Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 10, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 10, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HE R ALT). WHOLE NO. 7(H3. MORNING EDITION-SATURDAY, NOVKMltKIt 10. IHV>. PRICE TWO C8NT3L THE ELECTIONS. THE HTATE. We omit tho detail, fiom the interior of thin State. It B conceded on all aide, tliat the Know Nothing State tioke', with the exception of tho Judge or Appeal, for the long term, U elected. Our correrpondeat in Albany telegraph* the renal; tbux tar in tho State in figure* Ih udley, Know Nothing 76 505 Ward, hard thell at.38 natch, f oft i hell 63,009 King, republican 87,895 Know Nothing plurality thnit far 7.611 Tbo I.egielulure thun far ataud* ae follow*:? Senate. Assembly. 'Sfnow Nothing. w 28 fiemocrwte 8 47 "Republican* 14 42 To'hear from 1 11 THE LEGISLATURE. Pwtnocnrto?in reman; Seward-Abo I lon-Rejmblicao* italic*, Know Nothing* in hui.ii capital*. SINATK. ZHstritt. 1..Suffolk & Queen* Win. H. Fiirman. 2.. King* Cj/rui P. Smith. 3..New York, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 6 wa.d.O'anlel K. Sickle*. 4..New York, 7, 10,13, 17 ward..,.J >*wn IL Pttm. 6 New York, 8, 6,14 wd*... Mark Spencer. 6..New York, 11. 12,15, 16,18,10, 20, 21, 22 ward* KtuHrtw Brook*. 7.. Weatchceter ft I'utaain lieojamln HrandreQi. 8. .Ih'tche** & Columbia..........Win. Kelly. 0..0.ange & Sullivan H. M Mahlen. 110..Bister ft (Jreone itBoBdi! S Niohom. 11. .Albany it Schenectady Iohn W. HaBOOUWT. 12.. Reuam-laer tuna Buna;*. 13.. Sara toga ft Washington Jistin A. Smith. 14.. Warren K*?cx Ik Oiioton ? 16.. Fro nklin & St. Uwrenee Zxnas Ci.ark. j 16.. Herkimer It Fulton IW.derick Jlrllinyar. 17. .Schoharieit Delaware Stoddard Steven*. 18. .fltaego & Chenango Joseph Peck. W..Oneida Ki'xtn J. KirhartUm. 20. .Oewcgo ami Madicon Jf. Lin'llrt l/r. 21.. Joffernon ft I-ewi* 'Jarn-r T)wnr. 22. Onondaga /n.msi Nojrnn. 23! .Cortland. Drooine ft TP-ga Oe>. IK. Hralfnnl. 24. .Cavnga ft Wayne Samiwl C. Cuyfcr. 26. .Tompkitte, Seneca ft \ ate* Jt*B Mi Iunk. 28. .Steuben ft Chemung lluntintjtjm. 27..Mnurno John E. Putt-rum. 28..<>iI?eo*. Niagara ft Genomic ll'in:o S. L'/iham. 29. .Ontario ft Uvingaton Sidney Surwfr. 30.. Allegany ft Wyoming John H. Itihlral. 31.. Ki ie James Wadnworth. 32..Chautaoquo ft Cattaiaugu*.... Roderick IKftite. ambkbly. I Hit. aipamt. Out. NEW TOttk. 1 . Isaac WP.bock. 11. . Cuaiujh T. Miuk. 2..Jackson luxa. 12..Peter Haw-on. 3..llE>Rr Jenkins. 18..Wv, A. GCK-f. 4..Jainc* Brady. 14..Henry Wll*le. HiioojiK. 1ft. .Ar'hur Wood*. 1.. William L. Pirlc. 16..John 11. Anthon. rjlAETATtilTt. NI All AHA, 1.. Wawon s. 1.. E. Clapp. S.,Ji. A. Pmdirgatt. oneida. CAY tic A. 1.. Geo. W. Jointer. l..Sanlis JhuJUy. 2..Jane* J. Hanchett. 2.. William Clark. 3.. I hoi. I). Peufield. rArrant LOCH. 4.. Caleb G ilodrich. \..L.D.l>Ul. ONONDAUA. 2.. A. I.. I'haffi*. 1.. /rrt'ny William*. otmtn'No. 2...7<ime* hmgotrml, I..Burr Clark. 3.. finrr Harton. chenanco. 4.. Levi Weilt. I..T. H. Mathiswhon. ohuian*. 2..Prrd. Jutland. ..IMnirl H. Coir. CIIKTOV. OTWflO. . .Timothy llayle. 1..J7. <'? Wilum. oot I'NintA. 2..Brown Dimnck. 1.'.Samvkl Tia Bitont. Oiweoo. 2..A. A. IIorimiAirr. 1..0rvtllo ttoMnam. imrrtAND. 2.. Amlrrir S. Warner 1.. Georgr J. Kinsman. ontahio. DEI a wake. 1. .Hamuli A. tooI. 1.. Calvin W Hat e*. omanoe 2. .John Huston. !..?/. /?. <*ipUy. ntlTIIIEBB. ittnam. 1..J. Jl.Ktlcham K.iCK.y. 1.. Benjamin Hailey. 2.. Inline! O. Ward. ?( Ennw. $..Jarvb H. Cmymt/r. 1..S. M Svwiikmi. ntiK. RICHMOND. l..Wm. Montieth. 1 ..Wll'iam J. shea. 2..I). l?evening, Jr. rikkcanp. J..J. J. Whee'ock. 1..Kn. Whitemoi b. 4.. A. 0. Bullam. R> hkhelakr. itAnklin. 1..G. Van Ma-itvoorji. 1.. Auxinr llniw. 2.. Ai.ciwnis Joriwnir. yt'I,TI>N. 3. .Sankobd A. Tracky. 1.. Watty Glenum. ' mrat?oa. CE.hEKKX t. .tieoige C. SOott, 1..NWA Waterman. 2..Joaephna Haucus. 2.. Thread Ma'l. ry. arn-oiK. itnuuMnt. 1. .J. H. OuiJiiMrrn. 1. .B. Avkry. 3.. William S. Smith. 2. .A. H. IH?**rrr. w R*tieTAi?T. jEt-rswN. 1.. James R idoerr. I.. Do Witt C Met I win. rt? 2.. Itaac TVrnijeon. 2.. Geo. W. Oabk. kutcs. 3..Harlo Hakes. 1..John Hanfoni. hitiohaiiik. 2..Krancia R. Spiuola. 1 ..JnknD Wells. J.. KdwaRIi S. Wood. 2..'"ha* H"lme*. IJAtle. BinJJVAN. l..I?onard E. C.?ne. 1.. Ww. It Borxutt. UVUKinoK, . T lMTtUNB. 2..S. Ouiow. 2..R. IL S. Hyde. MADISOW. Tl'MIA. 1..Solomon Hahr. I..I.ymnn Bradly. 2..John 8nan\ > Ixtkr. MONTI.OWWIT. l..tir>?. A. lMBLXT. l..Francl* A. Newkirk. 2..D. Sitioonmaker. 2..John Toodmvr. WE*T<nm>K. Koni.' X. 1.. Abraham K. Strong. \..Heryamin Smith. 2.. Ml t'urtia. 2.. Hiphur Tnnier. wamhmotow. 3.. Josef h Itnery. ? 1.. J. S. C'ROi KKR. new York. 2.. Ji htin A. Smith. 1..Daniel Meehan. watnm. 2.. Benjamin Bay. 1.. Harlow Iffte. 'J..Henry Bevnitt. 2.. That llama. 4..Johnr). IHxon. wtowini.. 6..John J. Hlley. 1..J. C. Paine, 6..Acq. J. H. DroAXjrv. wahmkv. 7..Samitxi. Hrevoort. l..Th?H. S. Gray. 8. . JaMW A. DOI-AN. YftTE*. 9..Era*tn* W. Clover. ..H. H. tiage. 10.. JottN M. lGj i) THE CITY. All eyes are turned on the city return*. The context ha* been no close, and the feelinj? and th? stakes so In tense and so latge, that oar local politician* think of nothing else but the return* from the several dlstriate and ward*. We correct the list af those probably elect ed to the city and county office*. It i* annexed:? CITT AMD COUNTY OK VIC ERA. Comptroller Jons S. (!u>*....Kno* Nothing. or AnariahC. t Ugx...Soft and Kefm. aherlff Jam* C. Will#',. Soft Shell. County Clerk Rio'd B. Connolly. Bard and Soft. fltreet Commissioner.... Joskioi S. Tsymik Know Nothing. Com. Rep. and Supplies Smb. H. SeUh. ...Heed nod dull. Cot poraUon Counsel..., I.. B. Khvniird... .Soil Shell, dovemor of Almshouse. Isaao J. 'hJVKR.. Know Nothing. " " " .... ,C. (iod*y liunther.Hard Shall City Inspector Ono. W MoicT?.v..KnowNothiag. Judge Sup'# C't, l'g t'm.Jamee H. Whltlng.Hard and Soft. " " short term. Hkvay E. 'Uvim.. Know Nothing. Judge Superior Court.. Mnwsr Hormav. Know Nothing '? ?? " ...Micli'l L'l*hoeff,-r..Hard and Soft. Judge Common T'laas., .John K. Brady.... Hard and Soft. Judge Marios Court.... A. K. Warsaw.. . .Know Nothing. Coroner ..Kdw'H D Conner/. Hard and Soft. " Robert t.amhle... Hard and Soft. " K. W. Itjuit Know N'othing. " S. A. Mtu. Know Nothing. Polioe Justice, t'th diet..J. M RlAJCBUAar .Know Nothing. We do not republish the list of Al.iermsn and Own rihnen elect . the name# we gaee yesterday were a* ?nrreet a# unofficial return* can make them. t'-ake ilalm* to lie elected Alderman of the Twenty seoond ward by threa majority, while Seagrist claims the east by two majority. IV,ih will probably be oont en tel. Tliere are one or two other seatn in the Common Council as close, an 1 <-au only be 1?-tded by the ofiictai returns alien d? lared by th* County Canvasser#. CORPORATION COUNSEL. K I I., t 2 Fatlre ... a.. 8 " 4.. '? ;? ?!! " ....... ?.. M i?.. " ti . * 12.. * IS.. Entire II.. ' 1ft.. " If.. " 17.. " 18 . - 10.. " 3 21.. Entire a.. ?? Total flhepard o DUtoieU to beaj fpom 3if . 5 <n >f 2 S j 't. a *1 n . I J> ?i" 5 ? ; *24 0*1 244 212 _ 106 14) 3O0 00 2S 1*1 230 404 IVi 11! 1101 8.VI ?200 50 21 430 699 720 262 143 2-ft 1204 v? 09 24 :?s 10 It 701 21 it 3S1 471 906 1340 4 01 2?l 420 1100 2220 307 2ft aid 937 1011 321 04 '20fl 1001 1ft 13 61 111 101 413 341 2'3 ft9 !M Hftl 941 ?m 6*3 7:1* 1117 Ml 146 311 204 f.*l M17 439 2<d ?-?04 1-T2Q 1470 4 >S 4 H 9*01 1674 1300 ft'24 C.3 209 lies 970 5 1 70 10'. 033 494 103 2 3 l'? SO) ft*) ?2ftH 83 ft?fc ftttl 940 227 ? 5,0 910 466 Ai9 ? 9,f.50 10.IWV' 14,100 6.760 a. 341 1 44N ? ? ' C'OMI'THOI.LKU. Wilt Lit!. Kngt, (HUt. Hum, *?'?( h'tl/m. lluril Soft. a . y. Whiff. t'ni. 1.. Kept'.l 381 259 191 2 Kutiie 181 375 65 20 3.. " 311 859 54 ? 4.. " 758 2.38 23 ? 6.. " 714 772 151 ? I!.. '< 643 ?255 11 7.. ?< ... 981 1011 1109 109 ? 8., " 1201 1599 272 9.. 7 ... 480 915 1875 138 _? 10.. Kj tire 004 534 832 289 mm 11.. 8 959 700 1V8S 49 ? 12.. En<be ... 201 685 4-.-9 154 ? 13.. 6 049 478 884 144 1 14.. 1 ... 147 10 156 05 ? 15. .Entire . . 405 1211 965 203 2 1?.. B 44ft 1061 858 220 ? 17.. 8 .. 118111 1214 1340 2 0 5 18.. 2 398 392 244 44 mm 19.. 2 488 388 71 mm 20.. 4 435 1107 1105 343 21.. 1 32 158 105 13 no J ... 101 181 02 11 ? Total 14487 16590 2785 36 f!ile? over Kin Kg 1131 4.Ilea over Eng* 3893 hietrictH yet U> hear from 25 HTltKKT COM.HISHIONKB H A. Did. Ihwurtl, A ll'-n, h'd/m. Haul. Soft. k. y. Whui. t'nff. 1.. 2 093 348 207 i;.? 21 2. Entire 165 52 4 l J 41 __ 3.. ? 241 102 519 131 81 4.. " 1532 581 284 63 24 ft.. " 570 304 703 181 ? ().. " 1684 64 202 45 ? 7 . " 1079 677 1101 315 20 8.. " 884 486 1581 455 _ 9. . " 895 181 2 We 878 240 10.. " 780 3*57 1140 275 91 11.. " 837 1301 1545 127 34 12.. 1 332 314 3)13 227 20 13.. Entire 90*2 310 965 313 61 14.. " 1271 611 502 159 45 15.. " 475 526 912 206 511 15.. '? 709 f.'iO 1053 608 29ft 17.. " 1714 Bill 1593 495 219 18.. " 791 601 1106 402 313 19.. '? 303 438 048 89 ;.n 20.. 3 339 682 048 277 73 il.. Entire 548 322 1073 209 50 ?2.. " 592 711 550 358 63 ToUl 17,791 10,384 20.463 5 882 ?'203 Tnyliir'.-i imijority over Howard .. 2,672 Dintiicts to be heard from ,5 CITV 1 INSPKCTOH. HYbr. />(?'/. yacht, iMnminri, .tforftvn. ,V Anf r, 5(! h'tlfm. Hard. Soft a . y. Whiff. <? 1. .cnliie e liin'ii. 401 450 212 192 _ 2.. t-ntixe 79 115 300 55 3.. " 182 138 605 84 2/3 4.. " 11 8 770 411 63 90 ft.. " 454 494 8)12 04 196 ?.. " 743 l>47 229 278 15 7.. " 713 040 9.4 279 422 8.. " 491 855 1657 369 387 !l.. 0 315 476 180d 401 Ml 10.. 3 292 ft 0 831 234 225 11.. 0 275 1003 8i0 4ft _ 12.. entire 285 466 809 170 112 13.. 3, 182 292 511 618 ? 14.. - _ ?. _ 16. .entire 427 216 7'iW 282 ion 10.. 0 290 550 882 879 266 17.. 8 922 71ft 1107 397 4-5 18.. 1 190 102 3.6 18 10.. 2 92 490 488 4*> 78 20.. 5 300 1441 980 353 ?A. 3 442 211 093 09 _ 22.. 3 354 671 4o2 223 93 Total 11,336 16,011 4,435 3,707 Morton Downing 3,676 Metricta to Lear from 23 RHEKIKP. Wdl. Dirt. M'lntirr, Willttt, Threw, Pttkc Urn' 1,'tl fm. Hani. Snfl. K. ,V. Wkiy. t'n<;. I.. 2 067 092 262 171 20 2. .Entire 96 143 378 43 "7 " 191 237 408 104 1S2 4 . " 1120 813 878 0 ! 11 6.. ? 4<>3 827 746 190 188 0.. " 683 1117 454 52 11 7.. ?< 738 800 1117 220 :ilo 8.. " 451 11C5 1478 302 255 <? 485 1209 2308 .115 458 10.. ? 314 068 1082 257 l'?7 II.. " 57? 1026 1469 81 77 12.. 4 240 321 380 170 74 13.. Entire 400 885 #85 07 130 14.. " 8.4 1072 600 87 08 15.. " 422 032 820 397 603 18.. " 582 1207 1400 390 801 17.. " 1032 1431 1382 555 287 18.. ? 687 1121 0.10 404 441 IB.. " IN 008 518 IB iT ?JO.. 3 173 Kit 045 200 72 21.. Entire 5"# 602 963 188 213 22.. " 62t 046 481 32il 81 Total 10.802 10,844 17,510 4,8.15 3,877 Willed over Tuouo 2,7131 I iKlrictrt to bear from 5 COL-NTV KLERK. Omctlg, Unity, Shrruwod. L'fflnff W'lrrlr. II. if S. A'. A*. Whiff. wll. 1.... EaUmated entire 953 198 137 ? 2 Entire 255 305 32 38 a.... ?' 203 306 138 240 4.... " 1903 228 45 ? 5..,, " 051 801 101 330 0.... " 1UW 250 40 62 7.... " 1IM4 1023 112 481 8..,. " 139-2 1459 307 4'W 9.... " 1105 222.3 381 888 10.... " 1023 1068 262 241 11.... " 2158 1502 88 115 12... " 808 ttflO 181 l;w 13.... ?' 1277 087 158 208 14.... " 1810 618 82 118 15,. i. " 041 858 298 071 10.... " 1823 1463 374 04! 17.... " 2198 1417 370 652 18.... " 1293 923 288 921 19.... 3 700 495 121 104 20.... 1 400 OW 212 103 21.... Fnlire 97 1 051 140 407 22.... " 1417 404 330 140 Total 25,809 18,210 4,271 7,377 Conoliy'a majority 0T?r Beatty ..7,589 Itbrtrletr to be heard from 3 CO MM 188 ION FR OP ItKPAIRR AN# HITPPLIK3. Vuirirlt S.iah Seuhmnrth Pndfft h'd i n,. //. .t- X K. A'. Whiff. 1.... 2 1330 .140 150 2....Entire 2.35 373 08

3.... " 340 021 194 4.... " 1921 298 48 5.... " 097 1015 20.1 0.... " 1709 274 82 7.... <? 1571 1318 301 8.... " 1404 1707 540 V.... " 1318 2484 058 10.... " 1159 1262 -267 11 " 1092 1836 99 12.... 4 802 396 254 13.... " 1234 1131 198 14.... ?' 1720 500 119 15.... " 512 1412 597 15.... ?? 1.175 1782 501 17.... " 225 1861 517 18.... <? 1256 1550 488 19.... '< 770 521 128 20.... 3 011 75o -280 21.... Entire 029 1304 29! 22.... " 1427 54 1 347 Total 25,083 23,371 5,887 Helah over Eouthworth. 1.661 Lintriet* to bear from 5 PIH8T WARI>. Henry 9w>ltb Councilman let dlr'.riet whig. Jacob I., Pmith " 2d " <iem. Robert Walaer Amwr, deal. William Poeter Con?t*ble, wn. Alexander Bructe " '? J. ninti W. Brown OxnijiiKebmr-r of Hchnola, h*"i. John II. William* Inajiwtor of " " John K. 1'ryor Tru?tee fm 4 year*, aoft. Tbmt,a* Byrne " " 4 " " J. f li'i Moriiatr.n .... ?' " 3 " item, a bla J?naa Itari lett " " 3 " " ?' John J. iii Hitter. " "1 " dno. M A HSA OIICTS KTTN ELECTION. Hie f,(lowing ia Kir lb# of general ^'tate ofHrera oh-wan for the year 1866 ? tloternor Henry J. 4!ardo?r o' IV ?ton. 1 ie<)'. t.nTernor Henry W Benahley, .,f Worcester. Atli rney l.rneral Albert |(. S'el-Ott of *' iiuru. secretary of Htate,. ...Ki unci. I? Witt of Ware T>e?-urer Vl.iae. Tenuer Jr., of i*eo'g?tnwn. Auditor ^ ....Chandler K. of H-oth iry. Mr Hiram ?' Brown, the only 'em >er?' e|ee'<*t to the last llouae of H?tirea?nta'fve? 1* 'he only democrat. wl'h \n rhaM one or two ex e|.ti' n? , elected t? tl.e nett i?n :ite. Bri wo la a great iter and hi* tr" olu? will illarni nate the t-enate. NEW JERSEY ELECTION. m tears rot RTY?mnctAL aart K.-xw Th< lludeon County Board of Ch"een 1 re? h.,ld< r? met at the ( oonty Herk'e "fHee In ft-i-jen yeterray, an t raniaraed the votee mat at tire election on iueeiay laat, T)/e ei.te la aa fr.llowe;? Koli .-'naairt?Jaaj^y Oarretaon ehig and Know %'?>. tl.iojt. reeetred in lereey i try Flr?t ward, I ei r9? od ward. 52R. Third ward, 619 Koutth ward, 340 Tola in Jcraey City, 1 689, In Hotx>ke??Plrat ward 110 se en d ward. 0* Ihlrd ward. M Total ia H Koken -4# In'he city ': It i>te n. 195 la Bergen ib ?> th I ? tg- n 178: la Har-ieoa, 74. Total In 'be county 2.5*1 ri ere ?? on opposing candidate. big t sr.tltei ing rotor sere carl. eon ar?awiu.Y?nner ivistkict , 1 // V-M H ' ??v Fuurtk 11'Hrrt ?g AV4 S. vrml J'.uni Jrr-rtf titty, war J. warU. wa-d. 7Vu\ .lames T. HiittieM. whig and K. N... 310 118 61 86 578 Urn ? ot H. Hincui cwn 171 160 87 87 d!? Majorities... 148 57 -M 2 84 hB. IM? DIKTHXT. , ?1 jerwy ifUy , font ,V> wad Ihtrl want. wirl. jhirrt. TjM. J lin V- Ward whig... 276 |tl4 288 7 '! in emish Up ey, drm.. 184 151 7*>7 582 Majorities 141 8 51 184 John M. Is?**, (alio resigned.) recrfyvd la the I Vat sum 11, id ihe fecund Wartl 16, nor in the Third ward XI Votes. rump awrairr. North Barri HwLim. hrrrjnw Urrgm. mm. To'a) George V. I * Mutt drm. 128 IHI 214 48 574 Anil.on; H. ft/der. wsig 86 216 61 28 58I Majorities 44 56 lid 20 101 fc'.-ihen lvrhune, (lud. oem.,) reoelreil 58 vo pp. i?U ol wi.ich were rw-t In tie city of Uud-oi. 1'oHi haul.?He lrrurd N. Ciena reor ved 1,857 Vol**; Abishato >|*ar, 1, 87, Gouge W. lletduer, 018. Karl U. cipl le, Ml; l.aiiet Van Ma'er, 1,414; l'?ur N. H'rdey, 1,1 l*t, Mir .Wil li A. dyers*, (?b? nil ant accent tun linniiimifiii ) 8< D viitra. The iocee Ingnc-t a>??Uual Van 5.a ei In a demociai and in* othe>* a<e wnlgw Trial vote in the count/, 5 4U0, tieaidoe 10 rejecter ballot*. City In ? rill genre. Tub Farhionh ?Ina Simwi. NviAAAfB.?The Mirror of hot ton la Leu rxeeptlon to ihe tachlon now ho uiucIi iu V< gue ol we.uli g shawls. an I very Justly denounces It ns rr manly and effeminate These shawl- were tru st-en about two ycaia ago, vbeu they were intrudawl to public notice ' y a lew eccentiic iwlividueiw, aral ex d o I ul ive wnl ulientinii and roll ule. Law yeir Iboy were luoie Iicijui ut, and t'dii aea on *r> great is tlie im. ativo teas of jui |h o|iie, ihey aie alfeoted by many renprcte'ile soil sensible person* woo ought to ku<iw better. J U ? next slop, DC doubt, will bo the adnpliouoi pet tic rats by M ine <a d genius, and their universal acceiilauui by the old women among ihe male rex mm after lity make t' eli ln.l sppeaianew .Nor are the Iodic* above repr .ur i with legaid it, tli.c niatier ot uttirp. Iu-"y. hi he ray * ton to * for shir- collate, bnauin* and b eeobn u 11 ?! n attera pn ced muob iu'tbn he al.tinctt iu. be ?> ti tl.p rexec, txceie llio-e made by iihIu p, will r. tru otiii'Ciaietl and th- cl'.y tilled with le'Uo iH tw> meu an i I antalooued women. I he Mirror of /U Ai m <wy 'M n eu.o.mcr whoralbi at a taiinr'* ?U>r? In rep|pni<<li hi* wardrule l< Uoapt to think Uiaiallho Ima ont, loynnl mi hciotii Id keep Iiih body ciwulor ai de, l? ?o atu ih W I. e.I thrownawuy He will uke in- wne to -ie?.irr- or itool'* hi e inn he h hIihwI, wo-Ui wpyentl hattdred dot o-, ml otherdr> .we. 'oeurretpond, and eery (iiiain ilv v?ll| Inif ? plan -nit if clod.e lor liunwelf ?o l or iiuuUev lii'naw h? Mimwlin a "bawl over D.kiii an I In Una eou*p|ii,A in iw it ehow bttnaeil oeritie hla e. e taut *Ue In tiuiu ludlcfo'H eel ire-i, ror 'l.c ?Ftioinn d> 1'ini with nUzp l cap* in a lopt tlie tbeobeid'' in run, mid Imw perdy hiei i ? ih>' pe t ?* in ol fceo'liii '1, lliereinat tie IU'inil rimwiPXi lire, oil t> af ilHrovo I rpnhllcai. to "it for tnvalw ihr riitbi* ol wo awn a- pi t in l ' ruiHii luniwell In appe irao-'p by weorlag a-litrel. wweiu ilil i o.,uai reaaon nt cauae for exteuu'iilon Tbey ?li >u'd >w un ie. ogiil/crl by men and'l ai by bora ?a no'dle* for n InPHpe of proare-H u> ripi.uiernc nod Did arm w n ?.e i lierfcw iliclr re<nlni o i * aril 'en 'enry whould he rebut'd w 11 oewn ev a p?l| a'tle uianllP.'a Ion of popular dl?p'e i-ure If We lire pot Ul return lo 'he dav , til Ihoycil tier a 1 Ipt tie ooa' of ihe Pcdblah pceeeo'ry ofm le, oat, here til -bawl, lien tor he ? ke of Hai red in.le an i per.nnslllt4 .li Hi ? doll die alia*I lioio J Our hniililern, and u?e em - eiy In (ravp.lltiu'. o keep comiort'de lue uetaer pi tremiler Ins i?f luurrti Awkxik?Kocr Hombi UrKwBi to 1 Xjen.?About h.if part 1*4 n'eb ek ycpiunlaj morning a flr#broke oui in a two rtory brick rtalile, In 'b? ?ir of No. 282 I l|fbih arrnue. In a ibort time the whol- In'p li r war wrapped in hamm. The Ore spread an itpkily that hnt tW' hor- to out of il* were extrl awd from th?lr pet I loor rituetion. end i ne rjf thear, belonging to John BhltliQH. ?t? n badly 'mrned lhai 'e Will haye tri be killed. Tlie fonr hor?ea bu.nrd to death, belonged l Die following peraenr:?li. V. Kwler, William Yo rig, Michael llcl unur, nod 11. U Sev-ge. Wm. 11 ilao C" flrr borae una taken ont w'th"tit h-u.gI ij ifprl The bulbing belong* to Mr. Jonathan Winz It damage, about ?: Id) and Iuaiucd in up de'Cnnt'* Inwikranen Cot'ianyfor 110b. The fiBme. rx'eo ed to tbe h.'j bullnirg In thi' ie?r of No. '180 ! Ightta mronue, or rnpl u by Wni. K. lord ?w ,i neb inwuuf ci 'ry, b irnlngoat tne wionoPH and ra-li, whrn It w ? ?* iogm?h'd. I<?U to building about 850. fully Inwu el loth* tlr ad ray Jn .urrii cn (otn|a?y, end owned by J >hu h\ V?o HiiU"r. Ihe /.lock i f Mr. lard was i amrgwl about 876 by era ? No Inn ranee. The loaa In he' ? err bay, 'pad, fce , aril probably amount to 8'.0O. Value o' berpea Lurne-I ?b >u 6710. No inruranre. I jhti ti>A r a Pmiex Maitomvt.?P.. W Alber D. Marray 0. S. and 0. I... ol lb* Grand Iw-lge o' S- u li Cbrobwa drliTrred ibe Brat lecture of bl* course up'-n "the u igln and Sycnbellam ef M?*onry," at odd Keliowa' lied riu Tlurrritty, Itefo eaUrgp audience. Ihe pound ip-tur. * ill li.kt place thi* wyeiiiiig. i'r. llacl.ny la one of the "brighter r Man hh" In ibe country, and erery mrmhef of Ihe craft rhould bear Lim. Ivti w* kt I.r'mTM Mrrrr.?The well konw.i oratreaw of the Society of K'lendr. I.urr 'la Mntl, Ih .inn iDitcot lo r eilwer a lpctu'A at ti e Knae -Ireet Meeting llouwe nu ^'ay morning and ano'her In 'he aftern.ern Ir^llrnok yn. it U ri.lli imt to *ay 'hat .be iw one of the m >.t effective public w|?ake.? to be found among "tr lemale oi aton. l.i k i.v f.'iuTaWbii Avcm * ?About a quarter before 8 o'c'ick lact r.enlng. s fire broke out in a wood -bed ? - 'ached tu the derTinz No. 50 Driensie'i aveoU" Tne Hi> nu n we.e promptly > n 'be -p ' an i ex ioguUbed 'b" l re before it did any damage. Ibe proiu-rty lr ownel hy Mr. Williau' Sprogue. It i* not Inwir.d. I.Tuct ft.?'Ibe Newark Cricket Club cluaed their aeaa .n by a day'a play c,n last Moudry. It wsw 8 ma'cb made up belwern mneier n t n one r'.de, eor*lrUog of j ?w-tl-r rloctor* anil lawyer*, and fifteen on tlie other ride, in ole up of bntrera and other trade- Tbe ma cb ended In w ' inn gtn.e after a very ejr l ing rontewt. The hitte. r we* 'lie ia-t gan.e between U>* eatne partira. Aaatglan Itreogiilllon i.f tmrrtran Genta*. 1HK ORFAT HOLD MltlkAI. OK M.'IKNCK AM> AHTd U'Krt.K^Ui ITIIK rROfKVKuK ROK-tf! IIV T'H n 1'VROK OK ACf-TRIA. IN ACKNOWLUiOMRNT FOR TBK TVLEHKAPH. We have lei d put in pone-?lon i f the (iilliivlii; mr reaponi nee, wbleh r.hnw? the appreciation. by another kuropenn "overr ign, of II*'- Invention of the elft. o- n tg i.i tic t? leg. ugh. lbe gold nodal if * maevlvi and beautiful ?|e. imen ot art. < n one aide la a medallion head o( the y.uoir Km ji'Tut, CTownwJ with Laurel, with the ln.-crtpt.ou ?V lanrieru* .t rjhua I, It. U.. Auatri* Imperatnr," and on the nbveraa a wriath of laurel ?urro Hiding the .npeiial crown, with the Inarrlption. ? Mterle et Ar t hue." IhU I' the fourth token of acknowledgt. nit frooi kvropean aoverelgnv accorded to and received by I'ru fiweor Morae.? Brwrov, Aug t. lHbi. P.T? I bare mnch plevuire in traii-mlttlng to you by order of ib<- In perial f ?eri " ant. the g e?t g J Jen me da) for aclen'e and arte which bia Majeety ltd Km I nor of Ana'iia ha-tieen pha-ed l? router upon you, in irAnowie 'gtui nt of your eminent tneilt" -otvernlng *ha tebgtaphlc ey-'"m In general a* well *? Ita derat fer ment In Auatiia In par Icular. It m eery -atlnfee ury t. my-elf to Ic the organ of the Imperial g vernmeot on 'hi-arT'-eai le ? era-ion and I le j( you will at the -ame time (crndt me to expreaa to you my great (>eraortal regard kemalrlng air, very re-pectfuUy. yowr obedient reieant HtOKttASV. < haigi d'Alfalrea of hie Maje-ty the l.rnpernr of An Ha. To rmfeseor Hoar; I' mghienp,|e ViwVork The Irlli wing la Pmfeeeor Moraa'a rep y ? I'm neawwa dept. I'd ItWi. Wav rr I tKjieti Vora >*it.ix??o ??tin my arrival to ' da k ork afier -eerral eeek? ab-en-e, I load tt,e gr?tl i ? alb n of re-living at the han In of tbe W rthy < n-u to m ral of Auatrta, the Imporial told He-tall -ier,. ,? aid Arte atyorrt-d to me ty hl? Impe ui Raj??y the In.prior of Au-tria. with your routtcoue letter e --.m I a eying it. I b g your kurvllepry to pn-aw?t In appropriate f irm to bla Vajerty my aineeia thank" for thla, hie llatte lug ,<? I nowb igiaent which I ehall | lace am. ng the abode valuable and highly prtaed te-tluirmlaUi of tbe kind a,> ftviiattrn of my endeavor", throngh my Inven t n < lonefii my fellow men of all na'i n-?etldaa?or< already an h..n.V< n el? eeWn'wtedg. t ny t U Imperial Via) ty ibe -a bit me i. rte ty ' . Mnyw 'y the nlng of I'rua-da and bv hie M y ?'y ti e t.iogof Wurtemb i'g. I rinee-rety p' ?> tliat 'he rapaelt|e< of my Invention for good or for evIJ on the Intrreate ot aoriety maye,. tw ie r> guLitad In all enunliiea an to be prodj-tlve- nly of pond Arcept. pur Kvoellaney, for vo'ir?elf my thank" f ir the I ire. nrd m urter ua nutnnar in wtorh y. u tt?va r.,n .aye I to n-e ihi- valualde taattmonlal of hie Imfiertal May .ty a favof. O idtaUy reciprocating yotir eentimenta of |*r" -i?l rerpert and regaid, I remain your Kaeelleney a n ?t ?'?? ??I ant. Vf I t It kg. dt-f^ 111 hia I t? rlleney the Chevalier Ifrurvila, t > ?rg< d Adairvw hia Majeaty Ilia f inpvror of Auatrta t'nltad Htafca ( onmUalaarr'a (Wbr. fWore Hon John W. Nebon Tra?ia am* threw othera of the crww o' the Cmnee'iruf, were bto.ght up for r?fu? ng to ro du'y The dafeoee art vp by them wae, that after tbwy had made the agree r arc f r tha voyage a new captain tp pat , n '?wr-l tba v. .<nl, ?h" b tr valulated tbeir agreeisent. p.a ca* ,? oc and adjourned ' til -aturdaj !i>.J>i?V? mrina ?n liy City. TlilHTY-riKrU WltKfc*. Wi'bout nipni lnj( to .?jr *iivItsi'HC I" pe?Ju<tlae of Tlilrt) Dil i hln*t, ?? niey reioe k |?uurri?Uy 'li?l IU* rtriHi iiMt .oi,il(fu?iu- to 'hi< liun 'p'1 11?t or wile hiino -p. r ?Ui'wnih Twenty-third end Thirty fnrih? ?u hub ? to Irnve pi I into Mipbtop ?n rted oil tlu?m for the ?ciiiiuiu*li, i d of tlie *rM?cra"y lining Ott the ?ll? r'titl^ iilitr.ii tor tlie niuet part mr toipoe'fl wK'i a *u p<rt?r 11 t o( nulling,. Meld**, w i*t ier p? dm *>r |.rtv?'i will to Mono is . lit Anioeiiati- ll? eul ie of pre pei'y hi he atr>et, ion r?p*oUlly in Uin iiiuno'ii.'e lie ptitHii hi.od of'ho atalilo4. Thiioo aliee'wt thereto e, a I jaroui in *lio ao' ilr* - nui-l tie un lo -le^nci'iit un'tl iili|ir?iii u if i t ili'a or no aia.ilo- nhill lot decided. I Ol I xuni : ? n 'lie miil'h ?Me of Thlrty-Ufth Htreet, ami <n 'h. i.or h m.hi el Thirty foir'h .tied, wet* of C??W"II mid 'I ? ? o. eon, h. e in* mini" h?K a rt .*i>ii t',rough lota fr. hi meet to mreei, ? x,irH,.ly mtendiot lor a han'la one h iu?e li.imf.i uh airoet *?'ha niaole lo Hie rear ?in Hill Ij-Clili a'rert; .ud Mrn '?-hmmi li jiut anil giving ? |.iitetii' il Ulu-'.ia ion of ?>uH ?e ?'? -eying. We nil) irinek in p*,-tug I nut a piir of tile .e IhMilfi lo a ale valued now a> ehmti H-'.dO I. et?l ?i 1 ?.|..n ?<? truth moiv 1? In on ihiny filth atreet, genera iy, botwueu l ouilliH*. ~nh titu en mo worth W OO'J. lu 'he aia'ter ol new iaipior uitruii thuieaion,on tli'e rtiei't g. k.jf e?.t fninMxlh nvi'tiue, t/iu Ural li a Hen! clttee I II! ill time u i* in p ..gren 1^ an t fir Mr. i iv-i.g a ? I e e nt ot the m on ue. I ill) leu< en-1 of Mr living'* ??* el* fall lutanf ground. b<htiiiit'g in >u Cereornn, (hanker,) "( ih? linn of t"inciiibh k I ig%*. .Mr. .laimi.a liuoluy, or Connor, one or pith he* purclnu-rt Iho-e Iota at tl.&ilO ? ooh, wi a wl.i.h he got. u loan, "n ihem lot Una Jnat c-oineaei.oed laying the louiulailona fur revcu lin-t rln.a hrmvu tiiU-v*. fmr atnrloe, igu Ji*u> un lit and iwuu'er cellar ami Ill y .hue fact deep to ho tn all e-p*. ta llae the hoaaea Harare Topping it llerr an now hi telhig for Mr. Ihiit n in Fnlrty- eV"n<.li alieel l.on ti-furi uu ico. e* li booro h-imf one aeveoth pari of AO hit aide, or alui'it kO, tee , ? ley w II probatory b?? vidoed <*t aH??u! *> I 1,0- 0. la lh?* ic*r ??f these lot , on ? li*- south ride of Thirty *it h nt cot, Mr. iJ??'corau tki. ? ?ur o?oi* Me, li v Uu-ii Mr. Fni'lUy ?vill hb??rily c ?:n ui**tic<* tlv? (i aklti^ ttuilv** in a I, au<l ull iti ? fiub in \i tr ?aiu0 ?nnviat't, nV>??v?? fhr fr i* f bl g iu #i*? now i>ti W'Mi i lu'iliy Hiiil Vii n nvenaA. "u tin-e<H nor i f KiftU ?v> nu? au<l Hilrtjr. ?ft I. ?tr rt, in a Haptl-i church n ??r U'ln^ci? o.*, lift Key ?itiwy A. iioroy, utiilur tlwj dirco iou ?<l iviHiiu \ iiigHU'il m. chi'?s fo. wiih'h piota?^?r to ho a o<nroity in ti ?? t hurrh ^rctil ?<*. are of tli(f c^mntry, imd ?rtuch 'iu?? i f the pirii* hvr nt cn'li>n of <ln> o eu^tywl >J? tU?? r ? !' I ifi ol eliU'Chen oil CI y I ?t4, H I'CofMiujr. of rtjMVO i of ?i<? iihieh iiiipoifftime riiNrJiuraii it Ii^ritc?! il.nout ? k11 fr y th# roiif, thero b' liirf uo wi/i*h*>vt in the oi i*ai. 'Iho exteil -r. wUidi in pHIa an t oupre ? I 'ing, tiico-l h|*1i tir??wn rtt<mo, fi??m th#* Itfriwiile ui ry in \<wJe -ey The v a e tir? in frout, % h are ti I* t\i inheii wtib i?j ii?*. 'i'ha interior i< dl .j'f iii?o i live an t aii*lw hy e? hiino? #nr a-ohf". Kr<?m ) ? jMii'Jjhl urchi't* of the rmve " thiMD circulnr n ? , r.?cl? twenty nine f??? m <llfiak?U?r, ttirutigh whi !i i p llgtit if> ndinitfcd. Hie <in-(etn end of the nave nhli " with a new! clrCiiftr ?[-e aad dene,*e i f i i fi-in the roitf. From apf?e%f ihuo h tUi * wiUnih'id ? 'eiut'fttl, w??f* n ot rteur U^o?, and wil' ? hv uy ? nt!? * \y with ?hnt g-aro whieh in f freft* IQ ? ij'ctun to w.D'.owrt in tin* inont of our r.hurcbei, . i d ib t*o imutui to weak eitif A? the H?m? ti ne if in a U, bt who li ultlgi e full effect ?? the r\ I iuk ?m??m"iit mk ?'Cf' r.t'ioo.i of he lulei i<?r The coloil"g and gi'dlugi v l i h if iuU nded to b? of m very gorge >u? description, %? ill he ?*? cufed i?y the beat mii ti. When cotnpi^W '. ti b* wiiFU' out ? f I ie line t luteiiorc" In Utii country ?h> ft an chltectme ??f the interior i- * tie 4 ilorcu. ?f>?ji ?,M whtl*- -hat ??f the uUtrior iuclines in??r^ to th iy.i.irliit '' Hi* church will cont iot'tuilifig hegrou el U?ui ?Kf,0(0 and will l*e tini. hi d da i.ig the winter 'hi g?ueeiil diuieii?ioua are *m fdinw*:?-Height of wk! . hlln, *;5 feet, 1 eight of t< Wern aud ^piie*. 175 feat, * igth. 1k5uat. wid'h ?Wifeet; height of ui?liM, 42'art. I < Ight of u? i' '.-J top ??f thine*, 62 feet. iNorto of ror?y '.m chureo, on the opp'^lta nlfle of th rie . nit ?he .h ?c r,? *?ly ijui-he I houari le*gno la^t < h- by M- ue ? J a/kin itnd already ?p< Fen of in a pr?riuui artfr'o. ? o the eonth aide, and ne*f ?HJ doing, ea-t of C irey' l?" cb are lb tee h?ta of gf? mi ml bought of (he late Mr V yet*, Nn V2 Itfoad utreet, hr M?*. Uohwrt Henry, car enter who in n?'W Juai 1 'ying the f mndatlon* for three b ?t rl?a^ bro?r? ?one h<*u?ea, one ?HxTO, a <d two'ihdx ?0. four atr iles and hl^h ba??emi nt I n*t ol Henry, there ia nothing d dng until you ap ? rf.nrfi laixlogton arenue, where on the north -Id" of the treet Mr. Pa/dee (of tha Sunday Sh'Hil f'nion) fa j jut digging '< r tf.e f< nwWIon < f a threo atory and !d$h base n?eiit brown b- u tf -r bl ueelf '.Mlf>tk N? it adj. iiiipg U? him eaat Mr. 0forge Unford, mt?n, ? # ?e log fW" f ur utery brown stone hoiiaes on .8 feet ?* g r on?*. 65 b-ef deep wbh couo'er otlUr. Will prre hafly 11# f ilued at ffi I 00 or $10 0> 0. lb? e threw L?t i kmc t h"U"e?? are <tlr? ctly oppoaite the ground owned by i r Mredehbtig t hurcb Thia loct i n it g???d. lti?D ?t IfK#ly t>iAt Oils atreet will ntifT?*r much luj iry fron i if tarn or any other ??able-. Lota along h.*re are ri.?w ? orth ai>' Ut |; f>i?? and ? # adily ri log iu talue We hu*e war thed the r*r"grc?s . f e\eii'? pretty cloacly ( f'-r two y? at . | aat in this part of th- et'y aud we will f< n'ure the . pi?,i. u that l ?ta <?u 'h?* much aha?ed hdl 1 ? tin n Fourth and idling4-n a?eonta, and Fhirty onrth a d Thirty elg tb ?t. e#ta wiU h- lng ^ (F>'J In let I Mi fu r> lear*. a ud that er? ri at that price there he uo je buyers than #>? I era. lhls.enda our notica <.1 Improrementa on fljfrty fifth ??j ? et. THIRTY YOt'RTB HTtifrT. Thl' Itm iTrnuf or hanir 4 f ot atrart. Tti? w?h? ??fly'-n-'of tha attaat, foli# aoit un'll you *r# * lltlla I ?#* tVttilh avthu* U naaily 11 b l>1 up, aai ban t ?(Ki>i Iy, rftft ot >to'b avtuuia. Uat ynr t (pan m*n> i aw IjulltllDff* war* *rirt#4 In that utiur'.ar by hi- ''o but I ? ni'aiflooh, Mnrtltt, awl othara. Thl? aaa?oh ihaia Pan h#?-n but Httl* ijno# H'bar thar* or any whar* ? lao on till- a'riat V> ha' w?? -loan by tine* p#tttl*n?#ii n?ri>btri|i'M praitmturaly of *U* In a atyla Inn ?* l?urW?. Ilia ptlr* ol hnni-i mo br ><rn ?'on* houo? ?|.*>|| Irotn 111 "CO ? lli ',000, a?4 It was foaai n trial but |BO| la who hail that amonot of bji nay to Inrn-t in a hutu# pr#f? rrri fo In'iwt la la-alofnn aran in or br iwiari I'lif/fton anil fourth, halo* Thirty Ar?l rf*"t n a prlty ? f h'*gr tM? alraat wi -t <>f -nth ton l? i.o< ?< II r*tlU-4 lhar* t?-liip no ilf-mai-it? ay from I. ?>' to 14 /O". la>' of tb# ibovW nanxrl Impn aamanfa 'h<-r# la nothing n ho north rid* of th# atrrat oolll you r?>ma to If foWBiand'a pal**#, nor in tna a> nth ? !!? un'll you '"i> ?n John .lari.b A-tor'a, "O 'ha uppurjta or arnifhuoa' no nari-l Hf-h trtnua H'Waaar. wa nay ? '.?'? Iliat 'H? kutldar, Ib-nnaa C. Mi.1th, haa lab ly buwfht llal.h Ur^b't two lota on tha north aMa, IK) fa#t i*?at of -1?'.?i a.aoua, for 111,01)0, on Vol h ba lo'a-iJ- to buU4 la firat elaa* b >u>*? to hll an - r4>i. It. To?a*an<Taeornar. tha ra-ithai-?? on fifth ir?n ?? la tha h#>t on fh# alraat ||a ora-i; .** I V f. at. S'i -1 aaat of hiOi and < araail tha* ?-a ? i.? half a -?n 'Irixgh lota aa alraady a'a nl ?n-l n h- ?' a Wra. <? bo aa of Ka#t fr a-la .y l? jmt r. ?o ruao a* a oatidaorna I o wn ah tr hour* for fa i ?If It l< tha '?? in tha atraat. Mi* (alt U>< rprlnf f r tb* pa r |I2 2tl, Hrr Tlllrly fo'ir'h a-raa* lot uiay (a -*t I -a I at afoot II 000. tr tri liar to -uai'h k-t# ai l 4?pfi- ta?# ? a ri (tniar alMIt f ?*al* lot* <<n tla m. i*h abV of lit* i it?t, ? pp-ait* tb* alr-a* arw ?? ftb * llttka !?*#- lio# mU'h, It la itOmnlt to ?at??a toiaa jir#f*r lota ?"> tb* ana h ?11a of Uir alr-at aa ?ra baa* oafn ai-t.-'aJt'l lha 'laprarla'toa n,ay ha ?at iown af l-Vf a (a-r I 1 It la a fair uni-'lon hnairw, If lota an rhirty f- ."t rfrrrt, h*twaan Hflh ani Waiiaoa arm iai. ara >t w fib **#?> mora than wort -4 I ,1 h ??? u i# W- 1 n p?a'#ni to itar-lo*, Rr Aalor own* a (raat ifaal of ta'.|a'*y In Ik |nr' ' tha town, flw own# aflth# b ??**< no* h .1 *n Ut> ?h falafrt I Ifth an-l Mailv a a?#*nWr ani ' hirty ifci'4 and'j f*-nrth at/a*t#, bnavfira n-? -H far* f if' Aaf? f If^ra la t*Ab|r( on 'ha forth -t ? ' ot M- ff?'f? ? n#*ly h- lit hrown ??< aa Knghrh ?ia-arr,-o' . aal m tb? ?-utb at-ta tha-? a ??nail pat' f > ? r -b BtrnU hatwaan Ma^lron a -nur <ni > u"h Kai' i f- ufh a tio# thai# la n< thl f Vi apan> <f n il you ??!?.# t?! tha larawt I'*a aad Trua- <?. aof a lata fi'ftta. a*at 'if 'ao.ol aaaona f'r m llfth f a t ?? a (??nor ta tha r#at rtaar, Wt la ?tf? all lap' flat* la rain# oh ? rafnlar <hu?Af aaala?way I'M I "t m 9 ,r#<0. 1*, bo?*<?wr no dmnartd at |?<4<#?at, bit the ? ? id I* within two year*. and ted?rr that time pii< > to* *ho w nh ??? hwjr In*# anywhere Iwlwwfi ingt"i, 4 ci* h aotiuec fr >m Thirty fourth to ihir*/ Hghth *t.cM will h?V" con)# gro%j|t*g ?.> do ia % private but i# they get their tit on rorop #1 la the ICogiater'i "ll'.rf, Mnd'i Bote of ,t. IflyvlfiloiM IMupprnr#t?rf <vf m Cltlmm of WII11 m m ?h ti r#? ATHONO ffTHFICIONH OF rOW FLAT, Throughout y**rwrd#y tber# cowefch-rahle evct*?v m?nt in *h# lantern dttftrlct of BV'vokly?, con** jiiwnt upon ti e Hud'>n and nyitwotw dimppewiuiw* of Mr. i&l w h Ml Ncill)*, proprietor of tin* King* Four Ay H"t*d. who .? well aixf Are* rainy known by every one maiding in King^ County. Yesterday momi*# about I If o'clock, ho oideiad the iioum U? M cloned?guv* mm# direction* to ore <?f the coachmen, and then, i?marking that be frit very rl?#iy, went out of the door, lie wtw? known to h*v>- ov? r $4G0 and a g?hl watch in hi# po*aa*?l<m. A fin mm) and a neck hand of one of the I'echr *H[> boat * ate that Mr Neville croeaed over fr> New York, and, a 1er gfing on rhor# a few nHnutee, came on the bout agetn; but, on arriving on the Brooklyn aide, he win not to he roun<i. It b? thought tiywinn that they wthP roi# taken an to hi* identity, and that there ha* f?'?wi Purl pity. Mr. N. whh remarkably ?-te?a?ty, and never titnyed a way f on? home. Kvcry meaatirw ha# been taken to m certain h1# faie. AMOTHKtt ArtatmrT. Mr. rdwmi Neville, the pi??pii# or oftho king* f'oun'y Hotel u WillUm^htitg, ha-* diaappcaied, under cirrnm h ano> ca cola'cd to awaken o"j nertoua epprehe union# lor hie personal anf'ofy. I art ?ventng a* he vn? looking up bin bar, preparatory ti etiu 1 *ir |5 up. about 1*2 ?>' I ,< k an i while counting the nn i ? y 1 ti e drawer which he afterward* put in hl? pa 1ah one pocket, two ?tri*ng? r- wete obeorvwd to enter he mm m and tvtnaift th? ie until k> wui out to *but up 11*?- Mahler*, wl eo 'I ??> went out uhu. They did not call ft r aiiv hing, c r did they in itnato any ItitenM <n t?> -tay Notfrirg ha# been heard of Mr. Nevil'o nitir# he loft th?* bur rm in lor the etablea, a>< t hi* afr-ome for tin* night u m? inc n-i tent with hi' wed know n d < l* hahit-*, that hi tamdy and frh nd* ate titled witfi ur n y I. t he may Uv?* tu n ?te-t)i?\?"4 tor the ironey whii lt Im lad tt|nti him i> tie two htiaag >rx who ?aw hint cour.t U ami put it in M- | ncket A pilot of or of the Wi 1f.trn<burg f??rry kaU-tbn ? i.oitM?h\H he hw 11?id on board ?d the *???% g"hi# to N* w N oik about one o < lo k. hut iu> one aaw him p% a hi'hei i 1 the v tt)'M whole it i-? MUfi|>oee?it hi' Wntlhl have h< en ic<m gui/ed at any time, and enpmdally at auch an hour Many < f the ii i/au.* of Willi.? ?ii <hurg and the police are a "Iffly eiigvgHf hi the h'iui Ii tor him, but wiiloiut* Hm -1 lifi to ten n'clni thi* foreiinoii Mr Ntfillf's elabie *f'J? inr the wutei ?ho current there la very lapi i, and ? umrher mipht have heo?i rnnauumia ?*i with very fhw t ltai ri ' ? f d< te<*tb>n at the h'?ur wh? u Mr Navi.le'a dl apt paretic# occurred lie irti a man of very done #tfc ahith Nothing ui fila lite couu'emunao* the #u pi- "U flint he deatny cd binoo'f, or troiuntarUy abaenfe'i hlm reif from f id ht me, even fni a ringif ni^bt, without n toe?Post. Vk'tllliamalvurK (-lly Itwia lei'ii r? K ti '. Mr.?An affuir ha juet corne to light in the lantern dbiti ct of Brooklyn which will fumlnii a ptilject for gtnoip for aouie time to r<?u)e. One uoiiniug thin week the children of nflo o' the prim ip?l idi oh ft-rnihled at t? e u. uai hour for cominenccment. For the flirt time in raver* I y?arv, tbu pttiK (pal, Mr. W., war not |ir? rant, and after /?? veraI lamr* hid wlapaed, In (juitv van made, and he w- nowhere to l>c found or b' wid of. A* *o?'n if the ?? hlidr#n rr'urnwd home, the tact of Mr. W. > di?ap|#*af in- e ?m made known. |)a uc (.? erij #totire>aw ifo iewa# M*io< 'biug in tfic breere and to her until in* perofVeotn .?? we an- in ehl- u for theficl*. M r? on - that tor aotfie montii* naat an intiifia"y e*i<?t ol Iv'vnn Mt. W an> oi # of ilk femal teach#'a who*# afecikitia he au?,ceed#?l in ga im p, ttirnugh weli trrmight Afrricr, and ttbaUy effe-owl her rum. A Abort time ?lu< e the >eut g wemau left thcAchind ti? prevent hei d -gra- e for n.b g public, and HlUyiug to tb iruateeM lH a 1 abe waa about to accept a aituatlon ?| the -kiuth ll**r eon ol i? n I en * rtlMHjvcied by her parent*, ahe wa? com 11 h d to dbrloee all, and the laiher Imin^dately fr*?k linn um* '? bliltg to juatice M? W but ?t? ftvt tr vt by l.i* daughter. who v ta^? itvatu u for her a* Ituer w ?? ? ill ixi !? * uk* n, and through her he w ia warn#.! of hi* da up) r in lme to mal p good hU ? acapw. Mr. W ha* a vi c and family rcaiding in Brooklyn, whom he hn- left h? hind. tarom ra* Iiqav at a* Ditvni vn?).w I nk* ow;i ('a* ># - -Coroner O'lkmndl h< Id an Irujvi at ?t the rtatlon )iou?# of the "iith ward po fh-e uie?n fhe body of mi 'inknovii man aV-ut 63 ycara ofitge who wn n /,d ?nad in the atrnet, on IhurAttay t iiiht. Tin de#? h id, in the opinion ??t th?* juiy, came f<? hi* d? ath tr? in Inteinjau .*?<?# ;?nd "i P'AUie fo the weather Ivkimm-.J wa# hv- t?w*t eight inrbr* in b?iglit, had gray hair, no whUker*. lit? wo/e old black cloth clothe*, and ehoe*. In hi* l?oa m-*fi u ?ae found a crutch nn l ? Atick, g ling h? *). -a that be wa* rrlpplnd in the ur? ofh a leg* M t/fiKN I?rATi! in thk -iiiirT ?.former 0'fk>nn#n h d I ? n inqn##t on the bmly of t man narne?i Falrb in Ikryl ,d So, 44,1 Broadway, who fell dead ;ot4 r,h?y morrifng, at f/ie oru' r ?,f Hioadway and FuJtou atiict, fr i .i di*an?# of the i-eart. A verdict in aacnrduu ? alth th* .ite?vt* ?a? ta wa* r? ndcf d t y the jury. Brooklyn City New*. At imiT if Hit Nm YiU,>-A illatairlwanrr o-< ur red in hourd the t'feMnd htatea tiigii Potomac, on Wetlnmliay ln?t, unli'r tha ftrilntrlag efrrumiitno ?< It apirar* ?-all r hvl ir n? to Nnar York "n pa' In, an 1 *1 I# tl *)? gnt on a ?pr<n tn4 ' Tni'i hU tun fw . I?ttre iffittll liwttd biui ?i'l trough' him to thn NaT) Yatrl lor the pt]i|w-M> of , . tllnf the ataii'lln.,' i ? ? ?rOofg.1). Wh-ri Ilia) artlrial *t tin IttgnUi lb> f pitroi ' 1 war not ? > do-lte a? 'liny wlahwl him 'o l? ao I 'he) t'-uek htm iutt llir I emt. tlla - .?nrvl?- anotng It, ?Hkiilbtl|iO<lf afalnat the pdl-e for bwlnc < , f, ( III pickle? II|I -t ay ail'ra, atU.te.1 th? oil . ri ti h 11 in) it g pin- The p i| <?? being ' ol? too In number, ?id .rein* tl-elr Aniigrr trade a natty intrant own r in I'lrijf tub tha raban tor - ,fety and the oth- # javn|at - *t <>1 ibe port h' la and ftU to the It torn ?f i?,n dry ?. at heir the ai">rl ana latin* at tint tlnin. I,. .o Wat taenly Knit hp Ike fall and wa tiiln n to lh? -ut j.n'? ilh'i where l e lerelTrd Mora ?i? aid, ? W which i? ? ?? c Btr#)H 'o hi? re Mauo- In -Vwe V ok the or r < It en ii 'tlvr'l n foil a- uii'l "n th" hi ol Tin* oailora b?lftj loi n mniotja, o- on of th-m anilf ka I4rnllli*l al'er thn < < no r let,. Atl111!*T at Ttt* Vi' r Tar/l ?A -hlpr-irpen'-er lu-ol I a?r Van'nil*< " while at work on boa of tlm war ? 'eat, er Mr*a'? In Or Hraw llyn v?ry Yard, y .(o la,i ueel.'er tly f. 1 fr. m tbe berth d-< k to :f|c,|d Imowntlk, ti.akli* a iharent of about fifteen Iwat Ite W a- pt tot p In ill Ino lintl'In raMillea, with bin < * <lar Vine bn>lr?. 'i 'I hie head aid lap bruleed ha m, u?-u to the ul*r< ti e of! albr whnli be aroa wat )?l In hla p i 'imon In It'll lamabfefg. OtrrACmnn M\n I'tiin t ?i>i I'amo <a?A ynuaf i ?p c. !||r g hlmrnll J !n-t ai-il area art'? t. d ky ('an no f nmba, of Oi? Hfhlli ward p Ice i fhur la n ?he aona plain! .f H H ilayn who c|. trjf?1 him arfUi roliettlnf au crip . u In aid of tha Wblt lafarm, by manna of a (e|er containing tbn nnann of l?r Tnybir, i.raei Ou r. h, New York ablch aw b-Utraf In trw n hoyary. The a. ? uaerl kad pawn ticke ? In hi" p- wave I o t i a f d watch at,.I f lit I-ckwt. which It la ?u| r?"-l war* 'V leu lie Wa* hepl for ??ao>l ?tallon. i ? I ill' ? Hmpi * K?i?-ell l/eee the ki?('t <4 a la ? n I'. Hamilton aawnoe (|iabaatra kf iKIot ll'.fkia f ? ba I a Tenth w?ir1 yw>ter4ay an I eoanmtttaal tnia'i '< r t.onjaytot ?1 < f ? f ?? liapwat In Uar h U*t ny Jariwamllt (rr aalllny Vitwron - inlay Kitntartat 1/ ary Mala af klmnaphata. to Tin rrttroh or th* iicnvlo. I roan i he drat lay "(the | ra nt naont.i l> tha Tth teith InelnaiTW, tha a*tr> ra kniaalU h a al ->e erery nlf.t at-?? the al- u-'i aa>1 n, e h 'if the tUn* It -? !?-.taab fromil* M. till t A ? The eaamitaf f i wi ita >a th n, !?? r? an I a'ta-r anhnal the lelen ahy ? a- m at Iftra" aly atl.iat di. tale,I av ? t. tie tn -i I - .'at.' . Ion later rr I a a4 r V ritae~l hy . th"r? ?<* wv -? ? .? ,* t,i t nneant lanpfaawlaa rl-ainy I tie l,.f , roral let. Mot m a tbmdwteuafni ' ?* fit t, teM /? n? ne'o' rtrp win In h>" tta^ f'-t anr- tal Wrm aaa4 t on tl e hut cay < I "?? t?w owr ami ??? paawani n* a wtt f ??? tf -hat n, tinftil c? aetr j he on be a w.! '? ?? ? t |< t, ? 'o off. r.< n '|ty whek oel -t It e l.i ba' I. tie-ate <af w ? anat lau ,er,' a' I! ? e-.wlhtiftate n* lei?e te-n rot..-- o? 'fO'if U ? Wltrnr ? ,naty of a neep'^re at.) haf- 'oil ???! a? *1 'tier In tilak .n/eaawi n. , f, t-4ay !?' tha tawi;?tato " wnt la ai iIfirtn frn-a 111 i- M 1 Tl"t kit H at lat tf'T ?yt _ ? if ? i#a -wall nrm'ar! f'"" bw'oia I * hi annt '? ?" H wiaa I ' ? ?J r M ,1 a A l? f rttlny nnae an fr wi i ? i ? I', tt Illl I A * cwlofiay anren fenOTi fr-nn bmf-.ra 4 A k! ?i I pw-t a I * ale Tan h fa baam afwt V I w 'ill emit MP al ?> i Wen b"?ra ft ra l-frw* tf ' an a) tlfl paat II A M ae?a le,?> fa-owa W ra p V 1 II paat to A M 4 K -'-taf?-??- Vwwi V.otV I e, . ibtan fl'>an MV"> * Uti 'AH * f oe <*y? , aefi I wra . hi ale-) fTona hwfi it I P M ti, paet ? A If ? f * **?' *'"ta? la-aiyaa" h or- f-owa be# a I# A V l.liynwtJf M -n pari from bfc If f I ?r< 4 A M 'f rhtitaAny?nine V n-? fbe ?, . I la I- ea eanawA wttii 'he an? oral te-rr, Ani.taM ' , a M? "tel la- ? wllttfka torlnff the te thai 1 . ?i.' r ta 'ara ?? wo'll n,' tirtio- ? Ua-faa* y ? a' I ?'wa- U it.a'e In a^wlMtirtn la tknt itntoo'n'tn ?? ibati ' atlt A Vhteh tile laaafera'arr ta-oa.o" tvka'.f-l , . ? . e if "?*??' t tr.- t? ?-mm' at .a h o > at?! ?. >1 *a- mU t wtefi tha 'fen ("I" h ' -a tnt-wwa a ?!.. |e i t.c.l'nftnff ae -let-Tit, i?eM hy t <f ? aim-el a 4 'y laa.-r'M ? hnai late r.", ter-wre a'lw a' 1 ? . ?*.U P. MPKIAM i?< ,utt UfeoMi, *nr. I, 1M4. INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. Cur London, Paris, Madrid, Nanoy, Vienna and Constantinople Cor respondence. THB AflKMICAX CATIIX fc\PKDITlM# Thf ThrraUriln* Attitude of Entlui to the I'lilted stair*. INT (.RESTING flNAMMt INRUISENCI. 4c., Ac., Ac.* Our Utidwi (^impowWara, U^uim, ?k.l. 'JA, IMA. iffyiloraurv of fV I'nitrf Wafer?/due tUmfidwl* ?MA it u Arkf Ahnnal?lit IHwri IV I'trjuly n?l ImArdUgp if Iht A ilia nul mtwa? ' A dniWiiru of My Sm<*Jk" ?1'wm* imJ //u iiUnmrl .VAnum Up i# 1 Ham /'itituul .Siitirr?7A* /dial /Inmt-liui* <f /A* i??Ml fWirj njairul thr L nitiml Stotri. '[h? nuiatiy ii?m your Wiuthloglfl? ror nap* eel ew4 w .l.-bt ofgratrtinla. lu Ilia letter ..f .he J3.1 "I Septewka^ to which my attention Una aeyaral tlmea Wan nattad, m truth* which a w. ah km) corrupt adainkatrhiiun may ha oliimitl t? '?# mailt' public, but It* 'itead* ,-annul Iruyert. Nagi.lar a, it may *#ain, I havn anginal Nmi I. i n !>? U ? eye ol taking Uf my l?*n 1? mWrn#" yow a letter hi tbi ?*m? tanur Ho baa pm,#d mi abler ??p? Belli. lie U?? relievd me ?f the U,?.don# lit# o<r.iatqp k tart Ire, aa# will rcc#lr# thank, of bki Mlom-eoww tr)nu n kbrnkd. "Ileiar tlipl.giaay" t. twin the pna# wind i.f rid bale, !u ? word, It ta uuel to daalgnntn nor thing in ehlili no eofilidoiM ? ran !>?? placed, Mi l iu?y be brant line, aid "? 'lie limit. Mit uael nuly to {talk aur IbtUi'g* Hutt 1Kb diplomacy ?f til" I'.iitwt dtata# (tan, utidei the ntlnr III lira pre-eul aduitntalraUun, aunk la tt e enilinktliiri i.f Ami il- an -latr,iiie.., la to ? luitwlne %? lib ili uln). that )mr klim.trra li?t Ibbi IkflaiilM la initially 'ruk. When Untrw Uiey nut rahlinr n'..o*eg tiy th#tr eiuwlt viqhtm tln*n -.?i*gtil In kaaurue 'lie p..M tinn id .tale m**n nr rt-Jr I l?i*rw?r un their euiuitryl let Mr l leree e beet frn nda mower And TT, Uk# .xir-idf. tl ey allien'ly Uifk .leuuK-rncy, let them r#l k'l iut our t.-ltlrg the u.?u.n" t'.at h*? lliu. brought It into row ti Hi11 let llw m rtuiaui'tar that democracy l? nut a Hi'e rli luant iii Ibi-hiHly je-ll'l- of I.-trope 'Ha; tt may le enatabt#.! and lt.?i* "a wl by a coa?pnrt#nn ol ita reentta in Oil" l ulled ."talea. Kuropr ina nut undnr atand that w# do not te nd oqr great inimU U> rep raat lie atinkil ami ?eiy na'nra'ly . iii'iuiud the .mail p. UM laua wlto-n eelTleo, haxe gained 'liein the puat of Mtaia ter I'lml poteli uary gll It ? ur ubla.t atatoeinro Thla la to la- deipli ml Ina.mitkii a, II glraa to lha |.'VNS < ha I la-Ibe meana r| ehnrglag t? deimanwejr, abli'imA by lha la li>- if ii fallibility, that wtiieb n?'?iaMg ta-li Uf to lha arrnr. nl oar weak gieernmoa* la denl earrywbare we tia je late-l In the aeta uf re tale e.OlrlaU, a vat a ke.l to ih-tui? fruni 'horn '.he puli y of Me? guyarinjient nl Ibu ' iitol Mate, The rr-|aawt 1 mull III. til an lin|a> -IhUlty, but an anawr iwig'il be tinind In lha fhit that Mr I kue ami hb ''atunrl bin- aa puilry aim M-gard to kaiinpaao wOalra, while hu yi ra'r and tary eonbi'i otlal in. tmelluna to ble Mln'aiaaa .o eoodhtwltb thue fruUi the lu (.aetwaant ?f Mate ?. 'ii Wa.e them no ?tt?ru?t|,a lull to art *oo>wS n.g totlie dtt 'ate . of thur teatt-vga at the m-nne at ) am Igimraiii Ilia euiiree In ni wbleh your Wa.blag tun eurn ?|a.mlvnt deiUal hi. int.ruiall -n ra,pe? Hug "Mr l lcicr'a luiupean diplomacy," bwl I aai In [> aaailia eg the inimt puilli'a priiut i f Ita rorfer'oe a. lot ( agra. do II* duly, and all bla glaiawiaaU will ba . urroymatad, let It demand Mr l terei ? fitnte iualrartloaa to Mr Hurhanan rotieamlag 'ho bolitlng ? oungraaa .if Aa.a rleoii M la latere at ' *t*r?d?tb.t r?' ^|'"J?,' -??? If thay air p I bun let tin in le ? .mparu?l In le-aa ? lib 'hn n* ilar ? ? -i-i'rbe* tn-ni Mr Man y a?l wllb rh'iee ei.tru-ti-1 t? I'udlry l-anii 'he ftarporial V gg, af the rl.tlrnluu- a'lalr Our wnl br |r Ibby will di rtaaw the in -t rtmilar euiiimHa'r "?r pui forward by a aiiyeriiinrnt a' the .ijenie J ? nation f'udlay Maae Imiiu altl. him I fr.aimrll"n" at one rharaetar Iroae Mr I later I akie ra-l | r .Jr. r he wa? le I# ike aw ?Hum ami a nut tier of an opprette rbarae'ar Um. Mali I .?faitii.eiit Mr M irliaren aaw ibe mannar la wh'i h h> a a ? at- "it to Ire rumpemiti?d hy th? toe, a (-II-y of lie .a, aid iinlernrl to arn-at It l.y >iu.etjr letnr-natranre am.n?t a . lu arr ...ntrary liiyrai eat aa that of holding a . i.ea'e-n a* 'rah ml Th-.e ra riu ii.lranre. tf. f .< ee treated wl b Ih ? utnoal itrdlAer rnra, and haalnj thn ngh an tier .g I.I, ? p.ry,u a ad ??iy lur.Mrw'iai .-pi.ilee ' (I.e.. Mr Ho?iJe a eaet f tu.lig r. u.irir I'm and light to aaauma a rh .ini-li i rhlp ? aa. 'h? le?'y, rare m- lion anan eo al'eiu,' ir That I . |.r e.. 'e.t In tfaafmtewd i Vroyantl * with tel .i tan ta wall known to bia frtaaula he;i that lu. waa .aeitl.rad hy Mr I arn a idultiuirtalg I; ti|?e?l hy Marry, I . ualljr true. tie rail upon Mr. Harhanan. lor hi, um |.rui?etl- n bi nana mit frura an.? i g 'hn-. wl a hatre .urighl mly 'o -h.gfare b ra to n ak< h m the Map* gia' of their hunulls'lng pinuaad Ii f *e rail npou In, ? >bruw a*l lltimtal 'Wbt ?|eoi lb- -.iMre- a lyr' lear hi -elf of the t-.W. 'A \kaarw? rlea of Mr. I whirl, haya e -at I m bl> InRa-nee ?a ihia I I ur' I n ll l.a ?!" ' ? llil, he ran eba.ii. a ? ayuruathy Irrm I l? friend# H'lit brie ur lu lb? ? id I? I eta'ai Tl. truth <fyo?r eurr'.p- nhn' * remark a luiye tm# fvr'ber lnp#-.'d upon my mind hy tin re.-Ipt .A the .wily rlue a of a work r,.i|llr.l ibe Adyer.t.irea of ag I ? U'ln : ne >b 111' br '/? lain a aerlea <A h inr -I ad latter, ]uri?.ltig to hate en ,nai.-l fr'uu Ike Wh!Ml ll' .l.e, and an'liUllg Mr I Una ami I.U tin )"'? ??? aha' al'er II a fa,* hui rd Mai'.. Jark ik.auti.g The auib' i ah"eyar be may I? *n Intlmyte kaawl edge of ail Mr I ler.e , falling- p.itd.e aa wall aa p.lfaka ? ai d -buaa Ibern up In a ?lyle al -.rue .pime- and I gt -al In-.r-h Mr I lere? . MlnUtr-ra abnwd will ha,a no r- a-i n l? llu?i.I Ibe an'lruf hu dl-plafl'if a?r t, tty. in re-aid In II.-If rmulo't In hu kumiruua tm* ton trathful dr*?r|piiua >A <l.e UrMtid fun rfiipig. lie ifldrnaere .he ??? y laafa whl-h b.y? far to I < a your tt a'bli g<"? . "freer-ad. n' material 'of Ma let'rr Im n ay judge thai I wa# m.r a "t'le a'tded at the M in. 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