Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1855, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1855 Page 6
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IDTEBTISEMEiITS IENEWED ITEKT D4T. CONTINUED r*OM FltTB FAOB. SITUATIONS WANT KB. w ANTED?BY A RWPKi'raBLK YOUNG MAN, A as coachman, one who understands his business wbIL end can be b'ghiy recommended oy his last employer. Caaba i """ "" <:?u bo seen tor two days at 53 While SL ti/antkd-a situation, by a young man, as YY i wash man anil gardener; uudnrstands the cars of horses lu.u driving; praters logo in ihe oouotry. Uelerenoe If re qulrod. Address W. I'., baz 145 Herald office. TlTANTKll-BY A YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION AS YY assbuant bookkeeper or clerk tu an office; moderate re innucra s) i required; uuexoep loname references and security given. Address War t, L niou square Post nffloe. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT ABLE young mar), as coachman or groom; the bes'.of reference given Can be seen, tor two days, at 135 orjsby sl, (rear) near Houston, rjum A THE LKCTUttE 4HaSO.1I. "kYRROA NTILK l.lBK aKY AbSoOI ATlON.?THE BOARD ill of Directors have tha pleasure to auiouuoe that Mr WM M 1 tlAt iY will deliver a leoiuie, on Saturday evening. December 1, at tfte Metropolian theatre, liur hebmodiot the charliable funda lie ' .-V Ill-urge's Socle'y," and llie Norfolk Orphans." Subject?"Ohnrnv and tiuumr " to commence at h o'clock. 1 ickels, 50 cents; may i e had at the Horary, Asior place, at the down loan office ho. 2 Nassau street; Albion office, 10 Folk place, d F. Mauleire. Treasurer, I'M Broadway; Van A t k inn iK IA/ u 11 Jr. ft VI'III llsnll .tr iJnna ")UU ltmn<4. Borden A King. 45 Wall sin et. Wm Hall Ik Sons. 230 Broad way ; llsiiakui's Agency, at . oilie's St. B cholua Hotel stores; Urorge P. Edgar, 145 W ster stiecl. K. H. I IMsoN, ) J No. Cue a.<KR, > Lecture Committee. W. h WICKHAM, > WB NOTICE IN A CIRCULAR, THaT A LECTURE will neglveu by Wm. U. Pi sit bs.; , of Halley, Lower 0a nsds, at the lsberuacle, Broudasy, on Weuuesday evening, 28'b Itot.. removing the great prejU lice so long exlstiug between the two great divlsuns, namely, ilie Koutau tlatuohc and the 1'iotertaniCbuicher which he lutends lor tbe betieht of the poor. We would oak our 'sailers would that not briug the end ol all things mi Its g looked lur snu cesired) Glory to God In the highest pest e on esrth snd good wit to all men. Who would not heart SPECLa NUT1CES. A P. A ?VALLEY kORGE l.Dll IK NO 29. AMERICAN ? l'rotenaui A?-oclaimi, will hold a public mrr.lng at their res una, UJ7 Bowery, lit a evening, (t ue.iday.) .it tl o'c oik. } rmuds ot I'toiesl .utLni, nud ttirmbc sof the uraer, arc Invited to auend ream fee several em.nent speakers connected vrnh the orCer will address (he meeting .VI ulAM MOOKB, W. M. Join. W. Uriel, Recording Secretary. HhKMIIAGB LOD'iK, X 0 OF O F-TI1B MrlMBBRH ore iequea ed to be punctual In tuelr atteuilance uu files day evening so v. 2j. by order ot L. K.vdN, N. U. Tiice Fkmtoh, secretary. IN PUkst)aNcs OP 1HK CONTRACT, MaBB UNDER dale 01 BovamlwrS, 1855 with Messrs, Fngler A Woltf, beet Brewers, id I'Diludelpuia, we, the uuderalgned beg to Inform tur Inrsdc snd 'he public In general, that we will have this wmier aiid during the uexi summer, the sole sale of their beer Ltr 'his city, ?sd beg to so.loti ihe patronage of the public. New York, November 12. 185*. COBS HK?lGK1ST, S36 Broadway, PH. ZHCHOCKK, 188 Bowery. OrPICK RHCklYEH OP T Xt-H. NOYEMBER 23. 1855 ? laica, 1855 ? B'ui ire Is hereby given that oue per oeot vlh be soiled, on the 1st day of Decern >er, on all taxes re nts thing unpaid, an a 'hat a further ad'litiou ot oue pornout will be s rhr on ihe l&ih day of December. Boltoe is also hereby given ihat on the 1st day of January next Iuterest will he added on nil laser ilibu rauia'nlng unpaid, at ihe raw of 12 per cent per annum, eoiculated irum ihe 3d d?v ol September, 1855. HakVhY IIaHf, receiver of tnioe. Ijroclamation.-mayob'.s orncK, new york, November 21, 1856.?Acknowledging our dependence on Ahnlgtatv Gnd. and duiy tsnsl) e thai to hia mercy wa are In deh'ed (or continued peace, pro pe -lty and general publle health, whilsto.bercomuiui ides less'avored, have hennsorely whirled with pesilleuce and oevuststlou, we are now called upon ut remrn ihai'ka and praise to inc Author of cur be ing, the ptv ector of our lives, and the dispenser of all the bles sings we enjoy. Whti these .eut inents, and In pursuance of urn ihe cusmm ana the proclamation of his Excellency Myron H. Clark Gov: ri.or . f ih" St.te ot Ne v York, that Thursday, tbe 318h day of November nest, ' e set aside as a day of prtlse, thanksgiving blo pisyut, 1 call upon the peoplo of this city to oi'SHva th-iosy as ru t., with all due respect aad solemnity, fcivea under my Vatd and seal the day and year aforesaid. FKUNANDg WOOD. Mayor. TllKePANIFHOAt* LIOHT COMPANY OP HAVANA.? The agency lor iransiers of .hares of the capital stock of ton comneny, eKUbl'shrd at ihe Merchants'Dank of this city, Las this day been auppie-sed N. SEVDNR, General Manager. New York, Nov. 24, 1856. I'HK TUKft , lENTLKVil.l K COU '?. 1. -TROTTING.- WKD.SES V day. oo . AlU^OkKk i*. M.. matrh for 91.006, two mile In*1*, id LnrbCs*. W?rrcu pcabudy mimes Grey Marc; Wut. Wheeiati mimes b. g. Jake Oakley. JOEL CON ML IN, Proprietor. CO-.NTKKVILLK COURSE L 1? OKKaT MULE RAGE? J lea la dit Usld - I htirsdny, Not. 20, at2J*o'oloot? Purse %vf: IIr* tor nil mules; utile tire's, best three tu fire. Tbo tol lowlt'g ere etttereo:?J. o. enters tttauk Strowit; t>. W. ( ..triUD) njtii T J ru'eni Jenny Llttd; l'. C. enters Su ban, J. !M enters Eastern Jack; H. K. enters Pocabomat; L. <1, inters Jersey Be.U; ft T enters lialy Old; 0. B. uuters Polly; O.K. enter* Rosy Relic. JOhL COMKLIN, Proprietor. A IK'VTRK' ILLR OUKSK, L. I.?TBOTl'ING.?THUBS V db>, Not. 211, at 2 o'clock ? Match for <1,000; too rullae out, to Xb lot aagoi'i. U. Woedrall' iuuihi iL g. Flushing Jsoy. Bnri t-amnui- names gr at. uaey Rennet. JoKL CunliBIN. Proprietor. C1FNTKF TILL! COURSE, LONG ISLAND.-A PURSE ' ?l $26 *UI bo glreo for a mule race, to come oil'on l it tie cSc, Not. 21'; free tor ail mutes. rnllu boats, oeat three la live, and u* distance carry in* ratnb weight*. Entrance Tree of ciuwya. lo close ou '.be lab of November at Ibe Centre vllle Course. JOhlL CON KLIN, Proprietor. 1?KC HOleK, HaRLKM.-THIS FAVORITE PLACK OP J\ resort Is tow In oootnlete order, and ready to accointatr date the sporting and riding public. The tlotlno and llatlie Rose Hall chubs play ou the beautilul green attached to the house, and aU.ud tuurb snort io the vtatiera ot this beautiful plaoe. The best of refreshments at ways on hand. ^ WILLIAM A. BROWN, Proprietor. 1>KO HOU'K, HaKLKM -TROTTIMO MA1CI1 FOR 9600, il play or pay, io wagons, mile bnata, heel three In IIto, ou Tuixtay. November 21. W. rthulsaames a. g. Blue Morgan; W? Bathgotot names bk. m. Black Bess. C. BROOKS. TO Tlllt TBOITINO PUBL1C.-TIIK RRD HOUSE TROT ling track Is undergolig thorougb repairs, lor the benedl Of '.be iroutng public. Oo . itesoay, the 21 h of November, Black Bee* ana Blue Morgan come together for the fourth time tlu i season lor tfuo a side, mile heaa, best three In live, to sagons, play or pay. Rare rport aud a good race Is expect ed. 'ibe raoe to ooiiih od a'11 o'clock precisely, I CHaKc.hS BHOOKct, proprietor of the track. TIMOR COURSE, I* I.?1 ROTT'NO.?ON TUESDAY, I U Not. 27, at2o'clock, a match for 93)0. Bile boats, bed tluet In five, to *ugons. between two culebrated ro td horset, owe en to Mlt luiutedlatclv alter, a matjh lor 9JJ0, tntle ni-d lepeat. to harness, between two road hornet. Nil a W A Will iK, Proprietors. TTMON COURSE, L. I ?TROTTING. ON THURSDAY, U Not. 211, at 1 n'nhx k precisely. n sweep bake* of fi+g), player pay,uiUo hoax. beat three tn five. George Jenkins names gr g Geo Wasblng'on. to harness; M. Wbait names gr g rilly Woodcock, to harness; 1> MoCa c names gr g. hhaiklebaok, In wagon; J. Snmeritidyke names r. m. Prvlrie HaUl, to 200 pound wagon. nll.iW X Willi h. Proprietors. DANCING ACADEMIKS. ADOUWOKTu'H PR1VATK DANCING AGADKMim . MM Broadway, New York, and 137 Montague plaoe, Brwikiyn, are aow open for the season. Circular* explain lag Urns aud tarms o an be bad at the academies. DANCING.-BROOKS' ASSEMBLIES, NO. 366 BROOME street?On Wedneeday, 28th instant, there will be no as aenthty. The next public assembly will laks place ou Wed nesday evening, lie .ember 6, and continue weekly. L'KRRFKO'H DAMCINO ACADKMY, ?9 WKHT UTII ST., J? New York, Montague HaU, Brooklyn. The achwil w now ?>, ? ii Pupils can tu?r ?i any tune Toe <erm commences Ike day ol}. Practicing claa* every Saturday evoiiln* for trrown person*. Gentlemen's evening claai Monday and 5 buraday at 7H P. M. SAB AUGCo OKAND PUBSGKIl'TION BALL-AT THK sptandld ( lly siuiinMy Booms, on die 14th ol December next, llrkata 82. Fsch subscriber In the ball and to twelve lessons at Bancoo'*, X,9 Fourth atroet, ahall receive for $12 Ovr ticket*, tour of which are tranaferrable. In twelve lessons ail subscribers ahall beoonie ac|e to at the ball, whre, besides all Ihe modern dance*. the Carlowiuaa the Varaovienue amd La Crimt eune, now the moai ta.hionaule In the highest circle* of Part* nod lain don. ahall be lotrxluoed by baraooo'a pnj.Ua, who are the promoters ol that grand festival Tib art ok dani.ino Tauoiit iw oicb course ? of lessors, at I'rof. BOND'S aoadnmlea, UUU Brisdweja T'itadaya and Fridays; Columbian tial, 'Aril Grand street. Moiiua) f and Thursdays. Any one wait* taught perfectly In two teeaona. and all dlulneia done away with. HOTELS, CtOLUNB HOTKL-WIU. I.KT KIVK I.AHtIR PARDORS, / witli bedroom*, to parmasient boarders, on most reason* tile lemu Bultea and single roouis, from 94 to 939 per ween, la>catod toot of Canal street, most oeutral to all parta af me etty. JUDBON HOI HK. JACKSONVlLIiR, BAST PfOBIDA. Tenons ucsog south, wishing a quiet bou*r, oomblued wtu eormert, at reasunable ohargea, catena do better thao at the Jurtsrw Hoe as D. DAT, Proprietor. C. W f tusaoav, bepertntendeot. VkTO Sal. HOTRI,, W ASHISUTOSun. C.-THIH CMsB XT braled ht.iai, ?tui.,ird heif way net Caen Ihe President's boose and he ?ap.i?. tias baan leased by pa amlersigned tor * "r"' " ??>* ha. hew, reduigntd and inniove# Urougboul, maAlsig It te at ita apt I? eta equal to aa} betel In u?e ?>omry The house is now open lor the aeornu modal oe ci die ptihl W1ia.1AM llJI Proortelor OLD STAB IIOTKIj, M AND M I.HPKNAltD STKKBT, neer Hruedaej.?haiabll.bed into ?Dinner every day boh. 1 in A o'i beg. IdioolMon* throughout Uie dst Good bed* by in* night, week ur roon h. lb" mad'ng Kagitsh pa per* received by wary malt A. U ? I tie saonaa dinner p-tr.y lilitr "Hid Mar HarmonM ' tub" slil be l>ed on Monday eve mag Dccetnbe.- lu, at 7 o'esx k. Ii.kets ready on iba j7.l1 rat. JosSPII BROCKS, 1'roprle'or. RATilBUN'H HOTKI., ri'LTcN HTR-.Kr. BROOKL.TN.? I ha tuvieaffy lorn ed aud we 1 appointed b un >? now open for ihe receptkni id permanent and tra(ist"i.l boarder*, li Is 'l.e It.umUnnof the pioprietor to keep this hotel 10 coa tiec'luo with il e Hah liisei. sea olda. winch la >doss.I for the winter ,? H are id patronage la rccpccuully solicited by the f.ublio'a hun.bie servant, A. CLOT1U1IU, AC. ~ A LAROK UUaNiITT Of OA SI orP CUtTBtAi JV w1ta.ed-TI1.1ma* l>. t'nnm., ;ioe sad to boy wm, band etofeng of every deeertntfca, Oeiwienufn having large cs amaJ. lota, am 'aeeive the very hlgned pr ee tor toe n n? *eJ Ra> dw store, or addreaetng TUONAN II. GONRor. I* u I street. Csi/)TniNG.?t.ADlHn Gk GKNTJ ?MET, IT A YIN I \N1 / u. .1 ftpoar It. ran receive a fair rash prloe, by ernding tv kp. 12 I aniens straw, i.ea-1 aoai, o, 57 West, inedwaj Qt le'ler 11J inwc Indies attetided by Mis. Cuben _____ 8. OGHKM, 1 fii i-> a A D gknti.rhrn. i 1 i vb: Your a ttf s rrov? J ,s, , --All ra.l off clod,in,. iddInl mrn'Vure ft i , n? I I Imtisetvar* bo ight and highest pr?, ' , . o. siidnw bv ihs? J H aMk is, m devento are. 1 t 1 on ijgbiesiiili mil .Nineueato virevta. HELP WAITTKSP. A SMART ERRAND HOT WANTKD-APPLY TO KNOX, 212 Broadway, corner of Fulton *L CANVA8FKB8 WANTED?TWO MEN OK GOOD AO dren*, to solicit orders lor a new and beautifully fllus tram) standard work, now helug published In puna; it Ij lb* moat popular work of the day. Alao, a deliverer wanted; one who uudi-rslanu* the business preferred; reference required Apply to James hheehy, room 29, 237 Broadway. New York. DKESSMAKF.R W\NTKI)?ONE WHO PERFECTLY urderttandn cutting and fitting, to join a lady already established In the business. Apply at 288 Broome St., near Eh, ridge. DENTIST ?A DENTIST WANTED.?A FIRST RATE opportunl y lor a dentist, aa a attperlntendmg or at part ner in ndentlat'a office. Heat refereucea requliMt. Apply at No. 62 Urrat Jonea street. DRI'O CLERK WANTED.-A TOUNO MAN PER fecily acquainted with the city retail trade, who can bring recommendations front Ida last employer, may hear of a per maueui ehuaitm by anplylnv at 196 3d avenue, between the bourn of 9 A. M. aud 1 r. M. DAGCERRIAN artists wanted ?SIX OOOD handa aud a plate cleaner, at Lockwood's gallery, corner o. iKth et. and bth av. GOVPRNRSS WANTED-FOR FROM $160 TO $260 PUB annum, to leach two pupils; must understand music and French well and the common branches thoroughly?arithmetic, reading, grammar. Ac : to reside In tho country. 21 hours from New York. Address M. A. L? Herald office, for two dayB. Hotel clerk.?wanted, as night clerk, an Inlelllgen' person, (an American,) of gentlemanly ad dress, not under 18 yearn old, SB night clerk. Best of reforeuce required tor hoi,esty, sobriety, Ac. 'l hc situation Is respects lde and desirable. Wages the first year, $1(10 and found. Ad dress H., He, aid office. Laundress wanted?a protestant woman, one who orders and* fluting, and who is willing toassltt n winter with other work. Apply between 11 aud 12 o'clock only, at 18 hast 26th Bt. 11 ANTED?SEVERAL GOOD CLOAK MAKERS; ALSO, vv quilters. Apply at 27 Walker street. WANTED-A FIRST RATE OPERATOR ON WHEELER A Wilson's machine; a person who thoroughly under stands doing all kinds of cewlng. as the highest waget will he paid, hone others need apply, at 66 West 27th at., second floor. WANTKD IMMEDIATELY-A PROTESTANT WOMAN to do housework In a small family. Reference required. Apply at 1)6 hast 26th St. 1*7 ANTED?A FIRST RATE DRESSMAKER. TO WORK vv by the week; also an apprentice to learn the drossmaklug. Apply at 663 Hudson stioet, below 13th st. WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID AND LAUNDRESS, with city reference*. Applj at 37 West 17lh st. WANTED-A SEAMSTRESS AND NURSE?A PERSON who speaks French preferred. Apply at No 210 tth nvorue, between the hours of 10 and 2 o'clock, for the next three days. No person without the best references need apply. XX/ ANTED?A SMART, TIDY GIRL, TO DO GENERAL vv homework In a small prlvalo faintly, a good bread mi ker anil washer and Ironer; undoubted reference required; to go one mile from the city. Call at 169 Washington street, cor ner of Cortisudt st., tram 11 to 2. TXT"ANTED?A WOMAN, AS GOOD PLAIN COOK TT waste,r and Ironer. None need apply unless those who understand their business. Apply at 11 Leroy place, Bleecker ?treat. WANTED?A NEAT, ACTIVE GIRL, TO DO THE waiting, and assist whit the chamberwork of a smallfaml ly. None need apply who do not perfectly understand their business, at 106 Franklin st , between 9 and 10 o'clock. fXfANTED?IMMEDIATELY, A GOOD DRESSMAKER; W oie who thoroughly understands her business; none others neeo apply. Enquire ?t 60 Centre at WANTED?A YOUNG AMERICAN WOMAN, TO DO tlie sewing 'or a sum 11 private family. An v young woman wishing a good home where she will be treated as a mouther or the lemily, la nddltlnn 'o rsce! v ing|a small compena itlon, may apply at No. 114 Prince at, Brooklyn, for three days. .4/ANTED?A VILLI ITER, TO MAKE UP STYLES FOR TV the city trade; a person of experience, hiving worked for Broad ?ay; work given out, and tho beat salary given. Ad dress Millinery, Broadway Post olUce, staling where can be seen, for two days. WANTED?FOR A VOYAGE TO THE PACIFIC, A steward and cook, who are fimtllar with the Spanish language, and can be well recommended. Apply to k. W. Cameron, No. 6 Bowling Green. rtTASTED?A BARKEEPER. IN A WHOLESALE AND W retail liquor store Address, with nama, residence and refeience, H. l?.t Bo a ery Post office. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE >ounft German a*? coachman and gardener; ne under stands bis business thoroughly, and wld make himself guns rs'iy useful. The best of references given. Address K. K. K., Herald office. 4 IT ANTED?A COMPETENT OY8TERMAN. TO TAKE W charge of a saloon : also a good experienced waiter to at. t< i;d private rooms, and a good steady man to take charge of a hu.iard room containing five tables. The above men must be competent or not apply. Apply at the Philadelphia House, 133 4lh st, W lilUmabiu g. 417 ANTED?TWENTY AGENTS, TO CaNVA8S A W new article, can make 54 to$li per day; a small capital required Call at 116 Chambers street, room 1. third floor. 117 ANTED?TDE SUBSCRIBER UAVING AN EXTEN VV give practice In dental surgery, would take a young gou lemaii as s-udenl In such business. This turnlshes a flue op porinidty for any gentleman to educate his son. Apply at 19J Atlantic si., Biooklyu. Keferences gtven and required. WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED YOUNG MAR rled man. a situation as porter in some large establish ment; good city reference given. Apply at 39 Suffolk st. lit ANTED IMMEDIATELY-AT 106 NASSAU sr., cor: W nor Ot Ann. a man who baa some experience as a dales man In a boot and alioe store. Must come well recommended from hU last place, and be willing to make himself generally useful. C4; ANTED?AN ENGLISH GROOM. APPLY AT 109 Tv Nassau st. tXTANTED-TlIRKE MEN. IN A LIOHT GENTEEL V* business, thai pays from $b) to (20 a week. Aim, one man on a salary of from ?.*) to C A dollars a month. A boy agfaa?!*.*' ^ "hSl^Sq^ WANTED?A FIRST BATE TUTOR OF THE EXG lish language, for private lenaons, from b to 10 o'elock In the evening. Address L M.. Ilei aid office. WANTED-A OOOD DRY GOODS SALESM AN IN THE dress goods department. Apply at 446 Eighth avenue. WANTED?AN AMBRICAN BOY, OF AMERICAN DK scent, 16 to lb years of age, In a whole-ale store; must write a good, rspld band, and quick and correct at figures To ! one who can come well recommended i liberal milary will no Olid. Address, In handwriting of applicant, wtlh|relerenoes, II. A. P., Herald office. Jbl 41 411141 ?AGENTS WANTED TO SELL OUR NEW MU.UUU. publications. Two new book* out this day. wuh splendid circulars for agents; great Inducements to hook iigents sii.l others, 'lerms and cU-culars vent by mail. Call at the New iork Publishing Company's office, 102 Nassau til-eel P. F. UaRRIr, Agent. Tr TIIE TRAPES. C'ut?R~WANTED.?AN EXPERIENCED PERSON who understands his bus ness perfectly, and cau come well recommended. Wa?e*(40 to $60 per month. Applv to A. Blch A Bro., 63 Pine street, up stairs, betweeu .VUilain aud l'earl. r WATCHMAKERS.?WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A No. 1 wa'climaker, to go South, a single man (American preferred); 1-heral salary will be paid Also a good waten maker one who can rngravs. to go West: good wages; Am? rlcan preferred, apply to I RAG* A Met TUSH, artists' and mechanics' g.neral agenoy. 34)4 Pine s.reet. 0 LITHOGRAPHERS. ? ONE OOOD CRAYON _ draughtsman and two or three good general printer* wan'rd. con-iani work and lair wagr*.. Appiy personally at room No 22 Portland! street nouse, between 6 and 7 o'Jock P. M., for two or three days. r COPPER PLATE PRINTERS. ?A JOURNEYMAN printer wanted who understand* ta? general rod'lne ol the bushier*. Including cards, bill heads, Ac. No objecUon to i .-unu-v, religion or ifolllica, but of strict sobriety. Apply to JAMES i.LaRK, engraver and printer, 122)6 Fulton street, corner of Nassau. is ROSS SASH AND BLIND MAKER8.-A YOUNG a. man, having served near throe years at his trad* but who l? now out ol otnploynient through the failure of his employer, to whom he can refer, wishes to bind himself for one year to flnlvh his trade, either in New York or vicinity. Addrese, tor two days, (-baric* P., Herald office. r ENGRAVERS.?A YOUNG MAN HAVING SOME experience In the general engraving business. Is desirous of obtaining a situation to work under Instruction*. Addrees Engraver, llcrald office. WANTED-A RTOVK DESIGNER, DRAUGHTSMAN and pattern maker; one who 1? competent to take charge of ? stove shop where a variety of styles of atoves are got up; situation permanent. Apply to Jcwett A Root, Buffalo, N. I 117ANTED?A SADDLER AND HARNESS MAKER, TO TT rover and trim hobby horses, cab*, Ac., Ac. Inquire at 13 Fulton st. I1/AN1KD-A FIRST RATE WATCHMAKER, TO OO YV into the country to work; good wagee given. Apply to Cooper A Fellows, 11 Maiden lane. n/ANIED?A CARPENTER, TO WORK IN A HOTEL. TV by the mnn'h; one who writes a fair hind and a goo 1 acinuntant prcteired Apply at the Olobe Hotel, corner of Frankfort aau William it*. tl'ANlED IMMEDIATELY?A GOLD PaPKK MAKER TV U, attend a cy limitr machine. Good wages given. In quire at IV Bulling slip, N. Y. IKTGLLIUENCK OFFICES. Agency office for providing servants tll fast ltth st., Union square, eaiaoiubed ifUO, under 1 ho patronage o* Kav lira I) ng. < heever. Ilswks Ratrd, Dowltng. ?atrefclld. Melhmild. Ac , Ac., for the pm'eo tlon id emp oins In l' e selection ot screams, sod the gu?Wnce 01 pensma tei king situations. Good city reference required. John o'UaLlaoHuk. L'NPI.OYKRS WISHING GOOD HELP WILL FIND RE JEj ? liveable, Koghsb, Scotch and Irish servant* for l.-.ieis Slid pruste tatnhiee at Morris Gohaert A t o *s at, Itrotd wsy.rorner Itesite; also waiters, coschtren. farmer*, lalmrer*, Ac., at bis or me branch office, lot Greenwich *L W'ANTKD-AT 4 EAST BROADWAY. TWO BGY4 TO V* lean, trades, a vnimv man and hoy for ? who eas e liquor suae, an 1 ngiBh or Sen eh farmer and wife to take 1 hire* of a tar ii 01 Ismg Island; men on steamer* and ra I toad-, pollers, t-arkaeiers, coacb'nrn, waliera. ac Apply to koward uillkx. 1 KIM ii ADVKH rikKNEETd. tTN CUIMNIER FATHSIF.R. ARRIVANT Di PAEIS. J deslrmni se placer dan* una fainills parti-nll' re ou d*;i* line hotel, S'ailrasaer C. B.,eu hnrsau do re journal. Uoe dann- arrlTant dc I'srl*. aacliant fklre lae robe* retaaaar e' rodler. il? ?lrc se placer coo.roc (rmnr de rhamnrc dan? uue n.aivon patttculidre. B'adreseer L. It., au bureau d* ee jour rial. _ TTN* DEMOISELLE FRANCA WE, CONNAHS (NT BIEN U sa iang"c ct 'a enquire dcaircralt trouvcr una pi*c? tan* one ramllle. sr.11 couune gouvernante ou lingvre. 0 a Leaser a aa. rue t Uiiroh. MLia a* iwnoa, . A ?0Ti?? S^'yt-capoKKttT. olarr and CHINA. xV By J. B. H. BaR tLKTr, aiKttuMtr,-Tuvdfty, No* -I ol 10 o'clock, At Ml Pearl street-Peremptory sale-A: 1 kind* W O. bine and common warn, AX) pkgs. glassware chma toys, vases, tea sets, to.. atiUary, liriLaoU ware. Ac., In lota, m ?uii city and country <*??? ^ AUCTION NOTIOl.-AHMGNKK'B BALK OK M AONIPi* cent dtamono jewelry and watcha*. heuw tlia eit ra stunk 01 *. ??UP?-?i>#AKl) BOHrf.VOit Wil eeli at atisuou tela day, tl 1SW o'clock, at tlia salesroom. No Id Wall suae! a maitniBcaitt Invoice of dta-unud jewelry and roll watches, consisting In part of diamond brace on, ptn?, ear rugs, rings. Ac., Ac.; gold waicbea, by i>en>, Cowoar, robin, Jim. Johnson. I ooper and other distinguished maker*; also, e.cvaul csmeo, inotaic and o'her jewe ry; ?oid pias. earriuts! rings, vest, guard and fob cbaina. making alto getner the ineat assortment of tewelry ever offered at aueuoa la Una city. AUCTION NOTICE?SECOND GREAT 8 ILK OF MAO iilhceut lloe eogravinga?EDWARD 80UKN'OK wil aell, at auction, on Wednesday Nov. IB, at Id)* o clo tk, at me salesroom. No lb Wall atreet. a magultioeut oo lecUjo of due 111 c eogravinga, from the original p.otures by Hogarth, Wuke Lane seer. llcnlng. liateman aud others. some of whloh arj enilrelv new lu thin market. I he engraving! will be oa exhi bition on the day previous to the sale. ACCTION NOTICE.?O. B. UOIJUII, AUCTIONEER - hlegaui turultura and house furnlahiug articles at public, auction, tile (luesda*) morning, at the reddendo No (D Wurreu atreet. oppoalte the depot of the Hudson Hirer Ha J road, at lu); o'clock urea sely. The gala wl.l ooumouoe In I he parlors, which are ooverod with heavy otrpot of Turkish velvet, and not In the least soiled. Also run and male; very excellent rose wood 7 octavo piaoofor'e, with heavily carved case; Hue rosewood suit, covered In orlmioii and on rton brocatei: "b? elegant solid frame do., lo green and gold French brocaded i-atln; rose vood ladies' reoep Ion and aaiy chairs, aplendid revolving front rosewood bookcase. Aian, cos. ly rosewood marble lop centre tables, solid roan wood etoger-H with plate mirror lining; large pier glasses and oval do., dun and silver broculel curtains, lace do , very heavy; also, cor nicer, slabs and brackets, several valuaole laudsoapea, fruit aud marine pieces, porcelain paintings; elegant ornaments an,1 fancy articles, such as Sevres, vases, Gothic inlaid clooks. As , In valla spring chairs, corner oupboarta, corner stands, olio mans, gas chaiide.ters, Ac. Lining rooms?One 14 feet walnut extension table, on? 8 feet do., dining aud tea tables, mahogany sofas spring *auch.ir4, rockers, dining and easy chairs, sldeboar I. card a id G . b o tanlca. silver services, casters, baskets, rarki aud spoons. Ivory knives, carvers, belts, saivers. deem'ers, colored Bina miau ware, elegant dining set, 180 pieces; two tea sets 88 pieces; one do., 44 pieces; tumblers, goblets, wines, preserves Ac. Bedrooms-Elegant rose wood dreaing bureaus, do. ma hogany, was belaud*, commodes, gilt mirrors, splendidly ilo-sh td antique rosewood aud mabogant bedsteads, line curled Dtlr mattresses, Bru?-els tapeairy carpels, lugralu do., Brussels aud\eiellsn stair do., Marseilles counterpanes, Hon l imbs' wool blaukeis, beautifully painted shades, mualin and lane cur ia ue, Ac., to Catalogues at the house, or at the offloe ot the auctioneer. 7(i Beekmao street. Also, valuable and duraiile household furniture, to 'e sold peremptorily Wednesday morning, at the raaldauoe,70 Mur ray street, near College place, at 10)4 a. a. i ro contents of the bouse, nearly uew aud of the beat work roe ihlp, ottering a rare opportunity for purchass-s, oiusisls party, in parlor* of au elegant and coatlv rosewood piano forte. stool aud cover; rich velvet aud Brmieti carpeting; large pier glasses: also, oval do.; rosewood *"utre sua other eh'guntly designed tables, artlh marble tops; rosewood etegere, recaption chairs; two magnificent rosewood sn ta In duo French broeatel; rosewood bookshelves, ohoioo o'l psinilogt lace curtains, cornices, ormolu clo- ks, alabaster and wills tnaible, do.; Parian and bisque dgure* Ho vers, vases, Ac. Also, elegant china vases, corner stegere*. Ac , Ac. In the dining rooms and bedrooms?Extension ut ties, colna dinner sola, t-liver services, richly ornament d, do. cake on ke a, forks, spoons, salvers, An., Ac.; cutgiasswarc nreserves, wines, ao., lo.; roae wood and mahogany, excellently made bedsteads, dreaalug bureaus, wsshstauds, corner do., counter panes, hlankeis, feather beds, bolsters and pillows, sheet* and Sblow noses, pure curled hair mattresses, Ac., An hairmx, ve stoves, hall chairs, ollololh and Brussels aud Venn tan stair ca> pets, mahogany sofas and sofa heds, mahogany ch ilrs, r'ckert, canc seat do. Bale peremptory, rain orslilue. uata logucs now ready. Auction notick-s. f bartol auctioneer, t.y B F. HaKTOL A CO., will sell, this day, at U% o'c cck, at 3UC Pearl street, near Peck Blip, SO ca<ea of bran Jy. gii, fit) demijohns do., 10 chests ol lea, feather heds. clock and crockery, Ac., by order of Thomas Hussell, assignee. Auction notiok.?household furniture, rosk wn( d piano forte, French plale mirrors, Au 'This morning, (Tuesday,) at 10)4 o'clock JutlN K., auitio.ioer, will m-11 at the sores of l>aj, Russell A Co., No OS Nassau sited, (two doors from Fulton street,) a superior collet) ion of household turnlture, Ao (which will positively he sold to pay ad vancee,) comprising ruh rosewood parlor subs. In satin brnc.i tell, rich decoralea chamber turnlture, roeewood aud mtbn gniiv marble ton bureaus aud wsnbstaud*, oxk, niaho piny, rosewood srd black walnut bookcases ro ewo.d aud tniho gony ocdsteads, pure hair mattresses; sideboards, solas and sob beds; parlor and rocking cbsl, s, superior ?net stun tables, carved murole top utiles, French plate mirrors, oil paining*, Uhlroi tea sets, lounge hods, Ac., Ac also, one super or second band rosewood seven octave planoforts, cjst SI5J. Those in want of good furniture will do well to attend this sale, as the stuck must l>o Closed. Auction notice -furs, furb, furs, and sleigh robes To-morrow (Wednesday ) at lb o'clock, A M , JOHN F. RlIBBht.1., auctioneer, will sell at the store of Dav Itussell A Co., No. 86 Nassau street, a Hue asso-.iuevt of rion msiiulactitred l urs and sleigh robes. These furs may be relied upon as being well manufactured aud well preserved. Auction notice.?thos. bell, auctioneer-iiv BE1.L A BU8U ?This da)*, at 111)4 o'c'ock, lo our s.iles rooms No 12 North WUdam street, will te cold a i extensive variety of excelleut household furniture, cutnpnsiug all xincs ol articles In the Uue. Handsome carpels, tea, d ulng, exten sion and card tables, bureaus, sofas, chairs, couch beisteats, tbicc quarter and sing e French bedsteads, hair and other matlrtsaes; wardro*>es, superior planofor.e. wiutlow curtains, dliner acts, engravings. Ac. Also, a super .or stock or well as sorted seasonable dry goods, hosiery, clothlug, silks, brochs sbawis, a.pucss, merinos, silver and pla ed ware, one line gold hunting watch and chain, sutujle for a lady; four wntrhes, counter with spring mattress; also four marule mau lel pieces, hale positive, ACCTION NOTICE.?J. BOG ART, AUCTIONEER, BY 8 B'igart.?'litis day, at 10)4 o'clock, a' the auction rooms, corner Frankfort and WU'iam street, household furniture, ma hogany solos, tables, chair*. Brussels, three p y carpets, Bag .hit Hour oil cloth, cooking and olllce ?tw <es, brdstcads, cra dles. corner atanus, oil p i ntings, set splendid glrsndo es, p a ted wine, table cutlery, ohina tea sett; alooa lot of men's aud boy's shoes, tancy goods, Ac. Auction notice.?davidb. condit, auctioneer, will sell tnls (Tuesday) morning, at ll))4 o'clock the con mts of house 78 FrankJiu street, near Broadway, e mail lug of rosewood parlor suits. In satin brocade: centro, stile nnl sola tables, oh paintings lure snd brooatel curtains, large oval ni d pier glasses, tapes'ry and velvet carpets, rnsesrnod and mahogany bedsteads, biiieaus, woshstands. leather beds. olBier*, pillows, line wool blanket*, hair matirctsci, black walnut and mahogany cushioned chairs, sofas, rockers, cnlua vo. es, crockery, glos* ware, ivory cu lery, silver ware, sal vers, forks, spoons, casters, tea service, stair carpets, oil c'oths, Ac., comprising the whole contents of a well furolsbod four story house, a deposit required from all purcbsscrs. Auction notice.?wm. b. jonf^, auctionebb.? By virtue of sn execution, I will sell, on Wednesday the 28th day of November, at the stoi c 115 Canal street, the fol lowing goods, consist Ing of several ptoc** of cloth, eo it and vest patterns, ready made doming, counter, cutting table, fixtures, Ac. CIlAKLKn F. WAITS, t'unstable. Auction hai.e of fink watches and jkwklbt.? A. M. CKIiTAI.aK, auctioneer, U'i Ho?ery. will Mil iiiik day, 27 th lust, at 11 o'clock, a largo and ajtlcndld assnn ncnt ot Fold and silver levors, duplex, anchors, le,dries, verti cal. quartlors, and other watches; do diamonds, rut>lM, and oihcr prealoua atouca, rlngt, pltm, bracelets, earring*, Ac ; do. gold veal, folt, guarc, and ladles' chain*. with ?ii u of onain idled watooea in cases; alio, a lot of other gold jew-dry; do. ilKer ware, suutf boxes, Ac ; Co. violins, guitars, ha-ijos, ac COTdecme, and other musical inatru n*uu<; anvcr keyed tlutea, m- thrmatlcal Instruments, opera glasses, guns and pit >l?; one Londrn gtut, In caae, and a number ol other ar'lclea too nutner inia to mention. Store keepers and dealers are personally In I thl* sale. Ifjr arder of a. J. ana J. A. JACK vited to attend t BUN, pawnbrokers, 68 Reado alreet. AUCTION BALE OF WINK8 AND PEG ABB.?ON J\. Wednesday, Nov. 28. at 12 o'clock, at the auction rooms, Si* Broadway (Gothic Hall), an Importer's mock, ci>ir.pri*iog oral quality old wines brandies, Ac , suitable for the holidays (iooda warranted to accord with sample*. BAVAQK a l'ARKS, Auctioneers. Assignees bale ok cabinet furniture, Ac.?M DOUuai'Y, Auctioneer, will sell bis das (i ueariay.) Kcvember 27. at 10)* o clock, at the store, 27 (en tra et., the enure stock oi a cabinet maker ami tur nlture dealer reiaovetl for convenience of sale; sofas, lete a teles, lounge*, mahovanv easy aid rocking chairs, 20 dozen mahogany par or chairs, 20 dozen maple, oak and <*al nut. cane do ; card, centre, dining and oiteaiton utile*, large and unikll gilt end uiahocany frame mirrors, 16 mabogauy bu reau*, French and collage bedsteads, lialr, husk and suaw niHttresaea; leather beds, Ac. A'ao, a lot of second hand In mi ni re carpets, sloven, china crockery and glaae ware, clocks, Ac. Dealers and others will Bad this tale worthy attention, rale peremptory. ASSIGNEE'S HALE OK A HOUSE AND FOUR LOTS in " uiately. A in 181st street.?Rt111 bo sold cheap li applied for lmtne Inqulreof J. A. PRIOR 10o Weal Fortieth street. CHINA. GLASH AND CROCKERY AT AllCTlON.-J. J. Waldron, Ancfot-oer.?UKNhY (1. KVaN.S, yj Pearl street, will sell, on Tuesday. Nov. 27, In lots to suit the trade all kinda of while grenile, blue and common ware, china ten sets, varss, motto cofl'ees, Ac. Aim glass ware of all detC.Tp nncs. Good* well pecked for shipping BI1. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.?HANDSOME PRI ? rate residences or beventh avenue, Twenty sixth and Thirty second streuta. at auction.?K. H. LUlli.oW w li sell at auction, on Tuesday, Nov. 27, at 12 o'clock at the Merchants' P.xehange:?Seven-It avenue?The handsome four story brick house and lotontlM MuUiweat ourner of Seventh evanue and I- Ifteenth street; house 22 by about 66 feet, let 22 l>y IU0 feet Twenty-sixth sueet?lbn handsome four story br >wu sums front boose arid lot en the north tide of I wentr-sixth street, 2t)>i feet west ot Sixth avenue; house 21 feet 10 inches by about 6-t test; kit 21 feet 10 Inches by <ht met '.I Inches. Tb.riy aesouu ? trect?'1 he four handsome lour story brown atone houses end -ota. No*. 227 22V, 231 end 233 West thirty second ureal, ou the north side, between klgbth end Ninth ereuues, hiiue* 18:0 bv 6tc-lote 1881 ?>) 08:9. The alxivc hen cos ere well ouill and have a I the modern Improvements, and being c m rent tm 'o car and s age rou'e*. make them very de-Urania for prlvaie residences. Terms, which will be liberal, win be made known on US day of sale. Maps can bo had at the of the auctioneer, No. 11 Wall Street. 13UOENE 11. FRANKLIN, AUCTIONEER?RY FRANK 2 LIN A NICHOL8.?Large stock of custom made furniture. at auction^ jo pay advances, thw day, (Tuesday.) at lot* o'clock, at .9 Narsaa street, near John, consisting In pnrt c. rosewtod and ruahogsuy parlor etilia, in rl.-hFr.mch satin brocatei; cilmson and maroon velvet plush Kogll-h h sir eloih. Ac ; enamelled obamber furniture, do ; library and ?ecretary boc>kcase?, etegeres. sideboard* marble bureaus, washetand*. rosewood ren're and pier ;able*. exien skm dlr log lailea, e egant ro-ew.nd and mahogany oeds'eads, bun- mam cases i.alllasars oral and eler *ilt t.ame.1 Kronen pis e mirrors, oil |>#lntiiix*, Ac. At 12 o'clock an Inv !c?i of silver plated w are. The above go ds will ue -old with i n r*. serve, to II.akr n om for our fur sale, whp-h will bike place on Wednesday. Notcmber 28. T7LIAH COOMIIN, AUCTIONEER, WILL SKLL THIS Tj morti.rg, wphont re?erve, in pay edia. ce. and close .on . Ignuiems. at 1. >, o'clock, at No (ki wassail street a Urge sn.l rleh assortment ot furniture. carpsUng, mirrors, oil paintings ebvtr pianm w.ire,perlutnery Ac F. COLTON, AUITTIONKKR.?IMPORT* NT SALE OF b. usehmd furniture from Ms-en Island.?In,) collage bedsteads, two ptanolrnee, Hrtitw-1*, Unn? ply ant Ingraui . ?m- " * ??' ~ sr.or autts, <" ? at per*. Mty lu l pieces-of oilcloth, pur,or ?iwU* oil pithiUng*, Ac , Ac F CelUin ? HI sell, cay, I nesdsv, November 27 at II-)* o'clock, nt the suction rooms, 6S Me.kmtn on Ibeseroid door, Ihe largest stock of h -useho'd furniture in tl has ?('cred ihls season. It will Include ihe nndre fnrni tore el a large hou-e on Staten Island cnrnpr"Un| rich rvse wood parlor inrnbure In rosewood and irons lei, turn sn,i?.1jr oiarotor e, f-'i ociavnronc plain do ; full French and Kb/.* betl,In ae.lstcHda, marh'e -op outre, e.a- d and -ot* tables; dining ?n-d eilensl.jtt de.. 'srge -are-. a ..I sec.eta-tea w ir.liti >e* n sl-ocany temste'e trt'ni srd sofa he.|ai,. >4*. Vol.slrti chair* rarve-l ro< here, mab...any end r>wc voo.1 tis'lur cl airs, .e. e-.ry, three ;.ly ami leg run car tela.. l*. full , ol. b< b ib. large and small n.lrre ?, sevsra! v.- y tieenurni on palnlli g?, curl n.aple and oak i h*ir* hs r nitdre-s.-. an 1 ,isl . ihiau and glaea ware, linur suua of race sfurulnre, matin g, Ac , Ae. Also, sul able tlie trale, lis. cu .? -s had cso* in gimd order. Bale will fa paiempwrr, rain 'ir sblne. N It.?Tie noek Is largr, end wul ..:le- md loniiients to the trade, as well a*a.I others In wan of rraliy good furniture I

FH'RNITl RESALE.-A M CNISTaUR AUCtK)sKRR, *1,1 sen oe Tuosdey 77th et 10 o'ntaok, et No. i? >v.o?.-r site, t the IttrtiUtire of e gemeel fansilr.*la m ? of *p *n I'd dial-gany cht:re. sofa*, 'ete a tete>, ii-u oe s fvllt-m in J in grab, ear.ire, eard. a--.l pies taulet, French maonga DV srd <sVr bedstead*, pier end o her glasses, a unmoor i ol btber ar .cles, too auouiuue m taen . -u. BAJUOS AT AUCTIOJ. FUB8.?KUOKNR B. KHANKiJN, AUCTIO N KB I. BIT KKA5KMN A NlUBOLs, a* their salesroom*. i9 Nt<*-->1 street, between John nod Pultou.?To morrow (tVel tools?), Nor. 2', hi 10)4 o'clock, Meter*. (? ran* lln ? Ni ihols WlM oiler to ibe trade, a* above, au tin torer'i stork of in lauCts lured iur? coinils In* of chum, mantillas, taiiu >s peltries*,, cuff* muffs, gentlemen's oolite* an 1 glove*. l*t> sun aletgb robe* ricbljr lined and irinm-d This stock is new Among the variety ?UI be found to luutata ma'leu Krnuoh **ble, flub, genat, Biberion iquirrel, Polish ermlue, reel stone marten, Ac.. Ao. Ej1Uh8 AM) SI.KIOH ROBES AT AUCTION.?J. H. VA* LKWATKK. auctioneer, wll noil th a Jay. at l.l>i o'cln u, at tb>-.alermuin 12 Maiden lane, a large atsortuisul of fur*, matnilac tireo from <be beat Block expressly for c t :o a >v?, being die r est assortment ever oJertxl at auottou, a I of or uc'i are warranted as to style qua lty and tntnilfao'.ure The ** sortnietl comprises royal eruih.e Kusslaa and tluJjoa day table mink, stone, marien, d>ch. marieu, squirrel o we*, rio tor ne* mull's. cuff*. tippets, Ac , all of which ars wnrihythe alt ntion ot the 'rode. l-sdles and rentlemsu arc requested to examine ibe nwor uiaot before purchasing, a* they will ilnd r io ilieir advon'me. Bvery lot to >>e toll porerapio-v to ib* blplnal bidder. S eljh robes aonsbtilug of woir, M i l- >a Hay, 1'oJar bear, prairie wef foi. coon, silver badger, Ac.i also costs, capo, foot muffs, gloves, Ac. CNEGROK COOK, AUCTIONEER. -L Alt'IK AMI PR IT rcmpiory sale of new and elegant furni ure lo p *y ad vances. ana lobe sold to the highest bidder, f >r cash, witho it re reeve ?On Wednesday, Nov 26, at luX u'o ook. ai the sties rtsitns, 117 ratsau street near Ueekmau, will tteaold a* above, the extensive nook of parlor, chamber duiiuz rou u an I n nnr flirt tiure, lu rosewood, m*b--?.uy, oak and tilaok walnut china, vsacs. glass ware, plated do ; In fool, every ardne tie cestutry for housekeeping, t.'aialogues n. the morning of sale. Bc>lng and shipping carefully attended lo. GO. HOK'ION, AUCTION tkKB, WILL 8KLL AT THE . sale* room. 84 Cedar s'reet, Wednesday, ai Idtg .retook, bourebi Id fu-uilttre rosewood aud mabugauy secretaries aad book esse*, dress, bureaus a handsome a?s irtia*iit oi gloat tu d silver ware; a so two horses, wagons aad name a. GO HoRTON, aHCTIONKKB BACKS RjioM vO. 84 ? Cedar sued, will sell-but day, at 10,H o'clock at No. si 1 a't Blxih street, near Tblrd avenue, fur jiture of a boarding bouse. GBOCERIE8.-RAI81N8, 1-ttlH, NUTS, Wtll-UIKY This d*>. at 10)4 o'olook at6j Dey street, oorner of Ires i* wlch-t-Iioes sosp, teas coffes, sneers, oh'ioolaie, prunus, tn gars, tobacco, via, brandy, hard warn, *Uive<, iilo-lt*, colors, oiats, pairs, kuives, l'orks. spoons, scissors, planes, cnlaeU W. A. ilaklka, Auctioneer. Henry h. lkedb a Co.. auctionkhkb?uppiok No. 19 Nassau street.?Assignee*' sale af the mo.t on J y de cijptl<? of i'r.rtstan lancy goods the amok of au l.aporinr; rosily clocks, creeslng asses, moan ed lu *llv?-and unn >H; jewel ca-k'ls, Ac. to DO sold wltbou1 auy reserve, to olose the concern. kKMtY H. uEEldb A CO. will mill oy auoUna, on Tuet-dsy. itlb, and Wednesday, 28tn November, ol ball past ten n'olnck each day, by order ?f lbs assignees, wl bout re serve, the s ock ol an lmporiar. cousietiag or tuper.i dr'sstng coses fur ladles and gentlemen, uwmikd iu sliver; work boxes mourned ui orninln; UtteJ do; superb j? vel ctskeis la ormiiu, Bred wltn si k nrd velvet; real brouxe tig'ire* aud groups, rlegar t marble clocks, best dsn.; silver gllte.i e glasses, be to ilful Ions, of evrrv variety, rich y decoratel; glove boxes, bronze, clrna ?nd papier inoalie inkstandt, uiusleal boxe>, va rinus sue*, school medals, silver and satin ornomaaU, opera glasses in jet, pearl and orino u; purse*, reitr tiles, leather do and bags; napkin rings of silver, spar, shell Ac ; silk guards, storks, slik bogs, segar stands, <eleaoope<, sliver and gilt thimbles, vases, vlolm slrlnss, L iiole lorn vase* too e uells alarm chicks avoordroas, shaving briuuie*. -vorv handle hair tin. pen 11 and lortolse shell do, ftney nm-kles. elasUos, sua fuelled bulimia rill brooobis, gilt bracelet., jets, pearl but tons, hoqu-t bo-ders very due; need*. tor o *e shell and other rorni s, compasses, uushlons, very elegaui; caru receiver*, duster*, euvelore boxes, linen provoi* letter atHtnps, ina'cu paper boxes, velvet and gilt do nutmeg crater*, itloelpias t-luwi (to (Hiour bozoa. paper ouiteis of p-arl, ivory, Ae.; paperweights, segar at* .d*. aud oher unuky gone*. Aia.i superb sets clocks ami oaudelabrss, of real nrooze figure* an J marble, costing (UM), and olber description*. The trade are psrllculai ly invited to ezamlne the stoek one day befor* the saie 'loruis?Kor all sums ove- fast, ulosty day* credit for approved indorsed no*-; utdrr that amount cash, wliUotp dlsooi-nt. N. B ? i be above goods wio t?e removed to our store as si ov< iu package*, for the convenience of *aie Also, *ilv?r portemonnnies, simll boles, silver km tea In c*?es, aud card; also two large oval gilt fr .ma Preach plate looking glasses, made by the best city maker. Henry h. lkeds a co. wii.l sell by auotiun, on I uesday, Nov 27, at 12 o'clock, tn front of the sties it* m. 19 N'ss.-au street, last horses; a pair if m itched browus, horse and umre about IA bauds blgb *ound aud ktud lu dou ble or si> g'e hsmoss, can troi tostde of .1)4 minute*to the pule ?tbo mere Inside of three mlsutes. single also, a two seat wagon, wlib citension lop, nearly new Also a set of double harness, In good order, mild only lor want of use. Henry u uebtm, jr., auciioneeb.?asbkineeb' aaleot choice groceries, wines, tea* Ao?On fuesdav and Wediie<day. Nov. 2, aud 28 at lUjf o'oluck, at *aletruan No. rlne street, the entire ball,HOC of stuck uf flue gro caries, removed fur convenience of sale, by order of ataiguee-. trran the . ore "<69 Broadway, ihe stock comprise* am,tit 12J cauy b?xe< line green and black teas, 2d barrels and half bar rel* enisled anil nrowu sugars, 14 sixes Bmyruaflg*. 2d >oxn* utaorai 0(11. t>4 boxes pslt-and brown soap, 4? asks ? oh tin psgne. It 0 boxes rognao brandy. Id oasks seotoh ale, A do ls.igliKt porier, 16 kegs English mustard. 100 uoxe* prunes also, Loudon n'ckles, preserved fruits, layer ratsuis, stroking ami ehcwiiig in.iacco, eighth and quiruir ca Jt< of brandte*aud wines, In original paskogos, w..b Uusion llou*a neroil-ate*; Hour, march, adamantine candles, AC.. Ac. To be sold wiuiout 1 e*oite, uud wall worthy the at enttoa of the trade and private con*un era. Hoods on viuw uud oatalugusa reauy on Monday, at tii? t-mesrooma, No. 5% Pine street. HENBR T. LEEDS. AUCTIONEER ?LABQEBALK OP household furniture plattoloi le, mirrors, *0 , ou WeJ neecay 11 >4o'clock?Heory I.Lsed* Abo will so I a< above, on the comer nf Vestry and Caual streets, cont-ls lug of one rmewotu pisnotor.e or superior tone and llnlstt. ttvo eUtJO tolcly raived 'osewood par-or suites on* covered la rich satin brucatel, iheutlier In rich damask. large lzo rooa.vood utsr ble top elegeres mirror trout and tack oae super.or inrnogt ny book 1 ase, 1 osewood cent,e, side aud sms tatr Me top*, brus.t's three ply aud Ingrala carpat*; also bed*le?d*. bedding, basement furuliure, Ac. Bale peremplo.-y, J J. WALDRttN, AUCTIONEER ? H. Q HV4.N3 WILL ? continue the sale of lur*. at the store 62 Wilham street tail net ot cedar, at 1U>6 o'clock, ou Holiday, the 26th and every flay during the week until the whole ol iuis maguiiiceui stock is sold out. nonfi ling ol cape*, vlnlortues cuifs, mull*, boas, gentlemen's gloves and Collars, aud a variety of sleuh rubes. JBI RNBTEIN, AUCTION* h R-BY PEOsHK. BERN ? 8TK1N A PHILLIPS ?Uo Wednesdsy ihe 28th Instaat, at tnelr room, 61 Liberty elreel.lwo msgnnloeui large mau lie glasses, one do pier gloss, one ruse *ood plsuo, one sut nf broca cl and rosewood furnliure, one rose ?ood exteuslou ta ble, one rosewooo etegere one centre table, 160 yards Brus sels ctu pet, a lot of engravings, Ac , Ac JOHN LEVI80N, AUCTIONKKR.-BOOKS AT AtTC tlon.? Oil Tuesaay morning, at 12 o'clock, at N". 73 Xw emu street, by catalogue a choice wtlccUou of nooks, popular and Ulu?tr*'ert; trained pictures, ami a variety of oth-r arl clts. May be examined on the day of a tie, from 8 until 12, J MOBI ARTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS OAT, ? at Hi o'clock at 1,3 < hailntii square, furniture from a lumlly leaving for Boston; also, a large number ol m'Tors, carpets, feather beds, mattresses and oedaleads; auo, 'ancy dry poods, ?c., Ac. Bale positive without regard to wetlber. H'OKIOAOK 8ALB?ON TUK8DAT, NOY. 27, AT l(i? J o'clo k of the splendid furniture aud fixtures of .he ? i i uig saloon 111 ctassau street.?One splendid mirror, cos r i together with marble top counters, ?tlvr pit :bors, cut i -swatc. hngllsh otic oth, copper hollers, stew puna, ranges, '.I Iterators, cutlery china and past ware. Ac., togathor ?. It bur and bar llxturcs, Ac. bale peremptory for ca-ih By order of H,l as .1. BEACH, attorney for mortgagee, oOlce IS Nassau strict. WM. W1T1KKS, Atictloneer, ifflce '.87 Oanal street. ?VfOTIrK,?WILL BK SOLD AT PUBLIC 8ALU. AT THE jLN public pound Forty second s'reet tnd sere ith avenue, on Wtdttcsdav, Novemtter 28, at 12 o'clock one cow an I t wo goata. By ot der of the Pound Master, It. P. BARKER. PJ, KEIXY, ALCTIOVEHR.-I WIlL Sr.LL, THIS . da , si lu o'clock, at 31 Caibertre street, he new an I we ?elected t ock of dry goods contained In said store, comprising < lull assortment ot black and otorcd silks Krencltan'.! Keg ish nicrlnoes, long and square shawls, b.aukets, piilu, Ao. tJHAHlVK A PAKKHPKnr'8 AUCTION AND OOM O mission shle rooms, 397 Eighth avenue tales of turiilture ? d gent ml n eiOhandlse respectfully solicited and returns i mntiy n.sde All consignment* personally attended tj. :uh ndvancee made when required. CHERIFF'K KALE OF A LARGE COLLECTION OF 0 splen lid looking glasses 180 ass. ried mahogany, roscwio.1, and gltt frame tntrm-s, of varluutt sixes, Ac.: also, oil paint togs French ai d Italian engravings. Ac. This sale Is well worthy the aUent on of the trade arid others. Ha.e to commence on Wednesday, lO-th, si ltt>4 o'ciook. a. M. UKIrif ALKrt, auc iotieer, 23Bowery. T. J. OlLLi.t A.N, Deputy Sheriff. rVNlfe MORRK1L, AUOTIONBKR.-FURVITURE At> 1 hlgtiid, will be sold this morning at lot, o'clock, precisely, at cl N asset street being the stock of a lane vesniuetmaker uufor dinustliei lotedtaisday. Dealers, rc .attendprompt i>. lorno de ay wtllmke place APer wntob, a laiveSlock by cs alogue, ad sauced upon, coaabrtfclf of superior parlor, chamber end dining room furniture, ot ro-tctvo-xl, mahogany, black w*> nut and ename'ied; also, an Invoice nf superior plated silver ware. French plsto mirrors, oil paintings. Fren :U china, curl ed hair matreases, sewing machines. Iron sales, Paris desks nud boxes; also, gold jev dry and seconJ hand p lotto. tir a MKLLOR, AUCIIUNKKR.-BY HOUGHTON A T? ? MMXtik.?'Ihis day, Nov. 27. st lOJi o'clock, at 113 ? artau st, targe and peremptory sale of first class cabinet furni tue; several line toned A?*, 7, end /'. octave pianofortes, fully w-ariunletl; thick 1 much plate pier, tuan'ul and oval tnlrrsrs; . l.olcc I ngltsb engiaviuK-, paUiUngs rich cblna vasos, toilet cut, Ar. t furniture, consisting In part of several solid rosewood parior suites, covered In Urst quality satin-, broca de plueh, n.iejtiot, hair cloth, figured reps; elaltora civ tarred ?o-rwood, nwrhie top centre, pier aud side tables, rich eta , ere#, l eaufets, sld,boards writing csotuets, eecre artes, lined with ,eUn wood; wtrrimhe*. rosewood ami oak hall stui.dsand chairs, library, reception, knliaire, Turkish easy rlitlrs and , srlot chairs; tele a fetes, madt'llon hack tofix, lounges, wtfa sea lounge bed-toads, to hair cloth and delaine: e vartoty of superb chamber rurulture, In rosewood, mahogany and oak, plain and with mart le tops; richly dr.-orslail and etiatn*led chamber suits, once and dining room furniture, dining fables In - irteiy, tevolvh.g office chairs, with ahoilt 15 stoves. W1 u the sal* will eotnm-nce Ktauoiortes will oe told at rgo'clo?k < atalorues on the momlrtg ol -ait Uoodieea ite packed tor shipping on the premises, rt'lLUaM IRVlNti. AUCTMNEKR.-WM. IKV1WO v> A ? O. will sr II st site:ton. on Tuesday, Nov. 27, ttt hll o'rlock, at the office of the tontine Insuraire t omp my H Wall street ad the ofllce lurnltiirr and lixtume lau>lv rwi hgin, 0 said wsitpsit), co'iahning ot t-Ulce desks. tables, ebalrf car ppts, Ollckith, gas fix ur, s, pacer cases, Iron ralllt.g- glass lartllkma signs, maps, Ac Also, a cotty ot the Maiclai-.l i?r vcye of he city nf New Vork, new and in flue ord r At,.,, I.lack cash Iwbk, e-tgers, slock ledgers, minute balks a id other hlsnk hooks, handsomely hound and In gtssl order, mid It) order of Lnelen Birdscye, Receiver, Ac. tirilJ (AM IRVING, A! ' TIONEKR.?EI, I'd A NT SALE T? ol tanrv goods. F rench otit is hrntixe* 'hlnesc gnj, 1 ii'Ian n.athle .leisure g,x <t? elit?r plated ware ,L ? WIMIAM IRVlNti A Co. win .ml st anetton,on me |,y and Wedi.r-eay, Nov 27 and at, at ln'j o'clock, at theailes iotas Mi A Flue street, hrnoae and orranla e ocks, ctu tela brss, candlesticks, ee.ant bronze groups, lupins, waich stHcds, ti kstsrxts Psrtan marble croups and figure , Parian butter tnl.s, piighere plate*, super t silver plgf ? 1 tea g,,(, wpterke'tles tea and colt'ee ores. massive silver plated wgtt ers, casters, cake baskets, liquor frames. butter 'uht, sal ?, red t askeis, large iiivoit e .ft.a! tee quods, Chinese cnarn riled Vises, trvm 3 Inches to 3 fed high; superh U"qoere l *tvk utdes with Ivor' flitlnra; tea trays s? ;sr r^s -s wor* In xe?, jewel ookrts chew boartls ^is aI botn\ Oh nc te seeks, elegant t rrn lt eh r.a. pslnte I and ileoorafsH esses, e i i ?trr Viri, croups cope* Inkstands, let and dinner n - ? iJognes, elega .t ?retire eaodelakrts, eepportct ft ? eilig to I.res, el?or vi ssketa,gove boxee, tua op paint tigs or altar had ut glsse T' 'Tlff''Bil-Fi.R!H ; .'RE. TI rari elr, *e , this day, nt'ne xnflno twm, ft lr;V'|t. to street,at Itl'.n'elock last ncsi v soCas.r.hs.n. J| tV?. Utitng ?Site,; 1 ret.rh t nd Idacx bail Isb, J.nshcs, e? ?' bests, dri-s'tng ami msr te top bureaus, rora heb tats * fa at d dining table . comer aucls, stke ttn'a^c i n iroi tcioteads wasfcstsoda, erl t?, cradles; fcff*>y.r. ? ra'vli p v and Ingrain carp?ting, m.rror. psluttags storea, eroeg r), Ac. u 11 J.IA U T l?)YD. AI OTIO>FI.E.- nK NITKR'A ?1 ss'e iht-dsv at the aec loti room. No. 197 W,lt;a a st at II t'rloek the Ibltowtug gtxt si?tlotk dreitinr C.tsq ..'"J aid ? trerwsteles god vest a: d fob t h*lr>?, go,j,r, tt pe s. in Of era glass; ttls ol and eate; getd mr at.d nnyee rUge, htuoche*; tevo.rer aad ra*?; stwtl pens gold per. UAc. ?*!*? AT ADCl'iUH. WM?TTTlliBB8'.,AV0!riO',*,sav WILU SILL OS Wednesday, at 10K o'c'o -k, ?t 1&7 Oca' stree hy va lue of_a oh?uel mor'gage, a quantity ..t h?.nebold furniture, ?of*. In p'uah and haircloth >ockerq ?prui so .lobars mar ll' lop tables. Brussels and other earpo a, ouelothi, m shoasuv sbd walnut bedsteads, hair and oiher insure i-ei, father usls tending. marble top dressing bureaus, w?-us audi, to let seat, dining room and ki'cbao mrnlture cooking and parlor auirev also the counter* and show nam* carpets, a oils, table* an J tiliurea of a milliner's ne'ehlUhment. JU&tulUlta adU UMMlSia. 7nn broaI>waY ? familikh or hiN u.k gkvtlk I U 4 men, wtah'ng board for the winter, will A-i mow, n suit* or atnitle, aa they ma) donre. In Uin ??;? ami nom a .11 km boti-e corner ot Broadwav end M..01 street, weat aide 1 f broad "> . ? 710 BROADWAY, CORNER OK WASHINGTON I IO place, over Weller'a saloon.?F urolahed p or lor 4 and bedroom. f?QQ BfcOOME 8TRKBT. TWO YOUNG LADIES CAN 000 br accommodated with a comfortable room and board, an moderate terms. Q7Q FOURTH HTRKKT?FRONT PARLOR AMD BRD Ot t/ ronm on ibe second floor, elegao l> furntdied 10 lei, whb or wlinou' board; aiao. single ro.rn% for gentlemen; all in' de. n Improvements and comb .11 In ihe house. 1 Qd fourth htrkkt-a gknilkman ani> his 1('1 wife, or two or three single emeu, can have ploa sani rooms, wltb hosrd; pieusrut location; ares "lo ir. from Waahb g on square; rrfe. encea exchanged. Apply aa above. 1/1Q KIOUTH HTRKKT, OPPOSITE TUB MBR lVff ItO tUe Idbfary.?Two gentlemen nv have pleas ant a ad well furnished rooms, on the fourth Uoor, with board. Q7 PHINCK HTRKKT, BKCON'D DOOR WEST OF Of Broadway. A large, band tome front roimnn the se cond Do r, ?itb Ann nanulea, furnUI.ed, wltb board; the room contains water and gas. House Aral class. Reference* ex changed. TO WF8T TWENTY-TAIRD STREET ?A GEN TLEM AN '' and Indy. or several gentlemeu, may have o US".fit front rum* on ibe sreood floor, with board. Ibe hnn-e is well situated and contains all the modern Improvements. References exchanged. nt\ FRANKLIN HTRKKT FIRHT HOUtoR WMT OF I Vr I roadway. ? A sill ot neatly fumlaned rooat (fron ), on the second floor fbroakfkst sc-ved If required), u> let u> a Cntlen an and wile, or single gentlemen Also, single >od gr double rooms, for lodging. Price fi om $2 to $7 per week. Inquire as above. OO AMITY HTRKKT.?TO LKT, WIT a OR WITHOUT Uv pai us. board, one handsome parlor and hod room, and large on second floor with gas and bath, a id all mo dern luquo-menu; and one good rootn on bird llo ir, wnltualeu tiled for a gco'lcmau aud wife or two elog.n gentleman; noar Broadway. Btagea pasa Ibe door References required. CO BLF.EOKKB HTRKKT. PORNIBHKD R'PlM-s TO oU let, wlib full or pa-Mai board; tho homo contains all the modern improvements, .ecood block from Broadway. 9Q GRF.BNK HTRKKT.?A GENTLHMaN AND WIFE, &0 also two sin tie gentlemen, can be- accommodated with full or partial board, on very reasonable tor ins. QC GRKKNK HTRKKT, NEAR CANAl/?GKNTLEMEN thrlr wives, or a lew single geatleineo.usn have hard homely furnbhed rooms, with full or partial u-isrd; good lao'o, Ac.; hot and cold oaths; terms moderate; refer -ucaa excoong ed. Also a arge front room on second floor to let. 7BLEKCKKR HTRKKT, EAST OF BROaDWaY.-ONK or two gei.tlrmen, or n gentleman and wife, can htvn a nicely turnlahrd room, on the Aral floor, In acootral livadoo, wl.h Anlor par Hal board. None but persons of ihe first tei pectabllity need apply. A PARTY OF THRKE OB FOUR GENTLEMEN wauled, to occupy two Inrnidied room*, wltb or without partial board in a private tanoty In Seventh street. Those wishing an Interview may address Brown, Heiald odlce AFKW GKNTLKMEN. WISHING SINGLE ROOMS, OR gentlemeu and ladles who want a good .mar ling place, wou ddo well <0 call at 2U2 Sixth avenue, note Four-oiuiih 't . et Gas, hoi and cold water, baths, Ac. Terms moderate. One or two clei ks for day board also AFURNI8HKI) BEDROOM To LKT. WITH WHOLE or partial board?Family small and no chll Iren. at 4/ W'oet Klghteeulh s reel Reference given and required. A PLEASANT boom, neatly furnisfird and nicely kept, may be bud in a small private family, wi n an occasional meal, If desired. Location easy of ae ?.ess. Rent from 64 10 $M a mooih. Reference required, in pure of Mr. ba;l, 467 Fourth avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OB HINGl.K QENTLKMftX cm be accommodaied with a plcaou' room, w ith uoarl, to a small priva e family, at No 74 (old number iW) West iM si ; the bouse contains the modern tut iru/oment, and Is conve nient to cars and stages. 1 ei us moderate. AFKW GENTLEMEN OB GENTLEMEN AND THEIR wlvtso and be accommodated wi'h ii-iard, or rooms with out board for gendemeu only, at IMS West Twenty scvmita st. - OKNTLLMaN AND IIIH WIFE, OR TWO SINGLE Xs gentlemen, can be aci ommodn'e-1 wltb a bedroom tad .1 large front roou. furnished, nn tho second door, Willi DuaiC, at 161 Spilug street, near Woes tor. A LADY AND GENTLEMAN DESIRE A NICK FRONT rtoui, and bidroom a lacbed, ;wlth bin d for the lad o ily,) Are and lights lucluuod at |W per week; not higher up than Bleeoker, and west of Broadway. Please address Mar gery, Broadway Poat oAlce. Board.?skleot pamii.ieb, or single gentle men can be accommodated with Ftudr-imelr furnlsued looms, in sul'a or single, in a first ctass private boose, desira bly located, near Waahtogton square. Apply at id Thooipsou street Dinner at A o'clock. References exchanged. OARD?A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY CiN AP-'OM modate two gentlemeu and their wires, or four .luslo geuUemen, wltb handsomely furnbhed roo ns and full or par Hal board. Apply at X48 West Nlneteentn atrccl. B Board.?a labor sized, comfortably fur niabed room large pantry, grate, Ac., for a gantlom tn and with or single geutleiuen Likew ise, a largo room on third floor, where a stove Is Axed for general cumtorl. Respects Ma merbanlcB will do well to call colore buttling for the winter. :-3 Ft rsyth st, near Walker. Board- at .12 raht twelfth street, corner 01 University place ? A choice of roomv, from $6 to $15. LInner at 1 o'clock. FUth avenue stages psss the dour. BOARD-ELEGANTLY FURNISHED apartments, with board, may be obtained at No. AI East Twenty third sueet. BOARD.-WANTED, BY A GENTLEMAN. AN URKUR nlsbed room, witli partial board, In a prlvu'e fumlly, Is widow laoy prrterred,) and near Broadway. Address <t. L" A., l ulon square Poet office OARD.-A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR A FEW 1 single gentlemen, can be accommodated wlib hoard. Also, a hack parlor and ni droom handsomely furnished. Ap.ily it No DHL i.eorge's p.acc. East lTilrUentb street, between First uid beoondavunui a BOARD.-A SMALL FaMILY WI-tH A FEW BOARD era, to irske n pteaasn' family; nsuns plriisant: hm-e ..ewly futtilsheo gas and bnth. Aa the object b D' ctomiao it piemen-1 family tiisn for gain, thoas taken to 1 rd v ire reive all the comforts ot a borne. Inquire ui 191 Kind broad way. BOARD.-WANTED, AH A LADIES' Tir.ARDING bouse, a ibree atory hou-e. In a good to ? ' .0 ne?t- and ?e?t ol luoacwav, wlihgasiuid bath, tinulshe ' 01 nnfurnlah ed. Any person bat tng such to n.t w 1.1 And a good icuav by ail creasing a line to lotoy, Herald office. B BOARD.?BY IMMEDIATE APPLICATION AT 180 Weal Twrniy lout lb ntrac a parlor or ringlo room ma, e obtained, >? I'll board, by a MMtUemiin and vtl'u oi sing r irntlrinrii. lorn* inodorute. The house coiii'ilne al! inu ouOem Improvement". I." eary oi arrjM by r ill -itni stage*. BOARD.-A PaRLOR AND URDROOM ON THERE cond tloor suitable for a family: ?l?o, o'n^io room< for gentlemen. the hour I* tint ebb..", mid replete 'vuli ill 'ho ino ?lent Improvement*; French ami hpantdi tri'iibou; dinner a*. .'iJi o'clock; references t,icbnnt;rd. Apply at 1AI loath street, near Rfo.idmat. BOaRP?A GENTLEMAN AS'P HIS WIFE CAN bo accrmmoda cd w lib a pi wani room, with full hoard ?or lor lady and partial hoard lor the gentleman, by applying al Ktfculllran sli-eet BOARD DOWN TOWN. - ROOMS, WITH HOARD, suitable for tingle gentlemen, miy be obtained by apply ing at 126 ctiambei a strttt. Rvli rencoa rc<(tiirod. BOARP IN A PRITATK FAMILY.-A GENfLFiMAN and wife, or two ultigle gentlcin n. can obtain hoard la <*iu*e S4 We-a Twrul) neroini -Ire*'; two from room* on .bo -rioiid >u ly. Ilooke bui all the modern imprurctnena, near r lith avenue. BOaRP IN A PRIVATE FAMILY.?TWO OR THREE ?Ingle gentlemen can be iv. ommodatod with partial "oord; thermite rrcoud tloor, 20 Cottage place, be'ween lions un and Bleecker aLienr. BOARP AT A PRIVATE HOUSE?A FURNISHED roott loli'on the -eona .'imr to a gcntii iaan and Me wife, or to two or thrrr single genliemcn. al?o one room to let on the tldrtl Boor hi one or :*ro aluelr gentlemen, with or wl.ootit boaid. Hot. cold and* shower hath* tn the bouse. Impure at M Walker at., Ave doors we t of Broadway. 1JOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A GENTLEMAN AMI HIS J) wile c?u be aronii.modatwd with a Urge limit room and I ? dronn, on the firs'Uonr. alio a tew ring,e gtntlanonc at be j, ci,nine dated ?Ph good haero, by applying a' ,V ntate s.rwt i orner of (lardcn, three miDUi'V w-alkfrum the Seuii and Wall .'net tarries. Board in brook dyn-a family, or two htn gle, e.<o he ac* ??.bnoda*'d with buird and , i-oni, whh bedroom, either furyt,Uad or no1, on 'onus moat o*. enable Flotation ronveulent to F :"on or 'Vull street lar i., ? Apply ri 2bd t itltoo '? reel, oppoalui Clinton. IJOiflp IN BROOKLYN.?OKNTLEMKN AND THEIR 1J ? !???, and i, icw ,in |c g, titletn"n, e?n have faroUne I rucms, w ith board, In I lir,1 l i hour", with at! 'be nodem rr | rnvi tnente, hmb. ras c. Appl? at 141 He iry street, wI'bit, three inhtuies' wnl! a' Iho Heath ferry; aUo, a room "tillable urn doctor's ?.fiic BOATID WANTED Itv i YOUNG MAN IN A I'KI Talc fi'nnly. Location wi'ldn t.venty mltiu e ,'v alk of t " t ity liail. lei ma biodcra'C. Ad-lres* bog 11'.' I lend olB.te. IIOARD WAMF.P-BY \ liFNTLKMiN A.VU WIPK, 1J in a pteaaonl lr a'ton. I'rlvata oinillj u- rferrcd l: -for iti.c given and required. A't<liea> tlc. ge. W., Ilr.alu ?;dco. Board wamkd?for two sisTRitn, in thk vi i nttyuf Canal .'?ud HuJ.on aticc'.'; ab*cui during the 'lav; 'wcrance* cscbangcd. A J Ire - - Kate, t'niou ovinia I'in e tilth. BO>RriNO.-TWO OR THREE t.ESILHMEN CAN BE n n a tt u'U'ed w| h partial hoard ami tuiulidiel rounii, at 10 h^i' h plate. Aim an aUi> ro.,iu to iet TIOARDINO- A (IKNTLEEAN AND HIH LADY. OR J) three or four ????fir g3nU"iiicn,rtn '?? arcjmaiola'rl *,;,i'i h ? pri'Stt IIi'ntlr wla, have m >rt romn tb in they want, lertnt laetp rate. AppyaiS! avenue D, between ihtr< ant 1 oi?. it ? rat'-v. Id CARPING, 1a LBOOKIYN.-A PRIVaTK FAHI J ? li a on Ml ?C'oaiTr.oe'atc a fawl'y. or tlnrle g-nilr nan, e h a'i Ivil ? of 11 on,? wi '-con I ur 'h>rd tlnou; ,lmMwl' I tncMin. rial I' tivrf-i.t to Wall etreat and ? mthfr. rpig. %| ply si ?4" lirory ?uiii. be worn '"ongreaa and ..mdy a'a. DiwIKable roovn fob rorR grvtlemen, OR A an 'e??o-ud hla wife, ,nt I e ?,h a m 11n i nrbatr bi nly.T.t ial.ingn'1 '.' elnai 'I?? t.' > f.r a rout. 1 loune La< all tl.e Uiojerb m.p'ovomcnt* Clivrava lo.v. BOlHimo ISO UMKUOO. Eighth strkkt-with ok without~boari> with flirt claa? accommodations, out lie obtained la the lit w j furuliued bouse lit Kighih s.reel, opposite the Mercan Ue Lit rary, uear Brtmlwi). f'BI HCH BO?RD.-A FRB ?OB TEAOIIER OFFERS ?be second ?ory for several, d?,|n,u. 0 iu?rm. li.g in speak trench by practice and leasMM. tht, l*ug'ia?e la oil)} spoken by bta family, who. a? well as hlianeif, are from Perls, cau be let aeperately. Apply a' 2JQ Tsuth street FtLRNISHVO ROOM?A SINGLE GENTLEMAN CAN o tain a fitrolabed room, containing grtte and it as. at SI 04 per w ek, or li vould be let lo two atSd; small private family, convenient 10 Hlxth avenue cars and Broadway stages Call at 1W> ft est Twenty aeveulb atreet. NO. 68 ST M\ItK'H PLaOE-ONK OR TWO SINGLE gentlemen or a gentleman and wife, will tlnd a doalrabie bon e wl'b an American private family; liooae and neigh rer be <1 genteel, aronmuiodatioiis superior to those Of a boarding bon?e. T he resident faintly depe.dtfig on other me mi, the pi Ice not ao much an object at pennancut, respectable persona ONE OR TWO UNFURNISHED BOOMS TO LET. WITH board, to a family or single gen leinaa; ala > an Kogtleh ?)?? t-n.ent office lor a pb v selau. Terma very reasonable. Ap ply at 92 ft eat Twenty-fifth atreet. Private hoarding ? >ns or i wo booms, kithsb fumshed or unfurnished can be bad, with bovrd, in a 8rtvate tauilly. msiillog at No. 2bo Fourth avmue, (,noodle alvary rbuicb ) The bouae I- p ea-aotly located. Has gaa, baths, Ac., Ac. Befereucea exchanged Private frknch boarding house, with fur nlabed rouma lo let wttn or without board; kept on the European style, with an ibe modern improveuients of ihe t|fl, and Is now icady to receive families and -Ingle geuttemen also No. IM Houston street, near Broadway Rooms to let-ib ludlow pi.aur.-a private family would let pari ol their three s'ory bouse, r irulabed. >o a .mall faml'y or to single gentlemen with breakfast, pri vate m le Tne bouse has gal throughout, aud other modem m, rovcineiits. Reletencea required. Rooms with board mat be obtained at 173 Hudson atreet, by gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen. ritWO SINGLE ROOMS. HANDSOMELY FURNISHED, 1 win grate and gas In them, to let to smile gentleman. In a prlviite house with ail ibe modem improvements. Those de filing the eomiorw of a boinn t 111 find It by calling at 96 Prince street, a lew doors west of Broedway. TWO OR THREE GKNTLEMEN CAN B? ACCOMMO dated with g-oc board and single rooms, at ill Broome ante', uear Broadway. WANTED-A PLAIN FURNI8HKO FRONT BOOM, with board lor a man and Ills wife, In a private family Ereferred, wu>htDg to hr as pail of the 'stnlly. Address, with >rms, li. H., tiered offloe. WANTED-BY TWO GENTLEMEN. ONE LARGE OR two ran 1 rooms, with full board. Location below or near Canal street. Address, slating terms, B. and 8., Herald office. (If ANTED?BY A SINGLE GENTLEMAN, BOARD AND vv a single room, with, or conveniences for, stove, In the nelalilsirbood of I 'l aibam -treet or Chatham square. Addruen G. J b , c gar store, 72>i Chatham street EDUCATION 0 A Ci BROADWAY?BOOKKREP'NO, AC.-GBWTLH o4 O men seeking merciuille employment, may attaia.,at FOp'I ERA UlXue'r* esiaUUanmeni.a superior "Jd knowledge of bonkkeepiug, writing, 4a. lu a f**JJ^;fu?s22! pectiue* end full particulars on application. Terms modern*. (tin -BOOKKEEPING, WRITING ABlTHMBTia IplU. I.OLUisaK'b Academy, 009 Brima???;,. i)oli e Six uen lemen con oeoure private desks Uils da, or evi-niKK end le?ru double entry practically, by J?rntrt l for SdK #Tii. lerms *2U Wing, *3. Regular torn* |1U~ Four seat* vacant tide day. ... f\ ?BOOKKEEPING. WRITING, COMMERCIAL IfrlU. arilhmeilc -Thousands of young men end ladles whose e?rl> edi'ceilou has ? e?u neglected, often see an oppor uinlty of In proving their stuatlon, had tpey a knowledge or die above or part do rueb we eavoestlv Mr. PAINV ? academies 233 Ursnd sireet, corner of Bower J. New irnk aud 1W> Kuiton street, Brooklyn. * 1.AI1Y, GERMAN BY BIRTH. WHO SPEAKS A Eonltth sod French llticctly, wouid like to and an oppor 1 unity io instruct tlie French, Germau and Nug'lah laoguvits; -he also leaches n.ualc T he heal ol references given sdlresa a A., llernld office, or call from 11 te 12 A. M., at663 llotu-on street HOUSES, ROOMS &C-, WANTED. APARTMENTS WANTED ? A PITTING ROOM, UNFUB pished ai d bed'oom. fun.hbed, wltboui hoard with prnrt lege ol kitchen, lor a lady snd servant, between fourth and I colli s'rei Is. two or thieo hlo-ks east or W Vt '?roadwsT Ktlcrcraer exchanged. Address 2. E. 8.. box 1,148 Post offioei A NBsTLY FURNISHED ROOM WANTBO-IN A FBI A va e thirdly, without hear t for a gentleman and his wife, vicinity ol' t.aual at. AdJreee Edwin, Herald ullLe. A FIRST CLaSS HOUSE WANT* D, BEt'WERN TBNTI1 and 1 l biv seventh sireets and Sixth and l.oxingtou avo rues. Apply to FUOTK A WORTH, No. 3 Trinity buildings, ill Broadway. Any family desirous of letting four pub Dished rooms, sreouo Moor, gas, wanrr. was.e olpe, *c , ouiei liicsll y, rretln bo moderate, not Hg ler ih?u K ghteep'h or 1 wentlnli st <e rouh. srnfa good icuant by addressing Clerk, box 171 Lei aid office, at once. ^ riARPUB WANTED?AN ARTIST OF FIRST RATE V ' repu a;pm, being about to furnish, would bo glad to make arrangements 'o give niiisle lessons In exchange lor oarpe-s. Address WUham, Herald office. Furnished house wantko.-a wixufcrnishrd tlist cl,ss Ivmie m ihe upper part ol the city wauted, lor lire v Inter. Address box 826 rost office. ______ _____ Furnished house wanted.?wanted to rent If a resreciable slluslinn near Broadway or Fifth avenue. _ud not above 1 a rntie'h street, a furnished house, from the let ,.f jannarv to the let of April; rent nm to exceed *250 per month. Address H. K. D , Herald office. House wanted?suitable for a boarding . house, fir a charitable society. Address New York Fo ri,a e Awl society, Herald office. Rooms wanted?in a hounk wuh modern im proven.ems by a lsdy and gonUnnsn. Board for IM sdy. A peiruacent *nd de-lraole parlrcan bo hid for suit ?fie accomintslslbins. by aildresslu* 11 A. P., llernld office, ler three day a. Boar,ling bousea need not reply. _ _____ CJTOr.E WANTED?PITIABLE FOR A HEAVY H4RD O ware business, locality within the square bounded by Broadway, Maiden lane. Pearl and Beekman stroet.; poesee ?lon want* d Jan. 1. ' ddre-? with number and street, alia of room uu> reut, box 3,MI5, Pont office. WANTID?A STORE Ov THlt NORTH SIDE OFCA nal street, lietween Mercer and Wooster; a whole bouse I preferred. Possession drst of February or May. A good lenant. Address Merchant, Herald otllce. WANTED?A HOUSE. IN THI-> CITY. BKI.OW TWKN tv Dtth sireet and a e?t of Brovdway, In exchange for a turn, el thirty acres, at a meatuboat landing, all ecu inbosfrom New <icrt. price of farm *8.000 Also a large farm, In ex 1 change lor Brooklyn property; rented for *4 01*1 per annum. Abo term In New York stsie, and south of PoughkeepMe prw Also 17,000 on br-t mortgage, on a larui worth 5,20,014). Apply to WKLLH 4 CO., Pine sireet, ooraer Broadway. . Q7 ANTED IMMEDIATELY, A SMALL HOUSE, bITUA V? ted 1 etwern Second und Eighth avenue,, and fourth and ihtrlletb streets, (cr any of the side streets down town.) ibe rent not to exceed lit*) or WOO. Address William, Herald ol HOLIDAY PHKMEMTS. lOY AND HAEIMMBB TO CHILDREN.?DEAR Mo t\ tber do let me go and ?ee ibe Chrlsunasbaxaar, 't2l Hroatl *ny, opi,o!*ui Broadway theatre. 10,000 srtlelei juit imporind fr<rn Earls; tnys.gane* crying baldcs, inuste.1 invrumenn, aorrs. guns, neehlaeea, bracelets sleeve buitons, col nwlaud ;.laiu engravings, jewelry, .te., n' a-umldmig or prloea. . hiLLIaHDS. ITROP08ITION FOR A GRAND BILLIARD TOUBNA L II, nt?The Mben'tonof all gone billiard player* Is called U> i,.e fr Hewing:?Wiould a stifficien: number erf the "crack" play ers (say eight cr wu) signify ihelr Inten lou to enter and a <o cr.ofor lire following prima, tbo snbscrl-ers sill lake roea ores tn gel up a National Billiard Tournament, to come oil In bin city in av ?ix or ,evsn months from thls.laie. Poor of be best player* In this country have aleevly consented te cuter as couiestauts. All other* who ha,e oonddanae In tholx kill lu th<? beauilful acicncc are Invbedio eununiinlc ,ta with be.uhscribor* The prlre, toeonalat ol apnneof hrehundrel lobars, aril asnleud d billiard table. A -a ga liati will bo tuud up auliuble lor the contest. *o a* to give ypretvnrs every ..rill y lo wllnesa the play Hhould there be a "'U plus ol re ?e pl* over expenses, it w ill be added lo the list of prixes,orto hose Hlresdy CD the programme, as ihs player* may dscMe rforr the osilest begins. O'CONNOR A COhlBSDM, Nov. 26, Vol- ft Ann grwl N X. |ITK. OFFER FOR BALE. AFIKP. hTOOR OF SLATE. W irarble mid wcoil bed tables, with our newly lueeu'el ? iishbsw, of superior elasticity and correctness o'sng os. One f.p(OI.d bnud iiVc til "1 P. Oh if KITH A BRCKMt, 9.) Ann nUMi. UOHJIG 1 H S. Dm i'cameron b receiits enable to prepiwe All the fuUiwIr.g cosuieiw, a< onselthih tne u. ,r| r,sd:-1 'quid hair dye iManUan balrdve Penrioa ?_.i'uio Mquld, silahtoo hUr resforallyg, Woouaof rusaa esa I'boutjei, la telle wiilte frei k's 1 slot , poiadre *oi>Uh, denu' Vs. pcu ade, lo. E Iccrf the set on) TBrsoia. For sa c ?l !?*/ liroadvay: l?< ai.d V*j Bo scry; Jbi, CI4. 420 and 4SI Irar.d siroet; V and 273 lludaon sires*; 32 IMnsVni streev, and l.'A Eighth avenue, N Y ; 113 Afaatlc. ami 18b and S? Fn'ton ,irs?,., Brnokiyn, or fbrwsrded by mail on receipt V n naotr AddrsaaM. f'" AMKROl*. Ill Ooroml.l* atiwa' Brorklrm^ A8TH0L041Y. a FTONL'TMSO TO ALL-MADAME MORROW, THE /\ seveuh dsngh'cr, la* s natural gift to iei! psai nreacot sr * b airs evens; and all the ecD-m s <rf life; even Uie c/J I, u s anu will r*0,? ?ps?dy msr-'iage* and shea* Uio Uke (l, of ibe inwi.dsil husband and al,*a,,l frcials. snd of ? ring 'o.eib-s ih.,*? alio ur# sep?raud. wbo will ?iy.iy the y euiest hiu plnc*e or ns-ti Irxcipial bliss. ,*U whir wldi g.iod nek may call *o"n for relief and eom oet Thousand,. Iiave ax , -esaed Ihelr bstlrf t)ia' aha is Uie u net wonderful asir brgiat ' ibe word m baa over i eon kao n, Uougli she prae I *s nc'bl, g bat aiait s ree- neti?s' le to ph.h.tsipiier*. Ne rlisrg* I i ' r it. :,- d. 76 -rw ine -irsct, between I VniM>s a; o t ol, uiti'S Usniiciccii nru auiuch d. N II ? Vlmls na doe r w reutioi" 'be p .1, ? sgs.n -i xsirotugiaM who copy ber sdrrrtisetritul, reading anuihsi in -sa. A BTBOtOOt.?MADAMU O , FORMKRLT Mm IIUUOK. __ linn r#n.< v?-<! .n*tn W Itro un? n?rei?i In Ij r f?id AO - m|i?1 -?? W i *'' Cior-f on ft it* lliondw.w n , !* e 1? .*t ?H*, nil tUhti 1 (n*. c tuxwmiiUi U trnjU'er, H id hm ? g4'i. Mid ? 1 lhcw hbIn g 'oe hrr ttt'ild ?ucn tcr departure i >r > urrpu. fee M otnu. i WOKTiKlt ItAVR^OT s?>"N T4K OIF^RT OWL? J\ if not, .stjft mxl < aliHtilll an iec' and cuw*<H \%Pli hrr upim all of ynnr ll'i' F* ** ISO N. n - Th?* c?t? iirr*r{ a ?c>fre,tb* whUsh uny ladr or jy in rail obtain tun aihrlWu oI U?o tif popl ? rax; n?tr ^ uxir*. ('ileAlT*T??y>N? K-!tY IINYM, TH? MCHT KM t lifb?n (?'lirvei* pre bdvn lulw 1 >o Olrrrj iiit n. Uii ^u* ?? v p?i auetl rl??r tmw r* ihVrf. V*y*, *??? '. f *? 1 fcn ? vn *>?> thmi*nw thtOOff) I Uvi* J. * n.p Ifd 'Jfmikt .>?U4iac tion K?rrii, or to ohatgt roa?l? .. I AD* VE A1WIK. ri'-OM r*B13 TEN DEM HER I rerriee* i? u? Issies an" ?.nd#n,en In phraneiacy. 'h* r *!i hr omui (J w ii !n% ??, t i?irt"i;e, ? >? Ac., an t t i# 11 ihc i pr r? fd ?>?#? lady or cotr^rrao [Mf p !" mipry, a* o llie Iiasiis lit Ihcb sleii r?. hesideni? I'A) < smu iitreet MaL rill II il'ltl* i AN III: l WEI LTRD ABOUT mve nsrW V and sh e. filsud- she can te I ad ihs .,| s,.riiFcvcrv liicoflit* Office SI Wew NH* 'i l(is Id V. M to 1 |. V ai d ?< ??. I SI Lac c ? ? #; ganlle-uen. fclcsn *. F S'-Vlmi lnp* ? a tecrti Btvi ?U1 c*use speedy mxr i* f la,, ? e xtm. M