Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7009. MORNING EDITION-TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. TEE ELECTION TO-DAY, POLLS OPEN AT SUNRISE ..... 6i3i A. U. POLLS CLOSE AT SUNDOWN .... 4i53P. 9. TWELVE THOUSAND CANDIDATES IN TIIE FIELD Appearance of the Metropolis the Day Before the Election. Namts of Candidates foe State, County and City Offices. THE POLLING PLACES. VOTE EARLY. THE DAY BEFORE THE ELECTION. THE CANDIDATES ON CANVASS?DI8TLAY OF BAN NKKh AND POBTBR8?TUB AMRBIOAN EAOLE, TUE SHIP OF STATE) ETC.?ELECTIONEERING POETRY? EULOGY OF A CANDIDATE, ETC-, ETC. The vaj lous political parties are making oxtensive pre pa ration- for the approaching content. They hare "hung nut their banners on the outer walla,'' and are awaiting the result of the contest with the most intense anxiety. Fur some of the offices there are at least twenty candi dates, etch of whom is sanguine of success, and all of whom are ready to sacrifice their own In teres la by ac cepting offices for the public good. Every means hare been re.-ortedto by these and by their friond. to secure their election, and money expended with a liberality that hounds. All the old principles by which par ties were formerly known have been completely lost sight of in the general scramble for office, and the great object of candidates at present is to get themselves on as many different tickets as possible, without regard to party. It is quite common now to find one man nominated by the ciiferent varieties of shells which once constituted the democratic party, by the reformers, the republicans, the liquor dealers, and a number of others, to all of Whom he has pledged himself to support and carry out their principles. Pledges are so plenty now that they tnay be had for the asking, and politicians were never known to be so lavish of promises and offices. As for Offices in the gift of candidates, they have increased far beyond all former precedent, for at least a dozen have been offe, ed to every one that is really in existence. It is astonishing, loo, bow many honest men anl unmiti gated scamps have been put up at this election, and if eveivthing said against them is to be believed, there U hardly one who is not guilty of every crime except that Of murder. Cards have been published la the daily papers containing the most violent assaults on political op ponents, and warning the people against voting for them as the most dishonest of men. Then again, on the other side, those same opponents are lauded up to the .skies and their virtues set forth at leugtb before the eyes of the wondering reader, perhaps in the very same paper. But the papers are not the only medium through which the Virtues and the vices of rival candidates are set forth: oirculnrs, handbills and posters of the largest dimensions ?tare at you on every side, boat the walls of buildings, lamp post-, trues, awning posts, and wherever a bill can he posted, eulogizing or condemning friends or foes. Here, for instance, is one which will at once attract the Bttention of the passer by with the glaring letters that ?tand at i ts head, each one of whieh is at least a toot long. It commences .somewhat after this fashion:? 11 Who is Col. Inkimin t A man who needs only to be known to be respected?a man who is beloved in private life, atd whose integrity aud many virtues place I dm above reproach. He has consented at the earnest re <)ue?t of many friends to stand for the office of Inspec tor ot a.-h hexes, and they take pleasure In recom mending as an honest and reliable man?a. one who possess.'the ability to perform the onerous duties of that, and who will not prostitute it for the evil ami malicious put poses of designing politicians." Then fol low- a long list of names of " reliable citizeus," who-* only intai e?t in the matter is their strong desire '?to have good men elected to office." Occasion is taken to throw out some insinuations against the character of the opposing i ..mlidate or candidate*,, all of whom, It is inti mated. aie either incapable of performing the duties of the office or are unworthy of the peoples eonfldenoc and support A- in*} be supposed, biU sticker* are doing a heavy busine-s am! are in great demand all over the city. They are employed night and day, and arc among the moat trainable ft It nd* and worat enemies of aspirant* for popu lar (hTora. Thia may appear atrange, but it ia a fact nevertheless. We heard oi one who mado twenty dollars during the last three or four days by pouting hit bill* over tlio a of rival candidate* wherever he could Hud tbem; but he afterward* got a pretty severe beating at the band.* of somo "strikers" who detected him in the act. Some of theao bilia are rare specimen* of the art of printing, and are got up with the moat striding effect. They ate generally embellished with ship* of State, arms of mechaniCN holding hammere, temple* of liber ty, born* of plenty, (horna by the way are plenty these ) bee hive*, and American eagles innu merable. N ever before a as the eagle made to p?rforiu such heavy duty?be U exhibited in every position, and bis i ervices have been enlisted for the occasion by all parties. Then there are the humorous and the satirical posters, which are intended for ail who are fond of a jol e. and the grave and dignified for those who think the election Is no joko. One of those which came under our notiie was evidently intended to use up the Know Nothings, and if It don't succeed th*u there Is no virtue in i*>h'.ers. "Sam" was represented by a remarkably ieau specimen of humanity pursued by a figure with the lung tail and horn* which are supposed to belong to a certain wvll known character, while a number of jolly looVti g individuals arc looking on and enjoying the rac< with tbe most intense delight. The temperance men me not so well represented on the walls as they were at the last election, and ia the course of our peiegi(nations over the city, we did not see a single ban ner with the name of a temperance candidate inscribed on it. It is to be rifretted that the politicians, with very few ixoeptloos, have abandoned the poetic mnse although thiy ap; ear to have cultivated the other branches of the fine arts most assiduously. There was one couplet which should *e:ure for the authrr an undying fume It re*-Is as follows, and we think the lover.) ef poetry will agree with u? in the opinion that in its line it stands une<|Uiilled: " I do not look fur office in expectation of booty, For if elected I will perform my whole duty." It w.d be perceived by critical readers that there are i few digbt defects in the metre and that the rhyme 1* not qul'e so pei feet as it might be, but to such w<* can only ??y. In language somewhat like that use I bv th* calibrated sir l.uciu* o'Trtger? when eioeerity guide*the pen, he is a brute who Would quMffltrKh 'he aiy'i. li. the tanner line there ts not so great an exhibition as we Uav -een at fotmer election* but what there t?, i* pretty g< od. It must V- remembered, too, that th writhe* has not l.een v-ry favorable for th, purpon and that a l i'ge number wer? blown down n fee dayi ag . Tl.e oust extensive, varied and artistic assortment is to 1-e found la Bromiway. where nearly all the ticket" are pffxatei fur the instruction of voters and tbe e lid cat.? a of the public generally. Within a few d >ori or Mile(n lane the banner of the city reformer, hi* been given to toe breeie and we perceive that tbe br-*/e h i* made title a big hole la It. This I* rather Invt-pcloo i f< i thtlr ticket; but they must not tie discouraged. Tlete ft' spreed eagle no >hipi of ?'t),e, no bm i i f plenty, no temples of liberty?nothing but the of the candidate, sad tbe office- they all ? \ p. t to .el. At the head ? f these I* the following, in simple, modent/un-i'.tnirig letter* whi'h weak *yl *r?i . however, would bar* *or..r difficulty ia s-e.og;? 1 at mi irat nvor..* *D??ta*r:o'?. g In i.s t te tub. a* yru p? . ?< I fu'ther ip II idwiy t? the Art,irtcau bmu,c a ,-< .id.roui afair and almost Saige em vgh f ir the toi.'asi'l of a man-of Wn It itbo de-titi te 1.1 tV u.,: i"i-e'J!*h' -at", ? if- or in voter- ma v know to what party tUV belong, the follow ing announcement U made at the bed*!:? ^ ///^///< ^ :: AMKRirAN NOMINATIONS. < <? //// // // / w //// 4> I'a-sing further up Broadway, we find a large number in the vicinity of Grand street. There was one seme where in the region of Econard stjeet, but it appears to have gone In the wind. It was, however, the onfy really artl-tic affair which lian been got up. The name inscribed upon it w?< Hany Howard, who proclaimed to his filends in large letter i that he was up for the office of Street Commls aioner. Iiurry was represented a* large an life, all but the legs?tho banner not being ijulte long enough, tho-c very useful appendages are cut off some whereabout tho knees. The amputation of these, however, seem., to have little effect upou him, as he is supposed to he run ning as hard as he can for the house 011 the other side of the way, although If be makes as little progress in his race for the office as he does towards It, his chances are rather poor. In one hand he holds a fireman's trumpet, to renaiud his fiiends of the services he has performed in the fire department. Broadway ltouse and Constitution Hall have both dis played in front of them two immense banners. Opposite the former is the banner containing the names of the candidates of the whig party. It is deoorated with an eagie and ship of State, and is very neatly got up, with colore 1 letters. At the bead is the following, setting forth the particular section of the whig party to which the candidates lielong:? ^ /W// ///W////W///AAW// //////// a///// /^/# A $ RVil'UR DEMOCRATIC WillO 2TOKl.NATlO.Vg. ^ The heading ot the banner opposite American Kail, in aH follow*:-^ ; AMKHMAN STATU TICKET, T Constitution Hall, whiih is above Bleeclcer street, and which was the scene of the late Whig State Convention? the convention which repudiated every attempt at fusion ?makes a liberal display of canvass, and presents the can didates under the following head:? UHULAK NATIONAL Willi. Y > NOMINATIONS. I The voter is further reminded that this is tlie na tionai wliig ticket, by a likeness ot Henry Clay, which ornaments its centre. The friends of Mr. Lefflngwell are determined to keep his name before the peopled*for we Und it no less than twice in Broadway. His name is displayed on banners painted with all the colors of the rainbow, intended evi dently to express the hopes which his supporters enter lain of his election. The banners exhibited in the Bowery show a great falling off in that locality in the love of the fine arts. Tltey seem to be utterly ignorant of the existence of the American eagle, the ship of Shite and all the other patriotic and electioneer ing emblems. They are evidently modest men in the Bowery, and are content with simply giving the names ot their candidates, and the parties by which they have been nominated. The first banner is suspended across the street neai the theatre, and bears the following inscription ?// ^/// / //# w/a/// /* / w I'NITED DKM(MTCAT1C NOMINATION'. ^ > FOR COMMUS*ION MR OF RKI'AfRfl AND 8CPPUW, i \ NATH'L S. PfCLAH. \ A little above this in another, equally unpretending, which reads as follows KKliI'lwiR DBMOCMAOriC NOMINATION ?> POM ,-HKHJFV. < * JAMES C. WII.I.EIT. X <f ~ . A 1 Then above this again, near Grand street, Mr. Shepard has hung out his banner A///A/ A^/J// W/ W//// // DKMIH ILATK I REJTWJCAN NOMINATION. i ton cot'AMa. io na corporation, * t. B. SHKFAKP. i From the foregoing display of banner*, It would appear that the Bowery is in the sole possession of the demo cracy. In Hud.ion street there is a grand amalgamation of banner! of all parties, and the walls are literally covered with posters. Candidates, not content with having their names presented on the full ticket, have ha! them print ed separately, with the office for Which they are nomi nated. and posted np in the most conspicuous places. In Chatham street the display of banners is not set great this year as at the last election. Whether the candhlates are less liberal in their expenditures in that district, or they are satisfied with the publicity they recehe through the medium of posters anil handbills, we are unable to determine. There were, it appears, about halt a doren altogether before the late storm, bnt it mace wild work with them, and those that were blown dow n were in very few instances put up again. Before >ou enter Chatham street, the first banner you see is that exhibited on Taminany Hall, covering nearly one third of tire front of that building, which presents a long list of candidates for the support of the people:? > DEMOCRATIC ucrui nmaucon "aiiiSSwctr wnaivmoss. citt a.vd rocstt Tti aar S Sheriff. .. .James C. Willed. Froutrty tTlerk.. Richard H. (kmtvUlv. I Comptroller Azarlah C. Plana. 5S!re<t 'ommtssloner. Samuel Allen | Commissioner Repairs and Huppllea Nathaniel S Selali. M'onnsel to the Corporation l/orrnro H. FbeparJ. } | t ii.i Inspee'or. ... Thomas K. Downing. s ; Cm en or of the llmshouse Patrick (1. Malonev. I i Coroners .... Mward It. I'onnerr. J ; Whllam icrajnnell. \ Joseph Heme. I Robert (lamble. ? irtnrlur riraxv. { Judges Court Appeals?lung Terns. Jtaarael I- Kelden. > ?Short Term Nlrhoiaa IftU, Jr. > Jt.-i ? '?( ihe Bnpreme Court .. .James R. Whiting. > I To (ill vacancy Henry Hilton. r Juatx e ? t>i ihe Superior Oonrt . .Kksnaei Cla'oieiTer. > llenrv Nlmii. I Judge of Court of Common Fleas.. John It . Brady, \ Justice of the Marine Ootni David CKKeefe Jr. i eeeeeee *> ll.e first banner in Chatham street Is that suspended near the corner of Chambers, and It is sufficiently Urge and con-plctiouA to be seen at a distance of half a mil , It bears the following inscription ? ; wkki iusst asp i lxumF ? amhuats f > roe r<*r%rr<'ijRK 1 ; docvlami LararuwELL I Mr. leffingwell has got the whole street to himself, and if lil* friends fail in seeing his name It willjhe their fault, rot his. Passing up Chatham street, the ne\t banner that meets thecjela one got up by the American party, and in scribe! with the names of llieir candidates. It i* ehout as Uige .is the side of an ordlrary sited dwelling, and aome 1 id the JetteT* are at leaat a (hot in length. There aie a lerge number of banners In other parte of tbe city, but they ere mostly all fac simile- of tri -? we have described. Ci*M?iTf* or THE FIELD. STATE OFFICERS. i*rnmraH( Ilard Nhttt. fttfl .VAeM. Soc'y of State. ..Aaron Ward. Israel f. Hatch. Comptroller T. M Mitchell. lemuel St teon Treaanrer J. M. Iron. Ariel 8. rhurston. Canal Coitimia'ner I I let'. Curtis Hawlsy eiate PrU< nln p r.t?ui !us Clark. I'atilrk H Ag.n Attorney (>et>emh . Jo*i*'t ."uth<. land, barnuel J. Tlideo. Htaie tnirimer....John P Fay. John It Jervls. Judge Court App'lsAemuei I. >e!d-n. Samuel I. Set den. Do. ih. it littu.Jolin WiJlar-1. Nicholas Hill, Jr. Km* AVMag hUirl Hf or >n. c'y of State .... J'-el T. Hrsolei Preeton King. (ouiptrHer isurn?/? Barrows. J.une- M. Cook. Ten surer Stephen (lark. Ala. Williams. ' .nal (? nuni?'n? r.f?. h. Wbelan. Hanlel M. Ili-sell. Stale I ris.m fn-p'r Wm A figaill We?l*? Hailey. Altney Ileus ral. stepb. H t nslrli'g Abljah Ma in J ftate Kagtteer... .filaa Seyt...ur. OaorgeHedde*. ? dgef ' nrt App'l W. W Cnmpbe!!. Bradford It Wood. Is. h.ct term. ' 'i Ohrnatock. Joseph Mullen. /.is/nor looUr- da'i tfrtin' 1.1 \ -ec'yr! state Aai n Ward Israel f Hat. h i Comptroller iwii.ial Stetsteu leiuuel Stel- m. Treasurer foaeph M I-jon. Ariel Thurston Chris I ('? mrnl" ne- Tlfuil let V> leit < urtis lia a ley. State Prison loep'r.Patrick II AgaU Patrick H. Aga Attorney ' meral ."xium! ii den. iajnuel J. Tildes - *ii? legist r : an I' ray. J hn B Jenrts. 1 J i c(>. rtApp'ls Samuel I "* law -amuel l . s . le Ho -hort term ..No h"u Hill, Jr. Xlcholea Mil Jr -??cretary >4 State ...f ed IhmgleM^ colored. ' - inj t oiler lewis whit" Treasurer James C iwteng white. Canal ( mluit-Is.ise.. .. Mr. "mi h, white Mete p i-' a Ins; eetor t.? W < whMe Atti- ?r Oeaeral J. H "ashon, e? rel "??ate fveneer fo-ire Anreala B. Crew-. ahi>.. THE JUDICIARY. FOB JITDGKH OF TlIE wl'i'ltJiXK COCItT. r**. Hard Shell Dem. Soft SMI Don. 1. ? ? ? ? Henry fill'on. . T. C. Campbell, Gilbert Dean. 8.... Ama?a J. Barker, Amua J. l'srker. 4 long term. ? Auguatue C. FLud. abort term. ? Alonzo C P.vge. 6.... ? ffm. K. Allen. 8.... Samuel Gordon. Schuyler Grippes* 7.... Addison V. Knox. AddUoti T. Knox. A now Nithinj. Whig or Fusion. 1.... ? E. 1*. Cowlea. 2.... Charles Ga Nun. Jaincs Kmott. 8.... George Gould. Ambrose 1? Jordan. 4 abort term.E. H Rosenkrans. Duncan McMorton, long term..C. 41. Beckwitb. Alonzo C. Page, 8,... ? Wm. F. Allen. t.... Schuyler Crlppen. Ramon Ilalcom. 7.... K. lWrwin Smith. David Wright. 8..... Hi. hvrd 1*. Marvin. Noah Davis, Jr. THE LEGISLATURE. SENATE. Uii. Hard Shell Hem. Soft Shr'l Dent. 1.... Wm. H. Furmun. Sauiuel U. Gardner. 2.,.. James C'leary. John A. Dayton. 3.,.,Thomas J. Itarr. Daniel K. Sickles. 4... John M'L. Murphy. Wilson Small. 8.. ..Thomas Fay. Mark Spancer. 6... .Thomas J. Munday Thome* J. Mute lay. 7....Denjamln Hrandretb. Ilenjainln Bruudreth. 8.... ? Wm. Kelly. 9.... _ E. M. Madden. 10.... ? Geo. T, llerce. 11... .John T. Clato. John K. I'orter. 12.... John A. Grtswold. Thome* B. Carroll. 13.... Joi-hua M. Todd. Joshua M. Todd. 14.... ? David Aldrich. 18.... ? ? lfl .... ? Fred. P. Bellinger. 17... .Stoddard Stevens. Stoddard Stevens. 18.... Joseph Peck. Joseph Peck. 19 .. N. w. Moore. John Stryker. ?JO... .J. C. Hatch. J. C. Hatch. El... .Wm. Deary. Samuel F. Davie. ES.... J. C. Woodruff. Daniel T. Uoscdey. 23... .Timothy Kugglee. ? Reynold*. 24.... ? Thomas Y. Hove, Jr. 115.... 1'anlel .fuck.on. Daniel Jaekenn. 20..,. ? Clia*. llulett. 27... .John B. C'roaby. Samuel 1'. Gould. 28.... ? ? 20.... ? ? 30.... Henry C. Brown. A. P. Canning. 31... .James I,. Barton. James Wade worth. 32.... Kleaxor Harmon. Heazor Harmon. Know Nothing. Whig or A tot ion. 1.... ? W. 8. Smith. 2....John A. Dayton. Cyrua P. Smith. 3.... ? Theodore A. Ward. 4 loaepta H. Petty. Wm. Allen, 6....H. N. Wild. H. N. Wild. 0.... Kraut in Brook*. ? 7....John W. Ferdon. Wm. H. Robertson 8..,.H. C. Wetmore. John Detamontaine. P... .'Ihomas J. I,yon. Edward M. Madden. 10.... George S. Nichols. George T. I'ieruo. 11....John W. Harcourt. C. F. Croaby. 12.... ? Thomas B. Carroll. 13 lustin A. Smith. Jamea C. 1 InpKTn*. 14.... ? George Richards. 16.... ? Zenas Clark. 10.... PcDjamln Carver. F. 11. Bellinger. 17.... ? Joseph H. Ramsey. 18....Addl?on M. Smith. Geo A. Starkweather. IB....John J. Castle. E. J. Kichardsou. 20.... ? M. IJndley Lee. 21.... I lanford Col born. Gardner Toune. 22.... Alfred M. Hoyey. lames N'oxon. 23.. ..Timothy Kuggle*. George W. Bradford. 24.... Moore Conger. Samuel C. Cuyler. 26.. ..James Melavne. Jamea Huntington. 20... .John II. Hale. Tracy Brodlr. 27.... ? John F-. l'atorson. 28... .Morgan Johnson. A. S. t'phaut. 29....Sidney Sweet. John Wiley. Id).... ? John B. HaUtod 31.... Jamea 0. Putnam. John I- Taleott. 32.... ? Roderick tt lilte. ASSEMBLY. Cw ntiei. IHsl. Hard Shell Item. Sift Shell Item. Albuny 1.... Isaac Whltbeck. Isaac Whitbeek. 2... .George Downing. George Downing. 8 lohn J. Olcott. John J. ohvitt. 4....James Brady. Jamea Brady. Allegany ... .1.... ? ? Broome George W. Borr. ? Cattaraugus. 1.... ? I/orenia I). Cobb. 2.... ? Ana m Stewart. Cayuga 1.... ? ? 2.... ? ? Chuutauque- .1.... ? Thou. A. Daborne. 2.... ? U. B.'owii. Chemung......... ? - Bui r Clark. Chenango....1.... ? ? 2 looefh Jutland. ? (Union Timothy Hoyle. Timothy Hoyle. Columbia? ? Coil land ? D, C. Squire*. Delaware 1 I'-alaln W Hayex. Calrln W. Hare 2.... Isaac Maynaid. Icar Mtjnkrl. Butche.Hl ... .1.... Alb. rt Kroan*. John V. W. Doty. 2....Daniel 0. Ward. ? 3....Jcel Benton. Ambrose Wager. Eiie 1.... ? Wm. Monteath. 2.... ? 0. Derening, Jr. 3... ? J. T. Wbeeloek. 4 .. . ? A. U. Haffom. Essex ? Moses T. Clark. Franklin ? ? Kulton ? ffm Slocuta Oeaaeaa 1 ...Jame- A. Rilling*. Daniel llank.r 2 ... Wm. If. Rumser. Ishem Newoomb. Greene 1.,,, ? ? Herkimer... .1.... ? Nathan Dray. 2 ... ? Wm.llridonbeelier. Jefferson....!.... ? DeWitt C. McOarin. King* 1... .John llatifor.l. ?. 2.... Krnnefa R Spin'-le. Francis B. Hpinola. 3.... Ouatarlis Swan. ? lew in leonar.l V.. Dona. leouMd E. Cone. Uvingstun.. ,1....I.yiuan < delL j Maillaon ..,.1..,. ? ? 2.... ? Thomas f. I'etrk. Monroe.... ..1.... Wm. C. Row lor. ? S....Patriak G.Iiuchan. 13fpbaz Turner. Montgomery .1.... ? Fran. A. N'ewkirk New York .. .1..,. Michael Ryan. Daniel Mechno. 2.?.. Benjamin lUy. Jos-ph Harrison S.ii.Janwi llayee. J. Henry Bevnit. 4 D Dixon. John D Dixon. A....John J R* Illy. John J. Iteilly. ?... Wm B. Altktn. Wm. It Aitkin. 7...,Iewi? I*. (,lover And. t an Antwerp. 8 'ohn B. I wen. Cornelius trainee. 0 . . K. W tlloyer. E. W. Closer. 10.... John CJulnn. Wm. f'allU. 11..,. James (J, In Roe. Jan. Bornbaoi. 12 'ohn Cunningham.Pater luwxnn 13,... George C. (knet, J. Nolan. 14 K/ra W. I'e-in John ''affray. 16... .Arthur Woods, L.D. Arthur W.s-dn I ..It. 14 lolio If Antl.on. John II. Anthon. Niagara . Ephralm William*.Koliert Whl'e. 2....Ceo II B. Taber. Onehla I....Peter Rraward. 8. MoKennan. 2 Tames J. HaurheU.Jam-il .1 Hanehett. 3....Thoa. D. i'enn(l>dd. Tho*. It. RenntleM. 4....Caleb Goodwin. Caleb Goodwin. Onomhiga.... 1 ? Sidney II Cook. 2.... ? l.oke Well... 8....s.fph. D. Dtllaye. Stephen D. DOlaye. 4... ? Ralph T. Reel Ontario 1... ? ? 2.... ? Myron H. Peck. Orange..,,. 1.... ? ? 1.'.'.. -i ? Orleane ? Oraoo Ton?lay. Otsego 1.... ? ? 3.,,.Brown Dtmoek. ? Put nam Benjamin Bai.y. Benjamin Bailey. Qnrcna E. A. lawrenee. ? Kensaelaer.. ,1.... ? Geo. R. Duels. 2 ? -eh'ler Oreenroan. Richmond Win. J Shea. Wm. J. shea. Root land ? ? St. Lawrence. 1.... ? ? 3 ... ? Alfred (low. Saratoga 1... JiM. 11. Seott. Oeo. 0. Sootl. 2.... Joeeybae Bantu.. Jnaepbua Baneu? Schenectady ? Alex J. Thompaon. Schoharie. I.... ? ? 2.... ? Cha?. Ih.lme . Sen ? Halsey San Itord. OteuUen .??..l... ? ?? 8:::: ? - .-utfolk 1 . John A. Raekett. Darl I H">d. . T. Hutehlneen Wm. ^ -mlth. suHiraa J -bn - Hughe*. C. Murray. sehuyltr ? ? ll.^fa ? Abrarn II *ll ie T. e.ptin" I ? Wm. R. I'ltcb. 2.. . ? ? I Iter 1 ? SoainanU -earing 2.... ? Na'lianiel Ro> ? Warren Th'-uiaa S. Cray ? Washington..!.... ? l?a*' w Bi-b v 2.... ? ? Wayne I ... ? seth Smith 2 ...T Itermnway Samuel E, Had* n. Westchester .1.... Ah m. It. -dr..r?g. A bin ft ftronf 'A .. EUCufUe HI Curtis Wy< ming Myron R*j doMk ? Yale, Henry Husted Gilbert shave*. CowwMer. Met. A won .VeMmo B*A.<; "r Dura. Albany I .. J M H->n-?, Wm futile 2.... Jackex-a King. I I Weilmas Ileary Jenkrnx. Ha ? Kin/ ley 4... II- ar> y Klmberiy. 11 las II. Ireland. Ah- gai.y 1.... ? I... JL W. I'aeh. llreome .. Wo. Peters. WaPer I. I' ? QSttanegna. 1.... Wm. - Johnson. I t\ r ?> t. Daelel Bo-kiln A I. HuD I'* f ..,,..1 M Myar* f 1 2. ..U'Nai. Useagt t o.. ? Ortmtin. Imt. Know Nothing. Wkiy or Fn.'i'>n. ILauiamjue. S. llinrkU-y. It. (iiMi, ? H. 4. I'rmtrr^a '> < bemung George Bennett. Hon J. lirtswotu Chiuang<.... 1.... ? ? 2.,. .Thomas Carter. Fred. JulianJ. Clinton ? ,-iU* Arnold. toluui'j.a. .Samuel TeiiBroeok James Mulfof 1. 2 Albiu A. lioywadt.Geo. S Snyiler. CflWtrid ? Geo. J. Kiomuau. Delaware 1? ? John Mead. a.,.. ? bekiel Kilter. Dutchess.... 1,...Jehu H. Ketcliam.John H. Ketcham. a..., ? Geo. Wllk.tiaon. ?1.... ? Jacob H.Carpeuter. ftif 1...J. G. I>e*hler. Asaph S. Uernis. 2.... Elijah Ford. it....John! Ait, Myron HtilwciK 4.. .. Joseph I'lumb. Benj. Multby. Essex I oh n A Lee. ? Franklin Albert Hobbs. ? Fulton ? WcMloy Gteamu Genesee 1..., ? ? Greene.,,....!.... ?. ? Herkimer,. .. 1..., ?? Samuel Greene. 2.... ? John Gird. Jefferson 1.... Paddock. Mart Mnssey. a..,. ? Inane Thompson. K.... ? Joshua Main. K inga 1.... K. D. Tat t. K. U. Tafl. a....Marcus I). Monre. David H. Seninan. 3.... Kdw ard B. Wood. Edward H. Wood. lewis ?? David A. Alger. Livingston . .1.... ? ? a.. ..Samuel G. Crook*. Abnro Bradner. Madiaon 1.... ? Solomon Baker. a.... Ralph Dell. 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