Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1855, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1855 Page 5
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Ocnln, 314 Broadway, W'Ai Introduce (Urn holiday haloti Wednesday, 2Blh ui?U'A GKMN, 1:14 Broadway, 01 St. Pau.'* c hurch. Fan! Fur*!? n??= Lullr* of tuu City *nd vtcmlly are especially <11 record UI the varied and superb ?">?b o( turn for ihr appro*'hli j eold weather, cnmpustug into* and m?r In cape- of u Ur j? ,txe; Kn noh sable, stone einitne. mountain marttv, cape*, all 01 wtilcb are mod Ushlonable midr', ar?l vrlll be ?oid 1 Pm'/uti q lew the ordinary ?r>ulwav prloee. AbHIln * ainu , 270 Greenwich Mre<x, between Warren ane Murray. Furore fcrFrvnrUJUnk Fn.w-y Kura.?What la U that rauo , 1 he - u.h for thai 'USjuKPE they ere rquaiiv dure.ile, and fu I A- >> 'a ..... , . . ? . ,,,, the a merle an, for about one hair Ui? coal. WU,U I?*,, "1 219 Vnllfti, alwaal I wmAIvII h** l?<Wt OflStUWUl Vir Ol Ul? ktnd that aS be^ound, beside. all other artlc:oa lu the fur line. " ? Grnnd IXsulay ot Ktim Elo?un<e and ?tyle a more strikingly displayed lu the fur cape?, Talmas, ssL.allam vletortne* and uiutf? than In any other portion ot a lady* wardrobe Auuoon nely lining article dertrny* the ef. (feet of all the elraanee and tea e dtspTaved In the ui<mi stylish dress If yoti warn perffeot lifting fura. at moderstu prices, nail at BANTA'H lur emporium, comer of Oehal and Wuoster ?ta. Millinery.?A Lar|(r and luperb Assortment ef ladle*' and misses' bonneui, rlhbons leathern, llower* and ?limn trtmadOKs; also, a large Mock of cloak* and talma* at W M. M. IKVtNh'H, U2 Canal atreet. mmH Millinery?C. Bell A Co., Ho. 3 OMkerioe direct. r*Hpenifuily Inform tko ladies thatlbev bave new reacy for lnapertlou a rich stock of millinery. AJ1 that, utsdy elegance with ficonotny *hiuildxtvc u* a 0*11, aoo wo are ?julkhjnt thai toey will not be disappointed. OvercoaU, Ac.?Our Mtock of All Klnda of kihlni nf* winter wear, over and under garments, "bawl*, tabes, Ac., 1* very ftill ano complete, and will be "old low. B. DfcVLlN A CO., HSU, 269 and 280 Broadway. Overcoats, Talmai and Winter Clnthlng, Clsstag out our stock 01 winter goods for Bum'* and boy'* wear, to make room for onr spring etock. . . BOUOHTuN A ANaPP. 19 Cortlandt street. Odd Follow.' IIoll.?A Lu?e Stock ofOwr keek and drees coatr, from $3 tott; and panU ?1 le 14. Those In uueat of bargain, are desired to call and examine ,D*"" m 4 0M.ANT A RYDKK 18b Grand at. Tremendous Bargain! In ClotlUno?SKS Itor ?a A i,? j0t of line black drew coala, fashionably out. beautifully made, and lined with satin, wirih 925, selling at MV AN'tJ clothing warehouse, 66 and 68 Fulton street, at 98. Rooera ACo.'b Control Clothing Warehou*. Kxr> rteivce, the only sure guide In such matters, warrants ua lo advise such of our reader*, of the masculine gender, an pro pose to purchase their winter clothing In New York, to give the prelerencr to the above warehouse, corner of Fulton and Nassau streets, wblch as regards the beauty nud oxtreme cheap teas ol 1U clothing has no equal In the city. Hon eat Clarke, Tailor, 116 William Street, between Fulton and John, continues to sell good overcoats at 99, better at 912, best black cloih, at 916; Unest beaver, at 920. A lot ol Cashmere vests at 92 50, worth 9b Jet Good.?Joat Received, a Few Assort ment of bracelets, brooches, necklaces, chatelaines, sleeve buttons, studs, Ac.; also jet and gold lewelry; a great variety at Or.ltllKN R, HO A HUMAN A TuWNrtKND'B, 627 Broadway, earner of feprlng street. Timely Notice to Our City Customer*.?Our ?lock of fsncy goods, toys, Ac., lor the holidays, wUl be com piste by the 1st of December, and we advise those who wtsb a good selection and to avoid the crowd during the latter part of December, to cull and make their selection. All goods (or the country packed with oare G. W. TL'TTLK, 34b Broadway. Fort Wine*, bottled In Oporto, also Fort In atabth csaks. landing ex "Kandude " Champagne wines, pints and quarts, lancing ex "8t. Denuls." English cheese landing mw '?Patrick Henry." For sole by John Duncan A Hons, tod Broadway. Thanksgiving Day? Brandle*, Fort, Slxerry, Madeira wines, Ac., Holland gin Schiedam schnapps, Jamaica axdSt. Croix rum; Mononguliela Scotch and Irish whiskey; London and Dublin porter and Scotch alas, syrups, cordials, Ae., for sale at li NDKKHILL A MAI'lKKSON'ri, 430 Broome street, corner of Crosby. W. M. ttUnarth la tke Proprietor of a new stvle ol pen eni ocncll, In gold i^^.?5^^1422?'' Cmt," which foreompir-oess^d da^Uty eicels ewrjN g et lis kind we have seen i ? is .oi* **'" bT the P' " jew Alert throughout the United Mate*, aliw et the iA<r'r0VW CM | the menufecturor, 44 Meldt'ii lane. Forty Ycen' Experience and Practice on ! (tttf nfifi of thft hw'n*" h&lr, by A. GRANl- JEAN^tor Uie l**t twenty jeare bed hie oflice nt No. 1 Actor lloute. Be reepect [ f%Uy tarorme hiepetrone UiA he hme removed lo No. MCburen 1 street, eorner of/iarclAV, where he rosy be consulted dully, | from? o'clock A. M.U & o'clock P. M. , Batckelor's Hair Dye, Wigs and Toupee*? Tke best hi the world. This unrivalled and original dye la ap_ mod In 12 private rooms. Haicbelnr't wigs and toupees have Eupruvemenl* over all others, being cbet uceuvree of elegance, mo and durability peculiar to this establishment. * BATUHBLOH'rt, 233 Broadway. Crlatadoro'a Hair Dye, WIr* and Toupeea aaette admiration amongst all ooniiolnseurs in art. A suite or neaant private apartments i?r suplylng hi* Incomparable dye, , Ota only reliable article of Its kind. Wholesale auk retail, at I CSISTADOBO'8, No. 6 Astor House. _ Wblakrr* or Mouatachea Forced to Arow m Ox week*, by my ongtient, which will not stain or Injure I fee skin. 91 a bottle; scut to any part of the country. B. <?? t GKAllAM, 586 Broadway; Brlggs, 37 State street, Albany; it, 46 (Jouth lhlrd street, Philadelphia. jk Beautiful Complexion and a Perfumed brut'h may both be eoqulted by using the "Balm ot Thousand Flnwer* " A* a dentrttioe It hat no parallel. 1 rtoe only fifth eenta. For sale by aU dru<i,1*l^ETBiDaB 4 OO., Boston. level's Wakpenc Depot, TO'A B roadway .?He would Inform bis down town customers and ^ P"b'Jf ',2? November 28, he will open a brancu ultlce at 8n White street, door west of Broadway, for their accommodation. | Ton, Chafes, Chnpa, Crock*, KrnpU-m*, ?akrbeum. Ac. cured by OOCBAL'lt'rt It*Han medicated soap, poudre subdle uproots hair troin low t_irehe;wls or any ?art of the body warr*nted; rouge, Illy white bolrdyei and rastoratlve. At the.old depot, 67 Walker street, lirst store from Broadway. Bd**use* of the Kye and Bar?Frond* ?AL1FK M. D. M. K. C. S. K., oculist and aurtat. No ft I Bend street, N. V. Ddice boar* 11 o'clock A. M. to 4 o clock | p. n B.?I)r Seller will torward hD publiihed letters to any address upon application. Hernia?Only PrU*> Medal Awarded to MAhbH 4 CO.. by the lnduBtrlal Exhibition ot ftli Naiiona, lor (heir new patent radical cure truss. Hcfcrsnco* a* to Its all nertorltv?Trufmsors Valentine Mott, Willaril Parker, and John M Cernoehan An et: n.lve list of naincs of inercauUIn and o.brr gentlemen curcl bv this tru?* may b? Marsh A Co ??, No. !'<, MaHen lane, New York; and Mar*h, Oerliea A Co.. No. h We?i Fourth street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Upen lioin 7 A. M. until 9 P. M. Hollow ay'* Ointment and PHI* S?irpn*a nil ether rcnicillc* tor the eure ol bad legs, old sorca, "O'l orup ! Moo* on the 'kin. They art in unison on Mdicatc si! pohonous msuerlrorn lb* body?tnelr eboct in manv cases Ainearmg hkeecharm. Hold at the itaeta ?S?ttoZ lane, N Y . anc M. Strand, Loodon, aad by all druggists, at 25 cents, 62,s, cents, and 91 per pot or box. Conaumptlon Can !>*? Cured l?y Rttahton'e cod liver oil.-It imurUhes ihe body, which UirrMse* In v^.vr ami diminishes ihe cough. All phy"be "n-JT/ Mnri bf i-articular lo obtain KHBDaHICK V . HurtllT >N 1 ?d Mtfe lhs ..ores sre only ei No. 16 A-V.r Hou*e. and 417 Braedway, comer of Canal stf, N. Y.,aud at 17U0beatuut atreet, 1'hllade phla. BealThyulf-We have no Heafttotlon In Nny lag that consumptfem can always be nllevtslel, ami In a gniat many ootnplewly cured, .Imply by ihe use olI I>r Wl^? tar's wlM clwsrry t sieam. I's soothing and healing Influence over the diseased organs is truly wonderful. Hyatt's Lift Balaam-Hheamallam In Ita ?.n,ful form; slso, scrofula, od ulcers, ?ud ihe worst cose, of disease, of the blood, groat debility, liver cotnnlatnt, htaney* Incipient consumption, Ac., are most certainly cured Vt UO grSl purifier. Principal depot 246 Grand street. Beernty ftve cents per boiUe. ____________ MmIIWIi On Thursday morning, Nor. 22, at lb* reri.lenca of S. D. kitt*, No. 183 Weal fw. atic'.h atra?t, ny the K?t. I). M. f.rnham, CaiuabiMt, daughter of Ool. H. J. Btto, of Oeoejobarta', Monig .mery county, N. Y., to OaulK.x Cum *? Wa-ixoRK, of iiWoiiri. l?i lue^lav, Nov. 20. at the re?tdenco of Ilia bride'a te'bcr, by tn?i Itav A. l>?. 1? Carter, Ow ak C. F*kkm, of Haw Yolk, to Ada N., cldart daughter of Hon. W, WeodwuMh. On fun. ay, Not. 24. by the Her. Dr. Forbee, Mr. John Mrt'oiian k to yian Ji Mi Anrkv. Philadelphia pepora J leaan r.opj. Dliil. On Sunday. Nov. 25, Aiokut*<, agal 61 yeira, 2 ?Wrath* and 24 dny*. The r< U We* and fiend* of the family, and tba mora bar* "t olive Branch No. .11. 1. U. of tl. F., ar? n. aparifu ly iwrliad to attend the lunar U thi- motilug, at ?an o'clock 'rom bla late reeldai.oa, Mo. 309 llg ith ave nue, corner Of iwarity ninth atrrot t.n .-abba'h afternoon, Nor. 26, Hajuirov Ridoaw, aged Tk year*. fta ralittraa and fHaa-'a of tha (amity a;a ra?paotfally Invited to at *nd Uia funeral ihl* afternoon, at half p**t mar o'clock from bit lata roiilir' , No. 84 (.tight Htraet. (Hi -un ay, Nov. 26, of conge* lop ut tha Ittngv. rUaall Amiia yrungaa' daughter of (ieorgn W. and A lalia J. Vatgrnrr, aged 6 year* and 10 montn*. tba frianoa and ac<|ualntanraa of tba family ara ra ?pnetfui y invited to attend the fui aral, from tba rani 4*noe of bar lathar No. 62 b^aaz atraal, thin abarn'^m, nt two o'clock preelanly. 4,n Monday morning. Nor 2d, Haaam, ?idow ofHavId B. Harwbtm, In bar n?! yamr. Tba fiiriida and r< lallv < ar . invited <o attend tha fh Mtral. tbia morning, at tan o clock, from tha rnadaue* if bar *rn, C. 11. lUitaltoro, No 'tKMireenwi th *tree>. Hat iTWiiun- will ba taVan to t'onghkeepaie fl/r (.varment. Naaburg and I'oughka-palo paper* plea. py. On jwl.bath morning K w 26 at hi* real.l. ri ?. No. 100 Wot Twenty-thud rtroat, aftar a lingering Mlii'-aa, Jiuau femw, ag'd T* yaara. The 'oaaral ?rrrl.-' - v. ill l.? haM at tli ? l'rtrtarkrn Church in Vt'i ??'. 11 i nty tl i' -????:, beta.-n tba ? , ami Eigliti atari!.' ? V ? ? rr? ! lu Ttilog, at U n . v. when rl.< Innio "! -ha Umiiv ere n?pactfnl|y .riv "I to ha prarent. The rt-u ?ina ?iu la takm to Oreaairood Ce ^nYlorvUy, MoT. >1. of tyidug.l fever, O.lAUUm I.. t'T trr in tl... 2<'n U . 'Mr Oi l.ia a .-a. Hi. r< n ' ?'.? v H l? to .1 2, M.? . *-i in temi.rit to-day, at 12 o'?lock M , Irom hi? Ut? reafdeooe, ho. II 3 Kprii.g" I. On tfr iiday ii.oik.og, Nov 2'<l. Hwrm Vfor wih .f Qbpt J< In Vt abb. of t , < c|ry, in tl.e &4'b year of her aga n. tlce ..f in". "I I" ' On ?? n.lay m< rr.irg, N< V. >? ri?Mi ; t*11>? k, In Iba Sl?t year ?' hi' ago Bla relattvaa and frlrnda ara re-pactf.-'iy invl a J 4o a' _Md Um loiirral. aft-'rwa t?, at two o'.J . , .. * ? ill M. .? Il'k. ' ?? ? ? 1' " ? r. Tnrr. ' I ' ? -haw ? i.' by tha . n ?othUohtd a jood though trer brant?<! "* ?mid all the sorrows and suffering nt Uft the seme resign ed end peaceful spirit. Her desire w?i to depart so l be with Christ. Her Iricuds and acquaintances ere reapsotfu ly invited to attend the funeral, this uf-eruoon, fcen he la'ered dence, No. 26 Derbroases str>e', to <*r*cn wood em-dory. On Monday, Nov. 19, In Sixth avenue, fuoa* > tloixoi, ?(itd id years. The remains were interred in the Cemetery of the Ever greens. on Monday, Nov. 26, Mabv An*, only daughter of the late iito. l'ay'or, in iho ir>th year of her age. Tlie friends of die tamoy are respect'uily Invited to at tend tlie funeral, from iht reeiden.eof ber mother No. lOo West Twentieth s'ree , this at to noon, at tw > o'clock. On Monday, Nov. 2ti, of whooping cough. Siajui arjkl Doyik, only (laughter of Joiiu U-irun and Mary Joyle, egeo 2 year*, 3 month* an.l 17 days. The iu nazal will take pUee fruui the residence of her parents, No. 68 1-afayeUe pine, this afternoon, at two o'clock. Louisville, Ky., pa]*>rs please copy. (.hi Monday morning, Nov. 2d, ilttvKT McDkruott, ag d 6 moniha. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited to at tend the funeral, this afternoon, at two o'clock, from No. 105 West 1'wenty-flrst street. On Monday. Nov. 25, (>mori;b -VABBiNOTOir, sou of I'hiUp arid Mary lvhitetnan, aged 8 y< ars and 7 days. The relatives and friends of the family sre respectfully invited to attend the funerul, to-morrow, at twelve o'clock U . from the residence of his parents, No. 59 Forty-ninth street. On Monday. Nov. 26, John, Infant son of John and Mar garet Orrer, aged 9 months. His remains will be conveyed to Greenwood, to-morrow morning, at ton o'clock, from the re-ioence of his parents, No. 227 West Thirvleth street. On Monday, Nov. 26, Hmux F. .-thaw, of Florida, for merly of Maine, aged 22 years. In Brooklyn, on Monday, Nov. 26, of dropsy of the brain, Ellxn Bkkry, wite of John C. 1'ulchcn, aged 24 years and 8 months. rhe friends of the family are respectfully in 'ited to at tend the funeral, from her late residence, Herkimer street, rear of the Fulton avenue Kailroad depot, Brooklyn. Dublin papers please copy. On Monday, Nov. 26, mtkpiulv Factor, aged 37 years and 9 months. The friends of the deteased, anil those of the family, are respectfully invited to attend tue funeral, from his l?'e residence, No. 96 Front street, Brooklyn, this afternoon, at half past three o'clock. On Monday, Nov. 26, Ei.len, daughter of I'atrtck and Sarah Meahen, aged 2 years and 12 days. The funeral will take place this afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of Iter parents, No. 48 Colum bia street. Mouth Brooklyn. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. Al West Morrleant t. on Saturday, Nov. 24, Mrs. Mart C., wife of Win. F. Gilley, aged 26 years. In Jersey City, on Monday morning, Nov. 20, of con sumption, I.yma P., wife of Frederick Boyes, aged 31 years. The relatives and friends of the family, and the members of F idelity Division No. 2, Sons of Temperanee, are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, to morrow after noon, at two o'clock, from her late residence, No. 68 Bright street. (in Sunday, Nov. 26, at Scotch Plains, N. J., CoRNHins M. Nkison, in the 76th year of his age. His remains will be taken to Phihptiwn, Putnam coun ty, for interment, to day, by the twelve o'clock train Hudson River Railroad. In Brighton, Livingston county, Miohigan, on Wednes day morning, Nov 14, Richard L., son of Win. H. au l Eliza Conely, formerly of this city, age 117 years and 16 days. In Dublin, on Saturday, Sept. 22, vf consumption, William Mauciki, in the 24th year of his age, late uf tuts city. advertisements renewed every diy. FEVER AND AUl'E. New principle i no poison i RHoDkh' FEVER AND AOUR CORE, or, antidote to malaria, for the prevention and cure of fever and ague, or chill fever; dumb ague, and other !? termlueut and remittent fevers; also, of bilious fevers, accompanied by typhoid symptoms; typhoid lever, yellow lever, ship and Jan fever, general debility, night sweats, and al! otner forma of disease which have a common origin in malaria or miasma. Its innocence Is CCrdlied to by Dr. J. R. Clillnro, and ltd effi cacy and value now fuuy established. For sale by druggists generally, and the proprietor, JAMES A. RHODES, Providence, ft. i. i PER80KAI. INFORMATION WANTED-BY THE UNDERBID N'ED, 01 the pbtce of residence ?| Catherine Moninnye (whose uiaiden mine won Catherine Ackeriuin,) widow or Benjamin M Montanye, laie ol the city ol urn Yorx, Journeyman brass blunder, deceased. Any person poser slug such Inr.iritMUon, will oblige the undersigned by ooiumuttlcsdtig It pi hint, or by rci|uesttng her to call upon hiut. In relation 'o bar business. In bit charge pruleMUonelfv, or upon Charles Vellch, tooaecoout, l',7 Waehinetan street. city of Near York. KDW. tt SKLLY, Attorney, lb7 Greenwich street. N. Y. November 24, 1S64. INFORMATION WANTED OK CATHARINE ELLIN, whu came passenger In ihn Rhip Benjamin Adams, fnnn Li verpool. bhe will receive Information of her friends by ap plying at 17 Dey street. INFORMATION WANTED OF OEOBOIL. WILLIAMSON, who arrived in this port ibe 2Mb day of Jane last as stew ard on board ship l.bllo, Captain Deebon. from Petting. His mother and brother are In Hootland the former seriously un well. They anxiously wait hi bear irom hi in. Anyone who can give Inhumation will please do so to Mr. MCIKJUUALL, 29 Coeuilos ellp. New York. INFORMATION WANTED?OF ERNEST CALARD, A Frenchman; be left Ins house on net unlay, at Id o'.-lock anil waa seen for the laai tirue ?t the house ol Mr. Vaogell, Walker street. He la of middle site, and has brown bslr and blue eyes; he was dressed in black, with a dark overcoat and a .mail hat ?lib broad ribbon, any Information shorn hint wl I he tbenkfully received at No. HIS Oreenwlcu struct, the dry goods store ol Messrs. Mnrlssetie A Colard. INFORMATION WaNTED-OF Mh. JOSEPH HHOBOH, I alio went last May to the .state of Connecticut lly addrese lug a note to the undersigned, be will receive Important news al out his brother In Calilnrnla. Com ectietit papers please copy. JOHN FAUKR, druggist, 474 Htstli avenue, N. Y. INFORMATION WANTED-Or FARRKLL I.EDDY about tourteen years of sue, who arrived In this city In die Columnta. Irom Liverpool, In .July, lee J When laet sceo lie wua In the emigrant Labor Rxokangfl depot. No. 2 c.uial street, when be was employed byTbomis Oll-by, of Blnom field. New Jersey, and whom be left on 'be 22d of October last. Any In.'brmstlou of him will be thankfully received by h* mother, Bridget lesldy, at the odlje of the Coinmlaaioners of Kmlgratlon, hi Worth street. IF JOHN MITCHELL, WIIO LEFT SCOTLAND ABOUT seven or eight weeks ago, calls si Wm Park's seal nngrar. Ing ofllre, 247 Broadway, risen No. d, he will bear of a particu lar friend. ORPHAN CHILD WANTED.?THE SUBSCRIBER IS Ce.lruus ol adopting a healthy. Intelligent female child of three or lour j ears m nga Any person knowing at i I Willct.i f. r a lavor by add res tag Morris, box 144, Herald olfi e, slaiutg a here she may be seen. P-SEND TO THE POS1 OFFICE POR A LETTER FOR ? Mies Anna P. Graham. Thai harrvs proposition ih agreeable, and will be accepted. llAtiKY. THR BAisle REASON. Thanksgiving niuht.-orand conge ken ball ot all nations. Nov. ID. Is44. at die Apollo quadrille Hall, corner ol Forty third street and Sltth avenue; the 1 'Sets being limned, II0 more nnlv to badksfo-ed of which can be had gratis of t . A Bond, 110 Wl II. in street. Carriages will d'lve round U) F. My fourth street, lly order of the Committee or Industry THE MHsITAHY. VTOTIOE ?MEEIIaN OCaKDS.-A PEELIMINaRT J.1 meeting 11 the above guards will be held at theb uae of June Bell, earner of I wen'y third street and -retaind a e toe for the purpo-e of making arrangement* for their se m I so i.nai axenraien. Bv order of c?pt BELL. Original Barclay a card association a ?jer,aland final treeing <t the v'utt aseuctvion will 'w! held si Chanfrso's I'aifi i-i Barclay street, on tl..s f ..1 > evening, at b o'clock. 11 Is expe, e.1 ibst eve, y mnnut will i>e present. JaH. K. FOL'N I Al.V.rr eat, P J . CMAvraitj, Treasurer. TTNIONPOKT ASSOCIATION.?hXi'URflON COV1* \NV U ?tkimpany oid'r. New lurk, Nov. 21. IVsi ? ?lr ? Ion are hereby tl.rct ted lo appear at Gnderdaek's llail. eornrr ol Grand and c# ,t n , tree's, on rbarsday morning, 'hsn insr , at ;>j lAiocfc, armed and equipped, drr.ted in n'act frock roat, blank pants I lack hat. aid wearing while ruuoo ghives taw are rtdscted, also, to he present al the sh ive Ida'? 'Hi Itrslcoday areti tg, 2Mh Ins'., at 7*< o'"loek. s met an I e.jn.i p. ,1. tor dr ll. Punctualltf In ibis drill on the par' of o.eri n ert.her Is speeiallv teonlred. By order J. Ilixav First bergenn'. WM. Mv.'CAl LEY, f'apiala. iucmi it \ .%TM. I^AIlIJI H If A DEB, NO. 19 GKKK.SK HTKKKT?THE CJ pet,|Viei..r? I eg lo iniorm 'heir friends aod the public ma il* y have t.j etied the shoes house, and are prepared tu Inruiali board al (I per day ( bop-, ateska. aod meals at a I hows Revs 24 cetita per filgkl. Lunch every day ftom In to 12 o'rp.k Tripe <upper free every ealnrdaj evening Hags lebe 'taelitr sale WH.IsuN A PKit IK. n to iit?academy or mcric. liqugrm H of the bssi qualify, ar.d nyetera In every style, and e>her retr* tvner.'s, al lite Distde.raiam, Four b aveuue, j ist Irelow Fouriees.lh street. OYFTEht-A RARE CilaKCE FOR \ HTRkflT M k.N with a cash repeal at fibst it thai, o Ist m a first rsia -a. It ot. stand . lo t he who ni>derelnii''a this trade, and /> III kee ? 'he best of oysrrrs, he crvn do a iisbd buetrwtse. tdlr-uce I dentlally so A. K J., Ilerald ogtce W A'l 4 II US, JKWF.I.HY. tV4 . Cs Al.IFORNI A III AMONIiF.?A MEDAL Hv awaert'd st the yair rg the American In.Ulula. TUs <,a v si.d heai.'i/nl art we equal In hrUhane; and sopnarar tie lo the real dlamo d. ean ive be had rna>iu/aci>i>e<] In every ?ila Dents' rlurierpine IN u> filli. Isdlas' tin u> RW). rings lAp.fijt; earrtnrs fifi to KB. s'uds rroesee. i.raaeleui baUone variety of jewelrv in tie from 'he ahove dtanetnu Amies sent hy mall lo any part of the Catted H'alss by enclosing the an*.ant addressed in L. A J. Jaeotie, 0TI Broadway. Am PART OF A IIOI ? K TO let -FI'RMHID'O WITH | evsrvthlng lor hnuaekeeplog, sestof aid near llesad ?ay. below Hle'srkrr street, vt*.. scond ib?ir frtmt and back parlor, Itedt'sim largr h?et room, psnGtet, 4? with lroot baaa meoi; yearly rsvn W74 wl'h tmnicd'a'c poasesst m. It W. EICMARDH, 197 Brawl sir. A' HOfHF TO LIT?fit'IT A RLE FOR A f.EB fFRj, tsmtly. with immediate posseaee n, to a good tieigntmr 1"4 see'of Broadway, r .ovei.lent fo the cars sr.d stages, t, t r tr u n moms, wbh a.l ke inlara Baproveatanu, yaarly rent, fit'dCl, carps's Ac., fITS . M W RICHARfft, W Hroalway. PROCIIY AND LIGI OR HI ORE FOR HALE OVR op s ' ?. s-ods in the I tervd waa 1 r any pera< t eh It* In tn -A ? hhalnras this la a rare eyyeeiMty, Must Van. I n,a>eaiole|y . rlrfop for cash. r?t par t n a's apply ' i Nt> I Iirtadvay. rtwm No. 14, third 0<sw. fiom IIu>loco ? 'or fssndaie. (JIf.NOR H N\ LYKPfi DANf'I? O ACADEMY. "SI BROAf ^ way.' ; poa e Btssd siiee', Psrkoot be'Mtag Mgno- "lb Vloh danetr.g a'h'sg la nt a < pen f. o.a season d tr'-v* all Fenrs eftke day. if f lestctseri. n'n . ''be'ashie: able .| Cleeaea lev prscMed fivfvr evtkWR, 'roai T't U>lfie .o ?ITUATIOM WASTED. A YOUNO LADY, AfXIUBTOMED to teaching thk pianoforte wishes to have a situation Id a private family; is willing :o make berseif generally useful. The l>u of ruler cure given. Apply at f o. I Ohry tile at. Abkhpkotahj k woman wants a situation as peanisiress; In a c nun en' hand, undersunite all kinds of leinlly peeing, Is a good itr--stalker. oudertiniu U unking boy'* e o Mug. Good city reference. fall at l:ttf East OoUi sL, third Hoot. A RESPECTABLE, EXPERIENCED PROTESTANT person wl-hes a situation aa nurse aud seiins'rees; o.n cut snd dn all hud* of l.tmlly sewing aud embroidery. Haa uncounted reference, t an bo seen tor two days at -11 ith avenue. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WISIIKS A HITUA Hon as exve lent pcaiiislrci,; uan oil an 1 (It .-tnldreu'e dri?rei, dn all kinds of family sewing, aud h is no objection to iskc < are of cblldri-u and assist arlui chamber wink. Can be highly recommended by Hie family where she lived Tour years. Cau be re? n until engaged at 36 West UPh si., second tloor, li 01. i room. situation wanted hy an bxpbkiknobd .'V laui dress can give Uie best of city reference; lived an years in ber last place. Also, byii young girl ascliauiberinsld and waiter or cliamliermald aud to do the Hue washing; the best m city reference from where she llvedfor two years Can be iecu for four days at 24 'Ihumpsua sU A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION. AS SEAM stress In some respectable luridly. Please call at No. IS Woodhull st.. South Brooklyn. ARESPKCTAI.E YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A HITUA Hon, aa wal'er. anc to assist In ohambarwurk If required, nasrosll private family. Can pro luce i> s most satlsrautor relerence from her last uiaoe. Please call at 23M ."Ad ayentiu, corner ol 22d st., Tor two days Inquire In the store. A YOUNG MARRIED WOMAN, HAYING BUT ONE ( be first) babe, wishes 1 bike a babe In wet nurse, at 1V7 East l"th st. near 1st av, uue. None need apply but per sons of respectability . KaUstactory reference can bo given Call fir two days A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A HITUA Hon as nurse; ts capable of taking care nl' a young baby and do plain sewing. The best of city reference can be glreu. Please call at I'd] 27th ?t., between 7th aud Mh avenues, tlrit I'oor. bark room. A YOUNO WOMAN WANlH A SITUATION AH NURSE and seamstress, or nsfcbambertuald and to assist with the washing and Ironing Has no objection to gn to any Pari ot the Union, (lood reference. Call at H7 West 19th st, for two days. A YOU NO WOM A NWr.SII EH AHITU ATION^Tli TAKE care of a baby and do plain sewing. Will make herself gerer ally useful. Can give good city reference. Please call a Kb ha-1 v.d ?L Can be seen lor iwo days. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION. AS DRESS maker and milliner. Please call at HA East 23d at Uan be seen for two days, If not engaged. An experienced woman wants a SITUATION as nurse, bss lived the past twelve yoars as utirsr with Ui. must respectable families, and ran take the entire charge of an infaiil,Irem Us birth; can also do plain sewiug. Has lite best of dty references Can be seen for two days at No. I Amor place, two doors from Broadway. APROTbSTANT GIRL WANTK A SITUATION. AS nurse and seamstress or chambermaid and teamalreai. Apply at No. 8 Columbia street, comer of Jnralem in, ilrook lyu. A THOROUGH SEAMSTRESS, WHO IS ALSO AN experienced nurse, and callable ot Instructing children ol an advanced ago, wants a situation; would assist tn (ham tirwork and do up Hue muslins. Address tti 7tb av., third lloor, Iront room. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, WHO UN derstands her business perfectly In all lis branches, wishes a vltuaUnn as rook; no objection lo assist In washing If required. Gcod city reference. Call at S3 Weal 2Ath si., belweeubth and ~ih avenues. es to gel h slluaUon as housekeeper, or to go abroad. Ad dress E, It., Herald oOlcc. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION, TO DO the general housework of a small fainl y, or as plain cook, or to wash and Iron, has gm?l dty relerence. Please culi ni 316 Urn avenue, between tub and Huh its., third tloor, (rem loom. > SITUATION WANTED?MY A RESPECTABLE WO ?A msu, lo do gen ?ml housework In a small prlva'e Inmlly; or to lake care ol children and do sewing. (An be well renin mended, and can dn good p.aln cooking washing and Ironing. Can be seen for tao days at 327 Sullivan St., second lloor, In the reur. A GERMAN LAIIY, PKOEKHHOR~OE MUSIC/WOULD like lo place one or bolli of her daughters In a prlvabi fa mi v, or school, as leat hers of the piano and Gertnan. They sre quite oapable. and would attend lalihf illy lo ibelr duties. Salary no oject. Call, or address Philip Ernst, 621 Broadway, entrance Id 'lwelitb stteel. A Rgl-l'FCTABLE PROTESTANT OIRI, WISHES K ?linailon in a respectable family, as chambermaid and Waller. Best of refeiencd Vbnl !??T !l"! p'-Ste, where she lived four yens. Uan be seen for three days at 19 East I llli it, p, end tloor, b? k room. . riREf-SMAKEK, WHO IS ANXIOUS TO OIITAIN EM A ploytnenl, ckn be seen at 164 IVI av., In the store. . LADY WHO CAN GIVE SATISFACTORY REEK r' h' csslo qosllbcailniis, Ac., Is desirous ol obtaining a situation in some family or school, where site could devote a pari of liar lime In teaching young children as an equivalent lor her board. Aildiess H. K. M , Herald odlce, for three days. A NEAT. TIDY GIRL WIHIIKH A SITUATION IN A small private femtly, to cook, wash and Iron, can make flr?l rale bread and cskr. Ihe best city reference from her last place, where she lived nearly three years. Please call at Ni kid ?L between Lexington and 'd avenues, third lloor, front room, lor two days. ARRRPRCTABLK WOMAN WIAIIKH TIIK W\HII1N0 ?nil Imall K Of ladiea mi l gentlemen, at 9 .hilling. per d ten, dore In tlx- very beat .'fir*. ' un give the brat nf city n lereuce. Call a( 107 Ka a K lb at., In ibe baatmrnt, htlirwo ill arid .Id tifenuea. ARKf FRCTAHI.E GIRL WANTH A SITUATION IN A .mail pi Iva'e family, n> rank, wa?h and Iron; la a Ord raiebakrr. Good rtljf rrf-ren-o from her laainlaoe. Can hi! Mini 01 UI engaged ai ii Warren at., botweeu Kiultb and lll^li, Bri okij d. A MUTATION WAN rKI?-by A NKAT, TIDTOIRL, in rook, wnah and Iron, In a email prlva'a Tamil*; W? yd hakrr an 1 la wil'loft Ui mala liaraall agi -entile, can do rhandvtrwi tk or general houaework In ? email family. I'an mlwf wmwi amp layr*^ us Waal a*b ?i, near na avi nur. Fail lie reen until tutted. AM ROt'FKKRKPKR.-A 1.ADY OF EDUCATION AND eaprilenre la oealroua of making an engagement a* bnuaa keeper and eompanlon In a family or arhool, beln. fully ??on p. irni lo lake A- enure rare, management and education ofitiidren. I* a I'rotuaiant, and 'lifer. g.HKl reii-renre. A mi.<r> not an much an nbjott * a a dealralile borne. Atblreaa Mi>. 11 , No 6 I'b at., Ihia wtek. AN KXi'KLLENT MAL/MJN COOK, WITH CITY RKKK retire, wrania a e.tiin'lon ehr la fully cumpaten' to die eh irye I er duilea In the ulnae eapac'ty. la U> bo teen for two (ley*at 4", A ltroa<lway, ha i-iionu AHf.SI'RCTABI.k. WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, AS lira' rale root; one who iboroUKhly undcreLande Iter hue; nea? In all |ia hrai.chea. and la willing In aaaiat In waablng and Ironing. (Itiod city re errnce. I'leaee nail for two ilaya at .110 at , near Blencker, on lloor. RkH'FCTABLK OJRI, WANTH A SITUATION. AS laumlreae or chambermaid In a priva'e family. Good ell* rc'epracr oen begtaen. I'leaee call at Ithi 'Ah at., between lid er d III. ate., ceroi d llie.r, front i-rom. AHkMI'PCTABl.K tJIRI. WIHIIKH A SITUATION, \g chambermaid and waller c'.n be aeen at her laat placa for I wo da) a, at *17 Went Ud at., be'ween nth and 1Kb a*a ARK6PF.' TABLE YOI NO WoMAN WISHKH A HITU atloii, aa chambermaid and waller, ilaa good city rider ei ce t an he "en for two deya at 13M Mulilvan ?*., between Blterkereod erally. \N FXTF.ltIh.N'i 1 D IiRMHeVA KKit WOULD I.IKK TO work ool by the day, ore who ? an kit e every aa lafaeU m I cut ink and f 'tlnk ladlea IreMea. I'leaee > all at V, Weet IJlh a'., aerond Door front I< AHITUtTION WANTI.O MY A Yi U N?i WOMAN, TO do rbamherwork ar.d waning, ran to plain " wtt < lleat rliy refr Fan be aeen for two ilaya at M7 Karl IDA at., near lat atrnue. RKMI'KfTABt.K WOMAN. WITH A rRVSII BKKAMT ?it milk, ber ?eeoml >>ahy, wlahea a al'intUoti In a re ?p'-etahle tatntlj. Fleaae<*llal I'M tlraenwtch ntreet,Irotu ID to i o'clock. \RFhFK'TA BI.K TOT'NO girl, who undkr a'anda ber bn.lneea, wanta a altuatlon ae waiter or III do w along ami rhr mherwntk. I'h-aaecal! at MI WeatZhl at. beiween e?h and 9tb aeenuea. A A a X KXPKKIRXCkD HOOTCH PROTKSTA NT 'NNIK j\ want* a an nation; a'eo, two Mrntrh 'hambermnida and waltera, two kmtuah nuiaee and eearnaireeeea, and o tiara, wok rood reference ran tie obtained Ala day, at 19b seventh ? nam luaeeo Twenty third and Twenty fourth atreela. h mplojera wl.l not be dtaappnln'ed. \Ke eFHTABLK PROTRHTANT GIRL. WIMIIKS A ? iliia'lnn in a prtaa'e rami'y, aa cook, ar.d to aaeiet In the ?eehtiig ai o tr'Alng ' an be aeen for la- daya ai 191 Atlae ue at. ? orner of henry, Brooklyn, room No. II, aerond floor. ? hITt ATION WANTED-HT A RKaPKCTA ILR ,\ y.unk win an a' ehanu> I and eeaincrnee. or welter. I'eet of tuy nfenmce. Can be aean for two daye at }SS rroadway. ARKhPRtTABLK IKOTKMTANT GIRL WANTH A aitoauon la rod, waab and ir m. 1 be be.i of city refer ewer -i be ki?er i an i e .e?r, a' Km I Mm , M i brldkC, Brooklyn. lor two da>a \f OMPKTRNT, Mill III.K AGKD KRRMON WANTS A aiioaibn m a prlrate family, a. aeamatraaa, no nb^irUoO to 'be i ere ?< 'bioreo. ran ent and tua*e their dteaaea haa been a" uao.t/ ed i? do a.I of family aewlna Ilaa Dm *ere l aat ,.1 coy rw.arenea aa ftwm. mf arvl (oallf -?U mm V, be ?e? o lor two Daya at 1M If'b at, between 4th aod 7A atria a SITUATION WANTKD BT A RRMI'SfTT A SLS A yonna woman, aa >eio,a and dreaernaker. In a ft rr Uj. ran erii and lit la Ilea' awl cJWren ? drrwaea. would tie wih.? S to tneke beraelf n ami If re.pined, lite neat of city r. pleaee red or aeldn?? It a K., 2PA Weet Zhh ai , i eiween 9th and IDA a en nee, h.r two daya a Rkht-Rr TABI.S WhLMn WOMAN WISHKM A SITUA Jt\ .mi ai cok filel rate wa. ber nd uonwr no ot>/eeUon 'o h. qreeora In a -mall farnllr. i?.<id ? Ity reieren'-e. T? be ?e?n for two daya at "4 * A av* ma, A the RlhPKi TABI.S PROTf AT ANT GIRL WIMIIRM A ^.itoaf.-'o, aa fin I pAir. e.e.a ...l aan.t to waaoirr Mat 'y tiferei., e ft, jo lee !?.' p -re wlier. .be ha. ilrwl A A ^?cOTCH I'R'iTKmTANT GIRLWANT4 A SITUATION, A ?? rkaoat Wall I'lea* ? - a,, ai IXI Wets lath w . o* iwtawi , h and AA ayrnuaa, In A? baeement. Rh>Pf f,*TA BI S GIRI B lei! I h A SITUATION TO 'to ??' eral hoo. e* oek Ui a email pro ate f moy ; tBe b*?t '.f eey leterenea c,.n tealeen frmn her ad tdaee. i'an oe aeen tor two da* a at Ab foray A at. a i fiMPV.TKST Yin >o woman .vi-iii t ToosrtiN /\ aedn. una- r-d , laia Mat, and ia wiloek aa Mwad in anl' na aiol Itoolnk and make kera naarm in a aow. re el er a e fan. l; a *i?d home preferred Can be w , ai le Uet rmployera f<w two daya. I'.emu- roll at No |>i > Bet IDA . t, i ror iha let arat.ue, brat fh? r. back t<mm a MINi,IN I ?11T ?? VPIR4 (if Ai,f RW.fuVIN i -a a'.d l?aO.. are uMIniii 4 u, ero ?wa#e, and epearie/ tie 1'erwh rued 1 r'k l*b laayiiaa' i. e dealr-iat* nf ? o r, pet y t?k ? Ondli to haw I r.netee.. Apply la ue addreaa ki I ? 'f X' > > Inrot.u at., RrreAlya. a tfiURO or*man GIRL, WHO ki'Ktk* IM?"D

a a hae I"' *' -le a ettua ml aa erome'reae #e t -'a o ? d t d ut 'la ra-at dreaatr#** tr.a and all kl-,a? .f uac r Aj p'y at tt'f ' lat ,tr tdlraw A. n Rr<-adway I'uw wti'atio'vh WAvneo. j AN ENGLISH LADY AND OF.NTLKMAN WHO HAVR had much eaper'.ence in tuition, whth to mnt with en . MiiBienU In prlvnia fbmlUea, to Brooklet. or New York, Kan 1 Ii?n lu ail it*brsAcbM; Kr?och, liaium, uiunio. tirawuix llt>w?tr j ralntlug and era) on. ?re the stiullt* in which met ruction will ! n given; til) refernnr.. given. Apulir peraooal'y at :4I j lleury aired, Hrook.yn, or atldrcait <1. If. .box lt)2 Herald nOPc | An HNQlish oirl wants a situation ah oook, wu-ber and Ironer or to do ((eiirral housework. Appl] at 291 9th at., cornerol avanue A fan he mm?u lur two data A YOUNO k.noi.ihiiman wants A SITUATION, in a private family, a* waiter; good city anil country refer i ore, aa to character and eorap -teticy Call or addectw C. C , i? Knal l'Jthal., between 4th avenue and H-oadway, for two daye. A GENTLEMAN, WITH AN XXTKN81/R A (XII! AI NT ant e In the New England, Middle, won Weucrn State*, and a knowledge of the dry good* iimuiic** generally, I* do ?Iron* of a situation In tonic tlr?t ciau n this city. t out muinrailoti* addrmeed to (). L.I,.. Hualuto*. tl-rahl ofll *i, with real signature, will cuaure an Interview. SaUahactory refe rence given. By a nioHLY respectable American lady, a situation ae seam* res* In come re*iieruble family; un derstands eiittlrr' and mukli g dres-e* and all klml* of aewlng, alMi, doing up I,idle*' Hurry. Can be aeen for three day* at DM St. Mark'* place. BOOKKEEPER AND CORRESPONDENT?AN KI.DKRLY geuilemen. alio 1* a Hint rate oaokkeeper and wrl'e* Kng llcb, Errrwh and t lei man, want* a sltuailon., Broadway I'oat ntUcr. CtOOK, WASHER AND IRONER WANTED. CALL AT / I let Baal lttlh fleet, tld* day, Good reiomiiinnilaUtiiM will be required. COOK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A KKrtl'KCTABI.K woman, who niidentahd* bcr buatneiiN In all lia branrlMt. la an eicellrni baker of bread, pastry, Ac:, la wllllug to aaalat In tbc wuahlng and ironing, nmi aaa no ohjeeUon l? go a ibrrt distance In the country. Ileat ol city reference given. Apply, or addrciw by nolo, 95 Kaat 2iih at..near M avrnit*, tor two day a. /TOOK.?WANT ED. 1IY A KKHPKt 'TABLE WOMAN, OP \ J nol er and itr *dy h*bl a. a altuathm aa professed rook, tin deraland* ber toiatnesa In all Ita hratuhr*. an l ODM b* highly rrcontmeudrd by aonte of ihr moat respec'abie families In tht* rlly. Apply In the cornet more, 134 (Hit it., near dth av., for two day a. COOK AND NURHK WANTED.?TWO SMART 01RI.N, oi e io oook, woah nnd Iron, ibe oiher aa iiurno and kmiii a'reca; brat of ret oiiiinendaium* re pilrcd. Apply at Ti Pacini an en, second doer from Clinton street, Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-BY A ORBMAN WOMAN WHO apeuka English, aa aeamalreaa; can cut and lit children'* dre-sra do all kntda of family aewlng ami haa no objection to do light rhaiiiherwnrk If required. Heal of reference can be given. Plraae call for one aa) at Mr. Uorn'a, 98 Forsyth si.. Drat IIoof.' SITUATION wants:d-by A BKAIRCTAHLK wo C5 man, aa chastbaiII*111 and laundrets or laundrrt* In a boarding houae. Heat ol city reference given. Call at 42] Greenwich at., ttrat ilnor, front room, lor two daya. SITUATION WANTED?ItY A RKHPEtTT A HLK YOUNO wnioun, a* good pialnrook, and en-clleni washer and Iron er; l? a I'roteaiani. llnod refe re r re If required. Oall at 41.1 Pounh at , between lat nut 2d atcune*, aeoond lloor, hock room, for two daya. CITUATION WANTKP-HY A RESPECTABLE PRO O traiont girl; afir la a good plain ejok.arul an rioellent w ar her and Ironrr. I'lraan a|i;?ly at No 1 White'* place, Weil lHih at, between 7th and 1th avenue*, for two .lay*. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE AND LJ highly rei unimcndrd Pro'.cstant w oman, io cook, wa-haml Iron, t* a thorough plain cik-Ii, and get* up Hue linen in a au fierlor stylo; would like a laundress'situation; I* smart, Intel Igvnt, and In every way a iru.tworthy servant Call at 'VIA Hih avenue, basement, under Ibe clothing store, for two daya. SITUATIONS WANTKD?BY TWO NEAT AND COMPK C icni young women, In eIty or country, aeparatelv or to geihrr; one aa g<a*l ct?th, ricellent waahre, Ironor anil haker, ihrnlhrrH* experienced ihnmhrrmald and waiter, or nurre and aranirtreaa; would go a* laundrea*. they hare the limit of city rcfrreuor. Apply at 271 Bowery, till rngageiL rpo THE KICK?AN KFEICIBNT AND COMPETENT J. uiomhly nurae wlahe* a aliuatlon aa nurae hi an Invalid Indy or gnnthunnn; haa been In the hahlt of biking care of both lor many tears,and .antic wvll rr oititiieml. it by phyaletana and employer*. Apply at 107 IWb at, corner of )d avenue, all tht* week. TO CI.OTI1INO DEALERS. WANTKD, BY A YOUNtl man w ho hue had ten year*'experience In reading clothing and luitilthliig grr la. an engagement, hue beeu In one place neveii yeare; can lurnlah .orue capital If required. Adilrna* Clothing, Herald olhre. TO DRUOOISTS-A TOl'NO MAN. or 12 YEARS' experience In ihe re'.ill drug and preacrlpilon limine-*, wonld like a aliuatlon Can give the heal of relarenee* a* to chancier and rompeUncjr. Addreaa T. U. R , UeraM office. TO RANKS AND BANKERS.?A YOUNO MAN, 2D yearaoi age, thoroughly eonreraanl wtlli the hanking lot -triers. (having teen lathe toiatnea* five >ear.,I *!*he* a *i oa tlnn aa aaalalan'teller. Can give ihe beat of reference* aa in iharurter, capability, Ac. Addresa T. A. K., box I2A Herald offloa. TO PRINCIPAL OK SCHOOLS, AC.?A MARRIKI) geiiUrtimn, an experienced pracilcal teacher. In open io an engagement to Instruct In all the higher Kngllah brancliea, penmanahip, I aim. Ac. City relereneea anl te.adinoulat* fur Dieted Andrea* Tutor, 93 < rnahy alreel. TV'ANTED- A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT TT youg girl, lea good plain cook and greet laumlreoa. Can he aeen for two daya. I'lraae call at Ml Seventh avenue. Can give good city reference. |Vr A NTKD? A SITUATION. BY A II Ksl'Ki TAIH.K TT young American girl, to attend a bakery or confectionery ? lore. The heal ol refe re rife from her Uat employer ** u> abtllly and experience. Apply at 77 Allen at., third lloor, luo k room. Ilf ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV Set o h ai lion, aa a Drat claaa iwA; ondeiatand* cooking In all lu brant lie*. -nop* and jelllea, and Ice rrnama, would hate no ohjeeilon U> a ho'el or rea|>eriahle hoarding bullae, toll aeen fi r two day* at 1.1 Frankfort *1., Ul thealore. Wanted-a situation, iiy a rbbpbctable young w*.man, lo do ihe general houaework of a ainall family, I* a g'*at noaher and Ironer. tloial referance given. A| ply at 90 w'cai 24'h ?l., between tth ami itli avenue*. UTANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ABLE girl to lu the general houaework of a private family, I* a good waahcr and miner. (Paid city reference Can he ?een for two daya at tti For-)'be at., back naim, drat Hour. W'ANTF.D BY A REITPBCT A BLR WOMAN, A SITU A TT tlon III a prliaic family aa good plain rwk, woabrr and Ironer; und -r-'aml* baking or will take a katiodre.*' aiina tlon. Can well reeammendnd. To *aie trouble none i?w~l *1 ply iinieae i**> in w*nt of each a peraon. Call at 104 7th atenue, for two ilaja. fjrr antbo?by a bbwtyablb umKUioni a TT allun'loii aa ar?in-ire?a In a reape. 'able private famllv. H.e perfectly on !i nnonil* eutitng and HlUug ladlea' and chll drrn'? dreiaea, and all kit da of lam ly aewlng amlhoaaoine koowUdge of hair tlre?*U>* I'leaae call at 244 Fourth A, where -tic I* at prceeul employed. Ur ANTED \ SITUATION, AS SEAMSTRESS BY 4 young Worrmn who i* arcu*'ooied 9) all kind* of family m wing. I* wiling hi make herself uaeful. 1 an give good rclerer era. Call at el Franklin tl \l ANTED-HY A RKM'EfTAIILR PRI'TKSTANT WO TT man, lala frnm I. .ml' o, a rlnialitm a? ctagt. haa be he-t of . ly leierrnru. I'loaae call at JM BDiahMk at., *ee??ndd<*t from Blee. kef ai, 11TANTKD- BY A RFSPECT Altl.K PRO TRHTANT HIRIh TT a rlioailon aa champermald; I* wi ling hi mike herv-.l gem rally to etui, or to Co the general hno-c w.rk of a uuall private famllv; ha* Uie beat of reference from her laa> plane, ? here -he lived threw y?ar? Pieaa* call at i 'J Kllrabct.i at., ?erot.d t|r*?r from Bleat' her at. UfANTKD-BV A RESPECTABLE YOI Nil WOMAN, ? ?I'oaib n aa t h imbet nall and wul er. or < hamher n*ld and eh.Id'* roiree t r to do general booee ?ork In a arnalt pn va e family; ha* no ohlertinn to go a abort dlataoca Io the eooniry. I'leaae call al leI Oreenwlch at., second lloor, hark ronm. II ANTPM-BY t RFHI'EiT MILE MARRIED WOMAN, ' a child io wet norae at Iter own rimdenni. Pleoac call a! .o-l Moll tor*ei, io 'he renr. W A.VTKn-KV A RKMI'P.GTAHI.K TOCJOI KViJI.I-ll TT lad/, a attuatU.n a? wft nttra>; bar own bal>? ; ntna taiakanld. I'lraa,-rail at I'll HUi at , lxl?mi l>l aran'ir ?ri 1 *%?!??? A, Aral lio??r (root r?>n?. Can l>* aawm tor >*>?> nark WAteTKI) hv A I'ROT KMT A NT TOP NO WOMAN. A ai'watlon aa cluainbarmald kol man atrr a , ni olijtf km to dn An* waaidiit an 1 ir'Hln* nr wai In* If rw| 'If*'I ? ?n ha aaao lor ot.a -Ul a: 211 7U> BT4HW#, batwaaw Wh Mod Mllii, IrnM room Aral l!?< r. U'ANTKO-HV A RFHPKCTABI.K YOUNlJ WOMAN A ? Itua x ft In do aanaral tenuaawnrk. Ill a am ill prlvao la miff. ha a Hard In Bar Inai plana ltera* taara. Thr Ih? m rflf rnarri/' * *I?'D 1 an tea aa?>n lor two da/a. Appt/at AA Itet *raw at , brtaaaii MmltB and Hofl Ma., Hno'ii Hrookl/o. AN1Kn-AN AMKKK'AN OR HOOTCH I'KOTKKT lNT woman, aa nuraa ami aaauialraaa, ma nmitpairol t>> UBa Ibr I bargr of an inlant Applw at nflra a| I'rtrrr a'rnrt Ma tn polllan llo*?i, from II lo I rfrVak, U'ANTEI>~ltY A KRKNCJI OIRI.. A AlTTIATlOM A Mima or ? homtmraaakd In a prtaatd (am I/. Appljr at 230 William at.. In Una roar. U'ANTRO HT A TRPBTWORTIIY TOP NO OIRI., A actuation aa rhamterrmald and awarratraaa or aa <-h irti I am,aid and ? altar, la lo|tf eoMpwfont Id HI nt'kfr alnw b*i l ar jifadui-a ha n.< a! ?ali.farViry all7 ra'nr*M? Plaaar rail al Iif Waal 2lhh at., hatwaan 7th nod A b aranuaa, Aral Hour. w UWANTKH I MTPATION. MY A RK?PK'T AHI.K 1'ro'a. ani won an. aa abamtearmatd ami w attar and m a*.oat In waanlnir and trot.lnf nr In do 'tea (anaral la.oww all of a plira'a latoll/, no ntejaadinn lo tha muni'/. <i'? rafa rao??(1tan " an ha aoon for two da/a at IM Praokltn a. mar of Waal llrnadwa/. II'AMTKI.-A MITIATION MY A RPMI'K'TABl.K TT | AmarVaii ft I. aa rhambrrinafct or no a n r? pabla <rf d< ll,f 'tea (anaral Ittmaaw irk ? I a aitaall tirtran (ami lj < an (l?a aood raiaroanaa. Aj.p / at M t-prltif ?' , r ??n 2l, op atatra. (or two da fa. II* AMTKII? a IOTP AT ION, ?iy A Yor Mil WOMiN. AM TT nurar and u>d* plain aawtna nr 'o ?h> Oiamnar w'irll and aul-l ahotr tba hnttaa Plata roll at Ida 'iraana ?' 11' AMTKII A MITPATIOM, BY A NRaT OIRI. OK 1*71 TT bur?a ai,4 taai'ar, ran do Ivor *??'. nrf and Irrr.',i( rar| oral, la a plain awwar. Will waaa aad tran lor Una n,ir*a.| will ubr uxidarair ?a?aa in a amali inn.l, fa In Rl loan rriianl *11/ rafaraorw. fa.I nr art d V> A ? *1 arm on. II' A NTH I ?A MITIATION IIY A HKnPr TAHI.i: TT t"-'f ?'<ua. ulr?iau'.,i nodavmanda ad bteada ad baking aad paairy, la wiiNac aaaawiii an r on tenattri lor a ?mail prtraia Ian, 11/, h?a> al rtej rw arama ?l??n. Appl/ ft r !?? daja at JM W> ?? /Utat.. lr*'wa.t, tate and Mi ut I it'antrii-iit a fiiMiii nim? a bih ation a* a TT ( -d plain ra? k la a awl waalra atrl ir - rr. and a Bra'rata aak?r id brand and ' faraf a. ? r to do ri.aothaa wvk . na la a aw afl prtmi# famil/ la a cwd and a(rawaniw I I ? It'/ rrlria-ia (frmi. C (aw rail a im Ana a i.iar Mi aoan?, dMrd ?war. barb ran a. lor two it/iH \\ AteTrt -a DTOAtlDt, RT A MMMPMCTaRIJI tt f owar jr'fl. m da (wnwral hawaaworb ? waMkn. **? now,nr terf.i.nro (tra* u rmiuwad. I'rfwaw aall a l?: M' t at., i or m la 7 in <tea raar ^i Atetii a mitl*aTII'M, nr a rot joi w .ma? i M d' aa, a?a. lowaawmk. u a Ara" to -u'af and TnworP > ' dnata'da teotter fad rolorawm < ku> ten a ?an two da/ a Al u !TKR II A PMf NITVATIOHN WANTED. t?/antep-by A YOUNG UIRL, A MUTATION Art *' rt.KWbrm.all, and to u*IM U> waiting. Apply Kl No H Htala a'rett. WANTKD?A HIT0ATION AH WKT Nl KHK, IIV A re?| healthy widow *uliu.n Apply k'. 36 K?at Skid at. w WA NTKD?A RITUATfO.V, BY A KKS!'K< TAIILK yourtft womin. ah chambermaid and *r.i?r, or imrtMi and M oHiMi cm4. c?(kk1 <*Uy r<s erouoo. t *u b? M?ti bir two day ? at ttii aveuutt, near Mid at. TJLT ANfFIK-BY A RRHI'RCTABLR I'ROTKHTANT T? youuif a* c n>k. wither and t? aprlv.t oiainlty. Gum] city rnfeitmeti if required ' nn he H*eu until euKa^ed, at 66 l*autkr nuret, near Court, Brooklyn. XIT ANTP.D-A SITUATION, BY A RKRPKITABLK FRO Tf umlaut young widow woman, ah nur*u aud do chamber work and fin* waahtnft ? Hy rc'tirem* given, Fall at 1.10 12th at., between Vh ai.d 6U1 aveuuea, tor two day*. II/ANTID-BY A PROTKHTANT WOMAN, A SITU A YY Una a* look, wu.hrr and Iron, r hi k .mail private (aim ly Ui<xl rlly i.termer given Itoiu her l?.l pla e. Call .,i H>0 Watl 27lb at., beiwrru Nh ki..I 'All avauum. U.'A?THl-A SITUATION, MY A Vi.rv. WON IN, AH If arainalrraa. underatand* rinbro! lery ami crotrtiet work, ?In. dira-maklng; would have 110 objection to .In .lumber w< ik.or would >ee 10 children growing up. r?u give ? ,1 r?<- mniendalkior. tail At 44 Spring Kt, lu he rear, n.p floor, or mo daya. AMI It?A KITI'ATION, ItY A BMTBCTABUI . . American Ctrl, either aa'a mal l aud afltimtrraa, or aa ream-., reaa ann aaalat In any work In a family, under aiacdn doing up mualln and Prrncb Itu'lng. Heal of cliy re ertuce. I all at ?h> Broadway, In lb. .trig atora. W'ANTKD?BY A RKBPKITABLK WOMAN, OPHOMKK TV mid airad) bal.l'a, a altna'lanaa proleawvd nook; la a g> rat baker Of bread, thoroughly utidi ratuida making all kind. of .oupa, In faet, all prrtalolng to cookery. ilaa lived with the I um rau.lhea hi ihr eil?, hi whom aim ran refer I'leaae apply at ti 61I1 avenue, belweru Wav.rley place, and nth at., thir l door, trout mum. 11/A.VTKO?ItY A BKNIWfABLK TOP NO WOMAN, YY u alula'.on aa tiurae and "eainatreaa (loud city mini given. Una be tarn lor two daya a' I III Weal JHih at., between 7th and eth avenuea, aerond atory, burk r.a m IT' A N3 ED- I1Y A RK8PRCTABLK YOUNO WOMAN. YY a all nation ua plain rook, waahnr and Irnnrr. The Imat M my NllHM 'mm bar laat plate Oa 11 he aeen Ibr u.i daya at lev lat avenue, corner 01 10th at., wrend floor, front room. W ' ANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A SITUATION IN ?Y aprliate family aa Aral rate waiter, or aa chamber maid and lo aaalai In waahlngand Ironing. h?a no objection to .In general homework t an give tlio heat of rtty referem -eg. Pleaae apply at 76 -'4tb at., near dlh avenue, for two daya WANTBD?BY A KKHI'KUTABI.K Olltl., A HITI'ATION aa droaamaker and aeaioatrrna, can cut and 111 la llc-' and cbililren'a drnaaea, and haa the brat of city reference . '.in lie ?ret, tor two daya at ?7'i 4th at., between lat and J.I avn niiea, oter the atoie. llfANTKO BY A YOUNO OIRI,, A HITUATION AM YY rhemlo iniald and aalter or to tin the g oieral houae anrk .1 a ainall family, I a k'ioiI waaher and Ironer. Heat . |ly relerenee Can he aeen for two daya at 3fl Kllrahetli at., wound floor, back room. /ANTKIWA HITI'ATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO do genernl houae work, or chamherwoi k and aaaou in the wnaldnK and IronhiR Oounlry and eliy rnlerenc ?. Aptilv a* lt> Weal 1Mb al, between Mb and thh aveuuna, In die rear, Aral floor. \JLt ANTRII?A SITUATION, BY A BEHUK? TABI.K YY yoiibR tvomar; la an etrellent cook and haa no olijer'ltMi to helti in tl-e w aahltid and IronhiR fan he highly re-'im 11.ended for rapahlhty and olmracter from her laat employer, fan be areu lor two daya al I IS 31at at., corner of 7'h aienue Vl/ANThI)- A HITI'ATION, IIV A MOOKST HERMAN YY girl, aa chamlo 1 itmld and waller, or chambermaid end ?eamatrraa; gtaid re'erence. Dan be aeen at loll Ka.t .'lat at. TXTANTKD?IIY A RKHPEOTAIII.K YOUNO WOMAN, A YY aliuatloii to do idiamherwork aud waiting, ur to aaalai in waching and Ironing, good rlly referenoe <'?n lie ?eeti f ir two daya at Ztt) 7to avenue, between iv.h and >.'h ata. U'AMKII-A HITUATUlN, BY A BMAPBOTABtB YY young woman, aa chambermaid or waiter, tn a private family. < an tie wen at Bill lOth'atreet, between avenuea A and B. rear building, lint Iloor. AMTBD?A HITU ATION. MY a inmffUU AMK rlcan girl, aa etiainberinald and ae'imalreaa at aeamatreiM and Ui lake rare of eblldren, no obieetlon to the country; r? ferenre given. Can be ae?n at <pi VA'eat 19th atree', between dtii and 7'h avenuea, for (wo day a. 11/AMKII-BY A IIKHUKITABI.K WOM AN, A MITUA YY tlori anoonk. In a private lamlly, la a fir-t ra'e riaik and would aerial In the wnaliing; haa .be beat of rlly relerenee Call at 2,1 VAeat I3ib eh, top huor, Trout renin, ran be wen till tulltd. w w flTAMKD-A HITt*ATH?N, BY A YOPNO WOM f N, TO IT do item r?l hn?ui?work, I* a i/Uiri co?k i?h. l?rr an?! troti?*r. do objection to the country ??**? roturenoM. Apply lib Kant 27th at,, for two dayn, Id Uo* utom. II? A NTKI)?A BfTUATION, BY A RKKPKiT A III.K fY younr ?lrl, to do ex king, In a gootl w?nT.^r In'nfir undent* 1 id 1 bfr btiNlneM well; good n-forttiu** from her l**t plitce. < ??n be ?een for one dny ?' VA Columbia tU, botwecn und Cxrroll ?(?,. fioutli Brooklyn. IITANTKH?A BIT P ATIOM, HY A RK*-MK< '1 ABI.R f? yon :g wovvkPn, to tak* ckro of children; r*n lo pimlu ?? at Ink mid t mbiotdrry, Inquire *t IM* VAc<it I4?h at,, n-oorvl front room. \I7 AH If I NO WANTKTY?BY TWO |,A I'M) It F.^HRA, WHO ff In'fiy r*iii* tr?>m Luropr, iruli**' and nvntlfmrn'a Hn*n d? no to give Yi*tUi*cUon, at ib* lowmt trrma Addreas *4. H. II M 111 llmter ?t. flfARTRD?HY A RRHpftTTAULK WOMAN. A HITOA f? tkttMMOfc Id a Vriyltl BMllI| Good I '? rtfttlMI eta b? girts. Cill at 78 8di ?!., OMntoo pooor 6tb am. WANTKD?A BITIJ ATIOM, BY A RRHPROTABtK Hc<>mh ylrl, a? general mirrain ? an b* leeo for two daya at 146 llouaton *? 11/ASTM)?liY A KKNPICt'TAflME WON AN. A MITI A ff lUin gor*l cook, 1# an etr*lj?mt [f iiiT \fi>l ? goodbakrr, ?!?(>, a ?It'ifMlwi for h? r dAUfbutr. I Bftwri, mould b? Ih Ilk** fu br in 0 ?? ??rnr family, f-r *'m 1 I * ?wiwir*'?, a* both tir.dnmtand Mil klnda of hoiwrwork, *r?* rrotraunta. and mould itkr to b<* In *omr rtttgkm* family. I bit Itnwtof Hy reference gtiro. Cell lor two day* at 111 w,h at. Iff ANTKI>?A HITUATION. BY A PROTNNfANT Tf younit woman to do e.batitbrrwf rk and plain ini ?*, l.n* no object km to hou?rw( rk In A am Ail piirebr family l\?a*r rail at lttt Hank ?t, bttWMo drwtjwv'h and WaabUtd Ion a'a.. for two daya. 11 f ANTKIi?A BITCATION. ItT A r A Hf.K ff } on ttg woman. to do thn houarwurk of a ?'tiall family. . mi a-rbamlrrmaUl. or would take ??mm of duktron. 'biod flr ASTRO - A HITI ATIOK, It Y A RKdpflU T \ Hf.F f f ) i ? otaan, to do chamber work and waiting, or genera, hotlirmot k In a an all fatuity lira* <H 'My flotii.-n ? an he glten. Can be ?rrn for l?o day* at 7. t?Hh at between miy and ??h evrnue, ?? t ?i u. or, front room. 11 A SI Kit A smrATlON, BY A YOI NO ffOMtl TO ff do gri?* ral no uar wort In a met Ail ?rt?aia 'an. If, ?in makr* II Hrr chief ot ya?n to mak?* !?*/?*? if agreeable to *;? Uu family Inquire at 32 Hub it, b*tw*?-u &tii and ftfe aver* *?*, r?ar neiiae klTANTtfi A HITrATIOM. AM WAirk.U OH *11 % M ? f hrr maid, b> a r?* iaMo Proteetant yo u.g w#r.%?t I ID 1 c %???!? lur two 'lay? at 1 J) K >k at , second r:?#*?. !**?; rlty rrferrnr?, WAWTRD? BY A RKM'KCTABLf t)IR!., A HfTCATIfiN, fodo ? hamber work an 1 tak" tiara of < hildiwn u? .? good m ether at d Iron* r or U m Unit 'o do *en ra! h? uaaworit an *??r iha brat of refer** *-e. t a * be #rrn at W J,'h ? , at the residence ul bar preterit employer. UrAM*ltD- A MUTATION. AH IJOOR. IN A I* HI V AT K family, by a young mot nan, wlw* can prolmw ?1?* o? -*4 raUa/M' nrjr irlrrrtrr Po?4 hrr Uat aart|/-r. ?brr<* ?;*? i?aa dffd for rM iart hrfr yrara. I itaaa rail at 217 arou * brtwrru IStk and lllk aui. arr.,ml Ooor, front r ?n, |I7 AMI F.r?BY A MKM'MT ABI.R YOtTNfi W?/%A "Y Ml Mia: ton, to ia km ? %ra n( a baby, ?i,d do to ???&?* at d I lain aawlng. or at am Itrwwrt. ar?d aaaiat in * aabin/ t.d Uuf.lnk ; brat ct*% rrfrrrm-r frrm, hrr plAAA. P o< c* at 2i4i? ?f., bataoro 9th an 1 ivh afannra, top r. if- .? train, U AVU.n- HY A TOCNO OIKU A MTt'AYION. TO f' 'i i.amhrrwrk or aa?H?t In wiitlar, or to to a lit tr jnain ramVng and taka r?rr ?rf ir.tUir W|. rhiftdwi, in a r *| #rtak!r prirair family * an ha #^#ti b/r two daj* a* JVi ?"b a rt,na, bat warn Ml and 2?Ui M* 11 Aym>-HY A IMP!I TA'ICP YoCNU Offtl , A ?Y ?! tM'inn Mwvmrfma, utdirttudiiil a'nda <4 (mini y wtaiW In 'akinf '?arr of rdrblrrn or <rJ?rr luhn work t an fi*a two yrara' r#frr?-ar?. from l*wr .a?t p a.-w tan I n arrfe at 1,2 l.'h f r toi, la* ami 24 av?*n?-a fl* ANTEIl-HlTCATifrAH, HY TWO RMI'I< T tll.1 ff ?ni*,rii, onr ?? ' b ,'i>brrrvMiVt and ma ?y. tk,h *n tkr ? ocftfttry I fr (,'J.rr aa obild'a AO ram and wMHoatrra# AWyAkk of laktUf 'l*r run#.' rkro of a any ff tft ?ta >4#ih rrfaracKr* ?,|rrc AMI; n fU Ati at ',-;w? m -^a atd f r? a?rnu?? 'Hud ?iory, 1 ow< ro-iW* \t AMflt \ tnCATIflN. A TO! H i ff o. do crrtrral b 'Card rftjr rrfrrr r Apply at til iAk badwrtn kl> ud lOtlt ?v?i.uo, f?w two day* V\ 7*l>-llV A RKXCKTIIU 1W?I Wt?M*r. '(?'am,, ?<,^1 *?h,r in, t ixr ? KV, ?"* l? ?r,iiUNi W ?m m h Om ???..?? m. : .r-m-t, I .ir .. ? ? ?r w.i i . ? ..i i. < , I'?m | .-l rrf-r,. , A|>i if ?< >MJ Itna m , Maaaa l?- ,M mmhh, f-? im 4>,> Ur AWTKD- A *fl04TIOa HIT ? RK-t'h> T 4NI.K w.m*n la r.j arrtrart Iran In, .r.l >? 'A?<n>.?r III*M. '?> "? ?'i r?"??l ????? ??' ,? a ??Mil f *a? '.a U, ' ?a l? far 1a,? a W ? . >' , ? ,ai J r *j*t S) ti'n>Tri?-r* a inracriiL*! roria worn, ? V? iM?atkm aa awl w, <*Waaaa,w/,%, i. ? ,'?u Ifcr ria?? >>r 4,-? ai.-t, -na* ... . lM^/a>. , c,//w? I .!>,?? IM 14(1 ' 'a i aaa.i.. Mm M'"i ' t- r laa, ,a" " aa 'Mi,l? IMMrAi '? -S MM. f ll'AMri. UI-l/mirT RT ? v?.l S ?(>??? ?T i jr a ? a aa, or . ??? i - ?*- U, ?1> * ? ? ft I to. ?.io aainlfrr,ii.a ( aa I , wan fMrM vial . a# IH I i-. MrMManlM ' I. R|. ( ara U Mr MMntooalA <V yyARiKi, * -rr atk'* ?r ? r<.r-?>i m .a ,A I.. |f1*,n I., ,.i pa.'la . i .',r?. |, ? ?r .aw ,i ? ? at rrUnr aM u anar T" ? ?4 ? ) r?,?,n , r , ir,i> I nan kar awl , wr 'MM M MR M r?# M . !?",? Aa. i awl H ?"fr U'Aim ? *?T AO"*. I * * I ??? >< fAI.I.H "1 ? ? .n ? i t ? rt raa ? .a? .'<?? t I u ? I rai rt M ??? ?' '?r w.l if ? *? vv. m# ? * i AJfTrft - A AltriYION. At CfVAN tmWAfrt f a far. I 'la'. ? .. i vi > ?i?' r*, ; 4 K WAMIfr.K 11 ? ? at* \ 11 17 :Of> \* < < t Hf Hf?- A ^fTC ATfOir, NY A HtAf *tM4#< V, w. uttoatiovi wantbd. Wantkp-hy * KmrmrrAMLM ?rn< u woman. ? elliieiW'n ex *,f tiurac. I. mat relcreuoa glrea. Apt If ?I ? OA l>o ef , brtwrrn tf-.b ui<1 luiii evenuae, Oral floor, OA a room. Ceo bateau for i.udeyt _______ t*f ANTKD?BY A RKRPH TkMI.K PKOTIMTANr PICK YY ?ou a UiiAUuu a* hriue. kexpx' ur ?xAinaij'AAA; une?r .'ami* tuekiuh al k>mte ol i " ?' ami glrle* rb?ilp*?; ?wuW b# willing in eaalet lu oou g llghl wurfc, Ac. Apply At 3fl OUtrfc At. dcai . prtng. UJA NTKD?A HITT' ATIOV MY A IfKflPMTABIaB ji my girl, Ui >1' gximrei h lumiii i l*i a -in ill HUBily. of lo lekr cerx or chlldim, A A'HnI 'en.mi prclxrnvl u> tlfti WiA, end I.aa bo ?> CI ' OA u> ihe . o miry, oinl refarwaeaM ri"N Apply al oj lib airnun, between IAI AU'I iSdeU., iluiU floor. I?rANTKD? A MtTI'ATIilN, IIY A KkHPK'TABI.K WO ?" man, a< x?K.k, Ia .11 aire,Ian bread Dakar, >m leratonde r.U'??rut paairi on A'.jwlioii mi wii lit warning ami trootug, br.lofriiy rrfrrtm o Apply al .lis oili ev., unar Ailii at. llfANTKD- A 8ITUA1IO.N. MY A I'KnTKHTANT UIRI., YY 'u du nbemherwork ar<l .xatng l.oa<lvartleer oeu pru cure the beat uf mly rafcrcnrc trnui ihe Inly witl whom abo leal lived. Apply ai it W cat lath .i u.r two d*>e. 11' ANThli- A MTI'ATlON, IIY ? I'oMI'KrKVT VOCNU YY woman, ?? leiiu.lreaa ami i hauo xruiaid; ran do all ?tylxeof Una eaehliig unit InMrf eud h>. no nhjaoUoo '? go a. laundrr.a. Ilaa airallanl city rnfxr xm-e trutn bar leal iila'a Pirate call at 4b lal avenue,uaar loUi at, Iblni floor, rroi (loom. ll'AMr.K a situation iiy a iii'.-<pb,i tabi.k Y? women. a. c<h h; tit.drrai >iwl. (*m>-at d aunpa and all klnlect'lr ?xrft,baking and ti.erv lioml cliy rrterenM Iroui bar laal place Cail al Iii il it., between lal and Al eremite, lor tw. daya. WANTU?-H* A RKHI'RUTABI.K YMIN.I WOMAiTa YY it'utbofi. la a ????! plain . mik and oakar and a flfal rata wedirr and Irnner-, ha. no oCjrcibei <lu am a >ri lha ronbiiy lia? Un> nan I of it. roirramo I'l.a.e call al 241 Waal '.hih at, halation Hilt ami IHIi erenuee. "llf ANTKD?A SITUATION, IIY A RK PNUTAId.K YY a I'loan. ui rook, and liou, or do general Pan work in a nrtva a family. i.ood rlir refrreuee ran bo fi??n. Plraaa rail Tor Iwn ilayaal.Nn 2 llall plara, b?ar lomnklna niarkri, 'd avaniin. TirANTlD?A HITIJATIOW, AH WKT MURHIt, RV A YY rr.prrlabla youn? woman with a fre.h hraiat of milk, flood retarrnco can be flvau. Hao ba-ean for thraa daya at M d ?t 111 ANTKO-H* A RMPKnTABUC WOMAN.TUB WAH1I YY Ink of frnUrmrn or fanlllaa, nr lo go aa lauodraaa In a nlrr lamily I i d> r.tamla <ho |oiilna op of ablrla, tnualltia ami llulinn ?? fli.i ram atylr, inmd rafaranra To ba anan UN autltd Apply at W M aa.. aniram a In tub at ANTKD?A MTU Al ION, Ml l?>l OKNKRAL IIOCNK*. work. I'laaae apply ai ISll < hrlaiopkar al. "Tl? YT Al'ltfir-A RlKPKfTABLK WOMAN WITH A TV frnh I rani of mnk auhaa ui laka a rhtW lo bar own hoiur. Milk two wat ka old ? an klva Uia b?.i of rale anon In rrary ra-pacl. fall al 110 Waablnn'on at, Jarnry Cliy, far lour daya 11'ANTYD-BY AN AMKHICAN WOMAN, A MITUA YY lion a# W ?n<?rm. would aa lal in tigbl rbambri work, or would inkn Urn annra rbarga of an inlam la fulty ratiablo of lilllng all bar atiuaUon. iliaal clit ralarrma. 'an ba aaao at H> n<b at vv w AN1KD-HY A RKHI'RITAIII.K YOUNO IIKRMAtf (III, a aituaUon aa aaam.iraaa and - hud'a iiur>ai aan cm and III dra?aa, and do all >g lainily aawtng, la wllitaa b> naka lianalf aanaially ura'al. npaaka giatd r.n(lMt Tho hral of rliy lafatanrr, If ra>|uliad. I' aaaa cail at 114 Weal :M at , rornar of ,ib aranua. WA.NTFD- A HITUATION, AH I'll A MIIIIKM A10 OB TO do ganaral houarwoik In a email prlva a family, by a young girl, ?lib good re, miip-udautui. 'all far tbraa daya at 9 AilarPtc airra', ilrook >n. <17 ANTKD?BY A KKHPKOTAIII.K TOCNll OIRI. A YY sliuaiion aa aramaUaaa ami rhild'. nurae. or la 'b> rbain hrruork. undrralauda family .aalng. dr?..tuakiog. cuUIng, and Oiling, ( all at .'Ah nliib aranua, fur ivo daya. ll'ANTKD-A fnUAllON. MY t YOI Nil WOMAN. ' YY Ui doganaral booaaaurk O?od lly rrfaranoa Na on lacuou lo *n lo llr.M klyn Wage. |A App y al llOilld at, hrlweau 2d audSd avanuaa. I Ian ba ara.t fur two dayg. ANTKD IIY A HOOTCH oIKI,. A HITOATION, AN nuraa and aaamalraaa m a raape, la Or family w ai d fll U<lJrn' mimI bii'lrrn'* -1/i-Nn. h tu ativ wlyia rliy rrfrrenca. call lor two daya a* av Av?nu?, HMir ft,' A ?N 1 Fl>?A (5ITU 4Tl<lN IIY A RKHI' AlU*M vv aicrd wcokan. aa foofc , itluWeUiul* h?r ooalnwaa In all tia hraacbva, U a t>atr? n( and wmikt a-?l?t in waBbiiiv. co? ?l (lt> r* #i?;?<*. ?'aii ba o?w?i? f ir two Oaya at WmI 2uu? at. Wj A NTKI>?A HIT' ATIUN, ItY AN All KNlCA" WIDOW ? f woman, Ut rficiti, wa?b ami iron in a ortvata faintly, fan t*- *ttu lor lwo day? at CM l*i??aU ??. . front 11' ANTED- A HITUATION, MY A TOI/NCI WOMAN, AH v v rliitdrm'ft aura* *u <1 to do iiiajo * m* ?ir t#? do Um cs*tk li.|( lb a ?maJI i rtta<a lamily, afot in waaiitna, ?san %%?*!) r*n mnirDda*! from li- r :a*t |f'af ?* t an tK? ?rito (of two daya at 72 ' 2d nt , brlwou 4Ui ud l^nuatou avenovw, Drat tU*>rx t a? h rtkotn. 11/AN1KD?A rrUATtnK MY *. Tor .NCI won**;!* ft a pi* <1 plain r^.k, ???lu>r and l???f?#r t )<hp\ ciij rvi t? rrn? a. Apply at 'It husimdl , lift* llyn. f?>r two ?ta/? WAMTKD-A HI1UATION. BY A Ywl NOWOtfA* |H ?i. h* r and n?Drr ti.Nwt Apply at 'ha et mtr of ''arroh and ' o.nii 'U MA, Hro>?fc.yri, Ui Mum oaaa Dlffil Uf AMID- A HITCAHON MY A YOI7MO I'MCirrNT aid gtrl to do hoovawtiiii ?>r ham' rrworl OrwJ rrfvr ? nr*, Can t?a ??????? fi r two <Jat?, a( 'Ah at.. b*two<*n avf M ai d t' ihtrd f?M?r t<a#k r- o?n Uf AMTEIV-BY AN INIKI.IJOKNT YOI'NO MNUt?HII ftri, a ?huaunn to <rat#i to any part *? mfw an t emut'f** Hf A?rvnraa If rm*iinrm$ 'an Ih* wan uotiiauH^J, at 401! nth mvruuf bt twofii /Suit >u, i y>th *ul htiuirm for ' I i Uf A NT1I> K illTf' A TION MY c HKMi'i; t"a III.I yuug nh nnu. mm ' ba?M>?'maid, or u? ialo chmrgm >*t fh)UJr?fi in a prna a utn ? .? d-? plain **w)rur. and woo*J (T'hrrwpa ba oiH ylBf, wi mn u? ifiwa*- b?r?aff amamHy oaafui. ) >##? cail or addrrwi 177 at , <*?rtiar *A \ Ob avanna. 11/ANTri A HlTiJATlON, MY A OKKNA* WOMAN, m I Crotniutt, ?? ?twi ?nn4i*a of piaio nr ijr, can vi ^afe goad gand rmtkitm*m. Apply ai No. 4Y Not Milk at., b?ir Clraf d. thlvd fi??or, raon 11' A .N I ID?A Mill AllOM. MY ? YOI) NO WmMAM. AM If Unt.4r+m?, nr.* who fully twdaiNOwal* th* rh| raf?r?b<'? - an hm ?\**u Apn'y ?< 2(1 ?th avnfitaa. nacwv^n 27'n and Xh ?Ui ' an ??? for two daya, 11,'ANTKD~A kITfJAT ION, MY A NKHMKirr AHI.I9 Tf young glfi, a* ft'**} pU n . ? %n niniknl ?r**6?r and Irotrr, ran g)v? rtr~i rafrrrn mm from hrr iaat amplaydr. rail at ?h ?? . for two lay* fifat tUjne, bark room. VY f AMTRD? A UfTOATION BY A YOI'NO WOMAN, AM tu* rrinaid a/ I wa/tfrr. or a- uu/w, b?a llvad ?*gb yrara ?n l?#r Jaat t uKa tn^l r?rf#rr? Apply ac 141 Ida avtaua, katwarn IC'h and II k ?'? Uf A MTMD A A ITU A TION A* !,Al>Y'K M 41D, ?N 4 |rn<i?n.ati i fatn'if, by an l.ognah winn >n who can rpaafc frvnefe. 4r^'i l-alr ami tho/ooghly undcrata ?d? ail 4 ? da of ? an ba wa?l r^aaaHam AAi/'w (wljf 'f v. ; lltra d ? f.'c llfAMTIII- A bill" a T ION MY 4N RXVKMfi.N KD fv "" k who'a a noit'twi wottati tt.* i'.'J?? ?? %. H ** king in ai) ?? OiftrMi I *r? givw ihw b*?t m rciar* .?*?? tmm fan.' ?'*??># U? bvad ?tU? aM tkl Ml I ^h,iv? h* twaad I*roam* and ?>rtag llf A NT 10 MY A martc TAMi r. YOI I'l W'/MaN A vv ?|? *?uofk n a pr?va'?? (? ? i y u, d-? yr '.aral hnu*-? wo 4 ?fe?* la a f'*?4 '<nA, *a*t.#r and and ? an gi*a th# ?w?t * ry f rm'mt* u< * tt>.m h< t Jaat plaaa. ? an ba ????( Iwr l?vo dajm a ?A i w. Uamu i?r a h-HrmvABUMkU^iMtt w<.*an, TT . .1 ...".'nM ./TaTWTi. ,r H?ihAbmi "I rll> frf-ftr. , ,?Aaa 'A!, all it ?M, a' Utar*-a M ami !*?f> la .??n for tfou 4tf U'AMTMfi t ?ITI *Tt? HT * KT-IMVTAW.B III I i III ai Aa i Aalll' Iflll anl*/> aitk If wa?t> Ufo a?4 lofolffo. or la foM ?a*a '4 rh, >|r?r? a*. 1 4*> pMb aaw ,i| ? at. ? >?-? lor laru 4.?a ai ?. I Wa ??????? nr?/ mk M , a. li? 'AAar? . H .-aMMO* folfoUMfo (fa* foa? !>.?'? TA'AHTTtl-A ?IV AT!'," 111 * ?r.-l'W TAMI.K Wo IT mu aa an ii" ?m i ^ ? U v ./ ( w> Mar* n 'Aoi ? a.hiifo Mai Irani*.* iia?i of < (j rt/arafora <1 ran *|V<) ?' 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