Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 15, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 15, 1855 Page 3
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Interesting from Kunik CONSTITUTION AND RITUAL ON TUB GRAND lNOAMT MKNT AND REGIMENTS OP TH1 KANSAS LEGION, OP KANSAS TERRITORY. ADOPTED APRIL 4, 1866. .MVTU'LE 1. Section 1. Tniri body .halt be known an the Grand En camument of th** Kansas !*gl n of Kaunas Territory, and fihr-.ll Ik* composed of rep re. eli La tire* elected from each Subordinate raiment existing in the Territory, aa herein after provided. Sec. 2 JAt the first meeting nights in January and July, one representative from eacli subordinate regiment, and one additional representative for every fifty meinli-rs, shall be elected as members of this Grand Ibsly, the regi T Lhi mu nt having power to HU vacancies in ease of the inability of any delegate to attend any me-ting of the {rand En campment: provide*!, that should sny subordinite regi Do nt be instituted between the times above specified, that they may have the power to elect their represouts tivor at such times as will insure them a delegate to the Crund Encampment. Sec. 8. The regular sessions of the Grand Encamp tent Shall be held on the third Wednesday of January and .Tuly, at such hour and place as shah be aelerted by the incampment at the previous semi-annual session. AHTIoix it. Sec. 1. The officers of the Grand Encampment shaP constat of a Giaud General, Graud Vice-General, i.rand (quarter-Master, Grand I uymaster. Graud Aid, two Graud Nentinels and Grand Chaplain, to be elee'ed annually by ballot at the January session, vith the ex ?eptiou ol th hentinela and < haplain, who sha.i be appointed uy I he General fur each meeting. Sec. 2. The Grand General shall pieaide at all meeting* of the Grund Encuinpiuett. lie shall cull speuul meet ings, at the written request of nvn represeuta' ives, or when he may ue.esaaty to *m so. lie shall liav" a general supervision of the orgauixatlon in the Terri tory. He shall have power to giant dispensations for the formation of subordinate regiments, at such pluc ns he may dee in best f*>r the welfare of the cause ami Older, ami tuny autuorlxe iniliaiious of mem burs in places where regiments are *o be rgauised, under such regulations aa tne Grand Kncampiueat utty no .pt. lid may visit personally, or by deputy, all regime.its uuder Jiis jurisdiction, ami require a strict compliance with the rules nnd usage* of the organisation, uud shall re port to the Grand Encampment at each session thereof, the result ol his labors, with a correct aud -ueoruct fitateuieut ot the Order throughout *he 1'erritory. Sec 11. The Grand Vice General shall perform the du ties of the Grand Geneial in his absence, bee. 4. The Grand tquartennaater shall keep a correct minute <>( the proceedings of each mee'ing, au.l an O 'CU jrate roll of lite members. 11? s .atl give lafortnutlou of nil meetings by a written or printed notice to the colooel df each subordinate regiment. He snail collect an*1 pay over to the Grand Paymaster all huqis due the Grand Encampment. He shall attend to su :h other busino.s as may projierly be requited of him by virtue of his office. Sec. 5. Tin- Grand Paymaster shall have charge of all moneys belonging to the Graud Encampment. He shall Bttend to all receipts aud disbursement*. He -hall keep ? regular aud correct acuountot his iloiugs, woich shall at alltimes be open to the officers of the Grand Encamp ment, and make a faithful and correct statement of the finances at each session thereof. bee. 6. The other officers .hall perforin such duties as usually appertain to ttielr respective offices, under the general direction of the presiding officer. abxici.r in. Sec. 1. The Grand Encampment shall have power to es lablisb such by-laws and rules tor their owu government ns it shall deem necessary; make general provision for the punishment of oflences against the laws of tne tlr derjfitry nil appeals from decisions of subordinate regi ments; and establish such constitutions for subordinate regiments under its jurisdiction as their welfare and g"->d government may require; Provided, Ttiat the not be in accordanoe with the constitution aud laws of the Grand Encampment. He?. 2. The Grand Encampment shall have power to levy a tax upon th" subordinate regiments to defray the Ordinary and proper expenses of the Grand Eucainpinent, by requiring of each subordinate regiment that they have two of onr printed books of rituals an] constitu tions, to be furnished at one dollar per copy, and a char ter at fifty cents per copy; and if the above ' ax is found Insufficient to meet the ordinary expenses of the Grand Encampment, they may require of subordinates such Other taxes as will meet, the actual expenses incurred. Hec. 8. The Grand Encampment shall have power to establish term puss words to he communicated by tbe (.rand General to the Colonel of each regiment. See. 4. Ihe Grand Encampment shall make ail nomina tiona for Territorir-1 officers, at large, and Imiuedittely alter such nominations shall have beeu made, the Grand General shall communicate the result to every regiment in the Territory. A tenet r iv. Petitions for charters for subordinate regiment* mutt be signed by at least five members of the order, addressed to the Grand General, and have the accompanying fee of twodotlnis and fifty cents ei closed, winch will entitle them to the charter, book of rituals, constitutions, &c. AltTIl I 1, V. Fire numbers h1 all constitute a quorum for doing liud nt'ii. AKT1CLE VI. Any proposed alteration of, or amendment to thisjcouati tut ion Khali bo submitted t> the Grand Encampment at leant otic meeting before bring acted upon, when, if two thiid* of the members pie.-emat hind regular moot lug vote for it, ft hliall be adop ed. OWH,'W or (iUM) KXOjt.VPMXVT. Grand General?Iter. G. W. Hutchinson, lawrence, K.T. iiinnd Viee-Gcneral?C. K. iloiliday, Tope kit, L T. Grand (juartermasier?J. K. tioodin. 1a wrence, K. T. Grand t'uyniaster?. baric* lAib, M If, ia'avennrorth City, K. 'J'. t ONSTITPTIOF OF HTTBORDIN ATK ENOAMPMflNT-i. We whoae oann h are aunexed, d> hereby pledge our selves to he governed by the following Constituu n: ? AiifTl IJI I. Tlit- organization shall be known as Regiment No. ? O' the hau-HH Legion. AHVI' IX II. Sec 1. Any person can become a member of thi- Le gion, who will pledge himself favorable to the freedom it Ki nxas, and ih eighteen years ol age Parson < b?iog re ceived under twenty one years of age mast be vouched for by three members. Sec. 2. The name of any persons proposed for mem bership shall be Touched lor by one or more member*, when the cxnilulsve shul be vot?d for, and th oc negative Totes Khali be equivalent to a rejection Provided, that no person shall lie prupo?ed for membership In any reginMr t otiicr than that localeil in any city, town or di trlIn Which such person resides. Sec. 3 Any member applying for an honora'de dis charge from bis regiment, snail, upon vote of ttn mem bers preient at the time of such appli .atn-n, be entitled to a certificate signed by tU" colonel, and co inter-igno.l by the <|Uarterma*tei, upon the jiaymeot of ten cent* for euch certilicatA; and any such member being de'lr -us of becoming a mem'ier of nnot her regiment. shad pre en' Li- ceniticaie, beiDg subject to th" same vote a* a new applicant Sec. 4. Member* of th" order shall have the righ' of debate in other regimeuts tl an their own Their right to Tote, however, Khali b- confined exclusively to the regiment with which they are connected. aktictb in. Sec. 1. The officers of each subordinate regiment shall consist of a colonel lieutenant colonel, quartermaster, payii aster, aid. and two sentinels wbo s mil be eleo ed by ballot on fir-t meeiitig nig it* of .(aiiua y and duly. N'C. 2. It shall be the duty of the colonel -o pie-ide enfoice a due observance of the several c -natitVion-. laws and regulations, and secure a pii.per respect lor the Teriitoiial Grand Encampment and Its ofionrs; see tha' nU officers and members of committees ge tor.n their re ?pective duties; appoint all offiecreand cirnmi'tees not otherwise provided for; gi?e the crsting vo'e when a tie may occur, except in liie election of ificers, have *,->? cial charge of the constitution and la vs dr?w ?n 'be paymaster for all nemands on the regiment; direct the quartermaster to call special mc-tings wh- o nee ? arv, and perfonn all other dnib-s pertaining to the office rec 3. It ahall lie th? duty of tin- lieu'euant col oe1 to assist the clonel in the performance of bit duties, have ? pedal charge of the doors, and, in the ab-en-.a of the colonel, pieehie. Sec. 4. It shall be the duty of the '|uariermar'er to keep an a senrate rei ? rd of tin- pr< ceed tigs of th- regi ment, with a toll of tie menit-ei.-' Mur s nr iff n.-tn bers ordered by t lie colonel Of a v.,'? of the ieg. giment. anc perform all other du'ies pertatnlng ' be Office. fee. 6. It "1 ill be the duty of the psyma-'er 'o ? r.e i I niunej ? nt ti e regimen pay all daman I' when a - II ortxed by the colon.! k-? p an accurst- ?ce-"in ct .1 tnomys renvoi and expended; e- hi it tothe egi i"ut on the lasi meeting of ench quar'e t staleni-n of the fuid and at the eud of evmy Ix mn'h.s fivt a c-i re wtiiten report ot the receipts and -.utburaement of i. ? term. hoc. B. It shall be the duly of the aid to examiu ne members at the ? penlng of the reg ment and re mrt i ly who are Incorrect to the colon el, to assist at lie ti . tion of person*, and that tin* o -tliren ate luede c ? i foi table during 'lie sitting- of the regiment. esc. 7. It shall be the duty of the Inside a-nti iel to at tend 1o tlic ln-ide rloor end report to the lie ,ten-mi Colonel the names and regiments ol the (arsons *| ply ng for admission, and admit such a- the lie jteuant colonel may order, but to admi; no one without the p.ia w. is, nnle-s otherwise ordered by th* colonel, af et being Touched fr-r by a member of the regiment bee. 8 ft shall lie the doty of the outside sentinel to ?tiend to the outside door, and admit no per in without the password except caudida'es and those be may know to be members of the order, or who are vouc ied (It by a member of the regiment. artutx rv. At the flr-t meeting* in the month* of Ian i*ry and July respectively, there shall be elected by each regiment one delegate or representative to the Grand iincam,iment, ?ml one additional representative for eecti fify members belonging to the regiment. Aimr t* v. Sec. 1. All charges and offences preferred against a tnemlier sball be duly spec fled in writing, when they ?hall be referred to a special committee, who shall "inn man such memlier to appear before them to answer to the allegation set forth; and, after a lair and impartial examination thereof, report their decision to the regi ment which shall at once proceed to the ronsideratl n an'' disposal of the ease. gee. 2. When any m< mber, who sball he proved guilty pi violating any principle of the order, offending agsinst these articles, or otherwise militating against toe inter est* ol the - igmnlxatiou. shall be swojeet to reprimand, an-pewsh n. < r expulsion. ?* two-thirds of the member* prcrcn' at any regular meeting may determin v Woen a member ehsll be "spelled i>r revsaling the -aer< ? if tin ord'r. or militating agslost the I iterests of the fu tore f x ' of Kanss-, his nam* hall bo atrtrKou on the . II and i.? to all the regiments ?' the VerrL ---, a- a i *' ' ? -tilote of the priuoiple* of truth, b m- a . I infegritv. bee. Th* reg -ion's locate ' in *ich ?vl eve ? ??,. ttr ndl?i! ;ci -b ill make nominations for xll candl-l .:** U office in ?h< i' ' ??" Uriel but w *?<- t-e |? rwonrro ?? -rit-i i to -n, t e'ec- on c . cers, at Urge, through their delegate* aufl the Grand En ?ampment. umniTL A qut rum for bti-iiies* in a legiwcnt shall consist of not Una than five member*. Almoin vn. Any regiment shad have power to eatahlinh anch by laws am' rules a* may be deemed ex pel tent; provided, they accord with the (?rand Territorial Encampment, nub jecf at all times to their approval or rejection. AJtTICI.K VIII. AH uioneya. except hereiu provider), aliall bo raised by vote sod nesessment uf members belonging to regiments AHTK'IJC IX. f-'ee. 1. Each regiment rludl meet at least twice per month, tit such hour and plane as shall be Mooted by tbe regiment at the previous sriaion. Sec. 2. A - soon as each and every regiment shall nuin bi r thirty members upon its inusior roll, it shall pro ceed forthwith to otganixe an alficient tegular military company. . ABTIOI.K X. Any proposed alteration of, or amendment to this con stituiion, shall be submitted in writing to the 'I rand En campment. at least one meeting previous to being acted open. RITUAL OF RUBOHDINATK KKQIMfctNTS. 01*0*0 OKRKHONT. [The colonel, lieutenant colonel, quarlerina ter, pay master, aid and sentinels, being in their respective places, the regiment shall be Called to order, ami thus athlrrseed by the colonel ] Colonel.- Fellow soldiers in the Free State army?Tbe hour has arrived when we must reatime the duties d< voli iug upon us. I a* l us each, with a heart devoted to justice, patriotism and liberty, attend cloo ly to all the regulation* laid down fr out g vernm nt end aciion, i aeh labor,ug to msVe ibis review plea-ant aim prolltable tcoi rselve- ami a hlesniog to our country. Ai t, are the t their pests with cloned doom* seuiiiieb at iheir pests Aid.?They are. (J morel.- Aid. you will now rev ow the troops in th legiueiit ps-swoids. Aid (alter examination).?I have examined tliem per sciiallv. and find earh correo* Colonel.?1 pronounce this regiment arraysi and ready fur service. OKI IKK OF BUSIKBH. 1. Reading of the minutes by the quartermaster. 2. 1'roi ui?U for new recruits. 3. Voting for bsme. 4. Initiutlon oftecruiU. ft. Reports of committee*. ft. V nfhi-hed business apgiearing on the minutee. 7. -Mi-cellaoeous business. 8 Adjournment. IKtTMTIO*. [The memlier proposing n friend for membership, sliall announce blm when in readiues ; and at the proper tiuie the aid shall present him to the colonel and thut addtest himI rtby i Worthy Colonel, the canditate proposed and vouch"d for is now in readinrss for enlistment in our army. Colonel?The aid will present the candidate to the quartermnnter, [tints addressing htm:?] Aid?Quartermaster, I ain directed by our colonel to present you this person who Is desirous ut enlisting iuour ranks. Quartermaster.?-sir, you have doubtless been Inform ed of the general design ol tbe institution to which yon now seek hi mission. Penult me, liogevr, by authority*, to siate to you more tully those principle*, that yon may tnore clearly understand what you ore to expect. You will be required tirst?to tunc an obligation of secrecy, hy holding up your right hand and repeating after mo; when I pronounce my name you pronounce yours. okuuatio*. j , solemnly pledge my honor as a man, that I will never reveal, or cau.-e to be rcve leal, in any manner, or to any person, the fact thnt 1 hate been an applicant for acmiMti<>n to this institution, or anything which has or may hereafter be communicate 1 to me, or the names of the persons mci-eot? all tills I promise. Q. Master?This institution is temporary and local ia its ehatacter. It is designed for the Territory of Kan s?s. imd is to continue at least until the vote shall have settled the question as to wnether Kansas shall be u free or a slave !-trte. The reqnlrem nts of this institution Mrtll not interfete with rights of c insolence, or the dutio* you owe to youiselves, your families, your country or your Cod. iliey will conflict with no law of the land. We seek, In a noble, hono'able and ju?t manier, to ac complish two things. Tirst, To secure to Kansas the bieshiug ?nd prospei ity ol being h fit ?? .-late, and, second, to protect tht ballot box from the 1 prims touch of uu principled men. Much are our principles. i>oyou still desire ..duitssmn 7 Candidate ?I do. Q. Master.?Yon will then enroll your name In full utou this hook, sf er which tbe aid will conduct yott to the colonel for further Instructions. Aid.?Worthy colonel, 1 am directed to pre :ent this person to you for instructions. t'olonel.?sir, it is with joy wt welcome you to this place, td the e scene* and to this -ac ''d .illfaucp We trust you will find lit u- that puritv of purpo.-e an t wo will find in you surh nobtone-s an truth, tiat this union may tesult in con-tantly lu :eu mg ie.;?rd, ernfldence and love between uh. This cmntry is yoUt by adoption and as belonging to you and your cliildien, you leel a uecp into, est in its pros pciity, its honor, ami its destiny. We arc here, where slavery intends making it- next innova tion already we ham had u to etu-te of Its contain! na.i'ig touch and i n- wiug thai strength tie-ia anion? feeling that our country and our God d. loamU of us in this emergency that every man should ,.o hi. duty, we have lianrtedourselves together under s demn bon is, In order that we may ku?w our own streorth?miy act in com ert throughout ihi? ? hide lei iiioty, and thus exert an influence, pos o* an eOictency, srid enjoy personal and ctvll pri toctlon, which as mere iridivl i .al *" e<>uld not obtain. With ibe-e explanation- upon < ur part we si all ask of you tiat you take with u an obligation placing youi self in the same attitude us before. OMJfUTtOH, I, ? in th? Riofft tiolpffin m tQfit'r, in the pr?? ?epce ot ll?\tvi?u anl theno bin 1 mj* }! Unt i will u< v? i jevejfci, nor cause to r*? re -fMlcd, ?*ither >'r Word look or f-ifrn. by writing, printing eng -ring, pain'ing. n> in wit) manner -vtaa'am-ver. anything prr tinning to tliia institution, rave to pornon* duly quuliQnd >?> rec ive the same. I ?ll never reveal the name oi tl lit ? ganlzation the plana of meeting the tact tiiat any I i r on i>-a member of the Pirnt or even the cxl<tnor? of ti e organization, except to par.-ona legally qualified U? i reive tor ami-. honld I at any time withdraw, or he -tr jiendo! or ox j. lti-o from tli- - n. I will keep till .al'jr ,'inii to lite end of my ii'e it any hoik., ptpera or money* l>el< ngti g to :Tii- organization lie entrust, i to my i. re or keeping, 1 will faithfully nnd weni| leuly deliv.-r uptue same t my rurcearor in olbre, or my one legally lutho 11, d to receive tin i i I will never ki, wi ,gly ptojei** a per-on for mrmberstilp -n t >it order wh- i not in fat r of making Kan a- a free M-ife, and whom I f,~d -ui -h -d will eaertltie entire influence 10 tiring about uu rtMul** I will support maintain and aid e by any bo;r cable mo-i ment made by the nrgaoliation to ire thti great ci d wl ich will no cnnUi.-; with the law-ot b uritry in d the con-titntion of me United Stale-. I -ill no him hli glv vote for and en apart the i&i 'i liter nom! nated by tbi- organization In pri I nro t any an I all oil.- . ?? To all o tht obligation I do most -ob-maly pn>:oi wand ft'rio binding myeelf inn er the penalty -.1 being et p iled from this mganiiatlon, of lia- lag my name pub lished to the ,'eri-rai lenitortal Kacagupui"ui aa a |ior ji rrr liefoii jieaven and a tralti t to nv country?of p t. . ng thrm gh lib aenrwd am reviled t,i iwn, i anted OP by devil I r-ak- n Ijy angel und a I oe<l 0 cod i '? lorn I ?' rutlen.en you hav- iiiIm' 1 in nnllb army?buttling in a ginimui , lor thir y three y i ari thi? roil t"' i ei n to u*con->? ereil !:? e. W e live in Kaneap Welm 1 er Inlln. bei prairie.*, h r stream , ?od I er aktis. We wi?h t" btrld lier up a n hie Suite Believing tt at alavery n.akee ierror at -oen and igrm-ent Siatea, to-minelvea and ou, children JP desire neb en a< 'ment aa will eosura to us intelligent U-. u , tiblic ]i llcy and an ed' cured j er.j'e. We believe that i-t ivrry *j. ind- Immorality and He- tinn-rie-m through 'he e>m ii onitii whwre tt exists. end wt?h for o , r-elvea, lor our * Ives ai. I for our chit ln-n, 'o ll-a in a m l where tro iof people are by leg 11 rompul I n mad ? the victim* ' l.e brutal pare'' i of no class. We wi-h nnd We exfget to have liete, n State whe n tin- right of "pi ? Ion slu-ll not insure pence ,ti o and ? fret- om of e)i((')i ihall not IcAi ennre. In a word *? mat" ? an a f ?? edit all n ? ality, '? ? ' ' tn ernal peace ' | ? ooiaiy ii < ail! tw v tl I JF I am p is. 1 t eaehi riiln- or alolhful to h> tutlea devolving U| >-a vet. It |- a deep hi - ncr-an ' tn tai uognUli in >ur V--y mi-'-' ?bl'h will he more toeno-Dtlog Ihin Iho I loti'e Mir g Hn-e are eign* l>r wliic 'i-e: lie . cf -'.j .i|on i t 1. i'? ot i: . (fo) n<! wi't gv ? liem to nu ll ) llrere l< at- i a g The , i > log i r,v? uti n niid -Igruil oi .'h -e a e po> vro; N v ! i h none nan e. ?? niu'deii e to ? v? tic ;ire tuirjg officer or apon in- ao'iii ri'y, and you --ir.i t roum. i i< a o thwtn to an h' ?n?- t- ilo- aid up n l< or tsaniir .tion Tin- pa ? i da are invar amy given In i wtilefwr. I? ?:r ? ilori* on entering teg n< are -he?-:?A' utei i'i't?i ny alarm?he.-.- y a ? i 1 ? v- t: ?? >eatinel the la aa word a' inner I'oortnroe ap??her<- you will give the ptn'inel your rano , nurnv- of y< i re/iment, a 1 i xj hiiiati. ?' to the term pa w. rd. -olute th? pre ?!fag (t'f'T Nith on jour'rrre. an I egrr-aa, by placing ;d hand' tr brer t and f If liow ng. rtonvo "Tttawovr. CoWiiit'.? f ell -w Soldier* I trti't tola review ha* been la I. ph a-iat and |.r itjta'i e to ail. We met a? friend*, let u? [art a* br'tle,-? reocrnh*ting that we -eek no wror gunany ai i- ur nd of union In hvtling f rr the ghl, imid 'end to make u* betta-r uren, betier neigh ? .aand better <*t izen . We thank you fer ym-.r kind note an*', at tin'Inn. and invite you ail to be jre-ent at our next review, to be holden at ??, oo n'-xt, at ? or) rk P. M. cent iael?, you will open the door*, that or.r eoldiara may retire piezaaotly and in order. A0TIKT1SEIERT8 KENEWED SfEEF IAT. CfaOTHlWO, 4bC. C4> nnn wr,RT? or i ast off ct/)THTv5 wavt en m lot# rd any nee fn-n Hie P g?r:?ani - ne hooaawd i.eni emei. having good ? ip?rfltt<vi? ,-k,thing t- d ?[fee of raj) obtain the full value try earing on, or e-nditig It r J.tMhs MoUoNP. V, 11 Ik.xter Mreet rear Ci auum. AI1RKAT B K B'l \ I * ? A N V I'KRAOB BKffffl SHORT of reaity mad" winter ekxhtag will liod ? liaratu rne ,ud w. I n ade up rock 'if the aa?, "UlU' e -or i iy, ail wbkh wd: be -old cheaper 'h?n a' any ofbwr plaaa In UMcity Apply a> IT, WUdam r'u - t. Itr-i f ">r A I .AWIK Or A IfTTTT OF MAST OFF ??n ?<t ? Ttionsa* l* 1 nroy. lire-?. d n buy ?? i hand rod ng of every de* rtpUoo tirri' ?? ne i bar ng .a -,r re i.e vei . I Igb -c 'tt ? at1 ft - H. < tiNitur, in Mft?%V rDVLlCATlONS. _ Jl/HT Pl'llLlHIIlCI)?A MO*? KXTIt AO lib! N AR V BOOK, ?otity 44 " Ma* lUvilaiM ?o Mankind " dr:i.*ri i< -it axU tiic or *elfevtdent tru h* in nature, and mat be m%iicaIIv ?* moiiMrnted after the manner of Foetid. By J. /irltug'on Ben n*l M. D..LL.D Wanted ft.') to loo agent* tn nail the wclc. Apply at 41 L'neever filar*', Brooklyn The clergy madid ail havVthla work Notice. ? new and superbly illustrated work* of M*if jua' received from Germany in nutnbera, ai 28 cent*. 'Ilie Draadati gatta/y . tbe Munich gallery and vhr li? r In gallery. Tin- servi< ?? of gentlemen ot goo 1 adaraaa and u> eta plnnatxe reference*, a e required to *o toll order* for the above a liberal com minion given to omnpeuni perantia. Apply nl the office of J. Mountain, 183 Greenwich hutuct, fourth floor. 1)DUM8VIEl> TIIJK DAY?A GLANOK AT THE MAVAD 44 htar t luiml-or" or Reform Board, comprising a model Navnl Regis * r mid Pay Table By a late Lit u'cn-iiL Price 2/*# cent- Kxuaci from the preface;?44 I he4 Cm noil nf reu,' ol V mice, that ittfaxno i* oltg' rchv, kept no record of ita pro reeling* The inionner, the accusation, the proof, wore ftrcl' concealed in the tumom of the taqtkhilUna, uid no ottl r?nI declaration of motive* eau'C* or r??aona **tUll?d ill xnvoux and a tunned public of i^e g'ound* <>l nautitimeul or < xcrutpm. i'he *uudeo disappearance of the p?o4cribed vic tim, hi* quiet dropping beneath 'be adent Waters of the La guiit*, were mo th. i indtea'ed a trial, a .conviction, or Uie - in guinal} pcrpelraimt oi ibe rieapotto sentence. In here not a filtihl*rt1x m? Martin,g hs merits ly to Higgost the Idea, that 'he M'omicp of Ten* preMt'u'ed the worthy model ftfer wmob the pttKv editigH t>| otir B'*artl of Fifteen' were akUfuily inouliietl '? Every officer of the navy, every friend I o ju?lcv, every enemy to 4 star ?tiamhem/' everv enemy to 44 inqtnii tlot p " i very lr;end ol hi* country, hUouM read ihi* pautp del. Fublirh.U by sTKlNOEU A iOWWShMi, 22J Broad era/. ^YIAhPPF ARE OaTLBRY?<BY WILLIAM ???N KAlJL iiACi. ) Just received, the first number of thin rn tgolli rent work oi art, containing Mecbeth, Ban pin. and 'hew irhe*; Ijitl) Macbeth walking inberaleeo, Macbeth arm og hrn-nlf i r i)p laet uruggle. All over* of fine aru ar? ra^f eetpilly Invited to cm I) aid nan It e them KM1L SKIT4H Broad way, 'ift mho*, importei ol e> graving^ rl'LN 191 LD11 lo.V.?Jt'Hi IM ilUSilKiL? WOMAN AMD I Her lhwn^eafrom Ibe 44radle to the Oravc. wrltb an npne'i t!l\ "on the proorwty of UmiUnv the iiicft e ??! i til I y ?' Adap <*d ewiiif-l th lo 11 r Inn met Ion In the pliyaology ?? her .?V.4" n? fcitd all the di*ea?e?? of her critical period*, by .dward !l hum M l? edlun ol he v*alpel c ???ul lug i I op *ra" h p eiirfceoii, author nf a re.t'lue on the Karly ' e rav of A'Oft rival Women,H 4l?tca?eKOf lit'Sexual Hy? cm,M t r Price $J. Affentx wanted fo aell thia uro^k in ill f?armof the coun try U? alrtifji * liberal dUe<orut w it i be, I runic ? u?p,?*4A *"int (jtwipatd) cm receipt of price Add rent A. KaNVKY, Pub Leber, 1V*? llfimdway REWAliDh. dbor: REWARD-PTOLKN dm momoay after nooi , 1-thiii^Uiut li to -1 Vosey nt., u luediutn alzed ho.e leather trunk inarfci.d t<. Todd Ht Louie. Whoever vyill h a ? the aame at tie above place wl.l receive the reward, or proportion f'-r any iiilormahou ol it. dOA REWARD.-TORT, ON THE EVRNIMO OP THK l.4 h I net., tn be vicinity of Unhm park and ^U'ceuth eirt o u gold iiiiplcx watch white dial, goltl r ip. name Hyde A N>i>k, No. 2<d . The a<*o?e reward will oe paui, and ni que* tloi.H linked, by leaving naae at ss Water atrecu REWARD.?LOOT ON TURHDAY MOlfT, BP npi-.A/ lac en Broome atr??et and t^ie Preac-ott House, on lui advmy, a roll of hj d aome Koid, about Xi'Sl, pHneinally 8fi'*? on tie- W liiiHiiiMlMirg bank; al.m a porte inonnale, romatn ^ng tablet, iiriaaoi*, Ac. Apply to M M., 477 Broadway. dOA REWARD-I.OS1, IN uR NE HBROM>WaY, t <iv a plain KnaliKb gold wa'rh, white dial, marked Tay lor No 2.VS?li. The above reward Will be paid to the Under by <E C ALLEN 11 Wall aireet. Rfl 11 REWARD ? A BLaFK SETTER, WITH WHITE qp 1." f tipped iocs and t ul. white breaxt, a aniall white -.p u ?. ow Hm dm lb appaa aoea like a Maall NeirfbufM aid. ahoU' four \euiH old, called Leo with a c.aet>tee| cotlar round bin neck, with the owi er'? name titer ion; wan loai od the l<th in^ In south Brooklyn For bringing him back to 189 Pear! atreet, up e'&tm, New York, the above reward will be paid, or to auv peiaun who givei informatioo where this dog may he found J*r; REWARD-TAKEN FROM TIIF. COUMKR OK qpri t ourt and President Afreet*, Brooklyn, a black arid tan terrier doe, named Mack The above reward will be paid for him or any intortnation ae to hi* v hereabout*. Apply to Mr. McKcu/ie an above, or at ItKi Wall street. kf &RWARP. ?LOOT, OR WRDRS DAY APTfB / roon. In creasing t anal street from Morton'* a tore and West ihosdwHy. a p?*ir ol gold speciacle* much valued by the loeer u- a futxitly relic \Vh<>? ver return* the ubove ?o 38 Went TvvrhUi * tree i, will receive Uit* reward. AO RKWARD.-LUHT. AN MONDAY AFTERMOOM, A q, ? ) black morccco < (iud ineumrandum l?A"k ot no toe t<? anyone. 1 he above r? ward will be paid by returuiu.: the can <* io i6 t'heiry sin t. near Rixxvcveft. RKWAItD.? I.OsT, A WHITE SHELL BR V KI.V T, tn Broadway, Seventeenth street, Fifth aver ue or vV.i eric) plac e In the/Hie: noon or evening ot Suuday, Nof. ii I^?r if> recovery the above reward will be paid at N2 PDiversity &O0Y AMI* KOIf.tD. f \na HToi.K.V -STOLEN, FROM HO 97 IVKNGI 0 Jl " on I hui*?b,y iH.-t, h *uia 1 rough >???U:b tnrrler dog, ban Of * collar, wi?fi ihe and rfr-'den- e of Jit- owner, J. Ktiintt Hie thfai bad b?< or return bun Uni&adlanily, mud th?u HHtfc u visit Ui till" Ui%I)d. Df'fi I.OHT OR RTOLKN FROM 21 BOORMW PLAT K A Newfoundland dog, bla'k ?nrn,mi l bia*k ring /on 41 hie (Ail. i<> returning 1. m to 25 Ikeruiu. pU e. IhirtvthUd i rc? t, oppo-tfn the Blind A#> :?im, a auitaMn re *?e?f will be given Ai y i ? i>oq uaMn*, *%lddog, will Mi held ;nc ly lift hie for ro doing. L'( ?l' N I)?A N OH hit A <JLA<48. Wf? IC71I Till? OWNER r chq have by cabin*. on \V. 0. 11. 8h, 4') i>cy at, w ORT-CKBlIHOATK NO. 962, THIRD AVENUE UAlb I v* wdOo. in O. W. Jntitf, for 74 rhare*, dated July 27 ir.W Near rei tribute applied lor. LOhT-Al.L PKRS# $N* ARK CAUTION *D AG A19017 M'gotmUi g Mc/i) it nde by th?? Prtdeval** Iron Ounnauy, lotirmotih*. November 1, lor $t'4f9 d!l, payment of atrnr bar ftt.g brim mopped. llOn Aiil) I'ARIlOIJi. ]OrT-oN THK :'idH OOTOHKR, PhO K\k HLY IN W AI J nil i Hie.', i? o I'liiJ I'Vpimi mi' Iteeading linllrnn] ? ??ni pany (lMb-H*k) b' od-, N?? ih52 and *Y> ? t ?r i? i*>o . *? h A ri v?u d will be paid u? any one Mi/.gim, them t-? s IlK AD H)I I> Trtounirer of the company. atj.i South Fourth arret* I lor.d?? hive t>? en "topped at the fiiriptuj'* oil. nod iB pfitM?n*are e*u turned agaJnat tn?*? iutr or purchasing thnrn I 097?OW -i : >ANOTKIIHKR li I i BOi t li J LrookJyti an Krt'JUh grcji ootid nil Mark, with the ex 0 r'lMi of !?# chrvr and (ore pnw* wlibrb tr?? whl e. n **rd Will i V k' Wen U? ui> pe'f.U rt urn r g ttald dog to C W. f'nlui .v < IIP and 121 Na*a?i a ree\ New Vork 1 OST -ON Tl I>DAT KVKMMJ IN TICK B!XIH I j nvanu* car** or in W to" traM between Wev ?iri ni- IHn adwav - >wh aid', a gu| 1 brn e-et, valued ?? a g4ft, j The l.ndrr will ?? liberally rt-ward- d by roturiung d to J?i6 nabtngton aire# *. 1(?hT?A Rl NDLK OK ItoOKS, WHlLK fRnH^XO JU? b??ti*h ferry. N v 12 Whoever wu re'urn them hi J K URI'H aV,4^ Hr< iiih' Hrrrrt, ?n*il n . .nrraiiy rewanlad. It'S'l ? A <ll'>KN\Vi I! hA VJ BaNK H<>OK. 'JO J Ing fr'-rn I li ?v Up fohav Anyonet; t?ng If wdl p.eae* 1' ' l . VN h ?' Mi-t Afcii in fin; j U'li i 1' M i w him to ?ii) one but t'a oarn? r IOKT--KKTW fKN UNION HILL \9fD NEW lORK j i uy. vtrnl ? *-ru'bm and papeie I rlong ng to tU ? rtbe Mil i>i the Ci') and ?< ?.u'y of New Vork. A liberal r ward mil be pi:d lor i).? r re overy. Apply at dmSherul * ??{ll ??*, >o.U 11 y liali.l'atk. VA M. I.MiANKK ]iiST?i?N HRIiNKMiAY KVKN'fNG. THK 14th IV T a in firmod f*tr. t a gold ink t-raeeirt. If retiimed ui 'SSI f?'at d e?re#'t, the finder will I e ^'iflably rewnr led. J "M A KIIIPRINH RtCKIPT BOOK. TIf;: KfVOKK law r."Uf h ui .4i. < rewar?i by tearing it at BBtliGrS, BENNKT! A ffi'H, No. I2*? Frofi' street. I ">1 A RANK IRinK ON THK RoWKRY PAVCNtlH I j H i k Wi oevi r w II re urn 'br -arne wlil be iber.4 ly re w /ded b\ leaving the ???,? at No. In) Ik/wery, to t'AI HA itiNi <???r?f?M Kh. I "NT A I'fM'KKT liOf'K rONTAfNINO A ViilKfiK la ti.M I f it in "ini.c from the Ora^re depot or 'he Market "ireei depot, Newirk. anyone fi* ding the iarn?? wlD Hw m* di eetam uBtoK P. JA' k.-UN. Newer* N. d, YB r A i' ?t L"ST ?ON HI ND AY BY K NINO IN TWRStr if n.r 11. "trvi-t f+m.i-f Konrth and I ''tb in m ? *, a .ad ? rokl wati-b with u frauriiient of nhatu att#? tied. Tie iUuier wijj . n i?b!y n war let, by returfiin* t u??A Rapa!.et"o K*m Tw rn y tJiriUi afr? e ?,r u Wail atree*. AtfT- U -7 I ' ST. A OfiLO LKPINK WtR'H with Uthi u : \ aultat'le rewarl wdl be given U> o ever wdl bring it ;o 'heowner, a' Ha VIVat Twenty f.rn w HORNi B, t AHKlAUFS At. T Ta ? ??" MM AT RKIM ' Kit PHI?' )V T t i . ? ? ? ? : ? ? * aw ?.?, . x . t,. j ? .,p ?af I ??? OOP ar.d Wit.on*: aJ-?\ 4#?e?'d haul e.,ar'ies ?f... rig Ml- w. . light d -euir'a |di ?? n. MAlOR TliOMP hi . ,i I'm, Up V ? ?er "tree near < ', L ' !?' II H ' 1'RH 'MM KI.VK I *ROV: RAY * toru*. of "lit ifi l,md* i gh. I ind and ge&Uo I * m< ! th ia ? ?a; ?? tn?'"M,er Ijm !.<? uw for htm Apply a' ' l*r> ' lifwry etfctde. S ntb reet, be' w**en feen?d and Tfetrd avail4<nr. I. 0B NALlt?TO PAT AllVANt RH. TUPKK HOBflRH AND r w . ? j.r. vi. -' n* . vi s .r ?! \r% .in ?f. ' x? t one gray lorw, I far'O Mgh. rubab e frr ? do / r or ra^m n aorf ne 1horee u bunda high ourvl if.d kind in a -ale or d . ihi? bafneea, warranted Apply, If jrwi tn? a r*arga n, to BcLaFFHaY ?v W thi KRH, a i uoneeti, d? t atherioe *u ft HAL? A Vol *0 HTYLI8H P??NYflOIl K W\K " rallied, gentle and "OnrgJ, and a light tragon, pbitwd uar rieea. whlj Ae cr>tnj 1 *??>? Vid.l be tu -d very low for wanted uae Apply a( 101 I mane alreet FaoB M - ' I F H \ Y Af * if'S'D AND khDd. ah?o a har1a? nr wag?ni on y -eeTi tiae.l a lew ttflaae, and a tine m* of pLatiid h^n. ?M wtth m*t, whip, Ar.j ti a (Mhndaorii" I'lrrio '. 'Oat over $4**1, and will lo- void f? 1211 Apply to Br Boblnaoo, rorcwr of Harrow and Rad ford ireeu. IiV)B 8ALE-A GRAY HOB8K, 81X7FEN HAND# HIGH. I? ?lx ;wim * Ut, <>r a bay '.Reen a d /? half hand* hign. etght veara oid, ettfee- of'hem rwi trot a ml e la hre^? mlnutwa. aod l ofli w rraMed anond and kind in a.) h*rne*e and va?b1>. <?a? of tbotn will ? e void. Apply Uj A. LAL'DKR. -541 lAouth wreet, frotii 12 to 1 P M. 1t"K HALE-ONK SORREL MARK 8IXTEKN 1IAND8 high, wurwl kind and gentle and very wyilah driver wmiid enR a doctor or ? ipreacman, warranseid to VOt a mbe in th'e# minute# ar d a hail. ALo. ana bla< khrir?e ? ?uld mut i <*ar man or anr heavy work uti veaM o d. warranted wuind and ?? **o I ft ??'ii ' ?? ? v ? w. ? y -. n tern and a hah hand" high Wi year# old, and e?n irtr* Um II.e> ran i?t ?eei, %? M'4'affray a livery *ta le, ^orx*er of \4ti phi vtreet and Fwl'on arenu# F'TiR half?a'"light" a ND HAN Fm?NK Rf h'K AWAY earnage, with pops and aba'a. for one or two le?r*e*. i* tn f5rv? rate t rder a/.d wiit 1 e nod f?wr one half iti wp?i ffl65) 'Nuri la aeen ai ",2 I'eade gnat. WNM or If# I 81 A RK HKRI BY N"TfKM l? TH AT I T' t'T bAr*e lin'men' n pth' V) * ? )? t f.i.d "ttnifkr to any trber, U*r the rur* of ?v? i ?'?e Wi'j 'IHviiIII) ? mUmmHvr*?t (prnrllPivm tlf rate# can he *e.en at Lm ofippB, Cl hli I! KlI'T'MIURV 4' lAit Of ORDW M . (r^ RAMGH AT AUCTfm*. ALBKKT a. NI.XJI.aY, AUCiluNHKK. WII.I, *BIA Otlndajr Nov I.Vh *t U" , o'olor,. H lt? K? otm.lV K? ct.kHCB, tor Mconut ol whom |i ai.jr mor-rn J ? f;> 009 (.*lro* ?tid ? hu ?tn I oton tUuro.d 1.1 Hon Hunt i t>n cool Huixl. ?l,W0 i'Wh $;? tjou Hortmni K.??r l?i Mm#**.-7 pnr i out KoihIo . ... fl.UOOrtrl. Sltl.UUO Mu l.^tu Mttilbtri. .J*. kwu llrauM) (toil n?d7 I'l rcot houd? fl.WM w* t-t ljoo Mm ,? 'It IIlid t ilo lui Ml l.?llri?.d korl^niix 7 per Celt (1 oou e.p-li Mffo * If tit/1 Totrxl"> IItell* notn?*r rent l>ivl Hrort ItooiU . .?;**? of Homl. OHIO, f3*>. fum .ad li 97.4t < irvrieoij nod 'loledo K.iiron.l 7 orr I.OIld. ItOIHlr knot tl.d t.'&O (mm). fx,(Urn lluooi. I n ril liniiriwd 7 per cent tV?u ?trnritoo hand* to"M e?ub WOhOoelol on (HiO 7 I>er MUk Mortg *g* Bond. y# MharcM r evel*nd and Toledo*d 16 ' eu'Hi 44) do N'oi h Klvtf tWVAMi UMOpiOJ .t i l. 40 do h xce mUh Fire Imurwuc# i>omp tuy .. 00 eaoh .MO do bu?f River Bank ... ftbemh *20 do \\?Uh, Fargo A '? K&{ir?HM Be' 691 do lUiiipMhlrc t<<>alAlr"U' ^(hypothecated) lOOeiob 10141 t o I'tifthMtf h ree Stone 4 J unpany * 6 enoh 000 do Hardi-or t.o d Mining t 'lnpauy beich Term* ot sale?Ten per i??nt 'hi* day, and the balance before tau o't iock to mor t ow The accrued inter?** ou oil the oondw til t ? charged to the purchaser. Next regular aale on Hon

day. No< iv. ADOtlOU NUTVOI -MAONXfldKI haI.k of \s etitlrt invoice of ?? run sea, Berlin ir??o wra*e, bronzi and orn olu clocks, tig una, v.ih*..vo., .to I'arian grouou figure*, jtwcl and dreeing caeea aid a large in.nice of uie t)|iM> <|UmH'V of Oiler plated -are. 'Aiicy good* Ac .to.; being the m< olid-alt ni l\ e hi i W Aifl) ft' :II rl^CK will hoi J a* audi ion on Thurmhn and Friday Nov lA h and ldili, nt li)t2 o'? l?ck a I. day,at bin . hioh rmi-n, No hi W ?.!? reoi, bro >.v?h ii a^nttironi fi'tuj H firuiON, phonl,- bun'or-t, ?v irrtora, NiilfiHti autor cMrrierH ac., Ac. ,c.ikI receivem, ?? iiid'twiirkv, ? Hi?t e nt rH>. ud> reoe vo *, nruat st?iud-,Ae t< ; al*u :ant brntire and oriuo'u clo? ltH of dn laioai I'arla a*yl??; Berlin tiiill KjdwuHd larye KfOMji*<vl' tne Indim .in\a/ m *ht-oK??rd an<< di v burner and j an bt.r, huutorfi repowUxv, ao., Ac.; olwr pin'id v, ir? rlchlv inonn fd ?? i^iora <?-a beUlot*. t*h ?? ;??? t ble iliabCH rake I avfcrtH. watli rn of all ?-ard ba^keio, ?? nr. h'Miiiin eaiiH. lorka ipivutw, Ac ; V'arian >up?vt? hill lan/ 'b ~i ??tijeiloH ni llnebul. * lib ebado and Htinda. rro'ipw i lU'l'MN. brtik'M, .ft* H re mi H loUibeill, A . la OV III ? r'? N, t.f.liieai* v??*.#? , orniolu a?i| Jr joa al na-'ko a ?*?' vvi ii caii?i <?-, Udto1 elegant jo ?i l h'ah 1m d ?* .hi? ? ^ am.-a. ?? ?? on bcxi'N, papier mat he aork botoa furoiahtai and uninraia iod, do derk , rol??re<l and olber Uney boUies, w rob m?."*'?da, ;lov r boxei, Ibjiior eaeea. wdh a arpe ?ih?orrrnenf ol minor arnobM. 1 b< aini\ o ?3ivialogiia baa bean m-Uk- ??d 'vnb pruat care 4.?rn?* ol the p?M>d- liavinc ;?i f ???? n reerlve I from Knrope, and never bel'ore opened Safe poa live for piimU. i'nreb.iaora an have their K'mmIk peeked at a aiuaii expeuae. AUtniON NALIto ?WILLIAM II FRANKLIN ANON will re Midi, on tlondiai. V?v. I, at 12 ??'n lock, ac Uie Mer utmno' Ktidiiu p?. a v duable tarrn near Fort Ktrbmond. KD i via lid. die foriner pmcha^r not imvlim r implied Willi U?e lemtHOt ^aio eouUiidur arret, k'xiui 1niUe-ifrom I'ort Richmond ferrv, on the earner at the kichnioitd alAKe r?? id, near 1> U. \.?ohar.>u'ft atore, vnd lijipu-Ue the. %i inn ot VVi?c land I VHeri and I M irhti Tbla proper.y la eligibly ultn lUvl for i nudinR or iartntnx Innug In ti?e ionncditW viouilty oI ehurc bea and Kchiai m. i here 1m a mnail qnamity of youutf wood on part ot the ground, the balance h ning til lab ki land. Iltere are uo biiiidiiiffM on Uie pretuia4?a llm ferry boata for Fori JKirtiniond leavo New York mIi Uvuom a day. A map of the property may l e neeti at die ofliee of the auctioneera, No. .'> Br?>iid rt-reet. Auction notion i- 0 booos AoorioimR will Mill hue bom*?boid furniture and deooraUona thin ( J hiijvdiu ) inornitw, at It)1 ^ o'elurk, at 79 Warren att'BOl, near ho liege place?-a moai cupero ahw?rttneul of boero-ewit-Mj and mahogany parlor and b?fdrot>rA lurniuirr.? liamber Mull Ac , aU-o, a ouaolliv ?d damaged good*, from tbaateatn^r S? baMiopol, atich hm mBIui, ribbona, blanket*, tlarmeiH de lulnoM, Klngbairuh clutba, Hlat^U, Ac. 1 be eoutonta ol the hoiow*-do par.ore?Two cotni leu* Muita of r<??ewrMKl ptrior furniture, covering, Freocn Matin dama*k utul Freach br<M*a(el; ro*? a mmI, Italian. Kgyptlan and inlaid marble top tabbf, of the bite ?t> 1**m of eewtie. aota, fide and utherH; alan, elegant pa{iler mil' beitiid other fane\ do ."rnaaMlvc roiewood ??> llridrloal aeiinn bookcaM*, rorewtaxi f re neb inlaid cabinet; carved plate frotti otegere; very encellont roeewooi planoior'e, aeven octave beaut If uily flniMbed, nearly new and coat a number of oil paiiitliigM' com Iftifig ot mat ito* vIowm. gainr. fruit and battle pleeer,* landscape* oy eminent American and foreign ar'tnte, A>tiili<M'er, royal velvet and Ihucua-bi carperlrig, Ingrain do ; hImo. a Urge and varied collection of elegant mantel and corner dfrotatinfiM, aatevrea. xaecit, carotin, purtan and bUnie repre Memationn. all of the fin en t French tninufaetum; marble atatu ary, hcmiMiul lace curlalna and Hfuid.--, ?? log ant olor and uvai glM-nen. with marble '?lab*, and gilt braekela and; /an chandellim. The chambers a^e lumlabed wiUi costly Fn'ttcb roeewood and rniihog.iny be<lMteada. marble top dr?*aHing hu reaun. de itm?ur a glace, uanbMtaiida. ctiMirn, taolen, wifan, leu* a ?e ? e, mirror*, hair mattrennen, MwmelJIen c.iiiotcrpauon, cl'K'ka, Ac.; dining room ex'enMlon tablen, earved, grea' va rtciy erf eilver e ?t ", Including U*a nervlC'**, eaatera. A^ ; china bake?*, cut viUmm ware cut docantern, iKjuor <vihi?m, et< gauMv decorated china dinner acta, cut goblctn, wltwa, Ac. Am ION HALF. ?Fi: BS, FIBS Fl BS^IOIIN I KI'HhKl.L, Auc looeer?Thb morning frhuraday), at KB, 0 ciock Ha V, HUbNKLL A OO. will nell at oft Naaaau atreot, a Urgf? bivolcoof Hiij erior manufactured furn from one of ti?e fir*f MirrdnditnentM in the cm, die proprle'ora ot w'h'ch are leaving the hu? inen*. comprUing real atone marten, Hunaian Mjuirrel and fitch, ermine, aable tnmx, Ac . Ac. FulJ partlcu iar/. will he found In 'he catalogue*. \ i TI'TTLF, ArrtlONFFR, OFflOR 94 BR')kD J\ ? wny.?I*erenii>'ory nle ot tanliionrihle first claM/urnl tij'? it ? U*j Broadway, bein g die baUrc c of it lock of tJ. J. S' hmii', i>u , to oc moW wiUamt anv rcnerratUm. A. i! Tut 1 ? will m, II on I bttrNdat, 1Mb at Iu1 ^ ?#Vli?ck a* U*?* exn nalre veareiraiinn of If. .1 Sclmt ft, f lu .Ve? Broadw ?v, ail ihe re. muiiidor ot hl* mock of Mjpcrlor furniture, -tniirig in pirt iC ro-? v. <wd parlor anlte cum re and ei'enmon tabtea, *?k cum , aide board h, etegere* 'i-crUoiren, library, dining room u?d c aud er tundture ot the nuet coatl y tnauufac.mro, be wfoc bah i g of hi" ow n make, in the treat at vie c workm mablp ai i nniterlala. Will he ai> d to the hUbeat balder wdiam' r<- fard to coat, to r one the hoameaa Twnne?-under $Jk). c?ab o or J 5*1 at.d under tMrt), ninety dava over four roon'V ap I roved endured notea. t'a aionw on the morning o?*. a I 'Ti?)N N'ltTH'K.?A M fRlHTALAR ^I'lTlON'KKR. ^ bla d ' i I'll i ? i !'., a' lli'j o'rlo. k a No *s'.{ Ilottati n mre i ih? HU* k and fixture* o! a gro^-ry and liquor a'ore. cot).d*Ung Of gri^'crtea, liquorM. t'-a-, auger?-of fptce>, coun'*ra Ht?elvliig, Ac., u>geUt?*r wuli a dUaniity ot uouMehoid furniture. A LT'ilO.V NOT ICR?J BO'J ART, At'TIONKFR BV J\ h Bo ol, Monday llhb, al 11 o'clock, ai 25 Itowery. Hurt l uge rale?Horn* a, carriag"**, haroeae, to thirteen bor e*, 'w com l,i . three rwkawuv * a;rona, five Ugh 'opwau>fj?. three light wagoriM. twelve aeta barneaa. blaiik"U. haltera, fly iwts, whip". Ac Ac. t.H \ KI.KH W h IUJUKH, Attorney f.?r Mongace. VtTTIOW RAI.K UK M ANTKf J* ? PftTKft PaKKH Af*<* tkNHMf. 4)ATaQK A I'A KKf all ??' 1 Ih I'htir-H 1,1 v. No* Ift. ai M?*a o'clock, ft' tbr marbl# work* In ihtrtf four'Ji airr? , ltnfp?i-n l#iifi|lo/ And l bird avenue*, mi rriurwAio'k of mTb'e mailt#! jd?r# <?( every r. <?l and rann'%. '?mnprln rig I'aiiKi and Amrrl'sn ws'ijitv. oUirt Italian. Kjftp'iari vArje :ated aiul c*h#r marblr*. all ftnMhrd m n n.fmi ??f H#w rirbly ?-*r?#d. Also, lb# ma'dunrry, ramjprtathg rubbing bad, pohati 11 ? brd*. Ar . alto Ionat the pn-iiil?t**? for dip**c vear' The f iimtoif wi I br ""Id by ra'a'og'ie. in in a U ?nil ptvruh vser* 'I or in ??'. ?a!#? AI1 Mima under ?!<*) < nth over fluo hal; c*?b Mf d ih? iMuinrr at .?? ria.>* tin appiotad end'" *#d nobot Tli rale I ouirf potry /*' per ?*?nt caili depo?tt wlil be. re quired Irani wry vnriitwr Fur f?i tbar par toulara, Apply to tlii' inn ilone* r, !i!4 H road way, Outhtr A H I Job HAl.K UF IIORHK\ AT WK-T Point. M Y ?Ab< ti* taenfy I'Mird Htatesbor-.?e a|ij he *ofd, %t ptiblle atf'on, at Wet' I'uint, N Y., on Friday, ibc I'lth Inst at ) oVltek P M rerun 'ad. if. A OliJ.MoH !, Lieutenant of Kuglo r?, A. A ^ M 4 I'lTlO.V WOTK'K.?J. Ii? ?U \HT, AL'LTIOMKKR. MY /V ht? *f III- . at I ,1 * K'l'iMr, I M(I fiv M.crlfT* Mir?l-ot ?f Km !.-b floor o*l< oth b<? i-? toi I furniture, rual.'Hii., y loot*/??*, tnal.o an . -prtng *#*t r tair*. b-1 ? end*. wr*,!len hlai k?" , kinking gla??ra, carpet*, eberr* la ? 1#!" . lot of ?U? ?titer*.gleand ii? - clock- .*<< i ,o ig unr, dry gu<d?. I a .dkcr- aiii?|T?d? ra, b it'oii-. ? ir a 1, and a v*rV? y of usher arlP ir . \ \ nib.V Nl/TI* V -TiloM AH Ml.!,, M't'.riOVFKR ? )(> Hi 1.1,4 Kl II. 'hi. d?y, at ll>K I?l.?lrt In (hi, <uUm o<?rii*, I? >orb Wli f?tr?c wiu t"' "ti?l *br ..tU ? ? k of a tarcv Mid a'abonert Morf?. pen 1m, pen*, wafer ?u en , faint*, al'-iio.a, drck*. WfttiOK ?? e cmr*. di?-rt rbr? ker board>? U'"' Ac ; . *rlr\. |i!*tr.l wurr a fal?|abl? i o.d Jeter ** ' a'd ' haln; a!-o fnm|iam, pteuo fo? to, *o int liob e?Jr k<- loukinf giAWK4 - Mirntf ftljridOtf- .* ? Af AWrUM MQtU K ? w a. uartkb, AUOTlOflCRI. tUIJarJJ tbbi day. fT?>ur?*JAy) al Mo'cloHK, ?iw ar ? j-Huf rrnnd. At No an iirrr,iol',b a'reot a fro** r\ ?%, k o% i?t i.K of atiirar, JatA*tid !(!? rolfro, aoap r*od!#? ?tl? A< t' 4 I i TIU.V >*OTI? ??-?? AMI Kl. V. li A ftTOf, AfCflOn ?'\ re I Will" la N< la t'earlaueri, near fVrk-ip.'ht^ ?l *v at l<'>, o ? o k. *inr, fcln, ? randy. ?' "?*?. t ur>> ri'.aitorin m &U laaara ?? ?rtod l??j?i??rntloa, orookary, %c. Hair poal r. r. / 10KNTaFLR98 HAKK II TJBtCT If IfJKDftY Iti " rut. -ii* to rt?r dlr?*'-#? 1, l will rip? lor ?*:?? *' f?u v cod or, * i \o I**# t fioii - rr ?t, o?? rridAf, N"V'*m rr lb a* II o'< r' 4 M. lit r ???rrrl lr rar, on# frocrr'i wmgntt; or e bAJ bofe, onr Jtfht anjfon, A? ,i? .1 A Van HOKKKLKJf, <v>n iaV- b Ward. W ~ 0 1 NAHM. At '"IIUNKKK. HluRi: HP fll?W\T ? ? -fc? ttl a a# e ot triiirof ., plrr jji * A 4 -, on i burnU/. Nov 16, 1*A6. at lb A. M , at No. .:ld liroad tAy, *?m ."?'if j; Of tf rrotnaiPri n.iir??r*. | ier *f .* >??* t. ?? a- ui Ac., Ac Alio, MiiriA'bty, At |b A M . nr? aaco int of whitiu it no y wnfffn and to p . , rtpAnara, a larjrr io / Av i ?r I I WA' r< ? ?if , i ,ii l #? j?? . ?,? 4 . lie* a. * Alt awl 'UfAf iM'Oonia, ipwtn ???>, la I II. . a ?I S > ir t rdt'fk- e.JJf kibvra. A' . ? o, a ar e ??4?r ?? - . * hv uiafinr tfroe p)#? m, fnartet t fbrw ao ; r/J k*f kin# #!*? ?> c. ' ki, por able l??rg#, iron' .? v', A , u LM t.KNK I- KKANKMN, Al i'TIuN .rM ilY I' 1 NK u I.I n A N, i H'fl H at timir aai#* r<*"n TI f??4f John, tb.a *?a> , Nor. Ifitb. N?fi <H+uto$ a k i * 'oifi-.rn.jr oi * g? ,.erai af*a"rt/n?fOt of ri o i % r, ma -o. t rdi ?? b ?At ir, r?.tal JtawAti cnudn#, c an ", if rr', o ? ? ore inarlri ar ?, t a ,??' . it? ,k tpj ? < p?- e- ?? t ? 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Ar?d furnit ,fa f??r pari '^d bails, d*nlngro"m*. dbraftfla, Ar The i ?? mm tk f?rd ?tocb feMSt l a r.fw A tmmadMlb*ty. iBrl U#?*e in w%. ? ftirnilnrr wlJJ do wall to a ?#r?d 'hi- ?ai# Furciusaars from ?ba i? o?<ry ran bit<K*tr grk^t* packed bnppad Ar IfXWTTOBH MALIC <>F RKAl. F^Tkir IV NKWAKI J N J. Will b? *r*u! by P'lf i?r ? . r ft H No oatiif 1/Pb tn?* on IV pran^w Wrrtad nirmw at 1 O'rkcll P II., Um 'niiowvnc prr?p#r y Saiorwftiig w> r|*e 'it Robm MeKansl# 4#e#?aed the h- n?r and ?<aA#ry 1A1 H-uaA Fff #1 kit 22tW ft at Alao lot Wo. T K toady s'ra# 2f.?lll f#e t m# Ka4f of the purchaer rtymav ' %o remain on bOWl *od ?ramcaga. JtNf> H U A Y, L'LIAH COMER. ArKTfOWFEE?Wirj RKU. Till! fi Ttsmiaf Mtntfi/ at WkV<rr|.|ii l?e fo r. r# " . ?artal H IbolvAA S"" booae bo 14 twarsvai iC/eet. n?Ar tfWl Pow#ry, AAMlMMfl at (tM^-ab, ?a CArpe <** ?a e? ?oul.f'A^ chair. o(i r4o'b. ardaa. rjHtWry > ir ia k.'vbm ? >r,f iia rroMwry, giaerware Ar . P L^AWV AT ArfTlOW ?TO WR M?I.O At PCElJt kt ' I ikosi mi tb? ahb ?f Itib aoniii. bo* ? i*/a ?# -?e prmwt t} a SAinablA farm rcanlly ownad *?? *ba * If*- *h # tfl d#e?ar#d ?it ?a'#d i? iff ta*n of Wa* ' a O r y b T ad/ ? ng T>>la r And naAr . ka ? frV fmtn Pf nr? W? lM#r P ? ?a, '-fa . r* -? fmaa a and a*gb' ' ?n 'he }*ft#r ? ar a bad farm *?? dawt . * I attm <A mtrm r trwliwiA kw?d }? aamal a ? f o fa .ert df?trak y nw ? wd a* w ae-g*,' ? ? V- ! r* * * V *??#? ? mrl* sabamis dail* mall 4' a w*1 f ad ? et Htu?-r ?sa* *ALJB* AT At'OnOfl. |/X'iKN^IVK MANt'l A(^TUKIMU I'ROI'KKI V AT PUB ! %JJ. **,e- -mil h**o<d at pttMlc auction, at the Kicking?. | ^ tbeelly if R*'ftniore 00 ktotid*) December \ |nAft, at oar I ?< k F M , (but rummy? mm! valuable j. 0 ??rt* kimwn a* tlir 1? '!l ?*4>- w*t#ir privilege? ?n4 irnprov eaten; of the Pa?u? i cm l>\ b?n F actor*, moved in the viligc nt t?aur?t, prlorp 0c? rireV ?OunD, WihUi,j. larti'v iwu m Uw. inm, iui?mn?re ?notighb o tiom Washington The main fa-tory bulldog, roMalm?g'%,./^,,, rplhdl??, was dealro? ed by fJn. lu 1 he reyimmvv property roroprpe* about one hundred ?*?re* it* fi?lv? 01 inrid whli <?e eiteii-fve era'er power of the lit* lulu 1c.1t rlvrr, *Unrd?*g a large and fob supply. The (Uitt in a in iwie* stone strurivire. ZJ'J feet wide, wf b 2? f**-i fall, built in the ?uUUntlof manner. at an e*j>ei-r <u $|*.IKJU, In bvftd fci ? Pm-ewity 1e h& fa't Ifi length The f"Mitels'Ion* '?f U?e main factory ?i?d picker house ore uninjured, the former of ?lotto, IWi Itri by <i). ??tli pi? r(lr two large overMed wheels. 'lite rutin* W nil tit Itirttinh about ? million of good brick* towards re ootmtru< don The adjacent littU ting* ?re ? brink and *Um? gr?*? H.ii', wuh two po*e b"rr?, end ? brick cotton ho 11*1*, metal dooi* and rooftt jr wkh a'nrse? (or *Jk? barrels. Thorn are on the premise* a brick ?torch ous? foitr ?ami? and thirteen to tok dwelling hnutcn ?(mta<ofc?K gwnorally tour leti"meuU ?neb 01 suhriantinl ? Imnarier ?i.4 in good repair; thro?frani? at il fdi h>g hoi)**-* The p*?*?mc am ni'a house i* of ?toue, a?4 Mends ep*r< The grnm.u* ?round ti, ?boot four and a boil ?ricr. ?re tunefully iawl out and Improved. It would by tUelf form a beautiful .ouniry realdcrM e for ? pr1v?> gentleman. I be Ml nation ?l ibis property.lying about half ?mile from the III* Jin ion* ?ltd Mash 1ft* 1011 Itadroad with a broad rwd )p?ulii|i to the mill is peculiarly tilted b?r mmif Krtormg pHipo e* liter* le lf? We vftbiKe an ftteristv? n?? Hirie for conal/lit ttbii ail kind* of notion io*d w??o ten riaeduncrf end emple dwcllinifa In ?ddltimi in the ?b<?ve Air op?r?ior cmplo>f*?l 1 he bcallinnma of the place la unaurpaMH..a | he lei ma of aale ? ill be one third c?ah. ibe balance In ?sp?ai pH/ lucnt; at itfje iwo ?ltd tluae *??ra wttb Inu ieal pay ?loe m u?t at nun'ty f'ai* li-arfn^ Haitltnnre and W tahln^tim s, h in ri.b.^, -ii.d hioppliu; ?1 iw nrt l f aeUiry at?U<Hi cnaneper son? to vt-4 the plm-ti ?ml return the name ?lav for fiirlii?*r Inim mA'iMt apply on theprcmi^a 10 Hubert /*!!-?i>i?, ?neiit, ??r In I ?ititiitire, to (IKO. IVTlr PAN Y, Treasurer J'atuicut lima pany. /1KOK0K IflOf AtMTloM.l'H prRVITrftK Mtlt \l r?r . pa n InijH, \v ?I auction, on Krl4?y, Nor. Ik. a 10^y uVIo k ?? II? Na**f?ii aina ?. ?ear Heekrnan ein I rnrliiK parlor RU IN, ctmrnlar do JUo?ry and wt'n-uiiv biKikojiHis ?ar? rot?CH, aid ?f?oaid?, ateunr??, ?orbe* alAodi, 1 1 <<k-i?|Ht? reti re labb a-?ta and eaie do . bin nam, wash at id?. foals ead?- palliasa*'?, mat ires ?tn bola'er. ? nd plllo era. Ma kers cti?lm loiiiiK' s. rxicn-ixo diwmt Uble- , de k*. table eullery, *?-??? iflu-s ? are, \r * '?la'iarne- on fii'triilnr ot' * tit. Iloun# m.d stopping,' ?I umix! eharrfea. TktiHliK CX>OK ?OKMTKKL IIOP-K I I (uiid furniture, plannfur e ri< h French p'a'e pier (flaai'w. loinorioe (I biirsdjiy 1, ?I lUfa o'olnrtl, ?t lio'lae P?o AT1# VeatTwetds ah b stri ct 'vr -en Itlxtii ? nd Sev?n! .?trer?tl?a? SYI-VK>'IKH HiuVKlt A 0? will ><'il ?a above the entire j tiirniiure of a family relltiqtit-hlim hmia' keep In?, couM.aim* j in pari ??i au?,crlor ro*rw?*Hi i?iauo'orte, nvada by M?a?ra K w more, la In perh ri order, h?vhtu neen ?t? I ti?t a(>' # tu'iuLka. tw eli raid r.iwew'Hal parlor aid's In Kr?-??cb br s atel; r?a?? i v end cb'K'ortr-, wi'h mirror front* and !<e? k tn?rh e ton c?i? 1 tre, aide ?lidanta U?l lea. r?rd laoles, M|?i?<n<bd r?M>w ss] aenr? tiilm b? oktace, rich Kroneh plate tuer ??*??? ? with m%r'd? hlab and > racket , fine oil painting*, beautiful lace cur'alne, French shade- and tUnr< h mantel cork, dec.ora'ed ctbna ; va-ea, nuuitel irnaiiienie, tnpeatr?. *? l\et, U.ree piv an t In j grain arpMii, *b?ir carpet?, ball olfcbitb, il mil) k* room 'urnl 1 tuie, ex'ension dtulng t?t?le. efuPm, nofa, a m el??| n, elegant gold ftaiid dinner aet, I**? and collee m '?, silver ptate<l waeo, table cutlery, gUta* and cr ?ekery ware, chaml>er furniture, roaew ol and mahogany l??M|si#-ad*. marble lop hureaua and waahslaiirtr, coniflu?de-, lou ig? H r<s ker-, ?rri? ihalrn. spring -eat aid cottage chairs, ihtrui lotle' set, superior hair ?ia> ireesea, paillasses, feaUier boln, b<*ddbig. A* No poatpnn* no-rit on ?'conn. (? the wtadiei A cash dflfxnilt re?pilf e?t of ??verj p?-chaser. /d <j 1KIRTON, All* TIONFUU THIH DAY. AT TWO AJT. o'clock, at l.'lhtiUi avenue, furniture and lot of fancy banket*, vosslen frame and 1 aker'sPMurea tasiks. bed* horm*, wagon and hii/nt'*H, one spring cart harm**, catunedusker'* work bench. GROCKftIK-4, DH ANDY, IDKFFK <H|tT nTF'RH, MAUD ware?On F riday. Nov. lb, at 10)? o'clock, al&Tlbyy sired corner Oreenwli b, teas, cortc? sugar*, raUfna, fboco lale. prunes, olivet, orange wub r, pork, ttaui", herrings, *e gar*, fobacro, tmwarr, killvca and tork*. India rubber eoau, sluri collars, c!o< ks, also, 4 ?lgh h cask - itnd 2 tpitrtercasks brandy. W. A. OaRTHR, AU'tionerr. (T (J HORTON A CO , ArOTIONFKBH AVD HOMMIH J . stun rne'ctmrits, *ala*n?otii t*4 \ 4?l*r *lr??ei, miar llroad wa>, ri Hpe< tiiiily solicit consigunieuU, such as furniture fancy gn*4*. Jewelry, gttieariea, Ac hales sfitied proiiipliy on the ?lav ot aale. t'aeh advance* when required. HariTwakk? AtJcrrioN notktb-joiiw f: van A M Wr 111' "Will sell this dev. a' 1(1 o'clock, at 'Jin Pearl slice', Ul*j pa< ksgi * and lots asuor'ed hardware cutlery, <ier ri.Mii gcsids. Ac , forming n destratde assortment, for particu iaiMuf wludi see catalogues, which arc now ieady. nKNHY It. IIKIlTfl. JR.. At (TIDNKKIt. - AH slgnre's sale Ot cbol-e gro^utrle*, wines 1e?u, Ac oy Ihuisdav and Friday Nov 1A and lb, at iiJ1. o'rbiek e *ch dsy, at the salesi00m No. ftlj Pine street. -HhAkY II IIKHTs, Jr., wtJI sell at sue ion a- nbov e, lite entire baiann? oi sirs k re moved for convenience of sale, by order id the assgfucet, from the store No "It* Hr aiw iy. comprising In part choue tea*, gunpowdi r young by mm , liiif-ertal, oolong, sou-houg, A?* , c*It*? whPe. brown, crushed sugars, In ???fr??ls ?rid ttalf h?r n I*. (lour, eheese, bu'ter s*-ap, slar di. caudles, figs, raisins, splec pi< klf*. *?ue?-s Mint U'g ale, (saidon i-or'er, elioww brand-0< <'h*inil"igne, fine btandle , gins ln?h LinJ fOygcb whiskey, por' sherry , madeira twvck, e|aret and o*her wlues% ? hew ta' and slic king toba<so, tins llava t* ? gars, Kardiona, unrbnvlv'??. nweoi ot!, enrdlals, Ikpietini, white, brown aud oa* tile cotp, Ai It ma s?*n. Hi SKY J LKKDH, Airt'TIONFT H ?AHHlONFiK'll HAMC of F ins -llKMiY i l.KKbH A it) wni m?II by au ib-li, lo tnortow F'ri?l?y)ai| 1 , ?? e'oek 'In* ok oi a furrier, b> order ol Oliver ()o|d*rr>idt, a-slgn?* ?? 1 - mg ? ?t ? gone rai nsrorunetit of inuun a ? tnar'cu, flitch -too? ijur en and ('anad? mtfik ; cape* ?t? pru pelleriios^ g*nni collar*. uidlTs, Ac., Ac, him*, wolt, genat and t?ti!lxl'? rap* and sleigo < t'cx. rl' Lly tin* d arid Irimo e t. 1 be a'ove st/s-k Was nil tifsctur* d for cue'otii 'ra le and w 1 p? -?tvsiy t.?? ?> 1 t#y order M ib* ?*???? I'nrrbs-cis ran r* .fitly *at1 f <bctn sel\* s ihat there will be no reserve ou U?e g's,?u wluievcr, by emending early. Cataioguf ? on day of sale HKNRYII LKKDn a DO . AU<*Tl?iNKKKd URN BY H. l.F.KDH AH (? , will aelt Av?- horae* and earrtag#*, on i litir>dK> Novee brr |A, at 12 o'ci<> k, l.i front of shir*. I'i If a* mi * 1 at/ret a pair of bav hot *e - at ? t tr?(, hand* high. lr?ng 'ail* nil years old ?'v!t-h warranted sound and kind in a'l re lo-cts sold?.11 ) 1??rwatitof ttv?* vl???altghl, two s?<?' fir rt*f[e, ?Idfting top, In good order, n,?ie by l-awr? . .- nearly r.t'W. itiribovi prearnt* a destrmhie opfHSfUafify to iIhmm in waiit of an e tabli ninent. nKSHY II LKU*H A MO.. ACTIONKKRR.?lirMRT fl. It H* 4 ( " will aa)H v hj<??'on on frtdAi N<?r Ift, *t 10 n'rlnrfc, *' thf Pftlenf-oiu. S'n |V N ammo* I n-rr#', r rtfuit oil f-H'uUt>v?. jo?i rr?*il%t*d Imtn *? uropn, ind n?tt?r >.rf.?r? r*hi hifrd, f.f tbr I nt; uh, h l**nu?h I'Alirri And Rr-n--? wdio ?!? 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