Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1855 Page 5
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1*. Curbing Indulge) In a bli'er dap against LardCla rendem, whore insiruciii na to the British Minister and era*uia in tbe lulled state* Mr. Cushing declared to be, ef thrmeelvs, Tii'let1i e ol tbe sovereign right* of this eeuntry. He declared eve-y consul of Ureat Bri'alu in the I aited r-ta'c* a* subject to the Juat suspicion of f*W' ,td Erected 'hi*, nelthe tbe British fijn ?n?l at t biladelphii r?,r any other officer cf the British government should be suffered to in erfere on the triala, uxeopt a* wHiiosmh, ,,nii .n ,.;h subject tn cross exaim nation. IT-ose letters of Mr. Cushl"g nave elicited a ter rible growling from John Hu'l. Cla-endon Is incense I, and satisfaction ?lull nod a njiie reparation?is demanded. P Now everybody wi;l-en 'ha', the officious interference of Mr. Attorney (lerieral fuelling in these trials was to aay the leaHt of it, impertinent toward Mr. Van Dyke and imnin'nf toward tbe bench. If the District Attor! nay had Unligmiiitly leturucd these instructions or U Judge Kane hud branded tbom with his ;Ul con demn* ion, every h< dy would bsve Haul that they ..rved him right. It is a breac/, of privilege in Parlifciient for a minister or member t > allude to the wishes of the soto reigo a* being in favor or, or opposed to the measure ua dm oehate and it i, a fmtu.ri, a breach ,?' prtvifag* and a gross osi rstepping of autheiity for a minister of the government to attempt to diets te in a c.?,rt <f justice ir.' .^'!!i'UUlte *v?r th? administration in the matter at is ue. Now that Judge Kane has got rid of the I amnion! Williamson annoyance, he sh ul l overhaul a" l" l)-vke' *ni1 "Men the dignity sttsssv&'mz* 'e4i"'*" But though 'he Judge would be jus'tliod i? complaining s'li*" V * .r" (LU"h,nK'" d'tH ,l ,t fo low that Hie same light exists In the British go iffin neut. They have Mie privilege of growling ovor the matter a* much as thsy Joore; but that privilege docs not extend to the exaction jo.a ^*o"n 5 the offended dignity of their officials. V* ,H a <ct 'hat the British government has as snimtl theactoofit* offlciala; that reparation has beende r*Jfw ' 1 that demand is now b? tore tlieCabiuet here J**f ,hal it was to buck up that demand that the West Mta squadron has been reinforced. What an absurd and rtdieulou* casus MU ? u amount* alrnply to this .-John l?fl ,,lu? Pr",n"ted the depopulation of Ireland, and ?awing Utile faith in the martial valor of his own sons undertakes stealth lly and ingeniously to violate thelaw-i w our country for the purpose of raising a few tbouaand anoaries. He hills. Is detected in the act, tils tools aro ?rought to justice, the complicity of hi* high official* in toe fraud ia moved boyono a doubt. Attorney General Cashing bandies them without gloves', and for that tliero ""l1 n?*d?. >*> ??*? What a farce I Let Downing street leep cool, there will be no satisfuctinugiven. No fo-eigii ?urt has a right to question or cavil at the Ungusge ised by one department of our admtulstraUon to ano , beneral Jackson once used very strong language In lis message to < mi cress in regard to the French rTT, i n ?ions, and Isiuie liilifvpe took offence and dem?n led sat section, but of course he d d not got it. And s? it will ^J!i.e n,'y. .",'r(lH al""'rK,"n "ud Clarendon. Therefore I repeat, let them keep c??ol. On another side it is complained that tho Allies are tuewed.not only to enlist men but to buy up horses in His country for the use of their armies. That mlg'it be uase of aicing and abettmgnno ol the belligerent par Jes, but it would hardly amount to a breach of tho toutrality laws. However. I believe that the only foun Ution lor fho cmplalnt is the la it of the French steamer se i.rondcur having arrived at your port some months tare to take aboard horses for tlie uso of the aens Farmei of Martinique. Who wrote President Merco's inaugural address, that iloquent and patriotic production, winch gave promise of veat things, but proved to he gss ef yrHerea nihil/ I lave fi.uni out at last, beyond the possibility of mistake. * was written by Judge (Jilchrist, of Now Hampsnlre rho has since received his guerdon in the appointment o a judgeship of tho (Viuit of Claims. 1 he Judge like a hrewd and cautions Yankee, sept tlie draught of the ?per until he was installed in the post he now occupies. J?!?7vrn" V'?ws how Edward Everett and Sam Houston ailed themselves politically by their speeches against he Kansas-Nebraska bUl, in the Senate; but it Ik n it ?erhaps, so generally known that they were instigated to be timrse they pursued by that cuuuing political trick H. Seward. They are now both of thorn laid .l /?, ' urfl consequently rcinoveil from the ?vh of bun who lured them to their destruction. Wjtf'm.wv, Nor 21,1855. r<t)* or yb War it .Voio tho Question?Tho Policy, P.'^'ion and ri'euis of the Administration?Secretary Dobbin and I Bk Report? Cniled -Stakt frigate Independence?Mutiny and Dendum, de. Serious apprehensions, with the public, of a war with nghtnd, would derange American commerce nearly as inch as ponitive war itself. This fact is felt and ap. ret is ted hy our present rulers, and hence tlie attempt o quiet tho public mind by reported despatches of a pa ilic cbarac'er from tbe British government. Yet the let* warrant me in saying that the President and every ismber of his Cabinet entertain the most serious appre ensions on the subject?and war or no war is now an Steresting inquiry. Shall British insolence be longer urne with, comes home to each of them. Tlie corrin ondence leading to tho l*, t war with England will show iueh less cansc existing then thin now for a rupturo ?tween the two governments. iR?t''ei' P""ey of England towards the halted states to assume a haotfir of manner, and to al lot to look down upon us, whU. she charges us with an which she herself has, or contemplates, erpetraticg. This Is hci policy now. So soon as wa elect her agents in violating our 11we?in treating our eutral position witli utter enntempt, and dare loarrtign sem for the crime? b.rsooth tlia government immodl Uly take* cflencc aDd raves about lilit.ustering, prl ateenng Ac., and disoatchei an anned fleet to our no-es. i'russia arre ted nn English Consul for at'empt ; to enlist troops?tried, convie'ed and imprisoned him but when the governm. n l of tho IJnltod States venturej Tindiratlon of her uutrnged laws, my Lord Palraorstoti, ktough the /imet. swaggers most lustily, and we become most lawless and reckless r.alioa of freebooters. ?? it not tim* that KD^LaDt] Mh ?uld know and tcuUze tho ?n that we are no longer colonies, but a nation in evory ipeet her equal, and to bo treated as such? And yet niuot b? prudent. Tlio ailiriiniHtration, f??eli?^cr tltit leare in tho right, will aim to hold thit position l?e|.,.-c hewoild, -o that should hostilities follow, th" conse moDces must he upon Britain's head not ours. Thewj *e aliou' the views of our government, as I learn tlinoi torn Inadqcarters, and ihey will he ascertained t<i ho arrec.?views, too, in which the p? >plu must coire i le. e may not be prepared at the present moment for inn ?n lict but in a few short months, under the e.'lieient II and management of secretary fkihbin, our n?vv and ivatrersmcn would sweep British cmuiieroe from the ry face of the Jeep. I As I telegraphed y.,u last evening, Mr. Dobbin is labo knisly i ngiged every evening In preparing his report Mloflice hours being occui uel with ihe currnn*. routlue I business. The retiort will h. m >?? lengthy than usual wing to the unusual number of int? resting topics to be ubtacs-d?am. ng which will lie found a reommunilatlon r the construction ol a number of small war vessels jlted to waters of our thousand dlff.o-ent p rts. I I regret much to learn ol the deplorable condition of I nited Mates frigate Independence, now lying at we Island, off ran Francisco. Tlie conduct of the c-cw v been mutinous in tl.c extreme and had in every re , < t. heventy desertions bad tsken place and others ere expected. The boatswain hipl been trie i lor an as knit with an intsnt to tin . . ? ? . .roWid"'"'f1" [Correspondence of the B?1 ira ore Sun ] . Wjanvmr, Nov. 21, 18A5. Ejorntire and tht Pending QwHon I inilh On-lt Uri) iin l ? l nity oj the Government on the Flotation of our Neu lM%MW?M> MmI aytkm in Mexin?Th? hi. Idem nit g M-mey, dc. lit were as great a waste of word* to indicate the obvl "is eonrider-itlons which will -cm' to preserve the ncK>. tween the 1 nited tttnte- and tlrett wdulj i to measure the cai acity of the two two powers fir d i g injury to each other in our own exerutlv? govern ?nt we may safely trust tbe settlement of the [lending iswtioii*?as they have shown heretofore tlint a due re ird ftr the dignity of the t-uiutry is oomisteiit with hodi ra'ii n and forbearance. lit is bebeved that both the Se-wetary ?.f State and the hterfley (lenersl arc Ormly ot the effataa that If the vitisli government do not comply with our demands for IparatHin, on account ef out insulted lovereignty, by Jie violati'.n of r.ur neutrality laws the It i'.i-h 'niqiitsr lu?t le dismissed. Thcl're-ldsnt willno doubt be _ ? Ir the v.ews of advisers in whose jii ,"_?,, " P?.1 IfA'L"! ZmmSS ttnrtiiS Lv. ,t s?iTs so mocV'" ^ Attorney of I'ennsylvania toa ur wtue ? -* Irritated the British government ,h" Morning Vest, they -L 40 "ealm "ff senaibiUtlesT^ Bit **? 'f*'. uctlons were not the mere act of the la v officer f.e government, but of the entire executive govern "tit and, Uierwfors, as they were adopted for effeot, and rJt! consnhatien. and have had the desired effect to call BbUc attention, here and abroad, to the Irrltvtiag and ?yressire course of lord 1'almeiston towarde this conn y, It Is likely that ti.e government wUI omMnoe to act the ram* spirit and with the same policy which die _ted those instrwetious. [Hie news from Mexico show* that th* revolutionary ders cannot agree as yet upon none questions perUio l to the formation of a federal system. Alvares is act f as itasrdent provUionslly, but a c mvocation of depu i from all the Mate*?two each?will s sm meet at ere*, tbe trad!# cf the late revolution, aud adopt a -tit ution. am! nominate candidates for the Presidency, I t" the confl'-matton of the popular rote. s will be no final action by our govsrnmeat upon I Mexican indemnity question for a month yet. Ferwonnl UMUgewee. Bon. lewis Chmpbell, one of the candiilatee for Speaker f the House, is in town en route fur Washington. Ex-governor Reader, ef Kansas, has arrived in the city, nd is staying at tbe ?'L Nicholas. Th* Terr* Heat* find.) Journal, of th* Oth Inst., aay* : ator Stephen A. Itnuglas is -till lo our city, at th* nee of Dr Ezra Head, under his medical treatment i has been much afflicted with w sorer* cough, but we i happy to bear tiiat be is taet Improving, and will ' ab y be able to leave for bis home in Chicago newt . We have seen s letter Irom Judge Douglas, dated 114th lost., in wliieh be state* that he was still at Ter i Haute, siovly hut surely recovering from his recent In spneition. He expect* to reach Washington before the Ding of Congress. ARRIVAL*. I From. Rlchnv ml, Ac., in the stesmshlr Jsmerinwo-r' Borle, IT Psinrk. Meffi. W llaine. Wornss rises -? WMUnirs, Tlasi r !>' uslae*. Win Htmr*. ? sp'aln K W lluskmann (ieo A Mows, > Howe, J f Mocking, James C Talbot, lady auj two ? n.Mren 1 W True heart, Mrs Mvror. >? Williams til*, tone a W bui.i. id Rhcppartl, I K S, Mrs Bradley. O L Whi'ekurei. L j a, K fc.lery, Mrs r Ketium ana child, and *1 in the Ptanoo and Mnsli .-llorarr Water*, Agent kr tbe sale of ihc be-t IP-aon and .*** Vn.-k pl?,not. ? r ? t., r.g si Broadway an ? newsKs k < au- er e pi res n- '''? aids ? r :.a of riiae ?? ?[ me iui d ??, I great.? redn-ed prices.^Ito^kowee^iipp^liliitlf^Jlo ****** Prcptr* for tlM Hern Jingling* of the sleigh bell#?Propar* (or ih? halt, Dm operu, the theatre, nod the icotuj e room. Prepare for fun, (relic, aud trisomy. Pre pare for the reign of th? jolly lee king. Prepare to assist the needy, ami prepare tar comfort, you alios mure cspeutakiy, by calling on KNOX,on Ike corner of ifroa<lway snd Kulum ?bset. and Mitreling rrom his slock a act of elegant lure, rhia la a prepareUon thai should nut be deterred, and K MOX'H ?tcck la unapproachable la variety, value, aud attraction. Hrinoval?I), Bt-ttmlln, French Hotter, lots 799 Broadway, haa rsinovvd hla bualnraa to Old Broadway, three doom above Bleccker s'rect, in Mr J. IS. rhierry*a bat ?tare. DagiurnelypM of Ladle* and HtnU, W rents, and 12 SO per do/en; email children not lm than $1; g'asa ptc-tnrea. too "lampratvpe," $1; photograph* %i and lid; stereoscopes; $1 audi?. HOLMES' depot of art, 2b'J Broadway. DngunrriilyiMa lit (Jotm for 43 Cent*? Pictuu-s at lmlf price, by our new machinery. Imported i xprrssiy tor thla factory. CjU IN BY A t.'U., picture maker*, 386 biuadwsy. The Magnlfleent Daguerreotype* Token at R. A. LKWtS'H, U2 Chatham street, are beautbully colored una have the appearance of the liuest mlnlaturca on Ivory, Pup 11a Instructed tn the art. Meade Brother*, Photography?One of our art lain waa ar'lal to the Kuiperor of Russia. ilia certificate* may be teen In our galleries UUuta pteturea, known aa am brotypea, taken. N. ii.?Kreuch, Uarman, Spanish and Italian apoken. 233 Broadway. Pianoforte* and Mi lodeonf, Man ufholured by JOHN P. WAKE A 0O? No. 167 Canal atreet. near Varlek; fluty warranted fur tooo and worktnanahlp, ?i|ti?l to any tn Hie city, and 21) per cent lea* than Broadway prices. N. H.?Second band planoa at great bargains. Comb Faetoiy.?A Rich Assortment of Tt?r> tolae shell drena couiba, of tho uewi-at Kreuch patterna , can be ?ecu at A. A J. 8AUNDKK8', 387 Broadway. Portable Dressing Cases of an entirely new and compact form, turniahed with artlclea, the size ol' which do not detract from their usefulness, at A. A J. bAUNDMiV, No. 7 Aator llouae and 307 Broadway. Fancy Cutlery, Embracing a largo Variety of sportsmen's pen and pocket knlvea, ot the moat rare and beautiful patterna; also, an asrortmenl af toilet cutlery, at A. A J. BAL'Nl'KKH', No. 7 Aator llouae and 387 Broadway. Oenln's Wholesale and Retail Fur Empo rium.?The opening of the fur aenaon at llenln a lower atore haa been signalized by the Introduction of a splendid variety of ladlea' fancy lura, comprising mutf*. victorlnc*. cloak*, tippets, culls, Ac., of royal ermine, Russian and American untile, marten, mink, chinchilla, and other uiatcrlala. They arc ma le tip a her the inteat French models, and have been pur .haeed under cir cumstances Dial will admit of their aula at vcrv moderate price*. OKNiN, 211 Broadway, o.jjoare St. Paul's church. French Wool Plaid* at Ito.-Jmt Received, five races of rich plaid merlnoa, at Die loiv price of 62)? eeuta worth 7a.; also, two cose* plaid poplins, at 2h., worth 4*. K. 11. LKADREATkR A (JO., 347 Broadway. Silks, Silks.?Rich Dress Silks, from Aw: tpm. at reduced prices, will be oUbred this day; also, 300 plaid wool long tJiawls at fs'i, wnrih IK. E. II. LBADBBATEIl A 00., 317 Broadway. Ladles, Don't Pay Broadway or Canal street prices lor your cloaaa, bonnet", ribbons, (lowers, feathora. brimming*, Ac., but go to the Beehive .127 (Iran 1 street, where yiii will Ond a great assortment, equally as good and Jiut aa aahlonahle, and at much cheaper prices. Hall and see 5. D. UAWKINd, Proprietor. French Merino* of all the fn-hlonable color* arid superior quality, can be found at Columbian llall, 281 brand street. Only one dollar per yard. S. A M. E. Towle A Co., are Selling Rich dreia silks at prices less than coat of Importation. Rich silks H orn 4s. tn Ga . worth I'*, to 6a. Ladles, go to (Jolumblau Hall, 281 Urand afreet. Winter Garment*.?/The Best Assortment? best made, sod greatest variety, at tlie lowest prices, at DIUIM HOLD A KROCll'rt, No 121) Fulton street, lour doors below Nassau st. Winter Gloves, Fur Gauntlets, Driving glovea, at all {prices. Also, undershirts and drawer*. 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Pesty Trsxiu' Ezpurlauer usid Prsctlrr on I of the human hair, by A. riKANI JEAN, for the la.' year* had hw oUoe at No. I AStor House lie respect. dkaaae* of the human hair, by A. tiRARI JEAN, for Dm las' wenty year* had ble oElnr at No. I A wor Hoase. He respect rally aubrm* his patron* iba' he kas rutnovwl to N*. 14 fhoreb street, corner of Barclay, where he may be eensuliad dally from 8 o'clock A. M. to A o'clock P. M. Gumvumd'a llstlluu Mrdlratrd No*pi* the Moot ginriosis compound Die **H ever eurtog (reekles.snn burn, loo. ettaos, cbafbs. efucka. Ac. Evthmg ever Invoated by'ha genius ? man we repeal, la equai fl it* ecm.irka''k ?Mis on the hum*': <kln. Tboumud- who have used this soap for many yenr* (ruiefully ntiett Its truth. For pimple*, blotches, mhrhruai. sod all skin deformities ? ts equal! r efD-s clou*. In ? word, I) nsitu the wonderfal pu,.ul*city tt has *t tatned. and si the past aflbris at lmit*u?a and tmtiaiovscwi not dlalodg* it. Thar* U no stntttng st or doridmg Du* nouirlou* (set Gcucauc's Poudre Nu'-ule uprteM* bote trom !? ? tor* head*, or ?ny pari of tb* hod*, warranted. Li,**) rotig*. Illy white. h*lr rye and reworsdve. st the <4d depo' 67 Wstter sirtai. first stars from flnmlw*y; Mrs llayt, Hr? klye. Kixsb 'on. Ilrseman A Co . t'hllsan. urswn, Hr-udwsy so<f Ira.-gMs It r.srsily Rhcumill?,4cr.?1Tlattulaf** BnIpli rrr Has |,?. 61 Walker Strer! sod II* Fourth si reel estab a. J to |"?i r-w the cure ot 'hv um?'l*IB, sefd", mr'sss n! 'h* skin f. *re AnoflWf giiitt trt uniphl Another silver medal awarded to Medhuret A Co.. 27 MtMeo 1am, At the great Fair of the American Institute for the heel wipe and U>ijj>ee?, being the fourth medal In eucjee .km uweriTed >o ibmu. they are. without E |?J ,*? ?'*' *"* ?1'Kk""*, "1. and natural appearance, made of (he beet material*; warranted nut lu shrink or change unor- the cheapest In the world. ^ ' " I Hrrnla^My Prise Vttlal awanM to M AKhrJ A CO., by the Industrial KxhiblUou of all Nation*, for P*w I1**?*1 radical cure true*. References a* to !?* au Valentine Molt, Wtllard John M. (amoeban. Au extensive list of nam a* of mercantile ^Oo^,!NlieJw'Mrid2)fr?<1 bjr H"* "??y be MTU at March, I n L . fi M.ilden laoe, New York, and March Cor Ilea *A?M.tii street, ClnotnuaU, Ohio. Open from The Great Inhaling Remedy ft>r Aithnia, SSffiKSTCiJlF, a" St***"1 of throat and longs-Pr. the oalt Thousands have been matured to health wavand .out h/l"'n Principal otllre, 1H3 Broad * ?' anJ 7^ ? "? l-W Hroidway. I'rtc? onlv ft! a fnekugn. Dr. <;urtm will lie at the olllco dally irom 10 to 3 o clock, where he may be consulted free of charge. SA?!rrtT n?f?^ EyS *^d~K*r~Wrmncl* n. "oUo,l'rnF'? Ointment ?The First Munrcone Si i'ii , country are generously anrj no(<|y recommending railv cfi ari Mii '? 'J""" and (be public gene rally , Hit an elll actinia cure lor wound*, core* and ulcsr*. liMERTISEJIENTS RENEWED EVERY DAY. FEVKM AVI) AG UK. KBW PRINCIPLE! NO POISON ! KUUDhh' FEVER ANl) AOtll CUM' I or, antidote to malaria, for the prevention and cure of ?r rn" .fV"r: ,1,,,ub *?"?? and "'her In lettnlitrnt and remlMent lever*; al*o, of billoua lever* accumpHnled by typhoid symptoms: typhoid lever, yellow lever, chip and jail levar, general debility, night awea'a. and all mher loruiH of digtiiiAG which havr a common origin in ?a . malaria or mia?ma Ila Innocence Isn rotted to by Dr. J. R. Uhlllon, and lu cin caoy and value now fully cctablUhed. Kor aale by druggiste generally, and Uie proprietor, JAMES A. RHODES, Providence, R. I. 1VKW PUBLICATIONS. DICKENS' LITTLE FOLKS.?A NErIkToV MADTI" !ul juveniles selected rrom Dlckcna' works, lu hi* own Uu guu^e, wlih llliialraliona by Dalle;, 12mo., cloth Will no published on Saturday, Nov 24, Tiie Cinin Win:, from die "David Coppertteld" of Charlea Dickens ; lfrno , .-loth, 38 cent*. Already published lu the same eerie*: Dkkm"c^pDce'S 'cen?"OI<1 CU"?""y ?f .nI.i ol^!,rpdS,38mnUNlCh01" ?V,'k"!by" 0f 0tatlM D|bk On Saturday, December 1. OuvkfiSDiiu.Jaw Fauik, from the "Oliver Twl*l" of Charlea Dlckenr, If run., rloih, price 38 ..enla. . N early ready: ena'TZiao,^eiothVpr m"'1 Hoa" ?f <:h*rlM nick Dkta2?ri?"nS""Ztob p?.cel38Kmnuml">y ^ S?n" ?*' Ch"lM "? & Itr.DMKLl), 31 Rrckmnn alreel. LI AVE YOU HEAD ITT book of?ito deyr*,pect 11,8 l"?8' pop"Ur' en">rlalnlog and racy Tiunri xnmon wow rkaut CROTCHETH AND (JUA VERS; on, kKVRLATiow.v or t* oreea wawaukr. tci u c. .. n? an atanniii. b'"''0?^ "("king a d voided hit arnoiuf every clacaof read all read"1^ P*p,'r,loUte4U?*?m" kJn(Wk*"lnc "iarply?but Read (be following notice* of the pre**:? ..1wo "J0*1 kurprialng men of ihu mo?t mirprlalnir epoch IIerald'U8" o0* Napoleon and Mai Marc'/ck.?N, Y. Max oonaWera hlmcelf die Hon Quixotic of opere.-Mlrror, l.r.Wh?",l?V;rA?1r1" BIblbl1 hl< -?"'nil" Ot the American ladles, but to do malice 'o the adnilrahle addrca* with whl -h lie C? curtoally of hla Pitrmlan friends on en Important a aubjact, without Incurring the least lla jllltr Ui blame, would ??cvtipy more "pace In our columns than wc have iT Journal of (Vimmflror. M, Marrtyek tclla hla story in jU't the view In which such a tale of petty squabble*, wre'ehed failure* and brilliant aucces* ahould be told?trippingly as to atyle, and without any arpear ante ni rancor or snl'.e, or undue eitd'atl^fl ae do Xt'lVit.? Courier and Enquirer. { We would make e>?? . leave otv -? ? ? . tet# ir we knew where lo begin or to ?A ^ we '""d not elrcady exceeded the spa:? we had Entitled nurxelve* to tin. review. We would simply rerom R!gf. ev"y b?'y ?o reed It, for It U rteh, tmalructlve, and ?4 ? ^ Daipatoh. UT al11,1 5"' L1a,,,IJ"ln*. And it M a very uplcy and readable voJume - Sunday (Jourler. A bonk wluch cannot but he read with s great deal of lute It* favor^ N ?yP' (q*,0*" r0lld wllbol,t '""thng a judgment In bantiles bla baton and his character differently?the one with glover, the oilu r without.?N. Y. Picayune. Ihla tss.k, full nl all those details of private life, those In liirS?,' OMonwrn aeand*1, that Utile t*ule id professional lis v d IOTr" M weU' "hloh 0iKy ru? ?"?? ?? eagerly, and buy and devour with such exquisite reliah, wdl be Im mep.ely populsr -N. Y. Dally News. He inlrodures a t urioiis public behind the scene*and exhibit* many year* of uwiiagertal success anil failure.?Boston Mstl.i , " dearrlbee operadom with Immense gout and not a UtUe pati os.?Itoelon livening tlazette. It la very amtiiKg. and lew ihc public Into a peep behind the curtain wfilch they will richly enjoy.- Philadelphia Ledger. detohl*?bin bl" b"w baa created dlaoonL?Fhila 1 he 'rip to Mexico I* as full of Interest a* a romance bv Du my. 1 erhape as bis history Is Mierally only half (old in this volume, he con'empiate* cotiUnulug and conoludtng It ui an other ? N. Y. Times. RAMI!EL FltKNt'H, l'liblisliT. No. 121 Nsssau St., N. Y. and lor ?al<" by aJI booksellers and agenw. Copies maUed on tecclptof VI, peat paid. 1 PKTERHON'N HOOKH III press, and will be pubblhdied In a few day*: I he l nr.. ol I tlf'on. By Mrs. Kmma l> E. N. Houthworth, for ?l !gl"me"' ''*''er COTer- 0"e-dnll*r?; ?"? !o clolh, gill, Tiif Deoghlcr. By Mrs. Emma I). E. N. Houth hiTio'ih "it ??l 1'*P'r rorrr Vrlrc ?"e <lo"*r ?or bound Life and Advcnt'vre* Of Orace O'Mallcy. Price 38 ceut*. Tlie I Irale s ron Price 23 cent*. Heud ou your orders hi T. B. PETERSON, -No- 102 t'hesnut alrcet. Philadelphia. PUHLIRIIED TII1H l)AY, A NEW AND POWERFUL novel, entil ed f'AKTE: n o ?* Stout or Rr.i onuosEqPAi.iTr. MOpp'price $i^0llr' J*" 10 "Ue *"r;:e ,1'loJ*:r"'rno volume, The puhilaheia deem It proper to stale that a* manv common p ace and leeMe works have been heralded during tne past tear with a great nourish of trumpets, so Unit the public have become iiaiurnllj' dle'rustfiil of (laming amusincemcnt., il.ey wlah it to be understood that they are wll Ingto risk whatever char arte r aaptpi Ushers they may hsvc, upon till* book. I hey believe It to he uiism psaeed In sWtrhlng Interne', brtlllan -y of ?~!V.."ni, V*?r m '?|"?f?clO"?'"m hy any American novel of reoin. (!*'<? And as they h ive a large list of publication* some twenty or more, to be Issued this present season they would be extremely unwilling, now, at the beginning, to barard their ,*cpuutiibu upon any Inferior work. I I!. c. , .. . MODERN prtORIMS: . boa mg the Improvements in travel, end ibe newrd methods ?B? ??"??? , author of II .j r cctdcnuhl In America." In two vol*. 12tno. Price h SSS^ *n?Witf? preseiilibg Uie lea-ling r-llgmu. denominations But no de scrlptlon can do the wtak JustSU. It u foil of treorhant satire upon life, maimers and o|,,moo?; and at the same tone It la* D'Utdi of petbna whleh cannot hut awaken sympvthy This m 1 m'Ti ir.*"*"U'sn lQ !tM' r"*ri'Hia world. It I- to add Ui*t tne author takes the ?tune staudpomt witht"in at John Bunvan. , ciM-D'd.?'N" A CO., Publishers, Boston. J> f ? ur.RHY, Nftw York. SPIRITUALISM RCIBWTIFICAIXY DKMONHTRATED, . by I rofc?sor Robert Hate Just pnhlt.ln-d :>'?) n mcs o.: taro, with engraving. Illustrating the mechanical t onlrtvence* raipio) ra u ion variotu exoerimcuta fo pr^rtudr mti?*ular Jorca ati dacep'ion, ar.d aximtU prcci??* na orir of W?c wit inToi%o4 tn tier ph^nomrna. Imraort ?lit\ mod In'urrour^ wnh spinia detuonsirnied by Dr. flare, .landing a* he d s-s a' U.e head of science and learning, has Justly crested s profonud TRIDrik: vftefrfiw ?"'/"*? 30 .'7ult '"^' by PAR 1KIDUL A BhlTTAN, frnntmg Uie Rrrmdway Tavernacle lie omjhbiery employed |* left with the publlahcrs a few day. cb exl-iLFt.r. W"II-I' PI BMRHED FRIDAY, NOV. Zt - T? POSTAL REFORM, ITH I HtlKNT NK' E8HITY AND PKAtrriCAitiLrxr, lly Puay In one k vn pamphlet. 124 pages, price 2Srent*. The sud tmperfvrhon* of our jswtal aystcn sre he.e rilnblte-l wpb an unaparlng hand, by one tlmrouyhly a quaint.d with die subject. ) nil atatiaUri of the l.'nlel 8'aies P' at.flfllre are given Irom 17K0 lo I8T.4. and a complete aecnunt of ihe Kngneh |s>Mal .yatam, with a far tpnlle ?t the KngU.ti moeey order. The work doea not atop with simply fmluig fault, t ut pn |swe* sweeping (hangs*, ami a re arrautj.rnem of our postal laws. Publlahed by hTRIRtlKK A TOWfePsn, 2Zl Bnnlway. IDLITIt AL /'ANTRAL DriMOf'KATlr mION ? AN IMP'iRTANT \J meedt g of ",e " Uolan" will be held on Friday f'bl-i avei inr at Tatntosny JlaB, at u' .lock. Member, vie be punctual In attenfeeoe. JOHN UOUIIKANK Pri ?n> RAM. OAflOOD, t ... ??, I'llA8 H. RIKO, 4 ' 1 e p"?'Aeo**. L. F. "I ihtifvf.g, Ercretery. LMFTH WARD D) ROCRATIC RKi'l BI.D AN CMON Ae.oeialion ?The underalgnad 'lemorratle ren-it ,...,. "'Hk IU J. vrerd heraby'enrol tb.ww.lrm tJ^'X" po?e Ot organtalng a dee orratie a.astl*iloo, with t*. rtrw i > HJSXJr I*^y upoo the bdpjwlng bad. -We pledge eur-elves t? devwe our Mat exertion# u, pr~>*oe the R"! *? ?te In farw P?f ins anion ot the eemorrato Pertr upoa prtoeiple. and wl>, uee s , ho-K, alineJIXfl? iw.'m^i.' ?"PP?r? of tbe a* aw le-t. We approre ig the dvetrlr.e non loterveotiea Ly (iswrai with the question 'J starsrv In the Terrhnrtea. a. wwll a. in t'ui Wa thai ?larary U na! a aaiuart of ? j^aiJ l#|h!ii^m bi?t an ai*rl'w nf Flaia ?ovtr%ii<r K*t \ ?# lK8d thm l> pertain, te tb. miihHetoef ?tZX&Zm u, B? Btatea, he right in npglii ikew own doom. m..yh.'.y*: ?"bpw' wdy lo toemgeuieuee ot the 'hned Resokod That the several warg* </ the rlly a. re .u. led in fo low O. r example m erganlxtng similar saw' ST- Li demorrsile part, ma, he ant ed , a krL^rL 7 obyeel " i ,-tnr tp'ea un* tea " ? '?* ** J.5"Vt''L " ?ART PresvW ?I4MRE WKKtHf i , , ,, ... A*i?i* t'uu g ' I?* Preakdeeta. Jows II W-mwner. J ? * Wnutiw Fkami. J **<Teiartee PEHMWAL. ineormatiow wanted?of*. J by to -wee Ann. Uv.De. A.y ^ i f J it rr?et%r^. a/jic ^ a I. tT*i an rv; ""S vant. m or i-t . ? ... ,R) >fc.,w r IS.' A . - , I ****** ?? hts hrwhee MkAae on. I LaXTivr'TTi, L" f' i cRmi, Iff LeobetU sheet.

inf. r II tee MTU AXIOMS WAVTICD. Ah hocbi*br**r.-a lady or education and MMrlnct l> deelroua ol making ?n engagement aa honne kicwr ul MMMbO, either In a tanaly or actttol, bring ih,,rnwahlv ogmpktokklo tako the enUrw earn and management Miwt adunatkm ol yduag children. A aalary not ao much an ob Or air ah la boaae la * 1'roto.taut, and ntlera good re tEenSee. Addreea Mr?ad? ay Poet ufflce, bo. 93, or call at No. !i ktb at., from Mlttll * ?r?clock, thU weak. RESPECTABLE YOUNO LAD. KWHTKEN YEARS Of are mi?III |-1 ol an Idea ol drawing, widw-a in t>? em ...I |.?M,T?? nuuclille arUat. U) learn'be bualneaa. A of Mott Brother#, 13 John .1., will be promptly attended to. a NY I'KRHONIWI8D 1NO TO ADOPT A FINK ll^ALTIlY A.' Intent, two weeka olr. may bear ol ooe by addrcwimg M. A., bo* 118 Herald oBlce. a N KNOLIHH LADY WISHES TO MEKTW1 T't AN h N i\ uanpotent a? Kov??mert?; *t>? ?vt?fy ntylM ol ir 77 and nMpi, >T*och conventionally, I^an? JHJjj?!**1 K"b?.h ol i'sood S-ngllah eduean-n. /"iX^o'SKy It. a rending In the country would to engage a competent teacher. Addreei Beta, i A NY F1R80N WANTING A OOOD NKAMKTHK88 l?Y j/V. fb? month or year can llnd her by MMremung M.</. " i Broadway l'oalofllce. AOIRL WANTS A HITUATION, 16 YEARS OF AOK, TO do light housework, to mind children, to wait on the d *>r and tab)* Apply at IZ1 let avenue, near tub ab Hood city rt terence can be gtveu. A FRENCH PE11KON WISHES A SITUATION, AH cook In a private liinlly. *he fiilly iindor1?t?p<iU lie buiineM. Apply mjlier present pl-toe, No. oil st. Mark . pla. e. RESPECTABLE KNOL1HH QIRLWI8HES A SITUA nnn aii nur.e and aeain.trca.; would do chainbm wnrk, or the gj."?; "boiu-ework of a ...tall lautUf.. ' ... a tor two daya at it Court at, two door* trom FacWc, Brooklyn. a YODNO WOMAN OP RKSPECTaBILITY * A A kit nation aa aetunatrioMi and nuraei la ??*ry liwudr with del needle; would do rhamherwurk. No oWecllon to city or conn try Can be aeen for two daya at hi Oreeowwlt it, uear r rankllu. Oood ctly and country reference. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT 01 Rio Id YEARS OF A age wanla a dtuatlon to take t are ol children, or to do .LnmlVerwotk, hat not lived out nclore, wage, not no ''''f" an object aa a gotal borne. Pleaae call at 303 11Mb at, lietwecn avenues A a .d B, brat lloor. trout room. . TTTRBr RATE DRESSMAKER WANTS A HITUATION A to a private family; -beta a ..artlrularly neat;ee unatram, alio can cut anil til children', clothing; .he la capable ol tilting una laily'a waul robe, .be la willing to go aa lady a maid. City referent e. l'lcaae call at 04 Barrow at. A YOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION, IN A PRI A vate family, aa cliambermald orwaitcr, or child a nurse, la a good vt naherand lroner ; no t bjectlon to go to the on niry, IIV. Ii two year. and a half in Iter laat place, tail for two diy. at No. 34 Downing at. _____ A HITUATION AS COOK IS WANTED?BY AN A' live and capable woman, who will give uttdoub od re leroncc. mh to her mmMti cation a, Ac. Any command* lor K. rook at 38 Weatl3lbat., between 3th and nto avouuea, In the bark'room, lat lloor, will meet with alien lou. A HERMAN LADY, WHO II AS SERVED A FRENCH A Counleaa, want, a "Itntarr "It nation, or a^nnrae^airlo teat It children the Herman language, tbe t? |>ert? t In dreaa making. Apply ?t 186bUt avenue lu the lur atore. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS wet nurae; haa a good liioaatol milk; her baby t. tv eerka old; bra good refireuce ANo a young girl wnuta a rittuaiton aa arameiref. and nhambermaltl, la willing to make 1M1 uwif il. Huh gOTMlflty rehuenc. Cu to seen for two ilftya at 02 BoiTiim ii , tbrM doom trom Dmo, Huxik'yn. 7~YOU.NO OIRL WANTS A SITUATION. IN A SMALL A f.ktuiiv ?<) do KtDcril house work or cluiinberwork, A r^d home ' preferred to wagce No objection to Hrtmklyn Hood city refereiice. Can Be teen lor two tbiya at No. Jb. 7th .venue, between 32d and 33d atr., acroud Hoo' A RESPECTABLE OIRL W1BAES A SITUATION TO A do g.tteral hou.oworb, to a amah family, or would do iItamberwurk. Oiaei ritv raferrtioe ran lie g vcn. ' leave call at 317 Weat tilth ?t., baaement lloor, 'or two daye. T~S"SEAMSTRESS?BY A PROTESTANT, WHO| HAS A katl tipertenee to all kinda of famUy aewlng, with city reference; will go to a private family by the montltn week or day I an be men or heartl of at any tlnte at lib Wet lsth at., between 7th and bth avenue., to the .tore. A~N EXPERIENCED SEAMSTRESS WANTS A SITU A don to a prlvalr family, U aOC'tftotoxl >0 do a? ^ . nt Miwtog; lip object Inn to waif on an aid? - ^ or u^gn g1M ?f If (SberwlH u.ctul - - ,IHl an,) c?n be highly re. * u. acme or the nnd famlllea of the city aa ? wtn tiueiulal and trualworthy perron. Can be aeen for twodayaal Uti I'.'lh at., between titb and 7th avennck. A REsI'Ki TABLE PROTESTANT tilUl. WANTS A sITC ai" t aa rh mbermatd ami wat er. or aa chambermaid am ieatiiatrr,a or aa children', niirae, or in dome bonreworknf a rmall fatiiBy! "at' be aeen ?? her preaent altuatoto. 3:1 We.. 2.d nt., belwtCD ihU and 10th lor two ??>?. ^ A YOUNO MAN. WHO HAH A OOOP.RNOWIJIPOR A ol the t oaiDCMi, wiibet a iltuauoo an ^ ??mar? In a dr* TwmU atoro < hi? give *atUlucU>ry r?f?rnno?, haa uon to ?57 part of the country. if.Ury not ?. mu. 1. an object a. a got.! ahuatlon. Addraae U. t , Herald ollbe. UFbPKCTABLB YOUNO MAN, WHO IS NOT AFRAID to work wlatea to meat with a al'uatlon a? collector of or ah S?XS?.-t. fill ? t~ZS?S daya, 334 Greenwich ac Tk A RKKKI'ER -EMPLOYMENT WANTED BY A YOUNO IV.'anw'nla. had four year.' e*p. rieno. In afl'WtrU.. bjr room (lord city rcferenr". given. Addrcaa Barkeeper, He raid ofltoe. /10PYINO.-A LADY, WRITING A 1'LAIN, RA'TI) C> hand wlahea to lake booki, l*w or oth^ *h* *" he d Ht I rr r?Wence. Addr^a Maria T, cure Win. Toy ABOUT, I'Oit oflU-C. nOPYINfl WANTED-BY A PERSON WHO WRITES A plain hand. Addreta No. !C K. Ii1'. ?C /tOOK'S HITUATION WANTED, RY A RKSPEtTARLF. C iimman. wU. perte. Uy undara'aml. her 1'U.l.tita, to ?>' ?*##?! ent hakrr <f pMlrjf. Ac.; U wllllrm ub wt n tlx* v. r h rut and IrotilnK. No objection to go a ahort dwiaiKe tbe nuntrv I e. of city rcle.en e given. Apply, or wl dV? h> no'e! No ? KU.t 36U. at . near :U ?.., for two day. /AOACIIM A \ ?a" SI SOLE MAN WISHES A SITUATION. C a. 'oarbnian. C?t, give lb. beat nfrlly reterencM. Apply at SMtlh a\er?u?, trout room, in the baaeruent. 1 AUNDRESS.-WANTED, BY A REO'E' TABLE Y<Jl NO waMhinff fan iirtHla'**! the t???t of city rfier -n e. I3? lor two day*. ri??nUI a' n between I ir.' aDd Second avenue., ?:<.n I lleor, frynt room. *ut I'UftVNCi W ANTKI)?MY A HTOl'T. HEAI?THY S' OT< II ^ w't man. In hrrowr hnuw wlnen- Ultr l. APP'>' to Dr. Nortal, G30 lludann at., between 1. nrnl . o lock SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE tV voting women; one e Pro'.-.tant, M Marnatre?; under .?and. cutting ami fitting ladle.' and children a dreaaaa; wotnd go nnt by day or month-the other a. ahambarmaid ato.t and Ironrr, or aa plain cook, wa.hrr and Irtiner. Heat of city relet cut,'-. C?U at 34 Ortenwl .b avenue in the rear CITUATION WANTEJ>-BY A RFSPECTABLK YOUNO 0 woman, aa nurae and ehamhrrmald, he la an e ei.eo' waabrr and lion.r; < an Like the full charge of an lutant, la a g'.el pialn aeamatreu. The brat of cl<y reference given from her la.l place. Apply or aildte.. Nurae, II We>t Wtwhlngion place, to the .hoc atore. lor two day*. OITT7ATION WANTED ItY I RBNPBCTABLETOI N if woman. In a >m?d | rival e totally I. a (nod plain cook awl a Brat rate wa.her and lroner. Heat of relcreire given Can be aeen fot two day. at S4J Degraw at , between Stash an t Hoy I s< ,tb Brooklyn. C1TUA1ION WANTKD-IIY AN KXI'KRf ENCET) S"(iT II it *lrl, to do hottaewnrk. or aa ro .k, wa-ter rift lroner; Ii a thorough p'atn c-ok nod tine Uundre.. Will he found faith tul and truvworthy, and fully rapalde in the dl t h .rge of Ier duttea. Can be irm tor two daya at 346 8th avenue. Lavement, tinder 'be clothing atore. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPE'TABLE c woDier. 'oie a. waiter and chamberma'd. no objection to take rate ot rbthlr n The tsher a. gre.1 root, by a mid lie aged wotfian. In a prlva'e family; ?r,e ta an ei'alien batter Hood t |ty teferencea > an be given. Apply at 64 Spring at, room 31. up .tail.. < an bt Mten trom 9 until 3 o'clock. T<| f* A Mil IIS OOINO SOUTH.?A YOUNfl WIIMfW lady dc.tre. an opportunity to travel wi'h a family to e,:i.e South' m < tljr. < ?" itiakr heraelf renrratiy uaeful. and will dpi < but .mall cnmpeii-a'ioo. A'hlre??, for one week. Mra. IS I'tojdway Poat Mlt' c. 1-0 PaMUUCS 0OIN0 SOUTH -A YOUNO WOMAN dealria an < pportunPy hi tratrl with a family to .mi o? filic Southern Statea. la an eiperbnced nurm and aeaii.- raaa haa no ol /? 'U n m do It hi ? ltaml>erwork; the beet "f cl ) re lerence git on. Call *' 196 Stanton at TO IDE MUX.?AN lFPICIKNT AND ,;f'' , " m> nthly nurae .l-ln a aRuailon a* n ? ? u J, '' lady or gaullrman; haa been In 'u* Uanil of tollls , tor n.any yeara, and c,B t,e well re, .mtnende.! ??? ?i,,.' .nd rmplojer*. Apply at 107 19th au, oru-., ?i ul atcr "To ihit v.tek. ?'??, act rfra.SE DECORATOR*. - A M TD DLtTAf 1 V' , yl.^, 1 good e*| arlrnre atth?Se?? work a. plain. , ? paper banger, wlahca to engage blutaeU to a ra? _ . ' ? pra< 'Irallv or to tupertoleod a buatne. 7-7 V. ' ra'or. llrraM oOce. " Add.-wOco rpf> RETAIL DRY CffOIlH DEALS - iw* avail, it* a 1 elatrer taleanmn, aMtwaifcm to " 1 pfd4u^4. Ao'lreo* II. II., i^oi V^ f^N' fl-O MiHtMA,NTS AND #kXKW!. K YOrNO MAR * ,t**' f*0 ' WWW ? to anna g'?l h'-'ue. a. raliwman. or a. cturk. me*ank er fianklng to uw be ran ?" be meat Mitafewtc* y mto retervmce ,?w ? nty tfde .cat to, ta wo.tug to k?aw Ariel. Aidraa. Ki.tort.rMto. Il'rald offer \VA!L?ilA *IirA*ION BY A YOUNCJ WOMAN. AS "* ?w*aaverwaid wad waMwr -or to do ? binaryrwnrk .rvl Wkdlng ttia t?.?, ni rafarebcr her laal aia". when Mae toe?r. wt arwn at at the too, iky break ng ap ao im Plea" a ""1*1 tr*nmr- hvtweea iith and 2PL at J II'Af. rstk-A ?\Tl ATIOS BY A BMBPKrFABLI W<) If titan aa awak. aaArruv) Inawr. goeg rwfefeiww it. p'y %? 174 W?at LFh M.. ba?w. -n 6>b * ad vh anaas. ' 'aa teen far tan. Uafa Tl" ANTED?A HITUATION. RY A RK?FE TAM.E a? wo'-aa. aa cr?,?, waetor wad trrater. er wtwiic f" eta* leuwauk. ftoeang en, iMervnr* giwn fen, tar tea piece. F.raaacnli for twoUayaal IXI Wan *1.' at , ceaar at 7m e?_ vvH anted-a sin ation by a yoi so <1IRL to do honaetoork tor a aaaall family to a gaad wawtor aav'. rimer no e>.ym itcat to the ?o?Mry . fund ?H, rekerem* gtoMi ? required ? all for two daya at ll?, IV. at , between Wh and '. L a< ? 11' ANT!.Ik- A SITUATION BY A FB'rTF.eTAMI Tv tiet? *r.t rwe cook, to a *o.t u.? ? m w.rtieg ?<? aaa ?' In anthfrag and Irrmtan, P rwoutred tie tod ? rfeare aa to Jrtowa, tnm torrlan pkto* 'alitor in Tayt at to'rrwtot iukManl, annr dm Hewery. ?!' tNTFD- A HITI'AffON. AS OOOD COOK. IB * YY krw rem waakae kM krtoaar. 0m beet af rky 'tor? tod ? tvea ha. an ebyertM to a atoxt dtoutc e ia toe cwraui ? r tek dayem MB to* at e-at "<??? ' - -??* U' A II fFP BY AN RXrNRIkN' ft) FkEBCIf WOMAN. YY a ?kua-eia la aa hrto. t. w> weak and tree taw Mamtoe ?t.d ffnto tktorri, re o' ,?? Wei to help the ikedror ' tkkk ? f three a?y? at ?7 Weak Btk w ANTFfi A -rrTATIfl* BY J. una ?tn. ? da plain rMtotod. I ". re h 'ka fenerul ? i .aa ? ?e.wrrk .ad W.ikto, WawM 1 I ti/a i ,11 4km N?k?"W. f mtoX SITUATIONS WAVTKD. w ll'ARTKD-BY A RKrirKUTABI.K YOU NO WOMAN. A I TV aituaiioo to do general boueewort Id a ama!l family l? ? vocal plain ?'?ok, wnabrr and troner. Pleaae apply at Ucr p r* petit ittiiadou , M Rltlujton at. Tl' ANTED?A HITUATION, AH WET MURHK, BY A 1 VV rrvirciable Proiwtaol woman, '"an bo aeeu fur uuo week, at III) Seventh or., tup Hour, bark room. llf ANTED?BY A RKHPKCTAHLK YOUNtl 01RL, A if ?Ituall n aa a rhambe-maid and wallor. Ie a very gtaal a arlu r ami nmr , baa no objoetlon to KO .11 the iwunlry 0ou bo ican at 'bo ie-idonee of her laal employer, No. IVi Woat i'U airtei. U'ANTKD-A MUTATION, BY A R ICS PMfTT ABLE young girl, aa rook. la willing to aaalai lit wa.lili.g ami Ironing or do geneial boiler woi k In a atuall prlvaio family. Itaa ike beei of is r?le*ra*pre. I au bo aeen for two daya, U uot on . ? i,..! j| Varron at., Brookly ti, up atair.. U'ANTEP-A SITUATION. 1IY A KKHPltOTAHi.K )rung u?>inan, Ui do genr -al houaewor k in a private f t mlly. UcodcPy retcreiw Apply at 30 f'a'kuii al . South Biookiyn. TITANTHV?A HITUATION. MY A I'M'A HI,R YOU NO VV woman. a* cook or laundre-a ltmmtp>"? ratio Allrnlirr n arc, but would pro for a lauiitlreaa'ettun'toe. Apply lor a lew daya al the laeldeocn of her preecnl ruinloyer, II. r.aa l*ih at. r AN1 Elk?BY A VERY MMBPRCTABLB YOU NO WO .. man. a eSuadon aa clu'drrn'afiiiira**. or ltdv'amvld ami plain ?r?ina'rraa, la apablo of taking char "a of an In fan from ita hlrfh; baa lived eeverel ycere In on" Umlly good refereore given. I'loaao call al 103 Weal Jt>th ?L, 4U* floor, front room. Tl'ANTED-A HITUATION, BY A RKHUKUTAHt.K Vf girl in do general houaework, la a good plain rook, fl*et rai" waah'-r and Irontr; good city reference glren. Ulcaen rail at US Weal 3Iat a.. OTANTKn?A HITUATION, AH SRAMHTRKHH IN A VV private 'amity; undenuande cutting and tilting Ivliea' and ehfldran'a dr< aeea and ill klndaof plain anwlng; would do light rhumb* raork if i?.i*ilrrd; b* willing iogo oiii by ihe week i r mi Ml* i all ai O 3*1 avenue, 'hird door irom Kith al , la il*e iniilltirry alore. kkf A NTED? BY A RKHPROTAHIiK YOU NO WOMAN. A W altuadon aa cook, weener ami Inmrr, woubl do rliaoi lu rwoik, plain sewing >>r homework In a aiiiall lamily. fan gn ?> ihn heat of city relrrem n fur tlin laat live yeara. fall al 1M 12th(t., between lat and .'d wvi-uuea. 11 r A NT HI-A HIT CATION, 1 H COOK, IIY V lTOTKST, Vf ai I woman, who underaienda rooking in all I a branchea haa had -neral yrara' eaperlencn In aoiue of die mod reaperi? hie ramble# In the City. Heat ol reference. Call al lid Prince ah, room II. YV ANT 111?IIY A P HOT KHT A NT Ml 'IITOU W( III AN, A Vf nnuation aa c<ok, earlier nnd Ironei In a private family; no objection lo a pri\a*** hoarding houae. ilood rel'ereeoe Inim her laat p:ae*h Call at 187 kth aven ie, between todi and flat atreeta. ANTKD-A SITUATION, AH COOK, IN A PRIVATE family, by a nnd lie aged woman, who nnderaf uida her bnaineaa, wfih good oily re vrence, unilrratamMl h iking If required, and la a Proteeiam. I'lruee call at 341 Wrat hvl at . hetweeu lUih and llth avruoea, ae mid Uoor, front. TSTANTED?BY A PROTK8TANT OIRI., A HITUATION Vf a? nnrae; an lake the entire charge of a baby, or Imlf'a loafd and acarnatreia; can doall hlnda of embrolic rf. Ila* the heat j| city rularebce. Can he aeen at IhO Kavi Hiatal, imar 3d avenue. Y\' ANTKD-BT A RKi-PKCTABI.K WOMAN. A Rill ?? VV Hon ua waiter, or waller and chambermaid, l*t willing to aa?iet 111 Ibe w aching an I Ironing I'lraae epnly at i'-'? M i h oou afrnue, at her |irea* i employer'", lo wlnnu slw: rider*. YY'antpii-a SITUATION, \m cook, and ro i ff rial In thn washing and Irnnlng, or would do gene al l.ouarwoik In a email family. No objection lo go a abort dl* lam e In Uie country. Oood city reference Ir >m U*-r laat place. ( an he aeen until engaged at Vl Wcai loth at.. In Hie rear. U'ANTKD-BY A KKsPKcta III.K YOUNO WOMAN \ aituallon a? cook, and would help In die wa.hlng and ironing oi a pyifata lHally; mliniwle baking aal pa all Ila hrandira and ran give two y> an city reiercm oa. Pleare call lor two daya at J,7 K. I3fh at. w IV'A.N'TKIl-A SITUATION It V A HCOTOIt OIIU. AH VV wn nurae. flood reference given. If rci|iilred. Apply at 1K7 13ili an, mar sdi avenue, lor two daya. IV' ANTED?A HITUATION, BY A VV Proterlan' ?lrl aa nur?e and ??aiaalie*s. tjuol itfeis 1 "'.v- Mii YV'ANTKD-A RITCA ltd... ItY A RK-PK'TAlll.K f I Protoiitani ((cruiiiti vQttin, a ic??o<l wa?her unit irourr; In wi'Hiik tu do lion ? Wurk. A|?|>ly ?l Ti SprUiK nt , corner ot Mntt, for two d*y?. \\ \ HI i i??\ STTUATIOH A? HUMS, TOT All 1 OASS f ? of mo ?ir thren cblidren, by a younn Kreoch wonuiti, ?pruks a little KnglUh. t'mi be neen for two fifty* ut ft 17 i'tuu 1 r? 1 ? II' INTKn-A nftfUATlON BY A YOtJNti" AMKHUJA W ff piri a* Dime mid M*Aiu?ue??, or ha* no obje** ion u> iftn f t srrJ rrvi ork *hti wmIMiiK t an (?*????! lor two <Uy* Al i.ift W( I' ll 1.* beiwern 7Ui end Hth ivenunc. nflXTlD?A III \ i 10If BY X RRHPKlfTAIILK WO I If 11 an, to cook, wahIi And iron, or a-* lAnnilr?*H*4. Uo*J f Hy refrrencr. Apply ai .No. 2\i Henry *t.f Brooklyn, corner of l'kcllic. I WANTKP? BY A MIDDLK kURD WOMAX A 811 i don i?m nnrnc and plnin ?? *rr, Ai i* vilkac lo do (no wApblog ironing at too child 000 to baU bei m R gon? roll) j useful. Apply a'l??r present finpioyer'n, R Ka*t iJUt *l., be to con I in amid Medieon Avenue*. II' AN'IK I>?A HITUATION, BY A HRMI'KOTA Hf,K ff riiArib'd vvriO.An, an wet nur-e, or would twke 4 beby to bcrr>wn ff'sldkiire, go' ibe vtry best of r? l? rerwr* Irom lodfl Apt J II IX 't., between Mental iirenu I k tbo bokorj* f??r iw.? dA>*. Uri.NTPD? BY A REHPRCTALR YOUNfJ WOMAN, A .iiuailnn aa >eainatrraa, wnuhl do the light charnherw *rk la a gw.l ahlri maker, undei>la<i U all kind, id fainllv aawlug. la capable of arranging her work, umtaraiandatamla making ?luldren'a clnthea and dreg.making, g*aat r* lerrn ec trnin her laal place. ' allal "A IMl I. .t , bet w een Mb rand 7th ara,, nrai Mi- Iteh ?t., between Vh ami ludi evenaee, I r '.wn daya. U'ANTED IIY A RRHPRlTABLR rSRBOR A Ml' \ lion a> nurae; on*- wbn ha. hail many veaia' e, i* rienre In die * are of childr* 0, an<l la fully eeinpaiciit U? hike die entire merer of a bify from i*a nir'b; 'he heat nt city refer* ure can h alvrn Imm her laat place. Call al her prtacut mipmyei 'i, 41 Tnlnn a<(iiare. TV'ANTED?BY AN AMVUUCAN WOMAN?A HITUA Vf lion ua ?eam?trran, by the day, week, or month, la * i pal* e* I doing any klml <>l family * wing llaa no u>*yecu>n U* gn Boo h wfih a family lor flie wlf.ier. ilo I re.rren e given. I'll a*e rail for two daya at IA7 Wevt Ila wree , near r.iginh avenue. UrANTKD-A HITUATION, AH WET NDRHR, IIY A yo ,ng, wph a full breaa. of luilk. In i * re at HA Thlid aitiiue U'ANTED?A SITUATION, AH cook AND HOI HE keeper, bg a Prnlea'vut Herman wu rtan. wbo under Uni.di I. ..!i eae In all Ha brgpebea. '.an he aceo at N . 1 Hlidi iireet, in the bouk afore. UTANIRD-A RITUATION, BY A MMBTBOTARUI w* man, foeook, waah ai d Iron, or lo do general houae work (I*.**) rpy reference. lo<pilre at In Prince afreet. Cell be aeen lor two day g. tlTANTRD?A Rl rUATION, BY AN RNOI.IHII WOMAN. Vf aa r*a.k, uLd Irone* , ore who ii.or.ugM> *in I*. aianil" Ter tualneaa g*ael '.lly ieli;feu*.e. Apply at Ifi6 iiivib airline, I ?' m ecu 1 Ltli and 1.WO au. YY'ANTED- A HITUATION. IIY A RK-PECTAUI.E VV yi.nng woman aa chambermaid and waiter, ami can do )..a*n*a? i 4 g <<*! r*Ierenee. Apply al No. 1>A MI*avenue, be'w en Igt.ii and M*h a*a; ran he mm n for two d.iya. U'ANTKIl?A SITUATION, IIY A RKHPECTABtK young womaa. a? an eneilent * ook baa no akiyectfou *<* aoalat In ll*e aaahing ami lronir..*. II dealrrd the neat of'fly reference given. Apn yai MMn arrnua, between l M a 14,, in the rear, tabd Boor. UfAMRD?A HnTATIp*, BY v MRBFSffTASUI woman, aa ,*..*] Pre rb cook, flood eHy refcrem c. Ap ply al lid! S7'h at. 'ANTKD-BY A RKHPR'TABI.R V??l 10 *.,??.? v ?I'uailon a. nnrae and ..einoireoe and lo 4o * liamle r k. I., a g* *.l ? ;*y tele. ence. Tt**ae * all at el Weat t*k on, aean id. and '* ih uronuoa, for l?o*laja w l4'AMM?-A IT I ATI OX. liY A H iJtl'KT A III ? 'f J' if / nr . nci ? r ? sm k.'l u l r* >( r /{?*'#? Uri ? ty * ? first r?t# w?#h+r m 1 irotirr; ?ins# >4 My ' ft rt iy r tr< rr? i.^r *??< p:* ?, ?k#rs sho k%% UvA sit '"or, bo< k r*MCD, for ! '< a LI'A.VTEh-A flfTtTATlOX, BY * b*j.m ' a r*.d ii" .fsJa-' -.|s. aaLuig IBd iroring -TSj^ywTr' .letiame * a ruing bo viae .. "dlngl* ?w a, la a mond w m* d.ra'e ., feur 10 are 4olla-* .1.1 r*the 14 r ,'ilrrd. OVly reference ?< T* h' otl'l I'M ' _ YY' ANTED- wola HT T'.iy my BY v PKIIHON WHO ff randereanAa ad al. d? ?g family ??wing If a dicea ? Mk' r and g'?*i pKin newer * an I . o ?n i?<, *i?,r, al bee I reaeg*. rtriphc o an', 1H7 B ? aer arreet. ",rncr Ma* is,?gai Y\r ANTNTI ?A SITUATION BY A PKOTI'ifTANT W r'1 a*g Wi.mal *> do ' '.amberw it k and wail'eg. ue iMimnig * k 11 1 aum i iki agaluag aal Ii i ? c *r ' ?? w. rk. i. a tn . 'ami.y *.*.a| refaranrea lnon aal [..ace I' eaae *a..fia fw idaya at A lawn a . Hiwetlyn 11' ANTI Ik? A HITt AllOM BY A REfl'E/TABI.K VV Pr* e> ?n nlfl. lo hi -naaalerwr ra lag aaaia' In 'Ha weihtng ? ml Iretilng, * r v, *t? boearwork. >a a *uo.i Iana./ ir ?! rrfrrre-e. 'mm oar law ymr t'laaae eaU for two Uw) a a H Real Warren at , BrooOl)r,. TV'ANTMk?BT A MfmT REM'Rr fABIJt fRKN* II VV a au* a ah ialWu aa grea I ana rwg. mm verfm. r .a bn li Tlii bu*ir.e*w la, ail Pa ' ran'a.? a> 1 ear. rive the aw a'ale-" * y my rrlereneaa aa ?e aa,a*bur. kmae; a*e1 Iidtialry. a*d can wsag ka.gbdi doaarUy (fail at(7 Waa' ire g ,i., near < hi* a* two Aayi \Y" ANTED BY A l'RoT? f A NT VOlNO WOMAN A Vf limnl SMM .uniy. Oi0? gaaarai locw* work; M a g'<<1 weaker aial nam ar-d plaw* waaaa *cw a*, n.eer, an a ,??* aa a gieel t-?a? Hamrerare glrew (Mu tor *ea tin al ,10 ni.?* . fuordl Wr front ruaa \?'ANTII? A HITUATION. BT A HWrHTAMJ VV oofia wraawar.. ie do gaawrml kcoaewi m a aiaali !>n 1} <r 'kanaecrt a*t aw r>| Haw w reterenre. Ap ply al 77 Wlk ?i awar wb at . lor iwe 4a?a !?? ANTRP-BT A PRf/TBMTA NT MOMAN. A nitf A W >1*1 d p,mM rnaB. WMnrr and .rower mdrrMawta lokrr W w"i*g and ?e.ligia*# ' aa ke >*?a lor two 4aya al tkr twiae of kef yroaal empfarpar / ?aal Hal W. |I'ANir.P-A Kill ATIO*. NT A R t epgrf a HI,,' W aiawt aa tag *Aer aaet iraaiar Ie akw* a not - awe r wmH arai water ' abhor two day* al A*, f 1 M ? , He* a ear* la and Ma.iiC* W gir a rMwaUra aa * Saaabe'Wai *4 'On 4* r tote aawvag ft i lk a1:, a uiea ' ar. He *w* a (or two ?aye a* IWCMmow at., tn Uw rear YY'AKfK.?a HD'AtW* A4 (KJOff rt-AIW COOR ff .ah* end e?r* iw m 4?* waciwg and ''aaUrrwi Na okywriew o> a *?*"?' - howruaag \trirn* Mww '*? rIf,I aw? I '?? few- *wa a W *??!?,? he* waae wa and ;a* nrewoae A reS Pre. , raw 'Won \\ . ? I ?ca a 4 ia.'f*WaMe *aaa i in taw - c|,4fir #f u '/ tUfftrsi iM ll*AJ?Tri*-i i'T! ATff/f, XT A ?RXflU'f A HI K II # . i VMMMM V888I I *-' 8M ' * * fsfrft s ? * i ? U AlftM i lib \v 4^a,*t*? a 44 , ???. W4, ri.EMAW asp l.aDT A Pan mTiTWW wAjrwiik Wanted? by a RKHPKCTABLE PROTEHTANToiuu ft nittMtIon to Jo g?n?r?l bonanwork In ? V WkJdJhMllrl no ohJadSolo Ui? country. good mtonromi f ?mt A|>[-ly ftt 664 Oraenwkli aL, buwaan ' hrutoplier and Barrow. WA.sru) A WtVATlBm III * WTitlWOTA ft* wri nurnc. bj ? vtmctobiA woman who hn? to? bar Tkby I'ftn ulif icoilk'ftl rtfif^uw. * fto be aoon tor two yw ?i &: Kftftt I..tb fti. TV A NT It I> IIY A VERY RKHPRfT A HM7 OIRL, A HITl% Vf jiiion u? Jo ih? grintral honor work <d a ?J''" ? I. inlly. or a. rhftnntiwrmald > r waltor, l?? no ohjaeinn to go to norl ilHaiMO In ui'rjr I'ftn piolmd Ulft badlcttjf r?? li rente from her Ltiit ptaro. where ehit ilv??l for laro y?*raj v . n bcMco for ihrcc da>? ai iW# IV'h flour, ofttW r?<ui. _ TVANTKD? A MTC ATIOJf, BY A RRMPECTABtW V? ?rtz I ten ink, or bit wllltttjl to <1'? boaeeworfc. ?n % vmeu* ti'uli) Uood rc<"?Jtxanrufl*iion gtltti. Cail Ol 10^ pmliliil, Urouklyn. ? \i* wiiii tsiTi'tnuN \ MR ' TENDEE f? YT ft ?!? It tody, I r any klu-l ?>( ?lrknru, ah? thoroughly un it.T.tftinU li?r luiftliita., i.ood ml-mi. " given. Apply ftl IB Uunard ftl., rooiu No I. Ban br mm uii Mining tot TV ANTED BY A RRHI'KlTAUI.K VOl!" 'I WOMAN. A Vl ?iitiftin.ii in l>.? 11,*i?-< n.iki.l In 4 |n ? i f liiuily; will va ?l>i with ihr w?? i In>; ftiul Ironing It r? . i Ir.-.l < mi lot Mil lor Iwu dwya at bri fttn place, No. 14 Ablngdoo ftviftrft, tiuiftOfb TV A N TF.ll?A HITI ATIOM, AH Kill T 01.AHH I <KMC. YV by ft r. prrtaMn mlddla kg?*l *? n.. n. won uii'ldf>Uu.'iI b.r litm nr.. to nil i'? branch*", nftin.l) .otipn, jftlUon, pur* lllr.,ftlttl will It tftlol rvftry drftCTl pilot . ?! * 1I.0 taking M'-nt irnpnt IftblM rrlrritinr* ftlvt-it. I'lUitiaaaau C two tlft; * ftl 3d \A itnI 1. Hi Nt., brlwrn, lib tHIi avaaurw. TV ANT YD?BY A HEM'RiTAUI.K YOU SO KNclLl'lt TV U<ty, ? Nllufttlitn. n- ml mirM v.?r nam balir it tup fti'tki ttlj I'lftft-.t call ftt 177 ftvrimft A, bctwaan lab ?ti<t URk Ha , m ond Boor, bark mom. II' A NT I I '?BY \ TOI Mi HAN. I IK PIIII.ADRI.rill VT ? .lltisibiu In ft Iwftlrry ftiitl Ntn.ll wttir inutorUnft ht. ar( Ittlrll U) I'li Uilrlpliiftirudr. t ?n iniliirnnn ? l?r-ft Irmb' Hr?( of rftferriK'a ftHrn. Adtlrn.ft Prfti.klin, riillfttlftiphl* I'ofti nflifto, WANTED?A HIT0ATION AH I'OAi'llMAN ANIR yrooia. Tb? ndTrrtinrr ihoroufthly nndi i ftlftiiJi hi.'?ii Apply "I 'W! Kftllmftd ?n iinr. Jrr>ry l Hy, or *<blr?rM k. 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