Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 5, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 5, 1855 Page 2
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ADDITIONAL FROM EUROPE. She Financial Crisis in France and Buy land. AFFAIRS II SOUTHER* Rl 8 8 IA, Lc., 4o.. 4c. THE FINANCIAL CRISIS IN EUROPE. Ttor Conditio., ot tho *????*?,?/ Urwl" of Gold??J? It tfcncidlo... dir., *?? fFrotu the L- ndou fhi niele (ti'-y Arti've) J _ -Hv;SSS-3 ike nubile which .n't attract capital more freely <hm . ? LTC l^tardTtrai.. It J, .war r .hows that lb* la ] ? orv afiiv. inquire tor m mey, anl that the dh count brokeere Yes.lived 10 b? well supplied. For so ne day* ?strhej ty?ve been daily seeking forth" *ur pine if the bank* and otfcers; hot the oiler of taking da oil * on demand, iu deed <d a' eaK 'or three days, wall probably rwdei such a duty imMn-am j. ,. The following tabic of the current rates of immey wiU Tl o Fank of F*jfland?Minimum rate (for bill i not having mora vhat. sixty days to run).... 0 put., Maximum into .lor bills not having raore tbao nin?'j-fiT? dayg to run) .. ??_???? * lb? Joint rttrek IVmk.?l)e:.cfit on call (with fwven to ten dnyt,'notice withdrawal) . " Tlie Ilecrairt Broker*?Deposit on demand ??????;? We w uhl aaam direct part.cular at'eu' oi. b^bc Bank ot F.nglaud reiuru.s, a- given l*lnw- It ulll be Sit the. <ig"in furniih evidence of the ?av?re upon the resou'Cea of the establishment. it'? also to notice that the dlmluuHonUi the ^kof^l i~a whH, >? tl.e cause of the whole or the n^Vln the rates of discount of late, continue*, ?ud while it does so, the public must expect the rate "VSemeet pr >?tn*nt items of the account may be thus ^c'rie^ST1 '~...?4 3d?,Ml-nocrease..?2,i48,673 ot) ar deD vits. H> 6,1126?Increase.. 1 IMS,28 Government ?ecurijse. .10,h6fl,0to?liecrease.. 85. 10.1 other seeu J?,?8r, dt??Tteorea-e.. hte.8.T ( Basei vo of notes 4.Mi. 4?<>?Ikjerease. j Stock ?f bullion 11 76",4V\?Decrease.. 62?.8 .0 The ruieiug of the ?at? ?f intoreHt by the tonka Log- | hyid aim France nimulUoeottnly, according to prew arrangem n* bei wp?ii tbo tfro Heard* ??f d recuon, in the ?Tent of the apyUca'ion ot the one to the Ohaii'-Mlor of the Fxcbequfcr tor gome l<mi*attoi> to tho rentricttYe poll cy ef the bank charter being refused h?i* caused a much greater wnwition throughout l/mdtm and the country generally than any pilous advan e d mug the Us* fear weeks. Ibo prcseu' quotations estnbd*hr*'l in Thread needle strict, concurrent with the dt huar'ening ac ?nunts received f>.m I a. is ai d the well grounded ex Baeta'i->nn tlist the value ol money hiis not yet -era its have not > nm.'Oriilly caused the remark to be B.o-e' (tin'ial'y nauue?whoii and where Is this state o- thinirs to i-wd? fhe answer to she inquiry has not been 1 f u reassuring character to those who would wish It to be 'bought that ttoire is no cause for uneasiness, sad that money ha* reichel it* uiaTlmum of value. Vacts Hpcuk with a hundied old more totiuenc.? than any rears.mug upon mere *uui>o?ltlwn as to the future, and the effects At infiuenoe of the present s ate of things, the commerce or trade ol tho country i* oon'ouude 1 with |? Btonetnry poii ion. and heuoe great mistakes and modi mi at pirhendi n hsve foten coated. The present U ? nonetary pressure in lis mo t stric ?onso. aud not a eommereial p'essu.e for money. In ordinary cases the two interests are ?o closely allied as to form almost hot one , but this 1* not so in the present The niimary demand for mot.ey is nut for comtneruUJ but for rx eptious) purposes, arising from ex eptloual csitFt'Rs and hns t'O id'Jfm to d" with tm e thM the ?olhse of oxford or Cambridge. The demand of ^te lor gold has b.en caused etrijtly by ho war fur war unrp >se?, and while the war continues tue de aiand will continue ond ii.ciea-o. The inquiry for money Is by g< ven.nieut, not ov piivate Individuals or commu nities and un-il tho war 'si terminated, the demand will mitciaie. A; the .recent momeu' the go.eraments of i us land. Irunco, Spain, Ru-sla, Aurti ia, Ha-dinte, *cc., ail have incitared demaucs upon them ari iug from the war bi t thore .-ti tes which feel i' in the greatest degiee ni? I rxnee, Kusr U Aust.ia. and 1 .nglat. 1. fcnglan I teel s U ie.s f..r ler own wnute than trom the vacuum created by the en 'tioous unprodue.'ite exfatneiture of otuer court'Irs. sir has not only to supply her owu wauts hut thu.e of others, aud there are certain indications or full gre*t?*r ciffuanda up' H hor. Fiosh Ioadh appear, | Ct in 'lie distance, but close at liand?not for one inll n, but for sevral. The war oemandi upon Franco are exiT-mcly h.avy, much greater than upon Kngiand, and In ? me shape or way this conutry ha* her n made, aud will he mpde t rup, ly her sauts. At the Same time in e>nal difficulties itre hegioniug hi arise. Pnpuar iu.iigua ion i? being aro scd on ih? subject of the high price of hi and; and that the French g.vocnnsn' w Kill, alive to the thrcutening a-W't of a'Jairs I* well ku *i. ldie piildic of Frauee are now Imcoming aware of the real unsoundoesa of their laie prosperity, as reore sen'ed by the fearfully rampant stole ot lio irso spocula ti.'B. and they 1 ot unnaturally foresee and four tho re action which h?s at read, commenced, and made t' neces sary for the Hsuv of Frsuce to adopt most stringent measures to check Hie spec dative tendency liy reducing tta sovances to < nly M p?r cent on the vol o of e'ocks Ac. Instead of driving gold away from France, it should 9e the p licy of ihe l'mperor to draw it u? much *s tsssgibe info the country, we have strong rot son* to believe that this the government has a.t resulted upon doing and. funher, that let 'lie k*s 1st what it may, it will import bo'h g-il 1 and c 1 . Contracts 'or both have been on'pred iuto with thi ? country ond the Veiled States wi'h 'ht* view, and tlu r? that hav~ been "omploted have ooen replaced by fresh ei gHgrruenta. Tliese moaeti'es aro much tn to likely to relicv-th1-government acd the hank f oni the dithcul'tes which sre surro ndinu both, and which threaten such serious coti-equouce. il not tiol.l y and firmly taken in hand. In times like the pro ent, the peru 'ar cfiaractorisric ot the French nil' i -n should uot he '.'rg-tteii he>e and tbey certainly are not forgo'tea b) the g< v. inment of Fiance wbicu i* t-islng measuios aeci rdirgly. Th> /rflitu/ in mmvinm and rtunmcreinl e?rc(?< hat, lo-tlai/, ken mvh ItM haj?fnl of future 3.o>. at nt.y ymol tfnee ike pressure for minry cton ttimtnl. The present rates .if Interest, it Is parcd 'ed, must put a most derided check ou trade of evsry kind, whtk?t the pmbaolUty, if not Hie certainty of the rate* being higher, has a r'lll mw exton.lve i'flu cnev. Th** reception which ibe new, of tho r?arik ra?e having lieen put up l.ivarp ?d, wt'Ore great exciteratnl j.reviiled hi- incro thin any- 1 thing t i e, perhaps, 'ended o pro uco a gloomy teeliug wt ptevieusly apparent in the .usiti. asclr.d-s of I/mdoti. This was the m-..o remarkatilo, a* tho supply of monev wu? very plen'i'ul and the rtemaud exticmely light. Tli? case, h' w-.ver, is hut tempore.y nnl thereto ?? li'.-i I1.0I but il- le. if *ny, influence In counteracting too depce*. ci n se gene, ally i.rr valent, the Bank of Rr gland return tor the r*n eodlug the 13 b insl . wlun compared wi h that for the preceding weel cxhi'dis the Kiuovlng clinnges In the liabililies, a dts- ease of public deposit* of fi73, an inriv so of otlier deposit* "f Ct Ok?, 182; a decrease o rest of ?6d4,W?; and a d. cease of seven y and other hills of C68,' 80. lu 'he os.-el*, the >e'um show, a de. re.KO of oti.oc area, it it's of ?610 81" ; a decrease of rese-ve of n d?s of ?fl'6,t'80 ; an ineiea-e of gold and si'V 'l" c .111 of C-' ',di0 ; and " dee ease in the govn Oieeot seeuritios jf C84f FX1 ?be bullion in the F-ue and Iwiuking "0|>arriii- i * ge'h. 1 *U"-uuted to ?11,162 4.1 whicit, as comp ,c?sl -.v 1 11 Xls 27l',k81, the ami" h'of the pievious w ?k's return, ah ws a deere.i-e r?f ?r>J.t Ht 0. Ti.e poles in circulation mnmio'ed to ?20 (HR.;V15 which as couipared with ?20,2111 ?'*>.?. tho a.nouut of tbe previoua week's return, show* a daeraise of Xfthb.SlO I1>U statement In again of an unfawurnhlc charae'*', ?mI in only Tery |.artbtllv niim-met by one *>i'l<tfi? tnrJ it/m. It will l# obaorTotl that under the lie,v'? ?I juhilo <!c|0 ith iiml the re<t the b'tua 1ml |>?lt out ?3,I.Ri\<XXI mora unto* of eliloti it It* I remixed back on account of tlio u'lier or pri vate d?po~i'a ? 1,'<>0, leaving ? 11.'.Mli 00.1 null out. The bank had therefore, nolo stork ?<> the ex'ein of XK'O.IMO, which, ei'h .li'C ran* of tUS <#. <K) on the (hor IMQiltiia, or ox on of hllln run o.T *gH.n-t redl.r mm a. an.ken ?1 .',00 00b, loa I iIII/ abou' X aO 000 id b > mill ar counted f..r btr which enpeara In the de'retianof V* !6 <VJ0 In 'hi bullion, nn i trio in rear* ol tWi In the n to clr ?? alien We haTe thtu tiered ? ho npeiat, nn >t the tie ik fir tbo j.nat w> ok In a familiar all In, that *he p iMie pnerully may c niprehrnd 'ho waitnua eba g-ain 'he aoto al immu tan'I'ouih "f the attc ma' fho miiilt h, that nliliot'gli tbo arnouiit of blil? worth <ii e mnt ah >?* n furt oi decreate of ItaKa miUl ,n alerting, toed mind for g |.< had not r#t?ed and the datn tip n tho batik ro. aouicoe bail I toon tery If eat. obliging I to ao|l a tor t to nnatiy otio tnilhou aierlirn/ mtil yet hinging down It* n ot\o .1 o' to? 'o four an t a hal' mult n>. In'bi t ..urt of bankruptcy to day. ati a 'jtlvt'ittl n' of th. eaaintnatl n meeting an '*' tho t,ankr,i|>t y oi' Jlr tJeergo heroafoid, to ordorod, wl h the con-Wiit of Mr. fh'dloy alto f,ir tho oca lit tho I'.'tirl uf Itankruiitev a petition which haa hoon ? a? ir.o tin e ponding agaiuat -lr 'tohort I'rtce. Birt., M 1' h.r Hiuofcrd, under tho prlTa'o arrang.?iti"Ot rdwio-e-, ha* boon contorted Into ? b.'ikrup cr ""he ne-ount of the d?t>ta and Uahllttia* witlob tmdf tow from iha f,?nlimpt'? cnrec'l-i, wi-h the (lU'mo'gan Iron ?nd foal <v>'? wo-k? at Bridgend ran.iot a* pre ?a-nt be n^oortnined; tho a*?et* nn- t nil, uncertain, [^ t|ie |*>ndon Vo*a (Hly trMt-io . jd t the Kngll-h fund* continue to fall. A fu tber decline "f >* per rent wa* retabllrhod ye-te-'ay aftern > ?n an t 'lie clo-ing quotations were t? perron latl ,w thiHeof tho,lay proatoua. (me of the met* Itomedia'o o*u<o? of ,h? d>> cltno baa reatod with tho ftrt -hat 'he Hank Kng'a td ha* boon a borrower of money to a oonai U r.ih|* extent in ibe btooK Ixrhange op, n eenirtty o' e naola oo'il ibo N' trmhfi J- alt ing B) t hie operation the h.ittk for h' time, without definitively selling It* Htm-k. add" to I e roaorre , f unemployed n- *o?. Th* ?"?a-H'y of re|| <t ?-k tn the mar, of ntra-lme* by the recent lar^e invoa? ft. nt* t.f tho pt.hlte matoilall. faelll'etea 'hi' oitora.ion, elirh n.Tor'hitea* our'al'a pro Irutc Jie amount of monoy att, u' In tlio m trko . Th* chief rea* m, h'weror of tho do|,tc--ioo al proaent I tig,log Uiiuughout the aoi-utity niarket ia, ol ootira". II' rfao in Ihr on/tie of ntonrv, <?"*//Vc' ira/A IA|i rrtf' al Jf/Jtr ff th. P-m A /fo-rrar. We tolie*? it may bo reliably ?nde'dnod that tho oank'a atrliigen' pro eedloga U?o l*< ndlteeled aim -t ox.-bt Ivly th* boah en.t?amra ,,f h-Bank of Kr-tnee to draw goid fr-n, th|. able. We tir* Inlnimetl -hat tlio flank Of Kranoe, with a wlow to ?> Oet lire Oxigenrtaa f It. |o iio i pora?T?llng in fla Wr polloy of dl ?*'! n l-lg I <o tt| ,,,et'v) the bo,all re of indoli'odi.oea a t,irb o Ilina ily oxl" a ogainat f i,gi?nd, ba? -g in au reodol in eo looting a con nAdoiable anvoint of bill* , n l*>ndoi> tlio prore ? I. of wbirh II le propoaed to wi hd a* in gold At tho i.,e.oit jnne'n o It ta a peculiarly fmporbin/ f,t-l rAn' f?r a r. matt tf 'Am yo/irv. frtrh mmtrnrit far th' ruyytly nftpnW art ,iw lr?ap ttfrrai tn jwrf?>? in fx in, I* m try thr A' m*A Hank The knowledge arrjulred ut thin circuiuttance by the diree. tors of the Bank of England will tu'ljr uocmnt for thu severity of (he mcasuiee which (hoy h*v>- ad pc*d. Il. n om v market o> ntlnuej in an u iw'lej state. 'Ite supply In Mill wbuudant; yet, in (he >xUttng uncer tainty as lo ho* Car tue coneu lve toeasuies of tn? bank may bo ran led full ra t- in iivrM, mil tlnra is an or11rial indispoltinn to ouch long da od paper. I'hu Is lu'ard istreet ni-oouu' boUMW ye* ?r 'ay raised tbeir a' < wince lo- no my on "em.ind to fl pei cnu. 'Ibe wa >i uk joint Mo. lt i*otiliH al*>o nllov; 6 11' oout, *ubj 'Ct to a few- ays' notice of withdrawal. It In no' surprising 11 K' these r?t?s should '? mjit a lllieral aupply of U'| ncy into 1 e market especially alien we boar in ml'iil the lor'Mia'e ilium r.iiy ol the pre out tulsl* from mor rai'ih eii.luiriasr-nieu' . To- morrow a par moot of one milium haa to be ->adw en tie lurkirh loan Tin total amount then nail up will Le 60 (er cent, leaving 6k j>, per cent stiU to be met. Ibirirg the present week we understand, aeon-ider el'le quantity of bovert igtis haa let. tiio bank, bat vury little bai gold. At I a.b ye-terdsy the Tbrcc per Tent Hcute* ehwed at twf. roe money, and '4.16 for account, being latriHc b.low the >educed ta'ee which -ore ertablia ed v-td-nlty a - (en<a n At Vienna ibe b um has a-warned a mora un b'Voiahleapii-arance, '. ? Auk limj 'at.ds neing wwM' and the exchange ? n Is-ndon h.iviiyr a>t -Kn- od frwm 11. i ,i wlii st 1li? jui ntium on gold auu silver h?-s rfscA w to \ per cent. ? II o impression i? hec-ming more preevler.t that ?om .fiitariiial Ofirratintt i? at prrrr.t i? court tf a'ramirnmu Iriv a n th>- I'K.sun ynrrrmuimt mid lit* rirni of Mrxtrr. "'1'' 'tm.yur.itam Acmrding to oiw? widely circulated report a loan ot Ave diiU n* etc Hng founder neg-itiation I or gov. ron-.'-nt aid do well to keep * watch in tnequar ?rr indicated. A peremptory prohibition agviust tin quotation of any sirch uew *took on the Amsterdam bourse may be laaeooaVly demanded fr. m (ho Dutch r? re.nment by the Altos Hollaod can have no claim to thep iv. It-go- of a eeutral ht.?te if tlie slightest couote J" ?iv*" *? *fj open attempt of the enemy to pro wide rho sinews of war in tbat country. [f rom the Louden Chronicle (Cily Ar icle) OctoherlRt 11.e aspect of the money market's more umSSt^ IrlVrti al,d J*1 "J" "?f t?,lutTary there sre a thousand and one indicationa of a still greater I reeeuro yet 1, come. To all who can end willt?5Tho?J ant sec and km w the morning of what tht-y c?ieadUv ascertain, there are too many evidences iJ an ttnfivo ' bo'?Crl'"af:Cr ^.be "''"'Akeo It, our eatlma^ofrftw the present or lutu?? state of tilings The , the dividends at the Bank ol England on bank s ?ek 'he As ^1* ,,er. ven\8' and the re'lu.-ed three per cents *e. ctmmenced to the public on Saturday ind^h elTe. t, it n.ay be asked, has It had on the sta-o o? h. do ney ma. l.ot? rhe an-.wer, we MphntfcMllrl^ert U notbinir at aU Tlie discount houses, wliic'i <m T/iursday and tricay Jeet wc e such active binrower. of m me? v^D " "!orts "n t*turday, and u.-dar thev hs f 81111 m"r* e'''Ker borrowers. The hauL and t'k::Hb"e T? "P'tn them for .ccommX ti Bj and the whole monetary ami oonnaercial iniereatare TM> U' ''v, '> ' os' l. o direction ttvtpt to dusytuc %I mho ma,,. t?U U noot rnlain. that'* St one (tjpnin to le anticipating a teivre ,rrrrr in ?,i ,H S'TbS0 n"ry,,,i"'J fA'.V 'un info marry In |/.udon and ? the provinces this is the ciae but the Im^raH l nm " n il t""",lhl}' 'cU'1'' b?i bu^twTX'ie'u st" te^Tbolb'. ?es Wr ' a8 public coohd^ce'in^s" im'mcnreThe""d" i'n a fiV. J an," na<l'rsJlyget'ii.g more and m ? acti?." effects warrluevit hlv " "?,J0 e*P?f'?"C? tae inherent eiocis war iuevitshly must hare up >n the trade com and money < f this and over/ other eoun r? wHh w. alUi H^dr"? Waj' ronilCc,e<J ur immense wialtb and .esources euan su :ce-sive was in ?n?k i 3*T, t,lh" is L rlZtwhZrZt ?4>? fiviilSTdZzz nm.kets are unfavorable. In othe?ZtricU ^ crop, fail from causes: in u,her pfoces the dK so?t or she reTe",e''e U8U,,1 b,ea,l,h ?!' bm-1 bufog njm..,, ? xssritSf ?? K.Si artiS.'s.'iift*. "J'iia to-*- n*j2PS}l!fiiZZ ^atcaassis^'ftSSS aViiiaf^rjiEsr!; ^ ^ r,SM^^?KSi^SS xvssii." JfVf f:t,pr ? %v;z,x fit and admitted. Ibe danger they inc iriwl by delnv ? ,0? *'he trifled wi h lbey h.,ve side!f il . ? '"r ,bo fewo-nt on trnv other 15is bind1" TC kinl^efurTl"^ t-ne n.?ire..i,Hatifr..c(,>-v tl.o cl , L r'<uod to b" u The Ol Iv It.n. r y Oboer they arc invuni o 'r tTumi." t: ' t1'""1'' ir*El? sz">S2Z , rrrvii'U- If thx I* i t r l* I'ih ? li ? trie Jim.!, tliey"bfiW m J: If iVa,f? WWrt 1 ol baturda, fosT g?'7,**? 'Visit, end oie ir.dlraiive ot Wl ,a muvt^^ .dlVct^hi'0' I he danger whlc. thr. atena u v llr L r ^ruiUj. end (Tc.y wok h.i, g,, ihe jU *'|}c;?-f''Om Prance, ?otld. IVr danger i f known '.." r ? he !? is't?n side ol the water ?n" In orxer g oat on ihe other turn the Itsnt ' T? TTlf 8 rt"P >**?<?> Si. n. T. -morrow IihiTd.7v a'2 ^ r> th? 'be F.. gli h loan dcomts ISyShL'^l a ?"Qt soul ol ?1 (CO (00 lev- what?..! e ""nnt.s t ? the ?ntlci, ati.?. r'atiirdrtv LSf J.V?, l""'n P'M "P ?u /BIt(ina"bo bmdo',^?)^,}Tf'?* J-Vr n con?h!eraMe j Orind the I lg!i prhc in l-'r ince was B*crthed t- the dm gh-, Itieti llnpi'O I g iodine- li% - tei') u ueh imi' b*i* 'alien: the mill- <na? b" a ' ill *o k, at (1 jr? t the price of pour tin ag-ln ii-eii f. oaring lit Mot uei k. Ih'Tr v a eon i>!< i i 4c -oar i'y in h'.anv. lbi <1< I rletic.i ? r th- barie-t U 0 t'U* at i ? lo*-sl at *. (<00>0 heel it re* or u-i> ly '.O.lWO 0 0 b-taliel-; and thit del e|. ncj i ? aitl'ng tnec-untry which, uvea In 1P84, en' u-1 -'-i4,71'~ quarter- d" uti *1 I* of grain, in )PMl, 714 2'.2 quarter*; tn 1WM, 7tfi 1VI; an-t In IH6I, 1,801,1177 q h 'era. Iti-m-ad of apn ling U* any thia )??!, "he i- taking no-n frun u*, and 1* r> m|-?tiDg with Ud in Ihhd mitketH for all that 11 Mip*e o I -a Mild WlutUner may ultima fly ho I lie i told f our own ha-TP I no pere >n * pp *ps that it wlli equal the hiire-t of IS*4; ant, ft pa aa that wi*. *e iuopoited, f i m 'he tlinr it iva-galh rp In to the ou t pf AugtiM la I, n !??- tlwu 8,7 id Sid quaCe"* of all klurid i'l grain of wl ioh npwntoa of 4.0:41 (10 I qu/?rtPr* aori-nf alii-nt and whoa' II- nr. HV n'it'4 -v/ u'-o 7ii< y>ar Of to?*! Of WW'";/4,00 ,000iy/t or.-' of mSn or u>\r l' .Vletit; ?nri tl. \-gli ?o nhall ti-i ilnu'it p- t.iotn or get a* much *? we want, ? o "hall h-v** to gitltec th m ;'mm r< riru- quarter" ami it to therefore i mo l-np-ofuhl-- *11*1 rvoi may the effect -.? nlu I m, 'Ini the low*-if mi-) U atid -h mutid ? h-i Id ormit-ho ? ral ta o! tha I iaP' to laII niu -h tiehne tin- next h irT"?t. With lie prorium ot liu tda alinoat rlint out. with an uii'a* oablo l-unrcei in I'ma-ila au-t incremml rruMim, ilon. wo ba>o in lick oh-"#y *o hp o-*in rlaa on the upper port of l.p tle-il ? ram-* i -ad the I thou Male* for our -ii| p y A -e r ing ti thp latent adrlo-a ?n in v>< Vera tb- |i l?-of wh- it for ox. jm n ?* * i*-r bu*ti"l an Mi- f ot.-h' 21 j miking the price at IJrerpo -i, in i- en'en1 -if -til ettoga* on I II an "-'.'a |4lt qner*ir. that till* pit e wld a? ken' op w* ri ? n"' aaot-ft. hoi lm h Migll h anri K ranch ?re h tying it Now V ik on 1 fieri term* -in-1 It U n-d .my pmt? de tint 'boy ?'ll I ? mi eh W?r. We knout th ' *ntae nail Will aoqualn'Oil witn hr corn trad antlc-l(ia ? i"iina. bttl ?? .ik ? aim* tint the*< a e o'h" ? likowi-p wri II arq aln'-rri with the t rarie w'i ? h ?*" f i- no t a v-ry difloiont nplnfoB and wltnont riuciltiqf lai-ureeu t'lo.n," we rtio any, ftnin murli rx|ipi|p-\re thai to afllrnt that our prrwut nn<-p* are the ra*alt ot "ppciila'ton, t* to i-h--ck import* and en -u ?? gten ly to thp publ'p -h-ail an'ngi- tha emiitH it* of high pi iron. It in Iw or W" boull nay a I'.le rimrp no*, and no attrne I ' la/gornup|4le*. tlnntnat wp hoi Id allow our notgiilr-r 'o .raw to h"r^tf the ?h ie auipln* of otv or on .ntrie* and tin- our-elve Ih* fnrr ti p e -n Ing of ho np*;t har p*t, d-*letoal by a m -n'h'a or ?tph a fimnirh 'aranplyof to d To run do*n t-aVPta n die *. farmi-r-. and c ru niP-Pnot* a* - no-vti ga-Jouri aM au-l M'P mob* th"y luidt", ar t In tlrhat-i n dol: g. Ortera th"in frinn m*kr.g 4 m m-r li tin t' ati|-|)y thp f n-lie 0 i aptj^ and t- ding" o n to tie nntroi * ,-n \ K]p ulator n ? ( a-mlir m?tt wn ? t-iiy c in ?i i-n tlip\ tht ik it 1 iw?r In toicp than -he hl ttup wanta of thp nmim-inlty ailtborixp; atil to -l-c-y tlirm'a rin iniah p -r gmnarie*. and prp acp th? w v lor atlit fan,),,, Ina* ypar ti e Kn?c? pura ip-i ? Ma c- nin and dt-' a* itp y man familiar #if t ttia c m ? rat p la aware, ? gre.t d a ..f mi cnie' Colo** It he MiW PhPi-kad, It may rp e*t it* error, atl-1 be th - ca-in-o' lfit?m-p an fl?-ring [I ? n (in (t'C'i I* ? fill- oclock I*. \t 1 Oo-reattonden-p of Van- be*ter fxa-niner } The tff.ct ot Mn e* c* |., th- r?ip ?? dla?oao', wl'lrh II tie' Operate idrrr ply up n .-.n in?. e-, n ?* no* j. derrl. |ieo |--el in -.11 i - * Hngnon. , n i th- ipp ?? I erali n* It h?-caa-ed a-p al-emly nrorina *e m ialy In ji rioia. They are by digiep* crp*tn>g a ?u? .-n-i m of ? t I'drnPO tor no man no? can g?- bhl. dt ioumnl e>cPt?a' prleea ihat dpt-rtre hia 1 t.?,ar |?n, ?f pr?ut (ii/al attempi* are, h"wa Tcr. fwiog ilai y m* ip to prop up confldencp by *-*nrame* that thprr <r?? never tcta apectilatino. and lh?' traale waa ncrcr more round. No thing to Mid ob the qneeliun wt-thcr It to profitable. wticbi-'bew^ncircum^ancwu." ? B U ttvn >tx anJ ??o? ?** cent tacliMi ^ u, Us kii,kat <la t uiU KtyrOLC ad,*w * J fc ^ uf g-u. Itmmueo.n ui o-h-r gsve-ninen's ne competing u? nil,^ t r it. unt-s m .rip D..)mcn1? a<e to l>? -r rt)1, wh, b u ai,wijr talk* hank ..f Frunoe-Wnb-.u ui-o rabid the rate >4 obc Mur to six |>?r cent, and liwl ed i's advamr ^ ^ t,, to per oem, t sure sign hi the 1 ,,f money As f->r our selves it seems to he ^ncl U,B, thB b??s A".t us is If ovi'id. ?no son' ^ ap|M>.ir to nu'leliVe that u winter session ur ^ i>ariialI1?'Ut wi 1 i?o held lor that p-r pose. AFPAI jg 0v THE BANK of FHANCK. ft win I a t recite. Oct. Id ] Tic neu?i' ^ las'Week by the Hank of Frame sib wed ci .' tbe heUnee he'ween tbe specie In hunk H" i ,j1M cjr(-u>.ti"H wm d-A'roywd. It Is bit in this I'g) A tba, thoV t-nu l>e Justified. Tbe rteraaud* for e.isU ? 0l9 {ncrearing Iroin ua.v t? "ay in frigfitf.,1 pvopor v 0\? inc-eHMii* iri'iu ij?,y ??? ??.? ?" til "'' ar)j the cikical moim nt when it Im-chom 1 idiapen ? ?> to take some p-eceutionary measures hat arrive 1. TBe direct"* hesl'ated lor a fortnight before changing the rote of discount of the commercial notes. Fr on the llret days of the uonlh however, ail ihe 11 rat bankers know 'bat it was to be raised to 6 i-er cell*. tierv ore, :herein.e, bud hAstened to offer fcr discount Ibe cMnuerriu] paper he bud In hi- i o folin, and never before, |'trlui[ s, bud Ibe book bee offered more noies to discount than in the tbr>? or (our days preceding 'he raising ?f tie mlea. Merchants and trailers are. how etei, more troobled from being unable t>. ob'aiu dis counts for paper baring more than seventy-five days m run .hnn by the increase in t'ie ia''e? and the design ol Ibis last meu-ure lias failed, for the large mercantile houses have sent to ibe bunk. two or thieo days in ad Tame all ilie notes hating ninety days to rim. At the same titoo the fti&K of France resolved to make more sacrifices in order to comoeusate i i part for the numerous demands caused by the rapid dlminuiion ol specie. A iaige banking house und one of the large t brokers were ordered to pn#cure in London the specie which the bank tvus in need of The English press states that lour milii m* sterling (1U0 raillions of franc*) were withdinw, in this way, from the la>ndon market for tbe account of the Bank of France, but this we believe to be one-bal'exaggerated, the premium paid for this transac tion amoumed to about 12f. 60c. lor every thousand f' TLeFngUsh Journals were ro ioh occupied In discussing these meusures of the I<?nk of Franco, which contributed to drain ths specie in the Louiion market, and to bring about tbe ruu-ing to 6>* per cent ot tan rute of discount ol 1h? hunk of Inglund. Seve.e criUcism has been di rected against the system einpl iyed bv the Bank of Fiance, but the London papers e initially derotod to money matters did not heeltute at ail to defend it. When a mone'ary cti-is occurs in the London market the Bunk of tngland-akes two measures to remedy it: she rai-es successively tne rath of discount in order to check the exportation of specie. At the time ol tbe crisis ol Let. ber, 1847, the rate of discount had been rais-d ilia fortnight to 8 per cent. In the meuiithue she pro cmes specie by seiU. g conaolidates at the Unidoo Ex change, it is thus that during tbe last days ?100,000 wr?ii h of oodboIh have been Hol?i at the prices ann 8". . . , tvery one is awaTe of the pviodoal reasons wluco caub*ct Hucii large quantities of siiC'-io to 1)6 (1 raven from tbe r.aiika ofFrai-ce and Lnglautf?the monefs require i ' tbe Kustein War ami by negotiation of ihe Turkish i _ r?: _' ,.f ?h Aai.n whinll ('.iPr'Ail 111 IDC U1IIUBU Wrtl U??k w/ i *??"- v.. ?- - - loan in ) ocdon, the in> u'Hciency of the crop which nirceil France to buy her giuin:- abroad, aud alsothe high price of silver in comparison with gold. E\ery packe' ship OI sliver in coinpans.iu ?uu a'"- r r Failing to riilua or to tbe Indies takes on board more thai, ten millions of francs in silver aud there are also targe quantities sent to the I niteo stiiss. Feme of these reasons of impoverishment for Frauce aid Ing'and are pe.n..nen' but they are Uigely cmn pemuted by the constant arrivals of precious metals from (ati ori.ia and Au-t aliu. Witbiu a few d?ys some new measures prepared by the Bank of Fitnce were tab ed of It was said tU.' bank w< uld sgaiu take noU-s at 90 days, in consequence of i epr* sen tut ions endor-ed oy the Board of Trade ( - tviiL brt ik Cinimerit); but at the same lime th??rate of dis couut wou d be 1 aired to 6)|. There is reasou to noi?? that the hank will not be under the necessity of rai-iug again the rate ol discount, snd soon ae uble to give nark to ,ibde those facilities which she has temporarily withdrawn. . . .. j-iace 1806 the Bank of France lias never raised tb< ? met* lour uir portn ''i 'v* - ? ? rate i f diHencnt above 6 per ceur, aUhoufffr* the H?ink ?i 11 ulund tx< d it at 8 per oeut on the'i5th oi October, *4. . i .t ? .ill* ..a ... a..?n in ttta PiifA4 nl r IIUIHUU I A' U if w ^"v "" . , k 1847. Annexed are tb? dtOfemnt cnauge in 'he rafes "t n is count at the Bank ol Fiuncc since its esiabli.stimoni Fcr crnt. Feb. SO 18<>?. to Nov. 15,180'1?notes, any time.... 0 Nov. 14, 1800, to Aug 4. 1807 " 6 Aug. 6, 1807. to Feb. 28 1814 " ? March 1, 1814, to Jnly 31,1814 " 6 Aug. 1 1814 vo Aug. 31. 1814 " *? bept. 1, 1814, to May 21, 1819 " 6 V C| Vi A j iU*i) <-V I'lwj J ( ^ June 1, 1819, to Jan. 31,18x0 .ve'Sodays!!.".' 5 Feb. 1, 18 0, m Jan. 13. 1847?n.tes, any time .... 4 .Inn. ll', lf-47, to 1 ec. 26, F847 " 6 27 1 847, to March 2 1 ec. 27 1 847. to March 2, 1852 " * March 3 1862, to Oct. 0.1853 ?? 3 Let. 7: 1853, tr-Jan. 19.1864 " J Jan 10. 1854, to May 11, 1854 May 12, 18. 4 to < let. 5,1865 Oct. 6, 1866 until to day " 5 [Frim the Is ndon Ilsukers' Circular, Oct. 13.] The t auraci i.-iis c- nncc ed .vitti ttm Bauk of France ).a. ?> recently occupied so much uf public attuniion tliat the letmns which appca.ed in 1I10 Moiiileur of ye-ior.isy i ns-ess umre ihsn an ordinary degree of live est. In oder tn pie-ent the change- which hive taken place sii ce') e Inst accounts ?ero pubic bed, we subj-in the lol owing cotiipaia'ive stateun ut for the 13th ot Septoiu beruLdt'Ct 11:? Credit Aitle J a. Oct. 11. c. 0(.|p ?11 in 5 8 0 9 281,880 2,201,920dee. I I counts., 17,765,020 19.189.C60 1 #34 (KJOiuc. A' vr.nce- on p-iblic se cn-ies 2.179,8:0 2,3'-f,020 llOlJOine. A" vsi.cs on railway .eruii'ies 4,R<"8,780 4,186,150 382,?30-lec. Advances ujsiii bulli -n l'J.,290 231,980 10J,69dlac. V'hUrr Siifc. Notes in Circulation ,20,424,000 26,990,000 381,OOOdeo. Treasury account, cur T,.nt 6,262.760 4.070,670 1,183,ODOdec riivu'e'ucc.iunt...... 6,858,6.0 6,993,260 1 li4,630ioc 11 e above ligurra show that the drain of s|0?ole has continued to opeiate, ano Ihn present dlmumtion is great ei ihnu that of tne nrevl. us -n -uth By turning vi the ?fl 'DliU IIIH' ?'l '"IC I It'M HO AI Utu "J ? ai;c? uut+ ??f <bi- l auk i f FngUud luring the himh*) p*ri?d 110 diniui.i'i' u of g id will be found to amount to ab.rn. ?2 MK',000 In r? una numb-is, mating be amount with 3.J. I'V'V,UUU 111 l? llll'l ' r, "" d-i.wn ficii these two ew-.aiilisbiiientw at?out ?4,tkK),ii00 : but .IbLs dies no* account lor 11.0 largo purcba os '?! bulli..n ntiributeo to 'he lians of F'.ance, so thai Over, t poe o uiut/n to t< li* r thai utk-r agm'? liu.v- Isvn a t to irk u> jiniun the rir.vd ngimtum in tk" money maek'L by nwxWity fiMtrharet <;/ i/ol'l ufx-n forrign account. The f.icili 1?? fot trsiisactli us in tbe precious no tal.-a'? now ro gr.wtt com pared 10 what they ?c-c durl'ig the last war. that ibey ci.ii twetb eted in numerous Ways that do not come before the pubi c. FIlIOEft OV I'.HKAI) IN LONIION. Hit Is.nd.m hTt/hitU ol 0.-t?lier 19. says:?Yesterday g ? he 1 e a general ti e in too price ot bienl of ot e ha Ipeiiuy per 41n. loaf, making ll 9)4d nn-t 8 k,.l (-dcoiiit ) at tbe cnesp .basers. The lull prl.-el baks.r nie rburgtrg lti'jrt und lid. Flour at ibe iiakors i B ?4d . and a tbe corn d slers po.erally Id less per qnai'erti. In tenseooe 16 this ii-e in tbe prico if brt?id, ? o.rre.-iiondeti'makes the tnllosing rema.ks:?l*t tli> price ot wl eat oe taken at 84.s a quarter, whic 1 is ihf ptice at pie-cut; tne bushels ma*e one b.ig of Hour?i?. is. frt.; my profit 6 r miller 16 .or ecu.? >s. 6d ??2 9s. t'ne log ol Hour iMike* 1H; quartern winch a" 1 )?d e eli, w .old yield ?2 9s. add to this, profit to tusker, 16 |s-i cent, l'jd. oa.h 1 .af. or 9s. on 'lie whq!-* hurl 'he umount will tie C- 18 . Ace .riling 'o iliis cwlco Jnt ion the price ai w'neh ,he bun oiigni 11 rs* sol ? Is 7>j I 'ibe 1.111) qiifdii'li I'l' U to dl-nuts' St.pears to no Who'h ? 50 1 ? r cent is sufficiently l.-mune aiive for th? mud bakt t>. Tilfc PRICKS OF PROV4S/OK8 IN FRANCS. (H?tu L'bch.> i*uri?), Oct. Itt.j 1'ail" being the point at ahico ?],?' |inc?? oi corn and flour are the l.igheat., fLe rK tffliuDH widen tune place i i that market iif/CPSMiLri'v exercie o n ide. iUle iu l i?nro ? Vto ibf? uvi.kt'H in ti?o AOpiUtq?vnta. Oon-**<j\ien .ly hlin?. t nli the tiMi eahop under the unpeoi n th jrtee* vc.c a o? in I ait* tact week ire u*?w hirer, Willi*, tl.ine on be <;ou rnry, which haTt* been halo ! ? rcm-th u *? \ in. ate either hignei or dinner. The uiirk i d Fgturtlfiy a ere liigi.e, *t luiueti, B. ay-nur- cioe, ApcIh nut-AuN* ecul ??t Yeu-tiliJeis. At Na.ite< an i lva lue wt?. itinLx .inert ot If. pei heetolhio At HoidOaoJi the m-t' kft aiu culm t?u? juice-. weie aunli a* n ?t u. permit. eeud iti^r com or flour to . *.l* At rfUr.ftlle.", n ?twi hcand ii.g large an I id* fr?>m Algeria mid f i?m Spain bo mar ket wan eVieimlj i.)?n Dry oorn fi m Afilci wo n: rt'(jticn at *?0f. the ltfO lltrej, whlm.r noh.r- l.y w ? aim fnm 1 liiaft dty d w am** P *iipp ie f o?n . i-oigLliorhood of parsed!-s, in nil way com ? unioatio ban ni f ?t quirk and v%\f ' ? d ? ko i e nMW > of H. gi gr?e hove ltiihertai found itdi 'ieull iu huppiyiag the m l\.-n fr< m l. e niaikot* i f ?he country, it,,y Iim..- cou th '|ti* fitly d'ft?u a g?'?d deal fr*?ni ciehidur* <?f t v? I b?o e t ty? i? ha** m? other outlet I am, and w nui-t tzja-ct to leeiivn icgulaily o.f . ?* f om tint (tiFtilet Juta uiid iDuh*, a w II a- V ha.? auf H? ft lit. Al-acc the* Mif hut )i I annul i ejui 0 any nd< ittoii to i*a aupplie.^ i. will ie?- t?>\?erma.?y I - rair.e h** b?en <ulm tbl week. Too mukeu in t.*e n-u . haw kept tip. On the wool*-. tIh-.cMo o, p tc*. dudug th? wwk iHin hiUjei but with a?..i*d oil t^e. [1 mi (t?ct. It) corre#*}o? den?* of the hudon ti ne*.] I be .lire of In end in i iiri- . enaint uneoaogei a' hoc. tbe t?fo-pound loaf fi, f quality, ( ?r ?h- ec .n 1 iur uigut of?*i:t? Nrr. In retoien-e .o the u-o^jawia o supply for tt e eomlt g -vi h^m ihe Fa h i o ui kjn?ixi i't ivik' at the deficiency of th?* wbo.?t ha. Te Mu tVeite-n Kum pe fLort ia ? ne lad <?* 'ho ingho.! l np-?i auco nn am i.dHnt crop of p datoe^ and h?* fun j lote < t?.aj |ea>nnce ??t tf-o malady ha pr^rtoa^ly af fected 'hem Thi* uiibopod f r abun aoce will rw* of in n eii-e miliiy during ti.o ^intor ea-K#n A no her rea*ui tor teeilt'g waib) 1 tint the rp?m i'y of r. rnai* ft/) >f no< ttf ly F '\Tur tan (<? m m ug 1'<nnf X>r*A /fn .riVa, i/oVA >ihi?ur hi>' h*i ' i?i;wr4n' m-n mct'ial rulaii n*. In ?? fitkanci .1 p tot of v*>* o n excluti giH witli t'at c niiy h . -U'-h tuat thoy piiocn' eti ad?ant?go that m? should n > Mud In tue aaiwa drg ee With hio-da or Halil ? uou'itri-q >?r ?niu bpalf<? f>?t ? f roijiii ii g t**'iupMi ? ? *Iv H tie apocb I nil ..Mia, w- are ?M ?? ?wm r o 1 ? U? ? . .1 t , n jjlv wboat hfij'lj 'f if he mii'Ii w ii -1. mi MKiuto tl e ' bk of filCh ? H af TI .tin At l?o ? aai. h . * ever a caigo ?f c in cr> foon n*i? f?a irhro wool * *4 kh fit# mrtidiK to u \ W? *' liav'o ?tid ii w 11 ? 1 o w u? | i# t e if ?r er? ?i* ft tj ? lit e ' It i f >r *h, ?'(? thai if ic 1' fttie In the cotif lie ? n I Pa i ?c ?ill mm* 01 di g 04* I r. grwap am to et?eh)o la go ?jaar? 1 fa ot c-.rii to hw e* I < i etl to l't rt'i e l ???f t? p Utta *' ?xp r . *tie I ? h?u ? ?f | anar?a no a* te ? t ?h rfh ? I ' >a? o? ? i ??? I rtf II-eU oh.o *?? e lect d Al h ugh wv a w hly In the u l? ? ie ' f ctn e i <\> -r . n* ?juau 1 ie <nr? already ai ioiIr' Hexre and ?' e-an ?? o??r I. tip** to. 1 ?IK TINr.%?;K OF FaaKOII. [' a?ta (Oct 18* C'.TfeM Oudefi o *?(' ud in ChfWil<*kt 1 |? AC 'OflfltA of the rint*go fr?.m di f'-r?*nf ft%ftp or Fran e are n?' re faro atdo h<n *a- at fir*' andripate-t. 1h? J- eimii dc />?/ f? fMrofine *tai??? ihat in tba dejiart n?et?i the Ttntege t'ir'.i tu' far be 'er than *ipK!t,dt at'd that the quality of the wioe la eifra<?rdiaaiUy good. The vourg vine* are quite healthy but the .<?d oue* have suf f. ed Iron, the .1.11 uu>. and the Journalist reo?n<m.t?d*

t. ?t he lat'er fb? Id be r ole-i up and replaoel by ??* ? Unfit With te-pecf to the wuh. L>Opt?*>*<!? M*t* ?vt v aru aide to announce t'.at notwithstanding tkr ii o,.h.n,i"i.- euteruioed alt the various nocuous hut reach u- ug ee In ktatlug t hat th? vintage ol di.syoar ?,|i be aopeH. r to .hat of Int. Our g.ap-s ilo-mri uioer the influence ot an almost tropical ?un, will pro i.i ce mora 'ha& could liuve been e*pooled. Ijtinel, v.. i I lor and thH best enclosures of lie Vanuage, h ire . ruicety suffered f. ora the Influence of the ollluin. Al t'. oi.ah these account* ate riot qmo aopn.-ible to ttt* (1 mi.(ape* country, yet so?- dis'riuU, II p..t remurkv h e lor the quantity ot their produce, lave been->u for in hiuli wire they have ob'ained. such an M V. -ni), Avize and Vertus, where toe quality of 'he wine t t-aree'ed <? bo very superior oder-din ihere places 1<V uouie f the c bouses of Khelm ai 11 I pi may for grapes to make wine, is not less than . ue fraoc slid a bait the kilo. tWh a price wee never 1 curd I ( before; yet mhio of the principal grower* ot he b eatifies have refused to sell their produce even at flint j the mancheoteh markets. [From tho Manchester Ixfmlnsr, tlct. 20.1 It would pot be easy to exuggu-ae thecxtcefne languor Hii.f nil on. which ?t present bang over our market, and iiileal to gain force with each successive week. lu< .light appearand- of impr-vein-nt visible at the ?W?u |u? wtek bad a.ready di-appesred on rues-ity lwlTI"? ivrrnbiPg. if possible flute than bef-re while the riaorous cuur-e of action adopted j esterd. y by the Hank of knglai <1, seerns, for fhe 'ime, Islut* market. sltoge'her. If anything w> re needed to xlespeu ibe depiesrloi., If would tie supplied by the state of th. row which has not uuly lost the buoyancy whirl, it cxhibi'ed on Monday, bnt is actually lower than ? Voder the-e circumstances, it is almost superfluous to a?b) that business operations are to a large extent, sus pended, or at bast, aie restricted within .he J?':?*0" possible limit*. Buyers in general either i-tand sdoof, or c i tine ibemselves to the execution of small orders i.i rates ol p.esslng urgency; while on tho other hsud, pro ducert ot good* nnd yams manifest increasing l?*btyto .fleet sales, which, however, daiy bjymoarnoredimcul. A- regai ils p. lees, it is difflcult to write with t?a2tuesa, the* dotug being far too small to furnish a me rut criterion of value; *>1, unqueitlonaoly, tire maike. is winker to some extent, and in all departments, ehh" ?f yarns or goods the ense* must ba lew In which pri _* -bow any steadiness. In this respoct there is still, bow ev.r great and apparently Increasing irregularity, e*ch producer bci. g guided chiefly by his own position as iera. is contracts. , , . ..... *? Money bas not lieen in demand to day, owing to the high .stes requbed tor It; consequently it Is pro bable thut commercial operations havo already oeen sus TbMeeling throughout the money market Is one of ex V V.heVock Fxchange the transactions were Umi-ed, the p. blic sppeaiiog to have pretty well exhausted the it,i nns ot tn.jipg anorded by -he payment o: tho quarter ly uividonds. tonsi.ieral.le fluctuation* bave occurred toi sols opened at 8; M 'oSi*, and a lew pn chasesJtav i. g oeen made, they ro-e to 875a a. 8./9. Having very firm at these quotations lor Utile More than an .our ifcey 87 >i a 87 Ji; then rHthersudoenly dn.,. ping to 87, 'bey c? -ed ox- r. mely wea* at 8d's to 87. in< Hebrews Wire large sellers during the day It. the foieign niaiket there was a considerable ftl. Tuiku-b Six Fei t ents opened at 79 to 7W)i and after se veisl fluctuations they closed at 78 to 78J<, being a te cliictiou ot 1 per cent. In the Guaranteed ^rlp tlie.o w.'is alio a fail- bey clown w.ak ?r 4j, to discount, rhe e is ?1," 0,000 instalments due on thin s.ock, to be paid to monow. UERRMAIJS cox AJ1D co.'g REPORT. Liverpool, Oct. 10,1855. In Manchester there bas been no ^}-P?*ltl,:u 'ft* pa.t of buyers to li crease their transactions. Ihestrln oiiuy ot the money market operates unfavorably. 8 lb,- lurk* have obtained a very deci-ive vie".my over the Bussians In Asia, and very in'ereBiing inteiugeme i daily looked lor from he Crimen. Money is, as wo anticipated, again dearer The Ban! of England yesterriay raised their rate ot dlaeoun fo. sl.ori paper to six per cent and not exceeding 91 days wvi n per cent. Cousols have ueclined and cl ue at 8.1, t to 87. wmunT junior ani> co. a circular. Liverpool, Oct. 19, We refer to our circular lidvicen of 12tli in^t.. (orwurtl ed per A trio*. Immediately after ber departure an active demand was expe.i?i>cc<l in ourcuthm market, ?n? educed price- at. wb cb parcels were ob avnablo inllu eiicirg a speculative nnvment; but although t ie ??lo . i. nay and Monday in tho present week weroosi. niutid at '.0,000 bales, the improvement was c-infliied to the inquiry, not to price; hollers, however, in offering their stocks freely inanifra ed less p.essure to renluo. A- the seek advanced tbis foiling has not been mam 'sinrd, as it mot with nore?ponse in tbe manufacturing dbtiicts. and nnfavoiatile mm >rs were again circulated -t. to 'he probable course of money matters, wuictv Witn other . 1. ments prtvlously reported upon, and the ele \a Ion yeste day In tho minimum i?te of int"r?st to t) i si C.nt i n short dated, and 7 l>er cent on over ?Ixtv day bills, is calculated to inc ease thedlfflmi.ttes hitl ,-i mplained of in c. mmerciel circles, completely ..I i.ibilatir.g cor-fldenco and occasioning serious appre hensions for the future. Morkb of tbe b adtng articleso i r-nuce aie so reducei that the ro me ary press-ire .-aunot urbe from this cause anl to m.o' tho eiLenote , 1 1 e war we have .h- g- Id AustraUa an-l ttiliftir ma voiaith lauding which, tlio "rain on the bulUon In I ut k c. ntinue . though in a lessor Uogree and until >t i fl ux is s'opi e.', distrus' in the p.esent and uocertaln'i in ti e tu'ur. win niulntuin its -wlty, irresoeciivo of the An.i-i inn anvh es wb. :h rnthsr tend to the di-xidvantag ? i boldeis ot cot ion on hi? side by the fl rtte ilug pros . e.-ts still rzlertsined to a large crop thn coming -oA-on I',, ib. maiket exhinlts ? droopiug tendency, no I, res wdh a vc y dull ai p?'*rance last week s qu l'alioii I oil g sgsin -l'gh ly reduced arid cotton very f ecly of ,r?i. "l.e isl.sfaie .-trlmaud at C.000 bales, l,uoo to .q eculators and exj orters. military Operations. OPK8PA, NII0LA1KFF, ABER-vON AND OTOnAKOFl' il nris (> r . if,) t one pondeu-s ?.f Un'on Chrontde J 1 be c. eviction is gt< wmg -tr,mg"r to re that tne/U tier an-goi. sometbbig at tbe nurtnwcs.ern ixt ciri.y .-five Black t-'es, where# ux-if ?? fatal W.,v cm' i.e str. rV ag Inst Russia than even at. Odessa. In a I >ug ? no well cttges ed nrtic e, the CunOHntiontvl deplete 'he'in #1.6 value of NikolaietT to the ilnssian g .ver.i n en-, and renders full justice to the remarkable foresight dispbyrd In thu? h mug seenr.d an inland amlappa rntly Ivnceeselhle xef- ge tv.r its future hopes or nav-i sui renaey iu'h-Black-en lbs writer say si ll e Buc-iaii guvernxnent would altnosi. appear to have heei, gi vcxtieo by a*.of the Inllof chastopoi, .nc to have -heretoie provided ror its trnvy, in tho event of deb ut, a lefuge Inkkew. ifle to the eoeroy's v-.?eis It * ., ituii. tlist the Bug is rod of a sulflcicnt depth allow the passage i>1 ve?els ot any groat t nungo to MkoLnoB ; an.. tin live- Is only nHV.gat.lo for ship- of war ton peuit (,allied (.Inbolioe, wb.-h lies si a c nsidersblo distance in ?be south >t Mkolai.fl. If Mu ialrlt tie inacces-ible t iicveh.e s of an enemy upproacldi.g from 'he sea, l'. vet in direct c mmunk-ttl'Oi oith the E .xino, andc.iii dc patch tbe Inrgest hull-la inched from itsd.hck vans. Ibe Bug Is deep en-ugh even at MkoiaieJ b carry vuksvls ot lbs* dvociipti- nbetore they havo rercived hi ir a.rran.M.t ; hut v -s-hls launched th-re are neither mp cd nor equipped until they arrive at CJlubnko*. At the lai'er point the liver is dce?; but owing to Uvo i xist. nee of send banks a', its mouth it l< custom try to t-?nn* rt the ships full riggod aud armed to the Black es <11 ? species ofrnfi. be Russians employ thssain* no ihod on ibo Nova in transporting to Cnmstedt the v.-hi,!- <vu>truc cl at. 8t. I ttc.-.l.urg. It is tlicrofor ? vid* i't in the event of tho allies taking '-heir departu.e ..metrow fr. m ihe Black -en a K. sstto fleet, armed ? i d >adv to -ngage a less powerful navy, might aopsar it. the f exit e tho nexi day, vi the g <-at a-tord h.n-ot ot tiM'S#1 Wit) in ft uiirter ?he ?mp?Crf-?It>ii t.hnt tb4* Kuh^irh nsvy ha- heon unnihilsted it. -he .sjrt I ?ehsstoj, d. It I- therefore c?'t..ln that, unte-s the victorious Bo-en ?dop cer'om, the K..ssian gdveriiment will ,,,..,0-- e.*.n offer tho establi'limeut of peace a navy no i. s- powc I'ul th?n the one it has lo?t uud no less mo* i,i.cii g tothcTuiki h empire Ibe w titer however, argues that nn expedition njalnat Viki lax ffit the pie-' i't u>-iiod would be inj udlenuia I' is (OflilT*- t bat the Unit* (Viouot iitta;k MWol? 1-1 that town ran nmy he curried bj -v land force dtae ? 'r. m the shipping. Tiit- riiecinh-trkiitlnn does u,, iip.-eir JurtK-l-iiik v- u* ?t iho present moment, when the n Iu.- hit compelled 'O front wi'h their niai.i strong'h 'he k. ssiim- on the Tiherinyaaud at l.ujiatorla. It wo.ilu len'i f. he hnz&i>]?>?.* to dispatch the 110,000 to 40,0"I0 on n tb'it could tie Hisx-ed to ? distance of twenty-fire nr leugu * in the Into* wr of the country, where tl. -' wo .Id ei- outlier tint Itus-Un army "f remove occupying ttio.e | rirrln. ee, and also tie deposed of regular oosnmu h.n with he fleet 'h t cm eyed toem. 'li e hmoien government, in the opinion of the write, is film y impressed witn 'be security of Vik *1?.i? IT. and i? a* the f ie-en' moment or- n enlarging and emxelllshir.g tlot.wu. The d.ickyarrta end arseusl-aie deaciltie I .ut ie if g constructed nu the extensive >? <'.*.*' and the t. en lieelt In depicted r?-r? fsvnniily. Toe ad 'leere 1 il.e t jjir wou'd spiewr, bonror, to be los* sanguine wi o ? reject to 'b< late of kl.cisou aid otner iiniortan' t. >ne, that scr>c m xictunlUug. points tor the KumUm 11 mice in the rjutb Your Contemporary say, in tnl ,a.ints?!.ber?ou l? sltuate-l at the mouth >f tbn Dole,-.. The i Iyer I- hr< ad, but contains -aiidb.nk. rendering hs iMTigb'ion to hhereon lmis ? inle foi Vessel.- ,f in go ton. Iiegi except at the jjonnd nf the {free, rise >rhi h i*- i I l. ce in 'lie spring. The allied rhli e w uil I the. of ire u t ?? er aide' to ?p|>eiir before khereon; but on the other mi. a oi-tance of only ttve league, ecpu.aia. tint p. *n mi the spot wbeie ti c Dnieper flows into tue -fa i. fill II ue a ?pi p ne main, U undertaken at a tn re cable mo liont. m'gtit I* sOrees-fill. If ?i)?.?ix to Iw in the power of the lilies to intercept he communication" that now exi-t between the Crimea an-' the western provinces of Ituesia, which, in addition 0 ofher cenel.'erafl.'H? would tend to increnaa the lfffi .idles o' rfC'unll ng NU'lah IT. Tine wm I.I he elected i.y the presence o' th* ii.lic.f flee' in the lake se.yl ig as an ternary t? the Dnieper and fueling and wlnc'n may e eniered by the Mtti a of Mubwn The writer conn ci' that the transrrieei n nt wood from tlie ffnioper I ? he l'i g would be 'hut pre yen ted Moreover, Ine imad ha' lead.- to the Crimea, and by Which the reln'orco meat. fmm k???nmhia proceed, U canfru.-tad 01 be rl.'c of the lake and could lie commanded ..y ? nrrenn. n In order, howryer t?i enter *ho lake a'oa-i V ml. | icbahly ' are to he can hd; thlale O'ch.ikoff, wnl-h c> li e t traits of Kinhurn. aod a rafhrr-d i l.y at eiirnn (-nper as the p.In' on which lie a ta-k f lc alllci flirt- will le (il-cr ed. Otc/isXolT la ehirdv i'efeiiid by a citadel where ilsasen ) aiha n'fe-ed a r ? tatafice that enuiled a iwc-io on the kussitn mm/ ? I at capture Ihe town, it is said that ihe -bedel r,ae been sfrrngtheniof hy^be Tuseians, wtio ui.y also bare aided o it.e werk-formerly existing to <ete d the ;i* - . ge lb the ?? etlt.h' ever of .n <>t?ck hmng really 1 .etc." hy the allie ' flee s . n ifb-hak. ff iheii f. mkla t is ai il'C( y would i is .1 r .Tore, me any rcatstuirce h. eniihi ce he -'rara .>f i Ino n. is p'articable f. . a.ll i1 h'ltay d'Vght, and be take offera HtewUa a Co pth m fl c ent fs.r th- piupsr in y|?-w, be l.i.-si?n? eyh'ei lly > nter uin u[ip ehensi >ns *i ch s? atiak. loi the Vtenua Milt'nrj /^.r ? sate ha1 tl.e I m|erot Alex -iider went on the 1st 11,-.tones f. twsbsk. IT, to ei?i- Ine the hatte (e? c .n-tructed betwec vhat i. r'nse and Kinhurn for the defence of the muutbs ef the Bog and Dumper. OF***?OJ?g IK TUB CRIMEA. [From tbe mil, Coiimltii?iooD?l Oot. la 1 The roj or. of I rtu ? to t-ehakoif enables us to true.! wi b nii? eertainty 'he prng'?? modo bv the alKe, m ihe ii.trihu ol tl e' ri . ea. i (,lt(5 aU<|n of m ,u ^ .rem which mce,-1voljr .'e^s-nd the Tohernaya the Bel' . v ?"?la ?? the junction of ihe Oze n " .?1 a?"U' ,n? "ttcUA. run, in a |s al'el lino wl.h 'ho nor'hern exttt of the Crlmou A I there river,, lorn ink in 'heir course ouniontrle semi drrler flow In m the M-nlb to the DOi tbwo't. A Utile Ul. w the point of junction of the Uxem anil the Qaem U-h, the lelhek roc-ive, at Janni-salla, ?Q Us riant nook, the IwukoulouSsa. Ttio Kusstan army wi, posted ? long the Tcboult -u. ii ending from the vlitige of that mini* to the Ai lodor. It had it* le't wing along the Bel belt, ite extreme hit at kokk"i at the source of the (item; ant it* outiost* at Koukoulousna, at tin source of the nv?i Oi tlifc* D.uoe. M l already knew that the vanguard of the Allien, un der the oi dei* of General Le -ai e,, hail left Hubastop >1 lu i>* retr, ai (1 deedided by Vurnou ka to Baidar ou the t re?' highway which extend, along the twin hern c >a*t of 'be t'liu.i a. At I aiilar ii changed it* direction, tii-ned to the ear', |mvnl the ll'tle river Kaidar, and occupied all the ti| per nurse of the lcheruiya, eaiat-'isiilng I'self stiengly or f ini Mi kninlii. at Teiliou at the meeting of the river, l aidar and Tcheruaya, and lastly ri aavt ka ??ear the source of thd febernaya. fhe extreme van gi ird w?? pit lied on to Bager, about Ave league, bey ml 'he river, a- 'he base of the range of uiouniaius which ,e| amies tie upper valley of 'he Tchernaya from 'be valleys of the tcho'iliou and the Belb-k The despatch "fl'iince Gortschakotf leads ns to beliuve that the ad vsnced guard of the French army bad i:ros,eil ?i hout resist ante lbla ridge of mountains, and that, driving I ark the Bosnians from Koukoulouasa to Janaisnalla.It had mude itself master of ail 'he posltious along the iver h oukoulon-sa and bad ultimately ar-lve 1 at Uelbek tK ir If the h iench sui coded in establishing themselves at Janniasolia, or in its environs, tbo extreme left of the hussiaus would be seriously compromised at lvokk it. it could only avoid being cut off by lulling hack ou 'he I'tcmhash or on the Kaicha. However that may bo, 1- 1, clear that 'be French are in imesesslnn of tbo district surrnttDding the source of the TcUouliou, and have p?ne ttaled Into 'he uppei valley of the Belbak. They liare crosMd the chain ol mountains which was the chief ob Mftcit* to tli&ir mm amenta, and i>nd**rn a cauinaijfii in the Intel lor of the Frlmea very difficult. In the event ot their not having yet oocu pied .funnls sa'la, they can, whenever they please, descend oliher of the two valleys, and attack the centre of the Russian' at Ai todor, or turn the left wing of the eueury by operating on 'he Belbek. The Crimean campaign it is clear, is carried on with vigor, and commences under lortuuate auspices. 1 UK NLWB FROM ASIA?DEFEAT OF THE RUSSIANS AT KARA. [From the London Times, Oct. Ifi.l rf> Ik * 1 J Tlie defence of Kan i* not the leas' glorious episode of tnis gna' wa . A, formerly at St. Jean d'Acrw, aod in mu "wn days at M listrla, tbe skill, coinage and devotion ? f an englishman h,ve roused the inert, b it obstinate ilussi lmun to heroic iesistanoe. Far away amid the niouitauis of Armenia, neglecied by t hose who should have cared for and sssis ed him, tlie galluut (ieuoi il b iillains fia, toiled and struggled for months It is now ten weeks since, with Lis tew devoted followers, ho has h?en shut up in hers by the wh le strongtn of the Russian urmy. The deecs of the General his stuff, and the brave garni on, have been hidden from the world; i is to Oo hoped that some record of them wili ho.eaf'er be made public, end that, while tlie iricompetent get Graud Crosses of the feih, real merit will uot go unrewarded. We hoard of i c?\8lrjf Aud irregular troops being sent airay, that 'here might be fewer mouths to (bed; we board too, of | he increasing seaieity which it t, said must limit fur >ber rtsistence to less than twenty days. Even now we kr.ow not whether fnmii e may uot comiuer the little band against whic h a whole army ha, been arrayed in viito. I'ut still we cea.? not to hope. The despatch ju.,t ii ceivec sta e, that on tbe 29th of repiember the Ka, >!aD,'.w^ I" a general assault, and lust mere 'bun /,000 men, widlo he defenders hsd only 700 kllleil and wennced. No less than four thuusaud iuuskets wers li ft on the b>Id. The riaiiiy and magnitude of tbe vie- j ory oie not to oe doubted. It will probably hav, ernshed tbe design of the Rus-ians to lake the juace y assault, and foced thera 'o raise the siege, of '?mar I a. ha and his advance from the coast w- wili >ay no ticing. A cat year be probably find a field for his genius in an offensive campaign sh uld his atmv be recwii'ei cb tl.ed and paid; but with the'he now hod-, end at tbi? ee,son ot the year, nothing I, to be expec ed. A winter cam|>aign iu that countiy is all but. impossible. , ol Tiara must depend ou i'self alone. <to l e ? hole, the events we >ec?rd to day arc the in ist im ;soianl since the fall ot fehastonol. We trust that the isst su(crime stiuggie Is approaching between trie allie, end their enemy. That it will ado another page 'o the r< 11 of our mlli'ary gl ties we cannot doubt unless, ta ut ed, that incapacity which has led to so many disasters I gain dei live* us of our suaie in the honors which our allies will win. HNANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. % 81-NDAT. Nov. 4?d P. M. The Bailie's advices, received early yesierday m irni rg. enosed a grca' deal of eonsternaiion am >ng financiers o all giades. Tbn?e received by the previous steamer ha l o< en thoroughly digested, and Uio Impres Tm wa, daily gnirlng ground among the most sanguiue po. tiou of tin c- mmui.ily that a few d?ys would rom>.vc all vns Iges o, the j anic, tiiat tlie n xt st? amer would bring more favo ? able advices, and that speculation would even bo iu full operation again. How disappointed they nave leen, and 1.0W superfloial must have been tboir knowl rige ot tb . ffecl of war upon public and private credit, and ujem t'.ie rioiveroents ot commerce) Ihe wish with ibern was no doubt lather to the thought, and with their usual dl,p>n ?ion to look upon the bright side of things, they have b.eo ltd deepei into difficulties. The josl ton of flnanclal affairs in Europe 1, oae wlcu ia'ed to Utterly de. troy aU pub ic anc prlva'e confldeuee ihe war is no shorl lived, teuipoiary matter. The cau-e, l reducing the present panic have been operating for a kitf time, aud ihe effect is likely, to be iff still greater duration. For nmre than twelve in <nUu tho public mind wa* lulled with a feeling of seenrtty-whh the be i-f tha' so long as tlie direct operations ol commerce au l of industry were not interrupted by the progress of ih- wir, no important inte.est would suffer, and no der .ngemrni in Pnancial abalrs would ensue. Thi, imp essi m wa fer a time confiimed aud there were no indications of change* of vital c..u eipienee. The commercial cUs ?a began to look upon the war a* a nutter of njiinportano* nod sj .culistion aent ou as usual. The attack upon .-<* hastopol was watched with the greatest interest, an t th capture of that fortress was lo-kod to as th ciose of the war and the re-ea'ublishment of jusa-v "iwn a fcctnre and permanent tooudalion. The leng 1 of 'he war was ngulated in England ar.d Ft an a t.v ttie >etgfh of the struggle iu the Crimea, am all financial calculati ?ns, both on the part of the Vlltes auo individuals, were based upon W single point I'niciweis ?t that time, and iu anticipation of such, lesnlt. ea.tly and 'avotably nsgnUa'ed and public ereII " n.aim d unimpaired. I'p to the 'all of sebastniml t.U, u.oat buoyant teellr.g cxl.tol in the mmd. of liastnem men. not only in hng'and and France, baton ilils ?|ct? of the A linti*. The (alt of Sebasto|ed with it a .eiy dllfeient state of affulrs in t e financial world Tlie war was tian-fcrred by that event fro n heCil.iie* to the Hank, of England an 1 France. The -istory ol the Allies at Febastopol will ro-ult in a dsfeit at the stock Et ? lunge rind the Bourse. The h*peror of Kussia ua Ing or the tune failed with bin citnuon and shell, ho Gtll-u i ark upon a mone of wo i fare in which be ?rill no. only on the field now selected for nction. prore Tic-orlom hut be m ill carry destruction and desolation into hi. enemy's ranks. the effects of which w II not be removed for yearn It la a very extraordinary fact that almost aiuoe the 'ay of tbe announcement that the AUie. had captured Sevastopol, pub ic aecuntlee hare lieen depreciating, and :he drain of gold carried on with mote violence than at any time previous. We can only account for this from be fact that since that victory it has become settled !o the public n-lnd that the war baa but Just begun, fbe goternmtotM and the people of Ureal Britain and Kr.inco hate, for the first time since ho .tin tier commenced, be tu me convinced tbn' the war in destined to oe a roost piotrarted one; and the moment that conviction occt ne Pxed an active hoarding of specie commenced. -to long aa the h pe of a sp<ecy peace was entertained, the lower and nidi It-r.laaeee came forward freely and loaned their money to the government; but uow 'bat no oue eso ?ee lie nid?now that negotU'ion* have ce i?<u], and Seba-to pol baa fallen?now that there la n thing to point to but the hardest fighting and the moat expensive oampa'gn*? no hope but to force a peace at most enormous sacrifices ? the people have no longer any faith In paper promises to pay, and believe in nothing but gol1; and gold they are securing. We doutt if tbe government of 1 ranee will at'empt the negotiation of another loan up ?n the system thu- far practised. It mast now look Us he great cspi'ailsts and money will not be here t'ter ?o ?sally raised. Tlic war has ul eady nu'lasted public fa v r, and 'he public will no longer aid it with their p i. Tate mentis. The Bank of r.nglaod and the B ink of V-ance have s most difficult game to pisy in the future. It e have no d' ubt great sacrifices will be made 10 avoid a suspension of specie payments, particularly by the for mer. liui if the war continues, such a result cannot b" ? tolCed. It l? Inevitable. Mudlflrattnn* may be made in he hanking act to meet iuvm aliate e-ne-genctes, l.a? '?ev will only pallia'e, not remote the dllficulty. Hoard o g Is the great cause of the pre cm droit, and that It ikely to ii.citase and an end, in Wd of diminish. A drain of twenty millions <if du'laM In one nv rh from the W'i mosi important lunklnu in tlut'ioiis is *.oo ominous ? igu of derangement and dislre't tube passed over. I e Punk of Fianre may giv.? wsy first, to aid the Bank I* Krgland, but nltifaately b oh tnuaf nand on tbe same ?sia. The experts ef specie frotn this port, dntlng the past week, wvtt as follow* Ban Miff or hpktb nton thk Port o? Nkw York. -lark Clara Windsor, Port an Prtn -e, Am. gold $14,000 00 Bcbr. D. .-park* J arm. el, Aiu. gold 300 00 -rbr C.'Oii Htien?* Meres doubloons 48,000 00 K'cbr. Conquest Rlmfirande. g-Id and alher 4O0 00 llrig F. O. Molt. Neurit** doubloon* 5,800 00 ffeiimtr Ariel H*v e p 1-t W? 241,061 92 l o. do. do. Am. gold 31,000 09 I'o. Hfiiuann Prenien. Am gold 10,981 40 Ho. Atlantic. Liverpool U.S. Mint burs. 660,830 82 ] o. do. do. California burn. 08,300 80 llo. do. do. English coin... 138 66 Total for the we*-k $877,383 46 TtcvluuiOy 26,663,606 19 Tot?l for 1855 $26,440 988 86 Albert H. Xir,? lny's regular semi weekly auction sals of atoms and bond* will take pUee oa Monday next, the 5tb in>t., at 12>4 o'clock, at the Merchant))' Exchange. The Chatham Rank pay* three and a half p'T cent semi annual divide- d ; i- e National Insurance Company fifteen tier rent semi-annual. The AlneDy Jrurnal. aa the organ of the New York Cen tral Haiho.d Company says:? We were e-ignlrarit of a *?le of Central Stock, by a widow, the day ?m>-ei|uetit to 'he recent acono rally ru mor started through Wall -treat, u' a hoary defalcation by an officerot the mat. bde knew it was false?the I urchaaer ki ew It wa* false?bat the manor had the ef fect designed hy it* e*il auth ir-. It had depressed the* attM k. and lix?d lor a tune the mirket price which the lady was obliged to accept, and which InMluted upon her u wholly unnecessary ios-. The Journal does not actually charge thin nm u upi n ns, but still so cunningly word* it, that the Inference is left at our door. We have only to lay, in reply, that al though we beard the mm -r we old not publiaU or make the slightest allusion to it until -fter it was stated by our contemporaries, and then only to contradict it in effect. In regard to the widow, we have not much sympathy wl'h her. If she sol on the day of the rumor, she must have received about ninety-five per cent fur her stock, and actually have sawed about eight per cent?just a year's dividend. We hope there were many other widows who availed themselves of that opportunity, for we doubt If tbey will ever have another equally fa vrable. When be* York Central stock was selling at par we gave many gin si masons why outside holders should sell at the eu lic- moment. The stock i* now selling at 87 per ceDt. Those who followed oar advice have had no cause yet to rog-et it. The anthracite coal trade tbe past week was active for the season. By tbe three principal companies the ton nage for the week reached 113 7( 8 tons, and for the season 4,136,730. Tbe Lehigh Nsvigiti m Company shipped for the week ending on .-'afurday last, 37,112 tons, and for the year, to tbsldale, 1,136,317 tons. The Iteading Rall t< ad G mj aoy bruugut down for the week ending on Thursday, 47,838 toils, and f .r the year, to that date, V.04 7 618 tons Thl h shoot 233,600 tons mors than the road's tonnage to oorrs ponding date l.i-t year. When we add to tb"- the Uigely increased prices this year ob tained,'he prosperity and imp'rtauce ot the eompauv are at in ? apparent Tlie snipinents on the tiehuylkiU Navigation Company for the weak ending on Thursday, were 28.81b t ms a d for theses ou. to the name date, 962,886 tons, showing an Increase ol 169,906 ton*. CITY THADE RES PORT. -.vti lutsr November 3?6 I'. M. Af'itrfi? sales were made nl unchanged prices. Str ck 608 blil.-. bo-b sorts Bnumm?flmir?fbt market, in coo sequence of tbe loreigi. news, upend with a firmer tone, tbougn aa merchants bud not bad time to read tu?dr letters the mai I e1 was not a -live. The sales embraced about 6,0J0 a 7,(KK. bbls , part af'er tne close of the Corn Exchange, closing at an advabo- of I'.'!;c. a 36c. perbbl. The trans actions included etomon to straight State, at $9 36 a 81) 37; mixed to ch nor and common grades of extra Mirliigvn, tihio. Indiana. Wisconsin Ac , at $9 12 a $9 62>4; Cat ailiau was liiguer, and 900 a. 1,0U0 bbls. good coniro. n grades wi re si Id a'. (9 76 which waa 2fte. higher; Southern was also better * ltd 800 a 1.000 bbis. were sold at 89 t.' a 810 fi r ? mmun to goodtaucy brands, and fair to go-sit X'is do. at v i0h ill 26; extra (taueeee waa firm y held, without sales of moment. Whaut advanced frum do. a 6c. per bi.-l.el hut sales warn m derate, and included a trout 20,(00 a 30 0n0 bushel*, part after the close of the Corn Exchange. Among the lots sold, were 9.000 bnshels Interior to prime wliire CauadUu, at 210c. a 230c ; red Western brought lfe.'c. a 205c.; and red Tennessee 212c. a 216c. asked, fi'it white f'hio sold at 222)*e-, mud soute upper lakeai 200c Corn?The market, was np lJ4c. per bust el lbe sales cm hi seed about 80,000 bushels, tn cltioed in which ?u I tyat iiuaheis at 96c a 97c., and lb 00(1 ditto (Vesteio mixed'fr..m sum-at 97140., with eihir.nmll lots with n the range for sound. Kya wsa firmer, with sales oi 3 000 bushels at $1 26. Oat* and barley were ur chsn.eit. Gtru. The market waa quiet?160 bags Maricalbo sold at. t oTTO.".- The sale* w-te confined to sb >ut 200 bags without change in prion, lbe market hud not become established I ' ? For U or pool about 20,000 bushel* of grain n bilk and iu -til '- ln.g? we. e engaged at 9}4sl'l)4c Cotton wits u 'jd Re es to Havre were u no-auger t. A leml ?n- 'as-'i up to load 'or Havre, at $1 per b;il. There we# nothing ew f.?r Loudon. To California rates rat ged 'rem 4i. to 60 oon'-s pa. tiait mbasurcineut. Ha*.- Tbe inart et *a? qn-e at 70c. a 76c. Iran waa t.eld lor -e; ei price*. The report that Krai i f had pr- itibi'ed I e cxiH-rraiion was confirinel. 1 FsTt Mi?The nci ip r we. i iiinderate, and the week's nlee wt*leaswrUv*. Padmal during a g.**1 part of 'he | a-l mot -h ba heen ?e-y good aod prices for all kinds advanced 1 a 2" jet lb. A- manofactu era bate no' yet)mchafed 'heir win er stock, the demand will likely be gpotl t?irs< u.e time to com*. ~ ' wet tHoaS ?1 ??*-? Jn'iiaced about 506 a 600' bbls. Inr-ludit'g or ?- h $22 An a $22 76. and prime at $21 a $61 '.'5 l-sef wa- ste*-'y: 100 bhls. Chlnago re parked mes-r sold at $!? Giontrv p Ime and mess were un clumped. Verm- t.r me-* *as st $15 Beef bams werr ij? >e at* If a 117. lard?'.Noil 160 bbls. were ao|.| at 11 a 12c. Hotter was r eady st 18o. a 20c for Ohio, ?i rl 2Cc. a 24c, fi-r Stat*-. < hee-e waa at 9)4c. a 10c. fur f'hl". Kt r.SR.?There wss very lutlo doing, the day being on favorable to out--' or Ml inesa; Ahonf 200 hhde. Cuba mora vsdo were i?.V ?I prices ranging from AJ^e. a 6(40. V tighKV ? Ihc sales cnrti seed ateiut 200 b'rla. at about 4?e for pxis on wi h a null lot of 60 hhls. reported nokl at 41)?c. At the --lose 42e a 42Mc was demanded. H Ra-jport ol Deaths in t'ue rtty ant i-unty of Nea York from the 2TtU <Wy of OcK-ber tn the til ?taj of N'ovetntair, 1855. vteu 70 women. 71 b<.y-. 122, girl-, luO?'T"ta., 313 Adulie, 141 -htw en 22 mule*, 192. female*. 17 ei-lo eft peranna, 9. ItMUHf*. Ihcw of the brain 1 Fi acture of the thigh.... Aib-.tnlnalu am PriKht'a Manna, -li-ep-ni.f. dliiailiil kidney- 4 Pea t, iHaeiSe of Apoplexy ... 3 Hooping cough A:tl-ma 4 nH-mnuai ion of bmrela.. I Ladder. iilaea?eof 1 ntlammM'ionof bra'n.... Fleeillnj In in hi'Weta.... 1 inHimmtlut af ehmt.... BW<iii ? fi <>tn luntia. . 2 Inflammation o' heart... Mionchitla 10 in*lamm*ti"n of liver.... Can-*r of the rtosiecb... 1 n lamina lion of lung- ! Clilormit* 1 Inflammation ?f atoinaeh. Cbo.eri. '.bfnntom 2 nM-mtnat'oo of tl m-at.. (Vitrgimtli-n "I it* nr iin.. 9 liitlam-n- ion of troinb... C' tipi'-iioii ?>' in* 'umrM. 0 .leunolee (matin i'? "? bowel#... 1 la-aj-w (infant) OnaWBIIIlVei 4R I am vene-ea (infant) ? (oDTuhirn.-i. inftniiie... 29 Malformation ot heart... 'roup 12 Mtia-ni'ia, fad nil)...... 1 el-Hty, adult 1 Ma>a-mo*. Infantile. .... I elillitj. Infantile 4 Men-h-a relltitun tremtn* 1 Mortification of boveta.. iarrhma.. 14 ? .Id age 'b'op-y .,. ft l'al y lit op- y in the e e*' 1 -"ar'urltlon, difficult.... P-iip-y tr i lie dokiI 21 I'letiriay Fin wned 2 !? oinatur# birth Iiyaentery " Kh-mmatirin rn-iep-lii 1 H jpture of the Itowefj... f|ll"t -j 2 v-iofnla Fever 1 Smallpox, fever latermitten4 4 Spine, itiaoaae of (I'ott-'). Fever. poirju-aJ 1 -?tftll??irn 1'ever, remit'eti 2 sulci.l*, t>y I'ranch: acid.. Fever, arariet Ml fuelling lever, typhoid 1 Wound* levei, ty| bur A ?. Iraetme ot the a|ine... 2 Total Sti. a?i aim t.aviov?nnnuw fuuewn. Fonea junta. A-r 2 stillborn ami prematnre l.ratii -ii nerve 82 nlrth 8ft '-enerat-ve oipan- 5 stomach, bowel* and other Henri and hli-nt veaaeta.. ft digestive organ* 74 Al'4rv throat, ho......115 f'ncertaln -ea* am' gene 0VI ape,,, * ral (lever* 10 -lin Ac ?mi emptive Olnary ormni 6 ?ever- 13 963 ?air vhloh H we e rrom violent ranaea. *iiie I'noev 1 je?r 10ft 10 to 40 year* 37 1 to 2?e*r* 40 10 to ftO year* ' 0 2 to ft yeara 44 50 to f'4> yeara 13 6lol0ye*i* R 50 to 70 yearn ,17 10 1e 15 ye-ra 3 TO to R0 yeara U 1ft to i>o yeara, ft 40 to 00 yea-a f 20 to 2ft year* I ft 10 to 100 yeaca 2 2ft to 30 yeara 19 ? ToU! 363 aartvrrnei Brltieh America 1 Scotland 4 Frgland In Pnled State* W Itatn-e 4 t'nknown 2 ?let many... ?R Walea 1 I;riant... Aft Weat Indira 1 I'tndii 1 ? Tota: 8ft?> pi mm nwrrrrmoan. Aftnahmtae, B'k'a l*land. 3 I'ent'y lloap., B1 M'a lal . 2 t'ellivuc fln-pliai ft H-m. Path Orphan A<yl. 1 'My ft-epiw- 7 ?a?P? tal. fmlr* Hnap.. 7 Colored H??e B?apltaL.. 2 Worhhonae, Blall'a tal... 1 Inratn A-'ltn Bl'b'a. lal. 4 ? Total W wanna 1 6 iR. 1ft 2 1 l? *4 g. .1 I# 1ft t ' .17 11 1? ft (trcludi - Pity Hoap'l).' 1 17..... .*.13 a 22 IR 20 96 1" (inet nlea Biaokwell'a 8* K l-lainl H lapttal; A 2^ 20 45 ,0'."... 7 21 (iue. Bellevoe l(oap'1.2i l',. 17 22 ....*3 12 fincluftea B. anal W. __ Iliiaiotala* 10 inta. tftit THOMA" K. iriWvtNU. Oty In.oeetor City Inapeekor't fltw, Hear Tork, Nov t, 1666