Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 25, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 25, 1855 Page 1
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W YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7028. SITNOaT MORNING, NOVKMBBR 25, 1856. PRIOR TWO OBVTS. THE LATE TRAGEDY IN WILLIAMSBURG, RofflTiry mf tin of Mr. Bdwurd K?* * lllc-lll Apin nruiici ?Opinion of the P.Ojtlo, The body of Mr. Edward .NVvtli, proprietor of the Kings County Hotel. In Williams'i.t-g who his oeen witting nine* Fnday tHo !>'.h iu-.t , was recwertd yeeter day morning In the w..ler, at th,. f?it of Miileonth street, Gowanus, by l,.nu"?t I i-o i m It appear* evio, :r. t;,,. be wn eUicr accidentally drowned or commim-l ..e.i ;j The body war Identified 'y several inti uato friend*, and there can bo no doubt,' it. A gold watch oli Ten 'hilling* 10 111 .tiey, and an insnr ance policy for $2,ltt.l, in the WeViter Iuxitfsuco Coaipa BJr on property lu c'o.tb :-?vcath street, .tore fount upon hi* person. Ills clo'.ha* eon-id 01 . 17 clotb coal, blecY tl?kb TWt, ?ul dark riobed p i H'.foons,,, and black MIL neck-tie. Officer Van Xo-trand, It,-Mb ward uolleo drew the body from the and lufurme) the Con ner The ustch of docoi- J *.is f und atoppol at quarto to 2 o'clock. The face was grca'ly di hguied, the nose -itd eye- hav ing been oaten away, .-?? that it would be ltapo-siole to identify the body by * 1 >k ut Hie features dene. Tliero was a good deal of bloo 1 about the ftoo Tile Uoad was bald, and our ropor'er did not observe nay nppearanoo o. a fracture of the rKnil. It w is generally rupposcd by Ihoee who saw the body that ?.!?? .ocoased h id com nltted suicide. Onr repo tor wis inform-<1 by no in'iui.tte jriendof the decn-ed, ih?t h?ih oight Mr. Neville did not hare tnuah money aboit him when ho disappeared, as he had deposited $1,100 n the bank on tho day before. ANOTHKlt ACCOUNT. . The body of Mr. Kdwirrl Neville, Uto proprietor of the Kings County Hotel, missing sin e the Ikh inst., wis found in the witter at!, uear Greenwood, yes tetday forenoon. The b sly is very much disfigured. On his penr.-n was found bis gold w itch, w .ich stopped at 2\ o clock, eleven elull i.g* in change, and some papers, it la raid that some of ihe papers indicate that hl? death was by his own act. COBONBJfH INQUEST. Yesterday afternoon a.-i inve-tigatiou was commented before C'oioner Hauford, at Aua'in's H-.'tii, corner of South Seventh street an 1 Iiuuhim place. The following jury wa empanelled:? Gideon C. Austin, A. O. Buel, iUcharil M. Coit, 11-nrv Uarnett, Edward .Smith, J,lin nr. Bralsled, .lair.e? Melmiui, J tv. F. Smith Cbailos Small, Walter KeabalL W'm. Ink", sworn?J recognised th* body found nt ?'Owarui. fo-tiaj as that of Ed**rd Neville; re .guise 1 It by his cent, vest nml pantaloons, and mire particularly by a maik on liis boots; stso Ms wmcb, wida policy of In aorancc found in hi. pocket, which 1 ku?w bolmgcd 11 him: I also recognized the buttons of his shirt. JohnL. Ma'oney, sworn?I rnslde at No. Titi Mr?t *vc nue, N. wYork; I knew Edward Neville. the dnceaso! recognised him by the iuitials "K. N." on his wrist have seen the body this day; i was a small boy whan i *aw tiicec Initials; -aw them when his sleeve was robed uPi ' trn ? mephew of Mr. Neville's wife; saw Mr. Ne TUWlnat on Monday nigot previous ts, his disappearance. Ligney A. Miner, sworn?I recognise tho booy found at Gowanus to .'ay as that of Ed vim) Neville; rnew hi-u by the drees; saw him between 2 and 3 o'clock th" afternoon previous to his being missed; had on tho srnio cli-hlmi that was on him when t.,un? nt Gowanus, I have * o-u the body now al King, Couu-y Hotel: it Is the same Wist I saw this morning. Kdwanl Doyle, sworn-! am barkeeper a. t!l, K(o.., County Hotel; ha.e linen in that capacity between tw > and three months; .he last tlmo thai I sow Mr. Neville ?*wf'n about 20 minutes pat 1 o'clotk Til morning, do not rocolect the dau ttinkil woatwr. weeks ?gr, last Frl lav; Ihadciosel tho bar and gone up stair- vi tho tlmo I r. fir to; looked out or the secondatory window and saw him 0,1 t.Ue wa'k he passed up towards tho stable in Eirst street, an I about cue minute af or lio came walking h?-k, J"?- j'?, ,0*n,,, Wl,H walking about two slops beheod liuu; did not know the man; lie had on a a't- eoat and whllo hat; I saw no moro of hiui or the nitni afterwards; never ss* him have any dl-puto with unv one; was in the barroon ucsrly all tbn evening of that B ' vil< "'?'''""t fr"m the time he caino lu wntu he Md nie to r e up, wbi.:h was seven or right mlnute? after one o'clock; just before d .sing I stepped out two or tineo minutes, there was no etio ia ths liar roetn but Mr. Novillo, wbro I went out I thiol, thsr - w -re noglaves on the bar; but on re'nraiog there were two as ttoii'rh he had been vsiMng ,.n sonic one, aud 1 wa.bod and pnt them In their p'ac s. do not know wtat was don-? wd h the money from the till, at one lima i saw Mr. NV vllio counting -.onto hills; the doors on 80.1th ireventh and Hist streets werw not fus'enM wnen I went out- n. persons came ?l >ng South k< vrntli s ref. whlh* I was cut, the next morning tlmre wai 11 two dollar hii! ami some change in tVo drawer, It was about half past tweWo o'clock when ! sow Mr. Nt-vi fo Uava the roll of lank bills in his h in.Is; I slept that night in a rutun on the second hMtj adjoining th: btlllvrd Mom; just after going un-Uir- whil-on uty knees a.ying my p?fcyfrAj I h?atd toe olliinnl room do ir open nud c op?o and then there wa-?a paa.^eof th-oo r>r four mioute^; t ien beard tw.tsteps going down stair*. ?nd Uia out a (tin do .r was sic aimed t>; at this ti-ae I Joo'-ed out or the * iatlos and r*w the man gcdng towards the ?Uile and return. Whom I supposed to be Mr. Neville; i am qalta pr ? illte it was Mr. Seville I t-sw an the ua.'k, the struct lam n were lighted at this time; .111 cot hear aat souffllog or noue cu the walk; did not hear tuc ?fr< *t door bell rTup Mr. hovillc about quarter to 1 o'clock' me up to sr . Uthe lights wero out in tie billiard room; T went, up nu 1 round cue still burning, aod put it out; oi l no' ?co ?ny thirg rtrango in hie nanno. ihat nigbt, I left tlx.- hvr at trn minutes past one and think f saw Mr. Vcvillo tsina hv the wiodowabout iwen'y minutes p-.s'. 1o-cl ?:W- l?l re clostn- the bar Mr. Neville a Ltd mo for some h,.? . which < gave hint; one locks the hull door from tU?b*rro.m; he a-krd for lite other Vey* and I told him I did not know hut thought they wore In the door; lio went aud looked and saw them th.-ie, and stii 1 11 Ail tight, Mward; y >a eon go to bed;" the *umc keyv that lock the Joo - are (here yet; Mrs. Nellie calhsl me early the nrxt morniug, and a sked me if f knew ant thing about Mr. Neville, i to'd ber in sab?t?ncc what I have now test I lied to, *ud idio Went ait ay; ono of th * coachmen stat d that ho. a-nc along with Mr. Neville from the stable, (at ibo time referred to by witito-.s when looking out of the window). The jury then oujnuro*d to 10 o'clock Mod lay forenoon. The remains of Mr, Nt ville were brought home yester day af < moon, at 6 o'clock, i'rorlous to Hilt a/*>rt m?*. trm rrauinatlnn was mode at the dead Uon-n, liy Iw. Krockowitrer; and aifliougb the remains vers cor.-iicra Lly mutilated and dLtfigurcd, he was convicted there Uvd been no violence used. Th"'c was *n ertendve bruise on the forehead, but no coagulated bl-xsl underneath, which would have been tho case had the wund boon in flicted previous to doatli The tkjii was ol. o free fr ?m fracture. The friends of Mr. Vevtl'e. with a view of hir ing the matter-ettlcl to th ir enli.-c -eH-fa. lion, hire engsgvti I?r. Worry, their family phy iniau to lu ike a thorough and searching ,tv montm exatnination. Tlie funeral will Uko place this lay (-tind.iy) at 2 O'cUx-k P. J|., final the King. County HoUd, and trill no dc-ubtnlly be attended by an Immense oneotir-e of .fcople. Tl.rnughciil y?ter'wy afU-rnaon ,.n-', ev.uiug [e. a s *'re eonp-og.a ted about tlm K ing (.'omit r iiotol, diacnv nr all sorts "f rumors that were ad .t as 00 th" oMviion of his first dliappearance. There are not a few tb 'nk :hit Mr. NVvllle war fottlly dealt wi'h, frrrn tho f-ct that no tt. .11 "y wis Prund npr.t. him, with the exception of a tew .hillings, and that he was ob-cived to have .? roil of bliU lu Iris hinds on the nlgl . c4 hls isappaaroace. "th<"-> thick that ho made away with hlmclf, tu ccnawiucne* of being involve! some fe OW) for wthi pa- ion. The U-tlr; ny, on Men dsy, wlif probably rle?r n > the mystery. Mr. Nevflki w*? about foity-oi?e year-, o'.ige, and '.o.irrs I wife and six children. krwv liy I tu ,Vf oils. Mrs Vi'ltda e black .e-n ?*l* ?n w--wtan's rlghtw wo.oxa is mr.k'rg spt-sche ngsia-Peaat? - Poagta* A caw i'oet office ha beoo e.t.if>lld,el a. dr-st Rich Jord, T! ga county New York. The Norfolk Art)u< stal-s t, U-t vwk ib "it e'vh:- "i riegriver r?'*|?t Irom loat city and l-.ix.a.g h. I.. -y were nil young, and ?qi ,e of tbr.n -slliul tnccbauics v*lueo *t s^.tstO ?? h. Ptx wcrafrowi I'ort. month. 1 1. snppo si that thev l?ft in some oy-ter ie-?*l ins I ur perhaps in Tan car's creek, and bouud lor .Now Y'o;? .,r ?ouie otiicr Nerthetu [rot. Tal' k McNellhas been convicted of murder at Charles ton, P. f.. and sentenced to ho l.-mg en the ftt* of Jsna try. M>b?e| t-n-sy rrne*-n?d in the ".wn murder, was to vie'ed of m*o.laughter, lined ft,0a0 sad tmprU onmei i eighteen months Hrtlsr /teflr'n 1- I he name of a p?per about to bt put, lislu d in the ifourtshlog town of luchfield, Clay ?zualy, Missouri. The Maine htw in Vermoft'. ha* Ion ameivlaI. A fin* ft{?6 lias been impesod upon * p-r-on fonnd drunk, an 1 >10 tor proeuilog liquet under fal-e pretences, liquor to ported into the State is inane liable G? seliure an I d* ?truetfon. A fine of f "?i >10 to t.Pk) is loi|(o w*i lor sail ing of furnishing Impure or adulterated liquors, A mstilmoniai aMienca nf an ncenmmon character h?s Vslely l?en vfleeted In fluvsnna ennnty Vs Mr. KcPerf t'rry, th* gallsnt I* 6'1 y-a "? ''? so ' ih* It-* Mrs', l aiharine Ktl-y in iw Mr? Greyi *2 ye*r* ot eg*. A ocuplc 0' frelgh' tr?ln? cn 'he e?st?ni end 'A Nirtb ?5sroiine r*llto?d asms In eMlist >n on the trh lost, by Which on* or two person* rsce'vsd Injuries, and the oom ;M[ experienced ? loo* of about IH.ifiO, TrliU rii'l (?!!?? Iitina of Thouiua Carl In, u D?im(y Mn-iIiT, Ch?-s?4 with akUcMnnrc. COURT or IIENRRAL 8KSHIOKH. Mofoie Kec >rifer Smith. The t? iiil of I'ln inui Carlin. a Deputy HherllT, who s'an l< el ingvd aI'h n. 'f' a??nce a'.llice growing nut of an el '?Hi d leg leal of duly, renin upyestajdey b-fora Keco der frttith. lbc Court m in ut un uaiiy hour trim crowded with rpectatou. Mi. Cirllu np|i?t>Fd in court, nr-isied by Mr. fc. W S ought in unit Air H. rt Clinton si counsel. Tue joo ecuti u was c -t.dtic'usl hy Mr. Whiting. I'pon ci the cu-e Mr. Whnii.g itsld he sroul I ec e the pili ilign i.f o(ruing to Mr. Arthur 'I. June ?, who whk the con | Umunt to thin case. Thl-i gmtieraeu ac uoidiugiy, uunlr ttic "|.ouing i-pet-cli. in nliu.h hr mite ? ?I oral stguiuuut upon laivanii ethics. nmi j i ch'dlu' ? tbe .wb'iill I) et.ovim'.r of ihe St*te. the IMitrict Attorney nnri,:?.dgu Mrlnc. from the etuteuibot ot the case ii appear" Mr Car.In an Me lif, went to a stable in Mercer afreet to seivu a wri! "t i>; 'win upon the bi < per ?f ti n st?it ai d t" tnki pn?M ?-ii'i. i f ? tin. ? *. Wl.Ue '.ore Mr. Car I .lli ?ih| tiiuoelt to b" UiitnuMiileii in o a CO vers.ill >u will) n Mr C hum: and srldi lu Mih onrciration trim My ti l In-, h no.ii unktt vu to Mr. CarUn ran n't with 'lie bone, and hence Mr. Carlin I* inuie:eil for uiti liiiebi ce or Lcgn-ct ?t duty Allbitr r. Jones wns tht' fir*1 witness examined for the pnoeeuttoii? I Hve !u twenty-third . net an t do bud oe?e at 116 it. uadwry; I am a trie ebnnt a d audi-neer, hi the umutli i.l I toember, 18.r.4, am. .la mnry, IS.ii 1 a Ob the owiw ol agny horse; I kept htm nt the . tail* 1 t'luavei & tine m 6. Kti't ft! ill rc*r s'rrei; | hud n*uail that borer iluce November II, 1844; I gut- < 4101 lor b in, I belt!'I on I tin worili that; he baa . nice hocotn" cunrw valu?bb: the papers you rhoer me trtue Imni .b? 11 > ra? by Mr. (leaver iu January, 186(1; af'rr them uipcr weio hnnilid to we, I uarl in tau-rvinw ui'ti Mr I'a-ll.i, I eputy SI erilf, I ul'l not nt first Know him but Mr Kore niiiu. ebo ans wi h itif. Hinhjiov l.iui; ao? uiu-si'l .R wa ll cn c> motet.ceil ?i'h ("a'Un, in uhih h" raid, "lam r.oir i u tni ?ay to liebco Donotio's often, whr iri,h we to Hitl.dinw tue replevin euit. t,at 1 ant not g dug t i or humbugged, and I Hill not HitMraw the hull unlit I p it the hone back luto toe alnll whcr? I took mm from." I t'dii liim it h'ur a trie* to get the horse out o'' ray po ns elori, on In mi pretmre.i, h- tbey had dboo twice oefnre, nod ti lit him ho muat not a-ilhdraa the noli umil hi hail put blrn biea h hi re ho hod Liken hi n from, and Cvr ilu raid lie would not. JhinCi 0 M ille t a hi the next witneim cillo l?I am 1'nder ahetilT, Thooia* ( arlin in I'eputy hheriif; hewn a; I'diPtd iu Jniufary, nud has be n o up to ihn lime ; i buve no ri rnllertimi of the papers yon show in. , I kuow there was a kuit of the kind nlfudeJ to in tue,e lu'pois. but of tboeepapi s now ahown me 1 hivo no hm.tvlialge; if tlioru an any bond in the c.?-o. that b)nd was hai.oid our to tbn Deputy; it vu nerer retii.ned to me: I tanuot el.i o a be tier the :-h. ri.f mid hit dep.i ty, nreiile of thou., n'er ro'iinu.l thl-t to M'. Jor.ei; I only kr tx, ioi.ula'1 .o tlii. persr.n to wlie-n ileiivortsl the pn porty; I think he told ma be had gir n the hioae to Jiu'ge hi lso; I bttu uo rec dlrctbin "I hit rayiug ho had drilro-eil it to Colli us be -al 1 he look d to Judge fleliee to gei Him ha.ugh the ? 'Iflirnliy; I qiioi tionei) Carlin every day to kuow aliat be was doing nboiil the horn ?; ju'lge Ik-bee said this hi r -e am out of the county, but he would sse II rettirui 1; he toulil not say wlieie the horse in? out of the enmity; I oeror went a Oh liim to look for 'h? horse; 1 neyi r found out where the horse had ts-oti k?pt; ihe unileetuking or bond on 'ho pai I of M'. Jones is not ainoog tin ptpers iu my i ii re; I have no recollection of having n on iuch a bond ? tall. James I?. Whitehead was the next wl ncis oxanintl by Mr. Whl Ing 1 tint a lawyer doing bti-lness al No. 3b I ine street, lu January l?Ki, I ansa alud'Ot at law iu the uflice of Maiilo fc ^mlih: 1 know Mr. Junes; 1 in idn out 'he l>ond and delivered i to Mr. M'dlllug. (iu s exsntned bv Mi. Str- gliton for ,h- defence?The name of lh? suioties to ihis bitd a'eru Unac I*. lliiloy and 1'i'luier hiiley i in-i.f the attorney ! fur the dofi-n d?n'; I di livci i ?! the uuilerfaki. g on the lUth of January; I i id ru.t keep 'ho copy myself I daman lei the dell re y ot the tiorre; I gae. the undertaking to M-. tV'illeti; Mr. Milltil said ii ifaould bo atujod.'d to; I did n it at any tiu.u see Carliri on the subjo.- ; 1 deni iuded the dellro-y of the horse at a rubsuqm ut period; he .gain said tho n.attcr klii uM ru a tended to Mr. A lhur T. Jones him eg.iln ree.aUtl by Mr. Whiting ?1 hatfe no ieiv?ll?.*?!'?n of having any c ?uvo?natioo mim Mir. Carlin, xji lr-a i* wai* <>u ihi* l\*\ of J vuoary or ih? Int ? ? lobruary, at tho ftoojitPit ofho? in coinfmoy with ilr. WbLtJng. then Mr. WhiUng uia?)a a <l?m\nA on the Sheriff, Mr. .fobn Orw??r, fo Kooh why tii%. hoi wan uo# Jdivcted up; Mr. (Jrscr r?pli?*<l, ( (io aui WiU^'t? bo know,* all about It;" Mr. Carlm w** nfMsrwa-ild c.ill?rl ap (rum tho offlcn b?lo\? by .Mr. WMlOt: yoii, Mr. whiting thou atkod him wuy ho Uulnot deliver up tint h'?r ej he he would dfiiver hiai the imxr, afteraout at tb-oo oVIock; fhat ho had given up the iior?? to C?I Uufl at the request of Judg"* lieboc; 1 ?io not remoinb?r any other la?0' low wiili CarJIti. (?roet ??xifninod ?.y Vfr ^ou^liton ?I bought the hirne in my j\4 on th? i 1th of .NovernU-r, 18b I; I had known 'ho bom* for come time; "arliuHover <!elivcrej tbo hor.-M* to me, I ro'u^eiJ to glxju ri lor the h irno irben Gar Un ofleiod biui to ru* I refu*o i bwiuie I dM n ?t thiuir a re dpi nof*o?f*ary; ni thi? time 1 did not ctro * sa-*|? fir tho horw*; I lo-.t night of tho horn? and e,eryihi'ig ?d e, l! d ntreu I or riotblngr but Hio princi |>? t; i kior Mr. lolm Coltiiif*; I have known him f? r how time, an I I hf?Tu known you f ?r (H'tnc time ale Mr .-b ugh ton; (Mr. ?wiough'nn?Caank vou, sir; > I h^vohad '1?? borne aiow March, I havo uhw*i hi m iota of tinuM; I'roiu the ii?ne I tho how, io th?bt, Nicholas M*ab(<*df i appropri ated Mm to niy um. Mr. Richard Hoffman ?vi^ tiro ywor??, fnr the prntuKsu tioo ?1 i' at no. 58 Hloc'caar ftrowt; I am a prt>f?H?or ol murlc; I know thia gray horvo in c^ntrovroy b*tw?on Vfr. .Iobch ano \fr. f *nw lha horee In the posA?d hicti of Collin* on the 10th of dor nary, in Madf^en ave nue; Nfr. <x>ll ;n?i van riding; him a bo ebaok he Wd? witilrg don o town. Cro:" i-xamli ud.?rn. Uor.-i' w.'tA bUnk ia l wb? u I uv him hi Marina evenuc. Mr. Foreman wn then rwrnHod?I r.'4 *i?h Mr. JonA4 at an into view wi h .\fr. Ctrlin. thl** wam on tie 2f>th day of .laiuary last ; I Uca'd the convert?Ija, tue con verratfon opened by Mr. Cf?r|I;|'ri he w.toa hi* wrsj to Mr. lu isu* ufdee, ih : h'* hi .i >1 they iu:"111" 1'.] disc- niljiuo the suit, h- laid they mu t luekc up their U'lii'' i i?i ut,c. or ho ou'M rutu'ii tho horse to wiioro h: got 1,1m. Mr. Jon's sal.I hui in-' no: 41-i ontiu iu I'm suit till he returned Hie horse to where he gnioi, Mr Car "o oli! he r mild n it. Mr. Ml.Plug thin road la evidence the re-levin pepe.-s It) the cas? of Collins vs. Jones, in tHie earn, nnd Imre tho pioeee- lion er leil. II . (ILatou then opeted the om* for tlie dcCetiee. He aeio the UcU ?Cro, the' lu ths tunavrn'lHM Mr.J vi a s: .i siding at Near Kocholl" .Mr. CodiO'i, s >o of K. K. C llius, with Lis alfe. iisliid there at ihe suue ti.u . M:e Oiling owtu >1 lHi i white h.ise and Mr. Junes ii feu.'v to It JTei. Mr. Collins a lurg.-um fir l?; .Mr ii.llln icluM'd to.'oll i'. air' left fir S. w i'ork. end lilt'he horso ti p , -?,n of the *tAbl. keeper, Mr. biiue, a' No. i..,.'hollo, with uo fsjwer wha'ever fir luui to ri U it; wide Mr. (uliius wis ?l, stt. Mr, Jiue, by "Die coll'ision ur other, pu ? hasd tbe Ik rue of Mr spue, and Mr. Collin afterwards lioiilng hi- horse In posscMina of Mr. Joli J and beHo? .u,f i' to bo >tolun he' .? >h posselsimi of it ecaln. Mr. Jo'ie- thea". instead of bri igl lg s .it sgaiesi Mr. Odlius and trying lilies aith him, brmiglit a tit it atriiiiist t i.e liable k "* por, and this mau nitaeg ug to t lu id ef Ihe h'.r.o .or .in. he delltereil film up to if'. bus ?gf In. Mr. Collins thru ootntneaoes i repleriu milt g" t Ine bor-'-bar. llm ..condor third lltie, (Ihe nii'i hen a"ut on further In slato, tl'.e Inr." a'ler tide had been first ! by one pir'y and then by the o'! er, ?od b id lioii . h ?d ; ig liandi up to tin tint' he re II the p r'ies In qurr ii.ij ) Mr. J"hn ' < llln' sworn for the defence?' am a nttrl r by prmession: I knew this white h use; last rumio.'r a r.ieu by flie n un- of i ues had blm; the sun .t?r oef o h. ea. In \ew I '"hell", on rii):ik'givingday I found 'Ii-? li'.rte lied taken from his -ta'.le and neg: dart found f.ini in I ju r K. W ison's 'abb , I e cut 'hi r" wi'b Mr. ('. r!in to se ve leo'. )lo |ia; rs; we f und tli" Ii >; e 1.'.' "'I in .% (table; I fs Inted th" hor-e to Mr. Ci I'll Mr. I s'lin mm 'e,| toe horse rf tbe kei ^sr the ! r-e ?a bru .h- out iD<! a wan u irun! ('r igo. go', on tin liorre an t r Me J,f i aw iy; (Urllu'i b"1; i i . to be rso ?' ii h '..vs height r.ijt; Cruge had till bill!.) I g.i e d' eel as 'o Cruj-r to d-. thl luallbily; Carlin knew nothing ol the..- n'ranw neu*s u< ? of uiy inti'utiou-, elule "he horro a.n bi'in" I 1 t 1 bed e gurrt I arlin In cooTTi -i.l in h his ;? V to ih" hiroi; Carlin did nut e Li 1, '(?" till Crog. r ac? grt'ivg on his haek and riding kim ?w?y ('rug' r art.n; tu s -Un!? In r#reat Jo j?s strc t ae I dee. tec ' ar.ln tlis'i sarig out sod wan*4d to kn 'V wher- I was g. ,-galth tdat liors", I toil biin I ii I 'h" nr'ii in my ;?#se'a:i,n noa a"d would jdsy the sa ne ick Mr. Jd?, htLl p'ay. -l Mr. Carlin was v.- y u> ich di-t.l* ) and e .i.t 1 luui t.'.t "rved htm rig't; I "di-! net tell him ahoie the b rset .as goiug; I told ("aril ii wis or e of hi- htisiu- the h"T4o was r* '* away ,t a g rod ttel; UrliS -si..e the n't '?V to !i?1 the to | ? Do'not tell ktm 1 e 'l.o horse v a , c.r.'n cvll<-1 un nir a lialf s 'I /in titri'-s f ?r ' tie he bit! iwt . ? ild tell bint bt herws was: I wou'd ii >' tell 4 . Ik , my oam osmr el, aheie the bo-se w.ts, I Dually it th.i i to Mr. I: t. .'a stable, out i,f Hj pat by t i M:. (is rhn was auxi' :s to get h "t; I tons him ti WestM?e*. )u,i*y af'er 1 hisi x? ay from the itat.iv t, !>',? sjitt, 1 tuger I baivte ts or w%. a esti stabl' . I f' n't fhiok V Cs' tin kna r bint; I bll r.i r n'?er that I i?<- told Ur, t'arlln his r.auie; . tin aaikul Into il r stabl" adh m", we were atoiw ''id n itissl alsiut >ix n.iu 'he tel le where the h Use was lu ii I p. d h.m out; Mr. < ?tt a than ? rV' I thu r? j.levtn piaf?. np?m M ' lear*r, and ? mm hr., j^ut tb ? ii < - nt r>f lite rt?ll; rtei'be' M. 'arlin o r mv?slf. .11 i in fKir'i' lakenoutof the st.ll, I cannot sty thai M . <"a.Un sa . or could ?ee Mr. (kuger gat'ing on hen. >?, the horse Wee under way when Mr f'arlla asked where the hor?e aa? g uog we foOnwed the man on Uia hn "i f >r a short dls'encs I n*'er p' to hold M-. ('villn aefe fiom all harm I tef i?ert to tell Judge Ueb?e ah? -? 'he bona wa. uiril tne day 1 delivered him. Mr. dmtth rtoau wss tha n?at wline? ?I am in the Marine Chart, a nbsflcer to Mr. Csrlln, I trtrl to fin I hlshor.e hut oi Id not, I finally got him ia Wkii s.-e- , about tbe 2 d of March, BKir J i 'gs Benei's ofll-e f ... l.iut op to (Teav.r fc Mason's sta >'e, end they ? > ii-l o- t rerelve bltn. I don't kn w wlir the refuse', 1 male cs tirtact search fur the IgMb tt" I g't him; Mr. Carl o aa? vrry anxious to find htm a'ler we gut tbe b .rse I wan' with Mr Carl'n to Mr. Jones and be refused to ft e a receipt Ursy him; Mr J ones o-ed r rngb Isngiage snl ?-sal ho would "hoot the man who took hi" hnr.e sgain be would nut receive the horar at all I don't kaov thai t* f?bl "I Mr. Carlfn, " fon kniw where yon long the l^rreftcea, and yoa rm take him hack there again." Judge UfJwe was thea ewora?1 am ooaaecUor a* law T. J a ?eplf?m *nit li wlilch O.Jlins aoi hU w*' %*?i?* jilairitifti. 1 huv?* not |f??t th* <1**.* of r-uDfnm I ig iLIh Mjit; the dty that tbf* ?u Hie* wt?rt< irkn hi ihh <a-o won t.h<* first I knew of the thi' o*) t ?' Jin came t?? mo tot y '.o ir?*t the hor**; | dU *'l I coi-ld t<? ge' the horw, and ao dlil ?'? l?u, I b**'ierej Mr. <h tin ??? m> oi\i tua for the jora** 'na h?* a it unity oriel ??v?f h, id iii?* ?nrket) up 'U iny ?rmj?a bias do in i '.h ti ?' I een to Collin* nod then to M* ?rti ?w ? a< Ir.tlHi coun*4?i 1 w#?, *lu io?dtf every exerii /Q in my jiouer ko' itil?? hor?* ' "" ?! ml? t?d by Mr WhUiop ?1 n**rer th-ft er?e! Mi. t'ollip* wt h pr?M?eruf ion for coou uijii of c #urt if U j din iii.i d hv?r op me hone. H*ri th* criM- ?o.-? e<t for the defruc*. M? r'i i.jcht* n tbf-n *rke th?'. the pro-e*mlnn b ti-d hh there mjih no fcviilcuc? in the ca?e uirmui v?i Ca.iin * Mi V hi'ing eni<i be would ia?her go to th* jury. tt"U|ihti.n ihrii itummcl uj? tn?? case tor the de fei re in :i -hot ? r?nd funny sjh eeh utter w?i !h? Whi p.g toiioweu vriiu a tic-J .,i: argu u?*nt for lb* I'l l*! ? ?*TI >11. ii?i h?? tder-then charged the j?irv at* folio**:? 4 n.fu ?;f ihe iu y ?The deh*i. ;,?nt, Thouria ' trlln i t.rtivti'. t??r a miKitemeiuor, nudnr that .?f <,.?* th ute *i i b *y? ? I veiy n^glec'. of ?liry ?ojduel up n a p\>h ic i (beer i-hall * ? pntdaUod us a iu\ ? "ue lu? ' 'I eif-ue if a wiit rf te le?in, a:? ill tni1 Ci?o is 'i t '!??? to po^**v"*a th* |?;? e ty in q iedl?a f i tinee ''a) +% that I* may be rtnifrcd t? th-* pir *> f'? in ab< m ti i- taken by % legal co.|i*-e I'm t'ji.f of 11 is w?h in u? guard |)??|Hrt|r vrhieh in 7 to piicec'* r <* ?n%!<h-**d vuluatp.e Ion aid at mr-t mmImmt) the imp irum 0 f a h'a'ute of thl? ki i and tlie importance of enforcing it As t? thi evi ?'?n? e in thiaia e icnn'lcme yon a e to !??* ttir* bin the |hw y*?u me to inr lve frr-ia thn court ?? .??x iooij ) ou life v 0 nnthiug to do with ttio ovru?'<dtip of thi j borrot u he her il wras ,\lr J.-nes* or Mr. C->|tim'. The I eput) -he fir biui tin hing t / no ulth tliC ??wner^hip; t>ii? whe'ber 1 e MilfuUj ue^ioe'ed the writ of t 10 (.'o .rt, t? the qm ti-u tiffi-cjou Whit, vra?* th- iu?ui ion th' fi ? ?f Mi <n tin alien be ??<Ted this w?ii of icplavinf Did l-i* ail ulir neiilect his duty. What wis un tn'^nt when a nun wuh j ermi ted t<? run awiy wiMi the h eM tt Ht bei* ? g-d u> the l?eputy .-.hetifr (fhe U-cude. then loth-wed the Ust|o>ooy in toe c?m>) If ge ?tle nnri, in ilu? oiKt) ftw, {it fall e ther en*?*, jtoii hie?any doubt, jri.ii a*o to throw such <1 ?uhU in (afir of thu urcuM (i. I nt uiiuilling to go o or all t -ii? ?ri h*n ?o. g'D'leinn; the c uijm;1 in both ^iiies ha^e Misldaral It very fully, "bo i|ue?ti ?n ir., wan (hore wilful ungloat ??f duty ?n the part of m puolic ofloarf and thii you wi 1 i>??de up^n the evidence before you. The caso, geutlo tneo. is v* ith you# T? e J"'y then retired to deliberate. The Jury ctitoe iot?? coiut ngaln at f?tg o'clock, hav l eu. hi'-ini H'M.ut liull ?ii h'.ar, un-l rt-wl^ ?<l h ?.< ? f Cuiilj, ai.d wo ruooninion.t him to U.o morcr of tlio (Vmit." The c >i?-' wim then adjourned till the ttrst Moodir oi 1 fremfcar nejt. Th" li'*;iipnt fooallyfor n mUdemoannr of thl* klni by l .w, i? 0110 }pu'h impiixoruuent in the I'enUon tiary. and ? fioo of *..o0. Pollfi1 fntrlll^cncc. CBAKUK OK KUnuaZthMKNT. T*o meu dhitiuI A.Iain l*>m.n hq<1 A ii>m l?"t.irk.rl?rl.KiH 'ho omplry of Br. J. Oot'alKT|f'T li'oior d. aior. of C-ont^o 'in t, uii'onr: o.t'.t on a chvR* I oiohb/ilinf m nioy and proppity fri m Ibelremployer. rheeompl.lnHntHtn'o. tum ho dipoo.Oiict 'hoafcnmol oarry iriR oT a dourij 'ha oi i>.n dy fioin hi. p'fniiw i. Al.o, that tl.oy kept an fic"niint io (ho biivfni?*1 hatd mid tin ro d.-pn fled botw .on f Oand | or ni nth, whllo liicit wh'.to "lal iry nil/a n . into * , 1o Sho for lh?- mtnio porl xl. the aebusod wo o t?k-n lo 11. h'.war 1'nltoe Coutt aul coaiuiit'o'l for oiamloall >n. tiik lath ixmalk cowmoimi \p. aiu?cokkuc riov. Mr*. Cnthnrlno llonth. oh'> ia eha.|fo.l wl'h eowhh'InK n woman natnrd loni-r Inwroiro. for o-lrr glnif b( r tho affecboai of net hu^' ?i.d, ml ed at nor ..fHi-o l?. C' niplain 'hit her naino v>> pl.rn ntider an ale" ?h'rh h? ni Ter lii ird nf nrr aanumod. .Mm. ll iotb exhibi'e.l l<. u? h'i r.nnl ijjo coi lflm'f, *hi . (u it ?., |0.r. tua' ? be, aaCathaHM Poafaray, na j ined in the bmh of hell woillnrL in Afauaon r. 1!< 'h, in the je.r 1RH7. '?Th -.e ?hoi'i ( hath Joined t >g "h-r, let nv i.ian (i : w.nian) put aju-nlor." CllAtUil OK ItUItuLAKV. John Then"", n hu'r.h'.r, wn taken tnto .u tnlyhv ifT'-er UnlraiWrW, ol th" Trnih ward pi.llee, elu'y l with haiing burn'a, entered tho prrmi-e< o? '.Ira (I. A. I hi 1 i pa ef ho. i1' aleu'en a I roe*. and ate illiiif there lrei.1 valnal'le rli.tUinif ant j<.<i?|.y. I lie ? .-.i .??>!, I I,. elia g' <1 rife t>d in ? lot. the drilling by ( op. n the hareoe nt do< r 1,I'd. a lim nr. lie w.a il|a>oT' red 1 en i>n lug t e p>emi*er i.y . f th" ...>m ?? it.? who chawvi him down rtair ar. i io'n 'ii? ? i.e." ?heie the eliicer, (rehnK lh< ahtrnt, in tan'ljr .tavyei n ptjiruii. and eucecedi d In capturing Y.i n niter a I n. I ri?e. n.'rr.a- wmtllrg hol ne Jm lre tlre'iQan a' t' heae) Barhot I'oiice I ourt, nhei.* he w.i c?iuirni.te*t In liial in dcfai lt el bail ttorrt. ttot iimr. On Tljurrdiiy t.lght, Th ?. tVn.lcy, ..f th" AInu'griwory in Ih-.tman itroet, ear of * IK', la hank "ilia ..b'l rerthied check.. The money waa taken fro a II o U drr.ofn of tb< (jo;i'.pl?lu .nt wliiie he ? .a aal -ep oner.' the eii'eiaot the e .'ibllahineal wa~ arre-t' l on ?11 j Icon nf bring th" tt.ief, >.it thi re appear, to be no other fticrne* aaalna hicu 'hau the Oadiag nf two h ?' tl"? ..'Mr kion'gr niery'? t. 1 mi Hi |*r.n:i. "nth 'Toeing following the roV.oiy tho a"" .rot w?a tma u.ltted to pr'ann on a rl.arge ? 1 petit larceny. .Von" of tho aUden money ha" jet h<? n recovered t'lly llil< Illfltri, l iPonr?\T t'r rrnr ..r hi aror mr?fire Ward.'na Homy .'rrrla ia.l Charle* L. Mcirltt, were n. .Melon til lay that a lot of gunpowder na. p'aeo.1 on < ar<i ihe tbip Mieaa Oil. in lying a' tl.a Norolty Vard ?l. cl for Kfalpm. nt tn Horlo*, in .1 datlon ef 'lie lire la ? of the Plato, *bi"h prohibit* it- cirt. ge thro igh tile ;'y aid Ita transhipment hol. w It1 * u t ?.i. tm proceeding on hn.iro th-r finnd ML', pack ,,r pin powder, marked (K I h, ant ('.) ? .p-riin" wlilrh ?h.y " i/ed aod took P. th ale arsenal. In a u-ordir, ?? iltli the law, the powder w II h- aold. and 'h pi applied to Increaao the fund c! the jtpw A'urk Kin IV itertmeut. Me nnd- r-liud tho p.acticenf trio Piping nnjewdr-r in rlolntlon of th?* law la nolle fre.|neht in ihlr city, and It leh'vrrrr 'I n nuttroit'f"s 'a y on ttorr !,w k on* pi a *tmr fearful c.?? t"r may occur from lire in aril, ua nao nf till a iniAt dangeroiiAcmnhu 'ihlo. Hue iia rv TIT. ? r1 v,,. Hic-vk.?<'n - itur lay morning ?er/.'.mt V>liitA, of the Tweutj A- 'oud wn I [".lice, f niad h: id oh vtcvl ac l inn., ijlar Indian fn tho .treot In .n xcl'.lanJ In*; '.red condition. In foot he had been I in liibiDg ratlwr too froely of fire w?u*r, no I ovdd nlly hid 'he Intention of - * -.1. r '* an lr.d?d,n. ie nunilrer ..f pule (area fn tcir.g taken to 'In ai ? i n h. ? ? he i if.i ncj tl e car'ain (in trocheo* f eooi*c), .ha' ho liad ooino from'no (nte of the mot n.'rig hy which h> wa? ur.4c ?t'wil to m. an ten .b- ? th ? ? .nl'e >e It'gcrcnt w h tie p'dlceincn, arel man He-hi . ail poMiion to U" -tr'kiiig in >< me othw way the., ill hi. roe'ipuo . lie wm. put in a coii until bo rec .yoiry hie e (ti.tiortuci. Knur rm firm tvrnacr.?About i? i o'.d..- ye.tor.lay morning a lire broke ont in Ike bull 'log In the rear if ?".4 Huh Atx'it, or npicd . a ca'onci .h'.p hy Ih nrj -tiaffer, on th.- .ec nd floor, end KrnnV Kllhaob on th* thlro floor. Ihc fire ortjrina'e.' on the rtrat Mo<ir ami a* no one wo on tint lb ?r after dark, nor any light, or lire o.ed in*rc. it I. ..pre ui| the prcini.^ were ll raw I hy an Incendiary. Mr. Shaffer'' lo?. will pe at..,u' M .o. no n'urancc >ti. Kllhwc'h iw'iiMtc. hi. b ?* at about #60. no .n.uran >? Tho bi lUlieg tu i. or* lo MiI re'dr.cki. Bcudc I i, 4.i r:. .(red alcot $!'? inn fully in turd in I.?n a In .uranoe t'oinp mj J Kraa .a .?.n" .wn CT.-.lh.nt llo'.b-k on > ri.lay ; rilgli* a i re .< .? fo in! in a c!o,et in a thi d ' ry r ..m lo Nb' b'l ddir 11 A ii- * '? dr."', rrro'ted by t U. U? elLa 1 H i'chle. M'na It. in laking on' a t.??kct !? ?? th" l >- ? ideiithlly ? nr. tn he lo hlog, Wu:<*o |p 'HI <1,. /HU" the oruir. T. ? fir* ? i> wuin uyting .i ?d w ih . ? n of w i ? . Mi- iti h.' A 1 In clothing will ? aU.'i *?0 lo* n Ihc bnl' llng I* .. ?>?'ly huiat ? . ?' * it; r.jre. | hy luAuranca la *Jv? New > in* tut dam In jranre (Vninany. Tlicwt/'.U And Id a tl I trl t lima. Hp. ".wit lei *t' ? M' Jul. i l*?no HoyW" h?* koii eyeged for anethc. w? "k. she will apfm 'O .vw*'.* v?nir g In bar grcat'y pknli'd rhvroctcr of Martao, In ' W'.eu tenotl 'd play of th- ? U -AckAr'* In ig ,*u . !.e larcn id ?* loud me bWo ,,?tlllHcg?,, will f..t', .w I ? ?Thla popolur OA'abllfhrncn'. wl!' e-cpea for tie r..nte; ?i in to-morrow ??. in on ' . ho -?(. i |.e Ifavel } anri'y wll* apfea' in th ea CXi (Mw* * ??'? ? v - ? Ivj lit I ? u.tide'A f .r ?. r lie IT -a Robert, M lie |*a ,.'*n > ? nt and ?. ii? in* Windel Bowtrr rvnuuwv -Tt-e popular MH|4mt nf ' In it'll Br. ts Ward i* 'fco Irrii \ ?. .* > ?./. ?r. .nj I* to f .1, ., and 'h* arou-"inen wi'l ?l . -e >i he tnotlcal trama'IcaJ Anectaclv ot ?? fb Korty IM'?t ? ? Bt wr.y'A T,rr??u ?Hi- prwf irnnocwa tc morrow we. o i.i,: "11'con? .t o' the jwa.k 'log n* > ' (.? 'y of ' I I'l'e Tree*.ire ' T" rareti'* em' tioardla-n ..I t:roii.7 the laid* ' Mr. 1'nr'or. will per*.,n, e Mt?. *v t Ijt*. th?- higged, boy in 'he *cl?oot( aal J.-k Hrimpbrlee. W *Uaoi c TTtriTTir. ?.The 'Id and 4?? ? *." c .. 'f f Itnlea Wife and Har* a W ife, ort',1 he repeal#I I >'"? row ?T?nlng?the 'hlef cUarvt' < V lo? ?n . I by Mot*. Iw.'ar Rrwifhata Wale t, M > II y M fi

oyer If. Tocrnctndo wl'h "A I'retty ' ie-v ?,f M" >? ? 'A...O* V."?nie ? An en ire new p-oy a " n* of ?cfif dancoe, |r , le aomiiacmt for t/1 to OTTO * "-n if. In'ludlpg thw 'HlooTner Pr ',m made 'h* on ' id'-* piece Le The Mewiowrade Hall, ' in whl-h >le t' ' *ty and a*?or.e'we ecj ,? a regular -h?k*|. 'i con J . . er. Jh 'TiirT e "nwevinn.. _v a new pi ? . in* nf g?, Ae., for torror-.iw ew.nlor 'h? Mi kt.y?off frwh rer n of "V'lM In* and HI* ft ah, w . b le r ? icrifd ??. '? wwi'lnly f .nny T m on' t .ioa'e In * ire ?o tw reprc-ow'ed by Br fhib ip Hu-kley vnd Mi-e MltWw. Ci .r?*T ? Mr (Nrir O.eiiw*I**at thepeo.* vnlevm pr-.rr r**>fo."? t> gt*.- a * evi a-vt ln** *i "*ntal ? O ' at 'be Me'rofw H'na 'hua'-e neyi Tow*'a* ereving lf? will be iMflB by Mow Weii.ow IP,.,"b* te *tr ra Vi ft'l Vfr'J;*l?t, vol tycral utVt * >UVi ?nr liidepondant Milliuy Compaulea. To day la th# 7'Jd wnnlrrrairy of the ar ic i i>i? i .f . ko k by ti e Bi.tudi tro- pn, which it uU sik. pun a lb, year 17S.I. Tn?nrrit? tin" nkolramarf will Im aupro pi lately .i lnh.ati.l oy tlio parade of our so l a city ml ll'ary |i,'c? m will h* enei, by 'lie auuex-id Iir 'or ? J IHPl til VISION NKW lOKii htatk militia. Oil!Alil.s I KUKRI . Nicw Vo?<, Nor. 1'J, t ,<7 Tlvliii-1, will flMHrld nil ,|,.||da., the 'JOlll ll nf NI.VI II 1+1, lioliiul, to r iiiinoiu i, *'# tlio iTngt . nf New > i rk4 by li. Itim h ?rniy in J t aiit bn h:.i I a'Ion ill in i mil'. ?tor- lo lieii homo* * wl dro-iile. Hit IIWIMOD W .Mint In, ,|is| no he i.uTi. * f ,Vi" ? 1 h1M,,"i ?l'??'li?.lK3ii.i I ho I'liurKi *r atll oelncV A \l Hot ir.i.i* will iUn. pl,:? ,, B i|iiMilfr |.i? t 11 i/cJ ? k ktnntenetb mispl-bi ehy ir .gnw'nil th>. inr, g 'Ls'i L' r",n* ?' 'Cl ??< A \l . ,m .| e '***"? 4' -If I"- * ....m ?T? ? thn rrt.. . Tl ?* tun <?? nf I. mm, fcltg in t Will 11 ni,i m ih t tii.'k *r iilu f"'nl ih'? t i.y Hill, m i i H?ll will ?Ut?il ?? ??ooft fiT'h> Mt "ir ?' '"?'i T?l?iri?f III.! ma lam of lit! il >J >. ?> wl a i.uuhit u-ton. 11 o'clock HnkadJer .rnfial -| lin t .111 drt.H a .IdU-h oaot of ?t t i??.?y Ui (in- * nd*.i ,0?l n*!uttf f ??iu lav a I ? 0 t-'lrfv . at fUKifl ' Tie lii our uinroh will ho down Krmulway to M:ii nSnr? i ?n-i 'h oitjcl. 'liA0il.-r. ?t Out .Mi reii!,o to the Aunt (fL o or !lit. I tl |Cy III,tor I.r II f ?. 1 W VIuntil, Muj. Gon 0 ui i ;. It. a WiffVoai, Diri.1.10 liKjtiou.r The targit cntnp.wulA* hare not beau n i nm.roit ljr. ii'K the part wak, own jf til tb Iii-ir approach or tint holiday*, nor ??.o t elr rauii. as w I lTU.,d Among tbe c >n,j>?olt<a that p_u s t1 our olden were Ibe fci lowing;? , IboIk.ylAfli iiat J, comuiatikil by r,ipi. fjn?ui0 cifiiwi U,.I,U 'lirli (urt auiiual i*.g,t ox.t.irniitn mi Tun*. di,y Urt I., MiyLar-g !<?,, numb-unf ..m- (if y t. Am pg 'bo pi ir,f. cootttiiili d l.i ?? ,0 miTt i-al ally-r mill ita ran lu.' ,.oil g"|i ? nr.l". . rii-y niturnni m ll.e city a ?u mrly hou-, ? 11 ,i h tuvir ?? all II. iln Hoy If ii l.uard U c utip.M.d ..f n?v yo?i,g m n atd tbry re... . d it ra* allII i? drilUo* ami gi i. g thioi gh ?rvi ral niovrtiwiitn wlii'o m tli-> gm i nl. Ibe Ktrh tius'il. c unman I t.v r?pt. Hinith. pro ?ao?l tipou thr^Ir ia,K?, ,.x, ar.|in t??. h IhMi, lo iii. 11 r hi rr. 11-?/ rt?( uriif.1 to u,9 0jj.. hl Hlt ?upy bour, highly |?l. .1-1.1 Willi tl.e .Uf, , ?,.rm tin, tftipa'. In onog rvtiii. . . ?f protly rlu p hnnling .'Aekron l tht tiiib'.t. Captain Mt In-,I Or?n<>, nwl in In. in r if (ha. In J?el. on nwm'.ir of thi- Uth I" f'" nm.1 by Shaltnn'i b?..d p..1 ?.,r ?,t, > n ?l?i' i III I minimi Inritri i x nir.ion t? | lutlilno, i? nuuilt ituj fo ty wiurket. and tmm'y rfgu. prino WlUiuin lull I got tinaiil- ni.ita thnlr aunitl turent rx ttiii.Ii ti l?Ki wrrl,, net nipanli-.t by WliitwortaV r .rin I banil, illin>filing ihiriyoU loui-Lnli. ? (iUAtdk, ( iptkia Willlli li II Nultnu, ttllH orli.r l?(.Illy tight u.u-krtg, wilb SuelUia'Abaiid, i'. to l'e.l ford lor i if pet piartlee. llio t irsry Ciiardr, ("apt I). Iiouplimty. turnrlout f Tly mu?k?. ? tad with .Sbrlton s Lami pi-adi j for tur.-el piactica. lowir (iuarilii, Captain Sut'on. musta nl thlrly tw. n>ii-ind Hey war-ocrobpainul by lv?U .tl. .. I 40 I at I v.etit to ilubokrri. The VHllntn VVhl'n liu?-d, Cap.atn Au.lrnw 111mk turned ?>..t .1" tonnKit.., at,.) wrr<- . inpan ?d by Hoitln riiti h Haul, iu tl'f.'r cxcarnton to Knit New 1 ork. Mtiolng (.riitil, Captain 11. T HUgin* pira.l. l :n tnu-kt'if, ami 1 rc. by AdklnV Han I pro.ti,.,l to Hl. uken, whi-ri. tiny nlio. tor IS ptUro 1 nvlonon t.UH..t, f ptain Lrary, went to lloboki-n. tiny had do mj.kc'm. and .hot for li prize.. Hoy t <1 naul, Captain I'ainMi.a turr.r I out :tj atatkeU. Indefotul! nt Mo-kotenr It U ki .in- cnmmati : ..nt tititr? t in ? 6" tour! ? t? [*r <01 ij ff i,, ,. where h< r eontebded for li p. j?n? ' 1. '.(?? Vo.k Tr if I. or Cuard , ,-.1 p?, the H ? )Hre, ve.t. *,lsy too, binf on tf.-ir annual Mrp. ,?? ? ton. They |., 1 dwell klkl 1 [. it n pin., mnt ihiy. Tb'- I ir?t t\k I folic. In-ne.lo.itye '. rdRy, an ]?||, (i, 1 teat Mil alt en lion l.y th ir --in-, lent did and uiwrk-miu ?blf V - f> -r .lr. SL.NiM,.1,1. N, rfr, nrn" T*" ?lb ?I r.t Mill'. ?? In, t.e wit1 ra- idi on the dlli prexima. Hror.Ltjrn < ujr Itrwi, r ?-?'* TO, ? 1 Til io .A, ?4 >u I ii tir rl.ty utgM a r?||.,w r.?m,d ! toi rtlc' Ifcirvl wj. di tnciel tu tea ?,.t of b r?k iog itilo tie1 I a . no,. Iiutrli !loforrond t'hu.rb , by "III '*?*r , i * Mh K? ?if h ilihlric poii 11? half. Hi < it ly mk r>?-| c t rHT thf but'tr. ua*. v. ittif ?* <y ttirxiti'i f.J wit,' ''w ?'! 'bo ofb, i to. I hold . ! bun. A nn .. .. ?? r - fniitkyrn?u1??n'l Ml.fJ-ton k> y* w^ro r. un i in hi.4 .i--e-. il, Iln wai C'iitiiuU i-d to mi'Wfr It I <? n iti lo i.' io o tho dcrcilou of A I,I. Ithr, , ?f?i h t -i llog ,, in lie 'lie mini t?,ld and iuipu nnl are of nlpbt'v rule in aT.ty pari Of lha elly. Not w 'ity paWa hit '?? " ide #t kbn pollen a'? t,.| ttiu i |?r In, inMho , n'y in .lain# which re*uliri luthanrrni of ?'Uf? lite-*- ft ii m ?. Tun Saj.ABr or J; t>at t'tjti.f. ?lb,. Hoard of ujw ?oira at ibelr la.' laeetiug i ? Iri ,| a r iminooieAti m from ' d. l>.tt, K -j., emu 11 '.lit'.p the nnt i f of .In )p? Ps.rkwwll - tleei-lon in rivir 1 to thi a' ry ,f Jodyn i .il rei an (Ity .ho <[?. ,u! r.?( .??<?. g tbo apt..,into, - t , r. l.iOilttnn of roo'frim. f. rbe , oimitii. w*. |, hi i d wltb po?i,. u> o. e. i ib# fount/ frrtnomr to i.ay the ?alary If 'on em f r..|,..??| o A .o?.e '** bold to*! ii,* mi It m- dieli'wl il.s. li' rho . .1 I... j?ld, or, 1 .I.e. n ?i, not..,.; ! io that emet. Thi'I* lodk'd iijn ii m. un s' ;. 1. |p i. .. thollUe .d J i pn Cut*, r to bin | ?. to n a .la 'en ih# * ity < mrt. PiiHomtl 1 tif ( IIOCH ILIeNM-i Ol HPV * T(|R DOrUI.AH. l>r. 1. leal, . I> ; y , a., i.1 Judge Ili.iigU. .... fr< III 'ierro llktita, Ind., Nov. 1 >, to ihr ' lu -ip aa |.dlown>? 1 I.are I.rdirej ti. In-., i.e: u- .jhi Ih relator, lo the d'din a of Hot. A. I; .g.i bo It ut.dnr r f , ,|. ,oal rain wl.eli mnv bare nomn tati lrajy to tn I *.| the puM" a- tolo .e#l eoudivl Knowinp il,e reiietkl anxiety tbl< ighout ti enouu' ry in nn( . I to him and tha' tke tin.* i new ol > ,nd > , . i ,? ... ... i? ,., inetfitliAl he nUI roiuutf bi dut.o, tn the -Vom'n, I l ate then,ut it du- to 1 i l.ine' a t .u? pn? i, to V Ui#t tor tie 'ant thm- ar^l! be I., t*an <? i ,ly ? ill, ami that during tb-.? tin. I - l.v b<, .1, hi hi* !>??!. At one o in.| tie ? .t.v a aiight ? n #ml men' of h'. aysiptmn whlh loilu-od th ? h.p- <,f a .wdy reeorory, but it p., yml to .1 |u-'r? .ud ? r if not now any -bit g. Wfci' h WOI.M War, nl ,.e to nr nhrn It wil' Is! or I'eut u n.rli- for hhr, lo b in his ,x* 01 I '.runt tbi- taleuient Will UkewUo Afford lb. prop. I np , I. fy U, the JII ign's l.'iuiW'oua oor Aspouibmta. ni he I, is i t I ou no. !* he now, in ? condition nithcr to w.f. or dictate. The 11 sr V I. tit ?>, nf Mat*:' e, u la ,! I <t:i V h?> Aohilor uu r t ho ni a hno ? NeikinrHki11 a ' .*i ui ? t ration. It In A nf* ! Hi., t tf.e Hor. J. 1. J| , ? y, - , ,r, , "*?* '"?*? >?? ".'Vtetthi r T.r I . I )..i'. n , bla depaly. AUKIVALih rtr-H s lAoneb. bi #? an ?Un ICm ?i H'.- U . ,r ? I 7 II . r I* f. iia'S^e .j., id m it I t> n ."St SI ? l f f or en. Mr f. V (fa in H hhi. ?, iv p .. ? fnwe........ < hill f Amobl-I hi ,ho ? "ran ? tr in i !.ar;..?. ., lu nte itsklp.I f I A'(. l| ? ok.osn J M -c.hnn hr'..l|r.w Ms.e, J. *m~"r I don.. K K HI/in, bhKUs Nil. , w K-'iuJi, tr IJmth'i 'eaiApo. nrPARTci.K* Tor fan fpaiw ?. ?? a ni i.a -.i.i in >. ,m t.'liht??! I, KuioA'o, tt II wine- .1. r ... ,n . mid I'm i'. I.Toraaa tV.'s Iwef.ff, res; i, Is V in ' w u 'i '. il. wmiaodiit .l a Iti ... nw. i w 41 Hki'l. Ui, I t H Is In M. It t JkH, M 'a It ? t i 1-1 ? 'd i K halt I, K .rn I Ml .?r nnl ? lilts ' RCbaifln'd, |ir Ulln.'.1" .. iwvt I w y ,\ eo rn Mr* 'I b e filli, W in f . . , a ! i ro.- .' ! * 'rnihht, wife uid Infaatj M hl'iek V.,. II H>n?V Iln , lllhn?,.liM..1tMr'iig,rj yr, r , .,.j * Mfa.:, I't O'Rrirn. P Kliny, It /, | u- o. I h at , I. Kai.U'W, "? lb s I - ? .-?...! ehud- fWa ' I'll off a, W II \ ? s' Mr ? r in il t I Lo.-'aa I! Men. - i ?.??? ,T , i\, P . .. '"'[T*. K t . , O.s V II MoAa T lie I , I i' vv- - I. II. . .?*, win and Iwu rbl'drr . Is. a . wo... , if ? r I A T?i !or M IJ ||r. u |i I, i ? , , \ : ' ft. ?HIIahi, HrTl-lr WF ,n tan I e III, K b t f Mefiuwu ? A Mo w I, . I if li Vrw A it nr??f t w# loitit'a. i; ff - j ,rr ? , , u , t ?o: '.re? rhrd/Aii, Mlw *l.!,vu ,, M it K ?in . r '? h ?# f. uerte1 I,ii g A ft Jan.',t '.V ?' r? M ?? M< lark J A Mrd, J il l.-,, h? J J g.. ? . ,, y ? f- ?* ? -n. Jr. t I i. r.ewiwn. W , a . >? > . >o an.1 .wo I'.Iai.i . Mlivwt w. *ol r M I .e, w f, an.| It.iAf.' P Mt y T M II I! , J " ? \ <fitbwr.d ? I' *#?'.-? ' ls*n i. 'I ah ... % , Ma I, I bn.hwno, N Itrakft Jars, M A ii M ena i- i Pat,ae, og . h , fi ir. -I 4 ? ? r.1 ., r, II . II R He.'a. t ? VI |.r1 i' J*-. ? ''alner, i .. t t* . r Ken,,, I; Y riafr, A ft. -nan. s a ? n M . * f ? : W Mr M V. s.,r and % . ... i. I. r'wi. J llwwr R tk'ver- I a '. . IV .) ?, A I k an, f| W I. ? ? I, H ? ,' Y ? I i ... .*"!??? |? |>??,n, - wn t . ???!.-.? i t 1 "?*+<." . , J }-i1.1 M s . ? , u ? w.'r R Mt'Ve MlfahUH# J.hoe n f. tlh ,l .? It. Off W II Kofafy J|. I !i ,..rwn r w ' ri W . s i - f .n ?,Ie. ? K R ,?> a ,' w' . rnysnirl o ?J JJ ?'*. f ' idatn Mr Man* win aud -k . ? 1 si. , | .' * ie a. d Irf a . t? ( *? -m , i* ? , M - . u J ' ? lfi|. .eaaerMl f Malv-wr 1 baataM, I f r ay, tu* ?. ? * h ti. '.rav, lit o -ay. A W en. t'f-e M KM, t l.yfM. w k . II I,;;, . g .d I' "??t swrrwr li fl-n '?- t ? i g a It ''1 ey- T If Wlhiamn .sod ,. ?r. ? i t, e w, ... i r Hie|?wior,.j h. in iNt* . an - ia aa. .? ? -J? a A "o I'a *e Van < or lain., Tr / 'i- w ?. d I' A Ra,ir, hi*ar, ri^,i ? uu: fr%, j rt ? , ' 2 *e-d 'adr. J |r.|At< U4y and w 'r.. ? l| ., Wff f.?rt ami rAnd. Mr* fkawwei an I HmM TrarvS! | fiZ; siW ? ar.ffwr- n Rr ihwa IT W IW- ? ? . Wn..*, ? * W Maay iglu, ? i) e i/., , 7 ; ? . ? V '' ft* I Vu j M \ ,?i e A *'? Mr* Tf/ier Klem. lapki-n Hi an*,!, i f II - 1 g t--It 4. J< no At* neon Ura I y I t 1 . r . * ,-i ; , ? W brnswo H A Won p l| r/l f? , r A It , : w. ! mo 'Ytr.m and lad- W - R ft- l- t< ? w w I o a It Tr'ia Ri.Wrje*! > .v-fl and iff In1 l ?. . ?<w i kaiwe , in ua f-evaMep Mi- ti-f f taaan Jre.i, TrtpP, r. C rar iwwa* A '? iro"we? 14 Mo " < y. j.. * 00 1 11 n , . a * 1 .win,. k f. .?* I. Rsa It lee Wnsdi'j a lla-r-er a of iwdr if f? , on T, ? 'tkf w leoi aoi K H f'm? ,e 'rasl .tr ' ?' e I. J leaf. T l.ieri , wtff e 1 J y ? i. ??*?? K pfl fee r ewl R ra a rsl? H if ,,,, s Jrf . Wa IB 1 *fuv Wat i?, t Ra Wf J a l??.re.?!. ff Re I 'I leer T ??*4a, VllA.yi.K /e. M P'.atjC 4L-' .J ^ d-.d-a'e ARRIVAL OF THE CANADA'S MAILS, TI'K DETAILS OF THE ELBUPEAN HE'.H cm UtLiXlONH HiTH ESGLIID. TEE WAR EXCITEMENT SUB3IDED. iingliah Prohibition against the Export ^ of Soitpotre. INTERESTING USANCl.Vl. Nl A S. THE TR0U3LE BETWEEN ENGLAND AND SPAIN. Ac., , Ac., Ac. The Cunurd mall ateamaht'i ('untda, C.ipt H* nc, uriivni nt IV-t >11 at ccven o'cl ?k yeatfrd.iy mim ing. W e re ' ived ii part of our |iU|mvh and le tori b> the New llu\cn rmtcliud evening The C. left 1,11ei peel on the loth init. The monetary arlh le i:i tlie l/Otidon AVic?, dated Friday evening,' th tnst., raya:? Ihe I OK l< **onk miirtp' le day ?h >wed ' ? IN bu-yii-l- ? ??lug (Ulefly I. the euptr-rt nlr,-n l.yr ttm unlit e.-bitraeuv <'l -'nek In tho pibilr. an I I i the i-t ipiuoebing -eebira t in ef tbo hall y<a ly '11,1 denr, ?n Ihe lib of iKufmbf' A rl?- ef three nirhtl'H per cent wa? tempe-arily atta-neri; In the nl ei ae* 'li liefe.r the market tn ug'i r? ? ta > ?> I if -'ei-II li ? "I reera l,*' ?'i|* ileiiead a reiap.e atl l Ihe cl Ming ,,ti rlath n* rif r.iJj one quarter i-er -r>nt Ulgh--- Him the- ? 11 yeCe, rtej The <tl.e'iant market wn ||uleir-r, the rate* 'tiling n baA-rn At I'arla te-.iay.t ii ih-re |ier r-eti - rle . 1 a el. vl- lewe' than I be qeeta't >" ? nl I tin ?-rley. It i .tali.l tba1 ahou' bill a mlltl hi ef 'le In -' irie*ali<e-ni on the Tnrkl-U Ir.ari l.a- -till te r-e < lee I I nii-'aetinojee A? enntUer lu.te Uiinnt ef ibe tlire quiiiler* <rf a nil'lleo "ill ee pal t by the eub i-Citlea en 11,1 ITd lo lant. ll It ,i*i-!en tint tilt th am "f f |" ete tbh quarter, ciupl?l win, the eilll nileati -lie.1 re-iul'-mant" t,f the II,nk of V raneo. al l lenA to illiclnt-b the Ire |?f wlileb I >r --m lip-eh-. Iieou euta tlainel Uui- th money mtrkat tnl< it t-e esii-rtf-t to limit- (runt twicettt from i-oy arilfili of Aunti all,a gel-t. The London T.tnc* of Nov.'?-uv't# 1 lie Bun'tily elalatt ant <?' ihe Hank ?f Sruu-e ehle.U will he made tip to ltd, ? filing l? "le'erl n ,l te Ii-ti j I|>\-ri-l-1--In Itr peoert-l fh-irae'ei alth-.ugh It "Id ?Hn ? a further . Iiuloutloo ef j?l 000 000 in Ho ate k ef I) illl -n, which hi.- -u:ik fr..m jC'b'gOO.UUO In CH KOU.OOh Ihe Ir <ir, ulfclleo Mm reCur?l II lr repo'le I f.t '.i 0 i <0. Sin nly a'ter the p-ihllnalmn nf the la?' re tuifl I' wit" kn wnlhatthr bullion wai again rii-llnlng, |,u< latterly ihe ree?|pt *10 U lit ted to It**' bfen about equal to lb- wi'hi'rnwata. fhe ittill-h government ban cltioially j-rtihlblte-i the exportation of alifvl ? from tin 1 vt India I ruiiiany'a ten- or lea to any other porta hut Urer| o.-t ant l.enl--n. 'the it -re tuntut hu< i-Uo oreert-.l ail vr - thai a-re |r a-1 In it in I .ipiinel arllh aaltpetie ami rr.uriale of -?<i, N,r Ibe L'litled S'alee''ltjlaehai e the Huron TbenhlpOa'h< lit-, of New V< tk, I opt oil-, trlilrh wan 1-awting a'. I/mtl"t? lot Lkraien l-a I lieu oi-leiiii l-y g .rem ueut to Im -ll-cli. r/e-l 1 ' the ?alt|it'r, en l>--ai' Ihcbe-oib) tlit law a:i!? no lh' coa t ef l.nftaud a e (atlioatnl at two and a half mlUtou* c-f -loll r-i. The atrip rUmpten lliiraphrej-, fioni ShlelU fir \e? Voik, I. .11* ,1 ?'at M-a en It-, il.'lh rif (l-Viber le Ut. 4h N., Ion. 1 W . 'ir* all ' cn-l - itrl-d to Liter,<>-?i. flu*' tarwiponilriire. i.0KL>0t>, P. irluy, Nov. t?, I -.i i. ~rr *T7'rT rVf lA,r,v,o The l?; -ttl, II Sry Mfir Appiiiiittil 11 I iron t Tor Co/rwiie' lllfirr Still I'araat- Jl r.tlhoJ V,ir? The fear-of n rnptuie !?twe< n and th Ut.lUd Knte-. wlii- h cxiaUnl, have In a nmtitur i nite Hid? idt d. 'J lite i-to be ntk United t<> the tn io of tho corie.|K>D:lence ireently arrived from the Uj-Hi ?! State-. Seine of tV l?ndoti i ntrimi ? -till ill dulpe in ortlrlfa on -hji felutioo with tlm IJnlle-l Stat,-, lint the unxlety lot* vuiii<lied. No greater di oater could Imfal the trorld tluria rnpUire Iwtwet n F.ngiand and America. AvrcpariUtln war.tli <* N not much orm. N-< cngag,n*rnt hit- takiti pi.04* in the Crimea, fne Kieneh will> Kiqbiiro dering tie winior. The -ea- .n ir now far udvan- <vl, and piehnldy nothing mon will l e done till apring. MeaiitlnMr, nfg /lia tltrii- will in oil probability bii'-nbeii1 o|a*iietl Tie (Imt xlgri U th" nciil of l.r r?t tVe.f noret l from Vb:.'in?, nnd tha upimlntiBCBt to that po.-t ?f sir II Seymour. l?l>' Alli'xu-ador nt St. IVterelnnp. and Ihe in?? *li" "' 'y perforined Id- part wlniti tin lute F.m|.ero: Nioliolui held with hlt.t the i-eletiralr:,! coi.vt -atl"fi ale ut the "rd? k u,au." The appoint ni'-rit iu regaiAed try all partie" m .1 itiwia-1 iry one the right man in tlx rli/ht plaee. We ure -till without a f r-ionla'tfliiHter. It ?,< offend to Igird Stanley ( o:t of l -.rd In-rby). I?tl be fhellni d It. lie could noi well d -otl.erwiw . lie Irem n eon-taut oppouenV to the w ? and, under the ciin.iu -taio 1 ? I -< ?<'' l> J""i ' '*?* | l/wd Wlfin U al??-ail to tiwv* ib hi-*1 It. I ah'rald ii'A wonder if I we wu* the nfc---s?r ol -ir A in. Mo'< -w rth. 1 he Villi r I If,I- King of s.ijrbln to I. la .d h now oftleittily ami' r.eid The <g ' ar new ally will le At.thn?i*etl . H' -rt'l be <|0. <? 1 li- n, lor le- ejn-rtw lie- I- " 1 '?* hi*, "f any tr- mi in Kit rope. Tho hr<-titer r,f tl-e Kn-jicmr o tu'tria h i- le - .1 thrown oil! 111 hie ml ''eg' . ?' f'i< and I " In a precariona atate. I he F.mj^rorof ltu- l.< hu i.tonnd U, s?. |?. p-fje hnrg. TJ-. re no other new* Ining. P, * eltle nt fltrct'f War ? ?|4l?!-Jinpmib r?< of *(r. I remplnn mid wj m|M>?????? ?l in, ' Kor? ln?>er?. .hfifo tln? 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Washing* n, Imt find ajmjivthy Ur ??**' own . r-> 1' th' Nrtitb I* Wif* thw ?" tjuart.r It j, wb.ei red tint t! pr-w.wV th' girt-rrc# t r. i/**r-r. free* rti'ft"! in fcirA rifiUinl tnrlrt "0 I / 11 ,?ifrt"fic </" ? m?'' 'fooW / ?? ml o i'* " '?"? fWr tf/.?? f" eiBra. ,t uf tS> 'ha ?%' - w ? I ' p | ef#, ..two- a"f 1 ei. l-lre le li'rW agaifl rflgig' -l 1 a 3 /i ' 1 ! a Hr It I'll Mil te Ana t "' ! ''' ' I <i, f? icAirA |l'? 111* 1 fftrjrt ti "?'* ' ; Ar si* iu-I ittoll., V. ,fpuir-. - i tin > - ? it, - ? o.g that lilt; CaiiMrrtol P. -- 1 ' ' " *'? H'H opjawtnaMy of rrdvm* iu j? ^atanty. m j i,tor, . fifMrrwi ? ?'? . .u' ? . ' I Plmdd wtuil prewa "Y to?c 1 ,v, th . m?i. .If the rw.wn Me. e-"*'he?. Knee ?r. ' ?f- IM1*? be ? la.-??i.l?d . inae. #. ftuirtft ? ki I ill*? * ft 31 in if 4 t limit, m !4f. rtth th* tata? ' ' )?' B, thooph ?' *s- -n wtdwl itd'T * t? r?-w, 11, iU"v link .own. 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Toth* aiwert an lb* hwMer la Bo mmre than ttie wekef ?4 ,, (?.? |,,?,?d,wl iao wiawie Aota'rwA,a* .. ? 1", ytttirf ,.?p tilmrrul ?a u ? ??in mku hn? .v* '*? ? k"*b?r f*?l It '* a- natural for a pn* 'riment to tniwper w,Ui lt? foreign r> iatioi^ %? fur , nppa'tM f? rarrf >at'tg * t?oo?"t 4w hoa4i r(#t -#? l'rg and ' MWiidooaflelr wcaaetmAtoeco* :gl ^ **7" Pjdoffi IA Aarr"#, (find to M-lies* tfnif || Judge, trul>?. although {??<tUlilih.iorhp.iTdU or tue chfci* ra.ola the I m.'ii and not likelv to raj*, the <lian.H*er of Ik* tout, ii k i, w Mih Hi. y , M1J tliim inilnmre. win tl.ei- the> ?tniUK< m hi* *. c. <t*iv.l .?r IUM mcium rot tin, prevent furputten 11 may h* <i.?.>Md cm MO'f futve o. .a?ion; &>r a war hi kiirnpe aluNdjr (runt. am| parha(M to b* ejnie R<i.en.1, mat >MNP (u, erTr % in ^ n ' i '"i WO or ?/"ip?tbiee at ii.'.i' 'i a" " ut a,,.r lint<' ?*? lue "port of I , ' '"r ' ' " '? tin' rfor. not uiiioaiMwn nUr to the whtoh r,M^llll in H.? ti' v 7" < vh.l Itiou ..I uiui.nipulM* I' "?>? 11 ?? i mint?n win. h will ,im. 1.1*1, ?m... and a ,,lrh'!i ,!f * ' 0 "< u. f. r it. own p.rt^e. . II. 01 ii h wt term ?f (tower, imperil the win. hadl" ,.'' " >U,"i rare. ?... Ml "iU;rl"- t" ' h' lli II naU'io'ln.f a war Hint. hs?I HHe.icM.vfl-. wlyc. roe" a., hard Lut "<"rT ; but when w* lean km ? i i \\ ?' V" '!" ri)" rr"? "iiklnff kii? wiiii iin|iKi tiunn. h K .eliin.l Iwtnh-ete iKvcdut .ii.) moment io| mud.I inner i, |,ernewer iu I in<iir i* t? u. I. s , n .1 i, it!.. ...1 power of p. .llti. ?l intnaucrH, wi..,, th.-lr e"dw* week to i. vi.c-.l. - nyiiv Ioim.i.i t .oaU ...... lnl? Me, then we may *tira t.l? on-hand, prole,t m the lace of n ai.kiud and u*k nil who kurr.. rnoeou and km d hi-linv to bonr h tm-w that we nr.- nm .c ut .1 tPeRrmtivil? tint nm* eiiao. it i? d>?? Ihi.l Il.i nhi n h<> Irnvp In the pie-ent cwmj mi re. k ImmI.v t'Pi lit a 11... Pan.. to th. rendr i..uih{?im of two nation* ma. f,,ne q(1i. U-.I thrlr con <cl.,anew w ith t|? th. 11*1,1 tlmt in .it,|iiR wouhi e?m it 1 l.i-/ o i j- lam > the natural ?ta'o of tin- rw u m I, tweeu two Mich iiummw to ho a mutual j.nlo.1 > . , i. u j t.. hi.-iik forth in ?poi-cln-i and i > DM-m tn.tM.Hfl. capable of r rntn* the. ncalota a .Intiii die . oi.t. hi hi t (.a. wciik to load inc-n on to war w.ih n".1 it. . on,. ..m i,. c? Ni l/lnt.-riwt, ther oaw iiifl. ??. will uJaM?- kcop tin- two countrioe at twacw, alilioi yli Uu ir .. l|i,R.. i,.^ |M ol rltolry, if not at Ii,??tiliiv Ih.t wo en mi. >t .-onai.lor lliia J ulirnwak tola onud, uti) mo, i- than th?-. oarx-of rond.idk fi,d on It U jiMiiiial lt T, u tinnw a dUinite n.ui .lit ii*in. ai d on th. m kl orraflion pluobo lb* liat.oiifl In I.Im ,J. /i ,? ii J all,try h, l,rltr,,f nw>a "i? lit Ji/1 Uio,.l /,y //,?,, p,-irati mUirtli that (Knr I'uuniiit muu mit: , ty Ut tjriltd. Krrrr dlf I. ii i,c? tilI tin- Mini, II tun* t<> paea away, will \ot lu,v<? a iiipnuuy I thiod It. On rack wiei? oilttiK iwriifllon the two . untrtra w.ll ri- Mlee* tin Ir pMst . iu| i uiU unit ri*.-r.inhiatliHin. ami then I i ilui|-w 111 mi im Um- fi.-lli.K Dial a -titiarl.- mu*t or IjiH-i tor. o ami that U.e In-KiunuiK of ilia mil j a cpi. -lion i.l tin- l.,-?t o|-|.or. unity. Hum,- (a < nolle.. ? net n.,?y n :.k? ri tffliit iiap<~> ibli- Ttie tor ritici . rip i i.l. iM of tin* >|n.Mrrl mar liantou to ox plain uwuy tla-ir windc and to talk of con- IJuUoa uiul auiicul I. M-f.tln i-nU; Imt it may In- loo late ui.d the tti-.o <1 hi..| di-a t?-r* ol' v? aia will hare U JiH. h the Je?Mm tl. t ml?ht havo btrn moto --~rtr Uiirmd fr. tn 1 !.e lii-t-ry ot the pud. 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Mi,- ma) av..:.l e. taiiKk-.o- ol. tut abe eaanak 11.,, i.t . oi.oev ioil a ii-I r. Ia? i n >1.. p l .r.-ry mini ore fo. nt w i.t h eut'tmeU a ,luy from liie of th* MlflnUr.evn , Ir. idrot In lh* old w-ald whleh nalla hath an .?|*i-.ii-ii of a flympatby ..rnoa* aaMktwd. tiniUfl Im-i < lo cr to the I'oe.-ra -vi.t. H ar,. B,tW wu^if.ft w*j. II ithtii hit Itirilmy art out turn ti ,a fjriHitt lh, r,n.,n.liTiii ir of fkrw An,,i/tun Uum.t, ,,f lUt i[. d o, ??,/ m.-.A.r/ ll? ... ?ly thty 1,(1. All the* on Hit* ? t"t in ,M-i> a t of i iirojwwr. ita-ivmea, una. in i//il, uj ihtl'intr, ine ./? an io/mhu and am ?III,,11 I.l IU, mi., uh,,J.kht in Hit Vrimta art r* tic, lira ao Inn, rival, yau i, ii? ?u,nlu. hi ?/ I'u <ud H'viltl it* Ihm itthri rii/HfUd ut d&ltktd ntU? otiiy tu. Tl.i I mini ??t,!,, ni>4 he '''If * ff i?|l lnt f fill* .'j |>;?! I ttl' ^riMt ?/htffli W?| >11 II ' iioht in/H riirnl* u? "tlj Jvuroj**?n. farm (fl uv or Japufi may Ulk of tofeJ io.l.-jM odmoe, v ith ? rji f i itij.rafi rv.\ttv*+tA*4 m lure,ti ut*) Ii# i fori!*, mntjot h I.J *iMjh Imt KhitfiV ' hi If ii v |?l ?rt?k?? fion | f^riTlPP, fail leniM.t / i.-tnid to on #'ti tin, III. therefore brr iJo'y .? it M ii! t.fl, w< ?r. -on t i In r la(t, ir ? .otfl. r t? M-| .c< the rffchli. of torrlan uoiorm niei,t?. nod to .otif in in u<"'\ f.villi to that law nt tiatu'i.-. will- I. -he \ia? accepted. Newt.< I t'nilll ? of (he t ,.H,?| f e.?.i nt fir I r?,i|iti,N n.,?l Mi.t'atbiu, I ? m I c I. i?'l? 11>. . nirla Sjt h I fro... If.a Ld.lf.ol Sta'.a |,,, wltkia Hi. ifi-l lew d?y> luen I| tm with more thaa . rdir >r? oi. .. .t, 11 a- eo - f ?-./D-nmoia) ewtar jui-f, ll., >h i.?i,m' 'i,oi t .an-.ol |.y ,nli> allhy ?peua l?lM-n? i,n wheh in forme, - niialiaf the f.iIIi.k-/,' ti.. c-mnrauiiit/, a? .??? after amOtmr i f th. tin* -utlant ?t. nwi? ?w 1.1. Krnpt.col off our '.-.i-t hi,,, l?,a ?l,?? b*d/Oi lh, jnmnl ,n lh* far nice .w/'iloif ptart u, tr.,r. It U tie reti re no Mtnnll wiwint of liratio, atioa w. tin by lVic arrival of the triad rtramer t anada fr* iu tl.. I oiled ht.i, thaf tl.e . m Haw ol .wrvad He I),I- liiliehitafil. or. lie * *,fru aide of the At Inntlr had pit otlv ?aile d, d, or rnllie-, lo apeak am. nrre'tly. tlicit the amu tlon whi h r/tahi tnl. it-d ( had "ink ar >r? *1 toralv on ' "Iu t <1 Itrl*. ?h <nl.-t,,.-it of. th. ir terrllortM ' ?*' ' t.? ',-t. .hh i,'hi, of lh, (octmatraf nuyl.l I., o ?*? et to irinl, p,J ttral rapitai owf nf l'i, tilth,' .owe, l ot for the ".rnmouity at la/we lla- fu' t f .d no inter- at and no aixiilfieni ?. . "1. *' - Ml of | .at hat t--lh. nritf-h M ..icier at VAajdhnpton. M . harm w-ie U.fiii c . in cctoRw i.t* n tcrrrig I t),j. anb I -t I. -Iff. .t Mr. < r. mpt ,n heeacue tie .(,.*? o# -' limn d- .p'o'ip p- who woruM .I tfi-'lciwdvaM int., lo. ififiden- < pr>Mr. i d to awtiit lilwi In eh AiiiinK u - fiiflei, ti ij ibm, wti* ii thty w*rr In inmrm ?n of I, . M ,,t? U trayed him to the F' .HeH .-fat. * j,r-.t. We tfll .,,.( him to fa- thw ?. ly do)., we t d he rt ? i-n-rlf to (a- the In n.'.nt vi-tim. lh. f-p rt.ot!.- .Ppionax'l. clnteu .t W , d..n fn ir that Mr. f rwinpt r. dmltt aA hantltdy, ?f lh, ?K,nlt tr'a p,?f,t*,d l? A?r? tirw imp1,*.,,lip Aim jo, th, ya.p.a, of oU.,tn,mr rm ?' " ?' whole affa-r l? th- reault cd a ry. m-4 Op t.y forelir,. ra u. , mhroil fadfi < v. rr ? . t- end that he t. (n ?-.aidPtcw, to uvnm ?" '* S'Aiint more llk?fy The harneter ..f th- wr ti,.. .. w|w, r,-f'tear? -MBir.-t ton. i. on ti I. corn vh'.aitig ra thaw cji^rtic.iiat.t- and aftc . U,.^Irao ount of Mictowdrwe, *' ''f i a-dfy t? re- ? e.f in ?cir fort al luaClM .ill, .1,me >? dive . dee,. f,,r tf^ honor o# Pile .-d no le- Iban r tn. ..ike of Mr f 'raflaptow f'.m.'if, we -hall nj.A.rt , learn that her W?i?4>-? r pre - illative n Amer>-* wk not r/.tied ,B 1| -e rhet-oy tnuiwacti ,na. lh. r< ct thvt t; tmert an j vertiment ?"?* w I'.,, to | i J t, .1 Me "f *?' ? ' ' ',-fc-i. !?"*? "wf f? f-e u , I mind**/. \o to, h d'otuad hat I 'trtn t.'i/f' ,? aic?J MM ft will ant k* ? Ofynor-e ?? Ac b'' ar. 'atatcfi^, Um* '? 1 li'Mt t ' wla !?? i>a k the rnaelt of a >on ? rce. . i i.t, ?*,? i, ,u,f- ., ,,, .low hla far , ^ "7 u " f7 ,/ ??"* Oai.M acA fc , ,f M, f mpt .a M"-d<l anf.irv.'mtely ha<e ? ,f? f-? M.n i m !f and the It ,ac? of hi* hi<S - ?? i. n.e'idk tc oirty work with whkh he h*4 n o .ern Am aw ft moat ia plam that hw . i o to " v- h- nwi r tern nc at. and al " '"f* ' "e Oltwwtfiy of the f,rcuta . r If. l ? ted -late- to faeren *1 . * ? " ' - -? ' ? , the r 1 ' "t" 'f V- * . l*A'. |t at vara t '!> c-t",a, afl be f,? , ea -ard ll 1? he nt nata.f 11.wt h .. rewcncvl f.- t , ,, ^ hdtteh Vfiat* ter, ua other ? ill fw - nt t. or. py |,u pia-? |u ?Wtn ti-wt t ? j'?t?nuraaat will eon?let the k uiand foe h,? r. all a* an atn icod k ft > tier ri upon tb. ,i t ct U it.,, a-yomrart. thwt ?-? - "1 C it f - P'M? -,d Wi.rto Uke in-.rie?-, fcer-nro'of It- affair |a lhaa? Iciv t? to ? it ?,f in a ef'ewl ?/ ?J p.'ifaetio pro It U pr > '? <j'-*' . <1 c, >.r have at ?" d th? 1.tread nt .1 haw d itw In j-paiu ae? t'it I ' f tap-rat< lett#-a <>f Mr ? e . tl* tttuc iw. lie,* |, frra ate p. arlohair ait fvr it. -er-i -heir mark in Arte , ,,. lh) k>"(r,t etn,'.latad a? pa|*j uMlxma he; ha.- fte ' 'I , - *'f I"4.?'- " <P?ttr rhrM Um? "Iii"' ?" -dWaia rewrwi La ? :i ? So ci'-n ??L M.l la Knetand the co le ' |'-?";rht to Iw .c l-J UiJTJj u " !5 4 W,U' ?*?? handed jaeAfee. '* U otw of Ihe he ill I errata p. earewraipd aad 'km <nHd*d' Tlxae are thw -^im. a?ea ?-k teealn. and *e k nt>-< t aad trwrw a a (04 e antling fn-t? wf Ifjh |1? t Uc"x here p+j ??