Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 29, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 29, 1855 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7032. MORNING EDITION-THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1855. PRICE TWO CENTS. THE STANWIX HILL TRAGEDY. Trial of Tiw" Baker for the Homicide of William fool*:. THUU> Hi*. COURT OK OVER AND TERMINER. Hon. Judge RwuntU fwluity. TUB PBOPlJt VB LOWS IIAKB&. Nov. 28 At the opening of the Court this morning Mr. Clark Mid that he deemed it indi ipensably necessary for the Jarj to view the before much more tes timony was taken, because however in'-elPgrnt the wit nee.en may be, the jury cannot un loi-Uuil the te.ti atony unlesa they do no. He xuggeeto I that 'he j iry en 1 the Court, accompanied by officers, pro.ecu at once to visit tha scene of the affray. The Judge naid that he had seen the place, and that it U very little altered, according to the description given by the witness yesterday, ftie Ju<lge thought they had better go on wi.h iho eviluneenow and the Jury ooulrd view the, as being Thanks giving Day there would be no C.iurt held, or they might adJ joum a little earlier to-day and go there. John I)aan was again called <o the stand?Q. hv Mr. Whiiing ler the prosecution?Yea staled yesterday that the first shot fired was bv Turner , was Vhore any other shot before the second shot by Turner? 4. I thins not; the next shot was by Baker: tiler H iker fired there were other I hits fired very repldly I'uruer fired rapldiy; I oan't say that I saw a pistol wi'b any one except Turner and Faker; I did not see one with i and-eug I saw a pit to! with I'oole in the early part uf he evening before they came, and after the party rame. I saw ibe handle ntieking out of his left hand o*?u io?n? pocket Q. Wd you see the pistol in any other place than In his pocket? A. I did not; 1 did not sec ii after I'oole was shot; Turner and Baker were the las. i wo of the party who remained. Cross-examined by Mr. Clark?I had been in that es tablishment only one week wtien this occurred; 1 had been a butcher for 25 or 20 year-; liyier, one of the parties Indicted for this murder, lived up stairs in my hou-n at that time; his fiunily lived up there with him. in the third story front room; 1 don't know If there win a faro bank up stairs; 1 was not serving behind the bar at the time; William Mitchell was tending lhe bar when the men came; Hyler and Turner came firs'; i'n nediately after, I think lion and Van Pelt came in without much interval between them , next came Mr. H.ker ; next Mr. Andrews, I think, and l'audeen last; the interval wai grever be tween Paudeen and Andrews than that- between the com ing of the others; when they came in they a - .1 up to drink; they all seemed to be friendly, but Baker ant T'nole did not speak; when Mr. linker lovited them alt to drink, 1 suppose he invited Mr. I'oole; Baker said, "Come, let tut all take a drink ? Mr. Clark?Thai's the usual way men do, to treat the crowd. Mr. Brady?Of course ; it's one of our Institutions. (Laughter.) Wilnees continued.?None of the party seemnltnb* in liquor but Toole and Pauneen ; I'oole had been drinking hard ; he drank wine all the time; the wine ho drault was champagne ; it was J ale brandy was drank in Baker's tieat; I drank, Mr. lylerand Mr. Baker, and! think one or two other no eons, drank at this time; Turner srd i'oole were drink ing wine st the counter; 'bat iv n th" condition of things when Paudeen entered; the flrHt thing that attracted my notice was Paudeen addressing I'oole in the wav that lie did; nothing had been sold or <l'<ne at all out of the wiy before that; Paudeen (aid to I'oole, " What are joa looking atf" I had not my eye on J'nols; I paid no more particular at.cnti in to him than to the rest; I observed nothing in Poole's ipauner to ex cite that remark from Paudeen; 1 tool, notice of IRudeon When he came in, because I knew that was hi. manner; that was his '? style" (of speaking): I said ti Pau deen " to behave hlmsilf or go out of doors, at I would not have any fighting there;" I'audeeu asked why I didrf't put everybody out; he then wonr. up to Poole, and called him "a black tauzz'e 1 son of a b? " and asked him If he would lick bhn; Poole said he wis not worth it: he then asked Poole to go out to the yard to fight, when Turner took hold ot Paudeen, an I said "th-y didn't nome there to fight," Una aad Van Pelt also in terfere!, and Paudeen struc t Van i'el; snd made a kick at Linn; the next thing was, Poole mil he w mid b?t *50) that he would lick any man In New York; h - polled live 810 gold pieces out ot his pocket mil trove them to ine. [llsgram produced, and witness explain- ihe different Sasitif un of the parlies, the counters wash h in 1 slan I, c., and describes the spaces between each J Q. t want to bring you to the p -in' wMre Turner, I .tun and Van l'elt inteifried bet wet n I'uu'ioen aid I'oole; des cribe tbeir potiflot??? Witness ugaiu describe-; up to fhit time Iteker did nothing; Paudeen hid bold of Poole, when be (Poole) said, "who can lick me for 85'X>," Paudeen bad hold of him bv the right la.ipi 1 of the e ? it; he look the money out while PaudeSB had hold of him by the coat; it woe after Paudeen said, "I can lick you " thai Poole took the money oat and put It In my uni t, and said, *' hold that;" he did not slip the money nn the counter, but handed it to me; 1 then went pro'ty near the end of the first, bar; 1 piu tl e money in my pi> list; t fuses I put it in my left pocket; I walked away, and urned round to look at them. Q. Why did you take the money f A. I wanted to get it away from Mr. I'eole. Q. Was It because he was drunk 1 A. No. Q. Why did you wsnt to get It from Mr. Poole, If it was not because be was drunk r A. Because I thought he folded away ro nsy enough thai night; 1 never saw him SK> drunk but he could take care of his in uey. Q. Lid you expect there woul i be a fight 1 A. Vot for that money; when I was surveying the Scene, the nearest person to me ws~ Tinner; ft was then I beard him say, "Now. Poole draw " Q. Had you ?een, in the meantime, - what Poole had been <lolng with his pistolr A. I could nut; I know that up to that lime Poole had the pi-t.J in hi- pocket; it wis in the leftpooket; 1 am sure of t'; I don't think I can ha mistaken about its beiug In hi - Icit pocket. I saw I' with him after the first affray tha' evening; I have seen a pistol with him before; it wis a usual Colt's revolver: it prelected from bis pocket as much as three or four Q. Irid It project so much as would enable a light man to put bia right hand aroun-f his buck under hi- c m1, and take it out o! his pocket, and bitng it book under the right tall of his coat, and shoot it -iff t A. I think a light man csuld; I could not do It. (Wit ness is rather a stout man ) To a Juror?It would require '.he u-e of the left hand to push it beck to hia right hand behind the hick. Q I want to know if yo i <11 i not ??>.? something on the part of I'oole at that time that indicated 'muffle 1 firing f" A. No, sit; when Turner naid ' Now, I'oole, draw;" "oole put his bands up to bis sines, (on bis hips, over his pan taloon pockets;) be didn't say ? word wnen be put bis bands up; I eaunot undertake to recount everything that occurred la exact order. Q. I nat to know if you *uiv*ye<l the ecene with telmneek, or iter, or excitement? A. I never thought of mjrrelf; 1 vw not confueed but I w?< aurprUed; Biker wan ulanding between the door and the oyater box, Po >Ie Sit aroncd the eorner of the e arner, up to thi* time xker bed not done anything; Poole did not nay anything in reply when Turner ml<i. "Now, Poole, draw," he {Turner) got into the front of th- counter, threw oil hi* coat, and ?aid, "Now, Poole, draw." Q. Irtm't yon know that It w*? because Turner aaw I'oole muffling hi* piatol that be told blm to draw? Mr. Whiting objected. Witnee* continued?I did not h??- from my harkeeper or any one dee that I'oole wai muffling bi? pistol. (J. ldd you wateh Turner** pt-toi when b? liredy A. Yee. he pulled it ont and ?aid 'Go in, hoya,"and retted it on hi* arm: I aaw bim ahoot hcnaelf in the arm; I aaw "the piatol discharged ; I >111 not aee the bulla* : the muzzli of hie pietol re-te.1 on bia arm when ho hot hlmrelf he fbll immediately, Turner waa at tba tims from twelve to fourteen feet from 'he door on Broadway, and four or five feet from me; et the time Turner ahot him ?elf I'oole bad got a onnd the corn-r of the counter; I did not notiee anything that wa* aai-l af'er Turn-r ahot him aelf; I watched Poole and Turner; I waa coll-cted enough to watch them, linn had gone out doora before Turner ahot himaeif; lion and Van I elt went on' af'er Paudenn kieked at one and atruck lM 0'her , Hyler was in th cloeetat the time the tint pl*to) was fire ; It I* a eloaet under the atalra; I think Andrew* and Hyler ran lutothe ?]n*et together when Turner ilr-t took hie pie'it out; I am* them come <mt of the cioeot after It wa* all over, I mi-aed tbewi at the moment Turner pulled out hi* piatol; i raw Poole'a leg projected oat when he we* n'ani ng neer the counter; I e*u't toll who Brad the ahot* that made any particular bullet maik In 'he place; the na?<e<t to Po wall to Pernio, when he ataggered, waa the one nea tho wa?bhan>'|fUnd. be ataggered to the fart he*? wall an 1 toward* the ahot. I did not aee a man name I Mellon.,ugh there, I do not I DOW how I'oole and Baker cam* to gether; I did not he?r anr ahot* before Turner flrei; while be wa* filing Bake fired I *b"iiM judge that Tur ner Bred tour or five ahot* linker'* flret Are wa* at Poole'a bre?*t; Ma aecood Are w.i? when they w*r? pull ing him off of I'oole; I did net rec any one etrlke Baker; I did not aee I/-tier pull B*l er by t?ie coat to trv and keep htm in- ihe an axle of Baker* p(*tol waa p In'ed down when he Bred, 11mud two b o Date in the d-nr; I ?did not And any In the wall there are three bullet marka n the wall, on the *<utb aide two oo the doir and one nth#end f the counter, I ah ' ild auppo*e th >ae ahota n the wall came from toward* the d?or. U, Are thoee eh'-t ma-ke op jotlte where Pente atooi" A. Yee, I ehouid j dge the nark* me abiut the height that would be if firod r,om a man'f porket. (Brown ow-re -a' produced, with acveral bullet hole* In the right hand ?ktrt-> WlUiem oontiouerl?1 never mw but on* of those bullet hole* betore; I know - Corky Jack" by sight. I thiuk he wa* there, the only ?h..u I <*> 'tr?d were th *te by Tur net and the two oy Raker, wi'h the exceptioa of what I ?*<d abont !'aurl*eti and I cannot he certain about him I did not *"o Corky .lack or Karri* fire any ?ho'.?, 0. By Mr lira.iv?I'M 70.1 -a* th- act of-h-.ting a pi??oi by aoytealy but Tnroe- and Baker ? A. Sou* but what I have eta wrt; 1 -aw Baker fire twieo, and Turn-r tire, and 1 eaw no ovhe. per-on fl-e. (j. Can you tall how it waa that Turner, wrpo wa* aober, ?h >t him*elf In the ar.n A. I cannot tinjeea by p **-.option I did not ?** Any peraan take h-Id of Turner by th* arm, lurner <-niwl*d to the dO"r, b* di-1 not walk : 1 cannot te 1 wd ? rher he gut out of ti e do 1 ti? any a? i*t*n -e, I cannot ray ?h*tlar I le w*. let'. haCo l. t think not th r# were iwaiva light* in tha r >.? h.' tig'c. the a-iog ;u not put ont at.y of th- light* that I ko -w. Wltnte* to M k - I want twtor* Mr Ju-'.l.-e B en- | nan leu moin- g .no made an alTi *v.' M' Clark eak.d the I -tri t vu.mey II ha wou .1 pro 1 dune tlve alb ten'-. Tha IHatrte: Attmnay aaid that the paper-ware gif?n | to the late Judge Mi ni* whoa the appll ation t > bail wax ui. dp. a ad they hud nut beeu seen tinea. Mr (lark asked the wltnaee if ha did ant say In htt dt petition* bfliirn Jaatlcc that Dakar fell trrrr or under I'oola? Will en*?1 never said under. Q. It; you not cauae a ataloment to ha published 1 h it Toole't I'lutol wwa found nex'. day. capped and lou lei f A. No, I never saw such a statement. I do not know what became if the aUlul; 1 n rer *?w It since; 1 did n it know ibtt llarrit Landed a platol to my bararaper lu keep. To Mr. Wlnllng?When Bu'.-r come la I think hi utked all to ditok; I'-ole wat dtlnkiug wine at tb* 'luia; he drank nothing but wlno thx' nigbt, I did not kn >w that IViole and Bukcrjwere not friends; it waa the conduct of J'sodeen that led not to think there w mi l b ? a tight; I'audeen lorJted 'be outside door when lie cam- in. Mr. I lark?There la a large door in-i le thu outer d -or, arid it wax swutg to, and do you ray you could *e* hi in lock the doo>? A. No, I did uot sea him lock It nor hear blm lock it. l< Do you not know that tbat door wat locked by onv of l'i oteV friends after Baker came in! A. No, I do nut; flu- foor war locked and the key wax '.eft in it, I unlock ed Ibe door and went out a* far aa the corner of 1'rlucn atiett to took for a policeman. l|. Why did you not tell us tbat you had boen out dur ok any of the tiiaer A. I wae not asked the |ueulou. (j. At what par', of thu diacuxelon did you g > cut? A. When I'audcen first tpoi.c to 1'o'ile; I did not Hod a po liceman ; when I enme back 1 nud-en wax standing in the Mat place as when 1 went out; I wait but a few miuutus out. To Mr Whiting?The reason rsiij.pnxe I'audxen I >?k ed the door I* tbat hw wax the lent man who rams In; I knew by bU manner there would be a light: I then de termined to go for a policeman, and on g"iug found the door locked; uiy partner Mr. 1 ?eagle, la in St. Isiulx. Mr. Brady raid that In the opening of the caxe tor the pm aecution aomelhing bad been remarked ab mt a pre vious affair, and that nothing h..d been axked those wit cesses about that occurrence, lie now gave notice that he would not concent that they should be recalled to tCH'.ily to anything of that klul; the prosecution ebould exhaust tLeir teatluiony while they bad thetn on tbo AtMXlft. James Ackr-rxon. examined by M-. Whiting, depose!? I aw a painter; in Febr uary last my b"?lnAxx wax wag ing bar at Mr. Poole's place in Broadway anil Howard street: I wax present at the affray that took place at Stanwix Hall. It wax on Saturday n'ght; I Kbniilri judge we shut up Poole's place at 12 o'cruck; wul.'ftwi'h the intention of going borne; nybrother Jacob an.i <'y. Harris ware with me; Wf heard that Mr. I'o >la wan lu a mux at Btnuwlx Hall with Mr. Moirixxey, and we went up to Slanaix Halt; we found Mr. Poole, Mr. Janeway, Mr. leon, Dean and I eagle there. Q. Who else wan therer A. t)f. H irria, Jwob Aclcer?on ? ndmyrelf; .hut i* nil I recollect when we went in Ho,it* waa at theenri of the counter nearest tired..or, 1 wo* there when linker came in ; there had not been any difficulty befmo Baker came in, while i wax there: I can't toll how long I wax there before tinker arrived; other people ruixcd in and out all the time; I cannot tell how uiany, wax standing by the stove, I xaw tbt-rn all there; there were there. Baker, Poole. Van I'elt, Unn, l'aodeeii, By ("bay, Hani* nod Campbell; I dhl not *e? doTtx-sy there; when 1 turned round, Linn NiltoM ' How do y.iu do?" and I an- wo.i'd him; then 1' naul to t'oolu, '? What aie you looking at, you black muzzled eon of a b? h ;" he went up to i'role and took him by the eoat, and xuld to bitn, ?' You are the American fighting boy;" Van Ftlt went up to Pauriecu to la'erferc; I'a.deen hit him and he went awny; Turner came Inio the front of the loom, took ftiT hi* coat, threw it on the counter, aud xaid, "bail lit boya. rail in; "xb? laid his pixtol acroxx hix arm and tired in bin own itrtn, aud he fell, he (Turner) then kept tiling nil the lime; i'eole put up hie hnmli and raid " for G< d'e xake, buy* don't murder me;" wltneee then went on to tie cribo t hat I'odle wax under and Baker on ri.e knee; linker a?td, "I'll taka you, any how;" linker fired at I'nole. and atterwurdx g>t to the door; I have told ail except that Turner xpit in I'oole'* lace while I'au deen had liiin hv the cellar; 1 aaw the aplt over hi* eye; l'oole shoved him away with bix I .audi open; I'audeon Waa at the other xi'.e of Mr. Campbell, arid 1'iiote got round the corner of the counter; Cy. Shay xtood behind l'oole, who nt"'d aide way e to the Counter; I'audeon paeeed behlml Campbell and caught bold of I'oote, when he wax getting round the cuunier Cy. Shay go*, out of the way and etor d near the oyeter box . I xaw l'ocle hand Mr. Lean antne money; what it waa for 1 old not know; 1 nid not hear Baker a-k any one to drink. 1 xaw him go un to the bar arid drink; when farnor pulled out hi* pistol be eaid, "Now hoye, eoil in," he put blx pistol on Mx aim, alioi him elt and l*-l); 1 del not limr turner amy to Pool* ' draw;" what 1 heard was ' xili iu;" be was in the middle of the floor; when Jio discharged the pixlol in bix arm It was pointer! toward* l'oole, when Turner fell Le full with hie head 'owardx the wext, aud al.e; he lull lis turned with bix bead toward* the bar; it war when T rner drew hi* pixtol that l'oole said, "you're not g dog to mur.'er lne.P when hexael thai he .uie! lilr hands up a (open xn.l in fr. nt of hlx y. Can you '.ell how Baker and Poole came togcthfcr? A. When l'oole was staggering liaar-r uliucbeo lilni when I say he xtiigge ed I menu h" went forward; ho xtooped and (daggered; he did cot fall, but linker cliPeherl him. and they tell against the wail and linker pieced hlx right ? nee on I'm le'x left side mid tired a pixtro at hix brcaxt, the first xh ol neatd wax by Tu* uer; betwtx n ihat tirxt xhot of Turner an.l hi* second th?re were other nhotx Bred, I don't kn >w by whom Poole die not (Ire a nliot at all, I know, becauxe I oar watching luui all the time; l'oole hail hlx handx up at the time he m shot in the Itiee; I do tu t know whether he ha l a pirtot with him or not; I did n. t see Baker lire more 'lian the one xhi t at Poole; Paker got up off of Poole; I did not eee any lake htm off ? f htm, out I think when he wax going out ?t the door my brother caught hold ol him; when I audeen wax going '-ut of the d.xir h< discharge) a pixto. at Locter; wl.en Baker went out I heard two ahotx discharged In the xtieet; I could not tetl rrbrdhnr they we o from Baker'a pistol* or not; when the xhri* we-x fired in the erreet l'oole rold Cy. Sbay to come fr .m the floor for tear he would be allot; 1 had no pistol that nlgbt ; I never carry one; I "don't know whether my brother had one or not; (he only pistola I xaw were with Baker, Paodeen, and Turner; 1 only xaw Baker (lie once; from the beginning totbeend of the affray I did not see I'nnln lire a 'hot; I did not help to etiip him; (brown coal again produced;) that Ixl'noh'x coet; It is the he had ..n that n'vht; I ?aw the note iu the coat at Mr. i'uole'e ht.u <?, afterwards. but I del net know how they came there; (drab pantaloon* 400 doced.j l'oole htd a pair on uf that color. Mr Brady xald?There lx no doubt of It. Poole's name i? en them?" Mr. Wl.llnin Poole." Witnem centIn.ed- Hlx paolaloonx were uot taken off that night; (dark ve?t produced.) he had a dark v*x- on, but I can't swear that that la the one. I did not cou it the hole* in the pantaloons that night;! xaw one hole. I tj. Bow did you xtay there t? at Mtaown llally A. My brother wax tak. n xlck, and he Wanterl ?o gu home, ao I weut and got a carriage an] we went home; I I can't xay what hour It wax, my brother ant Cy. Harris and myrrlf started fr.'.in P'role'* place to go home , that wax our object when we xtarted; I h* 1 no pistol; I do not kn rw whether my bro ther (it Cy Harris htd a pixtol; I do not know wnexe Or Harris lived: I believe be wax back driver, but I can't aay that he wex a heck driver at that time It my brother trs.k a pixtol with him from I'o'.le'x place I don't know why be tcok It, we xtopped lntoSUn?li Hall because we heard theie was a "Bus" there; we did not know Poole waa thr re wi en we went In, I expt ctod to see that Stan vix Hall would be xhut up ax w passed by; we went In the front door, which wax open. y Waa I rxde drunk ut sever when you went Inf A. Well, be wax a little the worxe of liquor; I hart last seen him at hix own place, corner of Howard street and Broad way, at 7 o'clock; I never saw a pistol with Poole; 'here waa one In bla place capped and howled 1 waa only six weeks harkrejer with him; 1 knew him for 1ft year- and wax Intimate with him for about I'.'yxarx, I was of the l'oole licard; I wax at the'JO man engine hall and I'o...e wax there, I have neser been to thextres with birn, I hava not Iwatn on excursion* with him, 1 have been at purntry elections wPh him. y You went there t.. keep ordert A. I went Ike's to vota. I did not go witn l'oole 1 .lid not go thvra at hi* reouext, but I xaw him there; I have bseu at one of hi* figh'a; I wax at the between Poole and Trwe-*, In Barrow street I wax a -mall boy at the time poile and Ira vers did all the tlgi.tjng. 1 don't recollect seeing i.ln in any other flghtx; 1 wax not wi h him at th> flrlr *-e (even him and Morrtxxey, I eax attending my bu in?s< %?a painter a wax while I' wax at Charleston that I went to tend bar for him; he went to Charleston to the races; I don't know that he had a right there; I never waa iu hix eui.l .y lieforv. I am 21 yitri old. and I'ooie wax, I think, tnirty-threa or tbiny-four years old ; 1 euu't nay how tall ha wax , he (Poole) slaughtered for Thus K Br -adway. Mr. Clark?Ha wax Irs buteher troy r A. Ves, sir ; I know linker and Poole associate 1 together, I do not know that they axed to sleep together; there wax sine winter Hxker nx'd to come ft i o le ? house, I mean his p.ace of home**. I haw heard that I'o de carried ? ,.|x tol, hut I don't know of It rriv.eif I don't know If he had a pai .iei.btr person named rraierxe, who uxad to i ?d tlx pletolx; I know Trxvexxe used to comx tnsre bat I don t know ehal hix bnxlneve waa we stopped int > -tun wi Halt, hut we old not Ln >v po-Lively ito?t l'oole <ra? there; we lu?d liearc that he aud M wrix*ey hvl h?'n ?r re-ted fn the early jwrt of the evening, and we lb .ogh' If be had got out the' be would rr me along horn* with ux. It wax not that 1 knew he wax drui k ant that I saoK-d to lake him hotne; I said to Mr. Pool - wh-<n I went in, " How do yoa do ? ' he axled tr.e to take a drink ar c I to< k twngl.oo, of rhamiagn. wiih hira and then walke-l over to ih# stove ami x'ooUUiar* till the e parties Isc got in; I think I l.ave narueo all that t reoolteot w-rm there I wax acquainted with i.ynn. I lu?.l no .d|u^in:.n. e ?ith Hy.ei there wax a uteri named ('ampire)l there he wax examined at the cor no * (uqu*st; Cxmpix-ll keeps ah use on the r ?d. called the Aboey, Oa up veil wax a friend of Pools'*; I .an't say h>> wa- an Intiinxte fiond lo vi-lred his p. rterhouae; 1 was xtan ling at the *'ov?. wl'h my track to the d.-.r an 1 the first thing that attracted mi attention wax Pau. een I'rmle wha' he wax lo. king at xr d th'u cai.iog him a Mark m t rled re D of ah " 1'x le Was standing at the counter r Hi king at the time I did n. t see anything until turned n unu . 1 also h"?rd Pa' 'Wen call hr .lx "tire Ahe.l~an hgh'log boy;" I <111 not hew him ask Poole out to the yard to Oght ; I 'lid not hear Tn-rre' tell Poole to draw, whet: Turner pul'vd hlx pix <1 out, t xaw l'oole put bit hand up I. I^R him. Usui the Kite f turner -e rrd It t I '?* - ger; 1 rut pose be had staggered Wr:xe r lout tcWw ieu Pake- cangh' him. y. Wax rt the xtxgger of a dr.nken rrxat A V. f though' it tin eff ,'ts id the xiro*. I tl ought h> in the Hnx trom i.lx movrn en , at the time b* at I was watrhlrg tr : li Turner and I' Bore l.x 1 In., rx 1 e.. r? ? > - 1 tell d I note rpy idea i th ?y fx t uti me ? tiiggwreo t? ward* Baker; Baker ban a pi in ? da tight banc und caugnt b'Id of Poole hy Hit Ml h.u.d; Ibi^r fired aftvr lit Litd I1 olo d >wu, I dil uut i*? hut the t>elc*? that; I h?w liim lira tint once, 1 lintri tiriig before Hto,ei fired; I did uot heir nay ' mudlm'' liriBt, 1 did nut hea. iiarri* e*k my broth*' ?iir it pit Hi. Old nut ree m>j biother give bun one, did not tee ? t'1- ol 'napped at inkier; I did not tee P.iobi't untid th*' eight;) know nubiug of ll on y ?het the police utlloe |M"U?) iold ui?; I totr. not ex.ootor I be'tir- the 0 ?mner, I l> Id liiui my rtery ?u pretty much the euro* ?? 0/ HtnU'J I think that the whole limn triar. eni|*e I durl f II i' flriwg Croat itt commciie.iieut wn* % minute or t tninu * *B<I i. half, I do not know who helped Tar.err ti g" out. t did not tee I im g > on , I did ii it ?e n in m i U e iii,tut of S! t i n?>? 11 there, dniit hbow him 1 rau't su* uhellui 1 litre My nn* behind l ooie and tie will Willi III itaggeiud I rton't know w y be ? eg{*ied loW.i d ? ToaJoro ?I never took the pmtol in my ban I. '< How did you kin w it wan loaded and c*;ipe A. fberi wan a In) tauied liick Meek who ut?l to ?i.end h?r, ?u I betel, ni? it waa laded; i <lid not a*/ tin. the pUtol war capped. to Mr. Brady?t dll not know that my brother gave a lil-tel Ihat i Ipht to Harritt To another Juror?After Tureer fell ho turned hi. In ad towaida Ihe counter; Poole atood not over two tee I bride (he c rner of the bar. < yru*:-h?y examined by Mr. Vfhitlng?I reditu at It hlng rtriel 1 ant not doing any Imaine** at pre-wot; 1 wits at Slat ?lx Mall the Wvht of thia oimirren.'u; it win onabatutday night Ml ween 1U and 1 when I'oolu rsi allot; I fi.iget the no nth, I waa there when Baker and I Hiuiteu came in, I had liern at tho lirat oocurienoe, and went to tee highlit ward atateio h uae. and then w-u' back to Ftattwii Hall about l<>)f o'clock; them were Mr. I van and Pool*; and trims four to woven of u* went hark froni the ataii?n|h?uM; I'uote waa there wiUitue from halt paat It) till halter came in. Q. W co waa there whan Baker canto inf A- Poole (iamphell, Andrewa, Meeoe, Ingwr-mll. tht two Ai-kerauna, torkey Jack, Thoe. William*, Iwnia Cochran two men from We?lche*ter, wein there 1 think but can not ray poairiveiy; Mitchell waa there, tharv may bu from tight in ten more whore n*nie< I d m'l rwnllu .1. g. Mate who came In with Hake". A T'ley all came in alnioat trge'har; 1 cannot a'aie the o-der ilt y came in, Pain een fso ''alt, Hyler, tinu, Turner and Manor ? ?tone in. l aker we* abou' the fourth that came In but Paul! I en I know to lie the Inat; when they cune in, Poole waa abi ut leu tret Ironi Ibe end id the counter, tamp la-i' waa with hiia, and Poole waa uearont <h" itoir; n. 1 audi en came iu I'nolo looked a> him, and he (Pitudeeu) aid t r I'oole, "You hiack muzzled ?on of a b , w'tut aie you liaibiog all" piede male no >n>?tr; Paoileen paaa' d between I'nole and Mr. I ant,> rail, and mid?' You bl?" k muxxled aim of a b , 1 want to 'gbt you," 1 rti 11 pert \erto 'ia>le and wlil-pere-l hint not to make any reply. anrt auul to turn, "litu't you them thinga ihey have in their harida:'" (J Whittling* ?id you mean * A I miw a pt-'ol In linker'* h?u ., fur nrr in-km I me If 1 had a piatol, and I raid. " V'ou have ore any how, but I don't carry ,mtn? t> msare peopt*;" Turner went into the middle ol the IIoor. took o f hie coin, nod threw it mi the counter, and placed the inui .tr ?l Utr platol on hi* aim: I atveuip'ed to lake it t - iu bun aim i'. weut oil into bin arin;u hei Piedu *tH^g"red Im t< i k hold of Baker tiy the light liaud, IJikri nh > ?? turn <.IT and got hold of biiu, and putting a plum! to ul< linut. naid. ' I giitwr I'll lake ynu any how." and he fired tight down In hit br-art; Paudeeo ?iochnigeo a platol at L/nclor an he war gupigout, uut hit hint in the hi nd. I raw the blood on hi- face, n note ti c I until Turner discharged the pl-tol in hi- arm; noooefirod utfere t'umcr fired the aeoond ?hot. -h-n Turu*r tired o LI* own ai in he wa* pio-ent'og toward* PioJ ., alter Turner flicd I heard >.i"Voral *ho *; Toine.- wt* II lug all tlie time; 1 saw l audren fire twl ? I *?wHerri* *o*p hi* pi-tolat Baker when Baker wa* gelling out, when To ner look out hi- i i-tol Poole i u up hi* htud* and *al i, V nn are no g.'icg to murite. met" i did m?t *??? ? pi* t< I with l'< ole that n-ght. I raw * pUtol lying at the g wo tinlre door after the [H'ly wen' ou ; ilia' w** P.eile'* pirti-i; he dropr-ed it out ot bi* pocket whan h~ tell a r i*? n.y urtn. and rkiri, ? C?. I aui dying;" Porky Jack pi.'.keii cp ti e pistol and I told him t > give it to the ur*t police id) cer ihat e?me; lie gave It to an oili er, I for^e hi* i aiue; when Hiket got to the donr. Mi. Aeker?oograbbed ?bim at <lie'ime linker (lied at I'ihi o, the only po a ma I ???.uld recigui/e Wrre Poole, Paodeeu and Iktae , 'he ,e*t of hem had ran Into he cl .*ei, if er Hake we it n it i'ooje got up; be wa* no' lifted up, h" got up btmaeif, arid (i'ked up', a knife, either oil the fioir or the counter, I ibiik troui tie tloor, and aunt and took hold of ihe handle if the green baix- door, tliey wrre fiing in the atree' ant ( to id to LilC "I 111, C me rfny out III that;" i heard II lug Ottt fii u; i iH-le rai to me to go aw y for fear I ?h o.Ul rm ?bi t mid tha' th- r migl.t aa W'dl come in ah I ltni*b lorn. Mr Ibady olyacted t?? uiy e?i enc'of what .iccdrrort, or whit* I? oh ??lc, after i'akei h it the hou-e. t'oirnrel tor ti e pn *eenH..n did n"t mo*u 11 hit odiioe a* enhlotn e any l. iog th*' Pools aaid at er tin ei b-ft. Mr (lark b witoear?l it ymt fire a pi*lol Boat oiglit.' M'itrer*?I decline to anaam the' 4110 tiou. Mr. Brady **id the wr ne?? w iuld '?? arret the quect tou ugalll on the cru r ex-mioati n runt he w I hi lutre limn t . think wi e'lier l e would an*wer it or u it on kilday in xt. It wa* now pa?t 4 o'clock, the time f .r adjournment. the (. urt aditi'ihlrhed the J rrv 11 rt to Oopve e on liio ruhji ct a I h ni yr one. The J iry Were a - ? dnooie 1 "n 1* ? i.'ioh'here at 10 o'clock ou l ii ?y tun. oirig and 'lien to proceed to tiew the premiae* in ooui any whb .11 off cer. The Cour' then ai'Jnurned over to Friday, In coitae |ieiiei'l Thuirday telng 1 hank giving itay Ihe excltfuo 11 contioue* to inertia e The o mrt vat agniu den*' Ij C owned ami the * enuex Irailing to tie l.iaUdii g, ?* *e I a* ha' i? t of (?haioh*e* atre." at th* n ?r i I the c. .urt, w?ir lli'iinged with perhon* antlmi* '< ge" a gllmpre at Hat er, or to i"nver*e wl'h -oaie ooe v b'i would he able to Inf rm them how the cor p o yiefecd. hb' the nature ot the evidence adduced during 11 e 'lay. Tin- Turf. CKNTRKVILLK COIIRKK, L I.?TROTTINI. Monday, No* 28.? rn>t*lug match, 1'iOfl. mil?- hoafe. W In Ian named b g. Jake Itaklej (to 400 'b. w?^i>n) receive 1 forfeit. t*. Hi cglm 0 named g g. Tecum oh (to 290 lb. wiig ti) paid forfait. Hay* I *Y?Trotting match, loOO, inilo heat* to vug inn. fwner tamed g g Angela. 1 1 *Mr iiiiio)|i?; mtia 2 '? Time: 8-08?3:08. It ICS IlOBBE, HARLEM?TKOTTINO. Ti kktiat. Nor 27.? Trolt'mr match, $1,000, mile heat*, hCHt three in fl*e to vagnoa. tVa'ton nameit hit. m Black Sena 1 1 1 W. bfaute name ) blue g. Blue Morgan 2 2 2 rime; 2:47?J :* IX?2:4 IX A trotting match for $1,000, tw > milt h>?M, In harneaa, ? ame off yeeterriay afternoon, lietveen h. g. Jake flakier ? nd a gruj mare not jet name 1 her Drat appearance In publ'e. Jake Oakley won with i-a-e aa he haa ?r >n erery race to which he haa been engaged. He in a tret/ fact hi ree, wi'h eterjr rei'uMte to make e brilliant career, ttt h good management the coming winter, there mill be e? In niirltr him next npring The tnare I* alio very t??t, atid will do better after a little pra?Uc? on the tu f, but at preaent aht la no match ft?r Jaka o*kl"j The betting prerioua to the a tart wan 100 to 3p, ami longer d<!.- were offered aa the race pngreaee-L The tiUnwing ta tb" ruti.mai J WltrWiuT, Nor Trotting match, $1 000 mile fc'Atn. ben' tbrne in Ave in harneea. It. tt In Ian named b g. Jake efakley 1 1 W. leehodj tumid g m ?? 2 2 nnt Mrrf //cat. Nmmit //ail, I-Irrt ijcarter 30 Klrat quarter... 39 tieli n ile 1:17 Half mile 1:17 X I imt mile 2:16 klrat mile 2:td -ecomt mile MX hecocd mile 2:14 Total A:10X Total ?:?X Or* id th/ ?e time honi ret holiday apurta?a mule raee ? *11 take place at toe f'entrcrllle fmirae tola aflerno >n, when there *bl be fun enough for the farmarn to talk about lor montha to eome. T .erw are ten entrien. the mnlea to atart from the aeore. The one or rnlng in ahead 'hree tine, wth win the puree, Ileatdei, there will be a 'en mile rtca, and ano'ber at mtie beata, beat three io lite. Per eon nl liitrlllgrnir. ilklfaU. A He Aator II-uae lo n \ L Murray, H"o fettl I. ce.trour, Coen, 'leu < lark, New Y'wk, If Wall '?i-d?e Kaiamaroo Mich. Hon f WaMrrwi Hllladale. if ?!> T ' at la HrntM,; Hen A imrltmrale Oea Itamp-lurn lino I ? Ibtirri, Vi-inno lino A iftlrer t'enn Van, W Kami". ? i. New York, t) It Malteaon. t l*-a e; II rhompe'i, Mlcbl ??r. II N tt i lard Nee York. Judge t wit, Harford, ?no, n.n.i a ( on, do M Or Irvine llonae? fleWIU C WaUh Philadelphia. 'feWItt hrtitp do, J II VI art ham iiranada. Nicaragua. Wm II el * , ??, N. t> York II A HarrWit. can f raiu-ieco, John V tdar on womi r a b, n H; Mnrln T Ifiihe, Newport ff'cn t altromla. rla Nffc-aragna, In th" nteamahfp Htar of toe

Kiel a i I. t, I arnetj til AW I tar at* ana e d- , a Palo ie. Mlm I' e'roog N hnpano ?, <? nepenona. II ma ?r, A i Ictuudeon i ' in iA' It Hull'Ur J H Wlna, J Well > M h 'in ?' a Mro. I ? a ?er J liar, I II Maribarn. Ib an u i' e.dn J A Tn r J i I , ' ? I HI. J A I relalvl J If Oeto - it, A /? e. It lat.i i, i. p earaeant, ?' Earring on, W M d?r rtll I, J t'trirre. t* 'I .en A ()u. r mprwna Ufa engnr N llaora in I I atle, W ft Hope I N Waterman. i| Maralen n. Af Minwnar, f> II Ifa-.da. J Mama J WnhuteM-i k Ho?t? it e'ewarf J Can bran, P A <<?(*? It Klrtln are I lAJindte ?Vtrifp, tmtAUTunm. frit I Ivrponl, fn ?t?nuufbip PjmhI r-lrMM) Mm .Ia'am, * \m%, ?r?i 'i Xr? Th#? HHni** TI V K m lUWtp+rn Kprh*rr M W HrhmH M n*kme, H A I r r iMKr, Iorli, Mm M! Kuho wl r >114 ' ' ?*, Ht" J?r p O Uaf?i?? )l?f.rtPt? A\' +r Jmpki i r>IV%< ? IUeImH ? Tar*km I rA Mr* J II ?nfi t?o 'h..?Jr ii Chw* o H I. khiftfR Mogh M' r?r?p-?t, im, k ? +rvr hp*? >| v |'? > *rry ao*tw??p f*%h? I \ t Nr* Y'ffc; M P 4n?f?r* Mr ml Mn II Ihi if /?irmyrt ??? (im lutkn* I?r J ? Ir^ntfK* %.#! I. ml. ? ?ffc. ? <A Rplif, a W Mi ? Mf t Ann <*'*? i.1 \ ? ?t li H T A ??? Hirer P'?f?f p, M t t ? ?lf If > ' Wfp %'? | ri.iiA M ? H?r p* el * H'? H Mn V m # H Whtf# J Oaf-wwii^ ?: J ViiiiP p (ff.fh.t* . p am <>?'d a .In, . 1S ,IM , , . .?!? . Id tt.fl N M hP, IL J M Jaw TBe OtuittnUlf SMI?..?ICtf?T?m-HwU,i r I rum Mr. Joan Van Burnt. to rail uoitobs of to* ab ,im. OWTUMMf?You WW* preeent m epeotator* at the ,ro* oecdiaga or our State Convention although member. f what ia called the "hard" orgtoiz. Jon and I there <? ? eat a apace In jour columns to make a atetu until to the pobllo A? a '*11 ha* beeu mode for the atom tiling of th > Ma,lona) 1 ctniereilc Commit'** at Wa*hing<ou, oa th t I (?th of January nrxt, and aa tr.e member of thut cm mltteefrom (hi* HUti i) an Uj4imato and Enoch ruluel perarnal and p.41 leal fil?nd of mine, who will probaolj I'articipate In It* proceeding*, I centre to tar that I ?hUl ia no waj, direct./ or uu'l.retly, tak* (art in any,>t In* Dtwini'tiaii that are to be made of Pi evident and Ylao President, prior to 'he enHoltg election. When 1 eWled it. a..tlj In Haifalu that I dealr-d te 1m. a to the Cincinnati Con rent ion, 1 had er?rj reaaon t> believe (hat I ehould tijiment in part a a?iu?d ami vldtorio?* part/ to..' the molt In the count/ of Krto fully e|'ialiod my expectation*. the vote in Kne crwuty mi* year, con. phred with proviuiix than v?? locl &***. Pirn*. Hate. 1?-. 7 5ld ? or, ft+um. //,*. A..V. iinrl. 'J5? ? H? 4,^11 7.71 - 44J '""fr -',7io 4,ai?i a; 1 bate taken 'lie rote of Clark and Seymour in .VI, and it ttiu* appeal* that in a city whvie Mr Kill more ho* long rt W?d and which lion b*eu fn-iuw?.Uy agaimt ua, and a c umy ovirwh.du iijRlj whig, (in 44 oy mote than ?> (MO ?* nw cariy our whole city and cunty lick*'*, ani gtvo to tho h, neat ami cap Lille neinocrat* on our State licM't, iu ah uriiifU'(<l vm-iivm ??, a hwe**pin(f uyijurity. .Li* to the teculli'l a c?. die) union an: a genaroo* f,>> getfutueea ol pant dills, suoaw; it wan *tfecW, not by talking, hut by woil lug. I am not van, enougn t? nun |M -? mat u,y .pcakitg (koru cuul-ibulod in.t enally w> oui euccea*. It I* ob*ion*, hocrwter, t ia. I', did no in jury. lhe deniocialio that tojk place there 1 iiO| t.l Wuu.d iccur throughout the -ute, and the o,ur?o of /out paper greatly *,r. ugthed thin nope. The I) I truiathm which I obtained lu eveiy part ol th* State that 1 vini cd, and t e ?orreetaea* i f tint lulorwaUia a- "hewn by thu caovann, io? Armed Ud* Impr. ?*l.ia. A.buny iu tho ( lint.,a and ,.|iy ?t ? )<*??, ju the in rlh Hullalu in i|* J/i*ou e 'n'o" rco'.a aiol Chemung In the aou'h all give ,igu* of * thiroqgh and gratifying union ol Cemoerat*. In New Y ,rl> Ki.ig. and he count!' * I tru-ted entirely, but mi a* it new prove*, to th* <*?. ma of me C do d St ??? g .vara Ii eot and the* "I the ttaio- 11<*. If * uim had bton eCe<:t*d, the majority of Judge -pM*n l?ut feliiilj indicate* ibe comotaLiding vo e our ticket -r olid have rewin d in thi great and pelti >Uc Stat*. avoir ho?*.*r, nxin l< hat* tal.ou u rill',cot turn, ano to h?Ve be lll*d <>l. ibelj wat I lb oigb to nave I* ?o u'u "fcnt calcuU'lon*. 1 mint oorlorm to them, aula* II haa at no tin* l*i-n uiy puip *? to carry the cuutwve, ,,l douiocrata or ti.i* -ute b> the door or a con virion in an :h< r, and ?? in diacua Ion* which, In my j n|g liir/.t I ought not *.en to in' pr.-aent at I -ha,I leave th'r unwi'lc nt? ta.k, If it reioaliie inevl' ihl-, to "th-r and Holer hand*. In th* meantime I desire to ray th*' iv an.) t?e pre** ha* or will have any author!'/ to t'j mailt trie to a<*ii u th(? ClciHiiniiti (* ?nv.? ?ti .fi th ""-e to lake. I, a* eeein* fo i<* antlcipa'ei anything annuld b* done 'hme *roni win oh a I'laueibl* hni rone* can lie it'tfn hy any gw? 'leinan that lh* pa- o: proeeut action of the ileui t of tfilja fiat*, with whom it ha? alway. l".v f rill* and pbunie to a-C is * bjict* 1 hi r* jni iica I -hail oppote and ure all proper eunl ma to de leal t'.e D' inlnee* o' th* C-ur.entfon. It h?r i*w , .,ig vt'd th*t our Houihern friend* i *-lr* fo r*- .|*.o the .'avery aciU'l >n. Tl * Heinocratic Nat. in .1 C nri'i.ti >n 111 1IW4, 1K.8 an. 186J, re>olv*d I ha' thl* ifiould nit lm ? ? no l h*lr uti'lar*iaiidiiig arid agrectcen war In* >r je iwled ii the phit'i rm of ilwlr Convoii ion In 1H,>4 in ill* foil w nj rl*?i ai d emphatic r.-rm ?. K*?otv*d That th* itiawviOl party will r"<l*l a.I vie not* H renewing In ' ongraaa. or oui ol II Unagi a'acng i ,n rla* ?rr u'lulo 0U LUi(1*r "ba,e?raka|>ai,r ciior '.lie aUempi miy be In lb 14 and 1863 I war a member of the nat ional d' n.i.criitlr parlv, in lblR 1 w,o* a oieuila r of the d*iu * cialb' pa ty ol New York, but not of i .ona i n.l loin ? evrp??'/. Wbniavar I have le*o a meui mr of tb* ||?|| nal Oeu.1, oath pally 1 have act ..pd-u lyo?reiv?i till- <g I. Ii.-nt?1 die not ev*n depai t t oiu it in all ha ai gi; ill ? iie-l'io that grew mil of to* N. ina-.u '.ill C ,| th mm i?lii Ui pund.h, (aa lir.i a ? lg i lodojr lell I 1 WO'* (dm in reply to fr.i.j b. u?, Which Co. hiiei.u I lor PU dilation AerluU o. io ... gai'l o (til Nebra-k.1 bill we * iutrod<M*<.l lot . th i.?n i al lor nutter a', (amnion/ Hall of whi li I war and ... a iiirmhcr. I voted No t on tli"?e io? d ,ti m. .od I r ?*(! th. h Int'odnctlou. With than* ?x ?.?,,! ,ar I c.hal nog ? aoy one to w:"<ie I nave ?ii.,er ny ? i log ,, *!<? rh poLKrlT i.tmod the Neb,a ka lull until i * lu* '0 "'U Mat*. I war, .. you ko .w, I our 'OP Iov ah., or* frorr, thia * a|,., . uiemver o our .itat* i. i v-i,t*? and attended Ita d. lllr*.?Uoua Uioogh not r? ? nicer of 'fce n>ir on njiy of it * c A xuo?o aUf oia {otiiotic (ioUbATAtUo 04t?4(iitifjr I ww' tU thu 'O'lr. A r Udl i ttM! of nilU^U bif'j V itttd ? it "l.'l lal'hf I ,!*.,ocr*ta *?r* appoiu e-l ... .,)? coVi. to repot re-oiuii.ina for lb* c.m.o'em Ion of to* e.nvoa i it. Al h ugh iiivi'led a* to what It * a* proper u> ray, ',e r niu.ll *?? reeu.ed unanliuQua iu '0e declvatlon that ih' convention -hould ii|*.u tb* aubjeci "f .I .r? , I ir ? Tl, ' r of he roinniit *e , M,. rh, p*r<!) ?fi*, ra- l I'v*' ?<l in tl,* c tir.niton, tha* tl,* wd l?* eohject (In ? li.dn.g th* nailoiial adniim trail a) ah u.d i^ ,t, .|,,*,f up] I cloned *itb the euggeation. Mr. h.-paid h .wavr u|. ri n.o . oiu'u e reffe i, n withdrew hi* a.igg*all?a. i ofl'-'cd trr make a pri poaiUou to the aim* e.lect It Mr bej aid wot 11 ecndl which b* del,o.-d. Anang.y l.rueeb n hen aroa* which Ihi?a'ene'l .ayoo'n.w to Iteak up th. conven ion, atacntlcrl p. rl?l ..f wi,| hi in 11r* ticvii he leeolu i' ti which pawuvf, ari l which I fbink you .oncurted, ?ilh olhrrr in hlnkhig aviino cor.vcn'i' u ft inn a rnpinr* A' allev.-nt- ?in' of Ih* ri i ut lican c i'ioeat fha A*tor flou e, whoh.1 pr.*-.rod th. n,M Iv*. tr. be ia.1. to ted a* del*g la* I, tbeconroritina ,?? *t,d *ck?K'Wledg"'! ihl, te*u|t. Alt*, tb* c<fir?n II r. adjouineti and lu acdon wa* a.*aii* 1 by ih* tV'adi iig'on C'tttnn th* New York AS run.; /',?r, t|,* d b l* I ryuUr. ih* 'l*in ?rafa who ha I J du*d the r*,,uhUc*n rar.k>, fbi** who remained with th* hard., and th . * who dually Toted with u?.l ilefen >d iha' a Ion or well *" ' "arable, bu' not u|'h rufRnient ability to lilu** 0 r etui,nod and b*wild*i?al deui asrallc elw?t.,r? t ? at tend (he p. II* anil vide hey a'ayd a' 'n.tne, aai It n.ain* t? i* a*?o whether ?* who vo'-l or tti. * w ,o ?< I exhibited the n..?.t en e A* a ge-ier.l il lrg|i| oeier n't to more In the daik or ptrtldpai* In 1 a rial or, and > ,ut N*w York <1 m asret ia a *a. olng r.rlmal. I thought I could ar e and bear well enough ?h*re Io gn but I bare no fault to find wi h 'tin- ,no thoughI tlifje/er,Jy. 'ho ra>ult ia th?' ho* who knew no hiog. or lather tbore wh" kn*? only *n mgh to .1 tie Mr award'* gang away from tha Uie fr*a.ory ai d ih* canal* have vairl*,| be .lay I am thue prwrl?e m de-erl dug rny own ac'ion unon 'he .object r t ,I .very, be-ao?e woen the an jac' ir op*? ,i?n, It |a frerjoerrly a matbr of dl.'ferenoa l.ow the diM-u.aton ar. ?. R*c.g iblug oa I do the ooatttu. tlonal light* of the *lav*h'dd-ra. aa er ablia "?1 'jy the n? of the Supreme Court of he fnlte-l Siaiaa I al*. teegni/e 'heir i.ght tr. aak th it tha tuhject ahoold not b. a.| unle.v -h* dlrc'ioaion tenia to a. me (ie. :. el Their eipo.ed d'oatlon mvk? aoeb a rlio oaaioi, dangciwia ?*, them, wl.ll* with o* H can i* car le.1 or with be aem* *afeiy toat we mv. igata any other phll aopblewl o politic I truth At th.r tin.* tb? f. rra oi ei rum.iance* haa t?*o.f?r'*rl thu cntro v?r*y to oib*r and di?iant quartera, ami it **em? to in* "? * P" nliag^^orluiate rlrnw to wilier* In tha aaf* * ??":*.] poipipB toe democratic party Hot aa I have aires,ly .e4w I -ll.u U.a r.n p. t Io -hep rrg thai ? llry , end I n*l'he- invite nor ilwpiiwele e dlecwelow of th* ?!, very qoeetlon I rnr.igrilt* ,be tight of tlw. ? hen it'tieynruith* ,ll'cu?*', ?. 1 ?lwll particlpaU iign An.; now let u* torn tr. our dome.tlc differ en .aw. feij tl * rten.ocrala rd New York ?ni e ? |f ,0,l(. f-> glr, haf. r* the Ne l (<n*en'l .n They roiled ,r,iu in or afiir It. Tlie 4 y,.i haa ioa 1* a ?*rj wuaibl* jr i I*-1 i n U' *ffe?.. thu, bat y..? ,V b .w It la r-ceivl. Ibe K"rneeter A-l.*rf...*r?y ,pi in l*d by blow No htig?re.p.,f.d? to y/or offer by *ettng. you propo.e to ? ,lMa4i th* -Ute ore b. J-hn V an Hor.r, and hi* pe.lixane " ,s f,r fr?m tlaiw. I antbo'la* y o to .ay that If the hsnl* en I ar.ft* oa th"< are *all* I m,* "***'** ' rgeaioattr.n. and *eod a alngl* talera t n to in'lnoa'l, | will ?i)'er In'o te n - ?l b g *?1 oretlea. n?* to hold oay ?Bior,-tele or nad-nal for *n \<ai? from thla date, and, *?. f?r from *1 .* tag thi. a p Ion oi a I will ti.*ke the egemp urn a greet ! "i v crati n Ur pn mhlng to pay arm .ally, for tb* ?an * pe lod, UI the lam, -'aU <onvtitme t bm drr.l and flf,y ,u,ll4r, u?,?u the l*gai e.p-naw. I male 'hU niggwetloi) |B entire food '?,||, ,r>d wch , tierce tle*lre thai It may t? v *pU?. -t r white ? n ay twc.m.e < f what U ? abwe the national demwoey an ' ?"?'?'?nt'al elactlr.n, I am rntiraly ?a'lah?d thai the "letl y ,D.) hoi* r tf tf,? -u? of .New y rk ,.(* i tt,* ret,(,l?n and reet/rr a*i n to p>,,ar of |t. iaiM and ln*oJted, but ? ill brav* and .tori og ? nu+tmrj let o* 6e,r fWm yen again on thla ativ)~ri . _ v _ *'"??, '? rlf, J. VAN fH Rf.T 1 > i W > ,uu, Hov. '.ft iv.6. Ill/ I??l? I Tit* < rmmwmti *um ?r>y .*?r '?ri? FVwH iM n<> rr.??1 ) y-t? <iay, tr>tn k* KM f ?'|0 ru,I> * tl ? m?n hot* bflnj ? It la tlkr- c.'inlrj ? ih iK-lr f??;, -? i? T'oi hrfirtuf fnmn *h? ????!/ ?U'?<n?rn It ? th? ouii.bfr of rm.g'tr.'a olvi ?rr1r?1 lo ? .!? ? 0b*ry '"uill j *|?? <?. ' ???r luw> h??n 1 1 7V. f . i'? W.I )Mf .1 Ifllfrifot, Nli||iV'>M#>f I' l ^1 tM dfif I't lb? b??? V? n f <1 TIT* "1, on' II ? rTpfn.'lUi'f $4* "I 14, nl itx fM*4n*o* ?.iA T*. h (>?i K?xr>f<tf 0?i-*?*i of m'W ? ?""?? O mn.ltly*. i?j? t\t th?l '"-if ?? ? ?l h**? during 'b? (??' w.~? b*i?* of I ?i?. t.i ?>..) *40 *J,i IfT In iry n< / Ml n?nf l ??-i I" i?-?rfor talfO r-i tmii r.oit* or Viujii f Ttrrit* Mr J n ? - VnUrV Km 'lo-nr >|,? a. ? of Ui U>'*l ? to Ilk* mfi'ltf ol V r Hi m X Vaofbt II 'III !?? ram *i ??? >1 ol ^ h. fall. 0 -4 ? rai* ? ? 'I- * ? ? fcl* ??! Or ' f- Tb? Uno'it ? II 'alt | ? ? ty-t onii ?Tin |iv? w. I km ? 'ki Kfti ?ifi ly fifi n k ?) I ? ? II I'll, I* IM' ( Ml' 1.4 ?*?**? ? ?W M o4?| rrmo , I. rrV.flrg Inrfl* 4' M I ?? h Si 'lot ? ??* of VI m f i Board of Onnnlj Cnnrowtra rimiutTii oat. Tha Hoard af (hnraaawr* r* a*aaiublad at 11 A. M. ye*, tarda) mormtag, tha l*rwa daot m tha chair. Kifiann Mil parataora wrra praaant and a much largwr lobby In at taudauea ban on tba p**t faw daya. Huparviwir i/cur* of t .. Ktg'itaantli ward, mund lit* reading of tha return* af Ins var<l from the day prartaua. Tba only dwrrrpaary that appaaiad w.t* ia lha Saoorvl dlatrict, wbara tha naaana of Kay and Jarrta, for Stata Knginaar, ware . untied wpon lha to tan in lb* hand* af the County Clark. Upon th? Suparctaoc'a return, Kay ra celaad Cft v?Um and .larrot 44 *..ta?. Ilia rulurn waa k ut back '<? tha Itia|*no a lor cocraeUon. .?opart iMir Ki T, of tl.a "rmii'oi b ward, *uhinilt?l tha f' i ractioi * ot Ihe lna|*ar'tom ot the Kourt > anl Kuan "I I'iktrirta af bit ward, lafarrml tba day prmrinu* lor mvi *?1. Tba diaoiajianmaa vara *howo to haca bnan tha ra a ilt < I clai icai uiiaamna, and lha *a"i?, aaaiuaodnd, w?m k 1'inovirl by tba lioaid, and lha HuparrUor duly autli ?r'? rd to tacwd Ilia c o feotfoo*. .'upar?t*or hntr, of tha KmirUwwth ward, mad'1 a oor frio.u in the Kuuilli dialriat of hi* ward, prarioualy r? anau, which waa pataad U|M>n approvingly. Tlia o r >r ? i. m tran*pn*tioii of tha vote* for Cuinatoch ami Motion lot Court of Appeal* bnpoictror likHKiiK, at tint Ntnataantli ward, wt Ctl nl t p> n to land i bw return* id hla wurd, but not It-dug In I t* place, raiporvinor C. IL lY'tun proceeded to r??<l IV* it turn* of the I wimlietb wand In t le docoml liatdot in tha tola f r klagx, for Cotnptr dlar.'tbarc waa a diacre paury ol V4 Toun. I'poa tna HaparViaor'* raturn Klagg raaairao 1147 vote*, and tbo County Ctork'a rkurn g*?e hiui 1171 V dm Tha looting up of tba imgiaget* rota fur < onipiinilntr wan 740 on notb raturn*. tli* addition or liia t mint J Clark a ritlara t?a- roriact. Tha ratura war dnarrtai to ha sant back to lira la-parlor*. Hta ramtiu irig oirtru'ta vou'orin through oil. At ? I'. M a Kt a? waa taken of an hmr. At 0 i '<u?k tha Hoard i#conv?*n?d. Hup?tr*Uor* Wake mar and llvward being lha only nupeiviaor* uot iu at tanilanra. -upcrtlmir lltddnOt of tha Nineteenth ward, who wa* now piaaeiit, waa oallisl upjil to road lha return* ol hi* supnivbtur Kit. of the i-ev#ritemiih ward, eta Id th*t ??rJ wei? iwl, Irn u?'l two auroavil. to pre, toil in ivLlloo to the elocUoo iu that waid lla I ateupon iwulUret the .(i. lw U ,.r J.,hn i Ul i* l'"' K ?l thw corner ol forty-brut .trcei ?n.| 1 >urd an ana, wire mo (lit .aid deponent a le/ed thn' b? wit . lue.ector of Uectlrb Ui th* Pir.t Hat.let of tl.a Nine .'o o V V1'/0*'"1 ?n?l that in waaing cuitoa a clurlcai error w * inada Lading U a ti .Bepneitiou of the v..tee of p'Ugg ami fell*, rvrpaollvidy (or Uimptr llnr ami that ilia vote in kie#d ot lew g declared dltiforftoggand 18 t for <ii <M l ave tMiigl.oi, pr. ci ely tho leveree. lie further da imrea that lie haa the original meutoramU ami mini to. in or a t loh Hie lu.pactor. ilroiarw) the ro.ii)t THa ...0,0,1 jjttlrlavit we, that ,.l John rt. Kalehum, who all.*.;, that 1 0 waa al o an 'nepvetor In the Kir.i eh* tt?ndfeirlrt of the Nineteenth ward, ami oorrohoratoa 111 other i.iapeeta the kteUment of Mr. Ilnrk... Super vi.< r Vaiuan, of the I'wenty Ur-t ward, in it I rail ? ho the party we. th,' banded the Sup.., vl.or of the hettBU-eeulh ward (hly) lire iirti, J j?t read. SupervLor hit raid ihey a pie given liUn that .lay l>? a gen tier,i.n In the Cllj Hall, but he .lid not foal bound to Ulill'-Ulifft ht? JittrKOU'* tmpe.vix.r h?.i.v, ..1 the fourteenth ward, nai l an af f)? HVit LfttJ Hlfi'j Ifrvo fuu<jt<J Ui hiu irith th? l.alha would hand the name to Hup#rvUor Jlertlr. to r? ail to tr>* ||?,hi J. Hup?rri?r.r Hkkhhk .aid lie ha I no ohjaeUon V, read to the hoard any all,davit that might tie proffered to him end thereupon read, a, Landed to hfro by Sup.,, ?A.,r !r* . ? "x A derruan Oandall Kloh. Mr. l-lrhMt forth In ui. ulh a, It that h? era. fhatrruui of the IU aid of Inrpactore ?f the Nineteoa h want an I thai to# return., a. given to ihe -ujervLor. of the ward, ami ?o the < ounljr Clerk for Ck.rnptruUur ollhncnv, were Cor i?*< t for ? H^li of t it) c-h nihil* H*. .-mpenriar.r Pox, ?f vha Seven'U w ird a.ked If riupar vilMir licriick knew tl". .iguatu,# np.eodwl to tbeafH. davit to he that ol CrandelT Itldi. eu|w-i vfi-.r il.Mit,, a .aid he trad no doubt but that It Wee, tu,in the wilting. Mi|eril?>r hunr ull be wmld an.we- to thvt. Ihe cbarae'er ol Mr. Htcb he forth#. more regarded a. an am 11* g .eiaute. ,.ftl,e Integrity am .lure I , ?r whatever emanated lr ui hm. pnvlou. affidavit#, In hi. vt. w, wne a g o . faint atom, and the i.aruea |?g turn i ujrht t? l?e arre.teit, and that puni.luMot Hit hi u? to lli# viIt<f?* perjuror Si jwrvUi r Uiciil:ir ? moaned that all he hi t to .ay w a. ibat ihe it turn, of ihe .l.trtct ref?. re ! to In tM ail nil ?? re Landed to hmi on 'he i'rtuiy au ? etellog tin vtep't in. <in re uiday Mr It irke . allert on him and that an error nad Ireeri mad-In the re uru. u'f the iote b.r Ct'UiptroUer, and arl.el Urn to allow ulm t. or ii cl Ifce reine. ThU he rt-fmed. He added t .at he .ad heard affidavit ' wo.,In be prmo-utel relative to hi. w? d hut the pellicular, of the affidavit* he knew nothing of j Pifconaliy only a. h. It .d learned from thair iiiu . lieu to 11,0 i'.^id lha*. af ernre,n. J upeivlenr tie nnai, of ihe Ninth ward, mured that Ihe l .* ^ ?'"< 'aid or, the table, and that war ( f ,0 nanrea.iug ihe returu. of ine A Unglby end wuneehat en-iting d"bete fill ,w.t I SuperT.?. r Wiuiamrrs, of the r~ ml Ward moved ea en auo nun.ent thai the upet vi.or of the Nlneu^nth wnrd w ludtfuc'H Jo cull ih* ln4fnv:t*>n* >?f tJi?* h'lr*t j I i.trlct ligeiher aril ascertain Woet we. the true ml I roncct ri?Mjlt. ."U|?-rvi?,.r l* ? r. .> KM, Of the K.ghth ward, cUlm-i that ihe latter c ur.e r uld not tie a lo rted 1 ha II ?? t he In.Uted, were bound to lake tbe return, a. pr d I Should, upon r? aril tig them uoy dUcre.,at. ameer,' tbey Ul .eud oar k in the tor. ami not h-?' .re. ' wnpervi. r Wiuiai'twr. orgi?l the' In the ut-r ami Mnth w.,,1. the Hoard had prevlouaiy taken Um action be then moved. .-U,?r.|rr? VrwiUM ree I tbe v ,te. of the different ea? I dh.'aip. It, the Hi at di.irtci of ti,.- Nineteenth ward up n li e ticket. Up. II which 1 egg ami l.lte. were reatwetivelr run, am. e.intended tun', the te-oli a. thu. ahown ought to li uoaie that the return, a. given are nearer i igbl'han the correction would rioake it appear He eharacterivrl the pieM-nt ui .vement ae a trick Pi de ltmf th? ?*Jfcti'ifj nf I l.tkk hopervleor Mnua.e..., a. anthoH y for wfmt He eoi. -idererl the flvouudlmair*? ? I ?,.cti plan, cited tlie ret on. Ot the l.tgloh Ward a- going U. prove that candidate. ? n.e in.e. Ml behind aud again w-n In arivaoce of tie ,r 'Irk Hi, . Su,?rvi?or Baii.nd foil,wed. Ha charged that the ra tably of ilie w.-cariwi reformer, we. at the tarttom of tb? tre, ant rnovemeot )'rr?eblng rrvrr.l, y ??no prac' clehiine.iy he aet down a. In- p?i?l,a in tlirl, i:hm>. M,|w.vt*.r Vmiaaat, upon Oil. allagatl n '? led for hii ' XkUuHlioii, nn 1 *??*! U? wauJUl tnka up Ui ? .iuimt vUK?r U|K>li Hi) ? "ur.h ntHU*riif>rit. rupervleor lla;,.rat ill.ieg,, olng the lntarr option taikwl e.Die lime ?f A ine, Irani, m and Una ly wound up with a ?h lent I'Liiliplc ngnin.t -u( e, vLw.r Iwrrd of the Ughuwuth suiwrvUor Inwii r*.pomled at lergi'h. and after pro tiouur ng the -U|wivl?rr who had atuceed huri a Know Nothing III r Very .niHi of the w-.rd, nrmue.le.1 to rr?d ? la efln aril.. The B/.' Wa? that of tiir-hea/ii'Mrleri r? ?Idlng In forty -curd .treel who ?> f ,rth that the poile ol the I ir.l dwlrlrt or the .Nlnuentb ward were to id et | hi- h.-u-e, aud that the wb?n> dmnoerntir c-.unty l.. i.t lra.1 HH.r. vote, than any other, an l that he rnn tr.e ?ally of ihe rierk., and thai it wae tnu. .howrr la Uretr ?cud. The aecrml afltd*vi. war that ,1 /? J| McAJpIn who la. ,| .en ?hat. Ik ervoh.e/.atton heic on the r7th met with John J. tbe aairt hetrbum told him ha had e? ndnu'ew (w tai.y of tbe eteriton in the lir?t dutro t at -I leb be wae lri.p?eu? , turlhe. tlml mot he-chua, P.ld tin.'hat Mr lltr.leh I lark of tbe IJectm.,, bitn iheirburn/ Ibat tbe returua of .ha Hr.t cl.|ri/| wn r g |U tbe vole, given for ?,lie, and ? lag# ul 'bat Ketcbun. lord birr. Mba iMpweeeti that be knew nothing a# any ?rr?if ta.iug hnewmaXe. lb. thud affidavit wa. mat ,d tlre.bard ?1ynn. earn ' ? tt'Uircl if the gift v -eighth council dl< ? *h" k'aU.1 tlia' la rrreivr.1 Ibi Vo'e. anl from 'inversion >nd Otbrnwiee ? ?,uhde,,t Ih.t ne.,1. who >r,te?l for him . te.) aleo it>r Ate Lb > iagw 71. fourth aff"iavli we. trial -.1 J.?ep/4 p a. alw .?a. e rrwiet'aled ihe defewitlon of H N McAJpio, ae ??^vo *+1 f? ?l)i, n.e nub wa? lhat >/ John lagan who >j.eerl that |? en. pi?hi at ihe trncMeneet of the v -c for t.,rnn tinier lr the it,. U.'rlci of lb# Niue'eenUr ward a7l hat 'he older ke deeL.ed .b-.e-J ? Urge maj e|r. I, r Mr. i ag# aod fu, bar, thai Mr Hrrka, ae 'be ro | ertor. <? la.ere e#viaiaty In the raeuJ' brut a^a/i of in 'r.Ui.ty lek.l rawiected twice. Ihe >ii t effota It wee tirat of laee- I l a, who da pcMwd that ir. r. ver ? e.P n that rm.rnicig with J ca C hatrbum, ihe Min h. . h ,n. old blm be tepi w> mlnut? II the erect.- n tu the fleet di.trtrt in 'St WmiiouU. eerd^M"t that be bad jp, kno.Udg. of ao; nmu.. U Ibe return, f-r (.rajftcfler of H'y a. reawa-eotwl by Kr In,?!. aid Mi llwriUk and thai wblie 't.r eere nc over.. I u tl?e otW tw. Innincriouw ,, ?nj Hurke .l.v-1 a '?a>en,.nt toat llwo waa an e?c ?|e the vote h r l.n,pt"41er h?t t at . Mb eviwr .ia.wwl m, n ay vity for i.iu. p agg A prrd Igaiun ?4 t' e pre.tcraa Itkrereen ec.?o?f !(?? tl* ree L g .,f the *ff, lawte ,o .uiiketr y eh the ' I th* fltotft) j?r'| lha ?m'S troeot of -upe-r, - r * j... n wee : ?et by a vrf. of * to facof to in op|w*e?l 7>e org .Ml wAioe to lay ti* en'ire ta? te ow ?)* and cwwrt eitb 'he .avac- preiar ed t.y tbe to k w tng vo'e ? Ay#e- H#M-e. Ho,en Heir 1 ii-Jfrn -e ft we'd Wia tucker, %oc .hie, TrowWWge, l?n belly, f hr .tio 1m4 H?r ic* V.,tea?Ik N. ._ 1 ?e?", atolameun M'-ec, Pot it'Leg. t>,? I'f?? ,'.ev,i, i), i M T'ltkee, i* ea. - k h'rl?i vi.. V lliw ? ? thee read ihe returw. of tbe M/wt dtetri. , ? f 'b. N .aotee i'b eard There w?e ao dlecwe;** e.y he Ifurk. of ihe rote lor '? w.ptr ,ii?w w#r* via. *ame v|/.k I. ib , #4urae iffMUMf. Ir.ilcd Mate# Mwlwlaur v'a t Met ,# J, i i, ? ?,?.#, ia>i r b k?o k or k> nt rnor 4 ?v. < irtaiv T> - < . - w ? ol4 ?,? , ? g ,,#l >?"? ? ? ' <? * f ? >be a. .,4 ' ?r? ? i? tr ?# ? f rMM#l ARRIVAL OF THE STAR OF THE WEST. TWO WEEKS LATER FROM CALLFOK.1HL commit** ?p THE If Mi* DlFTICtLTm. NEW GOLF DISCOVERIES. GALE AT SAX FRAXCIHC0. DISTILLERY EXPLOSION. Firemen Killed. EXECUTION OF TWO MCKDKKHlld. MARRIAGES, BIRTHS AMD DEATM8. markets, *<'-? Ac., &o. iormer; Triuit Company'? -1r?mikt| Mjr th# W?#t, TImmw Minor, K*.,., Mmnamllng, from I'unte Are*#*, Nicaragua, arrivad i| h*r dock *fW B?im, with (Mw.a<?nr? ami .Into* from -ten F,?u<*.ow I* tke tth ult THer* ha* bw*n nu ilchn*** -lurwig thw on tire * 'yag*. ! Mwlng In tfc* recant c-onp *Uou of Micr*??*d loot UMaa h>v trntailing ?n tha Traa?lt route, than* p-ewngam crnwtwl tl.a lathmu* and get on knnl of the Ailaatt* f **m?hlp ln?t!aof twanty eaaa* hour., and h; tha an cell**-I, o.ganiard arrangement. of A. <\ HuV-hinaan. ?*?]-, th* rtgout now In rh.rg* or th- nor.I -tepoi at I'a ate Annan, thin -hip tu got thoroughly ready few Mala two hour* altar liar antral liter* (root N*w Y.-rh fine* the unitary rliKatinu ,4 thn ? nor thw*" which pratai annually at tin* *mt*?n Iri Nlcavtg ia, tit* nh-ilam l a* antlrrly *i,*pp**,.-i, **.j tl>* Stn Fraaateao ll ruid, in reporting th* arrtral of tha eb-ammip t;,,rla "*ia. be longing to till* Una, with .tm hutnirwi and eighty g*i?, who Wft tin* port on th* ftth of <i :tote'r, a*ya " Nut a tingle raw of el.-kaaw* occurred among Vham tine* leaving haw York." On the 8th in?t. tlaueral Corral, r?minauil*r .4 th* far ce* of the let* govarninvut of htcnrag'ia, tu d#t*nU*i la Iraltorou* ?orrtapomten<-a with .-teniae (JuartlloU, late a general nfllm r in the lagiiioilat ?r?uy, a-.twithetaa flag ha had *? recently ratified the traa y ot paaoe, and with aa I lemn rereanmie* lavugnratad the new gorwrnrnanl, aad | ?nbeei|uently celabmtwl th* union of tin. two arinla* by a I public hall la d*m?nMiatlon of hi* *lne*rtty. II* ww promptly art?tad by outer of lleaoral W?lt?,, tried by a court martial, found guilty of high tr?a*on and .hat at th* public pi* j* In 111* rlty of I, r ana-la Th* Commander In ( Utef of th* r..a>htead artny ha* re cently leealrtd con* 4 era h W rain fore-man T* uf Am* rioaaa, and I* in firm po*aa?*lou of arary city and ha inlet, aad, like 1-uuU Nap.-1-oa, he may announce " Th* Kmpirw la |*a-e" Il-rnrward, the Htar of th* Hal e*I nd at Kay Wa*t, aa the evening ol th* 2-id (m oal, ami left *??,* night. Tlia I nglteh brig* of war Arab and 1. phyl* warw at Itah ?luini <1? Nlc?rftfufc, Vi* are under obligation* to th* I'aclIU Kipr#** Coiaya ny, aud to the California expi*.*** ,4 Meeer* We U, larga 1 Co., and Freeman It Co., f?r nie. of Callfotid* |-*p*wa. The *t.amer Carl** W) ??UMl.Wl h- toll ew.og r*'em of fata:?Main anionn, $276, aaoorvd aalv.n, t iW m?omC latin, 8176, ate* eg* M:6. Two men wkue* nain** ara g veo a* ill*** and 11* Urn ware mur.tere.1 at Valtecito, I6*iav*ra* county, on l a '.4th ult They had fw? n puraulug ao.o* h-r ? thieve^ ami earning up wtili them a fig hi ?u*u*l. whirl, r-*ulte? KM fttilUMi. I'ur ng th* fortnight two wbaluhlix ha I arrlv*d at San F, fr.-m th# HehoUk ***, ani had -Ua charged aliout '2,000 bbl* of *|| and upwant* of in,ob$ ltx of wbhletmne. Thl* latter artletw wonld '?* *hlppea la the I Ml a. well a* aoma of th* all. Far .ee-lng meu ara tee kiog forward U. a -lay not vary dl.Unt, whea fin. entire whaling fl*?l ?f tha Faeide .ill rendaa.o at I hi. port. Th* arrangement* are n?w in pr-igree. which w4i ira far to pr<dure tbi* rr*ult Mi JuUda Iwry, of the hr,a of t. |, Iwyh/te. had baau wmrietwl In lb* I ff ltrr?M c -ur- of .a *g eegare, * aluwl at nhwgi lo t.dal valnallon nf r*?I an-l tw-r.onal nr-o-wrte In The rlty :! Fr.orlw? |, ? MtfiU I. - ' uHy It I* IT,>117,Tbl. ,"1** Trrrtl.lw Kip ?*!??. MOVrLTT titi' iw una- minu mm n>pt.r ru hhT two riKKMi n oi-iauuc ly wovnutut DM AI.MOrT IrgAfr. (I lorn the -an 1 raorl./v, IteraM. \ov, a.I A terrible npl-wlon t'*?k plare y*,u-d*y, a- a'^ut If " ch>rk at tr,e dle'lllery un i iln-e et-eet *. .. e. m ami Itraonan elrert. knuan aa the Nwa^ty m*wl lery " ami .,*"#,1 b, M*??. P-arnett h A.hf.eld K*r w In the m -tolng It wae -Ilea .rated that tha ak-ah ,| ,uii of The <>| a?tt v ,4 at?.tit four I .' ... ,?^. wb*n the principal r? |-*r of the e.-aMi.h?..o M. !'*# rt.ll #.) pump, la pump out it-a >at T ?e.d* middle i t th* ray 'b* l?ei iht.a?d in voiu>n* w .e* Mr John i* ylw, |U- a (wmpar went hi. na'tetano. *?wh pumping !?o mitniW al'*rnat*ly. Wnll.i Mr Cairud "n F"mK atv/ul It o'rl w.v, t*a *ti|| egpUeted and th* a hot* bul .'.lag .a* i-nrn* .|?..|. t* *"?** '*'? eup.-rwed that th>>* wae * light under th* ?till, ?bi h wmm aatfi lo 4/f.iter I# ttm Ac *s>4 th?t rp-fi iiig in rcnUF' vrfth ll>? Writ the <*pl.wU n Th?- i. iIding I. one irum* of '?Im Tim llowteg a/e th* nan.*. <4 n. p?r?)*. who were .gjur-di Mr. A*l.n*l.| an-l Mr llnrratt th* atoprtetu.. www "if'i "**?* '?""T '? 'be f?r* an l he*4*, M> r*rr.'rfl thw irlu- lpel w*e verv U-!|y ? h*. *l? lajurwl by ,L telling of U,. t.o,l*.g Io . vm? dagerr/u* roaellth-n, and not wgpe*t?| tr> lire If. thai te-yl*. a ?'ier ?a? aleo bad I, v-ovled 1-4,1,. |.e?_ bw ? a* at th* >lm* ju.l about ?/. relieve Mr TTrr il -? pamp, be le *ev*.*ly bat not daigv.ouely t | - *4 bw - me p??tp-n of th* marfilmwy falM?wr -? id. oar, mT Jam** kally, aardber r' |a th* e*twMi*l.n>*al eaw eleu murr, burrmd and eraJded th* tw- Mr Iwe* iw r*r!lft*r*, a*r# *i?o mnrli b .rnmk?r.a* of the,,, ***** rou.|y, a Mr. Wrd, a rmipr.U, ... barliy *. . Aad TT p. I ierre. wb *a* runalog tlx eTili, w?* hair ?-.mad. Th. eagt.^er, Mr iinrd^i,**^ Mr Ma,I, V,"U* "-'f Mwl b* pipe aaMng u. Mug ? bUkey *ttll wht-h prove.,U-l * farthar VtV'Mm 11 Vi *.*'* " " bed am] the m?' hiawy ? . damege.1 A* a--o *. the *J*.m wu gi... .j*. '? 1 lowing aaw.?d lira w-iwi* we.. .(*/.,), -a tow ?|*t 14 II II n, ^Mdi N-, 1. t.?5nal?h! . . wn eh.wily */?. leaving b* rl.y, *f? , ,,)f>. gr>k .tr*#m . r. tha bwli-llag hdlawed by f'*wn.yiva,? V* |* Id P I' t.autier, the , by..-ten r4 tb**ete loWewl *a* premptly on thw *y*d *nj tervter-l mei.e./ v. the .ufte.av. v. taw At*mt two lock wban tha harw* wwva *!?***! .,** rutohed *nc *h11*1 ewvava, f awrgwUe ???.,.* .W* ? t w.wk prmrmg a r-wT-a-al rt-e*m ..* the b?>aiM mm twee th* rat.tre wall .-l u.. tha-*?ly mI laM etahditg .,f the ruia. . ,',4e?l, Mi ?|i>, * t.etaeo |?? rraeh bntylhg In tb*r-.l?. 'hrm.f 'k. rram.a-d Tigm 'mpei.y in- eeoaped uohort *,. -tm. wae belt 1.bleed -n u.e bead and k?d h,* aim I.'-IM th* thlrM u*. I*"*"'1 /I* ?a*aadte'#ly uadwe Ih* wa2 -'th >- |l,e of rigwr '. I any Ptevi?g a <h? l.ulktr^ ... *i?v?t ??o.!*d v., -.*?>. If - -W? and ..m. rs br.ker. *ad ha u .-tkarwiew -taage.-e,,., wo .uded 11 U- time we ef tie del* are,* iJm aq, "* belig oteyed alwvwl If.? I. . iv.tMW la the .WnllT I? '.aatke, wp-. Im..' t*ea attewdlhg th* *? Mb,*** .,* iM,p* t.. i-dg* f-ewtwt a*-t . '.rwl .'l >- .14 in -tei p..?#. TtmOhLMteSmm? M f.l l-aa-* *.1,1 eiMte 1, ib,,,,. uT,, 'at it a a. .ij? K?d 1 .f-.? t? * owl arrive "" Ve M > thai tn* lh. -tele ofth* hw-telwg h^atr-av with (he ?.* * f?p f rate. TV-m .. o-da.o* m w* '** 'i? ?*!!?, tha farr-ae. ,ad th* tall rkim ?. up Wdteflh.n^eSr ""*~f ""?* ? -? ?a., aoiia/a. Ml wwJ. yn** wot te.i'.a >IM?? ???e>o bw Ow rnp Vital. aa*v?*te4 and tha iiaui eyw, .thy .a. -a i ttedr a ... mw ?u*bd,'*? *MM a- em I v-i, an. *?iM *" ** tep*.a, w*. Mv wwa.g of !.*,(?,; s? ? a-d Mr i g-e. >te ra ptr?d '.??* th* .he. 'i ' h* uj?.i*> r* . - at *? *.? '-?* o ? e-e* *1 ? - - ? m * Mr* Mm. . Me w IMMawa. eeeMtaat ham. af a. Tigr, <... a. Wt )o.*4 Mr Ml- 4 *11 ?*d k-l.ov.-, 'b **?? a vtb ?a-l 4114. ud a .ear wte wae# a -*?i tu ?aiiwT 1 ??*' iw a 1 ,wy atika *.* temd ai(ewded tn !lv. u. m ?*, A >*a? kjawwa m I W I vt* a-gaged la the a.'*'*. .(*-?< -a* U. tead'v ?*.*? Aa a. ?ei ? : te 'mi a the m jJ e*eed le aft.-* TV*'# are ee ..*ir bafilitt a. tot * ? g ? ?f ?ha . *? that gtvaa a v. n t. ** I |?a.IfIm aa a f.roa- an*' th* ?MU at w l-fi lh*v . . t v.w pV ... h .1 , H,gb.;. ra-a -4 ?y?*e b -4 . ? -ej .hiehia.T. |t ewa'iy .?, ?g ? r^v, tv. p.*. , , 4 J , '\ sm?rr*tw :r. s?. If r ?' -"'i-;:.:' * * f ?v?.4 4-- 'a ? w r i *' -?e.t.-y.d Ibwrame-w bet >w el bef'kt !? 4' '- hut pf o . tu.* l/? wa* that lh< a Ai