Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1855, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1855 Page 2
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sqziibe of tb: mimm mumi. Merflttc; tf (he * ot Commrrre?R? .?oti u ?Im gptwUl CumialttM?ftrlUah Can *u ? iMi.awir?4. T1 e number of Ot inmerre met yesterday tt 1 o'clock P. U., Uie Merchants' Bank, to bear the report of the committee appointed to iiweaUgate and report upon the bete concerted with the seizure of the bark Maury, and the cause* that ted to the same. The meeting was largely attended by our leading New York merchants, and mueh merest was manifested In the proceeding*. His Excel lency Got. Myron II Clark was present ,by Inflation of the Chamber. lie was attended by ex-Lieutenant-ttover nor Patterson. The meeting was called to order by Fela'.iali Pertt, who stated that it was convened at the written request of Ave members, to hear toe report of the committee appointed to investigate the facts connected with the ealiure of ths hark Man i y. Mr. Liorr was appointed Secretary pro !?m ; after which Mr. John A Stevens was introduced, and read the following KV01T. The eommittee appointed by the Chamber of Com merce to ascertain and report the tac's connected with the late selnire of the American bark Maury, on the informal inn of Mr. Barclay, her Majesty's Consul at New Yoik, respec'tully submit, ior the information of the Chamber, the following documents:? ho. 1?Mr. Hunter, Assistant Secretary of State, to At torney General Oct. 12, 1856. 2?Telegraphic despatch from Attorney General to D. 8. Attorney, N. Y Oct. 12, 1866. it?Attorney General to Secretary of Stale ?? 12 " A?U. 8. Attorney, New York, to B. B. M. Consul " 13 " 6?Fame to Collector of Port " 18 " 8?Attorney General to U. 8. Attorney, New York " 18 " 7?H. B. M. Envoy, Ac., to Secretary of State with four affidavits " 11 " 8?U. S. Atty., N. York, to Charles Ed wards, Esq., " 10 " 9?Hep. Surveyor of Port to U. 8. Atty., N. Y " 16 " 10?Inspectors of Custom* to Surveyor of Port " 18 " 11?U. 8. Atty., N. Y., to Atty. General. " 17 >' 12?Same to 0. 8. Marshal " 17 !' 12?U. 8. Marshal to U. 8, Attorney " 19 " 14?Messrs. how to same " 18 '? 10?Clin-1< s Edwards, Esq., to same .... " 19 " 16? U. S. Atty., N. Y., to Atty. (ieneral. " 19 " 17?Atly. General to Heciotary of State. " 19 " It?daum to V. ft Atly., N. Yoik 22 " 19?8ame to Secretary of Plate " 22 11 20?IT. B. Ally. N. York, to A'.ty General " 20 " 21?A. A. Low h flrotbers to John A. ?Steven.", Oinhmuu of Com. of Cham ber ef Commerce 22?I'epr .Pion- ot J. N. Cornell and Wm. D. Craft, polite officers, before the Moy ir Nov. 23 1856. Yonr committee liavu sought no further evld-noo, f ill (he fuels and suspicious are cump'lsed la these papers, Proceeding to coushter Uud- import, it is i* remarked tl-at the firm in question are Atoe llcau mercl an's of this city, raving a nirahe- of vessels, chiefly employed in the Pacific Cntna and India S""vt, being perhaps more largely engaged In this branch of commerce than any other hcttse In the United States, that they arsi directors and managers in raauy important eommc.cial l.rati<u<i<n.s, are of high emmu 'rclaT stand ing sod are well known as men ot probily and honor. Your commit lee find that the bark Maury was buiit In till* id y duiing the pastaummo' fur tbi* firm; tint'she was sdveiti-ed by them, for thirteen days, bolore the date of the affidavit. undo.* their own name, in five dally papers, to wit:?The ','ourier a.i<l Erwruirrr. Journal of dtuviutr, Ommci'iitll Adwrtiter. A?u> York Ki kHHawn,uaiiuoiu> - ...n and Eventn<) Poll, lor hharghae. in Coira; was loading wh illy 1a height; and never having taken hot first tlcar.mcc, her r-trbitr bad nut been then issued from th- Cus'oiu Bouse; tbnt there vvus ou board an a moront of four ?uns. ml'h a moderate supply of snail anus, and also 'U guns on f eight, and that Other cargo vvj being received. Those guns wore first placed i-i tbe lower hold, as temporary balls.-' ; were at'crwaidw rahed to the b-tween deck , and wmu never concealed in airy way whatever. Such ur-nvnent and freight are not unusual for ve< tds hound fr the China sens; and vessels similarly equipped have heretofore becu despatched frcm thi- and otic ports in the United Slates, wiiirout ruspioion or notice; and ftp ft fr ou ether circumstances, armament ami gun in the Chit a trade, afford no ct u?? to suspect any intended In fraction of the neutrality or revenue laws, uur any intended illegal or questionable einpl >ymen . Your e mum' tee l ave not been able to ascertain, and <1 n -t b< lleve that there wore any other fact; which could reasonably lead to urch su-ptclon* in repsrd to this vessel. It Is manifest, however, Mia. they we.j ea'er taired by t ie British Consul hers, and by the British bllniHte.- at Washington; for upon the adldivtts and ?tat* mants submitted by these functionaries without ? lull ascertainment of the trrth in a ma tec -> im portai,' and with .ut an Inuur-y ir'Ui the owners, and eld. liy on an oath of ot lief, sithcut a ahmeat of the facts on which It was founded, the Many wi tslun po.-session if by tire United State- M -hal, cu ine e-t'ernoon of 'he 17th ef Oct -tier, undo. | ? >ct -s from :h<* United Btato" Conrt, founded in a lPst:, ?? : ?* t ? by ? - 1 ri'ish Consul, an forfei'ed fur a breach of ;?j Me itralii.y laws. In tbe view of your committee tii oiling- of .1 r ?peetahle firm and the c'utru ? w t' irk m ? - chanis have hen need las My di.' d-d and assailed through hecdles-ne and culpable want of in qui y, or stirrD/e crisiu'lly on the pirt or tiros ? miund; the repitserrtaiions lo tire cfficei ? of t e Aaerrtrtn g JV eminent; f , it isideir that iu the tip- ol S"ve^ days lictvcen 'he day -u which the .illi.avit' W"e mido ana tho day >d' rhe reus no, the t-ue de-tSor.ti m of the vertel, and nil tt.e facts of 'hi c? e couH have n ascertained. Tlie ftatement of Me<-is. how so satK fcciorv iifrei the rcizuie c uld have boon ar ka-i ly obtain* d btforv it war made, by a .'dtujil'- n;*ph catii n to them. Thvlr arlverti-emen -of the vcsel w-re iu five dal r papers, t.oni tho 27th * f Sepwrnhsr to the 24th nlOcG.oer. aud the Miaure, u,*oi surpioiuns e > care lessly. a<> cri ilulously eniorUine-l, are truly rem .rkajle. The appearance of the Marshal war the tl nt lu'lma tion to (he hi u e that their standing and chamfer had B t protected the in from tho charge ol boiug eug'gs 1 iu an unlaws. 1 and oi-g ucel'ul un lor hiking. But thus*: slanderous alh lavi's could not stiui any cxamioit tlon, ami instantly vanished before th?t ? snnjile a'ntement. 'it.e exhibition ot tiro iiuaacour'tahle mla appridteo*ion, ignoiaue* nn*l cmlulity, on wh* .H tho eliarge wis based, alvn*- survives ni*r pro reeding of Mr. PurcUy was w'uhdra vn on the second day, oos day being l<>nt 1 jr his unwUUr guess t*i ac' at all, with out *eci> g Mr. Edward.- Tlic Cht n'ier will rsoiark toat the alii* nvi.s were all upon '!< > s una *1 >y the lfllh of Octo'er. and that th' steamer ''atific which left this p >rt on the 17th rf Oet-be*-, took ?at the luformn ua which has ciu-ed so much excltemen and uiim ou the other side of the At lantic, trnle**.- i? wss forwarded hy a prec ?llng s'e imer This interna ion. thus '*urii*il o.I prio- 11 the ?ei'u e ** the Maury ,w as u j ar;.* cuMrely,and uocxplanati >n c il . aec*>mpr*ny It. Ily a putdic card, ofthe 20lli I rst., Mr Uir ?Uy denle.- 't)iaving written a despatch to her Haj .tv'sgo verair en'Jn regard to that ship." Theref > e from vhivnil' ?msnated. and by whose lublacatl n ih? relation between tlie two co.rn'lies were rudely jarred, U vh >i It in the dark. Tho lc! ers of Mr. Bar lay an Mr. Cramptou have up'Wi them the burden of atuwe ing the i* q*.iry. Your Committee w*"e g-ei'iy eurpri-nl to oh. e.vo l*y Sir. Crauiptou's uotj to the Feeretary oT Sta'e, that he had been Inr*rmcJ by Mr. Barclay, not only-lia< ?? he li.,s g>..d ieaaon t*? believe that lhis v< a-cl * tbe Maury) is in leaded for the service of Russia In the pro-cut war, but that a pl an exists for fitting vrax.Ii of a siuilar de-erlptlon Iu otlier porta of the I'niUd States, wl'h the cxpreia design ol oimuiHUng hie'ld ie- it;i*n*t lier llaje**'y's g,va.-u meut, and noire particularly of into csp'ing and eiptu*' iag the British moll s'eamer* plying between !.'verpoil and Boston." For such a itkte*neut your te n dttee have been ablo to liu i no war*.*nt In the a fidavft hy auy psna n, or ot any ta-t, or ind-'?d of auv be he!, they be ieve that u* fsct exists warranting any aacti stntement. eml th*y .hire a common surnrist' the' ?ny meu living in tins el'y, or having c unui intra'ion with it, should ior a moment believe ir. On 'he Con trary, the committee here it from the highe t c ithori'y that the government h .s no knowledge, belief, or sus picion that auy p ivite r, or other ermc I veise' is fitting cut, or hes bom. fi tod out, in thUcountry, fir or agnnst *. y nf tho European belligerents. fbe i Iirrmiit.o furthki report, that the following card from the BtiU'h Oinsnl ai*po.ate*l Iu the Nrw Voa< iluutJi of tho i!4'h l>ct">h?r. an*l do not liul that it wis pa'j1iibo<l iu *ny other p*p?r:? Miprepre?#*n?su?Hin on th? nfwrv? ?uhj*!t (r*<;%rdttig the M*ar>) having eenptibHBhed In varlovi n?w*pip m~Am > < others ih*' munition* ol f)?r *'?nj fou'J on bo*rd, Mus-ve'el under * qu.tnlity of cotton"??! desire lo dl?fthu?o the mini of the public oi 'hi-' lQij>r<>.4fion, by nUJlntf that such w.?i tot on M Had my en?ie^?ora made before UtfoftniUoit vr.ii formally lodged, to ascertain tP? ox her* of the ahlp HMrf mcfcH ihe f XplAtmiwmi which that renpecUblfi linn, A A how I !*rotb* n?, save a i?r the bbal w n tiled, w?ill h%v? I ecv tough* by me and no don't wonld hft.e h?en giv *tk ho f?<re, ftnd lie totirM* which tsaft ftdt'tdod wonlf no? have boon ??noned id A. BaE JL iV, ignor ed to A. 11 a HI, iV, Mtw Yfcn,0<l 23,1665. U. B. M. Ooatul. IIiIn ptfMI;a't ti ?&i not In Hue fir Hie next whih r.deit ("in Boeton (? r fJvorp.-ol the Mir.idry. It It f< r tlie Chamber to con bier w ie!b>r thli cud *.n wd adequate atonei cut tithe Uou<? who.n per it?l hud b< en w-ited, or to ttdi riinuMtiltl community, or who Ue In ?o grate a ?nilt.r, affecting the *en*tbUltl*4 of two gieatoati .0., tM to .t?t .petit mid wide.p'cd re* cAntki .on wire net due i both?a.tire tr.m the ilri'.Mi ? ??o.ut cat the Britlili H milter. l'l?? govoicmcnt of the I'ui ed Stat <. fro m tlx tim ? of tbe k>tu-tiii.U?tton of Wa<btlkgV>n titnc pr .on* car" >f tli* Muti'jr. during all the centerta whlsh hir- nl.t ed rlnoe i h-11 Independence ha?, w I'bout tear or pa * tlelity, etrictiy enforced the ligld nou ratUy la.-* of u.e 1 ni'ed State*. Al'bough Uwlen men have , >mctiniei e-c tped ttl ri|t> lance, no edniiDt*ti*U n of thi* goveruovut hi, civ a traioa to doubt it* determination to maintain th* n. Hliem the uutb rltien, by a client h?v* not been .tb e to I revrnt tho off' ueee, ;h y have uniformly brought the f I nrier* to tiial at the '?ailieet opportunity, anl.uth 1 i?l-1 ave al ? ?y? ' n made with all the urgMt y w'.ii b 1 ceo. Intent with justice. It ?? duo to our country briefly to recall the foitareu of ? ur neutrality law* Vhry not only expriwa the poll'leal '?lit c wioerdai rent!men: of the oountry. Urat enacted in llt'4 they hare been continued and mile ii ore effectual by r<pi.itel ul?ep,|iieiit ona'tm'nti. No law. are more ablcly or f"n?r.lly known am <nj t otitic men. Ihey tbibt'l any eitlren to aoeep* any roii roll?!, n to ari v* a*aln>t any pcwple In peine with lh? 1 oiled Ft*tea. They mrl, d !,.rei/n?r? tr.ri.lontly within thi I nltid State, or on board any Te'Msl wi'hiu lu Ju rirdirlmr, to anll.t, er to g , ah oad to he onll.'. d, In tlM ?eiw ce of any uattwo at war wlih any .uci people. t1i"j til bid Ihe fltllng or aiming any n a*', or lncre?*tog th* a of auy.rme i rc-wji. with intent to be oro pioyed Ibbp* Hi b r?r*b e Ibey f< rbld ? It mllli <rj exjedt'lobi anln-' any na'lni at f^we with tliet" fta w. from tip* Ugto-ing to prctide neaci tbcref >t, to the actual departu e of uab expedition*. They forbid the being concerned is fitting out ?dv vv el to crmmtt hosttlltle-' against any mtlcu at peace with the United States. There laws are the well known expression of public opinion, ami the common consent of the ountry. Tuey have been enforced, an occasion required, age nst and in favor < >f all nations alike; against France our earliest ally, in lavor cf Spain, when we had seriou" questions with her; against the weak and ri?ing repuvlie-, of the Continent; and now. without partiality or fear, ugainst Mland. the most warlike ana the most cJinmerclal of uns having relations with us. The Chamber of Coms.eroe of New York, holding these enactments as bindiog equally In 'aw, Hon tr and con science, claim but a common right in asserting that a charge of vlolattDg them?a charge which tire* deem a disgraceful impeachment?should not be lightly male, ... , 0f their nor without careful inquiry, against any of their mem bers. The committee recommend to the Chamber the adoption of the following reso'atiois:? 1. Resolved. That the Chamber of Commerce of Hew York receive and adopt the report, aa a correct statement, and as containing the sense of this body on the subject Krsolved, That no proper ameods or apology have been made to A. A. Low A Rrotsers, for the charge brought against them, which, if true, would have rendered them Infamous; nor to i be merchants or this city and country, so falsely and lgno inntly niaalled. 3. Resolved, That the merchants of New York, as part of the body of merchants of the United States, wl'l uphold the govern ment In the fall maintenance of the neutrality lows of ihe coun try; ?' d we eeknowledge, and adopt,and always have regard ed, the acts of the United States, for preserving Us neutrality, as binding In honor nnd conscience, as well a* In law; and that we denounce those who violate thorn aa dlstu.-bere of the peace ol the world, to be held In universal abhorrence. All of which is respectfully submitted. JOHN A. STEVENS. STEWART BROWN, GEORGE GR1SW0LT, MO? H. ORINNELL, P. PERIT, ROYAL PHELPS. E. E. MORGAN. ROBERT C. GOOD HUT, THOMAS T1LESTON, JAilES LEE. CHARLES fl. MARSH ALU Nxw York, Nov. 27, 1856. APPENDIX. NO. I. Pepartmem or Statu Washi-Roton. Oct. 12,1855. Sir?By direction of tha Secretary of State, I have ihe honor to enclose % copy of a note of the 11th lastan'. ad dressed to this department by Mr. Cramptoa, her Bri tannic Mejeatv's Minister, and of the affidavits which accompanied It, relative to a ve sel call -.1 the liiury, which in staged to hive been fitted out at New York, in viola ion of ihe Uwh of the Unitod States, for tho purpose ofciuising Brithh vessels. I have tiie honor to be, very loipeclful'y, your obedient servant, W. HUNTER, Ass. Secretary. 1c the Hon. Cdsiiiro, Attorney fleneral. no. u.?(By Telegraph.) Wahhimiton, Oct. 12, 1855. John McKxon, Attorney (T. H., Nev Yorlt?Mr. Cramp* ten alleges that the vessel called Maury, iu Pover .street di ck, Is aimed lor war against England, please take in forma'ion from Mr. Barclay, and p osecute II cause ap pears. Copies by letter to morrow. 0. CUSHlfffl. NO. ITT. Attorney Oe.vkral'h Officii, Oct. 12. 1855. Fir?I have the hounr to Inf'irm y >u th V., in o iqsp ?l'iecce of tl'.o information communicated 'his day oy Mr. Cranipton. tlio Minister of'Jieat Britain, In regard to the ve- el osIIrd the Maury, instruct! ipshavo been despatch ed to tho Attorney i f the United States in Now Yo k to advise immediately with Mr. Barclay, tbo British Consul there and to iustitutc the ..roper legal proceeding* in (he care, ir sufficient cause to j istify the ??e .sh ill aopear. 1 am, very respectfully. U. CCSUlNU. Hon. W*. L. KaRCY, Secretary of State. NO. IV. Southern Diotri'Tof New York, ] U. S. r ift. Attorniv's Office, Oct n 0% A M. j Fir?Late last evenlog, I rerelv-d trum the Attornsy Cenoial of the Unl'ed States a vlcgrapbic despatch. re questing no- to obtain inform ili in from you, in leliti >n to ? vessel in thii po*t, suppose i to tie engagv-d in a vio lation jf out neutrality laws. I called this morning at t>>? o'clock, at your office, wi h the .Ma-hai uf this dis- 1 district, but tho i 5ficc was not open. Will you do ins 'he lever to call ct once at my office, or send to me the Infj matioti, so I may a't t W1 h grea re pect, I remain your obedient servant, JOHN MoKKON, A.ntho.nt Bakitjv. Esq., U. a District Attorney. Consul of her Britannia Majesty. NO. V. tioi THKa.v iheTRiri or Saw York, I Attornet's Omen Oct. la. lSao. | l5??You will please send at once on board of a ve.s* d celled the Maury an inspector, ami examine into her cargo, Bha Men at Dover street dock. You will please dolsy her clearance nn'il a leport is mido to mo of her cargo. Very respectfully, your obedieut, JORN MoKK.ov, U. F. ihat rut Attorney. II. J. 1UUFIEI.P, Esq., Odleetor, NO. VI. AlTDRNtT f.'EM RAI.'lS flrfMT Opt. 13, 1855. f"'?Yesterday I toiegraph.ul y,u couro.uiig the ship Muu'y. -ai l to lm fitting out in New York, in vi tatioa of tic statute of the Umted Fta'es. 1 uov enclose to y >o a copy oi a despatch from Mr. Urmpton, the British Mh Is'ei, d..t"d the ll'h instant, to which I there referred. V'ilh thri document be'ore you, aud the inf raau'l- u which Mr. Bard ty way lnij art. you will be able t > under ?-taud what tur'heritoiay be p'oper f> ryou to do in the premises. J am. very resoectful'y. Ji'HN Ml Neon, Esq., U. S. Attorney. C. CUFHTNO. NO. Vlt. r.l..TISII I.t.iATm.v, WA3HIN0T.RV, 0<jL 11, 1855. Flu?1 have the lmnor to tall your attention t ? the en closed <l-p. -itione Wbi-fi' have to-day '?eri forwa.'tl-d to rne by ?i- I'a ,-lay Her MuJcs'vY Cousul at few Yam, hi rrgtrd Ida ,-e-se] called tic '.'nury, w deb is n'w lit II g out ? t tut port, and which, |i i, is evi leutly intended li?r -eaiiike purposes. Mr. Barclay further infirm that h- L" good rot in to believe >h?t ihis ve-i-'l i-j intended lor tiie service of Kuas'a in th. pnueut wa- and also tliat a plan ct's: ft c fitting of a einillir description in ether roi ls of i.o United -'ta es, wi.h t e oiprasi design of committing hostilities ag ,. n-l ber Jiujes'i 'a g iverntnent, and moro rarticuLi ly in eioepd.-g and oa.itu'inr the Britidl MU'I -tesuieis ] lying between Liverpool nut li tem. Ih-weier fhls may be, the clrsumstane-s stilcl a the enclosed alii.1 -vii.a are of r.o n..: .'ive a uaturp. and '.<?ir*n suspicious oil appeal ance, that I fa-I i; i,e iny duty to cull -lie at'enion of ihe 1 Jnifsl States guvernim-nt to the n.utter, wii a view to ?-> inquiry i to the fait*; and if t'-'.rr shall be condrmed, to the ad.p l a of ?o h trt-.surrs on tbo pirt film United s-'tatcs ill .1 (Of .* ms as m.iy de'eat .stil iiitrulions whiuh appwir to be ea tertafnel h/tbuptrs'insengigrdin tittiogou the v el or vers*Is in qiiestinn. 1 a sil myself cftbisrppnrtuplty to rene v to you. sir, tho n-surerco of rop hfgh eonsid.lati -n. Xhc Hon. Wsi. f,. MaP'T. JuHN* V. CP.AMPTOV. i i 'v. t< un!i/a:ut Stale of Few Vntk: Anthony Barclay, her Bui*, ntc Msjsaty's roiisi l for the Fta'e of Ve ? Y .rk being duly ow tu, .! ,th dc " md say, that fr m iufor tua'ion g ven him he ve.ily believe au l exiie-:'.- to oe a 'e t J pi-ire that a certain new voasc! uuv in the pw' or hew York, railed fhi- >'auty, has heeo biilt, fiited out ar.d armed with intent lha' m.-h rei-sl shwihl b- a,?. plcyed by ihe Russian government to a' ?? c uu nit hi stihihs against the sni-jects aad pr .potty ..f thcQnoen HI liuat Britain, with slum the Ui.i'.ed States are at Usee; and ihis deponent staud:. re?'Iy hi bring forward b.s pr..of thereof, and he re pectiuliy c .iius ihit pro crvdlrg* be U.d and taken whereby tho t il ve -el, wi'h her facklv, apparel and furniture, tog"fhir with all ma )i rial and ainrnii ill >u end s'ore i, which -ruy have been pTie.urod for the huitd ug aufl e-iu'piD-nt there if. stid may bo forfeited. ANIIlUNY BARCLAY. '?- n to, thislOlh day of October, 1655, befj.s me, (.! iu ? X. McBT v, U.S. Com. ' ? _'ct.fify and State oj Nan Ymk? J lin A. Ounell 1 ii i kcl *' l>?!1ce . ii.cer aud SvK.k masts. o( ?b Lli vciilh warn, teirig duly sworn, insk-tu atl. and raith' ?U-t lil- imjlcions hare ne?n e' Uad for several w lis rest by lie appea-anc? oi a new three-ma-ted sius;. bfpged ech.i -uyi, which was lying a' ilm f>,t of F uo'nu ktrn-t. -N1! w York, up to Monday evening, '.he fitn cf Oc'o her, when she in ivc i down to I)ove.- eMoe'd . k, an I is tbei# now; ibat she liai, the name of ' Mau'y" op -u L?r r'etn, hut tss Iiev?r yet been ou'.of pun, ar.d dopinent has a.cerl .inod a' the Cu t m H u <o of tn<> port ct New 1ink, that sh- has no' af p event g-.t her register: that this deponentU we|la:<iualBtad with t.h> build of v-sse)?, find he haa no ii .'..a ion in .1-posing thiavo-sel, I1H1IH.1 the Mai .y, ts built rigged and e,; tipped f?r war Mkr rtirpo??'*, sn?i b.m not tht? ?*onfltrti<?*.lon of a fo- 'he ir.e-cheat -rv.-e, tbat his suspicions were . ar ticuhuly aroused frmu the i ature of th. (iu . she had taken on board, which coo.vitts of war cans jo, c.nqon hnlJ , rmall aims, coats, hO or 80 **t-a spars. ?nd other mercantile articles; that this d-p nenr, wi'Jvlu a lew days last past, ha. be n over t .e vvhele o: the iiii Vessel; the bottom of tiie sail vessel aui jmtaj v appears to be Inteu'ei as balU-t, ft a fr.uu Wtn .00 square boxes, c iitaluing ian>> >n billi. a'-o there are fmui 18 to 20 cannon iutei;niugle<l with the sail fc ,xes, sppaieu'ly so that thoy may pack well, on (lie t^p uf the cannon Is s large qusndty of e.ial while an t .p of the orsvi is a lot of inmner and tha aforesaid e* ra spars; in live bicker- of the cabin i a very large quantity of guns pi.ioU, swords an 1 other implements of wir, and to ??emi nent veilly usiieves that she is so flitel out frr ?ar iike puiuo-es; h-r cannon s.-e a I mounteii, ,cd she ins |K)r^hf 1?*.- tor rnnnon. An?l '.hi-i ifeponent further ny* that A who ftMuniet to act ** Aral nut'* jf tgjo vessel sir wed her to dep uent, and remarks 1 she hade curious kind cargo, and tho a. vuaer o; th mate wa< sir b as to ron?e ileponmt Im'.ieve that the vessel was g irg on x war ike voyage, thessld inxto told dep ieir that si me of the a'oresai i cannua w- re for 18 an 120 poiiml t n'1, and ihat the cannon on tw main deck wo.u for nino pour 1 ball -aliboe; dsuonent t *,?v lie utark -gl' up, u ? ue of the uaunon, and th - mato -aid 'hat was th . number . f the cannon. Ar.d this de;>ot;vu' further sai'.n ihat from all he kn ws and has be-n in' in-'., an t ha< observsvi, he believes t'.at the sail vessel the Mauiy has been built, and armi-d and oqa peed .as afiresaid hi the Ku.slan governmen'. or Its ag nts, t> ieused'f.r war purpme# against Gnat B.lialn, and he h eey to 0 . nis against he: an ! hor equlpnuut a .c -rJInfly J0HV N. CullVELI. -- n ?t Hie c iy o' Now York, Fee nd (ircult, th" l'ih dey ofOetoher, 1855 bviiue m? flis m r IV, m rion United Mates Uomnissione Ui'p, CMinlf nn4 Sftitr if AVio 1'orl ?Chaffie* 151 wards of the clly of New York, c -unaeUor at .s r, being .* rn. train th oatb ant sal'h, ho verity belt, v ?< ijj.. n-w v-.s-j Maury baa heeu built, equipped and loadei , y and for th" Hus'tsn gov mm en . to h?. used iu present war agaiust "ve v. - >< |. ar.d siil.jerta of Urea'. Itil'aii. ihat s j.sf. ? ceivvn-nt liellev-,s haa 'wen in the fay of Hus.ia gave him a full *xpU,iatl in of the hiih n?n:on U--mi? 1 he said ves.el w.ici tali s w th the a'atrmeut cunUiowl tn ihe affidavit of John V. Co nrii hereto annexed, except t ,u the expiaoaUon to :hn do fonenl was much moie inluute. AI?o Ihi-deponent u'a ' or-lfr m the iiers >n re%rr -d ti?. th*t i.h# MnJ tii? M%n,r whi?a < iita V ?? o .rt woud ship a new ;s*?( ah o,t eighty men, rut.he '*? employed At first m ..e cmarly ia a'teaJot vrg v, overhaul aotue n- ,e , w <t kn thetuuard (lirillsb Ve-.-h.,) and ta.e t -mi prire-, put artdiliesal ooel on h ird, aodg jn?, and th'-n . gi tn enqany; while tocre w.-re a ... >tl, veeaeli ' ,iilt I and fltt.d ut hy the HusaUn g ve-rment .imiiar t - t . ? Msary. who we-e rasdy to j ia I... ,'arer an I, with an u> iniateH.-s nari-.u ??A'n. Hii'l?h n >-se ?( ,.s In :he fa- em lun.l (here. t HAqt.Ud EtWAKIH ? bwoiii at the ei y of New Y. rk ,,4 <ir ,, .h . I lenth .ley uf Oc'oU" UiJ t-.ore o yy pj j., ,, City, fbunly >hkI SUUt of Htm Turk?Wlll'am D. Craft of N'sw York, First Lb '.iterant of Police, of 'bo Eleventh district of police for the city of Vow York, tug duly (.worn, doih depose and say That on '.ho St'i <1 vv of OcU-ber. Instant, he went on boa-il a new vessel oil1" 1 tie Usury, iuon lying at the foot of MfHilton street Vow York, and was shown over her. On her upper deck were slxeanuon, all mounted, and port holes for the gun and between decks were ten cannon, all mounted. AV 3, deponent saw a quantity of horse pistols in thocaMn. thero was coal on hoard; and depuent was informed that there were a number of (runt underneath the cMl. De ponent also discovered oozes between decks. The be tween decks were all cl ar fore and aft, with the exception of pumpwel) and chainbrz. She was painted white be tween decks with the exception of the lower aide of tto dotk beams, thay bring of ye'low pine. And this depo " b Out I "" ... sent also saitb that he was a ship carpenter by tra te, and from his observation of 'he particular build, furoi tore and apparel of the said Maury, he believes she is a vessel of war. YM. D. CRAFT. Sworn at the city of Vew York, See md Orcoit, the 10th day 0/ October, 1855, before me, 6, W. Mortov, M. Cir. no. vxn. Soctbkbv Disnucr of Nbw York. 1 U. F. Dot. ArroaNSY'8 Orrvz Oct. 10, 1855. J Sir:?I have prepared a libel against the ship or vc> sel tailed the "Maury," uoou the facts l?id before the gi ven inrnt by B. B. M, Envoy ar Washington. A verification of the pleading Is required to be made by some pasty officially recognited as >cprenentlng Her Bri taunic Majesty's government *t this port, lam, very rcaoec'fully, JOHN McKEW, U. 8. Dist. Atty. To Ciuaias Edwaiu*, Esq. NO. IX. CotTo.u IIotJBK, New York, 1 - y j ScrivzTOB'8 Okfics. Oct. 15, 1855. Sib:?T enclose report of di.trict of.loors wbi examine 1 be hark "Usury." pur scant to instructions. This b 1 k is new, and has not yet taken out her register?said *0 be owned by Low & Brothers, whose vessels a-o all, I believe, enraged in the China trade. . Very respectfully, yonr obedient servant, J. L. BENEDICT, I)y. Sr., for Surveyor. H. J. Bsdfuld, Esq., Collector. NO. X. To John Cochran*. Esq., 8uwoyor of the PortDear Fir?PursAat to iustruotlons, we have been on board the hark Maury, and find her laden on hor ground tier with coal, and naval stores above tbo coal. t-he was taking nn board, on Saturday last, the 13th, cases of goods, casks of hardware, sralos and beams, pickles, preserves and catsups. She has on her lower deck ten, and on her upper deck four canmn, all mounted. The duck c'eik say* she is loading for Shangh'ie, to go in the opium trade. Yours respertfully, JACOB Birrtu,, A. W. SlIADBfJLT, J ,wp^3t Js'kw Yokr, Oct. 15, 1856. Pootiikrn Dimmer or Nkw York, ) VJ. 8. Dim. Ait irnev's Orrun, Oct. 17, 1855 ) Fir?I have the hm>r to report, that acting on 'be communication from yon, ami af'er conaui'e'i'in with Mr. T'n relay and hi- legal edvi-or, 1 luxve ihis day tiled * 'ibel on the Adruiral'y e of the United H ates IHst it Court spiv nut. tlio vessel assuming to to called ilio 'da iry, under tlie third sec'ion of the Neutrality act of 20m April. U18. Wi'b high remcct, your obedient servant, JOHN McKKOS, U. 8. District A'tomey. Tr Hun. Caleb CvBUivO Attorney, U. 8. NO. XII. goiniiKRv liiHTRtfr o? Nkw York. ) V. f. Hist. Atturnsy's Opikt, Oct, 17, 1855. f Die?1 tnkelhe liner'y to inquest ?hat y m will hir? the cargo of the Maury carefully examined, and commu nicate to me the result. It i< proper for me to state, that It la supposed that y< u will find muni 1 ns of *ar stowed under the l/iling of coal on board. Very respectfully, JOHN MoKJiON, V. k IMat. Attorney. To A. T. Him Yun, Kiq., U.N. Marshal, Southern I Hit. S.Y. I NO. 3 III. ' Fotnnaix DsJiwcr of N'bwYoek, 1 U. F. M/vhenai.'o Corn k New Tori. Oct. 11), I860. f To John Mch'aow, Esq., U. 8. Attorvby:?Hut?In reply to ynnr ronimunicatinn of the 17th Int., reqaottiag mo to hate the ca-go of the Maury cereiuily oxuouned iui 1 io|,< rt to jou the result, I beg leu re to Infirm you The*. 1 ascertained thcie are '.'60 teas of eoal in the run of raid vessel, 10 iron cannon between decks, lnnunted on wooden carriages, 4 ditto on deck, a number of boxes con taining muskets, not opened; a number of small uud side aims In tbe caldn, a l"t of "hot. and an assorted c trgo, lumber, Ac. Should it be deemed neeesss.ry lo havi t.ho emgo thoroughly overhauled ami til ? coal taken out, the ex;.?D>e atteuding such Utior wouldnot bo less than 815s) oi trx'tiO. Atraitiug your fuittier Instructions in the esse, I itn,a\n \<vr obcdienv servant, A. T. HILLYKR, II. 8. Marshal. New York, Oct. 18,1166. NO. XIV. To the ITon. John WcKhon, United Fie.tes Dist"let Atlor ney:?Fir?The baik Maury, owned in p&i t tv ths under signed, havirg been seir-'d by a process your otlic wo twgt.. uife.- ilie f.hewing uxpUua'ions. rlr. :? Thai the raid vessel vras bull' by Meutr*. Roosevelt, Joy re A Co., of this ciLy, under a cotit'aet n the month 'dAir'l l.i i, a:(er the. model of 'he but i'enguio. that she was designed for the Chloa trade; that there is nothing peco'lsr in her construction ncarf from the rig, which war adopted with particular t? economy in mm; that In punuuuce ol the Original inlcnllou siie ess sdvcrtlsvd 'oe.e 'bice seeks since for Shanghai, si. co when -behur tutu iteclv'ug fivigh for port; tiki ile b. son board, fioui Musts. IV-gg At Brothers, LOO t iisof'iai, a iiuani'tr of naval stores nfln va; lefy of Mp c'sedlcy. tor their Souse In Chine, with a fifio oil i r ucrcrai freight., wi'h which she is i jpo ited t > siil I the r. ming week, under tte command of Captain Kie'fl er. f v ihe pot t atmvc named. W? further doclsie t-at. in addition t- tlio ordinary anntuiont of a ves sel of lit r da's she hat hat two deck guns, supposed to be i.rcc. aiy In consequence of the mores -e >n tha niio-ber at ; botes cn lb const .( (MM! tl otbei guzik, shot, k ? <>n hoard, as par were purrhsfed under an ord. r from on t gun ' et Usnt n, sod pe. Usury "o frvMii that said vessel has fmr ; pare spa. a, on ? f r> e;. r hi' toast, or a f.'reloo giUmi ^aid. i no main i - . c es'f t.noni end ?x'r* studding -US.ns out 'Ii bercifw wlh eot el t of but twelve or f in ?! .r. tl.-' Pill T. They to >he:?c.o'? ilwdsre that tl ' vc ?r ?>. name of Mauiy in the sa..|ith ? Hay last..1 ' n ? a msn of whom' ur eo.iatry lu> ? ? ?>i. 8 n ?? pr lid but 'o Is " Op"B to I " n.| .' n . i . ? vIMin ate ka< 4 as si a ark )" Na"nv' i igpi n Tt c rodafigrct |b'vr '"r?' tu i* ? e to lbs ?? ifscti.p .f.ii. 1'ci.kra..,!, wh"? t' v I ? .'ill under tl.c haigr P I e I rfte> r4aIrS tlsrs'isl, lilt* ths ill-pal' .?? mute %r-' tu? v* are f. .c; tin she has n<. gun? ins Ii is ol wnr mi.f. r h ' a' usking only that M?a ST|?? ? |S which t cj may h'thus sub -'et rhatl he b -rae by ths < .Id ("-'Ds ii w'lCP eud outy whr p, tbe I'a'ctr.crits i,poii the vcael r ?r h". n so unjustly selrcd, a?e ful y dl'proveo. 1 inc.i y they darUtt that the Ru?*i*n have no con nection wh?)?var wiih the en'eipilre in qu* ti-.n, A. A. I.?t W, of ?he titm of A A l/'W <1 Rr j her*. On l.el, hi? 10 gone, 02 boxer o* shot. Hwoin t hcl oe ine, this 18lh dijf uf Oct., 187". Uri. F. I'.kits, V. 8. t'otnis toner. I hcreT.y swear tit tl 1 am c ?'ilutr.t nf the foots mep tiooed In the icregoln^ sta'ement. and that they are tru*. NATff II. >'A Mtit. ?uorp to before toe, 1hi? 18th day of Oct , Oei, F. Bkitm, 1". F. C.tmnisrl'iner, NO. XV. In (he rani ii <?{ the Vuury.?I ear Sir?Ki um theexpl not tions msile in .li> ca n by Messrs. A. A. t /W k RrotliSrr trdercath. and your own very pr..|s.- suggm'tins 1 dettii ft rcf neklc 'hit y u nh mid b" '-ft .'n'lrely tree confessing Ihs*, al hough stttemeotr to me w- .-u very >ln rg, it would liv ho* (air to vaidu the .vners to '? hit"' Ihe lloel. I rcu.aiu, dtar ?i , yours, n'wuys, vary re s) ectfnlly, CHaRLKS U VftdlA-'. To John McKns. F-ej., IT. u. Disfrlct Attorney. New York, it), 1875, no. xn. Scran? Difrnni or Nkw Y u \ ) D. H. InsT. ATI. njilT's Ornr;-. i Tt. 19, 1H55. i Fih?Since filing the li'-ol against tbi hu'k Mru y, reported to y <u on'he 17ib tnrf., 1 n?ve been at'en !<: 1 by one of the flips of A. A. ts.w A' Bro'h?r? 'h ? owaert of tbe Maury, who furnished me au oi 'ginal statement, wWcU 1 entb'i.e. Charles Edwsrds, Km)., war jre-ent rvhon the r x ol an a ti-rns wrie mad", and has a idressed to me * le for, of which 1 transmit a c py. Upon a full view of all the ilr cumstances, I derm e.f I' right to or.ler a dl'diargc if the vesiel, and t-i a'lt y or concurrcn ?- In dbimU-tag tho libel I have tho honor to tematn, sir. ynnr oha li'Dt reivsnt, JOHN Mi'KBON, U. 4. Idst. A'l'y. To Hon. CaL?.ri Ci sutvii, Attorney (icneral II. S. NO. XVII. AticR it r.uxTUL'e Orrux, Oct. 10, 1855. Fin?1 have tbe honor lo tnclo e herewith cor. y of a le'.ter this day ruceivrd from Mr. Mche-.n, Attorney .if the I nitcd 8 a'ai for Fonthorn New York, reporting the institution of process rgtlns' the vessel o tiled ' Miury." as to which c.>mp!?.iot ita- been made by 'he Driti h Minister, alli-gii g Utui ?ai i vessel Is irmivl in violati in et law to cruiao ay.inat a nsutral I'ower. I am, ery re?Lajti'ully. C, Cl'dtiJN'U. Hoi. Vs. L. Marcv, Fcc-etary of SU'e. NO. XVIII. AtTDRNKY ("'.NKKtl/S OfTint Olt. 'Ii, 1855. MR?I have 'e?'efve.i letler of the 19th int.. oop.mui.ica'log tbe rc-olt of inquiry r?*u Mng Uie bara Maury. Tbe a!-gati, o against that ve?ei vt< improbable u lis fane; but, let rmlned aa the Pievideot i? uo' t > stliTer s .y of the bell gereu rowers to trespass r-u 'he neulrel iigli*s of ibe I tilled Ftatea, It was daemed p-*opar to in ti s'lgs'e tliw c?.?, out of raspect lor tbe Bd'tsh Min ster, through wh"in ihe British (onsul at New V.*k pte.'erre 1 e irplaint in the p'ewilses. It la made manifest, by the documents whieh you tr#n*ifvt, that the snsplsiuna of the IMtiahO n ul, as to the character end destJr.a'ion of the Maury wire who ly err. nc> us; ard'ice to her owners and fr. ig'ile ^ r' qnuee that the nliel agnnst her he di<mis<.a1. I hiv# the honor to be. v?ry respectfully, r. t.i - illN'ii. Hon. John McKaov, Atty. of It. 8 , New York NO XIX. AnORNKV (.RNKILtl '8 OfTKX f)<*. 72, 185,8. Fir? 1 have the honor to oommunlcate to you tn. i's tory ? nd r??u t of the oroc.cdiags In !h ? v?e of tv ltaury. of New York. In con-cqnenc? of the Rritiah tfln!<'er's c?m iun>*. dun tc y?u. f tti" UUi lust lit, ml w'.i'ch >oi "efi re 1 to me TO the day of Its i-oeip!. |tli- IJ'h ) b l"f la-'.rui tions ?? re OB the same day. despatched hy'eleg aph to Mr. ItcKc n, AtU rney of the Dni eil Stales for the uitli e n dl-tilct af New York, and more detailed Instr ic'i ma by mail The next day, requea'.lng him 11 uake im ,i- d. i e ioi|iilrT c*i tl e subject rfthe M ury. t?, cou-u't rho-e >s with Mr. Bar Uy, tiie Bri'lsh G-n?u! ar N?w 5 ..-k aa I, if luDidevt protiatils ciu?e arpea ed, t> I stitute ln? j.rejer pr .ceas ajalnst her in th? Diatri ' Cunt. Tl ere iastruiifons were induced hy the u nermj.

monicaTed hy the Briiisb Mini te , cpioa uf wh>h acre trsnauii' ed by me to Mr. Ifr'ie m. T7ie docntrentr em'sted of? 1. An aflldavit hy Mr. Tt.r-'ay, settiag fbrfh t ia*. he beiiesei, and exp* "od to he at e to p.ovc. tha* rhe V.sory was bui ?, U'ded out and artae-l, wi'b int 'n* *o e vmpl'.t'd hy tho Wu*?(an at t.' crui* ag* tfce subjects of i.real Hrltair, an.' 'J ,i i e - <j d irw'y to bring forward hi* proof '.Lr'cOf. 2 An affidavit of one Cornell, pnrportiog to be a police offl?er in N,tr York, who professei to d-scrlbe 'he build, equipment, armament ?n 1 cargo of the Maury, and con cludes with express! >l. of relet tha' ?he wa-t b'tilt, armed an I equipped by the Rm.iau g jveruraen" for war pur pose* against (ireat Britain. X All affidavit of one Craft alro purporting to be a po Kcu officer in New York, who apeaks more guardedly, briefly dc cribee the vlaibki armament of the Mtu-v, re heariay as to her frleght, and expretses belief thit siio Ma \e?s#l of war. 4. Finally, the affidavll of Mr. Kdwurda, a eoonsellor ?t law la New York, understood ?o be counsellor the British Contii1, wbo fays that he verily believes that the Faury was built, equipped and leaded by and for the 1 UMoan governiDent, to lie used in the preavnt war rgniust the vee-als and Hubjocis of (J-eat Britain. Mr. Kdwarns then proceeds to state that a person who, he hnliev*f, has hoc" It the ;iay of the Ruatdan govern ment, gave him a full explanation of the armament and destination of the "Manry." He, Mr. Kd wards. ''gather e<! from the person referred to" that, the plan of the "Munry" was to attack and capture one of the Canard Biitisb mail steamers, arm the price, and, after being joii-ed by other vessels cf the same construction, built and titled i ut by the Russian government, to proceed to at'aek the 1 B insh possession a" in the Bast Indies The reproif ntatlons eoncernieg the "Maur/," which Mr. Edwardf thus adopted, were so grossly improbable on their Ace, and had so much the air of a contrivance to Impose on him, and through him, the British Consul, as to produce some heeita'ioniu my mind at to the proprie ty of insM>utlog process In the case: but the specific and posiiiye statements of Cornell and Craft, especially the torn #:, at to the build, tig armament and imputed c in tents of the vessel, seemed to me, on the whole, to justify and requite an examination of tno case, at the hazard of possible inconvenience to innooent parties. To mske such examination elfeotual, it wm necessary to bbel the "Manry," and place her in charge of the Mar shal 1 have now received from Mr. McKeon, report of the re sult of the investigation. it appears that the Maury was owned In part by Messrs. A. A. low & Brothers, who have afforded sa'ls Ihctory information as to her construction, character and destination. Tfaey make affidavit that she was built and equipped for trade with Chins, having, in addition to the oroiuary moment of vessels la that business, only two deck gum, deemed requisite on account of the increase of piracy lu the ?eas cf China. It further appears by these explanations, that the statements made as to tl e gun- and munitions of war and extra spars on hoard Uie Maury, were inaccurate, to use the mildest admissible expression; 'hat the surmise* u? to the illegality of ber eburoefor *M not subs tan tia'ed by proof; and that she Is lu fsot sdver l*ed for general affreightment, and receiving cargo destined for Sh in jhae Neither Mr. Barclay nor Mr. Edwa-da brought forward any evidence to contradict tlie-o la ;t.<; on the on'rary, Mr. towards has, in a letter addressed to Mr. McKnou, expi 11 fed his convlctioii of th" propriety of di 'missing the libel, which ill also recommended unreservedly by Mr. McKeon. Vnder these circuirsfarces, it affords me pleasure to enable yon to give a'turanre tha' t ho Canard mall srum ers may continue to enter and to loan our ports, without appiel enllon of lieing captured bv the Maury, an I con verted into Russian men-of-war for the prosecution of holstiitios In the Fast Indies. I annex copies of Mr. MoKenn's report; of the uiH Uvl's snbioltted liy p ii ties Interested In the M vury, or in her lading, and of the letter of Mr. Edwar is to Mr. MuKeou. 1 am, very respectfu ly, C. CL'dHINU. Hon. wm. U Marcy, Pecretary of State. NO- XX. Pocrtnmit or Nsav York, I lr. P. Dis. Antntan'sCvrtcK, Nsw Yoax, Nov. 20,1855. / Fir?I liave the i onor to encloie a copy of a l itter ro eelved fn in Hon. M. H. Onnnell. 1 tin not aware of any objection on our pa t, but atiil I dealro to have your l< nt to tho a pi lieation before 1 deliver the pipore refer red to in Mr. Giinnell's letter, Very respectfully, JOHN MoKEON, C. S. DM. Attorney, lion. Caiek CtshjnO, Attorney General, Ac. NO. XXI. To Jon.v A. fiKTKVS, Enq., Chairman of Committee of Chamber c f Commerce:? The bark Muuty was launched about the )vit ol Feptcmhcr; and at an ear); day therealter, the noder ??igred agreed with Fogg. Brothers, of this city, to take for tin ia to t> o j art ol EhanghM, in China. 2o0 tons of ccal, 1,<K OhbR of n.t'Tchandiae anil 70 to 80 one of rnea surement coed". The coals not being at once available, ten mounted gun* and thei p . merits, intended to have been sent by the N. I?. Ta mer, but not ready in aeason for btr, wete sent to ihe vchh< 1 to be placed in her bottom, and to serve us ballast til! the coal c >uM bo had. When 'hit was nut on board, the guns we c raised between decks ant! shortly afterwards the vessel was moved to her berth at pier 27 Vast Hirer. Having been publicly advertised by the undersigned for the port ol rTmnghac, in Uve daily pipe.a, the Maury was receiving freight at the place ab.ive named ou the 17th day of Cctober, at 2 to 3 o'el ck T. M., whon the U. 8. Deputy Marshal appeared on board, displaced the (aptrin, and ordered the hatches of the vessel to be eh fed. Captain Hetchcr immediately made hn wu to us shu' had taken place, and the wri'or repaired to the office of I 't.e Cidled . .ates List' let Attorney to ob aiu an explana iinn. He in ecu-1, and .appointed the MfnulQg morning fro an interview. At U A M. of Thursday, the I 18i"b, the wii'er sailed at his ofliee tith his partner, Mr. Lyman. and Mr. F gg, of the Urm above referred to, ticdirgtha* the vessel h'd beet, ?ciz*d ny res, on of lot'or tratifin k< V d against her by the Britisli Consul, as se to/Hi in the accompany lag depos tlon, the f dlosinga'aie n cut was di iwn cpaod sworn to. [de> No 14.] This the District Attorney said he WtuM i.Twavil to Wirhii.gton In the noeuiitimo no was wiLing to release the vcoel on our giving bail, which tto th mght it bast not 'o do. From fie Mslrict AUo-noy, tho wri'Ar w?ut to Mr., msde the evplon-.ti;i,s which h*d l-ecu given to 'he former, ifcewid tho order nnder which the guos had I eni puTthaerd, and iet|uestcd a withdrawal of'hls com plaint (.guujrt the bark . Mr. Barclir *?. not willing to art without first seeing Mr hd wards, h s oouutel, and a p?'ty in Ihe emphTil. 'When cu'led upon a -eco'id tint, 41.' *( I'einen-. nivde to the iistriCt Attorney was nad Lim, but he was still unwilling to a:t wi bout Mi. kdwuids. < it the f Hewing <'?y about foity-eight lnuri after ihe Wtt 1 *?.? weired Mr. FA wards called at th" Di<tri:. At t- rn j's ofliee, withdrew th" complaint, and (he libel was lifted wllh? tit any charge to the cwoers of tho M t iry. It Is due to the District A'tornoy to ota'.o, that in tl meantime the vessel was alio veil to re -cive cargo uude. the tuivsil snce ot two of the Marshal's men. fin Monday. tho l.d, Mr. Barclay called *t the office of (he subscribe s. mil expressed his regret the* he h'd oc Cltikn<d us so tn'tch trouble; and was told that the leas' ' e ronld do wa publicly to ackn"w.e-1g.i the error In'o whiih h< had been ho'isyed. and to say ih it the vessel had teen ?r'/.dln Ignore Dee of be' owoet ship. A pa aprsph fri.m the Boston Daily ArlheiHaer w. sbi wo Mr. Barclay, as ?n evid"Dee of '.ha exaggerate t shsracter tbo report of 'hevesseV selrure was aa-uu ng m other places. On Wednesday, the 24th, ti e following arpetred in the Nsw York Umald:? Mlm presenUtior* on Ihe above ru'.iec* taring been pnb Ii-h? d Id vor ous newsp*| ers- amonc others 'ha' mti it lons <>. war were louiul on hand, 1 secreted uudira queoUtv of ool tori"?1 desire 10 di'abuse the mind of the noMicol' lhat lm I icrslon, by s'atUu- that tit< h was not the case n.d my endeavors, m?d? before inform iMou was formally lodged, to ascertain 'br owners of tho sMo Vaurv, aueeee led the explensdons which that reapecuble lirm. Mesais A. A. l.ow .? Brothers, care afier the P' el was tiled sroul'l have been rough' t y me Slid no don >t would have been given bo f re, and the course which was adorned would no' have hero re-oned to. A BABCLaY, II. B M U Consul. New Yor.x, October 2.1, )bf8. 'lite iiDderslgned beg to say thai it hod been publicly arnei't red in New York paper* again und again that 'he vs.-e' was bulldlrg fur tliem; she win publicly adve, lied in tbcL' name; lnsmance had be?n kmc upon he to n laige amount in Wall street; the deponents C'uruell slid Oat' ?ie wi II known loihe builders, arc a<;cus'"rac t" be in'heir yard aim est dsily, and It is Impossible U icstst Ihe e. invir'von, that, to them at Watt it was known for whom she was prepating for sea. They respectfully aik, then, if the evidence upon which the complaint is founded should be wslghM aga'nst ttu rhorse'er and stinriing or iwspectable ml res)?nsib!e men, if it was of a nature to warrant so extreme ,i me* sure without the m .s' rigid lnij-iiry 'n a prup'r direct! in, and, wt?n shown to be utter'y woithlesa, whoth-r the apol'gy of Mr. lev relay was ot that prompt aid . nil" thai ne'e which one honorable man should de tgh' 'i make to another whoso icputa'i ot be has tiowi'ti "fr unjuatly wiled In question.' A. A. !,')W fc BR'ITBRUA, B? A. A. Low. NO. XXII. City ani> CiMntuaf Atw i' d.n N Cornell, Kill of the Eleventh district of this city, aclii.g a< [Wkmsvter, b. log duly aworn, do'lt do poo andaay:? Ti at in bep'f muer last lie was applied to by t'e person a'ting as mate of the three inssted aehtr ntr or ?hl,> Maury, then launched about one week from tbesltLi ya'd of Rioeevelt, Jolre k Co , to give ?aid vc-sel a ber'h at the frot of ef?nton s'reet. Last rlvor. That tbii depo nent gave sal 1 vessel a berth, and was <n the habit of sec log bar every day whilst she lay at that horlh. Thi *? ponent further 'ays, hi< particular altnntion waa ca.let t (aid ve,sel by some carmen tilling him that they bit seen cannon g< Ing un tmard. and asked this deponent if he knew wh"t B meant. dep nen? was 'hen t'iviv 1 by 'lie mate to go on hoard, which b? did, ami w,.< shown l y the -aid mate several cannon In the hold, a".! a tne small aims In the cab'n, nod said mate a' th* scute 'lai? remarked t<> mecduiLica working on b.>arii, he so|t posed theie wus a veisol of war waiting outside for .t and here was an oilicor on beard (.ithi ling to this depo nent) teadyto take po*s'a. of tlie vesvet. And this deponent luither say*, that in reply to an inquiry crude of the laid mate, be said he had shipped on It'..rd the Maury to go to the China seas, but tb it he had a fim ??.' queer esigo to go there. IPiB And this depunen'T fti>m, at d . u wb i' he had seen, had his suspieions etri el 0 at ,,i| w as n 't right, snd so sta'ed in general conversitloa la his family, sod ia the pre*' lice if lils sou, J.diu T Cd.rne I. a law student or clerk in the law nfltce < i Hurls* Kd?ard?, Esq., attorney at law, So U Tin - street, this *|*y A few dsy? after this oouversa''on iu the f?' illy of th.s de noncnV his s n told this deponent th vt hi* e uployer, \1.-. f lsards, would like to "S Wm and one or twod?yi tbiret'.lier he repaired to the office of sold F war 't, and In reply to his luqnlrie*. an i st his refund, n trrittl the alxre. cir rum stances; the aaid lid.aris at the same time tatting this deponent tha' some peraoti, a *1 "User m hint, trn 1 made to blm similar state man te. And 'his d ? ponent further says, that ssid Edvsids sUte*i 'hit ?hs j etsun who h??l been his informant told bi ? that I*. w is de lgn*d to fit out the Maury a? a Kus. i n p i?aiise- |.,r lie purpiose of cspt'irtng or.e of the Canard'sh ? 'earners, and asked ?hl? oenouopt to nuke an affld vii .,f wbst b* hvd seen and b' srd i f this vessel and all o'her psi'lctilars relating t< her, or bur equipment;'itt Ihi. deponent ahould flrst ge' ?ome p*:,on who wis bat. ter acqualn'od with vessels, site to go on ta.vrd end si e what he Cs.uM, M eomhative paitl Jiarly wh> thor the vrs-ei 1 k?it 'Ike a vessel of war. At dtbia dej' nent furiher say., it,,; axiq y ;wards lorn tbt* If lie (this <lep"i)*nt) , mid be the rno ns ,f .!<?. teeifug tkis movement, snd ltsh'uli turn nc tip the vessel was baiog tltte<! out Ibr such a purpjse Mini thi< eeporeut woiJd reoeiv. a ls ge reward. Thit deponent hen returned to th' stailm liuiiss. sal infome-l lieo 'ens i*t t raft ot the dream tanoea k no sing that Mid I raft hsd b.-*n a ship -arieuter by pre'-. .|.? ,n.i was a J in ge i f vt seel*. raid Ost "i.sanied to go ou I. ard and oof at the Msn-y, ecu did f. ?.n I art] an i ic.. ? * further .ays, that he srd l-id Cr-ifl, h few days afterwards, want down to th* .?ee of said Charles Edwards, at whose request both this deponent ard Craft want to the office ofibe Unltal Mates I (strict Attorney to make oath to tha affidavit in tlo jiromuas, which had been previously drawn np by said Edward* In his own office. And this depunem fur tber says, that at tha office ..r tha Di.trlct Attorney ha w&* presented t ? Jjhn Mefveon, Eiq., to wboni be stated tha wboie matter and who. after raiding this deponent's affidavit, stated that it waa very suspicious, and that be tl>ought there waa enough to raize the yes-el and in feimed this deponent that if there could be runiclent evi denee obtained to seize the veaqel, that this deponent "would make a good thing of it." And this deponent further says, that about one or two weeks i fter tLis, hit si n, J< lin J\, informed him that the owners, Messrs. lew, had explained every'hiug -ntl-fac tcrily to Mr. Edwards, and that the Maury had boon allowed to rail. JOHN tf. OmNELL "worn before me, this 23d November, 1855, Wood, Mayor. William I>. Craft, Lieutenant ef the Eleventh dlitriot polloe, being duly sworn, deposes and says, that he Is the person alluded lo in the deposition above made br John tf. Cornell, and that the said deposition Is true, of his own knowledge, so far as it refers to this deponent going ? n board of the Usury at his request, aud making an alfl ' J , H ??c* of Mr. Charles Edwards, at the reuiost of said Fdwaids. And this ccponent further says, that bis suspicions were somewhat ex .1 ted aa to the character ? f the Msu-y from her model, her rig, the armament ou board, and the general rumor aa to Russian privateers. ? . WII.MAW D. CRA?T. . w orp io this 23d X ovember, 1855, before ine. Em; va.mxi Wood, Mayor. Alter the rearing of the report and resolutions, Mr. Aabo.v C. Piutus moved their adoption, which be ing seconded, Mr. J. A. Stevk-nb moved that before final action was had, an expression of opinion would take place from the Kerch*nth in attendance. Ihe Cbaiumax stated that there were persons lu tha room who were aware how the reports got to Mr. Ed wards, and the manner In which the absurd reports in relation to the bark Maury got abroad. Mr. Habhtov expressed his concurrence In the main with the report and resolution ; they should bo heir lily seconded ami endorsed by the mercantile community. Mr. .Hnw? sold that in jnstice to the committee ho should ?dd nf w remarks. The report he eonceivel to be a succinct statement of the facts and do u ments inthe case; the committee ceeateil it iluo to the respectable iirm whose fair lamo was thus wantonly m railid, and iluo to the tneicbanta of New York, that this i Aplniatory document should sen light. Ho .Mr. Stafeu,) van astonished that such extreme measures ?hon!u lie taken by (he Biiti h consul, and on such u slight pretext Is ik at the ah uidity of the ro|s.rtl How was a throe ma-ied schooner to tike a Canard steamer? Whv the latter could run tho former down, or steam away from her whenever she pleat,ad; and then, to gl.e croden-o t > lie additional absurdity tf supposing that after the stcsinw was laken, she was to go to the East Indies ami impel 11 the British poser then). Truly, the bark Maury wass noted vessel and would yet "come as celebrated as Hat ? lung, low, blick schooner" was whir, appourunoe in our waters created so great a sensation some time uj > Mr. Mevcus was not disposed to blame the Attorney iie nei. l Mr. lalob Curbing. That tunctionvry hit but iLanifi s ed a very proper real in tlie performance of his duties. As soon as the information came to him he u-? 1 Ihe telegraph, the 1 istiict. Attorney, the Custom House and tko waiters to arceuin the facta, and he I aoted in accoidance with the best light ho had. of 'll.k lHI n ti,u*en"' %>0'1 '""i g'owa out I ? i 1 , flurry; for wftn the news went *eut abroid among the Ri>g)i*h m^rcnaatn couch InforQMt was manifested, and they raw how great a stake they had in toe muintcnabie of good deling between the trior, chants oi this country and themselves. This difficulty ha- alr.c gi.en our lueichanis au opportunity to show great good fo-.ling, and ihe ties tbnt bind this country to log and areuri 1 will not be .severed but ce annuel by this Kttie mlaunrer standing. Am) why should there not be g.iod leehi.g I itar people a?e of common origin and language with the people ef England, their litera un ii ourl 'cta'uie, and their interests and ours sreideuti ? *bat Engh.-Jimau hot fe ds a satisfaction when j ear Ire our achievements, and what American woman , ' JP ,,or <bof,'1 01 ber .*? whose dceils were so noble dieiy mea ln ali^wut lnp the suffering of the sol Mr. Ti?>y Hi kr thought Mr. Barclay, tho British Con Mil. should havo known belter than to act as he did with the inrnlliciont informstlon be bad before him. The rese.ut'.on condemning his action wiv in his opiuioa, not strong enough. ' The Chaibka.n staled, for the information of the gan tlimao, that the enmmhtee hvl much mure condemni li ty retoln urns before them; but, af'or mature cKcus tLoKe juat ;ea*l, (kerning thorn amjtljr suf Mr. Eabsto.v thought the facts ai related were enoi-h and the lesotutiuns just .announced Jost what tucy Mr. Dim was still of opinion that the ooi, mittee wookI have done better to have mportcd a resolution re f.ectirg still more on the iourse of the Consul, and ho miiTi i th?Mtau-t hi relerred hick lo the e imnitlce *i'ii JhwOP^Rn;, subsequcn'Iy withdrawn. Air. Jap. Ijw-uted thil some of the misunderstand .ngs m iy hsve o> fgmateil f <>ui the fact* that the o,*ncrs cf the bark Mamy tod hevlng taki ti out hor regi ter uu 11 the day abe sailed: but, as merchant t in tha builmrs wel answ, that coarie was quite common au] pot suspicious. Mi em II Cmwici I eaiil one imint bod not been touch ed upun; and was not perhaps understood. Mr. Barelny ?va tardy with hii explanation in ii.e IlEe iin, and whe i mac e It smoun'ei to no explanation at all. Jt was pub h.hfd in In I Oi o ysper, nnd that, too, on the dny w <en t! es-esm-r tailed from Foatou. v.hea it w:i- imeismbU to send it. Aldiough an ar luainunre end pers ma* Hend of Mr. Barclay, 1 must, said Mr. liiiunell con demn Ihe eou'se be has take n. When "e wished to wi-h d)?w bis charges, he shouM hive dme so at one- and 'hen five tlem the widest pnbiieliy. ? ^5 it-fort tid re-olutlou we.o inen passed nnaniioous fy, iiftcr which he chatr.her adjournal). Bonrri of Comity Caiiva?Mix. TIIIBTMKNTU DAY. The Board t f Canvassers re-a??nnhle l yestarday, at 11 A. M., tlie I resident in the chair, and twelve Supe visors present. Fupervisor Fncntf, of the WeTcnth ward, ?uhmlttml the corrections of 'he Inspectors of the different diatrii-U of his ward, previously rrfi rrcd fo. revlaal. The same were pancd upon approvingly, and the vot-s ordered to oe icci iriid hi eccoidanci with the corrections. Supervisor Crbistik of the Sixteenth ward, then read the ictaroHcf his ward. The <>o)v diMcrepaocr in the two returns was In the Seventh dis'ri :t, where a itiTcren-e or one bundled Totes appeared in the aggregate votei tor Coroners. The smr.e was sent hack to the Inspec'ors for cor nctlon. b'ujHivl.-c.r bt.v, nl the Seventeenth ward, next read the retoios of hl-i waul; hut twj i.iscrepaoc os ajiurara] infLceniire returns, one in the Fourth distri :t of "0 Totes for f'odge for Cofmiii-donn omepnir* and Sut pl!r< s. d one in the I igbth district of St votes for O'Kee' - f.,' Juriheot the Marine Court. The two returns were r . hu reil to the Inspectors f ir correction. In the Seventh ii.-trtct. to the vote for Assemblyman, thelnepectoi ? had I i lixcd a statement that they were not certain of the correctness of the result. Tl.e vote reeordeil showed a leium of 61'.' votes lor Ward, anil .12 for William- After ?cue debute the return was ordered to be ant back to the In lectors to we if they could deicrmlue upon mo.e ci its in insults. r Supervisor Lord toen lend the returns of the ' i tnct oi the Kigbtcnth ^ord, aod there w*b no va:1 alien. At a quarter lo tt o'clock the Poaril adjourned tilt o'clock this morning. Theatrical* and Kxhlbltlon*. Buoj>nwAYTHi:?rpr.?Toe greatly tc'mired piny of '-Tho Stranger" will lie produced to-night, for the first tlin? thin season. Mr*. Julia Bean Hayne per.onii'.e<< the part ot Hi*. Hsller. ami Mr. Flihirtut or the miuint r ipic.rl bo'tand. The concluding piece U the U to of "My Neighbor's t\lfe." N.wo's.?The entertaining ballet and pantomimic p> i duc'loti* of the Ravel Family, assisted by the n- w a'i>.l lisiisr, M'llo Robeit and other c'..g?n'. dincere are nightly sinning admiration f< om Urge oodl ntea at this lavoii'.e hi use " Robert and H-rtrand," "Kat?y"and alii it* repeated this evening, tb ?m TnKAtRF.?Mr. R. Johniton present* a r- ry attractive bill tor hia benefit to night. The ixde-M ma ore ' Henry IV." and "I'utoam." Mr. Jobaaton play* VaUtaff for the flrat vim? Mr. and Mr*. Ward will per 1. rm, and, li. addition, Messrs. C mrad, Clarke an 1 Col I'na will mat* their Hist nppraranc#. Tikton'b TnaAtBii.?The mneh admired comedy ol " r't.ll Water Run* Beep," with the anooeaafni new c >:n i itj of " Tlie lit'le Treiv-nre," will be performed thi c e airg Herat* cmhraoa (tie natnn* ot th ? est 1a In the con pony, In'dnllng '.he mtnag'-r bioi-elr. Wama'Vs ThiatRB?Brauwion' andFletcher's come dy of "Rules it il>' and lisve a Wife" will be rspevol this iTCBiBp, with ti e rame excellent cast m before. lh> after p ere io '? A loan of a l-o\er," wltr illao tie >rgl nn lfe<!?. ii in the aptijh'ly little pai t ot lieitrude. Wood's Mixeruxa?In the early pert of tho evening an nnnaual Variety of aongo. both critnioil and aenib mn tal, da urea, Jigs Ac., will be given. ' Ih ? Man juetad? Bell" clotca 'I e eniertainment*. lii t KtST'a <PEti> ?The aei io-cotnioo a(Ulr called "Vllllklna and hi- I *rah" cuitl men the leading fei'ure at Bed ley's. Ihe'r lover* are very well ren deiad by l.'i-n MUhn and lilahnp Buckley. Tiukh im-i FatbhtaimOKIB.?We ob-e-ve that, greet ptepaMtli n* hi" making by the manager* ot the diffe. en' theatre* and other placea at amusement, for the purpose ot alioiding tfcalr patn na a great variety of tich, rare and phasing novelties to-morrow af'ernoon and evening. It. MoartxisiB nft'era ? very attractive bill for hi* bourflt, a' the Academy of Music, to-motrow evening. The frtah Flltlinsfrrw?G'enernl Shield*, TU TUB EDITOR OP TIIK IfBKAI.P. 1(12 Nashac ft , Nov. 27, 1838. Tlie veiy Indiscreet per?>n? who are engaged In it ft ting Oponftper nn Irih filibuster ?X|iedliin, have lite'y gi ne beyond all bound* of propilety by n?lng In thl < rty and In I oalon the reapecia'ule name of rioneral Jamm ? b elli*, In connection with their folly. A* I have the hot.or to knew ti nt gent email's opinion of thl* aislr, aid a* it nut protect mine honest fell iw from being i 1.1 nl, 1 hrg you to ln?ert in your next, the folloeing unli nci" of a letter recently received from t.enrral N.lvld*. dated Oct. 29: ? ?? ll" (writer Oet.eral fhieldal "there la one man In Aimiiea who thmk* 1 am snth a fuel ?> to eonntenence utinli abfurdi'y, he may cheri?h that belief. ? ? ? ? * * If my t one be mentioned publi-iy in connexion with It, jou win do me the fhvor to c-ntradic It." Ihna parties having used the Oners!'* name, an I ? ver sapor ed that they expected hiapenrinnl e* tan canoe a* tle'r " t'onvntlfn," I fuel bound, lu Justice tu mr lisml. to??l your ir?ertion r.f those lice*. THOMA" Il'ARCY *'<3 EE. Proft-aaor LonglVllow'a Lm( Alleset Lltonu y Kkhl ,lCln Ht?wu3K 1 TO THE EDITOR* OK THE NATIONAL INT::LUOKNCgR. Fewofyourrt^ers. I Imagine. have evwr htardof. much les* read, the "Kalawnla," the great natiani anU of the Hnnr. fbe name of it* author , if nJcoiI libo the work of oue and nit of many,; ii altogether nn Inown. Aher floating ror ages amuug the people nam ing from moit h to moutli ond from generation to vene ration, like tbe Hind and Odyssey of Honor before the time of I'lsistratus, the liagmeoU of ihlt wonderful rum have at leorth Iron b-ought together, and mind before tbe world in a foi m almost complete. The latent version (that ol I)r. Lonnrot) appeared in tbe year 1840, and contains llity tongs, or runes, and twenty-two thousand seven hundred and ninety-three verse*. High praise is r.warded to Mr. Alexander Caatren for his excellent trio elation Into the Swedish Language, and tbe real that led bitn to mtkn extensive journeys through til Fin'ai d in order to take down tie original from the lips of those who re.i?ed It. as their custom is, by alternate chantlig, at their flresldos, during the long evenings ot u northern winter. A French transi tion by Leoopon Le I?uc was published in 1818. Another in German, made by Anton Hchtefner under the auspice* of Castien, to whom it was also dedicated, and printed at Feb-infors in the year 1812, is lying be'ore me. My object In wiitingtbt* present brief ndice U to call the attention of tLr ll.erary puulictothe astounding fact Dat rrifessor I.nngf-11 >w, to bis new piera "Hiawatha." has translencd the euiiie form, soli it, and many ef tike rooet stilling incident* .f the old Finnish epic to the North Auiei icau In linns. Thn resemblance is ao close 1hnt it cunnot be accidental, and yet lbe only approach to en acknowledgment ot the source of bl- inspiration ie found in tbe beginning of his flrst note, where he aavs " This Indian Edda. If I may stcall It." ' Compare, for (sample, the prelude of " Hiawatha" with the following exiract from that of th* '? Kalerala " done (trim the Germso translation) into English of the same metre, which i also that ot tbe original:? HIAWATHA. Should you ask me, wlienoo tbo-o stori-ie? Whence there legends and tradition*, With the odors of the forest, With the dew and damp of meadows, With the curling stroke of wigsa-n*, With the rushing of great livers, Wtlh their fie ;uout lepetitions And their wild i?verberali.n*, As of ttunder in the mountains F ?I should answer, 1 should tell you "From toe finest* and the prairies, From the git at lakes of the Northland, From tbe lean ot the ( jlb vays, From the ltnl of tbe Dauotabs, From the mou' tdu", moors, and feu-lands, Whcie the bor-in, the Shuh-shub-ga1!, Feeds nmong tbe reeds and rushes. I repeat them as I heard tliem From th? Hps of Natraduha, Tl.e niuiiciun, the swee" singer." Should you ask me whore Niwndaliu Found the sings, so wild und wayward, Found the. e legend- and tradition* F 1 should answer, 1 should tell y >tt, 1 In the birds' nests of the forest, In the lodges of I he bnaver, Id tho hoof print* of ihe bison. In the eyry "I tiie eiglol All the will fowl siin^ -hem to him, In the moorland-, i.nd ihe fen lands, hi the meluncboly marshes ; Cbat-o-wslk, tlie plover, sung them, Mshug, tho loon, th" wild goose, Wawa, The hie* heron the -huh shuh-irah. And thegmuse, the Mush-ko-daaa !" THE "KALKWALA." Tbfte 111* words we have received, Thrse tbe sot e* we do iohe-it, Are of Wiitnan-iiinen'* giulle, , From the forgo of Itraai men, Oi the sword of Kankouiioll, Of ihe bowr of Youkalinlnen. Of th* hordeis of the North-holds. Of the plains of Kalewala. These r y lithe1' sung afore time, As he chipped tbe hatchet's handle; There vet* taught nf- by toy in tber, As she twirled rcr Hying spindleo; When F ?n the flour was sporting, Round her kuce war gaily dancing, As a pitiable wealliug. As a weakling small of a* at are: Never failed the-e wrdi-n* stoiies, Told oi Sentpo, told of L >ubi: Old gtew S* -<tpo In the stories; l.iiiihi vanibhiv with her utsgic; In tbe song" Wiuni-n iiorlshed; In the pity died 1/ mtnlnkaincn. There ere many oilier stories, Mugic sayingi. which 1 learned, Wlii-h I gathered by llie wayside, Cnticd amid the he-ther-ol jssums, Fitted front the bushy c -pses; Front the lien- ing twigs I pluaked them, 1 luckid them from th* tender grans**. When ? shepherd boy 1 sauntered, As a lad upon the pas; arc*. On the honey heating meadows, On th* gold-Illumined hillock, Following bUcu Auurikki At the side of i po te I K1 aims, ih.ngs the ie>y col dues* gave me Music found 1 in tho rain-drops: Other tongs the wind* h ' -ngh to mo, Giber (orgs, th* ocisn-hillows; Iltids, by singing in Ui?breaches. And lie tru-tip >;*ke in whispers. Ae u fn'i erd i ail- d comparison el th two poems vaiiLot he here gi. n, a simpi* outline of the Kalewaln'e plot must ior .he piesuot *ulflc*. the liero of th" u| 1c I- Winn.iuiiiii en, a myth 'logical pcimnsg , son of t. e i'n..gtrer of the At;-, who let himself i own from heaven into the ?ea, and was tiiere wooei by tl>e htorm-Wind. Alter n aming tnro-igh the ? iters for unnumta rrd age- heat length reaches the lini and begins I is caret rasa bear'actor of mankind* Then follow* a esciiption ol Li* mini s ?n-1 ii-Ucnti.-c i, extending through forty.nine rutin. When st last hi- mission up in mrth i? sew inpli-hed, the aged WalukmdhiCn enters hie fof pfr-b-und skiff lake- lcnvecl the people ID the shore, snd salts srny far rver the blue sea toward he distant t ottr it, until the baroue i* ,wb hanging la the cloud* t.etnorr mrth and loaves. bo he depa ted; and ao de partid 1 iawmiia In the German it read* thai: Itibr c?r site Wk'namoineo, Nit Sege luutero llausohcn, Auf dint kupleir?i*hen Ihoto. Auf derr ertbescblafm n Narhen, '/u den hrihern I un-le -trec'.en, Zu den t hdern Hiinmelsruum'-n. Melb mlt olm m Reit dort hsfmn, Met dim Nachen d .rteu stchen, Hech xuiiick lies* ev di? ilv-fe, I lets das srhfice bplel in Si.omi, Zu lies volkee tw'gor Fretn'e, Fchuni n Sing dsn Su- iidkindern. < ecire to ksrtj m'ire of the Kalewala," I would, refer to the 'art edition of the ' Conversatiin's lexicon." A fsitbtul anl splrifod trtn-la'h n w-nld be an ncipirith n to our literature. No living Vnglish p->"t is better fitted to mate such a one than tho author ol ills trail,a. Hid he done this at flrst, I to-1 conddent he would have aobieved more real fern*; for the Indian otic ie only an Imllsti' n, not a creation. T. C. P. Pknm vivaria, Nov. 21, 1858. Coroner*' Inqucafa. The Ijte )' 'Ti;. cnoonxo Care ii> Kmr-.sjrru "rnmn ? Cuntier tiHinl l' held an Inquest, jentoidty nt tin Nine teenth w-rd police station house, upon tti- tgidy of Mr. /.flilx 1 IK Crate, tbc gentleman who wa* iV.nily ah it on l; (nday an. inoon, or. the premise* of tie ->c,' Mad Avenue railrrad Hotel, kept by Ihllllp A. Mo*. The evident* Ltfoie the jury wtnt to show that tl.e Amity Guard pro ceeded i d Monday to the premise* above nanad for tar {et exercise Air." ("rune, the de emed b"t-.g ona of the nviud guest*. The guard had flnlahcd their nereiaa or rly in the afternoon, and while at dinner aom* boyi who had loliowe 1 fhent from the rlty undertook to ahow their skill by tlilog at the target, bat previously had re mrved a portion of the ba'tery from behind the tar get lor the purpore of extracting the lea-'en ball* which had missed the tmget and lodge! In it. The removal of rone of 'he hoards of thia battery left * bote thucgh any bull fired at the 'a get, bat mlaalng it, would la. Ilk. lj to | ar* through. Thia was the ease in the prevent loatance Mr. Crane had left the dining room ard waa facing b?bind the ba'tery toward* an oaf house when a brill, ft. e! at the tat ret by Michael Geary, ore of the boya, mixed I-, and passing th ough the open In tl.e battery, struck the deceased In the left tide of the reek and Instantly killed him. The bat'ery waaem stiucttil tiy the keeper of the hotel, bat ao careleealy that the beard*, width partly componel It could eaaily be displaced. Gemy on tlndlog the' he had shot Mr. Crane, immediately give htmtolf an, and three othe. boya were aireated one held to await the r.*aul. of the inqnieilioa. I f. M'eltje. of 70 Krankitn *tne", mule an examination i f the h- dy. and after re eriblng the wound, to'd It. to be the cause of death The jury then after * abort delib f ration, tendered the f .towing vesdtct-.?"That decease! to hi* dsa'h liy a gun mo' wound, sh >t from a mus ket in the hands ot Michael Geary. Wo exculpate the t: id t.eary ttoin 1> ucie. lint rename Philip H. Khvaa for t'law'tgthc rni'e-y to ntualu in an un a'o cindttlon ami w e would call th' stte-tion of the proper authorities to the unrafe condition of m vri al of tlie-e irsllrrses in the EJ per jartofll c ri y, ?nd suggest th?t toey be diacon tit urd ultigethei." '<n the renditl >n of the verdict, f.rary and the other we-e dleohnrgad. The de crated wh? a rutin of Mew Yor%, 23 year, of aga. The tin oner will require Mr. Kloa to g s nail for his appear (t ee to answer any Indictm-nt th- Uiand J iry may dad i f: a ir st him. To* 1 jit Daowxro Cxim iv TnnrnccvTir ffiwr.?C< - mi er Wiibe'm held an inqtie-t yesterday, at No. 347 l est lhirteerdh rtiect, upon the 1> ?iy rf 1'- mart Ir plehelnter, a lu.y abunt live year- of age who was dri.wridio M.. day sfternaon, by fallngio'o a hump i pi i.slte So. Si ft lu the iatna a'reet The d?ceaaa<f waa sitt? eg upon the 1> *of tbt tcamp watching u p-oceaslon if soldier* pasa. and a portion of'he b z civer hariig b?*n torn off and c.iriied away, he fall int the%*MP ana w?'er and was dn wned before he c' uld be extri cated. Tlte jury render* d a vetdlrt of accidental death Ihk I Aib A'CtiE.v M i bu.vt or Wwiiji-HH TsriTaz ? f'omerr Gambia b Id no Inquest yesteidsyat No. Ill Woeetev >tro?t.. upon the body of Mr. VT lace T. Vauffhwn, who wat kll el <n Mi u.'ay evening by being atruck upon tie head by 'h< flsgs aT of Wulltck'a theatre, whi'h wa* blown dow n i.y tbe wild. The sled strock aim withiao touch force that it litsrallr cm-bed tl * skull and preeaed hi* rap Into the hi Bin. Toe jury rendered a verdict ol accidental ucath The deceased was a native of thia dty twenty-one yea s of age. and ha* h ft a young Vlh to whom ho had t?a married only one year, and hi* loan fall* peculiarly hiavv npon her. Marine Afklra. Orvirn or n? nn Ijs* ??nun Tow Boan I Mt Yona, Nov u7. ISftft. ( TO TP* miTGR or TfIR flKRALb. I notije in this n.? rnleg'a Hroatb an extract fron tha AlbsL-v A'tv of Nosemler tb, stgling iti*- the atean It g C?r msrae wa? aehoie at M#tno fwtnh the atean trg (en o.erce arilred a' Albany ye?'*ed?y with a taw, ? id ha* rid lw >ik"'r a' Mar too I'oint. In niaolog ^con.cti.n.youwiUob^^^^^