Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7026. THIRD EDITION-FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23. 1855,-TnREE O'CLOCK 1'. M. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE CANADA. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. BEP08TED BOMBARDMENT OF NHOLAIEFF. RUMORS OF BATTLES ANO RUMORS OF PEACE. The Difficulty between England and the United States. DISPUTE BETWEEN ENGLAND AND SPAIN. Revolutionary Outbreak iu Italy. advance in cotton and breadstuffs CONSOLS 88 7-8 a 89, Ac., Ac., Ac. Halifax, Nov. 22, 1855. The royal mail steamship Canada, Captain Stone, from Liverpool morning of the 10th, arrivetl at this port at 1 O'clock thin afternoon. She nailed at 3:16 P. M. for Bin ton, where she will be due about mtDnlglit on Friday, and her mails will reach New York ou Saturday after noon. Her advices are one week later than those received by the Pacific at New York. The excitement in Ureat Britain in regard to the alleged threatening aspect of the relatione between that govern tneut and the United states had wholly cooled off. and nothing of a belligerent nature hud transpired daring the week. From the seat of war there is no news of iinportauce beyond Miune unreliable iuniorH of battles near Perekop hud Simpheropol, which were generally discredited. At the latest moment n doubtful report was in circuia ion that Nicolaietf had boon bombarded by the allies. Strenuous efforts were being made to bring Sweden into the Western alliance. Peace rumors were quite abundant, but they were ap parently without foundation. Sir Colin Campbell, taking offence at the appointment of General Codrington. has asked leave to return to England. The Czar has returned to St. Petersburg direct from Kicolaieff, without .laying at Warsaw. Unfriendly relations were arising between Great Britain and Spain respecting certain disputed claims. The steamship Washington sailed from Southampton Cor New Yotk on the "th inst., with 120 passengers. The Iondon money market was rather easier, and con sols closed at 88J{ for money and 89 for account. The liverpool cotton market had exhibited considerable animation, and, owing to a limited supply of the current qualities, an advance in prices had been fully established. On .owe descriptions the quotations are *?d. higher than those adrisod by the Pacific. The week's buaioeas Aggregated over 77,000 bales, neat ly one-third of which ?rer? taken by .peculators and exporters. In breadstuffs a general advance had taken place, and all descriptions closed with an active demand. Brown, Shipley A Co. quote wheat 3d. higher; dour, Is., and corn 2a. fid. Provisions had undergone no cliauge or moment. A further coumdeiablc advance in sugars hail taken place. THE WAR. GEN. CANROBERT'rt MISSION TO SWEDEN. The most important feature of the week's news is the effort made by France and England to bring Sweden In'o active alliance with them. General Canrohert is In Stock holm, charged with this mission, and Sweden is reqnired either to a sent or refuse. RENEWED RE-OPENING OF PEACE NEGO CIATIONS. It I-reported from Berlin that the Oar hss recently made a confidential communication to Prussia and Aus tria ol ids wish to renew negotiations, ant that M. Bour qneney has returned to Vienna with fresh instructions to meet the contingency of proposals from Run ia. Tt is further said that Prince Gort cliftkoff, the dlp'mnttiat from Vienna, and Ru shin Ministers from other German Courts, ?re certainly to meet the Tsar, at Warsaw, in the middle of th'* mouth, when the question of s renewal of aegotiation* will Le settled. It is also stated that the Emperor ofFrnnce is tavralde to a renewal of diplo macy. AFFAIRS IN THE CRIMEA. From the Crimea there la sbr.olutely nolliiugto report. The armies are engaged 'n building huts for the winter, wi'h occasions', military promenades and exchange of long shot, with the Cossack picqnets. 1-otters from Febnstnpol say that Russian project!>* from the north aide reach almost every part of the city, and that a dcsultary file Is kept up on both sides. The allies nay that the Russians, although keeping up a continual fite, ate mnking preparations fcr a retreat. A Vienna paper, the t'rrM'l'm IiUitt, learns from Uortichhl-ntTs headquarters that the Russians In the Crimea n w number 200 000 men. A gieuadier eorpa had arrived at filmphe-opot. accompanied by 8,000 wagons, drawn by oxen, so that the army Is provisioned for six lnontha. Gortschakoff will not expect convoy* after November, when the steppes, it is expected, will lie Covertd with snow. Bt. Petersburg despatches **y the Russian army in the Crimea has provisions for eight months. Several rumors of battles near Slmphempol have turned tint to he fabte. It Is reported that Odessa will be disarmed, and the guns there s.nt to Ntco'at T The following Is the substance of several official des patches snd tetters:? A recent report arilvd f-omOdcsa tliat the allies had effected a landing, in force, near Perekop, and Russian troop, were hurried off to oppose them. Inter advices render the report doubtful. The French will garrison Kinhurn?cnrsequcntly the English returned to .-<ebeitepol November 3. The allies burned the villages of Schad lflka, Karaqurt, Turela, and the town of Haki: also many farms andstoras eUng the route, and on the 24th returned to Kupatoria. An Anglo-French force from Kupatoria, under General rt'AUonrillr, made a reconroi-an-e on th?22d, falling in with a large force of the enemy, offered battle, bat the Russians retired after an exchange of a few rounds of artillery. lilt confirmed that the Tsar and the Grand Duke Con eUr.tim witnessed the capture of Kinhurn from Otscba fcoff. Th? squadron of the Rug have towed out two rafts of oak timber, worth $100,000. Beyond this nothing lias been done exeept making a reconnoiaance. Gunboats, manned by the crew of the former Block Sea fleet, are atationed, and batteries are oeing erected On both side* of the river. Genet al I Aiders, with the grenadiers and cavalry, Is posted between Kinbnrn and Kherson. Intelligence from 'Klorsa of the 27th October seys thai Todelben Is faat rendering Nlcolaleff deftn-lht* below Pas.ka, ?here the river Is only fiOO fathoms bread. The inhabitants of Nlcolafeff and Kherson are Informed that Up -e cities may he attacked and large numbers J.avr gone into the interior at government expense. General le Valllant has been appointed by the French Governor of Sebastopol. Ail the TurkUb forer intended for Asia iia- left Sebas topol. An exchange of prisoner- had arrived from odese*. A deepateh from General -Iropson, of fietober ^7, saya the weather was magnificent and the British troops were f?l?hy THE DANUBE. The Austrian 'fSarlt states autboritat vcly that a French eamp of 60.900 men is being tormed at rtilUtria. ASIA. timer Pasha ha> opened friendly relations with ?ehamyl Vse'Jnr Par ha la to establish himself at F.rierouru with the Turkish Imperial Gnard. whence lie would threatea tb? rear of the 8ur.tAo?rnij b? ieginf Kars. 9me: IVh* <? 'inniPiicf'1 hi- rlv ::v" , lii-ta-. on t':e 20th, with twenty two battalions. Account/t from I'ercia mention the departure of au amba ,?a<3or for St. Petersburg. TIIE LATEST. 1UTMOHKD BOMBAHDMKNT Op NICOLAtEl V. A despatch from Vienna says tliat a message h td been received at the TurkL-b embas-y, stating that the bom bardment of Nicoluicfl commenced on tba -8th of Octo ber, and continued duiing the who,'* of the folio wing day The result is not Known. It was aided that the Emperor Alexander had betu induced to leave the place before the bombardment began, but the Duke Ooustantine could uot be prevailed upon to quit the town. CoNWTANnsorLi, Oct. 28. 1885. It is said that the Sultan will visit Paris and London in the spring, and has made known bla intention to the (?land Vizier and the principal ministers. Great Britain. The excitement respecting a war with the United Stales has quite subsided, and the leading journals, asUausd of the panic they created, attempt to excuse it, and let themselves down quietly by attributing what they call thehoettle attitude of the American government to an election ruti on the part of the President and his Cabi net, although it is noloiious that the oiciteuient wss begun, fostered and kept alive by the London 7(m<w. Anxiety is now manifested to learn how the news of the excitement and the comments of the Timrt will be receiv ed in America. Intelligent Englishmen. ot all ranks, ex s'ffitr Iftoed ?ad huuiUUtcd by tho whole The Pecrelsryslilp of the Colonies is still vacant. There Is no other political news. Pnnee, It wag rumored that another attempt had been made to assassinate the Emperor, which, however, was totally untiue. The report arose in con equence of a pis'ol lio longirg to one of the dragoons by falling from tus bolster and exploding. The Exhibition closes ou tho Ifih inst. Tbe monthly statement of the Rink of Krsn-e Is stated not to be unfavorable in its general character, uithough it will show n further diminution of one mlUiun pounds in tho stock of bullion. Ilie n< tcs in circulation hive been ted need. It is reported. ?1,900,000. Shortly alter publication of ll.e last return it was Kuown 'hat Hie bullion was again declining, but latterly the receipts are believed to have been about equal to the withdrawals. Spain. ( nfriendly relations arc arising between Oreat Britain and Spain. Firstly, In ri faience to the case of a Mr. B av ian, a British resident at Suntiugo, who was expelled from Cuba in April lust, notwithstanding the agreement of Sjain to submit his to the arbitration of Mr. Mure, the Biillgh Consul at New Orleans. Secondly, with ' efcrence to the appointment of Don Domingo M .'l stich as Governor of Fernando I'o. Britain demands in. demutty for Boylan's losses, and says that as l?cn M*l stich is an old slave trader, his appointment Is insulting to the British feelings, and must be cancelled. Austria. Tbe new financial measures engross altentisn. The new concordat Is not yet published. The Areh-Duke Msxiiniliian, nt Tiieste, hid been thrown from Uts carriage, and fractured his skull. Prtuela. The Bank of Prussia lu-is rulsed its rate of discount a half per cent?from 5 to 5t(J per cent. Denmark. ft is rumored that Russia lias accepted the oilico of mediator between IMtnmaik and the I'nited States. Holland. Mr. Fillmore has been visiting the King of Holland. Ilalyi The misunderstanding between Sardinia and Tusesny remains unsettled, pending u reference to the cabinets of England and France. 'Die sailing of the Anglo-Swiss legion fnm Genoa, for the Oilmen, la countermanded till the aprlug. King Victor Fmannd, of Sardinia, would arrive in Paris on the 2t)tb of November, and in England early in Decern ber, accompanied by several memitera of his cabinet. The correspondence of the Iziudon I'cot from Nupl-s, the iiOth, says: ?" There is no looger any doubt that a ri ytlollonary movement ha s broken ont in Sicily. Souie ol the Insurgents have been taken and shot. It is dilllcult to get details. Anests have taken place at Palermo. The authorities say the in vement is not political, hut is occasioned by cholera and scarcity of food. This, how ever, remains to be seen." Greece. Political reports are satisfactory. THE VERY Is A TEST. BY MAC.VET! C TBJKiRAPB I "ROM LONIMiN TO UVKRPOor.. London, Saturday morning. Nov. 10. 1885. Letters from Paris to the London Tim'l state tint business is limited in ell tbe departnieuts. From Russia the comiiitpuica'ii-ns seem to convey _ more warlike feelirg, hut this tesy be n .thing more tbiu the coter to an urgent anxiety tor peace. Recent papers from Goltenharg (le-crib* the festival held in that town to celebrate tbe fall of Sebast ipol. n ? very Imposing. Upward* rf 18 000 persons orenllrged to have been present, and the warmth and splendor of tin demonstration i* *aol to have been remarkable. Mr. ' ngfri m. the Englisli Consul, was present, snd oh'"rved In his s| eech that althongh the Ewed -w>ue politically n< utrsl, their hearts were evidently with th- allies. The most favorable feat ure in the return of the Hank of Fi.gland for the week ending Saturday, Nov. 3, is th? Increase in tire reserve ot notes consequent on tbe dimi nution In the government snd other securities, and the bullion shows a trifPng decrease of ?8,173. The railway market rose at the opening, but sc.? quently relepsed. closing in ntsny eases rather l.?iter thr.n ye/ terday. On 'Charge on Friday afternoon, the rale- f..r trills - Paris were w> R maintained, owing to the lirra ex. iiaoge repot tid f on that i Ide. The i iin market ti day wai again very fl ,u. At Paris, tire price of flour has again wdvan ed, wh.l-l wheat his risen durlig the last few days 2s a r. per quarter. DanT7ic, Nov. 9, 18J8 Tbe Vulcan lis* arrived from Vargen, which plane alio left en the rith. Th" cruisers alone remain. The other ve.-wels wore on their return. The westlitr is very rough with occasional snow ?to ns, ( omniiri liil I ii lei II'retire. LONDON MONEY MARKET. M.osrs. Parings, Bros. .1 Co. r?|iort the money mxtkei .lightly easier. Tie bullion in the Bank of England bad only decreased duiing the week to the extent of ?'l,7(Kl. Conacl* closed at 88',' for money, and %J for Mouunt. Mexican dollars nominal, at Is. 11",'. Doubloons, 74?. frl. Avrnu AN sk. t with*. Messrs. Barings Urotliers, and Bell * Co report Am* rtoan securities steady and tbe business limited, at th follow tag quotations:? Lpi:ed EtaU-s sives bonds Iq,j Massachusetts sterling bonds 88 a IUO i'ennsyhaula fives 72 a 74 I Itto bonds 82 a 8i Virginia Uvea, bonds HI a 85 Litto sixes, bond" .,'.7.7.7 88 a 88 Maryland sterling bonda . . 81 a OT New Vork Central sevens ' pj , pj ....7.7.82* 81 Erie J.t mortgage w . J()0 I/O. "'tl do. ???***. B*> . ui Erie (onvartlhlaa 74 a -a Do. (Ibnd) '7777 7 77 78 a 80 Illinois Central Railroad 71 _ ? , Do. Free land 7777.7 7 72 a 74 LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKJTT. Mcsxr*. Brown, .Shipley k Co., report that owing to the stock nf current qualities being small, prices hays <ym siderahly advanced. particularly the lowor and middUng grade*, which they quote "?d. higher, while the advance on fair qualities Is about \d. The sales of the weak were 77 600 hales of which speculators took 17,100 and exporters 7,500. The following are the quotations?New Oriaana lair. 6^,1 middling, 6;;d ; Mobile fair, A?d.; nii'l .ling, 5\d.; or Mo try to good ordinary. ft' ?|. * ft'tt/f. inferior 4Ud. a 6.1 The stock in port was 42::,00!) halee' of which 108,000 was American. The sales on Fri'lar WITS 10,000 bales, including 3,000 to -peculators and #*? porters. Tbe market was steady at Uie dose, but rather less buoyant. LIVERPOOL imXAMTTTPPfl MARKET. Messrs. Brown. Shipley k Co. say that an advance had tA*<'n | lac in all doner! pt ion? of br?a4*tuff*, Tlx., In wheat, to tko extant af .34. par bu?hel, flour la. p?*r bbl. and corn 2s. ?d. per qnarter Tbe market clnw*<f with as active demaml, at firm prices. Western canal flour ?inotsd at 43*. a 44a, llilladelphia and Baltimore. 44s. a 46* . Canadian, 42s. a 44s ; sour, 41s. a 42s fld.. white wheat 12s. 8d. a 12?. 8d., red, lis. fld. a Is fld. white corn, 47*. a 48s . ysllow, 4fls. *1. a 4fls ?d mixed 4fla. M. a 4fle. fld. The weather in England had liera uoAvorabi# At sowing. LIVERPOOL PROVI8IOK Mtggrr. The circeieraof Kirbardeoo. MpencehCo., and Bigland. A thy a k Co. report provisions generally tmcbanged, and the result of the government contract, to be e'.orlndvd in the ensuing week, anxiously looked for. B*.f and fork quiet and pri without variation. Bacon stoady T?' riemsodirwr a redortion lard dull at flfl.. a 67s. Cheese dull at former rate*. Tallow tra at 05*. a '-#*? for North American. liyrrpool PRonrrr markttr, (Tretn the Bn.b*-'* Circular. 1 . ?1 in *rt'v* sppcu'atlve demand Pale* of the week 1,060 ton# at 87*. for poU, and 40* for pearl*, w th bo'd ?? eaking *a advance. Uk>\ Indian acVipe, b\)i dull. Roriu steady at 53d. a 4d. a (Is. 3d., for DM diuni, and 9?. foi line, Spirt, lurpetiUuc <|U?ot at 38*. 3d. a3P". (id. Nothing doing in rough turfMuitine or tar. I-innred oil ill belter demand at 4 I*. <?t a-14c. I.?rd ail qui ted ut hie. No sales of sperm, seal. or ood. Ranll transactions in whale at ?47 lite. a ?53. i'atm to ar rive, In active request, at ?14 a ?43. 1'ala rapt, small sale* at 61'*. a 00*. Jute lirtn. Ujcwoodn wholly ?&' changed. Nothing doiug in *alt|x)t?e. bugara advanced, 0*. a 7s., closing steady Out quiet. ? MINIMIS MAKKETfl. A Messr* Barings. Bros. Jt Co. report iron bare and ral^ without change?v >tch pig selling at 70s. 'id. Ooff?.e firm. Tallow slightly higher, ind selling at Wis. * '3*. Od. lUoe, active at Qrmei rates. American Hour, 4.1c. a 47s. STATE 01' THAliE IN HANUIIKHTSR. The Manche-te market ?a* steady, but notice bad been given of a reduction of wages in several of the factories. Pfifwitgrrs fry tile dliitmililp Canada* Mr Ve.ineylnlher and ladi. Me and Mrs llrega, Mrs Itll^ Pr Pona and lady. Mr JurvN and lady. Mr Perkins and lady, HIM Kor?l:il . Mas Hlchard", Me-* Voratall, Or Marshal), Mrs Ho l<ert?, Mr Sevens and lolha .Mrs 7 i.yshic Mis* Menson, Mr* Cbanniaii, Or lie>b, if lJTFt.e and ( hilt, Miss Wlillrldge, Mil* Hatch. Rev Kr Oronyn, Mies C'ronvn, Mr Richards and lady, Rev Mr I'ean, bearer of despatched, and lady, Mr and Mis Roulton, TAeut Ool lliadlord, Pnslan rus Nell, Mrs Reynolds, Mr* Ilaynea. rapt Morrill, Master Roberts, Mr WllltamMn and ladv, Mr Walmn and lady. Mum AUrrok, M!.-s JoDex, MM Williams, Mi * Ksyles, Ml** William*. Mm (Inn (ly, Mrs WllllioMx, Widow Hllchcoeltand child. Mrs Webb, Mm Wrx'on, Mrs ll..nks. Mi'-am I'timnilngs, iVoNilngliam, IVrkliv, Bouillct. WistsrbofT. Hue Smith llarkout, Itoulton, Laguadran. Ruddock, Booker, Jesnneite I'slmer, ??asm Sears, t'lsik, Klldlge", Stetukuulev. MePheelee, (ilbb, WlOtta, Holford, Kensbeedt. lllce. Hmlth, itel.l. Bovjmdendalk. Oallop, Tumbull Chussen. Noll, Tasker, PrenUss, Wall moan, Fisher, lliinlau, Foalds.Burnett, t'ariHe. hunk, llanere WIlson.Lsud, Welsh, Scott, l'etcr Live. Conlldte. Side. UsrkeU. M .miu, Longman, Ncrelon. Slelnkuuler, Speight. Wilde. Jones. Hre'g, Chrlrlc, lane. Faulkner, (jtilrnau ilall, (illlecplu. Duulap, Russell, ratterson, M Uion, McDougalL Ntilpplng Intelligence. Atrlved fiom Few York ?th, Christian*, at (Iravesend, "Irl fo, n.d Marv Morrl?, In the t'lyite; Ikb. Ontario, and Km. raid lie, at Liverpool: 7U>, Ocean Favorlm, at Brtatol; Sentinel at Liverpool: Sir Robert Peel, ai llravoaeiul. 8th, Haeer, at ?; 9th, Kensington, at Oravemnd. ? u Arr from Philadelphia 8,b, Napier, at Uvorpool; S M Mltla, atf.rnve-cwl Arr (rum Charleston *b, Alliance at I.lverpool. Arr from New khleoiix bth. t'lora Wheel or, at??; Helios, ^h're^P m Mobile "Ib.OWRs 0rO"ker, C'h. Irene; Bth Mar tin I.u'hei si I.lverpool. ? . ? , Sailed Tot New York 7lh, Kffby, from Shields; fith, Oeuturlao, from 1 Iverpoo,. Sailed lei ibwionhib. Cathedral, from Liverpool. Paled for Philadelphia 9<h. General tlo'rb, from I.lverpool. Sailed for Clisr erlon tub. CnrBa'lc, iroin I.lverpool. Sailed lor savannah Olh, Clansman from the C[?* ?. Sailed for New I r cans 7'h, Rodernk t>bu, from Llv- rpoul; 8tb, Lll*a llunter from fjrai esend. Sal let lor NoUiletm. Metis-u trumthe Clyde; 9Ji, Oorcbea tcr. and Imperial. from Liverpool. Our ??. TitoniMM (W. I.) CorrMpondnue. St. Thomas, Oct. til, 1*5'> A Jfy-l'-rwut Parti OafJurrd at Port nu Prinf?Shilling ?Hitinfn and Health of the Inland. The American bark Amelia, of New Vorlt, commanded by C'spt. Peter Sweneen, arrived'wt Port an Prince on the 24th ultimo, last from St. Joaeph*, Florida with a large nnd valuable cargo ?r arm* and ammu nition?Sidney Onkamilb aa ippereargo. The Ann lia, with bar entire cargo, valued at one hundred thousand dollars, oensinting of cannon, rifle', rewdvera, nabrex, clothing, and, in fact, everything necesaary to equip a small army, was mused by Joseph N. Iwwis. Esq., i'nltfd States Consular Agent at Port au 1'ilnce, anl by him turned over to the llaj t*n government for safe keeling. Cept. Swenoen in his ?pplle*t!fm for the relea?e of his vessel, offered to make oath to the following farts:?That he had been the sole .and only commander of the Irurk since Deoetnbbr, 1854. during whh-h tlino he i.t alone re sponait'le for all her transactions; that her cargo whs re celved as lollews :? On? nchoontr U>r?1 at Willbnwhwrg, in loot; A few casks at Brooklyn, in Jannsrv, 1865 Two ligh'ar loads at same plaee, >n I obrusry; ?nd In May tw.t, three fun the o? the cnigo or the baik Magi.'.lia" was put ou lioard, iu tiie huilxir of St. Jo?eph(, FToiida. liming that tima li? had rs> ofliret on li lard, and re ceived all the cargo pvonutiy; tint none of hi* c;ow ore acquaint! ?* with the destiDaOui or object of the entar nrno. Mr. lasts refuse., '.o i.-'ease the ves-sl, and would not permit the sffl iavit to He bled in his olli-:e. Th ve< sel had uo clearance from anv (K>rt aod put into Port-su 1 rlnce lor water and provi nibs. We iind'-r-dan i Mr. Sidney Oakamhh, the supcrcvigo stands mnte. St. Thomas Is n w perfeetly b-althy, and business l( again looking to. ... , There i, but lltlie chipprng in p-irt. The bu'V aej?oti will commenc* about the fiiat of neat month, when 1 Rope to hod in' re of inteveat to ?ouimuuicatc. I ain happy to state ihvi our Con?nl Mij r Helm, who lias 11.-en vei'y ill tor sole eicLs. lias so far I. ? tvered hi heaitb as to be able lo attend to hU official duties. Common Pli M i fseticrnl Trim. lief-"'- Hi n. JW>lte lograham. Tfir mi ncrt/rv ab<ht tiiv. policeclrbkh^ ???.. II. Ckinvttf . /''' in II 'eel, Manure' t \,rfr. ?The p'a utitf w? app'dfe.'. Clerk "f th- v" oi.d iii.-t i--i ? Police Court, a' 1 n .etlug. He 1- ? -d of Aldermen l,?'d pursiitini to tl r pr'vision "r ih? act of the ls gl?U* ir" o( HHli (.(April 187.'., to HP theva lt?cy Cca'e I by t ?? re. f igrualion of Wl lain ISTi'l-oo. Thi^ uwotitu/ wan c ii rounder a pre.e . rpcdutlon pa ed by the II >ar?l ? Alderrrirn on the 4t!i June 187 diroetinf n H*" i l e gtv? n by tl e (Tc'k of tio fk"?nl ' ue tlay r. tt nt'ha (h a .1 ( f Aid' ix. n w.iui.l nee. ia conveu I u ?" tlic 1 ill June, at 3 P. M.. for the pit'. . *' electing (? -li''' r ' * ? to Bll exlsiing lilt ? . e. an tlm the Mar . -vos lovit vl to be pre ent ibisn- atlen tn i iopt?t by i Cf the who's B. ar ! an. ?? u?-h nis tlugf tUopUinh'f w i' aprxinted. tl e Mav.r ""t Ming pi - ????'. T'" I' then applied to th-Mayor to he sworn Imo of, ? ? he refnsed I i no, .nd on the IHtn Inn". 15 . th of ?? was ailxir't oite r'i U' bun i?y H'. JI 'I tl, ? ir,rem.'Court. Tt..? soti n is hrt ufbl to tl - salary ol the plain'l.T i om that .'ay to the I July, 1*65. T. f i l/r'.i- i "1 juug u-nt fo. (.lhlli; iff. and the >ii Ivo Itll'. ? now p( '< *"" "'ll 1 J ' '? mtn'. . ? t After an (laboratt .e.ica of li w.* .e : ? Ju Iu giahatu sayi: ? There U no ? vi.'er ro fx f ? tiie ft-..n lb..' tl ? v i - c cy occaalontd by th? r.'ip. ati i, .,t Ihvils .n L'. I e. r I- cu CI led. It ir h ??? to have taken pUce, anl it i a I o shown thaUlb'sppoiti'm, ? ' ?? n.. b In hi-| I I ?* evidence as to tiie appo.nv. ?-nt oft".,.iiu-sltor ni g',. I in shown that lie . a| p :it( ' il a' '. *o .r I *u sieludcj by the d- ...' nt' . ... 1 .1 I a H ? , of ary pn-.f to the r -r.t>ary th" pre-umpt!- -. I-- t.i?. the varan v 'till conHneed ,1 wu u. the p' rlod vhen tha ame w'a filed ly lli" apt) i*tru?.it<.i tl.e flilc-f. Tl.? ?upgo?Uonl? trade th*! t'ea tof W'.S rxtlhei the -.p. r.i ininit nt of f liar, ell.,. even if I s w - :.c' Ing mcrsfy <f I a (o and nut '!? jree. and c.nflri'.'-l I bn ia n.fleo I" four 'jsan. Such a construe!!- n ' f t .e sta utc cinaoths -u. tali ?d. Whils It say* ths teim <?' <? J o n. ta" p ut Poles Court clerk shlll I" the s. n aa tlia' ? f the triet Ccurt clerks, It also provi I. * fha n ... i .o conlalnCii tl.all b? o r n *' i *? . . - ' off'' y. - v.: ..t - men'* terttoh rg nudo ulfisr ihe I i' lb anI'M. Ths word offset ii s? ? to a. t np- n t > pr ciu. <? an off. < or (h.ngs upon-as doffsed by Wa' '??. 1 h" ippU'M'i ,u of this o tau'i g to th" W'-td W9tfld ?tl?w the C "1 true >u to I* that lb* act ?b'.iJil not p o iu. s any cb>a ?? ia. or C.'l apon the sppointnw nt - isrctolo"' load.*, or sh ut . m.t apply to them, leaving It to l.c decide I wl.?th . h appointment* w. is ia 11 or le t, srtd if valid not t. n teifere with the lucnmbei.K Whether any sue i ap p. iiituntil ins eisr mane iu 'b? place ofDividmn ... n I, is not sli.'Wti. and of course It is iru;s>?siMe to 'Ay wl.etbei ?ni inch appointment, ifasado. was vall-l. My conclusion Is tliat the plaintiff wn< ler ulv *ptc intsd rlerk of the PolieeCouit and wa* entitle I to the salary due on the 1st of July In t Mimhko.?On Tucadfly fvenjn?a most uupi' v>. kr. murder was committed or. th- He I Air road ilsmt . miles from the city, on tb? psr.on of a Let man nam-d John Kr?Hln by J'hn T. Patterson. Fn-tn tl.r statrmcn' of another t i rmafi named Krore-n beig who wa* With Kie-lin at tl.e time it aj.i^ars that the; wet- on the road, when Patterson wh-. had iswrnout ?.in elng cane up With them. Tbcy entered into eonvsr *? tic o whou a dispute arose and Patterson steeped ofl a few feet and discharged one of tbr barrel* of til' pl'?" at Krsslln, the Whole rdiarge passlog into hi* aids and l< iog in trie heart, Instant death, lis s'tern;' Sd to kill K ".nentwrg with the other charge, bw' the gun missed 6r? and tbe party whose life wa- - / * ran off to give an alarm, and several persons vrsem .le I, and alter a short time aureewded in arresUog I's'tsr-- n and brought him trr the slty. Aflcr l.l< ari-.t the or i s?ner statwl hi* regr<d that be had not sue. mi ?-. ? til' ing Kroosnberg also as h? Intended to flnlsn both of them. It appear* that the parties wer-all ?"??if ", aw. no ruuae ran be asaigne-t for the eomu.i- ? n "I H*' art other than a wanton disregard of bumvo life, i'st'er son was committwl to jail and tl?e f.. ? of th* l*r having been eommunicate-l toeoroiu-r b em t .*t ear summoned a Jurv of in quest sn 1 p. place where tbe murder was e inroitted. ... ? witness to tha act eieept Kfr nt ru ?? wo r was wirat la stated above, h <?-' i . . te-o rm of the body waa made when 1. ?*? tonod t .at the rl.srge entered tbe r^bt side jus' atov.. 'b? iver rarryii* war tbe lower part of tbe rlwht luag and sev-rlr-r tr.? ol -I veaseh. and lacerating the beat in i l." I?>( n>*n The jury, after ee thorough an lire- .gai. -oase ui had. rendered a verdict of death from the dt bargt . a gna ia the hand* of a parson unknown a'. Hie to .r nt supposed to ba John T. Patterw-a. The e?#? will a hefore tbat>rand Jary of the Circuit c..urt f-.r Iw.tir ve county, at the approaeldng term, which tregins o r a day next. The present aspect of the case .?that -W le litarrnt* murder and tbe motive eantvA tsr km. ? n mill it le iatantifated before a jury ? Bait A*i-r*vie. A Tb* PffiLadei.miia Million Loan.?An e.rdi nanr* baa paoaad tha Orcomrm f'onn-il of Philadelphia authorising a loaa of a ?IHH of dollars to pay "laiais sgainst and defray the of tha Orrp- rati n The loan Is to provide for a dWHen-y In the re*.lot' T the present rlty government to meet its eij-en-e* nl 64bO,OW?, and 167 000 to tha payment of the Ir.debts ?* w the aid fistitct* and npsm tbe let of Janur 'A. t?<ere will be a fnrther daActt of ffl.2M OflO to V (roflied'? tr meet likewise tbe Ilium ef the present eltv g ve ment An effort .a raaV.of ta retrench to* pubUe ??p rtttiires and a rVncttwo of 61 (to r*v> per tann In traeagawt ?a'v-t*a. the feIke aalM?''e?. ?? , ba* bMBptvpMBi The rhunhtr of r?mot rrr. ?UMIAK rBlVATICKKINO ?IMVKttri(i AT10N IN RKUAuD TO TUK BARK M AlWV. The committee which wan appoint* 1 at tli* Lrle pe-lvl meeting of the < hamber of Commerce Vo Inquire into i u> fhcti re qs-ctlng (be bark Maury, which ?4? *eiy.e.l at thi* port In October lA*t, on .rpfokiD of Ireiirg (MUM out a* a Kukhiao privateer, mot yeatentyv morning at the ?jlice of Mr. I'oiw H. Grinnell. No. 78 ifouth atrcet. Tbe meeting wu* private, and wu* oonipo *d exclusively of member* of the committee, which roa?id,ii of t ?*? othiw lag gentlemen:? Moeea II. Grinnell, George Urirw.Jd, Cba*. H. Mti-rdinll, John A. Steven*, Thmiitwt Trleaton, II. C. Go, dime Robert Kalljr, Jam*- 1*0, Royal I'htilp*. K. I . Morgan and I'elatlah Petit. Hie letter* bcfota the commute* have already bean puldhlicd by ua, in c uu*-o'too with a full ani complete narrative of the whole atlalr, ead can be found In the Hriuin of the 17th Innt. The eorre*|K>ndenr? con late of the letter of Secretary Marey to John Mckeon, United Ptatei District Attorney, containing Instruction* lu re gaid to the bitrk Maury, with Str. M-Ki'ou'a ?u*wer thereto, ami hie letter to the I'nlted H'ato* Marelinl ?*r the eauie aubject. In addition to th**e, the report of the ccmmlttec will embrace a report Iroin Me??r*. l.ow A: Hrotbcre, the owner* of the veaxal, the affidavit* <tf tli* Rritleh Consul and other lhltUh agent*, which led to liar ?eiiuie. Acadvmy or Mi Mir.The "Hemiramide" w?* produced at thi- theatre hint night, for the purpura of introducing

to (lie American public, in lborfl/e of Af.itwe, the new eou tralto M'.le Nantier Didii'-e. The Impreenlon made by the (air ibbofonfrwaa extremely favorable. She ia young, oret ty. ai d ha? a voire of cn?ldersblo power and aweetnea*. It lr? endant, from her metboil, thai ahe baa been trained in a good aahool; and the * ase and a?lf poa*a*?l ?ri which aire manifested on lire neranlnn of thla, her Urat appear ance, ihowed that (die frit qulteut h our in the part. She reminded u? a great deal of Ada i.i, loth in the <|iiniity and managmient of bar voice, and executed lu really very fine alylo (.one of the difficult pan-age iti the Uikt act. The Ah : quel ffioinn, and Tu ncri irrf, were lotfi glutr wllh great brllllaney and delicacy of execution, and btough*. down the warm plaudit* of the bouse. At the cl"?e of the act the www called Iw-fore the curtain, and reeolv i a |*erfi?ot h over ot bouquet-. Hie remainder of her performance wat equally effective, and M'lle Didiee may be coruidered to have made a decided hit. Madame lagraugo'a Soroira niide waa, u'-'UAl, marked t y all the force i ti 1 Jo-toe,* of conception which bi,f ugnl-h the effort* of that at nimble ariUt. We hare never heard her to gieitter advantage than in the mnaic of thi* notilo opera. No thing. in fact, could be finer or more Impre, ive than her execution <f the port. The A-mir of Mot* III wa> el*n veiy effectively tendered. The piecO, on the whole, wat exceedingly well salt. arid deferred to 1m/* been per formed to a better audi<-nor. OltlMiury. .(*' oi IxiUMtk, an aid wdijier ?l the Revolution, died a' the residence of hie aeo, Mr. .lohu l*,riunn, near Ilarni ville Montgomery county. Mil., on the Vith ln*tant, in the tintb veered hi* age. lie entered the army lu the year 1775 aa one of the t'eunajtvanta Ui.e and rcrv*-d tirouvh the v hole of the war of Independence?w# at the capture'I Vorkt iwn ut.d ihe battle ot White I'Uins Trenton, bealdea several other engagement a He p a ??? I and ti iohi Uatdy good Irealth. and wta tbla to g i about uu iljwikhin a day or two ot hi* death. The Trenton (N. J.) Nlufe fiOftt' **?1 We regret to i-ii.i unci- the eudoea in I lamentable 'KW'?a.c of Judge Swwi it Mt< M Ri . one <d our oble-t ami moat reaperluble citio r.a, wbich tool, plat* on the lfltb in t. Ho wn a ,'udire i four C oitrior, !'l, ??, and nat on the bench of the Orphan* Court on the onj of hi* draih tr.mmrtlng 'inki ne*o there aedel-cwlieie na uanal. In the alt our tie went Into a tirlghVir'a hoiiac, and being taken III. fainted ?m l kUoitly alter expiree. The cwuiv via* coueldon.-d tu t<?- adiaeaar cl the heart. Right Reverend Ui \ ?<? Km* a any/., Mc tr Apo '.oiic cf Ji,matra who died lately in Jamaica, v.a* a na iive it Old ."'pain, where bowaaborn on the lOt'i of January 178li. lie wan. conaequentky. at hi. Je -ih in the Titli y* .r of 111* kge. He Irf- 1,1* native cjuo iyiu the lflth year ot lit" age for Cnrthagena where he i eutervrt into aeimvivit f the f'r inrt-uan* and a le, bav ing completed hi* noviciate be wan admlita-d to the full piiviUg. of the I rotberh In 1-JO Father Dentin ar rtred In Jemalee, where he waa pie rati* I on by Kvlber flodiiguv. t,. remain vntli bin a- Id-a- ittanl. t)n inn depai lure of f aibr r Hodrigm i in IH.' f. I afoer Denlt.. rr ma lord ?, !e incuoitieut of'r.t Chnpel ..f the H lv Trinity. On tl e cli I ion of tbe lfi ithi, U'. ! I doc In' tli \ I ear At ? ?'nli<-I..-o the I ?'e i N'ewa?ap; dn'e!! ? I'ojm Greg,'. Tlenr Apeeteae of Jawntlee and tta iiqen i enc r in the incumbency m which li ?* .? i i d uutil ho died full of yea. a and of lioni r. t, rd Wnapvn.irvf dh-1 on tbe . fttlr nt* .'V,'.., ttey llall, In Vo'tabl'e, Koglarrd The de-. ?-?? 1 [?' ue 'iad, lor "one r-oe'h- -nffeiel f,r m 'v? elncli ti n Toeje ???...1 Ji l.n S oar* Wcrtle* a . *d ? ** on of John Ar-hl ,!.) fir.t t*?" n. am*. I.a J l*i a'* h ?!.. ehter of John, fiiat Earl of Fine. HI* b i hhlp *?- h on April W, 1811, and nun1' I I'm enito r 1 1* '< i ndy to ogurna 1.1 *th Ky de* till d daughter of the lata ani d*1eroflhe pre tent, Iwrlot Hw > wh. ?nrvlvet, tl?e late lord have '? i' H"i?eM of lb gfieh, an I an ui.icarit-d do 1 thrwe -in*. Ih- d- ?-el noblemen w *?v*ti < in p i to ? br mail 'v *mf elf c r eno'.ieg (he lotei, ?f bin ten*ot*, i.i w giant y a*ta-lia! t< aqrieul'n a. ci Meg nil .i>? u?W' t>. to l iijn va tlw culture of U.e land The ranera ?immnee th *-e a . , ?r f p-. ?? r < ra. ? ? p'll 1 I the I mneroi N aid, ' wh-- -urvlt lb ' . Wagrairi. Marcr.go, the puvatPoo. . f |Ve n Soult There are many re-'ding tn this conn try i ?llitenablp would not fndl were tire le .i. rr.d, ? h H"le lentil n ? M>kro r% Ohlr on \* ? ? <rf?f t,f th' s hr*ir? ?i>|* L, known a ' tl.' "MM th of (bo !>?? I?! Mi# t>r y?* of A-ooti anl T W t - Ut ??.il V?tn h b' 4'ilcry now r>* ?.i'l ix *i;* in^ *>? that 1? form*" p little thff < unmrr't lnr|ii< *ts. I . itii i v Dr. wm- .? (ft roper i.amble Irel I an In , e yrctfrO ty. mi the f-ed nt Hammond afreet, npoa t'i-> leal d a mae'iiamed Win. J. >b Nuily wbnwoat in<l Irue ?? ?f the ebove jo int, lie *i<c/, wm a private wa'chmai and el* tpp .g. J to ? "fch aorne f otk at the f >?t of |[ ,? lie rid - rcrt ?b<n It i vepp- " d be ?eri l?l*tty fell ov.-1 la'prd. Trr-iict?' v'ippo*cd death by drormlng." P# <*naed v it tw eutj Ov-- yeara ?v? .ind waaanatlvt IteUnd. Pt .x t?vx* and K'"*",?Oatn',1# *ko Lei' lrw,ui>vt U| n i)d*' i ly >-f a w< m.,n name 1 !Iai.? - I i !ui.d, i.i. ? ?lt reura of ag? who !.rm inji i* I'liitt'd by Wzn run over by ? Vvgel wcg n r luety-t v. afreet Thelr.rra atla ,he ?t Irlcl* Ua rur. aa:? y from it. owner (a wo- n ployed in pe . tiiug v vetwhl-a;. Verdict acqrudingly. Tlrtali'i* n' tl IdxIiItHtt'.ne. T'i ??! AT Th'atfk? pi* erruig Ko. Jul* I "en It* ?? atll p*i fopn Juhet. in ball <|i*i t*-ig.-lr ' I; irie Old JulUt ' 1 oe c of #rotii .- Vfe? '-. t a <bnp*?f.n ler.n.' M. Bl.!.? In- Th-* ei.'erf nnc.enl wilt elnee with t|,? rpr gblly Utile farce of 'A l/an ot I, nr. Mt Vauntr pl?y..?f Gertr . ;# and Mr. b. man I'etar fpyk. M wrpv Tor va*' ?An excellent bill I* leudere 1 t. evvol-g f-.i 11?( henefit of M- Wol'-'o, tti ? mm, and tn addltb n. th >e wh" tie luchy will re~eiv? ore^n' to the value of (I MX), in the aliwpe >,( i gedd Wat' 1 pencil, ling kr Mr J K. N".tt ??!! play tb? h?-o r n t t ar de Ihtto ' T.? l*eg-e, ? of t'r*'n? I ?o I ; ? w and ' Ihe fUt-oi By , 1:1 e' .?* he p?i Imm Bi VTov'a Tmuree ?Hu e cerr tiling lav rlo t' e 1 n) The heri u< l au.i y I will he perfo performed fo nlg.H. N. le.fhrU-. r.wthe .pe f either more recant noveltlea, M. 11;".. u ??ill d.^m ?IJ'UI to r-.ntlciie the reg*, a* ,e| ? n i. u of tleoi pi era take a week. Filli't 0 TfOUTtta -Tl.e nenta Itere rbi* er ng will rofnnionce wi'h th" Mr*t '* t' be to.lowed by the very ' lire little Treaanie" and '? 7 be fe.wvger enaue w ing i h"iaete?? will t.e amtaine I hy I' later .. rvrt, Miea (.annoa, Mra 11 ey, he. Mr. l.o'T r b*" ' take- plaee to-morroe. Worw'a Mikkvan# ? |V?iAet th? newel raatftw of ?ow daneee. Ae ?* Th# Maaiwera-'.e It-. '. wl|i?g.!n l># y itucad tbi? eve* ng wi h ' e. /? f"h ty ?? *b' la> k*ej*r, and i u c adjntoi' to th* g*. *? of ivk*p*ar rerlcw* h?roea, Bcwtvr'e SXUTSaMM ?The enle-f > niog b ?>.,??? 'he o|? a - f ' I tod#! all* a ' ? r? ? del *.* n< n with all the ofVg-uwl um Ic, a ap ' I t ar - .. igt Me aotagt Ac A edjg fit he an g ? o,- "U So ,i grwtrin ' It wtll t* aavl 'I >' Mr. I . . I! .i?y ? the 1 (lid UafkiLg hi t.' Sewra hf tli a /tl in At ffotrnagen, an tbe two tar I aj aek Ml,re genfieroeo ah*' rr-i# 1 cen eai.ea f-wed It eig .'.een inrhe. de rage the Whole dlafar,. There a-a one hnodrad en-' aewanty place" C? el Wiah legion tn t|^ I Bj'ed Ra'aa, ta" alea |. of" in th? If trlet of CohrteM*. Thta it at 'ewt fire t- every And thi* eat.i^t* 4>?a rant Inp'.i le th* tin, rt? 4 Vi , ingt'W He gbta, Waabtr.gta>-. |Mw* . ttrtu- ? ;,*.. Wakhrgonr (,, W Wiiiiri|i?4i B??tto an I W %?h*rtf *o "oath faf % Jadge Walla ae?' >1 ng ?/. ts# gnrtien-l i Me At H *r, r>?. nevrty cowrptetwl the draft i f a a?? rimer t* ? pv- a/.rrgf n lleenae*. Wt'HlpTU *?' *u ?!-, gj^ " * ?*, ^ ?v ??# tg J Tin V?rHerrpDni) f?nw?tn. NINTH DAY. The n aid id Co.taly C*u?a *er? tnC\ purmant to ad Juuinment, at 11 o'clock yesterday moJAing, the 1'fntd ?lent in the cluiir. At thr ofniui of the . ? -l?nj nnlf I wi'lr* were In attendance. with ? c rrMpondlo'f <1 vnlnuti m in tht number of outrider* piiwnt. Supervl-or Mteer* rvod Dtakc w> ie the only alui-nli" who did not ?ul.***itinuOy attend hupervlmr Wm. Trrrnm, <>f th" Kigh'.h ward, fir t euli milled onrvtoMeti" of the diwre; in, ? ? occurring m tIn di.vlri I* of lil? Ward, ordered for rete-wnm, Hie uuy pie iron*, 10 the limpet torn foi{'i<vl'*! Toe error. were bin wn to hare been merely rb ideal. In lb? metier o.'the vote for Oomplioll.r In tin- I ir?t dl-'r ? , wherenin *.? *lx Tot** wre given for Kngc upon I,' It ret uto, wl.* e lile nnnie did not appear upon env of It t ill"'. .iiieetied to the return*,ith* Inepeotorn declared thst Kng- received the vote recorded. end tb?t the a'wenc* i a oe I d vi b bin name uiroli it wit" entirely an error ol ? ndinlou. The vote wa* allowed e? lecorded. Nnpervleor to*, of llie setenlji wald, *Vi wet ah fill jentMdat when the return-; of hi? Ward wort relic I iu reiptUe outer, then read lt.0 return* of the nnriTal dU trfc tn in hi" ward. In the Seventh diatrict, In a fb? In "tunrcr, the luepector* fal'ed to give! he fc?;reg*tr Tote The addition* were mado hy the Supervisor, and ap proved by the Hoard. In tlie Klgbtli ill*t' h ? '.'10 vol..* appeared for lilover, h>r Oonnael to the Corporation, upon the le'.iiin #W with the County Chuk and upon the Su poivieor'* return he leeeived no vote*. Tin naiiie wart oideied l ark to the Inspector* lor r. rrei-tl >n. Hupervlror VoorbU, of the Ninth warn, then the return* of the lir*t *i* dUtri?l? of tl>? Ninth wind. In the Klret di*trii-t, upon Uie original let ira no rote appealed for foiverunra of the Abuahooe*. A* th* vote ta* given in regular fnim up tin return lu the In* t* of the County tlerk, the Sup< i vlaor ?;n directed to refer the *tme 1o the ln-|>ector? for oorreetlou. In Ybl* die tncl ubo. upon hotti return*, there wa? a iliaeordant lu Immingling ?f the varloua Judiciary Candida .??>, and tin wcie likewise ordered back for icvi oil. The remaining district*, u* runt, rdiowe 1 iit>dl*cre paucy railing iur *ny "pacific action ol the Hoard A i 1'. M aa the Bo'Hdid Su|iei vi*ur w e t i < ul.,. upon their "C*"lou at t IV M., th- float I adjourned to thi* tine Aln.1 i>< 11 o'clock flontll oT Attlri ttieti. Tlio I'rv l b. Li it. the rhuir. 111k nil.IX4.MtUU Hit IkJIKV. Aldermen I "X nailed In o the tabic a !???*??? d rej art of the ('? i.mtttc r on Kertiw, dire tlug tlic Corojitroller to not it v Me*er*. Ill ' A Tlerry, lei'-ee* of tie \t i'llariciburg let ry (fioBl p> ? ft I a-1 ilv* r), It at In the even' 'their not comply log with tiie ?pec|lli'iili'"i.* ,f the le.oe. in putting up the ne.esHiiry firry building*, wharf repair* and hi ate, hi id lenee w old he declared cancelled. Alderman iv opiu.Hod Immediate action lu the pre irii*c* and the report a a* made a epeclal order for Mori day next. ?KPO'D AVKNi r II All.HO.* !> A petition Vh' n-ee vef fioru ci i/.eo ol lie V' n'deerilli waul oowplatnlng of Irii Iiuinageinrtit on |be Second ave line railroad mid a- ing Hint the fin tu Harlem he r? duped to five rent". Kefcu i"i. W *ST Of PATRIOT':'"I IV Tllf IIOAP.D. Alderman llaiooa "irei e.1 the fiiHewing ? Wh?i< a?. There wi-ma to Ie* a want ot p*trio?i?m In tin Heard ?? * viuecd t?y 1?* rrfu*al to celebrate Kv.?eua tlon l)?y, alltiougli the patriot I ? fervor of otu Itlurtrloa* fatliei* at' i burn" biigltlly in the breaei" ol our atieene; therefore Haa. it d Th?t a enmmittee of live Ire appom "1 liy thi* Hoard to ceh br?te h vacuation "ay, then np*?o.e? to lie paid hy tbetueelvea aurl by patriot ie irullvilual Co tiHnitlon*. , Alio rnine ilgtit dk cu-"i"0 the re#olutl"ii wo* an h drawn. Ttrx anaicY pavgttKxT. The report of loth **t May warn <tl?-?l from the latrle on motion of Alder u :*n I ol. it wa? iu furor of concurring w'tii the It* " rd ol to v a tit men to pave ttie lloauryatil f Path* ?. "treat *ith Helgian pavt nt'Ot A I 4ig debate en*tied which w?- rv t ch?raeterl/e.l l r any parti olar h?ltitc of public lnt?ri ?1. It we* nliltualelr .etericl to the Committ* e on 'tetllrinncev. TO* SHW I'lTV 11*1?. Ah'ertueu Wf 'It v. , n move 1 tti*t tli^bnhje t .f the hiiildii g vit tl e uew ? liy Malt !"? uia le johjc t ft M n ?ley neet I* ?t. TTir I JkXT. IX-AltrniMAN KtlttT. All' Hum Mi/WARD ottered a lewolution exptemive of the regret of ihc Ik ird at the d' ? aM ih? late '-x AhJetti nn belly of the "It'Ii w ltd. Atopded Tim Hoard adjoin red to Monday next, fct 5 o'clock. Aniiiv* raaryr of the Aa wrlattim tlwr th? Relit f ol itr iHCtahlr Ak'tl InUtgent Ktninlf". Tlie fiwty neon ! annivrrtary of this a<*ocl.ition ?** hi til y*vletiUy, at tb* A?ylum in, Twentieth ?tieet. At lao'rbck, the lo ur for which the meeting waacnlh't the chaprl of the Aayhitu w ?? tilled with vl?lter*. both la*lr- ' ? ii I gentlemen, *nl the P ad t'g to tto* ' a pel w? uho filled with vlalter*. Tin. ieet|ng a >* cad I to order try M-h" ting tl*e Hwv Mr. T'mn ?? . a. a I the Mr i ad * ay . ?l/ernae!e to p'reele. The Her. Mr. Sotni "* then effaced up a brief but iarv j prewirc pray*. . f:? which 1 r ' lr li "ip- ore I | it? lapoit, fr'tm wlc. tv we maka the t .tbiwln ft j treitc ? The p?*t year ha* pre wi I earlly up n <? i- tren ry ? M BHieb *>', hit ?c hero been ? ran; ? lb'?? .esrc.r ; f,l,.o1hctt? b?fo ?, t?dxi<? upt-n cnpiinl i ule'. had imt yet bar it pcrrnt't.entl y in'.'r-ted. Thltw- are v-y r-dj-Unt | torn b,r. If at 'lie piewnt rit?"f ex; ?n?e. wa find it | rtt.e- ?rj, ro w '**!! 1 r ' rxlen-ive r t ? .,<? inrrrl b- j pj' vtd*<1 b r dta rmpor'itt'? ' , *rvwc ?n' fund I port wh'rh to lean to '1 ore eCeo ro" t bo ap'cir nt to I all, whan it lec aaWwrwl that thi* lin i M pl'S.-d V< .> degree, ? ? w ? e pre*"e-l In a lotnvr pin of thi" re- 1 j .it not on! I ? IV < ?> - ifi'. me nt?n? d?. | |*i.?!it g upon't Wl I* Ufa continue b.ti when thai Vie ' citir' l for a injcf'-il'l* Irtcriocjat <f 'lo ir re etlw. ) Had It u d hern to H. wnla grd ?ti" Ml"y ? f Mr I I. A'lor and ?'oi? otl.e- Di- to r, '.???itt'r' 1 Ih .1 | the rodety could ft* ?aloly h? * mivw*!*'! ci! i hire te u i a vi ry lr m.Herabl'- rout. Ttie lhiard <? n ?r.'rrrj I ;>laipe thi- rerma ?a vrt't oho 1 rpt|*? try cot |hi p"'lt. tlfflllt ?i'h it" prop thru ' " dti*"' ' O.I ? t,- lr ( "OA* j te'. '? e w *re rteja rdaot on t *r. ?.! r* r,tp'a 1 pvrt, fi r i tWwlblrd" io tl.rii h ?iteiarc fr- ctr to y '. T wi'h th' *Jr?1, not to withdraw or elioiot-h ihetr abl ?? r k *? C el o** | ? .w.*?*.! them, to lti-ira?# It ,nd in vi' of *nlarg"d ? >p- In pio*pee*( t r en-Worker*, hy ga'beringne? f.iemi ro a cai ? o a rti y. fir m the i.eacittri " rep- r' we !e.,rtt tl I ih gr?". rt cetpt if Uw a WW" ?'l "f wlrioh (U ??l en I ' on he ? If "f Hi* ? - ? t ? 1 iVhcir the a. rep*ut w*< ? It ( bt . T.o - r '? " tb t . ? lr . <o I he a If . ? e, , , ;?? ,g tip's 'hi > -.'He I' ' h ' i ??&??'?/ ????'?I't r t. II ? t'lt"'t vl'li m r't?T**t trr ' atlnitlr,r. Itr?* 'IT la-log ended a C',d?ct ?l W*" ? vl- Ol ? t'Vlptp.B* ktid d na'> r.* and ? HstV ov t Af) ?? PliMd. Another ptvpev wa? tbe?, offf|c | up in th* Ttecbl of f.i .icc, when Hie . ? tnp'iny di?p< r?e.| Puller lot?.llg? k*. AbbKHrtr ATT,m-T TO Al , k' , Tiih Rl'IN 01 A YOCNO OIRL. The fceta rA a moot unnaaly at .eoipt on the f*rt o two irdlrbt-r"!*, to eftc t the rn'w and d -praeaef a p,cg ( e*rn*n girl f t.^ t t.ght ye*t? .y Seme thr- -r r , .r weak* ago Ida rtrhw.lg'f a pretty g'rl at i-r gh teroyettaol ag?, amvad In 'hi* city fr<"?? '?*t?..ay la ,,4 J t-t untie, trh'ee name *he wvr gtv"t? t? tin ttnrd vrae .<"e?b* After b*l'g ie- "I eh* oufo'en e.y (* i i i the baede two atnn, ri r..ed ieton an i ?> ?a, ehojconl Utodirnrt bar to her datfir all O b?' n ,o , . ' tiT ? ? "be 'h, 'f t'iat tl ry t. gh' I* Li t| , v .t ai flvtel and ft1 in th'ie to a pi* a / III re , i r-n? h efee?t. lu th* l#t'?- plvw Ha etye i it ?ft?ni"'' ?c ? mede to *ed -?? b? ? but vitke*! . fhewi# brought brCurman ahealin-e 'obmpiaee of ti *?< i r.r r, If rt )? 7<>e?an* 'tr#*n thrt" ?t? *tuyre?d for th* Want of a better place. Ittalwrt.dw aaye, aneAher . rt ?i ? 1, ?<le to d? ,-'ti<e t er ? f her honor bat a* la lie ft, roc, ,aee, et.e In ?gr.tertly rejeUe.t tl*e pt< p< ,*t Ih r > It nation 1/ ?"??? rrmao* oc other U am* known v, Mr .Jacob* ef 4?T frwAvray *V *J'V,.gb * reUltv* ol th* HD[ ' *c"-d 'eirj*te detwerr in*d to r,o effort tn 'h* raeeninf of > ? fr o. H*r jU-- U ?V. ? lr, Cr.Mi* street awl *"? rdlo/ly Im eon.ultad w th off!"?* Martin, "f th* lower ? b'* Cmirt. wh.? r** ,!mf I* t* ? p. og **t?:y deiiv ?d f "? bnalnp ye**? 'ay aftw a Tl* p "r i Hi w*. Te> |oye: at th* ?aeo'. -A foe haptf DAM and o.Te id Up grateful in at *r* I the prc**rrati?w ,g ii o.e *h aaroi to her tlttcly *"t. ???'? ?*'?!'<? "h* n ? "cur food ? ' ' i n*'. ]ifw *'n ' ftf*fi "*?i V? rff '''f . ?t.d? are 'n **dl"e ? t "I t?t . ? , ?h<> ha* t*?a la iht l*a at 'e'" *"?>? yet ? r*?i? ay wwmuAffct rn t h?t ?t > raloov. rt. ?>? a'e.a' 10 rr'tkcl Uw itwa'ka d officer* '.ey.nd H"0, ?f ih* KMi ward rdi-e, wa* . jet) tl , Wvi rw. ? ? a?* fern "U Itel'* t ol.a a 'r t V r ?c a ? ' *"*r' ?"*' 'l' y ,B If' 'V* etcwet mar thwrch <?* en'ceg th* pl*w lew*, 'fo y aa* three 'rf i n 't, er g'd I* a d*adly *?m*"ia *r f|?b? t??tlpe? _ .1 un iii"1* *?'? *1 aff ?b"wt th* harrmm like fc* I ,, . 'be "? tj.e LaOtgWtMl #*? I w og f'ic f II* y ilnart* mn*e?ttat*ty pwnace I ate a ' ,, *ft*r iff !.?? * t'?r * ,rr thre* ad 'hem They w*w* ?***? b*f ?* A >* rr ,n H #?' ft* pre. -ting wi^tetrat* *? 'he le,**v tc- <>.?;'t wh*c* they gt '? their m*I*i ?" H.I ward Vrftoky Stewart Wllaow. ami And**w 'tpaev iTh U"*'?t*e. that he wa* amia .lt*>! by th* two Prmte. Ml, *rd <aly acted h* f t deh-wre AO the ywf , ,, ,*t> e ach eieited ky loittor ?# th* reagtetrate ?e? , | t)e> w, rt yt p*v w?y iwd.epme f th* eee* would .. r. i?m*, hi* ?e V* p''*va va a chair* i-andar'y 1 ?emigrant TO Till. tblTOK or Tim HKBALD. Nnr Yuan, No*.33, MM In your column*. during Augu"d latlt, variolic at tide* on the #*tnl>U*htnant of tbp Milflttl da* pot at C*ktl# Harden, ?u<l tli?i#t..r* your itiM tion to tli* following rrautrka ? Wr anticipated gir.r U m-lili to wtioprantv, ?# w#U M* th* Oftfit ol tli* pa >nig*r bl|>?. hot tin* that la rou>* r.'?|,?ct?, both anig r-mti itn-l C. u If .op i ara actually In a ?. or pomtion I ban bah pp. I>d arrival of aa*eral #hi|>*, bavlnf,' p*-??ufar* ahippad l>? our lo o.# In lJtrrriHM.l ui d i .it?cr??d lo u?. We *? #ll".lf. ? adml-on to ' . M, .no, lit orkt tada'lvwr tv th# pa aeiigwr - tmrloiia totter*, mv."ige#. Btiiu# a# money, A' wlil. h tin It Mend. In tin inn-rioc bad to "ur i IVe *? wpII *? in forward Oioa* wbcabad paid their paxnagr Into the Intorlor. Wo wtrv at llmf raluwad idti Mtun, # lint iflarwar.l. wop- n'lnwrd ?. nltr and tiatirarl our liu?lu*w*. wl.lrli ari ?oi rineut roatlnutd ui.lit la?l ?ot a, ?h> o. on ari ol a ah .fa tli# pa-toenger# I.y hIikIi #pip i ii'lfuoil lo lit. wa w*io ; woltiTflr r#fjk*4 ailtalttan ? not* ill -laudln* wa pi*k?ii ?d a leltar f' "? tho o*Mi of lb# ?bip, alatlng tliat lb* pkwaaii|r*i * ?*rw addp-M I to itx; anil tli* ?na ?#.(uaiic? ??i tint w# *ar? IK t al.lo to Jeljter taatrul lottera an t aun a of m daey fur which wo ol.utl doubt I##- I*. reproarh#'. t.jr tho*? wbu Hill thowi. W# railed Upon III* liomtnl# '??ri ttaa tol lowing dwy, iti order lo olitatn an **ptanatt*n. aul <m? Inloruioil that Wi?jr hud tlaotilvd not to allow any o?i? t ? bw I iiku in wh'lo tli# i>a?k*ii((ora w*ro tbar#. aud if lb#? ad h.ltlrd II* they inuat ?i?o srlinit rniin#r? aad t#rn'.bug hoo*< ke?j.era. They Mined to take .liaige of aay Uttaea, no nay, Ai ., wo n.'gkt have lo JaJrer, but aoiiD! not par inlt u'x to bf prreent Ub U afloi tlio bulk u?' tbeininaa ort a l>a<t gone. How, 11,1' arrwiigemaut you all ?no with u* wa wwglit nM to bo w.ttoftod. Wb (M M* only iiwponaihla ft>r Uio prnpar tranaarlton of all Imalwoa* onlrualoil to ?*, Imt ar* alkoanaloua to tot waul all pa? .enger. booked lot* tka interior IrnmadlA trfy arrival, lot h ad of |>Ui I at: Ibein under tbo ii#ce#?lty of Itatun IIipii lufpaii# oopintectad in ' **tle l?ard*n# (awl a ?afo Ilia ??. It tha report In the /*ofio- f<o-.Hr ut Hi# ad tnrt I . to l.i. Mlrvwd,) ami finding tbalr way to our iM lloo. wl.lrli la noaily a milt ill?tant. Thar# i? alow anutlior wiortity ira-on why ?o wfoh p* ao|ioilnt#uii tb# laabluK "7 our p.??.00*01 a. VAt tiara b?in 1 ? ini?!lo?l to par to tha ? ?io.ior? ?1 I ?<* a II. ti at.nio hoaay lillla for malnfaloln* and forwardim boinlablr |.a,oog?i?, (oauwllj wouion a if! nllil'lroa, aboao tiitinl* bav* .'lit l ?? 11 U. bnug tba? lo N?w Y< it but aoi wiioogh to takr th< to tl.a.i <l#?i!aall'n|? llnoo bill# #0 1 oukl K.ato lally lo m If *' bad an op I* ilunltr 1 f aaainlnlior tl?? 1 a ? ri*.'!* on landing, aa wa could ilion forward imm? 'i*tolj llnoc wb" a*m .tawtf til', a gri"*t ailfaiiiagi' bo'11 to 1 tio pa aongar* ami our elvi- . t niloi tbo pi< ut ?y?Uiu wo cannot aaawrtaia wl.o arc ibktitut# until Uc y bar# boon aoma d?yb ta , baigo of Ui ? tJonnaUa'oi.or#, ami w# liaio l?ira lb* trout lo ot llmtiiig Hu m, alLltai at Waid l.laod or 111 a l.oai.llng hour*. W# w. old nioroly -tit.. In cualuRlna, that ..111 ,,bi?. t in bo king pa# '-nifoi In 1 lT*t|w"l. far th" interim "! the tot#-, la no' ?n m.i<Ti for l>robl a# la protort mirar-W# from l<>?" ".o .1. atltut# |r*r?< ojaor*. *ar ririlr aoeuiity ronalat'lig In l??ulng tin mgh t'rk#U lw tli ... who *> ha?a u i.. n to frur may boooia* rliarg* able on arrival lioro. Hot I' lf lll?l tl*W-w ? ? remark < may be l#"m??V worth* of Irir. iM'.u in your Inllm u ta! p*p#e ami o#oa* rot altara (Ion 111 tie- pieoeut aibttmiy lokoafeniont at taatle rlen, w# are, oil, joui obedient keriajit", ' 1 .atin. k txmrw. Ttie Kerfbrm Know Kiitlilug C?t*anO*n. TO Till I'.ltlTOH HP till llffUHb N't* Your, Nov. 21', l.'iAd. Tli# locution ot the name of A It. Wy. t>1., tiak*a ett?. in your yonleiday'a notloa of tba Aowrleaa eaw tenfion at f'trrInnatl, b ail* mo to a*u.t yr 11 lb# fnllawtac Item of lutein*. O.e ie|-mnliri* bin. and otbwr good aM ami true ? till Iwat a nieefln* of lb# '.uprerno b-gUlatlva haailrf the (0.'?r of I nltaJ Aiii?rle?n? h>r tb* I nltad State. ??. heldln tliU city, at whiab Mr wa. ebaaaw t, uml PteiWlnf oflker or Arrh <lr#u?t Saolu-ni tor la* etikonig "? *? Mr. Horrlay an?l our ffoeriaaaeitl, Tt) Till. fflTtiH HP Tit* Utaal.D. A ir? -| a per eat hot ttv* t'.rninf Hnr, pnl,U.h*d talk* elty of WBililrgtoo. In It. edition of ywtofday petleratwa th# rbarge that I have bar engaged lb lecruiUac ?r *? talning tn*n tor tt.? lliitUh aiiay ab>t eonnwota with H the acorlb 11 tlia* I had wrllt'i 1 a d.-.o#'rb to bar M? j. -ty'. goreu.nient In ie*?i l lo tbo bark Maury." Wha tbei tb# article w?' wrlttan by Hi* editor of that paiwr or I.) one who pander- to tt I t?g to laf trtn th# publla, ibrenifli yur widely < reutatcl Journal. Ihit InKb bl# *1 li v ?l.. t>? ale limply ami il,?olot#ir untroe Your# rb I #11 tally, AcVIMSV HAItClcAY. Tlu Ttarf. CXKTRKVII.I U ' OUKMf. k. I TPIfTrixa. 1 n Toe?:?y altarm 00 lart. a trottin* rnafeb lor ?kM, mile beale, lieat Hue hi fire earn# of l?tw*?n .'a>naa 1', uwar'k korrel rw?i# lady lleb-o .ml I'el. Wallara' jrowa ma. - Inly H*#t ITie f.imv went to a VM lb ?*|.?, 'he latter to a ukabu. w?*?m l-ady II#Ian won a thr*a ' algbt beat., Tkr Srvaa aunt .<? lb* farwda pra ?. ii to tli# art, at a!* it one loin ? I to ? i;l?ty but alter 1: ?f! haat, Ob* b..ielie-| to thirty aa* auiraat ow ih< a".1 tr* word wax given un? ot tba II C, of 1 a'y lb I ft I. e ar.l annoy I b?f rwy ..?h- n -eg tl ? ? -..I i.e b w-ver, trmt il about aa well n that h'-' t a H> either f the kwb.a>|ii?nt noaa. |r j Halen wa* U# ra?* or h? r Tli* f-.ii.# ii* 1* a tuna *. or. ?<1 ?If 4>, III. e #?at?, liert threw |V 1 f r aamed #. ra. lady H*f< a. to lb. ? .til I A Ok ot 1.1 10 lait?1**? T '4 1 lin e : tt?. to. rwtn?< f(it'H?r t- 1 tb<?TTi>??. ti ?lit in tl ? MaUh gl.bbO two ndla h#at?, \k. v belli! aanrcw! k g jwka 'atf?.ci I II It .! . ii 1 mI * la- k I '< p..., b*k tio., k 17 ? ???. . fen . >ie I. 'e.t tin .0 flaa, I I I, I. tr #.' I II I k v arrb.r I I 1 I It' Ml. 'i f *. I.eofje Waeblnguw.. . . 3 3 1 Tina. s ii-a API j*?3 Aa. h xr I'it ? MaUh, K'W, #lnrl# 'tail, of a D. Mcfetw 1 an ? 4 *. *. t-b*abl#Wak re* 4 lartatt. P 1 . ? 1. ."If ut I wljf I *0 ' .,.. pakt l?t?t 1 utirt nf Utnaial ?r*atoto, Ihf re K't r l*r oi.tb. Yr. ? ? wa- tlx day ',*?d upon for the trial ?f TVar. taior., I?puty -h>- ff in tf.U *nurl. but .pan tb# -p*a Irif ? f 11 '.,1..? ? c. ' > 1 wa. u adc lo y.-'p-.n* lb? ewW^ l. au lit tha abr.rr# of ti e ?.run*#I for the w ?a\ tl' K W. ?' ught' ' "ho ?a* ah mat In Hr-oklyo It wa. al?. ?? te.t ton J T! b* an n-f "aat witwaaa I th' r. c ? I ? r#a" /'d ? I-ewhere Tli- l'?e oder woaM ret ron ert to | -'j-n-* tbr '*?w w (boat t-eaaeal ?f tba pra>*ra'.ion Mr WbY I* oild tl.a' th# -a# r Me n'a a (tba <" n Hank ? ? in ?' 4"Wn i<r to day. but H# ua # d'hut it w .id b# aa appioa' ? t" put it ad. Pr Itridy M''< Hit) r<-ir-fwi 'hen mcrud for aa at ? ... . ?'ate-# it | 1 * I U '? 'j f r 1tr-#l tb# lo meet tb* *4 t.cho ?nt w-ai oit'f 111# Court graatwf tb* *t'aelnr,Wf.t Mr M I 1 lln'oft lh#o rnurtel to tb# ' ?tirt tHat Hr. fbrVa bad jaat i?i??*fad bim u> ?it#*4 to fet* laiaal Mr -? ?*? ai- - at ?ad ?ikr-l bo a c#lb?i#wt ttaab ? to#-*# ?anewbat acjttatakad Wttk I' ' a'#?c Uta 1 oil wo . w 1 a -?>"t tin# fr.i ) l?a to do 10, b# ooulg n d " r#c..ct I ? 'b aay #a't*ia' wn t/biawelf, er f*m h'.a dn'y'0 hi* rllwa' Jo. I i.Ciil .g. 0 ?u'#d that a d*'*y r'-nld ba graataA ntU.'.-it tb# "r "**1 '4 th- picow. *1i .* A* Am ir.iaatw* rwaia*?atiaa, Mr WalUaw f*k* it pwi'i t ? tt pi ? remarked that ' It a**M ba #t.| la'id tha' ecu* "ua ' oniwl a In V?f wouK b* f*ady V. try 'b# w t? w .kt #? na#at tb*t Ik# tftal ba y ctj# o?d uattl "Wt"fd#y aiovalaig Mi flint, n ??'d H at h# ' lea* *? w?4 eonwat ta tba*. Tb# wttn##"* lath# '*-?m tbmatol* Ua*bar?a? uattl tf.en Tba *(??#??# la tb* <?##?>. ft# . (*#a **ra aim 4ir?rt a4 Ui att#?. ua 'ba ?**?? aaoroipg H*twkra and Jrrw?y f My Mawa. Wa* '?*? >> ur ? ?A wiwttB* *f tha wb<c* M Itoba kwo ?>. b##f *t ' '-i I-I wi flail urn Saturday a??* ag ... ,? wl.. 1. lb# ' Jwamwralt# Whig Aaw#latiwa a ww*'.rgaalrw* Tb#r? w*va ibat hfl; pt ?wet who aaitad wltb tb* tlufc A r.^.tltwikia m wdcr'a*. ??< 'db'*'* wara rba^w. vt? ?? i*##*aat?J?k? H \ aa i ?*k#ftli VW If ? .? th* kl.-rt ward Major 1'n-ff? ?? tb* fwaf and, ? ad ItrtiagM V***'. M tb* Tbtr 1 ?a*<. PHar Y J. ha I kwrwty tad Tt#* I. fr.Vn. ?#~-rwWVW. and 71 car a. I Mr-w# 1< #?w.ra* tb* ?*"d?M?a ****** ..?,##?.? or. 'd?y ** ?alag? ?t igM ?#lk#w. ?W?. ft.,1 rv ./ -4 raw* >* "'?**" h?? Wwa *t apvb la loriagtW i?#t wewi *Hk ??#' UWlw Hk? n ? p# f?? . .r* #oa p?#a?y la that a#egbtowb?ad. 7, . 1,,.,, fl'y NM* fVato*y .a# "gwai*^ .a ItW, , , >um #"#1 #a*a# a# toltow* ?>f*t miiwrew-'- n,lM A, llp?nin, 93,41 > w. T.tai I a* ek. h op., at' t o**ri- ?yUI Torm. IV- " IY* iwdga MikthaiJ n 1 - /i-?to aw, ifapMr*for af Ma* , T, /? fj, - TV c ?%? aa Ktoa tar tka mm . - w .4 if,. wt;i It W'. ?t?rtf tiy it th# baanag M w' ad ta ae'f >'T t" yew '?"* of tba hH* M*M ba Oa ..w.iiaMki, 4" tba puryaa <4 paaxago* thk ga#w tp ik .# ?'?* tbat ail tba pray#* tedt*. www h*4?.* it, call ? ? ? Tk# Jadga <U4 aat I blab that tba t?w 'ca tk? magi,Mad* *4 tb* mm, war# *aiaa?aa?W?. ,.:#r#4 Mat lh*y ahaaVI b* yaM tW* Win, la** m ..1, * m*aat to ft** tba 'iwvtw ? diaaeatma ??? ?' I'e'Wyai'.wa *4 tb# faad *n tag ?Bit"**. *?# tb?< ?ba ?lia?k>i takuwf tbw 'bvM t# at t # 4*4 tb* ka* ww* la a',#ak 9 d#*;*a ? r.'.mi aat#.-4i*g ;