Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 30, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 30, 1855 Page 1
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\ YORK HERALD. , ' MORNING EDITION?FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1856. PRICK TWO CBNTfc t ' > f THANKSGIVING DAY. It* Celebration lu Hew York?Turk.y* and 1hulnf(l?l*g- l'ii? U..y at the Fire Point* and at the PnbUt- Ii>*i nation*? lite AUtlterjr Parade. Business was almost entlr. ly suspended in New Vork Yesterday, tad the tMommeiutalion* of the Governor and Mayor tocekbra-e Thar.? *iviug properly, wti warmly end universally acoc ?-d ?' by our citizen*. The court* were closed, aud lawyers. j dges, juror*, plaintiffs, de fendau s and witncAe- were *!1 allowed one day's quid end an opportunity to refresh Tor the struggle of the morrow. The Custom U . im. ?-a. open only from 9 to 10 in the morning, to glv<- ? V < a,ices to vosm.1-, hut th j As say ofiioe, warehouses ?i d titer public bantlings were closed fur the day. Th? b .1 e .s part of the city was de serted, and but for the nun ibu-ea and target companies it might bare been mi-1. en tor Sunday, so quiet and otiQ were the streets. there is no question hut that this appropriate and sugges'i-o b ilidsy is growing In furor aith New Yorkers yea- she. year. The weathor was deMghtf il cool, clear and sunny. To be sure the wind blew a little, but then It was a jolly, roystering, well meaning wind, that eurvoltod sad pranced sad dashed emtio! corners In u most ec centric manner, with no other Intention appa rently than to rai-a a little dust and sharpen the appetites of the pedestrians. Old Hoi put on one of bis ple.sintest faces, and earth and sea. rirer and shore, grew gotten beneath hl< smile. The fine day, however, attracted only two classes of people Cut Of doors. These we t the young bloods Whose lore of horse fioslr always j.lngs them on the rend when the weather is propttiou.. The roads in the vicinity of the city were fairly alive . i'h f ,-hltg and gallant teams, filled with fast young n.e: and rapid young women, bent CD having a g? o<) tin a, an , the stopping places on the road did a thriving bu men*. Tho other class were those who indulge in target, shooting and air tiler Tarn ties; bnt the desire to remain at home after church hours seemed universal with all other clar-es of our people. Services, commmciug al 11 o'clock la the morning, were held tn all our p- Incipal churches, a i?l our divines, as usual, delivered sermons In accordance with the cha racter of the day to uumerous audiences. Wo refrain, this year, frwn | ubliehiog any of these productions, for we suppose that all the churches wer. crowded, ami hence our readers do not derire a repetition of even a good thing. As usual, an Immense quantity of turkeys and pumpkin pies were ea'en. 11 is estimated that 70,00o turkeys were consumed yesterday, the probable retail coat of which could not have b^cn lens than $80,000. Think oi that, ye vegetarians, and weep. It was a poor family that bad no I a/key for the tluiiik-givlDg dinner; indeed, on that day, geese, ducks and other poultry are forbidden food, and the eating of thenr involves the nocevdty of not Cbservirg the day properly. If there were no other Institution than Thanksgiving handed down to us from the I'irritant, we ought ever to bold them in plons rem inbranco fsr that, for, apart from its religions significance and tbe manifest propriety Of sotting apart one day in tne year to offer up thanks to the Giver of all Good fur (he manifold kindnesses he has bestowed upon os, there is a charm in tire friendly spirit the holiday Invokes, ami the home joys and kindly influ ence its observance creu'es and sanctifies. In Thanks giving the Puritans have blended two ideas before deemed incompatible, vis.: that eating and religion can go to gether, without any detrimeut to the latter. Good eat ing and drinking it was always known would strengthen the bonds of both friend, hip and love; but they were never recognized as being conducive to the farma'ion of a contrite and grateful *i irit. When we wish to be friendly with any one, we ash tlmm to drink or eat, and the lover well knows that as the appetite of his mistrc-1 decreases, her love Increase , and a satisfied stomach has a tendency to soften the heart. Rut to our New England ancestors be given the credit of discovering the -elation ship between pumpkin pies and piety, praise and punch, -turkeys and Thanksgiving. There la one class of people in thie city who pay very little attention to this holiday, and those are the .fewish storekeepers, who all remained open, with scareoly a < exception?a fact the more noticeable, as all the other ?tores were eioeed. THANXSOIVINfl AT TOT! FIVE POINT*. As usual, the exerci.cs at the charitable institutions on tho Five l'oints were most interesting, and crowded audiencs, generally of the gentler sex, were in attendance to witness them, and much interest was manifested in the children. Kor some time past preparation* have been going ? to give tbe children a good Than! sgivtne dinner, and tMst bounteously had tire public r> -ponded to the call for assistance. Though nearly a thousand children were to be supplied, enough was procured to feed them all, and what was left over supplied ncurly five hundred j>oor people with a go *1 diuner. lire ladies of the Fire Points (Methodist) Mbsion held the sixth anniversary at tholr room-, and were favored with a large audience to witness It. Home four hundred children, looking very clean and healthy, were .nated on an alevated platform, on which was also di played a vast quantity of toys, which had been fumi-lied lor distr ibu tion among the children by certain beneroh nth disposed gentlemen. The ehajicl was tastefully decorated with Christmas greens, and the walls bore device- ..iuihur to the foUo wing ? 5 WH 4JMCT OCR HKAD VlHiS TTI3 WATKItH, AM) t WILL RI- S TURN AFTirR MAJTV DAYS. } /#//// **+* f+ ?. //// w ///#// M v?> ]J AND HRtliAU. WIPE AWAY iU TEAR* /ROM OCR TO. | j TU*. POM TC ?IUIX IUTK AIWtYM Will TOT". F Qw w.www.w/ww.?w w/ m /m. And other comforting moi t/xn and im-ci 'ptlon <. Ilur ing the afternoon the ehOdKi Knag am chaumed, which reamed to greatly plea*> th* audience; ecTrral white neckcloth*! gentlemen prayed and exhorted to thrtr own cridentednlcation, had the oongregatioa contri buted lnrgi It, a perform ?nco highly relinh? ?! by the Tma teria. no that all ware happy anil in a go?I honor At the con-rluaion of the emu Ur the chfldrr-n w-r? con ducted to the dining room, wh- re |TT larjr t.iolw aero wpread. filled to orerftuwiDg with ex client i,ire) to which the little one* did Ample Joatici-. To be -urn. they did not ohoetTu any o( tho- absurd oro.uU. lad down by (herterfieH and other obt logic. a* to tho prof r man rtei of oanductiag ore'* Mill at table, but toi l -tylw of anting waa rafre -';iugly original, and highly tell died *>7 tho a# who wore lo-king on. furkiys of lrnmeu - propcr tion.i * ere alrpoacd ot In a remarkably-Hoi t ti.uo, and plerf anil tart-- were, ai the p ?t e\pre a 11 ? Like the i-nos* ll?ke oa the r'?er, A uwimen'. ?? a?then one firwfAT. After tlie -hnrer the.u WWW enough of loll , liobbe homer, kettle-druini and ? wor;ln, diwtri ? it--? t to the -h I drtn. to have ato-ke-l tlir ? or fo r tey store At 1'ieuie'-, llon-e of tndnetry prette mneh tlie int exernUi i were gone through with. Till children, nr.rae tiure* bun'rod In number. ?ang; Xt. )->*-? and other geotimnm prayed, cuhorUd, or told moral aneriotee; and Bta? Braward, a eery tolerable re-a'f-t. amuaed tha ehlh'ren by atagirg tofcmn. Then cemo t?ie eating, -tia-1 the dletrlbnting of j r ? -rot*. These in -tituf ionr- eeWBi to lw in a tfcurii-hing condition, and are eertalnly doing much gocd. Thcc wa* al?o a donation paid to the Homo for the l rieudlem. THE tTBLIC rv?TTTT7TIOKH. Tb. Tim tiorarnori at iic.r lata meetingappropriated -money to he expended In fumiahiug a good dinner to the shil'lrru on 1 buttleU'* Ialand; alio, one to the '-loel.c* In the Aiyluin. tserera'- of the (orcronr* wan pre* i?t at the lOMituLoiu jiwterday, an 1 upeechew were made by thin, to h. ihl.ortu AlV-gi-iicr there wen a good tiwn en the {aland*. fHIATtW, BALL". AWV-EMTbTd. *tr. In the eteulng all th- tliaa'.raa and place* of pubic w .in- iat ?rrtcr< wde-l in >? idiv.iti n, V> W'tneM the Wntertr -.ment - the man*/ r* had prori tod for theiw. Tlie ball roi ui- were tin- crow led to orerflowtng The I in ry blue* callrated thi formation of their eorj- ? by an enter tainment at the At* llo Ito-uru. on Thar.I -eiTinjerw, which war large'y atleodwd. and gore mneh ?.it-deettnn to those who paithipai-M. Theuk-glWtng bxiU ae-g-or rally rery full, aivl oue-i-i d with U*i uiuch of a er-ub to he oomti* table. Till *11.1 fART rABADEt. TheetTfta yetierday were reaonant wt*b martial tan It, -XDil eompanic* innnnn r able pv?ed the Hauatn otKoa, on their way to theout?kirt- of the city, r here they 'hot for prim*, ate dinner*, and ha', a geid time generally. The ?a* In their tav r md the con.panic*, a* a gene gal thing, marched and lo Aed rery well. A n-mbrr of Wtt';* boy* turnaA out (a c mpatil-w, and cf court-) elicit' 1 mr.rk-d atteati m. Bom* of them had wooran yunr, and o? e*1 r''1'" ?**ral wee* cOeered while a Jew miaki A* weil hare dlai^mmdwtth no ume, an apio..-; J? -a <-% ? r a- ir to? aligbtM tiaar-5 ?a. raiii V-> t " m. 1h? -ay in wb cb mvrraJ of th* youeg hoiuWa djur-ilitd thc r I'dlt af.jwei ltna.1* ?'ilr CLcr In their own power*, though It wu rerj dacgvioua U> the tjM of those who were near them. Young America, also, was rather proof to depart from tv-ott'e tac-tioa and adopt movements of their own net recnynlred by uiy koo.o writer en military sc'enee. la med, they r&ibei inclined to the new-fangled doctrines of indiiianal novneignty, ne erery unui?or rather buy? went on blown h H)k. The lm 'astlmla, <.t which thfe were several in the ritri fxriie>' n? little attention and amusement. Such a curiou? atigbmeration of arunken Quakers, pieus Iriih iiixi. htuj*b<l<'Un utthmoii, ant extravagaat fellows et < vny <1eiip'lin, 1 ? - raroly been seen. The unities of tin>e ui d pl.ce were wholly (isrejarded. Qurlwi f, (wtta hb head in,) doing the amiable to Judy. Kulher Mathew decirmiy t'gLt, lu nn affectionatn cnnlati with tna ate - and oly I ane snd a chaste nun rarefying with gieot gu-'o 'l.e tine li ve n nullcHtationH of llosa, an ins'aace . of "FutMtieil" fun. rb<?* coaipaniot were rtdi cub ui on pti poae, while other* were equally absurd wiihuut n? suing it. It v.i.uW be tmpoMd >le to mention til who pa lied the Htsain iDice. We learn, however, the foltowing name* The Now o-Paya Guard, Captain Finn, celebrated lb oar aenlvi iraiy by a parade, an excuraion to Mott Haven, and a dinner, ifcey numbered about forty men, an 1 shot for twenty-five p lien Tb< B Igge light tioard, named alter the Aliarmau of the thirteenth waid, wen. toKailoaa. Memos Ugut tioard, Captain II. A. Means, twenty fire n urketb and twenty-five prire*, went to Hohoken. George Wllrtry Cuard, Capt. John llaf.rty, 28 muskets; ac.-i u,panted by ttie New York*Kami. line and Hartiaon Guar 1, Capt. Robert Ponahce, 08 inuiksts 18 prizes; proceeds! to Hamilton pain, aocom 4 anted by the Washington Hand. Jolly fellows of the f ourth ward, Capt. John Facta. Fpicurlan Guard. Ckpt Tyaon, 85 muskets; Wa.hing bnHaul: went to Stat en inland. Cl.rke Guard, Capt. Gillian, 88 muskets, 25 priiea; procicuid to Hob ken with the National Hand. Pants' (iua d. Capt, Daviea, turned out 80 must eta, wi h the Union liend; they proceeded te Brooklyn. \Mlliam 8. Troi p Light Guard, Capt. Isaac, paiaoed t!0 uiui-keta, and wete accompanied by Ih>d worth's Bend. Chare Guard, Capt. Thomas Woodward, -id muskets, proci ? ded to btryker's Bey. T1 c Carlmen'h Guard also pa-.ei eur office; they were drented in white ovsiiiauU. nlui blnure and kimauth but*. 1 bey were numerous, looked well, mad attracted much attention. Hebbnrd Guard, Cnpt. Crooks, numbe.Ceg 40 am. tits, and Atkins' Itaml. BVflE BM.t.. All ttu> clubs were or. yi-tutilay, and in spite of tha eold phyod thetr games out. At fast Brooklyn an** club, tho Continentals, of which (I. CI. Law is President, played from !) tk!l 6 o'clock. The following is the score of their prtneipe' game .V, 11. Law, 4 ; 1L G. law, 4; brown. 3; True tow 1; Tower, 1; VV. Well, Jr., 0; Hriggs. 2; Thonpson, 4; Culvi'ily, 1?total, 20. J. J. Law, 4; Wlnans, 3; Kyao, 6; 1 isbrow, 3; Kelly, 6. MoCormick, 1; Mailer, 0 ; Nmith, 4?total, 2G. treron inuiugi. This cluh is fornted of S"UH of the principal residents of Brook lyn, and bid- fair to bo n puworfnl l>ody next season. The Olumlila played till one o'clock, wftli the follow ing result:? uuth, 6 Vau Valkenburgh, 7; Wells, 6; Berry, 4; Crocker, 4; Ryder, 5- Cumberaon 2. '.ilroy, 3; I endleton, ?totel 88. Ketonln, ti; Curtis, 0; lalgc, t, Ke'ly, &. O. Van Valkenburgh. 5; Voorhcia, 0, liiUtoii, 2; Jones, 3; I-aw, Jr., 7?total! 44 The butnams commtn'-ed ,*t!) o'clock with the inten tion ol playing 63 aces, but found it irnpo#.-.i!?l# to gel through ; they played twelve Innings, and mudo :;l and 38. In the evening tho President entertained the 'numbers and their ladles, numbering some thirty couple, at bis house; and in the courso of the eye nlug, the members, thn ugh tho hands of ilr. S. T. i'akin, presented H. Godwin Em ,, the President, with a he*an fulengraved silver pitcher, on whie'i wu~ repra-rnted the field, with all th" players iu their relative positions, nod tb( ntmee < f the to em tiers engraved, as well as the b-llnwiiig inscription:?" I're-tntc-s by the members of tho P. C,, to S. Godwin, as a token of their apprecia tion of the able manner in which ho has ailed tie office to which be tra.-i unanimously elected. " The Umpire Club went to last New V orb and played a inatcb with the Atlantic, ."core?Empire: 1 lay dock, 2; Ihorn, 1: Hum, 1, Mlilcr. 2; Isivy liroott, 2; t.,iunt, 0; Wild. I. Chandler, 1; ll'oointielii, 0. Cbaliner, 0?total, 12. Atlantic?Power. 1; PmlTer, 0; Wliitson, S; Bab cock, 3; Hamilton, 3; Weeks. 1; Ullae, 1; ftexUin, 0; Arki rraan, 1: Hoper, 1?total, 12. Tlie Ksgle Club bad a good lime at Hu-hlog. The Knickerbocker played a friendly game at Hobokcn. The Baltic at tb li'otbam and Baltic at the P.rd' flouae, Harlem, and the Poinrer aud KxcaUlur, of New Jersey, made up a scrub match among themselves. THANKSGIVING IN IHWK)KI.TN. Yesterday was generally observed aa a day of thniik-giv tg. ami iu compllanre with the recommendation of the Mayor, tho municipal oflices and places ol hmainesa gene rally remained closod. The courts were tot iu session hervlce- were held in th# ditToreut c.borclio*, and front the ' iin rge.1 appearanx of the streets altout church hours tbey wore all well attended. Target companies were numerous, and the accrmpnnjiug brass banns and mar tial iritisic resounded thrtiugb the street neatly the entiie day. With this excepUou, and the running of the rail road car?. Brooklyn prcrftntosl .julte a Sunday api*>aiiinc#. The 'lay pa seed off nulcUy. THANKHOl VINd IN WILLI AMKHYRO. Thanksgiving passed yertenbiy iu the fa-tern district of Brooklyn in the usual way. The members of the Re formed Hutch church and ol' the Klrst Presbyterian church, united in their set Vic*. The roruion was preach ed by llcv. K. B. I'trter. A di-oonrae w.-ts prt ached by the pastor at the first Bapti-t church, corner of fifth r.tul Sjuth fifth stroet--. The ladiea connected with the lode-trial school in the did North Amertaan, in North Second street, provided au excellent .nd bountiful ,e pait for the poor childreu attending that institution. TUANKSGIVINk day IN MOi-TON. IkjsTov, Nov 29. IMA. Tlie waatlier here Is clear and rojd. Thanksglvtug h?-t b?en observed as usual, business buing eutlrciy cuspeudul. TfTK IfltAKLITK" ANI? Tfl A N'KftrjIV I .NO. r?i rut ki'itor oi ru lira irji. N,:w YuEk. Nov. 29, IS,'A. I <)?slre as an Israelite to raise up my voice, through the moans of your journal, to protest again-t the terms of Governor Clark's proclamation for thn onset ranee of Thanksgiving day. which he has had. to say the least, the bad jvlgssent to ecnelu.lo fetus as patriot*, as Chil-dans, Implore him to bU?* our civil and retlglo'is InsO'ti'ions: end let u? sipr-itkiir to ? otiUiiue hi< lavor to this people throughout nil genf-muoo*. ai?i wltnal U. di?p--n?e to is inL.tduully (hat heatcnly ora whl<-h, with leiUi in ihc Is rd le.ui 1 tirlst and vtrlw msaotk. i hero will prepare us for hL- heurenl/ kingdom. Now, It is hardly credible ho should ligve committed this error by Inadvertence; inch a pl> a would faded he a lanie one Cor a man holding the high po-iUoa of Governor of tbl* .-Ute; the only deduction, therefore. 1ft Is. that he has wantonly oufr. ged the fueling if a large number of cftlrens who happen not to believe In the divinity of Ctrl** Iu- aetmlly ,'gn.- ?? the etl?tenoo of 50,0(10 Israelite# alone a* citi/or* of this ."tale ho has truly shown himstl: a worthy disciple of the school of uiuatiei.-w tlutt g-.ivo birth to that utuiidrous ale.r'b *i, the prohibitory liquor InW. ib^* grrsitly doe i he per .ert the motto "Ei :?T'ior,'' for fr.nj one >tep f fiiuati -1-ic. he lias . one ? n to another. Where ind-- d will lie stepT I exhort the prass and my i llow citlrtnj to J with n me ''n j-retr?ting against ? leh a f igratst b >ieo of our eowetllntlon le?t o> their 11. noe tb?y 11? thetDselvee t open to the imp'. *t>on of etvl. r?in;; ?ueh illiberal sent! | menta. fball It be sax) that .he mort imjortant -la'? ot the T'ulon, whose proud boa-', lia.i hith< to lx?-u that It Is tl.e only oo n-'ry where per?e t iri ? ;.-m and r t hgi< u_i U.lera'l-n r'tisl, shtaing a. a br ght light apibl .hi .ark ne-s ?( Intolerance anu-ng o'hrr nations, aud 'n# an cXKU.ple (>.' the NWMrxtliiO of tovii ;? 'bat ha? not Neon without its inllaenc : situ.I :l si rai l that that b'tate was lie first and onfy roe to deeetid from her high p"?itlon, forfeit he-r'ofrthriglit, and auocuinb to tl.e big--try -.{ a all^ue of far alicJi Not I knew and feel there is too tnucb pride, too groat a lore of iitoependcnoe, and too mnoh veneration tor tl^ cou*U :utIon. the foun-ia'ion of our g>eatia-*s araoug he ci;f /ens or Gil - ftute to alh w .. H.ul a staia to resaada. i ctt mate indeed U it, for u v 'hat we have a NU.or whois n d f:ibue"l with th# Tliberal w-nfimeets so no shift .'ugly disj laywd by the Govrnor tnr Ma .or's pro dan atton Is ? "'.lent reproof to him, by whb h I hope '?* wtll profit. The Via/or r tal e-no sectarian distinction, but lueltcs as all, wiihoet r.'ercnre to creed, to ceh'trnta the day of Thanksgieing. We Israelite" tor, altl ? fh .gur rci by his fbtcoCency tho Governor, hat e< lcbraf-1 the day in a fitting manner, serric baring Is or p?r f-rtned In all th< synagogue" 1 do hope ,rav II p it forth your hand to tear rip the wrcds ot -unvtle.-i . our i.rn-rryir Is sow'.ng at the root of the tree of liberty ,cvl I am. .-ir, AN HrtAFV.irt. kavlng Life oft Our ( oast. T?j the norron of the urutLD. 1 pereeite (bat a tec'.lug was hell on the .7th iasUot to adopt means to preeerra .lie In rise of shipwreck <1 r ut coast. Now, If a Uae th* thirknees of a per loebi lt tle linger can be conveyed either from the shore to tho vraeel or from the vases I to the ahorw. a hawser could be attached, drawn on shore, nod thereby the Urea saved. This can be done by a '.riding outlay. I profuse that t-very vasaal ood < v-ry gtatf.'ti should be supplied wl ii kites roastructed similar to tho?e the boys Jy, onlyi'x (set high and coveted wi h ln-ila rnboer, <>r c-iovass. In stead of paper; the wrigbt of the tail mult ba In p- >i">f. thin to the strsnglh of lbs ga's st aa not to allow the kite to euar too high, If the wind hi- ?, on shore th so In the se.sel fly the k.'e. and vton i' renehee th* ?huts, ly 1st uag go the line it (ktU to tl.e g,e -it. fth> line on I- aid being otiached to a Lea ser; 'h- ?? "O sh , i th- is puli In the rape, as i ro en tue ha*>er. 'I tbs whsi is ? if hu.-e. h'es ea laud fly tho k u ai-1 ft p (bo Hue on l.<?rd. wbl' b tbey tie to a h?*.->.. s -d iraw eahr r*. if i u eoaet .?r .he?? tuggeaiiecs ?( ad. ??.>, j?a are at li as iy to an ifLh Ihstn. T. hKW YvMl, Nut. 1M. THE rOLISH REVOLUTION OF 1839. Celebration of It. THcnljr-fifth Amtlvrrwury? HmUiik of the Pilljh P.ttloU?s^ftf im of Julian Allen, Ur, Ipurtrk, Ooluvln, Hat* Mwthl und Othtru-uilibrM of the PjU.Ii Committer, Ale,, >W., die. The twrtlj (Ulh annivereary of (he ill-fated Kevdu tiou of I oUji J Wr. , colePratud at the L'tiiue-*1 A, embiy itnomr laet ? veuing. Although the eight i?' lier tin tavoiaMe for the congregation of a Urge audience, there wan quite a numaruu* atteniaaco. A pUtionn wa. dieted at one rod of the c|?cl.u? roam tor the apaakrr., uod on 'hi? vere di-pluyd the braneri of the unlrerut dimuo aey of the r hurt-lived repub -a of Paly, II ingiry uod Inland, aad "the etarry Hag ol' lllieratiou." In tin centre of thla wn a large printing, rep'e.-entiag the gctilua of I'-jIleli liberty stanaug 011 a pile ot fagipta, eurrvuide.1 lijr a throng ut emancipated patriot*, ?bn here Joat 101a the ehecklee of ly-anny from her arm.. On the .take to ehfch ..he had bceu tied w a* the cap u iheity and the i..*??wiu# ia?tiy?li>n:? ?V lA/w/d ajn/v / \ HHJk M? $ N<.v*m\*r 1*30. A Nttle heiore 7 o'clock, the tlot" appointed for tL-> meeting, the h.naere were h'une Into ,he l ontn, accum pauk-n by a band playing oue of the national air. ol I*a lend. Then can* an Italian ll.g, in embed a 1th the word., "Cod nml the l'eople," or, in the language of that laud ot poete, jwluter <, orator* and philo--opber . ? f. //>/e/Arr/v///yd ?/ \ DM X KPOU*. '<!> Throughout the evening (be hand playwl Home cxrel lent die, which gave a pkoaing v&i lety to the proceeding-. A* it v.aa now pa t the Uiur (or which the tueeaug waa called, aad Mr. Jaantw Itarper, who hod accepted an invltalion to preride, wan mot ptwent, Mr. MoMaltrn tailed the a feting to order, and fulfilled Uto dutioa af Fretd#ent. He ntnttnaiod the following aa the Vice freei denta I?r I 8p?etek, .Tulle u Allen. ? Jobion, Ivan Golovln, A. Fat-ielo-M, (i. I'-lon, '*1. Mullnr, il. lie l/eclure, K. Ileinuer, ?Goloouria, Cel. Forbes. Attei tie tort-goUg were approved by the meeting, Mr. VcM'ijjw read the folio whig ad ir"n? of the l'oliah Cam ?uiltee:? iidkkip or the rotisa committee. Tli" twenty-Hi b anniversary, which we celctiiate this evening, in ia commemoration or Unit memorable event whin a It? men, wi h heroic b ldnoaa, icrolved to throw off tli? yoke of .legato ui, acil bioak the g>a*p of tbe double-txaded Iron ongl* from our oppressed laud; ami h w glorious tliut beginning wan In ouly to be eom pattd with your own giga&lic Revolution. A compara lively riuali number oi uirn held Ui?ir position ami de fended thwir independence for elottn month* ogaic-t a powerful and tiracberoua winy, but thai wo were be trayed ami enslaved la an uudenixblo tact. Wo ban ex peinncrd tbe pang* of being exile* lu a foreign land, hut It ia a bappy consolation to u* th ?t, although we mar be foreign by birth yet we are not no iu ac'itimenl l.Prorty loTmig Americana, we hare the strung hope uenlliug iu our briante of Ibe linal and near reatoratton of our bo loved 1'olitod, not only bec.iune the exile lovoa bin hone, but Europe find* it a necessity?a nutural come<|aeuce, for it* owu necuri'y?that I'olatid muat be re-OMtabliehe.!. Tbe cxihjiieoce of our long year* of eaile has inspired us with your principle* end taught u* the raluo of yout inaUtutlon*. Poland i* ready, hw.itlug the momeut to leconqnur her own inde pciioeurc, which the monarch' an I fie world baru re liied her. We make an appeal to Ihe noble and groat in ' noil i* pie; wea-i. il not ? n iw.inl. bt.t remem ber, ueuie tbe ?on* of thoac ben e* >hi?e luart* bout in unison with three of your fircfatheie for thi* happy hone, where every * nndeter lind* rtrt. Remember the great pi inciple which the noble A unhrugtou aiwa.r* en i. ttaiaed, that " whettrer there I* u |w>>ple oppie^wl they havo my *ympatby.' Wo. therefore, claim your sympathy?we lug jrour a*?i*tanrc, Tbe great tVa hlng ten fuitlivr said, ' It in a Mattering ami cum olalory re Uec'ion, that onr rising republic ban Ibo good winbe* of all tbe philosopher* patriot* and rlrtuou* nieu in all na tion*. and that they look upon tt a- a of axylam for mankind. (>o<i giant that we uay not disappoint th< ir lienest expectation* by out foiiy or pervoWue**. > Julian Allen, A. X. ITowczinnki, A. Haame-ki, Dr. I.. Spnexok, J. Wlaniownki, Committee. At the conclusion of this adtev* the I'reeident eud letter* frein Me**r*. Bradford R. Wood, John -'ay and John i'leriej>ont, after which tbe meeting was addrro? i ly Ihr. bpaerek, iu I'olinb. lie uigs-sl upon all hi* noun tiymeu tbe uooeMlty of being unite.], mm J treating in them*olve? alone for tho regeneration of I'olan'1. who* day of imancipation nut not lar (li.-J.iat. HI* remark were applauded throughout. Mr. AUiEh ?M the next speaker, and ho rpoke a* f?l Iowa.?ladie* and i.enUon.en In looking around us wo nc an aoaetubly uf men, women and children, of different need* language and birth; yet in the nu>*t powerful rep rem Unlive, the eye?that livtug expression o' hurnau thought?1 discover one language, one Mart and one l-h ?lllairty, e<|U?lity and unity, '.way with despotism, away with uri*toer?ev. *uch is the language we ail . (*??* liure tliis evening from the hi art id our heart*. (Applause ) It i*. comparatively. I'nland < Fourth <d July which we celebratb this e*onin.-. What a c intrant wh< n r. uipar.J writli your Kourth of July' lh" former abandoned by the wb' hi world ami left to it* own Ut<-, wi U tit ache rona opptmnnta while Uio tatter?tie remit y< ii all w<Il know. We hav" a eon-"latl"H in the know ledge that in tjie atruggle lor your hallow.) constitution w. !? id .1 i."lpiiig h:o : I'. H bM 1 ;,i H ? We claim no merit for It? we a?h no reward. Il is a duty iiicuinlieiit upon every uuill to In !p hi* neigh tier; and when meu only do their duty, they deserve no reward. We do trust tie ie will tie an American hero in cur struggle.?the natural coltwwp . i,C" ? t lutnre event ? (Applause.) Iieutlvnum, there are Americans who syni patluie with tlusria in il* preo.nt -trnggle, and tho rea .on tbey give la, uot that tiny like Km du, but that they hgtc hi.gland more Now.' hot is no f . on a' all. 1 he pa*t, with all good and true men a< well u* nations. *h mid be burusi iu oblivion. Vou aie a pa.of j'jiglan.l?the Anglo eavon race, prcfaudrig ihe aime ;c-igiou?uu . you have tunny noble institution* trom i.ngland t.en >lemon and Indie*, lh" happy fbalinge that in?i/ire.| my b?>?st when I lirst knew what liberty vm. I c?n lorgnt. It wa< in ijigtaud It you will inuubre hi* with s lewwiinutes with your patience. Kurlove of^frce rtiAu I bornuie an exile. | ursuol by the rnexronarie* of the Kusrian uespot. 1 louml myell ntowwl nugly away In a I ruKsian bn.k, bound for a smell town e.ali>vi ittlmxby, and hetdol with wood Ac on. dnii' ? tli" I'M ari? tocra -y aao many (urm- of it* giveiur -vit. (Renewed applauwe.i The people, in *.it, are not tbv (p^brnnieut I nl it is the arlstwracj viial con- .tut*-* the government. And uo* UkA at Kunsta, on ihe utlier uaml. It i* i?ip.'? .ible for me to recount all it < 1. i? id deal* o> despotism ; but, with her u.* treachery, al.e i* u p, only uiasing fi< r own -tibjeets believe thai tt is a rvUgdou* struggle, Out W ih Imr wonbd iiupii'len'" is jI-i repr --?rilin/ tt to tire world as a religion, -'.rug/when in Ca-' It is a piru ienl attack ap.,n a 'inlet and vnaaer nr gb l*;r? iurkey. Ib.w do j?iu know, imnth tnen. bu' vli>t 1 iiglnud la now lighting Uw i-attie- wbinhyou woe>d bnvi had to light y u -ifvt .t 1 know Unit no f .uropenn com bmal-on can conquer this eonttrxtnt; but tbey -..ti do mm'b liarm. Why tbe I .'ear had tire audacity to undo the gMrliagtoiia MpreaMion lliat i.'?l had sen' n.naul his rate to rule the world. Applau ? ) Hy the |*jem-1 arcn of < sm-iautoiopUt, Ku--.a would become a great maritime Poser a> i e m.w is a Urr'toiiol i .,wtr. 'V>n etantinopla t?k. n. Kussta oontrol* lh- MsKUtarrarcvui. Who cae arr ?st her In tinr progreear Ann'rieans say, wb?u two nation-pe to war ti*re'her. let no third p./wer Inte'leio. b?r .t ? i , o.latiou i '.he law if : w'.n.'Ca; but I cani.ot find .1 I sropo any law of ',on~tor a law r.f nation* ia a law mad by the i*vi pa?but It w all s 11v of d< and He firw thev are brokan lbs betlar it ??., Iw for th* p>-opb . Rj.-ux an* her a.*en?ble .hip. over la thi* oouutry? isiglaiel i relaavors to rwrnit Iter army for 'ha Crtniea, wblla 1 viaaia i* fibtai?;?og some ot the mo*', able of the I mud .state*. Ti e g-ov> rum?nt aaya notfong. In (act, ran go to Wtah ngtOD uvl make there more bold ir raogrtoeuta t<> -eiv* tl>e Rn . tan govuramntit. ' -? ntl Dsn, ;etl?r< tak-i tns.t?karti from ihe pas' and prac tice by tl?w futnrv. (A( Iauml) 1'oUul, tbe bind ot our youth, where lln> a.ts. ot our tallavrs am even .lis taibed bt tlietr rest. U it t*i Is* free Yea?% v. ine lisav.'R nru weta yv<. Ib? bhsrl staiei?l waJ'od. *ri J million* of tivnebary and lere,'. add ? our c in 'bv (a'.i lot d'ad. I* vlatble It -alls try has been *u|,yncte#l to by the Raeiui ..curp-w, which ar* altiiout a pwiallel lo Ui < hi'tory ?' tbe worth \n sigvlrpsak' aaytxg?Poland, thou wf.'t raise ' ?< dioupiig h>ao Our <?.<? noble and h au'.l:- i tan : p or and JWsola'e, ir now to aseumc a iselinm am ? ig th - I. -' i at ir na on rarth.?to r<apa boun'iful h.,rv uf hu- I lives 'ii.di yonr jaast wislortuooe a?cl future My. (kn thu.U? Ic applbure.) Mr.OiJlortv?who, w" und?rsten 1 III uti>e af .his sia?ep< kv .a Irene!., lie .uJ I It wn a ? - <vd|?l d'nee that llie i'oles celebrated f" uay, t ami ??*/ r.f their revolution and tic Amsramns at the same '.n.oe, returnad thanksg.vlng for their i.lcrty. Id* one bad ilvs?vrsA to aebb ?* a air iraiejivie. .. o?the uUicr h*A arcv t t He'.b"'gbt tbat tbe <>m ?'t ? coming to thle country in strcb namber*. and iblgixamoee f iu tn*iltutlvwk* would do It ?erroua tayury. lla calbw. ipon the Pole* and tho ll.aati, to umte hv?,' lu the eauee of liberty; but tapresswl h.v ts.i?: tka'. tbey s >M not reenivn any aid from Kranae i? the *traggie, tbe I mtvsl (statss lie rwgardesl a' eorrnjA ? that U, tic f r r no.' Bt bad tolf iffa-l the fur ? uU. tt ?at or /?. tr*4. Vr MM'I law, tbe Preel.>nt den, -d tbe iru lb of Mr. h'k/Vlb'f asset tin With -sgwrd to Ibel'icedM '?-* to. g ,ve Timent of wti vb, be said wan ba?ud upon . .rrvp Mob. k'/vetgaer* had n falee Idea of ear country, aal bad fi tmsd an Idea 'an iwposs.Me reput .c. M?a 1 bt, arc uvd fxvmpt frr m vice, an! wi are not, lbew' >re perfect, but we ce^re U>e Uba. iyani bappine-e of all t alt a*. IAip.i' >? ) Mr. Jc'vs'W ax* neat ;atrcdare 1 ml tab a too r p t' p'iale rwarbe, la the nawea* wf wW-b b* a a. i*r?l I M - <11 ae tba ? nev.n.pv?vr.i?ing ew?any 4 lire Uv.tisb arte Urracy kJa? la at* 'Ae UrilM g-utb b* rt garden tb? rau e of the famine in lr?lanit and th* l?> u* a* lb" peijured ueorper of the Utx-iT; of tho French people. Be ww- gillowwd by Vfr I . RAtnrwaai, who, after r ?d log a letter f om Kelt* Koreatl, addieaaed the airelui/ la i leoch, of whleti the following i" a tranrlatiea:? <1 iartjr?- A y>ar ha* elap-od eiooe, upon thin aa lie aland < iii/ene of all national! lea foreaaatog tUeof the Kaetern campaign, exelaimeu Colon!, the bur of your liberty le about to el tiKt*? he ei'h we of tbe r*ni >u of the Cisar b>re pieiceu the *ky whica aiuoe aa ml a ran tury daikrnatl jour beautiful atar The apace of a >e?r la bt le for tin great arnik of too recenera'ton of ana'i >u, anil Mill we hate made a great h "p toaar-la the oqj <ct win )i ?r loi ! at w. h an much ardor. Yea, oiUoeua llio event* ;.aa.. te|irt!y hy the ln,ur of liberty tor the aa i uta ieji e- r lorthe king- I re engaged i i adendly a-rnggl* which Uiey ait not at ltl>e ty to t no They n >ped to M?N fh? i.atunui bv a oaotblauceof war, hoping Uiut when lid be I ol aloritid be taken, the pride III tne Mu rovit < t,'/ar a lit lit buiutliiited, tin i rhaubt eni by concluding an advou tagei u? ireatjoi pra e to latorof tiie Uronoa they hoped

that the ? at tub" ?'u!d gladly pay the gpata of .Ire * t r, ibat in tudar to "mother Uie ante of tb? dying, the des pair of the v:dow< ami tbe orpbana Idey bet but to g?<r ti em, and >hat in allowing tni-m an w.u u gl ly aotji lied to tbe ('linca, they wtuld foigei tb? imuuoal t?a n!?rii| t-j Hint nil tin ir ml; fortune*. At I ?r th ? deute ciata win- ?hotild tie apaiei t>y the bullete, the lungcm*, t itle ur the airafo il alieuld free tlietu from them run it would bo nay at laat to eiliiigtibh tbe light, 'be In Urlbgeuee, the thought, and to make the name of liberty rgotten. hohaatO)Ml in takia. but the ui n.ter wi'ii ?? b aiu in not jet cri*hed?ho d ?? out or on a?k tor ma- ey. The war 1h unt yet at nu end?it bat o > agktlMI. Ibe people hare to begin tbe atriggl ?, to put a at t.? to tbe eflueioo of bio ? ! wi tch w,!l nut be ol nu/ teen III "> hunmwtjrn r liborty; tor >ho InUrt .U of the kingv ar klwnyH opposed it tit" interrupt of the pe *pb Cue lie nmurate of ail countries uiiderataiid Mil? truth lu-dlj th tafota tbey nolle, count then- number*, an I hand in hand form the 'bain of un on, waiting nut fir the rigtuU to rut-h to the tomha1. pre purationa here nut e eapet tb > oyea of tie kiugt to pievrnt liib important atroggle and aim item w wtto BWHMBt '? tin ii g oun-t amii'? It i* thidr only de rire. Ibe fro of an impending rewuliil 'D in luce- ilium to commit cnir-e, treakoha?cowardly an i i veu fbodn'i acta. Ible Iiai bud* them to their own inteiMl*. It ir thlit (ettr which bar been the canon ol the war Tne fear of an Irian-: c (tun In Hitngiry allowed Anatiiato inr uln the UauuLlMi prmlaoea. the lear ol t'olaud proa 'at' the Ailii'i from taking (tile> w and Itiga it tk i!ut !? at wblcli nmde Napier al a?<i> n the fvtltic and or' agfadt. Itiiit which ratixd thr t eona IbahrMCtli, tin pre-orola. the ehutnetul ?J>? p oitfuv ? bf peace, kg t'H'le-" trouhlek there la no I* oger u? unci mkindirig anuuig thi ktugt. It ic it1 lelore ft r tl ? people to put tin ir -w iril iu the > alt of the war. We demorata, - hiire to mil-Id the uui veraaif.'ag, el h the 'Jti??) luhlime worda whicn mite tue tyiaut* treml.le;?? Ijte rty lor all, equal! y ?ud fraier nily" an.'iDg all. lh> net weir hov longer. IMd will e..on come; it ta that year which ir '.o It. idw the file if the ttatiomi. let t,, rely not only on oor own etr-agth?let tarry lim.iocrat bw- m a noldier, und we w;l liaire ..n army tl lercrai mil ion ol uieo. Lit Ike btoifahi f tweh ho Die mtere t of all. !el tin not rely on the fatab rtromieeu of the toyertggne nor on their ueceitful feneni.ity. Tbe man ol the'id ot |t?i m her?the uaurper. the nti*H"klii ol the I tad in republic, nod hia allle??will do nothing for Poland, U-utgiry or Italy. We have to lo utir own Wer! ?wt? a'i th" arbitam if! our own dentin i. The Central Kuropeao i'ominiti"e iiitoimei ua in their appeal o/Hepleii;Im laat, that the oument of arttun had arrived. Revolution I- tin not d'oritreo/ all natfaga. Rcveintion I it i* our right?il ia the only Hung that can hare ua all. Iteruluii in ! it in wnttfu In lettoriof lirw upon tbe klooking inili ol hebak loptd. It ii ate- Uu- In ait of every soil ol all the natien.i which algh In i' U", beat It L the nlr, no" - iry to our eitii'eiire; ft le the hope ot tho future it it the dream which li.v r?udcr?d ibe imice uf Immdi n.tnt, for twenty-hea yeark, endurable. Peace would he mir mtidbrtuno to-Uar?our di ?tb en ti e orou, wllhoul hope or teenrWcU m. At thin imporlunt Wieuiwut the principal manor i? u? un di rrliiod who ha< lo ( emaii nci tho ktie:,'glO* It maj he well, h'tv, to repeat tho opinion of the i w t al Com nil tee, whlrii "ajk:?i'oland, Italy, Hungary, tiaee, it i t:ue, an exikteuoe to lindicate i/hium 'lie i.irrlgni i wb.<t pjnrvi. -?? ehew. Tbey hare estwrual l etio fl/ht, hot fro thetn rwrr Intioa i? far while France |? in pi mviiion '.f her conntry. . Ue hak but to pot in force hot power of 'On in unfolitleg the ting whteli w* ut all ortw Hie world, i-hebw hat me uaurper tocbaetlM. There lore it in for bor to commence tin ne t uoirer-ial rerolu tlon. But I fti.r that Kranca of 'hj la iiend. lor h did not awake at the ory of diatrwr- from Iwr eiatru iflHjfl. I do not wu-li to tipi ft tne ehrowd which rover* 1SW, I t it h-not tke 1?i ? tudi people, hut It* goeerutnent, which ""k hi. -t ? re:e?l Italy with bit Nolile Franrellt ia tim*-1? think of ynur ohlgU'ry at yonr leureU, ptacWt at all the andv of the world Iromtbe burning climate of tho I'yrau hie Ur the plantar* of l!u*kia, and nu* withered by impure henli ? u will not ilnd tlu'ia oudar the t nine of b"i.. <lop. I. nhrnDwitUia of lugrW'.Un'lr ehloh ?r*il you I btuUlful fr< tuwd. 'the ulu le w rid h. -V , at yon. h.-e wo will f"Uuw yon to He bkttlaaa did owt lathi r*. and will die with jey to rai?e the uinvcrrol ihig of ibe ' ? ii i?t and aocial republic triouiphnit. Mr ili < ioj'addreci-eii the iim* (ia.- In Aernran, and ad WCelti lUtrni' i -'tier . ui the couite cf li'x-rty ?) only frvo . .<??a id lotaPltahing the uuitaiaoL coo...I and - enmemtir epublu-. AfU r remark* from Mr. Ikdacluac, - uor Toltm, ami oaji rrt, <ii? iitfftiror ?dimi(rieil. HffMiltlJM I'll) Nl H?. COl.MMIOX ON TIIK K**T KITXII -A I IfUllf BOAT HCN IHIWN HV V SOUND BTgAMMl. Miortly aft? r li o'clock )"?t*ldi) morning, tb'i 6'rry b<?t IcOui-e, plying on the Catherine tivry, ?m run nto by tbr bail i?< r ?'e?u ir Hi-trnpnHi, a" the forme waa nearing the dip on On- Brooklyn aid*, flrnt OiaccTr.'rd by tin- pilot of the l<ooi? ?, lit* Metropolis w? beading towards tie ihore on thl* si-lc, u! Mowing h ah*.?Ua, which win au-wen-d by the forty boat. Tho *ttcr wax Ihon wilhin I in t f?.i a the ?Up, .md tin pilot -tate* that be wr?" unable to alter hit. roar-s. It i ? vl butt that he t.dtpc "ed to i*** the bow of the steaun-r, >iwl to thin end ?b - rr-d ilirei t fbr tl.n lip. Tin- <teaiu< ? h rgpreaented at bivlr; bean rowr the Ibv d-u bore the(i UMBel. and under prettjr g. -I head" way. HI in tic rue with great force agalri-c* th de of >>?? ferrv b ?>. to e in the wb? T hou'c, a 1 drilling the ehaft, -hntU-te.] lite mac .iitfcy, '"it to aha' < tout U not yet known. De hull w 1 * a brn*< u in, md the (mat commenced Hh ng rapidly I hcrft were .1 out a do/in male panwinip-r and one I i iale an leiard ait of wh'in e?cape?t without injury. The te w of tie *ti*mer hflrlng boritnc We-igeid in the hull of 'he oiler ! *el, the han-l* on boat 1 of th?foiue-r aid* 1 tie b . ?? ,-iae? nsrer* in gaining the dock of J,.-lr ec el, and the ? onuin *ae taken off by the Kultvu ft*rry boa' V ? i which c ame to the relief of ilw- lami-e Tie' furry luuxii oruel?n bai l, Dim of thrin, a >b>ek haul reuneil 1 re i aUCkeeher, re-i/log *r No. Ill Bridge -treat, an Injured, bu' Oot -rioueiy. M.-eral nl hi 'Ieth ?ere rnock-1 out. Hi wa- enabled In *al- to hi" home unaided. The Na.-au tow-d the Intu ? to ?bore, but In eon?*tueuee of h?r Imky coili'ljri. I ad to abuniku her at Kord't dirk tr'iero the now lie", partially under water 1' ri "pi .H<n'iy 1 ght at the time i.f the ivpddrnt to ?n?Vi- II f i-ti both ho*'" to w o toe [.odtlon lie y ???? ? Is, rvl wi-,b proper urn- might h*k weoided lie- colli-ion. TU '??nra'T m not n.uch Injured, flu- i-r-y ax htee j.wr oPL and in /ve coo lit ?> ."hij e ? about il 00t' I'i.Tw.TKih e ? Brim ??.?"n We 're*-lay nig'it Ian tt.rer'tin. 11. Brown, of the Hn. dbtii-t p- - <v t.a tec ed a iran of aaapirioua apf-arm- ? roe :.n tha ?w utfi 'it'). He htd a Urge bundle in i?r li.'.t una, I-.-.f until /tie ? Cut]ifa-pc i y ,< - p' of hi-i.-.f ?* taken ?.'? eo?ti?'.y tin in . fr/t rt *11 a ? -d thai the f-.w liad been 'tnlrn from .r h i-ofJIj ?il I me ??, " o & lUx.l'oo 9v. now. The -it wu< ' - i <t twdi re Jm-rtire r'mltb, aler. he give hi* nam' a? John hcloargc, |U Italian, lit- <v-e onriii-uttad to await an rxamlnatloe. Rri.ruj" or a W?d'ie<Ur night a young, iiaaerl Wo. lon/Un , r' biwl f n f I t ?*tcli Ina porter h'n? la Ibwrnm etreet r.'-tr By mne ' ' partlea la there gr.t into a ' ; .*?, < l;.<rwhl-b th" ligbtw Ytii put out, wheu le v ret wi- .?4 an 1 i bbed of hi- property. DKKTirt TI*t b rsg IK t'tlli toil?1/1*1 ? I M? ry-y. ? V- -tertiay aftrmcm about lour o iort or? f ?-ie ir*' < eatracira Itrra we haea bad ' a BuaiOer of y.*r .? out la tbe lurfa eleTat.n/ warebouae A M ?i W* -r. la*)., oa Rlwer atrert lha taaie- j > vl with ''"'il iif .otry, and ke-r re ll/>er./-.t' ? had a -?! ? '. *i t bad gaiiwwt yreai haadway I bey bunt ? it ( 'J ? ?? t acr c.w "t he e taldtabm. nl and n at'*' ? t of ' ?? w h* W y rvpola* In tie nwl, tal la a lew BUMeti eriYelepwii (he*! latter, which wre of w-jod, la tlaiaee. A", tl i> .ITW 'b<'r-r pre? ar. aw'o.y * to I it*'-u-le. Tie llainea il-aralli r<arad? id aeie-l 1 n-"b an of which the bu.. I / wa "j>?*../ ' Y*t ??! lie ?t Into tbou an-'w of p.e> <- > >] tew a aJ !lr*et- r , * ib i n port a? of bund ?<t. ?f ? n*JI arm*. Tow ra It of ii rr?. t.age k ?*.!??? at > ciuwr a tne ?< ?i an ,t en* tlir/i ? i? fue la th" ? U. ! .1 the iwrrn < . k t be-* into U.e k , I to./ a? ><wt . />? Umi root, and 1 '""I t# frowi de-irwe*w?" it.' doe ?U t* ' . ? he rr? c-f Mr-awra. NorV ? k Ik., wai1 'I 'iae lately beon Stted np (kr a<io> aieo j l-r oeoi dengrf. vha roof laoakiar -m e'wrahly bit *?? oar?i. I. wa*, howoewr, lwipo?elb?e to eate -,i,e be i i* ?' ? Urg- por-ton o? IU mtenU n whl h te* -e .1 ?it wa* totally Mtr-yal. I'he ' ?. . . ,g ea I i ted wa* a vory large a#, np-tde of .P' ? pf -'-aily : ?" ?*/) truth.da of grain It *r?t Ik ami ?? e? H to ?ay, waa wot Ineured ko the eitoot of t d- It*. I" *" a talitwi al/.at M.Ogfi baalmt* jri t ? .1 l^'-a of wheat, eora tad Oat*, all wf *h -p ? fw'i- re/ W -law contained arena whitk-y betwngvrg to Mr 'rro, a .?-ro lot of paiu and ??ba />.?t i -e .-t ? ug ag v-i .t;.-? pi- . ? awl a lot "1 o'be" a b .<* t. i.'./ ?*i ? lag wti'k-ai*; the cellar axed we art f-Of ag u-?1 I C 'lb latier p Ignaa. Ttw Vital lew eao-wrl V. B.I e.b ihort of H'/I pgr* <,? whl- a three wa* d* If any, ti*--iar*e Mater* I.aga * Italciee ?n damaged by Wat*' and Mr. Aba* Vane fagti i i il w i r -4 e ? biwi t j I) rrw>"*ti ?f ? mla, tiatc not stat'i* ?t-hxt?/< I rwwyea<| Art 2T. City lute ll^w. OratuaG Amut IN 4 I'WriUHHlNl?1.4*1 (light, %l about nlif o'clock, John MaKemi*/, 4 l?k*r by (ri4t, Jehu C* lm, 4 car pen er, accompanied >/ tbtwr f t ivb?, eotortd the *il'*oi4 known 44 Krtukfort Had, 181 fhauibortf hlriN t, kept |>jr Mr i?oui* Kauekt?Uu^r cathwi for brandy at tie bar, th* laodlmd, acting (ue ptr(y uiu h UHoii and thinking they ban enough k ;ua<I/, rt*ftiKtl to fiitttiih them the liquor, tipoa Una the* be came ? u?j?#r*xi, ind it 1* fluid MeKoonej, Cob"*, aud on* of thootboia each t? ?4t up a and hirle-i I ri ? lcutl/ 4t Mr. t-'.ij.icb* cuttingf him nesereir at# Mil IV* head and *ru>?, oh* ra wore ihom ^ImsI t<> continue fch* anatull upou the, who dccluie* ho b liew?44 they Inteumd to take l? v hi* In ?e'f defi ?? llr. Knock* hi-rod n -v il from under t.?;. rjunt"' and Dud? h v'clfiit aa#?? it on th-m? (nr'tN wt ?!?? he ennftdoifd w*:e ?.idfamring 'a k ll inni Uii deadly nvftpun b? u*ed il all dlrwrfiim* oil*.,4 mi4 loiiiiitln^ (wo of the pantos in 4. allocking mam. ?r C ,!??? WIA> 14 V< Iflljr rut IIU the J tea ' t HcKifiOcy *? ? ii ueb KOrHf atK lit tb? h? ui and r.rm*. ( ou I 4 hI*Ic? ??* w *.-i produced In lite fl.iioity, an 1 IS* p ? wco *ent for but tain# unable to find "?e of th?* Third wvid ? -flioeie, no 4oroiku Hi audit, of the Fifth ward, oatxt to t> rlr lit The tw ? injorwd m? ?i were forthwith eon to the New b ork HoafdtaJ. HibawqucnUy Mr Ku k?- w.u? f.iKo > .atj ? uhumIi and tot* hied in Um HM ?H il iiioti hou*" to await an oia'titualioii b*f?ro th I* dice couit. At a Into hour la?l night oueof UuMiijii' t men It wm a opposed wouid not Hui vi?a until morning* Pmtv 1 Km in? A Puudiut.i Htnn?ii,?Ahal Inui o'clock ytrntmr xy altorm-ou, 4 gkiif of ruIII411* num ?m! ?h? ih? oI\om by iiia. ching through Jaiuoa Ntr? ??t, nuA kniwtk iiig doh 1 ? ftl hojrN whom the/ met. 1 he/ aPer w.?id-* * ntcrtd agog Hhc?p, and diank hver, Ac., for whf^h the/ ???l?i?e i to pa/, auo l>of?>re ieaving --toll* m-yornl tumbler - ff u> the ooun'er. I'oil ? man 1 ?Ib'-nunn, of the 1 an'd, **u# Alio*! i-i nml lie .1 tempUwt to ardent * .nuol Wct'iut).. the fipgleado , but the Uttor wuttcb*! th? 1 tfircr'ii club *nw?? bin band, n*?| atu?mL>t?d t ? atrik him witli it. 4 goteral aliaca upon the ofVlner tin n eniie , whi*V\ *u > ?"! / a '.a*K>* ti'imbei of cttiieai no n uf whom ottojed to a^dnt the ?dl ? * r, and du iog * Itfli4/t Mci?r4ta <?tabbed liio olltoer in th>- left aide uf *Ji head with 4 clasp kttlu* Otter |M>Ucotutsn thru eatna up and b'c firsth m l 010 Wm White h??rr arrcwtid ? *?l A>? - t*d up *o answer 4 charge uf fob oi mi- a">uu|t. Mcttiatii i /? nio . oco (iiilein i, ami live, at K?? 18 Mono struct. Ia? "?? Tin OnautTinx of m t'trokL ? Hie twelfth an uual 4. it the .-oclclj foi Improvirg the Condition of the I'oer hag Jnat b *c? puMKhcd, and U now before us > urn it we learn th follow ;rig focU with rob reoca to it fiiiaocwa, Ac t? ".mil.;'. - i ii'i n li'TC'l foci b,,y. 1, |Hil, to Km i, 1S&6 n 110 Hi mbm "t pc-onii fl2 (tfkl Numbered virile bfi.MU . 'iIjc miTgi log tigore- 'I oh the iniraftnit ?l i' !*t to Into !<? u'.flu p? i oi uharly tknw timet greater vino tin iHU'ii" i f pi' vi'iint year M<l Lhe amountof fuo l?rou filled to tli* aeaoeiat l?n, lit order lo provide for Hue o \ W "!iuary n'ntitutiiin, oorreepouilnd thoreel.h, m lit rhi wn by 'lie nl ji r d ntiT- rt>< lit of receipt- and c\ jh-ii cHtiiee, rl/ ? K*. pi. fioio N?r. I, !&.??. to Nor. 1, VIM.*f ( n band t i.?i? nf kft annual report itol '??> Kalanccdue treuaurcr 3,H63 tW Total $14,018^7 1 i>i>u .'-uieiiti otnl appropriation* for name ptr-d ... ??5,t;l8 I" The foil'wing tnuned per mint urn the nfTtcerir 'H tble uo -octal inn:?President, .'nine- Ihowri; Vine I'rerl le ito, (oiigi'llji w'"t..lfi?M- Doormen, Jauire Iwoov, If i ? " Alt' u, A. It. Witmoio; Treat uw, Robert It Wit Oorreetcinding ftotlrtaiy and Ay?nt, Holt" Vf II, Iteeordinp -Btfetoty, J""?|ib if ? "Uln-. Tiii I'm .If oi ai 'O ? The regular monthly meeting cl the I \?< utire Committee ot till' al* rn aawociathm w.i held "0 tt mtn< i<iU;y ??? "lop, ?'? 7 '? o'clock, In their rout Iiiltt'ie room, C'lut'W Hull, A-to place. III'' Treasurer 'ported that AT" ? nl* had l*x n oCnuibotod to llie hind of the u"ontn'ion during thi 11 t montli that wlilto their practical "Jm -tli . - r.- <? m a mie-h more eatonde l rale limn I'ithcrtn in 1 t)i - appl" ?tb.n- to them fo a.t'icn i hlnjf an i." hi y uro i iul'1,1> l.ijf the di.acuity In ' I i' tine fund* i"? iter n-nr*' w.ih tlieuo iniieavl le rnmi'l* I" wry avrhti. ly n it. From the diary of the agent It i (ipeti that th ? toll* wii h. m leu tlio "|wr:itk?i* "I the a* ''In tli Ji d J ring 'he p o month:. 147 per ? ? in mair* >f or r thy prlnio (New >..rk and King* cunty), have bc*nTl"i!'d the itp .t hopeful of the ,. ?er- e > fully ui Ji-ct 'I Biol appropriate ni 'an* taken to prc-cot l" the'f irt?. < n theft t ;.if. ai y '' U otiug ? ireu..|-tnn*e? the*, tvl.di d ? if thia nutuber 5-wem dlech i g"dfrotu ' tody on tl tee iinn' ielatl"ii 1" dianharg' '1 e"iiYi ?? have fmeir priiviced with >ilun'!iii? aud emplorinent por-1)11)1 illachargod from our -rate an I county prinoiia rreeiri J aaelatnure n money, lh nien and b-iya wi ro.up pdie *,-|i u?ful clothing, tfihli a, TmrtaniituU irrd uthf good bsoka, and nuinCfi'U. trriit-wai' nlao healownd Va - la.. i ?a i"i CimJ' A "ir r? A ifui a*. Ar marr at BinriLaar.?,'^nreral oo. rrvpoo'lent.i lu? ." la'"'y favored ua Uitlr aeiount* of robimrtrr no'innlltod no tin arwltea ami uetghhor i, and rery juvt'y Complain tiiat the police am not a- active ? tb?y ni ght Iw In fArnrtlng out the rogue- The faet l>. "ir ofticei- ,tre m I' ll mure fliisleiia to kcoy, the lacp of t mt'bcry "Ut of thonea injur tlran t ln?ia-Ug*te tie eireuui-taiioi I unlet Who'i It an- romml'ieit T' ' v d > Mil ' iliiiie the p!i^ that puM-efty wtll I at th? end ? of ju-tic. gto r ? , It re notoiiana tl t ej.|t,,lro?'? eoc h.rvo r.-uimltteil de, 'a fie atrocity "f ?h '*? ha" at:,- i led wiili' pi a ! ' 'h o tloti, have almoa' li.v r i.ihly " oil ceU 'ed Jil l I'll gill ?? trial. It noi P puolthf .e'if. ' p'tar the i/.-wint ? i tepi of '" eetret toe fadt of a rob'cry until the tbl'- iaairr-te' nc.i- then tliT'e fun'lh "f nt 'Hjll'I'U i?cape r,a| ( ? ? In n *e?l. I roc tlie eom'.'alat" a -re'i correaf" ndw t l' appear? that '? 11ft ? ntfi ami " tea-1,*h ward- Ate inbated |u ' ? With t i'flat" ?* ' <uter bmi-' - Hid roll Ith j?? i" fiii("inli and al'hon' any urn* ???.vy r o' ih. li e 'f 'i" ll? eyea ,t (i w i rtninr" -in' " a Uncy ' ", ?l* ghih aveo ? nut broken in''., aii'itb'' ctio ' "li y taavri *?' ?) [ oj.rtaior wtil'a ua aa fr II a. The ntlgb or A tr ehl"l I i V I leani, la r. ?? ?! vWi due I ee i' ar elu-e of'tte .ee -?l * .'' tei<, . " va ervd Ite Ir-etriiTi' ea'' '11*oiII or-t-'f ? aed I h'lttli avefiua. In (lie nigtaemc m,<i V' r " 'i nui ' it'." **" y laarl' iA i. > .n, >" ? ik ?) i e'?*ed, tried, i??. ' A*' ? *? d hv I. | |..,, . In t|, n or r, -,r X; h I a ? ? up' ' ?a ? "? and I aaM naming abou' I' "? the elite ntb HerlprU'e- toe ?h"U 'lie- cirn' a ??uiod tlo..- 1 i o h,, ,t .u - ? mO'iW.'1 _ . An.'.L'-r <' rte?|? o 'e:T " tgf ? i e an a nat i a angn 'm and a dailng ui'? nipt a' r I. ? y ? A?- ? i ei? er- i ??. weiae. nn (f u t? , ' . ?>e A her moriitnu. lie ? IfA ? -eera vd hy a ae rva in'.:e ?Uk', ?U| (','atTijn at he.' l.'dWi.. wlii, a t rll. . c j ? air. ,t?u..,'et:ua moi.oy '-v "o ki * wh-ue U*e r> '?? f ?' ae ..' 'hi ioii'.d. lit 'in. oiled I hi,: iatr . >?mmle a te ' ? to t i f Iar*e kuMn. I? afu-rwarde kicked ike *ul M l"-r o-?" and p.,. enlfl d" ri atal ci In, u' yteri ?h . i re my Orvii' i ,n lew an-: ' ,a f- i i If' # r:""I ' * i-"r where nn otd lady ulept, vrhian ?i< lu> km, ami d ' ' th* ci. rc. mmal.' ? '? " ' '? eill .1'' ? " or * r Ukonr <h?ra wemaaouvnly Mxked, and ha CM Mt gat to. He rmipf.v. nliiojn a,, r ?n-l lot- "iw o n< ar ? ? t. rv rnau 'f'.rr'ul' iroao- It* 1.' It Or ir u a - rg eckrd pai.iry iirlwan nif ofuc* m ,d ihr kl-aieo , ? i| '? -j g. mi doubt, <0 I e* diver ?f" "I .he. there. It il'i.r <*?'/ a./ (.?v ueae bellalo ft'lrt'. A* I* tier, t.f wie lluafP'.'O -1 'el Bell tMl-r*l ih* aiirhen, where he , inmroced '.pora - . - <e, ao ilr" wrr.n, forto?*o l? atr.i ,g r ?u? evr a i? ? iia* af'bcn, eli" tut 1< a n Aw, wf?u i<? trow a large Biota, mi 'rf twelve lnrh^ i"ttg, and d?rr*)rD*d t?< pl ng t' -r ? "he .14.1 nm keep vtlll. Tu<i yi.- whola ale.u' 11 ??<? <W a?e bwl.L 'W tor -j- ? av' ?. < ? '?? h'm ao 'gain, when be rt, i >.ii' u : ;?r*. ;l*!vi,'i" ?',, ? or, jg! ,ji, fi' mo jve en *t- i Aw fr-wit <lr*ir aeh . a ,a> I fcud I'arof'l' V jloit i.'m V. ,*e . , n,ie I vel ha ? ? i*w " Her) an. ?. 11' ,? ?e it*. .. ?,???? "g hw 'are, JOIIA V'N ItAftlNKAf . M H. fjgt NT tv v Vir tia>' l*T'l ' 'Jer't of th* ,,.ltt*e on r-dlmh'Sr lu tavof of Uk p-"? f ' ?uppr*u i ? cc. trw/l.c ' on tli* ff i'tmj.i Hirer ? h l"W I 'fir a,nth .treel Aft' al! " lur- tig- K" ? whleh hnn been had on U.m t >tj<-i ? ar< k., . i Ifia'l Ot hwte tr T Jt: g }. r e well at tf.v nhahitaiite Heat tin i.uw <r# the r I t: ,g. i.f r ? nlng . ?'.uvrUv* t i^r a ptpi- l:e " vgl.tar' cf kb v grva city ? ti-vwt t t.g en w an ir tro T tiiat no I'f per of ' iihvr har4 w'H te found <i lr.liun uu or I: j?., nle Wr ti? iat*fwte "ft1' :t? , ti ui.* a I."arty :.?d prompt gonr iirei,-* ?i i 'Ir roachjtiang rr|e*rtnd bp Ihw c muottaw, wtaco er . -Ir ken; K'w, -d. Tk*1 tie JW of evrwwatre rr.flnea >v. 'J, - tl'g)?u Biter raUreml wirhin he aroletf utnf ? tSii ? l|, hae naWptoB , . . jv.uoe 1 f roe "B "f tie .r .jam* r a? k ju-an oih e*?l tiwir I.?e*y aa I ' I / hi a. ? urt e? t a ? It . ? K.n t I . '"Wt ' " ? ? .. .Wt .. - - . -*m it * aeo a ihair l*e c *? Ue TM ? nbaror let a Fifty wtoiu atrad are* iKa let ?/ p.*? Jreil. Tlai' 'he u'l H?t?n B'rar ftai. -?4' ewpa y hw f, !,'?: < a ?t. 11/ or t* 1 aw h'? Ur r ? i a/ '? i-.r* '*>?*!' el, n prvaUl *#a.-i?iw ? ' ? tor* eroev in rtly etn h ?ir#*t. fW etet ' ?WB* M'tpoHI 0<w" WAjrhe?fh. rrt?. .in, _S?tlc* aae eeai yeewrday aftCrnvan t?. t-? ( > foner of the death of a f'reng ?'??? ? ? * ?e II. epltal. an er very ri??pic?. J 'ire ft waa Hat?i bat < o lh? ? v. filog prevgroe *h' -ad t," ?? ' ? UV.r gwi'hi' hg 1MB Vt whor. bee*"?#?* ? ?*? a reft,?o.'.g t*. tow to -m <4? ?a# *h*? ? ' '? ? hlhlted .vmyV.tul r< hartr.g t?ew ye,???*?? to V t >e -?lt*l who" eh* Clad ?? ? t ? rea? rlttwl. fWy rar ?*? t? ooecb-i ha- ?*Prh''* ajwt "'-old not he toend. flee -.*?? *?t ? f . e- e. IM *,ede known *t U. ? I te ? -Lie-ietanooe a( the ?*ae *iil h# inrwiigwni to Ijwt'?* '* Tivgif -*'. fwrmeyao l.orer th* t ltd and Mt h-tje*?f hAa *"?< w"* *' 7?'**?. ,a Orr-lMpe t hA I a *."'/ J'? I.WM wi ?w'. fV't ' ?' ^ ?" '"^w4 ^' * ?'? . v, r?Ut*r uwa .it ether u.riv.f he ^.'V'nTUw. M*h1 U th* ecu JTum I arte pr-oect] I Via prad. t?r? prra he"1' l?tr; IhwtJ wudot' owe, Ik* Unguegw *) ,, al at p- ' r**l r ml 'tor are. the f. V' ay td th* larhi-h eeaptrc. ia. i?-r f'W At ITUIP'I |l<*'"t' - ,? ? ??e *t*r,t?eu ' ; f. eit.l aa'ah'tr. V ?e* atteui rg ft* .toti- u-a Irrueu , ||.mi v '.?i yr'uto; "A M? :?)? *C ' ij . ? le 'l t*r ?y n i<F*a :o,I up ? the h? , , iVt ,t ?fw d f rirte. a Wofhoi*r, ia th* eea* ' gam g u*revi, i tog Into* '?? at th* f-*"* ?? *a ? ?reel. Ia"t i reer, kit <W gll< >e to/Til' ...|M**tj Vy a pi he ?* Irene' whuth (el hMn. !>"* .. **"? I i W C,VI/*t h.eJ * ha* fh-V'JA a I ?{?( ?r. "tv \f >?> flow KntuKS. AllklT.lL Of THK CHBHCMtfT <UTti Til - iteanwMp Ciareant l it). ' apt l.ra/, I ' -I ev. ng from Nrw Ih-lean* via Havana, brt-gtag ?? Uli? igf ul>?n pipe a, and teltar* from uu.- cewrrapanRawt^ teUwl on ill* .4lb 1.1 V m?b*t. The y?h'bal iirm l? entirely unimportant. Ouk Havana oi'KitirroNtmurK, limit, Nor. II. MM. IK- > >i ik .I Pi ltd .Viv/,4 H'jr (View?/t? l\f?rt M /?iVi'vviim 0n l 7-j.0 15? T\- fCtti ItAlny?Jfutag M H.itlh h'T*7k- ?n.| Tvxhu,n j*l //?-wl*A If n iMera ? 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I. illasourao Ihc Inao I- . utngw], a*?u tueg have to rclnin to a a-rrl ebauut upon "ike evil*" ef a wai botwi m tin ( lilted -la1' ? ami r.ngland, tie * had m I a la. n.rd i In li mi n of valor or lljrl oioti of w al l, aor rn.nred In'u the imagination ljr?, or tl.n uon u I nucha ' Krttar U liatartu ' l-t gat iiytxt It., tova. tail i or) .liaUibut.'d It* faroia w. Iiouin ? .illicit) oi ito' tutn. Tbo 1*g" pr.'? Ilia) fih, wlik tin., apmtlaiailoii-, fern glpt. to the d ?i. i/o if an Juan '? lor Rnniialio , lour prima trine iiiaau la kha ih.irl I iilano Lip hr Mr*. Ilraai i, b)|r.u ainred I. ? h) the lx-t -toiiuo i *? welcome tint lo 'jn II pro ta !? r I ha aaaauii, and aon I'blng nine* la t4iin xh it I l av. In rial* for Ui<- Inform.. n of tfc* a. tho nil of Coin tod loi Ih* of I'.n ir. aauicf >t the ho) al lad *r r?that not with-mo nig t)ia la ? C road ihtig Ito i ale ot il riant tha 1U> at I iiltar) I >? tlu? etcwrk - P. 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