Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 14, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 14, 1855 Page 3
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Biittiop Hughes. And Iti# deduct!-ms drawn are with 'hat profound ecumen socharacteiisticof this "eery iKoiel " of the pre? - that we ure forced th la to express our esti ma'ioD of tin* purity of moiire liat i spires him in alt hii patriotic tfforu for the advancement of rirtua. mo rality, and general good of the public. We ahould not he at all -urpri-ed if th'* IIUaiJ> ahonM yet e ime out altta the t.-imr rf Bishop IJugO-s or Brigbvm Ynnng the head of itr oolitinna, for chief m gistrate of the L'uited Mate# l p<m the acuepiatiou of either to that office of high truat. tbey undoubtedly woull remember the itr tuca and commendable ml of Mr B and place him in a aphere "here those virtue* might shine forth in their true brilliancy upon he nigh'ed Christendom. THE MORMOS OS POMT1C8. The Jfortocn of tlio 10th Novemtie., has an a-ti sic on the rtceut election closing as follows:?'The more we ob serve the more are we inclined to the belief thm a man might aa w< II be a Mormon and light the devil and all his imp*, aa to he a candidate and go through the ordeal that they have to encounter, and then perchance lose the elective, with all th- hu-h and roteinnvy; really It looks like too hard sledding Mousy gone cha racter gone and friends gene, with alt hopes of lingo, iug the spoils No wonder poli iciitna oep.ime Know N ith iuga; we wonder thsy did not tduk of that bef ire. Well, gentlemen. we have concluthd to let you have it ull your own way. Co politics, adieu. ?WILL STEl'TOK i'.R OOVKRNOR* And (lie Allowing anent Col. Steptoe:?Wo are inform ed that Col. Steutoe is now (Nor. 3.) in this city. It is reported also.'.hat he has again expressed to President fierce# willioguiso to accep' the Covhi norsiiip of Is tali, providing he con retain hi' com oil .sioti iu the army. Col. Sleplni, as we have hef re re narked, is a gentle ninn much respected hy the |?ople of Utah fur his nr. 'lemanly linnity and gentlemanly deportment while sojourning in that Territory; and if there is to be uu appointment other than tbe pipseut incuui'ieut no douot, with none bet tbst alteinative left them the choice of the oenple would he u|kiu iba' gentleman. We cannot bat express our convict ton, however, that the executive have, in the former appointment and non-aerep'ance of Col. Sleptue, done all in their power, ami ill that could he expected of them consistent with official dignity, to meet and answer the religious and political prey udicos of party; and I" i c ther actum in a ipiertion Involving the known wishes of a large community .especially one an far and inconveni ently located from the c-n ml government, woul 1 l>0 strongly evpre'sivo of Innovation upon one of the dear e-t rights of American el'iitrns- -the right* of the people" in (he clioie" of rulers. It closely inv dve< fjueftions of the moat delicate character ami ol the dip pest importance to every sect inn c f our country, ha^ed alt is upon the broad principle of popular sovereignty, In whi tU alone con <tiit? the difference between pure republicanism and th w institutions of royalt and despotism. Although another effort ou th? part of the present administration, to incut certain prejudices of a religious character, hv another appointment for I tali may he consldeied good policy in view of the present poviiton of parties, we. yet think a higher, nobler consideration of republican institutions? tbe right of IraruhUe?and the pnr|ietiilty of our Union In permitting the unanimous wishes ol a loyal people to ptevail, would lie 'ar wiser and more consi-tent with a Just and impartial exercise o' the important trusts com rrittrd into the hands of tbe executive by a free and en lightened peo|le. The SubiMttftt 'on 1* Icnrwgurv?Murtl?- r of J American Cltinemn. (Trom the Wushiugton f.vcuiug Star, Not. 1-.] THK ACCKB80BV TRANSIT COMPANV Of NICAKAMtfA. We aubjoin below the leuerfron the counselI of thia company referred to In our last Issue. bor the hun dredth time ?e -ay that we do uot wu.M or pre?ume1o sneak for the administration, which haa at this point its credited and adiuitted organ, in the Washington Union. We publiah a newspaper, independent in alt things, and neutral in nothing; defending and approving what the adminiatiation uiay do that neean to us proper to be dene, and so d? tag only when and where, in our judgment, it dees rightly. We have no 'acliltles for itinrnlng it* fi#w* and obuiuing intorinitim ot it* acta which are not equally "pen to all lu Washington. lb? truth is. our experience and laborious efforts to sift the true from the felae floating around ua, enables u? to be mote frequently oorrect in tue Information we puUUh concerting public affiiirs, than any other Journal. Tills is our only advantage, and It I. that which has'aiiper induced the public impreasion that we are honored with a confidential relation towards us by th" government. Having thus corrected the misunderstanding as to the imjairtance if our,views ia this matter, tijxin which Mr. White la*** hi * communication, we heve but to n<id that we sinceiely trad that all he says of the nets of the c ..n pany mat 1* sub-tautiatod hereafter. We have steadily done ou'- best to advance its Interests, as a great enter prise of American citizens, in which millions of American property is Involved, and as one on he success of which the itMPurauci- to our countryman ot one of tho m nt important chains of communication between oar Peeiitc and Ailvn'ic regions?a matier of prime naliunal moment?Is bound up. We ahall, therefore, rejoice, wo repeat to Ind thit no responsibility for the triumph of Walker s efforts to iuvoUe th?- government of the Uluted State* in national difficult!**, aucb a* we, utt taiet, h%To *te?iily Met onr luce HBttinht, reita at ith (the ir\in?it Companyy doors. In venturing to declare what we bolicve the g v ernment would fed to be its duty in the promises we were guided only by its scrupulous and high toned integ rity of conduct in n'l that It has, since March 4, 186.1 taken occasion to do with reference to liiibus ters and filibustering. Thus, It has steadily tres ed all wh ? have ventured to filibuster from the I nlted States, us without the of its protection (or of its cart further than the dictates of ordinary humanity may warrant,) and we can see no reason why thero should be a change of iU policy in this case it as the ./our nai of Cvmntroe and other leading New fork paper* intimate.' there has been that complicity between the Transit flomrany and Walker, which lt< coun-el denies. We sincerely hope that it may be In the g iverninen"s power to make the tiring into the San Carlos a matter on which at least security against the recurrence ot anjr thing of the kind may be Insist el on and obtained. Ye. we have no me... judging by what U has done against tilitiufttmmr. that it <an do *o, nTilrt* it l* ramie p^r.ectl/ i>ir that in fro so doing it i* not, after all, "n-onraging li II buster tag. Nrw Yohk Voy % ,M# TiKAH Sir?In your paper of the "tb Instant I have read the following editorial remarks ou the Outrages recently .?ommitte<i on the paaeengers by the lino of tue Accessory Transit Company, and ou the property ot the company by the troops of the government of Nicaragua:? ?We nave not been aole to understand precisely hoe much of Walker's late aucc"?v is attributable to the alleged recent complicity of tne Transit Company in brs .??hemes It is, however, very certain that the reittlnroe meat from San Francisco, that enabled Walker to take i.tanada rarre down on tne Transit Company s steamer, it is said with the knowledge of the company " Olh -srs 00 the l*ariflc aide. Without these recruits Waiker coal 1 not possibly have srn ceded, no could his aflalr* have oeen in their present flourishing condition hut lor the aid and romtoit the "iran-it Company's officers anu boai-gavs him on tb? lake. The tiring into the -an Carlos -taamer was evidently die iv-ult of the act ol the company in raking ?.ile? in tV civil war. WV conies thv. ve lisve no intortnatl. c 0 ?ir.lng by the lad. arrival, rx ?pt that with which a'.! I..c other journals have been tarnished, ,nd on tt vi > lone we mc now commenting Inc most important .e .it ?t the hat* occurrences there bids Mir to be to c tnpel the government of the I n, te. Mates to decline taulng snv further race whatever of toe Interest ..f the Company, which oaanct be a party Ui toe , civil wnr in Nicaragua while claiming the pr. :? ? l .n o | the government ot the I nlied cute-. We a .colt de Ailed advice* that quarter with no Uvtl" in re-t. I ..# ?? , i- a sciew l.w-e in im Fraaei-co m connection w.ttt fi ts , matter else how came Walkei s recruits aole .0 ge off without the inierjio.ition ot the author!?..e- | It U not the tiabit of the company f<> rer iy to ac ? lions made sgmin-t them in the public pre >.er however, constitutes an exception, as_it?- pre-mtu-d to -peak the sentiments or the admin.strati n a A.,,hn ton, and for this reason It lias baen dw?roe . p-"; -r to contradict th? statemcut and repel the In . .er.css ot tin si tide onotesl alsive. ,, _ 'Tii# firing into the Han Carlos stea ner wn no .! <? result ol the act of the company in raking '?? m let civil war." In the rwoent revolution the company ' ???< jo side. <)ti the contrary, from the v -ry coma,en.?m?r.t of the " Civil war" they adopted, [s-r^ver-d In, and pr. irrved a ot entire n? iitiai.lV. Repev'e apol cs lions weie n.iulc by e.uh party to them f r aid. d rest ?0d indirect, ?nd every appllCAtton w.i- r*j ?? <d un. "ndit 11 ally aa soon a? It was made The respective ag-nt, en J.thmns sere instructed to do d#? act and xpivs. 1*0 optrUn that n.ight be construed a on iutarference or a preference on behalf of either ?n pain ot in- .tot dtsmfesal i.ed the-e instructions we re p..b i-h. . al n,' the whole line, and were, so far as the odlc- r? 01 'he c m <?ny have heard or known, -c tpulondv observed i-y , cry agent and ever, lb I V- -? 1 ' tbey wSe so observed, th' lac .- evident ir at which the company reeeived by alru ?v y -tap, ir >m the leaders ot both the govTv.mer;' and revo oreinary j.arty, eomptaintng ?t the neutrality, a', in*!-' ng th. '?? thv nxrn- net of taking ???''**< tbo .wol'iMon * ul'l ? oiled snd f?ace tie re.t<ire<l' Pro* o" ? inas!" m any abundance, by Isrth pari es, of large pecuniar) ad ? outage- ks Inducements to tt. o mjs ny to contribute by lha 1 jural force Ot opinion al re u> t... -u: ? oi the ore or tl.e other. The prntnlss ' and iod o.w o n.- ? *?? all ueavalltig. trben by acting n !ti.m t!.e ru ny r "lb r.ot ody have been saved frcn. gr-.a to- ' ?" * u ? lave sect: ied aivan'ogas of aim. t Iwonlc trial, is b-nen' Is it not a little s'liguUr that the < n.i*ny sh old te ? barged witb "taking-tde- ' by yon when ?< n (arty m Nicaragua bas a- atlis! the n wr-b roa-' c mp v of f,r not ' tsking side-." If any "alb Tod been uliu the companv It is quite natural ti-rfP-", w p. not have been nnffestad by that sui A- . >> "es ??' ?" Urinary par:. s. laed our ntuto* iw iti *0 oj srma for tie transportation of ttflr ' " >p an. rinm ttan, and the g'^em.vent par y frtd inU the -tairner -an < ailos, ehile she was at ,in-r,..r, sui ng .? lady and ebild. Their trcpa .leo lire 1 on ,r..irin -?? unoffending pas-ng. - no rc iog live and w.-in .tag ?tght ot lie's tlur agent. Ju.ig' 1 t-W-g "s* oy v ??rtment ..fftrlals ? ragged h - t"? : nr.; nronec t. ) ?ye hour*, threataoed with eteciitl r id i.ff "r"'l on 1 ay in. nt of $'4,000 of the con,) .r y ? mcmev fy h one tatty, v-m will observe ,he.- pr j-rtv ?o? ?' ? orisud and their b'tslne s Interrupt-d; by ""?? *'? easaengers were killed, and the n"*' ' ??''', be vie ded to extoiUon and potnoer WBsch o, t. e-.e 1 iffes " think vou. did th" Tr.n-it Company tak. A. to the stat. men! 'tiai tb g?iverr ? u 'he t cited Hate# will .leeline taking sov fur-h. r s-e 'M seer of the Intereat of ?<"? Iran i' item, aoy se tt h? ??? "" P*1' war in Nicaragua," It Is pr'I er b- ^y 'to?t ,1 " perhaps the right of ti.e g. ..Turn, a' .and it mi; ?-lhi.inrltaati'.?of ihegovernnronu 10 wl'hh , rh Is uVrti .n from three militorrs or At-?r can | r?pertyia Ct^n the Transit Una, and to h ave It to , pe > ?? sitis?s from tl.e jnslice of 'l is c un'ry. an. ? . A 25HT|1.slice in Nicarag s I'mav be the duty ot 1 he government to WitneJ will, ind (far- n - th .nurd - ami fliim'ei ?! their citiren- and the apoliattan ol th-tr '? m ta refuse a dem.-rd ft . rei-ra Un ,r to lafhc yorlsbment to-either ..ot:?C or ^ . ^ lit it if thf gortriinirot ^ n , tb#?ir duty if no temaart tnr a ,#? th#- tt robbery and mnrder are tn p 'ii>P right aed vernment at lea-t not leave tba "f ?? the pwrfot "ir ' ' I,a 'I'.-n the mieersble Irvent. n that .. . 'tkSSSSW.vrss V'"""" a " ?'"-"? property uil the punishment at murderer* ot Aineri csn rist/en- they ruurt ba sought for soil found, if found ?t all, no of the conduct of the company, with refer -?me to the unfortunate war which baa ao long "as-uated Nicaragua, Very respectfuuy, J. L WHtl'K, Counsel to Acresaory Tram-it Company THE EKiLUU FLEET M OVR COAST. ^'ntVo', J-^n L W^t waV our Quran. rv Wit* lfli)| InVRiic Ireland 1 TBmZt .!.""1 lagtoa lo'etUffna-r, Nov. It] TBB DMTKH HTATKH AND UKK AT hBITAIN lui cxjprorl+iuut 'tt* U I"1*1'10 b?0l,n,? * subject 01 gone CUiio!u tvuTi^T' ZUl0^ our Uiuy have the ?? j a ? . f u* publish on che preceding uBirt* an n ticle Iron, the I-on don Time,, hintini rather th? Xli.L tt"w,T1n'L xh'.?"p?? ., .. . , ^b? Ames miinrraU that tills naval folIx?i^i ?i \ tmpeiladucedoy a projected unlaw " a, * *?' "'" ,row Uu' ?*??*? against Ireland for ,e?m I. ^ r W* Df,"J ?T Ib.t mere a,.es not aeeui to have boon the Migli est foundation. The idea rnuat bate been the product of aome olio mind luvimr i?. -e.l lor a subject to tielte the Imagination of the k??? of the mai VMiooa. Sev?ial ?f the London letters ^?5 newspapers, looking to something more practical man n? ?? P ruate-iU m, intimate mat the transfer of the lu,?']*iu in 41,8 report* that hud just readied b-ngland a. to tiie unfriendly disposition evinced uv thi nUiesf tnomua tern | totSJKS^'SH ?M*4*BI,U *" "hUto recruits i ttl? 1 n?*<i Mat en; whibt other.- attribute ii t? t/.? .nLsunder?taud.ngtha:ha? Just been disci Med oon^nrn* leg the constiuction of the treaty rel.tive to Central A^,. hTUr b tter, Soil, U,.? .JZT ??>Z " ?'e?.?uteKlrS"be:A,S. leaner upon the rec. nt to Tease of the ,Lt. '' J? * IIgl???w?s know w^tto ??nt n?J. U'a"8(>- 1UU UtU" d" ?* t",:? rrz % - sr. which in entirely the revirESf wfmX" : ,j;rdq,{r;,lf''r,w"ev"" Aiue^? whicMrfSul^'a0^ Krit"h Mi"i"try tfLu", but lorn countries. ?"??">?* the people J the s?l'u.rl|LLU'?|,te'nh,?r Mr" B"cha.,un received from the S ute department positive Instruction* to imi.t u?? an hnmraiia^complmnoe.on the |?rt o( the ilritiai. (ITOl. Itulwi, treat? A"""1"" of the Uuyl.,?. nrenT olhtmf.n BriUal'"1"1" sirt^'u'^ra "8htto ^ triumphant oter th.- tail of .febaMtopo|_to the^f. t Z \ as? wa arsst^SSSrii t"' U\hbhfWt?r Mra' ,S ?f ftUjr t? Uke tlii'iu This fleet, to the number of eight or ten screw aldns ,,r ?'.*? i li ^ eailed within a fortnight prnhablr with atiict orders to act ou tlie defensive ?iii- f i7 i ^ . knnw? that aggressive measure*against the United States would drive bin, from ofllce within .ZrXtw? ^trtit^erUSu,?C CMt blow oi aiiutk by 11 e i nite.1 States against this DiWerfiil (l?er and onr admlnistratioa will hardly <Ure ir thev hid fn Zl K^tr'^ WitU?U,1 tUe *"**'?>* C,ngZ ? lc: a ' ',!SZ71 ?-r -itatlba, ia -MilstfaC'SffitSt'' "rs-"-.. niwIUi lb. s- w LAtaia: A?Znimi Yn^uui P"t of the whole buiiness to us I Americans U the fear that the ndmin.stration hive put ' ind J? T";n:.H"J "???*" that cannot ba a^UineS I and from which they will have to recede Whether th?J can do so with honor to themsTvw and the Mnntr{ 5 IKuT, ?SA A-a w WksrSK nay isave him from the indignation of bis dc io], ?, d ?i WT"'"I U ??"" teeth, h^th hoimj uirt ndi n dlalikc us almost as iuucIi as docs Isruis Va a aiticli in the 7i?i's is, no doubt, written br Mr Isiiier, a paitisan of i'almerston's. ami la-eiv auooinm t by him Sestetary of the Admiralty, si?e? when the 7??r I aa wanned up in its support of the I'remier ai TSt hUVf' l'n.ow? llie Qots of the case lie has Wilfully misrepresen-ed Ihc purrsise of the fleet to tmltgt.ation among t the people if "oglind .gainst A,t r"Pre ,',lt">s' tliem as a nation of huccineers abr/ut to descend on British territory, h.wj'? m%i h* n",n*1*" t? y?" ?? home, ?nd ?0., hnn ill11 S""d deal more from Washinglon thin I other t ^ ,"f ^"iron, may rely upon'the ease standing is'l ^re'^nt.'<f i'' [Krom the New York Albion, (British org.n) Nov 10 l irnA 80IT Ttflt.VKTH AWAV WRATfl slonsiiVr'i^re ""'T {" newspaper disors fif, *f npyr?i nf*iin can be a/wfry wj'ii thft WnMw ft iN diffleult imagine/rZy one t made on the ^Hnsh V-Vr artlc e d Z - - "? OW.H S.I..I,.* th* '?u: Kussla Minister and a irh. ' f Amer^n ofl^e .UP'J? :h" wi'5fouh^rhvbe,"r,",> u,"t *???'wZtejd'e1 WiUi our obn hinIv prominent !?oint-. VVhfirns ,t i so or not will ipuckly be seen i'l U.e reader wdl ^7, ffroc?. win fire 01 ;r >'*?*'?<"? '?>???< >L M* Amur no fi-T.tary t.f .Volt " til el e .i,.i ' . -or i?.U^rK"M;v; *r:^rK.r^ir?^ verdict of the ./my ,8rer n,Z ^\1L1"" notincing our Ministers and Consols g,7-ro ? Vr ^ fatly And thru- w.v ^ ?Undertd oertavn ?. ,tu n *Mt <.? .u wincn ,e ?'? ?rlv cut tb?*m otj iroin , ciil^ ?f 1 ? Ives. The fnfrm meets th' , .Vl,?" V '"T ,h"" that the eci.or .'fib paper-hut (fijAjte 10 \>*? paiapbra-A?i or curt&iiffd nould tScklf* the fallen 0f j. OV brli.tlingthe Attorney ..t-neral .,1 ,h,, I n.o'.l -tl e'-" That Attorney <?-neiaJ being Caleb Cos.ung whose Utmn for extra-rdi." s f-r.iu, and legal. p litica>, or literary, I. \* world-wide is , ? ? .Zii?h,b- ^ 'here', m. denying?wh. .-ve, .?rl of . may l?^ for a * hi#h W-^al iun?*i?? Tia?y a -ru ??.? ?? '?* !w-t'e: -ni- ,p shall^ ?e snail r, ,t di.pu . f, ,* n , ? wvers' ?*,0;'lH"tllm;y "( " from tiA?e,.-.t I ITTITH, WhftbtT I.r tr+lilU-Jh r. fbMkd A..lis. 1.. . . world-wid# fain?? *rf I a lab Vunt? m ,o?l ? al?H> ^iliiarr "* He cor, not to lo l?. the I ?her? i- gmgi-rlv ,..r, ?t M.llfi WMTf. In ;,a-tvf I to r?,|r a-rill ,? ? Minister i. lavish Of his go.d'aml U^rl'Ut ^ -sd pltnly ofilmaand *,ere ?e .till vs ..It ,ot ou Tiuru^ op ih daliacNl point# with ?n *1?. . i h : ATTORMY Q KNKlt AI CC?>rX4? S VIFW <11 TH. XOTBMKMT. I rt.ui (It R*?l rrgton -<?*r (< ?'". "f K tcl ? ? Not IJ.y BrrrMH IkmB ?It t?am V f*T? ally node .!? |? tba'the -.ladli g orer th ? '< u. h'.nlr f in tnd the topli h new pejer f I i-? r with ?h i. ? t ? rTjenlerl, are the r? tilt of th- ia?.r of ? ? Kuf.iU aoT'if men! at it* cnuee i.> tr.? ur?ot It in ear ?' ntltd; W thout Alwiitu aytnpathy n tbli I hn'ir of gteateet ror>ir?rri?l danger ft w, ;j,? e ?' f til* ?ar. Tb?y ?ro both -the rer ol the in'! tb* bltt?ter of 'h" 7\mr n -if ? aeon i? It weffl li e Mialt of th< u.?dri??? toperta! i-et| by 1 <? " Mrarghta' tux) 111# di-appr iB'r <nt- in the 1 rr??vi ia wItlfh n#!?D'l now flr, ir haraelf irnohe-! No "? .1 lemlte mr rated m< r? In- on* ren Ij aril wildly iha. ik Ttmn in it? planatlrn of the "ttm wh.< lb- >?? ha* I-en ordered bitberward. That eij Una" . n re.uirv- u ?'ailed notice; .t- what it ?tat*w of i-nsurreaoea wnnpr pia< ? here at tola t ine (on wb.rh the am ae-itj to' I'D-. ng T?r the ft?wtllMpI)l|M glaringly and notn rtoualg ftrm beg lining ? end e? to >*? appr o). 1% , . Ij M otrlj with a ?l. ot of iWrteiwe laughter lruui Maine ii> lor: retina Hi>?"W*r, W" may BO longe reiruin Irom ivm'tri' ae heiiWT# that our rela' with nglard h?*r been lt> a very uoM>'ti#il and dUagrweable oo..itinn rrtr moo Mr f rnmp'i n * o.mpJi<*ity ?|r|i the tiolatron of oar o#u trality lawt aa? aeeeflotawl beyon.1 >,.e*'h>?i by thl g> rernnrewt. Wr hntt m l ?h al' In u> tn.i tae before ae w feel it to be "tir dotf fie hi rig 1 iiny thing in. rdtntally, *? we >'o, whteb thepwh'i: inter".- r<-, ui-e* \< he i?pt Out Uie neW"pap-r 1 for a tliWo) not to a- w the righ* 10 niak" puhlje nut fere whi h 'bo ? rftp >n?ilr1< lor the aafe cond-tel of Amtrl' ill gohii - affai'* ar# n? il"Yed to be aaslnne, for '.hepubl ?? fnte .?t, <? Wltr.boll I.m the f.r.Hie knowledge lemleirar ly Br' toe 'a,: having got in the newtpapert we d? n< KT bt'ilatt i< ? ? ihet 't ie urid"*et?eid am< og tie l"(*rfB m<oUt#i b-re aad tbelr !rt#n>l? that t ? Annual rr.e ag? will n<w?"?artly ?h?V that hngaa< na? f-?? n p. uiog towarde thw I ruled "ta'e for m- n'M* |aet. a cr nr-e ol rn-'lrDf* an 1 Mn'tmr, ant of ? ni?j|.tion ol the right tr nrariege . 1 alfai'- a r. r?. an ibroul, whi:h will rotree ngninet her in |fe.?tn'i r ? ? tr, the deep abir .oetty of tr y tmeri-an w lb a ly an .Anreiiren b#art In hi? treae' It i? tery Hear * ue t I ' r IT Termnenl h* allowed Ifeelf to Ire rh'ate.! in*', a fa*lief at tbt troth of the r lem'-tlf - of web j itiro vt 1' the Vi W Vri*a Mm A11', on the p xdtioO of the .'.meri vn g' Tr rnnrrrnt ?t home . n whi'-b it haeee lt? IrlUi e Whi' h. Ill point f4 inrantty te if are not greelie mi f iken, ie ' a wr it oehiod t ..r ?{ rta- I n fie in '? enmawiita upon tht filing of 'he floe'. to Whioh we rufer above. Wo prraume 'ktt the earlier exploits of Walter in NtoMCui, una the mtenUja of our demand that the fluywnUiilwer treaty hUaU be hone*tiy carried out, tireu the b&eL ot much thxt in believed to be oif'-muve iu England's tone, and iliat iu bearing with reHtion to Mr. Craupton'x at'air embrace* the balance M-varthelees, wv do nut onteitain the slight** appre hension that the current misunderstanding hot worn tbo two governments will be f l.ini; duration Hlustar in the only argument left lor England in her present p-xsiilon with relerence to the United Mate*. It tra.< been tried a* a last reaort to set her nut of the tuu-t unenvl xhl" ''eitu ati'ine" in which her eiTurta to elude her obligation* un der the Cla/ton-Bulwer tieaty, and to carry un her pre rent Kus-ohu war to the be-1 advantage, have reduced her. .-he ha* evidently aent her tliet u?er her< in the be lief that abe w?* to dial with just auch a goveruuieut aa the Nirw York IInksus telle her the United .States have, and that the national moral of our people in the matter of nuataining their govvrumrut in w international duli oulty, in fairly represented by auch individual* a? Mr. Janio* (iordou Bennett and the preciuua *et by whom he ia aurrounded. Now, aa war with us will be the aluu-t inataut destruction of all her intersiil* uot yet vet "iM)uelr.hed," in her con teat with Ku-sla, we predict that the nteamer bringing to our shore*the new* of the re eption in England of to* proceedings of Uongre-sduring lie first fortnight of next mouth, will bring that which the l _ will amount to an entire abandonment of lue preaent In uarie iu*>.lence of the government toe aid-, the United Mate*. WILL TUH IRISH INVADE IRELAND* flie following uppeared a* an advertisement iu the I'liiladilyhiu ?/'etUMfi'iiwiu* ofyeateihay. It ?ee,n? to be a part ol the grand scheme alluded to by the Isiudon Timer in connection with the departure of the ilritiab fleet :? to nut minima* in i'Lvmitivania._ Kct-bow f'oL'.YiKVMw.?We have watched with anxiety the sentiment* oi our I'rieud* in ho*ton, and hail them will' joy. *? much bo that w* deem the present moment the opportune oue wlieu we should a* freemen express our approbation of the general movement iu which our oountiyuien of MaMachuaetta have .akoii the initiative .Shall w'e lollow their example, or shall the Iri-hineo of Peuuayliatiia be laggards in creating harm >ay of feeling smongst their lace throughout the length and liri-nito of the land t We, the undersigned, the representative* of the elub* already formed, and iu Imhult of them, an dress you a* Irishmen, uot for any sellmli motive*, or that we want <o lie le.ider,,. but that through tlii* appeal to your *incerity and troth, to your honor and forll ude, we may be Die ureun* of assisting and bringing ah ml a consummation oi an great and glorious u principle advn cated by tliotu?the redemption of their native land, if po elide, by hoooiable mean*, let the destructive fund* that have kept tin under the feet of the British arUlo oracy now Tiaappear from amongst u*. I*?i the Nicied hou.ea uf our yuutli. from which wc hvve been driven liy the vile*t tyrant* I he World ha* yet produced, arou*e the drooping epirit* ot onr onrp noble and geuerou ? race, and by the tope* of the future and the meniorie* of the, la- guarantee* that we, a* Irishmen, will either do or die in endeavor iug to accomplish thai for wh eti Emmet mounteil the acaifold, Hanrtifying the cause with hi* bleed ? for which 1 x?rd 1.1 ward Fitzgerald I.night, ami for which we. a* Iriihinen, will ?acii flce our live*, if necea-ary. Orgnniae, then, In every city, town and hamlet. Elect your own off! vers, make duly appointed collection*, and be particular in ne lectins true and trusty men to till the po*itlon*. I'art uot with one dollar till you receive instruction* from headquarter*, and let no brawling demagogue, who may have been placed in a position in life to command, direct your movement*. I*t your inttlligeuce rule, ami imneui oer that your bleeding country call* on you. fast every man *peak out, and speak truly. Gather yourselves together?eommuni-a'e with u*, and we will send you all the inatrnclion necessary. We want not one dolUr of your money?we want not to exercise auy lullueuce over you in any form, hut merely give you advice. We do not council you to form a filibustering league, or raise an army of invuaion under the shadow of the star* aud stripes?where we have found protection : We deprecate the violation ot any law* of the bind in which we Hie You will from time to time lie advised of the course of action to pursue. l'Ue National Convention will be held shortly, aud fr.mi that you will gaiu all instructions necessary fur furthei operations. N. II. HARRIS, I'resident TUo*. I>avi< Club. M. CAKK, \ ice President Red H tml Club. CHAKLB* W. BOKUIUOGK, Pte-ideut Kinmett Ifonu mental*. illi llAU. J. 0. KANE, Vice-I'rcsldent Wolf Tune Club. | For Inhumation direct to any of the above, to the nor Id. weet corner of lugbth and Race stieets. [from the I'ennsy Iranian.] "TO IKl.sllMEN IN PKNN8YLV AN I A." An advertisement appeared in our column* ye-tenlav signed by N. K. lltrri*. President Thoiua* IhiVt* Club, M Uarr, President l'.*d Hand Club; Charles W. liorbridg.-. President Em met Moiiumentals; Michael.l.ll. Kane. Vice I resident Wolf Tone Club, calling upon Irishmen, as ! inch, in Pennsylvania, to organise in every city, town aud hamlet, lor a purpose veiled in obscurity. No true | arid experienced friend >4 cilU'n< of Irish birth would ' counsel such an organlxatioii at any time much loss I when tlicie is a settled prejudice in the mind* of onr poo | pi* against foreigner* g"U* ally. It i* to be depra tied ! that so gieat a want ol ju'igim nt an 1 discretion snoo d i !*? oxblbilel by Hotspurs born abroad, as to be calculated I to embroil tliefr country men wlto Ilk. a**ocii'l"n*ofAm I rican born citizen*. We deny the right ol Irishmen, (ier man*, or any other people of foreign birth, alier they h*ye been naturalized, to organise under any other nam than that of American citizens, and eonde tin th<- p di<y with our sternest opposition. They are In truili and in fact American citizens, and any a tempt to i-pttor,' the till* place* them in a ]*. I'juii to 'o- op .no 1 l.y i - id natiye birth. II they organize a* foreigners, lliey must expect Amei leans to counteract their p- wet by orgaui/a | tion* among thr m-elves ' We are not apprised of the ohje>-' of thai: contemplated t slnh* and ear* not What it m?y he, be"*use no purp >se enn Justify their organisation a* In Inn-n IfA uencau citizenship 1st v.rth acquiring, P i . worth owning, ami ' may not be laid aside at the option of it- posse.*or, so long as he remsir.s under the i ntr- lol our law* There are association* amongst us of. |ihilanthropic char actor, have l istinc'.iye names, > Cn-.tiog foreign Ui"'.h or foreign extrwilori such a* the Welsh, the Scotch Th'stle i and M. l.corge'* s-erletles; but tin- e an- entirely rem v 1 i li'-m political puri* and a <**mhl" under th" ??..II of I American fltixens," of Welsh, r'cotch or English ex traction a* th* cj?ae may lie This i* right, an I ha tendency to qlsann uny opposition to tte'Tr continii inn " he auyi Ihe appeal of the advertl .ement alho'.csl to political pitri*>??, uot to operate '.ire-i ly in the I nit" I i 1 Mat"*, but to effest *om* movment in Ireland. Denis- ! girgue* are not to ha ye Ihe control o: It, or direct it* j j movement, say* the advertisement. !h'- very assertion 1 -how* that it will le Hal le to s ich abuse and lb" lilsouy i of nui iliaily proves that demagogue> ennnot !*? V."pt onr of it* direction. What pollti al <? *ty w * "yer I toru.eil tliat did not i-ven'iialiy fall into the inn.!:, of , "mBg. .;ui-s [ t.i -n ? .erywher- a'j mi. ?n ! , ?hey v. ill not lose sj favorable ?>! opportunity": tur-ing j 'he strenth of these club* to their imrn per mm! sdyao ' rug" lhl>i?a certain to occm a? tha' man think* ?n 1 | ; know* how to combine *treng'l?. i ll' v . v suppo it ' i i - I'-ai such ? thing can be svol' isl, di-pliy- tin tact that 1 i or vices in human rxperiem e are at Ihe "I tint move ' roent, an t It must necessarily "nd In dlaa-ter If no* in | collision with other a>*ocfations will be fnrtne t to i counteract iti political effect. No own de-in-s to-*e the oondt: ion of Ireland 'derated j 1 n < ie than "ill elves bn' we wo Id liot have 'In- done at j the sacrifice r/f the right* of nntu'at'/.o ! citizen* of In*u I birth in 'hi- cotintiy IT" m"-' rnxligii-int prejnd ce* j | oi w prevail against - rch ci'i/en* in the 1 -'ret order re ccntly establisherl among ii- in ', i world t*? the lievht , ot f< lly. If not actual in ani'v to p -vo.r- in .-eiing to | at y r 'We extent. | 1 be Irish Repeal Association thougu Inst "it?l i..- a | most worthy rause, was injari-iu to t ??-<x .al ;??-i ? ? ' . ' " ir na ruralize I cititens. It "X elj aP i-y.n linally , i ' PP'I-I' OTI. l*o-*ii?e denu gog'ie* turiinl It tu ti - -?u ' po: onsl advantage. line d'oi'g'g'i* u-el It t- p'lli j m another, until it eventually spn' In tw.uo, *>. i * I two President* thwar'iug the nation* of each other. A I I crea'er 'temaaojruo at length seire-t fts powe- and hi" I 1 P"i-nmptix* m hue** -ism hro-i.-ht -t t?' d- hit r | ll.e ln?h peopl# are warm hearta! and iinpul'lve s-af -.n | ?hi* urcoiiir are more Ukely t" Is-led In'" error itizn t. I rri"r- apathetic i.ermsnor "si. n. Tti 1* known to all ' deniar -gues. whose flrat effo t Is r?i eyefte wrne g-n"r >' n in their b'?a-t and then, upon the very levoroi j li :? eelirg pr.-ii'!# them-'Ives with profit, p>i*er and j \tt- *av to ?nr fellow citizens of Irish bir i u,g to do wi ,h the?e I lut.* *?? I the great te?lv "f tlie American |?i: !? Can do b it little 1-ood Ir' law!' b'P may do y to the Pnited Stains, and to y< -r-elv? per onail . .n/j't ' will b*g?" coinWoa't'-n* ??: an ? i?>-iie j ?c*? r and in the end yon wlli ha 'he s iff i?r* <'orr??i"ii'!#n' < Hal. mora - in.] W i-miah % 'V 11 liVi A .on. . <? ?? fo /? lt<n- it A A1. in TV li i i A AT..,, 'i,i. fi''i/ i If- / I-'. ' '.it?J-1/ A'i r .VwtVA'4?/in.. A Al>rt?it,Af? Tb Ton. Sufi Tim* li ? r\iuj Ato"' Ik III A ?<A"r /ati, r 1 -rivf A./o'S.' if lk? cagntia'rnn, wilh i ^Uori .n'-aming "h? pn ?l?t,ni? ?* thaCJaywrn Hul i-r tr mi . ' ? ha ro-i.tna.!. but K ii. ?? .<? ii|nn . t, "l ? I r-w robili'ii'ii n bo in ? ii,? Hritiah r?in:. r<i,ir" i.U ?l thai, St 1 r' falMIM diatinrlljr U? th" ita', ?'??.' ' n' Amarva In la-. ihan * i iii'S, > t.tu *< i i i laurn I at A?!it> al IWi ??) I*-, 'all'!, p ? <i' ?o .an <1?1 Nor'a am) r. platiual tha Briti-h m?i> ?' .< ? am'. t ,-a r ,nu Atona i, tl." una >,,nn. u ,.o?: th m irtr ?? to '.ha la of S'iflaragua, an- b-. 'h* ? port. With an tt|i|IU,>M7" -t ? w I '? ?ei? y aaa?|, n of -on, ? n'bar porta trim n l W< i . ?? prolactin ata a-coB-U'lon oftl io*. itt Nlwifut i J in - ar. . Uio r t< tn ikiuM Ik*'. i,r*it Mr) tan at. ,o> l i iht ati?inpt? oa tb? part af ? ar hliti i .'ora, t' ? - I i-Uh'T of tha Vi, Ar?4f'""i I''! , >'!?. n" ?' *" i"' ' t' itrol of tba f"??tr?) ima-i'Mil r"g'' , Yt.o lima l? to una *l.a? Con' *1 Ua ?? 'til b" ?>?? faio of tha ,;ott?oi?n-?rf tha w. ,rU a>. ih Ni*a raguan mthmua will ba tha meat ,mp rtao'. V A r> ,*.. o.n.roo 1'ially *b<1 *n ? miUtnry punt of ?i?u in *hola worH Tt,? Brl'i*h g> -??,:* ?>' /i ? fi p, try, "laani 'hl? a pr ,|yi 'ia.-I,,-?t jrr a ' !l?ol . \h' ? ?ral upa U'l/In ufaraoe* to tl tutor# >al>ia .. h a ?. no, tion, f' lift, >J ar.'i corninai tiai wit h" A < ? ar, iu>4 otkar poaaav ? >?*. "tbo 1/ noon 7,?rr fiaa-r f?||. <? i otr o-i mi"-*-* Ita mark Uko *b' la, *?f< r ????? u, '-o anoujt, bn'^i' an t hi, *L' n,, * ' ? n'.y ur.tnf -rna.l *? u, tha at?'. A ?< I! .- 'hi ? ? ? a* tiaU< n. aar. aaiomn! ?? I eau>a of IS., naaal raint m?tl an abati,.| rumor wbi. :, ? n, un'lariuf !>.,? rptn ha-l ?a- afli*i of >a A.nar at, ,r ; ? f thr '. 1 rloti of tha KanoraM l,la (fall# a? *? - 4 t? a,. ? pi? ?a,i ran ? maBti oa,! So ,a" aJ P. ? im J on ?t ? upc - l inmH.rjf aoiw-r torn, ih,? I ti>,atBritaio n rotation t/>a.|un?ii?o > i?urn' , a raif I : SiaT- boan wall .g., to uf to 'a' H ai" ' -a hr, hao4? wora foil osoogb. nml 'ha* If > < u- ?! ' " -?:r to bar "Wt> affair> wa wo ,H in. , I ? .r? th *? w, aM aist In rajjtril ?o Cuba a* wa might .?i?? ,t'it n ??irli aW'Wrr Iim ha?n glarm aiot of a-, a,, i (tup* vu ?* ar i ba at?ry implia* h?a tha ftHiim g iw-u la 1 fmr fo?? amant I* i>nAo,,M,<llr allrr a* raorh m lh?' c* "od acco-lingly on ocr port, tuval preparation i? active ?t the Brooklyn Nary Yard fforrvsponden * of th. Gourier ood Koi|nir? WaHiuiti.T iN, Nor 14, IHbfi. Tho comment" of the l/mdon /'rut, reputed to or in the confidence of Bold labiiemtou, <,n the drapa'ch ?>' a large ateam fleet to the AuMtkan ?UUou?, uro highly biffoiflvaid. That pa|ier dUtmctly .lnelaiea iu iniprta eloettwt tliie e*U*ordln?iy forro ha* Un American wo* for the purpo-e of watchpu- our pur'* and flllbnatertag drnign* which may be en tertalned lu tiji* country utnu the roat of tba wortd. Thin k <> eratiiltou" Imputation upon our government The TigiUuee au.l energy, the perfect good fcl*l? of tbi* ..Hon maintslnuig ite obligation* toward, ?tl foreign government", cannot oe daniedex-ept by thoae iguor*ut or ctai.deae ot the truth. The exornVve found it a but. of lean difficulty to rnatrninthe dhhurUr lug tetid. un?H..r a portion Of "Or own ?ltif keep within boutuU the naiue procliritieo of the officiate among U" At tliL- moment aome? pf Ha agent, art. under c-uvi-tlon aud icnteoce. in thle ibd other countries, foi .iolatime of tlieir neutrality law*. How audaci ue then tbe uaeeition that our ahorvii inuet be be leagumed by Brit.ah lleeta tn order to eu?ure the eutorce nient of our international obligation*. Tilt, article t orn the aaini-iniulaterlnl organ U onv.oualy of Ctr gieute. unp-rUn ?? than tho tulin nation ot tie Jtiwir, U-ued probabl on the rame day It ie a war arti cle, ?no if putillahed ly authority ot lord rajiueraton, deiei-ree the atli uti n ot ihi? govuriia.edU The move nient, noteworthy in i'.elt, will, Uoubtodlws be referred to liy Mr. ItuchiinMi and tl ivina ne bi bo ?*u w lie bar la iii I alu-ereton will uuike the .nine anew v )?' Ww gift, by laud Atieroceu on a riuiiW oeca.dou laet year. It almuld he borne in nilr d that Aberdeen manitoated, on alt ?roper ocew-i'n*. the ne?ht fnendly fealiug toward' the IrnV.d Stat)-', a bile lorn rainier tou baa the credit for enuetly oppose ?eollu?. nl*. When, t .n year* ago he war Koiehru Minlaler, ourrep'ewntAilre iu London ?*hI-b<ji bydirecti no Mr it -c nan an, why a Urge Urlttah tlwel whh n nr. nttatlog mar the e--?-'t ? f Oregon. ' jleeauoe. lord )aliu-i ton. you are threatening war iu which (T?tDt ihcM) fc. 1 e i |> vh ill In* u *Tul " Hi* to l>?1 lm?Uly W'Uinrd that be .lill reply in a dllfere,,! temper u >w. The New Yoih AU*?ii iu a hrng di fence ot Mr. t.rarou too and hi'Courae relative to the reoeat llllbu*u*ring or recrultli g operation* of ht' agent*, attein..t. to Incul pate Mi Marcj, and cha gen the Sw retary StiUi *i ti lmring given bL ' .notion to th.^e iicoco<-<linga in at TU1C of their Mug undertaken. I hare aolUority tor htating that tliia an eitiiu in aUhout any Inundation whatever. Mr. Marcy wa' uot infonned of itie rocrultlog achetua through any agent of the ItritUh goTerauien - had no know ledge of the iu'lruetioiiH glveu U? oai ry n into affect, and of cour-edid m-t giwe hi'a??.nl to the deeighin anynhapeor to any eaumt. The difnon hae been mUin'onned, aud haw d..uo~il i? pro-niiied wit"'?k iniendtug it- a gro.h inju'lico u. the /woretaiy of htate. At tho k.. inn Une, I believe it to be a tar.1 tlia. Mr. at?r< ?, . waell an the freeideot ami therther uinail>er' of the ] adiuiniatralion, legiette t t'ie uesewrfty ot taking me*- I aurea to vindicate -ur Uwh .aguinM the h."lio", rather than tbe criminal couduok of the employe', of tlie Hrui'li governmeut i I. W s fllftJI (IBl. Ai rtvul or the Umnada-1T?tp of tlu- Ocean Ulrd to Havaae?Munltn and Bobbcrli a In the City?Amu lean Bnllora Coiulimisd to the Chain Uang-New Port Regulation*? Ptve Thotuaiid AfrtraM loinrted?Homing or a Mlavtr Dortor Wor rrllVCourae or At tlon known to i#r. Blnrey. Tlichleaiii-hlp Granada, which left Havana on November ttth, artlvad at thl* port Iwt evening, bringing tlie let ter* of our eorre'ponileiitH and Ale* to date. Ot'K HAVANA COnilWtrONMtNCE. Havana, Nov. 8, 18W>. Mramdinar* Quid 1riVfr,m A'eu l'i>rk-AdmiraUon of Ihf I'nplr for th' M*Ofnrr?/m?ien" ('<ir.j.e, of A/rkam Horning of A Mai* Shi/? llttiUh ami Trail' Union. foii'unnng time anil de.troying apace, the Ocean Bird, Captain Ciahaiu, entered the |a>rt of Havana, rounding the M<wo Cwtle at f> and b mlnutea V. M., the ?tb, making, from the Narrow* to our rock, four day*, d hour* and 20 uiinule', beating all previona record Tbi* ateamor t>*~ been vlaifed by thoaaanda aince her arrival, and much by all the Spaniel. pa'M-ngera were m> much delighted with the aeoommola tlon*, attention, table, *erVant* and de-patch, that thoy have addrtaaed a letter to the captain, which will oome lli-t to hie knowleoge through our p>e*-. I have aeen i never a) gentlemen who have been at ?ea in all aorta of vea ) aelk and atenm. r?, and of at) nation", whoaay they have 1 never had a .oyiige ?o exviting aud perfectly agreeable a. 'he ? ne jnar arcompllaUed with tbe awi^t Bird of the i Ocean, or the I teenn Bird, thla atesrner leave* for New . Or lei. 11" tliii e.enlrig, and will be going iff) 'he Mi-at* Ippi | i iver in forty eight hour- from her departure. With re ' duct ton in th' prlceof pio-age. whi'h i* ..Uoge'he, t high in pr' ta.llioti to trnvol *l-ewhere, tbi-line will do i the heat hu-liiw". and a' even r.te* rnn't be -he io j ac eptable cuntryauce between Havana and the tempi o | C'i,tig?.l that Wilblr, ?!.e la*t three month* there have j beni lanr'e.1 betwei. 'heCaron*- bay ?o I Nanvil ?-?, "J1 I the north tri.Ti.i-e of t uls, between 4 Mto ?od f.,t?? Afn I rsn* The -olnHiner M.da !-n< " well km-wn trader h tween thU i. -rt ami Yew .trie -n-, landed a r.arg - * I- ? I da,*?inee fn our iinnudiat. rinlnlty of 4611 African'. The vea-cl waa tunn' linmedlately af'ei tli? negr-e* wn landed, being -.n lire before h? laat waHa had tew- e the "III re. I h? captain and invte, nii/eii- th- "[ -tate-, left 1hl? ci'y f-r u Northern pint. Th" B.Ill h hi ig of war laiing followed rlo e on th' pith nl rh. Virta- ?h ng the coa-l from th- w.-'wa.., an ?a- in (dghi when nr? w*? put to the v--?>< I an I ' nt-ri-1 Ud tioii wlnle r|ie achooner w*- vet t.urnlnr', the i temnahip M> xlco came Into port y.-.-.-diy III wu Ing from Toinplcu, Vera Cruz and -i-al;d?lit -lay ? with |,,nv rdd pa-'ergera and aonre freight -he w?. put in iUaiantllie -? that W- are a- ywt without our letter . Our new-, hv private letter- from bom", d.w. not !?' the enanbrd'" heart mueh comfort, ant -panlah pride p , . hut the publtehad matter I* alt, full of -mil., and honey ami what w-art go.i.f to do h-r-, in the l a-t ard everywhere. Hut the only I "m 1 ' ? our journal ' of l.dn.trlal intereat H, 'h.t rb- duti" ?et. Nt r?i?l"u lumlier ...d re tore I on gla" ....i health l? ?' Jfo'ir -ervtce We are not In full bin t rolling, hut we are doing po lty w. ll. H > >?? in thr. f'ity?l/uliilay ?f'o ? ?nrvui*m thfAlM'lVOl' ^tih? mmm f /!,f <1 SUlf' /s*hl?A > l*>rt fttfitihil if/ft H o ,s 4. Nor H 1 M.VV ] \ m* r?? ? ij* \y i t a tl r>! more lb nil on?* n-vr inullon j and robtx ry la th? -troet ? of thi-?ity. f rmuri ;o .-.inch* / ! nba* the (Sua'hintinffQ, kouic time alaee e*r,?p?ii frmn the I're-idlo." and commlttM varion robberier, Ar., in and *ib??ut thi* city. On ttft evening tA the 31 -f alt tb" po he having tric^ Fiinehcx to a Utlegn. (grocery,) wiu-re nepiad b?en In 'b*- habit of going todrlnk, a b??<iy .?f Alva gusrdia*, nix "i pert n in numl^f w?fit l*? ti*# krber" they f?>un?l their man Two of them entered, and irked l iin If hi* na i^ fa* B"' Sanchez. If" rep!Jr?.| ri the rjfg.itiv* giving an anauwed nam*. If* wanthcn to!d t.e imtrt go t?? the ' < oralfta'y," to which he ???.? no ?>v : or* Ion lut walked out and wj? foliowed b/ !l ? whole .ody of ^alra guard U* He ha I onroel; dTAO ed twenty j a -* when ha turned auddenly round and .irv jwdgnod fr? rn hi* p#r*on he h*Vb??l and kdhd < ti,< ?th?? aW.ijpurdia wh > b .ippened to V* neu *'t t?i

1 tot. ten before thr ,**?. n<i alvagttaHi.i <<?u!d t t* ld? -ward. b? inf irtid a <??'? ? Wound on am which J understand '? ha ? >inr.. died i ? ran into ? hoy** be door of who h ? I ? c j .o^dbimMoi bch.nd the dou, with tl r n > * band, icady U> ^tnb the nr-i mn wh? jb'j .. . ? u * A % wfco welt in th'- bo " '?.???' b u. ? 'nil. w?*ap a In hi- bar.- , appra;tch?d rn n*M fh * ttike him down with,t ther m itotutor bill* >?* . ???l my ioi .inantdld not kn? w whi- h, and thu h? w?? v ? ???; la tin* jtifftlfe f?a- riot tw o t?rCy hn ?* I *?**n trjc?i, found guilty, piaoedl In p Sl? ' -r i j * igbt hour- and tbw? i??ri>in* i* t?/J t. gar "?*# ton i f* tiour- of my pr? -rn. .*ritiny To* ' ? . ?tao i a a of whom 1 wrote yna rc^-ntly n?? # idhh Ur .. u;? l?y catting hi" thrun* it? t? A 5 w ? v? r Infr- *inc?? a white u*#*?. < ti.u.g 'i" ? '.? ? i?i#A ?ie Vapor,' (,% j.ubli mark'' ? ?*? utebte'd In J? # or font | Jt - ?- I hi* W t rb fn n''r - jh?- j ? m* ? ntl> ? fuulattr * f . jt. d d Ate *t cc*?, r.y ? a# < II.. . li.' 'lb -d been ????. thr ?,r wbcra h? *r? louBd. nod had Uim ? hut v? tear d tli?* two i? ? <^u ? '.-u-A a?i ad ib?? Off ' -Who ho?4 ? o nay r*? / ?; ' ^.n under a h i W "f t ?*. n;' t>rrn -I ir " v? ?rade ha^a b?*?o deckel fu it; ui Will ?hort?/ b* ?will to the rbam ganf lb?-j ba>?* n ? "rdloff Ui tb# ti'fin* oi the trca / who h tit' #hr rtfi'- b? re d?-*ure not r*f?-nd t' 'i'm a a he : ' mtiutwn who fi any trrr i# -ru man in ?*t h- 4 . uy an* t< i*ech4in |ib/ * ter ?u ?-v u *o ti.i .? ?v?., ?*-? ??? ? lh*i Uk ir *lt i* . Ma. n*. t ?if. f ? r (f ih?' it m It it ?. <?o 'i??t tM? t uM '? ntinuv inin- n i.<*??'* ' ?* l.* ??? ? ? ' > f'rt ? .? ? ih?; *111 litiuMI**. Ik' n.rt'~: n Itff Wilt n * k ? hp t?- ?? *! lil^riy .1>? I' 'h In* will t? tt p -?.fi ? I<a? frf iw ?*? ?if n which I Imh. ! '*)>? . l"br?i' , < . ". I !??.??? ?rpi iipfuh^'lp *t >!?n?n 1/t |hn . .jt. ?> . .. i. i j A n*w bin* rl?ib 'ibif'.m i? to *? ? ru . n ih* 'k p??m n "I ?-li ?lttw. fh ll way c ?? fyi'.f p- 't.%ay <? h' tifh. pt?, ??bi. wiU n. ? b? Hi* p i i" ??'* ?<l * ?? ' * ? ...?P' v C'ii'liii^ *" thpu '.**?'? ypt t Wile ' 'i. ? . . la.. i*. *k<i ?tp far fr-tn vinf net' *? unaaa < ^hia a' lh? llowatMi PI|en p , . *? / wt. -h 'lay a:* f it if ha ?.**?<? o. t/.p Irt ie.l w? a am b"? ? I ?? ? daiini in Uip *|ani?ii rv.anaa, f<?i b* ?ri n y* tit .a* huniliM] ami ?!*?/ !??. wiiii...wa <?*' r-?|a? ?p|!w? alw>nt nta '?n a ai.l *??! by ? !.,rrpd b la ) aniiha K' ll* ' ha?? f# .ri tl "* Tanwo ?h*air? on -alijr.lay fno'lay an t Ti" '?y '*?n'?g? ? t.g t wIp-:, . p., in i/i'? ?> i*?i <>. ?? ir <?. a f?w lay> ?li, a ? c . t Cia>.l* lumol "????- J'p?" ,. il I '? ? tisi tk I tf If IblUi at tb*\l'U > 1P?? tie Ir'f'itir I ??! "Jl ] |? .< I An 'ia ?cti' ? "*o ? 'a M I i,:? . 1*-' to a op.4iaa Tb" H'f'A <if yawta* ?y con'alfi* > a " ab b p?a* ?? 1*1 a' ' ? n it ?tiajr.Wf* "1 ih* 'tiffaiaat 'in-* Will I* if wt '* A iit? tofai" thl? |*.f* ai'i ? M M>y |i*tp la* i* ilfailw i at lie tin. Oa.I|p la' .f* '.Ua U ?4*. I" N?. |aa*** jr*** will lr 'Wftff ba fafmi*!*-' la '-am* <a ,1,. * a I'l. * *ia ? ??? ft - lb* I ?r ?'? ' ?-a- ? nor wili *h' mil* or otl.rr jro'i-*.. to perarttod to t>0 Undid not" bo*? <1?y, ?inapt ihn otllrt*l cirrrapond-ooa, of Which tile copioio lit ?b? P>rt will take rhi i(r. Alter Ararat, if ? rU>aiiM*r ha. beau iiju-ilied, a atiiu- Man ??? bril-taii at the Morti Caa'io, by which the ? learner >? to undvmtaad ttial ?kie ntar ?liter the port. OIT. MirtFZ.Vb OORKK8PONDRNOB. Mai .>?.**, Nor. 5, 18V>. V PniM St (Mr. CVtk'wbl'*?In . WtrrM'l ulty w*tt. Ik* Stair Itrj-artmml?tbitrv rf Mr. Mar y It lion b -va rutnorad liora, for thr few l>ja pant, that l>r. Wiirrnl would not return to I hie pUnr aa t'onaul of the I'uiUal biate-a?in fart that hie gown meat, di ap pti.Ttti* of 'iia coiim*, had dUnnaae-t htm from office. It ia uot 1117 |iui|him' to delaiui the diMtor, who 11 quiia competeut and quick 111 hoi own dalenoa, but, I think, iu common with many other., that Mr. Uarcy baa dona hiiu (frcat injuutic?, in |>amij'litin liitn to proceed without iu htructieua ae far ae tu> did. The department had lieen duly nntir?l for aome tioi , ol . rarj ?te>. taken by tlie Cun*u , a huiK iuetrurlioue, uuOei tlie Un uraulanrea, cleaily and eapllcitly dcinod. ae the record* if the Con mi late etii.w, and tdvi.iog the nororiuuent ol thr rourae which lie unoiild nlrtm It In* duty to pnr-ue lu the ?.?? rence of ou|>e?ial ia?lru*ii<?.., under certain art* >.f vi? loner militated upon the w?l< of ihr Couauiata. No word of 1 eply nan plvrn to hiiu, or notice of hi' ie,M>*t<.l re>|ueetn taken, eacept the ueual official aol uuwle.lgq incnia?no word tnore?uutil he prnmuicd, from the de icrinluod rHenceot the Socielary that lie would ba mi.lain ed. It wouM hrre tieen ea y for Mi. Maroy to h#?e pre ve* 1 any dlfDrulty by a word < f million, in time?11 iti y k titui that the jiiwllkm hw propo?e<l woutt ml In "... tioucd hy hi-guffi'i iiU'-iiU TkelUUr Wa- a'iuwed tn | addle hi* own hoot1, ?tlh miicI ilUcruiion ur h? had at ciinunand. The Koyeroioent 1* not free from blame in 1 lila tax*, and probably there are many other piitilit atrente allowed in 'he name way t > plod aim K without the artrice t-oo|{hl, to the jeopardy cf uatioiial and liuliridual iuUrtoU. CUGK. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. I IIONKI MARKHT. 7 rivU?AV, Nov. 1.,?A IV M. The 11 Im ire decidedly in l)i< ae< emliuicy figun I r?< umikei tllit inorniiiK wo* all up, w?th very l*rg- t >vi? ? actions in *11 the leading eto.:k*. At the (irat board Ill? noia Central hood* &dvt&o<?*#t 1 percent; New Vi?rk Can* trai 7'h ; (Vinton Com^iny, I Nicaragua Tranaft, \ i (timber land t' .al, S, Kile, Jtyit Harlem, v,; ILomUiu' ! Hall rood, 2*4, Michigan Central, I I', 1 <**len? and Chicago, \, (MwtcI*ai1 ami Toledo j All I be uiomI prominent Western lailnatd iii* id (lemand to da/. notvnllifUndiug tlie iiiiprovoui#ttt ti |?ricen Mi. Itigan (entrrtl udvanoed prlncipaU/ fr.un ? ?e ofiening. with rIiIm iiniutuall/ It^fi?ling ??pen.d ?t hiarid rloMsl at u"? ?en*, with aale? of inure tliHU thri'e thouftHftd aharuK. I r?e wuh tha uuwt huo/aut and tlie u?Of?t active fanrjr ou the More ilian tour tli<>u.-an<i aliarea were told, opening at l^\, and oloMing at 40si |ier cent ckHj Sale# on tbne rang** 1 am high ae hil)? per <v?t, buyer oiatj da) *. The groaUwt advance Uiia moruing waa in. ( levthtnd and Tole io, which opcami ai t WV4 and cluetd rd 70 p<?r rent ca-h The rloniug price /estenlav waa 6(1 ^ par cent, it atrlJie.* ua that th?? ad v;inre in Erie ami other rdocka hua rerjr little baeia, and that it ran ot'/ ha temporarily NUMtamod. The c ?ntrae ti- n t#f th< 1 wink a nod Htringcncy of the money tnAikat, ate not calculated to aid and comfort the bulla much give them ranch encouragement I n the future. Th?- only feature about the market at all f .rotable it the fa t that the bank ioaaa range comparatively low. It if* of couth. nafer to buy etorkn with a discount line at thirty two mltlion, than with it at one hundred and two but there are other thiugr* to l?c conhidere<l junt now 1** N?di h the moveiiieut of our local hanka. We to tint torn our attention t?. European affair*;to themoveuicuLa.ofthe great moneyed iriMt iiution- of the Old World; to the* up plifn of bullion, ratre of interest, Ao , and carefully watch t*iv changes iu the?. uijertant element? of tiuance and speculation. If we speculate In Htoekn on thin side of the Atlantic, without ngurd to tlieoDudit.uu ol 'liiiign on lh?* other line, wc -hull be c. tinually subject t?# *u ? -ud dm and euorrnotiH Puctua'i' ij a* ha r?*c#ntl/ been ?? pejimcd In thin market, the advance in flock- report ed within the past four or hV'* days ha? le*?'ri hro ight iiU.ut entirf ly |?y movements among re, tain c!: joo4 ??f s^*oiiiatora in thin ciiy, who iiave wihty ru?h -I into the markev rega uU?* of anytiiiug, ealcuUU-d uot only to arrcgt at any riio neoi th* mitati ?n, but t<? plunge thern still deep*? ?-it ? tha eu ??f hnnhruptoy. The hull* a a general thing opemte upon the principle that there is everything to make and n thing to lose S? long an difference* continue ?o Ujelr favor. ????y well, but when differ*!.re* run heavily again-1 them th? r ?juie*ly cowproini-e w pe out aotj r> nine n? ? ag on Ve are by no mean a -ati-fie! that we are not a' fthif mi rr.enf upon the verge of a firiao'*ial rcvuhi 'Q cijual in ft?rre ?nd ro.tgmtode to any experienced for ye.irs M derate fianica arid convulsi-n*. we \ih*k for every ninety days, but aooner or later???S way . provided, of course that the European war conHa o e?one greater than al will come upon u* that wt!J slia**er "iir rre?lit ay tern 6> ??fotn- f latter our?eNf? ?? w? will regarding our iu ternal re?oiirre- and immense w?*fi!tii( regarding our > normoi.-prodti'tlons and ihej im|e>rtauoe to the n> llona ??f the <?ld World w** are in the pow?-r of European raj iE?l? ?>, .md if a small jer rent of their deunnds wa* to I-*- pre#?nte<| and iriiiocdiAtc payimnt pre- I, w hould b** ohhged to susps nd In less than a week We ale in fjei.t to Eur??f.e, on our stock secoritii ? alone up wards of three humlrel millions ol dollars, every ?rit of which ih payable (*u dem r. t. A portion of thi? debt i? jr.y moment likely to be pre*' stel lor | syincmt and th* extent of that demand will dej < n t entirely upon th? pr e 1(11 of tha Knrupcun wai. an l ti # ilmln upon tin llanka 1 I rglAnl a nil Pram c. Hi' < mo .t In- IgdMiimi Ob ? .?til of Ihtfinaiiitl K logon n un'. I .ill o long a* ?'? i "ropy 'be po-l Ion of .labtor-lir ili an Ononani'i- am ml awt thona *lm 1a tin i uparn inn ill-iiy?i I ?hi 'ii'! atinn . whirl lai'y b' 'in. r<? .nl mora apparent of ??. r< ? Onan i at o! r? m i." f-; .1 ?ji?n let Itil ill - throughout In op# ? I I" i U a !e??i'tt tbey Will ftot "? n6ng?t. Hi. tf ? nt lUt-Hen -<il I.ii e n our n*i i k market thoobl ir' ii.i?ihiii( 'n peculation If liny racoon anything l< nc effci 'i >? I i uncle* - U'all'nipt furtli"' to rn itlim u o m" I ' rm It they will got I' wrn tfar? ? grti Ihdr p ? kefa i' u?i ? ?< 'o api *al to their jo gmnnl u imn.nn nam* At the (Ud Oil In aril thctc an- n m o fi ebaogtla lb" -I' ? ' f nafinll lack .? I action, tni' ic if ? I ?(?initi Ii -i <i only an ? ightb jei -cnl Iowa II: ? ? ? ' at,tin lumla ai'a r,rc| ja- eat M.? inn ''? t, ? li-riUral an A Toledo i!e. I ni-1 1 ptirnt llacVu >, an . I S??I .itr'hi ?? Ciiiot* .tt l . fti?re a - b a ? ? of Michigan niitlirta thi* nwmay, bat tain ? n ib>l< ?r ma'!a a' ? ? 14 |a ant, al. e . I an lyanee ill , par can* mi ti ? , I ? ? ? . aatey.lay k' t"n'i?l I" i ' ay i ' ,* ai I to 1m >i| *r- m ? g;i -if at*!>?! ?b. . . Ki I V I new 'la '1 r-?j .J? .1 i hi'1 < n'lolmi ? ? k ' tar ? ... $4,7101 *i n? uiri ' opaiat ? tii? Iramruy In pat ivat A. , rgti a on a"ir j u." I' l? ml. a r . i. town ? ? i> tl ?' ?? mptli a i' ' l?. >11 ?>? r tl ? II.'? i lapaftliai I 'M ? I or the ' nb/rnnQ. . .. ? || fa. 'A in.I mo) ??*? -i 1 ti ? ? in "o .count of tin- ? ??- If. ,1 'l ? atai'ii'* on anonol oi ita on?? TOP i . ini'l in I ni l m'' iii? . . tfi ? t' .1 ll,.?ti in Ii | toot a'i'y i 1,1 , r'.l i. fa , . i lil .Oi in 1 ? ???.?> Ila ' . ? ir; Hal i tli i . p- ? r w 'A . ?: ,y Ol'lf ill tl' .yV 1.' CI K ( r ? I ntr atf n , t? in >? ?I1|" ? ?a I 1 , a "fj J?r -at ' (.? a alto ? fill aot.'j ?r. . Km ? ! !?., ?ut o t'nrtn Xt\, ? M .'i T?.a ? incbif. Ijc.i- from liar I, tUla p r ? coil i "ai y rlcgrcn .?? ua bai arrta ??? ?. nl Inr iay MBdit i ? olB bfiryji. in /? i. 'nut - co tay? InVi Ub"*r r? ? rn-l by tka n . ?? i.in1 y .?'? an' f?l?"!'(. i. Ana i at* a -a an on ?!?' ( U k ? I a a?r. "t la V .a ?. .. i - ? 4- I u> ' ocr na4 tfaot 'I " .lcnai?4 h??3 i? ?#- ?? ?t hat ton apply ''"I a"t Icfn bo ???' It IJ lb, 'a) ? pap" Oka n-'upi lua ra Ifarm ?? II (41 y b.'n *!?? t nil, n.i. >?: * '1 ' ? ' ant Mia fP.?'. a / ' 'b? l.t). r?t ? 'IbaUat ? ?? ?n? o? iff/cat -a ? 'y m i acy -,, ... em.' i '? is op ' '? r??o? wifi an" fi'i a'm'? ct- III, a -?"t "t'b ??? paotg ??.'! - 1 o 1 ti ,ny nirl alaftUy IW 'ank- bnaa to*a t'iac? ' >ry 1 llcaif ill Hp"! Ib? i|*r.? r..c?cn, '? lb ay Oknar ?,.|.a - ? C I,my -a ?*?( ' 'ana ? ?.yf >a ?i*hrro Ui ???? ?? a', kat wng'y lb ia'? Cian .% in ?anM tnaai '?# t>< ' ? I ? ? ????'? Ha' an ' - a . roianra i?. it o*. I Inn! earn#* Ci 'fc*. in tba warcant > >v., i II, O-Iy ??' inar.S) on a> c?? lot r?f tio t> wytutlt i- r ?jio>i '? f t? ? '/c4? Iril tri '/,??? n a Ilia a I an 1 ii 'a rbt ?''h iall koM a# any mpg' ,? hn >?wn ? jiiM it' ?? ?< .,.>?.UlCn ... nr. riaaa ,?:c; wataa cawt ?Mb anca aai rai?^ ? -?f rU it oi-i.Mii ,1 lb. f??, ?lit baa !?? ' *,tf. t'+? tigr.?'.|f??. ' ? k 'lei ... tcc?, a hull >4 tappfy bat f. r o* oM'tban t # M at Mban t?. ? gbtaca f. y c?o :i . ym?aii a n ? oly altrttaatnd l ba. | iw iaaoai if lalao'ca bap r>(M( ? iifti u >m at. ant th t ? b.a c .) pin! It i a ?kHo a "???! # to' U.-- wtan. .#???! i.? no ioaV?a aya'al".? ' I w f a'I'i ?? itiligiwy <ii!i kntk i?'.!i-t?Wr"'.? *n* n t p* 'aMpy ib W'tc - 'la-' (?? ?r a b y !???. ,?J f- a ; P ? ? ' ma la '!??? - Man' 'b ? * ? at a< ? ad , mutt iiaqd turn tbr current by m rM?WMt fri.m all part* ol the country. Tim earning* ll" <*'"? ?n<J Prvn?y1v?nia raUread tar tbc month of Oototmr wore $64 008 Tl, and for tba taa month* eodtng with October, MOO Vit>, whioh la a Pn rrea?r on thr oorr?*|*>ndlng mouth* of Lent year af $87,032 The falling off in lb* roce pt* aa compared with Urn name period taut year, in almont entirely tta freight. The earning* fro in througe travel am aboat Mm aauie ax laat year Sir l.ical travel allghtly laa*. Dp k? tat -iepiewbar tin- agx'rfatc oarulugii .-ii?eded laat pt br M.IUO. Tim nerning, of thr Mliwauhiw and Ml**i?aippi Itmllr Ortnher. amounted to Mlt'd.ftfWt 88, ngaiial 678,TT6 MOe tin' coiraeponduig mouth <4 In*'- year, being an a^M of 636,777 84 The aggiegaia* eariutii; < for the tea mouth* nf tlila year are HU,M M tot the ourriwpondmg moulb* ot met 7car the teoeipu who.. MO,Ml Ml Increeae,, ?m.aia m the MerrlumU ami tare haul" Vutiu, in utanee Om (any of l*tiila<lfl|>lita, which baa recently eatabhahad aa ultico at Na. 4 llrnad Nlreet, i*. wa bare every rnaoea bw letac.e. one of the wildcat cjierin*. We Ihink our gaat n Ighhoi* of Want) irnlai county will o|ieu their eyap when the* diacover the talu* af awamp* in thotr nlta^ and ' adjoining lb* railroad uepot " a* cerlir>e4 to hp '?J It Nnnea, Cominlmdonar of tha State of Ma*iachaaa4Pe for Vew York ' and ?? alvoe- til who have tutored ia thin concern to exauilne carefully the following ataka meot 11..a 011 tec r<l In Itcton, when* they tin re 01 akaat opening am hei agency : ? hraravioT 01 Main lutrm *m> Mmiumin Mirruai. ie ?tiftaMW itimoit I'lotaiwimu, itch I. IMkfc ( aali on liktul II 111 op |)o In han< aw on te and uup ifd priiiiiuiu* 1,711 M flflla leooirablo 1,078 Mt Mmllan :im m Mock 110'? eK<luelveot pr< 1? note* aor.orwl by collateral* ... 18,Woo <IW t'ea") e-lnt* 128 lot*, ground #1*100 on fifth and t-ixth *v Bui", city of Sew >oik .. ....90,SV? M M -' on l' "0 tola gn und at Manialouenk, 16 ra'cheater county. New York, adjoining the rallioad ileied, I mortgngw 7'.',WWW W lo on' M lot* K' Uiui .ciloi on ."?abeeecl'y do , Urocklyu, l-l I|ra|(e JO, MM we 1. 1 o "1 I' I* ground on Twelfth avenue, rltr of Nee York, eltli building* on naine, which co.i M HO, lrl*. IW 0*1 i)p fhfMtal 1200,IM IP ."01 pine.. n./'M ft Tin N01 w.1 li ?n*l Woi'iea'.ei Ijuliond < onijiany earunP k'18.'.<Wh I .? 111 (>< U.hor Mai* /far, agamal |JfltJ24 42 (at tha I ante month laat, allowing a da. rea m I hi. year of $ IJP TV 'III. numlief ot vccm*I* thai pa-red through the tPrtteal < an id dnitng the week calling Nov Till, wa* tot?Ik ag and *8 down?ot winch X'. werw lln'.ih aiidnk Awtcrwaa. til the v re rale oniric g lake Ontario, to were boiirwl ta Oawegn, 7 to "grlanaliu/g. 3 to l?t*i Vincent, 2 U Mental ton, 2 to Niagara, and 2 to Montreal. Illork Kitliangr li iMiar. Nn, I IPPP. 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