Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 12, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 12, 1855 Page 3
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tile*. I never had the good fortune to see a more qikt place than this city. Nut a drum shop or a gaming saloon in suffered to open its pestilential jaw a; and I have yet to sec the first drunken person in Bait Lake valley. TbiB sun-uur the entire wheat crop in and Bonth. of this city was cut olf by the grasshoppers; tboy come in millions, eating a Hold bare in a ?ew minutes. They also extended their ravages ta the ether grains, vegetables und fruit. The drought lent its assistance to the grasshoppers, and between them both the crops will oonie out poorly; but, luckily enough, wlvat bus been raised North to (apply the wontH ol ti e people until next harvest. The small species of grasshopper that has done so much (lain : go to the crops bears no resemblance to the eric ket of former years, which is a Mesh-cole, oil, wingless Bisect, with black stripco around the abdomen, and a large head and mandibles, looking more like a great gly spider than any species of cricket found IB the Btales. Und times, the general visiter, when the earthly hanks refuse to pay a reasonable per ceutage on all aiosits, bus visited every workshop and hmnehold, bin the Territory, and a scarcity of labor and money is the result. Were not nearly every citizen in this valley a tiller of the soil, on a small or large scale, tilings would have been worse; but, as it is, there will be no sutfbring, although considerable de privation this winter. Flour now -jells at $G a hi ndred, corn $1 75, and rtatocs $1 .per bushel, wholesale; before sprlug it likely they will take a further rise in value. The California emigration through this place has been smaller this year than any time since the dis covery of the mines. The overland route this summer has been more ?cant of -water and grass than has been known within the memory of the oldest mountaineers. This season's Mormon emigration across the plains will number about three thousand persons. Eight companies have been fitted out from Atchison, Kan sas Territory, five of whom have arrived unmolested by the Indians. The emigrants moHtly comprise English families, with a sprinkling of Americans, Lanes, Scotch and Irish. Great efforts will be made next year for a larger emigration from the British Isles, by means of the l'er peutid Emigrating Fund. To this fund Brigham Young Los lately donated several thousand dollars worth of property. A few Sundays ago, at the Tab ernae'e, he declared his property to be worth two hundred thousand dollars, all of which he was wil hog-to donate to the fund, if purchasers could be found with the hard cash; for the emigration would, in ft few years, make him worth five times as much. The old gentleman understands how to manage his ?own affairs, at least, und can safely be placed on fu ture. lists of American millionaires. About the 10th of this month the Governor for warded to Washington a bundle of official docu ments, tending to free the Mormons from the stain of having killed Captain Gunnison It is said they will prove a perfect system of debauchery on the Kof the United States officers, who were quar 1 here lust winter, some of whom are charged with revamping the accusation of mnrdcr against the Mormons. An endeavor will be made to retain all futnre mails from this Territory to the East, in the city until two days after the arrival of the inward bound mail. As things are low managed, the Eastern mail leaves on the first of every month, and the roturn comes in several days after, with many letters that -require immediate answers. The damage to the business interests of the citizens of Utah, caused by the careless management of the mail is incalcula ble, to say nothing of the inconveniences resulting therefrom. Every mail brings the supreme head of the Mormon church, on an average, half a dozen letters from lawyers and physicians in the Stales, stating, alter cataloguing their accomplishments, that they are delighted witli the principles of Mor monism, and would like to come nud dwell with such a happy people as the "Saiuts," if they could ?nly establish a professional confidence, in which case they would gladly join the church. Of late these letters have been thrown aside unanswered; but formerly the invariable reply was that the only way for professional gentlemen of their stripe to establish a confidence here would be for them to do tike some predecessors?go to work tilling the Boil, carrying the boil, or hauling wood from the canyons. There is no record of these answers hav ing brought the devout inquirers into the arms of Mormonism. No doubt the Mormon church his one principle these ^manufacturers of mischief and graves would have embraced with great gusto, namely, the spiritual wife doctrine. Ou the 21st, during a rain storm in the city, a shower of snovv fell on the tops of the mountains, a few miles southeast. There has been but little snow visible on the mountains this summer?less than at any former period since the first settlement of this section of country?which accounts for the small supply of water in all the mountain streams. The loi-rtli company of Mormon emigrants, com prising four hundred poor luml passengers, was escorted into the city, on the 25th, by the Nanvoo brass band, of which one of the returning mission ofth aries in charge of the train was a member; several banners, with inscriptions, adorned the train. This company has had the misfortune, since starting, of losing three women by accidents?two were shot, and one run over. When one of the accidents oc curred, the company was camped at Fort I .aramie, where two thousand Cheycuncs we re awaiting the payment of their annuities. In order to intimidate the Indians, who were careering rather saucily around the corral upon their ponies, the firearms were brought out to their view, when one of the guns was accidentally discharged, -hooting a woman belonging to the camp in the leg. The Indians im mediately, us if by previous consent, formed into a straight line, prepared to attai k the camp, thinking that one of their own number had been killed. A portion of the l ath and Bnuke tribes, under their respective chiefs, Ar-ra-pine, and Ti-ba-tow-ats, met in this city on the 7th, and formed a treaty of peace with cacn other. The ladies of Utah have adopted a new costume, which seems to tie gradually Increasing in favor. It consists of a loose fitting dress, resembling, in cut, a man's sock coat, being bnttoued in front, and reaching a few inches below the knees, a pair of pantalets adorning the ankles, and a Ixghorn hat set jauntily upon the head, being in fact a m-idifica tion of tlie Bloomer costume. The ladios are thus relieved of a superabundant load of petticoats, and their husbands arc freed from puying for more than two-thirds the usual doantity of dry good*?a no small item of expense in this country. There is no doubt but that there ih as much need of reform in the articles of man's dress as in iliat of woman's; for iastanoc, what can tie more absurd, cumbersome and useless, than that nioukc.-like appendage, a coat tail. I decidedly prefer the common Utah costume of a llanuel or cloth oversliirt, us more liccomiog the male gemlcr, than any other modification of the "kng tailed blue," About Vvo hundred and fifty bushels of peaches sen raised within the Territory this season; have bee a few apples were nl*o raised, and sold for twenty live cents each. The sugar works have ceased ope rations, in consequence of the failure of the beet crop. Luring the post summer the people of Provo have collected ana manf&ctured several thousand pounds of what tin- Mormons, in their ecstacy, term ''manna sugar.'' It consists of the secretions of honey dew on the surface of the c ittonwood leaves, giving them the appearance of having been glazed with honey. In many of the leaves, secretions of ?agar resembling the sugar of mdk are f nnod. The bard sugar is generally shaken off, aud the honey-co ded leaves soak* d in water, w hich is after wards boiled dov n. In the trees I have examini d, almost every leaf had received a slure of the sweets. The 6th of next mouth tlic semi-annual General Cook-react of the Mormon church will Is- held in Uda-city. Cacuk. A financial Crtola? Mri|(iuel*i Voan^'i Her man. The <jhiet Item of new : is the llnat -lal distress that pre vail* ic I'tah. Rrlglat i Youug prv, hed on this subject a the U h of ,'epUm i>er. We muko i few extracts. Ha oananeneed by alluding to th? abuse of th? Per petual ki?k?rrn'l.m fund. wl sold :? Ik, I r*<v?iv>- promt Y??, m?B will promise ate ?eying. U_>oii wl, let iio-fo out this; ear by the me ins ?4 the rtcrpetujl Emigration I umi, I will refund the ?Wins agmie, 7?'U n,._v have it to ??n<l beck far ?ore." A. id what will thnj do when they g?t hem ' Bteal < i.r w.vyon* end it" off ?"ito 'hem U. tlellforni* and try to steal lli? baWeleUlss frping pan*, tant* and wagon ?nft-is; and etll borrow the oxen sod r.m away si b them, it yot* ?h> not latch theci clonal/. fh, they all do this" No, bar; many of tbetn Till try to do It. We cheeked a nOTuM"- thW ysnr who were tr?ing to run ?war with the wagons lortead of paying thei- Jurt deou to the I'und. fuey will hang M ami plead poverty and ?iehms'. aial ?ay that thep eanootiive, unless they ha** this tent, or that wagon. ?ud wb? r lin-y get i' 'atu -heir Marion h.y will never return It, rules thej are com failed to Ttil* conduct is dierour agiog to n?. 1 will to'.i yon a Ittle further : i' is actually Unfaltering and nsicglviug aad misdealing of unjusr jiersnas -hat p/erent the rr<her Ing of the lord's poor, ajnd that la list's truth. W. re It aotfirt)i?t the salnta would be gathered by scorn of thousands It l? the wtdU-d Um half Ivearted, and ebat I call hickory Mermone that prevent a more ?gteo<.rt> atherlr.g of tb* saint*. We have done pretty well tbi- season, and i/nite a nnra ?r are romtog riut mid IJwill lell ymi how this la operat ?g Upon me and the people. It i? *e:l -hat *e nnusll, handle a large amo nt of mean-, md that v? urn it i rer and 'hilt it about until it will answer the ud for which it was ueetgned Now I ran ask the World this one question were ?, ear in your itobt ,nd refused to jay you- And they rtll all snswer no Weean tarn to t beta fate la K?g. ?n.i l America, or any?here upoa the face of the whale earth, an ! aak -hem 'have yen lent u, ro< ney, or eansol m, . lnd, and we were not .n hand to |*yyou >" ?d they will answer, ' No." When brother Kinrtns ~?nw *rrl*ed -ui .he I ?t of this Ofitb. U? cam- iu 'h* nwri: ng olid informed ice tfigt be hud dun me in debt nearly fifty thousand dollars; ho said, '"Preside ut Yeuog's uuire is ac gun.) i I as the bank." I H"y name baa been used silhuul my con-*nl or with on', my knowing anything about it uul ' ur IJag -nts have r?.n u* tn debt u.ioost fifty thousand dollar ] to filranger*, mere ban to, cattle coolers and our brethren who are our ing h?re. t will tell yon a U'tle abou' the brethren, to thaw you the amount of confidence th' re is. There ar mea who t ree 'ately arrive-! In town who hav- ? draft. on me, and who have hunted roe up ii r th c?*h, U fore they c< ui-J liudtiin--to sha-e tlreir beard*, or wa?h i) em-elves, raying, ' 1 iiav-i a draft on you at | ' < n ( ay*, tilty t.'?ys, or -ix niontna .right, (an the -a-o may be ) with, pleoe pay ao ind so. Hrottier Young, -an not \--u I-1 me have th" rnouay immediately, for 1 do nst know how 1 can five without it, or get aimer with my business at all (" This is the kind it confidence -ome men have in m->. 1 wanted to name thle. IVhyl1 Because 1 am hunted; 1 am like one that ir their piey ready, to ts- devoured. I wish to give you one text to preach upon, '-from thin time hence fori li do not tret thy gixrard." I will pay you wheat ci-n, aad not before. Now I hope you whl aportatire, it' y< u would rather do it. It I- the poor who have got your money, aad if you have any complaints to make, make itiem a-alust the Al mighty J'or having >o many poor. I do not owe you any thing. Yon have my name attached to the paper to help the poor. Whether ihey are the Lord'* poor, the devil's Bi or, or poor devil'*, m not for me now to Judge. I toll the brethren,lhat tbey may understand lore ro-day what kind of sacred confidence Howe of 'hero have in the leader of this people, though I am happv to Ray that Ruch cases arc few. i would be a-hanied to join a people, organize I m we are, and be afraid to trust their leader. 1 collect mean* around roe. the poor must have It, am) I make them work utul pay for it; lhat make* one wealthy, and I cannot help It. 1 have property for sale, ami eay. it any nnin in England, or any where else, will ei]ran-i his heart and loosen his purse strings to buy sixty-two thouaand dollar* worth of my individual property, (have it tor sale to help the poor. I do not want it destroyed, or to go into tiio hands of a mob, hut 1 want it to go to the builolr.g up of tao kingdom of God. I would p ofer to let it go into the hands of the saints, ami use it to pay off th- se who have drafts against me. Here Is Brother, Duel, he has a good house, and there are many others' go and buy their property and they will take your drafts sn-l hand t lie in to me. (Here mauy voi :os were heard in a low tone, laying, "Yes take iny property." Why do I hear such responses on every aider Hncauae th-y know roe and understand Murmunistn a* they ought, tin an throw out your drafts; it is bc'ter for you to do this than to have the money tnd let it go to destruc tion, anil perhaps you with it. How many scores have Coo e into this king-bun, w'.io have mourned themselves to death because losepli had five dollars of them* Ami yet they would let their money go into the ban-la of the enemies of Christ, and nit down calmly and say, ??tho' I have lost that money, I urn in the kingdom of Gad yet." If it t.s absolutely necessary, and clrotimstances cannot lie cr ntrolled t-i keep tin-money from going into the hand* of cur enemies, we will not whine about it, but let it go, and then get more. Tare any of you come and buy property? I can furnish as much as you can buy. My house on the liill yonder, I have advertised it Cor sale, and also my land* and barn. ?What do you ask for it? Sixteen thouaand dollars; it is worth that and a great deal more for ii actually cost more, tan any of you buy itV'' Walk up and buy uiy beautiful situation on the hill, and 1 will put the proceeds into the Perpetual Emigration Fund, if you will fay me the money, und gather the saints the Lord's poor and the devil's poor, and the |ioor devils, and when we have got them here w-u will make saints of thein, if we can, and If we cannot, we w ill cast them out of the kingdom. I have a word to say to another portion ol the commu nity some of whom may be here to-day. A greit many of the brethren are indebted to the tubing ollieo; and I have a good deal coming to me; and I intend to put you into the screw, for w mean to make you pay these debts this searon. One man H.sya, 'I owe the church the money, it is true, but I believe I shall lirOak, and not pay it." Tbey want to get their ni -ney into the safe, and then break. If tbey owed a Gentile, they would |?y their debts; they would work and toll, and labor,-lay and night, to pay their enemy; but when they owe the cfiuieh and kingdom of God, they can lay down and sleep in peace, though they owe thousands of dolbirs, au>l say, "Oh. well, it is all in the family; we are all one. it is no ma'ter whether the debt is paid or not." I waut to have you understand fully that 1 inten-l lo put the screws up- a you; and you who have owed for rears, it you -lo not pay up now and help us, we will levy on your pro perly, ami take every farthing you have on the earth. I want to i ee if I can make some of you apostatise. [ will il I can, br teaching sound doctrine, ana alvocating cor rect principles; lor 1 am tired of men whoaie eternally gouging their brethren atii taking the advantage of them, ;i ml at the tame tine pretending to be saints, until they gain an advantage over this people, ant th<-n they aie ready to leave. I want you to leave now; I give you this wor-l of t.'iution, prepare to pay the debt you owe to the church. If I had the money due to the church by a few inoividiials. I could pay ev-ry one of our iaoivldtial debts and the church debt, and have a tew semen of thousands hying by me hi operate upon; auil in such circumstance- 1 could uiierato to sorue advantage, and gteetly benefit the church. But It seem, that there are many drones In the hive who are determined to tie up the bunds of those who rule the affairs of this king ?k oi, and the quicker they are thrown out the bet'er. I have given you some reason* why things are no slow and tardy in their progress with regard to the gathering of the alut*. I < t tin- poor Habit- strive to induce the rich to have oonfldet ce In them hy keeping their word ami punctually p.) ii g those who loan thom money. Iain sorry t-- soy ,hut tiii. in not always tho esse, t'he poor are fill-ii with idol*try ac weil as the rich, and covet the means of those wtm havn helped them; the rich also h. ve the same spirit of idolatry, and stick to wv,at th <y have. lot the poor he honest, let the rich be liberal, and lay their plans to assist the poor to buildup the kingdom of God. und at the same time enrich themselves, for that is the way to build up God'* kingdom. May the l-ord hies* you. Amen. ,\nv*l fllU.AI.EU'lilA, Nov. 10?t P. V. The I'. S. hI< opof-wnr St. I/>u1h, Commander hiving st<-n, for the roast of Africa, weighed anenur, from oppo sbe the Navy Yard, at 8 o'clock this m .ruing, and pto recde.l down as far a- Wilmington, win-re she will receive her ammunition an Monday next and proceed to dentin;# tlon. ( on.maudere Ward and McliUir go out aa p.i?#en gers?th<- llret to command the l". S. elo-ip-of war James town, tin- flagship of (ionimodore t'rabbe and tl>-- la ttrr to biing h- me the I'. H. aluop-of-war Hale. Vour telegraphic despatch wraa wrong in st.a! ing tlint rlir sailed yesterday. Iho 1.8. rlta.p-of war Vin enocs, John Rogera, Ks^ | Commander, arrived at San Franci-co on the 13th alt. lroin the Arctic Ocean. The IT. S. Surveying steamer Active, IJcut. Aldcn. ar rived at San Frunciaco on the 7th ult. The I". S. surveying schooner J, Fenimore Cooper, Aeting I lent. Commanding W. (iib-'-n, arrive! a* S in Francisco on the iltli ult., from Ihikodidi. Japan, via i'etropauloski and Aleutian Islands, und Id days from Sitka?all well. The I S. sti em-liip John Hancock, 1 ieut. Comroun ling H. K. t-tever a arrived at an Francisco on the lpth ult. from a surveying cruise, and b,.t from Aaioor river. Court CalrndareThls Day, Sr rnryi! Com?Circuit.?Nee. 27a, 41, did, 359, 408 to-U7 180. Coi Rt or f/vtai a.m> Tkruivkb.?The case of the ''eople vs. . y-luey li. Stus.t for bribery and corruption. Col hi ' r ' vkr - vb Taamxaa?n.-ral Term.?No- 22, fiK. 87, 3*, 4", 67, 219. 288, 0U to 75. St riRioR Cot rt-Trul Term ?No- MM. :;78, 3Cfl, 692, (177. 717, 718, 722, 724 to 727. 7::0, 722 781, 7J4, 78', 788, 268, 706, 029, 081, 096, 047, 346, ?-6. 405, #3, Foreign jllaerilany, The late Huron Staaeurt has leit the Aca demy 2,200 irancs a year to found a prize for the best; of a gold medal worth t> r? frtn- 4. A K-ioml prize of 3,<)co francs is to be given to the au thor ol lite best work on some point of nail ml his tory. The lirst biograjthy is to he that oi the lUron himself. The news of the fell of Scbastopol was re eived with great entbiiaiasm by the Antb population of the whole colony of Algiers. An "extraordinary'' edition of the London da ztllr, published on Neptemtier 27th, contains the fol lowing total of liritia.i kills! and worn d.-d in the atta> k on the It*-.bin -2'J officers, 3H -ergeants, H drummers, 314 rank and file, killed; 1'24 officers, 142 sergeants. 12 drummers, l.fios rank and file, wound ed; I officer, 12 w-rgeanu, lb- rank and file, missing. 1 ol .1?Killed. 3si; wounded, l,nxt<; missing, 17U? 2,447. Ixtrd Stanley has ntade his lirst public appearance before an Irt.-h audlen- e, and the impression created by his ii!" ut has been highly favorable. 14is lord ship attended the meeting of the agricultural society of the Tipperary Union ; und on the same evening jiresidi d at the dinner of the association, in tire Hb-rm e of the clergy of all persuasions, his lordship raid grace himself. Town councillor Armitage. of Kingston, Canada, late of Kilrush. iyeland, is appointed, with others, hy the C anadian go.<mment, to visit Ireland, and hold meetings for the purpose of showing the re sources of the ( anadas, and to encourage emigration. The Kmperor Alexander has approved of a law. which has been presented to him by the Minister of Finance. relative to a complete reiorm in the old system of coinmere with (Vtiiia t>y way of Klachta. The gtfrd of Napoleon L'l. slept on the night of tin- uttiK V at Malakoff. as formerly the guard of Nu prin >n I. sli j.t at tie Kremlin on the brut night of the oecuj at.on of Moscow. The new Imperial Guard was Cite whole -Jay magnificent from Its coul mw. ks discipline, and its entliasiasm. It had 6,700 men under the, and reckons ab?ut A00 killed and 2.IXK) wounded. At the *gid of the day all the regl rnents of the Ime hailed it with cries of " Hravo a Garde!" The for.*! of the f)uod Mersine, A Igicrs, lias j ist been entirely deatroyed by five. Tlte - nnliag.-aiioo Listed three da vs. The forest was nearly 1-500 xcrex in extent, and tlte destruction of it is a great loss for the province. A Mr. Herridge, of St.'a, Inraion. has been arriwted und committed to prW- n for trial for having attempted to curnr into axecutiou a threat he had Bade In Utters addressed to the Ilev. Win. Urown. rurtor of l-eUieringseU, Norfolk, that unle?t the Rev. gentleman rendered him satisfaction he would p.sto) him izf the pulpit," When the French troop# had captured the Mala koff, (ieneral MacMahon wrote to the (icnernl-in ('hiefthe following line#:?"I am in MalakolT, and certain to maintain myself there." Premises huve been taken in Finskury square, London, for the purpose of opening a college for Jews. The subjects ol instruction are to Do the high est branches of theological knowledge, the classics, mathematics, and general literature. The London Qazettee publishes a Bo ird of Trade notice, stating that a decr< e recently published in Portugal, imposes a line of 400 milreis upon any master of a British ship who may recei ve pat-engers without passports, or who shall omit to present the list of passengers. KspeiiM-tileri's full iuhI Winter Style Iter WM-'M.?These unrivalled he's are in greater demand than ever refcre. Their superior quality, elegant apneoranoe, ant marvellous cheapness, it ihs Secret of litis great demand. The 4'ore Is lis Nassau street. Iluslcat 50 per cent otT frnm Retail Prloes. - A large and choice lot of ruuslo will be -?U1 at half price dur Ir,g the preset t week at themusic siore ?13 Br-*id? vv, itv HO HACK WaTKKS, agent for the sale of plunos. nclo-leona, music and si kinds of musical merchandize. Pisiwt to rent, and rent allowed unpurchuae. dOO dnrrtU of Apples for the Ruiopean Mar* ket.?Newtown pippins carefully handle I, In new barrel?, free from spots, and 10 first rat,- packages, also every other description of aimer apples. Apply U> JoH. CLASH, No MS Washington street, Albany, N Y. Broenlelles, satin Delaines, Damasks, Cor* ?tees, window shades, lace curtains, Ac ? KKLTY A KK It'll.' ION, No .91 Broadway, have a I.true stisK of the above goods personally selected from the best manufactories In Krance. "feme new styles never before brought out. K. A f bare es vbltshed a reptitailon for selling roe-Is cheap, and their largo and Increasing trade is a proof liiai It's anprcc Ated. No. d'jl Sroadway ami Head street Dellntire Palnnmmlcr Sufis. RobertM. Pat Alt.'K Is 'he sole merulnrturer In the United Kutes of toe shove celebrated safes and potent powder proof ilsflsqee Itsik i and cross hat s. Depot 192 Pearl street, one doo r kelow \jtld-,n aoe. Hnlrhrlirr's Hair Dye, Wigs and Trttiptrs.? -he best In the world. This unrivalled and original dye la ap "* ' ana I Glied tu 12 private rooms. Bateheloi's trigs ami toupee* have oprovemnnn over all others, being ? bef oaauvres of elegance, jase and ditrabllity petruliar <o 'his ?-?>Ht>lwhmcnt. HATCH hi Is tit'S, ATI II road way. Albert H. iVIrolny tvlll hold his regular srittl vveekly aueUon Isule ol sits'ks and honda, this day, (Monday.) at I2tj o'clock, at the Merouant's Kichaoiro. For turih'-r psr ttcular* sen his advertisement in ano'hor column. Catalogues may ho obtained at the offlce, No. 4 llroa-l si roe'. Inventions ore the order ol* the slay, hut ws have seen nothing In Hie wayof pen nod pencil case that can compare Willi that Invented |t>y lAbWNDH and called IxiwudV l'a'ent. Manufactured >uid lor sale by WIf.MAilt'H, No. SI Mslder, lane. It Is one of the nesiesr and best styles In tin: market. 1 hey are made In gold and sllvor. Prof. De(truth's Electric Oil?The astnnlah* lug eures effected by this article are perfectly surprising. It entirely cored die frigntfai nnrli- of "V. S. Beers, K.r-j , &7 Ws reli Street; It cured lire tumor In the side of Mrs. .Hoy CaKetrs, Atlantic street,, It cored Dr. Wei-.her of FlUa bUl'g. Mark (ireeg, K-n.. ol Philadelphia, say- t ?"The eler trie oil Is the greulesr Lies lug ever dlsuovere r hi- tuao." I ourcs rhcutiia'lsm. hca-laehe, atItf Joints, burn*, ctlts btulaes, ?ne or tender feet, swellings, neuralgia, cake I b casta, sore nipples, Ales, Ac. i ho allllctisl shun! I not wai'a day. The electric oil will cure you. BARNRM .1 I'Mth', 804 Broadway, oorner ol bnane s'reet, wholesale agents; not -told by Mr. fJinon, Bowery JMr. Ig>uls, Hudson si root; Mrs. Hayes, Brook 'yn; and every respectable druggist In city, town and country. Tens?(He Best Awortment off Flue Teaa will he (band at the t'auton Tea Company's newtv erected an-l elegant store. No, 12.1 Chatham street, between Bear, and Hcosevclt streets, th? oldest tea establishment in the city. We assure our readers they can do better here than clum bers. ?Ilker at wholesale or retail. No branch stores. Gifts stud PrtsentPi Jnet HtmIvmI, and for ssle at reduced prices, the choicest selection of I'aiicy grssls, and also every variety of toys, dressed and undressed doi.'s, games of amusement, Ac., at ROCK US' Fancy Bazaar. 449 Broadway. C'rlatadssro's Hair Dye, Wigs and Tinpers svelte admiration amoaget all cunnisseurv In art. A suite of tisgant private apartments for applying tile incomparable-Ive. ' ? Y^,,. . . ' lie only reliable arh-le of IIS kind, whnlnsale and retail,' at CHIoTADOKO'H. No. d Aslor House. Holmes, Valentine A Batisr's Alum Patent fir* proof .wafr again triumphant. -The billowing certificate Is ram llie pi opt letors ol the saw mill Nos. U and 67 Downing greet, which was burned on haturdny morning, tncifjtmnsi - ? _ . >KW Yo ik, De*. 29, IMSA. Messrs. Holmes, Valentine A Button lionUemen?The Alum Patent I'ba tils cafe, pnrrhaged of you, was on the second Ihs.r ?t our building, Nos. .16 aid 6J Downing street, where Uvo lire was mi st severe, and although the latenaa heat warped the Won, on opening it we found all our bonks and papers In the .*nt? order they were In previous 'o the lire; In taci, the ?Ornish on the bookcase v as uninjured. MOOHE A RAYNOR. a large aasortmenl cf the above safes (warranied free from ?an-pn-ss) and the most approved powder proof, combination vnd other locks for safe. vaults, d-s-i s, Ac., epns'aiitly on h out vud made to order. 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Call and examine ] WXI specimen*. 23 Broadway, four doom above the Ae'or House. '?T|g?! Wt^al W^;?l rlt'angen vNiilug the fty '.ie informed that the bent place to get ornaioental hair i MP.lMH K.sT A ?;0.'K, 27 Maiden mne. w;i?re they ii*vr tarei the cheapest ami Le*t ?hhai uncut of wigs, toupees, j i and uack ojhUJ t aoda, curia, '< A hhkt rv or Moustaches FotcmI to Wrotf ?j ?ix v.eeka, by my unguent, which will not Haiti or Injure .he fklii. $1 a bottle: nut In any part 01 'he country. R. CI. ?KAHAM. W- Broadway; Bit.,#-. a, Male *tr*'?*t, Albany Zlebor, 4> Hotith Third a'reel. Phi lr plna. Here Thty Go.?Da^uetftenlypri for 'iV. $2 60 per do*ent 1 y the machine picture maker. 2*0 Broadway. Plwt 'graphs, $6. lutmpraiype*. fl. Ac., A?\ llepn'. or Art for the people. 'Iry the luadUac prone#* Knnpp'a Dagiwrrrolypt mikI Aiubro(y|M gal cry, rpntovel *nt?e to 41V Breed way, between Broome and Brand streets. Large nt/.*? liken* ***** including ease, yt>>, m d uj nardi im hud Si i go -i lockets, rich . ? ad Ci bh i vet y low Likene**.* copied. White's Assortment of Toadies* Kara are now*-* tnpu te, and comprise all the moat faahlonanie aiyias <>t the day. WIlli'K .",21 Brood way. Oppoalm Headway Theatre. CeitMo?'li.ifcueireotype?The Mnat Hraiifl ful lik? j i'*e ever oUered to the public. WH.MAM-ON'8, Brooklyn. kin ait's La?t;e Alzr Oagtterreotyfies for "10 rent**. double th* m/?* of any m 'be city for 60 ???/?.a and ??qua* LOOUbr* Si Mt?? and qualify ihaf vou gc? el-*-whore lor f2. h. It HuSf, 417 Bow a. y, ewat aid ?. !Vot nil Hold ? V\ < atllf l.av*- 011 huntl a quantity of ?h??#*e orufortmble blanket .at $4 fli), w ? bave been ? lllng. ( on e ?ooo. or thoy wll! ??? a.I At aK Till R IRiNNb l.KV ' ??arpet ems*oriutn, 0S Ito^PFy (?Oedytsr'a Pudnt 2<ulU HuMwr Overshoea, coH'a, capi-a lepgingM o* eralla. A* , l oth light and b* nvy auBsble tur city and'-ountty trade; very handMOrno llgbl .in brlc and alpaca coau rapi * and lalmaa 11 HAVKM'ORT, 266 Broadway Mllitvaevjr - % Jhargr and Hnptruir n cent of mtbtnery, ool?*red *tr*w fo<da, rit>' one, foatiiorf, tower*, adioa* die**? and *? ek tiin.onlnfpi, cloakg ami L *?il of wbkb wt!! be old ehea;-, at *.M d. IRVINK'M. 112 ? anal #-r#t AnibrolykM-n.?Tb( ?e Ih.utlful iin?l Wu* h itdnur'd mlulatuica?'bc b- pU' e in the city to procure ' ?* n ie at K a. LAWle'^, 14-' b'haihain street, f'upua ma'ru**'**-. 111 the art. In i?Im .?4)'-fy frUf itli-dal awartltd to tUI'JH A t f) , by the In lueulal Hxhibitkmof *li .Vallon*. for tket; new , atni.t lu.a * uw. liefer? ncce aa to it a . ren* fit y~Vrr* ra talcrnin'* Moil, Wi lard Parker, an<i 3ohn !/i C'??n.r>cti<ii?. An et'eu'We list of name* of men-win I and other g? nth rm ri ciu ?-d hy Una b u*? may b* *ccn ?*t M<u ni k l *1 >'i '.k Mtlden 1% 0, Me York, and Vfaraii, (VHm 6 \V??? foi.rth ibcft, t'iuci&aatl, Obki, Open from . A. M. unul 0 P. V. Ireland * Pusl, Pma^iitnnd Futorr ?A fee lure a'the tfrrwlviy Tab* ravle. <?n Monday, Nov. 11 at o'clock V M , hy Mm ?l \KI? iHiHRNT, ireailiur sape.*la Ire frsland'a prrwpccts al d e pr?" f.t juiv t?ire, *rvl thedutUMof Irtahuten at hrjens srd abroad. Adonsalon 2ft coots. ADfI KT1SEML.\TS REMEWBD EVERY DU. wiri mkI M Jbr 0F ?? ?wa 4nt A'liONH WAVrKU. Arm'.fi, W(MA* WISHIW \ NITU\TU>S TO oil rimr.?.i-i?' r* or ?, Min:r..irrm In . .oi.ll limi t. 'io*1 ? ????. n! .< it] i.t ?i ko 'Ji nmi ii .1 , .??> door fr'Hi" .'rrfl, Uro kljc. TOtM." WO\?aN WISH*A A HtTOATtRf'AMVM Ih itmH Mid l.'irylrr?, b+f gi?4 el't rwiirt Iro'u lor but HUiMw. I'm bo noon lor urn t.r> it MO 1th are. PKOIKHTABT TOCRO W(IX]V ? i.ho. . .ittmtMri .. Iinndn- . >nd >o do Mwtnt. I'm lira Itir baat "I I'jr reiorrm e CaU !or ttr.. 1a;. .1 aft wh .to Abitcatiow wantki?-iiv a mi< i: Trr?v hiru a nor?? ?nd -oAn.-irr i, or In rt<. 1Kb: rhamtbrnrmng ?..<! ? w o*, uiidor. Ai.d. m i] nr rhildron''ohxhaa, wtoii.) ?.n '.(i n . .?!> , koa "orroff in ifcju r. ipnfiiy II**? f of i Hy leloronaa. Can bo won ftir two <l?;?ai 121 Koail r oar Sri .von no. ABI1CATIOK WA.VT*T>-#y A I'ROTKSTAWT YOUN'i ? bKi.n. 'o do --OAmborwstk .nd ao.ui wnb wMhiii, ?.,j irtmln,. or Ui i.ko of ooilitroo .ml do plain w?ir.(. Il>? of city ro??t.nro < an h? o-m for 'wo Pioaiio .11 ??? ?ddroihy noto M I M , No. 'AH Kft.t llnb .tro... At ORPK1 K.NT AMKK If l A S WIIMKS WAWTH A slTi .ikn to' a. b Id ? ounM, or tamMr'-m. I'loa o r.ll for two day. *t H7 W-at VTarorlor (>Lm o. PR'?TKJ<TAWT (JIKI. Wa\TH A ? tioa'ton ?? f'Od plain < ?ok. ?m/it and Iro ; t^.. w Ifi, <ourt tb'ra tmor < i port'o Km W.rron, Uranklyn. 4 RRRPR4TARLK PROTRtrtAlVT WOMAN WIHIIK- To Ja. t*k. f.mllv 'rf r.i,'>rnon'a wuk.tif o> hor own Iwio.. >r wooid ?o wit by tho dar la rtk^*??aMa temt T. rir r.a unnMrM 'Ml at Id lih arrniia, botwooo I -n url Iwn r Wi(' A or A >" tJIKJUKR- KU WOMAJf WAWTV A HITCATIOWA .1 nuiw. ?li,fo?. Ion a.?*d o 'V rare of .hi.tro , far ?v.r.l yo*r>. .nd can 'ak. bo omiro .(uri" of an mfa. Urm it. I it h, I?. (J.a baat of city rao-r.n.. iVn ho ?oo i ,r two day* m An I dolor p!??-o AYOI AO WOMAN WIMfKN A HITliATlOV AA fnTk . in ? r.^iaetM.iw fatally; niwUr.?M. all k.eUm m, ., . a a t'.all.k.r, amM Bar# no -am 'o ..?< >, m.^.o, and I ?oatn* and .i. bo kae" rt r'tj rfflrrocco. ' an ha *coa a. :k fl. ?'? ?1 . .'"-AC I'rvod.yu, llTCAriONI WAV I'KD. AHITl.'ATIOM WaNTKO?AM AKAHSTK^S. ?Y A ??rjr r*.p* clabla Ocrinaui wmnaii Apply >1 A. L?ik yiiAtr and Irmieiimkcr, .luro JAi WlilUkio iH.,<oru?r u? Ki*nk ul KKHfECTABl.E WiiSIaN WaNM A HI m A THIN AH n?r*e; t? a tmlihl'ul ?ju1 nur?R, tnl ? i.n tn?k? h#*!!**'!! U.6IUJ I" Mr "?inijlojrri iktn t>?* wnll r?* out i'.... 1.M rroiu bar Imi pUmw. i'?ll ?i JH Kwi lyib ? , tx-'.w toi ?v. uuil Hfiudway. Can be ae^ti fot two iWy*. A k SITUATION WANTED, HY A RBSPB -TA HI?E ?/V young hoo?o, Off seamstress or nun*; ran cut ami fit | children's clothing neatly, ami Is a Koad shirt nutter. The beat , of city roforeucm given. Can be noon ior two dty* at 1> IJh , between 6th ami tith av's. ! A SITUATION WANTED?BY A TIitY, KKHPMCTaHUC girl, to cook, vvx-b and Iro 1; no otqociioii to do general housework. Apply at No. IS Hiflngtoo street. A YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION. AS OO'JK anil 1ir*t rate waabrrand krrner, in a amalt tarall ; no

objection to do house wiok. Best of references gi. cii from her bud place. Can be M?un for two days at 125 12'Ji at., between 5<b ai d tith avenue*. AM NURHK.-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WIDOW, wo nun, with a fresh ore a at of milk, wishes a situation u wtt nut - ??. Sntin 1,1,-lory city references given. Can be seen for two daysut 71 <th ?t , between 1 mi and 2d avenues, flr+" Moor, trout rooui. A STEADY, A1M1VE MAN WANTS A SITUATIO.N AS warer; ho thoroughly understand* kla business in all lu brunches; can give the Im;si of city reference. Ad Iron* Broadway, ccrnrr of i&tb at. Can Ik; seen for three day a, if md engaged. _______ A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WHIIK8 A SIT (J A Uou In a private family, as dressmaker mid acamstruH*; can cut and 1U; can furnish the iwst of city reference*; can be seen lor one day, if not engaged the next. at No. It) tlain mood m. A YOUNG FRENCH GIRL DKS1RR8 A SITUATION as nurse; she run apeak Kngllab; own e?w well (plain ?dnu) ami c.ui? an turntkb good recommendation. Call a' I, Varick at., in the m ore. A SITUATION is wv TtD IT \ RESPECTABLE middle aged woman an cook or binlekeepcr in ?i aiatll private faintly; luis the be t of city reference; wagea not mj touch an obit ?? tin a permanent home. Can be ae-ui lor two days at liC8 Moil *i., llmt lioor, between Houston an I Uleoukcr street h. A N EXPERIENCED SERVANT WANTS A SITUATION ? lo do rooking an.I washing In a pr tvate family; In a good 1 plain ro?.k and flflt rate waaber and troner; can give neat of e | terence from her )??-! place, ran I ? ween for two days at lit i;hd St., between 6th and 7th avenues, Jlrst lioor. VERY hKHPKUYA til K AMERICAN GIRD, 18 YEAR: of age, wiahca a ait nut ion in a a'ore; fancy, baker, or eon leefioiiery >tore preferred; lias lutd a'jure ve?tra' experience. * all or audreas at nh Atlantic at., lirocklyu, for a week. AOOOI) DAGUKRRKAN OPKKATOR WANTED? None other netnl apply, at 151 Bowery, to Win. 11. Sno<l grara. N RXPKRYI'.NCKD NUIlMi: WANTS A SITUATION. an auch, lu i private family; ahti perie. Uy undcri'ani the care of un infant from its ntrtb, and would io a little plain sewing It required. UnexeepUontblo refereueee given Oaii at or addrcwi 5u W Tbh St., b^nween ?ll? and dth ava., for tw.i days. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A rkhpkctaulk woman, uh cbdtnbericuld and seaiitatreaa; refereneo ii icq aired. < nn be hoeu lor two days, at b& Kant 2k\ street, near lid avenue, th .?t timjr. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKHPKi TMilA . young woman, to cook, wo^h and Iron, or to do general homework; good city reference can begUeu, it required. Oali at b9WllleU nt. A AOOMPBTK.NT 8KAMSTRKSS WISHES A SITUATION as lady's mud, undrrs?andS dressmaking and clear x arching; or to take care of an m.alid lady, iwvh no objection to travel, (all at liSl Rlixtbcih at., near Blee? ker. (an lx seen for two days. At OMPhTK.aT WOMAN WIS11RM A SITUATION. a genirrl family, an child's nurse; la accu*U>med i . bringing up children by hand, and ho*had the rorciiauL<-ur. of children for the last nine years. Beat of rhj reference ran be given. No objections to Hediord or Brooklyn. Apply a' Jc 6i b at. A YOUNG GIRL, WIIO HAS NKVKK LIVED AS A servant, wishes a HUuatlon in a roup? table family a uurae; can go om a plain seamatro.-*s or waif on a lady; nu o;? jcctkei to the country. Cult or addreus M. L, 217 l?? av , be twecu |;.(b and 14Ui nte., Udrd tloor, front room. A MIDDLE AQBD FElNOll WOMAN Wants a Mtuation a? giKxl cook; nndarsfands French aud Km bfii <x?king; ran speak good English; go?d rclercnce. Appi hi Bowery, >u the milk store. Oan be seen for two duty* situation Wanted, as hook, washf.r an? Ironer, or as chauitieimaid ami rhsIs" with w *Mhing; by u ???.i ? tabh young wmnan who Bred ??, u .< ?. ? In her last -ito moti. ( an in-n? cn *or two days, at M b'h avnuc liCar Wu ?rrlcy place, tti st floor, front room. UOMI'KTENT OASIHUR WA NTRD, FOR A BANK I.N u tieigli<>orlug town.- The bank in In good credit as 1 d< lug a rinallbuie buslnt a- To u young man thoroughly at tiuainied wi?h bunking It will be a desirable positien. Addrc# 1..inker, Box 665 Pout office FIRST RATI. UOM.MKRl'lAL MaN, SI YHARS OI f\ age, want i a alu? vU"ii in a manufacturing, Importing retailing <?r au,v oilier kiod ol employ toe r ?t; he sp*-ak?? Frei?r am; Fng lab, is tingle; can give Ux; bc*t ol rwtcreuce. ?u be st en tor one day. at 154 Bl?t eker in tlx; tw*re. A A \8 IIOl'KI KM.I'KIt.?AY AMKKD'W WIDOW I. \ 1>Y. (it t aimed Hud tu'.rerahle manner-*, m<> I lo .-v> ? l rocUd) . <h dt'eirnu* of iiuvkmg an eug igotrjent with a rt apecU 1>I?* i arty, wbt?n feh? would receive trm reined dun her tu lad); Im nvrrj way mta*Utod ?o a%"<itit? *hr mtmg*tn'v'o If.UM'bOid duiicw. A?JdinHM Mm. Park, 63) !iui*ot) dreei Kelerence* #*xrlwtng?,d. AYOl'NO MAN WANTS KMPLOYMKMT IH "AMI taker *>r roiibctor, or in any similar rapac ity; wr.u* ? a vood hau l in n lire. rain Judge of moony, and willing to ru?tk hln??'lt useinj; gt od city rnlercncn. Addre** tl V , Herald ofbce. AOOOD ( K2IH 6BTI F W1 HI IN KM 111CM N . u rome r< Nprtabifl theatre, -oti'h or \V?*t prc(?rr<Kl Addre*? O. Ji. C , haver)'* Temperance Hotel, Heck mini at. AYOUNO MA S, A FKKNTif vWimi, W1SIIKH A KlfCA liou (?m waiter, ui a private family or in i hotel. < .u? ^iv rood recommendation*. Addm** at Mr svgui|, .vilur, , Leonard *L / (H'KH ANI) OH.NKKAL IfOlfbKWOKEKlis W A M 1K? * Immediately. at 6H a Han tin *trecl, tlrookivn f r >;mkJ ir. toilie* and goed wag? inittt have *;**>? i rein cure \ppl. liiu day. (iOOK.~ -ITt'ATlON WANTI.D I.N * BOlHDlV' J home Tbe hen of eHy reference on I im Do an ? employer w heir foe ha* <lve<i lor the i m' ? ?iwh' ? \> -? I > ?? '?an at Mi Or# enwtch at., butweeu Koldoaon and Murray. / M)()K -A It SP HTAHLK AND HOMP. TKYf WOMAN " who know* her dutta* <v ??|l, di ?-a - ? i'Ioii a* uirv v paatrjr n-o*; will in the ranking and ? it ie juir u Man i.o objection o'he ?< Minify fan pr kU? * .tjefactory u?i ttutfAdah. Pin iapply a* !fji liowery. / 1GOK - WAMTIMN A PltlVATr*. FAMILY, X MiKM i i t tiermau cook: 'ho*e furniahed .v.Ji r y r? tyir*(c o' hnraet' r and compet# -ny may up pi v a 2*) Ka*t 17 th at , m two day*. SNOACU I WAt D, A IT1 I \J *pcc'ah> voting man umertcett ) a* <?,?> ichityan', t?eiie ujideri-andx hi* lni?tt?e?a, ma ?ar-f il wd *n->vdy drr, er I ei-t (.1 nitv reference given. Imjuire i >r .'am? * V ? ? Kidr.dKe'* livery *taw.e, ><?. 1 and 0 flat* / u -t (AOAMIVAN ? A IiKMI.RMaN IS DKMRfp'S '?F ? ' J tniniriK ? mtnathio for a r?jar'hutan who hae oeeu lin U? him for luorf dytu twenty tear<4 ||i> m ?n Ko ? - n wed aeqt.airitet) wi'h hi* hu-lue 4 to e-, erv re-per' pertn reliable and *"1 er. flax nnercrptirtfi'i !?? n m, . ? In ? ? P ?lid wouid h-inv.tplahte to ,t lady <>? t, ir'eroi.i ? jir . flr*t ra'e ? i a<ly cnaohmau; no o<?jeedon o 'he. ci in rv. .rl dre*a (.'oa<, bo* I'oat (?tl ? t: IADY'H VMD?AN KXPKHIKMOPO PKR-O.V ) ?'?? J hwlt/ei :a;.d who under- -.d* '. ? - m?k arid hair drvming, *{*nake the. Pretich and ?#? oimu U i? . Mid uodiinundii a ilille ho <n d? ii -? ? ? ua .on a 'a.i, me d, or ae ranxan in i *Uym ?K'o ? <'iL-l rn 'ot \ f dre^a NatiD''??. Herald <ti< e. N^rTU''. \ DKNTI.r.M A N, kll'il'T PnHTf YRa ffd ID age, well ac4|ii ..n?ed wan hu'o,j > -y?ilrnai'<' or 'haSotpb ? n eiatea far hi* !???* Ui, wf? > i I lUe u? takem .f.;e '? any buehae** that nright .? en'ru-ted t j blrn, ? D-r an .i ?< or ii'ib rtUm He* ^oneii'de frier nr a r? i of a 'bOiln-' II*. n?. rot.r.erib ? with any bonne in Elm . a I. . - V I f2t Prat i P < ?, and partie* will !>?? w ?," I i uoo. N'l i; ? -W v'iKD A Sl'11 Al f?N FtY V ft hie p|, r*?rI. -o* WW'' Aftd ?! H ' h .ini ? u i, - no o'm*- Hon up 4 * ..? .4 . ? I t ? tng II v? lie i ? i e*;iy refers* a. ' i 1 4 < re, jy2(Mi *?., third door from n*n avenu for two d* * N "I HPK AN ? <11AMKKHV\!|> \.,\N ?: >. *N "?liahor ' ? h ri a? rtuUinud t iliinp to o?i?he ij?rv|f cwr*! othcra ueetl apply j? rvn *'? at 1(12 lite ^1'lf A'I ION W \ N TKD ?MY A WoVANWfTH A i br*a?. of rrllk. *- tinree lie^f rromaMtvUiiritiii ? Iveu i ?n l/e *eeti for I wo day* at "4 "tb at I i^TTI a Tl< N W\NTKI)-|iY A KM t HI A'T VKWiO' | kj ee . J?r'?-* 1' e 1m ? . ? .tv reference t- 1 . < ?r*' e an I ? | pai? Illy, t in ' ? **?? i for two da; ? i' 112 ' h atr ' on o phic near C'h *?enue. crifATios wa:.tkii~iiy a i'*oTK"rA*i '>iHr t? d" gev?eraj laeiaew rk in a * '.all fan Uv ffa? o re >earx and nine iw n h* refer-n? e? fnun her lae pta e. r ??**? - ? ? * ? am CITOAf ION W a FTBIMT a MI8AI I T ? ?l K W<#M 8 via* ?**??' Ua? <. * v u*t Ve ft'and* ev?ry > rareh o I vr ti* m, kkb| ?td f?w?y * up# foe.fc'# game, an t al male d. I * ? Noofj# goto g?? a *hor' ln'ane# w. ?oa n'ff Ilea' nf ruiy ref* fence Apply at I* Ma tli -t ,f'^ I wo h>* e ta fen 2 and i o > b*k I ^liriTlliM X ANT KI? Hf A RRMI'fS' T *B!.K V'lt S . v.. wmnari aa mar*#- and p a n aearr.a re-#. |f? nou .er* .? j 'o trare , and uuvke Mrwlf Keterdly ?*ef?j H**g of " ty referei' Ivan Apply at A < armioe m., In th/> ntora, - **ar li.eec *er atree* tor'Wodaya. o rrt- atIf tn want ) rC iiv a hk-d-pu tahi.k p.i v> v y.rl, a* *a*od?erTi. ?wt and ?r dUP 'if *?f *? drrb, ;'??! city irfervne# given. <Wt, fov two du )*, a* 6?y at, v. i.-Ati<.j? WAMf.i# ui v i. f/.'i\hTj wfTiTi > m nmy |.i?u. -ooA, w-thrr .n'l \timrr. *'??1 'it/ ?<??y" Aj-p'f ?i > Mwr-wh ? , ??:? - na4?Ut?r<ratM (?IH ATIO* WAMMM . B. II.K COI'V'J ? w> t.?h w ?*) t. nn a . .j .rx>?' 11 .. ih? < ???' o( i li> r?l?tfrrnj. h?f u.i wl? r? -N. Dif" A?r? < ?i. w, l.,r'w. <1 .'rv' r?,-w-I ? 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Apply al PAl i tb ?? , bf'vraii ZA Ami JlUi me, Urn lloor. W ANTKD?HY A UKM'KiTAIlI.K YOU Nil WIP**K A MiuaUuu l:i t ptlvai. itiulij > *.k, Utun'ArmVI r l&Mi'dlrsa Onod referem-a* *i?on * '.'I be ae?u a' No. u 1 olleKe piece, her present plm r of ??'??pdi, u. -ni. Ur AN I Kll?SITUaTIONH, HY TWO YOUVI WOMKN one ?? rhamberBUP I or to aaaui in wsahing ?u I inmintf or u chambermaid or waiter;ibe o bar * -to , ami In itO'.l city ie!.r.- from li.-r lad p. mo Apply el .. .. I t IV6QU6, ? M ' 1 ' 1 ' ' ' ' ' " *? w Jr A NTKD?-A SITUATION. "Y A .otuiK woman, a?drrsainaker and ? link tinker, al*. ..m l.rtfderer, l?y ihe work or d?y. timid rr..-1-en. " VoMhit ?t ilavn ut ''"i .-?m<iik1 avenue, be *%?i?:i *4t.? >uni hi* , in the dry ^uod* hUho. ... WANTKIMIY A RVftPRlTTAllf.15 Y U Nl) WOMAN, A YV In a mi.hH private fnn.lh She U * Unrt rioa c.h*. undrrHaiiiti* and pantry, and all kind* *?f itriwrve? iui-i I uklmt Mh?* pi*rtr?*lly undrr?taud? c??okini{ in ?di > br*m Mil- h** llv?d in In'r butt llardAev. n jini*. She ha* uiioio.'ji ti >t aide clit iftai ?nca .I^'o lu> e?'s . Noirl' '? and oapabuitf. l ull at -17 I* iral avenue. ug> HtiUrwtn the rvx?. - W r ANTHI - I'.Y A RKHPMTAPl.K Yol'.MI IIIKU. A ,, lie .i...ti im .rum.i ?r. ami to l<i ? work; la ?m ? fnudof children, would trevel alU... U ly. i . niijeeltons lo any pari. Has tt>w beat. uv ra'ercuce. Oau be men lor two deya At 2M '-ill *l . bear avenue A. ANTKD-A SITUATION, UY a It KH I'KiT Alll.K a a yoiltm woman, "?> cook, washer Ir.mer In a private lauilly. n-.vrence. APplj al No. 2 ftln ai. w w ANTKD-BY A REHl'I.UVAlll.K YOU NO W.IM iN. A aim iiloii In a auurll prxa lAUilly n do .'bam'iorwurk we. hint :;nd Irooin*, or plain -win*, won d penemlly naehll. i.ooil i lly rob reoce. I b aso oa.l al 140 Mpilng it , in the aHire, tor two ilnya Ur A NTKIl?HY A RK8PECTA1II.K YOUMO WOMAN, A mIi ui ion an plain vook, waab.-, andlrouar Oood eU?r". to re nee for tbree ye ira Apply al 1M? i U. at., 1 ilrdlloor, bm k riKJiii. 11r ANTKP?A olTI'ATION. HY A KKSI'Ktrr A U1,K WO 11 III iu. oa a-.a.k. I. an Bi. ollent waabor ami Ironor, ?Mi no derataiiila'all kind* ol aouua; U a Kmal Uukiir. Hood rnlorenre. Apply at lb.'. Iboinpaoii al, aocouil lloor. flTANTUD?A >HTATI(IN, IIY A YOUNtl WOMAN, TO V? I o mierol iM.i.a. Work, and rook w??!i and Iron I .r a .mall laailly. (looil n loron. e. Apply al SO lai live IPli and 1Mb aU. I'an be aeoo lor iwo ilay , e- oinl ... r, inmi r t rill \v ANTKD?A MTUATION, IIY A vol NO mill., TO HO plain M'Mlmi; 'an cut ami HIohlMren'a cln?..?, umn-r aland 'lie biieinea. Ihoroiuhly Owal rvferen Klv i Ippl ut ?4I l?tav?'., bctwi'tm 14Ui and Iftlh "*'*? for vf?? dtty*, hY'ioud kio??r, trimt room. 1?;ANIKI>?RITL'AriONH. HY TWO I'ROTMT A N I V\ Kh lr, onn a? i bambrrmabt and waller. Urn mber aa bourn maid, imtulre at III llaiik at., lor two d.iya. WAN'IKl'?a HITl'ATION, HY A RBmPKCTA HU. W youi'd *1' . lo do ' liamm or K?.i?ral bona? work, In a small luuily. Apply ai lul HouaUm at., iirat lloiir. MA A NTKIl?A B1TIATION, BY A KIWI'KCT 1HI.K PRO V\ ua an I widow woman a* llial ia .? "?.k, la a i enmilnin bitknr; in wlUii?k' u> HhNiht In nny work; no objection* ut ?!?? tounuy. of rrferenr? gtvwn. A^piy ?*t -13 hiut il'JtMt., loi two dmj'i*. U' .\NTi:|)?A HITl'ATION. HY A REHI'B TAIII.K TouiiR wi.inau, to lake rare in chlldrru. an I todo plain aewmp. I an b. . it feu two da. a. at ?'.? r.a.i l.l'll airort, Ural Uoor, t?avk ro*)in, V)?tw?M'n l*t nv?un? and avnune \. M/ANTKD? 1IY A KKSPE<TAItl.K WOMAN, A BlltV Yf t<? ?f,i nurwr at h?*r own r?akt?n? o. VU- apply at ln? West I9tl? htrtH. W A.NTKO IIY A UKHPBtfTAULK WHiTUIl tllRl., A ,, altiialloii a. rli. ml ermut t un! n- "-?? obi dt .'aainakiiiK ? la fund of rhtpl'en. wanes not ao inm Ii an obye. ? a.a eiaal Imiiiio. ('"II be a??n ulltU entia??d, ?l at" rrout at , Brooklyn, second lloor MA ANTED?A SITUATION, It Y A KKH I* ROT A III.I. V> woman, ua llial rale oookiUan e?relieni wakim ai d mid a bak. r. fan giro ihe lie.i of r.iy relerrii. e Iroin her laal pla. ? Apply at INI Ulh "U. belwaon l?l an'l J.I ftvtouffl, for 'wo drt)?. V\ ANTKD?A SITUATION, HY A RHSPKOTABI.K WO man as firal rale rook. w?.ber and Iriiuer, or lo do ^ m o much an o?j< rai lioup^woik, In a Ptuall tamlly. WM1 ii a u ^,'mnI hnoic; Apply at #'l ? iA/ANTKO-A SITUATION, IIY A RKHI'ROT aHT.K *? M'limf woman. a?rook, waalirr and Irom-r In a prlvan family,' (looil tUy r?toi?oe?. Appi* al is.ip.nb ? . between 1-t a*, and at. A, for Iwo daya 11'ANTKD?HY A RKHPT I' lHi.K (llltl., A HITt! A Tf lion an (/iftinboriiiH Id .ftiol ?; un If r*? ail kimlsof family .ewluii. laanoal sblrt nuskrr or wa.unn u>dd; " i b? ii b in fjtNhl fit) Mf d cnunlry rrt?rriio?'. no iry I'Jf inn f all, or a?ldre?m a i?oi? to 'Hi *2l?J nt. or two dayn. UrANT KD- BY A ItKSURirr \HI K OlKI? A SITU A t|on fn do ^rnfral work, I' a tlrnt ra'?i wanb?*r nnd IroJifr ui d ,;cn>I pUtn ?'4a>k ; undnr* md* bor loi-ior - (?fr ?ly; bout of < by r< l?5i?ncc. ft'taa*? tall at l.rt Wm'. IIr ANTRI?-HY A VKItY HKHTK' T A Itl.K WOMAN A YY ?biia toii ah joifpr <ntl eu-anihtrand i- rH|?*bla *>'. in-. Ing ' arf of an Infant; t-f*' of city rcfnmicfi. l*l?aa?? ? ;ili at 4i ?! 3Jd at , can be ten tor two <Uy a. Ur ANTKD?A SITUATION HY a RKMrMfTAM.r. wo man. m? cook, and aaalat In wa blna and irm.tng; vo? , ty icferfticc ntvcn Apply at No \i K;i>v?M?th near 4th kvrntii < au b? ^ . n u?r two ?ta>?, If 0 >* II'ANTKO?HY A YOUXii WnMAN, A SCTt* AT|t?N As YY ? uuibhrinatd and aeamtln'a*, or w .ii?????*??; bf-*t <.i < i rtdrirti't*. < ao ? ?? i? ?*u lor twod*>* at Id) st. Mark'n pl*r'\ limt flo<?r, front ren in. U'AaM KD?HY A Kh>PK? TA BI.K PltOTKHTA NT 01 IlL. a h.'nauou itMpbiin <'<yok, au*i?n and ii?fr; h.?arr?nfi -?tf inn to ?*ity or ''onntr* < ?ii l??* a*?/i for three diy?, at 'Wf.t 11ti> Nf between f?U) and dih avenura W ANTKD?BY A KKrl'KiTAlll.K YOUNU WOMAN A ?lliiamui an rblMren'e imr?' or .* I . tna I 'ud au pin i ir?" rhe lerapableof lafUna rbarip- "i an infant f.-om p. tdrlb, si.'.' b?. ivr I wr. ral years In' n-foully. Ooml u.y Mderimei n b. eiten. U:eaeo <-U I ai I'll '!>* h I., I on rib Hour, fiont to* f V\ A>TKi?-MV A ritoTKHTl.M YOfVJ A Bitun on to 'ak?- 'die fii'lrr . tiar?/r ol rtt&Uitr and t?ak>n^, soillda-.l.i Wl-U U? wa'bttMl sml tr'Hilu* In a | .vale iami i i annul do Iwina-work In ? lamii/ IP iwo or Uiree p. win ulrer-. i.rr I a'i al Ui KaM li b M.. i cari u ar , 'In' i bs' k room, b.r lwu '!?,? Ur .A.ATI.H A SITUATION TO Imi TUB IK"., 't At Iioiim- * <trk of ? Mitall ,,,I , . nrk t ? Biiall Uut ly for r.lhn* < t'r or o o . lijr i r u uo t III reb retft r ran b? Ktv? n. rl+A*f call #?? '/? iroru 10 Ull loVit, WJ ANTKI> % HIT lATION I1Y A roMPM'KN r Won \ v If ?? k vva-li. *1*4 W "U?r fit ?o 4o . ?? rom l? ? #<? i <-r?jk ,ir I a I i ?! umtulrm* . iifi1 of ? ,'.y rel?*rt u??? no ui ?<rUoDta? Ur oom?iry. ('Ail * 2?) Uf A.STKh?A MIT *TfO!f, BY A YOI Mi W iM AN. A Ain>?!??. %* or to do cluuikt)*'." k i? * ??l ;m if*'!/***, ?lei run do p iftduut' tuier/ mwl tiQiktg t?? llm ..???**- tQM - < . *;*/? d relWwi ?* glvm. ? Mil ?t 1<? Wf-i 24m ?>,. U'\nih? iiy a vor* ; wom vv a lit \%th#n * i ?*>li m ? |>?lv?'?* M>*r<Jihj( n Umi./, ii < ?????-r w Ii. ( .?i .aI A) H ? ?? l?jJt M., la *u?- ;.tva tl ?' A 11'ANTKIi-IIY A YOUNM WOMAN, 1 ?-1 i U l'i ? V fkM i M,k r>r i - <*?n I,* i? ^'ikiwivH I f Iv Ml ,0 Wt Ifi U'A Tkli A hill AHOY A. I.AI'V'h MUM ASH i ? ? MJi-n.ri ? <>r ?. * ' lanniwriijil l ti?i * * ?? J vc.mM t>f *?iI?ok to ?#>Ui Ui tin <mr? of ? :u, if en. u mjti'-t.J ? ? U*?*l x ? "*r? in h**r ** j?l*??-. '*1m-i* *!??? ? a in. ^ I:????* of H'lrn #? ? ,.U a' 121 rjM#*l '-j li n ?.*? *r?*i roan* a mi be fi ' r ?i no ? M<f??J UAMKD-A rll M M>N, MY A KKO ?IaMI. <>iu*k iw*th, m* ur< r%i* nmlm?umi4? *'? kir?*i? fW ?* If Mi 'I I ? . Woill*! ?>#? #.,..1., LO ??.j| ill W, <1 : tl su it intmn' ih**i of ? ity n. II rr<ju r?d; l? **??? ?n #*?,?? i I w*k<r?. ?, m-.iI wiiJHiK !#? ? ?i,i I(Uiii.m'a r? ? ?<? I,'- ?n< n far tw- im>i? Hljffci ?trn?iu< II % N T K r>? M Y A VC/l ..SO WONAV \ OTTfAtlO. IN Tf rtP |>r< ti- | i.i .1# f*rni|y, -%ii i' uh| I. * i %/yt ? hi ifrp-i,'# <)rrn ?? . In itgbt tb*.u**>*-t ??-? It, r??? ,j,? m It it: <?r hnii drifti ng H*?? I #*??.# fwur ??Mr? ta a t'+n h' ??* '. ,j| M 12 l^frtrix* Mi ple^r, b? i tra lt^l? mimI Iftli ?1# , iintl |j' ri<l <Jfl U'A'T r?-JfY A PROlk TAM Vol*.NCI W/lN4N, A ?-:? mi flr iriPMNl In A i^rluu ? *, ?) jiu ton. ?inl in .f?4 i 09 '?*'>? Hi 'Inn fnaUrf If-, p.. t-r M'"** ' ?',* n-f'-r. Ijr#- fr< ii, ?? U? mnpv*,*t P???**? ? i ;i??f mi LtM'irfm %i ntri> % NiTrwioN. Jiy a it npK?Tahou VI I'iftV!* ** ?"* .t li'l Ml* 1 If MR' frM u M il. lifMi' % ' r t*kr rM r tA > I'ifi***- cmII Ml 1* Mil w , Kf ? ?e? X, If !?** r? ? ?#*?<! U'A* r*I> \ NfTtrATION tY 1 MI.Iff! V Rl tth- ^ ?? fir ? ' !??*< enob ?|f?.V i'U {if ? ??? ? i.4 nil A<r?4l> f't (mt't., r? ???-.?? \ ,?-r u)?>t K r?Ii W?i r?'.c''j?i OftOM ?Hr*rt miw? i?. tfj? r?r'ttttff < 'w4 rnlbftiiei. Appi} m UN ffm 1Mb at., (NrttRNNpfi 6<li xfMl MR HV-IIUM :'/? 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U'4!?tm>-a ?rTT4ii??>r nt * ?*>r*'T?*M.? Mill# ooMti W l.or?? ? t itt[O '** to liMI tOr | o/f?4U| I.I.44II ofrtr tMi rrn. o -4 ? uMloi, to.! M o .tlmf bu 4o ttn.trroi'k if too. Hoof of -. ! ffftriiw to M t til. I t ) I Ion 4IA IHfml'inlliiKo nr*? ;k A VII D f>T A k?fr?l Afflf Tfll'WJ W' *f A ff A .'M? oot tr r-tirlfoot. i?>;>fi'o'rll fro.. A in* 10 ?i 4 M ?. Ir( " to rf*'?.Aoro-rt url ???.>.< t nl ?'< f< Tho f * "I rlt, rttrlofr f'Olto fcor ?J loo *?-> 0- >"? t. ? o ???!??? ? to ? ? ? ?'?? 'J ' ?" l*o fO -I lor * , 4ft ?1 ?4 II now# ? . toroort ?"?? ' ?** f**t Met ta Wy* ? by t f-M* ' -pmA '4 nr WA^,' * , >J It ?* ft fit ??I M **? 4'mnn r/?* ? ?** ^/fwi C-'rr W I!/ l?0'?r -? A*,.f IIT A fll>fl> TAfll.K ?nlt? Tlfr. ?liUor ?f ?o?-4to?? or ? f?i?t'f t " tofcj , om |ff,tl4. |r fflAM tf tl tf r1o im ?of Aoi foA fafff 'II, ?! Afrfr ) ? I* At*.!; fioro, ltt< 4of.It.^ { !b?r ma I ' A % Tf f ?HT A TO vo *'???? A MTfATlOV A? I?,,J'||?..I ?? to Mvto' to tM 1., fall ? 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