Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1855 Page 1
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*4 . ? W YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. MOKN(N(i EDITION-SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2A. 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS THE MORTEVIf 0 UEVOLITION. Abdication of Flore? an 1 Instalment of Btutamen t a; President. R?<r< of Fe?e??OliMal CotuuK'ut* Dr freer, .V.: rikeet, 4c., vc 4o. The Jomai do Com . Iti i Janeiro, of Sept 20, gives n.? a narrathc r> i m Mr^nm tance* which te suited iu the abami ... . st .f tin- Presidency of Uruguay l>y (Jen. Fl ue , ud >f the instalment of Biietumcritr as Provision i pre idont. Ihe ievolution was but 01'brief J ,ration,autl may be sttid to have been eo ifluc.l to Montevideo, the Cnpitnl. It was anpp i.*cd t, nave been fomented by Brazil, a bo lias had tor aunto tiro,. past an auxiliary Ifgion quartered in Mont, video, and ha;; paid a sti pulated monthly stipend io the aha,no of a ban to lielp in defraying the expenses of the government. But 1'iorvB, from sonu cause < r ether which doe- not .plainly appear, got into n quarrel with the Bruzilinu yfiiiiiiter, fcenor Amaru 1, in coueequence of which diplomatic relations between the Empire and the Oriental repnblie were f .r a time broken nfl'. The revolution commenced in Montevideo on the 8th of Augtt-t, und peace was definitely regulated in a Btouth thereafter, the revnlationlsts having been all the interim in possession of the capital. Flore*, from his headquarters in the t ivrn of Union. issued the following addrc s to the Brazilian anxillan- legion pn Bept. m ? ?,mU H!T |,r*,,dent "r 'be republic owes you a lor y?," norUBy an". low,I- v. It,fore ?i i events ef!<8?h uit., he ?t?, ^d.ensos v.,u w * hiw?F^,mve'1!*; 'r"P Wl'h !'? w,rd tb. (Io ifUmtt - wbtcb H"r"p v n O. bis |?)li V and to I.U UV? * to y"u tNrcumstanccs'? hlch 1 r? r n"rront ins tVI " ' ^ *',,e P wnt wcorrwl '""errant and to leave in ?>tapen<e. he'ore tl... ... i r*b?tlun? ietweeu th? n? ^R Minister of .bo Emperor IV *5,r,e 1,0 "ttompte made tu prpr, ni tno Inlerr-ts tho^rS.M alliance Kutfeuup from '.be disturbance of the high^t e*. atandiao th??? *?",? ''"P0- wWcli, even not with at 1 coylcrffoD, my g nornm-nt enterUJnod i>r JLTTs derate tiding wi lt the Brazf'inn !. gatlou s,,eh M&,lofT'"' '? "?""WT'Wc.ofth, high objects of ,h? r"Vub,,? ?Q,1 empire, ibi 1 ?du"l< ?? '' whitb I am the tint to re gret, thi* suspension of ofticlnt reta'i ,ns w ith ronr frtJSJ^tbonJt^ep,M <,lrainl n,,t ,n lL" "iiirht dl^. i- Tm *,llc" ,hc ?" of the.,* WM ol'. ?. .'I 0r,M,f"1 ff'-crnmt.,'. f.,r it* *?od ordsr, its moderation, and if, exemplary disci lnfoJmT'h.Ai r*Pub!:>! mT /ovsrament has ahead, lf?r ' '"*? 01 the Kmp?>rni or whut his occurred wliii the itOKria1 rcpresenta^ve. I bare al-o .Te l the e,,. ?c fir t tht"116'1 ln,err"n,,"u the republic. As to Sft T f '.'".T' ,m1 Jn,t tootiroot com.,lain I 2Tnn^ XfTi W^rav?' 'ho g .vernment an-l the She hiVui J rocoivod you as friends trill rxu n.| tryou wj lutiul .is ?urh, w)k3u tou nri? leavfm' f rot hkii w^e Ability you hare so bfthfMlj- aid d la luainUl" ^Ssbifem of the empire! If ron rrgrpt as tl.err.vrrn ratation'Ttw',which have dhu.urb-d the official SSltJitSi ntf tuT". "Sdonal author!,y an I the repre ?^.^.1 Ho ""I'0*'81 SP'vomment, 1 hum, that our rA,1" ,'T;eneli a'"' that^ur wJ.S, ^ C WBlr*ro 01 ,hrt "PutHc and of Aoi^r0!1 nri<.'nT 11,8 PrBrf'5*Et of tie republic re. u ? r"n"18n08 thal l"'h arc to-dav i?T "P'10 t ,c "ekuowlsAgmont the S^awy and the nobdlty ofji.ur f.t<>n.l. Torn, of Tin ion, 8th Sept , 1 $ Jy ,l-'? *b"RK~. k 71,0 solution, says the Journal Jo Coourao ^ecmntsw-a mi the S~th of August, in peseernl men ww. General Flore* hearkened to the patriotic CSMH'Is given him by the Committee of the Board of Commerce, charg,,] with i?ropo.Mng to him an toienble arrangeineut so as to avoid civil war, and ?octared that he wosld renounce the Urcai.ltmey of rep'ibltc dt facto, and ac cpt the conditions prhieh liefonaolatcd in the ffciiowiug manner: 8v2wwbr#rB<SSi ?Lth<? r<,u",,!l;> do.fro,. - ?r esUI.!U,h,rV ? ^1. # f ' unfoittinalelv disturbed l.v LeX Tnch , |,u.:,,io Ia awm-sjgtvfnf doe rvinm^l V .u' - u'*wJr honorable solicitude i b natlonel and f, reign merchants or the nM T co"ore'n lod vo wurmiy fur that lambv tel.?; Wtl'V', a: o?dftkA L., IV. r 1 th.. ,1 ea.rubio re-ult, si.bout nf th" following Tic President of the republic declare# solemnlv that hr d^ not antcrtnin hetreS ..r eu.uvAA n i hf. rv Jo^-o.tliicna. Red tfin t tbe most coiuiiUic Siir< ti'aiiif- <,r te??t rr.n-wUlbo the rule of hi govcrm.vnt ,ntU hh^rrtwomlde rsnunolntion be accop^l by coA.etcnt Bun I,avj;<Slr,n?1^ r1"1 "rhlvof the ronslitu l T 1 ?' 1"" rrPu, ?"W'B , nine ;.?. |y re KaVia iX!l? eonuulttee hb, acta mhc the t'8lA, ?? permanent eonimittoo wIU meet in the neutral l^ace fetgnatad u> the following arrtele, to ke the Mc uffA 7 8 *\'irh 'h" '?"?"Weti'. of the rern V "*u ?c'u,rf 10 'n?k* wu irre oeablo r. .i?. nation of thegovarnineu, in oonformltr will, the ecu ,.tv Wreath articr? of the fun-la.nantai ode. } *. lie t.moral As... mbly will meet in tU? ?%inc fus tettS's.t-'"0'"" .tiSSiAi w S5IS #f l-am.rez, hnd northaardl ( u. Uie form of it,e Alba ?nc*,,;1*n<' rsrtwardiy to a line running north and - >utb torn the property of l)r. ?i. l, I'oAa. b?6, TP* "f tle wHl "nt P"~? <h< Interior ar <V V tb'y covered daring the .iege und the tro .pa Kii. ? "" ,('u ?r lh" 1 "Public r, J not cr?,". thetr lines jOih feces ] in vine to It.y down their ?-m a V ,l10 capita! fn nru.s will he under flic ?rdcrsi,. Brtgadur ( Median, the iTeudent r tiie repwbhc cliargra with the pre*e,-rati .n of order on d-lus resignation ol powir 'akc- [da -e, on ?bi b tikln" ?foce thi ir msern-aiueui iVI of -fl^t.-.i, and the with, 'jawa! "? 'he couulr) troops shall be i rifl. I. . ... ?-''partition- of the pul l o a lmini l ation hall re.urn to the condition In whio'u they se.e before the Wh of August. P. flic committee of i.ntJ->o? I and foreign tnerebanti ' ?f these b%? s, shall ree. iv. U?e mora, juatantee of the dipJom. lio nt of Knarl .nd VbD.CClr *.u<1 hh*'n- lo m .k< effective tbu f ntl. ul fulfil. went ,.f i!w ? c- cooiiitfon". e.11!0' s71"' 'or*toh?g'.as will !?> a-es.ed and leu W l.y ti e goverumcut which,ife./Vefo.eii: ,n M< ntevidso Within twenty-lour hours af er 1k-I?k oi, ?gl,, to its ,,o Ke l.y .of committee ol mtrchan' which in-gotiated it FUa!lP.< ri!t\t |<X? A(.t.,.r. Towd of Cnlon, 8ept. C, lSOS, 10J< o'clock. I'. M On 'lie 7th ^epicmls-r the g vmunent of \[ .?te video accepted tl.c foregoing conditiofia: and the dipl'-timi c aytnts oi' Eiii-htnil, France, end Spain prom-'-<1 the D,iitual guarantee *t!p iL.te.l in the ' th VtieU\ The trktions l.etwci n the RruQIun iogaiion and <pcn?nil Fir,r< s were eocpendod. but the nes-oti .ting tominittec commnnlmtcd t?, the Brazltian Minister ail that had taken place, and through that commit tee and In response to a f.rmnl request dir. ted to Setor s\ win ml, ti.e other diplomatic agents were infotn.1 that hi* Fx. -llrney *.w notWrig incon venient in Wbat had o rred. nnd that for hi* p.rt je would not ofli r the slirhte-tt objection to tbci giving the guarantee for the porpoec agreed on. The government of Montevideo in scecjrtlng the prnpo-ition of General Flore, din eted to tin ncgoti* pting cr.minittee the futloning communieation c-n vejing the ncdict of it set. pt.nce M?vnrvi|.su, 7 -* pt., |8<>8 (H . -1 ?tin-go?aiums-Bt l.a- attrntivel. e *n.l.,,'d us ne w prep, -III n* lor di? roguU'i.nof; ace wtii-h p. n I. v. plied l.i the b nda ?f I - KsctC'-ncy, the Co Tirn,-,a' 10 o'clock this mnrning. andlha.ethr at te'a^t .... i > >uu ttsat <i,? g Twruinenl p<e p' r m In all tliclr part*. It) ? t, - If vtve to tlu? country the b'gb >t asrst "r internal ,,a.?i : Otv, by malntainioir omeng all the 4rei "t the knd that *i trie of aulas and Crater ni With a'nn# it can suc-ced in regaining it^iwt Ifroapat ty. ?u<t l?y alretis licnlng abroad it* nuti.iaallty ?omi.'h uettirl?sl an ! iewi.ed by lute*tin* division* the gov no meat would be I'lj ..sing the i*iwrr which tt ttor Tit f ra thejer.' !. If It .'.o not, a? !? .Iocs, re of Itlae the -?n, fou? fooling which dictated the ariaugc. merit In i a' it ion Ne,-rthrle--?. that thit work, niay beaa co,.,plcte an It V prnfltat le te the ronntr), the r vernment desire* that Oners. 1 'ore* oiav regard n? Oonvwrii< ne** of the state of afovtm. and ef the ends whfe|. I.o has in rimr. the a# p?p'.-,r-a of the following .e servaUora:? Every delay that take- place In the n-ewsnt sta'e of ft .ng? r..1,try Hsu ,t, d>'na<> for the time Uwtr oeennati m? and their fan.ilic* th" as'emhled troops c a* .we a id expcod that which th? Btatw cannot afford; and the Induatry. U.e commerce. S?d thw credit of the e.?u.?ry ate "tifforiog rvenrw tolorr in tVtr foirttt inKt et . Therefore everything Wh.nh tea< * to eeonmnl-e tine ir of lacoateetaM* CtQ Wfulsatc for the evantrv 1'or lki? if mm u.e K>.vt-rnroeiir Judges that the eon v. ration of 'be leiniaurnt C'?.oniliw -tamill lie made? sinci- i< is i eeii-ed DtttxMj?in mi u gi-st manner, ao<l ?h coi u oh ti e agiei it ciit be -"tiHuutnat.-d by tLe accep tance ot tl o cmlrictiui |?tin-; that act u->t to tie ile Idie i more tb-ill twenty-four hour*. Tlit- convocation of tho l.euersl Assembly might take place at ihe enun- time. It- extraordinary convocation duos I 01 belong 10 th* i erinanent, rummi-si in exc- |>t in lb<- -pedal cam-detertrimd io the Htty.seventh artiole of the cm -Vttution In otter ca-i-s It bei-ntr* to the I'rest ct< ub ' I tl o lepublic Conatnut pr-c.ico supports this docttint if 'Lara should lie any doubt an to what is the c< tie'iiuilmial disport'n n. itt sides, the g'wei n-i.i ut Considers it as an unilnr?too1 thitig, and there fore nn Beg no special mention tin rent'. tbut all ib^exien ts ai rt ot.Ugs'iom oontracte l f..r the iHm -i.l-poit, iiMiuiin nt. mid other ?>?ill"- <1 the troopi ol ? .Iter putty H| ail bess'Uiled in the saute manner by tbe national tieaeury; and t-iat tin- ligbtli stipulation rt t( rg < til j to tbe ecteipriied which huTe, l>y U?, a per d it-rul cearacter Xlc gi Tt tunii-iit au ently iia lrea peace a?: a band of union mm t g the Ciini'als, ami to arrive at tt nt ino-H inside boon it disbands itg tr-i?p?. not iutonl. therefore, that the otaervatlnn- which liuvc m n made, ami tb' explanations ?t-ich iioe-i given in tie sUpa Intleu el the prop- -itiou presented, be regarded in auy other light. In conformity then wl-h these observations, nn-i with the etipulatii n of the ten'h c?n-e tbe g-vrrnnmut ac cepts and ligns tbe ?*iii en* which it remits to yen for futther proceediog MA NO FT, HKRRRRA V (?BE8. T!ic committee communicated to Gtneral Flore* the foregoing doenmeut from the governnicut d* facto, and received the following reply:? M.tit tax, Sept. 8, 1855. CEXTtiMKi?I lercivid your letter ferwarded with son o- kccrmpai ying ob.-erviiioni. which the govt-'nnient io J'mlo ft too rupi'al (in I withstanding the acceptance of the conditions impo ed by the I re l-leii'. ol the republic) di -ircd you to p ace in the hand- of his Kxeellcury. ii>rhl? consideration in c inpU-.i. g lh? tact. It ts satisfartory t" mc'o anni once to you t ti?t I hail tlni gioa'cst plot, urv in contiibuting auy H are u> tho ol.yect with wdch you charged tr.c. and that hi- Excellency in respect to the expense- oceugioned dmii.g the existing tit .turoancc, . els ihiii lor the purpose ol udvunciog pacification ihcy should be bono- by 'lie coffers of ihe va'lon. As to the c- gbth clause, ids Excellency. the l're-1-lrnt, iu tie ocsiie if Lesniog Milt, wishes tfiat the employes who have Is en removed --n account of tbe events of the '_8ilt, have their legal lights respected,-ntnl lhxt they re main in their posts. As to the meeting o( the peti- ancnt commission, I must inform you tbui it trie's to-m- rrnw morning. In Hie vlclfltv of tho house of br. Pe la Peda, to n-c? ive in structiooa conci ruing the condition of tut- puc' signed by you. 'Ibc permanent commissi' u trill determine the convocation of the chambers, with the urgency required by the situation crcuti d by tcceot (vents. Jl AN M. J'K I.A SOT A. On Sttnduy, tho 'dtb of September, the agreement which restored peace to the Oriental republic, < oin tntncc-tl to go into operation. At 10 o'clock in the morning Gen. A. Medina presented liim-clf with hia cavalry escort in the advanced linos. He woa received by Col. Mtinoz, chief of the stall', and by Col. Tujea, chief of the outside troops. Gen. Medina i ame, by virtue of the agreement, to lake the com mand in chief of the forces, while the b.ises relative to the renunciation of Gen. Flore* and the other htipuhitiona were being executed. Gen. Medina tind Col. Munoz proceeded to the fort, where the provisional government and a numerous concourse Of citizens were arwcmbltd. Got. I .a on as addressed (k-n. Medina in amicable itRd pacific terms, to which that officer responded in a like scikc, and then retired. In the court yard of 1ltc Governor's palace there was a great multitude assembled, who broke out in vica? for the constitu tion, tho Institutions, popular sovereignty, the National Guard, nnion of the Orientals, Ac. The permanent commission aweroblefl on the eve ning of the same day, in the house of Don I.. Fernan dez, near the city of I'uion, am] at the ehwe of the tt-sion tbe Secretary was ordered to notify th* on ru bers of U.e General A"soir.Uy to ittnt nn cxtrair ? Unary seen ion, to take place on the lOfh, nt noon, in the same pluve. On the niglit of the li the city was patrolled by the National Guard, nr.l pub lie order remained nudkturbed. During lb - day Hevcral persons from the two camps psmed between lioth lilies. Nothing new occurred, and the night paved off quietly. On the morning of tlic loth the troops of tlw gar rison were formed in tho street?Eighteenth of July whence they marched to the ph rr d'armrr, and thence to the government house, In front of which they deployed. On arriving hi front ot'tlic colamn at the government house,Senor lstmaa, Hi- provisi onal Gsvernor addrex-s-d tliein in words of fire, which were followed by acclamations cnthu-iasti cally rope a ted. Then tiic column pnwuod its ni trcli Io tlic street Kiglitconth of-fuly, where flic battalions separated. It would be difficult, says tlic Comcrcio dtl Plata to inscribe the enthusiastic reception given by the people to the soldiers in their march. Cheers und flowers accompanied tlirm everywhere, and many were the laurels received by the armed citizens as well as by the comoiauil.tni- and ofKrer* of the line. Tin- provisional goven-nv iit remained in the fort till tii 1'. M.. awaiting lite rv-tilt of the meeting of 1 he General Assembly. At that hour the govern" incut received the following risoluliou of the v-~ sembly:? FxiwaoiiUivxry (IrvKIur A--'VIIU' ) Uom viDBn, N-pt- 10 185V ) Tlie nnderiSgned, )'re?M<*nt, Imv in bun w of enrl-xing bi the Provisional ilovsm..r of tba citadel of Monti vt-U-o a copy of tho tMoree sanctloM<l to-day by tlie tmno. *Uo th?- lintrtl As embly. Ci>ii-c>iiieiitly, and ill futfitment of the 77tb nrdrio of I e Hate e nwatutlmi. I eotntntutieate it to your K.cel i-nev, so that jrou may dastgnate the h-.ur on widen ibe IVcsi.'.int of llc-sepni* Ism Miuwtl BosiUo Itu-i-un-nte i- to I* rereiveil a-. President of thr- KspabHi JOHN MANiill, in; I.A H>l A. President J(i?K WAUT'IS. pro-lacreiary of -lie Senate. Jiisl-. II. OI'1-itO. r.-c. of the Ito-Moi.t Hep ?? ,-ntal *? To tba ProtI?i iiiil (i?m aor in tb<- < It) of MontewWoo, |sn I.tib lamii-. The follow ing is the decree:? Tba flenatd and Qunsi- of Ket-raaco tali tea of the i-' era Republic of Utucoajr, uuit--d in t.-nerslA cm have ?gr<od .0-1 -Isctf -d ? Attlcie 1. Tl'c renuaeiatlon wUi. lt Briga !ier '..-narxl V. I u;it ? io Flores<? -, of tbe post of ItmMmIof 'hu Ret uMi is ud. ilttod. Art. g. Il<-is (SecUr-1 'o ' rvlng of hi country on v <?-. ut - f the xfontanl- ty and j,*tiigti-in with which, far U.i g- ? ui his fellow cl' lie iinounos ! tie h^h js ulil wlih li lie was honor'.!. Ait. it. In compliance witb bxt isproride.1 in the "th article of tlic em. ti;ut.< n of the 'ntc. hi- is -u. ?!?1 !? til ? i i. skii u' of tho -cn-.l", who Will eXCr. i <? the ' iiictit-i'i Iainfng to the -i.< .itlve pow ftakned "- ..hcvj i 11 tt i t "i - i. r f'.iBIUI, Sept. 1#, 1158. 'the I'iovis.oi. tl tkiveriior. imim diau-lv ea tbe reception of the fbregolng r. obit inn, summoned to his hoc re (in thiee tntnMors. They atVcuda-il end tb. following c-y i jjtunir.tti-it w,i?, at 7' drown up: Pi?ni.i .vvr. i Womimi.iji, Pcpleiubor 1<?. 185."., > Tti# uic'crsit-n- I, i'lovisiunftl i..<ve. nor. h-.l tlic Iiotior, it .1 o ri-.ct. thtx evening, to r?e< ive tii? note of the Cic-i ?Je.i- of (he' c'oniDii-slon, xtatiug Unit lh> bon .1 Me tin i net at-is -nbiy iuot acoeptcsTthe ia a i . tb. l'i. ?M. nt O.'tbc KaptiMM. (icnet^l \ . IV ...-Iu i lots ao-1 rar.uastii g that I sliotxlu nn .a tin boo to ?v *t wl.loh -liould lake plana the lacaptiun of the cl!i .invito i. '< .jceot-y tUn I't'-blenli-il c.iir by viri-t of tin- .Tl. utiil'-oftM metitsiti >n, ibe advance! bou.- .it ?llch the eemanualeatH.n vw recc.Tee, and the aoletnai j v tb ti s-.g-. t set b..i.lil is- ci< -l.c.J, (iicv- n's ih.- recngtionef toe i r< k .-nt I tbe Republic ttisiug i is ?> to .lay, as #?? to he de I, . ! C> n 's|?o utly tba UAor- i;n I 'tovernar -.astana to c ot u.urlcate (bit to tin' ft- MteiH of the I'crminc ' t'.uti r.tUsloa, Infott.t him thatxtuc-a 'n nioerow every ? bioc will be randy h-r the eb ..ration of the .-arwifvn " L i/. IJtM \ Tu the I'"c-id< nt of tba 1'ai. ouwt.i OMmU* -n. Th- full--wing is a tnuHutif>n of t'?/- not from t .i mural Flort t to the A. vmi.l,: - in ?' .- A-Mimi i;n?itt.? The unexpected nsnts flat bare teVew p:* .nth. Utter days of Ust Auect, .n l of winch y m are alres.iy fnliy aerafe, bare made me det-rmine to pic-rat t-i \'.it the Irreveoabla and sp..n-ane<>n? renunrlati n of ttia cbargr of I resident of the itepiialie, witb which I was hot - rod by the b uorable A -vniMy t aeral ->n the 1-tb of March, 18-'. I May it plea-e Divine Pravblonee that this slap, to which r"?i?ii my?elf With p'.easriraas a sajtldee to the p.o f-? rlly and bat pise's of my conatry. to si Id th" .h> ' '.of Wood of ' " of the W- od ?f brathien, ha selitta-ily socept -d b^ a!l ? f not, the respooslDillty will fall on wbouitoawr It to blame, . I etyn to aerept tt, bonora-1 awl Pop"-* en ti thes. sad . otitic yourfel as to the reup ?? ' ??>1 gratlto I of roar romfjstfiot, V. DdNiM li>d;?s town of t alia, 10th Kept., 1M5. On the 11th, Keoor lkisumente enleti d on the 1'reW.lency of the republic. la the act the prorl* ?iojpi joreraptnt i?T5tJ tbf C ^nn,1!V"'* Wn 80m??nJc?ted to tho pr .vl n1.|r,T.n.m,Dt.h?1 the Oenor.1 A-wvmbly ocrepWd !" 7 5i*?rl-r", \ Knwclo Flore, hi* , cxeculive power of the ? n ^ , \ ;;f ,u >**?"?>? ?o.< U e ^ovi,w n. ,V ",^,UM,,,'T,,," lu WDfonnlt* wl?l. the ftate ?-f the eonstituflon of . *7' 'f To >*? tommoBleatod to all the anthoritiea ?nd to be piloted anil inscribed In the proper regk-ry. ' Tlic rew President also pubUhhed tho following decree:? t r i* 't h eh.'di'<,fh?s1r**n'** ?'/'n rf ,h- oomrotint mini. . , Manoki. n BTSTAWKNrE. On the l](b of .September, at lj P. M., Wh KxceP envy the Pre. idem-?t\a the Ctmrreio ,ht PI ga mmed at the government house, accompanied by ?in aide-de-camp and by Gen. Medina, to take ? bnrgo ol Hie executive power. He was received bv the Provisional Governor, the ministry, and a mi rcerona and respectable body of dtizt na. Ah s?on us the President lutd placed himself to the right of Scnor lamas the latter addu ced him in an intpro vbed Hptech, so sensible, patriotic, eloquent in terms and manner, that more than one present, Im pressed by the truth of his words, felt his eyes hu mid. iliedistinv of tlio country, ho harassed by disturbances and dta-onaioDS was the theme of the war m speech wiiich gave dignity to the vows of "iiien made by the venerable cituen. After Scnor J.umas concluded, the walls and courtyard resound ed with acclamations of the people, carried away by i? al enthusiasm. His Excellency afterwards spoke, and in the few words which lie uttered be said that he desired the support of all for the acts of the new administration, and that be reckoned upon that sup port. Many voices repeated a marked udhcsUmto that union of which the Presideut of the republic spoke. r This ceremony 1-elng concluded, his Excellency passed Into the adjoining hall, where were present Messrs. Maillefcr and Thornton, Charges d'A IT,tires of f ranco and England Then Scnor latum retired to his honse, followed by the people with enthusiastic acclamations. The company of the National Guard which woa in the courtyard also desired to accom pany him, but their officers prohibited if, ordering them to remain at their post. Still, many of the Natknul fluard not on duty joined the people, and the old and popular tribuno was escorted in triumph to bis house, where the multitude wus dismissed with some words of thanks by Mr. I.amas Among the people were ulso the three members of the pro visional government. As soon as the people left Mr Lnmn* at home, thoy returned to the fort, anxious to know the first official act of tho President of the republic in the formation of his mini-try. The Brazilian Minister. Mr. Amaial, was not pre sent at the Inauguration of tho new President. Tin relations of the Imperial legation with the Ka torn government Im.l been revared; but Mr. Ito.fni. nte did no', wish to assume the Presidency without first having en interview with Mr. A mural, when he de. dared that lie should establish offi relations with Hie ministry, and got from Mr. Amaml a proml-e that, obtaining power lawfully,he uriyht rely on tire -upport stipulated in the treaty of !dliniu-'-. The people of Montevideo watched anxiously and j-a -?Hj.-ly the oigantAaiion of the new iaiiu,-lry?, _J2tuuor? of nominations of pcrann* who did not ofHw guars* tee-of peace, increased timer anxieties-. lad on the l.'thuil fi-,-rs vani-hed in tin- nomination of Don John JWi-ii. l Martinez for General Minister until the cabinet . honld be completed. Mr. Martinets a man known to be moderate, and generally esteemed. i? longs to (lie party who defended the riled, I, and in spires genem) . onildencc. The denoKtmtni of the que-tion which threat, ne.i the Eastern Mate will, a new civil war i*,.* received will, tinivernal applause in Montevideo. At Itm/.U al-o, it rem Id not tail to Is- v- rv agreeable tliat .-ivi war was avoided, and that things laid return.'1 to ibcir on-titntional order. Mr. Jhi.ii. t'Mtrr, Jr., ?,.d nmx Mcr.Irek. to Tim miiroB of tiik nvw uirk irmAr.K ,, . *?* V.IBK No*. J2 in,:. 1 ,Vl-Vf An y<With 1*,. late Jum., I o-ter Jr.. durlug .he i.i i?f exi?:,.?r, A??r i )4C,, IT .unit log the abvurditr of th. Ind.iua. UtrtHtgiiiHi hi character mad* by Mr MaxMi, ty.k n tola rn ont pnhluMt ou f/tiifHl and Qu'ivcm ' pubitn. tUU lr":" ' a,"n 10 pxPnre Dwm to the < n tho ?Mh pai^o ol liin b'-ok ih* nt)Ubr>r ?? vi:?. So ?*r irrm Imnhng 'to- ?flrr r#r atiAlr I *V . %iPMrU,n ii t.i Iin ?.,re'ih 2',?n* *,'1,uU '?"'*'b< b '.Hl. or . irnwe* un .la :?:;:cru "? *",,r ,,n ^ a.',* z /'V ? 1 ?'a?s 'he -? -I-..H .... i,u.i ? .-t?r'rf ,. r , n ? re y day o?-|t. , mi,vrtauug m r ? mi ? ? .?r -l.avliu r,.,y-. shoo Id U . .a'r, l? orniareihaii Ma HBtsalul,. y . i u L? ;,n.i , , . . it - rain" nu 'bit t?i? cvolxrj w,+>*4 ,tf rnuirni ? ?.1 rtgmo in ?ho m*vke?t p 'Sirlv\JiK ? ? r t I,,. ,Zn'*.7J? Ifci, one ^ r probity ami honor of lh, nlH in.hi wUom the Director* bn.l w-lc<>t..| n. their Wm bi t ' T l"n J;0,JF Ibstrwat re,..' r.j u . 7 L ' .<t-)rf"Z ? strict CMnptiauc. on th? i( of .. letrek ?uU lit, oMrn.-t. and dr~l n- I 'o ?j, jnomy 0! a U>. MarHr.U ,o It f..r ?" Ln ?> duH-. onUog hi, no'.w whlel. w. ?:J t??. an".,| ^ .< t aiotin ht- c ,?.rwt ? ???* . , o.e .Orrr. -or *u .?n.d?4, a. to the f ?\ art, high J ? iwpo- -1 .ITOT, hfH ii.,'.-, or.y n,. ar1?al?.?i Untiiieaa tiatuaction. In ?.met, where ?Ih? n*.?., of uMwchania Lnown to ho worth a l..1 tl.o.i .rvl \,1. '<'? to eit.y-lotI?r ilaretz/k w - Worth i- mrt'o.. . i I tor a diet runt ofttro Ht.d a l-.tlf pfrr.r* y uio-,th aill .-vli.y ud?I, rithwl thjf tliepaprr UMax ...... -icai iprr.itt>r. r<- .Id not .i| ?te,without lire srwl tco- o( no. noil i,u ',,'Z acd th-ut only at a i.lgli rata Mr. K.-Wer, ?h. n yrt ,.,l(fa. w|?,".*1*'*** ft ?f ??<? Acwto-ar. eharuat-" --tal-li bed 1 in bn,iri? in V?-? <lrl.-aii u o,rt d tbo Or,t itwular line ,1 jyiai-ot. in* I ,-tw,-eri ?? r tr ml .Nrw lork. Aft.-r mm ho retired from a hu.i m iha' eg ylek l'srhio. a (.rofli m *10,000 a ywr. i -r -itor,.-l elth ? tor inu a i-l* at t.Vrn OS t|> J,, DHOaecam-jUted by hi*o?n Imlu-dry, Ala-,,. ,n R,i l"J ?V *7 P' ?r t.h? ? '"*'?* " n ?? v* ? '>*1- ?? or, oe Mr.-dpnvatw l -.x.- at two o. three of M , th'-itic - utlunadr for the *e\o,a. ? ol his t- .'.'r* 1. t' luwpurshared a how ?- lie I j?k theatre na I *r' -in '"J1"*": w*-b?iwi ?; v?. Wer-M, -ii.ip^,, ?| the ?tk -td, iittuy. he we..i*i lerhap. he al.-, to ?ta| a Mr. Itcr oncefre l he he A-kt i'U(- (ipeiA lldiaw String II w, ? y a??J p- .i *i i(k ? in eri-k nc? to ,t? ewn-tru li.m it J?r /?* i bun*- f for- to cjwii llcw-nt en beauty -.w*' 'l,J ' ,l **"' 10-1*- Eaetcr. If t , or.*, tin. tbs puhhe le injeb # 1 for lb fird Mrre^reti'. , !'f.r? In Net Vork. (Vulwly i . r k d?ncy ba thr expeilns, j- a* he -t fed I . iiUt ''??*???.y he looanuah r-?l ,en?e to lie ? J.etoM .n.|.?jo. I ntoabwlot. rutu byth< rtr- a- v> tMAbWraand g-.ite i/.w? of utoiwrnbc -jent!. ai a, who. 14. trour the bi-Uir/ of the > a. ? in til - oontri-w, havn po, ? - e,J t.,r hippy faealtr o r . , I lyii-'i; gmil-u iu i.t tort,, a* hi, 'U>* I to btt'otoe 4 p. tr? ? trill r.Mt?Wr of IV itr j? IU.*In? be. n itti,na:e!y ae-,ua.. o i wl 1, Mr K, t , it.e hoi* p--iI'el eiul-n-el .a Mi.r S .? ? , et-iey J tMi ? , are* the p?Mic t'at t e??. 1-H.i. u arii?tj ?r? nwwe diaru-tiaw ?? ?u i. ... endI that M. leader-* po-.n.y, w, ni we irj'.w -h . relirt? ;o?;> -hating n-' j* ttr hi, ..< m u ?? t, .?? than k t u! lniwr- w a i ,ut ... w I ' "*,<'r el'.lelt ne,. u-i ge.. ,t Maj ?? 'a Ost,*. f.o-r (Mi rorvt>, A young nai^e.1 lair T?t,t Lw arle.k , t;. ?'?tw of Lwchwood A Irater, al ia, I|-?r*. ? while yroree-Hfig k? tlv I y R-ul . on T v d j trtrr ? - ' n. for tha ptirp<we of 4t|Odilby -ouie , , ? - ,r 'W Of ? .io-k f, r Crat ob?"tv?-.i t,y ? r art me a, n-a?o.I ; g,r j , Vr . h to be driving by rh .rtly .fte-, Iwi.ow-i rlj ""TT1 !'<a""f ,f "? ?hd Wany ?. r.p-.fii i .omalhle I mt?r ?a- vlnvely etrrtaei by - o J UnO'.N- il 7^71""41'"^ tfc# *rtl'" ,'le so ] pre -lied bo m ' twerwiagasa-lyerUe-met, ?p.-?re.| n vnr <if th- p*f+n ottering a r??Ara a4 $lw f .- 1,? rteotory Of the wowey. O'ktU ha-teawt to haa'.wwof J ? <?r A loekwM.1 *%,! bei.l .Wore them .11 the ir.f-ir 4

t, u Leyc-Mered. After watting until II o>bwk to ?j. ? tkLV I'L ""? rMnr" " " Mr J/airr ? a _ *1 ' " ' 'r u* Jire' c- u-ktur, - 11.J had th. ^ '?U*f th*1 >,r -WVeivWi t? re urn tho money, hut thai ho ,a. Ull> mi.Uy e.? -age 1 ??d., ; JSn La lb inrt-: th, 1. .Melt had tho U.t right t.. tho reward, m It w.Tuireagl Z'&iT^LitjrzLzr, S Lee.ore on ByirHumlUn,. by P.of Hare, *t ?!>? Tkhrin irir, n0pT?^ rB0FK6S0B WiS CO.WJBTED?TiHtv Tir CO-ML^f1;1"" AM,wl,,i"Tl ^ h.-tationh-T. COVMIM, ATJ(?Nrt J HOM TUK -PIKirUAI. WOK |.ll_ ? i..ibom hakh ami tmk hi'iiut*, ktc , ktc. A:, ancieure .1 fcbl,llt thlw> lh?UfMl fVWOW , ./,7UT y mn,D? in tha Tabernacle to car the ire turn of l rtifeaau, H*,e on ?'HyiritualUm." u wa, enauoncrd in the jidverUnenn'nU puUUhed in th.. l??y W?r, u at 1,. would in adm<ia w ,hf ^ ? , g ?t a ?xpeiuuenU, whleb he had mil. U" ""?*?< ?">?? .MvgwJ .ptr. pUn-me,,*. aM ,oau> ??aold, W ??.<!l!,aCUd,,> ,he^ th* '?-?P-t lu'-irriil " ?*nl,e*?e<i bj ,k. audleaM. Sim, rillturlll, Uluatrat. aud r, ? it h 7 "unife-tati-na ai lht> ?plrito , *01" "".In!; ? Poetical proof , truth of hi, the*,.,,. KuiliD, of ' , rf' "" *??. wtiU ?ho ercpthia c a iiJXTuU' Mlde ^ tb' ?,.; ? ,t? n ? C' "* l'0"r-'- ?f h,s '"? " ?? Ete.c 1 n0'h""f ?'^1 ?* ?? bu i, *n,OMW*<i *<?'"? uthormnfh trUnor la P i uei at raid U rur w,m0g to ,uclt|1(.,. hj^ ? . ?U convert tho peseta hi- b-hef rv ^KUru',<'CC,'1^i ,W" Uourh ?'?<?? U" ?7. MU although part- of it nr., .omewhat pro?y it na.tUet.CNlt? ihrcughttet with the gr, .teat aUe?|,',n. Hh, ?u ilt nee worn willing Matt-Mr*, and If he (ai,H ,,, cci.Tlnr.Bg then, it wn - his tkuit, n. t their*, if,. ,, ,(1 , pi. u,; the truth T -ki ',r,T*> ?" hi" vrn ?,.|,ru, t|on .ru o>iuCc'kU,<' h?",l?l" U(lfT"' " ? ??? - " !M at ?luctory f"r'< ?' ? ("?'? He "? iiiiiirriretl t>y .jll,,. ! ? j . > ' " ' Hn '.'an iiivMei Ir.,, f n..,,wHJg| h? exjiiuin hf htiinfti, rra* i ? ' ,? "* t'1 totha, ,hVt?.(;'lo,;i;a. "ndJ n'.1'" be, d went,,I and tA.nt ,,.l? theSr "'X'I". ,lmtll?' reason, aaid hp in t. ?? . ? -Cii-??t?iicp of Biter i?o.i wl V^.1^'V ?neH 'h:, ib.Ui 1b*- contr<-111uii i. in * hvucj t*v?dc*?t motion, he >? jutlm,, . w. UhH?n',T? ?v il" 1'1* '"1 Arthlu.nlr* i:,it at.e ? i u, ,.r r " ' '' 1,1 more the world, | ] fll , ,, . " ' ' wli *n'"?,l>liih?rh^nb7h.|rhAB'm J1'"1 ptumn. buppnrV ?f hi- Lt 4,,.'."^ n.y t , ' C it wasdWK ,y the ibgennlty ?f wf,?c futerZt, I n fin-Umet, and where h,. ,'J. f*? >'"?? Tb"r" mrilUlX^''Unir w'r 'SiV' T^' uo mercenary or inn,:, ino'.vo. it a'>1' ,fbJ I-o.e o! ma'.tng .pl,lt,ml m??ir, Mati .n n." ,J ,, ' anc, a rooiineorod with n hvn n ,?h ^i V ' made hy a, me -errt ?>,, .r,a i-i th< drawer ,.f tl r H d.',' I , U!hO I, out faded In Hurling "T t it , k :zry?1 ::\t T'ri tthau two rr. il ??. ,, U t rir I,uH' ?, U'*, jet hi. whole forre ,a. .^i > " a^l" Wi n Ji t 1 that they m.rc< led in .?' .? Urrl ,1, , h !*"' H I l"'h"' '""t t ? hu ,rr,T ., bo i e ?d I ',M"T" H: "w<" ^Inat. than t, ?nd 1l,e tintwml am***jm /)C* M# jr -fri|ri ?.i , , aoa", wUdg.d hhneeif delate), , (H / then mated., ,.f hi. lim to ,h. , n?, i,m ,,f , L n. ai il'iii".! yl'o,K * tt-t<Min h'wi<re ' ?' '""" " vet. apheren ci Ifc.- a,..r1tu ,| wort I ill. o uv, r-iuu took plar-e i? ,l? J * . O'WlBCMi.iavwilhahwyer an .,,h T . , ",7 arsissKa sTa*:, timnd - ^ o dawnirg en UK u.ind o ^rlen lHTworm '^ a . ' '""-T't > i? ,h, . I i. h i! .h.w " " "r" l,Dk ' ' 11 ttteeldonr. I. bo, e of man ? mltrmlg-i U f nnded. ThU oeoounl for the ,.. iochnoi tho r?^mt'.'u tnrtl htr ein.a the o.thchua < briatian, and to, I mssrtr.rr'r 2" " "-oWa ?fa."-tjar Jkka 01 jugglery, ;,a,i di-hon. . e, ,J|, p. (n' ? trdl'timi SthT^etX- -et'r"tn' p?ih1 ? 1 I at I eV I The tir.t laatr iiw,< at a- ue.-t,.{ ot ? ... , ?. ttth r-a 0I1I like tl a. ,? . ^U ok - .-iu. -he , i, ' in .teed tl nniobrw, it contain- i.., IhnwZiS holeitora of the a I pi. a p. t. .t.rtdiali. ?,| , ^L'rT'jU *V'*i " " ' ?'.K in * J. ? l,"' *r -i'l"u ^? U fa n-t to 11,'? . ,| blei1 that the ? r?,,Jd lw (Ki trf. l, a< i^e m .r,n aw uotknow ,mt !? th. An j. * jmtatl ,!,-Tt *<'*i^.t .'*? or too.UUl.ha nrwt iti, n ?i, K *n lht*m ?u<l i],r irr'firvr. iu#. ., . . rm. f lAifoi: the medium to Ui?m t - ^'?<ib'u. tut the oJdu.X^.' :T'f. ? e. r 1 a "" 'l" ?"<"???> ? ?? -f th ?. , , * '?'?".miiu. .itior, ft, m U>o . if j "* ? : ytd to locrtaa,* hi. aaeyn ie a. i hi. . ' ' new eonrl-td-n.. tka < ? , '.V' * '"b-.-ra ing Mt,,r . "" . ? ,1 .1 the e , .p., . ,; . ? , . , r-.-l .. .... - . ? ... It kuriwn hy jioiu-.iiig th In, 1. .i^aili'al fc pert.'* The apirit ki?i''.iy c.iaplH "Iti. t'?: r? ne-f. " W.U the ^tilt agate idelUelVuk ' ' "k>>) an to giro hi- inlua'-. ' tt.lllll ia ala?tu eptrit t mi,.', .1 *od po to rttan, " it. U." "V.hnt i airou.', h It* > r my ,t^. ii the iod, v | h. th'> ^t'.rr ' 1 ? H'i:'. ym ^skliid .'iwa ah V- >tr>eg thi ?et ik.I In elpliahr leal " Wr .ta if by njjgte. the l.,iin?, wh.?h we,, a - n# h .1 i aar.ea r.i^njlt. a' ti.f.: hr?t deilU. ' A" t ,raiug ilie rat, ? .nt* j?i t ln '* I r r 1? , brli gmg up !>? .1 th a p trWlr (|ai'< an,', rat'l 1 i . ? ? . . t uf ilinr, to. i a .of i ? oil eot eft ,, ?if. rile graph/ f atoawl It - 'Ul ?n tie- aad it-oukt ah* .aeii tha nem> oti'r adkfta .nl th tie , ?.w f. ? ? . ih' ? ? f. i I t>, a K 'it litwupK %" ."<?.-t d. to hi r od in, why annt >ga hrkirt Ike ftft at by U.e A'ta- ie ftrri /una i' 11. ? *pirile." Mk d.d Ur iWH? inpw.i). _ . ihfa r. altl pa---dl oa) w ttaf-TieiwaViy tie fteei r ? - p, II _? iflt ? ?. ? ? ' o I. h ? i ? ..!'whh I. jo I ' ii..,.,/ tn .r ?.aA?iari< - r.? ho par tk --far irihtani . idt ooo -Uf to t ii !..(>? fan rtAMetehl ,? -.k, ale ?t wtieh U* 0 that mi day at Veil a-a<. tie Wtt ?-*?etp I ?? he "In. :it'd?ir.fteii OetHl ?NmhMplt'f en>- if of aied'Vr, ill mrk i.dtla, etaw toil. The .|gii? iid a# r>-,?1i I. ?t vh- ah-fte ine'tor war Wtt.edlo hi* ml**rliee ky !??? I aa> ffe ?t, In tt ?t city A* ti-.' .- prrree HI th , 1*, -1- teke?e .nteeeetIn gaewHryt-aomfOen. ? ay ? -M ?' gtoat mtTlae ?n hbm ? wr.. ?? < the t - wieawneB ta tail tee ta>m *h?.? Hie ? ?j 1 1* vugL f iL - a r, o?4 I etttteal akw* ?#/? "? ?' ?? * oaltf eaiefc woee remaekaMe eaer? it* tb, r p. me >han h/r ttmtr Ufmainr tmtU, and waned ?p eilu an ?? '? oyeei the o-w-.-t; , { ti.etr v**r* All Ei-Mcmbrr of uon^Trta Cunwlrtcd ut Vi la alt and llaftery. RlCIIMftNTl < OI'NTV?OYER AMI TKKMINKK, NOV. 21. Iktore l!no Win. Rockwell, Jua'ioe, ind I Jur.i. tii,. raink in. uk>k\ j. xkiiav The defendant wa? Indicted f r an ax-aullaut bnttory onVdaard Hanker, one of lite Hint of Scher'aar lorn. IluiixW K ( o., til thil City. it ap,x-.uet by thewaid-u* on the (rial. that in August U-> Mr. (tinker drore iuhi< carriage, *Hl' hi . wtfii and fumlli ?? j, u a plunk load ad joining tn k i in on Htatou laiami anil a ax about >? (la-ni <<K tlie gate of tt? jii.amiae* when be ami obstructed by ih* rieliuidant am* ulna lai ? r? t?, ?ho w<,i- ilm 'ol ?>jr tb" di'rudxtit to "pitch Son orgr th" ft-ne. ' Our I Or uu aim InJiW'i't Mr '!?! ke tn -n-h -i degree thai hi- win* under nii'-tl ?' traatoreni for wiw- tluir In puTai'Mie* ol Seaman* iw'l?r?, a t< he ot ? . n w?re than attach' Ii to tho l ack ol the earring* ?m? I- wa? draw n bat'Uwwda at* hundred '-et to number m?d In d* finer It war eJwio.ed that tin nud b'-towignd tn teaman, lie Unrii g a. nuirml it by a <Ue?l fimn tb* t'nrt III Mini ml I'lant Road Company. Hie Inmt adjoining tin- mad on the nthe*-aid* belonged t? Mr. Sebmao'a wlfo, and the-.? Iia* he n a dUpute led ween lb" adjacent owue.w about itiv ua of tliia road, aauiau claiming itio axcl'i-ire nee o( it and Banior rlaimitrg thn ilgnt to u-e if hi nnmo with Mm. It appeared lhat Mr. S ?i-ho! Mr It to pur cha*. the prlwllfg* it u-inff It whfi h ha nrclit'id toitn. Tin* deed Pbder which Nr. H. ct,lined tin- mad w*w i. jcctfl on tha tilal n? io*ulllcient. Ihe .lelenr e wa* con duct. il liy II.m rruiuun rtmlth f irmatly ( S. Senator. Tbi'jtuy. i a aimit abwon.-" . i oturue V a rrrillct of "(iutlti. fc'euUuoe deterred. City lNMltlcw. thy rrsTit ti. iir jti't'itAiti cmhn ci.t"; movi mknt ? Oil Till t'NH s Ol Till! 11 All lis AM' Hoi r-. A !u Iff no I'll'1,'.' < f tti?- IVutral !*? j?o 'ra tic I ui ?n i bib wan in Id iu II i' i ' Mi ll', Tamioany Hull, l*?t > ri ni'>gt i'tnni llir witting of the advert! ? inetit, calling up n tb men.bit fir pu:ictiu.l attendant1* a< gnat b i-lm ? f w ? expected to be tianaacted, quite a ro un tult of Kifli a' half ).art tiTeno'clock, fully deter mined to raeri out the object* for whteh Ho .meting waa ll.ere enter ed .Mi Cochrane, th" t'-e-idi nt not being In alb itdnDeo Mr Siliim-I . 1-goiKl Vieo I'remdi lit. wn called upon i11 tale the chair. I.. I lleibon, th? regular Seer* tary wu? In nttrndane*. Hie pu llu Inum - having hern gone through wi'li a mib* ol? read).Itu- were olH ed, liiriUug lb" netiie formation of Want t'nlon Clul)- auxt.larr to Ihi ti-nlinl I nl'.li, wbirh all "ltd la lurmed on the 1 0ale t-1 a btm i platform. Then ? i- 1 ? tie nod' ? liu-lii n by aucb ia guoiio n-n? ' hell " eai-tlug among the dt irior etlc pat'y it 'hi? e.H> A c ?oim< andeoidlal Itoltatiou I - all y deniocateto J in the tank*, e.i ni)di-lt tl.i- eubelaio e of llie n iduib.n A? a matter id re urn oua little aja'aUtug lult-*el the Intr itteibm ol the f-' lotI- nr. but nothing r.-ry hi -' Il-iti' or V, I tiderful ? ?? got off. Mr Malign, of the Second ward, offmed the following ren lutii u which wa? c?er(eil uuantmouali |!?im. vi d Ilia n erminlftee of lire be, nil I* hereby, appointed to lepart In the I'ent-al IVmoeiallc t niou a plan for - a - d < ganiMitlonx of ilie demo rail- par'.i, Ihe taeia iff aueb oiganizatlou to lie the uulon and aui ci"-a ol lbe parly. Oauirw tipunlmoiirli. (, mo,lit' i?Meat Mrehan, lloiilelib Merrb I, -lew art and I i e. I'lii- committee then adjoin rted. City InttlilKtiufi Ml -TIJI M W'tofi (.11 laelio) n K ? A gitfiinlicgraathiippei wa< ealilbliH ?l llie Com Ktebaigi- yeaterday. wliieb wa- brought from all l.tbe, I'l-ib Territory, yla Halifir Ilia, to 111-. Joi n .1 M' libi hi the roiiier of I nl*ei?|ly place anil b.glith xlierl, wlioie II can bere-ifter l# iren. It Bjia-urex live Inelu- In Icng V with . b *ly ao4 b-g? to match It la one of the tuinlly iff deatructli# lo-e ' which mail* uch haroc wilb the Morm n rrop? ?mn n er. It t? raid that II.ry aripin'ial in ? ill loullllod>-? ?" much ae a? to bond the egtrcuie bran Vie* of tren aol ? flan .|*?tro; tut wh. !e nr-.p- In a rary hrbff fier i?l of lino I 101)1 the -| ecu teg exhibl i I ?C can roadtly c -ro file o' th" magu'tud# of the d; toage whW? ?u:li cixionoi I teporled to ha a raw mitieii both In bVypt a .d I 'al. It i to tie ho] ed that their h-eallty may not ex'eiid Uyottd tbeir pre mat Ho. la, otlo wo"' our futuie*" plit bread -lull* might I-- an UilW l or er.nrely en ofl M-.v Vo*? tli"i? sx i-CTf.?'The Ib-wrd iff Man per* of thia p'.'.bij met hi t ereolng t the Aoi"in in l.i'd? Hou r, A.tor pluee, k. M. Ku't-ley pic-lnli.g TV ob jectoi the meeting Vi la men l? to hear tlir rr.airi- <>' liia e- and ? Ir .ox-K ' tin iegtilar > mi'loe buatrie-r. it wag IMNWtd, In tb*' Couixe "I the nr. iif-lingr Ilia'. th? thirty n-'oinl aitulTe. ??'i of lb" V< Yoik llildr Society Would !<? held mi lay n ,-ulog ?A-n In at., nl half-paat .rnn oilo.f, In < e P-* |i, M lander a ehureh, on I I'Hi ? roiiier ol s'lu In nth atrrel. Tin a- mo.I n poit will b* yf 4 and a*tdri .?i?niiv "w e*|iei'<iwt fm.Hihi folhiwlng gi riH'oi -n I' y I'aniei Nunli of llnmalyn It'? 111 1 1 I. -e loll el Albany, 1 Oil He- Whi H. Milhuro lab liapli u to Ol r.g.. xa" r.aa ;> Via it Sm it.?Tlio alarm ol fir1- laalrienlng foi lb* ri . Ill iliatrfet, almul k ?'cluek. Waa r iuxeil by a Ml". Hostible drij p eg a 'ghled randh- i-n be* Ik ?titling i In- eloUiIng on fir-. It ?* ' n - that hci - l> an' hui'x>n*t won- in ? *lcnle<! Sh' ren nel a bora on lli" -ig. IVali part!'-* v.a-i- "i ueryel to the .-tftUoi. h- I- by the i n o i b. g of druoki noraa. Hon U <?1 roiiniy Caavamrn. tkktii r?tr. The It ard nf ( aUTa erx ., u xemhla-l at 11 o'lilock yew tor. lay, the I'ro-Meut in the chair. SofwiTi -. r II"*-'f llnMintre and lb ww-l did il"' -Hi ml, nml ti rre ww? i ut i ? mall -d h) pie-enU Supi-i Ti?'-r t o.i mx, nf Ihe Mnlb Ward .-"i.TpIc' ? *11h reading of the return- ? I lb. Mi.'h w ? : fr-n le ' y I rm, The n 'uou ctifoi m*-d Ibmnghout : vlw.r Tar.w lauo- , of II." Tenth war-', a"1 ? 'h u?* oc-.-il reooiug th- rwturat 1 ' the ceial .balH-t* oi I. ward. In the II ?t dlalrtet, ur n Kuf nn r a re Jtn were glen ?' 0 t1 *b- ? r 'HI, lor for i.... ? , r "I - , the \U. I! v.l?iV- no ... jk-yi . p . .. 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Belt* *dii.?iUl of tin* ?1?t hud. Mhif.t t bu' i'iin , i?.l ti-ii y u to put* *h, i*nii t?? . mi' t? nt | tuny d<?tt?' hint In jtiftt.<r, Mint I U g i*i ?iih?lr*w ti ?? r?>*g* It n |i^n in w. h# hi #*>?* bfiow, that ti*u'l) idi>?' y?*rn ago b# *'??j ijrvftat#*) th* ptiui ipl? of ?.,u ittdM - v . <<t,ty(7 II thin I ? m?, I hav# lift light to *?n * wmi ufi liniUil liift ( fxtinit or ?U4 fh*n>"iu*l .a* j. nc.pU if ?i|inthr murfigiitji" nn; ?? t twir web i U'*?i, by iiituM hi, wtiftf tin- i fin ?< ri$U ut V? rk *?? It **? wi-nld rot (toJiiwratah uniirtJua. J. \ A* th I.I N. S; w Y< kk, N?i . 'Mi, 18&6, [h fh iJ f K< rhrntftr r Qh?n Not *1 But 1b# /toy li?*' man **}? th*? lh>rti#?^rr I'riim in %m ' ? bolt'ion" pajtr an 1 inarm or that i' i*cka#mir?^a fh# Hno';*n uo. to t r ? "nattoml rt'W< nt' her**** ho j.foff pi* to adh^rp to t'xriaiiithr aovoralg^ity iirmri pt?* wl i h u# ot iffita'ad ucaiiy n^n# yr?r ? a/?, ? 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I dn 11 it p. m.. to it w* lm#r otrwr | Pt t urn !> u?*ly t.dt.Pi t -i b?"?gh n t ti?^? ?? t b^iiuHt# do Mi o|f , > to thp (it^ditior.i ?t* nod ptoTi<-w mru f that ?lay who h ?*o rp? ii: .oy into! r<i ?b rxuo'ry in alt ilm |<vtiU of ?\ now and unn?r#o??iy igUati'*n \ ri 1? r nacb (UrutnuttTirt'i, hi- o,??*'(, wi po,? . ??! tf?p d ?"?(rlnr nf I jU'dtfif iO f?-r#tgTj*y . thP fhi f hi*en 4 i, Vhrfl ft v. hlg# i iiibinrpd fha ru ' 't??rtrii*< (profoanvdlji; inniiy y*<ar* ;?M?.pni(i, ahPli it w - oguiPi yri who oh* dui |uti? nagp. ad o(k>j nmoi by m->n? v p ntulti' no4 ' ?a nrtwk4 by )Hf? ).i h#> tuM- boa rIf horn nn-l a "nntiiMMft itwfiiocrat" ? v.hfi*' 1*p -ti** ?i'd >mii h* hi *a-"#fHlotii *tf" ?ut,'ti.g ahiu* ?f. jdur* an ! pidih tf ?n VuU%* lnt#lll|(?'i rr. Ai if;; n Am urr ji? km kot hii huim o? * wrona olid.. H ? puhltn] #o yp^tn n? a ntnivAW ut r? litf?p to in ni Iff' ' allr-r: on lllf |.ari el 'tv ? 11 1 II 1U>l|tH Wat an ! I miaan ' to .11 < I (!?# ruin ul a young i-rtioam gill. IK* atai.'in.ol >a. ? lie rak !alr*l lo Au(i*-a iai In 'It lati n. Iti.|.(**' Uiai aU>ul a ir?4 agw 'La girt I' .w I,i. n?hl to 'lie 'Ii |/' t at Ho'Iimi auo plaoad lilWli i thv ri?*? ol Wi I . arlio la a rail * I eoniloiMor, Willi a tl a'. L wuuiu ?!* I ?i *Lr waa .Wig I' l llnl Mi f.a? V"lk lie ilH ?". While on II." p *g? ti e gltl la" " ar.|'alii'eil will, a U'lj lei irNYitliaf ai ii* on t.i*i way iallf"i?la 1 h*. 'fl tl??i .awr In roini any mat wi lit to tbi NaUouial ll'i'et. Mr l.aaw a 'Mug I'irther of Ihi'in till llir Imlt rrluriitM I., 'he howl ni. ' .lair* thai .Li* bail I .en i 'liti-o of * eiut kiOU n g'i*4. Me I ' n coi.i'nuel bl* l. If* l? arwl froui Uo*leW, and aa * ?! Iim re-letila; , i mI 'he Hi l tu lioa'iou bo r< tl.: ' be hail eou.H'Ule.1 at.y wr. og nn aaw lu iba )?|e 1' I/"U I, a blgbir n .jio alilw ni??, a naMww i 'M? lail Ii-' l a, tniHI.ela-l pe'.oo at) le?l> (Mualal I t Willi I ill' ? lit Law en I* Inl in'ing U inlri, i a yet. Injure, Ciller ruaa or aomatt, t">f ?< girl. iun v mo tAci.r CHARU* ?n #ak?u?i-* har ila v nirtr Bdi "iB i?r?i'tAfW) n nr. XrWeiday uc *iiiri<t, a ytmag Man ofra'hrr ilaablag .['I' l'ift'i*. uainel Jterfh |i-w. lyiearei * hogig W 'I'll, at I in' I ? fl'illei^j, r? i..l piefr, pe4 ? ? .*rf? ? < f gatnoHiig tha pr' phdo-u f th** ^gj ^n hpy% a >fo. h H'lfaf *rr?'t. fin p ir dff ti Ant In a j . ?.u*ti tti?'tat tfo i* poiift ^ii'f" <ha hft?ii!ft v I th# yiaew In *j??<?*'i# it on th* fx ??!l of v ?p? i **r .*J An t will** thorw hrt ??. 'In g ? ?f c*a'#1 ? ro oaif kintu mm ' '..?#? " |??-? g t a tU i^tiM. (f ill toco who ?l#all ? bft oar?h< d fm' *#r*i bitii u j i tu th hi* iti'iipf Iba < Ii.* ft ' ;"*d **i?* ' ti.* . .? a tall in |i wtth ')*ik hair ii?d I i / lot]i? * til. i hf |t f a k H' ' u kthriiMl iw ? <?* w;?f h. Ha ? ?b?. |V?r*| hp *1 grs, w?4 a rlirn iapn n I* Ami f- rli*- l?i aiih gi?J f | ' II ti ?? lf>' i.rit Of |k? la * i( N?t |w - ***1 f ? f ,?p ?rrr t f tl.o f iitjrpt'tlN. 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