Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 26, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 26, 1855 Page 3
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Iniult^ of the fonlfn Minuter of t? BIS DK81BE TO WASH THB AMERICAN MINISTER'S WHITE VIST. A letter from Athene in the Semaphore of Marseilles, ueye:? J he newly ocos'l'nted Greek Mioritry will h?r?to undergo cme ra'*lilloation* in o imee (uenee of * aepl ireole circumstance. M Fillra<fO| the Minister of Km wire ?nl charged ad interim with the portfolio of Lorelga * ' hse been attacked with mental alienstioo This ?0liapt. ened end honest atate*maa, devoted to Frsaae, whose language he always usee In preference, was attache 1 in I84I with a similar derange,neu'. In confluence of over fatigue and dotneelle nunoyance. On the lflth or this monih be ?.nch*?ed 150 indoles and 60 drenle/ tables, which he td placed In hie CaVioet. He exp-c'el, he naid n wi'lt from two ?f bis colleagues, and wished to re ceive them with all due honor. This tl'st symptom or Uerangesnent wae for the moment allowed to pase un notloed. A ehort time after M. Sliirerg > received a visit trom the Ante:lean Minister. 11 Un<v yiu a white icautcnal >" wae the question put to that func tionary by the Gres-k Minister before another word bed been spoken. 'If it u dirty, triut 11 to lie uxis/i-d;' the American Minister wae quite aetouiehed, an 1 eoou tosh hie leave, not knowing what to think. After this visit, M. Flllvergo went to the I'alace, and demanded an audience of the King. On seeing his Majesty, he sail Fire, which do you preler, the t'olka. the Mazurka, or he Minuet. Kor my part, I ain n legitimist, and I u ba Minuet.' And he danced some sieos of one. Wh"n c left the I'alece he sent fur tbo Chief of Police of Patras. On that person entming toe Minister's Cabinet, thti latter suddenly .loted and bol'od tho door, and then addressing the functionary, said ' ate yon a clever man?' The ieply was 'your excellency. I do my ties' to be sc.' ' Well then, if you ere clcer, ,?si through that door.' ' But it is closed.' ' To be sure I* is, aud It Is th<sr? fore that you will ahow your cleverness by jpdug through i'.. 'Come, tiy !' The Chief of the Police felt al irmed, an I called nut lor assistance. Some pe* s??ns came am nr ska open 'he door, when they found M Ftlive-go silling on a sofa c-BVuleed with <m the 19th, M. (hudas tnkle was appointed to succeed M. slllvergo, an I the portfolio of Public Instruction was conflrtad 'si M.Chriaui poulo, the dliector of the Ministry of the Interior. Spain. ANOTHER ALARM IM CUBA?CORN AND CASH SUPPLY IN MADKID. [From the Madrid Gazette, Oct. 31.1 Acconn s fiora Cuba lo the l-t iost., received by tho America, repre.-ent tliat new tear* of an luv ulon of illi burtcrs bed been excited, and tb?t <seneral de It Con rtia bad made preparation* for re.sistiug it. He had also decided that the naoier of all workmen leaving or arriving from the Untied States should he lakeu down. A mntual asrurance cninpruy for tho slaves had been established with par mission of 1be Governor, A Madrid let'er says:? The dra>niv* of food occupies the attention of the gov ernment and uiiinic p'tliiy aud energetic me-surea arc being taken to prevent ii from being uufslrly increased. A eomm'ttee ol the Ctries nroposca the adoption of the hill for establishing a general Cr-i'i' Bank in ^psio. Til* privilege of e-tablishing the b snk Is conce de 1 to Messrs. de Kerv?g?n, Mill sod A Co. The hank is to h ive a capi tal of SOO.IH*',(XiO reals ("?00,0u0.0u0 fr.,) and is not to come into opcr*'ion un 11 share* to the amount of 20t - Oiiu.OOt) reals shall have been -ub-cilbed. Amongst other thing* the bsuk i* to niaku sdvances to the government on recmlty of tsxe* to the amount of 100,000,000 coals, at 4 per cuut per annum. Alfetrs In Kansas. [Cnrresponcenim of the St. I.onis Kepuhlican ] I'almiro. Kansas Territory, Nov. 12, ls5.T. The excitement on tht slavery question L* growing more intense each day, and meeting* arc lieing held to the various counties to send delegate* to the "Law and Order Convention," which is to be held at Lea venworth City, on the 14th inst. There will lie some stmng resolutions adopted on that occasion, aud there will tie many strong arm* and stout hearts t j maintain them. The object is to lake measures to enforce the laws of the Territory against uuy who attempt to uaist them. The public expose of Laughlin, with soma recent private dcvelopements, would go to show that there is a party rich in rneaus and formidable in arm*? whose purpose is to oppose the execution of all laws which were parsed by our reccut Legislature; thit the head-qoartera of this party is at Lawrenco, and that a celebrated abolition preacher, aud ?ui dieunt merchant, named Hutchison, is their l'uder; that Heeder was the prime mover, and. like a fell sriirit, had conjured op all possible discordant ana iu flammttlde elements, and got iiiem ready for a grand explosion,ai d then lelt the country to avoid all dan ger to his own saered person, not even waiting to take the depositions by which lie is to establish hi* right to General Whitfield's seal in Congress. That the party have a perfect organization, any amount ol money, ar.d numbers of Kbar|ie's rilie*. aud that on the flr:t occasion of the issuance of a process bared upon the existing stitut-s, against any one of their number, they will resist it, in a body, to the very death. Now, this state of things has to lie speedily and suitably provided for. There is no time to be lost. We know lint a day may bring forth. The law abiding portion of our citizens will unite to a man atidruil with their blood tho recent legislative er<n< tment*. Such is the feeling, and the out spoken rcntin cnt of them all; ouil such will be the expus-'iou of the convention; and such arrange merits will be made as are certain to insure the suc cessful ami triumphant vindication of that expires ?ion. There may be a sanguinary conflict, and. if so. Rteder fboi Id be bore to take Ids part lu ll Ho has sown tire wind, and should reap the whirlwind But, no sir, he will not be here. His d ipes may tight, at d uftcr, and die. so that they h ive r ? ited sonic symputh'tic capital, with certain fanatics in Washington, which will feather hi* ne*t. What cares he for them, any farther than he can use them a? n for his own aggrandizement and glorification? They will not see tlii*, 1 fear, until other sense* than the sight have been awakened. But 1 hope such a result may lie avoided, and that ? sober second thought will ining them to a correct perception of their nohition and tue alternatives. The death of Collins has exasperated some aud thrown a damper upon others, lie was a remarka bly brave and athletic man, arid war considered a leading Iree soil bully. His height was considerably over six ieet; his weight more than two hundred pounds, and there was not nn onnce of siqicriiuoiis ilerb upon his herculean frame, lie has been known to whip, with ltia bare, six men at once, all armed with clubs and knives, and to have re eived hut two slight wound* in the conflict. He wits the leader of the " law resisting Iram'c'' at Douiplui, and such reliance was placed iiy hi* friend* upon hi* prowess, that mary would have euli*ted under his banner who will not under another. His place can not be supplied to them. Laughlin, who killed hto, is a small man; but he has nerve, and L* a ctnlre shot. His ball parsed through Collins' heart. He I* rapidly recovering from the w ound which Collins inlfh ted in his side with a bowie kui e, nnd will probably lie well e.iongh to attend the convention. I will adii-e you of tlie proceedings of thut body, and of whatever else turns up in the interim. Tits Kansas frkk htatk convention. [Coire-pondence of ihc fit I. >ult iicnocrst ] Toil ;a, N"V. 10, 1856. The Convention went Into Commit >ee of the Wh >le, *od passed a number of M.l* through it wpli never *1 amend m< nt*. Iliere wa? sgood of <aba'* on the bv.'sing qbeu tlnn when I" *a< lirst Introduce I into tue Cooveo on. A* the people ha* expressed no i.piuli.u on the soi.Je -t in electing 'he de rgute* to the OonTcatlon the following unpariloap report w?* adopted :? sertioD 1. No '.ar l * ah ill be eetuhli-h"<I otherwise th in umirr a gei ernl bsiiklng liw Fee. '2. If the Cei.eial Awemhly k*U ea*ct * e nerai broking Isw. i-uch l?W -hall p" rids lor t'i" tegl. ry *n 1 co'intei igoing hy the A ulltm of S ato of ?il p.|>*r ere in de.igtiil to f?- iiculnlod a. Honey nr.d ample coil?.? al secniiiy. re*t!ily cun-er'ilile in'n ipcuefot ihe rwi?n;e tion of the Mine In rid or ellv.-r shall lie re|ilrtel; Wi ich cnllaterzl setoil'y shall ts- uiiitr the r n ..lut the piof-er offli.T nr o'h ?rs of *??!?. Su :h law shell i-? strlct he te nmnutit ?.f all | *per cell' to l>* enbited a. inobey, mid ibe sggregt'e mount t > h- in ci culm'K n in any one year . an I no no e l-.uwl -tndsr the prnvi'Ii n of this ne.-.ioa ihall hs of a Ins? deuoonni ti n then ten d< liais. Fee. 8. Tl s stoekbolder* in every bank or I Hiking .rom pati) .hull he in IvIdiiHl y lltb ? to Vu aoiOun' over and 'heir *tn:k, e ,u?l M ih ii r.tjMV'Ire oha ei ?f etnrk, for all di ht* and lUliilitte. of raid t?ck or banking e??ni| ?ny. F? e 4 A I hill* nr n'.'es l?* isd ** money *h ill be a' all time* redee'osloe in gol i or anl oolteshtll nr |i?a>eo sane'toning, dlrae'ly or Imllreetiy fie su-jien smn, by any bank or banking Company, of specie pay menta. Fee 6. Bolder* ?.f bank notea ahall be entl'.ed. In case of Insolvem y. to prafeitnee of ape :1a payment over all other cr?r*. Fee. #. No bank shall reewire, diree'ly O' imlirec'ly, i Keater rate ol interest than shall be allowed ay law t dividual* loaning money. Fee. fver) bank or oanklar c impaoy sbsll he re qulrwil to ?-?a e all banking >peratioua within tieu'y year# fiooi ?lie I me of Its organisation, and pr .mptly ibeteef'er (o e'oee II* hmine-. Fee. E. The -?ta'e shall n t be a atockboller in any banking or hanking Inatituth n*. Fee. V All tmnks shall he re-juired to keep officers and proper iffioes roi the i-?ue and .edamp-lon of tnalr paper at some aeees.l tie and eonvanleni' wit'iin the -Ufa Fee. 10. The said hanking law shall contain a pr wdm rcserviig the power to alter am>nd or i?,mwI -aui la'. Fee. if. At the time of sub nil ting this r< nsiltutin t> the elector* lor thel' approval or di-approral, the ar-ielss namberi-d. In relation to a general bt Uw .ball be submitted si a dUilnct proposition in tb* loilowlng for nr General bankii f law ye* or n? aid If a majority of the votea casi si.*''he in favor ?* soil article then th* esnw- shall fmm a psrt of this es us'ilo'ion, oths. ei-s It aha I I* void and fUm no part the-eof The schedule was also passed Fa*. 1 dae'are* that 'h* eonatltuttea rhail he an'mitt?d to the nt pie for rati Ics -tion, on Droembrr 16rh near ????. 5 leflns* h . ? th? opini' D of lb* sb.ll he < ! sod p o.pici ? hat if the o nsiltnil u b* re I i-d.^an tlee'i'in for f.i vereor, 11* iianant G rVemor Fecr"ary nt * a'e. T ea urer Ardltor, Judge of th" Fup? ems Court, Attorney Gcieial, and inembe. ? of t'.e <>*o*rel A? tembly spall Im hebl rn 'he th'rd Tus-dav In Jan lary. The last sec 1 n Is as r dlow.:? " The f.cnersl A""Tn' lr sba'l >?"io ths en' .r.-e-nenl of'he pronator* of 'he ''ii *rc I .n of 'he Hill of R yhti a* lo aU per-' n* In the Tern' ry 'on -* '>is a1 .pil >?> of tl.l. conven lon by 'he ?th .g n?y. 1667, and at to ail orhe-ifr n. smlafte-lt. ad'pti.,, ' The afternoon set.l- n mot at Uio uiaal h i ir. The Convention wont into Committee of the Wuole on ton on stiiutlou as presented?arranged and altered a? to phrase ology? by the Compiling Committee. There was a ir?ou..n m-do to limit the boundaries 01 the Territory an jlven in <he preamble of the Bill ofKlghU, and in the Eonsas-Nebraska aet. Mr. Pilar at oppoeed it successfully. Mr. Cuna it will oe remembered, lu ale letter w Mr. Schuyler, advi-el that the I'errUoiy should be dinduJ Into eereral hi ?> M. , The followiog adtll'lon waa made to the MU of Rlfbti from the Indiana constitution 1 N'o lndeuture of any negro or mulatto in ?de aud ex?;utel out of the ojuatu 01 the State, -ball t>e valid within the State." 'lhe object oi this provUion U to prevent slaveholder* lioui giving their uxgroee free paper*, and at the name time compelling tl.em fto .sign immature* for so long a pet tod of years ae iu laet to establish slavery in free Stated Ibi* Waa done iu Indiana. .... . All rivi 17.oil Indian* aUo have adopted the habits ol whl ee and a e quelited t>y actual realdence in the lerri pmu" r;eti,. ar.? ?r.?u ^ fa tutUum! history, is to be eiectud by the people. Several other amet.dineuta Were made, but I liave no tiiue to aneol y them. ,, _ ., I About midnight the Pr?el lent said s ? Oentleuien? Tlie Constitution hue neeu read for the lir?t time; tho*s in favor of He passage will signify the same by saying Aye I" shouted ever/ delegate without exception, In a loud aud eu huriaatm tone. ?' I move that tbe <1 n? Illation be read a see.ud ume by tnle." said Mr. I'arrott. ?> ih- lous.itution of Kansas," read the Necre'ary. " Tlmee iu fuv r ?.f He p-a-age," said tue I resident, ?' will eiguify by sayiug aye 1" 1 never raw ?ucb a perloctly dramfttlo senne before, at I loukvsJ at when the I'ro-tdenl raid so. Every delegate Involuntarily h-b up his iiaau aud nhouteil "aye' ?halt rising ?s he gave his vote. , , "1 uiove that the constitution be read by its title a third Mute," said Mr. Delahay. It ?a* trad a thiid time, aud ngain the 1 resident put the question An enthusiastic " aye" succeeded. " ihe constitution is adopted," said the President. "Three chiera lor the mat free constitution of Kan sas," auld Mr. Schuyler of Couooil city. I'vei V delegate and spec ator immediately raised nia hat; and Waving it in the air, gave tliree time* three loud, lorg and hearty cheers. AS ihe sound of .he cheering died away, the hour aud minute hands of our watch, aeie pointing at XII. TUB PUBIS fcTATE DELEGATES IB CA0CD8. ToFkka, K. T., Nov. 10, 1865. Aa soon a* the Constitutional Convention adjourned ihi- lo.enuon, the first Gee State caucus ever held in this feitilory, waa culled in the Hall o the Convention. l)r Kobiusou, of Lawrence, waa culled to the chair, and Mr. Gtiffith, from Fort Scott, with Mr. Stewart, or Doniphan, were elected fceere ailae. , Air. lank, ot J-awreuce, oilored the following:? Resolved, That lit the selection of candidates for office no o d party distinctions shall oe made, and tbe only teat ahull t>e?is ho boueet, cspool.' and devoted to freedom < Mr. WOOD, of the 1-awrenca Tribune, moved as a subatt UKesolved, Tliat we reeognlM but two political parties In tbia lerritorv, namely, a free State and a pro-slavery 1 party aud in our party no test should be required for Office except honesty, ability, and devotion to the free State cause. The subffiltutc was adopted;? Mr. hl/rrx moved:? .._ Resolved That a state convention he held in the city of Lawrence, on the iCd cay of December, to nominate State officers. Ad. pied. . ., Colonel Unk offered the following resolution:? lffM.lved, That tb?? RawJUtivt CouiuiUta* be inwuetaa to tlx the time for the election of leleg ties to the re? Mate Convention on tbe 16th De ember and that said commit ee llxtheiatio of leprsseuUtlon lu acc in'.auoe with tl.# ratio fixed In tbe now constitution for members of lhe General Assembly, (.bring to district one de legate for each cetalor or bepiesen'.atlve to which sa.U district Is entitled. A " love feast" speech! flcation followed, in which *eV0 ral delegates and isittaeu* look part and which was ter minated by tliree 1 .ud, long and hearty cheers for the ftee Mule party of Kansai. KANSAS PrtO-SLAVKRV CONVENTION. (Cor ream ot the s ? ls.uis Iteinocrat.] l.KAvKNsoHru, K. T., Oct 14, 1855. " The 1 aw and Older Convention," eallal some weeks sgo t.y tie leui ers of toe pro slavery party of Kansas, aa teu.Wed st main lo-day. Major Richardson (of the Ksnsua Council ) waa called to the chair, and Dr. .lohu H. Strtngtclloar (Speaker of the Mouse.) was appointed Secretary. Mr. I.. J. Eastin (editor of to? L< avfuvroi lu Hc/'ulO, au?l a maw-jar of to? Council), tnoveo that a committee of seven be app doted to tel. ui ti e prominent officers of the Conveoil <u. Mcsrs Clark, Faille, ihonipion, Johnson, Williamc l'erklns, (I.te candidate tor Pel. gate to Congress;, and Mi. Hald-rn.auii (late Clerk of the Kansas Council, and now Jm ge or Probate,) weie nominated on t!.a cotn Mfoo'r- Kltk, Kastln, (both of Kansas Legislature,) Jones, iho ii-on and Park, were elected a Committee .n "'on*"the motion of Mr. Recs ( ?f Ksusa- Council,) the Conv.ntiou s>J'Uine*l. . afternoon rbbion. Ti.e ufo-ino- n session met s' h*lf ps-t one o'c o:k, The Comioitteo on Officers icported in favor of Gr.v. WtwoN SBAKNO.V as 1'resident, and as Vice Presi dents H. n John Cblhoun (Surveyor General at Wyan dottl, Judge I.ocump'e (of Supreme Bench), Gen. Liaike, W 1>. Richardson (u.e nder ?t Kansas Council). Isaac B. McDnald (Territorial Maisiial), Win Barbee (Brigadier Genetul of the farrl'oria! mill ui aud member of Kausas Council). Andrew McDonald (Deputy leriltorlal Marshal). A J Isaac- (Mr Whltflidd'a tival sn 1 Attorney General of Kansas). Co'. Burge, Hon. Bush Elm .re ( .pe of 'he Nupten.e Jndges), John H. Hatdermann (rerri.orlal Judge of Piohat ), aud Thomas T. Slocuiu (Mayor of Leatettwoith). * , Mr. Moccm Is a free State man. and therefore did not ftct. |tr. StuincsKI tow ??> appointed Secretary of the Con v. niton, with J dge Williams and Messrs. Proppec, Eastin s nil ilulchiiuon. Tl.e lollowing resolutions were adopted: ? RceoWed, li st the people here s-scnibled believing the e< nstituiion of th* I utt.d -ta'e- and the laws ps sed in pursuance thereof, arc sufficient for the protection ..f our ilghis, boihof pors n ano pr'perty, ard th.t in the ob servance of tlie -ame an our only hope* o' secu rity lor it tier ty and the Colon, and we will maintain the ?sme at a 1 hazards. Thst in eiery g. vemment, monarjhial, a'lstocratlc, drmocralic oi ieputi|can, the li-erti.the lite and tbe proieity ?f no Individual I- sale unlees the laws passed by tue properly consti uted authorities are strictly and fully obey<d. . . That wc hold the docirln# to be strictly true, that no man or set of usen are at liberty to resist a law passed by s l.gislatne body legslly organlved unless thy elm .-e l.y their srtloos to c?.n litute reliels an i '-eke all ibe conssquerices tbat IsglnmaUfly f.Uow tlie failure of a r< solution. That the course pursued iu this Tenitory by certain lets, us profsssing to be pc.'ullar friends ?f fiewd ou Is at valienee with ud law uud entirely subverslvs o; good order, I- ptaeil. al ni lhticatlon, tebelliousand ireaa noas, aid should to-, trowned np?n siul oenouneed by oveiy Icivwr if cull liberty arid the prospeil'y < f tb? f a ism. That the aduo -slou of \odiew H. Ite. der to >* In the next Coigns.- of the f uitol Stales, would ia our .pit b.n tie In vi Isiion of all taw and precelea'., and would l.avi a t. nd.-ucy to encou'age h* vlola'Jon of fl.e law and order of g<e>>l goveiument, and wo .id be aa uul rsga upon tha dflteus of Ksnsas. lhat the convention lately assembled at T'.peka to foim s con?ll'utb-n lor lb- ?'tste government, called and e ecled by and c impo-ed uf, meuibers of a p iTtlcal parry ?lhe si?call*si Male parly?and neither called nor e eet ? d l.y the | eople . f hau?ss, won ?l Ua?e ts-en a arc - t( its purpt si i had L?-t bctn treasonable, aod a c-usti u I -n pK.ented by such a couveoth u Is unworthy the s-ri .u* Consldera'lon of ireemen and il presented to ess the eoos'itotion of Ksn-a., sh.o.ld bo scouted f.-ouiita w?ll? as an insult to lis luielhgoni.e, and an outrage up?u nut sovereign lights, ... .. . . lhat we lordl .ily endorse the Kansas-Nebraska ad, and more especially that pert of it which repoii* the Alrsnowl t ouipr< rul e end euuncia'.as the principle that lhe isoph- of every ler-ltory, lu fiumlng their organic law. J.sves t igbt to Orchis mr them?les wiat dou.e-tie li.sliiuiu n- il.ej * III or will no', have. That tbv haI. a- Net IS-' * blU r. c gnlies the tru- pric ri, Irs of ? epublfcst governmeio ; that we I..-I th it We ail ?S li' lor end capable ot eh goverr ment a* Wc w.-rs whru eiil'cns Il,e ."ales, andaetbe i itix>-n* of other butss sr. and we uenouuoe any attompt on the part of (i l pens or the mix us of other Melee to r ntr 1 oar (N/tlf*?1)C A ij ? i? M I but aitno. go aa ei liens of a ferritr ry, we *an take m> puit in naiionsl politics. >. t ?e feel ourselves impelled to ex|.rrss our grelilu.le to lhe dsirwcrats of the vur'h* ... Maes, or their ti alleviating support of the gnat ri i|ie? of got eminent, wi'h all whi.h ha?e ireen i ? sped u(op hTm I hat w< <lr plore tbe course which has Wn pursue I ay i. e of the neeepups rs atrri-asi. lu the rqisrepresenU i .n? . I irb have la-sn published by iherri in re'eren w> to the ? oljtical excitei.ievsf which, It has Iseen ali.-gel, existed i.rrr chsigli'gai airby and confusion as pi-s iHmg In this leirliory lo sn s sru lng extent, ano mating otocr grom . i. l-sfaivirenis in regard U> the ac'ual sU"- of aifalri I i ir exls'ing?nil of which ara calculated to ml-h-sd the I ubllc abr. nd. ao-1 iheietry retatd the growth and settie meutofthe territory. lhat we, ibe law and erder party I nlon loving parly and Male* rig ?# | aity of Kamuv Territory are fully able, ar rl we pie- g* ouiaelves lo support and su.taln Governor -bai.non in the execution of tbe laws, ar.d that ee fee: r|,e ulniort nee in his llrmneae and ibtegrity. Mesers. PtrlugBUoW, Eaatin and CUrke, on the motlen r r v'r I'arklns, were appelated a eowmlttee of three on t.ov. shannon, and annoanee to him the hi of i ; diction as I resident. The Cs-nveiiilr<n then adjourned. Gov. bbanncrn spoke in Ibe w.-ning. Tin mr.AT, If w. 15. The Convention assembled again this morniog hut were net ia -eesi. i . in consequence of th# ahsonce of ih? majority of the celega'aa for more than an hour. I r. Mrlr.gfnlow mrrved to add the words ".auterlghu'' party after the woids "L'bIob V vtng party in resoiatioa II CiriM. I r. ftrlr.gftllow moved a vote of thanks to the Treat ?>erit (Governor I bar re D ) f'-r the able and diguldei mapner In ehb u lie lied fulfilled hl< duties as i'resi tent o' the meeucg f erried unanimously. Alter srwne further niimportant prrseediBg*, the >m seet|?n r* motion of Mr. Matthias adjonmed tine die. ibe lawwnworf ?? H'uulrr o( th<- lOlh rajs; We lesru with f eat | h as of e 'hat a hoe vein of ear Bel roal ? as Men rl I. c v.od on Utile -trar.ger Citrk a boat seven miles Ir. n. this ei'y, which is of sufTicleu th'ckneea t be I i. ft*i-b y w k>d Tbe r.H.1 alr-ac.y taiea fr .ro he middle mine ins t een u?ed by our saiitlu, sod deelanei to tea very ex. ticui artie.e Tie Aievsndria Osol (-a. teny chartered at the late sesit. D of Ihe 'egt la'urs we are gratifle-i learn atll era* Oigwnlss for "lis i f and f i ni rhiog coel in our eliy ar.d ti e go-t d rti-g 'bt carting win-er Th- san?e |? i- ? seys ?We and ers *snd a new h . el l? she r*ty lo la e cci.d in tbia aJtv. -t a m' of ? rr. f'.O too. fe be called 'be Fiat*. -? rs II ,'.el. .-'ACI. an ae'a bUahment L* needed here, and we htU this M a good omen for oar young city. (fli ira&KK uivriuTLTT in waaotrM. [From the bt Lout" lssmocrat, Nor. 22. | Additisi*! advice* reached u* ycsterdav tvniig an to Uie rondi'l-n of affair* In IWte c unty The excitement, at the i u'?of our iufoi motion, continued very great. The tiieoda of law and order woe deiermiurl to uphold the right and re*lat j?grea*ioii. Wueo the call of the fuead* ot older for a tneenog at W*?fou wan made, Hen. fltrlog fellow immediately ataried for I'laite City to dm n up hut par.bane. Wh> n the meeting oigauuou. Slringie'low aod hU hand collected around tuo elan 1 and attempted to break up ihe u.eiub y. Pney were, however, over awed by the tlrmu*** and ustrve of (lit T. flu net, of 1'arkrllie. iistols were cooked and kolvoa drawn a* ? mid (be loudest uproar born** stepped upon the stand and builed defiance at the mob. Melon* to aitj >urn were made by ctringfelluw'* men, but Weston wa* lirrn. The W allu ao (bcu put the law nud order ie*olu'.i:>ni latro dnced by Mr. Burnet, which were carried by a la'ge vote, when the meeting adjourned. Hiring lie prpgre?n, a letter nut a telegraphic den pat?h w*re riciiycd fioni Mr. 1'ark, read ant maun ap plauilt-d. Alter tbo chairman a d muse* bad left, Atitngicllow "ignuiy.d an dber meeting, wheu Judge Aloe ud win. ralli d to the stand. He Kaid there wa* no cause fui ihU excl'f mem ?* they would eland by the lawa. At the ease time Miring allow and hU men de elatiduo the street that the ihn-at* ol the mob wo ild be cariied out. Colonel I.. Unmet offered a resolution to ?l pi tut twenty m*u to (tviiatlgite and report whether llr I'nrk bed committed an off. u.-e and pledging ail P*r' tie* to tihida by tbairdecU.oa. rLU propostuoe ?n re jeeted by the "midnight parly." Ueutlmuen who w- re pr*,-eiit s*y tbej never *?w excrement like the' a". Ibis meeting. Our information reaches to the 16'h luat., when n.utter* were ut{II iu a most unsettled an t uac?r tmn (V iidith n. A night police wan kept up in i'arkrille, and it wa* thought that the most to be apprehended *< ulo be that which might arise fiom ?*r.riv a Ivantage The secret association ?er* determined that thair edict should stand, end Were trying to stop the excite rent for sinister purpose*. Tha in <b continued Lta threats against Mr. Inik FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. ? OUT liSKRTi ?croar, Nor. 26?8 P. M. The stork market during the pant ww.U has htea very unsettled. Prioe* bare fluctuated conafdeiably, and operator* on both aide* of the account hire liail at timee the movement in their favor. The arrival of later European advice* gave for the time an upward luipetu* to the market, but it annul of lung duration, lathe lnidet of the inflation the announcement thot several Eastern bank* had been discontinued, can ed a reao'ioa, and sUck* receded lull a* much as they had pienously gained. The apprehension that the New Knglaul batiks, which bad been Hooding the West with their currency, had atiained a point too much, and that levoral tail ires would follow, wit* visible among speculator*, but It did not laat long. It eervud to - bow how penii^iru th- public toinil wa*. and bow eaeily it was affected. Till* fact ihow* how daogemus It ie to ojiera e in fancy *tn k* for a ri*e. Almoet any ilay aometlilng may occur to disturb confidence and produce a teinpomry panic, an 1 scatter .peculators like so many fiigbleLed lawua. it is. there fore, best to deal in nothing but what has real value, and hte dividend* in tlio pronpectivc Urge enough to ooter at leant on the lnve*tment. .Such stick I ure not ?such by the bugl-car* of the day, and holders are not troubled by any tempore y depreciation In maiket value. Thrie were no shipment* of epecte from thl* port last week, and none that wt* hear of from It i.ton. There was a decree e in the Sub-tret dry l?*t week of 9540,883. Notwithstanding tbi* favora' le in oveiuent, we do not look for any increase in the specie depaitmeut of ourhinks in the next weekly statement. We have bt en rending specie cut in almost every direction except across too Atlantic. Boston haa been drawing from ue la-gely aod conslcerable ha* gone South and West. The advioe* by mail lioui hut ope are not no satisfactory a* reported by Udigrspb. The imptovemer.t lu Consuls ?u 1 other slock *e> miili's are reported a t entln ly artffictal while the probability of a drain of bullion continuing!* as strong as ever. Payment* on account of the Turkish liau, it w?s ex [acted would cause a Stringency In m -ney ma 'era, anil keep up the exportation of specie. It app -at* tint uuotker arrival ot gold (torn An trait* had neen sent into the I'enk of England, which prevented the r. turui for the week ending Nov. 3 sbowing a roductl n In bublne. It was expected that the nest monthly staieineut ot the Bank t.T France would show a large and steady drain of specie. We shall not get tlie oflklal return* uutil the next Canard steamer to OalifuX. Ihe anthracite coal trade has fsllen . ff ooslderably the past we-k, particular y from the A huylkiU reflux. The i hipuiful* on the l.enipb Navigation fir the week ending cc r'atur l*/ last were 31,751 ton , mil tirtbe sal n 1,2.18 820 tons, f ie shi; men's by th* Mch lylkill Navigation Company for the Wo*k ending on Thursday vera 30,413 ton*, and fur the *?.son 1,045,092 lost, against 872,812 ton* to coriwspun ling ime la*t ye?r. The tieading Ksilrosd brought down for th* we*k en liur on Thursday, only 20,368 fori*, and tor <ho s- a- in 2,183 ? 164 tone, sg.inst 1,910,71-8 font to the same tine lit year. The whrle tounage for the wee* from the S tnuyl kill Was 69,801 t ins, and includlug that of lint l.shifh, only reached 03,662 toni. Tne season, ntv pre'ty w*it over, has been one of the moat productive In many year* for the earning companies, rh-re lias t?-n litll ? or no interrupt! n to any one of lie m from any cause, and price*, all thing* c msidered have been inure rem lucra tive than ever before. The aggregate foun -gc ha* been largily increased. The ttiiht"D Jui.rim! of the 2d in?t -.ay-:-? TLciir. cer?' flank ha promptly rd.nied e/ary de nim.d uimn it. atil will to In * Hi" Mil * re | it l<! in f|P<si? on presentation Thi dayi?li? bti'i been reduced to about tl On o mil the eirc j a'l 11 La COBdrg in tepidly. Should It he deemed hr-t ' i Wi l l up tin' adalr* of the hank it in eoofid n 1) b-lieI >>j 11 ? ?.* * ho hare given itt iixioiati i 'boro.igh invaitigatt ???, W at but ut'lr if any 1?*, can accrue to ?lockunt-W'. Au inn'iiut uOir.rnt to leleem every ImMJtj of Um t>?uk n a'nrcn in !? ana (nonary I. W> unoerntand that biil< m the (tamo Bank -ie?ro Kr' Bank. HI worth Bank of Main", mi l?er!>y l.lue nk of Varnuint. wrie rof.iae 1 yeatrrd ,y by theUro cer* , white they hare blihrrm Iwoo i a-Ire rue-' aa faal a* presented finm the Suffolk Ti i* will ofc>ur?eia> l?" thi'lr refoaal by th* s.ilf .|k It ab .old ba uaderafciod b? w n r. t1 at 'hi* Ii In con*eq enee iff an accident ?l i.Tif draft "it thetiro-era', which unW other ol.i-i n e' woo.Id no protected 'h*.n and *ioa not a To" tie n?f??jr of the hill* m.n'lou<-|. Tne reoil' will be pmbabhr * delay of two o ihita d*?a in Hie ra l.-oip I in ol the i ill* l<a.a, until tl.a hank* hare 'liu t> reunt fund* for their protect! in. The anm-M-d cmmunicatiou froau a etofkhxider relt tire to the di-icneat management of tlie Meeiegaa rran ail rnpai.y, U points: a no donor# . Th?t men io'ar eateii in eu'li a com em will quietly look .nam] on a <11.,ne of lin-nie a and *| eeelators ttaa their prop# ty y*r after year, aniefy for private p.irpo .?? la eren a' tliir day, moat eitraord nary. s< huy or h.d the credit of B .najftnp Mm Ni w Huron Railroad Company jaoieioualy up to the 1 -t moment of hie administration, ?n I tha ator thol era have nothing '? Maire tut th ir u-g! > > rod blind rmbi'Dce. but in 'he Tran-ft O.m/uuy ii ia ta clear ae day a let if ltechet have Died tbem ulreauinn ita rl a la, and will on y let g. their hold when Completely gorged. The 'II <t I u e? if a atoekh' Idor ate perfeo'ty comet h it aa ih ee nio-t In teieatod hare tl e-eioedy In tt. r own han.|? ? rne a. i n ?hnuld t. fulfil In the matter, and e ll sow flung* rtnor.t la made hefo.o the mtat ia all extracted from ti o ?hell. It ha been reposed that arrangerrtrrr < w.e al>< nt ht Ing na<ie to amalgamate the I' .rH if ill steam ship < ? m|*n> nnd the Nicaragua Tranot C .o.pvnjr and * t alio ild think there might he arrnetro'h in it, hut from the fact that inch an arrangement would acalter the extatmg honle of leeche* dlrttibstcd ah ng the line of th* Nicaragua <>iupen/, fo in Mw York to San 1 ram lac , inrln-lre ettrartlng It'a ib-'anca *t ere.y p i" an amalgamation would he the I* t thing .n the world I >r UieTrenelt stockholder*. aa it would onaipel the prr-eai manager' to glre up their line picking*. ]i l< leeg'..>d a f ooee to pluck in let gn net of their hand'. It haa lai I n any a g< Iden 'gg which liare go ? into their pockets and they will not part with it *c long a< the iteekhotder? real quiet atder the squeezing proeeae. Oar eorreap in dent clearly expo*** eoroe of the Dnnneferlng operation* of the paat Ifteen month*. The Indianapolis and Clncinna'i Railroad Company earned in October tjbie year, 117.9ft 1 20, agamat 01) 011 70 for tha name month laet year, ahowli^ aa Increaae of $10,000 47. The following ia n comparatir* statement *f the trail 1 m the Michigan Central Rnllioad for fire u.onthe, ending with Oetoher*? Panrnc-n Freight. IH6 1854. 1*'.& IV. t June (140,700 I lor, V.'1 ?kl 07S 0 1018 Jtlj 110)04 8V.101 M.lA.'i .7)119 Atgual 1.( 048 Souef 011 . l,% 0 '-ep' .... 1 Mi 1(0 m 840 07,184 ?l V4I 1H to her *04,280 107 I 8 110 000 H?;l Titnl (740 154 (480.-47 4M1..01 (.4 )'8 Ma arm uaTtOk. ?M. 1A64 J s.-'r-rere (740.144 I'aaaentera ?(?'' '.7 I ?> ?'.? 4. 1 .,01 Irelj ? J* '? Mi*o!late< ua,,. 40,827 fttl.ea.ti?nee,aa , .. VI el T 'si fit" :r. r'h'01 2.7,872 Total 0' 4 n t,er?a,?iii pa erger- *| , ft Iseiener *r?1?l,t .1 IMiea? ttrta-el vjae- oa ., iT.MO ""o'al inerenae ., g* It w"t le '*? *i In an .'her folnma 'hat '.-Ion Laa een t >?n to th* Meehhof far* of the >*? Sotk u* .? of thin dl;, to BWt on Mirndt;, Uu 98th tact., to act upon the pUn auggeated to aocdfO them agaluit farther toe*. We should think tbia would eaeuie t full nt teedinne The total rale* of ItllnaU Central Railroad laa-l* to the 31?t of October were au f >Uow*:? 227,1."4 ec-ee. .$2,867,897 applicable to donat, u'n b oida. 84,42ft do. $06,914 <?<> to 1 r.-eiaa t b ate 127.963 do, 61" 484 do. U> la eie?t fuu-i. 419,622 acree. .$4,189,023, at the av'ge of $9 99 per*,-re The MedihOB end Indianapelia Retimed Cmnptiiy la September end October this year. $.V) "6I, ? pnuxt $42,697 fur the fin e moulha leat year. lucrca.e in ? ?o muutht thla jeer. $7,462. 1 be following communication ie eilre to the Mercii.ut-i' end tic, heiiitV, nod tbe Merchants' ued <4eo!i*uie,' Uu luel Ineviranoe Coup ny of I'iiiUdelphla. Die tee uo tuei "ei> et L,.mio between the two ii-ipuoi** rel'iro tbe public lo nil. r.niT, h i t nia iluuLn: I enrhwe briewih x r py ?' tb* charter of trie Uer fhuoU'and Meebaim-r' Mutual lua iiuwe 1 u vpiet, it ho. 69 Walnut an eat, by which jou wnl pens-i*. tdet it wait g eti'ed Apitl 2 18a3, while the name of tlie Build log Ann tin l"ii In-u uiu-e I," uupauy wee c angel t> lie Merchante' end tie, haiio'-i' In uiauca UMpmj ?> 4 Merchants' kschange, eaily in -he pre out t"*r with ut P'oberlj tnuwitig uf tbe eaUtenee of tun hoi coni.i?ny with t ftltuilsr uenie no tbet .lie former - e un-lotlb i lit tbe i'ilor nglit l.i ibe uamv* I' ? (urine ne ,?d m u nj hate uo ceei e in u*e the credit u in-l* -nrtiiudi cnre burtneei. It Mauda upon iti own in id a tome few iiioiitim rii c?e fee etd- we e 1-oou-d Ir on the V'ew Yoik nger cy, wnliout 'he i ? I gun Uiug w ? -d ? >11lull bu< up.o- dl?i or?nlog ibe <,mu<'I a oj the printer, It wo. lu no. inlwly curiecu <t H.U o mpnny bin* ,i ?t <*l Cepi'el, bntdi-i et be profit* 8ir.oiglhri-liaiHbi end ibe amnrei oi the <*"i? juiniple a* toe Republic In ureuce Ctaupwuy 'oil. fri'babljr one of thee companim Will iieve itenime chaige duilug ibe pie-rut m*?-..ii, iu mrter to p ereut Ibe I-I ulurion which uill-t Mctoe iiy arine from no gre?t ? eimiluiiyr. It In ir mder to r-.rrent ihe ?rtlcle in the IIkkaiji- if 'hi* tnoiiiing iliet I eilie jon the fnregol* g A l-litklTOR uF IIIK MKHl'il i.N Is1 A >l? VliyilA I M' k!l? I L'AI. IN -'IRANI K?> OK I*1III.AIM-.L, 'IIIA. At the meeting of the director* end true re-of the o m I boliiei* of the ogde&nburg Railroad Company, hull Iu Bokti n e few daja kluce, rerioue plan* were migge-tad for consolidation and eonver-i iu, but ib? mint pra.-lct ble nut ia to extend the limt mortgage ol one nod a lieif million* for twenty year*, el per, thru to coiirart the record m. rtgage of turce million* into a preferred 7 per cei t rtock, at par, and let the cepHel ntook u two million* renin in ?> it niw in, represented by 4n.o9U .bare* et $60 each, to takv it* c> enue a- it uowu >e* a* lo future Let earning* llila plan if rarri-il out wo .Id Oolite a Uiiee million* of ['abilities ImproTe the An,id lot p.ud ti-n of the i-orporaiion nod give a tieiter uiarkm *wl i? to lto cmnnii a atock, wiih-'Ut leiioliiiig ettner party to ebe'e aoythlog. The following in a nynopkl* of the n-ceip'i aid dii but ren.eute at the litem,.jr of Virginia, tor the thieal year etidir-g Kepteoiber 80, 186A: ? in 1 ennuiy Out i, 1854 $371 310 02 Recilpt* of jiat ending .opt ..9, le.v,: ? For (- imnoi w altb .....A., I4i.,96"i 98 i.iteraiy lui o lit,162 69 1 ublic wink* 1 767 H 'I 42 Mnking fund 1,1x19,0 7 19 Total $8,91-1,f >6 ?1 IubIiui -i iui ntil "t the year:? For C'oninon arelUi $2 182,8.10 18 llietsry fund.. 164,948 .0 I ubllc winks. 18.8 i .itK, kinktogfund 1.7?I,<>49 ,i) 5 MM&I 4'"' Pa'anee In rreariiry do'. 1, 1S66 C.1,334 ei The irreipta on aocuunt of the Commoaweaitli include $- 09,COO t*-n.pui ary loin* i biaine 1 f on h'baa'v The Audit, r'n report coutaina the ennes-kl atii-i-i of the Ai.antrt of .tie rnate:? I roouctUe Most $4,014,382 49 i i.tide n w i-nprodaci ve, being loan* to to tiioal Inip.-.venient COdpXIlie. and se CUiid b.i Uiurtgagia Upon the 'lto a, aarlr Dior# or lea- available (V)'t " ,'S 00 fctucan lo liiipm- i-oienli. wo ten are uudm-ih ed ....l4,0dd3WI 94 WMil in impr. yeinenta c- mpleted, but uu ptuductiic 2,#$9,Alt f.l Total. $24,941,199 ui aiAKiA'o ri'Mi Rrglktered cebt $11,61 .479 C3 Coupon debt 1 ',194,IJU0 0 I I'ebt Oct. 1, 1816 $24 70,'.,479 63 n.c ? In le rey.-iiue >f tbe year, ending Sept. 0, 1866. DOrUlote 11 $3,146,968 96 J eon t brupr-rary loan, obtained (rum Ui* bank 400,two 00 Actual receipt* ..... ?l 7(9, >6 l*i|rralck for ibe year A mel rec< ipt* I elicit 0 lOO 28 - ? "lb. d?flcll wax can'(i) principally by 'be fulling oil in t'er-u-plu* -ennui* from tne Internil faxprorkiuen -, \. Lb i, were r-'lrn* r-d to yield $. 0 078 I'', but did yUld t-tdy $163 691 bowleg a it llclen'-y lo that lie n al ine uf ?4l8 187 60. Ihe ai'LCled ntnteo er' exhibit* tbe ;n m'ity ao < vain* I certain art! :le? exporir-i from thi* port doriug t e week eudlig and inclu 'ing Ft bin/. Nor 28, 185'r, dl> llt'tfuirbn g ih denULatiun ami ei'eut of alilpmcutu to i n h place:? t"<* 'kk'?. or niK Post if \>w Yoke?Wkkklt Esruim u\n??u(. <Jii?nt. Y'utw. (/mini, Vitluf i n bt ?? 1 VAi P4,846 print;., cm* .1 9 HI I lour, 6?u4 (i -k-i. b *?? .310 ?t,.*2 Vh>it, bu? il/,441 16*2/63 CurB, bu li J >,'21 0 VI' 081 I'a n,lb*. .:, H"l 4:3 I r*,hl .((, c?. 4 l,l'9 lliW lb- il' 1..0 IV,4. 6 f l cnw? a ?? ?. 1: 2,-'.i4) fp. Oil, K?U ,.',W) 1,Im>1 . I lin 1,1,a ro, In*... 1.81 '.'.7 hbo ,k? \ bV.k 46 909 Knun bbl*... 686 2,r.6? Total . 7i-4 I OflJJOk. Flour, I.Ur .3 0?6 8'27 f<h I Crucible*. eka. '24 II '200 Ftxii ImhlMl 1'2,427 CJ 41'*. 1,0 i I ' fl tierr. ? 1 '_|8 :A 3' 0 bbl? .. 61 2l> <nl ,*k*. tost*.AM 94 '271 Ka am. cl> tu ..4 4 .7 Wat lb 609 26k Bread, c ?>?., . i:> 600

, ail ml. 16" 101 <Ti?-k? b> aa? .1*4 2,6,1, Vtb |.'i, iba.M 6"8 70 14 Boka car-. 1 1.8 I i< ??,. >1., e. 16 < 10'.01 Ktfoa, I 7uj 7?bac<0 rat. 411 '.I 47.i i'ra.? 1 4"0 ? ?l. I i h..9.704 4,998 Htate* 14 8 It W44 Tub. I - ill 46'2 6.W Tu p> bl.l, . I .111 13,914 1 rib kin. c. 11 '2 .,16 Hoaia, bbl*.... 4' l.o '2 I la' * U 4 1 ion , bbla..1 ;"?) Wl eui, bu,,l.','. l ' mh 4it:t Unit,, Vl? 16/21*) 1 , it bt .'94 <!;? ... 19 ?4I tile, !<?.... 40 (.1 k. i.,141 ?,3 < o*ion. lalo 60 I in 144a.f 6,0,1 *!.<? I bu : !? 747 ?1(| klWl A| p'?4, lib!" '.4 ? 12 1 II. o,0 Mm. on* j pk J?6 1 15 009 2b I '23 Ton*wi, In. .9 $2 1 * U 1(1.1 I an) oil K*l4. 913 87 a 7o III 1194, C ,.c . . * 1,1/0 4,400 It-. 111 btil-i... 160 260 1 <80 i-ur.? :,ir.o 209 1 >0 ,94 Total 1 1 61 1 lavas. 92 fi.H tt.-n* Ibi.. . 1 010 ? 140 130 '.1/4 ,-H* v ?- 3 C 1 ?2 6 87 h2'. f 1 I MKMKk FToi r l.l.l. . 1.0 91,090 Hie ca I? 1:7 I 4'0 par buah. 10.099 1- 6'21 I j fHitnil i..ri 69 ? 0 i iii.< id ?**?- I'O 980 Ti.O.t' baii-1 kt '2 I7I Fr. I,g?, <1 I : 44) 7,m 1 ? rm'1-niu ig. ..ft 9,34'j Total 9..,".72 f<i?*T4frr a..rij7 I 1.1,1a f 993 |04 4"9 i'.um bbV... W 4-kl Fl*-- .. ..J/290 16 4.9 lutal M'i.7'24 OlMUITkO. ? ?i1rn la... 1-.4 98,486 r.-bacuo )>, '4.1,111 I K I ? 1 Mb*, ta... 17 346 I, K g - !* e*. 4 .4'ure ',1 46* 'r* ? ? 4' 1/221 lunc- |c. ba 12 971 Tar ubt?... 10) .'-3 1 am. t bla. .. 10 190 1'o.ln 100 I'D Arvhrl '.0 040 r?b?MO ba.. no 10,494 Total 12)116 ?6?lilt Wb?o? bu. 10 2. 0 119,971 HmmtA, bf* 1'40 91 006 t<-WI 620 974 <**a. 91* *r. bbU. ?,7TI 979 VW flaw 2.200 9.40 Wh at, t,u* 47 644 11,847 Ko-in bbl*... 100 145 Total 1)1902 twA 0 ff.? bf*...1,741 922.400 llfbood, ta*. 09 11201 1 u-f 1M 1,016 HuaJn but* .709 1 144 /Ifirfatn, tf? II 49'2 i lutal 994.296 Rya, bu* , 14 109 ?a warn anrni *?an ? ai inmm. 1 bur, bbU. 6.616 990/421 Ilwa4 too $1 790 t'.)* f ,ur 160 969 Tnbaw >. lb*. 4 4k 7o? 2.'.7t4 IW.? 1 0 *1 IV) f >' 1 a bu*h. 3,796 3,710 l.atU aV'.n W 9,?v) ? ? rf bb'a . . 109 1 oa ' "Half* 0 on ', ft 4 >a Tubar, ... hl*4* 19 IS t. II. r, lba . 16 492 2 4 'an'1 ??. l.t? M *7 Ram bbl. . .. 10 1 or. -uf.' 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Ik>aiai a . .ly I k8 Total . . lilt A0% II1' bo Wot l$$l UeB J)i$4t $w?)*ay itafly boo* IfcoM a*-?ta. why ovf apply 'U?ra to the liquidation of thsia bowl* dua In Ikseeinnrr, or sotidpala Ut? payment ? tbeo> to tbM mtint, if It e?n ha dons r Who e ia all viwUncp la tha naad nf a l-adi loan of IllOOOOr Wb,> u to bar* a suainUaion lu this wt loan f It la ronton d ibmi '('haiifo that men luaidr of tha manaaairrot of lb" Mnrnj'U, hiw baaa toy ra mi ly aeUIrg ibr 'li?? abort Hun't lb?y know s*ns tlnuii about it, tbat l? ant shown la tba -talaaaant 7 Mr OarrUoa'a nan e Una barn i*bf<l to Is ths Pa rana, ai l?lng about to aiart a l?nkln| ho una altaa rrasoW-i A? a a lookboldae In Ihu Transit Company, I ?? uld prater ha 1<I ? ?>? tola up tlielr funds vita It. 1 learn thai Mr Morimn la a ?ery houorablsgamlatnan; tba' ball >o ol.Haw f a? to furni-h an antra boa', oatbv lanf.i? fur a vary libers! < nin iionaali in, of courts while Ibn < ? tn|?ot'a la.ata am lying Ml# for tba nsad kt aoae 11 H i ( repairs. II. piU ii.i n In iIn* management of the Nlraiag ua Trans'? fin tao_? ahna y. ur ban . Tbisr iiama in yo ir statement oaail rnplaoatioa, M alt : ' . Ii paid 6.r i a11 ui-ra of olH<e, Iniu'un a ou e't-tnia! Ipa uml. u tnai ir In eioat OS loans, k.- 6100,1*? I'll. In P-e on tot eye- ui t in t? Sam ami Yan lir Itlsdc, for itlsnuraenirot* mi arrotint of strain till a, ami fur icgrtcalra nf t'i- im-hips., . 1616?? (aali|ali< fir ' ran-iv u Inn of oaaarutp ra tad lirljU no Ihi 'atlimua. In depots, tiaualt lot.u, ui"! aalaiira 01 tgvu'-.kc ?T.S0? To'al |W,I >0 Hnr- an tuat'sri mind nj> lh?f U?ts un aAutttaa. trial II It tin. 11, n I.riati' I'm nf 4Vi*,n()0 1'ultra It la maarri ??? ci yri up In il ls ?ij i a-rHumcT dlsburaamsota, ? Inc h iiatali'.rla nail -'??lln,n l?t n> kil l# hov nui'B (in- Urn (nlf Inr -alalia an I tn whom? 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Thr ?"H? nf iha m n.| any aia raluail at W,74W,U0? 1 hit irrrna rt-a-uiialil* eno'tgli. Tba ahola ladcb'sdne-a VMM? Vrl raluail o If.dfl'i,** Un r'nrV ha- fait ritly a?H,| at lb" rat" "f 61,176 Oil? P r <1 r whole, h-aa fbsn i na half lha anlnaUos. fhlm 'i n In M r fara f an armyatrol rai nmg< for about tX lirn n" mha of $1 ' IH thv li t a >,'<Tiu;|aili|i.|t baa "iitnr Into to*u?; "U'pl 'lnnaaa K a Jn?l, J.i in a* inat api irrro' of rn-U r?Ut?raiy aa Ii all; t< r?In iba nila'la "I elaar-Iflitad Sias nafiMrlally ? hill Or I lo'r ?ra Ir mut-ml. Tl(r aluipla unS'lai VnlHat? if Ihr franalt itort am nut vliliniit 'hau Inan. bo hl|hlalullti* pial a nl Im ruiria*a a of thnn-alraa, am lij II rnuii u- rill l-prl ibrar fasra lit ua lo v all about II" mauafrmaat. Hov nm-h Sir M r*?n, thr aa'ru' |trU tor tp- uar of tha ">4airs Nirai'm " in <h" I'aalflc, rblln iha '? uu'Iiid* ami fa ' rri iril mai i |pua" nf tha trunah baiS Irl'lialr own Iniats i Ha iillc. 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