Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 22, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 22, 1855 Page 3
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4DVERTI8EKENTS RENEWED BTE1T DAT. FOR SAJLK. tje f\/Wk AC'RFH or VM.UAHLK LAND FOR SALR t O.u''U in ruDW t? milt purchasers, cheap for cash, or exchange for good eilv nru-jarty or merebaadtarf Apply atllie offioet* THuMaH 0. IIaRRI -oON, No. 18Broadway OA A/\n ACBH or TEXAS LAND W? XU.UUU exchange for oUy property or two ((enter1 houses In MrooAWn for pi^JW.000. <U/ *1,000 cash requited; rrnl tor WOO Alan, * ^?*0 Jo v?w lor SI 200- <:jm required. SNJO. Apply at M Well *?? New Yort.VoHtl.VKf^KR LAY. Commissioner far aUJbo States d*o nnf\ ?for saLE. a firht clash farm or Si I I I). lOflacrra, 14 wood. A large house, bero end SmUltng. thrrr o^heriu, with an ebundeoco 0. fruit; 28 nitiRh (rfim N'?w York 2^4 m.lei from the North river. No lit niler I arm Who wanlaa homrf Other cheaper farm*, pi enter iarm. w.w ^ & MKLICK, 84 Seveuth avenue. borl ood of Ibe prlnolpal ferries and meauiOoat landings, and opposite one of the br?t market* In IbL city. Thin In, deques ftfrnabl), a vary rare chance. Apply at M Broadway A An f\f\l\ - FOB HALK, A SPLENDID HOTEL, LO 5> { .V'VlU. rated on the writ ilde of thn city In the neigh * -? r..Ft?? *nd steamboat landings, and hU city. This I*. tuques i at Broadway HIMKRn A TAYLOR. ?fcl 'Mill TO ANOTHER 8?t.KNniI) CHANCE. ?]PX.t/"lr ? A lirat el*** grocery, paying overStOtMl pe n r.tint tin; i-tnrk at spprahal; location In one of the beat ward. In ibe < tty:rati?f*rlory ruavma for selling For par tculara ap 1' > l" 0. It elU III < O "1 Nassau ulre-l, room A ?1 ATin -OAOUBBBBOTYPB Fsr aBI.ISUMBNT *11.""", ooe of the lieat 1(1 tlte city with louse for aale. > i'tie lull tbore with tbc above cash capital need apply to D. .Artlat, Herald office. $Qnn ?8*0C FIXTURES. GOOD WILL AND LEASE OwV , of an oyaiar and dining aa'non, opposite the mmt popula. tin atr,- In 111,-city, doing 6'6 lo 6J) per .lay; owne pi in*: Smith; a III be told at a bargain. Ap|ily to (1. II. SMI Til A CO.. M Nareau alrcat. ftopn WILL BUY THF LKASK AND FIXTURES OF sgtvyy)" ' a a holer* le and retail liquor *tnre. newly lilted up, In one nl the beet buriiiara place* up l>wn. For further parlt rolarn Inquire al 413 Ninth avenue, between Thirty ttflh and Thirty rlxli Mr' fa. c ,)/||| -IINLY (BOO DOWN FOB ONI or TIIK riRMT ?]( 0""U. grocery stores In Brooklyn, now doing jtn lu cro^ii t-id piolttable burlneiw, located In a numerously pop Word tu tgnborbocd where a fortune can he realized In a abort time Reason for selling the owner hue purchased a In tel. Apply to (1. F. LK FORT, aucceaaor to Slaters A Tomp kins, 2C8 Broadway. office No. A ?OfW\ -FUR HALR. SPLKNDID GENTEEL CASH *)Ou,l. bushier* down town, clearing pel yearly St,OK) nvct ever, exi rnaei aiao, a superior liquor Htore In Jatna. Street, In line opeiallon?price B'lAO. A No, a partner wttuted. or a permn to Invent 63 IHH) In a business very lucrative and pleasant, down town. App.yutHI Naraau rtroel, room 12. -FOR BALK?THE STOCK \ND FIXTURES OF A ?IP I tJ. grocery and liquor at ire in the lower part of the city. An etce'li-nt opening for a beginner. Kent low. Inquire on the premises. 16 Rector turf, or of R. yVUUans, 20 Laurena Mi eel, near Canal. a CLOTHING STURR FOR HALE-DOING A GOOD a* curlnm trade. Hold on account ef the owner going Into nrii llier bm-'ne*? cloee by. where he wllTbe ol Aid)) or 64th) a year advantage to the purchaser. Term* cany. Inqnlro on ihc pretniai a, 330 Tcntli avenue. MARBLE FRONT FOR HALK.?A HTORK FRONT, a ready worked, of pure Ilaa'luga marble, 20 feet wide, lor eole II (a capable of bring vnlarped to 23 feet front. Apply In the Westchester Marble t etnpatiy, 303 Broadway. A HOTEL AND DINING SALOON FOR HALK?HITUA trd at one of the principal raPrnad depo'e now doing a aplcndld business; location unaurpaa^d In thn city; and will lie eold at a bargain, and on rcaeonable term*. Apply to C. U. HOWES A CO., 84 Narrau atreeU BROADWAY PROPERTY, OPPOSITE TUB PARK, ON a long lpaee ?A Icare for 21 or 3A vear* will he made ot flic property 254 Br-adway. oppod e t% Park, aul aold at Buctlou, by A. J. HLKKUKEK .? CO., at the Merchant*' Ex rhangr, at 12 o'clock, on Thuradmy, AM luataut. CHICAOO CITY PROPERTY OR FARMS IN ILLINOIS, WlacouMn Iowa, and Minnesota, fur aaie or exchange for dry goods, clothing, of present or last season'* style, boots and >hre?. jewelry, piano*, segars brandies, horses, car r'agi-s Ac. W. J. RRUNDRKD A CO., 78 Naouu street. Drug stoke for sale?corner of twenty second street and Third avenuo; long e tabllsbcd. well smoked, and doing a good business. For sale only on account ?f III health of the proprir.lor. Apply at the store. bj'ARM FOR BALK?IN WKHTCHR8TER COUNTY. Jv About lOt) acri a. 23 miles from He m York, about two miles from railroad station on either the Harlem or New Haven Ranroad* home 31) acre* m white oak, locust, Ac.; Hie bal unre in orchards of choice fruits tueadows sod plough land*. 4,'ood wa'ei healthy. i:,ssl larm house and out buildings. Will lr sold on reasonable term*. Part car remain a< six per cent. Apply to K. H. BROWN, 71 Wall street, trotn I to3 P. M. Farm for hale at great neck. l. i.-a hm ill fartn, (seventy acres, more or less, which will he sold In parcels, If desired ) with water fronton Little Neck bay, with a line shorn for bathing, and u.earaol water prneperi, soli gtood. The farm rontains icveral very besu'lfUl building she*. And would make three or four dellgh'flil summer residences. Distance Irom New York city, bclweeu seventeen and eighteen Bill"*. For further parUnulara. apply to JAMES fl. SKID MORE, on the adjoining farm, at tirnal Nack, or address htm At Manhnaect I'ostoffice, (guroiia oi.u ity, L. I. -JjTOH HALF,?THE POWERFUL AND WELL KNOWN i steam tug-lioat Alex. Maaon or Nauahon, of 2M) Inns burthen, 137 (eet long, 23 feet wide and 8 feel deep, boilers And machinery in good working o'der. Boat Is now emptoyal fee ween randy Hook and New York. .Ftoe 1 up lo carry pas imugers under act of Congress Terms id aaie eaa/. Apply A. MASON or Mr. WILSON, IU9 West street I TOR HALR?IN BROOKLYN, THE HTOt'K, FIXTURKH, dr., of an established clothing and tailoring establishment, ei'uated on the principal street of the oily, Enquire at hi > ul'on street. H. BACK. XtOR SALE?RTE \MHHIP TENNESSEE. OF 1,180 TONS J* rrglrlcr, built In Baltimore. In laS4, of the best Maryland o.ik. In tl.e strongest manner, diagonally strapped with Iron. Engine of SIX) horse power. Tbtsahtp b is p oved herself en utHOmmonlr line sea boat ,la very fast, aud her cousumuUon of rnal moderate. Will be sold lew. Apply to MORTIMER l.i VINLHTON, 53 Broadway. FfiR SALE?TdlRTT LOTH IN BROOKLYN, LATE WIL llamrhurg, on Union avenue, WvckolT. elagg. Hchols, and Kiu'b Fourth strueta. Thrae Ima are <>? a good grade, streets pitved aud flagged, and are nlTerod low to otoee an estate Ap Illy to II. 8. Hi Alt U.K.". Its third avsnuo corner of Rosa st. Fob rale?a rariikr'h hhop, wkll fitted up. nu moderate terms, wl h dwcl'tng h use attached and In an exoelhnt location. F ir parJculars apply to EDWARD I'M Al.O.N , 197 liioadway, corner of Dey street. For pale-one of the rest liverthtables in Bear York; stock all new, and not very large; stable to lease Ave or ten years, tortus easy. Enquire al curner of Fourteenth at., ana Eighth avenue. L1NDHLY k HADSlCLL. InOK HALE?A VALUABLE TKAiT OF LAND AND ' water power, containing twonty Ave hundred arre* situ a'ed In Btirttng on county, N. J., twenty two miles from Phila delphia, l<y a good substantial turn.dke road, wtuon ends with in two miles of the land. The land 1* roverwd wl'h a tlnegTowth of utnher. pine, nek and chestnut, wbteh would out about twen ty five thousand cords, which could be ctu aud put on the land ing at 31 26 per cord, and the Umber onuld bo made to pay lor the whole property at the price asked. Alan, there la a floe water power, that could tic improve! aa there laa large six ntory factory, 4(1 by At) teel, that cniildArtdi a very little at reuse, lie converted In'o a grist mill, which routd he made to ?av very handsomely. Also ho AgiTcultursI Ka'lroad which now about being made, will pass within one mile of 'ae pro {^?>ertv. Also, Oils tract Is surrounded of seme ot tie tlnest armr In Ibe Htnte. Those wishing to purchase mvy call on the ntibeerllier, who Uvea on the property, near Vtncentowu, Bur lington rounty, N. J., where nny latter asking tor Information, xnay he directed Term* easy. Apply to PHILIP UANK, Vtncentown, Burlington county. N. J.; or JOHN IL UOFFIM, feft HotiOi Fourth street. t'Ullailclphin. XVUR HALF?TWO HUNDRED AOBE8, IN VERMONT, J gotsl tlmi er land, auotit twelve mhes from MId-llebury, on Rutland Railroad, near nulla and Improvement*, t 'he.ip, very cheap lor cash. Apply lo K. H. BROWN, 71 Wall street, from I toT P. M. I*_MJR KALK.-THE PIRhT CLAHH THREE story and haaemrnt brick house Btid lot. 9ti West I hlrty second street. The home la In perfect order for Immediate oceupan cv and will he sold a bargain. Apply to FOOT A WORTH, N'o 5 Trinity Building. HI Broadway^ F ?B SALE ?THE FLEOANT BROWN STONE THREE story and basement hnuse and lot No 3 P'ff"' ,i Ttjiriy third street. 1'be htuiae la now nndergoing thn Vest Thirty third street. Ibe houae la miw undergoing mi roaghowpalrs. will be newly palnted-ii.trlorsand hull iiwn i,r,ft I* (ltie ol thr DftO*t deHiral) c r6hl<l0ocf,< tu New i jtc . r if il?i. .Cr?L{n%TFOOT fe WORTH, No. 5 Trinity Build tog. Ill Broadway. - TAOR HALE-AN V.XCBIXF.NT OPPORTUNITY IB NOW } otlered to a sober and tiMuatrmua man wLhhig m engage fi the earth g business. For pardculsxs apply at 1? Hu.foUt ?treat. _______ F" OR hai.e-a cottaok in WK'T forty fourth atrvet f,2"S), one lit West Twenty ninth strmU, 63,??. ?oe lit Wert Thirty nlotli slrwet, 6't.S(il;one In West Forty ninth street, 61.7UO. two dire* story, btgii sui m, baaen^Bt iThief? one In Meat Thirty ftrrt street, brick; and one In WeslTh rty third atrret, Hoormau ptanc. brown atone (no b?"*'!?j at great bargain* (sll on m* "t1*1 reasonable terns). If rolJ Aoim. Alw>, an htires. In a gen.-el cue, Dfar Tralrty third *tre*t. iiALlsQCK k HATbtt, ak nu. rmmn BAI.E?THREE FULL UiTO />n Kcrnrth ivraut, between evenly ?lith f^tnniy i?cv en h vtmU. well locked The neighborhood K ftm improving. Msny houses are already built tn the vlntnliy. To be sold chcsp. Two thirds ran remain on bond am! mortgage 1 w J. MRUNDKED .% CO , 78 Naaaaa street. For sale one of the oldest and best dining saUvtrs In this cKy. ctmment la ovneceesaarv. F'ur par Uetilart inquire al the ti'ut.c dining a. oon, No* 7, 8 and 9 rul Ion market, or at the May Mate Hotel, of A. H. WMil f M AN. 1|t()R SALE i HEM" I'M' Of HINOEB*a IMITtOVKD 1 aewlr.g trachlnes. Can be seen al 3M Deiao. y street. Is tn perfect order.* FOR HALE OR F.XfHANOK-l M1NCCMBRRRD LOTS, well *ltuate<1 on Uie gmde n the Ft'th ward of the city or Nrwaik. N J , will exchanged lor elty Improved property, A lib lit lr eucmnbranec. or dividend paying sur-As. mere baa dive, orfarurf. K U. KINSUIMKR, 319 Fourth avenue. X'OR HALK. OR TO LET?HOUSE AND LOT NO. S8U A Fourth rtreet, New York; also house and lo No*. IAA and 187 Adam? atri-et, Brooklyn. Inquire at 61 Chatham -trcet s<, ond tlenr, hark mom. XT OCT EH FOR HALE?A GENTEEL THREE HTOET Jl house on Fart Thirty Aral ttree- 67 W? on* on We.t Twenty atx'h street, 6d,.v?), one on Rnal Twentr-elghth street. ffiiflOO; one on East Twenty fourth atrvsit. f.ilOU. one on Wrat 1 w* ntv second street. 6P.8n0, one on Fourth arenue, .V?. E It. K INHIi 1MKK, 319 Fourth avanu*. 3 to 7. I XTOTEI. FOR HaLR.?THK LEASE AND FURNITrRE fl of ooe 14 the moat central, rabatantial and prrlirr lra t>wl? In the ctty nf New York Tha furnttura Is vmiued at Ra .nafl Princtpola ooly who wtsk tn negotiate, and can uev ffet uno rasa down, will plcaae addrses Hotel, box 3,334 Foal agNne, ?Mb real name and aii ireaa IIOrOR HTORK FOR HALF-DOING A GOOD RI'Ht j naM Rent 9>w. Apply at 29B klrven b .treet. corner of Dry Dork. 3FRIVATF. RKHIDRNCER FOR SALE - A TIIRKH HT'lR V hoc re Hi Grove rtreet; a three story hnure In Twenty nunhsirse', iwar IwitogUm avenue pr a 67 l*>t. a flae'nroe atery brWt h ttee at i In In Twenty reye i'h at--eet r?'*r stfh avenne F) l?i a three .to-y brick dweinnr | w.,ra In Hit. i kar stre--' prte ? 16 UMI. aim *" Vrbqnr-v f-w *ale or Melange, by A HF.h'l KANT, i? Wall HraeC CALaMANDFR H\FK F<'R H \LU -i MKDtng HiZK, M nearlvmw ApPb a- the rtrla w?'--r aepaeaiqr m.t factory of JOHN M*TTHr,W8 63, and t? First avanus ooe pur T??pt)-?uih nircei. tTKA* FOR FU/' * T A A1 ivifnn IMMMV |>owi*r #nf!n#, n*w. ??id by| ? wi?br*M BMthrr M?s?t b?? *? t ' l?t of ? ?^r , /Wfly to I'ht'AKK MUKsTW rillMsiFA. hi U Any _*W| _ _ _ FOR SALE. SEWING MA CHIN 1W FOR HALE AT $46 AND $60. Tbe latest Improved and the heat ??er Invented for quitt ing and ae wing la lenernl Hewing manhiues of all descrip tions Improved and repaired la thebeit manner, at raduoed yrloes. Depot Broadway. F. H. CO AT Ed A OO. STATKN ISLAND.?FOR PaLK, LKASK AND FLBNI ture of a handsome collage, elegantly atiuaed on HUten Island, within five minute*' walk of V tnderbllt's landing. Tb* furniture la In excellent order, and will >e aold for $400, Willi the lease, till Majr next, lor 900. Apply at SHI Broadway. 81MBRH A TAYLOB. TO BUTCHERS ?FOB HAL*, TUB OOOO WILL AND flitiirea of an old established meat abop now doing a good buslnesay there la a Are year*' lease, at a low rent Inquire on the premises, corner of Henry and Mtddagh streets. Brootte. TO BUTCHERS?FOB KALE, TUB STOCK, KIXTCRKS nod leaae of four year*, trom 1st of May next, of ahop corr cr Leroy and Hedlord atreela. being In a go id location, ni b an rstabllshed buiineaa; It la well worthy the attention of any wbo wlab 1? bare a "hop for tb* above business. Apply In the butchei shop, l.'W Went llr i.ulwaj. TO CARPENTERS.?FOR HALK..AIFIR8T KATE BLACK walnut tool chest and set of tools, rheap. Inquire at 148 Christopher at. Also, a horse tor sale ohcap. rpo ORt'CKRH AND OTHKRH?AN OLD KSTABLI8H 1 ed siore In lloboken to he aold ohettp for cash, well stock ed and doing a buiineaa of 960 dally, leaned lor four vears, at a low rent. Price $660. Apply to F. BALK, HO Nassau street. I'D DRUOOIH7H AND APOTHBCARIRR.-F. HALR, RE aneetfully Invlten the attention of purchasers to several lama nde concerns now for sale in Brooklyn, Williamsburg and New York elites. Full particulars given by calling on F. IIALR. druggist, glasn and rtxinre dealer. 80 Nassau street. 'FIHK SUBSCRIBER WILL KXCIIANOK THE LOT AND I house 89 Willow plsee. Brooklyn, being a good, su'istan ilal brick house, having all the modern Improvements, for tin improved lota Ln any good ooallty In Brooklyn, on talr and equitable terms PK'l KB ft'HaBA, Court street, marhlu far lory, near Uir City Hall, Brooklyn. FANHIOIVAHLK PAIal* BfllslalNKHY, AC. J'URH AT I.BHH Til AN OOHT, AS Wh Alt*. GOING r out of the trade We are now selling re d sable mink seta at $10. Also, a'l other kinds ->f furs at aboul half their value, si MADAME H. H iKKIS 4 SON'S, 5J1 Broadway. Mrs. rauikgh respectfully holh iti thk alien'ton ol ladie* to her noveUle* In Franco bonnets, (re ceived b> the las) steamship ) of entirely p-w tenure, and In vtiiely, styles o ut to be seen in any other establishment In the oilj. MRS K aLI.INOH. (17 Canal street. 1)AR1H MILLINERY-MRS. WILLIAMH A BAXTRR L beg to annoiiuce Ui the ladn a of llruoxlyn, an t lis vicinity, dial they will open winter fashions on Thursday, November ?1 17b Atlantic sirecl, Brooklyn, opposite die Albenieutu KICll PARIS FBATHMU, Ft.nnrii Kuiwkus, Cmshiujc, Kiiuiosh, Ac., to every varlely, in ay be found at very low price*lor cash. At 64 and (lb .loin, street, corner of Wllllain. now Kit A K I Oil CM. mil UOUDH, *Vt . Another akkiyai. of a most elegant and fashion able stuck of French lace goods, which have been sclented by Mr Koberis, nt ine hxhlblUon lately hel 1 In Pari. Thev ore of the uusd UcauUful designs, and In point uf style and quality unsurpassed. The Indies of New Vork and strauiuir. mi f now Invited u> call. FRTF.R ROBKRT'H A CO., T7R Broadway. A LARGS AND CHOICE STOCK ok trimmings, in ramhrlo jaconet, mull and H viae muslins, put received, at PETER RoBKKTH t OU.tH, 375 Broadway. A SUPERB STOCK OF POINT UK ALKNOON, HKUN *els and Guipure collars and sleeves to match, bridal scurfs llouuclng* and capes ot like description for Inspect >u. PKTKR KOIIKKfb A GO., A/6 Broadway. AF. JARVIH A CO.. ? 7li Canal street. Hare opened a new and choice selection of fall and winter Powen, comprising a rich varlely of bridal wreaths, dress Powers, bonnets, An. (irders taken and fulfilled at the ahorteal notice. N. B.?Also, a good assortment of feather* and bonnet trim tilings. A. F. JARVIH A GO., 72 Canal street. BROOK'H IVORY I'OLIHHKI), NEW PATENT CLACK thread, combine* the lustra of silk with the strength ot linen, anil Is superior to any thread ever offered to die trad ? white, black and all colors. For sale by WOBBLES A WILHUN, 343 Broad, CiAMliltlP HANDKRBOBtm, IN BLOCK patterns. / new style*, also embrolde-aa, Just received, nt PETER KOBKRTH a OO.'S, sjfi Broadway. r MERCHANT TA1LORH. WUITLOCK, FBKNWaU, ANDKRSON A CO., Id and 1H Park place. Will or an on Monday Nor. IP, Hie balance of their second Import vi Ion. Just received per steamer Pacific, i on slating of Paris si d London Caaalmeres, VeaUnga. and Floe Gver.ioaUngn. fPBE MAN WHO "HTOPH AT NOTHING" HIIORT OF 1 nouslety equal to Uiat achieved by Julius Cu-iar, or the renowned cage of illismilngdale, la w II. LITUHT KN.aTKl N, o( No 90 liowery. While the ladles adors Mr. L , tliay wonder st him. Thay look upon him aa a mart el. to he la. Any ?nan wbo can sell dress trimmings, millinery foods, rlblrons, Ae. one quarter cheaper than anybody else, and altogether heller at that, la somebody now-s days; and as Mr. Lllrhten * cln does 'his, we are not surprised to know that h a store Is always thronged. Remember that H Is at 90 Bowery, ladle ? at the coiner ol llester street?a great place tor bargains. IIOHSF.s, ( ABBUOll, AC. AFORRKL MsRK. OK YKARH OLD. HOUND ANI> kind, fifteen hand* high, and a good iravel'er, will be sold cbtap. Apply ai 1?AHal Ivan street. /"1ARUIAOK8 HELLING OFF AT KKDU 7EII PRICCB \J ?An nssorrment of raleebe coaches, roekawavs, lire! barton*, wngou*. Also, second hand enachea, Uyp wsgous, ight doctor'* phaeton*, Ac., Ac. MAJOR TUOBPBON A t o., M Woosler streeP Carriages for hale.-one fink ooaou. cost fbftO, has been oaed but (wo months; also one rinse panel i <1 conch one coupe, two all *eulrd roc.ksway *, one psrUu med Iron! rt,cksway, Ac. Apply at 368 Broadway. J C. HAM. (1ARKIAOKH FOR RALE.?A GOOD SECONDHAND J two seat men ion toy, carnage, two lea'hir lop light w*rons. one nrarly new; two llgh< do , without tops, Ac., Ac , si Ml hldrldge street, between Broome and Grand. L'OU HALB-A HAND80ME PAIR OF BROWN IMRHRd, I mi and seven years old, llfleen hands high; a Rocgawsy coupe, nearly new; a two arau-d wagon, shifiuig top, |>o.r and shalts, alao two ?ei* of double haniea*. all of which can oe aeen nt W. H. MUes' Uvery stable. Mueteenth street, between MlUi and Hlxth avenues, FlOB HALE-A SPLENDID PAIR OF DARK SORREL carriage horsos, about Hit, hands high, with few ruusD In this city In style and action ihey may be ?een al Lewis'* stables, corner ol Broadway and Twenllrtb street. J. C. WINaNH. II Wall street. LIOR 8ALR-A LIGHT AND HANDSOME RIM 'K A WAY I rsrrlsge. with pel* sod shaft, for one or two horse.; I* In brrt rate ruder and will be sold at a bargain. Can be seen at 72 beads st. T/tfiR BALE-A VERY FINK HAY MARE, ? YK\R? J old, 16'. bands high, | ony build, would tnvke ? On* do lor'* or IsuiTly In rse, vvsrntnted *o md and kind In nil r<-?pe -ts. Also s roan mare 7 years old. Id hand* high, will he *old ebeap. A pply In the store No. I(XI h ourth street, oorner uf Charles st. tjlOK HALE TO pat ADYAN( It.-1 TWD HAY IIORHEH, ' one 16 hands I Igh r'tyejrs old. and on* IA1, haul* high, Mesrsold sound and kind s'an I wdhour lying, both s-ilis Me for family, siprrsa, dor'or or i a*-ri',*ti-a u*e Will >e *o'd rlirnji if applied (or Ihi* day, to Mi aEEKaY 4 WAhlrlR-i, J9 < stharlne K'rrrl. F'GR sale cheap?a small sized iiorak with light wagon and liarne*a. Inquire at fill Hudson s*re?l. T.'? R SALE OR EXCHANGE A VERY SUPERIOR r lindh horse, light bay, seventeen bands high -If years Oirl, sound and kind, a ver; ityllsh driver and foal traveller, car, le ser n at J. GAItDINKU FLEET'S stable*, Corner Hamilton and Market streeu. H ORSKv II ARNE.-S AND NEW OR SECOND HAND cart iagc? wanted, in eichange for ' bl-ago city property or and* in Illinois, Iowa, Mlscnosln and MlnmusMa W J BRUNDRBD A CO 79 Naeon knit nORSE. CART AND WORK FOR HALK-FGR 9TI0. Apply a! ISM William streei. fbr llalhsk, planlsiie 11 n * are iaemry. IIVEKY STABLE FOR SALE-THE BUILDING AND j lea*e nt ground seven year* to run. with the sPwk, son Mr ting r I horses, cosrhea sleighs, hainaa*, wagons, Ac, ail In g'wd order The atab'e Is now going a fine toislness, stalls Tocsird in (he vlelnlty ol Ma-llson ujuarc. K. H., 319Fourth avenue. 8 to 10, .Tin 7 \1 L'ST BR BOLD THIS DAY?A BROWN MARK. WA svl gon. hsrnc**. nntp, Ae.. corn >lele, for II.S. The mare is 7 years old, It hind* high, sound sral kind, very a meg and a good Oliver; wagon and harness In gwal order. Call 'his day st No 9 First street. CLKKIU9, Sl.EUiHS -A LOT OF ORDWaY A KJ.MKR'8 ; 1 celebrated rouk* of sleighs, of lha b*st materials, steel ih.ea and *qua! n> any lor styla, workmansitlp or durability. I .t sale st manufacl irers' prices, at 112 Warren street IiKUW'AY A ELMER rrilE Sl'BACRiHER IIAM,SO A WELL WATERED 1 farm at Smith < irmngs. N J , with eommodlous stablas and ps'ldi* as, roc.airuclsMl eipreealy for lha purpose, la prsonred to lake genCenien's hor*es to seep for (he winter. Addrass Itenrv Kroner. Sooth Orange. N. J , or box 9,490 Post offl e, New kork. LOST LAND WAICHANTB. N'OTICK IR IIKHKBY OIVEN, TIIaT bounty land wrarranlno 3 1 \v for Mlacraa. Issued to me, as the Inge w> dow of John Saunders, dr< ?aaed under ihe act of ?'sirigresaof 3d March l*CZ. was l y n,r mi 7th Sepier.' Isgfl mailed a -uf folk. Va., to J. Tbompscn, i-anksr. New York, and that lha tuune Inu t een tost. All persons am cautioned against pur chasing the asm, aa application will be made to the < om mlssloner of FenWons tor a dnpUraie of such warrant and steps hare been taken to prevent the Issuing of % patent therefor. KYHPaII KaBY., Nsmaemood oounly, Ye., t*h oat, tafifi. .form R. Knjit Attorney. Notice ib hereby given, that bgcntt i.amd warrant Bo. 4,146, for NO arras, Issued to ins under 9m art of ( otigrwsa of 3d Msmh IMfig, waa by me on tha 7th day at Key ember. ISM, mailed at Suffolk Va , ui J Thompson, bank *r. New York, and that'he same has baea lost. Alt persona St. 'suitoned seat t si porciiartng be same, ee|epp f st am wM be n.ede In the Commissioners or Pensions for n dupltne'e at ?urb werranl. and s *p? have been taken u prevent the ins ilng of e patent thrref'-r- JAMES MYKIL Suffolk, Nar.semond county, Ya 17-b Get. lata Jotth K. Kicbt, AOornry. N'UTICK IS HEREBY OfVKN TRtT MOCNTY LAND PL warrsnl No lI,A4r. for I>I acre.. Moled to me under art of Congress of VI March I-Ml wss by me <uv 7th -ley >d Kep'rntler tS66. nislled si Kulfo'k Va, bt J.|'teenp -m. '-en' rr. New Y- rk, and i at ??.*- *?m? has '**ii lost All p?r? are ranuas,ed sga.n*' p tr-baelna foe *am*. a? appts-aii- a w M be n ad< In the < ? ir,in sal r,*r of Penuotit 'or s dup.teste ?( ?loh wsrraM, and so p. have barn sker, -o prevent the i.i*unj of a patent theretov BENJAMIN KKMNk Nntbrlk, Nar.eemnnd rottnty. Vs., Oef l*h, Wd Jon ,B But, AlianMy. N'iitdV is uhk, y given i" m it"' '-rY i. an wsrrant No I j 040, tor 199 seres les'ted u> use und*r bM of f ot.grees of \d Mar W.-, was 1 y .. h da ,i 4; Isurvtier, IWf-. ineiied at MuffrJk. Va In J . si ,*n - * New 1 tk, * r.d lis-, the an* una bean ltd. A , re of toned agelnslf nrrla.lrg 'h* iter a ap h s'lue w .1 j n,ede to ti e tYr.i.f*' as P- rt.l -'.a f. * a f ? , , of , . v 1 |j*>R LIVERPOOL?UNITED STaTKS MAIL BTHaM fr^Llt7r b*rUi ??u># '?*" 2US31&te!2jBft5 nsj?; 5Xn*<aMtM *? ? RoWakD K. OULl.PvH, 50 Will street. m,?.'""*"," ?r,r*<l,,e*ttd to be ao lM*rd by 11 o' lu-k A M Shipper* plMMJ^k* nwlro dat a>? *|p? <Jr U?? Ihie umdoI ^MhoLfw^iTWr*h",,iof "S1 AU 1*IFr" mu.i put ~?a*P Uw Pam nffloo. nay others wlH be returoM The .uSo mui^'aT departure of this line from New Turk. ?' ?nd "*"r* alternate i? . J Uvsrpool no Wednesday, oemweuruut January ?, and every alternate Wednesday. T"JlJ"RKt,ANp. LIVERPOOL UNITKD KTaTKH lowlnaT-^^^- comlHMlaM Ow line are the fob uIitUTIVj PAOIFIO, Oapb KMrtdge Baltic, gmm. uoemuick aokiat/u. ?;*dl ' 1b?w ihlpi h?r# |)?f|) |M|i|| by coaU'Mt, Aibroolr for aor strtHUoB "Siatoo lntli?<7????* *** lMH,u uktjo lu iholr ooo elegance, and comfort. PMr?^Ti,^^from%ew Vort to Liverpool to first clan* cabin, ?ljCto n^.d d? ?'B ? ;Vur?,'T "5TS? 2r ?f ?"??- *?rs- rwA" S. rV ^ ?uiu?*? An fxpnrleocud Hurteooa at. Inched to each ah p. No IbeJh\w.UIwd .^,11 p fo" * nn_ ITi^ KO datum op ___ iTIOM UIW YOUK r-coa 1 Ia-kQii.tAi (lov' y ? fHW HuianUv, imc. l jgftft J??c 12 1HM Mainrday, Dec 15 T2l!? Jrw',,1M 8*lurd,4>'' 1>p' W ???'?'.'l*? Saturday, Jan. # ?. 1H86 WadnaXv' JanT"" 1816 ramrilay. Jan. IV lH6ti Wednesday Fab A Saturday' Feb' 16 !mm ***>? *> ""!lfl6d gf^y! ft: f::::::::i!SS ft; A::::;? Haturday, Mar. IB |MB? Wednesday, Ap'l ? ittBtj Ha ur'dsv' fti 1? 1^22 Wednesd-vy, Ap'l 16 MM r*H uruxy, Ap J 12 i\Vl V\ ?? iii<*fiii?iy Ad'I 'fa) 1?cw? b.-urdav, Ap'l M 1MB,, Wednesday, May II ^ ?1! ??'? 2!*y!." ??f wcinadiy.m?t *::.:::i2m \ '' r*yiJd*l' '** IHi'? Wodneaday, June 11 1666 G',f'Tel?tl ?r passage an;.it to ?RO?N%HIpttYS^' O $/?$*? Y' Krt^ ? NllrSr tZKE^T 1"L" Lo1 ,M" at'oouiilab,,' for foi l, "liver bullion, apeolc. jewelry, prectoua Mono, orinetal* u i ^r. lu o^p,"^* ^tr" Uiertt'or' Wld *" *?"?? thereof Mbippera pi. a-? lake notice, thai the ahlpa of .In. liar cannot carrv any rood, . oiuialmml nl war b/rei'urard ",,U,' PM" U'r'"1*,, Ul* P?" ",Uc9 m"y ""her will r, ,T.Lrr ?V">t'*T ?f <f<,l,?rt"rc oflbl. line from New York lor Ifj), will |,r Saturday, nouiinenrliiK Januirv 5, anl evarv altrri.atr Halurday; and fr .m Llrrrpool. W^iod.f, con. lurndiig Jan. 1U, end every alternate Weduewlay. UOK LIVKRPQOL.~BMPIKR link.?thk favor I tk S? Iinlii tfi! i'1' HT.lTK.Capl. llriKtf. will Mil on HjMUrday, ZGih luet. For pa.race In cabin. ??lo.>n, M>?,n ca bin or aioeraah apply oni b-ard pl-ir 8 North rlv. r, ..r to HhMAUKHI A JON KM. to couth rlreot and 36 Old allp. NtlTK'K.- FUtHT rACXBT FOR LIVKKI'OOL VIA Mdb aVk I iTn "k r ^'iNo.rmlwir. |l,a aplaiulid cUpper wnp, k. (? WlillAruR, aormnmi<tar, vrl.l DiMiUvdir mli on MUurday, IMU. II.M , at Uo'clock INuMDRrr. torwJde^o all ihr primIpal own. In Irnland, and to LOeinod free For parage apply on board ai plrr .tri tout river, or to 1 Al-dOu I I A OU,, H6 South .Urect, BRF.1MKN. VIA HOlTtlaMPTON.?THK UNITBI) Ktatra mall ,,ean..lilp WAr<lt NriToN, K. Oaveodv rem 1112'?eri * "l"*" '"r Sremen touchiu* at Souihamptou to land dw mail, and paaaen?era for ?n?laud and Krain-^oii Sat.Jr d*y,r' o??niber I, at W o'clock M , from pier No. 37 Nona 1 mint or Piitiui rttoa Ni* Yom to Houniaurcott on In Ural cabin, main aa,own..*...*.' In flrat rabln, lower aal.Hui ,r! In aerond cabin i! ,t"Pcrterrced aurgron la attached to racli eleamer.'' M,ire|c delivered in llavraor bartdon ah Inltrra muat pau through the Poet oflice. For parage or frelghi apply 1 * t'- H HAND. Again, II Soulli William afreet. Thk livf.m'ool and Piin. idku'iim nticavsihi ?.;iD;P"n.y "'lend railing Ihrlr favorite atramahto, tllY OF HAlrllMORK. 2.M7 lf?M Taut llohrrt fa-lLh CITY OF WASIIl N(i J o.S 2,3^0 too* o'Apt Win Wvl ? CITY OF MaNUIRSTKR: On",?5?lMpl IV O.'lvfr.r be .ion * yi. 966 rod ?BB according to Mate rooma _ A ?!lir number of third rlaim p iHaeo^'TH will bp tuk??n ??''?df,pW? *"d Utrerppl, an I lound In prorlaloua. ^ n i. . m ' 1 930 J From Uverp.ail tup . "HJen a mhiiig lo bring ont ihrlr fricJjila obtain ce.'llil chte. orpaarage a. d draft* on Uverpool ,n aum^Vil ,*Ung and npwarda Apply in JoHN II. DaI.K, Agcul, IT Walnul at reel. Philadelphia Q?'**1 "KTWKKN N>w YORK A Nit OLAHOOW ,|i'J* nij4" *eb?l <?aa W? > uinnuni oommander '0,1 '?IA() Robert I'raig do Df'ACfloW, l.vblioru, Joliu limican do J! *"'1 """ Y"rk Hioamahlp I'.nnpaiiv'a aplrndtd and Powerful new alaamer Kdtn? org I* appoliiied to a?ll fr in Virk torOMefow dirert on Ha urday. 36ih Jaruarr aen al 2o rmek. noon. pr-clae?y. pauagr In m ure ad veruactneni Apply lo J - MoHYMON, 33 limadway. Lt'lRCAIJFOK.NIAVIA NIC A RAllt A.?DATS OP8A1L I ing charged b,Wh and Mib of each mouth. Through In advance of the mall?7UI nillea aho'icr than any other route 2ft Im. b*##*#* Irw. 1 h? np^ndid i?uhU) ?Tiaio? n\Mvn gmHuJEl k o." LIQUT' 2,., at mrni burth.-n, i'\pi. llnklrpeugh will leave pier No. 3. North rive, at 3 ? ?2 ,or 1'"'to Arena*, on Ha'urdav, Novem v!?r?.^e. n"1?', ?mn*c""< WlU' 'he au.amd.ln l/?cle s?m. jtlWUtona burlhen over the Nicaragua rranaU route, harmg Hi, welv" H"1"* ''laud traoayortAui.o by flrat claaa carriage/ i. - v "H tot" ??'ure to. public hat the lalhioua la entirely free from dlaetae. and thai Die political trouble, lo Nicaragua have ceaaed. Peace bu been made hetwec.i the contandinK p^rtfija, and not the Mlight4?( Int^rrnpUup In th#? tranelt between the ooeana need be apprehended Fm Informalu.n or peauge apply only to CIIaRI.Kn M(tR -' inVrr^." J Howllrg > ireeu Hlarajrwl leltera laken f,* Australia pionkkr livb, carrying tiikiini tod Hiaica Malt -The feat aalllng ablp tJYNTTIIA. for Me r? ? v _7 i "u'i# ? i iv i ni a. u?r ,w? bourne, barlnff half her cm go poaitirelY f-ngaged, lo prepared to lake freight on moderate teruia, at pier M Want river, If ay piled for early. Apply to ft W. 0AMBRON, No. 6 UowttoK Oresn. Australia?for mklbournk. dirrit tub a i clipper hark I.AVt KKM K will .all a., on Mrmday tifxt 2fith ini?l , can ad cum nonfat* a i>w ra^rr r?a<t??riJ'TH if niuiedlale appllcaUon la madr at 88 I'carl street to ('. H A Kit Y Australia pionrrr linf. , arrvim; thk r s nialla ?Tl.e very tut aaillug hum packet HNKIOA i apt. I rceav, now loading at pier 17 Kaai riv.-r, for Sydney dl feci, ha* room for a aomil quantity of freight, If appllei for early. For freight only, apply lo K. W. i1 aMKHON. ? No. 6 Bowling green. FtOIl HAVANA AND NKW ORLRANB.?TIIR U H man atoamahlp CAHAWHA, Capi. it W. Shufetot will begin rcoelvlng freight ,m W.vfneaday, Nov 21, and -%n for the porta on Monday Nov 26, al 2 cpclock prehaeiy from ber pier No *7, North river, foot of Roblnaon atreet. LJV1NUFTON, tKO'dlKKnN A CO..31 Broadway. F"R BAVA"MAII AND FLORIDA?UNITKD STATKS A n.aJI llnr.?Tl.c new and eleganl \LAII tMA. t ap'ain (lenrge I', rvhen. k will leave on cat urdav, Nov 21 from pier No. 4, N R., al .1 o'clock P. M. Bill* ofUdlng algnei 00 l??rd. For frelgh' apply on nnard. or (or pa..* o- to * L. M I'MIIILL, 13 Broadway Cabin pa. age in Savannah. >JB. lor Florida, through ilcketa fr-un .New York to Jacksonville A I; ??. Pile Int. 9ot Large and aomiaudioo* * earner e leave' Savannah loi Flo. Ida three time* * week, .ori'o'Un ' wlUr tl.e ai.-e inert Irom New York or, Tue*d?y and Saturdays u'OR < tlARLFuvTON AND FLORIDA?SKMl WKKKLY '. I S. Mall line ?'Ibe ar.lendII a'aunch alcam. r N \RlOV , Fcjster, o Din.and' r, will leave pier Nr. f N.,rUi r.ver, ori S. nrday, Nov. ruber 24 a' .1 .. c|.? k P M. prerhwly For ticltht apply on lajtrd wlesre all Lille of lading will be'algnel and lor paaeage al ihe frfllc. of SPuFFOKIl, I fLKsf'tN A a?/r r*' >26 the m .gmllceni . ? .? .fr ^''8' f Ml" aneceed ao.l leave on Wedr.eaday .'V .h. Ihcfaeorle sle.rrer ? arollna, having resumed her regular trip, in the land.nga on 'lie.*' Johna river Florida, will cosn.ect with the deaioere from New York aid > avr Charleston every I u> .lay at :o rjirk I' " L'DR NDHFOLK. FORTHMOl Til AND RI' HMHND P t I ail * of hour Tl.e I' S mail ?toarn-hlp J AKkS T'llVN will leave for the above pla.?? ? or. Saturdai n??t, 24'h inat. ai 3 o'rtock rmrn pier 1.3 North rlvrr Nn freight will l>e takan f< r Petorabnrg, but paa*eti*era will be forwarded .her.- by railroad hour <1ly PoUil, aa usual Frelgbf for and 1 e.erkburg can Im shipped by Ihe Roarnke every W.dneartay laaaay. Pie, a'ato room Inclodad, tr N.wfoik, fr-. to Fetor a I urg a I Kitbmra.d. 91b Steerage half price Apply in LtDLAM A PLr.AHANrS.J2 Hroalway ATA MKKTINf; f<F PAHHINGKRH BELD ON BOARD J\ the atramrr North Mta?. on her paasage from II ,vre to >ew lork, Nov.-r,.i er 16 IMflr on motion. In- M M Klllou J H'aton, waa railed l/> Ihe chair, and Mr Tlx, n n? h i u-v inIn* of IP .ton, appoiuto.! Mevreigrv ibelol :. wlr g mo'lori wa. then pr?p.rwd by Mr < arr and unani oouely adopted, ill. I'cer.lved, Aa ihe sen- nf the paaiengera on board the steam e- North Mar. onfcar recent vnyage from Havre to New York thai a suitable I tree of allver plate be presented to Oap'a>a K A vv mack aa a lesumorn < l their appreciation ol fna high no...I . S. I nth a* an oflicer and a man.diapiayed by htm luring he .ollre voyagr. and mora especially for the courage aalf foe,. ?k.n. 0 oroogh km e b-dge n' hie profraabMi, sod unt'rlng dev. K.n t. dniv eahlhlteil hj htrr ,? the oc. aa. n of the resent ac< >? egaleo tip, e day*'cinilMiar.ce I Ived. That a committee of flee he appointed by the Chair ma. ,f which the Pre-uirni ul bia meeting stall be one to rolle. t the i.e. easarv aubwr)pilous to carry Ink. efleet (he f.ire (etna ice. lotion 1 he Committee th# n appointed hy the Chairman were?Me -are. H Al.'n, of Providence R I,; Lewie Ftoaenalala, of Mel fM.urre A A a. oil r/ New York, H If Nalaan, of H*n Frao . I?.. . I apt. A. TaJturt, of Free|g,ri. Me It was alao rtAcd that Mr S Ljnna, of New Y ?rk, attould wt As "I reason r t n mo l'm. It was rear,lve.1, that theprocee llnga of thl> meet u.g I e published In New York, and thai a copy be handed to ' apiain K. A. R'am&rk A M'I'KOleUU Y. ASTONISHING TO ALL ?MA DAMR M'lKR'IW. THK si ae?er.Mi daughter, laa a|naiurai gill to tell paat present and futureeten'a. and all the concerns of life; even the vwy

tl.o ghto. an t will cause epeaty marriagas, *o< 1 shcW me ;,ka nee*ea of ?be Intended h iabarid and absrt t fr.nnda. and will t.rtng 'ogetber thoae ajg> sra aeparand wle. win en/>y the ftreatoat Iwnr.inase of matrimonial h.ia. All who wi.hg??1 nek may call sua for relirf mid com/or* TJiousanda hare ei prseaed their belief ah# ia ihe meat wonderful esirol .Kiw It. the world or thai l.aa eree been known, though ahe prv thea no Mi g bul what la renonrUeanla in phi*w,puer*. No '"?LI* " aeA aa lis fled 76 Krnorae eireet, l,#twr.-er. Cannon ar-4 Columbia GetiUemen tax adrrwued. N H -Madame Mor row > auiluna lbs pohtfc those asncgisu who law ad- - no r me 01, reading similar m ihw AWONDRR ? IIAVN TflU SKFN *11V G^PGCY GIRL the only true | almiu In America? It not, be a.ise to rail atBSHolllran street, where she can be eonauUsd with on a I eventa of life, fee BU rente. N H - The Glpafw era the ooir ooe? thai can Imnari the se. rat hy which any lady or senile man nan obtain theanscUowe of 'he cfip.gir .ei t barge VI ICS PUHITOtAICI, ASTHMA, BRtsNCinrifl DY?PFF "to Ma. debility,drsentaer liver enmplain'a old o cars tier r-neoew rever as J agee le Pa w --rat form. Female rrsge flartoes. ntghwrara b,*ierira ard d.sea,es .J children crrrM f .orshwi r.y Mr . 6KYMGI K he great rne, c. a.r as.' It) tptIn# street near Bmndwsy -a - va n or n ,, / M.AIRVf.YANCR-L4DIRW TIIR GRRaT Ms 'I' ll, * " ' ?n' hwa ren-orsd from ?i.r'ss *?..-..? .. >r M thrum*' .mi Trm v . Ui tt ur' ?* .ftd, (if ?ujr&t?h> ?I . l^ttroy ?|4 If. AflK r rm, 11>* MF ALWl?f,FROM P Tciurri' KEOMnk A HH'R THEM HTOKY HOUHK TO LKT, Iff * WOOD Wrent, ne*r Highlit ?>????, ronlnlnltig olna or Uia ruoma, with hatha, *?a, hot and hold watrr, ranch, to Ycrly nto Thry low, WO I'arlur OftrpnU, oil rWtha, to., ur.u-if nrw, prlre llil l> w. RICH a KIIH, StfJ Rmtd'nr LABOR niBNISIIBI) HOUHK TO LKT. IN TIIK Iff m#dlal* vie lolly of Bruodwoy, and I.tutor ?? Incatloo ri ch ml ft* clt) or iroindeol bonrtor., lltnr# torn* near M) rooina, ?nth oil Hut itiudai n Imyrovrmitnta, evnryiiilnc in nloa order, miitol lr for* hotel or I o'lrdlng honra U. W. HIOMAHM, !WJ Uraadway. Ami ? rnKKK htobt hoihf to lit with m drtn uu|<r?vi>nieDb, anlloblr ft* a Kmlrei family, In a corvl nriyhborhnoil rooretiianl to fhe Sinli>' ear* and Br ado ay ?ia(#? Kant, until May, tAM). Tbr parlor car |>rU, kr , nay t* purrhaarl. U daalrvd. U. W BIUHABUH. 307 Hroalway. A STORK TR LRT AND rUTURSH AND LHaHK FOR aalr-Ocrii|.le<l aa a je "retry aloro, lu a dotrl part of the oily, Inqoir# at Si t hatiiam atrael. In thajrwolry at ire A PRIVATE PAMILY, HAVING SOMB SPARK APART menu, furtiul.ed, would lei them In a party of re.pno'a billy, wlili ar oninioriailoanfor >errant. If required, the houv cuulalo. Hie modern lm|irot amrnu, ami la ooorenlrat to c.r. and at an ea Brfrrrtnn-a eionaiiKed. A|tp y at 34 Herentb aroituti, bet went Twrlfth ami Ttilrieenlh alreeta. A FIRST It ATK till aNI'K.?TO LKT. A HBHAK STORK, In a (ted nrlirtioihood, cheap rent and preuiiuui huy 1 o Irt tn cot a#qura#n ** * " >ihiMid, cheap rent, and preiulum rut ?1.260 iiroMtiTa.'rcv't^brtnMo"orctort aud'TnaVoa'' A'"^ BROADWAY PROPVKTT TO LKAHE-THK ATTKN lion ot parties vbdctig >o lra?? a first <1*** more on a cor ner lot of extra width In u must dealrnbln location on Broadway, h called b*tbe lot. Hi) i 1<X) tent, on the south east corner of Grar.d street The holder (4 ihu property m will's# lo er?ict upon B a very mi per. or building, lo suit a deatrable tenant, and la prepared to receive proposal* tor lowing the same. Apply hi H 0. IIATFlEI.1), ArchiU-ot,395 Broad*ay. /10KNKK HTOKR TO LKT-TBK LABOR C HtNKR I i *lore unit bawncnlnn the southeast corner of Houston stieot *? ft Bower\, h tirh' tafh stand for a grnoerv and provl uhi Ntere or any kind oi biminnsa. Rani moJnr^ Al-o, ? number of hoiiNCH up town in let. Bent fbot) to K. B KINHItl J4KR, 319 Fourth avenue, 3 to 7 P. M. DKBK ROOM TO LKT-SUITABLE FOR A ROTE on stockbroker. to an eligible office, tn No. b Wall a reel i (WAOfflou given iiiiOi'k(Ji<t>ely. Apply to HIIKHMaN, BKtiWKK A CO., No 6 Wall ml rent. Fm;kmshh> iioukk to i.Rr.~riiK oommodioih 1 Kiiith h haftcment houae. \t?9 Twelfth hired, Between M'h ai d Stx'h over iich; 'he lurntture all new, one year win w\ ami ot yood qtialny, would he lei with all u*<'m?**riei? tor a tnmlly, for hit mo?.(lih or more if dent red; luim?HllaU? po we?4hiu given" t an he aeen helwecn \2 and 4 1*. fef. Apply on the premise* oi at 177 Pearl nUeet, flrnt lloor. F^CKMHOTD BOU^K TO laKT-A TlfRRK HTOKY attic and hat*ernenl bou e. furnished couUln? hath and gi?e,altua'ed in a quBt. booUn I and central )o<*aUon. For pa: ticulafM apply at No. ?t2 treeue hi , near Fourth at. F3LBNINHFD HOOH8 TO LKT-A NKATTIIKKK HTOKY atlic and haaement houae in Ninth at.. Nlilh ave ue May he had until the tlrat of May, or for a term of year* If Ue aired. Oaa, c rot on water, Ac TlurSR TO LKT ANI) FURNfTGRK FOR BALK TIIK J I hi we >?? 6'.t Vajirk afreet: It w ill he let ''h?*p lo a jpmd tenant; au?o, the turniture lot eale, tu whole or part. Apply aa above nOrRK TO LKT AND FURNfTURK FOR BALK.?A furoiehed houae auilaltle for a hoarding houne, within live ndriu ?v' w alk "I Olty BhU (fiUllUUS Dltl Wll be aold hi a fair price, and time given to pay for It; rent of hon? ? $7M). A /:ood chance for a person with huiaII nieana; amount of fur niturr about $7hU. AddrcHM II. O. 11., Herald ollire. Hotel nkar hroadwvy -tolktorlkahk thk large three atory builduig No 30 Reade atreet, lately kept aft a ho el by Mr. Ander>?nn I'oaae alon given iiumedi ately. Apply a1 L3A Uoimtou afreet. ]ODO> R(H?M ?Tfi LKT. TIIK LODUK AND IIAVI? J Mitnrly lur-nUht ?i room tn Graun roy 11 all, lift Kant Twi utiedi Hireet, co.ner of Third avooue. Inquire on the pre miaes. <Pt? LJtT?THK WlfttLK OH PaRT OF A IIOUHL, I ?|tua'ed at Zlf? Went Twentieth atreet, In * plmtaant iielf b boritood, conflating of three :ea haaotneut, attic aud coua u r oeJIar It w llTt?e leased for a term of years to a good tenant ihc house is In Or?*t rata order. In<| lire ou the pram toes. f|X) LIT A IIANDHOMK IIOI RI ON fVMf TWIVTI I lhvL street, between Hlxtb and Heventh avunu-?-, three st.-rv, trick In fine order; all modern improvement t/arpeia, ollc l?llis and han hxtint a for shIo. also, one oti l(exr>gUm av. K 11. KINHIilAlKK. S19 Fourth avenue. flK) LKT?DWELLING PART OF IIOUNK 141 BOWKKT, J very (i< sir able location, near trrand street containing eigh? M/ornn, wbh eiteuslon diuing room a tached, NiiPable for family ?ir pilvste hoardiog house. Applv In li:e furniture s:ore as iibovc. | ri'O LKT?TIIK 8KPOND AND THIRD FLOtiRH OF I building No 1(H) Thompson street, between Hpring and l'rlnce,'Ah by 9(i feet well lighted very crnvenlent and nulla bh lor any kind of manu/a turlng purp'wee Tcrnas a.-c ?rn nnoaUng to gfiod tenanta. For part.culars at/ply at 444 Hi?KXBf street. Tf) LKT?A OROOLKY AND Ligt'OR HTOHK, NO. 34 t By Ilaii plai-a. Apply in the store. rpO LKT IN I1ROORLTIV (? D). A FIR4T CLARB i iloee atory, brick and brown s one basement ho me, sit tis^eii on Bedford avenue, beiw-rn riymer and 1 aylor atrm ta; rriiU I r tfltH) per annuin; real to thn lat o Msy$l7& quire ot it. CKOWlJtY, lUt WillUni street, up atatrs N. Y. 1|M) IjKT?FORAKHBIOV IMHKDf ATRLT, TWO LABOR I looms on first fhs>r of No P.? Heekman street, near Nia niu. recently occupied an lawyers' office* but * titab'e tor any ?opactahle buslnesa. Apply to A. LIVINGS TON, Ai Jobi? r.Rl str%et. TO LET?TWO BOOMS. HL'ITABLR FOIl A I'RiVATK J club. Rent moderate. No 641 Broadway. rro I,NT?TIIE THIRD FIjOOII OF (JOC/HR NO 95 WKHT J lwer.ty sixtli street, b?tw? en Sixth and seventh arenuea, c. i.slstjiig of Ave rtxniis Irnruediate p>?~???wM<>n given t'/.i ton water on (he lloor. Inquhs oi it. h KING, 770 Greenwich | 4'ree:, near Bank. 'PO LKT.?THR TI1RRK BT(?RY ATT It; AND BAHKMKNT J house lift Nacond avenue, with t'roton, bath, A-- U* rem Ui May for $MMJ Imniedure j?ONse->alon. In quire o; Me. rs O. A A G Mrl'OMB. 'LA We.t atre.-t, corner of I leach, from 10 lo IP M. rro LKT OR LKAHK? WITH YMMKDIATK POHhRS4lON. J tf.e icecream sal-sin dintng shIuod and basement, al-o 'he Mimical Hall,(from Drat of May next,) oomprlalng ihe wladeol -outh Four h street front <.f the (KipuUr place of re-tori known ?* Uit K iuestriati Inatlute," Kaat itiookivn. togsU>er or sep* ?a'ely for tarna. apply to H *' A LDW KLL, % and ' i?-'y treat. New \ork, or to OhO. W. WALKKR, t?u the pramieas rro BOARDING kfOUf-K KIKPKRB.-A LAROR FIIIHT J ? la-# boardtntr house 'o let. coutaiiilng about tweut/ nve room*, and ftlled wilb lH?ardera , or ati aciiie c??rnpeusnt lady, CCitti fiidfi would be ukeu asequal partner. Adtlrea I'. A., IB raid office THK BALL BEAIOIL QEVRNTH GRhND CAERIVAl BALL FANCY LTVK i. ' an<l military) ot the Huron Dramatic /?h*o at the I A|M'.io Koomi.on Krklay exening, Noveuioar AS.?The coui n it-ee 'skc pleasure t. ar.notin<-tng i).a? th?? arringernsnts for this annua b ain .kl have been comp r ed, and the nhova eveo ho- seleccd lor ?ha on No exertion will he spared 'o r? ttdar I ci.e of b e inost i rliitaiit r- u ilon oi the aea?on 1 he n a*/-iflrent cfjetumee of Mr It Wllllarn* sbo.e nr ? ace si d skill have son ten c klirsi the admtrailon of tb ? pu'illr, are j i - w resdy for lnspec*U>n. The gre.v r -irn'-er 1 frtst?U ->f the ] ..>.ocisi?oi> wb<^ h*\ e iigol1 ed ihclr Intention *>? par k.pailiig to e of be,re-'s Ion warrant , the committee in pre /tltkR an assemblage of beaut v. ftr?c* aiwl iaiet\t seslom *u nc ' ij Robert eon ^ Qtiadriib Band 'ilcknts, adm't.n* a centieman and two Jadte-. one do'lar, may be bad at tfaa prln ci; ?< u Ufttc p'ores and hotels; ot R Wl i.U AM.4, t os umsr, 3?ic hr?s?me street, at It ABIMEa f'H ea.oon. and at the dour, on the v. nlf-g of the sail T. C. f At. J.KNKR. ( hairrnsn T Nowioa, Baeretary. rrm: thirtkkvth annfal ball or thr jack J ?? n hire Kngine ( on.pgnr No XI. will b*? given at Ute Apol >'> Rooms. 410 Broadway 'm 3burn,fay evening. Noveml>ar 22 lh60. HMOlliY J. WKHI, Chairman. H Mt'WfvfmvRV f-creetory If J. W?T, Yreaaure^i f I'll I- NINTH WARD NATIONAL AMK.RD'aN CLFB I w.'l glva a trund hanguet at Ntblo'a, oo FrVtsf evening I e. 7, BAN, in comma mora'Ion of the viator) of tba A merit*/) I srty in the Hialeof New York Tickets to be had of II Far t gton, 1ft Ns?m?- u sireat, Jsmes A. Brown T eas ir*r, IV n ,m sirrc. or any of th?* tCommitted of Arrangement*, e Hi' b see hum ay papera THAVRLLERh 4-1 ll)K. ? rf/R K Ft PORT AND FOET HAMILTON -< UKdl of hr?ti/s ? The steanitioat KBYI'ORT leaver M-)rray I Tree I pier daily (Hondaj* excepted), at 2)% o'c kj-k I' M , and k<-/|mrt at o*ctork A. M 11411 SKS, ROOME 6*4 W A \TT" II. ' I I! NThlfF.D llOIhK WANTED -A MoDKRATK HI/.KI) j ?" bouse i orated in a raap eat able neighborhood, e?fher wl r Sly ?>r j arHslly f^rnial.ed or a unantbv >4 turn ' ?re won 1 t e sketi tn payment for t/oard. Add/ess C. (*., Broadway l isttfl.r* lor tirce days 19AE1 OF v BOU SI WAJTTKI . ?N ? WIOOE I dies, mother and daughter, wiui a chlM two years old, t? strata find sufficient r-otiw. without les?/d. In * ^mtre, i u-e with modern improvements t>*>twawo Fourth and Four ? /-#???, ltd MMnd and . ? r, , . , * I to negotiate witha party ?bi owns sad or- ipie? the iiUse. Keferenena Will b? exchanged I'lease wblresa box . 92 Post offire. | ) Of) MR WANTFD-ANY FAMILY HAVING PART Of A II ftinall dwelling lo let, at a low rent, in a rasp* - ?*?l* r?e igh i?hwsi. wIlJAud a desirable and permanent tenant, and if | I | rty lurriUled It srnhd b? brtfrrsbis hrs hi i,. g llr ?m.? | <<; Grands**., Ac. Addraaa Gy. M , box 660, P ??' office i^TORK WANTED-ANY PARTY HAVlNo A FIRhT O class store or cmtawipUte bubdtng one on the d??trir I te unded by Fuluwi. < 1/auibers. Church at/ec* a/*d M /sl?sy r > f.nd a uasotdti a Isaw, by ad lrvtsslng A W Po? -?ffi * JEWING MA''IflNICH -WANTED M. Of EINGERH' 2ft *1 c4 Grova 4 Dakar'*, ser*?tel hao: Perweiff 'saving w? * bir.e* out of town ran send a M a Matin* prt e arvd *ters hey eaa t?? saaa. W> Charles Food, No 6 JU ard street, a Use be- etoenL CKWIftD MACfllftKK. Frili?4(<? H A f 1*0 fitf ? <*taor/Mru?w A H?tor'. mw. 1 BtM| ?-*k b; to H W 1 *?'. ?n r<Mt ?* ? H ? lloto*. U'AftTFD-FABT Of A IIOI -kZ->'/T I.Kto 7: AH "lgh* wUh "II ib# rr,-''a?' (n#.## ...... . ?T'lbii lb? bn*i?# # f#?i ft* pK tr^mtb A rr.,i#r'?bJ# i.Mn.#o' b.,'1*# In ? . ?? ,?> b- >-b,?p??a tn Atornn. ft* t #? too A O. ? >^n |ft) IlrrtoJ . ' ' w*: I vv NTKIi IK tiKO<iKLYK A 71 K'-ltllFD it'fiy ? ub.,mi l?n/1. I.* . +4r (M. ?vi ? |.r? f#r#Ml. ?b?r? tb#r? nr. m" 1 '*tr .vbr. no I mint ?vMb*"*t.<-^ A<Mr#*. K M Iw( \t; S?m Hurt Im AMI D-A fl ftft'"III 1 ~K'i ,H, IK a IIM'-.F WITH* nv^.m to* ?...r?.oS'n*T wo*., to r* ??. ? to -,.Ui ???, ftynett ??? ,'.to ktftl DM nb >? T?to . "?"? >*?!<.? Wr. m 1,rm? to ib# t. . ?' AKVMMOUrrt. Nimuch oari kh - " Opeiilng night of (be wonderful RAYKI, FAMILY r irwl a fipnaranee In A merle. of Kilo KOHKKT from tin* Ro,.l ..o4m>> tf IVU, U| la, ?/?'"" fr?m *e f Irat upprariora of ?~ra Ml I?. Malti.* Ukna. tod Mm. Lima Wuran. Aatoiar, ruiHi oi? aad Jaiuiac Me.. - ''?DI M"iuJ?T?iHfibr HujirrTHOOr* MO.iof kvaMiau. Not. ?. ikm PMto^S.TC?/SSfJ WO* romic . . koiikbt and hkktrand I cbarft<i*ni by lUval r. ?.n? ^?^1^^S4uced-ror ?* *"dn" ? ? ??? Robrr, <bw low)... WmT ** ' Hlbrrtnj?n.. * .Inn] firllLuti Hf?Mn/?,i Aii'?4r?# K*rr| Kll?e (bo. Aral .invarM, e, f?"" "'/rj ;,r. sr - ^ ? i^w.n^ m .bub a ;^,T" 0,^:/L" Ufljrparf.iriur.i, will Appear *r*W l'<"nl' ">f ot Private' iioiei. . ." ronja. Orrbaatra Neaie Hoi offlr. ..(MMi dally Irom n A. M l? t p M ,?r _ *' orebeetra lo ata and private bote. ni,|v ' ur aw tirlbif Ihxrr* open al fc\ o'olocb;, ronnnenre al 7S> VI' AI.I.ACR'HTIIKATHK IIKOAOVAY. NKAKHHlkOUi ii! 1"007 "f*"'" ?s 0'tM. to -A*. ", ,gK Hiuraday ayenloa. Not. 2? iv||| oa performed 1 <? . . . I"K '-'Tn-R tk4?miikk ! "i; L" ''"r " 'J f??l>liull Mr I ..,-1 risarjir? "Sl-SS i rd Air h. a TH* ^'WAfik'R *" i?:i,dw':::; now hToi'T Yui ? 'itV: 'o kfri'if(?;'" Ml ' ''lO""/ Mr II lluli I Mr. I'luunuy . W.|r? a cadkmy or MUoic. . ^""/^W-^TirrruDnct "? ito-Url'.dru.d 1. A 8 K M I |{ A M I fl K ?ladaai* lil^L a" OK A NoTc""'' I)n^.?i"L>,OR,C,','i' A^NObOl .lld oahkabowi. d^rKa,|,^Xur",U b' M"e d" u V?'"- "? MuUcri UlrroUrand Con <4 tic'or...... . , m,,. viar.,,,*1 t xil>AY, t u\ Twrni, o^rd night < Vthe h**hou Mkr"U*k' l"*>rb i>p?n al7 l>pm* cunmnmcim ?t n ?jr teirr, ,U| * pw<? fPUK IIAMIKT VIUIIT ? HAmVkT 1Mno*";-<1 'b?l lb.. ranraaaiilaUull of 'l.;.;,nLK Nr,v ^.1'"'*1 ^ A'mU"a' "> "? oorauVrT.1 ar'n'^".',1."/e.'1" Wl" f"""J '"A.if ?/ ,r - ! und "t^r" wall known, %pa, f fr?Ti u,e,irw f:?.Llhe,^V r",1 If ? n.irrl , *nhnJJ ihr iinrlvalJ. | alfKann- ami MplPiilor Imrh oi miM *r Iwkf Im nmy m?*v l??H^rurnd *t lUrmkln'i. mKfb t at JoMlr'a Mi ~W?,? fl' hrJ1 -i.iil ai 'Iromlway am) KourteeuUi sirtwt ||u?h (U,J HLalU, fl; parqtlftti) and l aaaktu, 5<) ?oqi*. Ilwm nt ?r Tr.ttf. 'sss^ VaTSS^a'" "v: V,,T? MmrowUna a j,Wimo fixr* r i itst" ' *** Kaoood Or?T?"ij,yirr k'T V'L|',?wPr,;V . V MUor Ai'lfoa* ||Hrri,id f-CT-i.a-ry l?y -lltfnor Al aarl biaged*p?rtrnani Ily\fr Tiin|..?i Tlwrrurtaonnaa Mill l.r rT|,ryiaarrrd r,i ladla. arid aaulla II,ru 1,1 dlrrary and artl.dc la?,r ?rl,i, ar? aduullr l by U.-keta only. l?, ti'o almf?, on ap|ili,'*iliin al lianakin'a. .11(1 llrua I .ay IJI'I KI.l t'f, HKIIKNAAK.KH. KM BKOADWAT - ry iil?lii tlrla Mi rk ilir r, uid burlbaijiip on dir oprra of (JiNlrbilKI.I.A (",? lie ?* ? i'b brAJi'lfiu wr.'irry. drraara, tf AnaforntAUoiu A' . Ac. I'mcrdlno Ilia opara ? _ NKdKii MfNHTRKf^T Monday rvrnln* No* 28, tbrAnlrlul trurdrof VlT.l.fKINS ANI? IIIM ir/.s Aff In two Aria. I loainji'iKV'a al 7 S o'rloab. I IrAa'a 26 rrola. U' AIXACK-M THBATKK?KXTBA. ft M K N R K I 1 OK Nil I.KkTK II u'n r'VlV."d U" a'- """ ?? OH 11. atrr (raryfrill) rrviar.1 and mn?!rutin!., Hi-aumoiil and Klo rher'a coturdy, in llvr acta, eallad? III I.K A WlKK AM. IIAVK A WIRK :^y'ncVZLrl>rm ^ ?? ?a or mi ivmrairr. v*i'o tiUtcr aUrat tlve Miiertalomeuui llfA S rKI.?A vihumhi. to tiiavki, with a "frnta^noa A liberal . .?.praa?llon ?i,i >,r f o u . ' W r","l'"''ir(. I'lew* ail lira Ona. M.nlU. ll'.i Hud.on Ureal. U.U day. ? AA' A 1,1. A i K ' - AMI HI It 111,\ , j i, ATlt H T lit " m"dy '? TUB, TKKa .UKR now play. I' K ai tlie above Iioumm. u UiI? day pnblobe l. and n.r ??!? Jt h KHKhOH, 121 atrefl. IIXULI AHl>f9? w I> TO IIIICK, OMC UK TWO III I. .. dr,!i:rw B .'uarildUcc?^ rK orrvH t ok nam; a fink ntock or wkij. - made billiard lablea, wltfe ?laie marble an.] wool be 1. I b ou new invented rnabioi,. whl. h are t|,e only norr. rt r-blona now in liar One .e, on I liaod table for ?ale OKIKrn If A MiIK AM, Ml Ajm a treat MtfMK Ab S I O7 I'fANOroRTKN-ONK HARMONrUM WfrilMKVJlv 1 a_i I aiojia, arid one inelialeoo io reni, al $2 Aa, Mi A? and M a ".o lb nr lor aaieal|)7, Mb f" nj, Ui(l25, a ap.en lid 'T""d I Me'lave puuio eoal MINI for Airai. alao. about Aaiu worlli of Bit ail popular moale al ball c rlre. at i?1 Or ,t,d al A "?x'"KK ("k riANoruKTB on dl alr.*ii,II. wnull lie hapnv loennfer w,ih p.r.,i,i de.irlnr >? I.?ii, vb' aleive m leriua fl:, iirr ooar er IHoimmi referenre fleer, Addree. MIm bmoi, 17 Third aireel L??B KAl.B-A VKRV riNK TONKO I'lANO MuhKe S 1 . r*^*','"'n Ml IIMl bill a "bori Ume and oareluiw U.e.l V> hi be .old for half llnalu-l! applied fo. I in roe i .a* ly en be wro al re?u No 10, llui llroa-larav. If a I tf J'uftitr atmi. / ' UK tT lu Itii.e in -BLMIAffTNETjjlf OQTATB Bo i \y wrael ptui i.fnrle rueUI . frame e.Ml IMri eel, u.-d I rer lie ill i lie. Mould be add a <ie? aeirlftrr, aa the ? a or r ,e?..-. L? :;'k" - - - 1 f a muxoka ki.i/.a VAiiKNriFir. r*Krm \ 1J jr* \.%h rr?.,n.?"l lr? Se*. Y ?rk %U*r * "iiK f-MifiiJ rim* rrt lour ut ri^hifMen mni,Lb? ur* Istryl/ut l'?ru M ^whi . HI thn rwlrurNf r,f U?tf> nvj'ra ' %* b2 oVnVrr*l-ek4,u,n,:'j','K''' " ???? da J. | Mlbir, TO I.KT TO A I'F.KAflff IfAVfNO A (lie ! In mual' , d/aaina ur .nntuaar . a Ur*? ,mi ti ?r o Midi board if de.ire.} Adilr-'aa wub nar ? u.ara nor > i , I'oat Uflli ?. PlkAYntl ('AROB. f>f.ATIN(| fAR/m. 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