Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1855 Page 2
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Our Albany CorreajMndeisee. AI H A ? V Nov. 19, 1866. fit Victory?The Fresent Subordinate Ofhce Hoi Ic l< Swept l)ff?Xo Party Majority iit Hither Hr, ncA Of Che tegulabure?Pemocra's and Know Xothiio t Pr+oHy 9niU in Legislative Otfin?Thc SpcaJo-rsk^ DouMfU Whether the Prohibitory Liquor Fill will be Repealed? Many Laws Should be, itc., die. The victory, no fur an relates to subordiaate offices, in with the Know Nothings. The State officers control them. The fhual Board having more patronage to be stow than all other men au bodies, will And Seward wbiga or Mack republicans distributed as thick as black berries all along the canals. They embrace thousands. Their places will be supplied with persons known to favor the political principles of the Btate officers. Under the employ directly of the Secretary of State, Comptroller, treasurer, Surveyor and Engineer, there are hundreds of the blackest kind of cliques of the Seward stripe, whose Ukne and means were employed, night and day, to elect the black fusion ticket. They constitute a band of as nneerupnlous politicians as ever disgraced this capital. Not a dictum wus issned by Weed, bet was literally obeyed. And now, tbrsoolh, that the Americans have succeeded in electing the State ticket, many of them are endeavoring to enter the councils, in evder to obtain certificates of fraternity with Sam, to be yveeented te Mr. Beadley, Mr. Burroughs, Mr. Whallon, and others. It is to be hoped such an intriguing (arm will aot succeed, but that the State offloers will discharge al the preeent rotten Seward devotees, and appoint ?(hers whose political integrity cannot be questioned. The public offices at the capital need a thorough purg ing, and the people are expecting that the work will be promptly done on the first of January. With respect to the legislature, neither party can ac eomplieh any party object. In the Senate the black fu alenlrta will have the moot votes, hut not sufficient to ?arry any proposition of their own. In the House, the democrats stand ahead of either the Know Nothings or the republicans, but are not in a majority of the IIouso. So that each party in both branches oi the legisla ture may be said to hold the "balance of power." There must necessarily, then, be a combination of ?cms sort in order to select officers of the two houses, and to organise for business. How can each a result be attained 1 Is there any unity cf sentiment between the fusionists aud Know Mothingsr from the tone of their rospeotive papers and the current of their public speaaers and private colpor teurs. previous to tho election, it is reasonable to Infer that there is an impassable gulf betwesn them. It is, therefore, lendered cei tain that if any bargain is made tor the officers of the two houses it will be between the democrats and Americans. The clerkships of the two bouses are the most lucrative as well as the most pro minent, and there is no reason to doubt that the Know Nothing!! will have one clerk and the democrats the otliur. I Tbere will be any amount of figuring, financiering and bargaining for lire speakership of ttie House. A very few of the members elect have ever been in the legisla ture. and the selection will, undoubtedly, be takeu from die-mail number who have some experience and know ledge ol parliamentary proceedings. Nome of the rabid democrats contend tlmt on account of having tho largest ?limber of members, though pot a ruajoiity, they will select candidates from their exclusive ranks, and sustain them riofiiu volenti. .Such a course would evidently delay the organization of the llou-c for many days. Vie friends of the Prohibitory Liquor. uv claim suffi cient strength in the legislature to prevent an unc indi ttwiul repeal of ihe law. Though a majority may bo in favor of suoh repeal, still there is not the requisite two (hiriis to override an executive veto. But an elTort will be mado to amend it so as to obviate same ot the objec tions which certain profound legal gentlemen hare urged ?gainst it. The search aud seizure clause, the destruction section, nir.y be striken out, aud foreign importations pla ced upon the same touting with domestic productions. Wther modifications, relating to arrest and trial, will be attempted. Tho teinperauee leaders charge duplicity to both democrats and whigs and aro now relying upon t.he Know Nothings for support, hut they will !>? found any thing but a united purly in favor of a prohibitory law. The next Legislature will lie called upon to repoal madly lass adopted by the last. The big and "little villains" here last winter paid no regard whatever to the interest- of the State, and only adopted measures to en hance party views and build up private fortunes. The ?tatules of last year are crowded with enactments of ?och diameter, many of which will he erased the coming session. The profligate, reckless and ex .ravagunt c in duct of 'he Hewardltes is still very fresh in the reebllnc Mon of the tax payers of the State, and there is no ques tion hut in the elec ion of members to the Legislature (his matter has boon deliberately canva-sed by the ?lectors. Naval Affairs. Oucbusvon Cbambis ok Commbkck.?At the quarterly meeting of the Chamber of Commerce o* Cbarleitnn, Oct. 39, 185.ri, the following preamble aud resolutions wore' ?nanhneusly adopted:? Wberca.-. Tlir Hoard of Naval officers, recently con sensu at Wai-hiugton to pass upon the quultlicatmni od<! efficiency ot tbt officers of the navy, have placed up on the reti ml or fui toughed lint, Lieut. J. N. Mallit, at Inched to the Coast Rurvi y, thei eby depriving the coun: try of hl? services iu m ruipoiMnt sphere at duty, in which he liaa already achieved a hig'i reputation for ability and Bucce.-?: Ami wueroas, it i.i incumbent and proper that, this Chamber, representing, as it d o*, the oominerciril interests of Charleston, winch have been bo greatly beuelittcd by the labors of Lieut. J. N. MatUt, should glv<- expression to their sense of the estimation in which he in held, ,nd of the detriment which hit removal mubt occa-ion to the public service In w.iichhe has bo greatly distinguished Jiimi-elf; therefore, Resolved, That the Charleston Chamber of Commerce hae heard wilh great regret of the action of the Naval Boord. in retiring Iient. J. V Mallit from active Bar vice, and can only attribute its action to a mistaken sense of duty on the part of its members, or to eToneotts impres sions of the ability and usefulness of lie at. Mailit. Resolved, That lieut. J. N. .Mailit. by his long, active host arduous services on our coa.-t, and in our harbor, re sulting in the discovery of an important avenue to the eommurce and uavigatvn of our city, has entitled him to ttie regard and gratitude of our community, while his personal qualities and deportment have made himfiimd of all \>itli w!o,m he has been brought into personal or professional intercourse. Resolved, That we tender to Lieut. MafHt the a ssuranM ?four undiminishedebullience and reaper:, aud indulge the hope that Congress will promptly restore him to toe profession in which he has already secured so distinguish ed a position by liis attainments and services. ResoVved, That 'hese proceedings bo published in the ?"J papers, and that copies there f he trunsmitted to the President of the United -tares, the Secretary of tbeNav.-, the Re .-rotary of the Trea.-ury, and the Superintend eot of the Coart Survey. A met lean Trust Society The monthly meetiog^of the ELcocutive Cornmitteo, on Monday afternoon, the l'.'tb mat , Rev. Dr. Kn<>y tu the ?hair, was adtlrestcd by the Rev. I. J. Roberta, the Chi nese Missionary lie stated that he owsdjmueli to this Society. It was one of Its tracts?" The Two Ways and Two Fnds,"?that rescued him from despaL : it was a tract that 1 d Mm t) enter on the missionary work in tSkinn . and 11 war a tract of I-earg Afas, from bis hand that shed the light of CU. isibinitv on the mlud of Tac Ping Wang, the loader of tiro '"hinese revolution. That Itanc-lotary now circulates widely the Gospels nod other portions ot the Scriptures, without note or comment, in the f< 101 of tracts. Mr. Ibdierts takes a hopeful vii w of the Chinese r> volution and soon sails for Cnuton, with the expec'ultwn of jl.iing Tae-I'lng-Wang at Nankin. The toieign correspondence of the month was presented by Rev. Lr. 11* Hock, Secietary and embraced Interesting tetters from Krigland, Franco, Ue'.gium, Rwl r.Srland, Ger many, Turkey, India and China. The receipt < of the month were $33,311. and for the pe rlo.l since Apill 1, $18f>,334, including $71,.VII in d> na tions. Grants daring the mouth, 111 Idt 402 pages, and ?or seven monllis. 14,113,132 pages. The amount d le on Botes for paper, $115,810. Th'> onto: prises ot thn Rojlety were never nmre actively prosecuted, and n ver more needed the efficient support of its friends and patron*. Thtutrri and (exhibition*. Bkoapwat ?The dramatic representation of Mr*. Julia I pa no iluyne, are admired every evening by large audience*. Tonight ?he appear* ma Donna l-ucre Urn Borgfn. and Mr. H*her ma <!enaro. The farce of " Poor Plilicoddy," will couclude the amuaemect*. Bownr TlitATHr..?The beautiful drama of ?' Noro Oeina," will commence the arauceinont*, Mr#. Ward, ar Norm and Mr. Ward aa Roderic O'Connor. Mi?* la? Kolle will donee, and the amueement* will conclude with the popular new drmmm of ?' The White Wolt." Btmos'* Tukatxk.?Thl* tmvorite theatre continue* to be largely patronised. The comedy of the " Little Teen em*,'1 will commence the entertainment*. and they will cloae with "Dombey and Bon." Burton and ht* tine coin pony will mil appear. Wailai*'* Tiixatux ?The comedy entitled the "Little Treaaure" la announced aa the tirat idecn, Leeter and Mr*. Hoey in the leading character#. The comedy ot the "Dowager'' will follow, and the "loon of a Lover" cou > hurtea all. ' Wood'# Mthptwi*?Thl* band aeem to be particular hvorite*, If we may Judge from hill home# every night. A fine programme for thl* evening. BpomWti SgBMuniat*.?The ?xoeU<-nt tmrletejue ops vaa produced at thla place of ainuaement afford the great#*t pdeaeure to the vWttera. A> AnrvT Haii.?A very beantiful emhttdtlon, together with the dramatic diorama of the Battle of Bunker Hill, ie given every afternoon end evening. Arcuo Koowa.?Mr*. Alexander tilbbe will deliver two lecture*, mteraporaod with aonge, on the Mcred work* ef the great maeter*, on Saturday and San lay eveniiw ?rat. Halted luiee CommMoaer'e Court Before John W. Neloon, Kaq. ALLMBD untm OP A MA CArTAI*. Hytvmnu* M. Ppeneer. charged with the murder of Goo. W. rraxer, captain of the ahip Sea Witch, already noticed, war brought up lor examination. Some evidence, which I* purely ircumotantial, woe taken, and the oa*e ad Jonrned over to Wedneeday. Before George W. Morton, Kvj. CHaRQI OP PASSING BAM MOKIT. The accuaation made by aa itinerant vender ofobvenP boek* egatnet Mr. A. M. Campbell, a very reapectable eiti oeo. for peering counterfoil money in exchange for hi* junhibtted ware, woe investigated and dl*mi*e*d by the A bill ha# been introduced in the Tenneaeee Iegi?l*ture to compel all he# pereona ofoolor in the Stat* to emigrate te Liberie, or dspwher# beyond the Unite of the state. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HOIBT IARK1T. Trswuv, Nov. 30?d P. M. We have no change of consequence to report in the stock market, .0 tar as extent of tra n action* ia con cerned. In quotations, the fluctuatio as were not very great, but they were very irregfflar. At the first board Illinois Central Bond' fell off !?? per cent; Canton Co., %; Beading Railroad, 1; Hudson Railroad. %; Galena and Chicago, 1; Cleveland and Toledo, 1; Harlem, %. Vir ginia 0'* advanced % per cent; Nicaragua Transit, 1%; Pennsylvania Coal, %. The movement in Erie was net so strong this morning. The stock opened and closed at 63 per cent, but in the meantime moved up and down a half per cent. Nicaragua Transit was a little more ac tive than usual to-day, at little better prices. Reading opened at 91X, and closed at 90% per cent, withoat much activity. State stocks and railrrad bonds were not freely offered to-day, and we have no important variation In prices to report. Alter the adjournment of the Board, the following bonds and mortgages were sold at auction by A. H. Nfcolay, by order of Thomas A. Watson. Esq., receiver 01' the National Exchange Insurance Company :? 91,600 bond, F. Campbell, & moi t. on Slots 65th it. 95-6 1,600 do. do. do. 6Kth st. 526 600 do. do. land in Canajoharie 100 200 bond W. Henley's, and mort. on lot, 3d avenue, Brookly u 100 200 bond Joseph Turner, do. do..... 100 4tO do. . H. Hurlbut fit do lot Carlton uv. Bs tyn 345 700 do. D. P. Kelly, do. Classon av., do.. 000 22,600 4 bonds F. L. Andrews, and mort. land Klatbush 3,160 10,200 2 liondi W. H. Clark, and mort. half block Hicks, Percivsl, Columbia and Halleck sts. Brooklyn 2,000 18,000 2 bonds W. H. Clark, and mort. % block, Bryant, Tercival, Columbia and Otsego sts. Brooklyn 2,000 18,000 2 bonds W. H. Clark, and mort. half block Bay, Columbia, Sigourneyand Otsego sts. Brooklyn 2,000 979.8HO netting 911,446 At the second board the market was dull and depressed. Missouri 0's ftll off % per cent.; Cumberland Coal. Canton Company, V; Erie. >?'; Reading R. R., >4'; Galena and Chicago, Michigan Southern, ?4. New York Cen tral Railroad was offered at the close at 90%' per cent, being 1 % per cent, below the price current yesterday. Tbe market is evidently relapsing into un inactive state, dur. ing which we must look for a steady, but gradual decline in pi ices. We mr.y not have again, for some time, a panic, or a very rapid depreciation in market values, but the absence of any demand and the necessities of hold ers wiU, when sales are made, be generally at lower pri ces. The recent inflation has brought in and filled up ill the regular street bulls. There is not, and has not been, an outside demand. The mercantile community has more than it can attend to comfortably, in providiug for its legitimate business. There is amor.g tbe merchants a scarcity of capital, and they have not the means, if tliey had the disposition, to eater the sto-k market an purchaser*. At pre neat prices shrewd capita lie tt: are more disposed to sell than to buy. The whole b lrden of sustain ing the stock market, then fore, . estr up.'n W.-lt street; and, before many days elapse it will be found too much to carry. The increase of stock by small holders selling and the accumulation of interest upon time contracts, every day calls for more capita). The banks show a steady contraction, and very little aid c m be depended upon from that tource. We do not gee how these insti tutions can avoid the policy they are now pursuing. Nothing short of cutting down the ill-count lino to a much greater extent, will guaranty the preservation of our present specie basit. Any attempt at expansion lets i xebange up at once, and away goes our bullion across tie Atlantic. Contraction mast he strictly, rigidly en forced, to insuro us against a foreign drain. Fancy stocks may, in the face of tiiete facts, go up one, two and three per cent a day for a tiir.r, but it doe, not, can not alter the actual position of our finances. The viola tion of aprin-lple In backlog, or in anything else, is sure to bring its own retribution. Speculators may inflate the ? ;ock market in the face of a steady bank ccntrac tion, but the result is sure to be disastrous to every one engaged. ^According to an official n< tice, it appears that a meet ing of the stock holders of the PotomM Copper Company is called for th? 22d Inst.. (Thursday 1 a". 12 o'clock, at the office of the company, room 41 Atlantic Buildings, corner c! Wall and William streets, to receive the report of the Fretident, which will incidentally pr sent meters of interest to the stockholders cf the Isabella. Tlit Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as follow Paid on Tieavury account $"7.21)3 74 deceived on Treasury account 162 Oil 00 KulaDcc on Treasury account 6,514.8110 73 Paid for A-say office 76.875 14 Paid on disbursing checks 45,831 90 The receipt* to-day include $50,000 ouid by the Ame rican Fxpiess Company, for amount lost while in transit , from Dubuque to this city. The warrants entered at the Treasury department, Washington, on-the 17th inst., were a9 follows Fi r the redemption of stocks $14 118 8i Fot the Treasury Department .. 29.602 00 For the Interior Department 14 25 F< r the Customs 10 035 85 Wrr warrant* received and entered 69.0:'..5 61 Coveted in from miscellaneous sources 106 00 Toe James' .-'team Mill in Newburyport his declared a divider <1 of three per cont. Tbe amount of coal transported from the Cumberland cool region this year, to Nov. 10 was 582.016 tons, whith is an excess over last year of 30,268 ton". Tbe earnings of the M.thigsn Central rtailroad Orxpauy lor tbe first week of November, 1854 and 1855, were a follows;? 1855. 1854. IncrtOM, rasx-ngers $14,903 01 $30 702 4s $4,260 57 Freight. 33.728 91 24,331 53 9,397 32 Total $68,691 92 $55,034 03 $13,057 89 The total earnings of the Boston. Cricoid and Mtntreil lUilroad Company, from all tour res, fur the six months ending Oct. 1,1865, were $149,978 0o Expenses and repairs, including 1ho relaying of 36,000 new sleepier*, renewals, Ac 60,614 11 Net Income $09,113 8' -emi annual in'rreston the bund*.827 00 " ?' floating deb*. 0,675 51 $33,502 51 Surplus $35,Col 38 TPe Bouti n fbn/ i?T of the 19tli in.-. says:? Tin -e in no'hlng now in regard 1 ihe * torn market. Very few railroad -fork- h?v? r.ecn ? .' la'ely, and pr.ce~ ?.??ui to huv< '?ettled down to 'lie It*. dpar.. A fee year? ago, before tb" "construction" arc cuts of'he Nov Eng land railroads wore close.', such st- ess as the lTt.'hbu g, Lowell, I'rovideace and Eastern, w> e w- ith 'heir noin' mil coat, or handsome pr?mniros. but uiwthut all the ex penditures ire paid from the earning?, and no money 1? borrowed to pay dividend- with, thny ?jnk thirty forty, and iv?n fifty per cent b?l ? par. It is doubtful -viol tic r a a ngle railroad in '.he six New England ha? ever really enrtted a net dollar on it? freight bndness. alor..- on account of the ruinously low tariff?, which are still per versely continued. The passeager* pay much better, a il.ey occupy but little space In comparison wi'.h the rait tive charge for tran;-jiortation,and besi.testhis they "load and unload'' themselves without any eiuense. Hallr< ad? of less ctper'en -e, in oth"r parte of tho country, although apparently proepurorra while their open onstru rtion ac count* can becha-ged wi"h ox.-ienditaresa? they n-e conveniently called, mu?t yet ptrtlcipat? In the effects which have followed like euuae? in this region. The f>ergxa Citizen eay?:? A j lan for selling the Georgia State "UHroil Is und?r di-cu?ion. As it k and baa been It ra a po.luial ma chine that will ever be. a curae to the peop'a. We bare eotne of the aame klird in thla r?rt of th? Prion, New York and New Jersey Is cursed with a mi chine of the ?aroe *or?. and the pe j le would like to see them sold oat. The following statement of the value ?f g. -*?? imported Intwl'ic'ou, N. S., frcm the l"nite>l stat?-- will glv? our readers an idea of the growing Importance 11 the 'rade, and the already beneficial re?ul'* if the reciprocity treaty:? CoMtiRfov <>r I'tcicr. N. ft, sr-rr rtrr TNti? ftranw. lHfel. 18V'. fir.Vri. Jrn.Vu. Ut.Vt*. Am.Va. yuarter ending? July 6 838,380 7.906 67,460 16,330 Oct. 10. lb.716 5M60 836 76,766 18,o20 111.630 16.685 18,630 16.685 Total $94,386 $127,306 Ixcess over last year 882,921 A large portion of thla sum is for American manufac tures. the demand 6ir which has greatly increased sin-e the reciprocity treaty srent into operation. Nearly all the furniture and agricultural Implements in use in th? province are from Boston, and lh*r# Is sesroely a h?u?e but will exhibtt within its walla a Boston cooking store and Connecticut click. The whole number of American feseels arrived a*, lie ton the present season from the United t'tatee, is 130, British vessels 263 The amount of eoal shipped from Melon thla year, ap to the 1st of November, was 77,800 ?baldrona of coarse, ami 7,800 clialdrons of fine, valued at 8330,100. Th# annexed statement exhibits the i-ggr agate move ment o* the ninety-two banks in Ktode island m the |th of r>p tern .Vr 1866:? Banks <* Rood* Tbiam>? SarmiB, 1866. Capital stock actually paid ia ..,,,, 818,714,824 00 BUls in circulation, 5,401,101 04 Deposits od interest 361,639 62 Deposit* not on Interest 2,830.630 00 Debts due to otlaar banks 1,192,440 60 Dividends unpaid 83,960 36 Net profits on hand,,. 1,160.706 76 Total amount of Uabititiea 820,728,313 20 Hc$0UTCt4. Debts due from directors 81,002,189 06 Debts due from other stockholders 968,888 67 Debts due from all others 24,384,401 11 Specie actually in bardi 386,767 48 mils of other banks.. 1,167,261 09 Deposits in other banks 1,242,382 04 Amount of Its own stock held by the bank.. 82,022 32 Amount and description stock in other banks, and other stock owned by bank... 131,072 63 Real estate. 323,092 73 Other property 70,285 44 Total amount of resources 829,728,313 28 Increase of cH>'tal by previously established banks, since last return 720,552 00 Amount of last dividend 869,604 10 Amount of suspended paper considered bad or doubtful 117,218 27 Reserved profits at time last dividend 814,303 94 Amount in sued on pledges stock in bank..., 469,420 84 Debts due and not paid 640,767 60 Am. blHs in circulation under five dollars... 1,264,167 26 Average semi annual dividends of banks in Providence. 3 t3-M0; do. out of Providence, 3 36-100; do. of all the banks, 3 66100. Inducting the new banks whieh have made no divi deads, the remaining 87 banks in the State have paid au interest at the rate of 1}-, per cent per annum during the past half year. Six banks in Providence and thirteen in the country towns, made ne return of the amount of their bills in cir culation under five dollars The average circulation of the Bank of EDgiaad, and other banks in England, Ireland sod Scotland, for the months of August and September, 1856, compares as follows:? ClRCV LATJON OF Bs.VK NOTBB m TOE UMTSD Kl.NC.OOM OF Great Britain. Oettt. 1, Sept. 29, 1865. 1866. 7?ic. Der. Bank of England.?20,229,364 10,859.174 ? 370,180 Private banks.*.. 3,606,594 3,712,804 107,010 ? Joint stock banks 2.900,976 3,022,046 121,070 ? Total in Ergl'd.?26,736,928 26,693,828 ? 142,1.0 Scotland 3,963,833 4,094,106 130,273 Ireland 6,694,682 5,900,012 305,450 United Kingdom.?86,294,318 36,587,941 293,623 Showing a decrease of ?142.100, in the clrcula'ion o! notes in England, and an increase of ?293,623 ia the cir culation of the United Kingdom, when compared with the month ending the 1st ol September. An ' as c u pared with the month ending the 30ib of September. 1854. the above returns show an increase of ?397,491 in the circulation of notes in EugV.nd, and an increase of ?747,335 in the circulation of the United Kingdom. The average stock of bullion held by the Bank of England in both departments during the ncnth ending the 29th of September, wa9 ?13,630.842, be:ug a decrease of ?2,188,502 as compared with the p'cvlous month, and an increase of ?208,356 when compared with the same period last year. The stock of specie held by tho Scotch and Irish banks du ing the month ending the 29th of f-'eptember was ?3,455,808. being a decrease of ?34,624 as compared with the previous return; and an increase of ?160.131 when compared w th the corresponding period last year. tCOOO Virginia 6*... 95 TOO Of 95* 25000 0'B.K4in 89 20000 do 1)15 90 1C00 Kentucky (>'n.. 102 1040 felt con be 'M. 79 600 II] OeD hit bda. 79 X Hr.otk Elciun^c. Tuwuat. Nov. 20,1845. 10(00 do. bl5 2600 do.. , bJ 6(00 do ...a8 ICOOO do.. ,.K"0. 3000 do .. bCO 50 she Erie RR. ,.el5 53* 100 do 53* 160 do 53* 100 do. 53 >, 3CO do 61* 200 do.... 12) .VI 160 do 52* 200 do . 1.10 53 "8 '? 312 Reading KR. ...c 80 100 do 86 loo do 104 1100 do 93 200 do ,s3 82 900 do 114 100 do .... 1)30 1-20 50 do .... b??0 110 100 do .... , 1>5 22* 100 do .... 015 '22* 250 da .... .-60 22* 300 ao .... h3 22 200Hoi*on It Rtt.bdO 79* 79* 10 Ston Railroad... 49 79* 20 l'anrma hit 101* " ~~ ?1 >? ?i * 3000 N Y On ?'s... 80 100 do fclO 01 * ~ 91* 1000 Chi&RklaKR Oh 93 200 do s3 91* 10CO Mi So Jack br be 82 900 do 91 01* 91* 91 50 Canton Co a3 22* 100 do 015 91* 100 22* 250 da >60 90 >, f.0 do 03 22 * 300 ao h3 90* 2C0 do 22 200 Hieleon K Bit.000 34* 100 N-tf Tr?n Co..(00 15* 100 do 33* 200 do h3 15* 11 do 33* 60 ilo 010 15 * 250 M StN IaK..b 0 94 300 do tiO 15* 26 do bSO 04 50 do K0 16* 20 do 03* 70 I cnu Coal Co.... 99 60 do 630 93* 10 do 98 * 50 Gal A Chio UK..c 129 00 do 98* 100 do btiO 120* SOOCuiLb Coai Co.... 25 40 Gey t Vol lUt... 74 MM do c ?6 265 do 75 200 do 100 25* 100 d < ?60 74* 100 do 110 26 400 io btVO 76* 150 do 24* 200 4o ....'MS 76 60 Ward Co*) Co.. . 21* 200 da blO 75 100 liar hold Min-.b'j * 400 do Bfc 74 ICOF.r.e R?ilioud.?25 53 200 do c 75 00 do ?3 53* 21 CI, C ft (in RR.. 103* 110 do b2 53* 200 Harlem 11.1 10* 300 do c 53* SECOND BOARD. ffOCO Ind State 5'e.. 81* 200 ah.-' Can'on Oo.. 21* 1000 Misaouri C's.s3 89* 100 do b60 22* 1000 NlnlstmCoa 1 > 83* 100 Erie R9 62* 20CC0 llll'enRRb tg'63 79 * 200 62* 5000 do 79* 1<0 do b3 62* 5C0O do b:,0 79* 200 Reading Rlt.. . 6 3 90* 10CO Erie con b?'62 80 500 lo b39 91 60 rhs Nic rrCo.efiO 15* 100 do *10 90* ICO Comb Coal Co... 24* 800 do.... 90* 100 do 24 * 50 Hadeos R KR. 00 33* ICO do (10 24* 50 Calena ft Cni SIR. 119* 100 do b3 24* 75 Mich Cen BR.... 97 50 do a3 24* 60 do b!5 97* 100 do b30 25 6 Mi So ft Nor In KK 93* CIIV' TRADE REPORT. rvfsntAY, Nor. 20?6 P. M. A-irri ??a1en ?0 bbl*. pot* at unchanged pr cos. BRK/HCTme.?Flour?rhe market f r common and si night brand* of State were again firmer, and closed at an advar ce of about, 12)$c- per barrel. Iher* wa* a goof demand to meet maturing contract* fcr domentic u*e and for export. The saloe embraced about 12,030 i 14,000 bbi*.. Included in which were common and *tr?ight Stale at $9 12 a $0 18; Michigan mixed to low extra nt 18 94 a (9 18X; extra Ohio at $9 31 a (9 76, and ext-i Onesee *t $10 a $11. Canadian wax in fair demand and at firmer rate*, with sole* of 400 a 600 hhl*. at $9 12 a $9 37>?; Southaro wa* iirm, w'tli naif* ?f about 1 600 bbi*., ireludmg mixed t choi-e brand*, at $9 50 . $9 81. ano farcy and extra do. at $9 87 a $10 87. Ryo fl mr wa* at $6 *"$" 60. Meal wa* at $1 .37 a $4 50 for .lorjey. Buck wilt.;' floor wax firm at $2 75 a $'2 87 per 100 I be. Whea' ?J he market wa* very bu iy ant and h:gher f r prim"' I it*. "I lie *alc* embraced about 30,000 a 40.000 bushel*, among which were 7.000 a 8,000 bushel* orlpie white C* mirier), at $'2 25){. afloit; 4,000 do. North Carolina red. $2 16, and ore lot was rep uted at $2 16; '2,000 do. prime Fennccsee red at #'2 16. The range, howiTer, for 'a-r t) prime wax at $2 10 a 22 15. and 25.030 bushel* Western red were gold at *1 97 for comnvm ts fair quality and pni d to prime at #2 06. C rn Continued n g od dnmirid. w.tli i-i.e* of 60 000 * 60 000 tmsfcel* We.,ore 3ud South vru mixed, at 98c. fir inferior, nd at 99c. 1 ? tore and $1 delivered. Rye?-Ves of 6,040 a 7,000 bushel* we-e made at $1 '28 a fl 26 Bailey?Selxi 2 600 bje'iel* wr* made at liOc. fir eumm.n, Mid l !0\ for prino quality. <iat? were firm at 49c. a 6'2c. for Chicago heavy. CortEB.?7he rasrke* continued Iirm. with e.iles of about 2,700 tmgB of Rio, at lOi^e. a llj^c., and about .50 do. Ma: acaiu , at 10>*o. a llj-jt. Cottoh.?The xalet embraced aOout 1.500 ba.e*, the market closing quite steady. Fbeioiit*.?To l.iverpool, about' 00 bin*. flour at 2*. 9d., and 10 OOO bu. grain, in b*g?, at 8 -,d. To H tmbarg 203 bale* uf cotton were engaged at l.tjc.. 200 tiercea rice a' 40s. and I/O ton* measurement go,.da at 4o?. T? Antwero 2,0< 0 bushel* grain were engagel at 19d., 150 tile* cot", iun at lc. and 50 tierce* rioe at 60s. To Bremen 25 ten* measurement g>od? wore engaged at 45*., and 75 tierce* i>eeat50?. lo Havre Hour was engaged at $1 grajn wa* at 2/c. and cotton at lc. A vewH was charter* 1 for Havre, ta loan with Hour at 95c., and grain at 24<\ 1'., Aux'iitlia ra'es were a' 40c. a 42c. per fait m?a?urement. To Calibrate rate* were unchanged. To I. mdon 1 500 bbl*. turpentine wore engaged at 4*. Do. grain in rtrr's beg*, at 8)6(1., and 120tierxe? rice at 40*. Fro rr.?rale* of a Vint 1,200 a 1,500 pkgR. raisin* were made, including Vxe?, at $3 50 halve*, at $180, and quar'era a' 90c. H*v ?ihe ?ate* were moderate, at 70c. a 76c. Taxi wood.?A cargo, duty paid, wa* sold at 1 ?c. a 25r. VavaI storis.?Ahont 400 bbi*. ipirft* turpeullae were ?old in shipping order at 44 V<. Rosia * at quiet and v.n changed. I Bovi*io?*.?I'ork?The ma-set vu dull, t.he aale* were confined to 300 a 400 bhle., at $'22 50 fur m**x. and prime at $21 a $21 26. Beef wa* heavy, w'th m-rderat* ?tie* of country ino** and prime, at un.-hapged price*. Beef bam* w?re dull for State. About 56 bbi*. extra Chi cago were sold at $17. Dreaited hog* were selling at RUc * #?{?. Ijard w.r* firm, with sale* of about 700 sbl-. a' ;U>, \sl2fcc. Butter continued firm at l?c. a 22c for Ohio, end 21c. a 28c. for good to choice fresh made ,-tate. ? liter e ranged from 9J^c. a llf^c., and ruled firm. Rval Frrata?I'roperty in Brooklyn.?1 lot on famine avenue, near l'sciflc street, 25x78. $576, 1 adjoining '26x78, $340 ; 3 26x78, $1,005; 1 corner Paan street and Clswon avenue, 26x100. $460; 3 adjoining rn Cla- wiu ave nue, '26\10O, $1,050:4 corner lte-gon street ?nd fflaaon awnue. 24x106, $60$; 1 tq.poeite orae.- 23x100 $425; 1 adjoining on Oa?*m avenue, 23xl0o, $.;;?>; l do. 2.1x100, $820; 2 do., $690, 1 on Bergen ?'.:eet and 1 In rear, $400 3 ndjoinii-g and 3 in rear, $1,380, 1 on dermoot avenue, near Atlanlic svenue, 20x106, $6Wi, 1 adj.riniog, 20*140, tfflO; 1 do. 2Cxl0<>, $640 8 do. 20x100, $1,920 N?w York ? 2 1>t??wi Forty-sercn 1 itreet, near Eleventh aveouo. 26*100. $'2,700. Run.?The sale* em'ra-ed abaut 175 eaak*, at 5c. X 6>*c. jiim v? ? About 500 mat* of cassia were add at 26c St oArji ?rhe market ct oMnu-d active, but the b gh rater dec anded ehf ked tr?n?ac'J> n*. The nalee embraced about 300hhdr .Cubamuscovado at 7>*c., "fa. a74fe , the latter figure for prima, and 120 do, ennunt n grade boxo sold in bond at 6 ha JVutAoro waa a little more active, atill there wa* ht'le roeie-t of a lively burinvat , pr'.cae on tinned steady. Included W hhd?. Keo'ueky atlt^r a)0i$c , SS 144 tierces Havana, 21 e. ft 33c.; 316 do. Cuba, on private terms ; and 146 cases see.ll -ar, 8>?c. a 14c. Whbkc*.?Sales of lOObbla. were made at 394. for Ohio and 39>4c. for Prison. Foreign Haricots. Barbados, W. I., Oct 20.?Annexed is a Barbadoes prices current, based upon actual sales :?Flour, per bbl., 39 40; last sale 233 bbls. Baltimore, off wharf. only one firsthand, fresh (Alexandria) held at 910 60 per obi. Po;k, per bbl, 924; Ann; small stock first hand. Do. prime, per bbl., 920; sales 60 bbls. Intel/. Lard?None, and wanted. Hams?None fresh at market; no inquiry at present. Pish (Newfoundland)?93 '25 io lots; three cgr foes now discharging. Do., pickied?None at markot ,umber, W. P., 919 60, last sue. Do., P. P.?None ar rived for some time; fair supply. Staves, It 0., 1,200? $60, or thereabouts; sale 20,000 culht for Demerara; want ed. Shingles, Cy.?None arrived since last; much wanted. Cedar, 93 26; last sale. Tobacco, loaf, 912 a 913; nomi nal:-dull. l>o.. manufactured, 912 66; Ute sales twist,

which Is saleable, 18s.; lump, $10, nomioal. Exchange on London, 90 days, 84 86, with $2 60 difference In 30 days. AMERTISEMBNTS RENEWED EVERY DAI. sales at AbOTIOa. Auction notice.?winks, liquors and begarn PETER PARKS, Auctioneer.?Savage A Parka will sell this day, at 10)4 o'clock, at tne auction rooms, No. 311 Broadway, Gothic Hall, the entire stock of an importer, com prising Ane old Otard, ttenuessoy and 0 >gnac brandies, In cares and demijohns; champagnes of known brands, Madeira, sherry and other wines. A .so 290,000 Havana so gars. Auction noticb.-printinu materials, press es, type, Ao?Mortgage sale? PK1ER PARKS. Auctioneer. Savage A Parks will sell on Thursday, Nov. 22. at ll)>? o'clock, at No. 44 Cort'andt street, upper fioor, 'he entire stock of the establishment, comprising type of every description, cases, oflico fixtures, and presses, including one patent premium os cillating press, card and hand presses, ana everything npper elntngto a first class establishment. Catalogues at sale. Terms casta. O. S. JORDAN, Attorney for Mortgagee. Auction notice.?great balk op magnificent line engravings.?EDWARD SCHENCK will sell at auc tion. on Wednesday, Nov. 21, at his sales room, No. 16 Nail St.. at 10)4 o'clock, a large Invoice of superb line engravings, of Her rings, Landaeer. Hayden. Wllkle, Hogarth. Rt alls aid others, the originals of these being only in the hands ol' the first subscri be! s to the plates. The public are particularly Invited to exa mine this beautiful collection, it being the first sale of this qua lity of engravings ever offered an American pubic. The en gravings will be on exhibition one day previous to the sate. The trade are Invited to attend. Bale positive without reserve. Auction notice-great bai.k of magnificent fancy goods.?EDWARD 8C11ENOK will sell, atauttion. on Thursday and Friday. Nov 22 and 23, at his salesrooms. 10 Wall street, a magnificent invoice of tuncy goods, some of which have just been received from Europe and never before opened, constating in part of bronze groups, figures, statu rites, Ac., Ac., ot hunters, Roman soldiers and gladiators, Mercury, warriors, water carrier-, Ac., Ao.; also, coupes, card receivers, candelabraa, cindietUcks. Ac. Berlin iron wsrt?superb groups (very large) of the Indian Amazon, copy from Kiel's original; the Indian and i'antlier. Shepherd and Dog, Hoar Hunt, dugs, stags, Ao.. Ac., all considered bv con noisseurs to be the finest in America. Mlver plated ware ? Mugnlb< ent lea and eolTee sets, tankards, urns, kettles, liquor stands. vcgeUb'e dishes, waiters, cuelers, cake bankets, gob lets, cups, Ac., Ac., all of the lest in inuf.icture aiul finish, barian goods, elegant groups?Mother and child, under gl ts ? shades; also. figures of the seasons, under shades; figures, groups card basks's vases, jewel boxes, fruit s'au-ls, Ac.. Ac.; also, a larve nsroriment of other fancy articles, consisting ol'ormolu and ?bell cameo jewel rasko's. Bohemian giasr tin , P. M. tables, writing uo.-K?, dressing cases, with silver plated fittings; olios, egg stauds, ,lc., Ac ; Bobei.fian glass colognes, decanters, vases, Ac., AC. Ladles are Invited to call an t ex amine the goods. Bale positive. Auction notice.?eo<vardsuiiknck will sell. at auction, nn Thurrday, Nov. 22, at pier 81. foot u: t.lirietojiher street, at 11! o'clock precisely, the t'ollowiiie prupciiy, viz.:?Tlie four barges, the A D. .lonea. Ami!/ hnrliiga, Saratoga, anJ Happy Return, together with the tiis tu'urestid fixtures nf said boats: one Iron mle, one pluto-m seal", lot ofllce furniture, grain bags, hand truck, and othor nrtlrtosof persona) property; aDoall the right, itt'e and in'erosi wbirh Ldaar Height had in or to pier 51, M, tt. loot of Ctrl* loplier s'ree', or the 16th day or tictoher, 1885, and all the l ights which said Weight had to collect wharfage at sail pier. Auction notice?tiios. bell. auctioneer.-by liell A Bush ? Thla day, at Kljd o'c ock. variety sale oi fiirntiurc, viz., sofas, sola and conch bedsteads, marble ton ai d plain bureaus, sola*, sofa and couch bedsteads, I'reach bedsteads. mattresses. hlankels. rouuterpanes.dluner sets, cur Islns. Brussels, ingrain and other carpo'.n, rooking stoves, Ac , .... iota '-- -- ?M <tc. Alto, dry good*, underbills andorawors ladies'cloaks, fine notches, Ac. At l\}a. in front of tho store, two lighi wagons. Auction notice.-j. booart, auctioneer, bt H. Bngart.?Thursday, at 1U>* o'clock,si tho suction rooms, coiner of Frankfort snd William atrocis, household furniture, conslH ins of a large und general assortment of parlor, cham her, and kitchen furniture. Also, a lot of fancy goods. A UCTItiN RALE OF CLOTUINO, CLOTHS. CASH meree, Ac.?A. M.'UIBT ALAIt, AuuUoneor.23 Bowerjr, will sell on Thursday, Nov. 22. at V))? o'clock, cloth and rassl mere frock, sack, dress and I'etmsliam overcoats; cassimere. doetkln ana cloth pants, of various styles and patterns; silk, satin. Valencia and cloth vesta; casalmeres, cloths, "llks. llnlDgs, Ac. Auction pale of furs, sleigh roses, a i.~ JOHN F. fwUSRELL. auctioneer.?DAY, RUSSELL A CO. will hold their second full sale of superior manufactured furs, sleigh robes, Ac., at the salesrooms, 85 Nassau street, this morning, November 21, at lOJi o'clock. The furs are from one of the most respectable fur establishments in the cily, and msv be relied upon as being well mude and in a perfect sta'e m preservation. The entire stock must be closed forthwith Traders, country merchants and private indlvlluals will do well to attend this sale, for every article In the catalogue will be positively sold to the hitbett bidder. The lurs comprise, lu part, the most favorite kinds Terms cash. Country buyers can hare their goods packed, shipped, Ac. B T .TOREPII IIEtlEMAN, AUCTIONEER.?THURSDAY, _i November 21, at half past two o'clonk H M , at 251 wold trcet, UitMiklyo, a small quantity of household furniture, In pood order. C1 P. FRENCH, AUCTIONEER, WILL PELL AT AUG /. tlon m Thur.-duy, Nov. 22, at 10'i o'clock, at 19B Urines street, a general assortment of household furniture, consis'ln nf Dru?pe's, Ingrain ana three ply carpets; elegan'. rn?c root sultr, covered in figured satin hrocatel; rot cwood fl'j o-tave pianoforte, made the celebrated maker, J. C. Klsohe-; ele gant rosewood m.rble top centre and side la ?do:; together *-lth a large as-or'meutof bedroom furniture. Full partlc'iiers In to morrow morning's papers. DP NAP1I. AUCTIONEER?STORE 110 BROADWAY. ? ? Mortgage sale of machinery, Ac.?On Thursday, Nor. 22, at 10 A M, at to Elizabeth St., cnroilsJog of one lathe, 21 Inches; one 'SIbe, 13 Inches; one drilling iniiUne, o-c planer, en s loge and bellows two vices, ore vice bench, two friction pulleys, two Hues of shafUDg, and belling, Ac , Ac. DP. NASH, AUCTIONEER?PTORF. 310 BROADWAY ? ?Mortgage sale o: harness, blacksmiths' tools, Ac?<n hrldnv, Nov 23, at 12 M., at Hull's Head sable*. 23d an 1 2t h slrrets, u- ar id avenue, consisting of 17 sets of double barnet*, anvils, bellowa, smith's tools, Ao? Ac. DP HOUGH. AUCTIONEER?HANDSOME HOUSE . bnid furniture.?D. S. Hough will sell at auction, idIs dsy I Wednesday), at 10} i o'clock, a' 79 Warren strec, ne tr College place, consisting of royal Wll'on, Brussels and lugralo rat pc's; rnseaood so'as In gold figured satin, parlor chairs to n.utch; do. ottomans, armchairs, rosewood marble lop centre tables; eu. sofa tables: do. marble lop pier tables, mirror backs: elegant gilt frame pier and man'le gut-uts, ormolu gas chandeliers and brackets, mantel clocks, vases, oil paln'ltigs, engrnvbigs, Ac.; elegant rosewood piano, made by Barmore; crimson bro. .uele window curtains, lace do ; mahogany ex 'ei.sion dining tables, b ack walnut and mahogany chairs in hair cloth; do. armchairs, rane seat chairs, maiogsny tnarblo lop sideboard, china dinner and tea set*, glassware, lire dishes, oyster do . rotfee and tsa urns, plated cas'ers, cutlery, Ac.; elegant mahogany cablne,', conta.nlng 40 drawers, coins, medals minerals Inserts, shells, Ac ; mahogany amour a glace, mahogany French bedstead*. do. marble top dressing bureaus, do. do washsu nds. black walnut bedsteads do hp rta's do. washatnnda; maple bedsteads, washstands, bureaus Ae.; table -'Is, hair mattresses; leatlicr bed', bolsters and p i lows; quit's, couu'trpsues, sheets, pllioT case*, Ac ; table niche, napkins, Ac.: oilcloths, ball stoves oak ball chairs, k't-h ?n furniture, Ac. IiU'tlKNE B. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER, BY FRAN! '? J l!n A Nichols?At ibelr salesroom. 79 Nassau street, ne r John st. this das. (Wednesday,) at Hi1, o'clock, peremptory sale nf an extensive stock ol fashionable ( cxtenalve stock ol fashionable cabinet furniture. Tills die Iraidc catalogue must positively be sold to make room lor a stock of fur? the *n:e of which will commence Thuradav. Furniture?Elegant (Jarlnr suites In rosewood, mahogany, and black walnut, covered In the most fashions!)ic French sa'.n broratel ?rd halrmth; ro?'Wood and oak sideboards, ??tgcrcs |l ,-?ry bookcases, secr-inrleH, wardrobes, paiu tug', sl'vcr plated wore, oval and pier mirrors, corner .-nd bo 2 glands, French bode esds, hair mat* reeve*. pilll.t-scs. Ac. A1. 12}? o'clock, wl! be sold a bay mare, fifteen and a htlf hands b:ih ti'a le for s physician, hold by order of Assignee, tin Thursday, Friday and Saturday, a?fig' ec's sa c of h2U,000 worth ot m inulactured furs. CI CGLTON. AUCTIONEER,?TD THE TRADE. I A* . woll aaall others In i-ant of mode.?F. COLTON w. j! ill fell, this day, WsEnetday, Nov 21, at lti'j o'clock, a' the auction rooms, 59 lli ckm in street, on die second floor, a very large and desirit le assortment of good parlor, dining room and other furniture ofevery description. Among tbe asaortm'nt may or. found one very superior rosewood pianoforte, but little ored; otic or two suit* of rich rojewood parlor fiirni'nre. In 'atln hrocatel tapestry and other carpets; fifty full pieces of oil clo'h; tnshogsny French bedsteads, marble top dressing * urcsus, ami bookcases, dining snd etteusion table* Vol'alre snd carved rockers, sofas, and b'te a 'etcs, e-S'age n d bedrrom furniture, en suite,mahogany curled, maple,oak s d other chelrs Ae, Ae., al*o sever-l musics* Instruments, In go d rrfirr; s'so 160 eight day and 'bir y hour clocks; a'so to b e trade, 100 Stage bedlteeda. bale peremptory. /?NEGROE COOK, AUCTIONEER?ELEGANT CUBTO kJ mad' fitrnllurc. mirrors, Ac.?This day. at 10,tg o'ulocs, at ib" spacious and elegant moms No. 117 Nassau street, netr Beet mail, embracing parlor sultea, Ui rosewood and mahoga ny. In ruoca'cll ananalrcloih; very elegant rosewood ladle'' war Irobe (cost $J??; do. etegeres, with mirror bu"k and door ; do. sideboards, two do. lounges, In crimson plush, oost f25u. common lounges and beds, enamelled chamocr suites, rose wood bedf'eads, from $30 to $150; mahogany bedsteads bu reaus, warhsiacd*; rosewood and mahogany centra, side and sola tables: wardrobes, sotas, rockers, chairs, extension dining table*, of rosewood, mahogany, black waliut and oak, various lengths and sizes, also, mirrors, paintings, prints, reviews, Ae . ibe w hole worthy tbe attention of the trade sad others. WU1 br po?tt!vuly sold, to pay advances. Catalogues now ready. ('1EORGE r.XlK, AUCTIONEER ?PEREMPTORY RAl T of genteel household furniture, nlanofur'e. French plat' pier glass. Ac.??9n to morrow, t lliursdayj at 10t? o'clock, at nnuae till West Twenty slitb street, b'tween sixth and Seventh avenues. Bale positive, rein or ahlne. A cash depose w'll bo ? squired of -very purehsser. the ardclea to be removed lm. mediately after the sale, consisting In peel of superior rose word pianoforte, by one of the best city makers, roral velvet and lapestry oat pe s, three ply and 'ngrato do., bail and stair i, sluts of ' EI" "* rosewood am! niohogany parlor furniture, marble top rentre, side and so'a lab las; eleganUy carved rnsewo>l etegeres, splendid rosewood secretary hookcaie, rt-h lace srte* dow curtains. French shades. Frenrb plato pier glass, tine oil pa'n'ings, tnant'l clock and ornaments, decora'wi cbiua veesa; dbupg room furniture, extension table, sols, 'hair*, arm da, go!d band china dinner set, do do. tea and r vlfee ,.ia glassware, silver plated ware, table cutlery, teai<ays. tc.. chamber furniture, superior rosewood and mahoaauy bed steeds, marble top bureaus and wsshslands, brief sebL gut frame mirror*, hair mattress, palliasses feather beds, bedding, leurges, chairs, rockers, Ac. GO. HORTON, AUCTIONEER, WILL bf.I.L, ON FRI . day. ai 10,'k o'?lo-k, all the buusebehi fand'ure and .arpetelc 'Ae Ax story haute, 131 dleecker street, icr Amity plaie. Q G. HORTON, AUCIIONRER? Wll.L rurs dnv, ei low, o'clock, st the salesroom, MOedarMreet, near Broadway. Inlrty ronnters, sul' tble for dry weeds n gnirertes household furniture, painting-, mirrors Ac. Also, the celebrated test trotting bene Per, harness and wagon. HENRY B. HERTS, .m. AOUTIllNr:ER.-BI,lfGkNT diamond jewelry, gold watches, Ac ?fm Wednsntsv. Nov fl, at lfl>% o'rloca. at Ibe salea rooms, Ho. 5l, Turn stree', Henry B Heris, Jr., wll! sell, as abeve, a large and vabiible aisor'roent el splendid diamond ring' pins, brooches, earrings, gn'd watcbv# by the most celebrated makers; gold jewelry, rings, pins, chasne, earring*, broorbee, lava -amro, mnaalr gold stone, onyx, ruby, and other pins, rings, s'ud*. sleeve huttona, Ae., A: Bftle pus I've, to cIoh ? Irusi. lencs jx?i in dty funds. SAMSS AT AUCTION. "ITII. LKKDg A CO., AUCTIONEERS.?HENRY AA w. LEEDS a OO. win Mil, by auction, oo Thursday, NOV. a, at 10 o'clock, at ths wareroums of A. J. Obwn, 8S2 Broadway ?Snleadtt rale 01 the most faablooable cabinet fur HUore, manufactured by A. J. Olaen, expressly lor prtrate sale, every article of which la warranted In every particular, coo all tine of rich rosewood carved parlor aulla covered In three Offered satta; do. lo oou de lalne; super! etegorulu rosewood, l^ed wlth seUn wood and plate glass; French secFe turlea of the rlcheet description; carved roaewoo-1 oentre tables, statuary tops; do. sola and aide tables; do rosewood bat stands; oak do.; lanry chairs. Canterbury a and music elands; marble b p dios-U.g bureaus, sewing chairs extension dining tables In oak and black walnut; buffets rlchlv carved to match, onk dining room ehalra, ball chairs, roaewood French cart ed bedsteads; lounges oovered In de lalne; marble top shaving stands; cabinets, do. was listen da, and a great variety of ether It rat claaa furniture. Bale wttboit reserve. H^m H. LEEDS A CO. WILL SELL BY AUCTION, ON ? Tuesday, 2Wh, and Wednesday. Zlst, at lojjt o'clock each day, at the atom. It Naaaan street.?Large salf of rich rancy goods, just received from Paris, of entirely new styles, consisting of a large and valuable Invoice of bronzes, froin the Parisian Artistic Bronze Company, who obtained the highest medals In London In 1861, Dublin, and In New York, consisting of superb vases, groups, brackets, consoles, eandelsbras, animals, Italian dancers, Inkstands, hunters, card receivers, barging Dower vases and other beautiful ariiclee. Also an invoice of bronze figures, four and five feet high, arranged for hulls or parlors; superb clocks, inlaid with tortoiaeshell, large bronze groups ana figures of tbe most desirable kind; su perb ormolu and bronze clocks; do. black and white marble, all of superior quality. Also a large Invoice of rich Freucb china painted vases, Ac. Tbe whole lo be sold without reserve, to elrse the concern. Also a bronze copy, on a reducedJsoulo, of the celebrated equestrian statuette, representing an Amazon attacked by a tiger, by Kiss; alao a bronze copy of the Dying Oladlaior.Iflx28. * Henry h. lkeds a co., auctioneers.?urnry II. LKKTS A CO. will sell, by auction, oo Thursday, Nov. 22, at I0){ o'clock, at tbe siore, 19 Nassau street?Ah ?tgi ee's sale ol rich and valuable (busy fare, comprising Hud st n Bay gable on man ties, Talmas, tippets, vlclorinea. mull's aud cuffs; marten sable, bau marten, mink sable, stone marten, French sable, fiitzb marten, reek marten, Imperial ermine, lynx, squirrel, Ac. Ihe above goods were got up expressly lor Broadway trade, being fresh made and worthy the atten tion of ladles and gentlemen, who will find It lo their advan tage to attend this sale Alao, an assortment of sleigh rebus, gloves, fur collars, carriage muffs, Ac. H^m WILSON, AUCTIONEER, RESPECTFULLY QIVE8 . notice that be hae taken an office at 197 WUUam aireet, near Frunklort, where, ha future, be will receive all orders In the anctlou business, bales of housebo d lurulture. by auctioa, attended to in person, as usual, on reasonable terms. Henry b. herts, jr., auoiionker-will offer for sale, on Thursday and Friday, Nov. 23 ami 22, at ]<X o'clock each day, at Ida sab s rooms, No. Pine streat, tbe most magnificent and largest stock of superb l'aucy goods, suitable for holiday presents, ever offered for sale at unction. In this country, and well worthy tbe uttenllou ot the trade and private purchasers, comprising consignments from the largest importers of rich Dresden, china and porcelain tea sew, vanes, ornaments, Ac , bronze and ormolu clocks, figures, Ac.; Parian marble, decorate], bisque, bronze aud other figures; gr >ups, match stands, cigar holders, Ac ; richly abased silver plated tea sets, tea and codes urns, kettles, waiters, cruets, cuko anil card baskets; papier mache goods. In end loss variety; French paintings, on silk and glass; Bohemian glassware; rosewood and Chinese goods of every kind. Terms cash, in current funds. Catalogues on morning of >a'e. Henry t. lkkdh, auctioneer.?assignee's sale of furs, this dav, (Wednesday,) at our salesr.-om, 36 Beckmau street, at 10X o'clock.?llenry T. Leeds A ' lo. will sell as above, by order of Oliver Oolds obit, assignee, the sleek nl a furrier, ctitsi.tlng of a general avsortmentoi miuu tain mar'en. filch, elonc mnrlen nud Canada mink capes, tln peis and pelerines, gen's' collars, mafia. Ac ; also wolf, genet bear una buffalo lap and sleigh robes, richly lined end trimmed. Tbe above stock was Ul manufacturi1 for custom trade, nud Will 1 o positively seld by older of ass'inee I'nr cba-ers can readily satisfy therm elves that there will be no reserve wr.atover en the above goods by attending early. Catalogues can be had on day or sale at the store. J J. WALDRON, AUCTIONEER.?H. O. EVANS W1I.L . continue the -ale of furs, al the store C2 William si., cor ner of Otlar, ot lbX o'clock, on Monday, tbe 19th. and every day ditrlng loe week, until the whole of this magnificent stock Is sold out, cons sting nl capes, vlclorlnos cuffs, mutt's, boas, 1 enfiemeu's gloves and collars, and a variety of sla^lt robes JB OllN L. VaNDKWATKR, AUCTIONKER-THI8 DAY, - Nov. 21, at tbe store of W. rilr h. No. 5 Maiden lane, sotn menringat ll.U o'cln-k, large and elegant sale of rich d a mnuds and gold jewelry, consisting ol a large and magnificent oesortment of cluster and diamond linger rings, brooches pins, bracelets, Ac , lb carat gold case Leplne watches, by the most oelohruted mskers;sllvi r plated spoons and lurks, 18camt gold vest guard and fob chains, slilrt studs, sleeve bullous, lockets, braoelets, brooches, linger rings, Ac., together with a large assortment ot jewelry usually found In u first class establish mer- Every lot Is o be sold peremptory to the highest bidder. Olio e- cry lot warranted according to catalogue. The above sale Is .. Ul worthy tbe attention ot the trade aud those In w iub Also u lire oft fancy goods to close. J oIIN L. VANDF.WATER, AUCTIONEER?MAGNIFl t* uetu sale of costly manufactured furs, oil Nov. ?. at 10)4 o'clock, at the -uue.sroom, 12 Mutdcn lane, consisting of capoa, niurt'a and arte of mink, aable, royal cruiinc, Russia fitch, atone marten, chinchilla, fltc.ii. aable. Ac. rfleigh robot), consisting of wolverine dresses, Hudson Bny and Polar bear, Hudson Bay and prairie wolf, fox, coon, batlger, Ac.; also, coaU, caps, foot muffs, gloves, Ac. \* DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER.-LARGE SALE OF BIT 1YL. pertor household turn lure, tela day, Wednesday, at iGJi-obuock, comprising rosewood and mahogany parlor, din ing room and basement furniture ; tapestry ana ingrain car pet*. large French plate pier and oval mirrors, hair mattress es, feather beds, china, plated and glass ware, cooking stoves, extension tables, bureaus, washstands,bedsteads, cane chairs Ac. Also, two large tailor's counters. MB. BUTLER, AUCTIONEER.?PUBLIC ADMINIR ? motor'i sale.?On Thursday, November 22, at WW o'clock, at No. 6S8 Pearl street, (second floor.) the efforts el Utaua laylur, Charles Marsh, Lout* Borland, C. K. liopps and other Intestates?consisting of furniture, bedding, stoves, male and female clothing, trunks, ehesta. Ac.; also, splendid gold and stiver watches, chains, rings, pins, jewelry, Ac. By order of PETER B. .SWEENY, Public Administrator. OIL PAINTINGS, ENGBAVINGR AND BOOKR-JOHN LBvIHuN, suciloueer, will sell, at the sales room and free gallery, 341 Proud war, this day and evening, at a o'clock P. M., sixty modern oil paintings, by ecleirated American ar lists. In rich mounted glit frames, ot superior style and finish, suitable for llie parlor or drawing room; also a splendid col le.dlon of lithograph and "eel engravings, af er Lanleeer on-1 other eminent artists; and a fine ae-ortment of holiday and gilt books, vvnh standard and ndscellancocs works of every style and binding, without reserve. Catalogues can be ob tained at the sales room during tho day. PJ, KELLY, AUCTIONKHR.-I WILL SELL, THIS . dar, at ID o'clock, at SI Catherine street, the new and well selected s oek of dry goods contained In said store, coup rising a full assortment ot bla.A and (olored silks, French ami Kng lab merince*. long und square shawls, blankets, qullta, Ac. PHILLIP R. WILKINB, AUCTIONEER.-ELEGANT household furniture, pier glasses, pianoforte, Ac., at ac e lion, rbllllp R. Wllkius will sell at auction on Thursday, Nov. 22, UBS, at I0'a o'clock, at No. 190 West 18th St., by erler ofT. D. Wulden, Esq., auorney for mnrtgagee. the entire furni ture of said house, consisting in prrt of mahogany teto aues. i hairs, divans, rocking, Voltaire and receptloo rFialrs, sofas, inlaid tuid marine top centre tables, quartette tables, pier glasses, mantel ornaments, sofas, hau tarda, extension dining :abie, marble top sideboard, French bedsteads, feather be Is, adding, dressing bureaus,amotre a glace, morale top wash stands, bookcase, paintings, stiver ware, tapestry, velvet, three ply end ingrain cat pets, state carpets, oil cloths, Ac.; .n?o a superior rosewood pianoforte. QBERIFF'8 BALE.?A. M. CRIST ALAR, AUCTIONEER, SJ will tell tbls day (Wednesday), at 10! j o'clock, at 800 It mud ?ray, the whole and entire stock of ranges, stoves and heaters i-Mitatned In said store, consisting In p riot cooking, hotel and kitchen ranges, large sizo patent iitrnices, heaters, stoves, stove eastings, water bocks, boilers, pots, furnaces, ket ties, Ac. T'USIS HOKRKLL, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL AT auction, th's day, at luU o'clock, at 81 Nassau street a Urge variety of rosewood, mahogany, bieck wslnu sod other furniture, in suits ana separate, French piate mirrors, ma' trcites, Ac ; also silver plated ware, chins tea sets. Ac., con sisting In part of rich enameled suits of bedroom furniture, with r.r.d witboul marble tops; also parlor suit*, in rosewood, ?mt.cgany nnd bleck walnut; mahogany rocking end easy chairs, hall stands, washvtands, bureaus, rteccree, par.or cha rs, ' edsteads, book stands, wardrobes, sewlug machines,, Ac ; supeih silver plated tea ?ct?, tour and six pieces; cake baskets, spoons, forks, pitchers, goblets, salts, tahlo costers, Ac., sll warranted as represented. vlso, a splendid -election of oil paintings; must be sold to pay ad vsm e s. TllCS BELL, WOTIONKKR.?BY BELL A BG3H?ON Krtdoy at loj j o'clock, in our salerooms, 12 North William ? teet, will be >old, without reserve, the entire stock of the choicest wines and liquors, the property of a gentleman d> entrd, by order of executors. In various psckacos, sul?i i? kr fsDiliies, Ac ; the wines, brandies, ruin, whiskey, obi Mo hrngeha's. Ac. sre superior. Futtber psrticulars Thursday. 10 tlL.'.bS MANUFACTURERS, POTTERS AND UK ftoers of col-.-ill tmd nickel.?Executors' peremptory sale. 110 tons metallic compound, or cobalt, nickel and oopoer ore, 3,1C0 pout A - prepared oxide of roiiait. On Wednesday, No vernier it 1H5, at 10 o'clock A. M., will be sold at public -ale, without reterve, at the auction rooms of M. THOMAS A HONS, Nes. 07 and 00 South Fourth street. Philadelphia, (butt ed S sit--.,) by order of executor', to close an estate, one hund red and ten tons metallic compound, or cobalt, nickel au 1 cop per ere; three thousand one hundred pounds prepare! oxide -f cobalt, lhe sale w ill be made by samples, which may beseeu end examined ai any time by appli- atlon to Messrs. Brown, Shipley -t Co.. ?' tlisir ofiloe. Liverpool, or A. W. A T. McA. 1 h mtng. No. 95 t-otiih Front street, Fhiiailelphla, U. 8. Ame rlca, or to the auctioneers. Term* ?It will be deliverable tin mediately upon the payment ot on- fourth the purobaae money in rash, and approved security for the balance, payable In 'wo. four end si* months N. B.?This compound is fro n Mine las Moite, Missouri, and has been carefully prepared ac cording to the moot approved processes. M. THOMAS A BONfL Auctioneer*. Philadelphia. United Hutes America WR MKLLOB, AUCTIONEER.?BY HOUGHTON ft . Mel'or?1Thursday, Nov. 22, at 10)4 o'clock, on the two floors of sales room*. No. lib Nassau street, superior custom made cabinet furniture at auction, being the entire finished and unfinished stock of a Urge first class city cabinet maiofacturer; every article of which U fully warranted the same as when purchased at private sale. Toe stock will be arrsnged tor exhibition on Tuesday. < Ion Mating In part of the most tsrhlonable styles carved rosewood, mahogany, oak and walnut parlor, drawing room, reception room, library and dining room furniture ot every variety, finished in oil and French polished; dining table* consist otlen of tho most approved patti rna, 12, 14 and 10 feet long, with patent adi elides of the various choice woods, via: rosewood, blr h mahogany, wal nut and oak. with serpentine centres; rosewood parlor suites are covered in costly moquet, all silk, brocade, satins, bro--* tel. plush and hair cloth, upholsteeed, plain nod tufted, about .10 various patbros of bureau*, with rich marble tops, sod wsaliv'SLds to match; SO Gothic, French and oottage bed steads, several of which ars very valuable and elaborately rawed West -tvleof etegeres, beaufets, sideboard*, rich sec retaiy, ladles' writing cabinets. highly finished work table; one -olid rosewood parlor secretary, cost MB0, lined with satin wo ,d snd secret drawer*; solid rosewood pier, centre, cord and side tshles, plain und with marble tops Also, a large variety ot iet? s 'etrs. volt*ire, easy and reception chairs, Gothic ana Hirubtihlnn style do., lu richly decorated and enameled cl amber suits, plain and marble tops. It woukl be impossible to enumerate *11 the article, conanrd la this tale. Ladles and gentlemen *r-> particularly Invited to examine the slock pricr to the sale. Goods can be packed tor shipping oath* premises s> a reasonable ehsrge. Also, N rosewood piano lories of the following maker*: W. Undmnann A Hon. Van Wlr.kl-, German snd rancher. Gilbert, Plerxao, and other cele brated inskers. Also, three piano stool*, lot of sorer*, Ac., ,oid to pay advances. WM. WITT ERR, AUCTIONEER-WILL BELL. ON Wednesday, at 10)4 o'clock, at 08 Crosby street, all the gentry! purler, rhrmbcr. snd kitchen furniture, Ac.. In the shove hou*e? eons toting of one elegant rosewood suit In satin brocade; two bandawne pier glasses with slabs and brnchots; Ispeetiv srd Ingrmtn carpets, msntle ornaments, Itce and tube? curtains; mabneeay gothle bedsteads; bom quality hstr mattresses, large bolsters end pillows, beds sod bedding, mar Ids top dressing bureaus, wa*natands, tfflel seta, dining room snd kitchen furniture, Ac. T w? 'M. WITTERS. AUCnOKMR. WILL SELL ON TtJUKB .. dsy, at 1C1, oVIo-k, at 1*7 Canal street, the furniture of a hotel, constating of one splendid martde top munter, enet over lODO, large mirrors for hack; nine do. tor p'ers sod moalels, one eating counter; one tor confectionery; morris lop oyster stand, oStTre clock*, marble top een're and saloon tab lea. side boards, oil painting*, together with bar 6Huron, nod parlor, rhsmber and kttrhen farnttnre; and also a targe qusatlty of window tufalne, ciliary, china, Ac. Rale peremptory for cash. Also, glass 'haodeiicrt, alga, about X0 yards of Eaglisb oil ekith, bat >: Oe -wed. RA1EI at AVC'llOn. WILLIAM IRVING. AUCTIONKKR.?HIIKill FF'H 9ALB of a superb law library.?William Irving .1 Co. will sail at auction on Thursday, November 22, at II o'clock, at tha salesroom*, No. 8Pin* street, comprising about SOU volumea standard and other law books?Fillips on Evidence, Ooweu's Reports, Barbour's Supreme Court Reports, Howard's Prac tice Reports, Bi'itlab Croan Cases, Wharton's Amerlcao Crimi nal Law, 1'billtpe on Insurance, 24 sola; Pickering's Reports, United States Digest. 78 vols.; English Common Us Reports, Ac.. Ac, Ac.; block walnut bookcases, secretaries, desks, writing tables, and other furniture, bold by ordcr. JOHN OR8ER. Sheriff. Also, by order of assignee, suite carved rosewood awl ma hogany parlor furniture covered In green velvet and red plush, rosewood e'egeres, booksase and secretaries, rosewood marb.e top centre and pier tales, ildeboarda, French p'alo mirrors, Brussels and Ingrain carpets, mlrrots, work tables, Ac., Ab. WILLIAM T. BOYD, AUCTIONEER-STORE NO. 187 William street, will sell on Thursday, (to morrow,) at 82 West Broadway, at 10K o'clock, a large quantity of household furniture, mahogany sofas, chairs, bureaus, bedsteads, wash stands, toilet, dining and tea tables, clocks, glasses, cane seat chairs, beds anl heeding, glassware, crockery, cooking ana parlor stoves, together with a large assortment of useful ar ticles in the housekeeping '.lne. TENAHT8' REGIBTllt. A STORE TO LET AND F1XTURKH AND LEASE FOR sale?Occupied as a jewelry store, in a good part of lb* elty. Inquire at 87 Chatham street. In the jewelry store. A NICE THREE STORY HOUSE TO LET, IN A GOOD street, near Eighth avenue, containing nine or ten rooms, with baths, gas, hot and cold water, range, Ac. Yearly rent very low, *460. Parlor carpets, oil clotha, Ac., nearly new; price >178. B. W. RICHARDS. 307 Broadway. A LARGE FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET, IN THE IM medlnte vicinity of Broadway, and business location ex cellent for city or transient boarders, there beiug near AO rooms, vtth all the modern Improvements; everything la nice order; suitable for a hotel or boarding bouse. _ B. W. RICHARDS, 107 Broadway. A FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET.?HAS ALL THE Mo dern Improvements; wt'l be let low to a good tenant. Can bo seen by calling at 7b Crosby street. ______ Apart op a house to let-in a good neigh bortor-d, below Twenty third street, centintent to the stnges sod Third avenue ears. vix.: second floor front and back parlors, bedroom, pantiles, Ac., with basement. Yearly rent $160, with immediate possession. B. W. RICHARDS, 307 Broedway. Broadway property to lease.-the attbn tlon of parties .vishtng to lease a llrat class store on a cor ner lot of extra wtoth. lu a most desirable locution on Broadway, is called to the lot 30 x ltd feet, on the south east corner of Grand street. The holder nl this property Is willing to erect upon It a very superior building, to suit a desirable tenant,and is prepared to receive proposals tor leasing the seme. Apply jo R. U. HATFIELD, Architect,396 Broadway. BROOKLYN-TO LET, TWO LARGE ROOMS, AND ONE single one. handsomely furnished; full or partial board; nil the modern Improvement*; good location?233 llenry etreet, between amity and Congress, within three minutes' walk of Atlantic, and live or Wall street, ferries. References given. COTTAGES TO LET-WITHIN TEN MINUTES' WALK or Fulton ferry, near railroad: piazza front and rear, good yard'*, grape erborp, Ac , all in excellent condition. Also, large corner store, good bu-iness locution, with pie taaut apart ments in same building. Inquire at No. loci Hudson avenue, Brooklyn. CO I; NIK RTORE TO LET?THE LARUE CORNER tuire and basement on the southeast corner of Houston stiec: and Bowerv, ? fltst rate stand for a grocery and provi sion store, rr sny kind of burtness. Kent moderate. AIM, ? number of house t up town to let. hem $??*) to SbOO. E. B, K1EBH1MKR, .'till Foerin avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. FflUBMISHlD HOUSE TO LET TILL MAY NEXT?A new four story brown atone hense aud furniture, new, in vicinity of Graiuercy I ark. A small tnuitly of tour persons would reserve three, rooms, with hoard, If agreeable, and pay a liberal price, K. B. K1N81IIMKR, 319 Fourth avenue. IjlUBMFHED HOUSE TO LET.?THE COMMODIOUS 1 English basement bouse, 1119 Twelfth si root, between Fltb and Sixth avenues; he iurnltare all new, one year state, and of good quality: would bo let with all neccssarle* for a fiimlly, lor six months or more if deslri d; Immediate possession given, ban best-en between 12 and 41'. M. Apply on the premises or at 1S7 l'eai 1 street, first floor. Furnished house to let-and rent taken in board by fbe rent! nan and lady occupying the same.? A linn house, anil splendidly furnished, In view of Madison Fqunre, will be lot to a smalt private family, without children or hoarders; nil the modern improvements; possession Imme diately. Apply at store 293 Broadway. EitCRNlPHED ROOMS TO LEY?A ROOM, BEDROOM end kltcher, witn every convenience for beeping bouse; more room added. If required. Also, similar rooms, unfur nished, at reduced prices. Apply at 123 West Twenty-fourth street. HOUSE TO LET AND FURNITURE FOR SALE-THE house No. 09 Vartck street; It will be let cheap to a good tenant; also, the furniture for rale, tu whole or part. Apply a* R Lodge room.-to let. the lodge and itakd sotneiy furnished room in Urnmercy Hall, 116 Kant Twentieth street, corner of Third avenue. Inquire on ike pre mises. ARK CHANCE.?A FIRST CI.ASS STONE FRONT home In South Brooklyn, to let, and rent Liken in board ing, by the proprietor, K. Green, under Metropolitan Bank, No. 1 Pine street. TO LKT-THK DWELLING PART OF THE THREE story brick bouac, No 104 Eighth avenue. Apply on the premises. or inqtum of TlloMAS ii. BROWN,44 ve-cy at. fPO LET?THE WHOLE OR PART OF A HOUSE, JL situated at 215 Went Twentieth atreet, In a pleasant neigh borhood, conalatlng of three rtoriea. baaotnant, ante and coun ter cellar. It will he leaned for a term ol' yea/a to a good tenant. The house in in first rate order. Inquire on the premise*. rpo LET-THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE NO. 10 X avenue D, near Houn on atreet; la at present flued op Iter a bakery, with oven In the baaement and a fine fore on the uret lioor; the whole in complete order. Inquire o;' K UNDER BILL, 22 Cedar street. TO LET-TUB SECOND FLOOR AND FRONT BASE ment, with use ot bath room, of the thir>l atory houae 245 Ninth atreet, ailuau-d between First and Second aveuttee? pleasant neighborhood. Gas In all the r torn-, and a line oollar. io a good tenant rent low. Inquire as above. TO LET?AT 05 BROADWAY?ONE STORE. WITH ahclvca and counter; n large basement; rent, 550(1; and uifilrcnl luraishrd and utlurnlahed rooms, in se s or single. fftO LET-FRONT AND BACK PARLOUS. 20 WALKER X all ret, near hresdway. west aide; would be very suitable for a doctor, or would be nude convenient for a small private family. Rent 51b. TO LET?IN TEE SEVENTEENTH WARD, PART OF A genteel bouse, In a desirable location, ne/.r Second avenue. Apply at 1C1 Front. trcet. rLIT-A HANDSOME HOUSE, ON WERT TW2NTY firsl street, between Sixth and Hcven'h atenues; three story, tirlck, In fine order; all modern improvements. Carpets, Oilcloths and gat fixtures for ssle; also, one on l-cingtau av. E. B. KINdlUMKIl, Sill Fourth avenue. TO LET- DWELUNO PART OF HOUSE 111 BOWERY, very desirable location, near Grand street, containing eight rooms, with extension dining room ati..chert, suitable for fsmlly or private boardtng house. Apply lu the furniture store r.s st ore. TO LET-HOUSES AND PARTE OF HOUSES, WITH OR without furniture, in various locations, and too numeroue lo describe. If you wish to hire, let. buy or sell, you will be successful by applying to K. D GOODWIN, I'rlncipalof the State Registry (igicc, 808 Broadway, near Grace church, The upper part of a house to let, at 92 iiam mond street, furnished or unfurnished; pleasant and con venient location. Call for one week. TO LET IN BROOKLYN?A MODERN THREE STORY and baauuieEt brick house. In fine order, wi.h gas and oiher improvements; ten minutes' walk fieni Wall and South teirles, suitable tor s genteel family. Rent ve-y low. Apply at segar store, 14 Rector street. TO LEAKE?THE DELMONK'O HOTEL, CORNER O# Broadway and Morris street, from 1st Mav next. Apply at ISTTearl street. SMITH A NOBLE. rpo LEA BE-A VERY SUPERIOR LOCATION FOR Bf 1 mists, the new house No. 48Canal mreat, near Broadway, consisting of a store, basement, and tour op per furies: wfll be leased to una or tnore per. ons, for business purposes only. Ap 1 ij ?t 144 Chambers street. TO MANUFACTURERS, OR ANY ONE WISHING V* engsge In the tloor oilcloth business?A -bnnae suldom filtered.?To rent, the oilcloth factory, corner of DebevolM street and Dekalu avenue, Brooklyn. Kver .thing In psrfaet order. The printing tiers inert are Powers' mueiit. Also, b)o<ks, new designs, fiirsptlng patterns. All will lie d'spoeed of on reasotial.le lemi i at <1 Ume. Apply to E. JOI B.v RAY, on the premises, or 41 Warren street. Ml'blCAL. S'-l OOfl WORTH OF PIANOFORTKR AT COST, TO t/?vUU clow a eoneern ?All new, superior ins'rumente, fully wen-anted, frf in Ihn must celebrated makers of New Yuik and Boston? u nlla/.s rionble round lornnrs, -vtth all do derti iinpnmmen's, t ell tills week, or ton will be too late, at tit) Waiier street, near Broadway. W. OSiiDK.N A CD. Flute instruction.?profkhror f. j. ebkn con tlnurs tn teach (he Koohm, German, and the diatonic flute, at ht* or pnpt.s' room*. References Wrn. Heaeman, Eeq., 165 Hrwdu.ii; K. F. l'ost. Esq., 55 Wall atreet; J. V. 1 lift, Esq., S2 Day street and the principal inu-tc dealers. For particulars inquire at 14 King street, near Maoeougal. For sai.e?a superior tone reed organ, with oneocn veol pedals, also, one elegant ran-wood piano, been need but ion months, cost fan, for sale for 5140; ssy-ootl band pianos, for 675, AV., 560 lo 51 JO. at 102 Twenty sixth St., near Sixth avenue. K. UONZaLK/.. N. Ii.? To let, a nice tloor. IjlOR 8ALE-A VERY FINE TONED PIANO, MODERN u case, has hern In use but a short time and carefully used. Will be sold Tor half lu valn? If applied fur immediate ly. Can bo seen at room No. 10, 504 Broadway, corner of Luane atreet. 2REAT BARGAIN.?ELKOANT BKYKH OCTAVE ROBE wcod pianoforte, metallic irante. Com 5'IAO. Been uaed nt three months. Would be sold at a great sacrifice. Tne owner leaves the city In a few days. Can be College place, from 10 to 3 o'clock. . LA RIONOMa" EI.IZA VALKNTIM, PRIMA DOWN A, proteeeer of singing, baa returned to New Trrk after a sucoeaaful ooucert tour of eighteen months lo Ixuulon, Paris, Ac. She lea all ee at the ceetJenMs of the ladle*, and caa be seen at the Manama House, (7 Chamber* street, every day, Irotn 5 o'clock UQ 8 P. M. 1>ianos for"rfnt?pplkndid nkw~plANOS. BY X the hest makers, for real, at 56. 56 and 57 P<e month, at THONaR BAKER'S piano rooms, 377 Broadway, opposite be Broadway theatre. PlANOrORnCAK D~8INGINO.-M 1FB LOU IRA PTNH reapsetfullr annonnoes to the musical public 'hat her sister. Mr*. (TaLTON, (who baa recently arrived rrom London). *51 ! amain in New York during the present winter, and during bar stay will five Instruction in English and Italian Waging ? tid the pianoforte. Mr*. Gabon wel vlatt pupils at their ran dences, or receive them at her room*, 560 Houston street WANTKD-A Ot)OD ALirTgnHIEirrOR A PRB8BY vf terlan church, I* New York; salary, 5500- Inquire atV2 Washington street, Brooklyn. COMUDT1CS. 3?'CAMERON'S RECEIPT* enable cowsrwwRB TO ? prepare all lb* following oosmettoe *1 -me embth the ?uai enet:?Liquid hair (lyaTByxanUan hair .lye. Peruvian Haopoo HemdltMl heir i esters live, bloom of mean, eaa sjaSSriE Mwwsartifss it Ktgkth aren't*. N. T ; 176 Atlantic. and IM and 302 Fallon rem, Brooklyn, or tet warded by mail on racatel of ? cents. MnmM. D'CAilLKON, US Osfnmbto 0rmk"*>rm.