Newspaper of The New York Herald, 22 Kasım 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 22 Kasım 1855 Page 6
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HOKET M IKKKT. WBDSbMMY, Niiv. 21?1V. H. The absence of tie European sleauwr cluo ? operations in <he Mock market materia ty. A* the first btard to asy the tram-actions were quite Unilteu, and juices very unsettled. All speculators for a rl-.e were disponed to bold ou aud wait the receipt of later foreign intelligence. I1 the news should be bud, they have all the Uncles thej want is it shouiu be good, they attll have all they want. They ate fairly loaded up with them aud hare very lit tle margin tor farther improvement undei the most ft trurebie circumstauoes. There are a dozen sellers in the mailtet to one buyer, whereas two weeks since it was j ust the reverse. An operetor who would buy Erie at 42 or 46 per cent, just for a tlyer, would not touch it at 60 or 63 per cent, und so with all other fancy stocks on the Ust. The time for buying has long since gone by. It is now the time for se.ling, bat unfortunately there are no buyers in the market. Those who are now filled up with stocks, have by their purchases iudated prices to the present point. They have created an artificial value for their property, which is only sustained so long as it re. mains in their hands. The moment they are forced to soil It then runs rapidly down to lU natural level. A lew weeks since, when all wore sellers, prices ran down five, ten, and fifteen per cent in a few days. When the furn caine and all ware buy ers, pi ices ran up again five, ten and fifteen per cent, in just about as many days. Now we are on the turning point oncemoie, and the market must go through the same phases, with the same regularity. it may be aigucd by holders of fancy stocks and specu lators for a rite, that the banks having largely c infract ed, there is not that margin for further reduction in dis counts which the bears and other long-lies ied capitalists calculate upon ; but such arguments have uo point un der existing circumstances. Wo have not merely our lo cal affairs to look to iu the pre ent emergency. We can not trust to our internal resources to extricate ourselves from financial difficultie., In the event of our European creditors demanding la-go payments. We must, be fore the avalanche of our stock securities comes upon us. pre|?re ourselves for it by contraction iu a lour do mestic credits. We must pr ivide ourselres with avails, bh means to meet any foreign rleinan 1 that may arise, by the sale in onr own markets of our own sticks, for foreipn account, and wo must by contraction of cre dits, reduce prices so that our export trade will becuine more active, and our Import trade more restricted. The financial policy of Groa' Britain is at present just this and no more. Any advance in the rate of inters .it by the llauk of England, produces a contiaction in com mercial transactions, reduces prices at home, gives a g eat impetus to th'- export trade, aud ultimately turns the current of sjeclo from all parts o* the world into the porta of the United Kingdom. These things operate ac tively, and soon the required result appears la all the channel' of commerce. To counteract the effect of such a rolicy on the part of England, we are forced into the same system. To prevent our markets from being flooded with foreign manufactures; to prevent oar bsnks^ from being drained of gold; to prevent, if possible, the return of our seem lties In luge amounts, we must restrict credits and commercial trghtactions, an 1 that can only be done by a contraction of hank loans. We have not iu interest sliding scale, and must therefore apply the reiredy at once dlreitly to the ro it of the evil. If In the pursuance of this stringent policy; If, In destroying uiarktU for foreign manufactures, we reduce prices for our own products it must he considered as only partial evil for universal good; for the very fact of reduciug pi ices frr our "taple products would give such an iinpo tu- to exports as would at once remove all apprehensions of further shipments of t pecie. The quotations current at the first board this morning, show a decline In Illinois Centra, bonds of i4 per cent; Canton Company, llurlem, %\ M chigan Southern, >4. Virginia 6's advanced >4 percent; Missouri O's, '([; Heading, l'anania, >?; Cleveland, Columbus and Cin cinnati K R , >4. Chicago and Hock Island-fell off 1 per cent from the opening. Nicaragua Transit was sold to 1 some extent, princij?lly on time, but closed weak. AU hopes of a dividend hive been dispersed by the financial statement given below Thai statement shows that there never was any f undatiou for the report, but we have rea son to believe that it originated in the company's office. At the second board the market opened and closed heavy. There was sn active demand for flalena, but stock was scarce. After the board 121 was bid. The stenmrhip Asia, from Boston for Uverpool to-day. bad no ,pecie on freight. The Second Avenue Company lias declared a semi-annual divided of four per cent, payable on the 20tb instant. This company Is destined to be one of the most profitable on the island. The population of the avenue, which was very limited when the company commenced operation*-, has steadily am) largely increased, and now bids fair to be very thickly settled in a short space of time. The improvement both in the value and appear ance of property along the Hne has been very great within two years past. The comj>any lias paid, we believe, re gular oight per cent dividends from the time of com mencing business, lbe cars now ran from Peck slip to Ilariem. Mr. A H. Nice lay's regular semi-weekly auction sale of stocks and bonds will take place to-morrow (Thurs day) at twelve o'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as lollows:? Paid on Treasury account $366,084 22 Received 00 60 1*10 00 Balance - do 6,200,906 61 Paid for Assay office 44,379 15 Paid on disbursing checks 66,68.3 92 The managers of the .Nicaragua Transit C-impary have at last given the stockholders a report of the earnings and expenditures for the fifteen months ending October^ 1856. If there is any virtue in bievily it certainly poa senses that merit; but we differ from '.he directors in this instance. The entire operations ot the passeuger, freight aud treasure traffic is given iD a single line, as follows:? Cash received from Messrs. Morgan, ??arrison A- Templeton. agents of steamships $1,149,2.36 16 We have here no detailed statement of receipts from pacseugera, Ac., no items of expenditures, no account of how much each steamer earned, no nothing that the stockholders have a right to know: all is mysteriously condensed into large aggregates, and summarily disposed of in that way. After carefully examining the report, we hare come to the conclusion that the Transit route is a money making concern?for a certain cli'ptr of capital Uti. The receipts and disbursements of the company, accotcing to the report just Issue), from July 1, 1864, t> Oct. 6, 1866, were as follows:? Mcaraui * Transit Company?rtwu-i-rs and Ih.hukskwkyts. Cash on hand July 1, 1854 817,003 06 Protn Messrs. Morgan, Garrison A Temple tost, agrals of steamships 1,149,2:16 16 For insurance on steam-hip Yankee Hlaie 136,167 46 For bonds of December. 1854 108.000 00 For loan from Joseph N. Scott 6,000 00 From Pacific Mail and United States Mail Steam-hip Companies on account ot ex cess of psssengers an I freight 101,919 62 For boods of June 1, 1x66 122,000 00 For interest ou iTtaus, sod from various otb' r sources 48,I'M 61 Total 81,688,452 39 Ce h paid for ocean steamships and lake and liver steamers 8511,206 28 For dividend of July 16. 1864 218,013 00 ForCoal at .""an Fianciso. Kealejo aud San Juan del Sur 197,446 10 For expenses, office, Insurance on steam ships and on treasury interest on loans, he 109,922 77 For bonds of Ilecember 1 1854 120,000 90 C. Vandeibilt, on aecounlof settlement for aUclsinis. past and future 60,000 00 State of Nicaragua, on acoount of the 10 per rent on net proHts, he.... 19,600 00 Fur lues on voytgea of steamships t'nele Sam and Yankee Iliads to l'anania, for dtsburrsmonts on account of steauiabipe, and lor agencies of steamshipi 140.522 92 For transportation of passengers and freight over the isthmus for depots, transit road and salaries ot sgems, he. 287,941 71 Fi t tx?d? of June 1, 1865. anticipated.... 10,00*3 00 Cash remaining in the treasury 1.3,901 61 ? Total $1,688,462 39 The assets of the company sre appraised as follows:? ftfhteeeaa steamers, me' $l,ano,O0O 00 Tbiee lake steamers, cost 131,20190 Ten riter steamers, cost lm 291 00 1 ighters. soews, coal hulks, yards. fr<- 30.000 no is*pots, landings, ways, stations coal yards, he 122,881 00 Transit road 179,242 uQ Wood and timber ISI the Isthmus 10 0C0 00 Onttl on hand tn the Paslflc, estimated 209,000 90 Cash In beak 14,000 0) ( Sfh In (he ha?fa> of the company's sgentat t*n Kranetseo 00 H?-pt 6, estimated. 27 000 00 Iiie from hmt on eollectlon account 20.000 00 liie for loan on 200shares N. V. A Y. II RR. 14,000 00 Pus fmm Pacific Mail it earn* Idp t'umpsny.. 12.313 ;o IxisfrowP, Statetfor transportingu iuaif.., 1,760 01 D"<- on mortgages taken fiotu 1 1 auco Mu* tusl Insurance Omi;snv. say 7.000 no fil l from ( hmi les Moifsu, oflenU >my lo.dOO (X) Pne from (ien. llwl. ha-*.Cv..?4,l54 6* 1 J ue (rent Instifane* scrip.;. ft jjj Jo , ? 6,090 00 .Sa'tl -??? *48 84 70 ?flisew awpffts lire r6;frsenei By 78,603 *U ?? 4 stock, , . e js> value "f 8100 milh -j s nominal <-? j,if of j t-O* 000. Tiie spp'sl-? Tie n* !? It*"*r*l tn view of the great ???i ud tear upon the ccmpany'a property. The Hume paid to agent* and the natarlea paid to officers are p. ohably greater than thoee if any other company dring the fame amount of buainasa on land or water. ThU company ha* tbu* far been operated almost exclusively ftr private benefit. Some of it* odlciala have made large fortune* out ol it, while the utockholder* have received within the pact five year* but two paltry dividend*. The Nicaragua Transit Company have, we underetand, given uotiee to the Pacific Steamship Company that the arrange ment made a few week* hi nee between them, regarding pnsrenger and treasure truffle, will be abrogated, and the two routes act, a* heretofoie, ent re'y lode|>eudeut of each other. The cause of the Nicaragua Coapauy annul ling this agreement mihoid after ita being made, U the fact that the Pacific Company would uot loan it $100 000. to meet that part of ita debt falling due on the 1st of De cember. Stock Bxrhange, Wxdmvdat, Nov. 21, 1866. $30400 Missouri fi'a.. 89% 60 sbs Erie KK. .*30 63 36000 do l>30 00 100 do 1)3 53% 10000 Virginia fi'a..c 95% 100 do blO 53% 12000 Krie con bdh'71 79% 300 du * " 10000 Erie bd*'75.b(10 88% 100 do *10 53 6000 do 87 % I60 d? 810 1000.0lUCenRKb* 660 79% 300 do ..c 52% 4000 do 79 60 do bW 63% 5000 do hbO 7? 60 d? b,? 6000 78% 100 Clev& TolKR.*30 75 1000 NY Cm 80 260 do......bd0 75% 2000TeiUhA12mb? 70% 200 Reading RR... . c 91% 20 rh* Amer Ex Bk. 113 60 do *10 91 46 Canton Co. ? 71^ 400 do..,????? c 91 ?00 do.....bOO 22% 300 do b30 91 % '00 do 21% 100 do bio 91% 10 Mich Cen RH.... 97 100 do b45 91% 100 Nic Trans Co..*3 16% 160 Harlem RR 19 100 do b30 16% 12 ilo 19% i,00 do *3 16% 100 Hudson River RR 33% P00 do btlO 16% 30 Mich So ti N I RR 93 200 do bit 16% 60 l anatna RR.. .*3 104% 100 do btO 15% 60 do b3 106% 1.00CunibCoal Co..c 24% 20 do sS 106 ( 00 do *?0 24% 150 Clev, C & Clu KR. 101 100 do c30 24 % 50 Ciltc & R 1 RR.*3 92% 400 do l.flO 26% 60 do a3 92 100 do 010 26 126 do b30 92 ?00 do 24% 30 do 92 100 do b30 26 145 do... 91% RK90ND BOARD. 6 she 1' S Trus* Co 1H4 ? 16 shs <!al & Chi RR 120% 100 l'cnn Coal Co.a30 98% 100 do 120 1011 Cunib Ccal Co... 24% 50 Clev ,t Tol 75 100 do do 24% rot) Reading RR..blO 91% 10(1 do 24% 100 do n10 91 100 do 1>3 24% 100 ao a3l> 91 69 Harlem KU..bOO 19 60 do 91%' 6 Erie RR 52% 20 Hudson Riv RR.. 33% 60 do b3 62% 100 do s3 33 200 do blO 62% 60 Mich Cen KR.bfiO 97 100 do slO 62% 60 do 94% 160 do s3 62% MINING BOARD. 10O shares Cumberland Coal 2i% 100 '< Ward Coal b40 21% 60 " do bl6 21% 100 " Hlwassee Copper 2% 60 " do 2% 100 " Florence & Keyport Joint % 100 " Portsmouth Dry Dock % 100 " Gardiner Ookl bfiO 100 100 " do 63 87% 400 " do blO 87% ?00 " do bl6 87% CITY TIUDE REPORT. WK1INK.4DAY, Nov 21?fi P. 8. Amies- ?Sale* about 20 bbls. pots at 0%c. a ti%c. IlBJSAMTrFEH.?Hour?lhe market was aguta firmer, and common brands of State closed at an advance of 12% cents per bat tel; the sales embraced about 12,030 a 15, 000 bbls., in which were included common and extra State at $9 18% a $9 25 a $9 31% , mixed to choice Michi gan, $9 18% a $9 62%; common to faucy und extra Wisconsin, lm iana Illinois and Ohio, $925 a $9 75; and extra Genesee at $9 75 a $1125; Canadian was firm, wi h rates of 500 a COO bbl*. at $9 26 a $10 26: southern was tit in and in brisk demand; the sale- included 3,000 u 4,090 bbl-. at $9 66% a $9 87% Tor mixed to good brand*, and $9 93% a $11 'or fancy und extra brands. Rve Flour? Sales 1.0 bbl*. at $0 60 a $7 37% for fine and supei line. Meal?SaleH 200 tibls. New Jersey at $4 37. Puck wheat flour, $2 02% a $2 87% per 100 Ph. Wheat?The market whs loss active but price* were ti? in and sale* of piime 1< ts were hold at higher rates. The sales were limited to rome 15,000 a 20,009 bushels, iaciuded in which were Western red, common to prime, at $1 90 a $1 98, and $2 10; Tennessee red, at $2 15. Other Soutl ern lots were ?<di at $2 06 a $2 07%. Cana ulun white wa- sold at $2 25 a $2 27, and Southern white 1 tor d tri m $216 for infeiior to $2 26 for prime. The lian white mporled in ye-terday's paper was sold ut $2 26% and not at $2 25%. Corn contlnuel firm. The sales embiaccd abaut 40,000 u 60,000 bushels West ern mixed, at 98c. for common, and at 99c. ^ $1 for good from store and afloat. The rales also included 3,500 bushels Vl-giuia yellow, at $1 02, and 8,509 do. Vl g nia wlilte, at $1 07. Rye?The sales embraced about 4,0JO a 6 040 bushels, at (1 20 a $1 26. from store and afloat. Oats were lirm; Chicago heavy were worth 50c. a 53c. Comoc.?'1 lie inclement state of the weather teuded to check sales; 100 a 290 bngs of Rio were made at 11c. a 11 %e.; 69 d<>. Maracaibo ut 11c.; 1,500 bags St. Domingo at 9%c.; and 309 do. Gonaive, at 10c. Cotton.?The sales were conliued to about 600 bales. The uarket closed firm atubout 9%c. a 9%c. for middling Uplands. Hat.?Market unchanged with small sales. IaCWOOI) ?Wi ltin a day or two 209 tons St. Domingo have been sold at $19 76. Naval Stioiks.- About. COO bbls. spirits turpentine wete sold at 46c. lu shipping order. Rosin was quiet. Pkovimi ns?Pork?The market was mo. e active, and the rules on the spot reached about 809 a 1,009 bbls., in cluding mess, ut $22 50, pilutc. at $20 60 a $21; and prime m> ss st $'.0 a $-0 76. Reef was inactive; about 150 bbls. wi re sold at $8 60 u $10 for country prime, and $11 a $12 60 for mess. Other deecilptiou* of beef were unchanged. Among the sale* of pork were 1,000 bbls. uiess, delivera ble in January and February, at $22 37%. lard was firm, with saler of 260 bbls. at 12%c. a 12%o. Butter continued firm. Cheese was unchanged. Kor was quiet, at 6c. a 5%c. Ft liARe were steady, but sales limited, owning in part to the inclemency of the weather, an t in part to 'he firmness of holders; 100 bbls. Porto ltlco were sold, in bi nd, at. 6%c. Whiskey ?bniull sales pilson were made at 39%c. Domi-atlr Markets. New Brant >fd On. Market, Nov. 19.?Sperm is In good demand, but the vl. ws of holders lieing considerably above those of buyers, the rale- the past week have been limit ed. The only transactions coming to our knowlelgn are sales cf 109 bbls. at $1 81 per gallon half cash, and 376 do., inferior, at a price not transpired. Whain.?The re cent news from s vc>y large portion of the whaling fleet does not seem to afli-ct the market, which is lirm witn a good demand. We have to report sale* of 1,900 bbls at 89c. per gallon. Wbuleb no remains wi'h .ut change, bales for the week include 20,0 >0 lbs. Ucbotsk at 60c. In our las' b tyi*>graphleal error made u* re(.ort a sale of 60.009 Itis. (ichoisk hone at 62c.. It should have read 50c. ADVERTISEMENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. NAhEH AT A9D1TOA. aTbfrt h. nicolay. auctioneer, wii.l srcu,. i\ tins day, November 22, rtl 12% o'clock, ut the Merch.nils' Kx< liangp for account of whom it may ooucnru? $10,099 fun Francisco city 10 per cent bond* each $1,000 ?T.tggi New York and New Haven KR 7 percent bonds?1,000 " - cent lioad* 1,009 er rent bond* 1,000 1st mtge. 7 per ct. bd*. 1,900 1,009 ( levr md and Toledo KK 7 per cent income bond*. .1,000 6 000 Michigan Southern KR 7 per cent bond* 1,000 ?\ .'00 ('In., I<ngan?p't A (Til. KR 1st mtge ti per ct bonds. ?400 $4 10(1 Northern Indiana Bit 7 percent bonds $1,009 I 009 One Terre Haute and Alton KK lKt mlg. 7 per ct .bonds, f, 990 Col., l'lqua and Indiana RK 2d mtge 7 per cent bdn. .1.000 IK *h? Enlarge Fire Insurance Company $40 20 le-noi Ft.e Insurance Cnmn iny 26 40 Hamilton Ptrc Insurance i ompany 16 76 Mechanics' Fire Insurance Company 10 'AMI MrCullock Copper and Gold Mining Company 6 aS) Neuvita* Copper Mining Company 10 160 Kerosene lis* l.lght Company 26 Terms of sule.?Ten per rent this day, and the balance before two o'clock to morrow. The accrued Interest onhll the bond* will be charged to the purchaser. Next regular sale on Mnnday, Nov. 30. Auction notice?okkat sale of magnificent fancy goods.?K I) W A Ml) M'TIKNCK will aeli, at au-Uon. dus day, Thursday. Novi mber 22. af hi* aalee-ooms, 16 Willi Street, a magnificent in vice of fancy goods, some of ehlch hate just been received from Europe and never before opened, erondstlng In part of bronze groups, figures, .ten (ilea, ic., Ac.. <>t hunters, Roman soldiers and gladiators, Mercury, warriors, water carrier*, tc Ac.; also, eotipcs, card receiver., rsnd. tabrss csndlertlvks, Ac. Berlin iron ware? 8 .t.erti groups (very large) of the Indian Amazon, copy from K 1st'? nrlg the Indian and Pantlier, Hhepherd and Dew, BoarHnot,dogs, stags Ae., Ac., all ona.dereJ b> eoa i.olrrturs to be the I nest In America. lUver plaled ware Mngiilli* etat lea and coffee sets, tankards, urns, kettles, liquor ?lands, vegetable dishes, waiters, casters, cake baske'", gob lets cups, Ac .Ac all ol the heat mimifscture and finish "arian goods, elegant group*?Mother and child, under glass -hades; nhio, figures or the seasons, nude- shades; figure*, groups card haske'a vases, jewel boies. feult stands. Ac., ve.; also s lar?e assortment or other fancy article*, con-lstlng ofu*mnlQ and tlieil cameo Jewel caskets. Itohemlar glass do I'. M. tables, wri'ing desks, dressing case., with silver plaled fillings, 'olios, egg siands. Ae., Ac ; Hobetnian glass colognes, decanters, vases, Ao.. sc. lad lee are Invited Wrallandei amine Ihe goods Hale noeltlve. Auction notior -kuwardrchrnck wkxhilu at auction, this day, November 22. at pier fit. foot of I hrtetophrr street, at 12 o'clock precisely, the following mpeity, vl? ??The four barges, the A f) .tones, Amtly prmgs. Harstoga. and Happy Return, together with the fur niture and llitnresof said boata, oae Iron site, one platform 3,WW new iork anu new iravcn m 7,(t(?i Michigan Houtnern KK 7 per * 5,(SN) f lushing RK 2d mortgage 7 jpe 6 WO Chicago and Rock Island Kit I E' scale, lot ofliae furniture, grsln b?g* tusnd truck, and other articles of personal prnpertv; also all the right, title and lowest which Edgar Mleigbt had in or to pier ill, N R. foot of Chris topher street, on the Ifi'h day of ttrmtier, 1466, and all the rtgbta which Mid Mleight had to collect wharfage at aal t pier . Cf TION NOTICE.-THOfl. BRM., AUCTIONRR* BY V ItK1.1 - A BlteU?Friday, at 10% o clock, according to treriou* rotioe, we will aell at our sales roems. No 11 .North William sueet, by order of the execulors of a gentleman de 1 ease t, hts entire stock of he choicest elites and Honors, all ?elected year- ago compriatng choice old sherry, Madeira, and port wtnes the finest brandies, Irish an I Hootch whiskey, old rum, superior M<>n >ngaliela whiskey, Ae , pu n > In deini John#, various s|fe?, tugtles ai d rase?. old Holland gb In ilcmtjohns and jugs; mi l be eold In lo e to suit lamd ?s snd dealers ior cash, a s *, 29D botes prime segars; also, roumtng house desks sofa hed, Brussels carpets. chsnJe te" -ultable for a small church Ac . Ac. AFCTD''' N')TI(K ~J III to ART." AUOrtOMRRR-BY ?s WMjART?Friday, si lob, o'rks k, at the auction rooms in r of Frankfortaed Wllluto atreem, a large and general a-M r merit nt lion*, hold furnuure mahng my sofas, marble to- optre tables ?chair* snd carpets; also, a lot of table and r I Ar*' Ac '"h'* cutlery, one large -naruie too wash AtCTlON HAI.F. OF CI.OTHINO, < ItlT 11 S_("ASK I , mere*. Ac, Ac, .A. M GKtKTyLAR. sueionaer, 23 SAXJCB AT AUCTION. Auction notiok-printinomatirials, press e* typo, Ae-MorUagetale?FRIER PARKS Aucdoaeer. Savage i Park* wilsoH this day. Thursday. at 10)4 " el0^ at No. 44 Oort aadt atroet, uppor floor, toe entire stock ?I th. establishment, e waprudng typo of erery tomripUon. oaeoe, ofllce flituree, and presses, Inolut log ooa patent premium u* rlllattna press, card and hand preaaes, and everything spP*', alnlngto a tort elaas establishment ?a?n>tooajatjaJa. Terme cashT cTb. JUKDaN, Attorney for Mortgages. A OCTION NOTICE?J. L. SMITH. AUOTONRBE. WILL A >ell this (Thursday) morning, at 10 o'clottk, all that elegant rovewood. mahogany and black walnut parlor, dlnlngrnotn, bedroom and kitchen furniture In "hat Oral claaa houae No. 79 Franklin street embracing everything usually found In a Brat claaa house On account# the great number of ytteles toj>e gold, the aale will oommence precisely at 10.o clock. Deposits required. ? r,ottaMCWiriWPIN00t CO , ^ Nlmp'S?.^r f.rture M spanned and et imelled cloths to Uie aale ot which the i^ntruifr^attenUon ol the trade ia invited. WU1 be sold at 12 o'clock. AUCTIOR NOTICK?8. V. BARTOL. AUCTIONKtca. ? r HAKTUL A OO. will aeU, this day, ut 10)4 o'elnek, at No '106 Pearl street, near Peek a ip. iruther lied, too boxes Hesari' live dm** 100 demljohus of liquors, 100 caaes of do , 20 cheat* of teaa. bay rum, gin, crockery, vases, Ac , Ac. Auction balk ok furs, blkiqh robkb ao. JOllN K. RUK8KLL. auotloneor.? Day. Ruaaell A Co , will continue their second rail sale of fure. (which commenced at 85 Nassau street, yesterday,) this morning. (Thuradty ) November 22 at ll)!4 o'clock. This One stock constate of supe rioi mink siono marten, sable, Utch, Ac., Ac Wolf, genet, badgrr. and other sleigli robes, Ac. Traders, oountry mel t-ban s and private indlvldu Us, will do well to attend this sale * I'd ION BALK.?THIS DAY (THURSDAY)' AT 10)4 t\ o'clock, at 264 Bowery?Toys, baskets, table nulleey from ihe shelves, pocket knives combs, hair brushes, flue scissors porlmonnale*. card can*, work boxes, reticules; also, bird cat es, clothes horses, tin ware, Ac., in lota to suit families an i dc alert.. ___ / V B. KRKhCH, AUCTIONKLK-WILL 8KLL AT Alio \V. lion on Thursday, November 22. at 10)4 o'clock, a 19.1 Prince street, near ihe corner of Mac lougai, a general aaattri niein of liouseh'.ld furulture, oucslstlng In pari of superior rose wood plaintfbr e, by one ol the lies. city makers, royal velvet and (speatry rsreeu, three ply and Ingrain dp , hall and stair do., suila of rou-w..od and mahogany parlor furniture; marble top centre, side unci sola tables; elegantly carved rosewood eie ceres, splendid rosewood secretary bookcase, rich lace window curtains, French shades, t rench plate pier class, line oil pa nt huts maiuei dock and ornaments, decorated china vaaea; din ing room furniture, extension table sola, cbsirs, arm do , go.d band china dinner set, do do. tea and cotlue sots, cut glass ware sl'ver plated ware tablecutlerv. lea trays, Ac ; chamber furniture?supi rlo- rototvood and mahogvuy bedsteads, mar hie lop buTOftiv w?d wanhHtanJ??, toilet set*, gilt >rume mirrors, hair mattresses, palliaaaea, feather beds, bedding, lounges, chairs, rockers, Ac. ___ DP. NAflll. AUCTIONEER?BIORE 310 BROADWAY. ? ?Mortgage sale of machinery, Ao. On Thursday. Nov. -2, at 10 A. M, all>3 Klliabelh at., consisting of one lathe, 21 Inches; one laibe, 13 Inches; one drilling mac tine, o c planer, rne In ge and bellows two vices, oi e vice bench, two friction pulleys, two lines of shafting, and belling, Ac , Ac. ^ DD. NABH, AUCTIONEER?STORE 310 BROADWAY . ?Mortgage vale ot harneaa, blacksmiths' tools, Ac ?On Kridsv, Nov 23. at 12 M., at Bull*a Head sables, 23d an l 24th Htreota, near J<1 avenue, eouaibtlug of IT neta of double harnoiH, HiivllH.'bellowB, umiUi'rf IooIm, Ac,. Ac. ntUOENK B. FRANKLIN, AUOTIONBRR?BY FRANK' Jy 1,1 N A NlOBOLf. al 'heir sales "Win, ,9 Nan iu street. Extensive slock of lure al aurUon Ibis day, at 10)4 o'clock. The catalogue consists ol mountain marten, fitch, trench sable, total ItuBHlant ennlne bi> erian s.,ulrre!, real stone marten and Canada ntok '-apes, tippeta, pelerines, victories, Ac.; .or vlovee, chinchilla tippets, ge-.ts' coUars, Ac.; also wolf, gouet and buffalo lap and sleigh robes, richly lined and trimmed. The above Is the stock of a wholesale Importer and will be sold without reserve to the highest bidder, the attention or the trade is invited, as offering a rare chance for retailers to their w inter stock. Terms cash. The sale will com menre Thursday, nnd continue Friday and Saturday. Extensive manufacturing property at pub vale.?Will be soid at public auction, at the Exchange, in the oil y of Baltimore on Monday December 3, 1450, at one o'clock P. M . that extensive and valuable property known as Ihc mill she, water privileges and improvements of the 1 atux cnl Cotton Factory, situated In the vll age oi Laurel, Prince George's county, Vary land, twenty-two m lea from BGUnmre and eighteen from Washington The main factory building, containing C,CU0 spindles, was destroved by fire In June last. The remaining property comprises about one bnndred acres ol land, with 'he extensive water power of the Bltf 1 atuxent, river, affording a laflte and foil supply. Jhe dam Is a mwMve Stone airurtute. 222 feet wide, with 27 feet tall, bum in the inert substaniial manner, at an expense of gib,000, In IBB I. raceway la 049 feet in length The louudadous of tb?main factory and picker house arc uninjured, the former or stone, 160 fttet by 40, wl'h pits for two large overshot wheels. The ruins w ould fUrnteli shout a million of good bricks towards re construction. Tbe adjacent buildings are a brick and stone prist mill, with two pair b-rrs. and a brick ootton house, metal doors and roofing with storage lor 200 barrels. 11here nr<* on the premise* ? brick Btorrhoune, four ?t/>nfi and tnlrteon bilck dwelling homer containing general>y tour tonemonu each ol substantial character and In good ropntr; throe trame and six log bouses. The presold agent's house is ot etono, and stands spart. Tlie grounds around it, about four and a ba t acies, are tastefully I?U1 out and Improved. It would by Itself form a beattUlttl country residence tor a private g^ttoman. Hie situation of this property, lying about half a mile from 'he Baltimore anu Washington Railroad, wl'h a broad paved rosd leaobig to the mill Is peculiarly fined for manufacturing porno-en. There Is In the village an extensive machine shop tor constructing *11 kinds of coUon and woo ten machinery, ..lid ample dwellings In addition to Ihe above tor operators employed. Tbe healthiness ol the place Is unsurpassed. I he ?ei ras of sale ?TI1 be one third cash, the balance in equal pay ine.nlaat one, two and three year*, with Interest payable seiut iiinually Oais leaving Baltlmon- and Washington each morning, and stopping al leturel Factory sUUon. enab e per sons lo visit ihe piece nud return ihe same .lay For further Information applv on the premises, to Robert I Uson, agent, or tn Baltimore. to lif t). l'.TIr FAN Y, Treasurer Fatuxent Oom pany. KF. AARON AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS . day at half pa't 10 o'clock, al 07 Nassau street, a splen did aasortmcnt of line gold watches, jewelry, and silverware, rrrsonsln wnnlof cheap ortlcles for their own use will do well toaueud. bale without rcterve. I3XTRA BALK OF FURhlTURE, SILVER PLATED J ware, French mirrors paintings, china vases. *<?. I his morning, al 10)4 o'clock, at No. 81 Nassau st , I will sell ex terslve stock sdvaneed upon, part ai follows:?Butts ot bull enamelled chamber f urn Pure, marble tops, worth $130. green suite do., wot tbflOO; blue suite do.. wor.hfflO; rosewi?d parlor sm es, coveted hair, cloth worth 6160; black walnut par to; suite covered hair cloth, worth *96; 2 large |?ler m rrors worth ?1& ; patent siivertuhle casters, worth $33; chaste to* sets, wor.b 24'; plain tes sets worlh MB; chaste pitchers, $1S; coffee urns, worth 220; tea tirti-, worth $20; table spo -ns forks, uil s, cake at.d bread baskets, card receivers, small lea sets.aaaters, mar ble top dressing bureaus hall stands, bedsteads, mahogany , tofae te'e a-le'es. ea? > rocking and parlor chairs; wasbstauds, < tegeres oil paintings, view Moun Tom, Return to Port. Prince Albert's Birth place Saratoga Lake Moonlight. 25cattle scenes, with 14 t'Ol framed, attracting scenes; laewtng machines, 2 iron tales book and corner stands rosewood and mahogany tables, marble tops; also 26,900 segars ?N. B. The weather will not prevent, as comfort Is well provided for. ' TUN IB MORRELL, Auctioneer. /"IROORRIKB, STOVES SHOES, BR ANDY, HARDWARE I x Friday, Nov. 23. *t II "4 o'clock, at 67 lie/ sire-', corne of Greenwich, cotlee, tea. mu-iard, pepper, gin rum. whiskey ? cgars, tolaccn, knlvc, fork*, spoons saw-f, chisels, planes laxots, files, clocks, collars, coals, pants. W. A. OAKTER, Auctioneer^ 1EORGR COOK, AUCTIONEER-PEREMPTORY BALK 1 ol ct n'eel household furniture, pianoforte, French |.la e oyer glass. Ac. Ac -This dav, (Thursday.) si 10)4 o'c ock. at ' ousc S9 West Twenty sixlt street b tween Sixth sn l Seventh avenues. Hale positive, rsin or shine. A cash deposit w ll lie eiiulrrd of everv I'urchsser, the articles to he removed tin mediately after the sale, consisting tn pa't ot superior rose ?> oral one of the best cby makers: royal velvet nd tapestry ratpe's. Ibree-p'y and Ingrain do . hall and stair tio. suits of rosewtKtd and lnsbogany parlor furniture; marble top centre, side and sot* tables; elegantly curved rose wood etegeres, splendid rosewood secretary buokesse, rt-h lace win dow curtains, French shade*. French plate plor glass, fine oil paintings, mantel clock and ornaments, decorated cblns rosea; ? lining room furniture, extension table, sola, chair*, tyrmtlo., : o'tl band china dinner set. do do. tea and coffee ??? *, cut 'asf ware, sltvri plated yvare table cut.ery. t?a It ays, Ac.; . bomber rnrnlttire, superior rosewood and mahogany bed -tesds. marble top bureau* and wsshstands, toilet lets, gilt t fttmc mirrors, hair mattress, palllavses, feather beds, bedding, unges. rhalra, rockers, Ac /1F.OKOK COOK, AUCTIONEER?ELEGANT CUSTOM ' T muite furnlltire minors, Ac.?To morrow, ai 10)4 o'clock, ?t Ihe spsclous snd elegant room* No. 117 Nassau *treet, near leek man embracing parlor suites, In rosewood and manoga ,,v, In brocntell and balrclmb; very elegant rosewood lalleJ wardrobe (cost $as>): do eegerea, with mirror back and doors o. sideboards, two do. h tmges. in crimson plush, cost $250; ontmon lounges and beds, on.unelled chamber unites, to-c v.od bedsteads, from fflti to$169; mahognE| bedsteads hu i t-aus, washstanda; roiewoodand mahogany centre side and ?la tables: wardrobes solas rockers, chat's, extension dining ddes, of rose wood. mahogany, hlnck wal uit snd oak. various i-pgtbs and sires, also, mirrors.paintings,prints, reviews, Ac he whole worthv the altentlon of tbe trade ami others. WUI t e positively sold, to pay advances. Catalogues now ready. i RNRY H. LEEDS A CO.. Al'CTIONEER.4.?HENRY H LKhDB A CO. will sell by suction, on Friday, November ' at 11 o'rlot k. nt the store, No. 19 Nt-sao street, l trge aale of taluable original oil paintings nnd engravings viz. about \only fine original oil paintings, Just received from Europe, nd never her re seen In this market; amongst th-.n will be i-en a large marine piece, bv Adam WIMaerts. signed an1 tla'ed 1635. n holy family, original by Ba'a'-hlo, contemporarv . t Raphael; two large pieces, garden scene, hunting; 4panish i lure* of Intrinsic merit pronounced bv the best judges a* i tglnsl early pictures, by 3 rla-quer Also specimens by tlie "lebrated artists Vaudervelde N. Poussln, WUaoti, of Ion '"O, McKenxle. and others of equal celebrity. A:*o, a tine mdscapc by Kucknc. ditto by Van Scroeder Al* i. a larg sllery plcluro A battle piece, by Itorgognone, undouhtedT rlglnal, rontslnlng over 500 figure- elaborately palntpd an I w orthy the particular atlen'ion of coriip'lssetirs All of whlc'i will be sold at 12 o'ilook precisely. Engravings-a large an I ? legant ool ecttoo received direct from bondon, from the pub 'I-hers, con-lstlng of Landseera, Herrings, Wellers, Lawrence, liaydnn, Byrl, and the most eminent artists In Uie world?In ut ihe finest rollectlon of engravings in this city, at auet'on. I'nrchasers wishing rea'lv line i ngravln**, arc requested in examine this stipe h roller Ion, all of which will be told post lely Without reserve a* above. They will be ready lor es* win*'Inn on Thursday, 22d 'he day before the sala. U EN RY""h. LEEDS A CO. AUCTION KERB-nENRT II LKEI B A CO. will -ell, by aucilon, ou Thursday, Nov. 21, al 10), o'rlork. at tha s ore, 19 Nasaau alraet ?As ?'a asla ot rich and valuable fancy furs, comprising Hud . n Bay sable on warUes. Talmas, Uppeie.vT-nrlnss. tnuffs ami i uffs, marten sable, ban tnaitea. mink sable, stone marten, 1 rench sable, flitch marten, roak marten, Imperial erioine, Hoi, aqntrral, Ae. The above goo.l? were got up axpraady lor Broad war trade, being fresh made and worthv the alien mm of ladle* and leatlemen, who will find || to their advau lege to attend litis sal* Also, an assortment of sleigh robes, s love*, fur collars carriage muff" Ac. Hknryb. iiertb. jr . auciiovfrr-will OFFER far sala. on Thursday and Friday. Nov. 22 and 25, at U .14 o'clock each tlay, si hi* sab ? rooms, No 5^ Ploc street the moat mnfnlflcenl and largest stock of superb faney goo-Is, suitable fw holiday present* ever offered for aale at auction, In this c nnti). and well worthy the ntlenlioa of the trade an 1 private pnrchnaers, comprising ronelvnmenU Irom the largest Importers of rich Dresoen cMr* aod porreUIn lea set*, mars, ornament*. Ae , browse and ormolu clocks figure*, Ac.; P*>iau n arb'e. dctora ed, bisque, bronrs and other figures, gr tup*, mstrh sfands. rlger hofdera, Ae . richly rhased silver pla'ed t** se<a, lea and coffee urns, kettles ? altera, cruets enke ard raed baekete; papier mscbr goods, tn endletss v.irtety, French ptonto g?. on silk and glass: Bohemian glaaswere; roses-re,1 .nd Chinese good* of esery kind Terms cash. In currant ninds. Catalogue? on morning of -ale KNRY T. I.FM14 AUCTKiSEER- V?8IGNKE'4 HALE of fnr?. con'lituaiton tomorrow, (Frllsy)atour sales r< m. !W Beekmsn street, al lb1* o'aloek ?II I . LF FOB A CO. ? || s'e|l as *1 ova hv order of Oliver Goldsmidt, as-Igner, the stuck of* furtier, consisting t'f a get.oral assvr mont of moun sin marten. Act. st. i e n.arten. a I Canada mluk capes, tis'ia. pelerincA ganta* collars, mulls, Ac , also srulf g'-nat, I ' ?r and buflklo lapand slalgb rol es -p-hly lined and Iri-n net i t el ova s ock was a l nisntirac-'ire-l to o-der for rnstom ?a. anfl l?e positively aold by onto; t asslgnae. I'urcl. isrrs n trsdlly sat'sfv then sell es that tlerr will he no teserre bain iron the above gocsja by attending early. Catalogues . hii ? c I ad on d?> of sate. II gr H PON. Ai rriONFFF, RE-tPKCTVrLf.Y HIVES J ! . ro Irt that be F** take an "ffl- a' 19, Wtl'tam at IALEI AT AVOTlim. Henry h. LEEDS A CO.. AUCTIONEERS.?IIFN8T H. LKBD8 * 00. will sell, by auclloo. on Thursday. Not a, at 10 o'elook, at the warerooea* of A. J. Ol-eu, 362 Broadway ?Bp'erxild ante ot the most fashionable cabinet tor nl'lire, muuurlund by A. J. Otosn, expreuly tor pnv*le safe, (very tuilcle of which to warranted In every particular, consisting of rich roeewood oarred parlor eulto covre 1 la three colored eetlo; do. In raoua de lalne; super > etegnr* <n rosewood, liaed with satin wood anil plate Klaus, French score tailes of the richest desertptton; carved rosewood o.i ,ire tables, statuary tops; do. sofa and side tables; do rosewood bat stands; out do.; laney chairs. Canter >urvs and inti-to

stands; msrole tup d>easing bureaus, -ewlag chairs, extension dining lables In oac and black walnut; buffets rich!-- carve 1 to uiatin, oak dining room ehalrs, ball chairs, rosewood French caned bedsteads; lounges oorerod In de latne; marble tip shaving s'tuida; catilnets do. washsbinds, and a great variety of ether first class furniture bale wtiho it reserve. Hardware auction notice.-j. k.y an a vtwbrp, trill sell this day, at It) o'Jock, at 316 Pearl Istreet, 2 W pa kages and; a ss, 100 RngUah and tier man psUem cards, knives, razors, tools, do.; also, three casks assorted fl ea an t saws, tea trays, japanned and Britannia goods, tc For full particulars see catalogues. JL. vandfwatbb, auotionkkr-will seli. . this day, Thursday, November 22, at 10% o'clock, at the salesroom, 12 Maiden lane?furs?fines', and nones' gale of furs tills season?the whole ot which was manufactured for Hie Broadway trade, and which In elegance and beauty of slylr cannot be surpassed. The assortment comprises royal ermine, Knaslan and Itudaon Bay sable, mink, atone marten, filth martin, ; capes, vlctorlma, muffs, cuffs, tippet*, Ac., the whole of which to warranted true to tame and oolnr, end Is wi i thy Hie attention of the trade. I-adlcs and gentle men are respectfully Invited to examine the assortment pro \ jous to purchasing elsewhere, ng they will find It to their ad vantage. Every lot to be sold peremptorily to the highest bidder, to close Ibe stock. J J. WALDRON, AUCTIONEER.?H. G. EVANS WtLL . continue the Rale of furs, at the store 62 William St., cor tier of Odor, at 10% o'clock, on Monday, the 19th. and every day during the week, until the vyhole o' this magnificent slosh fa rold out, constating ot capes, viotorlnea. cutb, muffs, boas, I entlemeo's gloves and collars, and a variety of sleigh robes JOSEPH HKOKMAN. AUCriONRER?FRIDAY, NOV. 23, at 10 o'clock A. M , at ibe Central bales Rooms, corner of WUloughb; and Pearl streets, Brooklyn, a general assortme tt of household furniture, romprUing In part carpets, oilcloth bedsteads, feather beds, uiatreises, cbidrs, tables, dress I uremia, rosewood wardrobe, cblua vases, silver plated ware, brui-bes, paintings, engravings, stores, Ac., Ac. J MORI ARTY, AUOTIONKKR-WILL SELL, THIS DAY, . at 10 o'clock, at 178 Chatham Bqtiare. the furniture from i wen'y bird street, a good assortment?carpets bureaus, mat tresses, feather beds, chairs, tables, bookcases, one eitenslon table, mirrors, engravings, Ac. Also, from manufacturers, a general assortment of lurulurre and other goods. MB. BUTLER, AUCTIONEER.?PUBLIC ADMINIS . trator'n sale.?On Thursday, November 22. at 10% o'clock, at No. 538 Pearl street, (soooud lloor.) the elfoitooT Plana Taylor, Charlea Marsh, I.out* Borland, C. is. Uoppa and other intestates?consisting of furniture, bedding, stoves, and female clothing, trunks, chests Ac ; also, splendid gold and silver watches, chains, rings, plna, jewelry, Ac. By order ol 1'hTlll B. BWKKNY, Public Admlruslrator. OIL PAINTINCiB, ENOKAVINOB AND BOOKB.-JOBN LkVlBoN, auctioneer, will sell at the sales room mid free gallery, 341 Broadway, this day and evening, at 6 o'clock P.M. sixty modern oil paintings, by cale irated American nr lists. In rich mounted gut frames ol superior style and finish, suitable lor the parlor or drawing room; also a splendid col lection ofllibngiaph and steel engravings, afer Laiidscer and other eminent artlate; and s fine assortment of holloa; and rill bonks, with standard and miscellaneous works of every style and binding, without reserve. Catalogues can be ob tained at the sales room during Ilia day. PJ, KELLY, AUCTIONEER.?I WILL SELL. THIS . da<, at 111 o'clock st 31 Catherine street, the new an I well selected * ock of dry goods contained In saldstore, comprising a full assorininut ol black and colored silks, French and Kng Ish merlnoes, long and square shawls, b ankets, quills, Ac. Philip k. wick ins, auctioneer.?dkbik able proper!* on Mu'borry street ataucUon. by order of th* btiprcme Court. PHILIP B. WIcKI*Cs will sell at auction, on Friday, the 23d day ol November InsL, nt 12 o'clock IB , at the Merchants' Exchange, by order of the Supreme Court, un der the direction of Hcnrv E. I'avles, Esq . referee, the lot of I'Uid, with I e three story brick house thereon, situated otu I 'he westerly side of Mulberry street, between Prince ana | prlng etiee.s and known as No. 237, being 26 feet In width by 100 feet in depth. (JHATTUCK A PAKEIlllRdT'S AUCTION AND COM 0 mission sale rooms. 39/ Eighth avenue bales of furniture and general merchandise respectfully solioited and returns promptly made All consignments per onally attended ty. 1 ash udvances made when required. CtUEBIFF'8 PALE? O. O. HORTON. AUOTIONKKR O Pales roo n 84 Ce ;ar street, will sell on Friday, November 23d. at 10% o'clock A. M., all the houaebould furniture In the large ai d splendid sin story dwelling house, 131 Uleecker street, II iii*I-ting In part of a large and splendid ot of tapeitry. But *. Is ut d trgruin carpeting, superb bedroom and dlnlug room lurnltuie ot biaek walnut and oak, in suits; palming*, mirror?, Ac , A c OltKRIFF'S f-ALB?LAW LIBRARY FURNITURE.? il W11.L1AM IRVING A CO , wU: Bella auction. on Thurs <1,iy, Nov. 22, at 1U% o'clock, at the sslesroom t No.8 Pine st. by order cd' John tirser, sherlO, superb law lit cary of over 6 U \olumes s'andsrd and olher law books, roeew ?,d and mihu gsny parlor furniture, French plate mirrors, window curtain*, silt china dinner and lea set, elegant suite carved ro.ewood 11 dtoatok furniture, Ac , Ac, ?IJ K. MKLLOR. AUCTIONEER.?BY HOUGHTON A 'v ? MeLor This day, Thursday Nov. 22, at 10% o'clock, on the I .* o floors of sa'ec room*, No 113 Nassau strcot, su|sert?r custom made cabinet, furniture at auction, being the entire lltushed and unfinished slock of a large Orel elaaa city cabinet oiiiiufsclurer, every anicle of which Is fully warranted the -aniens when purchased at private sale, consisting In part of the most fashionable styles carved rosewood, mahogany, oak and walnut parlor, drawing room, reception room, library and itli.lug room turnlture. ol every variety, finished in nil and French polished; Bluing table- consist niton of the most approved patterns, 12. 14 and ID feet long with patent a-b* of the \arhhis choice woods, viz.; rosewood birth mahogany wal i.ui and oak, wllh serpentine centres; rosewood parlor sulla te covered In oostly moquet, a'l silk, brocade, shMos. brooa ii'l, plnsh slid hair cloth, upholstered, plain and ttiftod; about 30 various patterns ol bureaus, with rich marble tops, nod washstauds to match; 30 Gothic, French and cottage bed .-tends, several of which are very valuable and elabpr.ttely 'arced; latest style of etcgeres. heatifels, sideboards rich sec r etni v, sdles' writing cabinets highly llnlshed work table; one olid rosewood parlor secretary , cost 2250, lined with satin wo. d and secret drawers; solid rosewood pier, centre.card and . klc tallies, plain and with marbls tops. Also a large variety ol etc a teles, voltatre. easy and reception ehalrs, (joihic and I ltxnbsthiaw title do.; 10 richly decorated and enameled < liamher suits, plain and marble lops It would be impossible <o enumerate -II the articles con'nined In this sale. Ladle and gentlemen aret artlcularly Invited In examine the stock I rlor to the sale. Goods can be packed tor shipping on the . remise* at n reasonable charge. Also, 10 rosewood piano fu"? ? of the fo'lnwlng makers; W. Llndsmann A Hon, Van M i; Lie, Carman imd Fanchct, Ol herd. Pler?on, and other oele biated makers. Also, three piano stools, lot ol aorers, Ac. tT'M WITT EBB, AUCTIONEER. WILL 4B ON TilURS v? day. at 1C% o'clock, at 187 Canal street, the furniture of a I ntel, eooadstlog ol one splendid marble top cotin'er. cist r vcr 9600; large mirrors tor beck; nine do lor piers snd mantels, ( ne ening counter; one for confectionery; mar de top oyster i isr.d, ofilre clocks, marble top centre and table-, side I oeras, all paintings, together with bar fixtures, and parlor, < liamher and kitchen furniture; and also a large quantt v of i. it.duw curtains, cutlery, rhlna, Ar Sale peremptory for cash. -It-o, c as* chandeliers; also, about 300 yards of English oil . loth, but Utile used. \V IT, I.I AM M. WEEKS, AUCTIONFKR?STEAMBOAT Vi Uroton at auction.?BAKER A WBFK8 will sell st auc t on. onThursday, Nov. 22 at !2o'clock at the Merchants' Ex I Itniige the fast titid splendid steamer Proton. Said boat 1- 181 i-rt long. 26 teet 1 inches In width, and '.1 feet bold snd ba-3,"'. Inch cylinder, and 10 feel stroke, sue Is well equipped, anil every way In good order for Immediate use She Is 3!*) tons I it. then, and every way adapted for convenience, forms - half audi, the balance In approved notes nt 2.4 6 ar.d 3 month-, i an be *een at the foot of Tw-ellth street. East river, Nov 10, 13, 16, 17. 20 and 22. Apply to Baker A Week*, Auetioneo--,, .' o. 6 nt street. \l'ILL!AM IRVING, AUCTIONEER?SHERIFF'^ SALE ' v of a ant i rh law library ? Wllllnm Irving A Uo . wt I sell suction, on Thursday, Nov. 22, at 11 o'clock, at the -ale* rooms. No 8 Fine etreel, comprising about 600 volume- of andaid law books : Phillips on Evidence, Cowan's Ret orts, ' arbour's Supreme Court Reports, Huwird's Practice i eports, Brl'lsh Crown Cases, Wb- -Con's Amari can Crlmitisl Law, FhU.lps on Instiranci 24 vo la , ll'tric -lug's Reports, lUnited Btate* lilgial, ',!< vols ; English - - inrnoD Law Reports. Ac , Ac. Hlackwalnu' bookcases, se reiartes, desks, writing Uibles, suite car. ed rose wo st and t- shognny parlor furniture, covered In gri - u velvet and red I lush; rosevoodeiegeres, bookcase*and secretaries, rosewood i. arMc lop centre and pter tahles, sideboards. Bmsscl, and In rsin carpets, mirror* worktahles, large gill china dinner and I en blast set, French plate pier glass, eleraot suite carved t ewood snd bedroom furniture. Hold by order JOHN OBBRB, Sheriff. WILLIAM T. BOYD. AUCTIONEER?STORE NO. 197 William street, will sell on ThtirsJav, (litis day )*t 81 * est Broadway at 10% o'rlock. a large quantity of household ? i.rnlture, inahogaDy sofas, chalts, bureau- bed-fesd* wash - silt's, toilet, dining and tra tables, elo.-ks, glassos eane rent airs, beds nni heeding, glassware, crockery, cooking and ? nlor stoves, together with n large assortment of ti-efnl ar t lew In the housekeeping line. AMLLIAM T. BOYD, AUCTIONEER?VARrEfY HALE ~ of ttsefnl article*, on Friday, (to morrow,) at the ?ne ' on rtxim, 197 William streel. at 10'g o'clock?Hardware,* s -I sli.ies, dry giaids, crockery, glassware, window ah*-! - of -'ge size, tor billiard saloons; wall paper, segars, pictures. ? o, constable's sale ol gold and silver watches, plated w are, t welry, Ae. LIT PELL. AUCTIONEER?RON F.WOOD, MAHOGANY, v ? ash, Ae?FELL A OO. will sell al auction, thl* lav 12o'clock, at 168 West Twentv s-venih street, oe?r Klgh'lt ornue, the entire ui manufactured stock of a ptnnotom t sker, cotislstitig of rosew-ood, mahogany , ash. Ac., In the ual description of seasoned stock; also steam engine, planing .. Us, circular and other saws. Terms at sale. tlTAGONB. FH/UTONS. harness, BADDLRS?FRI vv day, Nov. 23. al 12 o'clock nt 67 l>ey street, corner of < h three second hand phn-tons, top buggy wagon two i ut lop, new trotting aquare road bung i, two grocery * os one se-double harness, three single do , In; of-id ll-s 1 I'es, Ac. W. A. UAHi KB, Auctioneer. HOTBU, ILL LET Fn . ermanent bos l b term-. Fulles and single rontn*. from IH to 926 tier week I oeated fool of Canal street, moat central to all p .rts of tb< lOLLINR HOTEL-WILL t-FT FIVE LARGE PART OR3 ' with bedrts-ms. to permanent boarders on inn?i reason I *TKRNATIONAL HOTEL, BROADWAY.?EUIT6 OF 1 rooms for fhmili-s and rooms for single gentlemen eannow e srrur I d for the winter sesson at this hotel Ths location Is dctlraMefor genUen.en In business or gentlemen of leisure the sccommodatlons are unsurpassed, being in Immediate eon' i.eetloo with the largest and most magnt iceat salotn In the world Hirakflut ftom 6 to 12, dtmu-r from 12 to 7 tea eed ?upper irom 7 to 12. JOHN TAYLOR. JUDBON HOUflE JACKBONYILLE, EAST HORIOa Persons rotng Couth, wishing a qniet house, combined witt ??n ori at r a unable charge* ewnnc* do better 11-ar, at thr Judson House D. DAY, Pronrletsr C. W. 8*Lissrsr,Pnp?rtTiu -lent ^ National hotel, waff -gton, d. o.-thib gri ? brated hotel, situated ha ? ? ?y between the Frsisi tent'i house and he t'.ip 'ul has bee - cd by the uolcrsi.-n?l fo t term ol yearr, and has he ???rurnlshcd ant lino-five, l' rougbout, making It n all t' otntme. t? equal to %n Ui'run'he rnunlry. The nou -w open lor the aooas , #v(.i Itn ot.he publ C u.t -VI i[JY Prouri-tt. OMITHKUMAN HOUSE Rf - i NT, ^ Broedw*v. eoroer of I. in st'ree Entrance ui risun* for fami les *- '-mlln iilm ?'??eel All the substantial* and luxuries n tntrn rrle-* TRY AK.VOL9. f ITK 8> ITTfSONIAN HOUCK, I Broedw ay, oorner of iii.iatnn Sfilg'e r?>m# tt) rente, "6 rents a cd edionms. f 60 to 96 ? si lay itersd. M M %'f niMCHVI IL ATB1MOM ' 1 -M tn- " !-!M e * T'tT wl , ttpam Ibe reee ?? 'wenty c ,,u| BOAKOIBO AID LODGING. -u^???WAT'a"?10* By U ARB.-HANDSOME OlFO ??It of rooma. on flrat floor, to let, to a tried family or ?lftog?^T1r ^ -P?rato with or without board. i*rt 2e Pfw?rr?d, or oq Kiropeim plan. Oath room, nS ?i,iK0AI)WAJT?9ENlUt OK WASHINGTON " place, over Welder's saloons, furnhhed parlor* aad bad rooms ft99 ?f*. BROADWAY, BETWEEN HOUSTON AND Ble. oker streets - A parlor and bedroom, and two separate bedroumajojet, with beard. 0(\A WK8T EIGHTEENTH BTRHKT.-A PRIVATE occupying a new English baaemeat Kwm with Mil tbe modern Improvements. will let to two gentlemen or a gentleman and his wife, with board, pleasant rooma on very moderale term a Reference exchanged. lftQ K.AB7. SEVENTEENTH HTRR1T.-AN AMRRIOAN XKJO family, occupying a flrat daaa house, would let, with board, roorna to a few gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wivea. "1 AH HUDSON STBKBT, PBONTINO ST. JOHN'S A a I Park.? Furnished roome to let. with board, to ?ingle grutlemen, o' gentlemen and their wlvne; al?o a large aud well furnlahed Lack parlor. Houae newly furnished, with all ibe modern linprovomenta. 1QI) WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET.?TO LET. A 1*1 pleaeant suit of rootneou second floor. The location ia in every way desirable. lO/t FRANKLIN STREET, CORNER OF VABICK. INeatly furnished rooms, with lull or partial board to let to gentlemen and ibelr wives. Aim, at very moderate terms, a nice room for two young ladles. 11 CI QRAND BASKET, A FEW DOORS WEST OF AJU2 11 roadway.?A gentleman and his wife can be a" ci.mruodated with a large Inrnlahed room and board; also, tan or three gentlemen with single rooms and board U require 1 Terms moderate. C C WEST TWENTY THIRD STREET.?A FEW SELECT WJ gentlemen, aim one amall famt y, can be accom-nodved wltb board In that eligible brown stone building, situ tied be ta eeo Filth and Sixth avs. 'S(\ AMITY PLACE, ONE DOOR FROM BLEKCKER .... Mrcel * Uwl" a'est of Broadway.?A back parlor on the tint floor, to let, with full or partial board. 1 H GREAT JONES HTRKKT.-A PARLOR AN1I RED I I room, bandaomrly furnished, to let to one or two gen tlemeu, without board. f? ST' PLACE.?ONE OR TWO FINN ROOMS ' ' Oil the around floor to let, wllh board, In the flrat cla*< house, No. 6 St. Mark's place. ?. FURNISHED ROOM. WITH A SMALL BEDROOM \ adjoining, wltb gas ttxtures, water and other cunve i i ticesou the name floor, and adjacent to a car route, la wanted '.ir the winter or a longer time, by n gentleman ef quiet and regular habits. Healed by a furnace would be iireterred. I'i.yuirnt monthly, and In advance If desirable The bed oi reference given and required for respectability. Rent per an "um not to exceed Wtl to $100. Addresa B. J., box IM Post office. AOF.NTLKMAN AND HIS WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen can be accommodated with a front room and bedroom on the second floor, with board, at lfll Spring street, near Wooster. COUPLE OF RF8PF INOLE GENTLEMEN can be accommodated ant rooms and board at A WIDOW LADY, RESIDING IN BROOKLYN, WITHIN two minutes' walk of the south ferry, would aecommo date a gentleman aud his wife with board, would prefer a lady, i here are no other boarders. 4d Slate street. A FURNISHED ROOM. WITH BOARD, WANTED-BY a bpan'ab and French teacher, In an American family. In exchange lor Instructions In the above two language* The hist of reference given. Address, by letter, A Germiu cm ol B. I.ockwjod, r.sq , Broadway Post office. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CP i FEW SINGLE GEN t'eraen, can haves fine' with naril.i ,,, i Apply a. i'jo A 111 City Ilall place. Board and rooms, j urooki.yn.-families and single gentlemen In search ol a comfortable homo. w?h good tabic and reasonable charges, apply at Toynbee's lintel, Montague place, Brooklyn. ' IJOARD?A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY CAN ACCOM ti mndate ,ne or two single gentlemen with partial hoard. .?f. ??n p!ralu"" *tid convenient to ears and stages. Apply avefueestTweutv ninth street, between Broadway and Sixth Board-two wry desirable rooms, on the nevoid snd third floors, suitable ftr gentlemen and their tvIves or single gentlemen, can be had, with board, at No 1 t .11 roll p ace, corner Bleecker and Laurens streets. Bath ani fan In the house. Boakd-wanted, a small genteel family, to tike a house pleasantly located in Brooklyn, and board a small family the present occupant* of the bouse. Address B. ?. W., box 3,01(1, Post office. Board?a splendidly furnished suite of rooms, on the second floor; the furniture Is rosewood an 1 the carpets Brussels; tbe house Is brown stone delightfully at tiialcc and convenient to cars and stages: family small and 'ra lly private; a private table will be given. If required; te terences exchanged; terms very m alerate. For further oar I culara, apply at 105 Weal flflth St., few doora from Broadway. B?wUm ~^<?,HT GENTLEMEN ATTENDING THE Medical College can have full ho?rd. washing, baths, gas. nres, Ac at 13.1 Twelfth street, near llflrd avenue. Private house; terms moderate Par lal or full beard for single or married gen leiueu and their wives. BOARD.-TWO WELL FURNLtnuD ROOMS, WITH partial board. Family small and without children, at HI Mntn ht., thrte doors from broad way. Board at a private house-a furnished room to let on the second floor to a gentleman and his wife ?iT free single gentlemen Also one room to let on he third door to one or two single genileinen, with or wl-hout ' ''Ot. cold andj show er hath* In the houae. Inquire at f 1 Walker at., five doora west of Broadway. LIOARD NEAR ST. JOHN'S PARK.?FURNISHED if rocms, with board, for getitlemeu, or gentlemen and thetr wives, without children, in first clas? houae No. 18 Vurtck i treet. Bath and gas, with prlvllrge of park. Reierenoea ex rhanged. BOARD IN WEPT FOURTEENTH STREET, OPPOSITE AuounrUtion church, near Sixth avenue.?A geu'lem-m Mid bin wife, or two single gentlemen, can be accommodated Iti) rumiHt ed apartment*, and board, by immediate ao plica I Hon at No. lOfi West Fourteenth street. Location unsurpassed a iid convenient to cars and stages. Reference required, ' OOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A LADY WH08K FAMIT.Y I 9 consists of three persons, wishes a lady and gentlern i or ' ^ o gentlemen, for fuil or partial hoard. Those wishing ,* prl vate and perfect bome will please call or address Mrs O . 124 1 illary street, Brooklyn within five minutes' walk from Wall, bridge and Fulton ferries. HOARD IN BROOKLYN -A OENTLKMAN AND WITH U and a single gentleman can he accommodated with board md large alr> r onis at 248 Henry street, corner of Ouurrea*. ?' bin five n It utea' walk of the South or Wall street ferrte?. KeiereLcea required. Board in Brooklyn -one large front room ,.n I floor, with two large pantries at'ached, furnish i or nnfti'iiif bed. suitable for a gcmleman and wife or two >,nglegent.i men. can be procured, with hoard, at 31 Rvdney v.]bet won Mate and Joraleman streets, ne?r South and wait street ici i lea. nORADIN BROOKLYN.?A GENTLEMAN AND HIS i i i , or 0 gentlemen, can be ao 'ominod.ited with ib-Mrable rooms and board with a private family. The location t. very desirable, and convenient to Wall sheet and riotrh l rtlt0B', AI'P'yftl ^40 Henry street, between tvongreas and Amity s reels. jJOARD WANTED-FOR A GENTLEMAN, WIFE AND f. "eC?n}; t "'Wth'srlor, bedroom, and servants' room i tinirijlsheduprlijl.'gc for servant to wash, must bare bath. d gas, for wb'rh $ u per mon'b will be paid, where no oth r t oatdera arc taken Address wllh full particulars, I). M K ' crahl ofllce. I R('^Et)'?N.0-A, NKATLJ FURNISHRD ROOM, WITH 'f* psn'ry. sultahtej for gcnileman end wife or twn . ntlemen; also an upper room sul'able for the aame, at toe IV^a't^"* GENTLEMAN AND HT8 WIFS.~AND , ,~T* f I'^L K"l L?n"?' cmn 1,6 tweommodated with plea ?, bonrd, at a modi ,ate price, by app ybiiat ? i ties ? "fooklyn, between thr -outh and Wall street, TJ OAR DING.?A FEW SINGLE LADIES^AN BKAO iS nt<NCn7wiTkeTlM b,*H "nd "lrntah"d room,, A'>" R<^KI?E.R.8-?J,tB 10000 FPHHONH HAVE BRKV ? r ""I i,hl" ?m''* ?""?''Ir boarding pliers during "till happy to wait upon the public (I,, rn.aflon -o t oardes free of charge J. Tboar wishing bosrdera rp ' UT""eJU"*0 t(fflee 8U8 Broadway, next to Grace "rc0, _ R. D. OOOMWff. rvESIRAHI.E BOOMS-SEVER AL GOOD SUITS OF U rooms, auliable forlomlllea. inav be bad. with lull board B^df.'y" r0On"' Wfth fof gentlemen. jfRENCn BOARD.-A FRE.rn TEACHER OFFERS ...? MI05d for '""rat gentlemen deslrotw o. t g to speak French by practice and leaaoar; ihl. langua.e U L f"Dllly; wb1- " we" u himself, are from 1 Tparately. Apply at 2A1I Tenth street ROOMS, TOLKT-TO A GENTLEMAN ANP ? a ' * P'lW" family, where there are nr r .i L lVa'T" 1Thehoo"?t" elrgantiy and . imfur'ahly f?r I'i i ' a ? *' . n rrerv room 'he street Is private respect hi' e. and free frnrn all the annovnnnea nl thoron/l.fares with or Sixth avenue rZl?. N. ? nc? u mi, but thofc who can apnrecbit? a comfortAhu ts me and enjoy H as aueh. Free uai ot piano fl?rTrv te *L?'?U! lYJf,' highest references require! act *'r?eL taw ?.aj^yAR"'C"' M "omlnlek Wr" Kteh"-th ^ L^CLMSHEII ROOMS?ONE FRONT ROOM, A BACK l isjinird ?oeet 'm 10 b? 1,1 IO?e'l*r <* separate, alii A VDSOMK FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET TO (JEN 'Ifmen at IS Ll,pri?,rd street. H WRNISIIBD ROOMS TO LET, ON the flrsi and second floors. In suites or separately, a' Ss | r.ast i wentteth street, between Broadway and Fourth aveno-v JEWISH BO ARDINO Hor?E. 110 HLEEtTCER STREET W ?The proprietor of tbe above e.uhiuhmeot will hava. UiU week, three flne large furnished family rooms vacant Also J ^ rooms ?tuishle for single fenilemeu. whlrh he would like to let tor ibe winter, with or without board. Apply i* above, v~ V^O fib FT MARK'S PLACK ?ONE OR TWO HIMfIL I" gcrtlemen, or a gentleman and wife, will flnd aderlrtbl boane with at, Amen.-an private larnily, Imuse and nclgh' oi h's-d genteel; ?-?r,mmodstlona superior u, ihn-w ul a boacltn fl, u*c I he resident family depending on other means th prue Is not so much an ohjrrt, as permanent respectable 'pct ?VJO W? FOURTH AVENUE-A LAK'.R AND FtVI AT furnished parlor, wl h bedrooms ailaehed to let will t 'II or partial boa id; also, s f?w single rooms, at vorr mod. ra'e prlcna; the Imuse Is new and has all the modern im ,ro?e ? rota. i >?<?* TyriVATF BOARD -A Lady Ot ?< ? VIS ; A no , I c|a<? bruise in Fouih Brooklyn ramvemeni t ?. terries receive, a lew getiberaen u, ?b,,m ,he can Ins ,re t2, .? mfi.rts ot a home wl'h ajreeabte ..jrioir h? ?. , , ?ddrcrs A. O . Herald o" ? ? Itc,^rr:,r.-i ' " T^w.,'nra>L'furolid e.1 r^mrn n WTTtJ ?Utet, in a ? prlv ai? taiuJy With ?( wuLuut payual b ?u 4 BOAaono AID LOINUIO. R00,,? T,?,???T*? ?B THREE DESIRABLE BOOMS on the third floor, In a house occupied by a private family, will be let. ether separately or togethe-, furiflaicd or unrur ribbed and wl'b breakfatdIf dislred. Term* moderate Apply at 283 went Fourteenth street. ' TWO YOUNG MKN WISH A ROOM AND PARTIAL bonrd. In a >ioa.l private family, where no oilier boarder* are taken, Mtuated In the central part of tl e city. Address H. A II , Herald office. TWO OR THBKK SINGLE OKNTLKM KN CAN OK AO oommodated with fur ulabrd room*, with or without partial board, alto a front ann back room, suitable for a gen tie at ta and wile. In a email private family. Apply at 23 Union plaoe, South Brooklyn, three inlnutea' walk from Hamilton ferry. THREE OR FOUR YOUNG GENTLEMEN CAN BR AO commodatcd with pleasant room* and botrd. In an agree able and pleasant location The boner possesses all the modern Improvement*. Apply at 696 Houston atreet. tro GENTLEMEN?ONE OR TWO GRNTLEMRN CAN BR I acoommodated with liandaomnly furnlaliod rooma and par tial board In a urlvate family, residing near Broadway and Union Square. Tenna moderate, i'leaae addreaa W. d. R , office of iMa paper. WANTRD?BY TWO YOUNG URN, A LAROR FRONT room, with break taut and lea, la a house with mode' n tmpravrnienU. gas, hatha, Ac., In aprlvate family, near Urocd way-.^between Bond and 14ih aireeta. Addreaa A. A O., FIJI AJVCI AIi. OHO T?,U>A5 ON WATCHfi, JRWKLRr JJOUU.'flfU precious atones. mortgage*, notra, oheeks. and merchandise. All communications treated contidaaUally. Business promptly attended to Dash alwaya ready on the spot, In auma of Si to (10,000. Apply at the loan offloe. reom No. 10, 304 Broadway. J?7Kn nnn 1,0 LOAN on diamonds, watchhs. <p I tJV/iV/WVy jewelry, segars, borers, wagons, and al kli ds of jierannal property; or the aame bought for caah. Private rooma for ladles. Huatnees prompt and confidential. TaYLOH A t'O., 39 Ohorabsra atreet. next door U llurtoa'e theatre. Office houra Irom 9 A. M. till 9 In the evening. JLcnn linn -hgnky to loan on diamonds, ipUUU.vl/U . watches, jewelry, dry goods, aegara, Ac., or bought for caah; stocks, notes, mortgages, Ac., uegotiatod. Business confidential and prompt By THOMPSON A CO., brnkrrs and onnimlaslnn merchant*. 181 Nassau street, corner of Ann, room No. 2, second Door. ?CC7 IUW I TO DO AN?ON WATCHES, Dl aMOND* piltl I .lluo jewelry, negar* and every deaoriattoa m valuable property, or bought for caah, by JOS. K. ISAAC, aseinent office, 11 Chamber* street, from 9 till fi. Bildwarn brum fit and ounlldeoUal. Old gold and eilver bought. N. B.? No buahisa* transacted nu Hat unlay, <H/I IIH nnn railroad bondb.-thk cinoin ijl x UU .oi'U na'l, Peru and Chicago Railway Company otter for sale (lOU.OUU of their first nnd WW iJOO of their second mortgage. 7 per cent bonds, and Interest payable at the Uorn Exchange Bank. Nc v York Healed nrunoials for these bonds will he received by the l'retlden'MB* c.imp iny, at the office of Messrs. Churchman * Roberta, MI Water struct, up to Tuesday, the 2, th day of Novum ,er lust mt, at 3 o'clock P. M. Proposals will be received only fur lots of one ftiurth Aral, and three fourth* second mortgsge. Circular exhi ilia nf the rouitlilon and prospects of the company, together with copies of the bonds and mortgages, and also maps showing the line, may be had from the Preaident, at aald office. The com pany leaervethe right to accept or rqject the whole or aay part of any proposal, and to wltndi u w the whole or any part of the bonds from aisle, In cose the bids shall not prove satisfactory. W. 0. HANNAH. President. 4-1ft nnn T0 WAN, on watches, diamonds. qPtU.UUU jewelry, dry goods, furniture, piano*, and every description of merchandise. In large or sma'l am Hints, or Isiughi oul for caah. Business atrloUy confidential Apply at No. 696 Houston atreet, between Mercer and Greens. ' - B. MYKitH, Ageai. swlzl nnn WANTED?IN hums of thrkk and pj J .willy four tbousnnd dollars, on unencumbered Ira proved properly In this city, worth double the amount. Would i e taken tor five years tit eeven per cent prr annuin Apply to IOOTE A WORTH, No. fi Trinity building, 111 Broadway. v v hjsu, *.??/, on i hi uisu un suoin amount on real ecurtty lo take an agency, from whleb 1m can make a ng; no competition and sales large; everything neoee 1 be provided; reference, required. Apply itnmedlaluly roadway, room 11, K. F. I'UKDY A GO. ill nnn TO WOOO-WANTED. A HM ART BUHINRMH ?Ji ,t)UU man, who can furnish the above amount on real estate security, to take an agency, from which be oan make fine living tary Willi al 269 Broadway, (POO.C WANTED-BY A OENTLKMAN, FOR WHIOB ninple security will he given, together with room* and private table, In a first class situation; beat of references. Address, tor three days. A J., box 131, Heraid office. ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY TO LOAN, OR PURCHASED atcash prices, on diamonds, watches, rtoh jewelry, valuable pet annal properly, and merchandise generally, ft. WOOD, f9 Ful'on street, second floor, front roam; 9 a. M. lo S 1'. M. A few valuable oil paintings to be sold a btrgaln. A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS WANTRD?TO ASSIST In wi rklng one of the most valuable Inventions of the day. Profits Immense. No risks. This opportunity Is unparalleled. Address Profit, Union square Post office. . NY GENTLEMEN WILLINO TO LOAN TWO HUN C\ dred dol.ars can be sccommodatad In a first etas* house, i intaliiing all the Improvements, with a ha idsome room and board.lor the use of the abovr amount Best security and first class reference given. Address BH, CO, this offioe. Ladies or gentlemen wishing to sell oa have advance' made on anv kind of valuable personal property will be walled upon al tbelr residences, by addressing i uote to Alonxo B., Poet ollloe All comiuiiulcatloua treated cMMMyi Ladies tiR okntlkmen wishing to sell or have advances ina>t<> on any alnd nt valuable personal < 'operty, will he walled upon at their residences, tiy address :rga notr to Alonzn B., box 136 llerald office. All com uunl rattens treated confident!*Ty. OFFICE OF THE FEW YORK AND NEW HAVEN Railroad Company, Nol Hanover street?Notlee to band bolder*, lloldria of seven per cent bonds of The company are ' ertby notified that In pursuance of an ac; of the general Aaarmbly of the State of Ounmictlritt, passed at It* lost M-y virion, uie Treasurer la aulburixrd and prepared lo exohange tor the ootstnndli g bond* bearing seven prr oeni lulerost, and not secured by mortgage bonds authorized by the before tnea Monrd act, bearing six p< r oent Interest, and secured by an only mortgage on the oompsuy's road, franch ses, Ac ; aald trhange will lie made al this office until further notice. Uw rder of the Directors. WX. UKMKNT, Treaturar. New York, Oct. 19, ISM. _ OFFICE OF THE SECOND AVENUE RAILRO 3D COM pany, New York, Nov. 2U. ISM.?'The President and IB lectors ntthe bround Avenue Hall/ond Company, have tai? day declared s dividend of tour (ii |ier cent, payable on and ?fter Monday. 26tli Instaut. The Uansfer b<?i;s will he r'o-ed from Una dale. By order, PHILIP C ROGERS, Secretary Texas debt.?the debt of tkxas purchased by F. P. JAMES A CO., 36 Wall street. COPARTNERSHIP IVOTICKS. tl Z n/W|-,,ARTNKR WANTED?A SURRTHINoT? ?/.t 'UU Any person httvlng at hi* command fl teen or wenly thousand dollars ol his own may nieetwbh a lavorabla 111 port unit y, whhoui risk, to mske (IOI.0UU In one yea^ Per ions d nnrtirularl.v nice morals need nol apply. Addreas fie c airs, llerald office. tin nnn ~AN EXPERIENCED BUSINESS MAN | O-IU.UUU. wtlh this amount nf meant, desires to lake it i Interest In seme well rslahli hed, profitable and perfectly ,te bustnea. Addrrs-, oonfldeiiilally, with particulars, S. T., t .rrald office. so nnn to94,ouo-a partner wanted in the 4 O ?" "UU manufscturlng of an article In great detnanil, III u will pay ion per cent. Hub's to a large amount lor cash c. tv be insile Immediately. Apply to C B IIOWKS A CO., 81 Viaeau sheet, between 11 and I o'clock. 00 11(1(1 TO *3 000 -PARTNER WANTED. WITH ifai.UUW thlsamcun: In caah. Ins lucrative mtmi'.ictar ? g hneln-as, n w hi aueucsati.l operation. This is a fine fiance for a business man to establish himself permanently 1 or further tnfur motion apply at room 10, 301 Broadway. tl nnn ~AN enterprising m\n, WITH 91.000 iJIJ tUUUt cash to Invest and listing some knowledge ?* tormlng, and willing to make a umr ot the Western Stales, caa I MVS an Interest In a respectable business, thai will clear Avar *."<1.000 ll Is win er. Addreaa, with real name, Wbeatfield, box 133, Hi n.ld office. 17i III T0 Jl.tOO.-WAFTED -AN ACTIVE "YOUNG p I UU man, as an cqn?l partner In the lea ami coflee u-lrrsa, doing a business of fh'iU ueekly; location unmiruaM ? 1. Apply to O 11. BMITII A CO , late WlUlamn A Hmito, 64 . sssau street, room 2. ? <)(W | TO 9400--A-GENTLEMAN WITH THIS AMOUNT \ OWW wan ed to join the advertiser In purchasing a Oral 1 tass travelling en erprlae; something new, need only bede 1 nnetraied toaslhfy. Cail on Mr. Henderson, or O. H. SMITH t CO , 64 Nassau street, ruonFY. MIK( KLLA3EOU6. . LL KINDS OF CLOTHTNO SCOURED, DYED AND A. rcitalred All kinds ofcloTilng purcliascd at66 Broadway. , MttJNAC AND GRAPE (HL. RMPRNCRS, RARECHKMI \J rats and metals. - The beat green and yellow cognac 01b, sent es. Monongabela and Snitch whlakev, Jamaica and ML rolx rum. gin, elder, peach, cherry, raspberry and plum irnndy, port, madeira and claret wlna; flavoring* and ootur for all liquors; oils of lemon, rednrnella, rlorea. aaassfraa, - nit) rgreen, peppermint, ptiucuto, bitter al uids, lemon, rgauion, rorlni.der and others; bromine, Iodine, bypo<ai Idle m da, salts, gold pure nm riin, couodium. pure sill' 11.uric acid, ammonia, during paper, platlns In sheet and wire I idrntum aahetos Vienna lUne, tilskel. ln<muth, manganese, ic 1 or sale by Dr. L. FEUCIIT WANG RK 96 Maiden lane. fit VR"ANODYNE TOOTHACHE DROPS ?THE EX \. rruclatuig lorments ol tool hoc fir can be rpeedlly rpllerel v the use of this remedy wtlhnu: Injury 'o the gums or teeth, r.g ii|on die nerve. Emin?'ni dentists mn1 a high opinion 1 It, and rnnetauuy rorommeud ll lo their patient* Prepare ! II <1 Inr talc by A. B. A1). SANDS, druggia a, HW Fulton street r old also bv drug girts generally. 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