Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 20, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 20, 1855 Page 3
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erbacker, though not exactly allowed to keep the seine company, stid foUowoat their heela, whining a respective yea. We hare only to look back to the time when this question of eoBsolMktlon wag before the legislature to see who were the wire pulls a in the game. The active part taken by the senior editor of the Journal, and the hordes that surrounded the halls of the Capitol, who, with 1ho."? who were specially armed wi'h certificates of stock which were openly offe ed, the bribe to the legis lators, were the agents of this grand combination. By such means, and such only, bare they attained their present position. The Arptut lays ' We certainly shall not undertake to aasert that no censurable things were done is connec tion with the consolidation scheme some three years age." Betels a confession worth looking into, and if the (acts were made public, and the confession of the "re tired journalist" obtained, we should hare scenes from that drama that would throw even the "rascalities of Wall street" into the shade, and we should nl -o learn of'argeand sundry operations in real estate, and how the interests of the canal were tiartered away for purses of gold. The folltwlng is a comparative statement of the earn ings of the Watertown and Koma Railroad Company for the month of October, in the years 1864 and 1856: ? 1804. 1855. Passengers.. 7.8 lit $16,124 81 Freight 27,-00 18 85,895 71 Malls and othor sources 1.140 S3 2,294 24 Total b16,076 12 $bi,dl8 78 45,075 1 2 Increase in 1855 $9,543 06 The amount received for tolls on all the New York Statu canals during the second week in November, is? ! 1866 $113 7171 77 1864 91,577 16 Increase in 1855 $21,79* 61 The aggregate amount received from tolls from the com mencement of navigation to the 141 h of November, In clusive, is? 1866 $2,031,668 42 1864 2,011,499 96 Increase In 1855 $20.08.1 38 In regard to the ro:<ni telzure i f Canadian vest els at Oswego for a< sumed violations of the American navlga tion lawe, t e Buffalo Onnmercial AdvertUrr says :? The difficulty In the case is, that >lie acts of Congress above mentioned, impose upon citizens of the I'nlted Mates, la re'erence to the coasting trade, cvrtaiu re quirements, which from their natu e caunot be coupiied witb by the Utiii.-h subjects, and under the general views adopted by our Canadian f!leads, tboy would havo ac tually an novantsge oyer our ship owners, because of their being free from trammels to wolch our citizens are subjected by existing laws. Intelligent commercial men at this port have lung been sen able of the tact that the present machinery is exceedingly and unnecessarily cumbersome and annoying, and in short utteily unsuite i to the nature of our commerce. Our belief is, therefore, that the tieaty should be construed liberally is our neighbors, and that all unnecessary trammels should be removed from our citizens. If our ship owners can not then compete with our Canadian frienls, so be it; and the consumer will get some benefit from the reduction of freights. The annexe ! statement exhibit* the average daily move ment in the leading department of the bunk* of this city, during the week preceding Saturday, Nov. 17, 1835:? Nkw York City Hanks. J.vans. SjmxU. Cir'n. Deposits, New York *3,4(56,647 478,161 2*1,982 3,UflO,821 Manhattan 4,(562,603 473,027 381.165 2,268,170 Merchants' 8,380,703 1,131,607 1 09,881 3,941,977 Mechanica' 3,724,778 6i 5,2J6 43 5,539 3 017,319 tnion 2,393,366 441 895 208,087 2,834,009 America 4 303,661 1,066,943 29,1(59 4,3(58,303 I'henil 2,189,374 328,801 113,168 2,030,495 City 1,610,712 178 5112 62,401 1,203,698 North Kiver 1,08(5,492 97,(81 177,180 908,075 Tradesmen'* 1,5540,384 99,190 256,8(0 735,029 Fulton 1,472.318 120,302 138 000 1,181 309 Chemical 1,240,396 4,8 205 272 127 1.161,6 58 Merchant*' Lx...2,480,901 199,437 14.1,(581 1,722,295 National 1,644,675 235 800 18d,068 1,011,329 Du'chera' l^O7 809 56,054 08,310 071.0 50 MecbK. fc Trad'*. 726,960 68,042 111,002 613,5 50 Greenwich 601,190 44,296 13,368 658.495 Leather -.. ..1,7,5,'.50 268.283 227,779 1,5555,73 1 Baventh Ward...1,138,340 97,479 240,924 501,532 Mate 51,428,007 805,434 623 296 2,460,264 Am. Ixchange ..6,076,231 605,267 310,421 6,4!*!!,249 Association 1,106,678 70 907 20.5,892 772,108 commerce 8,587,8.50 866 945 2,116 6,757,172 Bowery 1,002.764 6R,f'85 182,404) 788 8.'5 Bread way 1,0559,5516 81,100 222,651 1,165,326 Ocean 1.487,3255 120,821 188,316 996.5160 Mat can tile 2,087.928 181.50t 101,166 1,441,701 1 ucifle 821.602 554,653 117,509 643,915 Republic 3,082,346 482,(577 96,087 3,436,017 Cha'bsm 692,069 33 693 1251,884 3)5,983 1'Hiplea' 799,051 42,158 164,639 570,812 North America.. 1,474,192 89.5500 84,5306 1,171,159 II* novel 1,221,400 70,243 110,002 000,433 Irving 669 892 45 813 128,032 480,834 Metropolitan....3,75-8,624 754,267 99,227 4.652,643 Cl'lieua' 714,792 6.5,107 160,007 583,605 Grocers' 640,473 60,028 89,577 625,216 Nassau 1 022,921 40,245 120,8554 901,831 last Itivar 436,918 45.77 4 94,978 .309,136 Market 1,061,827 77,733 120,073 831,209 It. Nicholas ('40,121 45,4(50 92,473 374.590 ihoe At Leather.. 1,019,760 70.065 100,924 780,300 Corn Exchange.. 1 529 379 119 5.8 83,104 1.060,401 Continental '2,461,999 2.56 209 70 010 1,721,814 Commonwealth.. 1,206 068 124,657 98,851 1,151,707 Cdental 644,500 30,5593 98 000 3:S5,:i03 Marine 726,979 67 449 951,720 554,742 A 601,597 63 639 98,480 437,247 Island Vitt 387,041 36,584 9.',038 230 308 Dry I"ock 403.968 2(5,193 81 623 180,302 New York Kxch.. 226,7(12 10 710 130,284 150,760 Bull's Head 267,591 is 108 105,044 145,000 New York County 226,170 11,259 67,605 107,833 Total *92,029,92011,302 917 7,941,679 75.323,361 CrEARivn Horror TuANsscno.-rs. Exchangee for week ending Nov. 12 *133,310,627 ?' '? " Nov. 19 130,233,726 Balances for week ending Nov. 12 *5,772 5198 " " Nov. 19. 5,041,640 The annexed statement exhibits a comparison of tua leading departments of the banks of till* city from the first up to the last weekly returns:? New York Cm Bi.-nw. Loans. Metis. GIVcnPm. Drr+tUt. X>ae. 20, '64..*81,663,637 12,076,141 7,075,830 02,828,020 Jan. 6, '66.. 89,-^4,706 13,696,963 7,049,982 64,982,168 Jan. 13, '66.. 8.1,076,081 15.468,526 6,68(5,461 67,3051,198 Jan. 20, '56.. 86,447,998 10,372,127 6,081,356 89,647,018 Jan. 27, >66.. 86,664,667 lfl.697.-260 6,(539,833 70.130,618 Rb. 3, '66,. 88,146,697 17.439,190 7,000,766 72 923,317 Feb. 10, '65.. 89 862,177 17,121,.'*94 0,909,111 73,794,342 Feb 17, '55.. 90,850,031 17,330,064 6,941,("4)0 75,19.1,636 Fe'r. 24, '56.. 91,590,604 16,370,8.6 0,903,562 74,'.44,721 Mar. 3,'66.. 92,386,126 16,631,271 7.106.710 75,968,344 Lur. 10. '66.. 92,331,789 16,870,009 7,131,99* 76,259,488 Mar. 17, '66.. 92,447,346 10,938,882 7,0-.l,018 76,524,227 Mar. 24, '56.. 93,060,773 10,602,729 7,452,231 76,289,923 kjar. 81, '56.. 93,634,041 16,010,105 7,337,633 76,609,180 April 7, '66.. 94.400,394 14'900.004 7,771 534 77.5il3.900 April 14, '56.. 94,140.399 14,890,979 7.623.528 77 2*2,242 Aptil 21, '66.. 93.632.893 14,5.66,041 7,610,124 76,744,921 April 28, '56.. 92,506,961 14,282,424 7 610,986 75,219,961 May 5, >05.. 93,093,243 14,326,069 8,087,609 78,214,109 May 12,'65.. 91,642,498 14.686,626 7,894,917 76,850,692 May 19, *56.. 91,676,500 16,226,066 7,633.630 77,5161,218 May 20, '66.. 91,160,611 15,314,632 7.489,637 76,766,740 June 2, '66.. 91,197,663 15,397,674 7,556,609 76,848,280 June 9 '66.. 92,109,097 16,006,156 7,602.668 77,128.789 June 17, '65.. 93,100,386 14,978,658 7,452,161 77,849,464 June 23. '65.. 94,029,426 14,706,729 7,336,063 79,113,186 June 30. '66.. 96,577,212 15,041,970 7,394.904 81,903.960 July 7, >56.. 97,862,491 16 481.093 7,7451,069 86.647,340 July 14, '56.. 98,416,482 16.663,756 7,615,724 86,616.033 July 21, '66.. 99,0-29,147 16.918,999 7,407.086 82,079 600 July 28, '66.. 99,083,799 15,920,976 7,409,498 81,625.788 Aug. 4, '56.. 100,118,669 16.206,3A8 7,642 908 83,279,990 Aug. 11,'56.. 100.774.200 16,280,609 7,714,401 83.141,32 Sept'r 8,'55.. 100,278,733 12.006,626 7,861 143 80.442.478 Rapt. 16,'66.. 99.397,009 12,213,240 7 721 826 80,610 306 Rapt. 22.-66.. 98.5*1,764 11,666 391 7.716,492 80,105,147 pept. 29,'55.. 97,386,225 9,919,114 7,724,970 76,818,109 Oct. 6, -56.. 96,515,021 11,110 6*7 7,853.217 77,582,036 Oct. 13, '65.. 05 059,420 11,138 878 7,840114 76,<16.h07 .Oct. 20, '68.. 96,108,876 12.461.723 7,868.164 77,852,561 Oct SI, '66.. 94,216.872 11,163 621 7,82*.489 78,974,86-1 Nov. 3, '66.. 98 369 070 11,196,298 8,011.608 77.7R7 670 Nov. 10, '66.. 92 464.280 10.*56.62* *.088.809 76 782,4051 Nov. 17,'65.. 92,029,020 11,302,917 7,841,670 75,323,361 The last re-urn-, compared with tboie of the previous week, show the following changes :? Leers ase in dlseouots *424,170 I-ecrease In deposit* 439.042 Leeren?e in circulation 47,019 Increase in specie 447,801 These variations show lncressed strength. The increase in specie is s favorable feature, snd will no doubt serve as a basis for a future rise in the stock msrket. A gradua but steady accumulation la specie l< looked for by san guina stock specuUtore, snd (hey will doubtl<-?- operate accordingly. If their anticipation* are realised in regard to specie, ihey may be In regard to fancy stock*. ' The beet laid plena af mica and men gang aft sglea.'' Mock Kxchaaga. $6000 Tenn*?( aa fl'e.. 92 X 1000 Callf'-rnla7V70 84X 8000 Hailem let M B 86 W?o 111 C*n KB Be e 79 1000 do c 79X 14000 do b3 79.X 26000 do b3 80 6000 do "60 79X 10000 do bOO 80 X 4500 N Y Cen 7's..c 104 26000 do s3 104 10 00TlUAlton'..dMB 78 2000 NYCaa RE-IBs 82X 20 shs tlceau Rai.k . 86 13 Rank Mate NY.. 101 \ 16 Metropolitan Rk. 110 IB Atlantic Rk Brook 126 00 tan ton Co,.,,. b3 22 60 do W0 22X 00 do si 22 00 flu-!ten I'.lver RH ?4 00 do W O 34 X 30 Co 34 - J 00 do sW) 34 Moitoat. Not. 19. 1865. 400 sh s Erie RR , .bl0 "h 200 do.... 63 100 do 58 X loo do 54 '* 660 do.... 53 X 420 do 53.X 600 do 54 100 Harlem RR. .'bOO 20 X 37 Chi A Kb Is KK.. 91 X 6 do..., VI 70 do 9J I860 Reading RR. ,.c 9) 60 d> 91X 200 do . 91X 200 do bj 92 luO do . . b30 92 X 150 do , 91 X 5!O0 do bJO (*?: x 20 d ? ... >1 i fOO do *3 ?X ioo do b-10 91 100 do 92 10 Msenn A W n Kit 1)1X 800 Mich Can KK. ?:*) 96 X 60 Nic Transit Co .. 16 200 do b30 97)? SO Psnu Coal Co.... W 10 do 97 1100 Cum Coal Co...e 26 to do 1*7? 600 do blO 26 100 M S AN la UK. ? bo 07J 100 do b 0 25 220 do c 93* 100 do iCO 21V 50 do blO 03jJ 860 do 24)4 lOOCtor A I' Kit..WO 70 200 do >30 25 170 .Jo 67 200 do si'O 26 50 do b30 08 3U> do bOO 25% 21 Third At RR.... 48 6 do 24J? 16 Gal It Chic RR.. I'll 600 Card Gold Mine.. \ 10 do 120*4 60 Ward Coal Co. bl5 21 >4 100 do s?0 12u" 600 Eiie RR c 63>,- 50 do b60 122 100 do b30 51 200 CA To! KK.atOOd 76 260 do 8 V 620 do 76 3? 1110 do c 63?J 100 do b20 75>4 200 do... .blO 63)4 SECOND BOARD. $KOO Virginia . 94)4 100 shs Brit RR.. b?0 51 7000 III ( on RR Hdi. 79J4 60 do 63 3000 Erie Bds of '75. 88)4 .".00 do S3 83)4 2000 N York On 7'a 104 100 do aSO 52*4 '0**0 N Vtnk Con 6'h 86 100 do bli 5;>4 200 shs Canton Co.blO 12)4 50 do bJO 58)4 650 do *3 22 50 Itarlein Rll 20 125 do 1>T0 22)4 300 Reading KK..hlO 92 11)0 do b!5 22)5 100 do ,bl 92 100 Nlc Transit Co... 16V 100 do bl 91 *< 60 do 15)4 60 M SAN It lilt.*30 93)4 100 Cum C ui Co.WO 26* 50 Hudson R RR. ?s3 51 2C0 26 100 Galena A Clii KK. 1II HO do bl5 25 100 do ?60 120 100 do b3 25', 60 CleTelandATo RR 75>4 1(0 do aCO 25 100 do bW 76 160 do 25 200 do IwO 76 100 do blO 2565 Mil A Miss UK... 81 560 Erie RR 63*. 36 do 81)4 city trade: he.pout. Monday, Not. 19?6 P. M. Amins?Small tales wcro inado at 6)4c. a 0>a'o. fo pota, and 7?,c. for pearls. BltEAiitrri'lFa.?The market was again firm, and sales of common to good grades were made at about I2)4e. par bitirel ac vance. The transact!.ns footed up about 16, (00 a 20,000 bbls, included In which w*ro common State brands, ut $9 a $9 12',, and extra do. at $9 12 a $.1 3114; mixea and choice, fane/ and low grades of Michigan, In diana Wi-cou-in and Ohio, at (9 a (:> 50; extra lietimtee was at $9 76 a ill 26. Included in the sales were some lots ol common grades for future delivery, within the large mimed above. Canadian whs steady, with tales of 400 a 609 bids good to choice and extra, at $9 37 a $!Q 25. b'ait hern?t he sales embraced about 1,000 a 1 80O barn Is, ut it* 20 a $9 60 for mixed to ch ilea biamis, and (9 76 a $11 for fancy to extra brands. Choice extra Klehinoud mills was worth $12. Rje Hour was ut $6 26 a $7 60. Indian men was a* *4 37 a $4 60 for New Jersey, and $4 76 for Ursndysri ie. Wheat,?The market continued to rule firm, es|>ecially for prime lots of red and white. The sales embraced about 20 000 a 40,0u0 bushels, among which were 4,090 bushels Canadian white, at V2 26; 7,000 do. good Western rod. $2 04, with some lots at $2 06, and Upper Lako red at $2; mixed Ohio while, $2 08; red Tennessee, $2 06 a $2 12. snd white Missouri a' $2 26. Corn.?The sales embraced about 36.000 a 40.000 bushels, at 98]. a $1 for Western mixed; new Sonthurn mix#l was at about 95a. Hye ?The sales embraced about 4,000 a 6,00>)bushels, at $1 24 a $1 26. Co??K?.?The market was act its, and the sales embraced two curg >es of Hio, those of the James Car'hey and the Koanoke?total about 9,000 bags, at private terms, sup posed to be at an avciage of about 10)4c.; and 2,000 h ig? mild in lots to the trade, at lie. a ll>?o., thi uiarkot cl islmr at nn adduce of about Vn per lb. Coiiox?The its I'm embraced about 600 a 600 hale*, the market cloning firm, at about 0)jc. a'J,l?o. for ml J* dllrg uidanda. There were Homo other sales reported? in I ran-lt u?particulars of which did not transpire. FHXIG3T8.?Hates were steady. To Liverpool about 2f> 000 bu-btds <d corn and wheat weio engaged in ship a hag* at 8*c. Some P00 u 000 bbls. Hour were taken at 2r. 10>|d., with ,100 a 400 bales compressed cottou at S'd Tii I,ordon 160 tierces beef were engaged at p. t. To Glasgow ( 0 tons logwood were taken at 40s., and 10 tons oil at 40s. To llavie Hour was at SI, gram 25c., and cotton at lc. A vessel ?.?s eng.igel to load at Savannah for Rotter jutn with cotton at 1 fcc. A Bremen bark was charter?d for Constantinople at 8b. per barrel. To lire men 10.000 lbs. whalebone ?a ergagol at *,<??> aud 10 toiiB heavy goods at 50s. Rates to California were un KtttiT.?The market was activo. Tho sales einbratod about 2,100 boxes buncli ralsion at $3 t>0 a $"? 05, 1,000 do. halves at >1 80 a St 85, and 1,001 do. quarter* at 90c. a 9Pc. 6 cases citron sold at 2lc. Hay was at 70".. a "PC. . Iko.v.?Moderate sales were making of ftcotch pig at About 100 tons Stalbmg (Gormau) wero male ** Naval (STi'iiKH ?The seles embracisl 60 bbls. spirits at 45o., 15 days' time; and 220 bbls. do. at 44c;and 10J bbls. n"o. 1 Rosin st 82 60; and common was at 81 00. nioviwoxs ?Roik?The market was inactive and prices unchanged; the rales, in lots, embraced 800 a 400 bill*, u.ess si 822 60 and prime at 821 a 821 25. Be*f in bar rels was dull, wldle tierces were in fair demand at s eaty pries; sali s about 160 a 200 bbls. country prime we.e made st 88 to a 810, snd count ry mess at 811 a 812 50, Veimont mess at 814 60 a815; repackel Western at 8lJ 60 h flfl, nnd extra do. at $19. t#?>od itate boof hum* (60 bbls.) sold at 15c.; 1?>0 bbls. Old Dominion mess sold at $16 60. I ard?."60 bbls. were sold at 12\c. a \~%c. Butter and cheese were unchanged. The former con tinued to be quite firm. . ,. . . lti.1t was Sc. a >?e. lower; 100 casks were sold at 5c. " rviuKs ?100 a 200 hhds. Cuba were sold within the range of about ?'.c. a 7*0., and 260 bbls. do. at 7c. The salesa'so embraced ubout 16,000 bags Manila were sold Witihkkt.?The tales embraced about 450 bbl*. Ohio nnd piiaon, at 28He a 39c. __ "advertisements renewed every day. SAliBN AT AtOT'lOK. AHirCTION NOTli'R?(IKK AT 8AI.K Or RICH FANCY iuts-KPWaKP WT1KNGK will sell ai auction on Tuesday, Nov. 2n ai his soles room, ltl VS si- street, at2 o doc*. I*. M. ai Isrge lnrolre of elegant turn, C(miiitlQ| of Iln? riilnK, atone' marU*n Imum marten, chinchilla, 1 rcot li j?able, rock inar-lij rapes, vlctorine* and mulls Also, a m ignliAcerit real liudwn bay table muff; and *Jmj a *npnrb ?leiKjk robe, wblcli whs male lor exhibition a' the Fair of the American Inatitute, toge'her with a large aaaoriment of other robe*, coata, glove*? Ac., Ac Bale positive. l-niON NOTICK.-niOR. BKUo AU'TIONKF.R? J.M. Hy BKIJ.ABDHH. tills "lay, st lo 14 o'clock, st No. M Bowi ry .tbe arrangements of s ..inrertlooery store snd loo 1 _ .... ,1.. nf tn.-il Solium I II I* iklt It . A cttam saloon, show nasen, a ou'huU large looking glaaa, oilcloth, AL'CTION NOTICB-TROCK8RY. OT.AR8 A NO CHINA, by T S. II. HAK'II.KTT. Auctioneer ?On Tuesday, Nov. 20. ai 10 o'clock, at 2hl I'eari street, peremptory salo of all k Inils best while granite,blue slid common ware, 2)0 packages c lavs ware, rich china yasss and tea sets, sliver plated an t ibltanniu ware, cutlery, Ac., in lots to suit city and country dealers. Acer ION NOTIOi;.- WINKS, liquorn anprkoarr? FKTKK FAUKH, Auctioneer Fir*, regular s ile Uns sea ?i.u of Wines, Ac Mvvsqe A Faiks will sail on, Nov 21st, st In1, o'cln -k, at the ati-ulon room* No. 3lf Hroad wsv. (inihle Hall, the entire stock ot an importer, eompriatnf One eld < tar.l Hennessey, and Cognac bieortlaa, in esse, ant snd demijohns, Champagnes 01 known brsuds Madelr* S heri v. arid ruber wine*. Also, sn Invoice of t reuch m uatard and nrandied friUia. Also, **1,1**1 Havana segars. Sale posl Uve, tor cash, Catalogue* at sale. A UCTIOH NOTRE.?H. F. BARTOL, AtHTIoNKKR?BY a a H F. Itartot A Co, will 'ells' No. 304 Pearl st, ne vr Peck slip, tills dvy, a' II o'clock, AI Htanl, 30 Honeaeey, *> do. Cognac brandy, also tesa, gin, aegara. an.1 I0U demijohns as goriffl liquor*. ______ ?? AhccTION NOTICE.?HOCK HII'tM) FCRN1TCRK, AH. - This morning. Tuesdsy, si lli1-. ./..lock JnIIN I' Kl S NF.I I. auetioneer?Pay. Bnaaell A 4 Jo., will aell as above at KA Nassau sl.,two d.avra from Fulton St., s large assortment of hon-ehoid furniture, Ac . comprising enaine led chamber ant's, sofua buokrase>, parlor chairs, sidelmarda. aecrctudes, rocking chair- bedstrads. aof* beds e'arverea. dr. silnir bureaus, mar ble top tobies, > it.-i.slot> lat.lea, <? ana ctaire. mirror*, oil paintings, lounge bed-, Iron I edsteads, jewing chairs wasliatanrt'., coucl es, wardrobes, china tea -el* l>ron?e gooda. clocks, Ac., Ac. Rale poattlve Catalogu*aready earljr. (Its-la carefully packed on the premiere, and care.ul cor.neu In attendance. AHBI'CTION NOTICE -PRINTIN'I MATKRtAM, FRRRH ea tvne Ac?Mortgage sale? FK3 RR FA KK8 Auctioneer. Pars"; 2 I'ark. wlU on Thursday, Nov. 2-2. st lot, o'ebsdr. at No. 44 Cnrt'andt street, upper lUx.r, 'he enUre a.oek of th. ertabtbhn.eix, c imprtalng 'ype of every description, cases, 1,Dice Piiurea. and press.-*, li.cWlng one nitent premium oa ruining prrss, card and band presses, and everything aj>per aliiingloa (irai class establishment. ??H'a'ognev a' sale. Terms ca-h. A. L. A 0. H. JORDAN, AUornevs for Mortgagee A^HrCTION NOllrE?J. BOOART, Al'ClIONKKR -BY 8. BOOART.?This dav Tuesday, at It)1, o'clock, at the suction rooms, rnrner krankf ?rv and William at reels, nior'gage *?> largetassor'rnent of household fu nltore?15 new and second bandsofas. mah..?any spring seal chairs. Urge mlr rore; Fr?nrh plate, bedateada. I,eds and bedding. BntsaeU, 3 piy and Ingrain carpets, cooking an.1 "Bee rove*. Iron -a e. Abo the effec's of a flrat class barber's shop?chairs, Urge marble 'ep wwthetaod. Urte mlrrnra. stove, arga. stools, gaa fittings. Also, spleodiJ gaa rhandellar*. tat.le ami pockel rial try. Also, 1 hand nrgM. Alan, a lot of rrockcry. glaea and cblna, large lot ol looking gUsacs, show case-. Ac.. Ac. A^rn 1CTION NOl ICR?MAONIFIt KNT HAI.K OF PI A monda, jewelry, gold watcbce?being the entire stock of a Itmadway hoaae. KI'WaKIi fiOWni'K will sell a', sue Hon this day, at 10,<4 o'clock, at hla ssleartsma, No. 14 Wad Street, a magnlftcen" a'.*k of jewelry, constating In part o' elegant diamond bracelets, ear rlnga, t.raceleis, pine, rings stud* 8r.. In clusters and ?lngle stones; msgnlflcent doable t'me 'cbroooroMrra, Put iex. patent lever, and other gold watches, hy tegalr. Pent, t'owo-r, Tobias < .svper, and dls llngutshed makers, together with a magnificent aesortmenl of olh. r jewelry Pa'c peremptory. ABfCTION ROT1GK.?ORCAT HALE <1F MA'lNIFp KNT line engravings.?KPWA RP RfHENCK will sell a' aor Uou on Wednesday. Nov. 21. at his sales room. No 14 Wall at. at li o'clork.a larga Invoice ol attperb lineengrsvtoga,.rfll-r rings lundsear llaydeo Wllkle. Hogarth. Rvalls a?d others, lbs crtglnata of these tetiag onl v tn the hemls of the first subscrl bera to the plates The pnhh. are paftleoUrty Invited m eia m ne tble beauUfnl rolleetlrm, M ttelng the Ural sale of thlt qua lit. of engravings ever .gTere.1 an American ptibfo. The en g-arlrgs will be on eahlWiWui one day to the sa'e. T -e trade are Invited u> attend. Nele posfnve without reserve B^Hn.BOt'8 ROOTS AT .Al'FTtON.?JOHN I. VANPK WATER, aucuooeer will nil Ills day. ai low, ?* clock, a', tl e sales room. 12 MaWlen lane, a fine assortment of moat ei outsite s? rta ol bulbous root*, ounatgaad by B. Van Per H- hfiot { rona forts'* near Harlem, conetsilng of double and single hi aclr.ib* ner'l'svs. to tps. Jonqutl*. Iris and -rocus, all In Uie finest order. 10 be aoM tn I 4a u> tub purchaeara. / 1IIINA fll.AHH AND t'R'R'KFRY AT ACfTION-J. J ] C WitdnrnTAirt neer-HENRY U. KV \ N4 n Pearl street wl'l sell on Toe-day No*. 71), at ID o'clock In lute In s.dt the trade, all kinds of white grant's, blue and common , wate rhlaa te* -c *, vase* mtrio m:fre?, Ac Also >.*u I ware of all dcacrtptlnog. Uoods welt packe.1 for ahlp|8ug. hale* every 1 osaday _ t>. NABH. AFnriONKWR, Sin HH..APWV ? * wreana (ouri. Jssses II ller-y sgt H??m' Rourae hbertfl s aala. By rlrta* .4 an e'la. tunen li thsa'mte entt lied ma ter, arid oy an order of sale grand therrtt , a I by 'be Hot!. K. F. ? owlea. Justice e4 thr said huprente t <uru 1 v*ld to aele 00 1 tvekdaf. the 3kh dsf 'f Notcm ier, at li A. kt. at31" Ifrtsol >av one mortl-lng msct.lnaand roe tennoulng machine, tn perfect Ww l?r. JOHN U&BKR. Sher'T. Jong T. brtWaai, Pep. NhertS. SALU AT AW)Vhli. DH HOUGH, AUCTIONEER ?JIAHOSOMK HOUSE ? hold furniture.?-V H. Hough will sell At to lion to morrow (Wednesday) at o'clock, ml 79 Warren sires** near College place, consisting or rot si WtUui. if russets and Ingrain carpet*; rnee?ood nobi.* hi gold figured Mttu, par-or chair* to ma1ch; do. oi'-omm*. armchairs, rosewood marble top centre table*; do. sofa taWen; do. marble top pier table', rnlrrnr barks; elegant gilt frame pier and man 1c gi*A*r?, ormolu gs* chandeliers and brockets, mantel clock* va-?e< oil painting*, engraving*, Ac.; elegant rosewool piano, made by iiei*raoro; crnuoD broeaiele window curtains, lacs do ; mahogany ex tension dining table*, back wainut ami mahogany chair* in hair cloib; Uo. armchair*, ratio seat chair*, ma iO??ny marble top sideboard. china dinner arid tea set*. gtatNwaee, fire di*hes, oyster do , coiiVe ar d lea urn*, plated can^r*. cutlery, Ac.; elegant mahogany cabinet, coinaliung 40 drawer*, aoiAf, medals, mineral*, inserts, shed*, Ac , m tlioganv amour u glace, mahogauy French bedsteads, do uiarbie .op J re suing burr&us, do do. waahstand*. black walnut hedA'eal*, do. btr re*u?, do. wnrthMands; m i pie bedstca 1*, wasbstand*. bureau*, Ac.; table ncta, hair mattresse*; feitltor bedi, hohter* and pil lows; quilt*, counterpane*, sheet*, pillow esse*. Ac.; table clothe, napkin*. Ac.; oil' loth*, hall store*, oak hall ctalrs, kltch en furniture, Ac. jl H. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER?WILL HKLL ON :!i? Tuesday, Nov, 30, the house and lot known a* I-J Waver ley place, ti* the fifteenth ward, near Washington parade ground, 24 feet front and rear, by 97 feet deep, lour story, Kit gttsh basement and attic bouse, witli ull the rpndem improve n.em*. balk*, gas, Ac. fj^LIAR COMHS, AUCTIONKF.U.- TUIri MORNING, AT U o'clock, a' 66 Nastu street, a large assortment of l ew Hud second band furniture, by catalogue, cofirfhuiug of table*, chairs, bedstead*, mattress***, Ac., Ac. Also r?#evrood parlor suit*, covered In mUIii brooaiai. plush, h ilr cloth, &?-. also mahogany and black walnut parlor suit*, in plush, da mask, haircloth, Ac.; also bureaus ' cd^tca is, imiureHscjs h .ft?, lounge*, bookcase*, wardrobe*, ei atutilc 1 ch inner m-u, bonk rack*, comer mcka^ rocker*, easy chairs, silver plated ware, perfumery. An., Ac. ILe whole to be sold without reserve, to pay advance* and close conalgnmenU. J^UOENK 11. FRANKLIN. AUOTIONKKR, DY FRANK !i lin A Nichols?At their salesroom, 79 Nassau street, ueir Jul n, to runreiw, (Wc.due^U sale of an * bum bra sto aii ? Tlmdenira1 le catalogue must positively be sold to m ike room for a stock of f urs, tno sale of which will commence Thursday. Furniture?Elegant suite* In rosewood, mahogany, and black walnut, covered in the moat fashionable French satin bracelet and halre.oth; rosewood and oak .sideboards, etcgercs, h rarj book ues, secretaries, wardrobe*, pstn'tug*, ?liver plated ware, oval and pier mirror*, corner and book stands, French bed* ?ads, hair nmttrw ?ei, paillasses, .tr. At 12} o'clock, will b? sole a bay uiare, nitwit and a hill hands h'gTi, suitable for a physician. Hold by order of Assignee. tin Ihuridav, Friday and Saturday, asnlguee's sale of #Jd,00d worth of manufactured furs. Tjl C< LTON, flAUCTIONKKR.?TO TOK TR kDK, AH J1 ? wall as all others In wait of goods ? F. (HILTON will cell, to morrow, Wednesday, Nov. 21, at 10>? o'clock, at the auction rooms, 59 Beck man street, on the seooud Hour, a very large and dofcir*tde uchoi imeui of goo J parlor, dining ro >m and other furniture of every description. Among the aisortmrnt u ay be found one very superior ro^owood pianotorte, but little u; ed; one or two htil's ol rich rofewo>d parlor furniture, in *.itin i roca'cl tapes'ry and other carpet*; tUty tub piece* of oil clo b; mahogany French bedsteads, marble top dre-Mlng bureaus wardrobes and bookcaauM, diuutg and e*'en ? on laoles. Voliahc and carved rocker*, rotas, and tete-a tetei. etillage and bedri om furniture, eu suite, mahogauy. curled, maple,mk and 0 li-1 i nMrs 'v c, Ac.. also sever?! muslea Ins rumen a. in .?<??? i order . sIko 100 night day and .hir v ho>?r clocks, a!*f? t?> .he trade, TOi cotiaga bedstead*, cntlraiy new Cataloguas raadj early on Wednesday morning, bole potemplory. II COLTON, ArCTIONhKB?HOUHKHOLD PrRVI ? tuie, carpet*, oilcloths, mirrors, Ac., Ac. K. (Jbl/l'u.N will sell, this day, Tuesday, Nov. 2u, at 10J? o'clock, at No 2.' b Hrtotnti street, n*ai Kascs, the entire turiuturo of be fain llv, wl o arc removing, it will comprise In part ta ostry, 'hr? e ply a??tl Ingrain curpcts, oUclo ns, Fic.nch plate mirrors, dressing bureaus, mahogany. French nnd o'ht?r bedstead*, china aud giahh ware, stove*, kitchen furniture, Ac., Ac. QFOBOfi COOK, AUOriONRKlt.?LARGE A VP UK ^ 1 remptnry Kale of new and elegant furuiiuiH, mirror*, oil paUitibgH, engraving*. china v**c?, Ac., on Wedti? ulay, Nik. 21, ui Ui}a o'clo< k, af ibe new and spacious salesroom*. No 117 Nacj-au street, near Heck man TnU s'ork embrace* parlor Mil'?#. in rosewood. mahogany and black walnut, of varioui coverings, enameled and palmed chamber tulle*. nwcwnol and mahogany elegerea, sideboards, seorwtaries, library book wardrobe*, corner stands, bureaus, bed-'o ids, wash a and**, cen?ret hide avid sofa tables, ?xieuaUm dining tablet, In loxeuood, mahogany, oak and walnut; one very eltgant lady's amolrc a glace, sofas, chain*, rockers lounges, bed*. paillasses, mattro-H* H, Ac. The whole makhig a lane, elegau' and welt wsorted stock well worthy Uie Attention of the trade and other*. Aim one rosewood pianoforte, silver plated ware, fifty elegant engraving*. Ac. (dialogues now ready. CI fl. IIORTON, AUCTIONEER?ON WEDNESDAY, AT IT. lij, o'clock, at the Milesrooin, H4 Cedar street, nc tr Hi or id way. thirty counters, suitable for dry goods or gio:erie?; household furniture, rosewood bookes*?*, de?ks, chairs, paint, ni rrois, Ac. Also, the celebrated fast trotting hor>c Dan. harness and wagon. /vRKAT BaLK OK LAND, AT At CTl >N ON TIC RS, \Jf day, November 22, at lo u'cl s k A. M.. on the nro nito* ml subscribers bM leaving tfiofcotuitrj ) wiQwl a* red due, a first clasa farm of -46 acrf?, which ran he divided Into four farms,, to sultjninhasers, located on both side-* of the Nc four tarxr s. to suit purchasers, located on both -Id?-* of the N ? w Jerscn and i lni?i*ieipiiia Railroad, at Mattirhla, M. J , hall mile from Campbell's depot; live nil'es from New Brunswick; se en miles from Berth A ui boy; twei ty Are miles (mm New York, Trains leave Jersey City and Metu?cMn *U tlinea a day, acconimodatiiig farmers to go and return, for lid cents. 7hr situs inn I* rcma* kahhr besbhv, un*urpa-?rl anywhere, 1 here are three good farm houm ?, (one of brick,) with all the tic resssryoutbu i ling* to each, aw4 on? small house; lour ap p'e orchards one large pcJu*h orrh trd of 1,100 trees. 4 J acre* of woodland. 30 acres oi llrat r*?'e pasture; the remainder Is of the best quality, for and lti 'be highest state of miuva'iou ? *U newly fenced, and lm xaustibly watered by three spring* and streams, unequalled by any in Uic country. The minsl >n is pfjvld* d with wa erworkt from one of those springs lea ting the water f ?r constant supply, through lwad pipes, to barnyiM **' * ""l dally and kitchen, There Is u Post otli- e. with dolly mail; aU<?. a 1 two stores near by. ?urch**u will please church, district and grammar school and two"Nttres near by. Title Indisputable. l'ersous wishing to pu ' call and evamine tlic premises before the W1KN A MITCH KM. 2>nr5!'?w|Cpl???. <"-*? "^^.^.'VaUTBR. AuVOonrer. HOR8F8 AND WAfiO.VB AT AUCTIOK.-J. I. VAVOK WAT KB, auctioneer, Will s*'ll, ftj Dont of sale* rrirn, 12 Maiden lane, a gray horse, seven years old, sound snd kind. If.1* bands high, warranted to trot a mile in three minutes, also a shifting top wagon, almost new. built by Broker; a'so a skeleton wagon, in perfect order, built by Dusen ary t Ar thur; also a set ol silver plated ino i' 'ed barn" almost tie v Henry h. lkedh a co. auctioneers -henry ii. LEEDS A CO. will seil, by auction, mi Tuesday, Nov. 2ll. at o'clock, st the ns esroorn, IP Naastil street "assignee's SBJ?. by order of W. J. Murk, assignee ol J. H. Wlckersharri ? the bainnce of the a Mod.- ol said W icaer.*h?m. consisting of a large lot rf Iron ral'log, Iron furniture b?f?k accounts, debts, due billy, notes ol hand, Ac Also, the loliosrlng IU' of pa<enu, vl/ :?1ft. fir* new snd useful Improvement In wire fences dated July 1. 1H6I, granted 'o J. II wirkersliam for the Cut e*i hta'es. 2*1. For a new snd n*efnl improvement lu machinery for weaving wire grating, Ac , d%'??! March b, l*Mf, granted (o Henry Jerikit<a. for the following Rtates, vi/. : -Mai ne, New llnmpsh&re, Vermont. Rhode Island, Connecticut. New York and New Jersey. 3d. tor s new and useful lifiproverro nt In the jTocesa of manufacturing wdre grating, Ac A"., dated March 6, IrttT. granted to Henry Jenkins for toe fallowing 8tnte?. viz :?Maine. New Hampshire. Vi rm jnt Omuectb ut, Rhode Ishu.d, New York and New Jersev 41 h. K*?r a new and menu Improvement tu ?*ire fences, dated feb 15, IK10, granted to Henry Jenkins, for lite pillowing State*, viz Maine New Hampshire, Vermont, Coo roc'lent, Rhode Island, New York sod New Jersey 5th. For a new and u-elul lm provement In wire fences, dsn d March P, 1A52, granted to John it. WUkerabam, for the UnHe<i Mates. HII I.KRDS A CO. WILL BELL BY AID HON, ON H ? Tuesday, 2t>th, aftd M nIim day ttit, it tOH each day. at Uie ^Urre, l'j . a>-s,?n mriek-Urfk aale of rfcb fancy gocxls. just received from Parla, oiiklrily new styles, ccmsistiug of a large and valuable Invoice of bronzes, from the i'erlsian Arllatlc Bronze Company, whoobunued lac highest m* dais in Is>nd?>n in D51. Dublin, ami in New Yqgk, r.onsU'iug of superb var<w, groups, brackets, conpioles. cantieUhras, animals, Italian dancers. Inkstand*, hunters, card receivers, I bar gtrg flower vaaes and other beautiful articles A'so an invoice of bronze figures, f*?ur arid live feel high, arranged f*?r halls or parlors; superb clocks, inlaid with tortoise-shell. large bronze gioups an 1 figures o* tiie m-nt d * drable kind. ?n perb ormolu and bronze Clocks; d ? black and white uivrbls, all ol sut erlor ou tUty Also a large In.otc? i- TK- U ... I , rhli.a painted vases, Ac. The whole to be Mild with ;Ut re serve to close he concern. Alsrr a bronze copy, on a reduced locale, of therelebrA rtl equestrian staiuctif, representing an Aruasori attarke*! by >i tiger, by Kiss, alar) a bronze copy oi Ui? Dying

Gladiator, 1 fiiJH. HWiribX. AUCTIONEER, RKEPECTFULLY OITIM ? no Ice that he ban taken an *#1IW at 1*.?7 Wtlnam street, near Frankfort, wh* re. in fu?ure, he will re-Hve all orders in Ui? a oct Inn buslneas. fairs of htuisebo d furniture, by auctkm, atu iwlvd U> in person, as usual, on r< agonal .?? terms. HWIIJBON, AI'CTIONEKR?AUCTION NOTICB. ? If Wilson will sell, t)ds day, (Tuesday,) at 10*t o'clock, at 73 Franklin street, we^t of lSroad?ay, ail the famlUife of tha' first eUuis private house ronsD'Ing In part o? one eDho dy raftvd r*teewfsai psrk# suite, covered In rteh saiin bro cmW\ (/in d Druses Is, thr?eply ao*i ingratn carpel*, rosewoo'l sbMs; cernr*'. ?.Ww an*l s**u tables; marble top, r'-wwrol and i h< gat?y I- Itzahethavi bediM a*ls; pure hair tnaur? se* palliasse*: rosewood, m?rb e top and comer etegeres, mirrors' Imnt and ha* k. Also, oil palming* lar> e gtp Fren< h pis late oval mlrr**rs. sliver plated ware cutlery. Ac This ssle will t?e without an* reserve whatever, as the owner leaves shortly for Europe. Henry t. Leeds, auctioneer?arhignse'h sale of furs, tomorrow. (Wednesday.) at our salesroom, 36 lleehman s'reet, st 10?a o'clock. ?Henry T. I?eeds A <>o. will *eli as shove, by order of Oftver Golds mdt, assignee the at* < k of a furrier, onsDtlag of a general s ?or cnent of tmuin tain marten, fltcb, stor.e marten snd < 'Hfia*la mink cape*, tip pets and pelerine*, genta' collars, muffa, Ac ; also wolf, genet, bear and buffalo lap and sleigh 'ob?*, rlehiv lined and The abov?? stock was ail ?r*a?iufaetiired for ru?iom traile, and will te poaiMvaly sold by order of assignee. Pur cl.s^erM ean readily ratbfy themscives iha? th*re will he no re?erve wtatever an the above goods by attending early. CatalogueH i*an ?a had on day of sale at 'he store. TI EN BY T. LEE DR. AUCTIONEER ?BY HENRY T J I UCEDH A CO.?Attractive sal? of hrju*eh*?ld furniture pi?> otor e, mirrors. Ac ?This dat, (T He??d*y,) at the restden* *on?#*r *d t anal and Varta* stra??e. at lo'j oCkek, oouMsUng ni ui* superior r*^e*r?^#>l plar vs cu .*??'. ? ? ne ?? rateljr earvad roatwond parlor stitb-, covered In rich sain brocade, ard made to order by ot??? of the best Broadway | Rianufsctiirers. good HrueaaJ*. ihre? ply and Ingrain car pete: rosewood marhla top bureaus and aaabstan*!* rosew?odarid mahogany > llzabethlan bwtst* a*ls. matr??any Freneh do, rahly derora'ed (Jiloa vaaes and tea set#, or sue very floe oil | paintings large French plate oval m.rrors r*wewood ? ?*r ? top centre, side arid sofa tab ?a, one supartor m#h? gai.y b<**k jca#?, side and cv>mer ?*egeres marble tops; also silver pu ?d tea services, black watnur p -bsbed top tables, pure curled hair ma't rests aw palllaas-s, Ac. This furnture Is all vcrv goo*l and was all made to order, and mus* b? [Ksrttlvciy so d. fhfzds must be removed the same 4ay. and depostls nqnged from alt parch** em. IMPORTANT AUCTION RALE OK PURR. SLEIGH robe*. Ac JOHN K. KthHhi.L auctio&sirr. Day. Kusaei to will IwjUS U*ctr aecend fall sal? of sut>eri<rw man of act*! rod furs at the store, Nassaus' , Vn morrow W# trw^l.y Hoi 21. ?* RH o'clock The furs are tn a fine state of prefer vat am. ?M of superior Danufacture, *otnprsing in part the mo t valuable furs known. The trade country merchants and private indi vtduaia will do well tofistn nd thl#>a*e as all will >?? suited and every ptec? of fur on the cata.'oguc mu?t be j-osftlvcly sold. T J. WALDRON. A( CTIONKKR -H G. EYANN WILL ej crm'tnue the sale of furs, al the store r.jR Ifl ?m ?' cor ncr </ tXJar. at !0,IA r/cb> k. <m M**calay. the l$tt ?nd every day during the week. anU! *be wl?ole */ DjU inagr.tfi* en* stock la rold ou'. crw.s^otln* o? rapes, vkiorlMa. caff? ts'?Ns '^*?s I tu.b# men'* gl*?ves and ?->..ars, aiel a varte;/ U s'cigb foP*-* T Ml el * a MORI ARTY AUCTIONEER. WILL FELL THIN DAY, If) o'rjnrfc, a' 1,3 flalam wi'iaie, f irtinirs frren eds mattresses evten^ow %,>4 t*hmr tab ev. rs aod vortsrus otlier go>?dt. M "ranch piste china TlftNERR-LkEOE B ALE fern *nr?. ta?e'Crtrw Wejr# , rowwr?.d a-d rr Gvogant met t f'lintture lapewvry s*^ beds china plated ard vises warp r.**ir av ?t, bnfe* tjk, wash stands Mpudk can , two ^arys Hw*! fwsinftsrt. SALES AT AVC1warn. I ABO R AND M AllNIKK'KftT HALK OK RIOII PA NOV J g*K>d?.?JOliN L. VaNBKVVaTKH, aucUoueer, wl lavU, ut Jhtwerp ofH'.Hlrih, Maiden UuA.ihhilaji/i ni'iUy.iiiiv. 21, at Lb1? o'clock, the entire *u>ck of (macy good* bo oogtug to him. Among which may be found a bp^M I Him of rl-h ?V*-i ra'td and painful china \ m* ?, with bisque ttguren to relief. Use richest lain or tad; magnificent decorated m -S painted ies *Ms, coi stain g 44 places; rich chin* colognes, toto a to*/- ??<*, motto coffee mpi, hpiUi>on?. Ac ; ? rich imo of silver plated ware. tern not*, containing 4 and 0 pi. u,, h? aviy pute-l and very handsomely chaied stiver pl.ited castor who rich cut glace bottles; waits, card basket*, liquor stand*, Ac , biouze paper we'ghti onuAhMtlrkis, caudclabr/n, ftyurv groups, reri receivers, Ac : Karma cologne, Is nor sosp?, halfal* I*?mii dre**s Ing and b*< k combs; do hair. tooth, nsil sn I cl ?th brudi.**; rico ivory nod pearl f irs, pnrtenvmu-xie* of nve-y variety, *.? gar <s?e<. boa Lon beie*. ladle*' rciicu ?.v purUr i<rl? mm wood work boios. iravrlliag conipunlonw, oauwa, ru ;i rro-? h gill jewel i y, brace!*'*, ptftft, broo/wt!*, ebatnu, tUiger Ar the whole forming the richest assortment of goods oierstl at auction this M'SMxi. The whole of the u'sive *io-k uu**< ?.e raid! peremptory, no ah is rive up possMMiimi of the ?*or- rh* aiuii'hrt'ot ti n? trade and ir.w c in wunl arc rc-.peouully in vlied to attend MOKTCJAOK HALK ?JOHN W HOMKIUNDYKK, At t forcer, will sell il ls dav, st 10)4 o'tOo 'k, by vir uo of .? chattel mortgage, rnithov.*ny soflfc rousing chairs, cv?? sett do.; dressing bureau, ui iliogitoy card tables, patent iipring bub tend, u at'r? cs, /.r , Jtr 1JKMIY bfniKU*! Attorney for Burtgagac. \(ORTflAOK SALK? W. O. A L!SUR flit*. AUOTfONKKJt, J?1 wbi ??!!. fbis dav, truo-nUy.? Nov 20 *i lO'j u'c' i k at IV Court street, oppon.Je i'uy lull. Brooklyn, a gone al *.? soriim-nt ol houxfboM fun a ji ?\ parlor aid cooking stoves, stiver p ntad wure and fancy gn^ds; nieonue of Muuo .toiurk's piano lories. AUo si 1? o'clock tlHofpier gU.ic, jewelry, watches, Ac. Nb ? m.KR ktrcnoHi i tubim \? ? trator'i sale.?()u IhuisJey, frovemuer st lot o'clock, at No b 8 Pt'f.r! street, (r.i coi.J f oor.) the alfnjtao? Hiana ia>b r, Charles Mh;*1i, l.nuls Horinod, ('. K, lloppe and ot1 er lute*'aUm?consistn;; ot* furultore, beddtny, staves, main and ? o ? ?? clot lag trunk . si' I ?}??? q III gold and silver watche^, hain?, rln ^s, pins, jewelry, Ac, 11 y order ol llhi Kit B bWKKNY, Public duiiolttrator. VTOtlCK TO HATTBItH.?MORTOA<1K HALK.?JOIIN Xs W. HomeHndykr., aiu tioneer, Wtil sel . by vr n< of u cliAttel rrortj-s?^ at tl o salu*r.w?ni, No. 2o Nortli William s* , i ear < bathsm, Hits dav, Nov 'in, a? lt>)? o'clock, a lot ol ir.ei 'f hats, ImyV and mUwV h.?ts, ami oap? of >4vo? y de'Crlp tiou : glamoaseq counter, Ac. Also immediately alter, lit No. U)6 Crand ** all the flxuire-. of said store, Ar , Ac JOHN W hOMhttlfr l?YK K a'tortus? for Wortgaga. PJ. KKLLY, At'OTION'KKR ?I WILL HKLL. THIS ? dm, ut In o'clock, st .HI Catherine street, the new ?ni well holected m ock of di y goods contained In liuld storo, ? o a full as oi mat I "i i um k ai d < olorad si k i, I rant b au 1 Kti g ish Uitrinoew, long and Hquaru shawbt, bloukots, qiiliu, \c. Phillip h. wilkinh, auctionkrr.-hlkhvnt hou.'cboid fundtitre, pier glm.HCH, platiofone. A" . at am* tmn. Phillip R.%Wi'ktns win w.ui *t ai-.otlou on t'hurai.4y, Nov. TZ, Ih'.."'. st 10>| o'clock, at No. HW Wa-?t 1^ h ?f . i.y or I?r ot T. I). Wuid. n Ksq., attorney for mortKagea, Uio entire f'urni tore of said houte, couslMing in prri of iiuihoyativ tela a tt"*, cMra,divans itM'kimr. VoUatra and rootpUau onaU ooCas, inlaid and inaroie top ceuue bibltM quurtetto tjibien p er mantel ornao eats, sciaa, luxtstai d?, extension diutng table, rouiblclop sideboard, French bedstead**, le i Jiorj>o Is, balding, dressing bureaus,sandra a g .<??? marbla top tsdi H'and-, bookaee, paintings, silver %var?. tapftH'rv, vat rat, three ply and Ingrain en pe's, auua carpets, oil clotlis, Ac.; ulto a hUpei lor rohcwuod pianoforte RUBBKLL w. W . >TT, 4UCI IONKKR PKRKMP lory halo of elegant hr#t clan* hotmohoid fiirnlturu u ilon i i4!*] French pier and mantel mirror*. rich royal Will n <-irpeti coally pearl Inlaid rare wood pianoforte. eiegant ch tndeJicr*. 'I lirco innpiiUiccnt parlor atllia, va'o&hlH p.tluUng' work* ot nrt, Ac. It. W. Wt*cU*oU will *??ll in n i'uratlay, *10/. A>, at l? lg o'clock. ibe entire majntiieant turitiiurn ol huuM* 15- VYcti ?Jim nt, near 7th avenue, w til oh 1* reph uj wtiii every *!?.; wnco to be found it) a laahioij tin uiAbe.i residence, tuns* oi wh.ob ant ImpiirtiHl. niid been u.'M hut a abort time. 1 he decor* lion* throughout arorf theme-it unique and nvhgRlm kind, nnd tho furniture of the must elaborwc and coat lywi irk n*n ah I p. 'Ibo wale will ho positive without ro?*r?j to weather. r>CHcrlj)live ea'.alogue* are ready, and ? in ho o ?Uiloo I nt VV J. F. DteJ'ey A <o.Yo3! Ur<*udivay,t>rat ihuofUceoi Uream tionecr corn r of Wh avenue and I Uh -t Parlor?Mileudid pearl inlaid roaew x?d pianoforte, cost MOO 2 elegant plot talrror*, ,'JOxllMi, rich tnan el d r.. autt m-giil 'iceui rore*o?xi parlor furniture, In lour colored **Un brocade, Urge itofa ar (ii chair, reception cha r and au mo lallloo back parlor w/h ? .:p 001 ft':* 90*1 $400', I do 10 HH rold !'?,.? try, !? pieron wi Ii a Ip cover* imported; rich velvet and Wilton carj Ma, splendid carved centra and pier table*. wbh tCgvpiUi) marble topi 8 [othli roee eugeree mimx fi ita r hiy jmr\? d eMTilolre, lined vviJi aalin w??od, Mold roveaood reevir Ba< I .urn tit tamntry atul brocade, cttay chatmluantiudim t k, ^BktilfitHiii cuand"dem, rosewood ntutile cablni' * enruor e? ifQR.e*. tmrior I neks; brocade aud !*< ?? cm .*luv uurb'? clock*, costly l>re<td a and hevrea vr en. al'h an ?:.eia.-u col lection of parlor adornm* nta; also a number of va n 4bin oil I wilding*. *011I1.. the Httcriiio 1 i.f cottuobieum. ( l.iiial cr f uinltiirc?Momuifli cut carve 1 nxnwood u 11 ma Iiokm v bedstead*, rneewood amour de Oluee ivm| a>c Trench mhror front, ?o*t 82U): rnnowool iiiirro*-1. ?? 1 . lu board, roee wood wash* and*, elegant carved rosewn! 1 1 fnatncnuy bureau*, ali to match, Parian and gold 011b ' *<Hat pure haii matin1**#-*, feather ball*. ?*?!/. dimvk quilt*. ?of*4( fete h fete*, invalid and artn ''hair*; aiiperb roee wood ?. ?cr* tar> 1 ookt.ise, ronea'MMl ?uit in hairc odi. I) piecea, hlatoacal ?nuravliiK*, Ae. frlhliiit l.ootn Furniture?Rletpint oak cxtetnlon table, i-m? tiX', oak arm ebalra, <10. library bo> k ca*?i rich atlvrx- h, rul > cut Klaaiaare, u? n a' b thruuKhout, chnraLal culdo.; I ?leitant dinner *et, 1911 piece*; ti a do., Ivory and a.ivar cutlery, kiikllah oilcloth, \clv? *!atr carpet ro-?--*<.od hn! 4;and. wiUi chair a to rnatrh Ac. Wl 1) a valUAble var.ety of kh d?en ware, 01 every dr crlpiton Har pe. porlat-lo furuaoc, A .,fo..uh.g tof ether the moat tna;:niflc?mt sa'? of furrit'ure offered -lur lion Udn aeaaou. A donoaii will be requbod 01 all purctotsom. ^*)IKRIf b 'r PALIC ? A M. CKIhTAL* VR. AUUf Kltf KKU. k? will h<?ll on He<lr?eaday, November 21, a' l!ll? o'clock, at No Kb Frond way, the whole and entire atock lacure*. I Mtovea and heatcra contained in anM nioje, count el?^. in y irt, 1 of cocking, hotel at.d kitchen rangeh. large id*'* patent fur Dare*, he* cm. aiove?, . tovc tiuiiuiga, wa er batna, Iroilera, per e. furnaeea, ke'll-a, Ac. rrH< S HKLL, AtfrriONKKR -BY IlKIX A BUHH?ON i Wedi eadny, at iu'x o'clotk.ln 'he saleroom*, 12 Nor h >Mll!arn *treet. a qua'.tuy <?r i - o l furniture, carpeta. Ac , ala > j (M.e roaeed pUiL dur e counting hou?e dw*ka, AC.; alio a choice lot 01 dt > gooda, l o*icry?. genilenien'a rurnl??bin* ar I clee, ladle*' ctonka fancy co?-1h clo'htng, lo valna<de u i - l.c^, ewe 11 aid pledged article*. The t% e wl.I he eoD1inued on I hurr day. Tllfrh UKLh. AirCTIONKRR ? BY HKIX A BITAIf-ON Frldav, at lOjhJ o'clock, to our rale room *, I i * ?nh WliiUm ?frrct, wilft e ?old. without reaarve. iho entire *iwk of the choi? rd w 'DC* and liquor*, the property of a Keoi'em.vri d* re.'.ped, f?y order of eiecutore. In vartmi* parkaifev, ?ul aM* lor fxriilllc*, Ac ; the wine*, bear-die*, rum. whlakev, old Mo hot p'bn'a, Ac are HUperior. Further particular* Tbur*d?< qTl YlTT v77rhF.LF. AnTIt>NKKR.-STfvilR >f?\1 M> 1 v are ti l* day. at hi Nn-nau arre#?t In order to parcut lartle* to a'tenrl, ea'e wll not comtnea'** hefni-e n'rio? k hplenlid new fcfylw ea*ter . cohweand ?ea nrna. chaar I u a m* * ai d plrr heie, rake f a?ke'*, plain tea M?t of ri and 4 plecea, mi Ii*, eoHtef H. egg Hiar.d*. d* r-aoier Htand*. rpoofi^, fork*, n >p kin rlpft irobtttt, Ac ? ? ebion Um mKj tod va I iter wred t nd mahogany de?k* (Imported g?H*i t Af?er width, furniture from l**UWiAblr waretor>m* curled hair irni'r< rHea, iron edfe*. ?ewlr v machine* Ac. N II.?Kvwry ar Ic e may I e relied upt n a* 1 c? tnmended I nr particular* examine p rev loo* lo'ht hour, a* tbeab/<*k I- etlenvive Kcal em in furniture, hole, keeper* Ac , are invi-ed u? Aitenrl. In elutlve 50.bb0 oegarf, Imported In ntrgeaof 250 e.? h ft/ F MKLMrR A!CTKiNKFK ? BV II lUttlllON A v ? ? M' t ?w IktSJ d.* ? . Noi 28 fi I ? 0 ?- 00 " tan fit/or* ?if ra?** room*. No. IiN.o*au aireet. aapcrktr u* <<tn mane cabinet furniture a' aucMoii. b^ing (be eutire " "* -- ? ?- ? ' - I-*.- n-mi ft*m*riLv faldrifit nt.uHouj oiiuexwwvt ?*irwismn?..... _ "n*? ?? flnifhrd and ur,flni?hed *'??? k of a large fir*' claa* r|ty ealdnet ! Di/ 1 mat turer, e?er> article of which !* fulli warr.m ?? I the MtDeAawben i.ur< ht/*? ?l a' private vale, 'the .?!?? k will t?e I arranged lor exhibition cm Tueaday. ('nnuaiing >u part of 'b** , rnr *t fifchlonabl# *t> le* carved roenQud, mtLotanv, oak and I I walnut parlor, drawn g room, reception room. iPirar> and j I dining room lunuitire Of everv>. fir.utbod in-dJand French ' fohfrhed, du Ir.g IhMc? con*Ut rdtcn of the rno* approva l | j a teroa FA, 11 and lb feet iof.g with patent a?h* of b * \ar 11* tl.otce wooda, vtr,.; r?eewfa*l blr*b mahogany vral nut ar.d oak wl'h -erp* ntfne centre*. rrr-?wr?ol parlor *u are covered in et vtly mtrqnei, a'l *iik. brocade, aatin* t>r?> a te! to h aiui hair c lofh. uph'?.-te eu, p am and ?u';< 1 ab ?t ."/) van?n* paderiiK of bureau*, wi?b rich ma. w up?, | and wtwha'anda to match; Ih < othic, i rt nob and I | ?ieitd*. reveral of which nra very valuable and eial>or*tAly j | rarvrtl. la'rat ?lyle of rleg?-reaf heaufet*. fti iaboard*. net, *??? | retary, 'adlcc' writing eabineta highly floi*hrd work table; one | mjIuJ ro*ewood parlor eet retary co*t g2.**r, 1 ncd w.^i wabn wrv darof Herref draw er*: tmiitl rtaevtyd pier, cenire, card m l | ride tabic*, plain and with martoe fop* Alan, a largo variety of cfe a :e'e?, voifalre ea*\ ar d r# 'Option chair* tfoibb vol K)l/Hb?-ihi*o mi Je do., it/ richly dec?#rat<*d ami cr?am**ied ( I.amber ufta, plain and ir arhle tof * It wo .id ne luipf>?*ihfa ] to ei.unierate all be artirw- cOO'iiOVd t- tkk M Lwdfcl and geritlemen are partirularly Inti'ed to examine the *io k prior to 1 he aaie can be j acked for ?blppin|r 00 U?e j t rembea at a rvaamtahle charge Al*o, Id run-wool pixno ' forte* i t the fo/lowing mHker* W. I.indcmann A -on Van (* rroa n tod Fan the 1 (ii bert. l*l?r*m, and .??ercel r I bratel maker*. Al*o, thiee plario atooU, lot of cover*, Ac , I roid to pay atlvancca. Of IL1.IA V IRTINd, A I'fTIONKRR -*Lt*RB H %FK I H bnt e?. French rhlna at. vwr plated ware fhlnrae ware papier mat 1 e)gt/?idii Ac. WllJ.lvM IRrf *'j ! A ( (? . will *ej| at au> tpm or. lueMUy and VfotiriMvlar, No Tt Al) and 21. at luS o'clock, at lha r^earnotn* * Fin" *tre?! ar, entire in voter of (bine** jt?*t received \rr \ ?hip Hiiard ?4 Iiliiekr enaii.rl.'ed lea wU. va*e*. 'rom tljrn tnrhea to three lee' high mperh larquerwd w*?rk ?**?;? ( cat | n? w fg'.rr-. ten r%)? ?*gar 'Wf, Ae., work bof-a, jewel rafdnet*. Ar t ronre and ormolu rl*?rk* af?d etndrl % ?ra <? ?n diewlcka. groupa, fgutca, lt)k*laud- eegar "'nnd* table belt* I Parian marble grtup*. flyuree, piale*, pHeber*. Ae , auper?? allvvr ptafed tan *et? water keli'e*. effee an 1 tag urn* waff era, caafert. vugar, caka and bread i a*ke<a , wine ? IIquoi frame*. i>tjiter tub*, *a <? t#>a*t raeka Ae dc 'vrated \??ea, tgrd receiver* Ink>ian J*. aegar aah ree#lver*. tai ?o I <1 ?e* mrdailuin painted and deoora'e.J . ?, .?>.?? aUbaa'er gooda, vf'twrv work boiaa papier ma'-be table*, wark | k'.xea. tray*, oil paln ir r* on allk. a'iarhed ?o gi***. ?bvei p.?tra eard haske a. gobleta. cAiidlratl ka and a iarga variety fancy gooda. f MART BflTP. At (TlOMtm -fAf.F Tllft FM V , ' at the aucuon ror*m, P.?7 Wi'liam etreet *(!??', nr.. ' p elwdd furnfiore ra/jwte cr??ckery Ar marble top dre** |lng bureaua. ar<rr-Ury eitenanai dl/dng table*, rvntre lab ? >, dining rod t*a *ah e* #/>fa? tete a let# alvan* rrHrrwra. | b'dateada. chain vehai, ^aterd beatar. lbr?e p.y at.d togr^ln ?arf eia. fea'lrr ? *?*!*, a large lot of Parian p!o ' ?ra * ware, tea acta pla>ed eaat? raand a genera! aaw.r merit ? ( iM-fu1 artrcie*. " oktng *u??ea, achrrol or rnevuag r'#*m benches WM WITTRRN. AUfTTONICFR?WILL f?N Wednvwday. at 10% a'cb* k. at ?> 1 ro bjr ?irw*< all'he gentrel parlor, rhamher. and kbehen furwhure Ae., in tN' above hrwiaa. conalatlng of owe elegant ro*ewood ?u?' lo **t?? k > a 1 n ' ; g.a**.w *? u ? . apeetrj ar.d iagralii car(??(*. ..rr?ao?r.t* iae* ' o'lter rurlaina; in * */ ' 1 bwdatewA* ma'tr***#* large ir later* and piilow* '?ed* uy! bwdding. '??' b>? 'op dre* log bureana, txWili 1AM aeU. dialog room ?r.d kitchen f'irml'tue Ae C llffiOINH, Af^riORRRli; Will. on ? Toeadwy kfrmbn j s Klghth avenne, comer "< Twwnty ?#<aoth the enurw atork and At urea of aftrvtcWMHi ?<are ru *??* "f tea*. ?ngar*. rwflaaa aaap mrdaew ml# A/ A' a 1 ai*?? a flrar rla*e wagon. 1I IVJ.IAM M WRBRg. ai ri'.sK'H 8T*A?R>AT f ? f ru'tm at awr'iow IIAk KK A kg/Kt wnl *ell at aor tl'n on 1 boraday. Nov 231 at 12 o'? loek at the Ner f*aor*' Ki 'bange the fa*', and ealawdtd #**au?#r t 'rt^on. Wa-d t?wat U W feet kmg ? faet J inefce* In width ar.d 9 #ewt hold aodba*f7'. in k cylinder *rd lb feet auoke PNeUwau ?, jn^e i and 1 *rjf v?y Ii |Md <,rder m igp | * ? Pha Wa> was b i ben and ev#ry way adapted for eoever^aWAW Tow* half otah. >>*? balance m apf#r.rvad a*A#? at 2 4 r? a d k rr*? ? ( %n be mm ft al ?be foot of 1 welpk ??ree'?, IU.*t rwer. N'? r 1 It Ii. 17 N* and 22 App j 'M liak# r A A ? ,n?w" No. ? Pb># arret KXTKA PAT. WII.I.IAM ORA*W* ''Mil w I?n?A PAT ?1wiu.u*o* fi M r ?i i*? r.4MTj t*)t r aod I aded sivfiwr New klaw^MMvw, vareanat pwla, Okk?, Itmlati* M i.kgan, ju** WW . ? ? % fl I *?-.?? t*r a, Alat am* N- iwlrrtd Raw* la Rff??<*/%, Ar kvwi w eat w y I'r.. * rtarte m hr?.?r* Per,w?o? (rater*? a*d f/larned. Ail k'rela of law baa.' www a^ -off ? -r t?'* | try pM. Xwaif ha4 warrant* - Maw t ? * pr?# ?#?1 '**-'? ^ r w . ' '. ' I 1 *?' \ 1 \ * > / ? , ? mWAJli HI 1NI.U Agwwv %M itM ft?wr U R C*a wggii 762, 550 J ? " BO*A>IIHU Altn u>l>un,u' Of") AM' NtA MROAl'WAV ? H<V ' Vp lb* i?? 'Vf Ct>.S t. ylr Irti.r I-.I ,. ,. u.aoer ?ra> ration umurp*?ord being ur?r Inioti * |*?a. 1 o'cloeb. ? -L-'H I ff w 1IOADWAY ?Mt'lTH CIY KOOV* TO 7'; *'7m #. uiJy lur* M.*d wlfu all Urn mo<Wa Iron. ex<dn?ive u*e of kltrJteu, Pill bo let rb- ap to ? f..auli, lUildrt--a. I'KRKNWfl'll II.Il l -* I-Alll.nn HI I, KT' on ih<* second Hoot, vr pantry atni< b* , jpoiLru ?n ?t?d h?n vrli*, or * rrnieioun. aIho % ptm??*i>. <r*il" Mrom The bouae bee both, gap, ami all the in >t-r? lesproveaonats. U7I* FOURTH 8THinP5T N'KAK LAFAYETTE PL ACS ? * > # !) i onr lo k*t, wlilt board, Ma tfiU Art* cUmh tor pailruitu and tb*ir wi a* orpin#)* gentleman; also,af?oa' parlor filial r Ut * phr?lrU?. ga?, ba'Ji, A*.; dlnnor at 6 o'c*i A, Krrutb an I rfpaiUnb spoken i/;i 9KNTH STREET?1J? A LAftOI II >UHK FIVE ?w ?' I oml Hot .. 11 i 11 . ..??? ?? ) lrotit t?. om the CljArrt Hour, I oar ding, partial or trn Be ki<i e* cjihanded. Apply for one week. 1 Vi v 1 '1' ? 1 NTY TillKI) HTttl BT ? A FKW KIS A*'0 pl? gentlemen wishing fb ?>.ur?t roofnx. with par ?d b< wrd ran amain l?? tn ut the abort! home. vvIl it n dtMirahiy 1? h ???! haa all tin modern lmj>rr>em* ltu, vrher* they can r< c*t?? li* cimforUi ol l? rn* aiuiou* the ftni.uyauee of ??blldivit or crowded roe an I'li-an cud and we. I ?0 CHAMRKKH HTIM.V.T - Fl HNIK||i:|) UoO\H. ON I f /?> Srst *mf m -m d floor, for e.nru, wltiumt boir l, anil dinner on Miwiivn. HtUrtON HTIlf'.KT, IHONfiNl hi JoUN'H l*ar A.- I umi*h?d r?M?aia in'wi, Wi'li board i<? h ??( ?t j?i?? ? ui*' . <>? n ami ?bwr w|vv?, ?:?? h lai^e &ud ?i , ? 1 i ??,!'. House nan rul i ? 1, * ? . ibe u oiier n inuproTOuaecda 1/1 '~i TWELFTH HTKKI.r. NSAlt HKtJO.NI> AVKN'IJK.? .11 11 i<i?c inn on th^ ?weoiH floor*. Two wr??Ie Remluiiwn, hi d fcOfti email and wife, <*a? proeoro lioaril. Urn lb'<1 nunt ?or fnkf" Tin?-?'iiofrmpt'* *' iliiv j lea^o cull, l^ooaibm io ilraMo vu'h tnndem implovOUlPnbi. liooto* roAaouanJ*. .N a ? ar snd ata^e . i M-MMfl . 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