Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1855 Page 3
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iirawsiinrra ikjisv!8? okii nt. BAVitH AT Atcm^' ALBERT H. MI OLA V, AOOTIOWKKR.-k * _8*f.,*S stationer's stock at auction. Albert H* Til mi Monday and Tuesday. November 5'h and tkh, at A J . #1; laaa. corner Nassau strati, at 10^ oMoc* ea*h dev. by a. .. of William J Honiker, hat , bin eutire m mi* of i ituxiAry, fo* marly belonging ro Samuel v. Campbell Esq., o?,4 t*t;ng <*f a gaoerol asHoriuimt, among wbl-u *111 bo round Io n . m*J ii- i nm and raval h ank books tutl hound, Huoty mi it iuU bands, Whatman % drawing paper* poofcsoooxs an I fiaukaiV eases. Faner'g laud p??i?rt|g Newman's i rated ?va'-er ouliKt, lithographic noia?and draft*; no a. Infer and foniaotp paper*; envelopes, nc plus ul'xa *nl rosewood ?r loq dash*; Kfaiwb porcelain pump - glass and pocket Ink* and* paari an I tor* lobe shell card canes, also, iouWs, plaving cards, gold >i**n* and pencils tin cuitb boxen, tuck urvuoraiidtioi nook?, esses, portfolio#, port? mommies, letter ntioa, ic ; t'ie goods ice all ia perfect order, and will on ,<>ld wlthou resarvo to .j'oae 'be buslne*' a)so, nil 'ha store flx'urea, glvnn show cumui, tountera, desks, shriving, Herring's ?.??on nafo. tc. Tersru rash, In ha-kade moon v. and cat ai?v<? n ** cau be obtain?! on applying to the aticdoueer, No 4 iimad .ornet. AO. 1UTTLF, AUCTIONEER. OFFIUK N-? 94 t*OAi> ? way.?Attractive note of iasbtnov?ie first class "i .i;nt furniture ; a'ao one elev* it oak dining roo n h i .> (:he mt. :h ?I which wan sold for $?*',) to j* sold wulio v regard .? c?Mt, being ibenUii k ot M Wa"era. Esq 4. t7. I a tin ?*iil sell, on Thursday, at HMf o'clock. at th? prlv? a w*-aro-?n- or H. Wat tors, Esq.. 02 Walker st?e *. ne?r H'oudvay, li s .>utlr-* ,took of warranted first ela^a rur:. t ir??affor ling anopporlu jltv ?e| doin offered, to those who desire the hen o as-, or t'ona ?le furni ure ; all of which In guaranteed equal (if no* mine ??'or) r'? atiy.tnanufsc ure.J in this city. I hi* hums en rvir *e< oUigiut rosewood and mahogany parlor suit* alleh nris, etoirere*. hook oases, armour a glace, fimeuU* centre at t ext *n n tablet, Ac.a.o roue win id. rnabogir.v *r I wa'.int beiroom furu'tnre ; also one solid oak ulnim ntom * n o very -i- tly aarvrd ooniiatinff ot e cgern, erenalr.i tahie, 12 s? le and I. arm ' hairs, nnd lounge 'he in to ? >t which nv %? sold h?r %<\\. The whole to he soi l regurdlessof cost, for naah. Oalaiogues ready on the mow ing of s,Ue. A UCT10N NOTIOK*?LAROK PKHKYI*TORY fl \LH 05 -*?? elcgani In orfed gold wa ohes and d amoid lewelry.? EDWaED BOIIKNCK. wl i ?s?i %? /Miction this dsy a' ill? o'clock, at he safes room Ko. ir> Wsll H?.r*-e?, a argeanl choice Invoice ??f elegnnt <!ianio- <t ?*W"irv. consisting In p ir o* bracelets, pins, earrings. .? ust? ? a d jln/b* s one pirn a id rings, all rl *b I % moiiotsei fn Hearst /old; a'so. eluga i' rtJrr,IUh and French wa'ches In hunting % id o 'en cases, r -asls'tng of double ttmckrftiicrH ohruniuiiciera, duplex, pVew' and da tached levers, by Vjtgnir Htigcuten, I>e?it, 'toake'l a j I fi tr dihtlnguUbod makers; a'ao an unusuall' tins issr.r ni ?ut of gold jewelry, cameo do., Florentine and Ito nan mnsa'.; ?!?>. gold guarda vest chaiiu>, chatclainoa, do , Ac. Hale poubve, for cash. A8filGNF.K'8 8ALK OF M A KTIELlH, UTaOaKA. AO, for cash, at No. ti t-ortlandt ? n*et, up sutir< ? The sto.*k ?if mantillas, *e . of WtUuuciou a Uradtnan having ?.nn iast<a ??d, will be closed ou* for c?sh, at a rcduot'oo of lif'y (i3) per ient. The atock is one well worthy the attention ot dua'ciM. Auction koticb. *?crockrry, ouaah, oi a^3 and china?Py J 8. M. BAitTJ^dTr, Auctioneer.?'Thurs day, Nov 8, (in consequence of >??ate elec'ton no nl i? on i'u *s day regular weekly sale day,) iarg?? un-t attractive a'c if best W. O h ue and sll kinds common wire, glass of all kinl?, r?h rhira vases and let sets, cutlery, JJritinnU wire, Ac. ADMINIcTRATOR'8 8ALR OF KIOHr WOI48EA WA goiia, sulky harness, hlanke's, buff ilo roues, to , aino igsc which are ttie celebra'cd h ? the running tO'tre, tins, (formerly known as the Reading \farep als? 'lie NOsrel ra*i u horse Orsperho , and roaniro'Hor cou, Prince, heloiigiug to tiic estate of H. Arrow^niith, la'e leoeassd. The sale w ! t%ko Since at C, H. BIUTTONM, l pp?*r tanvav, Kasex eoun'f. . J., on Thursday next, Nov. 8. commencing at 1 o'nloca 1*. M. Auction noticb.-tiios bicu., aucfconb*?ci?by BV.LL A Bt'elt, Wedneadav, at tdl? o'chwk, a* 12 Nor h WJI lam strict, an tSteustve as?s?riuiool of new an J hoco.i1 band furniture, rem d to? rxmvenianee. of ?? e, vlx , tntroh* top dressing and olaln tiureaus, and douhl# Freucb >e I hleada, sofas, couches, sofa ?nd couch bedstesds. carpets, b* 1 side and bath rugs oinner a#ts ex endoa tables, cooking strives, mattresses desks, tables, chairs, Ae. Auction notice.?j. boc. art. auotionbksi?by 8. BOO ART, Weincdav, Nov. 8, at o'clock, a:'he auct'oti rooms, corner of b rankfort and ATiUUm otree^t, con s'able's sa'e of household turnltiiro--Sols ?, .arc un, carper, oil cloths, crockery, glass v. hi^, fancy oruanic.nta he.U'aa ls, frafher beds, stoves kitchen I umiture; al o, the enure s/stk (4a grocery store, removed from East itroadwav, teas, ;ug*r, soap, candeis. s'arch, spices, ma kurel, groi*ers* show case, counters, fixtures, Ac. CLOTHING AT AUO? ION.?M VYRAY, AUCTIONEER, wilt sell on Wednesday, Not 7, at 10^ o'clock, ?U !9i Grand slroet, near Kldricge a general asHortmem of wlntsr clothing, being the lialam e of 'Us stock '?fad .a'er also, one double case gold hunting watch. Will po-l |v?iy he sold with out reaerve. Deposits required from every pur< baser CCROCKERY. CHINA AND GLA88.-I. J. WaLDBON, J Aurttoneer?By MRS RY G. KV iVs. yq Pearl atrevt; re guiar aale postpone*! on account nf the election, to Wednesday, November 7, at 10 o'clock, from the shajva-* a splenlUi as eortmeot of every descrip^on of ware aril) be offered. Including the stock of a retailer decliuiug bus|ne?s ?'i#y an I coun'ry *rade tnvltod. Gooda well packed for shipping. Hale* here after every Tuesday. CHAN T. FLEMING, AUCTIONEER.-ADMINT8TR.A tor's sale at auction?On 'Ihursdav Nov 8 I KM, he tweer the hours ot 12 M and 5 I* M . on 'he premises ?illthnt cert . h' ?* and lot, containing l.v^ acres ot vaauaole land inn high ?? of cultivation, Ja'c tne property of Benjamn Farringtoii d? ?-??aed sitna'cd at Ocesnp W New ferret, ad 'dfi!- 'he H< 'i 8hmw shiirv river and near I?ong Branch, wiihin hi. liiiuirci \ arils of the land'nt o' the s'earner daums ' l.rMopb i which plies dally to and from No*- York. The lm* pro*.euifc' are a two story d?elllug ,?r<s b.4rt?, wagon haute mdother ?>u buildhsvs, a>l new. Oo'kI marl water, fralt trees, emlng, Ac. OoodhioiiM made known on the day of sale. JOHN D. FA RUING ION, Adm.uistnitor. DO NASH, AUCTIONEER?8TORE HID BROAOtV AY? ? ha e ol ho us* lu. hi tu?*niiirc, on Welnrsdav, Nov 7 a' 10 o'clock, A M.,a? 126 Kai' i weniy uln :ist eet, be'ween second sod 'Jh'rd evrnues, cona's'lng of, In part, sofas m?h ?ganv chairs, ta Jes, Bru ?e'Is urd Ingrain ??arpet#-, mirrors, bedids and bedding, waalmtands, cane |cnairs. stoves, kitchen wa/e, crockery, Ac. Diamonds and gold jewelry at \rrcrniN? J. L. \ andewatnr, auo'loneur, ul.l aril, this la (Tics '?>). 1"S n'oVfk * the sains room, 12 VKidru l?ne u ina^nlQ ecru stock ot diamond jewelry; consladni of single "tone and cluster rn.g., f e s:. im weighing from yt carat to 4W oara's , do. bronchi's, ear p-lngs. studs, to. Also an Invoke or 18 carai Imported roul watci rs double tltnrrv, Independent seconds, chronr.metr i a, KukIWi patent levers, ali :?> the moa* crlr'irate.l makers. Abu, oue martiHic nt sterling silver tea ?p'; do. uups, spoons, Ac Alao, IK carat ..old vest, fob guard, anl ??liatelaln rlutloe. Alao. a lire of gold je v?l.-y ar-ioihas act w bit cameo, mosaic, Florentine. ?r , ear rloja. studs. ilc.e ' I tit'ona. Tlie above aale affords a fine oponc unity to tlioae In svrjit, a* every lot la warranted of tlto Brat clans. Euan combs, attutWWIIH.-THI? vorvivo. at lt'>? lock, at fie Nassau atreet, a lar te aa orlnent of household turntture, mnslell'.g of rosewood, mahogany and black aa>nu parlor suita, covrred In satin lirocol of various lattrma; alao. pli.ab. dnniark an I hair cloth litirca'ia, b< dateada, carpeting, Ac. ?J7I7GENK B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER,?HY FRANK Tj lln A Nichols, peremptory aa !e of rtrb caotnat furniture. Mahogany, oak ami walnut dcng* tor banks, inatreucn ofllovs, and coomInn room-; rose wood. cult, black v. alnut and Imita tion ward -obea, boolrra- -a. secretaries, amour* Ac To mor row, Wedreaday, Nov. 7, a' 10\i o' dock Messrs. F. A S. will sell aa abott all the furniture contained In 'he spacious warernorns. '0 Nassau at., neir John s'., rotiRistlng of i full a?*om.ent of parlor ball, dining room, recaption room, library and chamberrurnrn-e. together wn| gilt frame ? rco-h plats mirror--, oil pslntlDga cbloa preaenta, g<ia rhan toilers, Ac Also hair mattreeaca, pall n? pa. bolsters pillows, Ac. The at tendon of the trade and housekeeper* generally ta Invltel. tlt.s being probably the larce-drtork > I faablon ible flirnlture offers I tills season. F.te. v facility offered country pure! asera lor -?hipping, peeking, Ac. FU OR HALT-? BY COBB A CHfT.TON, AT MRRCITANfrt' Exchange, on Friday, Nov 9, at 12 >'rlo"k, three store* and dwellings fronting on Ninth avenue, ind comer of ASth atreet; also the h cum No 224 Twenty eighth street, f irntshed oomplete.wt'h moderr Impro-et.'en'a; slso. two rsltiaole lo's on Twenty-eighth street, two hundred and twenty four feet west of Ninth oventie, 2ft hy 9ft teat 9 Inches. Thla property is worthy the attention of purchasers wanting v good Investment. GROCKFt I MS, HtlRHE BLANKKTH, HEWINO MACHINE, Liquor*?This day, at 101, o'clock, at a; Hey street, cor tier of Greenwich, hard war -. tear, coffees. sugars, raisins nvraata, pick!.*, sweet oil, tigs, soap. primes, knives a ?l forks saws, scissors, French tlnwato, clothing, hoys' js ikew, ahlrt collars, vlocks, Ac, W. A. CARTER, Auctl >ne?r Henry u llkdh a co? auctioneers.?or Wltii. 10 Nassau atreet. Assignees' sale. Toe largest BlOCt or mticlc, Ac., ever offered by motion: all of the moat faahkinah c kind, without any resnrvn. IIKNHY If. LKKI'H A OO. will sell by auction, on Toaaday, Nov 6th, and Wed nesday, Nov. 7th, at los otclock. each day, at No T.TJ llm*! wa^, corner ol Worth street, (late Anthony.) the largest *toeg ot fashionable musk erer offered yy auction, consts'lng of son,s, narrhea, trios, si-bottlvchea, rondos, Ac . Ac., with all the hc?( opera music. Alao a few musical Instruments, pianos, melo deon#, Ac. Hale without reaerre. Henry b. berth, jr , auctioneer ?arrionkk-i' sale ot the large and splendid stock of groceries, teas, wines, Ac , contained In store No. 749 Broadway.?HENRY B. HhkTH. Jr., will *ell as above on Tbu-aday and Friday, November H ami 9, at Id o'clock each day, hi order of the u signed., the entire a'ock of fine groc> -t?s, teas, wines, liquors, Ac., comprised In part of chnfre teas Imperial gunpowder, young hyian, hyson skin, Oolong and Hour bong In various size packages; Java nod Mb ha coffee, chocolate, coroa, white ami brows refined sugar a. crui bed suga-, Kng>Uh sauces and pickles. Kngdah and French tn'ularda. In casks, jsra sod boi tlei, spices, olives, asnline-. anchovies ?weet oil. ap<rm, w?i and adamantine randies: whl'e. yellow and Gaelic snap, ? boepe binter, Hour, raisins. 0g*, pru/i"s. prt-erved *m,er, marsrtinl. vermac III. Sing la-? II,ie ohl II tnawy brsndv, Londan dork do , Outrd. (Tbabard and ott-cr eoena- bran Ilea, In casks, dam Johns and Oot-les, pore port and alierry elue-. Sarel. Hi. Jullen, Hi. K?lephe and chalean Margtuz. In casus, Charles' Ismdon cordial gin, Hohsads gtn. Insh,?root,-h and Motinngahs a whUkey. London por*or, Hcoleh ale, rnrduls, <irti|u, preserved Irtii's, flue Havana <eg?r?,of various choice, brands, amoMng an.I chewing tnha no, snuff, Ac . 'ofe'hcr wltii the u*url aasrirtmcn: of goods found in a first claw gro cery roai llshmeni; alao. tlio *tor? fliwre*. eountera gi?as ,-aae. Iron safe, desks, Ac. Tortus cash, and depoal s re i'ur? d fiom every pun baser. j TJKNHY II. LRKDH A Ct> , sCCTIONKRRH NO 19NA" J"l sau llenry II lee. I A Co wtlt sell by a'trtlon n Wedne-dav Nov. i, household furnltnre at lot^o ciock. a. u?e rend core No. "1 Kemsm st,. Brooklyn, third <toor rrom tlenr I st . aj: 'be furniture ronta-oed in iha sold house cooslsdng In part of tom wo,*1 sutta tn hslr cloih; r >sewni>d etegercs, rose s rs-d ma.ble b>p centre tabic: Brusasla and Ingrain canieta, ..I rhsbs n. top areas,n? bureaus and wash stand., .is l,og..ny French 1#>lstea<!?, hat rack, very Que bl .ck wa.nut ? itet.slon dining tobln, mattresses, tables, effm-kery. gla a ware, Ac. ( KNnY T. I.KF.DS, ArtTTIi'NKER ?BY HENRY T. LRKITH A Ct. ? Hales roan. >1 Hokai.n street?To in rrow, Wednerlay, a' lol, o'c! k a< the r.-st.|cn -e. No. 6) Vetlck street, near Canal, 'be whole coo ten s ot the above h. nee coes'sttrg of one eleg-.n* roacwrrsi pianoforte *1 h gu? noire -met AH*I, one elegsot rewwofsl parlor ?ntt, coeered In .-p-h eatin hroealel; one do , covered .n datnaek: *n plena' Hrnaerle, three ply and tngrn'n eari-e's; riwew.vsl -"ntre, site and sofe uhles; marh'e u>p large rrenrh pUie and ovil mir r.,r? roaewnmt msrhie top bur.-aue and washsicnds, large rose w<4id aide .-tegeres, mirror rmnt and bark?oo? Mai. r.swwool and ntshogany rarred do mirror ba.kt alao, mahogany a 1 rosewood K lahethan bwtaieadi, F.en It do . <ooJ h?.r nvs' ire www palnasses rlrh rhina vases, nil paintings cb* k? .-hairs, otM Ae. To he sold without any reeerrs whatever. Oat* Ingura 'o be had at the bouse, ftn Friday, at our salrs rooins aaslgnte ? isle of a Urge and valuable asairttnant of furs. ORTOAOE HALE.-JOHN W Ft)MERINOTICE, ADC. tloneer, stove No. Jll North Wllllaai at , Bear tTiatlism, will sell no Wednesdar Nor. T. at 11 o'rloek. hy vtrtne of a rhatlel nwirtgaie. a' No. 73 North 1st st., Wbhanw org, Itron aetues 1 soap kettles, and serenty-clghi randie >a>nti.|s. J. W HtiMKHINDYKK. Atioruey for Mortgagee. j ~Kri,h7 xrnmxrtR -i wili. hkij? tiih day at 10 o'rloek. at J1 Catharine stree' the new and well selected stork of dry gooAe, contained in said *tors. oom ortalrg a full sw rtmsttt of hlark and < .lore 1 silks, Freooh sn.l kt.gMah mertnoea. lougend sinare shawl*, hlanksta, qOt s ko enFRirm hale.-w. c. amh rtch, auotionrem S will "li on Wrdnewlav Nov. . a' l?S oVbrk. at No 19 t ..nrt street opposite t hy Hall, Brooklyn rises is*l. ma *> ?an* parlor hedrnom end dining romp 'urntturo earjwts. o.l "hdha end draggeu. also ihirte.-n parlor and cooking ?tove?, al ver pla'.ed tea eeU. tirns, apoons forkt. and e'lcy m ?trrr <l?wrip4i<m. '? I*TIT. if i. * TmrUR. ?Alans AT lOVnOR. 1UNI8 MORRKI.L, AU< TIONKKH EXTENSIVE AGO X uon rale a' No Si Nawoiu i riu , mi Wedoe*l?]r, *Or i'th, ?I W% o'clock. *11 ei'euaiie aaaorloieiR a f'li . unrloM oT AinlMu*, of n.-ewood, An., f r parlora, Ac. .1 .a* .uapiu en fro a ~i tl*?? mirrors, oil painting*, super*,r u,,k pUval wvt ft* u If u*e. In all * dealrable aiook. Sillllhfrt) ?; " ? ? iw*. * I1H1 ,?prouin *' ihecltyof NC Tocfc, oulheffibdv ivooaier i-aj o'clock. noon, UndernndlBpurauaooeof *?rer*l vrt'e nf'w.' , otllonl exponas, l?med out of tn? United dta e* >>.n aoi ? Jow for the Southern diairfr 'if .Mew furfc fin. eoleu li I ?td wed Wmiwu *teamba*l, oelehrateu lor hrr spool. wnvan n *-? iii.gaiuent*. sixl e?re|Ieu*.* loos for nat-nigeri 1+ regiebred Mthe Cnalota Hiium .?? >f we burthen ?f en 4d 96 ?4P"U"*i ?n ii hjo 1114 ilMJ'" III ?!*?*' ?# . 3W fe*! 5 tnriles length. fi;?' tS^ t??,vhu? bre* lib mi <# tert (J in^-he* (W pih. .ste |m now lyliig At 4?o frvrt ?f tiVmMu Htrnet, NOfUi rlvir, where nue ra.iv be *x in in ft pr^vum* to toe m a 'J he ne'e will he on mlvMntweou* twos ?> ^'K.-nn #T*. viz: f'(l OObetiHh on the <)*y of gitle, *i<i he a ? e r#u 4 credit ol Ihree, six an>l nine mitiifts Toe (iiIauoa 10m te cured by approved ?? ?dorsrd nutee. Aid a rn >rlg*< ? ujin 'be v. KMel to Merure t?ir payment of mM no e?. I'd* va* t?> ??? u^ured tor the i?jmiiijt o ?*>ich ??* ?u -e ic#** 'ho benefit of the liixvilt-u I?;r U??J it iioillll () M'lCTl M4 4)1 'O IOr >Q<) OliiO'lt. 01 me ruo'tfitfree The receiver ol iha i?o%l wll'. tf donlred, untie the under signed iu giving a tlUo to ih* ?>ogt A tK Uf tMT UfLhfhJR, U. H. Mftrtjhal, 80inborn district ot New fork. W M WITTKKK, AUCTION Ub.R?WILL 8SI.L OS Wednesday, at IU>i oVkiek, fli 191 h.jrn Hlrnot til the el pw-ur, chunkier an t kUch?n lurtitture tu th?a?<?te i-tlng ol liHit'l.-toat n pier no 1 mvitN fluw eery tni* o?hei chair*, op Uvbltm, tapvtlr* a id ol :? enrol'* bail oil r Jot ha, mahogany and other beds! ?a U, htle ui.d oibt uuitt?bed.' and bedding, dlnniugroom and kif'dieu 1 until ure. UKW.vuns. $1 000 ^F,,TARn AV" OlVTfO*.?'TITR SCHiORl Offf r? Ibe ulii'vo roward for lb. * Un hot markvid V. J. M ?. IU. wtih ('* .1 in en *, ?w!en fr.nn Kr Mnehan o?' llink on the !ltborl*h; an I alio c* 1 tlotn the pu' Uc from porfUariitK. rocemnir or In 1 ly "IV !!.' go IkUjim die ft luiwlng deiorlhiirl houJi; ?Town if \ 1 v irk. ' h o No I 7 per reut, due tn 1N"). t'o-taomu h l!t>,' I'un, ?lii*. 3", '*) 7 per relit, du? In Ifnirt; Oily of \e.eo >rt. i?b|o, Ho. 2.7 pei oen'j rrauklin Uoanty, 1 ihlo, No tS, 7 per re it do* n lh.,'P; Oil) of flbltlmblM, Ohio, No ,'IH. 7 p-r oeni In,) in H it; iteliui'lm R?ilni?(l, Ohio, Noi IS J;. 6 p. r oea', ine tn I 11, Hiule d *nd \V*?filnjr?on K* Iroad, Noi. 101 153 ilptrroit, doe In IMP; 0 BVnUnd and Hituhorg tkailra.i l. Hoi. ftiO Ml, 43i, 7 per rent, due In ItiHl; New Turk and Krie rtallroad, H ?. 1,'JI',. 1 OM J per run1, due In IS,5; i)nio boil T? ou'lr* n? Kill road No., aid, ,00 ,jlo. flkl, 7 per or it doe .0 IS..S, 'oin n bui and Xrnla Kallroul, ,>i? U, 57, 7 par oent, duelnHi/, Dauphin and Hue'iurhnniia I'nal ijn.. No Ud, 1' par HI of\?a - - ? MnrlpHge, IMtJF of Ni-hrllle, No PHI |P|, d p,tr re it <)u Id/7; fJourhnQ I i.iinrv henliiriy, No. I, 15 6 pur emit, doa iSn; Mdwraukle ill*, No l'<4, Id percent die Irtil; fenmrl/ail* Coa' I'onipany, *o 31a, 7 per rent; New Allxnr and sale n K. K.. No. I nay, lit M irigage. 8 per oent, Kvank/ille an I llllnole Itnllrnail, Noe. 77,'|H. 79, 48, ,9 a)4 7 per rem doe IN, 11; I'uilaioaiid New Vnrk t-liy Kallroad Nih.hI and id, I per .rem, due lri<A, Mlohlaan i.'ennal Uallr aul Mo* ! i.H 4 118, 3,72#, 8 per rem, due UMd; Me nu and W Kallroal Mo. ail, 7 per oent; lake Erie and tTabaihaud St f/mt. di.lrovl. Nim. 198. 7 per cent lat Nor ga.'f Nioreriiole do 1 I "13; Kaon and Ham don K R., Noi I9tl, 184 7 percent, In. tf irt gaie, lludaon Hirer Kallroad. No. :i,3A0 7 per cunt, .dim, the pillow tig dearrlhed notci ol hand;?Mo. fi.vM. A. T., payuble U>order of H. T. Iiriggi, 5400 duguit I IHlrt, d 1111.; No. 8.462. Ptelil A ? eel. do , 8UK1, AUKitit il, IRM, 6 in n , No 6,474, O. t. laiho, do., $2U0, reut. 10, 1866, 4 >nu, .Mo 6,4 .8, O. W Ja bo, do . *AI.'t 04, rept 10, 18V., 7 m,w., No. 8 47#, J. M Thai or, do 5113. Sept. 12 1863, 4 mot.; No. 3.187, I low la .d A Aeplnwall, payable P> order of a 1'rlia.v 32*1, dept. 1. idjs, .lldaya, No 3.1b#, A. Vau Valkenbur;h li Co.. 'Iw.ruwii r, fifc lW, r - " de>, I'.TOW, Pept 28 1854. 14 m??.; No 6,140, V. Man Valk .q bnrgb A Oo. their own order, 5. *t 94, 8epi. 28,1851,16 on*.; No, 3,467, Hyde A UooilMoh, pavanlo o orler ,t. M. ol rtt, (idjn, 1 lu.e 28, 1866.11 m ta ; Acker A harrta. tbulr own order, I'd 248 in, June 8, 186s, 8 una. Nee York, Oct. 27a 1865. 'J. GrKMN, 16 Valden lane. <5>0/| RKWABn.?A GOLD WATCH, To III AS' M iKR, 0 ?* euppoaed to hare been dropped In a Broad wa? *1 ?ge 1 he above reward will bo paid by leaving It at tho Kvere.t tJ.iiue. room At>. jTO/I KEW4RD.?8TOI.RN PRO* SRC.K HAY, 'k hD on Tureday, Oct. Ul, 1866, alamlly row boat, elgli ee.i fcrl l?hg, 11I t ol ci d ir coppered, rivru-1 Uirouxhoul. IU: krel five tnilieu wide, Uitrnded lor four pa'ri 01 ikiUK pipped white, wlih green rtruuk nulaldc and p.nk Inside Thenoi'li three mnnlhs old an.l hne leen ver, U le iis.-J. RulUby John It. Webb, Apply 10 A. H. MlckJe, Jill Waioi alreei JOilN It. WKbit, .too and JlS Water creel (Sj1/? REWARD WIIX BE PAID. AND NO yilKd ?JpA" tionu nskod, fi r tho return of the following hu .k , to 23 1 ilib Mreet. WlldatUhbnrg:?3 vnlg playe by Mot'ea ii; 29 vola. odplaya; 1 alalogue of Iliirurv of T. PIciboo; ?ih and 8 h vols, of Warbnrloii'H Stiakepearc: 2 tola lUuairailooa of rhak peare by I'ouce; catalogue of Slurp's IJbrarv; 2 I OS of IboniMiii'H ?o'k>, iollo. 1 he absvc were o. B intii. Bto'hcr a Co., on the .llal October, and have elthar been mm laid, or loat tn tranaltlun from tho wile to the purchueer. db-|/k REWARD.?l.OBT, A SMAl.f, IILAI'K AND TAV "1" terrier dog, with cropped oar* and abet tall. Anr peraon who may have 6'und aald dog, an.l who will dcllv.-r blin it No. R Waahlngton place,aball receive ten doll t'-a reward. Cb r RF.VYaRD.-LOST.ON MONMlvY, NOV. 5, IN UXTH Mi f ) avenue, between Twelfth and Fourth atronii, a leathur hag, containing one 910 bill, and be Wet with miniature. Any pi rion n lur iiing the same to lti9oikiu avenue, will receive the above reward. LOUT AMD KDUBTD. piAMK TO THE PREMISES OF TIIE SUBSCRIBER, (JN I ' the evening of Friday, " ov 2, Un co ?malt pig*. which I ownercan l.avo by proving proper!* mid paying exp'nat'it. Apply Immediately at N>. 016 Ninth avenue, c >rn?r of Forty elghih ?'r. rt DOO STOLEN.? nToLKN, FROM NO. S7 AVENUE O v>Li Tburaday la t, a Mina'l rough Srntrh terrier 4iv; h*4 to a collar, oltli the liime ami residence ofIila o*': rr, I. Klliolt, lint thief bad better return btm Immediately, and thus nave n Melt to the Inland FOHM)-IN A BROADWAY AND MADISON AVENUE ?lege, a gmd watch. The owner nn have It by applying at -IS 1'; or,r street. I OFT-DOWN TOWN, HATDBDAY, SD INST.. A PAIR J of gold towed M er'arlc*. I'lie Under will oe IIIlM > ttj re Worded by having them at 24 Fvuth atrcot. J. O. WHIPPLE. Loft?on friday nov. 2, in iiboadway, oppo el'e the I'tty Hal', In one ot Ute Seventh avcutw omiilouar* a rnimll porteutotii ate, iv-uta.n'iig nearly $U in motley, noma tn to t?. p.eren of poetry and uotier of marriage*. flie llnd -r will receive a sul'anie rew irtl by returning tlie vain- ?? No. 413 Eighth avenue, I.e' Thirty fifth an I Thlrlj aiv h atrueta. I EFT llOMF.?ON THURSDAY, OOTOBTR 11. lnVI, jVihn Itiuin. aged 10 year-*, htd on a hickory aliin, blue pnnm, alb rat-el atrtpea. no ja ket; bat light htlr, (v ry coaire.) biue eyea, sharp feature-, and h*pa when talking. Any Irderniallon content ug the anld buy, may bu lei- wt>h hi* niinber, It; t'atlierliie alreet. ItlST?ChKTIPIOATR NO ft>2, THIRD AV.'CNCE ft AID J rvawl On to O. W. June*. tor 74 aliaroa, da' -d July 27, INU. New certificate applied fur. I osr-k REWARD?ON WEDNESD AY I,.ART, ON ^Fiflh atetiue.a tady*a embroidered p?-ltet haodkerchlel. w lib tmnie < mliKddri ed tn full on the eo-i-er. Apply to Onaiii'iei A. T. STEWART A CO., Hroa/lwny and fftiaiiiber* at. LOFT?ON THE 18TH OF OCTOBER l,.AFT, A RKDIHII long hatred aetter dog, aome whi'e halra on nl* - lea, hole hi ore iar, name "Zarli." Oo re'urn oi vale dog, or Inform* thill wl ere he la, at the corner of Dean and Nevlne street, Brooklyn, a kultuble reward will tie given, H. W. Tiltiftl'. PICKED I'P, ADRIFT, OFF EATON'S NECK. THREE loga. 1 he owner can have the ?mi> hy proving proper tj ar.d paying rhargee. Apply to C. FREEMAN, llvyliw di ck, Thr- gg'a point. TO PAWVBROKF.RS AND JEWKI.DBRH.?LOST, OV Futurday evening, the ,1d tnat,, a dlAmorid ring, ve> In gold containing n'tie etonea, large, and of ihe Brat water. A llbo-al reward will be paid lor Ita .recovery by applvbigat theofhte of the hi. Mrbolaa Hole'. TO PAWNBROKERS AND JEWELLERS -dost? a gOid watch, "llarrlann maker " wttii a gold chain md anal abac) ad; behig valuable aa a gill, a liberal reward .vtll be paid for ita recovery, at the office of the Ht. Ntcholu Hotel. U'MI ADRIFT-TWO STICKS OF OAK TIMBER, TT aupiHieed to bate gone down the river. Aaui ablere ward will be paid tor the recovery of one or both, by C. A R. POILDON, 224 South ?tre -t. HOTKLS. ST. OKOROE'S HOTEL. 834 BROADWAY, IF NOW open for the recaption of the pnblle. Several aulta 'If run ma are ready tor the reception of famtllea and alna.e geoiae men. < bargee moderate. Every attention req.tlTte for the comfort ami convenience of peraona vlvttlng title .-etaMishtnent, will be cheerfully beetowed, ao aa to render It In every reaped a drat elnaa houae. 1HF SMITHSONIAN HOUSE, <>n the buttpean plan. Broadway, corner of lloiutoo atreet Thle new and large hotel, newly fumlahnd, and In thorough order heated throughout by ateain Ph.**, and with all the ep Biitmeata eg the Mgbeet priced hotel*, offer* to trevellera and public, Including famlllea, wuuirtnaaod a-romtnoUbona t lower reta* than ?f amebic at any llrat rlaaa hoteti tew deaarablr ?tngle r?. .-ma will he fat ftrr the winter, p> ganUe men, at from F2 DO to ffr. per week. SIDNEY KOI'* A*. Visiters TO Havana.-mi s. W. WOOLOOTI I ffrr* ht? cpaclutia and eotomod on* houae, "Tlet .woe rtcan and Kurttpeati Hotel." I alle de urn (tflroa 4A. -boated tn o:>e of the n net pleeeem locelltiea of Havana, to timae who may rtalt that elty, aaaormg ibera that everything ahall he done for the*- m.mfort, and every fheillty alordod to make eseuratoaie u> the onun'ry, Ac. N. B Mr. Wooteoti, or a per*on of lie houne, v pi Ita ever* ateamer on her arrival, tn receive air ui?ar*. THE MILITARY. ri ARDFDAFAYETTB?fhTII HE'it MEN r ?A NEW ASH cidnpote on I trwi for sale. Apply to Mra. WlN iNT, Ijo Ma< d..iii,al atreet. TO THE EDITOR f?F THE NEW YORK \ DD.-I S I ha tribune of todty we Wii.ra on rela licvolod i be rhanghnl Hoard, a gang of >lt*ordei I'.ee," whleb do<-a na a t n llagretit Injtiatlce. that we feel called upon, on beltilf rg our fellow member* tn denounce It a* an Infemnu* ?.an b-r. rondnrt of the tiuarda. a* a ttody. Iiae alway* even ch*r*e...e lr?d by older and decorum lor *e u"erl> deny that any vU. '.era have hten jovtlel, or anv female nahtOUnra In. 11:#-l bv nmDil ere; arid their w hole effenee ??mi pi eon .1*1 In wear tug tdu<g ptnk rth ea. and walking two by two a. . iml -on Enlace tlrare offrnee*. truly I ami calculated to call for the targe dtap'tvy of the pnlu e force of .Sea York, whi'h gree d the aalonlahed eye* of the Mailer* at the I'nlane on tie ir lv , eveidug. In eouelua.on, we earneatly reniiea every ante t - b> be at the regular meeting at the hall, on Vt ^bmaUy ec u luff, a< Eo'clock. FEVEH.AD . CLOTHUTO, Me A I.A ROE QI ANTITY OP CAST OFF CLOTHIS't wanted.?Th<rtaa* O. Omroy, lieenaed to bey ae-.nt bend r'othlng tlf every deecrlpUna. Oeoileme,, baartng larg ir | -mall Pita, will renetve the eery btfheet price for vhera by . ..m . f?OJ(i A trg at the ttore, or ad-lraeahig THOMAS D. OORKOt, Bfl Pearl atreet. CtAST OFF OLOTHINO, WANTED-THR 11IOHR4T price given for ladle* and genueaen'a, hy alng'e piece ,r ot Addreaa K K/.FK EI.. No 1.14 Seventh avenue. He. w ?n Mnrteeiitli and T wentteih wrest#. New York . or t.Tiau mn or * at. P. F.-Iutdle* a tended by Mra. K /1AST OFF EI.OTHINO -A LAROR QUANTITY W VNT \J eil.? the hlghew prVia riven, and canh pall I* en rwn money, lien lemeu deatiutia of ? .?>erung a ipecb ,.^ ,.'mh teg Into e*aa i .in .-Mala the fnil ra>ae by ealurg o <>f aeedtng lor JAMES MhKONKY, II Hakter wreet. near t.Ti*' ham. c IXlTTIINO?I.ADIES OR flRN?,T.riOtN. HATIMH ANT tediapeae of, naa laretv* a fafr eaah prtc* by vend.?g a the Wrirea It I?>tr*n* ? cee:. t ?y Canal n? W Wewt It- n'wvf ar letter by poet. Dadle* attewQad by Mr*. > ?da*n s. roninr. / A F.NTl.RMV.M'S F\R'.,ig)|l NO MOODS.?'SHIRfv ASH " dreartiig gown, ro ,u# to order. H y* OtUJHRIttT A OO., 442 Rrot lw?r r&uuoiimc vau. uunuf.M. ATTKNTION-TO TUB LAIUM.-MlHdK* l>K YOWJ ri-|>?-otfti!ly lufrtrm the lidwi that they hire a*>nno4 ? fartlr*' Hiidchliiireo'eeuthtUn* eetahllehmenl. Tbuy ire <".?? h.ient at gt.iujj oven *?tu<fbOilon hi the te lle* who will favor la iheur < Uiem who ihefr custom The strictest ?t'en''on pa I to order*. Meter ?'-? o. the l>o?,, mO very Dtoderate charge* mode. lie lining of the iotest styls. DBI88 CAr8.-JIB?> A. T J AMKS, (FOKMKRLY (>r IS It. Newman'*, 7oh Uriadway.i lute nuw open *li? jd*oiue iteorinieut of Indira' dram and aodctpa. oral dross**, ,ke., of th* urwnet Htyle*; aleo, mmiruliu nnlUre. cape*, elite vea, che Duaet ea, Ae.. at 11.1 lllreekor atree' third blot It went of liroad? wa), prirate bonne. gJIUM AN1> KRKNOH IIONNTri WINTKK KAill r 'on* ? Nitdi'me >1 I Kit Is A aON tune much plotsiir* > aaaounc.DX Nidr arrlral of wln'rr bonneia, man, a ull os * ttuet tof fu?*. winch her will ?ell at red teed oncei, a* are derhplnr be fur trade, unt hsrlutf room fur both ttmi 5T* &U Broad ear. ? v. Kj ?>t?K TUB W1STKR.?OhK HUNORKl) VKRY I runerh W"' <?l?"*. In R'lw.a i taluk. 11 I loa'a b.. .^oie a inrlRii ?i|Utrrri, a'one marteu. sruilo -, ehiitohille, , e?.WV lb? r. -t h'1. ctpek for huJ ihtwl wirerootn* . '?K ?? HUb'tM. .Ml ttroadway. tiltaii *t Vi t ''ROADWAY.? \WKKfOAN* KII881A .V I1 in. ttudimt UH " luV?-Mo-ar i II u *r cm now Uifer lo the pubM lor. "''T ?',"1 <"*""*7. trade, so u t MiaMlled 00.ortOMmt of <W "h"*. el' iil* ! by *r vYoi Mixer, II ring iu? late yl.It lo Ron. ??>ufv?ur?l *i h inn care. Kewr de> rlutton t/. ?'*"" ??? ib'UMl Of mrtt rtrlely Ihil raiinoi fill (. aiTart al ea. 100 ? Kv"r> ?rl,ole he war ranted and wola at fair priM? tl?i> t *? MoHfcK A MCA. K!i' ,#f P;ini' 41 Ma.?t#A u* ^ Broadway. T ONOON UTRB, OK THK RTI'HR KINDS KVKR KX 1 J hii It u Iu Uilf country. atuntijf ahu , *r'1 * 'feat v?r ? j ol Ku?hI? ermine mink. rool *r?l ft* rakr *'*/ o cull* niftnuilH*. iv'i ?r*?, alel^li robs*, %c , ,rc "elvad ?y U p steamer Balic. and to hp ulo cd out *? oa %1 '*! ca<* In fci.&.and. h. 1'alLll'h, 6,! William at., u K "nef ^ \I .UiAM DKVOR 4<*l HHOAOWaY, T\KlKft 1?1 in ttnriotu cihg tiif*t *<?? baw rpcelvadfpi? l"*r *** ,n pr ^rlpi, m !*ri'p i "irimccf of b<HinetM, bft wlilfwin, ? hp vpi> M?yip, and will i jiru ihin imairilul immup* m*ut on lhurray, fi'h Novtmber, L-66. *?UaiNvJH KRsi?Kirrrui*iat hoi?i<?tw Ttf* t*Uuf't1i" ofui bor iiov^lilPM fi F"r?nn li 'hhi?*p?U kf* 'ivml'?/ <bi? ?*?! ) ?f "tnUtttly n?w hn?f Srtmi vart^tv niyUui noi ton# ?o?n in auv tlmrott#?>ialimfit(i1 aAtblN??H, <ffl ?'.au%> VTO'I H> ? gAl>AMK BAHN^TT WILLOW R.N A U HOICK li pclprtor of Fie n?b wintpr hounpu on ThnrmU/, Norma bor 8, ai 6.1", broAdw?y. NFVI ft IKK rt'H Ct?MKANT.-WK HKO TO INFO KM i>ur Mniidft And (iHlroan thAt ^r#t hftro ?|>??ii1 .mr ?i..rp ?ilh an pi*HUtok of fur?, conpiminf ?*f r?ur*l nrtniop. H?u dt* am! '''idpon BAf Mtfthlo. mlok nump m*r no t* M *mi ihmiiuUc ur?d undor oijr own tnj,?-r vUiou p ir "biuiriK ^bould rm'i.iiic out art'clRi, urtileh In AlPifAnpft mmI Ordnm %nd r?p*(rla* pro*#4itly %? MRIH KKATITERrf, FKKNrn Fraf^WRKH, RrBBOVfl, Atul (xdorod ?iraw k<mn1i>. for chlpIi. At low pricnK \4*> ue indAt IIOM.-R A KKTCilirMM. No?.??4fto*l 66 loho utront, coranr of WUtlAtiu DRV GOODS, &C. AT. 8TRWART A OO. ? unmiwiit ihr cbt'ftp pilk? thnt wlil b? offprnd on Moii lar, November bifi., will b?? louod RICH NloN'APRP, MuiUbie for evpnlr?KO?- dlnoer dmnii, a? $2."# facit. Broadway, t hnuhTi* An t hpade itreeU. Black ttikkad vrilr, in nkvt dksimn^. ?iitst received, from u>S*'>0, I>Iack lartw from li. to II*i per ywrd; point acIh from f*itof7f>; a auperh A?Mor(mnnt of Yifen* clenne laren, in every width, n? nmnnfAetdrer'K firicea: m a ti!l.n?. ecArta cw.peA, CRjlinre, ha&<ULer<ihl?fs Ac., to wUlcb we Invite the Aib-ution of hulie*. MUaLKR t OUANT, 371 Broadway. BL*NKKT8, CHKAF HLtNKKTH -WK HAVR RR reived % corielcnuient of K)0 pair bUnke a. Our price* arc cheaper man any mftor houae In the trade. Alao, *100 pair doable iui|a <d RnglUh blankem mide to order Fan I Ilea wanth ft really aphutdid btar.ket ftijoniipd #t the moat r<*a Monabie price*. W. 8. BOND, 108 and 110 Sixth Acenue. BATLKY. t'ARRIVOTOy Jt I KSLIR, m BROADWAY, have j unt received a lAPKe aaaorimeftt of point a')' AufuUle, LritMie n j'Olnt. Yeleotdecnea bUrk tbre.ul an.I black cruinaro, lace*; Hruaaela p#dnt >-eb . from Sh ui?; point a'l' dirtiilie ool larr. from t> up. .?lso, ran* ctnbmiderej ullara and alcfve* to ma'cn, very low. / lAFb H, COLL Mi H, OHRMIKSTTH AND .8CARFB, IN V ' Honlton, FoUit d'xj^uljie, Va'pnctennoM. Bpu-iUi no'nt, of new dealxnn at vrry low prices, just received at rKfHH KOitbHTB A CO.'rt, Xt Broadway. / COLLARS AND SLKKVKS FOIt Vi^mviv ? ...,? te?sg-3?SS5 ^??ar-A'isr??8ssT--asa?. DOOl R1KI X, IMI'ORTKR AND MANUK ACTIlkKTl ? <>1 1 rcnch unit HwIhh emhretdrrina, otiara , vmi handker-hirta role., n,,ub ot a?t kind, pm?%t9NS r. Gtmrleui rttlla ai price. fa.- below tboar of oibor importer. E1"!"';M:K,,KI) FRKN'CH CAMBRIC IIANDRKR G*??l v J ^roa4Jwi?v to announce the receipt of * %? r\ 'UrJi TAME8(1K?y a (JO. H AVE NOW IN HTOCK A I ? u.iir *3 a, d beautiful aesortmam of H ' A L.AKUK Will rich French er.hmMeHea ' A * * "' '*? Drowlwey. Warcriay pUre ?* ?????? -on n N1KW "KKw OOf?DF. ^SWRroadway, corner H'.rcrley pipe/.. j amkr oray a ?>.wiiiWom Monday worn "'"'.fe ItOHKH "* corner or Waverley place. VYOIK F_p vro aINH IN flii (If i.( ^.TIIR vvrrtu cell. Ihli ? PAOiifbemrer. la brock*. raahmare ivod n'w emmr'ii , bccarec. md by the .nbacribor, a.,a U m ?etltn* *1 B p er rent beti.w the met of Intxiruuiyi . DKO BI-I.I'lN Vil llr.MQlwity. / hFFRe < I,OAKM. ?A MAIiNIKIO.NT VAItlBTY IIA Rieiea_Frlom moderac._ UKO. BUI.PIN. Ml Broadway T>I'AI.V MKRINOKR.?J AMUR FR AM'F Tnft UUOADvr. V i ~r.te,7Z'AXZ ?? I>OPUl.AR TRA IK TN CAR?KTH iiittreln" Ac.11 Ac.'/ac,,'ac*"'* U,"-'K,r'r' 3 ?"'? ind ?"l>"'floe A.T. STKWVRTA CO., "rowlwitr, Tnvmbrriand lt- .de at, ce'?. liKU. WHITNRY BI.ANKKTH, I-aige aUe, at tSUO per pair cent of Importation, ?M ,)0 a e **X 1 NTKWAHI t Cr*., Broadway, Chamber, and Read at renin. THL!'"KrA"*r,MVKrrlriiM morn 1 no'Vk j* M ? ?<rh ?? per yard. HiluaLiU.. worth Ij., per yard ctriped mnlre antique at Ik robea, at *1* Iilui." ""''T1' ?'5 tofcri per robe. I'Hi?J/ip? m 3? , wor'li ji. p'T yard *"d "?urwl TalencU. at from Jr. u, p*. p., Haiony all wool plaida at la. per yard J RKCK A CO . Noa. 3M and -V. 1 il,< ?a I way. 7H6 and 7vt Broad *ay. THE TURK. /^KXTRKYIIXR COURSK ?TROTTINO WKDN'K(DAT JORi. CONN I.I N. Fropi lemr] PRlLUIXOF: TO TRoTTIN'rj sTUI mvo r w>. i ta.wrswusK.w; SHa?!? sSwJSs^S "'HAM WOODRL-Kr. Pnion Ootirae, Utxg laUo l x ATTONAL COCMI I^tNO IHI.AND ?THK STB a? ?eHberr?ire-,iIly lofbrma be public 0,1a tra?k la ??.'? J.r *e,.,|eo.en -o drlre <m at all n n?; w?. Vhi LwV Z ' Utf Jie,, ot fntoleniei. I be ?? are In One ?r,J r 'if T' *? taken to ke-p tiy 'Jie day, area ,.r m?n b, at jiaature or ?1*1,lea. jiH. jkWKLf.. wlll't e j *" L T : 0,ln* fr"n h"r'M '"T aa'e. apecj I i ii I ^"r y1" PC' ?. /atlauniii wao itu ? i h at..-* ? It -all and ?? e r th. m-.-:,ea any arernooo. I IK'TKlIu RRD HOi 8K, IfaRI.KM.~TIIId far iRITR HDACr >? reai't la m,w m mar, we order, ami mad. t>. vmr ,? h ? epiirtlnk ?? .1 r I n, ,, e Tkr tN ba n i pa mi and airnrd u ?... t ?? eawe Tb* baat , ClbUtd and lla.v eeo at ac e.| Vi ,0* . ,t*i ,i Si? ?utiie r'wio.N cm r-k, i? i.-TRorriMti >or,'.t. at. Iial. taat twoo'elnck, a nait et, r,? a>?t ? twate m ha. neaa II. W.aal, t. IT. uaiwa ?p an fa. A Aik. 1*0. ueniea blk K Oraoae HOT. MIAW A WIIfTK. Pr..pneore. TTNION COrRHR I,. I?TROTTINO, OM TOl'RPDtr .V., "0T. J1! pan' 'wo o'' Peii?* puree of I|>|, nji, he* e. hew 11n 5 |.arne?a Wrn Whecn nwiet , I,u:e (Jekiey, D. Kr'-r. tiarnee br m iJTy f??te. w. Pe?*eaI. ""?r ** a ~ " ere will Ira.e the Wnu'b 'errt Ir,.t lor tlie ",ante. el one o-elaeb **d reium .. eoo* *e he rac*l*?**f. ell A# A VTIIITK. frnpriakkra. I"N1?)N OODMR. I. l.-TROITINCl, ON MONDAY mTie. ?"? ? ? nit'ef. for *1.000. ten ? t** .ditto w**ona. lainea Hrvl.ea namea a. j Yr we*- *r J. wywf mmoap i H, an. e N. h To . mae otf ?>. a 1*7 inw*. 'Mr. ami 8o., b ferry Rca^tTn. fcr Ae MHtrae.w oVWk, and re, ,ro aawno a.ihe .po tm otar. Fare to go and return to cent* AM AW A WRIT7, Nw*pri*tora matrimoniau ~ A LADY WHO IH A YTR tkilKR IN TI|H VD INITy and who ta deairmw m jotnin* tor** n beaylVv ?. H rB*tMy < WnIn# h*r m tly. [L?? fhn? Jh. ?tionWn) in grmL'rini b*r <i~nr+<. iV anre' u'de.'reui'd toSw^Tu^t^"'''K ' " ' ie i" ti'leirar. wt,u la m m.TA LI ?"pial/Auwe of a vnat tear, rf ate. wub * Tl?w ,,a,rr "*'r 7 eieZTarSLJgf.r:V "' I ?AUtSHamgW-.T.aa WW, BOARDINU AND LUDUIBU. fiftH HROAIiVV ,v. union HUI'aHK ? IIANIWItfK OOO ?U" rcoiM o I Or.i Uwir u, l,.t, to ? *1*.* '.mil*. or Knilotnon, w!Ui itivaw table or on lb. Burooooo p1j.ii. tuiie It urw|inn KU Ac. n?l HHO U.WAY.CORNRR Of WASHINGTON k'LACK. O oror Well.r'M uloou.? rurntabvd p*rior* aud bed | ruotu* to tet 648 n1 60 2 uo< 417 147 DHOADWaY -DK-UUABLIt rtlUTM Of ROOM*

for familiar w U? fuJ! or partial Hoard; a** room. iur 1* anMilfiumi. 1 rau?ieut t?oarder? ac? oiiwikrU^mL Mr* iKOWNINiJ, Proprietors* BOCNTCN HTKKKT. jikaR nRftmWAY -TO lei tOM family or ahiflft gen'teinen two iianownun fur pariyf* ?ni tovcral badroucna in a private Kreuoti fn Wiiii board If required; titer* Is a ba'b Th? lady of the line aluo give* French au 1 luuie l?*aou* *i ho.ue aud abroad. PRnoMK HTRKKT, NKAR BROADWAY.?KUR. ujd.ed io- nw on (be second and third floor*, to let. IirjJHuN HTRKKT, FR<?NTIVU HT. JOHN'S park ?Fortilfhed room*, to let, with board, to alii^U gentlemen or gentleman and heir wiv?v.. llouae uowl/ lur * tsiif d, va-itii ur. the modern Improvement*. 1 AZ lYH.fin KTRhW, NRaB RKCOND AVKNUIt 1"'/ Two )uigle geuthmt i?, or a geuUe nan and wife, cm niorm* bourd, with n?oti?> or the c door; fh.ut<y private. II.ore o the higher re?pe<.'ability plea- e apply ReP'rctictff eichrngfd. Location ple/iiau,.t tie ?r cara and ?Ke*. HZ MNTB Hi RK IT?HI'ITS OF II iKDROMPLY FlIR "?/ nixhml room* i ie< on fl-at ??nd third floors, id wi b pr ?a to??}#-, or lable d'h ?U;, ?** m?ybe pe furred, h- u?r first class Mini i onrm ernly lrxahd In Ninth street, near ' roadwuy. 1 A ^ K <^'MH HTRKKT, < FFOKfTR TlfK MfcfU l*T!LK Ajt'O I IbranOne or two pleaaatit r oras with beard, may be had | |?11 BLKKOKGR PTITl KT, THREE BLOCKS WMT OF It/Y Broadway I tin: e and .small/ooiu ?o If t to f turtle "J, or'amah' I etiU.'iiior , vvu?i \ <,ir?l tno?teret?* prbje (u Hit ubovi flu! ci >oh bouee, Willi ail the mo icra iiuproveoianU*. 1^11 Flu r RI.IN BTitFKT OOKVKR OF Villi IK, il" Inu.t room*, nrwiy a.-dnraJy lorn Jibed, wiihfudoi paiiUl board for KenllemHit nod lh0lr wivea, orHinffo peraout. I OH C1URI.I.S RTRRKT -OKNTT.KMK.N ANI? f IKIK I a*" ' wiven or rlngle K? nbi " o cau be Racommodat *- wttli toil or p?u*tiai board WWKRI.KY PTaAi ?, THIRD DOOR WRIT OF lWf / Washington I'ark u aub n' beau N'ul rooms to b-t uph board, prtva e table t d Jred n'ao * ?ioale room; loc < tlon delictitfill ti rmH moderate; rnlvrwon? eirhaiia'ed. O] KRi.NKMN 8TRi;? T.-HWO OR T.iltRfl ?IKWTLB Of tiieu g?ahe arcomci. ?da eri wt(i> ???!! furi wked rooinh, wiib lire ami i -u Ilgou, and broivkia^' if deal red. Ol BI.KKHKkK NTIiKKT, Fob' H DOtlfiS WKHT OK Cy i. UrtMidv ay, a Cttrutftbo 1 r**>m ?<> tat to ft "Innlr rea* leman. T? i una modi i ,ito Tbo^a dt aleousol n eotuJbrtable rnotn fur wii.ler, woijtd do we I to rail. Ol F.AST TWrMYTll.i l> HTRKKT ?TI \NI>sO*KLY Ol fun labod apArtin' O'amay to <> ?uinad. w?t.< nou t; p?r lor- wnb bed'oocua at joining, and two ruoine for KtryJh p n tlemrn. Ajpl> a a ahoie. r A RA9T TWENTY HIRD Hf irikT ?TtlUKK It')'?WS I i" en tlie second floor inav he hail, vritb board, to tbr loon; flrrt oiAhabeoee. ploa^iutl^ located boiwron t our.ti nod D-i ttigton avei ore. 7(1 I'HANKI.IN HritKFi, Finer iiui eT WKh'l ?#F I U I'joadwa.v A fluo urge fr?.u roOfu. '-edroom tiid pnn try uttaeli.'d. on ibe sToud iua?r. io let toiwiftfe i uro aeutleuaeri, broAkfaMt nervinl reoutred Atao, < u^ie mid double r?Mini*i all ueaU> ftirniiib'Kl ifiipitieaa ahova. _ _ wt<b full, or j arttad t.oard: bo i?e with modern Improve iM-oUi, hccoud block from lircudway. 07 NINTH HTRKKT SHAH FIFTH AVKVIJK?A NICK O I .v furnbdiftd room to let. wl h ?>r.,ird, H'ttuhUi or a kmi t ?ii,an and wite or Mingle ^endemen in the it ret rla*& house, .17 rUnbalrNi 2r <iin.KM'. 0TEUV. NEAR I ANM. ?hkm.Jm $ t) and thi lr wlv^, or alnglo gmiHeineu, ran oe acC'iia no oat* d widi hHi,U*on.el/ itirtdvMu rooms and full or pirtUi b ar?i where the comfort* of a home run be reaii/ed; a largo tjof.' room on the aaoond *tor> U> let; g?iod tah:e, hot and cold b?t 1<? free; tmiu# rnoUmnfe. heferuneea uzctiangau MORKKNK HTRKKT, N8 t It CA VAI..?TWO OR three genfleme.ii riiri be aepommo la??d with ple-i-ant rrooms and tu'l or partial loard, <ra gen He m an and wife Trrriiii moderate. Reference* re jtui flJ. - FCRNMIRD ROOM AND HKDBOOM TO LKT ? IN xT t)biN ,? III li II ill ? pit? 4 r a ui> mm AM AMRRII 4 N WIDOW DAOI IS DM z"A ioum of ohiatulng one or 'wo Utile ? hbdrrii to no ird and educate. Addrtta wbhlu three <lays, .?irr, Thoiutou, Coat oII'k o. APRITATI EAM1LY IN RROORLSM OAS AOOUM mndato two or three gentlemen with partnl o.nrd , l</*a tloo r. uiral, a* d ronveiiliint to the ferries, iteferencen ex ehaoged, Add row koiwttreuod, Herald oflb e. APhKAHANT AND MCKI.Y FURMHH^D FRONT room, with large pantry a'taehezl, o?. the UdM ttieir, u? "et, to ainleii an, ? iln<?ui hoard, to a private iio'isc, at 17.1 KprttiK atroet; let ina, with gaa and (uel, llf p< r ou>uh. Re ferrurr* reflturt d. AHMAU. FAMILY. FKSIDfNH IN A HOUSK WITH tiiiM.em Hiiproveiiieiits. having uiOre room than the| need, will board a KetiUetimn and w ile or two single gen'ln rneo. or will let the iii use enhe ftiily or partially furolxned Apply at lFl Kart J wenty ttrat aire* r. A4 single k1 ntleinen ran obtain board, with pi fti 1>1 Henry giree . A PKI IX rrq HI VATIC FAMILY HAVING M?>RK ROOM THAW 1 Hired. wmjIu I'lqMNp of oi4i or two room*. with full p* Mai neatI. i his bcttue ii? pleaaanily lrx*a e<|; haa (fa< if& Ac * bn'fi. .tr tteftlenree required Api i> at lilA tt>?i 'I>eu<y accottd between HUh and hevctnh ivt uu^M. AHANHW^K HRM?IIRT) ROOM. TO Rl IT A <SKS' t>iit/iti or two k1 ho, two toting b<:ic < an be %rr mu uu dated vOth I'<Ntni. 'term# mp0cr*?e No lamily but two ?er pohn In the boil-'1 Apply lit 101 t haU>*ni alien, betvrern I Hi line and Feari *tn e?a * OfchTI.kM AN AMI 1118 WJKK CAN UK ACOOM&IO /% dated with ii parlor and iMvlrmtri. with fur or jMrUal board, air o, tv o or three urtn Jemen ?*i) be accommodated -I boAf-fl and |mi? hh' rooniH, by appl In* a' -m u- tir r . "*""J ** " 1 a, (lira cornar of Garden Houth Brooklyn, three minute** wn; irutn booth or Vt alt Mn-ui Ivrrien. AGkSTLFMAN* AM) WlFK, OF 1'LAIN AND Ol'IKT hut'i??. wttii* board lii ikprivate wirtahle Amiily with o ?C or two fu: atahed room*, I .o n'ion tau?t b?* . *<t of blitb are una end at ov#* r-lKh-b Term* fmndir >i?l per rn ui'h. ttv lu'tiun fuel; tucii *111 receive prompt *u intoo. Kicttlkmt reference. AdUree? Homo, Herald ofllc#. Afil'HMAS LADY WOf'M) UK F TO MKKT WITH otje or two well Mueved i of ajc*-?. ah!* man lior Mid ACCtlit'oroed 'O giXHl *.?cWa v, or a la ly and tfen'letntn, aloardtm *1 bey wtll nave bo lom.'ur - a quiet h xn*, w the. ? ?rr only Hevwlfldtfeo'lrnxtii tenrvlna to the uotta*. T# no* wl l be ve< y fm?d?T*le na -?-taiy ta more the object ijrhl The ni'irtitmi u very pl?<u*ant, on Htaten laland, oily the "* a few minute*' walk from th?* Wntina. The be* of rei given and required. t*lea*e addreaa I.,, I*?t 2.6 I'od oil OOARIWA FRONT BOOM ON TIIK. HRC'jffD FLOOR XX wib be/'room at'tched. tin furni U*d. would be let with b<* d Ui a ucf^i-mw ad hie wife, In a nrm> family In quire at No. luTfwv ond avenue. BOARH.-A LAI)V AMI OKNTI^KMAN CAN MR At: coiiimolated with r* well forriieoe*! room, roovenlmt *o the principal lmiela. |h?ard i??r lady Addmna A. A., lh- adway I'oat otUcfl. All ' omiitiinl aUoo? prepaid. BOARH.-TO !.KT WITH IIO V RO. A l.AROK FRONT and t ack room, ??n the aecoal Ho'?r, aeparau* or u? 'aJn-r for and U?*lr viol, at HI Or?'me ?tr?et, near rprinff, and wiUnn ona mnuu'# walk of R-owl way , iw .# or three aitiMie geutleiui J* can also be accommodated 4iaa and l alh In the booa?. Board~rLR\HANT room* in kcit* on si.v ilk. rn*> >?e anriir. <1, Willi'xiard, it lOfiand ION F?nrten?idi eireet; the loraUnn ia dfetrabia, lv>oae^ rtewly /iidalie*j, ami hi obbed wlih ail the modrrn imprevem''iita. Ae., renotalte for Aral nana ra*ld?*nce Keferen/*-* '-irtiafu "<l N. It ?A fl ie milt of uarlora, with oedroonui adjoining rm 'trM Hour, with (Hi vale <nMe,tIf prr^erred Hoard-a ofntlfmav and wifk or two or three atngle aer,ti#.riien can be ac -rKi?m<rlatcd with very I IcNKant roooie. with foil >>r partial twiard, in a brat riaee boo?e, wFh all then.odein iiopro.??rnen'a. Appiy at No. 16 Weal Twrn'y third <Mr?-e*. Refarcnce e*? hangeil. Board?a of.ntlkman and with ortwowjvoi.f aer.tlenten an be aer.rmulola'^l with a hwvl^im-'root parlor and bednwitn, in a email family, where the r^nftrviof a fy>ma may be enjoyed. Appiy at Mi F-mrm aven??e. BOARP-TO LIT, A HITIT OK HANDM VtK ROOM* to K*nileui?m only. furni*he?t or qafuriiMwA, with partial f?oard, if dealrad. In ? fir ?* eUu* Ivioee. with old aryl bo* hath?, **?, Ae., In a private family. 57 IFeeekar etr?*e.. Board and hihim*,?a okntijcman and wjkk ? ?r rma or twf? *lntlr Keutlevneti, wi*4nna ver> plflaaant rutfU, on aarond fa?or. In a a?*od hyatk?i>, m Heremh w*rd in a tinaii prlva e lamlly, an loo b?ard#f?, rcnky kpp y itiM M^ll-oi; *tr? w T'-n?e OKid*-raie. B MHTI-4 PRIVaTF V \ MM.Y WoVLll LKT A rn- .y I'm in'Uf I p&ritw, on tha *ee.?t.d U<e#e, u? two tingle fitirtnen, wdh pa?Mai iH??rd at $4 K| a week each II i*e hr modiui) lmc/roremeo'w, and la In % vary evrpe l ?, % Cara wchin half a block, a id/e-a <>. R D.l a.m < e 1'oat < ititne. B OaP-il IIM KAH1 fl ITi K WTII ^T!!KKT <hOMI ?r r\*' 'rom 14 iau**nn f Uk. 4 an.i p.r. ta yHrnw '?n> 'jr, ?.r n Kmiii* .ui.n.t ???? >r l? i* fir.r "i mom. ... ..?,?? hi ImO. m h..i ?n>A c it wntn{ Ihi1 ? '?>.l >*. r U v.rti". .. "\M?A RARU I'llAS4 H KOR THfHR IHHH'l n i Ai?. i (own T? . ? r fc,-? aim .. ? m .. r i.n.frir * ' .4 pi* hniMlAA ? 1*4 ? boll/, ? r. ,u.rtiH( "i M.><>uoa i?oart>jnc -to i.r, ii.m .?n,v nrKi'Mttet l> ri.rmA. lo A ftrA i li,^ i.him., mhi ? iir % fw. . .t. . ??. ?l?i mm. Iijf It. ?1??|| tod r?^>llro4 A|.^J, h f?| nnxiAn* OaRDIRO.?Ttl I.RT, A AI'ITK of ?'<H H ROOMR, 1 ?n 1?|. ?not v?i.lh.f >M M k?ni *.?*. A. v? ? ,,itvwiui tint h ? .If., <ir ?? fr- '-i ? - ?rn? llgiUrt ?iUi if?v A|>pljr u m. B<iAHI>1N<I - TO I.CT WITH 1 ! r.t ROARO. A I <u .iwi. ovpo^i. Ai, IiAi'. Fi'k pM mi' ni tmrTii?hoA r<Kwo., ?i th?, w. ..I .t.1 bir'l fln>,i <, A .iA All h? lni|inn<iTooii'*. BOAfclH.HK WMKOK IHKMo.rnfcllRAMLV RIWiMA *? tl^l' 1I....IA, ? l*IAy.". piA. a */? -...m (?A^I f'-r '!?. ?i?ior honof >& . lor ( fur "uxor. lw?nA? ??..? MttaMM lor mm in, ?o4 wl'h 'h? 1 A?t -I0A1!'* of pr'irioorn, will 'MM . u r?A?OA Ai l. i?rm? '<> cm4 lAauii". or Mn, ? p amr.* IV lOARDTHK-f)* fcR'Mifc 1.TH KTx. fcrTvrrKH ? f til'fe ?A.1 * A I Arwt f.rrlM, i*, i. 'wn, ?;?? nr.. t '? ?i--1 A?>4 AWiBA. or. t'ldafi. In a |>nr*'? (Aml'f TV) iv. k.?IA. And l? |1?ii?? :t ri/n'M A'llraa. wfk M warkwl, W Aa4rw*. inrAi.1.4K>* firm law rMw.... , BRO^lfcl.TM ?fAflTIM nrxiHIRK '?<*rofcV ? il.R r ?a?. w?li or WaM, )w >|.? ..... "ii ^ >? I ? III I'D Il-I.r) ru rm, htimrm Amur uil'.r raw Aim J n ?i# ?I liir A'I?1? r.nlWMT.. f, S"?*. Ilrw ? 1 r ?u W wA.k flrai hou'A Ad WaII Mrori (.TVM, f?M n> Bfcf.OKl.VR-run BATK UVWlOlUTtOin FOR A lA.f.'.ir.ll). w.h Inar4 or ow. of An-im-, In a h 1 . . m nrirtl/ h ..a* >w Ua ko? a vi im ran ?1 \n % r ? Par./ in. r ii. In "f kin jaw*) ? Utt-m A'Vira rr..n,i, llOAHn i?r iifconKi.vv '?ArtrrK- raii 11 iMirawf.'i for Iw wtnar wm fcd terfw vA ami M C ' *d? mrm r.'j ? ra^Mt' MMM a <4 , .In n 'rtrj. K*>r.-? % ?? ^4-1. lh)AHI)I\U AM) liOIWIh. Bm roomy* iikidhrs-rwn or t iiikk g?. ',i,,j tm'tk, Of * Kmttfiiukn and hi* wile, t in b* w ? ?)Ui'H<V. 1 with plci nan* roorn* ar d roll or partUI l?o*ri| a? lib ?tr? ?"t, between Plertvponi nod Mtwrk. thr?w inluu iv?' a ?)%, Fulton f from the Wall atreet or Fulton ferric*, Brooklyn. Kef*'renr4?* enhanced. BOARD IN MROOKl.YN ?TO l.KT A RaROK KKON*! room on the M-cm.d floor, well f*irn ?licl, ?nuMe t.?r % i>i oU?tn?ii *nd bl* win* or two KonOc *?*?*; *l?o, a h*41 bnd 1< ctn lu o ?? of thn ? ch In, * Id ,m m Mro i%lyu App<jr el *0 I 'acCa u ?irrcl, between Hull end AtJainir ? rr'c? BOARD IN nKOOKI.YN?A f.\!)Y A ? D QKNTLKV * N, or otic or (?u c.n^u* Kcoilomcu, who buj *??? n\ for I nurd, will find plcmuni aecorninod'tlon*, fund he I or 'infiir. Uudie?i, where alt th? < otiiforta ot a t?oiu * nu? ?i^el. hy j iuhm < win re ait ui? comioroi oi a omu ? tws ojovei ny i applying at Dl Nan J* *treet, live minuuV wal* from F til ion I ffi i BOARD IN HUOOhl.YN-TWO OftTllKKK OKSTRK ri rii. or a uen-lemau and wife, deartuu a n**at nod <* #??? loi tabic tune in a deniable lor*tb'ii# ut ???> ae-a**. by Wall Mje.?t or Nnnh lirrii h, v%fi 1 lion evr / y ro<jiiUuu* on a;?,dilM llot) at No f liar .fii n'rei i Hoonu pUiaaaiit arid couvitfileiil. Jhirat ciii". rote, on on icjulred, BOARD IN BRofKLYN? A tB.N TI.KM * N AND LADY, or 'w" iduirle gentlemen ran i t *<? -nmnod 4b?d wPh a iar e double mh,bi on the hrn< Ho ir wi lt ftl'i or partial hoard, In u h.w.tnlfu! lor.i ' ii v%M ti'n fivi* in'mnc*' wa'k ?rooi No j a or W II trer.t torn* ? Heftrence* kic am,ml Rleawe call *t -ih Ht*nr> r./fct brook l,>n HOARD Wan ' Ml MIKNTI.KM an DRMKICd A SM \U? rw m, with hoard U a Fretudi family, -J-.\ellan q i at pufern d. 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Ul 11 OF KIRMRIIKD RioMh- liY a PARTY ov ? i Uinr priM. ua, l'M *tlon near Fou'h W?li or Knlu n l< tiF a, Rrcoklyti. Addreae J, W H fl^O I.IT?A Fl KMMlRDROoM WIHIOl l ROAllIk ro 1 two j. eii etiifti or to a Ktodeamn And WlHi prlvhrAe p. tin- ktchrn In a mtu.H fstnilT, n' f- ? Hi* 21 e .tree'. rro I.F 'I ? A Nil K Fl RSJell. 1> KoOM WTTH<*r 1 J) Wklt" rlreet third dotn ead o! HroAdway lie frrttSteeu re.ptlM'd 'rwo J AKOk HtiOM^-ON TIIK rIO'OMO FLOOR OF I haodatin Hf famlahad houea #itti%!* car i ?r./t Ink* MJOIIf.VMi l)U bad wttfi pinml Uwd by Iwo yr't n eu, f*n *eterma Fnr particular.., adilr -? Urra.'a ? ?ire. HO I I T TO A ONOLK orNTl.FkfA.V~I\ A FKKtfi ?l I |?r *.n ?? tan'!}, a turtilel.ed front parlor and b*dr<*?t(? or* the im-f nod fit or of * hr !ite ft'ftniifl In Wi? k?*r a'ree I, *o >? firm U? rh *'?' ?>f liitMitiwi*) Term* fllj * Juomh. Apj.ty a* Above I'O I.KT-1X A FRFWIf FAN!!,) . WITH I* 4RTIAI. 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M#w York -,r ,w tana) ??rc< I; or rr?M*kl\i>, near the -o ?tb terry. Term* ? I anal *r*- I; or I roiAil*??, f.i-er 'lie i?h ferry. Intiu .?*? to ei< ceil $|0 j.? r week Refer. f>. |Mrer? ar>d rC (?llr.4. A I O. A II , I er?M ..R . iir/M>n-BOAi*n for a la or in a hktiiiko ? ? fatiui v or alih ? widow lA*ly, in ihe uoper pan of o? ??*? Titmt. not fn ei'cd nl* dollare |?#r *c k Add few* Mr?. 1(11.1., 1 nkrti i" ilure l'iw offl. #. UrAN'lKO - A NKATt.Y PrBKlRHKH RfK?K. KiTlfKK In New Y' 'k or Hn-klfn, with full or partAl l>imrd. h/ a *lt>K e gctithrmAA lr. a Kcntret pitrale '*n?liy vm ncto where no .Al.-r 1 < anlem arc laken. Ad If-. 1. K A, t,o* : ,t ft & ^rw York Po t offira, irfattng full pa'*'m: *r* \JLT A NT Kl>?H Y TWO TO! Ml or.NTf.r.VKN, A KINK f f furri!-hc?J room, v l b hrnkfaet end dinner ?' ?. o'- 'a ? Walton no* a) i?*f IIImn ker rrH. a Idrri# A., Itoi 4,,41 l*?w* offlie, -t 'tlnar pRttr u!nr?. lUNCflltt AOAOKHllCtf. AfHiliWoKTH'H tlANCINU Af AUKVIKH *W HRfM f> ? WAX * Y . 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