Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 9, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 9, 1855 Page 6
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unmnuvn kmrvbh ivbki ail SALKN AT AUCTIOH. AC. TOTTLK Al'trriONKRK ?Hit -lAT Al'irriOX 8 ALK , af 180 Manegcrle horses, at ibo (lipp'slmine, on Maaday anl TTMrdar No vein 1 '< r 12 and 11. Iin-m-d wtely after (in: .ale us the *1M aiknvla on Mnndav, sixty herset *111 be aohl to the highest bidder; erd at 'he elaee nt (he sale of wild autmals on T'today, seventy houe* will ?>? eoid. A cation bai.k or hobhkh (mchiaok-). Ac.?o.v Tieeday, November ti, at 'J o'clock * noon. will be sold ai public auction, ai the New York Teo*r*ali?. corner of Thlr ty-eb lb street and Hlx'li avenue * laro* *d e.tensive stock of horses, carriages barouches, dngle and dnub c wagons, single and double harness, blankets, sheai*. ro Uicinte a -onoero. Catalogues now ready for blether pa m olar*, applv aa above. HKiiRUB CI KWON8, \ucltouner. Ilia above aala stands adjnuri - t (I Friday. Novembers, at theaaaic hour and place OtciiBii: 'LKVONB Auctioneer. 4 BBIONBK'fl BALK <>K OUiTHINU.-M. WR\Y, AITC A tloneer. will sell on Friday and ?"eliird..y, Nov Sand 111 at IOS ?'ctook each day, a> 29t 'trend ?'re?i, near lild ridge an eiiataalve! of winter ilnthlng, comprising overcoaia, dreaaooata. pan's vvsia, Ac.; also one ng'trb gold hunting watch, the whole of a bleb will be wild without le-erve, by or der of the assignee. AhBUtT H. NIOOLAT, adCTIOHHKK.?AN ENTIRE atalioner'a atook at *u<"ion. alher' n Ntr.dey witl sell aa Friday. Nov S, ai 38 Manlci. ane. n T ier Naaaau "treat, at iOKe'ciook by order of William J He.lber, ?.( ,the balance of MB entire stork of a<* marv, fo nurty ?e longing to I'aaiaal A. Campbell. R*<|. am i?nn? oI ? reoeral assort meat, among whirl, will he poind dam medium and rov al blank books, tail bound Ku-sla and Kuan* .and", Whit man's drawing papers piMikc ..Mite an l ..aik-nt' lases, Fa bar's lead pattella Newman'*'ed *\(?r colore, li'tn grapble notaa and drafts; note Idler mn foolscap papers; envelopes, ne plus nltra ?n I ms-stool ?r log lesk*; French pocooiaUl pumps, glass and im-l? Ink.a .d. naarl and U.r tadse abet! eacd oases; also, fi.ders. n av' ig carl., gold pens aod pencils. iIn cash boxes, tnck meiiioraudu n books, aegar aaaaa, pcrtfoUna, por'eiB<>iiii?|e,. In ter clips. to ; ilia goods are all la perfect order, and will be *s?ld vnhnu resacve to close the hu-lnesa Terms .ash, in '?? tkab'e in.iHtv, and catalogues oeu be obtained ou apply oig in the a >etlo .ear, No 1 timed at. A OPTION NOTlUK ?si. 0 ll'Ul AlJOri INEKR.?FE ccmp'O' V sale of elcgan' rosewood and in .hnganv bouse bold lurukurc.- Icrrsonu pi*. o nrle, and oval mirrors, telveiand tapestry rar.-ela, oil nalip ngs, in it. el decorations. Ac. J. Hough will aril, *lthoui rcscrv-tlon, the entire .son tenia Of the richly furnished ? Ionia. ,0 Ifurr.v street, tbit dav (Frldry) at ll'Jj M. I'lte siskin noti .1st In part ot lap solid trame r<?cwissl sup* bra . (fully upholstered one in crimson anl maroon soil the other In ci*ref am green bro cstel, rosewood planowri*. irwts of situ -rior \ud fully warrauted by Ihe maker, ro-ew.stl - sere ith mirror front and beck, leav's earn oire ofr. ssw.o.1 and tulald with costly woods, rosewood marble n-p ecu r. , -ole, side and pier tables; paper machr and Farts ii.lail ash- ; rosewood book racks; corner slandsand work s' li. ; aiw.irv, relyet and Brussels carpels, lsre ano muslin window dran-'y; French plate, pier and oval mirrors, ? xmbisier tig'. gold band shapes Ac; also, a choice collection ? I'm oa. rings, embracing foreign end home scenes, Fari?n marble s s u r ;'In lv decorated vases; gntblr and slabas'cr oo k-. c Ac Ob* i?rs?rise wool a d mahogany bureaus; bedstead*, wahstuu is and card tables; uabogany easy, enekmg an. parol chair-; "aucv tables; pure 11air maUrPsscs; bol lers and pillow..; Krenob oonnterpanes; tapestry, Brussels c .rpcla toilet, s t , c I'lnlog Kn .in -Wal mil. dining and tea i?h'<s; malt canv sof*<; dlnlaj chairs; cbput. dinner set of I .Ml plec. s; leoora ed 'ea se s; gllyer t-u see. vice; silver t<rks. sjioons, c.,ke '-aseis owters. salvers, Ac.; cut^jUra ware, ivory cutlery, ,-c . to. No postponement. Sale wlliiou1 reserve F'a'alocues can I e obtained at the house, or ?; ihe ofllce o. the auc lonee' ,6 Uerkmau street, House to let. Pnssekkion given immediately. Auction notick-. -mminikiok.nt sai.k op an en tire eervtoB of bronzes. ilorhn wart, '.rm ;* anil ormolu clock*. va*e?, perlan ilgures, groups jewel uiddre-islng oasos, end a large lneolne of the Ined iiu illty of stiver plated warn. EDWARD BChENCK wld sell a. au'Una. this day, No vember?, at10>? A. M., a' hln sates roo n, tfi W?ll street, a large sale of fkncy goods being ha opening sale of Ilia sea?on. Hllver plated ware?Klrhlv mounted nas'er*, urns, tea kettles, vegetable dishes cake intake's, wauern, large and small, egg stands, salts, forks, spoons ltdlna, .to., -n Bronzes?Viotory crowning a warrior, tue Ind a < and panther, the Amazon anil thr hoar chase, the mophord agrlcultu e statuettes of llUtstrlensmep, vasr* roupes nraek-ta, conto's, Inksttnds, a?h andoard receivers, hunter', anlm >la, *c. :lo iks?Sooorb gilt and ormolu, wi'li shades sod slants marble da., bronze do. Parian goods?Superb full length hgure of Madame Ra chel, with shade and siaod ligures, grouts. ha kets, oUrhers, rases, aah and card receivers, tc , ?c Kancy articles?'hl uese vases, ormolu aid gilt jewel caake'a set with camoosj ladles' elegsm jewel stands, dr? slug ? ase?, lion hou boxes, papier maobie work boxes. furnwliod a d unr irn shel; cologne ana other fancy -ol les, walcl s auds, glove boxes, liquor cases, with a lurte assor'me i of initio - articles. The above catalogue has hem ?e.l?i"ed wl h grea c vie, some of the goils having been Just received from -hirout tnd never heforo opened The goods ?? n tie on exhtbi Ion ihis day, and ladles are particularly luviled io cxnm'ue hem. AUfTION NOTICE ?M llonr.IlTY ATTCTlONEEW.? Thiy day, at l(l!-? o'clock at the salesroom, 27 '* intro street, near the City Hall, a i?cge snd general assortment of parlor chember. dlnlngis'om fur ilture, oisewodd, mahoganr and walnut, also, tlic furniture of a famllv?carpets, fetther beds, hair snd other rustirr??-s. sofis, bureaus, extension tin ing, tea, card and enure t. hies, china, crockery ncd glass ware. tapestry, thr. e my and Ingrain carpet*, oilcloths, mil" t ors, 4c rale peremptory AO. Tl'TTI.R. AI OTII'NRKR?OP"ICE 01 BROAD ? way?Fostpimeticni of sale of elotanl tir-t class fnrnhure sndettk dining room suit, n lit Walker street -The sale ad ve.Used to take place on Thnrsla , a< (12 Walker street, was postponed till ihls dai (Kr d?i) a III o'o ock In rnnsequonus ol the storrn; when It will p.i-lllvel, tag,, place snd everv sr tlcle sold to the highest, being tn? stock of M. Wal ters, Esq. Auction notice ?.iopkpu i, hvimu, auctioneer, will sell. tide (Friday) morning, it '0,'a o'co'k, at 7'i Tatiklln street fourth bou?e w a. of Broadway one rosewood piano, of br'llian'. ion.: nn< lint-h; pa-'or furniture of solid rosewood; rich carpett, oilcloth oil palnttngl lu> go oval and pier g Lasses rorking anil eoy shalrs. mahogany and maple olalra, Hifa". dlnli1.' nnil lea a' lee ro.ew.wsl ind mahogany t.crisieeds, btireon* nn i washsia .d? to match; best hiiLr inat IrMstK, crockery, glassware, clocks, stiver ware, 4c. 4 UCTION NOTICE?.TOHNF RUSSELL, AUCTIONEER. A DAT KUS8RI 1.4'to will sell llita morning, (Friday,) at lOtfe o'clock at Rielr ?> r-nnu, H5 Nassau street, (two daoratiom K nib n sues ,) an iu.-nrti.ent of rosewood, maho gany oak, black waltm' nl t-namell -d household furniture, pure hair matt raws. pallia-see will fra ne looking and <11 paintings fto.. Ac Uo.!g (.-.ircliaaed to leave I ic clly care fully packed ou the premises l c. uis e.isb Rartlciilara In ca talogue*. Auction notice -j hiioart auctioneer, by. 8. BOtiART?Saturday at l(|ia o'clock, at the auction rooms rorncr Erankfort and s reels mortgigc -i.i'e of houaehold furnl'urs n shoai.ny r.i.fn rtn chairs marble top table, 30 now style looking plaasei , lot o-orkery and glass ware, Brnaeols and Ingralr. caipaia .sinves kitchen furnlune. also a lot of household furniture, to pay storage and advances' Auction NOTicK.-THtH bell, auctioneer ?by Bell 4 Utieh, ihts da>, ai 101-1 o'clock. In our salesroom. No 12 North Wtlllnm strce', we will eontmue the sale of valu able furniture, Brussels in era In and other c irne'*; paintings, 4c. Also, an eitenstve ??e. i iment of dry sissls and 'an"y ar 'ea; children's hell*, goods; an In voles of line eut ?a '?irilnrs, 4c Al-o wnboiii reserve, the three valuable R'T.s- 'ready advertised. walohoa ?. "I ,ts -rvi.v v.. TICR.?<JLARKE 4 A O., AUCTIONEERS, A -jslfnisui-' nl ane'lon, ih? entire st.s k of gentle A. w! 11 sell Ui Is -ired In stare tfl I'bti'hum street, u.ens' furnishing goods eon.. , sold witii...u floods pot up In I us to sun ptlrri..." ?- . ?? "e sold without rencrvr Salf to comro* t.ce ai 10 o'cIock *. .m> _ "auction NO) ICE -J. BOO ART. ^'^KlNRER TiY A 8. BOO ART ?Store corner Erarkfort anil Wjllrgn streets. Mortgage sale, this d?v, at 111 o c'ock at 219 YillUin street, near liuane siret-t, the conieuta of u laperhler anila u in# tfrinot), consisting of bar aud bar fixtures, furullure, table**, decanters, stove, Ac., *?0B ,1()K Atturoey typ Mortgagee. ELL^ii%2lj* ?^u?^i^nbi,*~will 8EL^ "n8 DAY> ? -tlJ'^,J " '*>J ?alesroora, (16 Nassau street, a large ard extensive a-. 01 , em of fnrnl'uiv of nil kinds consisting **'re?loP t.'ble-. rerewood hroca.eiiuita, rose" woo* aM mahogany chair* rosewood war Irobcs and lnmk elf gam bureau?, ?a?hst*ii<*, rosewood and mahogany ?wRtre tables, easy chair*, rocker*. oldce desk* and chaira, aewtag machines. segars, earpeta cpaineltcd cottnge furniture, Ac., Ac. Also. ai p rivals rale 300 bales green tow; also fifty dozen fancy baits at a low price. Farm at AVirrroN.-To bk bold at public auo Uon.on the 2li'h of 11th month, (Nov.) Iw on the promt set the taluahle (arm, recently owned by ihe late lie-lab ttwW. deceased, situated In ihc town of Washington, Dutchess oouaty. N Y., adjoining Thornedale, and n< iu the turnpike leading from Poughkeepsle to Dover Plains, iiftecn miles from the former and eight from the latter place. Hald farm consists Of D7>? acres of most excellent land. In a good state of cultiva tion, very desirably located as to neighborhood, meetinghouses, grist mills, schools, dally mall, Ac.: Is well adapted to either grain or (rase, end Ilea verv warm to the south: ts well water, ed; oootalns a wood lot. apple orchard and a variety o'frul's; A large dwelling house, handsomely situated upon a gentle emi nence; a Commodious barn, and aQ the necessary outbuildings, the whole In good repair. Persons srlsilng to purchase would do wen to examine the property, as It In to he poslMrelv sold to the highest bidder. Bale to commence at I P M. Terms made known en the day of sale Per farther pi'tlmler* Inquire of either Nathan Qlfford. Poughkccpate. N. Y.: dames II. Bart left, 20$ Pulton street, New fork, or John (1 e, adjoining the pi tortus. JOHN a. lank. SWIFT Hated Washington, N. Y., Nov.?, IBM. JANKNWIET.' FCOLTON. AUCTIONKKR.-THIB DAY, FRIDAY, ? Nov. 9, elegant household furniture, rosewood piano, several suite of parlor furelture In broeateUs, rosewood nook vase me ass pes iwi im atiuiv tee ui utoi-im. I'wnnuiai l/WA relief end tapestry carpets, oilcloths, Ac., Ac,, at I0K o'clock, at the auction rooms. M Beokman street, second dory, the entire furniture of a family who are declining house keeping-'ecarietta g la pert el i wo or three suits nf rich ruse wood parlor furnit ire, In crimson and blue brooatello. ol 'hs rirbesf description, and made by Meeka to order. The fund tare la In first rate rendition, having been used only since lane last. Also. one rich rosewood pianoforte, seven octave, richly carved; alan rich velvet and tapeatrv carpets oilcloths, dining and extension tables, wardrftbes. boukcaaes, large mitalre and easy chairs, mahogany and parlor do . msrb'e top centre, side, card end other'able#, fail h reach bedsteads, carved arm sua racking ahalrt. mirrors, curtains. Ac. Also one or two sal's of enamelled conageTurulture. en suite, oak and curl maple chairs. ssemrnt furniture Ac., Ac. AIm. Su lull pteiesof oilcloth, by virtue of a mortgage. TNCRNnTRK SALE.?A. M. CRIST ALAR, AUCTION J csr, 23 Bowery wtll sell this day, at 10 o'clock, house (ml I furniture, oonslstlns Of mahogany solas chslre. table,, bu r eus bookcases, marble top tables, drusscls and Ingrain ear Bits, hair mattresses. oil paintings, gas (In ures, Ac., Ac. y order of THOMAS J. McOKaIH. GKOhOE COOK, AUCTIONEER.?L \RriK AND PK remptory sals of new a ad e'egaut fnrnltti-a. at 'he stlca rtseua No. 117 Nassau street, this day (Frldavj at 10 o'clock. The stock embraces parlor, uhamior and illntug room suits of varioas styles: bedsteads, bureaus, aa.hsisnds, rnr^'?' l?aoKea, centre, side and pier tables, exlensvp fltnlng tables, *t>u?, sWlcboards, stegeie* wardrobe*, cluna anagiami ware, vsses. artrrors, paln'lngs, Ac The whole Is worthy the attention ?f ,j,e t sOe and others. ''stslov'tes >"i morning of sale. Boitng, sUlpptng, and de'lTcrtng ut the best I'tROCKRIEB BEW1NO ? WHINE. PTOTKP MOUOAd ' r hardware.-TMs day a' lb', o'clock .! ? I>e? ??? -nerofOreenwIch. coifee te. wan ralstns, Indigo |7. sulath, brandy, *hb>ke>. gin. knives, (urks, ? BOOTS. art* ? ?. saws. Places, cUseU. clocks, tinware. wltip.^do?hiug, r ollars, India rubber oTtrroats. '? _ ? .^A. CARTER, Auctioneer. i i ART B. HERTS, JR., AUCTIONEER.?AMTOTPva> -ale of tha large and splendid stock of gnverW t?aa Ac , eonlalred la store No. 7S9 n-oadwat.? HENRV KT8. Jr.. will s?u aa above re Vhumday and Prttay tier Sand 9, at lOo'c'ork each day. hv order of the **' the satire Week of fina grocery. *, teas, wines, llqa,., icrlved In part of choice laws lafwrial gnnpovlcr) vn, hyson akin. Oolong and Hu iciiong In various Jav " get; Java and Modi* codes, ehooolate wooa, ,vti! e refined sugars crushed vigar. : ng.ish -a ic? and tr'lab and Krem h mustard . In cask*, lars and hot. olives, sardlaes. anch<,v<?s. swae" oil sperm w\t in'tne rand es; white, yellow and Ctstlle s/?,p, a'tcr, tlour rs ".t,? ftg?. praees, preserved gi irer, ''IH Uingl* ? old tfennesae/ h iady do t,tard 1 ha ard and other cogns m "I ns and '> ' )-?; n )?? port .? d sbsrry ? lucre, - 1 ept . a ! -nstesa Margsaf "I ess ??, l/mdon em Is! gin. H ?' I.-sh.^tc >''b ma tsa wbbk.y t u? P. srovh ,is. rerHals, ?m at Aiidtiua. HENRY H LEBDB A OO., AUCTIONS* BR.-H. H. LKKDd A CO. will neH by auction, 8aturday. Hn\ V), nl 10 o'clock, ml thu -ale- room. No. 19 N uwau street, a I live a oak ol house bold furniture, consisting oTa geuersl assitmen , rem -red ior convenience ot sale?parlor >um covers I la Ortinwin a ;k 'iro e-iel, rlefe arm chairs. covered lu mo.iun>; -vtudow curtains, dirrtcng bureaus. much en suTea rhal-i waabstands. book c."-ea, d>-?ka. bat ruck*, Rrus#o1?, velvet ind maram ewycta, butle', bed* mattresses, plUowH. pallla-ier- chandolters, oil rlotha, counting hou-tj de*ka, beda-ea la, cotfngo turui'ure, and olhcr arUolaa not enuman.ioi Aiao, a Ui-.e lo' of -,11 car ul.ited ??n, oomdaUnii of chased nod piaia le i mi*, cake Dit-ke's liquor stand*, castors, urua, ke'las AO :*lao, a lo'of German sliver forks, speons Ac. iinrur Itaial' after tne furni ture?tbo Anoat collection uf stuffed bird ibai ha. beau o f?r-<d this season, prepared by the wall known exuler-niit, Win. (ialbralih. oooaialiDC of speclnc-us from all parts of the world tuouo'e*! in tho most substantial manner on wire, Kingly, lu group* and In cat er. HKbRY b. LEEDS A CO., AUCllONEERK?HENRY H Leeds A Co. will aell by andlo-j ,-u -'rlday, So e.n bei II, at U o'clock, at 'lie -ales room, 19 Nassau air*a,ele gain "il pab.tlnga.jud received froru -.-trope, and never before ??i,.lilted- of ibe English Flemish, Italian, "|>anlsb vud Dutch X'hoola. Among them wil be found" elegaul ncluro,, copies from HoJbui Raphael, Na we-h and ocreggio, by * distinguished English lady amaieur, sect bare for a "hi rouble iiurpoae. Al"o, 11 large paiiilingi jua. revs,red from hogland, of remarkable merit, and be't-ve I o '>e ori ;u?al by ?lohn Both, Itvoiute and Van Oik. nl n ? Una coll tn sou of elrgint modem hngllsh pl?y* by Wll on. McKenzle (art, (."acker Cut lock, and others of aqiial cuiabii y. aIk - ancle nan; ml of on of paining* onUa.oe ? cop .or and -ilk tl lacheit in rlaw. by fbambenux. Pa-telle, a ltde, and o'.bera ad bivoneof very Hue Flemish paln-inss just Imli l, by be mriel celebrated arileta viz., Ver-iook'-ovaii, ver vea vYill n-i ro Millie De I.ene. Co inc. -bnim ne> Destine -e.vie Wore, and others?all of whirl, are eleeatiUv fr .iniel ind o be ar id w tliout reserve 'ibia coMm itou Is wnrthi'Uie -neu ion of roumiissrurs a- helun sup r or o a.iy offered for aniue inie - In tlla maiket. Al?o a large pl-iure t'b-oja'ra'a toilet of Tret ol'i, a celebrated ? r l.4* of tne Vei eti in school. ENTY T. LEEDS, AUOTinNEfiB ?'<L?IOM ROBE*, mulfa yl: orlnea. Ac at artrt on, bW il iy, Frid ty,i Id*-, o'clock, at FUleaioom, Ueekuian atr-nt, HliNUl f ,KKim A i ll, will ol! laihove, b? order nl',,-*|r i-,. a a iir -nent of fura, nin.ufiirtiireu lor rmtom trade viz:?ltlch lined a id irl i nied rlelRh robca, aucb us Kztki M- u ,'tnn g -n-'et, pa i t hi r ii ml l-ultVo robca, Ac; rn\ a r- nine I-o-i'ln.i, Ina orl i, Ijn* rork and moHnlnln mar-en, Oapada (ltcha nut eailu mutla, rufl'a and violnrinea; ubo large cap-ia n.d lilin ii, ,.'nn t'rmrna'collnr-mid eutlli, Ar bale i arc p'O'V.rab, r iMb) Ity older of OKeignce, Cataloguca at aulc. I'lie t ad- are la vfted to attend. TTENRY n. HI'.KTS, JR. ATT0rl'?N ? rtR, WIW, sRLU II on Friday, Nov. 9, a'>2 o'clock. In front of a ore Vn. 75 Itnedwrty, a llrai rate e-roeer'i waRi-ti nmry new no.-it $1 'J al out mttr lnoidba hlncc; alio one u-on aaie, deek, Ac. By or dcr of usalgnec. Henry t. lefps, acotionc-er.?by Hicnry t. ltpcd* A Oo, tbla day, Friday, a- 1 o'ol ink, In front of en'orriPin Sfi Beekman* atreel, a la-Re lumber vaoon, one Rip and harncar. Rood saddle and bridl-, one. Krl itdoiie, ofll e desk, large atovc and.11X1 new viol*, doe peremptory. Mortgage hale.?.tohn w. hiimkrtndyki1! au '* tloneer, will sr'l <hl? day, at 10>? n'c.ock, at the -lies rooms. No. 2U North William street, near t.'hb'ham, by virtue III a chattel mortgage rosewood and insbojanv mirhle ion tables wakhitanda, bureaus, and chairs; m iboRany card tables, bcdateaos.csne seal rhalra. oilcloth, Ac. JOHN W. SOMEMINIiYKK, Auorneyfor Mortgagee, MORTGAQF SALE ?TUNIS MORRKLT , AUCTIONFER Rich sliver plated ware.?Tht- morninR at half-past 10, at 81 Nassau rtreet new allies tea la. alx and fnur Iilerea, coffee urns kettles. ei;g stands, cake and card has .eta, decanter stands, glass, silvered suits, spoons, forks, cas ters, goblets, Ac. VTEW YORK TATTEUSALLH, SIXTl AVENUE. TOR. lx ner Tlilrty nln b streot.?Friday, November 9. 12o'clock, large and peremptory sale at suction ot the stocko' silvery stable, conaiatltiR of 21) horses, 12 wagons, 6 carriages, blau kcta, robes, and tbc stable furnlturo; also the usual variety ol properly offered at TaKe-sali's weekiv sales. Catalogues now ready, and Uio property can be seen at TattKraall'M. J NO. CLEMONS, Auctioneer. Hbnky Palkbr, Salesman. OAKLEY A WRIOIIT WILL BELL AT AUCTION. ON Friday. Nov. 9, at 10 o'clock A. M., corner of Oean and Ncvlns street, Brooklvn, a large assortment of Rented parlor, chamber and kitchen furniture, (been used six mo-itn-J piano forte, Brussels, tapestry and Ingrain carpets furniture in suits, sc., Ac., all lu penect order. PJ. KELLY, AUCTIONEER.?I WILL BEuL. TIIIS ? dny, at 10 o'clock, at 31 Catharine -treel, the new an 1 well selected Sicek <>1 dry Roods oont-ttie I to said oro cmn mlslog a full ossor mem ot black and colored silks, Pre ich and hugllsu merlnoeg, long and square shawls, blankcs,qqllts, Ac H RFBH5LL W. WESTUOTT, AUCTIONEER.-KnlSU INT household furDlluro ai auction?II. W Westcott, *111 s <11 Ibid day, Friday, November 9, at )0>i o'el'ck, a' house 72 b uh'h avenue a few doors from Four een'h street, the entire handsomo furniture til ihehoiuie; catalogues of wMeb win be rtady this dav, the sale will be peremptory, without retrard to weather, consisting lu part of a superb rose wool pianoforte, stool and rover; two large French plate mirrors, suit rote wood parlor furniture. In rich broomie velvet and Urutsela ri out and stair 01111)010. tele a teles, sofas, mosaic and p.:?rl Inlaid ren re and pier tables, elegant ?birltdao clock, ra or; tu n chairs, colVciion of line oil p.iiutings, poreelain and china vases, rosewood wad mahogany chamber Inrtilture, sprlnp seat and cottage chairs, rockers.' *0 enamelled cUant her anils wbh marble tops, best quality of hair mattresses, bcila. Ae.. extension dltiuing and >ea bibles French cltlna l.t.ry cutlery, ctt' glassware, Ac., wI'll n large variety of bed rormniid kitchen furniture, oil cloth, Ac. A dcpodt will be red of purchasers. SPECIAL ANP PEREMPTORY SALE OF FIRST C LASS cabinet household furniture.? J. h. VANOEWATKR will sell ou Saturday, the loth, at 10)5 o'clock, at tne salesroom 12 Maiden lane, OrstclnBs cabinet 1 onychoid furniture, the si ck of a mannfarturcr To be aold Without reserve 011 a ccount of the owner declining badness. Al-o. a bite of rich framed itar lor paintings on canvass, oval* under glass to . The whole returned tor convenience of nam, among wldcb raw be found joaewood parlor subs covered In low .tel: rosewood and tint? boghuy mart le top centre. pUtr and ante a dee; malMiganv and roeewiod marble Itip d-es?|ng bureaus, washa'ands, una ex ?cns'ou dicing tables etrgerea, oak and rosewoo I bosk -asee, cbiilrs lounges w bh every article usually kept In a drat class cabinet fut ntture store. QAM. F. BARTOL. AUCTIONEER?BY SAMUEL F II VR ko tol A Co.?Will sell, Ibis day. at lii'i o'clock, a' Itdl I'enri s'reet, near Peek slip, one of Trimble's platform scales. 12 cases ol flnc black toa, tl cases of brat ry, 4 of glu. Ji chsatHcf M.ung Hyson lea, a b tofsogars, led brtiles 01 brandy lor fa mily use. i'O demijohns of brandy and gin, will nc so.d uiihout reserve, together Willi a lot of crockery, chloa, Ac. Also, a few guns. Thf. bathing anh'hair dressing saloon no.9 Murray s'reet, will be sold ut public .union Saturday, November 10, at 11 o'clock A. M. T II MS MORRFLI., AUCTIONEER ? ATTRACTIVE sale, this morning, at lu>= o'clock. a' 81 street, of rilTVplated ware, furniture mirrors, oil paintings, Ac., *r. '? ier^??rV< 0n*is,,i ( <,,'e? urns, ten keifier*. tea <**ts of C nim 4 articles, cake bu kc-u, carter-, Roblet#. knlvun and forks chh! receivers, eug wand- 4c. ?? urniture conji*t* of rotewrxMl ?i WiultHiwredl^iita, brocatcl and haircloth enamel lee chamber suite, mahogany, 4c., parlor aod chamber furni ture. extension dining tables, teto a teles, e sv, rooking and p&sor chair*, centre and sofn tnMes. >.|.-k wain-Hani curl maple churn, cane s^aN; ?ofa* and t-ofa bedstead*, with at moMi every article In the lino first c: am stock Mirror* and oil pauiting*---! Y?P',er mirrors, 2 choirs paintings, from Uie penriiof a. t . <.'oaU, ifiwj., with some /s? good n.iintliurs from mr? Igii, ,\c. artists all In rU n frames. The scene 'of 1 r>ijC? A !heri s blr h ptore, and the sc?ne of Rarntoga Lakn, are included. The preparation for co ntort on ralnv ?1avs will uo? defer this sale ?hould the wenUier be had. N. 14?Par tic u Inr cure i > taken to give ?a l.Jaciton. W J M. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WIT.L 8KI.T, ON S AT ' *i tOW o'clock, at 187 Canal at,, a genera u.aort mcrtof^-.u^boljl furaltnro, (removed for Bale,) con <1 ding of sniss, ????!", ceuir*. slue. utT.'.T.g an.1 l*a table*, wiudow tir lalns, mirrors paintings bookcases. v?s?s tane?try and other carpets oil cloths, stair rods, n ahngany and o'lie- l.e Is'eAds, hair end other mattresses, fea'lior beds iind budding, blan^flia, marble l<,|. dressing bureaua, withstands, toilet set* dtntng rncm and kitchen furnburr, corking stoves, and also one elegant rosewood ptanotorte. TXrn&IAM IRVING. AUCTIONEER ?SI7PERH SAt.R If of fancy goods, bronzes, Chinese goods, stiver piated were, French china, Ac. Win. Irving A Co. will sell at auc ilnn, on Thursday and Friday, Nov. Sin and Dib, at 101. o'cim-k, at the salesrooms. 8 line street brooze end ormolu clocks, esudelabars candlesticks, elegant bronze groans, ilguros, Ink stands, wstchMands, partan marble j^roupSj Ilguros. partan butter tabs, pitchers, plates, superb silver piste <i lea sets, wa ter kettles, lea sn.l coflee urns, massive sllvsr plated waiters, rasters, rake baskets liquor frame,butter tubs, salts, card baa kets, large Invoice Chinese goods. Chinese enamelled vases, from three Inches to four feet high; superb laoquorcd work tables, with Ivory fittings; tea trays, tegsrlsases. work botes, jewel caskets, chess boards, shawl bote., Chinese fans, desks, elegant French china pointed and decorated rases, card re ceivers , group., coupes. Inkstands, tea and dinner sets, ro lognea,elegant bronze candelabra*, supported by china figures: ebony caskets, glove taxes, fine oil paintings, on silk attached to glass. Two fine fishing rods, reels, Ac., complete; elegant china punch bowl. AITKOUMT. ABTROT.OO Y.?THR CRLRBRATED MH8. KLKI'RY, fn ra Paris, whose relation *u constantly consulted by Napoleon T., glvee true tn'ormsilon on all event* 01 life. Que*, lions about love, marriage, business, Ac are .mswerod by the power of magnetism, at H3 llroome street. A WONDER-TDK OIPBKY OIRT. -THIS RENOWR. ed and otilv truo palmist In America, oa.i be consulted with on nil events ot UfaL at A3 Hull I van street, near Broome. Fee 30 rent*. N. B.?Abe can Impart a secret bv which any lady or gentleman can obtain the affections of the opposite set. Chargi extra. A BTONISHIWG TO ALL?MI8H HRtTCR. TllR MTBTR Jl rlotis veiled lady and tin at wonderful s*tr iloglst In the w orld ?Mies Bruce can be consulted with on all i.renu ol life, to the astonishment of all who visit her. at 480 Broome street, between Wooster and LaoreuH. Fee, 5" cents, hours,') A. .11. to 9 P. M. ASTONIFHInTj TO ALL.-MaDAMB MoRROW~THI? highly gifted lady Is the most wonderful astrologtst in he worsl, or that hits ever been known; ate will tell all the ??vente of Ule, even the vr.rv t hourly, a. and will cause speedy marriages. and show tha 'ikeneas of the Ink-nded tioaband ?n the ?,ree' astonishment et all who visit bur. VI) who wrsoi ?v*l luck By to her for relief and comfort. All Interviews are orictly private, aa no adniisstoo la gWen to gentleovm. No hnrge If not aaHsfe.1 7S Broome street be'ween ? i?onor. and 'Vi'umbla Madame Morrow caii'lous the public against ihose astiolnglwta whooopy her advertisement, whloli read similar to her own. piJURVOTANT EXAMINATIONS ?DThR vhKS OF \J eie.y tuime and nature cured (If car tide) by Mrs, llAVho, the best seeing meillcil rbdrv.ivsn! in the worl? cs run hear of the whcreulsiu'e and wellhro o". Uielr Absent friend* bj ronstiltinv Mrs. llama. Oflic 176 Or.tud street. .Satisfaction given or no pay. CT/Kiy-MADAM PREWRPR if RETTBN K11 IANKH TO J her friends and patrons, and begs to say thit, afcr th i 'housands. both In this Pity sml Phil tdeiphla who have oonen't ?d her with entire satisfaction, she feels confident tliat In iites 'tons of astrology. Iowa and law mauer*, ai.J bo..ks or orages us relied on eooataatly by Napoleon. she has no eqntl. Hhe wl' tell the name of the fntnre husband, and alan tha namu of har -Matter. Ifi Madfsoo aire** Fpeedy and aure cure of p lea and urns, by a remedy of har own. M~ADAMF AI.WIN, FROM PARIS ? TENDERS HER servlcee to ladies and gentlemen, tn phrenology Hhn ? sn be consn'ted shout love, marriage, business, and will tell the name nf the ady or gentleman they will marry. Ala >, the name of her vteliera. Residence I Ml Canal s'reet. MATRtMON Y~MADR ? VBY -ALL-WHO- wT7mTT A ?pe.ilv marriage and good lock, may u I a??. on Ms.I ?me Vf RKfiisr an., eee the llhencaa of the Intended husband, and hear all yrwi wah to konw Hbe will toll even i our '? ery d-ughta. So rbarne If n?t saiIdlest 7# Broonae etroct, Re tr eaatn. CI'IRltrai. 't.a'irvoyAVCF~?Vr" AND MPS T.ORIM i I.. PLATT, wn etantnd andtresi Itseaaec bote nhvstcal and menial; a,.c (it. ptnehonietricai read' .d rh rac e.-, from sea'e.lei.' oys c. ia ro g thehandwri togof han-raon ? boee chars.'or is d<?'re.1 l>o. fvup \ n-. ? t. i a. c 'MllBf ?ve to i r-. Pi lITSI U ARf K, ?x f*CTi? incr r,?r rurRANrr '?? ' ? Lid tM li. Di< Mas' AT S Jaf JOTi RBCTf ary TOAMCIAL. ?79r jk? V I 4/l/.w\/U precious -lottos. personal property and merchandise ul all kind*. All rouimaoicatinn* eaaSJeaUal. Business promptly sa. nded to. Call at room 1U, 3S4 U.oad way, corner of Duune street. ttllUtf) (IIHI 10 ?** BiAStONi* fUlfy.UUy. watchaa, jewelry dry good t, organ, An. or bought Cbr oadi; stocks, aawa, murigagn. an. mtgociatsd Buaitim* aonbdesMial and prompt by VMOMI' t CO., brokers and cnmmissloo merchants, Ul? Niunvi street coroe ot Am, rata No. i. second hoar. 4(1 ^ (1(10 -ANY AMOUNT Or CASH LOaNKO on diauiomis, w?:h< ? ye v?iry tcg?r? Ac . or puroLaeeu at fair price*, ai 2V Ann street room No 4 Business hours 9 A. M. to A P. K For sale, a splendid brick house and store, In Kant Brooklyn, cheap. *^^7 rwilk TO LOAF-ON WaTOBHo. OlAMONOn V??ol ?w(; Jewelry, segurs aud every descrlnttpu a* valuable property, or bought for cash, hjr JttR. r. ISA AO ba-cutout office, 11 Ukaubara street, from 9 UN f> Uusliioo ompt and o?n(:d?nUal. Old (told *i i bualneaa Iran: acted oa Saturday. dfcKH nnll TO LOAN (IN SUMS TO SUIT APPLI ?P'?JU/-UUU caitbo.?To those In need of aaatataucc lu huslnria, lli.eral ca-h udvancoa made on all kinds of m uclt tn dbo. tcockh of goods bought for cash Ac a'1 transAC..ou slilctlj coulklciitial. Apply at IM Hroadway, rooms 28 and -9. rt 11 llllA -PKKBONB IN KMHAkK aA-BIS UlitlJflW lT?.rT."?UVU. stances dsrnroQ-of obittUilna Iotas tor set ticn.enl cl i xecinioua ana oilier hu-ltes* oaa l>e aooomm slat cd. i oeatriatest conlktunee he relied on. Apply by la e< (postage Irt e) tn at b., 483 Un udtvay. Jal ( k fUtl 1-W ANTED TO IIORROW ON OOOD SKC1T jpj.Vf.UU' ' rtty of hTe lots, brick bit filing. and miilfiiery c. a g' od n,HDuf'i:c!n/inK IiukIucsh, or a par uer will be ukeu, art'et'cttred for me srnount invested. Address J'r-itll, ooi Ul llerald office. jo nnikwanted?to uthi in a MAJfurao 'J fci-UU/Vf ttutup busineas. An ne'lve man. wdnthe above amount In cash, may hear of a good npptu umly ny ad Maon, Herald office, slating where au*iniervtew ra ,y be had. S NY AMOUNT OP 0 ASH LOAN Kb, OhfUH'lUstu _ si sight bu fair prtoue. on diitutonds, writs es. rlcbjowo -y, t lal?, uierctieudl si, and value tile persona prtioeriy g"p ' ally, by It. WfHlIl, o9 I dmc alrne'. second Hnnr. front rc-"?, Votn 9 A. M. Is 6 P, M. CALIFORNIA?AN AtTIYK BUS IN NIK MAN (Ml cha -U.,) established In business lu IbU plies, who lire' or a tittml er of team at <'allfurtila, Is do Irons to return there -ocn, utid to an as aK?nt or nk? commtsdou for various has oss.-is. Is risdy <0 travel there in business Rest relure.ices "an be git m Address II. California, Herald office. NEW TORK FIflATINO DRY DOCK COMPANY, NOV. 7,185A ? A quarterly dividend. of lour (4) per out his been dec'tired, payable on and After the 20th Instant. The tr&nsler books yt 111 b. closed until Ilia' date. Ky order, H. Y. MAbON, deort" try. VKW YORK NOV. I, 18M.-TUE PiCESIDKNT ANII 1-1 id rectors of the Iktwery Bank have declared a dividend of four por cent, payable on and after the l'ltb tnsL The transfer nooks will be c.osed until that date. My order, N. U. BRaDKORD, Cashier. OFFICE OF THE NltW YORK AND NKW HaVKN RAU road Oompany, No 1 Hanovar street.?Notice to socr holders. Holders or seven per cent bonds of the oouipan ore hereby notUleu Utat In pursuant* of ao attof tb- genera Assembly of the State of Oouneotiout, passed at iu last Ma. leeaSiu, the Treasurer Is uutliorlied aid prepared to exobange tor the outstanding bonds bearing seven per coot Interest, aef uul .enured \ mortgage bonds authorized hv the before men .toned act, bearing six per cent Interest, ana secured by at uuiy morgage on the oounany'e road, fratiohlaes, A ?? Bald ex ?hange will be made at this office UDtl! further notice. B, order of the Director*. W!t BEMJfNT, Treasurer New York, Oct. 19,18S8. rMERCHANT8 AND TRADFSMEN.?ANY MKR chant of integrity who can use real estate or mortgages to a-slst In his purchases, will be backed In a large amount by the advertiser, who tvnultl take an ioterest in su th purchases, or yvalt Ull sales are effected for Uls pay. Address Capitalist, box 4,677 Post office. WANTED?TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS, FOR SIX months, st 90 per cent. Interest per unuum, and good -ec'iriiy given. Address R. B., Herald office. COPAHTBTBRSHIP HOTICBfl. LUCRATIVE BimiNKsH.?TrtB ADV'BK ?>U V .UUU tieer wishes to flod cne or two gentl-men with this amount of cnxh, to Invest In a commission bu-diia** of the highest roepe"laidllty, In which the proflla are large, nod which le entirely destitute of rlak. Address B., 3,506 Post i.Ujcc. C>0 finil TC $5,000.?WANTED, A PARTNER, IV A JjpO.vUV very profitable, well established business; also, v partner with $5W In 11 cash business, which pays over $100 per week; no 1 Isk. Apply at 304 Broadway, room No. 10. _ nnn TOW000.-PABTNER wanted with tub f O.uUU above amount In a strictly cash business of long standing, and without the least possible risk, as the party ta . ettlnj, w'J lbold double the amount at all times as Ids security, all lurtlier particular* wll. be given upoe au Interview. Ad dress lor two days Commission, Herald olllue. ill! TO $2 000.?WA NTE1), A PARTNER, dul.tJUU either silent or active, to engage lo a business that will ensure at least from 35,000 10 $5,000 profit tn me year. litis is a rnre chance for one having this amount. Pit ase address t'onlidence, lleruld oIUcc, staling where an In ter* tew may be bad. cuf1 Aft -WANTED?A PARTNER. TO JOIN A OEN tpLUl". tleniai. in one of the best paying enterprises of tbe daT, from wblcb $2.1*00 wl'l bo made Ibis winter; no risk, u* the Investment Is lecurrd. Call this day ou Mr. IIOUSFORD, at Vun Hyper A Co.'s, 345 Broadway, room 35. _ fi&Klifl -PARTNER WANTED TO JOIN A THOROUGH 3? Ol 1U. b twiners mail, In a respectable and very protlta tie business. csn be msdc 10 pay from $3,000 to $4,000 pec an num. Reference given and requited. Apply to THOMAS M tilMI'LkY A CO., reel estate office, 113 Chambers street, back office. diQltn TO $500?WANTED A PARTNER WITH THE ?JJOUU above amount, to en,'age In tho aalc of a medicine, (the only sure cure for the piles ever discovered) out of which tt fortune can be made. This ta a rare opportunity. Address Henry W. Arlington. Herald office. dbf)AA -A ORKAT CHANCE TO MAKE MONEY?550 v ill be realized per day by any pet-sou who c in (uraish the amount to join the advertiser. None but an honest, temperate man need call. Apply Immediately at VaN KA rKK A CO.'S office, 345 Broadway, room 35 A single gen tleman preferred. OA A-WANTED, AN ENTERPRISING, INTELLI 4i gent, respec'altle mtn. sa partner, to take an loth rest la, and charge nt a wife, genteel and rapidly gro wing lrus<tieaa; location the best In Una city. To the right kind of a men. a superior chance will he given. For particulars, tip ply to Williams A Smith, 81 Nassau street. a GOOD P.I SINKS* MAN, WITH A CAPITAL OF i\. $5,000, to enter sn established house as active partner. I tie Olivines.' is a tush one, and yields good profits. The loca tion Is uueiiualltd. Aduresa Capital, Herald office. A YOUNG MAN, 36 YEARS OP v.K. WORTH $5,000 carl), and *.Uk>0 In real estate, with a first class trade of >60 ObU, *> Isl es to lind a similar person who has a knowledge of the t'vr.ersl straw goods business with a view of embarking ?n business the 1st of January next. Address Mtltou, Pott office. Dissolution ok co-partnership.?thr go part ncrshlp hcrctolore existing between the undersigned Is 'his day devolved by t utus! consent. William O. Van ouidcn 1 will settle tho llabtlfttea of the late firm. WILLI AM G. VAN ST ADEN. Now York, Nov. 6,1856. EDWARD MEYER. PARTNER WANTED?IN A LICENSED NEW AND second hand furniture store, with ? capital of $1 fl to W00. None nerd apply but one willing to work. Call at ud West Aroaiway. OARTNFR-WANTED A YOUNG GENTLEMAN OF L respectshllitv ai d good address, with $50 to $100, to tola he advertiser In a first class wri'litg academy on Broadway. Address Partner, box 192 Herald office. OTANTED A PARTNER?A BUSINESS MAN, WITH A VV oash capital of fifteen hundred dollars, to engage In a pro 11 table and rate met nanlcil business. The only object ol he advertiser Is to extend his bitslnevs. Address B. M. P., Herald office, wlih real name, slating where an Interview may "?had. WANTED?A GOOD BUSINESS MAN, WITH $100 TO $300, to take an agency In one of ihe moat Important states for the sals of goods In daily demand. An active, ener getic person required. No other need apply. Also, an ag?'" to take orders from samples on commla-lon. Apply at 3l< iiowery. HOCSKB. ROOMS, ftOu WAYTIP. nOTTAOE HOUSE WANTED?BY A SHALL FAMILY. V/ Good ri ferences given. Location on or nexr the Myrtle avenue or lit dford rstlioads, not more than 2>j miles troin the ilroo) lyn City Hall. Will lease for a term of year* If suitable. Address, stating ttrms snd location. Cottage House, Brooklyn I'ost office. GXOR $500.?WANTED TO RENT. A WINDOW IN P Broadway, suliahle for engraving business. Beat of re erenee given. Address B. D. J., Herald office. FCRNISHFD HOUSE WANTED?FROM NOW TILL Lt May i t xt, either In New York or Brooklyn, by a small ccntael fsndly at a moderate rent. Addre-S 0. N . box 1,503, Post office. ' FURNISHED HOUSE WANTED, ABOVE BLBRi'KER street- l or a small femlty, till Ursi of May. or f ir a longer imo. None need apply unless the location is desirable. Ad dress Oliver. Broadway l'ost office. Iy ART OF A HOUSE WANTED?THE SECOND STORY prehrred, for s smill quiet fatnily. In Brooklyn or Now , ork. Address A. M llcrnld ofllco, stating rent, which tnuit t>c n.o<!craie, for this seek. |)AHT OF A HOUSE WANTF.D?BY A FAMILY OP I three person*, ta a respectable neighborhood sod m *.' s ?tsgo rou'e. Bent m' lento. Ibe second IV-or In * house oc upied by s private lamt'y preterred. Address, stating terms, IV. J Burr, Broadway Post office. i*Tt -M F.NGINF. WANTED.?A MARINE ENGINE, OF O right o- ten h jr?e power. Addres* A. J , Herald office. say A NT ED?UP TOWN IN A GO' D NEIGHBORHOOD, Yf a well lurtu-hcd bouse, for six or 'welv.- i.nmih* A I Ihe -.-a! price will be paid for ouo suitable. Address 8. P., box >.H02 Post oilier. IVANTED-^A HtTT OF FURNISHED ROOMS IN THE M upjivr story of n building on Hroidwtv, adapted to the wants ol arlub. sod. If possible, where no other room* are rented tor otlier then business purpose**; or would take the ?cent; 1 storv "f s prtv.'te house wfisro thai mesmg* would te entirely free from r<slralnt. Address imuiedtaiely M. N., bi.a U5 Herald office, givmg numtver snd psrdculsra. Tl'ANTFD IMMEDIATELY?A HOUSE OR COTTAGE Vv for a very ?n.a'l lamily. Rent rot to exceed $250 or 5300 a your. JWdrcts St. Clair, box 1*0, Herald office. iv ANTFD-PAWT OF a HOTSE WITH A GENTEEL V v unlet fsmllv In s good neighborhood, botwoeu Soring srd Eighth streets, and ne.xr nrosdws". by a sms'l American tsn lv lAddrv-s, witn nsrttvilar*, immediately, Oomtort, care .t II. W. till,*, drnggtW, Tit Broadway. WaN ' KI??1*? REN 1 a GOOD SIZED WORKSHOP V* with yard r-- ?-asy of access, .ttuatcd in New York or I eklye. re" ? be m'?lerste. Ad.lrnsi S., box J,(104 Post office, New Totk. Uvgjc D?APART MP V '?, FoUK "R SIX R't.tM- - T he advertiser Is a Prrdes^ir, rsnsble of trae'enf the

4ic'sh 1,rentes Frencb, Germ m, lennnnslitp sn-t lonk) ah lirsr.i he* FreT.cb, tivrm in. pennrmalilp sn-1 1 nokj nc, srd snvld like to arrange with ? tsmb* wh-re ' itUun I . sket s- n p- ? payment ot tin- rcnL Address A. Veto poiitgn Post r.fli e. - A?n FP_ \ f FCO.ND STORY, BY A M AN ANI> HIT . s fconse with mte g-ntsel, ub<? d nrd on s -'-'s-e r.? t-e. be. teve-'t. strei*-' 11 I Flf 'i s 1 n n: -lereio Address A. II., I'll ntu 1 rent, As \xa: -|t ASTFTk-TO HIRE. TWO NEW OR -K "N I \? ,? ,> w | >? -es. l--r p- v n 'si f- v L . *?. ikii'k otdcr Ad'rcssil.U. Ut.alduCl'.'c BOABOOIO AID LODOIIO. C en PXABL STRUT. A rKW DOOltS FROM BROAD OOU wa). Ueotlsmeu KUil ttaalr *lrei, or a few (ingle gentl. men ran he accommodated with well furnished room*, aul board. Terms moderate. Q7Q FOURTH STREET.?A FRONT PARLOR AND Oli bedroom. on the reread boor, eh.-ganUj furnished, wi b gas and belli room Mel rlueat adjoining, to let. wlib or wlibout board. m HUDSON PTRKHT. FRONTING ST. JOHN'S park ?Furnished room* to let, with hoa-d, 'o elnale gei tieinra orgculieiuen and 'bolr wire*., II., use lytwty far ' iidird. with all the modern luiprovetnec'a. "1 AO EIGHTH STREET. OPPOPITK TIIE MERCANTILE 1 'II' Library.?A pleasant room, with i>o?rd, m.. be ha 1 1 OM CHARLES STREET.-GENTLEMEN AND THRIft J wires or . Ingle genUeu. u ceo he accommodated with tuH or partial board. "119 CLINTON l'LAOK K1UHTII eTltKKr BFTWKgV I JO 1 tflh snd bixth avenues?Gentlemen ami their wire*. "iLglo gentlemen, can ob'alt. pleasant room* and board at the at ove place. Ftre ptueea In single room* with all 'be rni Jcrti Imprnvcceu's, and whhln Ure minutes' walk Irom Broad way Stage* paw thr door. Q1 EAST TWENTY THIRD STREET ?HANDSOMELY Ol furtished apsrtnt n's mar be obtained. v, Hi botrd; par lor- with bodinooiH adjoining, and two rootn* for single g a ?letuen Apply a* above ?A EAST TWBNTT THIRD HTR?BT?T(f RBR ROOMS 4 X on the second flour may be had. with board, in the *bo/e flrHi uIhhh house pleasantly kicaled between Fourth and Lex In;; ton even tics 7 A WAST TWENTY THIRD oTRKPT?A VRRY DKoIR I I aide parlor aud I .*1.1*tui on thr second Moor may be ob tained ?lib full or partial board Lunation four dnora from Sixth avenue. 70 WEST TWENTY THIRD HTREKT.-P1.Ka8ANT I ?/ rooms hi suits or singly, sltun'ed i n ?er.,nd floor front; ih.. b< u'-wrcrt In* all the modern Impi jvemenls; loca lon ua surpassed. Apply as above. f-j? W HITS STREET?AFT" W DOORS WEST OF BROAD UU w ay?Several room* to let on the gr und lion.-, iinfur >g. bi d room to* bur:nea? ujo poet; an elegant mom on 'alrd Iflnr lurnlHlo tl lor a t-mall ftinniy or single gec'lem'u; al.*o, tome on the fourth floor, on rcaronaide tertn*. 4C GROVE S1REKT, ONE DOOR FROM BLEKf'KEIt. I ? ' '1 wo handsome parlor* on Hr?( and senood door*'0 let with hia'd, to Bent cmen :?id their wives. Unite tlr-t cIum, containing itll the modern Improvements. Dinner at C o'elork. Ati DIVISION STREET.?BO AP.DINQ.? A KE.V RES J 2_t pectable young men can be acromtii'daied with good boat d snd comfortable room-, also a gentleman ani bIs wife, on rrt-Monable teune. Apply, throiigb this week, at 42 Dirl nun alt eel, one door Irom Clirystle. ?JGREENE STREET, NEAR CANAL.?OBNTLEMAN <?.?/ and his wife, or (wo single gendern n.oan he accomatn .laicd with handsomely tumlsued r utile and full or patttal loc d Hot and cold hatha. Icrmt moderate. References exchanged. /> COLLEGE PLACE-FURNISHED PARLORS AND 8IN 11 gle room* 10 let, without board; also single rooms, with breakfast and tea. if required, at 141 North Hlreet. third door east ol Broadway, j 3A1-HLAND PI.AOE, SECOND DOOR FROM GREEN j wlrh avenue.- A few aeiect families or single gentlemen ean I e accommodated with board and rooms in suits or single. 1 tlouse Urst ciass; locaUoi) desirable. Access hv Sixth avenue ears and Amity street stages. '* erms reasonable. References exchanged. I A SMALL NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM TO LET, WITH or without partial board 'I be borne baa all the modern improvcmenlH. '1 erms moderate. Apply at 121 Crosby st. A SUIT OF NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, ON HIE second floor, (breakfast served If required) to a gentleman und w He, or single gentlemen. Also single and lnrge double n?m? lor lodgings. Price from two to seven dollar* per week. Inquire at 70 Franklin & . tet, ttrst house west of Broadway. ANEW HOUSE JUST OPEN.-SKI.KCT FAMILIES OR single gentlemen may secure pleasant rooms, lu units or itng'e, with beard, la a Urst elnss house, dealmbly located, newly painted and furnished throughout, wt h modern Improve mi nts mid llrsi class table. Apply ut 112 Leonard street, a few doors cast of Broadway. AIADYAND GENTLEMAN REQUIRE THE USE OF a furnished room, with lire In winter one day In each week. Any widow lady, of moderate means, living alone, in a quiet neighborhood, not too far up town, and having such 110 cnmmodatlopH, may address, tor three days, stating locu.tou, T. Y. T., Herald office. References exchanged. A FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET-ON the first or second Ilonr, to a gentleman and lady; hoard bribe lady only; 110 per week, Urn and light included; not htpber up thuu 1st k street, and wiih'n two minutes' walk of he Elghdt avenue cars and lllceoker street stage*. Fo? pae'.l | culars, address Mrs. Williamson, lfro.idway Rust ifflce A8UIT OF ROOMH TO LET TO TWO I.ADIKfi WHO are Willing to lire rnilred, Hs aiad no the east side of the I city, between Twenty Ullh aril 1 wen'y-sevcuth streets, near Fourth avenue. Ibn family Is atrial'.and no other unartlera will t c taken. Those who are willing to pay an eutivuleat ?111 liuil All the comforts of a home. Address M 0. D., llorald office. A GENTLEMAN ANI) WIFE, AND TWO SINGLE GEN llntneu can be accommodated with pleasant rooms and board. In a private family, where they can enjoy tlio social ecmlorie of a home by applying at No. 48 West3iMstroot.bc tweet. Broadway and Fifth aveiiue. A PRIVATE FAMILY 11) LUDLOW PLACE, WOULD let to single gentlemen, a suit of furnished rootn* on the second floor, communicating w I.h 'he bath room The house has gas throughout, and other modern Improvements. lie tcrenco required, A GENTLEMAN DESIRES A ROOM WELL FUR. m.bed, in a modern house, with a-utt.danl closet room nod In a qu'et nelghht.rl nod below Fourth street, and no' more thantwo block* from liroudvrav;newly furnUied oretcrred.and to he kept In the nicest possible order. Address Franklin, He rald office, Board.-to let, wiTn roard, a large front and hack mom. on the seennl flo- r, separate or togedter. 'or gentlemen and their wives, at 80 tlreeuo street, near Spring, and within one minute's walk ofH oadway; two or 'hre* iiogle gentlemen can also be at comm.slated. Gaa aud i.tnh in the house. B0ARD.-8ET.ECT FAMILIES, OB SINGLE GENTLE uicn, may secure pleasant morns In -ultes or single, with board, in a first class private house, de.-dnhty Ij-assl. ne.vly palmed and furnished thmagt sut Dinner at six o'clock. Ap ply at 222 Thompson street, between Amity and Uloecker. Rc lurcnecs exchanged. JjOARD AT 23 NINTH STREET?FINE FURNISHED I i iot.m* tn suits or single, with or without hoard, or private able. Motlern lit.provemeii'*. Ae. Good 'ocatlon and a plea sant w later home. House newly furnshe! BOARD-A LARGE FURNISHED ROOM WITH GRATE, ran he hsd with or wilbon' hreakfasi and lea; also, a sin gle room, at 118 Grand (tree1, fiist block west ol iti oadway. TJOARD?TOYNBEE'S HOTEL, MONTAGUE PLAGE, IJ Brooklyn.?Rooin? fur lsli?d or unfurnished, with or without nonnl, for Umlllet aud single gentlemen. Pleaanut location und good table. THOMAS fuYNUUK. B Board?a small private family can acoom modulo two gen'lemen nod their wives, or tour slngio .'?, with handsomely furnhJirn room* with full or .nl board; hnuiut has all the modem improvements, unit well <? aled For particulars call at 119 West 1' wenty-second street Reference* exchange ! and terms moderate. OARD?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE. OR TWO i single gentlemen, eao ba aoootzuaodatad with board In a rlrata family, occupying a modern boQl house, pleasuiitlv -Hunted, nnd where the comfort* of home may heonjjyed. Ap - 1 ly at No. 8 WUTM phice, Churlo* street. Board?a few gentlemen can obtain hoard, wt'h delightful rooms, In Williamsburg, Ru.h street, throe loors above Second street, left aide, lit a minutes'walk front Peck sdp lerry, and one block from the Hr.toklyn and Green mint railroad; also one young lady, to rood with the alver iscr's daughter. MRS. EVANS. Board in a private hocsb.-to let, to gentlemen and their wives or to single gentlemen, two large and ouc small room on the second story, hsndsomely uralahed, with partial board for the gentlemen; (he house is elegant ?nd contain* all the modern Improvement*. Apply at "."J East Twelfth street, between Second and Third avenues, bird block from Broadway. Board.?a private French family, occupy lng a new hotiae, with all the modern Improvement*, ?.Her to a gentleman and hla wife most convenient room*, on he second Iloor, and board Apply at 118 West Fifteenth at. Board for children.-two little girls can have a pleaaan' home with a lady who Is accustomed ?othe care and eduention ol children: also, a lady csn be ac ? anmodated. Apply at 81 West Twenty seventh street, be - ween Sixth and Seventh avenue*. k OARD.?A PARROB AND BEDROOM ON TEE > second Iloor. suitable for* lamily. atao single room* for gentlemen; the bouse la first class, and replete with all the nodern Improvement*; French and Spanish spoken; dinner at % o'clock; references exchanged. Aprly at 161 Tenth airce', near Hroadway. Board.?to let, to gentlemen only, a p arlor ai d bedroom on second ttoorl In a first class house (ha* all he modern Improvement ), with partial hoard If desired, In a ortia c family. Appty at 37 Hletcker street. Board in weft fourteenth street, opposite Anuur.elation church, near Hitch avenue.?A gentleman . <1 wire, and two single gentlemen, can be arootninotlated w lih furtt'shed anartments and board, by application at 106 ?Vest Four.eeutii street The location Is uuaurpaved, and unvenlent to rara and mages. Ketercnce required. OABD.-A PLEASANT SINGLE ROOM, ON TlIK second iloor, to let. In a prtva'e hou-e, to a gent'eman, no. ' *rd; also,a -cont for two young gentlemen. Kelts ret ices rey d. Apply at No. 8 Beach aires", St. John's park. Hath ato a In the bonne. i: HARD.?A NEATLY FURNISHED ROOM ON THE 11 ill at tloor, lo let to a gentleman and wile with board for lady, In a small private family. Apply at fit) Bast Twentv -ixtb s'rret, near fourth avenue. Bc B B OARD -A LARGE PARLOR, FURNISHED, IN flr?t class house. Any person wishing board and nil ihe ci mfoitaof a hone wUl no well too ill at No. 47 Bond street. Ihe home ha* all the modern bnprorrmenti. BOARDINC.-TO I.FT. WITH FI LL BOARD. AT 52 Varlck street, opposue St. John's Park, two very plea .up unfnniished rooms, on the second and third floors, with *11 the modeler tmprovemeat*. ? BOARDINO-AT 66 ORRffNWICH AVENI'K.?VERY desirable rooms to let, whh or without board; has all the modern improvement*. ana vury convenient lo stage and car fate*. Terms rrs.derate. Reforen-ee exchanged. Boarding at ?4 warren htrket.?plkvsant and airy rooms lo let. with full or partus, tuiard, to gent la IMD, at J.''5" per week; dinner from 12 to 1 o'clock; day board ers accommodated; reference* exchanged. Boardtnc.-a man and wife and two young ladles anil one ? ogle gentleman cau he accommodated In a privs'i-family no other boarder*. Apply ut No. 117 West A netes h'h street. BOA RDINO.-TfTl.KT, A LARGE FRONtTrOOM ON the Menftd floor, to ? Ittf Ms Wife, with board. Also, he bark room on th? -amc floor, tit 2H K tiring'on ?'ree , ona h > <-k from the H. t er\ Also, two y OUR g ladle* 600 bene ? < n nimr.balod with t'oard. Term* reasonable. jTTtAHDiNG -* pritate frmt/onirPTiRO a I / first eiat-s t.or e, location unsurpassed, l ave a trout room 'l.lrd ?'ori and front ballroom. *? . . ml store, to r-ot. ?. h l?M A|| > ?? T ? w N't 170 Wed Aid ?., near 7lh avenue. tldflflD'O-ib ' - F REGIE rRT OFFICE, sag lt>{t> \n i tin 1 all "i to IV II t V rtodortt tni J > *i?y, i!?* ?r Orfe rtiurrh ? I ? t on wan* rooi ? !iT?* in r*r bo*i^t?m in any *tk n f Yon < at it re ni charyej' j calHrv oh H I; K OOODWjN. nOAKD T x * BROOK 1 YN -WIDOW L 13 tt'i ahem** tilf?ran??y ln ? mi wm m m protrtir rfita, WDfild <lk8 * ? of * (Kilt; r>f ro 1 ami I'W Wife r* utfotnci*. at U bo*?r4; <hmt#?r * ?!?Wk. U rl au^cils Aii'lJ at C2 ft UtoU?*bf ati ?OAUWIG AJTO LokHIHO. Board in Brooklyn wanted- by. k "'I??';6 ?*?" mau gent It man, a neatly I .ruiahed room. ilim* *e , and partial I oard. In a prh ate a up rlcan <? ^''A1 1* * ?>? re I?p can eujoy the comforts of it heme 3,67ft Sew Yorri Pest ofiioe giving real nam? . bating U riTb ana locaiiou Board in Brooklyntwo oit three c,v *TL'r-. trf?c?Dli? htroDiUiod itod with rommrtsnli- root* 1 ""3 part's! b-anl in Henry street, MrtvikJjn, be'weea ?tilto* aul w all atreel feme*. Terns moderate. App.y at 03 Henry * BOARDING IN RROOKLYN"?A FTJWSINGLE OKN'L* men or gentlemen and tbalr win. an be ice.-mmoJ ited wl h pleasant rooms, with full or parti.,I board, at H7 Hlnki street, Brooklyn Heightt, artthln two minutes' walk of Wall atrret ferry. Board in blooklyn.-a lady and gentleman, oealng e gentleman, can bo acrrmmodaied with !x,,-d In a houae beautiful! Incited, wt'h all tlie modem Imp-ove-tu-n a, w 'htn Ave m'nutcs walk of the Sou b or Wall street rerrla-i. inquire at24b 'lenry atreet, Brooklyn. Referenoei requ red. Board in Brooklyn?between pouth ? nh wall ?tri-et ferriea. Two or three young gentlemen rtta bare l leaeant roontH and partial board at 36 Willow |>taoe; terji tnodera'.e; reference* en-hanged, BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE deetre an unturuti-lied room and Wr??, wu>i partial board only for the gentleman. In a quiet, genteel family, where there are no other hoarder*?with a widow I ly preterm.;, "I nine mint be moderate Reference* exchanged Addresi, Mating pitrtlculara, K,, bog 1,676 New York Poetotfloe. Brooklyn heights?pleasant rooms with l oar l fur genllemeo and their* or stogie gettlemeti, can be ob allied at 120 t olumbu itecot tlirt n tu lia rs' walk from Kult in or Wall btreet ferrieg. Go d references gl'i-Q and required. Board wanted?for a gentleman's wife in a French f.itully when Frtwh alnae laIpakan. l'leave address Frenrli, Herald office fortwodays. Board wanted-by a orntlkmak. eititkr full or par lal. where he could enjoy the cots tort* ol a hrcne at d agr eal le oeie'v; a widow Indv of cheerful and so. cteblc dlannsltlon pr-terred liath reqtilai e mid ooord p ild In advance in lieu ol reference, Address Nelaon, Broadway Post office No boarding houae ? need apply, BOAPD WANTED?IN .lb.R8BY nTY, FOR A OWN llerr an and wile, two children and servant; hretkf>ta' and lea lor the gcutleinar?full bond lor t e f ttnilv. Taring not to < ?eeed $16 a week Addre-s f>. V. X., Herald office 1YOAKD WANTED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY, WUKRN J.J the. e are hut few or t.n boarders, by e gentloin to and w I it of quln and dnmeetlr habits The comfone of ahum* a" mostly sought for. Addreaa H King llerald otllc, for t"i day* atiitlrg full pnr'loulara, terma (with fuelt, location, Ac. Beat of reference* given and required. Boarding house kxghanoe 84 Nassau street. near Fulton. -It you wlab to obtain dealrable rooms or board, apply at once at tbe 'hxchanee " wlare yon will he nollt, 1> directed free of charge. Private lamlliea and boarding In ?ees can obtain deelble boarder* by calling on \V 11,1,In MS A SMITH f tORNER OF RROADWAY AND GREAT JONES x ' afreet ?A handsome front parlor and brdroonaB to let, fin-niched; also, several rooms tor alngle gentlemen, al No. 1 Great Jones atreet corner of Broadway. Board, with a prl vale table, cart be had If deelred. Desirable hooms-with partial board, may be o> tallied in a private family, by two or three alngle gen Hemeu. al 1P9 ble< ektr atreet, Families wishing a pleasant and comfort able home, wl h a widow lady, who has taken boarders but a abort time, can be accommodated in a first class house, with evert convenience. Situation desirable and terms moderate by addressing Home. Union square Poat office, for threeaays' Gentlemen may obtain one or two plea nanl furnished rooms, without board, by applying at 19 Jay atreet. AND80MEI.Y FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET?EITHER with or without board, at 22 Waverly place. Lodgings at 25 cents per nioht, or ?i w per week, to be had at the Globe Hotel, corner of William snrf Frankfort street*. Everv attention will be paid to cleantl uega and cotntort. The above are single rooms. VTO. 28 GREENWICH AVENUE, A FEW DOORS FROM JL.v sixth avenue to let, to alngle gentlemen only, one or two furnished parlors with bedrooms. Reference given and required. Rooms, with breakfast and tea?fronting on Broadway, 469. Entrance 117\ Grand street Rooms, with breakfast, in a strictly pri va'e family of four persons only. App.y at 36 Bleccker st. TO LET-FURNISnED ROOMS, WITH ALL THE MO dem Improvement*, with or without board, at 767 Broad way, comer ol Ninth street. H T TO LKT?A KICK FURNISHED ROOM. WITHOUT board. it 70 White street, thffl door east of Broadwey llo ftlMMI required. O LET? A P A R 'I M KNTS NF.AE T"K BATTERY, NO. Id _ state street, two ?rrn1 rooms on seaond floor, and two oa third floor. The l.onse la orderly and ra?pectaMe Posaentun Mb November, bent roHaonnbe. Inquire on Ibe preintaes. TO LET?TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN, WITH OH WITH out board, 1p a email private finully, turnlahedfrontrooin and hall bedroom. together or eepara'e. on the second floor; also, two furnished attic bedrooms, iuq tire at 164 Mott street, near Broome. TO LET?TO PINOLE GENTLEMEN ANT) LADIES. OR grntlemen and their wivea, fomlshed rootna. With foil or partial bo ird. T- ma. lo paj weekly In advance German, French at d English apokeu. No. f9 Howard street, two doori frvm Bioadway. _____ TO LKT?AT No. 106 FOURTH AVENUE, A LARGE and line furnished parlor, wldi bedroom attvhed, with full or partial hoard, in a first claax hotiae, with a the mistert Im provementa. Also a few single rooms, with or without break last, at very moderate prices. Beleremtes exchanged. WANTED-BY TWO GENTLEMEN AND THEIR wives. In a private family, aaultof four rooms, oa w? ccrd floor. Tenua not to exceed $120 per month, .ncludlug gas. fi.e Ac. Location between Broadway and Sixth avenue, and not above 14th street. Addreaa Board, box 410 1'oet otll ie. \l T" A NT! D?BY A YOUk'O LADY, A LARGE ROOM, TV without board, .u a first class house, where lessons In innate would be a compensation. Addrees, with particulars, I'esi her. Herald office. Best reference given and required. flTANTRD?BOARD. FOR A GENTLEMAN'S WIFE. IV TV a nest furnished renin, with fi-e. Location not almve Twelfth street Please aodrcss Mr. James, llerald office, tor Iwo days. WANTFD?FOR A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, TWO children and nurse, board, and two handsomely fur nished rooms on the second tloor, west or Broadway, not higher up tlian Spring street, or In the neighborhood o! PL John's park Address A. H., Herald office. fl^ANTED?A FURN1PHRD ROOM, WITH PANTRY V> attached, with breakfast and 'en; dinner Sunday, t rice no* over %'6 iter month Situation to ha !u the vlotnlty of 14th at. and Broadway. Address Z. St., Union square foal office. TIIE TURF. /hENTRKYILLK COURSE. LONG ISLAND-V PITRsE " 1 ot $25 will be given for a mule race, to lome off on I burs as-, Nov. 29; rrec for all mules, mile heats, bed th. eulu live, anil no distance, carrying catch we'ghta Entrance free of ?harge. To clone ou the ljth of November at lh" Contrevllle Course. JOKI. CONKLI.v, Proprietor. / tENTRKVlI.LE COURSE, L. I.?TROTTING.?TIIURfl \J day, Nov. 29. at 2 o'clock ?Match for f1,000, ten miles out, to 260 lbs wagons. II. Woodrulf names uL g. Flushing Boy; Henry Sonants names gr. ni. I,ady llennet. 1 3 JUKI. 0ONKLIN. Proprietor. /"1ENTRKVILLR COURSE. L. I.?SATURDAY, NOV. 10. Vy at 2 o'clock 8 *eepstakra, $000 mile heats; bests In 3. D. 1 lifer namca brown gelding Browu Dick In harness ; I. Woodruff names blmok mare, 4 years old; Warren Peabody mime, bay mare Crow Qucen^o Proprietor. V1KNTRF.VILLE COURSE. L I.?TROTTING.?THURS V day. Nov. 15, at 2 o'clock Malch, SI,000; mile heats heat 3 In 5. D. Pilfer names br. g. Brown Dick to aulkeyr Warren Peabody name* ch. m. Annfe Laurie to wagon JOEL CON KLIN, Proprietor RED HOURS, HARLEM.?THIR FAVORITE HLACE OF reeort la now In complete order, and ready to aeeomnao tale the snorting and riamg public. The Gotham and Baltic mS*IW?ciublfplS beaattfnl gr*? ariaohed to the muse. and afford much sport to the vMtara of thia beaotNW >iaee. The beat ^rwftwAmentaalwaya on hand. WILLIAM A. BROWN. 1 UNION COURSE, L I.-TROTTINO, ON FBIDAT U Nov. 9, at half paat two o'clock, a mat oh fat 1800; mile ueato to harneaa. H. Waodruff, namaasp. |. Spots; W. Whe ian. name# blk. g. Orange A P.^rie'ors. UNION COURSE. L. 1.?TROTTING, ON MONDAY, (lor. IX at bali-paat two o'clock, a match for SI .000; too nillea out to wagons; James Bridges names a. g. Trustee. Sr.; J. Woodruff names w>. g. Bpangle. N. B. -To oome off on* good day and track. Cars wtil leave South ferry, Brook!vn, *tr the course, at one o'clock, and return aa soon aa the spert la ,ver. Fare to go and ??^?ewS WRITE. Hotel-toynbkk's iiotkl, brooki yn-a FEW rooms vacant for lamlUea aod "tngle g?s?'lnm?ix, *1^1' srtihout tioard. THOMAS TOYNBE.E, HOTELS. iYNBKV ? ? 'set tor without board. HOLDRIDOE'S HOTEL, 789 BROADWAY, CORNER of Clinton place.?Superior apartments, fur or Hi.dlvtduato, can new ha obtained, with or without board by he meal or week, served In the dining or private parkin a' rduced prtcea. Bathe free. Rooms rent fi on. 92 to fAO p<v seek WR- HOLDRRDGK. Proprietor. \ri8ITER8 TO HAVANA.?MR B. W. WOOLOOTT oflkrs his spacious and couimnd one house. " The A ma rtran and European Hotel," Call* de k* Ofletoa 45. situated h one of the moot p.ease.u locall'tee of llarana, toi those wis. ma visit that el'y. assuring thorn that everything shell be done fin their onmfort, and evary footlhy afforded to make axr nrstons to .tie eountry, Ac. N B. Mr. Woolen*, or a perwon of the house, tblta evorr steamer on her arrival, to receive strangers. EXPREMES (TaLIFORNIA EXPRESS ? GREATLY REDUCED \j ntira.?Psclflc Fxprem Go , 124 Brnadwav, will ;orw inl heir next express to ell parts of t'eilforniv Oregon. Hau l sdeh Islands snd China, Nov. 9, by steamer Star ol the West, in beige of special messenger, via Nicaragua. h ? WM. H llALL.Agem, 124 Broadway. EXTRA PAY. WM. GRANDIN, 79 NASSAU STREET, N. Y. CITY Notsrv Public, United Stale. l'ommlMlon?r. Oornnn .h ner lor all States and Territories; law business sneedtlv and surreasful'v "tone; the pistr gratia, l'enrlous, bounliet and cas.|svrU In thirty six hours. COAL. /NOVl at W 25 PER ION; FLOUR 910 PER RARREL 1/ A t the Tropic's Goal and Flour Agency, .'?< Broadwar. Cosl tegular stove sire; white or led aah, and first quality, delivered In Brooklyn. New York or Jer ry I'tty Tto. U lice Is e. al -lsiie-l to pal down the price of coal an 1 tic No nior.rpoly. VK* si HUTI.KILL OOAL YARD, FOOT OF Ft?UR i> tarti'h sirrat. E.t?t river, ntid tog of Warreu sp-e?t, North river. - Hie unueragued l ey letve lo a.Lo. ir. n-t - tr I'm having m.ule effienalvo arraiiyn.ei ? for a awiaum r. ?eliit. f h- 1 e?. of SehuvlkUl White and red aah cow., t.vuti jr. pared f -r> purpneea, th-j at a ????"'' *d ">'?.'B to - twl?the qiialltv ot which, as wall aa foil wem'd, 'iia> ?.i gaarantew?M the foiluWlrg toe, *?*> srsts and atotr .irra, at $4 ,A . .ad a?b d?. lo v Mpa ou. Ian e e" e-'uut or tut' riy,, r.t ft per tone: g ,??i II- , do tve'rwl All we'.A "t the ,,ubll to to * v. u? a 'rii' an'tl s - ?t,.rtor> we couMentf J rely 'C'U . 't'Sra fg 1 ip -el ' ps tr-B***' ViULL A HcGKi, As^tg. H ? TKMAMTB' RKU1STEH. Avert pleakant house to let. with imme dlalr powusavm., cootnlnlng about ten rooms. situated wemof broadwa; , near the Ki. hth avenue, ta a good udga b .ihood with baths, xaa, chaudr*beis, Ar.; yearly rent $4a$. Parlor carpets, g? flaurcr, and otlclo.hs. price$116. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO RENT SITUATED IK loot -guaro, romalning the modern Improvements: or the lady who occupies u would an->erlnten4 it fare select ra.ty. cddreA. fc. L., Herald office. A FURMHIIKD HOUSE TO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE poeresaton.?ElverythUig 'U utoa order for hoiiaoknap'ug, with gar. char ateliers. baths, uot and rot I water. Ac ; pleaauitljr situated, woet of Itroadway. and convenient to the Eighth avenue cara am! stages. Kent, tiutil May $160. It. W RlUti.\RDto. 30T Broadway. Bakery and residence to lbt-thi house, * No. 112 Uiirrtron birred, with t'e amall fraui" budding ah t. irtm. ? 1' sod ? a rake bakery for Ibe laat 26 year a. luqu'rr of RES TILV rl.J,, United ntatea Court, eotuer Oo.lege place and Mun 'JWtl FURN ISV 1K0 HOUSE TO LKT.-A VERY dehrablk thr Writ. ?'} and bar cereal, containiug atcout twelve rooms ou* dIv Hilt*! be had till May or longer. I'o-?e?atoo imuiodiMieiv '.leo many ohcrs l?r sale or .o let. Apnlv m immediately. ? _ R. I) OOOP WIN. 8UB Broad wag. FlURNIhio nTpa oUhE TO IJCT-\ THREE HTOBT bou-e uraly rta 'nlabed. in tbr vlclult- loha'apark One halt or the wLiloa 'lou'f lv|" b" "tnted wl.b the l ira! ure, or thofiiridiu-e wll'lre* Id tr, a-ul'al.le |,enroo at a f?lr pnoe. no easy terms Address ''*?*>? "erald olllre CTERM AN BAKERY TO LX?T,S2 <iLD, ?rMl,v N0 ~ I Sixth avenue Apply ta RuYxtlit, .Mlh aol Broad way. 0TEI.TO LrTORT.Ea.SB. -TIJBLAROR FIVE 'Y'lHI building ln'ely occii|?.(#*! by k Miami* M on don, y i Pm:imi and aSpuiisb HoUt , ou tho coruor' '''VV"1? '*U,II *ir ? btingr<eai 11 broad way, anil a d?>k bio ?Upn vt?pif to L. SUYDAM. bo. U8 Wftrerley pia<\ arouttn PHYSICIAN'S OFFHKH TO LE* -TWO ROOMS AD ioirtin^ ou thn first floor, at B64 Hi Ok between l Ulr lefotB ti ?i rnnrtnnntb itttsU, OTABLK 'III LK.T?THE WHOLK, OR P. U<T A ST v 0 hie, well cHlrttlaiivl for e*(>r a* toi-maA. "rcl t't ?tcbi?; h-cs tcei u Ktpt aas livery stable lor twenty y-ar, A. 'rood si ml. l.cs*e lie eih' ee years torunfroro M <v last Also "Tabr, a drat rstebrrse and waRon, the property >rf a privet* gect'lmura. very far.' wl I r e sold cheap, as Ibn owner baa no UB? ?or bun. Apply al 4$ V nudum street. rro LET.- THE STORK NO 40 RKADK ST., FIFY'V FMR 1 east from Broadway, oppoalie -tewart'a. Ruht &MW per year. Apply at (ienmei's, No .102 Broadway. TO LET ?ON REASONABLE TERMS, THE OWKLLOTQ part of house KM avenue, inquire of THlM. M. BliMtN, 4d Veepy atreet. TO LET-TO AN AMERICAN FAMILY, A FART OT house No. 2KA Madiaon atmai. containing five rooms and b.imnrent?a new'y finished bouae, auiuble for a genteel family. Inquire on the prendre*. fro LIT-TWO NICK BM *1,1. BRICK HOUSES. IN JH8 1 sey Oly, and u mUage In 'llilnv nlnih atreet, near Sixth avenue. Inquire of S. F. TOWNSKNO, 62 Nasaau street, up stalra. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, A PARLOR. AND THE third tloors of the lour atory Kngbsb haanmeni house No. 1211 l a>t .'KUh H'roet, between Third end Lexington ave ? lino, rurtilxbed with water, gaa, and other Improvement* . Reference given aid required. TO LET-FIR?HSHED. WITH FULL OR PARTIAL board, the entire aerood Boor of a fine bouae with alt the modern Improvements, In Ka?t Twenty first street Lncalloa mi urparsed Apply at room No. 10. H04 Broadway, oorner of Dunne street. fpO REINT- KRtlM FIRST IiEUKMHKR. THE HAND I Mime three atory and baaement brick houre 27 Woodhui street, Brooklyn, wlUrln a few minutes walk of Hamilton ave nue fern ; gas, fixture*. Ac , n good order. Yearly rent EtAO. The fnniltr re will be disposed of If desired. TO LET OR FOR KALE?T HE SPLENDID FOUR 8TORT brow n stone front bouae lu& First avenue; rent un'il tat May, $20(1; aniMial rent alter. $&>0; price$9 9110; lain exoetlent order, with modem Improvements anil gas fixtures. Inquire of UKO. BROWN. 104 First avruue, and JOHN DELA ELAINE, No. " New atreet TO LET?THE FIRST CXAKK THREE STORY AN* basement brick liuunc, No 224 Thompeon atreet, betwaee Bleeeker and , mby streets, and tn tbe vicinity of WesbUgMe square; t rotou water, hot and cold bath, and gas throughout. Apply at 228 Thompson atreet. Tfl LET?SHOT TOWER f.AUKR BIER SALOON, WITH room for brewer*, and eight or twelve billiard tables, in from of low shot tower. ti> and f>6 Oeutre at reel, near I'eaH. Heat location In York fo- the t'U.iUiesa, end 'be nbot towur marke tbe sprg, beyond mistake. W. CtlLE. 8 Anu street TO LET?THK Til I BP FLOOR OF A OHNTKKI. HOUSZ. No. 8IW .NInlli aver ue. <oti-l*tln?.'ot fife room*. ' !rot*a water, gas, murlilp man< lee, sliding doors Hnd wood house nod oloseia; rent 612 per month. Inquire of Mr. BIT TEH, 3K NUiih avenue. rro LET?TPE DWELLING PART IF HOUSE, NO. 14 J. Bowery, with extension dining room silarlied, very dselru* hie location near Grand street aultahle for a family or prlveta boarding bouse. For particulars, apply in the furnlure store. rpo T.ET.-A NICK 3 STORY HOUSE IN FINK OK DEB, 1 modern hrp ovements, Al, on Lextggion aven., no .r kafc at bent 6750 Alao, a furnished bou?e on 26ih street near la xinghin meuue. J1200 Al-o a 4 atorr house on Ah anau, $.00. Alao, a 4 aloiy brown atone house <n ea?> aide SHOW. E. B. KINSHIMKK 319 4<b avenue. 3 to 7 P. M. rpo LET?T1IK WHOLE, OR PART OF A GRNrRBL J house, 22 Eighth avenue, near Ahincdnti square, three at* rlee and hasHineDt, thirieen roonia, gas and Cruto'i. Brut vary Iqw lor the ?hole. or will be divided 'o -tilt two respeotabte amillea. Aim to let, aeverai part" ot houses at low rent. a* plv to TIIOBAS MANKON, denllat, 386 Broadway, near White stri ec rRAVBLLElUr OVWE. VTEW TORE AND IIAla KM RAILKOAD-FALL A*. rargetiieiit for Albany Troy, end tie Want. Ticket of uvea? ITty Hull Station, comer White and t'eo'rd street*, ' Broome atreet, and Twenty sixth street. Id Fourth avenue to splatter Monday, hnviuberS tialiui wll! run as fellow*. Sunday t excepted:? noixu moKTit. Leave City Hall station, 7 A M.. Whlloms Bridge train map rung at YofkvU'e, lUM.h street. Ilarleui, Mutt Haven, Meirme, Mot rtaaiila, end rordl.e.rn Leave corner of While and Centre atreet*, 8 A. M., Moll Irate for Albany. atopplm.' at all alatloiai north of Williams' Leave I weniy rlx'h atreet atatlon, 9 V. M , WtliUms' Inidge train sutpplug at Ynrkvtlle, lUWtb street, M vrlain, Mou llnw. Mtiiom, Morineii ih and Fordtiaui Leave City Ha'l atatl. n 9:30 A. M , WlUlama' Bridge rate loppinx otYnrkvlUe, luvh Htrer.t, llarlam Molt Itavaa, Mol roee. Morrlaanta. m l lordham I-cave Twenty sixth atteet elation. 11:40 A. M., While I train stopping at all station* above Yorkrllle. Uavantt Hall station 2:111 P M, WPJiams' Bridge Irate .'topping at Vorkvllla, ltttlih atreet. Harlem. Mou Havna. Mai rove Mnrrltuita. and Fordliatn l.eave ITty Hall motion 3PM, Dovor Plalna train stnpptec at all aMtlnna. Ia*u\a Cry Hull atailon, 3:30 P M? White Plaina train ssop plnx at a 1 atatlona uoove Yorkvtlle la-ave roinerot White and t en're atreeta, 4 P. M., Way B? iirena for All any. ruippinx at Harlem, Fordham. TTillnism* trtdae, ana all auulons ..Iters, ot. signal, l.eave td'y Hall etuUon, 4 JO P. M., L'roton Folia train Wf olr.gat ail station*. Leave t Itv Iiall alatlOL, 5.45 P. M., Williams' Brtdxe trxte copping ut Yorkrllle, 109th ?treet, Harlem, Molt llavea, ad u*e, Mnrriaanla, and rordtiam. Leave City Hal; atatlon. 6:15 P. M , While Plaint train step pinx at all stations. leave City llal! station, 8 P V., Williams' Bridge train step ping at Turkvllle. luOth street, Harlem, Mult Uaven Metres*, ind Morrlsanl'i, and Fordham. Leave lltv Hall atatlon U P. M., Williams' Bridge Irate -toppinx at Yorkrllle 109th atreet, Ha* tern, MoU llaven, Mwt o.e, Morrlaanta, and Fordham. ootxo SOUTH, 5 A. M. White PUtna train tinppmx at all atatlona. 6 A. M Dover Plalna train stopping at all Halloas north ot Fordham. Odd) A. M. Croton Fall* Lain stopping at all stations. 6:40 A. M. Williams' Bridge train stooping at Fordham, Mor -iai.nla, Melrose, MoU Haven, Harlem, 10Mb street and Terk vlile. 8:30 A. M. Williams' Bridge train stupptng at Fordham, Mor ' Iran la, Melrose, MoU llaven, Harlem, 109th atreet oat Ted vlUe. leave Albany at 8 JO. 9-M A. M. way moil from Chatham, (topping at all oteMMd t orth of Williams' Bridge. 10:10 A. M. Williams' Bridge train stopping at Fordham, MorrU&nla, Melrose, MoU llaven, Harlem, ltWth street oam York villa. Poaaenxert by this train will be landed at Twenty* sixth atreet ata>trn only. 1:U P. M. WlOtama' Brtdxe Irate stopping at Fordham, Morrlaanta, Melreee, MoU Have*, Harlem, 109th street ami Yorkvtlle. 2 JO P. M. White Plalna train Mopping at all statlona. Paa Henaara by this train will be landed at Twsotysloih. sttssl *totloa only. Leave Albany at 4:16. 6 P. M WUll.ims' Bridge train Mopping at Fordham, MneW ante, Melrose, Mott Haven, Harlem, Itdhh atreet and Yorkvflte. 5:26 P. M. Albany way eipreea train from Chatham. Mop ing at all atatlona torh of Willi una' Bridge, on Mgnol, for pon jengets tor New York. 6:10 P. n. White Plain* train stopping at all staflnas. 7:16 P. M. W Hits ma' Bridge 'rain mopping at Fordham. Morri** uta, Melrose. Mott Haven, Harlem. 109lh street oaf Yerk'lue. 9215 P. M. Williams' Bridge train stopping at Pnritom, Marrltsnla, Melnee, Mou llaven. llarlam. 109th street and TorkylDe. 8 A. M mall train connect* at Cbslharn w'th train for Albany, Trnv. and the west; also wt.b trains 'or North A its ma. !TWs f'ciJ. sud ibe cas ern towns ccnerally. Ketun-.tog, levva Al ?isny at SdtT A M.. and arrive In New York o> 2:13 P M. 4 P. M. Albany Kxpress oonns-U* at f!liathatn w.ih fain for Altany.Tiov, and the west, arrlvlnp at Alb?ny at 10:10 P M. in itmr for N. T. Central train for the Weir, *nd Tnv. Be ' irmef. leave Albany at 4:30 P. M.. and i haoiam at 5.35 r. V. and airlve In Bew York at IOiIO P. M KtiXD.iT AmtiXocMXXT ?1 rains will leave far Crwoa Fah* .?i.r! all the way suilons at 6 JO A M. and 3 I*. M. Heturulng, larve Croton Falls at 7 A M , stopping at all stations. aoJ 3JO P. M. stopping at all :.Uih us. For Williams' Bridge end all war stadens. at 9:30 A N. Rsiiirning. lenie WITtams' Bridge at II A M. stopping at all * ?li"DS. ,.,angers by U.e Sunday trains a 111 be received and I a. loth Mrvet statu n only. Cooimuialloii ilekeis are goo I for all trains stopping. All trains from Ctty Ball station will land and receivepoMB fsrs at Canal street, Bowery and Broome s'reei. Asior I'tacs, ith nod 2i.lL streets. Esprsa* trains from daps -orne of Whit* and ? eotre streets, will land and rroalvg paseugers at Broome and 26*h sin eta enlv. The rexuk r fretaht train le'.vts at I A M. ; the way frelglM train between New York and White Plains al 11:10 A M Freight received for its I km s north "f While Plume. *t 'OS dw I ot corner cf i Voiea ami While stimeis, and Attn street as* MM svanur, until ft P M. Frelsnt received for stsikms south of While Plains at the da rot rornar of > stiire and Wage streeto, until 6 P. M-, and Mte streel and tth avenue, until KIM A. M. 1 he freUM received at Centre street depot for staikm* sonte of While Plait s wIT not he hivwanled until the f diowteg day. Freight for Afoanv received datlr, nn'li 6 P. M. at don*, corner Wbl'e and Ccntsa streeta. New Yet j NliTTINGHAM. Sup*rlmei,dent, ofllce. No. 1 CenuMMy W J. CsxvsrtA, Asst. Knp't and t. en'l Freight Ag. t... woe 32* street staUoa New Tork, Nov. 5,1X66. CLOTHUr^ AeC. wokth or cart otv want 'ZivvV ed?ln lot a of Mjr*?f9r>, from oup -iiiiw fwnwj* r*H 'bo'1Mnfl hrnn* *?**! ?wsyrl1floiit??'*?? iri?<!ltiroM! of. ntiiAln tho rnil r?lo#. By oSlllDffl* ?r ? 4ti>? tor Jauiw Ni^owry, U Honor sutitl. o?tr COftUvaA rttC t LARGE Mri*WY or PAW orr nTdVTHI vq V ?*? ?d.-T -no- I? Ci ltroy, d In / , .4 ird e oh log of evry /#? isrik-" "?? ""???? ?* *-?-'* '.al' h 'a, will veea'W Is very l''vl c*t ; # ?> * m ' ' it th? Mnr?,or lng 1 !?0>5 %. 1 ?<, W! mn bimb