Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 14, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 14, 1855 Page 2
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LIFE AMONG TEE LATTER DAT SAUO. LATEST NEWS FROM M0HM0ND0AI. HARD TIMES IN UTAH. Tfef tamo Eaifit Up by Crasffboppcn* AN INDIAN POW-WOW. Some Bicb Mormon Poetry?Lindley Murray Defied. UBRUEES. DEATHS U9 ADVEETISUIEITS. Choice Extracts from Brigltam VooiisV New Fork Organ. TREMENDOUS ASSAULT 11F0N THE HERALD. WHAT THE MORMONS THINK OF FREE LOVE. Ac., Ac., Ac. GRAND militia muster. (From the Leseret Newr, .September 56.] Hm>d Q inmate Nil VOll Lhuion, ADJI'TANT GtVKJLlI s, ] OnII k. G. 8. L. Gtn,Hept. 24, 1855. / '; K.N ERAI KiUMDUt, NO. 2. I.?in ell the districts where it U*? not been held ac cording to law. u genera! muster and iaapection of .:ro)H .111 be held on Monday, the 22d day Ot October u-'xt, at the ueoa) para> o ground in the res|>ectivn di trirts, a. shall be dii ected by the commandant* of the several dis tiirtH. II.?In Great.-altl.ukcdislriut, the fre' brigade cavalry will muster on the day above specified, and the first Vigctte infantry wi 1 inuater on Mcialay the 8th day of Oeo.btT rex'., a. ehall bo directed by tile cJiuintndi-r of the disti it i llujor General J. II. Grant. III.?The commandant of Itavia military district will or garo*e a company of riflemen in Kay'* ward, and an ad ditional compary of cavalry in North Kanj.>n precinct. He will held the elect lone fur the prope. officer*, at auch time a* he shell direct, and mike the returns to this office an toon thereafter as pra -tlcable IV.? l"he coininandant of Welier military district will orgauire a company O' i n.airy in Box Klder preecinot, hoLt the eh ctlou tor the proper officer, and make due returns to thin oflice. V.?rhe forces in the 1'tah military district will he ov ganixed >nt<- a brigade, cmposud of tare*) regiments of inlantiy, and one of cavalry, as follows, to wit:?The let regiment of infantry will be composed ot thePiovoiu lantry, now audut the command of Major David CanUetd, and such other companies us may bo nnrolted and organ j*ed from those not enrolled in any company, and subji ot to military duty In 'hat placo. VL?iho Spiir gville, Palmyra, Hoariab Fort and I'ay ccm companii -'of infantry now under command of Colonel Markham, will form iho second regimeu'. Kvom this re giment there will be formed one of the companies of caval ry to eo attached to the regiment Of cavalry in brigade. VII. ? The third regiment will bo composed of the T'lraitant Grove, Lake, Lehi and Alpine cities infantry, ami the company located at Cedar Valley, and tho inter mediate points north of I'rovo, in I."tch military district. The cavalry in ilie last named josts, together with -_n - tber company to bo 6 -mod therein, will also be attached to lbe regiment of cavalry in s iid brigade. VIO.?Tbe regiment of c i.alry will consist <>' flic bat talion at I'rovo, now under the command of Major H. iflark. ll.o cutnpany at LettL and the two companies herein refore mentioned, yet to be enrolled. IX.?There w ill be elected one Brig'.tier-General ti ?oaiinanc said brigade, i n? Colonel in <-nch regiment, and a Ol itel lV.r he regiment of cavalry, each regiment voting for it. respective oflicors, and all fjr the Brigadier Cieoeral. X.?The Spanish Fork company in the second rcgim-it will be attached to the battalion of infantry at Springvllle; the lame or Alpine city company tr> Pleasant Grove, .< nd the eomiany in Cedar Valley 111 tie battalion at Isdii city. The elections for the foregoing officers wi'l he held in ea"h esunpany, battaL ?n or regiment, uu Saturday, the 20tb October pr?vi"UH to the g. oeral muster, and returns thereof made as wit . a of 'he muster and courts martial, as soon thereafter as practicable within the time specific 1 by law. XI.?Ool. P. IV. Cunover will cause rhe proper norijes ot eleci'.on in Utah military district for all of the atvvr elee turns Us be given, as -u t!u time and place ot h ihling She musters and.such dhc glue ral and nocessary Instruc tions as wil' be suflMent to carry Into offset the fjregoiog indent, and male proper returns to this oil) -e. XII.?Tbe eomniauduits of the aeveral diet irts will eclorce a rig d inspection of arms in their respective sotn mamte. hold eourt- martil and make proper returns to this ffice in compliance with law. XIII.?It is necessary that the c .mnraiidants of the re spective district* r ho it Id return the muster rolls as they w nie from the company commander?, keeping such Copl and statistical information a - they n< .?! fur the u-e tin ir own ctlice*. By order of J). B. WKI.I> Ueutenant Geaeral, i mumindiog Nauvoo Legion. H. B. Ouw- .v, Brevet Art jut nt General. JfEKTINO ?y THE SNAKES AND UTAH-. [Ft <'m lie At Ft, Slept. ii| Bj brother l>. H. Hun iiigton w ? Inarn that Ti ' e h i low *tg (meaning he White uitn's son, to aimed by ts-ing mude a chief by the I nitel -t,te* agents at lar? nate in 1R6'.') eiio oi the (.'hief* of the rinake Indians, and Hai tat-a, thiel of llio Noi ihcin .-'Dukes, had eotiie in to the Itj for the purpose of m.iking n treaty with the Utah- ? they we.c nn n Sunday, Jd September, hy T sha* pi o-e onl (While eye), uud An !a-rn, Chiefs ut the Yairqa I'tes; I'm lick. tie heiei' try chief..f the 1'iiup uo qnmtbaud; Sow-l-eft's son repre en' i his t ther and band ; Tab ba, a chief of Aa-ra-poer s butid, itn 1 IV-met. aeet, (hie' of the -p.ini-h Fork band, uccompiuiiad by subordinate eh *fs and braves on oaeh side. The I'tes nn' ?" the Cove nor's otl'no lully armed with !? ?i, arrows, and gnus, at 10 A M. Ihe Snake* formed a line opposite the Tabernacle, unarmed. A me??i ngi r wont from tho t'tos to toll the Snakes to atop when' ihiy wee; th"y tarrhvl awhUe nnd hen n.oTod east, opposite the Doseret store, .ed by ih B. Hun tirgton t.'*iih aud slm ?h '-ueei interpreter, w.ieru they eneonntered the I'ten, who hid formed a line, painted blark as if fur cat tie, an 1 completely armed, iu vi liation ot the a ual Indian custom' on msklrg pete" iluntiiig'on went over and told tin (J tea to put away their aima. when tliey dismounted. and all placed their gnn" iigninsi the will, except Squash anl To-uib, and lit tlest e retained his *h' spe ,r. When the I: ten had laid down their gun-, many of tpem commenced concealing their bows aud irr'iw.i under ih"ir blanket*, wlit-h Ka-lat-o eaw when ho lifted up the pi|>o of peace towards he won ae high a' he could raise hi* arm, and shouted in loud voice ' thills t ie weapon I come to light with. At 1his time Hnltei-te 'he c< card commenced 'lanilng the wai dance und singing tho war song in front of his men. and thrusting his spear to the earth. Huntington tuid the I 'e ? 'o come and met t. the -Hakes in pe ice, ivhri old fe-teet-neet st iriisl, followed by the other chief: aui oraves. 'in approaching the .-'uuli?, he tout ncct offered Ti be hn-tow-H s his iiaud. wlio rinsed to taken. He then rsieed his own bunt towards the heavens, win '8 npon Te-teet-ueet did the ?ai io, they then solemuly hov ered their hands )..? lov aid . the earth, then raisit g up. fnvked r i h otiierin the eye, eagerly grasped each other by the hand, and tle'i. < in braced e.icb otbor in their arms. Tiie ?veral chiefs then went through the same solemn ceremonies. lb.- Snakes maintained their |w>slti in in the line, when the I'tes [S'-ed along the Hue, in?asurlug mils, t linking bands and < inbra" ng each other, W1 nn 'his portion f the oeiramny nas done It was agree I that they eh nil 1 a<ijr nrn to tin enc?rapm?nt of 'lie Snakes, in i'nlon aqn ire They went promiscuously, aud the V'es en camped in It II. Huntington's door yard. The Miakis anc I tee ihon foimed two paiallel Hoe-, about *w rods apart, and sat down on the grasp Ka tat-o and Ti be-bu tiuv its then tilled two large pines w ith t.itn-i ntimp and tobacco, commenced t t the ngbt of the line of :hn rtes, presenting the pipe to the first nun, not allowing hint to touch the pite with his hinds, ?h ? having smoked iiii111 satisfied , i io- pipe iri' presented io the next, and thus passed through the entire company If arj one was unaccustomed to smoking he wis excus-d, by putting hs right hind on the right shoulder of the -pake and drawing It tiowly down his arm md along the pipe Af'er the -Hakes had passed the pipe to all the 1'tes, I1" 'eel neet and Tin-tick preseotod the pipe to the-nakes h. tike n inner. They spent tiie remainder of the diy in ? atuig and refreshing. OpsiiN PRATT ON THE EBSflUL 00 VERS KENT. Extract from a sermon preached !-<'pt. 10 ] Hei snip* may Inquire, Is it right?la it lavful for another government to lie organised within the I'lii'-ai -tale, yf ? nature* Yes, perfectly to .um ? not ihe constitution our country guarantee to all eiigir-is societies the tljht of forming any ecclesiastical g vs.niuet.t M.ey line- lertaiiiiy It doi-s, ani etery iu ielllgent man knn* - ihis t? he ne fact. Ihe nu-deus of such a government I* formed, and its laws have emanated from this tbrnne .food nndlfisper lect. having come from s pure fo ntaiiv. bat lues this n ake as it,dependent of the laws ,f tu,. i niicl -'hues No this new government doe not r,,me in enn'art ?i*h the government of the I'ulted-tales, in keeping < ur e iveu.inis and obserTUig mr rdigio ,s l tw- and , er?. mimes, or the laws that <iod has git ?n to the , hlldten at ?u n. we xte n it required to vlolste the prin ?Ipleait'' right that .tr? enutalMd n tho con-titutlon and haws of the I nlted Slates. Ha. nut the government of the I'nlted -ta'os br?i no where wr ald b.iteleen safety fbr t is peonley ) in-w nowhere. If this republican government had not i-eei, ginlied his continent, the kingdom of ' ur. ;st. tld not hsvo h< en prots ted lm'the hand of tlx .r.. ha- been n .t, and -"uperin'en.led its organ I ta 1. o itad no ntn can hinder .ts pr>'gross. if '.Ins i-PMrnment had been formed in any other a mg loan or nali n up n the eai th. except tb? ! uited tiit- . ebi re w-iuld have !?? on the privilrx*'Mn'' hber ii th . ; - si pie W ' the .u'i ? me' ut *he Aliuighty, and Jin xnoatfesUiiM oi His mire ? ih ? s jnw* furinr protec to"j. wetji'ii.i ha i bean rooted utof t. etrth. ARjiiTAi s or ooons \ndsai>ts. f.rriveo mi ?h-- ftth ust.. at tb? fleseret itsrri. their first tram if g ods, "ti wag m* (Hi the 7th net., lb n n 1 empany of rmii'jtrattitg asitr t?, N". T. Ooymsn ' aptaln. tin the ll'-h lust., tie tr ilo of -'. M. Ida r eomprieing v. wafODi, inciadspg ? ft* laraiilM of T ran solnta. DBfTXBBT TYPOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIATION. O. .H. L City Thursday, Sept. 6, 1853?9 P. M President Chine*.- II. Young presiding. 0|eued by prayer by President Young. 4T lawittee on oy-laws, regulations, Ac., reported pro gress. President Young expressed hie hearty concurrence .n the iesoluti"ii- ami action of i ho association relative to l) c I*eseiet alphabet; U'ged its claim* upon our atten tion and that of this ooinmnuity, and recommended mea sure* for the sdeody formation of a liberary. Elder J. McKuigbt prophesied good concerning the At ?ociation Htmai ks were made by oilier* present relative to ex tending our efforts, procuring a luitab e p'aee. and cad ing together, so far as posaiu e. all the members of the association. President Young having proffered a room ir. his dwe 1 ing house for future meetings, as also the use of his l biary, On motion of Elder B. Alien, it was resolved that w :i -ej t the generous propose 1 ot 1 -eaident P.H.Young, and that the meeting* of this association he hereafter held in his On motion, adjourned to meet at 1'rest P. II. Young's, on tiro first 'hurday it October, at 7.o'clock, P. M. Benediction by Rider J. Q. (.'hanihers. J. (i. CH \MBER8, Clerk. Hxad gcaKTKRS Nadvoo U- ion, i Adjutant General's office, r ?.hut Sarr LakxCity, Sept. 5,1855. ) pecia'. OtQ( rs, No. 5. o <*?>!. Albert Harrington, Topogrr.jhical Kngiueer, Gene ral staff: mr ?You a'e hereby required ie crganire a Corp* of Tnpngrapbieal Engineers for lb-- Nauvoo Legion uni Vilfi tia of ibe Teriit- y of Ftah; and to enrol, subject to'tbe approval of the Lt General, tbe names of so many from the legion, as will, In your judgment from their know ledge of the requisite branches of military science, justi fy the api ointment. By < rder of Lieut, t.en. P. Ii. V? H. B. CLAWSON, Brevet Ac jt. General. llARF T1MB8. There is a great dea; of real property advertised for sale. Cash j-1 very short ull round. WHBKB IS UN ? information wanted ol iho whereabouts of Charles smith, aged til years. He left England by tbe Lid Com pany in 1864 and while crossing the Plains he left that company and engaged to drive c le.un for T. S. Williams. He was taken sick on the road, and was left in the hospi tal a' Fort Laramie. Any information concerning him, after that time, wiJl lie thankfully received by his mother, Mrs Abraham ilillam, Horsforlh, Woodslde, near Leeds, England. The Liverpool correspondent of the TktertL .Veins say that the cause is progressing in Great Britain, but that more laborers are needed in this vineyard. OFFICIAL STATKMKNT OF TUB KOUMON HISTORIAN. Leo. A. Smith, Historian of the Hhurcji, hss published a bug account in the Vents. Wo extract the following ? The Church has about 05 missionaries from Utah in Kurope, and an equal Dumber in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Isles, besides large numbers of native Elders in the different fields of labor, and a considerable lumber of the saints are scattered throughout the Lcited Mates and the British province- The Otiaret .Ven t, edited by Elder Albert Carrington, is published in O. N, L. Pity, and issues 4,000 copies weekly. A weekly newspaper is published in Ft. Louis. Mo., by Elder Erasing Hnow ; auot ier in the eity of New York, by Elder John Taylor. A periodical i publi-hed in Liverpool, England, edited by Li ter F, D. lllchards and hits issued -J.OdO copies weekly. A weekly periodical Is published in Swansea, South Wales, called tbe Udgom .Scion, iu the Welsh language, by Elder Dan Jones. A periodical, called the Sran'liruiL'iens Stlernt, is also published in the Danish language, at Oqieutiagon. Hen marl,. A peri slical has aNo been publii-bed in switzer Isnd in the French language, edited by Elder T. B. 11 Ftcnbouse. The Book of Mormon has been translated and published in the Welsh, Danish, French, German and Italian langiiogos. Ihe work has made considerable progress in Sweden and Norway, the governments having ma 16 their utmost exertion' to prevent it The progress has been slow in France Germany and Italy, owing prin cipally to governmental proscription. In Denmark and Switzerland "he progress has been much belter. In the Sandwich Island considerable pro gie s has teen made, some 6,000 pcr'0..s having received baptism. The Book of Mormou lias been tram-i.itod into tbe Hawaiian language, and a printinge-tibll.shment ha* been secured for the publication of the Book of Mormon and a periodical thore. llie missionaries on the Society Islands met with good success until the French government, with sword in hand, adopted the exterminating policy of the mobs in the I nurd Matt s. llissi inaiios have established tnany launches and a petiodical in Australia, branches have been established in south Africa, Gibraltw, Malta and al-o in the ulLel army and navy in the Crime*; several branches hive hemi established in India, and a ninthly paper published at Madras; hut owirg to the great ignorance and degra datlon of the people, ottr missionaries have met with bit very limited sucoe-s. About 1,000 saints ha' o emigrated from Denmark to this T. tritory. and a simil i (migration i< expected this sea-<m. Hi?' number <d t liiireh member* is unknown, but fmm'he best estimates that, we rt-n gain, they are ovi r 4811,001). A Company has been incorporated to a-sist th" lmtni gi nttug saints to this I lace, from the rouatrics first, - bete they are the moa: oppressed. It is termed ''th" I'erpetual i migru'mg Fund Company'' and has a napi'al ?of $'150,000 and i- coudncted on such principles a* to be continually increasing, uad ecends assistance tcemi graLiig's in the fi in o: loins tu nc re jiaid after they settle here. Fin tlietiithuf ibe li rch, 1 extract from the Timt* ri d sios' iis, as follows We believe in God the e'eroal Father, and in hl.s Am Jesus ' lii 1st, und m the Holy Ghost. We believe that men w ill 1? punished rcrthtlr own sins and uut Adam' tr.insgros-iuu. M " lieliere Ibat through the atonement of Christ all mankind Mill} Iw -avcd by obeoien :e to the la wa ua'l urdl ii.iu > h of the jt?s| ol. \\ c believe that these fir b nances aae, 1st. K.ii'h in the J-OT'I Jeaus Christ; -J. Ri pentaubd. P- pti-m by im meraion fir the teuiiseion ol sins; 4th. Joying on of hand* for tbo (rift oi the Holy Ghost. W believe that a man maul be called of (iod by pro pho y aud by 1 lying onoi hands. ' by those who are in antlim iiv tn preach the ' oepel and administer in the or dinal thereof. We believe in the some organization tliet existed in the i rimitive hutch, >it:?Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, LvungelUts \c. We believe in the gift ot tongues prophecy, revelation, vi-ii ds. healing. inieri relation 01 tongues Ac We t?d'"M tiir BlbV to be the word of (Sod as far as it U translated correctly: w also believe the Booh of Mor uion te tie the word of God. V\i belie, e all that (iod has revealed all that lie does now reveal, and we behove that lie wi i yet roves! many great and important thing" pertaining to the kingd nit 01 li,id. We b. lii've in the literal gathering of Israel, nnd in (lie restoration ot >he ten tribes. That /.ion will be built upon tl is continent. Christ will reign pers mallv upon the earth, and that ttar* earth will lie renewed and reel ire it' p radasi.wal glory. We ? tbepiivll"ge of worshipping Almighty God ace. riling to th? iiicuiies of our c m ciem e. and allow .ill men tbo sumo piiiilegu. Ic I he to worship how, when, or wlni they nmy. We believe in ta ng subject to kings, presidents, rulers and magistral^ s, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law. We i,elieve in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, anil in doing good to all men; indeed we insv say ttiat we follow the admonition ot Paul, - we believe rill tiling-, wo hope ail things," we h ive endured many thin,:s. and hope to be able to endure ail things. If there is im thing vlr tonus lovely, or of good report, or praise w rtiiy. we eek after these things. ju-pe.; fully, 4?. j<mm skits. We also believe in the patriarchal order of matrimony. A fonudation tias been ltid f irR temple in this city lftj leet 1' ng ami lift feet wide. t'n the 18th of February, IRoo, John Smith, son of Patriarch Hyrum Smith, the martyr, was ordained Patii arch ot er the church. The unparalleled progress of this pe iple in the (Su a of so much opposition and parseontlon. and in so dreary a country shows that too power ot tho Almighty is exei toil in a miraculous manner to spread his iliain ml truth to reclaim the nation . COKPLUfBHTART B1NNKR TO RR0TI1KR HERNHIsFL - tiik o&AMBorrm n. vote, etc. Ikroin the New". Sept. ft.] tin fhe evening <if the 31at ult. iii- Kxcelleney Governor Young gave ,i complintentiiry dinner to our delegate, tin H'it John M. Hernisbel at which Preaideats ivim ball and Giant, riders Farley I . ami Orson Pratt Georgs A. Smith, Fzic T. Benson, ami Hisliops Kdwsrd Hunter and l oren/.o It. Young were peasant, with their ladies. After being shown hrough the Governor's splendidly fin ished an.i elcgnn'ly ftirnlshrsl min-l 'Ti from the loity cujsils of whi?h ttie guests had a fine view of the elt\, valley, and lake, beyond whose western range a drrkly rising slonr cloud was vividly streaming with lightning flashes, and brilliantly Illuminated with the bright ray ol tlie declining sun they repatre i to the llb'ery, ami were . ntertainwi with mi?ic ou the piano by Mi-s Charlotte Cobb. At ' i'. M- the ? r.puny were rented at thmlinlng 'aide, which was .oM with a varied aban dar >ce ef substantial and luxuries, crowned with a rich dessert of luscious grapes and peaches frrm hii Kxcellen ey'(gardens. Ihe evening was passed in social cmycraatioa. !n wh'ch the lb ii. Jo, n M. lt< nhl-wl afforded much entertainment and instruction l y short de'siU Ot men and mat ers at Washington. ARRtv Ate.?During the past few days, in advance of their enmpanie-, RMers Charle- ""uiith. John Mayer, John W. Coward. Benjamin Brown, and Willard G M-Mullsn, arrived from their misalor.s to Kngiand. ()a th" 81st nit Klder I ra?tiis Jnow and ( hark H. Bassett arrived from their mission to 'be states. September dd, ('atdain J bn Hindley1* company of im* migrating Saint I drove int > the city, being the Gist ar tival of til" kind this season M'--'Iomrih>?We learn by letter that Bishop N. ?. tones and Klder Fntheringhan arrived in "an Francisco on the fttli oi July, en mute tor I'tah. They were four month end five days in doming trotn Calcutta, stopping iinde)s in Mi givpore, five In tiscso, and ten in ifong Kong, from ?hb h thev rcschetl San Francisco in titiy?ix ay rhey expect t" come through on tli" northern rou'e. n company with Bishop J. U Haywood. "n T! ??(.,? Isst a few th ' i-and million grasshoppers dc i?i,in tt c settlements In the north of Utah county destroying every green thmg in "heir way: the last pros pect for Inead .n that riy. n is therefore suddenly -nap P'-d a*'ini < r Bishop rvans on Sunday informed us that they were con',inning the.r lavage-when te left Lohi the evening prtvi .us, In H n Fjra 1. P< h-, r ,no mis us that thi coun'y of T..?s.,> s also if-:'ed by a-iiui' ir plague, utting off the last ray of lope ?? r -h'- farmer", as about furtygrass 1 nppt ? 1 rr' ?* w - . on eve r ? tad of corn: thev do*: roy the Mb ft .i, wb b prevent' ?'.# .?r (-am CUing and <?. tifely ? estny- the r?? yen *h- y remain on a p;.teh but s short tin,e. Fits' ATTT>m.?'tn 'he m '?? . atont sunse- Br. DavidWDlisme was ?'cid?utnl!y dr ?-q npon tbesaw in Woo Hey, ^now A '"?> s ^w mill, n 1 ttie CMtonwo* > hjipytvt; ?nJ n'moat :ostar.-iy ftitle t ( DEPASTURE OP MISSION ARIBS. Grxat Ralt Lakh CTnr, Sept 6, 1866. At a meeting of the Elders -?ho are going on foreign ra;?*lon?, in the bonne of the Lord, opened with prayer by Elder 0. Dratt, Kloere Am Calkin, Joseph Smith See field, William J. Smith, John Sanderson, Thomas Whitoley and James las enter, were blessed by Elders 0. Pratt, E. T. Benson England. and K. Snow, and set apart to go on missions to Kng A hymn, " Come, come ye saints," was sung Christian Hjer, Thurston Synipsou (Norwegians),. , Alex anoer Ott, Christian Frederick, NeL-on Tweedy (Germans), Christian Chrlstianson and Neils Iarsthiistesen (Danes), were also Massed and set apart to preach in the United States under the direction ot Elders John Taylor and Orson Spencer. The Danes then sung a hymn In their uatiye language. Atidiew Cunningham Hornet Duncan, Morris J. Snod.i kt r, William F. iTbiaud, John Ostler, William Wilford Allen, Henry Holey, sen., Conrad Kdnemru, John F. Sue . Joseph P. Robinson, Marshal C. Kinsman and Dan daker. Joseph I icison Buren Barney, were blessed by 1'rest. J. M. Grant and Elder Krastus ."mo w( and set uprrt to preach In the United States, also under the direction of Elders John Taylor and O. Spencer. John (holer, Joseph D. Robinson Marshall C. Kinsman Daniels* n Buren Barney, Alexander Ott end Christian Fredeiick N?l?on Tweedy were, during the morning, or dained seventies. Benediction by Elder O. 1'iatt. The above missionaries took tlioir departure iVom thi eity on Monday loth, and Tuesday, 11th, in goodhealtn and splri s, with the prayers and tiles-ings of the s-viut accompunjing th-m. TilJH. BULLOCK, Clers. GEN. WOOL ON POLYGAMY. The San Francisco c rrespondent of the .Veins sty*: ? Br. O. I*. Rockwell calls upon me occasionally, rie a ? coiDpanied Col. Steaioe'g command to Renecia, when they wero turned over to Gen. Wool, who, it seeins, has raih'siy jurisdiction over a wide section of country. He inquired of Oil titeptoe how the people get along in TTtali. The Col. Matured him that there wm no need ot any trrops to sustain any good man in administering gmeminent: but the people suffered from the Indian--. Gen. Wool said it was his intention to furnish a couple ot c< mpanies to be located at Rush valley, but did not say where. , The General joked the Colonel, and bii! 1 ifhe (the Col.) went to 1 tali, he would become a Mom,jo ami g?t, a 1<?; of wives, (in being assured that the pe pie in Utah hul many wives, ho (lien. Wool) coolly remarked, "Well, they ought to take good care ol'them." At the last account the Col. bad not h ard from his proposition to accept the toffice of Gove-rntr ot' Utah on certain conditions. THE MORMONS SACRIFICE TO POUONA. A horticultural society lias been formed in Great Salt Luke, and the following officers wore unanimously chosen:? Wilford Woodruff, President. William 0. Staines, Vice President. George V. Watt, Corresponding tecretary. Thomas Bullock, Home decrettry., ? Samuel W. Richards. Treaserer. The following commnnicati in has be-'o 'ent to the Pre sident of th" American I'omological Society:? G. S. 1, City, August i!4, 1856. lion: Marshal P. Wilder?1 have hastily drawn up the following brief account of fruit in these valleys, as ftir a has come under my observation. Wo have gieat reason to bo encouraged iu regard to the onUivation of fruit, bore in tht valleys of the moun'ains. Ahb'ugh numer ott-efforts have teen made to bring standard varietie: from tlvo States, still, owing to the great distance they have to come, and the poor facilities wobaveasyet had for bringing them in proper sea-on, we have only a fe v vari eties of cultivated apples. They have not yet pro luceo any fruit. Efforts are now. however, being made whith it is hoped w ill prove successful, to procure a choice and extensive vailety of fru<:. tlie coming season. We .-.incerely hope it will not lie very long ere I tob shall bo a luccessful rival with any State or Territory in the C lion, lota for variety, quantity and excellence ot her Iruit. <>ur soil is various; land lying neir the base of the monutuin, or what is called bench land, semis best adapt ed to the cultivation of fruit, lherliiuatuis warm, with but dttle rain from the 1st of April to the middle of au tunin. Onr winters are not severe. This conntry, pre vious to its settlement by this people, (the letter Day Saints.) was Dot supposed to be capable of producing an ear of corn, or a spear of wheat, trowel! .satisfied were the mountaineers of the liiet, that they offered a reward of one Ibou-soul dollars for the first ear of corn that should be raised. But owing to the indefatigable exer tions of this people, water is ma le to leave it* mountain channels in ditches, in many places cut a'.cngthe sidss of steep mountains, and is seen winding its way and branch ing off in various direction* giving each cultivator ruth riei-.t to render his lend fertile and productive-, and what was once thought to be a barren wOderMer, now bids fair to blossom as - he rose. Of seedling apple*, the e are -ever t! choice kinus that haveboine foi throe year- ui.giu*! nanus have been given:? 1. Deseret apple. tl. Bee-hive. 3. Rod I'te. 4. i'ride of the vulJey. 6- Mountain -hiet. There are the only one* named. T..?re are several others unmatured, which promise well. <>' plains there are sevirai varieties in blaring, but noue worthy of notice. 11 mi. ? N' n<- in bearing. Apricots.?T here aie s- irm line tree* th.v have borne for two years; the fruit looks well, and it is thought will bt very productive. Nectarine*.?There art none ho c. Cbeiriis.?A good many trees, but no f.-nit worthy < f notice. 1'cache* rcem to be particularlv adai u-d -o the -oil anu ? limute of the*-- valleys; they am produce 1 here io groat (|Osn'ities. and of superior quality and size. We have te l. j'-ll,,n- and whim, also the blood cling: eighteen dif tetent v riot if- have been named and placed on cata logue. The name-given are original, and as follows:? 1?lliigliam -Favorite, a white peach, ripens lantul August. ;?I ;ldr of T'ti.i ft larg" ied rareripe, line flavor. ;>?CarTington's larg* White, < n- of which w-ighei wtw ounces. -?M illard's Extra, red lareripe. ? ?i au Dyke. a beautiful and v cry flp? po? h. e?Excelsior, n tine yellow peach, middle of September. 1?bprsgoe'* rareripe. 8?Grant's h..rly R?*t, sue median, riptms middle of August. V?Ne l'lo* I'ltra. 10?burnt'* Cling. 11?Woodruff's Mountain Sweet. 1"?Cannon * Early Kcd. 1??Woodruffs Frollfic. 14?Mammoth Golden, very exeelleat and ia.-ge. 15?looker'* Yellow R%r-ripc. 1<'?Darlington's Superb, very like the yel low Valacato-.n. IT?< arriDglon's Productive. 1*?lieber'* M.unUiinoer. There are probably many others oi go?d quality not yet ei-covered. (.rape*, we have several kind*, the best of which is the ( alilornta grape in much like the Isabella, clusters large and floe: ripen* here first of September. C'unan>* <re have three wild varieties, red, white and jcUow, which grow to :i uiig" >>ize, somo being fi inch in diameter. The white and ret cuvrants of tb" States hav? been brio gl.t here, but have bo- n mu?i!y destroyed ny th>- gras?h< p|?rs. (I'lose'ierrie*. there are but tew here, and of those my knowledge i* limited. Strawberries, we have quite a variety, pro 1 need l'rom seeds, seme very go?'d. Melon*, watermelons of line quality, soms weighing from fifty io i.ix'y pound* Musk melon*, a gr>at variety, and v"ry l*ne. The above imperfect sheet is subrniited to your (-insi der at ion, and with every wi-h for the dissemination r.' correct principles fur the culli Vs I ion nud propagation ? f fruit. I subscribe my sell vi-ui* truly, EDWARD Hl'STER. CITT IMrnOVEMn-TTS, ETC. [From ihe I esc ret News, r*eptemoer 20.) The cmnty Court II) use now beiug built iu the Four tr< nth ward, i* rapidly prog.e-?ing under the efficient opeiaiion* of the contractors, Messrs. Andrew t'unning lam and Robert Hurton. Ihe stone lias, merit is tinished and the workmen ate rapidly laying up the adobes. It l* 46 by 50 leet on the ground, 1* to bo two stories ab >ve the basement, and the do ne will ri-e to the height of T'i ?et. This building will rrsally facilitate the tran* lion of county business, afford ample and sale room r records, and be an ornament to that part of our ci .. . TheCbmch Recorder and Historian's office and dwelling will soon be ready for the roof U will be a commodious hand-nine ano well furnished building, and is 1 -cited on the south side of South Temple street, a nbort distance southwest from (iov. Young'* new mansion. Gov. young's large dwelling house, just east of anl in connection with hi, office and man-ion is enclosed, and ihe workni' n aro bu*lly engaged in limshing it. A hands, me cobble-stone wall, ten feet high, has b < d uullt from the centre of the south line of the Tithing tlfUoe Mock north to the centre of the Mock, end on the east and west line through the centre of the block, a.i 1 it o designer! to continue it rouud uniii the south half is ench ied. 1 each trees haTe yield. .! remarkaliiy well, and the fruit i- gencnlly very laige an fine favored. In the mi,1*1 of tue above, and numerous other im prover.ienIs and Messing*. the .-itl/ens are quietly pur suing tbr industrlon* w?Q ordered, virtu u* tenor f their way, an I oonotanlly rejoicing in the rich blessings of liraven iMonsnoh that we an happily freod from Ike ta-k of detailing list* of those outrages nud aboiiinn. tions shleh daily and weekly BU ihe columns of our mo e . ivlll/ed (T) cotemporai ie*. We t.ust thst, through faith and obedience to the commandments of the Most High, such will ever be the ca?e among all the latter 1 ay -sin' o Compositors and pros-men. who wi-h employment at their trade, are ret|iie?ted to report themselves at the i t seret AVvr office, at a- early a date as practicable. Saturday, OA ins'., raining, snow fell on the moun tains h r the firwt time this -OiSon. StiMe the 2fid the weather bs? lawn plea*ant, and very fftvora.le to the ripening of late corn crop* Should it continue *> a short time long, r, there will )?? quite an addition to oar *mall siotji of breadstuff*. blight frosts . n the lowland* *'ept. 17, 18 and 10. Arrived, on the 26th Inst., Capt. Richard Ballantyoa'a company of I'. E. Fund Saints. In passing through the -treetf of our city, all ha I joyful > nunicnu icr*. and the train presented a beautiful a| poaranoo *.- it w*ndci |t? way to Tnion -quare. enlivened in It* progrt ?* with the *sr'eet -train* "t mnsic fby the Kanvoo Brs** tiami. which went back to tlie Willow i-'pnng* u? meet this com p.snv .ind their old capulfl, Wm. Htt. While ihe company acre com ling, the Hr*t I'-oaJ (leney drove on to the square, and w. re highly g aiitiod that so many poor faint* had sacressfully escaped from wicke lne?* and < ppreesion. ( FLEBIlATIOW OF THE riONKKJt MORMON*. The '4th July, the ?r.nv?r*->ry of the a-nvat ? *'alt I.ske of Rrtgham Yontg and '.'.j, pioneers it ?* duly cele brated. The Stm snys ? ? It ? *- ? "tended '? print n f id *11 the pro?eding* no the fifth of Jnlv. in tV lifferen- sett).meqfs, {*., far as they might be Tjmt"he<! 1 ' nt before all iht repor'? ame to hsn . ? sever* attack of mf imm'i'n -h# *y,.? ,m. (died ftn aceumuiati ,n of msnnsciipt eatlltoo late to : ? c<renilly nteresting. "n 'h.s ft. -ount. wi-h thanks ; i urfriends for their minute and well written *c*ount? if I is thought most aiiv'saMe to pimt the following brief eon dens ltious and tile the papers m the Historians' The manuscripts referred ty are from hpiingvllle aad Pay-on, In Utah county, from Parowan in Ir-n comity, and Loin Harmony in Washington county, a* whtrh plocei the day was joyously m l harmoniously eelenratod with tiring of cannon, music, processions, loasls, songs, ad dresses speeches, orations, feasting, and dancing. Committee of arrangements at Spruucvilln?William Miller llriab Purtis, M V. Crandall, C. Vnnleuven, lo seoh Kelly, C Sand lord. Marshal of the day, Joeeph Kel ly. Esq. Aeelsiant, C. Saudfoid. (Seek, P. M. Westwood. S'peeeh in behalf of the Pioneers ky the Mayor, W. Miller. Speech in behal'ofthe Mormon Battalion by Major M N. CrandaU. Speech in behalf of the Universal s-cif otitic Society, by

President A. Johnson. Speocb in behalf of the Spriugville Dramatic Associa Men, by P. M. Westwood. High-forehead and Tablet 'Indians), also addressed 'he red nu n present, explaining the design of the assemblage. About 100 ol the natives arete sumptuously feasted in the school house. In the evening, the Springville Dramatic Association performed " Born to Mood Luck" and " The Two bonny nasties," tickets free. Committee at f'aysiip?B. F. Stewart. H. Pearce. J 11. Fairbanks. J. luiTU. P. Webo. Marshal of the day, Charles 11. Uancock. Oration by the lion. B. F. Jnhusou, orator of the day. Address, in beha.f of the pioneers, by B. F. Stewart, Esq. Address, in behalf of the Mormon Uattaiion, by T. U. O. Howell, Esq. Finer L. W. Hancock, as drum major, gave a specimen of the various calls used in the battalion, and told many interesting incidents connected with the hard and efti cient service of that ever memorable body of men. The red men were not neglecteu in tbe Isa-ting; abou thirty of them were seated at a table bountifully spread and, after partaking to their fullest aatiifaction, were furnished with an ample supply of dainties fur the sict and inflrm, who were unable to attend. Committee at Parowau?James Jewis, Win. H. Dame. Orson B. Adams. Marshal of the day, Z. B. Decker: aids. W. V. "tewar and J. (Juvman. Orators of the day ?Elders J. H. Marti Dean and J. N. Smith and President J. C. L smith. Ofiieers of the day at. Harmony ?John D. !/oe, Prcsi dent: FJi'ha Oroves, Chaplain. T. I). Brown, orator. Commi'tee :?J. M. Benson, H., Barney, K. Robinson R. liichey Marshal. In a dition to ih" oration there were addresses in be half of the young men by A. 0. Thornton, aud in behalf of the young Indies by Miss Caroline Lee, and speeches by the President and others. The natives gleefully paitiripated in the celebration ami good things ? f 'he day. How will tbe lower world reconcile so much festivity wed heartfelt enjoyment with their allegations of cor ruption V Ibey cannot do it, for the wicked do not know true happiness, neither is it witl in their reach. The elect do net seem to be altogether exempt from the annoyances that fall to the lot of us, outsiders The Navt complains bitterly of the irreg-.ils .ity and fre qucnt luiltire of the mail jo that remote locality; soli seems Uncle bam remembers 'hat misery loves company, and means to treat all his children alike, whatever ,th"i o),ii ions are on tho "Tee lev' movement, After de tailing some ol tho failures, the Arid remarks on tie mail nuisance:? For tame suiferance of gross imposition,at an enormous expense, we believe the Americans beat the serfs of Rus sia, or the oppressed of any clime, at least so far as mat' facilities are concerned; for who else would or could s tamely submit to constantly pay ovei their mooey to a party who receive it and tin a do just as they please about fulhliog the obligations incurred by its receipt ? It is certainly Ugh 'hue that the guvcrnn'ien: safely and promptly transmit mail matter, or leavo 'he field open to iudiiidual enterpri e; for as it now is, It Is a constat! source of great loss and bitter disappointment. tmr 1'eseret cclrmporury publishes a brief item of in on mat ion for correspondents and contributors:? In writing for tfce Not* no one uood hesitate because he is not thoroughly familiar with punctuation, grain mar, Ac. Also the U llowmg song to cheer up tbe Saints en routs :? Farewell my native l?nd. farewell, Thouhasi no charms fo- mo? 1 go with '/ion's sons to dwell, Amongst noble men and tree. Adieu to priestcraft, pomp an0 pride. "ppressi'-n anil distress; I gj tiie laws of (iod t'abide, Willi those the lord will bies?. The Happy Valley Is comparatively quiet. Nothing hts centred of late, to risturb the equanimity of that imma eulate patriarch. President Brighain Young, anu his esinlly compeers, to any unasua, degree. The history of "the late Joseph Smith, the la I he' of the taith, (w.n lias not been seen bodily, since ne appeared to tuc brethren,on a white horse, foar days after his decease) 1 cootinutd through six or eight mortal columns, of each number of tbe Awl. Jiseph's hi-toiy is a remarkable one?especially loi Its length. It eclipses Abb'ti's Na poleon, altogether and Sweil--nhnrg 's but dred and nm< volume* were not a circumstance to it. like the dance, to which 1 r. Faust was uiuoducod by hi# batantc Majes ty, it seems likely never to end, and according to present iu-iralions the reader of a hundred year-, hence, if iU' 1 ere'?t Mem is still in existence, will find the biography of thai Illustrious member ot tho Smith family still run nine through its column-,, and not hah completed. Mveral mis loosrles, wlm hare been promulgating the fsi'h in China, the Fas' Indies and the sntipades gene rally. are on their way to I tah. Weary o: toe uenle ol tbe wlcted world, they are returning to enjoy '-for a ss? si n," the spiritual ? mforis of the Huppy Y?l>y. A ItKMINISCBNCK 1 [From the Dcseret New-.] Ilov svrtet 'tis m Spring time, for beauty to en', A gar!n"'d or wrraf. trum the !!? .v*rs of ilif soil Of the violet ami crocus, with others which woke us In the dayt of mr Childhcod to labour ft toil, Wo lowed their bright forms, ah surrounded by storms They peeped i.irough tho r-za- w as It melted .1 ??y An they prophe>ted true, that the wind as i' blew, Was a herald announcing the coming of May. Soon Ap.ib< >?rm Showers, (the hedge rows and bowers J'Tepsied with a robe of the loveliest green; Th' n the ? west h mey bee, with the bird on each tree, Brought the music, to welcome the bright summer Vneen, See, See, (ho advancesand from their deep trance*, The Power era awaien of many a hue. To array mother hart h. inn carpet f m'.r'h. A> they laugh in tho sun>hini-, or glisten wi'b dew Oh, now <hbulu 1I.0 heart boat, and each coming day gtw < ? lather above with the .1 en'." o,' prayer That 'Mr b'-riogn around us, with which be hath crowned us, Msy tot be our highest ambition o- care Now ail nature rejoices, ?n I ten thoa-atd yokes As Summer roll- by <e impressed i r the car And the fruits of rich store, as ea b hough bends tl.> morn, tin the dial e. Time mark': the far of the year, Each rrjibyr low brings, and i.i it' ?. ur*e flings Rich pei tume-uer m mutain, oer upland, am) 'led. From the feilds ?f new bay ami the lean flowers gay Or the briar and woodbine, which Is'lnes tr the ?e!l The g<> dm grain waving, a'' though it were c.ari'.g faiths -one rnd blight daughters to comfort A '.less AoJ pienty ami gladness now d no a?ay adDe?; Enciicll: g all flesh in its common cues* East; fte seat on of reaping, and wiuter now creeping; 1 "ols 'he berth .n r cruet by her magical 'pel. Cli. ri ? the rivulets (1. w, and n mau it of snow Horn *:or?house is brought bo- c?ch n i,<k hill .in dell And still should the heart beet, and eiah circling y<t greet '?urV,"r and (Jod. w .'h Its ' and Its pra: e, Tba* his fev - and sn :le, > 'en in leath m.iy I -guile, And pr'Tlde us A Rest at die Knd of ou i'iy G. B. I* City. H. W. Naif , tt [l-'or reatonr that will be nude-stood by th- ,iuili ir, tlm above article has been ??t up preetaely according to tho furnished copy. If the write! s ?.itisiied with his punctuation, with his omiss in of the customary apo? tropbe in the possessive <a s, and witb the graimn tic construction nf all his sentences Ac., perhaps we ought to b?-, though we have ye' to learn why. We are particularly 'ond ol encouraging " h"m? maun facture" in all Rebranches, and in publishing as above W" hr pe to accomplish a three'old object, vis.?1??, t< plea-e the author, v.l, to furnish a good leason lor t*e ezaminatlnn of children who are studying grammar, a al 3d. to let writers understand that it requires some c*:r and judgment to o .rrectly prepare an article tor ')?<? bands ofthe compositor, whose duty it is to str tly f I low copy. When requested or permitted to fit communbaV tia i ?, the .Vers we have aimed to comply, so far aso"t t.ijue and judgment wouln admit, but when aucl ','orty is withheld there is no option but to publish ?n : ? ? j.tat ?s it is handed in. or reject it.?En.] KARBIKI). In this city, on fiOtlt in-t., by President 11. koang. V l'HHm's F. Fan snd Mi-s Msr.v J. Titoom With band- aad hearts ' igether J< in? ' Your union sweet shall be; Be fruitful, thi n, and multiply The ''blessings of the "free." At the residence of A. P.. Willicm-. -,.ga. Bouse Ward, Sept. VI, by Elder Alfred Wat; >u. Mr. a: > sacs Voutuv, ofl'n vo. and Mis* JBUA As* W ijaams Also, by the satr-r at be same place Mr. Ih'sw s W.ilTOV, of T'ioVo, and Miss (ktl:'tn JflAL, of rv.gsr House Ward. When thus, ,n tho time reunion and b-ve, The wine ?no tV cake, v th th< note rornc ai ig i >ur wish tor your happineas troly we prose, writing yo*, gratia, this weet lit'h > >ng - I'nfeVfr let your l.etits, pur' As angels', be united, Thu* shall v iur ble?ainfpi t e ?c ? re, And all the vuss you've jiipM-.. By Bishop S. Richards, > IV n ' 1. j t.16, IK s Ur. IfAMra. WniiakBI aud M.?? *'an*i Ass In , ,?i, ft em 1 ngUnd. Jfii'RHvum Alar plee- ropy In this city, on the 3d ia-v., by rTd> . .-. W. 57a. dy Mr. Knw.s i! IJtMu to Y. - KT rtrt' W -l e, . al ot thi' city. Tho>" bee. f??1>? emblem ?' vurs, wi , js ; Aad *ru?' e<n ''or Jhs . sr.;' s si *?, That true ,,.y .nd l ive may wttb ynu aooun). With e'nf-s aa -vee* a? r e cate. nrn: In Bean*... . Bar.- i.ty, a l?, ? ?. v p. B' vs, aa-d .X'i years an I 10 n. .t 'h. H'' was born .n Wa'.tr rd. -,ira* p, a r.-y, N. Y. Was Wptlted, Je'y 4 1H.W, ind gather.'! wt-h *.? -a.n's iaHancOck innty, ID., in May IMO; thete i.Peredthe privav.ona >n 1 i<ere? utlons the *r..u'* a'an '-ub>e queat ? i the death ?f t^e prpbt. i0?.t . and Hyroai; VS' di.ven "Ut with the saints In IMd, and, wi.l rriutiy others o* *he br? 'br* n 'arri d in If . rt f,sf|h, I a a, t.. get vn outfit for the vaitsvs i f *be mo .n aics where be arrived n Septeiub"*, ItM, H?wb> er-ie rjefl ntot'ie high f .-iwrt.-' ijutr jm e IWt He died firm in Um (aitli of tlie Gospel, wtLh the full licpe and u^muftttce if a glorious re-iuricfilioa. JOHN STOKKU, Bishop. '? 'h? ?"7 ot Fr<rv?, on Su nitty, Sept. 2, Sarah, wife ot Alfred Walton, sged 40 years. Hie was bap'iaeo in the winter of 1840, and with her lam ly moved from Erie county, l a., to Nau.oo, 111., in the spring of 18t 1 in ihu fall of the same year removed to Green Plains, wheuee, with many .. he is she waa drivm by the tilcod-thirsty mobbeu, an! forced to seek shelter in Nauvoo, where she lived u short time and again removed westward, llually ietUi?w at Council Bluffs. " In June. 1880. herself and fan ily started for the rnnuu talns to join Uo Saint*, where they arrived in Septem ber. Settling in <3. 8. I> Valley, tbey re mailed until Sept., lti'J, when they irioovcu t.. Provo, Utah county. She uuwaveiing in the belief of this go ipel, and in the''ivine mie'-ii n of the Prophet Joseph, and departed in fall assurance of a glorious resur lection with the ranriit'ed. tin the 11th in tant, Wi.liaw llsnry. son of Cap'. W. U. and Maiy Ann Hoi per, aged 1 year, 7 mouths an I 0 days. At Parowan, Iron county, on Saturday, Sept. 2. 1885, of 1 Ihous fcver and apoplexy David lewis, son ot Ne'tali and Mary, bom in Warren ;uow imp-on) county. Ken tueky Ap:il 10, 1814. Aged 41 years and 5 mouths. NRW ADVKHTT8FMENTH. Attention, Everybody!- H. kt. Hia'r's train of forty-five wagon* bus arrived, wt'h a splendid a<sortm>wit of goods, wiiwh will be opened for in-pa tton without delay at Reese's Id Hiand. A'luu or Ti?i-I il al' u ?n my splendid stock of goods at Reese's old stand in a day or two, no train having arrived sooner than I had > xpeeted It. Give me a ca 1 aac my goods ?no trouble to how them?gentlemanly Mormon clerks? clever fellows?like the proprietor. 8. M. 11LA.1R. Tub Pacixic Kxiitiss l ohiony de-urn running a regular monthly express Ic.tveea Salt Luke'diy, via the Southern route to < allien it, the Kaaiern States anil Kurotic, an! shall stsri tlielr out e*>reit? from this city on tliu 1st of October. I.oilers, pi oksguH anil pare*:* will bo lor w arded to their df ?< tinailon witbotit do en lion. Hpeinal rare will bo taken of all ordeit and ' client ions entrusted lo their curs. LIVINGSTON, KINK Kill ,t OO, Agenta. Oflloe and delivery at our store. Omtr/i. Ac/ormr, G 8. L. <'itv.?W. Eddlngton" will open hie on] reboot on Monday. Kept. 3, 1855, oneaud a half blocks eaetofibe Uovernor's residence. Honrs of attendance from 9 till twelve A M and troui one till P. M. Fee?Three and four dollars per quarter, one half in advance. W. K will snpp'y the pupils with pens nut ink. G. D. Wait has received a supply of the first volume of the "Journal of Dlscoursra." Those ivbo wt?h to nut the-uselvei In possession nt this moat valuable work bad better apply to Mr. Watt, first house north of Mulllnnr's Ginnery immediately, as Hie demand lor it is brisk, and it will toon be out of print and cat,not I e bad for money. I' lias near 4<K) Pages the tire ol the Mil. 8tar, and bound in half calf. Price SI 25. MR llBNNFTT H PLAN PGR KFhiKNKHATINO UTAH. The subjoined extracts are from the Mormon, the organ of Ihe I atter Day 8atuis published iu this city: ? (Trout the Mormon, of v'eptcu lior 15.] FOLDIERfi, ATTBNTION ! OLOWOCB VIOTORV TO OUR OOUMUT'S ARUM?A NEW ART IN WAR?HRVSVRTS TO LtKKRT!vyR. Drain at Arms, tn Assaults .iron JlvwI Virtue, in be /?? nu.TtaiU'd u.itk the Heron of ?ur Nation's Him'? " Good Looks" and '' Seduction'' to Suiylant Brartry and the Sw rd? fiveI'oints, itutead rf Point, l!u National Milttart/ Academy for th- Inetmcti <n of our li.uthi?Jlrauli/ and JSooty the. Countersign?A hta piifi i ml PrcpctUiun to arid >ur Na'vfnal Glory, fly James Gordon Hmaett of the New Tor!: Herald. Ihe world, in general, and the inhabitants of Now York city and vicinity n particular, wore startled from their le'bargy and utterly astounded by the appearance in the Nlw York Her/id ni the 8tli inst., oi tho most migniti cen* ?nd stu; endear plan of military tactics ever before dsvclnped in the art of war:? This Is momentous nows, and very tignlicsnt. withal. It shows thai 'he Mormon women are rtpe tor ronetlton, and that a detachment ot the regular army is a greater terror 'o trie pa triarchs of tbc Mormon Juruealeu., than Indians, or drought, or graishopj ors. It iodloates (he way, too, fior the eitinrtioa ol the peculiar Institution ot Utah The astonishing results of the expedition ol Col. 8'entoe, in this view, do m ist distinctly suggest the future policy of Ut" governnsen: touching this nest of Mormons. It is to send out to tee Great halt Lake a fresh detachment ef young and go,at looking soldiers, and at the end of two or three months order them otr to California ami ro placwtliem by a new detachment at Null hake OP v and so on, lit! there Turks of the doner*, or" ,-edt red, by fwn'nlne desor tiens. to th" Mai dard of Ctirl tlan refutations of one wife a piece Unquestionably, If with a hiking detachment of the nrmy in a ucw nod show v unhorm, the President were to send out to Club at this cr!?ls of impending famine, a corps ot regu tar disciplined women's rights women, to try down the law to iholr sisters ainorg'he MrrntoU','h"v would soon compel the patriarchs! aiithortt'e-i ol salt Lake'o an ryodus n some ruber region heyond the reach of onr gitilant army and our heroic warriors tn pefhoats, who know liietr rights, aud knowing, dare maintain 'hem. T>e hint should b? appropriated by the. adm'nlatraUon; for It, lint or the doctrine of 'squatter aovereignty' we cannot ooa illUltiorslly reach bis crying evil of polygamy *? the S ilt f.ulc, v c must rrarh it by stratagem. We rttcntninenu. ther* lore to the President and ihe Secretory of tho Interior, the jolitj of detailing aaotl r detachment o: tro u.s to 'he (frt at Raltl.vke fill with tho auxiliary force ot t hsir dozen regular "omen's riphte women whatever lite cost; end thus, even .should the prart hoppers fall m eonqu.T'ho Tertvory tu the ex pulsion of thesalnis, ihe worn may be done by a revolution umoig the wives ol tho kposties.' r-ucB, then is the r.wlu upintmdi prop used, 'fontie mauly dehaustbee officer* tu* to be sent ou', go id looting omi. (bat uiaybe the bettor able to sedaoe, Uld avay ft cm vice tlio horrid appearance it would have dressed in anuthct gail ; : ' '.h -*sl v.. have performed htii wmk of misery ard dct.'.h. 'hey am to be recruited by other'?flrr dashing, " yon ig, good looking foil nv*"? who will he quite iurn;iO ent to deoeivo an i d?stroy; real Christian geothmen, 1 wi'h a new ?h' wy rnSforni " who wiil he able to conupt the daughters ot I"tan, and in la te i duee Cbriatienity in all its beauty, as practised in the 1 niied -ta'oe. flier are t<> lake with them a nainuer of I alls?? w men's rights w<.nt"n,v?'ha" to insist in thsir ".nre'sinn, and ' show them their right* ' that 'he inhabit ant a ol I <ah may have < eul tr demonstration of the beautiful wailing "I ni'-n g'.mir Christianity, and be brought back to ?' the standard Christian regulation of ore wife apiece,''and a* ins t y inltaea or ft.-tv.ungw> men as salts oar convenience; tf<& a l"adlv t>l< w may he a.rock at the virtue of ' tab; that she nsy be crowded with vi lupi'ianes and proetitutes, like all other good Chileiian Slates and ciiies that debauchery and corruption may ran :M , thmt so may have our pr <cuie-aea, piiups, cypiifkus. hotel accomro ula tions, and ht urea of a-> i gnat ion; tba. virtue, eiiasiliy, and purity may he bani-b-d troin I Iah mat oaf daugh teis n-ayb* proslitu'ed, an.", oar wives debauched; that we may bav- our uy.< </.i pc.our l ive l oin s our candall* Island, oor Infanticides, (. r V id i-ae Res tells, our ssmi st'cicrosCAcas. >?', our diNea-e-. doctor*, md hoap'tala, and u'l th" Cthe- appliances of a g exl cd is'l?n Dtonnggmio community '.hat when offlc-trs, leayeii, judge-1, koMisrs, and (leutiles in general, gi t. I tan. they ean find th' m.. ? 'nv -uieu.e- andacom modallun-that are l> bo met with everywhere ain .tig the virtuous mile looLopam Curist. -n*. ,u !.. i this pl'wy .s ?o be achieved by lb" pa .ant oliioer- wild ol dittsof our army, under '-be ausj..cva an! direction <>f J sines Coiden iieooett, h w w hfWall . 'u ; known hat tl.? e ah ..nlc attoo* existed; we ho /0 known of '.!. t rrupt n- 'hi' "very where aboand; wo knew loo iha: Mr. H. tml ot.b> r men rc he world were cot ignorunt i this matter; bit Vi ware s-r.r"<"'y Brepaied for such sstounuiug de v>loj ementa. Its. hmid here h ? gh' tfiat pol icy si least would h ive di 'c.ted Iter couree; but uion.igamy. in '.In pe. n of J. li. bsmnett ?' i i a p> tucif ul id', .iic. airs exposed naeif in ail Its mm, loathsome, hides.-x* deformity. We out only knew'hat these abominations existed, hu> we also knew that *dit<-s and i.l -'o w u- acquainted w.tb th?m. and'ha*, their talk ubovt 'he evil- jf polygamy was either ao much cant hypocrisy, or, pur the imos haiiiHji" nnatruoU' t a,.-i. it. 'i..rt nen a ou* n'ed wiib ihe evils in 'heir mid-' ..mi with their own ?boi'inallona, l.nvc thought that polygnny was aiy Introdoeed es a hlir.d to mrryon' umro elfec mlly ihes" degrai'ug iriaptirg, J-c ning -lus that w ry viiarr lb and. inese.y shaie . uudei every g ?i ?, end hi. one aii class** ol runimur. y among monogamists W ith those who hold the latto -pinion we have ?yui|in by. aad (ltlmagh tuey l av" roi-ur ie - 'o. d ns, ye *nere ihereia b< tiesly ef riurbo"*, >< ?? ueiieve'hev i? n loaiy of ihe above, so: raon >' fit estee o them h tlieir g..od intent however w ? ng'y tpplie . nad el'ltough think that rueo ongbt to b- iuforiDed pou a u. j". t iefore they exprees ibeir "entimenta, y?t we admire au hones' men an i a tiani exprea* ?<?> el n. i -. much more wlien ilia* opinion is .ndignan'ly e*|.."-s.d against ad oh cry and U-ivi .u-ne a; tho >o si ir. s! hsome, rnr ed, diiuniiig ?iu ofrhrlitlen ty. Wl.a man Is tb-ire, t'?' is a man. and lea; ps--?kes tie mo-t U'ent prin- iple of virtue in his bogont, out mu t>. ; alii .l to ii" <? ie to see 'be withering, blighting Intlivnoe of this lusidiooe, deadly evil V/ho thai i, ,.i all e .gnizaut of the extant of this vice ; .ii wool' blush b i hi sox and for 1he woakne'S and depravity of poor, fcble, hill'anilyv Heety W?^i| |te< her. h'? chwroh in Hrooklya, Sei.t. 'n speuV'n ; of the t en"'! :ii in'luenco ol fun ily and chui h !? tralill ? ver young men, in view of 1 . mpting mnoeiv'" ti ?? eveernher* abound, '?That I'would iw a i. ?v l on* halt of th" youths i>et fniered the "'iy were b.t be red at the threshold Ih-.'irc they en'sred t' ? they world ,li?-n; leest in puri ty "andtna*. if arent w:-h<sl to aewd Iheii sons Into 'Lu ci'y without l Utiing them nud-? ? m u. h re ?lialnts, ' as'ho"" mentioned, be "would aiiiisethem to rut Una. into a cannon and -hoot 'hem in." IVo th ugh-, * pr-s.ble,' Us sue.v thing* were he-l enough: i.'tw re t sniiy orej:;! ed for-uch a italenien'. Wo could not help, linking win' ???'Ms laughtorrf There ia a luellty ;er< ; s r. .' a -'.>gle operation alone, rhe statci'.n. )lkP,tgba. liners u avear i Kan Tail's l-iand i'on debauchery, *e re ported by Or. Otiuoc nan, may to Hcounted to- lb Sfue aueh way, Thcs"-things ate a featfcl attitude, and ought to rialm ihe a' ?ention of every philanthropist. Tew howevr, have t h? hn..iihood o.- virtue to attu ?; them. llr. Fowler, in this -ill, is most pf nilncnt; Iron. ( .i heart we wish su. eras, and every o'her man ? is se? ki .g to stop this crying deadly "Vl. But what ar> we to tflTua of a m i w'. > in pa* tsbirg ? p , ah - jowrns , who peiblicty ?o l unhl isbltgly edvocats-sedn t >n ent openly pcopasea l! e ntr wluctiot of chara "eis into a Territory Cot the svoeed pwrpoae of seduit rt prostltu'l n, sod infxtoi; 'or the purpose of Co rup'in^ th" Mormot;- . i >1 .e' thtm to out slen.'srd p evl ta 'i ' v? throw* lis nnb'nsbipgly sajm 1 our poll v * to on. o'it to (treat ~?'t I ak* a i'resh defachtnen' ' young an t gws) looking ? "Idiete, andat thelnd o? two .r three month* c-der th?m <ff to < eltfu.-n'r., an#i?^!a*e the-.i t>y a ri ? lata hment s' Ral; I ak" City , '? erd fu tlier adda, t, no W I'm doa iin* ? f'squa'dsraoverstgnty,' wa<?on..t eoos'ituii nally oh.'' ths cryh gavl! ofpolygamy at th*Mlt laka we mat t ? it by afialagsm." h-s i* thvt .d H - Itain is war ia Isiael, who, th n he em! 1 a it SUM thgin. ? ought to rtastr. v theio by debeaehe y bu* if liei'va i Eg en >ogb he will tin.' out. a- 'ha', pt .pl < t 'I'd 'hat i.eie is to dfvination against lacob aor no an i vutmenl agafo-t Israel Whs. shall orse wh?tn t. ? He'Is not cnratl, end who *h*11 destroy wh '"d ha'hnot de sfreyadf" Mr. Hennett'etaell-* have not ?-> roce gesainl egaiaat the M*o m-ifia in that of '? *y;IV issm was agalnat Israel. Web pe, f r t'.s- -ate of h. - Btsnf'y, th'-y iievar may. If ar I"' p'a* obta a t. ?ab a* those he estv a* .1 wu.- to (in.! ... ? piece In rarefuily 1 wikinf ( V> r, b " ", ? ? f.n l n verv a pact el evil torn. >" of the . - l.,- ,...t wa cm.Id not count over from Bve f" ten tl. it ?eld le c r t .? ed proes tate?. What ban I tha? -ffi ?rs had :o bt incit g thi- el oat they moat la. tde. If they ????< - iopted t.y thoae man. thefe ia CO much .ryandao mu h 1" depl wa irn ' th. r lo-a .? onr g. ... 1 W- " vsna'lflgly to talk of r?.lu-ing ".a -a rialas 1'ta.h by tbi sy-'ern i- folly '( r th- lb ?!?? ida r Ing t . u.e b ? ug, band**, U * aid be ts>? a* i cn-tv. t it n t government from two to ibreo hundred thojsand dollar* to perform this little mission. h-wr much It would take ti? corrupt the whole, together with the accession*, we louva Mr. Hemic 11 to calculate. After deducting, t borcl re, ?oine few seduction- we look upon this Christian corrupt ing remedy of Mr. tl.'s an an escape pipe or safety vairo to purity the Monro n? of Koine ?f the U'out. lingering, corrupting rcmttiatof o.onogainy which they earned wi'It thetu I'ttiin the t'hiictiau wjrld and that could not flou ritiit auiotig tho Moimou-, tbure . a* no chemical affinity. When tint Gentile C-utalisns went among them. kindclwo to its kind; adulteiera and ndulteressea joined in harmo nious conclavo, ant! flemished uuder the protecting icgiH of the United -'tarns Hag and the motto of Chris tianity; debauchery revelled untrammelled iu a small, ta very small circle; some honorable anil gallant Chris tian genii- tneu. a few whitt1 w'tiicn?some the vic tims of setluclion?and a ftw squaws, after exfci hitiog Uioir beastly wautou >e?s and degradation, an l kicking up *'meuy hell" for a while, prancing and bubbling In the ?igbt ot all, de- sirer an3 deceive I, adul terer and adullere-s, seduce anil induced, loated off to that hut-bed of vict and caul iron ?>f corruption?Oalifor ?tin?to tevel undii-tuibed in thtdr infciual saturnalia; giving Utah a Gentile let- >o of Christianity and drtue, and purging bet fiout the-e rile, legalised. gallant rx ereereLces, Irge'iier with iheir corrupted ;ind C-irrupl ing dupes, and leaving her in the possession of a mora calm, tranq il. pu-e, and unpolluted atmo-paere. She tnny Itave lost in the uro-s that has (loated away, bat a? think has gained io the purity of the tried metal. Your cliances will not bo so good next time. Mr. B., when you try 11 o iffccts of you. Bacchanalian orgies ami ouiish talui nalias. Your dis. ipios have lost caste both nmng the squaws and whites At the time when the soldiers abused their squaw piisoner. lu regular open Net? ic elyle until-hi was neatly killed, an Indian pre sent wli t witnessed their h.utal violence, indiguxntly e\ lalined, "la thl - the way yuu treat your prisoners?" And then'.lie Fillini>ie ullalr therein y iur gtllant and honorable gentlemen r/iugut to cheat the squaw of Am mon out ot her lookiuu glass paints, and hi aukets, after degraditig, save the mark?the squaw, and the nice cxposute befote court. when this matter was brought by her to obtain tedro s mili'ates tery much aga.nstyour i. etv policy. Wi think ?ou are inie t unfortunate in your plans, and that you are in had repute among the Indians, ami that neither soldiers, otilcers, nor pr !e sinnal gen thmen will have su opportunity of corrupting tlie rtju.iws. We suppose their virtue is not very impregna ble, but then they have some sen-e of honor. As it ri ? gauls tl.e white ladle-, so degrading his been the course ? piii.-uedhy many id those gin Is men departed, that wo are informed it has become a di-vraoo for a Morioon lady to ho urea in their com; any. They can't So no torious has been tin cnnouct of some of them that even the little boys in the streets tlticr when they see them nans, drop th-lr tops and marble-, and sing the song of the ' blankets." They have certainly placed those who may follow them in ? most unenviable position; and al though we would he the last to blame a community for tho acts of a few of itH inents-rs, and know that thou sands repudiate It, yet when we consider the circum stances wu speak plainly, and i nsiro tr be understood. Wo aro to o nslder s mo of those men were honor aide men"?thst 'hey were polite, polished, professional gentlemen, and that their brutal. Degrading conduct in openly advocated ss a tnenly a"t by a paper that boasts a ' circulation than any in the United States;" and tba. the same paper Impudently and usiblunhingly ad vises a fiesh recruit of pn.llig atop, fo- the openly avowed pnrposc of corrupting heoi I y Debauchery and seduction, preparatory to tl eir overthrow Be assured the Mormons wif not put up wi'h every thing; they are not tot to the iwliugs of sell-respect ?and he nor; they can ho and are, loyal and patriotic; hut they can't he made to iiaudor to the low bestiality ol" wordy, professional, corrupt patriots, however gallant its name or specious its ajqiearance. They may be neigh boi ly and cnur-eou* to stiaugers. .and ttpen their houses and hearts to receive tbem; hut that friendship betrayed and that hospitality sb -el, and they will repel with in dignant disgust tho liea tluss vidians, who, under the g.ii liuf friendship w.mlii seek to besmear 'he houses of tteir liosts witli their )i>a'h>.imu c.ots. They may be and ate attached to the constltu ion and inatitutions of tho I nitcil State-; but tbey will reject wttli di-tiain the nfli cial s toundru) who seeks to pollute the virtue of their wives and uoughtera, whetner wearing epaulets or er mino. or cloth ou in tho uupboneoua title of honorable, and give him a si stsiy pass to "kingdom come." There is no people in the worhl who would esteem more const! tutioual legal authority when personated by virtue and honestly carrier out; hut woe be to that man who would ae?l; to reduce the females ol Utih to the lewd of millions of the degrad ed Ubristiau daughters < f Kve, whether Corporal, Colonel, Genera), Judge or I'resldent. Wo repudiate. abhor and despise the loathsome cm rupllon that exi-ts among the Gentdes, as the pn lilic fruit, cf monogamy and a liaise Uhri tiaidty; we 0"ti emu the hearth - villains, wherever found, w 10 ate om*l'iig nrotmd to despoil n in .le virtue, and then iorsakc the wretches they have destroyed. We have separated irom th> m in the hope- of living accord ing to the order of G"d; purity ing ourselves *rom their corruptions, and cairylng out the nuro principles of the go pel ot Jesus Oh- 1st. am) tho spirit of the onstitutinn and iustitutions of the 1 iir.ed .Slates. We have done thie mull good faith Istfore God antl man. We have religions ly maintained the c-n.-iitu on and institu'ioos of our country; neither is thine a mo o loyal and oatriotic peo ple to lie found in tbo ''aitr d -date- Wo have introduced a system <f morals a no virtuo the' wo defy the world to equal, but we say to ul' or corned, don't try yeur paltry j, tinting schemes em u.g as, 1-s' Utah ?hould ts> nause ated ornl vomit you our. W? i .ye virtue and admite pa liotism. hut we ttm-ji e a gil led villain, a corrupt judge, uud a pei vei ted and de'iauched statesman. ANOTIIEK TKANMI. VTION OP TI1E TOOK. Wo h?M' received trom .jan Fran rise ? the tlr-t fcrm of 11? translation ut' tlic B>* k. of Monnon into the HawalUa < i Kins, u lanoiiige It is iran.xljtod .mil j.obHshe 4 by Hder (itorge t'aiiDou w'10 hits t<een lib .nog for seve ral years, withrery great ihmu In the Sandwich Island* 'ihe Mormon, of the .'.d Nov., say. that Rro. Orson pencei having recently l at St. I.ouix, the editor, Dro. John fay lor. h>i. gone r,. Jo k after iffaire, and left 1 substitute. Wegiv . sing .? extijxt m m an article abenttbe (live: noiabip of Utah:? We do not beli-se and will not, that ? ncle Sam is ?o devoid of {internal rugaid towkrds Irs young <1 tighter I tnh, as to select b"r 'oyer (in nvu") ant free the bonds' ot matrlmrny aipilrat lier fee hill mid choice, especially wb"n be kno t ih ? heart is given to ann titer. But if perchance 'h's tnuatuml rnilua sbo ild N# conanntnated by the Slern and i.rttv ira: le .1 oIrich, a crusty sire at t;.is would of"*e him t? bo vve . re ennti d< nt tliat tho law 0' litre aiy Aran mi. on would de monstrate in the|>rog?ny im-rnaiks and characteriati.a ol the idol lmprr sions of ihe ui 1 her from her former lover. And the following on the free lot :? I nre you, delica e edltoie, meet ihe i|uestion9 Yon km>'v th" whole r jr1 ni If IIsea mi and nigh unto death, and if a prtMrljitir n ts to be given it is needed Dint. Will you iiare n?i 1 1 be question. or will you . rowd it un der the table out of aiirbi, to feeter still longer, only to breakout anew, to infer, all that remains of l.fe. You irfer to the "gro.-a aen 11 lirigbain Y< 'ng''?you do not kiio? what, you an- talking about Hrighsm Yoongterwdd, if le hose, dilate ujkii toe sen-ualUm . t (hrh tendom, and tell wi'h truth, an.; p int you to the results fur evidence t. ai cannot begiinseyed. tan you do so of li'ah y Hi* course has noen <i| en and abov? ?? ard. pre|iH:s-d to meet the que '.ion fiaee to face, the results 1 f widen you so murh deplore. And boo has he me it? N a with a,b ur U r???not witll paui utile <tttrif/ion.?: it with the latk'Ving ot houses t.l ill 'ainc? not through pi nt?--. , and 1 jiupk itg fr.r'?but in uroud .,,en 'a.vdghi, iu the isic of the whole world, he sternly ann ? ites ti.f pare laws of (Soil, a< given to Abraham, Isaac mm .lac b?not 1 cover abo n in:itiop: for 'bat would bo 1 xsurd: but to e. adi.'atwfr m cenununlty Hurli ub'iuiin itioes a y u charge him with, vvbi'e admitting they on whelm you'-elves. Brigham Yov ng knows the - tab' * I th" world .v. well as j< urasters ann with the known laws of <Jod, yiUi a tierso s, bold hand he has ci motent d to haodlo theilebillUle 1 patient, slid will c* ntlnue to pre***. ife nccotdSiig to the symptoms fti in time to tit e, not ..I'listm ling thr "ears and doubts nt trembling mourne-g that ?urround tun dying oouclt. It is enough that ),? believes in revlation fear le.-ly obrys the beques'aoi heaven, nil is prepared by wisdom from on nigh o pmserltie eithe morally, j.hyai t ally, or poll irally for the woilt. (ieotltiueii, it is n<? ? lilrnera- t.od's tund.imei.tal lavi of human society, p. <>Y> 1 ly adrnlnt-tt. eb, (ile-v tliem as yon w ill,) are the only ta'e prescription* ft 1 this Laircei ius evil that iafaat vatii g into yotir vi als. nt l'lTOII KM INTO THE ntCM 10 A IN. Ti e Mormon .sept XAi, copies from the llmtwin a notlee of the Woman's itigot 'invention at Boston, ?vherein t'ie strong inlnd'd ladies ore rcc inmrnded to make ''a bead set at Kngham Young," and mmmen's aa t< lloW? :? Don't let yonr Jeal .nsy run aw .y ?ith yo .r judginent, Mr. Ill RALP, ami luaki youixit rido ul "IS l.y di "atit.g to the ladies a hostile wst in e again a gentleman ao phi lanil.roplc as to become the huaoend 'tui f'.ardtan ot lerty fat-eording to your abowlrg) of their ^px. P'tlek t?? your Bible text, aod don't to ''covet your ru ighoor'e wile" aa to make war upon willi auWmy <?! ladies. But is no danger; the bt 'i? 1 eili not 'a.I into your rank' to attack one of 'heir twst frtnnda. Wot v.tbstanding \< nr effort to make them bclietw he is their enemy. No, kir l'ennett, it won't go ttwn. and ymi will x>> gi unt. and bear It without thsl 1 s mpaihy. Iier? is a pleatant ex'i ?c for journalisla generally? oh! the gr. veiling .yenpham-y of the pre**; eaterers to tie t'epiaved, viilatad, hypocritical cant at wonl"l-be m. rali'ts and lalthle-s irligiuwl.ta, who bow the.r hea * In lowly revereact to 'he earth In w trsbip to the g.sf of this world; to tin ru tiie w ,y. ol I, si lire indeed past 1 1 .ling out. Ibe nreaa, v-'il .n the extreme wait hat the ata-hny of public preiiidi. s to pe in e upon the j 001 wight wh se tattered Coat 111 eompares with their own glossy cover ng. and they have ?*Ori laed this gift to the full extent, t the law tipin the M miena. from their o?. I est bie'ory. t is not theu that 'hey expect anvthing from th# press* ; bey lave pae?e.| through narrower places than the pre seat, tmsting in the .irut of the Mighty tlod ?.t Israel, he did not fbsil tliem then, and they have nothing to fear now Ircin tho intlueac" or a corrupt -? oi-tsiugbt prtaa. ihfl Mormona hsve laarnesl to lo >k lightly upon the detraction snd lai-eho-ts of their opp< nente, ami have hearte ever able to a free, generous, .nbig t'ed ex pre as Ion of humanity from anyone such an one, th. ttgli 1 ifferirg In "View'- and sentiments." ''py Imao" lor tbelr noble li-iegirj of (Mipnlar projud. ? and d.sir. terr?ted ifvetaej of truth wherever found. AHi'ltBIMHOr HDGIIf'.e, TIIE TROPIIKT PKIOII AW VOt NO AND JAMES (iOKDOK BENNETT?WHAT A COVTHAST! ft'mm the Mo tnon, hct. 13.] Mr. Bennett, of the Nkw York Hkraiji is ei.-a-lonally inrlii ?d to be a little facOUosa, am! sitlisl 'ometimee given to llellery. In tbe columns >f the Rth he .('lite I.amorously faaes up the apee h of Hthop II >gb's bef. -e the 1'cr evk n' Iti-h tkcle'vof Nes ton ml Urn I. Ami roin nar<? his -entitrcnt- with those of 'he l'r"[ihct Rrighum. Neve, having h? ard anything dl-repiituble of th" Hist op, we brve ever fe.t a peculiar te-jleet for that gentleman, pot that we have tt.e In 11 ir vf a persoral aeoiiaintaoeo wi'h l is grace, but our high Mtioitkig of his tntolll fmco (nflntneo and w. rth -t.-es very naturally fc m h" tumtttu na smoi.g ad the cura ?t.en ever le mAkes !.i- *n pea nee before the public. We therefore cannot be dxmed aapdist sal. it ?? ftel In rome d. gre. flatte ad by the -v?ent ceinplinu nt Intended for the O .rernor of our errit ry >.y so pri.minen' at I Ti ll able a tnem's r i t s.?-' y a* ttv? ispi. nt editor "t tbe sew Your llrxsin, ,n -mnparoig the OtiTemer'a tvotiuienta w|il? tt?'?e el th# U'uatru.^s