Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 21, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 21, 1855 Page 3
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ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERT DAT. FOR Ial? " 1R nnn A0SIW or BUt LAND FOR 8ALU? I UiWU in f?rm? to salt piirebauni, cheap for cub, or fcschanaeIter good city property or merch&ndl<e. Apply at the cfliceof TUOMaS O. liARjilobON, No. 16 Broadway. <l!Q nnn ?fob bilb. a first glass farm of ipV,\J\J\J, 106 acre*, 14 wood. A large house, barn and outbuildings. three orchards, with an eboudauoe o< fruit; 28 tnllea from New York. 2l< m.les from the North river. No prettier (Ann. Who wenueb'um t Other cheaper farm*. WM. II. MhLICK, 84 Seventh avenue. nnn ?FOB salb cb rxchanor, a lb ask 3>T.UUU. of a fine properly, paying over $1,000 pir an num; seven nud a half years to run; ground rent $100. Will be sold on easy terms Ibr cash, or exohanged for good lots. dry Roods or groceries Apply at the offl-e of FUUD Y A CO., 262 Broadway, room 11. At nnn -FOR 8ALK-A XINB CORNER PROPERTY at Astoria, consisting of four full lots with two small frame house*, wt'h .tore; a goo! stand lor a (ro orgy. Mo mortgage on U at present. Apply Immediately at the office of it. L. rt' RDY A CO., 262 Broadway, room 11, t9 WOO ~?REAT "aruain.-for 8ALK.~A iJ>AfstJV/VJ . three story and basement brijk house. In Prince street, between Myrtle and Fulton avenues, Brooklyn, lis If carh. Apply to FOSTER A LOl'KK, No. 4 oanda street, Brooklyn. . <ft9 nnn -F0R salk, a splbndid bakery, "P^?ovU lesse ant! fixture", including two evcelleul hor>e* and wr. .on*, now baking thirty barrels p*?r wwk, situ used in 00* < t th<* most bUNlncs t^ornuglitAreH in Ilwlctyu. NaUslactory tensors given by oailtug luinicdlahdy at Stu Hrmul wsy, room 10. SI MJU48 A TaYLoR. <&Qnn "FOR SALE?HAKKKY, LOCATED DOWN ?pi/vU. to *it In one ot the at" densely populated parts; any one wishing a buslnes. ot 'lilt kind cannot fall lobe pleased; eve,y hiug Is in good order; On- o.-en Iscipxbleor Inking 60 bin: el* per week. Apply lnr>,-diute v at 2 /.I It nail way, room No. 11. It. L. I'UBDY A CO. d>Qf|n ?A "O01 AND sllor: 8*OM AT A BAB VuUU, pain, on the greatest thoroughfare In Brooklvo; vow paying over (20 per week, Bet; will ho sold at appraisal. Till* Is Ihc bni,i thence ever offered for a young man to enter biiaineea. Satisfactory reasons for .?tllu?. Appl y to (J. tj. SMITH A CO., general sgenls 84 Nassau sired room A &l7Kf\ WILL BUY A NKAT TWO 8TORY 11R1CK V I JU bouse. In booth street, on Uie Kast river side, onru pled as a liquor store. It h?s a good ,ln roof to the building, gas and water fixture*. Will bo soli or exchanged rir a lot or small davlllog bouse, 1 will pay the balance cash. Aivlr at plPlvUkme'.cet. <2?Knn -WHNK8SWANfKi). ANY PKBdON B AVI NO a bu'lness or agency tn dispose of. thai docs no. *s:cnpy the evecing or before 10 In the morning, t'.iat will pay .. fair profit, can meet with a parches- by addressing alloc to Business, Herald office, stating particulars, Ac. <J> d (Tfl -FOB SALE. I.EASK AND FURNITURE OF tPTtlu, a handsome cottage, niegau'ly situated on Btateu Island, within Ave minute.*' walk of \ .to derbllt landing. The furniture Is In exr client order, and will he sold for the above amount, with the lease till Ma) next, tor AVI. Anplv at 2*1 Broadway. riiMKdSTAYLOR. (fOLA WILL BUY THK LKASK AND FIXTURES OF ^OUU a wholecnle and retail liquor store, newly SUed up, io one ot the best buslnesit places up town. For further parti culars Inquire at 413 Ninth avenue, between Thirty flfth and Thirty-stub streets. D AOA/V-FOB BALK?A SPLENDID GRNTKEL CASH ipuUU bushiest under successful operant m. tlowu town, end clearing CI,000 net yearlv. SailalaoUrry reasons given lor calling. Also a superior bakery,AW (J*--mine at ; also 14 jean' leaee of land and two One buildings, stable aail .store the, eon, West Twenty eighth nl. 1'rice S2,2Utf. Apply at 81 Nassau at,, room IV. fftQAA WILL BUT THE STOCK. LKA8B AND FIX sBaiiUY/ lures of the well kno?n drinking saloon. No. 2 Merotr street, corner o' Howard, now doing a first rate btul tiees. for particulars, Inquire on the promises. ffrQK ONLY-FOB SALE?NEWSPAPER, BBGAR, A WD ?POO stationery depot, on one of the greatest 'horoughfaiet downtown; the rent Is low and business well osiabltahed; it otters superior Inducement* to any smart young nira. Apply at 289 Broadway, room Ni. 11. B. L. I'UitDY & Ci). A BARK OBA?bi BOARDING HOUSE FOR HALK, A rent paid In board. It Is well fitted up, and will bo vo'd lor six hundred dollars c >sh. llea-ton fo- ao'llng, 111 health of the owner. For partirulars Inquire of J A.MISS CLllM I NO, 45 Norfolk street, In furniture store. A CLOTHING HTORE FOE PALE-DOING A OOllD custom trade. Bold on account m ih ? owner going in i another business cloee by, where ho will be ot 9300 or 94!)ll u year advantage lo tko purchaser. '1 crtns easy. Inquire on the premises, tea) Truth avenue. Bakery for bale?an old established ba kery will ho sold chimp, with or without horse an 1 wagon, as the owner Is going out of the business. Call at ,'3J Oreen wich street, cor acr of Perry. Broadway property, opposite the park, on a long lease ?A lease f-.r 21 or 25 ; ears will lie mule of the properly 154 Br'idwey. oppod'e the Park, an I so'1 at onction, by A J. ItLKKCKER A Ct).,atlhe Merchant*' Ex change, at 12 o'clock, on Thursday, I'M Instant. BUG STOKE FOR BALtaQORHRB OF TWENTY second Ktrcei and Tbl-^^veuue; long established. wall Mocked, and doing a good bluets. For 'tie only on aocount ef HI health of the proprietor. Apply at the store. rABM FOR BALK?IN WESTCHESTER COUNTY.? About 10U acres. 22 miles from New York, about two miles from railroad station, on either die Harlem or New Haven Railroad*. Some at ao en In white oak. locust, Ac ; the bal unco In orchards of choice fruits meadows ind plough lauds. < lood water, lirallby. good farm hn-ine an 1 out buildings. Will he sold on reasonable terms. Pert can remain at i Is per cent. Apply lo K. H. BROWN, 71 Wall street, irom 1 to3 P. M. FARM-Co AORKB-ONF. HOUR'S RIDE FROM intH city, near depot, in a fine agrl tullurt) oountry; 42 acres In nl Igh stale of cul iration, balance In wood and pasture. Build ing* grod, farmer's garden with abundance of fruit. Prloe *'',(*10, a Terms easy. W. J. 1! KINDRED A 00., 7b Nassau nl. ?OB BALK?THE POWERFUL AND WELL KNOWN stearn lug-hoot Alex. Maa-ur or Neuebon, of 2td 'oris -then, 177 feet loug, Z' feet wide and 8 feet deep; boilers tod machinery in good working order. Boat Is now employed between sandy Hook and New York. Fined up to carry pas sengers under art of Congress Terms of sale easy. Apply to aTMABON or Mr. WILBON, 100 West street. ' IjfOR BALE-IN BROOKLYN, Tin: tTOt'K, FIATURRB, 1 Ac., of an estahii-diod clothing arid tailoring establishment, situated on Uie principal street of the city. Enquire at Fullest street. B. BACK. * "(DOB BALK?TWO TENANT HOUSE4 ON ONE LOT, 5) JD foot deep each; lot 142 feet deep, and full Irani; In Oherry street, between Catherine and market; terms easy. Inquire *t the New York Fur Company, 421 Broadway, Irom 9 lo IU A. V., and 3 to C P. M. ? BALE?BTE A M8HIP TENNESSEE, OF 1,150 TONS register, built In Baltimore, in IBM, of the best Maryland oak. In the strongest manner, diagonally strapped with lmn. Engine of 12)0 horse power. This ship haspiorad herself an uncommonly Ope sea Inwl,Is very fast, and her consomptlon of roel moderate- Will be sold low. Apply to MOrU'IMrJR LIYINOBTON, 53 Broadway. Ifi OR PALE?THIRTY LOT! IN BBOt IU B, LATE WH. ' Usui bing, on Union avenue, Wycxofr. dt.-gg, h-h?l?, and Bmitb Fourtb street*. These lots are en n good grade, strecw F?' pared sod flagged, and are offered low to oloee an estate. Ap ply u> H. B. 8CUOI.ES. Bedford avenuo, corner of Koaist. FOR BALE-A BARIIKH'ri BIIOP, WELL FITTED UP, on moderate terms, wl h dwel'inq house ab lctu-i and in an exeellsnt location. For par hula s apply to EDWARD i'HAJLON , 197 Broadway, corner or Dcy thee'. OB BALE?TIT* FOUR BTGRY BRICK H0UBR AND atoreeomcr of Seventh avenu ? and Thirty fonrdi stre't, F (wide street) now occupied a? a family grocer*, with modern Improvements; also, a valuable m ire. App'y on the pre to lass. SAMUEL SPARKS, ,Ik. F? B BALK?THE OLD ESTABLISHED DINING SA _ Mam now doing a fine hnsluesa, and everything in goal order. AMkperron or persons wishing to engage In this bu fi nest wllTfEd It lo their advantage, fa 1 and examine ior yourselves at IDG Vesey street, from U to 3 o'clock. Pin balk, exchange, or to let-five new cottage houses, near (.'Union avenue; to let. 11 e on Wed Kafir stree' on First and 8?>rnnd (daces, Carroll park, I'esu street, Ae ? haste, browu sioue and brick. JOHN BRAINERD, WaUstree terry, Brooklyn. IX1R BALK-ONE MEDIUM BIZU HERRING SAFE. ' nearly new. six oak grained counters, wl h or wl'hout drawers; one Dt w fall and rope. Apply at lb and 28 Broad MrtaL For balk?one of the best in Few York; slock all new, ai.J not very large; s'slde to ?use five or ten years; ierm< nssv. Enquire at c iruor of fourteenth St., ana highlit avenue. LIXDsLY A IIADSELL. For bale-a valuable tract of land and water (lower, containing iwi ;ity live hundred acres situ .red In Bnrflng on conuly, N. J., twenty two uidoa irom I'hil* delphta. hy a good nibsiantlal turn -,ke road, wh!e<i ends with in two miles of the laud. The land It noTertv! whh a nn * gr iwth of ilmtier, pine, oak and chestnut, which wonld em ibo-ntwen ty (Its thousand eonls, Which could he em and pu' on the Un I tn* at 91 26 per cord, and the timber eould be made to pay lor the whole property at the price nake-i Also, there Is a fine water power, thai eould he Improved, as there I* a large six nory mciory, 441 hy 00 led, that oonM. with a v?ry little ex pense, be rotiverled into s grist mill, whl-h rould he mvle to pay very handsomely. Al>o the Agricultural Ra'lrood. wbloli li now about being made will pass w. bin on - mlie of nn- pro pertv. Also, lids tract Is surroundni by some of IV finest tarms In the cute. Those wishing to purcMue- m<y call on the suhM-rlber. who hves on the nropec v, near Vine en town. Bur llngton county, N. J., where any let-or asking lor lafisraialton, may he diverted. Terms easy. Apply lo I'HILIF OANK, A m-entown, Burlington county M. J ; or JOll.N H. COFFIN, U South Fourth street, Philadelphia. _________ FIB 8AI.R-A FIR'T BATE BAR-*00* WITH OT-tTBR countar, ir .beauiifuJly fltted up and ihrea years' lease from i ex'Mai For particular* apply at itl Bronne street, corner ol Ludlow. Fob balr-thk small fast ate amboat pacifi \ Hi to lis> Imr r pow cr. in ju r - oo board, East river, be ween Deign cry and Hiaauoe ? r.c-s. t/or balk-a i/vr 25 rv too i eei s inches on the r SOtSth - Idc of Flftv sum r-iraa', 150 feet wast of But m l avenoe. t.c'ween Harvard sod Th'rl svenu-s. xrtl) be vild low i i rash: tide perfect, gad Cca fmin a I en-'-taibran-^s. Apply ? A LB F. It! ILJAHN>LA Y, No. 4 'trv rd "-eet. J'OR SALE?A WHOM* ALE AND RETAIL LIQUOR ?Mgr. In 'be vicinity ?.f ludn Ira s atwl vfirn" varda. Apply li die litem ae- 5J0 Waal 1 weaty seventh strr-:. v THOM AS M. HOOKS. B*or sALU-two hundred \c iv vkrmont, goodtim'er Isnd.abon' twelve miler Irom MUdleburj. on Rt tlaai Beiirogd. neat > illagml Improvemen's. < he-'p, wry heap tor r .,U. Apply L. tt. BROWN,71 Wall a' ioTp. m. OR BAM - THE FIRST CLASS THREE STORY AND baeemrm brPk house an<l FA, 98 Wed Thirty aernnd ??veet The hmise la In perfect order tbr HMBedUEf Ocenpaa ry. an ! wltl be Mild s bargain. Api-ly lo FOOr A WOHTlI, So. 6 Trinity hub-tin t. III Broad*"' ? FT,?.*"?THE ?|,*OA*T BROWN STONE THREE s'orr ard 1 seemed 1-ona" an-l lot No. 3 B airman p'a-e, AA'astlhirtv 'liird street, 'the house |g now undergu og th-r fiOT. Mllbe newlv painted-n,rtor orvt taKtaWvj ?aEd^Torie of Uie innet deslraf la rc pteuee. In Mew Y eg Fo mdeat* bsri atn. by FooT A WOE1H, No 6 1 rini'y Bund ttrg . Ill Brugdway. ? IOR BALF-THK STOCK AND FJXTtRlS Or AN KS t/ii.I* Jhr 1 sruar wfth !>#r fttiKBM. Mtgm o* re-l m'o an eitrnt saloon If di-s rable. R--a?iiU or "J -'tg, health of the owner. Apply et *4.'Eighth a. en ae. For bale or exciiavge? a fink yrni of ?w mr iltviM Ui OfWfll cu-nntr. N?w r??ri, lis ? pf,r tolllhf J<ir%l|on HD'I itmorj* fcighlT *** ** U?r?. Alio, for >?!aor tich*nc* tor pro?i?ri/ In or ?*mr *>??* r|tf ? n*w *? rirt ' ' In fl?? Htjr o< Srw York Arr?' ?? lift *^<1117 Nmmu room 3 rvi , rr%, Mia, ftiicr il o*cu:*,A A M. F TOE SALE. 2?0H ?ALK-A CXWAOK HOtJHK AMD PULL LOT, OM Thirtieth s'reet, between Fourth and Madi-ion avenms, BOO; * three story brick bouse on Kim afreet, At,OX); a three story genteel now brick house on Thirty secund sreet, 15.'W i, J.S?0* *!?u,e 011 n'*a,rl> ??????. (6 000. K. a. KINdHIMKB, 819fourth avenue, 3 to 7. TjK>H HALE?THE FIXTURKHOF A BOTOHIR'H STORK A and our time of it; la one of the be A stands up town. For particularscab at 362 oeventb avenue, near Thirty third at. ROB KALE-A NEAT I'OKTKR HOIHK IN TH3 Bo wary, near Chatham square It will be gold low, at 'be owner cannot attend to it, or will take a partner in with a fatal! capital. Apply at 91 Division atieet, for Information. BfKlR HALE, CHEAP?THE HOtJHK AMD LOT OM THE north-west corner ol Flrat avenue and Thirty second ?treei; bouae 20 by SH tret deep. 4 atoriee and cellar, 12 t roll walla water on each floor,alt sewered to the river; an etoollout "and for a grocery or Uquor store. Apply to O. FOUNTAIN, HO East T wen'Jelb streit 110K HAI.K IMMEDIATELY, DOWN TOWN-A FIB-IT v'.it-n dining i aioon, with leave, slock and fixtures. Splen didly fitted up, with every convenience for die liolu on the pre ndre*. Apply Immediately to C. (1. THOMPSON, 81 Nassau street, routn7.' Fob balk cheap fob oabh-tuk stock and fixtiirr.'t of a grocery vu ire, now doing a good business; one oi the beat lorntlcua tn Eighth avenue, with covered wagon it'inched. Privilege of lease for live years, if required. In quire si 976 Hcrenth avenue. ElOR PAI.E C1IKAP-LEASK, 8TOOK AND FIXTURES r of one of the moat profitable oyster saloons tn this ci<y. Lo-ahd at'lie Icnnlnalhin <ifl*o stage lines. This is an ex cellent ehaitee. Iteoaon for selling, going tn the country. Apply lo (J. t. LE FORT, 2U8 Broadway, ollico No. 2, succoj sor to Sinters A Tompkins. A Fob hai.e ok exchanor?unincumbered loth, well altualed on the grade tn the Filth waul of the etty of Newark. M. J.; will be exchanged lor city Improved property, with llrle encumbrance, or dividend paying stocks, mio-chan disc, or farms, K. If. KINBQIMKK, 311) Fourth avenue. Fob rai.e or to lkt-onk op the best loca 1 ions in till) city for a genera) produce and commission ha slne?k, or for a liquor store, or any other bu finest tnnt requires s prominent location. Apply ou the promises, U) Counties slip, c-u nur ot t rout street. TVIOB HALE OR TO LKT-IIOU8E AND LOT NO. 3(W I Fourth street, New YoC.: s 'o, limine and lo hot. 186 and 167 Adams street, Brooklyn, inquire at 61 Chatham "treei, second I'.cor, betk room. IilOUB HANDSOME FOR P ALK CHEAP. Apply Immediately at WM. Dili JLKh'H, lotlien' hair r 649 Broadway. HGCSEH FOR SALE.?A (iBNTUEL THREE STORY benseon Fa t Thirty-first street. 97 OOfi; one on We.t Twintyalx h street, $6,600; one on Weat Twenty-eighth street, St- HO; one on F.asi Twenty fourth street, ffi.OiV); onu on West 1 went; second street 90.600; one on Fourth avenue, 96,801). E. H. KlfiRb latKK, 319 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7. II0C0R STORK FOB SALE.?CNR OF THE BEST IN J the Eleventh ward, replete with every eobvenlenca, and nysier bar attaohed, now doing a good business, lu a thriving it arket neighborhood. It tuxen at I.nrc will he Hold at a decided bargain, ??the proprietor is oempaltee to leuvo for Europe apply on the premises, corner llou ton and fihertu'sts. MURRAY HILL PROPERTY FOR HALE CHEAP -TWO splendid new brown shine front houses, each 26x51), three stories, hasemcnt and sub cellar, lots hall the block In depth, mi tire south side of Thirty-sixth Kreei, between Fourth and Lexington nrenucs. Apply to WM. A. WHITBROK, 8(1 Nxaatt street NOTICE TO PKBBONH OOINO TO HKA.?FOR HALE, aclilld'a caul Will bo disposed of lor a mere trttla if applied for Immediately. Address Mrs. J. O. II., HeraU otllco. OYbTER SALOON FOR HALE-IN ONE OF TUB BERT ? loea'lr.r.r In the cltv, and dolus a first rat* business. Rent modern* with a lour yearn' lea**. Apply to ALEX. Ii AMI I. TON, S) Oliver street, between 12 an<l <t P. M. PRIVATE RKRIDKNCKR FOR HAJ.K.-A THREE STORY house in Grove street; a three atory hottae In Twenty, tllili street, ntnr Leilngmu avenue, price $7 OtIO; a fine three story brlrk hotiae and lot In 1 wenly aeventtt atreet, near Htzth nvonne, teUJUO; a three brick dwellln( anil store la HI* icier atrce.t, price SN MX); also. <00 otherhouses, for 'talc, or exchange, by A. HKltUEANT, 16 Wall street. PIE BT7RTNFIRH FOR PALR??OUR HORSES AND WA ona, t.ltli ulJ the necessary utensil* and good will ol the bttsl^a. Intiotro In Ihe bakery, corner Of Thirty jtloih strce'. id Ninth avt uue SEWING MACHINES FOR HALE AT ffAANDflO ? Th* latest Improved and the best ever inventa-l for quilt ing and ae win* In icnrral Hewing machtues of all deaerlp linn* Improved and repairs d la thu host inannor, at rndmaul pricus. Depot 3<3 Broadway. ft. H. CO AXIS A CO. GALAMANDER RAKE FOR SALS.?A MEDIUM BOSS, 0 nearly new. Apply at the soda water sop iratui ut .nu fsrtot v of JOHN M ATtHKWH, 4.17 anil <33 Flrat avenue cor ner Twentjrdtlxlh street. f|X> PRINT EBB AND NEWSPAPER PROPRIETORS.?FOR J rale several second hand single cylinder proxies, In com plete oider. It. HON A 00. TO PRINTERS.?TO BE SOLD. A HP.DON 11 HAND band press Hmtth's patent, Hon maker, nearly new; sire of bed KU x 24H; a'ro, a small Itatnage hand press In good order Address 1'rlnlcr, herald oUica. TO DKUGOtBTB AM) APOrilKOARIE?.-FOR RALE dsap, the complete fitting* ot s drop store, comprising 1 luss show ceres, mat t,i? topped counter*, tinctures and sail mouth*, ready labeled; brackets and show bottles, Ac. Apply at <tte to F. HALF., druggist. gla?x andftxturc dealer, No.KU MM street. J* TO BUTCHERS ?FOR HALE, THE OOOf) WILL AND lutures of an old email lulled meat shop now doing a food brndnraa; there la a live years' le.irc, at a low rent Inquire on the premises, corner of Uenry and Mlddaxh street i. Brooklyn. TWO KARMH FOR RALK-OR EXCHANGE FOR CITY property or merchandise, situated three miles from the r.'ty of New llrtiuxwltk, N .1.; on* enn alni <0 acres, the other 1.0 net cs with biilMlng* and outbuildings, suitable for farmlmj. Api ly to J. McCBAKKN, 2U Albany strnat, N. II. The subscriber will exchange the lot and house JV Willow plies, Rns klyn .'icing a :<u I, ?ohs'au >tal brlrk bouse, having all the modern Improvements, for un improved lot* in any good locality in Brooklyn, on lair and equitable terms. PK1BH O'HARA, Court street, mirblefac lory, near the City llall, Brooklyn IIOIINKN, (lARRT AfiKM, ?<U'. At the bazaar, 31 obosby street, will be wild on Wtdneaday, at t2o'cl<* k twenty horses, stiitable b r ell purposes. Alio, second band weigius, srngl* MM double liaruriHi. saddles, Ac. JOHN H. OATfaa, Proprietor. flARRIAOKB BULLING OFF AT REDUCED PRICES. "j ?An assortment ot caie-he coaches, rockawavs, brat phaetons, wagons. Also, -eeoud hand coaches, top wagon*, light doetdr'a phaetons, Ac., Ac. MAJOR THOMPoOJi A t o., 26 Wooeter street. fTARRTAGES FOR HAI.I -FINN COACH. COST KM; "3 baa lieen uaed but two or three months, and Is In perfect 01 dei; also mo xljt Mated roekawsys, one front coupe, top burgles, liro?h*ni, and one ooacli. Applv t 7'?8 Vroadway. J. 0. II A*. TTIOR RALE?A VERY FINK BAY MARK, (I YEARS I' old. If.}, hands high, pony build; wouM mike a lino do tor's a family horse; warranted mind and kind In all r i >eet?. Abo n rose mare 7 years old. Id hand* huh, will he sold ctlsap. Apply lu the store No. 10.1 Fourth street.corner of diaries ?t. riOR HALE? bt.F.IGHR, NEW AND SECOND H AND, OP 1 all kind*: alma 'sign asxnrtrrrtil ot Ugh' si, .as rrvtka way* Ac., several pairs and ten sit.. le horses, a; lite cirns ;c repository n< >1 sales stables, Noa. S and IrNevlnx street, 11 Fulton avenue. Iliooklyn. JfOR RALE-AFIRRT R ATE CHESTNUT HORSE, WITH a.agon, hart ess ci.ith .le. Bold entirely Tor Hi* want of u-e, J'tul will lie sold - h?'*,i ar d w.t.iout reserve 11 Is re.lly a tuee turnout tor a person ?satin* such. At. dy at the Ar cade stable, Twenty third street, corner of H.iiaavenue. BARTON. IJIOB BALE?A HANDSOME PAIR OF BROWN IloR.- BS, " til and rc.rn tears oil. (Iltoen hands hud.; a Ro-kaway coupe, nearly new; a tsu sea'nd wagon, shifting lop, po e arid abaft*; also, mo ret* of double harness, all or wbtoh caa be if u at W. U. Miles' liae y Able, Mnetrcuth street, beisrcen 1 ilth and Hlxifc avenura. J.10R hAI.K, TIIIH DAY?THE OH EA PERT PONT IN F theettj; good for a tu'eher a* he l.ta been used bufarc a hu.rhei's eu.t; I* fast. Also, a nice light car., with three rprljig*. If you tr.'.utle sete bargain call early thu day or to mi rn w, as ttiey must be aold h>r want of use, at 172 W. s' FtnUetb rtreot. EK)R RAI.K-A HPLENDID PAIR OF DARK BORREL ??srrlape hov-e-, about p;t$ hat.da high with few equals In tht'i eltv In style and action, ihcy may be seen at Lewis's a>abl. s, ourtter of Proadsrsy and Twentieth J 0. WINANH II Wall street. FOP. HALF?A LI (HIT ROAD WAGON, WITH HIIIPT log top In peried order, ror only fir. coat t'JI) .-nod aa new:alia, I ay marr, Is hands high, with toil hv the l*,t trot ting U.rre W? rhlrgton, for only #73 Must be sol I Immedu'nly. A) ply In the rton-, corner of Fourth and North K.fu. street*, nHMf B<or baij:?the fart TRfvmno horre, rnow ball, 7 years old, <. tr.d and kind In all harness; tro s In IM; aha I u.p w.igen In per'r. t ord.-r, and I a*tn'?tlver >d harness; will lie *Md r hrap, ns the owner Ins no lur ther it ? lor loin. Apply Mill West "JHh sL f'OR R ALE?A SPLENDID ROAN COLORED noRAE, sis year, i4d, |t> hand* I tgh, sultabl* for dnc'or or nnrnaa, v arret, ed i und snl kind In every rt-?prrt tin be seen at No, <f. SI d at , near Broadway. TiMII' - Al.K? A LIGHT AND H ANDAOMK ROs'KAWAY I rarrlafe, with poU and *ti?fl, for on* or two horoe., i? m : r I role - tder ai d will be sold at a bargain, ' an It* seen at 72 bradc ri. Si'OB RALE OR EXCHANGE A VERY Bl'PERIOt t*ml!y hor?e llfhl bay, seventeen hands hub ? ? yearn Otd, setirq and kind, a rare stylish driver, and faa' traveller. <an is 1MB at J. GARDINER FLKKT'd stables, corner I.ainlltoa and Market street*. nOt EH WANYID?A LADT'R SADDLE IMRdE, . p< rfrlly senile six! sure footed, a fast walker, easy in a I gata and kind m All .ir -s. IdVa to 13 hand* Ugh. snood and nee fln m blemlah, my odttr t.ut white, *r?y or cream also, a p. r 11 marea. atmut INS' tuni 1- high, sound, kind sod gentle ar.d Ikai'ra ellera, cop,r aa above. Address, with particular desertpthA, prv e, Ac , b*R I <J r..*t.. . OWNRRH OF HOR KB ARE DI.'Rf.BT NOTIFIKO THAT II Dr. TOPI Ah' b..rie llr Iment In plht sRi 'mot an <-?nl?, I r*s f ,;nd superior to any other, f.?r the r.|f? ot oollc, aoee I recta, gsil*. cuts, I ruwas, curbs ar.l scratebes, the iviriey all 1st relnn eri Ihtpot fl) c-trtiandl street. Over 2,lkM cer 'P'.-atr. ran be ?en at Uh- otuoa. EXTRA PAT. TJXTP A PAY PRV-IONH - WILLIAM GRANDIN, r'OUN J J sell'.r at l?w, onrarr public and I'nited H'Ales iVwp m, ft".?*?N'w llau.j .hlrw, Vernsmt Isrnnrsc lent Rnede Uund, Pennsylvania, "bio, in.liana, Ml' l .gan, loaa. WAaoondn, T*B i.essee, Leubdar.a, Als'wma, Mls.lsrlppi, Fkwtda, K >n?i* NiLraeka. Mtt.neaoia, he ?Nassau * est N. Y. Unfed Plates n>Mptil I* In 3d boon Pensions, pai-n'a, and bosi iursa " ' '''-sfed- AH ktiela o law business s v ?? s-' fully pro I'NITFD hTATRu p ?qRFO|lTR-1<<?iTKn BY J. B I J NOR EH Notary arid < o ntnlsst. o*r tor al. th* H'anr v . IWarren a'reet Nautrahied a.tlaana maat (irnU calrs. Alan, bo aty laml warrauts. p.-uatona, e?trs pay. A rT B. NAVY RAfLCRx AND OTH nth.-FXTR A PAY . i rwnr'ly paid, bounty I*r4 WAtrao'i rhielnai b.?i*ti and act:, ten .* spmrsirad la's ,ee <-* h- ra of da-. , * ' t H. scwhrfu .v.. acted, and art khsrSs rt stmusa a*a II * bdwaed BI- ft I., tt?a a vd a-* Pu-aa C. R Nav? I' Wax rrtat ?Huratt. OLrVRRPOOU-UNITICD HTATRH KAIL TTTtAM lp PACIFIC, Ufcpt Ait Ktdrtdge ?Thl? steamship will wtth ike United mates irutiU for Kurnpe, positive!' ?? Wednesday, Nut. 2B, at 12 o'olook If.. from her berth at the 'out ef t.'tul vtreel For freight or passage, having unequalled AC lor oleganoe had onmfort, apply to Kit WARD K OulLi hm, k Wall itreeL ire requested to be on beard by 11?' -ok a M. Shipper" please lake notice that Uie ahipa of th'a Hoe canaiH carry nay goods tv ultra hand 01 war. All letters rauat paaa through the Poet office; an; other* will l>e returned TUc steam ship Atianilr will auoreed Ike Pool tie, and salI Deo 12 Notice?The de?a of departure of this I loo from New York, will be Saturday, commanelng January 5, and erery ahoraa'e Saturday; and from Livrpool on Wednesday, ooattnenuuig Jauuary 23, and every sit, mate Wednesday. rE BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROY Al. MAI I. Btenwatupa. rttoa it aw yon* to uvaarooL. Chief cabin passage f 139 Second cabin passage 73 rttoa matron to uvmu-ool Chief cabin passage $110 Second cabin passage 00 The slops iri m Boston call at llalt'at. Arabia, Cspi, Judkin*. America, ( apt. Rang. Persia Capt. Kyrte. Kuropa, Capt, t-hsnnm. Asia, CapL K O. IaMI. C'ut'la, Capt stone Africa Capt. Itarrtson Niagara < apt. Lam-h. These vetaela carry a clear white light at mast head, green on a srhoartl bow; rod on port bow. Asia, IsOU leaves Bo won, Wrdnesdav, Noyemhar 21. Canada, Mone, " Boston, Wednesday, Deeamherft. Africa, liariliton, " Hon m, We.lne.,la?, Deootaber It. Asia, 1a>iL ?' hii J,id, Wrdnesdty, January 2, lAVi. America, Intng. " Boston, Wednesday, January US, IHJtl. itcrths not recurrd until psld lor. An exprrlcucril surgeon o:i hoard. The owners of tho-e ships will not he a -countable for gold, silver, bullion, specie,Jewelry, precious stone* or metals, no less hills ot lading are signed iberelor anil the value tbereol therein rAprossed. 1' or freight or pas ?ago apply to K. CUNAUD. No. A BowlingGreen. Tit* public are rrrp. ctfully ml rmed thai II Is inteo Is I to re stuue, early in PcbrUbrv, 1H5., the woolly sailings of the abvtnshiosnt tie rompanv fr nn the Untied Hta'ea to LI'er pool 'Jlie -learners will thi leaflet' he do itiati'liel every Wed nrtilay, ss lormorly, to Liverpool, from New York eud IrOin Boats.! aiternaiely. The new york ami Liverpool united htatkn tnsll steamers.?The ships rotnpo tu't the line are the fil lowing :? ATLANTIC, Capt West PACIFIC, Capt. Kldrltlge. BALTIC,OapAOomakBok. Adriatic, thyt ' 1 hese ship* hare In en built by contract, etpresaly for gov eminent service. Every care las been tsken In'their con slrncilcn, as also In their engines, to eumre strengthati l speed, Mid their an ommodetkm? lor p utwsngent arn unequalled for elrgauce, snd comfort. Price nf pssMtgo frout Near York to hue |Mol. in first class I'.ililn, $1.10; in seen ? I do., 918; (2 elusive useol extra sire mate t o uiu, 8lfft; trorn IJve-pool to New York, .'gland ISu guineas Ait eipcrienced surgeon at tat lied to carb ship. No berth soured tin hp till lor. PROPOHKD DATES OP HnfLINO VROM MKW YOltk. VtKJd U. K'trOOt. Wrtloesdsy, Nov. 9C ..'83ft Saturday, I ec. I 183." Wednesday. Dec. 12 lhMi Rat'trdar, Dec. 13 'Hftft W ednesday. Dec. 2B . ..lsftft Balurdiy, Do:. 2' .... IMoft i Host he* roitK. rttoa Mr unroot.. Belurriay, Jan. ft IrftA Wednesday, Jan 2' 18Sfi haiiinlay. Jnn. I'.' lefttl Weduewl tv, Feb. 6 ISBI annul, y, Ken. 2 IrlftB Wednesday, Fe'i. 3J Isftd .-ntulday, Feb. 111. Iron Wednesday, Mar, ft ISA'l Saturday, Mar. 1 Ihtid Wrdnesdav, Btr. 19 'SIVti Hninrd.vy Mar. 1ft thai Wednesday, Ap'l T 1H.V1 Sa ind.iy. Mar. tip ..Ins', W?dn, lit, Ap'l IB IvVi Ba'urday, Ap'l 12 IsflB Wednesday. Ap'l 3d lAVi ha'urdmv, Ap'l 'Jt lhflC Wednesday, May 14 Isftd Kalnrday, May 111 ISM Wedne iliy. May 2M 'HSj h'aturday, Mvy 24 Inftrt Wcdocs lay, June II Isid l'or livfght or pas age apply to Eli W'll K COLLINS, ft., Wall a'reel. N. Y. BKOWN, HHlPI.hY A CO., IJverpnol. sTKI'rlKN KKNNaKD A CO., $7 Austln Prlara, London. B. O. WAINWHIOUT A CO., Paris The owners of there ships will not be accountable for gold, ether, bullion, specie, jewelry precious stones onoetals, uv less bills of tailing arc slgted Iharoior, and the value thereof Iherrlu expressed. t-hlppei a please take unties, that the ship) of this line cannot carrv any gursla rontiahaud ol war. All leper s must pass through the pool ollice any olhir will t>e returned. NrrnCK The day of departure of till* line from New York fi r lrftfi will be Satunlay, eoininnncnig Janutrv ft, and every alternate halurday; ana from Liverpool, Wwlnesday, mo inrncini ,lau. 23, andevorj alternate Wednesday. I ICR 1,1 V KB POOI-?BAILS WKl'SKSDAT, NOV. 21 The clipper packet ;tiU? AMKKK'aN UNION. Heaood cabin $18; stMrt)! lit', and found by the ?htp lit it liberal nap plyof pruvtalnno. Apply on heard, pier 2d Kaut rlvnr. fiot of Burling ?Up, or Id TIIOH. O lt?>> fi K. M l Hou'h utr<rt. L'Olt LIVKRPOOL.t-KMFIRK LINR.?THH FA VOBITE r pmkci ehtp l'.MPlttK BTATK, Dept. Brlgg.i. wdl Mtil on Thoridayr, 22d loot. F or paaanga in cabin, n?!oon, neeotid r* lilts or ntmre, apply on bieud. pier M Korut river, or ui pnUMf A J onus, to booth Mriet aid M old-lip. ?VTOTICE ?TAPflCOTT'H LINK, IRISH 1'AOKKT FOR i.\ I.Uorpool, Tta Cork, pocket 2l*t .November. Theeplen dhl rhpiier abip Al.UlhlN, It. U, Wulbtmt, Ilonunandar l.nt l oin ; the ilrM packet of the Irleh llue, peraoni about proceed tag lu T.utogtt tlioold i-intn'tie h?T aooomm nUmmr tie'oo nu purlng nit) wham cImi. Pavenngera forwarded from < lork lo nil ll,i- principal intms In Ireland an ! Llrnrpool free. To ve ctor berdio apply oil lu-nrd, pier .18 Real river, or to TAl'S .1/11 A 1 O., bbrtoiidi i*. TIDE VAMI'KKUILT EUROPEAN HTKAM4HIF LIVB Foi HouUi aoplnn and Havre.? The eupertot Or.1 rltn a'camel'lp MOUTH HTAfl, 2 ADO um?, Womaak, no-ma'"'lor. all! poelilvely anil an a'?ov? mi A-ilurd.iy, N or. 'J4 ai noon p e clarly, trace pier Mo. "JO Morth river, foot o< err ?treat Find cleaa pannage.. ....$110 fieoniid oioon i*,i / 80 riiku i At/> or a a iLt.rij rtow rev vora. i ri?r. tau rotrrii tvrror North' tar Nov 21 Auiih Star Mar. .1 AT If! l/BC. 10 Ant! Viv '21 No-ili -"tar Hoc. 15 Ariel Jan 6. otto Thane *h!p? hove voire light eomportraanU, aril ore built and filled In 'he beet manner lor e.tloly and . oiufort, data A I. ami Inmn-u at the lowe?i, I.altera. prepaid n-b Bit H <>*?, ore et the oSee of the nor. No. b lloatbig recn till II o'clock A. M of she d.iy of it.* and qpecla Uk on at reduced ret?, end parcel* prepaid, each 21 mod upward#. For iralght or paaeaga apply 10 D. TGSRANCB, No. 3 nowtlng (Jrnen. Near t'n. CROSKKV A OO., fcoothoii.ptoo, nod 67 Gruoe Choroh ,im; l*. inu. AMIKKT N I'll It y at IK No. 8 I'AOt 'In la lloo-.n, Pari*, OHBtWlK HUHLl/KmlM AM A (.'(/., 1 UnUvlcne. Forte. fJIOR BREMEN, VIA K<>1 TIIAMI' 1 ON.?TilK UNliKIl I Mtnti? tnoll a'reioKlilp WA- ? llNil n/N, K. tlo.e'i 1 y. now ti?nder, will -all lor Urcoieii InucblOK ai bo lUio'upum to I tod lite nutila end poavngnra Tor M,:loo l end Froae. oa Malor doy, December I, ot 12 o'clock d , fioio pier Mo. 37 Norti rlrcr. 1'kiccor Fawatik rnov Ni.or Vuhk to Socriiaarrn* no Huraoa ? In Bret robin, molnae oon H't) In hr-t robin, lower aohkia ltd lu rcrond oohlo AI An eiperieoced -ur^coo lo .itlacbc.1 ui co-'b olraroor. Hpc. In delivered In IlAVie or taindon. All tetter* moo pa - through the 1'oat oflicc. For po coje or frngbt op ply to ' t,. II NANlt, Anna'. II iti'i i William ? trees, TIIK LTVFhFOOL ANI? l'l(ILAOFU"HfA bTl.tVSIHP Con puny U'lrod miIuik ll or u - . -i. ,l ,t Oil VDI HAI.TIMtiRfc, Hid, 1 "i - 10(1 1; -r l.ei -h. t lTVOh WABlllNtliON J . . u, i?, 1 . .1 w 10. A yl e CI'J* OF MnNCill>T* It. 2 liltloiK I n t I* <! Ft ir.'. halimn, WU. Vi-/. rial f.v, a<" r Unit tn ? ? ?? room' A lin.hcd number of ilmd clone P'OaeokT. wtu be ult"n ft in FkllA/lelpiila and Liverpool, ana l-mnd in pro..,-lont. I if to FbborlelirbU ?;H| I I-rum Lirerp d *19 F0111re a Mill,y lu brlntr oot inelr fr emla, no obtiin cm ud? ca r- of fro-roDi- ui d dralt- 00 Liverpool 111 mini, "t ?1 ? erouii ? i d 1 pvardr. Apply lo J'lIlM u. DaI.K, ,mi-ip, 17 Weinul ?lroet, i'lulodelpbie. (JTI.aM IIRTWKKN NNW VORK AND flLAMGOW. 0 RDINISURO, 2J/dluAi, Wi . ? iimimne o-rtoinvo ler. Mt.W VoHK, AlAd 'ou?. Robert Crtig do. OLaMCRtW, i/m-v Job.i Donroo u 1. 1 he O u/ii* 01 -I New Fork Hteuai?blp itimpoor'r upo-ndi! and piweriul '11 w eic trr -r I--Let urj lit Appalilted In *ou frioi Maa Vork 1 e-t. u-juw direct,on Mo urday, Mkh lun,r? eoil 01 12 o r o k. noon, pr--rb?ly Kouia'if pateoje ui rulorn od Vllmnent. a uply v> J. MrNyifoM, 111 Broodwoy. CIFAMHIifF FOR IIAVUK -TIIK NKW A Nil "PI.IIV t ' did tirai -laee eiecaebip KHIOaflON, A. II. Ia>"vi?er on i' order, yrll) leave truni ploc No 37. Nurtb rirer on Weiue* day. Mot. 21, at neon llaai-tkc not wan-.-d on lb' voja/e rl.ould lie ?ciilOfi board the it*y belore m llnk. moiknl "be low " I eiu-r? prepaid, 1N\ oen'a per huf ottQf a, and poreelr will be roeoived ?' ihe .!??.!> 'dbre ill! 10 A. M of the lay of .ai wit. Frireof pee-ere?Fir*' t-Jtliln, 913'. o*oond, HO. Tb? Kuc-^f ui I* uucnrj"1 -ae-i In berorr*ni'en,eniu for the ooeilort of bt poaM-PKor* and will give eelUfoctloo to oli who inty <-'?* 1X1C AlleuAc in her. For InfbrmUnn or rwitoge, apply H ft It. RI' H AI.II, tgi-n', M HmoJeroy. PflKt AUFORNIA VIA NH.'ARAOfJA.?DA VH OF S ML log ct?-,*rd to Vi> nod 24lb of earh mMlb Through In of ibe mall?7WI nilice alorrter tluu. ta; other route Iba t.Oiigaite trae. Tbc ?p>tal.d double engine *'.eom -hip NObTHKiiM LI f 111T. 2.M0 tooa bitribeo, Dept. Tli kiejaogh, will lewe fder No. 8, North rirer. ot 3 o'i lock I'. M.. tor i'unlh Arenoa, on Mo'nrdov, Norea bcr II. D5h. eonnocun* with he ateomehlp Uoele Sotn, 2 M* lone burthen over die Rtcaracoa Troowi ro-n?. hor'ng but twelve noli v tood tron-por.-!. to by Or ' oIom .mage* The pfoprM 11* mn now ire the public 'ho' the (etlunaa In cuilreij free from disev-r, on l that be nolttt a! trail dev In Maoragno have ren ml. Fea?n l.e? been mode between Ihe eontODdlrg pertlea, and oot'lie vllgbieyt Interruption la (he ir tnai' be.wi-. n ihe o-eenv need be apprebenled F?vInformationer pe*?.ge osply only w> UllARI.K.-i MoK b? N, Agent No 2 Howlli f '? reen. Won.pad let'er* token tor cente each. F'lnrrriji-FR* for nsN FBAWciico-naARtN. bed to oe'l an or loiar lay. Mtb loM.- The .pieudid A I tlr*t rl-too clipper ohlp FAIlt wINIK Allen rooder, le row eotrtplfdlng per I' WllMOt (tier M'o 9 F*et river, and w".l t -elllve'v toll no olmre. Tbw ?I?!en !M ehpper la o warpaee-1 ny 00) t'-vool now kotdlng, but for die ueufhrnta trvle, wi'k eiery reverd to eii[ er*,r eol.'.n* ouolltle* end peif*-'veoole fi n. hblpi-er*-eiekng Uurtr r eight bv l?e Fair Wind here die ndronteve of e prwtdre doy for nolling, o? the rewalt f til'.I line take no freight after the day u-frerU-ed. - u.ppr-1 *111 pleow bore mil t'irlr freigh' n '-utrl befwe N%; irtay mnt, 17<h lite*., hondlbg In tit 'r buia of lodlng for wgaoturv Tlw aplrn k! ? I Srei ckvu rilpj^r i hip Kep-irtor /fow--?. II u.ler, Wu. ? Odr for oorgo In 0 law day?, and aall on iw before ber rf .,a..f doy. Nt'TTflN A 13/.. be Ho dh etraei. ArPTBAI.IA FIOMTFR T.IdR, I AHRVINtJ TIIK fTNf trd K'oi.-? Moll -Tl.r fool *blp l.'TNTITIA, f w Me heiome borli g had her ei/go poapire'v ent a-ad. I* MjBHI to 'oka fralgt' on mmlerola lerma, ot ptor U Kavl -.rer 1/ op pliad Utt eortv. App'v <n K W. CAM! RON No. 6 Rowlltg H.-eao. a ''NTKAi.ia rumam ubb-qabbtivo tkb d. b. A. inollo ?The very fa*' eat 'ng Ohio* p* l?t OBQDt, Gni <'rreey bow loading ot pkw 17 fat rirer, fe Nyloer dl reel, boo ranrn for o tinoll utiotitii* of fWlghl if apphed foe ?any. For fira'iil only, opply 10 R W UaMKKhM, No. 6 Howling 'Teen. Fm,r Havana and*n?..v orlrahb?titr a. ? n.all ?laonwkip ( All AWMA Cop R W. Hbufaidt, will beg lo rraelvtag freight on Vol,- -tor. Nor /l, mod ?t 1 for he ohrrrw porro OB Mneeoy, bov. M. 01 2 u'ekrk pre uwy, fraei hor pier No 27 North river be* of It'iblnm n a'reat. UVlNUaTON, < KIN HKRoN A DO 11 Hraedwoy, ITN1T>D PTATBN Mill, BTF.AM-UIIP COMT ANT,? ) Kltro weofnar for llavor.o. on Vvlirgty, Nov 21 ?' 2 r-'elfwk. F.N flow W?rrwi> *ivae'. pier?lha. ?i iih oc. 1 fo r * I a I'eim ib.p 1'IIILa I'hl.rillA, iobn M "??n. ram ireraiar. For poeaogn only, opp'y ot Ihe ot v? <itUv ~wnp?-iy. I; , Waal ureet. ranar ot Warren. M <) K'/dK.K r-v ll*OB HAVA NNaII f A IIF. R F|iF i if) -TIIK UI ? KKl ~ r finr elamotrom-hlp BTATK t/F tKON'il A. ( ?"i?in .1 i (iorvtn, wi'i leore Fhli?4alpbo far flo ran nab nE'-lvdif N'.vetnl-vr 11. at 10 o'cln-h A M Fo-a, f A etewragw, BE Aganto In Nvw Tnrk. MfBANTflN A TAl.f.M AV, lld.d * 1 ore *tat*rn?wit moy bv aaenreA. Tba Kay*,ma Atnte wBl Iretc Of .l?ove. ?? BTedaewloy Movemt-er Nl. t>0B BAVANNaH AND FI//B1 r> A -1; NIT V. U~9tLlm I Mull Ltoa - The now onl alegoni ela-niiw A" f' top" Ihfi* I )<wi. will leova ?y> Wmlnrwtty, '. v ?-o,<*- P fraw Pier Ni. 4 Nonb I rer ol S-.'aloe*, r w. oil a of a! g III two "ll ' oerl For frelgW apply on board, or fe povw " . ? I. MIT' Hlt-L 1.1 I'" Of'way fViPi pw-sga ? , ?ro ,<B ft!l 1 .? flnndo. tnro igh 1 ekow frowi Mow u J,eg, a ell, te. r.'o'hu I .i la'r* on i mt i -or we ee* i.-*t> hxamioA flw FywMo thrao ti-ne* 0 week. .- J ?1 * the *.wa [?'' ?* Mew Vo*** I leedtg* ?.1 -? t,* HHimno. *jK>? OIIABLJfflTON AND FLOBIDA-HMMl WKSKLY r 0. A Mall Line ?Tba flue m going steamer HOIJTII BBNKB.T. Hwan. Commander. will leave pisr No. 4, N. K.. miWadnaadar. Novemier Si, at three o'clock P. M., precisely. For Might. apply on board .whom all bill* of ladln t will be signed. and lor peseaga at the oflloe ot HPOrroKD.TlLKA

TONIOij..:t Broadway. I'ablu passage 125. Tim Marl iu Carolina, having reaumed brr regular tripa to the various landings on the m. John'* river, Florida, will connect with ibe steamer* from Now York, and leave i'Url.?u,n every Toet day. at k,oVlock P.M. Through tickets to Jacksonville, 131, to Pllaika, IU. INLAND BflCTK TO OIIAKLKHTOR. ACOPSTA, HA vac I) ah. Near Urleana, Ac., from Norfolk. Through to N >r folk Id twrutt four hours. Passengers going Mouth Iron Now Yoik, by taking the at go and commodious steamship* J A? K.S TOWN and ROANOKK. on Wndne-day and raltirday a'ter num.*. irotn pier Id, N K , loot of Oedaratreet, artlve In Nor folk ueit afternoon, where they will (hid a continuous Una ni railroad* extending through the rtales of North and Homli OaroUna Oeergia, Ac.. Ac . alfordlug a ajioedy, aafe, and coin forUblaenninmBlcatiOn for passengers aa Ike tiooth as Mobile and New Or bans, by ihe great HouUtarn mall Una. Passage ucd fare, stateroom uic'udnd, |H. steerage pas-age. It Apply to l.l'DI.AM A PLd.VhANTH, S3 Broadway. fDOB NOKPOLE. POKTHMOPTB AND PKTKKHK17KO. a/ ?Tbr l(. ft Mad Steamship ROaNOKK, OiuA Tlmmaa Hk Inner, will leave fur the a hove pets on Wodriewlay next. Slat November. frotnptor IS North river at 3 o'clock. Freight taken for tbe above place.*, and the Interior of North Camllua. No ft child taken for Idcbinoud, hut paMseimer* wilt be forwarded 'here hv from t;Uy I'ohit, as hero tofore Krelghl for Norfo'k and Rlnhinoud '-an he shipped by the Jamestown every Haturday. Peonage and fare, whb alula room, to Norfolk, ph, Petersburg a/nl Klnhmnnd, lit), Ljnehburg |l?, Apply to Ll> ill. A k ? A PI.K AHANTB, 32 Uroadtvay. KANHHJIVA Ilf.K KALI. IUIU.13KKV, s)CC. KaVKR HONNKTH?BI.AOK ANII RltilWH?ONI DDL la", together w|ih a rich awirtiaenl nl fna'hers and o'her B mUthiv y creels; for style and bean y, will r .in .ire with nny hrnwn Inllie trade, at ei remely low pride* Mrt. tiki LP, 12.' Htnh avenue,a lew doom above \Y. H. Bond's . heap dry :;ooita ?hire. Bit(?fiKI \ v y Am y rVUved LAMB AgBOBTMBNT ol atone marten, mountain narien. Ilul.-m Hay snbte, ptenth rails mh k sable, limine, French mink, Ac made up In the li?ie t h! v 1. . in tic iirltme, molls an I e ids J. It. WILL/AMR.'Jit Fullnn aire o,corner store. KTRB A1 I.Rv-n ma 00*r, All W! All! (301NQ Out of lire trade Wr are tins soiling nrrl stole mint sell at 110- Alin, all other kind* of tors at about half U oir value, at MA II AM Kit. itAtlttiS A HON'tv n;t Broadway. IjM'BB ?DA Vllt A D'ANOOMA BROS TO INFORM Tllk 1 adles of I'.r's.klyii that, In addition to his old estabh .hed amml. ai No lit Mvitie avenue. he lias opened, at RaMOnR street (llilrd dorr from the tlUy tlall), aud that he has on hand at his ii-ual low pi Ires, sn rxr-rllpiii assortment of fashionable fancy (urn, manufao'urvd entirely by ban u.f, cxprcialy tor rrv tall trade. MRH. R/vUJnOB EKHpr'Tfl'I.I.T HOLiOTTi TH* attshUou ol 'adle* to hor ooralUee lii Freiu-h houuete, ir* calved' y the,a.t a'cari *hli > ??f .?* tettur* and tn Cial y ac'ei i it ilea no'. urns -ecu In any uiher e*nhlleh't?*ut In oily MRS. RAIJ.INOH. *1 I ehal ?U-ret. DAIIIH MII.LINKI?Y.~MttH. WILLIAVS A BAXTKR 1. I cjf In aiii-minee lo lb* ladle* of Brooklyn, an I lu jr. ihai ihe* will open winter f.i'hloo* on I hi. d?v, N.iv-inrer 22. l.H At.auile alrv*-', Brooklyn, opposite th.t Alhenynm. ICU PA RIM FKATIf KRH, Fiishcii Fuiwrmi, Cncnii.i.c, Mncoiir, Ac.. In every varlrty, in iy be fnuuA at vnry lo* pries. for caw. At 04 ami Oil John alreel, corner of William. * M HOMF.IL* KKt'OUUV. 11 TIIK PUR MF.AHON AT OKNIN'H BAZAAR -TIIK FUR m.n'i h?n keen ln.uifur.ied at ORNIN'H lui/ear, by a dlmd.j of everv variety of faablonalile fancy rnr?, mala lip In the cHlie ju?i Uaued In Pert*, ami marked a' lownr price* have ever Ireforfl l*crn arlted for aimllar article*, in ihl* city. The aaaorttnent Include* cloak*. cape-, m itf* vlcVirl v* and cntr. ol royal ernine, ICoealan and Mil lion Bay .able, American n.luk a'onn marten laaiirlla bear, chinchilla, Ac. The e fun l.avo hern neleo'cd Willi .real care, and ill of thorn, wbrdier ol tb? hlifbcr or lower grailea. will be found portent ami I rauillul of |l?'lr kind, a* well a? eheap beyond all preen dim I UKNIN'ri Ihiraar, HI. lilholai Uolef, 813 Broadway. Illll WHION, AH). CI nil l\r\i\ WORTH OF DRY OOODH, AT 0 I Uv.UoU iiiu uowknt .avian* iron*. No l]i Bowery. IV.rm rrraily reduced In eon coiienen of larife andfavora pin i in i .ca al auclloii and an increanc nf trade tn a lame nri,< .lit I ..'a ii paire line twilled blank'-!* .it t IX ?4 and 85 per ? a Til' -, an. Ill-Hun lla'li lilankel, and about tiny per nent lielow I...I iinr'eprtce. 1(10 halra wirle-, yellow, blue, yrar n u i.l ic f nncla, al from o..e chilling in Ml conU oar yard, flu afer tlnin iliev bare been in aeveral year*. C.iotLa i Mhilmcre., eatnela, Ac , fur C'.ya' and men'* wear. 1 ..tie ' cMba, fi ton auction. The lavas ?t aw trtmenl we ham ever i lThrtd. Marten*, at *1 paremat a,, delaine* and rlshmrriH, a vary roil ?-rrrr l! rtit, nf every rhade and pattern wh . 'i are daalrablti, at Urn third* the utttvl pries Fplendld all wml ilottble Id'h |.'a.d , new pattern.*, btah color* *|*ian ll i con i* **>rneai low a* Cd. and op to 6* , abo it one balf ibe price of Hep tember. Ih-.wlc. Bay HU'r. Waterloo and Hootch, long .ami aquare, al from II Ml to M. , , Don.* ? lc Rood* retailed a< wholesale price*, and aold al wmdeeato ? iigniHiiiii iTm^. w A w ,, atUMXt A NOTOUR ARRIVAL OF A MIST KLKtl A N'T AND Inablunahle Cork of French lace pnota. wliirb luve b.ten M lec'11| bv Mr Robert*, al toe hahtbiU o la'cly In 11 In I'aric Thev are ol ihe i ***t be l.infill *lc*.?-n?. and >n p"iut ?'! *.t)loand quadly uuaurpaaeed Tbel?tlir?of New York and alranijcnt ui <? row c%U. J'KiKB BOBKBTM 4 CO., Xli Broadway. AI.tPOK AND f'HOiCK HTOHK OF TRIMMflfHH, IV cambrl: jacone', mull and .-?b< mu*Hii*, Ju*t reet./sd, m I'kTKK ItttltKlIT- * Oo.'d, 378 Uronleay. 4 HIIPRRB HIOCK OF POINT DK ALKNOON IIKIM *el* and llulpiiro codar* and clesv. * to in * c.i, br.d u ar.irlk Ui.ui.rli.ft- and cap*?? *d like d.*?-rliitloii f-i- ln*i>ee-i?n r * * PUT kit 1. Dili.H I'd A CO., 575 Br.iMaray. T)ItfiOK'H 1VHRY POI.IftHBD, NKW PATKN'T UI.AOK J> litre*.I, combine* Ihe |ii?iro?r ?ilk with Ihe ?'ien?'b ..f lir^u, Im fiipfrlor ta any 'hn i'i fvw <i(fi*r<id 'o U??* U*.a1 i? u kii(i> blfi' k iiiiil fill i**i'0 ?t. F*>r Pill** l?v WilK.KLKK A WlleHDW. U". Ilr ?wt^?y B HA Ml A IVH, BARI7 IINH,?A. TAKOIII A f'> WILL rnntlrtue lo oM ihf? mil if? ??t >r??Un *u?.l il*?m"%i4l?i dry n'or*. 7<m HfO?lw?f, r*4*nll ** of U? in"t!r<qatek mlo to < kwr tit* tiu*lnc?*Sa A. JAKUiil ? ?< '?? -,tr, Broadway, mar Nuih tireel. ALL AND fVKNINO DBWtKH OF AN PIV riRFI.Y m w drrcrlp Ion. will bsopeoad on Monday, Nov. HI. rKicaa mux tf. "> tl" an n. aLKX. T, HI H.vVAIIT A DO., Broadway, l.iuuuber* aud Kevle tireeta. i t A MltKli" HANDKi HlllIKFH, IV BLOCK P AT TKIIV i " new etyle*. abo embrsMe.ed, Juet rweelved at PK'I Kit ItOllrlltTri A OO.'M, 376 Hrr?tl#*y. /lOIMItnil COKHRTt OOKHRTH' -Wi IIAVK J17 T \ i*1 * i.c ! three e-c ?? .' 1 : * cmiirmifitf rail rem d ??!.'a?lj I'Urn:, Ii'**'!!*! iron', ? n :? ?i ?t! |r:. r). : 1:? bid***, r?*i ? * - ??f?d k>:. ui |?*irter, 46 Third ar??uu?, uMr 'Ifffilh ?ireM. /lORfiKT*. CORHKT '?<, WnOLPBAVsK ANT> BfnP\IU VJ BnufktI>IKf:<l2Bow.T> olf?r* f* ?*!* * ? rl<r?p iRHftmiiii <?f ?n*?rot*ww?d nr??i pliln rfird*'.*. 1 .#.'#.#? *?>d f on, th* uppmvfl m tnul?r*ork*? l? 'r4*noj Al'O. H I?T(I nrmr 1 iiofliT lu f * wo MJpwrin'**.ui*!" ?? le??lin? tJU*,'l r' ?'-lr r?- ? ?1,'iK <" : k r'n rf ev?.y T*n**y *"<l "'yi* roff*ta??uy on tuna. Mr*. I'BBDIK, r?mw> ?UJT?, MI Bo**ry, oppodta rtr#i 11 yA3 Y Bl A VLB CI.OTI1H FUR CLOAM.S AWl? TAIJfAJ*. A l*o WPVliyiNK TWlU.ri# LAI?J)*. ' tfUTflf, In all llf prr,a'Iir?< _ T ^TKV4 ART 4 CO., Broadway, CluUBWra an I I a 1 'K* and KMitR' ~'?v trh bvTwill J be .,per?d u.e laeje*laud i..**.i v.rledKv.ri'ri.-'.i ?* ut.e * ivn. I. en...ri.Uievadconaraand alesve*. a-nl ravera i. ur.r I *.f die Iii*?.t etiperb na'tern* In l r*noh collar* Alan a c**e ol Ihed'on la*-* aond*. mueUll- r of bandk.-r liUT* e i T*,,*, ?leeve*, Ar . Ac Ah will be *..11 al half prioe. I1F.NIN .* Ba /a?r. Hi. S1.1, la* I total, 613 Headway NTCW DRR8M OOODB. i ?neo?n?:*tr?, flOftmi.O MIA aon.Ji. ITC , Itr rprd b? U?" I'ftd *. WW be JTh/k.WaRT A CO . B?*#a'w ?y, l.httiiiiTcrA ami H??4n atr^v*. *?r.???o. ? la a*el IH Park pla* a Will open on Mo -day Nor. I?, (he balance <*r tbelr Importk'ton. . ^ n ,M Juat received p*r rtearoer Parlllc, te.ii t?'ln ' of Par'* krd I-or. d on i a**lin* rea t a 'n(ja. and FlD' Over.-oatloita. __ UflNTRR 1IOMIRRT. ff l ?*i d *?eii wurarn'j c*it?/.u loae, rnala front He? 1*110*1 Foor thread- best* and Iset, a*. $3 per 'token. Al?*> ererv d??ertptlon ol ?.ami#', eta*ra1 *nn lari.ara' L'NDKK OARMKaTH A. T. HTI.WART A P.O., Broadway, <"ham' era and Rrade -trtie1* antiiomhav. a HTONfffllNO TO ALL-MA DAMK MORROW, TIIN X\ mvetth d*u. hter, laa atun'ocal 41ft *0 ''II P?*' l-r**en and liHuiaeveai*, and all ilk* e*?**eiiM <4 "**1V"* , TT'I Ilea able, and eRl (MM ?p**d? marrt.?*?. *n1?b-? om* i ?* I,VMM* of lb* irvteiMcl buthand an*l a!>**/.'? fneiel* and wVH l.rtnc o./ether th*.** who are *ep?r?*rd, who wtd en oy (r.-aiieat hat-bine>a of bit *. All *l"'' I'irk mat nail a>* 11 b^ rvllef ami eooif* C Th.'i?an 'he* t piDMt.l ihelr bedel liwl ii.a l* th-' n?e*t wosd*rf 11? Jr 1 Mj** Ir* lh? world or haf kaa ever lei?a known, U. -?h *?' frw I|.e*'nwl b * but what la r?on?,e|l?a'.le to pi*. .? P *"*; "n charfie If not MDUfod 78 Trar.tre ..ree., ?*.' ee-n ' *oj-* aid t ?.!'.tril.?a flewi'emen hot a.)mi t*d. N N ~"*/l*?? ??' r*xt - anian.e toe ,<ibik a?? net 'lew* a*?r,iettM? *?. oopy .Hw **1. ert.emon., res din, limilar te ihM. ^___ a WONDFH ? IIAVN TOP MAN T1IV. 'JIPrftT OINL, A 'he ov.ty wne aalrelat Is America' ? <en. be ?""? " rail ?t Mn ul'van wreet where *h* e.e h? enne.nt?n wna *>a all east*'* ol Ma, fee 5*1 read*. V H.?'The fBpM?k ar* h? 'm.v Mi. a *b*l * ar. Imparl ihe tmrrf by arh'-h any l*dy m r **W * '**? MB o .iaJc the all* cikoua of 'he opi-oai * ???. < lmryk aalra. a HTSnUtOT.-MADAMNC rONMKRI.Y MlHJtBRri'F. A em I * "maiiluwl will OS a levenierf RDbtoihe ?*??. .irmof a-lwl*. vlet' her *?U,*r' ^leT.iTa to* Im* a t.aiur *1 pit All who *'?h b? oos* ill hev can "*li r t? I* <* viae Mr**' be?weea, *'??' an I Ua?M etw?. Fes / 11 AimTfiYAFPR. AHTHMA. BRONIfftTIH, DTHPHT I I wfdh >>. HIT Ij KUtWjr tlTTTT "Tf***''"' ' ** 'lit*?. 4W , a Si ?SI 5r?i n . 4 ? crw ? r- *?%." ' ? 2. Lace, i.iyk e *r* IpMerkai Mif deeeaeaW ^kM??s esrsd Tt riirehle ny Mr* H*Y Mil M, the ? ' ?.* Lnal 'larrvoyask, V e^rw.f kieet nrmr Broadway fa Mfaeaew or so pay 0 I a IRTOTAHO-M-L HI?FA*1? PORUN TLT Ttn.D n4 (Ntjrwf fU ^ tmn Smpm flrf Umi ,mir.< Mr* HaYKh i?^ 'Ally reers?a*4 p# W Oatrieysm IB'. a fJ*B? 17# 'lrsa.4 Mree'. *e<W?e l*ni or as ffk if aDAMK ALWIN, MOM P aria. TRNPICMH MKtt ?*w M W?S 'S lad we aad *- ?'?Ber. b, 1 ey ? T I ? *,. r,t u?| akc.l Wvve lrj,'-ka#? kwerMBa and W tie ran* 'A tto lady sr iraMma -ton odN marfj alaa IMS r.aae okM rM *n l-wmMmee iro fnae. ?*??? ? . ,iyr mftpr ni" IHP'Trn y. i?i ***???? M, Two- T "*?rd and Tar- r ' or* ABOKunim. Broadway tukatrk.?il a. maiuiium., hour IR Hlak'. Flage Manager ? Dinri open at 6V; lit ronunrttea at " o'clock Wednuday eruitlog, Norembor H, ?U1 be acted? LUURKTIA BOKO! A. Don Alphonao. . Mr fitntto Orr.naro Mr. Ftaher I < train I Mr H KjrUnn l.lvi-miut Mr. (Imavanorl Pribram Mlaa Dtuikwnrib Lurrella Nor* la Mm, Julia [tun Ifejma A Per whteb Mr. Chapman ?U1 Una Um oetebraled "Taa to tal hung." nightly' received witb a trehlr Minora. I'ttOii I'liXJiMlDUr. Mr. PlllWidily Mr. W. A. Chapman Ilium MUa J. Mannara Bomkhv tiiratkr -phoi'riktos ard maraokb, 1. I'. Waldton ?Doni? op<-n al C.V, to cuoiouia* al T o'clock. Wedneadny evening, Nor 51, will be acted? NOKaW UitRJMA. O'Connor Mr W. Ward | North Mra. W. Ward Willi K WllDF. Jean Blanc, Um White Wolf Mr. R. Johualoa T1IK KINO'rt li tllltKNt- H BURTON'S. CHAMIiF.KH NTBKFf - WfD??M>av?lirrat ctilthliiallon of attraction. FlrM lUflbt Of a new oonu-dy irmn lam.1 *1, called ? A L1TT1.K rilkAriUKr.. now plat log with great atice-m, and caat liere with the heal talent. Mr charter, Mr. !>)oii; Lady Floreme, Mir. lla>uy,?n 1, Captain Walter Maydeohluab. Mr. 11. Jordan; ilerirnie, Mix K I ho/i.e. Mr. l/elmatrr KlinMyiiiio, Mr. Merchant Mra. Mid dlnlrn, Mra Cajpeulcr. After which, lln great itopiilarili - DltWllrlY AND NOV ( ai lain Ouulr Mr Hurbui; Toola. Mr. ?>. Jordan; Dotnbey, Mr. Iitott, Mra Skew on, Mra. Hugh**, Florence, Mm. llur lon, The a Ipprr. Mra il Thornn. To morion?IMYIu COl'I'EBFIICI.D, and a popular coin atly. flKO. UltlUsTY A WOOD'A NINHTRKLA, KKW HALL. \JT 414 llroadway. helow ilrand ?troei ? OI'KN hVKKY KvKNIAO. Kuali rae imam-ted by Ifenrv Wood. Siege M?n?grr .Hen Chrtaiy. For IhU neck? KUiir.yi'an Mlnairrlar. ool eluding with TllK MCKMY. Olt'gnr Rlua (lao. Chrlviy Title elegant and ..n ot.aliooa Hull la |>ni?oiinnad hy oompa toi.t jtt'V c, to be 'It large*!, tlw P?*i t "n'.ll aied and Ute baud Mt't i el place of Kthtuitlaii m lertalMinrii! In the wnrl l Mt in I - Doom opeu old, ami Um rur'atu rlaoe at ,1 o'rbtofc pier!?ely. AO it Dt.ion 24 eenia. Nll.tWlM ..~ ......... folly let l wide mid twenty lew hljh. of Utn principal ClTIKN AND llllJKt h ItF I a i MIKHI INKllllOI'R. Ktery evening ill^ o'olnck; anil every rlatnrlay afternoon at .'I, 1 lie moan: by Mr. Alwyu Field, ot Duttdou. QTADT 11IK VI RK, 37 ANDS9 HDWKRY -WKDNKNDAY, t ; November 51. grand ate! brilliant representation. fur Ute Mr lie. i /.M'tK Ftrat lima In Atnarlan M MMH IN KHVI'T. OK TllK DKI.IVKKANOK of INK IKI. Inula In lite at la. In Aug. Kllngcin in. Art I ?The I'miulae at Mount In teti, or the llery buah Act 1?M"aea befmn Pharaoh AM S? 'Ibc I'lagoe to Kgypt. Art 4? Kurth at.d Ida tnloirnre. Art Hm-lbe Heo t-en. PuiTormanen to commence it b o'clock. I'm ea ol Ailin e. ioti-- I'arirn tj 50 eenia, tirrt Her, frt coola; gelnry, 12',cent.; boxea, hi. (111A III.FY WHITK'rt OpKIt A IIOIJNK, 41 l?t)WKHY. - J lirand change o partormance. For all nlgVv only. Tha conflagration ol Movent*, dteaolvtng vtewa, wltit Mr. ilalla j Kt.ri'.Uir great vrniiltntpiat, W htto'a lie re tta. I era wttl appear agatu on Monday next, Nov. 26. IVIRANKMN VUfKlTM. M IIOWI'.RY ?PEIlPORMeNL'KR I lwin- errrjr dev. r iim.iv.cii.g m 1 eml 7 o'clock. Htrengnr* errd trthrm will o?>Mirvn tbet "rlrt le tin only khtaiimmimknt in thk unitkd statkh wliciu the MOHKI. ARTl.dTKH arc rxl.ltdl.lted, wuii oilier urlfciiuvl eirlrtrteliiineole, ir?n eltrrnoju nml night. ?yoOAl.IHTR, RTIIIOPUNfi.MlOIOlANS, VKNTHIU) ? t| At.?Metropoliuui llell MO lireml elrrnl. WU llemeburg, l? now druvnns; Urge . udleneee. I.|itr>rj| arrange menu v. ill he rredc with the ufmrr artine. of known repine linn. Apply si Vil brand elrnel, VVIlhamebnrg, (IB A Mi HTI?*KT IIAI.I., 117 OIIAND ?TRKBT. NK AR J Broadway.?H'wlunc Wert nt'* troupe of ie,m lie artuta errry niglr, by Iwoniy live i nung ludiea, In Iho nrlgluel It blenux vlvenle. or Hung poliirn, Urgi'ih-r ?Hii * la .riled troupe c ii ri uie mlneirel* and i>iji?r enu rui/niMnin. Uora liiein i * tlC, door* o|>ra at 7. rpKMPl.P. op TUK Mt'HKH floTIIIO lULUUIVROtl) i ?*y. " Pla*tn|iWHi," "Taliletm Vl? y?M," "fllia ale BUinary," miry afternoon at .1, aud overr evening at J, by winTO.i 'a Tiioont or uriMu r*?iub, Who will appear in a aoi b-? ?l MAUMPK KM 01 VINO I'll TL'RKA, Kverjr afternoon alidulgld. CIlAKBPKAKi: DRAMATIC ASSOCIATION -CADIRH ? 7 end f i'ii'lonien fleet rone Of ioIi.Iiik a drematle !? naOmi ran do ni l.y addrejutlng a liola to J II. (Jonaer, Iln*iklri? Pod oOce, oi In tailing ai die Mo'cntii Her on corner ol I ii'on nml Orange etreeta, Brooklyn, any rta urday eran lug ai 8 o'clock. AN AHKM WANtKIWTO TRAVKL AND TAKB AM Blerret In n Are' ri > *m oral toitcrieiiirn at Applet Hon to be nutdr to A. 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