Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 26, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 26, 1855 Page 1
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T II E N E W Y O R K II E Pv A L I). WHOLE NO. 7029. MOHN1NO EDITION?MONDAY, NOVVMItKlf. !6, 18.r>.'.. PRIOR TWO OKAU'h HOLLAND'S DLAtiJjfiS WITH JAPAN. I01T ro lliiE HUM! 01 HCLLAKD. |'< m-oiih; of Brmtti C(M]Mllln| llir Tic?(y?IU> llii tit.licit StAtci, toe Itiu. ?ii it Atkiu^lx at (V*<4;ol lot ton, tli? Viait of ta? Dutch Hnn-o:-viat etormhing, kc., Ac., Ac. he following U a traorUtion of thn roport recently mitteil by the Netherlands Colonial Miniver to the ng (if Holland, narre'iug the evuuu that liuv? trau rcil in connection with the attempt* by the United U-h, I nfjland, Kuxria uml the Netnerlaoda to break rn tin old pxeluhlvrur-s of Japan, fiio report w.i* hliehed by CulJiio on or:? o nil. Kim ?Hum g oiltved to your Mwjes y, for your riunthiu. lho'0 j'Ujeix on Japan waich have been e.ved "f lale, 1 u v> have the honor to lay bebop your je ty a concise report on the sen c. The Japine-n eminent have made a that, atop to*aula givim; up ir piinciplo of reclusiou towards lomgn milium. not dudfhg the Jiutah. tiuour tJene clr.iutu-iancix, I feel 0 be a pluseant tank to leport tlio pel severing and dix eieated endeavorx of the Motherland* gorcrnmant ??riV in.lning this privilege*, end to folly 1 eraerk upon an a< < < wbioh have nioio immediately caused the no npin-hno nt of the ta?k. ?The letlr of the late King WildntU (William II,y to the 1 eror i.l Japan in 1141 box f?inte the 01 mm 'he ha-ia of our poll iutl relations with to it country. it reiert noe won made lo >1.0 I itfl war ta Chin*, and ita ?uiug In coiuaeiiiiesce. and a warning uirou against ire dancera which migUt arise from strict lecl'ision, a pari' a when the navigation of the Japane-n m*at wax reami.g. when the furiosi' application of steam for 1 po ea of navigation una redaetng the distances, and en commerce uuii industry In Europe were ta-t (level log. Il? 1 ccomiiiei.d'd f iojdly and commercial rate* the best means tj j re vent collisions. Finally, Id lo .oti: 1derati.11 f (giati ude for) the mlmls-lou of raoaki for Ihilch (to trade) ui Ninga-aki for more than two lories, lie gave the d X interne ted advice to rescind the ngniihit foreigners, otto tug to K ind an ambassador u (could ho of assistance in advising and enlightening Kmp' tor on this subject if lui should wisii it. Che er. accompanied by pi event* fnim the King, was for ded to Japan in H M. frigate l'al unhang, the reply given in 1815 proved the impression which n toya! an dree* had made, but lit very conrte ius terms ct iilained the concluding iiifiraiation that no change ulil be made in the ancient laws regarding the relation tli foiei|tn nations. This teply was wil'ten, In the iperoi 'h name, by the Council of ttorernmeot of Japan, I addressed to the I'eers of the M.-tberlaada, with the jue-t to communica'e it to the King. I're nuts were de in tc<urn by the Emperor, and It was hinted that '?ply different from that nor given c mid not have ben Jut without abitach of the 0 nx'ituti m il law of the punete Empire. II coni e<]uenoe of this the Dutch government consil d It wi.-e not to press matters then, but to an tit nnoth lit opportunity for briuglog into effect the principles ptessed iii the loysl lette . Oar Chief at Declms. hat en particularly unletd strictly to adhere to rh ise prin iles, and to abstain fiora any act which could bo calou ed to injure or eveu throw a doubt upon our feeling of ilntei eetedneae. The policy of calmly advising and inciting, coupled with - t-Jilnii 'lianuly re'ations with the Japaneae govern ut, Iih not remained wi hout influence In its behavior ware fcelgneiH. A Wiecked crew was as-Isrod and ovided for, and kindness aud mildness took the place of lahne-sand repulsion a' tin Inert ne of fori Ign ships llitigat Japan. We also old our best to prevent any ?plraaaot occurrence* wiiich coull disturb or destroy endly lelations. In 1845, a request, from the Japanese ven inert vm made to tin ? government to pitoli.h, for neral information, an otdtuanoe by w itct wrecked I'kiieee are permitted to return bi their country in tch tnd Clmiesu vdhscU only, and that the Uwi of the plre as wrll foi bid the Jap me e to survey ihei: con its their own purposes, as 1 hey (orbid fort igners so to dm was staled that 1 ba publics'bin of thUinbo mat ion would ?ke it appear as it our govt ru was f tVorablu to tlie s.eni o! 1 xiluslon uow tlitlug iu .apan, but th'uebeing oilier tueans to bring it to 'he knowledge of the other riiitne powers, while a dtUy might nuue ii-agree nt li e Dutch governm. ut was requested to give it blicaiiou, its it did on a xou'br occasion in 18>1 In meantime the repoi: of nu expedition in prcptiatiou ihe I'niied Ftalcs of America gained dally mot e ground ltliutltoa f&tt appn aaaiog completion. Ii *as in mod to endeavor to mtke a treaty aimalling the eolirj Juri'.u and Ihe Date government thought the mo tit hen arrived for trulramri to the (uine etlcc . Hi ftcntion of the Untied Mates government otgui) u gnu I portunity lo ninke ihe J apace** govemracht lull/ 'ate of it-principal req'iiremsn's. Ily cayine' order ? [ild of Patch and bth of April, 1852, the Ne lierland ' l is Ma ' Han g'verniukhtrcccivisi bis MajeHty's commands anl s United States government was iafotmo I of the con n's ut the it tier ofth" luti- K1 g V.iliium II i-cor. .aioe with this oommaud, ihe tjov ? nor (Icne be hnlsBila In lia, uucor date ihe .8 a Juue, HoJ, |d- asetl a l? ter to tlie Gt v.iri or of .\?uga- ,?t, re-iuvst hat tl e J tpanosi' goi ern non' could depute s party hitch i?hk and eaj ying its coubdcncr. to C <asider kill lite newly ap|? inii,i roierlo'.i ndent lit" means to |oier.t .'ai uo* Itoni tbr datgers which wer ? threatening 1 At the rlose of his lever th? <J iteruir hlnu-l st the [i-Hiiiility 1 f our being forced to t|uit Japan i tin; gt unn.ent should eon>iuue to insist on the exclusion of le gners, and no cause hoxlili ies rho su ci in'eadent, i.T. B. Dookier Cnrtius, was charged with lits letter, id also etr.p >wered totrcat uu the basis ./ a ketch of a r.tty hanOtd him. 1 have 1 he h .nor again I > l .y ht-f ire ?ur Majesty a oopy of tbedra't of tbu treaty, and th? ^ilitionnl notes toil wh eh, white re,pe,-(tn Jipirve ?a. and institutions, hIi iwt h >? t ?acomp ixh oar ub ll.e let'er ot the Governor General and the trial^r ir U'uitlus' guitlance 11 aft ?en to serve for Mr. Donkier Curttas' g shi uld be cmsnltcd upon the Japunete inn iicin ro artelt bad thioo steps been tsken, when the United atl s C urge d'Alfuiien here, by le.tor of 2.1 July. 1852, vhi-p?H of his government, reques'ed t h- oflnlal as bine- of the inai nge' a' JHtcima to f .rward the friendly .nvior town da the Dotted Ft ite.i s |uaoren under cam id of UnmodOre I'eiry llieu risiting the island J of pan, f r the puipo-e of carrying Into effect an altem 0 ia the policy ot -erlu-i 11 which the Japune-egnvern ntW'sth.n following ttiir a?lstaece byps.a.eab'c sn?, in accordance with .or policy and 'he King's U c< tuntat.da, was at once .c : irde l aud or !e-s t > that ect were given to the Mm h<-rlaiids lnd'an g 'V-rnuicnt 1 vtitd the excitems.nt which would have been crent?d Ies I'M' ohi t g tlie e ordera ay a vessel writ Car that rpo e, the e dcspaicbea were entrusts 1 ta Commod'we riy htnoclf, to deliver them as he migut le-jnUe the rvlces ri fern si to. Uotnni 1 ideation w i s uisde to *he nlie l Wt'e.i Boirrnmeut ot our ootreapon lcaoe with ?rauiuiiiig 1844-4A. The 01 trlures of Mr Dookier furUns e??w pifnt upon .c orctrv of'he Dutch G vernutenl, were n"' e psti le l > by Ihe Japanese. Th? <o>vruor-Cetieral'.s 'e'fer ?as ?oeived. but ihe Ja; ane-e govci nmeut did not take any ? pMio a party of rank and exp-rf n-c as re ?,e?'e<i : In fact It, a. pcir?l as though iti*v tr oil' put Iter tl.eir own conditions f i I :rtber Information Me. Material fortius up"' 'hi- dvMed n" to lo I the patice !??,? 'he ,-aku yf b ijj. Jti<?, and loeVse .? -f of :? iliflcicnt impoitant Huo-esof 'he rough d; if of tlie eaty, ahfch, together with the leitoi ttliTlr du'e rV21 lyi-nHier Jif -b it t .f Governor of N'augsSaWI, lit 'pitrente] that tlie coall' Jhis would ta la.01 .Me i? span a- w II M sil'ab'e ru iho occasion of the ? \p .,.t ,| mi t( the I ui ed Stu'ei govemmnt, *01 loved (is Viler thus :? 'Hij M the King 1 f 'lie ? dr cXpr 1 t? Ihut the p 1 < . tin? VbatEaipire will main uodisturbia), if (Lo pr. p. sitl nj.s of the Unite 1 etsr gi veiumcut are n et in teat splri' lint 'hi Intnmiiideation also had no other ituinediale eflect (ban ppenied ln.ji and a teuip .-d uxpl?na'i,.n<. which a>ly proves that the 1-tter had can nl .eiioos .cllec EThese are the circ.imataucet under which, in dune. At, the American ?<|a*drou. under C .mui ?lore IVrry, "ho eo ia Jeddo hay. K di 1 not appeal *>ef ire Naoga si snd the .Superin'. nde ,t o' Deilma did n >t cone *o iflati ns ?Ub th" saiae. Hhorily afier a small s laII (ii: run, uiidir Admiral Putlstiue, aoch .redon e '2k<1 A- gtt t in Mangawikf l ay. Oar tuctorr supplied em wd'li the re.jhlre.1 pr r.?i >r.s .luring a 1 >cg ? iy. |hf A iiiirsl IMS the hotter of two let tors t ... lie Uh sn ail., r of the lluiMian Empire, ooe fir Ihe Governor of >11. n'i sod for ihe t i e I of Gove'.1 cut of japan were a ;? pled, and lbs lc Ler re ? 1 re I at ? he or ttieelln,,'. Much labor arose b. the o|wrin'ea >nt hoi ihe e- n-iaul appli' .tiiou* of the Japan ?u tio i ir- toarsfst I'n m with his advice in tloir later en's* vs? 1 i? the.e s ,u<dnus, au-l 'hey evinced mach t qiKe 11 ? and deep gra'tln- e town 1 him. II c a ten ranee of m< uivny-u liug s m??Is an I sfet'o r- i f 'Itfcr-nt nation h?s made a - plmpic -i >a up. 1 t? .'*,,anc.r 1 th< t. go.ern-ui-ii . I be gn it Do,, r mice if 1 lulieal kuos ledge to them ? a ? cvluced t?yr th .i-*ai.' rvihCOts lr.k*'? ..y M . it.ukie UurUus f >r in u null ' and prflcipoliy rc/uiilog ?ms which sol ml ? rd 111" m isl (?r ? i'r alien i 11 T-wi he 1 nd of Augu ?'. IF" d-ath tf'h-K 1 - r .r t .'s ?? ' tame known. JTilie.t-at oan*e.1 .a n-|U <? of 1 e clii'd le '? "f hf hi 1 g- Ti inoieiit to ipply to tint of j . t ... yt tir an ? xU"isioo of the lime .a '.here I.IP .fth. r'jOadren under Ootnintvdor* IVrry, which Lilb.iui. .df r next spring 'he l.tuo of ho i're-1 h t.i id he United wtl-b -I <-e I'oirr had ie'ireird I'uld al, > no' d eplh .1 to in lunn fit W . a ,.'.nin owing to the many prspara lone end cere ? j? ? the occsH .0 "f the old Kmpcroi'? dusih. and Ih. n. s Ul i e or1' aC 'e- ion n the thr of. Mr. D a'-iar LV., d.-(.red his wll'itfl' " ?rwar I thv '? ih-> 1 ".tch s wttw af, ftn \ rl'iwiUftto ?-ly t ? eat . f I ui h '? ...? ?n forward It, if pooi ,0i?" m r GentVkl of 1 ob h J dt,e," to C'mm-lo" I'ev.y. llosi"-. h- *P "??1 So- d'oih'. wb' 'iier Ootid ho. ", rry, Should e r- eis. V tlh Ithe to.Xhold f " Del Id ',rio. -'" - ? i? gi ve? cment. The I nij-et'-r's death did n-.* prevent the Co ?( fr to r iilcg pr'Nif, a short time after it, that the Ja|Mut.'se janvefM ient C HkiJeiOd hit 1? <r, of the 2d of V. v 'nV-. dteV, of Very great Imporhittcc. He was Invited to h 11 o tiAreucwM with an Imjfrlvl Uotornis-toner of the k' Depot:a <n< apjointed by the Gotrernor of Mang?*mkl. At tti- e ri.iiie rice* Mr. Doakfer t'nrtlus t>ok opyirinni' i ~ *-? 'he Utter 1 f his late Maiea'v William if. vg n ? rr to the leM'o f hi, late Majea'y Wnlmm I if ?o.;!#l"ed Iliat 'Til a e'sfl exeludnl pirelgeers ei eept fr. in ihe fir" po?fs He tn'?t itroo^ly r-e nneads M ? . * ? . v. u nf the or ? 11 r u""!'<l,''on ?7?* up' | got for amiwer, " that the Japanese die* not maT'r ! ini'i w !i f u igon> ?nd (Ijmt It eano, t b? changd." j 'ilia! i!.ret ei uboeiue< hu hud t ?? i euircd e f t, h w ivti.i , iiMif t iM!?i'i Wo official ?? immti a'l >tt j In m il ? (it vi-irni 11 ,\at gareU ?, our chief ?? the el, -o | ol 'hi mi.SereDoti 011 the nth 111 * rvembec, 1861! j I o 1 r.i - il, 1 ki ji 11 fi r (hi-<1)1 nt n given by you ! leymt-d'y a! the (i< vvrr-roent f)oo>^, an also '' r 1 ti* j untie which j on have t*s?n. You will ca*h; conielve | ilii , ?? v? 11 Lave I (11' crfo'tord repeatedly < n (.revi.e ? mcii. ki.' c, *<? eatiK ', n,,lw'thstiindiug ai yuu b iv ; * at??i illtr > ur law-, and n loir tin i> *1th f-rii^ 1 I .'( l utii,?. However, what vi 11 hare mentioned wl b ie I ga.'l to Ci al mine* au< the anpplyiug of p ovbdnn- and slT* Iter to I. > e gr et* tn en i> i t dt-a-'rr a sen, duo- U'i u|).nr iilmcrrpteBl*. lint, although 'ho Ooiv no i ?? 1 a' at linn* 10 art in tbi'ie matte,* without rt? l.iy .till oil :-ni unt ol Ilia labor which by the uno.'easl' n of ill in w tUi |i' oI h.-'' iltTi l?ed 011 him. he ia jicenled fictia iii 11 f hi. at j p rot, hcenise h- r-irnot do f i In *.ltlo^. Tin ufori be V'H. i n hii< return to the Court . t .Ted ? 1 ex Milium, per, oually acijualut ihe high government ?i h them. lh * r otlv ** *1ood accord) 'g to The rte* n from Peclui of Ni uii'Im '0 lb.',;., which e teceltred lieu- from 'he wi'au fi'tir urnt lu February, (fM. Tho (ioveruor (ho-iel hu- -.If. , ty le'er from Cinum -lore I'crrv barrel ib'I tin reiiuort of ihc Jupunese gore foment to | ? etj ? 1 e Ilia vi it twi n ace#, eil to ll e 1 nt h gown,mm', fioui these repoit* gained the riiuvhtii d tbut the pie ent course should bo pnrcm d. Hu- iDLler government wan nccoi ilingly writion ti hy llie Klug, in cortoimily wi'h the (itblue. order of 20tn March, It fit aril il aye likewise ordered not to overlook tie u nrli it T>g of a trea'v and meantime to take eare llifil 10 p vlfige- *l,ou d hi' giuntcd to oilier nilii.ris will 01 t 11 hp 1 tijoyi d hy the Dutch alao. and to cnoiioue Dt exeitiou wl h th- Japan. -e government, a giugttfor lie i v a itilireaf 'njl e uji the Hyatem of seelnsiun and watcHng of foreigners. .In 1 erln rri'gr otic telegraph was sent out an a p*? ?eut fioni the htrg to tlie i mporor o: Jupan. With an iin In the jc ttdlliy o! important occurrence* in Japan, tl e t.oTirni r Dcn-ial, hv n Dubhiet. order of April ITth, If .'if, ??- fine ami d to rend'a war ateaoier to a corn (any ihe tiailing tifsoI, which, aa u-ual, mi to leaee fi r .T?;,?n in done, m thut inipoit'nt event* lh?re nu'd t e rip< nc apei dtly, atnl a.-i-'ance and weight given t ? the (hie . at whore divim al the iei<el wi* p'acid. Tie Indian government elected for tid* an 1 ice hit Vajeaiy'y ttuirrer fWmhirg (ioiiiman.'ei I'alilua. Ihe iritniellnM to iho Chiel were forwarded by Ihe mi rob 111 veafchj Tho 9oemblng, wltn the eloHio magneiic idegreph on In ard, left for .Inpan on the Jbtn July, and returned to llulavia on the I6U1 Koventber, Iff 4 The (iovernor Deneral imtnuiiiiticly rent the com 11..1 infer b< ire overland, tnchaigcul 'he deipatchei cun ceinii'g tlo Japniieae afnl a, and with full Inform ation to thi high government before further atcpa were taken. The di.pntihee brought on by l!r. Fabiu.-. are tliiee which 1 haTe atlaibed to thia report. They emit an Ihe D ull rial for the n inplellun of tho rrji int reportiig the ttale i f atfeira in Japan up to the 16th November, ltts. The ilea- ian aijuailren left the port of Nangasakl on the 21it > ov? nder, )S6'd but returned in the beginning of ISM. I ui,uint mefeeeneet between Aduiiral Dntiatlne end the JiiptnoFO anthorlea tnnk pUee. After baifng lieu kleent'n fimn 6th Febiuaiy to 20th April, tin Aiiti i al On the '.(tth April, with part of hi* ?i|uailro i, w 1 nt 10 *? a. and did not again return. 1'ieviona to hla depaitete, he rindcifd hi* thanka in willing to Mr. lUnl-ter Ciinlu*. for hi* valuable service*. A treaty doe not apt ear 1" have been made. The U. S. nqua d'i n alao ri'lnreni to the bay of.leddo In February, lb.64. The negotiation* i>| ened by Commodore I'erry led to the coi.elui.iin of* treaty between the Dnltod Mate* and Japan < u the 81 at of March. 1S64. 1 have the honor to prr.etit a ropy ot the treaty. The coaiultaUoua aid ilait/i tiy Japaneae courtlera unit granilee* prove the fiienilly fil ling for Mr. 'Vinkier Curtiua, and the iu'eroat* frr the phyaienl and cl.imlcal vxpet iieont- ol l>r. Vanden Krnl the phy*lctan at fb-cima- An ong^t Mhor* the re pifHht lion, on a aea'e, of the woiki .g if tlia elrctric trlcgiafh. evcl'ed the natoi.lahnient of the Jajinncae. lie m?i e of wr?i*len plank a the model of a *!c*m *aw mill, which iittiiietfd in ch notice. Ihe aign- ot approach by tl f . Hj ane*e to take atepa to promulgate th" knoarledgi ol ti c I>uteh language nmongrt tie Interpretrra. arete ii' u i-tikiaMo The ?"rt?tent* < f rnir fnc'ory did all in 'htir power t-ware* It, and during la*', winter tliev i*i gli r. ve'iil young interpreter* our language and Im I r. vtd the knowledgeef it in o;here. The orriv*lof the maieliant ve**el on the 2Mb of July, ISM pi.t the rh>?i tn poa*e*ai"n of the Itiatruetton* from be i1 Ian government In ace. rdance with the recent irr.iih of yiur ktnj-ety Next day, Mr. DonMer Curttu* trek tl e to -? gt?p a? cn.n andgd, hy addrc*aiiig a commu t. culi n of thrtn to tt.e (invert or nt Nangaaaki, at 1 be 1 tin*iBfoiwilMMm nt the ahorUy expected anival 'nl ihe S?i mblng 'thi* letter wa? Imine iiaiely forwanteil to Jt do, and tl e equeatid regulatimi for the recepti m Hcdthe *tay of 'hat ?ti ?m?r took place Tbe .-'oei ibing ariived on the Diet i f August and catered under atearo at.d dreeled wi'h ft?ga on tt e 'ollnwlog day. The elec'ilc .i-legreph l-.e.i 'u.-tiiined much 'lamnge hi fore leai hlng il* Ce*' ration. Korlnnaiely It ceulo be put in good or Ai ? *g*1n uirter the able auperinten*teni i. of Itr. Vi udeu Friik The Chief by let'ei id'lie 24t)i Anguat, tnf rme.l the (.overuor of Nar.ganakl officially of the a'rlval of tiiut pitm nt. The S'ctmbl'g appeared ieiy opportunely to *?li.fy the g'c t ttdcre*1 ? f the Japaueao in all inattc-w con ? emtrg the ea an 1 ai>plleaiion of *'e*m. Tbe com oiler 'it Ihe daily repi ar?d reqne" of the (4 ivernor of N utiga *1 i. declared l.l* wl tiogni **. during the s'oeinblng'a ?tay to ii Ftruct J?| aneve official- of all brauchea, mili teiy men. meche' tc? artixan* and rnailner*. In chip t ut ? ing ap| dea ion of afcam the n an igeineut of Ku uptari hip*, muilh'e work, u-e of the turning lathe, practice 'f amail arm*, gun practice rallli g Ac. The Irairnetii ti nine cored on the 26th of Ao.-u-t. and wa* ilaily n'inut*! on *h .re end on bmud, to a Urge andattadilt int'easing aurienco who attended for the peip. *e. The eemnar der, officer* warrant ofllrera and 11. -*t of tbe crew kept thetnreivr* ateadllj and "nw.-arie lly tccKpied with II. It wo* not faiy to ?xi lain aucli *u-J ct* tl 'oigh inteipreter* but the di*De to liarn. and the c n'prehtnaildene * of the Japanese, deserve niach jiaiae. They became very ?|ec*llly intimate with 0111 mh 111 no tlioie i f the artillery, and the name* of li e diirerent parte id the engine. Finally, on the 18th ( ??nlwr. arrived a *jec al c< inmnw.ion < I toe liign go lit at Jeddo. reiiaisting of Ova member*, .ippolu'ed to in; pert the P'eemliing and acquire information 'ri/in her ci n niander, and ex| la0*1 ion regarding a)dp building and ci.glueei leg. Mr. Faldua rwadily atUnded to tbl.l le i)i t-i daily, Faring the-'ny if theHcc 'dug, on the Tth rap*, mb'.-r, an Ftgli'li uji ad'on tinner Admhal Stirll'g. aurliored in the bay '4 .Nrf'g'i 'hi, where It remalnrd until the '.Oth (teiober. Tbe adn Iral hai rcvoral eonleiem ea with the Cevesnor and it appear* that ho ha- i D'ered into an ar. ji g, 111 nt whnet.y a cnnj.le of porta ol Japan have beet, < pined ti' the ftrir'-b. At the r.pif.r of tb Adr Iral the I ngb-h ?"jnadrrn was aupj.lied there, by inn act' wt'h the tequlred fr-xh prr vteioo*. (la h - drpartuie be 'h rik'"l flu Chief by If Iter, after having already ri.| c-'ed that hu ;h'ir,k* might bo expre*-td tn tbi. c. lor . nder "f the S''rnbleg foi the adite when j a-mi f lit* 'Cc-el, which had b"en 'Vurned with due I10 i;t r bj the British, tomirealoie Perry rnu-t have called at .Vriu da Willi hi* ouailri n, aliou' July, 18 >4, aud made i' me arrangement* th*r? con*"juent upon the treaty cote led by t'.ro fly *i r ina? d* rr*eive<l fron Jiddo, the Chief on the l' th -eptimber, waa lufbitnnt n writing, that 111" Knt ptror an Id accept the pre-ent and that the an* *er to the litter of lOtb Jrly ni to be conveyed anil communi c*tid I* the new'y appointed (jevernor "f Nanga* ai. II i* 1 It,dal arifv. d "i 11 e J''?h Otoher, an l a -'ate e iMdloti w.i* fixed for tha' purpo 0 for the 2.5.1. Tn the tpvrch with wt (eh your Mejeatv - pre enl a - s^eptf-l, ami b pioapect which wa? oput 1 t'i arrive at a iwti-fac totr axrint-vaitrM ae*"re long, the ft iodly Incllaatlou* to ... . ,. tu.t ti* nil tikeo. Inieed, w f id- the Nethniai.o- C'lWi ? "-?tlii? h I* b tie (articular position of Mr. I kinkier v. ci roe acknowledged and evidenced by 'he moat c" piiifwil cinfltmce andThe Ire-jcenl vi it* of I Jtijauf-e hi, h official* and uoi.lemen Die repeated can j (eieLca vritn ti e Uoverm r of Nt nga-aki, (be many con Fultation* in Imp, itaul matter*, 'he muoArou* ?um ia' use* to "b ign ?r d t" a--i-'?* I wc e convincing po?.'? 0! tbi* N'tlei* distiiictiou and tbactw fur g.ven t ? f'a plain Fabiu* tor M* reaiou- anil ?'bllg'ug exert Do* to; the in-truction of'he Japtre-e. a* a'-" on account of hla (utnhhttig the Japauere vuthori i?* wi h many i-vulaoa ti. n In wilting, in reply to ihtlr queatlon* on nautical n atter- The numeroo . vt-ite of per-ows of ill- in*. I >u on board t'e Soeriiblrg created veiy feVorabh in plow- n* ci 1 c? 1 nh g the Vethf land*. It i* not w til ,ill In pi Hum e feu eu'i' a -. n.e ina'-acea wtilch In every te?| ect a.e worthy of at'enilon a proving thi*. I give pn tv.' nee to euch a* are cnn in the leprirla *i cie c -iB ai.der if tbwt ship. Hi- liigbr.e* the Drino* of T-ekt -an ban tx,.levied a wi*h to vi*!t tbe -oemtiing on tbe 26 ('? tuber. At U A M. the ship wa-decke l with t!ip. ai.o the Japane-e dag aa- pland inn -t to that of tl e >etl . lend-, at d ev ry preparation mt.kt to reevi** the I'-inre I e or-- 10 A M a givat in?ni ia|*inv?e oiM cal- bad esieintded on hoard ani one ho ir later en ag> i ? end a r*c alary ol t)? 1'iii ce tnbel to arrange the eabtu for hit* Chor'ly after themaJapa ne e junk wa* hauled ci??-e alongside t" sene ?* a iruge to get on b< rd the ?ti ao er wl'h< u' 0fflic n!t r At ab mf 1 o? o the I'r tic? arnved. and wa* rer.eirel on te.ud with nil tb* hi uoi* u-o-lly *> e- to )K?nc-? a* ?Ui?l in A'?! ira y older- tf. wt'h the exeepto.n that (he c. n 11 an" fit did lot fire a -alute, *ncb 'edng contra'* ' . Ja)*ne-e cuvV m. and tbwt he ucslt'd him In tie r-l.'i in te.-t if on deck Th* aulte of the I'ltnr 11 n, he * '* *o ot ltd At "r a few mi ."lie*' a?ay in t)i? <abt! tt v I'r' fed' ir?l to wi teas * me prae'ice, a id !? t, ?.vi he wh l? >e*?-l. 1m oi.lie'irty an wla-m wa* 1 ? a *t d atioi * d ? li'ie ? v > tv t i."w"<t by a , -II in pi active .',c All '1 1* ?* *<H ?? tbv wh d?-h p which ban t ? n p-.-pkr. I t r the ilgtr in every pern 1 I r caus-d ihe ta- htfhcs'grm'iSca' on tad i miielion AI'vr h*vl-g It epe ted viery t?n ol the-Co iinbihg he, with hi* ?utta, i?tnnf8 to the vahtai whoro rvfre-lunen'tk ?nd tl.e cu-fo'i.a * present* were oferrd. Ill Iilfbt.e-- ri mait.c-i thivo hour* ? nv-rdr.g wlt>i the c. II I. at.der in vartou* vuWJ'Ct-, ??.eh a* thvpn "nt war iu I ti p- the infere t- of Japt-n ami abri e all, in. r< igr, an, flee t ade, n.lnir.r gun aril irno t-mndrte-. t ' l 61 MP e, vrgtreeiitig 8101110*1,11*, In (arficnlar atvatn war ,hip?. 1 nbffe instruction wb-ola. Ac. lie then *?kel for e gle-s of ch*iO'*gne, and d- larwd tha' the hvur* |ai?d on braid tie .-oeo tlng had b-en the tiKet in ten all eg one* of hl< U'e th?' n< v*r twforv ba-t he vi-it> id a man-of war and tl ?t thi* one had aurpaawd bla M i'pactatloo* ; finally, he e*|re?*e<1 hi* gra'iti de ab'-vc all tor the ln?tr' etl >n bestowed, which n.,d mccb tub*ne<d the value of the tkwnil.inf '? vi'ff. arvl who h wr.rJd krep It for ever alive tn tbe m-mory of the J?pen a-c Tbe vrww mnaaed the ya-d* and ttfglng and tbi aw cheer*, on tV i'rince leaving for Nanga^k' ?t * ! I' M ' n 1 h" 11th 1 (rti her h'.a liigboee* the Prb ee if sl?r, : hi 1 ' IfH" 11' Waa -ece( v] ii like iti?rw? ! a A rvc'i ,J the wbol' 1 j etcepf the powdor mt edn ,kr%enti*irefo wild vlth Hi ewrd he run. ml.T if IIA " *' Ilf,l>'' I'Ut fll'l I'M r i t auk hi? to aktri'nT. Alter *V''" H '' If I'"'" "' the I'thice hvd am uv ? >. tiij. ?1)V 1 ? tert l.',r h n v fit ? couituaufiwi in lie mlnn 11 u i i> i *ji*. ?*. unit pn li -ul? ;? i.u .irr.t; (nn'l.*.1 tern, ar'Hl ? v mid Mhlp hull in* IIU li IB. ? left tt.? '"w ?" # !'? W ,S xhdul it lite ?? . i,j : !? j., a Ml ij. f *??. "? with ?h?r he hft' ii'm expruw i. K 1 ie T* i1- -t ft ? ,v' d e|. ?>?? y d. par'me ot Urn. m fi, aM.ii I f i.,?'h ?c n'fd < n llie ,tcl of Japan. i. i w a/a if'rr. ? K" thor InporlMul ylil1 m. n ? tlved. Hli !? xee Ivmy tho tiov. m - t f >*. g<-*k.i, lti? li*) a' ? e< o**e ? ? iv lid an luifriul CiituiuiaalooMr el i n i i i id a: l.- .-t 'wo hut?l i >1 pei oi.? aiming* wht.rn were the fivelr.voy from. .ledii", suc..iun?uled >j lo iff. I .;t(i ?, a| | ? aire m. lb* i emiti^ at tr A V. Tl " wl nV tMp ??? ?! ? Ve i out ei't) liivg ?tbu . i j ?lie*.. le'tg plated nr.ue.-ti the Dutch. 1 he tj e i e< ii w* j I j. 11 tl Ir ? nd it.e. e li..g r%? chip and ii. it.- i.l eft. it. t. trip Jo *e? toot place. Toero v? i i. ;'?Urce Iw'ore this if width J?j . tir-a 1 surb mj.Ii t. 1 li.p i.r*d jili. .*d Mif.h * ufidenr** iu lorvigneiw, .. i n iau e.' lie evident b-iobiahmeut til their iolltrw Ailii tl.*' uiiibit uviing wan t Ver, t .e roi.tinatulor h?d . i. In. ,ii . n' 11 i.v.'ti *ith i he ten UuverB>r? Ihe.v la't.J lli*'. 'lie) considered the day spent tin (mat nVttj of. it-tii u vi e exprv .d llitli hearty lhanks in yarliciiai let ib< iut'.hc i< u t<> lie l.ij. .m-e, u? I ex pii .1.1 0 11.1 i; wish m.db agsiu tu hi. Mr. k?mu* retu-n In ?fs|au. Ti e pit .iii Hi v.'tutr In.all/, and iu'he pie .. t.te 11 Mi 1) .lit Cut >t..e, | aitieiilaiijr uw|iie-ie.i Unit ti. t j j im i. tl.i high g. vet titneiilf iu Neihi U?t. il?. India t ml M I ii'x. the J.ipL eatiu ati u iu ? Inch che t.'blet l? 1.1 Id ty the Jit J iuif *e gt. ver nineu', and the wnu.iiitrtled et ulidt r.ce | li.. i .1 iu t iui o um(|u< u' up m .he tunny and tint nil.'Jit MI vie* ttodete.l ly hiut U. Japan, ll.eii^h t-t it 11 ry li It he . < eit I. tig at 1 1'. M. lull til g"?nt tie An. fft all tl... t nionleut good h e'ipg . p th? pan uf the J a I a 11 ? r iiutuli y una autl oiiiirs, the .: a_v eaine ap. !<? ntert t..r tl ? reitu . n>, and the t hief, wl'U toe tiM Gerpt ti p fi inilii.g uud hi* > liteer*, pruseedei in iteteti. 11.' tit ien n tin llouhe. Ute p.trter* of the luc tfij rartifil the pi. ck?ue* en main tt.g JnUt Muj.'*iy'?p a "it I UU i.ii a nap iXe lex with the dusetipll. ti* *ud diaaiijt ' ( L? Itl'-^tiiph, piepatetl hv Ur. Van e . Ui t... At t lie tint or i. t 1 ii.u..e I. .ir recepliuii' touli place tut Ii ? Irp paid, other. The ilr?i nine <tl ei.lorei titgatnef, I e t K tret ived al the tlpfir hp the tao liuvuruor* au t uu nipt tlul Ci ti.ttda di m r "I h thei. aUeutl..t?V*? lli-n .?wy ')e rn t. n aiy ruuiplitneiiL. we.a e.\chaa<nl. lit xe r. i it * lit. ?' nnly the Chief niul the commander i-ule'i' . fid the (outer, in a eh.-i I iicdrwt*. ollu.ed the tale y i a I h ui.d auri replied to t.y the ou'gtmiK UoVe tt.r, lhe third und f. urth were only to oiler the lorpeiiai I it at I ta, htat i r tbo carty it g to Japan of tiie ?lo .tro n . gl ftl. ti It grni li, ami t eit f : thu naval iu?ti u i.ntol tl e JapancM' In vaiiou* btan.hei Aut ngit tnaiu .va* ii|t*tti.t tor 'lie in.marnier ol'lwo ?w?.td* * rich in .ln|ariiNu inath of high distinction. The Cnlet wa? in that a present ii.tem eil li.r your ilujedyr It. ui the I ri.| eror had tot utiired ir ilinf to I e'hen delivered, and that ape. ent feu Mr. I emltli r ( urtiua wa. alao in ti t ded to be given, and 'bt.i the two aworila for 'In* com p tniera, whieh were atill expected from Japau. would likewlre be oelirr red id bint to tie forwarded. The Chief, the Cf run.under nitd the atafT .ftet a arda partook ot a .la I'trt d'ttiier to will h they were juried, alter which nil the t fine ir rt t tin i tl brine*ardr. The two (ioreruoia ?r .1 tl e !m| etlat O nnntusl. ner nor. received toe chief in ptlva'e. ei i dellvered to hiu in a box t-pe.daily made for that ) n* p. a> the ofli b>l reply to bl? 'alter ot oOth July l*f< IMa iloci'Bient, ho Important to tlio Netlixi land*, r' ti'alr.eil the d> c!?rn n n thiil ;ts l*r a* re;:?'dti uoinmeiclal 1. Intn ilx the I ntcb thall I.' dilleielit from all oilier ho n'pn pa'l ne, and "hull lie the mod fuvoren on.* by tbe Jai antaegovernment; tbal it t* the lively d?ute of thia pi verprnent tn eneure to the etbeiland* 'be pai 'ielpa* t i n In every ad< ant ape which o'ber nation* may as |nlre, andtl atop tl Utrinlplt 'hel'iit.-i fh.lln.w b>* pe initted to vl I', file two jioM* of Miiiode at d llakodnib', In com p c n with, and on the a .me term*, a- thal'idlet Sta'e*, viz , to procure fl'twood, wa'er. vidian, and what ebe it *j 1 e lie., tii v for rfjalr" o dini|M to ablpa, hut '1 at trade continue* lobe confined to tbe port of vuga*a ) I f nly. After'be'ec? lj t of tbl' CCW Diuulcaliop the S einbing vn train teuily for *? n t" teke tbeCbicr* de-pntrhe* to l et .'i*. A *U* ptt vlotia to ber fepar'ure a citomisMon w. nt en board to hi ', farewell ?o ti e commander, on tbe |ur? of 'I a two f.'iveinnrx, and also fo 'hona him for le valut.ii). terv'rea ten. end by blot fo Japan, an 1 tint 'hi* < i. in'? ?< a'etl and 'ireful de?p\fch to Japatt of nn* <f you* Mojraiy'a inert * t w r would he btttiily e* iitn.ic ii t |ir.? f t f true friendship. At high re jU'-rt He ct n in nder rce*lred thou' two bun'rid Japancae I c111-, to *.alu* leave of Mm a* u to prove tmdr gta'l'ade. ii e i o? ti.btng b ft 'bep**ttof Nv ngaaaki on Uie Vktbof (IV lil.if, after To ti e no rth jr having taeo vl lte*l t>y a f. mn :?ut n "ef ute* by the t.oveinora lo expte** their i t el wiehea for a happy 1 lave una come t* the tai t f my repo't., but I will out t> It g 1' to a cl' u* wl'bont ti.tidvely ?uminiiig up It* e ttl'?. llol'and baa under*h>. d htr ir.fwfon ?*h n. In tic rot.i mi 11 | oil' caterer J t urn* Uii Uf*t p i?in! c kiA?yp tef pu Atf'f frriot xtt a'upHr.e^ r? Trru nifiil m baltltatjnvi of ?h* ?y^*?rn rf of for ??{//! i r lie r ? ? *' j fin 1 \.v )Hfw f t 1f?te MwJpm ty'- (Wil |/irvi 1/ 1" #n li?dU|#?i'Ahl ? pror f of Uh? fwjt . 'lie l Oi'fd (tf An eil'-i bHVO f>y tiCKIj' tKt? (jtrlr.g <*f iw potts in Jip.u f?ir f i,)t lii.ti fir.'tlfr fi ner upirii'h lo l??Ve Jot e 'h*' ?n v. I i tl 1m M'.-ul* l?' fi ui* *ho Hfr-rtn of thu irnpri?r* t'(r t- h 'hd#? \>y \ on f*rful tlnm an.tio t the /iu. ii !Hw? n. ? und y#ri!r.?> iniftv '* ?i ire r> r.? i bt I MirtitU' 111 No h< rlftiMh' o* it in ar viMig hrd | < r/irDcUrgr. fco HrknLWI^fiRO'i 11*? inl> in Mwl tie fujf^etj #f your rraj??*t^' lute roj*l Itttl ?*r in (' mm vi<! vo pr< cuu thf ?*? oi Ui? dti in t? r* ii :-d\ i< p D.t r \ tr'c )i ? f tli?? t i*'% of t)i<* Chi??r nX Vlfi r ' d N?.ven.lei. the Cioverttor if .\'fiug**uki'n iiriinurirttt ii ? f ti H'* th Novunbti 1W;*. * cuuipnii^tn ?f t L* . Vi fi ?f h I re ii * j xxiMi iliv 'Hat) ?on-Ui?i?d wl'h Mi I f ited Hlsti-f, crfltl er mt.iI nM of the ?o l u'il ie pror fp< M at ill*' it? lukt-r- b/jour Mnj?*nt J'i < n u ?i ilft* I ; I* en 'lie pr tcij al win -??f theM- rNulln i,).!e ? A^iti.r r nu i lift > 'ax < 1l" N"1l.i"Uude III* nx ur"d 'h" priTllig." gianted ly ihe *naty with toe I ui ed mtn- with (fee ? X| . " t'SOliaO tli?t J.ey rbi.ll almy haouth" a n* hx lti g a? tic tno-t f?T" c I oa'ioo,, in Japan. Ti.f tie* e! I> It bat* li : g (t.f ? Id rxi i?l beter rn ihn I*'. iptIiii" I t > *? been fit- t gtliciiid a1.1 <\l? a u r|i <? t.y friendly and II i I f ii g m-1 i/git ui"! upp ue ttf. Atilt'i gb ii in pieilige I >!i!i WHntlog th- atreng'h ? g cha'artr r i f a t" xty ii h dill wt tb l? ? ralua Mr. At Irart tfre no called tracing IIipimx OinmlH jttit . n) which In ti* 'or mb*' t ?n baiubtd wl Dfh jmn t. imed 1? i.t U ot our ado i im ht< a I."en n w g. -a' 11 In the loi iii of I puifbli ' ii r? Ii n Iloeerrr in all tb* adTanlap"* dtiM to the N'b (hi i land* fnat lb" r c'|ui I 1* na now in ad" while 'be Jii|on??" Coerrnn <nt c< atinu * to reatrict trtde to w.tbln the (art of v>aau.<*akl H*' (It ton nint I ej or d doubt wli f on dimmer that the tru al ? rtrlr'bo a .it tl i other porta wb<<h l ><? been opamxl raot.ot Br tier I i ??'r I ?? uj l I. D in piltilig" It iery much to the intrreet of Japan and Do- (tut?li g'.retn tnitit will 1 '? g.i at') !< j i<-i ' ;>( Hi* flici t' J' In thia ol recti* o ly the Ja|a>? e goTBinun nt, lite Netfcerlanda a ?> "?) at opetiog Japan" e (c r'a for tlio Mi.eral aorae'jig' and for trad". Htrlttlj a 'herfr.g to hi r M 1'ry, I''Mt I ha- neeer aakad adt in'rig"- exirlu ? Ively fttr bureU bat bl< }Mtl)unuciMno! abliltel lb? uDO porifti k> ut'H'it 'i ?li ii I* > < rx nod pi ivileg"* hare fioin tiro* to t ' " tarn grrrnd My pre>tut re Mitkrt brcieialfn ln( kf t" offer to your Uajeaty a fulletd drta! etftai r'-unt of irur doing* In npan, e> ?ell a* if it" ?!??? of affht;* 'bare. It a| pnrr tfi Hi" de Mrahie !? tralie thi* document the mean* to *aii.*fy Mb ititrreat Jn?;ly tel* in thi* astjeet and I tlti-fi'B take th" d rrty to tint your tupdj'i per ii irti n o |,ul i?h til- ti |>rrt in lb* >"e berlaada .floU r.u:*f.> (Ni'i-rli'tiiwlh .v'lvf (,'i. .<(.) (HA-. t I'AHi l hJrd tpr tor the Cbl mice. tKCB Of A Tnr*Ti ir> hk cotfctDWrn liKTtri?k?f ffiKMroitNTiAAir* op ms majwty thk Kiro ?p ",JL fiTHtJlLA' l# AMI Bid MAJtOSTf 1 Min ima ot thi. JAPAMcai. i.ariKK. ICtirfi ii ? J I nail'1 I> ) Aft 1. Tl' iTutlfdM trlilcb b">" i ?irte*l t>?t?B?ii iha K?tLfi!?rd? ar.d Japi n tball contlno' anil peaoe abail Lb ta twi en tie two H lu x Art. 'l The fort . f N?r.gx??l.t fc*r Wn open Bit to otliBr foil Ian natlr r. tc.-i the I'ttih, for iLb p .rl inning and rejatilpp ? I ?"?'?!? * d tlhr In nurae thrtr rlek. Ait. mi Ii < ?i? ti a pattern ax h?T"al??yi iieen ?t ?itb Japan. ?l. > nay apply for it. abad b" per mit t?d to Ira?e, ly mean ? I * maty to In e.n.TlmlBit *Tth hi . *pat?? nopiri <?n th' te m? tnentiuiad In the fi I'r?lof ariletea:? Ait. to Tbatiadt hall t>e ennfln*4 te tba pott of Nan pa ahi, wl iih a)..ill leimeneil feib" -blp of ?*<!/nation ?hiti. Ia? tf nrlio o' i tuaty ehb .lepan. I lie taiUna 'bu* a''ttii 'ed to tra'e a* Nangaraki lb i 1 b?T" * at joiin en rat ? t ti?da (<' "auI.) ' the Ja; xi "? goerinment < t.all point oat tl "tery

it (Ii i atk n a i,n?ri?r III lb' If.iraki I I It' "?la i ( merit. ? ' Tie forrlan nil* ramain" und?-r 'be management of tl.e fty lib Vaj" <} the In pei< . > Uoetreed n? rotraat' lit he Ii* i It teitxl ft It* J' ildo Vc to Ohoeaka, l*??l ml i.ryn ail bat ond?r tb#?npeHnten<l*n*e <f he t#o tret not of >'angn?akl. /H rirati >4 tl?e Ja(jne>e pt'i.te- aro alb.aelt/i j i.relaeetuTe'gn mticba 1 l*t (g""! ; again" pt. d' ee# for r?;' l ITJ. f ILeJapnx e g-toi i n or t will ? ' iMixlii ,*'r't< rrant.Bf I' ?tilth the tra<? <l?aii lai on.; -n, i rto I ow tl e jx lire rbail be man aged. f be Aa1 a!.e*e |*< ?. i orient, |. i the ar >*n -ix' on ot lb* trade with f' tadgno -I xil lx? < cote ?, ?y >.r t>. the Irartr by ti c In.jerlal tieaauic athxn>?a i and IILriitl. /. |c?f brnxchoM exfenaee. tbc occ of Japanaec roppee i ? ii ?l all I e gtanted to fbrefgr.' ra. t. The -taparoec g'icrnnen' re*er?e- to l'x*l tie r ?lit to flx n' driat* import and ? >, rt -Ut ? j. /i.y d!.|ut*?gfbtfh n y aii.e fr<m tin- tiafe I" i*e?ri hue pi rr? ar.t e??. rlall Ire .etiien by the (V.fnl af tact aatke to elMi iu<h 6 re go map be U eg, anc the 6< certcr ef Kct gaeaki, or m? poty I- Irer "gr?>aion? or acfcuea -ball I ?? t<. d aa ? pu>. <h ?d by tire nation to whlrh the tran>gre or or r iniaal Leh ng*. / 1 fa" .lejaiw ?? g< eernrrent hmdi I1?elf 'a (> .id ? u< 'I a |iift* al* e 'ti rtft't* n* a* mitted ta trad* uray e*r itdi - . d' 'Ijcrdx ?nd oal dejota. ( r* if there nlirm rhaf! ha al'nated n the i?- rth fd tl ? 'ttplre, "n Je??", In the bay of "Tl.o Oovl II >[ tbe r I er in lb" ? i*b * f the *"alm on tm*. of h* ? a > .* tl" ' 1 n?botrn A*rblpe!;.|r . 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I 11 iiiM A Dili :.lAJi>TY TUK hJlMCUUH l 1 JAI'Ah. iiia klpjeoii the bind''* lbe Jfothe. letiil ? i< ?-* ' -u* i) at li 1 uiu ?ii i. ui" .A'lltim unil* I 'ii* Auiyo-A a .lb iUJiiih a- i - .in. v I. i;"ntia..* I. l.i k.llj.AI} Ip ?? i' I "'Ii! "HI tin!. j fci.v.p lie A < 11 - ui lb* ii. *'<' U of fi>''*^n |>- a or a vo . taut tin Hi ? ? ii" ? 1. ? pi..,.up Ai. I bis Inn- lbe i i gprp I I'M !.. 1 i j i y expoied, wUriave, II ? II aeetipble I'firu -4 I' kind A ?? in'I 7 li > .Viij' IV fl"u. ike lnf ' Uis'.i -ii " tallied Ir.inl lime il l.ik ki.i }?< t. ?.-'i itiwii'g ? bug linn- have -si ilod Ja pan, end in e -ju .. 11jr v "ii I wiiii Je ..i - matin a, ll lak? tua' In L lienor able tlxu any nJ;or pi Hi 11* IP 11 wke tP|ii 1'ieulUlbiliH 11 I tv- .-.nvptelgn of Hut uitioiitii miil't#In 'bo ulriui i*?? itnnii.l 1.1. eignei *, ;n llki wt i--11 ip, . I 1 ' 1 Ii". ink. timn ? I'm ihey ahould be ?a'l-lb wi*h 'h ire prlpil-pjpt which the 'iign ui Japan ? m and may tinnt in foreign Op tions. VI 111 ; I I ? ItilllKlil.g K 111 1 .1 1 llf I l?|l bkWpOl' lll-t imjlii. BP ii.u' .- l-y u ' luiin v. 1 f l.i- lyi.ei.ty. 1 in ti.i-?i-. 1 i..' 1 i. Siiji i-ly h?H decided upon draw 1 g up mul . fl*i?.? n tipmy Ih-i teen ui* Majeaty tint b lip null In M.j. iy 1 lu- I 111 patur in Japan, bv which, tiidvi it pim.x". 1 'be luti mi 1 lung pi-Aiiiii-hwl 1 '?? t* Bin nf Jepen. p wi.y la poltred < ui by which In lutu.e ii.p-n.ii ? i' n-hp ?'? ninipiiilai p Ik 'oun w fu tlm hj ju't ?.? Ilk ili> 1 llo'luaguf ih? Ni-theiliu u may Iw kept up, pi d 17 whi b ill- .1 '11 puci ut I if r iu * 11' hri oatlnu - ?< nt\ will,', f r . n~ r oiclnl ipI" in. Willi Inpn i>r who by hccIopui. I111I I'l'u.i'iitilp Illti-Iiliin may up i.iopchtte I inniA i.l Japan, i-u. U |.r?i.AI Ian., an I ictun itcial pilvili-vi i m v bo g.-nip l a 1 nra cilnnlati .1 no mucli B- po??lble to th"'r i>xpo.'t i'P.ii* ami ?" pip uiu laluibeil H o trAin)nlli'y and (x-u o ihlcU JaiHi be.- njiyiil dui 'Up in 1? ibau l?- c .1 uri.'t. To ? xi lain lb!-. 11.0 plan tb# 'riaiy .lia'l wnl.:l? bp. ? mppi U a It tl." K11 g * iiln p in-- full 1 ing ris nn-i t> bo aiti 1 (1 Ait. 1. .tcknhW'pdgliig tb? uiu bathing f. . ml-Uip "I I he?n -I g"vt SB'i.oiit thOBiti thnt >.| I lui > 1 Iipi la'.U, ! 1 111 re tb-u tae huudipil jo-ip, hii M-J ? > t!iaKi"g tp 1 pptu u-tn pee hi- rela'UniH p ipngthpuiO At u >?b?ii ll nmy happen Hint tbe .lap?iip*p ttii|llP u #j bu" 111- 11'TiiIVP'l hi n ear III- klpj'.'ity alllpladiy piove hie frit ndly on 1 pp?<tt\bto fialiugt mi JriiiB. Art lbe PHvlKa'lun and tin- wb-'.o lubory in iu? I pcllic ?i <*?iy year liic:en?lug, and lint tiaug-iB onu lilt 1 d wl'h 'bat t"ade make it n iiiplt.-r nr Tit il Immir ai pe iii maritime nation* t< huvp nppor uni'to- In Japan lo lOpilr Hull .Mpp ami prnonu- enppilea. A i : A it n ay bp eapi-ptei! that the 1're id'ui of the I'tilled Male- pf North Auiorlca, and (lerhup i pomo other |ipwptI\1 Kuiopean natiun may Irtel -t upon on nmerclal rila-li n- wl'i Jtpan It therehirn ?p| eari a aipn policy to grant thepe while thaie Ip elill time ho in do, uniler i:ih c ndl'ii n? ap on i-m- put are not ?"> atrongly oppe m >. 10 thi pxlpiii g ancient (kiIIcj of Japan, ntn . 'ike wite ralrnlatio to glT-- eatiiilaoBon to the loielgu na tlene. Tlii-e uplat allnna will make tl.e preatnliln of Arl. 4 eerily urn on-tood. do. The |< rt of Nel ga, akl apjenp-tlie lia-t aJap'ed for ? p< 111 g 11 ?up'gti tiai.e *ml b?* be opening -il no otter I oil hp- belli pi- pcirwd, lh,' lirern nr.e .,f I ireigo ual -B w-i-b 11 e o-l ei 1 art* of Japan i- *ff?- lually pr? renie<l. I fueheh'pf bntrewer, iliongh h? may be on'y a mer rbai.' la to hJin 'be pi pi bin of the bead of tlio foreign neicliantp. r. The 1 u'rb here I <-rlma ae a ro-blen.e. and a pbiec oufbt 10 It# apte lotid for other tirwlgnera whore <1 in .ice pnO bate iln ir inBgn'/lnr?. d A-'be .tapaueac. by lawa Of 'ho Empi ?? ar.- i>to blbfltu lo tiailw with '01 em ii mi-rrli?n|. hli Hijity 1 ii la t) e pill I. pointed out m >* of great beiotlt. P. 'A bat it raid beta diwa not appi-ar contrary tu tli Jppi bpao lap. / By IhN aitlela the Japaaaaa gTwru ieni ati- nid tl'. nut 1 n'y tic 11 eniiet In ablcli U reign tipde a'lall ? " ' *r liie 1 n, tint aln' Uiate by law* legpn'lo? 'hi en'iy, tha -lav arid lie ilepai uie 01 wn.nlr, the rt li-ilon an! nn loa> ing end 1 i-dii g ?>f ibl, a, Aa. Ttr rip rt (I pieetotia metala, aa rob] and leer, fn'm Jpr<"' lai'f pri hi-stUil, and aa 1 (a un;n iiiahlu ?bat to-. 1 lgu gob -ml pllier poinaa a lu urcu all 1 in ),e i-i otili) 'be piopopid maau" t- carry on fo.-l n Dai e ha. In n 'houglt of /,. Ilnn-aotil ppymeat here p o|m-ed ap:< <r d#-i 1 p 14- ? t> ai.avint< f tlve Uiwlttd aiieiunt ?1 ni- -..aary I tfB 01 . ol foieiguepr. , Thai 'lie Jap-im e gi.vcin nent ahnnbl put a oh ? -?? , n I. Tiffrt't. le appi-aia Jimt. th- m .re ?o a. thl? oha ge , -V be lb. n Ii,?m of prewwtitlng oweialocalt.g of forHyn II ? "1 i111 d|. 0. llowiy. r, 10 prevent too n iih a iIiapro, -I1I1I1 niglii 1,1 tan?a?noiini tu a prohlbl'lon a' rule ' e' a ge baa hem propnmd. I ? ? a t ot ii<|utie in Dilnent. 7 I'ii-p 1,01 ll'iulie <*,roiln-rlt. I Thi C n iiihi icatlon wV.b h ha* le-en ojienal teiweeti He a opt eimpi -f Ninth All 0*1 i"i lbe ?a-1 I- ??? ' Ail* ai.d the Chinaae amptie makeat' -p ? ti. n 1 el I | lacen all lm|Oitant for "team i-'imiiiii 1 len-li '? ir nfi 1 arileula ly f?i the I'Diied xtal. a "f Hi Abuka. ih-.?|' r.e 1 yovei 1 nn ui by the appointment n n.' '" lao | la e- will Hkely pievmt inoie or oHiera I m . elny d. n . 1 ' . d for lbe .Aiee pill | by foreign n? i n 1. Ait S I' Ip v*|eeled h 1 the I iltel late. >' North A b pi i'A *!'l le Iticlii.eii to ronclui ?? -Inaty on lha . in.? a'adil lu tha fourth ar nle, and tin th pci e it ?} I (? |" p 11 veu. AH t lil- V'ajpp'y H.e King baa not a.uixl eny ??[?? tale ll hi lib I - 101 It Pi|lj?e'?. but thai t' ? I" liMIAPl. w* in*, t with no objertlun on the j art n! -D Ypjimy tie ru.petor ot Jaj ? n. Mr flie Ibwimi tii l-SlnTiry Sin HI ft lb a i il ivii.v H t Id, IMVi (;?vti s-'in?Vour f iWir of tl.e'.7:h 1' . Intrl'l-g i lner 1 r # of a ei n'einplalad couiae ol h e .1 eo on tlie ml'art 1 f alafi-iy, at the Trement Teni(ile in Ibi-'.on the en u'rg aeiaoti reai hint here during my at 'on .-'Iiijpin a ri'glilp 1 rg circuit. Bud 1 arail inyaelf of t.01 eirlieal iren.irit. con.Utenl wi'li pie-aing ?n#*g' menu ine? n y return to aiknoale pe ti e h'nn eainel-d no-, an 1 t-i exp am the rauie of Oi lay In noawating 1 bare < uA/etwil ll# puf jtcf of your InrltiiMon wi'h n ueh anxlity and, U|i.n the wb"l", am conatralned by ->l wirtli Bp if . uty to decline It. To I-c turn upon ih - ohHnUti: auhjacl, unle-a it I* propneod to ?c upon I' ai. Id ... m lo I* a laneo an I | roflHa-. gri-nl y and 'f ..rib n 1 pri|.raid ll nmai hay relatioti to the dmap'l: otiertia of ..or HTereign miual" with wnleh wf haee on light t. titpilrie. 'Ihrj lalt il b nue-ti ntn ot .ar -I n p ? orcli g to tl e true pen.e of tho oooetllu'l n to the pi oj.le 1 f N>w York aiel Ma earbii " Ha, wltli all II- re pp uilbU'Un and Ii rilatiosa to ot p<ue ? f In tn-i- --wn (tad ilmp tnc nau 1*1 nnu ay we out Inn, a?.i.e f. pt g Pplllt, If'-.IO I' t" lil'pp U|J II w'l .11 I i eteiB.fned ? ng ainee to learn quae'bin whe e the 1 !>? titu'b n leit it, pp-i I Ui aceapt ynn layi'aifon I wiuWeb'oo (oi lay I hi me 'Hwlbi'y 01 -hi i'tipl- of tl? p lii.f'ihi," eid would endeiyjr to Ii. nl< i-e tb ?klt.wl a, monition# of tha kallirr i f our fYointry ? /> fC'ionel ul, laibemea, l^et. bowpyer, t i piojf oil bt your conrie eyen Iny.klng ton tr?(< r-i, I lieu In'he elfaiiaof <ow?raign "*?la?, migi t ?>e ' d ii.'O . I. a- n i-fb n that it wa? an open n?p?tb-n - 1 Hip by the ?io* iu!? I (Hpip might arraign and a -all I'ot I, 1,1 I .ball r n- I ? t public peec try d'l Iii ing to tPike .?'t '* 'be ;i p ? Ipi. ii. I baww lbe !i-wor tP? be f r ...' lalt, 1? 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Ih? .' i, Bill* in nf-iHng to r rnfru'u with I tl any I m, i id l.B' ho hi. b? 'tI U'o-i on. tl.. fhtt oi t is ui jtiy. hp not iHuiBirg HU ? ipi.od tielnt ti l.i i ? .n ?? ?l l* Itili4 hj tho <*?>. itnti lir I' ?*"g ? >. I... If ?f Ol 'tO'lili BB<1 l.llt 31 It otflt.g . u iu* ? I oi in ?r"mti n'i? hi i m >h. tin* b< l? |i r ilut i.l llt[t'il*'lllitl ho hi'l n o-tl * hi gUr'fi to A* lO IUt It) ttv tfalttiimi M pu III n.t ??< tnonw hit llft'l. lb* liwt in chB'jrin/ ib* )' tj ??li'?That 'Lo ' ? Id? ? it'<l ? n"*ti i. (ta |ii iiUr ? 'Itf'ti ?ni| m H'll* tub ?"! . * ? i.?4 I*- U'ltoBitt t to on? Ana'do 'tl >n la ? f *?? ? h1 aoltwota it ? , to to . o-njo. >t il? m ot? >Blb* l??r ai d lae'i Tbo I rx " . ? I ? |Biv< ??? ? I 'hit 'i'?l tM tlllon1 . i 'ttlii| ' ti'balt* .41)>* eat* . h??. d ho jit H tl ? ' I ta.B'10 ???*nti tod In bib n*oi>> Ibit Be I m igala >' ? '*.(??? H nh'lM't nil kint c unV u !. ? i, Si lit.'*'. I*'4 ?l'b? ngt, b" rofooo 1 in *ht .<? 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Tub Ooa <! ^fCmtiaUiuo^ were 'iV | IhU \t?r wi b t$ lit 1tl patriotic aid v?te?> \ (()0'i i til of Mm public f md* 0-iipprr>prt*(?ly e<-fc?brfltto K*a< u t *n r ?) j but th? ^Mfi mGn, irw nmondtJif the 1 ??obi ti*-v. Inter'<it:ting 'Jc* t??Ht bebitf applied (*>" Biting ?n l dtirllMJjr purpi'M m hlM liit' whi )* ni?tt? . o? th# ta*e 0 ?i.<- ?en we w(.) a?> 9*Dicia! MMognitioc* ?f th# d07 il r?c ih u hU? y ? fcU*nt idaling v? the deput ftore ? f t*.# J tiling U ;tl lu. j l>e ?iflh mho bog. I' i* a*id Cm ?when tkc I 1* ft 1:0??t, tho l it >u Jack <w* >?ot 1 ?tl on tk Ml-uiy i - It. in fbr Ui tUrry, and n&ilM to I tow u>p inc. ivt pi event it 'em# tuumi down the rt?|4M were em hi t%c poie gM-nttod. 11 k? Aitittfic.tfift were ot ?h?uih? ptfy/fed it? know what to ?! t with the *bjac i ?nab'e ling, HIV I t.iv. ih n t) ouc e*'Hi till e}*>*h?nt* Wet* ttiftd ?o g H? the I Tiowri. 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"i.i i?l tb*in *?'' - ijtil n aluii'iy ttn-1 IiIbk, by Mr '- !iv*Iiik Hit ai b i - tbiijehn *1 bran-.r. awl lLal 'lt? nt|.- r bad no rW ~i in lb* ~?t in?? bonk ?' 08, tad lor fim* month* [a-1 la] fS*pt >)'*d *' 0 |.' i uiOath , hi* r tl*r? in-iog but $!U. i'-ih f f th* seemeti a. ft )i 11 t* a*?it aaaatiff* lion. Rim iiiik .an Kiuan n ? l|i ta*.* iiivra Ratta-ian Ta.-t - An hi known (i'i?n*D ah -tti .5 y?ar- ?,f aff, ??i ion ou r at Tubby Mm I, - u falsrd*/ afi*?u -n, by o ti-in on tl * llufiou Knit Kallr-iatl, aal iiwtan'ly lilli I. Hit i*n.?lB? w?r* r--n*i?y*-t to tbn fi*p?H of tba -niant al Thirty lir?t ?ti?*' aul C'-n-r?r Hilton *|ftay L.hi an iaiiimt nyoti thorn, ?i *n it a^p*irf~i tl a< th* *oaliif 'r "t tl-* train h, l ma ili* man wh*n . an u:?tai?**4 ? ad, u;?-m th* *ra*?, ami h*'t ao-nt--l tl. kt*ain Whl 'I* 11 * ''>* ??? i ap|/f tl to t ??? Im*! I tbral-i.tif a* h ? ??*! (*? 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Vf? 4 r.. ,m. M,*> Jk-.n I i|?. u ;?"|t ?kklrik mm! HI.Utli.kft* ?(?4ir? | 1.. to 11 )<?", *11 V*ll li'.rt -411 i*k" ? In IkHi kk'ibl VM ' ???> M?k?kl M-raO '4k oW * . *W"MV .4 mv Vw, vi kill Muk*-., kkikr i at ts-? Mr IkWlMI ex, **4 Ik" t * k*4? kf f' ?r >< ?? I l"t* 'if- T>* 1*7* **r* * " l ??? ? ? * 1)1 H KIRWKIN COBBKXPOXDSNn. Frcdominanco oi' French influence on tho Continent. Louis !Va|:o!c<m'K IdrnK nltoul n Wnr lirtwern hii^iuiiii uml tin' I lined S!?lcs, Ac., Ac, Ac. Our Pur t* Conf*|*uiitl< iter. fAitu- Mot. 7,1* 8 Mm* |7 m: f'Mwii //. il M ?'< ?</ '?< y, en- % Alll'inO Ihrr* hoc bebu von,. tali. in wet) iii'ijmc* I ihcl.i, dm-ag th" paat ?i rV nf liif m in(n> ?ii In Jiur iimtV Their il?l pu- 1" * h*? ?<?>?> Leon nude-.Leal either Le.e or in Aun IK4 Aoy cnu * -?it . . -r.uuiU the trub poallf"*'?f n(T?ir.' In tin- l-aat, mul in.h iPa on I tin- phlVy of the Fntmerahm Cabinet, muil v. it,. I coiiclu,thul tl? k?t? canii-?lfr X Oil tlx Ir iwr i :dy in - had an object ulterhir t" net i an Inj,-riant llr.u llxhii mtllatlon ?l th* ((..rarnmetit at A* ,, or r-re? th. annesa UoB of th > atrip ? I aea .hat* to 111" lining That ulij -01 In mudonl, ferity I bin*. ?nd the li'UUli ?ln? " to |?n? road to tlx wiuthweitwrr prorlii'1-" of tha Clm'? ?u|,It? I.y lh? tr lla.ih?'wring ih. p?int iVayym fur tl.o tovn tai ?> 'I lie Ctilnif" oinpiic la ana In prb"y him :h the , em# condition an Ittndontnn ?? during lit.-laat of (ha Mogul in.|.eiItl lai - akn lIn* K.I i India IV-njmny tegw op? rationa tbgri'. Hlndio'cu .? t,"W .? ? lely cuii.,uer? I and (iiynalit* by nn-uua ?d il'difl, rbti'ipArin tab graph* and -a-tlianli .1 |"wr. tha ?hj?. 1 of tho IbltUh g,to. tenant- to c itr.d tha cotton region of the world?U M* a, *?r at'aloal ?? II can i car tie. Iliara ratoaln tl"' .Id. i?ek't? to lea controlled; and t W In oner to i.ntrol th*m that land inojrc.ta a ic rcnunl ag - u.'. .(No famied China. II.? lormcr nav..l eiw haalmi-"* ?tha I'hirn,"-- aith an i plmou ol ti e |?.?r? of t. iglao w.,lch Will ena'ite the tliltirii li>K?j.? to Invade I'hnia. >"d ? ,rrj all Ix oe thaw at <n il) lie tliay did lvall a nantury ago in1"* In Ilia doatan. The BrltUh Idaa t? Hint India ?ill ?ll!l aoppij tiieal Britain with a I tin- tropical pi oduet. - ??, rlca, angnr, ooffeo? that .ha ?.w| ilrrn. Hh* ha a military government them. aa?l 101 OuO.O '<? elate*?a weak, help U-*<t rata?under hot aintrol. If the ?tu?a plan can he carried ant In China and tin dltleloua ol the native* turned to hji good e-cvunt ?< lh,?a In India w?ia, tbn tea 'ilk pi.?lu, Ion e,,untile. inay-e.oia l.o luara Itri tiali proVinoec, nod the llrilleh .*ry iu Kni.wlc.hte l not by "tie, but by live hundiod mllll .ua of )M>Ople Tlile, dep. aid u|e.u II, ba? much to do with lb* tactl* of I rig land wllli K ranee ind the readiueea of t|i tt fori", i I n i I" aid I lie u old o>u? |-r<>J. el ? "f Sap., lion In hor'ij.". i.real lt?.'<air> ie.|Uira? In oidai t.i cwry out l.rr In tun policy, that lb* Khl a fr nilrr ah .old the lecurergt. u>t - u**Ua ?g|f e-.b u. A war wftii Itu nia. in wbleb ? I the mii.ury pewi r Kraiice la awl h? cow lino liuc.ia wliiiln tl.* ..Id Muet rile leoan 'aiU.. aelneaaa II,le objiel i. lopl. i ly And ehlla Iran <i l? maplag en.pty gh.ry from ilchola* In the Cii.naa, the Iwltaw at a y ef hriat Ihllatu ui aloe ly |iei.atiatidg IKf offc llurmah toward < hinn, an-- liylng tin fiiudwlioa id ?i.|i>l oonqua, i*. It la quite wo|Ui Ilea wlwia <?' Ana rtawu men ta ttH|Hlra how W <),? teun h. ild own a at enger to Uaw iiitiigie* and I- > a i lhe?uailwe? wb?*leii riuea can ba allowed, t" "blatn th. iinlU^.nwl eupremwry m I mripe, an l I nglai.d do the Ul.c In Aria and "O 'lie I'a ?i6c, wltlioi.t route rib- I lo le.w thanl laal?lt%. in ? part?Uieie U a Ihird powar in the oorit *"<ah liaa opta.ona to t> ?rt and rtgiit* l-. dal?*d. d It Our 1'arU corn ?) aadrucr. I 41 le, hoi i, l?JV. f.V, M"a It.ylf eoi/i'i /'cur -~H* I'rmfit .4 .Siami?Aliolui A/o f o? /' i.-.fl Tedr*re-n fn .SI. .??/ /' th' //??;? 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