Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1855 Page 3
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Oar Kan? CtmqMiidcM*. U-winwokth Citt, Kx.niuh, Not. 13,1885. Hwt Silting of the V. S. District Court?Judge Lecomplt ? ? Muting of the Sovereign!?The Law and Order Parly. The United .states District Court, Judge Lecouip'e pre siding, Minted by R. R. Keen, Justice of the Peace, nod a usmbar of the legislature, together with the adjourned Crsnd Jury, all assembled la thli city yesterday, nud otde proclamation, through the crier, accordingly, "tuat nU peracna having business with thU honorable Coirt, it them draw near, and they aha 11 be heard. God aave the constitution and this honorable Court." Could tho fiealdent of the United Stales, whose duty It is to see the its executed, but witness the fidelity of theleuruel tdge in the maintenance of law and urder la this Terri tory, and the great ability which he displays on all rults lr occasions lu the administration of justice, he w oild e proud of the appointment of the learned, upright and Ue Judge Lecouipte. Maryland has lost much, but itnaas has gained it ail. There nerer was a judiciary si exalted, so lar shore and beyond toe reash aud coin oehension ot sorer sign ?uua tors. They ate lost iu si iiiiaiion and amassment, suil look m rain for pro edente and legal authorities to account for aud ustaln the judicial rulings and decisions o edge Lecimpte. The truth la, he Is too far aboro a legal aa<bor* and authorities, beyond all comoreoeu I >?. He in a law unto himself and a rid tie and a para de onto the ieat of msnsii d. The adj jurued Grand air at once took up the question of their pay, a Urge oajority oouteu< ing that ihey aie entitled to pay through he sdjou nu.eiit, while K. K. Keea htd doubt* on the ?ojeet. The question will prob ibiy rest till the indie. Ltnt ol lieCrea, when the question will be referred to the otorney General of the Lulled States, at Washington, he law and i rder party, embracing the Court, K It. bee, and the Grand Jury nave culled a mass meeting teiej to-monow. to take Into conodeiatiou the necessity I enforcing the laws. Got. shannon is expeeted to rsce the meeting, and leud bis powerful roice ana o!H inl (ufiuenre in sustaining "our honorable Court" la he execution of the laws. Purveyor General Calhouu as already arrived, aud has given uute and token ot his iereoce an 1 principles in a harangue at the hotel, lie i on the side oi ' law and urriei," as it exists here, ami u the side ? f Douglas and domestic slavery, as it is oomed and has been decreed for Kansas. Ho will also do i ess the mass meeting to morrow. How H comes fey did not eall up Ely Moore, the Kegistur of it land office, to make a speech on such an ccaston as this, U a marvel. As an orator and debater e has few equals, and unless he is shaky on the vexed uestlou, or has been me ged in some Indian tribe, and ?st to civilisation entirely, they have made a great ista*e in not calling him up. He could address the sverelgne by the acre, and would be eaoored at every ause. The Kansas Heiald, the organ of the law aud rder party, is loud in its calls lor tue enforcement of the ?ws; and in the last number of that a>ly conducted, idely circulated and seldom read journal, there is a scare crow" discovery of a wagon load of Sharp's rifles, tgs of powder and boxes ot cartridges, all Intended to rm the abolitionists, somewhere up the Kansas r'Ver. iscovered by some one unkuowa or not namel, copied rum the Flstte (Mo.) paper. Such articles will swell he mass meeting, and alarm the chivalry of the South erribly. An editorial on ilil, In the same organ of the aw and order party, cou ains a warning aud a threat to ome free soiler wh m rumor indicated as about to make motion In court to dismiss the Clerk of the Court, and uspend two lawyers fur their participation In the out age upon 1'bilUps, that if Ue dared t > make the motion 'he would find Jordan a hard road to travel." The mo tion will be made, nevertheless. 0. K. United Suttee Circuit Court. Befoie Hon. Judge Nelson. Not. 20.?JZosj Winans vi. 'i'hr Harlem Railroad Cbtn iany.?This much litigated patent suit was brougut to a erniinatiun yesterday morning, the jury not agreeing as o their veidlct. The pluiu'.iif, Mr Winins, sues the larlem Railroad for aa Infringement of his patent, dated Jet. 1,1814. the purpose of which was tue construction >1 a long eight wheel car with two swivelling trucks at ither end. In order to pass the sharp corners of the rali unde of the Uni'ed state), all' evercome the usual nonets nd vibrations which ordinarily occur. An linmiuse .mount of at parte testimony was produced ou both ?ues, nd able atgumen'saddre-u-ed to thejury by 'dr. vlfliiiiag, >1 H. stun, counsel for the defendants; uuil Mr. l/ttr ibo, >t Baltimore, on bet sit oi the plaintiff. Ou .Saturday his Honor charged the jury, who, alter re Irlug for a short Ime, teappvartd and intoroied the Court that ttiere was io pi ospolct. of their agreeing His Honor thought tuat s this suit de'al ed a laige expense upou tue parlies kuioentd, the jury had be lor take ilmo to consider,and idjouiued the Court till Monday morning eonsigalug ht m In tholnteiTal to the custody of the United ntatei darsbal. llie Court met on Mouday morning at the usual hour, when the jury were summoned to appear, ind having done so informed the Beach that they were at vet unable to artivo at any result. His Honor urde el hem to return for farther consultation. Tnuy catueluo !? urt in an lour afte-ward^: and on informing the Jadge hat they weieallU unable to agree, ihey were discharge t. ThcMMrali and ISxlMlittliiriu. Broadway Thbvtkk.?The f<i wnt satisfaction evinced by I lie euaieuce uj?oii the revival of Hhskspeare'a tragedy ol llomeu and Juliet," a few evening* ag>, has induced the mat ?g*iueut to announce it for rnpetitl >ti till- eren t.g Mih. Julia Iremi liayne sustains the (lhanrttr o luilet, and Mr. Fisher that of Borneo. The farce of " Two Bunzards" ia the afterpiece. Is'ihlo h.?fi ia in the seoond night of the season at this bou*e. The ever popular ltavel Family will appear, as sisted b.t the new (lancers, Miles. Theresa Hubert, far Hue ?cue ana Una Wluilel. The plecee selected tor repre "?nation are, the c .mic ballet panoiuime of " Borer ind Bert rami," the ballot pautouiiuie called ?' Katcy," ind the Cvinic fairy pantomime of " Asphodel " JJowmiy Vhkatkk ?flie beautiful romantic spectacle o "i berry ana l air felar" in to be revived this evening, with a g <od cost, and in all its origiaal aplsudor. Mr. Waid ap, tar ? aa^anguinbeck, Mr. Widens as the luckless Topark ana Mi*s C. Alfjrri as Fair Star. To coo dude with the mi.sicd spectacle of "lb# Forty Thieves"?Mist It-ohsn. as Mot plana. Btbto.v's Tulvtrk.?This is the r?gu'ar night for the yeitoniiance ol those never-tiring fuv iritet, -The Serious family" and ' The TooOlea." Isirgn itt-legatioa* frotn the liffeient cities and towns along the railroads invarUolr Hock to the metropolis on Tuesdays and Fridays, for tue express purpose of witnessing these pieces. Wallack's Theatre.?Mr. Brougham's benefit takes place this evening, on which occasion his last and very successful cnieoj, ?' 1'tie Game of Love," will oe per r.'imto, with its admirable original cast, lucludiog Merars. I'lacide, loster, Biougliam, Mis U oey, Mrs. Veruou, Mm. Brougham, 4tc. " Kill or Cure" closes the ente.'talu ment-. Wood's Mixstrkih.?The new hall, No. 444 Broadway, Is nightly tb longed by t lie lovers often and harmony, ll.e new ehtkspereon version of the Masquerade Ball" has proven a aecided hit. Bickuy's Mockmaiimm.?The new and very ludicrous tiu/.esquu erillUed "lUUkius and bis Ginui," having been received with unprececented applause, will be re peatec this evening. Filer to the bariet jue, a variety cl singing, dec., as usual. Comert.?Mr. Oscar Comettaut's grand vocal an 1 In strumental concert takes place thi. ever.iug at the Ms tropoJitsn theatre. He will be assisted oy a nuui >er of distingnishee. ailisU. iucl.ding tenor Narc!-co Lopez, sen of the unfortunate Cuoan patriot of that namo. Thr AlxntiliA.NU.N8 will coinmoncn a series of their pleating concerts at Mechanics' 11*11 ou ruauksgiriog afternoon. Mrs. (?inns, whose sacred lecture and concert was Will attended on Sunday evening, is about t > in.tie a tour of the fcastern Mates for the purpose of giving conceits. Canal Navigation. [From the Albany Aigus, Nov. M.J According to our information up to Saturuay evening, the canal we*t of Little Falls was not seriously impound by ice. East of thet place, however, boat* vera not a Me to move much on faturday and some of the I wks were nearly disabled by tbe quantities of Howling Ice. large bomber* ol boats bad accumulated, there being seventy Ou the level east of Minueuvids, (near at Johusvlile.) The Bupeiintendent was delslulog boats, auu out allow ing them to proceed east of Utile Falls on account of the crowd. (in Saturday the Black river canal was closed by lee in the gulf of Lomdng Kill, some lifeen miles north or Aim*. M nless we have moderate weather linmodUutly, cancl navigation may ee regarded as auspeoued for the s??vm. Protaaly the canals have never closed with ?uc'i an im mense amount of property alloat. The high ptice? and tbe foreign demand have lorwarden onto us quan tities of produoa, eau in sddlti a to this we learu that the ap freights ol merchandise are unusually be a vy. The ^old seatlier has con.e unexpecteoly, anJ baa taken for tmrders, aealers, and Doatmeu quite by surprise. Unless a few days of srmm weather aball enab.e boats now stloat to reach thetr de-tlnatiom, an Immense amou .it a.I ft eight wi.l be suddemy thrown u,*>n the .antral Hail, road?more, we pre-nine, than It will be able pr impily to transport. Nearly all its equipment Will beab-oib*l in the i ar.lege of through height, and property transferred fiom cat.a. b ah. t? tnteimiallate I'tttMi wil. be liaely to 'Wxpriie ce some celay. However, wltu Its doable track and tbe ertive use of all lis power, the Central will be long in digging out from under the avalanche which threatens it.?A It an y Ar/Nt, Nor. 3d. Political Intelligence. WldCONHIN KLBCTION?TUB OUVKRNOK IN POUBT. The Wisconsin journals ate owing a very htppi time in their endeavors to male out wh<> l? the ?u. ce.-iul cab dtdate for Governor o' the Jt?t lb* Milwaukee tPiteon (t'n l.gutes llas'i'otd, the bUck republlcm into vhe office by a m?j iri'y of SRI. Trie Hoifcon .frpwsclec. Bars'ow. ?lem , by lb'.'; the Milwaukee x n us-J ???/? it has oOelal tetor'o- front afl but Hie ?? unir-r, and i list 6* -hf ud Is ?lecie-'. by D(7 majority, win I. ihe Mali* -n D-nnnM, ?with s 'o erab'e Msif of Ug -re-i fJaca Bar tow 110 votes ahva<l TI.e official ctstsd will probably have to decide tl.e question. Tbe Knew N'utbinjp of r euiut Wy are to h?.l 1 a grand jnn*s nesting iu Istuisvllle to-day. IRIsn ENOW NOTMINOS. A Know Nothing m"?- i' g ?n held In Frankfort, Ky on th< lXb Inst , at wiildt C I'. O'.-ulllvao, f- | , a n> tl?e of 1 e at d, hut a frift.d to th* Ata'.r(cs:i cause nnrs a chert and eloquent s|*>?jh, la which h? lr'sictcd upm tbe prlocln?. o' tbe Justl * of U e A" sricsn petdy. 1? ll?*?d, he said, he had struggled ft.! the right of Irishmen to govern their ?WB com .TV It I? for tills lUst O'Brien sn l Mitcuel and all the ether Irish patriots had eon'sald ant h* alnnlt feel bim?eit an ingra'e and a hrpoc He if he should deny in An < rica what he ha I struggtodhir in Ireland?the right of the native ?o is of every country ti rule their own land " Ireland for trie Irish ' had been the motto of all the lrt h palrl >t? a' home?' for the Auiericats" ought |o be 'heir or t'.o hers. By sn order of the Know Noth tg 4u e CountII >f this Ftwte held at I inghint'on. Aujnst 3't, it'? the ?*rs ral CongtesM usl districts in 'h * idtoM sre to *1-*' ua*h one debva'e o the National Contention, to b* hel i at Philadelphia on the '.'.'d of Fe ,r-.ary to nomius'e r*odl dates for tlie I're-id. ncy and Vice I'rc r I-n. y. By t ? sen.* order, the dlst'icts ar* tr d-c thstr del.gams duilng tht mouth of December ia (ORimUoa. Effect* of Uu Gmle On wd Alone the Hudson JUTMTi [From the Albany a gas, Nut. OT.J Curing Frtdav n-fht awl he are? er p.rt jf Haturlay, It blew 'great guns" on ttie and th >>igh we hear of but lew instances wh*'e d*tn if* has resulted we ? e eppltheneive that we snail continue to hvar of dua.ters between New York end this city. Among ih" effects we bvsr as below:? Turn steam tug 0 mtnerce is ash ? re at Merino Point, and we bear that she lie* high and d<y. fcai ly Hatur lay morning the smoke stack of the steam ? uit New York was oar nod away wuen sum- twenty niiie* below this city. Mx vessels are aground opposite this cltv, having blown fr* ui heir anchorage against tbe docking below the Htdson Kiver itailroaO depot. Saturday morning four ba~ge* belongiog to the Albany Canal Une got adrift, and one was ruo int> by a ?l nop loaced with stone. I'oruiuat-ly no aeri ma damage re suited. Several canal boa's got adrift during tbe night, and one or two lloato?l into the river, but were broug rt back by the aid of steam tugs. several river men state that they do not remember a uigbt bo tear f 1 on the river as was that of Friday. Saturday night, and the greater pari of Saturday, a terrilic gaTe visited us, aud in it* " mad career" did con siderable damage about t wu, besides greatly iuc >uve uii ncing oitlaens, many of whom Were compelled lo g > withi ut their meals, a* the adverse wlnda rendered fruit less every attempt to iguite a Ure. At the Penitentiary rl blew with terrilic lorce. rhe tin roofing was stripped off an l carried into the valley near by. in the Bowery, quite a large number of fencer were nlown down, while all over Ure city enimn ys aullered severely. One of the fine elms In front of Dr. WyekofTs church, o:. Br aver st-eet, was blown down .Saturday in >roiug. It fie 1 with a great crash. Several persona narrowly es caped being prostrated wi h it. \Yo It am that early Sa urday morning the tower of tie new Ppiacopal church, in Hudson?th lower or sieople being uuwatda of tiOU leet high?was blown down by .ns gale. It fell with a terrific din, and in i s de-cent cut a Irume owel tng literally Id twain. Tie inhabiutute bad just arisen and fortunately no one *a. itjured. tird tbe accident occurred ton niinutes before, several would have inevitably been crushed to deu'h, as the steeple fell lu such a manner that tbe beds they had vacated were pulverized. Our informant states that tbe building waa cut in two an cleverly as could be done by mechanical means. The British West India Squadron. [From tbe Wsshtugtm Union, Nor. lib.J M e perceive, In one after another of tbe public journals, conflicting speculations cjuceruiug tne object of the British government in despatching an additional naval loice to i he West Indies. On the arrival or tne Pacific wn deemed it proper, for tbe purposo of trunquilixing tbe public miud t > make known tu brief the uature of the explanations on the sub ject which came to oar government by tba'. vetf*ei, a atmg explici'ly that appreijrn-lou of Husslan privateers so id lobe fitting out in New York, ant of iho Maury by Lame, was the inducement of the proposed naval expedi tion. We have now made further inquiry on the su"Jec'. at tiie llej ailment of State, ami are authorised to publish tbe following circumstantial oarliuulsi s:?In consequence of the publications in the !/>nd"n j nirnals of the 2 id, '2ilh and '26th of October, Mr. Bachauan requested au interview with Js>rd Clarendon for the purpose of asking explanations on tbe subject. Tlmy held two Interview- ? one on the '29tli of October aud the other uu the 1st of November. At these interview- l.ord Clarendon declared that the propose 1 naval expedition originated in no pur pose unfriendly to tbe Untied Mates; that its ohject was a defen-ive one, to protect British agaio-t Rus sian piiva'eers, thiee or four of which were said tu be IKting out in New York, and one of theiu nearly ready for sea; tiiat this particular one was a large aud fast Vrs s?l, sje iaily intended to intercept British ships front Austrslia conveying gold to KugUnd, with purpose, in the Hist Instance to captuie one of tbeCunaiil at* oners: and, In justification of lbs general statement, he referred - cxpres.-Iy to tbe case or the baik Maury, as represen o 1 iti affidavits communicated by Mr. Barclay, thu B iti-b Consul at New Yoik, to Mr. Crump'on, and by the latter tiantoilUi d to his government and at the same time laid before the government of the United States. George Mundat, tub IIatlebs Prophet.? The Philadelphia Amerxean In an article beadel " dent to the l oor house," thus speaks ot our ancient I George Munday, tee street priu:ber:?In one of tbe sur gical wa. ds, we found our uorient friend, tbe ?' ilatla-s I'ruphet," George Muuday, wbo is suffering f'om a frac ture of the cap of one ol his knees, lie was engaged iu h or iiig over a number of newspapers when we saw linn, sun appeared to be as busy as a buna fid* edito-. Bui, alas ! tbe "voice of the I'rophet" Is no longer heard iu our sueets. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. HOIST HtftKBTt Mosimt, Nuf. 26?0 I'. M. The dock market ?e* not very buoyant tui" morning. A fair amount ol business wan transacted, a larger per cnt than usual for cash. At the first board lialeua and Chicago advanced X per ct u ; Panama, ; Cleveland and loledo, >i, Chicago and Honk Ul*ml, K; Michigan Central, 2; Michigan Southern, l;)f Virginia 6's, , Nicaragua Transit, X- Neat ing fell off X per cent; Canton Company, if; Cumbeiland Si llliuoie Central Hailroad, '4. There was not much activity in State e'ocka or railroad bonds. Erie Kail road opened at 6'!^ per cent, nnd closed at 62 ?a dec'ine of 1 per cent. The closing price on Saturday wae 63>{ per cent cash. The brief report put out in anticipation of the annual statement la not considered favorable. The stock fell off In the face of it. At the second board the market was lower, without much demand for any of the leading railroad stocks. Pile declined ), percent; Heading, >4, Canton Company, Jt; Cumbeiland, *{; Illinois Central Bonds, >?. Pans iu t Hailroad advanced H per cent, NicaraguaTrausit closed without change. There were rumors in the street to-day that the origi. nators of a company that nourished pretty extensively a few months since, and mad" Urge dividends out of bor rowed money, had been iodicted. It is our opimou that the originators of more tban seven eighth-, of tna tntor [s.rated companies in this county at large would be in dicted, if tbe tacts regaiding their organization anl operations should be presented to the (irand Jury of tnls city. The Assistant Treasurer reports to-day as follows:? Paid on Treasury account 9121,616 00 I ecelted on Treasury mc unt 160. .Id 01 I on Treasury account 6,016,107 60 Palo for Assay office 26,..IM 06 1 aid on oisbuistug checks 86,99.1 OA Ihe receipts inclulo 9100,000 for transfer draiu ou Boston. Tills is the way our banks art paying up tbe dcniancs for specie from that city. Tbe ?airants enteied at the Treasury Ifpartmont, W ashington, on the 23d instant, vers as foUew> :? I or the redempilou of stocks. 912,671 61 lor the lreaeuiy Iieparlment 26 U" 76 Kor the Interior 1 epaitn.enl 20,611 i 20 lor the Customs J 7. 206.9) Mar warrants received and enteied ail,.186 art War repay wairar.t* received and entered i,.t 76 Inieiior repay warrants jeeeired and eule.ed.. 1,629 a0 tin aeoonnt of the Navy 10,;kM 69 IN e give place to tbe annexed letter trom Chat. Moigau, isq., the present agent of the Nicaragua frandt Cotupa ny, in rej ly to tba stilctnris i f a eorreipondent regard, ing the management of that concern generally and th? employ merit ot an "outalde" steamer In plsce of one owned by the company, particulaily We hateavsry rigk iegaid for Mr. Morgan aud regret exceedingly be Is in surh bad company. While President, ne was morally lesponaiDle for the acta of his suboidinates, but as be is now merely the company's agent, his business is confined to his (articular department, for which he chniges and receives a regular cotnmiaaion. If ton*, c >m mission yield Ulm one bundled thuusant d .liars per an nun it is so much his gain, but to tna company a lou equal to nil e tenths of that sum, for wa batlere thst a ?alary of 910,0(0 per annum would amply remunerate an aetiie business man who would render as much an is( m 1 e as the pita* ut agent. No one tn this community lu.ubU for n moment Mr. M irgsn'a Integrity or honesty of purpose, and wa feel confident our correepouden would be the last man to question either, feij It is tbe payment ot each sum* as agent < end owners of "outside1 steamers receive the' tups dividends from stockholders, and they have a light to complain. When they see some of the wralthicet men In this city eech making a furtu is aunu ally out of the earnings of this company, for little or n 1 lervlee rendered, while they are patiently waiting a id anxiously looking for even the ui -?t re um on their investment, it is a wonder to us that they hare been qniet so long, lu piojsr hands the Nicaragut Irs it Company uould be iua<la one of them.- proflt sbaa concern- in this country. It could pay n it of lis present net earnings ten j*r cent pei aumi on tba par value of its stoca. it ha* the most natural route lithe Cpper I'acifle ai d can command the bulk of ths < wiif ir i la travel. lb# net earnings of I < steamship* lo'.it . u n ontJ.s were nearly one and a quarter million .if duller 1, r ot one cent of which reached a sto:kho<lsr untold-* of the ri enspeuii nt. This Hoe c n ess intisy while the I aelfic Company would h* losing It, at the lowed rate* op ci^ii] etitb.n. With those facts is*: ire tfie rt>ci r* ,t sould be Strang. Indeed if they dsi not c aupUin ..f the txtratsganc* and mUtnsnegemeat, to say the inert, of tketr servan s. tn m nitron or n.s mtzauu. Tn your paic nf tnls so. there i< an snnym tea sttai k, il. M., on tl.e m.usgais o( tt.e No s *g a Transit towipsny. Anonymous pue.ic.ti>n< g-os atiy a*e nnworthy of notice as Mis r uti- i,a 1 1 as bc-a plsastc to de,ignate no1 by name, ami P .? s Miss* to know bow mart I get for tba new <f tin- -ser.a *>ivats, 1 have not tbe sHgn'feet bfe a'i .o in giving hlsi the d* si-ed Info'ma'lon. rhs t-.Mfe N?*sd* I* mn' g .n lh? I s. iflc O'een foi fO per cent of the gr?.? r?., p.< p*yi, j ?tl hev nwn sxpet, e? The u- npany ba<e thai - ] a any tln.e to dree.. 'In e the ari-age neat fey pw ?rm< of tl.e es.n >act and if ii. M had at odei *h" me* ing of stack hoddens, told at the ooatipaoy > eiuoe he hare heard my offer to either sell the shtp at a fair rtlitttio i, or withdrew bar at any time. Am toegentleman cab* Terr loudly oti the <gnr? id the Si -a.,.g-ia Com | tlt) 'o aliow Vh-tr tiamls I cell only say it he Wi'l show 11in lace at the oilice ot the company he oittrers a ll (??' msb biiu with ?oucber? lor all (he loin- abutr w!nc i he appears t<> be ?o trerjr anxious, aim I b <t?e the u?*t time be Uei- disposed 10 sisuoor a pu ?ti *. company bo trd' at Imti have bo iuai.lli.e-* not to be ashamed of hi > ouru uitue Ve/y lespejt ulljr yours, CilVi. M hllJAN. Nlf Yokk, Nor. kfl, Waft Tin- aun-xed atMieuimit exhibit* the grot* and net earnings o( tb? New York atul Kile Kall-oad Company for thn Hi-caljear euiling Sep1- .0, laftj: ? NRW YohX AMI) IjUl! rtAMJdlAI). Tola' earningM 86,488,923 ISanaporlaliuu expenses (47 K3-1U0 per ceu'J $2,026,7-44 beni of tluiot Ital road 81,7713 Hire oi cm a.... t.,,ft) taxes 64,088 bieauier ?X) t urea M'uuiit 3,118 Hitieiem* between co.I an I net pro cetda of eale <<l obi iron 6 IKi Idller* nee l*e-*e.u coil and net pro cetda ol eaJe of iogiue aud car... 726 1am. by 8re, twig* 8 881 " at Jersey Ciiy Tin,Oil ?? at I'ort Je d? 22,8o71 " Inckawaxen bridge... 13,0*0 Total expenditures, (62 11 10? per coat) 62 661,876 Net earning", after deduction of all expendi* tune ex ept new additions to road and ma chinery 61,021,118 interest on funded debt $1,-KM,889 *' Una ting debt 1.8.*08 $1,793,038 Net eaiufnga iqual to 8l. per teat on 110,000, 100 aiock 6833,119 W bicb ban tiven expembnl an f ilia??:? outlay a lot new machinery, fee., (11 loci m itlTen) Olid I r uld OOa tinea, imd fur uld claims eioug ibg to Ibe oonatiocltou account.. 6216,711 (-inking mnn 1632 .',000 bono*, 1876,) '288,0 A Heatli u oobt, paid 699,008 6831,119 Ibe giOta and net reoeipta of tain company in ea:h of the pant two J earn compare aa loUoWa:? NkW York ami* Kjuk ICailboad. r-nr mJintj \jit 30, 1661* 1856. ttroaa imiiii'iia $6,369,968 66.188,993 Kii rniiuuttM. Trentpoi tauun 62,712 815 62,801,876 lutcied 1,607,'266 1,791,018 Total 61 109 8*0 61 069,613 Ha ante irctipta 950,0?8 833,120 According to thin there baa been in the laat flecal year a deeieane in net receipts ol 6118,868. It is admitted tiiat Hie entire no ? receipts laat year worn expended fir counti uction ac< ount. ainking "und aud UoaUng debt, the cunipaty huvefailud (lunlleutally nmittod, we sup pose) to girc ux the amount uf funded and (1 latlug deut, outalaudlig cm hi Ac , on the 30tb o' rtep'eniOer, 1866. W ithout ihut . ..tidal atalemeut the ac touul is iiupor feet and uusaHsMciory. Wo aee there baa Deeo a large increase in tbu payuient >1 interest, which iucraaae ia equal loan addiiiouaJ indebtednea of about 62,003,000 Ibe statement we give for the purpnee of future anal/aia. Nk? Yohk ami Ishix Kaii koaii Oojimny Oct. 1.1851. W. 1, 1856. Bills payable nud all otber liabiliiiea 62,188,2.6 96 61,211,798 61 la a- crash nuu Cash iteuia ou bund 21-6,370 10 191,768 02 Actual Mobilities bsyonJ cash.$2,219,866 ->u 61,0it,otu it2 I tcrease of bills payable, Ac 6l,'2i4,4A/ <1 1 o. ol canli, Ac 8a,812 38 heoicaet- ol liabilitiea beyoud canb 61,188,8 II Do Oct. 1, 1861. Oct. 1, 1866 Doc by (Ian. A Nia. Kills KK. Co., rUcured by bill of aatn uf cam aim locomotives ..... $190,000 00 6101,003 03 Bullaio Corn'gaud N. Y. Kit. let in r'gag* '/2 oonda... 9,oOO 90 9 000 00 I eotta A tiquaka la*. intg , '82 bonds lecoiieu in payiueut ot old iiou Hold ? ? 22 0*0 00 Material on nana 621,410 14 2 60t,rt66 08 ( uel on Intud 186 89 * 21 13/, 116 26 Total 6318,-0. 2i 61,13 ,7.0 ol Ou lni tlciober, IBM, tfce liabilities exceed d n m l* aud mate ial* on br no ny.................. 6l.l09,oli 32 on lnl October, I8.ii, tliu omnia and Xii ite riala ou Itund exceed the liautltdea ny... 101,7'*9 69 In the liabilities are lucl tdml the puy roll uf all the employes for the month of Sep'etnbe , ainouoting to about 8-t0,i 00, which la only disbursed in th.' uii tdU uf (.cinber, no that there are no kuown unadjudicited claims on tbo Company beyond tbu amount of liabilities an above. 11 tbe company would give a comparative account o lis funded tebl, we aboula see a ro.ull very different from that given above. The preaent fl wiing debt 1< uo doub an stated, but we shall pruuab'y llud that the fuudoddobl baa been Increased considerably tu?n a million oi dollars within the past year. It would be ?o much setier and >o much more satisfactory for tua Company to snow its actual condition at ones, ln? ead of giving but half und thai half in such a way as to myrtify aud ctufuve, instead ot clearly explaining the item, as thay w o', along. Tut mo*t favorable side Is always pa', out W have in the ab.vo aciouut a sUtement abuwlug a de crease in indebtedurss and an locr.:a*e in a*?e'a. wuerrai the actual state of thing* is j ut ibe rever*e. Tite acting auditor of the E-le ltallroad Company sriU obbge the Stockholders and lb" public generally by giviog the ac ? uai funoea and dueling deet of the root on the lot a of C-'epten.ber, 1864 and 1866. I et us see the whole as it stands. Ill* well known that the last Issue of ootids uf lour millions of dollars was for tne purpose of taking up an issue of bonds amounting at that time t > but little | mora lhau two and a half millions of d-.iUrs. Ibe fallowing ci.culai has bet-n f.rwarded to the diilt'teut banking houses in Illinois:? Oil!' ttto, Nov. IT, 196"., Pip?The umletsigned bankers of Chicago reap, cttully invite y.ur ms'itu'iou to unite aitb u? in carrying lut. j (fleet an ar>angemeut wlieieoy a i tne bunas in lul* Male shall piovf.e lor the ie ? m,. I-.u d tbei- notes in gold at tb ii plate uf usue, rnd In Chicago ar St Isiuls by a re?j? nrio.e agent, npou tne following lenn*:-- Vt St. iutuis in a|A't t? lunds, at Chi Ago, lu Algol ex thong* on N*w Yoik at ice usual lale Win ing bauke. ?. the object i* to iiieciimh.a'W b-tweeu bank. ? f aciual capital, and ib* .e ol lasne merely, waving ii.Us or it., mesne beyond tne slock deposited with the a .dib.t ot tlie Male, and au? -bat s aud ri-liAJI" red. inptin. may be outune-l when di-eiiw). fteoks deeiilog to psrrlidj.ate in tuts *r lui-genient n ay Mgiilfy it to either uf tns ndersigned, auu by giving cuntinuai public ooti.e tbr-.ugh thslr rgculs In M. Ia>utv or Col ago, aec-.iding t-. tue p! toe. tlo-y n.ay select. Ibe i.-.Um oi ny bank -.eolinlng t. re i.kiii a*> aioiesai l vUuOi be treat* I as Carrenay alter the tA.ih lust. It is undersb-oil that ban.ers p.e.enung notes tor .e.leu.,-U-.n suail r. ceira in re ui u their o*u . tsfor loose they may be tflleio.tsl in cireult iug f.eorge -imtb A Co., E W Wiiiard, t'a-bier Huns tt Anierlu*; R 1. Carver, Cashier Maitoo lluok and e:-? luiy tbliug-. Maitoe and I-ire Inoiraurs Co., II k. iutkerACo lJurcu A Co ; I I1. Burcb, (la.bier < biciigo liauv A. (silver 1. rr Cummer.- si li nk ant te> it ary Ck muteictal I Xcuauge U, t wo d. .1. iloifmau, Uffi>?r A HruUur; Isiward I. linslisn. A Co. Ibe annexe.) statement exhibits 'be average movement in the leading dojai tmeuis of the banks ol this city f ir the week preceding natur.lav, No? 24, 1866 Nkw Yokk Crrv Hanks, A/error. Mimf. New York 63,4A'.,(fee 4&j,ir27 klai.l.attsn 4 Ol7,4.t7 M8t,69l's' 8,482 (9.8 l C9u,23s .t.eebaldcs' 8 .80,683 6*>8,b92 I nt 2,489,1-04 8ib,9l> r lie . ica 4,101 ,C87 1 073,6..8 i l.anix Xt(i- .911 322,111 ( uy 1,-1.0,1186 221,ft 4 N.-ith liiv. r 1 .(>*2,1'A .8 (>>f I laoi sunn's 1,830,064 l9?.,9?8 t ulton.......... 1,427 812 182 496 1*!, 1,24- (109 2<if2 Mrrchsnta' iJttti . 46i.*6'2 19/,0Jd Nallnnai ..... 1,664 214 1.6 ft ito'ebeis* |,4*rt,'e36 *n) - 3( i.tru k It antra'. 717,7*21 ni ..'a/ i.ot tch 648,2.1 *28*03 leather 1 (PA. .*il lii',08'. revmith Wa.d.. .1,160 1??8.0 la s i.,l.3.,s 8 51 ,1*. Am tX'barge . di,l2S 72 t)78,oi?5 Aesorlaucm..... ,1,1 ('6,1,40 *- *v4 C..n.meree 8,.'i80,71'2 Mi. .81 is.weiy 9C>2 b.;7 71 Jw I'.n a*, way t 314,1/76 (.'(.issl 1 .-ear* 1 49.,; 7 7 A t *>, ?? i Man a utile 2 116.52.'- 1'3V.. t*i I aeihe 831,164 09,21.3 ie|ubtic ,284 461 674.7 2 4.ha'liani........ 6*8914 0 7 l ?. .It s. . T 3.6.40 .'k,. i.rti AmiilA..l,W8,d( 187.23(4 Ha is. Vwi ........ 1,226,070 tils-t Ireiog u'U4 0.16 47 '61 Mali-p. lira*. (,87.',<i7( (' -.'.'pO I i laeus' '7li I 014 6 677 (rii-cars' 46u. Itat 00 741 NaweSii 1,<4)5,7 22 7-1 "12 last Ifvwr 43.7.112 4.7,666 Market ......... 1 034.4./4 (??,ul2 ?t Mihoias .... 0i ,8'Ml ?' >92 biai A i . at her . 9 ,8 879 4* 661 (3> it. Urbaiige 1.tub, Id 17 l*? rntiiwtia! 67.' *121 eftft.T'vl (1.1, on.11 west.h 1,4)9 811 1. :,6.!9 l/rtcl.isd 6ti 14? (.1.086 $ si Ire 138,487 37.-3 2 Alksi-vk (9 9*76 b toad ny ...... -84,499 f", ft lis I > ek 74).. I-ni y Y I xma-'i' . i "7 6*6 1-4,424 Itwll's 14*.' '.81663 lJ <14 v teinn y. 2.6. ? J 14? 31 T tal 892,Clk,406 11,715,4.9 1 Xchs 1 gts - we?k emting NoV. 19. 1.. d.. iff a. ri d. N?V. l? Ciir'n. It jonu. '2 8 1JV 2 M9 'A 24 :;mi,a16 3,193 4>u 1 '7,'ul 74,91)7. M-. 412,9-4 .'.,021,.. Jt 2( 64,8. 2 2. -A) 7 2.71 l. ,e 4,2.1,74.) 1(47,044 1,9(0,1712 8(4 en 1.212,418 174 814 87 1 ft.l 983,'*28 7.-7 117 U-6,9.1 L, Id 1,11* 268,112 1 06 1-40,121 I ;-r.i <1 171, ?r# 1 KM, C/3 1U -. d - 97I,04A 107,-2)1 4 47,131 1.1,313 6i i.ull 23* 'gn 1,37 1 4? t 226j 460 854,2(71 4.1A,ft67 2,' 58 I d* 316. -04 5 II! **4 1)1,616 **'? -'44 2,116 6,6.1 111 17.7, 4 11 715 17 i 219,811 1 01' .74 I*. *17 9 6] 113 67,H9t 1,4/I,.', 29 til 111 ft* 8M 01 411 9,5. ? 1 121," g. % 4) 62 181,8)1 1 ? 741-4 109, >, H 4,1 <4*$ i**? j;*o 7.0 ?^9 \ 107.4.1 > 4,l^> ? 18. *78 if M .:T 0* .601 6% n 120 6* *f?>. ;># 0 .,16'* ->4 >.% 176,117 ?01 #?t W 914 .VQ OM 10', 6 A 61,081

? 'th ' *4 1,14. (is t',.?7 V 4 a i. ?) j 1 : '? '4,1 -8 + i * ? M Ai 717 & i 4 Nl S 96,.'.1 1 i*> ? 9. 16 ,o?j ) / 47 l i?i f'l M in 11 r,:>, -? 7,77a,l.7 | < I 1^1 >.1 t; i > *? The annexeo ata'-tneut uiiitiiiu * iimpaii, ,q t it leading d?| artmeuU ul the tv.uh* M thin city tn.ui Hi* tret up to th*- Umi we?kl> return*:? Nra Vniu cm u*Aut. 4**t* iVmt'ft. . *!*? J>e*. 9U, '64 ?81 fft3,ti3 1,068,1*1 1,076 *10 l> S -it o (i Jan. d, '46. 8-,:44..0t la.ftlN.OfV 7,t?tU,;nli t.1,93 .,!?< Jan 13, '55. 81,976.,081 16,488,5.: rt.'H.ui) ?7 . o; .i M Jan. -0, a*.. S6,4t7,wm lB.i7?1:1 6 681,.-'A 4A.'IC.olIt Jan. 27, '?>6.. 8ft,804,?6! lt),?#7,'2?? 70 l io,' 16 Feb. 3 '6A.. 88,N6,?91 17, Oil,100 7,WlO,7iW| n <m ,7 : Feb. 10, '56.. 89.80:,171 17,124, -04 8,003,11) 7S,J?4.J4V ! Yth. 17, *66.. 00,850 0!!! 17,.*W,0W. O/Ml.'-tV 74 H ,r:?f leb. 44, '66.. 91,690,604 10,-70.8 ft ft.htU.&.i:' 71,ft.) ..'1 . tier. 3, '5ft.. 02,388,ll* 18,631,271 7,108,710 75,'18, . Km. lo. *56.. V" 3.11,".80 18,870,880 7,131,908 Jb,P'8 Mm. 17, '66.. 02,447,.we l?,u:ja,*i2 7,001,018 78,f*.:!,.'.7 Mm. 24, '56.. 95,050,773 18,602.729 7,462,2s! 70, . 8", "3 Mm. 31, fta.. 05,0.(4,031 It,018,105 7,3.7,it-- 70.1100,186 April 7. '56.. M 190, .04 14 008.004 7,771,574 77,.11 1.908 AptU 14. '55.. 94,140 .too 14,890.078 7,623,628 77,282 42 AptH 21,'55 . 93,11:;:,89. 14 , 55,041 7,510,1 4 70, 1 Apt 11 28, '55.. 82,606,961 14,-8.,4.4 7,610,984 76,219,961 May 5, *66.. 93,093.24 8,087,tMM 78,11,168 May 1'2, 'to.. 91,042,496 14.686,52b 7,804.917 75,oft0 692 Map 18, '56.. 81,876 6M> 16,..6,068 7.0-18.030 77, .51,-18 Mr; 28, '5ft.. 91,H4J,ftl8 16,314,888 7,489,6.(7 76,765,740 I,...a 9 '?* ?1 ?'*- ?? ?* Juue 2, 66., 81,197,1 hi 15,397,074 7,665,009 76,31 1,2. 6 JUI14* 1 'hii ft" 1 rVl /M|- u 79U If. '.. a ? _ <K!,l<K?;<Vr, 15',006!iW TV ll'.-iv US lldl "Ilk 1 4 it* oar? - >154 Rim .9.(6 w . , . ... vi,vuv !,i-*i,ww en,orrf24l' July 14, '55.. 98.H5,43: 13,603,756 7,515,724 ftr?,Ml?,03:< July 21, '56.. 161,(1 '.'.ir 15,MlH,989 7,407 08-, 8'0,06.9 July 28, '56.. 99,08.".,798 15,920,876 7,409,1-3 81,825. .8# Aug. 4, '65.. 100,118,5'? 15 '-8,-68 ".<*4 -'Hi H ? "70,888 Aug. 11,'56.. 100.774,;09 15,-280.60? 7,711 I'll 38 141,32 Aug. 18,'56.. 101.161.000 14.019,24;- 7 010 IO.18' 018 1 Aug. V6,'64.. 1 "0,601 01 I ? M ' 37 8 7 682,088 81,178,568 Kepf'r 1 '65.. loO.AP- .'70 1: 85!,82.1 7,620,178 81,057,210 ftepl'r ? '56.. 100 -773,::.. t'2.oO\?"6 1,881 1*3 8341!,4'8 N-pt. '6,'56. . 89 307,00!' 12,21 '-.WO 7 771 8 '6 8 I 610 "K ?opt. 22.'56.. 98,7(81,734 11,055 301 7,710,40; 80 105.117 l-t. 29,'56., 97,386.22ft 9,919 I'M 7,724,97 0 71.318,100 ik-t. 6, '66.. 96,516.021 11,110 087 7,863.817 77,682-12* (lot 13 *55.. 96 059,47a 11 1:.H 878 7,810 111 78,815 307 (Int. 20, '66.. 96 103 -70 12 4"1 758 7 R?8 18| 77 85' 5 ,1 Oct 27 >66.. 94 "218 872 11,183 621 7,328.489 78,074,868 Nor 3, '66.. 98 869 (179 11.106.C "8 R,"'.l 698 77 781 670 Nut 10 '56.. 92,461,200 10 866 6 20 8 088.008 76 78 .',403 Not. 17,*66.. 9V.029.MO 11 802,917 7,941,570 7 6... 3.311 Nov. 24 '66.. 92,312,408 11,716,289 7,779,567 74,076,164 The lent return*, com par??l with lh >.? of th- pievl-oi. week, ihuir an incr-am In tru department*, an-1 a 1" create in two, a* f?l ow Increase In l-ana - -ul 3!-mount* t'.'R! 1*8 iMoau- In *pacta *12,3'2 13 ci(??**? in cir.-ulation 154 01; Iccreata in oepoait* >>48201 The increase iu dli-coum* ami ilo- re>.1* in ilepo .il* arn Put at all *a mfactoiy. It I* lu-ing both at th- ?pll- au>l bungbule, a* regard* ntreng'h and cuu tltlon The-p?(?* tncim-A 1* full at large a* an I i^M. Wo -n 1 at (tare another California leml-tenia ..f"%*il,l near at lia . 1, which mu*t *erve to inrrnaa* th? biu* aitpply 01 bulll in upon arrival. The depoaiia are it or lower t Oau l-ey have teen clnci-the I* ler part o( lebritaiy, when the dircomit* were nearly one milli m under th* ' n figure, and the amount of specie on hand nearly live mll huua latger. ?tuck Nirliange. M sliaT Not. 21. 1866 flOOO Virginia (!?.... 00>4 4"0 -hare* Kriu 1UC1-J 63 lOOOO ?li.Til ?'*. ,b.iO 92 100 d<> 62 600 CallTa 7'?.. 'JO 80 W 30 d > . . o u .'?000 /li Int imp. '47 ltr; 160 ?(., r, 'J 3(00 NrleCiu H* '71 79?4' 100 ite^llag tile. .'..'iio ill'-* .. ?-/% ?? uiu 4(00 hi'e 181* of '83 ?e>4 '.<10 do 1000 (iiwbeu lie 8. (60 do hi 160" Id ten K K It. 79V,' 100 do ?30 6400 do 79 '4 '26 1 <11 ]04 uo du,,,bUO. 79,4? 100 do . ? .. buw 70UO 79 1"0 dn 1.10 10OO III Fr'i It* w p. 80J, 300 u , p,,o | 1 J SOOO lllC nfU- riw't p 7ft 200 . . . . . . . 91 }\**l ^ * CBn 2"0 iVich't'tn il'i'ilo 100 ^ ^'t? 7'a... 10 6 du 171*' HlO do 1o8-4 31 d .'0 ahe Met f* llank 1118 21 Mich V I Bit 181 > 9 Ilk of N Atjieucn 10. 16 du tl,, 1^ 10 Am l-xcliauge II* U l 60 ,1 160 tan'ou Ill), 102 d i.'!.' l'<0 Nlc Iran On. .aOO 10 6u il,. Wl? <>"?.. 1?)4 1ft" du. ". MO d* to" If >4 UY) du U)0 lu? 0" hfh li.JK 60 I'anami till lo.l '-(J? 1'H 190 d. ..Hi 1.1, ,5? d0 *w 10J? 2','0 lill'.-ut-a] Kit p.-, ''?J! O" h o lt,)4 10 tJttiu Mik?nt lilt 9(5 07 s, 460 du h20 ll,}, ;3) C ut & IM *bv 67 J''" "J" h? 1?>4 950 Cle, A Tt. Kit .. 7.) '7 du 18i^ V61 di . .. hi'l 7 : 0 t'uml, C- alto |l)d I, ;0 (ll " .. , *???-. --^0 26'ui ltl; l;i 100 Erie bit.. ..Itwk 6:;j^ -0 I , ?'*' d" hlo 6.J4 100 I bl Jt I: - ill lilt 92 !!? d" 5 ^ 170 92 100 do 6 ?.% bit d. - M d" b-0 6..K 90 d- .. 92 i'-o du bo 6-,$ 6 .1. d" b3o fc.;?g 601'enn (' ul C- ' I'W M do bOO 53 Ji . HBOuno boaiiu. 81COOO l/.ol a6'*.b2u 98 300-h* Hea ling BP... 1)1 U00 HI O n K It It* 7HJ? V'.O Mlvli ,"*>? .3 I Kit w? ? d"-;-(0 -u IV.) 9-1K, V .. : ? ? ? ???? >" ' U a. "I W'lU *00 rba ( umbOcal U. 94S 30 Pan >nu 1! 10 <t" MO 24,'i 150 I du It Jluad. ..I.J 42H '?"O du *3 24 lot) 1'? . dn t>3 24 >4 :^o 100 Mc I ran I u.. . 1.3 H; U 61 900 do... .kiO Inpj 260 lf|0 l(p| 6,0 do a'l ley, .'*) It 0 Canton (!o *3 21 26o 1:0 liarb-mk 13 15.. 348. l eauu.g It it b3u Oil. 2.*; W do 91 i, 2t4) lo? du b'O Ulfi 200 do b3 913, luu 100 do b?A) VI \ du .. 62', 40 64'* do, 62', du 6 '"? >tu... . 1M 62', do,,, ... b 1 do... . . ?",0 52 * du... ...1.3 6214 du... . . IrlO 62 li 6'2 do I*'] 5-2 do... . .*30 ii * MINING NUAlt l?. 110 *h* CunrbCCo *3 2474 1 O *ti . '.-Id Hill. - i 1 >? 100 Ward C.utl Co bJO 21 5 0 .ardtn -r (luld blO 'i lull lliwa**ie 214 I'iO du.,,.,.b3. ?? CITY TKADF, RKPUHT. \l muv t'.iv. 2b?A P VI. AaIim ?Tt.? market w?? h? . , with a?lr? of abo't '' b ,la. (iota at about la l'ea hi *<?"? nominal at tf )i a M. IbuuieTi y>" ?Flour ?The ma-Vet wn e??l"r, an * ; on Di'<n brand* decllonl about ' \?. a ' '4 V par bbl 'I on -ale* rmniaced about Rititl a lf) (VM) baU., wcludi I In ttbuvh ware ooumee awl >xt a .-into, a ?<* 4.''{ a *'i V), wl<b vom? Iota at II t'b l?. Ill ionuer. l/Otnmon to choice anil extra Wo ero brand a, ?t ~o 7 a I'd 7 5 and i iua to n?M ?? a1 til) i ? 111 Cura-Han w*i iu rn ran retpueat, wi h aufoaof ab ut 4</0 n en boi . a' f J .?) a HO n'i},. fontberu wta e? i, - w "h all ?. ?.f .< I 110 a l,4i 0 bbla. a' ?'? J.'i a t'J 87 for common to h ite" biandr, a no #.0 a II1 lor four/ and ea-ra. 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