Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1855 Page 3
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ante and familiar relations?peoples who aro to-day ilaood at tbe rery head of cirillsati n, and who, accord of to the current event* s*em by the community of heir onaUmanW and their interests to form bat oa? Teat nation. Our proj-c.t h** been received everywhere rith the most IIrely sympathies, and an Augo-Freaeh ompnay will be immediately organized upon the raou toweiful basis to execute the railway of l'as-de-Calnl*." Trade In Saltpetre. TO THE EDITOR OK THE LONDON TIMES. Sm?In the government aware that at the present time arge quantities ?>f aaltpatre and brimstone are being ex torted from this country to the United States, to be hence, no doubt, reahlpped to Hamburg or Ain?tenlam, nd forwarded to Ru**l?, to be used against our poor t-J Iowa in the Crimea!' From what I boar it aoama more ilian irobable that the American* are at tbe pr?*eut moment ?takinggunpowder; for Kuaaia, aa their mill* are all in till operation, and have more work than they can get hrough. Now, although we cannot prevent the Ameri can* trom doing this if they choose, It eeem-i the height if foJy for tie to be furnisning them with the material*, ind I do truat that tbe export of saltpetre and brim tone will be entirely stopped- Hit'uerto tbe exertion.* of he government have been confined to throwing ob.tta 'leeln the way of the trad* of the country hy prohibiting he export of iron and other article*, fur fear they vh >ulu >e intended for the u*e of the tfneen'* enemiea, while J1 tbe wo id knows that Kuaeia lea producer of Iron. We rant our trade wore* than ever now to enable u* to tear the btirdcu of the war, and e?c-y facility ahould be Horded by the authorities, so that the country may offer ad little at, pnaible; but tliis traflioking in thn Ives of our soldiers m'ght be prevented to some d?g ee, ind I tru.1 yon will ut-e your powerful Influence* against llKRCATOB. Liverpool, October 20, 1858. Central Todleben. TO TBE EDITOR OF THE LONDON TIMES. t*tk?t'au you Inform your readers what may bo the 'atea of General Todlelten'a commission*, from that of ieutenact to that of Aide-de-camp-General to the Frn scror, to which po?t I see he waa promoted a few day* go t And also, doea hi* rapid promotion arise from hia ?annexion with noble Kus-ian tamlliea, alliance with the {uiuan Commander-in-Chief, or tbe fame of the deed* of tis ancestor).V Or, on the other hand, is the deapotic Var inoie liberal to merit in his disttibution of honor* nd reward* than our own government V If you would naaer thene questions 1 doubt not you would satisfy natty more inquirers besides. C. W. K. Markets. Lomios If OA ST Market, Oct. 21!.?Tuesday Evening.?. s'otice hs* been Issued that the interest upon all th? Kx Itequer bills in circulation will be increased from the 8th inat. to C>?d. per day, or ?3 18s. )4d. per annum, he previous rate was 2d. on the June bills, an I 2 Wd. on hose dated in March. The augmentation, therefore is ?quel to 18s. 2)gd. per annum on tbe former, and 7s. )?d. on the latter. The consequent Increase in the ublic expenditure will be rather less than ?100,030. Tbe English funds opened with dulues* thi * morning, >nt the continued confidence manifested by the public gain caused firmneas, and upon the new* of the Hait ians having blown up thoir fortifications at Oenkoff, the tarket closed at higher prices, and with a generally im proved tone. Consols for money, which left off last evening at 87)4, ere first quoted 87)4 to )g, but the last official transac ions were at 87*4 for money, and 87)4 to % for the ac ount. At a late hour a farther advance took place, and the rice for the account wa? 87X to X- The transactions f tbe day comprised numerous steady purchases, ami II the stocLs lately shut for tbe dividend being now open or free transler, the amount ol business wa* const b'ra le. Consols are etill tcarce, and it I* said the bank is selt ng them for delivery and buying them back for the ae ount on terms which give them the use of the money neanwhile at a very low rate. The Mermaid has'arrived from Australia with ?395.000. nd the Marco I'olo with ?600,000. Aa impression continues that the gold from Australia to-4ay, aa WrM aa auch arrival* a* may take place during the next few week*, will be bought up for thcBiukof France through an arrangement already made. J-hould this prove correct, it will be in vain to hope for any Im ediate mitigation of the disturbance in thn muney arket. If, ou the contrary, affairs should oe left to their natural course, and it find* its way to the Bank of Fngland, there will be good ground to hope for a gradual increaae of steacinesa. Even if the Bank of France or their agents have succeeded la ob'sining credits by which, as is reportei, the fuither turn of ?2,000,000 may bo drawn irom us, it should be remembered, as a reason for undiminished confidence, that, although the momentary inconvenience created is intense, thn ultimate result of tlie process must be merely to increase the rebound on this vide, if tie public will keep clearly in view the arti flci*l nature of the perturbations that must thu* be ex perienced, half the mischief they would occasion will lie averted. RICHARDSON, 8FENCR & CO.'H CIRCULAR. ijvcKHoor.. OoL 21?Evening, thnce Friday we have to report a quiet trad* in wheat and flour, will, considerable animation in Indian com. To-day's matket waa only moderately attended; wheat nd flour were held for Friday's rato*, but buNiues* wa* limited to a retail demand for consumption. Indian corn.which was yesterday in active reque*', 44s. having been paid and subsequently refused for mixed, waa to-day more difficult of sale at the same figure. To day's quotation- are:?Wheat?American red, lis. fid. a lis.; white, 12*. fid. a 12a. 9d. Flour?Philadelphia and )Mo, 4tis. s **s. Indian corn?Mixed, 44*. Provisions re very qi.iet, without change in price. Cotton continue* to droop?the depressing effect of tbe unaettled state of monetary affairs having been increased by yesterday's American advices?tbe frost accounts be ng quite counteracted by the news of continued large re :e(pta Into the port*, and shipment* to England. Price i hare become very irregular and business limited. Mm* Fntuidny the decline is V,'d. per lb?the sale* yesterday bting only 8,000 bale*, and to-day the same, Deluding for export 3,000 during the two day*. Che Hanche,-ter advice* report only a trifling basin*** at irregular prices. A. F. AND R. M/tXWELL's CIRCULAR. Ijrutlf OL OOKN ExcfUJIut, Oct. i'3, I Hi'. The arrivals from Ireland and coastwise during th past week have been liberal of oata and oa'rneal an<l fair of wheat, but otherwi-e small. From foreign porta wo have >retired S.431 quarters wheat, 1,439 quarters b?aa?, tj.278 quarters In-lau corn, and 3.961 barrels flour. The ex- I .erf* in tlie same time comprise 4,998 quarters wheat, ,00.'; quarters omIn, 1,688 quarters lioans, 12,142 quarters Indian corn, 1,990 sacks and 21C barrels flour. Tliere has been a brisk business doing here of late, and prices of wheat and floor hare Improved ::d. to 4d. par 70 lbs. and Is. per rack and barrel. Indian corn has also met with an extensive demand, at an ad ranee of 2s. per quarter. Ihe weather has heeu broken and wet. At this day's market there was a fair attendance of the town and country trade, who, however a:ted with much caution, and although holders of wliewt b"gnn by demand ing as advance, ultimately only a small busineas could be dona at Friday's rates, being it. per 70 lbs. advance > u foreign and 4d. on Iriah new since this day week. Prime Spanish flour told slowly at 60s. per sack, and host Amc riran at 40*. per bbl., being, however, an Advance on the | week of about 1?. per sack and bbl. Oits, with a slow sale, barely supported late ratos; but oatmeal aold freely at bfle. a litis. 6d. for middling cuts, and 37s. for line be ing an improve ment of In. per load sin e Tuesday laat. Barley and peas were neglected and without change in value. Beuus were raleatde at Is. per qr. more money, Egyptian bringing 42s. fd. a 43a Indian corn was at first firmly held at 44s. fid. for American mixed, and 46s. for yellow, but before the close of the market purchases could be effected at 6d. per qr. ander these prices. BIOL AND, ATHTA A" CO.'t CIRCULAR. Ijtmsvil, Ojt. 23? Evening. Kreadstoffs?Wheat and flour qoiet, and without change, at Friday'a quotations. In Indian corn, the ad vice* per America caused an advance of Is., sales being made at 44a.: to-day holders ask 46a., which has checked busineas. Of lard, a small quantity from Havre hat been sold at Ctia. Tallow firm and in demand. Common rosin dull at 5s. 2d. In other articles no change since Friday. ______________ BaarBnll. Return match of the Atlantic and Harmony clubs, played on the ground of the latter. ATLANTIC. HARMON T. f. Powers 3 Bergen J Wbitson 4 Phelpa 1 C. Boiffen 2 Boernm 1 T. Hamlltou 3 Ireland X loper 4 Price 1 W. Babcock.... 4 Bobbins 1 W. Bliss 2 MaCoy I J. Holder 3 Back man. 0 A. (llldersleive 2 Koper 1 Total 27 Total 10 Pitcher W. Babcock. Pitcher I'helpa. Catcher Whitson. Catcher Bergen t mpire T. Killer. Umpire dustdton Police Intelligence CflAKUK OP riRjrHT. 4?Blcer Hope, of the Uayor't ofllce. returned from I'tica, yesterday morning, having in custody a man named Jas Ward, who is charged by one NV.haniel C. Bishop with having committed perjury in a suit in the Superior Gonrt. before Judge Hoffman. The officer experienced coo ?iderable opposition from the friend- of the arcu*ed, who claimed that he had no right to mute the arrest as It was beyond the Jurisdiction of the judicial officers of Sew York city. The officer was brought )>cfl>re the Recorder of I'tica. and Judge Bacon, of the Supreme Court, both o whom decided tbat the ufflcet's acton was In cunaonan-' with the law Joatict Oaborna held Mr. Ward to Imh n the sum of 12 000. to anawer the charge at an exam na t?.n wbicli will take place on Tuesday, ,Q h |B,t Destructive Fire in PimsuRO.?On Satuday evening, about Ave o'clock, a destructive fire broke ou: ia the extensive drug st ire of Mesera. Srhnonmaker \ Co.. in Wood street, between First and Second. rti great qnan'lty of cnubuatibles and inflammables ia Ui? -tore ranaed the flames to spread with the trs.tco ra pMi'r, and in a -hart time the building, with its valuator vonteote. was destroyed. The lira quickly eommuni itel to the store of Kea-r- lav wo k Nawmeyer, winch vleo destroyed. The loss of ciohoonmaker k Co. is ??' mated it $,'0,000. The in-urance amoun't to t j out). The loss of Itaason A Newmeyer is "ffi nti' l at M.040 ? n which tbete i? an in- nance ul (7.000 Iwrg Join ail/, A/or. 4. BunOM IN KANSAS VNI> ON Tilt liOKKkB la we predated, we find that the pnbli" r ion- pod by u from the > xtra of the tyf in regard to the secret or (?airation <>f the free Mate me- in Kaiu t*. ha* arou-ed he HI- ovirl \*> tor*r?, *r*l f)iej ?re cannming f bp pro of un aI to arm* W> h*v? ta-A*y h??i Dip ??p mtumtjr of <vinterring with one or two frotllM who j ?1 m frt i (oaI awtioi.' t-itp unft ?h f s I r J - - g 1 ii i" ?" i '? i 11 1 * ? : ?* ? ? f> *?, foil rtiAjr kick (tu* tar a eh it war Ib Ktn?n* iri 'f??i hin W. J*u\f (oai'vrftf \.n-_ a. THE 8T. LOUIS CALAMITY. rmkM Particular* ot the Acetdekt on the PwUli' Hal croud. ei the St. Louis Republican, Nor. 8 ] ?a* forgotten yesterday in the general feeling in regard to the diaaater on the Pacitic railroad uj>on tli* precediog day, la which *0 many wore killed, and a (till greater nun.tier injured. A* ma/ well be eup posed, man/ were entirely ignorant ot the catastrophe until informed of it b/ the morning pane irning paper*, and then ru mor. with her many tongues, buried hsr-elf in patting forth numberless reports in regard to other citizen-, but in widch there was no foundation We find, on exatni nation, that we have -ome names to add to the li*t of killed and wound* d and we shall note them la another part of this article. No examination liar yet been made, and it It /et too aoon to recur to the cause of this diaaater, but we feel well assured that it is one of those inexplicable cases which ma/ well defy human aorutln/ It liai been sug gested that the devilish malice of seme evil disposed per sons may have been at work te weaken the sapwstruc ture, and thus to expose to the haaard of death the hun tlreds of valuable lives in the oars on that day. fiiir much ia certain, that Mr. O'dullivnn himself beiiav.-d that the brioge was perfectly secure, or he never wo ild have ventured that rich freight of tile upon it. He bad good reason To believe so; for on the night pre vious, as we had it from his own Hps, he had passed over the road from the Osage river to St. Louis, with the loroibutive. and he oxullingly said all war right. Mr. O'Suilivau had difficulties to encounter in too completion of this work, of which no man not initiated bar an/ conception, ami it seemed ?o bo a aouroe of great gratification to him that he hod overcome them all, an t that his triumph whs at hand. That he had no fears of the capacity of tlia bridge to sustain the pres tare upon it, is shows by the confidence with wliioh hn put him ?>|[ in the post of danger on the locomotive itself, a position in which he was willicg to risk hi* own lite, but for the wealth of worlds he could not have beeu induced to en danger the lives or those committed to his charge. The masonry of this bridge war the work of ,later, Schulenburg \ Co. and is ol the most aubstantlal kind. It has stood every test /et applied to it, without dainago in an/ shape whatever. Iho wooden auporstructure? trestle work?wus put ut> hy ti'one. Roomer k Co., men of gieat experience in bridge buildiug in the Wnsf, and whose reputation ought to protect thorn from any itnou taiion of design to tom over i? the company an imperfect piece of work. We shall lie slow to belivn that they hare dene so, exepl upon the plainest testimony. llut what of the dead V There is To.n Gray?his is a loss indeed?not onlv to his wife and children, but to thme who had Unowu him long and w?U, and who re spected him for the energy and industry which he dis played in ail his undertakings. He was a most useful citizen. Commencing business in n n .derate way, as a blacksmith, he rose gradually to be the head of a large foundiy establishment, ia which, if life had been spired hun, he would have male himself celebrated and wealthy. He te gone. Then, there U Captain < >'Usherty, a man knows to all the Western country by ais connection with steamboats, and tbe assistance which he gave to young and deriving men in building them up. Captain 0*Flaherty was a man who had clustered warm trlends about him, and hit loss is deeply regretted. F. C. Blackburn, Esq.. was among |the victims. The conspicuous position which lie has occupied a-, a member of the City Council, and occasionally us Mayor, In con nection with his practice as a lawyer, has made him woll known to the whole community, and, outside of his family and friends, there ure many who wlU deplore hi. fate. Mr. Henry Chouteau was the senior member of the well knowu business firm of Choteau A Valle. He was a native of St. I.ouis, realizing by his own exertions an amount of wealth abundantly sufficient for any one man, and re spected by those who knew him well, (inly about a year ago he lost a promisingson, by the accidental discharge of a gun, ami now the father, though seldom in the habit of going abroad except on business, has yielded up Ills lite in what was intended to be a pleasant excursion. F. C. Jeffries, of Franklin, and Mr. Mott, of Dunklin, were members of the legislature, on theit way to take their sea a in the House. Mr. Adolph Abeles. a well known merohant of this city, and one who enjoyei the respect and confidence of the commlinity, is among the dead. We sincerely deplore his loss. Rev. Dr. A. Dullard is no more. He who only two HuimIitn ago delivered a most eloquent and truthful dis course on Hie virtues of the lamented Glddings, has now been called to follow him to another and better world, lie was a mm of strict morality, attracting many to him by the blameless tenor of his life, and the unex pected term! ration ol his caieer will be a source of bat ing regret. Dept. C. Case was well known to many of our citizens as having introduced the omnibus in St. Louis, and for his many excellent qualities. Mr. K. C. Yosti was a member of the firm of Shields ic Yusti, shoe merchants, oi to is city. Mr. Ray ton's death is greatly deplored. He was one of our best lawyer* and a most estimable citizen. Mann Butler, full ol years, and enjoying the respect of the whole community, was among the victims. Ue was a man beyond rcprrach in all his conduct ia this life, tnd many were tlie expie sious ot regret for his death. Thus. P. O'HuHlvan was also one of (he victims. lie was a man of great ability In his profession, and more devoted to it, and the tucaeea of the road of which ho had charge, than any one we have ever seen, nor do we ex ject to look upon like again. He had a moat compre hensive mind, full ol resonrces, and he was accustomed to concentrate ali his faculties to the object iu view. To the Pacific Railroad his services were invaluable. A ide liom his professional eminence, he was a mnn of exten sive leading, of enlarged views, and well calculated to leave his impress apou any subject diacusse I by him. IVe look upon his loss as a calamity which the .State can badly endure. The wonder Is expreseed on every hand that the loss of lire and peisonal Injury won not greater than It has tuined out to be. It wan a fearful scene. Car after car following each other in lightning like succession, it see<as miraculous that so many escaped without the loss of life although bsdly bruised or seriously injured, (.rest as ' has been the calamity to the city and to families, we I ought to feel thankful that, out cf live hund'ed pasaen | gers. so many should have failed to receive lasting Injury. After the accident the Ht. Louis Grays, fkiptain John Knupp. and thf> National Guard, Oapt. i'ritchartt. upon the order o) 1 l>wir officers, addressed themselves to (ho work of relieving those who were yet suffering from their position in the general wreck, and to recover the bodies of the dead. In this work they were engage! up to yes I terday. i About the timi' the trains wer? expected to grilse ye* terilgy and lot evening, hundred* of anxious |>er*on*, I interested in the late of lliclr friends, gaaombled at the depots to iccs-ive thetn. The most intense interest w.n Htill raanib-eteil a* to the fate of particular individuals, of whom no direct account had been rco ived. i in the ariival of the tmin at half past eleven on Ihui-day nigbt, Me?rrs. Thornton ti Co., livery stable | k.epei* on Walnut street, turned out the while of their eari iuges, and placed theio at th* service of the wounded and their friend* without charge. Mr. R. M. Dubois of the Orm of Ppeck k Co., Maine street, it is feared, ia among the killed, lie has n it lioen heard of since the accident. Among the wounded i* Kugene Icngu'maie, of tiiia city. Ite la hadly hurt. Jnnica McRermott had hi- badly mvbed an l it is eared that he canno^rceorev F. Court Itodd* liad both arm* broken and foot ins-hod John Mullerv. of tlie Ft. Innis Gray*, receired veiy e riou* injnrie>: ard Frank lame, of the National t.'uard, had hi* leg broken. Mr. lane is o| th? Ilim "t Warne, Mcnittfct'o The-* are the only B<'c. ieuta of a aeriou* iliaiacter slii h happened to either of the military com patica. Mr. Iloun who keep- a family grocery on the corner o( W* b and Tv elfth strict*. wa killed in the third car There I* no truth in the report of the death of Judge lackland. He did not start to go to Jmferson City, hot left the ears at franklin station, and is safe. It any one before the disaster vl*itrd the bridge at connde ano after due oliseiration ol ll$e locality, made an estimate i.f the probable loss of life attenlant on the demolition of ten ears densely tilled with passengers, in the manner the catastrophe oc-urred, wa rentnre to as sert that one hnno'ied would Jure been the lowest num ber filed upon. When we take into consideration the tall ol th rtj leet in from to the bed of the rirer, and the high embankment on either side of the track, cowered wlih stone?the ponderous ear* themmlve* capable of grinding each other into fragments?the Wonder is increased that mi few were killed outright or fatally wounded. There is iiaidly a position in will h e car could be precipitated from the track at the (stint named, that gives a reason aide hope of e-eape. and yet with seven out of toe ten, of which the train was comistsrsl, plunged headling do wn th* ahtitmen'. and then other* rolled over the grade, con taining live to sir hundred passengers w* here only th* rets,rt of twent j-five kided ?nii mortally injur- i, the escape oft be patty was wonderful and we can * ell account lor tbe exaggerated , tatero*nt* which g?lo ed credi nc* in the city relative to the I--** of life, before the faeta were received, when It I known that many /str ??m bete were arijualn'cd with the locality, and th* im minent perils it piesenls. The rail* for a rod or two on the abutment were strxn ? d fr- m theIr po Itlon hy the (irst cars tliat passed oter, and this gar*, to those in the rear inherent directions. A lew pliingi d directly over the precipice and th-n follow ed the balam ? some on one side ? f tbe abntment and ?oine r-n the oihar. The first and second ear i ftsll nea Ty -tralgh' ?l?h tin- roail. we suppose; the ihird in a more ding nal diierti'n. fwhlla around this Its' others were Incipifated 'Idewsya. M (th the fasvenings all wrenched away, It was lmpo> ?Ihle to t?U the relalir* position ? the ears had occupied in tha train. In some Instance* they were pHcd one on the other and ibis position in.Mt likely conduced to tho greatest -mount of injury. We observed one car, lying at a right angle with the bridge, the bottom nearly bran out, and In the space thua made several dead b -ties wore obeetred by ihoae on th* <>ut-id<< Another had been ciuahrd by th* ponderous wheels of on* in the rear?but whi ther immediately behind it it U impossible to -ay? j ami in thia a heavy toss of lift- occurred. The celling by j the oteriiding nr was eru-hr l lor bslf It- leugth to the 1 floor, and when the top was removed we counted flv : PPJeaa oisties one with ? ?ii's-l 1 ? ii.g fuilv - . ] breaet. As nen as the crash was over a rn uTieni o'piiufol si ' lenc* ensued *n-l then iarued from th* reck around n < I th- gr-ans i.f th* wounded, the sapplicatiooe of the In I prnwned the screams of tne ag.nlrcl whit, her* ami lice mil ht be oh?. rv*d the upturned fj*- of tin- d-i.l J irsngled and clotted with blood or half buried forma of i other a tbiea spirits bed i ? ?t away for ever. To add to th* horror rvf the wane a storm 4 lightning, thon-tai j and rain arnae of th" severest description. The lightning ' appeared tc b* of a blood red ami the peels of thonler unlek as the flash, resounded ' n the hills and through | tie vallevs of the dreary ftrreat with terdfte grandeur . -rvriai of the party immediately started on f-.ot fi>- | H*Qp-snr?distant eight nlm- nearly v- I ccmpliabed the journey before tbe train which bad left j fie latter plae* for the see we 0* the di vaster <v*rt'rok tbimor. It* rrturn trip. The physicians ia attendance on the wounded thought It tevt to push on to -t f.ouls and af?er a ?hor? .ray atllrrman. thewhtstl* aonnded the igr al for alartlnr. It was a painful ri le from tha Has ii-n-ir to till- city Alt the east* were oreopted hy the wor.Tided, whit tbi mote fortunate vtin hai! see ped wi ii -I ?bt f ntueiisn- or li-B.-es were ohligrd to -tend ? crowded in uarr. w -|?ee? -h* fh?m of th* car* an inch i'cej. a lib m I an 1 lis# t"ps or gr-ttl-vf- leaking trugi the heavy rain?during the eatm distance of atari; a hun dred mile*. Many war* the ?ppr?henii"in that a collision with tha MtraH hound train was possible. With all prupar pre caution. the speed *>? li'mtnul to ab Hit tan mil"* per hour, until we retched the Manatee aUtioa, we believe, where the cars fcr the weet were found quiet)/ awaiting obi arrival. The apprehended danger was of course re moved, and aoon after the welcome light* ot the citv were observable. At the depot, carriage* were in attend ance, and in a short time those of that oompany who had beer closely allied b/ a common danger, and united b/ a cuaimed sympathy, separated for their various home*. POBTORIPT. AJHUTaa or tut. Thus?Avium Ramos Pntranran.? The can- from the Gasconade bridge arrived last night at Vi o'clock. Ihey had Wn detained several hour* at Boeutf creek, some miles beyond Washington, where the bridge had broken down. The disaster was csuaed by the high we tei in that stream. The cars containing the dead bo ne* were detained ou the west side of the shram, and it was determined to return to Hermann where a ferry boat was in readiness to bring them to this city. Conspiracy and Attempt to Destroy m Rati* roua Train lit Wisconsin. [From the Madison (Wis.) Iiemocrat, Nov 1.} Yesteiduv Mr. Smith, the Chicago polios r\*n, arretted another individual near Kulton, for being omened in the railroad depie letiuns. The names of the >even per sona arrested are John Davolt, Joseph liavott, Charles McNeil, Kren Jones, 11. W. Ulbhard, V. H. Hilton, ... Hi i?Ul. 1 he two name- first given are brothers, residing in the town of Albion, in this county. They have heretnfor stood quite well in that town. They were farmer*, though both had sold their fitnns in the summer, and designed leaving the country. They h*ve been staying s bo tab, there, however, for months, only awaiting this iicamfa to ''pay ull the railroad" for the cattle they had killed. Mr MeNell is quite a youngerly nun. tie la tolerably Wealthy, owning a form of some four hundred acres of land in Dunkirk, a lew miles from stnugbton. He has always been rigsrded as one of the most respectable men in the town. Kren Jones was his hired man. Hubbard is the mtn arrested for not moving the obit ructions which he siw i u the track. Hilton Ts regarded by m my us the riog li-udnr in the whole alfoir, aud as one who has tempt -d lb clherr to commit this awful crime. T an obstruction placed on the track was as follows:?A stick of wood WHS laid from rail to rail aorsos the track. They then obtaired a solid oak lug, ten feet long about a toot through at the butt and t iperlng to some lonrinches in diameter at the other end. The small end they im bedded in the gravel, and tue butt the; laid uiros* the stick ol wood?the log lyinj lengthwise of the track, en I pointing to the east?so that when the train ctuie along the "c>w rntcner" would run up on the log. and throw the looomotire quite off ihe track. While this was twin; d'.ue, officers Heck, ot Milwaukio, and ^imth, of Chicago, under Sheriff Welch, of this place, and John Van Natter, of Htoughtnu,1rore l)iug within Uve roda of those en gaged in it. They then waitrd some time, when they heard the train whistle at Kulton station, four or fire miles below. One ol Ihem then went dowu tlio track to signal the train to stop, the others atarted on the track of the retreating conspirators, and arrested them. The devices adopted by officers Heck aut Smith to live in ihe neighborhood, to ingratiate themselves into I ha confidence i f the rascals, and to prepare for the dis covery, would hum a long anil interesting history. Though related to us at length, we are not [lerrnlttsd to divulge the secount, as its publicity would furnish the prisoners with the points for their defence. There can, us we learn, be no possible doubt of the guilt ot all but one or two ol the prisoners. A plot was laid souio mouths ago to blow up a paisen f'-r train. The plan was to sluk a joint of stove pipe, lied with powder and stopped up at the end, under the track?to have a train of powder leading from the mine several yards along side or the track, and then al >ng on the track, wiled with percussion caps; ao that when the locomotive crushed ana ignited the capt and fired the train ol powder, the passenger car w mid he directly over the mine, and snffer a destructive explosion. Ihe annais of viiluny hardly furnish a more dreadful Instance of human deprUity than this. Fortunately this plan was postponed sill after one more effort of obetruc. Hons had been nude. In that the scoundrels were de f l rtcd. Thegieateat trouble which officer Beck found was in his numerous acquaintances, om-of whom would occi sionally "spot" him soil cause him serious embarra* meut. He always gobgflF, however, with some ready ex. cine, that he was after secrets.1 goods, or a horse which had been stolen and run off to that ueighboibood, or something of the kind. Officer Smith was variously suspected at (Houghton, which he visited occasionally, of befog a counterfeiter and a horse thief, H Managed, however, to evade trcuble till the denouement set blm right. 'liiere Is hardly a case of moie credits!de perseverance, industry and skill on the part or a delsc'ire pollc-, than that displayed by these officers. Great praim is due them. They have restored a sense of safly to Hie travel ling public, and secured as desperate a gsug of villains as ever infested a community. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. MONEY MARKET. Trwmsr, Nor. 0?1 P. M. The stock linn Let opened tliln morning mure dcpre-?e thnu ever. At the first Board there were large sales. The offerings were very heavy?much heavier than the ?li niand could provide for. Indiana b'a Tell off H pe rent; Virginia I'd Hi Missouri O's H; California 7'* 1; Illinois Central Bo.nU H; Canton Co. V; Aeveland and I'itteburg KB. )4'; Nicaragua Transit Krie Hit. %; Heading KK. Hi Michigan Centriil 2; KtfWgsn Southern l.l'annmu Hi tie* eland and Toledo H; Clnc.igu and Roc* J land 1. I'ennrjlvania Coal advanced 1 per cent; Cutn berland Hi lUtaoU Central RR. Hi Catena and Chicag ij. After the Board, Krle aold down to 41 a 41per cent, and all other slock*' were lower. The rally yes to. day after noon wa- enured by the purchases of stock on account ol short", but a* soon an the nup port to the market ?r? withdrawn, prices fell back ngaln to tl.e loweat points. The decline in car'ain stock* has brought in a lew small outside buyers; but the general disposition is to let the fancies ruo down so that when a reaction does take pUce it will Lie pei ma neut. There In a wide margin still left for depreciation, it no favuiable change taken place in the complexion of our European advlees. The doubt which hang* over financial affairs is enough to deter n?s speculators from entering the market. Under ordinniy circumstance# 'be fall in prices already ieslixad would have joen ntihi eien'ly to have attracted a bettei clu of spfulatii" ar.d we might look for a gradual recovery, but we arc now differently situated. It is no trilling temporary matter that is at the Iwrttom of existing difficulties it is no local derangement or expansions, which might haw been correct pi I by economy and contraction; it is ifff col lapse troin extravagant speculation beyond available capital; It is no want of intr > nal resource,?no want, of ne cessary products for own or foreign consumption?no want of conflileec* lu our domestic affair, but the probability f a deep, broad and thorough revulsion in our finances, growing out of our itnrneni e indebtedness to those nvtlooa in Europe now engaged in a fearful struggle lot political -upreinary. We are so completely ghsor'aed in European finances 0 Intimately connected with everv reverse uffee- ng pub lic and private credit, so dependent upon foreign marks'a fi r ? ur products and fbie gn capital, to give activity and li e to every btanch of industry, that It is a question if our gr>al los ? I Interests are not more set louely aff' tted by try fn.mcial difficulty in Ixrndon than though it originated in 'his market. We look to Ismdon for aid to ?on-truct all our works of internal Improvement, for the ? eh- of all our public securities, for the regulation of 1 ..e? fci a 1 our urplus exporting prwluc's, for every ti ii.g upon which our progress and prosperity depend*, h - are indebted to European capitalists, tills moment, at I t three hundred millions of dollars and what ever al'eets these rapi'alists, aff -cta 'be position of our k curttles. We are not in a condition to return at f a mount ol the capital loaned u? on the?e ?? curlties, and our i" nc s wlc n the po.-ibility ol such a demand arisCs ts perfcilly oatura' Any ?? , per man* t strlr.gsnry In mouey matters on the other side of the water must produce concsp,,ndlng cmbe'rv.-Tncnts ?, r't only c n account of enppies lelog ct c .it of the iVnger that iaerw .-1 reu it* t from ''us side may be required n he shape we c. ,k; ,e i<? t afford At the pre.ent momen' the larger .a Imminent, on *c "iint oi the dram which lias so long and so steadily cot | tinutd opr.n the two greatest banking institution, in I umpe?a drain whh h la as mysterious as it is extraor dinary The very nature of the drain Is such as to crevtc Ifar most gloomy apptt henri- n? and when it will ttnj, or what will be the effect, the longes* bawled It ruin ricrs cannot fatbotn It mat lead to a o-pen-e.ii of ? ? Bauk of Erance, and to modifications of 'he ilanL o England act, perrni'.Urg an issue of pound o t"*,aod t may ultimately b ail to a suspension of the great Man* o( f tig'srd Ifeelf. The effect of such an act on thla s.dr- ?> the Atlantic would be moat disastrous. Our export trwte would at rmce be shorn of Its productiveness by depr f a ting bills of e?rh?oge, ^ Tt should be at the i n-r< / of tlsoae to whom we were Indebted In Europe i;ir I oi' gt. creditor* would have its coniph tely ,? the > power We shntibl be compelled to pay in gold wki> ?? con id command in return ndbiagbut paper flunk of ) os'and notes Would be given l*i peyinent for our pro duce, w) lie so long aa our banks continued the ysyni-i' ef Specie, the drain upon us would be ac'fvely kepi Up. ft would be death to us, while England would f? the IBVC 'enc?t by our commercial ruin At the >ee,iwd hoarl the market wm all lower, film At (saUll Bonds foil iAT per cwnl En* Hands. I47J, % Cumberland \ Reading Itatl'oed, N kflcblgao .-oath ef n 1: fhlcsgt. and Roel Isiaal, s, bunt >M h; r?go. M. ' teaveiend and Tol-la, vt y, *, | H A'. the etna* avarsthlng aa, hears and fotelr frforsuf at Iswer Jflces. The i ? dec l~Mly ,, , ?, . ? <lMr of atock a ntanglementa rapidly m pOMlbl*. The safest side is on the outside juet now. Vtilullhtrt ?anther ?teenier from Europe with ? week's Uter intelli gence, along in ? da/ or two, end it would be wiee to be prepared tor whatever ah* may brio*. Her new* muat be of the mm character pronoun steamer* bare brought ua, and it may be worae. The caaaee operating on the London and Pari* money market* may hare by ttu* time resulted In a panic, and the effect can be entity imagined. We would ednae a curtailment of etock liabiiitien, a re duction in aiipplie*, no matter what the tacrine*. Tbe movement may be put off from day to day, and finally oome with naoet disastrous force at laat. A week or two alnce etock account* could hare been elated up without loci, whereat now tuch an aoi would inrolre serious difference*. It would hare been better to hare taken in nail at the con men cement of the itorm, but K it not too late yet, with prompt action {and tkllful man agement, to escape tbe lee thorn. Thoee who wiU, in tpite of the many waminge, ruth beedlettly on, mutt do to at their peril, for much longer delay will do*troy all hope. Many bare already been dUabted and weakened, but not past relief Thousand* before thi* have been aborn of nearly all they possessed, who have finally re oovered and protpered again better than ever. We sym pathise with tho*e who have met with reverses, ami would aid and comfort them all in our power. Fortune* are made and unmade in Wall Htreet almost in a dny, and those who are now *1 the bottom of the wueei will, n iu revolution'., toon be at tbe \op again. Those who eie to d*y upon ttin highest pinnacle of success have been in their time ilrsggiug through tbe lowest depth* of defeat anil di*a*ter. Ibe gro- * earnings of tli* Golan* and Chicago lh.itroad Company dm tug'he month of October, ISM', amounted to $ 18.1M 00 Octibar, 1864 18 >, Hfi 1 61 Increase 1183 001 39 Til* la ail Increa-e of 69: 004 over the company * esti mate at tbe omnmencement of their present flarai year, and 668,000 ever our own estimate mtde in September lout. We demonstrated on an estimate which aet down September and October at $600,000, tb?t the company could nid earn lees during the year ending April 30, 1830, than 86 per cent on it* capital *t?ck. September and October, instead of giving 6600,000 at estimated, turn out to be 6677,799 83, *bowiug an < ices* oyer our esti mate of $77 799 3,", an Inci ease equal to to neai ly 2 per cent on the entire capital stock. There are nix more month* to be lieaid from of th? present fiscal year. Should they yir'd an excess |over our estimate, equal to September and October, we 'hall hare 44 per cent for the year's net earnings, instead of fill per cent. CoMransTivi F-armm* for Six M'hvtum. fOmciAL.) MB. 1864. ItWfWM. May 214,100 110,396 91.710 June 222,563 123,873 98,680 July 186,020 93,967 01,062 August 210 066 101,122 104,944 September 269,646 119,770 109,876 October 318,1611 184,861 138,602 Totals 81,410,444 0775,970 6024,434 Increase about 86 per cent. Tills company ha* avera rsged during tlie past six year* an annual dividend of 1 per cent. I-ast year it made 17>? per cent., and earnail a great deal more. It had a surplus at the close of $316,000. With there fact* in view, it will not be dif ficult to form s pretty con ret estimate of the probable net earning* this year on tbe same capital. The ear ninga of the Cleveland and Toledo Itailroad torn., psny during the uiouth of October, 1866, amounted 1o .* 896,106 October, 1864 84 700 Increase $10,465 It may be recollected that when this stuck was t un up by Wall street speculators to 96 percent aud thereabouts, that w* charged " Inflation," " predicted loss and ad vised sales." We Vbowed by figures and olh*~ "atro cious'' farts that the stock was?at least in comparison with other railroad atockr-^rUngethcr too high. We wish now quite as distinctly to state that thsre t< such a thing as crowdlug even a railroad stock down a Utile ton 'ar. t levelsnd snd Toledo is worth something There are many who think It w,rth conalderably more th tn it 1* selling for today, and they may be omiag in at these prices. A road in which there is any vitality at all may be expected to make a pretty decided rally at er a toll of 30 per cent in ninety ilayv. t must be borne tn mlml?a fact that we have repeat*t'y stated?that thi* road rnn* over one of the 9nest r >?te* n the country, and is one of the trunk toads now lead ing to the West. New road* are being opened into It from the West, which may giva it much more bu*iii"?t tnsn we Imagine Huts consideration gre.i'er than alt, is tbe (act that Cleveland and Toledo must form a link in the chain of the great Southern rout* through Jersey. I'euu syivania Central, Maliorning Valley, fee., n >w rapidly ap proicbing completion, and which, In our judgment , i* destined, at no very illstaut day, to form the main artery between th- Fast and the West. In view of these things, we should M)r that the atock li?? lnw ftrrifl down to ax |n*v a point ??, under any eircu instance*, it can be ax pecteil to reach. If the b?*r? undertake to pre-1 U fur ther they will tm likely to lo-e all the prod'* they have made. Whrn xr'in ??jrt much of any nther+altroad ?.lock on th" list now ruling at pi Ice* which may b? con afdeted low, we ahull .freely eay an. Many railroad La hatr fallen ticarily. ami may be ooniddered at pin ent price* cheap, but no other po *c-iug ?ny rnnl value ha-- fallen M per e?-nt. Whenever any one of theia (foe* Uiow ila proper level, we -hall (five unr opinion to that efl.ct Ju?t u< tieely ?* we have to the contrary when it wna miijtily lolUtf' Tin* strum-hip Amgo, from outliaiopton and llnvrn, hiing-fbur day*' later intelligence from Ktlmpe The l.itmicUl and commercial intelligence due- not dltf-r ma te.lally fr> m that tere'ved by the Baltic (niton had !? riineil (lightly, while breadstuff- rem iioe I Ina tiT" with out alteration in pitcew. Con-ola had Improved a - hade lhe mevementa of the flank* of hngland and France ex hibited no new feature (lolil continue I to (low to the Coiitinr nt, and the cert weekly rctuina ot the ikink of liighmd would wiUi vnt doubt ?how adae.rcsee, notwith standing the large arrival" from Aire'rail*. The lobdiur Timet of the ?id of October iwy* ? The apprel eneion lia* in-n reilurl that the greater I art of the ?u0<?,0f>0 In gold, which arrived fiom Arvtra it* on Saturday, wouhl be purrht-ed fur the Bank of Fianre. An impree*i>& l? entertained, however, in -.,me 'jnarter* that atwiut C^tJO dIO may be retained on this ? Ide, The withdrawal of thl? amount when, if business had he* n left to lt? natural course, It wo .Id hu e gone into the liar', of Fnglaiid, ha? created "on-ld*rat>|r dfr appi intmrat but, a* it waa evident that no nervation of ? he drain can he expected un'll the Hank of Fran abai) fee) ufhrientlv forlibed to dire nlinue the.r ?xc -ptlonal proei ei!ing?, the fai t of Uieir having been supplied to 'hi extent pr. portions'cly ameliorate* our future p..? pert*. It I* "till thought that about ?T,ig)Q,uO<l was tie additional noantitj they had arranged to obtain The mercantile lettera from f'arl* continue to -pea* fav of the general t'jne of th? mnD?y irnr.-t a en-it.u- palliation 'wing, douhtle -, prodl"! hy th> gold obtaineil frruri Fnghunl, although an 1 vtir" "Xporta tion of ?pe. e |* still going on. Bilta on (amdon cunti nurd to tie eagerly nought at high rcte* which It may |e in fori ed. not only lead to the withdrawal ot every available balance front thla vide, but alao, prthapt, not wi'b 'xmllng our rate# of discount, induce the man .hi tore of rt number t f draught* to meet the demand, On th- IMth. I( , untalned the following reina'k* rila live to t| ' ? elements? It <? <1 e lived that aVuit. ?'iW) TX) of 'he r> "en' A'l iaf'-n nr>?l" wtil And it* way to the Huna of ' og Ian ."i-Ia intt were off -rd to day wi'h it rivet iiig' U' ? H ere te little doubt the Mank of Fr n. e t <? tbutuoing ah ,ut ?l .d>i 00<) ina-Flil -n to th'- i or u I the e arrival * rKtirnl for them yeaterdnv ? ' ptobnbly *i tion* that the arrang-to- nt -i. ild ' ''y ennb-1 out ??> a- not to meni . ..i? I-. wlit'1, in lie ren.ltlvc ?'id. of th |. , ?? ?outfit I *' t ile rWacid neverHy upon I'ari Tu' o.i rcagtiJc letter- from I'axia Coutioue to deac'ik* an alewncc of any rertou* dl*tru*t. Various r put will in lirrniat.'Wi regaidfng the intention* and pro- ed lot i of the Hank of France among which war one tin II 'V ha e mangad Ira loan in *11*.- ot flisfltMi ; fdeta (at,.. It f.l ?(?<**); troin the Hank of A '.iitt .'?m It waa not thnugbt true, hot at the .am* time t. wre wwta Mm clyc tm-'aneot t> r. no-mn *1 1 lack ?f Fraare baa lately been r?|i?> riug o .bun Iverfr-mail par fa of the cm'Inert an t the op pit In the flank of Amsterdam at the pr* i-ti' Biwoaot i. very large, Tha rawdntlon vtoO I by tl^' i*-ib i rhmrat a frw day- baca, p. At- n inne ? en p aelbe ?( veilirg It to any peraon* who would give a ' ertnin f!*ad price might boeeV" ha - "oatr-.fti i|il r a-an indication that tb?y had arranged ti part a large jiiantliy in tha manner de*-ill?i >w that t '.ey Wi.bed to take timely mena.irea againat a a artificial am in any *h*pe. -up(*w,og ti.e rumor to hav amie <i ndatwm, nothing la aald a< to the way la whk-h t >. n ?a*uia la to to can lad Ovit?whether by a dapewit of ?? .urdiea ot by gradually buying up all the biUa 'dl \n> ? eed*m that can be found and traoamlttiug tb*m In pay n "Ot, t?a the I'wvdon Fx- h-ng* thla afternoon b(B< on A/uatardam were in 1 le-evaod on V'arta a. </uint at rale* ?rhacil umiar natural condition eowti Involve a law lh' anowteg afatewtanf exblbtta the i|iian<My and val-.i "f certain article* exported from thia |W?it during tjv waek rnl ng and Inemding Fr.dny N./vern'ie, Jtd t-.'.A di?tingt,talung th* c-'iaatl-a and exten "I - dp n.rnt. to each piaee ? tiiiiHiat> i o? rwx Font o? Saw Vivwa?Vai t l ? f niton fiale*. Wl PA M Fot a l,o | lloor, hbla '.I ex Wb bone lt*-l'. , Wheat ba-Mt rej I'.l iTA prtM , o Mace, 1 , 1)4 'W? "Cgara, at* e ,f kM HA 1 '11 f avw* - r* inann. Q?0* Vol. Qoan. Vol Cottoo. balee 4,898 816*684 U***a, b*e no $000 Hour, bble..8,117 01,481 ChMwood, .,. SO 8,3*7 Whaat.bu. 134,407 275 MO Kt?U, bu,.,, ISO 1.J60 Cheaea, Ibc.S4.S14 8,790 Dnui,28 MM Koala, bUtt.. 2,79.9 0,409 Kb* ketatury. 4 740 Wa?, lb#. ..2,393 000 1. K. good* re. 167 7,203 lard,...: .230,897 90 144 Whlebne lb.22,917 11071 Tea, rhrete .. 11 170 Apptra 14 ... 408 2.4J0 Wine, re NO ft*?0 llrmlee 1 mu Tobacco, Ilia.2,064 2*7 Cnra, bueh 1.IX-0 I 0M (HI I'ptge, bxe 3 7<K> Hp. ..II, gal* 3,064 6 344 U-a. cloth, re. 10 1,204 Tar, bble ...9,082 5,804 Ragging, p?.. 8.1 1,830 Total oaw two UMBO*. Floor, bble.10,391 00-,143 I. II. good*, ce 132 86.228 Wheat, bu. 88,664 72,143 Ua. atuili ... VI 0,8/0 Chce.e, Km46I,?40 44.344 Mkine 1 480 Roeiu. bble... 436 8,160 Cloir eee.1 b? 996 3,030 (HI cab", tue. 746 ao,<?94 (iold, bHla 36 2,004 hice, tree.... 16 64? Copper do, tna 114 8 40n Hp. oil, gal..1,006 2,010 lboientii, tig* 84 760 Turpatne,bb.3,000 12,"80 Ileal, uielru, 1 380 Hp. do 7:? 14,280 Ouaao, tone. 26 700 H|>rmacetti,bx 383 6,690 (IraM, bale. 60 1,120 Ka.leather, ce 2 230 Wb.hone,lb ll?,W88 (.411 Tea, pkge.... 602 8,600 Dry gu*>l<, e*. f> 2 lift Drug* raw*.. 4 660 Stare* 6 200 661 Anaatto, bar 160 840 ??_

lubaoeo, 14.46,410 0.391 Total .,$344,803 aormtBAM. C.ttoa, balee. 40 0l,*T8 II tain, bble ... MO 812 I lour, bble. .2,264 111,032 l at leather,o? 8 H60 Rye Hour .46,800 66,044 Kx.l'gir'd.bx* I 14 761 IjioI. the. .60 827 6,092 Stare* ....16,000 046 W h bone, lb* 2,810 1,078 ? Total 880,080 NCLUrv t'oltun, Helen 887 8 8 5'>4 Tobacco, balm 330 87,868 Rye, bueh. .11,28*1 20,830 Pimento, b<|* 100 900 lari., Ux.,,,1 640 ltiS ? Total 877,107 NAMBDIMI. Cottoa.balee.*713 830 IKW Irulifn, n*,.., 10 Hour, bble,.. 11 121 Wh'Tmne lbeI8,404 Rye flour.,.. 20 114) lobar:o, I lea 12 900 Rye, bueh..10,000 12 600 Hope, bale* 20 Si.!t|atre, hg*. 808 41,038 lard, It I.'g'wuotl.ton* 16 201 I. It. go*>ii>,c*. 767 Ibujpi, ee .... 130 3 937 Tohaern, c? 62 lire elude bxel,2U 0,863 Roeln, bble... 160 < dee, age... 100 fllft Hhoupeg*. bble 83 I 'linento, Df*. 1,142 8,0<>2 Dry gotxle, f?. 8 hire, tee 920 8,26* He;..*, hge... 02 l.ea. good*, ce 36 4,486 Hteree 2,76*1 Total 8172,486 PITNKIRa Hour, tibia. 060 83 424 Wbeel bual8,32T 834,810 Total 811,234 MAKrKIU M. Wheal, btu-h 9,370 817,820 ANTwani*. Cut'on. bale* 1,081 817,126 Hoot, bble. .8 661 829.988 Rye, hue.. .64,77:. 86,840 Wheal, hue..0,640 t *1 (Tie tig*. .4,426 V. 140 Huron, Urn 2.093, bble. .2,093 3.460 Hice, toe 41 I'imento, bg* 76.3 7,710 Tub*. v>. lih.Li 80 I'otaeliee.bble. 80 2,281 Knm 1 lard, lb*...8,609 1,000 Uttb'ttry, u. 8 logwood, In*. 58 944 Severe, re... 4 Kxdo.bxa,.., 108 2,004 HUree 17,000 Told 9286,950 IJHHOK. Ilref, bble 60 8067 Itoe'o, b'lU.. . 1*0 8202 R. t'p't'e, Wl.le 30 536 Bta?e? 73,010 $6 760 Total 87,2o? OOftMTA > tt*oio a I lour, bble... 1,602 813,104 Bread, Mil* .. 100 8470 I'bieee, lb*.. .!,0t>0 3?i6 Kum, bble. ...2,102 38,210 Total 862,240 im.iieii M>*m ewmi. am icuimm. Hour, bble. .0,242 864,839 Huttar, lb*.2.6,018 94,296 Rye do., bble. 100 697 Wipe a* 100 1,200 Corn, hue...4,445 4,160 leather, ce.. 400 1,068 (' BMal.bblC. 2*0 1.362 Bool* C* .... 3 126 I'oik, bble... 464 9, (*.6 Pea* bble... . 30 141 Yam, belat.. 28 676 Caudle* bie. 40 221 j Tnl>arco,lh*.91,02& 9,330 Kum, pun*.. 10 - 276 | Tee. rbe?1 k., 92 1,888 ? Total 884 681 | enirtMH wun imihot. Hour, bble... 6U3 86,471 Kum, pun*.. 3 83I Coin, bueli. .3,702 71,0*,1 4 urnituie.pir- 34 32* Coiumealbbl* 169 771 Coal, ton* 20 116 Hecf 04 783 bomber, ft. 14,346 663 PBrtt 114 2,201 Match**, e*.. let 1,015 Hotter, lb*..6,162 1 04H Huger 4 111 < t me 6 209 tew. May, I,ale*. .. 140 3711 Lard 2,600 5t8 lloraa* 2 175 Candle*. bx*. 20 lt>2 Oxan 20 l,70d Vegetable*.,. 14* 383 llel'er* 12 lew) Pole tore bble. 200 388 Kheop 60 275 Drygood*. ce 180 4,473 llouuny, bble. 15 102 Drug* 5 219 Oatlingo*.. . . I 418) 'iin, pt|? I 124 Ti>wire.>,lba.26 '222 2,*94 Hpar*......., 3 160 Mube 40 4,11*1 Hooee, ca ,'31 2,196 Hate. bueh... I4M) 160, bxe.,.. 22 131 l*.m*?llr*. be. 30 974 Hi rail, bble... 397 1 002 (>th*r article*. ? 4,643 Total 848,578 rum, Hour, bliU... 620 >4 *7:1 Tobncco, libda 2 84.2 I'eef 61 64.1 Kufnr, ra,... Ho 1,821 Pork 708 16 828 Drygtmda, ,. . to 717 Butter, Iba.. 2,70'l 804 f1 >|>por. 1 l'Jfi lard I,.Mil Ib-mi-atica, ba. 46 3,200 (7ir?*c 3.171 ''24 I'ltp/mt, .0 834 Hiruiture, c* 12 120 laiatlier, ba 3 210 (aitdWa, bi 110 H2 Tobarro, lt>* .1 a<v. .17 I Snap, h**.. .2,200 '2..V:d .-'??<*ra, e*.. . 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