Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 28, 1855, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 28, 1855 Page 3
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The Entor* <IuM?re, OUIt SPECIAL COEHEarONDKNO*. Cm l*LA;n>, Lono Islam* Koum>, Njv. tT, 1?66. Sine? writing my last letter, itime *1 litlunal fiicls have oome to my knowledge respecting the fete of the crew of the Ul-teted schooner Kudora. Tuts morning, Copt. Ar nold, of Eeep Hirer, Conn., s pert owner of the vessel, an 1 brother-in-law o( Capt. I'tlntr, arrived here In company with two other interested parties. Ae sjob as practi cable, they proceeded to tbe sunken wreck in a row bos', manned by klr. Ralfo and others. After a tlrosoma search, a pillow covered with blood was hauled to the surface of tbe water. A bed was also fished up, but It bore no marks of gore. A light horse pistol war also brought up from the osbin, but wUeu near the surface of the water it fell off the book, and, sinking t > the bottom of tbe bold, disappeared from view All efforts to grapple the bo-lb-s which, it Is sup posed, remain in the cabin, were ineffectual, although the boatmen say they touched and struck what tboy believed to be tbe forms of Inanimate men. The party -ben lef the spot and came a-huie, somewhat disheart ened with the day'* labor. Captain Ari old and his companions 'lion departed fir Whie l'lalns, there to enter a rote.,t In rotation to th? cargo on Is aid the Endure. They ps.i t a visit to tho priion where Ihe negro is confine 1, so as to be satisfied of his security agsinst escape.' They then piooecdcd to Hutli<?le in order to ruakesorai arrangemtuu-wiiii a wie-kiii'-aim to have the schooner raised inuno lately. It is their intent! >n to got the der riek to wo k te-inorroir morning so as t> remove ih> ?doubt that still iiangs around the 'a n of Captain Palmar and the crew. It is antlclpa'ed, tbsrefire, that before sundown tn nv,rr 'w tne worst wid ho lerrno 1 regarding thi* horrid and mysterious case. ?Since Cspt. Arnold's arrival here it has he?n asc ir tained that there wei e but three per# ns ilnei iding the negro cook) on Is ard of the Eudora when she elearel fur New Haven. Captain l'almer w is a quarter owner of the Kudoia; the other shares were ownwl by Captain Arnold A Co. there is no insurance up n the vessel, and it is not positively known whether there was any on the car go or not. The negro, Wilson, was hired In New York by Captain Arnold, who had sailed the schooner previous to Captoin Palmer's taking command. Captain Arnold h it no doubt whatever of vhe nohappy fate of his relative. H? says that the Eudoia never leaked, on I us there was no plug hole in her bottom it would be iinwoaslble fur bor ?> sink as .he oid without having been .cuttled. Now, a. neither the Captain nor ma'e htioi-ver been seen or heard of since the vessel sunk, the fixed pronnnptiou here in tho nduds of ail it, t hut they mist hive been eruelly murdered in their berth., eu I white sl.eplng, too. The blond on the pillows goerto establish the latter tuapotitkm The name of the mat is Willey. Hu place of re ideace has not yet been ascertained. * 1 forgot in my letter of yeaterdiy to give a dewrip'l .n of the prisoner, Wilson. He is a shoit, thick si-!, well built mas, with arms and a chest as powerful us half a d izen ordinary inea. Some idea may he formed of hit hercu lean po were, When you are told that It took six strong and men *o bold him after he was first taken a-here. He U a peifoct specimen of strength and acti vity. One or two of the inlander- think tiiat they sa v WUson working in < atherine market. New York, some time ago. The impresdon here is, that he is a ?' Five Point" t.egio of the very worst character. No moro at present from the WRECIvEA. Protection of the ?hlporrwhe* the Const* of Itw York end New Jerwry. At ft meeting hold yestreday (, Nov. 2T,) at N'o. IS Invcraace Building*, to take into conshlpration tho further measures necostnry to be adopted for the better protection of the life if the shipwrecked on the coasts of New York and New Jersey, on motion of Thomas Tiles too, Esq , hi* Excellency Myron FI. Olark wns railed to the chair as Trwidont, and P. I'erit, Esq., President of the Chamber if Commerce, and Prof. A f>. Boche, Super intendent ol the U. B. Coa.'t Purvey, as Vice President*. Wm. H. Macy Eaq., waa appoint 1 Secretsry. E. Metium stated to the meeting that in May,H0t, ? meeting was held for the adop'ion it ov'wares foetus "better protection of the lives of the ahlpw.erked. Tint noriting mac o special application to'he President of toe Cnl'ed State s In the premises; and In tiro wicks afo-r the Secretety of the Treasury a special comrauniov tion on the ru Meat to Congrees, which rosultol in the | prompt peerage of the bill entitled "An tsot for the better preret .alien of UTe and property from vosaels?hip- , wrecked in "be coasts of the t I'ltod rtates.1 which no- I thoriztd the S cietary of the Tn..i nry to eatahil'h life- | saving stations ere y five miles on the r a?ts of Ling Island and New Jersey, and to anpolnt two auporlnlou denta, cne for each coast, and ul-o a kee(?er for e.-icii station the puperintendont* t> perform the dudes of Inspector* < f the customs. Congtess tnad 5 an approprl i tion of twmty thousand dollrrs for the New Jersey coast, ten thousand for isuig Island, an l ten thousand as a general appropriation, which latter sum tht he -rotary of ti e Treat ury applied to the c >asl of Long Island. lUis turn wm who ly Insufficient for the nvctoavry ou'ilts, and % lutther appropriation ia inquired. He also read a letter addressed to the Hon. Hugh II il- i M-y, bv Jason M. Turin 11 wrec'.ina-tes at F.a-t Hampton, 1' ng Island stating that there are two lite giving atv tiona on Mo. taulk and one at Mepclguo, wtr'ch are fur nished with !>? avi locbiiJic il'e boats, that require twelve or foui lien men to mors, while live or six m-n ?can hanole a light wooden boat, ih*t the e are but fur houses within "ixteen rules of .Montauk I'o.nt, and that in the even', of a wreck r unlng . n sh ue It would bo ne cessary tc set d ten to fitteen mil's for help snlTi-ieat to bantllo r>t>e if the laige metallic life boat*. He there fore rGCHOiiiu'Dtidil tliat light cfrUr b- provi i?*l* Mr.Tbrfcrtl *1 pro*** . f iiuttlU? llto f ?r utotmeni aid ships on the ocean He also read a Ict'er address" I by Covernnr Trior, of New Jnrssy, to the -*o.-ei?ry of the Treasury, stating that the men who use the iifie boats | in Case of wrick prefer Wooden b"iite. i Mr. Tile-ti r. mude a brief statement, showing the rtstcs I ally of more adequate ptntectl on. I Hon. i.eorpe W. Fatter*'m, I re-ldent or the Hoard ol Harbor Comu.i-. iot-ers, inotiiri-d what sum would bo suf flcient to equip all the s'lllons on the C'tst, uud war la Tormcd thai l:e sum of sixty thou-und dollars w.ull li ? required. Mr. tUest' n movid that a committee be appoint m to addrrs* tlie t"resident of ihe United Sta-ea and the Seer* taty of the Treasury on toe subject, with full po ver ia the premi ts. The folio*ir g nao-cd gentlemen were sppi,Intel a c-n tnlttce:?Charles H. Marshall. C. I'm it, itonma r J. K l ticld, Koyal l'h> lps Jopu I>. .lonrs. Hoary t.rinuell, Wia. H Maejr, Thomas Uleston, N. H. Osgood. A. 11. NelU m, Kllwood Walter On motion of Rc bert C. : ~l?s. E?q? Ordered, that the c-> h.v- power t.. add to th?i number. _ ... i apt. C. 11. l)*via, I'. S. Navy offerel tire follow! ug:? Tiaolveo. thit the Sapetln'cn-lent "f tho fn*: Purvey,Tro'. Haelie he reque*t?"?1 te report t > this a soot* uon on Ibe selling directions ot the o't ltore seed o' en ciAsla ol New I ork and New Jersey, and to ah i.? the pe i cuhar ailapU'ion ot tho>o diiec loo* to nreserv* life and property by preventing wrweka if duly obiervi; | and to pot".i. rut | atucularly ho* In c ch .ristanct ?" win-he of the las' two years n.lirht base be -n .ifoile h . the letter of tUw-ediieolioBs hml i'? n cl..soly .od to. . Adopted. _ , ... . Iwdters weie received f om flov. r.dce. ol New Jersey, lii'Ut. Maury, of the Na'ional till..' va o,y, Hi u C and R. It. Forbes. Esq., tfBoston, ?xpresslnt( r. grot at u> being alle to a'tend the mow in.'. On motion of John U. tireeu, Esq., the meeting al jonn ed. Iiuportni.t Law C?*c-Tht AiTwlrw oi Jam ,< V. Korsyt it. I Priutrya fwttt- f7.c flihcWi n m. Rc/jM hx>r fh | on</ uth'Tt ?'Ihm aoii-.n was tri-o a? tna Orc"o" Lonu'y Circuit, during iu pra.cut torm. tliw ii ??. M. Via', on prs aliltng, ami waa ot unusual mh-res'. and I np ut... i Jarois C I'l syth f-rmetlt of hlii^ston. and e f v in. t ! since a can- id?te ' f the whig pariy for Sorre'nry'M 'at", after committirg forg.-iis* P' a li gc am-uut. fletfi >m thecoi.ntry in the summer of lfi"' ' an 1 on th* ?v ? nt htedepartms made an assignment f.r his ri al and |-r- j count eMntr, - alued at ?: 0 laO or i.'O.o.O, to his broth-r, : giving piefei?nre to his fa'her, brother and ntter r. I ? Uvea. It w.a-, pr? v*d llust hi t sik away with h m. In gild, W CSAI. and it was claiinel ihat ? ira I l iken in; | a aoucb iftruor Aun uut. Tb? iu'iM/* |?* hvl ?r*wn frfJiii j vftiiou* kinM nithlna ?bort tim? pxlift t > hx* n'gbt. ?n forgeu peter am ?unted to abou' I-st Oud, a- it app**'*l .<? thta trial. The iult was brought t.i set a i # the i sign merit on the group-" that it was made aitii Intent t ? defraud bh .rtCltof. Th ? ?M?f? argued before the juy by Me >r-. llogetioouj and rhomp.t a 'or ? - i 'sutc and fanfoid mid Tr*tntin for plain'iif. Tlor Jury, alter a short ah.eof-e, fouud or tl.e pli':oiff th :s do..iiluq rbe assign mewl fiandulcnt an I T id.?JIMnj -tr/as, Nor. irt. Mm.MoKhOS' ? IlHfTIHII Rei HhTINiJ.?III giv'tl t a brief analy Is yesterday of the trial of Henry Ts U, one oi the unoCh ial agents emfdore 1 br the Hrttlch < ? veiurnwnt to recruit in Ihw I t ie loafer, we ia I i ?ecaai?n tosts ek Incldcntallr of ?Med)st??lgtilshe1? . ty uianlfe l"u by Mr. Van Dyke, the attorney of the I ti ted Btn'ws for the i*-teru dtsl. ict of Tenn?ylva .t i. I t that care, end, wc niay add. In oitr -r* ?t pubtiij i'a,ior tence which h?ve aii>in in the saro." d:strict. we lc?m it tonally due to Mr MsKenw. the g'.tnrney of the I nltc I rta'ea fur tl. or.uihetn district o' N?w Vork, to say th.t leal'olsen "led to the gratefu'. courld n.-.l-m of U.e country for the grant ability aid ,-sl in Ui? .e-vicn -f the I nlt/d "s?a es wM'h he his exhl'd". I In h' dn charge of hi* dutlrs regarding th' numerous legal q-is. tines of primary public intern t which occur f '# tint to lime witWn thai Uatrtot If t e mm' t rem o-traneci and ar'.iss lagsl re-i'tance whlc'i M- McKe. n op, t'd t . flrDlah eftll* inert in New York at ho very ruit et, h . l ? bee. ?o by tie- ililtlsh agents em ggrrwd. niJ "h tro-i ?.'e w> ul he sv been -av.d'o I >vh g.>. emny'nt*. Hi tl-c itscrui log w.n' on. with nU'loato an I w 'ful 'Uars nard of all th* efforts of Mr. McEemr, a- wollns of Mr tan TV e. tn -U p't. until t hit b"Ought the two - via tri.o. to th'ii P'lrent prise ?H'o/ki iyt ' i Cato Mire Intclllgrncr. OHTFIU1ANCI AT A 10A 1:1)1*0 HOOTt;. f'n M' tidsv aventng two Cnb m |m Iti mm ?one an *nle named J' cph Mochardo, and th" other a r -yalUt, n.*,ed J> * h "irgo?got into a p-nt'lc d r ntrox rav st .I,,, leer Hi g hnu^No. 4 \ arlck street, when the t>r trer git offend, d at .ome'htng the'royalist 1 ani a" trnirdei to T:ke htm. but was ? im?-lf knrvtkc l d"!t ?)lrt se.nrlv c t. by a Mew opon the l.osd with a tarn f,!0r ihr -wu b* -trffo. A comcUint war mid,- by the ?oUDfen r .!<? .1 beh te ope of the magistrate*, e-fi net Siig". lie was gne-ted and held to ball, to answer ht the It-wit. ItOPBKTt BT A Ct rniAV. lamuel -'m th, of Hanc-k, Diliwa-e eoun'V. V. rk tr.ed' it wiplunt ye tetday, te-f.r-" Jwst ? ttwt nolly' to the e act, that on Mndsyntgbthewsstn duc't to *? o.iijat.y t'etb.t.ns to nnett a s'r- ? Isr , to her lodgings IU1?2m,Z i ? nrs.n ber lap ?.?? rcobe-. of nt* ?. . ,,.k.| The ofl. n. e* w?? ?r-ested. nbd Jndioe C'.uboliy her UP in the Totnbs Brooklyn City News. Ohoasi/.'Tkoi or na GraspJuky?Trie Liquoa Law.? The (bort of Oyer and Terminer, for tbo November terra, wxx opened yesterday, before Judge Strong and Justices Stryker anl Emmons, when the following gsntlomeu were euipaonellci a* Grand Juror* John M Hick* Foreman; We. W. H.Kuaaell, Heuj P. Jones, Join li (lendrickxon, Klahard U. Bradford, Th-n. Edward*, Richard Whipple, K. H. Powell, Win. Wall, Dauiel B Uaxbiuuck, James Buckley, I'latt Powell, Joelab 1'sikx. Garwood l'laa*, K. K. Van liureu, Ambrose llruio, John Bnrlin. The pr eel-dog Judg.i (Strong) charge') the Grand Jury on matters tha' would be submitted to their action. He cj,'id th lr attention particularly to a course too c ujIU' ii, which wax for (Irani Juror* to iudtct citixeua for giatre offences upon alight toaliaxoay. oavoig the lesponxibility of invealigatiou to the petit jmy. This wasaU wrong. A grave and heavy rc>-?o|ihuitv rested noon theui. ant n > rltiaen should b? pTuWHJpMWriul until they had ce'efully inve*tignt"<l lire subject matter of the charge, and a majority been convinced, lieyond all reaeouaole doubt, of it* truth*. With r?gnrd to the Prohibitory law, the Supremo Court of ihi* district, after the deroUon of con*ider?o1? time 11 ml nltcntiou to it. bad come to the deliberate opinion that It waa unconstitutional an I rold. He conceded that 'be hiII* of ij;t> uiiiorunce were of great magnitude; but nich being the dccirlou of the Court, It wax the law by which tley must be governed until tt waa retrorned; and that being to, they would of course take no cognisance of any complaint preferred under (be provision* ot thlx Erohihl'.ory atatuie. Other subject* which the statute iw compelled blra to take tmtioe of, being-'uly comuient ed upon, he di-mUsed the Grand Jury to their labors. J'kaih at a Paniisii Party.?Coroner lteddiog wax called to No. ill Fulton xtreet, yesterday, to view the body of Mr.*. Paulina Miller, who died from over exertion consequent upon dancing. The party comprlnad Ger mans nod their wIycx. The djueing wax commenced dining ihe early part o> the evouieg, and conlinned until 12 o'clock, when llr*. Miller, being engaged in a -.ot, *.i 1 deuly fe'l down and expired. She wax (il-iewl upon a *"fi ano medical a-xhitanoe culled In, but without effect. She had I wen accompanied to the hou?e by her husband, Max Miller, liom ihelr residence No. b70 Fulton avenue. The Woman wax in a delicate situation. Dr. George Cochran made a poet luorteai examination, asd-tid by Drx. Arming, Blanchard and Peek, and the revolt of the Inves tigation wax that she dlcu of hemtrrhagu, cou*e(Utnt upon rupture of the rmirit cavnlatcauUiut. The deceased wax twenty-six year* of age, and a native of Germany. Tut: Homk for Align, 1.ndi<;i:nt FmUlw.?The annual niecllng of the Director* m the Ilmne for Aged, Indigent Female*, wis held in the building of the institution. cor ner of Washington and IVKalb avenue*, yesterday. A large nnmber of ladies were pienoat, but no gentlemen, wi!h the exception of the nth dating clergymen, Itev. Dr. Puilditiglon, who presided on the occur I m, and Itev. I>r*. Farley and Holmes. From the annual report, whicb wax read by Mr. Farley, it appears tlia< the iom iter at j,iexeat number bu?admitted during the year, d; died, 8; namely. Mr*. Miry Ague*, aged 71; Mlxx Bsnuah K. Wotxl, 87: Mrx. Grace J inea, (17. Th? health of the imn.i'c ha.' been uncommonly good. At tlic 'Ime of the deuth of M?. Graham, the founder, there wax a debt of *6,000; Hit xlnce then, through the effort* of tiicudr, this amount hax been greatly reduced, ant the pro-pect now is that the whole will be liquidate I In a short time. A gintleman of this city offers to give the proceeds of one or two lot* In Jersey City, at the cioico of the trustee# of the Institution, provided they can veil cither ot not less than $l,0t'0. The report xbow* much of prospeiity aad Increased uiefulnesx, and calls upon ihs chari'able to sustain the enterprise. The Treasurer's report shows receipt* for the year to be 88,4t'2 22; ex penditures, $3,.'!20 26, leaving a balance of $1,172, which will go lxrg'dy towards liquidating the mart gage. 1'irs anp Ivcssdiarikm ?TLe wheelwright shop of Mr. Fn ill), near the coi ner cf liuntoifly roail aud Fulton avu nue, waedcrtroyed by tire on Monday night, together with materials eontainid therein. The origin of lliefire ix sup to huve been ?c {denial. Loss tHOO?no insurance. A lew nigh'* previous, Hie building on Underbill avenue, occupied by Mr. Boyle ar an oil ract >ry, wa* dis covered to bo on fire by some chillren playing in tba vlolnlly. The neighbor* soon collected tog"'her. and liy means of a number of pull* of v. ater succeeded in quench ing the llamex. The lire wax the work of an incendiary. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL^ ttOmtDY KABKBT, 'ii ? ? TrpytDAT. Sot. 27?-0 p \f i,XrtWhlMth#i?k *"? preUyd,.. Inuti le.wP,U,,'b"U,1': *m! ^Wwewrln oJiJur^ Frored w?, Nlc?C. wiF 'rVf ?a t,i8 "* lU" i,a thi, concern out ,7L - ,d 'r ^ ?f may Wh'l'"er ^JoaZ'o , ^ HhicU Nre for rio tunny year* h*. tunlr h in upon 11-. former will ^ chuk#1 J\ J ^ ti,elr h"lrt auma whlfb list? _ ' . ??ormoua of Ire-fd.r.u, agrnt. will7 *' PfC' e'" P^et. of .LeaLholS,!; 1 *7*7 *,? 'at" tto or the <v"a *'?, oue *t of ufloera ?,U ,7^7, T ,n** ?ill MUilire for ,h. marmot hio T;An.*it CoDiptnj could )?? r?i itf ? ' -.""XrtSr-" w ZZ'IZZZJ: little 'Inyllrti* ? " , , ' t,( il* lh* eT?t ?f ? <- -- comm?n,ty Will b, ranch eh.n??0,t, and w, ZrZTf ZZc i\, Harlem u- r.ailln. ?>. ,,, , . ' 1 ''ulr '*?? pan >'mthrrn, ?<; '' ? 1?ti !nn 1 and T?W?, ,t JxJTr^i?sx At -ho rocoru, board Um^.f wa, ,o,k f jr ? .? c :*?; - *'*? v,, A. il M,."!,r,|u hold a {4 %u^k 1-om.U U, B?,f?w, (WMitmday,) ., oV,2 Merchant* J .* client. On the )Ut rill l? f i ? 1;-, of ,,ur J..V, J" ^ ?=o ?W on Thuralay, In c,mw . of ,h% ., ,1 jjj. " ?' ?P.rt by tL? Horrrn* ., . " ' . n * th.rWdirfMr. <?eb?r*i day ?f iJd !T'",'orrr "Port, Unity ._ i-id ..ii Tua uiy Ico uot ' ' 1 r-5'irr.l .. tU,;i,"U 6r> IVUnoe ?? 17.1l0t'i 01 ? aid fin A ?r o/T..;p Ml!.'.'77 00 1.1.1 r n dlihtr.i, tr riiV-ikV. ; ? 00 on^r^ ^ ,nc,aa" ,100'0f j f The warinnu ,ate;ed ,t th . Tlr,,lr_ rw . ?. m.??. .,?b J;z y 1 Tiptj tli f,f 4f0^, f.'' ''* Tr?*,U.y I'Pf.a, mpi, 2 t'*'l.ft Junior I r- tuitut f >" ^?Cnefftme. Itrt * >.' ?0 v nr..m rccel.cV ?p,i 'tnle, A ^ 09 ?- r*i?y warrant, trn." , f . n ' .'i"'? - ?'1 ' r ?ec .ontof th, |f?Tr 1 ? ??'? M ajHNftl, .-n i,?- (mi ,n iu. v**l .40.(> ; erad In ton, f T a,M? il ' ' < rtd in from lan.:, - <W ,n f" ?'-P0li;^, - ? ? ? ?? TW ?7 *re p#?r*oi)nJi t" fntjnuI *f*i 0 7 aJ J""of th? e< m|?o*y al. dod'f, th2 ^'7 '?ran ladietad, an 1 w? r. , " n,n* ** '??'or 1 --owMr. of th. forma-i, n Md ['7 cern a-. ?y,, V ran, ^ i- oldual in ft, aas l? r.f it?i "T*"" ?'w> iw ii a.n? ^ " iotor.,t ro?,<,n, fh# v 0 , ' H7 V"W*"on OrmpMiy do. ,7 - . , 7 enuhe- will bo paid ,n that day ,t iU, IZ , ,u pony, X?. 4 Wall H(Mt. h* """' It p?rf. -tly artBnbh.i o?r npUhlpw thearbin.. i ut fBUin boW.?- of ,h. ahar.< of th, tart(?, ^ ' raifo raiireada -hould. wt'h a?eh o..,i confident?,'"hold ?T)| whll? U. noa^Uu ?--ce<t"? Mth Oaorfa Anitfa * Co , J * re',ir* ??" out th' lr mW7. T^' ,77 ? ? 7 ftlr/igo and 10 . M ud, >.lch r^l H'^77 ' ?rd tfnlary. an l tiataa and Oilpafo, all rpp?tTP 3 ?r. .nd ZL oT77 of t?2 1 "*p in aceoi.nt at hi* l.?nk rj^, _ Npecda ?Kn th. total amount th* },au |, ,)f h. , .,,7',"] ZZl\ !"<" *2 " -dthp dn?k'" 7 ? oo.y rl.,d tip in |,u biak on d.,o.H an ,*,-7 , ???. ??? WU? 1 hPcon p Of th? iA.,.r. WU)rf, , r' her, l| Uile i(>o?Mt^r BhoviM ftt i_ ' "? <m,P dart, r,i(iy pUht ^2-U "P. of nMn.4. r.,K,fJ.777:u" ^ ?.t - - - ?? - - ?>?? *ftit*hPtk,r?,|.1#11| 4 ?< Highland pouch all Ita fatuous railroad*, track and equip mont, real estate and per anna I, rolling "lock and sta tionary stock, and absquatulate with the name to Scot land, then there would t? auith a tuwAd* in the aeeurltle* at these reads aa "has tern holders," iu their "e i<y confidence," bavo never dre-med tf. Th* tar -welng juitrul above alluded to will '.hon revert to the warning which it la now giving with no small deg'te of pride? and not till then. Our an Ijhie Albany ofT?pi ing, notwithstanding all of the above companies are acting pircl-.ely alike ia regard to lies rge Scl 111. cur vue.j, singles out, on 'he plei thut " no injustice may be done to other We?>rr rtlirnada," the Cabi n and Chicago a? the gmu' o.Teo' or That ia not the mo'ive at all. A little close examination wiU cUcoivr Uia< the aim was pre -.i??iy the "am" in what It stales anil tig" real motives simply this?to he revenged til" n us lor our exposure of the luacaliUus of the Albany New Voik Central Rallroid clique. The jackal of the Albany liooo was unsblo to deuy the charges we brought against it* masters, ami in desperate apita undertook to bite the e'eiri roil of justice held over it. Sum" in are pctrut anna of defence rind offence must be devised. Tj refute our arguments or disprove our statement*, were that possible, would loiliel he a rev*ng*. Wo cannot, however, be moved by slander* upon a cumpiuy that we have ?een lit to h< Id up to the public merely a* an exam ple of a road managed upon current buaioea* prln :lp!e < N< r need our contemporary, or its Albany prompter*, flatter thtmnelycH ihst b/ aichartwe wo are to bs dl VI lied, or that public attention is to be diverted, from tbe doing* of thla Albany edition of th# Camden and Am boy |?IMlcal uia"hiu?. Wo have as yet but raised a cor ner >.f llie cloak that *ki:is and films th* ulcerous sore. We know it to be (irmly engrafted upon the bedy polillr?deeply testsd at It* very heart's core? mining and corrupting all that la fair In legislation, de rent In monts n-honest ia finance. It la a mighty mo nlcd power in the hands of an unscrupulous cH<|ue, aid ed by a corrupted press used for th* purpose of control ling the poli'ios of the .State, and of swindling the peoplo luditiduaily and collectively out of their muney. Not withstanding it* accumulation of sins, grown palpable and rank thiough year* ol indulgence, it 1* at thla very il*y in llic full tide of power and successful plunder. It ia. nevcitlielrna, our fixed and unalterable purpose to do buttle upon th* mounter until he restrains himself with in his legitimate limits. We fear not ite hundred eye*, it* hydia bead or its suchihg tub" nearer home." One and all we are r?ady to meet. In plain terma, we Intend to proceed with our exposure of the New Vork Central Railroad management prenent and paat, until the entire subject ar.d the Individuals engaged iu it *ra fully and perfectly appreciated by the public abroad aa well a a ?'neaie. home." The Uouton Journal of _the 26tb inat. saysi? As to tbe country banks whose lulls have been refuse 1 Iy tl c hi.lfolk it was anuoumed at the time ot refusal by ti c octroi* It was nnuoumeil at tlie time ot refusal that the measures weio compelled by tbe Inability of the On cers', which had previously uc.'ed as agoni for them, ten ale th#'eropoier advance required to protect an aceii eutal over <fiaft mr redemption. It i* well known that most of the country banks in New Kngland arrange with the vaiious city bunks to redeem their circulation en fart aa lent tn from the Mnffdk, keeping open accounts, wl Ich at some poinds of tbe year show handsome baton con to tl.elr credit, while at others the account* are Uni porarily ovoidrawn by a more rapid re'nrn of ciroulatiou. it happened that the (irorer*' was not in a conc'ili >n to give this temporary cielit to the banks with whom they had kept sueh account*, and thus bills wei# diserislited which,for all IhU pro*" to the contrary, in ijr be aa sound a' any In New England. Hal other banks In State street adopted the samo rigorous policy towards the country backs of which they are agents, we fear that the number ef hanks teftisH bv the Suffolk would have been rem fully Increaetid Juet at th!? tlin i. This 'irlef expUut tlon will suffice to show the maih'rierr ol bank redemn tier in Slate street, ami thr insifilrljo" ground< of alarm in the trcir'enlal aud doubtless temporary dlxcre'lt of ttie banks alluded to. Taken throo (fh the yoar tlie e un ci Unts a.e doubtless prolilih'e toour banks, and proba bly show a handsome average bnlin te on the credit side, and It does not folio* that the country banks are any Ifrable to protect their Issues, tlie ..rovers' his br-cn unalde to extend a c rod it to which they were doubt its* faiil* inlitled. Already two of the bunks men'ionoj lia-.c ieu Hied funds sullicicut to tske uuie ol their hills, which ate sgain revived at the Suffolk, and tbe ethers will no doubt re-poac as promp-ly. Tlie director* t f ihe bltrida, Allan'lc and Uulf (icnttMl Hal'road Company are now ready to lecul.e proposals for grading, croi-A-'.ir* snd other w irk necos?ury topr*pve the rond for snper-tmctm* or for bull'ing the road en tlre, from Jacksonville to Alligator, including Iron rails end equipments complete. lien -t of the I'ensansla aud (iaorgla 1', nr. c lding to tlie estimate of the engineer, Is tl.Uli'.*, 1H.1 Tht re u.e within tlx mile* * f the line 14f,0'J7 acres of ?wninp. ar.d .',040 of in'crnal Improvement land. Them has lawn h?d manegeirent or someteln^ worse li tbe IivliaLa Hank Ih-partiu nt, us th*reare notes of tbe following banks slill outstanding while ail the sr-u'ill?s in the I'eiartment have horn sold, ant tlio pr seeds U"-d tip in redemptions, vli : Hank of America, Morocco; Dro. vers' Hank. Rome: fiorernment Slock R.nk, Ixifarett* Veicl owls'Rank, lafayetle; Merrh.iots' flank, cprlug I eld. I'm j Coi.n'y Honk, t'ooi.elt >n; i'ublie -l ick ilmk. Newport; Hts'.e ?"took Hank, I ogtn |sjrt; ,-tatn Slock ^e cuil'y Rank, N'ewp rt; Wabash Hirer Hank, Jasp r V.-e Vnk Mock Rank, Vlncennes Stock Kxcli Ti I1IMY, N'.?V 27 1855 61(00 !od 6'*.. SIX 100 uu Sim 5! ."?'(O do bi 81^, 50 do h .f> 61] 6000 Virginia 6'*.., W> H 2M1 do 61X HOO <'o tb >, 62 do 51 X 1000 da W, 100 do a3 511 MOW) LcnlCa d'r.bOO ?.'i\ Vfl do M M s llldOl al 7 W70.. H> ij yia) do tilO SlJ 2W o I'rif b'dk <f '8ft >-0 '.00 do ?l'l 51 1000 Hu Hint m'tba 100 t'V do 51 lno Ilu It Dd m't b? ? 8 1(C) do Vi M 6MiOMie)tM< 1?> ni't '0 f,o do boO MOO 111 Crn I'.lt M'l "? '?< do I. !0 51 0< 0 do 7 nx Ml do MO 51 MO do.. .15 78't' 151 d . M>\ lOHJtf YCau7V... W'H '<?' -? do b:i 50)$ f coo Cbl.VPi I.lib" at ion do *10 MX 80*!.? I"* Hf.'UmW 125 28Wr?Jarary RR .. 1i4'n Bonk .... 1?*X 60Hartaui Bn....a| I7>, 10 1 bio L*Tn.?tCo 98 *J?-0 do. .b3 17,'4 f.O Cunt-n ('? b-ft Stf>X 1760 Readi-itf Rft.. . Si 60 .]<? 101J ?00 do 010 8.) 625 20 70 do 50 do. 99H 11 A) ?do b?0 ?MX 26 Prnn UMI Co lnll< 101 Me riaiolt Co... lift 50 1 ,J't 228 do., . It : l.O do 1 t'u 8<(l do ?! IV 50 do .... blO lf.jf (?CO do bio 17 ?'0 do MIC VU do lb no do v.o 17'. KOO n ? <>al Co. . all ?AH ff? do ssti 16*1 do : 10 do nrl) ?i-.'i M do Id/0 '. ?M) do *1 y% do ..bT ICO do.... 36*2 410 do *i)6 '.<*> do ...a 26 ft i'b l ib Railroad ?1 to . !b3 61 lid> do aftO M) do 81 25't do lit 8 J 100 do ... ,1d? 8 11 j ft lloditon Riarr Kit. ft I do . a: 6'? MMl ('<?? Ittt. 1.80 06 1, >7 do bl O.'H iO do 971. 10 do 17 , lOOM yfcVlu RR b? !>, t<> do 9,5 1J to do ft.'.', 107 do VI IC.i, 300 do MO 00)2 .."> Van mo 'tit . .. 10 i 60 .1) . .bOO 10 ;? j 15 C1?f,C did,In RK. lot ISCaJotsfcChi Kit. 1*'.0)t 40 do I Jt 16 do 119U KiOfV*kT'4?do I.B.i 7ft'J ISO Cftric k n IflTt 610 11X 50 a 91 ?? 10 Word Co* Co 1-.") .1) loo do 1? .8SC0MB BOUtD. t'ffJO viigin'a 9 luo ahi Rf*<! Kl :. *00 H8 H?. ill 1 *n i K Ibln. 1 0 do.... ..? M ft" V :.I Hi d-.. alft T\'a 1 d Ml all do MM r?:tri 95,1, 15 -! n vir T-Ti a Co li.'r llOCWMTol BR.aft 75 If 0 d' ? 10 ItK lldl if It UK 51V l'OCantf n< I.ff) 2?X ftOO do.... 51W 70 do. Ii0 JOO do 61X 1(0 f nn,,i Co i Co .?.'! I'd) do 61 )J fO M ? '??? KR 96 401 . . a 6IJ* 1' 0 I'.racing KR. 115 S<"< ?f0 do 51 ? i '.<0 do.. . b-0 MX Kr) do . 51X tM do .... Jdi0 Hfit, 250 d >, 51 I'T.O do .ft ?#W 100 do ;,3 61 100 do b'l ?9X 100 da,.. .. .bd 60Tt i.00 do 510 8-'X 809 do .?.aft 5<??; '.10 do 80 10) do 6m2 5>yi Co ,... boo 89 X 100 Harlem BK. .. ,fd n a . (.0 do 1-8 , MtMVO notnn. 100 >ba Cain Coal 10 MX !? 0 I,. I"r*n 61 fa (J'l u 100 d'. b.i Jfc''? 1 a) ' .1,, ad 11. ,1 .oil. 12 110 do <10 2ft't 201 Cold Wll .. . b.11 I'd 1011 Nrw O t CI rw Ui 60 ' <>*r ;ia?r '.oil bil 80 UO Waid Coal lib) iost 5iO da.... ,M6 85 10 do blft ?J) ?'.Of) flla'alr (e-iji) atO tx Meat tin Trnntlt Coinpk'T' TO Till KI'ITOK OS rill. BfiRALD. I Bailee 1 Mr. CharlM Mo'gan'a litlrr li ^ irfrtjar I Hi- ?biotorta efoa aocnymu. wrltara h>r? no pont. II* mo learn r.y n 101* al y-ar II. T" V Vanity to w a it in the public prlata. fH;,?ri?lly in - >nn?ctb>n with tbo Mcrmu* '<m;?ujr. i mot* nx *at <A el arae-rr; b-ii theta ara ir.en who dan I ar-1 i to IUi eotu ami |ty who krv.w ma, in I tin luf-.rm sir. Sto (v, ?bribe r I abould bo llkrly to atoi.d by *UI I 0107 writ* rr ?p<wk Iran inform Mr. M<"gan that mf ? U *1. imnnr 1. any otbrr ni/Bbn.a faeaa t.,e lata t?e*<l rig of thi O.tujiaay. I remain be r whoa tha malfr if pay !"r the Starr a Nevada war mooted, Mr. Clii oaMua Vance l.iitbe liO-1 parfnrnoJ ?innUr "? rlor for Ihr Iron it 'orf ?no b r 10 por ernt, and that Mr. M ap?"*r(?<-1 f..r 'l.r ratra ib prr rwn?, ur.d'r a pi*a of a iil/b?r ptioofor itoaL I bare i,<*rd no at rkb I dor Otprtl- ?a ?l.far b n with 'hla ? iplanation. Mr CotmIIii V%- V

I ill baa nr??r, In my annwlodc* b- rn an?v*?la~l o ai.y t.nlar it.afraly ia praaadag bla prlraW mbrf-li Ao H. r.-o?fcla modrrt man mighl w?lf I* r mtonl la fell, ? t ia Ufcioala la fbr oakr of Mr Tamdaibdl \ \ l(y b wbro ! a c*ne4t Id jaw mora fr.-o a "1 paof ?tr-? ipa' ?? l?, aad attb ?to-n j*a. r-nw la j.? . .1.1. 1 a oogb* not la '? aurprlard rfnataak .. im tblnk- b ? la poahlng Ida alaroal, -Tut. *lr p <n of ? willy ' ben M- M> 'f? 1 -?.'t ,lw'. "Iba* s-i?< ?'> liberty at any time to di cen'fmiu the arrangement by Ui# linn# of the routracl," be Kd>? not pay marked ra epeot to wbel the 1'residunt c>.K uomful anil untiring devotion to tlie intervhu I 4 great roarer n " lu the meeting i to the fact of lire o?mpao>'( b- ale < n the I nciac briny i ll* fur the need of trifling re paira ear talked about. In such a elate of affairt. the I ffer to withdraw tbe .Sierra Nevada w?? simply abut if. Would not sutll * atep break up the boa, anu the picking* oi it, tool' New, how ban it happened, under Mr Morgan'* agency, thai the company's boat! a'O lying idle wiiile ho may, v-ilbuut let t. hi- iuloroet*, taua'. the sto kbohWs with the throat of withdrawing tlie Sierra Nevada, unlet* they continue to pay hlui !>0 per cent moi* than Mi. Van'iei btlt had f<i- like aereioeef in poliiinai li'e m< n oKoie'lmoa atep from the high poai tl'n r.f (joven.or or.lodge, and seek In tbe arena of party strife* Mich place* aa cTerkn t.f court*, or collector* of take* ?r irnp u ta. Mr. Moigau l.aa, in bail Judgment for hi* fe.uie.abau do- ert aibat might be, uudar a fai'Mul and capable ad ininintiallou, a poet of distinguished honor?the I'red deu"y of (be Accessory Cmiipeuj id Nicaragua. He ha* aough' tin! gained an agency in tbe a ttne coin >a oy, aiij come stockholders ate to unchnriieble a* to be line tha' he diivt* bettei bargain* arilli them in thia Dgiuiey be could well do in the Presidency. It in tot douhW ihat vouchers fur nil the flam* of ex |*Di'ltai* are properly filed away in the company'* Ofl'.ce, tuv! up in tape, or some other lit material M hat the htockhohteia would III e to iee in a slaemuot would be njaiute liooia of talari*. nud coiniulsloas, and not hart tbtiii, ea they appner in tne la ? statement, boiled up in 1.11 11 Kg (gale of expenses of $6'8,000, with which they have no Juit reiatl n. M.'ibi tnrd'H tuceeeor in empire, Abn Ilekor, upon hii aceertion. eu'etnl at Inventory of hi* c(Tact. to be tukeu and a atrlr.l Watch to !?? kept oyer him thai hi* interest* w -re not rnba'ued. Nob'dy expect* stirh di-in'er?*ted conduct in onr dwv, though such h> n?r*l I* incidents me lef.erhtng, uo 111*1 tor wh*n or where tliey 1 uv* transpired, ' en'lrti'i-n who hn>* accumulated princely wealth In truti* tlmt 1 lebl no return to the, cannot expect to Inspire public legarl akin to that felt fur this insiern p'irce. Men wfcore nianegQHient dooa not lieget oonlhUnca would do well to reaae frequent sta tenant.*. Why not show a ntaterru lit liy whtlh the stockholders mty know each trip of the boata hiwuucb money I-t earneJ, a ul how much (Maburn-df Bhnrt set lenient* make loag till nd* kiMjueul ?Utlemeuta will do utucU tocloar away the irlet* that rovei |? the interest* o| the VI .aragiia at. < kboli'er*. H. M. Xn* ViuiK, Nor. 1:7, 1805. Cotton Trnrte. 7 lis circular of T. J. Stewart K Co,, of this ilate, say*;? Since our leepect* of 14?b ln*t., we have recaivcd blvar pool advices, per Pacific and Cana'a to 8th and 10th rc rpectively, ilie l>?t |ier telegraph ou Thursday afternoon, K'd in at. Hie edvanco br ught by each steamer ?*i larger than looked for; In fact, fhrewd operator- had been mskii g their ui j augments for u decline oy the tlrst nntn?il paciiet the icault he.. liaon aim. ?t c irteipond Ing advances on lit*t coat of cotton In all the receiving and ehipplrg market*, which haa been aided by inrre v.-ed fkridtte* for rhlppirg tohu-ope, fi eight In New Orleans, notwithstanding iarg* receipts by 1 Ivors, having fallen to '?d. per Ih. Tbe stock In our market haying become re d ced. the tdvaio-e wa* moie Imme.tiate ihm In oihe**, and.?lnce the ( nnada'a adyicna a chingn 0 opinion haa prevailed, and our proeent piicaa ore conHt hired reaaou alda, in view of the light atoci.a unireisally held by spin oera, not only in thi* Country hut In Kurspc, the stock in France being repiehented aa le?n in nroportlou to their tequireiuenta ihan that in IJyerpool. Tlie aaiei here during the diet week of our review wi re 8,000 bale*; aud during the eecond, wblcn la up to la?t eyaoing, have amount!d to 10,000 bale*. The latta* mail w*a at our l'o*t 1 (flee on Snluiday eyenJng but virtually wax not da iivered until Monday morning. Udders' view* have gamed a*II-tig h slue*, and wa icgttd the luarket aa clos ing iirm *t our quotation* at top, which have Leeu raised fi em Ja*. to j. in til* tortnigbt. The very abundunt rain* which preys I led between Otb and Pth Iratant, in Alabama ami part of Mlsstaaipni, l ave not been aulhcWt to kiwp tho rivets narigsbie for large class ot boots, hut the swamp* are said to be filled, aid very partial raina from tlila peil >d will render again uMVigald*. lbc Tomhigbee liver, a* high up aa Columbus, near tbe bead of navigation, had 11 en ten fnt from low water maik. and a Urge number of llat boats had diiftcd down from that section, Ir.un which quarter we have laliable mlvtc** from collecting atbvr Beja, to tbe luoat prouinent Job'iing bouse in our oily, that they ara only now . orn'nea-leg to send In iniri.*! He cotton err p ol llwl*.. jeer* prrcenlngtha praaont. t'n 'he same unblaa.*! I autbuiity *t state our convl'itioa thnt iheie I*, on that river aeoti .n no v, upwards of CO.OOt) liales ol old cotton fled rimr, Huulit'a, Arkan sas, anil Yens., all contain yet considerabl * portion* of old cotton certainly over -f.Q <)r0 bal*e LIVBUI'QOL CLAdMIKlC'Atllit f*' Ti't<i ,'f Oi fer?ir 4- IVrie. firdin uy to rood S',a HI. a'.,* s1. 8'.,* b'r H'.vH 'j Ir.w mludller U a . Pal', ItaU'.Oakj MakJluir jvarageliel ? 'JJ-, ? ? . ? ? !i\ - Middllne, even iol -P1 ? ? 9'i ? ? if', - ? W. ? <;<hs1 mlddtlnp. Uvilll ki.ato', til atti'.; lu Mtdi'dtea r fir l(.\iln'i W.alo J if)1 ,*10'. lO'.alb . Fair 10gisidfu.r ..? bd, II lu'.all 11 ull . ll'JalfS CITY TttADi: KKJPOH r. n *ntMY, Nor 27?3 i'. \t Auk-?Tl.t* market ? a flrra frli*ll **a1 ? of ih> , w*? ruiuJt nt 7c obllo p< ii'li weioat nhout '1)40 a 80. Bkiuutart r ?I lour - - tlie market *|<?ur<l t *1** rally itlf cill) In the Icnenoon, nn*:?r the i nnir that 11>< cat ?i bud 1 Oerd, which at a Inter |*eriotl wax aout radiated by l<lgr?j>b 1 "*l<??? (f*v? way anil clt*.?e*l dull at the In aide flgurra i.l the pri'i I ><:* *!ey, Incliulm* eoma aal**? <iC eajwrtiM htate, No 1, at d a I2}ic. da Una. wh'le (nod c mn*nn to extra brand* eloed dull a'e" .it tie piinaa of the pr* ending tap The trar.enar I n* ? rubra <?<! ?itH'U! 12 000 ., iui:lu. lug or.!Ioni it rotntti'm Cut , it III 26 a SO 81 >4 : en. d common at 81^ ?t,.i extra da at Into. Miami ami l.iu t Michigan a u dull, and aula* een* n a-V a ft* 1 * \ ? ft 26, ami u**<iui, u t?i fancy .?nd extra llUnila, Jndunv Wlarondn arid Ohio, nt $1*26 a CO 74. Ar/i<*lig ti.e piralu-e* were Ni't.itl lot* to (ill M'tii'lf, and '*o\n?l tboatand fur i-ipor*. Int.a range*! lr**m 4M 87'j 11 (II '25. <nu Ian ana dull a it'i tilM of about 1,000 bl*U. at (0 #7ff ? MO 02 .'4 for common and extra South' rn was h"?ry, and -aJaa war# made at at> mt 12'? eenta decline, wilh of at*nut 1,600 t*lit * at pilm* ranging'row about 10 '12 a (V 87 foe inlid to nbotaa l.i .'U*!/, and 40 t'4 a (11 'in AtMOtad Mtra; liiUaMt ttrl Hexi.ll Richmond inand. wein h-H a< $"i 75 an V Itlal'/i I eteieburg lily liiU* at (11. Wh* at?Ifkatt ?.e firm, ln.t piicee >iii un*hing*l Iho at'oa (uibraoad about '.6.C00 baahe a Ire! 'lad in wulch abmt 10 <>0t> 1* 11,e \\ t? rn ri 1, ul 11 l.i a (I W, I,,00,1 haabeli iiif# 11* r <"aiiiv. Ian wbl'a at $2 15, . .',Q 1 lu. Miteouii while (prin.a) at 12 .1 Tenue.-ae* rod w.* at 42 1> a (2 10 c* uthain at ab*ut (2 ?6 and I afar lor rail MU**?utl at $ 07. t'< in w?? nunc (Ctim, and -ale* of 60 fad a 't*t - 0( 0 buebrla oi V-relet 11 mixed were made at al >ut (I 0.1 j* $1 CI fri rri -tore, ?r**l CI 06 a (1 0(1 (ialirai **1. Kye '.a** firm At ou 8 COO 1 10 .*< 0 ba*be)i> wn e ?<>! I a1. (I 31 a 41 1', win r**n ? lota at $i 6. <lata were *cUu>x at ntx'ut f. a Me (u; . lata and Wen tarn. !url**.t war un cbengi d. Tln ripnit elearaorea from thi port for tbo tirtadgbt ndlr| nn tlit Kid lint. ?o.? a'toll iw ? 1 in rp<*< I? 1 lour, 7>tila Itbeat, bunl.e; , (a in, ilo 11'itiKin? Hour, bMa t* inat, I u h*la. <)ata, *l?> 5 almriu tj> It bent, tuilnli. tilnigi '?? I n ur, \t I 1 nt, hnahi la Corn, do. llarn? I lour, b' la.... Vt lieat, I hel Marmlllm? I lour, b .In. .. W tat, bo tu>l?. Then en? Rjr tin?hi1 l|>1*D I? Bje, bunbclx A,it! (1 i?r? ?Tlit ''ai(" of iilo |?er the roatnrioa i'I 1 mr?; imii.IiI, tuaiiivi*. 00 iii ilarat# tat n? ati! * ? ut Mi imp. do. w t*t nt 10,V. ? Hj.i'.an! 100 d tfrn enlbo at lie. a 11'4* lb" nnrai; ol't'd rniii fl ri At pul lr nuetl n !.h I dun 11^ tna in ? ruing 0 Hl>> porketn idd br"*? 7">?t lodia J'.ra ?? ! 1 ?t IH'4 ' ? 14 ,r ),: .?* aMn.ii.ed am- mni rerp a i* ?-.ti.rr, an 1 e.iria "i*0 |xcb' w?ia al'lidrmni. Owror.- Die fale* rn.braced alxnit I 'RiO a 1 *1 hale Tilt marhat cloatd vithutlt irbang* i.i price tfi'lliiu : opii' d- nra* at a* '.'? >> lh" ?t. ? mn iouel lljh'. !*r ?be ?ea?on, and tbf iemand rteolr. I' Kc.ur. .?f'atea to 1 Iverte ? I and London aare bei'.er, ? ore nffeitmt. to be (irmrr t*n<it M.IOI a 60,000 i? la (lain, were t?k"n in lulk ti.*l *.)('. at 7'4*1 a 8<! ami alcttt 2,W <> br.let of COtUiD at .... t*>f ? u?'l lull to liII up. nn*i 11 mmalad "\t 6-did a . I'd 'IikI'I IhB at lie Uttrr fljiirr I <>J I ? ignr at 23*. fd '.nd 100 tlerra? tier' at la M. To fin re Ou I ?tn'a flour wn.a taken a. #0e., 100 tie. -n W at II ' n .11 jam-In of el.irb trere i?u. it (ll.tnbiia ( ?" ? ?? at vie. To lift it,en 100 tl"r' < 1 Irene* '*ngax?lat it a, Tbi It Waa no I II g n< a o (."r | I . I*' rr?About 1 600 m X.^ Jt J? rn .'I we; ? ? Id b) II dti r wlo't botai at (?' 5' halxea at II 74 and i| *?r t?f at '.* c I a}ere w? te ?l a'?. 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