Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 12, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 12, 1855 Page 5
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Affair* in" K?nwn. THE CBIfllS HAH AKB1VKD?LOOK TO TOOK OtTNS. [From the Kickupoo City 11-uieer Out. 01.] The time has corn" when it bohoove* every pro-slavery mm to be up and d ung. If nuuUierner* wish to see Kumi eater the ci-nfe lerary H? a state, tliey must no longer hesitate utwut taking op their Una of inarch, the; must come thicker and fa.- o than "Tor before Oar enemies (the abolitionist*) are making every exertion to populate this Territory wita borre-s of tnelr f 1 lowers. Money has been ralieu to the am 'unt of $100,000 in the East, and sent to the aboli-ionis's of l-awreuce. for the purpose of making Kansas a free Ctate; ami these t sius, it is said, have fin nisei Iheuiaelve* ioto a Secret, mid night organisation, tvlitre the; meet end c-uooct ways and means to accomplish ever; kind ? f rascali ty and dishonesty to thwart th- lnfluenro and strength ot the pro-rlavery tart;; anc i? is alsosaid they are making use of the ui-uiey tuum-hc-l ueui m popu lating this Territory Irom the free St i c?uig passage of every abolitionist is paid wnn alii migru.e?a speedily as possible to knock for admission as a .- tale at an early day. The 9outh must at once rally?there is ao tioi 1 to be lost?money must be raised to meet every emergency, and this territory must be densely populated with men In favor of hbive.y, ii not, everything i |?,t to us. ihe glorious achievements that have bi?u so valine yw.i at the ballot box in past ? lections i.iU aim uiil to If Kansas is to euter the lininn ns a Ircc -la' e. Uut we can n't behove that Ihehoulli will remain dormant am: into tive, and allow Kansas lobe loataud ho."> noiiously liopuirod. The gallant ?nd glon -us olddoukuha money and in"0 lo meet suy exigency?to meet any at tempt o' her enemies 11 wrong <u i del a d he ? ot lo r ju< rights; . hen why not come atones no more pmpm-iu time csn oner than the present. Ilo-o a o no lougc near is the time?Kansas bound, nnvatd. i'ue p. o- 'aver parly ottiiis 'territory will meet y m wi h ?.,? i ur n- au a hearty welcome. Come anil join us iu the nolno Cvuse Bit ike for jour llttortles and the |?" po.iisrinu of tuu con \ etcu'on?put down the abolition! ,ts and 1' of the North, thry have already been ali we I i. o uiuo'i away, ! and are com-equcutly becoming ,mm e imnudeu*. every day. Strike terror to their bl i. k heart and BUlM 1 -in ropen' of their past trnn gre -iouw with a -wlernu prouo e never to darken the peaci happiness, and |mrpetuity of Our glorious republic by lifting an arm or rai I g u voice to procluim negro in o ir leirhory, >hic i soil by light belongs to the South and must be own> d by tin South at the sacrifice, it need be, of her bos and bravest men. In the Independence Ditta'rh of li e 1st, we And a des patch froui St. Joseph, of same date, which says ibat Hummel Collins h member of the Kansasacnet n-iiiv, met Mr. l'at. UugLliu at Doniphan t e prviousduy , m I tried to thooi luui. liis gun mi n d hie; ire then n.abbe I Kaughiin in the abdomen l.-iuglilin then draw a re vul var, ;and shot him through the hAai I. l?iugUiiuV life ts dtepaired ?l. It will be recollected that lAugblio belonged to tho secret association of aboll'i n adventurers iu Kan on, and when fully posressad o: their de igns, mad i publics tion of tlieui iu the papers at .-'t. Josepn KANSAS CONSTITUT ONAL CONVfiNTION. [Corn- pondcucu ul the St. bonis i amoorat.] Topbka K f., oct. 23 la.ia. The convention met at ir o'clock, A. M. The couvi ntiou was culled *o e;dec ny lion J. A. Wake field, the senior delegate. Kev. Mr. Knight ojiuned the proceeding* of the body by invuking the Divine blessing pn ita deliberation!;. The Ust of delegates was then read over. Twenty-one Answered to their names. rinwr DAT. As fifty-two delegated were elected, there wss not a quorum present. Several, 1 am k hi air confined to heir beds by the prevalent uutuninnl diseasus of the tVjsl. Among the sick members is Mr. Conway of Istw ence, one ol the rejected Represent Aliie* to the late Kausad Legislature. 8EOO.VD DAT. I*rayer by Rev. Mr. Burgess. Messrs. t-auiuel C. Smith and Chad. A. Foster were elected secie aries. I Hon. Jan. H. I-ane was next elee'ed President of the Convention?was sworn, and then administered the oath of office 11 the delegates. Rev.'H. B. Burgess was elected Chaplain. The rroorterr of the Territorial press were then offi cially " recognlztd." llr. Deiahaj, tho proprietor and editor of the To rilnrial JtnjuUr, the administration organ of Kansas, is a mem ber of U>? (- invention. On mot km of Mr. I'arrott, of Ismvi nworth. committees on Legislative Dopartmenf, Kxecnii e,, Apportion ment, Use tive Kiancbise. Coi poratioos, other than bank ing, Bunking nun Currency, Public l.eb: uud Public Wo ks, Future Amendments to Constitution, Education, Mililii, Finance asd 'taxation, Public lu.siituti--ns Preamble and Bill of Kigils, Jurisprudence, Miscellaneous Business aud Printing were appointed. A Comrrlttee on I'brans-logy, "whose duty sh ill b? to Cnretully examine everything emausting fr -m t ie c -n ven'ion,"ou motion ol Ali. lit l.ih.ty, was added to ihe preceainglist. A niotiuQ to appoint a committee to divide the Territory into counties was lost. Mr. Holiday moved that a c mmittoe of tbree be ap pointed topiocure nn able an t elite.cut reporter or re porters foi the conveuliou. Adopts*.. Adjournal. THIRD DAY. The convention met ibis A. M. at. 9 o'clock. Rev. Mr. Burgess <aler> d up a s- leinu an-! ahi .-'ing prayer. The miuttes were rend nud approved. Messrs. Ilraham an i Mewhiun-iy Wore sworn as dele gates. Mr. Phlll[H was perniit'ed to take a seat wltliln the bar as repirter for tl.e New York 1rtb>nit aud Mr. T. d. Bpee- fi r tie Cleveland //?.alii and t nic.-g ? hit/ in'. On mat <?, a commi t <? on Ag iculture was appointed. Tbeci mai'We on piovhling leoorters for the conven tion, reported in favor of Mr. James Redoath. Report Adopted. On motion of Mr. Tlnlliday of forwl-a. Mr. R win then e'ected theolbcial reporter of the conv- oti n. aud sworn T1 c cat 1> Administered to <!? lega'e.sandofflcl tli requires the r: to a i;port the c. ns 1 u'ion of the t mt d Mates, aid f-itl to.I, to di.-rharge their dul.e . No luo.itlou is made of the laws of tho " Karons." One or two mo.iuis relative to reporters wer? then made and curled, the < reporter heing fur i-ncd with a seat on the platform, tin J the others with sta tionery free. AK. K petition from a cle.gyunn of Igsiveuwurth City, bring informally addressed 10 a delegate instead of the Convenliiiii, praying f.-r elergymea o be decUrel eligible to ?Hice ai.d ( a'bnlics pr-.s-nbed. was unani mously laid on the table, wi h the suggestion tli it i' for mally uddiei e-d to the coveutlon, it uilght be entertained K. .Nism woj't gu Uown]hore. The rub* for the government of the conventi m, re ported by tie coaimitue > n subject, we e rciol su l amended, li e old role concerning recoiihiilerstlon, ?h.. b c nfines the power or m..vtng one to a m-m-n'r ' voting with the msjoiity, wss ah dished, nod 'he we given to the minority also. Consei >a? ism objected siigh'ly but finally yieioed. ' Ariei some further unimportant business the conven tion adjourned until 3 I1. M. AKTKKNOON SESSION. The President read a le ter iion. Mr. 1 illsbury, declining Ids office of d'-legate in consei)uence of i.l health, was ordeied t<? be spread on the jour pals. A new election wss ordered. An unini|sirtant di-cu.-si.-n ensued, when the conven tiou dissolved in'o committees. NOR KOCTII NOR NORTn. Tli? Kama* qneation i.< an ugly out- fur politician*. The national rieni.-i rata are ?hy of it, and tbe c-inaervativa whip?wbo have not yet *'lu*ei"??ro airaU to have too much to do with it. The republican* alone nan profit by it- furt rr iliacuaaton. They nopo to carry Mr. Seward to tho White limine ria Kan'a* and the .border counter Of Mie.-onri. But they will la- do< med to diaappoint mrot, onle** I am greatly deceived in the character of thin convention, ihrpe<plenl Kaiieaa inten 1 to take an active part In th" next I'reaidettttai oampalgn, iMhud of being aept in a auajiended territorial condilioo tor tbe a - Vantage of]-a.tlernpnli'ician*. i'e h-tpi wuof hanana may furt idi the next Preeideat to the United State* But cer tainly we will engage in the rami aign. or, aheu we are a ! mitted, hei mphaticaliy aod fo.-> vei ' d- wn"on aoy party that pi e uro* to exclude u?. ' tlier* i* a Waat!" will be ehoutrd by thirty thouaand ini-u ol K?oaa?, if either North or South attempt to treat ua a- au in-ignilican a, pendago Neither North nor S nth, It la de ermiued hire, will he pe mltted to interfere with our internal pi li'-y We will apply fir admi,-ion M a r-tite, tiei'ht-r a- a clave nor a f.eo Sate, but niuiply a* a novwetgn Oimmonwialt'i. It ia'prob.t-de that a rlauae will tie inserted in tne enn ?tltution. wt.lch thin Convention hi* '-o n auin-nrn-l to c rate, declaring that tbe 11 ra- legi Inure to it a--einbie* after our admiodon into tlia I ni-m, *HaII Ce-lgn ite a day on which all resident* of Kao-aa who hate live 1 In the Territory three month* pre<- dli g the date of th* election of thr hepreM-ntativi a and .-enatora, ahall d-ehie whether elavery ahail exiet or he forever prohibited within car border*. Mr. Dclahay nnd Mr. Lane are the leader*. I already e. of two *mt>rye partlm In the t'-.nven e n. Mr. lie la I ay planne i the cau e for ami ng the diieu**i<in of the jneetlon" in Congre ?. Mr. lane nppowd it Mr. lauei* in fatorof a late organization' Mr. Dtinbey i pi* *e? It. The .St. Lciii* ftpntKmn of the 8'h net. *ar* r->nn? addi lotial particular* have been r#n|.?| iirg-rd'o the rn-i-nt attempt to kt.l Pat la ghlin, at D iphan, Ka < -a lift r v ?l.ia mcce -t : I . . ranee, and tin- (ill Ing III * antag ni*t. The altar occu red about aunrite || the HI 1 1^1- at day ?aui in I lollin*, who W*i, it e?ni' ill n m 'tie f the regiment* of tbe ' Ha-i-a* le-ginn ' mi esporitlon ol which bad lieen made I y Mr. a .(? llr di terrain-- t to force him t ? m.i?c a re'r> ion t to ki'I Mm. With thi? iietermins'ion. he and *ot? twe're ?-tiier - - l.i* f nn-i, pri i-e Je-i to -.*<-a out '1r annhiiD at d deuiar. ted an unqualified ret.acti in of hi n *tatementn Tb.? i.e refilled 11 do, an t tlolltn mmediateiy ?! hi* g .n at bio and then fire<l at lm, but oi "unately the weapon ?a* t .rne t a-lde by a i ecu tor langhl'-n drew a revolver and ?hot andknlel Im. Mr. K ?ti dangemualy hurt In th* c nflie" by a ni e wound In the aide Atih *ame ume Mr. Lnich, friend of hi*, wa* wounded in the head by thediachargn a gun. ?? rhn* had begin*, and worae remain* behind." he ievn|u'i' nary doctrine* ?.| ,.i*-:er and hi* p*rtioen* re begetting their iegi tmate reatlta. They have avow# t heir tietfrm nation to ?'-t a?dd-n I la v a d ere n ?? pro eedmg to > ri their teng*- i ? i ;?n ' i-> <* who ha-ipon dliler from tine in the -lav y que* :--n and tbi- .< be done with f ict* I and sbhr|* i ro'e In ban I. tVe pe that the pro-elan ry me i n - an a- wt l aclgtrlc ly ? the defb.olve ard hav- thr Iron nenta ta com o nea he fight nr. In thi way. f ey will ?ai a *e ota'lon "r tlin- ' .in-! hu\i- g if 1 " ? f jn-'i 'it' n hould Uny I"- forceo inm a i . t - the a ? iti -n t*. Mnwi!ie of the Oeitrner nf Hrortla. Governor Httachtl V. Join i tran.anntu <1 hi* m rnal tmage to the Legi* latum of < r jfi.t o i t u* th iti"f. 1 iid?r the head fciirr I ri i if n he I in* errvit -h ? . t - ! ? ? - ??'.??* r ?- f lie Bouthem "t te-" in r?-,' nl t the ?) tl n o kferj , aini fi ;!* ahitwti.el nni.tyl.e I h*ren th trat.i mit re ntton* and *ci? i f ih? Iewn it?re* i f vatioaa totatee whhh hate been for*ard*'i to this Depanment. The/ general/ concern, either direct ly or indirect!/, our leueiai relatione; and some of Ute<n are (t a character which render* it doubtful wheioer a proper aelf-ruspwct eliuuiu not hare dicta ? ! their silent return to the source whence they otnanaied. ttut it it deemed beet to err no the sloe of courtesy, and viewed ia cotinecliou with the pre-eut political couditlon of our C' UUtiy. they suggest matter of the gravest import for your consideration. In 1650, the pie, pie of (<eorgia, reepunding t> a pioclt mallou of their chte! niaglsirato, n.ut in oonyeatlon tor the pur pore >'ol ue'ei mining the course which the chute would pursue in riuereuce 'o a sane- of act? pm-.eti ?/ the Uongreea cf the Li ited States, known n? the com pro uiIm no saure-v" All ih"i>e measures, " Uirec i.v or mil led ly BlUrti-d the lu-ilituilun of slavery," but were de signed to form a conne-ed ' echeuie for pacilic nnj ist Inelit." W i Ue tie< rgia found in it ' matte' for objection and n uttri for approval," still, in the spiitl of dev ..ion to t el nion, ate c Imiy con-ids. ed, in aorereign c avin tiun whether, 'consistent with her honor," ahe could ' abide hy the geueis! tcboine of paoillc-stina," uud wue llii r her inie:e-t lay ' in soheren a 10 it. or in ia?i t am*." 1 he icsult ana, that woilst she uhl nut " wholly u prove " )? t are would "snide oy it," as a permvnent ci juainient of thie sectional controversy. liut she did so ui en no in.-. lie put iho W-.tid upou tiolio that a .e "will ui.d ought to resist, even (as* .uat roorc)t.a disruptiuii < i every tie that >1 wis hue to Uia i-niun, eiiy t toi'O hi' ion ol G ogres-, u;-"U the aulijsct i.t slsve.) iu tlie Mulct ol Columbia, or In placet auhji'i I tcs the j li.-dlctloii of i'ong'eia sell t'? w foly. drui ? a'.lc tiauqcllity, the rig-uaeulti n -r ? 1 ti e! lug Mates ; or nuy net aup,i .easing 'he slave Wide bcltrecn ilie sia> tie tiling tale u' tay rem alto i.dnnt, as e Ma'r, any Tern or/ liereaftet applying lis cat-sc ol the existence of slavi ry tUOrein, or .my ?<:v pr.s hibttif'k tl" lutrodiicii u of si uvea into Uie l'o i eiui I 'ah and New &iexlc", or ery act repealing "r male<lallr modify ii>g the low now in t'uice for'hero v. y oi f gi tive slave It vas tuned .ha' ti.e e tu tu.ei w <uld what they were promised to lie. a liuti adjualmeut i.' he st-.veiy agis'ion, a. d lis 'he 'ouu.ij wuult l ? t cvl'ii lh ?tij )) ispus-. It was h"|ie i thai, hi e ins king so Uigi H sai, invulvuig a . mender >f all pir tic jai'U <u<he|art "I tne lavelioLling ctaies. in .he leni'eiy of I allloinirt the -pi It of lie-- a <ll agg ei ?i u would he appea..sit. It was hoped th v 'he Pa hi in tiou <1 di lute o.ted devotiuu to tiieliunu - old I iivtl.c a Cordial reciprocation, eti ihe pari of lue outl aiutehuldiug Mate*, and restore those I a'erual relations bstaeeu 'hr* Itvo gseni sections of the coniede-aoy. which jn the iruigiiart nioua cou-pri mi-es <>? r ue con-ii tuilou. I'lit llii- hope lit. no' I"- ui. alned. T. o ugl a i i? it continue*. 1 lie storm cloud still o > ".iff thoglo r.tsrd < ur i ? litical tl'mament, aud tin i nto.u to Un charge i'- tiiunctr . n our heads 'iho I w r ow in f ice lor t"e recovery rrf fugt ive s uvea Ii.'.k cot fioti rr pi alsri or materially intsliue I Hut it ii. oo s'.in'ly th ealeaiil. ihe convention of lH.vd ex I resairl the d'liberate optnlou, thvt "upon tief.Hhful execution ol the Fugitive 8l*ve taw, by the pro .a- am no i ities, <.s| ? hOH the preservation ol our ni'tcn love 1 I id' n." Lio.v cotiieniptui'Usly haa tiie do lai r.ion treeu treated in some ef the oon-a av fluid Ing Ma ea I lu llaut r husells, Vermout aud oiher States, acta hot seen lassvo vlrtnally nullify teg 'he law. In some insUiacea tt has cot le- 0 exscutee and wi.h g eat di.kcul y in evsry ihstutire where it hss been. A slave escijse.i from .Mary, lend into htuiisylvatiia. ills owner wen t> recipture bin ? was butoluied, and the Courts failed to eascu'a the law er punish lb" ciime. A slave e-capel from Vlr pinia to the city of lb stou To effect hie recovery the 1 rtiiiieiit had to order the at my aud u ivy to pio si;, the Yai-hul. at an expense " more than SioO.tkJO such are peciiueus of 'he manner in whico the Fugitive Slave law I- cntoiced, air hough the Ceoigli eonven ton declared that the I t.iou de; ends upon i'n faithftil exe utiou A esse for resistance, however, I- not mad" u itil it shall he repealed or mslegalty m<stifled hy tkuigre a. There lot e, it no tedreM can he had c .unlsieti'ly wiih the constitution in the adoption ol re'aliatu<y measurss, let us,' in j?tlenee pos??se our rouli," truiitin^ that the pa-rioti. in of tho North tony yet tar rallied to toe rescue. Tlie er mpron.i e tnsasures of lk.'>0 e-lihlish-d the |irtn e'jls that the people of 'he Tertltoriss shoult rle ? mine the ijusslim of slavery fur tuem-i lvea, ao.l mat be.'iaf er r\.< h errli'ties shor.M be a<lriutte<l as Hia'es into the I nlt.n, with or without slavury. as they should de-tide. 'ihe last t or.giess passed an act to orgaeiae Territorial g V'-i i rneuts f. r Kansas and Nebraska, in 'vblmtlna prir rlplt war piBclleally apnlied; and by tue repeal of the bliss irri ptebibl'ion. wlii h it c uitaiiis il opens tin'e Icrvitoiies to the slavelu.lder with his prope r/, ihe late (lecilr n-in Kansiis -how vha' a large m jority ol lb" | or | le aic In favor ol adopting slwe.y a a pia-t of tl.eir ti? n.estlc system; aud the inilicaiinns Kicthvi-he will p." bit ly up|ly, during tie eosning Co -gri'-s, for arln.i.-sion to ibt t uiotr as u slavehoMing State l-ili linng'tj|> tin pa gmouBt rpueetionof ihediy. Iwokiug to 11 e rli n eti s it the next Congress, it see ins trial Hie anti-slavery nee si ii sei.rinren' Is in th" ascendrin y. and that bei it] pilea'ioii wilt Isr rejacted. This, ihetO "re, is the toi ril i ii ol affal e?on he "no ha ul w si" the threat, and the poser t<> execute It, to refuse r lis adinis ,i<n id tlis lenit'iry as a eta e in'" the Union ?'because of !be existenee o' slavery th rtiu;" on the othei < e.ugia ati<Mia p.b dged to resist ? uchuu uc*, "even (ai< a last n t) to a diaiuprlon" of the hui 'ti liow tlen. ivii we iecme the ailtni.-ioii of K in s , as a slave brli ing r i vte without lesorting to tliis t' trf .l ulume n u. ? It ret. onlv tie iior.e by an unllin hhi^ sd iereiice to ibe |osi ion tho h-ule lui- laseu -die is the ri t t i i f the i ol .run of Lei .-ouih' rn c iutederAioa; they wiliiai'v en urid and sustain hei. II she i-lie'S, all is lu -1 11 e i.eb in'ii ail'ti to re.-ii'i-aenle I; he manner Is i ut. 11 ? ci uvention faili ?. to specil.v iu this particu lar It Ii iigle I 'o ti.oei l the soveieignty. the Legls la lure cannot supply li e o i?-i n. 1, tiiereforw, rec.uii ir < nil jiiu to prov ue by law for the calling ol a H ate civ n il n, in H e event of tho rcj eti. n ol Kansas, " terause if the exidenee tl -laveiy therein. tods liberati upon and deUundue the time and m .-e of the ri sisiam e e?B'sni| la "d by the fourth resolution Of the c r vndiori ol lbf.0 Hi li in fUs i f such action by tb'-isgiJa'ttre are ap'. ch. u'd the r nUngei y ari-s alter yoor ad Je ti ineui, Il would make the c-ll i f auex ra ri.saion ah solvt'lyce .ssa'j Uy providl: g (or It tow. you save a h' .V) ix cn?e to the trm-ury. Aii a'" nlage wl 1 bo itr c mvl-lion upon th# n il d- ot 'he p. i p ie ot the non-sla. ebi l Ing Mao-s, that t.i ? . gal- in iinie-t lhia i.> import .-nt, lor they do li"' Is love it. lb'li free s. il ptc?*ce and sp.aarrs ridi cule t. e idi ii tl at we are ihe isi. eiIons to our aV"W'"l rte'e ii ins l< n to ir-i-i tVe le I and know tbut ?e are; n.d a a msinr of mere gigi I fai'h W' should ualeceirp thin ci il.eir i1l)u ioii betray thi u. to exvieiuea from v iihli tlie e is u > ret eat. thnb action, mon'iiw r will furnish the sound eon?H tuii< n.s-n of the Notth wi'li (he most ;ioisnt aigti n.*Lt by which toup|<ul to the patrioti?m of ihelr lei low rli i/i-iis It will arre-t ihe at'sn hn of ail 'hit king ii Itnl , a. d roil e t" the Lighis-t degree that devotion to 11 e I ah u w Lb h animates ti e hosom- of the ms-.e.. in ew ry mi ion. It iv.>I vtreng heii le kne s arm h'd up the buhds" of ibat Intrepid baud of Nor hern pitriuls who. Is, h in end out of (in gress are willing to -land I'/ the couth in ibis perilous sti jgg'e. Ii we fail to mii'mam our p.i rtii ii they 'all. we t Ike frr m them tlie pr. [I that sin i oris then tlo-y will La* on rwuelmeC for f .ily if they atli rnpt to vludiraie our lights w> ha.e lailerl to hai ile f..r ihi nr. Ni l sboubi such action by the l*gi la'urc be regarded Id il e' i f n threat to ibc n .u laveliol luig ia ?s. "lhal v.i ul. be as de ogatoty to 'hedlgnityo' I.e..rgia ss ir rv uU Is- v ? undi g to the r p-ri :e. Iiu'., in the weirs'I the fsnveiitioti of 1H50, "we sbouM addreee to tl em the latgusge rt calm and frank remonstrance, rsther tl an id riel.arice or menace. We w'Uld recall them to tb? lallh r l discharge ? f duty as cm.federates by an npje. 1 <o their tearon ami their to. ral' If, | sl'i r sll ihe ..Ileal HI the f rm sufg-este . should pr".e unavvlling. '. e should Ii re the pro id sutisfartu n of l av-i g placed our hta'e tr-umt ivintly la the t.ghr, ami ef ca-dug up- n ih-io the fe.iiful re ponsil-iii y ol driving Lertoliii l -uitiil uHiiiiatum. Is-r tr.e not be understnotl as roun-elling rash and pee clpl'ate ec'h n The call of such a convention, shiuhl it Iserrr.r nries-ary. might not, as a matter of c "irse, had hi di-unloti. It might tie within ihe ac- is- of human ' whdom %o device o'her mean. >f redress. It would cer tainly le t Le ir duty. a< it would be rheh ile-lre, If pew sille. to do so. ' I L-rupiti 'D'' should, Indeed, be tlie "1?h1 reiort " k till, bowr ver if'hry khr.r.ld after mature rlellh?aiton, become soti-fled, thai til so lot ion would he the only re liody i' cor,hi hi t in 'be very n-iture of the case, be car rieri into ii -tnnt s'lest. It would r-spoire sever..1 in nths, aid iln-irg that time, tie rese'lon in the non slsveli.-iC n g Ha'ee in-gbr Is- so 'li'cule l and salutary, a- to evince a seise i' returning Justice and of rerewe-t fealty to the constitute u In e--<l, we alrea-ly see the indii'.ctblD of a fuvi rslle teactl n, which ei ourager <he hope, 'bat the poliloti tn of the Ni rth will save us f. rn H e neces sity ?f ,r w r Ing to the uhimati in ot the "Ueorgia r'?f f rm." It Is e.lrre-1 hy the nohle are! self- aeritirrng ef for a of the ,ouml men of the m n-slaveh Idlug -t?t--s. A'all ivenie, the convention would not act tias ily. While th y would pu reed with the flrmne-s of uuelt -r ahlepurps'-e they rhry w -uld also act wtb well cvn-i-1 ?ml p ruds b-e and eauih-r. They would n.'t adopt an oidinani 'or humedlate sod nncon-'.i ional dirr'ip'lon; f.u' p-i-vit'e for Ir to'aleeffect at a futi re dsy sriDicien' ly remo e t<. admit ef i sis reaction, in the mewntluie j he I'.-.I Ur e'ecth/D" will have tian-plrei In tlie non slavw br Iding Mates, enotln r omgro-s may haw n i rubier, w I o, ui ? n c iJsldera'i o. ?u 1 -e.-i;ig the psssi>ion oi<p? r gisab' he j eill i.ffhr I ni n. n ay admit K ansa as a ?U?e ro On g -t?t?. lef |i e ordinaDo': "f re?r?lanc ?, th- rerore. be- fismsd to v. to all '* time t-.r reaction if need tie, and to lie m il at d v 11 up n lbe a-lnu-l-nof K v-as by a ?peilflsd nsy future, hut to take effect, ipso liuii. open its tial rejee'if n. Tt-ir eoukl present th muet powrer lul >p| i -I the nun livshrdding btafes, in flavor of the "gb'S "f'he P< o h snd tho I ni-.o. Above all, It wr mid them revponslblo *>r c? n e-pnen-e- an t vtodisate ? I e position of i s. rgls ill tlie estimation of mankind. I ronseteMlr i'r Isl eve Ibl- to be Ihe liest way to pre ewe 'b' If I'll It is as a lover uf tie I ol ?1 that I lecin.meidr tseorg.iha ? h mnly dseisred that ? the an.eiie n I r ion Is s- e- nda-y In In pw-r'aoee only to the rit'.ls end p. innp-m ltw?< -leaigned to perpotuats " ? nd in ace rdan--e with this, ?ks baa solemnly sun -'iored '1 a' -he will " n slats?< vsn a- a la*t r??ort?tr, a di-rnp Hon of evety ftrha' binds hirtolfa Union " the acta of f' ngn ?.j. i at inc r-ai hmeu'- erintnemfed In the 4<h esntufh ft < t lie f'nnvsntlon if IaM) Th"<e two *n r enneen rnta taV- n t .-ether, I' ikey mean anything e*. press hi r defemiti: iii in to n alr.tam her rights In the I ni' n, if she ear I.u' out ?f the I nion if "h" must, the people if fleo pis endorse the vow; b-r th-ir iejtre rrn a'ives prove themselves e jusl to the rmergewy. Cnllfovnln end Aaafrmln Contrast d?Xa* ? luirltlrwl Agnlsist It ? p wl-Jti on Knlr. (1 r-m the I-on ion Ttiuss, Oct. 1* ) We fenr our An.frimri hir.?i;'en hnvr never tl > rot'ghly forgiven us the tli-r'overy of 'fold in .tnw tmlin. Firm the <i?y Mr. Softer pi-ked tip his griirs of the magic metal in the ri eofhlamlM, at.d rrentnl ('el firnU, the growth and [.r igre-u of that Sirt" nomehiiw hemnic only an liiar ["rxif of I he tnis ilority of "dcmvnitic in titutiorui.' an add ti? ral Iriniy jih of derm-erotic petn'iplea, a cl ry ni.rally s 11' r. g ir tr fr. m t) litimiiiatiuii to ? it on tie fare of ea. e iwri! in en,,rT, ? m. form Jint ghost d m r 'id not l"jf;t.Ate fjjrr ervi'.ua .*21!lV"if b m.'lty at thia ia of their fotlunc, la cttrj way tLi y made the n o. t of it. and glorified themselves aiu tLe i< puLli, aP huvl ig gone ahead of the unl vrrveutu |u< e ilini felt tin do/7 and docrenld Btstinof ht.rrje 1. ?i en- 80 tite de-tniies.'al ways m fly imivoled. bdmininteiid a collective, nnii lenton U ti e t,n!,u-M on the hide of monarchy, tlcod^whe p. (idiii'i| twii.dup to the light in ail I117 li?li coir' < , i.ioi ( all ion ja found a rival on a Terr.b ry b> allegiance t ? the English crown. The 1 tweet a. a l.iif In- t rlur of the repnl.lio- the gold en radiiii i'f ot U.o galaxy?wum eelip^til; tiie J rti-h. re had (la ir g In hi itin hIho, with no "de'iio cii.lii iiirtitutioiiH ' to nrc-tint for the phenomenon, r'Vtli ill t>i rce ol the detail* of toe twodlisoveiies tlnic v>io 11 hit d of identity : 11 a 1 "reave- pair- oif 111 1 t< 1 j' wilh t- utti 1, illli>'4nue became a very vigir< tie npioi'1.1 ti'ii of f-.uu Krutkino; monarchy fniily Ut 11,| i<l (In- |,e t inn. of ti o rc|>u',.lhun hand; in tl 1 hi t id World wne in l bo 11 lniilt'lolj distanced at 11 i nit ' Not tin t ( ul'fi niia line 1 rawal to he whit it pro tin oil, it i:a ? < . 7 ti I'M t to stii. d id tin* and unpar (lontil. 11.i*. 1 he rat n hi< li ne think the Anieri ctu ? i:n 1111 ui.i' fori" when ili'v draw coin pari so.... 11 \ni if, fioi'ial ? t.iU'O thou-own gold la-Ida no li i-11 An l?. lin. W( puj nejit'd I, t long ugu " ?> I.. 11 11 in: New Yr:k contemporary, who "in Hi lie, ui.J pi o;-,-.; 01 < ali oiiia ujiil v.iHlrulia" erv 'r Inn 1, ; limn it> (>1 , oni|>aring the colonial 1 . ?' fhi 1 t rittifi am n . wi kii g oTtano ? '"t'ii lo in ni ' I ? it i-a. nothing in mi-li till? i nil to do 01 tea. to co..-. I". 1 ? 1'i-elM v ill 11 A He it?*, metapliy 11 m: 1 .7 iriir j.L.I 11, I,ut rr-mIuto uetvphy* '11 niei.M Hi. Iiuiioiii 101. pm imnB. r? made .11 111 1 ni. i. 1 diflitlilt??, BH:i we may generally iniu 11.Ill cm. 'i i.iilvi at 11 1 truth, we do n t rec .g i /i ii.i ciiis-hy i,f M<;ug ourselvee e\ city at f> ! ' ' f' tie ii inn in. 15 l? deft'iU.e or the f > " I rut 'ihe i.ii'ihi'tn in n little tinged in I ' |..,.il:tio e. Aft, ' 11; -cilb'l.g till: l.livli Hi coll ii' e. C alio.miii il ring the eitily peri d of iU niriy-n 10 ii tint' much w rno than that of Ab. tia u at u j I iic- i.r Anicrhan coritompninry 1 ri.xiie ,t?? j , i'i.lotdi iiy ai d pro-pe;oun at .to, in 1 t'l t l i>e el.nt 1.: hturlil) n joi e 1 the la.t litters of 11:1 i(iitf| 1 he i at FnuiCisco, and -evoral 1101 f 1 g. oid Lot 1 *i'n,' misgivings at to the pur ?|'i< rut hi Bi.f mine partB of the jditue. 'fhua tin f.iv 1 oil peper "Such 1 bow there* ej:i 11 [hi ?. iliat I, u and pruriorty ure about as h- '? ill I . I ft 1? r, a- 111 J' y otiiO; "htate of the ? i'? I i t n timet U- 1 I n(Tc i{. aliiiuatinn in the L.<it if i1,ls ih tr < hue oi the |.u*t letter of I tir 1. r.fc | ? 1 .11 i,I S. . iauci . o rep rt < ta- ity c 'i* ol n *? 1?.or <i 1 r 1., the onlli of June, a .121) for the la,;, iear : in tin : u ne peri d. tivei.ty-f.iMr li en uie n ti.n.i d uh I ..v ug iVen" hoog by the II < 0 ; v I i,. Itgulilv ni.d the Sin rifl auu-anxled in rii in; the h n ejivti e ohl, < u t,vu. i he raiieie ihut tni din c ail the e mnrdrre appear I' li .dtci'i eeii trival, und tina mkieeene.^B 0. lie ie kttiibi ii it to tl i' " nn.vei.-4il and cowardly p'ac tiie of enrrjingicvolvirn." Again. Cali omla, it is eniii (uiiiihe A'.etr.ilia) " liae 00 nveibearing Oilr iah ataUeiid ovi'i thc goldfle'dB, whoae olijeet il i^ to luiii-s the miner, and who apparently care for i'04hit g have to gather a nn.Lthly Ux." Hut a col li ctoi ri oy do than haiu-e a u iner lie may ehii.t iilm, in tl ? mo. th of Juno one f'alifor tiiaii 1 < 11, < tor knlcd u kiex . uo mil er ut 1'uttietown; ai.d ni ell, 1 i.i t! eliet ai.d killed three Chinamen in Mi li^o. a ti 1 i:ty '1 he-e fi ur nmrderH were fierpc trrlto wi-li tin-ou'i haiidy revolver, on a alight re BChii nee to the puynieiit o the tax Fussing by the lire ol !i i in priiate bruwi , ai.d the jjrevalenct1 of "lowdyi: 11 rticetligliiHand di l mltieainSan Frin firce, ii whi h r.elit.i iuiiH, lawyer- and iner, ha ita fgi :i't.vtii>licfi and -p< akingonlyofihcgoldJielda, it npj i; ,.e to ua that den,ociutic in-titutioun do not nc ccmrril; cither an cllicicit police or very Beii.j III- Uh lux colii I tola. Tl.e Australian type ot both ih i s in t H.fti r in the rnmpailcon. The la-t letter ol < t:i 1 oner; i ndent ixhihil n .Sheriff quite .m ile l iiiiilin h node of pi-ci tdiug uh tiie collector. Hi v. - 10/ viying two pri-oners to Sf.iripiMa when, ?' Oil' m!tj ' oceunii v w ith theut by th? way, he riot one ni.d banged the other," hut this < fi ci 1 I,. d a pievioua n |>utale>n lor nerve and dieptiiili io hi-inea-. The d.,y f,e was "on the Mao to r-tcckUiii to I, inirried" he made a eh; I t ileioi 1, (, ut.lit a ilm I wi.h ritjes.and having u'tho this litth tfia r c. itnly pnn-ned his hi itu i, ami <on> ludid ihe otlier, it may )i> ln i Cll l.e e tit uel< ii;y. Another im i-ltlit Cjilili lliiuli life givi'i. in the -anue letter, would 1 mi Inn wiic dee pi nitt h t for tjc t rn that Dikia ,t uh):o*-t ludii ii.uc A p s.r Freni lnuan, M in d I .Mailt, 111 evu k ewindkd by u Sun I* 11 in i >111 hiokn, v ulkeil into his mli^ with ti err 1, hug* in his haid, til ed with, cMtn'.a/.Vli Cgar it m- th; he.-., e*fv iaTo- . I t ? ?1 ,'"1" >?)'<! lis ],0 reto.ithir. They th-ight he iI"eii'u'Y 'he th^w >"'t t ,e frM" ? em ( 1 i'V IliiTW )i - hi.nlnr ei gariiito the hag, aid lie gr-iiid }:oor tins nearlv I-lorvn to p;e,is \-t 1001. wtis sin. -|y h it. The Frenchman I ti> 111 He most .eveiely hornt ; the two I.Mil re wile ir.ju 1, ?i. hut tl e hruker, ,i,,-t whom "li 111 j 1 r. v if 10 Ir: t r tin I tnmiiic wu? tfiieced, es ri|iu 11,hull. 1 hi nut day the v hole aCiur was Ii .i Ml I I a, 11 good J, ke. ' end it km.pp . e,l .011 w ll ii t'Vii l 1, who n,< ely merit to s.i k e 11' 1110 17 lendi r tl? . I,,-, 1-eing nrijio^.^w, ? 111 i. i it tl ey 111 teie to hold 11 mortgage hm ? II ut.) i|,| g, rrai tre for udiiiiieiTl.,- aceo-int- of tl. 1,1111,|y I etui in tiie Amrrirar.H a.od t lie ...i xii ni e. or . p.11.laid- a- iji< are called ar?* c,?n find 'line am car 1.. hai bctn utneities on ' * 1 e i.i . i it tf.i ridl- liminnte ehoot;ngs. and mv hi. din n.inatiig I ingii;e. l?v Um \nieri.uns di ting an ??ixi ileini-1' prove th.'-.t no organize in 1 civil 11 n HHury. ix -ie that iao h. . a'h d <.u to lei.riee iLtrngr; uid. n. 10.r eoiri puiulint aays, tie |'i< p.1 aiwaye take tint L?w int., their n?rn ri'idf tli ? M?ror.c/ cc ot t litr?-.** erncrgeiKiif Mii.-is iiot t! f (ii. e in iur tr?.lcj c* l ?riiri V\C f?-lt I nil d 111. t ? n lie. t one 01 two f. at .j,-* ratlier t-io II 1? >; t. in la d in the Amei iran j ortraits of 1 uli Ionian ei ciety. Ar fie .he npfi 11 of \u ft ia 1 I e ml tli1' dici ri| tioiie 01 that country we luve .111?mi.I as in. - h with what it might bennd in not ae wiih nhut it in, we have nothing ti ' to it We hope every anticipation ,,{ lie futire nuy Ie iiaihred. The worse tint ? h utd lard 1. illation- whi h fetter every t.ealtfy iiov.nnnt, w. have olfen dcu-uncej. Mill fully t they contrast m.-t nnfaror .\J > w ith th- irn r ysteni ol the I'nitcd Stites Thi ti. I " I ' l" iaiii n t. Caiilon la found an open th Id. to whnfi tLe hheiui |?n vi? ions 0 t. d on in other ,111 -t ffn I 11 nwcte immediately applied; wh< a 1 ? tormit of liritieb en.igiation pound Into Vo; t. natle per.p e fond to their di-tn ay. the wh ,fe lund, thin gh in it? piimitive ntits of wild- rnevn. ?l ic..dy j orf c si if leu me f'AiO mef, uioro tr ly lords of ? ,i 1 ",?L' "n> -,ri" in Kllr' !'?" '' '1. us t'.r-v v r tjitliy f eld the governing powi t we.l as the soil they n nde putchm* und s. ttieu'at hh di.licu t as refill II , pi. lining a staU ..1 cc -ty which an i tiplnhn an, who haHLot nen ii, "till J, - ur, \meri cat., iff: I ard!y 1 onrelve. There I- .1 targe d-mand nt .and hi d u i nitlin sepply tl... would m.-et the d! n and ten times over; v. 1 the price is cxtram-ant fii m tl.e artiJu 1, ily neu'ed Mwrrity. the Io. ,t| u? vi mm. 11 having lein iximitted to nxt rt all it can a- tl ?? no v. land j. hlier ia-twe< n the <? piutten it bis cliviiti'd into a powerful tla-s and the genera! com (Si.tiity. I.'onanck or Itnai. Li?k?The f'hi ago Timra r< Inii h a rtory, tin incident* in w hi h arc -v^id to Iw rial. In a ni all t< wn in the interior of < thlo, lived a heiii.tlti ' young woman, vh .?e latl er dy;ng. willed her the whole of a large fortune, which lie rv.m to inherit w) eu iwitily-rme yearn of ;.ge,on condition Uiat ti e should remain tingle until that time. She oli }? d tl c ii >i ctn n hr tome y? art. hut her yoang affect < r.e N iume at let gth, and 'tm three year* prevh ut to the ixpirutiOD of tin- time lurmd in the will the prey of an artfi I man, of thowy ad dri : * w I o ii n nv> d'r< m an< ther p ace nod t n,k n;? bt? ret.cenie In the tillage where the you.ig h< Ire** re. ?i!eil, f? r tl e purpr e of laying negr to iier he rt. lie nunrtoid Po will and . uder pn tern - that he wi a wet tl y hlmn If. and d d r.ot rciji ire the yo wig winane Ii iti i;e in order to lite in e.t e and ? 1c, ir.di crd her hi content to a <cret marriage. The w. rv n riot e In r.ti r had I eon dupi d by hi* own urgerrj in pew it of the larte projerty which the yoony ar d crtdulocs woman *uppi~ed to inherit i 1<? ndttii n. lly on ci tnn.g to tl.e ,ige pit* , i?d. In i ai!t km wn the marriage ar d at < n e wat n itiil by tl e guaulian of the lady, who annonm ed ti I'm tl: .t the loriune wa- let to hint arid hi < wile f.rirer. a- hy tie tr:pi' of tlx- will the marriage of the daughter rave the propi rty to aiithir branch of tl.e luridly. M nidi ne?l hy the hi tri llion ot hi* hope*. tr.c rae. ii denonoced hie wife 1'if deejilloc nil h< ugh ahe had endeavored U n like him olai.d the real facta, and *? *he fill lalntirg. he lift the l.ej*e and tie- v.ili.o Yiare nf erwarda the abandoned hride rec if'-d a letter fr? ni her huefrund who had learned that he hr d 1* d rni |a?k i-h-mI of thi property de*igrie I lor I er hy I rr father on the .wntdn cit o; the riagi and tripling U> her retaioi'ig a lingering at 11 tion tor I pi || ileal tin t he might t il gain tlia prize he had (OT'-ted. He had let iniejudgod the r g*h of the yoi pg woman's affe<ti?n We- re? pC'l.oi d to the I iter I fff ring to unite her fate with hi", or it *ay,r?g *l:e owl>| now give him the it hiritaiei that bad raun d them ?o mi h trouble. In order that her guardian end family dvi-ild not ktii w f I er I or.dl Ct. ehr -i nt tlx- letter to the 'iflh e ly a on nt girl wh< t,? k with her a I ttle girl a* a i ? mi ardi , n. d allowed her to .-?rry the |.-U- r The cl Id. nttra lid ly the hright (ofur of tlje ?Uuip, ri n ' Vi d It aril tl e Ultlr denoetti d in the offi*/- vu Mitt tie dead lettei olt n nt Washington. Hhe ?f II ? p e tei (i\(d no ti pfy. Hot. a month later h r pari .ir ? h*d a nrw>-|ajwr from Chicago, eon till r. a J* I tW al ejeech. which a friend in that i-ii. red I im to r*ud. He I Id ih *n the puper, t' tie ndy t"k it Her eye glanced fir i at the p - frv 11* ar d t ?re *le w the xjtno-.n ' went of On man fge 'f her forirnr h i and hlefe'lto li t f our IB a awoos, ard lir t> ltd only a few daya, when the died?the victim of umcrtipuioua avarice Wetlflj Report of DetUkt ji the city and ? ouuty ol No* York, from the 3d oaj of N<Aeml?*r tr> the It th day of Nnveuib*', 1866 Men, 49, women, 6*1. boy*, 123; girhi. kfr?Tot*., 2 1 Adult*, US. children, lbb. nude*. 172; TernAta*, 119; oclovnri per toon*, 7. OMum AlbonikiAifo itnd PHftht'* Fevnr, remittent I dueM^eot kidney* 1 Favor, *c*rlet la Apojk-xy 3 Fever, typhoid. AprpUxy, lifivoun 1 Fever, typhi** 4 Flt-odin*. in in I* wH*.... % Fracture of o m and leg.. 1 Fit *<1 i ft 1** oin iui.^h 4 1 texri, dimM*e of 3 flr<iictmJ> 9 Hooping cough 1 Fiji wed or aldod 1 IBliooinia?Ion of fx?*?!*.. ( IUU ? r 1 (otlAIDUlAtloDOt bfAill. .. U 11 tlio intceHtu**.. 1 InlliiiiiiiittUoD of lung*. I f fen 110 iuo of ti a biuin ltdfarmnatiounf etoiuHrh. 1 (Howe) 1 liitktiiwitt'Jon of wi?nib... 1 Crnif t*fnou <<f tin- b-Hin Kidney*, di>twwe of...... 2 (mil) 1 liver, diaoiiMi* of. I fYuft-Mlor of tin* brain... 8 I ii4*h vt'io* ?'H (ii?t nl). .. 1 1 < Lpviiui. rt the lunjre.. V Lung*, dio a* t* of 1 iVdMiiiiiitioB ,.39 Malformation of h?*?rt.. 1 1 ? evni i? n>-f 111 '"lit 1. .2i Mam* mux InlanUie 1H 1 vil-itn*, puntpern!.. I Men* In* 2 rmip li Hid In fur Hie '2 Metniy, 1 I fHiii.ii' f leuiefiM 1 I'u^pu*, i?f th? womb. 1 lube ?* * 1 9?eii?ature f?irth . 1 iHJibo* 4 f{h <iu>t&*Utn ot til* heart. ? hop. y '... 1 It i J urn of th?? bow U... tfO|>. y in ' ho Lead 14 m*.i < 'ub? I b* WTied 1 Smallpox J ' y. it r/y ... 8 Stilt 1 l' in ? ri ?tit o! H i' liver. 1 ru??' !?? i.y ( Utti: ! Ibna*. 1 K nli>rp< tmnt of l.vir anl In hlng .... I 'l o ri?u .... r p4ur y . 1 I Icoih'Ioti %.| b.mtm (low 1*?>x||?Ian .. 3 or . i:i?') I I <a*r M'lmi* 2 UKeiAiioiiuf h i#eiii. .. 1 1 tv?r, i.MTOHo 2 Toiai . 1 Hjit*Ai*m unit ? U-2HH vkw n^reoo Forum, j int 6?' 3 'i hnnu ntid p'oiaitu t hrulM not) Df 1 Vt t'4 * Hi ... 4f> enmiitivni ? ;* a- 2 Stonuu'h, *?nwel* urn! nH tn it*- t ??n?M I o 6 r!*| oillvo 011# n ui g . throat, Act K\ I nr?- falu *e?? ?nd gone >M ?c*?.. 4 <H ferei 18 kin 4#*., i.flil eruptive Urinary organ* 3 fcwic 21 Total... .... Of whlrb C we e trow, violent? h\ir*r. l'U?le? i yrexi.........., 98 ttO to 40 yen ....... 24 t yeare i'-ti 44) u> 60 yee.r? 17 2 to ftyearh 34 f-0 to t'O yoinf II b to 10 yei?r?. 14 10 to 70 yoati* 11 10 to 16 yen re, II TO 80 year* ^ 1 *? to 29 yp*tth 7 80 to 90 yeete 1 20 to 26 yr re... 11 LiiIiuhu 1 26 to I?9 yeere 1.1 Total 2 4 IlntiMli America 1 hcotUoil 1 Inylam! 3 Fnited Stxtee 210 Imiice 4 I nk noww 1 II; ?J.y 21 W?l... 1 lu'im <! 4 Iium<1. 1 T'.'*l ...201 p'nur nmrmiiw AiiliKhnu.e, R k'x liilaoU. 2 lUn !?H'i* I.I. N'urn. llnap. -1 City Ho.j ilal 4 Ilo. r?lh. Orpb. Acjr'mn.. 1 i'oliiri.1 B' D* H?4plttl.,. 4 J> 1. hniift'l liui<p. . 8 Lull li lie A.'lln bJuoUl'IS. 1 ? Toi?] '-3 WABDN. 1 0 13 10 2 2 14 ? B 1 16 11 4 14 lt> 16 6 (mclui!ei< ity'l). 8 17 X> 6 12 18 1W 7 jli. 19 (inclii'le* BlaekwfU'ii .11 1.1*.. .1 ti 8 11 l.iaod HiMpit*l) 10 <t 18 20 ..26 10 6 21 (Ino. Ifc'lie*u? llcp'1. 7 1 22 22 H 12 linclui!.. R. nuJ W. ? Hi?pttiil.) 16 Tot*i 291 T1IOMAH K. Il'lWNlN'l, Oty In.pi iur. City ln.t*ftn*'? N.w Tork, No* 10, ' 6u FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. It O Ml V HMIKP.T. hi nUaT, Nov 11?0 I*. M. No ?' < iter have we diepov d of the adTb en by one Kum t on a'i i n.i r, than 11.?? public mind i? turned to the out. 11 e attamhlp laclKc, I torn l.iTerpool for lui I ii,lin been at n il right day*, and we mu?t l i d. for tier r,nival iu two or thtre day*, wi'h one week'a hi'er li tclllgt i-rr 'II e alight imj.tovi n ei.t r? ported I i c ?n-..U Jut1 j i e.loujf tw tlv 0^*r^U'^ of ibe A*>* ?u 1 'li? iiibt oiatiig m ti.ii fi le lflatirc to the ii? n,i il>> rr<.Ij.i. / (ml. from Auatral a end the lai<t llauk of Kngla ud ? tatc mint, gi-e additional Important-* to th< I'Ai-ilie'. new ? iin) ?e h.v n*. do 1.1 operatlinc in th ? a lock in* ?.t will ho to lone extent mti>ponded tin".I her e-rlrtl. Ho i'?lo look h favora'da financial nod nommer i *?'* lc i I. the lailfic, ml. we fear be di*apjioi"1 1 Tl rre wa* nothing lo the poelti n ? I Oil-g* at the >*'e .'a ?? rol-tiljile I 'n rn" ?i y enroira/efncnt for tliefot i e Acrniding to our ?lr*i, the A?i?'a ar -nun' ? we. o ion unfavorable tbantho.e by any prcrlma *ti-vr,cr. I lt? c n-ole wa* the only rediwming pun -nit ' I la *r I known'hat the operate ni of tl.e|!.i.?r twife. I eai.reo an at lift lal inflation, wi. ~h w.uild nut have ? li< r wbecxl-td The bai.k b.vl for aoire day b. ial?-,*< aellar fot ratb, and a large buyer on time, and that f* a', re will et.fil' > nt to li'V neot n ired all the ?; i 1 ? \ .1 of audi an advance. The .rain upon the t?ni. t b il" lion nnt.Duril m full foree. atid we I < k for a re l ictl ? in tie bunk'* ttpjly to t*e extent <1 be If a million terilng | er wrek juat aa regularly at lb" Week co ne, rou d, and the weekly receipt* will <lio* It. Tbo (In k of ! inner ml. makea to nthly a*atOrr.enU, and it w.II be I early a nr nth before we bate anotlier report f.nm il ?t ? on. a. I art no nth it ioat about flee million* of d.l l .o d bullion and we have no doubt the next return* w I -bow n further induction to that extent. in tlia fire of tbo*? thing. It in ut'erly out of tl e ion t'i it them ran le a permanent Imp-ovment In the money mail at. t)ur banka dar- not chxnge tip Ir pre ?nt p lie) under the.# citcuin tan'eo They Butl r.nri.t, and they wljl contract. We expert to ee?, la-fore the eTjIra't n of tbl> month, the hank h ana down to thirty trdlllona, end after that below that point. The payment, the bar k air now heavy, and tbrre lit quite a pin. h | r irnnp the mercantile elm e JJT' e movement of ur ? rnp* baa eb*orli?d ati Imtn -n -n I l out.t ol capital. I'tlroa thoa fir, for broal-tu f* b*v? tern trrry well aoatelnfd, but we look f .r a ati-aly d? ellce aa the money market tlfhtena. The bank* do not rti-count I tit a m era'e p.ttlon of their re elpf*, and we meet look for a atea !y lacroaae In the iVtnaiid for money from ih? mercantile cl**?r >. lb* e oi?mu?t e one and go forward, ant thwyrvnnot he rm ird without money. If money eaniuit lie ob'alai d to He Te ihitn at preeent prioea, they n uat r itne down to polnta el.ere they ran be nuiTed. Tdie hanka are p.. ver |e. * in the emerjmory and mart take rire of lhetn*el?ea 1 be Irnpnalon la that 'he bank return* for the w?a ending k'aturdny, the 10th ln<t , wtl ahow a rte. re??e i.f alct", a million In dlerounta and half a mlllit n in ajwrle li e Northern I Ight, at thia fort from N'lcarag a, report* a I* ut two n lllli.n on the way from f'alifortila. The .hip nuritr fr< m hr.rton !?at week amounted to $*7' re~0 and th' rub treaaury of 'bt pe" t di gorged In the-arna lime f'fO COO. It la not yet 1 nown how much tlie llaltlc will take I u' lit Wedneaday but we ahull nut get clear of her ? hort of ihree to five hnndied tbouaand dollar* The ap je# aru-e of financial afaira juetife* curtai uont and ' hr * '? wh? n*y lie Induced to take hn'd of fancy at. -k* by tie tlie of the pr**t day or two, will Wi'h u' don' t f.nd tl at rtare ul ae.mrltie* drpreciat'ng on Ihelr band* Vr A II. Sic lay'a regular > ml week|g an 'i ri aite .' aticka and bonda, wl.l take place on M- nHy next the Itth Inrt at lt'.'j o'clock at the Merchant*' l i '. ang* Tie *p*ele exporta fiam thia pi.rt laa*. we?-k anv inlc-1 ?o I 'ft <? mak Ir.g fir the year fM.MO 4- 'i '?'? 7h.e fail In Michigan Southern, and Cleveland an I T le do ati* k at the aecond board yeater lay, waa ttblimiel to ?le annonncetnent that the (ioeernor of r>nn.yl?ar.ia ? igt 'd 'he Mil repe*i>ng the *li*rtcr of th? f'.tie vol 1 North kaat Itailr ad O.mpeny. I'arti*. In'ar#*.-! j been unfit'e?*erily alerme.l, f.,r wa 1'.k for no ia t rnptliwto travel el* that route. It w.ll be recolJrelcl thet a few week* Inee t judgtr.Cnt v *Abralrier| la the Kupeflor Court agt ? the Ifar.-tn I ailrrwd fivripeety for elmnt iJT flOO f,,r *?o-k < vr 1 o.-l by 'l e c-rr pony * agent. Inateed of proanp'ly pay , up ? be "tt jaay have apjwale.1 B?,i . mncN, we learn i t ? r" i ' ' ' any donbta rerarllr.g IheJuatPw and legality f tbe verdict aa the want of fuada It atrlkaa ?* that t wooid be tetter frr the rooapaey In le.rm? ta -iry %? ? nc per rent a wwetth. lanat Ita 'talma than to Incur tlai and odiaan of retrying it to a Nlghr-r ?e-irt wi'h no por'ible rbanre of tl.e vardkc' fc eg iever*a*t. Tl.c fart la U e er>wip?ny la hopeleealy l.trkr pt Poverty la and. uldedly the run*, aa I wa iboeVI pity the r/onpe r v ret ab . e It. T>e antl.raci'e eoel trade the peat week, by th? tkr? pr te l|al linen, fnoU ap the vary rMper'able tonnage f ton* The aea*.? la, however, tea', dra vt.if to a o. ?r> f#r at 'ega-de tlie rvav gatNn erctipaao* I ' the wv'? et/i ng t.n Tbaraday the rMetnenta by wiy the lakeylfctU ?av rat.o* '.t Ilk Vwta an I r rr*>< ? to the ran.* date Ml TJt ?*>??. betag l>4 .47 Woa In line of the trr.naf# leat } *wr to the aaroc t aa y, ra -r !? " ' ' "? ???' ?"li two g|ii 4. wa <? 7'k toni and fw tie iw to the ?are time, 7 Itf ,'.k| tine aga net I a'/ 747 tow*, to the ram* da'# leal year The ?htptnannef ceel ?* the !*? gh lor the week ceding - ? lafgrdey la*t, ??r* AU uei agaiuet 37,124 to a far enrreapoodiug week Uai year; fur tb< Mtaooo. 1 170 Ml ton*, aguluat 1,104,649 tutu taaama

time lent year, That? ia tome litUa improvement In tha lor idove coal, In other reaper t* the mekrt re nik tr unbuilt material rhargv, dull fur tha mwmio, and ?? rarli Tirjr acarce. The l-ahlgh Coal and Navigation Coin can) liava given notice that ia order to afford tiinu tor ll a mi Ij roui|dotion of the repair* and Improvement# iti'i i.i.rd o be nuile on tha llaaof lha lalng'i and IV-la ?aie rural, navigation will be auapauded inland after tha lit | ii ximo. '11 a annexed atatrmant I'a tha fjnantlty and valuo of irrtaln arlirlaa expoited bruin tlrla port during Ilia noi l tr clip l i May, Nov. 0, AC tin rulahlng the dca'.lna Mill a tit' extent i f rlin numta to each pince:? (o tin it ut r> K#w Yonx?Vai.r a in Kxr ikim. U\ IJrl'lK.L. I'kf. Valve. /Iff*. Vniw. Cutti n bal<a.4irt',f fltt'i ff Tubareo. 20 $1003 l-loliI, I I la..4,771 4.818 h|r. tup. br la.1,136 Vl 4"l It la at bn.X I .61 K1 ,4. 2 Tar 3,MH II,V a (.n in,'14 Vt,6"7i Ira, |>kgr.... 200 3,6,? I In.i, It>a.41,344 4,411 Kurt, it u<r, ca. 7 l.'.irl K?;i.rr, i n re. 2 7>H Marble 1 U4 I ' i hi, bid*. .1,012 3 107 Itooha 2 400 Cupper, a*.. 2 2,7 811 ?? iv. ore, ban, 2?:s 8,500 Total $45C(409 Uianox. $38 .197 Wheat, hue 19,060 4?,444 C (ton, trip. fU 1 $.'fl,0?>9 Koaha, ca.c,. 1 lliK) !? Ir.ur?, bid...7,t.7T 77,(4.6 I'otaeh, bbla. 106 4,.".91 II. | til#-.. 60 1 lt>0 C ? ll gi, lag.. XI UK) I I.. . l l . 1( 0 160 W li'b'a, IS 16,76 '? V "63 I'm b'v, | ?. 10 I'll (h. ore, bbla. 101 1400 tpunge, I aire. . 6 042 Fin, tint. . Ifl ToUl $144,126 onni / rrrioin v. Khur, bl'la... 602 hi f.(i 1 In.unto lug# 214 $2,200 I(i no '"K> 10 046 Intel $23 2i'0 Ct.l'on. In... .'68 $18 82 Fire, ta. 60 $2 111 1 l..iii, ?i.l-.. 1 012 8,113 (.11 gala.. . 214 .101 Wln t. Iiua . ( 0 6,100 i aln. bid. .V.COO 3,016 l;jr, I uh.. .40,810 47,403 htavra 1" H'tO 76o Tolnl $85, 36 in t a? v. lottip, la... f.10 $18,3.8 'laa. tha 23 $066 1-ti II" ... If HO i(i : 10 In.'ia ? r? 20 2.630 lit d. Xr.. .4',441 4 F6H Tid.u.on M... 106 4 806 8a It pell a, Fga 1(0 Jarelrv. bx*.. 1 200 I 1 i ii |.ri i at , '.60 1.(6 i.l* K' ...I", ca. 186 6,'t.M) I i. ? ia, i. ... 18 l.'.M (i I ? ?? ii. aaln 1 686 Mr. ll 1(0 3,'.68 (-ra cloth. ra.. 2 .(80 I ii i n i?, i ga. 160 0,610 I i I man], In XX) M l, en.... 1 270 fetaice 8,C(J0 226 Total $14,748 iiimo'-Miioio. Fpiil, gala... 669 $1,017 l liuanb., hg* . 150 $1,470 'ii ban n, lb .4,41 d 878 laigwir*), toua 27 620 Tohacao, be.. 133 6,848 Total $10,703 M.'KMKII 1M4. Mnnr, bbla .2 4.'4 $21818 -Uvea 10,800 $709 W In a(, bur.'JO,( 00 37,096 ? Total $60,430 corn.. Iliur, bblj..3,376 $30,376 Wheat, bua.14.23T $27,116 Total $67,400 itini. n Mono axnuiAv mi ?>.??. I tiur, bbla..." 386 $.1 007 flraad, btila.. 270 $977 I've flinir .,. 6i.'? 3,729 Tan, ebaate... 28 038 in, I ti Ii..3,600 3,3.5 laid, 10a... .1,080 267 I meal, bbla 1,010 3.703 tt'tna, ba kit# 12 130 l ?rt 20 216 Jlnpa, baloa.. 15 417 'ink KO 3,7 8 leather, b*n. 750 3,887 lut'n lba.,8,6'3 1,600 Candler 50 117 b?p:.r ua..,. 1,221 3,165 Kliln caacr ... 14 1,400 (tukliin bbla 40 I'O I.- tube- .... ? 140 Tea, ch< la... 88 1,600 (ttlirr artist**. ? 149 Tubarcu.tba.'. 8,496 4,069 Cuff.a, bags.. 6 r.5 Tutal $'rl,675 Tufal 1 f.rV, 10 $160 1:1. Ukg?..., 377 $1,324 1 tlt'l", lb*. . 1 59 : 85 ?il' Ill 119 I i- r <1 I?' 8115 1,919 dirking,hair* 14 513 I'm r.tO 1 a|a<r,raama 5,160 I '.'D V Oil V .12 2,064 (Oilurvi trie.,, 32 168 r. )?Tfi Uiu. 64 476 Hrr .-raek'a ra 5 208 i* 66 1 492 t\ nr 10 Ml 'iyf jrCdi. 168 I Ofi !Km?i 1 181 T\|| I'm.... 'i?Lc* ll 15 9 '.(81 .-arfdl. v, tr.. 8 1-4 316 1 (.3 r.i,i, biuU... 240 050 W i. ? air, din. 64 106 294 474 4'4 Htl II... pa ? 1 *11 41 ) 1 1 Ug I'H .... ll 1 1.4 V urinal , C 1 12 ( !a .*?!(.,.. 8 Va < I'm*. $2 tU3 13 ini'iiia.... 1(4 2 1.1 1 i m (..ib a 61 1"4 Irlld 2 130 ihiiip, (i?ga.. 5 316 P. i. rai c lla 40 r *26 ( il r ,k. .. I'l 3,552 M ii..| ? ' 1)6a.8 083 16 149 Ikbr baa. l'*7 274 - 'uip'r, bbla A 1 1H $ l-h. .air... 50 7 a 1 1 g!.dr ra 6 3'0 Carriage.. 3 900 (lurk., Inr... 25 367 (.thai aril. Ira ? a.wi lotia ?? < . . 7 0 660 ?? ( i dflrh, la?.46 coo 1 HO i iirrn Total MI'i), $M 118 Ifuur, Mia... M {188 : be Irak II dr ',2181 11 728 Inrli M .90 Machinery, ca 140 7,7tj| 1 Hi' i mi i?J- tr 40 1 181 ll. ?mly 12 184 mi' .. . . 40 HO 1 . if! -1 II.a I.l.' 12 384 *nd' !i r) , t r-n 6 i "2 I .1. 1, ?6 112 ( la ?an I la 4 157 I In. r 1 i 1 1 115 Ifa'. 14 222 1'ei. Hai bi? fdl 172 1 u'nltur".... 15 ? Of. le d. lid 2f t 362 1. X. gra da... A 160 l(i i a l ' * 23 UH "ab 2 700 tithrr ar'.klea ? 1,539 Mnl- r?.. .. 1 180 ?_ ?'H7 1 224 Total $16,660 nam. Ilmir tU<.. r"o $1 8(1 Klah, bbla.... 125 4V.3 1 ? r< 10 205 bugar, bxa... *6 1 22'J lurk : (<i 0 1. 5 ' aldh . . . 100 170 (I-. r, II, . 1 I'O 1/2 1.1... 1 . " < .Vi .7171 1 aid 2 7t.7 79 0 Ma'rhea, ca.,. $ 1 '. Inlbr.... 2(69 397 Met atr-ol 1 110 h ra. bbla.,, . 26 : oh 11 1'.. , f! 7 (?0 129 Tapper, t g 15 162 (? .lub, It ? 15 '?91 1 419 Tn'al $13 977 i nni.ii em ioih. 11' nr 1.1.1 .. HO $6 718 I'aaa, 1, .abala 150 $282 ' H , l.u I.i la 60 400 18 v.. 1 0 282 Kl?! I.Wr ... (3 1 111 1 lab. bbla . .. 410 2A2 I', ik .. 50 a-7 I'ptntM*., blile. 100 200 llama, I! a.. .3,0bA 24". ( r ion. da 10) 213 idea, bbla.... l'> 136 i'a; par l#ag?. 15 117. Total $'871 arum. 1 limit lira ra 4 I r.'l'J ' ?rnao'a, I.l#. M $112 1 K y -vl-... 2 fj.1 Wbalauli, g'i 7.9 328 I'f fnaalloajiie. 682 $4,731 Ibfar, ru. i 7. fl 170 ( andir- 1 j. . ItaO 978 Carta 5 170 i rng? ra-aa.. [A 1.456 Mnrbn'ry i ia 14 700 H.ideara j ? a 1 M ? 3 051 Mt?rl bOSr*. 100 948 Total Id 74$ trnj. ?. n? ?ir t'tlf... 74 ?'?'.U ( r*a?1 Irl.U ;IQ |H>1 yl*h tti-.... '.o ;? .7 Br?t. 1 mo f,k?. | JJ4 371 I'-oHi, t-r> , ? 1 *1.1 ku 1M MM <dh*r ?rHrU? ? 1*3, ?*?*.. 490 19.45 I<.Ul, 1,0 (417 *ro.A B4. H<nr. Mil*. if* ?19.1*.( I 000 ?.*/? 7 H?r- I . . 6 0 lib HI**, fcH?. .0 415 l ??? 1 r ?,??*. . f*> 407 T Itli l* 'i 74 I iB.*nt<> >g' 71 10 l?. It>. 1,0"! I I I'ut'rr, lln MS r.V IVfilllf*.4> VO 2.',* <?rdl?? I ?? .O .M llrr riirktfl t.">7 lrf.|#r >?f- ??> 462 bit, r* 12 26l IJi 160 477 ? ?. I rugf. 0 1'.* T Ul ?23,517 ?lW i,*l >04 i li/tif, i i- ?:r. i. mi < , '?'Alb 14 ij-.o l'?it?*r, II* ",46 142 l i|?r, im 1000 tr 7 Urrt 4 l< I f l K<?4a Mk? 160 CI I ii< n?/kri? ?>*! 7.3 i I\h-r ?r! 1/!?? ? lk< 4 . 77'4 ' !<*? 115 4 i ToTal 617,154 ?urn. I". nr IM? *'9 *4 J."' tmmattl** 4>W 40 ?f 4iog . .. 5,*77 ? jw . *j.f r*M.. 50* I* < ' hlig -? 1 2 1 1-4-4 .-w, ? .. I 1'6 U.-I9 III*.. 150 251 ... . 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