Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 18, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 18, 1855 Page 3
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AFFAIRS IN CUBA* 0*r Havana Correspondence. Havana Oct. 31, 18S5 Wrack <f the American Brig Trihun?Shameful thnrlwi of the Flint Mate and Crmo?lh ?. Fall of Se'wtoptl at the Taam Theatre?Creole Sympathy for th RatHans?t Valuable Hint for Rachel. Contrary to my uiual custom?a we *1>?" nnt 'rare a steamer ilrect for your port until the 8ft proxi mo, and ao through the eourtoey of the Acting United States Cbnsul here, Colonel Robert-on 1 here be- n in vie acquainted with a matter of aorne Utile moment? I addrtaa you this morning by the round-about war atNowOrleane. Without further proparat try observ i tion, permit me to inform you that the btdg Tribune, of Orleaaa, liaine, J. Camming*, mauler, sutlei from >u? vitas en the 29th ult. for New York with a n > go of eegarr, mahogany, cedar, At., anl that ah" wan wreoke i on Key Comfltei on the 2d ina'jiu', that au eilort w made to heave her off, which partially auocee led wieu the tawier parted, and ehe went in harder th iu before. On the 11th Instactthe caotain, taking with him 'lie n cond mate and two eeami-n, lef< the orig and arrived at Nuevitas on the 14th, tearing the Aral mate an i tir es men In charge of the btig, with oroc t In get out a por tion of the cargo, such a* the segar- At - , ready to be sent ashore by the time he returned The captiIn again left Nuevitas on the afternoon of the 14th, taking with him launches, men and everything re, ulaite to * w the cargo. He arrived at the wreck on the 18th, and foun I the TOeeel abandoned by the drat mate ?n I the th>e? -ea men, who bad taken away the boat*, what caigo and provlaioni were obtainable, the U.g hook, cha tn I everything portable, including a uoiii m of th" stilt, running rigging, Ac.. Ac. The lir-t mats'* name i* Her man M. Notiy. He 1* by Inrth a Dutchman, but haUa from New York, where he ha- a Wife ani ehild. He i* twenty-four year* of age. 6 feet 8 inch* ? in height, haa light liair and red whiskers. He speak* Knglish and Spaninh. Ano'h'r of time left on hoard wai the steward, .lame* Smith, who ai*u tia i- from New York, h ? 1* twenty eight year* of ago, five lee - ulue inches in height, and of a rark complexion. A thirl wo* o?eu Sn ighton, an Englishman, but hail* from New \ ork, thirty four year* of age, Ave feet eight inches in lodgnt, and of a d trk brown complexion; the fourth wa< tie >rge Patterson, a Scotchman, who i* thirty-one year* of age, hail< from New York and la of light complexion. I need, perhaps, scarcity sta'e that the object in fur nishing full pnrlUuilars of the above named munis th it should they reach New York, they in ty be arrested. The hull, wreck and cargo were Hold at public auction by the United State* Consul at Cientuego*, on -1st in*t., for 9716, to Mr. Lorenio Rule He -ent a boat, with an agent and men to the wreck, to hits a- much of the oa'go aa possible, the agent taking 111 - requisite certificate that Mr. Kuix had become the purchaser of the vessel, cargo, Ac. * They arrived at the wreck in safety, and hud been at work several days, when, n the 2utt\ Inst., there ap peared seven schojners and two sloops, from Nassau, New Providence, with about seventy mea; the.n took forcible possession of the brig. It i < hel eve I the tl-st mate was of this patty, and that he origtnally left the brig in company with some of them The agent of Mr Ruiz returned to Nuevita* and tbe authorities there de-pa'ch ed the war steamer Don Juan de Austria to the vteok. It is painful to remark that any man sailing tin ier the stare and stripe* should have behaved * > badly a* this first mate, Herman M. Nottv, has done while a m ire daring act ot piracy has rarely neon committed than that above detailed, by these Na-.-au wrecker* It Is perbap* wormy of observation, that the brig Tri bune had become the property or a Spam-th * tbj -ct when this act of piracy was perpetuated, and that it was done on Spanish territory. The "Fall of Sebastopol" was performed on Saturday and Sunday evening*, to overflowing home* at the Th?a tre Tacon. Friends of mine who were present tell me that it was not worth going to ' see" not. to "heAr," for there is nothing to be "heard." The Creolet oheere I the 'Russians," vehemently, 1 am told whil t lleneral "d up son was represented hy an actor who not being a very good horseman found hi* swoid in the way on attempt ing to mount, so he quietly unit tckled the weapon and jdacing it under his arm managed to get on the animal's According to tho adverilseaient'here I* a Very supe rior Spani-h company > ngaged at the Theatre Tacon for this winter. It comfits of a ilompani* Oe Canto," or In tie coars* vernacular "a singing comiiany" with "m*e*troj directores," three first arid t ?o second treble-, a first tenor, two Becond tenors, a barb one and a hsritono bt f ? a bass and a chorus of both sexes; then here i* a "*ec tion of declamation," compose-1 ol ?ouie twenty actor* and Bctri* and a "cmnpanin ooreogtaflca " ttnmp > ed of seven daruunert, ami an equal number of tna'e dancers, so that unless thete be full house- at the Tacon, it wi i be a lnsirg concern this winter. We have al*o I?o S ito, here, but 1 have not, heard when she i- to tt|i|)e*r; and then the ever glorious Rachel she too will he ainmg-t us. For her I predict the utmost succ "?? in this city. If Mr. Felix Rachel will deign to take a bin' from my p*u and bU sister be willing to condescen I to such a thing, let him on his arrival hero apply for |iermls*ton fur Rathe1 to take ' Jji Bandeja" on her benefit nigh It 1* simply for her to sit at the main entrance of the boxes, with a silver salve' at her aid", into which our galtint Cuban* will drop lsige piles of onios, In i?ymeat f >r their seats. Fanny Fll-lt-r obtained some twenty thousand doll***, on Iter benefit night, by theec means; at least so I am told, for I was then a denizen of a far dilferent land. B. Havana Not. 10, 1855. The Aew Junta for the I Hr return of the OAonial A Jain of S/rain?Thr Calf of H'inn and Chanrr;/?Th'airical (lot tip, dr.. dr. By the Oareta (to which paper I have hMnw a fob ncriber) of yesterday I learn tliwf a new Jon a, :on-isting of thirty person* hat been appointed t J conduct the ma rine affairs ot the Spanish crown, '-beyond the tea " The following is the published list of the members of this Junta:?The Duke de Sotomayor, Don Salustlano de Oloxaga, Don Joaquin Maria Ferres and Don Joaquin Fran cisco l'acheco, for the section ot State; the Duke of the t nion of Cuba, Don fleronimo Valdes, Count of Villarin, Don Antonio Kos de Olano, for the War; Don FranoUc > Armero and 1'eAaranda, I km Ca-imirn Vlg-voet, D in Josi de Huldasamo, and itos md Don Jose Ruatillos, for the Marine; the Marquis of Somoruelos, Don Ramon (ill de la Cuadrer, Ikin Martin de los Herns and Din Francisco Santa Cruz, for the government; Din Anton de i.uzuri tga, Don Antonio de los Kios and Rosas, Marquis de Morant snd Don Josi Antonio de (daileta. for the Justice; Don Antonio de la Rurr, Don Manuel Sanchez Sllva D n Jose de Mesa, and Don Luis Kstrada, for the "Hacienda;" and Don Miguel de Roda and Roda. Don Francisco de l.ujan, lion Cipriano Segundo Monte-icos and l>on Modesto ie la Fuente, for the "Foruento." It may be worth while to observe that all the lorcgoiug geuileineu sr.- not t" iiave any pay fbr their services, so ( suppose there must b' some "pickings" or perquisites. The infoiinaiion I sent you in my last let'er respecting the condemnation of tflnn and I hancey although un known at that time to the acting 1 'nl'ed States Consul here, proves to be correct. They are, however, only sentenced to thiee (and not to eight) years in the presidio (chain Against this sentence they have appealed to the supe rior tribunal, but mi Senorita I-antafe has returned to the Theatre Villa Nuern, declaring she went alone to take a li'tle country air. It Would be rude to contradict a iady, especially one so pretty as tha Senorita, therefore I suppose we must believe her. I'epiUa de Soto appeared last evening at the Villa Nueva, in the "Madriiena," which y? u have so often seen, and in other Spani-h dances, rhe house was well attended, and lie Soto received ' thunders of applause." Political matters are quite at a di-muni here Just now Business men except the slave trailers, who are ever busy, complain of dull times. So short a period has eiapaed since I la?t wrote you, that the brevity of this letter will be excused. Adint. B. Oar Rio Jiuilero Correspondence. Rio nx Janeiro, Sept. 20lh, 1855, Spreari of Chotrrru?Nrr/rnrt arut Soldiers Att i'kr t- -RUe in the peter of Coffee?Subtree ipHtmo for thr Poor? Ship The ship Antelope will sail to morrow morning, by which I forward a few notes. Tlie prevailing disease?something like the cholera?I regret to report, is on the Increase, say eighty deaths per day in the city and surrounding suburbs. Nearly all the mortality appears to be among the negrws and soldiers. (>f every forty flare deaths among the blacks, for*/ arc caused by the prevailing epidemic. News reaches us from every part of the interior that the disease |s f*?t spreading, ami that the fnzemlares ?r planters refuse to send In coflcc and that the new crop, which has just be gar. to make Its anpesrance. is light, and not of what we call superior quality This has earned. for a few days past a rise in the market ; it now ranges for cupe'lor qualities p?r sraba. of 32 lbs., $2UU, wri'h a prospect of a further advance. Moat liberal subscriptions have been made fir the poor and suffering. Hems have auh?crth?d as high ?s flve thousand dollars, and many one thousand. The aged Rlahopof tliiw city visited the hx> tiange asking almsfir the sirk and poor, into whose bands was pouiel some eight thousand dollars. Notwithstanding all the aickness arnund us, the ship ping is perfectly healthy. Captain tire<n, of the ship Ms-la, arrived on the 2flth from St, Helena. She had on board (J. W Kimball, ('. Commercial Agent of St. Helena, who had taken a short trip for bis health. Reports from Hahia In relation to the prevailing dis ease, arc heart-rending. F. H S. Court of Claim*. ffmsiwot, Nov. 14.?The Oourt met at 11 o'clock. The Judges were all present. The argument In the rase of A. 0. P. Nicholson, Fsu., (adjourned oveg from yesterday,) was rammed by tne Ho Tlcitor, who was followed by Hon. I hilip Philips, of Ala |?ma, who submitted the case for the decision of the Court at twenty minutes past 2 o'clock. In the case of Benjamin H. Springer, of Philadelphia, Hoo. Frederick P. Stanton a|q*are<l for the claimant. The claimant was the agent of the Navy IwpaMmsnt for the purchase of anthracite coal for the use of the navy. He claims a commission of live per centum up >n the grows cost of coal (whether the same was sent to any part of the t'nited State#, nr was shipped to %nr foreign port,) which is alleged to be due him. and which Is stated In the [WtitP n (to the best of the ' la.iuant's j idg:nent and belief) to amount to between ton ard fifteen thou sand dollars. Mr. Stanton had not concluded his remans when the Court adjourned. Oar Ban VnuulMo Carreapondonee. Bab Khancwoo, Ctwl , Oct. 20, 1865. Jtusineu Matter*?Trade Jmprova?Mailway .Scheme*? JSeU* from the MineJ?Horrible Scene* in the Interior? Great Bath <f Chinete for Home. Trade and commerce generally ha* been quite brisk and lively since my last communication. Tranaactlona trim tie hand a ol Importer* ootitinue about the usual average. nor will any very special activity ensue in this lino until the engagements of thla ?team?r are met end her deporture taken place. The Jobbers are brisk, unit * ear milling facet, and every one la full ot plea scat un'ii'ipation* of the good time ?ure to come thin fall. Itt the United State* Circuit Court, the other day, a unit was coir me need which to the nuutri of the citiaen* of this State ni?y prove very interacting, as ita results promise to affict the ultimate completion of one of the greatest as well aa most enterprising work it of the Hge?1 mean the Sacramento Valley Ballroad. It M1,i? H that tho contractor* of the road have com mi need suit hgainst the Company for tho largo itum of *1,400 WX) In the United State* Circuit Court, attaching i ot only all the property belonging to the company In thi city, but have cespatched a deputy Sheriff to Sacra menu. to levy on all the stock and appurtenances of the rotd. 1 hear, eince wrltlDg the above, that the euit ha* heen withdrawn and the matter amicably nettled. Hie mining in ilacer oounty la llattoring beyond de set ii lion, and indeed from all parts of the State the ac cunt* duily received ate moat brilliant. I passed Ihii i gh I. wu, Hill, ten d?ys ?iuco, and from the Sent o that thriving vtllage 1 give you the following item*. A ci n,any, called tho Iowa Hill Tunnel Company, have taken out. kin- e ilie 18tli of June, $40 580 6J. TlUi has i.i ver hi e:i best by any single company in that space of lime. The amount obtaluwl In the aaine tunnel during the mouth of September last, was nine hundred and nil ty ounces, five pennyweights and twenty-one grains. Mali and Wheeler's claims on the North Fork, hall u mile bel w Ford's liar, are at present averaging one ounce a day to tbe hand; previous to this time their claims bavo paid from twen'-y to twenty-live ounces per ?lay to six men. After working u few feel lower down their prospect for a still greater yield is very good. Their Pume Is 48(1 feet in length. The Independent Kentucky C mpuny, ihieo-quarters of e mile above the Har, is doing well, considering their claim the bwt on tlm river. Uamb lin's claim .about halt a mile above Ford's liar, have a (lun cover 300feet in length. The ground already worked spieuiiid wages, and the prospect is a rich one for tins i-t iikes when the ground is more fully opened. Indiana Oom I ai }, on l ike and Poaey side, is one of the richest claims i-n the river. It has paid largely since tho commence ment, and is constantly improving, $7 'JO is taken to the i an. Now mind, this is only In one small portion ol the ,-t ste. Tlie Nevada Journal says that the miners on Missouri and Frenchman's Bar, and B?nJo Flat, were never di ing better than at present. The generality of miners in the.e places are making $8 to $lrt a day. Ex traordinarily rich and extensive diggings have lately been stiuck In Cascade IHstrict. about ten miles east of Ne vada, and one piece weighing 10 ounces, and several smeller ones have been taken out within the last few days Veiy extenrlve preparations ate being made fur the c mlng winter. There lius been a horrible murder committed at Colum bia. and 1 el p from the Chronicle of this city a graphic idstnre of crime and Lynch law punishment, as now very pievalent in t'alifoini*. Preachers may preach, and nioialis'8 may moraine, but Just so long as the legally established courts continue remUs in punishing the guilty such scenes as are described below must be expect ed in California. MUKUKK AT COLUMBIA?MURDERER IIUNO BV THE PEOPLE. Soivora, Oc'.. 0, 1856. fnnr rh Cbrohicus?Here is another murder to chroni cle in tour monthly calendar, ani the oxecutlon of the niuide er by a mob at Columbia. This afternoon a n so by the uutue of Smith, a resident of Knickerbocker Flat was kil ed in n house of ill fame, by n man from Chine.e ramp, of tii^name of Barclay. It iippaar* that S-mlili had been intoxicated, and when In that state had g. i e into a house kept by one Martha, in Columbia, and or he it pitcher that wa* stauolng on the counter. Mar tha's man. Barclay, asked Smith to pay for the pitcher, and the latter said he would, but, he continued, he (,-tnilb) did not want any of the other's damned linpu iten-e about it. Upon this Martha's man drew a pistol and shot "-milli through the brain. Smith expired im mediately. Ureal excitement was caused In the place. , The uioli which soon collected, took possession of the t? l. graph other- and refused to allow any despatch to he rent to the fheriff; and at half-past nine the murderer whs hung by the mob. Just so long aa our laws are <le fertive, and murrteters are allowed to escape their jnst pnnhhu eut?"blond for blood"?Just so loop will the executions by mobs take place. Jo.41 All PEKKINA From a piirste letter, dated Columbia, Tue-day, f> P.M., written by a resident in Columbia to a friend In San Francisco, we extract the following on the above subject: One ot the most cold blooded and heartier* murders ever committed in this town, took place about an hour ago Your foend Jack Smith, the noble hearted Jack, Is no more. Me was shot an boor ago, a'. Martha's house of postitution, on the enruer of Main strtet, a* you turn I t" g" to Knlcterbocker Flat. He went In to take a dtink ' with a friend Some words passed between him and Mar tha. when she threw a tumbler at hi* head as he was lest ing the house. Her fancy man rsn out and shot him thiough the heart He rtiert instantly. 1 have just come fiom the spot whore he lies weltering in hi* blood. 11.e people have arrested the murderer, and have got him in jail. The excitement is very great. I never saw the people so excite! before. Hai K-PAKT Six.?Ibe people are now rushing to the jail, e ying " bang him' har g him I" They are hexde i by Char ley I-ambert. He is nearly distracted. James W. Coff roth is now addressing the crowd. liiTWs Mix IT W ljiTXR.?'Ti e rows ha* tlown to Knick erbocker Flat and Yankee Hill like wildfire. Hundreds are in town, crying " hang liira I bang him I" They have brought a keg of powder to the jail, and threaten to blow it up with the murderer. Officers are guarding the door. The crowd now rush ou them, scattering them like chaff liefore the wind. The people have secured tbe tni-erable man, and with a rope around his neck are dragging him through the streets. The whole town i* in an uproar, flam bang go the coors?they are closing tie stores in the streets through which they are dragging the murderer. They wend their way towards (?old Hill. I now wait for further new*. (.I'.'Kim to Fn; I IT The Marshd has just come In, end reports that the people have bung the murderi r. They th'ewarope across the high liuine which eriess* tlis rond going to Cold bprings, and launched the miserable n an into eternity. The 4herilT arrived a few minute* bo fme then hung him and tiled to'rescue liioafromthe pei pie; but it wa? of no use. The people are now return ing. shouting and (lulling over their victory. Poor Jack Smith ! A better loan never lived. The excitement i still very great. Tbe multitude talk of tearing Martha's bouse down Nisa O'CLOCK.?Tliey have made a descent on the t cure How It will end fhsl only knows. They are now shouting " Itown with the house!" Crnck bang go the windows. In less than liftcen minute* It will lie a mass of nuns. I would write more, but I fear Inst I should be too late for tl.e express, which is just starting. The clipper ship h'ea e'erpent is 1 lading at Hint's wharf with a cargo of 460 Chinese passengers for llong Kong and will sail soon. This is one of the largest ship ments ' f pn a>engers ever made between this port and China and when'hirty cabin passengers are milled, the vessel will tie weil filled. Tin- fit. t.ermain, a French shi; to-k 160 Chinese, and hundreds are now waiting an opi-r rtnnlty to go, as they oould not obtain passage on either of the aoov# vessels. The reason tor so many Celestials having oui shore* is, that in the Statute* of California, p 217, Ac., it is provided that a I foreigners who are ? nellgt'ile to become citlren* shall Is- raxed for the privilege of working in our gold mines, as follows;? At tlie rate of 84 a month until the 1st of Mctoher, 1855, and $0 a month thereafter until the 1st of October, 1858 and 88 for eacii month daring the ensuing year. 1 do not think this exactly just or lair. KoN'toN IfJINT. Vc wi From Htrmailn. T I1E II AI.IKAX FQCADHON AMD THK BKITIfll Ml I PS mom military ?mt?iwi?an intra FHOM Tl'KKH ISLAND?TIIK MAIL SERVICE?FATAL ACCIDENT. ? Mil tile" Irom Bermuda are to November 7. The British Admiral and flee', from Halifax, with a portion rf the Baltic fleet, from England, were expected almnt ti e litis instant. dhctuig, with a detachment of sappers and mit era. le't on 7th instant for Portsmouth, England. The schooner Anemone, from Turks Island, arrived on 2d Instant. When she tail -d salt was held at 37 'i cents j?er hut I,el. (o.vrrnor Murray prorogued the Ieg .latore on IDth oltimo. In his speech he .aid Since I laat had the pie*-u re of meeting you here theponttnued and rl rrlous mece'-e* which ha-e crowned the eTorta of her Majes ty's naval and military force*, and th<iw of her allies, have caU'ed the tnoat unbounded fe? lint,'* of exulta'h n la all laitaofher magnificent empire, and have added freeh lustre to their imperishable renown. Tlte H< jral Har,itr of Nr vemlrer fith says :?The Royal mail screw etca-Tier ('orlew. Ceptain tlunter, whlth arri ved from Halifax on the .'list ultimo is reported to hare reatly foundered In a storm on the previous t-unday right while mar the Southern eslge "ft e 0>ilf Stream. l.wit'C to her bring much overlad-n. her deck daring most ot the voyage had been the scene of contending rapids, the sea as she rolled hithorwarda alternately .p'litinf in right an.) left through 'he hola? In the bulwarks. Tlte storm raged for several haurs, during which the men were sometimes literally washed off the!i feet by the waves which broke over her and ha l the water rs ached the engine, of which there waa I mm I nent risk, there waa little doubt she would have gone to the Irottnm Aecordlrg to the usual eetimate she was los> ed two tret deeper than she onglit to have trees. The practice of eending these packets to sea thus ill prepared to enet unter a hairy gale though no doubt sanctioned by plenty of examples in the annals of petty trade, is not exactly what the public expect of the eminent mall cori'rnctora to Her Majesty's government. Mrs. I aura Tatem of I'aget's parish, had her elothlng ?et on fir* by a camphene lamp explosion, ami was burned to dea<h. Mrs. Tatem was only sixteen years of age and leaves a husband to whom ska had been married but thtae months Claim* OV Cc?A??Informatkm Itm l*wn receives! st the Mate department at Washington that the govern ment of her Cethslic Majesty has detsrnniped to fix th? peril .! of .|x months, eriuntlng from 'he Jhb ultimo, for ihe presen'ailon of claims of stich cHiien* cf the I'n ted Mates as were sufferers iri eonee.pjaaea of the rer*al, on the 20th of February. 1*4.1 af a decree issued hy the authorities of f'uha on the 7th of October 1*44, au'hor iriog the Importation Into the ports ot the slan 1 oTtilia, duty free, for the s|are of six months from the date thereof, of lumber and other articles nes?s*ary for build ing, and sifeorn coin Dour, beans. Irish potatoes arid rfca and that when the correct amvnnt of sard claims, as well as those that have already been predated as those which may Ire submitted f r examination within the sjeclfied pernd of time, shall bsve been ascerr? rie.| t>r |er tnst? uctions will Ire courrnunt ated to the 1 aptain Utters! of Cub* I vr the liquidation of the same. Oar Virginia CmtipaMeiicc. Richmond, Va., Not. 6, 1864. 7he Nat Legislature? The Speaktrtkip?Another (andilate Pf*km of for tkr FreaWcncj? Hnamial NegotiationI? Ihe United Stale* Scnatonhip-*BotU' Pro*peril Darken ing, ifc., tic. The next session or the I-eglslature of thU Ntate, which meets the first Monday tn next month, will prwbably be the most interesting ever held in Virginia. In addition to the comprehensive scheme of Internal improvements now so generally favored, the recharU-r of most of our banks, as also the election of a United states Senator, in room of Mr. Mason, will form now to pics for dhcojoion. Of these the last wlU probably be tlie least embarrassing, so far as the legitimate action of the legislative body Is concerned. Any difficulty arising rom this question will be confined to caucus operations. It will be so arranged there as to obviate even a remote possibility of dills-rence when the matter comes up for final action. These views have reference of course to the democratic party, for it may be safi-ly presumed from the large majority which they are likely to command in the legislature, (twenty-five or twenty seven on joint ballot), that no setious dilhoulty can arise outside their own ranks. Since my last letter I have asrertainrd upon unques tionable authority, that ex-U?veruor Floyd, now ineuirer elect fioni Wasbing on county, will be a candidate for the r-i*aker*bip of the next House of Delegates, inopppoaitlon to O. M. Crutchfield, of Sp?tteylvauia. who has occupied that position for several sessions past. His electiou is lo< keil to with considerable certainty, not more on aa count ot the ex Governor's intrinsic merit aud the assu ranee s? generally entertained lu regard to his elllclency, than a willingness on the part of the kaslern members to make some conce-sion to tlis West, and thereby silence somewhat the clamor about monopoly raised In refer ence to the hast. It may be that this U hit upon as a means to check the aspirations of Uieex-Uovernui for the l ulled States Senatorshlp, the frlm-ls of Mason beiog conscious that he would prtWe a formidable barrier tsi his re-election. . ., It would etm as though we here In \ liginia have the exclusive inausgi ment of tire preliminaries fer the ensu ing ('residential election. We need but lay the plans? name the candidate, and the flat of the L'uion must tol low The moral influence which Virginia always exer cised in national politics has arisen, it would appear, to a dictatorial -tnndard, whence it Is to be Inferred that -ho will claim the right to install some one of her gallant sons into the Presidential chair. Any man who would dare make an asseitlon to the contrary might look out for squalls. The ?u?sti?n is not who in ihe Union is likely to he the mxt 1'rciident but who in Virginia * To speak of giving way for ex| ediency-.-ake, G-some Northern conservative man is sir Idea that raunot for a moment lie entertained. Virginia t? regarded as the aynony ne of victory. It would be vain to talk of expediency In opp rsltion to such a con viction. Thus it ia that the question of the Presidency is Tiewtd in this abstract sense with reference to Virginia. In addition to the names of Henry A. Wise and R M. T Hunter. I learn that that of ex-iiovernor Floyd?this a- me ex Coventor referred to above Is also mentioned in connection with the I'residen iy?so that Virginia Is likely to prereut caneIdatesenough for the whole 1 nion. Go it, I Ola Virginia. Wine's thunder during the late camp sign baa resuscitated the Old Duchess into active life again, and alia is now an gay as a young bride, resolved to euter the lls's for the highest honors iu the country's gift. If she i- defeated in this race, woe to deinocmcy. Her cha grin will nearly drive her to electa Know Nothing to govern her next time, had aa she licked that party be fore. ? , . Yes it Is a fact, that the ex-Governor is spoken of atn >ng Western men as more likely to ggt the nomination titan Wbe whose ultra Southcrni-in is regarded as an Inviuci bie barrier to his election. Indeed, a prominent country paper of tliis State has expiesaad decided opposlti m to him on this ground, holding Douglas to be the only man whose nomination would secure the triumph of tne party. 1 urn disposed to think that ih? name fe. ling is onter tained by oilier prominent journalists In the State, for I ob-ervi d a wonderful anxiety to have produced a spoc-li o! Judge Douglas', full notes of which your correspon di nt had taken at the time. This, however, may have hud reference to auother object, probably to lay the foundation lor another lick at the prostrate carcase of Know Notbingl-m It Is rattier a haiardous enterprise for an editor, a' this time, to advo-ato the claims of any outsider. The State pride of the Old Dominion would rebel agninet such a policy, aud never, It may bu truly said was it so sensitive as at this time, elated as it is by a victory which gave (So first repulse to the triumphant march of Nnow Nothlngism, and reniered it power leas In the South. The echo of that victory will lesound in tlie next national convention, nntl Wise's name will mingle witli tlie thuudcr. Hut it is extremely doubtful, notwithstanding tlie euthusU-iii manifested In his regard among a large portion of the people of this State whether the fame which his recent sucoos- lias given him will overshadow the objections which his ram pant ultraisui will present. His friends set hlin down as tin prototype of Jackson?a character, no doubt, which would tell among those who look to the contingency of a future i uptuie be'ween this country and the aiiiel powers of the West. Many are heartily sick of the crouching hack-out policy of the present adminis tration, and long to see such men in power as would Ire likely to vindicate the liouor ol the nation. There Is no trtend of Wise with whom 1 have Conversed upon the prospects of his receiving th nomination for the I'reeWency. that did not advance the stern, determined feature of his charac er as the grounds for his elevation to that position. Tiny say that a crisis will probably soon arise?judging by the tone "' the Figlish pre-s? when a man of the Jackson stamp will be needed, and Wise, they contend, is that man. <>f course, the lllibusteros will go tooth and nail for him an l *? to the foreign vote, that is deemed eer'aio beyou ! question. Ihe American party have thus far made n<> m?ve In the matter of the Presidency, but limn all I can learn, l.ire Oak George or Genetal Nam Houston Will be their fg voilte. Alexander R Holtaday the n-wly elected fomml-aim er of the Hoard of Public Works, has gone to England to negotiate for the sale of some Vhgiuin lauds. The Know Nothing- proclaim thi- action a- -mother blunder of this branch of the dunocra'lr executive, and one which will lie likely to cost the Mate pretty dearly. They rharge them with having pertnl'ted theuroiiet oeradouforttnau cisl negotiation-to hare passed, the amount of specie in Fxg'and having so much decrease I as u? ren ler it difll cult Hi obtain a loan, anil the rate of interest so much in creased as to entail up-n the Mate an extra expense, even should they succeed iu getting it. Hut these ci ntiderations are entirely overruled by tae pressing n< rep-ity for funds. Millions will, In all certainty lie voted away by the next ls-qtslature fur purposes of in trrnal improvement, and the funds must lie provided, no matter at what cost. tViee goes In pledged to a compre hensive system of Improvement, and the p -licy Is gene rally favored. The Covington aud tibiu Railrosd who h is regarded as the improvement of the ."late in fact a State enterprise? will Deed an appropriation of at least ?- (JlO, 000 to maintain operations upon It until the sea-Ion of 185"-f>H while in ennfonnl 1y withthe us ,*1 practice of I -g rolling. other minor works must be furore I, as an indis pensable condition to the granting of this large appro priation. Means must, therefore, be procured Gi meet there outlays, and how far Mr. Hollidir's opinion will tend to accomplish that object, is, of course, to be a-cer talned. The Improvements are certainly very much needed; but once made, Virginia would la-come prubablv the second nmst prosperous Ntate iu the I nl-u?. Ihe ad vantage of establishing a connes tion betwe.-n the fliiio liver nnd tidewater, by a line of railrua-l running tbr- ugh a country abounding in vast agricultural au-i mineral resources, would Its- incalculable In fact. If anything c?n advance her in the scale of prosperity, it is this enterprise. It were well thai a bitter occa-ion, such ?? existed while money eras obtainable al 2*4 per cent, had been chosen Th? diminution In the supply of specie which the present ad vsnced rates of interi-t Indicates, will pre-ent, I l-ar, a serious obstacle tJ the ac.quUlt.lou of tlie neceasary amount. 1 learn that John I-etrher, of thi-. HUG-, will be before tbr legislature as a candidate f-*r the United state- -,-nv torshlp. Tlie prospect of Mr. Mason s app .Intuient to the Court of Nt. James, as Mr. flurhauan's ancresaor Is l->.>ki?l G- with e coii?i'lerai-ledegree of e-rtaioty and hence, it la piesuued. Mr. 1-etcher's aspirations I?r tns Henat -rship. Under any circumstance, I ara informed that ex G.iv -r nor Floyd will be a candidate, and. In tlie event of '.la son's appointment to the Kngli ih mission, there is -very p asori r.. think that lie would l>e successful. Meanwhile Hotta pursues " the even tenor of his way, res- Ived, turn up what will, Gr engage in Ihe conte-t. ) be. he is bound to run, no matter tb igq lie should not save bis -li-tance. (If all J oliilclans living he is the leait dl-J'itited by defeat or adve-slty. No matter tb-mgh he should U- worsted in s hundred battle,., lie rallies again G- tl-e fight with a nerve and energy that lsw|s-?k? a rrr taioty of success. Dating the recent fair in this city I no ticed in the A'atvmal American ? speech of I.Is delivered some months ago al a .-UG-fair in New Hampshire, it was reproduced for the -eeond or thir l tioieln this instance, with a view, of course, to favor his pret-nrions to the t i,Red States Henat-"ship, aome say 'h- Presidency? b- ttrr still. I fear however, the ca ,c-i- system whl h hi* wilv adversaries pursue so sue-- ssfully in 'lie m?n:ig? menl of electione, will obviate lb- possibility of a division In the democratic v ts?tt e , n!y foundation upon wlilc'i be rou d rest eny hrp* --t success. I I- not apprehend ttiat tn-will withdraw fr-mi th- c- ntest v-1 a-this pr pect ia. He will acquire a-itne petty fame by the mere association of bis name wi'h a p-ltiofi distleg ti-'-ei, which may tell with some effect in favor of his prefer, aior,s for the Presidency *hl* no great dishonor ceo et tach G. his -Went in V - <r of tlie ve shell . ng i ower ot the democracy in the Ntate. it-- will -ee the fight out, - < r' .in The fair Is over and the rity is now ?mj ying Its usual rapose. I never witnessed any transition so market an 1 sud '<-n as that which It underwent within the tw-n'y fonr hours succeeding the felr. tin f ri ley last ell was bustle and confusion, on Saturday stillness and compo suie reigned everywhere within the city liinita. pRr*rnor i* Viroiki* Sir-own Tn?>n.irr??Two aultn for brnaoh of promlao aro roporlod by tho Richmond H'hitf. Tho flrat ??? in 'In torflold rimnly. An oM?rly Kontloman namod I'lianp. rich In thla wnrld'a good*, *nd otporinoat in tho rharma of woddodllfo, mtfc hlmwll afrooahlo to a widow Ladr nairod \adon, whooo yoara woro noarlr throo aroro II la intliaatod indoor), that ho wa* allmulatol by th* roay *??<1, but with that wo bar* no eonjorn oortnln 11 l?. from nil nrrounta. thai ho woorl and won hor. II ? Iroant howoTor waa of brlof duration . bo whon ha awnho to a ?t-tian ?>( hia alt nation, ho doeiairad that bafora ha would to aacrifl.-nd i n lh> altar of llyoion. lio *miM awirjf >.ifb upon tho faUawa. Ilko Unman. Mr a. V. Iioworor waa not aooaaily trlfl'd with ho hrouaht a anit for bran of proml'r afninat tho fay dan o r?r laylnf tho UmnftH at t?n thou an nd d<llaf??a rathor hlfb for halm h ao< tho tho aonnda-t honrt that had brnrod tho atr.rm of ?o win tor- llowoaor, tho r|v w?. triad, arf i?1 hy rwdnoot eunaaol aod doc dod in fator id tl o .tofot, liu'. tif oourao ho la dolifhtod. and tha lady Inronaolahlo In tho i thor eaaa, whirli waa titod a waa* of two aifiroa' t'hnrloat.iwti .loflotaon oonnty, tho roault w*a dilf' ont. Mira Ib-uini lloall had anod Mr. Jaoao Mil lor for hroa< h of marriafo prmrilao. Atlor throo oaya a(?oot la tho ? r iJ tho papora ?oro flion to tho jury ?h? roturnor) a'to' an 1 or and a half ' datlbaration arlth a rordirt for tba i an ttlf of tR.tOl. Tho raao i lMtal mark l?ioro?; tM?a vvO-lu?t.?d altb fraal ability by tfea cvunaal ,R V>U* let Ow Philadelphia Correspondence. D.u Ia. Ilniimtpau, Nor. 8, 18 M. "f ''-"'V-nu?raue,, </ ,* *??,? T?ZSlJZ%"twtng-rom,* or I

^ ^T,^w '~TV 6'n^' **" Hmator?T\f Nm Dally Movrmrnt .Vuno o/ fA, Committor-f.Vmral y?' fnr to^minUioH-Mr DucAanan', l>r>md,-0()ur Aam,,-JKr Vict Prttidenro. N.verlntlie history or this commonwealth werepoli Helens ho completely nonplused as at present. The K"?"Nothio,f* ?""" not *" "l 'Worerod from the efforts of their astonishing defeat. So certain wert. th of victory, that m high aa one thousand dollar, to one hun dred wax bet upon the election of Kern, their candidate for Sheriff, and groat was taeir dismay, when they fo?n 1 upon counting the ballots, that they had boen routed horse, foot and artillery. Their defeat may be traced to a variety of cauaea. In 1844 the subject of prohibition was submitted to the popular vote and repudiated. Upon the assembling of the Isgielatuic it was found that the Know Nothings were largely in the ascendant. In the teeth of the popu lar will tliey pawn) an extremely stringent liquor law Tins alienated many of their moat ardent adherents. ' rnr first. After they bail made their uoininati ma this year, they were afraid that they could not elect their ticket without the help of the a ailitionists. To aerure this they deserted their own candidate for Canal Coin miaeloner. the only State offlcer to bo elected thie fall, and went lor Nicholson, the abolitionist. Krror second. In adiiiti.n to theae two grave mistakes, they nominated tor office Mr. Small, of whom it was currently reported that he is an Knglieh.nau. Krror third. The Dutchman, who drinks his glass or Jager. Paddy with his whiskey and the 1'ennsylvanisn who imbibes his cobbler, even be bee Know -Nothing, would not support a party who hai Wished to deprive thmu of creature comforts, lh.n , Wfro ,hoi'*?nda of the Initiated who openly revolts! against being Iran denial to the abolitl m ists while others refused to support . re garding whose birthplace they were tn doubt Iho nomination for tue I'reeidency U warmly and at time, fiercely debated i? the lodges, ,o say. -dame ru m?r. The lion J.coh Broome, a Know Nothing member ? "n<l Mr" "'Mmr, tn ex member oi our State legislature, gL for illirerent candidates. 'Ihero hss been a meeting ot the leading members of the Order to endea vor to agree upon some one man, hut it was found lenpos. sible to harmonise, continently it broke up without any definite or aatlsfictory reaults. On dlt; there is to be n gran.l feu rfejWof 1,.TOO guns fired to commemorate the recent victories in New fork and Mnssachusetts, while on the other hand, the da no erats, not to be outdone, are resolved to have s similar Jollification upon Ihe successes In New Jersey and Wis cons In. There is one thing certain, that come off ?r not It will all end In smoke. The whig., ".la,, how have the mighty f.ll, n"_but as that party Is dead, there is no use in rattling its dry bones?we can only say in the language of the church service, rr,r,irJu for the black republican party, In our state it D a mere ,lh"U"1 aut,r ? *?????? ??luc. uT fhl.T e r pr1'^eTt* Ju(5*e Kttn" t"r having imprisoned that tiio<Jorn ]>on Quixotie, Williamson it is t>VinT"j* '??l? *r,> Ht all dead yet. The democratic party, as yrH,r readers are aware has aninjontyin the legislature; this wUI give them the I mted . tales MSnator- hip, vacant since Mr. r.,?per fll|. ,| ha. office be American ,..lty was unable'to ? 'r^ upon a candidate U?t winter, and therefore let slip Uio gob en opp-rtiinity, but you may relr on it that the le motrats will commit no such blunder. The ,, unbor of HemeMWf'MllllBt"U1M'in? l'romir,'nt am ug ihe-. is . * ' blllips, a distinguished,er ?r r|,e I'liila W d '.'VbiLle^r; 1" J"1 ?"''?dmlnistralion , l ?"Kl, r, J?te democratic Governor I . a ? , a esn l e^ hirT n ' " who rcpreo.?,e.i 1Mb of the la tsihgrewi during the |?,t .Ix j.,. ,rs. Both of these aic administration men, hut as the , in Washington are In fsyor of Iligler, it Is ihoogut that Robins wiH have to make way until . future *. ' * ittaburg lawyer, Is alio luted of- the Hon. John Paw?>n, of kavette, sn ardent ,??ti his th^b e 'r r"i ,, " ??iniuslion: Charles II,r tholunii w, of (olumbla, a Dallas man, is likewise in the Held; I iank Hughes, of .Schuylkill,' Ufa!.". of n,!"?' h^m*nr ""IP'T'ors hi. claim. Judge Hla.k of Srnierset and Jodgo Woodward, of l.ur.rne eie al-o in the field, John < mlwallade., ih. Cornice- man elect from the Hf-h district, is lining ans.o'.Th, w" rame direction; and last but no' les.t, there Is l^thn W Jorney, win, asoirer for the honorable situation So y >u mo that the legislature canted f?,l <?t 1,-ast It ought not) to make a good selection, some of the known* ones throw oul hints that even Dig er Is t . he thrown ctTm^u "rtiey. 7t-m,?ca m?/.in/,o- H muUtmur COMC^ *" y>?r W* hington im ponds nt ha-. groat consternation snl .lis may the democratic leaders And well it lnaT I have been abown a Hat ,.f the Dallas c,,n,nDtc'7,,d a" AU.!'"Ul " ''"'VUr * '"""Ids'le r Dy, r f ? W,H ?> me un le- the few nM M ",L *i noconflilrnce it sending yon a ? W names of toe .n.e bn?d.e.| ,?d tw.i.iy ?e?ti men whocompoje it :_rhe H??. J,ad J?0es, ane? j 'dJe^nu <?* tsyor of our cilv, and a gentleman deservedly p?. lar Mnong all classes; Isruis D. t ?s?idy,a young liwyee tapidly rising in his profession, with'th-'l crimi'itl r'r't CT, Vf'.'V"' <"'Un ? -niMsle for tfiC IdslMct Attorneyship; James f. Johnson a la. yer fn high cI.H pI8etice and chairman . f -he utate Central Democratic (iommittM; Richard Veuv t6e ?j.hth*'."lt1 , l"'U ' e"r<f* -^rnitli, of the Wglith ward; John Ifas-an, if the First; ITm || s,fn ?y.Mt.'Tr; ' smpt-elland lohn Haviltni. of the IJ kfb V- i ?"*?' ? -toy of the he Vl'o h I ? 7r,'n.V0",?f P?f",l?r tdfii of la,le , I u ni ? "t'lb. Jr., of the Tenth, Alderman u Ii uu.. Mine, of the Seventeen'!, Mil t'snmu i a national democrat end et-memier of f ?-.? a"/;"! , w lllggins of the Nmeteenth. m muliK There, I have -elec'cl s' random 1 auphni and I'atek. . ouinies h .vc instrm test their .lele gate, to go for Dell.., .nd it |, confidently statist tha* the Whole Juniata region will J in In the movement The countv of Allegheny is also expected to elejt Dallas dale v"r D.H "I*? efrwhuylkt", Col, Ida end llerks c _a , Mends reason the rnstter ov-r yery coullr and et the same tune very sauguinely. they '.Tthst U. cor,duct, when the ,To-?|.m. wa.'.o e .ouentfy n t .'.^l .T ft r' ?""l'11 lon"1 a" to make bim the most stallslile candidate Wlieiber his ?nnmr-.r u I cc:;,rfeu ,,,^?y'eb?hnHn,,a,i r^-"^ ha^ r.11 ^ "rvn's the organisttlon - f his adherents hascsneedan immense ,eneatlmi am mr ad cla -e. ,f J , hiuuari., and mu.t hav- fallen llae , bombshell em us the Washington politic! gunpowder. The present Ire nintwnt of the 'Vblte House h*s a keen 'y?toairenmrlnatior,. It will he re,n..?.u.e.| that he frV i*'i *" I.1 11 "ur '?>r recently |,.| | ? fir rfh?it h? wii ?tt4*ridfr?l by John W I., ney?that the Wti r gwntleman ha. te en lately at Un ca- er Where h-dellveied an oration wh|e|, has le--n pnn 1.1 and which is being no r extensively distribute! sn'cZb ve'inT: , ^ ,Ut J^? i iL i 1 y r . but a native of I'hJUpelph,. Ia 1^ a "a "f the l!,.,,e iW ^rj7nn| Jn ll''f,mr* lhl>" "n* "U"' U.e ,k Now John is one of the beat nature! fellows ,f, the wo.ld-a veritable lal-tafi-none of .?llf .'.?i ' skeletons , but under ,|| tbj. exterior of io midst of hi. Shaksfwrian quotations be ke-ps an ere to U.e m.|n chance, and seta ,nd hold. hU ,H ,1 m'T "" r"t ",r'"1 ?" ''I der The ? iX bUV-o ' break d ,wn. or will the Th# rp[iort I* grn#rally clrcuiat#-! that Mr. Rurhanan U no loogrr an >1 iriint tor I'rtaiden'.la) er?t?*t?. So -mr ha* barn lnoro actlyr in urn-ling thia naw? atir<a-' than Jinr" (' \andykP, tb" ptPaprit I nitad i*tat-- patriot Attr rory. Th# poattion bald* by Mr V*ndy?? Hp acquired ar.lcly by Mr. Ihichanan'a IoKumhp VUrahaJI Wjnpoop Mr I'Mtt an-l Mr. Vandyke ar- rrrrtiog throi eivpr nropqlly In tbp a*m# rau r \lt the nomination - f Mr. I'lPrrp It would Im-a curium affair warr M l!n rharati 111 return and annoonru blniM-ll a caudl lata. It would rrrtainly plan# noma of hi- <|u--i -laru fripn I- ,n .in awkward poaltlon. f--r thar could hardly with p-p lit t ihrmaplvca, d--p#rt him. Thrtrc arp ?oniP who |o?lt Tnlr a*?rr' tbat tbp (art of Mr. flucharian n< I bPing a and. atp la only a roar to lull aalprp tbp rlfllanrp of Mr I at a*' ?u| |p rtrr??that ahpn th>- tlm? t- -Irei delegate will have arrlrad, (firat M n lay of February, VI If rlth-r ilir batiaii or 1 Itrcr delegate* ran I-p p!p- ted 'bay arr to tinltp In watnbrin upon on# or tltp other f tb?-e two g'ntlPtrpn, Mr . \t ' * la not tb<u gh! of at all an-l it l? a?i-l tl at General fa-* I. too old and that th' or- pln ur (twplT# ypara) baa aot arrl##d'or Jndgp I-og a> Fvery l-ody aaya that It won t do to ap|i-rt 'a apn-n - f Hip h-ni p Of York," bpraii'P that ita folbrwera. ttip- hard- a- I -la, ?(ll an n Ip likp th* hilkanny cata, with nothing eft hot thplr taila. Iha \ i-e I'reaideney la pr.naldpr--I--( III' ? po-'an ? and thprrfrta pliPita no dtaeuaeh n. lip teioatka f I i-gpfipa arp alrrnly abaurd? np|'h*r of tbp r.ung g?n ?'pn-i n, Richard vaui or John V. Itpad, wbr. I? I ?-e up n ? -i ypnr? of ag?, ha?# any l*r#?i4ontial Mr-tratlona what pirr. The IntPp loPD on thp i residential ? .nr-? *r? 1 allaa ller-a and Ru< hanan. ftnllaa |.aa now the -tart whether or to be will he overtaken and biM o r oat wait for tha "Idpa of Mareh ' thp tirnp ap p-to'-d f-?r tfcp rta'p reinvention to inapt awl t -p -r\ ti p de!egal?a to thp NaflonaJ Convention Th# new -berlff hae made bla appointment*. VI n I. Illrwt baa t>p#n mad# ftollrltor. biupIi to tbp envy m> d- nbt, of aoir p other *eek* re aftpr - (lira hot .?t the dia ?ppolnted oaatilt thenntvaa wttb th# raying ot -crtp tora "put not your faith in prlncea only rrwd ? poll tiriana," ItiatPwd of prinrea. lb# r.rvi -'dating tar luprnvementa r-f tha Pity tit iii*r - f arawlal lorrp?pp of popnla'lon mnrdora.ot e#tpra I l*are to the telegraph wlra# and to 'h* newapap*- l ot thla politlpal information you nan rgjly g?' f m nf*'' <-r aornp perron Ilka m# A *ort of gt'ia fat-r ia I am hat# thero aod everywhere ?I banr all the politic ? new* ptd go-alp of tha boor, hut I am fraw to ? ml?w that x a gropral'bing I ana too Indolent to rarord tb#?n lor r n- p I bar# anoiaod my?#lf frowi my lethargy and hav* apt pad l#fi r? your reudere a oorrw ao-1 nnpa-tl?l ar p< not "f our praawnt y litirai morpmrnta fh ?ild aught r.t im porran'P >or.n again rirr .ir I wilt mww-tla'- y ap priap your iiatera. FnciMU T-rM "t WVK%TKV. fmtirwtgwia, Vot |j 1%V.. Wai/roo I Araaprftfaon oo/A ,%>?< fnrt?Om/rg for if w on Arri./r-?f"?f?rfa o/ (Ar Vmbafn I* in r /# ' 1-11 froa f op, ? f Ar /iallot /'r-rv'-ofiai Jfo?? ' f* ' /, An #fl *rt la making to lta#? ('blra-h iphia I .'- #-t Pif n r#p'oa?iy ,a th# atruggl# With V. a i *k f ? 'b# ?itpa?i?# tra-l# of tho fJroat W##t Tw 'tp-jbrwr ? a nd ta .iaga kaapva-l -*?ifvo c-Bn#.t 0 *1# - <4 PHtaburg thro "81'MtUbvg and .Steubenvllle U.uJ road eudfovm.og ? direct route to .St I oul?. wnr ei? y mile, .border than otb'r lhu c,,r ??* ,u?l point, find, itself in a '*??? ""* ?? thi. tunc. and ef.r ? at, uggU ?' "re th. ' projector, ere forced to e-urue the character of beggar. a ?"> ?I'P**' ?* U" l'"Wle ?p.rlt of our citizen* lor menu* to cou 'PUu **?<? rwedeud give their uoti*rj?rUt* vitality # ? Mr. Jewftt, Pmidect of the /H?ubenrill* am! inli*?% lUllroad Company, lute been in 0hi? elty for eome dejrt canvassing the subject end through hi* caen-lb ni e ynb li" meet ice celled to doriee mean* for bwlping e'owg the p reject, by raising the emu of l.'ftO.OUO I.) 'quip Hie roe a unu piece it in e condition to do business TUi mooting came oti lo-night, end nolwUlijt'aodiag th? in clemency of i lie wee'her. e eery fair etteudeoce we. (rre Kiu', end eouw in the met'er shown. nie atee* n.j( v e. organized by the eppo.otneeni of John II ?iyer., I>'l . a. I resident. Mr. Jewell, of Ohio, vo present, end et.te.1 briefly the importance of the connection of till, roed withoth.?r" et the Weet, end the Interest which Philadelphia h*? In tlie .urrrw of tl.e eni.rprnr, if .be would prove e rival to New York in the Western rede. lie ?4ui the noinpe ny lieu eelieu.ted i'. mean. iu com Icling tlieit roed from .Steubeiivillu to Newark, enl were no* el e .'end ntiii awaiting eld from tliowe wuo were e* much Inter a il ed in tlie completion ol the work ee th.-e who originated the roed, i. c., Die merohenU ol Phlledeiphi*. Mr. Jewett wee rieer in hi. etetemente end did not attempt tr, advance Die intere.t. of bl. company hy disparaging the claim. of other enterprise* lie urged tli.t Hi roed in question we. peculiarly a Philadelphia in .vement for the Western trade bed l?oen so from the ncglnning, end Diet it whs the duty ofHhll ideiphie t? *eo Diet It did not languish for the want ofmateiiel aid Th? pii^od the* fbllovltfR r8noluti"fw Kenoived Th.l lh? city of PKiahnrg. ?? the woatera terminal Id the 1 emu.) Inula Central Railroad rattroJMl K\?'firi whlrh eomi#?t* l*?nr**>I h ljuHpJiu with (he Ohio and MI-.ou.lppl V ..M.y. end Oi.t lh. nU.r^ of I'd 'bi? oily t? eo eiteneire wl'h ? ^buprove men' which me? ' e mod.i tributary fl die Wade having lu ltr. oiv?<i riimi h?* nmint*nanct? of h* of? tret .1 Inrhe. through all the railroad" of Ohio eomuiaoi till! either Or to el buatne ?" or diet im 'he foe'i - heyoiet It, ? ? ttie tlrst Imi oi'aiii e, to order t" g'*e I'hlU'le.phle i ttiliuenee, end Uiua direct 'he curroul ol Icevri ea woU a. m 'rV>?oh . d''JTt'a'' 'i'e Vt't l.uri; and hteohenvi'l* and the I ht.'iii.ruvllle Mid Indiana harm ..I. ' wing U.r hr . eon Unuatioi. Ol tl.e Pi iioaylvaiiiii Kallinad, and ? n?. Maarv dak in all the Chain., of roed. diverging from the lo ert i f "? "V" j ? lain,e upon Una e"immunity which . anno: bu m b-rtcd aAhta Uuie w ihoul endangering In'ere.u far l.eynn l the ' an* im'lav ('amended for the lui'oedla'r pr ..c-.i ton of die work Kiel It la, therefore, tneumnent on the < ?ni'a.P.'s end hindn're. mm ot' Philadelphia, m le id ummptly the a.d re niilred b* ihe Meu>Krti?'illr and Indiana Botlrowi, 0'"'"r aa.uiaj re ibel while no rlrit wili be 'hereby Incurred. Uie re mHir.K *ivftnU|',e* will In* of vlt?t Iint?ori%\rf A eommi'tee ol forty l? to l>e appointed by the''re-t j iletit of tlie meeting, to aoliclt ?Ub.crlption. to the evuo deal red. . , . . . . Alitl.i look, well on paper, l.ut J" U'ok from I'm pa't. lire company in que.ti o ha. route to a p . ir mar ket for aid rnnn-ylrania i. not fainmi. I?r enterprl.w even iu the way ?? impzoye.nenU will, n ?.?' ??"? h-.r dora, a* public work* tM'Ify. and a. Ion* ai l l.ila .tel. liia merchant" hold D.e pr.-er.t cent a" to hi e the kitrhl "I tbedl.Uin' dollar, tbe.e i. little proap-ot of capi tal iroii'K beyond the Slate to aid ?>i enW-rprl tlia' due* not pronilae any return f >r the inve-tioent A .pauno ii|c effort will t?' made to aecompiUh ?"nic hlu* fur 'he r. ad in question, but it will be uphill wok anllbila deli,hut k. ton much nno-lmrae to e.unmeuoe a atiurate for u trade wlteii il call, for auh?tanllal aid to e i.uiu 11 Slill fill, mailer ot he Htiuheiirllle lailroal i< of Impor tance, and oopiteh.ta may Hod it ed*euU?e..ui W. Vooh "'TiicIMllee l'realdentlel movement i. clalmin* ."me et t. utlciieraoi'Ke clean ol polill' ian. *h ? or* in of hope is pronilnrotly developed Thu. ler It |H-ciillerly e city matter, and I'allaa cluha are forming la every *ar.l, with e considerable ehow of airenglh iu the aKK"?ate. The leaven may work and spread a halla. furore through the Slate, ac. utnpUehinc something atlei all Wo .bell ft-e, lite St etc Poultry Show couiuience. In thi' elty on the k'fitli. All the wot Id la challenged to compel* for ?er tpoblet anil other premium", and an interesting et bibition me) be lookid for. t'nltrtl Hfnfi a DUfrlrl Court. HeforO lion tudrelb tf Nov 13.?Blw.rd Is yeeay we. tried foren endeanr to J mskc a icvolt oo board the ship Conatantlne and ac quitted. Thoe. <'wane ? a. tried on a charge of a'ealiog a pistol from the same ve.-cl, and was acqulttoi. Ib-lote Judge Itig'-r.oil. DgCIBIONh IN ADHtRALTY. l.ltSOr KATglUAI. UA.S-l-IAS Mil Wlllhtl lit A'-BBOH I T-> TASk A Ml* J. A. run' J. !>? Suit >?* Ik //ioA/oh l'r ? 1 be libel In thi. case was tiled to recover for work done, and material- ftirnlahed by t he lib. IU nta to tbe .team t oat. A contract In wntoi* wa. made between the owner of lite and Ihe libellants on the -d ol i'nr ary inf.:. tiy wldcli the liliellanl" agt'Cl to build and put ' o I. aril the steamboat a boiler, ami do certain <>lh"r w .rk, for which the o? nor agr-ed to pay a t lliw. (lUbOoit March 1, >1 W?? ? " April 1, ?l 'S?'' wbon the boiler wa put on board and all lb" work completed and the balance in a note j.-iyable lliie" IB' nib from th" ? "in pi*li, n of the work. I ho boat wa. to run between .New \ nrk and Albany Toe woik waa finished Juueh la.'. Ihe three ceah pnymente ?>"' made, hut the nolo for 11 11*1 wa ? never g,veo or tendo'fl. Some ,,?? a wok Wis lb ne to 'lie boat the anudlrit of whbh wi> die i.utc.1 and the auent '4 the llheUanU c dil'lig Ol re rei.e i at nont "I both claims, tnf f.wn'r t? give a uo'e et thice mr,nHi. for II! MK) lo .all-fiction f,f both. Hiie wa* denied, eod.tbe libel we. then filed. ?Ihe ic.pendent clalmtd thet the hlwllent., by egiee.r.g to ICC. i?e a ai line, month" from the c-.mpleti u ol the w-oik bad walreil the UcB g"l'0 then, by U?e U'e law oi- n tbe I .oat for tl.e $1 Uai For tjitiv'l i' Wf' e.i milted that he would have a lien Held by tha ? the' II li can bo falily inferred from the .I p.ila'lon" of tin C< nliect the Uf-elleni- meant to trust to ll.e per ? onal rt-.j. n-ib.llly it the < wncr. tlie rontracl i. Ii.eon sl"1e|it Willi ll.e . jerri.e of a lieu, ami the -ante welvd. (17 How . K f>3.) And it would eUo 1j? waived W at on cndltionei credit were gi.en for too t*ymerit, .-ii ieltng lieyond the lime l?r which e lien i. given by th' late btw. (7 I etera .'124 i That Die latr tio|N.rt of 'he iirn l?? ol 'lit" Slate Is, that the material man ?lmli have a lien for what the ?* net egr"' ?? *'*<? bun in pat meot In. w. rk and material, pr,.Tided Ibol Widrii I" ^f-eed ?>. I* glvtu I" l.y the agreement to le glicn U f .re tneetpi r ,1*1.0 Die lime allow, d by law for the Urn lo ezi.t That the < of 'be Highland' r eprc-d to |..y the II e-l |,i,l |? a note at time mouth, to I e giveu W?e0 Ih W, ik Wtt? (inlah'd, and for tbe fulfilment "I thai payment Ihe I.b<- lanl bed a lien. And if Die note for ?1 at Ihic nioii'h" bed l--u given ,,, toude-edby the owner I ho Iicti would beveneo-.d *?lnlbetca?. ibwr w old beve men a credit ? *" odii * l.ey-od tbe tlo>e el owed by tke State la* b.r tl-e ezl.t* nee I t!.'- il"i Hot D.e lo.'w r,..t l.evlng born given or tendered the 1,..client" alill bav. a lien upon the huo! aa well for the balance u|..n the contract as or tl.e eztre w -k l>. ree lor lilielleoia will, a tef. i -nee to a -rlwln the ,in on! For IttwIUnle M' McMeh n. for tUll.,in'?, Me?ai" It. nedl-t Se t,He Ai ci> ntr virtii iivii -iixw *?f~r ??* >?ti auk ?tt- -?? D' TT or MAIM*** Vf5W?*iC W/' /{' I ? Th' A < ?The Ifi till- p??r was filed by III* of t'.e sloop f?**.rge M. I all??, to rc#iwer \h> damag** .?.|.,n#d t-? J<#r by a mill u with a l?a*p* toeed by a steamboat which hapj/**t.e?l about 11 ?? ?d ? k on the night of May t, 1866 a little l#e|nw J'icrmont. on lb# Nonii riser The night wm fla k arid cloudy so that ?elun;* ?#??? I* poijH but Imperfectly I/# ?( th* <h*tor?"- < f ball o' 1 liree rjurir f#r* #?f a frille Th win 1 was about f C. f,. 7!?# rlter there I* about t* > orilic* wide, and iu r< ur*#? neatly no# lb and south ri.e ?l was i> >aa4 to l!r * -k lyn with a cargo #f brick, be<rig vbout ***?#? nty fl?* ton# burthen, ti anneal by a captain it da#-k hands and a c#*ok, and at th* time of *b? n Illalae ?a- # ti b#r * tricar#! tack, b#f mhWi l<#iig off n few points. The steamer wac bound from N w Vork to I M'mont having on* narge >>n h*r starboard *? !# and tw oi? her tarn *ard si#|* tb* outer one #?f which struck the #i??p ori htr ar!*ja? quarter about ??*-',** Art from b*r *t*/ri from tin *fT* of which ?be fttoop tuft. At ttie ? rn* of the eohl*!' i| th< pilot of th# t* *nib#*at ?i* at th* wheel In in* I 4< t b'use about'0 f*? '#rom tie ?tern The captain w*? with hi"! an a 1* k hand The raj.tain saw the si p w ; en #hg t f ?t hove mi ?tgl?t oi? the sUkfO - rd te w, bu*. turned away and saw n#- mo-r of betr uft'0 j<r?t before the cot i* Ion ti er- ? remark of th* phot's when lie rung the Ulls to *low, top ami hack ?al ie J h * atteati' n I be* as we!i ?? 'hat of ibe ?ie*k hand So # ? ? *?? stationed forward a* a b*k out th# igh a man was -"ting or? the bow of the first |?r -,s'' ba#p* Th# ?*. < ? w ? g fig at th* *a'?- of ?## ?i ' r eight fi.ii* s in h ur. Mel had 1mm gh t? up 1h? ?* ' r? 'he ?!" p * iw the ?'#??? er aV?nt a mile - t a mile and a bar distant and on their iarfsaurd b#^w bach re*. ?wj<p #? tie * * ? ? * *b ea*? > iding a c tiise ja ille! with their own, and w uH hull e|#? anls*? ?})<? rlai.f"! ,er ? e 's #, lb* s o>.p held' A an t l sitMn hj !t> ]*'? y*r * ind en apjr*t?er. 4 ng dan per 6ef t nr.; a tlii.e and the j. o* m th? Me*?r.?> #| then tang '? .? '?* 1 *?- '? h? e hU ii s#l bar# a j* ft Ik h#a within el'-'M fl Iffy ta ?'f 'k? ? --?p b-- e n? r? -?w*y but c#'t.Id f>' * then #M*aje !l?a .?. Il#t' n He - I ht the ' urt-? Tlia' the rule* # f aw b>r t>,e p *#? ? no of I'saiasr* In re*f**t ta a be k it are we!! ee'fle* %i are of *1wtM rw-e'ty That th' s'e .n.few* M no*, bar* - h a . " at a* La ft#j? red by the law 110 flaw H r and by that falSijr* a jpfiawi T#irv #%*? ia rna!e #??! %r%<r>>* t>eT which must atat?#i unleaa rwhutlml tsy clear a*?d *ati?'n* t"fy f ? f That ,? - the duty ' ? ?? dug tea ?#l n.e# ? l up a steamboat t<- b? I ter ? .?i r aalof ? ha tUarnb* at I' ar ! <10 Ma fta.. Inflow ?'* ) That ufe;n tl*e faefs h th s#esel? te#s mls*ake<n i# ? (Ins 'A th# ' fV# ? as iaetewi of Is fg ' t? ja#% +\ J re** they were rr -e rg each ' the. i trv* That I was an error In the j <.? >>f lb* tea#' ** gr4 i has* in en 'be true * area ??f the *1 "P *|,/| ta Usee p# -e*?*kr-5 with in ? ack'd spaw! That the stoop had the Hghl 1# ssasj. hwf rourar ar^i ale* aright ?be? >U I al r ?d re?*a t? ig ptehefid a to aa the #t#?r<e ?*ad t-ake-n llo ine-a ? fifes t as - f to wfidea t,#f#e*f Is. s^aje f' *rs h iiel If la oak ng sack at esp" ehti ihrittiftlM aba <i4 gal adopt Oh Meat JiUdmi I r*Mtw ?ueh ere#'f #f )' If rot a .?1 e ?%rgad against her as a Caa i rise '?*???*?? f>.?of lull## ; That lb* evidence la he M rabut the i,/,m T#i/ v ease mod* out sgsifM* the stewmer by b*t laoure to bava he Wkoot "* s?? ly ???*? .. -f 'k# lie ?*#>? rather Streng'l^ns H a?d she maet ka held lub e flhr the damage# f#*#ae f* # libe lant wl'h a ele .nre Tor U I* ar t. ?# M "a ' f? I "f f;?lmant? Mr H#wh* and Mewsra. FoloO aad thfki lai o lino alf* IHt?. a Li.ft u* iraat bf o* a ran* Ob ft* it a ?8a c arfAia. y r f'witof t'Wfei er ^"eps /#. 4?S<s ?TV# Itirwhat a * ? '"as# I* rot twaselet #4 Uo Amer a? st.ipf tit ?a U r. am- * #oarge#l with having ioiM*#Tfad ?? assault with a lafeOrtM ?hjs i o# ky!ee#te?^f a jw#*e? per ' n b ar 1 ''*a tassed f? hwr #te t ? ag f?* ??. lisat jan) t# 1 his iaifict Alt Mrj ?{>{#?<*, 'g the jj ;,r*?e? '?#*, ??<?. and Mr 8 ? fJNfnr*?ag h * * # ac* '0#i If * WStwl-f ?."?* v* (.?< ?Of a mmn 1 ?JUMMSC I>f ? wnnan |?wn|(r charging with utaal u.g a rak? Irom bar ?U?i a. Tt?- captain oaiuc to lare.M gata- the metier, *hea ?mi? aitetratifm arnaa, ami Riu* rfl tx-caui>a iriaulOBt anil thim tuning in In. l.nguawa. 11m- captain ralMxl a alick and atruck K.immI, a ? -u Macn ?004, and tlie captain tel l in hi ? hum! a, ?t,l h it ia alli-gaal lie prerantmi at ItU'ael. For Uir ldaaca it waa ('?intended that un morn fiirce wan on?l ti)r AnatJn than a an n'txwarjr to maintain the order and dinripllnn of tha ?' ip The jury, in a few minute*, aO>(Ulttad the an CUM d. C. I. ClrcnJt Caort Pefore lion, Judge N'elaon and Battn. run nutv ii nrn.uirno.a , tna In the orntf of Anloeio Huoillon, which baa boon invoi tigaieit U lore Mr. f'omniiaaiouer WaUon, on ? charge of f< iperjr committed in France, an application war mad* f< r a I at*** rorpua to tiring up the pi I-oua*, detained under the (omml?ionar'i warreat. After argument ot (\iunael, tl,e (ourt rtrelded that tha OumintMiuoar W?e BUtimilied hj law In net In the matter on a < ompliln* reilBad b? imlh before one of the .ludgeiof the loiiftj that (he law* of the State of New York a re the lawa to tin- c:i#e rmhiecia. within nnd roeerad If the ?Upulettea if the trra y n 'mw! In; arid that th# pruflRO to jftldi 1 of th# convention with ttauc# of Now. 11, t?43, i* awt reef rioted by law* emanating from tl* federal govwra im*nt The Court d* nled the mot#, a for th# writ of hM<ea# eorpui*. We undere'iind that th# i V*nun#*Jon**r hw# t rami milt *d to ih# IT#eid#nt hi* report, upon whkh thf action of th# govern meat w ill Itw founded Court of ( iaamoit flew* ?#n#roi Term. Nov. 14.?'HQanirrr* hi. J nekton.?Dmljf, J?Thti if mm at?| tlcatloci to vacate Ih# Uanmitj.t ot a ja?lg xicnt eot#r*d up in th# Marina Court. Th# ruu<t? tried it) th* c urt liflow tiatoiti a tlngl# '# wad a jury, and a verdict hawing t?aan found tor th# plaintiff Judgment wna entered up by Uia JueUrw, in tnannwr an I > in a# pro nctlhed by th# etatute. (I Kav. U?? ,,f |g|;|, v. itgti, a It?.) From thl* Juifgnient th** d#f#tidoot app#*W"i to tha Cermral Term of tlio Mailt*# Court, ami the <<*u#tal Term (iidHrrii o new trial, unit***# the pialutitl ilrct 1# KH re th# amount of the judgment lhi? th# plain tat r#tu*ed to d >. Whereupon on- *f th# Juatftc#* modeoa ord?i that th# |>i?btiatttl make th# #1* !thm tu writing tu? drt tin* order ot the tieneraJ It-r tu, ami aarw iwiiot tu?*r#? ?>f up* n th# defendant within tlir## day* aft#r a#r?i#e uf Iji tlci- of th# order, which th# plainttlf having o?a*UU*l U do, th#ir complaint waa diiu>i*#d. It l? lu*t?t?i that imi *| pal Uy to th? Ccucral Term in fh# on##, and that th# ?.id#i mad# hy it gianting a n#w trial, wUh if?# pr# e#*d|rg? nubn-ijtpiot tberan#. wrr# ?ohl, and that th# judgtif nt ?It r#tnaihH in lull fotca oad #ifo*!t lit# cdaiiiK-d that tb#4?ert#rol IVrm rtav- no p ?w#i, undwr th# art o? lawa of Ihh.'t, p. 1, 1(4, to r#vl#w anyttiiog hut th# d#cud<?n t?f a mgU? Juatio# opening a d %wlt, hut it haa b##D r#pont#dly h?*l t upon motion# ll) thla t'oiirt thai aurh in not th# r n-trur'ioo of U?# ataiat#? hut 4In*? an ap|f#al II## Ir in any J *dgiu#nt raud#r#?d hjr a Rihgi* An #pt #al ll*** in ih# larignag# of tho atntu'c ft <<m a judgtn#nt wutrrad upon th# *11 #n|j?oto Mi<gl# iMaii?*#, Mo Hi# t*#? #ral I# in," in th** ?ain# man* n*i, and with th* lik# ?(Tact a* app*a # in th# ^upiwua# la urt tr? in a d#rtatori hy h Fing^ Ju ig?* \>? th# ti#n# al li rm " Th# nMaaniiiir ol tht* t* v -*y pltin in tit# 4u 11* tin ( * ?rt a Judgment may !#? ?til#r#'l upon th** ?!**! ah n of a * ingl# Jualh# withoiii a jury from wiiirh aa app#n) lh a (dtaolly ti> the t*#u#?al i#rm, fa Ati ) and wi eu th* tiial i* hy a Jury th# ?l#rk aiiUM# u.e J *u??-?it# in coiit* iinl'y with ti<?? verdict, utile a n I'iffnrvat dl*## to n if given by tb# court (-. -?4 i Hut th# *UtiiUw ot panivliig Uif Muiine give tin* #i#*h to p ???r l<* #n lei juiigii.rnt in conformity * ttl* th# v?rdi#t of lit# Jury. H# t# tiullimimlt*) d < 1 #t or i#Klal#' judgtio *it hut Ma* Of urt tu ti ot pi v# Judgment. <uK?v U*o, p. a tin, p <>U7, lUi.i the Juatic# lafnc *houi Ih# trial U h*if m It h * t wtihoiit a jury mud in #v#rv #a*M*, gif# J i lg n ent and ih* rl#r? miiat dotliat th* judgm#n lur# homily with th*-entry or miuot# uia i# by in# JuaUo*. A# every Judgnieut tu th*- Ma* u**- Court ?r?U*r*"l i,* ?o ih# dliaction ??f th# Juati;** win* trl#*? t!?# naua# th# fir*-Viah n ol th# atjktiii* ol IHai?i, tia ap|#*al? ar* lo In ho uglil ill tin ftmii ininnrr and with th# iltia #if#?t ne ni j #.i * in the wu >r? iii# i ?yurt from th# d**.*?#ioa *?f a #inpi# Juatlc#loth# <.#??#/*1 Icrm Uplaino uovtiua Th# I in ty appeal# from t It*-Judgment *rr#?*i hy dir*cUinoi th# JuaUci- of t!i# Marin*' Court, a* h# w ml I appeal Ir no n judgtoeiit <nter#d by rii'*cth>ii uf a ?lngl# Ju*tlc# "f tn# ."U|!? nie Iourt. I'h# infxl# *?f pr #-<*d?iie in h ''h #?##? If tf ?* mi in*, and a^ an appeal i n th# har In# Court. ?? t* 1.nv? h# nk*- rt!i?ct, ihi Wetii ial lertiiof tin' coirt hvt nil th** power# in reviewing 11?t? jinlguo n' which Hi# ?i#n end 1* fin or th*- .wupt#m*? la.urt ? M hav# Iri th**ca.? p* inti J '-lit. iiicy ir?ay order a i?#w t*iai ?f a? r#?p* W the aj |?al and In every atag# ul It, do wtintwY#- in# u pi? int 4 urt might o in any ? - of an a ^*##1 f? ?*u ill* <>rhU.n *1 a ?Ingl* .Judge ??? th# #ourt '*? tlieijrneral Term The ?r ? t the <**n- a! r#*r?i w# ?i*#' ive in i.oi pointing "Ul within w? at ilm# lt?# pUtu'df ?u?jut*i eh *-i li?.t n*? time havii g li##t? nameo C vai runiit tent aa it w? u ?' have tiw ri In ti?# duprvtrie t*4?urt for * *lrple Jul* lr# l*? make an order tna* th# lilliulilf *b ml4 fleet within a i#a? tiahl# tltii*. and C he failed tj do s"% to order t! at th# can*# l<# ??#t ?hiwn f?*r tilal, alien, if th# plainllfT failed to app*ar a-?J pr ??# iW the * ?? ??, Jufiymwftt ot *!ffault m*g t hav# t?# ?t? r#m deied *t<i n-' him. ThU It a; waa o ?t dune hat the Juab* kflinUr* d th# ronipUUit up* n Ih# pUlotifT* rtlua i g to *ii ct I hi* h# ha'l n?? auth? ii y U# d? 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