Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 1, 1855, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 1, 1855 Page 1
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-3 THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 7034. MORNING EDITION? SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1856. PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF *HE ATLANTIC. ONE WEEK LATER FROM EUROPE. HIGHLY INTERESTING FROM ASIA. Grttl Battle Between the Torks nnder Omer Pasha and Rnsaia. VXOfOAT or TBS SUBKA The Still Excited State of the London Money Market. IWPKOVEMEHT n BKBlMTem. CLOSING OF THE GREAT FRENCH EXHIBITION. HOTH3NG HEW IN THE CRIMEA. THE FAMINE AT TBE CAPE DE VERDS. The Aavle-Aoieiieaa War ExcHemeat En tirely Subsided, die., Ac., Ac. The Collin* steamship Atlan ta, Capt. We-t, arrived at ain? o'clock last night. She .ailed from Liverpool at one e clock on Saturday afternoon, the 17th alt. The St., hence, arrived at Southampton on the tltb tnat. Among the pas anger* by the Atlantic ia Col. Tal. I*. -ha/lnvr, who ha. resided aorne considerable time paet in Fu.nia, and now returns to make arrangement* to carry out the contract* he ha* made with the Russian govern meat. Col. Sb.affuer ha* aecured contract* for railroad*, talrgraph* at d other public works on the most gigantic *caie. and on very favorable 'erm*. In addition to the eolorpiise above named, the Co onel ha* become largely inU.ieiT.ed in property belonging to the Archduchess Marie, sister ot thi^&nperor, and to others of the prince* and i of Romanoffsky. The aggre gate cost of by Col. S., representing the ent?inou^^^^^^^^B),O0U,000, affords a splendid niargin for <n^^^^^^BW'nCriTna "I1"' 1411(1 energy. Also among tM^RHKirH by the A. Lieutenant Wash ing, ou A. KarUott/oT the I niiod States. Wo ore indebted him tor th? following deplorable intelligence:? TO THE EDITOR Of THE HIKALD. I - !1KD tTATEH MaK. S?A USMir ATI.A.VTI0, ) Off Nkw York, Not. 30, 1865. J 1 herewith enclose you the annexed correspondence of ?/'uu!*i.(lci# < i abbe. Ccminunoer in-Chlof liiiU-d States mural forces coast of Ah lea ami the I nked States Con sul at I'orto Grande, Isle St. Vincent, Cape de Verils, on the subject of tho terrible Sainiue wtiich now prevails in tint at oupi of i< lands, and to ask that you will please Jr1 ciinpTjr with tho benovoleut wish of tho Commodore, to give publicity to the tacts, In order that relief may reach tbi<e unfortunate people, 1 add notes made by my oil In relet. ncc to tho Hume subject. Very respectfully, ySura, W. A. BARTLKTT. Dmtrd STATU! Ftjltl Snip Jawrstowh, > PllOTO tiK-UfM. <H5t. 127,1866. (' 'ajir Siit?I herewith transmit a letter from the Culled Stitee Vice tbusul at this pltco, in relation to the gre?i'. erlfering of the people of ihe neighboring inland of St. Asi-nio. On your arrival in tho Cnltod States pl-ase mal.e It knowu to the phllsnihropic peopie of our coun try through the eoluinusol our newspapers. 1 am, with sruuh rrguid. your obedient servant, I .M-i. V A. Bakiiatt. THOMAS CRAUIIK. liMTSO St ATtJS CW.8tJl.IT*, I ST. Vunwr, Cask dk Vkrh*, ?tct. 23, a86u. / Sm?ft become* my |?iuial duty to aoquaint you ot \n dreaslial state of the poor inhabitants ?>! Si. vu eus>. Die i*ius lis ve qnite failed, ami the crops are drying \f>. l'he people are eating at the present time the ha > ton* stalks. lire state of the Inhabitants is truly wretoheil. TUe title coinmuuioation which ves-els have with that Island, ?i account ot the bad harbors, nukes it still worse?m lot, some ot the people have died from want. Any little sssistauce yon could give would be most jralclully received, and your making known tlie sto'-e of be islsnu to your follow otttaens, who are alwaya ready etelievo the wants of lha unfoitunate, will be gruatly wrviag the cause of humanity. 1 tinst you will pardon tue liberty I ain taking In so but big pent kino inte'fcrenee in oelialf of these poor ,?opir. I have the honor to be, sir, y rur obedient ?ervant, AK1U.V1H JOAQUIN MARTENS, UnH< d states Vice Consul. I ommodorr Tie si. CRAUIIK, Commander-in-Chief of aiied Hiaies naval forcea, coast of Africa. MFMOIIAVDA FROM LIEUTENANT BARTLgTT. In order that the public may b? exactly informed if th? desperate state of these Islands, I add the tallowing suites made tiy my-elf on tho spot from tho most reliable .u'hoiit.v, vtv.s ih? English and American Consuls, and other eeu< b men at St. Vincent:? 1?As stated by Mr. Marten., the crop of 1855 (both the rreen aud the reserve crop) Is a total tail are. 12?riie preceding crop was only naif the average, and there ate now .' 0,(00 people on the island of -<?n Antonio living on the banana stalk and the carcases of ammals that bare do <1 or are dying of starvation. kti 3?Tliere is not, ot any kind, provisions for one-sixth the demand before the crop of lSftii can be git; and lle -. ..saber, 1866 Is as soon as 111 it crop can be avail >bh>. f?Tlie i eople are so pour that they eonld not buy more than Ml sixth of what they require, If it were there for sale. With thi- pi aspect before them, of less than one third the weans for next year, the people are now dying of starvation. The bland of 8t. Nicholas? from which aid Wis ob jected?ha? not produced cne third of a crop; aud tho people there will he added to the famine?say more than Oft. All the cattle have died on ft. Vincent and all the . ?mall inlands, and will soon lie extinct on all tta'- northern is and*; th<- southern islands cannot aid these people, tor it is doubtful it they have sufficient for themselves. Ihe tact is, aid. liberal aid, most be sent from tb>* United HtomTsod England for they arc utterly neglected by Portugal No dntlea will be exacted on articles sent mr relief Corn and flour MS the proper article*. .Sii.ill ft not ire ikise! Soppli?*s should be sent to I'orto Ureude, I-le St. Vln cent. Die American and English Consuls, with th?- Go vernor, will act as commissioners of distribution. Re spectfully. W. A. HAK11 .KIT. Thefl'ni'rd States flag-hip Jamestown, Commodore CrsHbe, IJeut. J. f. Armstrong, commanding, was st ft. Vincent, (i'orto Grande.) on the 2#th Octolier, and sailed SOth for I'orto Praya and the Coast of Afire, -eutliward. Would be down the coast nve to six months. The l%le, I seat com mam ling Walbaeh, was at St. Vln sent, (I'orto Grande,) and sailed Oct. 31 to Join the Om mode re at I'orto Praya, and thence to the Cm tod Slates. All welt in both ships. The master and crew of the late brig or hark Kalafat, ?f Hath, were on hoard the Dale, for passage to the Cnl tod states, the Kalafat having been sunk in the English <-b?nnel by eoUlsioa said to hove been from Cardiff ftvr f'eoaacvla- The tukster ?nd crew of tho Kalafat all -aved and writ. There we- -to cholera or other disease at the Cape <la Verd? on the ulst October. The famine had alr-a-ly, however, U ? ome general in tlie Northern Islamic. Wbm the news of the action of the late Naval Board reached '.he African squadron, lieut. I. J. Walbaeh wu< in cmnmixt of the I>ale, and lieut. W. A. Bartlett in tho fail perfurmsnce of his duties as First lieutenant of the flag ship. These gentlemen, though " dropped " by the action of the - Board," bring home with them proud tes timonials from their Commander-in-Chief, and the officers and nve a at the squadron to which they served. The Commodore ordered lieut. Bertlett to the United 8tale via I i gland, with the despatches, (arrived m the Atlan tic,) and I >ut, Waibacb will probably return to com mand of the '-ale, unle- -ome officer should arrive to ??litis htm The war esettofaent to regard to the I'nito! totes hae eatireiy ?ai.?.it#d. Itoevict i J ? f finer I'm ba over the Russians Is the m<*t n>i >itent piece of war news by the AtUn i -. The follntrtog are the particulars in briefs? fg M? 'Frtot <>r Forrio* aw viae or tnx Mmuwk I'ogrw to nm (snriWA.v MmTm at Iaisdov. t OSMUXlMRI, Nov. 15, 1865. On the iof November the troops under Omer l .v ba. with the wator up to their armpits, under a let rIMe lire, ttotced til- j -.".?go of th'- river Auak-ira, or Onflouf, In orris wt.icii ?as defended by V 00s> ltn?<<an at's' ked the Russian rodouBte at the point of the ba< net, ?? carried them, despite the desperate defence tlf -he m The , i troops were r mpl< 'eiy routed, snd tied, captured Ave esnnim, seven etmniiuitioii car's, i tw! - ? l ie forty priMitier The Mo- ov left nine 'bin Mfsw on the flsld of het'le an- ug a bom Were Is o supfltio* officers and JBO ?MflltaMe (tor I'vs. an nnlstn sii'y-ei,-btk-. I-laal *''sMi J Intelligence from the Crime* U to lhr? eiTeot that ft sharp lookout was kept ?? tbe Toheraaya, aa noma Koa bImo deserters hftd reported that Prlaoe GorUckaJkofT would attempt ? general action before making ft retreat The Hu Brian army her log been order* 1 to hold itself in readiness from an attack, the aUlee reiuloroed their ai vaoced iweto eveiy night, and supported tketa with fluid artillery. The alUea had completed eome very Important worka near Fort St. Mlcholft*, and increased the number of battcriee bearing on tbe northern forts. Prince liorU cliakoff, reporting tram tbe Crimea on the 6tli ult., ?tate? that tbe allies continued to occupy the valley of Beidar witb two division*. The latent despatches from l'rinoe Gortachakeff Btoto that all tbe vessels of the line of the allied fleete had net nail from Klnburn. The light vessel* remained at their old anchorage between Otcliakeff and Klnbura. A letter from St. Petersburg of the 30th of Oct., eays that Vice Admiral MetUn, who haa been appointed tiorerner of Molaieff in the room of Admiral do Kerch, la a young man protected by the Grand Duke Cone tan tine, and wat formerly clilrl of the staff ot the lilack Sea fleet. In ad 11 tion to the title of Governor of Nico'aleff, he is to be called natal adminixtrater of the Nioolaleff ?liatrlol, la to possess the powers of the commander-in-chief of the Black .-'-a fleet, and the command of the ports of the Danube. It was stated in a despatch frem Hamburg, that the British ship* at |iresent in Klol harbor have received by telegraph an order immediately to return to hngland. Tbe iV*l Ami Qdtrilt of Krankfnrt say*: ? All the power- invited to take part in the apprnaohing eminences on the subject of the Sound due* hare now scceptrsi the invitation. France and KngleDd will bo there represented, and It is cert&iu thai the Uui.ol btales or America will also send a plenipotentiary. The .lay Uxed by the DanivU government (or the open ing ol the con'emrcee on the Hiutid line* was the ART ult. Prussia will he represented there by her resident Mliilstei in Coi fnbagen, Connt Ortolla. It seems proba ble tbat most ot the government* Invited will rovpund to the invitation by deputing their representative* to at tend, but In all probability their inrt'.rucUons will for tbe present be conflnerl to the hearing of proposals, on tbe communication of which to tire home governments special instructions will be Issued. The I sui.-ti government, it is stated, repudiates any intention of relinquishing its neutrality, or of entering into negotiations for altering the present law ol succes sion. We learn by a despatch from Berlin that, In order to increa. c tbe number of officers, the Kmperor of Russia has issued ? ukase, applicable to the of the em pire facilitating t he entrance of the poor nobility into the army. A tr-legiaphic despatch from Berlin slates that Aus 111.4 is reported to have resumed her intention of bring ing the Kastern 'question before the Frankfort Diet, as it Is considered certain that she wilt n.?w obtain the sup port of some ol tbe more important German States of the second class. The anticipators of peace say that everything 1< in a tiaiu for the renewal of negotiations as soon as .Sir Ham ilton heyinour, the new F.ngllah Amlvassador, arrived at Vienna. The IS'fir /VwafM announces that Immense bees of sulphur have been dicorered on botli sides ol the Volga, mar t^aamara. The Russian government has gi ven orders loi the Instant working of the beds, which are said to 1? " more valuable to Russia than a disco very of gold at this juncture." the Hanover (indent, of the :(d, stinnunte* the convo cation of toe electoral colleges. According to the c in stitution 11 1HI0, the definitive elections must be con eluded eithln six weeks nfler tbe publication of the royal ordinance. The constitutional paity rely on pre sentii'g itrell m mnw at tbe elections, and they think they shall ootatn nn Imposing minority in the Second Chamber. The period for the States General to meet is not yet ttxed. Th*> H'i.t has the following:?Great snx iety is svjncvd at the Uininistry for Foudgn Affair* for the Uvto ol M. Hos. h, Charge d'Affairs to tbe United Slates, fince his departure for his post, at the end of July or the beginning of Aug jet, up to the present time, this dij.loio.iUst has given no signs of life, aud iu> intelli gence, It Is -aid, lias been received of hi in from any quarter. The French government Is said to have demanded or the Holy Hee that the reply to the I'icdmontese mernoran dum shall not be published contemporaneously with the visit of the Kingol Pardluia to I'aris. The exiled and se ditious Archbishop of Turin resides at J.yons, through which city King Victor Kmmanuel will pass. The I ondon Chronicle, of the 17th ult., says:? It bus I term very generally reported In the neighbor hood of 1 owning street, that the Hoke of Newcastle seut a tci'-griphic message declining the < olonial SecicUry sbl]>, an t that such office has been offered to Mr. Frede rick Feel. It is likewise rumored that, at the recent Uk bln*t Conceit, Lord I'slmerston informed the members of the government that he had offered the Col m at Secre taryship to llr. F. I'eel, who bad accepted the appoint ment. the I oder-cecretsryship of War. rendered vacant hy Mr. I eel's promotion, It is stated trill be conferred on Mr. layer.) M. 1'. A de-po'ch from Ilerlln of Nov. 14 say*:? A <io*)*itcb received here I rum HV l'rt?r*l>urg states tho Ctar left Nikolaletf on ths 7th of Novemiier f?r the Crimea, to thank in person the army under tne or ders of ITince GortschakofT. The despatch states that the Ciar found the trovps in excellent condition, and that he left the Crimea on the 12th. to return to Nt. Petersburg via Moscow. t p to the evening of the 12to the Allie* had made no movement of any consequence. Tt.e .laity telegraphs from .Nikolai. 17sre to be diseouti nued. now that the ( car lias left that quarter. We learn from Geneva that the radical party, hew I'M hy Mr. Jmnes Fasy, has triumphed at the eleetlons. The troubles at c'aragossa are over, and order la re st efts 1. The New Kotterdam G*i<iU announce*, on th? faith of a letter from Herltn, Hint the 1'runoimi police have not dlxrovi rwi xulhcient ground* for detaining the pretended l*rinee of Armeoia any longer in prteon. He will be handed over to the lra:< h government me It* subject, having been born in lev*. The following he* been publl"bed In the I/>n>W>n .Ycuws?, Not. 18.18M. The Sc rtnrT of the Admiral!/ begi to ao>(tialnt the editor ol the Itailj, \rwA that ? telegraphic rne-xage hae been received fr m Aberdeen, stating that the American whale -hip John Henry fell to with the lU'-voluta, Arctio discovery ?hip. off Cape Mercy, Iter I* Strait. The matter . nd crew of the American whaler hare abandoned their own rhlp, and taken charge of the Ke*ot>rte. The Iteeo hite wax abandoned in the Arctic region* by Captain Kellet* in the late expedition to discover the remain.* of Mr John Frauklln. Tli'* Pet Ami .contain* a letter from llamhorg, ol the 4th, which atatea that the nuth/rltle* of that place had instituted new proceeding* against |?irtie* en listing for the 1 o reign legion. Several per tone hare been arreeted, and amongat other* the captain of the steamer Heligoland, who baa taken many Individual* to the Kng llali recruiting depot. He hae been placed in aolltary con II Dement 1 he Hank of Trance returna Air the pa t month hare joat ap|ie?rid, and preeent the anticipated result*. The bullion nhowe a Inrther diminution of ?830,000, but the circulation lie* at the -ante time experienced a reduction of ?1.400.001). There haa likewiae been a reduction o' c.ho ooo in the advance* on wnblia securities ?1.000,000 in the adranoe on railway chare*, J.700,000 In tin- private dcpooltc, ?1 300,000 in the I rreoiry lelancee. and nearly ?1,000.000 In the diseounta. On tlie whole, the account, which thna abowa a general con traction of operation*, ia a* favorable a* had been ex pected. and tenda to confirm the Impreaatun that the receipt* of *|?c;e during the past week or two mar have Iwen nearly (*ioal to the withdrawal*. The tact, how ever, that even tlil* ha* been attained only by con tlnucu* aeerillee* and effort* mn?t cause the ooiiree of affair* daring the next month or two to be regarded with gv*at internet. The Attttmde of Ruglantl toward* the fritted BtatM. ;Irt m the lamdon Ttmee, Nor. 17.1 While the government* of America and rngland are er n'rontlr.g each other In an attitude of suspicion, If not of hocttllt r it t* Worth while to consider with what hwl Ing- the people whom tbeae government* rnprweent re grvid i-ach other, ihls ia no iu?on*iderahle element in the probablliti- ? of war or pence, for over and over again h?vewe**?* IxgUod ami the t'nited Htate* driven to the vty ve ge of a mature, and navel from it hy the intervention ? f the people, whom gnveroarenta and demo era! might divide for a moment, but wioee feeling* mutually rec< lied at th* actual proepeci of permanent vietrungement *nd hostility, Of the lee ling- ol th>. people of ? np'?nd toward* the people of .trnenca we have, are ore happy to ?ay, no doubt nor difficulty In *p?-aklng? that he)log I* ?? nnac'mon* a* It ia cordial. Wh*t*v-r htttemeee may have aurvtxed the termination of the v* volationarr war, or the ill *dvU??t contest of I81d-ll h?? b rig toce pa- -*?l a??y KngU-hmen de*ie for the I mUd state* the atmoat amount of prrgne.* aiel pro* petit*. they admire their energy they -e*pee? their in ? rati*e talent, and tbe> look ft?i?ard wltboot J-?| i-y and without appr"heti o.u to (he rapiliy cming'Ime wh*n the noribvrn continent of America -hall '*? peopled, frr n> *ea U? ??* hy i|>e hardv descendant* of the Anglo S*X"B race We h?ar without envy of t e eeorwoitf Inert*** M the tor of the American mercantile oavy lor wt are wvll aaarw 'hat that vaet it -et i* en g?h'-rt aa much in our service a* th*4' own, In the n .hie U'kof '?.<ching both hgml?p> ?? and, tf hetr Intel tutlons be not a* our*, and their Mw hire diverged | eomewhat widely from the standard we set up for oar- j Mlm in Kuglaud, we an quite willing ibet our Traaa ; atlanUc brethren should menage for t hew wv, v?? in their own way, and enjoy their liberty in such fashion as seems good b> them. fcuch are the teeling* of Kngiiahujen towards tm(d- I cans ana suoli we honestly believe are the tvwttng* of the great majority of Amerioaii* towarda Kngiisbiuen. fire j native papulation alaioat universally, and a very co at- ' derable portion of tba emigrants, regard tbe Koglinh na Uon with tbe aamegmd will with which i'. look* up.ia | 'hem Tbry are uei'her Jealous of our alliance with ' fiance, nor envious ot our giua'.ne** and strength, their ' sympathies go with us in our piesent struggle; thiay teei ana know that we are fighting their battle and propagat ing their piinciples, ana that the siiocom* of the ailina Would be tbe surest guaranUe fur tbe triumph of the piinciples of civil am religious liberty all over the world. Katimated by numbers, by urtqterly and Intelli gence, we teliwve this to be the mum numerous, the wealthiest, and the most respectable portion of tbe American couunuully. Hut uuhspdly tuat community contains iu it..oil other olemvnts, and these, we must admit, are uniformly and naturally enough hoe'ile to tbe cause of the allies. America is a grest ANatia, in which political refug?es and criminals guilty of less horvorahle oneness (lud shelter and welc na.'. lit tbe singularity of her lew of naturalisation tbe msu who enteied her territory as a nfugee may In two or thrte tears a pii* to ttie digni'y of a ci'Uen or a legisla tor. were tbe Knglish law similar to that of the .States, M. Victor IIi go udght now be outsell ig wlUr Sir Charles Napier the representation of South wark, and Cltiseu l'yat aspiring to beeont" the c lb ague ot Mr. Hay lor for tbe borough of Wells. Tb u it onroo* to pass that aivfiiturirs of every description?Krench ?? risliata aud Jacobins, I slian re.l republicaus, Hun gaiiana, and ruins, diiveu into frantic hatrv I of ail government by Auslriau Ilussisn tyrauny?? refugees I mm every country iu hurope, and adven turers, pirates, and filibusters from every county In tbe world and last, though not Uaat, our own I'nt -d Irt-bmen?all Und tliemselvi a received into the guv. ruing class, and tri-ated as if tbry posses-ad sympathy for the li tercets, and en honest wish lor the dignity and pros perity of tbe great republic. Hut iu the Votes that they give, tbe speech-* they cellvar, an 1 the partis* they torni, three men are rivally thinning, not of the otuntry ?b.y have adopted, but ef tbe land tbey have left?n >t bow to benefit their friends iu America, but bo# to avenge them elves tin their envinlei In Kurupe Su-ti n en liate tbe allianoe between KogLvud nuil Kranin, be cause It esUbtiaLe* a power strong enough to put down the puny sedl ions and treasons a lilcb th-y aie perpetually liatcning; tbey hate ttie g.sst war that is bring wuged, because It seems lik-iy to work out the legeneration of Kurnpe by ulber means tlian the < nly oris* which tbey are acquaint ed t,ilb? insurrection, a committee of poohr -if-iy, the guillotine, the repartition of land, an unlimited i -ue of paper money, a war o! p opugaudtsin, and a uati mxl bankruptcy. bach men are tin enemies not only of Kti g nnrf ar 1 t'rnnca, but of nil civili/ed xnd organised socl i t .mil equally '-be more re .portable part ummunit) m the bosom of which they have eluge t . abu-e and tbe hospitality tbey dis ;bt seem that, with all the people of hngtand and . -t anil beni por inn of the people of A me tie? on of peace, wo ghad little to apprehend from ? brand*, but anJbrtaMfc 'y this i* not wholly an. 'li e worst <lis|MMted portion of the commuuity are re<ides* an I active well used to dwalleg with large and turbulent asseuiblios of men, and abb-to turu to the very best ao roun. the i.onest pri Judire sand pardonable national pride ol their bea.ei* The better classes of America. on tbe other band, absorbed In the pursuit ot business, aud hav ing little taste for the turmoil and obloquy naeparabiefrom public life under a democratic form i f government, take little interest In politics, and are slew and Indolent in be stirring themselves beyond the ordinary circle of their avccatTons. Bu'., should (key ? nee anprebeni that the turbulent elementa br fore alluded to seriously threatened tbe contlnuanoe of a good understanding with Kugtaud, we brliwe ihey wouluarou-e Ibeuisclves in earnest; aud, uulias their sell lore should lie wouuded by any III at vbrd proceeding on our part, would speedily put an end to the efforts ot those who are so ]>ertlnaomusly and un faiily reeking causes ol' rffence against us. It ts lor this rea-ori thai so much stress is laid upon the insult to .the national sovereignty implied ml t.ttr attempt to recruit in fauada, because it is wel known that on such a subject as this all Americans would be equally tenacious, whereas no aim ist every other subject of difference It would be linpo-aible to p. ? cute anything like a feeling of unanimity. Hence, a? ar always maintained, tbe great impolicy of sueb un attempt , not liecause it really was or was nov iutended to be any otTeuce to American uati<<usllty but because It gave out nvin.eiuus enemies und detractors in the ritales the opportunity of appealing to feelings which every part of tb* nation possesses ivl'ke, and which, Indeed, it would be highly dishonorable for It not to posse, a. B wr ing in n.lnd. then, tbe vast distinction between the b-el iogs of th. great American nation ami the electioneering tactics of its expiring government, we feel sanguine that existing differences may be once mure smoothed over, aud that the purty so enger for a war with f-'ngland may find that belore it can curry its nefarious ends in'oeiecu lion, It mo t encounter and overcome the opposition and repugnance ol the best and wisest portion of iu own fel low citixens. Victory of Outer Huh hit In Allt. [front the Ixindon Time*, Nov. 17 | It I* plain that a victory of no small imporlenjc ha* hteii win by Outer I'm tin, wbo lov* thu- onc-i mire proved the Justice of the opinion which place* him ?t the hmd ot the Ottoman Ornernlit It wilt be rememberer! that Ibe town of curb'.in Knleb, on the Abviian c net. win chosen for the debarkation of a large part ol the r u r k I - h niroy. ltoth military and political reae inn seemtt hare tleterminril title policy. Outer !'n-ha no doubt teit wbrn he llmt landed on the Asiatic shore, and before the gallant resistance at Kara chrnged the fortune* of the war, that for a dlieet march through Armenia liehail neither troop* nor time. It was possible that the lo Teeter. plane might tali at once ; on the other bond, the approach of winter uilght compel an abandonment ik-i the riege. If Kara could be succored at all. the mote expedient conrae was to cieate a dlvef-l>n by entering the more exposed province* of Kinwiuv Iteelf, and pining on the delenaire the general* who lor two year* had thought It m-edleai to guard the territory (rom which they operated, ''ollcy m*y alao hare dlctatea! hla choice, since 'he Inhabitant- of .Win | grella and In eritla, though f"hrlstian*. and dr-'adiog the renewed rule of the Ottoman, ate yet by no mom* enthuaiaatlc subject* of the <Var, and might tie brought by a promie# of independence to no operate with the ah lice against their preaent mler Their country, com manded trom the sea, and encircled landward by lofty mcontalne. could be eaaily held whew eonuMwed, and It* or-r npation would threaten (ieorgla with hvurly danger of invaalon. The headquarter* of timer I'aaha h.i-e therefore for sometime been fixed at HncUcm-Kaleh, the troopa. aa ara.n aa lan>1od, hare been pushed forward to Kbrmserai, lower down the coast, ami everything hive been made ready for a march Into the Interior. Kmtlo in Imeritla, ha* tieen atatad aa the aim of thia year* abort campaign. The enemy, no deubt, Judging the Intention* of timer I'aaha from the pae of landing, and from the reporta of the Inhabitants, mm to have wweatntel a loree, made wp of regnlara and '.er rglan militia, on the fngour?a rlrer wbica rise* in the Oaucaau*' near the lofty |eak called the Mountain of Mist, and rnna sou'hwest through a hilly ami thickly wooded country, until it falla into the sea at Anakiia. t>ur correspondent, writing frotn Shemaeral on the .'.Oth of tietoher, apeaka of a report that the Russian* had n,( DO men on tha northern bank of the Ingour, about .Ml miles from the main body of the Tarkish army, "ne-r l'asha waa still at t-ochum, hat waa to leave in two or thr*e dare; the army would then advance, and we can well believe that by the fith of November It would have csiwe Upon the Kuasian force which guarded the passage of the river. We have received telegraphic aceounta of the battle from th" trench. Kngllsh, and Turkltb governments, tr- m whi k we gather tkat the force with ' "is i l'asha wa* about twenty thoU.*an<l men, an I that the Una-lan* mastered about half that num ber, compo-rd partly of rrgular troopa, partly of mill'la fr< in Georgia. In apite of Hie vl-.ui'.ur. in numbers It muat hare been no nvean exploit to cr< ** a deep and rapid rirwr In fkco of an en> my occupying a |er sitlon rreti partially entrenched, vnd the Huttan hiva rea aon to te proud of hi* troop- and of hla funeral. TTjc French despatch add* that "raer I'aaha had left the In gour and march**! In the direetlon of Kutaie. The dls unce by the road la about 70 rnilee, which, unl??? the Kuasian* hare rlaked a sc rmd batrle, he may hare %r compllahed in tea day*- It 1* possible that at this mo rgent the ottoman ficnora) I* in possession of the chief idly of Imeritla and command* the r vlW of the I'haata, ?aid to be navignale for -rr.all <*rafi at 1"0 mile* from the sew. Tills l? all that we can ?ay at p.-esent of the battle of the Ingenr, which may hare greater or lo<* Importance than we hava attributed u>H. The future la eqialb. nncer. tain. It is anticipated that <hii*T l'asha will, imioo dlately <m the capture of Kn'als, relir qulsh all d-*ign? against the enemy for ike pr. -en' year, and thai he will collect hie troops. and keep them luring the wlntr- to the comparatively temperate *ilovate of the Irneriuan lowlande. But It Is also possible that ?o active a rvral mar follow up a ?uree~*fnl battle. A lew days of wa- n' 'i and sunshine may enable him to *ti ike a haavdar blow ahowld the defeated enemy be too much broken to rej.e.t their resistance. A pwe? 4 000 fas' al/ove th< ?e I* tl>e ?hlef obefads to an immediate advvn e Hut should "nwr I'ssha )?aetmte Into (.crgta it I* -aid t.'ukt the winter climate is erea more {amiable to tie- cje r, .1 war than the heats ot snrr.mer. Then fever are! cholera de?.i mate ail who occupy the dsepwaUera, an! stranger* to the land might parish in large n-rnber* T! < -e <u the ?pot, however, antrclja-e that the conqoa-t of ha'a.* will close the labors of the prw-env year, but thai a large aad effeetiva Turkish army will be ready lor the .,peu,n, of the i,?*t campaign Whether the anceeaa be Immediate or "wat-ial, .t i* certain. Al'hmgh Kar* mar not he rellevad e aft by tha win'or the sensatt n which Ite lianger r-sv' -' Hast hastened the t'ansfer af the ?s?ae of war to .V ? 1st tha Hussian* now Uok t*> their owa territory. M Ih 'he evacuation of 'he Crimea the Immense s mi a- ? ' *t,? Ai de- will tw at liberty, and Kng'lakmen, at l?e t ?iil la disappointed . n'.e-s wane owrt of the a<v?eupted to-"s be landed In the regiona where aims ral floofleet ? to le e*p?e'ed?where ib-ne the harrier own bar*.-?*l which is 1o sbnt out h.tiuat tar* from aggi?slob an! In * * ntral Asia Ifere ww have a IsT-iadars fl ie-1 ->j . ,v ture >o huge and impassable that to sarin net it ha* bo "1 it* a'o?>?g lv?tern nation*, a brovvial evp-es i n

b-r t|. aco ? cement of any ytfsnits w t !b ttrn of hi: -tvn p'-war sovrth ? f ?ha gr?.' rw-tg .'i tain f -'s a; ior.?nt I* If ar t an svsy, lie enlerp'be i' rr.ny well be expected that, wo? n ' its* he I ??'? imlM ara driven he ad ?l.a I ?' el vs o- je hsps f-rw?1 by a p n. *1Mr to take rtfcir" I|IM ahippiag of '.be'asp an *Jm/raay I* kept In in ayain tab ring the liberated territory. It wi I irtimlii fre Ihr allien to U iu government a U'l to it ttnenee II* denttoy. We may without err gaooe l.x k up. ii ilo Kuolu (lower a* laiion aeuth of Ibo Cwotiui, foi it t?111 fall it v%orounly attacked, and the alllm are In no anion 10 wuv< i la their determimattou. There, how ever, rnuaiii* out* queatioii to be aolved?lu?* l?'?i the Ch. latum populutiou cm he cnwntlLtUU during the mud juHily governed after (>e*ce U made. It tbotild be our |>i iaclple in aueb a war a* till* to toko bo poli'tenj *tep without a coualdeiation of the people with, for au) neltl. mt-ui which involve* the idea of coo Mtaat iuteri, leuoe or |.ertuaueiit tutelage munt be in time diatuilonl. Hub regard to the content it eel I, it in tinted that the presence of l.' troop* would lia?e groat tiled. iu rtanauii g the inhabitant#, wboee leligiou* tend with tin. Xuikt will alwajn forbid uibre tliau a foign.-d allegiance. Should a Ihltfab torre, for iu.tauco, be ?eut to tlia country and BritUu money circulated? *h> uld the peaaantry be employed aa Croat* aud Alba nian* now ate id the Crimea?nhould there be any arnurauct ag-uunt Me*|. m Intoierauce or rapacity, we may well beUevw thai all but a few of the chiet iwix would in a abort lime be reedy to loraake lite rigid military rule which they formally knew, and to accept gratitude their indtpen. euce or the temporary protectorate o the Weat. 1 heir permanent condition rnuat be a matter foi much deliberation, ..e question in one of I be moat difbcult which can pnple* a atatoamau. It nceui* lot. poeaible le give to the 1'orte or to l e.*ia auch a aiatrlnt a* t.eoigia, with ita('hri*tUa ) oople and daeuiug civl'i ration, 1'* ruatorid chunhea and Kuiopiami/ed capital. It way he a pli'inl erior to leave it iu tho baud* of the t'/ar, and for aelf government it 1* hardly likely to be titled. If ? narrlty i. daiigemu* wlum the mouarch'a nyin patlitr* ate *ure to be with deapotiam and itn groat repre nniaiive; a coti.ederalioii Willi oilier provln. ee i* impoa. eiblu wh. I* each pe ly tad* kale* thorn, around with all the l.alied of 0"ighb<>: hod anil relation.hip. When the exploit* of wai ate concluded there will be full employ ment for the atn'mman aud dip Iowa lint. IiitcrMtfiftar nrom Huuiu. w . [rrom the Carta l'ay?.| hlghietlnV,!^,?1 ,ru",si IVUrnhurg ? lattar of th. c?u"dL?f th. (W ^ ''"""'V at ll",u""rl <?"' In tho tbe'i- , ' ?? V"1 Die project. olHcuiwad im undent JT . * *BCl"? &?!*?"?, our c.,r ^(T.e? ;o. u"u t.^. r ,""l,,"5 Wknowwtut take. ? t.nUne, ,1), a. .rart7he'a7*7t?n!!?7uTr!!aW StS - r^SHSSSt ? 01 **"" "? "ne mcii gri und loat. In faat ill ? "I" I* more ulflicult to make peace than you lma glue. Kui?i* caiiin>t fall fn>lu |,?r r,nk / Power and the Aide. ham not made to tie the P'" 1^'^wUl' "o^"n^?r h' ^VhT fiE'Sr'f"-r:7=;r;rr iWrluwim b, reeuh. Moreover, we are uutyatattJm end of our reaourcaa. We bare the moot ra" t III mil? Kffl:ST""? ?' T*1''"'1'" '? 'It*world. uia?? mn by Vhundfedd Jr ,u'n",e1r' but ,or ".onth, we i lV * UUDOIW dluoT(*nt l uiulli unitH |ft,a . J * the not th to the -outh. and t^T'.rf t^ iTtheXf tn . -ord, the w hite cm a,el n^u,u,,,m.,oowHl, theUapUa, the litacTU a?7.he 1 At.-Ir. i'o you RupDoee that a aountrr* eueh eae, mean. of communication ,,^7, r:^;rrr<r "*????>??? ^yilsr riew lb,u', , a" 1 !"* "P "? lhl,'k" In the lo^r I ft ful ci Rit t*M(i? <i<*nriv*t of rhAir h^it ami etronjjeat hand.; and, what with the ebojern which rare I n ^nmo'er. eiirtenjica canned by the .wainim flie J th2e,n!mon.m^ ^ U"^ - 7mure Although a ?nial?fal ha. uaiU to wire the n ? /? wAt At ltj#? la. miorih llifuin u( <%r ma m ?... or mora par 1 ?*., eonmnvTtS SPJTll JSTta ?**< IbaMbtaTtW '"^W.ttouAht It well to remind ine noble* that D o hmporor oon tinned their nrlmliwea r' b b 'h* '?*" c'?r ''?'J l?r a long time beau oodaarTl thorn but tj? r? rnlo.Jv<i lb?ni hit., th?t tho* bad1 dutlae to fulfil -ow.,,1, the|r ^ul.M^/ country ... not thought of h.rmerly, ,,o? U t. U.okT' to bemg'madV^'im^^ ^^L'TtFSmu'0 Mata lead, lo lib-rt. and fraad ?m L ">IUUr/ 3St.; ?" e.T?s;?r-,5K,au'"; to reo ^,ro"? u.aeiuen hare con-e-jeotlj. baeU Uken take !h m T '""'"'t* follow the Ofhoer. appointed to i^md Nahaved P'Td th'"' -??"-? hiif oftb.,? neau I. ?Dared, and Ihoi* who are >u>nei"eil of en ln. li maMndfctrtetV" 7 ^11?'* f7""1 U^1 bf Ul" ?'"> In ni njr dh trict. the tarror i? w> great that It liv Itwn ill n-n'u^""^^" 'ne'gatlc mean, of In lmhla I n? lh<*>? of the (nlet, ni'mace. of hell ezcommunine Don and the anger of the Caar, n? longer.X.ngA *! *l "''tnlier hare r^apa.1, and lire hr theft *r th. not iwfe !JnT??r e"'"r" koM-rntnenl* the road, are It 7. ^ *"?"n'"*01 ''** not "ul'- lent force at which m"k*i ,T ' * ,l"P U' 'h' ^'"rder and brigandage Tn A . ,Uc<' U',u> U" ?f tlm largeiowii? ",'^t h. ."r * "fd Veroneje dia><iB bd uTd e i" r"P "" [""o'nta iore?t? which oovnr the olie' 1^5 that come. l? tbeir A i.' . rh" a"1 remark .bi? for hi. ju,"e and net!'MeI A > h** '-??t. attacked and a.....| wh.h oihT'L./il'*!^ *' ' fr"m h" 'to'talna ab!!'.!0 ?t hi. prolonged 7L:.a- g^';jir,rrrs.,'3S5: e.rt"\~ , ode of Uathertnofl, a few rai.t. from -<t ivi*.. wcra murdeied aud robbe<| within MO rarda of the hoow. on tba .bore of th. gulf, tkn tbe lUm riid 'hrmUl nim! ^ ??raudi?g ?,idiery. | i^kl nerer aad lf I wer. togoow ralaling all that i. tJhtT Mnacorit. empire. I think that If co, Ul* ,lbl0*" go on for another rear Km^V-tn l?il into An Rfttrchy ?f bUxxUhed. * Men and montj are not the onir thing.'te^sSurirr 5^?^a^SW<S"r^s;Sss: gwmmm HM.r, m ^ m#iAn.i Af ronrryinr, for thin zTtZ'rZTu. X1 ^ " ttlv?rr" -^"r^ and wl<T ,u!i"w?r'7 ' ,0 ** "f *''"*? calamitiee I ?A. n. J m J! LT ?tfr'l ? "km in the tve ali Itt-rptetau. n for MnV^ttee^.^Li'Th.1" "*"* 'tat- of Dortwhakidf anT^oumrir 7,.'. ^r.': K.? JenI'Jd.71" Wontart' lf did tw?t uTe ioiT d^'iteThe m i*!*!? ?-"??V2.|?-'' tu;:Ar:^t^r 7 ^i^aSSSSSSH?; '? ?h Vr", sb"h"*' W'lle ,,h Ut? * ? r r I ' h# |f ? ?VVe 1. K. e , . . * * u-s-SH2! full t.' ml .1,;,.,, iilhi.had?, ..... , ,n ,, nd otatirmte ?LZT i. ... Tr% ^ i? '? ofhta ne>..,n ??.|M,t |^ j'X' " with a ;,f'"*b ^""irai 7 t,r^n , ^ V w ..h a . .agreeabU ei P-ee.l ? ?f rot.ntan. i- . . * ,* ? M. look in aet ire-l h'ThrSTSL ti*. "? ??rh" Tha two 'dhwr /"ri tempered, awl reuorw) .me . |l u.. lani-.orhUbol.. when rouaiVet- ^ '"V '? Uf ' I"*- "amo u ,b. 7 * JT rtrjtriHUAw-a vjfl ' ?w if ^ <# ? > i rMf(ici#4 by all. I n >r u?# ?,f to 4 f ? LT ?*?*' "*? e .c (,... ' , ? ?' ? |Xea I t M?n A4?'i U> th# Mel . ^ her hu.hand l7 t>, dec^e^ r'ar M w'?T 7 '" ir'elHgenea, ?(,? kaow bow to kw. ?nM , '???ri.r two |arti?e wbt h ar* act lalfr ?. t.-# ?*.?<_,' ' )'*i.d. I' t:.r tb.ti the keij r.e. _. to R wae ernfinM ta tba a?ectn? (f th- ? ?.-L Tk '*,' ?? i '.tgnina k mt rwa. ha. gain.-* ?n .i ..ui - " ' f ? ' hu.lar.d ahleh t.? dna* n".' .'tee t f 1' ? kt ./wa be* k keep up a frrd . '<t' awd hie kefken, e. -el^L- ,, ^/J ?# < ? f >U| Ia# An iKijlfi' /i >m ' <rt ^ ' ,# i. A.? . . * r '? *m I**-'* Tim <--r*ai4 fiNrtli*"CSr^f* ? , m 1 ??"?aetlof war, tend. t " u I? 3?seta arm gg.,! (^y. u?? ws.o> faet /L' gtwdt. 1 level, and Hwraborr, to em lurk 'JO.nnO mi>n of picked troope, In make mil at a hour, to fort* a ptu>?gv through Ibr allied a |Undrona, or await llirtr rirpanarw, ami Hie moment they loft (be Hallic to ? lo t a .moling la *cntlan<1 or llatliar than j.e rah with b la men la the H??io< of (Iron ata?tt, ?a It not bailor to attempt to etrtke tor. or at |j>mlun. whrrh !o? hoped to autar Willi bit 'JOOtftiimn without mo ting ii) aerion* o|ip<NiitioB oo tlia w?yt Certainly, the plan wan bold and or*a practicable, dua ? lauilbatb a there wan a chance of rurrotn, eapanially K tba vigilance of tire aided Ibata cnald bo dermvafl. For a moment ha gaued over the Kaperor, and eran the a I vieeni id the etown, to Uta ttewa. If it did pariah. at all ?tante the Kwnaraa Hear would hare wined out tiro ro pioacJi of eowardiee wha li wan polnto-l at It f om all eatae, even la Germany. Tin* Kinprcaa rnonl energetically oppeaed the eotevpitee, wltnh might c.?mpr<mdto Uio ealrly ol SI. i'eterhhurg it -nil. Ilia Knneiao ariulea had euawgh to occwpy tkotu without depriving tb-w?.-lvo. of ?JO.Otkl ? libera aad aa many Mellon, which out nay bo wanted to dalend tin Haltio coat Toe be a per r htatkenud to the advice of bin wife, and niaapproved Ida brothar'a plan, it to however, maid that ha lut* again iwaioal It. Uix vine fjr appear* to ha that ha coo d neck and burn Loudon, or bury hlutnall and kin troopa uudrr tba Mucking ruiaa of the llrat ooininaroial city iu the world. la Km ope, and mpaalally in France, rtninge notion* are entertained of the military atrwngth of llonaia. H?r milium of aobliare, with rawerw uiiTltoij* to All uu the rank*, era (?elieVeo in. IkJublleaa they eaint; alio nan a III 111 ton of aoldlem under limn, >h? may inr.ruU another niiiltoa among her HO,OllC,000 id inhebtteiiu, nr.road over ? n nut iuioum territory of not l?nn lluui J,000 league* from fact to want, anil 1,0th from north to oath. Oat bar available army to Ilia Held doee urn ex<- >ad 400,0113 or Otb.MlV. TLa rauiaiio'er, vatorar n, (eiMwckn, Hatch ki'a, 4c , are quite until for entire aervlce. It lakar a hug time to make the lluaoian noldier. bo it 1 cany, nlumny and idle, lie leaitin only beeau>c he la c m|<ell*4 to do ?o. AfU r ten year* ha it not up in hi. eaeroHe. A Hue iau aruiv of ll.0,0.0 or VU O.O.H) men daatroyel by ti e award, famine, ui.?aeeaiol nloJ ncaa, i> an army which tba trar cannot r< | Iww. It will take hiut ten yearn b> mala another. 'I lia recruit* will mil lie of any uw In him; on ihe contrary, they will be draft upou trie ill Tlair.i.a In which they are Ucoiporatnl, aud will *p ol the uniforml y o( tha teg meat. Hum the bent way ti Hiit-li with Kucela Ic to kill a* many Kuaaien* an ponathle. Hie (anr kio wa lira weak par t ot hit cuha a, and If henrdera grent lerle It la becaune he Iran tilth rod great lhe lotaae tinea tbe comtimnc. uent of the war are wall mated at 1.03,000 ti,en. Ik. to many remain to him rif that maKUllicant army which it look hie father thirty y eart to !o. ml It ui douhttul. di ce ihe wlnler atari.n ha . aetln. and nothing .arioua b* to be I' arid on tbe Ilaitlr tblo, ,-t i'eleraburg U more calui. Tl.a ftar? aud annletie* which ha<l pervaded the unndn at all are gra uahy aubnidiug. 'Che men In pot or breathr. more tiarly. Whatever waa cai<1. howeve- g > *1 a (ace wan put on, un one loll eeaured The allied liae a were in. near i routtarli?the horning of rrweahnurg bad created a panic all along tbe ouaat waa no I nger aafe Ironi a roup >/r morn. I can aaeure yon that at one time the pauic waa aiirh that th.-rw war a tall of removing the aichitaa ol t>? mtoiatrlm clandatlinoly to Mmcow. The hrar liae peaargl away, hut a laruUtig U eg. lect. d next year in tbe virlnity of IJbau or Kiga. and the aoldii re ami tailora will. It la wild be employed in erect trig trarlli Ir.rta at the jroiirtai thought acoeaaiirle. A.I the | earanta ol livouia and be thoula are arnploye.) at tire <arU.Wr.rka, It la aleo eaid that Kiga haa recoire.1 addi tional lortillcatioria, whj.-h reniler Itaimoat loipraguablc. b Inland la a tonrce of alarm. Theie are ?o many polnta of the ca.aat where a landing might canity be i ifectod that it ia Imi^wtible to know whore the danger tin eatenn. .*< ore vnks tint ati Amrrt'ttn m fitt'ir hrriricl a' SI 1'etmbuiu with <t ranwm "J ku fnrrn't.m, rajo'dc, U i taut u) iti'ina Irtmtmtlnut danuiyr. lit uttt atlraittr t at utter Ui i hi e hit inreri/vm to Ihr AVrjeror, an I orrlrri hi Of Utn muni to the fuututri at St. J'Htitlmri to t>rr;*?rc n.Ti,thiiuifur it truit. At the came rime a uncial in wreei waa eenl to Nalaount, in the l iai, to hntre a eart made. It M raid Uiat the range of tlrla gun which U otili |iia in riirne than 4,000 metn a, which, if true, wuuld < r ead anything hubrrto known. A new intixket In alno <|e*wo of. The founilriar at Slataouat and Tnuia are to Inrnirii UO.OQO by netl May Jacobi, the imcntor of the aub marine tulei oal niacl.lne. baa, It ie ?aid, <IUcov< red the inaan* of throwing (a.i.grete rorketa and other |iroj?cttle< to au enormoua dlitanca. and greet auocer* N eipaclad Irotn Ihem again-t the tlrcla. 1 ha gorarnineut ha. place t tin urm ira) and foundry ol .ot, I'eteir burg at tire profoa eor'a dlrfroral to make n(*az|ierimetiia. I eoorindc try letter by oontrarlicting the detilali tna la by certain German papcra of Ilia irporta Unicblug tha pacllic congrera ol certain 11 Iranian diploiiialieta at War ?aw. I can date <>n freid authority that t on. tiortacha k< If, Haicn do lludte rg Huron He Ifriinow, M. b'allt Fon Un, Karon de Hiureoer and Count de ('kropt'iuUech have been In tiled by t mint de Neraelrode to procaa4 to Wnienw, bttwoa the Utlr and iHth Inat., to await there the ulterior order Uik/ Impenw. Tlw future can alone r> v< al to u? the object uf thi? now ling of Huealan ruplo matiata. Ojwnlnfg of ttir- ll< l?lan f'bnrnbrrs. On Tur-'lur, Nut. IT!, the King nt Uw It- ljri ?n? opened (he I egitlaii.r ( Imtule ra In par ami. The 'olloaiug la the ?]'<?? h deiirered hy hi? M?Je?tjr:? Mea.lraira?I r-rrlve reiterated of tlie ayui[ta thatlc oonfldmre of Inraian goyi-rnroeiilr. My dear via, tii* Our da lirahant, hu - iMrDliI by Ilia rve? ption which be lia- met nilh in iliftarent eouiilriwa tlia high rank whii h IVIgtuiii ho da m111' ?ar~t the uu'i-ui/- Aa latitat ami *1 King, I am happy tu record tiie e . Utnnc* of lb?*a aentimi nt?. The Interi al rlt nation of the country ao?i? Ida ring the (liflicultiea of lha tllnee, l? generally aaUafactorjT; oarer iheleaa, in the mld?l of "O many t!m? nu n[ proaparlly and eeeuilty, tuj haart la mortal at the eight of lli* no hap| y triala to wliieh the high pi Ire oi pmriaiona com pela ua to "Obnilt. Already tin- gorei nlrient, local ail mioia1r*lion? ami juirale a ?oria Inna ar> united nt th* one rentioient of "ilflari? Vou will make It a duty to ecmul ibi> more-meat. Vou will eiarulm- with bene oleiit angr-en?a the prnj.ueiduwa which will ha aril, mittei] to yon for tl>a p?i|e an of Ui.etittiig latmr ant in cnwiog prorieh ue of the population, an worthy of oar ?nlteilude. I rely upon lite omicurrim* of ail faithful on 11 and upon the protection oi I'r-vidanc*. ( oiunn uw i ontlnuea in a elate of ,,r<*|>ailly our n la tiona with ilialanl oouDtrtee ai# extending Tha ham let re will tnarn wi'h Inter-?t that I* the two aarrloew of elaam uavlgallou with the I lilted J'a'e. ami tlie Me exile, elmrtly to ha ea'ahlUhed, thar# will lie j- duel a oaw line In conneation with the ler mt You will hare to Ci-unlne ?' nte nio Iflm throe In th* ?lcfra eugnr lawa; Ihowa will ili a lor thrlr object the augmentation of the public m.eoue ami ao Pi conlitbote Pi the mainteaanee of oor financial equilibrium. A project i t law relatife to the duty urn u lull. mt r.liange, an 1 auo-io-r reUUia to ' nob IVwdk/.igaxrw, wtll ha aubinlttrd to your i - nel letutioa. i.reat actirlty In ill?pUyi-d uja-n 'ha rarluna lloae of railway, the gnater part of which are ttnleue>i ami In action. I'riyata laeluatry haa inada new wiao-tn *o Utreat lu capital In tha national work of the >aiiway? Vou will hara to judge of line Tbeaa amr.a will luralnh Opportune teaouioew to Una working elaeeee in our prortiiraa Mewelewra? U'a hara amimafnorate-l tlia Jhtli annlrer ? ary oi oor imJereoib.aoe IftUi imleuemienoe lw>ari fruilfnllij henrttU f< r the ermntiy?if, rec-clrnd al flret with entae deflaarw. It ia P. day eorroundwl h/ the aeteam and eyuipathy of gorerrimaal ami peopla? we owe II pi thai ?fdrlt or imelaratiou ami upr ig! tneei which forme be haaia of our national character and ray u la taw our policy. My gorernrnent ia animated by thi? .piri! I rejoice to help r* that lha Wyal conottrrewc- uf hr I Tiarol era will not ba wanting The fleet In the llnrlprr. ThehuttUt Ji'um ol Nor I c- utaioa th" b-liow ng fruni McoLaleff, of detw of crtniog S'or. 2:?'it the ra> tny'a (alllaaj Itaeta th-ia remain hut 'haa# raawUa, nanu ly nt ?*#, pear lha amle.achere of lha liaian "f tha I'rief;?r, two mmw liijrate. of MkiWi guua, and two airam coimttea. la tha i*im lima, lu tha ioade two ?team frigate* of :g or 4(1 guna, and two ataamoorrwtte threa floating hatleriaa two guobuata two traoejeirp ? nd one merchant r?-erl near Uie ooi.Ooenee of l/e Flug and Io,ei|.er, eaten gurile.a i? run. trig in all A ra-eala The InntluO then announce, tliat the -tally of flciai talagraj.hic raporta from >leolai?fT are -tlaeontlnuel. arid will hot ha raaunp.) until there la aomeAhiag lai pol'ant to repr/rV Tha DaaaMai Hrlne Ipailttra. We learn from Vienna that Ui> maln-dl. in > rought by M -la Mr-orotic nay harr lad Pi the adoption of a baiP. fcjf i he future roi.rei en re at U-ia'aaliapin on tr?? >ub ject of tha frlncijalltia. Ar-atrla P< U> rewgn W> the al'.law tha jmal' - na'her aiar rnjulra .n Uie of a eamj* gri oa Ilia Iaiuue In tha ?I""* Tha inalilanr In Uie frlarlpalltlta. A pi .-rate Setter fruwi ihrl?;*t, dahad tha id I net meritiorw a? follow. * A rery Mtrletie adalr )ia? Joe* o?? irred lw? At tw 0 'Iftrk yreter-my, the ragti.b tV.P nel Thtar Waa arraatad In hie b gtr-ga l y the AuetrUa wiiltArf a (HMl waa etrtf-ped of bla i nglieb olif-rm by them and foree-f Pi put on lha Auelrla/i gre?< -at. Cob-md Thia* had erred II llnteMlil in tha 4 n rli tan nrre y and pae* d ower with hia o mnaay ia IA4u p. tha liaUnataM After tie- war ha entered >(?# Hiltjili terru* lad alraac-.l , II Pi th# - an* -fc- P. nel 11" Wl' -n' ho--,.pad! t ranay trarda th# n gt.t that kill ??l h.a armaC It- ?i it llueharwt tan or tw.Ire daya fe-rlog *??a e-t y 'i^ ? rg'.af. aoearnment Pi hey horaa- and ea'te f.-r P.. army He waa -Inly a?red -?l la th# >r gt ?h g**'*a aa ale-, la tha "H. n,aa a it>-rttte- (- - ??! TVd' M a If io ga. iaa. Tan wTnutaa after lie arr-*t the <ar?.wJ 'raweral 1 f f r giao-t went to-hr ' t-a . ha i.enera 11*'-. lal ire-aim tha cob naf fli.feu -al g?r- a Iriaf end eI dag rafneal. Mr ??ib, ife.un th. en jam akSre-ed au -f hem I latter lu hln- on Uk anUewt and it U and taut lm? reply ea< e roe thing P< "hp r ffe. t.? ' I ?tac ir.y t?wr 1*r . gharrrer | ' ad ?"?r. ! hare t-ta ?iph' Vi ra -? Th- t P? he >b<it tn-umliy, ud f the fnfitr "Ha-ruali me , ire him *r I .hall N-eak *; y -w *-1 The era ?t. pr-dneed h-ra l-y tha eeoadwet af tha art- ia mehre I l---pe yr * elU www iwCere*aivl (fen ?a ill - it. it ted m aitr - wlhg bw Aaddaw l? an .r the I'rla t fin ?a?. . Ihr (Hlfl.P Atarhw Hiilitiil l?lrr tTr O'W a e ream.h haa hi an ? -a-el by la a . I . r- ' >hh Vii.t-inr to iiia>r paytrcf - tr-imai ft.-' V> It,, i.- relaa W> ?pcf. whr- rain u?i ? .* ru. ua ho I ar Awrib-aa ei.ip of war Thwa ?a .la ?w.?ut ia tv k't-arh japen "ml lha I at tad a e* imai ..i?- p. p ih > -Wicewaawi 'A )<r*aae o faglamg >mi gra or. re 1'a.allaa of renrlwt m lh? b ?al af hie- In a aady in) At h* ua led "are / tha ?ih s re .b-r aan new li e cat ar'wta rf ti e |gw ?* e.Vgimbrr IraiA >. 1 p.c ai 'h ? * mpt ? ,e4* *gt rle. Ialtiralliif llwwrUI Irwfc UANA Or HHULAftb. (From tho U.oc.oa (Tironlob, (ri'p orneto ) Wat. If.J^ An oew-oun . purauont lo Ui' Act 7 Awl V Vltl, 0. for the wek enuiiif !-Alurdap, No* 10, iAbf..? ?AoUO nWAUVMONT. Rilw wnM ?.4 eli,(iov debt CII,<?M, ? ithrr oecuritiAA. t.ukl onto ?ad bullion Id,44(1, Tolol t M.UU,'?t 7..>ol ?J?,*4?,M Not. II, IMt. M. M th.HllAl.1, Chtof UMlatar. OAMKIftlO IMU'AirtMOAT. Proprietor*' cop- U< reriuooni .-to Hal ?14 lb3 000 . u ni... fin Rod . lu.lin* I e.d I ulil r W.??lil An (in. li.oiug K* uuiij ) CHUM.? chequer, R?v < it her m> JurHtoo. 17 919,*U ii.ok.. no?m ?,??,*? MKi (I.u.UiiM<ii.U.I. Until ?u.t nil rer id N?l..,i.ul ,,do tm,\ 1 <bt, imI Utf .:uii.I Aornuot.) Jl.fOft . aft Illhl-l ibprnlla.. 11,11 A,OA* k?.en dot owl J uiul other hill-.,.. UlA.TTto Thiol ?*3,471,7(10 T.ilul... CK147A7W Nov. lb. lHIb M. MAU.-HM.I., Ihk Ooahlov. Hut oIm.tu roiorn, for lit* week and tug Um UU talMV, ? km omntiAiod wUh IMot for ?fco jmlMn ??d, ucM Mu lit* Mtewfog AAarigM:? la iho ttobUhiea, on ittnvomm of p.ikMe .lepAnlta of tV'"C.i74; ? uarr*o?A ol oUior dopoalt* of to -'K, 111, am .inn urn tlf f out 111 ?30 414, Mid ? L'OUIIAUMt uf rflfMl fof ?nit other bill* of CJl bKi. In liii! oaool* the iclurn thovi A Jttr.*i? ol I'hor an cuntleo of ?477,K14; oa iiureaoc of rw-arre of now* uf ?4.?H,140; on ImicAaoanf fold ond otlvor coa? ol f.J'A'0, olid o iluc'fOMH hi lli? tfimriununl ?MtiritiiM of ?7>a),4;fll Ibr bullion in theme e on.i baakiug <tepe>iiwinU U> it* the i oiuooulAii to Clt,Jivt,4..k which, o* cwMupnrwd with ?11,'.1.11,11.14 llit oiii.'UAt 14 the provl >ti? aaaA'o rulurii, tho T- o d*c.#o?o of tub I IMI. 'I'l.u iiolco in circulation onounvd to Ml) 7AtM, which, o* coio|.or.'t with CJO.'vm til.* om.aut of th? previou* wvrk'v it torn -how- o 'leu -o-v of Ci.U,7 A. 7 hi* lU'i-n vol vhowv that flic pilvo'c .lc|M>-i r? kvl diuwn to ilie uitcut ol holf o million upon ilw lr Ii.I>dm, ? u.t (litoouiltud apaiaAt the Iwnk which had, afolu, urm* o li*? oinoiiut 11 .liMioiiot biielii*** bp ? like -um TW hullloii, It will txi obivriod, on .In .how* o il*cie??? rh? tintm III ro-oiv* via lu. icoaod hp o quoi'ar ol ? mitUMt, oml tlui oclivn ourulothio -h. *? u Ioika ill jtnnii i h? I on.h.n New* (I Itp Article; Nov 17.| Hi lb 'ho elre|.tlon of o inoiiioniorp IiicoAmi ol au?ll moo ot tho 0|MM.iug. COIHO.I hp the now- of the Turklah vtclorp In lMT>i|(io, thA lt|Hi.h ?u.k inu.kAf tiu* it U'oin# d tlol lo cboroctAr *11 i'ov. owlnf ok* Up ut Ml > Ml At icllve dt uiond for to..nop, which boa e nuioaivloil In tlui Mock I iel.oii?(0 4 to b per rent on K'.vAruuirut roouilVluo. In tho itlocoiint moiku oUo o [*.e-1 itouuuul laeopurteuAed. Tho i|l.olotlouo ..I the I npli h fuiuhi. howoicr.'hovo out uulloiud anp fuitnor .lecllao An Improeok q provolto Ml ounie quorU-ro tl ol tho Honk ui FAAUnd io ulotu el loot IliR note* ol ?t.a:k A', l oiia lo .lav the li tiling decline of pr?terdop in the Hue* per l ent llohtea woo tec .vorial At AmaloidoM. Ihiinh at nek* hove not full/ molnfoknod Uioir loto tin*. At 11 (in lone Vpoul-h iMm.ta l.nvv |(I*M wop f i'tioola .>|a fiei| ot Ml. to '4 tor li.M Aib Itenannher, aa4 rbood ot bh lu t,. lor aoonup the lino! quotoUiHi VMA H"i\ to AH Hi# lorrta*. oi ntuilj ? .(uartar id a miiiton la tha ra ? til . of Bo to,, atl'l till- drrrlMl-. ?( tu-MlIt lull ? nulla* hi in' tl'blVi* h*evl,iiU>*' ?""t Uvi.-ibU Irataraa liili irtiiio l*.t w~-k. It wU| Si ?.H.l tatirr l,.rl,.r* w W ' oilnp thr hi *6 hum climiig torn# rhunra Han Im m p. dm,, tut In thu iMMt. (In it,. otltar hand tha mmmm u.i nt la tiia bullion it Mill i.n lb. unkaor.bUafda Tk. |*fiod (.1 lb* .(iiarl.r. ' (From Uia Ir.u.loc (hronlcW, S'aa III ... :.rr *?l?*r?Uy r"t Ibl. inomlnff a. to Mm ?? ' um th. illrrptnii of tb. ?f bo-ia,, t wun Ukmlm to "'"'I'V'/ "y ?? "~HF !?? r.l lH.iIw b.tTto to I- cipotoad that oo rim i ? ?? until (n. triad. IbSt wto* in tb. of iii^an, \",r ? c,' ftl tl'H'fl, (f'Wli?iMoMi 0<|l)lflf|jf?rJ lo in lfc* tUmul, Of th- U?. p.,.ur, V,. amrnintad to alwat tarty ur...u. Allrr ? pniluntoTdllf ? u?nl# o ? ! an bunt and a hiW, It no. inUmatod TCl toa board had ma u- no chanp.- ahatetar In th. rata* aI 4U ?mnt 1r the data. 01 th. LitU. n" 0*' l" in Ir tabard ittNl 0*4 out of door. IC* op' hiIjf wan arrjr 411M, hut at tha ti 'T *u! ?a" "" c"n,r?'7. *?'/ wun in that j if*** dUm uat kudo#.. .d t|M, ii-pom*! to ?'T** 'ktwdnfflc tin 1 Th. . ,?^*44. raoritmitnf .hmr. waa aafBr thal-to. .till rj par ???? Mf not hing could hltt btoifl dutin l?lna thai lata. ' 111" a?|mrt id tl.r monry mark at .-malm, la a aaar mm '"M "u,n? 1, 'fu'J: "** '"'??? bank l.toaa II- I K , f"r* in '?<?'. Kori lint tbaa into tha a It.. .Uniaad l.? .on. lht. ...... u...- fmm^mtlTZ' h hirb ^ ik' * thrro mi ratal T g. ?M(Ji rbuw th? tontriK/ of tkt nurl.t T"h. bill-a/ on. <d Br., r.u boo.ii b?. t?. n '..aJiTal^t^ lor <li?eoaat a' J |n ?-a', an I ha<a not r.t hai ui? / ?"??, ?" I to -orb in oo-rai^M fo?..l tialM. at r?j i.rbiunt r.l-, rh? Indltokaa 'h. ..utt.,1. .. .Wo .f .piiah.t,, ?b>. nr..d^,Uit iS "?t, in tik. tb. (-r.yi.oi, In-k u|> tl.alr uoimV fca ?tijr T.rjr dt,tant parlu.) ' [J r<im t|,i- Iritt'lna N*w?, Sua Id 1 lit. ?t fur Aiii.iitan k.vhi. ?-i. o-. r__ "r..M.rtia. ...lot, to U. ,au,r ,"?i.Ttrtt la nil. a. pt^railln^ In s.w y?rb. frmmrnnt ? r. ,.,-., t-d a. full.,a t? I, Hall .-viuifiT JIT An* n ? * I nltryi Ml.t-. 0 /*^to iJVil"; o, ? ,Vi: ->??> ??! Jul/ IM _ XM$ ?'?' " M.'^lac. t ^i i.u, 1,?" ?,,n ?? ? Ma'A'tohitott. ? J?- and Jai, MM ^hi^icm. m im ^.lisnw ,w, n -? rffe'ifi -ra-iw M M n?7 ? ? < aroliim 6 p#r Ml. (fotUifn' J jW, (n.< J,,.. M4 to lio tr?V(lam.r..)/ ibto Jto ZijM 2 S Vttfioui & PM I ?nt *j' * . H Hd, |MW jko . u -- J -O. 0 par Lt. ltd, lbnn laa ,ad Jul) to an Hnabhibpwtt IM- Hu?t djiu.^.,.^ N * k-n'ml 1 in (U Ibirt IH,f .^apt., ? H*? miMiu n p,r ) " ii/ii..7;:Su.t 7 p,r "* ^ j"' - * UHtoda'Utoii'i^, "" n 71 '?nt lor land mS', (bob., ? n ?4 If Of*' i antral 7 ..d <M. ? m mZ'y'X'cZ?* ? ?? p*> ' ??< not cua >^tlbla I MM Mar an I ly> li to -???? York ami Irk. 7 " M ??.? York aadlrla 7 7 N<" * hJTt^3K^ ,WU ? 44 ^ J-> '* ? tor (ant, rlaklra W ? fat aa.1 A?? 7| m I aruru 7 p?r t tot l?t rnort. Mar ltd, ^ooaa^.bto J.m ,ad Im. to ,7 ? .r.nrala.ali ito. a dprll toUOl w ? t?r I tot lot awirt joatortibf till to I tor, J?? Ml j, ? ? JJ* "J"' Hr- k I rial tort b vail, w ? llito TWra u, act U?? raui-.b boMo-.. i. laadaa la til too Wtod. taring U. ,a-t .to *. 2toll nr.Mm.ot. la kir(iaia h.,rA S?. Vnk ta?Uaf ZTrn. ir?r naa< ?/atr..r,l|M. 'id,.I nmrto^ ^ aad hi tot. I'llro bar. ko>i l-w. - ?*- ? - ? ^ hflilaM. ?r toMf .ad au oa .ipatttoad > O?n? 2 ^ " 'Mnrbat. aad oto m ? na tohiw lb. a to U>-m. .a. -bat ...a, that v. bar. nut aw), or to a. trap ara an. otomt i.rr.ut Ha* Ym* rataT fW fcdiow,af -4. dar-'xa art ti M li. tba -- -i-,f IW t-itor. I.iioir. t far -aril tat Man "**' dAtd. P?* UT7 fuaroatoad kt 'atodra and Am bop .. 7 ' luaiUto* .ad [ 7 Oto "?M'I?.-|II(I.1*?.7 _ aa a to nato^ ttoU.l 7jto? toM 4a(M. trt to 7 I- I pto .ant, dollar. 1*44 . -b .ptom -:g ^r .tot .karto... 71 f. I? '-ftrwit, ViW, w.b '? at fc .? r duJa, ,.6 T4 fw- . karto ?4oU.r. arid ... T 1 dhm Hkkifiti (antral I pa. ?aa* li** Y) at ' Im ? (ar?a' MM .. JI ? Kaa "i or k aad In. 7 par .ant -b Mo i ? m tia. lanof ? .. . '.to V'-rb Ian too. 7 par lamt, fan 1 ^- fr^ at ' *' ?*' ?? k' a < .mrarUbia ' lib., tad i ?ivf in, 7 pa. ?? 4 tar-c - lto(.., .-,m ?ar to U. ^ * oto "? 4?"ww ar.o.T ^*i?^>ico<>cr|u|^4m n. ?"?I, Haa |4 1467 (... a f,.an,rn 'T . ,,f *?* '?d*Mt. fr t . It. ,, .v,Ta* V "?'?^"^4 la . to.., ? > a tzr .5*. '?'toond Ut ft i- ?- .... 1 * ?I'tMrawnl 4? rktr ? ? ; "? ??. - ?toJ . . /. !h* U,,? "??'* a?apt~. a . . tn< IV 1J1LV. ?to han laaC?nla. ?' t Btoai ?f ?'"'?k of tk. p..*.., m. ? . .* v, atrita or.-m j?*t faaiar ? irl- -i { u ui'jsrra

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