Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 14, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 14, 1855 Page 1
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fi 1 I IIE NEW YOR K HERA LD. WHOLE NO. rolT. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, NOYEMBER 14, 1855. 1'RICB TWO OE.vrS. Hgiiim&am* *? ? **?' L huaIUiimu a m? uiuowo. BROADWAY, >EX .BuVB rHK I!A N . w crol Houae, board "ft* " 1 '7" ' nt*l't*l, la aultr or wp*ri.ii ij .. m. ileastmt ?lORli. iooin Rderrnre* ex-iiainteil. BROADWAY, CM' ARB.?HaNIHOUR vr?Av_< hUit Itf roo'lis, Oli fiVn ? X., to U \IKlij Of u>K?' h r or hcjmii'h ?? .r tviiUoul tminL I r ? vaif table U |iretcirc^, or yi "tn | Uu. tS* h rovw, HHHt Ac. GliKKNWICK yir t.Kl ^AKL<?fl TO LKf, on the h. roiid . * 'ft) a. paoTy attached; lor* ??i<l hts w .le or mi, ^ .teuusCk " aUo a pleasant Nniromi. Tito house hi* , , i*. unit all the iu Morn mfreveniotrit^ ?J 7(\ I Ol' Hf 11 8THfe>.T - V *? KLKOaNTLV PUK ? l|f" ui*U< <i iron' !< :, ? u the moo??<1 floor, w tin I ed.mouj Alt.M'hed. wiili or ?.< ?/-1, ? <? o ?i K?*?itU imti, or ?cii th inuti and hJIVj. It Iiah all u ?? looderu Improvement*. with 1)1(1 550 4Jf7fi FOURTH HTREBT ' I.\1 AYKTTi KLaCK O i v) Second 1 nor to lot, w.t . '. in tut" urs t'lax* bailee I'm ceuUi men nuil ihi lr Wive* ..r , e gentlemen; alio,a front parlor emtahln Uir ? pbyxt'Tan; - ? "Alb, Ac.; dinner nt ti -''click; I rtt, h nn.1 c(iau)?li I" ' u ? ?/<Q BROAD WAY ?TH K ' JHIBNR fll/t KK ? >*)cclrp pupils tor 01 private a?irucUoa In pen n ur.-hij, and bookkeeping dni'V in.* week, a Id* net'lxinl?*, ?\?C Broadway, ;?* Yotk.aud T,'t "niton treat. Brooklyn. lit. IV Mill, liUt.Krl.Vli rii. Oftd WEST BTOarKkNf'l *. tiK-T?A PHIYATK ^.'/T Iwr'tv, Ofrtipylng -i raw hrigll h b?*eunul h.?U*e, v.lib all the in'Vtrjn improvement*. It ixt lo two *n titlern, cr o gentleman and In* wnr nU no pleasant momi on very moderate tei in*. Rtfemtco c?i banged. KJO SECOND AVBNIT.., oH\ ,H Of TWKLI lit ST.? ( ?/?j Btrgle or sat'e* of room*. .iim parlor 011 the lire: Soar, may be nb*w'ned, with lull or tr.r'.a' ? <> -il When- the comfarl* til a home miiy e t'ontul; faint! ? i rlva'o ; lboatli L tlL'Al' o tile and cooveuictit U114, UatU, -vii. 1 rf>l> 81KEKT.?'WOOD. AND MAVSIOV.-PBRaiONS I*'to, erialitiig 10 eiooom'-eriu otioiiudealrablc aocuionio <1*'wo, 1 for ib, wtnlor, at rx, uce l prtca* Acccta lo iho city 1 >j fttnl"o?i htvrr care; ilxuoi loot of Jic grouud*. M tic. DUBF.NI1F.BRY8. \ \n HCDbON BTBKI..1, KBO.NIIMO HT. .lOtlN'-. J "jt 4 ['ark ?Purotxheii ri^nn* 10 let, with board, to nIhtLu gentlemen or Bcnlliuieu and nielr wive*, llouee nowly fur btutted, with n.i the modem Itupi ovemocta. f* NINTH HTUEK'I ?A CO IT OP HANIWOMI'l.Y L?) furnixliiMl room* to lei, ou tlrxi and third floor*, *ul' i',te !i>r txuu'lei or xlnttle tjeuileuieo, with 11 private unite if table d'holc, aa may lie derlrcd. H'liixe Unit elm*, and coo Mtuti.'d located In Moth mrc.i t, ue..r nroudwoy. 1 A r TWI T.PTU 8TBKBT, NKAlt BROOND A.VKNUE, looini. on ^ecoint ?SI rle ?.endemen nud h cell - ti<man and liht wifo cud pio-u-e '.nxrit in a private Un.ilj; only a Ice i*inrdcrs accoiuiuoilii ed; location plnantnt, near cum and atakf *. I |?J KK.ilTH STBBKT, OPPOSITE T11K MBBUAS J to li'e I.lbiury, a pka.taul room, with hoard, may be lO/t FK1NKI.1N 8TRKBT, 0OBNER OF VARU K, I ?Mr plraaam room, neatly an I newly fttrnlslud, with fill; "I pat nal btiai d, tor gentlemen nud their tvirei, or mr Indies inn fast 21st sr.?okameroy park'?booms l.'Jt) with 1 "ird. Two larve roatn?, handeomelf fnrtibtti ? t, 011 the tirxt and I'drd Uoor* , with ga-, hot aua cold wiuir and hatha appertaining. Alan, a lew room* Ibr alnglc Renlletnctt. Tbn houar coniatua *11 Utc u<*!eru tui|uoremcnta LocaiMn uiKurpaaacd. X17 PRINCE STREET, Srl'O.NO DOOR WEST OF ? * I Brmdway, a large lianlio tc f ont room on an no I llonr; alxo mm 011 ililrd Moor, fu. uUbe I, witli hoai'.t, Houa? Ural < l?*x, oontidiilric all (he mo-leru liuprcvemcnta. Iteferencc-. < vrhunged. Oil TWENTY SECOND STBKBT, IN TflK VfCI.VtTY OU ?i t.rumcrcy park.?the cnun ?eeondtloor In lei, won *ni'Prior boanl, in a xtrir'.ly private liunty, to two gentlemen 1,nil their wive-, or to alng.e gtnUeincu. Conveateat Uit irs end Htago*. 70 WEST TWENTY-THIRD HIRKET?VERY PI.KA I O xxLt toom*, ivuh board, In *ulin* for fiuntlle*, xttn ant <>n "ceond Hour, iiont; ateo pleasant 'Y*mi* lorgeaUcmeo and ihetr -wlvra, and etngle Kcnllemon. The tnitiv contaltix an modern improvemenle; loctlon 1* ve-y ptcaeaut, nuaurpaased. Apply ae xbote, fonr >1 *11* trotu tith aveuuo. i'CJ bT MARK'S PLACE ? A FEW SELECT SINGLE " 'O g* uu~h.eti, and a ^un'lerran aud wife, muj ? data ue *ir?bli rcM in a and board, l be family ih private, aud sceom n\?*iaUun* Mtpet lorto those 01 .1 boarding huunc. burttlo.t ?eu tcti, arid bon*r ol the better c'a -r. with all the tinnrmrmcu;*. 1'nres c? mpsndively modern e, a*? the oreupaubt depend ir on other means (*? Yf At DOUGAL STREET THREE POORS ABOVE *.)?/ v?i )?%toei ?a small Aiur.ri' an family will .o? a lew noi'ly furnished 10 uts, tn Mitts or hcp*raieJy, to Halt applicant A * omfottn! it* pome can be realized, 1 eruu* moderate. Hot an , *x Ut bu 1m* in tf( house. I ax a ton desirable. ;%/? VJBPt-KKR STREET?Fl'UN1NIIK1) ROuJIS ro t Jvl let, with fail or partial board. The hcm-i rmiuiin ;tl ? bo uitxtai-L impiovements. t econd Mock e uit of Broadway. 4(1 MUL'UaY ST. - HOARDING FOB FAMfLIK* A ND 1 ?' bW.iiU.' Mvniierncn, with very u is-ant room*, with all tli ntnddrtt Improvements. a No rooms to ?et without board, an 1 ?an* omroo'bi'.onh for transient boarders. 4>1 AMITY PLACE--a FRONT PARLOR A NO II El) w I room, on ihi r- ?>ud floor lo let. with partial boanl, o 1 oitdtfHlfllern.r iho bouse lias gas *ud bath room. Apply* * d ove. inquire for Mr*. Clarke 1 J OBEAT J ONES 8TRR8T.?A SUIT OF PARLORS Li hands* ? tuMy furnished, with bcaroom* and lithr.umi m. ached. \.*o b<-.dnx*ms to let to get) Ue men, without bur t 0 BOND STREET, PL FAS A NT ROOMS FOR \ <M VLL m family; for tangle gentlemen. 4 GENTLEMAN AND HIS WTFF ( AS UK A? I Mvfti. dated ,iiii a parlor and bed mom. on the lint floor, wait lull or parual board: also two or three y 01 nil men I a rvinrm-tuird w 'ti good board. f?y applying a. 5ea sit ? , < on t r of uarden, booth ttrouklyn, lame 1 \\aaa y wu'ktttuu sontij or H ail street ferries. Astkicily private family would let the end re -?.r <nd floor, w.ih superior Insicd, 0 11 party 01 ? 1 .tktnen, or 11 two gentlemen and their wives. f#o alien U' ^urpasaed. ai d convenient to oars and stages. Call a* N ). 8") 1 went) aecrna 1 street, ui the vicinity of Oraiuerey pari;. 4 GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, OK TWO HI VOLE >'\ , otlt ui*u, can ?>? 'o cxiriooodaifd with hoard, at l.>? V\ * I hi -t. The u 1? <? new, uod contains all the moocrn In* provrmetiUi. ( net eptionab'e reference re quired arid Riven Ak it (t neatly fckmhhkd Hotmn, on ihk ?ttCui di. ??i <( m;rv? d d're-ihitedi to a i;oiit! -.11.111 i d wife, ot - j?le geoUi tuon. Also single and lar^e <1>u ?le 1 ?s>ms tor Price from two to seven <kti u ?* per wee a. Im 1 aire si 7<> Franklin strwef, firm house west < f iiroadv. <*y. 4 oi nilkmaN and lady cam hay^ a spitof lAndroinely t iroi^hed roouis, located In the'upper pari of -?'? city, ten ne*ir li road way. Three Hoes of oages p wi'hui n: li'tH of the door : also Htxih avetiur ca. . Add re 4 4 f roadway | <ad office, ibreo (lay?, to H. A A PHIVaTR FAMILY IN THE NIMffl WUtDTI If u\. to tet 1 "? o turninhed riauns, oedroom arid part rlc.?? ? tK ! f<l, on the scoond Hour, wither wttho'it hoard. 10 .?e no iinen or mo I emeu anu tlieir vrivfa, on tlio iikim reason '?u- trrtL . the rot/ins contain u is and gr.>ten, in ? pU .ivaa' arid eonal ooation. Apply at tMj* Commerce street, wu<? u ono bl- vkof Hie? ? ker and Uudkon ilieota. A URN'1 LI MAN AND WIFF, UK NINULR OFNTLK 4K Y, 0M? be omniod-leu with .? pleasant ro uu. trill) board, ou ibe ee'Hiud ii?a>r of <4 fohl No ??> Wejit i'weiUy .?? cot * 1 ?freel 1 isai BStt as lhi n.<Stern in i.rnvemc.i'H, sod l? coii*enir v <> -or . and stage*. Tonus moierate. 4 1. \Iif? tUKIM. FPRNISIIKD UR UMK1 UNIFIED, /\ on the wjor. nttHabie for a vcntlenis:) and hu wife, or teo single g. it rjutu, can bo bad at Rii Waverley place. A til.s'lLIMAN WISH KM TO HIRt; A FCRMSUED *V r*wai. r nimself and Isdy. without hoard: woaM pf nur law ion lady snd where there are no mher ho%rder?. >? retercok* ; tti. .Address M. L., Mrosdway Post office. AS1NULR GENTLEMAN, OF QUIRT HABITS, IS D . Wro?i. >. renting part of a seriteei boune, un'uru ln.d, in * reepec .angbborh *xi in the upper part ot tbt Ad -irt-fe W.L. >t , U or a kl office. 4 f f ON 1 P \RI/)R AND 1IRDROOM, OS THE COND -A ttii.?. 1 lidooni' ly turiitsue?i, a il be let, with ftp} board, 0 * irwitu L*? <<c and wile or to un^ie gectioaeti; no uhiidren <-r -*-nsi. s wili be taken; none but parties o' *he tint r?- j?e ( I'.. n*? d spply; mtertnees given and required. Call ai ti \\ >?-1 rwem% econd street. 4 pbivaii; family, 19 luhlow place, would Y let to tigie gentlomen, a suRof furnished room* on the < ? (.did fior r, ' rnmuniosiiriK a fib th<? oath rumu. lug bouse L.M* t- .vMbr i'iwut, aiKlu'ber riasb ru tinprofeinouui. i%?*ie rent e rrqtlb ? d. k PFITATF FAMILY IN FOURTH STREET, ALBION ^IX mt t, wttb hoard, one or two suits of r u n usm 'lj c .?? tfrr, f'trtttslied or uufurntsbM, If ri i-r * , ,? 14 as'i'-'S'M.ry; lerttas will be r* a* oabie, private table or r.ot; ss, i?a?h, Ac Addrch#, w.di name and number, M., Amor IM.I, ogi' e * ?; %l ilM'L MtriT OK KOOMd O.N SECOND I LOOK, 1\ >1 ? ?'*> xfuUttneo, ? jh .eung of front <nd h? % 1 * ? ?? bu'iiuv '.or*, piatrtox and bod room i and bathfiwun ?u thi/.b Vo** h-Mf two haii'lMKie* i'?w ??n tiiird floor, sit lur it - ha* )ra-. ho* ai d <Md ws'cr, and wilt bo ir *i u psr a t ? u'l mi terms w 4'iR uie Umea. Pimm call ??. L+> Vteo Twifiiif thud sfiee*. ? T'l IV HKtstK I.VX.?A LADY HAVING V vp.f 'ewlth ibe modern Improreffieni*. w > n,*?f die of n? ms, t ngi be t or oofumf "t o a nta'i "i * i i* wile, or 10 two gen femen wiih *oard; ?i.n (. o'? t; fill rcuces nscba!tge>I. Aptly aw Mo. ui WM IV A <<}? SIN01.K ?KM7.RMi:.V. OR \ ?. KS ri.'. j ti wtlV rin ti? iir <>mov>titteil wiUi lnir7. it * in * lnm?<- with ill u ? >1 -iti f ?>: rtt?m"'. 1 h Af.; rethrr i.-.. rxrh.aj.'tl. In , itr lit - t/(idMrr?t, !>?<? wti iha.iath antl tunteu jt?,?. BOaKU RROOKCYlf- 1'ARTnM MAKt.Vil \ R . ui.(or J* wlni?r ?... %wl ?mvjr p oavit Cr.. <i rmoii .no(' -umll noa. *t ?? . '? - r^of. ,m ? n> . t'ul ki Kerry iu..i ?i?J pr.u. .rcuo etedaa^od. Bi.vli-. (JID'oRBROADW IT, ROOMS e'RRIMH r? ,c?. ?. J'uiow ?t 44 "'1llMarMuai e h.i: *o>t flttilOl -(l.AIt<;i- NIC1.I.Y ' R.VfKHKn H.V I, I' (R J t ,1 .a tl<h.1 in 1 tv. 1 !*.. -1 if, w. Ji ? ??? ....1 1. ?iSI Rortii Muor? - r'? i ??run in ? i'i-. ? TYOAtDlBO -rU5ARA.XT RIM.)W, WITH R1THKR rCU. J> or p.?r'M: l^cnl nwi be i?.t <t:u l on ?p|;ir ? . . TV lite ??.. ? few (Ml WtO? Rr? BimRJ) in RR04K1.YV?a XCI.P.NHID ir <?( rtmiM. ?"ll furnim'?d,. ..r.?."'tti(( 1.1 p.rior inO .p*> I ft. Itf Will !?? rrned ui * f?nilty, or ? i *.r jr of >m*tr ? .f> I ?n. |. .'hp. Ur "r prtn't. hh> ol ho? <1 ' ? the K," Jluj, I. i nn flir fl?lll'l ?r t ?int;ie ?|Bllt."rt.?-r! ?ri". .* ?*< ... AK<t) ?> (...L,eo itf... ?oo;? *?, ??*, Slw.Ujn Tli"WAR T" V " t IK ?lit If) it li Attl> . BOARD ?TWO UKMLKMKN aNo THEIR WIVM and a lew uugle net] leui-u cm obtain board and bev-iut iUiOidHX) i'OOQtn, Uj h buiu>f hvviug b&Uis, f<-.- , .sc.. uu'l wimri; n,1 ihv:<.?uiu>ru'.! ?i tu rue may be realu d. Kc'f:v.j h e* ch li^cd. Ai'p > at liM fiii.ikUn sircot, w#?sl of Broadway. Boarding in widi.iam>iujrg.? \ okntlmw\i ai d wife, or iwo Hi ox ? gfur'mnen c- a ac ouviv?U'?*d e >1 ?<??. d In r prva'e Undl). tvi b tiMinLofftft r? om% by ply lug at .*c? 10 ).?? wl-piiice Seco-id street* He ir bouvh tooth mi at, close to Peck atlp terry. rO/.RH WAMKD BY A of.njt i.mvn and wi^k. V private family preferred Location b*?wr?eij LNpeourd nnf I* rat-klin streeta,* west of liro.kdvray. Address John. llerail BO/\RDLNG?\ OKNTLFMAN AM) HIS WIFE, OR two ninn c get lie men c?m obtain t?oanJ, wl'h pleasant rtA'in on accoua i;?/or, by appljing at la si real. BOA HP.?A H.V ALL PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOM rnodata ? gentleman ami his wit"*, or two gentlemen, with inII or partial board; house Iihh nil he mod* n Ua urn r romps rod evorr aHeidi-ni will be paid <o m tKo th?*n? comfortable 1 ?<r parucu'are chu at 19 Warn Twe&ty second street. between elxlh and JSevemti avenue**. Board in a pernor family a pritatk pa mlly, <*?< tinyi<u a new house w 1th e.H the modern iim prowmi'iisrt in the vicinity of rourerntb street nrvl .'Utb avo nne, i-tiers to u ; < n'lenmn and ha* wife, or two single geo'lo u>?'i.. most d ir-i-le accoauivalafion-*, with firm dm bond. References exchanged. A aureus box j^OStoVott oflieo. Brooklyn -to let, a pitknihukd bedroom, to one or two tingi- gen'lnmer., with or vytibout board; <?r a KenUetr.&n and hi* w lie. Terma moderate. h2 Fulton street, a uiiiiuif'a walk i n-in ibe terry. BOARDING in BROOKLYN-A GENTLEMAN AND bl<* w l? can he pica anUy accommodated with hoard, with parirr and I ?.<ln < m by applying at till Lawrence street. Brock ) n. Dent of i efereucea given sad r? -p-tred. Board in Brooklyn.-two or three gknylr men ran be accommodated at ij Oonco d street, or a g n tieiUAii find hi/ wile. House cohvenbnt t ? either Fulton or Wall M reel If rr lea i? inner at U o'ctociL (iood refere/ua*j* re 4UiJ ed. BOARD?AT BOOHOmCAL R tTRR.OAR RR OR1IIR ?ii m ar the city, tn a he vlthv and pie i > ?nt vl!'?ure on the iiudi-on river. 'iLe family la Hrnali and the accommo Uu ?n? ris* of the hCKikiud; cbuichen. achooU. and oilier couveftienr. ?. KeJ.reiner exchanged. Add reus, with reai iiatne, Kojnoioy, Hroadwa> I'oatOlUce. nOARD, IN JKR8FY CITY.?A OKVTLRMAN ASM) ftUe can find a plcueant room, or room and bed-svom, with 1>? ard. In a prltraUs family, in Jersey t'Uv. ten mlno -k* wulk. troui Uio lorr>,by ah dressing I.ttOd, No?r York 1'net i.filce. Water In ibe ro>?m. BOARD- A SMALL PRIVATh FAMILY ('AS ACCLM tin date wo gent cmob and their wives, or four single g?*n tlcmen, with haj-daoiiiciy furnished rooms and full or psrtnj boatd Apply at 1M* W est 19di street. Board ik a pbiyati hoi sr -to ur, i > gentlcmon and Uicir wives or to single gentlemen, two large tud une smad room on tbe seoond ftury, baniUoui-ly turnlshcd, with parMsl ixtard for the goiittcnien; the bouse in elegant and routainn ail the mtxlern faipt ove.?m%ntft. Apply at Vci Kast TweiPh s iae\ between baoondand Third avenuts, tliird block IruUi iiriM.dwi.y, Hoard wartkd?fob apinglk lady, frivatk family prehmd. Termi must be moderate. AiJres* M M.. Herald oflho. Board in mbooklyn.-to lkt a large front r<Kiin on the second floor, vt*-11 furnished, aoitahle f?>r a ilcdMcliuii) and bis wife, or two gcimemcn; alao, a hall bed rutin. u? oieof the heat locatious in i;ro-?klyu. Apply at HO CliiiUm aL-ect, between Wall and Atlantic ferries. Board down town.?pleasant rooms, with board, suitable lor sing e gentiem* n, may be ohtHlucd l?y applying in J2G CIuiuiUts street. Iteierem ca required. Board-wanted, by a lady and gentleman. inapiivnio finally full beard for the huW, and partUI tor the gentleman; a vyldoir preferred; location not above 'i we- icth street. Address it. E. O., Broadway PoetofUue. BOARDING.?TlfBKK OR FOUR KLROANT ROOM4 u.!iy be obtained at *A)6 West Fourteenth street. The 1 ou ?? :aentirely new, newly lurnwhtd, and complete wiUi every modeix improvntuerit. Board for A PIANO?A RESPECTABLE PARTY having a first clans uie'ruineat for u?le, may m.-ike a siiN lartnry arrangement In a first r?a>,K bouse. Address, for o;io week, Pi*oo:orta, jwetropodiaa I'ost otlice. BOARD vv \NTM>-A front ROOM Fl IRKISIIKD FAR i hidy and geniJcnijto, full?<xird fop lady, brftt)cf4*i tor is**! tlemnti, in a 'iulot family h h?*ro there arc no bowrdei ?; UiUf near Bio,.it way n?>d wb<o.e Fourth ?frec?, at .4 rewwvia bie nrict None but thn??e luo in .; h?* required a?* ? ?iiirno U iloorf need annwer. \ddrens, atatu.g locadou and term* A. IF, llroetlwaj Puntollice. Board wantkd? ri? TOWN, for a cknti kmas. d>, twoehddreo and nurne maid; a pnvato family pre frr^ d. Address, * >.< lug term* (which muit ho umdera'O, .?? >.au, Herald o0icf. ____________ BOARD?APRIVAlL FAMILY. H BHD J NO AT 14WFST Twtnly wcotid ativM, would hi fhw twfcire aecond (Vki,*, coneMing 0/ four rounn and bach roonivlin^, loft party 10 Cnglo gen lemon, or two gentlemen and their wive*. BOARD IN BRtoKLYN ? A LADY xndokntlkmw ??r 01., nr two single geutlrmen, o ho inuy be Umkinc 1"' In.flrd, will find pit aram aeoon'MoUrr um?, (furnished or unfm ? nl*b? <l.) where all the romfor^e ?fah??rue may no enjoyed i?> npj.Jj iiur in'.?! sands street, live minute*' walk from Fallen terry. Reference* eicintnged. BO VHP -PLT AS AN* T ROOMS. IN SUITS OR SINQLK, luay t?e secured. wl'h Nurd, at Its'-and IUP I'. ?st /one teentli str?*i U The location U dcnirahle, hcn-*e* uswij finish* I. and fiuntehtd with i.Iihe modern Unpr iv<mh#t? ,, Hu , re jui-t o top l i s! etdea residences Kefo.reuc** e xcii*n?r"d N R. ? A fine M?Ue < d parlor*. on first floor, with bedroom*.,i ljoining. line suite of parior*. on hi Private table, it preh rred. Board wanti tv?\ i.ady dlsirks bovud in* \ email family whore then* are few or no other boarder*, where *he - an enjoy the couitortx of a home. Price not to < I ? 1 7J j,t r W'M . . \ . r . ? . ho* lit; Herald, oflic ? Board?a lady and gkntlkman can hk ac comminuted. with u w idow u lv, where the e? *11. r* o? a home may 1 ?. reui./rd. Ful board f^r the lady only. Ter.n moderate Addr- *? t'onfWhuce, Broadway post *?:!.? **, Board.?a lady can hk acoommodatkd with l.. anl a .tl 1 Muall lurnlaiwl room. App y ?> v. Ila jcrt Mreei. Board wamkimiy a widow lady, in a strict lv private family, or with a wirtiw bid}; a cotn'ortv. e room with Are In- he wdmer deidred, it mu?t be between Twenty serood i*nd Koptle'h an*ffia one 00 the e;*M 'ui taC t.? city., Herald <>fhce. Board in Brooklyn?two or tjibkf. olxtm: meu >?r a gentleman and wile <vw? obtain very btrf \ plea mnt from pootn w ith parti*) (>oard. full board fur tb^ I id,; or geis' orro-n may obtabi ain^e rooms well boarl. No. ' Sfu.i * it < et. Board at no. 3 mi nth strkft?wvf fi rvirhf.d rnou a, m a?iiU o. un .??, wiKi en without bun d, or nrlva ? table, t.r*' cla?*a !??> i?0, Wl'h mocteiH iinpiuvcmen -? .?nd uewiy fiimNbied. L^CKNISHBTt ROOM.? A HIVOLK URMMMIS C?N r he rerv p.r t-nriliy a *?tobihi >d*ie \ in en ?ui?- * ??n per w ? a, 1 i a*'a*iaii l tea, U r?: piiroi Apply at - J Bi uome atrec'. L'RI N' H RO.'.RD.?A FRKNf'U lh\rii '? OF? F tb? *? <mti -to-y c?f ? largo ?a>u?. fiavlng all dm tn?' improvf.m? !?t?, t ? a warty of severwl gantlmin n do r- ?-? ?* h .tniwi, 1 fpesk. FretH^Ti, ?y pra ? ton iu?l fb bin gtia^ouiiJi H spoltuU by his .aim v. vuo, mi well aa hi'. ' . arwiroir PaiM?. I ' ioipartinrnu can t??? ??'separately. A; ply *i ,'vjy 1'epth -it' ne ir Rccortd avc 11 . IOIMIINUA AT 25 OF NTS PKB MOIIT. oj! at 99 fM ^ is ok t?> t.o Uivi a< U\n <# ??..* Ii?? ?* i?- ? W a aiid FraTikiortK'ree e. K?ery ii tent km will ue puJ oc vJ. ! npwrt and > jinh .i. The i.-ove .?r?* ?u?,'i n^tu . N'O. ]o W A VKRLFTY PL ACS, NF. ill RIlOXDWAY Twu very m at and pretty r-^-ira iro ?vaitf, :* rerv d rlrable i???*aii >o eUl.or for ?ran,*. *,i -r p' rna: nv :.oarl? ? I)OOMH Willi HOARD, f ' RNlSHRD OR DNPT'it I mo. d, 10 a ho.14.* witli v> inp- vei i , u. e * i t avenue,nest to die owner of FourJi -'m- t. Tnrt/ts mo-turaie. Fanulle* w ?Ui < ail.Teii a x oin h ' ? . rro l l.T WITH BO\RD?\ s.-'-OND ?*'f.oo:t IH 'I, X tnrnl-hed with privhejje of ba?h. to 1 wo gentlemeo, at F7 per week. Iti'iuiia ai 4*Y? il vis. - atpH*t# nn\M on niKKi: <d niLKmkn ? an m: ac omm?> A ?d with f iroiahe'' rfeim*. w i or without in % j i va' < . ere'l ei are wi .?*> ju.h . r*. \. ll?. F< ray*h effort. 11<) LFT? K Sl'IT OF r> ll.vrstf, |? Room-'. ON -bh oND . h.air, wnl) paruai >r full board, #p M( H' ?* fijirty .. i < V\ T\TA.NTKI>, lir<,lll> IV BRoQKr.Y.N UKSn.KM.V IT mWw..cwh -rut'. * tulflrarvi i"'>lr<rnr\ wAil t.u la a IiKimb 'ii HroAlkO. win It 11.1. jo.* UMi b.v, 11 roaru. Urivi fan nnljr. A'ldre-. dox JV roataam. IITASTKIT?A T'l KMHKI. WK)U, TUTP BI) \ RI? Jf(?B " ? iaO, au .' (woUkm hi, <h'-%rt mr h>i lvl> '*>'./,/ tff'h i Rklow lady |ire*rred. iici,irivn,.,i -.1. . IIcm.'! iiBi.y. ' VI* a.n ret>?tiik (,.i ,<iiv vl. i. . HT' \ r i si - ( ft ni rt orii oa if." *%?i ?J? iif Ilk) rlif, mH Car :rum th.< I Vic ?111' frnry i In llai fcoo^i iMavliw* n ,npr rrn?:. c 'Ir"., T apt. Irioi, Ilar.l'l .Itl^w, fcT ; ? ?: ljkjt, MaiB| liriaiicts and trrta., *t V n m>iM i,. ni,y1.'ri> AWTKIV H'tx bi),\KI>, VT ?<? illKft ITT I'illi l' twin.- a B, , krr nd T. nriaari'P wtraata a/i.l T1. ri| n-1 Blitfc aM-nuaa. >v ,, , v^.-1 l'?. tV^i >* r*r*r riven. A i.lrr-a, .'a-.i < w.a< a/Ml full partWQlai*. Ik* MTI !'? ii Ttfti. Xlf \NIKD IV HHmiKI.rV.T'lRK. HKITKOOVV, .VKTK ?. ??*!>?* KmIu.ii. i ,iu Ji or c 'J .fi'i'i lurrvw; mil. ui a p r I - ?aln ilwi ii.iw t. b-aau4 mil Imxli I iv Ajip. i? in* , ni( r< m mi .artna, ??> H D , >??, ? la IV' ^'.a H. Y. WAinKl ri>'K r \ri,or and hkdboom, wrrg l? board, I'fiia . b ?qobH.i-ainal i<ioattty, al wo (fa it. f p-'?rr?'! i a a a-na ' 'it rami!/, or wt*.??r . i4y uoodt"'i it'll ha T.n-h ? mf'an* Fnrauiiabla -'n'liii^a 'Hm?. a li'-'Oral prioa "UI b? pa.,) in advaara Vn r ? 'raoiv,. Addtaaa, acacriic y. Ai*. J. 4, H., Hmadway !V> ,>tn.?*. EIPIUIMK*. F'I.I.1'1 It'll I A1.IFORMA I>WATi ?I .INI) FAAbKV i k.Vi.t.Kv i 'iv iii;. i i -i: bbrntnot aixl 'lull I'-ai riPit^-T' mrtiOoR thrn i .'H trip p r lv I'hiii. NOT! rill HIT LIOMT tin T'WI.K n* liir p'-Hpri' ?? r o^ nd. Iwavirt; Ni*w \ rk, Xor ,., l-C.s. anil I i-bruary .'I M.iy Al, V'l,! ? ?v.n r, ? o .laiinar, A, ipr i t, Ju . h ami (> ? Mr li-.vl,. ?' .n, pa?,.i ,t? ni.|"f U. rhar(W) liicMiali '<> ? n.mmo. II.m ?'i p?rVir lar'.l .U'", luf .. mrn y ?'???.i,> m ?n?>' a<i? ? .rant nm* All '''"T'--.. ra,,111.,i., paiwnaal a I?*n1i' l.rmnp if an t!-i hi. Wo pt praai iraii:.,' takwo a.''p'inr p ii,tuib.n ar'if'laa r** '|Hirbii( "pO. oil alinuU'O tlfo"i{ti Hi dOaltna . .n _ AI lil -1 I -I KIJ.JurT HrT.-raniaa Men Frrfian . i ? l>, l| Ward Vr ?'*'?? -*??? f II. OarrMaa M ri i rii ifi 1 In. ? iflro Row Y"ft WllnrutwtT V|n fntekni 1*11 M - ilTC.i-ra ?W'-a' tio nrwi r 1,1' ? w sr" w< ? ijpldytUl/l't nhovf smiMinl In *n trnpor'Jri? and mwn far unit# l<ii*lit*1 Mt well cwt?r>l|ah%) for live yctr* If in /cry p Ifatiuu' and periectjy -a!?, and pav* u uu> ii irimMiioi.ii j?*r i'tia. Hardly any ciou' million, far further purUi uaarji ?d dn *>. F. H , 1 If i aid office tf?r (W\[l TO $10tlOfi ? A PARTNER WJTII 1HH ip?).l/UU unouoi, wau'ed inn wholesale uni importing drug bwallouw; ha* been m ex.atenee aaveral year?*. AddrcaM i ? ii bos paM < Bee* -WANTED. A PARTNER, WITH TUB AOOVK tjp( \*V/? nmmwr, to biM wne interested in ?ih* ot vim IkvU plying bUMln^MM ? In ih? country, now being estahlUba4 la tho cliy. A fbi't to n?na- $*0t?> ihe rumiM v^r, Addrwn, >?ii?? lug wticrt) an interview in*y b? bad. w. I*. W., Herald cilice. -I.1BBKAF ARBANHBMBNTB FAR HKMAUH to jolu a hlsbly re>p?*'UibIe lit ^hich 92,1 *00 mi be iiiad*' tho cowing wiuter, by caliui ? immediately on Mr HOK?KORl), ?l V an Hyper A Oo.'i office, 5*5 Bro* I vnay, K,oui ;r>. d?r/W|-I'akinkr wamrd, in a highly hk f+ spec a> le hu-i . *>. whore no capital i* rciutrod. A man o t>u?tiie?H wi'l find tWa a rare ohanco Nut give bin whole attention to 'he. bus In**, and In return will rnnnlire a baiui <.ti Inc. me. a* run be shown. Apply at the Praafcflu liou?<*, belwetvii 10 and 3o'clock "R. A. KOOHK -A PAKTM.ft W ANTED; A SMART MAN who In willing lo travel, aud well oakm'.ahtl to mil, to lake UiC undivided *nterei?'. In an o'tlcle which, wil Nell Fail on \ liKl. HL vkl-HLKK, 345 wivdilatftoa Hireet. 5*>n(? TO 9fl00.?WA RTH.R. AN IRTKKIMT IS AN UPfJXJXj en ahiblied book bindery, or book and wtat lottery ? ore, or would engage with Muii* \> vrty In WitaiihiibiiiiC such. Reference# exrhaiigoo. For pa*'Ucultra*. or apply io Wil LIAMh \ -VMI IT!, real estate and goi.eral agouu, N4 Nassau tdreet office 2. AOFNTI.KMAN HATING \ GKRTKRL AND LIGHT ut&untaelurtog btntmche, that pay? a haadacrtnn pvodt of 400 per cent on wile ai d I- done MruUy for oaalv. would I.fee h >!><*'goou bvikdnf.-'n man to join him a* e*fUM partner lu the vvboU- bo* lies*, x ?.t/?re iij kept down U.wti for >bi fain of tl earUrle-. mnnufanlured, M?d a s' >? k of fancy good-v U kept %t wtolecMb and retail Apply at tbe etore No. W Murray -?ret*t. PABTKMt WANrkI).-?10UM. ??.! *).?TUB hl'lUOBI- | ber u* iM.ganoi) in a well oHtabimbe.d miMnilnoturing buu MM of twnoiyfiri ft trti azwtlig, In a Western oky, An ?!?? siren to op* n h branch ot bin botue ui New York. The article tnantifacifired la sold for eanb and the demand ul way a exceed the Hiipply. A partner In d out red with tie aove amoiint of , eafb (apllnl who will i?ke 'barge and manage tlie New Y irk house Thin I - a rare chance io any one wishing ro engage In a profitable and well ?>tn <ll*Ued btiaine-*. Th? very boat of lef.TencoH given and saiue rotfiilrt d h* relui u. Addreas W. i. 0., Broadway Post office, box lis. PARTNER WANTKH?WITH FROM flo.bOO TO S30.000 In an old ami long estahltahed wholeaalc i; roc cry htt-Uu"^ < ?ne aequaiuted wiih the bualneta and having influence would be p. el cried. Addreas bcx ;^l$. Post otUce. PARTNER W A NTED-WITH $1,000 OR $2,1100, IN THR eirluaive right ??t manufacturing uo article paying :MK) i>er fv.i\i profit, old e?ta>disned filranant and fig-ccabe. 1 ho amount invented will be secure*!. Addrosn Win. A. Brown, f leraJd oflice. ro IRON fOlFOKRH - ANT PKR8GN PR ACTIO ALLT I acipiain ed wl'h e trrying on an iron foundry. uod havUig a tmall capital which ihay vv i-h to Inveat in the business tiity bear of a good opponuntty by nddrrsalrig A. AlKNkhiiA A 80N, Hell Fotuulora, West Ttoy, N.Y. II' A N'l KI>?A FART A KB WTTtl 9b?fi < 'AHII, IN TIIB H w hob'wile and nttail lifpior busir >s in oce ot the In it 1 lealltlrs in the cltv. Ap ?ly iinmiMtls ely on lha premlwfl. cor ner of Ridge and fielanery. In the tore noon. T. GAKFNY. RBWARDN, J:#:wai;i* -F.tiST, on mo.w?ay v in*, n \ hp*)" " Inst., a go.d w?tth itrnl chain (f-otiper, maker, blv* r noo) ) An* person roturutng the s^tuc to Hharlea JSmith. 1* York sin*ct, fbooklyiu shall receive the w1k*ov reward, and nc queailona a?ked. AOS RXWARD 8TOLT2I OR R0RDAT AFTIR noot, 12th instant tr im 21 Ve*ov ata medium al/??d so.c leather trunk marked u. Toad, St. Iaium. Mhinnor will it'Ato the Stimc at tho above pin e wlU receive the reward, or proportion for any Information of it. AT II RKWARU?A BLACK HMTTl'U, WITH WltlTK 'J) I"/ tipped toe* and ttil, wbltr bread, * hoi*') wduu- *pot smove the POf?, In agpwnnrv like tv i!nwll Ni'trfaiiodlttul, lour vwus old, callod I^H) wi'h * ca ? eteel cod ir muni 'il*mck. wvh the u.utiM thereon. w.. l? -? on Um'J'-ii Bptni hi Booth Brook ?> Cor bringing htm I m to \ c i i sinp i Bin York, - .? ? ?? ? ? ? ? i paid <?r'o any peiHou who give* Inform v4on whcro thin do,4 0 ?y uc ImiruL AO REWARD LOST, 0)1 M0RDA1 imtRNOON A ?Jpt) black morocco inftnorHiuiom l?ook, of no n-?? t<? nny >-<n? 1 ui the on oar. T! * it Of o reward wt'l ? e paid by : - turning to Cherry .treat, mar IIWIWlli TlOf 1,114,1 OK U.DK.'JTIO* AMERICAN JtKAM-y, IN HKaUTIH'L. EA< k'AOI> OK one rlichth, mir qiurirr iuI huh hat- [><(>??; Kin. ,v ?? I'tialand rum, Moimoa.Ui.'Ia hixI vv b i-lr r; pnm pp.rfu, hilt. and U>w |.ro-.( I.Kjn, u>u ;.tut -.ret! >>. ?. r . j, K>x il nnlr c t>< callina t.n (. WOllll ,k i (>, ,.*ci.U I'm- im unullvr*, llo M uiruy nrrci. B' RA NDIKK, FRBN< li A: li OTiIKU Hifti'I' IS Wl V KS ?| ron.-U .fioK of port idjerrv Mad dr., vu < 1 . M i'a*u, v? Jamaica mm. S?-<>Mi? md fr*h whirry. fgmdo> and IRihttn portrr, Hrolrh tn-f other *J< ?, m mulled in on J *v n ! n' th lowrfct | . Mc prir.-. UNhKMflM. A MATH KSOV ri> lir<* uir mrret, corner ol t're .0/. , UOItSkH, OA IIIU AW*v?, 4t*> AT TIM BAZAAR. No 1 iT.i.SRY ? I iM.l.t t>S \V?:;> nr-tay. Sow It a! 12 nYlo'k, th* ? I: known I ? . rr r Hi,'nam, IMban li hV;h: *o!rl w: hou* rc?c? ?'??, to '.?? h kheai hldd* 1. pARBJ AO! R FOR LI IT RRDTiTRD PR! I, 00 prtntriK ra'erhr, 0,11 !?< >?. ,>fk.iWH 4, . ?t.- 1 Ion i<?p hvofH-lif*, phiittona tn*l w.ikoiu; a'v , aid bind <var??#.4, hhlifii.^' Ion w ? o*, litfht ?!???'-tur'n phi -o. MAl'flt JI!? 1 %lI* HON a, t'O., & Woo* er Miii- ,i- 'AfutL / % ARR1 lOI rOR BALI OVtRA I ?' ! ' ? " hit* on* ljt?cM? Utp < arri/u ?*. o? vlr 10 ov?1<m -it -1 v o Apply av the carpet atoro, tvj Heart Mrrei, near Matlls-m Ia^oR SM.l, ClfFW. A MliOK VI'IIURfl r,V OOnj r draught 1-oriw a, -o at-:- '<?r rart'o -ii. kt ? ? * ??* d.*ft and mirkriifn; aJao tvro lino l.or??-M. w ? 'AfrulataC ( f pbyal Imhi. ImqI . ? dfl e ui I b bi lad (oint-aii li;.t f'*inai . ^ '.or a* their <ihlo?, .N?-t -.u _ . ~ \X Ihirtm nth Htree-., n.-in Tmi' iarnnue hV>K SAL!!?A NH '! FAST BAY MARK SOI *!? iN J hind. .ii-o a han<ir< .cue 1 - i t ?? -u. only 1 u u- ? f- w flmrti and n fine ?rt of plated htm M> *p!i mat w ! 1,1, A<- ; tiiakiiiu % . ndtoBK \w\<>. ooM ovarand ttfi - 1 1oi*52iA ^pplj to Mr. Bobifi^un, i-'trner o: Ihirr 1 s ta i ih>| IBM BimB. fjtOR SAT.M C IIRAI*?I'RIt'l! yti- K > IVi. \U'iK l-\Y I1 ? or r. about Id ban F high, k/ad ?ad geuMe. Is ardd tot * cb#r;? T-i ti"owm-r ha-4 no ti<o fn?- him. Apply 1 ?'l?r>*n jlviv; - ' e, Nit-'Ji ?*moit Hetw n >-r.?n land rb'r l avmoew. tator - \u-;-a ;ooo ?oi no, -wmn j. i rkam ? u I lo' borM- til* ?> l'?r -1 ? r < . iw .'enu' . . nH.ilde. MrOlnri^ alkty, In di 1 b?*i \,rn .^iindg.ind II 1 !i Ktn ? ?*, Bi >4l>u, hi m atp t| A.M. Prkf, B!2?. (;? -? ,i. -ini'iv ,1 1 j ? ior arii , wi;*<*i-, v / ? ur im *> - . u .. .tar, >.< . r.<> hot I-,1 m?<< t, 1# . ??' - o. -i io ' r or f*nn*n ma| nnr b 1 y 1?otk ?, If1 ItMid- Ui?r.n - ' ud i>d ti l in undo ltd R'iriifia-i, w -irrniiO'd V|?, Iv, you e r?t x 4, f* \f rit .v w u. i nv. > ? u.? ?-. m?- ?*. IAOft ONK M M' r JNTKV.N .M \NI? hi b aottnd, kind and -r*. ' ? I H?dt ,1 <):* u r or ? xmcruAn; w . i imnvi 'O lr->l a ml ? m Uin-u in ui.11 m li Li'-. \ 1 .. i tii- '? 1 . u*c v : rrmi* or n% lea'.r nric. fix >e ?d, 1 .rait, d 01 jd hi J i . old fer want of u-'- tl?ro, hrm Vi.nnon* j r 1 own and a hah band- hiwb. -'t >? ?ra old, and ?arj tr'd ta?-t 1 l?ey an *>e -?',?? a \f'i ,?tlroy nvery P?h*,? >rnrt- <>t t'1?- , p ?n ? ? I t i 1 ayeou *. ItS H AT M \T? ''Kl? r<' M - i tu i .ind km I *i; 'an 'r??- In phyMdaa in U - ' -tin - u-hiinf, ih? r .1' .1 UeatnM* ?* k a iiunUy ?wi ". drlflD In-, ore L" d: - \| r ?? in; I* tilt OF jr \ a h'lt <?. li' . ' ,uIm ivwi j in -inrleor d*mhle but. m, very aryiia . S, P?m ivh, theji ?mv -* ??-en ?a? t t,? 4 try, anlr* o twin Jeft wliho o .mi M-'dle i r*' *. tnd \*?f * t"?m. or for ? gen'i#nr: iu for llaht and ? at ihr !>ey ?tr- II n* > until aold. t/uK S \r.v \ U<; I \ >' I [\Mi iW,: KM- ,u i\V \ V IV'.'- . , w.-h n-i!" iBd v r r ? a . , ? .. m ' r t i' ? -1 *.!""? d . 1 '?> *i? ? bo aeeu at 7k Kmda Mreeh L'OK f A f.E? \ hi \ KTTVi? Bt>." , IA'Ty. IN llrT-i r ? ? . wui f>e a Id yrry 1 k. It r??? bo - < n ?f .-i * '1 1* y r-v THiIt MLK--\ RHf. N Mr IM Y I"OR ','*!?? II V V~B ' I fiivh, U -year* 'd. . V'T7 'y ' .1 -!r . or. *? -i 1 1.1 1 - t;i ill liar* ? ?.' ' - r r ? ? . . - , .*? Rr NT-"tn -ge fa ? y,? rvr T ir I a? m m and I > rtkbth afreet.

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Attempt to Arrest Meiggs, the Default er, in Chile. ? II ESCAPE TO BVKIOB If EES. SANTA ANNA tlPElTL'D ATf \BTIIAGKAA. BSTIMAIE OF HIS WEALTH. THE ISTHMUS HEALTH, Au., &o., Ac. The United -tt'ce mall toe&nieliip 1 tup ? o l.'itjr, Wladle, commander, uriivej ye 'erdajt afternoon i?be left /\.| uiw.ll, Nor. U, nt II I*. It,, with the V. H. mail*, $1 (54,000 in tnaturo, anil 710 p.v-eougcri, (ro eeired troin the J acillc mall e team* hip tiol lcn Age, whlrb left hail IranrUco, October 20, at 3 1*. M.. arid ar rived at Panama, Nor. 2, at 11 P. M.) The KtO|iirc Ctty en ountetvd atrong nortbeaftt wind* during the entire jnu-HtuiP. N<> cickue*-. mi board. The health of the l-tUaiut uerer wan in a belief i ondi tiun tbun at preicnt. . Vie are Indented to the Peri ft e FxpreMtJ Compau) (or files of Neu (irainnla and California paper* The Empire titv iringr the following:?? 8PR0IR l.l^T. American Fx. Kb...lie,i*n Newhouae & Spata.. 16,00) lib. nl' America 60,150 l/mi-. Sighnm 2,tftJ0 A. Iter win 6,-00 liuvid Ogileti I'.Oih lilngl nii.ft t'.e} i>ol V. <> ?-P'i Order 39,?t0 JarueaPitch. 10,100 .l&me-t Putrick 44,Otft) t bi.mbet * 4 He4"'f. 4.t>ftft Probet A MeinWcr W. 1 Coleman a Co. 14,18ft liagi-n H,061 , Carney 17.000 Koaa Fahvuior & Co. 30,210 Frexel 4 Co I.'ta,.,ti00 P.i.Tf-t 8 Co 10 6'jO J. P. I ickill/oil.... UK Itrj K. A J. IbtmNebl..., 4,200 1 ti-ran, Fhfunau & J. Ktraumt, Jrotlior 60 A Co 16,373 Freeman ? Co 7,000 P. T. Houthwortb... 00,460 (.iinnell. Mintum A- K. A. Mtcartre. ... 1 .'d) C.. ft.f'tft) W. N<ll*inan tc Co 28,600 .1. I let-let A Kio 5,700 Pcholl A Hro 10 (8*) W. Heller II. ifttrjblog 3 500 Htitlaon It Urn..,,.. 14 000 Trv td ? e I A Co If.Wkt Howlatol AA-| in?all 16,21.. I ltuerA FlagcnUuiia 30 000 Win. HegoA lOn.OUO Well--, Cargo 8 G>..301,807 K. H. tone* 26 815 W. A F. II Whltte A. Jacob, A Co 26 ObO more 4 Co 20,000 F. helley 4 Co 4U0IS Wiikcman, IMmon 4 H. King A No 4 14ft) to ft OO'l IliM-bnniee' KuV.. . 1,000 J. B. Vier ... 24,000 Metropolitan Dank. J4o.tftft) T. Wateon It nuii... 13,303 M. g!in,llalhnr*i> 4 K. Kelley Co 11.1HQ to :.H 170 S. Mnver T..U1 ?!.?&*,<??>-? NEWS EROM NEW ORANADA. \ train on the I.lhmue?The New Tonim(t T?i?r'orel*mr" ?Stair Kuii'le? Uoirrnm>nt iri-.<irt;aiw/.iilloii at A?|Mi<wnll > I'lie Cnilliii||< ii:i Cool, AM'., Am*, Out fill fntu * (JianioLi are 'land hi I'ln&inu hiJ Alpinwall mi November ?'!. 1 tiring th" two ?d lir ending t'ct. '?*) bill little of<i paciol intne-t b 11 ti' n-piicd on the iithinu*. Tin T'trnngc lew. wnich wai In have Win put in torec t.u the lrt ul Nnvrnihri Li o dead letter, and it > ? alto gethrr ptobabli it will r n- nuc to lw no. the bill ft'il if etgn"m tin* privilege of holding neat* in the City Council h" n par ed in the Aarembly. Alao, one ..<lmittir>K ftntlgner-' to ell on jnrie* In both civil ami < ri'oiiuil trill* n lie tegular trlUnml*. The A - eniblj io'j. nrticl on It.'' -i! <>f October. The .-' c ii faiy ol Hit Stele of Panama h oi ib-chle ! that .Irif'a on the St it" Tnartrj rluuM b" rtwived I r i i .in ! !lii' illl nd?C" a IDirii'l for ill" -crip 'llie I 1 'rumtnoud lu<l willed from Aiptnwall for New York, wi'h lUtnt of llie ntil cinnon, which loirt be. n lying on tl.e battery it an.nn 'I- r r> i err iry on t>ei|(tit. tin nrcnllj appointed government if Axplnvall, un iter tlie new organiintlan ' f lb" 'ede.wl Slate ot I'anuria, jri>' ir lube "1 an early Lew-elmm. I ri io r.. ilitjC n. we 1' jrn thrl the w irk on the canal wee fcoinjr on well. Ihe Alptnwtil (O 'rbr ?.f Nuv mber ?; way?The tea >n of crowite i- n< w nianiieitljr upon u<. tin teamen ? f blth loot' a ire HI led to ov I whig Hi toil fr? ol three u?'W foiog i i oi the Lnflr-I m.i'"h are on vbdllng or plenaure tiljo Tb'y ?. to ?'til" ,net to labor. Iheit ue '|iiiie a tonri'iernbli nuio' i of j? .j .<? | .. ? icg Ln an<l fi o n|.< n ibir i jnn: ? trinut ?l finiri i t :i ili rertlon, ami wh > ? H to 1 ito ? ?'i ? 1 the niennet ? f hot ? lie ).i i lion rif their tup rot tain i. e. the tri.ivit ncrori tlu niilroio). in ami front lie o-ttimu* th' j coiue uoi co *r! hi it any ff|{'i'ia;it; nttl tr ni th lotion ii iance Ir ?'.'or jing to prr rnt circiimitancin. The ITO'Iot aaw'ieing I tr/ t uw.f on the ruljp vl w h i -.1111 loinlly wuipl'tlwd ot Cel.ore, i He JilLi, i igneron nil Vi'ipri, ilet'iitlei from < hiri',nl to th" liv ?.'uri'tllin at A dily of 1'iivo h. left tluit illy, mi SnfiV' f ir Haiti. II I- s'-i.i o . Iron launch ir l ..iifitig o tie railro.ul coin* I .ny m 't on it Parania, and woo 1-1 ion bu rawly b . !!>?? In aeleit rhower of ram evperl"iujed In f'amimo ?I ? i u th- | n'.'ri' eiviii, w.ii on lintr? ! ,<y evening, i r I. It li -ted but ? bwiniri .ul Wai fol low lit by . ri . ... ?!f thuo lei .III.) llghtm the I anaHl.1 //TitV'/of .Voir, .i My - ? W" Irnrm of no better 1 jwi'ilain ij lor i eapiialjvt than t i ' -tubiiihiuent i.l a 1 iri. of . :unnr? fimn litre U> Uwi Mirio'ie portr. alonf ibe.ia.t i? bir ninth a A' ?*pulco, for tlie purr." e. not only of fmni'blag thou' tr ke> i vith the Ann ?lean n t I >it(i|r in anufa tun a tin y revuio, hut aim uavmit in v the |.r r(r :t tf ec ^ririB a laryp portioo of lie >a V i'iI" n| rir ol th- pi li'u An.urban ' ?? wh'li n w pri- r und '"ipo li"rn. The jneeronolil of the -late, of I "la ill k, ilrnvtrtria, Arn r'alva loi and Hi r lo ,la ai in i to in ? u'.li in on b .??. ei i|ht r-a-lty ie tndn ??! t" ? a lubwldj In enatirii Ji.'n o' ih'ti n I ? melee fir I'nrtaiiri fA i th' Vn 1. rei'I.Tnitthe/' / : i a on tie ? o l.j' if thi "h 'tli. t .f la I n ?1 ?* ( "niblir HiB by Vi. W. I iyi.?'he-inm. i ci . n that il th" t iniad "latr- B"v"rii'o"it bad d1 ip |I'I\"|| .1 tlir (kit tit ' ourv, I'M no I lie wrotil-l I ?V" ir n -en nut to t il hi* pLve and if in-Uuetintt* e*u>i i.i.tier litei io brd?t hi- Itae ag tin, and no fu tiler riu'i e I' 'el a "f 111 recent I'Tttti'i.lty, it will be beeaiei 111' l'n|i"d ""ate tbiio thle eriTwrnno'at low pi ?b. to gel Into any ilfll ol'y wltli It. A i ? loin. n ha been appointed by the VI I' rn r I tlir- Mate ot I'arninia, to a-rnng" for th" iCtabic i ele! imtioii o. the comliig annhrer ? ary of th' iod"peu ?rue of Ihe tithrim., on !hw '.Ttli aoamnber, ami that i flic.ka? aulr-cnO i one lian lre.; il.,iiari pin.. I? .|e ni .if th" ripen ? iheiewar '(lib' a rencontre r. ? So.>lay'I-, rig, foil i lilt Ir'ren the police an-t the ri.-gr >ul lie 'b" wall- jfl'anainw, the iatu-i Laving oppo ? ,1 '.h air -l ?f 1 a nlprit by the former. I Wh I'?. in : Mail '?arr.ibip Company ire a1 ? mt to com? rii"0"e Hi" ere?t. ,n of ?'.or?U' u?' and c al t- at | I lijl Ptlfta, cine 1#, the ratir'ad 'a'..on, wloratbey !' -p..-o In luiiirn km plug all tlwlr 'ip| < for the learner ?. i "ti" "t tie !arg< frreign retail dry i -il n.errmirit' ?i t hi am* cloawl hie on lie 'Jeh iji in in-' ' r " enr.irooa* r ntwhi l h" ran r ? .j- :? >, pj. . ' ." !m ttord r i-lng to rnakr- ar.y ded o 'p.n flie "Ity ef 1'ann a baa. In ?ceor-unee a 'h ?) > law ? '/ ,-ib -"r'err t't are'4th'i toVr, ber-n tirl 1 !'ito . t|i da. T bn Ir glrlaflve Awreinbl/ of I'.ntnu t- for ? t og I'* >?-?i u 'ii the nh'ht of iho J3d nit., hat u ??! Uin ' lluwit'/ 1?W">? I be budget of Income ant r t len-et t.' c U* re<p- " r ,? r.. 'e- a'aw rngarillnw way* *1. . i-ch, ii a iw r tLg rtrlalr. power a to h? t tecutlre. ?.a Atp rnwili ' ?rvr 14 Ortahcr -St * T* ?r*ir rg 'iw I it ??> i 11 vV-Uuty haw b*. n vi'ivd by ;. imt .'1 ti ? )t heavy ralna. in ? ' iy haa a du >r ?? th w . t-r le .,re t ?r It tn hawa, ami It ia gettii g no W"f H... << *111 canttnne bnt a abort tlnar longer, when 'her- w..l bo i r1 ' ' rri'li nnJe-i U?o-e 4 'i.e o eat- i ? 'inlte and re !?'. tyran .1 r'?tr u , "Iy and a rnJn ? .ntorfov". . . '.n thr > Wo. in few. 'Vlth mu h rerr?t w* kwra 'hat Sr. f d p? la w h l?r ear ?ty, wHb th" tn'inthm of f I,ng ; 11 i aa Sl'?t Clrcwll Ju'tge In Iba lle'r c ef .>bm ami U?at 11.. t'Li'wii.'al Ju lge talk- og> ng llkew o tdi'S* ther-i beea. m they r. qp| no j ay. it ? alar e- vtrricd th'TO, ami they c -ot: n <r le- ?* i to Jive h' re wilhr.wt Hiem T> f e gh' H- V Ot ,e view t- , il rtf for t/aa-lt aer-na the IrUimrM r ? j,' - 4 am rhundrwd pwrki ki Vaatinet ha- redded He ' ?w ani'irto^Ai, a?t to t*? "Tat?' > ?-t t i irrtt iT.Ti?.d?tiH roHi"? ohvumw *r pwhliab t-ei <W an act 'if the c ale uMi 't Ikanrw. ra? ?l Jut prrVro to H? r> ?low. t vingthr rtaowtlvi the power to id the Mate which may daeti w .th UofW't tr'Wt uf New'rranada or lh%' of f .friy-t v 'he ?ac- la tan 'kiu~4 by the f"r*rua. ? > Ihi la.* o I * f? tin-* . h (? lit* vWhj. <<> a cortaiu extent,*. it tin. u?r pin t /ui.l? | e I enforcing to.. r l.Q VI'MHI. tin* t. Uturat A^i-Uibl) of h? . tu* of I'sinttui d.citit - Art. 1. Wtantitr, in e< Q^un?tf of an Mt of tu? t< . ti.ui> , ? >atr?M)M3Ur'i or ? < -tig ?? *nt o?utr tin kuth? ? it) ??t ilu* ttsUoo ami the t ilK'irttjf ??t *'i? or t*twtMii tkM*** Ruda ioitign govern man*.. tlu? I ?? u irt may nu |?ud the ? i< uU io ?t sui-i act until ib? i ongt<?* oi the ( 0t< ({ucstioa. Iti? u. ?*> n?i v to lb** tate <Miift/UtuU?ft. nttl'V Of THK OAKTSAfiKltlAKr- iRUM NA.NTA ANNA, (fcrocu I'm- I nMBR iU aid, 'M ] We b Iff liftli (iruHKl !?? H (TV U111 autb .ill. I S'l 1 m I * ii*> .(tract of ii If ici rarMTrd frinn IV t>.K* oy the !??.! mull, which *k?W? that Ih. 1'?rt. ji i .T.-? Utlittla ttiliI ofl 1 mi wf .rr ',ctu In I'miam i' - ub S#i.U Ai.iu tuu.I oou.c i nor bore wuh ? la 1 it- ii or >?ii > ( Mi pail ciinh. Hi- eoul.'lbl 11- ntj of of for it, au-l could, l-y a liberal null*/ uf hb ftuvl*, UJ'. I' uhl'dt> uitko b'fUielf Trr| popular on 'ho I. 'uuu?. l-l. |lari U wr.tchi II; pom, so bunut. .-> d nig, uiui Jfotwity \tinli ijothittf ll?lff of <hn I i r??Wing 'pri'1 ' s?* fraporatlriff, a* a ? !. ? ,.d if nou entr'tiiuol th ' .1 e lump-my wilt tif-'O ti--'that the '< I! tuo-t pro* ah i- vi ?( r their ?.(,? roll no. Kir if rutaowl; blf>i| lln "?t* to '. b(-'i!?- ,il*n ii nt fur the Urg- uantilbv ol tob. i? oi.l quia* bri ''ifIit to Hint* .til* A' na if . rooliujr nil hv h II Iillg bin thnim ?nd* foi a .wit* >mo tun- ol in'i-??v. I nw <iw?ir.-<t by ? ]?r*iiii III m him Ihbt hi* ??> tth akJoWU twclro niiUio-u. ?KlliOt, THK I'ALIIfl'KN] \ fiJEfAUl.TBIt. jlrinn do t', I bit, aft.) Wo Ichj ?i l?y * iiunlU, wb i ? umc un trum V"*l|ia in mm'In lu?i Itrnl.h*"1111. r i'ihI, ?t the rcqnct nf ihr l-mornor of taliloibU, Urn I'hIH ipiH.TTiio.iit- r*.?mi|y pbnoM ii body ol .oldlciH at lb- dUpo-nl of tm< I n tril cbt'n. Minl-ifi Id the Ut'cr oi ontrr, tn ... <lil hun in lb. hi ml ol I bo it) Ihuitat ll'itfltr ohu ft will III Of-He-?1 nb fin ilci! i-uiii? till'- -In i- >>iili San Krauci ? ? rlt? funds Ha aobllnrH wa an- tali pri^ -odrd uixler tha iiino'ibm of the biinlntrr'ti rtpnwnUUirr, to tor n ndnn?? of M- iftfr-, in Inliohiiai but tbai ot-'lby, llailnir hu.-n a-l TLitiDi ibr tnustmaiit liy some pirtwn la Valparaiuo, UU>iia|{>.) to rlloct hi. ">rop* to Itnono. Ayr?? ori-t-i not . to lb. atrivbl of ih. par >, ?n ilutt ih'-y wofO n uunl to i to at it .itbi.iit ilbn'inir thru object. Iti. .uppi - that MriaRx in now bcyuud tin- rrarl- ol detention. M AHT'.IKti At AsptnvHll, en the Vdth of o ii l r, by ibr f i r P. II *1 ? lor. I lotlcrlcJi Crb ht<>n. tsq., of t'f.Ub'inlu, to Ilia llel' n Mail* lirodie, ol KjigUu-'. NEWS FROM AUSTRALIA. lmpiR?v< sr.rlit lii (tit Prli ?? i#l' (?ok1?DIm-oa* %n \tvr I * ?l?l *i 4? n-W?r f^(iuiti(4*-aA Utivurunatiif Trick?lit |iar?iUT ?>l iHntib?i? 11 dim (lit* lluitiit? l*ut?iU V% arki itovi? IsMikdn? tH|tli>K Klunr iiAiic, Ily nay i.ft'alkio n liuvf lit wn fn.ui Australia ikM it MiH^urao en 16tb, .inti nt <?n l^lii Auffti; t. in (1 in y tl?o lA-giflatlTc IxjuiicH ira* in tllf cuHfiiiig tb? ?NtiiiuRtcs, in wbieb ihi* vn<iv| t?uvi? nt tut oUth ?rfprciN'nlttifM of uU the Urge t:fuatitiicnc(c?>- -bnv#* o| p'-M'il tb? govc nfn?nt, but n iiiioi.t mic? o*h,g to tii?' largF* oflioiai majoiit^ |'Um m!ai tb? (9N|hmmi1 of got fmincut bj tbt* <li bcire r institution of th? nntooj. Thr estimate lor tb#' b rmutiou of the artillery eorfe* wR" watmljr (ieuatoU. The auni jilac**d c?u the estimate* ?]'J 01H ltb., but the g? veriifnent dor land tlm* J.i.O m *uti all it Kfitiired. Ibis sum nntihl Imv? renirtlljr Tutnl but ?1hm a aid* ?L* g<mi nment demanded the < n Hie amount, wlibb was IHriaion after <11ri/ on took I'lnce, l?ui at la?t th? inde|?en?l? nt inembrr -eit tb< Ikmum* In n tHKtjr, and the gnveiui;.' nt j>urt) then carriH then i-Hii motion. A big? n it tiling wa-? hoid on 1he -Oth ??t duly t<? (A'tiibin lb? (f?iVfiuor Griit rsi for tbr r?lna>" of tip H?v. I r. iang, imptboo?d f? r litn l on Mr Alexander btimrt. 'Ilie dininego ol tbo city of Sydney ami otbor j ubllc work* vrro prtgroeaiog. Tl*? ?r<?rbn of thr by tiu?jr in i I aianatta i'4idi?a<! were fast cum p.< lion The HgrlrnUuiof IhefgrUmy aren-fsvonibi? tbr weather grm raUy tun , and much tn< i? vd ur? arttb of iai d m?w!? with wo*at. 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