Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 7, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 7, 1855 Page 5
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Aiubrotygsm Mid Photogtaplu.?Tae Public have decided that the bccl piece to tiuve Attn taken in at K. A. LkW In', Uz Otootouin slree. 1'upUs instructed la tte art. Camey ftmierrrotypei ?The itMt Beantl. tal UkeceRs-yver offered to toe pu >Ue. WILLIAMSONS, Brooklyn. The Twenty five Cent Daguerreotype*, W Broadway co.oy 'lie greatest celelirlty of any picture* in America, for the per&ctloa, beauty, ec.uii?iy and speed ol taking COO daily makes them acceptable Vj tke people. Be Caitlnl In ParrbmlnK Chnrlea' Loudon eordlal gin that It la absolutely " CU Unprincipled per sons ?re In tke habit, wbett ft Is asked for of aticmpUng to sub ?titote au ar'.tc'e, with a similar tl'le, got up in ImlUttm nf It. Look, lor lho tii nnturo ol Mr. K. ObnrlcM<Wl 'at" lu ???l} sua nuy Here other. ClisrUas' unodon cordial phi Is put up in ?quern bo'llea of one quar*. and maybe tied al druggists end .to aera In the Doited State*? price, one dollar per hottlu?>r wholesale o( tke sole Importers, ItE VKNOtlK at CIlAKhHS) lib Pearl street, bow York. Drflsnl e IBtaln en antler talcs. -Jlobt'rtM. Put* B1CK is tlie sole mauutocluiri In the United hlntcs of lis above setbbrated safe and patent powder proof dettunre '..cks and ones burs. Depot 19- reiyl street, one door below Maiden ham Hilton's Ctlehialed Dandelion Coffee, for dyspepsia. Indigestion, sick headaoko, and ail bilious and liver complaints, bold by HKOhMAN, CI.aKK A CO., P. N. HU8BTON, ondaM respectable druggisis. There are Many articles called Patent, which are not worthy the title Snob Is no' the caso with " Lownd's Patent 1'en or Pencil." In gold and silver, manu factured and for cal.i by W1I.M A K111, II Mullen Lane, for It excels in bensi'y of finish, compactness and durability any thing we have seen In Its line. Whisker* or Uonstaciies Kwre?d to llnw to six weeks, by my unguent, which will nnt stain or itoure to* skin. $1 a bottle; ?ei 111 any part ni the eountry. It. fj. ?BA1IAM, 960 Broadway; Zieber, 4 South Third atreet, l'hl adelpbia. A Beintltol Complexion and a Perfumed tonalh may both be acquired by using the "Halm of Thousand Flowers." As a den rtfloo It has do parallel, l'noe only Oily scntr. For sale by all druggists. FETRIDUE A CO., Boston. Batchelor'a Hair Dye, Wigs n:id Toupees.? The best In the world. This unrivalled and original dye is ap Sited In 12 private rooms. Botchelor's w ig* and lonjiec* hn.o oprov. mrnts over all others, being chef dinuvres ot elegance, nans and durability peculiar to litis establishment. BATCH KLOK'B, 2113 Broadway. Crtstadora's Hulr Dye, Wig* and Tempers incite admiration amongst all eoiinissenrs in art. A suise of e.egruit private apartments lor applying h<s incomparable .lye, toe only rcliaMe artl. le ol I's kind. Wholesale uud retail, al tTKIkTALOBO'H, No. G Aslor House. rhe Only tie liable Article to Care Pimple* freckles, tan, eruptions, ebales, chaps, Aa., is UOUItAIJII'H Italian Medicate 1 Heap. I'uudrn subtile uproots bsir Irom low Ssrehcads or any part of the body. Liquid rouge, lUy white, hair dye aod restorative, a', the old depot G7 Walker street, Ural store frtto Broadway; Mrs. Hayes, Brooklyn. Hollewiy's Pills.?Health and Long Lire may be h*d by keeping the Mood pure, and the liver, stomach end other organs In a healthy st ite. t'o effect this, use these extraordinary pltls, which act upon the main springs of llfo. Medicated Wool.?Dr.Ell W. Vondersmltir* patent medicated chest protectors. It Is the only article thai will protect ibe chest from channel of 'bo wunlher, uud every eonsumpttva should wear 1L Manufactured ou<y at tlto Hoiv ery drug store, Ho. 138, just above Broome street. Patent se cured. To Herrow Sufferer*.?A Retired Clergy sain, restored to health In a few days, idler manv years of great nervous nattering, is auxtous to make known iltn means at cure. Will send free the prescription used. Direct Rev. JOHN M. DAGNaLL, 49 Fulton sireet, Brooklyn, X, V. The Great Inhaling Remedy for Asllims, consumption, and ail diseases of the throat and lungs?Dr. Ol'RHn'S hygteana. I have been resumed to heal'h toe past year by (he hyeienrm. Principal office, 343 Broad ?ay, and sold by II. Jllng, 183 Broadway. Price only $8 a package, l)r. Curtis will be at Ibe office daily from Id to 3 ?'clock, where he may be consulted free of charge. Hernia.?Only Price Miulal awarded to VATtbll A CO., by the Industrial Kxbihltion nf all Nations, for their new patent radical cure truss. References as to Its su periority? Professors Valentine Mott, Wl lard Tucker, and ?lohn M. Carnocban. An extensive list of names of ineroun'He and other gentlemen cured by this truss, may beseenat Marsh, A Co.'s, Ho iiM Mnidcn hu e. New York, anil Marsh, Uorlies ' A Co., No. S West Fourth street, Cincinnati. Ohio. Open fruui 7 A. M. until 9 T. M. Married. On Tuesday morning, Not. 6, by tha Rev. Mr. King, Mr. T. J. Bum to Miss Abbt C. Galk, daughter of John T?. Gate, all i f this city. ObTomAm, Not. 6, by the Rev. Dr. Burchard, I). P.. at their residence. No. 22 Bcthune street, I'kikk A. Fkajbb to Mies Rbsktta M. Cami'ubu., *11 .if this city. On Thursday. Not. 1, at the Church of the Holy Com munion, by the Rev. Dr. Muhlenberg, Mr. Natqajmbl B. Bksm to Jknm* fltHUAWAV, ell of this city. Philadelphia papers plrase copy. On Sunday evening. Nov. 4, by the Rev. Dr. Millott, at hie residence, No. 171 East Seventeenth street, Mr. I'kb iihutk A. liturKK, of Frorioence, R. 1., to Miss UirttlA C. HoiTon. of J..iw 11, Mass. OMb On Monday, Nor. 5, Mrs. Mart Trto.n, wifo of Johu Try n, In the 73d yur of her age. the friends of the family, those of her sons, Samuel, Smith, and John, aod of her son-in-law, Henry Morris, are respectfully in. ited to atteud the funeral, from her daughter's residence, No. 276 fist Broadway, this after noon, at two o'clock. On Monday, Nor. 6, RrsAN, wifo of Owen Brady, agml 47 years. the iunerat will take place this afternoon, at two o'clock, fr. m her late residence, So. MR Oak street. On Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 8, at three o'clock, of a abort illness, Amiun. Wmuuutu.. widow of the late Timo thy, sg?d 71 yea.s, 0 months and 2dsys. The fi lends ol the 'auiily, and those of her son, Edward, are requested to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at tw . o'clock, from her late residence. No. It) Columbia street. Her remains will he taken to Hudson. On Tuesday, Nor. 8, of scarlet fever, Dio.vrstrs Daly, age I 5 years. 6 months and 8 days. The relatives ai d friends of the family are invltod to attend ihe funeral, from No. 302 West Tscn'y-fltth street, near Tenth avtnue, at one o'clo k this afternoon. On Tuesday, Nov 6, Wibliau A. Axdbhton, youngest r.on of Ralph L. and Narali A. Anderton, aged 1 year, 11 months and 16 days. The lelattves and frii n<ls of the family are invited to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at half past one o'clock, from No. 177 Waverloy place, lictveen I'cry uud ftaoimoud streets. The remains will be taken to Green wood for Interment. On Tuesday morning, Nov. 8. Carl Hkviiy Drip**, son of M. and Auvlhert Peine i. ag<d ti mouths aud 9 days. The friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral, from No. 18 -uliivan street, at one o'clock this after no. n, without further notice. On Tue-day afternoon. Nov. 8, after a short illne s, O. W. Mokkioj., aged 0 years, son of Tunis and Catharine Mnrre I. The relative0 and fi lends of (he family ere Invited to attend the funeral, to morrow aftcrm ?m, at thre ? o'el ick, from No. 121 West Thirty .-ixth strei t, without further invitation. On Monday evening, Nor. 6, Ciunijrs KbRkbs f-'jgini, in fkn*. "on of Marie A. and A. Wan do dmiili agc l 1 year and 6 days. Tne friends and relatives of the family arc respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this alternoon, at naif pa-1 one o'clock, from the residence of lits patontf, No. II!) Eivington j.trcet, without further notice. tin Tuesday, Nov. 0, Jacob Cko.-cbt, in the 48th year of hissge. The jdatives snd friends of the fsmlly are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, fr mi his late red lence, No. 28 WUIongbby strict, Brooklyn, at two o'clock tliis after noon. His remains will be in.erred In Greenwood Ceme tery. On Monday, Nov. 6. jAWVJt Ihuonr-RX. a native of the city of 1'uhhn, Ireland, aged 39 y-,ir* ami 4 in mlhs. 77ie friends of tbe family are requeued to attend the funeral, this afternoon, at one o'clock, horn his l?'e resi dence, No. 7 Warren street, Brooklyn. His remains will be tai" n to Calvary Cemetery for interment. Dublin ami Mt. lsrnis papers copy. In (IriMiklyn, on Tue-lay, Nov. 8, a'tera sudden Illness, Wiijmu Cook, Infant son of John W. C. and llgry E. Iced. tin Tuesday, Nov. 6, of scarlet fever, Roewgix Whit*, ?on of John and Hannah 61. l'et.l. The funerai will take place this afternoon. at two o'clock, f row the re>Uetiee of lib grandfather, John Whit tlesey, Bu-htvirk Cross Roods, I.. I. Tire friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. Brooklyn paper* please copy. In Jersey llty, on Tuesday, Nov. 8 Jawki G Rimes, a >ative of lis parish ol hell... count*- Meatb, Ireland, aged tfl year*. The friends of the family aro iuvi ed to attend the fu neral to-nv new afternoon, at two o'clock, from hiv la'e re?idi nue. i or uer of South Seventh and Monmouth streets. PC denly, af t-lng fing. on Sundny. Nov. 4 at the real of her son-in-law, Edmund 1'ack, Mary Umvi.v, of i?rsey ll'y. relict of James Glrvln, agetl 68 years. At I au Frai.ce, of con-uurplUiu, on Wednesday, Octo ber 17. Jouk R. Wuaun of the firm of Palmer, Richardson * On., of New York, whither he bad gone witu his family "br the t* in-tit of his health. ImfYMBIf JITS EBNEWKD EVERT DAY. FRENCH ADYERT18EIUCN1R. UHltKJEf NX HI I E FRANCAlk-l. iiKrtlRK HE PLACER pour hoore d'snfsnls oufills dc c'-uinhrc: elle p?ut four [ Mr de tionne reromwuAdaUon. H'adi. ser '?) Crunk.-.rl St., pour druijours. UN FRANCA IP, NOrVKLLEMEXT ARRIVE, DESIRE u ptseer comma mHoler dans un? r.ialvm atuditcune on fran,*.'*; II Sunns.' psr'al emsnt son i ' st pan' limner tons Irs r-nsvlgnrmrni desirable. tlaatdgai rrsat capable da | dtrlv r la eulstae d'on hotel, soil amfncaa ou lrancaia. h'a dresser Vft W slker ?t. ft PORTING). F OR RAI.K CHEAP?A KCI4- HRKO ITALIAN UREr _ hound. I1-, yarn- 1. we.ct tig or. \ 4'-, l!,?. A ' <???:? '.it dog for a lady. To ba seen at .VI h irst arenue. Between 2 - .d do'clook P. M. fiTOR PALX-A LARGE BUCK LVHRADOR DOil, F rrid t (ssfa.f, stands (no fuat sir high, uoe year old! To be saws al 22 Wa-hlnc'oi, s'raet. For ?/u.e- a fine mexT.-ax Boo, wiTiiorr hair.)>?.*' arrfred tym Puranjo Can ba mmi trom U to II A. M . ar 113 Nt den ask- orurr Wa'er ?i-e.o XA'A vmi-AN fT a.I > V (.REVII'WM> DOT). Mt'?T vy he thr.row'b bred, fawn eolur Apply to TilOMAH XNIiuiT, el Fourth avenue, botwaan IMmmIIX M. MIM EI.L A ITKOl'H. I WANTED?TO INVRsr IN A VANL'FAC ?UUU luring bnamern. An a.-tlve man, w tu ihs abor# ?mount In 'Asb. nwy hear of a good op- oriiiotly I f ad Ire.-trig VUcn, Ileiakl od -e, *<si>lng where an lolerrfaw m?y be bad. > LXT-A NEW AND rrXET RATE 0ILUAXD TA bi?, la cou pieto urder. J?'juire M W Bowery, lu iha (tor? NEW FmiCATKHH. (IBK ABOUT BrXBITUAIJ.M-THK^KVJWTKUI. ' nlgh'sol August 2b lb and 21st lb65.and Bow .ridge KJ itsiu-'s wsabocussed; or the tu.ltltitl.ty 01 SpiriUliv Urnex sis.,? 1; t?jr t C Ewer, Kso. A neat and very exciting pamphlet; price oulj 20 ceniv, or $15 ner lbtl. it III lie seut by mull,po-d i?ai.t, lor seven postago sumps Addre-s S.iM,1kl ilKlirk-ifON, Knickerbocker office, 348 Bros'way, Nov York. I^HE WIVES OK TflB KOC B GEORGES. Pul-llthed th's morning, the urn or tub uurcas or >.;<>.lamo ar the uocse or uanovia. * By Dr. Doran. Two Vols., 12mo. Cloth 12. (,o:;te.uts : Fophlt Doro'hea, wife of i;e irge t. Caroline Wllbelmena DoraUta, wife of Oeorge II. i harlot te Bojibia, wife of linur-e 111. Caroline of 8i un-wick, ? We ol Oaurgs IV. 'V. I'oran haaavailed hlmseif ol ihe ample material scattered tjitvtiyh personal m< inolni peropblete. periodical", and other fi gi ive Mter.luro ntfhc time, with the 2 orOUvhoess. ciuti k cyo fur humor and appiWelatloa of the pletuves'iuo which charsu t? r re :,ls other aim sing works. The volumes form in brilliancy ii s w rll as simUiaftty o' top.c, an adimr.tMe arcornpwilmeut to die Lectures oi Mr.*1 bac'scray upon tho stmt eobjeet. JIHT rCBMHIKO I1Y THE HaSB AlITHu 1 I TABUB T It All S, With Something on Them. By Dr. Dortn. I.nm , cloth 81 26. U A HITS A Sl> MEN, With Remnant* of Record touching the Makers of both. By Dr. Doran. 12mo., cloih 51. Bv nr. uoran. iwmo.. cran si. J. H. RKOFIELD, at Beekmsn atreet. PEB80NAI. a b'OTHKCARY ? If MR. GEORGE T. BLYTH WILL J\ call at No. 10 Eighth avenue, he may bear of something to bin advantage. EKRY 8 STIKLTON IS DESIRED TO WRITE IMMR dlately to S. A. D. H INFORMATION WANTED?OF PATRICK DEMPSEY.? When lent beard of wa* In Washington city. Any In'ur niation of hlui wilt haUutnkl'ully received by hit brother, John Detupvey, at Mr. Sharp's farm, Woodbridge, State of New J rrvey. INFORMATION WANTED OF DENNIS IIOOA.V. WHEN lost heard from waa in Chicago, Illinois, Hlb ol dune un. Any information of him will bo 'hankfully received by bla uf Hided slater. EUen llogan, No. () Degra.v collages, Degrewsh, Brooklyn. Chicago, Illinois, papers please Copv. REWARDS. $1 nnn REWARD AND ?MITION.--THE BDBSOBI. ?UUl/ ber oiler" the abotwre i reward for the recovery of a tin bo* marked V. J. M. and '1. with It" contents, Hlolen from the Mechanic*' Bank on the 11th or I Ah ituil.; and also cau tions the public from purchasing, receiving or in any way ne ? minting the fuliowing described bonds:?Town of Newark, ihio, No. 1,7 per cent, due In RtiU; PorUmouh Oily, Ohio, Noe. 30, BO, i per cent, due In 1886; City of Newport, Ohio, No. 2, 7 per cent: Kiaukiln County, Ohio, No. Id, 7 par rent, due in I860; City of Columbus, Ohio. No. 89, 7 per cent, duo in HO); Aabuelot Railroad, Ohio, No*. 18. 27,11 per cent, due in It'll; Rutland and Washington Railroad, Noa. 101, 152. 6 per coot, due in 18511; <7 eveiand and Pittsburg Kailraod, Nov. 520. 521, 621,7 per cent, due In 1831!; New York aud Erie llallr unl, Nos. 1,267,1 (lit, 7 per cent, due In 1875; 1 'Mo and Pennsylvania Railroad. Nos. 268, ;uo, <90,521,7 per cent, due in 1866; Colum bus and Xi nla Railroad, Nos 8h, 57, 7 per coin, due to 1857; Dauphin and Susquehanna Coal Co., No lit, 7 per cent, lot Mortgage; City of Nashville, No. 400,401,6 per cent, du" 1877; Bourbon County Kentucky, No. 1, 13. 6 [er eont, due 188.1; Milwaukle city, No. lit, 10 per ceui, due lBSO; l'linusy hauls Coal Company, No. Bit. 7 per cotvt; New Albany and Salem R. R? No. 1 089, 1st M irtgage, 8 per cent; Kvunsvllle and Illinois Railroad, Noe. 77, 7P,i#, 48, 49 204. 7 per cent, duo 1870; Bullalo aim New York t'Uy Railroad, No*. 87 and iK 7 per .rem, due lfti6; Michigan Central Railroad, Noe. 2,788, 4,148, 3,729, 8 per cent, due I860; Macon anil W, Railroad, No. 201, i per cent; hake Eric and Wuhash and St. Louis Railroad, Noe. 288,198, 7 per cent 1st Mor gaan onvertlble. dun lv>5, Eaton and Hamilton K R., Nos. 190, 184, 7 percent, 1st Mort gage. Hudson River Railroad, No. 3,260. 7 per cent. Also, ihe following described notes or h ind: ?No. 5.434, A. T. Mel, tin, payable to order of H. T. Briggs, $400. August! 1.855, S mm.; No. 5,462. Field ,t K eel do., $.W). August 21, 1855, 5 nios ; No. 6.474, G. W. /athn, do., $200, Scot. 10, 1856. 4 mas.; No. 5,475, G. w. Jiuho, do , I2P.I ot, 8,-pt 10, 1855,7 mot.; No. 5,479, J. M. Thayer, do $115, Kept IJ 1855, 4 mot.; No. 5,487, Howland AAsplnwell. payable toefdorof A. Frlaac, $2)0, Kept. 1, lb.55, CO days; No. 6,1. 9, A. Van VaUteuburgh ,t Co., their OW11 or der, $78894, Rapt. 28, IH54, 14 mi No. 5,140. A. Van Valken burgh A Co., (heir own order, $738 04, Sept. H, 1864. 15 rao".; No, 6,467, Hvde A tjood'ich, payebJe 10 order ?/. N. Olcott, IK41, J une 28. i860, ii m hi. ; A'ker A barria, ihelr own ordjr, $2,248 10, June 8, let, , r mns. Now York, Oct. 27,1-6.5. J. dUEDIN, 15 Maiden Une. it OA REWARD.?LOST, ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER <3 llv' 31, betw een Kl?i>leion and Viuar.uttlue Lauding, St v ten 11land, a lady's enamelled go d hunting wa'cli, vvim gold chain attached ube linUrr will receive the shore reward 00 bringing '.he sumc to the Herald office. COR RKWARP.-A GOLD WATCH, TOBIAS' MAKE Up ? ' ' supposed to have been di oppetl In a Hroudway a'/tge Ihe shore reward will he paid by leaving It at the Everett House, room 60. 49/k REWARD-STOLEN FROM LITTLE NECK RAY, ?PsaVJ on TueHday, Oct. 30, 187>5, alamlly rua boa', elgb'eea feet long, nulit of ced ir, coppered, riveted thrOBghnut, ttstkeel live Inches, lnlcnded for four pairs of as nils, paiu'otl white, Willi green vtre. k outside and pink Inside. The bo ti Is three months old and has been very little used. Built by John B. Webb, Apply to A. H. Mtcklu, U0 Water street. JOHN II. WMHll, .VH1 and 718 Water struet. REWARD WILL UF. PAID. AND NO QUR8 t, ? . - tious asked, for the return of dm foltowlng books, 'o 29 I ilih vtreet, WlliUut-burg:?3 vols., pltys by Moueaui; 20 vols, old plays; laialogue of Uorary of T. Picrson; 6ih and 8'h vo's. of Worburton'a Sltakupeare; 2 vola. 11lue>radons of chak peare by Dotice: eatnlogue of Sharp's Library; 2 vols, of Thomson's woi ka, folio. 1 be alnve were purcb utad ot Bancs, Brother A Co., on the Sla' October, and have either been tuls laid, or lost In transition from the sale to tho purchaser. n REWAB D.?LOST, ON MONDAY, NOV. 5, IN IIXTII NPi '" avenue, between 1 welf'h and Fourth atrecis, a leather Pag, ennutlning one $19 bill, and locket with miniature. Any Person returning the tame to 169 Sixth avenue, will receive the above reward. $10 q>r\ REWARD.?LOST, ON MONDAY EVENING, A heavy seal rlan, betw"in the opera house and the corner of Broadway ami Tbutrenth etreel. The Initials J. II. II.. ami on the Inside of the ring Ml/pali The tinder n il) receive the above re waul and thu thanks of the owner, by leaving It at So. W fiouth street. At REWARD ?I.ORT, ON MONDAY EVENING, A ?J*'/ small biack and inn Klntt Charles rink. The llmler will rrrlve Ihc above reward, ami thn tlrnoks of the owner, oy re turning the rrame to 111 Eighth *ireet, fC IIVair-lOIT, o.N BCNDAY MORNING, 4TH iptj instant, from corner of 27th street and SLith avenue, a small black and tan terrier dog, answer* to the name of Un(. The above reward will be paid on delivery of said dog at Mer chant's lime ofliee, loot of hobinson street. wst a>p roumb. noo LOKT.-A SMALL ENGLISH TERRIER, BLACK anil tan. r amert Jack, was lo*t on Ertday, In Mgtt ave nue, t ear Eleventh street. A suitable reward will be given on his re inn 'oil Moth street. DOG STOLEN.?RTOLRN, kRiiM NO. *7 AVENUE 0. on Thumiay last, a small rough Heotch terrier dog; lev! on a collar, with the natne and residence of hi* owner, J. Elliott. 1 he thief hod t etter return him Immediately, and thus gave a visit to the Island. I OPT?ON 5TH INSTANT, A ORKEN PURSE, WITH A J small amount ol money In It. The tinder wilt be rewarded by leaving It at 27 Wall street, second story, fioul r?u. I fiST?CERTIFICATE NO. "12, TIIIRl) AVENUE R V !L J road Co. too. W. Jones. lor 74 share*, da' ol July 27, tf55. New certificate applied for. LotT?a Large Newfoundland dog, from Warh.nglon Gaiden. Wllllamshtirg. the color ot 'he dog la black, wt'h when tips on his head, toe* aud tail. Whoever will ftum him will I e suitably rewardol. Iosr-u reward-on wkdnksday l\st, on J Fifth avenue, a lady's embroidered pocket handkerchief, with nauio embroidered In lull on the corner. Apply to A. T. S'l KWAKT A I O., Broadway and Chamber* rt T 0ST-BE1WEKN No. 15 HROaDWAT AVI) WAI.L J J s rcct, an open policy with the AtiaaUc yu'tisl Insurance t oinpany. No. 1(1,127, in ftvor of Thomas KIcbardsoa A Of. Ilu to iler ..til bo suitably rewarded, and confer a f tvor, by returning It to No. 15 Lrosdway. T OSi'.-A GOLD nUNTINO GENEVA WATCH, WHITE ladis) engraved ere?' and chain at , bed. Whoever b?? It 1 ud he ss-i.e. 1 aid will 11 ive'be k.ttduess to return Hat Ja cob Grail 's saioon. Mil Broadway, will tie amply rewarded and no rjt.e.s asked. JOLT?ON MONDAY. NOV. 8, WHII.H GOING FROM J the corner ol smith and lisl It s r. ot*. Brooklyn. to the Fultpti ferry, a rmall cornelian brtorhwbe sione Is wht n and cherry en wared. The finder Will receive $2 by returning It to JOH s 111 TUHINGH,druggist,corner of Smith ami Baltic ho nth Hrookiyn. ONT-BY A LADY. ON the ?rn INST, ret vki.n j the hour* of Id and 12 o'clock, a fur 1 ick.aiur tippet (stonamarten, e'ther 011 a Foutb ferry steamboat, passing from Atlantic are to New 1( rk, or In one or the Broadway stages, nassluif up to John street. The finder, by h aving li at Mr. Jacob ntaam's lnn< j stote h74 t'edsr ?tr?et, or with South ferry master, will will receive lire dollar* reward.^^^^^^^H IOFT-ON HIE ?,TH INST., BETWEEN THE CUSTOM J House and the Iters!I olffr, .1 pocket to,* r.attaining clirrk-oi Thfinos I ot von on the City Hank, ot Mrnakhn , u CI J V. 1>. Wyiknk.on the Mechanic-,1 llaukitwo ehe.-ksnf llstvev F. AubK V on 'be Chatham Uank.ano'enf Jam** Met * uley, all of which have hern -topped payment, (irue. pspwrs, ot no value eicept to the owner. A!?o, s small amo urt ot money , A lit eral reward w.libo paid tor the return of me same to II. F. Auberj, 82 Walker sttect. T OFT OR STOLEN?ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT LAST, Jj In tbe neigh)orlmod of spilug sod Greco *u., a small hh ck -iut et. wrerm 10 he name or (lira; long tall an 1 ear*, white l-roast ar-d Deck- Whoever will return l?-r to 28 Aml'y pt*c* nalle, will racelve three dollar* and til 1 thank* ot the owner. T OfiT-AW ENAMELLED GOLD WATCH, ON BUND AT. 1J the lib Inst n I ntverwlty ptane bet we*n Eleventh sir**' and the iietghbOAOod ot Washtugtoti paradr ground. A liberal res ard will be nold for lu recovery at 48 Lniverolty place, or SI Heaver street I KIT AT PROFKB'? >R JOHNtfOVfl ORRIS TOOTH J sr-ap manulnct- rv, 8I7 Bowery on M.mdsy last, a porte mnf iuiir. containing bill*, Ac. Ilia owner may obtain tt by applying a* above, and givtng a description. The lady who took, by mistake, a cameo bracelet ?et wl b pearia. from s table in the ladles' r ,orn of Thompson A eon's saan i. between die bo irs i4 I and 2 I* V <ei Monday las' >ov. 5th. wt:l coofrr a (avor upon the c?n*r thereof by returning the same to Ttionipaon A eon, at the de>k la the h wcr saloon pOVGH TF.RP.IKR DOG-LOST, A SMALL P.KH DOG JV rough and Fon.riy hrttng: bs I on a piece of snap ami a 1 Lain. V hoevrr brings hlrn to the a'nMes, No. 2 University pla< ', shall receive ft reward. WENT-A PRINT-TWO hTh'kT OF OAnTTmiTbr, TV gtti preed t" have giM do*n the river A suiushle ward w ill be paid tor the recovery of one or iioth, by C. A it. POILLGN 234 South sire-L aPRCUL klfl K hH, /THKSRI-CUEHS1-* HfiHHl? RF.GIT.AR. MKCTINi.rt OF s the Brooklyn' Fes# Club wl,l le !>#ld at Toynl-e's Ho si, corner of Montague nnd < ortfl streets, u rook Go every Mmi day and Wednesday evemng, at 7 G o'clock 1 liess plaiers of Brook-yn ate lavited tosUend. Seesou sut.- rtpvPra five dollars VJ AT ION AL"AC A DF M y7>F DRSIG N~TH E L I KE t ND AN au'Piue schools ot die acadiny wttl be opened fir he rftesrm at 7 o'clnrk P. M. on Momtay ne?t. Uh In t an,ill ration lor sdmissFm must be made at the r?,m? .'?? Ka? Tfiir trsti h street, unedior west of nr'?d<vay. on M'?d?y evenings ooig front 7 to t o'r to k. lly ordei o( lite Co ineil. T. ADDlhON HH HakDH. t or. bee'y., S. A. PUBLIr MEETING AT THR HR')a1)WAY"fTTiRR nacia-To be hail thtg (Wi-dneedsy I even rig tt t t't pa-i 7 o'elork, la belialf of tW Called etaio* /nehra e Asy om Ad dieosea by I'rot HlK bntak. of the Thsologteal Seoiliutrr Rev Dr. hallows ?ud other*. TUgpoMteam tnvitsd u? abend _____ N- A. I'Hlfii K, Kec'y pro tern. CHANGIUIS -A SENCIAL MENTING WILL BE HELD k> on tTadnesda/, Nor. SUi, (M ??V org, ? nft Boat**r ?i ort? <4 rvc/10 AJUUU'.A. IfTClTlONS WAJITBU. WOMAN, WITn A KRK8H HKKAST OK MILK, wiahes lo tain * chili lo wet nurse. linn the best of refe rences. Apply at 161 Kerry St., la (he rear, fa- Mrs. Brenuaa. A PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A SITUATION, TO do general huan work, or as chamber uaid; good clly reference. Apply atlW Amos st. A YOUNG GIRL WANT3 A SITUATION AS 8KAM ?iress and dressmaker, and to do all ktudaol Ope worg. KUase apply at 69 I lamer-toy at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO man. aa lady's nurse, by the week or mon h. Retereneea given at Dr. Pal j old's, 32 Bayard St., or 96 Madison st. A YOUNG SWISS I. AIjY DESIRES A SITUATION AB seans-tress or lady's rompanti.u; she Is a sir si baul at ail kiwis of fancy work. Address L. J., He raid nOkee. 1 SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE WO it man, aa cook, washer and Irow-r, In a private tauitly; i cod reference given. Please inquire at 13 Willow st., iii<iok 1} n. AnKKKRMAKKlt WISHES TO WORK OUT BY TIIK week, or would be willing lo bike a situation as seam s'ri rs lor (lie winter, fan be >sen at her present situation, 1 Its Mam st., brtwrrn i Un'ou and Court sis.. Mr sdtlyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTA BI.K young woman, as family seamstress; is capable of cutting ? nd nttlne children's clothes, or would go nut by the week. Best of elly reference given. Apply at 463 tub avenue, be tween 2btli and 2tith at*. A RESPECTABLE YOIINO FRENCH WOMAN WANTS a slination us professed cook; uuders'andt liar business lu all its braucbas. Good city reference from her lost place. Please call at Maoame l.orlnfour's, 186 37th St., near Wh ave nue, from 8 A. M. till 4 P. M. A YOl'NG WOMAN, WITH BEST OK REFERENCE, desires to go out by the day or week, as sea ustress, or to obtain a siluatlon ua sesm-lress slid to do cliamberwork. May be seen on Tuesday and Wednesday, at 161 Henry ?L, Brook Ijn V RESPECTABLE WOMAN, OK SOBER AND STEADY habits, wishes a sltua'tuu, aa proteased cook. In a private Isaiily; understands her business In sll its branches, and ran produce the best of clly reference. Please call at 34 (Ah ave nue, for two days. A WIDOW LADY. OF EDUCATION AND IIIOII BE ?pertablllty, without any family. Isdeslroin of making an engagement as housekeeper and companion, In a family or school, bring thoroughly < ti.pefrnt to take the entire charge; Is a Proleeiant. ampseqiiirea good reference, and same. Address boi 93 Broadway Post office. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE YOUNG LADY, LATELY left an orphan, wbhes a al'uallon us rompanloaor scam s'reas lo a lady, whs retnere are no small children, or Is willing to truiel wlib an Invaild, she is intelligent and amiable, aud Is willing to make nene'f generally useliil. Address As Morion, North Orange, Essex county, N. J. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO man as flrst rate cook, who understands baking and pas try perfectly, an I Is an excellent washer and u oner, lias the test of city reiereure Please eall at No. 36 West lilh St., be iween Alb and 6tb aves , lor two days. \ RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN WISHES A situation as general servant In a small, fespealable family; is a good plain cook; satisfactory reterencos given. Can ho seen, for a lew days, at Mrs. AbelPs, dressmaker, up stairs, 111 Myrtle av., Brooklyn. A YOUNG GIRI, WISIIKS A SITUATION AS CHAM .21. bern.ald aud waiter, or to do general honsewt rk for a rmall lamlly. Best oi city reference given, fall at 36 Eliza bcih st., re.-ond tloor, lor two days. A SITUATION 3YANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, as seamstress, or to do rhamherwork and sewing; she 11 a good band at shirts, and can do needlework. Can bn seen for two days at 3119 31st rt , between 9th and IUUi avenues. RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A BABY TO WET nurse, or wuyldjjo out In s respectable family. Good re femicrs. Apply at 213 Columbia st., Brooklyn. Cau bo seen for two days. A LADY DESIRES A SITUATION FOR A NUR8E. She Is experienced, and perfect;y eompolen' 'o lake culiro charge of an Infant firom lia birth. Inqillr-r at tlin Union Place Hotel, parlor 66. A RESPECT ABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A private faoi'ly, to cook. Wash and Iron The be?' of city reference can be given. Would go as laundress. Pleas* rail ai 69 Crosby si., In the basement, for two day*. AS HOUSEKEEPER.?AN AMERICAN WIDOW LADY, ot rei ned and agreeablu manners, aniusui nrd to good society is desirous ot maxiog an engagement with a respectable party, where -he would receive the respect due her as a lady; Is every way qua lilted to assume the management or house hold duties. Address Mrs. Park, MM Hudson street. Refer enccs e\' hanged. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN WANTS A baby to wet nurse, at her own home, 260 East isdist., near avenue A. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do chamberwork and brie washing Has the heat of re lerenee from le r last place, where site lived ebthteen months. Call at 273 Hub avenue, between 271b and 26th so. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A -Ileal,on aa nurse, and Is a good plain Sewer, or Pi do cbumberv.ork and waiting; would take either. Pleaio call ai 166 West :it;th st.. at her present employer's. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT COOK IS DESIROUS of obtaining a sliuailon in a ttrsi ds?? lamlly. or as asd" taut cook in a saloon, hotel, or a respectable hoarding house; wi uhl preit r living in Brooklyn. 3 he best of raxeren-e given. I'lrate apply at 122 Fulton sireel. second door, front room. Can be -een for two days if not engaged. VN ENGLISH GIRL WISHES SITUATION. ASHBAM s ress and Pi assist In the care of children, or lo do thatn I erwork; ran cut and lit children's clothes, and do n't kinds of family owing; has lived lour years In one place; has sewed lor Jennings on fashionable styles. Can be seen for iwrodaye, at Wist l.llb xt. \N AMERICAN YOUNG WOMAN WiHItRH A HITUA llou, lodogeneial housework, or as chambermaid arid laundress. or waiter, tl-oa Utile girl, aged I'l. wants a ai'iut Hon. Apply at No. 7 lltb St., near Broadway. Boat oi reb-r ences given. A A KKSl'KCTABI.V KNOLIHH OIRL WISHES A S1T17A J\. noil in rook, w >ab ?inl Iron, or would do gener il boil* work In n amnli 1 r rate family. hrinretll il Ull.'ourlil., ' jriur of Pacific, Brooklyn, Ui ihr af.oe afire. ASI10ATION WASTED?MY A RESERi 'TABLE >i una girl, a* chambermaid and wither, or An nun* anil ?rnin?lr??Ai I'ooil city rilerence. Eleeao cu'l or Andrew It" Motl *t.. aeooiid floor, room No. A. AMTI'ATIIiV WA.NTI'H?MY A IttNCEi-T ABLE young ladir, a* | lain rook, Iohi rme naaber ami Irotirr, qr,demand* baking. Can Or ae> n fur two <lajr?, *1 314 Mucin:., (hud (loor. front room. < an cur the boa of r^Wom ?? AFITt ATION WANIED-BY \ RESPECTABLE YOCNO woman a? cook, waalu r and Inuier, Ilia nual! Iiinll/.or th iml ertnald etui waner. Coo.l rtlrr?uc?. <'all a' 's Atlantic ft., 1 looklyn. a I1WKITAULI YO0M1 WOMAN WISHES A BlTl'A i\ lion aa cook, in a private family; ?he perfe-lly under riai.di her humr. one; DO objection* u wii-hing and Ironing. Ileal cl city reference. ? an Im b"Cii iinlll ooga^o d ac 110 hevenlh at , between l'.th and 1-th am. ? HTI \TION WANTED?BY A VERY RKdPKCTABLE 1\ girl, n* cook, and f> amlat In wuahlng. Ha? live ye.u a re feri re e I rom her la*t place. Call or addrc?* All f'*#t l.Tii - t an he men until aulied. A BKPPE'TABI E FROTRSTAJT WOMAN HE ItlEs K J\ alluatloii .i? Cook In lha eltjr, or wo ild go a ahort dutteme In ti e couuiry; make* eirrileni broil ami hta> u >. iltagmrl rtM Van te Been at *H7 Huumoi. at., for two day*. AVfU NO LADY TWKNT? YEARS Of AOE, WISHES a a tnailen, elthe- ?? gnvcTi-a lu a pricalt family. ? r we hi puller, lo a lad v. sho apeak a Herman French and i'ng Hdi pcrle 'dy, and. I* eblo to Ineiruct mi (bo pucno, a? aiao !u fai.ijwir*. Reatri'ton.niiada'ionagiven I'.eaae ad Ire* If. H , no* a> Hcralil i li re. A KkRI'Et TAllLE TROTK-TA VT WOMAN WDIfKS A J\ f llua loi ; la a pi I i -ok; u-deralanda paa'ry nod '? a fid It oner of ahlrta. haa pi ml -Ay referee era; h a no lib ' ton tr i i a abort dlrnm r In he country. Eleuw call for I >vo day* ail>4 Monroe at , near t'alhe. Inc. li \TK'N !.- WA* TEH 1IY V ' i". ! . Kngl'ah Ero'e.innt. woman, aa g<-odcook; la ~ * . mjweili - - - A V - -n v.: In r i.rd Inmer: l.?a no e/r'N m do the ho c a k ? T ? a? .11 prtrve lauiily Itaa good city reference. No ob. Inn i?>: > .i a] i rt di-ur.i-n In ihe country. f an lie eeen for mod ij? at hull Molt ?l., betW' i u Hnuatcm and filer -k'-r L N IN I El LKIENT LAP, W VKARS OF A IK WISHES l\ a Bt'uathci In a ?tnre or (Ore; wrliet a lair ijttvl, ta | lompt ar.d active and anklmia lo lie employ ml. Heaid' * with l.'a pa-rnia and*p?nd* hie evening* In reiuthig at bona. Tho be-1 f reIt ? cite*. Addre** A. Hurt, Herald off! e. \l < Hp (IKEKR-A BE I'Et TAHf E TOCN'ff V AN , v ho h m aj ?nt all hla money In trying to obum a n la-a, op? r* bin ?errlre* lo ao| ; eraou who w UI employ hlro. Wr.te* w It, and b' v- 111 ug to do ant thin, an I only &*kain return ay b r??fn wll keep Ma I'om -'arrmg. Adlreaa Jamoa ilera'd i. flit e. Bfn K KI K ft:?A Y'tt N MAN, WHO INllER ? r tut a book keep tig by double entry, * tint an en mut n.enl many Core ier|u.rlug ?u h be will tie wall root tnuv.ud ? d.and rei|tilrea only a n.ndere"* aalary. Eu aar aildreaa A , l.c in raid t (tee 'OIl'IMI-HY A LADY, WKITINO A F.llR HaND, Addreaa Mt-? M, L. W., I timr, p,\ EietolCce. ( (COOK-WANTED. HV A VIDDLK AOEO WOMAN OF ?. aober and aieaoy babli*. a aji'iautai a* ppgeaaed cook hi a | rlvaie family; ?ne |ier<e< tly n l-rt an-la her boaineta In all Da braat bra. Ilaa tb-- very be.i <,i referenre ao 1 rBeimaii n da-'lnfia In 'Hie r|ty. fieaae antdy at lite < nrw ? ntor*' Btv' h at., third door front 4th arenoe. for wo days. f tbCIK'H StTI'ATION WANTKH-BY A BE-MeM T ABLF, \J airman, a ho tinderauutl* her boawceaa (terCeetly. H an -t ? el,rut baker of t.r- al pae ry, A-., .nd la willing to aatie In Il ? WB-I.lng and Iron'og. No o'.jer'lem lo go a atee' dlaMoee li. lie rounliy < .Pal .-ity rr-trr n e deaee apply #r addreaa a r ote lo 132 Id avenue, near l&Ui an. In the ? andy "lore, for twodjy*. | F'OACIIMAN OR OROOV H f'l.At E WANTr.l)?BY A )o n g man, age.l z;. {a fully oomt etent In tfie abete ipa I e ty; rm* arrtvd aa attch In tome <4 Uie -eel regq ated rev. bh n . I ni and bae good rHy .. ien ? ? In deroc 'tie ihite u> the Iniereat >4 bit tr ipar. er, where cap a r?n i> .| In 'grtlf ar* appreoiaied Fle*^- call or a mite al di. -?i! u a. I. (1 ,al Mr Cothavd'a, awbller. ibe Hroe-lway, a j D r el with prou.p'. a'en"/m / a' hf\ep. ?a moTciWAN wno ham had nr tun can panP-e In gardening and fanning, and haa a'aot! ornt. b ki owli Jgeot the i?ana?ernent of N-eaee and ear r'i _e, ar d ? we.l a nalttted with 'he nay, won' t like ??> take ?d. ' if 'f r. trial! farm In or near td* (Sty Alan glre the-eat Of ief. rrif i a* In rape!,, Ity, hor.aetyaol ?.tir.e*y A'tlfea* A. II i . raid office. mjB I < NKLTN WfdHKA Tfi TANK ? ?MF f; ENTf.E Jrl men e?r fambie. waehmg hy the monih or forcn. Tan In ' On* In tin >.eat Eyie a t*. do/en pieeea Aiw>, clear irti rr und mangl t.g flan (Ire'he heti g rt iereue?. Ap ply at 113 kf tb ?t trtwter. 2d and ,VJ a?r .*? CniATHiN W V NT AD?BY A EF.SERf-TAJtLE Vol No L ?' man. ae drcminake and teemeree?, in a pnrale '? , y own fit and ml Matty. Pert of 'ity oru~eg1<en tent* arm, 'or me day, fir not engaged, the neat, at 10 Hamaeeei at. QIWAljW w as ir?< I V a Ki>fKf i iHi.E ,, 1 '0 dn rhaoi'rer e ork and | ' tin ceaorig nr In 'ake ' vi. d ?n 'Ifen Apply ai the lantae of her preaeot oanp o ? r 1*0 Wt ? ,1A at . far larte lay*. CITt'ATIO* B a sTKD-AM OOVERvnau OR TO TAdTr. l~ i barge <?' tb* 'enaaehMd of a wwkiwer by a lady In a I re ?pm ?? em.potent tor Jte p elom. A Hire** lm tor Herald

taped. CITt ATI'tN WANTED-BY a Rrapj: TANI K TO' NO t f>erwta-i wnanan, k* a great p kin >retk end *?. r and a brat rwe aa-her and 'rnaer or to wM leg ta, go ? *?-*; hue *a ?mk. Apeak* Herman^ BfrUaA and ryiaih. t>v*l rV\tm.n i?W(t?A CAifptJM*9wery. ?nruATioiii wmivo. OJTUATION WANTED-RY A COMPETENT WOMAN, EJ aa eook, or wwlur ami ironer, or would do houacwotk; she c?n bake good bread, p istry, 4c.: she la *1?> a good latin Urea*; ahe ran produce im boat of icferriKa, Pleaoe call at 2tSd avenue, Bible bouse. SITUATION WANTRD-BY AN AMERICAN YOU NO 47 woman, aa nurse and seamstress; baa no o ?jeetloii to tra vel; la petfncllv competent to attend a bakery or ladles' sa loon, aud always inukCH herself generally uanful; brat of re ference given- P'.enae cell at 161 lOtli at., lor lint days. SITUATION WANTED?ItY A RBBPKf'T A BLR YOL'Nfl O won an, us t hittnbcrunilil, Or to take care Jl children an l plain ewlng. 1 lie but of c:tj r? ference ran be given. Apply at 37 Atlantic si, llrooklyn. IIrat Poor, back room. (JlTUA'lION WANTED?A. YOll.NO WOMAN, AH 47 latly V uuitd tin.| n aniKtruaa, or would loko -barge ol ami Inelruct rtos n children In the several branches of an English education. Can gtvo good rlly references. Can 'to acett for two days at ltlfl Vt. 171b at., near 7th avenue. OJTUATION WANTED?BY A RBhPKOTABLB I'ROT EH t> taut girl. In ?nuie respectable private tainlly, to do rtiuu berwerk untl biko care of children, or analst In washing anil Ironing, or wonbl dn general h. use work In a atnall private amity. Qood city reference given, I'lcaae call In the corset oie R.h street, three doors from tith avenue, for two tUye. cm ATIO.V WANT ED-BY A.N IN0U8TRIOUM, WKI.I. ft recommended autl deserving young wnntau, to dn tbe gent rai tern work of a pi-tvuto lamlty; laa giant plain cook, and an excellent washer and Ironer; la fully competent and truatwonhy lluod city refereuoea. Apply at I To Court si., corner ol Wyckoll, Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED?AH BOOKKEEPER OR HALKE man. by a young man ol good business habits; la a good pneiu and tpiick and rorreit at figures; Itaa been engaged In an eilrualve lumber business In bolh die above capacities, Reel of rrn rnnrea given Ironi tormer emplnycra. Addreaa J. 11., llerald cfllco. SITUATION WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO man. of rood addreaa and bualuoaa babloi, In utmti whole aale or coiiuiiuwion business ; la a good And rep d penmen, ami <iulck and correct >11 figures , Itaa been eugagetl aa bookkeeper end cleik In nn extrusive bualueaa, from winch lie can produce the moat tineweptlnnnhle refeience ; would like an engagement na vain man In auino wholcaalo ealabltalimeut. Addreaa It. A., llureld office. SITUATION WANTED?AS COACHMAN, BY A IIU1ULY respect *ble Prntealent young tnau, of si cad y hablta and ?nod morels. Heal or Itallmcnltil.i from his lad employers. .0 ohjecllnii to go a short tllsfance In Ihe country 1'incite ,. 1 drcsaa note, for two days, to W. P.P., llerul I office, which will he promptly attended to. PARTIES WIMIINO It) MAKE A RR.WOKMKNTH J with an active, experienced man. 10 go Into the coninry to buy tip prtalttce, may vlo so by nddrcvoug Produce, Herald office, for one w eek. TWO RESPECTABLE YOUHO OIRLR WANT HITIJA tiona; one aa ctuimbi rmatil anil waiter, and lite other us nurse and plain sewer. I'lt-.tac call at Nn. 40 Spring at., llrst lltstr. hack room. ?'an be seen for iwn dnya If not engaged. TWfl PROTESTANT KNOIIHII tllRlgt WIHI1 HtTUA lions In a boiel or hoarding home, one as good plain tank; Ihe oiher uarliont' ermaid or waller; la nn experienced Preach ei ok, tutderttaiids all kinds of pa-try uiol game; nndnratttnda latdlng, wonbl tlvc In ruber c.tly or couu'.iy. Oanhesecnat ti'J Ileaier at., for two days. TO BANKERS AND RROKKRM.?WANTED?A RITUA lion In a bank or broker's tfficc. by v young man, '?! year* I old; hit a had three yeara' eipcrbtr-e In a bank; Is a good pen It nit und at coiiitlani; can 1 aunt niuiiey rapidly; Is a gtsvl judge Ofmoney and a good bookkeeper. Ileal of city and bank rele 11 in.-. Address, for ihirr tltys. Bunker, llerald office. mo lvriiKiiHH AND JOBBBBB-WANTED, BY A 1 young gentleman, a sltuntloe as entry clerk, or any other Ca| neiiy where bin services would be required. The best of reiereni es given ti to er and capabilities. Address V. ?box lUb llerald office. 1 fTO MERCHANT TAILORS AND CLOTHIERS.-WANT 1 ed, a situation, by a first nla-a culler. nitner In a custom or clolblhg store; has some twelve yoara' experience In both hmrtrhfa. Ihe best city refm lutes gitetisstn character Mid caps city. A ddrt-sa Culler, for throe days, box No. 1.14 Herald office. TO DRUflOIfiTH ?W i NTKD, IIY A WELL QUALIFIER young man. w ith gin .T reference and twelve years' expe Men a nltuailon In a wholesale or relsll establishment. Atl die: * A. B. M., Ilei.tld t II . e. IV) l.l'.l i'R DEALERS?WANTED. A SITUATION, BY a vt ung man, as bar temler; tie Is willing 10 make himself genet ally useful, and salary na object. A note aldreasedto W. L., Herald office, will he promptly Attended to. WANTED?A SITUATION AH CHAMBERMAID AND waiter, by a reap actable young wonim. Refers to ber last place, P. Van Antwerp's, "8 Jane si. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT A RLE young woman as an exf-eller>t .eants're s, lm? the boat of references. Apply a V7 Klgb'b stieet. Hi, John's place. WANTED?A R1TUAT10N, BY A RK:-PE< "TABLE <11RL, lodn general housework In a respectable private laintlv, I n gl ial city reference, t an le seen at 175 We?t 3Iat ?t.. In the rear. TIT ANTED?BY A REHPK.CTABLV WOMAN, WAEHtNO Tf ami Ironing, at her own residence, ISA Waterloy place, on li t n.ost retisenahle terms, by the .Jo/en or by Uie month, Is an excellent w-.tsher and Ironer. Ileal 01 reference. TITANTED?A HITt'ATtON, BY A RKHPRCTABLB YY colon <1 girl, as Uidy's inai.l. or to take care of a la'ge child, or plain rcwer; good cliy cefcreiice. Apply ai 'J) Clarke street. "iy-*NTfD~A HITIATIO.N, BY A REHPKTTA RLE YY young wt inan. as conk, washer and Ironer. Hestofrliy reletenee ran be glvt n from her las'employer. Apply at No. 1 Pearl st, corner of Htole, up stairs. V\r A NTKD?A HITUATION, BY A RKHPECf AIII.E YY young girl to do general housework, or as eluituheruiled. fitsd referenre. Ap|tly to No. 10 Clnrniout hv., Brooklyn. ('..n be -ecu 1 no lays. W ANTED?A AITt'ATMN. BY A RESPECT A ISLE YY girl, as gtasl eiaik, washer or d Iroiier. Hood rliy refe lenee If rr-inin tl < an tie seen for Iwo day s at No. I Peirl St.. comer nf Plymouth, Brooklyn. VI'ANTKI >?BT A RKNPWTAMf.B UKRM.lN fllKI , A II allontlnn aa chambermaid and waaher and Irourr, oi ui dr> plain ?rv.ttilf The beat ot r|<y r?ItmW|tT?li, Impitiaat I vi butane *t., corner of Conr-h, up atairr. TVCANTED- (IV I BUFK?AM,I FBOTKhTAXT OIRL, If a aituatlnn aa rlnmlermald, lee good plain wumtrHn. II** '!.<? I <-hi of riiy mermen. t'?n be aeen at In r preaeul employer'*. Callat 18 Went ash ?t. \\T iMID-ltYA KKSI'K''TAIUjK MAKRIKfl WOMAN r? a child to wet nnrae In her own hoew, having loat bar baby four Mentha old. Rc?" of reference* given, t ali at .No. 0 Warren it., near Columbia, BtwUfn. ^ ANTI.r? HV A RP.HI'KiTAW.K PROTKHTANT ML a rltuadoti ai > I amhrnnal I and waller or rbmUniiaie ami in aaalat in ?.c>dilng and lion ng. Ilaa good city ref>mm Plena* rail at TX', Weetl'thM., aecoad floor, bai room, lor twodaja. CANTRIT?BY A TOCNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AH none and araniaireacy nnderatonda oviumg and ntUne, vv vv and la lollr l otrtpc'i n' to niidarieke either. Hr<i o' ?py fliwnre, Can be win at 221 2Zd at , between nth an) vit amine*. UrR*TKI>?A SITUATION, BT A RKSPKOTAHI.K young woman, ?? lauulr>-? -he ihonniffhty lodcr emndr her bnrlneaa fan route well Hi ,11? Hinlgil fallal IfiSIth arcn ic, i ear 2rih *t. It A NT I.I" A SIT I Alio-. It V A YOI Ml WOMAN A ? TT pletn ?It, Windier am! Irourr or to do the bou ? a .rk ? a mall fkinlly, m? aa chambermaid and a Iter awl ?* ? in the wartime ami ironing or ? ran.berth udai <1 to ml vli'Ml treo. Mti make bereelf obliging In ereryr manner. Beat uf etiyr rw re yiveri t all at 127 Weet2Mi ?c, near fib B\euu?, eeeend ttoor, Imrk room TVANTMi-A SITUATION, B? A PKOTKnTA < I cHtl! TT to do rhaoiberworR, t>r would do Iwmaeworh; *uod re farmne An,'lr a1 .1?A W'?i at.. between ave 'iteeliauJ I aerond I'oor, In nt iIn in. I an be *#"B tor i*u day*. TVANTED?HY A RRHPRCTABUK WOMAN, A CCdTt7l> TT to third: It * I be pr?>i erl' <aml'or, i nnae 11 her own. Pleat* rail nt JHi lie It* at., brwtl] iirat teir, front room. ________________ IVANTl li HY A RKrTC'TAHI.K rOl Vtl WOMAN A TT altnetlon to rout, wiab and 124b; ooo'^aMioolodn Uwt I' r rk til a *10811 family. U* h ),* en tor Itoi ta,? at bet prearnt employ' i n, 1 vt Atlantic M., ilrunklyn. VV\A V"I KI ?A SITUATION, RT A KK-I r TAItl PRO M rutantyoni J wouiar, aa em d ouok, nod in ? < * In a wanhtrig ami Ironing; gut*! r! y reference, t an be - en lor two dajt at ITS l.' b at. II'ANTK.ll-A SITUATION. MY A It II IV T A BU TT young woman, aa food j lain nook, wether ami troner, w'n eood eit? referenre* ran oa een tor two day* at 16 ibi *t , between Vh ami bill nrtouea, M'<:ood tinor, front room, nrrt Iki. gri erjr ? tore. U^ANTKP-BY A RFSfPfTABUR nOWTAIf OIM, a ail alien ?? etr< plain e *,k la a (tret rate v imimr ard irooer, and n rnpaoie t.f making t< -I bread. BcWofebf trireoee. Pirate rail at ill leflt at near Uelngtlon pia < U'A Tin BV A HTKAPY. RK1 PKCTABI.K Yul.tlJ IT e . >'e o aa < ok, warber and Imner tn a - *{??'able fanitlr. la a gnml rnnfe. ewdwrehmAe all ktnda of pbw ami pnddlrra. and !a a t'?l baker No td'jertlrm v> an In the roun'ry. tl .mt Piaaae rail at /,J dtk are vie, to thr and r itore. t an be a. en tl It engaged. nfANTED? A Sltt ATJI N HT A Nt> T RIptPY' TA TT |.!e gfr 1 to do general homework; I- a * ?*l waatatr and Irr.rer. and 'en do p'alneo-king ehe haa prrd th;eer??ra n Iter laat |'ar e. ha? tliw era' of eft re;er"tire Pleaae "all for two dagr, at Nr. n Vh at m the amre. ' ANTKl>?BY A PR"TR?iTA.NT ?IRI,, A MTPATIO* aa nnrae ai d *eamatrwaa. t It jr refer< n<? t 'an tie at n ; wodaya at HV *a>? /!?}? plare VV ANTND?A BITCATION, BT A RMrRf~TABt#K TT jonng gtrl. aa eoek In a rwapecteble pdnia family ha* bran thrae yeara .a her (net place. ? an be aeen for two dar* ft |M IJ'h el. mTAXTRP?BT A.N RXPRRIRNCRIt wnttAV a tr> TT aiku aa pndhseed root In a prieaie family, tolly'peter ?Jt da ber beatneM Heea of rflr raf r?tx? t an be ae?, for t?" t.aja p n .t engaged a* i? Weat l.cih bwtwaaw yh and 5 b areneen. w TI'ANTBD-A HITt ATIDN MY A RK-tpK' TAHf.K TT wrenan lode general It .*ra.,rk > a *'?*1 waa.e-r ami It'-r.t <|??d r-hraare < aa ba aee,. iw te laya at II Mar n at Iron' beaarne*,! UJ A NTVI>~ A OHIU> TO WIT SfRSV BY A TO UNO Healthy (nether wkti a freak hreew of rat k. Heal <* re 'ereb'? riven Applyr at ATT Wb arer. ic, tap d or. fruw rwn. t an be aean fbr lar, day. VN \\ W w A SIT''ATI'iN, NT A TOC Nti <ITKI? TO do general bon**??*% tfJ a awtad private i iia'iy No ton a 'Otbe ormntgy. Oood rk' referen aa Applr at IW. ?b a- near 1'h aaenne A *'eel plena preferred '?eO>re a i en be ???. two ley A -ANTKI'-IlT A RKJPk' TAIIf.f Y'WNfl W"N I N. A ut atnri to go rewera, bmiMwrkk. Va a tt*?4 pkata >a ? a f.rrtra'e aad'r ai d tmwer Pieaee raf. Re awmwl ?*?? m Bond .n Bo' '?r Cf**t In ,'ra on tier a"*aet t!tr>* A NT t P A SITUATION, BT A RMTnTtNA Artrcb r rl. aa wauer and ? hr.'ai aial' arid to iaata? In ? aal.1t g and irer tag ?'?! t trhrenee epptjraiN ? ??en at ? eaara re, at ktcada,) aael lerara at t an l*e lor two daya. ANTKP HT A P be l'K< T t dl.R TOUNO WOMAN A ai",?"on to do mabrtrt aad valttng or aa water a r t,.,d .Ity r.ferwt.'e Appiy W M>l liawaba, It* <he (at < y ''me. for 'Wo day a T1*AVT*D-A SiTt ATI'iN BT A RRAFRtTABl.r TT ? TT n,ar aa are* t ? -aa r rd rwferene*-a Apt 'r at N't. TA f||?'nwvb a'-n?* ? an be aaeo ? art, lay*. A.?T?f>--BT A T'?r"'l W'tMg*. A ?TTV ATION, AJI I at* " o* awe Va an ekWatlnai aadwr art Irene tea r?^ --uf' ??? e I ca. r ?? da,, ?. ,gfl Wptt |?4 ?e, h ibc (rv5?r; i we. VN w SITUATION ft WWHKD. ANTKD-A SITUATION art LAIMifc** MAID AND reauintre**, by a joung woman, who parfortly under *taud* b?r Siuin***: In capwino in ?lr-wrinliUjg, miiiuWy and huir dicing. wouid like very mu< h to trivet with aluly. tbo buM ofcity rei'erwuce. A'Wikm K. 0. C , Herald alike. U/ANTED?A SITUATION, IIV A YOt \ J WOMAN from Scotland, to do chamber work tlno washing and ironing, or ua nur* ami *wutt?irtMia. Heat of ?Uy ref^rcwa. I'M die rail at lm 2bth at., between 1 *t an I 2d avenue*, third Door, front rootn. \4 ANTED?A KITUATION. BY A 8< OTCII PROTW ?Y Lant girl, to intnd cbillroo. or to do chamber work u a private family, wTphc* to p,o South, flood rebu'OOCOrt. 4p i>l) at i*2N ?ttth at., be;worn 2d nod 3d aveiiuc*. tTua bo aeou kr two oay?. 11 ANTED BY A MIDDI.K AOED WOMAN. A PRO ji u xhuti.nn aurbiWl'a nur-o; ho* been locuaiomud to'he car* ol ?htldr**t? from their birth Han the boat of city refer?ore. t an l c ?e*n tor two <U>n at 'Jl WmI SfUh ?t , in Iho r? ar, or a note addrctod to tb? above number will bo (thornier! to. II r ANTED?RY A t'OMPKTKNT DUKE* MAKER. ?v hbuntlrt) an la<H > Miaul. No objocijon to travel, i"na _ ctfhUmabtn reference con b? gt**u If not mtutd will go out by day or week. OH or uddret* K. M. n.% "H Ht. Mark'* place, between I t and 2d avenue*. \K> A NT K D? A h'ITU AT ION, BY A YOU NO WOMAN, \rt V? nunc and chambermaid. or chambermaid and waiter; la a good iaondreaa, and will tnnko boraelf gauerally oimUuI. Uan give the beat of city reference from her la-d mnn.oynr. whne ibo can ba aeeu for two day*. I'leano apply at No. IAI Wto t ..'d Hi., between 6th uitd 7tb avenue*. "II/ ANTED-BY A RKHK'RfTAHLB WOMAN, A SITU ii at ion aa nurvw, who Ua* been aoc untamed to the caro of children lor neverul year*, and can take the entire charge of an Infant. ID* this 'boat of city reference. t .'an be soon for two day*, at No. 2 Amity at, near Broadway. 11/ ANTKIf?A SITUATION AR NURAK AN3 8SAM T? rtf#***. by a woman wf?o la aeeuatomad u? the care of child leu. ana ha* lived three yearn In her Ian1 place, linn the beat ot my refer* two. Cau bo ???? until uulted at 1M2 llfUi \t?, bciw??? n 'iib .?? d ribini( X\7 ANTED?BY A VHOTHhTANT WIDOW WOMAN', A f I ^U^^tlon iu a Muall fumUy; In .* drat rate waaher, Irmier and plain t ook. City reference. Wagon not no ttnieh afi ob ject ua a good borne. Can be neon at No. 12 Kidge *t., ilr*t Hour, buck rvotn. j llf ANTJCD?BY A YOfTVO WOMAN, A HITHATfON AH n chambermaid and plain neam.^Oi'****; run giro y refrrcmep Apply ?i No. Mi i3Ui ht , betwe?'u )at and Jd ave*M tor three day*. TlfANTKD-A SITUATION, IIY A RKNI?R<TARCK WO TV tnan, ira proie* od nook, who iindemtand* her bu?tne*>* In ull it* braiichcN; noupn, made, up dinUe*, JelUe^, creami, pantry. |>tcnerviri/r and pickling, Ac. rim I **t of city r?ifer rncc given. Can In- mccq for two d ry* it No. 211 Went 20th it , between Mb and 1Kb aven , Mcon i lloor. hack r??om. U ANTIC I)?A HITUATTON, BY A RKSPK< lAlil.K young woman, m* MNuniima, in * fa uily la ait vxcellent Hewer. Reiereiw c given. Pl?- >?e mil at fttn Hong* ton h(. U'ANTKD-BV \ 111 ?>' f \pl.K (.fill, fill \T!mN itn cook, wiu-hcr or Irotier; !ta? no ob_;ectlm\ to go ? > the country t! rot nlrad Oood imwipcm rl en Plea e ill a No. .'>2 Union At., South Brooklyn, necond ll<K>r, fr?-r?t room. jT A NT Mi?A SITUATION, BY A RldPP.CT A lll.K . f Scotch uli I. * * ilr? f-mnlt. r in n private f.un'lv would be willing to do light rhurribcrwork or hike charge of a child good c ty reference. Can he Hern loi >wu day*. 1 all a< 636 nth av.t near 37th ?t, 117ANTKD? BY A RKRPKCTAHLE YOU NO WOMAN A M ait ua. ion an HCfim 'r* hh and dr*??m*kf?r in a private ta ntlly; I* capable ol cutting and fining liulict' and eliRlrena1 tire-.4 c*, and all kind*of famUv *ewing: e*n get the b?**t ??f ".fy refeience. Deane call at 32H 3d ?t., oelween avenue I) an ! i.ewis *t. WANTKI)?A SITUATION, IIY A RBSPKCTABM3 girl, ?* chainh? rinakd and Hcam-iirc**, or ludyN m ild and M nmfttrec*, or would engage with a lady to travel. Cast pro du< e the beat of city reference Apply at 171 \V??t i'ld XJLJANTKD?BY A RKHPftDTABf?R YOUNO OIRL. A ff aituation a* cbandiet maid, fine wa*tier and Ironer, Can be highly recommended from her la*f place Can be aocu fur two day* at 2d a vers no, two door* above 2Uh ??. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RERI'K'T ABI,R young woman, a* (djarnbcrmald i?r?d waiter; would aaxlat In the waahlog nod iroiuiig, 11 a* good city rerercnee. Can be wni for two day* at laiM 17to *t., between avenue A and l?t avenue. ll'ANTKD?A SITUATION. BY A YCUNO WOMAN. Ad Yl waiter; can do bonne work, flood referer Can be ccti fot two dayn at L'fi avenue. A, between 2d and 3d it*. CJ|7 A NTKD?A H1TVATION, AR FREXCII < >OK, BY A vf young I ron' hw?.m ?u, who can give the bent of refcreitrr* an to ubiUty and character. Can be a?H<n for two dayaa* H4 Wcat Twenty ninth atioct, between 7<h and Dili avmnn**, fifth floor, back mom. WANTKl) A SITUATION, BY A UKS P K<T A HI.K YY woman, * * cook, waaher and Ironer, or general work In a email prlva'e fnn ilv; g?*al refkren c. Apply at l& AVaat 36th ?t. Can he seen for two day* nrxNTtiv-SY ^ ua p?oi abi^s mAftsnui woman VY a riiuaiiou to go tu England with a family She ha* been at cuMt n.? d w> mi; would take ? ai? of a child, and would nm* ?Idt r her paeaage an eunivalent for h'?r ?erviciM or won 1 u *t *? etnwardewH In ?n> ol the v^oi* Bern of refrre vw an he given by Bddreedng wrote to boi lhb IB rail u.TUre for tw < i WANTED? A SITUATION AH PIlQPKSriCD ' OOK IN a private family; underttand* ti*e bufdiin** Umroughiv. I DtMxettfiotiftlilt refbrtatM Apply, <m lui No. 16 ror*y tli at. UT A NTKD? HY A RTSPBCTAB1.K YOUNtl WOM AN, A Httuatii.rt a>> teatitM m **, oi ehamb?trtnatd and or i t( oJd do tin 1| . a , ami] can be given. Plea*r t all at No. I 'ith -f. yyANTKD-A HITtTATlOS, AS LADY'* XAII? AMI .. M Hill ir-f hf u > 111,' WHOM. ? r Ufl l.' ? t pabUlty. Jla? iwi '.bj'. 'lm. lo UoveL llaa loaf ao<l ? ni.!a' wry rtiiriMn Iri-m f*Tnllla* i.f dtatl?e*lnfi In >c *itv A I rlrta* ;i lM I1MI1??,, gnrstr M M oroouo mc: tbo ?!? u . ,< rr. II' \ .NTKII?A HI1I A1IU.V. HY A RIMMU!r IRI.R II yonaf MMti a- *on?l PPM wat'tar nn.l Imnar or '<> i1>i |f Uri] hoiufa ork. la A MMll feJWly p o 1 ralar.ncf. Inr / ?' 12 llnorjr at , In Li- building liilrd Hour I'* I ? 11' A*TH?- A SITUATION, BY A l?i I',- rAHI.K II young won u. M daali'mMl toil In I. .no vraahlng ?ltd Iron IP | or (Bntribtrma'd ?ml Halter; I* wilting l-i mur hrr rlf genemllf uv-ful; h?a <iiu boat <.l rafaraoa i an ba te< a lor Mrs 4?>a At U2 M av?nua hi dir .- "innTy ?<ora. M f ANTkD?-A fill Aims, MY A YOIIfl OMU. *-4 f< hittt), \ siul nnl fir, ? r U? 4o ?>>?? h??? '!***? * - ? itiiilljbrt??"> intjitlj , a willing u11?.\k< l?c*r- ? it gewrAily ??"? fill. rlr*?e It'i?ili * At 17t> Jfrfi r tnu rt?/r. WyANTKT> ?iy A RItOTK T A NT A -Iff ff A'U ti *<4 rook, SRH- U?r?ti l li(?ii01 In itinti, . r. ir'h fv ii.ily H> i <1 'v rrO ii tii a given fr#*ui I,fir I u>i p ** ?? J'Jeii** ?*|| *f T*7 e?n irnil t, in tie r- >r, for two d*y*. II' A .N'l K If? A HITCATUtN, BY A Kl ? I'K Tlltf.k f f )? ? r ' uoiYilio, till f fall rrfiMl'l. and W**ln?r 4i?<t trur ftr, < i?l? Ue reen Jor 'wo >! ) > *t 'l.e r^-'lin ? e of far proM*tt r/i? plnyn pre ?m it J.In e, T? t\U etrr? IVr A' yy)-A #ITf Aims IIV I fO i . Wn*\S, A> Tf 1*4^ i rnkkl *n?l m1 r^' i- <?f? ?ir -rmni*' in Jtf irnmirr U will ng to li.nltn ii?" ^?nl n- ?r>- u ?* fill. < ?H K\\fi * l t ? ;<" y < i ^ r?"t? ? ? (r ? '?? r i ?? ? I'lR-H ? to (Iiltii rk* A Mi' io I y. Mr I Opo'ttwi I't m' t,Q fi, \i tor pure. Ur A NTI"U - ItY ^ UR-PK? TAIU.K ?? RRfKll a ?HUA'k'ti HA W't our*#, *Ur? I, i<* h#r r.rt *?. . h?* ?'?? KnhM of wity mAhti UM f'? >??n f??r two '!?>? Pummo cm IJ ?t lit fast .>Ui v , >?? 'w#' a *?,<! .1 .?>??. Ur A.NTKP?A HfllATI'V. BY t V- N'i ? r MUii flko (Mrfcrtljr mxitnttuMa tfa AAfAl ism mrnt III H kr.4 tsrfi I ' Mh* r?*-l refrr# ri r? rri b ? ct? j)k>yer. I' r?A# rail ?t or 44 ? . i-, \v?m%u ?? tA/ANTKn-A HJVATW/r, BY A R|> py.' 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ATff'.v BY I BF VV< !\H1.* fr )ow?s |:rl; Is ? f?wf *? l er *i?4 ir"7?^r, i vl ? n ) * ?l?t lrid<'lrg rhsmherswl nr *# r er*j ? **, n* p?*o, for <U|?. eorne" 4f l.vo sod Oiroon* k proa >o. I'JB. UfAN'fKI?-A MTI'ATtOJI ?iY A PKOTR*T I !PfT W<? nsti, to 4o ?lMkfKiP#rwrirIi so ! g tut*f tr>eH|, or g* ,*r?I h*nmm< rk i?? * *rt *11 f?ro r ? gr*/ f ; u n c , t. rlMW! roll, f' r tiro ds*s if Irl fa*i ]?!k?(. wa: fNTHK A fUTtATlO* A* ni AMffKBM Aff) AH if ter of niifuM* *nd ? yooitp nr-"- o. II' ABTBf>?A llfTPATfOJf BY a Tof Vfl H ;??#? t ? V VMntn, ?? ft in 4ks ePp ?r *etn*ry m nor*** t *v4 resieii ess. or '<< AcUsiMimt Is wfliiof <o oask^ '.*? - If r**notp|to , '-ni* pit* m. Apply i' ; ? r* tn vs. To bl ?#n? k'f t?'i 4sji AflOf ?? ri ?if ilts n*i? 4 in4* f Age t.#rsei< If ? SlWtM ** 111 ^ Rr?pw fiitu sfYrrcn aim* * PA ?o f i II' kTM?- A ffTT ATfOV ft Y < V ' ? . 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U'antkii-a mutation, ify a kkhpkctahi-B youi g mrl, aa tliauiberma'd; l? a g ? ?l plain aoeer; DO r<> rbtlcn to rMidren. la toiling Pi make hereelf generally uae tub H al. lurtarn data at tujlMli avenue, between 34ti? and .'.lb ala., a*. olid tloor, frulil i mm U'ANTKD~BY A MIMID I UOK WHO 1'NH KIIMTANDH laklig a atluatuinln a ptlva * tar,by Kwat of nlty re Inane*. I'leaar apply a' 111 bill avenue, hetearn Waverlef place and Stb at., fuurih Hour, fr lit ri.. in. ll'ANTIII-A SITUATION It V A RKHI'WT ABLH ?T ymiug woman, to do hona* w ck In a private family; la a rnO'l Waahcr and Ironrr. ('an bo aeeo fur iwu 'lay* at 23M Win ibdi at. Tl'ANTKO-HY A 1(1 HPK< I AIII.K A MITIII'MTWOR If!* "i wuiiiaii, a ?I'u i'lim aec-ok ,r . Iguuhrrmald In a email private Utility. (Mod refrreu.e Can be actcu until engaged at lul Willow at., Urooklyii. XV ANTKD-A HITl'ATION, IIY A RFurKCTABUB * *. *?""* women, aa go ,i plain nc?, waaler and Iruoar. or rhauibeimaid and w.i.her ur a* m-ial houa*'worm in a amaJ lamlljr. Hood reference Aoply at tip W.-at Waahloghiu plaoe, In the grocery attire, for iwu daya WAN fKD? SITUATIONS, MY TWO KRRPK< TABI.IO young wniu*n. In a reaper able iMiilIyi on* aa rook, waaber and troner. and genet ally nadul; ibe other aa rliam be I maid and waiter. Have the Ileal o( reference (rum the! laal place. Cr.n be leon lor ten daya at 211 Seventh avenue, Ural Door. tlTANTKU-A HITH ATION, MY A YOIIN'I WOMAN, AH if chambermaid ami waiter, and nan >ln linn waafung autl Ironing. flood rliy reference. Apply at W I lib at. between I n and M avenuee, for two daya. Ilea lived tn Iter laot plaoo a ?a yaara. VIf ANTED?BY A BEMPKOTAilLtK YOI'NO WoMA.V. A TT iliuatlon aa nook in a private laiollv alio underoUnde baking, and la an e?. el nil wa.her and Irtmer. 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To b? for leu daya if ma engaged, at JM Kaat Iflti at, ? 11T A NT Rl??BY \ RKHI'K'"TAIt|.K OIHI.. A SITUATION, M aa . bum! criuald au I t.i d Abe wa-Mug and Ironing, .a a I'rnieaiant, and ?I'lmg to make brr.ed gennra<iy uaerui. I an be keen for two daya, at Iter prne-nt cint loyer'a, III Jay t lr.?.klyii. ANTBD-A DtTD ATION, IIY A BRHrBCTABIB young woman, aa b'indreaa or HarrC arnoil'l, a"d lo do flie wa.hlm and Io n ng tlo>d tl) rtleren'e. tpj.iy at l"5 fa?i72d at., between lira! av. aiclav. A ik?li?i?iili/i two daya. Ilf 4NTKD-BY AN AMKRK'A \ YOt'Ntl I.AllY A MIT H nation aa waper In a dial clara mIochi or lioiei, iimr oiiilily undeiaiaiid* her hu?loc?? ai d ,-an pr<el"oe (he refarenee for cbarnolar tad ability. Apply aider llroudway, olttnr ..f Krad" \I7ANIKD? HY A YODNO WoMaN. A NITUATION AH ?T ook, naaher and ironer of to do -ueral b .paearork m a private (anill ; le a yo< I t.anei i eat ol < pjr rofrreo. e gtceo. Apply at. or addrcae As a nan to ?i . 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WHO BWIDRl IN Yr Hie ity,'o btvl a wvioer or > >'ting lady of th? n. at re i pe labUMy, thai would uke r own fe,. tly a>l take the rnttre rh> rgo .d an tnierewllng a. lelPgenl tmobirleaa h>Uw llrl. nine trara of ay?. tin* I.. teraian'a moatc pre frri'd Tl.e beat of r?f*r*nra glveu and re|ulr'd Addreae Nei'ha lla.ald olBoe. "Xlf ANTkD?BY A YOI NO I MiY TO TAHK Id IIKH fr own reaplei, e. >|i kind" lerr at, I k> "nr. eliber Irotn lamtl.oa < > ? ?" a. 1'i.iav *1. at .VJt.U. a' twrrn avetiuea It at. J C, IIPli ll ,<-r UrARTKI?-A MirATfo*. |<T \ cnf.f)* Ff) MaV, AH rofl<bm*n. <?*?'?? -n fur twn <Uya mi IV, <if?OA in ib<l aim*-. Ootfl ftr ###?'??? tfirnn. W If, i)NM \V 1RTKI>-HY A YOrsO M a V a NATIVKOr 'SO m, a H >t*'l n *? w ? ??#? A I* f( , fi*' I iya bttfi *t. *1 ANTKIF?A PIT! \TIO* FIT 4 FOI l#4H, A* ff '?rhn?| r *r ?f? * | r: ? ?" ' ?*#?!*% <i"-| ff'ff. ? ? A|| > ? ' <t*j? tl'ANTKI 4 Kill iri?i% AH MiACIINAX, BY ARK ?! ?i ?'iabJa young i?4?. in <io?4 rtRr #riT. Apply at 49a-en???< kJ. 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