Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7(123. MORNING EDITION?TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20, IBSS. PRICE TWO CENTS OFFICIAL CORRUPTION. fkt rm. ?ydii.jr U. itMrt, City Judge. COURT or OVfc'R rndmrmihbr. Before Judge Boo. evt>lt. SJXTU DAY'S raOC-WOMBM. Mo.tPoY Nov. 10.?The public interest thai lux been manifested to such an unusual degree in the pr-igresa of thin extraordinary care ? a *? ?in exhibited tills morning, in the crowded condition ol the court room, and in the ?xpie-viun of deep interest <Uut is legible in the ounte ounce-- of the Court, counsel, Juiors and apecta'ors. It was understood, that for the purpose of getting through the caeo, the Court should fit till 0 or 6% o'clock, tul tug a recess of half un hour. Ma.gHivt M. Connolly recalled to the stand, and her ?crnaeexsniliiation continue 1 fmm Friday. Mr. Brady, (to witue-r)?; t'.iuk you told me yoo (ill no1 Inow Wlcn Cor A. No, sir; I told you I di I knoir her. y. That i? Virs. Burtis. Is tt not? A. Ye*, sir. Q. Uiw long hare you known her? A. I cannot state the exact time how long 1 have been acquainted with her. y. Five or six veers* A. I would not like to say, because I etu not certain of the time; tt is over two years, and I canrnl sa\ that it is as many as live. if. Irtrt you Urft know her ky the name of Ellen Cox? A When I first knew her she went by the name of ?.!rs. VaiI\ I dirt not know her hu band; I know her by th? name of Mi-. Curtis about ? year or six months after I that know her; she visi'cd me as Mrs. Burtis, and called to see me ?? .Mrs. Cox. IV hid you know wliat k.'nd of life Mrs. Burtis led? A. I do uot?not to my r?collection. y. l>o you know what is ailed a panel ttilef? A I don t know as 1 do?you hurt he' ter explain the matter to me; to my recollection 1 don't know what it is. y. l'ou have heard of a kiiol of stealing, have you not, whi re a woman g'-oi out auu brings home a man. and a thief enters Into the room ny means of s panel in the wall anil robs him? A. I don't recollect as I ever heard of it; I did not know Mrs Burtis as a panel thief; I do uot know that I knnu u poi son of Ihe name of Daniel Wibon .ind calltd Dutch Dan: I do uot know u w man of the mime ol .lulia Wilson; thuio were so many boarders that I i .snoot charge my reool loot Ion; I do not recollect that ihls Dutch Dan ever paid her b mrd; it might hive ha opened and slipt frnin tuy recollection; I don't know this Dutch Dan, whether lie was a hotel thlof. y. Do you recollec'. u man who came from Troy and stopped at your houeo ? A. That Is sometliing I never ti ied to recollect, who called at luv house. Mr. Brady?You will prolitbly recollect the fac', when you ure told that the man who cuine from froy mode you a present A?No, air. Q?Did you know John Hawkins? A?No, sir, I did not; I knew him not by that name, but by the name of Johnny Williams; I do not know what his business was; [ had very abort acquaintance with him; officer Hopkins brought him to my house; he os-iped from the nfll-or In my house; I do not knowhowjiie got out; I saw them both in the hall; I recollect of Johnny Williams starting to go down to the front ba.einent, and the officer go with Utin; that Is the last I saw of him. a y.?Did not Johnny Williams start down the b.i em'-nl sknlra, and did not the officer start after lilm, and did it not happen by accident that you were on the stairs he tween the officer and Johuny Williams, and tba the ortl cer thus lost his prisoner ? A.?I h tru no recollection of that: I taw them both go down stairs; I never saw John ny Williams afterwards; the offioer came back ani ar rested me; he was angry because he lost his prisoner, and he tried to prosecute me for his own negligence; I know William Moore; don't know whether he is living or dead; I never knew him to he in any bostue-s excep- as a clerk in a steamboat office; 1 cannot state where that steamboat was; it was not the Ounard strain tine; I think it was the Fall Itiver route; lie vMted my bouse occasionally; I do not remember of his being arrested and convicted for breaking open a truck on one of the Cunard steamers; I recollect the police searching my house tor Mr. Burtta ; that was in 18-10, at the corner of Grand and Iaurens; they did not tind Bart s; the name of one of the office s who made the search was Norris. y. Tom Jackson was drowned, wa? he not? A. I am not personally acquainted with that; I don't recollect now of bis going to sea?to Kingston, Jamaica, in a sail ing vessel, witli Fish; that the vessel was wrecked, and T*?m Jackson droaneo and Fish ? avert; 1 cannot place my rccollac'ton with that fact. M Wd he not lire with you up to the time tin left for eea? Wituerk? J declice answoriug thut uumdion. Q Ami you my you d> nit r< collect hearing what was his fate!' A. I might have lieard it, but I do not recollect U. !''id jou not (fo into mourning for Jackson's death? Witness?1 decline 'hat question, y. Did you not tell persona nf er Jackson's death tha you weis in mourning on account of the death of your husband? A. 1 io not recollect; 1 do not know that Coti nidiy wis in Stale nriton thai time. 0 Did vou erer hear that Jackson waa dead at all .' Yes, 1 heard of hia death. y. How long ullcr you heard of hit death did you set Connolly first A. 1 cannot i' state the exact time, y. Was Connolly living with you at the time yo i bought that huwi in Uraome at met ? A. lie ?><; 1 cm ployed Mr .stui'h to search thai title: 1 do not reoollec that Cinnolly went with me to employ Smith to scire i the title. I icad to sue tt e tenant for the rent; 1 do not remember who was the lawyer; it waa not Mr. Smith, it was Mr. Cray, a geutkmau in the same office with Mr. Smith. Q. When Connolly was atres'ed, did Mr. Smith propose to became his boil ? A. No sir. y. I id he propose to procure bail for him' A. Not to my recollection. <}. l>id be ever propoee that he would procure ball for Connolly if you would assign to him I lie title to that home A I d > not recollect of hi* making any *aeh pro js.?ltinn to mo. Q. Md li''tver make auy such proposi i m as, that he would in any way aid in procuring some person to go ball Cur Connolly? A. Not to iny knowledge, air. y. Who * as the ill at prison to whom you ever said that yon had given money to Stuart in connexion with y ur husband's case v A. Mrs. Kdgar. elr; I showed her say hark book. y. Who waa the next ? A. My husband, q. Who was the next ? A Mrs. Kdgar'a hushand. y. Wbo was tbe next ? A. 1 do not recollect any far ther until I told it to Mr. Hall; at least 1 did not tell It to Mr. Hall till I went before the lirnnd Jury, then 1 told it; ( n ight hare told Mr. Hill the night that I came from Bn*'on and saw him at hia house; I do not recollect it. Cut I think I did. ? y. biure jou weie here on Saturday (meaning Friday), slid anybody show yoti the evidence you gaie bof .re the ~ , Jurv r Crand JuryV A. Nobody showed It to Me; 1 read it my aeif: I thought I would lie particular, jou a*k?d toe whether 1 had read Mr. (.'utlloy's a|ieech. y. t-Uic you wore here on Friday, did you read the evidence you gave tefoie 'he Drarid Jury f Witness? I ie?d it in the papers (witness correcting herself). No, sir; 1 thought y< u re'ei red to the evidence I give here; nchedy has shown me the evidence 1 give before the found Jurj ; nobody read it to me, I have not linse titled with anybody whui'Ver about It?neither with Mr Hail. Mr. Cuttirg. .Mr. Smith, nor anybody else in the world; I nave not wiitten anything down about i' ner heard anything written about it; you i Mr Itrudy) ri e the lent person I h've ever tulke l with about It. sjw I ,??nt to see whether I undo ? ml take aboutyour t< vim- ny >n one point; jou atate l that Judge (Stuart re turned you $100. that be said h" would give you the whoh- >"00. and promised ti give you flt'O a month, this you raid on jour direr! examination; and af'erwiir is you sai<l he riavc il t" you to operate us Kerr?bow i- tha' ? A He gave mc that money ami told me, You will bar" to giro this Kerr something " h? mentioned no pnrtlce* laT in.' it t. hut af'er I bac iesn Kirr I told bin th" ?It ? t tmsi- new i 1 -told j'.tt "ii p\* gross examination tb at be , a< 1 that be gave i' to me to operate on Ke ? I read er. r the evidence so as to hi able to give youa lis ttn. t an?<rer. , if. Df" jou in what you road lind any qnMtluo which Jo* then i.c need to answer, which you now wish t >ao e?frl A No, sir. y. l? there nnjthlng voii stated which you now wish'" alt a i A No, sir ; I nad the statements of the case in all th# Mn day |ipc s. anil on .-oturCay I rea l the report of my cv icuee In the HwniJr and daily 71 if. Do you want to correct one word of th# report Inciihc of tiH -e papers, and if to, do It now f A. I don't ti n . I want to cornet anything in it now. Mr. R a ly?TTien that saw njpssl deal for the correct ne? otthc report. !>ul Judge .Stuart assign any other reason for returning that first MOO tluin what you have ata'r. 'o the jury? A. tie did nut tlieu atate it. i' ara i th.. I em.,1 >100 that be gave liio when he promise' to velum It all t*rk to me. g With rfrren re to wither of lbs *100. did hs say any thing ei.e which you wi'h to atate to th" jury r A I do as.: e ?'tly tecolle t whether h" did or not. y. lid you ever say to anjbody tha Judg -'tiart haded roil tlUO. aying tha' Mr. IUH did not want t" lw too hard "n you A I don't remember , I do no' re .. .>e thst 1 said so before 'he tirata t Jury ; I hi recol tret a' mg that Judge ftuart said that Mr. rhntlb was an embittered egain*t him that Mr. Hall could not do a- b" wouia ii ? to, and that what had betndene form ahould le- doe# u- an act ?t charity. y I lu you wear in the tirsnd Jury room that when Stuart ga ve you P100, or auy o'hrr sum he told you that Mr Hail did taM wait to he too hard on you A. I do ant roco'.test it; I would n- t Imve stated ,t except It was true I might have kaW -omething like II, but dot #*? pre-iec in 'hat manner, g. pid c'uart eeer aay ao to youf A. I d r ant reoouoat pi I you ant tell A. Oakey Hah that when Stuart wave yn money he said he returned It booanse Mr. Han did not wlab to be too hard on yam? A. I did nd say that he said so, but I auapectod from the conversation that Ifwll did get a part of the money. g |'ld you not tell Mr. Hall that the Bret time Stuart ever talked to you about money, be told yon that par of rt was 'or Mr Hall? A. No be newer Blade use of Hall's name 'hat night at all, I l"M Mr. Hall that I thought from 'be conversation that be received part of It, I da aot recollect that I told him that Stuart said to me that ^ fus h# ewer say In the Orand Jury room, or omt of It that Stuart told you that Mr. Hall dfd not want to be too hard on you I A. I do not remember. O tvben was It that you first pretended to Judge Mm art mat von w-re living in that"? Harrison atr. et A. fcannot state 'be exact time, for I trans acted ao busineas of Importance about that time; I gave up housekeeping March 37, 1SW; I* 'U XrT. Tk'd r,e~ her. I W.s stopping T'-dd him y ... stopping at my sister's. I catm " ?tn?*how long after March tlutt ?u it was ilurlof the rummer; it wa< not ti ue. liiwwt, that I lived with my Mater; I lived than at IflMlreenwlch afreet, with a Mr. and Mr*. Edgar nt thai niue I said 1 would never go beck to that houae to live 'gain, and never keep a boarding hum* again; and I did not do to; 1 do not recollect that I aaid 1 Intended to lead a goe<l or virtuou* life. Q. I'ld you give out, at that time, to Stuart or oihrra, that you intended to reform 1 A. 1 told all my ao quait tancesftbut I would never go to houvel roping again, but I have no recollection that f told Stuart expre?tly no; n long us I conducted myself properly, and lived re ajiectably, I dll not consider but that 1 waa doing the same an all other people do. t> Idd you make anv distinction in your mind between not kcepiog a boarding houae and leading a respecta do life, end did you tell Stuait *o f A. I might have told him fo, but 1 do not remember it; 1 have seen a man of the nameof Edgerton; I canno state where he Uvea; I 11 ink in-lived in Providence, It. I., when 1 last knew him, I do nit recollect the exact time that I waa led In Pro vider, co. Q. About when ? A. 1 never was there but once aud thbt in In the vicinity of two-and-a-half yean-, [I aoi c ertain I havi rot been In I'biladelphia within ihe last year; I have panned through In ibe car* different times, but never to atop 1 no not 1 now whether Ivlgerton w.t* married or not; I do not know whether he has auy bual rc He or not; 1 tlo not rocrllect who introduced him tome; lldgetton never boardod at my honee 0. I id you ever iday at bin hou'o*' A. T called on kiui wlien in l'rovidetiee. Q Bid you overstay in bin house a week at a time)' A. I did dM I "tayeit in his houae two ugita; there was a wc man in the houno. Q. Was tlieio another womnn beside you ? A I' ug pause end no anewer. Q. Have you sten her within a month? A. Not to my knowledge; 1 never heard anylndv nay that he was a Ihter t), Have you and Connolly, or has either of you, been stopping nt Kgei ten'* pin? ? within two month*? A. No, >it?; I do not knew where Kgi-i ton i? now. When you went to liecorder Smith'* office, from where In ure did you go; #?< it from Mr. Moore'*? A. I wa* not slopping at Mr. Moeie'a; I weut there on busi ness. 1 never stopped over nlgot in the house; that wa* the hoi. e, cornet of Watt* *ml Varick; Mr. llurti? came alter me end found me on the stoop, and from there he went to the He'order's office, Bui lis had gone to tny hit ter'*, and my sistei dliected him there; I do nit recol lert whether I wa* thou stopping in !iarrl*on street or l.ispcMird street. (After a pau?e.) Yes, I wo* Htopping in llairi-on street. Q. Where did vou reside in nostou? A. That I cannot teli. Vr. Rrady?But you must tell. mines*?Iiut I will not toll. (To Ihe Judge.) I can not expc se where I live in Boston, to lisve my neighbor* look upon me wlih contempt when 1 teturn; 1 cannot do It. I}. Hy v hat name did you go in Ronton ? A. I decline telling. Mr. Hrsdy (to the Court)?I in-lst upon her answering boih questions?where she lived in Ho*ton, and by what name *bo went. Mr. Cutting denounced the way In whi :h the dofeuoe were acting in this examination, lie had even, he said, borne willi exemplary patience the impertinence of per sou* sitting round the counsel?some of them officials? ami suggesting question*. Hut, said be. I may call ujhiii one of these officio's and find out what U* know*. Mr. Brady denied that any person around him had msde suggestions. Mr. Cutiing?You have not heard theiu ? Mr. Brndy?Name Ihe person. Mr. Cultfng declined. Mr. firmly?Iben 1 -ay that the statement i ut teily without foundation?that not a single niHcial, high or low, hak suggested a single question to me In the csie The only official near lilm wan Aiderninn Drake, an<1 tie certainly made do suggestion. Mr. futtirg imitated that the Court should interfere wi<h the cross examination, and prevent the witns-x from being Jompel'ed to answer question* having no bearing en the m e but which would tend to degrade her among let neigh bora. Mr. Brady would lie the laal person to do anything which would hinder a woman trom retaining to tb? path* ot virtue, but be wax not. to bo impoaed upon by hypo-rixy and tbo pretext for reform. lie wanted to ?in w by > ivulging her name and place of remcenoe that alio ia leading a lite in Buxton quite the oppoaite of a vittiioiiN one. Wt meet ?When we went there we did not dare to go by my husband's name, for fear of arreat; we do not now go by that name, and aa many ladies have called upon m?, I do not want to be thought little ot by them. i). What name did you go by in Itiiladelphia? A. I gave the name of Conway to my landlord, but he mule a inixtake and got my right name. Q. What is the name of your landlord in Boston 1 A. I do not reci llect. air, It wax not I who hired the bouse, It was my liu-band; that tenement Waa kept by my eldeat ?later I hcHe.e there ia a written agreement for two yeara ate ut the house: I did not read it, and oannot tell the nunc of the landlord. Q. Did not your husband hire those premise* In hie own name ? A He said not, sir. Mr. Brady could not punset t to have hia quoit ion* aa to witness's name and residence In Bnetom remain unan swered. If be had a legal tight to have them answered. W itcea* ( to Mr. Brady)--! do not know the Chief of Po lice In Boaton. Judge Ki orevelt cenaioered that aa the witneaa had gone so far in tier answer* ahe might with propriety go further, but, nevertheless, he could not any that ahe wax legally bound to answer Mr. Bra *y proniixed to prove that the houxe where the witness livei in Boaton ia the houae of a panel thiol. Judge Roosevelt considered that where ao much ia 1 now ii ot the character of the houxe, it must be known where that liou-e ia. Mr. Brady?f>h, we know all about it; but we wan* to conl. adict all tl at thi* witne-e says or intimates about h?reoin?e ol iile iu Boxton. Judge Roosevelt?Then I think it ts unnecessary to in ?ixt or. thix wltne-x anxwering queationx which -tie thlnka may be derogatory to her character. Mr. Cutting suggested that there waa nothing In the tliteat of eiuoaci on that print, aa all these collateral niattera, where answer* are gDen, are concluaive. Judge Koosevei would recommend the witne? to an xwer both questions, but aunld not inxiat upon her doing ao, for the reason* ahe stated. l-xceptioii taken to the Judge's ruling. A Juror?WUI Hie witneaa answer a* to the street oi locality of the place? Witness?Well. Boxton Is a different city from Ni York, and if I wete to tell the street everybody would know me, [ atlicufarly a* beluga stranger, it is near the State Houae wheta 1 am living 1) in October last wore you in company in this cify with Mrs. flurtia and l.ydia VanTasu-1 ? A I called upon Mia. Birll*. Mr. Brady?Ve* or no ? Wi r.rsa?I cannot answer in that way. Judge Roosevelt?Certainly the witness has a right Pi answer hew alio waa in company with her. Mr. Itrads?Certainly ahe ha* not. Judge Rim *ev< It?Carta I nly the coun-sl and Court do net iigree. Q. IHd you me l.ydia Van Taasel in the month of October Issf A. I think I did. at her house I went on? on buaine-a. and when t returned Uu. Ilnrtis was there by appointment. ty. \V err you prexent when either Mrs. liurtia or l.ydia Van T-i-w I." In October lust, waa arrested for stealing A I do not know what they Were nrreated tor : they did not lufoiin n e what they were arrested for. (VVItrv -s ? a* going on to tell a atoryf of Mrs. Hurtia, and h*r l aving ti.r and made an app< intment to mc.-t at Mr*. V nn Ta-xe I'*. M-. Brady, (interrupting)?I would like verv much to have a long conversation with you tomeeheie I'U" Witi cs?Well. I don't know that I would de-ire to l ,?re nny long c? inernste n with y?o. (J. Where waa that brim ? ? A. The house wa- at the cm .er of Dcunlui k and Vari-k aticeta; I do n -tknoa what offcer n.ade the artc/t, Pore w.-re other persona there belonging to the Van Ta ?et tvmily. I bey a're.wM M' . VanTa#**!. they did not lake her out of the houae the . ft,? r ia went away and leit her tlu ie, the Ih-.-eta put Mrs. I utlia and my-elf into one ro.-m, and kept Mrs Van T?? aej In another room' both the olhccra and thi- woman can.e out t'.gsther; then one ot th' e ofh.-ers steppw-l up to II ? awl asked nie my nam*, and I xiats-d to the ulticer tl .-.I mv name wa* Margaret M. A?C"o*i<;; that I came on from Boslc n on a visit thai my husband and brother had gone to th- Miot in Philadelphia, I walked away and j leit 1 j via Van T???cl In the house, t did no' leave th . ity till atsrut two wrxk* attar; I went to 47 I.i?|-eu?rd tiii t and slept titer* that night Mr. Mgnr liV-1 there they m' ted from (ireenwi h s'.rn-t there. A Juror.?W hat doe* Mr*. Edgar ilo * A. She lets fur nished rooms to gentlemen. g. I id you knew a man name?l laiirieeht l>ndi*fsin ? A- I did not know such a man, to my knowledge I w ifk id out at lervice in Albany alter I left my nallie via- e I did not to my knowledge keep house there I do uot know that Pendleton kept house there. g l id you live in any house there, the kr*p~r of winch was indicted? witness#?I decline to mxwer g I Id you tell Stuart you were living in Bo*ton' A. I did not tell .-tuart that I waa living in fineton or m i'hlla cty.hia I ti Id him I wa* staying part of th* ?lm>- witri my brother In th# country. Hrert exiioiioation resumed. g. And yen have states! the reason of thwt was tha' s iu did not Like hla place ol residence to b kroww* A. Yea, air. g. Have sou seen Ja* Clsrk in court' A. Yes air g. la he in court now' A. Ye., there he la?pointing |.im out?he wa* In court at the time the question was s-kes* he tirst U Id we that Connolly waa arrested and I -aw Itm pwaa a paper to Juctap Rtuart, b* --am* Hi* ,#>??? oight that OiddoII/ war wrfced and tolsl me of It g I-id you hear that Jaa. Clari tm- in company with (en oily, io th* N*w York Hotel, at the time the bur glary wa> rsimmittwd? A. Ye*, sir; ha told me b* w*>, and that he had mad* hla escape, h* told me that h* ami .fudge .-tuart wer* iatiamte. g You haw* been brought Into a long atory of th# rent arreat of I-ydU VanTm#ael. and you war* going to csplain what brought you to her houae fn on aow ami tell the IJniT' A. Mr Burtle h*d left a day or two befit* that fcm Boaton, and Mrs. Rurti* expacd a Is-tter from him. I went down to ae? whether ?he had g t ?die of not; I wanted to get Information from my ?l#V-. and w* mot by appointment at Mra. Van Taaa*l'? house g. You were eehed a# to whether you had sail that rduar* said absiut the money whieh you fate him that Mr. Hall Would not be too hard on you. Kxaiate that mat tar A. He marl* use of Mr. Hail's warm In eonwer sat ion ia such a place a* to lead me to tellers that he meant to say flat Hail waa to ha** aome of that m.mey and I might have told htm an. g. At th* time you aaked wbethar you knew <?* laaher. alia* l awUin fJrc*n and oth*rw, did you know whavh*r it that vtini-flatke *a? prosrfdti .( f"uar< A | T saw Mm J ass eg paj e? ?t tba ttnt" Q. I aak you whether in Boston, since 701. there, you here kept boa-ding houset A. N. " that l? living in the house are my husband enu ? and myself; Mr. and Mrs. Burtis called there. Mr. Cutting?You liuvr stated a reason for not auav ? ' Ing these questions. The reason for not answering the . may be perverted or misrepresented. If you are wililt04. to Ksctitlco enough to state what street 70u lived in in Boi-ton, I wish y.m would do so. Witness?It f were to tell you the street, we being siisngeis, it would lm Immediately know who we were. Ibis is mi piirtii ulaily in the res|?ctable parts of the city; I live near the Male House. Judge ltooeevelt repeated the recommendation to tlv witness to answer the questions. Mr. l!rk<i\ objl-c oil to tlia recommendation. Mi. Cu'.tirg (w-iih Warmth)?May my tongue 1* pal del before 1 nek htr to damn lierrelf; rather may thoae whatu I he Here to be guilty earn pi ? tlie pitnlabment due to ttioir Crimea, 'bun that I hbouM ark tliii womau to damn hope > and ititt nth Ua thut ate pure and holy. Mr. Hi aiiy did not want to nee tho-e drumatic ouUiurati in n c;:he like thin. He intimated that though Rachel'. ? igagtment had doted here, he did not want to see hi ? letnned fiiend take her place Mr. Cutting (to wi'ncaa)?ll'ivc you not elated, and In it not a tact, that no minntee of your evidence ware taken in the Grand Jury room? A. Yea. air; 1 bore no', eigurd my name t< any evidence there; I do not recollect i f thrir being road to ine; I hare noi rpoken to you (Mr. Cutting) or tho IHatrict Ait irney, eiuoe Kriilay leat, Thie aloM-rl the teetiinony of lira. Connolly, and on her leaving tho eturid, Mr. Cutting tolil the wltiicati to give her offeree where ehe could he found In Ctaa ahe wea warned, a.i he preHiimed the Jun Oallaghertt, Captain Gieenr mid other* were to he put on the aland. Mr l'rady nth ily objected to alt thoee dramatic rope# lei tu'iin- which were gol up for effect. The next witnem calle<l for the prnaectitinn wa? Hev. Henry I . Montgomery, (the clergwnan who married Mr. ?mo Mo. CiHinolly, in Philadelphia).?Witneo?1 am a miniater of the Goapel ol the Rrotealant hpieenpal Church, in April, 1813 1 lenh'td at tlie comer of Tenth and Hitx water atic. ta, l'hilmleli hin, then known uh Slav i ncti .lug my pariah on* that ol All Suinta, Mnvameiiaing; I pro dure the pariah regiater of that church: in April, 18VJ, ibo'JVth. 1 niuriieil Wm. l'eter Connolly to Margaret Mary Muiphy. t hia I* tlie o: igiuai entry; 1 have a pi irate ac account Ik-ok, where hi* name ia entered; (lie date nor- ' reaponffa with that in the pariah reglatry; (certiflcate l anded to w'tnr aa); tl e endoraeir.ent on that t* mine; the i-igi.ature ia mine: the word April ia wiitten over the word May , the alteration ia a correct one; I aui aim ?*t certain it to not in my handwilting; I havo not the Khghteel recollection ol the trnnaadion. Croaa t xati iued by Mr. Ilrady?It ia obvioua that tlie ink need in the alteration la of a different color from the other; I liave not the -llghteat recoiled ton of the altera ii"n In iale ?eliig tuude hy me; I have no recollection ofC cornrthg a tnumuge ceitlBcate after the night that I gave It nor have I any apeclflc reoolloclion ot doing it at the time; 1 have not, to my knowledge, aeon either of there yartira aince; 1 have aeon the witnena In Court, but being a little near aighted, I am unable to aay whether mat i? ' In* poison. Mr. Brady would wish wItnoss to he allured to look at tier closely, to km* whether she is the i*aioe person he h i t married. Wilton to the Court?The endorsement wasititdshy me, i boWTe, at thr time. lo Ml. Cutting?What impression does the difference of color in the iuk make on your mind/ A. It Is barely possible that I may I arc nipped my pen m anothor ink stand am) written the word "April" with It. Tlie letter J' on the on dnrrenieut is a shade darker than the other two word*, " W illiam" and "Connolly." Q. In there a greater or less difference of absde h at woes '1.0 letter 14P, and '? William" and 44Coon illy" than theie la between the words "April" and "May?" A. lhe difference in k) ad** between tlio letter " P" and the other wi lds is, I think, gieiter limn tin* difference l>" tween the word " April" and the word '? Msy." Mr. Cnt'.irg?IJ*- goal enough to look at the words ?'Margaret M. Murphy ' on the endorsement ami ' '3* April, lhh.i," in your legi-ter, and Hay what difference of rhawe there is hetwreu them f A. The kliade in the parieh register Ik slightly darker than the othar. Mr. Montgomery sas thin conducted into tha oihcc ol the I llstrict Attorney to k?u Mrs. Connolly and decide whether alie is the same pernon whom he mariiod on ilt'th April, 18&I. Mrs. Connolly had, however, left the offlcu, and he did not see nar. Witness (on returning) to the Court?It does not ap pear by my register that any marriage took place before me no the "lflh ol Mav lftft.1 Doctor Joreph li. Sabine next to >k the attml, and wax examined by Mr. Cutting?I ain the apothecary of the York H ? " " * " New York floepital; keep a mi teuri.logical table of the weather. (Mr. Brady xuggexlod that tlie pro lectilor rhould have callid Met lam.) 1 take a uote of the beiumetcr. the Iheimum' .or. aud the wind thrto time* a day, between nine in the uturulng mid a and P In the evening. nn the llth of February. IMifi, the to wax rain; ] cxnuot tell you the xtate of 1h rtri tt?; 1 have no miow ?U1el xtnce the ftth; on the It'h there war now; on ihe 10th it wax clear; en tit" 11th it wax ll^et liar on ti.el'ith '?eruonn*part of iheitiy. andiitrai i lear patt of the day; on tin ISth It was tart 'dear and I art enow; on the 14th there wax rain all the day and. I believe all the night; on the 16th the wild wix north Thnr eaxt; tt wnx en a Thnrxray Croaa-fltMnincd by Mr. llrady? Wax not in the habit of riding down in the Wall afreet omnlhuaex at that flint, at d do rot know whether the xtreetx were xc Impeded with xm w r.n-t Ice rn vhat 'lay that panrungrrri hi t t get out at Ranttu atreet ard walk down; oa the 16th there wax fog am miit all th" day; Ido not know rvheth 11 the rtteot-. were impeded by Ice on that day Mr. Cuttlrg offered to prove by the Clerk o' the Supe rior Court a record of JMIpmenti, aa (Wlnwx:?One by .loaeph I. White for *? It H4. damage* and coet* ? Min n i nx and emplaint 20 th No.em ?er 18.64?tiled on the 2Sd December, 1*64, ea which nn execution leaned hi d *ie leliirmd by the sheil.T on the 2.!d February, )866, with a return endnrwtd on It? -at! lied J'Jd Sebrua i y, 1865. and a ft cord of a Judgment, at xnit of diehard W. Ham and other*. * ;ala*t sld(.?y H. .-mart tor hi47 87 dsmege-i and c. >xt*, fi '."'th Mai eh, 1866. There t Volcnce ( Wnrtl -aid he would follow up by proof of x-Mgi nient of ealary In advance, to cover d hta wii oh Jto'ge Stuart owed. Mr. intlmnted tt at If the prr?""cution want'd tn pr< \e poverty ngalnxt Judge fitntrt, he euppniel they nrplit ptove it ; fie wax not aware, however, of the cot nexto%)>etw(en poverty and crime and he xupp. -? d that any and all proof hit ended to eliow that dodge Stuart **' In a at ate id f ecuaiary necexatty ma* altogether In admiaalble. Mr. Cutting Uhrtmd the t oiirf tliat he offered tin i te? tlniOBy an ax to cut off an urgum. lr. whlrti might t.e mxde to the jury, ax to tin improbability of th# xtory that a man with a l* ge x-.liry and no' in wexaitou* (ircumxtsDeea, would liavo received $600 to procure a nail' proxm/ni in hi* own Genrt agaitxt a criminal. Ha oropoeed to xhr.w that Judge-Vuart wa* then an greatly narai?vd, that he liad the sheriff at hi* hevl* with exou ti< n* lor the pultiy aura of (.'.It aud $141. lb' wanted to uuct and rebut any argument that might lie ma le a . t< ho la.probability ? I Judge rtuirt la ing a. 'uat- 'I by any tnii lu'ifi'.o ?? the miiii of $/.CX) Mr. llrady rec< gni > d that it wa? not alb gi 'her new t>ut It wax improper to tntmdi e evidence to meet auv p< irflile argument atill he would aeeuenth" fimrt that ionohiiigiiii.ui' would lie put forward. Judge fiooai v.ilt?Thlx caxi .Upend* 6>r It* le.idlng j fact i n thntextho. ny ol ? i.e wltnc a. who i nit or eer > i ly t - not b' i' t f entirely uijcpilled character i tery clrepmetance thcref re win. b can in any w?y g.. I to givt i robot ii'y to her xxfement in, It NMU to ma. I not i ly n.'ii i '< ' lit dm'# n> ."- an 1 ?v. n i* di-;er. :de. If it !"? h"wn 'tat i)e kccix* ' wax h*r rane.1 end nuramd hy c'edit.i. at : at in" I ndg1. ? I i aire something Ilk'-a pt'dia iiily that tiia te.'u.i in id 1 her* fx true, or It mlwh' at all event*, be Weigh'.1 i rc'.it -fane' with ail Hi* i< It xtrtkox ma, 'h'-refore | 'hWl the e< I 'ence le admir ble. Te-'imony ifth? kind . i*?n tv tbl* Mi*. Couuelly of neee- i;y p ,utreeto | fovtif.ed, and repair** to t< t? a gnat event, ? i -r I >|4 entirely colli latent ? !th Itaelf Mr. Itr ty'acknowledged the rec rd* but *v*pt?d to li,' .. nil*ii? n of tin ' vl lr p. < ii e? -pliex, examined by Mr I uttlng -Am a rn'r ] ? I. nt I km w Sydney If Stuart t.y Ight had r. .or any ; i lie. ? tudne tranrar ionx with nlni I li t hold an a* , - ft Hu nt of hi* relay in novate '? 1 wax pool to , lie xi.d I rtturtwd ihe payer to the Compttolier i f l*rr the trim ?h . p*'d J g? - tnart'i xaiary thi. . we * 'fie 1 t cf Itito, IB'..6 I held >876 of hb ixUry ill" a > ncte wl.l't I "' unted with tlx nan e on It I g. t, tt.'* i .define Judge Ix.thr p. t be former p-dir roagiurali " bad an or er to yav me $8"6 of Judg* t tuart ?; tliat order i g ive up b. th' taimptroiler it ?e given to Ju'tge Ia? thrrp Hi-d h?- ,'w It to ne; I diaeoon'e>t thv ord <r. Mr. 1'ixdy ohjertert to the teaiiroonv. lodge l.otcrop ?i i In c mt, In' w all tb< facta, ar.d might be called. Judy K"?'Telt "tr.te.1 he *? old *'rii? Out the whoi. II U.m t>-llffi'-oy except thx' the wi'ne*, had as If ler tor |g 6 and 'eret edit. Wio.iM tnailed?I reel ?d a prp?r 'row. Judge la tfcr p ly l td yen at any t'me an-l ?hen obtain any m. any 'v< io the Comptroller a* and for th? xalxry ol gndge "?tuart ' injected to. admitted and axcep'bn taken. W itnree?I lecelvd fr- to the < ? mptiotu r |RI, whi h *n ount I advancerl to Judge | otbr'.p I d > i* ' ne.w w.. ml at ot.jarl. tt wax on the l?t of July, IX'ii; I 'leilver' 1 a written ruder for ? oeh to thn Or/mptrnQer; that wrlttaw i xyer wax bought by me of Judge lai'hrop, > o the 6th o "nreh. Milton ArrowrmNh anaroloed by Mr. Cutting. T'?'l nx ny cbjected t?. aa whr lly Irrelevant Mltneva?I ?m thnrptMmp teller of UtoSaar 'II Han far -avingv cif the e*V nvFew York have h?i-n a-iuh '.n'a brpteml'er, HMD a Bane: named Margaret M Duval bx 1 mi.', now haa an MMMnl With our han# , I cannot *1aO when ahe opcued mr aecount; Una pa-?- t-ck . hare led ti ?itrxaa) la a book of anginal TitrW on the aide th* ten* dehitx are In th> handwriting of the receding fella r and the credit* of the hack are in ray hxrvlwr'ir.f ' be data of the lr*t depowrt la the td of -ep'emtwr, 1*6 th# .late of the flrxt draft la 'he let of November, I tot; beee roll-tee oa the credit eld* are. wtth ? oe except. 10 '."'h July MM, In my handwritiag Mr. Cutting xtated to the jury that under the 'Vale of lb' h i'ehrnary, 1666. la an entry >4 I'M) paid. Witaeea croea examined I knew thk* woeruo per* oxlly -Ighl; we knew her by no other name than Margaret trove), which *he algned on the bonke of th* bank. A. Juror? Dn ven reroflect whether ehe entered her -jam# ae a married woman ' A. <ro Friday I l-cbed at ?he < tlgtaal entry of her nam# on the tex-k, *nd the yave ler une aa a widow, and I think aa a widow of WilTlam frovak To art"her Jnror?That xcwronl le etlll open ta tk' i nk theve la ettil a credit due her eha ka< had a ??*? I 'fr In the tnnk all the time, fe, whenever ail th# mo

i . * . drawn exit the hook I* . Ineed. i rvJur- r?1? M - axuena-y whea UdtM havr , ? i ' xnd get married to change thnxr naau .n t I'-of tfie bank A The' hat been I . ? '.'I'. Zi net aiway* cuatomary; I know aha haa Cm our bank. vf no other account wkicl To Mr. Cutting?II lha woaiaii tkuiiU now chaagi he account* and open an aoouuat in another nam . ?U< would lout her tnUreat from tie Vt ol July U<t but no change can be made In the a -ominta aBectlnr in terra* without the withdrawal of the money. T? Mr. Brady?If Lha def??itur pnwol hu or her pa<* book in pen-on It* entry U evidence to u?; but in com party cannot come we require an order along wit the <>uok I I ''?v<' examined and found that an tiie lMh u Kohii. Margaret U called, |*tr*ouiiJly, and dta* thW IRv^ 0,1 '"fk 44,021. The Coi ,I*T*' ,"?k a reef** for half an hour, and re arrembicd . ^ ^ o'clock. ?lane* exaurluo.1 l>y Mr. Cutting?Aui lha Au ditor of t) o (V nipt roller'* <]<? | urtuieut j otdcr produce l to ? Mne-e, ran.e *,xil,en of by Mr. Spirt-.; this It algned by f. II. Stuart; It w- ? iweaeecisj to the Compter ller'a do I hi Intent uuo | aid ?.??* <*r about the lirot ol July ; it waa (alii, 1 tlituk to Mr. The ci dor hmr? date ','th April I AM. and direct* the payment to .'i.nie* lotbrop ol the *010 of $A75, the f July, try to. I paper (r product! to wi'nte*! wa* left ml the Conplroller'a oil e attar. lei'., *?lmy of Judge Stuart, due on the 1*1 of July, iSMk Wilui i ?? I p ii<l tl e pu rlin:* quartet '* nalary to Jit-no* 1* thrtip, nn or about the liret of April The paper f bj HaiVtiv Hun, Mid paid ub oil the 111 at of OctufMir, 1; [irad by Sir. Cucbli g?Ix-ing another order for the quarter'* n.lnry of Judge Stuart.) The cat for the 1 run en I ton he-o rested CASK MSB THE UK? BNflh Mr. Jumca T. IJrudy Kla'eti Ihut it waa not Hie intention of Llio (Vuum I for the deli nee to umke nn opening to the jury, Tec.iu-e, condut rifg the rourae of proceeding, the length ol tin ? uhendy oceupted in tl e trial, and the itu material 1 oil*total main ra lutroiluoeil by the proeocutiou, tl.iy acre to t di?|.< aed to prolong the lureatigi tlon, noi did they dcoui it neremury to do ao. Hul h<t*ubmittpd to iheCotuh 11 a matter Ot law, that the iiuio.iu.cnt againft .liu'ge MTiarl ba* nut Irieu in any iit? an i:t.'doc I liy the itldcuoo. tin had tneti'iooc I t ? the Court at nn early wtage of these proceeding! whit the indict mi i?t a..* in ita Iratue; and lie thought then, and thought atill, that ? far fioiu the ind'etmeat I* in,; sua tail.1 d no matter 1 I law in ita theory and frame. It (a, rut the eon'raiy ei llrely disproved asmalierol law. The l*w ol 1H6.1 dr ca not lie raid, go ao far a* to ray that the tot-ie oiidt-iHtaudiug i f an iioeuacd parly Uiat hi could he approached fur llio purporo of ih ing a thing In Iti ell coriujO, i? id ll?i If rufHeiout to cu?>viet itint; and a* tin* bid* ty statute ia inUruled to tuach pi'raon* in ufhoe. tho arruied i* tried merely for an abure of bin ollicial otftsc. anil for an uhiinu from corrupt motives. Dili act of 18.V1 war trnnud to intet, and only nr.eete, rare* nfottiHal cor ruption; but there can lie no oonviclJon 011 an indict uunt for an act not committed, but only intended to bo couriiniicated aiul perfected. Couuael challenged tlin (?reduction of any rtatute which uutU 'tin a the convic tion of a man nn an indictment for having perlech-d an act hy proof ol an Intention to perfect an act. Tku mdfot incut, ho continued, alii dge* that tin- ao urod rrceirrn a hriini to have ? noil* prmetfux entered, In the care of a man uannd Wm. lorgrote. Now the preaecu ih n liuva endeavored to prove, and liuve proved that I hero war no ruch man connected with the cam, of the name of Win. Coegrove. ll it lie would let tha' pa-' lor the pi rami t. Sir. lhady tbou read the iudlctmout, 11c would not ray that it 1* akiilfully and artistically pre jaied, for It is not. Ilut il it meaut anything. I', war, ihat Jui'ge Stuart recelvi d a biibe of $5(10, 00 tho condi lion that in Ilia judicial oapuca%, he would procure to be 1 nWui il, and did enter, n noil* ftrotn/ni in tho cam of a jarai 11 indicted fur an ufl'euoe; and it ?< ueco?rary on iliir Inuictment to proi 0 that tho act wm consilium t'ed It I* 1 h.veil conclurlvely, he aaid, that there never waa a m lbprofuui entered In the oa?o of Sir. Coagr vc, lha' Indictment la atill bonding; and the *?<-.<mo ludi tmcut againat Sir. Con oily I* absolutely a ntilllly. If the evi cence ol the piiwipal witueaa could lie Marched and roino Utile glimmer of truth found in it, rtill there would be nothing In it to rbow that a nolle yrotnmi waa ever entered by Judge Stuart in hi* Judlcl il catier'ty. But he would eubmit. 11111 ra.l wltner*o* for tiie purpose of pioving that thi* wotran, ionnolly, wa* not untillmi to theaiighteat e.iidit whatever. Mi Hrady however, aa auiurd Ihallhe Court would not?a* it might <lo?here lirehargc the proeecutlon, on the ground that II ennnut bo mailt'aincd. Mr. Cutting inalatrd that (l a Ju> ge of ? oo.nt tfrc > urd rlioulu vgn e to rcc'-lvn, or ehmill raoalve, a bribe fr< in a pcmon. for tin* purpoee of doing anything nor luplly, and nhoukd atW'i ward* violate Ills prorniao, lu would etJU l,r IItide to to1 indicted and otmvtctod. Cut ?ul>|><*e, mid lie. that tlio law were no uhnird aa to pro vide that no peieon ahould be court :tcd who did Oot ful til lila protnl-e and give full conaiderallou for tkie Uiilt* ir.eived, ti *11 even no be would iiuil-t in this onto that tbe eonni feratlon lot the bribe wua given lu thia ea*a. tie ipho contended that there vm legally a no"< jiriut/vi emiTw Juilfe llooeoivit did not think It uero -wry f it aonneeo to make un argument on that point. The offeneo, be raid 1? in the aceeptance of the money, with tiia under (taudlng. Whether the aubtenuotit proceeding Wa r valid oi not, t.e did not deem it nccea-ary rn w to ronelder. II. Bindv irnal with Mr. Catting lu the toll length end breadth of Uia argument. Rut lie did argue tria. a ate Into make* It a Statu priaon "(fence for a Judge to receive a bilbo ami aleo make* It a State nriaon i Pi i. i -for a Jndpi in ugie* to receive u bi Ibe. till) ?? cu ed who la Indicted for recefvlng a bribe, cannot be convicted on ? -vldiaee of an Intention to racaivc a tulle. lit. Heavy culled upon Mr. ImiOu to produe.' the driwate* if evfdea ?* oftZurf U. (tonnrny, taVnn in the (?rand hit f tin in. Mr. Cutting denied tliat any mlnut< a of Mra Connolly' "Videtii e hart been taken Mi. Ihbdy in'mnud Mr. Cutting thai he (W;. It i had applied for, and received a memorandum f. on 11 I'.ill of the evidence giv?n by Mra. Connolly. Mr. I litticg ? *| that that peper ??< a mere memo tandem by Mr. Ilall, reducing to writing hi- rcc I lection of ibe evidence given by Mra. Conm lly In tie- ' land Jury ine-li and tldr, of comae could not lie per ? i-rHec ? In 'hoi rare. Mr. Hall ??< in the vioiuity of tlui court, -i that If n uno l wl-h d'o r-xaii lue lilui a< t" - hat evl (aire Mra. (i Mo lly really did give, b' wool I have an op I orti.nlty of doing o. Mr I'ady (deliberately end reaolnlely)?Thine i< n ?t one xlliary particle of truth In the rtateovot that Mr. Ilall, oirei'ly or lrnttro stty, told me, or hinted to me, th?' that iiieoiorawdum wa- anyhlug but the regular minute ' of evidence, taken by Mr lUlf In ihe lirand Jury ii. m. .led he (Mr. Brady) thought that who o a Ma trfrt Attorney piivat'-ly anl -tiaithlly, in c injunetlun with another Judge, umh tired mi indictment to be found in give ui Mid In the dark, again.-'. a fellow officer, It wae not Ion inuch to ex eel that he Won UI inform noun *|, for 'be eceiiead.i-f tl e a'epa hy him t?*!!c1 the obje If Hr. Hail -aid that he told him (Mr. Itriidy) that thla minute wa- a mere nvmoiand.nm. written from rnonmry, i * (M. Hall ' wia laboring under a very grow daiiud n Mr I uttlng aig ,??!, at at' rventa, that minute* oi evl fence not riad to or -.utied by the witnr-- could not b" umtt thepnipv. ? f'ltig aurh writtk*<r of p<-> j'l ry or (alee aweailug. Kven If li had been taken ili<n ' i.rti 111* life i f U.m wituc-a, It Co Ul not Ire prm r. I i,CI ta evidence, where It wa- nut read to and eulaciil-od by hei Judge f'e.wrvalt?It ir 'jnite obvi o-,[yi 'I and Mr IW oly rot agreeing a* to bcli, that theic t< notuiug loinw tin ?U/it. Mr. Brady?If Mr. flail -aya that thlarneinoraodnm w.t rot t:< k> p at ti<a time th? e. iderire wee gf? on. I a ill p.-ova ly Mr. Hall a own writing that that I- not an. Str ( uttlng war prepared to detend, and would defend he rbciecU i of p-mr erring woman aa he would d* iiiil bat of (be higl cit la-y In tin- lao-l -in ' e would o? akh.w hi r tectiniony to la- {ervei l nl or a'tacaot in i h a way. Mr Hail I ere c?n-' Into -rtiit hut Vr lira !y , ?id that be would Oot evamlne him a' a wtti leooribie. wltne m-v were calhel lor the defem i hu' I dpi not an-arr to ih<ir name-'. Mr. Ilrucy a"- | - 'heir .b ene by aiatlng Uat H had not been under 1 tl ed 'ha' the proeecnttota would rtnlah Ma ra-i- ?> -eon mil hi wl'm- ? wi r? not, therefore n atV o ' a "-v of the t-ffii-eie. however, Waa rest eft< r -<iaa uf the wit I . 'an., i i- *? autncii try Mr. Rr.i iy?Am 'he yer-n I i' 'i tie-1 to ! y Mr. (uthng ti' itay; aa> In tb" coat i it 'he 1 oi I au-e In iny aewt and uered him a pi- c 'l ' I I I'n t ejoi >? to Irn ge -aiiiait about ten day. go or ? t "t J right I n< ver a|?-ki with bin before. fir mined liy Mr Cutting I *?? -itttng ?! i-te ?( 1 I ui- Judge rtuar'i and taking an tat-rent in tna prto I edng- I tin tin- -air* per-'ui tmnth ne t a* h vine ??en In '? mi my with ('? nn< lly in Um sew k?rb llout I rgpa If pen WMt to know wbe'hwr I have >iea ta?ti I indie tad )on eaa acoreh tbw reeorda rwitweaa upon !>'? I og ! ? ? I er pri aee-i ? I ha v# -in?e teen indi- 'e f ? - . ellrn i |' ?aa rallewl a burglary I del out plea | goll y to ? burglary, 1 pleaded guilty V ?oem-tbuig, and teemed loy eentama on lb'' lod f?e emtw r ia?t In the ( i or' ot Hernial fae-lraa for iharity wad county el New Yelk. 1. Mr Prady?I hatejheen engwg<ai part of tfie time HBCW Hub Iii J -dga f'liDond a office, put ot the lime In Mr. t'ulUgan eotb.ra, ami now I au^mrng-l in an agency. Hev-rge W. Nmrie ? eiaminmt by Mr. Ttca-lyy?Am cap ?ain <1 pollr* of vhe leath ward, have 'wen captain i,re November, 1V>4 hwv* be-n eormectad with tfi# yuli e f <r re-arly eieven yewra, liav* b- en onnarta-l wt'h tiie ( btel a ? Bi-* w.m* nine year* of 'bat tune, knew Maigare*. Connolly ainc* ](Uk or IMai knew her a Mar 1. ret Marph} . trie- next time | liewrd of bar eke had a -i.Bed lb-- nam* e.f Margare' (nival I B*e*r liaard of her tairg called any o'her earn* I aater ka? w hae by the can e ?( Aeraselo or ?>f (amnoily Mr Brady?* hat la bar general rhareder ' Mr. ( uttlag ohpc'ed to the ijwewth n Tf^ jiaeathm ? hr.'iid 14, what wwa b> r get.eraJ rbararter for truth vod varacfly f Iw-lg- Hoc-eveP?TV lateat authority no the iibjol ia that ih* v|U*-tla>n ia adwiiealtiia in tibia for in. Mr. (Yitting excapted. Witaaee?| ?Lonkd think her ganeral - haraotav wa tery bad Q. M'eaid you belMva bar umW r?tb Mr. I a It lag ob)*ete.: ? y,. ,.BaatioB I Judja* aeveit- aual praetta^l h* ? ft bc va w be the u. wuakd be 1 lava bar umber oath | at rtr-aarwK- .aual practice hna man to e?? Mr < uttiaf ?agaaatad that thai rwuda of aarivk lediMltty of a wrtneaa had b*wa atwndoaad (,-uewti.m admitted and exception taken Wl'naea I Would aed >/eliev her waAer -4tb, whan I l brat kaaw bar aba a apt w honaa of praatitutlaa >s Wewt Hfoenwav, bet van Haade and < bam bar a ateaada. that waa I n 1M* or ?d I I -t eight of bar than, and the next pia-a I ainw bar ke- p vaa at Urn enraar of i?rand acid laerena 'trceta, 'ha next wu at *? w-evtar etc act 1 taaw T-ao lacker a. I beard he got drowned at aaa aavavai f?an ag I I new IJggy Cox rha aaa wNraya We 4 art ip* aa a paaari '.kief the mode of practice ta So pick a inns f ta the et i eet. ami bring him ta. and that# ta a pef an "inlet in a | entry or eloaat. ae nam la by a panel, who nieka the pock eta. I kaaa a ftrl try tha aama of ffdla (T.aeiy, who lived wtth a nun of the -tea -if inn Taaawl ehe Wa- a panel thief CTieiry (? daaad Van Tdwi tea lair'-b-f, I da aw. ka ? Aaxe Van n ,,'iat pi rgertrw, Jacfeaou m a txotot thief,hl? u-ixUtM w*"rW t.eoraa tUi iml Ai. Bui (la, ( Lnew Jtm V'weiti n, lie wad l<4>ua upi iwi b?r|br; I do no* know where h? Mr-a, I ki.ow lapt. (iiwD, he WhK ? hotel thief, I <1 n't know tkal I know Mil Hedge*, I din'! know ? nun of the Hum* of Mo**; I ticTar mo mijr of tb*-e person* In Mm. Duml'e houe*, the on 1/ tlilef I ever know go In thorn we* Win. Moore, u |.*n< i thief, ho la in ftanlun now. I boliom. ho wea In p.i-eit In Jer-ey (I'.jr i? yttar ago. >u4 I h*><? not nfoo Mm ninco. I norm know much of lhi? woman'* home* than a* bn?ae? of prualituOon and iraort* of tliuroi-: the* worn oo known to the poftee, nlnwo. I they wot* wi* In* hiiwn unitio Third or tourlh . . IiwImiip they hag the ropntatlon of being remit# of hotel and lanel thieve., I know Han Wll?m, oaJled lhitih Dan; I know a tlttVagtrl named Julia Wllaon 'hat In nri ?*1 with Mm. Uml; Dutch Dan w ia m hntet thief and ahopMftor; I went nu?e to hot hnw> with Cbptahi Cai pootrr and nflleer heefe to rearoh rot AI Iturtli. ? h i war imitated for grand larrfny; we did ml get htm, Mr*, lluial aaid he had not been there, I han* not heard of Klah or linrtfa except nn liotH thime*. ( heaid of PMt li< ing engaged in bu>itwM* in Puonr etreei. Croat* examined by Mr. Culling~-Mn>. OuwixV i- dilwl on the cmtxerof and I an r en* a*rcet about ai* yeara ago: I roiiiil not aayahont how long ah* redded thorn thl< una aliout the only tlmo I hart evor twrn in I or hotiae; ti nt was in the night. I think I taw IHII Mn re'.- woutao. J. robin*; .be uu* ibe mil) panel tlifef C eaw there; I had no ha.?mea? with Mra. I 'urn I in Wnoator atrwo' I neve* waa in > e* Ho wee tiiere, and hnrr no per* .u . I ku' whdgenl tiie kuul of u>imiw who wen' Uxeie, I duu't i i . w tlinl .lo. gr Stuart rk.iie.1 there I may have tieeu twice In her luutee in West Rroadwuy; I waa in tli ? I hiel'e "Hire at the time. 1 txevei made any complaint again.t her fm Lei ping a din rderlv hotui , i newer knew oi n coin| L int innil" iiroinet her at the police .fTc* for keeping a rilwtrderiv luoiee; I hare eery IMiln |i*i*Ofial Lni ?wledge of biir; I liitve nnwr l?e*ii In l??*r bouM o<r(*r thri* or f???ir UoK H in v* u j?hih. 1 liATf iv?'Wl* 'ge o! th'i *rrr? lu?r u> mwIaIom (J. Hint* the lime when >??u heard h?r ehrrnclor Tor truth and nriri't (Hk A. I b?ve heard It talkwd < t by Captain (n' |m ntor, J<*?-ph Kee|?* and Captain I fM-Mi'd, Ht tlx* 11rr?#j wo ^eaichcd her boo^ ?bout l#4vl, we dbtMiered the mot tor tt w:m ?? general impression, and the report* of thieves who re-ort then? and rap' rt ko outeldt : It i* prinriui)!y because hor bout" th't H'Moit t f initvi* that I thought bar char a<* '6r, fur truth m.d veracityf to b? hud: Mrs. 1'itritl wim never, t^ toy knowledge, taken *11* ti? \\ thief, t have h-nd the o ber my, from lawyer Hpencer tint ahe could ho charged with grand larceny, ! mot, t?efore tin* tti. I, h?ard nl tier being charged with theft; the pronent name of IJiry c?.x .? Mr*. Ilurti* t have kvewn h?r six'?r reven year- I don't Mary nl all, und Mot! Hodge* only by reputation; I known "model arti<itM in the city of lb? n ?mc < f Ml si tuo'e* *he reside In Mott atr??t' I don't know w hether she keep* a homo* of *?ig Dilioti. t; I want to know wheater you your*?!! 'habited with Mi -CV.b a, a 'model artist " \lltne I would he very tint to tall you or anybody ebe whcloer I did 01 Mr ?""?7 VUr. Iwen . J, " ut ***** J"'"'"'? 11 * >??n ten or <ii r witli the poll wn, |,, ii.,. M/:. <"nn..HJr knew berhi.U'e.t I <V J! I."? II U'*|U" ''"'"'"l 1 Other offlp.-ra .teak !,. 5?r". ' r.I*,r " I know the jane 'it1'"" K. J U at c 'i'? til# k JiOW jf'tJ^t. I ITflltH (I , I ,11., I I w?? knowledge dfrirtd fr?w oomer*,,Mo? | ku"w 'i,I h| -f tho,c ^ictrri y,,,, ;;; hart b reputation for ateallng, J h.,Tr arr.--|.,l r.olaln mu&hhh ""'i (*r"?0 ???< '???? to M.lUdi lj hia IInil dlecTimged abortf/ afu i wur.l- the i'l'i niiifiePhU'i ' ' i H? U" ????. "i'-uifli ill. Burll. ha, bean in b,,ine.? !*,<? 3 livery eunia ??* ?!.?? kmr Of a pubJl(. bo.,-- k>*r,'m i t Mole I'll a* ' r"Ti''B"' l'i " ' U"f rP|uit*iiou of |U|i. 'on I* iho Mim' "'' " ' reputation o, Turn Jack' ?Z'i7n^""U"U>,hj Vr' ">? Hu.ila in ttr iiwl Z'^vy. r," n>;-1 ,h,,ik ""ttu|m"?"<> lti?t?ii?ral nputatlon of tin, j,?u..c vira Co -nuiu I am waalad that i. all I ?pok.. about 1 .li t <, apaek of bar aanpral rbaiarlrr f?r truth ami verarlty | ir?%r heard lhat called in iioivl.ii till tl?.- p, ,e,n ttUI htcaube I kn*w nothing of her ' Jam-aA 1\ ITopklnw, examined by Mr. Hr,.|y Am cattain of police, Uvi. bee-, ah rut tour year'an I a have c"ao'r'"i *ttlj M"- Churl a . .ir I 1 *"T"n l,b' 1,1 fl'c >, nr" ? half, bar Kttcral th?iarNf |* ,tp rtccj *, h?l |j |1H ??, l^liTy^* for .mV"d ' i11" n,,t th,,lk ,b*> 1 w.ul.l lihT ?%, Ul"1,'r 'm,h 1 ??"? Jol.any Mi* blVlnor i *"'" J *"'-??? him or, a , |,arR.. ?f ii? M"'"! P'"P-r'y from an Kavtrrn Ixiat, m?|P M e OM ClM rJf'^"'^,i4D,n "'??**?? k-r for ?M,i.k him I. ?f ii Nlve'" w?>?l " "0 the main. P? got Into lb* front b*.vn.cnt and locked the 4>or I kl k.' It.,. .|?.,r L'nnil <^' . T" ?' *"l.ln h" 1""1 f"1 ">l "I th ? win.:, v. 1 , r*'" , ' <'h hor I,on O h , I t'lio lir I ? hrltTtfthr n .rl of hotel tl.ier-. I knn* Jan ro. to lei. n he I. rpporlod to he In It ,| , , u. thief ' Ua,*? an larntoad - , |? ? "V Mr. C|,tlta*-| dll not bnoar \|? n i l ii! k*P' ho""" ln WV ' Mroailwae ?, yr,, lu, iuZ? , A 1 W"nt iutn V"' ?- ear in Wrw-ter alreot I dr. net roeoltoot ihal I w, ,-r.-r in Jirr h. rrw at the pomi-r of | vdUinriir, I ami twice Int.. that boo e in M'........ .t-?.t' Of "Vr "u.nii'l *: J.option Of Pier telDff In ho; l..,u,n ?n. ? l|r, ? , "J perar.nal hg.ol.. .... ?f j,p i ?, , rb.t *l?h. 1 rn not Ml ?<.? b.,? I r.-lt II.e InI*' I .'I'"!'"'. ' 'av fhat I w?. tri( ... . t , *, 1 hun*ling.i. a,r part I her lor a:4:ig In.,, U. p..-..,* i Ilil(h ,lu( ??- Ir.dlrt. l hut | think .he *?< i i <, I I Paonot trU ?nu Whjr ahe wa not trie I tin . urrmn* I wa? about tl.ire tmr- a^o I do kno. tt. ,i [ I i"n?V ul,0''J ??? afteraafU it I w. ,p (?Bod, It . vory Mkolj that Ih.t n*ortlA.-atf..a ?ft., aai.t, PuUlocd I do ,.ot rrpolb-tl ah-,., ! o.vlr the -t, ; "'tl i a"\ lhl"* 11 ' hef. reJu'gP tl t, i..? ?v not in my .11 In t I writ li.tnl of Let I ..UM. t a*g compUli.. | ar?la-t aa thaadarly the at'h i "Jm * l !" IT hor wae that , ' ,h ' ' do no. kn,.? >l?, |,v- ohararter for tiuth at d ?r,a.d|y |? .nr, r ? t>u. aitb wbom .|,p ? , i,V,?i. ' '\'r' "> ?'I O fool ilv.i re-oatlr an .rgtt, pelipp, mvrrhan'? tnarehanh. mk! otbwra I thlna ,he u. i,,?t th* , -hm. ulth abiah I cbarcM bar . ,1^n' I* J"1 t*.l an , I baf. ji ? ul,. !,d. b*? ii *r'?-t h'-r Uinfiffn I m. .u to ?r Unit her houae la W.-wtr f .t.?.t arwmrt - f "hlPee I do out know that I . ..r wpokr with ./ , g- -tmarl about ,0 Vr Ihady?I d? not k*o* that It lv ru.i, rrurr for th"n' *" ' aral l.o.k la.nahow W. n,l mi* -niulmd by Mr Ural r? Ham been r?nu> ted wlU, the i-dtee o-oirt o.u? ftwiPf a, a ...I a. rnathnp, ?a . tork' UlU arauin by tlx nam* of b (? | ,, to t. ot k,p| iD-r bad ol a t, ..,rt tor l-*d rharvrt#r? :l..iTi 1 .0.1 C el, Ito-od. I knew l.j i a tan ,M I "in.i many of tha i.rh.r 'hpiaetn. yon t.a*.- named thee ? I ??? Mooted it. py. I not ko , wbell . r U.p* f,e .(t.PDt?.f her I,.- ?. hat h? fi*ii,<- ... refcwJ^, , known in U.p . IT. ,? k,P|o'.... . !L~",r Th' Tru T ' t-. a ar d When the ;m tie.- > ant'd I .. ..-p', tbemVha, ???.*,ally went Ihor* I -booId not I ? . ro the w ? ? ?'? *?nUit unJ" ? t| f< hi,. rr , rj|l , r rni> tmi** Mtuiitcd Id/ Mr. ' h;. I hut fhl MftrcLtd .pp. M? f>l . rcMni4f|#,|, ,kMRV# *ff f#^' Uttfjt Hf f-a ???*% J* hrr?? 1 % ,H,)| f) t tl! . k f ?fl,rt|w f 4,, ?f4 i fac * '"l-ee'ahlp going t., Mr. Imya . I, ua# / thu . I ?? ,ii her hi u > tn Wp.t It. , ? . i *? nt tfc< rr i tk it. m?ar I n. r, .aa in , V ter vifM-l. or I t, ire , .tr-,. . , t, , . ' Ua e. ?l?, ga I ha e of j?rr? Mi ? f. w.uea'lo* p*f tw.u .a ,. a ho .'.pip-i from tl... itjw.ii, . f i r | , , ?'l' '?" * au f. r U.p apt tea | .''?'J ' ' P ' ti toan<.tt,pr ??. u,*t I tuv. I t tj,? ? f f?, ? tj?, | n> k .? .|s J !..| .p ?" I I ,, reerdl.. l|, n of ?n?tl.i ? (,? ?g two. gt t or aea: .1 her for -he la., (,.ir ,r.r. Jenni.b fy.U.rop .v,wl,...j y,r Mr HnA,-Jw\t. an o. Vr . n U.pC, mot, Up, 6.f'hl. ?nd nt -alary u et let. f got the m.mey and p. 1 it ' ? fon.-ot I, ia -d to . ,i . , "tge-a aolfg-t .,p h, h all m.t* g. -tear' no at *| do I r*>.| k m part of t?.a ha'aaee f.p I.... liOfl wh h ' h d 'w two tl, <*t ??rk?, I .ptnm.d It 1>. i,.m -1 a r?n og* Crr.. a.awloed by M, f.,ttj^_P,? Jf.r , a U i y of In 'ga ' ia" f i| .y.ol I thin >u iu? or ."?y'IA?rtl I tilak I got an order fcw It t did .vd dra< he money m*MIf Da r,.n?ey n.,, r W I ip -elyed frr m Mr "ntrm and paid r, , u, Jo taart g-l 'be -rdpf k r that ?r?.*tKr* Ink'e'roarT l.f. ... t>? l.tty ? rly 10th n.ymv .rioi waa talo It a . |?>t d..a ' * a lew data I an la t t,. htm .or |ay??at he it we. a-1 -one . .-?,t (..r ru,n a' -bat Ua e tr. ,ar me nr that he had lad He. mon?y a,el th- a I >ag^ at. d 'hat nch aa .rdar .p,iA er?d-ole L P| ? nvd at tt,e Merhanwa hash. ! r,*d r-? ' -a, tar oidPta tlav-ntrm I, I ap lad. hut did red grtlfd i.e an-t Mr Pfdrea 'i>r>ord.d )? h.r rrw t think I rat.In.., . ??'.?,# ale M-O la my M.rel. for 'w ,r rbraaw. V- t got an wr 'er h,? the ,?t ,, ^ I ?ry on t-? d'h f t|rd my ,i^ I .dgp railed or In th? e'tkar rewa Jaret naa kf f 'b*' gbt I rwu 1 i gp* hi* wlarrlpra th* oae* ? Hrnt 1 got lb* l)r*t fr.ytr' I aakt I had ar. dreikt I ? -akl, I re retred the a.oyry .no pa. l It over U- f . i I oi I He., a. ? friet i r.f yu gv pfmrU ta a?? ; w. d ?rt aa? twit!. ,r-? ? I - as at thee time and I ?a*'??f-g htm lumte t, m that It U Inratr [eewt'da ha may baee ,a.t m? matbiag on! of 'Ui To Mr Rra'y?The r e>* I re?p'rvl tk. fret a> may ??? m k'ebroarr and I kept part < M Una or tbau rat, I la Mr rtrtdag I dkd ant iwew that at 'hat 'lata ?'t-t ? eve jndgmente ra tk* baryta ftb* la' d an. n^ / dw? fMnart Withawi It ftaly, a.antaed by Mr Mrady?f^kmiw Mar garet f ?>,*%'., >?t red by ' km nam* af f nnordly I ha en ?aan Torn JoIp a .kr 'aU aw la m HrvatM M *n I Waa 'Vr, ,a d -*v attaeh*'t |r> Ik# 'ro.a I In?trtd I'-dVa t 'art rkr ?a? n aearata* ant Inld we ateeot hwr t, , hire that 'ark e n bar ki,.W ba4 gnna he a^ and waa dmwnr-f ?b* tk.a ,'eet at f# W-pvie vtmat. I r rap rtia*. 1 by Mr fVi'tiam?1 >*?^ k* aw o? r,f ra . y#?M ag" laad "rV??w 7 raalgtaad J haaw n ry en,t'o a Maay l ?d at prmenl I rank). ?t 1^. ,htH I et ir gtnn armva | her. drma nr.tSut* Ww I ,, fad <b*a? -a# I an d>. bwt'*r | Ura 4 ?.y ewnn, at' ? I Save o-era u aenptoy my *lto7?a<vM ay a ?' ru.g a ad ar kr.g Wa'rvr, I emb# a Kai 1 I ?? ea *|y ? la'tng .a pa. rat *y hat I 4" a*g b . 1 * # * ' *** "* ' * .4# ? 'f \ 4 ? ^p 41 f o'"Of th.*' ??" r common n?n??, I b?T? Uxw *t h< rtj** '?<!!) ?I ?tipixxw ? dk?i?i tlm???mi b*|? tiw; 1 *u ?n ?M'Tiktr of the p?raoai IHk trnt IhAr', 1 lur? ?. Hiir thai wen' tbor?, I owuMt bum tir tot ti.Miii in mirtirfl1??. I >'??'? know W?t I ?nw Jiub ? ?n?fl.rr nib.- f'! Owunw, I do not immwr u> imrtiruUr ?njr tMr? lh*t talked wfMi in h?r IMm*, I rannrr t<m tic name o' *?r tliat I ?aw thcl*, I ha?? Wti fcWhi UaUM at frn+fig for Mt-'UpNof ytoto't to itWmm trr Mrcct that ?u 1tu> . *>'? kMM ?f h?r'b I ?aa rTcr Iti I ?H t <1?-t<rtM tiWtm. M-i-rtwf ifarranta , I think it inu in tea Call .a 14trJ ti-at I haarit Tuiu Jack ?on *?? iSiwnix), M?|{ a I"I that that aajiail iVhiihariiv 'ad M?llhi plrl tliar lri?h Moll, awm piraant at ti? llnia I laartl that .'wki'l in Maf II* tal'? man I itht not Naur him a t?r huabanl ar bp alltlit, a? bony larka. il I dl'l Dot kniwha vaa her liu? Nino al all till akr inlit nr ,4 it I lour iwn Mm I Kara, nail f i mil tin* iir*?ii;>ti. n t.t -'J ol )i in, |:t inuit bo I ha ?ran ihi rimer,Wion I hat a t nl tiim rata Imrn mm tht* trial Jim 4'!.???? f. ?r % t* me a Weriiitt n of hill* I earned *ay ciaefly v bo e dem. lib* \ Mm U> n?r To llr Itradv ?AYn married* hafc bean fir the laat twnuy hik hair, alt h*v? ft mlHViUi rny far^fly; I own propwity In the eft y. r *al and pwiMioril I never went U the h? dJae v\t ?*f? t t>t, li -vinrn t 1 \artH th*re rep?< Aadlr, to H* k ut them, mnt kn ? them U> Ire thiavcv, nroC I nw them about tU ?die*t? -till T?> Mi | h**r*Mr*ft tlwn:^ci oat :md i% And knet ihi'tii to Ut thiey.**. 1 nftfii \*r?vt* th?o? wttii ?n mnt> igaltt*i glrl.H tn the |?ou .# for n-* . At and hattfey;I want then after Ui|i*v?*?. v ^hmxi w?r I ? wt?n 1 amy fhut | fotl'i'l !' I w.'ih in -<?%rf tt ??l I ntirvnco .%ii?tin n?rti|?o4 hy Mi ll> A ?Am a tw>IAne oflteer. nnri h?\* >*i? u mm i? I hnvi I tht* wn n>Mii i trar ; itir# |H5 \ hy the . ?m#* of iHivil, I h?r?? hi?fit hfir Mtlhti M.m/ ?n?i tf.wiKwret, -iwi vn lh?tiixf j?Ut? there wuh feti* lhi\ il Iw.-m for i* me lime; thr v> yrt in front rit* the dear and aland there and ko would hnv? to drir* *h*m evay( the frenerai ehzttncier ??f th?? l i-wc w# that It w?n ? houee of trad reptile t ha I ie all I ki*e?r about kl ? ?*?! i <i not know any ? f three thWe?t To Mr Cutllnf-/I#r boure vie teitbln my hr ? A#f tm* \eei*. n y wiu* bouiide I from < ?w ^id< of : Oriw^ to out e!?*?? of Canal, -?nd froru lir adiray lo the river** It ?** my duty to atfnnd te Uie-e hoti*#*, I ui<la I Carpenter eiandrud hy Mr iVndjr?Have hewn a rap lain of pt-hro neatly eirhtteera; / hare kmnrt IM? *?i man ?lme I r uio Into ih#- ifepirttm nt a* Mng Dirral; when f (||hi (mfiunf aeaiualuu^l with bvr, ?die kep| a bou e it Vl't f nor eh atro??' *h?' ninfM Irom ibevw eoon af'er I ran o it. a? Captain I knew her <vtoa el.e Wrpl lit uh. ui cnr* r ??f t.r,u>1 un l la* e t r t ? f?. my iiiipn ? m i? thut l?er hot? wa* 'here* of fhiavar of the worvt kio?l I ha 1 I ? .a t^|>it of I will in the pael lwoer thiee pari, I ko'W lo /taaa Ta*>el, Jack flu try,.!:??A \ i?n la** el, Ame Van New tiand, Jim Fdaerton, Mill II ij<e- lie "K* Vi?h, At lit tin vn?1 Ylittjr Moot et ?be? ? men and wouum wrro reputed thiifee I iio not know nd.vre Jiun a Kjlfor' iti ia now*; t (tmtU'1 call 1.4 udnd whathe* I Uave he%rd rvnenttyi f brow Win. Mory , he h* U?'V< d upon hy ue ?? a khiof, I ?i?w I lui in Sen York on Friday oi Katurday 'a?t. i'\ > ? eiammml by Mr. (*ntitng I llrnl Wn**-% Mr*. IHi val wh?*n ehe kepi a hoU'>?a m fiiurch r\ra*?t ?n IHMI, I knew hei to he tlieie lean tliau all in'-fllha, I think I waa In l)?al houre twMe it ?m wi'ltln my h'*r.t. 1 dow't know where nbe moved 1*4 f ? mr? there I did n d l uauv id her iij? to the lino ah* went to the corner of ( rand and latum* atu-it I wa on<? k> that h'?uoe teal wa net within my beat; I do u??t kn w where aha move' ' ? freaa there. I heard ?he neat kept a hour* in W"?Miwter t neier had on,??!<?* to u?? lleoa. ? <V Wha will know the eh* act *r of the (erio ui of a hotikW Im ?4. the o|l,r?T wntldn whoae twat ft t* ? r tin ofth fr wllhin win ?e f>ea( it ia not t A I he ' ffl' er witblw wbovft heat It i diouid know I*#**, lo * ..'nr. I ? me ?>( 'ha*" promo whom I MnnllMd m? reputed tl.lnra ).??? liwnu mo?iH and roijiinlltrd f .r Ibrfl At I lit 11 i w.i? 'ul Hitrn rn Moll lli.'pna U uo?r lo prlecu nl IiUiAwc'I l?!?o4 . I.) 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Wo.?| dry k xei? nrrrUnt, if 747 lulton nlnt-i lliooklyn b. tnl"< prrtwn". 1 a ad I mad nlriit raptf wntaUrme . K> t-ruMWl wli t beep-ai olBa4 at No. I ', llu.*iti '.n .1 .iut rM Vr. ?t 101 llahrp atrial, luotttM, II i? atten d. In ob.lnlnp lha iltvrv an...iiat of monajr frt o fie . ui] Uioaot. hwiwewn tkaa month of Manb. I Hf. .* ant '. opmi, 1*41 In loptby affidavit mtod* Itafara Ju?t u ft Hiatman, tba oiu;. wifaaaat allaf thai Hi* arftuM*-! 'm in,|ar to ohtalii thaaa loaaa. ? tjir inlH thai I n waa worth nt'ut f too 000 >al thai til. wl'? bad a lortoio of at la. I b'OO <r?l thai 10 na? a of Ilia llaa. II' ory tVaol llrnehwr, tf.a eminent praacbrr and an, a't *? ' nn? 11 I Ilia nioft rrwpr inhle paHaw In \ea V' - ft , 'ha' l"tieytfip the** raj ir "ninth .a Ip he firja Ilia ' om I a nnul pn'te l ?tth l,i. to nne, and i,. b In aarurlty fat '.ba ii" la- "f ?!< a lo 11.'' Hatakk Mining I'?iBi| 'I t d r i In to loMi lit .barra In lb' tlc.ral "il I I'li'i.j'if M> d> f lb" Amarfraa f'ar. 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In Id I, hall In tha rum if ||li??l hf Jo a lira flu ma to . awrar tlarl.t'f' tfr Initial Itixaiaa, rf No ft Jakt ?if?"t, In tkt* Hr '<"??? lb# aaroaa.ra I alt In th? ?Wv i?m w'? rn.p o ba waa lltwalad ft <aa ana'ody It . on lha* Oi ??? ? ht ./i.t op ?i br ' Iii'h of "t h Hra ii#i I. a inrioliar, w I'I* 'ha thaipa. waiai.t?l. rr?l inirii >a ? ?r# tl.w !fxa* .wdiVt a Ttio' t dj aa "i a"a >n?"?'t(fatin< 'ha i i.a to half ? a lit aatt.haa? ? i, ibn-wti l In a'-,ait lha ar a*..if and felliatat" bba th ..I bor .na Mi IV. a" aara ha naa If.,a.) lary ? *a'f hy".# at"??" tiaoiwtl n and haa tarn n i )wra t i.d atrid man 'Inaurhat 1 iha wt oi. 11 an 7 hi - na#lana a.r-atnd nnrawt -lawt id t.!? a" oirtla 'I Ii /?- na I--. I , a. ? whit itt, tor tbw moat pnrt, w>|ua iiiwl with th" pv'l'i at rare* no" tf f.fiir* fwnrt i*t twa?i*i.r. tarajni It \ i? > hi ? hint, d tt>( h or. a? at r'h .1 ia I ? w tlo : i' I'a ? ? .y by d'.ar I ar I ta .' I ? > ? . wl al?, rlxiyaf Bltb . 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I dad ta b"kt lha aar-laaat tw boll ta i. d war tbo diaip An r aawnaa'lon tn tba aaaw rlli <-? row .1 . a; at in,i i irttn ti baxtapwr. W? "bay a I ' . -X 'f hy lr?dw Waa arrwatwd bp Ilea to Itli Wei t .a in i ha'p. ? ' aw .o and lalB-y, with tatwnl la. o.a Jaaaa. f Inn * a "4 n?t nan THa r a fialoan' ay# that tw ia.k.a- a ?an'.awatar r'rwwt, >i 1 H at ?l,lla |? ? p 'h' tap* Iantlnrf atraat, nl n ?i? h or rn r 4ay elyb' Id waa attartw*. by Ibv pf .'twr at... aa war wd 11 rah lew.anaal if bia a?i?b 11 *d.|. I'm. if 'to yXaaioo'w 'ranrU* . . '? r I alp wwwi o ta loti'ma. whan tha pka. an la tba "'at " m'l'r naoirr prwwtramd b.wa lo th. nl end Ah fb and tanth llna Vwnk piwa ha iwaayi iba two aadotad naa* and nt.ay, ? Whi'b lto? la'lwr rrralwaUy -nnaw wnt orwd hawi Tha wha ?f tha nera'Mbw altiartkbp tha atlav. tirwi "f aa 'dA'wr NLay waa wtfh ima t' I.ka aw mrw-l and -atfad In tba atpltxn b xm tor I'm of lha nkpM Tapbardar naarnMp Jw 1W? ta.i.h nmpnM ??d tha a'wnnwd t/? tba Taaato WW haepw ad a'laaapt nt r-hhrry t attoib or wbtaa tnarcvT Anna Dnit'dk war uiwod by idf-war MarxbaU, ?f 'ha I Ipbth ward pr.brw ahwpwd wtrb Mandap a wa..w atonb, anhaad at M? fod 'ha braw af Ahwl Wkaatan ha 14V ' aatar ibaat Ti.a aiua ad r Vdhmj ana t.- .nl an raniad atom! bar p?ca.? by tb? 'dl'ar Aadtaaa : %t town, had ra rbw <ha aw-.and waa '.dkiwywf wan .^*4 bat for trial ta tadawM <4 **"' bnC r*? f atejtt un till A*AIM. 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