?y wtth <1 ti"* ?? tay , .< 1.. II 11 y day" or '"?? day" b#.i"# ?#" P" ??al ?V ?? ? ?n' d-irn 't U ?U ? * fu*m a. ra t ??? ik'-'r 'r> '? t? ar*? ? ".? t}?#r Wi #a flu luan '.#r? <f lamtca fart, a'ad Vl-ar-* ??? to pr?at. t. ; low ?.'?#?" alta r" ir# t I ' ?b?p?, ?? ? vmit'.'iracb# on 'hi" ? >? 'I '??? ?ata# h*4 ?? tall .#aj. 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