Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 15, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 15, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERAT.P WHOLE NO. 7018. MORNING EDITION-THITRsZ?>T' NOVEMBER 15, 1855. . PRICE TWO CENTS. OFFICIAL CORRUPTION. The People vs. Sydney H. Stnnrt, City Judge. COURT OF OYKU AND TKKMINKK. Before Judge Koo.evelt. TH1RU DAY'S PBOCXXDWM. WtoMfc)"**, Nov. 14, 1866.?lire interest in this re tnarkable criminal case increases from day to day. The court room this morning wa closely packed and was on that account very uncomfortable throughout the day. Judge Stuart aita beside his c juunel, and watches the pro ceeding.. with much apparent anxiety. He looks care worn and oppressed by the circumstances iu which he la plaoed. Henty Vandervoort recalled and cross-examined by Mr. Brady?Do not tecollect Judge tituart leaving the Court of Sessions on the afternoon of the 10th of February be fore the adjournment of the court; do not keep rough minute., of the proceedings; by reference to the minutes I cannot say whether the sentencing of prisoners on the 10th of February was the first or last order of proceed ings; 1 think they must hate been sentenced during the last part of the day, as the persons sentenced were tried that day; of course Justice Htuart was on the bench when Lhoee sentences wore passed; there were other proceed ings that day, the Grand Jury having come in and pre sented some hills; I have n<> distinct recollection of Judge Stuart leaving the court that day and returning to it; am lot certain whether the District Attorney's note was bunded to inc by Mr. 8pmhe or Judge Htuart; my impres lioci on the subject is about balanced ; my recol lection is that Mr. Hparks left the court room to look lor that paper shortly before iho adjournment; iftor Judge Stuart was informed that we could lot tind the indictment again.t Connolly ho left the iflite; 1 have no recollection of his doing so while ire weie looking for the indictment against Connolly; lave no if collection of Judge stuart saying it was an in lictuient against a hotel Uiief, and that lie might hare iu-eo indicted under an alias; before the indictment was 'mind the name of Mr. jl< nnot was not mentioned In sounectinn with It; I think it was not mentioned till af ter the indictment was taken from the Ules; 1 am not cer tain whether I said anything on the subject; I however reridlected the case very well; 1 did not know that Con nolly had an alias at that time; I had not heard what hi* asms Wk- when 1 went to the District Attorney's office, I left Htuart in the office; I supposed from the terms of liis uote that the Ilistiict Attorney, Was to sign the in llctueut immediately; 1 am not certain whether 1 told lodge Htuart where 1 was going; he might have known it is 1 had the note and indicmeut In my hand: 1 expected to had the District Attorney there, when I returned from he District Attorney's office I remaiked to Judge Stu irl that '.he District Attorney was not in his office, and I ? poke of the discrepancy in the mimes, and he gave me to understand that it was the case he (the Judge) wanted; whether he said they were the same persons 1 do not mow; the June term of the Ceurt of Sessions ended ou he 2ild tor this year; the practice of the Court of Hel lions Is to try prison cases in the warm weather and hail Buses are only tried as exceptions; that was the practice u June am; July, 1886; while Jucge Stuart had these papers in his possession, the July term was hold by the tecorder and the August term by Judge Htuart; Judge fit uart was taken ill on the llrst Friday ol the August ??rut, 1 do not know how lung he was ill as I left the city lext day; 1 was absent from the city till the 1st of Sept.; in peisou, to my knowledge, wanted the papers in he meanwhile; the August term commenced on the 6th if Augu.t and 1 lett ou Saturday the lltli; whea a ca->o s ready fur Dial the papers ate kept in the custody of lie District Attorney till the case is disposed of, except n a ca.-e where a bench warrant is issued, and where the ?arty is uot arrested, and these papers 1 keep, the papers in liis case would therefore remain in my office; the indict jient did tctnain: the first indictment was in the posses lion of the District Attorney, I think, while the matter |. as|tlie tecond time before the Grand Jury ; when the new fjuictmeut wa found it went into my office and remained [here, and it is ou the minutes that a beucli warrant liouln lhbLC. lo Mr. Cutting.?.the July term of the Ueaeial Resaion* ?mmeneed on the At end ended on 7th; the Keeorder'a u.lef a* to Holding court ended on that day lor July and .ngugt; in hie regular or dor hie term would not begin nia i-eptcuiber; the court opened in September on louday, the fid and toe Kecorder held that term; and on It.- tith Stuart brought oack the?? papers; no nt ranger 'ould bavi hai the pa pern; the usual pro itice was to ? ire them on the hie; when Stuart told me that the in iclureut lie wauled waa one agaliuit fkisgrove not again* onnoiiy, I did not know that Coegtove and Connolly ere one and the name per.-.on; he gave me to under and tliat that waa the ca.^e lie wanted; I came to th) inclusion that ihey were one and the same person; he ?ay hare told ine ao, but I hare no distinct recollection bout it. John Sparks, examked by Mr. Cutting.?I* Iteputy lerk of tbe Court of S. nnioim ; have been about 8 years lunei ted with that otlice. [Mr. ilall'n note handed to itnessj. I first mw the DOW on the 19th of l ehruary a ;, in the Court of Se*siuus. in the adjacent room, the urt room proper; I received it J think from Mr. Van no a t liefwet u 'I amt fi o'clock; it wan about tlie time the adjournment of the court, hut I would nut nay bethci it wi s before or after; woeu 1 received the note icsme directly into the clerk's otlioo ; Judge Stuart did nt corue in with me ; I came in alone . I lett Judge Inert in the court room; I am not sure whether he was 1 Ihe bench or not . Judge Stuart came into the erk'a ollict probably five or ten minutes after mo . Mr. eudci vuorl accompanied him; 1 searched tor the Indict ent under the name of Win. Connolly; 1 did not Had it; uai t w?s in the room whilst 1 was searching f ir it ; 1 ltd him I could not find it; he said "wait a moment and will is c I had suggested to him that the person might ire been indicted under some other nauic . lie left the dice ami returned in from three to five mi ante* and -aid is name was VVm. Cosgrove ; i then searched fir that ime, and found this indictment ; I handed it to Mr. inderT'.ort, who was standing oyhis desk; Mr. Vander M.ittook the indictment and held some conversation itli Mr. Stuart in r elation to the indictment which I do recoiiect, or which 1 did not hear ; i think Mr. Vun roort left tbe office and went into the adjacent office the IhStrict Attorney; he returned almost innnedtate nd wrote the order ot noil'- jrronn/ui on Uie back, at auie time directing me to give Judge Stuart a cer liod copy ot the oroer, which I did; Mr. Vand?rvoort aiie the entry, in the minutes, and wro'e the endorse nt, and 1 made a certified copy while be w is making original entry. Did Judge Muart manifest any hurry or haste 1" Object*.1 to as leading, and question withdrawn. What was the manner of Judge Stuait on that oc toU' A. He appealed to be in some haste; he made explanation in tefereme to hi* being in haste; I made certified copy and gave it to him; (paper produced ) is is tbe identical paper that 1 gave to Judge Stuart. ~ or- -examined by Mr. Brady?When Mr. Vandervoort nded me the note of the District Attorney, ho asked to get the indictment; I bod been absent from the urt loom from five to ten minute* when Mr. Vaoder rt oud Mr. Stuart came mm the office; 1 cannot say ether the court had adjourned before I left; there was no uTer-stiun about this being an indictment agaiu*t a 1 tills!: ! might have heard, lint do not recollect tbe nver alion held between Mr. Stoat and Mr. Vander t; I generally left the office about ? o'clock. Mr. .Stuart erallj left the building when the court adjourned; I nnot ay whetbei Mr. stunt took a seat in the office; Yotdei voort directed me to give Jndge Stuart it copy thw older, and at the - ame tunc the Judge alio direct no; i e did not n-li me to write fast, or to hurry np, I ju geltrcm hi* manner he was in a hurry. I can ghe any tact width would show the Jury that h" was a horsy Kr I utting?Judge i^tua) t diil not. -ay what he waot with the certified copy; he never made use of It in rt to n.y knowledge. , t the usual practice of Judge* to go. certified piei of the nollipt'initpiia that are entered? yi est .on objected to an-; withdrawn, fames M. .-mith. examined by Mr. Cutting?Am and lie.ri -'uce 1st January lust, Kecorder of the city ,1 count i in Apiil. lefiU, I was a practising lawyer in a city in that year 1 was counsel tor a man arrested, name of WUllam f'o .grove; the first place I saw I- hi .!? flerson Market Police office; he was charged h the ( (t'Ojf of liurgiary committed at the New York . 1 attended the examination, Mr. Muart was the lire Magistrate at that time. -tile what occurred tn reference to bailing Co* lecie-i to, admitted, am) except!-n taken, lbebsii was fixed in the case at $6,000 by Judge it it was subsequently reduced to H,OuO. . i, d Judge Stuart give any reason or explanation for Jkig'he bail st II.MI; and what bid he **v on that Ibjec' i *ame objection, ruling, and exception, i A. I I nnot .-.ate tb" ex ict language h*t pa-*">t. there was a od deal of hesitation on nn |sirt, in consequence of MM _cs* 'ha' existad, of fixing any ball: my reeolteetion |t is Mnt the esc dense was *o plain against the pri er, tint he doubted the pi op ile'y of balling, it being c, , i e a 'ainn* film ? n'he evidence then presented; then fixe-1 it at W net) I think his expresason was h git. j-A tail in lie earn of fft.OOO; I told him It .ii., aalbW for him to get that amount of bail, and 1 |t was equtvulent^t. having no b-iii tsM at ail, be |u-e he could not obl.itn that ffiMgl that I* the sub* of all 1 recollect at that time; afterwards Mr. (ink an I tnsself went to JndgetMnari's house: and there rt sr.. ?fie inters iew with him In reference to the bail 'liis man; 1 cannot -tat" whether it Was the same dav ? Mil t some davs after: I do not km w bow I mg I.e - tn pi on before h" i?> baited; we aaw Judge fitusrt hit hoc the subject of 'lie conversation wa* the InMng I f the bail, ?nd at that interview the !>.dl *i< used to f t,COO; I pre HM I tried to get the ball as n? I could, but I ha ? no dls Inc. recoile ti m tliat rvb W Iseted, 1 til' uld thillk, but S !e * lllie liter, i Is 1 anything and what occur in Uie mon h of Feb iy, 1MV which led to your seenig Judge *t;?art' if Stair *hat it was. ((juedloa objected teandpir in tb#*' fonti.) fad you. in the month of Feb naty. lfkt?, hev toy er lion with Jnd,*e*''tar i i rwfi-ren to the ind ? _1 sgsinrt Cosgrov A. I id. It. (in wi n! day hi February1- A. I con' .1 we ?? -til n if 1 eewld see the date of .-ir * ?he " 1x7: II- a '? TV.e 1" I. ? i'eb.u ae*a- It was etth. r ?m the .Is' or 22d. my Iiepres |-i 1- it ??' ihe -1 '? Sin. ie w hat oce.ii n* 1 on that o-ca-l n ? A I ? con ene- ? 1 a communication ma-b to ? ? 1 -1 ah, the t sil In the re. 1 ?'? in V ?her ? -e of going 10 the Hef. - ? V. s a wlieth* * :"'y proceedings had l?oen laken on the Indict mi nt sga. ''nrt Cosgrove; i met Judge Stuart nt the foot of the stairs t. "mi"K "ut "I hi* office iu the hill ot this building I Ok*"' ''"m "jat ' ^*d understood thai pro ceed inga'had l?v('u ^,k,,'n t" discharge Coagroxe upon that indictment; he So." "icr? h*t> not and would not bo any. (To the Court.) I Km ?"re this was after the 19th. <J. Did you go to Jhe Clerk's office then? A. No, I ei m back tu my oV?? ofltgo, and hrtd a ci nvomstion with b rink; b rink then lei"* ?y office-the next morning, or the morning but one aftcT that? I am ttO' poV Ive which? Mr. Frink came again to iff/ offloe; In oosamvijience of an interview which 1 bad with htm, f weui t? the Clerk's of fice; I think Mr. Frink then accompanied ma, though I am not positive whether he did no that time or BfOV; from tbu Clerk's office I went to the District AttoraayVd>?c?i and had an interview with Mr. Hall; the IHstjIot Att.'ifcey and myaelf wont immediately to the Clerk'e otliae, and examined the papers in the case, to aee If a not. prat. Kadi been enterail: I BatUfled myaelf by mf own eyes; uAT principal object waa to asrortaln the date of entering thie order: 1 went in and asked the question first, and ascer tained, and went directly front '.hut offioe to Mr. Hall's office; I had another interview with Judge Stuart on that r-ubject, within a very short time after; I rather think Mr. brink and myself weut over to Judge Stuart's office together. (J. Stale what passed at that Interview ? A. Well, I think I used some pretty strong language In reference to the entering of the nolleproteqvl In the case. Q. (Jive, according to your best memory, the conversation that took place? A. I think I sitld 1 would have the matter investigated, <r (hat it should not rest there; that this man had been a Client of mine; that a nolle prntajux being en tered immediately alter my coming into office would lay ine liable to public oemoire; I was excited at the time, and cannot distinctly recollect the conversation 1). Can you recollect any explanation he gave, or at tempted to give, of the entering of the nolle pra?oqi<> > A. 1 cannot recollect; there were other things said, but wha . they were I cannot state; the interview was very short, not exceeding a minute and a halt or two minutes. The direct examination of Bcoorau smit h bore closed. Mr. Brady recalled Mr. Yonder voort to the stand to ask him a question before cross examining the Recorder. Witness?I have searched for the affidavit on the appli cation to postpone the trial in the case of Cosgrove, and I cannot find it; T have no recollection of ever toeing it; the practice is to file these affidavits. M' .Smith, croBH-txamined by Mr. Braily (J. Wh" called uptn you to uudertuko the case of Cos grove > A. Ii is impossible for nio to state, I think it was not Ids wife: I was then extensively engaged in criminal practice; I do not know that 1 had ever seen Mrs. Duval, alias Connolly, before this tiuie; I do not know that she h.s ever been a client of mine, my present impression is that I saw her there, cither at the police office or at my olhoe for the first time, but I may be very much mistaken; I knew ? man of the name ot Albert liorti*; there was a churge against him of receiving stolen goods; be was in dieted hnt never tried; my impression Is that the indie. mi-nt was mil. prot'il, hut i cannot so state; I know no thing about the mau's history except what I know pro. Ifssion illy. sln-e then there have been three or lour civil suits to which he was a party; in the office I think there is one suit pending still in the Common I'leas, and if so he is a client of urine at the present time; my civil busi ness is attended to by my attorney, Mr. Gray; I presume I had examined the affidavits in the ca?e of Cosgrove; Judge Stuart at first was decidedly opposed to taking any bail in the case; tbe magistrates at that time appeared to art i n a suggestion from one of the District Attorneys, that In ull clear cases they might refuse ball; I do not know whether I was aware of Cosgrove's real name; I saw this woman sometime in connection with this charge; I knew tier as Mrs. Dural, I ill 1 at let words was iutoruied that she had married Cosgrove- I think I had proposed no person for bail at the time Judge Stuart satd ho would take good bail in (6,001); I think the first object was to get the hull fixed. I told him that96 UtK) bail wax equiva lent t<> denying him bail?that he could not procure it; I knew he could not for I rnudfl the effort: I di not recoVcet requiring him to leave the amount of ball open till I would foe the District Attorney; I do not think I saw the District Attorney on the subject; I know 1 made pretty strenuous exertions to procure hail in this ?S.h'lO; the esse was called on at the May term and post poned; I do not remember that there was an affidavit in tin: case, or that 1 made a motion, nor do I remember tbe witness' name; who was said to be absent; I do not recollect attending for the purpose rtl the trial; I think the date of my inter view with Judge Stewart when 1 met him at the stairs, near the clerk's office, was the 21?t or 22d February; I c< neidcred that my relation ax counsel to Cosgrove ceased when he ran away and forfeited his bail; ha did not |?r me my court fee; I newer saw him afterwards; I think I told him 1 should charge him S10U for trying th ? care injtlie Sessions; I suppose he owes it to mo now; I never ai-ked Frlnk for it, norths woman; I never asked Judge stnart to get that for ine. though I underntand he ?tnted to a parson that it wax no, but 1 ceuy it most em pbaticubly. Q. Did von ever nay to Judge Stnart "T do not wish to have anything dune on that indictment of Oosgrovn's till 1 am paid my fie of $100r" A. Never 8ir, anything of the kind; I elin.ll state in thin connection what I did (ay. Mr. Diady?No, you eliall not. Did you ever tell Judge Stuart that t'osgrove owed you $100 f A. No. Q. Did you ever requeat him at all not to enter not// innttt{ui on that indictment r A. No, bucauM! I never -poke to him on the subject, of the noUr prunn/ui till at .or it was entered; 1 knew it had been entered op >u the in dictment: I understood the entry had been made on toe minute- by the clerk; I hate not (een the minutes till this day; I went into the (.'Ink's office and a-rertainod tbo date by being told; I think I asked Mr. Hall a- to the Onto he did not pretend that he did not know the date; ho Way WTO told me the date. Mr. Brady?What 1 want to satisfy my own mind about Is. why it lerjme necessary for the District. Attorney and you to go into the (Jerk's office to lind out the dato of ti e nol jirct., if he knew it perfectly well t Witness?1 can giro yon the explanation of thit mat ter it you ctooie. Mr. Brady?Never mind that. Can you remember one word that Stuart -aid in his justillcation V A. I cannot I think something had been >aid; 1 could answer your question, but ti 1 did you might say it was ungenerous on my part. Mr. Brady wanted witness to detail the conversation fully. m> I Witness?I do net recollect what he i ? * fudge Stuart was very mueh confused, Indeed, when l ^l-ut into his office and cbargiat him v ith this thing, hi.- iMn not re collect one word he said; 1 wax not. angry on that occa sion: i sua excited 1 couaicer that a different n-eliug ? ntiiely , the Brsl date at wnich 1 learned that it was contemplated to indict htuart might have lieen ten days ora for tnlght pi evioua to tnettndlngof theindictment ion tin- 8th ol October J; I think 1 never usd any conversati-in with anybody on ?he subject except with Mr. Halt. I/. W hat n. re the pers mal relations between yonraeif and Judge Hloart down to tiiis ilatef A. So tar as I know they were very good; we were on very friend y Winis. t). t\ hen was it that this Al. Bur lis was do igBa ol as a proper person to go to Host- n for Cosgrove * A A day or two before Co-gTove eame on . I do not km w whether I suggerted his nsme to Mr. Hall, or whether Mr. Hall s ki d him himself in the course of rnnver alioo Brink was tr m a client ol mine; it was not | who procured Ft ink to hail t'osgpove, frink at ttiat time was engaged putty extensively Us a contractor. Q. Waa any security given to him to indemnify him on becoming bail fir Cosgrove t A A chattel mortgage was given bv Mr*. Duval on her furniture; 1 thick it was not to the amount ol the hail, money parser] bet ween theui to ti e amount of $1,000, but a note waa given for it, when the I istilct Attorney came tn my public out c I do not know whether Mrs. tonuolly an i Al. itortls were there or wbttber they came alter ward.- the object of ills visit s?> to tee them; th'ie was no one el-e present at thia lot ei view but we four, there never was an appllca tion made to me to tuJIr pnweoui the new indictmewt; Mr. Hall gave a statement to Mrs. Cosgrove In writing, that euib aces wliut I know on that -ul.j. ct, 1 tuluk an appointment had been made for that mee'ing my im I reset' o is that some one had -?en the woman go into Jorge biuart'a office that was coinmuai ated to Mr. Hall, ami I think? (wlth<--- Wa- here i nlerruotod i?this ?i man *as -i nt for to alt. nd that Interview; I tlnnk the airangrmeiit was all wltliin an hour's time I do ant l.n'iw wi.o furnished the money to Al. Burt! ? to go on to Boston, I old noi and hoard nothing of st y Ic ing fur ui-hed. I knew of his return, It wa? very shortly after he ouma buck: he wa< at myoflloe and I think ! -ent him over to Mr. IluJ; I think we have never me' since tie ii I think 1 saw the Woman once alt'. wards I am not positive; I was sent for to meet her IUII by Mr. Hall sometime after, hut I was gnged and did rot go J think the tail for Gwgrovw nas n' t taken at Muar's house I wis not piexont then bail waagiven, 1 believe i think it very probsble I may have -een the District Attorney in or. er to have the bail re !ucf<t. my only recollection in regard to t all is that it was reduced; I remember that ft waa said that, 11.ere lair.g an indictment found, the District Attorney should be wen ba'l was tiken. I hav no d ? iM that -oim thing of that kind was done it tail wo given af ?tr indictment. as the rat I'e requir -notion to begiven to the idstrlct Attorney. (J. IHd you ever tell Brink that Hall told yon that he would not consent to a m./'. jrowynf being enta-re I in the rase till your ftw-of $100 was foi l- A. I newer li t maka any so. b statement I thou Id think that Al. Bnrtt-and Mrs. Connolly were acquainted: the last of my re? ti. n about the matter or Hortia Icing sent on is. that tn r< ni r r ation he rrtuark'd that he know where thev were and could p'ocura their attendsr, <- at any tfnv; I do not think thut then wa- any |.>irti<-uUr designation tor any one o goon; I do not think that Al. Burtiw Was sen1 for; be (MM more as an Manet witii tha woman; oflioer Wool ti lg. did not pr cuf. the at'endance ol the woman on thai ' 'Oaeion I l.ave n. |ar1irniar kn.wMg <f the t in aco na of Al I n to In reg ird to a?so ??. a ?f hi??. }? gar and fob. ! had h.-ard 'hat Kish and Al Bonis had been charger! with ???m' crime somewhere in M aacbnvelt- 1 ii.rVe hear 1 that B?h ani Mre. loival were in aotr." way connected I rh nil think it wks either a month or six ??>? bwfore tl is In ervicw that 1 heard of the r.harge *g? nat Hoi'is nndfoh; ! defended a chaig- .igains' Wei -or - ten yo..r ago that is the only criminal rase I h.tve ?e-n ?n gxg? t n for 1 i-h .-?s?There is no* ?vpl?inali n I w.-h tn make, n ? tl a' it ia ? o my mind. At the it. of th' intorw'ew a' the toot of tha stain wttltfidg* dtusrt.whon b' Inforuad ii < that there ahou'd la no etcr,- taken t . pr curt r> ? n " ui 1 remark'.i that it *<i a esse In ?i th"' sbcii dbenr Intcrf. renoe: th-1 he (t' sorr w a t' I'f r d'.na of the worst kin! of tbievfw: and I " s'ket tlraf he bad even che>trd I is own ronn-el so i fArf.-t e| his > sit and that be deserved an eon- deration nt any Mr I u'ti e?Jo r ^inart said that nothing had i dr ne sod ti a' aothlng shan'd b* dona *o mi s nof/c to in that <aee. I mane aWfdfcutlon for hat) then-.! ! went ap to the Do I ice <>mrt; th" flxing of the til t*s. ,, during 'be i en iewcy of th proc-ediat .t pardon of your going to see him respecting the date of the tW" *' noilf prote^ii .State the residue of the con versetttouT Ohjccted t? at not proceeding from the crone examina tion; question vuried so a* to luetrlet it to the subject of tlute. W itnrsH?There was nothing Mid further as to the time of the entry, I knew it was outers.!, and it was in consequence of some conversation which pastel between Mr. Hall and rue that we went together Into the clerk's office; I did not ask Mr. Hall about the date. y. State what that conversation war? (Objected to, anil not pressed.) y. As to the mortgage you spoke of, have you seen it f A. I think it was preparer] by a clerk in my ollice, but I have no recollection of having seen it. (Witness cor rectirg hlniseil)?I am mistaken; I did see the mortguge; toy knowledge on the anhject of the 11,000 is derived hem information; I did not see any money paid myself; my understanding of it wa* as money wltloh passed from Mr?. Connolly'? to Krink; whether it wus at the actual time Nil was given, or immediately after, I cannot tail; but it was about that titan; I know that a bench warrant againat f or grove was placed In the hands of two different officers aftsr the recoffTdztuce was forfeited; Mr. Krink made very dilgvnt search tor him, in order to lie released from his bourft. Mr. Brady called the attention of the jury to thefsct that tke only endoiaement as to the amount of hail is thir st!,000 to answer. Committed 8th. Witness?'Till the case has passed the Court of Ses sions the magistrate has full control as to bail; he then cease* to I.ate; tiiere must have been in the case either a notice to the Ptstiict Attorney, or a waiver of the no tire; If my visit te Stuart's house was after the lmllct meut was found, 1 mast have Inform*! Judge Stuart that the District Attorney consented to $.T,U00 bail. To Mr. Cutting? The practice is. if the magistrate commits in default of hall, to give notice to the District Attorney; counsel has eitlier to do that or get a waiver of the noli o and go before the magistrate. y. Suppose, as in this case, on the 8th of Aptil, Induce Inulr tment, the msglstrate admits bail for f J UOO, the prisoner Is In close custody, on the l&th an indictment is tound, and on the -2d he finds hall, what is the prac ticed A. lhe*practice is to go liefoiu the court and give beil unless the t listrlci Attorney gives a waiver of the notice and allows the hail to ho taken before the magis trate. Wro. (hoige Cider was next placed upon the stand. Mr. btnughtou, on the part of the defeucc, argued that the prosecution was bound to produce the principal wit nesses instead of going on piling up corroborative testi mony on unimportant points. Judge ihsiseielt hel I to Ills torrner decision that It was a matter for the discre tion ol the prosecuting counsel what order he observed in the case. Witness?My present occupation is nothing; my last occti]>ation was police officer attached to the Courtot Sessions; Mr. Wcolridge was tlie special officer of the ltrcorder; 1 vie the special officer ot Justice Stuart; my office, while not In the Court of Sessions, was at tile office ot the City .lodge; I had been counseled with Judge Stuart's court from Die '2bd of Mar, IScil, while Ju.lg Stuart was 1'i.llce Justice in the JeiTerson market l'olice Court; 1 lemained there till the 29ili ol January, 1862, when 1 was tinn-ferred to the Court of .Sessions, and got the privi ego of attending Judge Stuart's office; i know Judge Stuurt since 1850 ; 1 have been connected witli the Police Department from 5th IWcimher, 18Iff, Judge Stuart was then Police fleik ; 1 know Mrs. Connolly, hut did not kne w her by that name till I wus detailed to the Court of S'a-iun-. I as ei mined from Judge Stuart that that was her name by hit- renting me on u message to her; thit' wis a little while after i had beeu detailed to the Court of Sessions, possibly four or five weeks. y. Tell the Jury what the message was thai ludgo Stunt sent you with to Mrs. Connolly .' A. Judge-tuart told toe he w<shtd me to go on an errand for him; I ask cd him what it wits; l.e raid he wished me to go to a Mrs Connelly, In a street, oue street uorih of Jay near Hud son; he tohl tne '.he number was 12, It or 10, somewhere thereabouts, lie sai l there was some disturbance muling I y the bail about her husband, nud that he wanted Mrs. ( onnolly to fuill! a promise th it she had ma le to him; Unit Mrs. Conndly had promim d to fetch her husband in whenever the Judge wanted her to, lie tohl ni" to sty to Mrs. Connolly that Die bail was making oome disturbance and that she had promised to fetch her husbtnc in and that he hud bt* njic indisttd; I ftftTfeA to g>ov*r ihtre liixl bad mui.c difficulty in finding the nliM; I ?JM find if; the number wwh about lb or'^0 or ?2, 1 did Qui hud Mr*. Con Dolly. The witncMihero staled to the Court that h* wa un der an iudi rtment and did not wi b t<? n<?y anything: which would criminate Dim. Mr. Cutting lejdled thai he did not mean to put auyqUMtiou to the wit mum which would ?t ?h have mi ?fleet upon ttn indlctimml aguimt him that it wo a upon a totally different rtuhje-t, with totally diifcrcnt put tit**. and having no connection whatever with thia cute. Q. Not having found Mr*. Connolly, what did you then do? (Ohjeeted to. Objection overruled, on 1 exception taken j A. I t?aw a ladv who itid *hc wra* the dote ? (Objected to.) Q. Md you eftcrwaida report to Judge Stuart wha you had doner A. I might have told hfm tha' 1 delivered the menage, or something of that kind, hut I have no *<' ollrctii n of it, I have no dtatinct recollwction that 1 Npoke to him afterward* on the dubjcct of the ni<*a<*tge; my bout imprcaiinn i* that I told Judge stu.i t th if 1 h of ae?n Mr* Iu>vai'a filter I do not know her fi iine and that I Lad told her to telegraph. Mr. luifteed, counsel lor the witness Klder, a<l<lr?-ftM d th* Court by permission of counsel on both side*, and Mta'ed flat no exprenK or Implied under tending hid been given ? n the part of tlie j*m pie that lie wnttM be protect'd or termed from any erm-equew 1 which might result from hi* e mmiuution fencing to prejudice hlm?ch when he i* put i?o trial and he in Hinted fainie^t re ijuiml that the fnith'of the State lomld be pledged to him that nothi/'g which lie night di<?cloce on hi* exatnl nation should u*ed to hi* prejudice by any public proeecutor. Mr. Ilmdy, on the part of the defence h.t'l no o jce - tion to the wrue * b"iug examined in the fallen' maan r Mr ( uttirg had no authority to make any bargain about it. but the atatute of lfi6;i provide- that testimony *o given shall not be uaei in any prosecution agnin-t the parson ao leeii ying. lie nwund the t ouit that the in diettiont agaiii-t Hiiftr had n 'thing to ?l?? directly or in directly wiili thi prosecution. Judge Koom'v* it intimated ti at if that we e > tin . e could !*? DO question in the matter. Mr. flusta* d man another argun ent to the court, t< -hew that no wit new* i* obliged to an*we *n\ u-tion which may tend to eliminate himself in regard to aty matter ot ihiitg. no matter how dial wot from tne pai ti cu lar jiidi'-iul pfi'#Hiiiig under wni'.li he wi* examined. Judge Hooferelt derided that if the w?t?l"s4 wa* in volved In any prosecution, under the act of 185.5, hi< te time ny could not be, b> the term* of thatact, oxer used j fie t it him. and he *ui>J?om d tfuit, a- u general rule, the faith cl the State wa - i lodged that no testimony given by wHtiew* in a criminal race should fa- imwt again* r? If. 1 Sitfiiinati'-ii re-uiii"?l?I told Judge Stuart that I told Mtt?. I nival** aiater to telegiaph Mr*. Connolly at Troy to rorne to this city; tL* Judge made a remark which 1 did not like, and I walked away from him, it wan to the effect?why did h?- not ?.o a h?* had tald me he did not at any tini" tell me to go t<? Mr-. Connolly fe tiater and fell her no*, to telegraph; 1 knew that Mr*. C'-nn lly w.i* Mr-. PuvwJ, because J know it wa* the hail caw- of rriim wh'-m 1 Lad seen about th" office; I knew Mr*, I>uv*l, I think I hive 'O ti her call <tn Ju ge . tuart once or 'wire; I have aren liar in tha office down *tstin a nutn ter of fjii.c ? p? wtlhly hall a dozen time* for tha tlrat tin e veiy shortly after 1 wa* ' etalle-l to the Court of seaalf ns, it ii? p'-saibly two month* *g?? since I a v her tlxnefor the b?*t time, 1 never aw her anywhere el ? than in Judge Stuart'* ff'ce; I wa* present at one, or may! e tw?? < onvet *ation? nice where he -at down wait mg for the dge, and wLtn Le came in they comiiK*n -ed *> talk together. Q. t\heie did they generally convetae t-ge'her?in the m whete yo.i w?re, or tn the room where you were tji td A If Judg Stuart w,i riot th"re and 1 f o, f wouh! *ak her to t;*xe a Mjat and h a ny lawyer* or oih cane in I wouklaek her. or any other lady, to go into the Me or private room when Judge Stvt<rt cvine in I would tell him a lady w,** in aide waiting to ^e him, arid he would hkDh' up his hat and coat and go in. tj. When he went in t" ??e Mr*. < ? nri? llv. did you ever 1 ? *r on ,.ny r.cca-ion, tl e *o?>ver?2iti'?n whi* h i""h pla-e between them* A Never air h w long *hey rermoned togelbar I could not led \ cannot m how 1-tig 1hey talked on ti.e occaaion i rrkrre! to a* bar ng heard them c? nvervirg t, 15y what name did Judy wtuart ^all ' r when he ii?1 or saw her ' A. I novtr beard lutn 'all her t?y any name be merely said how do yon do *v i. fin A I r.rmlect f'ttMiinf of!', i * . !n !l.? mon iti^, ?!?( 10 <i'< !<v?-k. In K.'runry, M.i l>..r Apr.I Mr. <>m iiolijr urMi l.uTat??. I U.t-n kiwvbil?W? IB >C?- *P>.ut hv: hwlawi, tl.kl -ill w*IlW tliPn.?tt^r, .'inline Ju4^<' t<.W ti"r >.?? hu! '.otter ri mm mi .(Ml be >Im ?*W If I . li' h- wonl i h*** t.* * e l<i. *..?] up in prle' i. ?. In ... ?i. kly ?n*l li. I tbe entituBp'ion, It W nl 1 ? .11 Kiln ?U" be ?anir>t t > re iitm *n<! Um-< rr.e * k""1 " ?twl *" tot<< tl.e n?iri.< t pi <i i rtl In 1 utter e,g? u*li ni?il w> for'.h, >>n c- mn l?-'"n. ?hi* '?p, In the .>0i<-* dr.wii ? air' ".m' 1, th" ? ih ? . n* e ..I ell if?t I re?. emb?r ?h* "?m? nt" 'i ? ? fll ? "rt t' '? ' lier .Id** of tbe roe.J with.n l. or three rri'-nlb'. 1 he.rd 1 er ny Mi J,uar' "he he i ? *'."<! on M. t?M and Mr. Hall eonld not here nnytliinj; t" "er U her lb< ltr-? r ii.'r.aii'.n thnt I ?.f area in V' 'T'larjr .rV.i'h I dl 1 lint know ab"'it the * - - ri'* '''men' nly ha' Mr. h rink told tte lie had ?eni a Mi Ha Kiev .re at'er thi. nan* the la?t ln'eiwlew ... .or U>? w.. what attraetr o rny attention ??? that 'he ia ly ' ad t-ar? in h r eye*, and apt ?eared to he rry ng o th ?' Mj. i'allrefnred to Hare anrthinff to ?a to her tbe

i'1'V' brr ii^ht her Int- h'< jrtTate offle^. a< d they talker' ?here ilia door t>"1rg o;*?n I flMHtnt My hoa 1"' % t' ?-y ?'ii^ red t.yettier or, tha*. orra'loo; in'r* -.r-diaie of lb? e t* <" aei' n. Jnd^"' Slu* rt *en' rt.? r n k " < r>' 'her ' three He n*ke*l me ff f knew 'I- Tln-da!' ?' ,he ! i' -e. nth ward ; I .aid ye. he a i e.' rm *<\ g v ? #? . U?r ho.llie.. of the . (the | t it an he ?<?! rd rrr two ,r three day. af'e..? . and 1 teld M'n 1 bad lorgott. n it t.t I wentMr T1i?. I ile tha e?> n" ,f there are two hmih?r of ti e name and I ,t?ur I I 'i.-rr at f .-t I a ad J< hn tr> call ? n ' r ?' m< rn n.( li? did ?o neat m i tmt I <|o , ,k te.awtle .liirlct there wa- a n.e r ?y. r.a'ion betwe i : ? nd lit ?" wet.t ftitir' . ard Lao "Oie ><." .? , i pie Mr Tin. a >? r% ? rf" I 'old '!.< g> ne wa th e,theJ?df* nd he eowld pot W? him Jnat 'hen a. It War nearly ' ne t . r I ? ? .Ir .n' in tr:e mat'er of < <n nolty ia In t!.?r i or V i Tin "do *e t*? >1 in l ne am ; r, nod I ."a?-.ln<n vtously, nnd he had ,h*\ dtT; 1 do not recollect what lie laid abmi# t'"' other witnnasea; I Ihiuk be might liars **td lie did n M know where the; wer? ; while we hUhkI at (he window, JrrtJgu Stuart pas*?d down ntj.iro; I think I asked the .Indira if S* wanted token tlie officer; lie Mid not that he war m a hurry to get Into court, an he wus hrhiud time; after we rams out of the re-taurant, the < Hirer i-aid fw would have to 9* a note tr< m the Judge as an excuse fur his ah?enoe; t told him to go and ??e the Judge and get one; we ranie up to the Court; the Judge wan on the lunch; 1 told him what the officer wauti d, aud he wrote something in Vie shape of an excuse, which lie hamlH to me, and wriiirh I handed to the officer; 1 do not think I ever .spoke to the Judge oc the subject again. Mr. hitler'* direct examination hire closed, and the Couit, at o'4 1*. M , adjonrned to TtMradu; morning at 10 o'clock. Bonrd of Lonnt; Canvrwwr* KKUONIl IJAV'M WtUOSi. riomr from jopkpii h. toonk, town rt. bwj VKK,JOHN H. tllLFK AND JOSKPH KfH'TltWOKTII? PBOTKfT FltOM KXNKNATO* ItAHll, BTV. Hie Roard of County Canvasser* for the city aod emin ty of New York met yesterday, at 12 o'clock, in the chamber of Ihe Hoard of Aldermen, pursuant to adjourn ment. Hie audience part uf the ahamher wa? crowded, aud among tboee present wen- many of the deihatsd and successful candidates. The lawyera in liehalf of the con teetantr and their opponent* wore Mrssr*. Ciutir; Noyew, 1'. Y. Cutler and Win. M. Krarta. After the calling of the roll Mr. Wm. Cciitih Soviet aaid he had u proteat to present on behalf oe JoaepU H. Toone, IjiuI* N. (ilover. John 8. (.ilea and Joi'Vph Southworth, against the count of certain votes from certain district*, all of which would be found enumerated .u the prutcet. The reaiMine, he added, why these volw- should not lie counted are given therein. Alderman llmttint inured that the rmuve-l be permit ted the privilege of leading the document. Atdeinian iximi?I would ink. whether it e ounsialcnt with our rule* to receive a protest from any ono but a iiieinlier, and to hour arguineut from counsel upon the matter. Ihe I'k?ii>e>t said it should he handed m, and tho Clerk would reud It. Alderman hi v?I know that it i* customary for candi date* to protest through 1heir counsel, but whether it was read by the counsel or by the Clotk, it could not t>e acted upon titt it* purport and tenor were made known. Aftei this, it might be deemed exisulient either to rider It to the tirand Jury or act upon It heTC in the Board. Aldeunuii Iaiiiii had no ohjectlon to the proteat being nad; all he remind win that the rules of the Hoard should lie c?mp[ie<i with. Alderman 11 mm ok?We have no rules. Atderma'j I sum?We must have some rules or we can't get along. It Mr. Noyes is sllnwcd to make a statement we aie bound t? receive the statements of oilier person*. It would be more consistent with our rules to have tho protc .t presented through a memtier of the rhutrd Abennan KlOJ.Y said that bant year Mr. t titling ap peered tieturo tlie Board fur the parties protesting, while Mr. Hir|?ard appeared in opposition, and the matter was finally, after a long debate, referred to a committee, to which the counsel were also referred. We have, he con tinued, no tight to listen to law) t'TH tti.ti ihrtr argument#; we have 'imply to count th? ballot* m we have received tin-in, and then to inform th# euoceaafnl cau ii date.# of tli? ir ?iection. It we Haton to any Argument* Ln thU cnxr* it will take several week* to through with it. 1 iiuiizitain thai in hearing counsel j?;tr thin H?> .| iiu^ulHily U tli?<*e gentlemen h"vt* *>?eti ii#pi v? 1 of their election by fraud lei thorn go t?? tli u t Her# Mr. Nnye.s haud<d the t ?**t 1 m m\ l ?> i, with the re<|uert that ho wool pre H- ?. ni which he retuMxl to do. Wakkua.n proffer hi .1 , ?*?i the dtf uniont then caine regularly hr? Mr. CintR on id lie had #l-*o .?? protect t<? pr?**ont in !h? half of >en?tor I -i.rr. The I'm^u kv 1 a unnnuaocd the irx*pfion of the two protects, w were handed to on* <>! the clerk*, wb'M i>*d them. i ?? idP'Wlng are the lo ?uineut-:? thi: roarm 10 tiik cm vty ? .\m>'oam>. To tb? Buinl of County Cativottoci * of (lie County Now Yoik :? Vt>, lh?- under Igncd, re-pee:: fully r?*pie nt Hint dmw tlui t at the poll* ot h?- l.itc imml t h rlion < t the ,*'iuh of New N ork, held in and fur tho Mild city ami ooua y on the fiml 1ti<e?luy in Nyvtiukr, in the yea* of our Lord, 18f? ? they w e " verahy candidate* and voted b>r by tho citizen* toi the following ofld c* leaoeclively, thai in to *?y : Jo, eph II loon* f? ?r the office ot hherfff of h i id dry t?t d c? uiity , I an* or N. Clover, tor the otiioe ol Coun sel !o the i < rpot at loft of mid city and county John H. (ales foi the ?fli ;o of Comptroller of nni city and county , ?? r#?| 1? -outhw< r th. for the i Dice of CoiMirun ,'ionei of i.'ep.ur and i^upp ten for said city aid county. And that Jatrio* C WilleM wan also a candidiue and voted for l?v 'I e i iti-en* for mid office of hberM |,ntiuu |l. . hej/ii'd fio until office of (amn*el to tlie (Corporation, At* ii h . I 1mp{7 for mid office of Comptroller, and N ? f hanh 1 h. id h for Bo id oflic? of (' unmi^at iier ol He?f?;*lre ?ilid hut plie-. And lhey further present, that they arc a'l lnf?rmed, auc helfeve, that by the returns, purporting to have Ic on made out a ml certified by the limpwetora of I-k>< t(rm.< of the MM ) ft I election istric's in the -eierai Wi;"*U of (tie ? |tj and hied with the County Clerk ft a open in that .dd faints Willett lecived about 4hit more vu'rn f r mil of fice of ."httffl tf un were given for said .Jo* -oh 11. l'o'jtie. stid the t raid J orenzo Tl. -,ep%rd received alemt t.dfitf n ote vote* Ac mid offl ? of Counsel to the Corporation tl-an wi re given for mid I/mi* N. (?lo??f. and that d Azariah ' Hagg received about 111 more v?? .? f -r < I i fl e ct (< iiiptii lb r than were given for awl John ?#ile- HTi't (hat - iid Nathaniel c. Kel&h rcce v? d afi Mil 1 ,7fc4 mote v oea for Raid office of Commissi one ?-f He pair* and huppllc - titan were given for the ?<? d J< -eph South worth w J.rrc*'. ft* truth and in fat: they ;?re inform*!, HOd believe, and allege md ' Xf# "t t ? he abb* 'O prove ? hat . aid Joseph II. looo* rsectV'd ii * grr.*te*t number - f legal vi.r fur kh .iff, thr .ihl I.. N (hover re elVed tif gi?? ? ii' ml" I of fecal ??>'. ? f ?r Counsel to the ('or <ra?lof? 'lie hmI John A <?.!#*- recei. ???! th-gre* "O r-um e? ol !f<i men foi Coin pi roller, an' tl ? -ill ?(<?*? ph < u'liv ? i !h ?e? > iv**d the gieate-1 iiuntla*. ?1 lega rot?M or CciMiii*'i' ucr of Kcpadr* ant >ippli *,anl it % oil Id ha ? appeared by aid leturoc hivd 'hry been truly and car< tullv made. And t'.'-y ail'g' that the foten of iu ?iiy of th< dia* :ch in many ol tin o?rd* of K.iid cliy, were if regularly, ill*? galiy, and fr?udul#n*ly cmnvaaaeii and returned ;? ?i?I that he returr * thereof foi and on ac< "Uir. of nai l iriegula rtty, ilhga'ity an 1 fraud, are utterly %<*d and ought riot to I e ' u&U o by ti e i oaul of (bounty CMornaae/ * in pro ceeolng to e tiroate the vote* t#f th* comity, and ought to tat wh lly r? p r od and dleallowe<i. And they further a'lege that nuch frftoiU and Irregu ? f! lee were perpetra'e* and eaiat ui regard to the vote* f t)? ?c-'iii.u 'ii ht'd th?- Krrat Ward th? -everal ?IU icv of the f oii/th ward the ?m veral ilhtrlc'mf the nh ward, the kighth uhtrin o the eveutti wa*d the Ninth end Tenth ni^'rict* of the Ueverith ward th? 1 i at ;i-t11. t of the Twelfth ward the Fourth dlatric of the ilijrteenth ward tt e *# weral diatricta of the i mrteenth v aid the Hi v r,th di trict ol 'of Seventeenth ward r!?#? I * r Ii district of the kfghfewnth ward: 'he Kir t trict ?hi Mneti nth ward; theThird and dath dictilet* ??f i ' lwen?ie*b ward, the hou/il* dUtrlet of the j wenty .? nd ward; and never a 1 other d I strict a and wa/d#' lifOUghoul ii ? whole city. Die ut oci ? r ed, t4?ei? fore prote?t against the ? ti. I dug Of he \ot#H by the fa ard ot (Y?unty ( ?n?a ? r?. - . he c veral enumerated and other dtatricu and ward^ w .?? aiirh fraud* and Irregu arltie* have le*en com milled, and they j ray that *atd Hoard of County Can .? -era r .ay re'r< n from eetimating *atd Vote*, and de ill I./ the tinai re-.It until ?n lnve?tlgation id to the fruth of the fori going allegations may r?e iinul** hy the aid iVai i of County < anvif era, pither by a committ?re f r that purp< ?#? or in eueh other i tanner a^ they may in thili wbdor dirart JtfSkl'H It. TiiONt Mil I V (,l/>VfT. JOHN ?. fill.lh jonn ^it niwortTrr Tira ha iiu vwmm To th# lh nor.iM' the fkaard ol Omnty Canva?**ra for th** city moo to nty of New York:? fhe under 'gned n-e fact fully represent t#, y??-tr honor r?!?!?? body that there have been gr??-e fraud* and irregu hi i'i? in the manner of endurting the alestloti, and an hHiring the vote of the Second election diatro t Of ;f.e f i-t ward that the vote- were r ariva-eed by person* not ir.-p?f:t"re of Uection, thut the eanva**- wa* ad ?red Ivforfj being comnh tc1 that candidates f??r local ? ; ? tf/ok f *rt in countirg the vote*, Uiat th'- return* ? -nt i ark after being filel In the County ( b * < i'? > f ,ind that noiiierotiH other irrcguUritb - occurred a? th? under signed i* informed awl believe* b it cannot < w | sr'i'ihti ly specify. he n !er ? gnwl. tbtivfors resjctfrjlly re jueetH t'jst >? ur h'oio.abte rwy'y, klnre anv*"-,ng the v V'aoC said . ?? ii n district, will allow hurt an opportunity "f Iwtng ? i. . ly '? ?V>M*) aorl of exaraimng tn*- return* and p"ll ts P i ? d i isfrici,, and that your bonorahic te*?y will fake q>h ard nlii the mat>r as justice uid th *ir> om ?, nr e* of iheoa?c require. 1f|n)tAM J HAiUC AWtcncan n<?WA*o moved that the whole matter Us tetertrd *o a ccmnuttr-e and that they be inntru'-ted to hear counsel. Ak!erif?n KniT did not see the nfireasity of reO?rriog e f ote*t to a eowimittee f/ .t year He ?aW, the r nrt (Tilt i ?? r? fitted that the Draft luad no trlght to go <<ehlnd f * rfcturus of ti*e Inspector* Me would move there f. r 'h. the caovn-s .?f the flr?t liar: W pr e*- ?1 with it owee. A Wei m*n K"l araendrd this by mo%ior that It !e o p Iff d to thr whole fb S t AW> o ao M? w*ar. -o thatJ*f?codmrnt wl'l ?<?t ??e S < I krw w wh a reps.rt ?dthe rywr -Mfce was .?r n what i* whi tw> no? I think n )u *? i ? ? -? meft tfcey ought to he heard hef* ? ? comfruttee l ?", I sm tmt * A 4t the ?*- ? time that we are ?d? ig t to j o by the returns made hy the Iney-ectors ( dswir* , ' >i? rnyrelf how the elect" ns Have leett e??tidnctM and 1 thif.k i fte* awry that the people sh*>?iid ?Uei ko*?w ' or i fhve nwwwer, i* merely ts, count the Wf tee a* d w? ' I *te no 'Useretlwn in the matter At the m we 11 roe I am w tUfog to gi*e t> eee gentlen rn a hea trg fhc iwotk fi wa# p^it and derfdeo by a v,*e of ti n d# ifSitnatlo l* t- In the negative ?? f'dtow? ? 1 Ag.rma'lve?Wewer* Hr?n?, wiliaaamiR, W#-e*v M '* gar Wrii T do, Ytvtidga Waeemae. the Preetd* us. K f, UH lierfk'k, C. 0. Ttfeger, aaA U the tiin*wt <! AI l*i 11 in Ktv *1)4 hhm al uir -far rod to ttta Whole Hi ai-d. A i(U("rtio* here #1 im" M to whether the cwuweel uliouM I* heard bcf-vi it* whole Hoard, or a <Vinnwfttee if the n hi!?. Pie Chair u'WCtdeO tluit It ulimitd nnr before tbi' lb<*id, aa there roulil '*? no Committee of tin- Whole ac dotrtog to (ho rn e?. Ali'erman Wahiua-. mode a motlm that couneel lu ll ??rd. Aid. I/>BI? liop?Kl that the gentlemen In prwaewMng their argument* would Ik- can lined to the qumttoaa of the admlmibility of Jhc prnte?t and the right of the Hoat d to ,no hebin-l the return* M the Inapectov*. AM. Wakmam wra in fatror of their lieing allowed t produce wbaterer argument* they pleaaeil I hey ahon'd nut Imth aught reatricKMl, The tnolinii wa* put, .-eni reAi-Jteil it> the Mtowtuf Tote A ItlrniHlive ?Veinr-. 'Irovr-t, Ha In". HotT.-alre, Ittmrart, Wm Tucker. Voorhl*, Trowratdge, h ally, Chr/nile, Card, nod Parian?11. fit-uatlve ? M.vva* Willummra, Moaer, Km. Hwera, ff *? Iran, lie Pre?W*nt, lily, Merrick, C. II Tucker and l*ata -W. Mr. Wm. M. Kvart*, who appeared aw criuna*' for th-. bid le* nini again*! the prote*t. K Mr. liarr, ?ai-1 tha' a* the Heard hud determined to hear coiin*-d, he it "Aired *> present aoine argum.-trt- in the ctae of Mr. Sickle* Ah the i-nunael fi-r one of the Turtle* dWaireit time to prepare liimnelf. the Hoard, on motion, adjournal till eleven o'clock thia morning. Board 9i Connrltefii Tlii" Board met yeuterday afterwK*^, at their chamber* in the City flail?the I'raeidrnt, l>. 0. Coaavcr, in the chair. he tit inn* wer* flr?fc (u order, ami &nt' ok other* wan <?ive wig Bed by lloweu k klcNatwae, and ? ** huudred and twfil? other*, aaking tor pttwm lire eiifftiti*-* in the lever part r?f the city. Thi* wa> referred to the upproptUt* com mitt to. A petition w*.? al?o received from lammel Marry, for ptmih-tdon-to regulate lO^th atreet, nIx hundred tfcteaal from the Hccofal avenue, at hi* own exptnae. Tlib wa* al?i> relbnwh Ren lution* wer?*cext in order, and one *m? nfffied by Councilman Cuv/ov an 1 ndoptc , nking th< Counsel to tlo! Cor pot a* hoi for infoi matiou re to the U'gdUy of ihe contiact made by the Mayor with Wallet It. Jon***' tor tatting the ye*.el Jo. ?ph Walker. 11 o following wwe then called tip for actio* It waa i Anted liy (burnt, men lloiincv, at w?- i**t meeting ol the Hoard, and hid oeer Wbortjui, A eat oecepeity cxl d?? for the enactment of 11 judfrioiiH rfgUtry law, Inasmuch a-tin pi?* *?nt ny?< torn of Voting I* e * to fraud* of % periou- chancer, thereby tend bur to bring the elect. *?* franchise into <Ui* moot* . then fore, in- it Hiff.lvi'i, That the representativea to the legislature from the city aud ?-nurty New Y< rl lie re^ucUd to u.-e every eu-rtlmi to rllect the pa *?*ge of a judlrioua legiMry lavr. I p< 11 lb * moluti'?? there w-t nun*' debate. Councilman M rm.w .aid he w.m <ibfux< xted by the word *'jiiriicioui*. ' He did not knew what thi- word meant. I bum 1 hintIX Hot men **id vwry ? < hool buy who had the jidm t <g.- of a thico month,*. educitmn in .? common mcIiooI. 1 new th# men *11 eg of t hia word and he ?hould presume the gentleman from the KittT-eevanth knew the meaning of ii.?? word. tdu 11 (tl man M' < * a 1111 r moved to biy 11> ?? whole rf.jhje* t on the ruble. 1 hi? moth n *?.?-. 1. *.1 A motion van then made to reh*r the whole matter to a hper ial Committee and after ,onie deltate tlii? w.i* aK ? loet. < oi.ficilli all Cl \'X nppoacd the the 'ffiolutiou *nd a-% not calculated to in prove the privilege of elective t't .1? ( hhe * in-cltin ? i W ?? n, 11. untwined the resolution. I hva.n >R<\inn ; uai opposed to the resolution. lie aid there **? omChing wron^ In a* cubing the poor ?t1 r? the t? ???"? ant 'new of the country, ol fiaud, while fiani ? xipted x.rm.i?j the hea U of tie pwrtnnmt and relied most i udty for M'fortn. Nearly every one of the Li io? ? , l 'dm d? putlmetiir ?veie guilty ot fiaud and they vete tl ? p'< | er | artlr" to atta-k, aM in?* t ry out 1 'itt?\ d." "f iinl uj*um t the je'in Tut* ' YV v?? < alt a nwi-H 'f corruption, end the odleiaU ought t > iidiriik U hue ti e Ve* 1 s were C?l*ed of f? The vote wuh :h? n tu ? n op' 11 the eh ptioii of the te p< tilth ? and it ?<*\ hv ;i rote of 110 i*i th? V irnu live t?* 10 Iti the neg.?ti ? II V.H" tloiy move , \<? M?nd to the l^giaUtnre. wiMi the t? ii\ 1h?* Xiamen ot the vo'C. ?, both on the *#llrui*? ti\? wnd nrgalive lh motion ww l??wt After rorne further ummpoit.-int bttalne 'he flnrd io?J. 11 n* -t till i' ?y eser.lnit next. ' on?mi>"?lor(' i K <if Kim!((t nil ttt. I ).n JVird m' t to t t i' VI. ( 0111 'til?ri'o*ter g \ rrplmif k n the '?h?n,; ' irr'fiu, 4 (tutuiiug* K< fined/, Ptiidy ?.id ('?? rfj^u*?, *ffltn mi r itrri i t *|tj>::.\ ftui?'? t )??? pn*\ week r'#?rcn ? h ?/? ,u I V?"l ?* t ? He (iiinl -ii, ii iln?'n I ''J.. [?'ttt i-, .in i $?'fl %U 77 id ttiofjev, For Hinif ?pitk? pint the nuin^r of tmigruntfl h. Ii*rr*? l ?nd the I?.b? 1- ??t ' uiu * h* ?* cOTi?e?(u? n? It, I?? en tu a brio r < ri .?'? inn lltl ( 4M? I i). 1(1 ? . ii-> A k i>.: memorial w?* T?oi, d 1 H "1 by tb? ?' on u.i^Kin'T- i ? the di/ftri'? 'it rov?*rnm?'ntN >*t Ku'oj,?* al irj|< tbtlr help to protect the emigrant* Tom th* Ier*t l upon ibim by ?uui ? rH ami i*k".??mjfer *???nt A hUtory wh gir?n ?! the effort* of the 'o;.inb Ion ii the <?-' ?i?Ubi?eiit f n * mtgrnn* depot to*! the ]>?? tag** ?i pi??prr law ( i f!ii lr protc"U'?n. h inn i M'.rci I'nr *. i ;,* t? d t?? tin* ?v of the KittooiInk He- did cot IJLo to ill ih? mo?i*r?*h*> of Kurope ' aujroBt imllitr torn, !? * ?* u ????;><,Ml ,ret to* did int r*pproto ' f ' !k*Hde?, ?iii'f I '? mmt--lowr illfiy, it ' fair the' f ?dti/eio, wli<i h*vr lr*n ??? k* ; 'Mig'-r -Iiii I-! I ? r ?lle l nod "iium u'Ui'- *lt?u they had authority from tin* Mayor o| New V i. k to nr* II rno.U*l< i f r ' mn? ; mid th? ii sir* jMUiM the f.'uHi-) (an1. Villi* ?! tti? . m :i* re rVit-n*, *f)?l the ih ? U la<? t ?lu'tn o itaW" th,# \ *U* ot all loo Aft?r ? tup tun her tl? ' * ?? tin* n?rrnori*l f m nr t"r?*d to f o trsinolatM, mud "? lhon*nt!?t mj.w M?tit t ? tin* Htafa !;?-j a. t dm-i?t. "o t?0 *r ;irnnn4Ui-f toi-ri rjrc* lojj in hur ?pe IHn'ni lT tAimm. r riiini-? ?oron K'-nned? that ;? ?hip hi i tl lit n ?jr, ' an ??l Uo* pftvi-r ln*hicl) fpf'i' Koeti who were m-u* r?? iop i-ominurie- ingf that M.f\ v io erirviimta frion HiM*en, ht tud ?? nt finm to the SfavorS off ire fot ?? i* matter to iie i?nr* ?i n' < The lu tnf ?? m a< ji u imoI 'M ,n *? ?w ?irv. nn.f cr ? 4 inif'a- a1 ?v>-t t-? Nor f4 1^ f in Tn iiinf datfin l*f,4 fr*'l f irrca e till. y?;?r 167 HM !*' 1S64 Nvimher of inmate ' at VVantf '* f?fnid t . 51 T.lWH 1 i, do ??' !/?? I?e ffoapi'af 'I 7 't Total Ml j ^ f?T7 J *Iniv t* m hank .fan I. Jh "i V I V*l M Aiyr*ti'r oiti|it#fi? \oi, 7 . '# 71 | * fi?r to No* 14 for mm n ti'ulion of a roir" - Ac 7 o?? , % ?4A IT Total MMI,If# #? ! i hura*merit- ? *- jo ? loni ;o fount, to V ? 7 IH.T,.. 4W,ii;o fdt No j?amade on No* 7..,.. ? ?. (?\ ? 'haft "? V?-? hattlr a' Hunk... . I'I " i-'J 71 llo.ii<l of Ten ?#??%? mora. V> -Tii** JV * r ? i met all if l*r#?aent f#o* ?roor* 7 *t? < fid 'in the l ha.r.) f>rafjer, AT'-' f?** uan Ta/hvr Htur; inlKf/o Kfi ?/i tft?o ?*i?. "y nummary if .tjfpar* 1 h*' am I MI4 j ? 'ltd u the nrfltnt ion b* '4f nro-? ? -{ 1M o*#r ? t# prrTiou* *?? k !?>*"? a* oejwae.irw. A tilntl' n wh ft*'>-1 1 >< mi loy ri?e' )?am to a por'ton f'f Hnndali * l*land, whecop'/fi t-?? Ihaper ?f?tol fhft' the wa"der?* ? ?re s^Htir-f r? -oow tea their 4 i tier 5' rl.aake were ?-uiptoye.) atwn tw pnup> ? tfkll Ud w /k re' well If, h ? o 4f oTer a thoutnnd didlatt a n nth ? uWI h? aaae*i by ei , 'oylng the ln?' ite riti rim * "HT 'MjOl.t.- | ?. f?.i| 1aN. r I w.- rn <?. nCI. ,C*t 'h" A ?.??? mn In f ffl? r. i: ? Wiitilt '100 h ?? ?, ??? r thirty Ti. kmimA tl.U niattrr li r T?mw1 ./Serwt a r- lh " i' if '!"? 'mj f all al.i. '.HIM I aup >nr? tt ? ftnn . >1,. 1 t?< ult thr/ not ii h to ?of* CarilH till VI. a l??TW4' 7 f f<?. .fr' n> '>t' ? mi IV that ?... fifral h?J lha i.aitfar*#^* In tLr ?h!Vtran on }tan*-11'. ??-*ft |J./.|'Ua rtata* It m >? tan .h/iur?l i 'la ??>] ia i. ? nt i.f haTlnf rt?r .?'.wn a , t.f'M r lion w?" "f '/f4*in* th?' 'b? r nXrfi ?t.miM !? tn'Ani an l "h? ".fitrv loi ?ho ' nil' ?t i'1' it. IT *o'I ''l'?t ihi.alll hn ?n' tba tala ,.H. i \?u 7).t?, ?br et arf. wa? .ul^tatiiia'aH Iir h*n* an mur.?nt ?r*Hlral prart|tlon*r. who >i> ^...?f.t prtrti?inn?H tt.? an-ra'.laH mllli a artj-la, rr RftiilaMiriH ? f ihalb afT?*r'i..t iM ti'o A rtaih t!'? ?a* ja?"4 antbi.fti'nf ? ?,? ?a. l?? to p ?> r g?A milk ?h?n aanlinc, ?t.H ''.arf* It ?" amount ?/ tfta r. tit. Haf ? f..7?rT?? * lnrtBi traH a l">f '?>*"(, f"taf o??f Ik* f f '..III** t** . tK# bar! an*! th* ''^iaii .4 , r. fa'l't., ?hl'h ?a. I ? b? K1"'**1 ? '??" "?? I ? i t aA)??r?aH fc. -t Th?l . , y, it-*.**. I*.?'* '* * ?* * _./>? Taawiay ti.f.-nar IHlUa M4 an !' oaa-t ii? t tin V?|J '4 K?ut|l vV .. ..rati'' ?w?l *1 ??r*?t a?t tna 'nr i.?H ... "t?'l i" I ? '^tk bail to*n , at. *4 in tl>? ***** " '<* ba ' t?n. ktitiH by a ggog to* .. va? tnfinH that tha*a *7litwl at a? y f ?? n f'* ?' b Myart' Tb* H?*?.*?H, It *<? tr*. 1 ... 1" n in". . n tb# TtA n*t . bat * a* ait ih*tH| t* .in a* ' *a* O *?**ral Hay* y*?M'-.? to i . |>a<h Tt.? "yW'? <4 tK* , jkilaa ?%*, Uut Haath ? ta t ki ' ' i '?' ?'< <t ' a hrala. ar. t ti a' tK* ><aa* r j ... >.?t ?? U.* Hay .a .|*iaatt'*i aa .M o ? in *?* * . . f at* * I tl.? 'atal Walt f**^ t? ni'll *?; ' 'b* brala " tama*?H 1 a* y*nr* KaH Pollrr liilrlll^rnrr ill K(in? <-?NfriKA( v ro iwnuuu r*N r*oi/nAi?0 POLL INVOLVHIi in TIJM TKAN.IAiOTtMf. A lap ?'?) " ?*" *" l'ul'U?h?l th? urrwrt lit * I'* art ii>a| nyrrliji vl, nam**! I. Vi^'Ki^ ,-h'4 yfl flth liutiiip oMmIimmI *h?u< |1 'i<hi trurth ?f jr from Ahr tlr-n i>t' '??*? A k?""f of Sip |>y mrArotirf f?l?* (?ii?t?ni'?'ii ?i *' l'*uilnlrot ri |nr >at.?t(un' Nnr4f llint tiuir lia* " barn li?i>rn l.? nveral n?|?wt ?l<ln iiirrrliatilx t<i *?? mr tha am-at nl WatUo*' eotlr lfntW ui mnH'wh*t ?imi;ai ti; pf%ctl.-i?i| upon Mp'pmia A li?lli"g *?l ?i<tiir4uin!jr llicy prnt-rlnd Ixftna Juatier I' lintrict ivlio* Court, punt niHiti* ?n n t4't*?tt iiiniMi* tin-in p?rl -i, from vhi^b we u tvk< t.t# fotawtnx filAgt ? .Stiih ui A k' IVwrfk, < 'i ly ni'i i ? v ? A. ii I'm I tx* BIImi at tin' turn nt lit*-. * ki ll,??i. v IV4y lOntre I- !-<hw?H ?' ?* I "> ?m -..i ||ii?t, c. (01 till- AhmiiOmi '' 1 * I||||?II ?, 1 v. Mil tin iuk AMmrt I.. i'ickei m>ii, ut tlia at*. ui Wmel At Mtktriun. .A J na itrrtft, lu'iimtii' WtllieC, ?'l It"tn i >Ti*?.v l.iiiriti lainei I.. I'ttttm, ui I In* 'Irni "I I'sint- I ft-"* A |wr ltl?rt, Ih-Uk <*>>7 ??"?? d?|KHl? tint III! Ill* i-A ui M/iirli, 1 #W?, AIHWlK RnMiiKHi. I C. WaUin* K II. Walkiu*, JuAwtt IrowMrtl. imi Ilrni / A Iflnkeil/, .nil ion*|.irt ?nd eonfi?A-titli* Cvi tiu-r. ?t tl? d*|inn?DU b" t? deft Mil Uwriopnitawt* mi l -noU ol tbuni, *nd fivoi * to tl *-th*|H<a??t4 unhiiflttf. ??uf nl certain good* and niwU^ of Urge V*tow. to wf *,. .o the Mini M $10/ *X) jr*i *'jwn> da, nud deponent* fur fl?r miy shut twii\ Itobiinwr, WiUiiim, I*on4rl, ?nt H'akiwlv. 4i?J dafrumt :tnd Ghent ttiene ^tn?nmU, arwf otfeftr r>f g?*x!ti warm and mmttbnn4i*e, t ? the rain# of fKMmO. olila**r*l fr.? n th?*?e dornirwtU 6/ the unit! pat Ut^ through fhJkw a* \ fraud tiler/ reprw*#*nla lion*, made I if raid part ?wi a/trr* or?t?i*pirlri|r ?* afore**!'). Hta>M <hptUi*aU fivtbcr tor hiin*df upon fa f .rrnnrion an i Iwdfcrf. fI*aa tin* t> of K flrii tol, !? X WalUm* A iin., V?a NuvYork aloohef ?n) ram plirne -s.aniil/M tin ii?jt coin nav. . mi AI taut :> K?l?tn?ori uell#v**4 to l?? at Ibn at ww t?f eikiii* K < *v No. id lV?i I afreet, in thr aaal city nn?i rnwri'y of "?ow Yofk, contain material proof* ?>< e*A4 c?y an*) nl+uit to ? eftatu a* afore**id, ami oujHUfr to h'? v-ought in?a court III (nii lMM-i1, ttM ikt#**# tlrpon-ot'l fr** O |>eei? (('.Vii^l l?jf aotjnaol iumJ belirv# to fx- tun. As* dep .nenU fur ibwr xav that Urn aula go*#!* und urert litnntv w. re obtained f|? m ilrfio?M)tH itiaalruiualy an' *iht- ly. and thr/ pray fljat tlio ytiluv. itifof la* irrvM ?* autS t^Might into court 0 ana 1*4 fgwatl K1.1HHA II luax, it ? . H'ltuun JI II"*Va, AH *Kl I. HlCKiNNiM, IMMKI UliJtMtT IJ pott tlna ?%i i?iofc tlu* iiuwix'' .('?h.urti war- mt for th?* arront of til# partrW*. arid nl! <f thvrn, with thr r* nf on# (wlu'N# naii)? *<? h. * i* riKiift^l ItftiVUNl if'g 'II Ultf ftlmvtt rxtraft. hy rt?*|U#?t of .i'ldif** I'l.ttCf y urtirr itnraffKi ami Itronfjbt lolo court (,?*?? turd uiol I ila k or I v win* upon* dt fiber ?tiu*i ?med n? winea#** ?gullint the of l?*r pailic an li tu< *>' cmn 'hat they hM hon tnaoo Ixk^Im ??f. Iki-r tlUi lonrd tha t ntirr plan of i on K f? JuiiHrc IV?n v. frort aliirh II a on Ml ap|rar tlrat Miger^ Vtat?. oh A (.? ftu*4o-f| b i in*?* to hti v lurg# i>iiMiilf|ii n of gv ?U hum v jiiou* uoorhanta, and | ;?/ tl i hi in wortiiirn^ pi<unl*ftory got up by ono "r fln? ol hrr of tin- o- in-c I. nii h- ta*xt ndl tht*i' own rotu cnWin <? Another of th# h'yp'4 c innptra Uim, whoaanurrut v?e h*r? "irlttr t. ti.ui riot /at Ih*#w arrtwti'i), but? ttiaar ;-h? nry, wh ? ha* ha I * b?r|? of thr r? ?? on Iht# U*?k nut for l?wi. Ah thr parti#^ arrr?'#g unr held 'o l?uil in the mi-w of i WW or i to .nawmr the (ha ge. An riatnlnaliou iu the c?~^' will, *n til pro huhihty, f.aarfi Willi# off AM 'd.&K'hU SfliUUH ( ttffiHT. f-forgr It ttrfy win* hroi.ght la f ip Juetha Pftrct /6a ti'idav ijfiCirtixiut oil tw ? M pait'e c'wg# f?f Cal?r pra tc*nc<H4. TU# ??ou*hi 1. ft I* ail aft' * porchaaft IT'i * nth of gll' ir?g and motiUbtig at thr < for f I. IU(n.hv Nr? ?\H~ Jtmojin alrart. uuO f.jiieated the WtUl a till for the t iiiiip, t ? he ?i*ut to hi i plat # of h?i No. 106 < ?ntr# I-1?eat. Mi I wjuih ul?l u. e? ? n? 1 ? '' #?? |.6ltl?'d the p'ritar to tti? ??????! place d bo* I maw Wlivit tlaa> got Mi#rv lea??#/ wan fo'iinl 4iare1tra< *t th# i!?e?r n# if waiting lor fb*m. fit r?ijw**4te-t Mr fir^pti a to ac< ?* inpar y hi i ?? fat a* Trinity building*, I it IImmA mjt, alien* he wotiWi rah*# the nK u#/ t-? j?%f 111# 1411 A'ter 11-itlng tli# ahnst ?diflc# and '-tiling %t omdrr |. l: i c(*6. ill order, if poaMhic t<? 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No. 2A Howard ''not, an I that th?r# h woulg 1 ny th* nri'#" r/ .01 - ui. , oat "si th# eh r#'* hara ing tliopilotle in Tt'ftM-y latte, v#r/ #? ?. !/ t>?A off hi* oht rdnf he# and pot ' f?# t "# ? o,??? ??n and W4 ke*l off with ? lit avr ttiinkifig f ! a tn ? e r?t ??! ?),e ro.' or- of the # ler k* errnml I he Jn.hi h? !d ?'?niwl to bat f la the *un? H tl,CKM to aa?w#r tl * *harg* * ril ia iwlault he wo. ?. commit r?i I t tn ii If MAT V HOItBmir*. i' h? of U?<* tHHifUf nt thf H ? ? <? U?H '?n lr??*L l?r</! *-u into MR ) r>Mre*' of HI <*#0 w ?rtb f |*44 aunt, whirb h?? hKi ?|u, |>irn fr?Tri 'VififU# .4 m? r?*'*l lilt#* *?>?? w?lr|.r ! V.# fi net lb* UiOin*-1?* hi? ?*ft t)i*? fill #> ?rrft^l ?t lb# Irflliy I ? HIKi tl %4l wl.rf* Ik I V4-*. ff?* nj.j,','Umlljr irila *! t?rr<! 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