Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 24, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 24, 1855 Page 5
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k nutves in Furope anticipate a most brilliant suocett ? V"r' ("i<l ?? DO* bwltntA to say that .the will create ij (??.//?? such ??( ha* not been known here since f'auu/ it sh'r't Tehut in this country. All the world will be a*. Ki Ik,an Monday to welcome the IbiveU once Sooid of CenacUnien. Ti Via iBo~.rJ assembled ysstexday afternoon In their jb.u aheti 7a ihe City Had, the President, D. D. Cone or, hi tL AcKir. li e minuted of the U*t mooting were lead led? 'ppiiced. "Iho rcard than proceeds! with the regular order of Wir.< tot. the th .i ' reading of reports wInch had panned ti,o t:< DMoitvee i.f the Wnoie. A l lie report" so read were In relation to seacra and sti * *Si au(' hi-ve belure ben noticed In the IlKn nn. letit. W-e-wo.e o -at in order, and uuo vax prcsauuxi firm ib< I .rfHeertt el' the Magdalen boaleyr, asking tor p<: cueist) aid to thaa-mmnt of *1,000, Ih>s was referred to the 1 to uc( t uiaillteo. yte~K toem and j sport* w?t? next <n crde-, but nrne ot any ui ? ortanc# ce.tne before the B.?*rd. The Boa. d adjouineo to meet tvgain on ilondny eveuiof next. Cortsmrt' hiqurst Fatal 8f atreNii \ i xo a Cmm.?Ari inquest wan to-Id jer.trr lay by C or iaer Hilton upon the body of a Utile hoy, t Vree yoara of ;ige, named J, ha Sherlock re tiding with I ha j.areata in >'orty-ai\(h atre^t, nctr Fifth avenue, who dted from 'be etfeeta of severe scald* re ceived a few e Kiting- ;vgr>, by falling into a tub of K.iiiug water. The dBoenaud, with Home other childron, was ?lay tog to the kitchen with a hat over hi* eyes when be accidentally toll into the tub of hot water whiih was toft an t he ?Ioot by Home ot the inmvtcn. Tlie unf irtn nate child wra picked up afc-ont ijnmediately, and p o prk>y attended by a doctor, but the injuria* were ho >.a ?eio thai daaib followed ,n a law "leys afterward*. ler dtot " dicta iroui seal**.-' Mithvc -tlblri. The barb Fuporior, with a cargo of rait from CtoUx, Speln. arrived at Chicago on tbc ltlth in?t. The Superior pawed oi ?r the Atlantic in safety, hut lost her foremast to the gale ol the 11th on fake Erie or Take Michigan. Tbc Siw York Weekly H'rnld. N*W3 ma t F.t'KOPE, MEXICO, CljBd, AC.?TOE KNOW K31HINO CONVENTION, At'., AC. The Tmitr Urn tin will be published a* ten o'clock thl* morn'og. lta content* will ? mlrraco now* from Europe, Mexico, Cuba, Stu b and Central America, the West Indlea, ie.; Important and Interesting Correspondence from Wash togten ; Proceodlnja of the Cincinnati Knew Nothing Conven tion ; CmcluHlon of the Trial of Judge Stuart; Edltorlrls; latest Mews bj Telegraph; Financial, Ccmi-errlal, Political. JtcMglouo, TheaMcaj and Sporting InteiUgcnco; together with a variety ot miscellaneous and local matter. Single copies In wrappers joaiiy for mailing, can he had at the ctunter, Price sixpence. BixMulrur ay. the r*rl? of Mew York, la G ay ivfch it* rifth wuehQupea ot lafcr'ca ior uh^ &ud d'a tut thrf u^bout tb? en*, e timrou<bi.*re no establishuent ran be fttund iu^lUijk a mo #j valuable Mlook of j ico, UabJou able, ele^ani and beootnlng iup* than tbone ot KaVOX. Ladi-e, prep. re for cold weabier. Kuoi will furnish y m wlih a c om plete pet A *abk?r, t tone m tj-ten chinchilla ard ermine at re markably reahone-bJe prices. lie not forgot tha? big only ?ataMiaiiBtenl U no w on the cortwr ot firoadu ay aud FuI'.oij Hearie Brotlu r?, Phoiof^raphy^wOne of oar ?rttets was artist lo tho Emperor of Emwl*. His rortiflc.itos jaay be pcen in our aal'e.joH. Obips pictures, known as am Protypes, f^ken. h. H,?French, German, .Spanlibaud It.iiiau ?#ektu. i33 Broadway. , jr*1? fiwprrto Aitj?>ro(yi:c8 jTaktn MR. A, JA^WIS^ 142 tchaflwR) s'reet, are be.tuUiuily colored, and have ibe appearance of the fluent minU'urc* ou ivory. PupUa Uv strue'ed in the art. * nnd <i Hulf Cent Oo^tierrcotypcfl^to a" ^ F road way; one hundred years an* ad of iho times?where aro the io/?i<?s? Drum up y-iur ?rlyln&I hunder and dofl ali^borrowed plumage?your one borae coacika* are no more. Make way tor Uic ehlillng por (raits. 35 Out Dnfjn.-rrcotJ|W?, InclndliiK T??f, ?J|ital to those cbnrgcd a dollar for elsewhere An original pic ture oi Wont er, ?lav and Cilhooa for sale. ol'INliV X iV picture niakerv, ?85 itr.'adwiiy. PlMioa aud Mntir.?Ilaraee iVafrri, Agrrt fcr tie rale i.f ihe ltfst Uoston and New York pUdos, la no. aetltng, at 388 Uroj.lway, an nn'iivfy new s'ork of superior pi kboa, ?irlodretic, taui.e and all ktnda of inuaieal mereliandj*! greatly reduced price*. Ko bettor opportunity to aoturo great htrcaius was cveroii'g^d, 31<?tlv' at half nice during toMBMU tM. "n MelorJeoii*, Mannfarlnrru A !*<>' f'-nal .tree' near V-trick; 2. .fiYsn i!f for tooo and W' rknianrhlp, en ml u, env in the ha^d ntar'2i^^! VQ b "aJ,va5' Ptioc*. S. ii.-.Secoud MM piar.os at grtst bargain*. Pin no* to let?^|.lrui!l<l Yow Plaiiot, by the b??t roakef*, to )?t at |5. $-'.and *;per month, at THoVIArt K,\ Kf P.'H piano rooms, .',27 Broadway, opposite tie Broad w.y uieatre. Comb Fn< tory.?A Rick AMortmrnt* telre shell dress com! s, of 'he new***' French patterns . can Ve Men at A. A J. HA I MIENS', b-7 Headway. Portable Divolng Cass* oi an entirely new awl compact form. Inrnl-died with article*, the sue of which do not detract from their U'ernincs,. a' a. x J. HAL'NUtt'BS' >?. 7 Aitor House and 3h7 Broad* ay. Fancy Cutlery, Bmbrucing a large VaHrty ?f's pen ard pocket knlres, of tie w,*i rire ,n,j beautiful patterns; s! o, ho assortment ?f toilet cutlery, at A A J KAONIIEBh', No. 7 As tor House and 387 Broadway,'a Fur Empoilnm?rhc Fur Season having commepced the attention oMhe laJica is invited li he iarsett.c compreuenstve assortment ot inutfs, vtc'vr.n?? ek aka. cuf.i, glove*, Ao., Including every apeciss of tur, rsrc cr coinn.on, and all rr.asie n in the '.est stvle. For sal ahotoaato and retail, by OENIM, ill Bro^ Iwiv. opposite Si. Faul'i Church. Mnf^nlHrent Fnr Cape nt Oinln^ Hmnr... The uxost sumpmous smhle ntpe ever imporietl ?u ? i.? United Btates U fjow for salp In tbo Tur ?l?r>*rUn*'t*t at Ibis e ? tb lUMiientv I Ia of the rarent quality aud uepth of color, sad- :?* f upwards of in Em ope. It will now be dbiros<iJ at I than the orlgifoii whoie?a e prico. The ai entlon of IedL'S ef -o^nne and fa?Mon is invl'f J to this uplead.d ar l< lc of winter coaium*. burb an opnortnnlty r?i purchasing a Htuoian ca?e of peerle-ft beauty, at a price, ruu jU below its tran-atUuuc value, may never aga.n occn,*. OEM.N'h BAZ \AR, 8:. M bo las II el. . ? t Wlnfrr Glove*, Fnr Gauntlets, Oriving glove*, at all Ipnce*. Also, uo<i*r?hirtr nu i drawer* m nt' . no, haioiy, tiiberian, Ml.iker Msni.el, A" , whules.ile nn?l r.j toti, allow prices IRA I'KHI OO A -'ON, 61 Naaa.iu rt. t'louka, Clunk*.?A targe and Splrndld A* ?O 'mttit of clonks ard drei* trimmings, milliner .- and ?'ra . g-je*:*, ribbons, feather*, f'owetv??I1 of whleb wu: tie ".id low at WM. 8. IKVINh'rt, 112 tkiial street. Trtmindnn* Bntigalii* In Clotiilng?f 'iA for f8. A Urge lot of fine bla-k dress coots, fashionably cut, beautifully HiO'le, ami lined with satin, w ir.h g2i, ? trg at EVAN'S clothing warehouse, dti and 68 Fulton sltcc, at 88. 33 and T5 John Street, Corner of Ya>s?n.? ?bU celebrated old bouse. I r the aile of superior rVh oc at the lowest, ia now w ell s;ocked with every garuient : e aesaury tor the season, lake a look. DEVXJN A JErtHl'P. Odd Fellows" Hall.?.V I.argt Stork ofOver fhxk and dress fonts, fr en *.1 to lis vest, an t pin:, ft to H Iboto in quest of bargains are d. - cd 6, ca ) a,i l cja-, tilt AN r .K H YiJKK 165 Island *t. Over roots, Ar.?Onr Mack of Alt Kinds of kakliltaMs Winter wear, over and iucI.t garment* ?' .w> wbfi, Ac., !,a vcrv ft-' ami complete, :,nd will he ?- I loa.' I>. uKVLIN A OO , 26K, 25'J and 2*1 Broadway. Overeoats, Ta I in its and Winter Clothing ?t losii.K out our su>. it ot winter goods lor men's aud boy * wear, to u.akc room lor our spring .t.iek. BOLlsllTUN A K.VAPI', l9t'ortiandt itrcr Who K?t? Tli hiHskIv lnig illninr h, ibe country? bemcxulicr It will t.e end travciiuir. Forovr ceais anJ oiher k'n'Uof w rat.per*, together si It silih.ns*. -' pattcrna in j iot? aodvc?s It* the *aawin, apr:y u> DKl V CKlLl) A l'ltut II, I2U F: Hon Mxeei. Honest Clarke, Tailor, 110 William Street, bet-seen Ftilton and John, still continues to ?II bu,tl. v* Mack oicih ovrooets at tIB; exceiimt over ,? s, $12; super, It#, and even tV> A lot oi Cad t eru ve. s only *1 40. worth 16. _h?Uuils6. .1 I-fi. Osk Hal I?W Inf. r Olotblag ? R' dnerd price*. To those shostudv ^-viicmv t.nd t-ooli r , > re . r lot ic' jnm 'ocall a' M and ? Fi.:-..n it. . >. ? , tofi.A: luisint ?s, frock and drss* enat*. ?t to *.si; ve*t? ant paittak oo?, tt to HO. Uoya'clothutg and i uri,isU?-.g goods J> every variety. Inslln Rubber Overslinr s?The Ifeet. Finish. ed.'c*'. and at til* same time niusi durabla ovcrsa. * , ..i every variety (lasisia' misses' a id gentle.uen tor wbPMtaale or re'a'l, at usa tloodyear rnictt r dopsd, 2u5 Br .?d' way. between Mt-rftn end Vbainbersskiis *. The First and o ?ly Prrmlnm of the Anirrl can Ibs'ltuir, for fine mails ari l ttoauniuHy d, *.gn< I ?tilrts, e*. Ihbt sd a' u ? l * r held at the i i y *tal Is ss, ta. bafcrv. to MI'S. VA NIIuCTk.V, 12 Na. ajs'.e Green'* Nlilit ami b urnlslilnig Atore, So. I Ak't r House. Attention Is invited to the S'tperi. r ar -'c. hi die gen b nicn's furn .; department. The anv k fnclu ke ?very variety of trnrlcr shirt*, drawers, ties, scarfs, "rsvi *. flovc , bait I" ?c. tratelhrg ?tiavris, gold shtrt amdsaod sleeve utioi.s, mounted and t 'h.-i wise; toilet artictos. . Itnportei lor 'he fall ai d v. att r 'ra-le. Tbo prtea* are tuodera'.* aud no Kituucnt ute i ? .'I'd. app-iredtn Kr-?;lvt J, 1 ranee *r 1 ? .v n ,py . ?n be I -nil at the Fntpormra, imaging the tines- mu-Jt in the Hiatrs Art -la* tor the oouniry packed wuih tli# greater care. O. W. IITTLE, 315 Broadway. Jet Pnodi.-Jnrt Rccelvast, * Yew Aseort mcnt ot br-.cele's, brtsc.he*, n(t:kla?os, rb.rei.iuei, ?> no ?nil. ns, - till*. Ac ; also and g"ld iswrlry; a e.-?*t vart-'e, at (SsfOhNE, II.IA HUMAN AIOWN 1-h.Vhi rt, *27 Hr?adway, (trtar of hprtag rtreet, Teas* CofTke, (ri?urs, Wines, <vac?D..s Irt Hail roepectfuliy lot mi* it s nriends sad 'he puVie t!uu be h?? returi ed to hi* old stand (which lia. be?n rebuilt j aid is mw offering a Urge ami carefully selected s-o-k of teas, eothe, Mgar*. wkw*, Ac . at scry low nrtoaa He solicits for Ms ne w itstAbt.sbr&rn, a rontiatisnre if lbs tlbei a' patroaavs be b%* re csired frr the past five voars at 'he old s'ore. H avfti MAf'f, hmrtl m Canal (late IVaiker,,' and Hlvisou *tr*e s, third door tast of Ludlow street. dinger** Sewing Machine*?\rvv Marhlnee J ?e uv st tr,.pnived style wlU be r i-bsngsd, nn i .*r* tcfrs. gr *M Ituo-bmc* of tvery k .>d (ireet ni.uit.- rs of m.t??' ties |f toe Arrry, Wilson, f)rover and Bsksr. and ot -r p* < t. s gave be?n wild, wh' ti can't he ti?o,| 'o ?ny vac ! n .? toHhap s ae oiler t? relieve U.e public f.-.r i. li d . . . ;.r < e.| ?Mtiui'iof nar o ?n make, wl ui the same w,t ij4 ?eebb - * a>> reeslred by us will st r>. re d / y?d. f'-r erm* tf ci''At g* ar' lv i"w,? r or ic-er to 1. * ? <X), 835 B:o*4r v. IV Mont Complete Ptu uul tvncti Cur we knvanesm I* manoUciiired by W. 14. WILMARTU 44 Maiden mar. It is celled " Kownds' potent," sod aurpas* -** la ?onir ud dureblk y mar combination at pen .aid pencil stbcrto of vad la the pub 11a. I'bej are tuiule both Id gold and ulver. Sewing Heele d the premium et the late fair of the American Instliue tnid '?ei-ev ii./ our machine* to be ?ui>erior to uny o her tor aiitehlntf tbo Itiib' rotor beovlest work either elotb or leather, resoecifu.ljr request loose about puri-li?"lnt! machine* to evstniae heua .1 H. MO MOM tt'l, 411 -roulette. Tion-Thr B?*t Aunrtiut iit or Fine 'I' urn trill le found at the ('mtan t en t'ompatiy'n tie sly ore to I a el e < (raot ro.9, f o. 1'Jb Chiuhint street, bel ti n 1' triun l Rrosrvrlt, the o'de-t P*a c**a h*hruettf bt thecity Wo-t-sore our readers they mu do better here tbaa elseaberu, ei-iier at wholesale wr t etab. Wbltkrn.or Huaalarlirs Cont'd (o Jtrow In <01 weeks, by nry ongueur, which will not Main or lu|iire tie- skin Ylubcule: "til 'o ttojt pirt ?( lh-> reunry. It >?. OKA 11 AM, 5H6 UroetLtcay; llrUga, :t7 State street, Albany; ZUtber, 13 soutl. third street, Philadelphia Balrhrlor's tfdlr !>>? , R l?;a anil Toapt rt? rite beet tu the aitrjil. Till* unrUMIed aart original dye Is up tired lr. 12 priva-n ru- ms. Hatohelni*s ? ta* and toapeea have ?BHtrovrmi'iiis ovsir all others, being chef dwueres of elegance, ease and durability peculiar bt this estnltllsh neat. BATCbKLOlv's. 233 Broadway. Crlstadnm's Sw'r Dye, Wl|(s wild Tokprra *xei> admiration aniotje< a'l connoisseurs In art. A sub# of a-eg-nt. privHie apartman's lot* applying hbt In ?> mpar ,oio dye, only rellat ie article of It* kind. Wliole-oJo auk retail, a; RlHTAlrOKO'd, No. 0 Aster House. fyi, Plmplee, Vksrklu, Kr apt lone, Chaps, ebafee, .altowuess, Ac., po* lively eured by (Idl'mnw ntsuh.e.t Italian medlealtxl snap. l'oudre subUlo uproots Mir from low lorehta ts or stir part of iho body l.iqul.l rouge, BR wbltc, hair dye and restorative, at ibe old depot, la. 67 Walker street, first store Iront Broadway; Mrs. Haves, Hruok fyn Caliettder, i'hllade'pbla, Sates, Washington St.. Boston lJnrno'j Catmrli dntifT has Brarthlng, sooth log and hea'lnp quau'Joa, e-.aeittLillv dbVerent from all sUitrcslarrh . null". May be had at tha iullnwlng respectable drag stores In ..Sroadwuv, viz.Noe It!#, 271, 41'V, ill, tl'li, tiUR Tlli.end 771; at wholesale, by HTE1*IIs,.n I'AL'L A <"0, 149 Chambers stree eiitl of Mr". Uays, llrooslyu. BrntlaeUlulp Prlxs Mu.1id awarded to MAKMI A CO., by the Industrial 1'ib.bttton of alt Nations, for 'heir ytnwt patent ia?llcsl cure truso, Ke./ot en ' s as to Its su eertorlty?Trofessota VslenUne Moll, Wt lard Parker, ead John M. Carnochan. In exiec ive list af uames of mercantile ead oUrergenfiemen c.rej by tb's truss, may be seen ai Marsh, 1 Oo.'s, Mo 2J4 Mnldeo lone, Mew York, and Marsh, Corlles A Co., so. 5 west F'oaeih street, Clnoinmul, Ohio. Open front IA.?L?ma9P. U. HoUowny's Olnteeriil "ml Pllln Bit/paw all other remedies for iho core aC bud legs, old sores, and erup tions ot >he akin They a t to unison ou the abaornoru sysonn, erudlcute oil ptAaonotis matter f-oin tbe body, thslr elfeet in many eases apper ring like a fhorm. Sold lit the UJunit oelot-y, HI Maldt a lane, New York, and hj all druggists, at 2S eenl* 62'a cebla and 11 per pot or hot. Th?- Genuine Cod tlvrr Oil of Hegemsn, CI.A UK A CO. Is warranted equal toanr In the world. It It no quark mpdlelne, but It recommended by all the most eminent physicians, and has stood the tes of eight tears'etperlen'e without a single complaint, ''nation.?Be -era of Inferior and sum lutis articles, and see that our signal ire la over the earn of each toille. Hb.Oh.MA.N, I.XAlIk' 1 CO . etemn'e and drug Kl-in, IfS. 27.1, ill and 7Bti Broadway. Wholesale depot It# Broadway. Hyall's IdIV Ilnleain.?Hh'nninfletn in Ita must painful form; also, scro'o'a, old ul ;?rs, stid t'io worst rates ol diseases of the olojd. gr"t'deiUlty, liver r implalel. kldprys, Ir.clp ent copsumptlor., Ae.. tire mos'. c r-.a<nly cttrei by Utis great purifier. Principal depot 24<; (Jr.tnd street. .Seventy five cents per bottle. Moat of tbe Popular Tonic MciIIi Iiim eon tain ntorc or less ithvthnUc stimulao'e, whl-h prevents their general tier. Tbe oxygena ed bltn-rs bcutg entirely tree from every 1 tit ox lea'In g quality, give a heahhy tone to lue digestive sy.tcm. Bin nnialleiiis>Tlninliit'i( fltilpltur Rathe, Al Walker street and S10 fourth stree' eateblUhed lu It'll, for the cine ot rheumatism, colds, eruptions of the sltln, Ac., are highly reommcah'd by our most eiu.ueai phyncUus. Also vapor baths. Mar vied. fin Tuesday. Sox. 6, by the Roy. Father Farrel, of St. Mary's church, W aiter Shut to M tkoARir A. Keresev, all ol* tin tfy. On Tbitistiky, Say. 22, by the Rev. Dr. Thomp-ion, at the Orund street Prosby'etun Church, leiuis Hemit Iiex mit to Mary Shaw Irwin. on Wednesday, Nov. Ul, by the i'ev. I.ot Jones, nt the i Lurch "I the Kpipbnuy, Mr. URskV HA-Scrrr, of Sen Vt rk, to hies Mary B. CatHtif, of Coldeuhatu, N. Y. Jiewburg piper* plciso copy. tin Nov. IV by Key. I.. B. King. Mr. Oeibck T. smith, , t" * ;,1B N'< i., to hUaa 1'iieiik Mi lfobd, of ""m^uesday'otenlog, N'ey. 2<1, I'J ^ Rov. Jaraot Mil ieu, at his lO-ilenoe, No. 171 Ka-' deteoWatli 4tr/e., llr. Fiu?cth U. MidtTiMEJt, of I'tinb ry, Conn-, to *'*; Sarah Jane Paht imp, of lh>v<", N. H. Cn Tuc day morning. Noy. 'JO, bj ,n*TblV. Mr. kaybts, at tb? realhece of 1, if. ruorslon tAq., IlttnUngtun 1.. I., IV*. M. Stewart jlvrt .V. Br; weu. Att'conYcfl on Monday. N v 19, by the Rev. Mr. Tuyl'tr, Hani. IVr.sTKR; kit, of New York, to MaRy, daugh ter ul John 1. llurry, l>q , of the furmer pUce. mm, f a Wednemlay, Vov. 21, IUchari) Bt'Rtck, of Company C, Saw York Vol mleers, aged 32 yore. The lelative and friend* it the i odly. tlt? ofllcer* an 1 mriultata ?>f the First Hegiment Ne-v York Volunteera, anil theidhcers ami n t em be r.s of tbe T verty-flrst ward police, ate revisscttully invded to attend the funerrt'., to morrow afternoon, at t so o'clock, trout his U?te reddence, No. 4WJ cijtU avenue, without further invitation. tin Ihu-sday. Nov. 22, after a long and t vinful it're i?, which he bote with Christian foiltlu te, Mr. Jons MsM v Ms, aged 41 tears. lite tune rat will take place from his ls'e residence, Ko. Ml hherill street t)-ii orrow af'erno it, at two n't 1" :k. fhe r? Utive.s and lri?n'',.? of the family are re-pectfuby In' ,'' d to attend. ? Augusta, via. r.ttl PhlUdclplUi papers p'e ,?e copy, On 1 hutrdi?, Nov. 22, l.tniu ivlij, wile o: Tin;jtby Mt'or-y, apcl 18 ya.i- and 10 months. T)ie lunoral wi'l leke place from her late resllknw, Fifty ninth street, bjtaoen re-oud anl Kurd avenue-, thi-aflainorn, at one o'clock, fi t r daliras an-l ftlctel* of the far iiy are reppectfully invited to attend. f 'u 7hu -day, Nov. 2C, it''? n hurt llin *, (.'"RNrj-fS Sli fl'% nged (.8 Jv ir-t and 1 rnont1'. 7 it' i v- ? t- d f , -u I < T ?ht f ni'y, ind *1-' ?e of his sors I'eter W. and Cornel!ua Neefus, ore respectfully ,a yiteu to attend 'ho funeral, at one o'clock to mart w af tem. on. from hi lato resiJe ce, No. l/'J Watte -tr'vet. Cu i'ticay, > ? y. 2 ', of Con ? -thin t,f the It: sin, Caro t V', J' titgwst daughter of Wm, Fisher end Caroline We- Vs. uqeo 1 year. ?> months and 22 Isys. 1 he til,n is eud rc?iua'ntancas ?( tli? fkmlly are re spycifui y lnvlh'1 to ntioud the funeral, from the resi de* e? of Iter 0 !.er, No. 4 Bulge street, to-morrow .ifter no< n, at tw<> o'cbyl. t'U Thursday Nov. 22, Fuzt "hart agml eg years, wid w ol Wm. Mm' , of county Arrtgh, Ireland. Her ftle'ide and it ttiaintaiMes are re-p tfullf in, te l to oiten l !.er funeial. at two o'clo'' Ahlfl u <in. It ita her late it-itien e, No. ilo B.o m? stieet. her remains will be Ink, u to ?'ypte-'s Hi.Is tor in'- tmt nt, f'n Thursday, November 1.'. -f eoo imptt? ? . An r.J< I.. Hill, i et, In the 48th year o* i F- nge. !??? l? i rids ami relatfyos f fatnllf are r?pxtftlHy Inv e l to attend hi-funert' wtb a*, further invitat ?? I from b!* late re-fcauee, So. 141 Norfolk street, this RfTlr noon, at ttui o'cl-e-k. Ntst'l, N.J , paper- | lev e ? p>. < n 1'ildsy, Not. 2.;, 1 nu s. Rta.v, apv, 40j"j- and 0 months. His friends and rela'ives ar r*qtt sle1 to attend the funeral, to-morrow affemot n, a' two o'cl k, h-4 lats resident#, No. IF Mulberry elf-el. (in Friday, Nov. 23, Miry >i'' v. Tt, In the itSI yetr of h'r age. The friends, am', th. so of the fsm'Iy, ;? ?" re iue-te-1 fg a'lend tlie funeral, to-merrow aft?rn ou, a* tw t o'zlotik, I otn ter la'e icsldenee No 1 7 Molt -'.te- . Cm Friday. Not. I'd. llE-vtY r, Jr., ag'd 2'5 yeirs, ft nrtonihs and 21 day-. lbc irieuds and te'al.v ' rf th family and the tn?"i l?rs cl tlie Norlolk street M. K Chrrch, are resjwctfully it yi'ed to a' end the utnerel, ti morrow, ai twelve o'clock M., ft run the residence of hi. father, 12 1 -re*? tir a* th-or west of Huh even' I ? r.g f sisnd r ipe? pl?xse er py. On Frldry, |; , 1} ???. rv, in the Id'.h . . t r ? . Ti c lilends a.>d arquiiatoneee f 4" ? unr.'ly those of liie mother and hi- at- jtCv'hsr, Mr. I . O, tie \ idol, thou* i f 1.1a l-te' v(a0,.i, Maillard, and tho-e f I , t . '. tber, Hoiiil..<do losta, are rrqoe-'ef to attend toe fuue ral, tide ?ft?rw*on. at ww t'dtkk, lr ? L ; l .teieal ri- nee, N'o. ; 8<t Broadway. On Frl lay, Key. 28, of eonsnmptl n Tuittr .l lijttoats, 3;-*t! |.*j years, of Imnkerr n. kit; s r unty. His frb rds, and those of the family, are Invited t- tt t nd lh" funeral, from his late resep i,co No. 28 Viidfson street, to-morr w alternoon, at two >? ck k. On Friday, Not. 23, Fjua, da ' - dolus and libra 1 r?r,f. r t, ag'd 4 years, Smooths sl<1 4 i tys. TI e friends ind relatives ar? res|s tuiiy in?I? t| t- at tend the fuorral, townorrow ? ero roti ?t ten o'el k frtm the re-itieoee of her parents, N . 247 I let Tseif'i itree*. to Bnrhwick burying rroend. f ng f-'vr.d On I'ridty evenUy, Noy. 2-'J, tfttr a ? r: . 'n? 'ikAvn Nokiu. sgr-1 2 vesrs and C mot itLs, a of 1 itxia and t'atbtirfne F Morreil. ? The relative* and acquaintance* ire invited to attenl 'l efunntl to morrow afternoon, at two c ck, w b >at ft '11 rr Intflatlon,front No. 121 A ??-. linrty sivlli *'.r,? t, titar 'erentli avenue. I A*, the residence of her >?i (*?- -rye -c-arff. at Me" .-wh s Fak>, of. ?* a K r.y and painful illne?, whleh-he b -e wflh | 'hri tian r'It'.?? * 'Its Fr ? u -nm> < ; , year-, f^e i t of the late <?? ' T rl* >!?r bit ml, th' -e cr her ??, and of her son-la. law, W. N. I ? w , a:# le-pcet'u.iy tnvlied to atteml the fo. -.*!, b. ? orrow ojterncon, At one o'clock, wllbts-rt furtl r fo Vilrstfin. ? In Br' ukiyn, on F-i !vy, Nov. 23. of r< -? teiptl'isi, Cut) rue J'SOFH. Stmrf the . I?e -teph"tt J. JUti I, of Ft. Johits, N F, sg? ' 1<? yc*rs and d months. lb- funeral will take place fruat the r ud'o- e of his nutl'i. No. ui CoaioU -rtwf, tomorrow kitemoon, at two o'clock. In Hr< oklyr on Frid.iy mem .ig Ngy. 28, s,( "tnsqrrp II. n, Mart u. dc vhl. . of iJemel '.tone, ,j .-?t rta-iel 1. H.J. The relitlyes and frlendi of tbe &.nl!y and t'.o- < of her iri tfcer fr, law, An.!,-e?r Brat y, are rvsp?-t'ul|y | y:tol to attend the fooctel. this rnorwliy, at hs.f j -t ui ie o't lock fr? m Vork strewt llethrs ls' 'Tiere'i. Her e. mains will b? ?ey f tr taterr Ow fuesday. Nor. 20, .? n?. 4 My. tl- arena#, Ur- s. ljn. .I ')! D. r,? ?i *, 1*zt*i\ 76 lb* icro*i*? %it* iuUn?\ la otth* KTtr fT?#Ti?. * In Jersey (l?y. n Tbcrsday, Hoy.* Tnnr.r.wu Frrr FA.vDrarw, Jr . son of lygar an ! I its lbtn-i d, h ?/< 1 1 t?< Y'bs. In Jersey <1tf, r0 Th?>rs.lvy, V r. 22 H'rvtm ,. HA* F'rtf R>vt?trw, sow of fh-o-! ? at, ' F-I-? 1 it.? ADVERTISEM?i\T8 RENEWED EVERY DAY. FGVKR AMI ACilK. NEW l'Rrvetrr.K ! NUP0I80N!? KHODth' KKVKK AND aHUB CURB, or, snudotri 10 malaria, forth* prcveutl"n end curetf fiAr-r no-1 ague, or "hid femr; dumb ague. and mhrr In lein,., n( unit rradlunt levers; also, <>r b,|.?,t* fevers, accompanied bv typhoid symptoms; tynuuld lexer yel ow lawr, "hip ant jod lever, general debility night sweats, and all oilier lOnilH Ot d 1*6*1 riO which hi*v* a ouuimou rrt^in In nut u or II* Jit oreuo i? e r lUod u> by Dr. J. It. Ohlltbe, mid lis ?m racy a; if value imw 'uily esialuinbed. For solo by druggists f llcially, .ail Lie pr or nor. J AM KM A. HtlODEU, Prov,deuce, R. I. PEKMl.VAIo -H. Irt HI the CU V . D "INEORMATIO* WAWED-HY THE INOEilSlONED. J ol the pi* re id residence m Catherine Moo ague (wb me maiden in, too w?n i aibertne Ackern, ui.) w, lo > ul B?nj mm # '-n'-1 K n'' lata <? the city ol mow Yo-k, journeyman -rasa iiMipdor, deceased. ai y person possessing such Informnum. wdl oblige an undersigned by ootumunlc Ulug u o him, or by requesting bar to (Ml upon him In relation <> he, Im-diie**, lu Ink -hinge pmtewlonaljr, or upon <T. Vouch, ui.m-o into 1,7 Hasbtiivion street, ctiy of New York. |;|>W'. u rf.'.-LY Attorney, 187 Greenwich street, .V. Vf. November U, 1&V5 TNFORMATION" WANTED <>F JOHN M ANNINO. WHEN J la-1 boo, ,1 Iri.m a h, lu Nee Orle;inii. any news raap^ct lot hiUi will be ihankiu'ly iarrived by his wile, Am, M inning. < armaniioiil?. [.Now tirloaua papers please ropy.j Adilreaa Aim Vanning, lort Wnslnugton Heights I'oal uflior, N. Y. INFORMATION WANTED OP PATRICK AND HENRY X O'Neill of pariah or Cloulee ikle, county Tyroue, J, ulaml by U.eir brother and sister, Janiee and Ellubeth O'.v.iil lliry ,velit to New urinaria lu 1 Ml. When last heard from were living In Franklin, lsi. Address Joseph Morrison, .'I William street, Now York. TOHN?PLEASE WRITE SOON. NEW PI ULICATKI.VH. DD KP..NB' LITTLE FOLK*. ?A SERIES OF HKACri tul juveniles aeltruvj from Dlrkcn*' works, hi Sis own Pui gusv;e, wlih Illustrations by iiailry; lynx,., cloth, Published this da\, Nov. 2f, Tiib Child Win, from 'he "David t'opperftold" of Charles Dickens ; lKnio , cloth, ,'S ren'.a. Already putibabed in Ihe same series: I. Litti v Nru. from " I he Old Curiotity Mh >y" of Charles Dickens; o:o b, price M renta. II. Smikk, from I he 'NthoUs Mckloby" of Charles Dick ens, cioUi, pride 3d cents. on Saturday, I eeeinber I. aennut Jew f> is, fr,,m the 'Oliver Twin" of Charles Dickens , Initio., cloth, price as enta. I?curly randy: T,irn.r. P?i f, from the' Horuiicy and Son" of Chtrlet D k cue; lKnio,, oioib. price HfPcenta. K ton its, b Doasitr, from tho "Dombry and Son'' of Cbi.-l-s Dlrkens; ISmo., cloth nrleo 3f4 crnis. K, Kh.Dr IKLI), 31 Bt ckman street. IYEADY THIS DAY. It Though dead, rhr j , she yet ipeaketb. ? aWFoL DlfiCLoSCRES. ?r BJ 1,1.1 MONK, Or THB UOTKl. liir.O JIl'.VKrRT, CoutaiBlng ils". NaKF iNriDKxra >i:vr.? Reroni: rpBLiaurn. Price 75 cents, cloth. The disclosures made by tho subject of this rrpuhll-stl in, when they lb ?t appr?r?d, created uninensd excitouimt ant Ibiew the greattai rousiernau n Into the ranks of l io P.ii ii prieylliood and no stronger prool oi the truihfuiiie a of 1,-r re trUllons ue, d be advanrrd, 'hsn the meien.o^tPui ol 'bntc r >r and tribulation menllested by priests and lush.,, s, sujieri OTs and "r'Mber*,' when M iria Monk unveiled tlielr lihlueu Inl'iuiilcs. "A miobt up a'ort" would have eri a >-u a anme ,>r derision, and would soou have died undur ihe vim-ring ruiiuke of shtot rontempl, but ilics,- truths gav rise to s ?n,r,n >,r p ,s sli.n, and drew In.o 'l,e held of controversy die gr '.a no enia'cs ol (he Papal In AniertCA. No'hlng but truth ,. ,u?i b ?? produced such a whirlwind of excitement, n.i.hmr "ii tics ronId have elicited such "ultimata of l.enateh temper, tud-ucb torrnrs of bitter yi upenu!.,n. 'Ibis iruufn, our,? ivo, us re lated by Maria Monk. U at pre out I,i,idly , ?!:<*! for uy mo Amerkan public, wIomts lOrv nily been furduu* euiisl.ienrd ,i? to (be 'i uo nature of the KerulA systein. an i, ini-ompluiura wl h the put 11, tb inand, wo have issumi a ,; work. Nor is the ? vldence slven by M m t urns ii, Ml-s Bend, Ml?< C"1' ai "tbiT, sta|, d i.une, the only leeimony we have whi'-li gr e? 10 Vli >w h iw exireo,sly Immo, ui *ro toe pin,. . ( (f ,? u.yen s, I n we; |,? toon', whi h, with ul. R'U'.un Catlsoltrs, Is a* ? onn.iuive a., the -.v, rd of tlo-l' pan. el j that of the evldinroylvru by a Pope f>e Innocent V111., In a bull j ui', 11 bed for the retnrmnii ui of monuserles, said that members of monnnrrle, a,i,l < ? I, i r,lgl?,ia p lares loud a lnsilv ousnod truly disc life life " llunn , tor ?ptiug of the Council ol Iroyes in,; Archbtabop said.? 'In our, u-,,1' mo, ks, ".ai.onu and nucu w? liav.- ?, u,u; ,ts re<l Uny allh their sites, son-, dnughtrrs, soldiers and doge," and lu; iha'gcs Ihe wbob: clergy with bcUig lu ? drprated aui Wnlul state / nrerlransas well as KootanUu must h, otve'he le^ prony of men wl,oaie thus euii-ir^uud lo len'Jy agalna: U eu- own in'ereaui. Still additional norrobosaut e Information tourk'ng the tnloul uss peculiar lo net;..' 'e: 1! e tn tbe lln,'s,| m? ? ha- been ell oiled IrOSU leliablu priUes, aurt is embotted in i,ic t?.,rk , ???*! li s rean II by lie no lien"-* ol ill's vom r, enotls 1 ll,e , s raped Nun; or, Iflrt 'voires of C-mveut Ldo ' P ,,eiuc wuti l_m,l"-lrm ci a eLater of ? hartiy,1' giving a in '?< c mm dc atict uir r inacr urn, 14 fcod!*r fevolauon oi Uie innto i If, st.,1 m cre'a of nunnei ?""" ' " 11 ml"i 1 to the American pul lle. Hrttb.g artu< "~D* ;?'? da'ply sbsorl tug Inu res' orea-kuied ny 'hi per -a! o! u oi Mi i k s Din I '-iUBs, It Is the duty of every t'rouea.' . it it i,rd giisidlun in the I'nlted f >'rs pi icsl hr .o.ns s 10 ih' . ud lbs' 'l,ey may know Ihe danger s io ?< in il l ?*!'? so their daughters or wsrds Ojr n n ling the Ji to 11 tn ib "uia'l ut.oim Ll Iraiuing lo rullihi. t "N riNTs. I'silylli, , Religious Itduru Frequ-ttidr ofthe Priests' Visits t'l, NtglecPd; F-nirsroo to iho Nuiuve.-yi Ui - lie Into the K Md u tbe Con doin and ' rimes; I .), uv girge'lonal Nunnery; tin nt lesrnui* itnur I'aireuinn; The hlb i. The if.. > li urv.' i, i e Sp ry .'.Id by a feliow Pupil lions in orir in u !? Means uK iltiut a Flic . Pretty .Ms used try mnu iCt ? >? ry: Lett the Lsmjiegsuoual sr'l'jnoe, Invoino Argu Nunnery. mens. Prepujutlonsto I , 'ome s No Tin: Pi ? < of the I rM of in' in ilie Nuuneiy, M'o.tresl fre i -sup, ClCCupullblls of ihe Nove ls, the Liar-, N'; nr.- es I'outrseion >f No; loss. commit ?d and re.'.uirnd by Id td? i "d wi',. die t'onvent; Ui ni; it.- I',,,1' , inu Ideas ' I Ifce 1,1 I*1 com be' U" I ,V1 o-s Received t'ui.tiruiadoa; Pain I', uu.Ktc by llui ? . ? I"! Feelings. The Priests'private tl ud'al, Taking the V Ji rvp < af- or Holy R,- .oil; e. ret rwsid wl l In: Huy-rl r. I.' ou.iln u-e uvnuVt hur;.rp,e and br: rot .. lor 1. pus . ' MtirJ- r? in I osuiS't Kesolatlon o ' Oi,,eT, Dm re of i. 1 vpo, FitbtidU Erger.'r.ason for II: E tape. D? t ' rr r.Kinier Atbuei >;Doo'uiu . m.,i| In ? rip n n t; A; ur'tnon - lit litart for '|Ueo,> , i . y l-?r the H a k Num.' ry. Lay. Iinendcd '.loau ol in/ Nil til wl- : ur n?v?; l?.e. t ,u?v Nuns; t.r-i visit io Awn lb ? < ullsr; Dos u lpilmi rg'li; Alns 5 k : ? : d III.} ne uu.- in win. I, ee piled I- peti'-r ? In-'r'..'I"tis I'd m-log" t.'n, I ? -s Vile Nitre ,-,t lie 1',,-? s, I Men ions -u I' P'uks n-1 d In tl.e Nunreiy. ArtivalatNew Y k 'a '.leuran 1. . m ?mu j. vent; Kuperstl-ions; Yhgin lode; tsk>*n P> Ui-j Il'-Luvnu Slsrj's ptnettaLinn; 1 er A Iids'hu.s" House; Ihr: Blsbop's poser Rer u ut the 111. :.o -r, r'r* 111' ' "t read.:,.; the itlme. dvpOrdei from 'he Kn I'ropo loo Hl^tdor; Pn r? rf '-tei -r its 1'; and tcH| men,, in an up;.- f?o id; Pfl-.'s. i.e. ..-ii ent of ben -nce of Dra'h ai d M ir- n.v , :??/. d-r My own d i', ess Iternve,| Inn, a ho Jam Hay r " i 'i. Prks's: miiy; P'u. ia. Here imlrtnl Tr utmru' ot A Vukman; ah I u< at Oecf'si rsi, ....... . The Birorr sdr k 'Jh| nail, i a: Fa I ?? 1 Cider; Interview Willi |i,? Adornsy I h nru Beds. r,,.nerol Of the PnviBiur, t Aluini In .1 rr.' of a r> w t ? nipt ? v, I -.let rue, \ m , Non: A Nnn made by sti.t- exrileda-oinitin. PrtFor ed '. cm. t,y rw soMlerr r'onrbir,.d I.u nseeing Novl-em that an Iwse- gallon of ray 1 rrdn er.t ol vyurig Infants in ebarees rood i. Ir". o'r In the i envmi. ialne.1; Deperiu ?- iKrm Noo Dbs ipiwrvn.-e of Nun My , il; i l?.j, g ,le n. I. nonary Coalmen ent In t Tho tr . h of the W-ja den i> ., warning given mu ny stradnl. a Mck > un. HEWITT A DtVEVPnitT Pn .he , N -. In" and I'V Nss-.u i . rpiK *fl)' H REDOTT AND THE 8NIL1N . I IISLH . J Now rowdy, the s-r-.r-l edu on r.t lift- WIDOW HrlxrtT PAPFItd. T1: mn-tf staaJ and n nservaUvw editors ninnot k ep tl. r n > < lie New V- kfltserver ?A v Jtimo more full of gr-i ai i ..p , i a"l trr? s :;le V ,r lee rjuvrartrr las noi rr-i neeo p , / i.-l '1- r-r -en etesfitlcf the etpeflonresof lb* roiwiwt.rsi "nam M ?' V, i-.,d no'spisk uu blffhly of ? work u et hunter, but ?? "?? rstars "m sln mas' ?,(u. r-.M? rmun upon ti nny ilir vi. ??? and f-. I ? , ibul Iri'ett reilsg, n socifldvs, at.d 'ben tore sre the more fy. e toeomrner, I the ho k. Fay, tie Portland Irsn-er.p ?Tbe Widow He tod Is tin dm. edlvm.e ol ibr m> s' ?; " ehaeacMra Ui ruodern liters ii l". ?ri-i i- i, ot Per pspv snam ot full to sn: the pub Ssj- I " V' ? Vc-r'k E,|V- Pr?s' ? Rev Mr Hn, '"ss'.ras.l, in -IPba eeraey aotr/e .? d iTlt-rd, Is b?f r donet-iuu un s.-er en'ef the do rsry pai y ot Mis. Leo llui.wr In Um Pkk ?l'k Pspe- I Fs'S V R -1 Evening f|? ".Oei-W ; lave - /?y?4 Ud> iiivnernirt.t lo 'J ? Cn's.sud ee propo s m gtv?>.ur emp-is a few eitr.-i-'s frowi a tt l.ime ebl-h coi 'altis hsr ler tea ?' i">ir!eoI kums'i nature tun. aay vo'uire pu'.u-'.rd o; *,i. ii, i j from 'I ? n'm I1. ,p? i- ,,n . i, SI u'-r ,i

I nor; Pre reck'oei'r it. ?, and 1,-s' v v "... Doom; d M ir i A __ lltll ' U.IJ In Living mj Fsysib" Pn, srfd A-rus;_I? - i sl -s he .ery rrrom fo I-".ulrir fdti?aird ft anybol/ roa re>4 thess sketrbee WMm I rssij laugl-ier, we ran only pe bfwi. His - u * 1- 1 - i tie ti-c-k Is warismed a are e ire b.r * 1 kinds and degree* , lytn, et d Is work -U tin e. Hsjrldw I >? "II- - I -s-.t, - J. , . , , s , ejes ekir svsks. I'sinti?,r was s g.fied'r--n n easel a r U-,it>ti-sti. and isn-i*. aiss ,iwl He were - keenest pr-v ri?of eaiire?ber dretlery i. >r, inl?!,[?- fh*pi-s iknr IS 4? Miu nil vvtl-leij by Abes II. N . V Fays lire New York hrsni ,-i(s':-A 'vsik of r-nn n" ho-n ai d il l dire* u d. eurceisfet earrasfn. The I- I *?* of f?-ns,i il-erset, I tl e ug..i,e?u arid abaordMy of ouvy.d -rae'Wti -,i.' n ai< 1 rusLIng, and mftor proin int kins, aro hit with grr* I v ai d ebrewdniuM. KsysiboNsw Ytuk g'r n-mer-Isl Adsento-r -]h? 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New i"* Newt| s; e 'reerilag Iheah-.-eaure Are?n-triad in a y fT HE LA'T (TREAT WORK OF rPOT JO Tl - i - I rriswisThr or orjws sura r-srt*, IT. API LFTO/t A nr. * ,*] ,D) |] , vt . v, resiv ihe ilnb e liUoo. it, iwo volumre, Iku.', rl->J., ,.i ? 52. of ' r tup f frufr .iRr op common L/rr Author A " Fe-rnees - Mf Us gj gy, *r Ar. I)1?'lreter^w"tb flSwrSBjengravirii A?ur n riiWYima TIr A*T w lb# l rriM w* fU'rf n- ??'#r ??? T ^ <4r.Vk Kn ? * vm ** m4 , %'. i Wnr t| IH ?KW PCBLitAriUttl, IMJtOANT Hliil.RS AND PltAVMl BUOKH.?THE BCH 'j tcrfntr It** now on huml ? o ..u I il ?? <> t ix.e?l i.f H '!??, M .ill *lte?, ?m? <u which *r? ircv rLh ? i> until. ,1; ulno, prayer book. Ami lb" ?Ihuroh Mirvbie In III ?die variety, In Ivori ,*el?ei, a?d morn u. mi um. m'* ?iu orou* wnik. published In ihi* vnmiry arc received . ueui tr.y And will be aold at Ute loweel prttM l UW. N -tTi MMItii), Late Htnn'ord A Hword., 6.17 it i. I way. 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