Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1855, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1855 Page 7
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Jb'VEtMSLMNrs KMMv? EVEih int. E WlH S/ULtt. OHO FOB SALE AKKbTAURAf.T, ON BROAD Ct.VI/U, wuy, one of ftm nro ?' prominent corner^ In 'he ft reel The nalonn, estatilt") ed mw*I 3 earn. I* ?^e!l kitoxra e^-antJy fartil^iul throughout and coinmeiuki of custom Appiy to <!. 1J. HOWftS ?k 00., 84 N??uu -.troet tQ Ql\(\ ?FOR SAf.R, A RPLKNDID PORK 8TOft??, U.OUU? lease, stork and flat urea, Including wi et el horse <nd ??nou, ?U:U(h, Ac. 4c., tud *11 fxrcllent am-tke homo A'taobed, and overv'hlng neooaaary t*> ?*rry or\ * and extensive Ttits ta an A No. I And arUI 'ie Bold lor ieSs til-ili (IM half 11* value. Applr at .'ttD til"' 1-i 1 m ly. HlMEKS A T aYI.GR. $?> iwm -KIE KA1K. ONK Of THF. IIK-<T IK MI SO O.UUV. nH'oooKin thin elty situated down phi, tiii.l. ? eplendd choxic* for ?n ma wt,hlng to engage to the above Termu euf. Would exchange for city Ion or pro.retry in Me v Oenev Vor particulars spply *t 29 Am street corner ?' ?b*miu. _ wain Wright a oo. | ? 9 C/tn ?F0K N*M. VKKT CHEAP. A riMK LOT ^Zi.OvJU. of mound in Tfctriy seventh atreot, hei ween broodwav and -e?euth aveotte. well located in a very tin ? neighborlm d and being rapidly n.illt up alihdrstrlat.ho i,e*. 1 lie advortlrer is mucn In want of mono v ami will sell for ab- ?? fori Ix mend s ago, 8o,(W. ft,500 or Si !*X) o .o re main on bond and mortgage foi n term ot years; balance bill ecsb, part ilx mouths Uine Address ttutno ilutely 0. Iv. C , Urra!d oOlre. Kfift _roR PALE, LRASK, STOCK AND FIX. - AaX-IUV/. timet of a pie battery, Ineludlaf four good h'rsrs ui <1 wagons, and an exrrt'smt round of custom, aitua'-ort on one of (he I,cut avenues In his city; tins Is a splendid ell uice. where a sn art, en erprising u,an can net troin two U> three dniusaod dotInrsayear lor particular* apply at Wf lipoid way, room 10 nlMERn A TAYLOR. ifl ^(|(t _A PIR BAKERY FOR 8aLK, MINSISTING VI OmM', offimr her,or and wagon, and a large r mad oi ?lovers; vt* uslrew rPtablt-Uieit eight years and mukl g ft 0 erarlv, and nnlly increasing. Apply U>O. 8. lio>*EH A , 84 Nassau street. *1 A A/Y-itUMNKB.i IN BROOKLYN FOR SALE ? sjpi..TL\il/ iheleaae, stock. flx'ures, Ac ,of , re-pectt >le Orel el?.s retail sto ? In a commanding situation, and well es tall isbed. This It a splendid rhanoa for anfenterpiising m in, a* a.ortttre Is eornrln If desired, part can remain on Into rest. Address U. O., Hera'd office. 4>1 ll/lit-A BsKItttY for ralb-wrll known NpliiwU** astute o" the best stands and moat produce bakeries no town. I he lease rt years; hor,e and ?agon, tui 1 fixtures eompleto; lurking 22 bids, a ? ok, will he old at u bargain. 0. U UOWB8 A CO , St Nasam st. AY oon ?for sale?a lot - fkkt front and ? I .UvV, Fur. Mfl let I deep on 8 Ifty-fourth S'reet, so ith side, 116 feel ra t, s'erond avri ue street graded and ???*,, meets pstd Orelp.lf oir remain on bond uidmortwaeefor - eanrttena. Applyat:.92ThlrdaveiiOe,Oi itddrase.M.B., llerold office. ?0, /l -OBEATEST CHANCE RTF.K OFFERED ? gO v". b'oek, luttireti an. g<s>d will of a on' arid shtai ??re In ? good business location doing*10 .nJT'.a .lay. SaUs fcc rrt res- i.e. riven ''or selling. Apply to (1. II. SAU' U A ? O., room 2 84 Nus-au street. s? FOR HALE, A CORNER RRMTaIIRANT, ''ease slock aril fl xi tires -flu .ted on a great it trough te re and an excellent loea l?n Ut -nako money; now dotu/ a large and rapidly luTesstti/; bualnws. Apnly at Hroul wax, tooui to, at the office of AlMKIt A TaViAIR fCr.H -FOR SAI *, AN OLD KSTAHLISHKT TOR % llxs ''. ns.r llquur stote anil dr.nlting aahsm. st jatml In a moat bus'neaa pari of the city, wl b a lire., run of guod ail p.u uisriei t riish iners, and ? tll be sold . lilt or without the ,U ek. on Imuiedla a application lo rt1 MKR8 Si TAYLOR, KB Broad1, a<, n otu 10. tnnii W'LL R( Y ONE OF T1IK BEST BLACXMNITII aoopa In the ci'y, undone thai is now doing a good tui.toes-, in h "SMeslioolog; |i would suit a ooaohniik-ir; most be so d this ? ei k, at any rate; so if you want a bargain you mutt apply at unco to 29 Ann ,'ree . eornor of Nasaan. WaIN WRIGHT A CO. t#> H nn - FuR RALE, and CHEAP, Barroom and C"o" ? ten pin alleys .ituated to the Bowery. The pre seni owm-r has other huauiL'sa to attend to. Inquire at 91 111 vision street. 4M lift -F<)R SALE, THE STOCK AND FIXTVaRS g)" 1'" of a store, with frnlui foreign and d knestlo) of every de.erlpllen together with preserves, jelltes. brandv IVulP, 1 trkise, saooes, Ac.. Ac., of various kinds, located In a (ira thoioughluie and nnsurpawed for the ahovo ouslueui. (A B UuWha A Co , 84 Nassau street 4t9^A ?1rOR bALE. a portbk housk, with Vsiw?Av/, stork ol llquor., flxtures Ae., lO'-ated down town, vel er a It,lied and low rent. Anyone wlsting apla-ool Uip k nd at ouid call and see It. es |r must ixisitlxalv bo sold Ih.s week to the Idabest cash customer. Aoolv lmm?dlat"ly at a89 B pari we riomll. R. L PUKliY A OU. C WILL PURCHASE THE STOCK.LEASE AND ?J future, of a liquor store, only a law door, from Biemlway in the lower pari of ihe< Itr. fbu store is suitahlo tor Uie wholesale and letali trade. Apply to C. B. llUWitn A Co., M t asaau street. J>1 Ki t WILL PUUCH tSE A LIGHT, REdpKCTABLE 'VAxJa" business, alreadv established, Id which $16 per week Is now made in sprier snm.ner and 'all double the amaunt can readily he made Good reason, given for selling out Apply at 8o 2 My rtle avenue. Brooklyn. WTO 12HII0 DOLLARS.?FOR HALE, A LARGE B0HI im for the nn' uCioiure of s staple article It Is well establirlied among a firs' cl iss iobhing trade, and to a reipuo MM# person ogers a *..fe and profitanle Inviwimont. Address S B. 11., box 8,, Ou Po't office. $17 A A WELL KM WN PUI1LTO HOUSE FOR SALE?SITU ated at one ol the principal rai road depots, w. h a pro'P wide bar ai d illmns sa'ron una-bed, and aeoninutoualloa f w 40 bstpers. It Is he pelnelpal house In the vloi'iltv, rind on' be ted at a bargain. Apply to C. B. HOW KB A CO., No. m Nassau street. A I EASE AND FIXTURES OF ONE OF THE REST Vioa'rd stores situated in o .e nt the greatest business ffioroogt feres down town will be ilispivied ot a' a bargain; " su4.arde tor any k nd of bnsincs,; cow occupied for jewel v . with elegant fixtures. C. B HOWES A CO., 84 Nassau street. CHANCE HELD'IM MET WITH 13 NOW OFFERED to sn enterprising D'rson of llral'ed oapllAl, u> be ontn proprietor of one ol tne 111 ct ilesiral !e sod advui'oge u?1y ebue'i-d falooiison Broadway; It is now known as me arunee. nrd si na ed at lifiA Itrooilaav, adinbiiug Hie Metropolitan Ibea re wbleb baa been le sed by Ml-, lotura tie n tor line yeers; It la aleo connected by eutrnneos wlih Aosd my Hall a Cuioii of wh'rh will no < ccuplcd diu rornlag winter ?v a >npe of 1 Hilop an ndns'rels an I the remainder o' the hu'l 1 log has b*en leaded aigl aid he oeiupled tor a ballroom. Far fttr'her Info'ina'lon anply at Ihe sal- on of die proprietor, eltrr 1 o'clock in the evenlug. JGIIN UaKKINO. A RaUF CHANCE.-THE LEASE, FIXTURES AND J\ everyihli g rnmplr e of an extensive baking hustnees, are ?Am d fur ,n'o to any one wishing 'o "Ogagc In thatbuslnew. Inquire at 238 Atlantic street, Brooklyn. BmUEN HfilOHTH ?FOUR I31T8, BEAUTI'ULLY SI Insted a Ph'n ? p'ea -ant walk of the lerr . a "1 with urnar boors psssing by every few nnoii'sa. 'or ,sie low, separately or lopetcer. Anply at 107 Water street. DFIO STORE FOR SALE.?ELIGIBLY LOCATED In tie upper part of the city In a very populous ami a.owing hnr d, rent reasonable; an ?ire-lent oup >r turn!) It r nn c evrprisliig mart lor pa- Uculars apply or afidirss Druggist, 191 Weat Thirty sixth street. Excellent opportunity to commence buai new?The stock sod fixtures of a very de.irable or tar store for sole cheap. Apply on the premises, 411 tlud-on st. Farm for hale at great neck. l. i?a small fkrm, (seventy *? res, mem or less, whlt b wilt oe sold lu parrels. If desired ) with water front oa Utile Neat bay, with A fine shore for '.aihlrg, and pea ant water pns>paci, sill mod The fartnxon sin, >rrrr?i very beautiful nullolng si m and would make three or ruur dellgh ful sum nor re-udenra*. Distance from h ev York City, between sevenn-nti and at, n'e.'n ?I*'. For further particulars, apply to JAMES II. sKll) MOKK, no the oxjo'nlng farm, at Great Nock, or address him at Maiihsetrt Poet office, tjueens oouoty. K 1. FiABM-hS ACRBN, IN WESTCHESTER, OOMM NDINO a ills.ant view of East river, imuae Ur (? sr?l sub atao'isl, barns sokes, Sc.; land eeoalLettl; two onharl, of grafted t ree, laluable uk-kjard, two seres uf clay, A to 7 Imt deep; price Ai.txt ?r Iisrgali.. W.J. dRLNDREI) A CO., 78 Nassau svest. R RALF.?81 EaklilllP TKNNE88"F. OF 1,150 TtiMH roglf-er, nnUt in Galumore. in 1VG, of the beet Maryland su in the strongest otaauer,diagonally sti apped with Iron, ?nttttie ?f AMI horse pai.'er. This ship has p nrnd he-self an wi.eon.inr.nle doe era very fast,and her co:i?unii>rt"o of -owl moderate W II k- w.'d low. Apply to MORTIMER kITlMihTt)3, b8 Broadway. FOR SAI.K?A SPLENDID OYSTER SaUIGN IN Til 19 city; g r,re chance a oiske inoMy. Ilu-l 'ess uneurpa,' ?d Hi'a on.tor selil g, the pi ..rtetcr goes out --t L1, nu'ine,s I'rtoe tow in a r? b coaomar, apply tmmadlwsiy taG. T, Lk. M'RT, sucerswr to Maier A Toiupkins, 2Kb Broadway, ?filer1 No. 2 Link -Al.E-T 'lUTTLOfh Ik BR'rflKLYN, LAf ?. WIL I Haunt urg, or. I nlon a-etiua, W.ekm' etagg, Krbola, and Sou h Fntirrh iff ta These lids a-e no 1 , rod grade, stroma pavbd smr llajtgr d. and are efierod kjw to nloae *11 aetata Ap fit) ur II H. a iiOI.K.ri. Bwiwrd avenue comer of Knee el go gUMl HAI.R-TWO TRNANT ll*K'8Krf ON OMR LOT IV) he' Harp *arh; o' US'era drop, aid fiii) from; In r%nry ?wmi. he.l\?ern ?'*? l.ertne Kiwi n..u ke', i?rm* rnay In pit re ? Nr ? Y' rk fur i tompan,, 121 ilioadwray, from 'J to it) A. ? .at* 3to6 I' ll. I70K UAl.K-a J)RlTR.\nL* PKW IN 0A1,V aKY I1 eh. r h I i>r pn ? and laiierf p*r icilin apply at 'he jQjrr ill a. J I I.Kk I K I. ? A CO.. AuriKipap r?, No V ltroa.1 arret hRMiK PA J, I LK'BP NIOOK AN'D FltTTRRH OP A <*-ni-?u nary, fni.l an I w,ne nee, allh bar ennrinetart. If of he 11-?1 ? ?fi-l# 11' In )*e < . for my one wialong to *'8* e n 'he l.ur re ? an. h an 'p xi'.Mluf) seldom ?#*? i. ,i d . w N. ii . 11 OIK d oOicn. for to ir daye. No agent nw?l ai e??r h-OR NAI.H?A HKAl riPI I, HOTRL. WFI.L LOCATRO near ilile or';., doing a meal btinneaa. At arbrd ,? a large, airland if niliieed i* *u. 1)n* If and fur*'.ureal to ermine' '1" i'?:-ie ?I(i.ia?) Will Mrheng* for rbr pro I #r y < r ? form hi 'he rnontry. iiMran U. P. II . llerrld egiae. ahltli *iU lie attended u. Agente at I pleant not uotlcn mm F?*?|RH iLK? F>>IT. Tk H ? |,R APR OP TDK AT IRK NO 1)9 ) tg *h train* Ii .a <i im-d in one ol the hep I > -??? i.?e n 'hi ' I y, ai d la adaped io apnne! aay k'n.l of bit?lnaea I a a' I reaeni tt*ed a? a liu end rap itore. the riirej of arhlr-a Ir for ?? r at a eerv petotonhle prlre Apply on the preinlw ?, pri.l I. 1 Ml I.AN. Aep-'iee yf* H.tLF-t'hK OA TIIR THR HKrT OT-irKR, K K f cream ii d roe 'hirerr anlooiu In lie elty, lo-hed o'lllifnr |y appie t? KntrktrhoeAer Mall, and la ponaennl of all he re nOUetn?n? < k'ti're, Ir., af a flra' r-laea rp <httihm?fit, fir aup p ill a p u"e* W'ld nita, halU Ar. Tltr propria' >r hai other I tirui* -* < ?< 24- I gn'ii Arena*, nfer 2 I1. M. u or p?i.p- thp two porn story brick norAP.?, " jnrt pal In fonpleie order rendy to le\ No. 2M?nd?r R? rfleff.'* r.tatreft. helarrn Plrat arone ?od avenue a. ifr i* houera a*e ft,it nl i? frer front and rear, and .otaa trrdT g to i t litre of tha htoch. ' tu no made 'o j'lf. n'rir n^tit hi n-e? rr,.m 19 'o Jo per cent oa rrf< e lakej or 'hey cao he i**ad for tnamiftwti)rlm"irpe?a. i?oildrl? of th- par. -ra*r . mi re ran inraln on l.otid aod morigare. Apply, be t ? rr n tn atd '2 nVioep. to ft. U MI'TClil ft 1)4 3# John i r-e* F'OR Mf.K-THB STO' K AND PIXTrRJU, TiXIP. ther ? 'h 'lie lriire of ti old ??rahl'itrd dl->Uig aalooo, lor, Icd .f PlaHeti line end a eery deatrahla lora'Uia Cor hud nar. I r r to' 1 ? r pa tl.-olara Inquire on the Batta fa ory r>atom glTrti fhr eelttng 8. B.TiItiMNON. F?m aalr? a srw nnr-r. and wit; ho 8T0RT urd tarernm' ' rl h bona*, marble r, laonradlni Hi Irn-t I i ,.'ot. wh**r In'a-*'nr*ul an I ?ei : or ry, P la ?.*rr Un I .r. r ?'*ntan '|ea. I'rir ? 8. ed In fill, .lip.) a ret letram Urat and Pa 1 . ennea. la^aire If -I nn rtrert qikkfl . fruihr preuiaea. ' . k -al.k-t'N '"vv-"1^r Fck Vi .' T l,V, t 'tfvl i, ft ' '%ri*? 'b'* fl*liiffi flud wiii of * ??v. r p i'if Ii bi? new ? m; tj|*-ii Ht i* v . IMoU * ^ n#v > ? f r - .? jtrVUl H?#4iU d t-AKl p. H SAI.F-A VALUABLE LOT AND OOTTVQE r Lcxioe I'D Thirtieth ?'reet, near Mad noil avenue; io< 2B*ld<N pri.rjf.2fii). ' >(i, . three story brick bnttae ou El 11 itcec'. p-ic* fti ikjO. A IiMt * new hrcc ?mry mod-rn ball' t?nU<e up V art 1 hir, i MCnnd ?Te?t;prie? $6,l*)0. Aleo, ?eve'w.l }"'?? tli rt lotirr* al ScMII and ?7 WK>. Apply tn B. B. KINHHI V Hh. Jly r oui lH avenue, nom 8 to 10 A.M. aodfroaiSU>7 V. M. _ f^Ch 8/i I V?THE THREE STORY "BIO* HODHg. Iff) p P in Twei.<b ib aired. i ear Second avenue, built to the I #*pt ntmiiA' uii(l In irtrbc' order; mnaiai All improwianb, lurt'icrt. An. Ouuv-aleiU lo Sec>u? avenue railroad oud a'agr*. Tt rum vary. Apply on ine preaiUoe. ____ i/OR SALE?THREE SMALL SAIL BO ATS, 8UIT ABT.K " or grnthmrn going Mouth; *1m> a ''Uiniior''"""J "J/I dnrkli g l oata. Apply At VI?t? A MoRYOJUB old ?Und, MH \S u'tsr street. L'OK PaLF-THRKE FULL LOTS OF 0HOUND, ON r ihe tomb Ddc of Forty neventh Mree', be'w^-n Klevei h avenue ?n.1 Hiidmu rl-er Apnly_J?f? ""??"? OP"0*"? the piuDert/ or t oW. It. Wooa, X78 Oriud ilrcit. ijHtR HaLK-ONE OF THE HK*tT BUKINKSSFNlN THE T clu , CA-h wanted ooflrn Ami aploe AnJ teed ml ?, I wlbgcod wiilof hebueliciburao* w* goo* and everything mmgeleio *>rvo. an exieuiiive huaimi.* wholaaile and ro tall; IPAT. than $3,000 to $4,000 per your pront | for .el'trg I. -Ink"'**. Call a1 M !*?!? atreet. The extra work of row1 top coffee end g?mdlng feed will my the *ole ex , pern c* of the business ^ . L'OR BALK?TR* STOCK AND FIXTURES OF TUK. T toy fruit and cot fectimu-rv .tore. No. DO Myrt e a?-"?, Brooklyn A goodi?A?d loTB?k# nwnoy throughtt? hoi ?>*. To be wild on eccouut ol the owner* going to leA?e the cUj. ?OR HALK IN brooklyn-a OOTTAOB FRAMK r home And lot. No. SO Itrrgen *treet near Court "'rem eight minute*' w* k from South lorry; hotiM filled In with "rick Mild . 'nUh.K rt*h' room*, a ?ooa cellar, eblern, to In qu rr In the store >o 80 Myrtle .iveaue. Urooklyn. Term easy. rpOR 8AI.R C IKAI -A TeARtiK OY8TKU rOfTNTKR. r marly new. a door ?rd kAiiglng lAtnpe, or.tor hrltlee, tin* end ruflrrj . Apply ut Id M< ? tureel, one door from WAilt liiRion. For half., at a orrat raroain. - two lvR'ie ne"w live nforv tenmii hou?.?y, built in the beat nviuner, end rrntlf |i lor Tl.Ot'O;nnlt #1 .COO r?r)dlrrd In rorh, ttw l AlAia-r c?n ren *ln <>" bond npd morfgt.RO. ho llm- rnrjl, corner of ktgb'ernth rfreel ado nvenuo B, belore 1 - o elm * M. IifOB RAljK ?>B fXCfl AN'IK-AN RXORU.RNT f arm ' III VftMiO"* cruot., A'lout ?lxty rulfen from iho ci'T. on 'o lino lilio llnrlrnt IfA lrnAd. wild ?t a nmmlnnnt n'atton; Ml Mrr.. pood bti 'dliif*. do well Hdnpltsd f?r fArnilng pur|?o??? or n port'lorn An'* leeWeneo. Frtro Or.nftf). Apply lo M. H. KlNSlflMf K, 319 Fourth avenue, from 3 It 7 I M. (UOIt SALE tiR KXf'HANflK?FOR A FARtf OF LAND. T Mfiinrfrod Imldb a lot* inllhe moet Ihri.log viUAgonf LrookvUle. five And clear, And Itlle IndlnptiAble, prlroJAi cch. MoMaIHIN, 178 t-lu*lh tin ?L COR HALF VFKY LOW, FOR CASH?STOCK, FIX f t,,ro* and ?ood wt'l of A pork worn In i p't'dtn tharnn th ?ere. InraUmnorlleiil, now doing a yo.?l limine*'. b rv r.AM.1? gWe for wUlng nut Apnly on die premleee, 1M Itrdgektreet. Brooklyn. A lenee ol three ? *Ara. | OtiT I.ATIlF FOR SAL* F )UR FRET BED. FIVE " ireh centre*, iron fraro" fV?!e r? st .t' ;prl?9l?. AP Ply ?i 07 rouih mxUj aireei, William bur*. In ine baie'.ne it. MOM'*!! NTri aNI? TdMRSTONR-t.?FoR SAIaK OIIK \J% fIx boiidFi me ?i;onwineni?; al^o, a ft'.w tomlH-an**. lo I in or mart le d.nle ?? la want of monument* *111 ? Kid a' baf |.plrr ontooountof claelni? a. rone ne?a a' t>2^ Six h aveaue, between ihirty HlxUi and Thirty nevenfh sfr?h ?? RAHK rhANCK.-FOR SAI.E A n\IR DUKS^INO . r*?U>oi) ai.d v/lK ixiF-nufaciory, doing a v?ry p.vytng buMrrm, i pd loea'ed In the be^l *po' ofjh'soltf; ?vi?l "old or ttiry ifrhoi.aMw term* on acoonn* of the proprnt-xe i^vtog the foontry. ftr particular*, address X. o. IHnwdwr ky t'ust oill oo RaRk7qANCR.-TI * STOCK. FIXTURES AJfP OOOD will of ? jewelry ?'ore. In * large ?ll'*re, n frw rall?t nntii ihe eliv; will be ?o!d at * bargain If AP?Ht-d fw Imtnedl a rly; t o other one tn Iho plAoe. Apply to L. B IJfABIfRQ, 61 NaitFau it/eet. mo FARMS FOiThaI.K?OR RXOHANDK FOR CITY 1 prot ertyot luerebaiidltie, eltuAlod three mile* from the xlty of New Prunawiok N J.; one eontAln* 40 Arree. the other 1*0 acre* wl>h hnlldlnk* AndeotbiilMing*. euUabln for Urialng. Apply to J. Mff KaKKA, Uf> A lb Any eireet, KB. TO BUTt'HRRN AND OTHERS.?FOR KALE.?A MF,\T And v.RftAOle or Arket will be ?otd, we.ll worth lie m mey. And Do bnmbtiK HaMrfaclory remaoit* lor eelllng will be giyeo by ?ppplybiR 11 the junction ntarkei, at the jnnc'lon of BtyAnl and lil.Mlou ?lr?eu. rO INVALIDS?FOB KaLR. A V ALU A BLR, COURSK 1 of medFlne. h. lb*l eminent phy.lelAii, H?niuel I.? Mert. I'*4. at 37 ItedroM rnuAra, I-ondnn. Appllnan'* plo?ee kite foil t ame and addre** ut R. (?., Union wpiAre I'oet oUice. 1*'ANTED?TO BFLL OR EXCHA.VOK, FIVE HOUSES ?V and lota In Itrooklyn and vesrel property, fir dry ?<rK <roe?rl??, barHware hoola And shoe* #nd clothing, or o ber property Mmov limned on mnrtgAiie. and mi vewUluor out uf port Apply to J. T. JUHNfcON, 34 Burl Dg *llp ~ COPARTNERSHIP NOTICES. irmikTO f 10,000.-L A FA ROE HtlTRL - A PARTNER tPO.I ?U' ' wan'cd with till* amount to join the advertiser In the above tlirt rloi in" 1 ?hl>b will open on ht l?t nf JAim-iry next 'lo a gent ?nAu of mean* and ra?o*<"i* ?llltv tulain ?i npportuiill* for a " te lovi? ment which seldom otf? a. O.ill or Addrcte A. FORI r.H Ibi hletckm 'feet. OflA lO in,100 -ONg OR TWO PARTIES WAVT iE?).U'IU ed I" jol" ib,? advertli-er In a c?*h bu*ta?A? thn: * ill p*. Mj per eenl. The buMnena I* riiril w-oml ?nrl Inmier Iraite. *Dd now- In *uree*>ful operadon, and will yield *ln not perjear. Apply to t . M DOWKm * CO., 84 Nu*aau ?lreei. i'T flflfi ?PARTNER WANTED, TO TAKE TIIE #>0 .UUU. pure of .11 ea' nut lo rellre, to n i a.b Jobbteg drug h? kliiti*. paying over 30 per rent and doing a fair Nil I r,e." eepl'Ai required, Irorn 86 "fkl to flO.IIOit Audre.*, with full i *me aialirg where au Interview may be bcld, (>. K., Ilor ?hi office. tfl MUk ?a PARTNER WAWThD.WITII fl WW CASH ?P I .OU". to rn er a retail grocery *lore lung ctH'iMihed to t re of if e oeat loca ion* In the city None "tit thme of u i aoutded re?perta>-ll|iy t eed apply. Ommr of SixJi avenue and Twenty elghih Mreef . BQIlA WIUS WARTTO, an ACTTivI BUffllfWIB - rllU man u>joto the *ti mcrtber tu i.xiendieg a in vnurw tnrirg btialnr**, now lo full opera Ion. a id paying BWtolpt pvr week; ibe trade being wbh whoie*a'e dcilork only. Hi* [* a rare opportunity. For particular*apply lo O. II SMiril A ( O , room J, b? l?****u ?ueel. tiinn TO poo ?WANTED, A OINTI.KMAN TIJ.IOIN p.ll/'l one of ibe beat paying emerprlae* of the day, li i.lucli f2 000 can be made mi* wln'er oy ev h parte No cn-i. ,,, i|,e Investment I* aeciired Call ImniedlaUslvon 3!r. UDIth h i Ul i, Hi Van Byper A t o. '*, 345 Breed Fay, room .?? ADBfi Tt) $300.?A PARTNER Wa TRD IN ONE OF ip^lUU ilie beat paying oustMWee In ihe cite, and w..ere I lab to run. lo a man wl'b anw'i tn?ine, wbo w i.Lea to gri into a good money Making biialnee*. b i ' ad be' ler apply immediately at 29 Ann alree', corner <?? < ?au ?ire?t, ,o WaINWKIUHT A CD. _ _ i It PARTNERSHIP NOTICE?THE COPARTNERSHIP V/ heretofore existing between the underalgned igi.lir the tin trMnt- *?i Fasttumy A Bruaihill has l>r.-n (iiswo'vca this ?lav hy mutual con-ent Philip F I'aa-juay will oio'inue the luielaeva ou hla Individual aooounia at 2A i-pmoc *tn ?t. PHILIP F. PANtfl'AY, New York, Not. 15, 1*55. WILLIAM HKAMIULL nISBOLCTlON THE LIMITED PARTNERSHIP HERE lofore el 'lug ween the nnderalgned, Hie firm .<( < Kiu.KKtv ,v .'TuB . 1* ihli day di?aolved by ni'itual mm Mint JOHN RF.YNOL'tw, WM. A. LROUKbR, New York, Nov 28.1S8S. JOS BP II W. STotN Dissolution of partner*hip.-tiif p\ktnf,r alilo Uere olurc rxl? Ing between Krneal Kreller ai d Wil llalu Ho npp. by ihelltm name id Kreller A llo'opp Iv w huI> ,ier lie I ?ud all debt* on euucllng are to be paid e?cln?!?el> to Eli Uwii Ho-'opp, who will eoolluoe ibe rermab bnalne?? In *C?"ant' " %RBLLl!tSri HOTOPP Niw, Nov. 28. INS8. _ _ /SOLD MINIM'.?THE UNDERRIONKD DESIRES* TO \1 renfnr with m party having at command capital U) Uie ami unt of mm fs oon lo I'Jl ion. wldi a .lew in operwljov lo gold mining. ?hlch proffer rondltknia of .ucccaa of Hie mov! undeniable character II H a rare opportimliy for money matP g and worthy the a'>ea'loo of diiae wtaoing U> Inveyt lo H' euietari-e whcie th* ruk I* .mall an I the raiiim* laig* Fur ber particular, which c.nnot be alluded tn In au adt *r tben.rnt. yrtll l e plven lo a peranne! Interview It l? etpaexed ihal no gentlen an will -nil on or nodreaa Ihe tioderalgned Wh t* ire di'i'iaw u, rnroee provided he le ?tiefled w|rhibetv? und rei rcaemailnn. Inuelileg Ibe m itter Id hand tbit may be ct Cied for cox,-fderation Inadegualc capital for the ob.a.'i tn v .cvi I* lhe rrrvoou (>g- ihl* tnchr*! iff obtalnln.r an a."ic,a'c. I.cfer lo II iru lev I rij , Fit.tnr of The Tribune e ,1 VI I V HKeTKR. through I'oai office or ra'l at 40', Fpi-i I.ieventh atreet near 1 hlro an one, from 8 lo Iff A M , oe to ? P. M. PARTNFd W t KTRD?WITH FROM $VI0 Tflfioo TO Mart a dcpoi In 0u? el j lor the -ale ut a very valuable a Png noie duwiove'ed nut wb'.rh ha. ntwr be-n in,mi it In'iOiluceil I roiu $lli.tew In $iA,utei tearlT. lt la * ?,' piwcit, ran he realized. B. W. HI1 'H Ah D*, 8bi H way. TYARINKR wanted to an APPROVED BUSIN"sg I nan with *4j#t*l ?o $8 (WO, U* adrorOear will eellone* , i? half of a llg' ' mm ui foe tin tug bu?b eaa, whlcn pay* very I. g prifl't. aid mall d"..? for r??h miy one of good ehrfn Wir ?i d buaine a capa.-Py. I ..king li r * perim.neiit ?nl prnlua ? ' li.**i i, will fid In thy au utiuruai ctafKc. Ad.lrr" Btitineae, Broadway Pot' office. _________ TJAKTNER WANTED?WII M $."<*> OR $4tt.t IN A lU'dt | r.etw wh*re a forlut e ran he matie In a rltci I *tmc. A rt art man at d capaile of taking charge of th" book*. Notn c har nead app'y. apply ai 7*. *?t T eea'leA au eet f i bre dava. hefote Id A. M. or a't.-rd P M. 7 IK OOTaRT NltltSHir HRRgTOFoBR hXISTIN. urdi i be 8rm n?tne of .I'ibn llnnpe A Ad*ni?, w*. on die Jphnf Aoienrher ln?t*t t, dt*w>lve<l by mutual coawot Th. I otter*. Irreaoer ?|t| he carried on hy 'h? ?ui ?cti"cf !-idl v dually. J4.llN UOOPK, *p<c?i aod cxrhang* broker, 4>!2 t riad way. ______ ??_ Uyanted?as partner or assihtant in thi ' dry good. I Ui ntra. a goirl halenuan rw?t? '"tt lo tekeefcaif r "I a large . ore. A p. rwm hi.btg Avtu to "I "*t tc Hit. .1 woolrl he pre'r "d Addreaa (Whb ibe wrileFe ad die.0 ft. tt. V., Her.I<1 offlea MIDIttL. MLaLMlRT, Paris and LONDON phv iktin , ??1 ameaoB. an Uor <J the M.dcal Ad.laer and 'lor rtageOuhle, lilt td. am, 34.'. page. 7S?.grav n'*. ma. ed tn >ut tar ul 'bo eouulry, tuewiy ms*I?4. f?r $1 -e .-?? an pel va'e itaai'or >ear. p*?t. 42 Laadc .Iroet, eoincr.e 2yfi hrroMlway, front 11 A.M. u> X and 8V>? P.M., i*unday?e? ? 4pU d. fT hlKf F*AR. TIIE ftP.FAt YUROPEAN DimXtYKRY. | prrreciedty llm * l.uiere PeteRt of Fnglaad, aadeeeured it. ?? .ofile locilede Plmrmacie In Pari', an J Mm Im racial Cofffgatl Mrdlctrr Vivuna Trtcrmar. No. I, D I to rri' e It or i curat debltt'f *ba<ler*d cwuxtUntlrm*. and all Ui' iM>teeing conkrunenre. xidatng frmn early abne*. A* lu effer'. are efflcaclou. In io'ldl, maubnodI and o*I age AiJ pby ewm) lm- ?d'tnr?i? var'.t Hke magic beffire it* inf nenca, Ibn. renderl?v t* ee Invaluable In theee enteeNir the tuVTMif. ?I?le. Trlieamar. AO 2. euuipleiely and ' nt eety erod. wm a'l tncre of hr?c uUmderv which copalvaai.d ' ibelai have m i, .fig been shougbl on anHdote for, u. the ruin'f Urn heai b of * real nartftaof populaUmt. Trteae r*r, ho 3 1* Ibn gr w I.rir<4'*n ren tdv for tb*' clA'. "f disorder, which, unit-* n. ey. the Fngl eh thi.' >an ?" ?l* *tlh mee- ie? Joithe n* d*.'rurUim ol li?a pabettt'. c I'M.'niton, an 1 Wyic I a* ti t rarvai arlla IP tbe wiwld cannot remove. rn?i'-nm?, * - I 2 a. d 3, ore alike den.J of or ami II, avl of al n? i?o tug qua turn If ey ma. Ira laid ou Ibe USUI tabU wl era II.*ff u e I *b g aurpecti 4. fold In tin ca*e*. $'? aaen I ii d Imo 'et arate UiwC. a* aduibdoiejo-d by Yaipaxu, La te .? d ffrnr Ar lo be had. wbotawak and retail ut Mr, H A. .1 ? R i< i tA ,I 11 reene .trm* near' okol, N?w> Yirt.ihrr.i y ?PT' r'ed agef lor evarr p? f m AnxcrVa It*v?.' >a ' v < r. i \ i a r* u.1 ?'.f t * M* ILmtow will ?r*?td t* ? 1 n * * ?cur - I ai' of 'Le wi,-M M.ot?; r pa k*d. ??>) ?1lt-i ?c (iurrut?h ij'vui uinuupoou-u*inti? ri'r \T K8 >i*n. ?n*AU V ship PACIFIC, Copt. a?> Ctdrtdgs. -This s'eaaulit|i *IB deport with ih* I'tuteO rui? -nail. for Europe, pu,iiivel> to Wednesday, Nos. 01. at U.i'chick M.. in.m her (sand at >!>? root if i ?i at ' re.t Fur fs.dgbt ur passage, having unequalled an woomodaUans HOT eiegaun.- aid ? udori, .t|i|ily ui *l'?AH[) K Culti.l ?s, iri Wull .tram. Faaeangere am requested ui i>? on board oy 11 V nook A. K shipper* please who iio'Iom that the atop, of th's fine ??oiiO'H eair, asy toads auolrebaud of ?n/. All .et'ers urns' pans through tor t'o?i ufflre. any uihsrv will he rei urned The .team ?hip a I antic will sun-eari the Psolllo, aud tali Deo 12. h oMre -'I he da< s of tlep-tnure of 'bis lint from Ifea York, will I'd Kaiiuday, nmunienrlng lantutr. ft, and n.err alleroae Kemrdity; and frtw Llr. rpnnl 00 dfednasda., sofUlDttKiug January 23, and ovary altaroale Wednesday THK NKW YOHK AND LIVERPOOL CNITKII BTcTKH 1 bibII sieamere.?The ships computing the Hue are (he til lowing A i l,A MIC, (Apt. Weal. PACIFIC, Oapt. Kldrldge. hAl.IIC.Capt lomtUK-k AHKltllC, apt.??. These ships hare liecii liullt by ounirael, sipretsiy lor gov-, wameu* tanrtua. k.v.-rt car" luu. been u?ar? la their eon .true Ion, as also In lbs Ir engine#, io ensure sire gih and "peed, and iheir eu'ouiutndaiiuo. tor p isteugers are <iniy|Orllea for eogsi.oe, si.'i aomforv Price of M,-agn from isew York u> l.ireipuol lu ttmclassOsbin, $130; in seronl do., JTft; ex elusive me ol ex ra viae s ale rujius, t'Tft; trom Liverpool ui hew Y"iX 'Al nnd tu guinea. An espnrioucot! -urgooti at tached to each ship. ?u cer'h securisl uuili p ml for. FKCPOHKD llATe-S OK BaILIMT. rrnon *rw yea*. itkom ui itaroot. Wedn-rday, boy. 28 'Hftft halurihty, i ee. 1 1865 Wednesday, line 12 1886 Nstuiilaj, Pec. 1ft left,. Wednttduy, Dec. (A 186ft Maturity, lie-. 2f) IH6u Hat unity, Jan. 12 lAVi mod new yoga. runs uikurooi. Fstii'.hty, Jan. ft 18M Wmlue-tlty, Jan 2- 18V Ka'urduy. JuD. iy I86d WidootsUy, Fet>. t) ttft< Ba urtlsy, Feb. 2 1866 W> dnesday, Feb. 2J ISA . uturdav, Feb. lb Ufld Wodnt-islty, Mar. ft ISA, fc liirdav, Mar. 1 Isuti W<dunsday, Mtr. IS.. Baiurd.iy Mar. 'ft I8C6 HCednesday, Ap'l '* IV, ranirdiiy, ftlar ;y Irfto Asdueial.iv, Ap'l Iti Isfti Kaiuriiay, Ap'l 12 1 rid Weoniwd ,y. Ap'l .'*) Ilftl n.> untax, np'l 2d ISAcj \Vs'liiu-la>, M.ty W isftii Saturday. May 111 isftt! Ws'lns day. M.ty 28 Ids'. Saturday, Moy 24 1860 Vwlnmtsy, Juno 11 loftc t or freight ur passage apply to KtilA'P k COLLI Kb, <6 Wall street, S. Y. HKt Wh, HIIIPl.bY A CO.,Llrarpool. bTK.Pslt.14 KKNNakP A CO., 31 aualln Friars, I<ondno. H. O. WaIKW'KIOIIT k CO., Parts. The owners ot these ships will not lie aroooniabto for gold, stiver, hiili.pu. specie jewelry, precious douoi or metals, un less bills of arc slgi ed tl.ere or, and the value thereof therein express" d. shippers ph a-e take notice, lieu llie ships of this lino oanno earn sov goods eoo'ialisud ol war. aII leiieis must pass through Uiopostofllce any othar will tie relutned. ftmici Thr day ol dnparliirs of this line from Mew York for leftd will be Muunlsy, ntmimencing Januiry ft, and evert alien ale Kalurdst; and fruit< rpiu,| tYivlocnday, oo a ?uencing Jan. 23, sua every alternate Vheauewl.ty. fiWtK UVKliPOOl,-8AU.M Tf? DAY?THB RPI.RNDID eiipper paehel n lp, ulcat UnlCM. reoatforafcw more set olid cttoU, at 4 suaoHge pattse.ngers. Kur ttatAage, ap ply en hoard, pier >1 hast river or to Tilths. C. KCCtllC, KS south el. 1.TOR UTIaPOOls-OItD RUACK STAR l.INK-Hit p'o k t ship CI Y M.V. NI.Kl.Mi, i ,,p'siu Freeman w I sail loi ibe at.ton purl on Wssti e. t iy, jsnvsnioer JM. Ko i el,In, ssi ond '.ii'in viol smange pit. s.tge uppiy on board, pit r 28 haat river, or lo W lh.i.1 aM > A ili l.lN. tl) Kuluiu stree.. LMllt UYlRPOOIt-BAlUi) ?N WttDNMDaY. NCV a " *bc park-1 ship OONbYANTlNe., For seeucid ctbtu or su eiHgi: passage apply en board, pier II# K.h> river, ft*. ktaiueu lane, or tu T fieri. C. KcCIlK, 86 .Sou h tlrcl, L'OK LIFK.ltPOOL.?THE BLaOK HALL PACEKTHHIP r ftt.'V Ml ATT A N, .H,(KitJ Ions, ('apt luxo.i, will p'tsitl , suil i u iKe lvl of He-sinner. K Or ? i nu of oahui aoooud > a i . nnd sleerage p,, apply on hoard fitot of llneau ?n 4 reel, kaulriver,or 'o J AOuli W ILKiUN, ton So I h Street. H OK LI VfcRPOOL.? KM I Hie. Ll.VR.-lBK FaYORIT I'liclFt hi up r.MPiith hTtltf, (Japt. vrtll s.?it f? 'i)o>rrti?>, ?tl? intU For p.wnH??in n?to)n. -ft'joij ??*?? I'lu ur m.??ihpp y oil b? pi?r8 Ntrlli ri^? r? or to iih.M alii h i m JO>fch, 40 .Miuib itrwt tuul ;jfi 0?4 .tJip. LM H BBi MKN, VIa HUUTUaMI'TON.?THK UKTITKI r bthlt?* u.ail m tftaniflilp 'A' As-4li NiiTON, K, ixiiu luaLder, wlO mUi lor Hr?*m?ii. touonirig ml t mj'b.i itptoQ to Urn ?hr iiimiU nod p?(*rnKer? lor f itrul franco, oo Hatur day, I-'ocexubor 1, at VI u otuck tl., f? oui pl?r so, 37 Vort river. PaiCEor i'^iuiALiK rKOM haw Youa to Hot rHAMfTox oa Dhkmui;? In flrtt cabin, inairi na o??n $1;; Id ttr*t catiin, Uiv%or ralMio 11 1?. H?NMidfi tin An cip?Hem ?*d pupkwii It t?Uacho<l lo racb fcrvrner. Hoooic Jfihend in tiavre or laii don. Ail leto rt inucl patM ibroUMi' -bo l*??t oltue. For pa^aaac or (relgtn apply <o C. li. HaNaj, Agtmi. II H?mLb WllUatn ?tre*t Tub i.ivkp pool and philaoklpiiia ?TKA*Hiin t'oiiipany iMend Millna their favon'e ?i*amHhtp? - CITY Of ifALUMOHK. SkSfi; tout, < apt R?.i??pt Leileh. * 11Y OK W AHHlMGTON, tone. Oapi. Win. Wylie CUT OK MmM'IIf>TKU, 2.toll Uma, Capl V. 0. Peuie. Kalur'r., fl*i, 8^ rn?l $&&. ai ctirdiin; n>au? roum^. A liiuiicil ntiu.ber of third ri-u?? p iittnicrd will he taken from Pbh&cJclphIa and Liverpool ?u 1 dmoif lu prorlMlon*. frvn Philadelphia j fRMI Liverpool $4" Purlieu atMhiij# to hrtna oat inetr tY riulc, c.m oouua ??ortri cairn of |.aa"?MO ai d dratVi on Liverpool in tnmt ot ?l cterihi^ arid upward*. Apply to JullV <J. Il.vLR. Annul, 17 Walnut atrect, PbiuulelphlAa S-TKAM tiRTWKRV KNW YC/KK AMll UI.aROOW f.llfKill K<i 2.A00 ton# Wa . ? umrutnf oomriwindar. NKW Y' KK. i.l&i una. Itohert?:rai? do UliArlf'W, i,t)62 oiih, JMju Uunoan do. the <1 aaaow a?#d New Y<irk HtaamHilp Oooapanv'e aplcudh aod powerful new Nt^amer fkLm urg la MiiiMiuucd u> nail fr nu New York forfllactfow ?hr?cA, on Ha ui^la/, w>'b Januarv tan at Uo'c.ork, ruaui, pr^eleeij. Bateaof pa?Re In future a<t cartiremeni. Apply lo J. McHYMON, S3 Broadway. FLING DATli, flTII AND 20TH OF EACH ftfONTII hN lour hour* from ocean to <>o?uri. by Panama Railroad? 26 lb*. Uut'tfag* fre*,?Ttnough for California, rm Pajiau* *<u<lroa?5 -fl# I iiftftt&l Htatca Mail Hteamship Company Intend to despatch for Aspttiwail. on Irwlay. ihr. 7* at 2 o'o.oek I* M. ore* luely, from pier font of Warren street. NorUirUar, the well k own and fa%orK? steam-dup (lKOH^K LAW, Capt. Wa I- Htradw, 0.0 Navy. P*>*.erigers MM mail* will ? f< i ward# ?: l?\ I'ki. oiA ralirtMMl, and connect at Panama with Uirhfcofio Ma., .ilnanadilp tJomnenv '? magnlfWier.t ?ta* n*utp Jl'lIN L. SlfPHKNrs K.fl. Piersoo oo nruander, which el.I I d m r? ndli e*s. and 'cave immmM *?l v for Han Piancl*** The puhli* are informed thai ha Pa?ylrtc Mail H> un .nlo Co u p*?v have one or mora erra* earner* lying at Panama read) (or ?* a, u? avoid an> p.-wtl1 la detent' ?n of (ioiwtiutra or n a a. Fnt j SM*gr. apply ui I. W. HA VMOf If. at theonly oGior ol the eoiu4>art?ft. No 177 Wcatatreei, ooruer of Warren I/OR NEW GRANADA AND NICAR AOU A.?Til'**. Nf.W " Granada Canal and tfienm Navigation Company will ilia patch ?hetr rr?l Aieu> diip, USPtihY on the 16th ?>! I Mice nimr, .a 2 oYlick P. M for nan Juun dtl Norte, ' astf>a??ma and H*. V*r>? a, on her return *111 rail a* Kingston Jam-Oca. The >>? prey U a Ura? < lass sieanwi of HHi l on a nurtiten. In f>?rfbc. fa der and condition, Insure* a' the lowest rsies. h+? canacpy for .>H) I at?cngeri? apd 400 'on* freight. Freight will no taken to h*n Juan, at .VG p< r ft**, and Carfhagcria and Ht. Mania ai 46c. per foot. Pa wage to Han Juan del .Node, Slraraguv ? First cabin, $.0; ?c*"i#d ca'ilo, W, u> Car'h igcrut and H?, Martl a *ew Granada Ar*>t cabin |rO. w mdci iiti. Dii, No berth* rcrurad dit paid for. For passage apply ?/? IVM K. KGLLO A OO., Z. Willis in street, for freight apply to M?>s t^l LKA A CO , 2f)g Itroatlway. FIPKT fTIITFB FOR SAN FR ANCTKGO.-(HI ARAN foed to a%ti on or hrfewe Haturday, IH-^embor E?The fnmotit and relcbra rd clipper ship KKrOltTtfK. No?*r4 Hot raa, master, ta r? eeiylnK l?er carno at v?ter tt, Kaat river, ami wtll p? suit t I) -ml ah ai*ore. 'I hie euranrdlrnarr fast olioper hat rrvnalldrK capiuPj ducngarted but fcr a few owa <?f frem>i which tlj? ?!?d h- sent triifnrdlao 1> alotiifHlde, ae tro.n iho (tun tb> of iteiph' an board and ynlng In. ehe la expie^tod lortniv i* Ailing ^Al^r<JUly neit. 1 ecemher I HUl(?prre dc?(rlngP*e vert bett rove, an re no# otfeiing, wtU liaane cvamuie ih#r Reiwri rr, aud ludiir of her aldiltv to land thrlr rtiraorg in Han Frui riwv) at thr # a?lieat powalhh* day an 1 (?a ah* hae more tha i <* dinary \ei.tiia ionJ In perfect order. HlJTTON A (M , No M rUmth etraei. corner of W.J1. N. B.?No frright tekrn after the day adverti^e<l. |7f4/R CALIFORNIA ?t>AVH OF HAILING OHANflBD r to 5?ih ? nd M?h of ench aiouUi New York and California h'Ui mslop Line, Acccceory 'franait Ctfiipa/iv, ol Ni? arao/rn pfi i iletom,? Tfwough In ?dran*eof the mall -7U?f ">lira hIuu rr than any other roufe. 26 Ibe l uggage free The aplendwl doohJr erglne airano-hlp HTAR Ol- THR WWMT, 2JKM (on* bunt# r. t.upf. k In'?./. whJ leave pier So. 3, North river, ai :i o'rlork P. R.j tor Peufa Areris* on MvmJ iy. Deoeru'oir 10, Ihlfl. connc< ling widi the atramidup hi?-rm Nrr>tda, IjPm (on hi./(hen oerr the Nuar at oa 'Iranatt route having but twelve Hil!?a of land 'r*n*pc?i unoo >y nr?i ci*** earrtaees. 'i J ?- | t opref'ua ra>. n#<w asm e the public toe 'be lediftius la en'trely fr? ?. (rotu dlrsaae, and U .<t U?e political uv? iblea ir Nuanpua h..vr rea?e*l iba<elui#> i een male tetw ?aii ?V ?5<.n ei.olnk parties, and n#A fhe aileU'est P.'<>rrup'e>n In ib? (mnaii heiwetn the ocrwn* need be Aj-p^ehnndrd For information nrpiierafr apply nnfv b> t^IARLR.^ M ?H OAN egrfd. No. 2 liowliag '?recn. r tauipe*l .eber-t laketi f<?r ( '. ??? p(? racb. At'STHALIA -PAHHLNGKPH PRU CLIPPRR HVRK I.AAl.hNCfc are requested 'O have their ha.'g%geim NardtH-dav (MondayJ at pin 44 R.?i*t river as '!?? vc?.', wil!?all on the foliowti.g o. iri lng Can acommolaL> one n.orr paaacnger. Apply at M Pearl atreet, to C. HAKllY ACHIhALlAN IfVDKPFKDKNT LINR-TflK MCAl'TI lul ciipj ?r ??dp MANDARIN win l>e (leap* chrd for Mel* bourte ptrltiwly on the KHh Dnem'*er, tip atmre veaaei ?a Uj. t 'is 1 j r Ipprr or Frat > a*a *pip m/w up for Ad strata. F *r bvlaiice oi ? i rgo or pae^age in nrat rahlo, luv'iig superb a eomsnndatloV)* appl) ??n board at pier Id E?M river, ortn (K t lJhVk, ARKELL A KIXi'flT, r* pearl atgret. ATBTRaLIA PIONKK.R LINE, CARRYING TO* 17NI A trd r*\a ? * Mall ? The faet aailinH' ship C , nT III A f?w H< lotft.e. ha* ?rg i?alf h?f ear go poatHvelr "ngagwl. I* pret#a ed to <a>e freR'h .?? n?'*JerA'e variaa. at pier it Gael river, if a pberf If ea'?y. Apply ?o k W CAMhRfiN. Mo. dlluwllfigtlrwen. 1/ffH HAT AN A AND TIIK MI'W. FAH1 AND F hne s r. ii fjt aKk K ?'fT f u ,rm<"iy ??f PhiD b i j h'a . K W ? h? dlift cofTimender. *vU' e?*efor a >oe^ j f * Dc"*n ' n fr^ari pier No b Northr \er,foo'?; /W b gltiMpE For fre*glitor raaaage applj Ui OMIT M .t PA THICK A cents. ?I1 TV all ??re??. TT H MAIL HTSaMKUU* fvmrANV-pgr 1MVAV4 L ? and Now (irl-ana? Go Moi day, l>e?- 3, at I P. d fr ?? j ?r fo't of Warren #u <m?C, N?.nh r \cr u? w?U kneeoaot fg* i rite steatnsMp CllK*+'t ST !TY t'an AG ? r?y bav lr>|t i wfi tlMifteighly titttkaultd and t>ot In (Met claw* o?n l; ^ >u. w ill resume her fHaet in the line and salt aa h xnre P uMEfe rsf tasecured at he ompauy.a ??f? a. Freight to N'tw*?f Jenrs, 3f? '?eats p^r cubic tunc, r>r * ived?>n Nrui f|.H?her. wbtp pevael! b? fnppHedwPb b? ' ? t' ?wlto? of the form ? re I by the mr. pany, #?#i ip?li"?tlm) %t felr??ffi e N i >he b??ms sigieu, aii'i nob Ilia r#r lalt/g will Oeairnelafer the U'ur t f s .JMtg. For frtr^ht or p???-#sre apply at Uai ofhee of ?he compaay, 177 W oat ttieet, corner ot War # n. *. u. ROBRftfR. F^JR FAVANNAH-PARK NFDI7CED -TDK HCPKRIOU ' frat c|ii?., ?u?an #?i?p KIVaIonR FTaTK. ?'?plain H Ilnrdfe wlil leave I'l l ade r-Ma for ^avsnnefi on wei'duRf, Nov. JR. at Id *YrlocE A M. ??/? rZ', wee?%ge E*. tgerraln V' w Tor*, H'BaNTcN A TaLMl vN. 19 Old si'p wMere ?tate mipi may be secured. The Nta o of Georgia will leave as a! ore on W*dt?esda> . De "tr.' ?r 6. i*OR FA TAN N All AMD Fl/'R! D A-CNf TFD ?T \ T K-H trail line.?The new and eb gaot siramer k NO V V ILLM, 1 *r*alft ( D Led low. will b-eee ??o W^lnrPlV 1'c 2 (ft hi f #r No. 4, N. K. at 1 k*k r M Ihlla rg alii ? i. on U>?ni l or fre;ybi apply itoarft, o to- p\o?g? u e I Mil# HILL, No IJ Prawiear ? a <?n p?s^<a m vst iisb, |76, for 9b/flda. through U/:|Mt frteU New Y'>r* to 'ark seat life. Ml. ## NMml Itrgr si noceeetrLwia ? #i.ii,e ? >a?e ha*.ai r.ab lor YU* ? a Ihneg tluieii a woe*. <? rcrtli r wPh the aeamcrs frmut Mew York on In-?la>? ami I Jtfittdaye. rr.R XORFOLK PORTNIfOf TIf AMD PITRMRCIIG ? I fUT. H. Me'i meewvabip RoA*((iKK t'epu Tb?m\? ?llinvf v 111 lee re for tfe above porta <?? wiwfnesdJT ret' Ifsh Noter/iber, from p4or IJ MoHk rteep a' 3 o> <<?*. Ffet^v i I# a for the above p eee? and the |n'e-w of "iorfh c*?*WHe kalrt .kM 'vivo tr,t K rtuiaffwl, but ;>easengert w.d He P*t ? ?reed tbri** by ra* ro*d 6?n t;i?y n Fr#lsl l? r SflfyA *ivf Kb brreuel can t ? !r>f>ed by the tsn ?wn e*ery J Afirday. faaw*1 en I (**e wfh s^ * reign, i I rf t f* P^b rthorg and fl bra of fi Lvne1# t rr 9^4 A| eiy tal l'l l.a U * ri.M\K %Nfn uHr od*a,. shipping. IjNOR LIVKRFOOL-ltEUULAR Li NR.-Till* RPLRND1D F c'lppsr nh'p JOHN ELK)'* TH*YKR, Ctpt. ;vio?ou, will nail on Wednesday. IH r &, living anpertor ux?ivuo la lion* for cabin *ud im cond cabtu p?4a??*ugt?r?, wuu will n* itmi at moderate rut?*. I'wr-ini* about proceeding 10 ajrooc would do well u? examine lhi? noble veam-1 bainr* ?ng iglog el*? * Here. Kor paaeuge apply ou board, ui plar jj. Kaai river, <oot of llur ' R'l ?Rp? or to TaI'jHJUTT A Ou., H6 South aire? i. XTOTICE.?FOR LIVERPOOL?THE FAVORITE AND IN feat ?Alltag packet ahlp JOHN KtTLY.GF, 'a.?f. Kslfoy, Kid full on Ihurnday. Nov. 2ft?. I he arnumuod*Mm* in thia

favor I u* packet for ??aolu, ?eoond cabin, and *i??- 4 ,e pa** ?n gor*.are superior to any ahlp now to port. Pernon. or fain'.* liCH goti.g 10 the ot'l country will do wed 10 examine thii a hip before t:meaning elsewhere. For term* of paaaa/rt, apply ou board, at 31 K at rlrrr, foot of Jam?* Klin, or 10 11 to Mas u. o'bhi&n, Ui noma *u-est. For pavana and mobile?the new. fart and line attain l.ip 1 UAKMt CITY, It. W. Hhufaldt com nan dor. will h ate lor the above porta on Wednesday, D?e?'ui? to ft, at I oV orb P M , fr<>?u pier 37 North river. faot 01 tleacli street. For tr<-l*bt or j?Hwiijjd apply to oMlf 11 A PATRICE, agent*, 61 Wail atree., up atiim. mo* cbarlbstun no fuobwa?ism*ifncLY r United hlnfoa uir.1l line ?The magnificent atcamcr J A \f tC S ALUt H. h 0 Turner, commander, will leave oiar No. 4 North river,on Wedne-i;ay, Nov 2N, at So'clock P. M prneaey. For treubt appl) on board where all hilh of lading wl I be ?Un*l, alid iut ae>a*e at iheollJe?* of MPOPFOKD TILhfTON A Ut>., >o L1> Itr? Ndv %y. 1 ati'u pai?agu02A. The splendid dmiair Ka*hv lie w ill -uereed. and leave on Hat unlay, December 1 The lasoi.te steamer Carolina having re-uuieu her regular trips to 1 be vatU U* .'andiioMOU Urn st Jnhua river, Florida, will <01 met with the ktviuner fr on New York, and leave < Iihi U'hW'ii every lueaday at 2 o'clock P. M , per steamer Marlon. INLAND ROUTE TO CHARLESTON. AUGUSTA, HAV AN I t ab. New Orleans, Ac , from Norfo'k. Time to Norf )lk. M hour*. Through ticket# to Weldon, N. (5. Pan-enger* gotnv Foti'b from New York by taking die largo romrnodlotH >!de whtel itranmhlpa, .1 a FiEntown or R?> ? NUKK. on WeduiM day ??r Faiurday af ernoon, from pier 13 North river f??o' of Or dar ? reel, irrtre In Norfolk m altereooo. a y ^ til Bod a conUnuona line ot rabioada eitending through the Hula* ot North and heir h Carolina tunogla, Ac., alb rtlmg .i tp. fafe and comfortable communication an far South it* Mobile. b> the Ureal coinbern Mall Line. Paaaage fare, aUiterooin lu eluded, to Norfolk, f* steerage, $4 Apply U? U'DLaM i PLEASANT, 32 Broadway. FANIIIOWIILi: WAMJU MIjU41\EUY,A('. AMAONI*I'TKNT ARHORTMFNT of rich fancy font can be found at LKVliY'S autre. 41 Maiden lane. 000 vDMtifr of all the fine and tnediutnurailea, and atunprc ede??u d hm prlcea, maiiiitaciured under the aunervlalon ol the well kuoKu UhO H. MAWbON, A Kent, 44 Maiden line Bridal tun a fob rat million."-*m mqai eh gant adorruneitt for ll?e et>4Hon Ik the ootileure t iahe pe gt e, moKtrh h. marabou a. and legitimate I'arUtlowcrM F??r tie toilet tab.e, trull* and ilowore in ha-k> ta, at J AklKS TUCK KH'tJ, No 337 Broadwa>, n ar White nineL Elegant winter millinery-great rkduittion lapi cen.?L Marc reMpiuHfully In'o'inn the l.tdie^ o bnW koik aid el'hittjf .-bathe will ?eli bia mtgn'i.bvni hu? !k >) velvet an I other at* ? h i t 0oune>? at great y redu u^<i prices for thl? Kt?k tt .ly Ibe altrotion of U?om- wb t have 11 H yet pur rlia^edtht ir wltib r h tta la in vit? d o embrace dm prasan' op jot ui.ti.v of u- ecde g ir iu h.< uptaudtd iiH^ortirumt. at prkea tosver fl.ari ever t>en>n? 1 lie red. MARt'Y, Broadway, 110.a Hi. Nllholaa II - tel. II KM AT .Wi BROaDWAY.?AMERICAN. RUSSIAN an 1 ?'ud^Ni !U| t^gupauv'a fnra -Mo-er A Htiaiar oar. tier ?4i Im public, or ouy and coutilrv ?ra'lo, an un quiii ed av.QrUneut of toe H??ove, a*Uw c?l t?> \lr. Wm. M.raer t ring hw laie va-H ui Knrtroe, <uid mabnfviurKd wiflb gtw "sre. kverv dn-ertpUou ot fur* can be found of auck variety 'hat cannot uU1 an, aid atitMiiuoi. Evtiry article will he war -anted and wvki a' fate prtow. Mt 'b*.R A MLATER, Importara of Fnrt, 41 Mauten lam and 3h3 Mm r IMTTHI no m BROADWAY,TNTITB8 IHE bid tea to ca I and examine a large and hartdaoin umoi tncDt ot bonncU, to im eshlidte<i on 1 and Wed n atty, Nov *7 ui d t R ICH PARIS FtfATHENS, PuuhiM tlOWKM, CnkktUJi, Kibhohb. ao., In every variety, may r?e found at very low price* for euah. At 64 and (hi .John alreet, corner of NVIIitam. IK>MKit A KKiUilUM. 'P VT LAS A K A SON HAVE OPENED THE SPAvTIOUh I ? a tore Nu flyt Hroadwajr, with a general aaaortment ?? Udu *' ittd <"bcr tan of tl>eir n?vu manufacture rhev alMo ?Ull occupy die nit! -tand *' N ? ttfdohu *'r?*ei, unfit U\Q t?t ?? ke riiiir,. when the* will remove to Uu? eew atore. f. VV LA^AK A MtN. &'Jn linatiiway, oppnatte the ht. Nlchma* Mo '??I, iad It Jobs strati fTHM LAST CAM OP FBKMOH WIN TKB BON NBTi FOR 1 ih< t-NHin,Imported by MadHtn* ilit ADIT,harranged due fiom etephaiiie and Hclut?.e Hoivtn moli^M by lrn|>eria! a < poll 1 went to 'he F.ajprtta* ?if the Frroeh, have arrlv d '?> il?? ..ofth star, and are 1 vhll H d at 7L& Browde ay. fclti ran ie Nu. - i lib on place. AIH 1 IBHIDS, ADD. (fto ril-rou SALE IIOHSE LANKRfS, A LI. >'" frtmrned. * Uh a aup? rtor a??eur:rn?*nt of tine ma rc .rhil irlrnmrd blanket* of all c >| m, aletgh bc.l*. lap t?Ian keta, Khipr. A0 , al?u a che*p lot darnup**! HO<ldi M hrtd'ei w? 1 bum ingul*. at W. A. uArtTr ItV t, (ley ttroet, corner ol Uieene u h. AFI'PKKH 8TOCK OF POINT I>K M.KN' UN. RRUh aeU and tiiupure coll*r? and aleeves to tnaien, brt la '? .?r '? fio D4d| sad rnj.1 1 <?! ?!??? ||?? J frlptklU ff? ?*)?? wcr'b ot \ rrj rich llntriUm Ure gocxl* will he ?.(???? od <in H'ia dny.for InrpeiUeu. PETkR ROREKlh A *'<> , 373 ilri*Mls%ay. All. Wt t.f, SAXONY PI.AIIH Fnnerflne quality, k iv?" ca?>aa will be opened mi MotmSsv. Novernber 2^, At t iva Smiuj>o- Pwn Yaku. A T h! kWA RT A t'O , Rr<?*dway, Oharnber* and Hea?le atreeu. Anew lot of rfal valknciknnen i.\ues,from h per y?r?l to fht); aleo Valeru'iuniic* bat "dlar* and ?leevia, cniirelv new. lout received by P el EK HO HER IS A CO , 373 Broadway. I> ROOK'S IVORY POLISHED, NEW PATENT OL AUK I ' titrced, rnuitdijc* th > luatre uf adk thu atrength ot Itren. a> d la anpenur to any bread ever offered to the trod ? while. Mark and all e?? or?. Fur aa'e by WrtKk I.F K A WILSON, 34.1 IH ... I ray. RM8FLR POINT OOLL4RN. VERY RUPKKN. FROM f U up a aid*. K.?c j ??!?' de appl'.que from f I iWt. t 1 nnvli' from an trupur'er, CIvIiim up tiualneac. at a groa' pre, will be m aivcd on Momlay. by Pii'l 1.It ROBERTS A 00 ,rr, Itrrndvray. B I/All. ^ N P RVRNING DRESSES J A beautiful awnrtaMmt wrlli ne ?p^r?ed on M mday. Novein' er Vfl. * an a* wmom $a t?? $10 F.?< m. A. T STEW ARI v CO , Broadway Chamber- and Howie atree'a. BI.4CK GUIPURE AND THREAD LACRs, IMITATION all width*, iderk 'bread veil*, inanttll lor c,- enuig pur I tiea, Just received per Notts "i>ir, at PETRR Robt RTn a CO.W, 370 Brooilway. f CAMBRIC EMBROIDERED H A R DK ER< 'III KFR. JVR1 V/ rec eived from auction, verv rt. h (ai*<> chikf/ea'* do;, w.h I be Mild at a very ?n>*ll advance at* ve , very d< airablc lot preaent*. Ormtietnen'a plain an J ?<? o ai ihrdval do at Phi KK ROHKKTs A CO , St* Broadway / MipeETH-FOR THE f'ONYENIENiTR, AND IN ? )M \J pHai.ce wl b the re'jooat of many of unr acruai ami up loin cum omen, we have (ir? rmn.? ? ion with our dor e at 4i | 'Jhlid avenue; taken the aiorc. .02 ^U'h avenue, beiwcea sti teenth itn! Keventcen'h atrgesa and e 111 open mt T i?'*d ?y. 1TU? I Inetttit, wl'b a ir.rice and varied aMortOMMit of all kirvD >> kraich, Uerman. Krigllh.und Ameri'-an crwae'*, aI?o*ev?ral hniicfred emhrr ldered collar* and Aleve*, rwaived by ream ?hip Pacific. The ror*ct department in bob aforei will he under the aiiperli?tendaf?re of Mr*. Oaytior, and *111 ceh .? ? on taiitly iiipphrd v ith n*r? atyle In oar celebrated French wova rarrata,cam flwmm ) wTMra f"r tats mm sIhmms i hi u u ara lifiAurpiirerd. wtdie our prtc?x* are only hail ifv?i*IJy cltN/ged. OAY.N(/lt linporter au<1 m-ui*ifa - urar. 40 Uurd avenue near fen ih ?tree*, and Z*\2 Sixth avenue, near Heventeeuth atreei r^MRROtDNRIES v I.AROF LOT of CffCMKAKTTKn IJ and ah eve# to itiA ch, collar* of a t ew *h?"e, I'tii l* Ac ,^uai ree.',ved by I'KIKli KOlO.UT- A CO, 376 Broadway. fjmi W D ? m RTt i?- III rv i ard lUi?T Bravait Ck tiia, For Oreioiaita, Cloak*, And Tnlrav. A. T. STEWART A "U , RiOMtway, Chamber* aiid fira le ?'rc? o. I A DIES' WINTER HOSE, j Mada 'run r?a c.jCfnn, with Foes liirmie, flcne a*i. kr...r, At 0.1 psr d Men A. T STEWART A CO., Br< adv ay, t 'haiut en and H ade atreef*. | l>FN IMLL-FOAN A OO 332 IIOWRRY, I MP ;K IJ tar*. NS bet*, and retailer* of Frer?ct a**t :m i int.*, abeettnt*. d?m**k table e oh*, lark't*. t-?we ? aotbi ie ef?hp-:*, warranted all pure It w | a Dkiril a?M/rto ent t.f dry go**i*. tha wm- ? i'n,W4 .mi. f r?i rh mer I/ a. pla'4* hla<k *Ua aba wl* ate! Ih<L? ? ???-h? fm * .? akir.g ? el*,* and i drawer* and undeeahlrw Ai*r? will?.pen >,o r i< Tb tr* <.av bin v naeev dan a#e?J .inen, and twenty fi *?.*.. of M.r ?e'.kaqnUt* The above y.tnida -vill i?e w-ld ?' i^Iia | pi .rt*. Fiench, hpanlab and Ocrmnn h?e* ivge* ?|egien. IAIGEH'CI.OAE AND r)JtF|l*< TRIMMING M \NUFA j tore. ?Joseph lockitt hon a co imf??i/?? ft * I ? ? ? ft | I.fli II ee f, 4 I ? . - , -w iRri?tt ot n oire anUqtie*. eord ami iaaa* a, *.*4V , iwm' ??g1 kri (|,et frln? e?, buumni at.d utwcl* yiafo ?. Ac 1 . 1TEAI. NAXONT WOOL n.\IIH Ik F"r lrtdie?' and tMldfer/* lr#?^e*. Kf .KG a N J K a I.I. sTYI? Ten (*Mf ante ju-' o<t>?sa*d, Af Eiva di?ri4fv?** a Yi? p. D'ktl % TaVI/M, 2fA. 737. M an I *\ tin I Free-, ami l ew number* 4'. a 11 t" *'a hv na ' fee* wKlPTS, h? 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T, ?UteRM*!- fiOMEO AND JULIET. *'? 0. rt?h?r I'rti cr Ki-rkl??....Ilr Kin*ot.l I Mr -utilunl Mi'ii'acu* Mr Keorr (< apala) .Mr WhmriR Mr. Kruno | Ii.uvuLh.. Mr i(ru*i mmf Tjbkli Mr. Ejruiik# | Nur?? Mr? W K. Ill.k.i j 1.11,.I Mr*. JullA l?ecui lUtu* " TWO HI'/./AHI?H Mr H. Hi??A-d..Mr Whlltn* I M ? Hii'IaM. .Mr*. ll.tvf Jotou Small Mr. W. ChAjinwii I KtHjr MM* J. Mauiwir* Bi wemy tiiratrb.-pkoi'riktob and manahrk. I. H WAlilrou AciliiK Maruirfrr Mr. W M. HArd.?Boo** ORrn at r.S to r?mnii'.uc? At 7 o>i.rk, lm ?U), Nor. 17, Will An A* >r<l CHERRY AN0 KAIll KTAR. Hmguirtirc* Mr. Ward fair Mar Mlant". A Hurl THE FORTY TtiJKVIM Bl RTtiN'H, ( HAMHERH STREET? 't OA?li?T?Th* ii*iiaI rr*Hl romtr ir> n ? THh HEKIOUM FAMILY and rilK TOODLK*, T hi* lw?t Ullirl ?Ur?ctl*? |llA.'M tiri'r lil-tyi'd Amli' dAli -leek Ki.d Tojilln lijr Mr. llurton. 1-uly CrMiaJy Ali.l Mm tondlA hr Mr*. 1 iigliai Tt. MoMAi'W. 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Oil I MTU OF I * I kit FSr Ki'fiOI'K V verv wvoiifriK atS c? c!?x-k; and wverv Stihirday ?( *irn?x?a at I'., file by Nr. Alw>n Field, nl Lwdoi). /CARNIVAL OK THRHPIR ANl) Kj i.uKaT DUivM\T\c F.xrrp.m iV ItAillMcUK AJ?D OHIO It ' II Mo 11/ NATION 41. TlfKlttE, WAMH I ti/toN ?UAI.TIMOII* MraKVM. Wl.ufl i -I AT kvi IINU, Nov. frt. HA.V In crdrr t*> ^trnaliy mar* ibo ? .n.v?--r*>\rv ?>i thel^r*' drama tic peii'orifiHi cr i/i Auk r><'t wh li tm*k oilmen *>o*i buidred ?* uk??. lii? ui?niA?mcut of ih'i above uon i<?oo4 eataiiluiii in* uta urn ounce* NO* .Nil MM HAh V'kY WIDU \Mrt, Uiogrea' daln ot Irish and Yankee olo*m<; ora, I wo Diminct i'i uroii i am * ? itu Du?e.i i *tThsatoui In *i mi i?uk r.t.k n . FlfirJ, dniiikhaM Nioiir. In order 'o wiiaWiah a ao* 'al reunlTi Iiciwimni Uiw rliiai ol Ilil (In ore and v. ;t?n ngton. .Mnl ??? hllow all U> pk*rtl?'l,? lie In the I *'h iv! 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Drp*it linln, nutlur <k ibargn <>l cin/lu u>r Hcorge KawMnu?, whli iia't*-ii iidiu/fei mat iilnkt prccoely wnl atari for ss'adi Inrtou, orrlving a' ilia depoi ut twenty vnliio ??a p sat nine, where ampie conveyance will te In waitiiijr to coovairiiie urij to thai "fiMfciiitA* ent eiijo** ??t be drama, the Nation i) I Lriiiin. when mi haif |?a*i nine o'oloeh, Mr. and Ira VVtl iiHiur * ill lyiurnoiKN) ili lr perl' irnancna. and arid aoiioar III iwo fn\crUtf picroa. Prevloua In their arrival In Waahlu^toi), toieinan kle youiiffr'agreat five ? rotnody of Til" IIKlK AT DAIV will be produced with a rant of char *<?' era unaur^aaiel by any ihcu're n die I nUm. In.n ? diiely at tin* con duaiott of die fe?ktfvtll?*e die Itallbuorn gt tal* aid le inkeii to ? an ta:;* e to tne depot, wher?? rl?e ei iirk ua inn will l e ready to convey dieru borne euabini*{ tiiem to arrive d areai nildntvld. ODlld-a ?? will be ready for delivery tbla rToea la} ) moni log, at the bo* ofliee o( the Mu?? urn UhMtY C. JakRKIT. I*e?aee and Manager AOBAND MIDDAY CONDPICr WIMa UK QlVKff AT Tin \AKikTi?a i ut: sink, W **iit*or?k*, i John T. I oid, manager?a Ian of Uie Uoi l-Uy atrect Theatre, BalUmoie,) Da Wniiar aoAT, Nov 2*. at P, o'coxi, by tie PYNK AND IIABKIHON DPI It A POM PA NT. At: o r <ak In the evening of :b? a.irne ?t?) . Uje) will ap near in the one; a of I ltK It A Bit Kit OP H ICY IDLE, at the llolitday atreet Thratro, iSalUtnor**. frilANKHl IVIND AT IIPRTON'rt,?ONE OK TIIK. 1 gi?atot hid*. r\ar put Torn Tut . i-ir ? Knun r (Up Pio m. Ml* Iti hTo.N In IIIUKK ill aRaP'I KRA. Tin- new and aucuean'itl coined* of 1 UK Liril.K 1 KKAHI'IIN. will. Mr. ficorge Jmdan, llih^ Kind) Itioroe, Mr. byiu, and Mu. Haiu.t(Od. 1 ba tai.l.ib'e pieee of tuA i. dkvujm. WHIi Mr llurton Mr Jit ore, Mr Ruwe||, and Mri, llurton lie ht*t ttuie thU *v.? on die roaring f*?- * ??t V* A .UDDNK I llDl'H A N J# MI I.I.I % KR J. J(o* Ita(.*? at d Madame Vao?l?r{>anta bv Mr llurton, T ?tn Til i? n by Mr Mitchell, the ApnreuUce by Mr?. Hughe- ?,4.i the atnuidng buriemitie ?>|>e?a */i VILlKINh AND (IIN With plenty of acBga, daoeaa, ? ti< k?t?tn Advance Ao flira door will no open fti ? DIN DINAII. litem, ,ti mew A die diaNA olr? le ami par a | It. C I1AM BAP. HIN' K hV PTRMHKR I.ANT, f\ \b iTI acted at Jg out real, ?ebe<r lieg/in, Hnft%Ui, et \a> iu Mtmphla, and la r*nw oiUacUng rrtiadod boua?? at .Vaehvtlle 1rii.(x.ea, and cm mtneiu ew at Navaiioah. llo?? t Oil I HAVE Vol HRkN TIIK El. V I'll ANT P?DO A Ht hear ihta yreai aoog now alo 'tCtg wvary ntghi* wBt elepbiiitine kiU*cc#a, by HI 'Kid.\H Halt k.N A Dr. lie. Vft Hrowdway 'lie iug- Kjreta tali opera 'he n .Uvea to raftiw* Hut ibey prefer bla* k inu***r? lay ,?*ra tea like piu-b u? Pj na * Ml TROPOl.ITAN TlfF AT Ilr HKO^DWaY flPPfHlHC Ik i da?reel,?Una tbealrw having t.e?n iea?-1 *?r W>?* 1atiro Kerne fvt rtve tear*, |nr'i?i of arfe,tH/wi?*dgai| taHmt, deklrt u* tdetigaglog wilt p!e??*e apply or aire- - o tlieta-i 1 (fixe of the h ??re. from < if *?('??.** A M uuul $ &' h?ft P Vt ivh day, at Joliie'a n.uatc *"tr. under vlie h? Ni<te*La? I tote i. A I Willi I.MH, freM'irer. *11(1*1 III IIAM. mI IIHOaDWAY. tiu i.ant i*!/h 4 li p wr < (ia of John K Crudli'a *. It A DDI It OK K'l fiol'k and 'I ?.K ? F ?* ICIl \ *T' #PDI, fr r ow at out (Caving t?.r peovidefM * ana JP?a''?o, after itavmg f een e>h|bf'#Nj oiig yea" and wI <i*???*. 1 i?> |u? u, Llarhv. Kvi y evening at .S n r <-1, ai d rn*r? H*iii/d*y af'errMem at .1. The niualc by Mr. Alwiri Ktehi of (>?el'?n TKKPLK Of THE MDNEH IIOTHIP llAl.f. 31 f. Mil ? Alt I way ?overy a Per no* ?n at .1, and ev* angel 7, tt be i urpeae?( a?? tfg ? w-K* ??f M DMH? i N I LI VU fl PIDTI UFJl by Madame Wen* * \ trout e of 1.1 Vf Mi KkMA t.R aRfUTlCH. rniiiprhtfig m>o*? of 'beflneal formtd w? men m the world. LMtlK LDVK. f)R PAHAtDNAl. A I TR %DT|DN -lis II t cmen v. t hlag ?o t ? tmi eted luto -he ?vrrat iu o - trie una can be. iidfa w' every acertwrku ai d ertfitng a' the 1- Mpl.KftP Tllr. ?!>M, Ho tllttkADvA aY. where the "ladUa" h?H cii iea at3 and 7- * orda ??f abu f? Jfft eenta. I'll P. IIOLMDAT HTRRFT THKAtRR. HALTIMOEE, Hi.d iN) Surtcilri Tbealie, WaAb. g'oa Jonu f. F #rd. Manager At th?- hkfrr ef, *1 e I > Si AMI frARRfW'.M OPERA f'OMFA' V ????? atiriifrr v?*y larjie and iri' W fa*M-?w%M? aU'licnree 'i hey ta Hi ea ?** U Ml we- k ar t t?e ?u eraded by M< I.K K A? 11hI wbe appra * otit M'-i^fay it-* \n a * t?( "Ixa Horace ' Tut Vdii i. dwMta W??m e'ee??t|f refHt**d ?* ik/w ojidn wlib a <JfamaiK < mp*or ha Vtedro-MU;, t)? P\ -?E / AD If ARRIVE OPLBA ?*>RPAMT t,(te a grand IniddOjr omtoetA t|?oi Mr Jm.i< Inew I* imw pu> t.?g % itf?' ?i?K' raaf i engag** n.itit. t?# wit! ? e ?'evaded by a?H AND vm4 KI/lRf N E and tbev will be lot'owed t y the a.^?ynj >?? ad trogelt?ni*kW ptHH k N N Y VI MOD "K'ate 'dealrirg ,ta >u elllaar or lyv.U ?h *at/ee will addruatbe uiaitOgeoa.ud. HOW AMD ATHI R %r RfrWTfilf -LAW KM AND OR* It' ll,e?, dcftfoite of et k*a . at 'hfo e v n,r> ? ?-m far h er?? i | ???**?? . rati a, pt? *?Vai to 've ?? w ?? i W lU'ck and and Henry Kafao, or w? (7. T. P A Uel.'/N Dfauww.* Agent t I an?t.era al ,N a Iwf I'f) n?fKRT OITER ' I LAPV, OF <I KRRton I liier> eha*mlngt' * %rdp?rf- e* ? ?'l . vetwiVt 11 rm ?ti ?ii*iptr?r?' tt c i t Mi-ff '*? travel t . iu/'. t? i< . em aid WetMAfB "ta^e. aha itafi uw* '?? t f . i 1'fel.Mi d'aiiblk and al*o r h0 imi? ?'.?.#? I' ' ??t allrwaaa Mdt o Ata IferaJ (>' *e, fo'tw awega. rrfiE r.KfhF rixrr hfn aeo otiofi will f*? a po I owier iihaea of eoMieetnWtr t? PbEo4o9pMO, aiairaM/ 1 ra'M, *ed h"ed ?*i b ??a^e, A f.w -a ** * v /va If a aeii adapud f..f tie* reprw * ? ta^koo #' t*. #* 4r? t?* t i|.wi| i?', *. uo.wer enO r'a.uw^. * Add eaw L. V KkWD f hi a ? i| h?a Poal of.. ? 1SOM Ua PI RE BOO 8 lit EAMRf AH I I tig #aM /? ty M'U'eaJ and 1'btVilt( e?: I Vfi r. .tea any to ?h* ?ae <?f le ftkariled, and <baf e*?*it n.t'f) ?y ||< V IH.iiM, (D a?'Dff i?4 bt''if*r D>tdf"l h k?i/??< re. * red p 4* *? . g' <? ?l r - *..lal.*d ? * ? E Wtt.A, # V-eaan ?/?- ? bo w? J V* ward hr neai(. frea, na 'na?p? ? $1 at d add?a*? >f"?r h* VrH'.H h'T>. - r>>e "I ?* et'ra ortjuw/y I-* ? A v?e er?r r. ad ? a a ime tea *-e o ,-ar ii* nayrty dAenogai*k?e it?l* tk?*i| f".m a.' 'wkar* *?f 4 I d a ?lapee.n ar 'oi.e - 4 (eUeaey a* d n rowy ? a j "? a*tee ? 'IT D".,r: a*." 14 IIC.E* WTRETT R4T HC 14 .A.i, T- J...1 ii'Mt/. ? 1 *'? ,|Wttn'.< ??? *<lfc~? HMrulj I I'< 'ti'R '?'lEnrtT I* ' TEI1 "/'*? t I 1. .!??<?? 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BARM Y. i ippttrUM h> Air**v* af MU* H< IRKKT, froo th* cailm* ml fan* ma t La Koala, of Milan Harnnd I Korai a? Vr< and ?|i|iwn?fc ? Mix*. RaOTJ*? Oasi, and Nut Ma* WtRML, Amoiha, Bamim* and Jaauna. I'*ui. It. ilxx*t and Uwi BxLuwTMowrm. TcrlDif Mlljtd Knr tl. MMA. " i lanahahU Tt* ruiirlalimiriit* ortil uiiucunum with Ik* I pai.tumirac ?u IHoil KOIIKRT AWII IIBKTRAMD. I'rtnriral rhar*ri*r* ??* 'ba Banal Fa?l>P Al sr ahirh will l># produced, for the flr?l am* aara, aocnoo pan l uilo.r l>alla< rotUod katv.y. oh. tub tivawdikkb. Ka'ry, tbr Vltandlrr* HI# BaMart (llcr Hr*< appaarauas I . flanr (bar U?**r) I'anl BrWanA Itiiwi UM* Aioaaaa Raval HoMrrcl ,J?ra*M B*?al Blbr (bar flr*> umrti.n)... MUc BauRaaOan* ainr HoabKol (f"T fir?i ai'iiaaraaro) *bl*. wiadaa TTit -"--r -kari"*~n ' j fh? lta**l U*l W Tiaipd Ikr anU-i trinuirnia will ..rurlud* rrltb ih* do* grand *saaiA btlr* paoiomimc Ad'HOUKI . tilt, 1HK MAOIO BKN. 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