Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 19, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 19, 1855 Page 1
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w WHOLE NO. 7022. MOlLNTNG EDITION?MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. IPfBKTOEBBWTS BBNBWBP KfElY DAY. I maw CHlOURT 6KCRET8.?AIN8 WORTH'S ORKAT WORK ON B, '? OOUKT HKOKKTS." M t ufuiu or thb Oocmth or the Htoartw. By William Harrison Alnsworth, being one of the moat in tensely Interesting romance* ever written, U tor sale this day, grice&i cens. by .U new. .genu a^b^ll^aud U pub 101 Cbeetnnt street, Philadelphia. Copies sent free of postage, on reoelpt of SO cents. SH.AJ18FBA.BS QALLEltY?(HY WILLIAM YON KAUL BACft)?Just received. the ursl number of this unguis cent work, at art, containing Miobe'b, Banquo, and the wltcbet: Lady Macbeth walking in her sleep; Maeboih arming himself tor tbe last struggle. All lorers of One arts ore respectfully invited to oall and examine them: KMIL 8BITZ, 43 Broadway, -op stairs. Importer of engravings. mo BOOKSELLEB8 AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN A Valentines.?The subscriber ts now prepared to Ml orders to any amount for the comtng Valentine season. From the large and varied ftock be lias o 1 hand, dealers would do well to select their orders. Bring all made under his own superin tendence, he has greater fao lilies to sell cheaper for cash than any otlieraIn the market. ValeuUaea selected now can be forwarded at anv time previous to <Ue 14th February. T. W. STRONG, 90 Nasaau street. ______ (L JnMMll i .'wipt au 1 ooa'ndeuUal. Old gold and silver beught. N. B. ? o business transacted on Saturday. FDANCUIa rr/\ nnn TO loan on watches, jewklb* qrO'J" ."UU precious atcuaa. mortgages, uotaa, cheoka, and inert baiulisa. Ali eonunuDlcatlone treated confidentially. Husuiees prouiptly attended to. tlaab always ready on the spot, in sums ot $1 to I1U.U00. Apply at the loan oflloe, room No. 10,1101 itioadway. nnn TO loan on diamonds, watches, tpl llv.UUU Jewelrv, se^srs, horses, wagons, and all kinds of pe:?otial property, or the same bought for cash. Private roouu for ladles, busmen* prompt and conQdcntlal. TAYLOR t < 0., 39 Chamber* street, uoxt door ti Burton's theatre. Office hours from9 A. M. till 9 In tbe evening. &?nn iinn -money to loan on diamonds, ipUtiU.Ul/U . watches, Jewelry, dry goods, segars. Ac , or bosght for estb; slocks, note*, mortgages, Ac., negotiated. Business cooddentlal and prompt. My THOMPSON A CO, brokers and commission merchants, UKi Nassau street, ooroer of Ann, room No. 8, second lloor. ?CC7 nnn TO loan-on watches, diamonds. .4/1/1/ Jewelry, segars. and every description or valuable property or bough, for raab, by J Oft. K. ISAAC, basement olUre, H Chambers sueet, frsrs 9 till ' V A A n nnn TO loan, ON WATCHR*, DIAM0ND8. iTtV'.UuU Jewelry, dry goods, furniture, planus, and every description of merrhandise, In large or sma'l ammnts, or tarnghi out for cash. Business strictly confidential. Apply at Ne MM Hussion street, between Mercer and Greene. a. MYBBS, Agent. ?Onn~WANTED, A PARTNER IN A FIRST CLASS exhibition, to abend th : door, and share equal. 'I hc business is pleasant, atteuded with out little expense, and iffers great b ducemeuts, as (3,000 can be made this winter. -Call and atialy yourself at Va> R1PKR A OO'ri , office, 343 Broad way, room hi. LA It 1 Eft OR GENTLEMEN WISHING TO SELL OR have advances made on anv kind of valuablo persouul property will be waited upon at their residences, by addressing a note to Alonzo B., Post office AU communications treated confidentially. Money-cash liberally advanced in any amomit, or bought out at sight good of every de.torip a1on, at ilie oldest and most responsible office .n the city, 41 Howard street, corner of Broadway, over ItaweV bakery. The atricteat ccnOdence may be relied upon. McLaughlin a o'mkilk. Money advanced, or bought out for cash? Diamonds, watches, or jewelry, pianofortes, dry goods, or other portable property; slso, law books or statlooerv, b.v the Empire I oau and Agency Compatiy, room 9, io 313 llroai way, opposite the Broad wny theatre. C. WILLIS, Agent. The metropolitan fire insurance company, No I OH Broadway.?Now York. November 13th MSA? Notice Is hereby given that the directors have this dty declared a *emi annual dividend of five per cent on the oaplial stock of Oils company, payable on nnd after the 20th Instant, until which date (.Inclusive) the transfer hooka n re closed. K. A. HiANSBUKY. Secretary. _ COFkHTBEBN> 141* WOTIC1ER. ^1/1 fwin -partner wanted, with capital, VllU'Uvt In an old established mechanical business, -o take th- place of one ot tbe partners, who Is compelled to re tire trom Hi health; the premises cap be rcntoi or purchtsed; 'he cenreru have orders on bond that will require four mom In -o comnlete. Apply to H. H. B., box 1,449, Post office. <&7 fWlfl TO $10,000.?PARTNERSHIP WANTED, BY ?P ( .UV*\I a man of experience In some pleasant and luera five business, where tbe above amount ef capital Is re inlred; or would loan the mm and sorep'. a clerkship at a llheist salary-. Address Capital, Herald < U1 e, staUng name. location aud na ture of thebuslness. None others wiU ae noticed. (UtA -WANTED, IN V HIGHLY RE-tPECTABLE sPO.t/"l/t bnslncs", long snd well established, Die abov ? amount of capital, to extend the Mime, for which, tvnli the o' caalonul >ervtcea of the loaner $1.0110 per annum will be paid Tbe advertiser la n practical man. and has established several stores ot the class, which ran be seen In successful onrra JOB. One acquainted with iIusm Hawse business and I in .ROfUits merchants, and having Influence, would be preferred. Aadrers, for line days, J. I1A Herald office. d?l /Win ?SPLENDID CHANCE FOR A.N ESTER prising man to make a torlune.? An e?'abll?lie.l bualami. now pa Ing over fjno per month, as can bohowii. oan ire exlevoed to ?ny amount. Full particulars ciu be given by railing on U. H. H.Mli'il A CO., 84 Nsasatt slrret. flale WllliStnt A Fmlih.J <t>cnr| or ti,ooo to invest in any kind of MpvJU'r business or (-peculation where a sure tid u?l cnitttcau be realized. Anv person baring any blng of tht kind, nod wish to -ell or take a parts' r, and can give mttsf te tnrv evidence of tbe profit*, can command flic above amoun'. more or let.", by addre*- log a note to George, Herald offi-e, -slating par'b ultra. -PARTNER WANTED, IN A HIGHLY RE ?pectable and very profitable business, that has h-u-u established several year* anil require-, no capital. None hut a man ot integrity will he treated v I'h. Hindi will lind ?this a rare chance to make money. Appiyat the Franklin Dense, bet wcen 9 and 4 o'clock. K. A. MOORE. -WANTED. A RESPECTABLF. MAN. MAR aPtXe'U. rled or single, us partner in tbe best porter house in ilie Bowety. The proprleto Is a fluglo dm, and want* a tnaato go n hint as an emu! par'ner. and to avis' Utm la all connected with the limine, has tenth ten pin al eys; wants a man to take a full share In sto<-k, lease ana tlxtarei, for $IY). ?ostptOO. Everything all clear. For Inf irmatlon apply soon At 91 Division street. dtOfWl TO ?100-A COMPETENT MAN WANTED, TO qP0"U jOiu a genlJeman In a caab paying bnslnesa. In which each party can realize $] org) 'be coming winter, by good -management. No risk, at the Investment la secured. Cation Mr baafurd Imnaedlately, at VAN RYl'ER A CO'd, 34S Broad way, room . CM tOPAHTNERSHIP KOTICE-UEORQE TRKTM. FOR V meny known m a nirm' or of tha Orm known *?< i?. Test* % llnxhen withdraw Irrm Ihe -aid firm oil the rih ilir or Hop timber, lt-iS, by mutual cot > nt. IIKUKIIK TKr-TS PARTNER WANTED?WlI'll A CASH CYPITAL~OE AV?i, in a reepectabla husluc--. that will cle'ir $2h,0nu In pnia year. Ttmae baring the ou-h, by adJrai-iog O. U. A.. 'Inrabl (dike. may learn the parti juleru. HOTELS. JHVSROM HOUSE. JA0KbOKVU.UK, E.YRT ETDIWDA. - I'eraona going bomb, wiehlng a quiet h iu*", rotnblued ?iih Maatorva' rfe-mable charge*, earii'" <lo ?.-? -r than *? 'ha J'idana House D. DAY, Prnpne or C. W. HiLLiiCur, Superintendent. Nemational hotel, Washington, p C?THIS CHI K hia'ed hotel, allu.iiad balf way betaeen Urn I*re*M?o''a hi ureatid tha t'aptol. liar bean lea?ed by the undir?l?n-'d for a term ol year*. and ha* been refnrnlabrd and Imunral -J roiiebottt. making It In all ita appointment* ni|ii*l to an* holel la the country. Ihehou." la eowopetilor the aocotn ii od? on < t be pubLo YYII4.IAM IUT I'touritbg MITII.-O "? IA N llol IB 1(1-TV It \NT Hnodwav, rarn?r of Hninton atiee . Entrance lo rooow for faml lea and pa-tleaon Houatoa ?' *?t. All the *idi?t*mtal* and luiirle* at dawn inwn i.ric Hit WRY ARNOLD Tf'IIF S>" riHSONIAN HODBrT A fk.wdway corner of liouaion a'-reet, New York e ingle r'Kimn. JO rente. 76 rent* and II par day. Parlor* and bed .> .nut, B1 JO to 14 par Jay. Heala erra and a or dared. SIDNEY KUP.MAN. SHUHWARIY'R HOTEL A1KK.N, SOUTH CAROLINA - Aiken i? unrated near fix Imgdrtx! feel eliove lb - level of 'b- ?aa and one bundled and iwenty mile* from Charleutun. The air m < x<eedlngly dni aid pure, and the oonn'ry for rollet around i? efuddad with pine*. Oor 9r*t phyatetan* re-ommend t very blebly fhr rooaomptivra, dj ipepUe*. and all alTer' on* . X fbe hi . .v It la ueceaalnle from all part* of ihe Unite I Mate* by railroad. The proprietor leal* thankful for the liberal pa yonara heretofore b.ntowed upon l.ap. r?nd having mid - new arrangement* with a Northern c<M??m*"i Irnata, by untiring ; and atrtrt a'ten'ton, 'o continue to merit the ?ante Df. B- livrerU. who ha* rwoetved twenty year*' ein* den' e In liar affeeiton* re?ldoa near the hotel. N It ?Car i in%f end aiddlr horaea ran be had at a abort notice. AHBhTKOI.Oi-r.?MKH TERRY WOULD RESPECTfULLY Info'tn liar friend* and ihe la tire ofplew York that aba ctn oe rot?"l" d on all tha evante of life, at 341 Broome, e enar ol I.tidMr ?'ir? t, lop Boor, front room. Ultra lor ronvuliailon firm 10 A M lo a P. W. "7 WOKDAR ?IIAY1 Y"l SKhN TIIK Uir*KY ?ilRI? J\ Ihe omy una | almlvt In Air loaf If not. be aure to .ml al S ll'ltan itrcel, whar - *h > ran he nonaulled with on ?all event ot life. fea JO eenie. N. H.?Tha Otpatea are the onlv one- 'hut ran Impart 'be ne. ret by which any lady or gentleman oen otdatn the tflertkm* of 'ha uppoatm tav. < "barge eilra ~kT\ b'oUIOT.?H. BRUCK, THE MYSTERIOUS TKIIr J\ ed lady, ha* arrived In the city lor a abort tun* only. At Hrur. n a aerenih rtangb'er, and haa a natural gtfl. and .-an he ' mtnhrd with on all evanta, to 'ha aa'ietactem of all who rten bar AU who wleh in eonanlt bar ran oall at ?*!' IltoofDe * reel, imtwren Wooatrr anil Igturana fee JO real*. Dour* from ? A. M to # t M. <m Vl.Alkt'llYANCR. ThTHrX BRONCHITIS. DYHPKP i ???. dehmiy.dvaantary. liver ? mplalnie, old niferi. ner eintane-a levar and ague In It* worat form, female Irregn tariite* nigatwar*, hyetarb-a eed dleaaiea of rblldeen cired dl rnr*ble> ny Mr* SEYNOl'R, 'he great madtoal elalrroyant, 1M eprlna e'ree*. near Broadway. raifefacUno or no pay. d ILAir.VflYAM K- BY RRS. H tl1"', TIT < IIKST M'lDI \ ra! rlairvojan' dial dek per".w?a e*n eonyer?e wl?h In Unrrr, rear", ting tbeD heahh and happinaaa. M-* (Ityeala pvunerlv iiwgradfed by Dart* r Ilayea, he moai akilftil mag narlaer In thla ronniry. "Bite ITo t?r ind atreaL HailafaeiPio or no pa - -CiADAMrMrVKR IJAS REMOVED T<1 I?1 SEVENTH ATI avi or, Imtweea ffcn") third and Twenty fourth atreew. She root.-.lie# to tall fMRraarat and fotore evanta; llkewtee marrtagei K urnayv, rfwunl'*, hn*tne?a pnepaet* aleane**, ?harm "-end* properly Ion or atolen. Nvtame Meyer eor ?ewreee In Pr.Hi b, frenrh and Oi nnen, and gltae gnareniae fhv her at'. l^fAJMJRETl.WtW, FROM PARIS. TENDERS HER SER .n Vteea 10 Ivtie* and genlle-nen la |.hrenol?; y. k iO ten ' e eo? evil'er *hoii'love, marrtiar Vweineea aotwll a' **tm> r?; tV 11*4v nrff l0OWt hrtfrf. ? ?* <4 "li l?ReeeKSSYArt^S11**^ Haaleal ud Tkcatiiral. SOMKTHIKQ ABOUT DUCTS AND DEBUTANTK3?LET TBR KHOM AN A8PIRAIfT FOB DRAMATIC H0K0K9 ? A WORD TO TH1 MANAOBK8. It wax tbf remark of the late Mr. J. B Booth that, ia ten >eats from hie time it would be impossible to get in a city theatre an army tor "Kichard III., ax all the supes would be playing tilonceater in the country." This ia net quite true new, but It may be before the time expiree. In the department of tragedy It is almost inr possible to get the minor parte well filled, all the actors being anxious to "rush In where angels fear to tread." We do not think that there is any more desire on the part of actors to play the best parts than there ever was, but the number of theatres has largely increased, while there are no more really good actors. This comjieU the country managers to lake walking gentlemen for Ar?t tragedians, and obliges our rural friends to see many foul murders, white we have to suffer from the mingling cf the small parts, for which these aspiring young gen tlemen ate only lit. Ami It Ion is a good thing in youth? In gods 'tis glory, and when men aspire 'lis but a spark too much of heavenly Are: ?yet, when egotism and self-conceit make this "vaulting ambition'' a public nuisance, tbc public have a right to complain. A high tone ofdramatio criticism would lie the tiest corrective of the evil; but this we have not out of New York, often we find, by the Western or Southern press, tliat a man whom the New York public thought hardly fit to deliver a message, has all the fire of Booth, the vigor of Forrest, aud the artistic excellence of Macready. As a general rule, nearly all the persons who are tit to play lending tragedy in a good, are twinkling as small stars in obscure places, while their legitimate station* are filled by uieu whose proper place l a second or third rate position. There are no Beau seants, because every one ptayi Claude Melnotte. We hold that acting Is as much a thing to be studied, practiced, and thoroughly learned, as any trade, art, profession or vocation. How thankless and unprofitable is this toil! How few ever reach tame or fortuno ! (If the two thousand persons who are connected with the eighty theatres in the United States, how many are there with whose names the public aregenerally familiar? Not one hundred, we can safely say. How few of the best of them properly understand the works of the great drama tists which they are supposed to illustrate, or the Ian" guage in which they speak. Our advice to a young actor would be to get into a good theatre, under a good mini ger, like Blake or Walhtck, occupy the smallest position, study diligently, advance regularly, although slowly, be not so ambitious to play the best parts as toplaypirt* the best?fame and fortune must come, always providing the talent Is there. Acting is a matter of talent simply, not genius. The author's genius creates the part, the talent of the actor embodies it?vid' Rtchel. 1 he women are worse than the men. Since Mrs. Mowatt's successful debut?and we believe that, now her career is over, It is pretty generally acknowledged thai she was not a great actrcrs?there has been an intense desire on the pert of large numbers of young women to smell the footlights, and there has boca a c irretponding ly large numlier of debute. The number ot brillUnl urns ments thai have been torn from the belt society ?trans ferred from the splendors of the union to the sham and dirt of the row line*?has been frightful to contemplate: and it is painful to reflect how the aristocracy must suf fer at being thus depilved of its dtzxling lights. The number of young ladies?alt of them belonging to the beet society, of course?who are stUl anxious to sacrifice themselves on the shrine of art, is surprisingly great. The managers aie run down with applications, and were they not such terrible savages we might have a new .luh.t or I'auline every night in the wvek. We are aware that there are now in this city some ten or twelve young ladies who are atudylag for the stage. The labor is intense, and the reward is slow to come, if it ever comes at all. Thare Is a demand f ir all these ladle;, but tbey should not look too high at first. Thsy are en titled to ptals" for the courage and perse?erance which they display aud they hove a claim on the city managers which is too often disallo vcd. It is certuluty very wrung that s lady, wi'h all the requisites of beauty, talent and education, should be shut out of the .nrtrepoli'au tho?tre?, and tlist we should is* obliged lo suffer from bel importa tions when *e hare native stick fully competent an l willing toajt for le s money. As things stand now, tr'/u tonteii are driven to the country theatres, an I sol lorn i ever ciitsiu a metropolitan engagement. Rot the mane* e' < say. on the other band, that some o these aspirants sr not so well grnun led in their gram mar, or so sell up iu their orlli ?gr.ipby, as the foolish prejudice of 'lie < i j*> Un requir-, andqu >te nituy letters like the throwing. which la a verbatim copy of oue re cited the other day by the manager of a popular city theat e. it is evidently from n g.-uius wh i is not to he controlled by the Via ol Murray or Doctor John sou:? ?? Nov 4th 5.1 To Till I'ti' tTHTOB <1* TiIKATRX MB I take the liberty to iofo'in you 'hat I Miss a ? ? wiali to become a ftugi actress I widi to kmwwhat cl.anoo I .stand m regards your Uige If thare I* an opning forme I woold bemoste liapy ta till it it is a place I never Irave tilled bu'. hive confidem * before that I am fifed to tho task Please answer without delay And Oblige your most Obt Die tenia!?? aspirant always wants the highest honor* imrnedia't ly She must receive the laurel crown at on- e, and expect* to mate fllty thousand dollar* at least tn two years- She scorns at stock engagement.) and moat be a star. and have nice puff* In the paper*. Woe to the journalist who Insinuates that without more practice she cannot he a Tree, a Cti<b-nati or n Mid-tons. t\ hat a brute he must be to at'ack a w in in ' Tl.e disease U a chronic one. an 1 no treat-neat will re move It. We liavo knovo c -lt bs'hing, I >w dial an I im prisonment tried without effect. Ano tiirls [*mm from the y to the p-rlor ot some -Iciayet arllst. who gives her les-ona in declamation for a round wain? ty one liundi'-d lollsra per month Tho teacher, of course, pre diets for her the most unbounded ?u ? en*. The <unss; ne?spa|Ci* break out in a cboru*? fair creature?won ilerful reader? resplendent lareutjr?tremendous talent? tuores In higbeat circle*?going to sacrifice Ihi <" f i i te-a-i-Iful Uttle lamb) on the altar of the drama A , Ac. Then come* an outlay of from o re to Ave th -u u.d dol.sri for wirtrote, uvl Anally the plaintive ap peal to tie Ceiberu*e* who gua'd ths entrant"" to ?well, the temple of fame. Thla is managed In all ? >rt? of war*. Sometime* tlie -f-fsi'f'i-v'r pl<y? f-r seas body'a bens-At ? -,oiii#>ira*a wlit get* a w.-ek h?r frl-odt guirauxtng the manager against io-a?'ot fust app or ancea don t draw so well now as they -lid f -rmerly. I Hi ring llie evenlfsil night everything I* or-I* row. Irll c-1 int-'he perf irtnance of part?oorr-d logo through i aeveie or 'eat ?encourr-.g- I by the applau**-, cheers and bou-i-iet* of u*i Aatteri-ig frienl*. the lady think* sh* has cro the KuWc-m at la*t Bit It I - not an Sh* get* a few country engage nent*, but nevtr play* again in the metropolis. She ha* begun a* tbe wrong end, and Bods it out too Ut*. Sh* is never pee a niarily vncecseful. Truth la cover paU'able, an-l w* know tlsat many la-l-es ami gentlsmeu who are now or about becoming con nected with the -lege, will not thank ua lor this. It is, oevertbe-ee*. kindly meant; It is mean' to wave than* time ami m- Bey It ia meant to let them know that a in mlh in e good 'bratre, even ia a aobordlnate poaition, U b -t ter than a year's private tnitioB or e starring tour through tbe whole country, where yon hare the ss'i ?'ac tion of wearing out your wardrobe playing to empty te-ncbe* and losing yoar travelling *i;-en-e*. It i* m-snt to let tbem know that even newspaper puffs cannot make the public behave that a lady ever en e< enuipII*bo-l can ?tep fr? m the parlor to tbe stage awl be a great ae rase at once and it Is meant to curb that egoti-m and self con es it ehcli i* the besetting lu of tbe art. and to censure that |-ride whirb always goeth before a tall. To the managers, also, we would aay, give rl-ing talent a el-aoce. I>o not be governed ao much by routine. The public ere willing to excuse a faw p-iw- kcro-s, provided the naBdidete for fame has youth beauty an-! an evident de ?Itf to *ur ee-l. Ilaentirage native talsnt and do not b? afraid to give tbe youthful aspirant an opportunity W> act. and what ia better a lituation where he or she will have the advantage of the instruction of a good dtrietor, awl be enabled to see greet acting. We have always favor?I rM/u/ow/'i In order to encourage theru and im prove the e?n< Itlon of th- art, by a-ld ng it *->me com petant native piofa*aoia. We now give novice* a li'tle e-lvtce. end again assure thern that we will always be rea dy awl happy to chronicle their -aores-es. M'us Ksi nu baiebsel her New Vork season at MM ? a on Vurday. end has left town on her Southern t#?i ;l?i ?i j- f dm uj ei^V. u|li'iat u*r We aat st.e*-' theatre, rbiUdei>hia; thence go to Bc'ttmore, Chafiee ton ood H&nu. iV the benefit of oar friends over the weter we mey sey the* M'iie Rachel hen played thirty eight nights in America t.'Uioe September 3d, end thnt the groM receipts amount to Over one hundred thousand dollar*. The manager, M. RepLmelKelU, hss netted thirty thousand and M'lle Rachel has rpoelved about forty flee thousand dollars. Niato'a Garden is closed for a week, when It will open with "Asphodel," by the Ravels. At the Broadway Tukatss. Mrs. Julia Bean Uayne has been playing during the past week to full hawses. She has appealed in no new parts, however, and criticism is thsre fore unnecessary. She hss been well supported by Mr, C. Fieber and other members of the company, and the pieces bare been very well monnted. This even'ng, " I.ucrctis Borgia" will be revived, with Mrs. Hayne and Mr. Fieher in the principal parts. We presume that this very popular piece will attract a crowded housa. The "Borgia" always draws, whether in opera or drama?Kng liah, French or Italian. At Waixacv'b Theatre, the pleasant little comedy of " Ihe I)cw?ger" has been the event of the neck. It made a lilt. It is announced for Ibis evening, with " Manifest Destiny" i nd "A lawn of a lover." Mr. Waixack announces for Wedne*Uy a new two act piece, called " 1 be Little Treasure." It is a translation from " la Jois de la Maison," uud was lately produced at the Haymaiket, London, with success. " Rule a Wile and H.?ve a Wile," with Mr. l-oater as Leon, will be iVoe text Saturday, for that gentleman's benefit. The buslneis at Wallack's continues to be good. At Burton's Theatre the bill for this evening lucludes "blill Wa'ers Run Deep," and the Imrletta, " Villkina and his Dinah.' Mr. Burton jdsya in the first named 1 icce. At the Bowery Theatre, this evening, three popular pities arc unucunt-ed. Mr. W. M. Wsrd ha* been en gaged here as acting manager. The African OttotA at Wood's and Buckley's flourishes as well as ever. Read the pre grammes for this evening. At the Academy ok Mrmc, to-night, " 11 Truvatoro." On Wednesday Mile. Manlier Didlee, the contralto, will make her dclmt as Arsaco, in " Semtramide." Mr. Barrett's Farewkij. Benwit, on Tuesday, at the Academy, will be the great even', of this week. Else where will te found the cast of the pieces to be performed on this occasion. This would be sufficient to cram the home, without taklog the claims of the beneficiary into account at all. lho "Hamijt" Night at the Academy, ou Tubs lay week, is looked forward to with much interest by large numbers of people. There will be a rush, and spats should he secured in advance. Miss For a l IE, the actress and vocalist, has withdrawn from Burton's, hbe would be a valuable ad dllh n to either of the city theatres. Mr. J. W. I.ankrgan, lateofths Broadway theatre, is organising a first class dramatic company for a Northern and Western tour. Covert or the Print and Harrison Teocfe at Brook lyn ?'lhe long announced concert of this troupe for thp benefit of their agent, Mr. Rrough, came off on Saturday evening last. Owing to the popularity of the bavfidart in Brooklyn, of which he has long been a resident, as ei II ss to the varied character of the musical attractions offcicd, the Urge room of the Atbenaurm was crowded to Huflbcaiion. The vocalists consisting of Miss Ijoulsa Pyne and her sister, Mr. Hsrrison, Mr. Htretton and Mr. Uoircsstle, weie In excellent voice, notwlthataudiog the fatigue of their journey from l'ruvideuce, aud oesrly all the pieces were encored, prolonging the entertainment to a la'e hour. The ballads of the eldest Miss I'yne, and the peitoiou>noes of Mrs. Gallon ou the pianoforte, were arm ngst the most agreeable and 'stiiking features of the ? TCulng Of lstuha I'yne's execution of some ot bar la vorDe mom flt/r ruch as Fo<ln's celebrated air and the ' Styleik," it Is ur.neressary for us to ssy a word, as the public lire now thoroughly familiar with them. At the conclusion nt the concert Mr. Brongh was vociferously called lor, nnd mudi- an exceedingly happy and well turned speech The troupe left for Baltlinoreat six o'clock yeswrdsy evening. Their performances at f'rovtdouoe were in a pecuniary sense, amongst the most *ucc stul that I bey hare as yet given. OoodCohinu.?The Stirieu,I Cax-Hr say*:? M. Fsphacl Feb*, encoursgi-d hy his unprec"1sntcd success, is un* Hling to leave America, which ha- psM him mi well. We therefore liearalready of pisiirnltitry steps he hss tskcu to visit US to Xl year wi'h a r implote ballet trou|.e, led hv such artists as .Jt. Isron, M l lies t'nrlotIs i-1 anu Oiito. and unl irig litem with s good Fretib c< mic opera company. A g-<*1 bsllet troupe, e.< n>t >?ie in Its appointment*, and with artists ol the tirst ri nk, it what our eoun'ry lis- never yet **???, and Fietieh titers Is one of the mist entertaining ol nuiusemcn's. if Mr. Felix hut carries out the matter nc cord'ng to Id' present Intentions, he urust add to the for tune soiiiire; lu the enterprise of bunging his >l?:er to the ntr world. Mr. and Mrs. Sitqs KesVes, Mr. ami Mrs. Weiss aid Mi*s Jcuny B?uer. it Is positively an boomed sr<- tusking preparations to vi-lt us at aw e,tly usy Mi snwlii'e tin y ere luaking u farewell tour Utrougu Kiglind. Hi mov? Mr. Forrtut i< rllll at the rVmton theatre. "Macbeth" ban been produced aplencldly. At the Ma ??um, a new fpoctagli' in five acta, nlM "Valentine and Urum," l? to !i? prod iggd. 1'if I aiu 11 'The I hilar.>tj>lita Amdamyof Mu*lc li progre* lug taphlly. Wr transfer from the Bull 'in a de tciiptlon of the txjil< rag a? it ia to )*?;? The following patlicuUra in rila'l. n to the new np>r< hou>a will glra our teadera an idea of ita *ti* ,.r?| capa city. 'i la' building haa a liont of ](U hat on Broad atri?t, wllli u .ieptli i f U?S kt' oti I ocuat t treot. Thnro wi I b?* i rgulai fm a,(Ami paraona an 1 n'.ad ami -tamllng loom for MX) more. 1 1? orciieatra will be ?ft foot long br 10 fi -t a de. ami will aiToril ample r,oin for -.eroniy inu litiana The following ore the dinietir.iona of tha priori I ill put of I ho atru dure:?'Width >ti?( dopa^iixot, UO feet; width of atage pro)ar, fOfoet depth, fWfo't, whllh of iu,IIiii Him l-tvre<-ii tha walla. IfO feet height to dome 70 feet: depth from curtain to bark of b x ? , lOT feat; width ot cut tain, 4* teat; h i?rKt 1H feet widti of lobbire, at pgueeeuluui, w &* t, gredgn#w wi ll n og at ?e<. tibule anttini-e 'i. lit Out nitianco of lobby, cm ilroad -tn 11, II) by fret; two main atati way* id waiitala. width of t ah. 1 l >ft. wt'lth if Ntma to aoc .nd tier, I leet; to In) 7 f iThe grand *al . n, whi-li e*ri be ucad tin . Deaf! , hitaiw, belU. he., U i by H.f feet 11 tglit of ean.e .0 eel; the number of ? xitd . o - ia It, all ? f Inean oueoii g outward, comMfelug a t pace of 11! feat; m tl at a hill ho e ran be diacharged In nmfotf hilw ml mi i ; the coveted cart Inge ?ay la 70 feet on la.ruat xreet, tocuib; width ol lb mad street par. m. nt lit !>-et Ia*ru ' -t.ii t !o , lJ lee! ?t.go avalion, im I ,w the floor 10 het, under remainder of th? hou-o, 8'j fee' In an r by ?ie?in genaratol by two b dtara. fbe audita ilom la to I a illuminated by a diah in tlie >! >-n- r in '.ilolrg lOti jet*, nleo by mo towa of jeta along tha cor i II I ?n<l Iy biarhet lights again t the wail'. Tb?ri will If aentiliting flnea throughout tha bouse. cmnert leg v on the ? talu srutlUkUug tbaf' over th? lUurniint bgilicb. Tha parquet eousacea ar", to wit: two at rirhefra L. Uet aid., gradually enlarging to G>j fort ai lobby with two additional aide enUanrea. earh .1)$ bit wide Numerous other pa -age* throughout the houM, leading toaeal". commence along the inoer, being 2 ft et br' ad, and graduafry widening tod ie-t at I. t.i . < Reatawnnt hi baiomant, MlgKM; b'-ig'itof the building to aora>re, fn leet. lbe roof adtt tie of iron, main ?fan idlbn paieaga way on amibfank, lhfwt; pa a# age a ay on ia?r to WaataaoreUnd etr?-t, 16 M. a t alci ry ti i road atnl alao one on i orna' atiaad. each 70 (eat. Ha'h'l at the Walnut atree' t eight. Th- " Many f riend ' " hat le en done at the Arch, and Janat 1'ride," at the (Ity Mnaenm 1 airy?The new theatre la doing a line bttalrn- Ita ancceea la certain. Miaa Anna Cruiae haa U'aly J' la*t ? he company. <hie of Ibe papera raya of her iUIhu ? Mlaa Anna f i ulr? made a ft tided hit at the'r lea night, hhe if a apirited artiaea and an accompli, bed to .slot, fha waa r?ry wtll reeelred. Mar Hiamlln 1 wag finely delineated and deaerwedly applau Waan?"Tos, 1?. C.?Mr. J. W. Walhw a and Mr? M donee will art here next weik. Mr. I/lew.? Maggie Mitchell haa been playing hern, and ae regarda attract Iveneaa. the leg" it would ?eoan, rat .er beat the h?ad tn that n aped (me of the papera Uw r ?aj ? ? 1 The4e ye at thia time wrgral atara traeeUin/ on their legs. .W# don't mean by thia that Maggie aua talna her reputation on aorh aapport. fur we Itellere abe I aa undoubted talent, and would be exceedingly attract lee without?no, not without leg*?but with le*a aym roe trim' and aubatantlal one# than ahe bonata." Dnnifn.?Nr. K. L. lla Ten port and Mlaa Vlning are at the National. The i.yceum theetr* u lo be opened there next month. BaLtmogr.?Mr nndMra. Barney WllUama are drew.og crowd a to the Mueeum. I am;nou?, R. 1 ? Miea K I'gaa aufce* her Nret ap | raj here to ntghl. T- a *eo.?Mr. I a ridge will play here a< ?t we'll Nxw "aixaae ?'the Mi? ' Tuavlea waa opened n ?httar /ay eeok fV mpeoy? B l>? Her (manager) H H. I'uf fit acting manager (' Rope, l>cai.) -".udl-y Mark traith Hind Chaplin Rraer.k, Ca r t Hi Meant Hownid (iutdea; Mo 4*to? J I . J .j (?'a '?;? tg, teier !( i^ g.t; i 7 . A ^ JSmith, Johnson, How* *d| Nexon, French, IUmm Johiuon and Schoolcraft. FoMK*.?Two now dram** ?f tome consideration lure boon recently produoed In London. At the theatre Hod Ion Wells, ? tragic play In five acts, under the title " Hamilton rf Hoth we 11 he ugh,1' by 1L'. Salvua, author at "The Templar," and a drama, in four a'Ota, called 'Tbo Beginning and the Had," stated to be fr'?n> the pan of M?. Level, who** " logo mar" became no papular. The play shewed many alaver paints, but the terrl>le was too familiarly presented, it wanted the relief of imagi nation? the great secret of Xhakapeare'a tragic power. Hla i Cuahman, m the heroine, showed extraordinary 4ra ma tic force, but the critics doubt If the piece can k vep the stage. Oi-nua itr ?Tlie crrmi* of ywaat-i that during tho p**4 two month* h?v? overcrowded I'wrl* have told eatlia council* of theatrical manager*, and bj their anz'atj to eojoy aortyded work* have rendered any great alacrity

in the production of novelty auperfluoue. Now, how ever, " the winter faahiona" are beginning to eotno out at the oyera Uouaea, aad before our mimical aonaon aeti in, it may be ai well to glance at what Ia doing in the French capital. Let ua tuku the aaeue opportunity of not icing a wor k or two which, till now, we have only mo tioned by heurany. In the latter category cUada " Iaa Vepree Hlcllieoncx," by Siguor Verdi. I hi*, withoutqucetion, iaa preaeat attraction at the (iraal Opera; we doubt, however, whether tt will retain ita place lu the repertory aa " Qukliaume Tell" and?at a leapectlul dlxtauce?" iaa Kavorlta" do. it ia veaatioua that ODe who indicate* good Intentions ao clearly ae blgnor Vena haa done in hta later opei aa. ehould aiili tail ao abort of coropleteue.a nud x tor ling merit?thia, poaxllil)', not no much froui eteriiity of fancy an from want of vaiiety iu the Hotting forth of bia inutdcal ideaa. We hare aeidom heard anytiiiLg more cutloua than the inatrunu-ntatiou, on which tlie compoaei hta olirioioly oountel for mauy of b'n eliVe'i.. When waa ever ou-hi-aUu m? c.Mupio'cly devoid of all lenoi lore . except w hen the vi ilououlll (aa too often happ?na) ring the melody ? When were ever the devicea of . ordiui, ireinolaui.i, trivial pianiealmi on the topmoat atriugx of the violin ao u.ed and nliUMd ' On< c>, in tin accompaniment t< tlie air c.f Mont fort in tlie third act u good cieeci-udo ia obtained, en liaurlrig the paaaiou with which lite aaeue win la up ; IlUt thin ia the only aucceaa in our lecidlection, while we fi-el tlie general Imprranion of fevcriah attempt every j where. Nor in " lea Veprca" d i we tlnd dig nor Verdi ao | happy in hi* combination i for voice< aa he ha > proved | litii.aclf in the lie-t pacta of ' Krnaui." in the ipiu'ett I tt*m 1 lligoletto," and tn the fourth act . f " li frova tote." Ilia chorul throughout in g<-uuiaHy weak , ita bent employment, peril ip , lielug iu the barcarolle do-log the <?c< nit act, ahem a barge l.oicu with " Youth an 1 I'leaaure," houud for a level, glide. arro a the back of the nti-ge, while the Sicilian oonapuatora aie luntVeiing tinir treason* in the The priaon finale iu the fourth act. wi.h ita "lie profuudia" behiud the ncencn, la an attempt to outdo the ' Mi ercie" in '11 1'iova toie." but it In meagre, and wanting in iiwo ami ptHiiou. lb* bent melody in the opent ia, pi-id'ily. that ol the |>a tiiotlr rhant, "O noble pntilo !" winch clo?ea tie thdnl act. Among the aira and di.eta there are few o- u> phi an which retain the i-ar oo a lirat li.-n lug, tbehaa a ceitaln i-tyle, evidence of purpose aud npliit in the iiiuaic, "carry i?.off." "Lea Vejnoi" la .in o/iui-a which no one open minded pcraoti will object to hear onei?to which fear even among Pignor Verdi'* aVowred Li litvera will be able to leturn ? fteu?ind thua, aa wu have -ant It range* a* intciior to tlie Italian French ope r*? with winch Mgoori ito.aini and ifcioizotti have en ? iched the ri-jx rtory of tin- Acadi-mie rigour Verdi hai no light to oomplaKi of Ilia ezee jlanta. M. Uueyiii.trd, hie tenor, la heard to great advantage in "Ism Vepree," and apjanin to liave lawn nttidyiug tor delicacy and i Latin ill addition to luax uliue vigor. lire two bu.nea, Mil. and lionnhrc, me excellent; both of them wor th? uf the kut day* of their theatre. MdlU Cru.olU fcit'g" the Holt s of her music correctly; her ??dco in -till a \ irt uhUM* ot* tlie flr*t order, aud *he look* very bin inoruo. Hut suiely newr wa* a part full of *truggltrig pi -Ion, Ugh rwml re, aud heart-tending HMcriUce (auch I | Hi i? ne'e part) mi handled. IUvii.?< tnade up her face | I and put? n her head-llted, Mdlle. TiuvalU b' iavei a? if I M/iiii" one i 1m* " vcii ?*, wiiii which nhe ha 1 ri dhiog to il > ' ??though it doe- b??ue from her Hp*?wa* answerable fur 1 nil tl.s teat, ?ar> ftee to bit k * ?lt or loud, ludiffwreritly or boisteioufl?, ?n the voic* (not the paHiuiic atago heroins) plettbtB. ??)?< h?okr* at no one, the listen* to no one, *he walkx the Msg* wi h the aooU*** animation of an au t< foati'L ; aucb ae ion a* mcitim to m inmate with tvrtel bfii k devoted to the cftrtneing of tl?o NU|?eib black U?*. ? inNiitill? which . he wear* thtowgli three a:t?. I Hi I. in vutie') and e*|.t? N-l"n of thia dta^ry work, MdUe Oiu Telfi In a mere bungler, if ahe Ix* compar*vt to "^gn ?r(? IVrca Neua?? ay, to many a mere ///tirc/iV*. In N*iort, ti e lad? Hon * ?ei?t on ahowln^ (aupp?>amg her intcnti ?n of bn\li g the Nthg# to |?o reiil) bow little one ao richly end owe*, aa hoelf may le.ive for compoaera. or crHicN, or poUie o irgift. A nuire <ltMio|>.dntinK pafN??n U uo naiete*?" ?u the book of ffkne dimnr than H lib*, fro m III. f'rOt-Ffn* tlie Hotibrard frmm the Grand Opera ti e Icere' inu?l al tlontre In to l>" foin^l, H4 oaual full ot life and lolereat, i ?e ? Iu cpltf or th? ei ti tti n (Tfitk.? and the wonderful 'fin'' o 1 J/I telle i'u Noii!'*?a run no prottaehil that t.iie reten tlrn 11 mmie and 4>age buatoe-? -till more ol anv fr?<h m nn arid nf irlt. on the part of tboai jerfarming th ? nri, in mai?e)lemi. There in an odd tiling to ew ? ?n at the t ]?/?<? C< iphjne jmt now, in the cur uln w'.!? h drnwi up to itUeh ? the rrge of C*ar I'et*r and th ? wi*1oim of hla (a^eiuating Kmpie*^ in f .'Jo. I be ?h a-l ?riai die* is a tU rt, j a ft 'or i be occa*l >n of 4 hnglarv' vi-tt to France, in too rplendbl ? pla e of cttr'alri pnlntiog t ? be thrown awny aceordinjily the ImJandn an! IjOvrot , t t'arld may n?>w >it and atndjr a ?vond?oti?r??in ~~ ' . and A.'n. wfut K.'/?? ?t 4 the France, in voo rpi"nnf thrown hwiy acefirdingly. the an! javvt* i t PurlN may n??w rit and etudy a >mdn? pVttiin of V.V and N.'a, aod A.'n, arul K. *???f the I.ion end the t uteom ' f' .te ni/tng (att< r tu * Hippy Family fa*hiof?) with the Gallic Cia*k, of no -Iing hi' Id k? rpu g ' he haUnce true a^4iu-t ad ? ?cutcheou t?lar<red witt? the Creacvnt?-of W'indeor * a '1" witii the 1 m per or'* entry and welcome there (including c > :ked 1 ftt-t nnd feathara for itr f ile Hoard?fn< n.) ??ad our (,uttn i??>u!i-g from beneath oi?c of th*j< twin poiary archie* ?f trruriiph in w??n o'tr tn-jgh ! nor- teat tie h<*llow' It i* a atr ?r ge thl lg to ht?e \ bvfd t? dercril*e mh a curtain in a 1 ? r. o ??p- rn jhoure. Apart ft"in tha?-c llluMrau >n?of heartyalltaoee the Opera ('omique h-ct diown ^4h* r pie iN4tit n '??m I lies during the la?t fewr days. WHocalion an ! ,'yrrii* [though a piece of attar n*?tifen?e, imonn' log to |?f> | mote than a cati* tottlit Artequln (\\. Moekr and Ct J urn hi lie < .Mde isairuim), It mi eo oieely by M. Mont foil, and ia ae'ed with ?uei ronceii and f" 'ery, a-* to t??* omtiibi'in to M. MonHorta v PoliehlneUe." in which M M'fCifr (no mater how nui.n> rear* agtr,) enact*d 'he Italian mfine. io (olunii tue Vhle l^tmMci* r' iialn' neee and grace, h* r th ginffa ( without much \ Ic *. ? .*nd her dieriDgi iwi'Jo-ut any pmV*M>d ta?llet rail) arc above ;J1 prlM . VI h*m t-bnli w*- bavt#N jrii a prett? lil'ie trntion of 4'Much Arto About Nothing" in any i rtgl!?h mu*-le>tl brat re ' M Adam-n?w oprra **l.e Honaa.-ird *!*? I'erchm k a Ti e tinry k atmpb* en?? ?wd? ? a tale ol villi ge Io?e???f g*w*-d ant < ro#A purp/*e< on ? he t art of two r.'h old f. u ?>( impfe wrcing hr?4iri*i a hoy and a girl, who ere protected and mad* h.ippv in fpiu of the ewftitnY)* elders, by an *1*1 - -Uiler, the flue , r vh*- gl?? His rai.f to fbeple:*. .VI. Adam ? ui I I it loot on, n[ ?i k H?- ??? fn pre'tin a- * mr fiilag* ?UitisMRt r? n??* n nitaiy Tolgarlty, an - rn*; ludri mipmku. Tlie A-rong p/int In the ope'* fe >! la f file* playing an. ringing a- in -nldler i.ero. That h?-i? on* c.f tio* mr?t *r,c<miph*io,d arfi-ta who h:*n erf . grtcw! lh?* *'>#?*, we h*vo long felt, but our rrnre -rrongly than in tb'e riiia^o ep?ra VI. rstfallle'a t? ice?? -light 4en > U?e*nU a na/tl Kb" allowed for? 1/ e?eu. aud thr* ugh out the w> ?? ??f lvarx*etiei?e r. n.|*?? perfecliy hi* u w>*nd. woe ther the en tk to t*? don* le krdlluiBt or m*'*c */" life mujdeal rki)! i- rhown by hi- nlrety of phr*?iu/ *n1 ( pilety of Nf' cut and mea?Qro of ihythm A *n *e:? .r, | | t"0. ewpeeifkllj ii; the cori j- rii 1? it (ae tl?* ir'rcr t t. tva e tt) tf * row I" f, VI. Ha*UrIk ,? i.iat rat* fire rate to I (trfiiite ictelligetice. first rate ia ?ariety. Th.- ?*?> I icr( ))( C' log I. t hi* riny )? \ lal D ;t roo.rir t * * r ! ?no udly, I U i'lcrre le Grand in *' l.'kX U ' (.? ;or M^iath n unl'j te Iu ita eae*, f?/rce, |s4 d*d. .w y;- vnd I now, under the imp reunion if tL#? vulgar, rough. Imp* riant, kind hearted Oed* ??n lo Io M /u?-ar 1. ' VI"# have o. ( f en to coroiUtri ?rf one wrliet tailing !??r 1411 ? f rtnriy, and of soother a* poor la a Hon. th* tlgh p'*l~ worthy In Pli ging, thit it la p?e?-ioy? from tl-re io Urn* | to h> ' ? an ? tampl", like M. Iktlalile to i!.?? *.'?!? tha heee re?|Uii!iig a c ti hlnati in r?f rer'atn qualities ar a* t demanding the 4 rots'* ?gg ' of the la- ern fible h i| '' at such C'0'binalion ha* eibted, and ' ?? -Ui'm onng and fh uri^hlng e??-n in thea*- 'lay- ??! *.'-g-n rv < aye a? mo?*? too ea?iiy oia.e am) of *?"?>?? i*n io-t '* n? < .--Msnihn Alhtui <*m. ( nronrr't l*qnr<ti. Mmvw iT i*i' ftlAi imnri r < * f n ? ? ?' ? lull" n tu ea? 1W<1 ,f n y eater (lay to hold ?D trxj?<t a' lhabi um of Mr. John Morrel, No. H-ory atraa oj. r the terty of a HMta child, daugfctwr of 'he abo>T?"' to to, Who came to her death fr> rr. eonyreeelon of Ik* bale, under tha following drcMi'tMC1 ?The ?e?aead, it apj-ar-'l along with iu wmlher ?i I a ? ' to Mr Mr?drtehe, of No. M Henry atreet, on "atirrday afternoon and ?Mle the child *u i laying 1 l,,.rrd ? (raff wr'b nn-a <4 the oiheifelill'lrei -he g \.t?m a 'hal frotn ahiuli ?he aw. Mentally Ml to trra fle.r, M r'lenir ? ?<)> injuries that death *?? eau?ed in a. few taenia alterwarda. the dareaead, whoee r. art < waa waa an In'ere-t.rig of ahnot nlna yeaea al-l end waa. although an at ?'? ' Tati hrld, dearly btloani > itr. and Ira. Mortal). Itr. *a?t)a | by direction of the (? i er, made aa nan aa'i/a <4 the te)fy of tba 4ee?waw?l, and fare It aa hi* oytn n thai '.rath waa cawaed i.e cotntir<eal <? of On bra n ir-el-ce-l Tar' i above ?iaU.I Verdict a?-c r iingir Br rr-enr fvaTM rt Iwwrteo ?Or-uer lint-e iWi halai aa ta>ti.eet yaaterday at the loot f Twenty ototo atrewt, North rlear, up- o tha bud/ef aa -aknown man, al? ut 4# yaara of age who waa fcwnd 4i< *a -1 at the a Una plat, tacewawd waa ahoat Bra teet -It to " fa l.ctgh' waaat-.utly built with a fait ftee II- ha I 4a ? brown hair, wl'h large wbaek?rt ha-t -a a s4_ It el? o oerrc *1, botiaO with firry black awl whita wo-l>a eh "k par.ta, (ago red >0t ml Cant-a fato i i n .blrt, red flannel n-Vr ahirt. 4* ck-d 41k ? T1?' green eo-1 yatlow c l-r-d Bai-ye-adee- aat b'<k h ' I ?? #????! ha-1 I? n in ? e rt'<? bwt a <~w if > ? ft * *> ? k W.a . ? fcVt PoUC* InUUIpiiM. INTRRMTIXO Him I* COVUV?A MOTUR'l AfffC now row bib child?the loht daouhtbh rOOWD TOT WOT RMTOBBD. Yexterday afternoon the Second dietrirt I'olioe Court, at Jeflernon market, waa the aeeae of a painful occur rence, which, tor full; an hour, occupied the attention of all preacnt. About half peat three o'clock the etilhteaa of the court room waa disturbed by the entraaee of a crowd of men, women and ehildren, In the midet of whom there appeared a pollen nan, having In cuatody a woman, apparently about 37 yeara of age, who, In loud tone*, complained of the attempt, on the part of the olttcer, fo separate bar from her daughter, a hue looking young woman, about 17 year* of age. In order elenrly to i-ouvey to our reader* all that paaaed, we will gtve a pretty fal report of the entire proceeding* aa it came under the ay > of our reporter :? (Ju?tic? H?*i*ou)?WrtJ, oltlrer, wW lure vou got Kent V I'oucw aw? Thlx womwn I. otaargetl wtth <11 ?ir<i?rN <? >11 duct bj that (?ntleima there (poinUqi to a Mr. Camp be.'J, u gentluuan of rtry ru.fx-c inkle nppeeranee). VANieTRAir?Tnke the untb, Mr., no.I (tot. wlrnt jou know in reference to thie nutter. Mi'. J ami-iuii (hnrltig taken the re?i'ilre<t oath)?There ?come to bare cilnted a rellghnie difference of oplnl >n ke tween the prtwiner end her daughter (Anne). The tot ter him torn ill my employ |M ? help, anil 'luring thnC lime h?H prafreH' tt tu l>e e l'rntmtent, whtlr her in rtlier hi n Itemou Catholic. Oirnevora) oocairfoin. the uriaoner ha. attrnip'ett to hring Anne tonne, but felted, u the gti) did not tike to lit# at lntM' prt*f?'rrpp| to b?* living at H?-rf*w, when* #hu could earn a Imdfhood for hcixdf, n.-H attend ill" l'rcahyteriaji rhwch, ??f which I Mm a munibtr. To #k?y *!??? matched her going into Fahhatli school, and ctrfetiing her violently by tbwnrm, IfihtvtM'un taking lior uptown to her ovu tffdd.otee; *ho u< W*1 in a vw y disorderly u toner, and attra'dnd a irri at <>*1 of attention; ae the < com re nee took pla *w rignt in front of our church, *ad fen the congregation wwia likely to b9 awriomdy diUurhml, I w#> com; filled to call a policeman The mother of thn giilhaa on oeveral oocaaioiia act?*d in thin mammr, ? endeavoring to get the girl to g*? h< me with her. >tAmmuTi?Well. ArM.??, do jou wUb to ?ccorii|Kuif your mother to her hotiM*v A.vm?No, air, I do not; I want to live at nervine, wb?ie 1 ran Mupport myaclf decently , my mother hat ill titati-d me, ami want* to compel me t?> live with her against iny wUh Tin. or km?Now, Judge, ?yim have heard what they have aid. let um nay a few words. MAunnUTE- Cet! a Inly. ]*?*? mu<?Well, 1 am a widow woman with #u children. My bu hand died ahont twelve yearn ago, ar.d mow that tune a hrofhei of bin luia KUpport?>d me aid my little clin* In comfort. I live with btm in Forty eighth afreet, and oil that I wa?.t t?? make mtv happy, in to liave my child theic (pk iiPii g to Ann* ) returned to me. Three year* ago the left n-y io?>f, and w<*nl to live wl'h otb?r folk*. r or ravro l->ug month# I looked md wirchel for her, and a' 'a*t found lier; hut aho would not come hack, : nd again rhe o no aped liotn me I went to the Ij'miiwm or MAfitnl tainilfe* where 1 knew ahe had bwtt at nor via*, to iiu|t)iie after her, but it w um of no me Three week* ' K 1 I got a glimpae of her and iiuroaAlrigly followed her niglit and day. tti dlnguiN*. atwkiitg to find her. 'lO'day I found her, and with all tlie nftepllou of a uiothAt. I daipad hold of hot and amora net er again to part with her Hhe i? my rhlld; and al though ahe baa actad ui gratefully. I will t*k? In r hark and provide lor her. My home l? at bor diifHxal, and if da wn? *m black a# a negro I am willing to fo-fre her all. (l/wiUug Imploi ingly at her daughter, who I- moved to tear^, hut attll olei'.ralo.) lam't part ijn. Judge; if yon do you will drive me mad and caat her out upon tb" w< ild. flleie a flow of tear a efof.^l the further utter iiinf of the ? iatracted mother.) Ui?.?/'reAir ?Your daughter neema t.> have bean able t take <are of heraalf. Mir l<? decently dte* e l, anJ by living on a* oervlce a burthen Ia removed from your hhrnldeiK Why cannot you let her oho >?*? hor own man nrr ol liltf l*i*-ti mil?No, no, I want her tocotno hone Awf?(tii'orruptirg the mother)?You h?vv got no h< ine.y^u aie living in uiy uucle'a hott-e, not your owu. I ilK?Mk-Ob yew, I have got a home my poor depart* <d budaM'i* hn-tber In a- kind to u- all now at he ho rifit twru I'll tike good can of you, and I now claim von a* a mother. (To the magistrate.) Juat le' u? go home ti gel her, will tout don't Mepara'a the mother from hi r dai gtder. The heart that would do It never will do ;;ch d af ctwardp. I am an bonoa', In lit triou ? w mian Hide.' tioil -h-II give mex'tong'h I'll maintain rny II tl?* ininily ioa|?ecUhly. Mai 'hk vt??\N i II but your daughter mw not want to go with you; ahe huma to ) ?? gi-ttiu^ along vmy well anil why f.a' allow her in kee hei?alf r I at oval?(I'letrii-iidly)? No, uo I want to obey the Iun dying ???!?!? ot her poor lather, ?h? ahan t lie aepa rated ft> w me w n? 1 hav got a | L*< e ^u-. a h ?.ne in hi vug hi r to AaaMother, you have got no home, and you an* not al io to ma'n'siu me as I would wl?li. Vou arc acling vety I a!t?h ln '? <wl. I li r iimci ? t e , I I aVe gitt a ho ne and y ?ij hJiwII lit ver l?e.erne (t?'(.blng lor d.?ughf< . liruUy oy tiie arm?) I ltb M thev kill ITie i lnoku.'g tlupl'oingty a' t'?*> Jn-tiow> *5h' eofiiail u.i hot h to |.< Uo a, >r let ?? go away t'gwthfi la?r. t i or, r I will die. Wa? im'up? Vou tri'ift alio* your ? uugSt**.- to g# when ver ?b?* hfce pj., video "her. ml i ? her-?df prone !y. Il ehe pifi'ern to vup|K>rt her e.f, y.oi hmr ? tut ?Ight t-? pievi i ' her You niuet, t)u-ief -n ?l) w Anno to go It churrb, or wbetrvfr the thl ike lit. lliit.M: ?When ver the piw I ?l 1 pi, I' -he g *>* t riiurrit, I will go with hei she nIihII no. I< *vfi iny igh* It i* a hard thihg to n parat* u? now, after a ,..w ttug of ibifeyim- (Men the pi I on? r rlu . bed her <1? uht?i 0 tightly that the Utter ironnwil with p?'n end h-gfed lo fiH i! ho' the love of bin Wa* t at ongly pre on.imii t ih? hold woe oi ly hw?"M by th? strength ?>( a II *nfi.! i fi, fir, who, a* Um oid? r of Jaatlce navlo ri ?.u<c<? ?" in partlrg tin in h? r and daogh'"! Anne w?? tbr-n allowed lo depart, am1 with her frfwnd, Mr f iinipte li Uft i.?r the kuodty >ch ? I wiifrt, ?? mb ? h? U a ngnhtr .? endant Ap pi oii a* the giil left *he Court r?m the prkwnfr ? wiHiiod and lor i**f al rnlnu'e* af.erward* o eniire ly iiMon-ch u? id all that wa pa <unrif around her. Vi hell *hn did awake to a -erne ?i h* . "lloatl n, b?* rfhuked tie- ir ngietratfi In a ndhl hot Ar aatlc tnat nwr, f. wtul ?he tailed a erncl end nooataral de i-ti '' and re loar k* <1 that be hail brok? r? I ir picf <1 min t f?r?-vwr d had mined he* da -glitet, ? ho w ild inooii " * wan I'erer ? n tl # f*e? r f tba mill ' Jtlrtlcw Ta?Inen ?ndeavorwd V> pa'ify her au! rntke her patUhed wlt>i 'he leaull of ih? u-< , b *l it w** all !?? ie pur|- e. tiiief and :.?j - thm p - ** * em of the p?-? r creature foi ?? *?? r I riiliiute* when ?he arooe, eem ? gly bra hruki i . a? 1 pf!anliy '. ft ihe c ? I without givtr g eipM' l it *? h* ? f? ?? in/? in any # i .er w ay than u hi iDg. II w mail, al*hough )??.? / / n to a* Ir * rti* 1 hp to all appear at r? ffity Itilelllgi nt. .let In Ut* ro irae i I tbi p'i'*?dirg ii ado-?verol el ?,uiM.i and tombing apjiai- ft the lO'igUtrate * * <p>'itg |U ben. it, ia rrU t n to tbe Uuanl i:h i I. Anne, the <?hj t ai. i taut* of th? ??)..?>?.! fto: ally ?? P?i?e it \tk> k .1 g gh I nfcd one ?! ? l? W ry way - <* pa' t I tna lata la (fig hcioalf rc-je?t t ly. he 'OPUiod to Ua?e hecoma gi.iie ralh uiend indlih ent tow .rda k#r wotlw, which prclmhit ar*we from tkc not/ kioir ibo l*o4 (? ? u< urt duritig Ut long absence t ui pi:* t * ?, TtKINU A Tirw or Tit* fchgrIfAXT |d tlft'igv ITKMT. At a lite b nr 'n I nl?ht ! ? ? I! *n*uf? a nan litlle ac^uaiated wilh th' .ewe ? f <? 'hmot, *o induced by the dl?r' rd*n' ?train* of vile ?'*? to ?titer a lance lotui In Cherry ? If eel, where men an! wi ?? . r of all j. ?**!'?-.r. tempe ai>*n - w?.e iPtljr *?o gai f > mwlr.; Ik tb'f < ?.?! bp trip ping 1. !(bt flint let toe to t h* uni**--! mn?ural p- wer? it' a banjo ami what might In day ' f oe by, h if* f? ? ?*? I for a ch??p viollo The M/vetty of tl? w?? fditrm Ing <0 him. Md )e bece?ac leff?h wl'h h?4 ui >n*y ibd iitdl*'ree* In tiblM'Ing fio>? g Id atvl hhl? to tue A. eye# of pe.?n* 'if the darnel, who I e-jumt t'lee# h ?&!?, #*fabli#h' d ?*?!# ; f' r the odveacwment f*f teeg*I bor?lfi # *erei?e# nd the ^nlifhtwiaaflt of ?l/anyerv vl 'tog the 1 etropolla. A Loan wj*- taWl t** l i# h ? d> whi h fe?t.l'ed -<f ei Hh la Jo ifva Ma y *#r?eo, t e? ' ma on a f.aad o'lo# n#?olUHIt W?# ?hr 7ft ftnU* htt y ke " and In devtent? meaner the wa'Wt *ic#f#ra- 'a ft may I? ? ell \n ?gmed ah thin wee wA dofk* la pfl^nnec The i I v <-j,in ? Md rwt U* ?.y f'tr a**ft?tan-? whot hn>i the ?ffe-t < f hi ngtag t'P wr Kefiewuia ef Ath ^rtl ward i? hre ' o ) e ? y * vf. a*. ?be io?l> . 'e ? ? M ' ho*/ . '* ? 'M ? jo ; a l ? f >ti o ?- *'< -t T ' r, ? *? r. rtrcp*' ?? ?! ii p a par ?!.**. n ? ti u-i ?he Knd any hand-iitin rwbbery, Yeatwrday m rr ?g lb* p't***n-r ?hi ptr I W Mm* a* hwiffp I *eik# VM brf'igkt be , f> ie ' n'fre ? ? r O' tly it Ui# f'*d e ?fjrt w ?*? In * #? ? inirnd nn tkn eba*gn pr*d?rrw) igain*' hi in !n bin on#need be gef'fl *hat the nmyliifeigt flnt unnced ihn row, by "rUlng Mian (irwg and lint In I |' rly tree her part when be > m- #??! Jo>kke.n dowa Tb# | | rieype wan "f * etv Hltle ^imp, %> b# na* i> * wgf irWi j Hi ?tflb?lt of lt,(w bail lie 'tube m- ney ban not tnf a r*i/B rioMf ^eturdey n#.p.rg'i). ? b f^ w iog of tne t a *e/d |e!im. having )#en gvv?n to i.ndnea'and tb?t a man rimed Mlebnei t'Arwmy a reni'.nnt d ti * ward, ia1* bavlef a pr?# flgl^t tm fun a? yt?*. e'e JtMdeut CnMNnl^f and me t nn nd dnvit again#' tun A narrant wan tbovpe le-.ot bar t ? arrm*. wb**b wan f et into etnrti*kwi a n ew plft i'e af e- ward# IV pf1n? aer wna. ? n be ag t?f '? 'bt n?ng: ??.#%(#-, be Id W* rail m tbe #f4?n ef I'AP U* keep tn# (#W* brr tbe net! ?.i WW nth# ft wi# reaper nd a beet tkn #iit| ward tbet t * neny ntnr ffMu.g amnii bvf tbe turn of fM> lb# 'ft er?o.en fre 'be '?.rmMam ?%*, we befaw# Meyviaenia Wwbkndnr ?inmfy The pngtlMie p-/wer? * f tie woebft be 'eenke'nev# art md A Vo l A I OLf nth fOLTn AMICT IV TV/MU t. Abrnknan fltn* a Ana fled #e bead man, wan bewwgat begot# J ?ikn W"4 pdnrfiy wv-m ng charged lediig mteted Into d# bnly W/Mn of wndWwk a p^nwl | t<r e ? ih ?' hnvtrg tbe inn#', ftear ev re<y#- t be tbn per hmi of bin better hei* wbe, being a'lwn nod hPi or wae r* h ' o? )#? t * uat'ie to tbn ef *t?r? Jane fkf ar* 'b* f kg yM?* rated fur MMM trirlal MOM, and on 6h* iMr of WrptM' her, ISM, well knowing that hi* tint loW wadstil nth* land uf the living and uadlvorcwd (from Ma, MMMi th* fair hand of the complainant, An rah JafM llbfart, ft ?nsirian*, which proceeding lieiag contrary I* ton hi WW of tbU Mat*, the unfortunate Tun* wa* Jiut hwataduvwv the coale and committed to |ui*oa fjr trial on dhnegt ?i bigamy. suariuoN or grand i.tRt'gNr. ,f?Ua Meyer*, a negro*, waa taken Into rurtod/ hp ofllcer Kmlth, of tb* Kttth ward police, on en* pic Ion If having etulen a fold watch aixl chain, Valued at MMM, frond the perwiw ofCharte* II I'arkln, of No. 3d Weal Broadway. The prhomer, it i? aUrged akmg with a colored wontan, wa* ?ero follow lag the oomplaianat ilown rttrec*, while he ?a? Intoxicated , and wh?n optxiei a No. 'Jfl, in thta elrret In w*e tripped up, aad on rUing trmn Uio ground fonad that M* vale* Me I repeater tar ni>*lng. The entire urn. reding wae Wit I netted by a woman named Mart* llaTktua.m, Who gave | Mich tahnmation to the police a* lei to the arreetfflaf i Julia Ihe piironer ?ra? taken haftire Juetlca f'onanlfjr, | who temmillrd her tor trial THr tLI.KrjKli CWintMr-M. M,A*?tjnU We are rr.)ue*t*<l Vy Judge I'earry to etate, In redn renoo to our re|Kirt of .he allege.! conepti ?cy agalnet I.. It. Watkiu* altd other*, in vur paper ot the tith in*t., that the name of Mr. llotrry A BUk*lee w*< improperly inert a* a principal. The only emtio.! ton which <ttU gentle man had with the affair ? ? ? in relereoce to a not. of aim hundred dollar*, which had been, through deception, oh lala*d from him- and tn*lei?l of Icing a party to the hand he ha* hdneelf teeu a vlrtint to the auppnewd rcheore to thl* ?nr? tat Tire prtwrx-uling pertieeare con vlnmd that Mr. Ill .?>.?** I, agrit Ionian ot honor ant in legtity. I Clfj* IlifDlllgtiicf, Tun WkATiiw.? Hiotfrr baa omua at laat. It wa? ln*l*tiTnted ytwlardny #r? api^aa.tld atyle, irtfii tJoar .Lie* aiuf o?)i?t blllny though bracing wind. Vet It tua plauaaat fey wUhal, and Mt# alraeU w#,a thronged wit* *?r tiowd# iif jnurg .ml ,W and middl* agwd, onJoyimg the health taapiilog and brreriry atm.apherr, and walk. |?g with mora alaaUa .lap .wwl heightened color. Tnl t let# la 'irietj.ii,? Waning )? lhr r<ll>H}U(>a( ?? ,h# ^ I>i*hiitlfi ?V "* * ^'? '"W autumn thi? uittnl . H "a "t r, h"r?1' I0"?? " ?< >??"' iilem.ll/ .... U. iJJ ^?"?'???;aWj- ?'?>. the g o,I. U..I.MM tj.ej. ri.i ' y turnu 11?a Ihnm. of varv ilvir "% <H>* W**k ami dftooUttf, tiiul (bn d? rS?r ^ ""r1!","". * ??????-?I i V T* ?>""onnd ?M?h rule. hotr# r.?.,r*t. .?j ehaet ul Orml.te. |,t ,n ,,r?piir(, u wt|fc r.??b*r ? ?" * "*,,t k >>*" * Tl iOiKT HI M Iwin-THIba. N.llir, ?f I?!t.,el friend' hue, been pie.,*,! w, ,n?nil,u u ?.??# f'.r Utrratui# :? .1 . j?w Srm V((,k rh ,.. tl?. r Ut ?,lr Ji#i>|iU H| rtUi(>f &aU l.?*,, ?"*?rated the., t?to to aurh . dag*. "f "ftUtlie. are not now t? ihelr p. Into V"' 'T"'Mw1~ ? fl-W.I ...J mu.t Ik. ?,,#J l it m!r,i I * 1' '? ""' 'h"" llli' winter, lar tuiee aran, to I?. u,y.% ? >nt.L |ur< . . ? i I um.-uaily imnriul bTtuiai-al.emljr t^forc tb. ,.i,U?e. ...i .J. 7*" ' h?- alll.'.ue" uai Imfby inmn/ a .Mir liUrmry wh.i hwva >?(|ueat?g him UI repeat hi. |. etare. ?n rTrliy M.iru?f ,^?!th u..", ,?.1 hi,.; tll.plr^ I ? I ll.e riaet ? 'trl|?vr#.. |? ,,ur. Knjfllal. I ? h i? XAw""a."'rl """ f"",:imr r""? hi. ci.iM !? ???h tl.#. AIW of MiUntihein aixi |(| j,|# ?,AturiW. yeai. r..n?U..ilr ?,* Hii?ie<J #u> ,J(Bn , ^ ty and |i..ret,,.nent, Ib-I ?f l,ctu,?, u i?TJL unl...... ?.,rthy -f ll.e pair..,,.,. ,|| ,ur |?,uil^ i i'i'" . I'." wl'l he itallrere I tbi. ereiT^l, at R p ^('"'eh.!' I?', w ^ ",k ''?l?"r?ltf C'.miaeart^i al H I , ebon #a Uu.t U, eeeall tl.erHf, 4 thr el.. 1 fcm liei rot. tin 1'iy.i'ta?l ia- rai. i:... -iSa1 N?w Voih city la r.iy ' aappliej nrttb en.rert ' inie pie. ?*. I. a traiam t?o apparent to need proeunt by o? 7T..?r are bat two or three pabli- rU|, ..b.t a.oat all lallal.l#, ft.r the ill, tl wo,it I l?. murb lM|te. not in )ia,.' Ihatii at all. Mmaa atieet ehurrl, rlwak ba. mway. kepi * ,| l? (b, |?t ,wo y^? tli. ruj Hall el/ok !,ae ,.en iwinarkal.l, . ?.,.,te aod ban done ?,u,h to rei.b.e It. formai ?a,y l?<| ,ep?u '/M ll'^ V".'./'r"u"': ' " ' ' oiiopII tutbar r#?t the la?.,lly .f Ho y?tll I i.lrerelty to IrrPI a "? i?:1/ '??* ?? tZ; r.i^ ? 1 aetroiomifai lime eon Id b oil i T/L* * fr"f h.ilr?n?a'. ao.| ap??,atu. -rot fron, Which tetrwaaphle wlrea w-oW .)l?er :. T aeerr I 'I I and tail.ay it. loo and pabli. rl ret in lh? lie newa nr rhai'l it" V?" '"'"'"ft "t* f around Ho f.r, iJm. . ?ir ,TTf, ** ,,w" ' "ul >'/ tha t a it. ?ot arm. any i#,m. n..a.?, ii,.|r ,^(l ,?J( m, um ? .i? " Ml fron. | e .Hilar) *? f.|. ,,.| ?i ? It I.a ?im ?,( '?'T,l,Tr .".-'Mma at bank. at lailwaa .tntiona and ternr- ,n>l h irlnraa man im?a ?L W 1 n "'"'o1' Ibi.rev pnvie a.n' ba. fern ?uafi. ... , "j" ?' t"11 '' * WJ'll wiia '? bate I oil a Me ra'bar than in.rrrwrl ttmn , . 1 "?"1 all lb,, (teat iliornawt. 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