Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1855 Page 5
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After giving the landlady to understand that he thought a ft eat deal of her well being and had just called to give her a timely wanting ol the danger that surrounds 1 her, he very modestly insinaaiud that a boom would not be aeerned by him. and that in filet it would b i real mean on her part it she did not c?mp-wale iiira for his at a) and trouble in her liebulf. The (.iteration, it le raid, tot k very well lor soma tloia but at last it came to the ears of the police, sod Mur deeh was anes otI in eonsettneaee. Several others have b< en driving at the name business dm in/ the pan three week1 uud wi'h pretty goed aaeeoss, This avast may prove a grits' drawback up n the prosperity o- tho<e "siiiktis1 ?bo, being too lazy to earn an honest llveli* heed. s?ek to levy lilaok mail upon the Biost un'o to ml ? elassin tie e immunity, i'he prisoner was brought be/ure the Mayor yesterday morning and was committed U/t ex amination until to-day. Cl!Xh<lE or FAL8E P11BTENUG8. Calvin Brown was arrested yester lay by oilier r ?weeny, ?f the Keoood District Polioe Court, on charge of defraud ing a aomau named Eleanor Dunham out of $t0. The complainant. alleges tbat she was indmwd to part with the above iuui on the accused representing tbat he had engaged for her a tirst class passage on board the-hip Empire, bound for Europe; that when the day arrived for har departure, she was oronght ou board of another tos eel, and was shown into the steerage of the ship, in-deal of the liist rabin, as she expected.' Justice Pearcy held the pihoner to bail in the sum of $1,000 to answer. ILLEGAL VOTING. Patrick CahiU was arrested on charge of vising illegally at thadxth district of the Thirteenth ward election polls. The accus. d is a resident of No. 318 Stanton street, which in in the Eleventh ward. He was committed for exami nation by Justice Wood. Williamsburg City getri. Hon Over?Yesterday atternoon, about 3 o'clock, a gtrl, four years of age, named Bridget Magner, was knocked down and run over at the corner of Fifth and North Fifth streets. E. D., by a horse attached to a swill cart, and seriously injured. She was badly bruised and Qui about the forehead and left eye. by beiug struck with the horse's hoof. The wounds were dressed by Or. I<eigh. The drivi r, Thomas Dnaham, was arrested by Sergeant Doughty of the Fifth Police District, ami uP'j f't exami nation by Justice Jacobs. WnxiAusm kg lun kmuhy.?At the meeting of the Trustees of this Dispensary last evening, the apothetagy reported that 270 patients had bean treated during the month of October, vi*.: males 9ti; females 180. Nativity? Hailed Stales, 111; Ireland, lfiO; England, 7; Germany, 8. Number of prescriptions given out, 564. Klcgce, Ancient ami Modern. TO TBI' EDITOR OK THE HERALD. It In a common remark that the present siege of ;fi;bis topol is, ?r bi'ln Air to become, the moat notable on reoord. We of course know not what may be the end of | this siege, oa gi eat and ceqrge ^ic powers are the parties concerned, but 1 think there have boon repeated in- i stances of attack and defence showing equal or superior tiger, endurance and skill on the part of besiegers and besieged. Among the most celebrated blockades and sieges of the ancients, were those of Thebes, Troy, I'latera, Athens, Tyre, Veil, Agrigentum, tfaguntum and Hyrncuse. In the siege of Thebes, the attack and defence, after be ing maintained for n long time, ended in mutual forbear ance, the single combat bet wen Eteocles and i'olyuices terminating the affair, at least for a season. Trey was taken and burnt after u siege of many years ?the preparation alone for the war against the Trojans j having required ten years. flatten?the small town of i'lata'a?with only a misera- I bl? garrison of four hundred -itiiens, eighty Athenians J and one hundred women, besides children, sustaiued a ? siege and blockade for nearly two years against the power of the combined Stales of I'elopon-'-sus. Athens capitulated after a blnclado of six months, the j known character of their population ind that of the op potting power sufficiently suggesting the manner of con ducting that instance of warfare. Tyre was, in seven or eight mrn'hs, brought into At rial* let'- possession? the sequel showing how be thought the Tyrians liebavcd themselves in its defence: his ord.-r being that the city should be burnt to the ground, (elgli1 thousand of the inhabitants having already, in the final assault and entiy "f tho Macedonians, been put to the sword,) two thousand prisoners being crucilied and three thousand sold as slaves. Veil, at th' tline a city as large as Rome, was besieged ten year s, and as they were powerful rivals, we may infer that gret' daring and courage were manifested on both aides. Agrhpentum, one of the principrl cities then po"?. s?e by the (tti thagenians, Wss taken after a long ; ieg?, by tli Roman and Syra euaan powers combined, attesting with what degree of effort it must have been effected. fsguntum.?The Carthaginians, under liaanibal, soon c*id back the Romans by attacking und taking Saguu Vuin. The siege lasted seven months, and rather than b taken as prisoners, the besieged in their extreiuit aet file to the city, and the whole of them perished in the flames, or weie cuttopiores by the Carthagenians. Syra nse ?The mention of Syracuse and Archimedes on the one side, and the Romans on the other, is enough on the head of this siege. Three years were exhausted in it, and then it was carried by surprt-e at las'. But there is a mere modern and no leu remarkable instance of this kind, perhaps too generally overlooked or forgotten. I e liude to the attack made by tho Turks ? pea Crete, or Candia, as then and since called. Crete, as every cne snows, is the largest and finest island |B the Mediterranean, measuring, accoiding to modern eurvej, about 260 miles by 50. Of it, bear what Uouter says Crete awed the circling waves a fruitful soil, And ninety cities crown the sea-born isle ; Mixed with her nine sons, adopted name* In various tongues avow their various ctofi-.r : tddopums, dieud'ul with the bended yew, And buhl I'elusgi boast a nation"- d ie : The I>oriaus. plumed amidst tlie tiles of war. Her foodud glebe with tierce Ackaiaus share, t'nosaus, tier capital of high auininan-l, Wt ore ceptred Minos with impartial band, Divided tight each nlntli revolving year By Jove received in council to confer.?/*->;? . ft was an i-land then, peopled by various nations, dis iinguisbed by their brave and martial spirit. ltd ast king was Id'tneneus. the anie who a-lsted Age me r. :i >n In the Trejai war. His adopted sou usurped the king dexw, but was soon exjielled, and it became a celehrai'-i rtpnl lie. The Romans. however, at last aul-dued it. and it became o pro consulate and Cnuily a consulate of tl ?? enq ire. It afterv ard* fell into the binds ol'iou-' itice hut was taken by the .-'arar-ns In vbe nintii e.-atury Thc-e again were defeated, and It w. -mc.- nrore am I to tin- empire. Ihus it reinaind 'ill oi l by the t.i <-? 1 to the tennises in UM who called it r'anoia. because tire metiouolls had tiorue the name of t lis, o rather Kandoc, a fortification, given to it by the -h r?us whilst holding the bland ."<? moth for a des. ti n of the i-land. S'ow for a brief account of the -l-g ao distinguishing It. In 1645. snd when least exiwcted, the Turn* at'a ked the island with a fleet of four hundred .ail with 60.000 troops < n b ar l, commanded by four 1'aehea. Ibe Candians could only master some U.600 infantry, and a tew cavalry not wortti mentioning ts totb.-l' ro u her. but, neverthefc-a, wttb this handful of men lliey Withstood the-e invaders, nnd not only -o l>nt the v. u i ?trengtb of tlie ttltoman Empire, lor thirty year-, < n testmgeviry step inooe in the unjust rn-roachin-nt upon theii island, with courage and hardlhool uo. quailed. Aa<l when the Turk* bad obtained uoe*r<.,..n and * oanted up their losses, tlicy found i ia<-n fes. .ri their em, ire?the nurotier felling befoic the hrave Cvi ?ian,. and '.re-inure exhausted that peihu t could hardly he rounte.l. 1 doubt wlielber -uch a siege ever u-'tn re*l before or since, not a lone because ul lis duration but the probable horrors that, c-m-ldf the fops- ms an I bra'ul spirit ef the Turks, mu-t have rh?rsctorix."l the whole o -r. lie dosrviolant of th- Dorian. A haUn, Fko-nicieu ixi>i the like, with the various adirrix'ores i ? bks-d and nationalities common to a 1 r.g sue ?? <.f cover- ign'i- s oT.-r the island, were on the one side, and the pre-emption is, these all maintained tbeii rep iUt ? n for -uurag-' while, on the other, was arrayed the h - i> and tin ' .tlve Turt, determined to couqusr at all is rards. Tb* true Mai full history of this c--nq ie-t m-v - baa and never will I* written but we question n-.' r,cbn??s in inciient ite most thrilling perpetrations the most awful. It is difficult to Conceive of t more masterly 4"fenc?, *nl tl.oagh modern warfare as n w being exniMt-d by tb aetn- power in ( art in the t.Tlmea, is in keeping with th age I. r superior order of detail ?n i aoilero /, yet 'he eon flu t* among the ancient* In their sieges .muflle'a. w si 1 ray, da:ly occurring as the truit of martial ?pi it and k-j?aitylar anything w-itn?s--l > th - p,?rnt bjtstern war. It Is not probable, yea, htrdly (HMMifilo. that the siege n- w goingsea can .it a tytb- >f the time the other old, and. at he?t. will be uharacter ia?.l more tor great mechanical skill than tor hand to b in I fighting, 'he more roovlncing pr wif of brsv - j Ii w.ulrs-liiig the an lent and modern battle sc?t,. s we In ductively heboid In imagination su h a spiiit a. U in dried by tl>e uuliflwl battle axe and In m -diueval time ti e laJgli'y ibwi terrible sweep < f the claymore?render ing war indeed hideous in name; but deceive of m 1-n arm > riy as nisn'euvering 'rymg the ? rtue- f sw-lcnre. i r the w.-eng'b of the edv-reery's pat tea CO, or meets if ?npport. It nr^T day 'he huge I-Vfe-Iivu Of ? gun villi Ii.uat he eirohored at the greitest n -did# 'i " f m tl.c enen.j*. and the beslsger* thus protect thee-'Ire* fn-m har?? hjr "?ens of this "clr- itill-Im provem.nt in gunnery-wh|.Ut the-lay's w?rk Is shown tv th# number of k 'in ?? tb" *" down or bum', oi 4s %L.eiess women snd chlirv'rfn '"cp' -?Ttorevcr. v, t so With the Siege -if Crete .ad m .re If yon taM. of hd island with l elrcumfc-^ce of nly 000 mite, anfl situated but 600 nr.'l~ f'tt" very s..?t ,f th-- Turkish empire. surTonnlel by a'onloa of v-ael-, laden wIL thouaan-la i|- n thmsmd- oT*?i....r?i nuwlyto annihilate tbe apiarently defencelUuiWUa .. But they are diir-n hack, and ripply afyr ipply frem .be fit toman I'orta he- to - epl'n *h l-e <v ?AMI Ws. men are loet to itetr country. Thi- i' wm.t may he termed besieging and 1 - ing besiege!, 'ia *b ''140 n it he overlooked In commenti'g upon ?ucb a v ibje ^ 6r Tike iawikvn aad Kovtl^n Bible Society. Tbe regular u/onthly meeting of the Board of hfauager* of thi* Sccl*'* wu* held ?t the Bible House, 116 end 117 Nassau *trr ?t, jt*u iday, at 4 P. M. The I'nwident of the Society, the v. neruble D. T. Welch, D. D., of Albany, was in t*,e chair, supisirted by Vice I'rcaideut* Wu. W. fodri, fjiq , Jnhn I'owley, Kaq., andthe Key. Dr. lat'.hrop, "f f'oi* city. I'raye by Rev D. Graham. ?-'evenbenhun 'red and fifty-eight e pie* of "xojptures nave leen i ?u*d durlr p the pint month, from theDepo altory, beside* those of the Society '? publication* in for eign land Ten thotmai, I copie.- of the New I'i it iinent aere recently vrdi for lil t 'nution among tho alavoa of the South. i f the F< ciety'H forty colporteur*, eleven reported for ti ls meeting, from a nummary of who e labor it ap pear* thi.t forty two hundred and sixty four visit* mm ketite to bouse have been made twenty throe Hor ns n* pleached, hirty nine meetinge for prayer and teli giou* conversation hold, forty eight children gathered n to Sobbath achoola, forty-five ereona induced to attend church, two converted undone baidlxtd, and two Uuu dud tumilie* were found destitute or the Word f God. The Society'* e*sh ai propi'atlone in carrying forward it* work for the li.*t two month*, have reached the turn of eleven thoumnd dollai*. Seven additional colporteur* were app dnted at this n eeting, and Humphrey I'helps, E*<{., and Mr. Urr.ett, ot tbi* city. and Lyman Thompson, Htq., of Port Cheater, were elected member* of the Board of Manager*, to till v*i ancie*. A large amount ot correspondent's from dif ferent part* of the world wa < prenented hy the (Wres pondltig Seer and the Board, af'er trail acting its usual summary ot routine busiuee*, adjourned. Com t ('h1<- i idniwTill a D*y. Sitrkmk CorKT?General Term.?No*. 22, 37, 67, 219, 236, 89, 60, til to H7, 68, A*. Hi I'fcWOR Ootut?Trial Term.?No*. A24, 684, 378, M, 20H, 602, 677, 117, 716, 722 to 728, 730, 732 to 735, 737, 738, 402,482,268. Some of our Cntciuporurle* are Bothering themrtclvi-H to leurn what can be tbe object of the anticipated visit of a special Kusstau ambassador to till* country. It I* likely that he haa heard of the aurpiiiwlng grace and beau'y of Knoi'* beautiful fall and winter Iui'k, and want* one. Those who keep a nharp lookout w ill doubtless see him. Shortly after hi* arrival pop In at ho. 212 Broadway, corner ol Fuitou *tree(, KNOX'S only liat emporium. Greet Burgnln* In Winter Olnlhlng-.Read the price*.?Overcoat* 84 SO to 830; talmas, great variety, gS to $20; bu<lne?* coal*, new style*, gt to $10; punts and rich vest*, of everv kind, $2 to th Itoys'clothing, furnishing good*. Ac. N. H.?Open until M P. M.: Saturday, lo 1*. M. Oak tlall, 84 arid 86 Fulton street. Fashionable Clothing for Men and Boy*.?? A1.KRR1) MONKOK A CO., 441 Broadway, have tht* week an nddltlonal u-i.oriiueui of superior clothing, suitable for the ?eaaon. No deviation from market price*. Ribbed Beaver Ovrrroat*, |8; Fashionable cloth frock cost*. 9*; splendid black cloth overcoat*. $12; bla-k and fancy ca*?imcre pauta, $2 and unward*; rich silk vo*ts, $2, Ac., Ac, at KVANS'extensive clothing AarchOuao, No. 66 and 66 Fuitou street. The Oli-hi-nts tl Hhnkri-knlt Undershirts and drawers, nil sixes, also, every de.erlutlsjn of lamb*' wool merino, cotton and silk. now ready at McI.ACJOHMN'H cheap vhirl and furnishing store, 292 Greenwich street, corner ol Chambers. Nhirta mude lo meusure. Ll?ht India Ualihtr Cunts, Cloaks, &c.? llcntli men wanting n hardaoir.e, light and dursble garment w.ll do well to inspect some Imported Rood a now being opened at the GOODYEAR lUftlll.R liKPOT, No. M> Bros.lw.iy, between Chambers and Warren streets. Under Skirts and Pnwcn.^lrutlrntt it will Itnd a large MMtai tit i be most d.nrable styles, si/e *, iu litles, Ac , now open, at low prices; also superior rea Iv m ide sltlrls, warranted to lit. J It A PEkK.JO V SON. til Nassau street. Plsnofurte* and M?lo<t'UH?-Mahattu-turwl >7 JOHN F. WAKE A CO., No. 16? Canal street, near Varlch, ally warranted lor tone and workmanship eq ,al to any II tt rtty. and 20 per cent less throi Headway prioea. M. B. teesnd hand pianos si *~eat bargain*. Carptds.-Htavy EugflBh Snpcrttue, 0?. pet yard. All other poods at equally low prioss. PETERSON A HUMPHREY, No. 379 llroadway. Bargains In Carpeting.??Onod Brtisaols, 93 eentsper yard. All oiher roods at equally low prices. PK'lERbON A HUMPHREY, No. 37$ Broadway. Blankets ?English Blanket*, Laige Site, U 23 per pair. PfcTLltMiN A HC M I'll it KY, No. 379 Broads ay, corner ol CVH. .1.. .. White 10,000 Latllrt Wsnfetl?But Don't All Ctimn stoics, to J. H Miller A Co.'s, to earh buy one pair of India rubber hoots or shoes. They arc (floodyear's p? > nt) the very beet kind manufactured. We have a Urge assortment, whole -ale and retail. J. B. MILLER A CO., 131 < 'ami street. Plaid Poplins at. H k ,?Jiut Itc< < tv? d. One hundred pleees ot rich plaid poplins, at > , worth ts ; also a largo I dol French wool plaids, merlnoes. Ac. E. H. LEaIIBEATEK A CO., 347 Itroulway. Gifts and Pre sen is.?Jnet He, wived, and for sale at reduced prices, the clin'eest selection of ttxicy g.?. lc, and also every variety of toys, dressed and inci te -cd dot!*, gt.nte* of amusement, Ac., at ROGERS' Fancy U.zaar, <its Broadwny. HUllnt ry?A I.urgc and Suprdor A snort sent ofmlUtt.ery, colored straw g sslr, rthbous, f?.. htr.s, Ik.werr, ladles dtess ami cloak trtrr.rologs, ? loaks and ultn.., aJ at which will be sold rLeap, at WW. ft. IRVINE'S, street. Anson's Dsgurrrrotypes, livrvr star, tor Fifty ants. -Colored ai.d u> a nice <?se tsi c tlie size ,'b'?< m?? kyr dftr oc nts, aud equal lo those trade else where fnr $i. An am'J, 6C8 Broadway, opposite UetropolltAii Hotel. Pestle Brothers' Pilotorrii|>lis?Gln?s Pli iures, known as ainhrotymtallkl 0 goerroo'ype*. takend.u miti colnrod in exquisite (ifWS at pri es to soil the One s. C?ll end loud specimens. 2.VI Broadway, four dv>rs above the As'or House JJ!> Cent DnRUrrrrutypes, At 2sBHrti?tlw.iy, save to the people 8100.000 per sniuim. Vllrli o s ot ? . svstl themselves of these economical works ot the sr. oy' patent picture ioniser, Ufins' '?'si porn alts daily. A Monster,?A Muxniiiotii Urevii Tozftr, welshing near 4c>U pound*, will be exhibited grst *. for i iia.vs: antl next week I'mlessor Koueda. from '! Irene;' Motive, B< ton hae been engaged to in 'oct the same tn .;i and n'esks, tn his beat style, for only one shilling per dl . lamlUe- supplied for 2?.tH. per quail. We am,! wvmU *?. u, to )'ean excellentchanre for every ot.r u, ira cntle *.up, i further particulars call at Gould's Hotel. 1,t Fulton strew. Stationer's Stos k at Ant tin ..? klistrl II. NICOLA Y will continue tlie sale ot t un uerr, fancy go > I > ' ist.k I** Us, Ac . Ac , at I t' O'cloelc t|,i, dav if rid* , a '? 28 Maiden lane, corner of Nasaa i ? re b> cr ier of Wto J lles'Iier, Fsq , being his entire to k. sr.d worthy '! ? a' e '. ,n ol lbs- 'rsde. t uUltu ues cart bo obtained ut thu otb ? ol be auctioneer, No. 1 Broad street. fyiiwt Day lis*t One,?Tlxr Great Knlr of ttx< Ametlcan Institute, at the Crystal P i .e mtalnlug the must ejf'rBslro. varbd lit 4 a'trsutlve display of Amortrun pi ulu ? s ever open in this cttv, will positively , lu-o to morrow cj' ir da.) e.eniiic. Music every evening by Hod worth's Band. Atluiieaiob, 2.'. cots; children, half price. At A. (V J. Snitteli is, No 7 kator linus* aieJ *>7 Broads a; ssn tiefmtsd the tun <goua t * dro*- > i was awjcr rtgjer... brushes and com is of al k.t.d.* Itr a she Jtilel Lulin t extracts, direct from be roAnotaotaror. Singe 's kwlng Mnckliira?lb ing Uastroivs to wltlelrsw frcm use all the old ind un mproved sa w ?g a shbe* of our own msnufaadure. and relieve Uis ptibhatrui* ?o -Uiirsa luseluoas o' erery 1. nd. We hereby an o t use to Us ? v it. thsl w e are ready las exclisnge our nc sr latest uaroo*! s till Siaahlnes am IB eral tss. I* torn I uu hu,ea of ojt .vu uuiautartur.'or any other, r a h <ud machine* a* MM to our uabJs ?Ui he broken up and destroyed. 1. M hlMJKK A CO., 32) Broadway. Whlaki is or Monstna he* Forritl to Grow ?a s.x week- '.y myon^roet,?, wtil. h wtll oof stain or In;u ? ir.e skin. 91 a I antle; aeil ty sny part ot the eountrr. R '? CKAIIAM. MI6 Uioadwat i.ofr I f-otrtk Third Vreet, Flo aate.pbla. ftofa 111 I... S Ilnlr Dye, Wigs nnal ToUi>rcs.? the best In the world. Thl- tint trailed and or. unal !. r I SO aliasJ tn 12 private rooms It* balor'* wig* snl touj ?? base ?mprsvptn-nts over al! others, b-in* chef du urrava of eaoe and dnrabllity peculiar tnUds ,"-'v liJimeii'. BAT? HKLOK'N, 23.1 Broadway. Crl ita?loio'? Ilnlr Dye. VVlga aantl Tnnpua wclte admiration atnnogq all <onr. sect.r- ui art. A at o ?vjegaot private apartment* for applying his tncomparsb>e lye, ?he only r< iiaal.le sron ls of It* kind Wholesale and reud, at OIIIM Al?>Kt? No. 0 A* or House. A ftauint'fnl I'aniiplexloia and n I*rrfkamet creatb may bo'lt be aeqo .?? by using th-' "Ha ro of TM'i c rt fjusers." A a <!en rSice It )..,s no p..railed. i'r? ? r.i* dfty *er?. Fit sale by all druggist*. FKTKIPGK A CO., Boston. The Graal liiktiiflng llvnndy for Aailnna. Bor.'i'.o y'or.. aiot all disease* of the throat and lungs?If* O RTI - - h .gte* .v Thousands ' yv* baei reaoiras11 ' ? s h Sw past yeaxr t y lbs hyrteans offps*. *t3 Groat way, ana1 sa?kd b? ' . H Be.' |?& It*.., tway. Frt-e ... paskfje. I r I urtis will be a he ofBre Jaly frrnj 10 to 3 o'cisr fc where h? may tic'at fres of charge. There wre Mnny Articles c .Ileal Patent, Whlek are net wnr'.'iy lbs b s k r , ?* nta the -a'S w 't " lajwnd's l'ttamf Feu or I'encii ' in gold sod s.isef, rnsn ?.? fv-. . n d Iitlfias ' v Wll.MAKTfl It Mai tsn l.ane. tor i steels In beamy of to i?t>. oonipa 'new and dtu..i cy soy ikti.g ae Late seer, tn t's I ce. Ilolloaa o> '? Pllla aanal Ointment nnal the K leg of Nardil, a ?_Psrmif* I) was^(iyauj (by roysLlst'eu na ?k?H , uetr?>/f kt* uu;a ?he leg. Any w< IM as-liar a of tha- V.yv and Esr?Praurla Salter, M I)., ocu ' and siirtst, IT Herri street. New Y' rk: og) u. hour- HA. M. tn t F M A. It ? l?r * Af.l KK will t . *ar I !U? published letter* to any address, upus appllestlnn. Murilesl. Cm We.lnekUy Nit 7. by P.- Hev. C i-dua ft. 1' ,tl a. < lUSlAJ* B It*) S'.N to LcaUdk CinstKiUSJV, both ?,( this 1)0 Wsdneedsy Not. 7, by Rev. T J. Nswyer. P. P., Mr. Jo*> TV WMITlWi to 1 ikvit 9 , yuog' -t d*ugliter of Mary, widow of the Istst'up'aln Henry Psvla. Ki!'r|s.rt ptM 'i I -a ; J. C?n WStoS- 'tvn rnliig Nov. 7 I ge . ( hureh. by Rev. AH' msr Htrt. W *. W A'- ipala.blro Is. 1 lorn?A*, ? M M *>T R., t*hU r of . i istc A wrt M ikes. St IV!.. e'| In tUSShwe. I.C-, 'ui VI t.l-v. r H lluphdi b* tr. J. h? Me' i thins to Mis* fiTXilU J. I'*** taugr. of V{r. J Ln I new ? I V w Y' rk. 1. ?' ? t M n1 ??] Bird. rn Tfcuridty, Nov. 8, B*v.'A?i.'f -Ta's., in tbs yt cf hi a age. T* c -i Is'Wea and M*rd? qf 'Ji? fit 'y v. invited to ?t'*nd the funsrwl, from hi* Ute maidence, No. 7FI1 Broadway, ou hunday tT'oriwon, at hilf past one o'cl-ck inix ml set vices ?t H' fhoai*-'Church. Tue remains will betakmto (ireeu * ,k) 1 (Vme'.ery for Inter nunt. On Wednesday evening, Nov. 7, of >"-y*l adas, af'er a sb-ut idnvss, loiim H. i/K-uomr, a-lner of the Chemi cal It i nk, aged .'iU yi-ar*. Him lelativt* and friend* aro invited to pay Iht la it tri bute oi le-pi ot in Lir in xtal uiuains, to tnirraw morn in* at nine o'clock, without lurltrcr u dice, ft. iu .No. lift! We*t twentieth strict. On '1'ix allay, Nov. 6, Ftnvp t1. 1 ums M. P., iu the did ji ar i>< Mi* age. llii! filru<!n nf iho family are i e- m ctful'v iuv"el *o at tend tlx* fuueral from hie li'e redden e, tear King bildge, to-day, at twelve o'clock H. (ac .i<ci will )? in wal'ing at the t'aobyhon* a'ation, llu lton Miver Kailri u '. on the arrival of the IPHi o'clock V. M train from llie rity. Hie remain* will or wken to Vestch, iter lo ? Interment. On Tbursilay morning Nov 8, Tun it ah \finii kv. age 1 45 yearn, loinietly ut Now Means an I late of laindon. lliu friend* and illative.. ol t'le (uinlly, and tho-e of hi* fattier iu law, Samuel l ord, are reap-vtlully invited to attend l.ia ftineial, from Veter'i Crumb, Twentieth street intact n t ightlt and intli avenue', this iflerie on, at two o'clock, without further invitation. On We?dueiiny, Nov. 7, I.t't v, Infant child of JoUn L. and l.ucy King ley. The li tend* of tin- family are re- ectfully invited to at tend the tuueral. thie afternoon at half mt-t two o'clock, from the residence of h"r parents, No. 181 Wo<t Four tcenth itreet. 8an Francisco pajiem please copy. tin Thuracny morning, Nov. 8, Jaunt. el lout ion of James and llan ict ('.moil aged 7 year*, J months and U day*. Hie funeral will take place froin the residence of his parentH, No. 18.'1 Cherry itreet, thin afternoon, at two o'clock. The remains wih be taken to Calvary Cemetery. At her residence, in Brooklyn n Monday. Nov. ft. Mahiukkt, only daughter of Mr T. F. Howling, formerly of Ilrutf, county IJiuerick Ireland, and tho beloved wile of 1'. J. 1'ower. l imerick papers plea e copy. At Ti nkers, Westcbe?t, r county, on V.'. luentay, Sa4. 7, r.nzAi'KTii Vaumtinb, widow ot Jauies Valentine, in the 91?t year of her age. l*ri<RTiiSi;HK1TS RK1KW81 KYKIT DAY PKRMONAJL. Kit 11Y 8, SliKLTON IS UKHIKKD TO WRITK IMMK liintely to H. A. I). [F WILLIAM W. KEEP Kit Wild, i'ALT. AT WY "KOFF'3 hotel, be will hear of something lo hi* advantage. H IK FORM AT IO X WANTED?OF MARY JAC'KMO.V, WIIO 1 lell New York on lh? l.'lih of June last, and went lo Wil liamsburg lo live. Notnlng let* been heard ol her since Anv perron knowing her will tel b?r Ui call at il Morris street, and she w'll titul -one thing to tier advantage. Hhe Is a eatlve of county Kilkenny, Ireland. IKFT IIHR HOME ON WEDNESDAY F.VRNIVO, V \ itY J 1 (every, su old woman about stiiy. bait on a plabl shawl and Itiivn cap. Any Inhirnutdon concerning lur wtll be lliar.g fuliy received al k'ft Chrys'le alreet. MYHTERKics NUmaAROI.-dM MONDAY If icrnoon, tlie Rev. F. R. Hchwe-ies, ,.r 'i.l,1 Oreenwlch itreet, Irtt home with the Intention of aurndlng to some dimes In the elty, but has not tieeu hoi. dot since. It is feared thin lomelhlng aerioua has happened to turn Ills wlte and I'rieuds are in the utmost diem**, and eanicstiy appeal to ihe public press lo circulate tlila notice, ?o thai a clue ui hi* whereabouts may he lound. 1KW PlBLllAl'lOm. 11 -I i t u.i nKi> O THK I'BWON ON WELTKVREDKV; OR iOU^IK AT Till: l.iDIAN AlUilli'LLA'.O. Uv Gait. Waltur M. 'fins is Il.iurtraird with forty etigrarlnga iroui tho author'a own sketchi r. l it* description of the aoenery of the beautiful Isiunds of the Ittmtin oti'ah, and ot tile romantic experienceamong their un Sophia luAted InhnhlUttl's, have been proiimmcud by eminent Ci i.liv oo cb ii inlng uml vigorous aa in give blm claims to the title ol lb? Orients) 1 oct ' I lie Inetdeiita are wnvou t<ig,'h< r I with Ingenuity and dramatic skill su t have all the ?ur ling In tcrcat of a romance?of one, bnwrncr, louuded six icily ou the Irttih.?Albany Kxbrrtsn. 12nwi. e!o<h IM.efliO. J. C. Itliil it I'n' loih r, US) FultonatrMt. I)HII,I.II'S, SAMPSON I CoMPANT X Will publish Nov. 2t), I. (MSTR: A Hr.rr ol Republican Kquahty, h .? Sydney A. Story, Jr. In ore largo vol. limo. AM) pp. Price tl 2:, II I* powerful ?n'i slavery novel v.ill awaken tho aKontlon ol U c ptiblle to a new pliaac of tho grout quo vion >1 ib.tdvv 1 who would bo repelled by a u,:-> of wrongs > i i a'rirt i U * Imwovor true limy might f> tho puMwhers desire t" ..y, 'hot Uito la in tl>? mat vx-iiae a novel?a love story. Ii ihe r ? r | 1 1 I'S?rotating to the fortunes r.I p trsnne bo'iul. g ichepriv ,oKm| elaos. The condition of die .southern ?Uve t? mil tho tin-trio of the hook. It is true tho an'. vor has written w .'h a purpo o, but it die-s not lie upon Hot urf, -e. .m l he ro t ttvo loader will find lhat Ha tor. ?! rail* .pule as much upon ho. h-inu. np. ;i Southern socciv. I oubliaL. rs d.. no' wi h toglvo any bint of tho unlqno pt<o. .,1 t|,t, t?,v, pr..f?, r it: 't at tint thousands of re "lore ahoitld enjoy tho pi? tsnro 01 its surprise* for themselves. MODERN PILGRIMS*. v. It g tho Improve tin. in 'li .td arid ' Mom. M ? dr. irhtng the 1 oiestl-xl City. It\ ifmri'" iVis.t "1 ? < rb. hlemlli) In Amorcia." in ;' o . t7'n<>. i'n ? I ;i lie lilt-. of IblH work w-s .,wt, ',.,1 mill.II . to luminal.le "Celeatial l<?:Iron I" of Haw mm-ici: i In the ... I a mo ol the idea to tho re'lgoius 0,1. o s of mntern l tin", it author 1 - ii.dobted to on one. It >? a oitu'tuumis . <iry..f Iho pi trlmage ot seme eu'Uv.ito I ?t ,| ,-mi-tH ||.p, ... | |,. in win. i hoi visit lu turn various 01II0 0. os an 1 It mis' ri*' pi i-iw titig tho leading religious denominations Itu a,,' p. ror'j.'ioii ? an do the work justteo I'is f?| .,1 trope. 1 xrc s on e U| nil life mat, net a and opinions; and a 1 anno time it 'tis h o pa hoe which cannot hut awaken *vmpithv rh s w k w 1 make a sainu'loQ In the re - n *? >r|.| It w 1 " axld thu' author Ukca the r.vtue - ? 1,1. -, m w , b J. . , st John If 111 i nn I'llll,I.IPS, SAMPSON' A CI)., P , or., Uoamn. ,). 0, IrKRHY, New York. r)KAI)TIIK INVR.VTOK.? I IIK NOVCMHKR NCMUKK t ol'I journal, devoted to rh" tn'er ?ts (l: nv. " or- 1 Ii'ora Ac , 1* put. .. est and is t r ... .t ? ' ,? p? nsalloal r'liroa.and at the oaloe 271 Hi'u lwar. Suh-or,p "" M |" r ytar. M' I Mil,. II AsKKLI. A H. "at eon. U?NT A\X> PO( Itl). / 1AMK OS THK PltKMISKS NOV 7. V sit vM, SCOT 'II a 'o.riei -in'. The nwnor la reqtto. ? l to i .. and lis, p. : .... fur th|? adveillaemont and take her away. Uviturno . I (i avenue C. nt Ii STOI.KN.-STfilsBN, Pit DM Mi mj aVKNCP. ?, ? bui>d?y last, a onail rough t- <, oh 'orrn-r 4 Uvl ? t a collar wl'h the name and re don o or n,? e vneV J 1 ' t?. I hi Ihief had Me ter ret'trn hlui nun o jialely . t ??,,,? eaio ?, vielt to :be laiand. I v'di I.csT -Ti.v* 11 K-iMY i;vt: ,i mj rr.v sixrit I ' "venue, about Twmty ?o-,,n.I ? root ?>t.n!|iii, , ? lt! i wr e?-pantel with tan under Hi '. ? ?. .t.d t>ro.i?'; M- >: ot. ,r ?ith red rtin; an-wt r? t>. t ? 0 ' r , III ro'urn hint to til Wo.i.Twon ( i, . I. di'tui ly r< warded and ri-eiv, p.- . ,t ??,.,,,An r 1 ? Iiiit a e.'i.'ld'a pet. Any ore having . i ior., ph as* tetatn It. U' I Mi-IN r/IK VICINITY OP CM ION ,K. I - I re. Ipin. Inquire at , , Ad.iin , - 1 )V I.(ST NO. W#.?THK PINItl i'. Wild, HK ! / A JV bly rewarded by leaving It el Mm flora, i . e. | ' ' ' (lS VRIiNB-tlMT. NoVPWHUt 17 p 1 ? J1'. ?It.i 'errlur d.ig, ai.sw- 'o'b "ovm? of' Pr "1 1 1 (Haled rtdiar. the heap 1 .s , tVbvvar w f it va d dog u# 17 Wegiajm sp, w u r?.,.|T0 J P-f f- * I I'K' I KSSCill .IdIINsdN'S OI'HH To Til 1. -t ip maii'il*. 'oev. MJ liowory.on Mtania/ I??l eIxi-lr Diounale 01 ii-alnlng bllle, Ao. T'.tj owner limy obtain 1' y "I l>i) log ?s abovo and giving a deacr.p >ou. I <'ST-Hb KI.W AUIh?I.Df f, A I THK M , Uopt, f IJ ton Hotel, lam* Branch N r in i^-.i pin, et niain'ng 'hi rtlnlalnro ra -.u l and >n the >?-? r,'irked ?' 1 b.rlntns Npsns'enr.ti g a --d '-, i ''' t'.etln at the Pneblc Hotel, Ore.-uw. .. .i- 1. , r-tattrd will he paid. [ OST?CPItTIPK ATK NO W' THIRD AVrM P.HVO i> Co n, O W .1,0 .? r..r ? .bai , la'-d j . ?? . New cerubeate appll, d for. I ,"*R,iK NKWrOCNHI.AVI) fl -1, Plio'g I. wa.r. nrton' ar.leo, Wllllamvhurg n-e m ,,r . t tn- 1 is "lack, with white Up.onhla head <oa,anltol W r will return him will be suitably rewarded. I I IN t ' iV I SO PRt >M W 1 ? TP t ' 1 I ? H I I j Ut< lull <g Ids, . ng' a ' -, '? 'I'- llttd.r will be liberally rewarded I ? Iigl'a'iho ?' . I wel1'* '"be, corner Albeuy and Waahmg'mi >'10,. r ' ST- on ob aboct tub jari fiBpr a pair n? j Is ,1 pe,-' ,r I, s marked Muan ) Hand loh At*, acme .la; laal week, a ptalr ct go'd pec., n-., srl h ? , .. k'a?.., I.e fnvlrr will be . rally ia warded hy ,e , T d>t_|N OOlNO FP."? JPROI,P*ON mTrkk Irh, TfhlM' make. Tie Coder wll ring lie -ame at CLARK A JK. tot New York 1 .. p ? - >? til RMtv | ?, j 1 ,:'. 1 . ,t,| t,n" , , Mj i.e?.:?gaml. Xactnea A (>>., dated Boekon Kept. If tew cmo ks in favte of VetlAka'o- f.,r (2 ? ? r i n M ak o da ed I 0'. nVI.'e a ague M. I '? A all A Tares, nv|n09 Any fjt-m liaVu r n'd '?? . ',..1 W'b !e iberaily reearded by ia.i.og do ,t 1 tg'.-e, M7H ?TPn-BNTWKI N TIIK IIOI Rh dp 4 ? vf) u p~?| t on T utwdav, rri-m vrA Hrotdwar a 1 .ek Neef m id .r,: dog >1 arfc< d with wMte eporeoo the pewe. .rea-' t.b,*'- h ,. an Ircr. 1 ba it eol'ar ?n Any f erwui br.r g 'of lii n to lii* ar, ?? an r?M will be aiiltably rewarded. APIECIU NCmCK*. \1 A t'MC.-TliH MKUUm* I y MI NN LdDOK Vi i'l i'At 'IP nd A M., ere be*, by tn '.-J m m.onVw iwl a' ct da:..'-: of ' c ?, * ho'. la's. uler of J, BH.K11Y, W. M i.-' < .ary. 'j Il> irp.KBW Ul NKVritKNT OCIKTYOg r.O " " York, will eelnbrste the r thirr A L>t arytnt, Nrreen ber if, its in? Brnaalway. Irlc er on labi* at d !>'? r< lrIcfr ' '**" ,h'* "pportuidty ?.f Informing 'h? eg frlei e? 10 rp anrlrrj ,Pu> (),, , im ,g a eipend-,) lor eharpy and fu, I for 'h- tv?r d i'P..' ' si'hat the ma u? in whl'h 'he m nnv* feretofore revpwtcl u, t e r a; u ida <g (Ida u etliii Hon will be re nue>|. II ARf'NSON, I'rra ;? t,d ?l VS n?, See'y., ?t*iHi HI WUtlam .treer rilK LKCTlICE MP t HON. K OP LBPtrRM- BY -',vr or *? f" Mel atrmnea."No*, n. it. f r, an", .a '4 M'S ?rnrr,e*1:a. srr. ronaMere-l **' IB Tobe (olic.wel i.r Re, I ? a Hot as. Marn Rev. Han, ,nl ?h1 ., , . ' ??' r1-,a),ed leer..verm. Tbkcfa for the . .... It vi V a'o."cd, Ntr te -m r.rraiBwt sr , A Z* . Hcjedwnf pod T i crower ^ nr\^.T ^ V wrrvufiu** makitku. Alltlilll.r RESPECTABLE YOUMJ LADY, LATELY left au orphan, wlih.-s ? eimitl'iu us cOMpankinor ??'I ID *irea? to a lady, wbereiderearennsiiiuilc ildreo.n'k. willing to travel with ah Invalid, she |a Intel I s ltd amiable (in l ie alblng to make herself pei.rrally tiaeiul. Atldre,* Anna Morton, S.trill Orange, Esse* county, N. I. A GERMAN I.ADY, Wilt) ||\S SERVED TWELVE y ears as lady 's muld ?lilt a French oun'oaa, wauu a similar situation, or *s nurse ami u> tench on tee iter man language. Andrew Ino (iih av., hear tub at., in the fur tloio.

A VFRl'.Ni II DRESSMAKER, SPEAKING ENGLISH, wishes lo ao out by tlio (I.'IV or week, or iu take tune mirk. Me ha* bo lto<t city reference. Call at 2dl East Nlnlb ?treat, second dory. \ FRENCH LADY FROM PARIS, DESIRES A SITU ? ?in en lady's inal.l or to take oare of chllitiou, eh? la i-h put le ol diersuiskirig, lullllnary and hair dressing; good city relet t nee. Can be ?> en lor two daya, at IS2 DDI at. AHBOTEhTANT UlKL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO yerrtsi Vu-ework Can bo aecn at ber l?at place, Sod II eke a* Br . klyu, for two days, where nbo can be well re commended. Atoomo wiiman Wants a situation as oood ii uln cook; Is a diet rat. laun<lrc?a. or clrim'.eruial.l and au tit! to in rbo ta an eicoilrnt seamstress. Nonti hut Die Imsi of laiulllt'H r. ci ii apply, rhe can produre the heat of reference. I'lrure , ail a> No Hi ;:!d at. hrst brick houae lioui ;Di avcooe, hrst lh.ur, frou*. room. No. 8. REsi'Et taih.e woman wants a situation as cook understand* cooking lu all h* branches and can nerve up illtiuera In any style fan be aoen for two days at 29o Madison ah, . orner of Montgomery at. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS cook thoroughly understands her business. fan come well recommended hy acme of the most rt ape -table families in A SITUATION WANTED, 11V A SMART OIltL, OF tidy habit's aa rliaratiaratald ami waiter, her e r.ployer brt'itkli g up houai-ki epiiig the ria-on lor changing. fan pro Utice Die lupin, t u-.luiioolah. t an be aecn for two daya at tier present employcr'a, lit Weal Hub at. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WI8HBS A SITUATION AH nurs.q would tlo chainberwork or the general houaewnrk 01 a null, lalully Tbe beat ot city reference given fan be teen for iwo day a III 110 Pacific ah, tiei'oud lloor, hack room. A RESPECTABLE HERMAN WOMAN WANTS A SITU -a. ullon aa cook, or would do general botiaework. Good refcn nee. Apply at HI avenue B, room No. 6. A PERSON COMPETENT TO INSTRUCT TOUNO children In ibc first rudhuenla of English, tr eluding spoil lug, reading, writing, grammar, and can eut ami III rlilidraii'a clothe*, or would take a situation as general Hcainc'.retiq ui a respectable family. Any information required will bo moat willingly given by the family ?he at pcwctit lives with. In quire at 12o fid atlvenue, oce door from tub at, A RESPECTABLE MAN AND WIFE WOULD LIKE TO hear of nil urwdemy or house to take cart of, tir sturieDiIng airnllar, where the services rendered would he equivalent for the rtnl of tine or two rooms, thssl city relerenoe. If required. A note uddrrsre.1 to the corner of 1st avenue mid East fjtli St., In the tlrug store, wtll meet attention. A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS WISHES A SITUATION aa laity's maid; under.turuls dressmaking and e.ear starch lug, or would hike euro of a young baby, no objection hi travel. Plcuso call at list) fllxabeth ?h, near Blcecker, for two days. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa good c. ok, wa her, aud Irooer, no can bake bread. (fool > day s at Hi ltHl sh, he AREHPECTARLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AM cook; is willing lo assist with llio was.,log and Ironing, also as ebambermald aud waller, would do he ho,r ework of a small Ittiully; ha* good elty rufrreocc. full for two days at X", falsi Utb st., near kit ?ve? la Die rear. A PROTESTANT VOUNO WOMAN WISHES TO OB tuin a iltuai.on its nurse and seamstress, and ehamber maid, she la willing lo uiake herself generally tiselnl. O.ssl rt it reuce can be given. To be seen lor two days, at Ilk. Urcenc at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, WITH . l a I; e Ii Id ? u-t o' milk, who 1.i? ;u.t ber own bahv, WMhM s sitiiKtlnn a* wei nurse lias no obiecUoo toeliy or oeuutry. Best of city reference Apply at tlo MoU at, rear building, second floor. k SITUATION WiNTKD-HY AN KPMIINOID 2\? women, as good cook, baker, waabor and Irouer; Uio roi under.lamia buslncse. Oood idly reference, fan be seen lor Iwo lays at 2Hi tburl st., between SuekeU ate! lie, rsw, Brooklyn. ASITUATTOM wanted-ity a Iti specraHLE young woman, is good took and ekcellent waaber and tndif i II ?! oi clly reference from her last place, where ehc ? f an 'or two ilays. II not engaged it ltd' p.ttli st , loud floor, ba. k room, between6lh and 7Ui uvea a r.H t'f.t table <iirl wishes a hitua .2\ '."ti to do i-encral bou ework In a small tamlly. Wages no o much an obje t as a permmcnt home. Cau im well rr riled. Apply for two daya at td Vki.looghby at., Brook lyn. AHr>P).<T\HLK YOUNd WOMAN WANTS A KlTt'A ? , u d< uwra i b wwort i > imatl printi fin "? 1 i i.n I? iilatuy peomtncmdt l ? her iaiit place* 115 24Ui 11 V ? ? ?. ?> i. ,if <1 , "i av? iiii? 4, III*\ : ? 4 VI-.HY COMPF. TKNT DilKK-MAKKR WANTS A KMT A. aitonln a prtvat*far?\Uy; iaa very neat ho; c?n < if and fltrhlldi en'* clothing, and do f unHy ho wing ol all kind< ? ai'ling to co m iady'a maid. < ify rcP-i? nee < Apply al L> VN e*i 12th hi., between bib and tyh .wtnn.ctt. HI SI?EfT\BLK YOfNd WOMAN WtfltiK* A ^ITt' ?.? . on unfo general homework; 1m a good plain cook, and f? i' ? u nt ?v ? r and Ironor epy rHereu' C. L-nii be *eeu lor iw? day* a hti Van-Mm *u, In the rear. A WIDOW IiAI>Y, OK I'RKl'OHSKHSfNO MANNKRB. IS j\ <!??* k,n i Hii elli g with an engagcmcvti to go Houth, ax 1 k' < } i i, with a rf i?*Ttahl'* party, where ahe would re r.fjvf 'he i ? -poci due bxr mm * lady of worth. In mc| of ? ?r,i- '?,!??? atvjdiram-nfN, would he frind an agreeable and hee. lul romp ?i?i >i for %n invalid. Itcfcrcuce exchanged, iIre?N kirn. t*rk% ?>Jf lluda<>u afreet. 4 Yf'VSQ LADY, 7WFNTY YKAM OF A OK. WIHHK8 >\ a > 'tiiiHon, * idirr u roverne** In a private family, or ,t>* c< i: | i icu toalarfy. eh? pt.,k* Herman French and Hng h perfe->ly, and UtaMoto In*truet on the piano ?n aleo in ? w r? h 'M re..'?loinendaiHinegiveu. Fieaae a* tire** 11. V to* 2<t Herald oflice. 4 IHLY < irKTtl i DI8IROVI il of <1 te'ruup a Nttiia>ton in a ilr?t rla** family or a*.-ix thtit ??< <k in i atnod, liotel, or o refpeetanle hoarding tiotise, w< did i r? ? r living in Brooklyn, I he 'net of ruler ewe given. 1 ? ? ? i , > t 122 Fulton x'.rewI, Brooklyn, ?ee**nd lhair frotkl i <>? ni. ? u he ?' en fur two day*, If not engaged. A HI i . : t HLI U DM N - >F >N) R AND HTlADl hai ifj4 v\ ?:?** h mtma .?n, ax prole* rwk. in a private h i .nda her i?u? In* a* malll;* brinctiex. and ran hi iu* wt,-i f-t n Nliua ion, ax pro'e* , ?l rwk. In >* privxi* ' ?1> , i.i S? - .?;di her ho. ne,** m all l* hr.?u hex, and ? ari pr <ui< * tl ?" *t ef ftty ieiereiice, I'Ig&m oAllatdl hili ave iiu'-, for two 'i y?. 4 - IMH-n.H IN \ KUlK HY K Yill NO MAN AOF.D J\ tw '? wlo wri ? m h go**| hand, and the town ei-il. <M" J iefrrren- e glvt n. Addt'^x it. A., li Vartdewa'er*t I)OCK KRmk.-A YOOKO MAN. WHO L'NDKR jj Ni?r,iu Miok keep'm by (innhle entr r, a anht an rug age ri ? nt in ??!.> fUji ?? e<pitr? p?ti h, he will he weli reer>mni*"-) ed .and rex i.niy a nanlerate salary. I'laUK iulir^w A,, <TKD T HCrfl hahitn. and having ten year*' experlenna. wonla a >in?a'ioti.In anyhti a^rvtaex wnntld l?e apt>re ei i ed ?is h fir*t r%"* i wjkk-? r and * om/Aht, and ?* piaint. fd anh i um ' ni Hon:"' tc n . < and wnt *? KogtUh 1 rei??. mid <;?rn*an fHiently, I U *1 . u> utake ??( ?.'! rt" ' ? No or ?? i /ft '?t go v>u ?. ldr? -N L i;? mj< lit ller.J l ofioe. HOOKKLKFhKOR S s Ll> M \ N A Y<*? SOMAN, Wlff - < *'tn.-e'er.' from a tliorimgh knowledge of Mie theory *e v eil a* frotn pn < 'ic. fr> 4? 'M i. >fc hy do ?hi? rn r? de?in * ;? ti'fia ' n, waii.'d prefer a ? h dctiie gn/eary, a < he Un- had five rur* ? *} ereo. v? Ua thia hu- : ^ . A4dr<wa D L. W , - r 2 I'oai o?d- e. / ?I f ni AllON A ' ML > UY \N FNiffjtNll W(> " man. Who I'"rfe... ly ?? ?r'IX h -I' ?? a lit ? good t ppljr at 122 Auoty at , betweao Macdoogal I/UOH AVIV'L?FirHATL N WANTFIl, HY A ? AND. I * '? ul, * aelry, - < r v ft ?? .? , I Umr p ? >? ? flgr.'v. e , ,*t ?llH#lf to go I n*!. North i-r Htoph, pre ' r* oi re I'uUn in me py if he ea;? tneai wMi a g'>oi km. 4dd e?n H. U. J , lit/?;>! oGte*. PR! M II i no*.-AN FN HFltlRNf'KD \RH VV ' I f. KF. I i ii ? i, ? 1 Fie* ?-o roofc wl?'t * a ?r ? . o n a prn ao* frmlly. Apply at <4 Irving place, near (fnkm park, kJITl'ATTDN WANTF.I) HY A MO^T H dff 'U 'I K P a in di, h ?tkAc, or ee?>k, era alter and Ironer, o,* t? d-# the hoaeewerk ov' a iUMMi fatrdlv; S* a goo-1 !xfll*jdr??x. Bit' 4df It; t i f ? ?. I' t are e*ll ?' 3d 31 iwti'tl <d ?* Ha t - i < I'M' -a V A Mr .? LY A H HI f ? v ' V O Kfiima, g?>i?eref hon-?>work or ciiamhefa-ek aiid wal ln/ i O ?1 ?-o-1..(. (o 'he rare of en .,Jr# n, hax ha 1 oru^ ripffirtK'f. t I 'xrl c;'y . ? i- m r.- ?* fmtu her ? } ?? No. e hu*.a reopeetahiafamily need apply. (Jail for two< *t&2 4^111ATD N W t? f>- HY A T A* H l, OF J YKAf ' M pf (1en pit failed, health rePtored, he wmll tea b r - rnfeon or blgle .* LrancheH In cPy t, r ootuttry. Adi rr ie*> r rr-v f e fo tl.ti two'la>H a' Dey .*'reet li?i MO. ati-, )' M , of addrc m J6. VJll! AtlON WANTFD-HV A YnVS i WOM ? N A* m cook or iistidrtw, eldiar in Hrookiyn or R?v York, la a I private fatally ; cooking pre'er-ed ia the vr*m*uni t .re '? * ?? - ? or iddi# wl;.g 2t;i Navy tt , . r-t !, ? j. tv ? , i t ? kk) f? ! {'ITI ATfON WAMLD?BY A Y d N , W-iMA*. r Lo .i i * rorikld end or axttal hi -he waalhng ?a l if*i lug. rvfetet^'a glvea. Lad at Lii L' 4 *r ?' , Oifger of j H yrkfff, trr*mAiy?. I V'll! ATION WANT- I# HY A Hi PI. \ HLR Oftl . V ?.?lo iiln frwtiri . :,4 I a I -'? ? ? r ? .? 1 ? i t ' ' A | ; . .??}.. r*f . i t I V , . .... vr I ^ITt ATI' N WAMKD BY A ' N?i IS *l.r. MAN, i x- Mm- ; re ?r .? .? - ' " '? > ?*; vr, i r? ? 1 J < - y v '?O'l- ???; !? k JMIIW A IrlMIRI | . , i?? rp<. I '-'At* ' Willi I I a i - i ? i: r th ? r ? man. ? * I In UI ? . niry' -r rr'fi Tf'At 1 yonig H Br?.? j B f f*! , 0 ?. HIB'HAJIT TeitjOt A*p r (Ml'? XT* RM aKI) lAmikM-fi) nana, a *?????., r ej?# ?TRf?. 11* A ? w a it A ar 1 11m Ve of a A VI/'M C, W ., h er,'e? - ii a a* v) ?harac cr aad ca* .'?? i /i H> rave Ca r ll! etJitvK mki -a tot -,a i.*WTti ????! ImuiiI/ . ' IM k.Lu' ffl 1, ao Mm ?r?) < i 1 r. n a nor r to w IMKD- HT A H. RiaOVANUI TOI R * ' tl ? - ? > f M ' 1 W< HAl, A < 'At ? ?B?I !? . (flue ? tal .. . I . ? '' ? ' ?? * ?*>? *? '? ? !?.? ?? ill l iwaai a r. Ma a*4 He jw ie Um lra| mm. il --rr- a mti at ,?r a-? s> n r tin -??* > * . ,I,j ? wamn. who M ? muni !? t* MM 4 rtiierM ?, < fc*? a*. e m. Mm U* ? ? ? ('i, iii .1 v l>] IV I , e ?!*? *i mx rx anviivnii ?aitu>. ll?A.NTkI>-A HlTt'ATlON, HY A KKHCKCTABI.K WO " m^n. lo *o to t alUoriua * ith a family. (loo I reform*."-'. Apply ai U> Qraud at. 11^ANTED?A HITUaTION, BY A YOUNll WOMAN, TO YY do general nonaewi.rk laagfr.l waahar aod trooar and a rood plain Cook. Good reference. Apply at ,'pj Knlioo at, Brooklyn, be wiiii Tlllary end i one .ml. WAN1RD-A HITI'ATION, HY 4 OKRMAN OIKI., YY (o do homework or ehain'ierwork, ipnal reference. Ap ply et Ml avi-nue A, corner of 4th .1. loi i >o day a. ?WTANTEO-HY A HK0rMTA.N1 WOMAN, A >ITI *. " Hun nii nn k In a Oral cla?a family , ha. a perfr i know iii'ci' of brrbueincw* No fib,"' imi ui Uio ft, mry Itnai 111 rlly ri lei nice, Pan be aeeo et 167 Ik' avenue, lu the reer. IA' ANTKIb?A HIT I'A IT >N AH UIIVH M A III AM) " nranialrcMi, unitcratanda hair dri lling end la willing in nmke beraelf agreeable end useful. t an give km,I cUr color ence from In ,iat ORiphiyrr*. Ail liea-i t'. t , Metropolitan 1'oetottlee, American Bible llouac. T|rANTED? A HITI'ATION, l?Y A YOUNG WOMAN. TO '? do genera! homework la wiling in make heraelf gene rally nannl, In ,t eitj reierem-e l an lie el ljl'a lat avenue, between Jib ami fib ,n. Alf ANTKII? A HITI'ATION HY A IIK-iPKl'IA HI.K " yoUBK men. Ill ? whnleaeln or reinil grocery atore in the city or country , bea worked et tbe bincm-oa tor eight veara end be* the beet of city tele .nee fan be ae.-n l..r three daya V 41(1 Fbrrry at., in the grocery atore. WAS1KP- A SITUATION, BY A HUH I' ROT AHI.ROIRL to do rhenil or work end waiting, or aew end take . u.., clilldirn. Can be aeen el ber preeeht employer'a No i Uuioo >i|iiarr, comer 14 h at. TV' ANTED?A SlTtrATIO.V, MY A It KSI'lii' I' A lit >; Tf young women. fa Hro'calent,) e< cook, weaher end Iron er. la e good belter, a inutll nrlraie family preterm! Nooli jet'ilon In go e aliurt diateiice in thr country Cell for Lwu deya ut 171 Keat Hilt at , between atcuue A end lit evrnuv. WANTFD-A HITITATION, HY A KKHI'KPTAItl.K young girl, lo do tlic plain cooking, Vt aalit. g and Ironing or to do the general homework nf a .ma I family; would he willing lo go In the country, t en glvr the neat of city rcfor core. I'leane call at INI Tliompaon ?t., curm r ol llouatou, lor two deya. WET Nt'KHK -SITUATION WANTED, HY A YOUNG In alihy married woman, with a Ireeh ireaat of lubk. Hhn haa loet her own Imby Uelarrm-i' <lven If reoulred Pallet 161 Court at., corner ol Wyckoil. llrat door, back mum, liiook l)B. A17ANTED-A HITI'ATION, HY A YOl'NO fJISI., 14 YY yraraniage m do rbamberwork and walling, or would 'ale rare of olillilren, (lood refcrc'taeoa. Apply it No. 604 Ilouaion at., for two deya, WANTED?A SITUATION AH PtMlh,' IN A I'lMYATK family. ITuiue call at 03 Hmub a.rWel, Hruuklyu, up etaira. WANTED-A SITUATION, MY A ?RSI'K< TAHI.E woman, na wet nurae; would hkeloliav a baby lo lier own Iioiikc ilmal reference. Apply at HAi JgtU , between htb and 'Ah avenuea. Ill ANTED "V A KEhHKCTAHI.K OIIU,, A 1TUA YY tion aa rlutmbei maid or aeainaireaa. tall M Y'audam at.. In tbe rvat. WA NT ED?A SITUATION, BY a RISHBOTABLS young woman to do the general Itouaewnrk of a email private faintly , ta a good plain aewcr He it of city refereuc a. t all at Odd Fourth at., lu the n ar WAN1KD-A SITUATION. BY A RKkPKOTA III.R young woman, a-good plain n?ik abd e-relleul washer and Holier. In a email ir.peeiableprlv lainl I Bt reference. Pan be aeen fortwodaya a'. ?'4 Emboli ?' , In tbe rear, top floor. WANTED?A HITUA'IIPN, IIY A KEHl'Ef'lAHI.K young married woman, aa wet nurae, to live on' or at her own realdriiie. tlood refeienec. Apply at iv*S 54tli ?l., Ilitt llcor, flout too in lor two dnya. X\T ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A VOUNll WOMAN, AH YY eraik, wmlier and Irouer. can do general l iroiwork. (iood reference. Apply at #7 latal , bntwoenureouo A am' la' ay,i ii,ud Unor, front rem. YVTANTKD-A HITI'ATION. HY A YOUNG WOMAN AH Yr chambermaid and wnl'er, or u i nur Gm Icily re'' retire from her lam place, where .In lived night yeari. Apply at 146 ti'li ar., hoiweeu lutb and lltli ata, UT ANTED?A HITUATION, HY A YOCV'l WOMAN, TO do g< m ral ImoMtwork, arid la a g . I I iker. flood re ferenira. Apply at 107 73d eh, between 1' t uid - I aveunea, iur tw a daya. w wr axtbd- a mii Ain?s, at two \ imw. m T ft |>rlral*i /Amlly, </n? ajMsjok, 1 ih-- Hiwr at' )uiitih< r nl'l and HaUtT; lliey hftvo n p?ri^? i know <?i|a*<* <?t Yh?'lr bvi.?t ..jnh, Mini nnn ifivt* rjly rrf*r< nc - tr- m ih^ir J i t t o cl'jYu tk'n u? u" trountryr ?'na Ih* Jar tvro <lnyn at I2? i jlafort plftci', top ikor, back ntoin. WANTKH-A SITUATION, 14V A VOl'Nd WOMAN. Tn do ufrnl bouiM'wiirk, can do mid lr mi*w ?:>?! ; oikI.TMtAjidii tiftkUi^ ilfjfnl r* I#* **o"? Af?ply Ht It57 ICi'd ?it., betwcMUD l?t a ltd 2d u*. Oatj t?? ??? it tvtotlny-^ WANTFtt-A HITUATION, BY A YOl NO WuNAN. ?n nwr>?' *tsd tifxl4*n?t*(ui? cui.tntt *f4?I tlttiiitf r blldrtn'i c i'ihf ?, or ftoukl lik?- t*> iw?n-r. to U ? boiiNf (iotil r? If lY ttcca. A|ip!y ul K'7 MuIHyimi ?u., in (!>?? rrar. liTANTF.U? A SITUATION BY A MIUDLK Wo ?\ Yimn h? Ni?k ntirM*, v.ft4>ty or uiunlly. Apply ut Ifl Ut ftVY'tiiiCi b?twf?u lj th mid iHtli ?u. ;miI \<? ktnir iA, u? tvka lb"* ftr??lj? rl? ?r^? of ? hoMRt' tft?? rblldrMi, oii*? tft?? yftHi n and ti?4*v oUu-r r?Uift y?Mir* (<ld Ti e i?| plt> -id nm?t l?? ublr lo d<> pbdu Addrf^ ' l'omoiftNtiT, Hnui-rYiU#, IX \\TA NTFD-?HY A ItKMI'K." TAHI.K 1'NOI.IHII Ollt!., \ ff ?Itouiiori hm noroft and ?icftrni?trfi??, - mi ? ik? ? ?r>* dilld fiom it - i rtl?. hi?t of r ty rntei vficc uu-i-ti, So oh * Boll to Ui* Oil 4<itry. A ldtor Cftll lit MfJ Kftlt |?J)| t bi! J ar tl i' . " U'ANIKU?BY A K KS PR OTA HI.K YOU NO Vf ARRf fM woirmr ftlth ft fr#r"b brft*"'. of milk, w' " .i*? l?' 1 t f'r*? child ft i^ft dftjft "'?( c. i (dtOfttWin U? iinr*.- ?* hnhy In ? f -I iT'Hliie fftinlly. Ffti Oh tory rtJrrfiof r ut !?? fiv?In *1 Yilrt* ut or ftddt<u* to 117 King *? , 2?l tb??r. yy A NT! ll?A HfTUATIOf. HV A MQU'V. TABI.K Orrman jotihr mnnin, *? pla nr.*ik, ?ml ir..? ?r f>'?o4 lcic>riH'? A j |1| Ml .1/7 a?U. - ? i u?t ol <lh a?" i ue, Uarfl II'.nr. TyANTKD?a smrAtiow is coon, ny a i">o /i-iiuil ?Mian. ?1?> ur.l.r/l?hM? c?"Vlng In *11 tt? tram lu) *? h? t i rural jrn*r?' rt| artar ? wlUi ~iiu? "f Um i unit n 11 ' :!?> In fmltlni In i.e ri'j , Iiaii/Miwa. IVum I I ll.'' ('? I a- 1.1 liu.lii It rail At luTRiiJ. * ft , room II. yyANTHI?-RY A UWI T A ill V. TO> WO Wm\| a N A Ml'in' . ri to do f**U?rAt feooactwrorji in ? ?m*JI prltrvcf* n ily. r?r lo dc rt .rii #*r a "f k atii Ar?'*t I wa? ' |*r,i ,r >r%iu0. < ?ty n/rrrr r< u>vu, t ?n be >e*i? ftir \*o 'Wy? *l VW Jli.w ttu? , f*r??r /l-i ?U lyANTKH A HTrATIOtf, BY A UV )'? TAH! K | * r*Of? to lkfc? ram* ol TWJ- 4 rMVdlfU. And 'fta h Ui^fU, f?r r?mi?A?iWjTl l< it. ilivi l ! Atijr, .?l?d W* ? ??? l?r t *!??>? vrrll rt iiutnciMi'd Haa no o* )rt <,/<n 'o tra*el. toll or ad drtAA If. I.., &Xi ll h at., for ?UyA \ Ir A NT KJV A slTf.'T'ns, BY A Y0'f N ? W I ?W \? ? I r% u to<o ir h??* *? t?ork of ? .0.4 j ?? l? a i?*xl fadirr ?f??1 I' <f>T *r?<| ptain ? . ??*, ?i J h*? n>> o ** t|? fi '1 fo ? ?'. i<i.? r In'fiH ?Tv U'-?! ?? r?*f?? r ' all r IH (Irirnwl h *1 l/fw-'i-ii rfprji n l < *ml I'd Ir? tit rootn, o*rr tl?? tinker jr. rAXTH> BY \ RK rKTVHI.K l?R >T K T \ ST Of If f,. w\v TOh>4 and laundr* *?. i* OAfHibi* of do 04 *nv f nullf wotlr. tUrmt. ? i> r*t* ?s 1 ?? 'r? m t*f U* ? ?u Of ? f jf ? *% * 4*fi a" No f i/oyer tyAMKI)' * "IT' v?'< s BY \ < !"KM AN . IRI IS An A tor ir hi, '?mil j, irrl, inh. 'mmi'i ? ?f?. H# ? ' fit. r. i plain v %Mtt|-trf ftj?J tr'mli,./ 1 rffy r*trr< ik*. Or" c ?7I f?'' ' l? ?" ,ko?n*r to. yy*Mif' a iif'ATtov my a ur -*r, <~r a.h.i; ftorrao, a* o# k * A?w??r a> | |i or ro' rn?'#* ' lrff? rlra ? - 1 I at <1 f <**?r* ,i*?p ? yy a v ? N-fi ?t\ ,i?| ?I 4 trw tr. C"w rKjf r*Ut ??Mot it<tMMK? rkt*-9 edtt If ? i fui.-i W'V AM I' ? ? I ri ?TlO'i H% \ B VMPK'Tt* HI It 'i : rhii 'fi, ;.l .'ri ? ? ?'n- ?? .1, n. oral ntinu'iiI?-l ?m S / '7 ' ?' II. Mr '? ' ; r ?>?? r- ?li. -? :i*? l;oi. ll")..' l! 1 ?' . f -fi.k Mi. C%|. .Mil yy n r \ 'l rt(< v, uv k r ? i aci,* ,',rl ?? < ? I |4 ? r*?l ?*? ? ?n ' ; ' J ? . ? 1! iii n?i ? ?;. *i 1 n' ' ?' ?l ' i rii ?' nr ? sTrn-nv a rorwo ?V'. in/ ? iful A*, ['w l/ir 1 li/i 11 ' AMI H ? 1 "1 ll A I f * f I 1 ? I "M 1 n i ? [ ?rf. ?- '.hi flna I la li.i ?/ / . r . ...... ^ i -. _ .... w AKir.Il?A 'iri'UlnV AS M umv 111 10: m if.11 no * I' .' I' ' ' ?"K ntr. 1 ?t|t| KM Cii'R ??.,? \r'tT . ?kl M Sri- ft.. ? .?'! ft ,11,.,. ,1 tc K , or N' I ? %' ?<?'*! r I, ? I. Hi mill. BI'i.AK A. HOIKKI' Mil I* f < >i r,r, I'tAi , irvmt.K < fhi ?>? I-,. - ? ? y n m> v n.m 1 ? .u 1 ? .'.1, .. > .? ?. ? ? "t.lcIMM rr??a?n ?!. ? ?t?'??!.'? ? ? ' it r It; it f C * M M Vli. ??. T*rw i. 14: iak.' IK4TH MAWT?. Cxitlli MIA4 I'M I M I S< .int. 8H''4l??fAf| ??./ -ma ! 'i II . A'.(mar, ?1 j ".; r? 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A hi,5. r?i aulary alii be glvtn. Addieaa K <> , llcrwil o? C A HE NTH WANTED-TO HEM. TIIB ILLCRTll ATED ? lllr'ory of 'he Crimean Oeumalgti; prion 2ft orola. tin Mljroi ut < nmaladt and Hebaainp't w * pnrtralieof croama>l hrad?. u,Hilar) 11 ft era Ad.; pn?r hernia Ilia baa! ?tiling work* publiabad. Nome aarina are u.aatug from la In 112 par day. A. It. JO'y.l.YS, A) I'nUnu si.?.?(. |>OC)Kkicei'kr wanted immediately, iiv a pro MJ durr. OuDionaa.nii bun n, an egperte' ??! ItooAkeepar, ooa wra under.mi,d> thutougbiy |.,n la entry, ta accurate, ami ran glyr '.K- l>.?( 01 r. (artuee Hui,? .a hair n. ?d apply. A<J d.ia?. In 1,a n liai tla riiinjr. airing riift-ancm and a barn ha may be !...? 11 p. a , llciald nil I? ?, Ynuug man preferred HMflY WAMUl?rtMiM tt Til |M YKIH-! OF AOE, TO ? ? otkio an "jur atom, In (inra ?fW ID o'clock A. X., 1 u |>lr? 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