Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7031. MORNING EDITION-WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28. 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE 8TANWIX HALL TRAGEDY. "Trial of Hit1. Bolter ftor tfce Hoolcld. of WlUUa Poolr. COURT OF OTBO 4MB TBRM1NKR. BtroXV VAX. Boa. Judge Roosevelt presiding. th* raoPLX va ix? i8 urn. ?Nov. 28.?At the titling of the Court thU morning the dine Jurors sworn yesterday wore called to the box. Mr. J. T. Brady said he believed that they were reedy to prcoeed, but there was one little difficulty they suffer ed from. He underitood that with the uaual osre of the City Bnsncet, the reformers, who hare our well being at heart, think it unnecessary t? supply the Court with pa per. (laughter.) the Judge would be very happy to thare with Counts' the small portion allowed himself. Mr. Brady did not speak so much for himself at for the -OMoimnodtUon of the reporters, whose note-taking saved them all (Court and Counsel) a deal of trouble. At al ?events they gratified his laxiness by taking copious re ports. The Idstriat Attorney sent to his office and obtained a ?apply. The accused was again placed at the bar, and his father, whom he very much resembles in features, waa seated by his aide, eogaged with him in anxious conver sation, and apparently much affected by the unpleasant position of hi i son. 'William V. Roland was the first Juror called?Did not know that he had formed any opinion In the matter; d<*e. not know Baker; did not know l'oole; does not know that he retd the testimony before the Coroner's Inquest: ?uw? w swats* eesv luweusevas. vwiutv esse wtuuut ? sat 11 uwe?? ?Aid not knew Poole by sight. Q. lifai ycu know any oi his relatives" A. 1 knew his wife by sight; she has been in my store; she traded with me; she lived naar me. Challenged peremptorily. Daniel Carr?Does not know Baker; did not know Poole; knows nothing of the transaction; was sick at the time it happened. Q. Could you give a fair and impar tial verdict! A. f know nothing to the contrary; I have no sympathy one way or the other. To Mr. Whiting?Have no scruples as to capital pun ishment. Sworn. John Marsden?Has no opinion, and hat no prejudice in the matter; it is my opinion that 1 could giro a lair trial. To Mr. Whiting?I have heard the matter discussed lately at several places, but I have taken no part in it: aince I waa summoned us a juror on the general panel I have repeatedly told parties that I would take no (Art in the conversation; I have no scruples about capital puu iahment. Sworn. Thos. J. Bioodgood?Does not know any of these parties; read the accounts, and has formed and expressed un opinion in The matter. Excused. Wm. A. Watson?Did not know the parties, but read the accounts and the proceedings before the Coroner. Q. Have you formed or expressed an opinion: A. I have not expressed an opinion no tar as to say it wan murder; I expressed an opinion that the whole ot what I read was not truo. To Mr. Whiting?I am not opposed to capital punish ment so long as it is a law; 1 wish to be excused, as I have npoken to several ptrsona a boot it. Mr. Clark said he did not wish to mar the mural effect of the verdict of the jury by having a gentleman on It who had expressed an opinion that Mr. Baker waa not guilty of murder. Mr. Watson was allowed to stani aside by consent. Mr. Whiung, at the same time, would notobjeot to his being on the jury, as the prowcution had m desire to And Baker guilty of murder, if the evidence did not war ran t it. Henty B. Rider was excused, he having formed an opinion. Humuei C. Mott was allowed to stand aside, he being an intimate Iriend of Boole's, Daniel Young was allowed to stand aside, he having Ibeeu an intimate friend of deceased. Sam. Briggs (not the Alderman of the Eleventh ward) was also excused, as he was a friend of Pool'. lsaae Poach and Jacob Wall were excused, having tunned an opinion. Himm U. Lamport, publisher, does not know any of the parties, but formed an opinion touching Baker's guilt Or innooence. Allowed to stand aside. ( has. H. Wright knew Poole; never saw Baker till yes tsvdsy; formed and expressed an opinion. Allowed to ?stand sside. (has. Ktn*ish. of Kintb ward, does not know any of the parties; read the accounts triflingly; I did not sympa thise one way or Ibo other; I saw the pageant of Poole's funeral in the sticet, I am n it awato that t hsre formed fin opinion on tie mutter; Poole, I believe, lived in Chrisfophei street. Mr. Clark raid the juror was no doubt competent; but a ? they had adopted the principle of endeavoring to ex clude any gentleman who lived in tha uoighborh.ttd of ?th* 4e*? awd. thcv would challenge Mr. Kentish. The*. Wardcll was excused, be having formed and cx )i?nM an opinion. Matbew w. King read part of the account*; did not read the coroner's inquest. Q. Hare yon formed or txprossml an opinion? A. I have raid that I waa perfectly satisfied la my own mind that none of the par tier will meet with punishment to tha extent of the law; 1 have not formed an opinion ai "to tl-e guilt or innocence of itaker; I hare seen it ata'.ed in etome a? the papers that tt was dooe in self defene. To Mr. Whiting?My ralcd is in that condition that I Would rhe a fair and impartial trial. Mr. (Tark?What do you moan by not me ting "pa niehment to the extent of th? Uwr" Mr. King?1 decline to answer that, as yon know what ] mean as well ?s myself. Challenged peremptorily. John 1'. IMM?Knew I'oole, and form-i ;md ex (jressed an opinion. Kxcuaod. Matbew llartigan lias no personal prejudice; thinks more of his own soul than to perjure it for one or the other. To Mr. Whiting?1 never knew any of the parties on ?Wither eidt; 1 may have expressed an opinion at the time, but I forget what it was; i have no feelings in respect to ?-apltal punishment; I would tln i a verdict in accordance with the evidence sworn. This completed the jury, ?whose rameaaad residences are aa follows:? I. John P. (Vane, Nineteenth ward clothier. V. James N Croeherau Tenth ward, merc'iant. 8. James B. Kirker, Boventb ward, bookseller. 4. Uavtd Tests, Fifth ward, tinsmith. A. I.. R Wing. Beveath ward, grocer. 6. Michael Kadle, FA(hth ward, produce denier. 7. Matbew Byrnea, Twenty-ilrwt ward, builder. 8. Alva Hal), Tweaty.firat ward, merchant. o. John Frdman. Seventeenth ward, dry goods mer chant. 10. Itaniel Fair, Seventh ward, ballast mas'sr. II. John Marsden. Fourth ward, merchant. IU. Matbew llartigan, Fifth ward, clothier. Mr. Luman B. Wing, one of the jurora, said that he had forgotten yesterday, when sworn, the lact of Raker's going awar, and that at the time he thought it evidence of guilt; that fajt had passed from his mind when he waa aw?rn. and he did not feel at liber y to sit in the jury box wit) out infer mini the counsel of i'. The eounael on both sides expressed tbcuiaelvcs per fectly aatiafled wiih Mr. Wing as a juror. the Mfanuor attohney's statkmknt. The IHatilet Attorney (Mr. A. Oakey Bali; then rose aad raid:? H t senates my duty. Gentlemen of the Jury, to make a trial aad general opening of the (beta wUlah on the part <il the prosecation. we expect to lay before you in vindi ?cati'nof <he charge which has been pre'erred igaioat the prisoner at the bar, lu the words of the indictment changing him with murder. 1 think the counsel for tha defame as well aa for the prosecution have been agrees -ably surprised that ure have nbtaiued so satisfactory a Jovy ia ?o short a In t. I Was appreli-nded, in conse sioenoe of the large publicity winch has been given to Us early features of this case in a community Tike this, abounding with newapsptrs, that a large number would have made up their minds to *<>oh an extent as to tender the task of selecting a jury .11(11 cult and tedious for the prceecuti >n kt least. We accept Ibis speedy sole : ion of tha jury as an earnest that our labors will not be prolonged, and we will endeavor to make theirs as little tedious as we posaiblly can. The occur -?iicea which we contemplate ilea within a brief compass of time Betweeu the hour* of nine au I one ??'cloak i t a rertaio evening the matter watch ??uiti.'xcas tbe {sola of tbia taar is to be taken as the peilod of time contemplated. It was just precisely, to come to the com putation of it, nine tnootii* ago la.t .Saturday night, that :his unfortunate affair began. On the vary sauie dtv or the month, upon the I4ui n" last February. at a place tl en known as Stanwix iiali, immediately opisj-l's the Jgetiopoiiiaa Hotel r In on beter known by its present .ism <<f the Meverw Uouse?upon that night. William fi olc. i he iteiaasad man, was nun tally wounded lathe h.cast. It Is alleged in tbe li .li .te cut tbethat morlel wound was indicted by a pis'ol in the hsnds if Ltwfa Fieser. the prranoer at the bar. The wounded lingered or In the 'ui'.gusgu of tha ta ic-m-nt, - .a: gut-lied ami lanquisblog dirl lire till the 8th .f Marsh, a little over f<-n days af"*rward', when bt ' In the meantime mo p i tone.- at the ??m had not la en aire-ted. It is cha'g?d by tSf proaeeutlon that during ihat tiire he lay infention concealed, and that that concealment was folio ved or flight?a Bight which ai evi !en<-e of guilt, ?a shall on the part of tbe proancutlon haw, to extent at losit, tc^n' mpla's?.in unprecedented an 1 uousual High'.. ffiTsrat a'lested thousaud* of iniles away frcm the scene ?of bis occurrence. Aa waa trail remarked laaoo'her lata tberr are few places of refuge or sanctuaries for modem ruilt; the temple* and the -hrine* <vf refuge be lot gcd a!?nc to the classical world: that in this day of erligl terinent and refinement the arm of jnitica k? not c-r-)? leng'hrned hnt strengthened. Whether this man elk1! be acquitted at vonr iiarid-r or found guilty, that ^r grheoe.! and strerrf?h?ned arm of J iati. e win ;h brought blm bare xad dispelled hi? dreams of llbc. fr in the spring <. I !*-t year, within the Jutldidha of this county and <nnrt sr.'I n"t bare lieen without Us effect* upon tha .ewuniuiii'v and upon wrong doc-s and erii d?iwrs, ? t yi n will perceive gentlemen, thst In *11 e?*ai of this k rd titer* I* ?n* ??p? ? in which it is to Viewed, and that i? ILe cer'ainty of Justice; and by justice I mean not re tt Umtire but vindication. It is not tbe Intenli o of the nrr-eern'len that this case shall be opens 1 in very g rat X sil wifb regard w the V.< We shall rather gene, it 'be mi g>"up them. T'-iey may ba divided Into Are gt .i.jr-< f lacts. There are the fasts wuljJi arc ante** ?kt4t tn oocuFrcivM* '4ff 'O Uw? -4U* ?t Maowix Hail. There are Ui* U U imniediitoly is tt Ht> iuig tie eiremu ?"> r theft ?tftacar ia the ewiy a it t". If eve: iiilii Mtcte piw? betw<eu t" ? pat ? ties at which the pruonar tu present. There arc, then tl ? facta to be grnuptd la rtpni to the pertod of tiose? Very ?hurt but very important to be took el at tint re fai de<l in tbia c< ntrovwiey?between the eieMi^ of the tret aca* and the ending of tba second, dnriwg which thta wot nd waa given Then tbe circumstances of the seooad fiacaaandthe matters of tbe flfth, which Was aubae quest to tbe giving of tkia mortal wound, and which In volved the Might and the other collateral rvidenoe ?f guilt. It will bemerely necessary for me to obaerve, in rvtation tu tbe Hist gronp of facta, that antecedent to tbia twen ty-fourth or February an unquestioned feeling of hostility had existed, perhaps on both aidea. between the prisoner at tbe bar and tbe deceased man, who it ia allege l he n.ntdered; that, an far as the man at the bar la ooncern ed. that feeling <f hostility assumed the express format tbieata. It will be for you, when evidence of that cha racter la given, to we'gh well the cltcumaUaoea undor which they were made, to determine in yonr own minds the state of feeling that exlstad, whether ct9u?), spastn > die, or deeply seated. In the second gronp of facta woe ime to the hour of about nine o'clock a( Htauwlx Hall, whither Mr. Poole aid some <>l hia friends ha t gone for sum* pur pose of bla own, which will be explained by the evidence. A persi n included ia this indictment, named Morris ey, wsa alteady there, in an adjoining room to that which waa ilrat entered by the street, when Mr. Pisde and hit It lends enteied. evidence will be given to show what occurred at this Mrs*, fracas?a meeting of Morrissey an 1 Pool#, at which Baker waa preaant aa it spectator?fiat which occurred from minute to minute of that eviut ful meeting?for it waa undoubtedly tbe germ of tbe oc ourience which subsequently ripened?Morrissey and i'ocle exchanging angry words and angry geaturaa, draw ing of pistols, of all which Hiker waa a spectator. It will he Jbr yon to say. n? the facta ate developed one by one, why he waa that spectator?what prohab'e Influence t lieee facta produced u|*.n hia mind. The feet, too, of bla not having taken part in it will be matter for you to look at, for you will perceive that there waa notice brought him directly of the presence of the man who waa hia enemy. You trill also peroeire the excited feel log he waa tinder, and all those collaterals which wiU put a man upon hia guard. You wrill then r >ms to contemplate, in the next place, the leaving of that place by Ilaker. V on will bear the evidence of gentlemen who saw him afterwards, who met htm at Johnny I.yng'a, at the Citr Hall, who spoke, who conversed and inquired about this tlrat difficulty of which he had been the spec tator. You will find him surrounded by the other per sona included in this indictment, whose acta of Joint sup porters will become, to a very great extent, the acts of the prisoner at tbe bar. We shall bring you to contem plate the meetings of theao persona, their conversations, tending to show there was something pasting in their minds to a possible meeting between themselves and ilakfr, aa the piincipai of the party. We shall show af terwaid* the acts of Baker liy themselves that night, we xball show to you, for example, that after making an inquiry of one of tbe witnesses in this case be hailed a stage at the corner of Uspenard street sua Broadway, and alter tilling for a couple of blocks, got out at the City Hotel, where he again got into ano ther stage, and tiding a few more blocks got nut and en teied a carriage. Me shall show to you his meeeting the persons included in this indictment, at the orner of Broadway and Iteade street, his again proceeding to htun wlx Hall, 1'oole having been or rented ami taken to the staiion house, tin nee returning to Stan six Hall?other parties coming in attract*! by the notoriety of the occur renoe; and then we *111 lead you directly to this, the main occurrence. We shall give evidencet -tiding to show how these parties entered?that they entered together?that certain word* of acrimony were used by those who en tered, towards I'oole. We hall shaw you the beating of i'oole and his ccmpanioDS upon that n'ght?how, shortly after this matter brgan t> ripen, that pMatt were drawn by Dakar, by Turner, oneof his osaochites; that there pis tola were fired; that Turner fell wounded; that Baker him self was wounded; that i'oole was wounded in a very mortal part in the vicinity of the heart?directly In the heart; tlrat thraats were mod from the party who enter ed towards i'oole. We -hall show yon that the wlrola i eeUMWnco took placo in a vsry short period ol time; that I'oole was left behind, aud the others departed, Baker suddenly and In fiigri'. entering a place In the t etghborhood, exchanging parts of hi* apparel injuiring for a coach, driving away in a coach, his l?dng at the rendezvous of the parties; the subsequent sesrch by the police; what became of the parties; who were ar rested, the circumstance* showing why he lied; the languishing of I'nolo, the subsequent death; the post moilein; bow he came tu die' the curious wound; the conclusion to be drawn from the manner in which the piste 1 was drawn aud fired?all this we will give you In detail from time to time, and we shall ssk you, as we progress and invite your rcru'lny to every part of the teatimroy from tlrst to last. You will perceive, then, that this case may assume one of two aspects?an aspect presented by a question which you tire to look at?whether, after Baker l.-ft stauwix llall, sent a?ay somewhere else, met tlie*e parties, had these conversations?whether ho with them or almm, tunned a determination to go up to Stanwix Hall f^Hfe^oolc. and with premeditated design to k'll an i irwMRHh; or in another aspect ot the case, whether, even supposing ibot all these preliminary matters in regard to tbe meet log nod the going to C'tanwlx Hail be not evidence In th< m elves of the premeuiittted design io kill directly and ! positively, that there was aOt?n opportunity sought Iter I some spevtos of provreudoo. An ' in whatever eauwot In which vi.u regaid these 'acts, the Court will tell you that it is equally murder for a party, amlar the cloak of a provocation, to kill his enemy, as It is to cellbsrehiy prepare for It aud Inflict a mortal blow. I have puipoeoly abstained, gentlemen of the Jury, from indulging in any detail* of these fecta, qunlisg the lan guage of par les, or mentioning any speeifle acts which ?e intend (o rely upon. I haie endeavored calmly, and in this desultory manner, to merely outline to ymi this ? ceurreure from iirst to last, in order that when the tact* c< me before you, you may atleutivi-ly listen to them. 1 bey will not be colored in advance by sny ob-ervstlon (rom the counsel tor the prosecution. Ibis is no*, only a trial, hut an iniestlgatiun, in which the witnesses are sworn to tell the truth, the whole tr nth, ami n ulling but the truth. Asmylearnod friend on my right bomstly 1 rtmni ked a moment since, we ?*? not her* to convict lewis Bake", but to vim1 icnte public justice II it 1* neces sary, to conduct a very important into the circumstances which led to the death of a fellow citixen ? * man In the very heart of New Yorx. surrounded on all sides by the a gales of wealth, in 'he very midst of busy life, shot down in the preeenoe ot ten or twelve perions; pistol* freely drawn. W'ny, It looks mom like an aifray upon the borders of our I'nion than what would oc cur in the very midst of our metrop lis, and it 1* light and proper that, perhaps, more than any other Investi gation which has been laid a Jury for th last two < r three years, the farts should he silted from first to last; that we should in vindicning public Justice, convict or acquit this man. that we should determine the causes whir h led to an affray of this kind, and, if nee. sssry, make an example to evil doer* and wrong doers, but do it fearlessly, snd y*t, important as this or curatsn may be, to protect the rights r f the accused to do ?-v?n that, with tbe-e preliminary observation* ?? hail ptocecrl to marshal our witnesses, and we will a*k yonr careful attention to the evidence TKHTIMONT I OB TIIK rKOSsuUTlON Cyfenua JIarrix wax the flrxt wltneax called firth" pro. ?rcullcn. lie vuN -worn, and toxtifted ax lollowx, under the examination of Mr. Cfden lI?!Tman, Attorney 'ienx ralI am an emigrant runner, that wax my >ut occu pation; I wax ad; tainted with Poole and Haker, I -aw Cool* ileail, I had known I'oole romu twelve o-fourteen veer*, and Baker eight or ten yea'x; I wax at ftanirix Ita.ll on the night o; tire 24th of February Uxt, at half paet twelve o'clock; I went In o .Sianwii llall at half pa t twelve, and -aw I'oole ami other* drinking at the liar; he aeked me to take a ditch; Haker wax not there; Mr. .-hay wax there, and about live ur -U othera; the Elace wax atltl open when I went; about half an our after I went In, llaker cati.e In; when he MM In l.e axkrd ine to take a drink; Mr. Turner, Mclaughlin, Van 1'elt, I.ynn, and Hyler, wero with him; they oame in and went to the bar; Haker naked me to drink, and I raid I had bean drinking, and would drink no more; Mclaughlin aald to I'o do, " You black mux akd n>n of a bitch, I want to light you;" 1 did not hear I'oole make any anxwer; HnHoughlin than advancing to him, grabbed I'rxile hy the collar. Mr. Clark, one if the eovaxel for the prtannev. ?ald that it waa not fair to aaaume. where there were balf-a dnten pereon* In the ha-room, that thexe thing- wrere done by the connivance of any/me (n particular?to ax nime Ihlx, waa, in hix opinion, to iwume the wh<4e e*-e. Are each of them. aald he to V held reepomlble for the other a' acta r Keen if Haker ?u proxegt, it oogh' to be dfetinctly eta ted by the Court that what waa done by any other than ba ta not to ha regarded wx evl lence again*t hilli, unieia It i? rhown tha he waa xubxeqnrntly con nected with the eu e. The J "If*?Certainly not. that ruuxt )>e ahown. r ~ afc-i Mr. Clara?I wr?b 'he Jury to onderxtand that they are to begin with dlxcrimlnatl-n. Mr llofTinam?Ortainly; that -a'l 'ight. Witnexa re, jrm >1? He eu'igh: Mr. I''-de br tin* collar, and h? xald to him "I want to fight you;'1 Mr. i'oole laughed hut marie do aa?wer, and inert to break aw.iy; M loigblln aaid, "1 wai t to tight you, end I have been to tight yen ," lie then in Mr Poole'a tace three t.mea. Mr For to bioae away Irora liim, and retreated to the end of 'he count-r. o? he w u ret re-ting Ttcner, who bad a rhoit ckwk on him, 'brew it add,', and drxw ?rgapiatol laid, "L--t i* nail la, anyhoe Mclaughlin wax dnreUjr in front. of Turner; Timer atepeed on one aide when MeUiiigfalfn pulled the trigger ef the pl-'ol, when hewn* abet in hie own arm. I'o-.le Wax retreating, and Mrl/tughhn billowing him ail the time. Haker w.ix then atandfng at the end of the sou War, and I'oole tried <?'taxx him Mcl/mghlln f- 1 and u he waa down xhot at r-M>le again, worm ting him h?low the knee pretto'id u being xhot he ant-1 'Vinat' do ynu want to tnur lar met1' he atairgered after l?e waa -hot. and pa?*d directly bry where Baker waa l anding; it appeared to me that Poole had Raker by th* left arm ; Mr. I'ojie falling bxck agauot the wail drew Mr. Baker with him. i e fen on hi* knee and foot 1 ran ax near them ax I could get. and ?*w th* da>h of a platol in Maker t hand; it wax within abowt *)x inrbea of I'oote x breaxt; Mr. Haker got up and ran. after inieg '.ike pixtoi, for 'ha lid to Mr. A kerroa, 'You liare go', a pixtoi-* door, I ? , ? - why do you allow tha" man :o eacape t ' 1 Ueik it from him then, aad cocked it. t 'h<? piaeeutwi It at Baker and attempted to lire It, but it (napped and he go' of ; I raw no n.ora of htm llll 1 >?? him in the Court thi* wonirig. One ef (lie Jurora?IHd I under-tan.! y.n to -ay I'uelr axki d th* ?(*' atii'B, tk> you intend to murder me t" Wituaea?Yee. he ax,id that to Mcl. ngkl n Wire ?.# waa ahr.t. Mr. Hetruan?; low long aftgr Turwor -amx in did he Mtiow off hix cloak * Wilre ??About two mio-lcx Mi Hoffman? V 1 era ?x Haktr xttnding at Ihx llmi ? Wlfoe ??A* lli, aad ?f tlx counter, ah. ut ton or tw.' e I*. t frow Tunwi. H W 'in waa xlanoiug -tear or w.' i Itake 1 i c* i ?*y I* w al 'be e.. i of tV eot; Q. After Turner flicd, where did Hiker got A. That I could net aay till I e?w lum end Toole go acrue* the 1'or togctbw. g. Wee Tooie then staggariof from the wound in the kue' A. I presume it wee from that. g. In what poeit ion wae Tooie I J tag when Baker arae over hiiuv A. He lay p*eo>sely with hie baok agalnel the wall. g rid you bee Baker draw a pistol then! A. I did not ate him diawa puvol; he hadtt in bie band. g. How long alter you saw the pistol wae It before it waa haea> A. Not more than Owe or six seoools, Baker's right knee wae on tbe ground, but 1 am net oertnin whether It touched Toole or not; I aaw tbe pistol lust ae it waa Otstharged; it wae then pointing directly at Toole's breast, on the left aide. (J. Alter he ahot ivbat did linker dot A. After beflred into his breaat tlieie wae a kind of wrangle between the in on the floor: Outer then get up and made a run for the i'oor, when he wae grabbt" to tbe baek; it wai not more than a minute alter be flreo (but be tan lor the door; I 1 'Id not see any one near Tu ue when they flrat foil on Ue di or: Turner waa lying at tbe time in tbe middle.of Ihr room and then I raw no mare of theua; 1 remained Willi 1 oole till tbe next morning; 1 tore open tbe brewit of hia child, and when 1 di-covete 1 he waa wouadad I raid be waa dead; I new tbe marks of Mood upon hia breaat ai- he staggered to the door I followed him; I dhl not go to hie house, nor are him home the nest day; he had oe a 1 row* overcoat mid a pair of drab pantaloons; i did not are Tooie have a piatol at all that night; Baker waa dre-.rd in a blaok overeat and bad on a Koaeuth hat: alter linker a eked mg to take a drink, sod I said 1 die not want to take a diink, I did not hear Biker addiri? any language to Toole that night; that wu the only time 1 heard him apeak; this occurred ts the front n our; i didn't lieer anybody elm any anything: MeLougb lin waa the man who did all the taiklag; Turner Mild merely. " Let ua aall in any how;" this waa atid a< he orew bis pistol: he was about tenor twelve feet from Tools when ha fired. I didn't aee the movement of Baker ae he said ibis, or of any one rive; Ue counter in the fmnt room stood on the ilgbt as you go in?one on the north side of tbe room, the end of it cornea within ten feet crt tbe front window, end then runs twelve foet tUi it o? mea to another counter, tbe oyster stand stands at the rust end ?f the counter towards the street, Poole was stencil g four or five feet from the east end towards the tiont of tbe building; as be fed ho retreated towards the end counter towards Broadway; when lie was down aud ah d lie was on the south side of the Boom, but be was standing on the north ^Ide when he teceired the shot tu the leg: the wall he fell ngitiosl was on the south side. g. After I'cole was ftliet In the way you describe, <ltd any or all of those who came in together leave V A. When Mr. Toole was shot 1 saw none In the room except l uiiirr ami ltakei , after be was shot there was none of them remaining; there were tbelrirudsof Mr Toole ihore: Mr. cbay, tor, Mr. Ackeraou; Mr. Dean, Mr. Deugle and mysrlf; all the party that came in with Biker bat left; this occurred nil in from one to two minutes. g. l id you henr Poole say any'lung in replv to any of these n ruf A. No, he kept still, ouly lauglilng when Mclsiuglilin spoke t?> liim. y. now were nut ban le when be stood still .iud laughed/ A. i could not ray. Q. Pld Poole fiiii.t when he received the ?h it (a UU knre> A. So he din not faint tlU after Rakor shot b.m ho stood up after he war ihot In the breast for aoiue tune nod tiH'ii fell and faint**!. y. How fer war Maker off from Poole at the time he wan aht i In the knee A About tour feet. ?' VH?7 V? ." Kh"t I'"0'" ckW" *"??' to Baker, an a? to get hold of liia hand f A. As lie steggorod he caught ' er: ' think It wax while crossing the room. Q. Dakar at the time Turner Bred/ A. I waa not looking. . y_Y,u.dW?'' <"? whother he wax facing I'oole or not t A. Dial I can't aay, Q. How war Baker .landing or lo iking at the lime he ?txggerel toward* him? A. He stood looking toward, hi?, tensing xgainxt the counter. Q. Hoa were htx haudx theu Y A. 1 did not .ee hla beads at all at that time; the next thlur I xaw wax Poole Wt'li a bold of hla arm. Ctoss-examined by Mr. Clarke, connxel for prlaoner y. How many tune, have yon rvhearxed thlaatoryf A. I cannot aay how many limes?two or three umex or perhaps four or lire. I leheareed it at Jefferson Market before Justice Brennan. y. Where next r A. I can't xxr?except to the lif.rrlct Attorney; I did not give my evidence at the Coroner's investigation; I told thlxxtoty xorne four or tire timer. Q Hare JOU seen any report in print t A I Derm hare, y. I'M Jou ever xco this book, " fh? Ufe ol William IouloV A. I have ecu It, but not to open It. y. You wish to give ?uoh an account of this tranxac liorlaa will enable tte jury to ariiveata Jmt ye,do t r A. iiL sir. y. Yen weie af i'nd of Pook'xf A. Yes air. 1 hare teen intima'u with hlin, aud have tex-n ou very !( "?d ? mix witu him for tome lour or tire moathx prerioux to ?Ida uoeuntuce; 1 wxa brought up in ihe Pigbth ward he lived in ihe Niuih, be waa older than me: I hare known him twelve or fourfcen yeara by reputation my age l-t 8; I bare been ae<|uainfed with Wn> lour or Ave montha boloie hta dcafb, but never went with him. y. Wbat do you mean by saying you never w-nt wKh him Y A I mean I never w-tr? in company with hlin to rxrtijsioi a or b..lU, I bad a<> xocial aoi|ualn'ancr with litm before tliat time , we were never enwnile. in the U -xt part of the winter, in November, I began to fre-iuent nit hi,in*e and went <n cxcvir.tonx with him occasionally Irmi that time till leoiunry; i have Iweu wl'li lino to 'h<a rex, aroiifid ou rlHgl, ndex and to balls, I w*x with hint to a ball in the Chine * A--embly room., I never went to pamhUng honxex wi h bun; I wax un e.olgrsut Iiinoer; I wax employed in the I irat ward; i would meet loll] at l.ia houxe. on the corner of ilromivey .,r,d I low a I J alt vet; he UMin't lire there but that wax hta i'ar. of burinerx I... kept a |?,iter bouse there, mat Iftrd la < huxtopber atnu t, altei lie wax woniobsl I visited t lai xt hi. ho,ire; H e pla-w I iise-1 to go to bet irw that wax htx poiter buuse; he occupied 'he tirxl a ad sroomj ' to.ix, trie third Hour wax an nitre of * me kind; tlx. tcon.l floor wax uxed ? a faro haul. befme i,e t s.k'it, It wax not u?el tor tliat while he 1m Id it xorne times | a'ajed there till twelve and sometime* liU one o'cijck, din-rent 1 ar lea used to go with ux ou exeur*l m.; Cyrua >hea v.ent with ux, everybody who uxed to c.>iue to his houxe WHO friend-of ills; 1 m ver .xw h. u light. I ihiuk I have 'ten with a pixtol in bix hand; I ran't ray where it wa-, 1 think it was in bix bar mom, I had a pi a I oi one liight I Wiutwlth him to a ball; I did not get It from him Mr. Hatfield was with lue that night, I g ?: ihe pix :ol from him; I wan tb-uk'?-pvr of the twit, and I bor rowed the plx*ol from Mr. llatlield, wiio wx. ari t nig ant runner in tiia Kirxt ward. 1 presume lie r i- afraid of Prude. I didn't ku iw ot anytuely else who had a pistol there tbxt night: this wax the only o-.-a.lon piceioua to Ida being sliot that I ever carried a pixtol; i will not .wear that I'oole wa- in the habit of carrying x pixtol; I do not know it he bad one the night of tha ball I got a pixtol that Might from Jacob A krn-n, he ix a t. lend of niine, I j reaume: I know him sixteen or eighteen J "era; be wax a friend of I'oole and was bix partner aixo y. lie Wax what yon call one of the Poole cr , *d A Hell, I 'upposw xo; I was not what you call una of the I rude crowd; Aekeison wis Ins parlour, and attended ?ar Uir him; I left t'oolex |s>rter houxe <s|th Acherson on the night ofthe affray. Ackarxon took a pistil from the ens.t and put ft in his pocket; I had ru. pixtol th-n. thuie might have (sen tbiea or f.oir others at I'oole'x, ?laa. Aekerson, a brother <U Jacob, wax there, l,l'y ,-sbav '' wax not thaie, all I reeolleot weie the two Arknr,oox; the usual time ot shotting up 1'isde's house was twelve o'clock. I got there about eleven I had been to a ball In ? burch street; I ( 'hej had pistols there: a young man uatmd I'eclnam was with me at the hall in C.iurcb ?tieut. y Where wxie you before you went to th. ball? A I went from I'oolc'x place to the h?]l xb -it 0 o'clock I can't ray if I took a dtiuk a' Poole x ts fote I went down to the Chuich street ball; It's so long ago I can't recol lect; I don't think I hs.k any at all. I did not dress for 'h. hall, I went to the ball in the drexx I wore m the dxy I didn't thtnk Peekbam had a pistol; I got hack to I'oole'. six ut 11 o'ch ck. and from that I went, with the two Ackers, nx to Slauwli Hall. I did not thins it xtraigre that Acker.on hid a ptstol with him going out when we w?i,t to Hlsnwlx 1UII tliere w-rw 1'ooU, Cy. hty an I 1 ennia Mcfiulre and the pro|alet?rrx and oar keeper, I a* ii A I'eagle, the two ami myself Mr. Camp ell wax there al-o I think lbs,le and Mr Cample.; wr.-a , rinking at the bar when wc w.nt in; JUnwix Hall Lx on ?lie left hand-|>!o ,f Broadway, going up?operant# Me tropolitan Hotel; tlie tint thing on eu'uriog ;ne de,r U an oyster box: between tlie oyster b.x an-1 the (lr?tl ir tbeie l? six fe-t or more of space, ami the re wmx went I ack to the wall; I don't think th.rek a pi<-esge from the recess to the tar th- wxst hand xtsesi m'b r-ccrx In fiont of UjO bar; I can't aay bow k.r.g the I ar b; It U about ax lorg a bar a. I kr, w, there wa- a rcoid bar and a space between the dilnking bar and th? atlng boi; 'here Is a door which opens into a kind of a pantry bey ml th.t ft run- al rig xmov'.h unt 1 it c mi < 'otbe ?tovr,l think 'ainpbetl was a fib-nd of Pn.,|e I ? bo-ib! say J> wax from tliclr gsucral ajtionx t- ard ? xch nt> ei Jl'eunv Mcfiulre was a itux wto used to coms oto Mr. pim'i ccc?-lorially I d- n't kn-ia whe'.h'-r he aax a friend or an enemy; Poole wax drinsing with Camp t.< II when we came in. 1 < an't ?ar if h? tuui b an d ln?; " K " It teat deal, hut It occurred to me xt the time fhs I >?? Is had txeii dilnking. t drank with him (t'oo'c) afte ha'. he dmna wine and I drank wine I -an t tell wh -,me in lit -t or last, I suppose twenty minute e|xpt-d s'trr I got in tsf oe Iteker rams n we go' ts> s,4nwtx Hal| a!x,ut o'clock, and about 'went ininute> t> half ao b, or e|.j srd Hakes -ante I can't tell who h ??t thrni cane in rtr-t. 'hw? **- ,ery llttls nterrxl ts? wren the tirow of their w txing tfjey -xme one wf er an otter, xomstlnex the deor w, hi .hot alter one ts-for an si lis r cam- In . It ?n t (rw ii haiso ?]>.. r; Poole wa -landing ft, fr.nt of th- l?ar wh<n la cr *> 1 hi fl tst.ds 'in,, in ( ?i: pi all wa- standing wllu him, I c. ,n ey where t y -hay wax ataodiog the first ,.na f n -M e < in wss |l? cr he a.k-d o.e to drink, and i said >o, tbxt I had ju" drank P< ole 'hen -ts,-g< -?1 or* bain -t him. y. Now, did l'akrr do aDy' prior to tli- tiia. Poel, 'xggried xgxin.t Mm' A No, nothing nu' light h.? egar b-. riakor ?? ! n tlvlri|, befarx I'oiTe .fnggxred xgnimt him. <?' jc, -U

me to take * Siink; whisa Panoeeu came In 4 in f on' of lv iw, hefwmt up to blm xn l xaid to i? You ' Uek II limb I en of a F , are you liorx'" " le 4.d u't i?j anything to U at, but laogtied, he (Pnxdan ) " ' n iu*krd in bit son 1'iels ami --a. e- - ? IT ?l ? wo ia standi-g alongside I.Jm (| do net know wp. . that n an wax); Pau-'et-n Mid b? wan'ed ?? p-t a Yrh. :he xaikssjcr Mid tbeie waa nothing vo drtnk PaiVwe ? g i tarld of pis.le br the collar of th- cent sU,1 ao*d to Ma Yin are the Anierian hgh'er, ar* yo . " Pool* U ? ,b I Van I rlt wparats-d I'au- een fn ? Pie I*, and 'el-l hi i ? ? *?- an Bahtlng ibere, and pa <1o*a I'ri'i r|. .n !' . ? t e ro* <?? \tu Pxlt again he w-r l ihx ru I -ay I did no' sbrsd t) *T f.U't t) I' j'u ??;;?, 'H id it, - a ! -nt ? 1st I at l aker hwt Id not fH.x.t, | Std -*,( s.e \ ?n I . ;vhli a tie, ilgh'Uit try tc uk P. udeen ?. ,'e Fuck T'VU .. . .. o bw -h.? wlgh'. I t -. I r t ?t ''M'JiIfina lii b* i: 4-ts .f ? f<od dm*. ?nd g*<? notay andeaeited, he w thro drunk5 I ottHid at Od other aide of Iht to'm f.ooi the bar, I we. laai Ing ageing 'ho Mljlni looking at tha?r .n*n, I was atanding a' the bar ?kn thoy cstue in, nod theu I want (Tar to the wall to lout at tbe.n; I saw Paudern apit iu i'oole'a faoe; Pnple did not antl ?t bini, ba (l'nole) 1* rig-bed tunMttj at Pauleen; I d?d not *00 anything ? ma ffrnt? Poolo'd M0U1&: (than ba Uufb?"t ?cor 1111.1 iv I did not w? bhn apit wyon P*?dorn, wban ho laughed Pandean apit ethhn; I ray f did Opt a oar Poole say ono word 10 I'audren. I am ao ecHefii df everything eh# I i avc ota'r J aa I am of thai; I >a* Paudaw ?pot; lie had Poole by iba collar when he o|dt; Poolo broke away fiom Peudcan and wont Into the raneea; Uaker wan In the rtraaa at tha time, Po >le paaeerfby linked da he want into M; 1 iba rercaa; ho wont around Bah'w; tba ottl thiNK waa Tomer shooting; Turner a tool in the (altbiie or tba ro<m; Mdnughlln (Pandean) ha^tblinwei Poilf artmttd until Poolo h?<>j,j c-1 at the wall; Pbole ret.icatc*! a? *r aa ba could, and remained tier? till he w*a slr*t in tba knee; I aru sure of Ifcat; 1 aaw hlra atagg. r; tint'a the only reaaon I aey ha waa A?t In tho krva; up to that time 1 had aeon no ntrtol but and AekerkonV ; I did not aee poolo hdtro any. f did o?t nee him (I'oole) rboot through Iria packet: I unv tha bulen in hia neat afti-marda, when IVrdd waa i in >ed ; I did 1 ot know that Poolo had a pistol tbe ?* nor do I knn ? that ha ordtnarfly can led una; I dou't h ?>tw that 'XUar wi a abot in tba tbtrh, fur I have not eoec hi? aluce Uia affray until I aaw blm in court; Tut nor a to d In tha itdl die (I the ro m when be Bred tha ahot. To I he Court?Tarun't pitkl wee a Colt1' ttfn ear. To Mr. Clark?Th# one 1 had ib*t night wata revulTtx it van not thr Aral Are that hit Poole Id the web: Pooh* I. II on the floor; Turaer fluid again m 1i? (Tumor) Uy on the floor; T won't nay whether Turner ilred^aef* wan two allot*: after Poole began to ataggor I dhl not aee Tur i.erdeanything; un to the time Mi ?taggere<?, Btaer did nothing at all; 1 then watched Poole: be wan within ? foot of the wall or Ihe wenhetand, at*rge**d, and he ataggered away frorJ"' th?t wall towaiue tie other wall; than anw him take hold of Hiker a a he ataggered; I did aee him htrikc 1 taker; 1 did net aee anybody atrlke Bakar a? the (line: Chailc( l.c-der wae there, hot I did not aewhfm (ilM in. he fat a bt?ther-h? law of Poole; 1 did oot ??w I omier hit itokcr or nock him down, 1 did not aee Hsher knocked down, opd I therwfmc can't ?ay that lie knocked donn ; "Corkey Jack," I think wai there a.t I, I d n't know when he nana In; I don't know tltot pork,y Jack'* name la John tjvilnlao; 1 did not aee hiui Hie; t'ooU- pulled linker on hU knee and on one loot wten falling lie dragged Baker with him; Poole'a left tide waa agatnat the wall an he fall; 1 did not are I'mile'* lelt hand at the time he had bold of Haker'a left band with hi* light; up to that time I did not hear Pool* , Die a a hot fiotn l?t* pocket; llaker had a pistol , In hi* hand when I'o'de pulled him orer. iWitiirot de nend* to the floor of the onurt and gat* on hl? knee and explain* the podtloe of Pool* and Baker during the *cuf- I tie.] Wltnee* ooniioued?little Lkna waa there atao. Q. Ili.w ui*oy .hot* had Icon flred in the room poor I to the time Bakor Ured at Pooler A. Mr. Turner hvl hied two ahot*; a* Turner drew hi* piatol IJun got out of the way, I don't know where ho went to, I *** nothing more ot him; up to the Urn* Uaker Bred at Toole nothing had been done by Van I'elt, eacept to take Paudeen from Poole, and llaker had done nothing up to that time. Illeie the witneae diM-ended to the floor again, and Ba ker came forwari In him, and wltnew* put himaelf and (taker in the nor it inn tbat Haker and Poole wore io at the time of the ecullle ) Wi ne** continued?Poole fla t bold of Baker'* left hand wlili hi* (Pnole'*) right hand ; whlto Toole and llaker were lying down I heard re lairta; I ean't *ay b >w many; I dl I not nay to a Mi. Wileon that the imioke wa* no ?rb?t t??l 1 n,nld not eee ; Ackeraon naught hold of Baker hy the back, and 1 aald to him (Ackeraon) yim hare f it a ph to): why do yon let that man cajapof I then cauglit the nlatnl from Ackeraon, and mapped H at llaker, hut the hammer old not come down. Baker, aa be waa going out. Kftid to nomo on?, 1 don't know o wliom. * r^no'il l r. ?" I don't know whether he meant to about Py. Hliea or niyaetf ; aa he aald Uiat, I pointed my piatol at huii he, Paker, had get up at the time, he waa a tending In the door, and Ackeraon wa* holding him hy the back ; I r (doted the platol at Baker then. q, l)Jd you try to Nhoot hlmV A I Aid, hut huh vioiiM nt fo off. Inker wimi 'teniling *l tb? t?m?? *Hh hit {*?<*,? i>at tly toward* m#, tad Adiwwii hiWtnn nltn oy i he hack; llaker wa* trying to get oot at the time, and turned round; I did not try to ahoot at him n the heck, I d( n't know who ahot Uakat hi the bead; 1 heard lie war (hot in tho hand; thare wa* hh*?d upon Id* face; I old not ree Haker lire at any owe hot Poole; til Ihe *hel* 1 heard were liuuer'a flrai ahet when he 1 It Muoalt in tie arm, aod tfaa oral *hot that tumor ( red at Poole, and thru Pakcr'a; abut at I'(role; I triad to (hoot Uaker, hut "ahe" (the pl.tol) woulA nrt go off . the haa-mer Would nt go <h(*n; aa I Waow wi tna aflair that la a true account; I natrer told It to any una bat to Mr. WiIron, and m ibo Idatrlct Atloruay'a oflh-o, I ??? the hole* In 1'iCtl*'* eoat pocket vital dfld le tha bat raooi. . Puiiuaat fw a routed aaked the proaooutoe to produce tho coat, beceur* the tlelenne ally* duaugh Lie poekot a?d lhat thnt afco* hft QaMr to the T1.* At'o'ney Crneral raid they ahoiikl luaae tfc, oout ii e,iciaee in the proper order lot producing H. W itni*?. tn rap'y to the Court, eoid the l.r md looked ike l.uilel hole*, arol tbera were aowa eonatdcrnbtomnny ol them. In a Juror?It waa n brown orer coal. Ciuer ? lamination continued?(J. What trecuuo of Poole a 11 Id ' A. I (lid not aee him Irara one ou that V. i,Id you make any ir?|ulrr about Pooto'a pUloltiat i IrJrt A I did not, not a* I remember I **w tiro bole* In ti e root pocket a* it wa* lying on th# counter. I ?ald to a littlo boj th. r? that the coat had hotter go htrma. he ( flirrr who W?? thare raid, ' No, that he ahoule take it to the court," I heard repo(t* between Poole and Pnker whan t?oy were lying on the floor together, ?).(. ured H ern I an t toll, llaker'. piatol wa.< expoeed .In, ho flred; when thay w?te lying together on, the ,mi 1 bra'd a* much a* ihieeor four ieie,rt*, all the ,rii v on the floor waa dona within tw - ioinote*?r !?**. The Court?I Id yt/n ?.amino Bakor * pl.tol to ?oo how n any barrel* bad been diratharged f A. No, eh, I newer aW it alter, I den't know who t<a>lr oil I o<l?'* cr at. ... .... _ u,. Croe* exntrfnnti( n rontiniK-l? I Inmad I endonn ?ay Ik w*ot(d to tight, but did not inat him a?k Pooh- o go 'iut the yard io light I did not hear Pool# -ay li? wa* not *. ill, it 1 did not hear Turner ?ay to Pool#, " Never n,lad him, Bill, I'amleeii I- drunk;" I did not *a# P?*'l? lake any more > out of hi* pocket and prupoa# h, tad that ho would lick any man, I <Ud net hear Poole aty he would bet V.<KJ that thai? *** no man in that , , or In New Yoik that c?(,l,i lick him. I d?d not eft liakei file any allot at Poole while Turnar wa* lalMrg I d'D't think Baker threw'f on I o. .. at any time; 1 ? id not Imar any oneway, ' I ? < ttlo you, any way;" lleari llaker ay aonicthtog, hat . u'd not tell wlat It waa, alter Poole wa* *nol ba UH,k I, a knlio and leaned againat the doorand fninted ewny; | . I n to wa* (hot I raw hnn con r up to Aract - n an I tdl blm he had been ahot; ha had blocd all orer hi* head, I dkl not raw Paudeen iira at all, I did not aee a i.iid"l in I i? Land at any lime; I did not *ea any oue pull . (It of th" home the piatol ( had w**afl?? h.vri?ll"<i . Tdlrcr I did no' hear any ?hol? in tha atrca', I know a ag man named Mil-hell who attend* bar there I -are blm the piatol, and told blm to pot It away. I did not tell him to hide it, I raid to bim to put It away: Iit *. too dumry to carry . tha olticera were tlrerw the ? me I hare no pl*t.,l about me now 1 awewr Hie -nly . .win 1 had h r giving Urn pl.t"! to MlV hell wa it war ti? Clumay; U'orga Andrew* ?** there I ?? not tt>*n<ion him heforb bacauaa 1 did nut thin* ,,l l,lui 1 can't *ay that Mitchell told me t,a had no place to put the piatol, he twok it and put It away, and *t?# to tell me what it waa, l cut It rieit m ining, lefora going up to Jeffere-n mar let [linn, who wa. in oourt, w*? h?ra ro-i ie?t?l to a and up Wltr.ea* Idantlfla* Unn ] Paw hint (to nothing roiu flrat to la*1 1 waa an amlgrant mnnor at that tune I wae lireroed hy Mayor Weatorwelt, 1 wa* a hack dr.ver ?tore 'hat I waa at *?a tor nine yrar*. I am not In any tualne*# now; I cannot tall the gcooral omplcyment <* !-(* !*'* frlenda, ((itno ara ono U ln? ard othnr* anotner. 'ha 'wo Ackeraor a #r? bnrke.-pert; I. rlwr le . b'l'-ber I don't know ? her* h* kt?pa; I did no' ??? llyler do any hing wh?n 'h# afftoy commenced h" want *way_ Hr direct cmairlua'K'*?When llyler -aroe r. fee Ctuno ? n with thnt tool pony (Baker'*), Linn Io with thai (, mpany alao. . 1(i Mr. (lark?I .1. n't know how p? to ca, ra? ?*-Uk# I I i Id of Baker. .John I 'an. by tM Alto-a#r I r,Ti . n? > f th? kr-pwra of utanwli Mall I laiam itr tl.a i Iglit ' Puoln m MM; at tb- '(ma, >r iranr a'My la.'ora ha affray, aV...t l'i o'clock, thar" warwia mr lw room whan Haarr and hia frlimd* o?ni" )B, Mr.l'?o?td>ali, v?r. Iwl? awl I think Mr. flhay. I ?? n't b? prntlnw, I rhrmld J'ldf ibata ntra 'otir or ihara bnatdan royaal', * to via ?'.mad lag a' th? bar drinking nod talking H if-- in a n yr. Turnar and Mr. Ifyl-r'?toa n il at, ?nid T Uin.k Mr. Van I'nlt; Mr Una and Mr itobar taam" tatnly altar tbatn. and iba li l^ui aaa Mobn >dka IPao ?I 'Bj.'bay anion In aa no n would nanWy (Ink ifly; .1 nto any bourn, tbw Aral thing I bart ?m lU.rr ? u( 'ha paopto who ' iron In arilh him aktadtiBk with hlio wa drank: wl ito drinking Car r?u aawa In. two or tl.raa dram Mr. Hytot 'II not li b ' an. ?n. whan ha tun a ?ttp;?l la tba In do it o* th? floor and Bakad P Wt.a' b? ? looking a'/" i'fjt W ma da aw rtply '.bam I'm 'a?n alkrd HI to Panto and ?aM to him Yon li a k ? lid arm of a b ? . 1 mulal U#? you Pawl* mo' o that. I .mil r? than aak'd I onto wb ? ootid li a him i '?to aak' nothing to that. Paiufr'n th?-n aak -I I'o If b? ?iaM lick hHB: Pmm: -aid ha aaa n l mftk it, P* i It aa than ''-ok >?? Id of IVola ? y ih? <???1 and aakal him to row out to I ha yard and light htm 1' ?.v'? - o ?f y, larnar that aaiar- up and mil to'iuto n, W n ?' m? haia to Aarl.t ha than mid ? i I'oolr lb . t r nd h ii. hill ha to r?li. not " Pooto aa? I l.? ???.?' i > ny rrati In t?? y'ork for ?.'?) Paadaao aaid h <3 i Ira 'ixtr Por h Ihwn pasltod ou I kl'io / ,j ?nd fw? It a my Irandi I fat I' la my i--ka on' wairnd in t? ward- ha tad< I tl>t conniar I tfiroa! nuM ?t thaw I rcatna I tlo .fbt th?-? mow It ha a Wht I haa d loratr ?ay to Pea to, ? I'm la, B"W draw, ' i?at T j rtr at ih# mma tla>a walk<! tato tb' t,MV ?( ha flaaif and than draw Ida i/towl h ft' I' ?#. , ? cm aiai at i y. rarnlrd M at l '? ia l'?a< an ???. a' ih? ti.i ?iwa iiiii in iiiMii ? - - timt ?tard.r.f -Igfct la front if I'raja ?hnn fa ? ? f, ? .a f-l tl r (ft'I ' inrlarn want a?ay and b ri fan* ra? ? [lit a>h rb kit h ? ' wa (Tnrf.?''i) ari., - Ti. bar ?l on 'ba 9" r and flml again t ? ,< ? ! thlnh ?la' Hnll m i?t baaa hH Pool#, tor ft,* , #,? j;,. j|. irnt'ff I'aoto .tagy rad Panto wgj . , g nmt 'h n l.'r, rho, T'.'I'O If 1 Ito (<.? a i ha lat'I I' way fat U? hrnnr'rto i- ?U , .i ? to Man I It at It. ato lit 'ba lamr n? Mli m at.a 1 . , r *. ? ' ? a ?'? i*4 i' "* '? 1 " 'k? " ** Wj oaar again, t -h a at Maktor ?a aMbnt MM torn* tg (,, < ? t b? ?'.'t Uung ?? ' ; ?f If tha a.aa- I Ut >. a* ? Pilar ?'<! ? . T" igW Pr?l th# frat abtit *? ''tiling right in front i4 Maker; when Turn." (trod the necmd time I'oolr and Ha\4w were atarrdfag clone tofatht'r, I did not aae Pool# or Hakor having hold ?* ooeoootoor; alien Tuimi poll.(3 put bit pt.wd nod told i'outr u> draw, b? bin platol rowed hia baud nod natd. "<h> in, Had Hakrr tired any uM Mmrrnl it* I'.role a i?' Hiknr together by the walh H I ihW* Udd; I brari aho>; Uir fSrnt thing I unt t*\? waa HeXar bed ? hold ?' room, 1 do not know whether I'w.le had a hold of Itlm or Dot; loola waa down and Hater ?? hit ton I wear th Witoeei. Martin' deaci iptl ,i> of Unit p.dU.iU. aud I think It in current riWft that Dakar tnlgvl have our haod reeling on the door. ?J. How did Dakar hold tlir piatol when they were te gotkrr) A. I aaw bakur ledd a id.tnl <rv*r IWc brawn' aud ftr?* it; Iho pia|el waa find lowaiV hi.. tnvaat; I brara Baker aaj, pe to firing, ' I will put aw ? ml In lhi>, or to you," I raanot till which' ? ntrtlnn.y to (hat effect,' bo 11. art the moment he rod that ex. orretbin; ifot war thr Itrat abot lh?vr Hied rw? ridlr; be fl/ed the rerond altnt at r.wtfv a* they wrie p^l'log biai offof J'oolo; aa they pulled lakei off of PtM'lu, t'oolr mMed over on (op of hekrr u* tbvy were pulling Maker oil Of I'uulO, (taker Ared; they pu?>l li .l ?r ?Ho bin>, and I'ooio rolierl ever III Maker, ant then they jxlltd 11olr off of lAttr Hit* #? log waa oil ?ver tl?#n. 9. I' that all the aheu too tiaard iu the hnu-ttr A. No; Tinier waa I Hoyyall tnr that ha waa erawhOg t<> wat ?? the, and tiring all Iho tine Inward* thedoe'; he l><ii i Ye.ywrhote, bo trao wot pat tloular wborr he I'rad, Vv tired frmr or ftyeehotr when I'rrelr war prilwl off of taker, acme body ptlllod'nhbrr towardr tli ? dorr, and tli.-i War the lart I traWef Mm 1 <?lrr waa ahot In the head thwt night I ant prof ty p. arrive It we* I'amt.Wii ? hot li'.'fr I thlok I eatr liini .te It, no wnrrla had Iivreed between I aodcetl aryllanrtPT bet.frr l/wler war abort I raw a pirrat la f'audrrn'r haod that wdgh'.; tr.a report of 'be pi*tiiI 1>?t alert lander ana* (rem the direction o" I nii.trrn I dtd not tor the idatoi lb HeridNeni band after that: I'undrew inadr hia rntlf r.aba after. Mr. Brady objected to the term party aa uevd in the elimination bb the Attorney (I met at. ** there waa no tl.h% In lb* tvfttonre to ahnw I'rat throw |?r?'.n? wore net hi i In emitter") It appear* that never* of them took no i urt In the al>ay. tie Attorney t.tueral erplained .hht be aterely did ao In ???.? time. Mi. C. urt laetriieled the Jury M fee *. Him Ti dene* hid gone II .ay will, not to uki It tor Krnntc.) that U'.roe \r*'i -"no were nil nrMiig- w> iu? party. Mr. Di-?n rnnMnuod to ripest h<>* tb..y < etiai In; ilyler ? nil Turner came In tlrnt; the next-nan same In dlately, w'fhtn live f.-t of the fir.ttwri, Mti.taud Vaa 1'elt rnn.H In after Aral three, mi l thru'lk-her etOM In i-ext 1 think r.aaie Andiewe, ?rul I'axtadlVwne ttm l*->. ?nan li? ca.-oe In t cujila of feet In-hind /.hdr<"wi>, fro.n tbo Ui. l n.?u to ilia lac. who name In, abnnt i minute end a liill i -t?l.t hnve . Inp. o.l, but I cen t tele exactly how I. Ok I . wild not form nn eeilma'e. Q. I ltd lh?? com* In aluiullaneo?-.'y A. No, elr, ibey to in*- In cneuwlly. To the I'ooil ?By onenalljr, I mean letaareh. tWln-in?I iivw ole lying nn'the floor after ISA** w..ut nnt; I'.wde too 1 up end west to the no-inter and tank ? kmtle: he thin went to the door end took hMth.d Ihe henalo, end h*:?l the knife in hla other hand for tkrw or four nilnutee; he held the door ti If to prevent ?nj one- coming In; he then r?U nn ttm floor and Mr. Ilarrln (ihe Inet eitneiu.) and Mr. Hh?? lifted idee up; he had fnlntc.1; he won partly unhutt*<wd; i'ooli i routined laaenalble (or a long time, he remain*! ro until Dr.- I'uiinnn rame; I ili-l rod nbaerm lirtr i'oole wae tinen-d, linker bad k .lark g*nr orerwel I know be cauro It eon in my bouae for a. im> daye alter, he hi-?t on ? hoaeutb lint, I not Iced Hnker'a rrwt ttret after be Mt, and when Dr. Cheear-mait can." I p.eeome It In Maker'* cent; I did not ?ee Dakar tike oil bU coat; i won't ee-cr poal'Wity to tl.e cunt, hut I will ?weir to (be hat. the i ont that w-.M lufiuuno we? the enme in appeaiatMa ?? the < lie linker hi. 1 Mt wln-n be ciino in; th* e mtwiM taken away; I don't know hy whom. I know lh? hat le came ( raw mint oltcn wear It; I am po itir* I'nkei had a O'mt on wtien be qtme In, but I din out notion whether I* had pan net *brtih>' w.ntoat. (lie coat tliat reoiihaad In my hiai.e meimh'ed very much Ilia one Itak. r hi.' on when ii'i taiunlQ;*?ni? una took th# ennl away lot and loin aout one look 'lie hal; Milch. II, my haiki-par, I think, took the OOit ami gar* it '-> hie l>rot'i<w Mftrheii la, I Iwlieve, In Waahlagt'n; hi? hi-othar l> In 'hi* ctly; I c.-n'i know where; when I llr?l ua the ?--ml It kaeiu the hemic of aouie sua who picked it up near tbi doer; It ?e* about an hoar or lialf an h >nr after the dooh r? ntnii that I aaw tin- coat, th? tliat a hot ?u Bred hy Turoer, ked the ee. .md .hoi wv ? lire 1 by furiu-r; t thlek h? find thrro times la-tor* linker Ornd; I heard n . ahole hitole Baker'*, ex. lu.lyo .,f Tarm-r'i nbotr ; I tli.i k I beard oome tourer live, becaunt the bu l.t mill) In th. knuen oountten; th. re ?#?? throe bulUt u.arku in U.e well over wlieie linker and I'm la ley. there writ l *o i n .h-- Uxor wh- e ihey ley there woa ?MOn the hoot >f the qotittttl toward* llromlway, owe tn Ui elde id Uim counter, one over Uie wa.!nlind, and -ne oyvr Ihi h.n ligbl In llm d.*..-, Ibi l?w.-?t matk III thu wall wan nl-out a. ht^h a* :t?. ii ta*k? II 1 hey lay ?u 111* th-or, t'.c oll.era were -'III higher; I don't know ?wbeie tbi ha' we? fcwm.1 wtw-ti I'ooh ami Hal.?r w-.e lying dr-vru. I o. I.-'h bend wan tiwar'- U.e v.itlli will, ..I d ihe bullet nmik- wc o In th- c-ntb ?all kbore their h<?llcc. It IwlPf <?( ilih ?i*??<>'?? ? rlffi**! until tii< k ! ???? !??!<? ? <in ? f?l h?i! rh?* jury n*?t to oottrcrw wltji *ny o/?? ##ti t?*<* >i lijrrt of If ft tliu I, nor 1o Ib??u ?<?)??? t<? n : ?li' n Om nt*ft**r hy kny t? Th* court thru ?djoiifflol to II o'clock WrJnr.<t*j niorn.o^ i) e Wy of iht> rourt, a* k?il h* tha mi ??f lh< h>nflt iif. whirh *n* thrown nt*n, wii>* rr..r 1?*1 t^i ??*. c* u. The pftMPftgr** to iv**ir? w?*r?? throntfwl hy puftira ho mrt tii.i?hl?* to got itfnifmobtml ltt?htf i iiil 11.a Id'oj??mJ i Ur inliir mot# noinilfMt tt**w that tli** t'tlirovny I# ttiyWr wmy. llak or *?? i?. .!>?? r<ffthn In a rarriitgc %??* n-f TiiM hy Mr. lUrliiolf an?l ??fr. I'liebaruin, and ihoufh th? a <ioo? imihltu l?* ra?h ?"d| fftivard to |iM a fr.lifnfu'o at tha of o mm It nt'r *k?n, ti<f*rr no run tha a!l^l,tmeet aiUunpt >'Ittiffr hi rhi rr bi'o or ?X|ir? an any 4bu|i^rovt). Aiailatiiy ui MiiiIi -TIh ? HnmM trig tit." Atx.ut two lln.ii.uri 1 px-opte witna-aed n if rh?k*|.?iita ? much nbua?d lra:ft?!?, ? llauiWt," at the Aoa-'etny i f !Ju?ir., la?t night, with tlx* to,.or ng cut ? Hamlet Mr. f 1. I' if*;* l,li<?t nl Hamlet'a I ath?r. I #.*? ' l*f'< I'ray i luudltia, Kit-gut Itiunti k t t-ti i j A. #tU?ot. I '*!< olna Thkalddua W Mniglian Hi.i*11'. Krmirriiik 1, King. 1 a*rt#?... U. ?' Moralmai!. Hoa-nurnnti. ' ba-tea liunhar. I.u11d*n?trrk T friar, "aile..,,.. ir?<l?fiu* M U|t. .Marrellua A It Joc'lyn I'mianhi W . I. (|? I.yooa. Kit lit Actor..... K. tUa. Kennd Actor i*. K. Iiainbart. Thltd Act< r.. Mf m II. Tndo . 111' at .... .1. It. WimxI. Hint <it?Ti--lnvg?r Jamat II. I aTe'ty. txron-l liravr I igger ... V.. I I uoerhlfl. t.u??B . Mia. !?? I". laaadririiai I'l'li-xU Vila* Ada < tare. Ac'iane .Mlaa ilarrolil. Alllx ugh thlr ia railed an amateur perfortknJtAa, ** helie an tha' nearly alt the per' n? who w?r? ? ugacd ia it tii noli f.r Im lunllltr *IUi the f.. .Might ? IImo* Wnre, I'rijr M'ljhm, M< i h- ul and I a-t.-rbiiI. I.age all <?? 1}id tl a a tag* a-ooral 'li/o Mr>. leu,bonier tlttui iaat year at the MrtropaliUa, and Miai A la t lai* ha? taken advantage ot a* arat - pp- -tui.lllaa to ""ft ? acquainted olfh tha pro V?. i a. -? illal. lain It for all in all, tlaoaUt" wan pr tty fair!/ don* la*t night. That In, la got oil wi hunt yatllli d; being rimidar '. An Intaltigaot jury, npp a?.t to its# ?'.??( i |?n*)l/. would aay manslaughter , <b? f-. rth <Vgr?-. wtth a ra<otnn.?nd U'.an to marry *od a naution >? g and .r - n.ota. Mr tfair wa? But >jult* ?<|ual to hi a ?*lf. io|' .? <] taaa. lli?|a.fori. IK* U> kr?t dlgp.'y, tlnUli and r-p ?a Ma ?a?. ho??an?, i^ilta alif l.a ai tiaa ? and hi* raw'ing*. an far a* *t haan! them waaa a* tallilf anal nt?lll?'?t. Ilia Iaat point waa la th? fwCgkry of the ? ?'.hajuy which eloaaa ba ?* ai I a. I a.ihaxigh tl.a eh ret ? i ? ia iba thii'l art waa tbn iiMMt 'aalng and ?a< ? amity applradrd. Mr. Waaa h*a talao' tmd ?? ma <ag? la ' hot ifaa'a' U t<a maay piaa" for I. m Joel a w. Mr I'roy dreaa?d <h> iihrwt n ratkar a rvoTal a ar car, and mala It klt<%?iher iraa aapulrhral t'an nana I. It waa tha aurt of ap'rlt ".at rapa on tha tabl-- ami apian t|a ??*?".?I a-a^i... oitn Ian. ar ami a*j*? ihia in ita vanffi Mr Pray may ha light- ha y p-iiat to .a awnt lhaao tk?g> ha* ihi^gad alt -? Khnkapeara ???'? iba k.fgaa* mapar'aoa. and ipA> c " arly am .gk to la Uaru ? froei' h* ? #? a ilta a ?. Dtraat to I op,-Jo, whoea ira- nar th: Ugh" <a wa? ia*er ml and norfdeattal )'< nwha* waa ?a y ia.' oia f i? a an toggoa- .r* of largo aar.o i.'? of "rm- a-. . nla in>Vka waa iik? anyil. :g t. the pad fha |? |.la Itaghad a grwni dnni at Pah nioa Hwraho waa aJu at at ? 'anting aa tlm'"hniokara-n Ma irmd ?ary a*r4'?-ft and hi a laga an" yal htm n graat daa' Ha aaa !!ka t i lab llnaj, and rhatrwwnd kin. *1/ ia ?. th* nwat ?? ' aCird'taa*y alUtoita Mr Haa aawntlt'oa* w o .r t r op* ail* I ira'. A^toi ? pa* h a* I ? ? ad.'y <n am of what ?a tt?*a k#a ' ? yanlkf il piinur ra . a ywamrtl fying" bewh. Mr. (nHaity, a wml ko rwa Art. <t, ? atamla i ? rap ita <y for l*? <? ??? Hrr" Mr# la?lrm.o inaaad, rAad aad 'nd aail Ik < artruda am! rwnlly I VortM tha rail ohfck aha rarataad at tha oaM tf t' I ? aa*' Wd a ' M.aa ? Wa a Ophelia waa *K*^a In". >? -ha ?A? ?*?'? MhnmM* Ik dra*aa , , a-'d a kaa;. ng bar ojm t ? ad np>ot tlw ?art akd aamol Kara ko awtlind aVa-k of tl.a .. ?a of the |Art whUh ta oma of ijaa awoaUat tf ?1 a g ??' naAaraa'a rxallmi I bat did M >ing X I* ' f>* tld plky With.ant drXkg an <1 h ? Kra la ?a? t t "-lag and atoaaU kraa'.iaa and a - adt i?Ua V.aat oaik* of tha larailM aha tamx IA hara < b*''? p??e? a ant ? # -rraadhly, \kd th#ra waa kokk of th* ?I I. 'Ufa kaalnria w> ati a>a waaa' on *%*b * a ' ira |* Wa - try lay rat y dolt rnry ?k?? and Y,. . i? ft a grant W '? w ? hare Had mmogb of iba ? t rd'ikrt ftapra?aw 1*1 P'Okti and -f Hay w a>t< (ha a * g .halt Va ot.tiga/. I* rrjaad Mr Hamat'd haaklan It g. a*. a?*. rf tha ft^idatara pttAi'Hiag Ikgf. aa| ak*r I I In <tg*?*t( ?W|a?o;g a -^a*k*f. Our Wu>ilii||twi t'-oi i<-x|iait4t m>. tllkuMK, NbT. t$, i(M TV (MM -MTu/'- Ann Ayati (<uc~ T rminmMrn V <*r /Villi?/'.voyri am IMJi .Soiar-? Knn/fff "/ IKf Jul p Mfto itm.?UH thr I'oltli Kill ?Tlx I'rrnJtnl'l <%? iluliUft lur Q0k t?Vi t; f,i limit nwr. TVo ?*? of tho I ni'wt xto'iM Wan U ItoaW, limur N?>y Aroni i"f iii'<i?l ?k taJr aum wutrb bar wan prod (lie I ul'od .?(?!?? Iittliict C .urt f.T (?? ilapa pant, ??? Noun lit t? ? r|mai on i ^XKt mat Thia war ? milt ou ih? ln.'i o?v U1 tnxot fflron bp Ifajar hratt, a? Nai; Ajtnt at Wa^litugt a. Thr (to*?i omoot rlainxl a ba'.o.Ao atfaiaat h' i ol 817 887 37, o1 arW'fc I ? Ian** thr aunt of II7 VI ?i' on hi- ai-rount for paf ? int na>j pontlon*. Thr dafvndant ?>? n.ol that ba ?n ra ?|?'iialbf? on Ida lb at an Mara Affon' for dlrtortMoinnatoUi Narj Vriarloa Aifont II.- rlalt/tol a '<*t off fir- HA 70t SS for ccuimlffxtou In <tt.l iratuR ax kti i Ajfotkl l^'II.QVI 13 to coutractonr motor tto Nary flavor tnaat, orT-o-.r ooO t>ir1* worn iTalr pnyat.l'at Ottlxl ala an. 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The ( ourt r"/a4 out Urn ? ddencr ..ffor ?t i,y tl,p doftui <%l in aupporl ,?f bi4 claim- l.r cummin. ana, orar and *. ?ne what h? had already h.o a allowed ?IVJ recelrod to tha ndtlement .,r*t, areonaU at tb- Treaan-y and hold, ?> icgafl t.i the tary pom ion *?nd, that it waa part ?d H.. d. parin..qt a h.ty >< Nary 1*. ut t? ,\ ab(lr?, UlM lur.n trt?.|uli?l by Vli? -orrotary 7the Sa.r to In ?> I M raw van 01. Tattled t., th., ta, r . f,.r - _ m'TlVkftl 'r'"!L l',t? ,-,,,'rt a\erdl.( l ol'd'tatw. pilnripal ,?m . Uli?<4 by tha Ih.n i. a rerr Inporiant dlactmaito. It e.talNinhoa o prec?..eot In ail fotu.-a cjumw of Iba bind , and | ami* <?1111. there a,e of dollar-cMmed by U,e nu|u?| 1 ? i*", ''*'' f"rm,,r *?"><*, win Vara .at u? *<>tU n .. o ?* ""'??'?'?WI In the dtab-i moment of umnoo 1)? 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