Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 11, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 11, 1855 Page 3
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motion of fnie of hU follower*. After this he rhsnaeff |ii? tactics, anil confined hituscll to the guerilla warfare, lu* wouderful energy revived the spirits of the iieople, and in 1810 all the mountain* were 1n revolt once more, hotting up hi* head] tarter* at Jkirgu, lie converted the whole district Into a e*?t mili tary colony. In 184- he revenged on Grabbe the defeat tf Akhulgo. Upon the recall of Grabbe, Schamyl held hi* own with equal courage against hi* successor, Geo. heidhart, in 1844. in 1815 the last great struggle be tween hchamyl and the Russian* took place, under Umn 'Worontow, who advanced upon I largo, which n '' In flame* On hi* retreat from I>argu, he WSJ agai - tucked by hcbamyl, and the whole of the array ? have bren infallibly *acriflced had not (^?ron..' . ?reived timely a.-sistance from Gen. 1 reltag. ,. ?ei vice Worotow wa* made a prince, the capture of Darg fct!gmrLdW^^l-ur-l<? into Kubanlah, and plr.nde.el and laid waate the while of the Russian 1850 and 186.1 .Scbamyl again broke through the line ef the Russian fortre**e?; Tie ha* united tne ?* into one natiou, capable of the mod com plete imitv of action, and animated oy the same faith. Finally 'information was received by a correspondent from, dated May 17 1865, that Srhamyl m?l jecsoveied hi* ?on from tvuj.tivitj With the Russians, by ?u exchange effected for the wi.e of a Russian general nod two (emale attendant*, who were hi* prUoner*. Court Iiitrlgnca In Spain. The Paris 1'reste publishes the following curious document us one of the pupers lately seized at Mad lid, the authorship of which is attributed to some o: the palace conspirators:? The greater part o. the men who now, in consn juance of the ahorllon of the pronuueiaraento of July, are In tlie possession of power, not only Insult our cju-.-u by their .-oais" expressions, but they keep her positively a ?prisoner, surround lier by i vory dmcriptiou of sliirri, suel misrepresent the intentiou* of her Majesty so a* to repieseut be- U> the worlu a* toe enflmy of the public Jlt*ertv ai d proeperity. ,-ueh Ah" hiuvelic conduct impose* upon lior Mays y tlje necessity of taking eucrgeii: means to contradict euch black (aluninie-. by raising her voice to make kuown to the nation her true in'en Ion* and opinion* relative 1,, the policv which she think* necessary to raise opa.u from the state of abanement into which she has been ldungc t b> the egotism and aiutd'.ion of her bastard suns. In the course of the inquiries wliich we have ma le on the subject of the alarming rumor* concerning the intrigues of the fcacnrhd, we have round a mauu, circulating In Mime lew hand-, which contains a iii.sriamme ol government, answering (a* we think) in ivory respect to the spirit of the movement of July?a movement which hitm-rto ha* produced^ nothing but un favorable, ov at least, sterile result*. Ibis document is attiibuti-d to the Queen. It is sHirmed tiiat her Majesty, afflic el by the injustice of w liicb abe is the victim, had resolved to addr ess to the nation a manifesto, expressing her intentiou* and Ideas am the subject of they way In which public affairs should he couducted, in order to assure the union of all ."tpau jiir.1* and the prosperity of the country; hut thaw causes independent of tlie royal will?causes arising from that Very oppression to which we have alluded?have prevent ed this manifesto, so Important for our regeneration, Jn m appearing, thir discovery accords no completely Willi the opinions wo had previously formed tiiat we are ii.ost truly pleased to be able to submit this document ill the public, iiersiiaded that the entire press, and every > Laniard who preserve* the slightest feeling of patriotism, will aptueciate ttiis ini-piratioo, so pregnant with happy jesolts. and wUl be ready to assure the Queen ,of the gratitude which the execution of this elevated conception would produce In every hbnest and truly patriotic heart ?a conception which would save the country from the ?attaclism which must always threaten a weak and dtsu j.iiod nationality. Tlie foUowing is the text of tins document:? Spaniards?Tarn proud to preside over the destinies iff a nation which counts so many heroe* iu its bosom, and 1 wi'hout ceasing, render thanks to Divine I'ruvllence jor having imposed upon me tlie duty of sacritlciog my s.-lf uisio ttie altar* of this beloved c rnn'ry; and to yon, Spaniards, for liaving defended, witli so much loyalty, Ihe rights of the throne wdich 1 inherit from my ances tor*, and for wliicli I ow, an account to tho Supreme .?Sovereign of all. , . . My luaterual heart was deeply moved when, in the month of July, of Usi year, you revealed to me your suf ferings au.i manifested your wishes, expressing the de arie, worthy ol a suldime people deserving to enjoy the benefit* ol iHilitlc*! liberty, to found the administration ?if the oouutiy on the sacred bads of morality. Full of ardor for tlie well being of the nation, and re joicing to lind myself at the head of a people so li meet, isi noWe and ao heroic, 1 showed myself most desirous to satisfy such just aspiration*. ..... . f i-ince that time I have never to*', sight of the mvrch ol public affaire: but ?? the end of last year 1 perceived that t.nere was yet much to do to satisfy your most pressing tleslree. .. ... Spaniards, vour esteem is to me dearer than anything e*lse in the world. To possess it la lor me the most certain proof that 1 fulfil my duties and accomplish my elevated mission Although op to the present ttrn.' you have always done We justice, the thought, however remote, that you could -ii..Rsibli throw U|?on ine the responsibility of your suffer ings. prompts me to tell you that my soul can never he Jranquil, and that 1 ran never think that I have done my duty', so long as you shall not have attained the ob ject ot your patriotic* primunclainento, which was to es-^ labUah the government of the country ou the principle of morality. I resume, then, here, the tropes which you Will aid me to realise:? . the national militia, as a guarantee or order and guar dian of the taw?. on the religious observauce of which liberty is founded. the I.belt v of the press, except so far as relates to pri Vale lile and toe sacred minister* ol our holy religion. The free and public election of the representatives of Hie natii n. the provinces, and ttie municipalities. The unlimited right o( petition indispensable for the making know n the desires ot the citizens nnJ the publi: met ssi ties. Tlie reforn of places both a* to the number and capacity ?.t the peteons employed, so as to establish a well-or gsniria system of administration. A Just and conm lentlous revision nl the retired lists. Tlie constitution of a great par. of the army Ol re.e, vs. Ttie immecinte C" minoncoment of railway works, for ?winch object four huudred millions of the budget shall be annually allotted. An appeal to the patiotism of the provinces for con fitructii'Os of highway*. The establishment of a good system of custom*. Riutectinn of national industry so that it may not be Mbaorbed by foreign industry. The establi hmeut of country bank* and credit l*ui.? to protect labor trom the ravages of usury. The enfranchisement of salt and tobacco, which shall Jie given up to pilvate enterprise. The canalisation of rivers,combined wiih a food system hi irrigation. The encouragement of colonization, and the establish ment of national school*. Protection of leproductive labor. Charitable establish ment* lor tlie agett and intlrm. The devel ipeinent of the navy, so that it* protection jnav develope commerce. the constitution of public Instruction on Urge and ?cmuBiical bases implying a Just preference for indu* j rial careers. The uuion o all Spaniards; a general amnesty to cover with the mantle oi oblivion all political excesses up to the present time. National Independence, international relation* good, sincere and loyal. I efence of the national honor whenever attacked. Judiciary responsibility. ... Respect and protection of the legal right* ofa',1 classes. Watchlnl control over the functionaries energetic suppression of all abuse* on the part of the authorities. Protection ot the religion* unity. Councils for preserving evangelical discipline and iuad net* In their ecclesiastical state. Creation of a public administration both economic and patriotic. _ , . Prompt despatch of public busines*. Creation for this purpose of M committee of censorship: setting apart of doe hour a day, when parties interested will be able to vbdt all the ministries, and office* and ascertain the state * f their affairs. Realization, in concert with the Corte*, of every other weesure required by the necessities of the public. bpanierda. such ars my wislie*, and I believe they are yours also. I<et us aid in realising them with that self denial and patriotism of which the magnanimous nation athat witnessed our birth ha* given n* so many signal j roofs, let u* open the inexhaustible source* of her wealth. In order to raise her to the power to which liod ha* predestined her, by granting her a ?oll of In-aim la >>le fertility and unrivalled sentiments of nobleness nod chivalry. The above i* followed by a letter to Eepartero, ?nd the whole is mgned " Hp&uiarda, friend* of their country.'* Jutcrrstlng Trip owrr the Cltlun Tra Moan* tains. TW following particular* of n Journey through part of the tea district from Foo-yean lis* to Foo chow, recently performed by the wnu-r for the ?w cond time within the year, are puMialtcd ui late saper* from Houg-Kong :? Poo-yean-foo i? a large city situated utthe Is>ttorn nf a tine bay of the aarnc name, which i* navigable for ahip* ol any draught, and the city can lie ap proached to within live or six mile*; this city ha* a tine atone wall in good repair, and the Inhabitant* ?seemed generally weulthy. There are neveral pub 11c laiilding", mandarin* of high rank, and a garri son of soldier*. Here I had an opportunity of >-xp?* ricnrlng what I never had done before since i enme to < hinn: at nine o'clock P. M., at the h<-ad manda rin'* residence. ? gun wo* tired and the music played for about ten minub*. and the night-watch wa* aet, ?which was wtdl k*pt all night. It brought ine in Blind of being a European garrison; the people generally wen- ali cleanly drcs*od and remarkalily ?dvil; the principal street had tine shops well stocked, pnd they acenied to be eager for European goods. From thi" city being In the heart of the tea moun tains, then* i* a large >|oantity sent over the moun tain* to Foochow. rin iny last travel to Foochow 1 ottered not les- than thiec tbouaand men, each ? arrvdng two ehesta. large basket* or Ia?gs of tea; the labor of this i* very tail going, a* from Poo ye in foo. there are three very high ridges of mountain* which are a* near a* possible, a* follows: the tir*! is Hscended iniinediately afU-r leaving the citv, which i* not les- than *ix thousand five hundred feet; the next is about half way, which is about -ix tho isand feet, and the U*t is near to F.*.. how and i* the largest of all 1 liave ever ??' n or mounted, whi h i* folly seven th.m*?ud fffiCt; the whole way there h a tine i<>ad pvVetl with stone, and slone--tci>? up and ?]own the mountain*, ami at *m.ut cverv quarter ot a mile the e is a sort of tavern with a verandah or eked for (he accommodation, and mdmg-place or travellers; the mountain chains are a go-si eontri vuim e but it is ctiflu uH D> lind any good enough lu lutt Even iu two dais' travel the chair Ixytrcrt I are rather quarrelsome amongst themselves and ex tort a* much aa they can. After aeee tiding the first mountain you noon get to a small town where it forms a small bay, and at high water the tide rises sufficiently to allow passage boats to float; these boats are daily crossing along a rather narrow inland bur or salt water lake, which shortens vour land travel coa-iderably. Hy starting at high water you arrive at a small town called Tootae, at the next high water, but which at low wuter you could not get within seven or eight miles. At tnis place there is a large quautity of pottery manufactures, and junk-* coiue to load from all parte of the coast. This place is named Kcuu-see or Keon-see. Pottery here is very cheap. As soon as we leave this little town we commence to asct-ud a very high mountain, bcuutilhlly covered with large pine trees, bamboos, Ac , interinixed with long grass, which makes it look very luxuriant and rich. Pheasiiuts, deer, Ac., abound here.nnd the humming of birds makes it one of the st pleinoasant mountains I have over ascended As soon us you get to the summit you cnunneuce descending from a sharp jteak and arrive in a beau tiful valley, which appears to be at the toast 1,000 feet Irom the level of the sea, this valley is wel populated with several small villages an 1 town-hand is well cultivated. It is decorated by several smu hills and ravines covered with luxuriant trees or all descriptions, and the fine green paddy-fields which muke It a complete garden. There is every facility ufl'ortled for travellers, uud this road is Uie only one which leads through the tea district, which makes i daily passable to thousands of travellers who pro ceed forward with the greatest ordor. After travel ling about ttflecu miles you pass a pretty consider* b'c city, the name I could not get; it is poor and hi bad order; however, there is a great hustling trade carried on here; it contains several mandarin bouses, and there is a small garrison: small bouts cau come to this city at high water only; the inhabitants do not seem much snrprised at seeing foreigners, and thev are quietlv disposed. At trie head of this vu.ley, which is about thirty miles in breadth, you arrive at a small stream which rans rapidly and swells to about twenty feet, when there arc heavy reins in the interior, which inundate the several valieys around this. Yon cross in long snake boats, uud in half au hour you arrive at the foot of the highest uud the last mountain to Fooohow; this 1 knew to take at least live hoars to mount: us it was a fine moonlight night I heard the teamen passing the inn where I had taken my lodging ou the way up. I got up and started in my chair with 1 rearers and baggage carrier, and at hail' past one A.M., in the cool of night, I tra velled as bard uh I gould; passed about five hundred , ten carriers, and did not arrive at the summit Ire fore live o'clock A. M., and 1 bad about eight miles to travel over the summit of this fine range of m ?un tain; I gradually descended this mountain, which is abundantly supplied with good water, as cool as ice to the very top in tact; it runs across the road, and the vicinity is cultivated with paddy-fields only, to the'snmmit; there are several houses and Hmall vil luges all along this road till you get to the edge u. it, where yon sight the valley of Foochow, which you descend very rapidly. This 1 did not reach brtore seven o'clock. At eight 1 was within the city; it took me five davH to travel that distauce last year, and I have done'it in two days this lime. I would recommend any one who wishes to take a change of scenery from koochow, to go part of this way, and they will be well repaid for their trouble, it is a line shooting journey?only bring a good supply ol provisions willi you, or else you will tare very badly on the Chinese food provided in these parts of the country; for the inhabitants all appear to be very poor. Fashions Iter November. [From the Illustiated London News.) The novel'ies ol the approaching season are now to lie seen in the windows of the leading tashionable sb >ps o: 1'arU. Commencing with the materials that appear generally sought after, in the first rank we mast men tion, as being always in fashion, plain velvet of every shade, and which for dark on* is covered with black lace. Idghtei colors and trimmed with white laee. Kng lisli or en point d'Aleucon. Next comes le-v velours epiogles, specially destined lor hall dresse-, which wore last year worn with Houuces tor the skirt. Tnis kind of velvets Is seldom made hut ol light colors for hall dresses. We have next, for soirees, the velours imperial, and the velouis nious.e. 1-es moires antique* of plain and solver shades are ulso much worn. It Is a material tnueti sought after fur mourning. After this we have u new and very rich kind of rots', consisting of alternated bands ol velvet and moire authine. or moire antique nnd satin. Nothing ran lie nobler than these materials combined in the same skirt. The moire antique is also of a light and lively shade, a petite ruies dc satin which f irm Scotch square* on plstn or piaid ground. The pekins oriotitaux are also veiy line stuffs, which with the ilamaak and the gros deTours, divide the taste this season. Taffetas i" the stuff ?blch best adapts itself to all the requirements of the existing tashlon: and, next, the v* rious patterns which can Is* given to the skirts, that are almost alwnytt finished off witii fringe woven in the stuff. 1 he mixture ot sstin heightens by its brilliancy the flowers. Taffetas is thus always fresh and cause it adapts itsell the easiest to all the changes of fancy. I'opellne It aUmuCli sought after, and will Ice very much worn for walking dreaies. The Scotch kind nnd the large squares formed at two colors, are moat in favor. " . . Ol collars the variety Is innumerable, and. although the fashion has adopted very large one-, we d?> not think them in good taste, and they aie nit. generally speak ing. much worn. For sleeves the variety Is still greater. Wo mention a lew of the shapes most generally adopted:?(liicassian sleeves, with two or three rows of lace and embroidery, and slightly pressed by an nitre devx, midway between the elbow and wii.t -u as h> let the trimmings float to wards the Utter without hiding it. The Madonna sleeves ,|uite closed. They sre ma e of muslin, remarkably simple, with nothing in the way of ornament but u triple wristband, embroidered and trimmed with lace. Plain velvet will again be used tor Isomers. It ha- been laid aside for several years i>ast, for U rrjnurt - but it will resume the lead this season. f eathers also, will be much used lor wlater ornaments, but instead ?! litt e tolls, as formerly long leathers will be worn to bonier the front, ami fail undulating to liuisb off at the side. Foreign Mlsi ellmij-. According to late statistics of shipserrtered inward, the port of London presents an increase of 27 vessels and 2*612 tons, the difference between 623 vessels, with 537,986 ton-, in 1 4, and |M faaasls. with 366,44* toes, in lHSfi. In the case of Liverpool tin-re is au Increase of * vessels and 23.613 tons, the arri vals in the former period having Is-en 131 vcs-els, with 116.522 tons,and 20.'i vessels, with 141,17.1 toon. The return for Bristol exhibits an increase of one vessel and 721 tons, the difference between 23 vessels and 11,1*13 tons, and 20 vessels and 12,024 tons. With regard to the Clyde, there is a decrease of 22 vessels and 0,2:>7 tons, the arrivals having been in 1*14,47 vesxelo.with 17,43* tons, and in 1*11 2.1 v<*s scls, with 11.101 tons. Taking a review of these figures, the total net increase presented is 14 vessels Hiid 62,4*H tons, the diffi-n iitc is-tween 300 vessels, with 4*2,*63 tons, and Hi4 vessels, with ,135,358 tons. The arrivals from Mudrus, the Phillippiuc Islands, and the Cape of <iood Hope ahow the greatest aug mentation. The statistics of vessels cleared outward exhibit in the case of the port of Iamdnn a decrease of Ml ves sels, but an Increase of 6,023 tons, the departures for the respeetive periods having been 720 vessels, with 337.7H1 ton*. and 133 vessels, with 342.x!4 tons. Tlie return for Liverpool shows a decrease of 48 vessels and 77,310 tons, the difference between 316 vessels. With 224,304 tons, and 364 vessels, with 302,274 tons. It appears from a statement, HH>(' to have iieen prepaied from the riflicjal reports, of the number of cAsnalti's in the British army, from the date of the first landing in the Crimea till the capture ol Se hastopol on the xth of Hepteml>er, that they have had 195 officers, 153 sergeants. 20 drummers, and 2,104 rank and file, killed; 577 officers, 64.1 serges lit-, 71 drummers, and 16,0*4 rank and file, wounded; and 13 officers. 23 seigcants, 2 drummer*, and 466 rank and file, missing. The casualties in the fleet, Naval Brigade Hoyal Marines, and di aths In h'>*pital have not (s en printed. According to advice- from Alexandria to the 4th ult., the cmlsiiiktuents of the railway across the lake Mareotis have again Iieen giving trouble and anxiety to the Knglish engineers l>y sinking to a considerable degree in several part-. A great mi? tuke was i oinmitted in not making a solid louoda tion lor the railway at this part, instead of merely making a causeway of loose earth across. The Nile is very low this year sod the supuly of water lor the cultivation of the Isnd will he much II low the average, so that next year's crops will tie short. raid I's' hH. the Viceroy, bus ts-en on the railway as tar as Beuks. wheie a bridge is being constructed h< ross the eastern branch of the Nile, arid has given order* and instructions to hasten on the works so that the whole line to Cairo may lie completed by the end of the year The French engineers are working vigorously on the Cairo and Sue/, line; a portion of the rails lis- already < one out to Alexandria, ami in le-sthaii two yearn it is expected 1 hat the entire iissenge Is-tween Alexandria and Suez will Is- per formed hv rail. A return of the numls-r of acres of land plant's] with the grape vine, arid of the rpiantitv of wine and brandy made from the produce thereof, in the colo ny of New South Wales, during the year ending March 31,1*14 give* the following results Nam ler of aires, *>62: wine produced, 67,431 gallon-; brandy. I .1*7 gallons. The i ounty of < 'umls -land is by fai the lurge-t wine-growing county in the cob ny, contain ng 230 acres planted with the vine, and producing in the year liefnre mentioned 21,036 gal ions of wine arid 1,272 gallons of brandy. Next in ? xtent as a wine-growing county I- that of Mur ham, continuing 212 acres planted wi'h the vine, pr'-dnring *,8,'3 gallons of wine in the .ear. Cum berland is the only dainty in which brandy 1? pro duced in noticeable -p-antltv. Sin** U-43 the imiri la-r of acre* planted with the xuie, au<i the pri-to e of wim- ami 1 sandy in the colony, tusy t>e -aid t<? have doubled. The greatest amount of produ ? in any one year dining ihe period from 1-43 to 1*14 wn- ill 1-60. when Iroin 1 .'*> < r? ? were prodn-*d III M i c lUiMtl wine and 1,96m gall-sis ot br nd Tic; l'i election- appear lc<s favorable t'j the government then simple figures would cause it to be believed. Ah far as the elected deputies can be chtaoified, thus far, 80 belong to the extreme right, 160 to the ministerial party, and 120 to the different faction* of the opposition. The right lia* neither gained nor loet in these election*; the left appears to have lout 20 vote*, aiul the ministerial party to have gained 30. Thia increase of ministe rudtata cannot occasion aurpriae wtien the roeiiw employed by the government to inituence the ?lec tio as ore known. The number of achoola of all kind* in New South Waiea, at the close of the yeat 1863, was 421), with a total of 26,600 scholars; of whom 13,576 were malets and 12,086 females. The schools are divisible under the following beads:?Orphan, 2, (one Protectant mid one CotboUc,) with 337 scholar*; Dcuomina ueiial. 174, with 14,87'.* scholars; these schoeS are thus subdivided:?Church of England. 01, with 6,887 scholars: Presbyterian, 16, with 1,443 scholars; Wealcyun, 8, with 935 scholars; Catholic, 59, 6,614 scholar*. National schools, 46, with 3,651 scholars The whole of the foregoing schools re ceive support from government. To the list of edu cational establishments receiving government aid most also he milled the University of .Sydney. Of private schools there were l.?7, with 6,738 scholars. The total amount of governniunt aid received for educational purpose* in 1853 was ?25,450 17s. 7d.; the amount of voluntary subscriptions, ?10,4 >2 s*. 2d. The two orphan schools are entirely supported by government aid, the Protestant receiving in 1863, ?2,411 lis. Id.; the Itoiuau Catholic, ?2,760 lis. 7d. The cholera has ceased at Bologna, It.ily, a* an epidemic. The total number of deal lis in tue town and province, containing a population of 350,03d souls, is 7.571, from the 29th of May to tin 30th of August. The deaths of females have bun much more numerous than those of males, being in the proportion of 8 to 5. Cardinal Donne t, of France, ha* issued a pastora' letter to his clergy, on the occasion of the fall of Sehustopol. After a ,ju*t tribute to the bravery of the troops engaged iu that enterprise, tie recom mend* prayer to the Divine Being lor the speedy ce nation of hostilities. The Council-General of the C.ironde ha* passed a resolution dec laring the expediency of building dock* at Bordeaux, like those of Havre and Marseilles, on the left bank of the Garonne. The railway from Copenhagen to Korsoar is no.v teiminatcd. and will not is; opened to the public until the 15th of November, it Isiiug only at that period that the lolling stock will lie delivered. This line is eighty-live English miles in length, and crosses the island of Zeiand iu its wide-t part. It is stated that a school or college for Turkish vouth is about to be established at Versailles, llie Sultan lmviug made a grant of 1,500,000 francs for this purpose. Here some 300 Mussulmans will be instructed iu the European languages, the science*, and the aits us applied to industry. Accounts from NikoUtiefl-, state that the two mili tary Commissioners of Itus.ia to the courts of Vien na and Berlin. Counts Ilackelbnrg arid Bcnkendorff have left by order of the Emperor for the hc.uhpiar teisof Oh GortochakofT, to examine in what con dition the Kussian army happen* to be. The (German) Journal of Frankfort says that Prussia is ready to accept the proposals made by Denrnaik relative to the settlement of the Sound duties question. An official return states that the quantity of sugar imported into the Zollvereln from 1st April, 1854, to 31st March, 18,65, was 841,124 German quintals, of 60 kilogrammes, or 110 lb*., and that the duty on it amounted to 4.049,538 thalers, (the thaler i* 3fr. 75c.); also, tliat the quantity of sugar prod'iocd from beetroot within that space'of time was 19,169, 773 quintals, and that it paid a duty of 3,833,955 thalers. The vestments worn by the Archbishop of Pari* at the recent TV Drum were the robes which were presented to the preceding Archbishop by the lirst Napoleon, on the occasion of the baptism of hi* iu lunt sou, the King of Rome, afterwards the unfor tunate Due dc Reichstodt. Signor Bonelli, ol Turin, lias submitted a proposal to the British government to carry the sab murine telegraph from Cagliari, in the Island of .Sardinia, (where a line already starts from Algeria,) to the Island of Malta. He offers lo do it in tso months, at a cost of ?fo ,<mh). He also oilers to carry the Hoe fioin Malta to the Dardanelles in one direction, and to Alexandria iu Egypt, in the other, in six mouths' time, and at a cost of ?60,000. The municipal council of Bordeaux ha* voted a sum of 60,000r. to lie applied to the payment, when necessary, of the difference of price over and above 60c. per kilog., to whi> h the bread of scaind quality may rise. The extra quantity of bread to be allowed to needy families in the contemplated emergency i* h:<lr u kilogramme per day and per head, without di'-tinction of age or sex. The solemn proclamation and promenade of "the "King of Turn pins"?that is the largest pumpkin olicred lor sale?look place the l.ith nil., in accord ance with ancient custom, in tho M arctic dea In nocens, Paris. The royal vegetable of the present year, which was produced ut St. Maude, weighed 570 pound*, and was nearly nine leet ten inches in circumference. It appears tint in the D"^'> possessions in Jure lied Madura in 1*54. tin I iporls amounted to 63,776,247 florins, and the ' xpnrt* to 74,3*5,420 florin* (the florin is Marly 2f. 60c ) In 1*63, the lonner were only 44,280,663 florin-, and the litter 7i,692,95G florins. The number of vessels whleh arrived at Jav? in 1854 was 2,119, and iu 1853, 2,170. Cholera has anpeired in Asia Mfnor,extending over the fertile districts of Hamaoon, Ha'ra, Dismk. and all the villages iu tlie ba1 k country, in lading the Mtirxavan and Yusgat, as far a* To a', in one din tioii, and Er/eroum iu the other. Murrain among the cattle is also raging it Samsoon, Sinope, Aiattharn, Abidjan, Kopuj, CaVuk and Trehi/.ond. Cholera lias i*-en also wrv severe all over the i ontinent of Europe. In Berlin up to the loth of rieptemls-r, there were 862 esse*, ol which 5 .2 do-d, 119 recovered. In the village of Neuendorf out of '0? inhabitants 49 were carried off. In Stralsond, l<etwecn the 1-t nrul sth of Hepteml?er, 169 ltersona were taken ill. 94 died. 26 recovered. In Kouigs i crg, irom the '2d to the 31st of August, 522 person* we:e seized, of whom 257 died and 4* recovered. In Bresluu, between Angust 2 and September 10, tiiere w<-re 1,079 cases and 670 deaths. In Sal/, wed el it has l*en vpry severe. In one street of twenty-five house* there were 49 deaths. In a district near Brumby, including only twenty houses, *nd in a healthy position, 98 jM-rsoa- died in ten days. In pesth. 900 persons died iu the months of Jul v and August. In the city of Trent 226 persons died. In Dublin, Ireland, a oommi'tee of the Town Council was appointed to consider tha expediency oi selling ofl' all the c-late* the property of the cor poration. The attempt is regarded as a practical movement to extinguish the metropoliUn mum. i pul body. The introductory part of the French treaty with Persia read* thus:?In the name of God, tho cle ment ami merciful- hi* high Majesty the Emiierur Napoleon. whose elevation Is as that of the planet Saturn, whom the sun serves a* a standard, wbo Is the brilliant star of the Armament of crowned heads, the -on in the heaven of royalty, the ornament of tl.e diadem, the splendor of standard* and imperial*, the illustrious and lit*-ml monurch; and his Majesty, elevated as the planet Saturn whom II ?? Mm serves a- a standard, whose splendor and n gn.licence are like those of the skies, Uie sublime reign, the iiionar h wiio*. armies are in numiier a- the -tare, whow- grandeur recalls that of Djem bid, whose magnilh en. ,- equals that of Darius !).?? heir of the crown and throne of the Keyntneris, the sublime and alswhite Emperor of all Peril*. A parliamentary return shows in the 623 |>oor law nni'us in England *nd Wales, ?l.'.'2o,s 11 was ex irf-uded for tn-maintenan. e ami out-relief in the nail year ended Lady-da 1, 54, and ?2.033,2* : in the b. " .-ear ended Lady-day, ti.e i.i . iw I* ig ?i 330,or | per cent, in th" sain, on.on* 7 *? -J |i?u| era were receiving relief on the Is* of July, >4, and 810,1403 on the 1st of July, '6',, iietug in ire roase of 14,812 ill the imniter./f paupers relieved Tbe total nnni) er of adult abb tssli?.| relieved, in ? l? ..r and out door, exclusive of vagrants, wa* oo the first named .late 125,267, and on the date l**t n entioned, 1324)49. D-ing an in reuse of 6,783, or 5.4 |>er rent. 4)f these adults Is. is. last year arid 51,351 this year, were wid'.ws. The wives of sol diers, -allors, or marines relieved <in the 1st of July, '54, were 1,266. and on the 1st of Jnly, '55, 2,304. \ gentleman named Dellar, residing in Pari*, has )>.?-*< nt'-d to the ehnrrh of ( halinargue* (t'intal), a pie.? of the True Grow, of the size <8 a man * finger, whe h, in the great revolution, wa* broken fr m a large j,iere kept in the rhat<el of st D'-nis. This nice was originally prosenied to the chn|?el try Philip Augustus, wis, obtained it Irom Mablw o Emperorof Constantinople, and the French monarch caused it to !*? deposited in a gold IsiX, enriched w ith precious stones. The Mahometans, in Bengal, determined, orne time ago. to form an a*eo< istiou in < *) utto, for tin promotion of the internet* of that community, an t the rurot wealthy and res[>e. table member* of the )rsty promulgated a-erie* of ml. * throughout 'he reentry, and then convened a meeting at the Town Hail to ratify them and to ehct olfli e isatcr* II ." some malicious creature* spread a re|*ut that it wa the ntetitionof goveniment to convert the U shorn tans by fore*- to Chriohanity, and a Issfy of l2,o ?t assembled at and nmi to the Town Hall, and ti,e meeting Is-ranie ?o tiimnltuon* that it w?- to nd necessary to diaoolve it witiiout the transaction f mil tsi-jne-s [be jo mala o Thurlnten (Autni) ORtii ?UJ>. tie i|. ?**' V* - A th t! < lesolnt SI id the - x? ' ' Kin wi'b rr- ect to th" 8 addreaaed to the Diet of Frankfort, by the nobility of Gotha, for the reatoration of certain privilege i abolished by the lam constitution of the duchy. The Duke has openly declared against the demand. One of the Gal way (Ireland) paper* mention- that the atreani of emigration from that district ban sub aided, St leant temporarily. Preparation* for depar ture, however, arv being made by many of the pea aantry, who, it neema, apoculate on taiug enabled to defruy tne rout or their pa.*aago oot of the liigb wage* they have been paid during the present liar vent. In the neighborhood of KaUiuaoloe the Mcarcl ty of hand* wuh etill the aul^cd ot complaint and liur ilred* of the large proprietors were anxioua to obtain them at an increased premium. The twenti iifth anniversary of (Im- independence of Belgium ha* la-en celebrated by three day*' ie joH-iiig* at ltm*M-U. The Ottoman telegraph to Shttmin, at which jHiint it i* coijiu-iUd with tlmt of the Crimea and wilu the western of European line*, commoaoed work. The Ural despatch winch it traiiHmitted to <!oIu(tallt?ln>;?l(? wltH that wldch announced the taking of Hebastopoi, and the lirst whlcii it truminiitted from Cou*t intino iile wmt one in wldch the Turkish ministry directed it* lepn-w-ntalive* at the court* of Pari*and I,ondon to nreoeiit to the Emperor of Franca and to Queou Vic toria liie coiigiaiulation* of the Hal tan on that vic tory. A letter from Rome Hay*:?The fall of BebaatopoJ haa re-echoed dolorously in the hear** of our ecrie siusticul iiders here, who foreuoe woe* upon woe* aiising from the success of the allied arni*, and ap prehend that the il< feat of one autocrat Will be fatal to the repose ol ull the other* throughout Europe When repioucheu with tlieir sympathy for the ii'-lim niutic ('car, the priests reply, "What would you have 11m do ? Do you not sees what I'ulmerston miy* of tie?" Within the lawt few modthi the following Kngliah publication:', among otbera, bate ceased to exist, uml. from infoimation obtained on the subject, it uppears the low* huh tinned bv carrying tbem on amount* nilogethrr to upwaid* ot illjMOi Ihogrne*. H'ntkint' Ixmilon Lhrrrlory. /'itriotir Fund Journal, I'm and I'rnril, Peopir*1 Timet (ll/utttalnl,) l.ahor Litt, Fintbury Chronicle. The 1*1 in glen, Itormey, ant! Iltghgah- Ainrcpupcr, Marylebonr Advertiser, Metropolitan Metr*. Ma rylebone Whippet in, Nutinet* and Agency U.nelle, llalj'vniiiH Ai wijMiprr, The Doctor, tutored Newt anil Schoolmaiter i ilontte. An rniployeof the French Administration de. Lit* Militaimof GoaaUutina (Algeria) committed aui cide in a strange wuyali w week* ago; lie plured three ball cartridge* in hi* mouth and *et tire to tbem. When lie* explosion took pbire the upper part of hi* head was blown off. The Pari* Monitrvr contains decree* promoting nil eteen lteut* nant colnneb< to the rauk of colonel, and twenty chela d'cscadrnu* and chef* de Isttaillou to that ol lieutenant colonel. Another decree con firm* fourteen promotion* to the rank of ulliccr, and seventy- three uoniination* u> that of kntgbi. in the legion ot llorioi, made provisionally by Marahal I'l-lissier. The l'aii* Monde ur contain* u decree extending the exemption from the payment of navigation due* on vessel* bringing cargia-a 01 corn, Hour, rice, isitutoe* arid dry vcgetahk-H from the 31*t Decem ber, 1*66, to the name date of 1*6(1. On the 1st of February last there were .1,010 con vict* under sentence of trsn*|>ortalion in the United Kingdom, and up to that date 2,361 had tieen re leased on tickets of leave. The numlier released in the year ending the 30th of June hut w as '.'do. General l'eli*sier i* an enormously fat man. with very white hair, which is cut verv chaw; ho I* so fat that he is unable to ride any distance, lie is not very tall, and his face ha* rather u good-humored expired!,ii, and quite diflerrnt from what imagination would portray from hi* history, either in the Crimea or in Africa. Tin- ^4tli of Hcptenilier was the heaviest day ever known In the l.oinlon post OflN, A mail from Au-tmiliu, in addition to the usual amount of con tini-ntal uuil provincial correspondence, was brought in, which mail, la-side* letter*, contained 72ii,oimj newspaper*. On the l*t of September there were 120.000 vi*i ti-rs in I'aris. which i* 26,000 more ttian at the cor responding |>eiii*l of last year. There were in tlie public hotel* alone, at the 2'ith nit.. 4,t-<i German*. 1,100 American*, it,210 English, 2,3'i0 lieigiau*, 60 Egyptian*. 1.076 Bpaniatd*. 7*0 Dutchmen, 1 S>I2 Italians, 330 Sweedfsi, 1 620 Swiss, and 78 from the Dannbian I'rini-.ipnlitie*. There were lately, in the United Kingdom, under orders fin embarkation for the ('rune*, no tewer than I#,olmi dl i iplun-il men. In addition to the nlsiVe upw rid- ol 4,immi infantry will proceed from Gihiultur, Mal'a, the Ionian island*, ami the I'i IM. In con-equenrc of tlie increasing Hiibmarine tele graph i-i mmoniration with the Continent from Eng land, the Electric and International Telegraph Com panies have laid down unotlu-r wire between the rlnglii-h and Dutch roust* in addition to three already in operation. I lie new cable is U:? mile* in lengili, and weighs 23* tons It was coiled on board the steumi-r Monmrh (Captain Henley), belonging to the companies, and the proee?* of p.-ii ing out com mi need at'rrfordni-ss.ut 3 I'.M. on tlie 2Mb of Sep ta n iter, and wa* successfully completed aUScheven ing at 1.20 I'. M. on the JOtli, having occupied about twellty-rilie hours. A government letuni has been issued In England, sin wing the amount <* debt existing on the 1th ii ,y of January in each year since 1820. (in the 1th of January, 1*2!. it appears that tb" t it a I unredeemed debt amounted to lyttil />01,310, Ix-iring a total amount of interest if ?28,064.720. Onth?31*tof Mai eh of the present year the debt *h? reduced to ?711,141.818 with an annual Interest of ?22,**6,627; showing a decrease la the oapi'al ol ? l'< 11 i.4''2, and ni iiilere*t of ?1.176,013. M. Ferdinand de Le-aepa,ol Pari*, ha* juat com jile'eii the Knrrqs-aii seientifie commi* Ion, wlm-h will be called noon to give its opinion re-jiv tin-; the 1,1s.ii o) u i anal at the l-thrnu-of Sue/.. From Tripoli, Barbery, we learn on 25th of Sep tcinber:?A large earn van. c< miog direct from Tun l in ts.o, has arrived lit Gluidames. The state of the legeni y i* such that it* i-oinnieri e I- almost anni hilated. The only trade that is at all ar'lve Is tiiat in 'orn, the want of which is aevi-rely felt in the in tericr, in connnqueiu-e of the hail harvest la?t year. Ti e eoHimeiee of Tiipoli mainly depend- on the caravan* lrom the interior. A litigation I- likely to arise out of the bankruptcy of Ftrahau A Co., for the proprietorship of c?-itairi t.nml* lor the sum of ?13,000, advanra-d by the firm many yeaia ago to an honorable and gallant officer, ? >t Fnglaud, and In- eldest son; and one for ?3,5(10, advanced by the late Sir John Fan' to a near con ne< tion of lii? ? noble lord lately de< eased. In the year l847.tbeoe bond*, with *r>me minor one*. w,-re ?s-igned t" Mm. Gore, the authoress. ,t* security for a -nm of ?23.000 consul* sold out of the funds |,y

her trusts the late Kir John Paul, on tlx?- pl<-;? of iibbiiiiiiig le-Her interest by investment in exchequer i. lls, but in reality, it would appear, to Is- aupro priatid to the one of the firm. Letter*, dated NV vsndier, 1-47, from Kir John Panl and his partm-rs, explaining to Mr* Gore (who waa then on tin- in tinerit). the miture i>i the transaction and the validi ty of the is,mis. hate l*en laid in-torn the I'unk rnptcy Court. The name of the firm of Ktraban A <'o w.i- origl nally Snow A M'alton. ft was one of the oldest i silking houses in fxindon, second < nly to Child A who date lrom 1640:- At the period of tlie omatnnwealth. Know A Co. curried on the t??.suv-ns of pawnbroker, under the sign of the " Golden \ Dehor.'" Tlie lirm, abent Uie ?ar I67'(, snaponded its payment-, in common with most of the Loudon t.-eiikera. owing to the rircumstnn> e ot the soixure ot their money by Onirics IL On a reccnlexamina tlie | n of the i*',La i f Ktrahan A Co. one was ip* -?,\ti<d - J the <iat<-of 1672, which clearly ahows that the rr- d<- of keeping acc'sinta ill tho- dny* was in ih iirals It i* enroll* to oisierve the nature and oiuliiy of tl ? irtieh - Ir-dgsil with this tio -e. Ttiey ?>?e ,,f ii mjse?U.ii.<-oua and sonn what comhal i iscb r. i no ol the entr es m the twok run* tl.L* : " Man h Di, 16*2 To fifteen pouml* lent to laidy ? on the deposit of a .-olden pot dt rkambrt. The blaiiV im, ht t<e lille-J op with an -x .ting Scotch title. About twelve years ag > Mr. -trahan 'banged hi* name ir?>ui -re w t/> --traiun :n rowciwnrc r/f the then late (J '-en * printer* haxing h-lt lum ?|sii,in*i on icindltioa ?< hi* tab ng that nsme. prev on* pi which tb?- title nf tlx tlrrn ?a* Know, ran! A Co. I The government* ?f Atia'ria and IJe'giu /i ?<? en j-aged in a dispute about the right of fs # hurrb at Rome, railed the ( hie*a dell \nims. Il lgiom claims tt bv suae it wa* foomied io I l'*i y a Iblgitn iisUi- d Jean -ie Fi*Ut. Viisirixt, "it tb'- otber hand.* her rnmnen- i'V) >, ilelgb.m for ? ii'nrl?-w and the fa> to( there ex-sting no treaty or ' h le of a treaty hy which *he r>n sin >?? h' r rtgot. it I < u Franco annexed Helglnm ?h< at-- Unit pes ? - i-n of tli* ( hieea dell Antma and antawspieiitly 'I* Holy her rv< "gm//-d the right of If-lgium C*r itrnnelli ha* Ix-en appointed to ex imine into tl ? mattor. Tl,( Anatrian government ha- *eire?l < fs rty |<*?'?n| m I.<>mhardy hy the nh. ratioOa supprvaard in PtedrnoRt. A is - t a twrlv-monlb ago tin c, w! eb King Edward the Confe. or wa* I,. ,,) by au'tioo by Meas-ra. JoO*< and D o ft ?,| l.',?-?ter Oxotl. (f.rigland i Ui W. E<?l <4 the same pla<o. Httlev-eiuontlv y ,,rr based hy Mr. Jomia I'ixPm who In the ( (*intess eg Jersey a a* <le*>:rvsi* of tin* ititereatlng relk jsJItely pr.vnte lady-hip. hy ahom it hM. ??>,,, placed in at Midotetiifi htnney. A return aa to ste..m Ve^? , regi-te diffi int i*-rt? in the Cni'sd K-nwd"-" Jan *-T la-t, *h<'W? , Miow* f?r t pert* Aberdeen, ?; Alloa, 5. Ayr, I; Campbel town. 2; Dundee, H; OUagiw, 120; Grangemouth, 7; (?reot.ock, li; Inverness, 2; Irvine, 4; AnntruUicr, I; l-oith,31; l'arth, 3; I'oit Glasgow, 12; Wigtown, I, In the whole of the |>.?rt?? ot lirwl Britain and Irobuid then* were registered 1,4*0 vessel* of U'.M.'llft tone burden. The Municipal Council of li stlogne have urian. uiomJ/ resolved upon tin en clou of a mouu.nnnl to commemorate the lauding of l/ieon Vi 'Piria at t bat city, on bar recent vi/*it to the Kmi-eror of the I tench, and have voted a urn of l2.iH)0f. in aid of that object. T).ry have further called U|??n the nkighlswlng district* to >-eiul in their contributions ti.wanl* the expense of the projected memorial. It ? proposed thut the monument in honor dial! he erected an near :i* |w*olile to the spot at which alie hunkd on the shores of France. and that it Hball In* of Hoinewhnt similar proportion* to the column erected to the memory of Napoleon I., whan he re Viewed lue grand army. The tp'yiAinn army is at pra-sutt oniry***-.] of '20,000 men, who, a regards tluir clothing, fo >d, nay and exarch**, arc in a perfect conditinu. Tlie iniiintiy ie divided into lour regiment*of 3,000 inen each. There ie uleo a hattuiiou of rith men 1,000 elronf. Tlieie ure 1,500 artillerymen, and live vn glncera are e.rn.'iioHed of two hittalhma of 1 ?00 men each. Ln addition to the above army, Kgypt ban a regiment of black*, recently brought from the Kuiidun, the effective strength of which I* about 3,(K J man All there troop*, with tho exception <d the blacks, are now assembled at Alexandria for gtand military mantmvrea. The Russian government, la ordei to excite the icligious y.eal ol the people, ha* caused to he con atmcted Mi MOSCOW ID exact imitation ol tin Holy l'lacea at Jerusalem. The convent ot Voskiv aeetirkoe i* made to lem-iubh. exactly the church of the Holy Sepulchre; und the a inctuarie*, chape!* and tomb* have" precisely the asine dimension*, Cob r and ornament* a* those ut Jerusalem. Ity a toval ordonnance. signed for the King of Sard'nia, by Prince de < laiignuu, the tail it try-order of Savoy, founded in 1*15, Im* lieen recon-tituted for the pur|-o*e of ic fmipeinting iti*iiiigui*)ieil aei vice , reudcred by the Sardinian troop* in the course of the pie ent war. The, King of Sardiuiti luv* win linen the tirmid Cm*- of the Order on Maixhui I cli .-icr, General Simpson and General De l.a Mai mora. Seven hundred Polish emigrant* arrived l ately at Berlin, on their way toTexa*. 1 lie wee tern part of the Pyrenees every year fur iiihhi M a considerable contingent to emigration, yet it ia neithei to Aiiht. alia nor to California but to the lertile bunk- ot l.n Plata that they ill re t tlieir all p*. There arc now lour inert-hunt v easel* lifting out at lluyonue, which at an early day will leave Im Montevideo and Bncnon Ayre* with 1,200 of these emigrants. The King of Belgium hue just cieaUsI eighteen of lie moat distinguished physician* of hi* kiugikmi Knight* of the Order or l.e<>i>old. An extraordinary plague of flic* haa lately pre vailed tn part* ol tiluuceatentnire, KngUnd. It wo* brat detected on Saturday, 2Mb ult., when the an WBH observed t<> be filled with the black winged aphis?a clasH of insis t very destructive to the under shoots of lose* in tin* spring, hut which la seldom found in lorce late in the year. On Sunday the plague im reused, to the great annoyance of pi raoiiM who were out of iloors, anJ who hail their eye* and nostril* filled with them. A report lately received by the French Mini*ler of Maiine and Colonies Irorn the Oovernor of French Giiviiiim, give* account of the ravages caused by yellow fever in thut colony from tin outbreak, which roir.inpiirrd on the lnth of June lu*t, to the 17th of August, when the report wb* written The iiumlier of victims in the civil and military anr vice of (lie colony was 212, including 113 men of the infantry, artillery and engineers, 1* gendarmes and "27 Hailor*. Ah to (lie convict*, amounting in .July to II 2*0, there had l*-en 263 deaths among them. The enidenilc wbh jieculiarly maJignnnt at the lie* Hoy ale nnd St. Joseph. However,on the 17lh of Au,;u*t the lever had c uislderably declined; tliere hail not la-en a death ut Cnvenne for the last forty eight I mute, ami the number of patient* in the hospital hud laileii to 170. 3 lie billowing i-ee.retso -.ictie* for promoting a gene ral tc volution in Hurope are in existence: -TheCen tral Democratic (ieiTiian ConiraitU'e, under Kinkel, Huge and lionge; the Secret Soc ialist Society, under Marx: the Kmiety of Austrian Agiiatoi*. nnder 'lu senau: the National 11 utigarinn Committee, under Kiii-aulh; the Ik-publican Magyar Society, under I'cM/el; the NutiouuJ Italian Committee, under Miirxitii nnd Saiti; the True Democracy, under I*?? dn Kolliii: the Ik-volution. under Louis Bhuie; tlie ' ciitrnl M ilitat v liepuliliciui t orr.inittee. under <'hurra*; the l-iaction, under Victor Hugo; the Polish literary Society; the Palish Committee. Ill,Iter Worcel; tin So. lely of Polish So mILw. under Smwusz K lew icr.; the Russia n Committee of Agitation, under HerDeii; the Ho. iety of Hcl ivo nhin, under llert/r u and Htoje< why, n.liking a total of lifleeti different I iodic*. Some disappointment ha* been experienced at Sliiiiighiie. nt the non-arrival of new teas. Tin* may ariae p.u tly from the iiriworkuhleijes* of pertain re Kuh'ttrna te< entlv promulgated by the otli ral Tea ( lu.mbi-r, im|*.slng about two Ilia, e a pjcul extra for tiaroit duty and partly fr. in ols-tructlon by the d Inflicted known to I* In tlie tea producing di* triii* The Coiilu- ius, with folly men from the I S. ship Macedonian, I een < liartered through liiisn II A. ( o,,irj July, for $12,0<e> to convoy junk* up to Shongliae the Pan-huu, at *i)i*r a bay, was i i gag. d in a sirnilur Ixiaini-ws. (?n ThursdHy, tth of October, at mid day hiv.-r |.<*)l wa? visiter] by a thunder rtorra, which for do ration and tcrrifir looilne** ha* l*"-ri uriexarnpled lor a long series of veiirs. Son iftr-r twelve o'clock tlie first peal broke over the town, and from that ..out till nearly two it continued with Intermittent torrents ot ruin and ilu-he- of lightning, to tlie *o< pension of all l*i*in> e* .nd tfie terror of the intialii unit*. The strut- in ? few minutes l*-c*rri<- so run. h flooded u* f?. I*- almost Irnpnssahle for pedes trian* and several ahop*. . t-ilars, Ac., were uU. in undated. 1 he list of casualties in the Hardinitri army on tl <? -tli of Septernls'i was *ub officer*, corj.oral- and privates;? , hillfj. Wmimlnl. ? Hi rtf-giment of Infantry I I ?tli lfeglmmt of Infmitry li 4 I 'th Begiioent o! Infantry u ! 14th liegimen* of Infantry n * .<1 listtaJion nl BerMugbcrf tr |o -upper* and Fnglneer* 0 (>enemi total . 4 II h ive . fH. ers woiinderl. Tl.e nuriies of the ..dicer* wounded ?rr Major ver.o, Staff 1 orp*; t apt tin I'iolo, ditto; fjsriu I narif (Jalli, Montserrat Igght ('avalrv; Sob l.iente I 1 ant ( < ppler, 7th ffegirrwntof Infantry; Sub )Jsn tenant f '.. del ,, ftegiri.ent of -apjar*. The whole of thr British laitterfe* at the mouth of the Tyn. are l^ing -tr. ngly fortifled. A half moon I att- rv Will U ? re ted at the end of the ( aatle r||!TV ?'i-d the SpMiiiah battery, win. h baa ber 11 in et ?t <*nre .in. < the time of the Spanish Vnii.t U, i< i*-ing n. onstrm tod. I The Australian colony of Victoria, in I* >2, with I t o. t on no diggers, produced from two of the principal fields, gold equal in value to ?M.1**11**1; n |s,.:j, with al*?it >o 1**) digger*, and at*>ut *ia gold liel.l*, xl I .(**).(*?!, in l* .4,with I0U,'**) dig ???,and *ixi.-n gold fle|.u t* ttw> .**. rt|?j tht* 1 ear With upvrar.lB ..I {m./**. diggers and more twenty g. d field*, the *-*tiinaU*d pr.sltr t i* ,.l* t X7 1 in mm snd libs obtained by applying ma< lonery and .?? working the refuse of the old gold nHOn. At th' !?c' of the \rjtilemy r?f S' .enrtm, of IMgium M. Leverrteran .*ui'-ed the diwovery ?f a ?mall new plane*, by It '. .rt-rnlth, a par.te and .?tn.'teor a-tr' i.omer. The nrimts-r of planets is now thirty e ,-ht Tl. Kinp< ror of Boss ? ord. re J that the rail si , fn n- -? f eters.sjrg to M.~?w *n*i: t? tieoee to. w.ird called 'he Ni. f. >la* IU. way, in boom of the late ( /ar. It- y.n pre-. ,.f Kneeiahas reetved Irom Mayl3 to gti.t .'7, I a.', A, in piiv*U g fu forth- w . .nde<| -g Sel.wi.y-ol, a *?,hj -,f I .n*,7,12-f. an-i ??*'. sees o lit.t old l.nen, Ac. The de*t)j* in the r\iy ?1 ftrusaela during the n -ntl.of September, smo- nte?| to 43*: and the Urth* to li a differ- n- - of II again-t the laUu r. In swit/<rland, a* in -ovoy, the potato crvqr ) exre-dlngl* abondant TU yield of apples sod , [" *'* ?? she. witsfs' tory. Asp. the ni?s?swrfr>g ' <il*lilct?. the w:fi? will Is- g u*f tt ogh the yield 1 er af. - ly an average. The custom* revenue of <;re?f*?D k-- ? *n-f, r,r ' th- 'io.iMer just en-l-d sh?w* (It- Uif In r--*w '.'21.27J as . - rnpar-'-l wHh Uie "-n- sp . Jmg jeri'sl . flasty-ar. Inel.lasg.-w tstonu n-veaue for the ?p.srter an incre-sse of XI f> lover the e/-t | rcepond ng .pearler of fV,4 T).e Anm.aireot the Belgian t.s.Je-o* o-.r, an iCtoresting ??.- grapby of Arugo. Imring tt.e 1 ret0I1,ism. th-- grewl asti -rsdv.- r g./t - nUngle*! .a a ! ? r-.wd aiwl w?s m 'umin-t.t dange-of ising thr-rwn to tf - -Cine Twenty hand* were aJf-wdy ntrin r. Bar and the NV nai '.oa-d were on tf- rnbll' g with hrrTT-.r. A n< n ?'rmmkmiowd -iff. * r Who, with all tto raehrem of I'-tor. had cut down ore of tf.e iMilinb onlv heigh terse-] the , unfimwm h" tr P re, snd h- r.l.-a Arafr, ritol .art //, hi- ' '*es ' f?e /adrertar done ' ni??a p us it fa,*--1 a laugh, ac t the ?*t-?-o .?* ?r eseaie . a- thof of tf b-t'-kes Alter* tl* es ft. of *1 The total eg porta of lex aod 1*64 6, froiu Uw HUtontn n of UuCwuUm Clumber af" C oUiiucn e of 7lb of Annual, ui Ti ?,/!??. Silk, hrtlm From Cbiiw UifJreat llriUin'HM) ;,1.<?TH to tin* I'. NtuU* .31,*''7,116 ItM to Australia 6^iM,4<l'l to the roijUiK'iit of Eurojm 2,4'?l ,'KH> ? 1 Total 123,684,312 62,673 (in the 24th of SepU'inbci ArobbUhop C:!len l*id tlir full dilution >-tour of a now li'wpital of the SI * torn of Merry, In Dublin. It I* to la* provided with Ave Li.mind Iks la for the nick poor of all <J?iionmi*Uott?, ?ntl will U- htipported wolely by voluntary coulritm tiona. FINANCIAL ANO COMMERCIAL. MONMV OBAHKKT. ? tUTvunav, Nov. to?A I', II Th. .lurk market ??? nut "julla m, buoyant toAaf, hut lUi? **? rii>*i.i activity among tli. IcoiUug at?he Hi. |*<)vancc mi* pretty g.n.ral, but In .11 of tbaai the Improvement ?*? nut nu.ialue-t At tbe (lr?t board, la dian. #'? warn up , |#r cent; Virginia A'a, Mloowl #'?, 1, brie bond* 1I7&, 1)^, lauum Company, S 'tar lent, \ Michlgm, Central, a. Michigan .Southern, lid. Ucvalnml, I oluuibu* ami Cincinnati, 1 S, HUn>U IVntrW ItailroMil, S- Cumber land, l.rie, Nicaragua Irtmnl, (Sara land and Toledo, upetiail :.t prior- rurrrnt ye.lerAay, bet fell i If a fructii n or aonlthe cloaa. 1'auniiia dr< lined l. par cent, Chicago ami H"< k Ul.inl, 1. i.alrua an I Chicago, ,S. Alter til" Brat board thatr wa> a better feeling la Ibeatrert, ami big liar piloaa in lid. trio ? ,1,1 at tfl)? per not. Illilmi. Central boadj |U>1<1 Uigvlyal yeatnr day'* priM*. Tin'principal raaeon pIv?*n Inr Uie alight reaction hi tha .t<e k uiaikct *?e tin- probable ih?<im oflrruiol It waa Uiegeiieial opinion among p. . uU t ,ia Iim a lire fbal but fin tin- probability of a powerful ' Mills leaving <?ui aborca anon for a <1.- , nl upon Ira i,ml, fancy rliair Woo hi tune a-lv.n nl twa or Ibrea per mil Die bulla have grant ft.i. regnttling Ibat licet which haa Irern V to our water. ami tbr yearling. are lillr-i aitb all aorta ol apprehension* regarding tbe in va-ton of Ireland. It ia well known lliaf tbe Hutch tout Holland and why ahoubl not the Irlab lake Ireland, t tliey want It Tin taara no not ream to altaob au aiaah iu.pi itonce to l|,e kntraaiou or tbe rtaet, and wa de not believe I bey have put out a .Ingle contract baaed i,poll tba pioliable (fieri of tlmae atudeudoua Wa'lthe Operation*. In tbeir iriMIroom ? to tb'.ae purten'oue went-. tliey have unt vv',11 .te?l their naval tore. ift>l and hlii?>Mi n#?*. It would b#? w?ill trough l',f titA bull* I# keep hi> upon lb* tteei and that flotilla, for tf any tli*i>ir ahould gTow on* d?f tbvr inorrmcnU, ww rnirfht tiara another It h iitiUu tu irate that )u#l u;n?ii a (? rotable turn iu th<' market when All the ?lc??allti?" vii As Mich ft fa 11 nay ??{ heitig ri u.' v?*i that th?* iboulu bav# Ucii diirfivrind lo t'n lr lf?t?fiti<uu U t*k? IrtUnd and ti .ikf it an ii?d<?|M>nd?<at rrpuI.dean gtitav? iiM'iit. If it had Ih'< q k?-t ?mm ? (<?* wc^ka lon^pi?( it iinylit hnT<* K?t <*iT Mlhly, and fancy *!<?< k? mi^kt Uara Hffu tru |?#r i?*i?l, ?u?* J tint a? likely a* Ui?- otb*r. liw hulU wifiiM i( i L iiior?? to t) alitinii and tin t Icm in fl?air iinii|rmntj4'i44< thty would not makr m> mail/ iiii*lakfla, or iiiiH'i with auch heavy hunt*n At Hip wfiinl board there huh a mo 1 crate amount ? buhiiK >h. fiiinbar'and r-?al dcrllrifl *g j*?r c?*ut.. MioIm gnu Southern, 1 f*1?*r?*land arid T??IH'?. lu^adtag a4 vnnrnd *4 |?cf cent. Wo notion a a mall nnaii* of (*ninwn and fhlrtfo at U8f? ri-atock privilogo Thil U ajwl tn about 120H l"'r r*nt AMrr tha l&th all tho aalo# of (Jam at'ok a ill bi rt'iiln {rHvilogo r>fT 1 lio aj o to day '? trliiiifli"U* at tl.?* A Tioa-uioi f? oftico I'ald on Troaaury Acenutit ft! dHt 41 Itrcrhod ?i?i lroarmry Account 111,41* 41 Itftlnnrr fl70l,l%4 It l aid lor A??ay lifica I 1 **7 44 In id on I)U burring f T|?#** k ?..,.. 14 tl4 *? lk*'am< at adit all acr.?uri?a. $lltfTft.7f# IT Uir warranta rnti*rad at ihw Trcamty lH?j??rtt?iint, Wa>hiiiflMii, on tbr 4th tnat., wntf *( fuiloaa ? I or tba redemption ??! aloeka. 4H,lib 44 K??r the Tiraaurp I rpnrtm^lit I.Wl 7% forth#* Intrfhu 1'rpnrtnirnt 1,744 44 For thw Cuatoma., 4'.?,llt 71 Wat Warrnnta i.M.iT^I and rnfr.d ?i4.44i ft! Wi.r rrpay aarfniit* and rntrrwd. -H4 The ripirtltkm of g"id from |H.?t kat wm4 a mount in! tit only %1t 4*iu A 1utr**poi>dt?iit of tli** Timf rinouiug to la* a ?b*o4 holder in the 1 aUti ? and < liM-ajr - lUtlr* ad '^ui^awjr, (i? la exnrcl <*4 in hi** Mind iu regnrd t?? the al??tf tkn miorrnoua depoalta of tbnt company II- aay* i n rw celpt> are ' avcr.ifing from ft '<00 to 410 a day ' II rid that t'?c* arc made w*th lifirg*- ml h k Co., broker*, at Oii?ago 1 ila Mr. 0v*vrw^ ^oiith," he ay-, 'la the well known wild rat hanker* We would -tate for the lo'- rioetion of |?rtte? Intereat^ that the acr'-unt of the '-'alnnt ? rnjH%ny k?pt with (.???,tg. -?nith A f'< la e/nnpa atfvefy trlilh.f ll*e bu% of ita aeeotint i- with ?!??? Arn#nrao F*v?lmr?fe llank ?f n,. Hty?the ca?hier of which iiu.tItuthm, by the eay, i 'eaponrible for all t?ai?<fef* of -t?idi. In reg*f,l In the 1* w thouaa? d dollar* whh h ?r# dep'Hilted ?fter mghi with ' t.r-orge mlth and t o, broker <7i?rag??,M we de rot for ouir?tiv**? M,n*?de teatre liarmluu*. Ao>i*Uf tanker who la able in the-e ligh Uidm u. keep um dw I r>lt with hia bar.kern ?n thi <? ify a li^Uor* -f |-JJtj U09 to $,t?o <?' ti not likely to fa?i tr#rj < . o ertfl tb- B|tr hia ri^ a) hanker# ot ' hi--?go f?>f whom tbe tiwo c^frwapminni ?*nt In uBf|Ue?tttonAhiy one ) ?honld In- ?aee their rua III on h;rn to a murk Urgtr eitent 7 i Hor.f 1 <e*/q|e hriuth it i? ncr en-wry in the flr?t puce hi efhau?t a man of irnioati-e wealtj. in the w?.ga^l to athnnat Ifeear*. tto blb A tt f thi* rjty hi* Iwaet er*, wbw arc even more wenithy than h* and 10 the third pia*w tor hau>t a hink iri rent land which Iwhi both taJ ia tan tim< ? trongm Ihnn tl#? t.^tii-r In ??? ) gmefjt tin attempt u *iruply nd uloua. N1?m k Kii h?n(f. ??? Vtrr ft.fW' k< otiif ? i <1 ? M 44' iftw III? KM k. 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