Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7024. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. MEWS FROM WASHINGTON. INTERESTING ARMY INTELLIGENCE Promotions and Appointments by the President. Serious Aspect of Our Affairs with Great Britain. ill-Health and Resignation of the Secre tary of the Nayy, <fcc., Ac. OUR SPECIAL DESPATCHES. LIST OF PROMOTIONS, APPOINTMENTS, TRANSFERS, DISMISSALS, ETC., IN THE UNITED STATES ARMY. GE.VKBAL ORDBRH I W.JR DRTAKTMENT, 1 No. 18. J AlMt'llAST (iKMOCAL'S tlKKKTC, . Washington, Not. 18, 1855. j Promotion* and appointments iu the Army of the Uni ?ted States, made by the Presi lent since the publication of General Orders, No. 10, of July 19, 1855 PROMOTIONS. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. Assistant Surgeon Josiah Simpson, to be .Surgeon from Auguat 12, 1855, vice Henry L. IhisheU^ deceased. CORPS OK RN0IVKER8. Breret Second lieutenant Cyrus B. Comstock, to be Second lieutenant from September 1,1856, vioe Andrews, resigned. coon op topographical kxhi.veerr. Second lieu'enant George H. Derby, to be First lieu tenant from October 2, 1866, vice I'eck, resigned. Bre?et Second Lieutenant Heniy L. Abbot, to be Se cond lieutenant from October 2, 1866, vice Derby, pro moted. KIRWT RWilMKNT OF IIRAGOONH. First Lieutenant itichard C. W. Radford, to be Captain from September 4, 1865, vice Thompson, cashiered?Com pany F. Second lieutenant Robert William*, to be First lieute nant from June 7, 1866, the date of First Lieutenant Ogle's appointment as Adjutant?Company I. l'romotion to date from September 4, 1866, vice Rad ford, promoted, cancelled. Second Lieutenant Nelson R. Sweitaer, to be First lieutenant, from Septemboi 4, 1866, vice Radford, pro moted?Company K. Second lieutenant Benjamin AUston, to be First Lieu tenant, from September 8, 1855. vice Castor, deceased? Company A. Lieutenant Allston restored to former position in First Dragoons, not having accepted the appointment tendered bfm in the First Cavalry. Brevet Second lieutenant David MeQrfg, of the Second Dragoons, to lie Second lieutenant, vice Williams, pro moled, to date from September 4, 1866?Company H. Brevet Second Lieutenant James Wheeler, Jr., of th Second Dragoons, to be Second Lieutenant, from Septem ber 8, 1866, vice Allston, promoted?Company B. SECOND REGIMENT OK llRAGOONS. Bievet Second Lientenant Ebenezer Gay, of the First Dragoon*, to be Second lientenant, vioe Sheppetd, de. ceased, to date from July 1, 1856?Company E. FIRM REOIMKNT OF CAVALRY. Second Lieutenant I'bUip Stockton, to be First Lieuten ant from October 1,1866, vice Duuimett, deceased?Com pany B Brevet Second lientenant John U. Church, to be Second i.Untenant from August 27,1866, vice I'arkison, resigned ?Company C. Brevet Second lieutenant Albert V. Colburn, of the Se cond Cavalry, to be Second Lieutenant from October 1 1866, vice Stockton, promoted?C impany B. t-FA USD RW.IMKNT OF CAVALRY. Br' vet Second lieutenant Cornelius Van Camp, of the First Calvary, fo be Second Lieutenant, vioe Williams deceased, promotion to date from July 1, 1866?Com pany B. Brevet Seccnd lieutenant Junius B. Wbeeicr, to beSe cend lieutenant from August 21, 1855, rice liartwelt, re signed?t'om|>any B. lim iMKNT or MOr\TKt> RIFIKMFN. Rrevet Seer ml lieutenant John V. I). I>ubole, to bo Se 0 nd Lieutenant from October 1, 1855, vice Pavant, de rea,ed?Company K. riHfT HKtilMF.NT or ARTII I KIIY. Brevet Second lieutenant Frederick L Clilldv, of the ..Second Artillery, to be Second lieutenant from July 14, -1855, vice Kinney, deceased?Company I). t-Wnxn RWUMBYT "V ABTII.IJCRY. First Lieutt nant James Totten, to be Captain, from Oc tober SO, 1865, rice Woodbridge. deceased?Company F. Second Urutenant Thomas M. Vincent, to be First Lieutenant from October 20, 1855. *ice Totten, promoted ?Company K. Brevet Second Lieutenant Michael P. Small, of the Third Artille y, to be -'econd Lieutenant from .September '21. 1856, vice I'uli/.zi, resigned?Company C, Brevet Second lieutenant Alexander 8. Webb, of the Fourth Artillery, to be Second lieutenant from October lb 1855, vice Vincent, promoted?Company I.. THIRD KEtllMKVT Or ARTIUjmY. Brevet Second lieutenant Francis R. T. Nicholls. of the Second Artillery, to be Sec ,nd lieutenant from Octo ?er 19, 1855, vice Harding, reslgnel?Company A. FIRST RK.IMK.ST OF l.VKA.YTKV. Second lioitenunt Thomas <1. Williams, to be First 'lieutenant from August 7, 1865, vice I'mlcrwood. de ceased?Company II. Brevet Second Lieutenant Charles W. Thomas, of the Fifth Infantry, to be Second lieutenant from August 7, 1855, rice Williams, promoted?Company F. KVY?P KB0.1HXM OF I8KAKTBT. lieutenant Colonel Francis Is* of the Sixth Infantry, ;o be Colonel from October 18, 1855, vice Hitchcock, rc signed. Brevet Second lieutenant (leorge P. Ruggles, of the First Infantry, to be Second Lieutenant, vice Coolidge, declined: to date from July 1, 1855. third nnriivyir or ixtavtrt. First lieutenant (ieorge Syke- to be Captain, from Sep ? ember 1865, vice Richardson, resigned?Company K. recwid lieutenant I au renew O'Hantwin, to be First Lieutenant from September HO, 1856, vice Sykes, pro moted? Cem\vaiiy It. Brevet Second I ientenant Henry W". Frer<d)y, of the Ninth Infantry, to be Second lieutenant from Septemlier HI, 1855, vice O'Bannon, promoted?Company E. FIFTH RW.I8KYT OF IVFA.ITRT. First lieutenant Henry R. tolden, to l?e Captain, from Petober 18, 1865, vice I.ynde promoted to reventh Intaii try?Company F. Srcood Lieut,-nant Henry C. naukhead to be Fir-t lieutenant. from July 19, 1866, vice Kolsom, deceased 1 vionany C Second lieutenant l>onald Stltlr to be First Lien uoaat, from October 18 1865, vice SeMen, promoted? . umpany H. Brevet .-eeond iieutenait Alfred T. A. Torberl, ot th? So und Infantry, to be Second l.hutenant, from July 19 1866. vice Hank bead, promoted?Company A. Brevet Second Lieutenant Robert C. Hill, of the Sixth Infantry, to be Second lieutenant, from October 18, 1866. vleeStlth, promoted?Company K. SIXTH RJRIIMKST OF IXFAWBT. Major George Andrews, of the Seventh Infantry, to be lieutenant Colonel, from October 18, 1856, vice lee, pro moted to the Second Infantry. eKVR.VTH RRHIWS.VT or i.vrrvTRT. Captain Isaac I.ynde of the Fifth Jntantry, to he Ma Jor, from October 18, 1866, vice Henry, resigned?Cum. pany P. Brevet Seer,nd lieutenant Win. R. t'eaae. of the Tenth Infantry to I* second lieutenant from tfctober 1? 1*66, vice Amory. promoted?Company F. noiftH aaoivRVT or ihfattrv. Second lieutenant Milton Cogswell ttt be First lieute ? enant from August 15 1866. vim Meahllag, dismissed ? Company F. second nontenant Robt. O. Cole to l>? Flrrt lieutenant from Saptembor ?, 1866, vie* Merchant deeeaaad?Com pany C. Brevet Second lieutenant Edward L. Harta, of the He veeth Infantry, to be Seound lieutenant from August 15. 1166, vice Cogewell, promvted?Comieny 11. Brevet Second lieutenant William B. flaron, of the Fourth lalkniry, to be Seeowd Lieutenant fr,?m Septem ber *, 1965, vice Cole, promoted?'>mpanv F Brevet Second L'eutenaut Henry M. Uulle, of the First Infantry, to be Second Lieutenant from October t, 1865, vice FoUett, resigned?Company I. NINTH RMJflOMT OF INFANTRY. Socond Lieutenant Charles R. Woods to be First Lieu tenant, from October 10,1866, vice Palmer, resigned? Company B. Brevet Second Lieutenant Jesse K. Allen, of the Fifth Infantry, to be Second lieutenant, from Ootober 10, 1866, vice Woods, promoted?Company C. TK.VTH KKU1MKNT OF INFANTRY. First Lieutenant Joseph I- Tidball to be Captain, from August 26, 1866, vice Smiling, deceased?Company C. Second lieutenant Peter T. Swaine to be First Iieate nant, from August 8, 1866, vice Harrison, resigned Company B. Second Lieutenant John H. Forney to be First Lieute nant, from August Vft, 1866, ^.vice Tidball, promoted? Ccmrany F. Brevet Second lieutenant James H. HU1 to be Second lieutenant, from August 8, 1866, vloeSwaine, promoted Company K. Bievet Second lieutenant Clarence ?. Bennett, of the Third lufnntry, to be Second lieutenant trim August 10, 1865, vice Kellogg, resigned?Company C. Brevet Second Lieutenant Timothy M. Bryan, Jr., of the Ninth Infantry, to be Second Lieutenant from August 26, 1858, vice Forney, promoted?Company B. APPOINTMENTS. aiiji tant gbikral'h DEPARTMENT. First lieutenant Julias P. Carescbc, of the Fourth Re giment of Artillery, to be Assi-tant Adjutant General, with the brevet rank of Captain, vice Canby, appointed Major in Tenth Infantry, to date from November 0, 1866 QPAItTKRM ASTER'S HHPAIITMKNT. First lieutenant John C. McFerran, of the Third Regi ment of Infantry, to be Assistant. Quartermaster, with the rank of Captain, vice Ogden, deceased, to date from August 20, 1866. First lieutenant Eugene E. Mclean, of the Second Re giment of Infantry, to be Assistant Quartermaster, with the rank of Captain, vice Folaom, deceased?to date from August 20, 1866. First lieutenant Wlnfleld S. Hancock, of the Sixth Regiment of Infantry, to be Assistant Quartermaster, with the rank of Captain, vice Reynolds, dismissed, to (lute from November 7, 1866. MXDIPAL DEPARTMENT. Pascal A. Quinun, of Maryland, to be Assistant Sur geon, vice Jo -iah Simpson, promoted, to date from August 16, 1866. NINTH RHIIHKNT OF INFANTRY. John G. Real, of Michigan, to be First Lieutenant, vice Merrifleld, declined, to date from March 3, 1855, and to stand next below Ftist Lieutenant A. T. Palmer, de dined. John C. Howard, of Texas, late of the Twelfth Infantry, to be First Lieutenant, vice Read, declined?to date from Ai gust 28, 1866?Company C. minnu. Major Enoch Steen, Second Dragoons, transferred, October 23, to First Ihagoons. Major Char lis A. May, First Dragoons, transferred, October 23, to Second Dragoons. Second Lieutenant John A. Thompson, First Dragoons, transferred August 29th, to First Cavalry, to stand next below Second Lieutenant R. H. Riddick. CASUALTIES. Brevet Brigadier General Ethan A. Hlt:hcock, Colonel Second Infantry, October 18, 1866. Brevet Major Israc-I B. Rlchardaon, Captain Third In fantry, F'eptemlier . 0, 1866. First lieutenant Thomas Henry, Seventh Infantry, Oc tober 10, 1866. F'irat lieutenant William G. Peclt, corpa of Topogra phical Engineers October 2, 1866. RESIGNATIONS. Firat lieutenant AlphenaT. I'aimer, Ninth Infantry, October 10, 1855. First lieutenant iamee F. Harrison, Tenth Infkntry, August 8, 1865. Second Lieutenant Frederick M. Follett, Eighth In fantry, October t>, 1855. Second lion truant George I~ Andrews, corpa of Engi nes-re Septemtxr 1, 1856. Second Meuteuant, Lyman M. Kellogg, Tenth Infantry, August 10, 1866. Second lieutenant, Peter Parkinson, Jr., F'irst Cavalry. August 27, 1856. Second lieutenant. George llartvrell, Second Cavalry, Auguat 21. 1856. Second lieutenant William IV. Harding, Third Artillery, t . toterlR. 185 5. Second IJeuter an?, Venerando Pulll'ii,Second Artillery, September 21, 1866. DECLINED. John G Head, the appointment of Firat lieutenant, Nit til Infantry, to date from March J, 1856. F'eoond lieutenant. Benjamin AlUlon. First dragoons, the apiiointmcnt of Second Lieutenant, F irst Cavalry, to date from March .1, 1856. A. s. Coolidgc the apiMiintment of Second L'euteoant, Second Infantry to date from June 7, 1866. DEATHS. Brevet .Major Francis Woodbridge, Captain Second Ar tillery. at Hai inn as barracks. Florida, October 20, IA66. Itrrvrt Major Miuund A. Ogibq, Captain and Assistant Quartetmn-tm at l'oit Itiley. Kansas. Augusts, 1866. Captain Joseph I Foleom. Assistant Quartermaster and First lieutenant I ifth Infantry, at San Joae. Call for nfn July If, 1*55. Captain .lame- (i. S. Snelllng, Tenth Infantry, at Cln elonnti, Ohio, Angus* 26, 1866. Brevet Captain ( harlea G. Merchant, Firat lieutenant Eighth Infantry, at Fa-t I'a ragou'a, Ml-sisalppt, Sep tenil er t, 1866. Firat Lieutenant Thomas F. Caster, Firat Dragoon*. at F'crt Tejon Ca'lfornla, September 8, 1855. l'lrst I Jen tenant Charles I nderwood, F'irat Infantry, at Fort Puncan, Tixas, August, 7, 1856. First Lieutenant F/taard J. Dummett, Firat Cavalry, at Fort 1 savin worth, Kansas, October 1, 1855. Second I.lentnant William M. Oavant, Mounted Rifle men, drowned in Rio Grande, near Fort Ihincan, Texas, October 1, 1855. Feci,fid I it utenant John Williams, Second Cavalry, at can p on I 'inpla ( reek Texa- June 13, 1855. murdered by a soldier. Surgeon Floury !? HeUkell, at Washington, B. C., August 12, 1H.56. DISMISSED. t aptain Alexander W. Reynolds, Assistant Quarter master, October 8, 1HI6. Hr?t 1 leuteearit William T. Meehiing. Eighth Infantry, August 15, 1856. CASHIERED. Brevet Major Philip R. Thompson, Captain First Bra goon-, September ?. 1856. The i Hirers promoted and appointed will Join their proper companies and stations without delay. Those on detached service, or acting under special Instructions, will report by letter to the commanders of their respec tive regiments aid corps. By order of the secretary of War. 8. COOPER, Adjutant General MEMORANDA. Sejond Lieutenant Garner, Second Artillery, will be borne on the Army Register as George G., instead of George Gamer. Scciid Identeaaot Mower, Firat Infantry, win he borne on the Army Itegiater ?a Joseph A., Instead of Jimea A. Mower. Th?- letters of eonrpaulea given In the foregoing order, are those of the companies to wbfeti the several officers concerned, succeeded In due course by their promotion or ap|iointment. If any changes have suhaerjuently been made by c<iROftent authority it Is not the intention o the order to sBrturb them. 8. fi liil'LP., Adjutant General. MOVRNENTH FOE THE ORGANIZATION OF THE MOUII* ?THE ENOW NOTHINGS AND THE REWAEDITEff ? THE ORGAN AND THE FEINTING?FOBNET, THE UNION AND THE 8ENTINEL?THE PRXHIDINT'E MM EAOB? MARCY HPHKADH HIMHBI.r?MK. PIERCE M CIBCTMNFBtT ON IAN8A4?MOVEMENTS OF I?B. OWIN.ETC . ETC. Waswiviito*. Nov. 20 1866. Tbey are befinning to sltr the eanl<lron here and Hie ingredient* will be In a delightful "tea by the meeting of the two houses. For the House proper you will have ?sen the circular <4 the twelfth -ectlon Know Nothing*. Its publication was premature, and has stirred up a strong odor ot disgust among the fu*loui*t?. The Koow Nothing 6n*ta here it s*ry iniiins to enrvv ws'Cr en both shoulder" and U decid'vFy in A?-,' r of an \n ? 'g ?nation between the Know Nothing* and Sewardltee, provided the Organ, in tha division of the spoil* of the House. gets the printing, which in very doubtful in deed. The chance* are in favor of the old InUlligtnctr or the GUA*. For Speaker, the Seward and Know Nothing fusion plan bring* in Campbell, of Ohio, a Know Nothing and a free Holler; and CuHorn, of Tennessee, for Clerk, late a whig, but now a Southern Know Nothing, with conserva tive inclination*. The democrat* will m?l probably put up their former *ati*'actory Speaker, Cobb, of Georgia, and flick to him to the laat. The Organ nay* that Colo nel Forney I* going off to I'enn*) I van la to try hit hand for the I'nited State* Senate, and that in the meantime the Triton will make a dead *et again*', tlie Statin-I for the Senate printing, which i* very likehr. I rather suspect, however, that Fori ey U in a '.rnusi tion state. Between the democrat* of thi* House an 1 of the Pennsylvania legislature, he will, I dare *ay, be left l*?rfectly free to devote hi* energies entirely to the Vnim paper and the Kitchen Cabinet, which wiU be a good tbipg, considering the near approach of the Cincinnati Convention, nnd the vast amount of pipe-laying rieoo-na ry to save the administration from being openly repu dieted by that respectable body of unsatisfied *poil*in?a. The President'* message. 1 learn, 1* finished In the rough. In it, a* 1 aui informed, Marcy will spread himself Korsta fashion, on Central American affair*, Cramptou's enlistment*, the law of 1818, the Cub* question, the Punish Sound due*, the Japan treaty and the affair* of Mexico, lli* great splurge will be In defence of Cushing on our neutrality duties; next he wilt amplify upon the Clayton Bulwer treaty, and the necessity for It* complete abrogation; ami lor soma action of Congre** in reference to tb.< filibustering operation* ot Col. Walker, ami the colonization scheme of GoU Klnuey. Captain .to. White liasfbeen with Matey. setting the Nicaragua Transit Coin pair* rrt+u* in mrta, ??> that they will probably pas* mux ter. Very little satisfaction will Ire given to anybody on the Cuba question, considering Mr. I lodge's negotiation* at Madi Id, which are all nothing but ?<> uiurh leather and prunelle. <m the kuu*- question Mr. Pierce will " walk light." He will probably do nothing more on thi* subject than repent the old story of " conciliation," " oonea*?lon," "the constitution," ''blood of our father*," '? precious legacy," '-glorlou* destiny," ' glorious I'nlon," Ac .Arc., working all the time, nevertheless, w ith Cushing uni Jeff. I avls sguin.-t M'ircy ami in behalf of Whilflebl as th Kansas delegate, for a little Southern capital. Guthrie will be represented In the message sgsln with hi* modification* of the tariff; and the Postmaster Gene ral, as a democratic move for Buncombe, will, I under stand, recommend sweeping reduction* of the annual suhtidie* to our ocean mall steamer*, The grent effort of the massage will be to show how splendidly our administration has managed our domestic and foreign affair* upon the small peace expenditure of soine seventy odd million* a year, Including'he Gads Vn treaty. Dr. Gwln, of California who ha* lteen here tor some days, returns by the neat steamer to California, to look after tlie chances of stopping off the Senatorial election this session. Otherwise General Foote will come hack to bother tham all in hi* new chuiacter of a Know Nothing. Ihls return home of Dr. Gwin's, at all events, shows that he does not Intend to claim an election from the proceed ing* of the California I* gi-luture last year, which would la a very ridiculous experiment. X. Y. /.. OCR APFAIKH WITH GREAT BRITAIN?THE FRIGATE 1KDKPLNDKMCK?MM. DOBUIN'H REPORT. Wajmukotuw, Not. M, 1851. Vuu may rf it assured that while the a-laiiii'atraUoo deem It politic to keep the public mlml quiet, the moot seiious apprehension* are felt In regard to our preaent n-la'lon.i with England. Il'e are on I h' very brink of a tear. It U aiceitetned that the United State* ftigate Inde pendence now at Pan Francisco, U in a deplorable condi tion. Much til feeling exists among her oflleara, while mutiny and wholesale desertion chaisreteHae- the of the crew. Pecretary f'obhln is now laboriously rngagod eoery criming in preparing hi* annual report which will lev locked for with great Intercut. K. FEEBLE UKAI.TI1 OF TIIK till RXTARV OF THE NAVV? who will fDMBB nm? W AMIIMIToY, Not. 20, 18.55. A* I Intimated some time since that it would be rt trcmely dcu)>tlul whether the Secretary of the Natjr would he able, owing to the delicate state of hii health, to remain at the head of bin Department, I laarnel to day from a reliable muice that it is his intention to leeve in a short time lor his borne in North Carolina; from hem thence. If It is deemed expedient by hi* physician, he will proceed further South?either to Florida or Cuba. He has completed bis annual report, which ha* caused him much trouble, owing to hia It-elde health, aud will leave It, provided it becomes neeeasary, in the hands of the President. His resignation will take effect, 1 am infirm ed. shortly after the meeting ot Congress. Ills successor has not been named. ? D. TDK PRESIDENT'S HKH8AHR. W-UWIMiTllN, Nov. 20, 18145. According to present deteroiination. no eopies of the President's message will tie sent out for newspapers, as heretofore in a Ivance of its delivery to Congress. Our Waiblngton t'oireapoiKleiirc. Washikotov, Not. IB, 1855. 7>i What /.'ad is Ai-doml Consent raHnf/ a t'uwrjul Fisri in Ikr A mrriran II'ale,. Thhiquestion does not seem to be of difficult solution to any one who reflects that trade it epeuing new chan nels of Incalculable extent across the American isthmus, and that the control of this highway is of equal import ance to F.i gland and the United Mates. Our people ? ould he satisfied with the perlect neutrality of the isthmus routes and tlietr entire free-lom to the general trad* of the world, lleuce nor ready acquiescence in the Hayloft itulwer treaty In that convention the two Powers mu tually guaranteed to protect construction and transit and to maintain the neutrality and ittdepen-h m ? of all tie dnti communications Ir-in Tebuantepec to Ita-U-n hot this plan was too rtioslora'e to suit Itrlti-h ideas ot comii erclal empire. While 'he Clayton Itulwer tr--nty waa sttll lu force?luce neither party have propos.-d it abrogation?England -ly<~| and colonirsd the Rnatan Islands equally In drfianie of Its obligations and of the sovereign lights of the Male of Honduras, of who.- ter ritory she 'hen tieik and still holds forcible and unjust possession. The object of fin- su-idsn military colonisation *?< the ecri.rrsiid of the new route across Honduras wbh-b rqulres just then brought tielore the puldic The route proposed by fquire- outlets in front ot those islands, and with them in poasexston a strong maritime power r-u'd open or close at will that gate iq the Pacific tsi lis own commerce, Hie value of thl Hrltirh " Key Island f'-olwoy" I < exemplified in the lir? usht out by the Pacific that Mr Charles Fos and Iwfor lllark, Esq., of London, Lave taken the contract tor building the Honduras Railroad to the Paeific. This railroad over the American l-thmns?commsnded by a Itrlllsh cob ny and to be owned by Itritidi capital ists?Is wor'b ta-lng protected vy a British fleet, tod it nay eiplaln the semi official announcement that the large naval foroe Is sent here ' to be at band when wauled.'' The Musquito protectorate la the sister of the Hay Island Colony. Tha tenitn-y of the Mmquito savages was stretched more than on-- humlre.) miles bey on-1 any limits ever claimed bef>re, and then formally taken <in tier British protection la order to ooerr the port ot Tin Juan del Norte. In this way F.ngland secured the control of the eslstinc Nicaragua transit as completely aa she has anticipated ?h? command of the Honduras line Thr present v? t. tiled ? te of affairs st Han Juan snd the |k,s.iblitty <?( lb- I i Pel Mates aiding and encour aging Nicaragua t resume her sovereign rrgh's ovec Han Juan, "disgusts England. The fleet may. therefore b* ?' kept at band," aa the Brttiah press intimate*, to cool the arrrgant pretensions of the Americans " respecting the freedom of the Isthmus trade. Without adverting to the European Interference at M. Drmlbgri and other planes w? hats bsrs two distinct in fringi rncnl? of the Monroe iloetiioe, at p>Aats of vital id tsieat to Ameibaa, and even to the fre~t-.wi of c mmonicatlon with our Mate* on the Pacific, whnh must t>e met in some way very sss-n. Taking theea acta fa their natural relation with the eool repw-rksti-ia of tha (laytcm Bulwer treaty, and the appear sues of a str ng fleet so far from their own p"rta, and we heve asidefr an the significant tons of the HrltUh prssa?ufficbwt grounds to suspect that it is sen' here t? intiiu-laic 00 govnreineat Into a tacit vobmisetoa to these Isthmu en ereaebments, which will thna tannic firmly wtaHlshet Furn|* aa depends nclee at tha axpetwe of the American ?j stem WTHMl" The a all bag which wae made up at llw Phiivte -.ola Past ofllce for Buffalo. wa? -ilsroverrd near the Nan-lug V .1 d'pr<* ' a >'iu ay Whe? f und ft mad b-?u <K -V?vl Tsbhel tf I la awst T%l .a'le ph.'.cjV< Tito Cm* oftbe ColnolM PHmL bttit BBouaar it hib iuhid win aoain*t t i* CATHOLIC BfBHOT OF BHMHLTN TO JUtCO VKK tUO I'lHTY OLAiSBD BY IMUU lie lore J. M. Via Cbit, Referee Thin cane wa? rammed /outerBoy parrots* to adjourn aent. ChtrlM U. Smith na evena-exammed by Judge Iutt, the defendant'** courier). The tollewtng to hU tecti noijn? I aupp<?e I wo* born In New Yoik alty, on tho 10th of May, 18. t', I think thai'a right; I airr unable to any how locg I Uved lo New York: I llrat remember ha vim* lived In Albany; 1 then lived with my mother; 1 am not able to cute ibo atiret we lived in, 1 ruuit have been about five or ilx /vara old a; Hi time. I ant unable to My in what capacity my outlier waa living in thou, I thou Id ti-iik i be wan nut at hua>d; I think ahe kopt houae I am unati.e U aay who were the Niinaleanf that houae, I don't recollect whether there waa any other peraon living there beal'ea her and my r elf, my lecoliection of the Uine 1 Mved with her waa oulv one wtr.tar and a aummer; I car.'> aay what part of the city of Albany 1 Uved in, but It waa not on the ooiakirta; 1 dao'tiemember any church near our leeMenre; 1 don't reeollect ever going to churci In Albany; I wi< about > ix year* old when I went to live with the bhakera at I chaunri, and it uiuat have been about ISdii, I went to lebanon, I think. in a aiage, my mother and sinter accompanied me; it waa my at?ter Bat/ Ann ahe waa left thei e at the ami time, I have Diver lived wi'h my uiullior eince; I entered the eatali liehment at lebanoti by the name of Charier II. Smith, my niter entered by the name ol Mary Ann Smi'h; 1 did nut know Mr. Cogger when at Albany, I saw my mother a tew umntha alici Iwmg pla rd at lebtnun 1 then aaw bet at the < llice ol the family with wlimu I reetAed; It waa at a building called the nfttce, a place at wlnrh viai'era were received; Junathan wood U.ui charge uf the money ullair,, ul the laiuily, and I wa*4>eund to him hy my mother, theie were four Ol live who had charge of tie tpli i'.ual uiiaii a: Lbeucxei and Hufuc hi hop?'in'h aince dead?Kuth landon, and a bvly called Cynthia Cliirke: Ruth lamlou la alio dead. Cynthia Ciaike waa living the laat I heard of lier, abjut eighteen month* ago a' I-elan on aa wa- aiao Jonathan Wood; I lived at I einii1 " about 'en years. I rcuiaiued with the aotne luuiily all that time, when 1 Ural went there I lived a few riy? wrth a family c?lle<i a reception family, who alwtiva received th"?u who entne to Uve among the Miakeia liichara Ituahnell and Aliut Kioglrt had charge of liat family; I waa bound in the Urat place to Abel Knight, anil then transferred to Mr. Wood. 1 lilt la twin n iu tire ap ing of ]H*H; lb'iijn-nin A. Hall Uvea m Tc th itrect in thia city; John Hiyea lived with litui about a year, to my'gv, I .Wed with H. K. Hall uteiut a month, I I near John Hayes lieiore I went to

l.ievlth It K. Hall, I It at liecame a< |Utinted with llay a In Allany; he war at the houae wlroie my mother waa Hil'g I am not able to my how long he live I there; 1 only te ollect lila htlng there a fi'W dwya, I cannot -ay by what name my raolliei was known at that tira-v John ltayi" lived wi h the Shaken, he Used with the >11111 tainlly that 1 lived with, lie aiao lived at Canaan, in the tame *."ciety; he went to the iwbjiuon Shaken about two or three yea 1? after I waa I hero nod atayed a couple ol yean, for a ahort time a'tei that he livedat I'aoaau with an< ther family of Shaken, I do not kn iw win accompa nied lohu llasea to la-bauou. I do not know what hU failnr'a name waa, I never knew nor he ml, I do not know where hia father pled. and have never heat I. I know nothing about hltuat all, I am u it able to rials- correctly but I tfllnfc Jchk lliiyea waa about tbii ly yoora old, I undcraUod he U second engineer i n the St. I.otlla, of the Ilavie line; I aaw bit" a year ago Int. my alser Miry Ann il Using near l'hllaielpliia; ahe la about 'JO yean of age, I raw her laat it rear ago about the laat of July: abr i? uiarileu to Mr. < harle- M. Sean, a cm reen ter; 1 have been living for a little over a year in New York, I am single, like in Gie'nwtrh rtreet; I have lived theie only u few ueekr, I hav- lived the chief part "f tl.n lime In lentil street my mother has been living In New York, ahe 1? living in the ltowery, wh re ahe lar dwelt tor a duple of yean; we h tv<-not lived to father alnce we have been in the city, ahe his not k-pt lunar; ahe ha* been boarding, I thluk with Mia kid Iliond or >oB>r audi Lame, my m iiher la not merited n >w , I hid ft rioUMiaul, CUarlc i.nltli, my lather, filed > 11 cr about the lot of January. 14(1 he die 1 la Cbeleek, Ma** .! ??- inloiiiK il hy Id . Smi h, n| IVkIoii, tlwit Hiili p liup*ttirl , if that city, had taleo dung* i f bin papei*; I wa* told I lift', hit trffecva were placed in charge of t nephew In law of uiy father, living in Biouklya; lila nephew# name, 1 think, waa Kuwaiti; 1 dou't know who Wan wilh liiin ?! the time of hi# death. he dl<-d f tj cuddenly, I *aw the hmwkeeper, who told me bo cvine In ut li ?'* c! i k. nod (lied before two in the morning. I had my Brut lntervivw with tuy fatLiu after I a e n I to Die rthaiere, about 1H4H, 1 w?? about ten year-old . 1 uex' m? him a vear or two after that, the man wb > I no I cha'ge of me, Mi. Ji hn Allen, and llr Wood were prevent at the llrat Interview 1 had aitli Mm at the shaker'# iny Muter wat aI*o prevent Mr. John Allen wa?at the eeeond interview, aa wax alao my a'eter, I bad no other interview with blm xave ihoive two. I wa.* about ten year* with the Shake,* n 1U getlier. I aaw Mr. Muitb next after I left the Shaker'*, at ' main beui f'ornera, a nlwrl dl-ianc# frotu labaati. I livvd at Dentin In tile apriiaff uf 1849; I think It waa In April and May, I lien) In (Juebecaboul four week*, when hi lfoeton tn.ied twoor three ?eek? at the I nitel ,->ute* Intel, bji I hoai< fd the great.) pint ot the time ?itb Dr. T. II. Smith , 1 txiarded win a In tjurbe.- at the Semi nary; 1 **a?t >cli olio Naaaau ehonl three yean, including the time I vita in Hoeton aud lyudiec, 1 ua Mr. CU*rb-a Smith about eix UmeH when I ?a* in '? vaaau; Mr. Smith and n >y mother greeted each other alien the* mo' nt Canaan Sour Corner-, my falln r aaid ' flow do y. u do, .luliaf and iny mother aaid ' How do you do Vtr Smith" That intervie* rontanue<l from ?o'clwa in the inornuig till they retained home, ahout 4 o'clock in the after gum angry word* wreapoken hy both 'hey relate,) t > acme money, ubout B2.000. which my lather had taken frotnber. and about living eeparaie all I anow about the $2,000 wax, that my mother -tatwd that alic took it out el a bank and gave It to hlrn urd tiiat b? purrlut-e1 pri i*rty wttb it inBrooklyn; lather never denied it, I don't recollect whether ?he ataleo at Die time that the*, money <? tukan 1 don't thiuk -he ruenti ,ne I th* name of the hank; ahe eald it w?? in New York; the in teiview at Canaan K"nr Corner* w? In the epring of 1MU It may have been In the fall ; iheie i? a letter which appointed lb" loterri'-w ahe did not mention, I think, how long he had the money, bill my Impremdon war 'hat It ?m two yarn. Die other angry word* related to their mode of living, ihe ni.jw.'ed to living operate from ldrn and re.|ueate l him to give up the prieethond aad become a .chool tea, her; it in lat have leg aleuit noon wlien the-., angry word" !,.,,v ph ce, t),ey were together ill thi* ttme at Caiman Sour < rnera; I continued wi'li them .luting that time I don't re, ollecl the fia t jvoida *hc need except tt,at ahe wUh'd him Pi give op the profoalon tie folio *r-l and !*? come a *ch'H>i teacher; aim, that "he withe,! to lira with her lemily and With him he declined on account of hla age to quit id- prolan*i"U, when ?h" turned about very angry and wl?h*d to know?1 I to you conddcr nr. yun wife' ' He replied, "1 do not deny it" Th?y ranDaned In thi* argr.v tiate only for a lew minute, ,,, the altei noon a frw won] pa-ad batween Diem but they !?ec,atiia reconcile,! rriv father accu-ed her of b n ng to" h'g i a l'ni|erand being too high with him he alao aeeuaad her of being indi*cr?et and not keeping the miller quiet he accmed her too of hclng extravagant in the ye Of her money . I think thi" wat in Die (all of lllti | bad a cmtvei -ation wiib my fHhei In the tpiing of IH.'iO, in it, teu ale ut tie- mat rlage it wa at Die Cnited State* Il' tfl in H-,-ion I lie?r<l ent,. thing atiout the re latlc ii Mr Smith I towaida my moth ,r, from ?? me of the Shaker*; 1 tea'I It from John Allen Kn'n- H ?,i >p wa# at other; they are only two ol xereral who ("rke with uie on IM ?iil,jeet; thi w.i- while I wi'b thw Shaker*, and after my father vWtel m- my mn .her vleiti ' me ihere mmetimr* twice a yea when I o*l*l a,y (ither about property, be aaid, In Bro iklyn wa* i e-lgr.rd f'r my Meter and rayreif he a d tbvt toy in tt ei waa ext lavagant, and he never th- oglit "lie ? old nv* i nytl.ii g for u?; he aaid It Wa* encumbered ? oe, hut he imp, ' to get avwrything . l?ar he no r n?,| in word- "that he would reenre Itforn*''?nothing ?tn,ng?r II,an thai l,e !e?lgned It for mya*;f aod ?la*e* t,.i at Hi# . i v. r a'icfl at the I nited tate* Motel he -aid lie w mid -? cute i e in ca, e of hi* d?-a'h it waa at -ki'a'ng* ? priogr he *ai," h> ? e? gi <d the p,o|*-rty for my ?i?'er and my ?elt; 1 merely epoke to him in the Cnlted sia'e? Hotel ?l* ' ' ri" Iwng cn-ldeied an il>g'll'na'e win and Mm If ii wa- a neciet marriage, th* Inter view at -ara'/ga wa* In the ?uronu-r of la IB. he neve* apoke of a will hut ?in | ly 'poke of ."HI log Ire; I c\n t tell ?her"?i"the le'let. Dial were ad,!re?*cd hy me to my fa'her I ??* a i mall hwtu b? f them wilh my tn -'her; hut my fatuer got I* *M ? ion of then af'er; every let'er tha; I i.av* In rov i 'MWekn of my father i? in the hand* of my cownael, Mr t u'lei ton a; d Mr. Molae. I tnppnee they were g vet, to Mr Sulimton hy Mr llnhe, t*rt of ftiern ??r? gtr*n t? Mr Hol e Oy myeelf, and inert t/y my mother 'hey ee,e given for n ? odier I -r r I - ,-c 'h- loafer 4 thi* roll, thoi* Mat I gave were given within a couple of ?k? the , I here I can't *ey when, I gave theiu to my inmhcr ah- tit two yen*a ago. K). Have you an> nSje*-'" n to giving tho*e that have not twevv introduce'l in wvi tenee l.y Mi SuUevton to the cotin*el <d the defendant for ln*|?cUon and if neoeeaaiy to having 'hem Introduce*! In evidence' Object*d to hy Mr Sollevton on the ground lliat It vra- improper, the law having pr ,v,d?*t - titer mean* of geMing I hew, W itne**?I have an ohjae'm*. Q. l?o you eoneeat that lliey >e given V, defondaot a tfuneei for in*pec't o, M l'new* 1 have no nhjectlr.n I hav* attended the "T anunatioo nf all the vttneeaaw the rwf-rew wit i th- eiceptum of Mr* Hulhwk I don't know the kiw of t| i rep* Her who wa* pr***oit at th* etaintaatkon ot the tjiat witi,*weae the procefdingw "f the flrvt meeting w?re not published In the S'ooWvp /'ref or any other paper with my kwowletlgti, I uevwr evprn?e1 any dedrw to have them published In any waper prktr to their putdi*aU-n I did not know p*wtttvwty that they werw to be p?hi,*hnd, but I aoppo-ad Uuey would hn. gueetbn?Why did you ?upp*e* ?*?? iihjer?ad t*. by Mr Sullerton. on the ground of low* of time, V I'nwwa? I knew that moot rare* were reported but in jiuUce to myanif I did not rare particularly to have It done , I never Wit afraid to em reprwted, I rather held off fi'vw It, a* rown*e| are aware To Mr I uliertoa?N,,th*ng rear pan* I t*dw*e? y,,? and me or Mr lluiaa, la twgaid to reporting dm raa I aanl to Mr flalae, ' I tappc* thi* wtti la riyfifd Ihlt wa* the flrvt day afer 'he eaee waa hro*ight on I oh ?erred a reporter etttiag at tlbe daak and tt wa* thi* Ugi prrataead IM remark Th* eaee waa here ad foamed Camel ('eliafce Tbla Day. Servant Omiri?l*eoerai Term?Men. M Mlta 112 m, ii'., nr. lit, m. m. a. trr. m rtnu a to* w Noa. Ml ll.B, tTT ?4?, W 111, (?, :,fl T42. ?. MM "16 TM, T 1* IB, M Tl. "!?, i?, TU. #.w, ?h,t88 to :;at# ns v* m POSTSCRIPT. , WBDNERVA Y , Ft) UR OCi.OCK A. M. arrival op the north star ORE DAY LATER PROM WJBOPE. No New Developement RrapecMoK I he Trouble with the United Mates. UfKKEXmfl IEVV HUM UDU AMD CUM, CONSOLS 88 TO 881-8, Ac., Ac., Ac. T!ji- denmahlp North stir, K. A. Waronck, K?j., coma inaiiaing, loft llurre oo th* evening of the 3d trial., irrlr ist oil Own* nu the morning uf the 4th; lelt Cow*. at It) 1'. M. BJul reached '|uarantliie at 2 A. M to day. The North star ha* er| erirneed the moat terrill; w-at ci ly galea during u< art} the entha paaarvgi- On the night nt the 4th paaaed u teamalup oil Start point?poaaihly (he Cntoo. Utt Monday, Not. 14, at 4 I'. St., (tat. IH 01, long. 40 lb,) paaaed a ateam-bip atenri.ig 4aat, aith two ah ck pij" < pit lot e4 rod?auppoaed to Im< the I Inrm.-i nil. The Not tli Stai hi ruga l*>0totihof l i?u> h good* and 11* pa*ai ngera. By (hi* artiTnl we haw received the i?e>?ul edition ol the J guidon 1\mtt of the 3d Inst, We are uoua#i|uentljr in poaeeaaii u of one day'a later uewa than that reaetved l?jr the 1'aelllc, which ai I ITI'1 on Thuraihty morning I eat We had uottitng Dee id the lima reap***-ting (he tin I'a tened dlfliculty between (heat tlrlUUi aud J the United tV.aUa. Hie circular of Croak*y k tin., of South ampton, howirer, coutain* the following i-nagmph : ? 111* m.e?lloii ut war between thn t'nilel .Slate* and Great lh l ain lev< hoen a leading topic of eonwraatlon and dteruaaimi for the tart ten daya, though few believe tu th*actual realiratiuu nf auch u dUelul event An un certain appreh?uab>n la lelt un all ahlea. wdiody kmiwa what la going on. or where the that blow will (all, aud eien the abeurd Idea of an American tnvaaton of Ireland ia gi a rely diacuaaed ct I-loyd'a aud ?u '( hange. Hie reported i|iiotatlntui at the Ixxulnn Sinck Kschanire at 11 o'ch-ck morning of the Id inat., are?(Vmeola for Money, 88 to hh; do, for Aoemint (liec 8), 88 1 he I 'aria corree pendent of the Tima make* no a line km to til* war qUoaMon aa regard- the t'rilUai State*. the lord l.ieutennnt of Ireland hail ilalted on th- 11 inat. th* public Inatltutlona of Melfart. Hla reception wea * tuilltant on*. In Kram-e an imperial decree had hewn puhitahed onu filming the pri midl-.u of flfty-aevw per?ma lielnnglng lu the army In the hn?t to the rank of olll< era, and the no li iiiatn n ol 6*3 to th* honor of Knight of the la-ghm of Honor, aa well aa the grant of 1 '484 military medal- con ferred by Malahal I'eleaaler. The Hat comprlae-j jwr rone of *\*ry grade from crdonel down to prim to. The fellow tog ia a conleriaed tranatatton of a long Mtm aian) letter, of the llttti inat,, receive! by the tH'. Pmitarkr l'ott from (*!?*??:? "I!y adeli-ea frout Sinipheropol we le.irn there le ? (tree* movement in that city Many of the Inhabitant? or* moving tnthr north, Bud ill the ho.pitnla are baiug renins ml to Pvrrkop, Nlcfcnliefl ?n<l Cber?.>ii Tim "Ink in tl.oae piece- tftHlit to Voeanereenak mi l tiiralieth -(Jrod. Tin* ptl'-e* of pmvletoMB ?t Htiupherapul enormuiie. S4ow th< ciralry action at Knugrllthe enemy ttuko ?lm pl? fkcot?ii'o?fr< in Kii|m' rla Into the Interior. TbeKu. elan rotp. nf obeerratiou t>?-f re Ku->ti v eimdata ?.f i o 100 ?? nen. VO,mA) n! wh in ?io revelry. Intelligent ?mili?ry moc etc nf ?|>lbioti that on advance from hup. torla mn1 Mib|iIi?M|kiI mid liuktahlaii.i wmip! bo a pad ?Off, unleea the alllre had a pnwarful -nel-y fbroe mid plenty ?>( artillery at their itiap?.?l I he opinion ol the Anglo French preae tliat I'rlnce Uortx hakotr la |ti a critical pnaltion I* pneltlvaly tldlenloua. IIim *ln.le ertny Uti'V mobile which naturally we* n t tin- re ? ?. I' og an h'- bvl to defend r-.mtlt Hetieai.p It 1. ami. tut* t<> btHna tha* Halm.topol ??? me arannel from which the wh> 'e ?rmr drew !?? mtltrvl llnlfr u the lit of March and 1Mb of Augiiat the Ibrtreaa of kietr alone a?ut K.70O 000 boiithe, gri-nnaoa, and lit lb, and fl lb fella tn tint Crimea. The fUate paid A roablua aad M copecka in allrer fur the tranapoft ?l each | ud (at> >ut 5 lb Frgltafc) from kli.IT to HriinuipJ. Coring th? I - t ?rw day a. the fntiu ti? ? n<iin ? r Maj -r Ceoe--1 fMtleoeii hue I ??< n barf Pit hmn! |iia tir it the < mth n arti t arc in bo removed from fklaeen to .Mb ! i . it Den-i-al tin .l?y von llalfiaclrt will reeewl ftenoral I. .dcre here hit. ?t .B arrived I'.totilaJ. I'??u'rnaril tii-neral li . i hjeltn he. loft wl'h the fliir ! Idtfalnn nf I, got florae for < 'eiakoir The commnn U1 hartair of (berafcolf, whl-J. ? II -hip* mining fmni Nlcolalelf, ..1 '' ir. ? ail ti i'-d, U i.l-iit'i' uiii 'ii tan > 'ia*tl? Account. from Vienna give the particulars of **veraJ agtarfan diaturbaucea naar the Croatian cipital Toej ? eta euppeeoel by tl.e p..lira. Tl.? Overload mail with adilcea fr?im It MB bap loth* lid and Calcutta to the TM uf .d>'ptainl<er, liad reach- 1 I/)l,iti n. Mr II. V. c nolijr, CVili.o or n Malabar and Prwrieionai Ma I.lair of the Coui dl 'it Madra , wax mar ?larml by a party nf M-plaba, on the lltb. Hie in nr recti' n of the Hanthal* bad n<d lea-n ijaalli-d The re ligi'iue <|?arral at Hade we? atlll ae'lie ?l arighaa datea at a t? the 7th Mapil mbar but the/ an tain tm ini|ortant lolitlcal na??. A large ai.d hearllf artna.1 piratical Ileal baa t.-?-n d *tr< ?ad,"or dtopataad, bp liar Majattp'a brig llittera, tn the n.rthwar' of .-hang .at. Ma<t-en piratical e?aala ha. a baen ilentropa'l. Tin* Taontai' f H -ngbaa l.? ? U'ued a proelaawiS'in ardalnlng that fram and aft-r 'he t'tdrie.i. na? y mr ilel.ruary, MA'n) all dollara of fnre'gn mine of t!,e kind a-.aped at the CtlftOO) Room, In the- prea- m - nf th. i ? n-iila, ahall t* taken at par with the ol I Carelua -tol lar, with refereri-e tn the rintrdfi'dr purity and weight In .Hear. Ibialaan impnrtaii' a tap toward* dning away with the I - tltlotia ralue of the f'ari'a- doltar, h i! th. anthnrlty ? f the Taoatae ia llmilad to h l.trh-t, and the rah in atinr. of the currem y u.riat b i n'lar of lime. We hear rn-tblnf of tie rel^la In the north. I rlcee of tea ?t -hangha' >).ow a decline ,f . ? ja r [ Iml. Tlia n ? alnli f alo-k and e. |--ct?1 .?|rp| aie nf tb? inferior all. la. Iturlag 'be mouth tnui eeawla ha-1 aailwl for Ai..arha pr eight a bad dacllaad. Tl.e paanengur traMir (ww-- a In i ghae. C'-allfr rma and I'' rt fldbp haa heeri a' mat en tlraly anolhllato-l bp tlie r?atrletl?' me. urea lata ty ail- i 'edaftain-t Cbln-a.- Immigratnm. Tba I t Itad Htataa ajeaaaar I'nwhattan the >I op Van d. lie, and til. I u!t*d tatee aiea-p Mara d- o ? n a era *1 t^baogl a?. I'auangtia l-p Iter tinrtli tier t ol Carr, I' > t ,Ttr? f)en Hcou, Mn t ?hnt. lark i a Mr I,.-1 ? Mr Allen iady and nnei. lemla finkW.etefri .< ?r.i| ho* A A rail. Mr e feat, < a|> A faitaae. I k ? .e, i lioaiun. Mr la-.-ay Mr ? - a* . . Uf I'" - ...I uly, ?r.-< Jitn It . f la- iaal, rakran, M-< llMuam hi r- tt tiiieee t M"? laeferre kin Harnard . Modreit k|"ae-.-ai t. Mr llauf-r ant ladi. Manw* - tt,.g .- er-mar Mr. ' arorladl ko Hem M-..-. ?a t II-m' j y i awrtre a r-1 '-r re her Kor. Hey - .rdaln Mr Mao-a aiyf fan. 11. Mlau in.iter. Mr Meyer aral tanal' M--vw 'Wnatart' 1,11 - ri. r Ml.a v^.ree M.e.r M o ile M . J?.a 7. tuv kit II- ? and Mr Mr Paa-hewl ?... -ara? ea-'ft ki-a ftrealle euauaa, Mr ntelffei kfr ilaeur M - i'uMaewi u- ?' - ijMnr I aider., a Saw, Ag 1*1 HoanWn ll-g kma Oani, Marlon AfTalra. ('injur tm -atu??. Ii.ra na lW* l.iinn Pr>u? On and aftar the Mb -<fia< -ary nett ih> ' . ru -*? era will Mate thla port on -atni4ar. in-*#* f Hate day and leaee Uftrywl "n Wato'al. I. ,r,.o .4 4 ? ti.-oaya >t< mar. -1 of -oi the nd af . pry n* i* !><?y till epil baa Ibli peart and fr<<en liwtg -i f etk r week, the aaaee aa tha | tee nt lrrt?|- m--ul j' I drtdfln ao loot aad an fa- rably ko en nt-? I re.(a. ; trnata will tab* emnmar.d #-* ebaaio?r I'aad' -o, the A'b <4 /annnry nert ar.d n 'ilr* be *1aia lata r.wn iep-.lati?n an' that 4 th - l a* bj .log rapi * aad aa* r- yag?. Tl.e tfenmahip fmpkraOty ('apt. Win #, aa ed paw. ter'ay iftettoa f'? l?p'i??li ?H 'he km t me! a 'large nowiter <4 peraeogari, frf <alit-f r,?a Th? p Ala'ama ' ?p? ".-rea (row , arrived a aa awrly lerur J'-Ie- '?p ro op -he Iwlagi -o tratft' a *,?ar -sty '4 r?? 9"? TV iMr <Mt *d n, (apt I Mae f,- at ft a/ ?. t/m art lead at 1 o'clock yawtwr Up trier nin. 7V pwrawrt id both cwnrn wi'l a opt ?r the big <avwr?. | it - - A\ . f t frii ?'?* f?f Mrf 1* f. Jl kH | 'Wfpfd * 9u + fV'l lR%iH ?'!?""??? W# CMilfh! Ili' , r.i th* t? ''?Iry H ',#?, >' j | Jk ^ ftf)^ /1 * ? ?f (* h*t? ??? t? t If THE C08T OF THE POOR. Mretlng at the Ten Oarrrnon?Thr Kxtta ?fd Kxpenriltnrm (tor INM. TU? B?*r,t mrt ?t 4 I". M I'rcarnl?(iorornor* To ??n.4 (In lh?> < h?lr), liroper, Horrlck, Mmltti, l>ulr?, I'ukr and Taylor. i*t rrrra r?m tomm* r<? vnn. A mTioiuulcatldii wan recntvM from ritirman KMrtdg* Warden of HandaII'0 bland, recommending tbi UiAiO t# employ the children mt ?imf tmeful employment, 00 MMlt they imfilt ?er?i? to do mm* thing for their owm ( Referred V? Committee oa lUndaU'n Inland with tt<r M Al>K lA W AND Til* ?4>VKttN<?||M. The following from U.J. Jdllorr Corpora tic win mil end ordered to be printed ? Law l>ar am rw*nr. Ctrr or New fntm, f *>fi,r+ <>t the ? li, the I'orporittfcMI. > . No 51 Chaatbnr* street, Nov 1(1, 1M6& ) 11 rn 1 i.r * ? * - In reply to jrifir oo(e of the ftth tilUmo, rO aties'lnc the * union of the I 'doimt to (ho C wporaUoft wHoihar the (Jo* emorwnf the Almrhouae hn?<* the p</wer to dl^hargw from imuruimir?hi tipiMxo oomrtiUed lor OrunlnriDM* iieff^r (In* art oitHh Aatff, tH&6, 1 ha Ye the honor to atai* Itjr lha 111 of |I?('| Alu II !?A4I, Ihe iMivorii'.n III f <?uihari/*> f ?o imH hiry part ol too an# tplrod term o< u* committal of any pamone too ikiK b? I tn .'.n o( the ini'Hui under their charge ' ?? I'flnii'N or <|l?order)y persona." The tor*a? *h? may bo <wFmiir'e<l trader U?e art of thb April, inftft, i?r drill)kenne**, rmniun be considered m *'vaaranta.'' ?nd lae only <jue*tlun is, whtuhwr they ran br ronaidarel an ' illam dor J v persona " The itevUed tfttetitf' ^ hare defined " dumb erda" and ??tfpplerV* to l>e " disorder** perMon*.'* (2 R. H. p. M 4Ui Kdit ,) and thme terra*. in mv Jttdgmem, imply thai* a ho are In (he prat kin or liablt of drunkeane**, or tippling. Thoy do not embrace !h*?e who mav lie latoipiatari on a "in* re eerasloa. 1he an oftah April, 1*M, antiiorUea the commit raent of prrMina who are or become ?' Intouleelad In any mom, nratari laaeoreUreel ar pablle plan and lnolnda0t Uiera lerr 'hoar h bo ma) never baea been Inuwleatrd on anv pre vletiN tn* anion. It al?e provIdea thai they ahall "atand nam mfhrd until t)?e fine of ten dollar# hr tmhf not thmaiiaf ana day l??r ea? h dollar of ?he fine im|>oaea." I atn of the opinio* Utiti pernor)* ibu* romnaltted may riot he dhKharged l>efora tha riptratlonof their aeuteare of (vmtmllmeiit. Iteepeeffml|r lap ri.ltiad. KiMJT J. IHUA>*. fit Tnr (h.vfHRotia iiv tut AiJtrttopaft, WAt.MHI ON HlidKWKU'K WlJkHV. A mil' mti ii lent ion a?? re('aiY???l from llie lalmtera <Ma Illarbeaira I a Inn. 1, aftbfciff for $2 lu-t. ad of $1 79 par day, Which they jret at preaent uoyi'i uor TuOian did net think it prottet to pay thaaa more than mechanic* got in the aity. atlil, ten cenia par da rati a *?? not h?o much, aa it coat the Ubectaa ?.oi, etl.tng for iIcing. (?ofvrnor J (a a raa wa*> ef the opinion that Ik waa abawrd to |.*y aa t!?iYa<t)ora what the? would i?o< pay a* indt* llie to vernore idiould not pay h-*? or uawa tlihO othar |M*ople, (ioweirm Tijuun pn p*.?a?l that merhaaioa' |?ay hImioAC not naoeed $1 Hb i>er ilay hen after on Hlankweii'a Uiarad. It wa* thought by ai.inv of the iiiemtwira tbad the (lav eraora should ? how a go?*t eiample to other etuployeea, end pay .? de? ent price. Governor Tlnnan'a reaolatkpw wa* carried. TIIK roNT!tA<T. (?over i or IlMArmi >tated that the AontrarUic lor "npgtr fag niilk had apoken t* him and deniwl tha*. U?e wmm |.v*-n to the children on )Uretail ? Hand waa impura. thrernor Iftaner, howevei wo* wtill of the o|?inh?n ttiai the " row wi'h the iron laii" hail aoineihing to'to wtRi the milk wiij pJJi??l. 1 he matter waa referred Ilkl lSVI K in mitt a u The contract for heatifg Itellevue lloapttai waa glfaw to I *a?? k Murphy, at kt.'.thi per anuuiu, l?y an unaat Nioun vote. aimmoi ?a III* M<?>'?(?of for th? Alia*b?um Da raitm. nt U'i l?b". l. ???iWj ' ibaaa ?? . ^2 ivai t tia-aii? . I rrr J5-J2 float ? raj alr?.... ,0'2! II[?r..| o\tia - ftrot nui unci bruabaa..? '*2 Ituildlnga, r?| uim of*. " a'lS lluttrr...... .... ? !!!!!."". (brlaRf* of fun] to outdoor toior 9 AM Charcoal ? !)??? .. ChHdratt'a nunlig 11) via [l^rrr*^ '?? ? ?* n tii Fij? ait') i.ff c* ffjidm,. ### fVnlfcttO ** J.??T?|NNi , 4 in 'Iwolfth. unit 1?..n .-??n<t ' warijr. out <Jo<?r ihmjt . ?? mm Coff*#, <?<<><,*, 4,- .. .. .V. ...V . *0* (olorwl ttfiirc puipf ri,,,, lOQftt CVtiorwl fOphkti Aaytuoi r? On# ' Vrtllbd '-idM ' ' k ' ' I IIM < r? ? kerjr, jrU-* %tni waM. 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