Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 6, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 6, 1855 Page 6
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aEMKWKP ktvrt pal POLITICAL. 4 fcttJUGKS'TlON?Kl Vp, NHIFlfsl A.KK NOMINA A ted four of them the candidates of aped*1 ln>?reit the tsJds the sob* the old whig, sort the K low NoUunga. rhe ?!mhelr?oda lUrii na- named Mr. leecker as uc exponent ol dour i.iuiO'i'lee Hint ve?H Now why drop two or ?he?Toi (L I ni.owo "W Hint unite.? the lad n?ra? I ueolle mm llV. ?"."e is a bou-ehol I word In New Vo -It, and 1,1, "tuonheMde* being crediunle n ihe clt. in u#se days ?f r wrucUon nod ia?'?sd ol '>elhg an nlTenee o an- nl ihe ell.,.to holUaaronie. would he a Vied of unhm forihont oil. He la a uian without enemies. Think ofll, aspirants. An article appkakkp in yestbrpaY'S HERALD ta the effert lhat I w,n not a . a -did ?'e for > ??e?rof the Flmt ward of ihe regu'ar nomination of the do nncradc party. Thla 1 hereby oontradlct. and ask the pu.llo ua-ronace for thta tSSa. HelNKf KBO-ILICH. AN ELECTION TBMh.-A He. PORT HAS 11KEN circulated among tho .ernuin and Irish friend, of Mr Anthony J Hite.-Xrr. that he did not Intend 'o stand for die if IblalKB ru>r of ibeeucmi Mr .leecker s'nids to his c?lora, and t-xptcu. every uiau tr do male to his cauae. fli.TH WAKD.-CKKTAI V RI1MORR ARK VOW RKING) ,j\f clrrolated. iniended lo oe lujnrloua to the porauual rhararierof ihe unrteralgm-.t In a religious point of new ; and (he nbleol ot thla pubHcalm. la in ? my fharai or from baae falsehood* and ml?repieaerfoti..o, u ia m iie-1 In the ward dial 1 belong lo a seem atria.I,o norie'y of Protestants and that I am opposed to alt .nro of arv other religion. Duller ?that I belong to any nenarlnii or.a , 'a too or any kind, I Aval. sod chall. nge nro. I lo thr rmntr.. Let the 'tamo Clary of the Twrntieth ward beware of hoar n en who are trying o or/nat the Ucke., by having t*o Ickeia in the (tell, atid who are paid lor liadin g my charar or. whl.'b I defy .my man >o do And ihr ,e men al?n . all the uaelvea democrats, and are bribed lo ae!l ihe ward into he p-.w.-, of on* pnllil ial enemies. ?M. Mct'ONNKKY, .)ATH WARP.-RKQUT.yR NOMIN VTIuM OK THK wV unbed demorraey.?k..r Ooun '<> ol ibe Fiftv tirai llalrlo1, Arthur Mcironad - 'I'he Iruiud, ot Mr McDonald ai union oonvrnlloii, pair pi r. d bta name oefnro the orople ol Tie KiAy drai di-.'i lot on a.-unl oi Ihe p? -u lar "tnesa be jos ..caeca to dlatbargo th du e- nl .Jno , dlma-i. Ilem* strict ouHh.eaa man, and la well a.-.,oaint.d waniaof the people In hla district I e will u elents.l, >>..? *- .s.-nil il Irene li to hla con? titueiile. Mr. Melio. a'.l .-in. e el* In. ibe principles of democracy. Ituppcar, t a l?s one of the candidates .'or Count ' wns prom an a nonnn I'lnll ihm lull, by an an tecedenlcommlUrr, who had un power to in ike any such ir angemcnl lo ill t Mr * cDoioilii o.irecta a, he-on,id-r, lhat Ihe vluil principles of demm-raci reel In he liui.ioil .leliin'.aor Ibe proplt'a represeulatlira lie iwinddo-a ibat de nnoraUr principle la parsuronni o antl |Ualml nwfc Vbiera of t'e Twenleh ward, coin the po.ih thl, ioorut..g, and rote for ihe youi.g merchant, Arthur MrDouald NOTICE ?C1TIZK S AMI VufaRS OF TlIK FIT leentli ward?bpurlo.m and f.?la?? t ckat, ar,. ixro.iud In endod to he brought not In, ia , "h.'i, there la no Uineto correct the cheat I par P-.ilarli aim e br h < e with in* name for Assessor, without ni- wo. inn. eni . o y neau hortn t and riotevc known of by me ult i? hour. In justice to in self nud fMcn. a, J ,h?ll i.otaulirr -u -li presumption to paaa unno ticod A political scheme . on-. lo,?. can ii the unwary an 1 spill tho regular nom n <tion. Away wiui auch i.tlOcklns; ex ?irnlno > our bckrla. on fr'enda, nifor. voting?if any auch you ?Ind (lirow luem away a* l'i"twa CUaKI.O 1'lTiKIKLP No. 6 Aniliy atrcet. NKW TORK, NOV. 3, IHM.-IO THK AMERICAN PK mocracv of ihe allgh-i. ward -Feliow-ci'i/ona:?When you fir I nominated me for A drrumn of .fa., ward, 1 waafllhit time (he only i omlner. then. Mr. olemao, Mr. Tu-ker, and Mr. Alben W smith, have rw ilisdt iwlr nomination, from Jielr reapecllie parii-a, Cor hi nlllce Had the four ran ida'e, ren atnnd In Ihe hold. I alionld hare had a fal ? chance hut the withdrawal of Mr.| iVdnman In favor ol Mr. Tucker, who la a political opp'M.e t u" mine, make, 1 u sure thing fur htm. ah mid Albert W. buil'li and in. ami' no'h run. He'.ng aatia (lad tt wo Id Injure mm ciiu-i-, unu render It nut of mv power for (belMlnre to beef any service o vo i. X hereuy withdraw my name aa a candidate f..r t Merman, hoping you will do all in your pnwar toelec Albert W -mltn. who la a good demo crat and tu favor of the w orklngmao Knur, reapectfa-ly, THOMaH >k a hhl'ky. Tub (;ani?idaif.s for khkrifp?public sknti metii ? I will vote for Anihony J Bleecker for Sheriff because he has no rellelou prejtidlc. a., I will rote tor Authony J. Bleecker because he U the poor man'a friend. I will vole for Anthony J. Hleecker be tau-e he Is a democrat .n 'be true sense of .1 - w ord I will vole for Anihuny J. Bleecker because he la the oppo nent of while slavery as well aa black. I will vole <or Anthony J. Miocker because ha la a true man. I will vole for Anthony J, litre, ker because he will make a Orel rale ShsrIQ These are lbs expressions we hear on all sides. TO TITS EDITOR OF THR I1RRALD.-PEAR 8IR 1 laving heard dial a iep -n i? in clrculi ion m the ellect Uial I have withdrawn as n canutd, e for ho oflloc of Htreet Oonimlaaioner, I beg leave Ui sav thai 1 liavo not wl hdrawn i nan ihe canvass, doc do 1 expect io until kfler tho polls close on Tuesday evening, but thai all mv friends will use all iiouorabU.-ezeiliopa to secure my election Ver> respec f illy, yours, J.rAKPH A. TAYLOR. TO THK MKOHAMOflOF NEW YORK.?YOUR FKLLOW workman. Joa'-ph Soinhworih, la nominated for the uQQ-a of Commissioner of Repair* and Huppl ea, and heask-iyoiir support wl'hout respect D. parti. Tl -kots nf all parties, with his name upon them, will be found at every prill. THK FOLLOWING LBTI BR FROM MR SOUTHWORTII'S employers, wbl be read wl h Interest ALcAtaa W.ihkh, New York. Sept. 38. Pear Hie?B a deem I. out duly at 'his time lo ad Ire,, you on Ihr position you occupy a, .be candidate for Commissioner of Repairs and nupplius We wore not aware until wo saw youi name announced In the newspapers, that \ou w-er. a . aspirant for a political posi tion, and when such tact was announce ! lo u, by yourself. 'We feel confident that yoc received hat nomination solely on your reputation a, a inan, and *>e conceive tla Just corupll meat You are known u> u? the last twenty years as a me cbanlc- thr great part of th? Umn employed by u, as the la.e Arm of T. F. --ccor A Co.. a, abo yo. r prewtnt trustworthy si tuatloo aa the foreman of our foundry at tne Allaire Works. You have at all timet given us every satisfaction; and while we should regret losing you. should you lorluuaioly receive an eleeUon, we will, with pf-a-un utske the sacri&ce.lf It Is to advaaee yourself, fvclli.g h stall men have tne right to seek stations dial are to cud for ineir Increased benettt Vi e, lu common with the mechanics of the city of New York, will unite our exertions tor you.- success, and admire the men .shore Lfo ha-. bcendernlM o an hnnnra- le lircllho sl ? name will add s rengih to'ho .li ke, and shou'd your fellow ciUaenh take you from ihr w ork-hop, to place you at Uin head 01 one of it. Important buroaus. we lusve every confidence til your abilities and honesty of purpose tc carrv out the best ln ieieai, of our cltt gocernment J. 11RK AST KD, Mr* Jm Moptbwoktn T. F. 8KCOR. iU.LT WaVIKM. ork CLOAK MAKKRh W AN I BP ?THIRTY OOOP ? >U cloak makers wunied, to work on velvet, satin, moire xelidW or clolh. CousUin'. e mploy meat given Apply at 15 hantofi a?-. Brooklyn. A DVKRTISINO At.?NT WAVTRD-TO CANVASS THK A city for one of the mod popui1" _P'ibl!c?U in* ofthe day. To a man of good address a llbe al eoi mis'ion ann ?uJ ;fclu si'O agaric v (x the city will be given Apply, between 3uud4 o clock P. M., ml 2113 Broadway, office No. 10. COOK WANTED-A COMPETENT c tok. well bk commended, can find a good plate at i0 Warren at. COOK WANTED? SHE MChT HE A GOOD WASHER and troner Apply to T. O HOuGKINS, 134 Greenwich mreet, between Liberty ai.d CortUndt DRUG CI.KKK WaNTK.IF-A YOUNG MAN, STEADY, ?lid or good ad(lrf>*M, who understand* the ret*tl and pre* TT j AMEBIAN- boy, about BIX oii ' 14 ""anted to lea-n the retaU business. 1 ;*renta mat address K. P. M., (post paid,) " *al office. *7[uRSB WANTED?AN AMERICAN, SCOTCH, OR AT English young woman, to go to New Orleans. aa nurae and aeatnatreaa; nwt l>e tullv competent; none other need ap ply. Call from 9 to 11 o'clock. A. M., at 213 Sth avenue. VTURNK WANTMl ?APPI.Y BETWEEN 10 AND II IT o'clock thla morning, at M Ka?t 20th at. To aare trouble none need epply unleae with reference from laat place, and fully underatanda taking charge of a child, and bringing it ap by hand from It* bfrth. Good wage* and a good home, O a person kind, aober, and fully underatandlng her business. Nuoe other need apply. PROFITABLE EMPLOYMENT ?PERSONS IN SEARCH ot employment, either a* a aource of Income or to All up their lebmre hour*, may hear nl aueh by which from $10 to $20 a week may be readied In every town and county throughout 'Ac United Ntatee. Add rem Thomaa Roe flowae, New York. SEAMbTRKSS WANTRO-BY THE WEEK, OR MONTH for a limited time; one who underatanda all kinds of family sewing. and cna give sattaiaoiory reference*. Apply at 38 OroatJot ea at. WANTETk-A few good tab hands, also, an apprentice, for Infant cup*, at A1 Kldrtdge at. WANTED-FIYR first rate dressmakers. None othera need apple. Also, an apprentice. Apply at Madam hold's, 623 Broadway. WKT NURSE Wanted?A HEAI-THY f'T NURSE la wanted immedta'ely. Inqulir at Dr. Betghan'a, 1*6 Chryatie at, till V o'clock 111 the morning nnd from 12 to 2 P.M. Wanted?a young woman who understands conking waiting and boning. Must bare good rete -enoe'rom laat sttua'ion Apply tt 99 Grand at., Jersey City XJLTANTED?SKVERAt. OIHLfl TO LEARN THIN COAT Tf making. Will be learned on the beat work, and rraplut moot afterwards. None but good sewera n?ed appli a1 is, Vartrk a' , after 9 o'clock A M . la the hSsSm?I. WANTEI\?A GERMAN GIBl WANTED TO DO OEWE ral housework In a prirate family ot three parsons, one who can cook, waah and Iron, and make ber-eif gene ally use Oil, can bear of a good situation by applying at 20 Hors l<> at. Wages $6 per month. WASTED?A WAITER, WHO IS A SMART AND AC Uve young * omnn. one who understand* her business, and can bring good rerninm.'ndadona, anJ is willing to do her luty, may app y at No. 29 Weal 24'ti at., between 9 12 o'clock. TIP ANTED?A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRONER, _ an experienced seamstress, a a .amdy of three persona None but An e.-k-nnr nted apple Keferencea will aTeoues- MHlWeMSAthiC, between Ath and 7ih WAi,uM!rA *oy*o man who can fro duce the bet' errtlflrate* of bring honest aober anil good ince*WWail at" fcr *P1 |J" *' Mr OKRAI"^" I'ANTED?YOUNO MEN FOR WHALING VOYAGES Ad ranee allowed to outfit from IAD to $;&.?Young m.? og to go to era will And all kinds of voyages according <? "T.b^mg loJRan tall k Kobaon, 131 South street, " TFD?A LAD, AS ASSISTANT RAR TENDER Wiggins' Hotel. Coney Island plank road. I*,.,# ' ir a lies from Fulton ferry; must be from 13 to If ?v . tge American, Scotch or English prnerred. Wr " D-A t'OVPOStTOR. TO WRITE FROM IDEAS ?object a "itcth moral and rellglotia. A suitable ."Id And an opening for a permaueuey. Addreaa t men (guars Peat office. Ta NTFD-A ll(>Y IN A I \WYFR B OFFICE: ONE 1 f ebo wr"es a good nand and reside* went of Broadway, . A Canal (Arret. Apply to J. a Sherman, 1ST Greenwich -ore t'Dey, oter Mir'i. Rp tr Hank. ~\XTANT.'fl- A PERSON IN a Law OFFTCR ACCUB " * ? he prr<: :e- "alarr nek le rteeed $3 or $4 pur AJ'L ?*, ?? SABlWl '-,j / appl r*!,!, t.oy 2 rsu Be ' *v IFPDATlOSS WAMTHU. RESPECTABLE WOMAN WaNTS TO TAKE v lo nurse. Apply at ish Greenwich at., u:> stairs. AN KS >*ErT ABLE C1IB!, WANTS A SITUATION A3 ?eamatr?aa; chii cut and Ot children's dresses. Heat ol city reformer. Apply at No. 494 nth ave. AYOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A3 SEAM stress ami dreasmskcr, anil lo do all kind* of tine w irk. Please apply at 59 Uaim r-lay si A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RB8PROTAHLB WO man. a> lady'a nurse, by ihr work or oion'li given at Dr. Pelyold'a, 32 Bayard at., or 98 Mai I ton at. A RESPECTABLE OIRI. WANTS A SITUATION AS rhambermald and ? alter; no objection to a'foud two ckll dren. Call at SOS Jay at.. Brooklyn for tliroe day*. a KKSPKCTABI.K okrman girl wishes TO OB A lain a rliualiou to attend ch ldren. Inquire at 200 Moll at., near Spring. A YOUNG SWISS I.AIJY DWDM A SITUATION AS seauisiress or lady'a romp inlon; she iaa good bind at all kind'- of fancy work. Address L. J.. H raid olllce. AN ENGLISH PERSON WISHES A SITUATION A3 In a private fatntlv. ahe perfectly urider-laud* II errinaking. Call at |12 Wt ol 2Uth -:L A GERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A RE X\ epectahle fsmth; can cook, wash and trou. Cau be 8 en a: 1 Sheriff at., third Door, front room. AS COOK IN A SMALL FAMILY, OH HOUSEKEEPER io a single lady or goullenmo. a respue'sble pan-on. with a g< od recommendation. Apply for three uaya at 1)8.' ll-Ui-ou bi., roiioi 16. AYOUNO EBENCII GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION AS nure or chambermaid; abe can talk Kogllali, and can -lo I aln sewing well and cm furnl-h good recommendations. Call al No. 1,9 Varlck at.. In the .* ore. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A BBRPBOTABLB wo man, H8 cook, washer and Ironer. In a prlrate kali; good reference given, l'leasc inquire al Ad Willow at,, ilrojk q n. A RESPECT A BI R PBOTBSTANT OIBL WI3HRS A s.tua'lon as rhanibermald and waller, or lo do general housework In a em ill private family. Can he aeon lor two days at 7" Lexingtonavenne. Am RESPECTABLE FRENCH YOUNG WOMAN WANTS a situation as lidy'a maid or to 'akfl ram of ohU lren; the l.rst ol rliy refcrenie given ' an he sceu for two dars a! No 1211 fast lllli st.. (li st Moor, bark room. A PROTEST A NT OERM AN YOUNG GlitL WANTS A ? aittia'lon a" chamber mad. can do all kinds of housework; has good references from her last place, can lie gi-en for two day S, If not engaged. Call at. 174 .'lvi*l <n at, room No 7 AYOUNO OIHL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM beimald; can cut auil 111 ch ldren'a tlie-wcs and Is wild -g lo assist In washing and Ironing. liosl of references If re quired. Apply at 4213d avenue, near 31st at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS chambermaid and anamuieaa or nurae and ??imatre-w, or to aa-bu |D washing and Ironing; lias rood eiiy reference. Please call at SO lllth at., between 6Ui and 6tii avenues a situation wanted?by a rbspbotablr f\ young woman, la a good nook, washer and ir uer. Tne heat of ctti reference given. Please call at No 6 llester st tlrst lloor, back room. Cau be sucn until suited. i S SEAMSTRESS?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO man In a respecluhle private family; undersign Is dre-s making anil all kinds of family sewl g; good city reference. Apply at GO Latayette place, une door from Asuir place. A YOIJNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS OH AM tl hcnnnld and line washer and Ironer, or as laundress, lias lived three years In her last place. Best of city reference Can be seen at 21 East l?th st. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation ns chambermaid, an l to assist In washing and Ironing; is willing to make herself generally ttselul; Is a good plain sewer. Good reference. Apply at 444 4th st , for 2 days A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, a* seamstress and cham'iermal 1. The best of refei once can be given. Can be scon for two days al 2bl West 114th St. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU atlon. as cook, washer and Ironer; the best city refer enre can be given, would wish a st -aily home. Call at 317 West 19th st., basement floor, for two days. A DRES8MABER WISHES TO WORK OUT BY THE week, or would be willing to take a si'union aa seam stress fur the winter. Can be seen at her present situation, 116 Slate tt., between Centre and Court llr Kikly n. AN ENGLISH PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITU A thin to do cbamberwork Or general liouscwmk; III good plain cook, washer and Ironer Has no objection to go a short distance In the country. Please call at 349 Greenwich st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook, washer and Ironer, or an chain bermald. Good city reference. Cau bo seen for two days at No. 110 Eaat Broadway. A SITUATION WANTED- BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG ?. onion, a* chnmhermiitd, and to assist tn w u-hinc un ironing. (loud reference. Can be seen fur two duye at No. 10>4 Downing at., In tiie rear. A respectable girl wishes a situation as cook; la an excellent washer and Irourr. llaa 'he best of city references. Please call at 20ti Kllzabetii, second floor, Dent room. A respectable YOt NO woman wants a situa tlnn as nurse and m?m*tre?s, or to d" chain 'orworfc and sewing; ran cot and fit cntldrnu's drosses. lias ;jood refer cnco. *Catl at 212 East 14th st, room No. 11. A RESPECTABI.E HEALTHY WOMAN HAVING LOST her baby, one month old. wishes * sflna'Jon In a gentle mini's fstidlv as wet nurse; can bnseon at No. 6 Sixth at., near Bowery, till suited. Enquire) 4>r Mrs. Crane. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN WISHES a situation as chamhimudd and waiter, or waiter; best of elty refeience. Appiy at All 3d avenue, between 13th and hoe store. Ileh sts , over the shoe i Avery respectable youno girl wishes a sltustion as nurse snd seams'ress, or as chambermaid. In a private family; has the best of city reforcWfla from her hist plaee. Can be seen for twodays, at 232 7th avenue, between 28th and 26th streets. J^ YOUNG PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A 8ITTTA ?? tlnn as waller, or to do chamber work and assist In Wklng eare of children. Can give 'be best of reference Can be ?een for two days at Mr. Carpenter's, In Wtyrrcu ft., fbuc doors from Hicks at, near Columbia, tfrwdUyn '* 1 Y T' ! ' ARKSPKCTABLK YOUNO FRENCH WOMAN WANTS a situation as proteased cook; understand* her hu dnesa In all Its Good city reference from her last place. Please call at Madame lairtnfour'e, 18637th at., near 8ui ave nue, from 8 A.M. till 4P.H. ABP.BPKCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA I lion as rook, washer and Ironer, is ?n excellent washer, of cleanly habits, and a smart worker: la sober, sod strictly honest, ltest of city relerenee. Can be seen for two days at 36 Spring St., between Mott and Mulberry. A SITUATION WANTED?BY TWO PROTESTANT girls; one can rut and fit ladles' dre ises; the other a good chambermaid and v niter or to travel with a Indy; good city relerenee. Can be seen for two days at 216 14th st , between 1st avenue and avenue A. ^ VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A ? stlnnllou In some rOHpcctahlc private family, as chamber maid, or to do general housework; has the lieat of city reference: has no objection to go to the country. Please call at No. In I. owning st. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WANTS A situation as cook and to assist in washing and Ironlag In a respectable family; Is fully capable In her bualueu: has no ob jrctlnntogoa abort distance In the country; good rufcren^e given. Can be seen at 203 7th avenue, third floor. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRL WTHHBR A SITUA tlnn to do housework In a small private family; Is a good plain rook and an excellent wasbe.r and Ironer. Beat of refer rnce will be given. Can be seen for two days at 81 TUlary at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTK.*?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as nurso and seamstress, who Is accus lomcd to take eare of children: no objection to make herself generally useful. Can be well recommended from her last plooe. Please call at 13 City Hall place. Am YOUNG WOMAN, WITH BEST OF REFERENCE, desires to go out by the day or week, as seamstrr rs, or to obtain a situation aa seamstress and to do rhamberwork. May be seen on Tuesday and Wednesday, at 161 Henry st, Brook lm. A FIRST RATE DREHSKAKF.R W ANTS A SITUATION In some private family; she Is a moat particularly neai reatrstreas: also can cut and fit children's clothing and family ewtng ot all descriptions; she Is willing to go as Isdy's aistJ. City references. Apply at 64 Barrow at., corner Uudjon. A SITUATION WANTBD-HY A RESPECT AHLK young woman as plain cook, or to do general homework In a private family or mechanic's boirut ig house. Good re tor core from her last place. Apply lor twodays at 348 Water st third floor, back room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUATION JA. sa rook, washer and Ironer, or to do general house wo: k t i > reference ran be given it required wheie she lived three tears Please rail at 73 19th st., rear. between 6th and 7th stri ae*, for one day. YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS waiter tn a private family, one who thoroughly under steeds her business and can produce the best of c fly relerenee se tn rhararte- and capability, t'.ea o Inquire at IS Has' 22d street, near 2d avenue, for two da s. A S NUP.SF?A RESPECTABI.K YOUNG WIDOW WO man wflb a fresh breast of uillk. wuh s a al'ua'lon I et nur-e, In a private .anitiy. batlsfseniry rlty raforenr days at 121 Ens' 11th at., near Is* given. Can be seen for two avenue, second floor. Iron' riom. ARFSPECTARLK WOMAN, OF lORER AND TEADV habits wishes a situation. ?a prniesoed cook. In a private tamlly; understands bimtness m all in loan ties and < in produce the best of elty relerenee. 1'lease call at 34 'Ah are tine, for two days. AYOrNO WOMAN, WHO HAS LIVED FOR THE last three ycari wph a very icspa-tuMe family, wishes a oltuattnii In a private family as cook; Is willing to assist In wBailing and Ironing, and run bring very saiisfWi >ory refe reneea. 4 all at 106 East llth ft-, third floor, from room, tor iwodvys. A RESPECTABI.K MARRIED WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO And one or two small apartments tn lire In, for which she ctrrrs her services, either to take rare of a hn ive, or In. any other capacity that might be required. Good elty reference. Addrree Housekeeper. Union square Pos' ofline. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. A? rook, and would assist tn the washing and Ironing; tin dersiands milk and butter, and Is wil ing to go to the onunlry. t'sn he M<en for two days at II Suffolk St.. In the ri?r house, between Grand and Beater sis. ARKSPKCTABLK WOMAN W ANTS A SITUATION AS nurse r?n lake charge ot a baby from I ? birth, under ?tanda washtnc and ironing, has no object ton 'o insk" herself generally useful; the best ol city relerenee glvim If required. Call st aw KTm at., near spring, rear building. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION, IN private tsinlly to do chamber work and arsis* tu the ws' tng and Ironing, and make herself generally useful; the '-est C"J! ".''J?" S5* b* fro? '"n lavt employer. Pics call st No. <38 3d avenue, near 60th st. VRF.6PF.CT A RLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A RITUA lion to do general housework, tn a smalt private family; ? he fa a good washer an t lionsr. and plain r-*ofc. she Is wi ling snd oblfl-lng. elty reference given ( all at 2IJ 8-iillvsn ?<.. In h? rear, betv fen Ami') and Bliecker iir?t floor, for two day Si A HTD&TlUm WANTHU. A WIDOW LADY, or KDUOAT IuN AM) HIGH RK kpectbhllity, without any tunlly. is desirous of miking ai rogngrmrnt a* hour .truer and ecuipsnlo.i In a or school. b? ing thoroughly competent lo lake the en'lrr charg'-; In a l'rvtc - \,nt "u' rn.ulren pood refgreeott, and fives die tune Address box 93 Hruad way Post office. AKKSPKCTAPLE YOUNG WOM %N WANTS A SITU A. Hon u* chuii'ierniaid ml waller and lo a<cla( in Ibe w.'.ah Ing ) ax no ohjeotiun 10 do genera) housework In a small pri Vk'r laiallj. H tl the beet of cily reference, t an 1)0 tueo fur twodays. Plea.a call nt 400 Vth ave , between 34'h and 36th ale . top Poor, bark room. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT SOOTOII 1IRL WWII ft? u aliua"on aa rbildren'a nurse, or lo do ohit'nhor work a< d waiting. Would barn nnob'octh tie to do the cooking f"r a email family. Che I. a rood plain oook and an excellent wadmr ami irouer flood reference can be given Ple.tae call al 176 1 welftn at. be ween lei 2d ava.. aeooud floor, back room Can be weep till engaged. AHKHPEC ABI.E ENGLISH PERSON WISHES A BITC allon aa lady's maid or to wait on grown children, tin. dere'anda halrdrefcalng aod doing up line muslins and lacei hie no objection 10 impel. Can be seen tbr two days .tangive good refn'n ore. Please call at. or address, ho. 167 Weat 27lb al., belneru <ih aod 6lh aveuuca. ABItlllLY RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY, LATELY left an orphan, wlehca a altuatlou aa compmioaor M ini el rea. to a I ivy, V be impure Are nnnruJl children, o Is o travel with an Invalid; she la ltiiell gem and amiable, and la wil ing t" r.ako heraeif gri erallv neelul. Addrria Anna Morkn, Nunh Orangn, Essex county, N.J. A YOUNG Oh KM an MERCHANT WANTS A SITU A Uiin li- any dry gooda or clothing wholesale home, lo which goods the adveniaer will he a good juuge and talet-.ntn. tfb will he paid to any gr nlli tnan for wlvidu.' the aatne. no tereuces gli en. Addreaa A. Fisher. llorald office. a p coaoiiman.-a situation wanted in a gks c\ ileuiaji'K family by an ring.ialunan front London. aaUvf ic lory lean.lib ran I e given lor leaving bla present sltui'to.i in Bciklyn. Addreaa V. W.,ctreO A A Wilila, grocers, cor neryof Myrtle and Clereinont arenueii. Brook1 yn. YOUNG FRENCHMAN, WBO SPEAKS ENGLISH well, wishes )o have a aKuailou av waiter. In a good nrl 8'e house; he perfectly undera anda bla busbies, for lie hn Iran several yearn in the beat family In Hilarity. Boat olty references Cull or aJdraaaT. P. 1M Sullivan at.. Ilrii floor To hi ar.en for three daya, from U A M. lo 3 o'clock P. M. A YOUNG FKENdHMAHL SPRAKfNO ENGLISH, H desirous lo find a bllunt on as llgh' porter, or asutlani bookkeeper In a e or e. Wages not ao muoli an o ijeot aa a per maiieut altnailou. 1 h ase addres't T. GAl' ION, 89 Nassau at. CIOOH'3 SITUATION WANTED, BY AN K OILING WO ' u an, who perfectly understand., her business; ao'ioa: meats, game, denorta: haa good city referonce. Apply al 218 hint 14th Bt , 2d tloor, front room. (TOOK.?A ( IOK S PLACE WANTED, BY A PERSON A who perfectly underatumla her buaineak In all it*-anohaa. host ot city reference given. Apply at 36 West l.lth al , he twi eu 6<b and c.b avenuoe, for two dava. CTOOK?WANTS A SITUATION IN A HOTEL OR J bearding home; baa no objection to oook for re?i*ur*nla; the beat of cily reiercnoea. Apply al No. 1 Norfolk sC, or a I drees H. C., llemld office, which will be attended lo for two daya. G1ARDKNFR?A SCOTCHMAN WHO HAP HAD Fir I run \ nra practice In gardening and farming, and haa Also thorough knowledge of the management f homes and cur riuge, end Is well acquainted with the elty. would like to take charge ' f a email farm In or near the city. Can give the rant of reference aa lo capability, houcaly and aobrietj. Address A. B. box 180 Herald office. Housekeeper.?a young PROTECTANT lady wishes to Dud Hitcli a situation, for which she Is fn'lv com pet. nt; the Is also a good seameires--; ean give the best of re ference Address It. W., 161 Uraud street, MRP McKlNNA, HAVING LOST HER CHILI), WISHES a respectable child lo nurse. Please apoly at 4T ItOih struet, bciwcen t'th avenue and Broadway. Respectable refe rence. NURPE.-WANTKD, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. PRO tecant, a alltuillnn as nurse In a respectable family; has no objection to assist In cbamberwork; has good cily reference Please call or address Nurs-, In the corset store, three doors front Ctb avennc. In Sth at., for two days. CITUATTOS WANTED?AS GOVERNESS, OR TO TAKE c1 charge of the household of e widower, by a lad/ In all re spects competent for the position. Addrew Imogen, Herald office. SITUATION WANTED AS 8EAM8TRES8 BY A YOUNG O vomao used lo cutting and fitting children's and ladles' pluln dresses, ns well as all kludsofpluln sewing. Excellent cltv references given. Enquire al 2&t 3d ave , oue door from 21st at. Can be seen for two days If not engaged. SITUATIONS WANTKD?BY TWO OIRL8; ONE AS O nurse and seamstress, tbo other as nhaiunermald and wal lreus. SatiblHc'ory reference. Gall lor two daya at 365 Sixth avenue, between 22d and 23d ate. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN FROM the country, lo do general housework In a small private family; understands baking. Please call at 203 Bast 2t)lhat., near Is', avenue. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECT ABLE YOUNG O woman, ns charnbcrmsid or to do general bouse vork; Is sn excellent washer and Loner, and a good plain cook and bsker; has the best of recomtuondstlons, and has no objection lo go a short dlsl*nce In the country. Call at 103 26th St., cor ner of 7lh av? lor two days. SITUATION WANTKD-BY AN INDUSTRIOUS, WKI.l, recommended and dneervlng young woman, to do the genualhousework of a p-lva.e family; lea good plain oook, and an excellent washer and Ironer; u fully competent and trustworby. Good et'y referencoo. Apply at 130 Court ?U cornet ot W yckotf, Brooklj n. SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS chambermnld and waiter, or to do Hue washing and Iron Itig. Best of city reference' from her last place. Can bo aeeu tor two days at .fit 9th avenue, between 3t)tta and 31st its., second Uix.r, front room. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE FROTRH ft tant girl, aa chambermaid and waiter, or aa U undress. I? fully competent to take any place In a family. Oood refe rcuces given. Apply at 36 Dean at., Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women; one as cook, washer and ironer, and th* other as chambermaid. Good city reference. Apply at lfit l umens at., tor two days. SITUATION WANTED-BY AN INDUSTRIOUS, WELL recommended, tidy t our.g woman, to do general bo tae votk, Is a grod rook and baker, and a first rate washer and Iroiu r. Is willing and obliging. No objection to go to the coun try. Please call at 114 Stanton St., In toe stoie, for two davs. SITUATION WANTED?BY A, ? KHPECT A BLE YOUNO r *7 r0$-' wakMV And Ironer in a small private ifVIP n* highly rcrommer ded from ber luat place wneie sneliveu Hbveral veure. Cun be seen lor two days. It not engaged, at 103 St. Marks place, between 1st avenue and avenue A. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS oook or laundrea'. either In Brooklyn or New York, In a private tainlly; cooking preferred, would aiwlsi in the waditng and ironing if necessary. Satisfactory reference given by tall tug at or addressing 207 Navy at., Iwodoors from WUloughby. Brooklyn, SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO D general housework; or chambermaid ard waiting, or cbantbcrworkand sewing; or would asnlst at the washing and Ironing. No objection to the country. Can be seen until en gaged at 131 Court st.. corner of Wyckofi at., Brooklyn, Urst Coor, back room. Good roferonce given. SITUATION WANTED?AS BOOKKEEPER OR SALE8 man, by a young man ot good bualness habits, la a good pevman and quick and oorretl at figures; ha* been engaged In an eitcitalve lumber buslneaa In both the above capacities. Best of reteret sa given Iront former employers. Address J. U.. Herald othce. SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO man of good address and business habits, in some wbole salt or eomulaalon business ; la % good and rapid pnuinau, and quirk and correct at figures ; has been engaged as bookkeeper and clerk in an extensive bualness, from which he can pro.Pt ?? the most unexceptionable reference; would like an engagement as salesman In acme wholesale establishment. Addreaa B. A., Herald office. PARTIES WIfiniNO TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS with an active, experienced man. to go into the country to buy up produce, may do so by addressing Produoe, Herald ufllcc, for one w eek. TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRLS WANT HITCA Hons: one as chambermaid and waiter, and the other a nurse and plain sewer. Please call at No. 10 Spring st, first floor, back room. Cau be seen for two days If not engaged. TO BANKERS AND BROKKR8?WANTED?A SITU A _ Hon In a bank or broker's office, by a young man, 22 year* old; has had three years' expert) nee Is a bank; la a good pen man rn.d accountant; can count money rapidly; la a good jndge of money and a good bookkeeper. Best of city and bank rafu rence. Address, for three days, Banker, Heral.l office. r IMPORTERS AND JOBBERS?WA NTRD, BY A young gentleman, a situation as entry clerk, or any other capacity where hta services would be required. The best o; references given as to character and capabilities. Address 0. Mi., box 100 Herald offiee. rWATCIIMAKERR?WANTED, A SITUATION At Improver, by a young man who has a ,\'nod knowledge o the butuneM, quick and intelligent at his work, and of sober and Indufrkria habits. Address Time. Herald office. r LIQUOR DKALT.RB.?WANTED, A SITUATION, BY a young man. as bar terder; he la willing to make himseh generally useful, and salary no obiect. A note addressed to tV. L., Herald office. will be promptly attended to. lY-ANTED-A SITUATION, BY a YOUNG WOMAN If aa cook. In a private tamlly; good reference given. Col he rcrn for t? o day s at No. 2 3<h st. UUANTED?A 8ITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO VV man. as nurse. Good references. Apply at No. Jl Greenwich avenue. Cau be scon two days. YlTANTEr-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, Aft vv CO, k. lit a private family. Oood cltv reference*. Apply ? SS ICtb St., Unitermj place, for two Jay s. tlfANTFD-BY A RESPECT ABLE MARRIED WOMAN .7 wbd I'M lotlbfir own baby, ach IfitQWflt nurse. A""' at 310 W eat Ibth St.. thirl II wr. between Jth and libit *vs."' TVANTRP-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WoMAN* AS VV Ctatk, WB-her and Ironer; good from ber' las place. Applets' No. left brtSdH. ( an bo seen for two day*. WANTPD-A SITUATION BY A OERMAlT^OUVG v? girl, as chambermaid ; good city reference given fan ?o seen for two data at >?ft 14th st.. bet seen avenues A and H. \lr ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOmTn~A vv clou.Hon as plain cook wa.hcr and Ironer. Oouicht rolercncc. Apt>ly at .104 Houston st. for two days TI-ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN Vv o altuaUon as wet nurae with a respectable fiottlv Call at 30 Kit o.ct.,n at , third Hour, in the rear Tlf ANTED-BY A RESPECT ABIE SCOTCH WOMtN t VV sllnat.on aa laundress; perfectly understands the hint t.ess. fan be ?een for two days at 44 East i ui at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WotltN a? hamhermald. Oood reference. Apply at 4dUCherrr st, hi the rear, first lloor, back room, for three days. YET ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A BBftPRCTAIILE WO TV man, as cook: under.and* hsr hnslncea. la willing to s-cl.t In wachlna and Ironing Best of clt? reference, fan be ?rer fur wo itaya at 113 Laurens St., tn the store. *1'ANTED-A SITUATION. I1Y A YOUNO WOMAN AS TV nurse ami seamstress, or chambermaid. Good reference Call at U "lb at., 8l. Mark's place between hi and 3d arenuea 'or '? 0 (Is|?. CLrANTED? 1 SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, ?> *e rhemhr maid and to do fine washing and Ironing or rbanibcrwork and waiting, has the best of city rrfcronce from ber lest place where she baa lived five vears fall at 144 West

lrtb st , between 7th and ?Ui arenuea, third lloor, front room. ?rrr.vnoNS wantko. i Wr AM Kit?BY A YOU WO WOMAN, A hlTU/?TION M 1 a private family as seamstress; understoodi Ureal mak ing SB i would la willing 10 Uo other light duller , or would wish Uj willi a lady or family that would l.e traveling. Please oai) at 27lit at., eiweeti Tib and 8th aveo. II ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RKfPEUT ABLE GIRL, ' iii clauilertcuid and seamstress under amis euuln ' and fining childi en'a clothing, ha* two years' reference from her last place I lease call, lor two days. at 261 Kant Litb ??.. lie ween avenues A. and B. WANTKD-A SITUATION AH CX>OK, BY A PR'ITKS tan1 woman, who understands rook I' ? la til lie branches. Her lived lor ret oral rears with some of lie most revpe 'table faniUlrH In the rity. The heal of reference can he given. Please call at Wo. 163 Pr<ncc at , room Wo. U. WANTED A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE W0 ruiii as a good conk: uudetsianUs all kinds of baking; and la a good laundries, bar llvod with 'he l.erl of families, flood ri lerenne. Apply at No. 19 Columbia at., near >he hcuth ferry. Call lor Iwn days. V['ANTED?A SITUATION BY A KESPKCTABLK I voung woman, to do tbe coolstng of a email family, and would have t o ohjec'ion lo aoisi In Ibn wsshimi and Ironing It required 'an he seen for two days at her last place, No. 9/ 1 .ill r* , between 1st and 2d avenue. WANTED? A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE vv i oiiur woman, a protests!,t. in a private family, a? chambermaid and seams! "h. , ur seamstress and taking carf of children h is 'he best of city relereuoe. l'leasc call for two ila; s at No. 88 Fourth ot. Wanted-a situation, by a rrspk >rable yfUt'P woman, as chsmlieimaid, good p .tin seamstress, rr 'o lake care of chl dren, good city NDrtSM, ''au bo soon for two dots at 242 Hudson avenue, second door from Jobuson at . East Brooklyn. WANTED?BY \ MOST RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young woman, a elluat'nn ss plain cook and wish snd bon and nishe herself u'efu1 , has rimV eliy reterenco rso I.e. is .u lorlvvo its; e at No. tit riasl 171b at., near Uulon equal*. WANTF.r-A SITUATION AS LAMES' MAID AND srumslross, by a oui.g woman, who pprfo. Uy uad.-r innds her Sur lnerr; is oapahlo In ilnasm 'king, millinery and ha rdreeing, would like very much to travel wtlhalady. The best of ellj reference. Address K. 0. C . Ilerald oOlce. u;anted?by two kehpkotsB ,r youno women, VV si;nat'cr.s; onn na laundress or chambermaid, snd the o'ber to do general hou-ewnrk The be-t of given. Inquire ei 96 West 83e si., between Oth ar.d 7th avenuas, third lit or, hack room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RNHPE JTABLF young woman, as good cook, washer and Ironer; ha? no oi jeci'on odo general house'oik. tinodcli) reiereuce given. Please call for two days at 30'.' 7th avenue, between 33d and .Villi sis., second lino., WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, as prnfi sued rook; unde stands French and tme r:can conking, pantry and .lejllos, aud baking; good reference given eppiy ai ilio oomerof Allen and 'Hilary si reels, Hrook lyi., In t' e bakery. WANTKIV-A 8'TrATION, BY A RESPECT ABLE young woman as ehnmhermald ami waiter: or as nurse In a privets family (food city reference can be given. Please rail at 110 7th avenue, corner of lfclh at., third Uoor, front room. HI ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE vv woman, as eook; uaders'ands all kluds ol family cook Ing, both and American, has no objection to go a abort ?lis iinoe In tbe country; satlafnotory reference. Can be seen lor two days at see Broadway, between Uth and 19th as WANTED?A H1TUATION, BY A RF.SPK' TABLE young woman, in do the housework of a private fa oily; Is a good plain cook washer and Ironer. Most i.l oily retersnce Please call at 113 Tlllary si , Orel door fiom Bridge Brooklyn, tor two days, It not engaged. Wf ANTED?BY* A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A vv sltua ior as rhambermaid and vva'ter, or as chamber maid and toasslat with tbe washing aud ironing. Sivyea'a toed etty reference in m one place Call al 170 lfith hi., be twe. n 7th and 8th avenues, second floor, buck room, two days WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl. U> do general housework or as chambermaid la a first rate washer, Ironer end good plain oook. The best of city reference given from ber luat place. Please call at 213 lltib St., betwren 1st avenue and avenue A, for two days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN YOUNG woman, a situation as child's nuraa, or to do light chamberwork, or make herself generally useful; la capable ol taking U.e erilre charge of an Infant. Please call or address H. 1.., 32 Jane si. WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as nurse and seamstress; can cut and flt chll dren's cloilu s; Is a neat shlrtinskor; no objection to go u abort distance in the country. Hen ofcltv reference given. Can be aero al 172 12tb St., between lat and 2d avenues. O/ ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A SITUATION vv as chambermaid and assistant laundress In a private family. Four years' reference given Irom ber last employer. Can I e seen for two days at 111 Chrystlc St., two doors above Grand, In the rear. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A situation ns chambermaid and waiter or to is dating In tl e washing or ironing; the best of city reference given from ber last place where she baa lived tluee years. Cell at 82 3d avenue, between I2th and 13th ate., In the grocery store. VXTAKTED?A SITUATION, AS SEAMSTRESS. BY A vv German Llrl, wbo speaks English, can do all kinds of tine sewing und make children's dresses No objertlons to lb hi ckumnerwork. If required. Can be seen lu her pri-scot ultiiMllnn, !U Khartff ut TXrANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE T? young woman, an chambermaid and nnrae, or an cham bermaid and plain aewi-r. or walling, if required, linn no oh jection to go a abort distance In the country. Han the beat or oily refe'ence. P eaae call at 208 Ellzabe'h si. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTEST \ NT (JIRL a situation lo do chaznbr rwork and take cere of cnltdren or would do (he general housework of n small lam ly. I'lonno rail at 119 19<h nt., beltveon 2d and 3d avonuen, first floor, in the rear, for two days. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE MID die aged woman, an cook: Hbc perloctlv underntandsher imnlnCM, and is a good baker of bread and rake, and Is willing to a mist In washlrg and ironing; has the best of city reference. Can be aeen for two days at No 90 West 20thet. VST ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE U w?nm"i **ft Pit Clkra cook !n a hotel or dining saloon; "Pr0 ,* prlraie ranil r. (food reference given. Anply ' 212 East nib sr., between 1st avenue ind avenue A. Can be sen, for two days. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A TT situation as chambermaid and vtraPcr, or would take rare of children and do neai sewing , he besi of city reference can be given trum her 'aai place. Call at the atore, IV2 lib at., between Dt and 2d avenue-. TXT ANTED?A PITUATfON BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS TT chumbermuld and waitress, or as chambermaid and fine washer and Ironer. Hood reference for the last three vears. Apply ;at Nfcj leih ?t., between 0th and 7th avenues, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, wash and Iron, or to do general housework; is a good baker of bread and blarult Rest of city reference firm her last plnce. Can be seen for two days at 107 IGUi St., between 1st and 2d avenues. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN. A SITU A Hon to do the cooking and take the entire charge ?f Ink g In all Its brancies; I- an excellent bread maker; or would take rhirge as housekeeper. Best reference, (.'all for two da; s at 123 East llth at., near 1st avenue. TXTANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A TT young woman, who baa learned the dressmaking; can rut and fit ladles' and children's dres-w s. and mukegentlemeu's Mrk sad ootlars; would assist Id the chamberwork. Best ol r-ferenver Apply at Ssl 1st avenue,-between 20th and 21st sts tXP ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT yonug man, as coachman or groom In a prlva'e family. Has no objection to the country. Good reference from his but employer. Apply at (>99 Broadway, corner of Fourth St., for two days. TXTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA TT Hon as first rate sook, wisher and Ironer. or 'o do gene work for a small family. Wages uot so much sn object as a eomibrtadln borne, Good reference. Apply for iwodaysat 52 Vandnm St. tX7"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN TT from Scotland, to do chamber work nod fine washing and Ironing, or as nurse and seamstress. Best of city reference. Please call at 184 28th St., between 1 st and 2d avenues, thir l floor, front room. Wmm ANTED?BY AN EXCELLENT L AUNDRKAS, A KAMI ly's washing, by the month or dozen. Has been a latin dress for the last rtpfc' years, and can come well recommend ed. Call at 444 4th -t. for Elizabeth Moor, In the roar, back basement. Wmm ANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook, washer and Ironer, or to do general housrwork In a small family. W ages not so much n object at h rcnfTortahle heme. Best of city reference. Appiy at ; lo Delancey St., In the basement, for tiro days. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE American girl, to take care of <dilldren or to wait at table, aged 18 yt*r?. Good city reference can he given from her hut pist e. Please call fot two days at 27112th st, between avenues A and B, second floor, back room. flTANTED-A SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESPECT TT able girl; Is a good cook and tlrtt rate washer and Iron er, or wnu <1 do general housework In t small ftmlly: can give four years' reference frrm her last place. Please call at 324 Cberr) St., second door from the corner of Charles at. XX7ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A SCOTCH PROTES *' tanl girl, to mind cbtl lren, or to do chamberwork in s i ate family, wishes to go South. (Pood references Ap I 128 ?Uib st, betweeu 2d nod 3d avenues. Can be soon for itso days. W'iANTED A SITUATION?AN ACTIVE BOY, ABOUT seventeen years old, la desirous to oMaln a situation In a wholesale groecry store. Can give good reference as to cha racter and ability. Keels confident he would please his e n ploy er. Enquire of M'Grsw A AUendorph, 450 Uroad ivay. 117ANTED BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT young woman, a situation as cliunbermald In a respecta h'c family, can dv all k'ndsol plalu sewing, also tine wash lug. Can be seen for two days. If not engaged, ( ail at lis ( hryatfest., rear, ora Uoeaddressed-o J. '2., wul be punctually silerdidto. U PANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RE1PECTABLE young woman, as nn eiperb-nced cook; understands all hinds nf cooklna, w ashing and ironing. II is no olije Hoa to assist In the washing of a small family, or to go In the country. (J<od city reierenee apply at 10813th si., between 3d an<l 4th av.-nues. TX7ANTKP?IN A RESPECTABLE NMI'JHBORHOOD? TT between the 3d and ftth avenues preferred?a small far lushed residence, or part thereof with use of kitchen, for a very small and respectable familv. No boarding house keep ere need apply Address 8. M., lleraldoffice, stating distinctly terms, psitb tilars and hcntlon. WANtED-A SITUATION. BY AVERY RESPECTA TT ble youi-g womsn. In a private family; Mie Is a llrst rate cook and understands jellies, pastry, preserving and bsking she hnr lived In her last place seven years; sin-has the best ol city reference ss to honesty, sobriety and capability. Call at 217 let aver ue, up stairs, In the front room. TVANTFD?BY A MIDDLE AGED WOMkN, A PRO TT lestant, a situation as child's nurse; has been eoriisVimad to 'he rare ?t children from tl.eir Mrth. lias the hwst of d'y reference. Can he seen for two days at 90 Wewt 28th st, In the rear, or a nob sddreesed to the above number will be attended llo. J ANTED?A SITUATION AS COACHMAN, MY A ST V (.b- man, who thoroughly onderstarids his business, la pii'A DTfiom iiTid i1rlra?r la vnll n?..?teis.i.A .. i,l il. 'n.. a Trsl rate grtsim and driver, is well acquainted with the city drit tne, and Is wtl Ing to be useful and i bilging to the genie man who employs him Satisfactory references Any corn mends eidrr?ed lo W Onarhnurt. Hum 11 offlce. or at 914 Broadway, hi ibe barren ?'nre. foi three day. yrtll b? s'tend ed to. ^ KJTlAlKfflS HiLtTKK. TV ANTED?A BITl AHON, BY A YOOM) WOMAN TO f" do ^eueral houu'vojk, nrid washing and irouiag. Good reference. Apply at ISO Mntl gt. Can be wen two day *? TV ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOCNO WOM AN, TO ? do clwuiilierwuil ftrid wiiUiig. or todo(i^ufli'?ib()>iH6- i work Co4.drHen-i.cei.. Apply hi 17 Lcwh. at., at her pre at tit eniployei'a. Ilu lived there two years. W ANTED-A SITUATION, MT A YOUNG WOMAN, Aft ?? ceok washer and lion-r in si. excellent lauodreis; baa gcnd city re.lere.iioe Apply at 04 W. loth at., In the rear. Han te seen lei two duya. I*/ ANTED?A HITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE I ' young girl as t-hiimberinald and aenmatreaa; lis* tin ohjerUoit to are to children 11a* good city reference. Please call at 124 Atlantic at., Brooklyn. IV ANTED? A ft ITU ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Tt clel. to do chamherwork and waiting, or to do house uotk In a small family, flood oily reference. Apoly tit 127 W SMSt., Ural lloor. IV ANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. WASHING VY and Ironing, at her oa'ti residence. 138 Waverley place, no the n.oat reasonable tetma, by the dozen or hy the month; la an eicellent waabnr and Ironer. Boat of reference. WANTI D? a SITUATION AB LAUNDRESS OR CHAM brrmald and aeam*treaa, by a resprc'aide young wo msr., wl b the very boat ol elly teference. Apply at No. 7 11th at., a lew door* wrest of Broadway. fl'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ?* voting girl, lo do cltamboi work and p aln ?ewiog, or to li Ind children, or to do housework for a snail 1 <till v Call at No 0 llall place, betw een 6th aud 7th avea. for two days. TV ANTED?A HITUATION, BY A REsPB IT ABLE ' > young girl, to ? ok. waah aud Iron, or fo do gene al bnnsewoik li. a small tamlly. Beat reference U re quired Apply at 167 Molt at. In the rear, room No 7. IV ANTED?A SITUATION, HY A RESPECT ABLE VV woman, to cook, waah and Iron; ro objec In.t to goto the country. Appl> atlC4 tVcst Broadway, corner olJfut* au. In tl.e hiote, for two da-a. ? . s . .. TV' ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A PROTECTANT WO ?? ntnn. In a private family, a? rook, washer and Iro-ier: ttn tlerstands bskltig; has good city reference. Apply at 111! Cher ry at., No. 2, rear nulldlne VVaNTRD-BY A YOCNO WOMAN, A HITUATION, AS vy plain cook, aud la an einellotil washer and Ironer; hv - prod city ri let nice Please call for two day* at 1ft West Is h it . In the grocery store. IVANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A "? altiiiitlon In a respectable private fault y. as plain cook, Is a flrs'ra'e wa?her and ironer; heat ol rt-ferefire given. Cau be itn lor two days at 123 West 27th st. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE colored girl, as lady's maid, or lo take rare of a la-go child, oi' plain sewer; good city reference. Apply at 20 Clarke street. YVANTF.D-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A 8ITI7A ? lion tut rook: no objection U, do housework In a sin til Inmily. Hr.a lived Ihn a jeers In her last place Please apply at 20 An.!i) st., Brooklyn. TV A Nil D?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE it young woman, as cook, washer and Irouer. Best ot clt. relerencc can be given from her .as employer. Apply at No. I l'earl at , corner of Butte, up stairs. YYTANTED?\ SITUATION, BY A PROTK8TANT GIRL vf ae chamberma'd and aeana'reas, or wattreas; uudersian Is all kind* of ftimUy sewing ana embroidery; bit g(>od refurence. Apply at 4.10 Fourth avenue, -etween 30lh and Slat Ms. TV ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE y T young girl to do general housework, or aa rhambermia I flood refmence Apply to No. 18 Clermont sr., Brooklyn Can be teen two days, WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH MARRIED woman with a frcah breast of mbk. * situation aa wet nur-e; satisfactory reference* girt it. Address A. B., No. 26 Rlvtngton at. IV ANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNG " woman, a situation aa lauudreas, chsmbermald or to wall at ta ble: has no objection to a private boarding house. Please call at 382 Bleecker St., second iloor, for two day*. W'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young I'roteriant woman, as wet nun*, with a fresh breast of rnilk flood referenoe given. Please call for two days ut 7! Charlton at., between 9 andl. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG, HEALTHY Scotch woman, aa wet nurse Good reference-.. Apply at 2(4> Ithh street, betweeu 9th and 10th avenuae. Can be aeeu two days. TVANTKP-BY A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED WO vy mau, a altuatlon ta cook In a ama I family. Beet of city reference. Can be seen fur three days at 162 Smith at., South Brooklyn. TV ANTED?BY* A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITUA VI lion na cook, w arherand Ironer; la a good baker of brea-4 Good recouimendatloua from leat place. Apply at 387 6th av., one door Irom 24th at. fV ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE It girl, aa good cook, waaher and Ironer. flood olty refe tetice ll'teqtilled. Can be aoeu for two daya at No. 1 Pearl at., comer of Plymouth, Brooklyn. WANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE young womnn. aa took, waaher and Ironer. or at latin di era. Bern city reference. Apply at 20 Eaat 19ih st., near Broadway, for two daya. TV ANTED?A HITUATION, BY A RESPECT ABLU. vt young woman, an chambermaid, waller, or to aaslat in washing, or to do the housework of aamall prtva e family, flood city referenoe. Apply at 1*033d aL, near 7th av. XXIANTED?A SITUATION TO DO GENERAL HOUSE "t work In a tnu'l private faintly, or lodo plain sewing and vhtmberwork; tins die heat of city reference from her las', place. 147 Miidiaon street. Can be seen for two days. TXT A NTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA TT tlon aa chambermaid and waller; no objrcllon to a saint in washing and Ironing; would go a short distance In the noun try. liar gooc cltj reference. Please call at 9b Weal ltfih at. kX/ANTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A 8ITUA ?' tlon aa cuok, waaher and Ironer in a small prirate family, flood city reference given from ber last plat*. Please < all at 190 West 2ith st., between Sib and 9th avenues. TXT ANTED?IT A RESPECTABLE TOUNO WOMAN, A TT situation as chambermaid and waiter in a private farafiv. Best of city relerenre lrom her last employer. Apply at 9(1 ltitb St., between tith and Jtt avenues. XI7ANTFD?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A SITUA TV tlon as waiter and chambermaid, or child's nurse and plain see rr. Please inquire at her prraenl employer's, 36 West fifteenth st., between 6tb and 6lh avenues. TXT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. A SITUA TT tlon as rhmnbermald or to Otke care of children; can he seen for two days at 639 Greenwich at. Good references can he given. 11. ANTED-A HEAD COOK, ONE WHO IS ACQUAINT T* ed with earring, and can come well recommended, will hear ol a permanent situation, by addressing Box 2,893 Poet (Bice. TXT A NTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOCNO GIRL, A TT sltua'lon to do housework in a prirate family ; Is honest and touustrtous ; baa n od city rn'ereoee. Apply at 22 Amity St., corner of Willow St., Brooklyn. TXT A NTED?TO FILL UP PftOW CARDS, A YOUNO TT girl who has had some practice, or who baa a taste for coloring. Apply between 1U and 12 o'clock, to R. Burgess. 94 Canal st , op stairs. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, A sltusi Ion aa chambermaid and washer and Ironer, or to do plain sewing The best of elty reference |lvon. Inquire ai 124 Duane st., corner of Church, up stair*. TXT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TV situation as waiter end to do rhamberwnrk. No ohiec tlr.D to go a short distance In the country. Apply at 304 Hous ton St., for two days. TXTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL, TT a situation as chambermaid; Is a good plain seamstress, lias the best of city reference. Ctn be soen at her present employer's. Call at 43 West 2Sth at. U1 ANTED-A SITUATION. BT A RESPECTABLE PRO XY leslant girl, as chambermaid and waitress, or chamber maid and laundress. Beat at elty reference Can he seen for two day s at S3 22d at, between Third and Lexington avenues. XX"'ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT situation ?odo general housework; la a good plain nook and first rate washer and Ironer. Beat ot city reference from her last place, call at 40 Clarkaon st., In the rear, for two d?ya. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO OIRL. AS general house worker, or would terve as chsmbermsld and assist in plain sewing. Boa', city retereooe given. App y at 313 Dloks street. South Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Protestant girl, aa good plain cook; la a good washer and Ironer; no objection to do general housework. Has good city refrrrnce. Call lor two days at 163 Ksst '23th St., near 2d are. TV-ANTEIV?BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN TT a child to wet nurse la her own house, having lost hor baby four months old. Best of references given. <'all at No. 6 Warren st, near Columbia, Brooklyn. XVrANTEI)?A SITUATION. BY A HOOTCH OIBL, AS TT nurse and to do cmbrokltrlng. Good reference given. Apply at 243 lt>ih st, between 9U> and 10'h avenut-s, second tlooi, Iront room. Can be seen for one day. WANTKt?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tern to do general housework, either Id city or count,-,. Best of elty reference Inquire at 430 Ore?n<vich at, fourth lb or, bsok ruitn, for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS chambermaid end to assist In washing and Ironing, if re quired; is a good plain newer. Can be s. en tor two days at icr pr. .i-iit employer's, N- 7 We?l icih -I. IXTANIKD?BY A YOUNG LADY, TO TAKE TO HER TT own reaklenow all kinds of embroklerT and xnl'Urf nt'hrrfrotn families or stores Ptease call at 2986th street, tween avenues b and c, fifth floor. TY^ANTED?BY A PJIQTBSTANT YOt NG WOMAN. A ? ? :"fidl.'?C *l veanutrnss; understands dresamvklng sod embroidery. Can bo seen for two days at 130 West lttb at., brr present employer. WANTKP-A SITUATION, BY A GIRL WHO IH AN excellent cook, and can be highly recommended as such. Apply at S3 Irving place, where she can be seen lor two or tbiee day*. WANTRD-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL, a situation as chambermaid, and fine washer and troaer; Is willing tn mtks herself useful, fan be sewn lor two days at her prcacnt employer's, 141 Gay sL, Brooklyn. txrANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO PROTE8 TT tant woman, us rhamtiermsld and seamstress; can sew sll kinds of linens and dresses, has sewed two years In ber last place. Ibe best reference can be given. Call for two days at .3 Perry st., corner of Hudson. TXT A NTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN WO TT mnn, a situation as cook In a smallprlvstw family; g od elty referent* ran be given aa to character and capability; no oh ceuor. to assist in the washing nnd Ironing IT the cooking is pls'n. Call at IG1 West 19>h st, between 6th end 7th avenues. "ANTEr-A SITUATION. BY AN EXPERIENCED cook, who pertrctlv understands ber hnclneas In all Its brunches, run make sll "kinds of soups, Jellies, pastry, and r roe: goodrltff reference given. Amily at 63 West lft b et, be'* t sn tith and 7th avenues, for two daya w ?ANX*D-BY AN INTELMOKNT PROTESTANT young lady, a situation as companion loan invalid lady, ? ss housekeeper In a small family, or aa governess to on or to -mall rhbdrcn. best of references given. Addreea Ucor P nn, box 12* Ucrnld^ofllce. RANTED?BY A SOBER. STEADY PROTESTANT 1 young msn. e sttua'lon n? porter In s store In which he tild himself geueraliy tuefu'i 'o his cmplover. I'It ass pi) stlAvWmst ST1W WANTED UY A KF.8PK0T ABI.i* YOUNG UNO LIS <1 wt n*o u situation a* proffM oJ rd<*L und^r 'i?od? lor MjhIi <?** ?n all lta IrancHen; hn? no o jpc ion Co a J/rtfcl of boarding houa* , ban U ? l on of rofcraut-r. i'loaae at ll Mlnoca at., a few d( o?> fiom Blccckrr ?t.f in tho bnwrtftnt; CRii be teen until hUi'ed. Wi r ANTk D?A SITUATION. HV A RUH'-MT ABb-* American girl in a p-lvinc firnlly, tod'. citsuiberwirk and plain tewing, nr chamber* ork and v.*1 In.-; Ii?? is. objeo li(.n in take cure of children. g'ssl reference. If rvqiii.i-d C'.ta be teen Tor two days al lW Jlott second door, room So. I, it not engaged. W/N1 Kit?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTE-iTANT j "til > w< nran, a tl'uation *< ftm-'reti can cut m,d it laiilea and cbildrrnV drett-C"; understand* all kinds of fnitllT sew ti g and emhroluery; waitii ha "e no objections t,? tea* I, hi *? or city reference. t an be area, for two days, at 71 West l&tli street, near Clh avenue WAbTKD-HY A MOST COMPETENT YOUNG WO man s situation in a priest* famllv, >? seatuHra** nod dretan aker; understands die cutting anil firing o( all kinds of clnldrr n'a rlo'hcs, and t* most competent in atiirtnnaking and all kind* oi family hi wing. Ileal o oily reference fro n h>ir last place, Can be seen for two days at lie Uth at, belweeB la and 2d avenues. WANTED?BY A MOHT RESPECTABLE. WOdAN, A nitiiatInn aeftiai class r?ok; under-land, eveev branch of her I'UKire*?baking and p?a ry rrmoa ineva, g to* nndsl niade dlanea; no objection to go s snort distance 'n t.m *m ilry. lias the beet of olty I,Terence. Can be been until eng tgetl M Mrt-jOrcen'a agency, 70 White at. Tt AN'TED-BY A BEFPFCTABLK ENGLISH YOUNG ? woman atl'uaUon to do rhanberwork -ml assist with washing and Imn'i l or as nurse and seamstress; uodoestaads cutting and filling children's dj eaves; no u action U> travelling, (an oe setnal 31 Pacific at. between Willow and Hloka, Brooklyn. TIT ANTED?BY A REr PKOTAHI.K PROTEST ART GIRL, ?? a situation an chambermaid and to do the general hnu-c work ot a small family, or Ui cook, waeit and Ir >n, or as I tun dres;i*a rnod washer and Ironer ; good reference can oe given, (hui be aeon for three days if not engage 1, at 168 Weal loth at., first l.onr front room. WANTKD-A VBBY RESPECTABLE AMERICAN gl' yesrs ol Mge, tind of very prepnases-lny ap-iear ance wbbiss silostton to s'trnd either a laney good i stum, ronfrotloiiery or bakery. Is familiar with husi .es?, and cia I ring sai Is In i orv reference from her former employer, Can he sten by addresamg K. 1?. B, broaawny Poet office, for three dsy .i WAMKD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOING WDMAN A situation ss'maid nnd I lundrena. or oek. Gen i tve 8 years'rlty telerence. Left her place on accouo of the family breaking up housekeeping. Al-o by a respectable i out g won,an. a rtlua loo us enamel, esa. or ?e?unsiresa and rbamfoimiild tsar, etc-l eni plain tewer, and first rate at em! rohiery or needlework; ha- no objection to go as long as her set vices are re, n red. I an he seen for two (lays at 601 34 avenue, e?c"Lei Um,r?,f-out room. TITANTED?BY A SCOTCHMAN. OF SOBER AND Ilf ? v dtiairloiiM habit*, (single,) a situation a- coaehoian. an ply to (iht'HtiK Ml nit AY, livery stable kn per, S3 hast 1,8th at., w here the advertiser can bo seen until employed WtNTKB?A MTDATIOW, BY A BOMB, INDU8TRI oil* man, as rbeek clerk or light porter In a wen male store or office Has no ohjeruon to any busineaa; exper ea**4 In Iook account*, writes a good band aud la willing to le.ote his time tor tlir in to est of bis aniplut or. A ny a t b. sa o .1 M. < ., Herald office, for tluxc days, will be strictly attended to, WaNTFD BY A STEADY YOUNG ENGLISHMAN A siiua'.h'iiaH coaehmsn, or to make hinx-"df u-eful; per frrDv underatatids the utsnagemen. of horses. Good relereuce. Addrts* <:. P., lie aid ufilre, box 116. ll/AMKD-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG MAN IT ? ' yet rs of age a* an sppreiiticn to the tin and copperem! h bttslnriw; 1* ol i cry steady habits and would make himself ge nerally useful. Address J. Valentine. Ilerald office Wanted-by a young hcotchman. a situ atton, as faimer He understanda the rare and maa agt ment of horsea and farming generally; c <n produce good refers tire from Id* last employer, tall or address K. Kdgar, 187 B'illlaat st. THK TRADES. 4 OOOD CARPrNIKH IS WANTED AT fit) CANAL. ST. '1 To one Ibat will suit permat ent work and good wage* will be given for the winter Al-n'J square and Ircabefar sale al low price*. Inquire o' P. J'KhRlAlilil. CtAKPENTKR AND MII.LWRIOHT WANTED?OR A / carpenter accustomed to machine shop work. Apply at be l'rint Works M Orteu?!ch street CI TTERH WANTKD -TWO GOOD CUTTERS FOR FINK shop work. Apply to G. B. FLINT A Go., 886 Broadway. C30PPER SMELTING.?WANTED?A SMELTER, PRaC J tlcalty aciiialn cd with copper ore and the erection of fur i arc* Any person thoroughD maa<ar of 'he burdoes* caa fmd permanet.i employ D,enL None others need apply lo the North Carolina Copper Co., 00 Beaver st. OLD PkNrt ?WANTED, A GOOD GRINDER.?APPLY to Mended A Faircblld, 182 William st. G TAILOKN' NOTICB, TATLORK* NOTICE. -ALEXANDER I) KKtVFP, prof oh-or ol the art ol mea-urliifi Sod cut ting garments, hy hut improved ay s ent, has the n easure ol announcing to the trade that be can be lottnd at nut nffii-e. N4 Broadway, 'rem (l A M. to 6 P.M. Mr Reeves will giro I-* sons in measuring and curing Id the Frem-h Ungnage when required. N. B. -Journeymen tailor- aught cutting onrta sonable term*. atciimakfr.?a journeyman watchmvkkr who p. pt rtec'ly well acquainted >vldt the liu-iu -as, wtrh ea a situation. Inquire at 33 Foray Ui at., near Walker. WATCHMAKERS.-A FIRST RATE WORKMAN CAN find steady employuteui ny applylug lo Culbert l.rotEers, 136 Canal st w IV' ANTED?A COMPETENT M VN FOU BUE VIN'1 I?i>R. IT u-r Mid lie; none l>ut one fully ec piainted wt h Ike ' urines* will suit. Attires* Brewer, Metropuiiutn Post oUlou, American Bible House. As'or place. 117 ANTED- AT 1 UK AMERICAN PATENT ECLECTIC IT boo) nianufscary. hit men ou first rale hn A hoUnms, and three good fitters. JOHN DICK 312 Broadway, second i.oi'r, fron' room. RTHXIGEXt E OFFICES, 007 BROADWAY, CORNER REaDE.-AT MORRIS, wO| OOHMiRT A i'O.'S, isn In o'ltalu I re-peel vile Oeiman. hnglt-b, Seotcb and Irish lir'p, for botel, ana pnrMe families; also. wallers, coachmen, fannere, laborer*. Ac , at Una or the branch office lull Orecnwicbat. Terms moderate /AIIRI8TIAN home-fob ffmai.e servanth, on \J Ihlrly eighth Mi eel, between lotirUi and Lexington avr nues. FRENCH ADVBRTlSEMEITSr T7NE FTLLK FKANCAISK, DRMRF SB PL ACM DAN'S LI une faml !<? sm6rir*lce romme hnone d'enfiini on II le d? rhsirbrc. hlle nan rondre et broder. b'addresatr 19b Sata avenue. UNE DEMOISELLE SVIKHE, QFI PARLE LE FRAN f al* et I'allemand dlslre ae placer ile unite, com me tills de clambrc ci cotidre on pour fatre un petit mhnape dans une lamllle amf rtenlne. h adrneaar A Nanette Hch, 29 tlreenwlnh at. FkBMMAli, INFORMATION WANTED-OF JOHN GROWL BY. TAI 1 lor wbo left hta wife and (wo cblldi n in Bntfalo on the Hub of July last. hbc la low with her brother', tu 1 hlcua'o. If Ihfa should meet your eye. coine back to your chlMrcn. Write la jour wife, to Chicago, who la In bad health, and would be glad to see )ou. INFORMATION WANTED-OF HESTER FRY, WHO called from Uverpnol by ship Jamca L Bogart, Sept. 77, lsflft, and arrived In New York, Nor. 1, 1806. Any Informa tion will he thankfully recelred at No. 4 Washington market, Weal atreet aide. INFORMATION WANTED-OF KKRRIN TOBIN, A LAD thirteen years of age, who arrived In the whip I?ac Webb from Liverpool, on Wednesday last. Any person knowing of bit whereabouts, will conter a favor by oommuiitcaUng to Dan b 1 Power, 62 Waita street. Jonw WARR1NER, WnO RESIDED IN THE CITY OF New York, during the year 1836. or In lha event of hia death, hta hetra can bear of autneihlng to their advantage by ad dressing E. P. FHRK.MAN, (Jlmon Hoiel. JOSEPHINE WILL FIND A LETTER IN THE BROAD way Post office. (FECIAL NOT1CBB. Notice.?the pihenix lodoe. no. ia. a. p. a., hat charged their night of meeting from Wedne-day to lueaday evenings, and their place of meeting tram National Hall, Canal atreet, to 187 Bowery, fourth floor. The mem bers of the above will please be punctual In their attendance on Tuesday evening the 6th tnat., at 7S o'clock, as business of imparlance to each mamber la to be tran utcted. By order of DAVID TODD, W. M. Wuutn F. Lloyd, W. Secretary. Notice.-HOLDERB of first class railed ad bonds or alocka can sachanga (.16.000 or (46,1100 worth lor the fee of a strictly first class property. In the rtclnltr of Wall street, paying a large Interest on ihe coat, and in every *aj d.-strsMn. The utle It indisputable and llieaecuritv un douboyt. flood lands or stocks wUl be taken at par. Address boa iOS Poet office. NHF.W TORE YOCNO MEN'S ROMAN CATHOLIC BENE volent as.,octal ion ?A sports Meeting 01 thl. association will lie held thla (Tueedui) evening, at Hit Bowery, at 7'i o'clock. As business of uciuuiil Importance Is to be transact ed. It Is expected all membei a will aiu-nd. By order. TI Mi 1111V LI Mi.,'II, President. Josam 0 iiirris, Corres|>ondlng Secretary. SHANflHAIH ?A SPECIAL MKRTINO WILL BE HELD ? on Wednesday, Nov. 8th, atHo'c.oek at W, Broalwny. Ry order of YOCNH aMkkh'a. IESIRAKCE. W1CHANIC8 FIRE INSURANCE OOMPaNT OAPI. IH tal (ISO Oft).- Office ;T1 B-oadwsv corner of fb%nx,'>rr* WILLI *M 11 DfcOUO'.'T, Prevalent. Uxsar B. Dswsolt, Secretary TIIF. ALBION LIFE I.N6UR A NCR COMPANY HAVE D* dared a 1 onus avernsu.r tr pe , ? ,n an rn.-i.' ton mi sll participating pollcirs. and a dividend 01 20 1 cr cent paya ble in rsab A "ta'emcntof the tin nclal position of tlie compa ny st the close of the With year ot pa existence, w ih report of icailoii in H. BUCHANAN', 44 Walt street. ?PORTING. FOR MIA?i FULL BLOOD POINTER PUP, SIX mor'tsold. The owner will sell hhn on account of not having time to brtak him. Gin be seen at 197 Mouth -I., fur two days tiMlR SALE?A LARUE IUOI LAMA DOB DO'i. 1 frill lilooded. .'anda iwo teet six Inche. high, one yeir old. To be seen at 22 Washington street, gnxiARbs. ^ Biixiardh.-we offer for sale a laror ah "oHmenl of hJate, inarbl? and wooden beddod billiard !?? bhi, Rl'h "our" Improved modem cuahlon*. for whjgkwara c<*i?rd ?be ntlvcr model et the World'* Pair, few'York. 1W. A Vo. for *ele. a rplendid Mock of hail*, cuee. ctotha, Ac., Ac , a. th. low.* Prtces;oNAKD ^ ^ ^ ^ WATCHES, JEWELRY, M. 1ALIFORNIA DIAMONDS ?THIS NEW AND WRAITH J frii article stltl takes iha lead wub purchase? of Jewajgy. I e heal Judge raxinoi ted them from the iha real diamond. The rlor? are within Ibe reach of every one. < '??JJ?'' T**l ? (4 xnd (6 ear rings, H W> $J?. rings, (B u>*?; studa, Iadt-J Ins, cna*es licgeia. ? utt.*>, braceleia, Ac. Artlciaa made I order, set witl Ihe a!< ive illamor-Is. la any Slyla. Alan sew V mall la any part of the I mlcd Huhaa, by enclosing amount LutWg-! " V. A J. iAdOh. 4W Uruadwajk